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~*~Snow Falling~*~

Author: Tara Beth
Rating: Pg-13 for language at some point maybe R
Category: AU Max and Liz mainly. But there will be mention of some other CC
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell except a poster and a few little things I have accumulated over time. Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and Kevin Kelly Brown and now UPN (we love you) Own Roswell. And all its glory
Summary: Well it’s a challenge so not give anything a way I’ll post bits of it But Right now I can tell you This. Liz and her father move to Connecticut. More to come if you think I should finish.
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Dedication: This is for my Loners. And thanks to HAH for putting up with my own version of the English Language

Part One
I’m Liz Parker and a few months ago I knew where my path in life was headed. I had a plan. But things change. I found that out all to fast. Now here I am with my father on our way to Connecticut. He says it’ll be a good for us. Clear our heads. He just wants to get away. That’s fine, because so do I. Not to forget, because I never will but to get away from the stares, from the whispers.

My aunt and uncle had found us a place down the street from them. 216 Twister Rd, our new house. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong; it’s just not home yet. Home is a place with memories, with love and laughter ringing in the walls. And family pictures above the fireplace. It will be home some day, just not now. Making this home will take time. Right now it’s just a house with tenants.

My cousin Michael says it’s a pretty decent neighborhood not the big neighborhood I am used to buts it’s a nice track.

My aunt said there’s a skating rink just down the street. She said it’s not as big as that one back home. But she’s sure I’ll feel right at home. Just goes to show how much she knows. Michael says that a few miles away “there’s a lake that is the best when it’s frozen over. It’s a nice cold walk to get to in the winter, so not many people go there. So if you want to be alone it’s the place to be.” I might have him show me where it is. I might.

Connecticut Central High is a few blocks away. This is where I’ll be finishing high school. School starts in a month and a half. It’ll be my senior year. It won’t be my old school, but it’ll do. There won’t be my friends, not that I had many left back home. There was; Tess she was the only one who could stand to be around me when we left. She said she’d come and visit. We’ll see. Michael will be a senior, too, so it won’t be too terrible

.Michael really wants to help. He’s been really good. He doesn’t say anything unless I bring it up. Which I did once, then I quickly changed the subject. I couldn’t talk about it. Not with him, he would not understand

In the mean time I am getting acquainted with my new surroundings, with the help of Michael. He took me by the rink. My aunt was right. It’s a small rink big enough for the local hockey team. He also took me by the local “Hang-out,” The Five Hole. It’s a Hockey-themed restaurant, if you couldn’t tell. It got its name because the entrance is a big goalie and you enter between his legs. In hockey that’s called the “Five hole”. I nearly fell out of the car laughing when I saw this place. It felt good to laugh again like that

When we got a table and the laughter subsided, he started pointing out some of the people from school. He motioned to the girl behind the counter with a Hockey Jersey top on.

“The girl with the green eyes and long blonde hair, behind the counter, that’s Maria” He said as he scratched his eyebrow. Something he does when he’s nervous.

“You like her, don’t you” I asked with a smile. “Who… Maria? No! No way, not Maria, definitely not! Maria, she’s too…I don’t know there’s not really a word for what Maria is” Before I could get my next sentence out he started up again.

“Anyway, her mom and stepdad own the place. Her stepfather Mr. Valenti use to be the schools hockey coach. Maria’s a senior. So is Kyle her stepbrother. Most of the people here during the school year will be from the senior class. Being here is kind of like a, rite of passage thing. But mid-week and summer, its families and tourists.”

With that said, our server a tall lanky boy with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, walked up take our orders. “Welcome to Five Hole I’m Alex, what can I get for ya?” As he looked up he must have just recognized Michael. “Oh. Hey, Guerin, I didn’t even notice you. What happened? It looks like your hair got in a fight with a lawn mower.”

“Funny, Whitman” He just smirked at him and I laughed. “Your friend thought it was,” He said glancing at me. “Hi, I’m Alex Whitman and you are?” He asked with a smile reaching out his hand.

“Liz, Liz Parker”, I said raising my hand to his. He had a warm and contagious smile. So I smiled back.

“She’s my cousin from Vermont. She and her father just moved out here. She’s going to be starting school in the fall with us”, Michael said sounding a little agitated. I’m guessing he was hoping for Maria not Alex.

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Liz. Maybe I’ll see ya around then?”

“Yeah. Maybe. It was nice to meet you too.”

“Well duty calls, so what can I get you two?”

After ordering our hockey sticks (French fires) and Cokes Michael began telling me that Alex was a good guy, not bad to hang with but a bit of a “dork” at times.

“He’s the local computer guy, and Maria’s best friend.” He added a little while later, when he looked up at Maria who was passing the table, with a tray of food in her hands. When she passed back by she stopped and introduced herself. And Michael’s hand took permanent residence at his brow.

“Hi, I’m Maria, you must be Liz. Alex just told me about you, said you just moved here.” She looked at me and smiled then looked over at Michael and gave him a flitatious smile “You never mentioned anything about a cousin moving.”

“Oh well that’s because it was really a last minute kind of thing.” I answered for Michael. I wasn’t sure what he would say and no one needed to know why we moved here.

“Well it was nice to meet you. You should stop by again before school starts.“

“Yeah, maybe I will. I’ll see if I can drag Michael back here. It was nice meeting you Maria.”

When she walked away Michael finally found his voice. “Vibrator!”

“What? Did you just say ‘Vibrator’?” I asked with eyebrows raised.

“Yeah! She’s a vibrator, she sends you these vibes. She’s just weird.”


When we finished our food we paid the bill and Maria and Alex both said goodbye. Maria reminded me to try and stop by again. I think I am going to like her. Anyone who can do what I just saw done to “stonewall Guerin” I can be great friends with.

After that he showed me a few more places then headed back but after he took me by the school, and the local shopping center, which harbored a two-screen theatre, a Sears a Target and a few small town Ma and Pa type stores. I debated over asking where the lake was but decide against it Maybe I could find it myself. Besides I’ve got a while before the lake will be hard enough to go out on.


