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NC17 all da way
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*Basically Liz comes down to see her kitchen a mess when Max finds her cleaning it...*

…."so you’ve found out my little surprise then?”
He whispered into her thick tresses as he was now standing right behind her, with hot breath lapping at her cooled skin. Nothing from her still as she chose to ignore him. He smirked, knowing she was dicking with him as he snaked his arm under her moving arms and around her tiny waist, yanking her tightly to him in one swift, smooth motion.

She jerked up hard in surprise as he held her tighter, almost squeezing the life out of her. She slapped the back of his hand hard but not to cause pain as with her free one she continued to rub down the counter of all the mess which included empty food cartons, pieces of food, used plates and bowls...basicially cleaning the kitchen form hell having to pull away from him so she could reach to the back of the counter. His smile faded as her behr ass blossomed open in front of him, his for the taking as he unconsciously licked his lips.
He clamped his hands around her waist and drew her in again hard, she had no choice but to fall back against his sculptured chest, luxuriate in the feeling of his arms around her again still sore from where he’d been buried deep inside of her just a little while ago as her insides throbbed with it. Her legs began to tremble as she then realized that he was naked too, the edges of his abs and his hard shaft exerting gentle pressure at her lower back. They fitted in together, moulding like they were one person...made for each other as he bent his head down onto the recesses of her neck, brushing her hair lightly to one side to give him greater excess. Gently beginning to suck and nip her there while lazily trailing his tongue into the dip of her collarbone. She moaned as she suddenly felt like she had an unquenchable fever that only a drink from him would ever cure. He slid his palms up along her sides, over her rib cage until his thumbs just brushed the underside of her breasts lightly, stroking them back and forth as she sucked in breath and held it.
“…and surprises like these Max are so not good!”
She lied.
“….what the fuck did you do to my kit…?”
she was hopelessly fighting the impossible, the inevitable as he moved his hands higher, his thumbs now brushing lightly across her tightening nipples.

“You’ll see.”
he so teased as she felt his smile break onto her skin.
He strummed them, once, twice…harder, faster as she arched her back, trying to press her throbbing nipples more firmly into his thumbs. She moaned as she then felt his fingertips dance over the lush swell at the side of her breasts, cupping her at them in the next second. She writhed and whimpered making little mewling noises in her throat as her lush, supple body responded to his lightest caress as if it had been made for him and him alone. He breathed her in deep and long, his hands wandering, touching her everywhere. Already she was white hot as a burst of feeling suddenly took hold of her, like nothing she’d ever experienced before or produced on her own. He was taking her to another place and he wasn’t even inside of her yet.

“Just tell me Max Evans or so help my god I’ll….”

“You’ll what Mrs. Evans... spank me?”

Five blissfully happy years of marriage, twins sleeping soundly upstairs, with a man who pleasured her beyond words; that she would never tire of and with Christmas just around the corner she’d never felt so contented in her entire life…until that moment. One hand was now cupping her left breast, fondling the plump fullness of it as the other slowly slid down the flat, quivering skin of her belly then travelling over the curve of her hip. It then slowly edged between her thighs, fingertip by shaky fingertip nudging them apart as he travelled towards her fiery corkscrew curls, rhythmically beginning to work up and down her sex.

“….now you know as well as I do Max, that’s only when you’ve been a bad boy.”
The palm of his hand was how cupped over her glistening mound as his fingers now slipping down between the lips of her hot, feminine core.

“And have I?…been a bad boy?” She went to speak as she denied her that simple pleasure as he suddenly pressed the heel of his hand against the already swollen mound. Just that fleeing downward pressure and she was lost feeling herself starting to come.

“...oh god…” Her pelvis jolts backwards, momentarily clashing with his arousal as his fingers finally push through her slick folds. The tingle of his hand beginning to move deep inside of her spread deliciously through her whole body, culminating into the now familiar ache of desperate anticipation held at her opening. She bit at her bottom lip hard as a trickle of her and his juices from their lovemaking before escapes her pussy. As Max then continued to deliciously masturbate his beautifully ripe wife as she pressed back hard against him, shifting her hips so she could take in more of him and so that she could gently stroke at his engorged sex. A raw primitive hunger shot straigth to his groin straight as his breathing grew ragged while his body throbbed with need.

