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Title: The Seeker
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Category: AU M/L M/M A/I Some K/T
Rating: (R, NC-17)
Spoilers: None
Summary: Liz parker has guarded a gift since childhood, but when sucked into the world of 'the reaper' a notorious child killer she must put her skills to use. Teamed with detective Max Evans they begin a desperate race against time to save the latest kidnapped girl, a girl who has a powerful connection with the seeker. Liz Parker is the seeker........
Disclaimer: I said I own nothing damn it! but sue if you must. only joking!!!

Note: Okay guys here goes, this is my first attempt at writing fanfic. I just wanted to let everyone on the board know that I'm awed by your excellent work and you guys have inspired me to try my own hand at writing and here's the product. I appreciate any comments or criticisms you may have as long as their constructive ones, please don't be to harsh. Anyway enough of my ramblings so let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Part One

Max Evans sat at his desk reviewing the files he'd compiled over the last four years; he let out the frustrated breath he'd been holding. Four years and still no real leads, twenty dead children but noone seemed to know anything about the identity of the psychotic son of a bitch responsible. They were still no closer to catching the sick fuck, he was still no closer.

He sifted through the photos attached to the case files no matter how many times his stomach still churned. What he did to those kids, how he mutilated their bodies it was harrowing. He winced when his eye's came in contact with the photo of the last murdered girl, it wasn't the fact that she lay in a pool of her own blood or that her tiny naked body was beaten black and blue, it was the carved words upon her chest and abdomen that made his eyes sting with unshed tears and bile creep up the back of his throat, the words

Slamming the file, closed Max ran a shaky hand through his hair he'd exhausted every avenue all-leading to dead ends. He mused bitterly at how today’s society could be so fucked up, so twisted that they would actually give false information about kidnapped children. Sure, he'd dealt with a lot of crackpots and weirdo’s in his time on the force but nothing compared to the stories he'd been told in connection with the reaper murder cases over the last four years.
He blamed the media that fucking blonde bitch reporter what was her name? Harding yeah Tess fucking Harding. That bitch was so hell bent on sky rocketing her career she didn't stop to think of the damage she was causing, she didn't stop to think about the poor kids fucking parents or....
Max was jolted from his thoughts by the slamming of his office door. “Max?” Michael Guerin Max's partner for the last six years stood before him an unreadable expression on his face. Max glanced up at Michael waiting for him to respond when he didn't his gaze dropped lower Max noticed how Michael's balled up fists clenched and unclenched at his sides.
Max: Spit it out already Michael I haven't got all day.
Michael: Max we just had a Mr and Mrs Whitman file a missing persons report, their four year old daughter Alaura's been abducted.
Max: Abducted Michael?
Michael: Its started again Max that bastards starting again.
Max: Michael.....
Michael: It’s the reaper Max he's taken the girl.
Max: You’re sure?
Michael: He left us his calling card.

Max jumped startled by the object Michael had thrown onto his desk with a thud, he reached out a shaky hand to retrieve the object, a small porcelain doll no more than 15 cm in length with the all to familiar scrawl that Max had grown accustomed to over the last four years, words carved into the torso of the doll Who loves you?
After bagging the doll as evidence, Max stood and addressed Michael.
Max: We don't have much time; we need to get on this while the trails still hot. We need to interview the parents he's not goina win this time. I'm goina get that sick fuck if it’s the last thing I do.

With that said both men exited the office the porcelain doll the only visible object illuminated in an eerie glow from the overhead street lamp.....

Ooh these little earthquakes
here we go again
ooh these little earthquakes
doesn't take much to rip us into pieces......

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes

Part Two

You don't wanna go there
Let me lead you by the hand
You don't wanna be there
Over the sea and down to land

As I look into your eyes
I pay no mind
I found the way
To get inside you
I'd give you peace of mind

Unkle- Be There

1.40 am

Liz Parker pulled back the drapes and watched as the rain cascaded softly down her bedroom window, she laid her forehead on the cool glass pane. She still hadn't been able to sleep the nightmares had returned, she contemplated waking Maria but there was no sense in them both being awake. She pulled back her long chestnut brown hair into a loose hanging ponytail and with a wary sigh turned from her standing position at the window and climbed into bed, sleep would be along time coming.......

3.30 am (Liz's dream)

"Alaura, Alaura Whitman you come here this instant"
Liz stood by the play set in the park, the children's screams of delight and laughter filtered through her ears and she couldn't help the smile that played on her lips, they were so innocent and carefree two qualities she had lost along time ago.
She found herself enthralled by the interaction of a young mother and her daughter, the woman was exceptionally beautiful with long golden blonde hair scraped back into a high pony, she wore a figure hugging outfit which accentuated her curves, it was hard to believe she had ever given birth.

Liz watched as the girl ran to the waiting arms of her mother, the girl kissed her mothers nose a giggle bubbling forth when her mother began to tickle her mercilessly, the two rolled amongst the autumn leaves their laughter echoing throughout the park. The young girl Alaura her mother had called her was just as beautiful, the same graceful features the only apparent difference the mass of shoulder length curly brown hair that danced around her face.

Suddenly the scene shifted, Liz stood in the woods, which adjoined to the playground, she heard footsteps and turned just in time to see the young girl from the park scramble past her frantically sobbing for her mother. Liz opened her mouth to call out to the girl when she felt him, just as she always had. She felt the involuntary shiver run down her spine as he advanced toward the girl his long auburn hair clinging to his face obscuring his features, but she knew it was him she always knew.

She heard his excited chant as he called out to the girl that there was no were to run, she couldn't hide, who loves you echoing over and over again and again in her mind. She broke into a sprint in a desperate attempt to reach the girl; she screamed for him to let her go but to no avail, she knew it was pointless the girl had already been abducted. She had once again been pulled into the dark abyss of this killer’s life.

Liz was jolted from her thoughts by a piercing shriek, she straightened her stance from the hunched over position she had assumed to catch her breathe and began to run wildly in the direction from which the scream came. “I'm coming Alaura just hold on” Liz yelled in a desperate attempt to reassure the girl. When she reached them he had the girl slung over his shoulder, her fists beat wildly on his back but her struggles were in vain. Liz tried to step forward but she was frozen in place, this always happened she was powerless. She screamed in frustration when she again looked toward the direction of the girl, the last words muttered by Alaura as she looked straight into Liz's eyes "help me, please help me Liz".

The scene shifted once more, Liz found herself back in the playground, the wind howled at her feet as she felt hot tears trickle down her cheeks. She fell to the ground and shook violently repeating the mantra, no not again, please no not again.......

She shot up in bed with a start and found herself looking into the worried eyes of her best friend and roommate Maria DeLuca.
Maria: Girl what's up with you? I could hear you screamin in the hall, your goina get us evicted for noise pollution.
When Maria noticed that Liz was unresponsive she began to shake her back and forth violently, a sense of dread rising from the pit of her stomach, she had seen Liz like this before...
Maria: Liz, chica answer me you’re scaring the fucking shit clean out of me!

Liz was propelled back to reality, as she gasped for air she gripped Maria's shoulders beads of perspiration worked their way down her brow, her throat was unbelievably dry and it took a few attempts before she could formulate words.
Liz: Maria it’s started again he's taken another girl.
Maria: Liz are you sure? Because it could have just been some fucked up nightmare and I mean did you, eat late? Because I was watching this documentary and it said that if you eat like after 9 pm there’s this chemical reaction in your-
Liz: Maria its him, its the reaper he's taken another child and I have to help her.

Maria: Liz you've tried to help before remember? but the police just thought you were some nut job. I mean when we lived in San Diego. they wouldn't even give you a contact number for the detective in charge of the case!
Liz: Maria you don't understand she knows I can feel him, she pulled me into that dream somehow. I can't explain it, all I know is she asked for my help and I'm goina give it to her.
Maria: But Liz-
Liz: Maria this was different I had a connection to this girl, I think she’s, I think she’s a seeker.
Maria: But Liz-
Liz: NO maria this has to stop now, he's ruined too many lives already I can't stand idly by and do nothing, not this time. I'm goina make the police listen, I'm goina get that sick fuck if it’s the last thing I do.......

can't stop what's coming
can't stop what is on its way
hey, can't stop what's coming, can't stop what is on its way
can't stop, can't stop loving you...
can't stop loving, can't stop what is on its way
and I see it coming and its on its way.....

Tori Amos- Bells for her

Part Three

Liz strode purposefully towards the front desk with Maria trailing behind. She was a woman on a mission! This police department were going to listen to what she had to say. She couldn’t simply stand by and let another innocent child be murdered; she already had enough blood on her hands, if only she could have made them listen in San Diego.
Liz: Hi my names Liz Parker and this is Maria Deluca. We have some information on the abducted girl; we’d like to speak with the detectives in charge.
P.Man: Oh they ain’t here right now, you ladies wanta take a seat and wait for em or leave a contact number?
Maria: Oh what a shame, we’ll just leave our number.
Maria proceeded to pull a pen and note pad from her bag. Liz halted her action with a pointed look.
Liz: no actually we’re just goina wait, right Maria?
With a defeated sigh Maria hung her head and muttered, “yeah right! God Liz I really hate police stations ever since that time I was arrested for fraud, I mean fraud please as if! Just because some people don’t appreciate the art that is fortune telling, and to accuse me of fleecing people, I was providing them with a service!!”