A few weeks passed and I hadn’t made it back to Five Hole. I pretty much stayed to myself. I didn’t want to go anywhere, didn’t want to do anything. Michael would come by to see how I was doing, to see if I wanted to go anywhere. I just stayed in the house; I wanted to wallow in my own grief and feel sorry for myself. I had no friends nothing. I didn’t even have skating anymore not after the accident.

After a few weeks of self-pity I got myself out of bed. Time to get up and face the world. School started in a few weeks and Dad left his credit card for me to go do dome shopping. It’s was a nice day out and if my leg was feeling better I would have walked. But its still hurt and the muscles weren’t even 70% of what they were. My physical therapist said if I would try skating it would get stronger faster. I told him

“Why should I skate if it’s not going to get me anywhere?” Then he says. “Fun”.

“Skate for fun?” When was the last time I skated for fun? Yeah I enjoy skating but when people start hounding you morning, noon and night about your back being straight, about staying focused and “Tighten up, tighten up you’ll never stay up long enough if you’re too loose tighten up”. It sort of takes the “fun” out of it. I told him I would try but it won’t be fun. I don’t know if skating could ever be fun again.

Then he said Ms. Carson who owns the rink may be able to help me.

So after I went shopping I stopped by the rink to check out the schedule and to maybe see if I can get the place after hours. There is no way I’m going to skate with people around. Skating is never fun when you’re being judged

I walked in and immediately the smell overcame me. That was what I enjoyed most about skating. No, not the praise of a job well done, flowers being thrown or getting a 6.0. Nope the smell. Especially first thing in the morning, I stood at the entrance until someone almost knocked me over. It didn’t faze me that a hockey team was making its way into the building for practice till I heard a bunch of crude obscenities and whistles. Typical hockey players, they’re all the same.

I made my way to the Office. I asked Ms. Carson if it would be ok if I come after hours to skate, she said it would be an “Honor” I look at her funny.

“Excuse me” I looked at her confused. And she explained.

“I am sorry, Miss Parker…” now she looks confused “You are Miss Parker right? Elizabeth Parker of the Vermont Skating Academy?” I nodded and she told me her story. “Well, I had been following your skating for a while you are a beautiful skater one of if not the best young talents around I was sorry to hear….”

I drowned her out. Typical. No one cared when I was skating. Now we have moved to the one place where someone knows who I am. She’s going to tell someone about the accident, then they’ll tell someone, then so on. By the time school comes around everyone is going to know my sad little story….

“…well anyway it would be an honor to have you skate here,” she then told me which nights I can come. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I guess she lets someone else come and skate after hours too. She says he is the best hockey player this one horse town has. I didn’t hear his name I wasn’t paying to much attention.

On my way out I asked her in the most sincere way if she could “refrain from telling anyone about the accident.” Letting her know I don’t want any sympathy and that’s why my father and I moved here. So we could get away from all the stares.

I was just going to go and head out but something made me stop by the bleachers and take a seat amongst the other practice spectators. And that’s when I knew my life was about to take another curve.

I was drawn to him right away. With no effort whatsoever he glided across the ice like he was born with skates on. Not being a big hockey fan myself I have no clue what he’s doing except that he’s got my full attention.

He’s Number 16 “huh my favorite number”.

Evans. That’s what his jersey says. So I know his name, well last name and his Number.

I’m not sure how long I had been sitting there till I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around there was a Tall thin blonde girl. She sat down next to me.

“Hi I’m Isabel, Isabel Evans”

Evans as in number 16. All I could think was she saw me staring at him

“I haven’t seen you around. Are you new here?”

Thank goodness she didn’t see me.

“Yeah, just moved from Vermont I came by to check out the rink and thought I would watch them practice for a while. I’m Liz Parker.” As soon as I closed my mouth my watch alarm went off I looked at it 2:30.

“Isabel, it was nice meeting you but I gotta get a move on or I am gonna be late.”

She said goodbye and I walked slowly down the bleachers the whole time with my eye on 16. And his tousled brown hair.

Part Two

I’m Liz Parker and for the last two weeks I have thought only two things. School, and Number 16, one Mr. Evans. I have never been like this before. Yeah, I have gone out on dates and had crushes, but I don’t think this is a crush; I think it might be more. When I think about him it’s like everything around me fades into thin air and it’s just us and I’m not even with him. I’m just staring at him, watching him from a far. He just amazes me. And the funny thing is, I don’t even know his first name. I was going to ask Michael if he knows who he is but I didn’t want to let on to the fact that I was in love with a guy I don’t even know…….I just said Love. Oh my god. LOVE. Is it possible to even love someone you’ve never met before?…. I wish mom were here.


“Honey, you better hurry up. Michael will be here in a few minutes. You don’t want to be late your first day do you?” This is my dad yelling in between sips of coffee and bites of toast.

I hate the first day of school. When I was little I would get so nervous I would end up in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god. I haven’t had that feeling since the first day of my freshman year. Now here I am in my bathroom, scared to death. First day of my senior year at a new school. When I tell Tess she’s gonna laugh. She used to joke about it every year, which just made it worse.

“Honey, it’s 7:00. Are you ready yet? Don’t forget you need to stop by the principals office.” I hear his voice getting closer and closer, which can only mean he’s going to realize what’s wrong.

“Yeah, Dad I am almost done, I just need to brush my teeth and do my hair.”

So I pull myself together. Wash my face, and brush my teeth again.

When I finish, I look at myself in the mirror. All I see is one nervous girl.

“I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.” This is my mantra and has been for the last two weeks, well since I tried skating again.

Yeah, I went. Let me tell you, that was an experience.

