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Title: Is It Still Too Late
Rating: R
Summary: What wouald have occured if things ennded differently between Max and Liz? Based on last seasons episode It's Too Late and It's Too Bad.
Disclaimer: All themes situations and characters belong to the WB and UPN. I'm just borrowing.
Author's note: Feedback would be appreciated.

Part 1
Liz absentmindedly peered out the window of the jeep as she felt the gentle lull of the engine shut off. Liz looked over to see Max’s countenance carved with so many emotions. She had no idea whether she should feel sorry for him or be panicking in fear for her safety. A year ago there would have been no doubt in her mind, but a year ago Max would have never thought to raise his hand to her in anger. Max would barely look at her much less talk to her. Not that Liz could blame him some pretty harsh words had been spoken between the two, not entirely his fault. “I’m sorry for what I said earlier.” Liz hesitantly began “About you and the…‘king card’.” He still wasn’t looking at her and for a moment she thought she’d wasted her breath until those piercing amber eyes gazed upon her, emotions still unreadable. She continued “I…I guess I didn’t realize how what I said about you being responsible for Alex could have affected you guys so… I’m sorry for that too.”

Max was looking at her with that same disconcerting and almost sympathetic stare as if he was breaking out of a haze. Liz could not stop the flow of emotions once they had begun and along with the emotions came the tears softly cascading down her cheeks. “It’s just that I miss him so much and I was desperate to find out what really happened…I still am, but not at the cost of losing you.” This was the first time Liz was actually allowing herself to feel the loss of her friend. Prior to this she’d filled her time with the investigation of Alex's death and school work, but now as Max held her in his embrace gently soothing her woes none of that seemed to be as important as this moment here.

“I’m sorry for tossing you in the jeep.” Max simply stated as he dismounted coming around to her side. He took her hand in his and said, “I’m sorry for a lot.” He grabbed something out of the back of the jeep and then headed in the direction of the observatory casting a glance towards her only once to say, “Follow me.”
* * *
The Observatory was larger than Liz remembered perhaps it was because it wasn’t dwarfed by the size of her second grade class. Now it was only Max and Liz that occupied the space. “I want to show you something.” He said motioning for her to look into the lens of the telescope “You see the third star from the right?” His voice acting as the voice-over for the magnificent scenery before her “That’s where I come from.” The star he was referring to formed the crest of a V and shone a bit brighter than the others “that world means nothing to me unless you’re there with me. ”Those words meant more to Liz than Max would ever know. He continued as she gazed at him eyes full of love unascertained “I’ve tried living my life without you and as you can see I’m not doing so well…Look I’m sorry about Tess, and the Prom, and everything …God Liz I…I just need you…”

Overcome with emotions Liz listened as Max poured his heart out to her finally feeling that the sacrifices she'd made over the past few months had been vindicated. And then it happened his lips on hers tasting each other’s tears. Being there in Max's arms like this brought back memories of simpler times. Everything was just as she remembered, his lips, and his gentle hands on her drawing her nearer. No matter how much she desired there was always that twinge of doubt that things could never be that way again. She’s dealt with these feelings of impending doom surrounding her and Max friendship for so long she had almost forgotten how to let herself go and savor being in his arms.

Max reveled in the feel of Liz’ soft lips and her petite body firmly pressed against him. Somewhere between the intense emotions and the haze of sensations coursing through their bodies they had reached the blanket Max had laid out for them. Liz emotions flooded Max like a river. It felt so good to be this close to Liz he almost thought he was dreaming. He half expected her to stop them and give yet another reason why they couldn’t be together. Max felt as if apart of him was waking up, a part of him that had been docile for so long. The deeper their connection grew the more apparent it became that they were wandering into uncharted territory and he was just as frightened as he could tell she was not just of their closeness, but how it was changing.

Souls joining and limbs intertwining Max and Liz took comfort in knowing that they were finally together.
* * *

Max languidly stretched as he awoke to the feel of soft warm flesh against his own. He looked around acclimating himself with the unfamiliar feelings coursing through his body. When he noticed the rays of sunlight as they played upon the silk chocolate brown strands perched atop his chest all memories of the previous night came flooding back to him. Max stirred the sleeping figure with gentle hands and was greeted with the equally gentle gaze of his love. “Hey.” He said

“Hey.” Liz lazily responded

“You okay?” He asked in a voice etched with slight concern.

“Yeah of coarse.” She said touched at his protectiveness. What they shared last night made her acutely aware of just how deeply Max cared for her even in the few months while they were apart. Even now after all that had happened… There was no reason for her to be worried. “Why…shouldn’t I be?”

“Definitely,” he hastily answered. “It’s just that what happened between us last night, it has all these… implications. I just want to make sure that…”

“…I don’t regret any of it.” Liz said offering him a reassuring smile as he leaned in for a hug. “That goes for what I said too.” She added

“Right.” Max said shifting uncomfortably. He hated having to ruin such a perfect moment, as he was sure bring up this next topic would do, but he supposed that was part of the territory that went along with being the king. “ Last night after we…I had sometime to think about everything…about Alex really. I guess I was being unreasonable not to consider that Alex was murdered and I’d be willing to admit that as long as you…”

“…Max could we just not talk about Alex right now.” Liz interrupted she could see that that topic didn’t lead to a road she wanted to travel with Max right now

“Sure… fine” There was a moment of awkward silence as the pair tried to figure out what should be the next move. “What did you want to talk about?” Max finally asked

Of that Liz wasn’t entirely sure but she did know that last night had given her an escape from all the problems that had been plaguing her mind. She wanted to hold on to that if only for a moment more “Who says what I want to do has anything to do with talking.” She said leaning in for a lingering kiss…

* * *

Max and Liz were finally able to tear themselves away from each other long enough to get dressed and Max reluctantly dropped Liz home. After a few brief kisses on Liz’s balcony that morning the couple bid each other farewell with hopeful thoughts of seeing each other that day in school.

Max went home feeling pretty good about the way things transpired between he and Liz the previous night, that is until he arrived home that morning. He was greeted by his none to eager to see him, sister Isabele. He figured he would share the news of what had happened between he and Liz last night with her. Granted losing your virginity was nothing any guy was gung-ho to tell his older sister. Max knew Isabele was still upset with him for various reasons but still he was hoping they could set aside there differences and she would give him some advice, maybe a congratulations none of that was what he got.

“ I don’t believe it. I…I just don’t believe it. First you go around dictating what people can and can not do. Then you go off on some…rendezvous… with Liz Parker. I thought two weren’t even talking. Talk about self indulgent.” Something about his sister’s last statement struck a nerve with Max so he walked away before things got any worse “ The King will now retire to his room.” Max was sensitive, he was the type of person where if you played with their emotions long enough you were bound to get some sort of reaction and that is exactly what Isabele intended to do.

“Look we didn’t plan it alright! It just happened. And I was hoping…”

“ Well you were wrong,” Isabele cut him off “You sure as hell didn’t care about my feelings, so why should I give a damn about yours.” With that Isabel walked out of the kitchen and was out on her morning run…

* * *

Liz found herself in a Garden, an extremely lush and fertile Garden with winding paths. Off not too far in the distance she could hear the sound of running water. It wasn’t until she passed the same bush three times that Liz realized she was lost, but she could hear a voice. A child’s voice to be more specific “Mommy…is that you mommy?” the voice said and Liz found that strange because she knew she had no children

“Who are you…where are you?” Liz responded. She didn’t know why but somehow Liz was desperate to find this child and protect it.

“I’m by the water Mommy…follow my voice and the sound of the water…I’ll show you the way Mommy.”

“ I’m not your mother! My name is Liz and I don’t have any children.” She said

The child’s voice erupted into a fit of laughter before saying, “You do now…Liz…”

“…Liz …Liz.” Max softly repeated

Max? The flippant laughter and child voice had turned into Max and now Liz found herself in fourth period astronomy with Max kneeling at her desk “Max…what happened?”

“The bell just rang you were kinda nodding for a second there.” Max explained, but quickly followed by “Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m just…tired I guess.” Liz admitted. She really wanted to tell him about the dream she just had, and what it possibly meant, but this wasn’t the time or place.

“That’s understandable.” He offered with a knowing smirk “Come on I’ll walk you to class.” He said as he picked up her books and offered his shoulder to lean on.

Liz loved the way they seemed to easily be able to fall into a routine As they walked through the hall hand in hand “Max we need to talk there’s something…” Her cell phone interrupted her sentence. She looked at he number and immediately recognized it as the number to the Swedish Embassy in Washington that she’d called the other night “I have to take this.” Liz said to Max

“Sure we’ll talk later.” Max said as he ran a gentle hand over her cheek and placed a small kiss at the crease of her mouth.

Liz watched fondly as Max walked down the hall, she loved the way he was so gentle with her. It made her feel safe and loved. The vibration of Liz cell phone brought her back to reality. “ Hello.” She said answering it

“Ms. Parker? Mr. Stockman from the embassy. We found your building. There's just one curiosity-- that structure was torn down in 1994. Three people in my office have confirmed it. That building is gone”

Now it made sense, the pieces were all falling together. No wonder the number for the foreign exchange family Alex had supposedly stay with had been false it all pointed to one thing “He never went to Sweden.” Liz said to herself as realization dawned

“Liz, you have some explaining to do.” Maria’s voiced chimed breaking Liz out of her thoughts “First off, you left me to finish the yearbook spread on Alex by myself. Luckily Michael helped so I’m not still mad about that. Second, when did you and Max become an item again? I mean one minute you two are at war, the next minute five people are telling me they saw you all cozy by your locker this morning. What’s up with that?”