Maria reached for her cedar oil and inhaled deeply as Liz cast her a sideways glance.
Liz: Maria in case it’s escaped your attention a child’s life’s at stake here! I think that’s a little more important than your wrongful arrest.
Maria: What you don’t think I know that! Its, its just that this is so massive. I mean what if they don’t believe what we’re saying and write us off as basket cases. That little girls goina die, Liz her life’s resting in our hands, your hands um you know what I mean.
Liz meet maria's gaze a steely determination in her eyes “well then we’re just goina have to convince them that what we’re saying is the truth”

Out side the station

Tess Harding stood in front of LAPD yet again, she frequented the front steps so often she mused that she should just have them convert a cell into an office, it would definitely reduce her mileage… She checked her reflection in the compact mirror for the fifth time, it wasn’t that she was vain, sure she was beautiful extremely beautiful by all accounts but this was for her career. She wanted out of that fleapit news station and into the nationals and to do that you needed a pretty face, which she definitely had. She smiled at her reflection, winking before slamming her compact closed.
Tess: Damnit were the hell is Evans; I’ve been stood here for over an hour. I wanta be the first one on this story.
Tess’s eyes twinkled in glee as she caught sight of Max’s car pulling into the lot. It looked like she’d get that story after all…….

Tess: Okay Chris roll it. This is Tess Harding reporting from LAPD police station were news has just broken that a four year old girl was abducted yesterday from a local children’s playground. It is believed that this is the work of the notorious reaper, the child killer who has continued to elude LAPD’s detectives for the past four years.

Max and Michael proceeded to make their way to the front entrance spotting Tess Harding off to the side of the double doors Max stopped in his tracks.
Max: Fuck! There’s that bimbo slut reporter Harding. I just don’t have the time or the patience for her shit today.
Tess advanced on max until she stood directly in front of him, microphone outstretched. “ Detective Evans do you have any comment on the latest disappearance, is this yet again the reapers work?”
Max: no comment”. Max managed to manoeuvre around tess but she persued him insistently.
Tess: detective Evans do you think you’ll ever find this man?
Max turned on tess swiping her mic away with his open palm “what fucking part of no comment don’t you understand, now why don’t you get out of my face and let us get on with our job”.
Tess: Just one more question detective Evans, would you care to have dinner with me?

Michael looked between Tess and Max noting the hopeful look on one face and the disgusted look of another.
Max: Not in this lifetime or any other Harding. And with that said both men disappeared into the precinct leaving a gaping mouthed reporter and a very amused camera crew…


P.Man: Yo! Evans, Guerin two ladies in the waitin room sat they got info on the missing kid.
Max: Really? This should be good.
Michael: Little pessimistic aren’t we max?
Max: You learn to be in this job Michael, you learn to be…
Michael: hey what are these women’s names?

P.Man: um Parker and Deluca.

Max and Michael approached the waiting room with a hint of Sinicism they had been in the game long enough to realise that sometimes the most honest and law abiding citizens who came forward with information were really sick bastards with over active imaginations. As Max twisted the door handle, he had no idea that the woman on the other side had all the answers he needed and more….

When you say its goina happen now
When exactly do you mean?
See I’ve already waited too long
And all my hope is gone…

Spite Love Spite- How soon is now

Part Four

Storm.. In the morning light
I feel
No more can I say
Frozen to myself

I got nobody on my side
And surely that ain't right
And surely that ain't right


Liz fidgeted nervously with the strap of her handbag. What if Maria was right, what if they thought she was just another nut seeking attention. No, she couldn’t think like that, she had to stay positive and focused for Alaura sake. Liz chanced a glance at Maria; it had been 20 minutes or so since she’d last spoken which was not something that happened often. Maria had said she was cleansing her aura when Liz had mused as to why she sat in the middle of the floor Indian style. Liz bit back the laughter that threatened to erupt when she saw Maria’s arms flail violently in the air. No matter how many times she’d actually seen her best friend perform this type of ritual, she still found it hard to believe she bought in to all that crap. Her gaze snapped back to Maria’s face as she let out a deep breath through her mouth.

Liz: All done?
Maria: Girl this is about as cleansed as the deluca aura gets, but I still feel all this negative energy around us.
Maria let out a frustrated sigh as she rose into a standing position, just then the door was thrown open….

Max felt his breath catch; he stopped so abruptly in the doorway that Michael collided with his back. He was enthralled by figure that sat in the corner. He had never seen anything so beautiful in all his life. When she raised her head, the chocolate curtain of hair that masked her features shifted revealing to him the full extent of her beauty. Large doe brown eyes met blazing amber in a heated glance.

Liz felt her heart pound and her blood boil as she looked into the eyes of the sexiest man she had ever seen. He had the most amazing penetrative eyes, golden flecks dancing in amber pools. She felt like he was looking into her soul, turning her inside out unmasking her darkest secrets. Her gaze travelled lower to his perfect nose, full lips and chiselled jaw, lower still and her line of vision came in contact with the toned muscles of his chest as they rippled beneath his cotton shirt. There was only one word to describe the man that stood before her and that was beautiful, he was beautiful.

Max: Miss Parker, Miss Deluca I presume.
Max’s intense gaze never wavered from Liz’s face. She opened her mouth to speak but no words were uttered. Suddenly feeling dry Liz swallowed convulsively trying to form a coherent sentence, but Maria spoke first.
Maria: I’m Maria Deluca and this is Liz Parker.
Michael: I’m detective Guerin, this here is detective Evans. We believe you ladies have some information regarding the missing girl.

For the first time Liz’s gaze wavered from Max’s she was brought back to reality by Michael’s words, the missing girl, Alaura….
Liz: Her names Alaura
Max: Miss Parker how did you know that? We haven’t released any details about the girl’s identity to the press.
Liz: She told me.
Max: she?
Liz: Alaura.
Michael: How’s that possible unless your involved with her abduction.
Liz: I am involved just not in the way you think.

In one swift stride, Max had made his way towards Liz, her slender arm clutched in his hand as he led her roughly to the door.
Max: Well maybe you’d like to explain your involvement in the interview room Miss Parker.
Maria: HEY! Let go of her you fucking asshole, let her explain.
Michael: Miss Deluca. Michael said as he reached for Maria.
Maria: Don’t man handle me mister, I know my rights and I’ve just spent the last hour cleansing my aura and I don’t want your negative vibes tainting it.
With that said Maria was out the door running in the direction Max had just led Liz.
Michael: What the hell was that? Michael mused as he scratched his head, he couldn’t put his finger on it but there was just something about these women. On that thought, he turned down the hall towards the interview room……

What am I supposed to do?
When everything that I've done
Is leading me to conclude
I'm not the one

Whatever I've done
I've been staring down the Barrel of a Gun

Depeche Mode-Barrel of a Gun

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Part Five

Now you're standing there tongue tied
You'd better learn your lesson well
Hide what you have to hide
And tell what you have to tell

You'll see your problems multiplied
If you continually decide
To faithfully pursue
The policy of truth

Never again
Is what you swore
The time before
Never again
Is what you swore
The time before

Depeche Mode- Policy of Truth

Max slammed the door behind him, his fury reaching a fever pitch. How could someone this breath taking, who looked this innocent be involved in the kidnap and murder of children?

Liz stared her gaze transfixed to the tabletop, she didn’t know how to put into words her involvement, Should she just come out and tell him everything. Liz was jolted from her ponderings by the loud slap of Max’s hands upon the table; she looked up startled by his proximity , he was close so close that she could feel his hot breath on her cheek. She felt the gooseflesh on her arms and knew that she was in trouble; she had never reacted so strongly to a man before….

Max: Start talking.
Max noted the internal struggle Liz seemed to be having, her brow knotted in concentration as she searched for words.
Liz: I don’t know where to start.

Max: The beginnings always a good place miss parker. Max barked as he slumped into a chair opposite.
Liz flinched at his harsh words; she felt the tears prick at her eyes and fought back the lump in her throat.
Liz: I had nothing to do with Alaura’s abduction detective Evans. I know you don’t believe that but it’s the truth.

She gazed at him pleading with her eyes for him to understand, for him to believe her, and he wanted to, his posture relaxed and his tone softened.
Max: I’m listening.
Liz: I know your goina find this difficult to believe but everything I’m about to tell you is the truth. You have to trust me or Alaura’s as good as dead and you’ll never catch him.
Max: go on…

Liz wrung her hands together as she stood and paced the length of the interview room; she took a deep breath then launched into her story.
Liz:” Detective Evans I’m a seeker and before you interrupt to ask what that is.” She held up a hand to silence him as he tried to speak.
“ I suppose you could say I’m a psychic of sorts. I get impressions, feelings from objects, people, and locations.
Max: Miss Parker…
Liz: No! Damn you just listen. If they had listened to me before he might be behind bars right now.

Max ran a hand through his hair he was confused tremendously, she didn’t look like a nut job but this story…….
Max: You said if they had listened to you before-
Liz: The police in San Diego. I went to them I told them about the things I’d seen, the reaper but they wouldn’t listen, they didn’t believe-
Max: Wait let me get this straight. You’re telling me that you know about the reaper because you’re some kind of clairvoyant. What kind of mumbo jumbo are you peddling lady?
Liz: Please, I know you don’t believe me but I can prove what I’m saying is true.
Max raised an eyebrow to Liz, a note of scepticism tinting his features. He couldn’t help the smirk that played on his lips.
Max: Well prove away miss parker, the floors all yours……

Liz felt the angry blush creep up her neck and colour her cheeks. How dare he mock her, she just poured out her soul to this man offered him the help he so desperately needed and he just threw it back in her face. This time it was max who was startled as Liz’s small fist pounded the hard tabletop. He chanced a look at her and could see clearly that she was pissed. His attention was drawn to her flushed cheeks, they burned with such intensity and he’d never seen a sight more beautiful…
Liz: Damn you!
Liz seethed through clenched teeth as she glowered down at max from her standing position. She noticed the dazed expression on his face and wondered fleetingly what had caused it. He seemed to snap out of it as his head rose and his gaze locked with hers.

Liz: Fuck it I’m telling the truth and I can prove it. I-I know about the dolls.

Max felt the chill run down his spine, his body stiffened as he crooked out “how, how do you- we never released that information, never.
Liz: I’ve seen him prepare them.
Max: What do you mean prepare them?
Liz slumped into the chair dejectedly. She placed her trembling hands on the table for support as she leaned forward. She felt the bile rise in her throat as she whispered the words…. Who loves you?……….