I sat on the bleachers in front of the opening to the ice the whole time. Saying “I can do this. I can do this”. When I finally got the courage to do so, I laced up my skates, stood up, took two steps, and got sick. You would think it was a competition or something. Nope. Just me, Elizabeth Parker, and an open vacant rink. And I couldn’t get myself on the ice. And I didn’t until last Saturday night. Even then all I did was go around once. When I sat down, I started crying.

“Honey, Michael’s here.”

“Ok, Dad, tell him I’ll be there in a second.”

I run to my room get my backpack, run to the kitchen get a Poptart to refill my stomach.. I stop at the front door give my dad a hug.

“Have a good day, honey. I love you, and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call even if you just need to talk ok.”

“Ok, Daddy, I love you too and have a good day yourself.” I head out the door and make it half way before my dad calls back to me.

“Oh and Lizzie, smile”.

I stop at the door to the car, I flash him my 100 watt daddies-little girl smile before I duck in.

On the way to school its just idle chit chat. You know the kind. How are you doing, how was your morning are you nervous. Did you sleep well, blah blah blah.

When we finally make it to school I can feel my stomach rumbling and I guess Michael could hear it too because he started laughing. When he was done he asked “Still get sick the first day of school?” I just shook my head and smacked him on the arm and told him he wasn’t helping. I must have sounded nervous as well because he quickly gave me hug and said he was sorry, and that there is nothing to worry about.

After showing me where my classes were, he then showed me to the Principal’s office and said good bye till 2nd period.

“I can do this I can do this I can do this” I repeat to myself before Mr. Spencer calls me in.

“Miss Parker, it’s nice to meet you. I hope your morning is going ok. No problems yet I hope?” I shake my head and say hello.

He leads me to his office. I walk in and see a familiar blonde head poking out above one of the chairs.

“Miss Parker, I’d like you to meet Miss De Lucca. She’s going to be your Buddy today and show you around.”

Maria turned her head and bounced out of her seat She looked happy to see me.

“Hey, Liz. When Mr. Spencer said he wanted me to show someone around today I was hoping it was you.”

“So I gather you two know each other already?” Mr. Spencer sounded happy.

“Yeah. My cousin showed me around town when I first got in and took me by The Five Hole.”

“Well, I can see you two are going to be great friends. You should get going. You two have homeroom together so have fun. And don’t get into any trouble”

We headed out of the door, Maria’s hand clasped on my arm.

“And Miss Parker, Have a good day.”

“Thank you, Mr. Spencer. I am sure I will.”

With that said we walked off and the first thing Maria said was, “I thought we scared you off; you never came back by. What happened?”

“Oh, well I got pretty busy unpacking and helping my dad get the house settled. I was going to stop by.”

“No worries, so long as Alex didn’t scare you away.” She started laughing.

We walked a little ways and she pointed out some students and teachers. Told me which ones were “cool” and which ones were “dorks”. She told me where the cleanest bathrooms were and which bathrooms to stay out of. I looked at her and she started laughing again and all she said was “If you gotta go you gotta go and it better be in a clean place.” I started laughing too. That’s when we ran into Alex. Who promptly greeted me with a bear hug.

“Well thank you,” I said.

“No better way to start off a day then a hug from me,” was what I got back. Then he did the same to Maria.

“So tell me, Parker, she’s not hassling you for info on Michael is she?” At that Maria’s jaw dropped and she immediately gave Alex the evil eye.

I looked at Maria and smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry. If I know Michael which I do, You don’t have to worry. Just be you. And if he scratches his eyebrow it’s a good sign.”

The bell rang and we ran to homeroom. Turns out Alex has the same class too. When we walked in, Maria and Alex made their way to the back of the room next to a familiar looking face. Isabel Evans. Number 16’s sister.

“Liz, I would like you to meet the most beautiful girl in the world, Miss Isabel Evans.”

“Yeah, hi we met at the rink a few weeks ago. How are you?” Was Isabel’s response.

“Oh, I’m fine thanks. How are you doing?”

“Good thanks, I kept looking for you at the practices but you never came back. You looked like you were enjoying yourself.

Ha if you only knew Yeah I was enjoying myself very much so staring at your brother the whole time thank you I said to myself.

“Oh yeah, that was a one time thing. I was just wasting time I’m not a big hockey fan”

“And you moved here. Here hockey is the equivalent to football in Texas. If you don’t like it now, you will learn or be forced to like it.” Alex said matter of factly, kissing Isabel on the cheek. And sitting down in his desk. “Right, Babe?”.

When the teacher, Mrs. King, walked in she immediately put her briefcase on the table, took her glasses off, put on another pair and started writing on the chalkboard. When she was finished, she turned around and spoke to us.

“Well, welcome back seniors. Did you all have a nice summer?” We all nodded and mumbled and she continued,

“I know we all hate homeroom, a waste of 20 minutes I know it’s boring. Well this year I am going to do things a little differently. I know you all just want to get this year over with and believe me I do too. After this year I am retiring. So I wanted to have fun with you guys. Since all this 20 minutes is for is attendance and study time, which I am sure you all will not use, I want you guys to do one thing for me. Tell me what you guys want to do this period. And I don’t want you to answer with socializing you do way too much of that anyway. I want to know what you liked about rainy day recess. You know games. Scrabble, Trivia, and Heads up seven up. I want you all to write down on a piece of paper two things you liked to do. When you’re done bring those pieces of paper up and out them in a this box. Starting tomorrow we will go down the rows and have someone pick out a piece of paper and that’s what we’ll do on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the rest of the semester. On the other days you can do what you want but I thought this could be fun. So now write them down and bring them up.”

She sat down and you could hear a few snickers in the room but mostly we all thought it was pretty fun idea. I know talking in class can do two things. One it gets really boring and two it makes rumors. You know someone over hears something then when they tell someone they add something on and it become this big game of Operator.

Oh there’s a game I write it down a fold it up.

Anyway it becomes this huge rumor that has absolutely nothing to do with what was said in the first place.

So I think of another game I always had fun with trivia baseball. You know, answer a question go to first, answer a hard question got to second and so on. I write that down as well and make my way to the front and put them in the box, which is just a nicely decorated shoe box.

