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Title: Cinnamon
Rating: NC-17
Category: M/L
Summary: My story takes make one year in the future of hwer the series is now. It's Christmas time Liz has gone away to school and Max was missing her...

Authors Note: This fic is a celebratory fic. Celebrating everything Roswell is...everything Roswell was...Celebrating College student home for break...This is my Christmas gift to all of you enjoy!



Liz settled down at her study desk, chemistry books in toe. It was the final week of the semester. And as per usual college students all across the nation scrambled to hand in term papers and get some last minute cramming in before exams. All the while visions of how they would spend the up coming semester break danced in the back of their mind. Liz was no different however, it had been a big deal for her to be afforded the opportunity to come to Harvard, it meant leaving just about all of her friends, family and love behind. Although she was thoroughly enjoying the stimulating learning environment she was anxious to go home for Christmas and greet them.

That thought in mind Liz reminded herself that she still had a Chemistry final to over come before heading back to Roswell and that alone was enough to motivate her. As she cracked her first book open the phone rang. Liz debated briefly over the lost study time before picking it up. “Hello.” She answered

“Liz.” The familiar baritone voice rang on the other line, the sound of her love’s voice causing a smile to rise to her lips.

“Max is that you again?”

“Here I am thinking you’d be happy to hear from your loving boyfriend”

“I am…ecstatic actually. It’s just this is the fourth time you’ve called today and I have a lot of studying to do.”

“Can’t you take a break? I miss you.”

Liz could hear the sexy pout in his tone and deeply wanted to oblige him but at the moment, regretfully, studies took priority. “I miss you too sweetie but I’m sorry I can’t take a break I’ve got a killer final on Monday and a paper due Tuesday.”

“When will you be home?”

“I’m not sure exactly…Depends on how much I get done tonight.” She responded

Not wanting to keep her away any longer than necessary “I guess I’ll let you go then. Good luck on your test.”

“Thanks. Oh and Max…”


“I love you.”

“Love you too” For Liz spending months at a time away from Max was killing her and she knew it was having the same, if not worse, effect on him. Therefore she would just have to think of a way to make up for it when she did get home…

* ~ *

At nine-thirty p.m. exactly just as she had requested in her note Max stood in the threshold to Liz’s bedroom taking in the familiar surroundings. The bed was freshly made, music softly playing, and everything neatly in its place, and the air smelled faintly of cinnamon. The only problem was she was nowhere to be seen. “Liz!” he called out.

It didn’t appear anyone else was in the house. Being in her old room brought back feelings of nostalgia and Max could remember days of yesteryear when he and Liz would sneak up here to make out, careful not to disturb her parents. With Liz away at school Max missed times like those more with each passing day but he hoped that tonight they would create a few new memories. “Liz!” he called again.

As he approached the nightstand the scent of a plate of freshly baked cookies caught his nose, M&M Tabasco swirl if he wasn’t mistaken. Just as his hand reached the plate to indulge himself, the sultry rich tone of her voice rang across the room “Drop the cookie.” Liz chided in a playful manner “Those are for later… if you’re good.”

“Liz…” Max said turning around to take in a her figure decked in a Christmas costume, from the floppy red hat to the velvet garter adorning her smooth legs and everything in between accentuating her frame to tea. “…Or um, Ms. Claus I presume.”

“No you were half right before. During the day I masquerade as your loving girlfriend Liz at night I transform into this” Liz said slowly walking in a circle so that he could give her the once over.

Seemingly at a loss for words at her playful sexuality Max managed “And this would be?”

“Remember when I volunteered to help Isabel out at last year’s Holiday Village?” Liz said as she approached him with a seductive sway of her hips “What if I told you I never returned the costume because I really am an elf.” She said placing her arms around his neck

“Oh come on Liz you expect me to believe that you’re and elf?” Max said barely suppressing as chuckle as he drew her close

“It’s no less believable than your non-human status.” Liz countered.

“Okay you’ve got a point there. Beside that does explain the height.” He joked as he nuzzled her neck.

She shrugged out of his embrace. So Liz was a bit shorter than most young women her age, she didn’t see why he found that to be so humorous. “Max.”

“Kidding...” joked Max “Okay so you’re an elf.”

“Yeah just not the kind you think.”

“What kind are you?”

“My job is to visit guys all over the world who have been naughty while their girlfriends are away and help them regain their honor.”

