By : Claire
Disclaimer : It's sad, but they're not mine !
Category : M/L
Rating : maybe NC17
Summary : After Departure. It looks like Max and Liz forgot something...
fortunately,someone seems to remember...
Author's note : Ok, this is a happy ending, and maybe, something we thought had
happened... did not...
Oh, I almost forgot, I'm French, so there'll probably have a lot, a LOT of mistake, so please
forgive me.
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Part 1 Crasdow Caf
Liz is starting a new journal

Entry 1
I'm Liz Parker, and there is just two years ago, my life was totally normal : I had a nice
boyfriend, I was good in class, I had a job at the crashdown after school, and I was
already planning my future... But one day, in two minutes, a lots of things change : I was
shot by a costumers while I was working, and then, save by an alien. No, I'm not crazy, all
of this really happened, I was shot, and then I was healed, yeah, healed, by an Alien. Max,
that's his name. And then, I fell in love with him, and I found out that he wasn't the only
one. His sister, Isabel, and his best friend, Michael, were aliens too. Not long after, Maria
and Alex, my two best friends, were told about this. And a year ago they found out that
there was a fourth of them. Tess, I think I hate her. She was destined to be his wife. I was
broken hearted. Anyways, by this time The Sherif, Jim Valenti, and his son, Kyle, my
ex-boyfriend now, but a friend too, were told about the big secret too. That's not the
matter. The matter is, just when Max and I were about to give up to our love, he, Max,
came from the future, from 2014, and told me that I had to make him (Max from the
present) fall out of love with me, or the worl will end in fourteen year. I pretended to sleep
with Kyle. I mean, Max saw us in bed, in my bed, looking very nacked. That was the end of
my world, knowing I could never be with him again. At least, we're friend now. This year,
Alex was killed, and Max slept with Tess, and got her pregnant. He broke my heart again.
And , for the well-being of her and Max's Child, she had to leave the Earth. With Max,
Michael and Isabel. I had to tell him the true, about me and Kyle. And then, we learned
who killed Alex. It was her. I always thought she was a b*tch, but still... She left, but the
others stayed. And my revenge, you B*tch ? I guess I'll never got it now... At least two of
us are happy in love. I'm glad for Maria and Michael, even if I'm jealous. When I think that
just a year ago, it was Maria who envyed me about my relationship with Max. It's funny to
see how things can change in two years...

Liz closed her journal to see to see who just came in...

"Hey, Iz."
"Hey, Liz, how are you ?"
// Guess, how am I ? Your brother slept with Tess and got her pregnant, and Oh, yeah, I
almost forget, Tess killed my best friend...//
"Liz !"
"Um, yeah, excuse me. Yeah, I guess I'm fine, except maybe that I am once again broken
hearted, thanks to your bro... Isabel, are you listening me ?"
"Um, well, not exactly, but, there is something weird..."
"What do you mean ?"
"Well, you know, as Alien, I have this sorta... of..."
"Yeah ?"
"6th sense."
"Ok... So ?"
"I can feel things, you know ?"
"Not exactly..."
"I can say when someone is lying, hiding something. I can say when someone is happy or
sad, or sick, or..."
"Or what ?"
"Or pregnant."
"Oh. I understand. So..."
"So you wanna talk about it ?"
"About what ?"
"The baby ! You know, how you feel about it..."
"How I feel about the baby ? I'm disgusted, sickened... And I feel sad for him at the same
"Disgusted ?!? Sickened ?? Sad ?!!?"
"Yeah, I'm sad when I think that he'll have Tess as mother-"
"What ?!??!"
"Yeah, I mean, she killed Alex, and-"
"No, I mean, you're talking about Tess's baby ?"
"Yeah, of course, which one else do you want me to talk about ?"
"Mine ?! What are you talking about ? I'm not pregnant !"
"Of course you are ! I can feel it !"
"What ! No ! No Way !"
"I'll be right back !" says Isabel as she move towards the door
"ISABEL ! ISABEL ! Where are you going ? ISABEL"
"Ok, liz mumbled to herself, I gotta write this !"