When we’re all done she takes attendance then tells us all we can talk for the last few minutes of class. So we compare schedules. Turns out Maria and I have this and 3rd period English. And Isabel has Math with me and Michael 2nd. Alex and I have this and 5th period Biology with everyone else. Including Kyle.

As the bell rang, we said our good-byes and headed to first period.

Until lunch th day went by in a blur. Some teachers sat us in seating arrangements and others did not. All of them told us the rules, No chewing gum in class, no talking, no cheating, and no being late unless you want to be embarrassed Needless to say when lunch came around I was overjoyed to say the least Like I said I hate first days.

I made my way out to the quad where I told everyone I was meeting Michael and they were all there waiting as well. Maria and Michael were standing fairly close with Michael scratching his brow. Some guy who I could only assume was Kyle. Isabel with her arm around Alex, and a back which I knew very well Number 16. Yup I beelined it for the bathroom, who cares if its dirty. I did my business, which included a nice vomiting session and a repetition of my mantra until I made it outside. Oh and a few breath mints thrown in for good measure.

I made my way out there only to feel the butterflies in my stomach take flight.

“I can do this, I can do this, I can do this” I say to myself a few yards to go and I feel my knees buckling, the butterfly’s turn into birds and my mouth gets real dry. Maria finally sees me and runs up beside me putting her arm in mine. She walked me back to the group whispering in my ear, “did you see he was scratching his eyebrow. That’s good right? You said that was good” I whispered yes back and looked up when we had finally made our way over.

“Liz”, Maria said. “This is my brother. Kyle Valenti, Kyle this is Liz Parker” and motioned to him as he brought up his hand I shook it. Let it go That’s when my hands started shaking “Nice to meet you.” We say at the same time

I can feel my heart pounding a mile a minute. I put my hand to my chest to control the shaking and to feel my heart. And that’s when it happens.

“Liz “ Isabel says, “This is my brother Maxwell Evans, only the best hockey player in the county.”

And this is where I feel my heart jump into my throat. He reaches his hand out. I take it. His amber eyes shining to blind and with a smile to die for he says. Words I am liable to never forget.

“Liz, It’s a pleasure to meet you. I saw you at the rink talking to Isabel a few weeks back. I came over at break and you were gone. I wanted to say hi.”


Did I tell you I love first days?

Part Three

During lunch we all talked some more. We got to know each other. Turns out that everyone has lived here their whole lives and have gone to the same school since kindergarten. When they were in sixth grade they were assigned to the same science group. They haven’t parted ways since.

When I realized how close they were, I was scared I wouldn’t fit in. But just as soon as I felt uneasy, it faded when Max smiled at me. I’m not sure why. But with this one smile all my insecurities about fitting in and belonging with them faded away. That smile told me as long as I am with them I don’t have to worry.

We found out a little more about each other. Max and Isabel are twins. Max is older by 15 minutes. He is the captain of the hockey team and has been since freshman year. He is the forward, which is one of the most important part of the team, besides the goalie of course.Well that what they all say. Isabel is the all around American girl. She is the Polaris Club President, which is an all girl Community service club. Their parents are lawyers. It’s a small town so whoever needs a lawyer they’re who they go too. Kyle is a newfound Buddhist. It happened when his dad married Maria’s mom and had to find something to make sense out of everything. He seems like a good guy to me. Very grounded. Maria is the “drama queen”. But like Michael said, there really isn’t a word for Maria. She kind of has bit of all of them in her. Apparently she has a knockout singing voice that everyone flocks to the local Karaoke joint every Saturday night to listen too. Kyle and Maria’s parents got married a few years back. They met at a singles parents club. They bought the The Five Hole when the owners sold it a year ago. That leaves Alex; he’s the comic relief. He finds humor in everything. It’s an acquired humor that not many people get. I love it. I bet he’s always there with a joke when you need it. I can see why he and Isabel are so good together; they compliment each other so well.

They asked me about Vermont and why we moved. I just told them my Dad got transferred out here. Which seemed to satisfy them. Michael gave me a look that said “I’ll talk to you later”, and I noticed Max and Isabel gave each other a weird glance but I figured it was just some twin thing. I should tell them. I’m sure it would be ok if I did. I will but just not yet. They also asked me about my family I told them it was just my dad and I. They either sensed something or are very polite and didn’t push for more.

The rest of lunch went by fine. Max told us that he was called into his guidance counselors' office during homeroom and his schedule had been changed and now he has Biology with us 5th period. I was more then delighted. Not only do I get to eat lunch with him five days a week. I get to watch him in class as well.

When the bell rang we walked to class together. Maria and Michael were up front, Isabel Alex and Kyle in the middle, and Max and I brought up the rear. When he started talking, I felt myself get nervous but he smiled at me again and it went away.

“So you like hockey?” he asked

I smiled up at him “Well, not really, but back home I never really paid too much attention. Hockey is big there but in the city you can get away without it consuming you. Not like the small towns. You know.”

“Well if you want I can teach you about it. I mean if you want to learn about it that is?”

“Su sure I’d like that. Especially if it’s true that the rest of them go to your games. I’d like to know what's going on.” He laughed, and oh what a beautiful melody it was. It’s even more lovely then his voice. Which intoxicates you. It’ll be hard to stay focused. I’ll need to look into aromatherapy; Maria swears by it.

We all sat down at the tables in the back. When our teacher Mrs. Hardy walked in she didn’t say much. When she got situated, she took attendance went though the first day ritual then assigned us all lab partners.

