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Title: My life, your life

Author: flohmac
Rated: NC-17
Category: Do you even have to ask? Look who is writing it! AU M/L of course

Disclaimer: I still own nothing, if I did JK would have been fired long ago, Tess would have never existed and Isabel wouldn’t be the center of the universe! No infringement intended I just still seem to have too much time to write fanfic!
Summary: Uhm?no not this time! *big*


Part 01

“Maria I swear to god all men are jerks! All of them if you ask me. I might only be 24 years old but I have had my share and they’re all the same." Liz Parker was complaining about her last short term relationship to her best friend Maria DeLuca, applying new suntan lotion to her delicate body.

“What is your problem chica? I mean? What do you expect? It’s nothing new you know."

They were both enjoying the Californian sun at the pool of the Parkers mansion outside Los Angeles.

“I want a guy who is there for me, I want adventure, I want fun and don’t want to worry about tomorrow? I’m too young to worry about tomorrow? I’m living in the now and here and…what is so wrong with that? I mean of course I also want a little bit of romance and someone who can actually be romantic when I need it and gentle? A Casanova? A man who knows what I want and need and can give it to me? Just a guy who is manly enough too be all that and still satisfy me.“ "And what would happen if you did find a guy like that?" Maria asked her friend taking off her bikini top and turning around to get some tan on her back. “It would totally restore my faith and believe in men again I swear." Now also Liz took her top off doing as her friend it. “Well Liz it’s not like that I didn’t warn you - Sean is a jerk - I warned you but did you listen? No? You had to have it the Liz Parker way or no way."

But Maria wouldn’t be Liz? Best friend if she weren’t already making up a plan to help Liz. She just knew the right telephone number for that problem.


“Hello?" "Hi Alexander it’s Maria DeLuca, listen I have a job for you!"


Max was in his bathroom, shaving when Sydney came in, searching for something.
“Do you know where my shoes are?" "Well ?I guess they’re where you left them." He was watching her via the mirror, her brown hair was back into a ponytail, emphasizing her high cheekbones and beautiful brown eyes. “So tell me again why you have to work tonight?" "Because we need the money Syd - it’s as simple as that. Listen - I know that I promised that I would spend more time with you but…in the moment I just can’t we need the money." He admitted defeated hoping that she would understand. Sydney was watching him and how sad he actually seemed, she knew deep down inside that he was working so hard for them both, still she missed him when he was gone. “I know but you promise to have time or me at the weekend?" "I promise - I love you." "I love you too." Holding her in his arms, kissing her on the top of her head he enjoyed this moment a lot. She was the reason he was doing this, he wanted her to be happy. She deserved so much and even more. He loved her with all of his heart - he would do everything for her that’s for sure.

She disappeared again, searching for her shoes. Shaking his head smilingly he finished and want into his bedroom - his clothes were lying there. “Here we go." He mumbled before starting to put his pants on.


Liz wasn’t really enjoying the party. Maria had insisted to throw her a big party for her birthday and now she was standing at the pool eyeing all the guests with a bored expression, it wasn’t something new - in fact it was - well it was boring. And although she loved parties usually today something was different - it just didn’t feel right.

“Maria - tell me again why you invited so many people? I could have enjoyed this as well with only you, Alex, and Michael around?"

“Aww I feel honored Liz but you only have a birthday once a year and as you’re my best friend it’s my job and obligation to throw you a wonderful party and the fun hasn’t even started yet."

No what was that supposed to mean?

“Oh god what now?" Liz mumbled, turned around to help herself at the buffet.

She just wanted to reach for the scampi when a deep voice said “I wouldn’t try those - they’re way too cold."

Looking up she found herself staring into the most amazing blue eyes she had ever seen - and that although she wasn’t really attracted to blue-eyed men.

“Uh…” was all she said because her voice wasn’t cooperating at all.

“Sorry if I startled you - I just wanted to warn you - Alexander." He held out his hand to her - smiling. God his eyes were mesmerizing for some reason.

“Elisabeth - but everybody calls me Liz." "Nice meeting you Liz - so I take it that you’re the birthday girl huh?" "Yeah, that’s me." She nodded, he wouldn’t let go of her hand and a shiver was running down her spine. “Happy Birthday then.…" "Tank you." Finally he let go of her hand and for some strange reason she was sad about that.

Biting her bottom lip she watched him, wondering who had brought this hunk to the party and how she could have missed him.

“Excuse me…but I’m just wondering who you’re here with…because I have never seen you before."

“Oh Maria DeLuca invited me."

“Oh I see - well Alexander I hope that you’re having fun." "Well now I do." His gaze was intense, raising one eyebrow coyly he was watching her.

She was a very beautiful woman - definitely very attractive and he could see the fire burning in her eyes.

“I think - I should…uh…” Liz stammered. Get a grip Parker - he’s just a man, a very attractive man but nevertheless a man. She cursed herself.

“Aren’t you hungry anymore?" Alexander asked her seductively - now standing right next to her, reaching for a hos d’oevre. “Those are pretty delicious and not too cold." Holding it in front of her lips. Would she take it? Would she refuse it or would she eat it out of his hand? He needed to figure out this woman a little more before proceeding and it was things like that which made the whole process a lot easier.

Liz was staring at his fingers - so manly but very well cared for fingers. What the hell - she surely wasn’t inhibited and it was her birthday and he was - well sexy and - and …she ate the hos d’oevre out of his hand, making sure to suck a little in his forefinger and thumb which plastered a big satisfied smile on his face.

Yep - he thought, she’d be in for a little adventure - good that made it a lot more easier for him and a lot more enjoyable as well.


Maria and Alex were watching those two. “I can’t believe she’s doing what she’s doing." Alex shook his head vehemently taking another sip of his champagne.

“Oh please Alex - you know Liz - she just wants to have some fun." "TMI Maria - I don’t need to know what’s going on in your bedrooms."

“What are you guys talking about?" Michael asked when walking up to his friend and girlfriend, taking a glass off a tray a caterer was carrying.

“Liz - looks like she won’t be alone tonight."

“Finally…she was pretty bitchy the last weeks, maybe this will improve her mood." He takes a big sip and watches Liz as well.

“Who is that guy? I have never seen him before." I invited him, I met him at a party." Maria explains to her boyfriend. “Cool." And with that he leaves them again.


“So do you like your birthday party?" Alexander asked Liz handing her a full glass of champagne, taking one for himself as well.

“Uh well…Maria planned this whole thing and honestly she always tends to invite people I don't know." "Like me." He smiled knowingly and sat down.

They had made their way into the garden and both of them were sitting in the grass now.

“Yeah like you but now at least I know your name, so it isn’t that bad." "Good." He nodded and took another sip. The music from inside the house was audible.

“So…” “So…” both of them were saying at the same time…”You know Maria from a party?" Liz asked, playing with the grass. “Yeah how do you know?" "Well that’s the only way to get to know Maria." "Oh I see and she’s your best friend?" Alexander started asking, he didn’t like it to be questioned.

“Yes…tell me a little bit more about yourself Alexander." "What do you want to know?" "Are you single?" He had to smirk - she was straightforward and he liked it very much. “Uh yes - yes I am - define single."

Now it was Liz who was smirking - “Well I can’t see a wedding ring on your finger so that’s single enough for me."

While answering his question Liz had been leaning forward - those lips were screaming her name and if she wouldn’t kiss them now she’d regret it forever. Alexander was anticipating her next move, waiting for the first touch. As soon as he felt her lips on his it was like sparks flying - this could get very dangerous for him.

She tasted like strawberries and champagne - nice combination - her tongue was teasing his bottom lip and when he couldn’t take it anymore he sucked hers into his mouth, gently suckling at it, then nibbling, then thrusting his tongue into her hot mouth. Exploring every part of it. She was moaning and soon he joined her, feeling how much she affected his body and senses.

He moved down her neck, kissing her tender skin, carefully he pulled her onto his lap, caressing her back with his hands.

Liz felt like she was flying - even if it would only be for one night she wanted Alexander, she had to have this man, although she knew nothing about him but that was exactly what was so mysterious about him.


Maria watched the two with amusement through the window - mission accomplished: a handsome man for Liz. She knew her friend was in good hands with Alexander. Hell every woman would be in good hands with him - his reputation said it all. Turning around she saw Michael talking to some guests - time to pursue her own company for the night.


Liz and Alexander didn’t even realize that everybody had left until he noticed it was really quiet suddenly.

“I guess everybody left…” he murmured against her collar bone, massaging her breasts without interruption.

Liz opened her eyes “I guess you’re right."

“How about we …uhm go inside then?" he whispered at her ear before nibbling at her earlobe. “Oh god - good idea." She nodded and jumped up from his lap and dragged him behind her into the house and into her bedroom.

When she wanted to tear the clothes off of him he stopped her.

“Slowly love, you want to enjoy this night - don’t you? We have the whole night, so why hurry?" He kissed the knuckles on both of her hands while smirking at her.

“I don’t know if I have the requested patience Alexander."

“Call me Zan."


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Part 02

“Zan? I like that!” Liz smiled at him while slowly and seductively unbuttoning his shirt.

“Good – I want you to enjoy the night.” “Oh I will.” He started to slide the straps of her dress off of her, letting his hands wander around her body to her back, undoing the zipper.

The dress fell to the floor and in front of him he had one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

“You’re so beautiful Liz.” Zan murmured while falling to his knees in front of her. With a gentleness she had never experienced with a man before he touched her ankles, helping her to step out of the dress that pooled around her feet, while also taking off her shoes.

He stayed on his knees looking up at her adoringly. His hands seeming to have a will on their own, starting at her feet he was caressing her calves, tickling her shortly in the hollow of her knees, wandering up to her thighs, back to her behind and down again.

The next time he started the sweet torture of her body he kissed every part of her skin he had touched before, making sure not to leave out any part of her delicate, soft and olive shimmering skin.

Liz felt like in heaven, gasping when this Adonis in front of her hooked his fingers in her panties pulling them down in one swift motion.

The erotic scent of her inviting him, urging him on to keep going.

Behind her was a desk so while rising again he carefully pushed her backwards, lifting her up and placing her on it after removing the few pens and other stuff on the desk with one fast movement.

His eagerness turning her on even more – if that was possible.

Desire was burning in her eyes, her breathing flat.

Every time she wanted to touch him he turned the table around on her. “This is about you Liz – only about you.” He whispered, nibbling at her neck.

Hooking a chair with one foot he sat down and continuing his caresses.

The next moment she felt him licking and nibbling at her sweet sex – he was eating her out with gusto.

“Oh my god – oh god – Zan!” Liz was wriggling under his ministrations.

He was enjoying it actually – she tasted wonderful – like vanilla and he liked it – it made it all so easier.

Slowly he lifted her legs onto his shoulders to have better access.

Zan let his fingers glide up her thighs, stroking her folds open - she was so ready – but it wasn’t time for that now – not now.

Easing first one, then two fingers into her passage he set a slow and teasing rhythm while continuing to lick at her and taste her juices.


The next moment he felt her walls clamping down on his fingers – screaming in passion – going over the edge – riding out the waves of passion this perfect man had caused Liz, she couldn’t believe this was really happening.

She was lying on the desk, panting, letting her legs slide down his shoulders.

Zan pushed the chair away and stood up again, smiling down at her.

Finally she opened her eyes again, smiling a satisfied smile – which automatically made him smirk even more.

Yes that’s the kind of expression he was hoping for.

Liz felt that her body was slowly recovering from the onslaught of emotions running through her body – deciding that it was now her turn to pleasure him.

Sitting up she pulled him closer by grapping the edges of his shirt into her hands. When he finally stood in front of her she tore the shirt entirely open, tearing some buttons off of it, making them fly through the room.

Biting her bottom lip, her mouth watered by the view of this erotic man.

He didn’t say or do anything – he knew that no she wanted to have it her way – and ‘it’s all about her tonight’. So whatever she wanted, she would get.

A tingling feeling spread through his body when she removed the shirt and gasped at his looks. He knew that he looked good, so many women had told him already.

“You’re so beautiful – oh my god.” She breathed before nibbling at his collarbone, while unsnapping his pants, feeling his huge erection throbbing against the restricting material of his pants.

Pushing his pants open one hand glided into his shorts, stroking his manhood that was screaming for her attention.

“All for me?” She asked mischievously.

“All for you…uh…Happy Birthday?” He breathed waiting for her next move.

Liz eyes started to shine “I like that.” was her response setting a rhythm of her movement up and down his shaft.

He closed his eyes – enjoying the feeling although he knew he shouldn’t.

Suddenly he lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around his hips while he was walking towards the bed. Placing her in the middle of the bed he hurriedly shed his clothes and joined her.

As soon as he was next to her Liz literally attacked him, realizing that naked he was even more beautiful. Those well defined muscles, his well kept hair – a little bit of hair under his navel pointing to his inviting sex.

“I want you.” She told him touching him in all the right places but he really wouldn’t let her dominate her – not now.

As fast as possible he bent down to his pants retrieving a condom from it.

“May I?” Liz asked when she saw the item in his hand, grateful to realize that he cared about them and their safety.

Of course she was on the pill – had been for years but nowadays in this world the risks were too high.

Tearing the wrapper apart she started rolling the condom down his manly shaft.

Zan closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of her hands on his manhood – giving her all the time she needed to roll it down and then admire him.

But as soon as she was finished he took over the control of her body and her mind if somebody would have asked her now.

Flipping her around he placed her with her back facing him on his hard sex, pushing into her with one movement that resembled every bit of lust and desire he was feeling.

Liz still astonished by the sudden turn of events heard herself gasping when she felt him penetrating her. She was placed above him on her knees, with his thighs between her legs. But the feeling was indescribable.

They were now both moving up and down in a slow motion – Liz letting her hips move in a circling motion.

“Oh god…Zan…ahhh…” she was moaning, grabbing his head, turning her own to be able to kiss those full lips to taste him – he was so addictive.

He was fondling her nipples, making sure to turn her on even more. Her movements began to get faster. Zan wanted to make her scream with passion and lust, he wanted her to reach for the stars, so his one hand slid down over her tummy to her most sensitive part, stroking – teasing.

“ZAN!!!…Oh my god!” Liz screamed out at the first touch of his finger to her pearl and he wouldn’t let go. While his thrusts became rougher, also his ministrations became faster.

“Are you there with me Liz? I want you to come for me, with me!” “Oh yes, yes…mhmm.” She gasped not knowing where to put all the sensations running through her body.

With a slight but direct push her made her raise and fall onto her hands, gripping her hip with one hand he started ramming into her feverishly, while still paying attention to her sex.

Feeling her walls grapping him he let go as well.

“Oh uhmm…shit…” she moaned, feeling one of the most fierce orgasms rippling through her body.

Panting she let herself fall to the sheets, making sure that he would be there with her.

“That…that…was…” he could hear her stuttering.

Zan had his eyes closed, trying to regain some control over his body. “Yeah it was.” He nodded, his forehead pressed against the back of her head.

Slowly leaving her body he discarded the used condom and rolled onto his back. He could hear her breathing even out and as soon as he was sure that she was sleeping he got out of bed, putting on his clothes and leaving the room.

“Happy Birthday Liz Parker.” Were his last words before closing the door behind him.


Max was in his car when his cell phone rang “What?” “Max it’s Stephanie – listen you have to come to the hospital – it’s Syd.” Oh no – not again – please god! He tried desperately to stay calm. Stephanie gave him the name of the hospital and he sped down the highway to get there as soon as possible. Parking the car, running down the corridors he finally got to the information desk.

“I’m searching for Sydney Evans, she was brought here 20 minutes ago.” “Are you a relative?” “Yes…” but before he could say anymore Stephanie appeared at the other end of the corridor.

“Stephanie!” “Max!” She started walking towards him. “Where is she? What happened? How is she?”

Max asked her one question after the other.

“I don't know what happened – she was saying that she wasn’t feeling so well during dinner and went to bed early, than one hour ago she got sick but…but instead of throwing up…it…it was blood – oh my god Max…it was so much blood.” She added.

In the mean time Dave – Stephanie’s husband had come to her side, trying to sooth her.

Max wanted to cry as well but there wasn’t time for that now – he needed to see Sydney, he needed to find a doctor who could tell him what was wrong this time – he had been through this already. Oh please don’t let it be serious again.

Dave and Steph led him into the room where Syd was lying in. She was hooked up to all different kinds of infusions and machines - it was like reliving a nightmare. Tipping his head to one side his bottom lip started to tremble, seeing her so pale and hurt.

Taking a few deep breaths he tried to get his emotions under control. He had to be strong for her. Pulling a chair to the bed he sat down taking her hand – it was cold.

Suddenly her eyes were fluttering open.

“Hey angle.” He smiled at her, swallowing the lump in his throat. “Hey.” “Shshsh don’t talk – it’s going to be okay, everything is going to be fine.” He leaned over to be able to kiss her temple.

The door opened and a doctor came in. “Mr. Evans I assume?” “Yes.” “My name is Doctor Howe, could I talk to you for a minute?” Max nodded, looking back at Sydney he realized that was sleeping again.

“Sure.” He followed the doctor out of the room. “Do you already know what she has?” Max asked right away – fearing the answer like death itself.

“Mr. Evans it looks like Sydney has a tumor in her stomach.”

The next thing you could hear was a crying sound – it was Max.

“No – no, you have to be wrong.”

Tears were streaming down his face. The doctor led him to a couple of chairs.

“Mr. Evans when was her last examination?” “Three weeks ago…” Max was hiding his face behind his hands – this couldn’t be true – this was impossible.

The insurance company wouldn’t cover for it anymore – well not as much as he needed them to if Sydney needed the same treatment as two years ago.

“So are you going to operate her?” “I…I will have to check…” The doctor stuttered but Max already knew what he wanted to say. “…the insurance company. Forget it – I’m still paying for the last one.” Max hiccupped.

The doctor had no idea what to tell Max – he knew that Sydney would die if the wouldn’t operate and he knew that Max knew.

This system sometimes sucked, a world in which money decided who would live or die – that hadn’t been the reason for him to study medicine. Sydney certainly didn’t deserve to die – she was still so young. Max tried hard not to totally break down, he needed money – but where should he get it?


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Part 03

Liz woke up all alone – the sheets cold – Zan was gone. “Where the hell is he?” She sat up – no sign of him – nothing. “So I guess that was it – huh?“ Liz mumbled getting up, stepping onto something cold. It was the wrapping of the condom from last night. Picking it p she started to giggle – it might have been only a One-Night-Stand but it had been worth every single minute of it. Alexander had been the perfect lover, knowing exactly what she wanted and what she needed.

Taking a shower and getting dressed she walked into the kitchen of her parents’ house. Her parents were away on business and Tonja the maid and Samuel the butler were taking care of the house.

„There you are Chica.“ Maria entered the house, taking off her sunglasses, smiling at Liz.

„Hey Maria.“ „I thought that maybe you still were busy with Mr. Handsome?“ Liz smirked at her friend.

„So how was he? Why are you asking anyway?“ Liz shook her head, but still smiling – it was so obvious that Maria knew about her night.

„Well I take it that you aren’t complaining, so he must have been good.“

They sat down in the living room – with Liz concentrating on her nails. „Well he was – perfect Maria – oh my god – I never had an orgasm like that and his body is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen in my whole life.“

Maria nodded, satisfied because that was exactly what she wanted for Liz.

After leaving Liz she dialed the familiar number. „Hello?“ The deep voice rumbled at the other end. „Alexander it’s me again Maria DeLuca, I just wanted to thank you for your service. I’ll transfer the money today with a special raise. My friend is fully satisfied.“ „That’s good Miss DeLuca, thank you for calling. Maybe you can recommend my services to some friends of yours.“ „Oh I will definitely - bye Alexander.“

As soon as she hang up the phone rang. “Liz honey?” “Maria I need to meet him again.” Liz breathed into the phone. “you what?” Maria was shocked – well more than shocked – that hadn’t been the plan. It was supposed to be only one night and that’s it. “Give me his number.” “I…I…don’t have it with me.” Maria stammered. “Then call him and tell him to call me or as soon as you have it call me so that I can call him.” “Liz what is it with you?” “I don’t know – it was just something about him – I know that it was supposed to be only one night but – it’s just a feeling – please Maria – this is a man who can give me what I want.” “You sound pretty sure for knowing him only horizontally.”

Damn – this would get expensive but…”Okay Liz I'll call him.” “Thanks hon.”

And with that Liz hang up. Great – not exactly what she had planned, dialing his number again she waited.

“Hello?” “Do you answer all your phone calls like that?” “yes as a matter of fact I do and until now nobody complained – What can I do for you Miss DeLuca? Another friend of yours?”

“No the same – listen – I know that this might sound strange but she wants to meet you again.” “Meet me? Maria – I'm sorry but I want to be honest with you, your friend Liz is a very attractive woman and I don’t know why she should want to meet a gigolo twice…so…”

“I know, I know but she’s my best friend and I know that she won’t give up so how about I pay you twice as much, and that for I expect you to call her, meet her and tell her that it was only one night or whatever you have to tell her to make her understand without telling her what you are.” “You pay me twice as much just so that I call her and meet her?” “Yes.” “Okay. Give me her number.”


Liz wanted to leave for the city when her phone rang, she didn’t recognize the number on the display. “Yes?!” “Liz – it’s Alexander.” “Zan – oh I…” she felt her cheeks burning up, by only hearing his voice – for whatever reason after all she only wanted him for sex – a cold shower would definitely be needed after finishing this call. No wonder he could send her into ecstasies so easily with his touch, when she nearly was coming by just hearing his voice.

“Maria called me.” “She did? Wow that was fast…”

They both grew quiet. “So listen Liz…” “Zan…” they both started at the same time. His laugh sent quivers down her spine. “You first.” Zan laughed.

“I know you maybe thought it was only a One-Night_stand and honestly that’s what I thought as well but…but could we perhaps meet again? Some time?”

Liz finished her sentences biting her bottom lip. “Sure – I just have a lot going on in the moment – if you don’t mind meeting during the day.” “That’s fine with me – how about later that afternoon?” “Great – at three at Celina’s?”

Liz had to think, where was that again – ah right – “That’s across from the old hospital right?” “Right – so I'll meet you there at three.” “Fine – bye Zan.” “Bye Liz.”


“So what are you going to do?” Steph handed max a cup of coffee, he hadn’t really left the hospital ever since her got there last night. “I have no idea, I guess I could try to get another loan hoping that some banker has a heart.” “Why aren’t you talking to you parents?” Dave offered. “You’re kidding right?” My family despises me, they pushed me away because they couldn’t live with my decisions. I’m not going to crawl back to them – I have my pride.” “But you could lose Sydney in the process Max – what’s more important? Sydney? Or your stupid pride?”

Max looked up with sad eyes – he knew Dave was right but they had pushed him away because of her. The rich Evan’s clan had pushed their son away because they couldn’t live with his decision and ever since he had promised himself that he could make it without them. No one could have known back then that fate would destroy all his hopes and dreams over and over again…but if life had taught him one thing then it was that giving up wasn’t an option – he wouldn’t give up.

He looked at his watch – 2 p.m.

“I think I better get home and change and get some stuff for Sydney – tell her I'll be back later if you’re still there when she wakes up.”

Steph and Dave were watching his retreating form. “How does he do that?” Dave wondered out loud . “How does he keep up with all that? I don't know if I could be so strong.”


3.05 p.m. Liz finally arrived at the Café. Zan was sitting at the table wearing slacks and a deep red shirt, sunglasses.

“Hey – sorry that I'm late – the traffic is driving me nuts.” Zan got up as he saw her pulling out a chair for her. “No problem, I'm glad you are here.”

He knew how to play his role – although it would be a hell easier if Liz would be an old and unattractive woman. Just one of those women he already had to deal with but Liz was – well – she had something – he couldn’t deny it. She had something.

“Do you ant something to drink?” He asked while keeping an eye out for the waitress. “A coffee would be fine.” He nodded and ordered as soon as the waitress was there.

Liz felt kinda stupid here – she was sitting here with her One-Night stand and the only thought she had was how to get him back into her bed.

Zan was watching her, after talking to Maria again they had settled on a price that included all possible expenses.

“So – you were hone this morning when did you leave?” “I – uh – left in the might – I didn’t want to wake you up - you looked like you could use that sleep.” Again he had this impish smile on his face – clearing her throat Liz nodded . “Uhm yeah – right – listen Zan – I…I don’t know how to say that but…I enjoyed last night , very much so, hell I can’t remember that I ever had experienced something like that before…andiwouldliketohavethatagain.”

“What?” Zan watched her turning red, he was used to those compliments and usually it was no big problem for him to pleasure a woman if she was willing to pay but with Liz that was a problem.” “Listen Liz – as much as I want to but I can't – I don’t think that this would be a good idea – I…this wouldn’t work I'm not a man for a relationship.” “Then no relationship – I don’t want a relationship – how about only sex? Zan I'm young, and I'm not searching for the love of my life – I want to have some fun and I think you just might be the right man for that…” “As honored as I feel now Liz, I can’t I'm sorry…I…” He stops in mid sentence.

“Zan I'm offering you something not every woman would offer you – free sex without any obligations …I know that I'm the typical rich Californian girl who always gets what she wants so…” “Liz – I really would like to take you up on that offer but I can’t I'm sorry, you are a very attractive woman and I don’t know why you need me for…uhm sex…I'm sure that there’s someone out there for you – so…” “I don’t want a boyfriends Zan – I want a lover but okay I can’t force you.”

He nods, hoping that she really understood.

“But Liz was already planning to get this man – ha was intriguing her – besides the fact that she had waited for a lover like him ever since her first time.

They kept on light chatter until Zan decided that he had to leave. “Well Liz – goodbye.” “Goodbye Zan.”

He felt stupid – somehow he had never been in this situation. Of course there were women calling him often but they were paying and he needed the money so he had no other choice.

Dialing Maria’s number he wanted to make sure that she knew. “Alexander – how did it go?” “It wasn’t as easy as I thought obviously your friend is looking for a long term lover.” What? Liz? What did you say?” “That it’s not possible.” “What did she say?” “Uhm I think that’s kinda personal – so I’d prefer to keep that to myself.” “I know I shouldn’t be satisfied but I don’t feel so good about it – you don't know Liz Alexander – she always gets what she wants.” “Well then either she starts paying or realizing that this won’t work.”.”

“How much?”


“How much that you’re her lover and be there for her whenever she wants you.” “Maria this isn’t that easy – I don’t only have Liz as a customer.” “Listen Alexander if Liz decides you’re worth a second night etc. Then I'm willing to pay. It's only a game for me anyway – how much for two weeks? How about $ 14.000 plus all expenses extra?”

He was out of words, what was he supposed to say? $14.000 would help – a lot.

“$14.000 for two weeks and after that we’ll talk.” “Done I’ll get $7.000 now to you and the rest later.” “Okay – so what do you want me to do?”

Maria didn’t have to think long to come up with a plan. “There’s a party in BH tonight – Liz will be there, think you can make it?” “I'll try – see you Maria.” Bye Alexander and don’t disappoint me or Liz.” “I won’t.”

Maria hung up the phone – so it was right in some way what she had told him – it was a game and he was only a toy – being replaced as soon as he’ll get boring. Zan didn’t care he needed the money and Liz was the one of the most attractive customers he had had in a long time.


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Part 04

Opening the door Max entered the hospital room of Sydney. She was sitting in her bed already, leafing through a magazine. “Hey how are you doing sunshine?” “Dad!” She smiled at him. He bent over kissing her onto her head. “How’s my little angle today?” “Better but you look tired.” “Well thank you for the flowers – you had me worried last night.” “Sorry.” She looked down at her hands where an infusion was fixed to her skin.

“Hey that doesn't mean that I blame you angle.” He lifted her head my slightly pushing with his forefinger under her chin, looking into her brown eyes. Suddenly she flung her arms around his neck and he held her close, inhaling deep so that he wouldn’t start crying again.

“Have you talked to the doc already?” “Only once, but I’ve got good news – I might be able to pay the insurance finally so…” “So you think they’ll pay this treatment?”

For her twelve years she knew a lot about how unfair this world was and how it was ruled by money and by money only.

“Yes – how about that hm? If I'm lucky I might even be able to pay for this one right away.” He was playing with her long hair. “But Dad it took you two years to pay for the last one so how are you going to pay for this one so fast?”

“Shshsh…that’s my concern – I have to worry about that – not you. Here I brought you something – some books and some clothes and I-ah.” “I-ah!” She took the old stuffed animal from his hands. It was the only thing that brought her some kind of comfort when her had wasn’t there – and unfortunately he wasn’t there a lot because he had to work to pay the bills. She had no idea what he was doing because he was working a lot in the night and he would never tell her what he did.