“I’ve been naughty.” Max said in feigned innocence as he pointed a thumb at himself.

Lacing her hand under the collar of his coat as she inched closer. “You certainly have and from what I understand this could take awhile so you might as well make yourself comfortable.” Liz voice was just above a whisper as she helped Max out of his coat allowing her finger to slightly graze the skin at he nape of his neck. Shooting him an alluring smile before going to hang up his jacket.

Max had to admit his interest was definitely piqued he was anxious to find out what game Liz was going to play with him. He kicked off his shoes and dove on the bed the cool satin of the comforter under his toes as he reached over and grabbed a cookie “I thought I told you those were for later…”Max stopped mid bite as Liz said. Making herself comfortable on his lap and she clamped her teeth on the end of the cookie protruding from his mouth. Languidly they finished the cookie as their lips came together in a delicious kiss. “…We’ll just have to add that to your tab for later.”

“What exactly did I do?” Max said forehead resting against hers.

“Does the phrase ‘busy hands’ ring a bell…”

* ~ *

It was a little after ten o’ clock at night and Liz was thoroughly engrossed in editing a paper when she received another call from Max saying that the reason she didn’t want to talk to him was because hearing his voice would distract her and then someone’s hands would be “busy”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about I don’t do those types of things.” Liz said incredulously as the color crimson rose to her cheeks.

“Do what?” Max probed even though he was all that distance away he could hear the blush in her voice and enjoyed teasing her.

“What you just said.”

“Oh…you mean masturbating.”

“Yeah that…”

“Liz is someone in the room with you?”


“Then why don’t you just admit that hearing my voice makes you want to stroke your kitty?”

“A bit cocky are we.”

“I don’t think so. I just know you and I know that being up there in all that cold weather, in that big lonely dorm room, picturing me wearing nothing but a smile has it’s effects on you and eventually your hands get to stroking...”

Max was right hearing his voice did have its effect on Liz especially after describing such explicitly intimate things but she knew that if she were ever going to get back to studying tonight she’d have to turn the tables on him “What exactly are your hands doing?”

“Oh my hands are very busy right now.”

Liz never did get much more studying done that night…

* ~ *

“… I did say I would get you back for that.”

“Yes you did, you said payback would be a bitch.”

“ In the flesh,” Liz said “but I prefer the name Cinnamon.”

“Okay Cinnamon what have I got to do to earn my honor.”

Extricating herself from her cozy spot on his lap Liz said “That move last week was pretty dirty so…how about you start with a bath.”

“Let’s” Max said extending his hand for her to join him.

“Just you…I may join you later but you have to prove to me you’re worthy of my company.”

“Really, well we’ll just have to see what we can do about that.” Max said raking her form with his corporeal amber gaze as he walked over to her and caressed her cheek with his thumb

She held his gaze, this whole thing was supposed to be about her having the control. She wanted to be the one to make him cower before her with lust and if that was to happen never show weakness. Although his words…matched with those golden eyes… made her want to melt into a puddle of desire before him.

The two didn’t have much longer for their staring contest because just then the phone rang

“Hey chica.” Chimed Maria “ It’s me. I didn’t know you were home. When did you get back?”

“Hi,” Liz said guardedly, in the tone of voice that told her friend that this was perhaps not the best time to be calling.

“Uh-oh,” she said, “Something tells me you’re not alone.”

“Mmmhmm,” Liz said as Max rose from the bed and turned the music down slightly.

“Who’s there?” she said, “It’s a guy isn’t it?”

“Mmmhmm,” Liz said again eyes widening slightly as Max was grinning at her maniacally as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“What’s going on?” Maria pleaded Liz started giggling.

“You really want to know what’s going on?” Liz said


“Okay,” Liz said, as Max proceeded to dance around the room doing a good imitation of a stripper, except it wasn’t enticing it was hilarious

“Okay,” Liz repeats. “There’s an extremely gorgeous Man jumping around my bedroom taking off his clothes.”

Max wiggled his hips in appreciation of Liz’s description of him.

“Oh, no seriously.” Maria kidded, “ What are you really up to I was thinking of coming to see you.”

“Seriously,” Liz said, “He’s about to take his shirt off.”

Max took his shirt off.


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For summary see 1st part

“And,” Liz continued, as lust started to rise up from her groin, “he’s got a perfect washboard stomach.”

“I don’t believe you.” Maria said, as she Liz held the phone out to Max.