“All right class, I know this the worst part of every class. And if this were an English class or math I wouldn’t be assigning you all another person to sit with. But this is Biology. We all know not everyone is a whiz so what I have done is gone though your records and marks of your previous classes and put you with people who will balance each other out. So when I call your name please come up. Start up here at the first table and zig zag back till the last partners are called. If you have any questions you can come up after class and ask them. So lets get started, shall we? Maddy and Valencia, Anderson and Stillman”. She continued. We were the last one’s to be called. Whitman and De Lucca, Guerin and Valenti, Evans, that’s Isabel Evans and Benson.” That’s right, that just left Max and I. I guess since Max was a last minute addition to the class she paired him up with the new girl. Not that it mattered any to me.


Its October 2 and I’m Liz Parker. Never in a million years did I think the old saying "When A door gets closed a window gets opened" would apply to me. After the accident I just thought things were the way they were supposed to be. Like the accident and losing Mom and Junior. were the last things good or bad that were going to happen. I could have been Jr. No, No I should have been Jr. But because I wasn’t a window got opened. A month ago I think I felt the first breeze threw that window. Max Evans.

It was a month into school when I started to really feel a part of the group. Max and I had gotten closer. Being lab partners had a lot to do with that. We started studying together, mostly at his house. We had been to my house a few times but it was too hard to dodge questions with the few pictures my dad had started to put up. He said it was time to make this house our home.

I still went to the hockey practices. But I started sitting with Isabel. It was really nice to be around those two Max and Isabel. The way they love each other, look out for one another. They are best friends. I’d watch them in awe. I missed it, the brother-sister relationship. Jr. and I were a year apart exactly. It’s funny though most people thought we were twins. We never fought much except twice. The first time I was 10 and he was 11. I don’t even remember what it was about but at those ages it couldn’t have been something too important. The second time, I was 17 and he was 18. That time it was last March. I never got to say I was sorry, because that day the door closed too soon.

So I watched Max and Isabel with a fondness and an ache in my heart.

Isabel and I had a conversation one day about her and Max, about how close they were. I almost said too much.

“You and Max are very close aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I think it’s the whole twin thing. We can sometimes snce the way each other is feeling. It’s hard to keep things from one another, ya know”. I nodded and watched Max practice.

“Do you guys fight a lot? We, I-I mean I had some friends back home who never fought. They weren’t twins but they were very close.” I asked looking over to her.

“Not a lot, only if one of us interferes with the others life. It doesn’t happen often because we tell each other everything. But when we do, we promised to always talk to the other and say sorry no matter who’s at fault. You know the whole Don’t go to bed angry thing.”

“Yeah, my Dad and are like that now. You know, it’s nice to see you two get along ;not many brother and sisters do.” With that we sat and watched the rest of the practice.

I still can’t skate. I go, and I sit there and listen to my tapes. In my head I go over my old programs. But getting on the ice is so hard. Sometimes I just sit there and cry with the music and other times I just sit there and smell the ice. One day I’ll be able to do it.

That night at the rink, when I went back, I cried. I missed Jr. more then I ever have. I put the tape of the program he liked best in and just cried. Jr. always said he was my biggest fan. He was jealous that I could skate. He wanted to play hockey but he had two left feet.

Some say love
It is a river
That drowns the tender reef.

Some say love
It is a razor
That leads the soul to bleed.

Some say love
It is a hunger
And endless aching need.

I say love
It is a flower
And you its only seed.

It’s the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance

It’s the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance

It’s the one that won’t be taken
Who Cannot seem to give

And the soul afraid of dying
That never learns to live

And the night has been to lonely
And the road has been to long

And you feel that love is only for the Lucky
And the strong

Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies a seed
That with the suns love
In the spring becomes a Rose

When the song ended it was then I realized two things. I was sitting in the middle of the ice crying and there was a hand reaching down to me.

Part Four

“Max. Its obvious she doesn’t want anyone to know, otherwise she would have said something. And when we asked her, all she did was say her dad was transferred. It’s not our place to go up to her and ask her why she lied. Its up to her to bring it up, not us.” Isabel said, as she put the bowl of popcorn she had in her hands on the coffee table.

“I can tell that it’s eating her up. You can see it just by looking at her. She is very private. When I suggest we study at her house she just comes up with an excuse. I just, I want her to know that we know, so she doesn’t feel awkward. I just want her to be comfortable. I can tell we’re getting closer. I never thought I would ever meet her and then one day she just strolls into our lives, Isabel. Ever since we saw her skating last year I knew she was special. Now I almost have her in my grasp, and I don’t want to lose her to something that could be helped if she would just talk about it. When I asked Michael if she ever says anything about what’s bothering her, he got really protective of her. He kept saying nothing was wrong. And he said to drop it. Maybe if we tell him that we know he can talk to her and get her to open up….” Max stopped looked around the room.

“Have you seen my stick? I need to re-tape it.” Max asked, Isabel and she shook her head.

“I just want her to know that she’s ok with us, that nothing is going to happen. I know it’s not the same, but when cousin Josie died Aunt Caren and Uncle Vincent never talked about it and look what its done to them. They still don’t talk to the rest of the family. They’re not the same people anymore. I don’t want that to happen to her. She’s too young to live her life that way.”

“Did you check the Jeep? Maybe you left in there.” Isabel said


“Your stick!”

“Oh yeah, I’ll go check. But I wasn’t thinking when we left the rink; I think I left it there. Thanks for listening, Isabel. I just want her to feel comfortable and talk about it. You are a girl and so is she, so I’ll listen to you but I just hope she opens up a little before its too late.” Max gave Isabel a hug. “I’m going to go back to the rink and see if that’s where it is. You’ll be ok by yourself for a little while, right….”

“Yeah, yeah don’t worry about me. Alex should be here any minute. I rented Frankenstein. We have to do a paper on it in English. Go get your club” Isabel laughed. Max hated it when she called it that.”

Max got the keys to the Jeep and headed out the door.


When I looked up It wasn’t just his smile, it was so much more than that; it was everything. A million things rolled into one. Love, security, fantasy; you know, your prince comes in and whisks you away, that’s exactly what it was. Fantasy.