“I don’t know Maria it just kinda happened.” Liz hesitantly responded

Of coarse that answer never would have been enough for Maria “Exactly how much happened, and when?”

“Maria we’ll talk about Max and I later. I just got a call from the Swedish embassy. You see this building?” Liz said taking the picture of Alex and Leanna out of her bag “This building was torn down in ’94, think about it Maria Alex was ten…”

* * *

“…So what are you saying exactly?” Max asked as Liz reclined against him as the relaxed on the pier, the water’s gentle sway in front of them.

“That Alex was never in Sweden.” Liz had been dying to tell someone as soon as she’d made her discovery earlier that day. And Maria hadn’t exactly proven the most susceptible sounding board, although she’s agreed to help where she could.

“What about Leanna and the picture. I thought you said hey were dating or something?” Although Max wasn’t in complete agreeance with where this conversation was headed he wanted to fully understand what Liz was saying before he made any snap judgements.

“I don’t know Leanna could be some girl Alex put in all the photos with him.” Liz answered

“Or she could be an…”

“…Alien.” Liz just let that world hang in the air for a moment before she added “Max I can’t do this by myself anymore, I really need your help.”

“My help in doing what exactly?”

“Finding out where Alex disappeared to for two months of his life and if that has anything to do with what happened to him.”

“Liz this is getting dangerous. I don’t want you investigating it anymore.”

He wasn’t telling her what to do, was he? Max was just worried for her safety, maybe if she explained “But…”

“…Listen I know it’s not easy to deal with but Alex is gone.” Max wasn’t exactly sure but he knew he didn’t want her investigating it and he didn’t want to do it himself either. “I want you to know that whenever you need a shoulder to cry on… or someone to talk to, I’m here for you.”

How could he expect her to just sit by while the key to Alex murder was possibly out there “Max I…”

“Shh....” He placed her head on his shoulder. If he could just keep her safe and comfortable maybe she’d forget about it, or at least get over it. They remained like that for a moment both silent, and unsure of what to say or rather what not to say as the case may be. “What did you want to say to me before?”

With the way the rest of her day went Liz hadn’t really had time to think about her little news for Max, she was glad he’d reminded her. “Before I tell you I just wanted to let you know that I’m aware of all the things you have going on in your life right now and. I’m sorry to add to that…”

She was babbling Max knew from previous experience that she did that when she was nervous “…Liz what is it. You can tell me anything”

“I’m not sure yet, but I think I may be pregnant.” Liz voice was soft, almost as if she were a child seeking approval from her parents.

When Max first heard what she said he didn’t want to believe it. “We just slept together.”

Liz would never lie about something this serious. “I know and it doesn’t make complete sense to me either but…all I know is something is happening inside my body and I’m not sure what it is!” She was almost shouting at him.

“…Shh Okay, I’m sorry but let’s be reasonable about this. It’s just not normal for you to know so soon after we…”

“Since when has anything about this relationship been normal. Whatever it is that’s inside of me is growing fast…”


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Part 2

As soon as the lunch bell rang Liz darted from her fifth period class straight to the spot she and Max had designated to meet each other. Under the shade of an Oak tree not too far from the quad Liz set out the small meal she had prepared for them, two sandwiches fruit and a bottle of Tabasco sauce because she knew Max liked that. Now where was he?

She was sure it was something having to do with her hormones that led to her impatience but Liz couldn’t remember ever wanting Max this much. And oh, did she want him! Therefore it was almost instinctual that upon site Liz ravished Max with her lips.

“…Mmm hello to you too.” Max jested momentarily drawing away from their lip lock

“…Sorry. Hi.” Liz said quickly taking his lips again. She’d been dreaming about this all day. Max’s gentle lips, his hands and the way they curved to her body and his scent it was so overtly masculine and enticing.

Liz was straddling his lap again, that seemed to be one of her favorite spots of late. He silently wondered if all pregnant women were this easily excited. Max was thoroughly enjoying her frisky behavior and would have let it continue but they were on school grounds where just about anyone could see them. “What about lunch?” He asked as he attempted to slow the gentle rocking of her hips.

“Lunch can wait.”

“I’m going to go get a soda. Would you like anything?”

Liz nodded her head “no” regretful to see her make out session end.

As Max headed towards the vending machine he bumped into a head full of blond curls. It wasn’t until Max had apologized and continued on his way that Liz recognized her as Tess. Things between Liz and Tess had been pretty frosty all year; Liz doubted Tess even knew she and Max were back together.

At the moment Liz wasn’t particularly worried about Tess as a threat to her relationship with Max. Being that Alex had never actually gone to Sweden there were some ideas Liz had regarding Tess and her powers.

“Hey.” Liz said approaching Tess

“Hey, look Liz if this is about me bumping into your boyfriend back there I’m sorry.” Tess dismissed.

The way Tess had said the word boyfriend, almost mockingly, didn’t sit well with Liz, but she would ignore it for now and turn her attentions to the matter at hand. “No. Actually I had some questions about your powers.”

“What about them?” Tess asked

“Anything that you could tell me but really…” Liz began but was cut off by Max’s return

“…Hey I got you some milk even though you said you didn’t want anything. It’s chocolate like you like and you need to get your calcium…” Max noticed Tess. “What’s she doing here?”

“We were just talking.” Liz hastily answered she knew Max wouldn’t be happy if he found out she was still trying to investigate Alex’s death in spite of the fact that in so many words he’d told her not to.

“About what?” Max asked

“Liz just had a few questions about my powers. I think she may have a new theory on what happened to Alex.” Tess provided, and Liz was convinced it was because Tess wanted to cause a rift between she and Max, big surprise there. But it was something in the way Tess mentioned Alex as if this were all some big game.

“Liz…” Max pleaded in a warning tone

This was getting to be a bit much for Liz. Yes she loved Max and respected him but she was not his child she had her own free will and she intended to make him understand that “Max you can’t expect me to just sit by while you watch over me and tell me what to do. I’m not…I’m not Tess.” Almost as soon as she said the words she wanted to take them back. Granted she didn’t like Tess but she would never say that to her face “Sorry…” Liz squeaked.

“No it’s fine I’m just gonna go but before I do I just wanted to let you know I can’t mind-warp Max into thinking your chest is any bigger…Sorry.” With that Tess left leaving behind a stunned Liz.

Liz was about to go after her as if she were going to hit her but Max held her back. “Let her go.” He said

“You would take her side.” Liz shot at him

“This isn’t about taking sides this is about keeping you safe, all of us safe, and that’s hard enough to do without you running off investigating murders and picking fights with Tess.”

“I didn’t pick a fight with her, she….” Liz attempted to explain.

“… I know you didn’t. Drink you milk” Max placated as they sat down to enjoy their lunch.

* * *

“…She won’t listen to a word I say.” Max said as he passed the ball to Michael. There was a pal Max felt he could always count on. Sure they had their disagreements but as soon as Max mentioned he had some stuff he needed to talk to him about Michael dropped what he was doing and they went to play basketball.

“Maybe you should stop treating her like a child.” Michael offered before he took a shot at the hoop.

“I’m not treating her like a child.” Max defended.

“Based on what you’ve said that’s what it sounds like to me.”

“You wouldn’t understand…” Max brushed him off as he moved into position to take a shot “There’s just a lot of stuff that I’m dealing with.”

“Like what?”

Max wasn’t sure if he should tell him, he wasn’t sure if Liz wanted anyone wanted to know at all “Well things between Liz and I sort of advanced.”

“How far did they ‘advance?’ ”

“Pretty much as far as they can.”

What? Was this Max’s roundabout way of saying that he…“You and Liz…”

“…Had sex yes.” Max provided for him.

“How was it? She didn’t like turn green or anything?”

“She’s fine,” Max said then thinking of the risqué behavior Liz had been exhibiting lately he added “Pretty good actually, but there has been a complication.” Michael will probably want to be sitting down for this, Max thought as he headed towards the benches

“What alien herpes?” he asked

“Nothing like that.”

“Well other than getting her pregnant which I know you’re to smart to do?” Michael had said this rather matter of faculty but when he looked up to see Max looking at him guiltily he wagered he shouldn’t have taken Max’s intelligence for granted. “You got Liz pregnant?”

“And she says it’s growing fast.” Max responded confirming Michael’s suspicions “Nacedo said Alien pregnancies take about a month but since Liz is human I guess we have a little longer than that. I really…don’t know.” Max admitted “It would seem Liz reproductive system is working at an accelerated pace, I guess in reaction to being with me, maybe how I changed her.” He couldn’t bear the fact that loving Liz might end up causing her harm. “She knew like the day after we…”

“Let’s think about this now. I mean there is the possibility that this kid isn’t even yours?” Michael said trying to offer his pal a viable solution to all of this, an easy out.


“You said yourself Liz slept with Kyle once, maybe it’s his.”