“Hi Maria, “ he said as Liz practically salivated over the sight his lean muscular torso. “Yeah I knew it was you,” he said unbuttoning his pants giving Liz minor heart failure. How was it that just when Liz thought she had a bit of sexual control over him Max was able to turn the tables on her so easily “Having a bath.” He said next and then started laughing as Liz grabbed the phone off him

“I so envy you right now you guys haven’t seen each other in like four months God Liz you guys are going to have the best I-missed-you sex.” Maria rambles as Liz put the phone back to her ear


“I-missed -you sex. You know for me and Michael things are getting kind of redundant, I know his routine, but the first time a couple has sex after not having seen each other in months is always explosive.”

“Maria I got to go.” Liz said never having been one to talk about her private life openly.

“Okay just indulge me for a minute is he naked yet?”

“Not yet.” Liz said eyes glued to Max who was trying to balance on one leg as he pulled off his socks “but I think he will be soon.”

Max wiggled off into the bathroom.

“I’ll talk to you later. Have fun… and use a condom….”

“Right.” Liz said and laughed because Maria is the only person in the world, aside from Max of coarse, who knew about the condom drawer-a drawer in Liz bedside table filled to bursting with condoms of all different shapes, sizes and colors. A collection she started a little under two years ago only recently contributed to by Max who now had reason to go in that particular drawer.

Liz took a moment to regain some of her composure before creasing the door to the bathroom to find Max sitting in the bath as the water poured in and he’d put in practically a whole bottle of bubble bath. Which didn’t bother Liz because it meant she couldn’t see anything. Because although Liz had seen him in the buff a few times before she wasn’t entirely sure she was ready to deal with the wiles of a naked Max yet. A shower cap was perched haphazardly upon his head.

If he weren’t so damn gorgeous he’d look ridiculous. As it happens Liz thought he looked cute as hell and sat on the toilet seat shaking her head “You really are crazy.” she said.

“No I’m not, “ he said lying back “This is lovely. Why don’t you join me?”

“I had a shower earlier.” Liz said

“So? I need some one to scrub my back.”

Liz guessed she could do him that favor. That little stunt earlier while she was on the phone had definitely earned him that much.

Being somewhat modest about nudity Liz was thankful Max didn’t watch her undress he simply reclined against he back of the tub with his eyes closed. She grabbed a towel and went back into the bedroom.

“Liz?” He shouted as she went “Have you got any candles?”

She found three and after undressing in the relatively privacy of her bedroom Liz wrapped the towel around herself, lit the candles, and switched the light off, putting the candles around the bathroom.

Max sat up facing away from her, and Liz climbed in behind him in the bath.

“Here,” he said handing her the soap over his shoulder “Back scrub time.”

“You just did this because you wanted a massage.” Liz said soaping his back wondering how on earth she’d managed to become so playfully intimate with someone who she would barely let touch a little over a year ago.

“Mmm,” He murmured “A bit lower. Yup perfect.”

Liz’s hands were circling his back with soap, as she noticed the flickering candle light picked up the definition in his spine, his shoulder blades, and when his back was covered she turned and placed the soap on the side of the tub and slowly, smoothly rubbed his back.

Liz had her legs on either side of him, and as she rubbed his back Max picked up the soap and started soaping her calves. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt his big strong hands gently soap her legs, over the knee, down to the ankles, holding her feet as he rubbed them in silence.

And as they half sat half lay in the bath, the music coming from the bedroom seemed to take on a distinctly sensual feel. Before Liz even knew what she was doing she leaned forward and kissed his neck. She could hear him groan as her lips touched his skin and she opened her mouth a little to taste him, sucking softly as her lips travel up to his earlobe. Max’s hand stopped circling on her leg. He stopped moving and everything seemed to be happening very slowly.

Max turned as the water sloshed around him in the tub, then looked at her through eyes glazed with lust, before kissing her softly, open lips teasing hers for what seemed like hours, before finally licking her upper lip as she moaned and slid her tongue into his mouth.

Liz was vaguely aware that as he was kissing her he was half standing up twisting his body, and when he sat down again he was facing her, his legs over hers, lips never parting.

Liz pulled the bath cap off Max’s head and dropped it over the edge of the tub and slung her hands around his neck as he dropped his head and kissed her collarbone.

She shivered.