I lifted my hand up to his. He helped me up and I didn’t even have time to say anything. Then he picked me up, and carried me off the ice over to the bleachers. I was scared at first at what he would think about me, but it felt so right. Like nothing has ever felt right before. I thought his smile made me feel safe. His arms, I can’t tell you how perfect it was to be held by him.

The way he cradled me, like he wanted to save me. I put my arms around his neck and laid my head in his chest. When he kissed the top of it, I started crying all over again. Because it was then that I knew everything was going to be okay, and that nothing was going to happen. It scared me, but it was a good scared.

We sat there on the bench like that for a while. I was still in his arms on his lap. He let me cry didn’t even ask a thing. Just held me. Every once in a while he would kiss the top of my head and stroke my hair.

“You know I used to skate? Back in Vermont. I was good too. At least, that’s what everyone use to say. I was headed for the big time.” I wiped away a tear that had fallen.

“I’ll bet you’re still a great skater; you probably glide across the ice,” Max said as he rested his chin on the crown of my head.

“My mom, my brother Junior and I were on our way to the building where I skated. It had snowed the night before. The forecasters never saw it coming. We were going to drop Jr. off at his friend’s house. But I had a fit because I thought I was going to be late. We started fighting, yelling back and forth. We never did that. I was just in a hurry. We had more than enough time to get there. Then my mom finally just said ok and headed towards the building. It was just down the street. There was no reason to pass it then come back around right?” I started crying again, a little harder this time. I hadn’t talked about the accident since it happened, so it was like I was reliving it.

He looked down at me and he brought his hand up wiped a tear out of the way and tucked some hair behind my ear that had been plastered to the side of my face from crying. Then he turned my face towards his by my chin

“You know you don’t have to tell me this if you don’t want to. I‘ll understand.” He said as he kissed my forehead.

“But I want to. I haven’t talked about this since it happened. I want to tell you. I, I want you to know.” I laid my head back into his chest. “I could see the building at the end of the street. We didn’t have much further to go, maybe a block or two. Jr. and I were still yelling at each other. He wanted to get to his friends’ house. If we had dropped him off, then I would have been in the front seat and he would have been at his friend house.” He tightened his grip around me.

“It’s not your fault he’s gone. You know that right. It’s a horrible thing and it happened but not because of you.”

“But it is. I had to get the rink. I had to. I couldn’t wait till my mom dropped him off….”

“You said it yourself it was closer; it was on the way.”

“I know, but, I had time. I didn’t have to be there right away. It’s my fault we were headed down that street.”

“No, it’s not. It’s no one’s fault. Liz, it was an accident.”

“We were stopped at a light. It turned green so we went. He, he came out of nowhere. I know she tried to stop but we just kept going. I remember lights and people screaming. I woke up in the hospital three days later. My dad was there. Holding my hand reading to me. I didn’t find out about my Mom till the next day. Dad said Mom was gone and that Jr. was still in ICU.” Max wiped away a stray tear that had fallen from my eye. “He passed away 15 minutes after I woke up. He was looking after me. It’s the only thing that keeps me going. Knowing that he wasn’t mad at me. That he loved me enough to wait until I was ok

I lost my mom and brother and the only thing that happened to me was a broken femur, a few cracked ribs, some scrapes and bruises. The doctors all felt like they had to tell me how lucky I was. If I had been sitting behind Junior and not my mom, I could very well….” I started sobbing at that point. It hurt so much to talk about it. But I could feel this weight being lifted with every word I spoke so I just kept going until I couldn’t feel it anymore and it felt so good it scared me. I just sobbed right there in the shelter of Maxs’ arms. Knowing that for the first time in a long time, that I was going to be OK.

We sat there for a while with Max just holding me. When I was done crying it, hit me that he was really there and it wasn’t a fantasy.

“What were you doing here, Max?” I asked my head still nuzzled in his chest.

“Just looking for something.”

“Did you find it?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I did.” He said as he kissed my head.

“Now lets get you home. I’m driving you. I’ll come pick you up in the morning and bring you back to get your car.” He said as he started to get up still holding me.

“Max, I’m fine I can drive home You don’t have to do this.” I yawned and put my head back to its safe place.

“I know I don’t, but I wan to. And that’s the end of it.”

“Well, fine, then but only because I am too tired to fight”

I don’t even remember getting into the car. I must have fallen asleep before we got there. When I woke up he was putting me in my bed and I remember seeing my dad in the doorway. Max kissed my forehead and I swear I heard him say “Goodnight ice angel”. I remember trying to say something but before I could, I fell asleep.


I’m Liz Parker and the most amazing thing happened. I talked. And I didn’t hide from a single thing. It felt so good to say everything out loud. He’s wonderful, amazing, everything. I know when he looks at me he sees me, Liz Parker, not Elizabeth Parker, the skater.

That night I had a dream. I was at a competition about a year ago. I was skating, Juniors. Program. When I was done. I looked up into the crowd. It was all black except for two faces Juniors and Maxs. You know how in dreams things are a million miles away but when you blink they are right in front of you. Then, when you reach for it, it’s gone. Well it wasn’t this time. Junior looked at Max then at me and said, “Well it’s about damn time, little sister.” Then he gave me a hug. He turned to Max and told him to watch out for me. Just as fast as he was there he was gone.


I do have up to part 7 done. But Someow I have lost part 5. I am not sure what has happened. I am extremley annoyed. I am sure I will find it somewhere. Cross your fingers for me.

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Ok so here is parts 5-7. Woohoo.

Part Five

Part 5

It’s November 5 and I am Liz Parker. A year ago, I was a decorated ice skater with one goal in mind. The Olympics. I used to think skating was everything. And that it was going to take me places. It was my life. A year later things are different. Skating isn't my life. My life is amazing. I am living for me. I am breathing, learning, living and listening.

After we got my dad’s car back home, Max asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I said sure. I figured a walk would be good for my leg. I haven’t been skating? So I’m not getting exercise there. The therapy is working, but my leg is still pretty weak.