She take her journal and start writing juste under the first entry.

Entry 2
Ok, I just talk to Isabel... And I think she is losing it.
I mean come on, we were talking and she asked me how I felt about the baby. For me
there was just one baby, Tess's. But then she said she was talking about my baby, and
then she left. Hey, I'm not pregnant ! Besides, I'm still virgin, and I'm gonna tell her, cause
she's coming back... with Max...

"Oh right Isabel, can you explain me what just happened ?"
"Yeah that's easy -"
"You're pregnant !!!" cut her Max.
"What ! No, no way, are you crazy ? That's a joke, right ?"
"No Liz, this is really serious. Ya know, as alien we have this sorta 6th -"
"Oh yeah Max, I already know, I was told about this 6th sense less than 10 minutes ago.
yadda yadda yadda ! But you both forget something."
"What ?"
"What ? Isabel, you wanna know what ?! I'm gonna tell you what. I'm virgin ! And do you
know what it means ? It means, that I, Liz Parker, never , and I said never, made love.
And this, means that I cannot be pregnant, cos to be pregnant you -"
"Ok, ok, I got it, but -"
"You're pregnant !"
"Yeah, and I can't explain it but -"
"I can."
//I know that voice.OH. MY. GOD. Alex.//
"Alex !"
"I think I'm going to faint." said Liz before collapsing on the floor.

"I think I'm going to faint." said Liz before collapsing on the floor.
"Liz !"
"I think we should take her to her bedroom"
"Yeah, you're right." Said Max as he take Liz in his arms and heads upstairs.
"Oh my God, Alex, I can't believe it's really you !" murmured Isabel while hugging him
well like you hug someone that you thought was dead.
"Yeah that's me, Alex Whitman, back from Hell !"
"What ?"
"Kidding !"
"Oh yeah right. But how... I mean.. What... ?"
"Well I'll explain everything, but I think it would be better if everyone was here."
"Of course, I'll call Michael, Maria,the Sherif and Kyle."
"Yeah, and I'll check on Liz"

Isabel hugs him once again and then give him a light kiss before heading for the phone.

At the same time, in Liz's room.
Max just put Liz down on her bed when she wakes up and sees him.

"Hey Max, what happened ? I just had the weirdest dream-"
"Hey Max, she woke up ?" asked Alex before seeing Liz.
"Oh. My. God."
"Er, I guess it wasn't a dream."
"Is this really you Alex, I mean, I saw you dead..."
"Yeah, we all thought you were dead, but... Oh God. Tess ?"
"You're right buddy, your charming young bride mindwarped a whole town. She is a lot
stronger that we thought, but I'm gonna explain when everyone will be here."
"Everyone ?"
"Yeah, Isabel is calling Michael, Maria, Kyle and the Sherif."
"Oh, right."


"That's it, I called everybody, but the sherif won't come 'coz is out of the town for a couple
days." said Isabel as she came into the room. "Oh, Liz, you woke up ! Are you alright ?"
"Yeah, I'm fine Iz, a little schocked ya know, but I'm fine, thanks."
"Oh, good. Um..., Alex. You said you could explain about Liz's pregnancy ?"
"Hey ! I've already told you Isabel ! I. AM. NOT. PREGNANT !"
"Yeah, anyway. So Alex ?"
"Max !"
"I'm sorry Liz, but I know what I feel. Don't you wanna know ?"
"Er... anyways even if she wanna know... I can't explain actually."
"But a moment ago you said you could !?"
"Yeah, I said it, but I can't explain."
"Why did you said it then ?"
"Well, I just wanted something to say to make my big entry, ya know. I didn't even know
were talking about Liz's pregnancy. I didn't even KNEW she was pregnant !"
"That's normal, 'coz I'm not pregnant."
"Yeah, well we'll talk about it later ok."
"So, what did I miss while I was dead ?"


