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The WHY'S & the HOW'S later
Roswell char babes not mine

"I've been a complete bastard to you. I've made you suffer so now I have to. Make me suffer."

Finally she gets slowly up from the lone chair in the far corner of the room, the only piece of furniture in the room apart from the tiny table that held the only light and the bed that he was now tied down to.

"SHUT UP.... Just shut up!" she commanded not wanting him to, her voice haughty as he sees that her eyes are filled with tears as she steps closer to him.
That wasn't supposed to happen... not any more. She was the one in control now, she was the player with all the cards. He was the one who should be crying out in pain as she now stood beside him. Both feeling the burning heat rise between them.

Suddenly she drops to her knees and takes his semi-hard sex into her hand. He can't help but arch his back hard of the bed from her slightest of touches as her tiny hand begins to encircle him. He raises himself up higher, almost pushing himself into her hand as she then relaxes it. He'd missed her touches so much not understanding why. He'd always taken from her and now she was given them to him of her own free will, pushed along by her need for revenge.

"Don't move!" She demanded wanting him him to so badly, not looking at him as for a minute so she begins to just caresses him gently, her fingers working him from root to tip.
She dared to look this time as she sees that he has a look of almost pained rapture on his face as his beautiful eyes are looking straight back at her.
Immediately cursing to herself silently for the way that her body was now betraying her. Failing her as she was losing herself to this monster all over again.

"Don't look at me!" She hissed wanted him never to stop, but needing those heated amber eyes to leave her burning body now as he slowly did what she asked and closed them.

"I deserve everything I get," his voice husky as she continues to stroke him. God he felt so big, so hard, so good. How can something so good be so bad?
She instantly took this as challenge, that he was actually enjoying his. He was playing her again and he so didn't get to do that.
She just couldn't let that happen, not again as she then slid her hand under his sacs and squeezed as tight as she could. She saw him wince but nothing more.

"More. I need to suffer more." She squeezes again, harder this time.

"Stop talking!" She die if he did. Needing him to stop as his voice was doing things to her that she didn't what doing. That voice, as sweet as honey but it would go with her to her grave. That voice was all she ever heard from under her blindfold... from before, when he had all the cards.

She trembled at her rememberance of it as she twists his flesh there as if it were a cloth but to her dismay he didn't cry out. He didn't buckle or even try to move from her touch, just letting her do whatever she wanted to do to him, do whatever she thought he deserved.
She felt him shudder, mirroring her own release as her already broken body was failing her again.

She continued to pull and squeeze at him. " So do you think you've suffered enough?" She wanted to give him so much more just to give her an excuse to touch him again. Her voice clearly showing her distress as she was losing the fight when she knew she had to stay focused. He was dangerous and they were completely alone now.

She knew this would happen the moment at she finally saw his face, just a few moments ago.
It was too soon, his mark was still on her as she trembled with it.

"I can never suffer enough for what I did to you."
He dares to speak as he sounds almost haunted by it, by her. By what had happened between them.
"Punish me now.... please!"
And then she was finally lost, his begging now holding her captive. The roles deliciously reversed as she was now the captor and he was her prisoner.

Part 2

She saw how he moved, this adonis before her who'd basically destroyed her entire world the moment that he taken her that day. Now betraying every muscle that was her as she loved it... God how she loved, she craved it like the air that she breathed as she removed her hand quickly away from his engorged sex.

Max couldn't help but groan out loud, long and deep just as she remembered, just as she heard in her dreams night after night as her skin again began to prickle. He pushed back down hard on the matress now that she was gone, missing the touch of her hot little hand as he had done from the moment that he'd given her back to them now feeling naked down there once again without her.

He was tied to the bed by his arms crossed above his head, entwined in the rails if the headboard. They'd bound him there before she arrived after he'd nearly escaping that one time.
But he was still a threat to them even then, still strong too strong so they'd tied his ankles to the other end of it just to be sure that he wouldn't run again.And that's now she'd found him the night before spread out across the bed while he was sleeping.