Max would rather die than tell his little girl that he was selling his body to pay for her insurance, drugs and treatments and everything else she needed. His parents had pushed him away when finding out that his girlfriend from back then was pregnant. His father was Senator of New York and that was unacceptable – they also couldn’t deal with the fact that Max was dating a black girl. Though later at least Max’ mum got to know her and really liked her until that fateful day when Max told them that he would be a father soon. That wasn’t planned and wouldn’t fit into the reelection campaign of his dad – so either abortion or…his family would abandon him. The decision had been easy – and Max never regretted it because Sydney was the light of his life. His account had been full and transferring the money at once Natasha and him should have had a solid basis for a family. Unfortunately Natasha got ill – cancer – so back then he had to take care of their daughter who had been four years old by then and Natasha who got weaker and weaker by the day. Her parents had no money to help and so Natasha died three months later. It wasn’t easy for Max but somehow he managed to keep them above water – though he had to quit university and start taking jobs just to earn money. Shortly after Sydney’s 8th birthday she got ill as well and doctors diagnosed her with cancer in her stomach – the same nightmare started all over again.

He would have been able to pay his debts but now it was impossible – it was a setback and he had to find a way to earn a lot of money and fast.
And Maria was willing to pay for Liz’ pleasure, he didn’t care if Maria might hurt her friends feelings by that when she finally finds out – they weren’t living in the same world – they didn’t have to fight for their survival – they had no idea about real life and what it meant to be desperate. In their world everything was perfect and they always got what they wanted. He didn’t really care as long as he would get the money for sleeping with a very attractive woman like Liz was – he was more than willing to do because he could actually enjoy himself also a little bit.

The first time he did it – he felt like shit – trying hard to think of it as if it would be a One-Night-Stand – until she paid him – he had no other choice – without a diploma you couldn’t earn the money he needed to pay everything fast enough. Committing a crime was out of question – because his daughter needed him - so selling his body was his last chance – at least he did it with style. Actually it had been mere coincident that he came up with the idea. He had been walking down the street when a limousine stopped, the window was rolled down and a woman in her thirties eyed him up and down. She had asked him some questions, which had been really weird and the last one being if he would have sex with her for $500. Max had thought he wasn't hearing right - refusing the offer. She then had handed him a card. "Call me when you change your mind." And he did - two days later he called, three days later they met and four days later he had made a decision. His dept was at $ 40.000 by then because of Natasha's and Sydney's with another chemotherapy starting for his little angle - so he needed every penny he could get.

So he slept with her, earned 500 bucks a night and could pay one bill after the other. Judy - that was her name - recommended him and soon he had a regular clientele. Even today Judy would call him up from time to time - though he considered her a friend now - he wouldn't take her up on the offer that she'll give him expensive gifts he then could sell again to pay the bills - his pride was in his way.

If Sydney weren't ill he could have earned enough money already and could finish university and get a decent job but this was out of question - so he had to keep on going and hope that he'll be able to save some money on the run somehow.


Max was looking into the rear view mirror of his car, he was shaved, showered, the blue lenses in - ready - well not really, Sydney had been begging him to stay but he had to say what he had to say way too often the last times. He wasn't in party mood, he wanted to stay with his daughter but he needed the $14.000 that would help him and Sydney a lot.

Remembering the scene before he left her he had to swallow. "But I don't want you to leave Daddyyyy....." she was crying - so hard. "I know angel, I know but I'll be back as soon as possible - I swear - when you wake up in the morning I'll be there." "Promise?" "Promise - I love you - sleep tight."

Now he was sitting in front of this big Hollywood mansion one again selling himself.

"Alexander - so nice you are here." Maria - great and next to her there was a guy standing with spiky hair - he had seen him before. "Yeah - hi Maria nice to see you again." "Oh by the way that's Michael Guerin." "Alexander." "You don't have a full name do you?" Michael smirked at him, making clear that he knew what was going on here. Max lowered his eyes, smirking at Michael as well. "No - I don't need a surname in my business." "Go figure." Michael mumbled. "Michael give him a break - if I remember right you said it was a good idea so shut up." Maria shook her head and lead the way.

They walked into the big garden - Max felt so lost - he always did - but at least the people here were his age. Sometimes he would have to accompany a much older woman to one of her parties and that wasn't fun at all.

Hoping that Liz wouldn't make it too hard to convince her that he had thought about the offer again he kept on looking out for her - oh well.

Entering the garden he found Liz sitting at the pool - bored again as it seemed - okay so this should be easy. Bored women were easier to convince.

He walked up to her from behind , sat down and kissed her onto her shoulder. "Hey Liz…" "Zan…" she breathed. "How are you?" he mumbled against her neck, not moving his lips away from her neck. "Good - uhm what are you doing?" "I thought about your offer - and figured that I'm an idiot - the offer still up?"

Liz swallowed hard - the onslaught on to her senses was making it hard for her to think straight. What was it about this man that got her all - well - horny. "Well if you put it that way - yes it is…" "Good…" Max breathed into her ear, his hand glided down to her stomach. "So do you want my company tonight?" "Yes…" She hissed before turning around and attacking his delicious lips - kissing him fiercely.

"C'mon." she stood up, taking his hand, dragging him behind her into the house, opening a door. He found himself in the library of this big house and Liz Parker working her way into his pants. He pulled her up again.

"Are you on the pill?" Kiss "Yes." Lick "Are you tested?" Bite. "Yessss…" "Good - me too - negative." Pulling the buttons open on her shirt. "Me too." "I just want to make sure that we're on the same ship."

By that he had already pulled her panties down, fingering her. "Ohuhhhh - we are Zan - we areeeahhhhhhhhh…yes…" Liz closed her eyes, throwing her head back.

Placing her against the door he rammed into her, making her scream. "Are you okay?" He asked panting. "Yes…"

This was all he needed to know, starting to pound into her, each thrust seeming to be deeper than the one before. "Uhm…Zan…harder…faster…yes…" She dug her nails into his back, Max had one of her legs securely bent over his arm, lifting it a little more he had an even better angle to drive into her. She was so wet, so tight and so receptive to every move he made.

The bumping sound of them against the door was surely filling the house - but who cared. They surely didn't. Liz was now screaming with every single thrust she received from him - he was so big, so stiff, reaching every part in her she needed his touch,

Yes this definitely was a good idea to make him this offer and it was even better that he had thought about it again and accepted it. This would be a lot of fun. She already had made this kind of offer to less attractive men with less stamina. They of course had only been seeking their own release and their own fun - so she dumped that pretty fast because this was about her. Zan here was something different, he seemed to know what she needed.

Max could feel that his orgasm wasn't far away, sometimes it was a bless that men only thought with that brain down their pants instead of the one in their heads, because if he did he'd be in a lot of trouble. Though he had to admit that this Liz was getting to him, although she shouldn't.

"Zan - oh god - I'm going to - going to…ahhhhhhhh…" he could already feel her orgasm rushing through her body and with one last thrust he joined her.

He let her leg slip down, resting his head against the door next to her head, while Liz was still holding on to his neck. "You know Zan, we really have…have to talk about this arrangement some more." She panted.

"I know, just let me…get myself together first." Nodding her head she breathed "Good idea, good idea."

After another minute standing there like that Liz bent down to put on her panties again - Max was also trying to get himself to look more presentable again.

Sure he had practice with that still every time he seduced or got seduced by one of his women in a public place or a party he was fearing that he forgot something.

Once he had come home and had forgotten about the blue lenses in his eyes - luckily he walked by the mirror before walking into Sydney's room.

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Part 05

Liz was now walking around the library, then sitting down in the big armchair near the fire place - there was a second one and Max sat down in it.

"So what do you expect from me?" he asked, crossing his legs, arms resting lazily in his lap.

Liz watched him for a few seconds without saying a word. "I want you to be available whenever I want you - when I want to see you, you have to have time and well that's it actually - nothing more." "Nothing more? If you ask me that's actually asking for a lot - but okay - I'll at least try - no other rules? For example about public appearance? Do I know you if we meet on the street? What if I'm at your house and your parents are there?"

He knew too well how embarrassing it could get, remembering one time when he was at a house and then suddenly the 20 year old daughter stood in front of him of one of his older customers - he was wearing nothing but a towel.

"Mhm - you've got a point there and - well - I would say that you are a friend - someone I met at a party which isn't a lie."

He nodded - wondering for the up hundredth time why this woman needed someone like him - a stranger - a former One-Night-Stand to satisfy her needs . But then nothing really should surprise him - sex was something really strange when you start thinking about it and people had really strange preferences sometimes - so maybe she needed that.

"Okay, so I realize that I'm only a toy for you anyway - I just have one request - I would like to keep this as impersonal as possible at least for my side." He explains. There was nothing he wanted her to know about him.

"If you want to talk I'll listen but Liz as you said yourself this is only about sex so if we could really keep it that way - I would be more than happy. I won't tell you about my family, friends or education." "That's fine with me Zan." "Good - now why don't we join the others again?"


Maria and Michael weren't at all surprised that Liz had disappeared right away with Alexander. "So what will happen if she finds out that you bought a gigolo?" Michael asked his on-and-off-girlfriend. "She'll be thankful that I paid the bill." Maria chuckled and took another sip of her drink.

"How much are you intending to spend Maria? What if this goes on longer than those two weeks or a month?" "If Liz isn't bored of him at the end of this month than he'll stay around anyway - we can tell her then and there - but don't worry Michael - we both know Liz she isn't made for a steady relationship - not yet anyway."

"Yeah but what if he only stays around for the money?" Maria watched Liz and Alexander reemerge from the house, smiling at each other. "We will see - he already mentioned that Liz is a very attractive woman so…"

Michael only shook his head - after all his guess was that the only reason for Alexander to sell his body was money anyway. "But you forget one thing Maria - Jeff and Nancy won't be very happy to find out what he does for a living."

"Relax Michael - until now it's nothing but sex. C'mon…" She took his arm dragging him with her, then he suddenly hissed "I have no idea what to talk about with him."

Maria gave him one of the 'Shut-up' - looks and walked over to Liz and Alexander.

"Hey you two." "Hey Maria." They both hugged , then Liz turned to Michael and hugged him as well, turning back to Zan. "I take it you all know Zan?" "Zan huh?" Maria winked at them. "Short for my name." She nodded and Michael rolled his eyes. "Chica I have to talk to you." Taking Liz by the arm she dragged her away from the men, leaving Michael and Zan standing there in awkward silence.


"So - I'm wondering why - I mean what made you become a gigolo?" Michael asked the man in front of him - he couldn't quite read the guy - he couldn't understand him.

"It's every men's dream come true, sex with a lot of women - having fun with style and getting paid for it." Max answered, it was his standard answer and whoever bought it must be dumb and ignorant. He didn't expect any other question though, he just wanted them to either think about it or let it go.

"So what was the strangest uhm…'job' you had to do?" Michael wouldn't let go of it. Max, who just wanted to take another sip of his drink looked at him, the one corner of his mouth pulled up - smirking.

After taking the sip he looked back in the crowd. "Mother and daughters." Coughing on Michael's side. "Daughters? As in more than one?" "One mother, two daughters." "How was it?" Again Max had this smirk on his face.

"Nice and interesting." "Kinky." Michael smiled now with a little bit of envy in his voice. "You can say that." "So do you have another job? I assume that you're paid quite well - so my guess is that you don't need another job."

Max took a deep breath "Michael I don't want to offend you because you seem to be a great guy and I assume that we'll meet more often now - but you know nothing about my life and I would like to keep it that way. I'm just a toy for you guys - I know that and I don't care as long as the money is right." "Fair enough." Michael replied, taking another sip of his own. This guy was really strange but somehow he knew that they would get along. "So what did you think about the last game of the LA Lakers?"


"Chica…what shall I do with you? You're hardly reunited with him and you're at it right away?" The girls were now in a more secluded area of the garden. "Maria - I can't change it - fact is he knows what I want and what I need and he knows how to give it to me." "Uhm…I guess I should try him out after you get bored huh?" Liz shakes her head chuckling.

"I don't think that Michael would like that Chica." "Uh it's just he can be pretty boring sometimes."

Liz and Maria started to laugh both watching the men standing at the bar talking and laughing. Maria was wondering what those two were talking about after all Michael had had his doubts about Zan and he knew the truth so…she could only hope that he wasn't behaving like the total ass he could be.

"What are you guys talking about?" Maria asked when they approached them. "Oh Alexander and I were discussing the last Lakers' game." "Uh - men…" Liz shook her head. The evening was actually quite funny and although Max didn't like admitting it, although he knew that he was only a toy Liz was really nice and it was quite easy to talk to her.

"Well if you'll excuse me Liz, I have to leave…call me…"

"I will…good night Zan and thank you."

"No thank you - bye Maria, Michael…"

They said goodbye and then he left. He needed to get back to the hospital.


Max was walking down the corridor, he had stopped at home to change into a pair of jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt - and he also had needed a shower. To his surprise Dave and Steph still were in the hospital.

"What are you doing here?" Max asked - fearing the worst. "Syd didn't stop crying after you left, the doc sad that it was some kind of a hormonal thing about the drugs she got - nothing to worry about - she's sleeping now - but we knew that you would come here eventually." Dave told Max, looking him straight in the eyes - he was the only one who knew how Max earned the money to pay the bills.

It had been a coincident when he found out about it. His company - a brokerage company - celebrated their bosses 40th birthday - Helen Timberlake was respected by everybody - because she always had an open ear for the people in her company.
Suddenly Max had appeared at the party - at her side - that was six months ago.
When Max had seen him - he pleaded with his eyes not to say a word - god he had been so desperate. They never really talked about it - it was like a silent agreement between them. He wouldn't tell Steph, he wouldn't tell Sydney.

Max only nodded and opened the door to his daughter's room. Steph sat at the bed, getting up as soon as she saw Max. "Hey." "Hey…is she sleeping?" "Like a baby." "Good - thank you Steph for being there for her." "No problem…I think I better leave now - promise me you get some sleep." "I will." He gave her a hug and pulled two chairs closer to Syds bed - she looked like an angle. Before he sat down, he kissed her on her forehead, than he tried to get as comfortable as possible, feet on the chair, closing his eyes, trying to get at least some sleep.

He was used to this already - still the events of the last days were spinning around in his head - $14.000 was a lot and he already got $7.000 - maybe just maybe he might finally be able to pay for everything with in a year. He didn't really think that he would get such an offer ever again but …oh well. Finally sleep won over him.


Liz was bored…she was shopping…but the Rodeo Drive really didn't offer something new, something exciting. So after walking around a little more she sat down in a Cafe, dialing Zan's number. "Hello?" "Hey it's me…" "Liz, how are you today?" "Fine - listen when could you be at the Rodeo Drive?" There was a small break - "Uh…I'm a little busy right now but if you want me to I could meet you there in an hour?" "What are you doing that's so damn important?" She snapped at him, she needed some excitement and he was the first thing that came into her mind and she had thought that she had set the rules as clearly as possible.

"Listen Liz, I'm at the other end of the city now and…why don't we meet at your house in an hour and I'll make it up to you?" He answeres calmly - like she hadn't even snapped at him and for some reason his voice was calming her down and wanting him even more. "Okay - one hour Zan and you better be there." "I will - I promise." They hung up.


Max breathed a sigh of relieve - he needed the money and he couldn't loose her - he actually had been surprised that she hadn't called yesterday but oh well that gave him time to be there for Sydney when they were doing again some ugly tests - she always cried because she was afraid and if he could he would take her place that was for sure, now she was sitting on her bed laughing with her grandma - Natasha's Mum. "Listen angle - I have to leave for some hours but I'll be back soon." "Will you be back to say good night?" Sydney looked at him with her big, deep, brown eyes. "Yes - I will - see you Amanda." "Bye Max and don't forget to come by one of these days." "I will - cee ya."

From the hospital he went straight home again, switching in one of his suits - those things were necessary to keep although he sometimes was playing with the idea to sell them again - there weren't overly expensive, they just looked like it, still he would get at least some bucks for them but after that he wouldn't be able to work for the high society anymore.

Exactly one hour after the call he stood in front of Liz Parker's house. The door was opened by the butler. "Miss Parker called - she'll be home shortly but she asked me to tell you to make yourself comfortable in the living room." "Thanks." Did he know? Nah - Max made his way into the living room - it was a big house and you actually had a great view into the valley from this point.

Suddenly he could hear a voice - of a woman and it certainly wasn't Liz.

"Oh I didn't know we have a visitor…" a woman in her forties smiled at him. "I'm Alexander I'm a friend of Liz':" "Oh how nice, I'm Nancy Parker hi…Liz isn't home yet I guess?" "No Mum I'm here." They heard Liz' voice and both turned towards here. "Hi Mum…" she hugged her Mum and then turned to Max. "Hi Alexander." "Liz." She made the first move and gave him a short kiss on the cheek. "Well I would really like to talk to you guys but I have to leave again. It was nice meeting your Alexander." "Likewise Mrs. Parker." He smiled at her but soon paid all his attention to Liz again.

Desire was burning in her eyes again, and he was so tired - god he was really hoping that he could go through with this today. "C'mon…" Liz chuckled, taking him by his hand, dragging him out in to the garden and towards a guesthouse at the end of the property. "Here we're alone, no one will disturb us." She explained as soon as the door was closed behind them, pulling his shirt out of his pants and off of his body.

"You know I was a little pissed when we talked earlier?" Now she was attacking his mouth, nibbling at his bottom lip, sucking his tongue into her mouth, tasting him, showing him that way what she wanted him to do to her body. "Sorry about that I just couldn't …lick make it." By now he had managed to get her out of her dress, conveniently she wasn't wearing any underwear. A smug smirk was dancing over his lips. "I took it all off for you on the way here." She told him, wrapping her legs around his lean waist when he lifted her up carrying her to the big bed that was standing at the end of the room. "I like that." He murmured before biting carefully and gently into her neck, eliciting a deep moan from her.

He placed her in the middle of the bed "How do you want me?" he breathed into her ear, making her shiver even more, feeling his hands roaming over her body, tweaking her nipples, then stroking them with his thumbs while making love to her mouth again. She could feel his erection pressing into his thigh, making her spread her legs even more, welcoming his body. Didn't he just ask her a question? Oh yeah "Fast and now…but don't think I'll let you off the hook so fast…" she whimpered already feeling him penetrating her.

Fast - okay that was manageable, after some more slower thrusts he increased the tempo, her hands on his butt, pressing him even deeper - if this was possible. Yet it wasn't fast enough neither for him nor for her, so stilling his movement for some seconds he lifted her up a bit, making it possible for him to kneel between her thighs without leaving his body, spreading her legs even more, going deeper.

"Oh shit…Zan…" Liz moaned, her eyes closed - all those emotions running through her body dominated by pure lust. She was holding on to the sheets now in pure despair because his body was too far away now to touch him.

Max could feel the sweat running down his body but he wasn't finished with her yet, if she thought that this would be it she was wrong, while holding her one hip with one hand he moved his other, first over her breasts - still maintaining the frenetic movement of driving in and out of her hot body - then lower and lower - when finally touching her clit Liz screamed - this was too much.

"YES….yes…oh Zan….yes!" The movement of her body closing around him brought him over the edge as well and together they were riding out the last waves of their ecstasy.

Taking in deep breaths Max moved away from her, rolling on to his side, next to her. "Wow…" Liz had her eyes closed, trying as hard as him to get her breath back to normal, her heart was beating a mile a minute.

"Zan?" "Mhm…?" he sounded tired…so she opened her eyes, seeing that his were closed - it was now that she really saw how exhausted he actually looked. So true - she knew nothing about him - she knew his name - no age, nothing -
so instead of playing the stuck up rich girl he knew she decided to let him sleep. He really seemed to need it.


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Part 06

One hour later Max finally awoke again - god did he really fall asleep in a clients house? Damn - that wasn't supposed to happen. Liz was lying next to him, sleeping as well - he got up, searching for his mobile phone - carefully not to wake Liz he got up, walking to the other end of the room, looking out of the window - it was beautiful. "Hello?" "Dave it's me - have you been to the hospital yet?" "We just came back, looks Syd has made some new friends." "Good - anything else?" "The doc needs to talk to you and you have another call from the insurance company - " "Damn - okay - I'll get to the hospital as soon as possible." Nothing.

Dave had no idea what to say, he knew that Max was doing - what he was doing and - yeah - it's not like he could tell him to 'finish up fast and go to his daughter'. "Ill see you later Max." "Okay - see ya."

Max again felt like shit - the damn insurance company - why couldn't they be happy that he finally was able to pay at least a little bit of the debt he got in - turning towards Liz he saw that she still was sleeping - so he decided to call them now - better get over with it now.

"Yeah - hi Mrs. Simmons this is Maxwell Evans - I heard you called?"


Liz woke up hearing him talking, who was he talking to?

"…but I'm telling you that I'll be able to pay it soon…" What was he talking about? Unfortunately she only understood snippets. Slowly she got up and made her way over to him, he was standing there naked - in all his glory and he was really beautiful.

It was the first time that she really got a good look of him - his shoulders were brought, the muscles on his chest well defined, soft skin - as she had found out - lean waist, nice, firm butt, manly legs which weren't to hairy - she hated to have the feeling to be in bed with a teddybear.

There was something about his eyes - she couldn't pin point it.

He ended the call and took a deep breath "Damn…" she could hear him mumble. "Everything okay?" she asked - startling him. "God Liz you startled me." He turned fully towards her. "Sorry."

She waited but guessed he wouldn't give her an answer. "So - " "So?" He watched her, smirking - he didn't feel like it but that what's what he was here for to be a dream - and in this dream reality didn't exist.

"Are you hungry? I could make the cook to prepare something for us?" Liz smiled seductively. "Uh - well I'm not really hungry for food - " he waggled his eyebrows - eliciting a 1000 watt smile from her. "I like that."

Before she could say another word, he was already kneeling down in front of her, kissing her trim tummy, massaging her breasts again - "Are you rested Liz?" He asked merely audible before attacking her still wet folds…


"So what are you going to do?" "What am I supposed to do? I mean this offer - I just couldn't say 'No' Judy - $14.000…" Max was explaining to her while dressing again. After leaving Liz he had gone to the hospital, there he had received a call from Judy - her husband was out of town again - luckily she knew about his situation and understood if he would be late."

Judy was still lying in her bed, watching the younger man getting dressed - sometimes she wished she'd be younger then they would have a chance - she liked Max a lot. "So this Liz has no idea that you're getting paid for screwing her?" "Yes - " "Don't you think that she'll be pissed if she finds out?" "Is that my problem? I don't care if Maria and Liz get into a fight over this - Judy I have my own problems and a little girly fight isn't one of them."

"What made you so cold Max? When I got to know you, you were so - I don't know different."

"Life is what happened Judy - " he turned around, tears of anger and despair glistering in his eyes. "My little girl is in …in the hospital again and…and there's nothing I can do to help her…and…and…" He would break down, she knew it, from the time he had walked into her house she knew he would. He looked terrible.

Getting up, putting on her robe she walked up to him taking her into his arms. "Let it out Max, let it all out…"

He was bawling - he was so afraid, he had lost Natasha and he couldn't lose his little angle as well - and there was no one who could help him - his family had abandoned him, his friends had a hard time as well to make ends meet.

"Why don't you - get over your pride for once and take this?" Judy held a boy in front of him. Sniffling he took it "What is that?" "It's a watch and I won't take it back, you keep it and sell it - got it?" "Judy I can't…" "Oh yes you can…if you don't you'll lose your insurance and you want your girl to get healthy again - please Max." "Thank you." He smiled at her, gave her a hug and finished getting dressed.

On his way home he thought about it - sure he had his pride but she was right - his little angle was more important. Tomorrow he'd go and sell the damn watch - every penny would be useful.


Time flew by and every day he would get a call from Liz asking him to meet here or there and she really found the strangest places.

They were lying in bed - Liz had fallen as sleep an hour ago - yet he couldn't find the strength to get up - suddenly his cell phone rang. "Shit - " searching for it in his trousers he finally got it. "Hello?" "Daddy - " "Hey angle - how are you?" "Yeah I'm fine I was wondering when you're coming? Grandma is here." "Oh that's great say hi to her for me will ya? I don't know when I'll be there angle…" "But you will come?" "I'll come - promise - "

What he of course didn't know was that Liz had woken and was now listen to him - god his voice was so different, who ever was at the other end of the line was very special and important to him. She had never in her life heard him talking like that.

"So - I don't want you to spend all your money for calling me - I'll be there later." "Promise?" "Promise - I love you angle - " "I love you two Daddy…"

Hearing her saying that made his heart constrict, and when he was putting the phone away a tear was streaming down his cheek.

"Zan?" Liz had turned around by now, sitting up and watching him, he was staring into space. "Zan?" "Mhm…" he looked at her. "I…I know we said that we wouldn't…you know talk about personal stuff but…I…what is wrong? Something is bothering you isn't it? I just…thought that maybe you want to talk about it…" he sat up as well looking at her "That's very kind of you Liz - but I have to fight my own demons…" "But I can see that you're…I don't know miserable…" "Liz please leave it, my life isn't your life, your life is so different from mine - I don't know what I'm supposed to tell you…I think it's kinda …uhm cute that you worry about me and I appreciate it but…I don't…I don't know…maybe it's better if I leave now."

He got up, he had talked to Maria this morning it had been his decision to tell her that after today the two weeks were over and he wouldn't do that again - it had been exhausting and at the same time he had grown to like Liz - it was getting harder and harder for him to act without his heart.

"What do you mean you have to leave - Zan?" Liz was looking at him - she had a bad feeling about this, there was no way that she would lose him now. It had taken a lot out of her to ask him - she couldn't deny it, there was something about him and she liked him, perhaps even a bit more.

It might have started out with sex two weeks ago but now - the last times it had more felt like making love than only pure sex -

"Zan? Please?"

"Liz - I want to be honest with - I am not who you think I am and I think you deserve so much better okay? You have so much to give Liz Parker - if you just would let your guard down once a while I'm sure you'd find your soulmate you're searching for?"

"What if I found him already?"

He looked at her, stunned - "Liz - I am a dream - an illusion - I'm not real - okay? We don't fit together - we - god - " he wiped over his face with his hand, staring at the floor for a second. How could he possibly make her understand without hurting her feelings and without telling her the full truth - that wasn't his job, that was Maria's.

"Just - accept that it isn't working like that for me anymore okay? Bye Liz…don't call me again."

And with that he was gone, leaving Liz sitting dumbfounded. What had happened just here? Did he just leave her?


Maria was just coming out of the shower when Liz stormed into her bathroom - uhuh he didn't did he? "Liz what happened?" "He left me Maria - Zan left me." "He did? What did he say?" "That I deserve something better and that we aren't fitting together and - how could he do that Maria? I mean the last days I thought that maybe there could be more and those feelings weren't only one-sided - I know that he felt it too? What am I gonna do Maria?"

Maria was contemplating what she was to do now - but she had to tell her the truth.

"Liz I guess I have to confess something." Now Liz finally stopped pacing and looked at her friend, something was wrong - she couldn't pinpoint it but...she definitely didn't like the sound of it.

"Okay let me just get dressed and then we're going to talk about this whole mess okay?"

That would also give her some time to think about what she exactly was going to tell Liz - hopefully she would forgive her - how could she know that Liz would fall for that guy? Gosh - what a mess!

"So what is it Maria?" "I - okay - I'm going to tell you the whole truth okay? Don't interrupt me and after that you're allowed to hate me - 'kay? Although I would appreciate it if you would stay my friend - but we'll see. Alexander isn't who you think he is - he actually was at the birthday party because he was your present - from me - Liz Zan is a gigolo and I paid him to sleep with you - how could I have known that you wanted to see that guy again - you usually never want to see your One-Night-Stands again - so when you called me, telling me that you want to see him again I called him and offered him to pay him for two more weeks - well the two weeks are over now - and he actually called me this morning telling me that no matter what he couldn't do this anymore - he also said that you deserve so much more and that you're lovely and that he can't understand why you would want someone only for sex if you could have so much more and - well - he made it clear to me that he wouldn't take any more money from and…well that's it…"

After stopping her rambling Maria finally found the courage to look at Liz - she sat there - staring at her in disbelieve - this couldn't be true. "Liz?" "Don - say - a - word - Maria."

Liz stood up and left.