"ALEX !!!" cried Maria as she entered the room. she runs and jumps in his arms.
"Hey, Maria ! Missed me ?"
"Of course, I missed you damn ass ! I thought you were dead idiot !"
"Hey, calm down, just kidding !"
"I know, I know, but I'm so overwhelmed, you can't blame me !"
"Ok, Ok, I forgive you."
"Glad to see you, man."
"Yeah you too, Michael."
"Yeah, we're glad that you're not dead." says Kyle as he hugs Alex.
"Er... Yeah... I'm glad too ! Um... could you let go of me please ?"
"Um, yeah, sure. sorry."
"That's okay"
"So, Alex, are you gonna told us your story ?"
(a/n : In France we are only at the "Wipe Out" episode, so I don't know exactly what really

happened to Alex, and about Liz's searchs, so if you don't understand something, just ask
and I'll try to explain.")
"Yeah, you know, there isn't a lot to talk about. The day of my so-called death, I left the
just after I received the package."
"You left Roswell !?!"
"Yeah, there was a letter which said that I had to go back to Las Cruzes 'coz there was a
problem about the transcription I made from the 'book of destiny'."
"What problem ?"
"Well, there was a lot of files missing, and I had to make a new transcription."
"But, what was it about what you signed on the colis ?"
"Well, I don't know exactly how, but I knew something was going to happen, so I leave
'coz I knew it would help Liz to find out about... everything."
"And it did !"
"Yeah, so Tess mindwarped everybody to make you think I was dead, when actually I was
the road for Las Cruzes."
"But, Alex, I came to Las Cruzes, and you weren't there... it was Tess, wasn't it ?"
"Bingo Chica. I was at Las Cruzes, but I was out for the day, 'coz someone called me for a
meeting. This person said she had some interesting informations for me. Well, as you can
guess, there wasn't any information. I guess it was Tess, she might have known that you
coming this day, and she mindwarped you not to think I was still alive. And before anyone
asks, I left a letter about why and where I was going, but I think you didn't get it."
"I also called whenever I could, each time I had one of you on the phone but it was Tess
was mindwarping again."
"So, how did you know when to come back and what did happened ?"
"Well, Just yesterday morning, I receive the newspaper, but it was different from the other

First it was "the little Roswellian" (a/n : sorry for the name, but I don't know which
Newspapers are published in Roswell), and second, it was dated from two days after my
'death', so, just imagine my face when I read that I was dead. That's when I figured
everything out, and here I am."
"Whoa. but how did the the newspaper arrived in front of your door ?"
"Good question, Maria, but I don't know the answer."
"Oh. That's weird."

Everyone go silent for a moment, just thinking about what happened to Alex.

"Oh ! Isabel, I almost forgot !"
"What Maria ?"
"Who's pregnant ?"

"Who's pregnant ?"
"How do you know ?!?"
"Well, Isabel told me to buy a pregnancy test, why... OH MY GOD, is that you Chica ?"
"guess so"
"yeah" Say at the same Max, Isabel, Alex (who was told about the 6th sense and who
the alien's powers) and Michael ('coz he has a 6th sense too).
"No. I'm. not !"
"Oh, come on Liz ! We can feel it, we KNOW it !"
"I don't care what you say ! I CAN'T BE, I AM VIRGIN !"
"Ummm... Could someone please explain us what you're talking about ?" says Kyle
toward himself and Maria.
"The Czechoslo'vakian here have some kind of 6th sense and they're asserting that I'm
pregnant, 'coz they 'feel it', although I'm still virgin."
"Oh, that's just it ?" says Kyle with nonchalance.
"OH COME 'that's just it' ?!? Don't you heard what I just said ?!"
"Yeah,but you know, I'm pretty sure that's just an alien thing, you know, when Max healed
us, he changed us and maybe, well maybe that make us alien, and you can't know for sure

how they 'procreate'."
"HEY ! First we procreate the same way you do, and second, I didn't do anything to her !"
"Hey, calm down buddy, I said 'maybe' !"
"Well, I guess there's just one way to know for sure."
"And what's that Maria ?"
"You make that Test."
"If I do it, then will you stop bothering me with that ?"
"Well, if it says you're not pregnant...-"
"Ok then !" says Liz quickly, grabing the test and hurrying towards the bathroom.
"Well, it was easier that I woud've think."