Stretched out and across just looking good enough to eat as he only wore a pair of demin fly button jeans and nothing else....Maria's idea of course.

He looked every like the shy, amazingly good looking boy next door type where butter wouldn't melt in his mouth and as she had imaginated him to look like while he was above her, below her, beside her.....from before only a thousand times better. The kinda guy that all mothers wanted their little girls to bring home while the little girls didn't feel so little anymore. The kinda guy that she could easily love in love with but who'd shattered that illusion and any other that she may have gone on to have the moment that she.......

.....hit the floor hard to her 'prison', her new home as she lay there still goggy from the drugs that were pumping round her tiny body at an alarming rate and the blind fold that was pulled tight around her features.

Going to try and remove it she was halted wincing with the pain of her travels.In what? She didn't know? To where...she didn't know? And by whom she did know as she now heard voices, muddled raised voices from beside her...she flicked her head round fast ..NO! from behind her as it was then realized that her hands were bound. So tightly that her wrists were numb with it. She tried to breath, to talk but as the drugs were freeing her just alittle more she realized then that she was gagged also.

She felt clothes on her skin still, but air now licked at her burning flesh, where they torn? Why were they torn as she tried to shuffle along but she couldn't move for trying as the voices...the male voices increased in volume as it to be getting closer.
It was then that she realized that her clothes were wet, sticking to her like a second skin. Why was she wet? Was she even wet at all?Was it raining? Had it been raining?
Billions of questions suddenly just started to bang about it her already wracked head. Funny how you instantly rely on your other senses when you can't see anything.

She felt like she was trembling, like she was cold but she didn't feel cold as she thought that she was able to feel again. She heard the voices almost above her now but she still couldn't hear what they were saying clearly. She snapped her head from side to side and back again, wildly searching the blackness for some kind of clue as it suddenly dawned on her.
She had no idea who she was, having little time to even begin to comprehend the magnetude of that as she heard the voice of an angel speak from above her.

She heard him clearly and instantly from over whatever it was that ragged through her body and the other muffled voices. From the first honey like tone that dripped from his lips she knew she was lost to him.

"Just do as I say...and leave us NOW!"
He commanded as she felt herself dip but not from the drugs this time but from him as she felt something brushing lightly up against her back.
Her heart was thundering out of her chest already but with this new sensation it was now fit to burst.

She sucked in hard though her restraint as she felt what felt like a leg rub gently across her back. Very slowly, sending ripple after ripple up it.
Just afew drawn strokes but enough to instantly calm her confusion as she then knew it was him!
And he was standing close behind her. Clothing behrly touching as she felt her body response automatically to his, knowing that she had no control over it even if she had been in total control of herself as with other gentle caress she was lost again.

"S wanting to keep this little one for yourself hey?"
A deeper voiced monster oiled from in front of her. She knew that he was a monster because of the way he made her feel as for body shuddered.
Another stroke at her back still unseen as she sucked in harder, needing to shift herself as her feelings were beginning to spiral and well back inside of her .
But the new sensation of him only enheighted her in one place, stimulating her harder as it pooled only between her legs as he spoke again.

His voice sounding like he'd rather die than ever want her as she felt like she already had with just one word from him.
She felt the warmth of the leg leave her then as she suddenly felt exposed, naked without it.

"...We just need her alive for the collection, not like the others you fucked with!"
He hissed from above as he stepped into her again. She could again feel the heat radiating off and between them as it warmed her beyond words...adding to her increasing sensation of wantonness because already she knew that she did want him.
So much so it was painful, the blindfold and her desperate situation only adding to it as she heard the other man mutter something as she suddenly felt him grab and pull at her chin with his rough hand.

He smelt of fags, booze and a stale stetch that was all of his own as she trembled, trying to pull away as he squeezed at her hard, bending down to her lower as his aroma was making her gag.

She was pleading without the means to that her angel would say something that he would do something...any thing but it never come as she then felt him close to her ear.