"So do you promise that you'll have more time now?" Sydney looked up at her father who was taking her for her first time outside the hospital since she got here two weeks ago. She was weak and sitting in a wheelchair but she couldn't to get out of the stupid thing. Sure she had found some friends - but it wasn't easy - the last time she was in a hospital still stuck with her. Either the friends she had made had died or gone home so - it was hard on her. Of course now she was older and understood it a lot more but it was still difficult.

"I promise angle - now I'll be having more time - is that place okay?" "Yeah - " "So what else is new? I have heard you got a follower?" "Daaaad…" "c'mon who is this Jonathan guy?" "He's no one?" She felt a little embarrassed to really talk with her father about this boy. "Grandma told me that he brought you a game yesterday?" "Yeah he did…" "Well that's nice isn't it?" "I guess…" They grew quiet.

Sydney was contemplating if she wanted to ask her Dad a question that had been bothering her for a long time - especially when seeing him so exhausted and tired. She knew every single detail about him and her mom and the circumstances etc.

"Dad?" "What angle?" "Do you ever think about what your life could be like if - well if I wouldn't have been born? Do you regret it?" Max was looking at her in shock. "How - why? Sydney how did you come up with that idea?" "I…I don't know - I guess - I have a lot of time to think when I'm lying there and…and…I see that other kids are visited by their parents and grandparents and - well - I mean - I know that your parents are out there - don't you miss them? I mean - it's because of me that you - kinda abandoned your family…" "Don't even think that I wouldn't do it again and again Sydney okay? I know what I did was the right decision and no I never regretted a thing - I would always choose you and your Mum - okay?"

How did she come up with that idea? He definitely had to do better in proving to her that he was all that mattered. So he lifted her out of her wheelchair and into his lap, brushing away some hair, kissing her on the forehead, rocking her slightly.

"Do you miss her a lot?" Sydney kept on asking - she knew that she could talk about everything with her Dad. "Mum? Yeah - yeah I do - though I'm sure that she's watching over you." "Don't you ever want to fall in love again Dad?"

His daughter was surprising him over and over again. "Why I guess you really have a lot of time to worry about stuff you shouldn't huh?" He smiled at her again, looking in her eyes - he mother's eyes.

"I know - it's just - I wouldn't mind you know? I know that there are kids out there who have a problem with the partners of their parents of they separate of if one parent died and I just want you to know that I wouldn't mind - I think it would be cool."

"Well that's good to know and I'll let you know if I ever meet someone okay?" "Okay?" He could feel her shivering. "I think I better get you in again hm?" She only nodded - this was one of those days - for some times she'd feel fine - and then all of a sudden she'd turn pale and would be cold - it was like a trip to hell and back.


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Part 07

Liz couldn't believe that this was real - it felt like the twilightzone or something like that - admittedly Maria was right - she hardly stayed with a man - but Zan was different and - HOW could her best friend come up with the idea to pay someone to sleep with her? Did she look that desperate? And how could he do that? He - he was nothing but a male whore - he used her - no wonder that he wanted to keep it so impersonal - damn. Yet she couldn't get rid of the feeling that there was more - he felt something - she had felt something - there was no way that this had been only one-sided god damn it!

She had to talk to him - she had to at least get some answers - but what if it really was only business? What if?

"I'm going to get my answers - damn you Zan…" she mumbled while dialing his phone number.

"Hello?" she felt like someone kicking her into her stomach - or something like that when she heard his voice. "Hello?" "It's me…" he voice was quivering. "Liz…" he breathed.

Max had just been leaving the hospital when the phone rang - he was deep in thought when he answered the phone not even looking at the number - he wouldn't have answered it if he had known that it was Liz. Now he felt a little awkward, her voice was quivering so he guessed she knew.

"Liz?" She didn't say anything. "How could you do this to me? How could you…how could you sleep with me for money?" She accused him. "Liz that is what I do…I don't have another explanation." "You could have told me…you could have…" "What? Liz if you want to be angry with someone turn to Maria she's the one who contacted me, besides that I only was a toy for you and you enjoyed it - so Maria paid for that toy. Please don't call me again. Bye Liz."

"He hung up on me - that son of a b**** hung up on me!" Liz screamed at the phone startling the people walking by her. "Oh don't you wait Alexander - no one hangs up on Liz Parker." She mumbled when getting into her car and already forming another plan.


When Max came home, Dave was standing in front of his door. "Hey what's up?" "I just wanted to check if you're here - we have to talk Max." Max nodded, opened the door and let him in. "If it's about the rent I'll pay you tomorrow okay?" "It's not about the rent Max…"

They sat down in the kitchen. "So what do you want to talk about?" "How long are you planning to do this Max? Don't you think that Syd will ask questions sooner or later? Don't you fear what she might think of you if she finds out that you're sleeping with women to pay for her treatments." "Do you have a better idea Dave? Because if you do I would like to hear it - I mean - gosh - why does everybody think that I don't worry about this stuff as well? You have no idea how afraid I am what will happen if she finds out - but…what else am I supposed to do?" "Ask your parents." "NO - no - Dave if you came here to tell me to go to the family who wanted me to get an abortion for Natasha then I'm sorry to tell you - no - they wouldn't pay anyway."

He paced the floor of the kitchen. "I know - that - that you think it is disgusting what I'm doing and it is - but my body is all I have to give - and - as soon as Syd is doing better again and doesn't need all those expensive treatments anymore I'll find a way to earn money the usual way - I still haven't given up hope to maybe finally finish university so - maybe in five years I'll be out of this but until then I have no other choice…"

Dave nodded - he didn't like it - he actually had been thinking about contacting Max' family but he knew if he did this - Max would leave with his daughter - and Steph and him were the only friends those two had.

"Okay - but - I just want to make sure that you…I don't know…" "Thank you for your concern Dave and as soon as I see a way out of this I'll take it but until then - I have to pay the bills - and with a job in grocery store I can't do…"


"So what are you going to do?" Maria asked Liz - it had been one week and today she finally received a call from Liz. They had talked - Liz was still pissed but she needed Maria's help and after all - the intentions had been good.

"I don't know I need to find him - he changed his phone number and I have no full name - do you have any idea how many Alexanders are out there? Gosh you could think every third male has that name." "I can't believe that he didn't tell you anything about him?" "Well I know that he's originally from somewhere in New York - he told me that - I have no idea how old he is, if he has family - he's like a phantom - where did you meet him again?" "Oh that was three months ago at a party of my parents he was there was Judy Mc....something…actually if I think about it now they looked quite cozy back then…" "well maybe they have known each other for longer, maybe she knows where to find him - do you think you could get her number or address?" Liz looked at her best friend, chewing on her bottom lip. "Got it Chica, I'll try my very best…but let me ask you one question…what if she has the addy or number…what will you do then? Will you just walk up to him and…I don't know?" "I don't know yet Maria that's something I'm going to worry about as soon as I have the addy okay?"

Truth of the whole situation was that Liz had no idea what was going to do about this whole mess. She missed him not only physically - although she knew so little about him, he had fascinated her -"


"So I was wondering if you could do me this favor Max - " Judy watched him looking out of the window. "I don't know Judy I mean - I just had this kinds situation - you know being a birthday present and look where it got me - I'm sure this Maria girl would have paid another $14.000 for another two weeks and I denied it because I got feelings for my client." "You miss her don't you?" Judy then handed him a drink - today she had just called him for some talking - nothing physical and she wanted to make him another offer. A friend of hers just split up with her husband and desperately needed some distraction.

"C'mon Max - I'll pay you $5.000 if you take her out and spend a nice evening with her - she feels very uncomfortable about the whole thing but I told her that she doesn't have to worry - I told her that you're a gentleman and will stop where ever she wants you to - if you don't sleep together - fine with me just - distract her a little bit."

"Okay - how old is she?"

"48 - her marriage lasted 30 years - she has gone through a lot - she lost her son some years ago and ever since she hasn't been the same again."

Thoughts of his own mother came into his mind - did she miss him? No - no when his father had told him what his options were - she had said nothing - no she wasn't missing him.

"I'm sorry to hear that - so - you want me to take her out?" "Yes - here is a check for additional $3.000 - have a nice evening - her name is Di." "Okay…" Max knew better then to ask for full names and all that crap - it wasn't important in his business - Judy knew that she was the only client who knew his real name.

"So please be here like at 7 p.m. okay?" "Will be - " Judy sat down again. "So how is Syd doing?" "Well - she has her good and her bad days - yesterday was a bad day - she couldn't keep anything in so they had to feed her artificially again. It's not getting better and she's getting weaker and weaker and…I have no idea what I'm gonna if she doesn't get better soon."


Maria was standing in front of the house of this Judy McMillan- ringing the bell an attractive woman in her 40 opened the door and Maria recognized her at one. "Mrs. McMillan hey, my name is Maria DeLuca, I'm Amy DeLucas daughter." "Oh how nice, come on in…" Judy let the young woman in, wondering what she wanted here. Max had just left to get back to the hospital and then get ready for the date later.

"How can I help you Maria?" "Well actually I feel a little ashamed about that whole thing but I remember seeing you with a young man - Alexander three months ago and a party.…"

Now Judy knew what was going to come - right she remembered that Max had mentioned a Maria once.

"And you want me to give you his number?" "Yes well - I - do you know where he lives - by any chance?" "Uhm no - sorry and - I can't really help you with this - I'm sorry - "

Maria didn't believe this, this woman was hiding something. "You're hiding something, you know where he is don't you?" "Yes I do - in fact I know about the whole story, still I won't tell you - Maria - if I can give you and your friend Liz a good advice - let him go, you have no idea what Alexander is like, you don't know him - so - leave him alone."

"Why don't you give me and especially Liz a chance to get to know him before telling me that it wouldn't work." "Because in the end they both would come out more hurt than they are now - please Maria - I know that you want to help your friend but she has to let go - please leave."

Maria thought about her options at least she knew that this Judy knew more about him than she would say that at least was a start - nodding she left.


"So what did she say?" Liz asked Maria as soon as she joined her in a Cafe not far away from the house. "She definitely knows him - but she told me to tell you to forget about him and…it's just strange you know - she seemed to me like she cared - a lot - and that actually surprises me a bit - but then on the other hand - oh well - " "So what are we gonna do?" "Well I thought now - if she really knows him we could like - wait for him there - what do you think about that? I mean sooner or later he'll get there again." "Spy on him Maria? Don't you think that's a little drastic?"

Liz looked at her friend, like she had grown a second head or something like that.

"Oh come on Liz - that could be fun - playing a little James Bond - why not? Do you want to meet him again or not? We could wait until he leaves again and follow him to his home and there you could either confront him or at least find out where he lives - what else do you suggest?"

Liz started to think about it and as she couldn't come up with any better idea she sighed "Okay - so what do we need to do?"

That was the wrong question because as soon as she had ended her question Maria got into her Maria - rambling - mood and started telling her that they had to get dark clothes, sunglasses, binoculars etc…it was hilarious.


When Max entered his daughter's room a boy around 14 was sitting on his daughter's bed and they both were playing cards. "Dad!" "Hi angle…" "This is Jonathan, this is my Dad." She introduced the two. "Hi, nice to meet you Mr. Evans." The boy shook Max' hand. "Likewise Jonathan - but it's Max - Mr Evans makes me sound so old. So what are you doing?" "Jon teaches me how to play Mau-Mau." "Cool - so how are you doing angle?" He got serious again looking at his daughter. "I'm good." "That's good - so did Grandma come by today?" "No but Dave was here in his lunch break." "That's nice."

He stayed and watched the two playing cards - he had no where else to go and he liked just sitting there and watching his daughter - it was actually funny how the two youngsters were sneaking glances once in while - it reminded him when he was that age - things had been easy back then.

Before he went home he had to stop at his bank as well - he hated it. He couldn't even remember that those visits had been pleasant ever since he had to take up a loan to pay for the treatments the insurance wasn't paying for.


"Do you really think that he'll come here today Maria?" Liz asked while watching the gate through the binoculars - both girls were dressed in black, sitting in the black SUV of Liz' Dad.

"We can at least try don't you think? Uhuhuh - someone is coming?" A cab drove to the gate - "Who is that?" Maria asked also lifting her binoculars - "Looks like a woman to me." Liz said disappointed and shook her head. "Maria this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever done - why couldn't we just hire a PI?" "Because that wouldn't be fun - so - chill Chica - I'm sure that it'll pay off eventually."

"I hope you're right - I mean - I - what if she's right? I mean he also told me to forget about him and that we're different and - " "Liz - please - " but Maria had no chance to continue because Liz kept on talking. "I mean - he's a gigolo for god's sake - I don't think that I could live with that fact knowing that my boyfriend is screwing around with other women and think about my parents and…maybe she's right…and...what if he's already taken? I mean there are women out there who can live with the idea that their husband is doing - well what he's doing and…" "LIZ - Liz - you're babbling okay? I mean - isn't that what you want to find out? Maybe there's a reason that he does what he's doing? I mean - why don't we just - I don't know - we stay here and follow him, find out where he lives and then you can still decide what you're going to do okay? If you have doubts - leave it and forget about him and if not - face him…"

"That's so easy for you isn't it? I mean you have Michael and…how do I get in those situations?"

The girls started to giggle and kept on spying on the McMillan house.


"I don't feel comfortable about this Judy - why did you have to do this?" "Di I promise you, he's a gentleman - Alexander might be young but he's the perfect company for an evening of distraction believe me, he just seems to know what women need."

Judy was watching her friend - she hadn't seen her for a long time and she looked exhausted.

"I would rather just like, take a bath and sleep and…and never come out of my bed again…" "Di…I know it's hard can't let that jerk destroy your life - he already has taken the best years now don't give him the rest, you made the right decision in coming here believe me." "Are you sure?" Her friend was looking at her through red and puffy eyes. "I'm sure - I know that you love him but that doesn't allow him to do what he did to you and your family. Now I want you to get ready for a nice evening out in LA, with perfect company okay? And we're going to talk about everything tomorrow." "Okay."

"So tell me about this Alexander? I mean is this the usual thing to just call a - a - " Di stuttered. "Say it 'gigolo' - well not in the open of course but yeah it's quite popular - I mean - most of them are just accompanying you - not a lot of them actually - you know - sleep with you but - you know sometimes I just need that - Fred isn't a canon in bed anymore and I like to have my fun from time to time…" Now Di was laughing. "Oh my - but he knows that I - you know - won't…uhm…" "Sleep with him? I told him that you'll let him know what you want and don't want and don't worry he won't pressure you for anything - really I know him for some time now and he's nothing but charming. Give him five minutes and he'll put you at ease - promise."


"God how more often do I have to do this?" Max mumbled when the car Judy had sent for him 30 minutes ago turned onto the street that would get him to her and her friend. Checking his hair again, making sure that the lenses were in he got out of the car.


"Oh my god Maria that's him!" Liz squealed - waking Maria up who had fallen as sleep although it was only 7 p.m. "Where?" "He just came in that car there - wow - so much about your thought that he needed money. "Liz isn't that the car that left here an hour ago?" "You could be right."

Now both girls were watching the car, driving up the drive up to the house. From their play they could see the house and especially the door. When he got out Liz sighed "God he looks so good, I can't believe that he's going to sleep with this - urgh - I mean she's twice his age isn't she?"

They kept on watching.


Judy opened the door for Max - she knew that he was here. "Hey handsome." "Hi." He kissed her on the cheek - he had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach, something wasn't right, he felt watched and…something was off.

"Di…Alexander is here…"

Judy shouted and both of them waited that Judy's friend made an appearance.

The next thing Max knew was that he was facing a woman he thought he would never face again. "Mom?" "Max?" both of them gasped.


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Part 08

"Oh my god…" Max whispered. "I…have to go…" he turned around, not being able to look into his mother's eyes, opening the door and running…this wasn't true, this couldn't be true - his own mother? How much worse could it get? Oh god - his own mother. He just wanted to die in the moment - his own mother - damn!

"MAX! MAX wait!" he could hear Judy screaming - at least his mother wasn't shouting for him. He was running down the driveway, running away from the most humiliating moment of his life - "God please only once in my life let a cab be there when I need it." He mumbled to himself, tears already streaming down his face - this was truly a nightmare.


"Maria something is happening there - the door - oh my god - he's running away - Maria"

Liz shouted, while both of them are watching what was going on there. "I can see it Liz, he's running down the drive way - and two women are getting in the car - what is going on there?" "I don't know Maria - but it surely doesn't look good. What is he doing?"

As soon as Liz had finished the question, Maria started the car - no matter where he was going she was intending on following him


Thank god a cab - Max jumped in and told the driver to just go - he couldn't go home and he couldn't go to Syd - how could he face her now? No - he had - to - go - to go - somewhere - finally he gave the driver an address.

He was turning around like every ten seconds to make sure that Judy or his mother wasn't following him, what he didn't pay attention to was the black SUV following the cab in some distance.


"Oh my god Judy, Oh my god - that is my son - Alexander is my son - oh my god…" Diane Evans was crying non stop ever since she had been standing in front of Max.

"God he looked so humiliated and hurt and…why is he doing this Judy. Why? I mean? Do you…do you know anything…oh my god…"

Judy had no idea what to tell her friend - she had no idea that Max actually was her friend's son - the last time she actually had seen the family was at least 20 years ago - ever since her and Diane kept in contact via phone - and when they met it was only them - without any family.

"I'm so sorry Di - I didn't know that - I mean if I had known I had told you - god I'm so sorry - " "Why does he have to - to - god I think I'm going to be sick…" "Aaron stop!" Judy shouted, opening the door for Diane - helping her.

Diane Evans - was confused to describe it mildly - she had no idea of what to do - this wasn't what she had expected to see when visiting her friend - her son Maxwell - he was - he was actually selling himself for money - what could be the reason for doing this? Did Natasha know about that? Would she allow him to do this? She had liked her son's girlfriend - and when he told her and her husband that Natasha was pregnant for some kind of reason she had been happy about it - of course she also had been so disappointed. Max had always been very responsible and to impregnate his girlfriend with only 16 wasn't very clever yet - she had been convinced that they would find a way to deal with it.

Unfortunately her husband had made it very clear what he wanted and Max did the only right thing - when leaving the room that evening when Phillip had told him his options she knew that she wouldn't see him again - until now - of course she had tried to find him and his own little family - she was a grandma and she even didn't know if it was a boy or a girl or if they were doing fine - for every day since then she had been worrying about him but she couldn't find them.

"What am I gonna do Judy? Oh my god what am I gonna do? Do you know where he lives?" she looked at her best friend - hoping that she would help her. "Yes - yes I know where he lives but do you think it is a clever thing to …to go there?" "Judy - I haven't seen my son for 12 years and Natasha and I have never met my grandchild - please?"

Judy grew still - thinking about what to do next. It wasn't her place to tell Diane about Max' life - if he wanted his mother to know he would have to tell her on his own. So instead of driving around looking for that damn cab that they had lost minutes ago - she told Aaron to drive to Max' home.


"I totally fucked up Nat - I - god can you believe my mother showed up and…and…you know that I'm not proud of myself and…and…I feel so degraded and dirty and…and…" he was sitting next to Natasha's tombstone - crying - staring at the flowers. "What am I gonna do now? What am I gonna tell Syd? And…and…damn…I can't afford to move Syd to another city and - Dave and Steph let me live with them in their house for nearly nothing - what am I gonna do?"

He traced her name again with his finger - letting the tears run over his cheeks - it was getting cold and it started raining yet he wasn't moving. Knowing that his mother would be waiting at his home for sure he had no idea where he should go.

"Zan?" Startled by someone standing behind him he turned around. "Liz? Wha…what are you doing here? How? Were you following me?"

She was standing there holding an umbrella, watching him - her heart nearly tore apart by the fear, anguish and for some reason disgust in his eyes.

"Why - why don't you come with me and we talk - you're going to catch pneumonia here."

Max wasn't really listening to her - why was she here? How could she find him? What did she want? What was he supposed to do now?

"Zan? Alexander?" His head snapped up. "Liz - please leave - please - "

She had been watching him ever since he had gotten here two hours ago, he had been crying and it hurt her to know that he was so devastated by something - he had been talking to someone - she wanted to know who was buried there and now that she was standing there she could read the name of 'Natasha Evans - beloved wife and mother who'll be dearly missed'. Was that his name? Evans? Was that his wife lying there? Mother? So he was a father? So why would he be doing this? Why would he be selling himself? There were just so many unanswered questions. The tombstone also said that she had been dead for eight years so - his child must be at least eight years old.

Zan was an enigma.

"Why don't you let me help you Zan?" "Because I don't want your help Liz - I don't - there is nothing you can do to help me okay? Please leave - please…" Though he had started screaming at her the last plea had been merely audible and he was sobbing again.

"How could I leave you here? I can see that you're in emotional pain - I…I…I won't let you send me away." Liz stated. "Well then I have news for you Liz Parker - I would rather die than tell you about who I am - okay? I don't want to see you ever again, you - I know that you want to help me now for some reason which I can't figure out but I don't care - next week you won't even think about me again while my life is falling apart. So GET LOST!"

He walked away from her - leaving her standing in the rain with her umbrella and her thoughts.

Max had other stuff to think about - he was drenched to his bones and she was right - he needed to get out of this weather because he couldn't afford to get ill as well.


The limousine was parked in front of s small house. "That's where he is living with his family?" "Yep that's where he is living. Do you want me to…?" "No…I think I better…go myself…"

Diane got out of the car, walking up the path to the door, ringing the bell - a blond woman opened the door - who was this? Did Max and Natasha separate? "Hello?" "Uhm - hello is Max there by any chance?" "Who is it honey?" A man appeared behind the woman - was she at the wrong house? "Oh this woman wants to see Max, Dave."

Dave felt anger rising up in him - how could Max dare to get his clients home here. "You're at the wrong door - Max is living downstairs." Dave told her. "Oh I'm sorry, I'm just - I…are you friends of him?"

Something was odd about this woman and somehow there was some kind of resemblance there. "Well yeah ever since they moved in here - five years ago." "Oh - well thank you - I guess I'll just try and…" "Why don't I join you - because I'm not sure if he's here actually I thought he left like two hours ago and - I haven't heard him coming back - so - maybe you could wait up here then for him…" "That would be very nice…thank you Mister?" "It's Dave…" "Dave…I'm Diane Evans…" "Diane Evans? Oh my god you're his mother." Dave looked at her in shock and they could also both hear a gasp from Steph.


"So what did he say?" Maria asked when Liz came back to the car and got in. "He - he - I don't know Maria maybe this is really a stupid thing and I should really just forget about him?" "Do you really want to do that? Are you sure that this is what you want Liz? I mean - you know I'm your friend and I accept every decision you make - but what made you change your mind?"

Liz was staring out of the window - remembering the devastated look on Zan's face - and the tombstone. "I think - he - he was crying and…and…it looked like he had lost his wife and …as much as I could read I'd assume he's a father - and - he's a man with a past I don't know nothing about Maria - I'm not so sure that…"

"Liz - everyone has a past but that shouldn't be a reason for giving up on someone." "I know - just let me think about it again okay? At least I know that his last name must be Evans - Alexander Evans - if I just knew where he lives?"

"Liz - you remember the name on the tombstone? Because usually they have registers for stuff like that we could look up who pays for it and then find out the address this way - if it is really his wife I'd assume that either him or the family pays for it right? I mean we couldn't do this until tomorrow but that would also give you the time to think about it one more night - so how about it."

The only thing that Liz could do was nodding - she really had to think about it. Seeing him like that had made her realize that he was right - she knew nothing about it and maybe he wasn't right for her - but then why did she feel the way she did. It seemed impossible for her to forget him for whatever reason he was in her mind 24/7 no matter what she tried to get some kind of distraction it just didn't work.


Max was cold when he got to the hospital - it was already dark outside and he knew that Sydney was already sleeping - exactly what he needed - he couldn't talk to her yet she was the only person he wanted to be with in the moment - his only family.

His mother was back and - didn't Judy say that she separated from her husband? Dad? Why? Sure his father was a busy man yet he knew how much his mother used to love him - she did everything for him - also giving her son up in the run.

'Don't think like that, forget about it and move on Evans.' He thought and opened the door to Syd's room - a nurse was in there. "Who are you?" "I'm her father - I just wanted to - I don't know - " He shrugged with his shoulders.

The nurse saw the devastated and tired look on the man's face. "Can I get you something? Coffee? Tea? Do you want me to get the clothes dry? You'll get sick otherwise…" "Thanks that - that would actually be very kind." "Sure - I'll get you a shirt and trousers - just a moment."

Max nodded, took his jacket off and sat down - his daughter was sleeping - although she looked so ill, she still was beautiful. Taking her hand in his he started talking as quiet as possible - not to wake her.

"Hey angle - it's Daddy - I just - I just was at mom's grave and - I guess - I totally fucked up today Sydney. God I wish I could have protected you from all of this - it just doesn't seem fair what you have to go through because of me - I'm sorry - I…"

She moved and Max was fearing that he would wake her up in the end if he kept on talking so he stopped, the nurse came back and he changed into the hospital shirt and trousers. The coffee was hot and helping him to get warm again.

He had no idea how long he had been sitting there but suddenly he could hear a knock at the door. Who could that be at this time?

Getting up, slowly opening the door he could see Dave standing there.

"Dave? Is everything alright? What are you doing here?" "It's just - we were worried about you and - I had no idea where...I…I don't know…listen Max. Your mother is here." "WHAT? Are you insane?" Max hissed at him, closing the door behind him so that Syd wouldn't be disturbed.

"Max - I know that you, that you - actually I don't know a thing but - I - Max - she wants to talk to you and no matter what I told you she persisted that I take her to you - I didn't tell her what's going on or anything so she's really worried to find herself in a hospital okay? And…she's waiting up there…"

He pointed to the waiting area, Max was rubbing his eyes - what was he supposed to do now? He couldn't face her - no way.

"Mr Evans - I think your clothes are dry now…" the nurse suddenly appeared next to them again. "Thanks." Max took them.

"Max what are you going to do now?" "Honestly I have no idea Dave - why did you bring her here? I can't face her - hell Dave I was supposed to take her out today - how - I mean - I feel so ashamed and…and also angry and…she has no right to be here."

"Why don't you tell her that Max?" With that Dave left him standing there.

He watched him disappearing into the waiting area again - so what choices did he have? None actually because knowing his mother he knew that she'd stay and wait and wait and wait so he had to tell her something. Changing into his clothes again, he kissed Syd on the forehead before leaving her room.

That was it - no way back.


Diane was sitting there, with Judy at her side - she was so nervous - her son was only down the corridor and he had every right to hate her - what if he'd refuse to talk to her? Dave had just come back telling her that he had no idea what Max was going to do.

So many questions were occupying her mind in the moment that she didn't really notice Judy standing up and leaving her sitting there but when looking up she was looking at her lost son.

"Max." He wasn't looking into her eyes - he looked so exhausted and - yes - old - although he was still a young man - it seemed like life had marked him already.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, his voice was quivering. "I wanted to talk to you." "Why?" "Max - I - I know that you have every right to hate me but - please don't push me away - I'm so happy that I found you again.…I…" but Max wouldn't let her continue. "I want you to leave - I don't want you to be here…" "But Max…please…I mean there must be a reason…what is going on here?" "It's none of your business the day you let me go you lost every right to be a part of my life so - please leave…"

Her eyes were misting up with fresh tears - he despised her - he hated her - and rightfully so, yet there was no way in the world that she'd give up on him now that she'd found him again.

"Is it Natasha? Or your child? Do you need money? Is that why you're…you're…" "Selling myself? Prostitute myself? Why would you care?" The bitterness in his voice was slicing through her heart.

Max felt like shit to treat her like that but he wanted her to leave and never come back - letting his mother back in his live would mean to fight his old demons and he had enough new ones to deal with. He wasn't strong enough to deal with all of this.

"Maxwell - please - I'm begging you…" "As much as I begged you and Dad to understand that Natasha and me wanted to stay together? As much as I begged you to not despise me when I told you that I was going to be a father? Or as much as I begged to god not to take my wife or my child away from me? You have no idea what begging means Diane Evans - so…go back to your high society life and leave me alone…"

Now it was the first time that he looked into her eyes. She could see all kind of emotions but despair the most prominent. No - she wouldn't leave no matter how much he tried to push her away and insult her, he had never been someone to do so and although years had gone by - she could still read him like an open book.

"No - I'm not leaving, you're my son and I…I made a lot of mistakes in the past Max but I won't repeat them, I won't lose you again."


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Part 09

Mother and son were facing each other, none of them saying a word - Max was too exhausted to come up with something that he could say - he was literally lacking the power to say something and Diane was waiting for him to respond in some way. Acknowledging how tired he looked.