Part Six

Maria flung open the door adjoining the interview room; she had tried unsuccessfully to reach Liz so she had settled on watching her through the screen mirror. That S.O.B detective Guerin had joined her saying he would keep her company.
“As if” Maria muttered as she proceeded to dump the contents of her shoulder bag on to the table in a desperate attempt to retrieve her cedar oil.
Maria: Damnit come on come on… Maria chanted as objects were scattered to the four corners.

Michael peered curiously over Maria’s shoulder ; he examined the spilled contents of her purse. Remembering some article he’d read in one of those trashy women’s magazines. It had said that you could actually tell what kind of personality a woman had from the contents of her purse. He shuffled closer and squinted to examine the items laid out on the table as Maria continued to rummage around oblivious to all else. Purse, perfume, candles, taro cards, various bottles of aromatherapy oils he smirked when his eyes landed on the beginners guide to palmistry she had just thrown to the floor with a thud. From the contents of this woman’s purse, he had deduced that she was a first rate freakin nut job! That friend of hers that max was interviewing was probably just as crazy but he couldn’t help feel a little squeeze at his heart when her face broke out into a full blown smile when she had found the object she was looking for.

Maria: There you are come to mama.
He watched as she inhaled deeply, cedar oil. He couldn’t help but think that this unique and quirky woman had many depths, underneath the wise cracks and the kookiness. She was a spitfire of a woman, a woman he could really enjoy getting to know, if she wasn’t a criminal. As Maria scrambled to retrieve the dislodged items from her purse something caught Michael’s eye, wait was that marijuana?

Interview room

Max paled when Liz’s whispered words registered in his mind. Any other detective would have hauled her ass off to jail thinking that she was obviously conspiring with the reaper, but his instincts told him that this woman was genuine and he always followed his instincts.
Max: Miss Parker I haven’t really had a whole lot of time to process everything you’ve told me and I’m not saying I’m entirely convinced by your story but..
“But” Liz asked hopefully.
Max: but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and go along with this.
Liz: so you’ll accept my help?
Max sighed dejectedly as he looked Liz straight in the eye.
Max: it doesn’t look like I have any other choice; we’re running out of time.


He slammed the door and bolted it behind him. He surveyed the room, she still hadn’t woken, inching closer he smiled down at her “such a pretty one” he fingered her soft brown curls letting his fingers glide through the silky strands. He inhaled deeply a grotesque smile contorting his features. Inhaling deeply he sighed, her smell he couldn’t get enough of it, the smell of childhood innocence. Crossing the room, he flung the days newspaper upon the table chuckling softly “headline news again, oh the joy!” He reached for the Polaroid he’d taken of the girl only hours earlier running his fingers over the delicate features “exquisite”. Removing the small porcelain doll from its box, scalpel in hand he proceeded to carve into the dolls torso, a Machiavellian smile playing on his lips.

Part Seven

The car pulled into the driveway of the three story detached. The front yard was deserted, the neighbourhood eerily quite. No children played on their lawn and curtains twitched as they made their way toward the house. Michael halted when he heard the squeak of the soft toy directly below his foot, crouching to pick it up he squeezed it between his palms and sighed, the toy the only sign that a child had ever resided there.
Michael: 28 Maple Gardens. Christ Max no matter how many times we have to do this shit, it just never seems to get any easier.
Max looked towards Michael noting his pained expression, he felt the same way.
Max: I know Michael but they have to know the truth, they have to know what we’re all up against.
Michael: Six days Max, six days then she’s dead. It’s always the same with this motherfucker. Why a week, why not just kill them straight away. Huh?
Max: He gets off on it Michael, the danger of being caught excites him.

Both men stood on the front porch of the Whitman’s house reluctant to inform two parents that their only child, their baby was in the clutches of a sick and twisted child killer. On the second knock, the door slowly creaked open to reveal an extremely distressed young woman. Tear tracks marred her face and fresh tears threatened to spill. She was about to speak when a tall slenderly built man stepped forward pulling the woman to his side in a protective manner.

Alex: Yes can we help you?
Max: Sorry to bother you sir but this is detective Guerin, I’m detective Evans we’re from LAPD. We’d like to ask you a few questions about your daughter’s abduction.
Alex: I really don’t think my wife’s up to anymore-
Isabel: No Alex I need to do this! I need to do something, please come on in detectives.
Michael: We have your statement Mrs Whitman we just wondered if there was anything else that you remembered, anything at all no mater how small or insignificant you might think.

Isabel Whitman raised a shaky hand to her forehead; she’d replayed yesterday’s events over in her mind a thousand times. Alaura had been so happy they’d played on the swings, the slid and see-saw but she had been distracted by her car alarm that had sounded suddenly. She had told Alaura to wait, a split second had passed and when she returned her daughter was missing. She called out to her but there was no reply and that was the last time she saw her.
Isabel: I’m sorry I can’t think of anything else, it all happened so quickly in a split second she was gone.
Isabel sobbed into Alex’s shoulder her hands balled up into tight fists in his shirt. She gripped so tightly that her knuckles protruded and were a deathly shade of white. Alex stroked his wife’s hair and back as he spoke soothing words “It’s okay sweetheart, it’s goina be okay.”

Isabel pulled back abruptly from her husband pushing hard on his chest, a look of shear fury in her eyes. “How can you say that Alex. Our babies missing maybe even-maybe even dead and it’s ALL MY FAULT! Isabel wailed as she rocked back and forth. Her husband came to kneel directly in front of her, rubbing his hands up and down her calves. “Isabel I want you to listen to me none of this was your fault.”
Isabel continued to rock as she wrung her hands repeating, “it was all my fault, all my fault.”
Alex grabbed hold of his wife’s face firmly when he had her attention he smoothed his thumbs over her cheeks “It wasn’t your fault, okay?”
Isabel closed her eyes and nodded, she had to stay strong for her family.

Max and Michael had been silent throughout this tender exchange, they felt intrusive as they looked at the pitiful sight of a husband and wife who we’re desperately trying to hold everything together knowing that what they had to say next would tear this couple apart….
Max: Mr, Mrs Whitman there’s something you need to know. Max paused before continuing he had to compose himself before he looked into this couples eyes and told them the one thing every parent feared. “We believe that your daughter may have been abducted by the reaper”

Isabel sank to the floor inconsolable, she shrugged off Alex’s attempts at comfort “NO, NO NOT MY BABY! PLEASE GOD NO…………
Alex crouched beside his wife no longer able to hide behind the façade, he tried to muster every ounce of strength he had but it was useless, his face crumpled as he wept along side his wife, he was a broken man…
Alex looked to his wife’s face she had turned deeply pale and Alex’s suspicions were confirmed when Isabel scrambled past him hand clamped over her mouth clutching her stomach as she ran to the bathroom. Alex noted the worried glance the detectives shared, he stood on wobble legs as he made his way towards the bathroom. “My wife’s two months pregnant, she’s been like this ever since Alaura- I just don’t know how much more she can take. Tell me detectives could I lose both my babies?
Michael: Don’t worry sir we’re goina get your daughter back save and sound. Then nail that bastard to the wall.
Max: That’s a promise…

If travel is searching
And home has been found

I'm not stopping

I'm going hunting
I'm the hunter
I'll bring back the goods
But I don't know when


Part Eight

Liz sat by the window seat watching the pedestrians below mill by, her gaze would involuntarily flicker to the coffee table were the cordless telephone was situated. Detective Evans had promised to contact her after he had spoken with the Whitman’s. He had refused point blank to let her accompany him and Michael. She understood but felt that she could offer some small amount of comfort and reassurance by letting alaura’s parents know that someone was capable and willing to help find their daughter. However, max had broken his promise he still hadn’t called.

She turned her head fully towards the telephone willing it to ring
Liz: Come on ring damn you ring!
Just then the front door flew open, Maria entered the apartment her bag flung haphazardly on the hat stand. She hopped towards the window dislodging one high-heel at a time.
Maria: You know Liz a watched phone never rings. When Maria saw the distressed expression on Liz's face, she eased herself down into the box seat, placing a hand tenderly on Liz’s arm to draw her attention
Maria: What’s up chica. It doesn’t look like you’ve moved from this seat since I left you this morning and that would have been about three hours ago.

Liz swivelled around to face Maria fully her gaze faltering under her questioning eyes, she blinked back the tears that stung at her eyes whispering in a barely audible voice “Max still hasn’t called.”
Maria rubbed absentmindedly at Liz’s hand. She understood how difficult this whole situation had been for her best friend. Liz had always tried to hide the fact that she was different, afraid how people would react if they knew the truth. When this whole thing with the reaper started, Liz had had to confront issues she’d skirted around for more than a decade. She had put herself on the line and had been burned in the process. The constant rejection of Liz’s claims about the reaper had eroded her self esteem. The guilt at not being able to help had eaten away at her, Liz believing that she had as much blood on her hands as the killer. If Max Evans turned away from her help too she truly believed that it would break Liz completely. Cupping her face between her palms Maria looked squarely into Liz’s eyes an air of certainty in her voice, “ He’ll call, just give him some time”
Liz recoiled from Maria’s touch; she paced the length of the living room hands clenched at her sides as she spoke through clenched teeth.
Liz: Maria I’ve given him the best fucking part of the morning to call and he hasn’t. He’s just like the rest of them giving me false hope that maybe, just maybe there was a chance for me to redeem myself to put things right.
Maria: Redeem- Liz you haven’t done anything!
Liz: THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT. She threw her arms in the arm waving them in a frustrated manner.
Maria: Chica Calm down I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for this.
Liz walked slowly towards Maria slumping down into the seat.
Liz: Yeah he doesn’t believe me.
Liz rested her head on Maria’s shoulder as a lone tear streaked down her cheek, Maria pulled her close stroking rhytmically at Liz’s hair feeling hot tears seep through her sweater….