“She was so serious when she said it. I don’t think she would have even told me if she thought there were any doubt. Besides I’m pretty sure she lied about sleeping with Kyle. I was her first.”

“How do you know for sure.”

“I just know.”

“Well she lied about that how do you know she isn’t lying about the baby too.”

“Liz would never lie to me.” Max knew that as sure as he knew is own name. Didn’t he?

“Still I think you owe it to yourself to at least find out.”

“How? If this child is mine we can’t exactly go get a sonogram. “

“Granted but then what’s inside her is it human? Is it alien? If this thing comes out green with glowing skin that puts a major crimp in our hide in plain sight strategy. What about her parents? What about yours? What does Liz say about all this?”

“ She hasn’t really said anything either way besides I can’t tell Liz what to do. “

“Come on Max now is not the time to go all polite on me. You were perfectly fine telling her what to do a moment ago, besides you’re the King?”

“Which makes her the Queen…sort of.”

“I think it’s up to you to make Liz realize what we could be getting into. Check out all possibilities and remember I’ll help out if you need.”

* * *

Max decided to take his friend’s advice and later that day as he reclined on his bed he took some time to try and see if he could translate the Destiny book. He was hoping to find out something about human and hybrid pregnancies. There was a knock at his window, it was Liz.

When Max came to the window to open it for her Liz was a bit flustered at the sight of Max sans shirt. “I just really wanted to see you…Can I stay here tonight?”

“Sure.” He helped her in and she took a seat in his computer chair and he sat on the edge if his bed facing her “I’m actually glad you’re here there’s something I wanted to say to you.”

Liz looks at him expectantly.

“ I want you to know that this is my child too and whatever you decide I’ll stand by you but…”

“…I’m keeping this baby if that’s what you’re saying.” The air in the room grew thick with tension as Max got up and walked to the window “You don’t want it.” Liz concluded.

“I said I would stand by you.” Max corrected her.

“Don’t sound so excited about it.” Liz said a twinge of sarcasm etched in her voice.

“My whole life just changed over night. I think I’m entitled to get a little freaked.”

“Oh and I’m not. Don’t you think…”

“ I didn’t say that you weren’t …Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this right now.”

“Typical.” Liz said

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means you always avoid talking about topics you don’t want to deal with.” She was through protecting his feelings he obviously had no regard for hers

“ I am dealing you’re the one that doesn’t seem very interested in…”

“…Oh don’t give me that.” She interrupted him

“Alright well answer this. The other night with me in the observatory that was your first time ever right?”

“Yeah.” Liz stated very matter of faculty.

“Well then what really happened between you and Kyle last October? You never slept with him did you? You faked it for my benefit. Some how you knew I’d be there and you wanted me to see. Why did you want me to see you and Kyle together?”

Liz was silent for a moment as she pondered exactly how she should answer that. “I know this sounds crazy right now but I can’t tell you why. You just have to trust me.”

He walks over kneels in front of the chair and takes her hands in his “ I love you Liz, now I’m pretty sure you feel the same way. God, your carrying my child don’t you think I deserve to know.”

“Yes.” They were both on the verge of tears “But I still can’t tell you.”

“Then I can’t trust you.” He said quietly.

Liz did not know what to say she could not believe that this was still an issue for him after all they shared. “I think I’ll just stay in my own room tonight…alone” She said as she wiped at her tears then excused herself from the chair and headed toward the window.

He wasn’t really going to let her walk away from him, not again. “Wait...” Max, said halting her steps. Then he saw it “…Liz your glowing.” Max said and Liz looked down to see that she was indeed glowing. Max gently lifted her shit to reveal five glowing miniature fingers in the shape of a handprint just below Liz’s navel. When Max placed his hand over the much smaller one a connection formed instantly. “I saw the baby. It’s a boy.”

She smiled briefly at the news before climbing out of his window possibly out of is life…

* * *

“Liz you will not believe...” Maria had climbed into Liz bedroom to share the her good news but when she saw her friends tear streaked face she knew it could take a back seat for a moment. “ What happened…Chica… you can tell me.”

“I know and I probably should have confided in you first but given the circumstances I thought it would be best if Max knew first…”

Liz was babbling again Maria knew from experience that didn’t mean anything good “Liz what is it?”

“I’m pregnant.” She admitted

“Oh my God. Are you sure?” Maria didn’t even know Liz was having sex let alone pregnant.

“Yes I’m sure and Max…he started questioning me about what really happened between Kyle and I last October.”

“Well you told him the truth right?” Maria inquired

“No. I swore to… Future Max that I would never leak a word of what we did to Max and for a while I was thinking that we’d be able to move past it. We would be able to if Max weren’t so…pig- headed.”

“What a jerk…I’m sorry Liz. I say we go over there and kick his ass right now.” Maria offered

“No thanks.” Liz said a slight smile curving to her lips at he idea of Max cringing in pain.

“Well you know whatever happens I’ve got your back”

“Thanks,” Liz paused for a moment to dry her face and gather her thoughts “What did you want to tell me before.”

“You know Alex’s pal from his AP computer class I went over his house today and he was able to use his ‘nerdiness’ to uncover that this e-mail was sent from right here in New Mexico.”

“Are you saying that Alex never left Roswell.”

“No it was sent from The University of New Mexico in Las Cruces.”

“We have to go there.” Liz said

“I don’t Liz at least not now, with you being….”

“I wish everyone would stop treating me like I’m going to break I can still do things.”

“Well you should at least tell Max”

“I’m trying to find out the truth I don’t think Max is interested in that right now….”

* * *

Michael was exhausted as he finished his shift at the Crashdown. Neither Maria nor Liz had come in today but he was sure there was a good reason for that. He’d be sure to call her in the morning. He hit the playback button on the answering machine Maria had begged him to get as he fell back on the couch and listened “Michael Liz and I went to Las Cruces to the University. We got a lead on what might have happened to Alex. Don’t tell Max okay but Liz really wanted to find out the truth we’ll get home safe and I’ll call you if things get too weird. Love ya”


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Part 3
Michael was still reeling from the message Maria had left on his answering machine saying she and Liz went to the University of Las Cruces. He knew right away Max would not be pleased, but should he tell him? Or should he stay put and be their support just in case Maria and Liz called?

Then he thought of the fact that Liz was pregnant and that possibly made her even more vulnerable, they had no idea what to expect from this pregnancy. All they needed right now was Liz traipsing around Las Cruces, with a glowing navel, raising everyone’s suspicions. Then again Max was probably one of the last people Liz wanted to see right now. So Michael decided he would just go himself and help the girls out.

Michael grabbed his Jacket and keys off the table and as he opened the door there was Max “Have you seen Liz?”

“No.” Michael answered “Why would I?”

“I guess you wouldn’t, It’s just that I can’t find her anywhere and I think I may have said something to upset her and she ran off.”

“What did you say?”

“I asked her about Kyle?”

“You asked Liz if she slept with Kyle? How dense can you be? Even I know you don’t upset pregnant women with stupid questions like that, not with them being hormonal and all.”

“What are you talking about? You’re the one who put the idea in my head.”

“ I never said ask her about it I said find out.”

“How was I supposed… You know what none of that is important now. I have to find Liz.”

Michael paused for a moment “I think I know where they may be…”


“Yeah Maria’s missing too.” Michael said as he walked over to his answering machine to play the message for Max to hear for himself…

* * *
Two sets of eyes watched as Max flung a bag in the back seat of his jeep and pulled out of the driveway with Michael in the passengers seat “Where are they going?” Kyle asked

“I don’t know…Where ever it was looks like they’re in a hurry. Just like Max to completely ignore me when he goes off on one of his tangents. He’s probably gone to meet Liz somewhere.” Isabele complained

“So what do think about this whole Max, Liz development?”

“Well I’m not speaking to my brother so if you have something you want to know you’ll have to wait until he gets back.”

“So you’re ignoring him… and he’s ignoring you …Where’s the problem there?”

“Ignoring a person kinda works best if you have something they want. I guess… I guess it is sort of foolish this way.”

“ Buddha teaches us that some of us are born with stones, and some of us are born with jewels, but the most fulfilled of us are those born with stones and turn them into jewels.”

“Hmm…” Isabele feigned serious contemplation. “What the hell does that mean?”

“You want to get back at your brother?” Kyle asked receiving a nod from Isabel? “What do ya say we have a little surprise for him when he gets back?”


* * *
“…What could you have possibly have been thinking, Liz.?! Coming all the way out her with just Maria!? You know it’s not safe and I told you…”

“…See there’s your problem Max you can’t tell me what to do. I don’t belong to you! Sure in light of what’s happened we are tied together but you still have to respect me…”

* * *

The two couples rented a motel room just outside the campus of UNM. Michael and Maria had offered to go in the bathroom for a while to give Max and Liz some privacy so they could “talk” and work out their differences. But that had been nearly an hour ago and Maria just wanted to lie down and go to sleep, this day had been thoroughly exhausting.
Michael had taken advantage of the floor using a few towels as his pillow he was asleep until Max and Liz’s shouting had awakened him just now. “Still at it?” he asks

Maria nodded resignedly.

“You should get some sleep.” He said patting the floor beside him “I don’t think they’re going to be done ‘talking’ anytime soon.”