"Max why don't you let me help you?" "Because you didn't help me when I needed your help the most - you pushed me and Natasha away." "You know that I like Natasha - where is she by the way? Is it her, who's lying in there, where is your child?"

Max was slowly shaking his head. "Don't you see what happened here mother? You don't know a thing about my family and me - you have no idea what's going on in my life and yet you try to behave like - like - if you would help me now everything would be okay. I know that you liked Natasha and though I also know that it wasn't you who said 'abortion or leave' you didn't say anything against it. I was 16 - 16 and had made a mistake and needed nothing more than a mother who'd tell me that no matter what, that everything will be fine - I KNOW what it means to be a parent and could never let my child down like you did me. I want you to leave now or I'll call security and I don't want you to come back again."

He turned around and left disappearing into the hall again.

Diane was standing there - he was right - she knew it - and especially one thing hit home now - He WAS a parent and he knew what it meant to have a child - through the last years she of course had known that he was out there somewhere with a child, still she had never really acknowledged what that had made out of him.

Slowly she walked out of the hospital, Judy was still there. "So what happened? Did you talk to him?" "He hates me Judy - he hates me so much." Her voice was quivering. "But you aren't giving up an him are?" "No - but I need you to tell me what happened - Judy what is going on here? I'm so confused and - also terrified." "Di I don't think that it is my place to tell you what happened." "But how am I supposed to help him if I don't know what's going on here?"


"I'm sorry Miss - I can't tell you whose paying for the grave." An elderly man was telling Liz. She had spent the whole night thinking about what she wanted and she wanted Alexander. He made her feel things she had never dreamed of feeling and all of this although she didn't know a thing about him.

"Listen Mister Hawthorne - I know that this is a really strange request but I need the address. I have no idea where else to find it and - please."

"I can't tell you - I'm sorry - " the man watched the young woman in front of him, she had told him a story about a man and that she needed to find him again because she believed that it was destiny that she they had met etc. It had been a really nice story and he wanted to help her - "Listen Miss - I have work to do - do you see the papers over there on the table…" he pointed there and Liz looked at them and nodded - god why did he make this so complicated. "…I have to work through them today - so what I suggest to you is to leave now - I'm a very busy man - that means that I'm going to go over there and start working and when I turn around you're gone…" What the hell was he talking about?

He turned around and walked over to the aforementioned table - then it dawned on her - he hadn't shut off the computer or closed the program - this man was an angle - taking a quick look at the screen she could read the address of a Max Evans. Max Evans? Who was that? Perhaps his brother or - strange - anyway - noting down the addy as fast as possible she left but not without leaving a note to thank him.


"So what now? You have the address and everything?" Maria asked, when Liz called her and told her the story. "I don't know 'ria - perhaps I'll just drive there and wait and I can make up my mind then what to do next."

Liz was driving around, looking for the street Zan might be living in - still if it wasn't his address she had the hope that someone still knew him there.

"I think I found it Maria - whish me luck." "Good luck." Ending the call Liz found her self parked in front of a small house.

Now here she was - sitting, waiting and contemplating - coming to the conclusion that she was crazy. "What the fuck am I doing here? I never - that's just not me - " she was shaking her head and talking to herself, when she heard a knock at the window.

A blond woman was looking at her - shit. "Excuse me, you're blocking my driveway." "Oh my god I'm sorry - I just - I - sorry…" "Is everything alright?" "Yeah, yeah thank you I - sorry." Liz started the car and drove away - so - he was married huh? Maybe his second wife? But would she really allow her husband to be a gigolo - maybe she didn't know but - how dumb could you be right? No that made no sense.

Driving around the block Liz came back and parked again this time a little down the street but still able to watch the house and not blocking anybody's driveway.


"Dad? What are you doing here?" Sydney woke up, finding her father sitting next to her bed - looking like he had spent the night. "Morning angle - don't you want to see me?" "Yes but - you look awful." "Why thank you very much - the morning hasn't started until my daughter tells me how awful I look." Max was joking - but he knew that he couldn't fool her - she was too clever.

"Dad - what's going on?" "I don't want to talk about it Sydney - I just - I don't know…" "Dad? Please?" The next moment the door opened and the doctor came in. "Good morning Sydney, good morning Mr. Evans." "Good morning." "How are you doing today?" "I'm good, thanks…" "Good - Mr. Evans it's good that you're here because I have to talk to you." Max didn't like the sound of it - so both men stepped out of the room while a nurse was checking on Sydney.

"What? What is it?" "The tumor is growing - we have to operate." Max closed his eyes - brushing through his hair with one hand, biting on his bottom lip. "When?" "Tomorrow - we have to go through with this now." "Okay - does Sydney know?" "No - not yet I wanted to tell you first." "Have you contacted the insurance company?" "Yes we did and as you were able to pay back most of your debt they're willing to pay…" "Good…"

At least that had worked - at least his daughter could be treated now.

The doc and him went back into the room. "Sydney - the doc has something to tell you." Max sat down next to his daughter on her bed, pulling her closer to his side. "What? What is it?" "Sydney - we have to operate you again." "No - Dad - please? Please I don't want to - I…no…Daaaaaaaad…"

She hid her face in her father's chest and Max needed all his willpower to be strong and not start crying as well. "It'll be fine Syd - I promise everything will be fine…shshsh…" trying to sooth her he whispered comforting words.


It had been a pretty exhausting day for Max and when he came home finally he just wanted to take a shower - change his clothes, get some sleep and go back to Sydney - they had given her a sedative to calm down.

He was relieved when he saw that no limousine was standing in front of the house - at least Diane had given up. Well he hoped she had.

Dave and Steph were at work so - he would have some time for himself - time he desperately needed.

It had been heartbreaking for him to see his daughter crying like that. She was so afraid because she knew the pain, she knew exactly what was going to happen to her and there was nothing he could do to take the pain away.

At least the insurance company was paying but he had to get the rest of the money as soon as possible - but how? He wasn't intending on ever going to Judy again, he still had to return the money from yesterday. The mere thought about the whole disaster made him sick. God - his own mother. She looked so old and sad - there was nothing left of the strong and beautiful woman who once had been his mother.

The light of the answering machine was blinking. Ten new messages - hopefully new clients but he doubted it.

"Max it's Judy - listen your mother is really upset about the whole thing and I was hoping that you'd be willing to talk to her again - I know that this whole situation is a mess but give her a chance she loves you - call me."

Yeah as if.

"Max this is your mother - I - I can't - I don't know what to say - I can only hope that…well I'm staying at Judy's for the next two weeks so please call me - I still love you and I want to help you and be there for you. I know that I…uh…call me. Please?"

Her voice was quivering - it wasn't fair.

"Mr Evans - this is Bill from the cemetery - I just wanted to let you know that there was a young lady today asking for your address - I don't know why but I just wanted to let you know. Have a nice day?"

Now that was interesting - who could that be? - it couldn't be Liz could it? NO - why would she but then - she - how did she know that he was at the cemetery.

"Max it's me again - I was hoping you would be home by now - call me - love Mom."

Max just deleted the messages after checking and finding out that there had been no new clients calling.

Taking a shower, eating something, taking a short nap and packing some stuff for Sydney and him he decided to go back to the hospital. His daughter needed him now and he wasn't intending on leaving her.


Liz saw an old Ford parking up the driveway - who was that? Was that - no was that Zan? And if he was it would she be brave enough to walk up to him - "Not today Liz - not today - " she mumbled, waiting for something else to happen. Two hours later the same man came out of the house again. Wearing jeans and a green T-shirt - he definitely looked like Zan but - that made no sense - why would he be living in such a house and wear clothes like that - but then again she knew nothing about him. Perhaps it was Zan's brother - that would make sense and perhaps he paid for the grave and perhaps - "Perhaps I'm losing it and I'm totally crazy anyway - what am I doing here?"

Who ever the man was he got back into the car and drove off again - with Liz behind him.

Where was he going? When the car finally drove up on to the parking lot of a hospital Liz recognized it right away - not far from here was the cafe she had met Zan after their first night together. The man got out of the car - taking a bag.

Liz got out of the car and followed him to the children's ward - he walked into a room. Slowly walking up to the room she could see through the window that he was talking to a girl. She looked like eleven - darker skin, dark hair. They were smiling at each other then he leaned over and took her into his arms.

"Can I help you Miss?" A nurse behind her startled her. "I - uh - no - no thank you." "Are you here to visit Sydney?" "Sydney?" "Yes - Sydney Evans - what are you doing here Miss?" "I - I - I think this was a mistake." Liz stuttered and turned around, intending to leave.

But the next moment the door opened and she was looking into the most amazing amber eyes she had ever seen. "What are you doing here?" "Zan?"

Max had been talking to Sydney when she suddenly had pointed out that there was someone out there watching them, asking him if this was a friend of his. Recognizing Liz right away who was talking to a nurse he could feel his blood boiling inside. What was going on here? What was it about her that she couldn't take 'No' for an answer.

"I…I…what's with your eyes?" "Liz…" he shook his head, closing the door behind him, looking at his daughter one last time and grabbing Liz' arm, dragging her out of the hospital.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" "The question is - what are you trying to be…" Liz asked, not liking to be shouted at, not even her parents dared to do that. "What? You dare to ask me a question? I had asked you to leave me alone, so what are you doing here Liz? Or wait - it was you, wasn't it? You were the one asking for my address at the cemetery right? Why can't you just leave me alone and search for another sex toy?" "Because I don't want to - I want you - I - I know that this sound crazy and all but - I - no matter what I try I can't forget you - and you know it - "

Max didn't know what to say - she was right - there was something. "You don't know a thing about me Liz - " "Then give me a chance to get to know you - please? Give me a chance Zan…I want this to be more than just some good sex, I want to get to know you…."

"The name is Max…" he suddenly mumbled - sooner or later she would find it out anyway. "What?" Liz was staring at him - he looked so defeated. "I said my name is Max…do you now realize where I'm coming from? You thought you know something about me but - it's an act Liz - I'm so far from being what you think I am…"

Liz was still watching him, contemplating what she should do now, so everything had been a lie, everything - he was a gigolo, paid by her best friend to sleep with her, his name was wrong and everything else as well.

Slowly Max was looking up into her eyes - there were so many emotions visible in her eyes - but confusion being the main one.

"What did you think you would accomplish by following me? Did you honestly think that…I don't know…" "I thought that maybe you would give me a chance to prove to you that I'm also not what you think I am."

Liz explained - sure she was rich and appeared to be cold and arrogant but deep down she also had feelings.

"So where does that leave us?" Max wondered. "I would like us to get to know each other - the right way - you know - step by step - like normal people."

Slowly she walked up to him, gazing into his beautiful eyes - now the picture was right - there had always been something disturbing about the blue eyes now - it was perfect. His amber eyes where so full of emotions - "This could never be normal Liz." He whispered when she was standing in front of him. "What's so great about normal anyway?" He chuckled, making her smile - yes there was hope for them - she could feel it.

"So Max - considering that this is a hospital and assuming that you want to be near your daughter - why don't I buy us both a coffee and we can get to know each other?" She then took his hand, pulling him back to the hospital. "How do you know she is my daughter?" "She has the same soulful eyes like her father." Liz stated and kept on walking.


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Part 10

Walking by Sydney's room Max saw that Jonathan was visiting her again. "Looks like she has company." He chuckled and kept on walking. Liz had no idea what she was supposed to say - she had so many questions - there was so much she wanted to know about him.

"Here…" she handed him a coffee and both of them took a seat after adding cream and sugar. "So…" "So?" They were looking at each other. "Why…what….I mean…" Liz stuttered not knowing what to say. "I guess you want to know what's going on here huh?" "Yes but…I don't feel like I have the right to ask you that - I think I want to know more about you before I…I don't know.…" "So now you're playing the shy girl after following me around and not leaving me alone?"

They were both smiling - she had never seen such a genuine smile.

"Okay…so…your name is Max…is that an abbreviation? Why don't you just tell me everything you want me to know and then I'll return the favor." She said after taking a sip of her coffee.

"Okay…well my full name is Maxwell Philip Evans…I'm 28 years old and I'm originally from New York. I have a 12-year-old daughter, her name is Sydney and she's everything I have left. As you know her mother's name was Natasha - my wife. We were both 16 when Sydney was born and as soon as we had turned 18 we got married, two years later Natasha died…" "I'm sorry…" Liz said. "I…it's okay…I mean…it's hard and I know that Sydney desperately needs a mother figure but…we manage so…."

"Was it an accident?" "Cancer…" Max looked up into Liz' eyes not really able to tell her more and besides that he didn't want her pity. "Sydney…well…when she was eight she had cancer as well and apparently it came back, that's why she's here." "Oh my god Max…" Liz placed her hand on top of his and could feel that he was trembling slightly.

"I - I can't lose her Liz…I can't…" "Don't even think that way Max…okay? I'm sure she'll pull through and you have to believe that as well…" He nodded and took a sip. "So tell me something about you…" "Well, my name is Elisabeth Parker, you know my age and I'm born and raised in California - what else?" "Did you go to College?" "Yeah - business administration with major in management but…I don't really feel like working…" Max was chuckling by now. "What is so funny?" "I also started studying business administration…" "You didn't finish?" "No…." "Why?" "I had no other choice." He whispered, looking downward.

Liz wanted to kick herself for being so clumsy - of course he had to - his wife was dying and he probably had to pay for the treatment…damn…

"So New York huh? Why move to LA?" "Because Natasha's family moved there." "What about your family?" "I…don't wanna talk about it…" "Okay…sorry…" "Don't be sorry Liz - I…it's just complicated…" "I understand." Liz nodded.

They talked a little bit more about unimportant things like, school, hobbies - stuff like that until Max saw Jonathan coming in. "Hi Mr. Evans." "Jonathan hi - how are you doing?" "Great I'll be able to go home next week." "That's so nice to hear - is Sydney sleeping?" "Yeah - she was pretty tired - when is the surgery tomorrow?" "Early in the morning." Jonathan nodded - he felt a little stupid to ask Sydney's father all those questions but he liked Sydney - actually a lot and he was planning on visiting her and he cared. "Will you keep me up to date on her condition?" "I sure will Jonathan."

Liz watched the interaction between the boy and Max and it didn't surprise her to see the father he really was. They watched Jonathan disappearing. "Who was that?" Max chuckled and smiled before answering. "As it looks like now the first crush of my daughter - you know it's strange - I always thought that I don't really want to have to worry about my daughter, the first crush, the first boyfriend, sex and all that too soon and now I'd be happy if that would be everything I have to worry about." "I can understand that." "But she's a good kid - very bright - " he looked down at his watch. "And I think I really should get back to her now - thanks for the coffee." "My pleasure."

Walking back to Sydney's room Max waited in front of it to say goodbye to Liz. "So?" "So I guess I better leave now but…I'll be back…and if you need something let me know okay?" "You don't have to come back Liz…" "I know, but I want to - don't think that you'll get rid of me so soon Max…" Again he was smiling - she felt so good - she had made him smile several times today while they had been talking and that although the situation he found himself in was everything but to smile about. She didn't know a lot what had happened in his life and what made him do the things he did but it wasn't too difficult to piece the puzzle together. He was a desperate man who wanted to protect and save his daughter - even if it meant selling the only thing he had left - his body.

"Bye Max…" "Bye Liz…" she gave him a peck on the cheek, biting on her bottom lip afterwards with a twinkle in her eyes. This was new for both of them - this kind of getting to know each other and getting to some kind of new intimacy - although they already had slept together several times.


Max carefully opened the door to his daughter's room…she was stirring and then opening her eyes. "Hey." "Hey Dad…" her voice was rough. "I hope I didn't wake you?" "No - that's fine - so…are you going to tell me who that was?" "Whom?" "Dad?" the whining in her voice made it obvious for him that she really wasn't up to questioning him a lot.

"That uh - was Liz…" "Is she your girlfriend?" "No - no I wouldn't say that - " "Maybe one day?" "Maybe - so what about Jonathan? Is he your boyfriend?" Sydney rolled her eyes and sunk back into her bed. "Okay I got that hint." It made Max smile - she looked so much like her mother when she did that face.

Looking at her he once again marveled at her beautiful skin - Natasha's had been pretty light - yet you still had been able to see that her skin wasn't Caucasian - with Sydney's it was different - you couldn't really tell what kind of tone dominated her skin - it was her hair that betrayed her.

"Dad? What is it?" He suddenly realized that his daughter had been talking to him. "Nothing angle I just - you look so much like your mother." He admitted before kissing her on her forehead. "Thanks."

Sydney considered it as a compliment because she knew that her father always told her that her mother had been the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"So - you're not off the hook Dad I want to know everything about her." "What do you want to know? I don't know Liz that well." "So her name is Liz?" "Yes." "How old is she? She looks pretty young to me." "Are you saying that I'm too old for her and as you must know it's only three years." "Really she looks much younger - where did you meet her?"

Max swallowed not knowing what to tell her, he couldn't tell her the truth. "Well - uh we met through a friend." "Cool - I want to meet her if she's going to be your girlfriend anyway." "Sydney no one says that she's my girlfriend…" "But you said maybe…and I told you that I would be fine with it…" "Yeah and I'll let you know if there's something I have to tell you - got it - why don't you go back to sleep?" "You just don't want to talk about the possibility that there might be some one you could actually love again."

He was dumbfounded - where did she come up with that? "Sydney - stop it okay? I don't want to get into a discussion over my love life…" "Which is not existing…" she interrupted him. Now he wasn't only dumbfounded but speechless. "Excuse me? What do you know about my love life?" "A lot more than you think - it's just I was talking to Jon this afternoon and he told me about his parents and all that and it made me think - has there ever been someone since Mom died Dad?"

Max didn't really like the direction this conversation was taking. "I think we have a lot of talking to do when you feel better again huh?" "Yeah - " Sydney nodded.

The next second a nurse came in again to check on her, telling them the time for the surgery the next day. They would get her at six in the morning and get her ready. She couldn't tell Max how long it would take them to remove the tumor, after that Sydney would have to stay on the ICU and of course the other treatments weren't finished yet - it would be hell all over again.

The nurse also gave Sydney a sedative so that she'd be able to sleep through the night.

"Will you be there when I wake up Dad?" Sydney asked, feeling her eyelids getting heavier and heavier by the second. "Yeah - I'll be here - sleep tight angle."


"I can't sit around here and wait until he calls - he won't call Judy - I know he won't." Diane was pacing the floor of her friend's living room - praying that max would call. Judy was watching her not sure what to do - they had been waiting the whole day - not going out or anything because her friend wouldn't give up hope.

"He won't call Di - I know he won't - he's too hurt - he has been living alone for far too long - don't expect him to change just because you're back in the picture." "On whose side are you Judy?" "On no one - you just have to understand what he went through…" "How can I do that if nobody tells me what's going on here? Why is he in the hospital? Who's ill? Where is Natasha? Where is his child?"

Judy was again contemplating what to do - Di would find it out anyway and telling her what she knew might make it easier for her to understand the actions of Max.

"Natasha is dead." Judy finally sighed. "What?" Diane sat down slowly. "I don't know the whole story so - don't ask okay? I only know that she died eight years ago - cancer, four years ago Sydney - your granddaughter also suffered from cancer - she lived through it and everything was fine until two weeks ago - she has cancer again. Max once mentioned that he had to drop out of college because the treatment for Natasha had been too expensive - he had been able to pay back everything when Sydney got ill - the same problems occurred - he had no money - he worked day and night to pay for everything. He would have been able to pay everything and the end of this year if Sydney wouldn't have become ill again - now he's deep in debt again - that's why he is doing what he's doing - he has nothing else to sell besides himself and he earns a lot of money - well it would be a lot of money if he could keep it - but there are the drugs, again insurance, rent, food,…all that stuff. He's just trying to keep his daughter alive and provide her with a good life - that's why he won't call."

By now Diane was silently crying - her son had been through hell and back and it started all over again. "Oh my god - why didn't he call? Why didn't he?" "You think he would call the people who told him to get rid of his girlfriend and his daughter? Diane wake up - Philip might have been the one pushing him away but you didn't stop him either - you can't take back what happened and now it's really up to Max what's he going to do."

Diane stood up walking into her room - pacing the floor there again then she made a decision. She needed to help her son and her granddaughter - a granddaughter she didn't even know.


It was six in the morning and Sydney was holding on to her father's hand - crying. "It'll be fine angle - I'll be waiting here okay? I love you Syd - I love you." Syd wanted to say something but she was crying so hysterically that she couldn't get out a word - she was so afraid of everything - remembering thee pain from the last time - and seeing her father who wasn't even allowed to touch her the first few days because she to stay isolated.

Max' heart was tearing apart seeing her like this and he was actually a little relieved when she finally disappeared behind the doors because he was finally allowed to let go. Sobbing, rubbing his hands over his face he stood there.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder - turning around he saw Liz. "Liz? Wha…" "Shshsh…" she took him into her arms, letting him cry. She had seen him and his daughter when Sydney was wheeled out of her room - crying and it had made her cry as well.

For some unexplainable reason she had woken up this morning at five - he needed her - for some reason she had known that. So as quickly as possible she had gotten dressed and driven here.

Max was clinging to her - not able to really talk - he just needed someone to hold on to
crying his heart out and although he would never admit it felt good to do so.

Liz led him over to some chairs to sit down, holding him still close. "Thanks…" he hiccuped merely audible. "It's okay - are you feeling better?" "A bit…" he nodded, pressing his thumb and forefinger to his eyes to stop crying. She handed him a tissue that he took thankfully. "Do you want a coffee? Tea?" "I guess…why are you here Liz? What are you doing here?" "I don't know I woke this morning at five and I never wake up at that time - yet I just knew that - well- might sound corny but that you needed me - so here I am, if you want me to leave you have tell me - not that it would change a thing but…" "You're babbling…" he smiled at her a tiny smile, taking her hand in his - it was a genuine gesture and she knew that she was exactly where she was needed.

She stood up "So coffee?" "Yeah…" Max nodded, not letting her hand go. Like that they went to the cafeteria once again - not talking but it wasn't really necessary because everything that needed to be said in the moment could be said without words.

Arriving at the cafeteria Max took a look at the watch - 6.30 it would be at least another three hours until he could hope to hear something about his daughter and how she was doing.

"So how was she doing?" Liz finally asked him when they went back with their coffees. "Well yesterday she actually had been pretty talkative - asking me who you are and yeah she was fine - but the later it got the more quieter she got and than his morning - she woke up crying and didn't stop." "I'm sorry." "Why? I'm sure you aren't the reason for her illness." "Yeah well but - " "Liz - don't okay? Cuz if you start to think about it it'll just get to you even more I spend weeks doing just that and it drove me nearly crazy."

They sat down - neither Liz nor Max said a word, until they both heard footsteps walking towards them. Looking up Max realized that it was Dave and Steph right behind him.

"Hey…sorry that…the traffic…" Dave stuttered. "It's fine Dave - hey." They gave each other a hug then Max turned towards Liz. "Steph, Dave that is Liz…Liz that are my friends Dave and Steph…" he introduced them. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" Steph asked Liz while shaking her hand. "Possible - I was blocking your drive way some days ago." "That's right - why didn't you tell me you wanted to talk to Max?" "I…uh..." "It's a little complicated…" Max interrupted, hoping that Steph wouldn't mention it again.


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Part 11

Waiting - Max hated it! Liz was at his side, holding his hand while he was sitting there, staring into space - 90 minutes had gone by - and it was already driving him nuts.

Dave was watching Max and Liz - who was she? Was she a client? A client Max felt something for? He needed to find out more about her. She definitely was rich - the clothes, the whole appearance was shouting 'money'. At least it seemed that she was able to calm Max down.

They could all hear another pair of footsteps coming their way - turning around Max saw - Diane Evans. What was she doing here? Max didn't really react - he was still staring - so Dave took it upon him to talk her.

"What are you doing here Mrs. Evans?" "I want to be here for Max." He grabbed her by the arm, guiding her out of sight. "Mrs. Evans - I don't want to be impolite but don't you think that it is a little late for that? I mean - Max - he has enough to deal with in the moment, I don't think that you want to add to it by sticking around and getting him all worked up right?" "I - I know - I just - I need to do something Dave…he's my son after all - he always was and always will be…"

"Yeah maybe you should have thought about this before…" they both turned around, surprised to find Max standing behind them. "Maxwell…" "Leave it mother…I don't have the energy to really argue with you nor do I have the nerves so please leave, leave and never come back."

"But…" Max saw the hurt in her eyes and for a millisecond he thought about giving her another chance - but he wasn't up to it - "Maxwell if I have to beg to let me back into your life I will - please I want to help you and Sydney…I know that it is unforgivable what I did, yet I still hope that you do…I…please?"

By now Liz had walked up to the whole scene - it had surprised her when Max had shot out of his chair a minute ago - something getting his attention. She was watching the whole scene, so this woman was his mother and for some reason he didn't want her to be here. There was still a lot she had to learn about Max.

Still this woman seemed so familiar yet she couldn't pinpoint it. Now Max was standing there, staring at his mother - god what had happened here that he could push her away like that.

"I…I don't have the time to worry about your bad conscience mother, my daughter has cancer and is fighting for her life - I have other important stuff to worry about in the moment so I'm going to ask you for the last time nicely to leave…" he turned around, finding Liz standing behind him. She was confused, he could see that - he wished she hadn't seen the scene but now she knew that there was a lot more to his story.

Carefully he took her hand and together they walked back to their chairs. After a few steps though he turned around - seeing his mother starting to leave - he was hoping he wasn't making a mistake here. "Why don't you leave your number with Dave."

Everybody was surprised by this - Steph gasped out of relieve, Diane because she might be given another chance and Dave because he had never expected something like that. He took the number from Diane Evans and went back to sit down again.

"What was this all about?" he asked Max after some minutes of silence again. "I don't know - I just - I just realized that if I ever fucked up like that - which will never happen - but hypothetically I think I wanted Sydney to let me back in her life as well and I would also try everything." "So you're going to forgive her?" Steph then asked, holding her husbands hand and watching Max and Liz.

Liz was just sitting there watching - she had no idea what they were talking about but bit by bit she was able to find out a little bit more about Max. "Never…" he then finally answered. "But that doesn't mean that I won't talk to her again - I mean she's Sydney's grandmother and - I want to leave it up to Syd if she wants to meet her grandmother - she's old enough to make those decisions on her own and I couldn't stop her from trying to find her one day so maybe it's better if they meet and…I don't know…fact is that I can't make that decision all alone - Syd and I are family and…yeah…"

He could feel Liz holding his hand tighter, looking at her he saw her smiling encouragingly at him - she had no idea what was going on but she was there for him and that was important for him. They still had a lot of talking to do.

After another hour Liz decided that she needed some fresh air, Steph thought that this would be a good chance to get to ask her some questions and joined her - leaving Max and Dave sitting in the hospital.


"So how long have you known Max?" "Not long - three weeks maybe?" Liz said, she had no idea if this Steph person knew about Max or not so she had to be very careful with what she was saying. "He's a great guy isn't he?" "Yeah - I don't know how he does it I mean - I know a lot of people who would have given up already." "True - do you know Sydney?" "No - unfortunately not yet but I hope to…" "I'm sure you will - she's a great girl - a lot like her father." "Did you know Natasha?"

Both women sat down on a bench in the park. "No - he moved in when Nat was already dead but - from his stories he's telling us I sometimes feel like I did know her…" "That must have been so hard for him I mean how old were they when Syd was born? 16?" Steph nodded. "Yeah and that without the support of his family…I mean I can understand that he is so angry when it comes to his mother and family in general." "I don't know we haven't really gotten to the stage…you know talking about family and all that…"

"Well they abandoned him....when Natasha got pregnant his father said abortion or you leave so Max 16...can you believe that? I mean sometimes I still depend on my parents because they have the experience and all...I can't imagine what it must be like to lose this in such a young age." Liz listened - now it all made a lot more sense.

"So ever since they hadn't been in contact anymore? I mean he and his mother?" "No - he left New York when Natasha's family moved here and...I mean as much as I know his family is quite wealthy so there wouldn't have been any problems if…"

"…if Natasha hadn't gotten cancer…" Liz finished the sentence. "Oh my god…I didn't know that…" she now was staring back at the hospital. So many things were occupying her mind.

"Liz - I don't know what's going on I just - hope that you really want to be with Max because he needs as much support as he can get and he needs someone to turn to....Dave and I we're his friends but still Max is very reserved…I guess I just…" Steph stuttered. Liz took her hand into hers. "I'll stay I need him as much as he needs me - believe me - ever since I met him something within me has changed and…it's good and…yeah…" Liz nodded reassuringly. "That's good." Steph smiled - something about this Liz person seemed familiar she just didn't know why.