LAPD Station

Max stood in front of the storyboard, every shred of evidence, every lead they had ever had on the reaper was here. For an investigation that spanned over four years, the documented evidence was sparse. His gaze was drawn to the row of photographs. Innocent faces and pirate smiles stared back at him. Sighing he took the picture in his hand pinning it on the board, taking a pen he crawled the name Alaura Whitman. Glancing one last time at the business card in his hand, he grabbed his jacket before exiting the office in search of Liz Parker…….

Maria sat silently on the edge on Liz’s bed stroking idly at a stray hair. She stared at the tear stained face of her best friend, today had opened a whole can of worms, Self doubt and helplessness had bubbled forth as Liz completely came apart in Maria’s arms, so many pent up emotions bursting the solid walls Liz had built around herself. She had cried herself to sleep over an hour ago. Exhaustion had overtaken all else much to Maria’s relief. It broke her heart to watch her best friend fall apart right before her eyes, knowing she was powerless to stop it happening. Max Evans had a lot to answer for. When she caught up with him, he was goina wish he’d never been born. She was goina open such a can of whoop ass – the chime of the door bell halted Maria from her ponderings of revenge. Making her way across the room she peered through the peep hole sighing she flung the door open to reveal none other than max Evans.

The door flew open and before max had a chance to speak a hand reached out yanking him roughly through. He stood face to face with Maria deluca and she looked pissed.
Max: Hello Maria I-
Maria: Don’t you Maria me! You fucking asshole.
Max rubbed his forehead in confusion, Maria’s hostility was definitely directed at him but he had no clue what he was supposed to have done.
Max: Maria I know you’re upset for some reason so why don’t you just calm down and tell me what you think I’ve done.
Maria turned a deep shade of crimson as she advanced towards max her index finger punching holes in his chest as she spoke.
Maria: I’m-not-the-one-that’s-upset! All you men are the same, you’re all bastards.
Max: Maria I-
Maria: NO! you had your say damnit, now I’m goin have mine. Liz has been waiting for you to call all morning; I’ve just put her to bed after she cried herself to sleep.
Max felt his heart restrict he had every intention of calling Liz this morning but when he’d gotten back to the station he had been loaded down with paper work.
Max: God Maria I’m so sorry I would never intentionally hurt Liz; I just got caught up at the station. Max bite down on the lump that was slowly trying to ascend . Maria was right he really was an asshole.
Maria calmed slightly taking a calming breath she looked pointedly at max
Maria: Evans I’m only goina say this once, my girl may act touch but she has a thin skin really. You fuck with her or upset her in anyway and I’ll cut your balls off and use them as incense holders. Are we clear?
Max looked at Maria extending his hand to shake hers “we’re clear”

Liz bolted up in bed her eyes darted around the room as she tried to remember were she was. Untangling herself from the bedcovers she fell to the floor with a thud, hoisting herself up she stumbled blindly to the living room to find Maria. Her vision was blurred and sweat trickled down her forehead as her legs shook with the effort of trying to walk. She reached the entrance to the living room noticing two figures, straining to make out the second outline she stumbled forward knocking over a vase on the coffee table.
Liz: Maria-
Maria turned abruptly when she heard the crash, noticing Liz’s struggle she ran forward max following closely behind.
Maria: Liz what the hells wrong?
Liz stumbled towards max looking into his eyes she whispered, “ He’s left another doll, he’s gearing up to kill Alaura”
Max reached out just in time to catch Liz before she fainted. Encasing her in his arms, he carried her to the sofa laying her gently down. His amber eyes searched over her body making sure she wasn’t harmed as his brow knotted in worry.
Liz open her eyes to find max peering down at her concern etched in his eyes, she reached out a hand to touch his face a smile playing on her lips as she spoke.
Liz: You came; I thought that you hadn’t believed my story after all.
He smiled back at her returning the gesture as he swept a strand of hair from her eyes his hand lingering longer than necessary.
Max: I’m sorry I made you doubt your self, doubt me. I want you to know that I believed every word you said Liz. I trust you.
Liz: I trust you too max.

The tender moment was broken as the ringing of a cell phone startled them. Max retrieved it from his pocket his gaze never faltering from Liz as he answered.
Max: Hello? Yeah Michael I know. I’ll be right there.
Maria and Liz looked expectantly at max as he ended the call he looked between the two women before he spoke.
Max: They’ve found another doll in the-
Liz: park, they found it in the park were Alaura was abducted.
Max nodded mutely as he rose to his feet.
Max: I have to go over there.
Liz: I’m coming too
Maria: yeah and me.
Max: Look I don’t know if that’s such a good idea-
Liz: Max please don’t shut me out of this.
Max: okay that’s go.
They exited the apartment each knowing the meaning of this new found evidence, the reaper was goina kill Aluara and soon……..

Tess ran a hand through her blonde curls as she pushed her cleavage out as far as it would go, loosining the top two buttons of her blouse she sauntered towards Officer Valenti flashing him her brightest smile. She’d heard through the grapevine that there was a witness in the reaper investigation and she intended to find out whom and expose them to the world………..

Part Nine

She was a January girl
She never let on how insane it was
in that tiny kinda scary house by the woods
by the woods
by the woods
by the woods…..

Tori Amos- Black Dove

They fell in behind the procession of squad cars heading towards the park. Max glanced at Liz from the corner of his eye her hands were clasped tightly together as she stared blindly out of the window; he noticed the slight tremble course through her body as the car came to a halt outside the entrance to the playground. He unbuckled his seatbelt and placed his hand gently on Liz’s arm to rouse her.
Max: Liz we’re here.
She turned her head from the window to look at max; inhaling sharply she pulled open the car door and stepped out. She looked around the park surveying the scene before her; uniformed police officers scurried around looking for any morsel of evidence, something that would lead them to the reaper but it was to no avail. She gripped the side of the car for support as her eyes feel upon the entrance to the woods feeling her knees weaken she leaned her body further into the car. She took a few calming breathes in an attempt to banish the dizziness that had over taken her. Looking between Max and Maria she smiled reassuringly.

Max approached Liz grasping her by the shoulders he straightened her stance as he looked down into her eyes, concern etched in his own.
Max: Liz are you sure your up to this, you don’t have to go up there. Maybe you should just stay here with Maria and rest.
Liz shrugged out of Max’s grasp she turned to Maria gesturing for her to follow as she called over her shoulder “ I appreciate the concern max but I’m fine, now lets go.”
Max started towards the wooded entrance with Liz and Maria leading the way. It was a ten-minute trek to the crime scene max flashed his badge in order to let them proceed. He looked at the secluded area the reaper had chosen; dense woodland with a stream nearby, he spotted Michael in the distance crouched over some piece of evidence no doubt. He walked towards him peering over his shoulder to see what had him so enthralled.
Max: What we got Michael.

Michael stood brushing the dirt from his pants as he looked at max.
Michael: We got the doll, it’s definitely from the reaper and there’s also a footprint forensics are getting ready to take impressions as we speak.
Max: Good.
Michael looked past max spotting Maria and Liz advancing towards them “so I see you brought along a sight seeing party.”
Max looked sternly at Michael before speaking.
Max: It’s not like that Guerin and you know it. Liz parker is the only lead we have in this case. I want her to be involved in this as much as possible.”
Michael: I bet you do. Well hello Miss Parker, Miss Deluca It’s nice to see you both again.
Maria rolled her eyes looking pointedly at Michael.
Maria: Well detective Guerin I wish I could say the feeling was mutual but it definitely isn’t.
Michael: Miss Deluca I thought we’d straighten out that little misunderstanding from yesterday. I was just doing my job it was nothing personal.
Maria: Nothing personal that’s a damn joke! Maybe if you actually were capable of doing your job you’d have known the difference between herbal tea and cannabis. I’m sorry if I’m mistaken but I just thought that it would be a requirement for a police officer or do you just like frisking innocent women detective.
Michael: Now wait just one damn minute there-

Liz gravitated towards the doll falling to her knees she picked it up tentatively running her finger along the course contours of it’s abdomen. She was assaulted with images of the reaper as he advanced toward Alaura fawning over her, tainting her innocence with his twisted touch. She heard the scrap of the scalpel as it tore repeatedly into the dolls torso. Feelings washed over her drowning her senses until she could no longer distinguish which were his or her own. She felt his pride swell as he looked at the newspaper upon the tabletop. His perverted pleasure when he looked into the terrified eyes of the young girl cowering in the corner, the feelings were intense as they rippled through her body, she shook with effort as she tried to hold on to the connection to the scene before her.

Liz was jolted from her vision her eyes darted to her empty hands, she looked around wildly to find the doll her gaze locking on Maria as she saw her withdraw doll in hand.
Liz scrambled to her feet in pursuit of her best friend, she needed to touch the doll, she had to reopen the connection.
Liz: Maria what do you think your doing!
Maria stumbled backwards as she faced Liz holding the doll firmly in her grasp she raised a hand to gesture for Liz to halt.
Maria: Liz I know what you were trying to do and I won’t let you put yourself in danger.
Liz: Maria you don’t understand I have to do this.
Maria stalked angrily towards her friend she grasped Liz’s arm tightly as tears trickled down her face. She shook uncontrollably as she tried to control her emotions, her grip loosened as she looked into the eyes of the woman she had always looked on as a sister.
Maria: I know that when you form connections it can be dangerous. I’m not willing to let you hurt like that Liz.