"I'll be seeing you again.....princess." He oozed, feeling the spit hit at her face as she couldn't help but wiggle as best she could to get away from him.
Not getting far as he licked at her cheek in one long stroke. Still nothing from the man who still had his leg pressed hard up against her back.

"..just don't be at it long!" He barked as she could almost see his sneer as she then felt him let her go and the door banging closed behind him.

The room was silent apart from their joint erratic breathing as she then felt strong hands slowly cup her from underneath her arms while pulling her gently to shaky legs.
He still stood close behind her as his arms lingered just alittle longer across her chest as she felt herself lean back into him, having no control as she felt him pull away from her.

She shivered at her loss as she felt something wrench deep inside of her as she heard footsteps walk slowly round her. Her head followed the noise till he stood opposite her, his breath now smacking at her skin.

She felt her hands being pulled up then apart in on swift motion as she felt him step in closer.Unable to do anything, not wanting to as she was meet with his honey flavoured tones once more.

"before we do anything lets get you out of this wet clothes."
His voice husky as Liz stood completely still as she felt him slowly begin undo the buttons of her shirt one by one, his hands innocently brushing against her breasts. She gave a muffed gasp catching her breath as she felt him part the shirt and peel the wet material off of her skin.
Her young inexperienced nipples were so hard that they almost ached, as Max then reached to cup her breasts in his hands, now notcing that she wore no bra. His hands gently stroking her soft skin, teasing her nipples through his fingers.

Then without warning he bent into kiss them, taking one nipple and then the other between his lips in long, gentle strokes as she sucked into nothing. Her body shuddering, arching her bud deeper into the hot recess of his mouth. Sucking and rolling them, before coming more rapacious and taking in more of her breast into his mouth.
She felt him step in closer still as she couldn't make herfelf move. There she felt him gently rub his bulging cock through the material of his pants and onto the inside of her thigh. It burned her there as she couldn't help but lean her wet core onto him as he suddenly cupped either cheek of her ass with very firm, steady hands.

She was wearing a skirt as she felt it begin to be bunched upwards by hands now held tight at other side of her hips slowly coming upwards inch by inch and inch higher and higher.Then another now up over the bottom of her wet thighs. Then another, now at the top of them exposing the tiny white triangle of her soaked panties heading slowly up towards her tiny waist.