His control and restraint now teetering on the verge of snapping as his game was being turned on him. Touching her deeper and faster as there was nothing to hinder the feel of her slick heat and suppleness of her swelled flesh against his fingers. She was so hot, so wet and as he eased two fingers deeper still he felt how incredibly tight she was. She was so ready for him as that alone made his entire body shudder while his other hand plucked at her hard nipple, rolling it between his fingers until pleasure became near unbearable pain.

Slowly it down, needing to he pressed his warm palm at her breast, kneading the plump flesh groaning right along with her when she arched her back this time wriggling against his throbbing cock.
She strained against him arching up on tiptoes in order to press her back harder into him. Suddenly she floundered out with one hand, blindly reaching then finding the counter top again for support . She grasped onto it, her knuckles whitening as she finally called out to him, her eyes screwed shut. Her legs were shaking and her head first jerked right back and then fell forward as she shook and juddered with the force of her orgasm as he continued to kneed and pound at her wracked body. She slid hand around the base of his back to pull him in even closer which caused her to shiver, grinding her ass at his hips as she cried out for him.

“shhhhh….” he was tasting blood in his mouth biting down hard in odrer to restrain his own release.
“….you’ll wake our babies .”
He just managed to get out before a sudden surge deep within is cock went from hilt to tip. He trembled as she felt his hardness twitching against her. She smiled wickly, he unable to see as she then left the safety of the counter to lean a hand down between her legs to lightly grab a hold of his tightening sacs. He sucked in hard, his forehead smacking down onto her glistening back as he gently bit into her shoulder, the sensation of her rolling them in the palm of her hand driving him out of his skin as it was her time to play.

“I.. Thought.. I...already… had.” She panted out as she squeezed at them alittle firmer . She now felt a tickle of wetness at her back as he suddenly pulled away from her. This wasn’t what he had planned besides he always came inside of a part of her not wanting to waste it on the kitchen floor.

“..m…maxxxxx.” She couldn’t help but moan at the space now between them as she was left dangling. He stepped away further, panting harder as she spun round to face him, purposely leaning into him so her body would stroke up hard against him. She feeling every emotion possible as she leant as far away from him as possible. Wracked in unbearable ecstasy Max recovers himself, steading his breathing as it tore into him when he saw her internal struggle. She trembled with her unfinished releases as she let her head fall.

He touched her under her chin with light finger tips, startling her. He tried talking to her but she shook her head, still looking down. He gently lifted her gaze so she had no choice but to look him directly in the eyes. He couldn’t help but gasp as he saw that they were starting to well up. Hers were so deep, rich and brown that they panged deep within him as he just wanted to drown in their depths, lose himself in them forever.
“I’m sorry Liz…” He tilted his head as he continued to whisper. “…I just had other things in mind.”

“Wasn’t that my surprise?” She spoke so quietly that he could behrly hear her as he took his head in a silent “no”. He stepped in close to her, legs still threatening to crumble as he rode out the last of his before they’d even had a chance to take hold.

“Forgive me?” He was so close as she opened her self so he could snuggle in. How could she not, with those eyes. Even if she’d find him fucking her best friend she’d still forgive him with those puppy dog eyes, boyish grin and honey like tones. He saw her face soften in agreement as he exhaled hard.

“ It depends if I like the surprise or not!” She teasingly wriggled as the tip of his sex as mingling in with the opening of hers. He smiled hard as he leant across her further, pushing her up against the counter as she lay a trail of feathery kisses at his chest, running her hands slowly up and down his sides with fingertips. She heard him growl as she now saw what he was reaching for as he gradually unravelled the silk scarf with a mesmerizing slowness .Threading silk through his fingers over and under as he finally wrapped the ends tightly around his fists.
She dampened her bottom lip as her other lips began to swell and dampen too while watching him manipulate the silk.Max said nothing just drinking her in as there was no mistaking the glimmer of anticipation that darkened her eyes. The reassurance that he craved as they both had to agree to this. He was just watching her, unable to breathe as her gaze travelled from the taut fabric held within his hands to his flushed face

“Do what do you intend to do with that Max?” her voice husky, doing things to him that a thousand kisses couldn’t even come close to right now. His wicked smile grew almost painful as he dared to speak.