Liz felt the tears well in her eyes she raised a hand to Maria’s face and wiped gently at her tear tracks caressing her best friends face as she spoke.
Liz: Maria don’t you understand I already am hurting, more than you could ever possibly know. Everyday that goes by, everyday that I let that bastard get one step closer to killing again part of me dies. I’m losing myself piece-by-piece Maria and this is the only way to stop it. This is the only way I can fight back-Please I need you in my corner I can’t do this without you.
Maria embraced Liz tightly in her arms squeezing with all her might; Liz returned the gesture with equal vigour.
Maria: Liz I’ll always be here you know that. I just don’t want to see you get hurt. I just- I love you chica.
Liz: I love you too Ria.

Max felt awkward as he watched the drama play out before him. He had never really stopped to think how tough this was for Liz. She had carried this burden around for four years. Always willing to be of help and assistance but repeatedly turned away. He felt a great respect for this woman even after so many knock backs she had persevered
Max: um I’m sorry to interrupt but Michael and I are kinda out of the loop on this one and I was just wondering if maybe one of you could fill us in.
Liz smiled warmly at max as she withdrew from Maria’s arms wiping at her eyes she walked towards max giving him an apologetic look.
Liz: I’m sorry about that little outburst, Maria was just trying to protect me. When I picked up the doll, I managed to form a connection. I got impressions from the doll about the reapers feeling, his actions-

Max looked at Liz in awe he had never been a great believer in the supernatural but this woman had a genuine gift, a talent that few others if any could boast of.
Max: this thing- forming connections could it hurt you Liz?
Liz: truthfully I’m not sure. I’ve never tried it before.
Michael: Then how come Maria’s gotten it into her head that it could hurt you?
Liz looked helplessly between the group of people that stood before her; she felt the lump rise in her throat paralysed at the thought of having to tell max and Michael about her grandmother.
Maria noticed the look on Liz’s face only one person could stir these kinds of emotions in her best friend and that was Claudia Parker.
Maria: It’s a long story, which Liz isn’t capable of going into right now, so that’s just leave it at that. Now can we get out of here?
Liz looked at Maria in gratitude as she grasped her friend’s hand leading her towards the car with Max and Michael following closely behind…

LAPD Station

She leaned over the counter her breasts almost bursting completely from their confines. She tapped the desk to get the officers attention smiling seductively when he came closer.
Kyle: Hello miss Harding how may I be of assistance?
She licked her lips as she fingered his name tag running her index finger down his torso.
Tess: Well officer Valenti that’s a very good question. I think that you could assist me in numerous ways if you catch my drift.
She smiled in satisfaction when she heard his sharp intake of breath, if she played her cards right dinner and a blowjob would get her the information she required.
Kyle rubbed his neck in embarrassment, Tess Harding was a very attractive woman he had been watching her closely for a while but he had never dreamed that she would have been interested. He looked up to find her studying his features he squirmed under her gaze a pink blush tingeing his features.
Kyle: So…….
Tess: So I thought maybe we could go to dinner.
Kyle: Dinner?
Tess: Yes, tonight.
Kyle: Tonight?
Tess: You don’t have to sound so shocked Kyle, I’m sure a good looking man like yourself has been asked out on dates by lots of women.
Kyle: Well-
Tess: So is it a date?
Kyle: Yeah, yeah it is.
Tess: Good well I’ll see you tonight. Bye Kyle.
Kyle: Bye Tess.
He watched her retreating figure a full-blown smile lingering on his lips; Tess Harding was interested in him.
She smiled gleefully her plan was working perfectly Kyle Valenti was putty in her hands and it wouldn’t be long before she knew the identity of the reaper witness…………

She whimpered as he came closer flinching for his touch, she tried to huddle closer in the corner away for his grasp. Tears cascaded down her face, red welts and grubby tear tracks marring her features. She called out silently for her mummy and daddy but knew they were powerless to help her. As he jerked her head roughly to the side to take another photo, she thought of the one person who could help her. She mouthed a silent mantra repeating the name of her only saviour, Liz Parker……….

Part Ten

It’s dark in here
Visions are flashing into my head
As I reminisce
My reoccurring dreams and you said

I'm falling, falling for you babe,
And my feelings are gettin stronger,
So why don’t you stay with me for a
For a little longer

Come here boy,
Oh come here boy,
Come here boy
Oh come here boy

I know that my face
Is only too familiar to your sleep
I can see it in your eyes
I can tell by your body heat

Why are you taking so long
You need to come and find me, honey
To set your mind at rest
And let your dreams run free.

I'm no stranger in your dreams

Imogen Heap-Come Here Boy

Liz walked down the corridor glancing quickly at the address written on the scrap of paper in her hand as she stopped in front of the apartment she wanted. She raised her finger to the buzzer withdrawing it quickly. She walked a few steps back before looking over her shoulder.
Liz: Get a grip Parker! Just press the damn buzzer.
She walked back to the door pushing quickly on the buzzer as she chewed anxiously on her bottom lip waiting for the door to open. A few minutes later, an extremely irate Max Evans flung the door open.
Liz: I’m- I’m sorry max I know it’s late and on hindsight I realise that this was a really dumb idea but I just wanted to explain what happened earlier, I didn’t want you to think that I was keeping something from you and that’s basically why I’m here but now I wish I wasn’t here. Look, I’m just goina go-

Max glanced at his watch as Liz finished her speech it was 2.30 in the morning and she was standing on his doorstep in little more than her nightie. He looked up in time to see her turn to walk away instinctively he grabbed for her arm halting her retreat.
Max: I’m sorry Liz it’s just that it’s not every day I open my door at 2.30 in the morning to find a half dressed woman.
Liz felt her cheeks flame as she looked into Max’s amused eyes she tore her gaze away from his to appraise her attire, she’d wanted to talk to him so desperately she had completely forgotten to dress, she had just thrown on her three quarter length jacket and hopped in the car.
Liz buried her face in her hands wanting the ground to open up and shallow her to save any further humiliation.
Liz: Oh God! I’m so embarrassed I just really wanted to see you and dressing was just sort of forgotten about.
Max: Liz please don’t be embarrassed, I didn’t mean to make you feel self-conscious it was just an observation. Why don’t you come inside and we can talk.

Liz smiled at max as he held the door open for her to pass. He ushered her into the lounge and gestured for her to take a seat.
Max: So whatever it is you want to talk about it must be important
Liz: Earlier when Michael asked how Maria was so sure that making a connection to the reaper could hurt me I just sorta avoided answering. It wasn’t because I didn’t know the answer.
Max: It’s okay Liz you can trust me.
Liz: I know I can and that’s why I want to tell you about my grandmother.
Max watched as Liz paced the length of his living room searching for the right words, this was obviously a painful topic….
Liz: I’m not the first person in my family to have the gift; my grandma Claudia Parker was also a seeker. From a young age, she taught me to embrace my gift, not to be afraid of my talents. My grandma believed that she’d been given this great gift for some higher purpose that she had to use it to help others and I believed that to until she-
Max approached Liz squeezing her arms reassuringly as he led her to the couch he felt his heart restrict when he saw a lone tear streak down her cheek. Whatever had happened to her grandmother had left Liz in a state of emotional distress and he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the reason why she distanced herself.

Max: Liz you don’t have to tell me all of this if it’s too difficult we could stop and-
Liz: She did help others max, everyday of her life. She ran a centre for people who were psychically gifted, to help them understand and master their gifts. About fourteen years ago, she got involved with the police helping to profile criminals. There was one case she was working on; it lasted for about two and a half years it really took its toll on her physically and mentally. She made a connection with an object related to the case and she died.

Max: God Liz I’m so sorry I had no idea.
Liz: You couldn’t have known max, I haven’t talked about her in thirteen years not even with Maria.
Max: How did she die?
Liz: A heart attack. She just couldn’t handle the overload of emotions that came with forming a connection. That’s why I let things get so far with the reaper I was selfish I promised myself a long time ago, I’d never get hurt the way she did.
Max: Liz…..
He pulled her into a tight embrace as sobs racked her body. He stroked lightly at her hair as tears soaked his bare chest. Liz pulled away slightly her gaze lingering over his toned torso it was the first time it had registered that he was only wearing boxers. Her eyes rose to lock with his she turned her cheek further into his palm as he stroked her face rhythmically her eyes fluttered closed as she let the sensation wash over her. Her gaze locked on his full lips and she absentmindedly licked her own as she moved closer to kiss him.

His heart began to race as she moved closer he could feel her hot breath on his face as she touched her lips gently to his, he returned the kiss briefly before pulling away.
Max: Liz we can’t do this I-
Liz: Oh God I’m sorry, I have to go.
She ran for the door blinking back the tears that so desperately wanted to fall. She felt his hands grab her around the waist as he turned her gently to face him. Avoiding his gaze, she tried to struggle free from his grasp.
Liz: Please max just let me go, you don’t have to explain I get the message you’re not attracted to me.
Max: Not attracted to you? Liz I’m more than attracted to you and that’s the problem.
Her head snapped up at his words she stopped trying to fight his hold as her brow knotted in confusion.
Liz: Max I don’t understand, you pushed me away but your attracted to me.
Max: Liz we’re working closely together on a case. You’re a witness I’m a police officer…
Liz: Your right we need to focus on the case.
He pushed her further into the doorframe pinning her with his body as they gazed into eachothers eyes.
Max: Remain professional.
Liz: That’s exactly what I was just thinking.
Her breath caught as she felt the buttons on her jacket pop open revealing her silk nightie. She looked up to find Max’s heated gaze upon her scorching her insides.
Max: Screw professionalism… And with that his lips clashed against hers, Liz couldn’t hold back a moan when she felt his strong hands caress her ass. He seized the opportunity thrusting his tongue rhythmically within her mouth as his hips ground against hers.

Liz felt her legs weaken as max continued to assault her senses, she grasped roughly at his neck drawing him deeper into the kiss. Tongues duelled for supremacy as they thrust into mouths and lapped at lips. He pulled her jacket from her body with urgency he needed to feel more of her, all of her. Liz wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked them backwards into the bedroom. He laid her gently down onto the bed before joining her. He kissed her hungrily as his hands travelled the length of her silken legs lingering on her inner thigh, she open wider allowing him more access her breath catching when his finger tips lightly caressed her soaked panties.