Dave and Max were both staring into space when a nurse appeared. Mister Evans?" "Yes?" "I would need you to clean out your daughters room - she won't come back into this room so…is there anything you want her to have in the ICU?" "Yeah her Tigger - " "Good - you can give it to me and I'll take it , clean it and when she comes back I'll place it on her bed." "Thank you - do you have any idea how much longer it'll take?" "I guess at least for another two hours." Max nodded, standing up - he was so used to this whole procedure already that it frightened him. It was always the same, always the same 'understanding' smiles, hushed voices, warm eyes, same messages and sentences. He hated it.

"I'll help you." Dave stood up and followed Max to Syd's room. "So this Liz person who is she? Is she a client?" Dave asked bluntly ever since seeing Liz he had suspected that. Her clothes were expensive and the behavior was screaming 'money and good education'. "Dave…" Max sighed, starting to put his daughters clothes and books and all the other stuff into a duffel bag. "No Max I was just wondering, what do you think you're doing?"

Dave suddenly exploded. Max stopped and watched his friend. "Who are you to question me? I have more important stuff to worry about in the moment, so she was a client I don't know where your problem is." "The problem is what are you going to tell Syd when she asks how you got to know her and all that?" "I'm going to tell her the truth that I met Liz at a party....and that isn't even a lie…why…what is wrong with you? I thought you would never ask me about this…" "Well you are wrong - I can't let you do something so stupid? How can you even think that this could work out? Do you really think that Sydney will ever find out?"

Max turned away and resumed packing, he wasn't going to listen to that bullshit....sure he also had his doubt but still he wanted to give it a try. And in the moment he was pretty sure that Sydney wasn't thinking about stuff like that. Sure one day she would question him and....depending on the situation he would lie to her or tell her the truth.

A knock startled both of them.

"Jonathan?" Max smiled at the young boy. "Hey Mr Evans." " is Sydney doing?" "I don't know it will take at least another two hours until they're going to tell me something."

Jonathan nodded. "Why don't you give me your phone number and I'll call you and keep you up to date on her condition?" Max then suggested knowing that Jonathan had to leave again.

The boy nodded and scribbled down his address and everything. Max put the paper into his wallet and packed the rest of Syd's stuff without acknowledging Dave.


"What do you mean she went to LA?" Philip Evans shouted at the P.I. . "Why would she go to LA?" "Apparently she is visiting a friend there Mr. Evans She isn't cheating on you or meeting another man...that was the purpose of this investigation right?" "Yeah, yeah…"

Philip Evans was pacing the floor of his office on Capitol Hill, Washington it was a beautiful day yet he felt like his whole world was tumbling down. He hadn't been able to call his wife Diane...and he was feared that she had left for good... "And she is really only visiting her friend no....I don't doesn't seem as she is searching for someone right? I mean has she contacted an P.I. agency?" "Not to my knowledge but if you want me to I could keep on following her around and make sure that I'm right." "Yeah that sounds good."

Philip handed the man his money and a little more and sat down at his desk. Did she know? Did she know that Max was in LA? Yes - yes he knew - he had known about everything happening in his son's life ever since Max had left.

Pulling open the bottom drawer he pulled out the last pictures he had received of his son and his daughter. It had been one month ago...Sydney and her class had helped with a charity event - organized by her school...the pictures were showing Sydney acting on stage, Max applauding, Sydney walking up to her father - the last one showed them in a hug.

"What have I done?" He mumbled - he knew that he had ruined his son's life...he knew all about the situation his son found himself in and he had never found the guts to help him. He was a coward - he knew that and he also knew that there was nothing he could do to make it better.

First he had lost his son and now it seemed like he was also losing his wife.

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Part 12

Sydney had been brought to the ICU thirty minutes ago....Max also knew that procedure very well...he wasn't allowed to go in...he had to wait for at least 24 more hours...there was nothing he could do in the moment but at least his daughter was doing fine. They had been able to remove the tumor. Now they had to find out if it was the only one and if Sydney would recover soon.

Dave and Steph had left one hour ago but Liz was still there. "Why don't you go home and I'll call you?" Max took her hand and looked into her eyes...he needed to be alone there was a lot he had to think about. "Are you sure? I mean…I don't really want to leave you, I'd rather go with you…" "I appreciate that Liz but in the moment I would really like to be alone how about I call you later and we can do something...there's nothing I can do in the moment and I need some distraction honestly so if you think you're up to it…" "Yeah…I talk to you later…" "Yeah later." They gave each other a short kiss and the she left.

Dave had handed Max his mother's telephone number…well he also knew that she was staying with Judy…he really had to get this off of his mind…this whole situation wasn't healthy.

After driving home, changing and eating something he drove to Judy. He was nervous, more than nervous but....he also he would never admit it openly he also had a lot of questions that he needed answers for.

Ringing the bell he waited that somebody would open the was Judy. "Max? What are you doing here?" "Is my mother in? I need to talk to her…" "Of course come in, she's in the garden, why don't…" but before she could finish the sentence max had already walked off to the garden.

It definitely felt strange to come here with the intention well...of sleeping with Judy and getting paid for was a really humiliating feeling, still…

His mother was sitting at a table reading. "Mother?" Startled she looked at him. "Max.oh my god is everything alright with Sydney?" "Yeah, she is fine...she was transferred to the ICU three hours ago…but that's not why I'm here."

Diane nodded finally the moment was there as it seems....he was ready to talk....and she was sure that he had a lot of questions but also accusations.

"So what…what brings you here…sit down." "I prefer standing thank you…I came here because I wanted to let you know that I'm okay with the fact if you want to meet Sydney...she is your granddaughter and she knows that my family is alive…" Max paused, realizing that he was babbling "...what I want to say is - she would have searched for you anyway someday so why don't you pay her a visit when she's out of ICU I'm sure she'd like to get to know her other grandmother."

Diane had gasped when she realized what he was saying he was giving her another chance....maybe not with him but at least to get to know her granddaughter. "Are you sure Max? I mean there is nothing I want more....I ...thank you."

He bit on his bottom lip and nodded, not daring to look into her eyes. "So....I....Judy told me you left Dad?" He then started to mumble. "Yeah, ever since you never had been the same were right, totally right when you accused me of not helping you....I was so weak and....I should have hold him back....after you left we, the happiness never returned to our home...." "So...I heard he got elected.....he must have been happy...." max continued.

"Yes I guess he was....he's still in Washington...he's going a great job Max." "Well yeah I guess it's always easier to handle the problems of a state instead of the more personal problems of the own son."

The bitterness in his voice was evident and Diane couldn't and wouldn't blame him, he had every right to behave like that.

"So...Judy told me about Natasha, I'm sorry Max…" Only nodding on his side. "Me too Mum, me know we were actually having a great life...I know that it was wrong to take all my money but Dad never gave another option was good money and a lot, I had put it into stocks and actually doubled in and....we were happy...we got married on Natasha's 18th birthday, I was attending College, Sydney was the middle of our small family - universe and then....she got ill...and died. Do you have any idea how much I had needed my family back then? I....I don't really want to get into it too deep because I'm sure that you know's just....I can't stop blaming you Mum, Sydney might forgive you but don't expect the same reaction from me."

It was now that he finally dared looking into his mother's hunted eyes.

"I…I have to go now…I'll call you…"


Diane wanted to ask her son who that young woman had been but she knew better, she had no right to ask a question like this.


Liz was sitting in her room, staring out of the window, when she head a knock. "Come in." Turning around she saw that it was her mother. "Liz is everything okay with you?" "Why Mum?" "I don't know I have the feeling that something is bothering you." " Mum…"

Nancy Parker was watching her daughter, she might not be the perfect mother and always busy with different parties, charity events etc. but she knew her daughter and her feeling was telling her that something wasn't right.

"Is it this guy?" "Which guy?" "I think Alexander was his name?" Damn! Liz thought to herself, how was she going to explain to her mother that his name wasn't Alexander but Max and how she going to explain anything to her....better not tell...well at least not in the moment.

"Well no isn't about him I'm just...forget it..." the next second her phone was ringing...."Excuse me Mum."

Nancy nodded and left the room, something was off and she was going to find out what it was.

"Yes?" "It's me, hey…" "Hey…I was fearing that you wouldn't call." Liz breathed and sat down on her bad...she couldn't deny it hearing his voice made her whole body tingle with excitement that ended between her thighs. Although she knew that this wasn't all about the sex anymore she missed him, she missed his body, his caresses and...everything. Something she also had thought about was....would it be different now? Now that there was no need for him anymore to hide or to play a role?

"Liz?" " I thought that maybe you had some doubts and you would rather not meet me again…" "No, no....not just called the hospital Sydney is doing fine you maybe want to...go out?" "Like on a real date?" There was a pause, she could only hear him breathing at the other end of the phone. "Yeah like a real Date."

He was chuckling, something that didn't really happen too often anymore. Max was lying on his bed as well, staring at the ceiling, wearing only his shorts. "But...I can't invite you to a five star restaurant…" he then added and he could hear her laughing...could it really be that he was missing her already? What was happening to him? He hadn't felt like that...well like when he had met Natasha and that seemed like ages ago.

"I don't care as long as I can spend the time with you....I would also be quite happy with ordering pizza and playing couch potato as long as you're 'potatoing' with me."
Liz and added and they both started to chuckle.

"Potatoing? So that's what it called now huh?" His voice had turned from light to sexy and low and she could almost feel his breath in her heated skin, she had to get out of here. She needed him, as wrong as it seemed but maybe he also needed was at least worth a try...and if not that she was really content with being held by him. " how about it?" "Sounds good to me, so...where do you want to meet?" "At yours my parents are having another of their stupid parties, I need to get out of here."

"Fine, then why don't you bring some movies along and I order the pizza." "Perfect." "What do you want on it?" You - was all that Liz was able to think about. "Hum....mushrooms, no onions, no ham, no..." "Okay, okay...I get the picture..." Max chuckled. "So I'll be waiting for you." "I hope so, don't get started without me."

Then she hung up.


"Don't get started without me? What the heck was that?" Max mumbled while dialing the number of the pizza service. Maybe she was also yearning for him as much as he for her - oh god - maybe it wasn't such a good idea to invite her over.

After ordering the pizza he put on some slacks and a T-shirt again. The apartment was tiny but clean - hopefully she'd like it...she was used to other stuff.

30 minutes later he heard her car and opened the door. At exactly the same time Dave and Steph left the house.

"Hey Liz." Steph smiled at Liz. "Steph Dave...hi." Max only nodded and hoped that Dave would keep his mouth shut and he did.

"Hey…" Liz then turned towards him giving him a short but sweet kiss. Before Dave or Steph could say anything else max closed the door and helped Liz out of her coat.

"So what did you bring? The pizza will be her in like ten minutes." Liz was walking behind him. "Well I had no idea what you like so I brought 'Vanilla Sky', 'Bridget Jones's Diary' and 'What women want'." She looked up at Max who was leaning against the kitchen table smirking at her. "What? Not good?" "No sounds you want something to drink?" "What do you have?" Liz passed by him, opening the fridge, she could feel him standing behind him - oh god - this would take all her power not to attack him right away. "Beer, wine, water, pop, juice, milk....well I must say you have a lot to offer in about some wine?"

She asked without turning around. His body was now pressed against her from behind and he reached for the red wine. "Perfect." He breathed, he got smell her, sense her and he needed to feel her as had been too long.

Taking the bottle of wine and two glasses to the living room area he sat down and waited for her. "So what first?" "How about 'What women want'? I haven't seen that one." "NO?" Liz eyes were like saucers...."No...I never made it to the cinema to watch it." He answered her with the same funny expression on his face.

Liz started the movie and sat down next to him. Ten minutes into thee movie the pizza was there and they both were enjoying the food, wine and movie.

"Are women really thinking like that?" Max then asked, while Liz had her head leaned against his chest, his arm around her, while he was drawing around the rim of his glass with the forefinger of his other hand. "Sure they do…do you think they just made that all up?"

Shrugging his shoulders Max kept on watching a little more..."It's just I mean...obviously I have met a lot of women but...I don't know..." " can't compare the women who are actually calling a gigolo to the rest of womanhood....most of the women really do think like that...other's don't...I's like when women are thinking with their dicks..." "..which is true...." Max injected. Liz rolled her eyes, moved her head a little bit so that she could look into his eyes. "You do not honestly think that all men are thinking with their dick, do you? I mean it wouldn't surprise me but it also would be a sign of inadequacy don't you think?" "Maybe me if they aren't impotent they all do think with their dick at one point, straight, guy, doesn't matter...I mean...isn't that what's it all about? The infinite goal?"

"What?" Now Liz was sitting up. "C'mon know that I'm right...I mean what other reason could there be that sex is one of the most best inessential matters of the world?"

Liz was thinking about it, biting on her bottom lip, something that could drive Max crazy right away...oh god this woman would be the death of him. "Well I think you might have point there..."

They were staring at each other, max smiling from one ear to the other, biting his bottom lip, watching her and suddenly they were both laughing madly. "Oh god I can't believe you just said that!" Liz shook her head and brushed the tears away which were running down her cheeks from their laughter.

After the movie was finished they decided to take a break and just talk....Liz took her place again, head against his chest...with the only difference that this time he was stroking her arm gently.


They had been talking for hours about everything and nothing and finally Max found the courage to really tell her what was going through his mind. He had to tell her now or never. Maybe the wine also did its job but he definitely had to tell her.

"You know....when you said you'd come over...I had feared that...well...that it would be only about sex again…" Max started. Liz was still resting against his chest....eyes closed. "..but now I know that it isn't...well you know about sex anymore...I mean....we really got to know under strange circumstances and it is strange, I haven't been in a steady relationship ever since Natasha and I know that ....that this would be difficult because I still have no idea how else to get money but I also don't want to keep going on with this if I have a girlfriend...that is if you want us to be a couple....fact is that I really like you and you are so not paying any attention because you have fallen asleep on me haven't you?" Max then chuckled, bending forward a little bit and getting his confirmation that her eyes were closed.

Smiling he carefully moved so that she was lying on the couch, covering her with a blanket he stood up and took the empty pizza box, the empty wine bottle and the glasses to the kitchen.

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Part 13

Liz opened her eyes...did she dream that? Did he really say that he wanted them to be a couple? No...that was a dream...and where was he anyway? "Max?" She sat up staring at the clock, it was ten minutes after one in the morning. Stretching before getting up she took in her surroundings....the living room wasn't big...but it was really comfy.

Getting up she walked to the kitchen where the light was still on. Max was sitting at the table, head in his hands, eyes closed. "Max? Is everything okay?" She asked carefully. "Oh you're awake, I hope I didn't wake you?" "No…" she walked over to him and sat down on the chair next to him. "Sorry that...I fell asleep...that never has happened to me before...I mean falling asleep on the first date."

Max only smiled at her, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "That's okay, I guess we both had some really exhausting days huh?" "Yeah, so what were you thinking about?" She was trying to look into his eyes but he wouldn't allow it.

He had been thinking about his life in general and his parents....would it change a lot now that he allowed his mother to meet Sydney. He knew that from the first second they would meet that his mother would fall in love with her. How could she not? Sydney was adorable....although you better wouldn't say that in her presence.

"I....well I talked to my mother today....and....I thought about don't know..." "Steph told me." Liz put her hand on his. Max now was staring at her, how much did she know? Somehow Liz knew that this was exactly what he was wondering in the moment. "She didn't tell me everything, just the basics I guess...I mean...when your mother showed up today, I was confused...I mean what could be the reason that you hate her so much and Steph told me. I'm sorry Max...." "I don't want your pity Liz."

He got up, pacing forth and back - once - twice - stopping - leaning against the counter. "It's....that is my life Liz. I had to grow up so much faster then anybody else and....that made me who I am today....and...I could understand if it would be too much for you. You're still young and you like to party, I have a daughter who needs me a lot...." "I know that Max and I know what I'm getting into here...." She stood up, placing herself in front of her, taking his hands and looking up into his beautiful amber eyes. Yes those eyes belonged to this handsome face and not blue once.

"Are you sure? I mean are you really sure that you know what you're getting yourself into? Believe me Liz I would be happy if this would really work between us but...there may be many obstacles." "And? I'm sure there easy to take if we're together...Max I know that my behavior in the beginning is inexcusable but....I guess...even though I didn't really know you there was something deep with in me that made me coming back to you, needing you. Do you really think that it was only about the sex? Sure we had fun but after sometime I was content with you being near me and all that although I had no idea who you really were." While she was talking she was playing with his fingers, then lifting his hands, kissing his fingertips.

"And now that I know you a little bit better I can't give up..."

Max had been watching her through the speech and it had really touched his heart. Yet he was so afraid still....what would her parents say? What if by some stupid reason his daughter wouldn't accept Liz? What if he couldn't stop selling himself because he needed the money so desperately? Could she live with that? Could he live with that?

Now they were standing there, staring into each other's eyes. "Please Max don't push me away because you are afraid, believe me I'm as afraid as you are because I have never really been in love and in a steady relationship...but...." before she could say anything more Max cupped her face with his hands and pulled her closer, kissing her.

The kiss was gentle but yet filled with yearning, passion and promises. Before she could deepen the kiss he pulled away slightly, looking into her eyes...when he saw her smiling it reassured her that it was okay.

He pulled her closer, one arm around her tiny waste and one finding it's way into her hair. She tasted so sweet of wine and her won taste that was so Liz in everything. Biting and sucking on her bottom lip her lifted her up so that she could wrap her legs around his hips. Walking a few steps he sat her down on the table.

Their mouths were making love to each other, teasing, caressing, tasting and feeling the other. He made his way down her neck, which elicited a moan from her. His hands were now wandering underneath her blouse, feeling the soft yet hot skin. How could someone have skin as soft as hers? "Max...Max...." She whispered, turned on by his every touch, he was kindling a fire within her that only he could put out.

Hands were roaming over heated and aroused bodies, both somehow knew that they couldn't let it go too far...this was different from all their earlier encounters but they just couldn't stop touching each other. Max shirt was thrown across the room, landing at the other end of the kitchen. His hair was tousled and the jeans had gotten extremely tight.

"Oh god Liz....we can't...." Max hissed when Liz was pinching his nipples, drinking from his mouth, making love to him with her tongue. "I know...I know..." she responded by nibbling her way down his masculine neck to his shoulder, sucking at the nape of his neck. "Uuuuuuuhhhhhmmmmmmm...." Max moaned, panting, this wasn't a good idea, he should really stop them.....but she felt so good.


Liz woke up to the ringing of her cell phone. "Damn…" she mumbled, fighting her way out of the sheets and answering "Yeah?" "Oh so you're still alive." "Maria?" "Hey the candidate gets 100 points she still knows the name of her BEST FRIEND! Liz are you crazy? You can't just call me some days ago with a stupid plan of following a guy and then not call! I tried to call you, where the hell have you been? What are you doing? Are you okay? Liz are you there?"

Liz was slowly sitting up, she was in her bed room - why? Oh yeah right, Max had insisted that she drove home before he would lose the last bit of his willpower. Of course it hadn't helped at all that she had been so turned on that she had help her self to at least some release. This man would be the death of her.

"'s early, I'm a little hung over, I'm going to call you later..." "Oh no you are so not going to hang up on me....Liz?...Li..." CLICK.... Liz was now rubbing her eyes...god what a night.

Slowly getting up she decided that she needed and shower and then a coffee...or the other way around? Who cared anyway?

Putting on her robe she made her way down the steps to the kitchen...sure she had her own kitchen in her part of the was an apartment but all you could find in her kitchen was ....well...not a lot...and her parents had a cook so why bother?

She could her voices in the garden when she arrived in the kitchen! Tonja was busy in the kitchen. "Good morning Tonja." "Good morning Liz, how are you today?" "Fine, do we have visitors?" "Yes your Mum...they are out in the garden." "Oh you have some Advil or something like that?"

Tonja handed her some together with a glass of water...she knew Liz too well. "Thanks. So how was the party yesterday?" "Oh as much as I can comment on that I would say it was good." "Good." "And how was your evening?" Liz was looking at her over the rim of her glass. "Wonderful...I....had fun." "Someone special?"

But there was nothing more that Liz could say, her smile was betraying her anyway. "Oh Liz I'm so happy for you." "Thank you Tonja." "Will I meet him one day?" "Sure...but I think I better get ready now....I have to call Maria...and....yeah....a lot of stuff to do."


"I'm so glad you came by Diane....I haven't seen you ever since Philip and you came to visit us five years ago." "Yeah it's a long time." Diane Evans nodded at Nancy Parker, enjoying the sun. "You really have a beautiful house, I like it better now after the changes." "Yeah well Jeff and I thought that Liz would enjoy it more if she had her own little apartment...I mean...sure could also move out but I guess she enjoys it to be able to live here." "How is Liz doing by the way?" "Well in the moment she is doing fine...although Jeff is not very delighted that she had College degree in Business administration and isn't really willing to finally start working. Jeff is planning on talking to her one of these days to confront her with the fact that one day she'll be the CEO of the company."

"But she is still so young Nancy..." "Yeah I know....and I'm sure that one day she'll realize that it isn't all about having fun."

Diane nodded. "So tell are you doing?" "I found my son Nancy." "No way." Nancy Parker gasped..."Oh my god Diane that is so I mean....what is he doing? Is he okay? What about his family?"

"He's living here in LA, can you believe it? I mean how often do I come to least once or twice a year and I never knew that he had been here all the years. He has a daughter, Sydney...and....she has cancer." "Oh my god Nancy...I'm about his girlfriend?" "She....they eventually got married but she dies eight years ago because of cancer...oh my god Nancy he hates me so much....but yesterday he came by and told me that he wanted me to meet his daughter." " takes a lot off courage to do so...don't you think?" "I know..."

Diane kept on telling her former classmate everything about her encounter with her son what her plan was to help Max...and to support him and make it better.


Max had gotten to the hospital early in the he was standing out side of Sydney's room, wearing scrubs and everything that helped to prevent that bacteria would reach his daughter. The night had been a good night, she had slept and there had been no complications.

On his way in he had met the doctor who wanted to talk to him. Pressing his hand against the windowpane he mumbled "I love you sunshine I'll be back later." Then he left the was difficult to walk along the corridors of the ICU for every a child, fighting for its life, the parents crying and praying, it just wasn't fair.

Brushing through his hair after getting rid of the scrubs etc. he made his way to the doctor's office.

"Ah Mr. Evans. The doc is waiting for you." His secretary smiled at Max, he nodded and entered the office.

"Mr Evans...good morning." "Good morning." They shook their hands again and sat down. "Well...I haven't received the results yet because it is too early, nevertheless I think I can tell you that Sydney will be fine, the tumor wasn't as big as we had feared and the only thing we have to do now is make sure that it hasn't spread. Of course Sydney will have to stay a little bit longer until we're sure but don't worry about it." "Don't worry about it? Do you have any idea how much that will be?"

Now the doctor was looking at him confused...why I mean....I thought...didn't you pay for it already?" Now it was Max who looked at him as if he had grown a third leg? "Huh?" "Well...we received a payment for the whole treatment and for Sydney's stay here." "What? How...? Who?" Max already had a suspicion either Liz or his mother....although he assumed that it was his mother who had paid for everything.

"Well I don't know who paid for it I can only tell you that everything is covered and from what the insurance company told me everything is fine with them as well." "What?" Max jumped up from his chair and started down at the startled doc.

"You have no idea who could have paid for that?" "No...well...I have an idea but....I...excuse me, is it okay if I call you again?" Max asked while on his way out of the room not really paying attention to the doc's answer.


"So you tell me that he has a 12 year old daughter who has cancer and he's a widower and you still want to stick around? Are you crazy Liz?" Maria was shaking her head. Liz had finally called her and promised to come by and tell her everything. Maria was....well yeah...shocked and that was describing it mildly.

"Maria....Max...he's so...great, you should see him with his daughter and although I really haven't met her she's also cute." " can't just walk into their life play Mother Theresa and walk away when you have enough. I hope you know that. Geez....what did I do."

"I can't believe that you are thinking that...I...this is something different Maria..." "You can say that again." Maria interrupted her. She couldn't believe that Liz was really thinking of staying together with Max. Okay he was older - big deal - not....age wasn't a problem. He was a widower...well...not easy to deal with because that means he had a past...but still manageable...but a 12-year-old daughter, who was very sick, was something totally different.

"Liz are you really sure you know what....god...Liz he won't be there for you all the time he has a daughter who needs him and I know how you can get of you aren't the centre of attention." "People can change Maria." Liz said a little louder than intended. What could she do to prove to Maria that she really wanted this to work?

"So....he wants this to work?" "Yes." "So what is he going to do to pay for the stuff....what if he won't stop sleeping around with women for money...have you thought of that?" "Yeah and I'll give him the money." Now Maria was slapping her hand against her forehead. "Duh...why didn't I come up with the idea...sure he'll take your money...if he is too proud to ask his own family for help. LIZ WAKE UP!"

Now Liz had enough, she got up and started walking away. "You know Maria, call me when you're back to normal..."


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Part 14

"But there must be a way to find out who paid for the hospital and insurance company!" Max shouted at this idiot in front of him. "I'm sorry Mr. Evans but all I can find in the books is that it was a donation by a charity organization down in Florida...I don't know...why can't you just be happy about it an d accept it?" "You don't understand can you give me the address of this organization?" "Uhm...I will try to find as much information as possible and will contact you." "Thank you."

Max walked back to the ICU, a nurse was just inside checking on Sydney. "How is she doing?" "Good everything is Mr. Evans...if you want to you can go inside." "Thanks."
Carefully he opened the door, took a chair and sat down next to her bed...she was so pale.

"Hey's me..." he whispered, carefully not to wake, he knew that she would wake up soon but didn't want to be the reason.


Liz tried for the tenth time to reach Max but his cell phone wasn't on, she was worried, was something wrong with Sydney? This was the only explanation she had. She was pretty sure that he was in the hospital and so she decided to go there. After the talk with Maria she needed Max, she needed him to confirm that she was right....that would make it together.

Of course she had thought about it, she knew that it wouldn't be easy...hell...his daughter was half her age and if this relationship really would work...."God Liz get a's too early to think about stuff like that." She mumbled, driving to the hospital.

Just when she was parking her car her phone rang. "What?" "Well hello to you too." "What do you want Michael? Because if you call me after talking to Maria I don't wanna hear it." "I guess you know me or better us too well. Yeah she called me and asked me to call you to talk some sense into you...Liz are you sure....that... " "I'm hanging up now Michael....I don't....I'll call you..."

Throwing her phone into the glove department she went into the hospital - hoping that she'd find Max there.

"Can I help you Miss?" A nurse asked her when noticing that she was walking around, looking for something. "Yeah I'm looking for Max Evans...I'm quite sure that he is with his daughter Sydney Evans on the ICU." "Oh okay...are you family?" "Uhm...I'm...his girlfriend...I was...just wondering if he is here." The nurse nodded and went to check the entries in the computer of the coming and leaving visitors of the ICU. "Yeah he is in there." "Good....thank you." Liz was just turning around when the nurse said. "But you can't go in there." "Yeah, I know but at least I know that he is there....I'll just be waiting for him then." "Do you want me to get a message to him?" "Would you do that? That would really help a lot...thank you."

After handing the nurse a note she walked out of the hospital again and taking a seat on one of the benches in the park.

Surely enough, ten minutes later Max came out of the hospital. "Hey." "Hey." They kissed but Liz sensed that something was wrong. "Is everything okay with you Max?" "Uhm...I....if I ask you a question do you promise to tell me the truth?" "Sure...what is it?" "I...someone paid the hospital and insurance....was it you?" "Me? mean....honestly I thought about it wanted to talk to you about it before doing anything." "So it wasn't you?" "No..." Max sat down next to her and entwined his fingers with hers.

Liz was chewing on her bottom lip, watching him, staring at their hands. "So someone paid everything?" "Everything." Max nodded, his voice quivering. "They say that it was paid by some insurance company in Florida...I don't know anybody in Florida....I...I think I have to ask my mother if she paid it." "Do you really think she would hide behind a...a..." "..Charity Organization...." "...yeah charity organization in Florida? I mean, she'd know that you would suspect mean...sure it won't hurt to ask her but....maybe you are really lucky. Sometimes organizations behave like that...they go through files and see that there is someone in desperate need and then they pay." "But wouldn't they contact the people? I mean....from day to the other everything is don't believe this."