“ They would if Max would just listen to her.”

“Oh Come on Maria you gotta see where Liz has been irrational in all this.”

“ Liz is just trying to find out what happened to a friend of hers who has died under mysterious circumstances, a friend she has known since …since like kindergarten. And if you guys can’t understand how important this is for Liz than maybe you’ll…never truly understand her.”

Michael is humbled for a moment “Maybe you’re right you know…Maybe…Max will never understand Liz…Maybe they just don’t belong together.”

“How can you even say that?” Maria asked incredulously

“All they seem to do is cause each other pain…lately. Have you seen Max for the past few months walking around as a shadow of his former self? Liz used to bring him so much joy, and then…But they were back together now, or so everyone said, I was so sure things would work out…”

“What about Liz she was just as heart broken.”

“Then why did she do it? Why’d she sleep with Kyle or at least pretend to?” Maria was silent “I’ve heard at least ten different versions. Come on Maria I know the gossip trail has made its way to you by now. How ‘bout the one where Liz and Kyle were caught by the Principal shacking up in the Eraser room. Or the one where her dad caught them in her bedroom and chased Kyle out with the…”

“…Shotgun.” Maria added

“ Yeah that was it. But none of them are true…” it was a statement more so than a question “…are they?”

“Look none of that matters now. Max and Liz have to stay together for the baby…” Maria was sorry as soon as she‘d said it. She wasn’t sure anyone knew besides her and she wasn’t sure how long Liz wanted to keep it that way.

“Yeah I know Liz is pregnant. Max already told me.” Michael ran his fingers through his hair “ If they’re going to be together regardless, why doesn’t Liz tell Max the truth?”

“Because he asked her not to?”

“He, who’s he? Max would never…”

“…Listen a lot of weird stuff has been going on with Liz, stuff you wouldn’t even believe. And if I tell you, you have to promise never to leak a word of this to Max…ever...”

* * *

“…No that’s not love Max that ‘s worshiping someone as your own personal trophy!”

“ Fine if you know so much than tell me Liz, what is love?!”

“Part of Love is respecting each other as equals, and treating one another that way, all the time.”

“ That’s a lot of talk for someone who’s been lying to me for the past seven months.”

“What have I lied about Max? We’re honest with each other about everything you know that.”

“Really. Is that what you call planning secret getaways in the middle of the night, leaving no information as to where you’ve gone or when your coming back…”


“…Not to mention pretending to sleep with Kyle.”

Liz was unsure of how she should answer “So we’re back here again. God…I can’t believe this is still an issue for you. Why can’t you just...”

“…Settle the personal crap on your own time.” Michael said opening the door from the bathroom. “We’ve given you long enough, but right now we’ve got a killer on the loose and we need to find out how to stop her.”

“Michael’s right. The facts as we know them are that Leanna is not Leanna her name is Jennifer Coleman she’s a student at UNM.” Liz said she was anxious to find out where all these clues led.

“We can probably use the name to find out what dorm room she’s staying in.” Maria added

“I thought you guys said that while he was here Alex had been spending a lot of his time at the Computer Lab. They have some kind of super computer don’t they? We should try and figure out what he was using it for.” Michael reminded

“Liz and I will…tomorrow morning.” Max offered

“Good. Maria and I will check out Leanna. For now could we all just get some rest.” Michael said. Everyone nodded in agreeance.

Michael and Maria climbed into one bed as Max and Liz did the same with the other. But that night as Liz reached out to hold Max’s hand he recoiled form her touch…

* * *
Liz, Maria Max and Michael rose with the sun the next morning in order to get started o their appointed tasks. In actuality, it was Max and Liz that woke everyone up. Liz hadn’t slept a wink last night because she kept scooching over closer to Max in the bed, and each time that she did he would simply move farther away from her. This game went on all night until early the next morning when Max fell off the edge of the bed. It was the THUD of his body hitting the floor that woke everyone up. After that they grabbed some breakfast and headed out.

Although they may not have had the best start the crew was successful in their efforts. Michael and Maria were able to obtain a stack of Leanna’s mail from her dorm room. In the mail was a deed to a property just off campus. Max and Liz were able to determine that Alex was using the computer to translate the destiny book but he deleted the results. However, on the last day that Alex spent at Las Cruces he created a huge text file and sent it to Jcoleman⊕ or Leanna.

Once everyone rejoined that afternoon they went to the property for which Leanna had the deed. On the outside it looked like a dilapidated and rundown house. On the inside was a computer with the text file Alex had sent Leanna along with a phallic shaped crystal, which later they would discover was the key to the Granolith. There was also a beeping device that turned out to be a bomb and that if left would have destroyed the house and any evidence of what was translated from the destiny book…

* * *

Maria and Liz rested peacefully in the back seat of Max’s jeep as they made their way back to Roswell. Michael was driving as Max stared aimlessly into the dark out the passenger side window. “Max?” Michael said softly enough so as not to disturb the girls but, with loud enough to get Max’s attention. “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing really.” Max answered but then as he glanced back at serene expression on Liz face as she slept, he added “Everything. I was looking over the translation of the destiny book and it has everything…all the answers we’ve been looking for our entire lives, and it just proves she was right…Liz was right.” Max didn’t want to admit be had been ignoring the truth “ Michael. The idea that Alex might have died just because we're here... I can't bear it. All those times you would run off chasing some clue to find out where we come from. Why we're here? Where we belong? I always thought you were chasing something that wasn't out there, because in my heart, I believed that we belonged here, you know? That we were human. Lately, I've been thinking that you might have been right all along.”

“Lately, I've been thinking I might have been wrong all along.” Michael looked over to see Max pondering what he’d just said “So what exactly is going on between you and Liz?”

Max hesitated before saying, “I don’t know… I mean I love her but…”

“…But the Kyle thing keeps getting in the way.” Max didn’t answer but from Max silence Michael knew the answer “Have you tried trusting her?”

“That’s just it I don’t think I can. I mean obviously she feels more loyalty to Kyle or who ever it is she’s keeping this secret for.”

“Why is that so important to you? Why is it such a big deal that you be the one and only important thing in Liz’s life? Learning to trust even when sometimes you doubt, that’s real love.” Max fell silent “You know I used to think I was the only one who had a problem with mine but watching you lately I can see that yours has gotten so big that you can barely see past it. You know what that is?”


“The male ego. Now you better tame your ego before it ends up costing you something precious. Something you might never find again this life.” Once again Max looked back at Liz resting peacefully in the back seat, there seemed to be a glow about her and suddenly he knew what his pal was talking about…

* * *

“ Michael says you can rest in here until morning.” Max said. Once they got back to Roswell they all agreed that it was too late to go back to their respective homes without disturbing anyone. Therefore they’d crash at Michael’s fort he rest of the night and figure out what to tell their parents in the morning.

“What about you?” Liz asked as Max placed her bags on the floor by the bed. She could see he was reluctant to sleep in the same bed with her. If last night were a foreshadowing as to what was to occur this night Liz guessed Max wouldn’t be within ten feet of her if he had his way.

“I’ll probably sleep in…”Max looked around the room until his eyes fell on “…this chair.” As he sat in the recliner at the foot of Michael’s bed and began to untie his sneakers.

“You know.” Liz began hesitantly “We can share the bed. I don’t bite.” She offered a slight smile rising to her lips as she watched Max attempt to make himself comfortable in the recliner

“I’ll be fine right here in this chair…” He turned out the light and they were shrouded in darkness aside from the streetlights filtering in through the blinds. All that could be heard was the squeaks and clinks as Max turned on way or another as he waited for sleep to take him. Max was sure his restless manner had more to do with the way he was feeling than his actual level of tiredness. Was Michael right? Was Max letting his ego get in the way of his love for Liz? He yawned with that thought on his mind as the day’s events caught up with him and he was just about to take that journey into the land of slumber THUD. There he was Max on the floor again.

“Max are you alright.” The noise had awoken Liz and she was right by his side gently brushing the hair out of his eyes slight concern etched in her own.

“Yeah I’m okay.” He said. And then he got it. As much as Max loved and wanted to protect her she felt the same, if not more, for him. Love was life of equal partners and that was what he had been missing.

She smiled “ You seem to be falling out of the bed a lot lately. Are we gonna have to get a crib for you and the baby?”

Liz smile was contagious Max thought as he found a slight smile rising to his own mouth. “Liz, this is silly. I love you and I know you feel the same way. Even though I’ve been a jerk lately and I may not always known how to prove my love or to…to trust you. I want you know that I will try my hardest because I… don’t know what my life would be with out you.”

“I love you too…” Liz said as a silent tear rolled down her cheek “Come to bed Max.” And that he did. It just felt right being in Max’s arms again safe, warm and content and Liz knew she had to get something off her chest before the night was through. “Max, I have something to tell you. It’s important and I...”

“ Liz, it‘s late we’ll talk in the morning. Get some rest.” Max said placing a kiss on her forehead.

“It’s about our son…”

“Our son, will be fine until morning.”

Perhaps he was right but Liz knew if she didn’t go with her gut instinct and tell Max the truth right now he would never know and she wanted no more secrets between them. “Awhile back I had a visitor, he was from the future. He’d used the Granolith to travel back in time and warn me of things to come ” Max hadn’t moved. He hadn’t made a move to signal that he was listening but somehow she knew he was. “He said I had to make some changes or it could mean the end of people’s lives and yet here we are and I’m not sure the way things turned out is so much better. The visitor… he looked just like you.”