Liz reached out a hand to grip his arousal smiling in satisfaction when she felt him jerk. Max kissed his way down her jaw letting the straps of her nightie slide down her arms. Any flesh exposed was given an equal amount of attention until he reached her breasts. He circled his tongue around each rose budded nipple pulling gently with his teeth when he felt her hand squeeze his erection.
Max: Your so beautiful Liz, so perfect…
Liz: Oh max, please I need you to touch me.
He kissed each breast reverently before he continued his descent trailing the silken material covering her body with him. He stopped just below her navel inhaling her scent deeply as he looked directly into her eyes. In one fluid motion, he had stripped her of her panties and she lay exposed before him. He sat up on his knees leaning backwards in order to view her entire body.
Max: Exquisite….

He nudged her legs apart as he crawled between her thighs she felt him kiss up her leg in a teasing manner leaving a trail of fire in his wake. A scream was ripped from deep within her belly as she felt his tongue travel languidly along her passage. She gripped the sheets between her hands as his tongue circled her clit.
Liz: ummmmm Max don’t stop!
She gasped when she felt two fingers slip inside her moving in time with his mouth on her clit. She gripped his head her nails digging into his scalp as she held him to her as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her body.

When the throbbing of her body had subsided, she flipped him over pinning his body in place with her thighs. She licked down his chest lapping at each nipple before she sank down on him. They both gasped when he entered her fully stunned by the shear pleasure of being wrapped in one another they remained stationary until max thrust upward. The first wave of ecstasy crashed through their bodies as they moved in unison at a fevered rate desperate to reach a climax. As max felt his orgasm near he gripped Liz’s hips firmly thrusting into her body at a furious pace. She slammed down on him feeling her muscles tighten with each thrust. Her body went ridged as her orgasm hit her muscles squeezed Max’s erection until he spilled his seed deep within her core. They rode out their orgasms as they gazed into each other’s eyes. Max reluctantly pulled out of Liz’s body when he felt his penis turn flaccid. He pulled her to him kissing her gently as he brushed a wet lock of hair from her face.
Max: That was-
Liz: incredible! I’m really glad you were able to put professionalism on the backburner detective Evans.
Max: Me too.
Liz lay her head upon Max’s heaving chest the rhythmic beating of his heart lulled her to sleep and with one last look at the beautiful woman that lay beside him max joined her.

Part Eleven

It started with a dedication
"lost in admiration - happy birthday - I’m forever yours - blossom"
faded red inside a tiny book of butterflies
I smiled surprised at how when flickered through
the wings flew by spelled out my name
Six months went by the summer lost
obsessively the letters dropped into my life
the same soft blood smooth flowing hand
"please try to understand - I have to see you - have to feel you -
tell you all the ways I need you - yours forever in love"
Strange attraction spreads its wings
it varies but the smallest things
you never know how anything will change
strange attraction spreads its wings
and alters but the smallest things
you never know how anything will fade
The Cure-Strange Attraction

The first rays of sunlight seeped into the room bathing the mass of tangled limbs in a radiant glow. Max raised his hand shielding the sun from his eyes as he swivelled his body around to face Liz. She laid on her side a mass of chocolate fanning out across the expanse of the pillow. He reached out a hand to stroke her cheek a smile playing on his lips when he had satisfied himself that she was actually real. He withdrew his hand as she stirred from her slumber; she opened her eyes briefly before shutting them against the blinding sun. Cautiously she opened one eye first then the other as she looked directly at max.
Max: Morning.
She smiled at him as she pulled her body flush against his raising a hand to smooth his ruffled hair.
Liz: I didn’t think last night was real, I thought it was just some incredible dream.
Max laughed lightly as he pulled her in for a kiss running his tongue teasingly over her lips before pulling away.
Max: Oh it was real and I have the scratch marks to prove it.
Liz pulled max closer to her for inspection; she traced the red welts on his chest as she blushed.
Liz: I didn’t realise I’d been so rough but then I was in the throws of passion.
Max: I’m not complaining Liz.
Liz: I should really get going Maria will freak if she goes into my room and see’s I’m not there.

He pulled her down by the waist as she tried to move from the bed holding her firmly he spooned into her body as he kissed a trail up her neck to her ear.
Max: But we haven’t had breakfast yet Liz.
Liz: Breakfast, why what are we having?
She gasped when she felt his erection graze her back turning fully to face him there was no mistaking the hungry look in his eyes.
Max: For breakfast I thought we could have each other.
He kissed her urgently thrusting his tongue in and out of her sweet mouth, he couldn’t get enough, Liz Parker was an addiction he never wanted to recover from. His hands roamed over her naked flesh as his mouth descended on her breasts. Lapping and sucking he alternated between the two as she held him fast.

She couldn’t take anymore of this sweet torture she itched to touch him in the ways he touched her, ached for him to fulfil her completely. She pulled his flushed face away from her bosom pressing a lingering kiss to his lips as she flipped him on his back. She licked and sucked from his neck to his nipples administering the same attention he had given her only moments earlier. She traced the contours of his toned stomach with her tongue as her eyes locked on their target.

His erection stood proud as her hand ran the length of his velvety shaft. Squatting between his thighs she kissed the tip of his penis smiling when he hissed in pleasure. She massaged his balls as she licked from the base of his manhood swirling her tongue around the head before taking him fully into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down rhythmically as his fingers locked in her hair urging her movements on.
Max: ummm Liz that feels sooo good.
She moaned in pleasure when she felt him expand further in her mouth, she increased the suction running her tongue along the underside of his penis. She felt him harden further and rear up in her mouth, as his climax was about to hit.

Max pulled her away abruptly panting heavily he tried to regain some semblance of control.
Max: Liz if you don’t cease and desist this is gonna be over before it’s even started.
Liz laughed lightly before pulling max to her for a kiss, he crawled on top of her, eyes locking as he entered her with one thrust. She opened her legs wider in an attempt to draw him in further. He moved within her body slowly savouring every sensation every pleasured expression that crossed her face. Liz was growing impatient his slow movements only increased the ache she so desperately needed to relief, gripping his ass she forced him to go faster as her legs wrapped around him in a vice like hold. Liz felt her muscles tighten and her stomach knot as her orgasm hit she screamed out in pleasure as her head thrashed against the pillow. Max continued to pump in and out of her body desperate for his own release. He felt his penis jerk as he spilled his seed within her body. They stayed joined until their bodies subsided sharing tender kisses all the while.
Liz: We should really get dressed your goina be late for work and well I’m already late for my Maria interrogation.
Max: Your right that’s make a move.

Maria paced the length of the shop as she tried for the sixth time this morning to call Liz.
Maria: Come on chica pick up
Maria slammed the phone down just as bell above the door chimed.
Maria: Liz were- Oh it’s you.
Michael stopped in his tracks taken aback by Maria’s abrupt tone, sure she was snappy but even this was extreme for her.
Michael: Now is that anyway to greet a customer miss Deluca.

Maria stalked towards him clutching her taro cards firmly in her hand as she shot death glares at Michael’s head.
Maria: I wasn’t aware that you were a believer in fortune telling detective Guerin. I thought maybe you’d come with a search warrant just to see if you could mistake anymore herbal tea brands as illegal narcotics.
Michael ran a hand through his hair stomping his foot as he looked pointedly at Maria.
Michael: How many times are we goina rehash the same old stuff. I’ve already apologised and do you have any idea the kind of ribbing I’m taking down at the station over this one.
Maria arched an eyebrow as she smiled smugly at Michael.
Maria: Believe me detective if I knew what the other cops were saying about you it would brighten up my century.

Michael walked past Maria turning in a full circle to survey his surroundings.
Michael: So is this your place or do you just work here.
Maria: I’m a co-owner and the manager actually. Liz owns the other 50 percent.
Michael pulled up a seat lifting the crystal ball situated on the table he gestured for Maria to sit.
Maria: Look buddy I invite customers to sit in my own shop not the other way around. Do you mind not touching that it’s a very sophisticated instrument.
Michael: It’s a piece of glass.
Maria snatched it from Michael’s hands she closed her eyes taking in a deep breath before she sat opposite him.
Maria: So what do you want?
Michael: I already told you I want a reading, tell me my future.
Maria: Well that could be a difficult task detective Guerin as it’s extremely hard to see any kind of future for deadbeat losers like yourself.
Michael: Hey listen lady I’ve taken just about as much of your crap as I’m goina so just do the damn reading!

Maria sighed raising her arms in defeat “ okay, okay so what do you want taro, palm reading…
Michael: I think I’ll go with the palm thing.
Maria reached across the table grabbing Michael’s hand she extended it toward her.
Michael: Now you know what your doing right?
Maria: Detective I am a professional fortuneteller, I’ve read more palms than you’ve caught criminals. Now hold still.
Michael cleared his throat to hold back his laughter as he remembered the beginners guide to palmistry book Maria had in her bag yesterday at the station……..
Maria: Will you stop making so much noise how do you expect me to concentrate!
Michael: Okay sorry, but just before we start your not goina pull that gag were you tell me I’ll own a mansion with a swimming pool and then spit in my palm are you?

Maria scowled at Michael she shook her head as she cast him a withering glance.
Maria: What the hell are you rabbiting on about, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Now shut up or get out!
Michael: Okay calm down. I just have one more question then you can start.
Michael: How much is this goina set me back?
Maria: 35 bucks.
Michael: 35 BUCKS! No wonder this place is empty.
Maria rose from her chair; she felt the blood rush to her face bathing her featuring a shade of crimson as she pointed to the door.
Maria: That’s it get out and don’t come back!
Michael walked briskly to the door with Maria in hot pursuit.
Michael: This place is a ripe off anyway, you should try lowering your prices it might drum up some custom!