"So how is Sydney doing?" "Fine....she's sleeping but at least I was allowed to go in, I'll be going back there." He looked at her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer. "I can't wait for you to meet her." "And I can't wait either you think she'll like me?" "I'm sure she's just...there is a lot coming her way now...the treatment...her grandmother and suddenly her father has a girlfriend." "If you don't want me to meet her...." "...shhhh...don't even finish that sentence okay? I want you to meet her...."

They just sat there, enjoying the sun and that they could be together for some time. One hour later Max decided that it was time to get back again and promised to call her again later that evening.

Something that neither Liz nor Max had noticed was the guy taking pictures of them and filming them. After Max had disappeared into the hospital again and Liz had left he dialed the all so familiar number. "Mr. Evans I think I have some interesting news seems like your son is dating Elisabeth Parker.


"What do you mean he is dating Elisabeth Parker? THE Elisabeth Parker? Jeff Parker's daughter?" Philip Evans was asking the P.I. who had come straight to Washington. It was in the middle of the night.

"From the looks of it, they are are the pictures, they seem obviously close to me...." Philip took the envelope and looked at the pictures and he couldn't deny it. Max had his arm around Liz while they were talking and on some pictures they were kissing.

"Does she know what he is doing for a living?" "I wouldn't know...sorry...." "So what about Diane?" "Well....they are in contact definitely.....two days ago Max paid a visit to Judy and....I couldn't get on to the ground but your wife was at home and...I would say that they talked."

Philip closed his eyes....this wasn't what he had pictured to happen. He knew everything about Max...everything about his life and he waited and waited and waited that his son would come back, come back to the family, even if he only did it to beg for help. Philip would have helped him - he knew that he had made a huge mistake....but he was too proud...and Max seemed to be just as proud as he was.


Max and Liz were lying in bed and laughing...they were laughing tears. "Oh I can tell you even better stories but I wouldn't want to bore you...." Max said, wiping away the last tears.

They had spent another evening together and after coming home from the cinema they had decided that the bed was larger than the couch to lie on.

"How old was she when he did that?" "I think three....she was cute...but that really was embarrasing." "I can imagine." They got quiet again and Max turned onto his side facing Liz again.

"I had a lot of fun tonight." "Me too..." she nodded and turned towards him as well. Slowly he lifted his hand to her face, stroking her cheek gently, she turned her head towards his palm, kissing it lovingly and placing her hand on top of his.

"What is it with you that makes my heart beat a mile a minute whenever I'm near you?" She whispered, staring into his mesmerizing eyes. "I guess that's mutual, because you're going the same thing to me." His voice was as low as hers was and it was driving her insane...she needed him, she needed his touch.

They kept on touching each other and looking into each other's eyes, moving closer to the other their lips touched, slightly and carefully. For both of them it was something different to have all the time of the world to enjoy this closeness and those caresses.

Max slid his tongue along her lips, first top then bottom, tasting her, getting to know ever little tiny line on her lips, willingly she opened her mouth to his touch and wasn't able to suppress a moan at the first touch of their tongues. The kiss was passionate and slowly.

With a little push Max was on top of her, pressing his chest against hers. He could feel the erected nipples through the layer of clothes and it was driving him nearly insane that she wanted and desired him that much. Her hands started to glide over his chest, to his shoulders, onto his back and under his shirt. They were warm and the touch was tantalizing, urging him on to keep going.

Then he could feel her running her nails down his spin to his jeans.

They never separated - oxygen was overrated anyway - he needed her.

His hands also weren't that idle - brushing his fingers through her beautiful, long, chocolate brown hair he angled her head to have even more access to her mouth that seemed to have put a spell on him because he just couldn't move away from her.

They were both panting and turned on, nevertheless when looking into each other's eyes that this time would be about them not about sex....they needed time to get know each other in new and different ways. Rolling over so that Liz was on top she slowly pushed up Max' shirt. "You're so beautiful I hope you know that...oh so beautiful..." she mumbled before leaning down and kissing his chest, nibbling at his nipples. "Oh god....Liz...." Max hissed before his hands finally also lifted up her top and got rid of it.

Her perfect breast were literally screaming for his touch, so after also getting rid of Liz' bra he started kneading them, drawing circles with his thumbs about the areolas...turning this angle who was straddling him on even more. "Don't stop…" she closed her eyes under his ministrations and also began to move her hips up and down his ever growing erection, which was still a captive of its tight confines of his jeans.

"Uh...what do I feel here?" She smiled at him and scooped down a little bit to let her hand stroke about it. "Take a good guess." He chuckled. "I don't know I guess I have to take a good look at it before I tell you my opinion." Liz smiled at him, yet with sexy eyes, while seductively opening one button after the other and pushing the jeans down together with his shorts.

Biting on her bottom lip she watched his member standing proud for her and waiting for attention. "Well..." she nudged herself between his thighs and lay down, licking her lips " definitely looks delicious....let me have a taste of it...." The word were enough to make max groan, his eyes rolling back into his head and closing his eyelids. At the first touch of her tongue licking up his shaft he felt like he had to explode right away. "Damn....oh god....Liz…"

Max stopped and watched him, while doing that she got rid of his jeans and the rest of his clothes so that he was lying there in all of his naked glory. He was by far the most beautiful man she had ever seen and probably would ever see. "What Max....what?"

Opening his eyes took in a deep breath before answering. "I need to touch you and I need you to touch me...." "Where Max? Where do you want to touch me?"

Max leaned up on his elbows with a crooked eyebrow. "So you wanna play huh?" "Me? Play? No...I'm a little innocent girl....." by now she was holding his member in her hands again and ready for the next attack "..licking her favorite popsicle...." and with that she went down on him again, making him nearly come.

But Max wouldn't her to let this be a one sided game, sitting up while she was still licking and caressing him he pulled down the zipper of her skirt and pushing it down together with her panties. "C'mere..." he ordered her to turn around. While doing this they got rid of the last of her clothes together.

He was now still lying in his back but she was kneeling above him.....her feminine lips needing his touch.

"So beautiful...." Max murmured before starting to lick and to nipple at her most sensitive part. "Oh yes...Max...that's it...." Liz moaned at the first touch of tongue lapping up her already nearly overflowing juices before returning to her task at hand....well...hand and mouth.

Her scent was intoxicating him, he needed more and more of her taste and everything was willing to give him. Perhaps they should have waited but right now there was nothing he wanted more than to pleasure her and receive the same treatment in return.

I could feel that he was nearing the end but he had other intentions. Letting his hands glide along her ribcage her moved her over. "What are you doing?" She was watching him, turning around and placing himself on top of her again, kissing her before even considering to answer her question. "There is no way....(kiss)...that I'm going to (nibble)....come...(thrusting into her tight passage and kissing her)....before doing this." "Uuuuuuuuuhhoooooh god...." she threw her head back, loving the feeling of him penetrating her.

His thrusts were slow and long - in and out - nearly leaving her body, leaving only the tip of him in her body and then slowly thrusting back into her body.

His intention was to drive her crazy with this, make her scream and beg for release. "Max...oh please, don't stop, don't stop....faster, please...Max..." she urged him on but Max wouldn't have any of it.

Rolling her head from side to side, moaning, pushing her body even more into his she tried everything. Her hands found their way on to his butt, pressing him into her even more, wrapping her legs around his hips.

"Max...please..." Now he was staring into her eyes. "What Liz? What?" "I need you...." she started kissing him and it was this kiss that made him lose all the rest of his self-control. Sitting up on his knees, he pulled her even closer, watching himself pushing and pulling in and out of her. "Oh Geez....Liz....oh my god..." "Max....yes...." rising up her body from the bed she could feel the impending orgasm.

He could feel the beginning of her coming and increased his speed even more tumbling over the edge with her...shouting out his lust and passion. Panting he let his body sink back on the bed and on top of her. "I'll be moving any second (breath in)...I just need..." "I know..." she whispered, kissing his head. Looking up at her he smiled and kissed her again and again and again.....

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Part 15

Max had his arm wrapped around Liz' tiny form, she was fast asleep but he had a lot on his mind. It had been different, it had been....yeah they had 'made love', it had been honest and genuine.

It had felt so good and now she was still here, lying in his arms, pressed against his body. Hopefully she would stay there - at his side no matter what.

Liz had made him forget about the craziness in his life yet he couldn't forget about it...he had to find out about this organization and he still had to talk to his mother. Sydney would be waking up soon and then he would be busy with spending his time at her side again and he still needed to find a new job...a decent job.

"What are you thinking about?" Liz startled him, when she started kissing his chest. "Hey....why aren't you sleeping?" "I could ask you the same thing." He mumbled before giving her a kiss. "So?" "So what?" "What are you thinking about?" "This and that..." Max shrugged his shoulders, holding her closer to his body. Liz was watching him and it was like she was persuading him with her eyes only to make him tell her what was going on in his mind. "I....I thought about the fact how much I like you being know...knowing that you know who I really am and that you're still here."

Now she was smiling at him "Thank you..." "For what..." brushing away a strand of her hair he played with it a little bit. "For being so honest and for...also accepting me....I know that we're a really strange couple Max...but...I like being here, being near you makes me happy so....Thank you." "My pleasure....and if it helps the feeling is mutual."

Sharing another smile and another gentle kiss they both closed their eyes and drifted off into their dream worlds.


The next day around noon Max arrived at the hospital again. "Hallo Mr Evans...Sydney woke up just ten minutes can go and see her." The nurse told him as soon as he had entered the ICU. Sprinting down the corridor he arrived at her room.

"Hey sunshine..." he smiled at her and sitting down on the chair next to her bed. "Hi Daddy..." "Shshsh don't okay...." Sydney nodded and wincing. God how he wished he could take away her pain.

"I have some news for you Sunshine and I really hope that they'll encourage you to get better very fast."

With her big brown eyes Sydney was watching her father. He seemed happier, though tired, he certainly was changed.

"You remember Liz? The woman you asked me about and if she was my girlfriend? actually...she was there all the time for me when I was waiting for your surgery to be over and kinda made me realize how much I need her in my life...but don't get me wrong you are and always will be my number one...I just...wanted you to let you know and she's really looking forward to meeting you. Do you like that?"

Slowly Sydney nodded her head, she also wanted to get to know her.

"But that isn't all...someone else showed up and...she wants to meet you as mother, your grandmother...well we ran into each other by coincident and...I know that...well you know how I think about my family but if you want to meet her when you're feeling better let me know and I'll tell don't have to make the decision now, there is still a lot of think about it and...yeah...I just think that you're old enough so that we can make those decisions together and....I may not be happy about meeting my mother again but I just wanted to let you know that it is perfectly fine with me if you want to get to know her okay?"

Again nodding...she had so many questions but the hose in her throat made talking impossible. And she was so frightened, she wanted nothing more but that her father could take her home.

"Oh and Jonathan called everyday to ask how you are doing and he told me to tell you that he'll visit you as soon as you're out of the ICU...I guess you really have your first boyfriend coming your way sunshine huh?" He smiled at her, stroking over her forehead, trying to lighten the situation. He could see how frightened she was.
Carefully he took her small hand into his "I'm here Syd and I'm not going to leave you or go anywhere....we're going to get through this okay? I love you."

And that was exactly how it was...for one week he would only go home to sleep and change and go straight back to the hospital.

For Liz it was a difficult time because she missed him and like Maria had said, she wasn't used to being neglected, yet she understood it and tried dealing with it, so when her cell phone rang on one of her shopping afternoons with Maria she was more than delighted.

"He is going to meet us here in ten minutes Maria, so behave." "I'll try...I know me Liz...if you're happy and he is what makes you happy then so be it although I really have no idea how you two can think that this will work but if you're willing to give it a try who am I to object." "Thank think he will like the watch?" "Hell I don't know Liz....just don't be disappointed if he doesn't accept it okay?"


Max could see Maria and Liz sitting in a cafe, when he arrived. "Hey..." he gave Liz a kiss on her cheek before taking a seat. "Maria." He nodded at her, it was a really strange situation. "'s actually strange to call you like that...oh and...something is different with you isn't it?" Maria continued. "Yeah it's the eyes they are brown." Max told her before she would continue to stare at him like that. "Oh right...suits you much better." "Thank you."

"So how is Sydney?" "Great, they could finally remove the hose and they hope that she'll be able to eat something tomorrow...the results are here and she should be fine now." "That's good news Max, I'm glad." Liz took his was already such a normal gesture between the two of them that they didn't noticed Maria's surprised look.

Yet Maria had to admit that Max was really easy to talk to and a nice guy. "So are you coming to the big party Max?" "Uh...what party?" "My parents are celebrating their 30ieth anniversary....and if you want to you're invited." "When is it?" "In two about it." "I will, it will depend on Sydney...although the room is paid I don't want to keep her in there longer as necessary."

"Yeah Liz told me about this strange organization could you find out something about it?" Maria turned to Max. "No....the only thing I could find out is that nobody has ever heard about it....honestly in the moment I have other stuff on my mind and to worry about so...I guess this will have to wait."

They kept on talking for two more hours and Maria really had to admit that she had a lot of fun and didn't feel like the third wheel or something like that. Although Liz and Max would steal a kiss from each other here and there and keep on holding hands she felt comfortable. So when she left the two she gave him a hug and whispered "I'm glad how everything went're good for her and you're really nice." "Well thank you Maria." He smiled at her when she let him go. "Though it's too bad that I won't have a chance now to have my way with you..." "Maria!" Liz shrieked and Max' ears turned dark red. "Kidding....see ya guys."


After going to the cinema Liz went home with Max again. They were sitting on the bed, Liz between his legs, caressing his strong and beautiful underarms. "So...I was wondering what are you doing when you're sitting there and Sydney's bed?" "Thinking...talking to her...or reading to her, stuff like that." "Thinking? What about for example?"

Max shifted a little bit and kissed her on her head. "Mhm....I think about her birth for example or when I only could feel her moving in Natasha's tummy, then I think about her first smile, her first word, her first step - stuff like that. Mainly I think about the last 12 years, I also think about it when she was in the hospital the last time. I mean...when she was born....she was two weeks early she had to stay in an incubator and Natasha and I spend also day and night in the hospital."

Liz thought about it...there was so much she wanted to ask. "How...I mean…you don't have to tell me, but how was it? Being a father with 17?" Max didn't answer right away, she turned to him, watching all the emotions on his face. "Sorry...I..." she then mumbled. " it's's just a really difficult question to be honest...I mean...when Natasha told me that she was pregnant - god I thought I would die. We were together for two years and had been sleeping together for one year. One day she didn't come to school and usually I always knew when she wouldn't show up because she'd call me in the morning so that I wouldn't worry too much, but this time she didn't call and I was waiting for her but she didn't show up. I called her but only the answering machine picked up, so I waited and waited and when school was over she was standing there - waiting at my car. I knew that she wasn't feeling good the last weeks and deep down inside I think we both thought about the possibility that maybe she was pregnant."

He shifted again, pulling Liz closer who was listening to every single word. "I....just one look into her face told me that she was indeed pregnant....I walked up to her asking her 'Are you?' and before she could answer she nodded, crying, she had been crying ever since finding out. We were so young, too young to be parents they say, if you're old enough to have sex, you should also be old enough to live with the consequences. I took her into my arms and...tried to stay strong. I was....shocked and afraid but deep down inside I also was happy...a baby, our baby, something we was exactly this thought that kept me going and believing that we would make it. Instead of driving home I took her to the Central Park and there we sat, talking about the baby....and for both of us it was clear from the beginning that adoption or abortion wasn't an option...we loved each other and we knew we would stay together...well....until death does us part."

"Was it love at first sight?" Liz kept on asking, entwining her fingers with his, staring at his beautiful, long but elegant fingers, which could give her so much pleasure.

"Not really, I think we both...I don't know...I was helping her with Math...she hated it and I loved it anyway...we were friends, yet I think because she was...well hadn't Caucasian skin we were a put it that way...all her friends were black and mine were white and here we were. You should think that in our generation you shouldn't have to face those problems but...unfortunately we still have problems. Black people are raised with totally different values...don't depend on the white man was the whites blablabla...know what I mean? And here we were, falling in love...but after admitting that we felt something for each other it didn't matter anymore. Her family welcomed me with open arms. My family was different of course as always...but...let's just say...besides learning Math, we also learned to love each other. How about you?"

He bend his had looking at her, waiting for her to react. "What about me?" "Well you can't tell me that there has never been anybody you fell in love with."

Liz sat up, turning around, placing her thighs over his, starting to unbutton his shirt. " love is a strong word...I might have a sex life but love life no.not until now..." the last part had been more a whisper but he had heard her.

Placing a finger under her chin he lifted it. Biting on her bottom lip she looked at him a little ashamed. "So....uhm...if it helps you a little bit...I also had a sex you know....but no love life ever since Natasha died until now..." Max wanted to help her, he wanted her to not feel ashamed about her feelings, he actually needed her to be honest about her feelings.

The shared a few short but gentle kisses. "So...then tell me how about your first crush?" Liz rolled her eyes and giggled, letting her fingers glide over his chest in slow circles.

"His name was was sophomore year...he was new to my school and I fell head over heals for him the first time I saw him. One week later I bumped into him on my way to class and we hit our heads together...while I only head a bump, he had a lacerated wound...I felt so bad when I brought him to the nurse....I stayed with him and while I held some ice to my swelling he was stitched up...after that we talked from time to time and...yeah well..."

Max was laughing...."Oh man...poor did anything happen?" "No not until College..." Now she was blushing.

"Why Miss Parker, what could have possibly happened in College?" Max wrapped his arms around her now and pulled her closer, starting to kiss her lips and then descending to her neck, collarbone. "I....uh....well he was the one who...uhm...oh god that feels good....introduced me to all those parties...and orgies." "Orgies?" Max looked up, smirking. "I think Miss Parker you have some very interesting stories to tell as well....BUT...I couldn't care less about them in the moment."

Max mumbled before kissing her again.


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Part 16

"Are you sure that it is okay? I mean it is the first day that she is out of the ICU?" Liz asked Max for the up hundredth time. "Baby - I swear that it is fine, I'm sure that Syd will be happy to see someone else besides her old Dad and I also know that she really wants to meet you...I had to tell her everything about now I'm sick of telling now it is your turn." "And what is about your Mum? Don't you think that she wants to meet her granddaughter?" "Of course she wants to but this isn't her decision, this is mine and I want Syd to finally meet you, so stop complaining, everything is going to be fine, promise."

He gave her another reassuring kiss and together they walked into the hospital. Max still hadn't found out who really paid for all of this but he wasn't complaining. Syd was receiving the best treatment and care she could get and that made him happy. Of course he was still trying to find the real donor of the money but it wasn't bugging him that much anymore...his daughter was more important than his pride.

Knocking at Syd's door, he opened it and saw his daughter already sitting in her bed, reading, that was very good sign. "Hey sunshine." "Dad." She smiled at him and waited for him to take her into his arms. "How are you doing Sydney?"

Liz was still standing at the door and for the first time she had a goo look and then 'other' woman in Max' life, she had his eyes although the rest of her was fairly darker but she still was really Max' daughter. No doubt about that.

Ever since they were together Max had shown her pictures or home videos of Sydney but it wasn't the same to seeing her in reality.

"Liz?" Max suddenly asked, sitting next to his daughter on the bed, one arm, resting on Syd's pillow. The girl was looking at her with big eyes.

"You must be Liz, Daddy told me like everything about you." "Oh I hope only the good stuff..." Liz smiled and finally moved towards the bed, shaking Syd's hand. "I'm so happy to finally meet you and I'm glad that you're doing better." "Yeah." Sydney nodded and took a better look at the woman.

"Man you're beautiful...." she then said after Liz had taken a seat on a chair next to the bed. "Uhm...thank you." "How do you get your hair to shine like that?" Sydney continued which made Max chuckle. " just does I guess...but your hair isn't that bad also look how long it is."

"Yeah but how long will it be like that? I'm going to lose it again." Liz felt a little stupid that she had brought that up, looking at Max she apologist for her stupidity. "Oh sunshine maybe it won't and even if it does it'll come back..." He kissed his daughter on the head.

The conversation got lighter and now it was Liz' who had to retell the story of how she met Max, thank god Max had told her what his version had been so it really sounded okay.


Jeff Parker was looking through the whole list. "200 people Nancy?" "Well Jeff it is our anniversary and oh have you seen? I also put Diane Evans on the list, she is visiting LA and guess what she found her son?" "The son who ran away?" "Does she have any other kids hon?" "Not to my knowledge..." "What about her husband?"

Nancy looked at him, she remembered that Jeff and Philip actually had gotten along pretty fine. "Well I have no idea honestly, she didn't say if he was in LA as well, maybe we should contact Diane, or Philip." "Yeah I'd like that, I enjoyed that guy he was funny."

Jeff put the list away. "So where is Liz today?" "Oh I don't know but as much as I have heard from Tonja that she has a new boyfriend." "Isn't it sad that we have to ask the help to find out what our daughter is doing? I really hope that the guy is worth it because after I introduce her to the real life she won't have that much time to circulate and find a decent husband."

"Jeff..." "What? You know that I never made a secret out of it that with her 25th birthday she'll start working in the headquarters...and she knows as well. You know that I really love and adore our daughter but it's time for her to take over some kind of responsibility. I gave her some time now but she is 25 now and as soon as this is over I'll talk to her."

He was watching his wife carefully, they had talked about this problem several times. Jeff loved the women in his life but he also had some kind of responsibility for his company. Surely he wasn't thinking about retiring but he wanted to teach his daughter everything she needed to know and when the time would be there for him to step down, Liz should be able to manage everything on her own.

Jeff Parker had always hoped that Liz would fall in love with some one who would be able to support her in her position of being the CEO of Parker Inc. - maybe she was clever enough to find someone like this.

"I have to leave, I have a meeting in one hour, see ya later....and don't forget to call Mr. Evans, he should still be a senator for New York, so I'm sure he's very busy, we can use this publicity anyway."

Nancy nodded while writing herself a note. The party was only one more week away and most of the guest already had their invitation she really had to hurry up with this, as a senator Mr. Evans was in deed busy anyway...but it would really look good.


"Mr. Evans? You have just received an invitation for a party in LA - do you want me to respond to it?" Philips secretary asked her boss. "LA? Who is it from?" Philip looked up from his desk. "Nancy Parker, she asks if you want to join her and her husband to celebrate their 30ieth anniversary next Saturday?" "Parker....isn't that the wife of Jeff Parker, of the Parker empire?" "I can check that for you." "Please do so Melissa and check my schedule, if it is in deed Jeff Parker's party I want to go there, haven't seen them in years." "Will do so."

So this could get very interesting, his son's girlfriend was Liz Parker, daughter of Jeff and Nancy Parker, and Nancy Parker had known his wife once. So if Nancy invited him, maybe Diane would be there and he would have a chance to talk to her. Philip was pretty sure that Max wouldn't be there, though Liz and he would be able to talk to her.

"Mr is in deed Jeff Parker, do you want me to book you a flight and a hotel and send them a response?" "No why don't you give my the number and I'll call them - thank you Melissa."


"If you two ladies don't mind I want to make call, I'll be right back." Max smiled at Liz and Sydney who had been talking nonstop but he didn't mind he enjoyed watching them.

"That's okay Dad...oh and could you get me a Coke or something like that?" "I don't know if that is such a good idea Syd...I'll get you another you want something Liz?" "No I'm fine thanks."

Max nodded and left them.

"You really like my Dad don't you?" Sydney finally asked, she was glad that Liz and her would have some minutes for themselves because she had so many questions she just wouldn't ask with max being in the same room. "Yeah I do...I hope that this is okay for you." "Yeah....I like you Liz, you're think you're going to marry him?"

Now Liz was a little shocked, how did she come up with this idea. "Uh...uhm....I...I don't know why?" "Just because....I think it would be cool to have you as my mother." Now Liz had to smirk about, in some way Syd was much more grown up than other girls in her age and then she was just as young as she really was.

"How about I try to be your friend now and we will see what the future brings?" "That's cool as well...." Sydney nodded. "So what did you think when you saw him the first time at this party?" "Oh....well....I was kinda bored because it was a party my best friend threw for me but I don't know I really wasn't into it and....standing at the buffet he was suddenly standing next knees felt like pudding, he just took my breath away."

"Really? Like love at first sight?" "No...I would say more like attraction but this can definitely lead to love." Sydney's eyes were shining she loved to hear stories and she especially loved to hear this story because it was about her father.

"So what did he say? I mean was it something like all those machos do or...?" Now Liz was laughing, she was really enjoying this. "No....not at all...actually he wanted me to not something that I was just reaching for, it was too cold or something like that...really sweet actually." Of course she knew that it had all been a plan of Max' to get to her but honestly she thought that he would do something like that also in real life.


While Syd and Liz were talking Max went outside the hospital and called his mother. "Hello?" "It's me, Max..." " are you?" He sensed that his mother had no idea how to behave and what to say and for some reason it felt good. Everything was in his hand wasn't her decision anymore, it was his and that made him feel better.

"well Sydney is out of the ICU and she wants to meet you. I am at the hospital now with my girlfriend - I just wanted to let you know and ask you to contact me when you want to meet her. Sydney is fine but I don't want her to get too exhausted by too many visitors. Her granny - I mean Amanda wants to visit her this afternoon and I think that's all she can take for a day and I'm not sure but I'd guess that some of her friends might want to visit her tomorrow about I tell her you visit her in two days? Is that okay with you?" "That's fine Max, Thank she okay now? I mean...what about...?" "The results say that she should be fine again..." " are you doing?" "Actually busy...I'll call you again." And with that he disconnected the call.

For some strange reason he felt like someone was watching him, but who would be watching him? That made absolutely no sense at all. Turning around and scanning the area he couldn't see anybody suspicious...strange, really strange.

Before entering the building again he also called Jonathan telling him that it was okay if he wanted to visit Sydney tomorrow.


The day was finally here, Diane was pretty nervous when she paid the cab driver and got out of the car. Max was waiting for her in front of the hospital. He looked better, happier.

"Hi Max." He only nodded and started walking in to the hospital. "Are you sure that it is fine with her?" Diane still had some doubts....she was going to meet her granddaughter. "Yeah it's fine she wants to meet you so much."

Was that a smile? Did she really see a smile on his face? Diane wasn't sure but she was really happy that Sydney was bringing so much joy into his life. Her hands were sweating and she was trembling, the last night had been pure torture for her. She had hardly slept and this morning she hadn't been hungry because she was so nervous.

Together they entered the elevator and Max punched in the number of the floor. " there something I better not tell her?" "Well...I don't think that you two will get into too deep discussions....but she knows the story, I don't have any secrets and I expect the same from her...I want her to trust me as much as I trust her."

Diane nodded, she could feel that this maybe was something that he had always missed with her and Philip.

One minute later they were entering the room....and all second doubts flew out the window when she saw Sydney for the first time.

Syd was staring at her. "Hey are you today?" "Fine Dad..." After hugging her Dad she concentrated on that woman again who was her grandmother. "Hi..." she smiled at her carefully, looking at her father with a frightened look in her eyes.

"Sydney that is your grandmother Diane, mother, that is my daughter Sydney Amanda Diane Evans." Hearing that Sydney had her name nevertheless after all that had happened made Diane gasp.


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Part 17

Sydney was watching the woman with the blond/ brown hair. Thankful that her father was with her. She would have never admitted it but she was afraid, afraid that her grandmother would resent her after getting to know her.....maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

"Hi Sydney, I'm so happy to finally meet you." Diane said and took a step forward. Sydney grabbed her father's hand, looked up at him, confidence in his eyes calming her. He nodded slightly.

Diane wasn't surprised by the silent communication her son had with his daughter, Max had always been able to talk without words and as it seemed his daughter was able to do that as well.

"I'm also glad you're here...." Sydney admitted merely audible. The two kept watching each other, then Diane started lifting a bag. "Here I brought you something....I didn't know what...I mean...I....if you don't like it I...." Diane stuttered. "Why don't you let Sydney decide if she likes it or not?" Max smiled at his mother, for the first time ever since meeting him again he had a genuine smile on his face that was directed at her. She felt like crying or fainting or something like that....for Diane it was a miracle.

"Here sit you want something to drink Sunshine?" max turned towards his daughter again. "No I'm fine thanks Dad." "Do you want something mother?" "Uh no...I'm good." He nodded at retreated to the window, leaning against the window sill, crossing his arms in front of his chest and watching his daughter and mother.

He had a feeling that they wouldn't need him because Sydney had the ability to win over everyone's heart, yet he had promised his daughter to stay until she decided that she wanted to be alone with his mother.

Now Syd was opening the first of three gifts his mother had brought with her. "Oh wow look at that's the whole collection...thank so much how did you now that I like that show?!" Sydney started at her grandmother with big eyes, seven books in front of her of her favorite show.

