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Maria: What do you mean your not sure?
Liz: Exactly that!
Maria: Liz you said it yourself that there is like a 1% to 99% that Max and them are gonna come back!
Liz: I know!
Alex: So why not go for it Liz take a new step, get your mind off of Max!
Maria: What do you say chica?
Kyle: Do you understand that there is a certain date wating for a certain someone!
Liz: Ok ill go! But only because I know that it's like impossible for Max to come back!
Maria: GREAT!
They all walk downstairs where Josh is waiting.
Josh: Wow!
Josh: So are you ready?
Liz looks at Kyle, Maria, and Alex. They all nod their heads.
Josh:Great! See you later guys!
Maria, Kyle, Alex: Bye!
Liz: Bye!
Part 6:
Sunnydale Gang
They're all riding in a car while Xander says
Welcome To Roswell!
Anya: So are we gonna meet some aliens!
Xander: Sweetie I don't think there is a chance of that!
Anya: Why not I mean there are witches,demons,slayers,vampires and all these other things.
Willow: The girl has a point!
Buffy: Lets just focus on finding the new slayer and then we'll see if we can find aliens!
Xander: Or not!
Tara: What exactly are we gonna do when we find this new slayer!
Giles:Well we will help her out with all the slayer things and see from there!
Buffy: What he said!

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Title:Liz with out Max
author: Liz parker Evans
Disclaimer: Nothin
Subject:Max and Liz forever
1) Max Tess Michael Isabel leave the planet to antar
2)Before they leave max and liz share a special moment
3)When they leave Liz finds out shes pregnent
4) Her life becomes a disaster
This is my first fic so please dont send any hate replys
Part 1
Liz wakes up under her bed covers and finds no Max with her but a note.

Dear Liz,
Sorry to say this but Isabel, Tess, Michael, and I have left the planet to go back to antar.I know you must hate me right now espically scince after what happened between us last night. But I hade no choice everyone was dying and we had do something or our planet woukd be under Khivar forever. Please just know how much I love you! Never forget it! Ill love you always and forever! ill come back to you I promise!
At this point liz had burning tears run down her face!
"how could max do this"
Just then maria alex and kyle entered
"do what?"Maria said
Liz handed them the letter
Maria had also started crying.
"How could Michale do this to me" Maria sobbed
Alex and Kyle held them both
"We dont know" Alex said
"But their probably be back like Max said" Kyle predictied
"yea probably like in a millon years" liz said
they all just sat there in the room
should I continue

Liz, Alex, Maria, Kyle are walking down the halls of roswell high.
"Maria, Liz we told you guys shouldnt come today"
"No we wanna get our minds of them as best as we can" Liz said.
"Yea, Who wants to remember that heartbreakeind a**hole" maria said
"Are you sure"Alex asked
"yes" Maria and Liz said together
"Me and Alex gotta head down to calss you to gonna be ok?"
"yep"Liz said
"k" alex replied
Kyle and Alex left
"Look Chica I gotta go to, ill see you later?''
"K,Luv ya"
"Bak atcha"
Maria left
"Great I get to be all alone nedd I have to a have a free period today"Liz mumbled
"What was that" Josh Berns asked (the hottest guy in school)
"O Nothing nothing at all" liz replied
'what the hell does he want'liz thought
"Look I was wondering if you know you wanted to go out to dinner or something tonight?''
'Dinner, O m god he's askin me out, what should I do, it hasnt even been 2 days since max left, but on the other hand he is hot' liz thought
"um sure I guess" liz replied
"GREAT! I mean cool ok so ill pick you up at 7:00"
"sounds great"
"k, well see ya''
''Ya see ya''liz said
Josh walked away looking really happy
'what am I going to do'liz thought

Part 3

Ring ring ring

"hello" giles said
"hello ruppert, this is the watcher's council"
"o Yes how may I help you"
"We have a assignment For You"
"Yes im listening"
"Apparently Faith has died and there is a new slayer and we would like you to be the watcher she lives in Roswell, New Mexico and Her name is Liz parker"
"Yes ill be there immeditley"
"good thankyou"
"who was that?'' Buffy asked
"the watchers council theres a new slayer and im her watcher"
"so faith finnaly died huh"xander replied
"apparently all of you pack your bags we are going to roswell"
''The alien town''
''Cool I finnaly get a vacation''buffy said

Part 4

Maria: ''No really are you going out tonight with Josh Berns"
Liz: "Yes for like the 30th time"
Maria:"You are like so lucky"
Alex: ''Dont you think its to soon I mean it hasent even been like over 2 weeks"
Kyle: '' I agree with Alex"
Liz: '' You guys there is like a 99% to 1% of them coming back, and plus I need to get on with my life"
Alex: '' Okay fine"
Liz turns to Kyle
Kyle: " yea whatever"
Liz: Thanx it means alot to me that you guys agree with me"
Maria: '' all right enough with the mushy crap lets get you ready''
Liz got ready in like and hour 2 minutes before josh came
Maria: '' Liz hun you look great''
Kyle: '' gotta agree with you there ri''
Alex: '' No doubt''
Liz: '' Thanx"
Liz was wearing a Gold halter top with black leather pants (flared) with her hair in curls and A little blond streke in the front of her hair!
Alex: " Josh is totally gonna go crazy''
The door bell rang
Kyle: ''ill get it''
Maria: "This is it chica r u ready"
Liz: '' im not sure"

wait to see if liz will go thru her date or not!