Maria reached for the first thing she could lay her hands on instinct she fired it at the door missing Michael’s head by a mere inch.
Michael: Your crazy lady. I think you’ve been inhaling those incense sticks a little longer than recommended.
Michael slammed the door as he exited the bell falling to the floor. Maria flung the door open poking her head around the frame.
Maria: Hey asshole I’ll have you know that 35 bucks is a very reasonable price anything less and I’d be screwing myself. Oh and the 35 bucks includes vat as well!
Maria re-entered the shop crouching to pick up the candlestick holder she’d thrown half way across the room when the door chimed.
Maria: Michael get the hell out of my shop!

Liz was startled when Maria turned to face her, she looked like she was ready to implode deciding that now maybe wasn’t the best time she decided to make a break for the exit.
Maria: Oh no you don’t sister. Liz were the hell have you been I went to check on you this morning and your bed hadn’t been slept in and I kept calling and calling the apartment- OH MY GOD YOU’VE HAD SEX!

Part Twelve

Maria advanced towards Liz a teasing grin gracing her features, she bite back a laugh as she watched her best friend squirm.
Maria: Well I don’t need to ask who the lucky guy is, how is detective Evans this morning Liz?
Liz pushed Maria playfully laughing lightly when she saw her eyebrows wriggle in a suggestive manner.
Liz: I don’t know how you manage it Maria. I mean is there a neon sign flashing above my head saying Liz Parker got some last night.
Maria: and this morning if I’m not mistaken.
Liz: How did you-
Maria raised a hand to silence Liz “It’s Deluca intuition and the hickey on your neck, which by the way is the size of the Grande canyon is a dead give away.

Liz rushed towards the mirror in the backroom, pulling at the rim of her sweater her eyes widened when they encountered a large purplish bruise on her lower neck.
Liz: Oh my god. Liz buried her head in her hands in an attempt to hide her embarrassment, her cheeks felt so hot she thought she’d spontaneously combust at any minute. As she chanced one last glance in the mirror Maria pushed through the swinging door coming to stand directly behind Liz.
Maria: So how was it?
Liz turned quickly towards Maria her head shaking from side to side at a furious pace.
Liz: No we are not discussing this. What happened between max and I is private.

Maria’s mouth opened and her forehead crumpled, as she looked bewilderdly at her best friend she advanced forward hands poised on hips.
Maria: Liz you can’t be serious! Damn girl the closest I get to steamy sex is the cable channel and now that the drought has final broken for one of us your goina deprive me of the details.
Liz: That’s exactly what I’m goina do. A lady never kisses and tells Maria.
Maria: Well there shouldn’t be a problem then because you’re no lady, so spill.

Liz pushed through the swing door with Maria hot on her heels.
Maria: I’m only goina ask this one more time girl then I get violent. How was it?
Liz bit her lip holding back a smile she leaned closer to Maria before she spoke.
Liz: It was incredible! Everything happened so fast one minute we were on the couch talking the next we were ripping each others clothes off and- and that’s all your getting Deluca!
Maria pouted giving Liz her best puppy dog eyes “Just one more question chica then I’ll let it drop I promise”
Liz: Okay but this is your last.
Maria: So was he, you know.
Liz looked at Maria unsure of were this line of questioning was going “was he what?”
Maria sighed deeply rolling her eyes at Liz. She began to gesture wildly with her hands extending and contracting them to demonstrate what she was asking.
Liz shrugged her shoulders; she still wasn’t sure what Maria was asking.
Liz: Maria I’m still not following..
Maria: God Liz you can be so naive, what are the two most burning questions a best friend needs to know about a sexual encounter?
Liz: Well number one would be if the guy was any good and the second- Oh No! I am not answering that.
Maria: Oh come on Liz I’m not asking for an accurate measurement, it’s not like I want it in metric units. Just a rough estimate.
Maria: I am not discussing the size of Max’s um his manhood with you Maria and that’s final. Now I’m just goina leave.

Liz grabbed her purse and walked hurriedly to the door glancing over her shoulder once before leaving. Maria held her stomach as her body shook with laughter, wiping the tears from her eyes she straighten as she ran to the door pulling it open slightly to call after Liz.
Maria: Hey get back here I still have one question left!

LAPD Station

Max shifted through the paper work piled high on his desk, he was finding it extremely difficult to concentrate as thoughts of the previous night and this morning flooded his mind. The slamming of the office door startled him, he looked up to find Michael stalking towards his desk. He slummed down in his chair banging drawers shut as he looked for something in his desk.
Michael: Damn it! That’s two days in a row I’ve found a friggin box of earl grey in my drawer, when are the guys goina let this one go.
Max smirked at Michael as he fired the offending object into the trashcan.
Max: So is that why you’re so hot under the collar, the fact that the guys are ridin you about that whole thing with Maria

Michael looked pointedly at max his face turned a deep crimson when he thought about this mornings events in the shop.
Michael: Don’t talk about that Deluca woman, she’s a basket case Maxwell. I went to see her this morning to apologise again for the mistake with the tea. I extended the olive branch and got whacked in the face with it for my troubles. She’s the most stubborn, hot headed-
Max: Ah so that’s it.
Michael: What are you talking about?
Max: Michael Guerins finally met his match.
Michael shook his head wagging a finger at max “ no, no that’s not it, as if that herbal tea drinkin incense burning fruitcake would have any kind of effect on me.
Max: Just admit it Michael you like her.

Michael: Your one to talk. I’ve seen the way you look at Parker. Don’t tell me there isn’t something goin on there.
Max shifted uneasily in his seat, clearing his throat he avoided Michael’s gaze as he spoke.
Max: That’s my business Michael and stop trying to change the subject.

They were startled by the ringing of the telephone. Michael watched as Max’s expression changed he slammed down the receiver and was out of his chair shrugging into his jacket at an alarming rate. Michael felt the sense of dread rise from the pit of his stomach he rose quickly to join max at the door waiting for an explanation.
Max: That was the hospital; they’ve admitted Isabel Whitman.
Michael: Is it the baby?
Max: They’re both in a bad way.
Michael: That’s get down there.
They exited the office both unsure of what was to greet them at the hospital.

Part Thirteen

Ba da pa pa ba da pa pa...
Come here
Pretty please
Can you tell me where I am
You won't you say something
I need to get my bearings
I'm lost
And the shadows keep on changing

And I'm haunted
By the lives that I have loved
And actions I have hated
I'm haunted
By the lives that wove the web
Inside my haunted head


They walked down the corridor at a brisk pace stopping abruptly when they saw Alex Whitman hunched in a chair outside the ward. He shook as sobs racked his body, he wiped a weary hand over his tear stained face before looking towards Max and Michael.
Alex: Detective Evans, Detective Guerin thank you for coming.
Max placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder to prevent him from rising from his chair.
Max: Please Mr Whitman just stay were you are. You said you needed to talk with us urgently.
Alex looked between the two detectives sighing as he spoke.
Alex: Isabel wants me to tell you something, for some reason she thinks it might be important.
Michael: Go on Mr Whitman.

Alex rubbed awkwardly at his neck, his mouth twisting into a frown as he looked at the floor.
Alex: To be honest I don’t know were to begin. You see we don’t talk about this with anyone outside of the family and I’m not sure how your goina react to what I have to say.
Max and Michael shared a look they were at a loss as to what this new information could be.
Max: Mr Whitman we understand that this is extremely difficult for you but we really need-

The conversation halted as the doctor emerged from Isabel’s room; Alex stood rigidly gripping his hands together as he waited for the doctor to speak.
Alex: Please Doctor are they- are they goina be okay?
Doctor: Mr Whitman we’ve managed to stabilise Isabel’s blood pressure. I’d like to keep her here just to run some more tests and to keep her under observation but yes your wife and baby are doing fine.
Alex: Can I see her?
Doctor: Of course you can, she’s been asking for you and these two gentlemen also. That is if your detectives Guerin and Evan’s.
Michael: Maybe we should wait out here Mr Whitman give you some time with your wife.
Alex: No she wants to see you, she wont rest until you know about this.

They filed into the room gathering around the hospital bed. Alex grabbed his wife’s hand drawing it to his mouth he placed a tender kiss in her palm. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled weakly at her husband.
Isabel: Alex the baby’s goina be okay.
He perched on the edge of the bed stroking her hair lightly as he placed kisses along her brow.
Alex: I know sweetheart, I just talked with the doctor. She said your goina be fine, you and the baby.

Max and Michael stood off to the side they didn’t want to interrupt this loving exchange. Isabel’s gaze travelled from Alex to the corner were the two detectives stood. She struggled to sit up ignoring Alex’s protests. She beckoned them to come closer.
Isabel: Detective Evans, Detective Guerin you came.
Max: Yes Mrs Whitman. Your husband said that you’d remembered something that you thought might be important.
Isabel: No I didn’t- you don’t understand what I have to tell you may or may not be linked with Alaura’s abduction. It just occurred to me this morning that we hadn’t told you. We’ve kept it a secret within the family for so long I guess it just didn’t occur to us.
Alex: Isabel your not up to this. Why don’t you get some rest and we can talk about this later.

Isabel ripped her hand from Alex’s grasp, a single tear sliding down her cheek as she spoke.
Isabel: It’s been two days, two whole days since she’s been missing. Correct me if I’m wrong detectives but this man, the reaper he kills these children within six days and my husband is sitting here telling me to rest while my daughter slips further and further away.
Alex: I’m sorry Belle you know I didn’t mean-
Isabel: It’s okay, I understand that your frightened for the baby and me but we can’t waste any more time Alex.