“I’m going to blind fold you Liz.”


Part 2

Liz shivered at the direct, male look held within deep within amber eyes that he was now giving her. The unmistakable seductive look of intent and want that she knew and loved all too well, she would die without that look!. It was then that she was suddenly aware for the heat of his body, the race of her pulse and the spiralling warmth settling low in her belly as she then felt strong hands at her waist. He grasped her tight, his nails digging in hard as with one swift move he raised her up onto the counter. She thumped down hard, a gasp of startled surprise caught in her throat as he then continued to work the silk through his fingers. She couldn’t help but lick her lips as he loosed his hold of it once more, awakening an undeniable excitement from deep within her. She struggled to draw breath.
“So why do you need to blindfold me …Max?”

“So you’ll get the full effect….Liz.”
Stepping in front of her, he leaned in to cover her eyes. When her locked knees then brushed at his hot groin, she automatically parted her legs to make room for him. As he moved in closer, nudging her thighs wider to accommodate his lean hips a smile broke across his beautiful face that made her stomach dip.
“..and I don’t want you cheating.”
The darkness then descended over her eyes as she now held him at his hips. She heard him growl just a little from under her touch as her fingertips slowly began to stroke him there. She then felt his fingers tying a knot at the back of her head as a strange thrill ripped through her. Once he had blindfolded her he gently tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ears, his touch lingering there longer than necessary. Her breasts tightened in response as she breathlessly giggled.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” her senses where heightened electric as she had no idea where his eyes where but she felt them everywhere clambering all over her body. She resisted the urge to squirm and jump at him as she nodded lightly.
“How many fingers am I holding up?” he was now waving a hand full in front of her.

A teasing smile licked her face. “ Three and a half?”

He chuckled as he lightly brushed a hand across the inside of her thigh. The sound of him, the touch of him sent pounding impulses shimmering down her spine.
He then moved away for a moment both missing the contact as she heard him opening boxes, clanging plates and other sounds that she couldn‘t make out. She leaned over to where she thought he was, gripping the counter so hard that it hurt as he then returned to the cove between her thighs. She couldn’t help but moan as he suddenly brushed her bottom lip with the confection.
“Here’s the first, now open your mouth.”

“You know you don’t have to ask me to do that.” She teased as she parted her lips and took a bite of what was laid at her opening. It was moist, with a butter cream frosting. It was cake.
“hmmm Vanilla Cake, my favorite.” She said through just the biggest smile as she chewed on it a little more then swallowed.

“I know.”
She wrinkled her nose at him as his rich laugh banged at her highened senses once more. She felt her insides ebb to it as then two more things happened at the same time. The delectable fragrance of chocolate and a burning sensation where he rested his palm on her thigh. The combination of the two nearly short circuited her already whacked central nervous system. She so wasn’t going to last the entirety of this little experiment at this rate.

She inhaled deeper, leaning in as she caught a whiff of something richer. He slowly teased his dreamy morsel filled fingers at her lips, taking it out again before her lips could fully take it into her mouth. She giggled, mouth opening and closing around nothing but air as she leant right out towards him her breast swaying slightly. Watching her like this his groin felt like it was on fire having to shift his stance in order to contain his lust as he couldn’t contain a chuckle.

“ *sigh* Max…” She pleaded, the scent of the unseen morsal seeing her onto a higher plane as he finally gave it to her. It was chocolate but something more dipped her taste buds. Cocoa and a hint of coffee in its topping and filling as she then tasted the mocha shavings while swallowing slowly.
“oh my!” she murmured as she licked a stray crumb from the corner of her mouth suddenly feeling ravenous. “ Can I have another bite?”

He giggled. “ I thought you might like that one.” As the next finger full was already on its way to her searching mouth, probing tongue. It was sucked in as he slowly dragged his fingers along her lower lip. Both their bodies felt flushed, drugged, heavy. Aroused
She couldn’t talk, her body just now beginning to buck slightly as he slipped a finger into the moist recesses of her mouth. There was a troaty moan of agreement and delicious anticipation as her stomach rumbled and her moist folds spasmed. He slowly withdrew his finger, it popping out with the suction of her hold around it as he now cupped gently at her jaw.
“You okay princess?”
He felt her burning cheeks lean into his hand hard, gently rubbing as the word ‘yes’ made him tremble.
She felt him lean across her, pushing her legs further apart as he reached for something else.
“Open up.” He mumbled she did what was asking of her, groaning as the new exquisite flavor filled her mouth. Ripe strawberries, whipped cream filling. A light fluffy frosting with white chocolate shavings. She was certain that she’d died and gone to heaven as she rolled the contents of her mouth. His shaft caressed innocently at her inner thigh that sent her spiralling. She had died and gone to heaven.