We drove a few miles out of town, and Max parked somewhere off the side of the road. He said there was a place he wanted to show me. We put on our coats and headed out on a dirt path. We walked for a while then came up to a small hill. It was beautiful where we were standing. A few wild flowers scattered here and there.

“It’s just over the hill; will you be ok? ” Max asked as he turned back to me. He was walking pretty fast. Like he was excited.

“Um, yeah, I should be.” I looked over at him. “What is it you want to show me?” Not that I hadn’t figured it out yet. I was almost sure where he was taking me. But I wanted to ask anyway.

“You’ll see. It’s just over that hill.”

“So I just realized I really don’t know that much about you.” I said as I looked up at him.

We continued walking and talking a little more. We asked simple questions back and forth. You know the kind of stuff that you only find out about someone if you’re best friends. It was fun.

“What do you mean? You know me.”

“No, I mean like your favorite color, your dream car stuff like that.”

“Oh. Okay, well my favorite color is green, and my dream car is a Porsche.” He looked down at me and smiled. Then laughed. I laughed back.

“Is that it? Is that all you wanted to know?”

“Nope,” I said as I shook my head.

“Favorite ice cream flavor?”

“Vanilla, and don’t tell anyone cause they may get kind of grossed out, but sometimes I put Tabasco on it. Kyle dared me once back in Junior High and I loved it.”

“Ok that’s just wrong! ” I laughed a little more. And twisted my hair behind my head.

“You know you should do that more often!”

“What? Twist my hair?” I looked at him self-consciously and bit my lower lip.

“Laugh, it suits you. It brightens your face.”

“Thanks." I bit my lower lip a little more. Something I have just started doing. I noticed one morning when I woke up my lip was extremely sore.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“No, no its OK. ”

“What about you? What’s your favorite color and all that fun stuff?"

“Red, any BMW, and Vanilla as well but with chocolate sauce not Tabasco." I said with a giggle.

Max stopped walking and looked at me funny. I must have been limping more visibly.

“Your leg is starting to hurt, isn’t it?”

“A little, but I’ll be ok. I gotta walk on it.” But I guess the pain was as apparent in my face as it was my limp because he promptly made his way over and told me to hop on his back.


“Get on my Back. I’ll carry you, Its not much further”

You’re going to carry me piggyback? I don’t think so.”

“Well its either that or I throw you over my shoulder, and that won’t be comfortable for either of us.” He said matter-of-factly as he walked over, ready to put me over his shoulder.

“Ok, Ok I’ll get on your back.” I said, as I half-climbed, half-jumped on to his back.

“There, now this isn’t too bad, is it?”

“I suppose not, but I have to warn you, Maxwell Evans, I may get used to this. You carrying me around.” I locked my legs around the front of him.

“I don’t mind. Just call me Jeeves” We laughed.

“Well then onward, Jeeves.”

It was another fifteen minutes before we reached the top of the hill. And when we got there, I just gasped at the beauty. It was amazing. Trees as tall as the eye can see. Green grass everywhere, Flowers popping out everywhere, and in the middle of all this beauty was a lake. I am assuming it’s the lake Michael told me about it.

“Oh my goodness, Max, this beautiful!”

“Isn’t it? You should see it when winter is in full swing. When it's packed with snow, and the lake is frozen over. It’s beautiful now, but come January, but even in a few weeks, it’s the most amazing site. Not a lot of people come out here. I come to get away, to think or to skate when I can. Its not so safe by yourself, but it's so quiet and peaceful. I just wanted you to see it now, so that when I bring you out here when the snow is really starting to fall you can see the difference.” He let me down and I walked a little further the turned back to him.

“Thank you, Max, this is, its just, it's amazing it really is.”

“Sometimes all of us will come out here and have picnic or something. But not too often, because of everyone’s schedules.” He shifted uncomfortably.

“Liz, there’s something I have wanted to tell you. After last night I know now I should. I just don’t want you to get mad at me, or Isabel.”

“Mad? Max, what are you talking about? You didn’t tell anyone already, did you?” I started to panic. Yeah I was ready to tell them all, but I wanted to tell Maria, ALex and Isabel. I wanted them to know that I hadn't told them to hurt them. But because I was scared.

Max walked over to me, reaching out for my hand. “Liz no, god no. I wouldn’t do that. It’s not my place; its up to you. I’m sure you’ll tell them when your ready to.”

Max took my hand and walked me over to a tree trunk that looked like it had been cut down for a bench of sorts. He was being really serious and it was scaring me.

“Max….” He cut me off.

“Liz, let me talk and please don’t say anything until I am done. I want to tell you everything. I just don’t want you to get mad me.”

I nodded my head. “OK”.

He started.“Um, about a year ago, the hockey team had a tournament in Vermont. My Mom and Dad and Isabel came along. My parents wanted to make it a mini vacation since they don’t have much time for them. Anyway, the rink the tournament was at was having a skating competition one of the nights. Isabel wanted to go so we went. I didn’t want to go but because since she was going to my games, I figured I could do something she wanted. That night I saw you skate.”

That’s when it hit me. Max knew. Somehow Max had known before I even told him. He knew I skated, he knew about te accident. It should of made me mad that he didn't say anything. It didn't though.

“Oh my god, you knew, didn’t you and you didn’t say anything? Why?”

Max nodded “ Yes, but that’s not all I want to say. That night, when I saw you skating, I thought you were the most beautiful sight. The way you floated across the ice. You were like an angel, an ice angel. I had to meet you; I wanted to meet you so badly It didn’t happen. All I knew was your name. And that you were, are, the most beautiful person I have ever seen. When we found out about the accident, when Isabel heard about what happened she came right to me I was so scared. All I thought about was you. I didn’t even know you, and all I wanted to do was somehow help you.”

“How did she hear about it? It wasn’t national news or anything.”

“Well, when Isabel was little she wanted to be a skater, but she’s not exactly Dorothy Hamel on skates. It's more like The Three Stooges rolled into one.” We shared a little laugh. “So was Jr. ” I told him.