5 minutes later.
"LIZ ! Are you done in here ?"
"Yeah, I'm coming !"
Liz comes in her room and everyone looks at her.
"So ?"
"So what ?"
"So, which color it is ?"
"Oh that ?!"
"Yeah, that ! Duh !"
"Oh well, it' ?" she says in a hurry.
"What ? Sorry, I didn't understand, you spoke too quickly."
Liz looks at her shoes and finally speaks reluctanctly.
"Oh, Ok, You were right. It's pink."
"So...?" asks Maria, already knowing the answer.
"Yeah. I'm pregnant."
Max felt his heart jumping. They were right. Deep down he knew it, but hearing Liz saying
it was quite horrible. Liz, His Liz, was pregnant... No wait, he couldn't think that, she
his anymore, not since... not since he slept with Tess. Just the thought of what he did with
Tess disgusted him -"
"So, um... Liz, do you want me to make a connection, with you and the baby, ya know, so
maybe we could explain... How."
Liz knew what she meant. She thought about it for a second and then agreed.
"Um, yeah Isabel, that would be nice, thank you."
"Okay, so you know what to do."
Whôa, Liz thought to herself. I'm gonna connect with my baby. My baby. She couldn't
it. She knew the test could be wrong, but deep down she knew it. She was going to be a
Isabel put one of her hand on Liz's tummy, and the other one on the side of Liz's face.
The connection was pretty easy, Liz was used to it. Soon, the Flashes started.


:: Max climbing Liz's ladder ::

:: Max and Liz talking, looking really agitated ::

:: Liz crying, then Max kissing her ::

:: Max and Liz kissing passinately ::

:: Max and Liz on Liz's bed, undressing each other ::

At this point, both Liz and Isabel look shocked, and Isabel looks also disgusted,but the
Flashes continue.

:: Max kissing Liz everywhere ::

:: Max and Liz... making love ! ::

:: Max and Liz sleeping ::

:: Max waking up, seeing Liz and looking as if he just betrayed someone, a single tear
on his cheek and then leaving... shocked ! ::

End of the Flashes

"Oh my god !" say the two girls at the same time. At first Isabel was looking really shocked

and disgusted, but know she was looking... disoriented, and lost. Liz looked the same,
for disgusted, actually, she looked kinda... pleased. Isabel was the first to found her voice

"Whôa. "
"What, what did you see ?" Max couldn't help but ask the question he was dying to know
answer of.
Isabel ignored him and kept talking to Liz.
"I can't believe it. Oh come you didn't remember ? You didn't look drunk, so how come
neither one of you didn't remember, I mean, it was kinda... unforgettable."
"Yeah, I know, but still, I don't understand, why was he crying ?"
"Wait a minute !"
Both Liz and Isabel stoped talking, as if understanding for the first time that they weren't
"What Maria ?"
"Do you know who is the father ?"
"You know ?" This time it was Max who asked.
"Um... Yeah..."
"Who ? Who is he ?"
"Well, we know who he is, but he doesn't know, 'coz he don't remeber either. It risk to be
"Are you ever going to tell us who is a father ?" asked Maria a bit impatiently.
"Max is."
Liz and Isabel haven't spoke. They look at each other in wonder, and then to everybody in
"W-Who just... Who j-just spoke ?" asked Liz, anxiously.
"I did."
A figure moved from Liz's window and everyone looked at her. It was Tess.
"W-Who just... Who j-just spoke?" asked Liz, anxiously.
"I did."
A figure moved from Liz's window and everyone looked at her. It was Tess.