What was Liz saying? She had a visitor form the future that warned her of things to come that looked just like Max. Their child? The child she carried now had come from the future to warn Liz of his coming. That’s how she had known she was pregnant so soon. Their child would look just like Max; the idea made him heady with pride. “The visitor…he was our son?”

“The visitor was you…”
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For disclaimer see first part

Part 4

Max comfortably rested his head against the headboard. He hadn’t slept most of the night, simply watched Liz as she slept, her head resting in his lap as he delicately stroked his fingers through her hair. She was a beautiful sight to behold. Max had always thought so but now as she carried their child, Liz had this glow about her that made her even more enchanting. Max absent-mindedly placed his palm over her abdomen the same place he healed her so long ago, and reveled in the smooth warm flesh there. Five miniature fingers in the shape of a handprint appeared their son’s handprint.

Max diverted his eyes for a moment to see that Liz was looking at him curiously, love radiated from her eyes. “He want’s to say hi…” she said

Max shifted their position so Liz navel was at his eye level…

…The instant Max placed his hand over the miniature glowing handprint he found himself in a Garden, an extremely lush and fertile Garden with winding paths. Not too far in the distance he could hear the sound of running water. The ominous flippant laughter of a child could be heard “Daddy…”

“Yes…” Max hesitantly answered “…at least I think so.”

More giggles this time he distinctly recognized the rich sultry sound of Liz voice accompanying the child “I’m so glad you could come Daddy…Come join me and Mommy by the water.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m over here Max…” Liz said as she swiftly ducked out from behind a bush. Max took off after her “Can’t catch me…” she playfully intoned.

Max was enjoying their little game of tag-hide and go seek as laughter echoed through his mind, until he found himself in silence again. All Max could see on either side of him were bushes and it looked like he’d come to a dead end “Liz…where’d you go…Son…”He turned the corner and their to his surprise was Liz kneeling by the edge of an opulent pond. Before Max had a chance to respond Liz splashed a handful of the refreshing water in his face.

Max budding family erupted into a fit of giggles at the spectacle that had been made of him “Daddy…you’re so silly.”

“Ha…Ha…Very funny.” Max playfully chided as he took a seat at the pond by Liz.

“You’re so wet…” Liz said, not at all containing her amusement at the situation.

“Yeah, well you do know Liz, payback is a…”

She quickly placed a finger over his mouth“…Shh…Don’t you dare say that word. Not in here there is an impressionable youth present.” Liz reminded “Besides this was your son’s idea.”

“Where is he?”

“This is him…his persona…He created this place…”

Max found himself back in Michael’s bedroom his head perched atop Liz’s abdomen as she was sprawled out beneath him. Liz smiled at him as she threaded her fingers through his hair. He placed a languid kiss just below her navel right where the waist-band of her jeans stopped. “Well Liz now that we’re alone, you do know what that means…”

Liz bit her lip in barely contained desire at the impish grin that played upon his lips. “What does it mean Max?” she said playing innocent.

“Payback…” he unsnapped her jeans “…Is…” Max painstakingly peeled her jeans down her legs and nibbled at the curve of her hip “…Gonna be a…”He ran his hands along the velvety skin between her thighs. Max’s nose was met with the rich aroma that was Liz, so enticing, and Max thought he would never get enough. He nuzzled his nose against her center and his nostrils were filled with the heady scent as it faintly wafted through the purple satin of her panties, which elicited a throaty moan from Liz “…Shh.” Although he was having fun teasing Liz he knew Michael would have a fit if knew what they were up to in his room. “…What happened Liz?” smirk “You’re so wet.” Max leaned up and kissed Liz soundly, tongues dueling leaving her thoroughly dazed and ravished.

As Liz opened her eyes glazed over with passion, she saw Max smiling down at her with that same smirk. “Max…please…don’t stop touching me.”

“Where do you want me to touch you?” He asked as he continued idly stroking her thigh trailing on the outer portion moving steadily inward until he was just close enough then he moved back out again, causing Liz face to screw up in pleasure… than pain.

She sighed exasperatedly “Down there.” Liz said

“ Where’s down there?” Max smirked “…. Is it here…” he said running a hand over her cheek. “…Or may be right here…” he touched his finger to the tip of her nose.

Liz scrunched her nose at him. “Don’t play games Max …You know where.”

“ I want to hear you say it.” He said those amber eyes gazing at her so full of love and pent up desire “Tell me what you want Liz.”

Mustering enough courage. Liz led his hand to her center. Max. touched her experimentally. Then took off her panties stuffing them in his front Jean pocket. He found her most sensitive pleasure point and was circling it lightly with his finger. This caused the erotic throbbing between her thighs to increase almost making it unbearable as he applied more pressure.

“Mmm…please.” Liz said thoroughly flushed “I can’t stand much more…Ahh…”

“Shh…” Max said, “They’ll hear us.” He mouthed. Never stopping his southerly ministrations Max softly chuckled as he lowered himself over Liz. His lips sent soft butterfly kisses along the planes of her face, only minutely grazing her mouth. He fluttered his lips across the slender whiteness of her neck, the hollow of her throat, and then the crest of her breast where her top revealed her cleavage. Slowly he unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall from her shoulders pleased to see that she had forgone wearing a bra.

Max loins ached miserably. The thing about the chase was it worked both ways and his insides were fired by the by each soft sigh that escaped her lips. His heart pounded wildly; his cheeks flamed. Max sank his teeth into the creamy flesh of her neck and he chewed softly causing a pleasured moan to rise from deep within Liz. “Shh…” he barely uttered. He realized that they could not continue this, at least in here.

Opening her eyes she gazed at Max who was now disrobing from his shirt. “ What are you doing?”

“You’ll see. Here, put this on.” He said offering his T-shirt. Once she did Max tipped toed over to the door and stuck his head out to see what appeared to be Michael and Maria resting together on the couch. Max waved Liz into the bathroom and once they both scurried across the hall Max quickly shut the bathroom door behind them.

“Hmm… Wha...what was that?” Michael groggily asked, the bathroom door closing had abruptly awakened him from a sound sleep.

“Relax Michael.” Maria said barely suppressing a yawn “It’s just Max an Liz going to shack up in your bathroom.”

“Oh. Okay.” Michael said as he put his head back down to rest, but then once he thought about it “What…!”

* * *

About twenty minute later a freshly bathed and thoroughly satisfied Max peeked his head out of the bathroom door “Shh…” He whispered he was trying to make sure the coast was clear and Michael hadn’t woken up yet. “You go first…” he said waving Liz ahead of him. She was clad in only his T-shirt. The couple had tried to make sure their escapades in the bathroom hadn’t disturbed their friend’s slumber. So they’d put the shower on in attempt to drown out their cries of ecstasy.

“Now that you guys are uh…done. I thinks there’s something here you ought to see.” Michael said startling Max and Liz. They had almost made it to the bedroom door and hadn’t even seen that he was actually awake.

Liz turned three different shades of red before she said “I’m gonna go put on some clothes” she felt awkward standing there in just Max T-shirt. Although it was sort of comforting and almost intimate in a way, she didn’t feel comfortable dressed in so little in front of her friends.

“Uh yeah sure Liz…” Maz couldn’t help but blush as well. He could not believe they had been caught. “Liz?”

“Yeah.” She said turning to meet Max’s gaze and his gaze only for she’d be to embarrassed to look at anyone else.

“You might need these.” He said tossing her purple panties, which were had been stuffed in the front pocket of his jeans in a haste of their activities. That only caused them to blush more profusely.

Max turned to meet the disapproving gaze of Michael. He walked over to the door behind which Liz had disappeared and knocked “Uh Liz can I get my shirt.”

“Much better.” Michael said, “Now before we begin let me just say, my bathroom better be clean.”

Max nodded “So what’s up? What‘s so important?”

“Well, while you guys were uh…. Yeah. Michael and I had the time to read through some of the destiny book and there was a passage on human hybrid pregnancies which I thought was pretty interesting and might explain some things.” Maria said

“What’s it say?” Max asked

“Okay here it goes. ‘A standard Antarian pregnancy is one month full term. When mixed with a human that period of time may be extended by a week or two’…blah, blah, yada, yada…here we go ‘A normal human female does not contain the necessary amounts of energy to carry a hybrid child to term. She may go about obtaining said energy through extended periods of rest and or intercourse with a hybrid male namely the father.’ That would explain why Liz has been so tired lately. ”

“Among other things.” Max said to himself “Yeah but if everything else is true then that means Liz carries the baby to term she should be giving birth shortly after school lets out. That gives us some lee way.”

“But what are we going to say to her parent’s? We’ve got like three weeks and Liz isn’t even showing ” Michael asked the ever present question he knew everyone was afraid to address

“Hey guys what’s going on?” A fully clothed Liz said a s she emerged from the bedroom. Max kissed her forehead as he began to explain…
* * *

Once Michael, Maria, Max and Liz finished talking that morning that left Maria just enough time to drop Liz home to change her clothes and pick up her books for school. It had been a very rushed morning for everyone. But Liz wasn’t complaining she was still reeling from the ‘wake up call’ she’d received for Max that morning. Come to think of it Liz hadn’t seen Max since that morning. It had only been a few hours but Liz was missing him already. Max seemed to be the talk of the school everywhere she went she got comments like “Liz have you seen Max today?” Or “Liz what’s up Max today?”