Part 3 ( the ~~~'s indicating past events)

~~~...I shiver as his hand stops suddenly to stroke at the waistband of my panties as the giddiness takes hold of me once more.
My hands are free, I can feel them tight at my sides now but why am I not clawing at him to let me go.
I feel him gently ping at the band, he does it again alittle harder when I betray myself and squirm a little.
That's why Do I like it?... as my body answers me again by moving my hips closer into his.

I feel the hardness of him touching through my flimsy, wet panties as I wobble.
My breasts are behr, I knew this but had somehow forgot as my shirt clings at my shoulders, acting more as a restraint then a piece of clothing.
My head is somewhere else, dipping and falling unable to function as he runs his big, gentle hand across them once more, brushing my nipples.
I jerk, my body still failing as I feel him dip into my neck, his touch now becoming suddenly more insistent. But he doesn't kiss me there, just lingers inches above as if to tease.

Am I disappointed, relieved, angry, am I teased? what?... as I begin to swell and ache feeling things that I've never felt before.
I suck in hard to the point of pain through the thing bound tight at my mouth, almost gagging me to begin with, now threatening to as I can't breathe.
Why am I not reaching up it? Why am I not ripping these delicious restraint from my face.
I waver god, did I just think that because I am so scared. I hate the darkness but he's there, I can feel his heat lapping up against me.
Could I be enjoying his touch, is that why I'm burning right out of my skin?

He suddenly runs his fingertips like gentle kisses up the inside of my thigh. I shudder, the not knowing where he'll touch me next as with each movement I lose myself further. Totally lost as I feel him snaking them into the crotch of my panties.

I try to cry out, need to cry out, the pain of the pleasure and my situation but it just bounces back into my mouth so I bite down hard on the cloth between my teeth instead. It's soft and silky, like a scarf instantly draining my mouth of moist as I bite down again.
His fingers mingle in with my increasing dampness but I'm wet right? From the rain I can't possibly be turned on by his monster, by what he was doing.
I don't want this, he was doing something to me that I just don't want done. That I was no part of it as his body continued to move against mine and I still wasn't fighting back.

Why? My bodies just reacting to having never been touched right? Not because of his touch right? I don't want this right? I can't possibly want this right?
I feel myself buck as I as he gently pushes them to one side and begins to invade my moist darkest curls that have only ever touched by me.
Am I pushing into his fingers, as if to guide him as I go to slide my hand slowly around to the base of his back.
I need to touch him.... To assist in furthering my surivial in any way that I can of course, my thoughts with me just enough to know that I was in some pretty serious shit here.
There was no other reason to do so right how could I possibly want this monster to touch me? But why was my body acting like my worse enemy from under his heated touch.

I lean into his lips held at my collar bone, knowing he's still there by the repeated smacking of his hot breath prickling at my flesh and his thick hair continues to gently caress me. His hair breaking away in strokes as I suck in hard to the loss of him, my hot cumbersume breath returning as hits only the scarf held at my mouth when he is back again and it tickles again.
My shaky hand almost home as my wrist is caught hard, the hard smack echoeing room the room. The room sounds small and hollow as his harshess stops my breathing.

He grips at it harder ripping out his either hand from the warm wantoness of my soaked panties before he touched at my qvivering lips.
"DON'T EVER touch me again unless I tell you to."
His voice still of the sweetest honey as my body continues to pulstate with his closeness but his changing tone hammered into my head with much a threatening force that I tremble with it.

No time to think as I begin to blackout for the first time, like my bodies finally giving up to something that was pumping round me, causing me to feel this way. Yes that's it!..and because of him. Next I feel him yank at my whole arm as I spin round hard to face behind me I think.
He's pulling me, almost dragging me forwards. I almost fall stumbling out of it as I finally touch him in order to steady myself.
Now I'm fighting back, too little too late as I claw at his strong hand to let me go. Both hands now clawing as he continues to pull me along and with one shoulder popping yank he drives me against something hard.

I let out a muffled cry as I smack my forehead, it's a wall. My palms brace up against it as I feel him flip me over in one swift motion.
He is strong, I can feel how strong by the hardness of his muscles from under the clothing of his arms as I finally begin to react the way that I could.
But this only causes me to gasp and drown at how his body felt. With only the slightest of touches it felt so good, too good.

I can feel the heat and pain pang in my shoulders and back as he pushes me up harder against it. The wall was so hard, like wood with ridges in it as he pushed me even harder up against it with his pelvis against mine. He 's still hard, if not harder as it pokes into my belly.
I think I'll be marked forever by what it was behind me as well as in front.
He is pushing at me so hard, my clothes giving me little protection its harsh surface as I feel him push with one swift movement so his entire body up against mine.