No one spoke. For Liz, it's like her worst nightmare coming true again.
Is she ever going to stay out of my life? She thought to herself.
Eventually, Max spoke:
"What. Are. You. Doing. Here?" His voice was trembling
with rage, but considering what he had in his mind, Max's words were really
nice. He didn't want to see her. Ever.
"You can't be here. You're unwanted.
Plus, it's too dangerous for the baby."
Liz almost cried at these words. She almost forgot about this. She didn't know
how, but she was pregnant with Max's child. And she almost cried because she
wasn't the only one.
"Actually, that's why I came. I think I owe you some explanation."
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm not pregnant."
"WHAT? But, I, uh, I saw the baby, he was weak and -"
"There never was any baby... well, uh... except Liz's."
Liz's heart filled with such hope at this words, she could never have think it
was even possible.
Tess wasn't pregnant, or so she said, 'coz for the moment, Liz didn't know if
Tess could be trusted. Not after all she'd already done in the past.
"Um, Tess, I'm really confused now, and I think I'm not the only one."
"Well, patience Buddha Boy, I'm gonna tell you everything. But please, No one
speak before I finish, otherwise, it'll never be over."
Everyone silently nodded for her to explain... well, everything. Hell, there was
a lot they wanted to know: Why she mindwarped Alex, and Alex's death, why she
faked a pregnancy… why she came back.
"Okay, um, where to start?"
"I guess the beginning is a good start."
"Um... yeah, right. Well, I guess we could say it all started a few weeks after
the whole 'destiny' thing.
I was starting to feel a little... um... lonely. Yeah, I guess lonely is the
word. I also felt... nostalgic."
"Um, yeah, about our home planet. Please no more interruptions Max."
"Um, yeah sorry."
The girl was slowly regaining Max's trust. He didn't know why, or how, but he
felt like he could trust her, and that what she had to say was going to make him
happy and... relieved. It was just a feeling, but... actually it was more than a
feeling. He was confident of it.
"So, as I was saying, I was feeling nostalgic. When Max started letting me in,
after Liz 'betrayed' him... um sorry for the word, I know, it's not like that,
but, after Liz 'betrayed' him, I wasn't feeling alone anymore. I felt accepted. And that was
a great feeling. But, one night, it was after Max and I
went to New York, I started thinking about how Liz had found Max in New York,
thousands of miles away from Roswell, she found him, thanks to their connection.
I was thinking really hard about it, and I came to this conclusion. Whatever Liz
had done to Max for him to feel betrayed, they were still in love with each
other. And I couldn't get the idea of destiny out of my head. Then, some time
later, Alex was going to Sweden. I told myself those exact words: He deserves
it. He is really smart, intelligent. That's when a new idea start to form in my
head. I was going to leave. And Alex was going to help me. And then, I started
using my mindwarp. I made Alex go to Las Cruzes and he started translating the
'book of destiny' for me. Well, he thought he was doing it for you guys. He
didn't remember he should have been in Sweden. When he finished the translation,
he came back to Roswell, thinking he just spend a month in Sweden, with all
those fake memories and fake slides. I wasn't sure anymore if I wanted to go. I
mean, I was going to the prom with Kyle, and everyone had started acting kinda
nice to me. So I decided to let it go for a moment. And then, the night of the
prom, I talked to Max when we were alone. I told him how I thought he was doing
great with Liz, and I asked him if they were going to date again. He answered me
that he didn't know if he could ever forget. At first, I didn't understood what
he meant. So he explain me. Everything. The whole Kyle/Liz thing. I was
disgusted. And I was angry. At Liz, for making Max suffer this horrible way. At
Kyle for sleeping with Liz and never told me, when I thought we were having
something, I didn't know exactly what it was, but we had it. And I was angry
with Liz again, for having the love of both Max and Kyle. And I was jealous, not
because she had Max's love, but because she had Kyle's, and because she had made
love with him. I wanted them to suffer the way we did. That's when I remembered.
Destiny. We could make them suffer. I told Max. Of course I didn't tell him I
wanted Liz to suffer. He would never have agreed. So I told him about Destiny.