Liz would simply respond something like “No not really… why?”

It wasn’t until after 3rd period as Liz was gathering her books from her locker that she saw a big crowd forming around something down the hall as the crowd approached Liz could see the crowd was forming around Max, and for good reason.

Max greets her with a kiss, once he drew away to see her face he asked, “What’s wrong.”

“Max have you looked in the mirror today.” Liz said barely surpressing a laugh

“No I didn’t really have the time...Why?” She opened her locker for him to see himself.
His hair is blue “Oh My God.”

“Making a new fashion statement.” Liz teased.

“No…I didn’t know...I”

“ Well how’d did this happen?” Liz asked as she experimentally ran her finger through it. His hair still felt like the soft tresses she remembered but what was with the color?

“I don’t know…I…Isabele.” he concluded to see the vengeful glare of his sister staring at him from across the hall….

* * *

Liz found herself in the garden again with her child’s voice and presence surrounding her “Son…What am I doing here?” She asked

“I got lonely mommy…I wanted someone to talk to… Can daddy come back and play with us?”

“No your father‘s busy…and so am I. We both have a lot of work to do but we are looking forward to when you can come and stay with us.”

“Me too…Mommy I’m so excited.”

“I love you too…

* * *

Liz stretched slowly reveling in the familiar feel of her pillows and blankets surrounding her, she was in her bedroom. What was she doing in her bed at this time in the afternoon “Why am I here?” Liz asked.

“Thank goodness.” Maria intoned “I though we’d lost you for a moment there.”

“Where’s Max? The last thing I remember was us kissing in the hallway at school…and his hair was blue. Did that really happen.”

“Sadly, yes.” Maria informed “He’s at work right now.”

“Work? What time is it?” Liz looked at the clock nightstand and saw that the clock read twenty minutes after four. “Oh my God Maria how could you let me over sleep my shift!?”

“Would you relax. I kinda think your personal well being takes priority over serving greasy alien themed food to the masses.”

“What happened to me?”

“You kinda passed out after 4th. Max told me to take you and let you rest.” Maria saw her friend’s worry “Don’t worry no one saw and Max stayed the rest of the day to get your class notes. We figured you’d need them with finals so close.”

“What about…”

“…Oh and Tess is ‘handling’ your teacher’s they all think you were in class. You attendance record shall not be sullied…well any worse than it already is.” Liz was surprised to hear that Tess would actually help them out like that, probably due to a lot of persuading on Max part. But the idea of Tess using her powers on anyone was not something that sat well with Liz “It was all Max could think of on such short notice.”

Liz shrugged it off “As long as no one knows.” She sees Mari giving her ‘that look’ “No one knows Maria? Right?”

“Sean.” Was all Maria said.


“What? I couldn’t carry you up here by myself and he was nosing around. I had to tell him something.”

“What did you tell him?”


* * *
Liz was able to convince Maria that she was all right and able to finish her shift. She was downstairs in the Crashdown break area by her locker preparing for work when Sean comes back.

“Liz I don’t think you should hang out with Max if he got you into drugs.” He warned.

Liz rolled her eyes at his comment “Thanks for the sentiment but I didn’t really ask you.” She responded.

“Liz come on we both know getting into drugs doesn’t lead anywhere good. I know I speak from experience. I’m worried about you.” It was obvious to Sean that Liz was ignoring him. He gently grabbed her arm to get her attention. “Didn’t today teach you anything?”

Liz could see that his efforts were stemming from sincere concern.” Sean, Max and I aren’t doing drugs.”

“Then what’s going on with you?”

“Well it does have to do with Max and to tell you the truth we couldn’t be more ecstatic about it.”


“I’m having Max’s child.”

“That’s why you were passed out…”

“…Sean I’m fine I can assure you this whole thing is totally normal…I’m fine really.” Liz assured.

He wasn’t sure exactly how to respond. Should he be happy for her? Or should he be jealous which is what he truly felt? “Do you love him?”

“Yes and I’m quite sure he feels the same way.”

“And he makes you happy.”

“Of coarse.” Sean looks at her for a moment, he knows that she is telling him the truth. He embraces her knowing that this quite possibly might be the last chance he’ll ever get to hold her like this. “You know Sean I owe you a burger. How ‘bout it? On the house.”

They walk out into the Crashdown the hand of one friend in the hand of another...


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Part 5

The next week passed by fairly normal with the exclusion of the wide range of colors Max’s hair changed. Every night he washed the color out restoring it to it’s customary dark tresses, but every morning without fail it would be another extraneous color. Max’s hair had been from blue to purple a different color every morning and Michael jokingly commented that Max’s changing hair color had something to do with Liz’s ever changing moods as a result of her pregnancy. That he was in some form a walking, talking home pregnancy test. Max smiled and shrugged it off because although he couldn’t figure out exactly how, he knew his sister Isabele was behind it. He just hated to see that their disagreement had to turn into this petty use of their powers.

“…Are you sure it’s Isabel?” Liz asked as she helped Max dry his hair fresh from shampoo.

“Positive… d id I get it all out?” Max said looking in the bathroom mirror as Liz stood behind him.

“Yes.” She assured

“It has to be her. It’s not my shampoo because it’s the same brand I’ve been using for years, not my hairbrush because I threw that one out and got a new one. Those are the only products I use on my hair” Max explained “I just wish I could figure out how she was doing it.”

“Well maybe she’ll get tired of it soon. It has been a whole week.” Liz offered.

“Yeah let’s hope so.”

Liz saw the forlorn look on Max’s face and she had to do something to try and cheer him up “Well I want to thank you for staying in school all day today and getting my class notes…” she said leaning up to place a gentle kiss on his cheek. “… Purple hair and all, it was very brave of you.” Liz had fallen out again today in school and as always Max had stayed to get her class notes. This incident was among many others that had occurred this week, luckily only twice had it occurred in school. They could never be sure when her son would try to contact Liz he was, as most babies are, unpredictable. Every time their son contacted her Liz falling into a deep sleep was always the result.

“It’s the leas t I could do. You’re carrying my child Liz and I love you…both. ” Max said resting his hand on the small belly Liz had grown over the past week, unnoticeable to most but if you looked close enough you could se that her waistline had expanded some. “Speaking of which we probably need to get back to studying.” He held her in his embrace for a moment longer

Moved by his words Liz was reluctant to let this moment go; although she knew he was right, they had a lot of ground to cover with finals coming up this week. “ I guess you’re right.”

Max gently drapes his arm around her shoulders as they prepared to head back to his room small touches like that were always comforting for the expecting mother and he was always happy to oblige. Recently Max had been paying so much attention to Liz that he was acutely aware of any change in her body. He felt her wobble a bit in her first step. “Are you okay?”

Looking him in the eye to smiled at his concern for her Liz said “Yeah I’m fine it’s. just…” her eyes drift close.

“Liz…” He said in attempt to revive her, but she was out cold.

“Max when are you gonna quit hogging the bathroom!” Isabele’s voice complained from out side the door.

“Uh… In a minute Iz…” Max thought frantically about how to get Liz to his room without drawing any undue attention to the two of them.

“Max I’m giving you two more second’s and then I’m coming in…” Isabele warned

“ Isabele not now!” Max snapped, not intentionally but right then was not a moment he felt he could deal with his sister’s ribbing.

The door swung open and there stood Isabele looking as Max held nearly limp Liz in his arms. “Oh My God Max is she alright?”

“She will be if you help me out and distract Mom and Dad while I carry Liz to my room?”

“Sure.” Isabele agreed.

The trip was just across the hall but Isabele was able to distract her parents long enough for Max to take Liz to his room. Once it seemed that all was clear she excused herself and went to Max’s room the sight before her warmed her heart, Max tucking Liz in his bed taking great care with her. The fact the her brother cold be so gentle with someone caused Isabele to realize that he couldn’t be all bad. She sat on the edge of the bed and asked “What’s wrong with her Max?” referring to Liz

“She’s pregnant Iz…Liz and I… were gonna have a baby.” Max admitted.

Isabele had speculated as to why her brother and Liz had all of a sudden become so close but this was the first time she was hearing the actual words from his mouth “When?”

“In two weeks.”

“Two weeks…” Isabele said in disbelief “…How far along is she?”

“ Three weeks.” She covered her mouth. “I know what you’re thinking ‘How could that possibly be normal?’ But since when has anything about our lives been normal. I just hope the baby isn’t hurting Liz.”

Isabel got up and left the room with out a word, because there were no words to say. No amount of criticism on her part was going to change her brother’s situation. Max was going to have a baby and Isabele had to learn to accept it whether she liked it or not…

* * *

“Surprise!” everyone shouted as Isabele entered the Crashdown, Kyle close behind. She expected simply to be meeting her friends for lunch never would she have expected this. Today was the day of Isabele’s Graduation and a celebration had been planned to honor her. Everyone had been invited from her closest friends to her most distant relatives.