Max moved closer to the bed crouching so that he was level with Isabel.
Max: What is it you need to tell us Isabel?
Isabel’s gaze faltered she breathed deeply as she looked between the three men huddled around her. Her gaze finally fixing on Max as she spoke.
Isabel: I think you need to know about the centre……


Limbs tangled in sheets and her head thrashed wildly against the pillow, as she was pulled further into the dream. Children’s laughter filtered through her ears, turning in a full circle Liz realised she was back at the playground. Her gaze was drawn to the swing set, walking closer she saw a mass of chocolate curls bounce in the wind as the girl was propelled higher in the air. Liz came to a halt in front of the swings just out of reach of the girl. The swing came to an abrupt stop and she hoped from the swing brushing the hair from her face exposing her full features.
Liz: Alaura, what am I doing here did you pull me into this dream?
Alaura looked muttly at Liz, she extended her tiny hand for Liz to take.
Alaura: I wanta show you something.

The scene shifted, they stood side by side facing out onto a busy road. Liz grasped Alaura's hand tightly in her own crouching before her she drew her attention by running a hand gently across her cheek.
Liz: Where are we sweetie.
Alaura glanced over her shoulder as she pried her hand free of Liz’s.
Alaura: You have to know what to see…….
Liz felt an uncontrollable urge to look behind her, she turned slowly her breath catching as her gaze travelled the length of the twelve story brown stone building, a building she hadn’t seen in over ten years. The Parker Foundation for the Psychically Gifted.

She bolted upright in bed throwing the covers back she stood on shaky legs as she made her way to the telephone. She needed to see Max as soon as possible……..

Part Fourteen

A look of hesitancy flashed across Isabel’s features as she sought out her husbands gaze in an attempt to find encouragement and support. She clutched his hand firmly in her own as she returned her gaze to max.
Isabel: Detective Evans our daughter isn’t like other children she has special talents, gifts that Alex and I had no comprehension of until we went to the centre.
Max: When you say gifts Mrs Whitman what exactly do you mean?
Isabel’s brow furrowed anxiously as she struggled to find the right words.
Isabel: Alaura can sense things from objects and people; I guess you could say she’s sort of psychic. I know you probably think we’re crazy I’ve even thought so myself on occasion but I’m telling you the truth detective.

Max nodded in reassurance as he cast a side ways glance at Michael.
Max: Mrs Whitman I try to remain as open minded and objective as I can and I assure you that neither detective Guerin nor myself think that you’re crazy.
Alex: We really appreciate that detective you see we’ve tried to keep this under wraps for so long that it’s difficult to talk about. We just want our daughter to have a normal childhood.
Max: I completely understand and what you’ve just told me will remain in the strictest confidence. I’m just wondering how you think this connects with Alaura’s abduction. Do you suspect that someone from the centre may have been involved?

Isabel shook her head as a frustrated sigh escaped her lips.
Isabel: I’m not sure that the centre is connected; it just occurred to me this morning that we hadn’t mentioned anything about it and you did say if I thought of anything else to contact you.
Michael: You did the right thing in telling us Mrs Whitman, this centre may or may not be important but we have to check every avenue.
Alex: So could there be a connection here with the centre and the reaper abductions?
Max: It’s a possibility although the parents of the other children abducted by the reaper have never mentioned the centre but we’ll follow up on it.
Isabel: We really appreciate your understanding about this situation detective.
Michael: That’s okay Mrs Whitman, could you maybe tell us the name of this centre?
Isabel: Oh I’m sorry it completely slipped my mind of course I can tell you the name. It’s the Parker foundation for the psychically gifted.

Max’s body went ridged as he heard Isabel mention the parker foundation. The previous nights discussion about Liz’s grandmother fresh in his mind. He looked up meeting Michael’s questioning gaze as he rose from his crouched position.
Max: Thanks for the information Mr and Mrs Whitman we’ll follow up on that as soon as possible.
Isabel: Thank you detective Evans please let us know what you find out.

Max walked briskly down the corridor in an attempt to avoid questioning Michael halted his procession short of the sliding doors.
Michael: Maxwell are you goina tell me what the hell’s going on here.
Max: Michael-
Michael: I’m guessing that the Parker foundation is connected to Liz in someway so why don’t you save us both a lot of hassle and cut to the chase.
Max racked a hand through his hair a frown forming on his face as he looked at Michael.
Max: Your right the centre is connected to Liz her grandmother was the founder.
Michael: Shit! So how do you think she’ll take it if the reaper is some how connected with the centre?
Max: I don’t know Michael and that’s why I need to talk this over with her as soon as possible.

Her fingers drummed against the oak tabletop agitatedly as she listened to the answer service on Max’s cell phone. Slamming the receiver back into the cradle she walked briskly towards the front door shrugging into her jacket as she closed it. She couldn’t wait to discuss this with him; she needed to get to the parker foundation straight away. A steely determination settled over Liz as she exited the apartment block.
Liz: if there’s a connection between the reaper and the centre I’ll find it; by god I’ll find it.

Part Fifteen

She stood upon the front steps of the brownstone building that had offered solace in her childhood. It had been a safe haven from the outside world, a world that did not understand or except her gift. Her grandmother had founded the Parker institute over two decades ago, she knew first hand what it felt like to be different to be isolated from society. She watched intently as people milled through the swing door, clutching the side rail she willed her feet to move but they remained rooted to the spot. The center held so many memories not all of them happy. She shut her eyes tightly to hold back the tears that threatened to fall as an image of her grandmother lying motionless on the cold marble floor invaded her memory. Breathing deeply she loosened her grip on the hand rail and pushed forcefully through the two way door, it was time to face demons she hadn’t confronted in over six years.

Maria looked up startled by the sudden chime of the doorbell; the shop had been quiet all day the only people to cross the threshold had been Liz and that pig Michael Guerin. Turning her head quickly towards the door her greeting smile quickly turned into a full-blown scowl as she stared at the persons before her.
Maria: Oh it’s just you.
Michael: Yeah its real nice to see you too Maria. I mean you didn’t actually think that would be a customer because-
Max placed a hand on Michael’s arm to silence him as he stepped forward to prevent Maria from lunging at his colleague.
Max: Maria have you seen Liz today?
Maria: Yeah she stopped by this morning but she said she was goina go back to the apartment. Did you check there for her?
Max’s frown deepened as he looked into the questioning eyes of Maria deluca he was beginning to get a real bad feeling.
Max: Yeah that’s the first place we checked and her cells switched off.
Maria: What’s going on max, do you think that something’s happened to Liz because if you do I wanta know right now.
Michael: Look Max is just over reacting we found out some information from the Whitman’s that connects Alaura with the Parker Foundation.
Maria’s mouth hung open as she grasped the counter top.
Maria: The parker foundation?
Max: Yes Maria, the Whitman’s just informed us that Alaura attended the center. We have to consider that their might be a link with the reaper and that’s why I wanted to talk to Liz I want her to hear this from me first.
Maria: Yeah I understand, its just Liz doesn’t talk about the center or anything connected with it. You see her grandmother-
Max: I know everything Maria she told me last night.
Michael: Wait a minute you were with Liz last night? you never told me that.
Maria: She told you about Claudia? Christ she hasn’t uttered her name to another living soul in over six years.
Max: That’s why I need to find her I don’t want to search the center without her knowing.
Maria: and you say her cell phones switched off?
Max: Yeah.

Maria rubbed a hand over her face in an attempt to calm her shattered nerves. She was deeply concerned for her best friends well being, Liz had tried to tell her that she suspected Alaura was a seeker but she had just dismissed it, if only she had listened.
Maria: Look I know this may be a long shot but it’s possible that Liz already knows that Alaura attended the center. She’s had a feeling that the girls been trying to tell her something.
Michael: How the hell would she know something like that?
Maria shook her head rolling her eyes as she looked towards Michael.
Maria: Duh! I thought that would be blatantly obvious since Liz is a seeker.
Michael: Listen up lady-
Max: This isn’t getting us anywhere I’m goina go to the center you two just stay here okay.
Maria: But-
Max: Good I’ll contact you if I find her.

Maria and Michael stood side by side as they stared after max as he exited the shop turning side ways they glanced at each other before moving to opposite sides of the room.
Maria: So don’t you have detective stuff to do that requires you vacating my premises?
Michael: Nope.
Maria: Well I’m glad to see my tax money is being put to good use!
Michael: Listen I don’t wanta get into another argument so can we just drop it.
Maria: Look bud you’re the one that started this in the first place. Ever since the first day I met you there’s been nothing but chaos in my life. First you falsely accuse me of carrying pot then you insult my business, some how I don’t think I’m goina forgive and forget in a hurry.
Michael: How many times are you goina make me apologise for the tea thing and this morning, well things just got a little heated.
Maria: That’s for sure.
Michael: Then let me buy you dinner to make amends.

Maria looked Michael squarely in the eye before laughing hysterically, tears rolled down her face as she crouched low on the ground holding her sides.
Maria: Dinner, you and me that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year!
Michael: Well if that’s the way your goina be I’m outta here!
Michael walked briskly to the door fumbling in his embarrassment to turn the handle.
Maria: Michael wait! I’m sorry I just- I’d love to have dinner with you.
Michael: Look lady I’m not a charity case so if this is pity I don’t need any.
Maria: Pick me up at eight o’clock tomorrow night okay.
Michael: Okay.
Maria watched his retreating figure exhaling loudly as he rounded the corner; she couldn’t believe that Michael Guerin had asked her on a date and that she had actually agreed. Her thoughts turned once more to her best friend and she could only pray that she was safe.

She placed a shaky hand on the doorframe as she turned the handle her heart beat wildly as she slowly inched the office door open. Stepping through her gaze travelled to the woman hunched over a stack of papers, she cleared her throat to make her present known stepping further into the office as the woman raised her head. They both stared silently at each other across the desk for a moment before the woman stood and advanced towards Liz enclosing her in a tight embrace.
Serena: Liz, Liz Parker is that really you?
Liz: Yeah Serena its me I’ve come home, I’ve come back home.

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