Max sat back and picked up the soap again, still looking at his love as if to check that this was okay, which by this time in her estimation it most definitely was, and very gently began to soap her arms, elbows, hands. Liz never imaged how sensual hands could be, or how turned on she could become by someone gently slipping and sliding soap over her fingers.

He moved the soap up her arms, on to her shoulders then slowly circled her breasts, moving closer and closer to her rosy peaks, which were pebbling up at his caresses, but not quite touching them…not yet…

Liz gasped as he slid the soap over her left nipple. She looked down into the water and by this time all the bubbles had disappeared, and she could see his cock, thick and hard. She slid the soap out of his hand and down the side of his shaft and then it was his turn to gasp as she continued to slide it up and down and around his balls and up around the head.

The soap slipped out of her hands as Max picked her up and traced a line down Liz’s body, over her nipples, down her stomach and across her extremely sensitive love button, as she closed her eyes to feel these incredible feelings, and all Liz could think as she reached for him again is that she wanted…no, needed him inside of her.

It had been so long since they were together like this and Liz wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t lying in dorm dreaming of her fondest wish…

She jerked her eyes open as she heard the slurping noise, and saw Max with an impish grin as he held up the bath plug. It broke the spell for a second, but only a second because as the water slipped out of the bath. Max urged Liz to lay back and as her legs rested on either side of the tub he kissed his way down her body and slipped between her legs relishing the fact that she really did smell like cinnamon. He looked at her to seek permission and she closed her eyes and sighed to show that it was more than okay.

Max’s tongue slipped between her legs licking, sucking, and lapping at her clitoris like a man at his first meal after near starvation. Liz closed her eyes and it happened like a sunrise warm and fuzzy at the edges…then the first beautiful rays of sunlight shooting skyward…as she came her body jerking in the confines of the bath Max smiled at her and they kissed, Liz tasting her self in his mouth.

Leisurely they toweled each other off and made it into the bedroom. Max slipped a condom on his shaft, which was jerking with anticipation, and Liz straddled him easing herself on. At first she gasped because she nearly forgotten how good this could feel especially between her and Max.

Not too long, not too short, the perfect fuck… the right pace for them… the perfect ‘I-missed-you sex’ as Maria put it. And when it was all over Max snuggled up to Liz and said “So how am I doing with this honor thing?”

Liz relished in his warm breath on her cheek. Being with Max was always good but for her this was one of her favorite parts, lying cuddled up to one another basking in the glow of their lovemaking. It was unfortunate it had to end for now as there were other matters to attend to. “Let’s just call that last one a freebee…” she said as she placed a lingering kiss on her cheek.

“Liz come on don’t tell me that wasn’t …”

“…It was good... Very good actually, but unfortunately it was pleasure for you too and this is all about learning how to honor your girlfriend so you’ve still got a few things to do.”

Liz sat up and pulled a wrapped gift box from under the bed “You’ll need this.” Max opened the box to reveal a red silk pajama set. “You can put those on...if you want I have a few things to get” Liz said warping herself in an almost identical silk robe

Max stared after her as she scampered out of the room. How had the innocent girl he had to coax into their limited sexual adventures turned into the temptress she was today? College… being away… whatever it was it only caused his love for her to grow ten fold and he was finally learning the meaning of the cliché “you don’t what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…”

Liz returned to find him clad in the pajama bottoms hung low on his narrow hips. The candlelight creating provocative designs on his chiseled torso “No top I see.”

“Yeah well I figure I’ll have plenty of other things to keep me warm.” He said with a wink “ What’s that?” Max said referring to the scarf and the gift box she held in her hand.

“This is for later.” She said placing the gift box on her night table next to the cookies, “And this…” she went over to Max and tied his hands behind his back with a loose knotting of the scarf, but tight enough to restrict the movement of his hands

“What’s this about…”

“Your next assignment, Max Evans, is to make me come...” Sounded easy enough Max thought, “…with out using any… appendages.” She finished as she took her place on the bed next to him a devilish grin playing upon her lips…

This aught to be interesting Max thought. There was something he’d wanted to try with her for a while but hadn’t because he was never sure how she would react but now with her practically begging for it…was his golden opportunity.

Without the use of his extremities Max attempted moving closer to Liz on the bed but ended up flopping over like a big fish. “A little help here…”

Liz couldn’t help but giggle as she helped him gain a position that was a bit more suitable and comfortable for them both, with his torso resting between her legs “Better?”