“More?” She could only muster another nod, wavering a little as her senses were over loaded. He caught her forehead lightly at his chest as she jerked back.

“Please.” She finally uttered parting her lips as well as her legs so he could gain greater excess. She took a huge bite as the cream filling oozed out of the middle. She giggled, instinctively she raised her hand up to stop the flow and just catching a dollop in her palm in time. But not before she’d smeared it along her chin too.
“argh.” Giggles then turned to frivolous laughter. “ I’m making such a mess, Charlie and Joshi would be so proud of their mommie won’t they? I hope daddy brought napkins?”

“don’t need ‘em.” his voice was filled with mischief. “…I’ll take care of the spills.”
She assumed that he meant clean up after so she wasn’t prepared as he caught her wrist, nearly jumping right out of her skin as she felt his warm mouth nibble at the treat held within her palm. A hot ache spread through her as his teeth grazed her flesh, all but melting as he laved at her fingers.

“god…” she whispered as his tongue now flicked wickedly long the crevices between.
Her stomach was heaving, her heart thumping. As her breasts were tightening and her clit was
beginning to transmit these familiar feelings of lust that only he could produce.
When he was all so quickly done there he began working on her chin, licking away the crumbs with agonizingly slow laps of his tongue.

“delicious… I always said that you tasted good enough to eat.” His husky honey tones purring as they vibrating against her cheek. A sultry pleasure coiled low and deep within her as she now craved for him to kiss for like never before. He’d completely turned her inside out with wanting.
But it never happened as he moved away and continued on with selecting more delights that caused pure, unadulterated bliss at her taste buds.
Peaches, honey, ice-cream the menu was endless as it dripped and spilled….with each sampling he teased her senses wave upon wave, dipping her further towards inner explosion. He used his lips and fingers to clean up the sticky messes that she was now deliberately making yet always stopping painfully short of kissing her mouth.

Frustration then nipped hard at her. She wanted to rip the blindfold off and gaze upon him, show him the insatiable desire that only he was gradually building within her. To let the windows of her soul show him just how much she wanted him at that moment, show him just how much she loved him as he feed her ‘Fuzzy navel cake’ drenched with peach schnapps. It instantly made her feel dizzy and drunk as she moaned, leaning her head back , gently swallowing. She was undoing right before him as the next selection completed the task.
Moist chocolate cake layered with a rich chocolate, drizzled with creamy caramel topped with fluffy whipped cream and butter toffee chunks. This cake was a gooey, messy sumptuous feast that excited her mouth and pleased her belly.
She moaned deeply as the contents dissolved on her tongue and slid down her throat like honeyed silk. She trembled, having to steady herself by gasping quickly and blindly at his arm as his hardened shaft sprang further to attention now curving inwards at his navel.
“god…this is incredible…”

“I know.” His amber filled pupils dilating to almost black while working over her pulsating body as he wasn’t talking about the cake. He felt the tip of his sex lick cold as it oozed out a droplet of his warm fluid at the sight of her.

“…whats it called?” She opened her mouth wide, dipping her tongue out for another bite as her question pulled him from the brink. He didn‘t get to have her just yet, they was still so much let to do but he was finding it harder as he began to feel giddy.

“ (cough) better than sex cake!”

She quickly licked the stray frosting into her mouth, not wanting to share this one too. “ God their so right.” She sighed as she then didn’t need to see his pouting and stunned amazement to know that he was doing it. He was gob smacked, his mouth drowning on land as he couldn’t find the required response to save his life. She felt him step away.

“do…do you…really think that?” he stumbled as she silently cursed herself for teasing.

“no, god no…Max I was just teasing. Don’t I get to tease too?” Her insides dipped as she felt him instantly nestle himself back in between her legs.