She turned to Kyle and asked “You knew about this?” he nodded “ Oh, my God! Oh! I could kill you all.”

“Well for once don’t kill me this was all mom’s idea.” Max joked

“Well we were just so proud of you sweetheart and we wanted to show exactly how proud we are.” Her mother said

“Thank you so much Mom…Dad…” she hugged them both “…Max.” she offered a genuine smile. And soon the entire family was gathered in one big group hug.

“Of coarse sweetie and you can expect a little more of a surprise later… Enjoy the party.” He father added.

Once their parents had gone to mingle with other guests Isabele said “Max I meant what I said before thank for this… I mean I know you didn’t plan it, but the fact that you’re even here after the way I treated you…” Liz lovingly rubbed Max shoulder as he was nearly speechless at his sisters words “ I actually have a surprise for you too…the both of you. Kyle and I that is.”

* * *
Max, Isabele, Liz and Kyle ventured out to his car parked across the street from the Crashdown. “I know that we’ve been giving you a hard time lately…”Isabele began “ …and Kyle and can’t express how truly sorry I we are about that… I just got so caught in the prospect of going away to college, but I had no idea what you were going through…both of you. Thinking about what you said last night made me realize that my problems are nothing compared to yours.”

“No, your problems aren’t nothing, they’re important. Your life is important.” Max countered, returning the sincere smile Isabele had given him earlier. They hugged

“We’ll figure something out…for you and Liz and…do you know what you’re having?”

“A boy.” Liz said

“You guys are having a son. Well I guess I got the right color because this is for him.” Isabele said handing them a beautiful wrapped quilt with a blue and white pattern “I just know that Max always liked blue when he was younger so I figured that his child…” Max hugged his sister again. “It’s form Kyle and I… sort of like a peace offering.”

Kyle hugged Liz. “Congratulations.” Soon the four friends were all engaged in one big group hug. “ Thank you, you guys.” Liz said from the shelter the four of them provide for her. They were all about to embark on a new chapter of life in some form or another “Oh god your gonna make me cry.”

“Me too.” Isabele added.

“Here” Max said offering Liz a tissue to dry hr damp eyes “We better not stay out here to much longer before we’re missed.” He pointed out. “I’ll take this up to your room Liz and put it with the other stuff, you go on and enjoy the party with Isabele and Kyle, I’ll be down in a bit.” As the three started off “Hey Liz.”


“Smile.” Max said brushing a gentle thumb over her cheek. She granted him with a radiant smile.

Isabele and Liz begin walking toward the entrance of the Crashdown Liz said “Thank you for doing that for him…for us. I really think it meant a lot to him.”

“Yeah well it’s the least I could do considering what I put his hair through this past week.” Isabele joked.
“So that was you.” Liz said. Isabele nodded “ remind me never to piss you off.” she joked.

“There you are sweetie I’ve been looking all over for you.” Once they were inside Mrs. Evans pulled Isabele, aside a few of her friends following closely behind “I know you don’t know exactly what your plans are for college but your father and I decided you could use a little independence.” She said dangling the set of keys in front of her daughter’s face.

“Don’t tell me you got me a car?” Isabele asked with barely contained excitement.

“Close, we got you and apartment in Albequereque.” Her Mom responded

“ Thank you so much.” She said hugging her parents.

“We thought it would be far enough away that you can gain a little freedom but close enough that you can still visit every once in a while.” Her father said. “So don’t make yourself a stranger.”

“So Isabele, do you think you’d mind if people visited you up there in Albequerque, I think I know a few of your friends who might be interested.” Maria playfully inquired

“Yeah you guys should definitely do that. After school gets out. You all can like help me move in. you know christen the new place.” Isabele offered.

“Sounds like fun.” Mrs. Evans said “Come on sweetie there are a few people here I’d like you to meet.” Isabele began mingling with her guests thanking them for coming. As did Liz for a while engaging in pleasant conversation with other’s of her classmate that were there. Shortly Michael asked Liz if she’d like to take a seat for a while, saying she looked a little tired. Liz complied and he brought her a plate of cake and punch. Maria sat with her. “You know Liz if you keep scarfing down cake like that your waistline won’t be that size for very much longer.” Liz smiled and shrugged it off, although Maria was right Liz wasn’t particularly interested in getting any bigger than she already was. Liz had worn slightly baggy clothing all this week to hide her pregnancy from her parents.

“She’ll be alright.” Michael said considering he’s made the cake he was somewhat baised to people’s appretiation of his baked goods.

The hint of tabasco Liz tasted reminded Liz of Max. Wher was he? “Have you seen Max?’ Liz asked
“Last time I saw him he was with you.” Maria said

Liz remembered Max had gone up to her room to hide Isabele’s gift with the other things they had purchased for the baby but that had been fifth teen minutes ago. Liz hurried up to her room Michael and Maria close on her tail. As the approached they could hear the voice of Tess saying “Do you think I’m stupid…It was supposed to be my child Max!” she was holding the crib box they had been storing underneath Liz’s bed.

“Tess, I know this is all really difficult…” Max attempted to explain but was cut off.

“…No you don’t know. Once this is all over you’ll go on to have your nice comfy little lives with your son in a house with white picket fences. But where does that leave me? You don’t care about my feelings, you never did…”

“I understand what our destiny said, but sometimes things change…” Max began “Can’t you understand that I love Liz and we’re going o have this baby, no matter what.”

Liz went to Max and held his hand for support. Whom was supporting who was a question left up in the air considering this was a situation they had both been dreading “Tess I’m sorry.” Liz said

“Sorry, is that all you can say? You stole my purpose in life and all you can say is sorry.” Tess approached Liz as she attempted to use Max as a shield “This is why I was sent her to have his child and you took that away. Well you better believe I’m gonna make you regret it.” With that Tess climbed out of Liz window and down the balcony. Tess knew it would have been futile to attempt to harm Max, Liz or anyone else in that room physically. But her plans were much larger than that on a plane where physical strength would not matter, and it would soon be time to implement…


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For disclaimer se first part

Part 6a
As Liz sat on the lid of the toilet seat she took the time to admire Max’s supple derrier as he leaned over to turn the shower on. As he was not wearing a shirt Liz could see all the chorded muscles in his back working together like a symphony towards the appointed task. Looking at his well-defined physique caused her insides to heat up and slowly melt through the slit between her legs. Liz obliged her desire by quickly discarding the T-shirt she was wearing which happened to be Max’s.

As Max turned around he appreciatively took in her nude figure “A little eager aren’t we?” he smirked.

There was no use in denying as Liz saw it, she wanted him plain and simple. She wanted him so bad it almost ached. Liz blushed a little at her forwardness before placing her lips on his in a deep probing kiss. She ran her hands over the small of his back and around to the front over the ripples that formed the six pack at his abdomen. Never breaking contact with his mouth she unsnapped his jeans and pushed them, along with his underwear, down his hips until they glided al the way down his legs. This was the first time Liz had seen this part of Max, the part of him that made him very much a male, and on two previous occasions had brought her so much pleasure.

Max smiled softly to himself at her naivete “Come on let’s get in.” he stepped out of his jeans and help Liz step over the edge of the tub, following closely behind her. When she kissed him experimentally “Ahh ahh” he said pulling away gently “cleaning first then pleasure. Liz smiled at his game as she handed him the soap to lather up the wash cloth. Max reveled in the sift feel of her skin as he ran the cloth over her shoulders. Gently moving her hair aside he cleaned her neck placing butterfly kisses over the newly scrubbed flesh.

Max pressed his front against her back, his erection straining against her bottom, he briefly ran the cloth over her breasts. Continuing on he reverently cleaned her flat navel and abdomen, wondering at the life it housed.
Liz heart swelled with affection for Max as he took so much care with her. But as he continued his path with the cloth into more southerly regions his caresses became less fatherly and a little more risque. “ Max what are you doing?” Liz asked and impish grin painting her lips.

“ This is the path through which my son is gonna enter the world. I’d like it to be immaculate.”

“And you don’t think I’m capable of cleaning myself ?”

“Of coarse you are I… Just want to help” Max responded. Liz could see that he was trying to make up a reason to touch her, not that she minded she liked his caresses just the same. Liz allowed Max to finish his sensual cleansing of her because she knew that soon enough it would be her turn.

Max rinsed Liz off than handed her the cloth and soap “Turn around” she said

“Why?” he playfully asked.

“Just humor me.” Liz pleaded and he happily obliged. Liz lathered up his back, shoulders, and abs taking particular time to fine the pleasure point in each location, much the same he had made it his business to please her.” When Liz reached the straining flesh of his groin Max nearly jumped at the touch of her small hands. It was obvious she was purposefully taking her time with this. Liz ran her hand excruciatingly slowly al the way from the base of Max manhood to the tip. No loner able to stand anymore of her ministrations Max turned around and asked. “What’s your excuse?” with an impish grim causing Liz to blush.

Pinning her to the shower wall Max lifted her up so he could enter her in one swift motion. Liz moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist. At first his movement within her were slow and gentle but as his need grew they became more rapid and somewhat painful for Liz. Grunting with each thrust Max pounded into Liz “ Mmm… Max go slow.” She groaned, but he continued harder and faster with each thrust “Max slow please.” So hard and fast and deep that Liz though she would literally rip in two “Max stop it please… this hurts...”