Suddenly I'm aware that I am shuddering with a strange sickening excitement, a new wetness forming between my legs as I feel him raise one of my hands high above my head. I can't even let out a muffled cry now as I arch off the wall, head crowning upwards as if to see what was happening to me. But all I come see was my new friend, darkness as I felt something be roughly clamped around it. I jerked as it locked hard into place , pinching at my skin there. Instantly I was pulling away from it but it wouldn't let me as I heard it rattle under my increased movements.

I felt my other hand being yanked upwards to meet it, the same thing repeated as I was now held in place by chains. I was still standing, legs like jelly as I tried to pull away, only to be pulled back by them.
My head was snapping from side to side rubbing hard against the wall, knowing that he was still close, I can feel him . My skin prickling with expection as I can't breathe.
I am shaking uncontrollably, every muscle in my body trembling as my knees begin to give.

I suck in harder as I feel him at my front once more but things have changed. He's changed.
He's pulling the soaked shirt back across me, gentle like before as he slowly uses strong, nimble fingers to replace its buttons into the fastened position. As each one is closed he had to pull the wet material hard for them to meet, his fingers having to touch lightly at my flesh every now and then. I'm lost. Another, then another, then another as new sensations continue to ripple over me. Again and again until I am covered again except for one at the top and one at the bottom I think because I'm sure I had more than four on....but I can't remember what I'm wearing as her head bangs harder.

I 'm hurting so much all over, on the outside as well as on the inside as his hands leave me.
Dare I be missing his touch as I feel him lean into me again, so gently as I think his resting up against the wall on arms either side of me. God! he smells so good, freshly showered as that thought made me dip again and I don't even know what he looked like.

I feel his breath on the parts of my face that are not covered as my body begins to throb again.
Closer and hotter till his lips are right beside my ear I then feel him touch at my wet hair as if to pull it off and away from my face.
His touch was so soft and gentle as I now breathe in sort, swallow pants with every strand that is pulled from me. It's amazing how much you can feel without sight.

"Before our time together is through Elizabeth Parker you'll know the true meaning of pain and suffering..."
He leant in closer as his voice now mirrored his silky touches as he gently rubbed at my exposed belly.
I don't even hear what he was saying not caring if I did as I moaned. Unable not to as his palm now lay flat at it, only to feel fingertips circle gently round my bellybutton then sunk into its recess.
I buck as he chuckles a little, pushing in deeper. My god strike me down but hearing him laugh was just the sweetest thing.

His lips were at my neck, inches above it driving me right out of my skin and beyond as he gently allowed his fingers to trail slowly down to where my skirt as still raised up at my hips. Babysteps with fingertips as I betray myself again to this monster, having no control not to as I arch myself hard upto meet them. My body now open and begging.
"...like what you and yours have done to me and mine..."

His voice ragged and low as they continue to travel downwards making my skin tingle and my heart race as I open my self even wider to him. Why was I doing this? Acting this way? This wasn't me, whoever 'me' was.
He chuckles again as he withdrawls his feathery movements. I can't help but push out harder as if to search out for them, as if to miss them as I feel him press his thumb inside my lips, over the cotton of my panties, finding my clit instantly.

I gasp, pushing herself onto him as my head swirlled and fell back onto the wall. I feel him massage me there, rubbing at my folds just alittle over and over as the ache held there throbs harder with every stroke. He can do it so much better than I could and he wasn't even inside me yet.
Did I say yet...god I feel so sick as I begin to shudder under his touch, pushing down harder. needing to as tiny blissful contractions start up all over my lower body.

Why?What where they? What was happening to me?.. I just let myself feel, over and over as they dared to intensify.
All such the sweetest thing now as I feel his fingers rip from me again.
"...only worse, so much worse."

I feel a pain and loss that I've never felt as I hear him step back. I wimper and shake.
"That's the last time that you'll ever feel a gentle touch from me."
I moan as I hear footsteps now turn and leave, the door bang shut behind him.
Out of the now deathy silence about from my own swallow pants and my increasing fear that's when the tears finally come. I try to slide downwards but I can't, pulled back by my binds. My head drops forward as my eyes our now stinging from the contained tears.~~~

From the cold remembrance of it hitting me all over again and his eyes making he feel the way that they were I lean forward and in one resolute movement I slap him so hard across the side of his face that it stings my hand.

Instantly wanting to take it back as I see the look on his face closer now. Those eyes. Damn him why does he have to have such beautiful eyes as my body betrays me again. I shudder with it as feel the want begin to throb and spread deep inside. Just like before...he was doing it to me all over again as instinctively I look between his pleading eyes and his rock hard sex. Then back as I slowly bend down further, unable not to gently pulling on my bottom lip till I could taste blood. Pulling my hair to one side back behind me I go to take him into my mouth....



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