“…not in my game no don‘t.” He chuckled.
Suddenly she felt a little self- conscious as well as a little angry as she decided that it was now time to end this delicious game. She reached for the blindfold as his fingers gently encircled her wrist stopping her before she got there. His touch was firm, hot and branding.

“ don’t….please… not yet. Maybe you’d like to try something else.” His voice just a little shaky as his words stimulated her heart beat to erratic. He now gently stroked a finger lazily across her hand.
She swallowed to ease the tightness held in her throat and body as she ebbed harder. “ I don’t like to eat alone.” Her tone firm.

“ I know, I’m sorry. me neither. How about we share this one?” She was surrounded by his scent and heat as he stepped in closer.

“Alright.” She moaned slightly as he took her hand and slowly guided it to the tasty morsel’s beside her. She sucked in hard with startled breath as he eased her fingers into the soft, silky layers of cake, right up to her knuckles as they were now covered in the deliciously sticky mix. Her next breath caught hard in her throat as she felt him slid his own hand along hers as he encouraged her to play with it. Her entire body now tingled with a strange excitement as she felt her face break into a naughty grin. Max couldn’t help but chuckle entwining their fingers tighter, tangling them so they could then use the delicious mix to lubricate the rhythmic slide of his fingers between hers. They both moaned at the exact same moment as he leant into her, so his hot searching lips were now at her ear.

“Even this…..” He rubbed at her fingers harder. “…. isn’t even close to being as good as it feels like then I’m cuming inside of you.”
She bit her lower lip as her all too familiar illicit liquid warmth cascaded over her and pooled between her things. She felt her hair tickle at her lower back as she let her head slowly roll backwards at the sensations that she was now feeling from his touch only to jerk it forward as he slowing dragged her hand out of the cake. Flinching in surprise when his gooey fingers touched at her mouth.
“And this can never taste as good as you do Liz. So they are wrong to call it that don’t you think??” He murmured low and husky as he smeared it along her bottom lip. Unable to stop herself as the warmth now seized at her core slowly intensifying outwards, her tongue darted out to suck hard at his gift sodden fingers. She licked them clean as just one taste wasn’t enough.

“I want more.” she said in a low breathy voice. His fingers returned to duel again with her feverish tongue as she suddenly removed her own hand from the mix to grab hold of his wrist so he couldn’t pull away. She nibbled away at it, then leisurely stroked and swirled her tongue along each digit in an up- then-down gentle rhythm. She felt him shudder and heard him hiss as he then cursed. She felt him try and move his hand away as she just held onto him tighter.

“liz…” she felt his body shift in front of her, wedging himself in tighter between her thighs as his mouth then finally took hers, urgent and insistent. He swept an arm around her lower back and hauled her up against his body, forcing her legs wider part to accommodate his hips as the unyielding press of his fierce erection against her aching cleft sent her body into spasms. They were fused from lips to thighs but they still didn’t feel close enough.
Spearing his cake layered fingers towards the back of her head he cupped her there threading through the hair that wasn’t restrained by the blindfold. She arched into him, opening her mouth wider as his tongue thrust in harder mirroring his move. Her fingers blindly searched later finding the warm thick hair at the nape of his neck. Muffled moans there now held there as his other hand caressed her jaw, throat skimming lower until he held the full weight of one of her breasts in his palm. He kneaded the mound of flesh, searing her with breath-stealing heat… branding her as his once more. His thumb flicked across the diamond-hard nipple, plucking at the tip delicately as a needy moan escaped her. Feverish desire clawed at her as being blindfolded and ravished by her godlike husband was like being swept into a dark, forbidden fantasy that she didn’t want to leave. He continued to consume at her mouth until her lips felt deliciously swollen and devoured as he brushed his knuckles over her painfully erect nipples teasing and tormenting as he trailed kisses along her jaw. The kiss having now broken her body was immediately thrown into withdrawls as she shuddered uncontrollably at the hot, wet glide of his tongue across her skin as he continued on down to her neck. The heady sensations were back as they took her harder than before, that she could ever have imaged as wave upon wave began to lap at her. She whimpered as he drew her flesh between his teeth for a love bite. Both were dizzy, flushed as she nailed him close into her heat at his ass. A firm hard cupping on a tight cheek. She could hear his heavy, laboured breathing while continuing to feel the heat radiating off of his throbbing, hard body as his manly scent was making her giddy. She desired him, worshipped him, craved him, wanted him as her arms now splayed out towards him blindly innocently banging into his erection. She sucked in hard as now she just took it into her sticky hand, gliding the foreskin up and down. It was so mobile, so smooth that it slid like silk over the head. With each stroke he let out a little moan of pleasure. Now his pelvis thrust forward as his stomach drew in from her movements. She worked him steadily and sensuously.
“ahhhh. Ohhhh, my god.” he moaned as she continued to stroke, her grip tightening.
“ God Liz you’ve got to stop…please……” He sucked in so hard at her touch that his lungs where fit to burst at the drop of a dime. He could do nothing but push himself harder into her palm, now gripping at her shoulders as his head fell downwards. She continued to pump him bringing him closer to release with every stroke as he suddenly took one of her pert nipples into his mouth. He immediately began pulling then releasing it, sucking it hard she arched up and into him with the delight of it. Her vice like grip instantly loosened as she was now completely lost to his continuous licking and biting of her. It was as he was then able to reluctantly pull away from her. Big mistake, huge!