“Max stop!” Liz cried into the darkness as she sat straight up in bed looking aroundathe familiar surroundings of her bedroom.

“ Liz babe shh… it was just a dream.” Max comforted who was in bed next to her.

A nightmare was more like it Liz thought to herself. Never in her Life had Max been that rough with her and she didn’t think she’s ever live to see the day that he was.

On any normal night he wouldn’t have been there with her but for the past few evenings every time Liz closed her eyes she woke up screaming and Max could feel her panic through their connection. Therefore he’d taken to spending his nights with her. Every night after Liz’s parents were sound asleep Max would sneak in her window and get into bed with her.

Liz relaxed a little in his arms “Max I can’t go back to sleep again. Every time I close my eyes I dream something different, something terrible.”

Max wasn’t sure what to say he knew Liz needed her sleep for the baby but he didn’t want her to dream terrible things. “ It’s okay you don’t have to sleep try and rest. I’ll hold you all night...keep you company.” He said placing a kiss on her forehead

“We’ll keep each other company.” They sat for a moment in comfortable silence.

“ What happened I this one?”

“ You and I were in Michael’s bathroom like the other week and we were having…we were making love if you can call it a that. Anyway it was good at first but then you started to get so rough and it hurt…. I kept asking you to stop but you wouldn’t…and the pain…the pain I feel was so real...”

“ …Shh.” Max said kissing her palm “ I would never do that to you… never” he said quietly

“ I know.” Because in her heart she did know, she would never have to fear Max It was like… a memory. It was like someone took my memory of that morning and was trying to turn it into something painful.”

“Can I ask you something?’


“ Did you like it?”

“ Did I like what?”

“Did you like it…rough”

“Max” Liz said playfully batting his arm.

“Sorry it was just a question you don’t ever have to worry about be being that rough with you… unless of coarse you wanted me to.”

Liz thought about it for a moment “Well maybe not that rough, but…”

* * *

The gang spent the very next weekend helping Isabele move into her new apartment in Albequrque. Having been accepted to University of New Mexico she was anxious to move in and start exploring life as an independent young woman. Max and all her friends were more than happy to help because the faster they helped her move in the more time they would have to focus on Liz and the fast approaching birth date of her child.

“Hey Liz look what I got for you.” Kyle said handing her the bright yellow bumper sticker which read “BABY ON BOARD”

“A Bumper sticker Kyle?” Liz questioned “ What am I supposed to do with a bumper sticker? You know I don’t have a car.”

“Yeah but Max does, maybe he’ll put it on the jeep or something.” Kyle suggested “Or you can always do this…” Kyle said as he plastered the sticker to her slightly protruding belly.
“Yeah Kyle, Thanks.” Liz said smiling briefly at his antics. “ How thoughtful of you.”

Max joined them. “Hey sweetie what’s up.” He said placing a soft kiss on her cheek. He noticed the yellow sticker on her belly. “Cute.”

“Well it ‘s compliments of Kyle.” Liz said peeling the Sticker off of her and handing it to Max.

“Really, Kyle thanks. That was sweet of you.”

“I try.”

“ You want to go sit down you look a little tired.” Max offered, knowing Liz handn’t gotten much sleep last night.

“ I’m okay.”

“Well at least sit down for a minute.” Max said moving them to the couch Isabel had purchased for herself which was still sitting outside in the parking lot.

“I’m fine really.” Liz assured him “but thanks for caring about me.” She placed a brief kiss on his lips.

“Always.” He said before returning the kiss.

Kyle rolled his eyes before walking away and saying “ Iz are we almost dine here I’m starved.”

“Yeah if you could just move this couch inside, then we can have dinner my treat… actually my parents treat.” Isabele said

“That couch?” Michael said pointing to the couch Max and Liz were on. Iz nodded a yea and Michael quickly moved into action he too was a little tired “Sorry to disturb you two but do you mind we have to get this inside.”

“ Yeah hang on.” Max said handing the baby bumper sticker to Kyle as he moved to help Michae l lift the couch.

Kyle got an idea and plastered the sticker on the back of the couch which still had Liz on it…

* * *
Once all the furniture was in place Maria, who had decided to used her talents creatively inside helping Isabele decorate the living room, asked “ anybody feel like Italian?”

“Actually I could go for Chinese.” Kyle said

“Burger and fries, always a classic.” Michael pointed out

“We eat that stuff al the time, besides I don’t want to eat fast food on the first night in my apartment.” Isabele said

“Isabele’s right I’m kinda tired of burgers.” Liz said

“Thank you Liz… so which wile it be guys Italian or Chinese. I’m going to call and make a reservation.”

“ Maybe we should let Liz decide after all this is kind of a special occasion for her and Max as well.” Maria pointed out.

“That sounds like a good idea. Liz , what would you like to eat.” Max asked.

“Chinese sounds good… actually Isabele would you mind ordering in I’m kind of tired.” Liz said “I hate to be a burden on you guys.”

“You are no burden.” Max assured “We can order in right Isabel?”

“Of coarse Liz we understand.”

To express her thanks for everyone helping her move in Isabel ordered Chines take out enough for everyone. Once the food arrived the gang filled their conversation with things Max and Liz could expect with the new baby.

“… I couldn’t imaging Max holding a baby diaper.” Kyle joked,

Max blushed a little at the comment he couldn’t imagine himself with a baby, When Liz had told him she was pregnant he had went form being scared to extatic never once did he stop to think about all the responsibility that went along with having a baby.

“I think he’ll be just fine.” Placing a kiss on the tip of Max’s nose. “ besides I’ve got all you guys to help me as well…and my parent’s when and if the y ever find out.” Still they had neglected to tell either sets of parents not even Valenti knew. Thus far the six of them had dealt with this secret alone.

“Would you tell her already...” Maria prompted Michael

“Tell us what Michael?” Max asked, If it was something concerning Liz and her baby he had to know.

“ Well I was reading through the destiny book the other day and I came across some interesting things, as it turns out…”

Suddenly the door opens and al eyes were on the small framed blond that stood in it’s frame. “Hey guys.” Tess said.

“What are you doing here.” Max said placing Liz behind him “ How’d you find us.”

“ Your parents told me where you’d all be. I’m her to help you.”

“Why should we believe you?” Isabele asked

“ Because I know something about the Granolith…Information you may need for Liz…and her baby.” Tess said “ Come with me to the pod chamber and I’ll show you.”

“Max I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Liz whispered to him

“You don’t have to go but I do. This may help you Liz… may help our child.”

“I don’t rust her Max be careful.”

“Niether do I that’s why I’m taking Michael and Isabel with me. Kyle and Maris will be here with you.” Max kissed Liz “ let’s go.”
“When we get back can I stay her with you guys for the night.”

Isabel hesitated a moment before saying “ I guess.”

“Thanks, Kyle would you come out to the car and bring my duffel up.”

Liz watched as the closest people in the world to her, filed out of the apartment behind Tess. For some reason that Liz could not put her finger on she didn’t trust this situation, Max had gone along with it too easily. But Liz was too tired to fight, she was to tired to even argue. She had to stay here...and rest

“Mommy is that you?” Liz found herself in that same lush garden that had become home to her over that past few months, but she hadn’t been able to visit recently due to he bad dreams.

“Yes son I’ve missed you.”

The sound of her sons voice comforted her “Me too. Where is daddy?”

“He’s busy right now.”

“ Where is he I can’t find him.”

“I know honey he’s gone away for a little while, but he’ll be back soon…I hope.”

“ No Mommy I mean I can’t find him with my mind. I an usually feel you both with my mind and tell where you are and what you’re doing.”

“All the time?”

“All the time… except for last night. I couldn’t find you either. Where’d you go? Someone was blocking your mind and it feel like someone is blocking Dad’s min right now.”

That explained the weird dreams she’s been having. But Why would someone want to block her mind? “Oh my god Tess.”

“Who’s Tess Mommy?”

“Some one you don’t want to meet.”

“Is it the scary lady in that guys head?”

“What scary lady in who’s head?”

“Earlier today when some guys touched you, some guys that wasn’t daddy I saw thing from his head. It was blurry but there was a scary lady and she did something to his mind. I couldn’t understand the mind.”

“Baby can you show me what you saw?”

“I can try.”
Images of Alex flash across Liz mind. It saddened her the memory of her friend. Alex standing in the room that Kyle had given Tess she was seeing things through Kyle’s point o view. In Kyle's vision Alex said “You are the royal four. You are created from the genetic materials of your alien predecessors and human subjects...”
Kyle and Tess were talking in that same room “…Kyle, he wasn't.”

“ No he was, Alex was here. I have to tell my father.”

“Kyle come here!”



Tess was making a wierd face the same face she made she was concentrating hard on... something on mindwarping…Tess mindwarped Kyle,

Liz awoke with a start. The thought that Tess mindwarped Kyle fresh in her mind.

Suddenly Kyle came barreling through the bedroom door. “Oh my god Liz Tess killed Alex.”


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Wow I jsut re read thsi to tell you the trit h I kinda almost forgot about this story. But reading it brings bavck memories. I'm gonna try and finish it it's only one or two moe parts

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