“A little….” Max said squirming a bit as he discovered he was a bit too low for what is was he wanted to do. Again Liz tried to stifle her laughter. “ You know this would probably work a whole lot better if you weren’t laughing…”

“I’m sorry … it’s just…Okay I promise I won’t do it again…”

Using his teeth he tore open her robe. She watched his face as it turned from playful to lustful in intent. He gazed into her eyes as his own glazed over, before he lowered himself to her own heaving breasts. She gasped as his mouth opened onto an aching nipple, drawing it into his mouth, as his tongue swirled around it.

Liz arched her back to get closer as he greedily sucked on her buds. She held his beautiful, dark head to her breasts, combing his finger through his hair as he loved her with his mouth. He traveled from breast to breast just worshipping her body with his lips and tongue. His warm breath on her skin combined with the slick movement of his tongue caused Liz writhed beneath him in delirious passion.

There was no way Liz could have known Max was enacting one of his fantasies--to make her come by sucking on her nipples. He'd read about it somewhere, and he was determined to try it out. He continued his laving, sucking the nipples up into his mouth, not too hard, just enough to drive her to distraction. She started pounding desperately on his shoulders as her head began to swim from passion. She tried to grind her mound into his arousal but he moved out of her reach, determined that this alone would bring her to completion. Therefore in one way or another they would both benefit from her little game.

She was frantic as the ache in her pelvis became unbearable. She whimpered as she desperately tried to wriggle closer to Max but he continued to move beyond her reach, to her annoyment “Patience…” he whispered extricating his mouth from her briefly to say, “…you said to make you come shouldn’t I at least be allowed to decide how?”

Liz tried moving her own hand down to relieve some of the tension, but she found a force was keeping them suspended over her head… If there were ever a time to have “Samantha genie alien powers” She rubbed her thighs together to create some friction but, again, he thwarted her pitiable attempts, as he moved them apart with his knees. Her head was thrashing back and forth on the bed by now, and she moved her hips in frustration. She pleaded with Max to touch her but as he was restrained himself their wasn’t much he could do so responded by suckling her nipples further into his mouth as she moaned in response. She kept trying to push his head lower…but he wouldn’t budge .Then, as he felt her hot creamy fluid seep through the silk of his pajamas he knew her release was close.

It was just a mild sensation, at first for Liz , barely perceptible, but she could sense it growing, as the warmth in her loins increased. She started to gasp as she continued to rock her hips, her buttocks raising off the bed, as her back arched to meet Max. She cried out in painful ecstasy and she contracted and bucked, as her release was torn from her body. Max was amazed…but pleased at how wanton she became. She sobbed his name over and over as she continued to come until she begged him to stop. He slowly relinquished his hold on her breast. He wanted nothing more than to be able to hold her so instead he soothed her with soft kisses and mumblings of his love as he rested beside her on the bed.

Once Liz calmed down she looked over into his amber eyes sighed and said “That was… interesting.” And proceed to untie his arms. It was far more than simply interesting but she wasn’t going to let him know that…not yet…not until she was done having her fun. However she figured he probably knew…

“I try.” Max said with a cocky grin as she massaged his slightly sore wrists.

“Poor baby…” Liz said as she leaned up to place a tender kiss on his cheek “Did momma hurt you?”

“A little but it was totally worth it …”

“I see that …” Liz says as her hands travel down to the prominent bulge that was tenting his pants. Max blushed a bit at her comment “ I think I have something that might help with that.” Liz said as she handed him the small gift box she’d placed on the nightstand earlier…

He un wrapped it to reveal a black bottle that simply read “Sex Grease a lubricant” Max peered at the bottle a puzzled expression creasing his brow “Mr. Evans do you recall earlier this week when you called me up at school and told me that you hands were very … ‘busy’” Max nodded “Well I got to thinking, I’ve never really seen you…” Liz paused trying to find the right words “…pleasure yourself… and so your next and last assignment is to do exactly what you did when you got off the phone with me…”

Max’s eyes widened in surprise as he said “Mutual masturbation Liz I must say Liz I never though you had it in you …”

“Not Liz…Cinnamon and it’s not going to be mutual.” She interjected “…just you, I want to watch.”

“Um okay …” Max said.

Truth be told he’d been caught off guard by her request but nonetheless he would do it if that was really what she wanted. Trying to lessen the awkwardness of the situation and trying to imagine that his girlfriend wasn’t hanging over his shoulder watching he reached in his pajama bottoms and grabbed his erection and, after applying a liberal amount of the “sex grease” to his palm, started pumping it up and down in slow strokes. Her eyes were round in arousal as she panted soft breaths between her lips. Unexpected to him Max found, he became more aroused by watching her watch him stroke himself, his pace increased.