She gasped as she felt his hardness leave her caress, things going from devilishly good to deliciously wicked in one smooth motion. His stomach was now at her core, his chest against her own. His mouth against her own. She opened her legs to him as she felt the shaft of his undying love for her just slide across her sodden tight dark curls. He began to spring now, working himself against the bush of her hair. Each spring took him on an upward stroke as the feeling tightened her sex lips. She was warmly wet with excitement, the walls of her sex were contracting hard. Quite involuntarily they clamped then released. Over and over, yearning to have him buried deep with them as it was now getting painful without him there. Max trembled with a need and want that he’d never felt before as he spied the jar of chocolate body paint beside her. He had to slow this down, there was still too much to do it her, for her as he reluctantly reached over for it.

“Where are you going?” She said breathlessly, her voice full of dismay and loss. “
What naughty treat have you got for me now?” She teased, tickling fingertips at his waist as she knew that they needed to slow things down too they were both enjoying it too much to stop now as she heard the lid break off. The noise caused her slick tiny body to jerk a little.

“welllllll I was saving this but seeing as though you love chocolate so much…..” He dipped in his index finger, covering it in the slick syrup as he then eased it into her awaiting mouth. She
tentatively licked at it.

“ummmm, it tastes like chocolate, what is it?” She was now sucking hard at his fingers, her hard working tongue sent pulsating waves down his spine.

“body paint.” He oozed out as his words licked at her insides but her need for him as greater. Electrifying in fact.

“my my we are just full of surprises aren’t we but as you said save it for later Max, make love to me now.”

She leant into him waiting for a response from him. Nothing came as she heard something being put down hard beside her. Suddenly she felt a warmth on the back of her legs as his firm hands lifted her high off the counter taking her buttocks in each palm and kneading her there gently. She clawed at his back as she felt his hips rub hard up against the inside of her slick thighs. He smacked her back down again, his response painfully clear as his fingertips now worked up the hollow of her back forcing her stomach to push up hard against his. Her heavy breasts now nipping at his.

With a kiss on the nose and an expert change of angle she felt his hardness slide into her. She was so slippery inside with excitement that he glided in with ease. When she felt him finally enter her she groaned with pleasure, their next breaths caught deep within their throats as sensation almost brought them to a joint release. She felt his hand reach up to go to take off the blindfold.
“no…..please…don’t …leave it on Max!” she whimpered as he drew up so that he almost left her sex lips, plunging down so that the root of his shaft rammed into her opening.

“Are you sure?“ his voice behrly audioable as his sex felt like it would explode inside of her as stroke followed stroke. She bit hard on her bottom lip tasting blood, murmuring a strangled yes as he thrust into her again. She began to pant, sliding her hands more avidly over him, as his mouth now locked on hers. Her secret lips took him into her harder, deeper, longer by wrapping her legs tightly around his hips holding him there while he continued to gently push in and out of her slick folds. She could do little as she clawed at his slim waist and toned back. Liz gasped at the sensation as the warmth of him complete surrounded her, inside and out which made her engorged secret lips squeeze and thrust on ‘MiniMax’ all the more. His lips tenderly sucked at her mouth, his tongue imitating the actions of his throbbing sex, proding in and out…slow then fast. Max slid into her with such a gentleness that she just wanted to weep as whenever he pushed she could feel the whole extent of him building up such a wonderful pain that she gasped again , her mouth devouring his till it bruised.