"I didn't I just thought that you might want something to read and I asked this really nice lady what girls your age like to read in the moment and she pointed them out to me....I hope you don't have it already?" "Only the first one thank you so much grandma...."

It made her gasp and Max could feel a shiver running down his spine....Sydney had already accepted his mother....and he knew his daughter good enough to know that the presents weren't the reason for it.

A new pj and a necklace followed. "Mother you shouldn't have." Max murmured at his mother. "Oh sure's nothing....a beautiful girl deserves a beautiful necklace. "Can you put it on me grandma?"

Diane got up and helped her granddaughter. For Max it was really strange to those two together....from now on his life would be changed again. He couldn't shut out his mother again now that they met again and now that Sydney knew his mother.

"Why don't I leave you two alone a bit for some girl talk....I'll be in the cafeteria if you need me." He looked at Sydney who nodded eagerly and Diane who also wasn't as afraid anymore as some minutes ago. She was actually glad that he trusted her enough to leave her alone with his daughter, the most important thing in his world.


Liz was walking down the steps from her floor which led into the living room where she found her mother checking some papers. "Hi Mom." "Oh Liz good that I finally see you again, I wanted to ask you something." "What is it Mom?" Liz sat down next to was strange, ever since she and Max were together it was also easier for her to deal with her parents...well at least when she finally met them again.

"I wanted to know if you'll bring your boyfriend to the party?" "I don't know if he wants to, I mean I already mentioned it to him but...." she stopped. What was she supposed to say? That his daughter was in the hospital for cancer treatment? No that wouldn't go well with her mother, she knew that, she had to introduce them first and then slowly tell them the whole truth about Max. Besides that ....something also came into her mind...what if there are former customers of disgusting as it sounded but the possibility was there...she had no idea with whom max had slept. The mere thought of that could make her sick but it was true and it was his past and they had to deal with it.

"Liz?" "I....he said he doesn't know yet we'll have to wait and see I guess." "I would really like to meet him Liz, he seems to be really special." "He is Mum, he is." "That's good honey." Nancy Parker patted her daughter's hand. "Guess what even a Senator from New York will show up for our party....Jeff and I haven't met him for years." "How exciting Mum, you'll have to introduce me to him okay?" "Okay..."

The next moment Liz' cell phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey you...." Max. " is it going?" " Mum is with Sydney now and it seems like they hit it off right away." She could hear him breathing and it stirred something deep with in her. "I miss you." She admitted after getting up from the couch and walking to the other end of the living room. Her mother didn't need to hear that intimate chitchat. "Oh babe I miss you too....and how I do...." Max moaned. "How about I'll come by later tonight....I'll even bring dinner with me." She started teasing, oh god how much she needed this man. She was crazy....crazy for him. "Well....I have to admit Miss Parker you're pretty convincing."

It was like Liz could hear his smile, this wonderful, beautiful smile. "So I'll see you soon?" "Yeah, I'll call as soon as I'm out here." "Okay...." "Oh and Liz...." "Hm..." "Bring something for the night." Her smiled could have reached from the north to the South Pole. How she loved and desired this man.

"Was that him?" Nancy suddenly interrupted her thoughts. "Uh yes, yes that was him." "Must be really charming that young man." "He is Mum, he is." " the way....your father wants you to join him more often to the company...your free time is over."

Rolling her eyes Liz left her mother sitting in the living room. It wasn't like she didn't look forward to finally start working in the company, hell she a degree that showed that she was quite capable of it, it was just that her father was hard to deal with if it concerned the business, better his business.


Max felt exhausted for some stupid reason. His mother had spent the whole day with Sydney and Syd had been listening to everything his mother had to tell her. Stories about him when he was her age and about the family and just...everything. Then it was Sydney's turn telling his mother about her life, he had spent the day listening or walking in the park...he felt like he was intruding the bonding between his daughter and her grandmother or something like that.

Now he was finally home again, he had called Liz ten minutes ago so it would take her at least one hour to get here from Bel Air to Santa was rush hour after all. Getting rid of his sweaty clothes, he stepped into the shower, enjoying the water cooling his heated body down, summer could be like hell.

To his surprise ten minutes later the doorbell rang and Liz stood there carrying some bags with food. "What?" "Well hello there handsome I like it when you open the door wearing close to nothing." She wiggled her eyebrows and pushed him into the apartment. "How did you get here so fast?" " you must now...." while talking Liz put the food down and started opening her blouse, letting it glide to the floor. The sight of Max in only a towel wrapped around his waist had turned her on so darn much that she couldn't think of food or anything anymore besides the fact that she need to have him now, to feel him now. "...I was shopping at third Street when you called....(pushing him to the bedroom) when you called I went to Subways and got us a Sub....(tearing the towel away from him)...and to be quite honest I'm not really hungry in the moment for a sub....( stepping out of her shoes and skirt....she wasn't wearing any panties)." Max was already getting hard by her behavior, aside from the fact that she was standing in front of him....naked! God he loved this woman.

With anticipation he was watching her in agonizing slowness she finally sat down on his thighs...he could feel her wetness, smell her erotic sent. His groin tightened even more if that was possible. Max couldn't stand it no more and started kissing her, first softly and gently more like stroking and nibbling, but after he gained entrance to her delicious mouth and the warm and welcoming depth of it and tasted her and how much she was also yearning for him he turned ravenous.

His hand had a mind of their own and started gliding up her perfect back, then to the front to her full breasts with already tight nipples. "Oh god how I want you...." Max mumbled against her lips and shifted them so that was on top of her, pressing her down with his upper body until her shoulders touched the bed. He kissed her again, hard and deep.

Liz fingers were tangled up in his hair and her eyes were screaming for him and full of need, leisurely he began caressing her body...down, down. Licking her neck, sucking on her collarbone, lapping at first her left and then her right nipple.

His wet tongue found its way further down, which made Liz opening her thighs even more to welcome the sweet torture she knew that would soon shake her body to ecstasy. Max groaned in male appreciation. He could feel her wet, swollen female flesh, burning his hot skin.

"Touch me Max, please....." Liz whispered invitingly, writhing underneath him.

After that he wasted no time, pressing his open mouth against her, tasting her, eating her out. His tongue glided slow, hot and erotic along her most intimate parts. Liz' body shuttered as he kept on licking and sucking her like a man that would die of thirst and who had found some water to quench his thirst.

Gently he grasped her hands, entwining their fingers while still being able to hold her restless hips down.

His tongue thrust deep into her passage but not deep enough. "Oh god Max....Max....yes...." he could make out her moans, exciting him even more. He knew that she was close but he wouldn't let her...not without him and not without being deep inside of her, being one with her.

Slowly her worked his way up again. "Not yet sweetheart not without me...." That was the last thing Liz heard before feeling him penetrating her.
She wanted to be possessed and he wanted to posses was as primal as that.

Max was watching as her tight body welcomed him as he pushed into her. "God this feels so good." His body was humming or so it felt, slowly he started a much as he wanted to take her hard and fast right there, he also wanted to prolong this moment of being one as long as possible.

"Max...please....oh god I need you...." Liz whined while wrapping her legs around his waist, pushing him into her even more until he touched a place deep within her that nobody ever had touched before.

"Liz....oh....Liz....." Max moaned with every thrust, getting faster. Together they tumbled over the edge, moaning and whispering 'I love yous' to each other.


After recovering a bit Liz had fetched the subs and something to drink and they were now sitting in max' bed, still naked, eating.

" did it really go today?" Liz turned towards max, watching him taking another bite. "Actually pretty well...I think Sydney fell right in love with Diane....I just...hope that she won't get hurt in the progress...sure it is new to both of them but I know my mother and I doubt that she has changed so much....yet I wasn't really....I...I don't know...I guess I didn't want to burst Syd's bubble that my mother isn't so loving as she might have appeared,"

"Don't you think that this is a little hard on her? I mean Diane?" Liz put her sub down and tried to read his expression. "Honestly I have no idea....I want to believe that she has changed and that everything will be fine's hard. Can we like postpone this talk? I enjoy this evening way too much to destroy it by talking about my mother." " what do you want to talk about?" Liz smiled at him.

The only answer she received was a mischievous smiling Max and that was actually answer enough.

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Part 18

In the early hours of the morning Liz lay awake in Max' arms...he was sleeping, well she should be sleeping as well but there was just no way....of.....yeah forgetting what had happened that day. He had told her that he loved her again and....the amazing thing about it had been that she had said it as well...again.

Turning her head she watched him sleep, his long, dark eyelashes touching his perfect skin underneath his eyes.

It had been exactly 36 hours and ten minutes that he had told her for the first time and she knew....she'd never forget it because never in her life had some one told her that he loved her. The strange thing about it was also the fact that she didn't doubt was really strange.

"What are you thinking about?!" Max mumbled pulling her naked body closer to his own. "Nothing...what are you doing awake?" Max lifted his head, opening his eyes, resting his head in his hand, looking down at her. "I could ask you the same question what's bothering you?"

Lazily he let his forefinger dance along her neck, to the valley of her breasts.

"I was thinking about the beach." "The beach?" Now either Liz had really trouble getting back to sleep or she had a serious reason to think about Max thought to himself. "Yeah said." "Oh....?"


All in all the day Liz was talking about had been a great day....Sydney was feeling better and Jonathan and some friends had visited her. Max had decided to give her some time alone with them, they'd take good care of her and make sure that Syd was fine.....talking about friends Sydney was a good judge of character. So when he had called Liz to meet her at the beach he was feeling really giddy about specific reason.

He was sitting already in the sand when he could see her approaching him, she looked like a goddess to him, like an angle. Unfortunately his cell phone had rung. "Hello?" "Hi Alex this Amanda." Damn it was time to get a new number. "Uh hi Amanda...." "I was wondering if you're free for next Tuesday night, I have a party to attend to and my husband isn't joining me."

By now Liz was standing right in front of him and she could see the discomfort in his eyes, something was wrong. "Listen Amanda...I...I can't....I...well I don't do this anymore." "Really...well that's too bad...are you sure Alex, I mean....don't you need the money anymore." "It's not about the money Amanda, please understand, good bye."

"Was that one of your female customers?" Liz asked and sat down, she could see that Max was feeling....well...ashamed....he didn't even look into her eyes. "Hey...I...Max, look at me.....please?" He kept staring at his feet. "Please? Max?" She inched closer turning his head towards her.

God he looked so desperate and ashamed and...helpless, like a child that only wanted to be hold by his mother. Taking a deep breath Liz climbed onto his lap, holding his face in both of her hands by now.

"It'll be okay doesn't matter what you did...." "How can you say that? How can you even look at me without feeling disgusted....I can't even look into a mirror without getting the feeling that I have to throw up sometimes." Misty-eyed he swallowed, watching her but not being able to hold her was too much after that call.

It had all been a nice fantasy that they had been living in until now, until this call. How could he forget what he was? How could she make him forget what he had done? Oh god this was such a mess.

"I can because I care about you max and no matter what you did....I still want to be with you. You had a reason to do it, your daughter is alive because of the sacrifices you made. And I know no one who would be as selfless as you...I have no idea what I would have done if the roles were reversed okay? So...stop worrying about it....everything will be fine."

His eyes were glistering but at least he was holding her gaze now, finally he lifted his hands as well, touching his thumbs to her lips, following the soft skin that she loved to kiss so much. And he knew right there that he loved her, she was everything he had been waiting for. "I love you Liz Parker, I really do."

Liz gasped, her heart was beating in warp speed, tears were filling her eyes, overflowing and that was when she realized that she loved him as well. There were still so many obstacles to over come but she knew deep down in her heart that with by her side nothing really mattered besides him, his daughter and her. "I love you too."

When hearing this Max had the feeling that he would burst any time soon. Crushing his lips to hers he kissed her with all the love and passion he felt for this woman who had captured his heart.


Unfortunately his cell phone had rung again but this time it had been Sydney asking him to come back to the hospital because she wanted to talk some more about her grandmother. Liz had understood it and when Max left he promised her to call her later.

And now one day later she was lying here in his arms, enjoying the warmth of his body after a really satisfying night and was content to stay here.

"Liiiiiiz...." Max sing-sang into her ear. "What?" "Nothing I guess you just zoomed out on me what exactly are you thinking about when thinking about the beach." His hand lay on her tummy, carefully stroking her with his thumb. "That I never ever told someone that I loved him because it would have been a lie but with you I know that it's true." She turned to him and started kissing his jaw while he was still watching her. "That is can believe me ever since Natasha's death I also thought that I'd never encounter someone again whom I'd tell that I love her but...I'm glad that isn't so....I love you Liz though I know that it won't be easy...there are still so many problems and obstacles to overcome yet I know that we'll make it."

Leaning down he took her mouth in another kiss.


Philip Evans was sitting in the limousine that would get him form the airport to his hotel. It felt strange to be back in LA - sure he had been traveling around a lot but more the east coast the last time he had been here his life had been perfect now it was mess.

Knocking at the window that separated him from the driver, the window disappeared. "Yes Sir?" "Could you drive by this address?" Philip asked the driver, handing him an address in Santa Monica.....Max' address, he had no intention of stopping, but he wanted to at least....well...see if Max was there, maybe even getting a glimpse of his son....after that he was heading to the hospital.

The car changed the lane and left Highway Number 10 and was soon driving around the streets...five minutes later Philip recognized the street he had seen on so many pictures that had been sent to him and then there it was....the house....and Max' car was right in front of it. "Do you want me to stop Mister Evans?" " around the block and come back...please?" "Yes sir."

The second time the came back he could see someone walking... "Maxwell....oh god." His heart nearly tore apart when he saw his son for the first time after twelve years. He was wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers....he looked so much like his father, Maxwell's grandfather.

Max turned when he heard the car approaching. What was a limousine doing here? Oh well this was after all California so nothing really surprised him anymore and it wasn't that unusual. He threw his sweater into his car, got in and drove away. Yet he kept the black limousine in sight through his rearview mirror. Soon it had disappeared and he forgot about it. "Nonsense one is watching you."


When Liz arrived at Maria's to her surprise Alex and Michael were there too. "What are you guys doing here? Hey haven't seen you in a while." She first hugged Michael then Alex. "Yeah well it looks like prince Charming is keeping you are sweetie?" Alex smiled at her and took his seat again. Maria was still inside the house on the phone. "Good....can't complain." "That's nice. So how is Max doing? And his daughter?" Liz looked at them surprised. "Maria filled us in." "Oh well...she is doing good....she may even be allowed to leave the hospital in three days...." "So is he coming to the party on Saturday?" "Well I invited him but...I don't know...parents don't know him yet and...what if there's someone....well who knows what he did for a living."

They all grew quiet. "Well...I think that is just something you'll have to find out I can't hide him Liz, if he is as important to you as you claim he is then they'll find out sooner or later anyway...I would have to move away so that no one recognizes him and besides....I mean....he used a different name, his eyes color is different and I'm sure his behavior was also very different...." Maria babbled while sitting down between her boyfriend's legs. "You can always say that they must mistake him for someone else."

Liz, Michael and Alex looked at her. "Do you actually believe that?" Alex then was the first to say something. "How dumb do you think the people are? He still looks the same and he still has the same voice."

"It's at least worth the try...I mean...they really want to get to know Max...I mean Nancy and Jeff." "I know but why don't I introduce him to them when we're alone, I don't like the idea....but I can't tell him that." Liz admitted. It was a really difficult situation she found herself in.

"Did you tell him that?" " mean...we haven't really talked about it, it's like I forget about all those problems when I'm with him. Oh god what am I gonna do guys?" "Well you know my opinion." Maria said and turned to Michael to give him a kiss.

"Some help you are." Liz murmured now looking at Alex. "Don't look at me like that Parker, it's really difficult you know...I can't keep him away forever from your parents but maybe you should really tell him what you're thinking about him coming to this party."

"The thing is Alex....I really want him to come, to show him show all those idiots that despite their opinion about me I have a boyfriend who loves me and whom I love back an...." " moment did she just say the L-word? You did say the L word right?" Maria suddenly interrupted her, sitting up again, staring at Liz.

Liz felt her cheeks burning up. "Well....yeah....I...guess I did." Maria kept on staring at her, then at Alex and then at Michael. Both of the guys had the some dumbstruck expression on their faces. Never before had anyone in their little group used the L-word to describe the feeling towards a girl - or boyfriend. "Liz are you thinking of staying together with him like forever?"

Was that a little envy and awe in Maria's voice? Liz wasn't sure but it surely sounded like that. "Well forever is a long time 'Ria....but I'm definitely not thinking about breaking up with him any time soon...that is if he wants me." "Liz do you know what you're getting yourself into here? Sure it was about the fun in the beginning but now..." Michael then added.

"I know that Michael but believe me....Max and I....well...sure it was about fun....but it isn't's like...I know I can talk to him about everything....and he knows that he can trust me as well....and...I want to be there for him when he needs someone....I have never felt this way before guys...and I have no idea how it could happen so fast but...I love him...and he loves me."

Silence...nobody said a word until they could hear Maria sniveling. "Oh my god...that was so....romantic and beautiful...." . The next thing Liz knew was Maria hugging her and wishing her the very best. "I'm so happy for you chica, you certainly deserve it and I'll make it my personal task to help you two to face every problem that comes your way. Just call and I'll be there."

Michael and Alex weren't that sure what to think about the whole revelation of Liz' feelings after all both liked to look at her as if she were their little sister.

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Part 19

"Do you really think that this is such a good idea?" Max looked at Liz while buttoning his shirt. He still had doubts about this party. Unfortunately he couldn't just forget about his past and he was also almost sure that he would in deed meet someone who knew him as Zan - a former client who had paid him for sex.

Did he miss it? Being paid for sex? Not really - the only thing that had changed ever since meeting Liz was his body feeling.... it was different now. He used to have a lot of sex – several times a day….this was different now….well...not entirely different but he only made love to Liz now so it was different. While doing his job he had always concentrated on the pleasure of the other women, which took its toll on his body sometimes and now it was a giving and taking. He felt more relaxed, more at ease. Though he was still getting used to this kind of sex again – it was different.

“Calm down Max – okay I admit there is the possibility that you’ll be recognized but I don’t care – I have thought about it and you mean too much to me okay?” She was now standing in front of him, cupping his face with her tender hands. “And besides that Maria, Michael and Alex are on our side okay? If some kind of situation comes up they’re going to help us – alright?” “She could see still see the fear in his eyes – clearly and she wished nothing more than to take it away from him, to make it all better. Placing a reassuring kiss on his lips she smiled at him. “Alright” he huffed and finished getting dressed.

“You know you look quite handsome tonight I don’t know if I really wanna share you with all those other women at the party…this sight should only be reserved for me…” Picking up on her teasing he pulled her closer. “Likewise Miss Parker – you look way too sexy for a wedding anniversary party.” Starting to nibble at her neck he could hear her gasp. “D…don’t start anything you can’t finish.” She moaned. “Who said I’m not going to finish it?” Max murmured before pulling away “…but everything in time baby.” They kept on staring at each other for a few more seconds – promising that this wasn’t over yet.

“Well I think we better leave huh?” My parents are so eager to meet you.” Turning around and heading for the door she didn’t see the once again frightened and doubtful look in his eyes.

Driving to the party in the Parker’s limousine Liz had arrived in earlier he actually started to shake a bit. “Max?” “This is a stupid idea – I don’t have a good feeling about this. They won’t like me and someone else will recognize me…Liz?” “Please Max I swear if you don’t like it we can leave again but…please give it a chance…it would mean so much to me.” Looking into her eyes he knew he had no other choice.


Nancy Parker was a little nervous, not only would she meet Diane and Philip again but also her daughter’s boyfriend. He definitely must be someone special because Liz had never been so smitten with someone before.

“Diane…” she suddenly smiled when she saw her former classmate entering the garden. “Nancy hey…how are you?” “I’m fine, I’m so glad you could come.” “Oh I couldn’t refuse this invitation, thank you again for inviting me.” They hugged before Nancy started looking around. “So did you come together?” “Who?” “I believe she is talking about me honey…”

Diane froze when she heard her husband’s voice right behind her, what was he doing here? “Philip finally we met again, thank you for coming.” “No thank you for inviting me Nancy, I already had the chance to meet Jeff, he hasn’t changed at all the last five years or has he?” “No I guess not.”

Philip felt his wife’s eyes on him, she was shocked and speechless, yet she was still here and he hoped that he would soon have the chance to talk to her. There was so much he needed to say. When Nancy finally left them again to welcome the other guests Diane found her voice again. “What are you doing here Philip?” “I need to talk to you, can we go somewhere more private?” “Maybe I don’t want to talk to you.” Diane answered though knowing that she had no choice – if she didn’t want to cause a scene she better talked to him.


Closing the door behind them Philip turned towards his wife. “You look good Diane.” “Save those pleasantries for your voters Philip…they don’t work on me.” Ouch that hurt but he understood that she was angry, she had every right for it. “So say what you wanna say and then please leave me alone. Why are you really here?” “I received an invitation.”

She turned to him, fire and anger in her eyes. “Don't you dare lying to me, you never attend parties like that – you despise them and this isn’t even New York - it’s not for PR either so why are you here?” He watched her, knowing that there was no chance in hiding, in lying again. He had been lying through the last 12 years to her and this had to stop if he wanted to keep her, to win her back. So what was he supposed to do? Tell her the whole truth? “I knew you would be here and – I miss you Diane, I need you, I needed to talk to you and see you again.”

Diane only shook her head. “It’s always like that Philip isn’t it? You need something and you try to get it no matter what. Have you possibly thought about the fact that I don’t want to see you? That I’m not ready for this? God knows I hate you so much in the moment. I can’t believe what you did and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive you again.”

“So no matter what I do I’ll lose you?” This couldn’t be happening, he couldn’t lose his wife, his Diane! “You lost me when Maxwell left Philip…I know I have my share in losing him because I wasn’t the mother he needed me to be, I realize that now but I’ll be damned if I do anything to harm him again or to support what you did to our family.”

“So you found him huh?” Now they were staring at each other and slowly Diane realized something. “You knew didn’t you? When you said you knew that he is in California you knew right away that he is here…didn’t you?” He couldn’t keep on looking into her eyes and that’s all what it needed.

“So you lied to me again….over and over again Philip….how can you even think that I would ever come back to you? When you told me that it might take years for a PI to find him in California if he doesn’t want to be found…tell me Philip what else do you know?” Nothing. “WHAT ELSE?” Now she was screaming. This wasn’t going like he has pictured it.


They were standing in front of the house. “Ready?” Liz turned to Max again, holding his hand again. No matter how hard he tried to calm down, it didn’t work he had a really, really bad feeling about this. “Ready.” He nodded, better get this over with and leave as soon as possible – was all he was thinking.

He could see her mother walking towards them “What if she thinks I’m Alexander? She has seen me already Liz…what now?” But there was no time to think about it because Nancy was already standing there, smiling. “Lizzie…” “Mum…” Mother and daughter exchanged a short hug. “Mum this is Max…Max this is my mother…” “Hello Max, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” “Likewise Miss Parker, congratulations on you anniversary.” “Well thank you…” Nancy kept on looking at him. This wasn’t good. “You look kinda familiar…haven’t we already met?”

Fortunately Jeff walked up to them and Max didn’t have the chance to answer to her question. He wouldn’t want to lie to her but what else was he supposed to do? Tell her that she knew him using a different name? Yeah that would go down very well. “Ah Lizzie, so glad you’re finally here…” “Daddy…this is Max, Max this is my father Jeff Parker.” “It’s nice meeting you Max.” “Mister Parker.” The two men shook hands as well, being watched by their respective other’s. Both women knew that if Max could convince Jeff right away that he was the right one…everything would be fine. Or so at least Liz thought.

“So Max…you look familiar…have met?” Jeff then also said, which shocked Max and Liz. Where the hell could he have seen him? “Uhm no I don’t think so Mr. Parker…I’m sure I would remember meeting you.” “Hm…strange…anyway…I’m sorry but there are still guests arriving but it would be great if we could talk later.” Jeff smiled at Max and leads his wife away, leaving Max and Liz standing there alone.

“Well that went…uhm…okay?” Liz nodded her head, grabbing two glasses when someone from the catering service walked by with a full tray. Max only looked at her, took a sip and prayed that it would stay that way.

“Oh look there are Maria, Michael and Alex…c’mon.” Max looked into the direction Liz took off and followed her – he at least knew Maria and Michael and Alex also rang a bell. “Hey you two…so how did it go?” Maria smiled at her best friend, hugged her and then to everybody surprise gave Max a kiss on his cheek. “Well…I’m still alive I guess.” Max shrugged his shoulder but all of them knew that this was only an act. “I don’t think we have been properly introduced…Alexander Whitman.” Alex held out his hand. “Maxwell Evans…but call me Max.” “Yeah and you can call me Alex.”


Judy McMillan entered the garden with her husband – she knew that Diane as already here and she suspected that Max was also here. This couldn’t be good…this couldn’t be good at all because someone had told her that Philip Evans was expected to be here as well. Hopefully she could at least warn Max before he ran into his father, the father who was the cause of this mess. “Judy honey what is wrong with you? You’re so…restless.” Her husband asked her. “Oh it’s nothing sweetheart really, nothing.” Looking around she finally spotted Max, standing at the other end of the garden together with Maria DeLuca, two other guys and Liz Parker of course. “Excuse me for a second Sweetheart.”

Judy walked up to the small group of younger people, which grew silent right away. “Judy what are you doing here?” Max looked her, starting to look around right away. “Well I got invited of course, Max I have to talk to you.” Both turned towards the group. Max nodded handed Liz his glass and left with Judy.

“What was that about?” Maria watched those two disappearing into the house. “I have no idea.” “She’s not going to attack him is she?” “MARIA.” All three of them gasped. “What I mean c’mon…it’s possible.” “No it’s not Max doesn’t do this anymore so stop it.” Yet Liz had to admit that she also had a strange feeling about this.

In the Nancy Parker’s office Judy closed the door behind her and turned towards Max, who was really nervous. “So how are you holding up?” “Is that what you wanted to talk about?” “No, I’m just worried, how is Sydney?” “Fine she’ll be released in two days now what is this about Judy?” “Your mother is here…” “Really?” He didn’t appear as pissed as she thought he might be – he even sounded surprised. “Yeah but that’s not all…your…” the next moment they could hear someone screaming, someone who sounded a lot like Diane.

Running to the door and opening it Max looked down the corridor where a door was opened and his mother came out, crying. “Mum?” She stopped, her eyes big and red. “Max oh my god.” “Diane…” they both could hear a male voice. For Max it felt like his blood had run cold, or better stopped because when he turned around he looked into his father’s eyes. “Oh my god…” Max mumbled. Not knowing what to do, not knowing what to say or where to go…all he knew was that he couldn’t stay here. “Maxwell…” Philip whispered.

Max was so confused that he didn’t know if he should start to cry, scream, sob or run. “I…I…” slowly he was walking backwards, away from Judy and definitely away from his parents. Not saying another word he suddenly took off. “Maxwell! Damn it!” Philip started to run after him. Diane was too much in shock to stop him – she had heard enough of Philip to hate him for two lifetimes. How could he have done something like that to his own family?


“Damn, something happened…” Michael mumbled when he saw Max running out of the house, followed by an older man. “Shit.” Liz shrieked before getting out of the shoes and starting to run as well. “Liz? What’s going on?” Nancy asked when she passed her mother. Nancy of course looked at her husband who as well started to run after his daughter. He didn’t need some kind of scene at this party.

“Maxwell! Stop please!” Philip pleaded with his son who had already arrived at the gate. But Max didn’t react all he knew was that he had to get away from here. “Max!” He suddenly heard Liz…it broke his heart to hear her like that. What was he even thinking? That he could run away from her as well…he knew better. And he wasn’t even thinking he was only acting. The gate was closed – damn!

His father was now standing in front of him, breathing hard, he was old – yeah he had aged a lot over the last 12 years. “Max…oh god Max…” Liz was at his side.” “What’s going on, why? What?” “I have to leave Liz, I can't stay here…please…?” She could see tears in his eyes but she could also see that something was more than off. “Okay I want to know what’s going on here.” Jeff Parker now requested. His wife, Michael, Maria, Alex, Judy and Diane were standing in some distance watching the scene. Diane wasn’t really watching, she was back to crying again.