Liz felt extremely hot and flush at the sight of Max furiously pounding his flesh. She loosened the tie on her robe so the some cool air could soothe her heated skin. “Can I...” she asked curious what he felt like in her hands.

Max moved his hand from his shaft to give her free reign. She experimentally let the smooth steel slip through her fingers a few times, slick with a mixture precum and lubricant “Here...” he said helping her find a rhythm they could both get used to.

As Liz manipulated his eager member he reached over and found her lips slick with her juices of arousal, her swollen clit peeking out and caressed it slowly with his thumb.

Liz stopped her ministrations briefly to open the drawer in her nightstand full of condoms. “What should we use this time, ribbed, lubricated, scented…”

“Who cares just choose one…”

Liz quickly grabbed one, shut the drawer, straddled him and put the condom on. Max couldn’t help but laugh through his arousal as she rolled the red and white stripped condom back over his erection “Maria sent me these…they’re for the holidays.”

“I see…” Max said he didn’t think he’d be able to look at candy cane the same any more.

Liz eased herself onto him and first their pace was slow and impossibly tender but then Max began moving inside her and the rhythm quickly became faster and harder. Max reached down and hooked one arm under her knee and pulls her leg up opening her even more to him. Liz felt like she was on the edge of a volcano that's about to erupt. Max slid his hand between them and found Liz's most sensitive place ... he rubbed and tugged on her until she was grinding her hips wildly into him. He couldn't believe this beautiful, passionate woman belonged to him. Liz's control finally shattered completely and the contractions deep inside her body were Max's undoing. She watched his face in that moment and knows that she has never seen anything more beautiful than this man…

Afterwards they fall asleep cuddled up and normally when they did this Liz would move away for m him after about twenty minutes because she was the type of person that needed space to sleep but when she opened her eyes at quarter to twelve they were still cuddled together…

* ~ *

The next morning Max awoke to find the space next to him vacant. He went down stairs to find Liz sitting in one of the booths in the Crashdown her finger curled around a mug. She greeted with a peck on the lips “Morning”

“Morning Liz…or um Cinnamon is it?”

She smiled briefly “I’m Liz…Would you like some chocolate?”


As Liz strolled over to the kitchen his gaze traveled over her body and he realized her hair was somewhat shorter then when he’d seen her last. He probably would have noticed last night but her hair had been piled in a messy bun underneath her floppy red hat. “You cut your hair?”

“ Yeah I needed a change you like it?” it was in a cut that neatly framed her face

“Yeah.” Max responded not doing a good job of hiding his true feelings.

“Max if you don’t like it you can just say so.”

“Truth is I feel about your hair the same way I felt about you going away to school.”

“How’s that.”

“I know it was something you probably need to do for yourself and for that reason I support it and you…but I guess I kind of liked things the way they were.”

He was finally being honest with her and for that Liz as great full but what did he expect her to do, put her life on hold and come back to Roswell. “Max the reason I went away is t o help you…to get the best education possible so that I can help you with things… you might not understand about yourself.”

“I know…and I understand but I miss you so much sometimes… Just promise me one thing?”

“Any changes you make in your life please make sure they include me… I don’t think… no I know I can’t live without you. I love you”

“Shh…Max…” Liz placed her lips on his tentatively at first but slowly deepening and as the kiss grew with intensity the flashes began. Flashes from last Christmas to now and all the times in between. To accompany the flashes were the emotions clearly felt of how their love had grown to be what it is now. Their love may not be as innocent…or as perfect as it was when they started but it was stronger, virtually unbreakable and it would be the love to last them for many Christmases to come. “I love you…you don’t have to worry you’ll always be a part of my life.”

He gazed into her chocolate eyes and knew that it was the truth how could he ever give this up “Oh before I forget…I came down here to give you this…” he pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket and handed it to her “Merry Christmas.”

Liz opened the box to reveal a gold tennis bracelet and on the plate was inscribe “Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice”

“Max this is… beautiful…” Liz said smothering him with kisses.

As the early morning rays shone in the widows of the Crashdown Max and Liz took comfort in knowing that although they may not be able to be together all the time each moment they were was more precious than the next.

Merry Christmas

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