“oh my god!” she moaned as she panted and writhed around him which only spurred him on to impale her harder. “oh my god Maxxxx.”
The climax came in a blot of pure red energy which ripped through Liz where her husband, her lover, her best friend, her Max thrust his deepest into her wet core. Her body went rigid trapped between him and the counter as he pumped harder.

“Lizzzz….” He let out a strangled scream as his nails dug in at her waist. She felt a surge of heat from him as he flooded her, pumping with such power and urgency that he made her bottom rise and fall off of the counter with each thrust of his shaft. She squeezed him hard between her legs as she tried prolonging the sensation for both of them for as long as she possibly could. But this moment had been such along time cuming, too long as it was a battle that she just couldn’t win. Their bodies repeatedly meshed and parted as he increased the tempo of his heavenly strokes She gripped at him with her feminine muscles, squeezing on every in-stroke and opening herself as he pulled away. Still holding him in place by his buttocks with her clawing fingers. They shook harder as their panting rose to a flurry of moans and gentle dries of ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’. She brought him to a climax with hers as her walls clenched oh so tightly around him working his foreskin with them to then milk him of every drop of semen that he had. Their screams were contained, hidden from sleeping angels deep within a furious meeting of mouths and tongues. The familiar intensifying waves of heat hit them both at the same time as the heat spread up from her burning lips to meet his throbbing tip. And when they both finally climaxed one last time in a welter of their sweat, his liquid love, her tears of pure pleasure that ran down from under her blindfold where there was a thin gap and sexual nectar the scents of their love making filled their nostrils and their lungs, making them dizzy with it.

As the uncontrollable trembling finally turned into manageable ripples he withdrew out of her as his long fingers slipped beneath the band of silk and gently lifted it over her head. She squinted as the bright kitchen light pierced her eyes as her gaze gradually focused on the disarray of empty boxes and picked at food that littered around them as it came to rest on him. She dipped again at the sweet sight of him. She’d missed him so much.
“ hey you.” She whispered edging herself to the end of the counter.

“Hey princess.” he stepped back into her as he lay a kiss at her forehead. She gently dropped herself off of the end of the counter, needing to feel the whole length of his body against hers. She stumbled a little as wobbling legs weren’t quite ready to hold her just yet wincing a little as she felt her inside tingle and ache from where he’d taken her so deliciously deeply. She felt his strong arms around her in an instant.

“liz…” His voice full of concern and worry as she held into him tighter. She could see him closer as she then began to giggle as there was cake filling almost on every part of his face. He could sense that she was okay if not as heady with the whole as he was as he then allowed himself to breathe out.
“so was that nice?” he pushed her fallen hair from her face as his frosted fingers tangled into it.

“mmmmmmmm wonderful.” her sticky hands now splayed across his hard chest. “…but next time you get to wear the blindfold.” Her bright smile blinding him as he pulled her in closer, cupping her at her buttocks as she could already feel him getting hard to their closeness. At her.

“next time…” He dipped into her neck. “….how about now.” he easied out as he began to gently grind against her.

“Max…” She squealed, smacking his arm as her body was betraying her, needing to take him again so much that it ached. She was about to respond his eyes drawing her in all the more as she now stood on tippy -toe with lips behrly touched. Almost home as they heard crying from upstairs. They giggled, letting out heated breath as their foreheads locked.
“you go…I’ll clean up down here.” She lay a kiss at the tip of his nose as she went to pull away from him. He caught her by the wrist.

“How about we both go then we both clean this up this mess by eating it later.” His wicked smile was doing things to her that she so wanted done as she gently nodded her eyes never leaving the comfort of his as he gently entwined his fingers in hers and led her upstairs to see which lil' angel is was.

~the end~

the mindless now over as Kitty goes back to the real world!!!! what yous think??? Miaowwwwww


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