“Did this young man do something to you Philip? Do you want to call the police?” “Dad how can you even think that Max…that Max…” Liz was searching for the right words. “I don't know Max Liz and for all I know there must be reason that Mr. Evans chased him so…I want to know what the hell is going on…”

Philip knew that they were watched by all the guests by now and he didn’t feel very comfortable. How could everything go so wrong? “It’s nothing Jeff, it’s alright, it’s a thing between my son and me.” “Your son?” Jeff turned his head towards Max and now he knew why he looked so familiar…he had seen this young man when both Liz and Max still had been children. “You’re Maxwell Evans? But I thought you…” “That I ran away…well I did…I’m sorry Mr. Parker for all the mayhem I might have caused, truly sorry but all I want to do now is leave…” “Maxwell please…” Philip said, begging not really his thing.

Max closed his eyes, trying to get his temper under control. “You have no right to beg me Governor Evans and if you get near me or my daughter you’ll pay for it.” He turned away from the group of people, praying that someone would finally open the damn door.

Liz kept on watching her father who still was as shocked as everybody else. They all knew the story about the Evans boy who had run away some 12 years ago but no one really knew why…taking Max’ hand again she gave someone a sign to open the gate.

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Part 20

Liz wasn’t so sure about what to do, this wasn’t what she had expected to happen – this was really, really terrible. Max hadn’t said a word ever since they had left. After getting a cab and driving to the beach Max stood near the shore – staring into the horizon. What was going on in his mind? What was he thinking? Every time she tried to talk to him he just didn’t answer – it was like he was in a different world. Actually Liz was pretty sure that he had a shock.

Max knew that he should perhaps do something besides being here at the beach and staring into nothingness but he just couldn’t…he couldn’t form a coherent thought. What was he supposed to do? Take Sydney and leave, run again? He couldn’t keep on running for the rest of his life. That wouldn’t be fair to Sydney. She deserved a stable home, something he never had, she deserved friends, she deserved everything he had longed for all his life. He might have been wealthy, but wealth didn’t buy you love, it didn’t buy you the feeling of being loved and appreciated and of being human. No, this wouldn’t work. So what was he supposed to do? Ask his mother for help? No because her money was his father’s money and he would never take that.
So maybe he should really worry about the recent situation…his father was here in Los Angeles…the one man he never wanted to see again. He really should call the hospital and tell them not to let him into the room. Taking a good guess Max feared that his father would find out about his daughter…maybe he even already knew…by now Max wasn’t so sure about anything anymore.

Turning around he could see Liz sitting in the sand, watching him – she was still there, what amazed him a lot but could he ask her to stay? Did he have the right to do that? As much as he knew that he needed her at his side to get through of this all he also knew that this could get very ugly…and she was still young and free.

“Max?” She slowly got up, watching him. She was afraid, afraid of losing him, afraid that he would push her away. Now he was standing in front of her-he kept looking at her. His eyes were sad but she could also detect some kind of anger there.

Slowly he lifted his hand to her cheek, rubbing his thumb carefully over her skin. He could see the remains of dried tears there and it hurt him that he was the cause for them. “I can't ask you to stay with me, I…I can't ask you to…” “To love you? Max no one asks me to do that…” “Liz please let me finish okay?” He interrupts her because he had to say it now.

“I know that you say now that you want to stay with me and…believe me, I…god I love you and I need you so much but fact is that…you have nothing to do with the problems I’m going to be facing from now on if my father stays or tries to contact me. I can’t promise you that I’ll be fun to be around, I can’t even promise that I’ll stay here…I…I guess I don’t know anything more…”

“Max I know that you’re confused now and frightened but please don’t push me away okay? I want to be there for you, I know that there’s still a lot we have to learn about each other and I never believed that it would be easy after I knowing about your family and the whole situation. Granted I didn’t think that all this…this…chaos would come up but now it’s here and we’re gonna deal with it. You’ve been through enough alone…you can tell me whatever you want to but I’m staying with you.”

“But what about your parents? Won't they try to get between us?” Max let go of her again and shook his head. “Max, my father just told me again today that I’m supposed to take over more and more of his tasks…so if he thinks I’m old enough for doing that I think I should be old enough as well to choose the man I love and wanna be with.”

Letting her hand linger at his chest where she had put it just minutes ago she started drawing small circles with her hand.

“I love you and I wanna be with you and nothing is gonna stop me Maxwell Evans okay?”
Staring into her eyes he wanted nothing more than to believe her. Leaning towards her he captured her lips in a passionate kiss, wanting nothing more than to take her home and reassure him that she was real, that she was there with him. Something deep down inside him needed to feel her in the most primal of ways possible.

Liz seemed breathless and he could feel her heart pounding against his chest. Nipping at her mouth, trailing his soft and eager lips along her chin, then kissing that special, tender spot just beneath her ear he started to mumble. “I want you Liz, I need you and for tonight I want to forget about all this chaos…okay?” Running his hands along her back, then back down her sides again, brushing alongside her perfect breasts, then cupping her to him. She felt so perfect pressed against his body. The smell of her hair, the taste of her lips, this unique smell that was defining Liz in every way. How could he even think about not having her with him?

As soon as they arrived at his apartment they moved to the bedroom, while Liz lit some candles, Max turned on the CD-player…he was in no rush and he knew that tomorrow he had to face the world again and his parents. Yet for tonight he wanted to be careless and…loved…slowly he walked towards Liz who was waiting at the foot of the bed patiently. When they finally touched they started to kiss – slowly and carefully. Then he pushed her onto the bed and she moved willingly to the center.

Lowering his body, bracing his weight on his forearms and elbows, he stretched out his legs along either side of her hers. “Thank you for being there for me tonight…” Max murmured while rubbing his nose first against hers before kissing her delicious lips lightly. “Thank you for not sending me away…” Liz answered, looking into his amber eyes, which were brightened by gentleness but also intensity.

Suddenly he sat back on his heels opening first his tie and throwing it to the side and then starting to unbutton his shirt. “You Liz Parker are really amazing…” he chuckled while shrugging out of his tuxedo coat and the shirt as well. “…you would have every reason to leave me, to not care about me and yet you’re still here and yet you are thanking me for not sending or pushing you away…you’re unique…” He moved above her again, kissing first her forehead, then her eyelids, nose and then her lips. “…and I love you for being who you are…”

Liz couldn’t hold back anymore, she pulled him close fusing her lips to his. Then she moved her hands to the front of his trouser, this was taking way to long, helping him out of them…though she knew he needed the time and that he didn’t want this to be a quickie, all she wanted was to feel his skin touching hers, smelling his unique smell.

Rolling between her legs he helped her out of her clothes before settling between her legs again, he needed to taste her, the urge was to overwhelming to withstand it. He leaned down, tasting her, making her moan, making her squirm. Flicking his tongue over her again and again – Liz mumbled his name, her voice hoarse. “Max I need you.”

“Not yet my love…” he whispered before inserting his index finger, pushing slowly. Enticing a whimper from his Liz, she was his in every way. “Please Max don’t make me beg, I want to feel you…” Contemplating her plea he knew that there was nothing he could do, because denying her anything was just impossible for him.

Slowly he moved up her body again, kissing her ever so slightly, her hip bone, her tummy, her belly button, her rips, first the right breast, then the left one, nibbling at her collar bone, before reaching her delicious lips. Liz cupped his face with her hands while he pushed into her and made them one again. Their mating was sweet, gentle and slow. He filled her perfectly while he kept on kissing her, his lower body pressing forward setting a rhythm.

Taking his time and trying to hold himself in check Liz got restless, digging her fingers into his perfectly shaped butt, pulling him closer. Yet soon she felt her orgasm impending, first jolts of ecstasy running through her body, spasms rolling like waves, one after another.

Max had a hard time not losing control, but this was about more, this was about making love to Liz, burying his face in the curve of her shoulder he whispered sweet words, moving his hands beneath her backside, touching her everywhere he could. But soon the strength of his thrusts increased, getting faster, more demanding with Liz being right there with him. He cried out, throwing his head back “Oh god Liz…I love you…”

Later they lay together in his bed, naked and satisfied, Liz resting one arm thrown over his chest.


The news was out and ready to print, the reporter of the L.A. Times was satisfied with his work. Within a few hours he had been able to discover the whole story of the strange happenings at the Parker party earlier. Philip Evans, governor of New York had found his lost son again whom he had pushed away because of a pregnant girlfriend of his son 12 years ago. Maxwell Evans, 28 years old, resident of Los Angeles, father of a 12 year old daughter and widower earned his money by selling his body, momentarily dating Liz Parker, 25 year old daughter of Jeff Parker, getting to know her being a birthday present for her – oh this was the juicy stuff the readers loved. The story would be out tomorrow, sure it wouldn’t earn him the Pulitzer but at least some attention.


“What do you mean he’s a gigolo?” Jeff Parker screamed, he couldn’t believe what he just had heard. His wife was sitting on the couch dumbstruck. After ending the party earlier than planned Diane, Philip, Maria, Michael, Alex and Judy had stayed behind. Jeff had ordered everybody to stay who knew what was going on and those people knew the most about it.

“Well he sold his body for sex.” Maria whispered. “Oh my god and Liz…and Liz and him are dating or just…just…” Nancy couldn’t finish the sentence the mere thought of it made her sick. How could her daughter do this?

“No they…I mean – in the beginning yes and it was I who paid but they fell in love and…Mrs. Parker, Mr. Parker, Max isn’t a bad guy, he had no other choice…” Maria tried to explain but was interrupted by Philip. “No he had, he could have come back…” “To what Philip? To a father who despised him and his family? You never accepted Natasha and you would have never accepted Sydney if he had stayed and after what you told him he had no other choice…” Diane now interrupted Philip and shouted at him. “If he wouldn’t be so damn proud he…” “Now guess from whom he has that? You stand here telling me that you knew all the years what our son is doing, that his wife died of cancer, that his little girl was ill as well and you did nothing and why? Because you were to damn proud to admit that made a mistake, because you had to save your reputation. Well I’m going to tell you one thing Philip…your reputation, it’s no more, by tomorrow the whole country will know what you did – and I’ll be the first to tell them what a heartless man you are. I hate you more than I ever thought I could hate some one.” Turning to Jeff and Nancy she continued, trying to be strong, trying not to show how frightened she was to lose her son and granddaughter all over again. “Nancy, Jeff I know Max and I have talked to him several times ever since finding him again and he did what he did because he saw no way out of it. He’s a decent and intelligent guy and I’m sure we’ll find a way out of this mess without causing more damage. It seems like our children love each other and they’re grownups we don’t have a say in it anyway…”

She wanted to say so much more but she was tired and exhausted. Jeff was fuming, he couldn’t get over the fact that his daughter started having sex with a gigolo…paying for sex was something that even he had never done. Nancy sensed that her husband wasn’t calm yet. “Maybe we should…maybe we should meet with them tomorrow to talk about everything?” She suggested, no one said a word but Diane, Jeff and Philip nodded. The others knew that they hadn’t been addressed.

On the way home Maria clang to Michael. “I’m so afraid Michael, what’s going to happen now?” “I’m sure they’ll find a way. Liz is a very strong person and from what I have heard about Max this evening he’s as well…gosh can you believe what he has already gone through? He’s not that much older than we are and yet I feel like several lifetimes are separating us. I don’t know if I would have been able to live through this all…” Maria only nodded, pressing more into his embrace, she needed him, not only tonight. Seeing Liz and Max and hearing about the problems those two still had to face had opened her eyes. She loved Michael, though she had never openly admitted that. And now she would do anything to make him see that they belong together.


It was seven in the morning when the phone rang. Max heard groaning from underneath the blanket and smiled, it was always so cute watching Liz waking up, though he had to admit that this ringing was really annoying. Reaching across Liz he answered the phone. “Hello?” “Mr. Evans it’s nurse Amanda could you please come by here as soon as possible?” “Is something with Sydney?” He sat up alert. Liz who had heard the question as well fought her way out of the blanket fast, looking at him worried. “No it’s just that here are a lot of reporters and we have no idea what to do…” “Reporters? What? Why?…oh shit…uhm, I’ll be there right away…” While putting the receiver down he got up. “What’s going on?” Liz followed him into the bathroom. “It seems like the story is out, reporters are trying to get to Sydney, I have to go to the hospital…” Max explained while getting dressed. Suddenly Liz cell phone rang. “Hello?” “Liz I want you and Maxwell to get home as soon as possible…” ...Was all she heard her father say before he ended the call. Staring at the phone she cursed “Fuck, that was my Dad he wants us to come to my parent’s house…” “Here we go, well we knew that this would happen, okay, I’ll drive to the hospital first okay? Tell your parents that I’ll get there as soon as possible.” “I don't think that he’ll be thrilled if you don’t show up with me.” “Well that is too bad but I have a daughter to take care of first either he accepts that or I can’t help him.”

Max knew that this had sounded extremely unfriendly, turning back to Liz he cupped her face. “I’m sorry baby this morning isn’t the greatest, I just…” “I know you need to get to the hospital, hurry up okay?” “Okay, you lock up when you leave?” “I will, see you later.” “Okay…see ya.” Giving her one last kiss Max opened the door and was greeted by flashlights going off. “Maxwell is it true that your father…” “Max…” “Mr. Evans…” he only heard snippets of the questions thrown at him while fighting his way to his car. “No comment.” …Was everything he said until he finally arrived at his car. One reporter was extremely annoying, not letting him shut the door. “Listen Mister either you back off now or I’ll start driving and giving a shit if you get hurt or not…” he told him and pulled the door shut. “Idiots…”


Liz was just getting ready to get into the shower when her cell phone rang again. “Yes?” “Baby it’s me the reporters are in front of the house, better call your bodyguard and your limousine” “Where are you?” “Just driving away, I see you later, love you…” “Love you too.”

Calling her bodyguard and telling him the situation Liz finally managed to get ready and was actually quite happy to get out of the house. Although she wasn’t really looking forward to meeting her parents again, suspecting that they knew the truth by now as well. So the drive home appeared much shorter than she liked it to be and before getting out she prayed that everything would be fine. “Oh please Max don’t take too long…” she whispered while entering the house.

There was no reason for her to ask for her parents because they we already waiting for her in the living room together with…oh my god together with Diane and Philip Evans. “Does Max know you are here…” “I think it’s not your right to ask a question young lady.” Jeff turned to her. “OH well it is because I’m sure Max doesn’t want to meet him…” “Where is Max anyway?” Nancy asked, looking for him. “He’s not here, he received a call from the hospital…” “Oh my god is Sydney okay?” Diane interrupted Liz. “Yeah she is, it seems like reporters are trying to get to her and Max is there now, he’ll be here as soon as possible, so what is this about?” Liz asked sitting down.

“We have to talk about you and Max…how could you do this to our family Elisabeth?” Jeff asked his daughter anger shining in his eyes. “How could I do what Dad? Fall in love? I remember when I was still a child how high you held the Evans family and now this has changed? I hope only because you realized what an ass Mr. Evans is.” Everyone gasped, while Liz gave Philip a daring look. “Max is a good guy and I love him and I will stay with him so you can forget about changing that. I’m 25 years old as you always tell me so I’m old enough to make my own decisions.” Nancy watched her daughter staring at her father and vice versa. “Maybe we should really wait until Max is here, Liz why don’t you get out of your dress and change into something more comfortable?” Grateful for her mother’s intervention Liz left the parents and walked up into her bedroom, hopefully Max would be here soon.

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Part 21

Max parked the car as close to the entrance as possible and unfortunately the nurse hadn’t lied even in front of the hospital everybody was waiting. “Darn…” Thank god he had a cap and sunglasses here – perhaps he would make it to get in without being recognized. Opening the door as fast as possible he got out, locked the car up and walked towards the doors but of course they recognized him, how could they know what he looked like? And again questions were thrown at him…shit. Fighting his way into the hospital he was glad to see that security wasn’t letting anybody in. “Stop sorry sir we can’t let you in unless you’re on our list.” “Maxwell Evans, my daughter Sydney Evans is here.” “You’re the guy why they’re here aren’t you?” The guy smirked at him, feeling like he’s facing a celebrity. “Yes and now let me in for heaven’s sake.” Max had a hard time fighting of the microphones and tape recorders that were held right into his face.

Getting to the right floor he went straight to Sydney’s room, she was standing at the window, watching the chaos unfolding there. “Sunshine…” “Dad…oh my god Dad I was so scared, what’s going on?” “I’ll explain everything but I want you to calm down first okay? Get back to bed.” “Dad…I’ve spent enough time in bed, I wanna know what’s going on?” So what could he do? The truth has to come out and it was better he who told his daughter everything.

“I…you know…it’s difficult and I want you to let me finish before you start bombarding me with questions okay?” His daughter nodded and sat cross-legged on her bed. “I met my father again yesterday and you know that we don’t really…well we never had a father son relationship which led to …to the fact that I left…you the story Sydney what you have to understand is that he hurt me, he hurt me so bad because I couldn’t understand how he could push his own son away. I mean, I know what it means to be a father and no matter what I could never abandon you like he did me…I love you too much. So when I met him yesterday it was a shock, I didn’t know that he would be at the party Liz and I went to and everything got out of hand. The problem is, your grandfather is a very powerful man, he’s the governor of New York, and with our past and the whole story the media got interested in it. He was always so squeaky clean, no one could find anything to harm him and now…now his wife has left him and his ‘lost ‘ son appeared again…and a lot of baggage with it.”

Sydney concentrated on every word her father said. “Baggage? You mean me?” Max couldn’t believe what he just heard. “No…oh my god no Sydney…never ever think that…” he pulled his daughter into a hug, trying to make her understand that she meant everything to him. “You’re not baggage, no…it’s what I did…I…gosh I hoped that I would never have to tell you especially not in your age and…and…I can only hope that…maybe you’ll understand that what I did, I did it for you, to enable you to lead a normal life…I…” By now Max was pacing the floor, tears in his eyes, how was he supposed to tell his daughter that he had taken money for sex, in the end it was as cheap as a prostitute, what if she despised him after that?

“Dad? I don't know what you mean…” “Sydney, you’re a very clever girl and…I’m not proud of what I did, yet I don’t regret it because if I did it would mean regretting saving you…Sydney you always wondered how I earned the money or your treatments and everything and why I always would work in the evening…well…I…how am I gonna explain that to you? I got money or spending time with women.” Her eyes were big as saucers, Sydney wasn’t sure if she just had heard right.

“What do you mean? That you…what? I don't understand Dad…” “They gave me money for accompanying them to parties or other get-togethers if their husbands wouldn’t go or if they were alone. The money was too good to not take it Sydney and we needed the money desperately.” Now she wasn’t even looking at him anymore and it broke his heart. Right in this moment he wished for Natasha to be here, would he find himself in this mess if she would still be alive? Oh god what had he done? How could he ever forgive himself for causing his daughter so much pain?

Looking up at her father with tears streaming down her cheeks Sydney voice quivered when she finally found the courage to ask the question she needed an answer for. “Did you sleep with them as well?” So she might only be 12 years old, but she wasn’t dumb. Her father slowly nodded, swallowed “Yeah, I did, sometimes…” “For money? Like…like a whore? Like a…like this Pretty Woman…just… just… DAD…”

Faster than Max could react Sydney had jumped of the bed and was now pounding on his chest with her small fists. “How could you do that? I thought you loved Mom? I though you loved Liz? How could do something…how…” then she only sobbed, with Max holding her tight to his body. “I’m sorry Sydney, I’m so sorry for hurting you that had never been my intention.” He was also crying by now, he was so tired of feeling miserable but it seemed as if fate still had some obstacles to throw into his way.

First Sydney had tried to push away from her father but then she had wrapped her arms around his waist, he kept on stroking her hair, kissing the top of her head from to time. “Don't ever doubt that I didn’t love Mum okay? And don't doubt my feelings for you or Liz, I love you both and although I only got to know Liz I’m sure with at our side we can get through this if you can forgive my Syd…but if you wanted to stay with grandma for sometime I would understand…” Sydney didn’t even think about it because no matter how confused she was in the moment, she loved her father dearly, she needed him – so she shook her head vehemently. “No I wanna stay with you…”

Max kneeled down in front of his daughter, hugging her. “I love you sunshine, never forget that okay?” “Okay…will you take me home Dad? I don’t wanna stay here any longer…” “I…why don’t I ask the doc and see what he says okay?” Sydney nodded and climbed back on her bed. Max knew that she had a lot to think about and he also feared that they were going to have to talk about it a lot but as long as she wanted to stay with him he was happy. And he would do everything in his powers to hold her back from blaming herself. After talking to the doc he was allowed to take her home, she treatment was over and the rest could be done from home, Sydney just had to come back every day for a checkup.

“Okay, so let’s pack your things and leave…” he proclaimed when he entered her room. “Really?” “Yeah but you know what that means…you have to still stay in bed at home and take it slow and…” “Yeah I know…” Sydney nodded while packing away her books and disc man and CDs. A nurse came by again, giving Sydney her last injection in the hospital, Max knew that soon Sydney would get tired so he hoped that he maybe could put her in Liz’ bed. Of course he knew that it was a risk to take her with him but there was no way that he would leave his daughter alone, yet he couldn’t leave Liz alone any longer with her parents. Oh darn hopefully this would work out.


Liz was the first at the door when she heard a car at the gate. It was Max’ “Thank god.” Opening the door she watched him driving up and parking the car, getting out he moved to the back door. What was going on here? Then she saw her – Sydney. “Max what’s going on? Why is Sydney here is everything alright?” By now Diane had also appeared at the door. “Oh my god Max is she…” “She’s okay, they released her, they couldn’t take the risk of reporters blocking the hospital and she wanted to go home and the doc was fine with it…Liz could I put her into your room, I couldn’t leave her at home, I…” He shrugged, his daughter securely resting in his arms, her head placed against his chest.

Slowly she opened up her eyes. “Hey Liz…” She smiled, turning her head a little bit. “Hi Diane…” “Oh sweetheart how are you doing?” “Fine…” She felt dizzy and just wanted to go back to sleep. “Dad where are we?” “We’re at Liz’ I'll put you into her bed while Liz and I have to talk to her parents and grandma okay?” “Okay…” Closing her eyes again she fell asleep right away.

Nancy, Jeff and Philip watched surprised as Diane came back into the house followed by Max carrying his daughter. Liz closed the door and directed him up the stairs while Diane filled the others in on what was going on.


“Put her here Max…” Liz pulled back the comforter on her bed and Max placed his daughter in the middle of Liz’ bed. “Sleep tight sunshine.” Tugging her in, giving her a kiss on her forehead he took a deep breath. “So how did it go?” Liz asked, wrapping her arms around his waist, sensing how emotionally drained he already was. “I told her everything, I guess we won’t really know until later how she’s going to deal with it. What are my parents doing here?” “It seems like we’re going to be interrogated – sorry that I didn’t warn you…” “Well it would have happened sooner or later so…let’s get over with this…” Kissing her lips Max reassured himself that everything would be fine. Hopefully.

Together, hand in hand they descended the steps and walked into the living room. Jeff shot out of his chair right away. “I can’t believe what you did, that you…” “Jeff, this is not the place and time to make any accusations, we have to figure a way out of this mess.” Nancy interrupted her husband. Diane was sitting on the couch, while Philip was standing behind it, his eyes trained on his son.

“So what are you gonna do? You think that there is any way in denying what he is?” Max closed his eyes, pressing his lips together. “Well Mr. Parker, you are right…” he started before Jeff had another chance of saying a word. “…there is no way in denying what I am…I’m not proud of it, you can believe me that but I had no other choice, either the criminal way or this way so I had made my decision. You can believe me that I never saw myself being who I am today, I’ve made a lot of mistakes but doing what I had to do to save my daughters life isn’t one of them. You have no idea what it means to lose first your parents, then some years later your wife. You have no idea what it feels like to see your little girl fighting for her life, you have no idea what it means to be desperate, so don’t judge me for something you don’t understand.” Liz saw his eyes misting up. “Why didn’t you go back to your parents and ask for their help?” Jeff asked, looking at Diane and Philip – who both felt really uncomfortable in the moment as Max turned towards them.

“Parents are the people who care for you, who put you in front of their own welfare or their own career, they don't push you away even if the mistake you make is bigger than expected. They love you for who you are and accept it and they accept your decisions without pushing you away, my so-called parents had made their decision. I had two choices either force the woman that I loved to kill our baby and pretend that we’re family or leave and have my own family, a family that accepted me…and you really think that I would go back to them? My father had made his point of view clear to me the night I told them about my girlfriend being pregnant…”

Philip felt like an ass, Max was now staring into his eyes. “I remember your word as clearly as if it had been yesterday – I was the ‘biggest disappointment’ in the things you had ‘accomplished’, not even did I dare to ‘screw’ a ‘black whore’, no I had to ‘knock her up’ and ‘pretend’ that I cared. I wasn’t ‘good’ for your ‘reputation’ so close to the election. You gave me two choices, either ‘get rid of the minor problem’ or ‘leave’. Leave and forget about all my rights I had in this family.”

Never in their whole life had they heard someone talking with so much hate in his voice, only slowly could Jeff, Nancy and Liz comprehend what had happened that fateful night so many years ago. Yet Max wasn’t finished “I begged you for forgiveness and I promised to find away, although you never showed any kind of emotion towards me you were my father and though I can’t understand it today I loved you…not anymore, if you would die tomorrow I wouldn’t care and if your career is over in this very second it wouldn’t move me at all…” turning towards the Parkers his voice softened. “The world could end and I wouldn’t have gone back…I’m sorry that you got dragged into this Mr. Parker and Mrs. Parker, I never planned to fall in love with your daughter, but I love her, I really do and if you would give me a chance I’d prove to you that it’s true.”

After that Philip left and the rest of them sat down together and started talking about the future…



“Mom? Dad?” Sydney opened the door to the house followed by Jonathan who was carrying her backpack. “Maybe they’re sleeping…” her boyfriend of four years whispered. Turning around to him she winked and walked out onto the terrace where she saw her father sitting at the pool holding his newborn son, her brother of three days. “Hey…” she leaned down to her father who smiled up at her. “Hey, hi Jonathan…you’re home early…” he got up, the baby still suckling on his pinky finger.

“Yeah Jonathan wanted to see Sebastian…isn’t that right honey?” Sydney teased Jonathan only rolled his eyes. “Oh well then…as long as you don’t get any stupid ideas…” “Daaaad” it was now Syd who rolled her eyes and made Max chuckle. “Where is Mom by the way?” “Sleeping, catching up on lost sleep.”

Ever since Sebastian’s birth the Evans-Parker house had been ruled by chaos although Max was staying at home as well to assist his wife. Max had just spent the last hour staring at his sleeping son, he was a miracle – well he liked to think that both of his kids were miracles.

After the chaos five years ago and after the talk Liz and he had had with her parents and his mother things had slowly developed to what they were today – a family. Jeff Parker had given Max a chance, a chance he had eagerly taken. Liz had started to take over more and more of her father’s tasks while Max had supported her while finishing College and then joining her.

Sydney was healthy and there hadn’t been any more bad surprises concerning her health. After finally being able to attend school again she had also started seeing Jonathan more often and on her 13th birthday she had received her first kiss from him and ever since they were a couple. Max liked Jonathan a lot and he considered him a part of the family as well.
When Sydney turned 14 he had sat down with them both having ‘the’ talk, making sure that they knew what it meant to have a sexual relationship and though his daughter had tried to convince him that there wouldn’t be anything more than second base until she was older some months later she had cried her eyes out fearing she was pregnant. Of course neither Max nor Liz had been happy about this and Max really had had a hart time not to rip Jonathan’s head off but they made it through the scare without any baby on the way. After that Max had made sure that his daughter was on the pill and a lot more careful making clear to her that he had no intention of being a grandfather by 32.

Of course other things had changed as well, slowly Nancy and Jeff had accepted Max and Sydney into their family. It hadn’t taken a lot because once you knew those two you just had to love them.

Diane had left Philip for good who resigned from his position and was now working as a lawyer again. Their divorce had been fast and had left Diane with enough money to move to Los Angeles and be near her son and granddaughter again.

The week before Max’ 30th birthday Liz and him got married and one day later Liz had adopted Sydney as her daughter and ever since they had been a happy family. Sydney was attending High School while her parents were working together and her grandfather’s company.

When Liz had found out nine months ago that she was pregnant they all had been excited about it and now three days after the birth of his son Max was the happiest man on earth.

Jonathan and Sydney had disappeared into the house again and Max decided that it was time to put Sebastian back into his cradle. Carefully he carried the newborn up the stairs and into his room, laying him in the middle of the bed. “Sleep tight little one, Daddy loves you…” he murmured, suddenly feeling two womanly arms wrapping around his waist. “And I’m sure he also loves his daddy…” Liz whispered. Turning around in her arms he inhaled her smell, they had come a long way yet they had managed and he knew with his family at his side Max could master anything.


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