“Isabel gets this skating newsletter. And last April it had a story about you in it. How the academy took your scholarship away and how you were doing after the accident? But it didn’t say anything about you moving here. That was a pleasant surprise, to say the least. When I saw you talking to Isabel at practice that day, I was so surprised. I tried everything to get off the ice and come over and say hi, but Coach wouldn’t let me off. By the time break came around you were gone. I was beyond amazed when Isabel said that you moved here. I couldn’t believe it. I was looking for you at practices afterwards, but you never came. I kept bugging Isabel, asking if she knew where you were staying. She just laughed at me. I had no idea you were related to Michael until lunch the first day of school.

“Liz, I want you to know that I am not sorry that I let you talk about the accident. I knew you needed to get it out, and I could see how it hurt you to keep it all inside. I knew you would feel better if you just talked about it.” He looked into my eyes “And I can see that it did. There’s something different in you today.”

“Really?” I felt different

“Yes, its your eyes; the darkness is gone.”

I bent my head shyly, “Thank you, Max. For letting me talk to you. I feel different. The weight, the fog, it’s gone, you know. I can breathe easier and I can see better. Keeping it all inside was just making it worse.”

He enveloped me in a hug and kissed my forehead. The warmth of his arms, It was all I needed. He pulled away and looked me in the eye.

“I know Homecoming is this weekend, and its really short notice. I would have asked you sooner but I was scared. Michael and Maria and Isabel and Alex are going. They got a six-person limousine. Would you go with me?"

I beamed from ear to ear and nodded “Yes, yes I will.”

Part Six

I’m Liz Parker, and I think something amazing happened. Max Evans asked me to Homecoming. Oh my god!!!! He asked me to Homecoming….

“So yeah he just asked me. He took me to the lake, we talked a little and then he asked me to go with him. So you have to help me look for a dress OK.” I said to Maria as I sat down in homeroom.

“I knew it! I Just knew it! You two were made for each other.”

“Oh Maria it’s just homecoming, we aren’t dating or anything.”

“Oh my gosh Oh my gosh, I know the perfect dress. I saw it when I was shopping for mine and I knew it would look great on you. It’s long, black, with spaghetti straps. It’s simple but it would look so beautiful on you. We have to go after school. Of course it’s not at a store in this town so it’ll be a drive but we have too. Will your dad let me kidnap you for the rest of the day?” Maria said in her rambling excited tone she gets now and then.

“Ok I think you just got more excited then me.”

“So why are you two so excited?” Alex asked as he walked up to his seat with Isabel on his arm.

“Alex, I know I told you already. Max asked Liz to homecoming finally . Remember they are riding along in the limo.” Isabel answered for Maria and I.

“Yes he did, and yes we are.” I got up and gave Isabel a hug. “Thank you for not saying anything” I whispered in her ear.

“No problem” She whispered back.

“So when are we going shopping for your dress. I could kill that brother of mine for waiting till the last minute to ask you. That only gives us two days of looking and 3 days of decision making. He really likes to be a pain sometimes.”

I gave Isabel a funny look. She really is serious about her shopping. “Well, Maria said she saw the perfect dress for me. We were going to head out today after school right?” I asked as I turned to Maria.

“Yes we were, and I was planning on you coming along too Isabel, after all, you are the queen of shopping. We’ll talk more at lunch”

And that was that. Mrs. King walked in and started homeroom. I sat back and just thought to myself. How did I get so lucky to meet these guys? They have adopted me and made me one of them no questions asked. I didn’t have friends like this back home. There everyone was out for blood. You never said anything about anything to anyone. And the hottest guy in the school would never ask the new girl to a dance. It just didn’t happen.

When the bell rang we said our good byes and made our ways to our next classes.

As half the day passed. I noticed people were staring at me. And girls were coming up to me and saying congratulations, and telling me how lucky I was. And until Michelle Martin came up to me before lunch, and said how, envious she was, that I was going out with Max Evans. I was so lost.

“Oh Liz, I am so jealous, I would have done anything to get Max Evans. I’ve been in love with him since 5th grade. You’re so lucky. What did you do? You have to tell me….” She said in endless banter of babble. She really is a nice girl she just talks a lot and usually about nothing.

“What do you mean get? I’m just going to homecoming with him. We aren’t a couple….”

Michelle cut me off “You do know he turned down every girl that asked him right? Girls have been on him like crazy since the beginning of October. I would have asked him myself but I knew it would never happen.”

Oh my goodness. Could max, He couldn’t, I mean me, I’m so not, there’s no way, Its just not possible. Bathroom….Bathroom, I, I need a bathroom. I stood there in the hallway for what felt like forever just listening to myself rattle of impossibilities in my head.

With that thought of the bathroom I rushed off only to run right into him.

“Are you ok Liz you look kind of pale?” He grabbed my arms

“Yeah, yup, just fine thanks. Just a little tired I guess. That walk yesterday kind of wore me out. And classes seem to be going on forever and people are just acting crazy today and….”

Max started laughing. “Now I know something is up, you’re babbling. I have never heard you babble. What’s going on….”?

“Nothing, I just, I do that when I am tired. Um I’m going to go the nurses office and lay down, I’ll see ya at lunch ok.” I flashed him a smile and walked past him.

Maxwell Evans, and Me? Me, and Maxwell Evans? Number 16, and me? That’s just not possible. That just doesn’t happen.

My time in the nurse office lasted all of fourth and I got out in time for lunch. I had time to ponder the possibility of Max liking me, and took everything he said yesterday into account. But It all comes down to one thing. He was being nice. Yeah he said I was beautiful but he was being a friend, cheering me up.

Most of lunch went by in a blur everyone was talking about this weekend and how much fun it was going to be. I just sat there staring off into space. Every once in a while throwing in my two cents, of “Yeah” and “I can’t wait”. I was lost in my thoughts when Michael asked me to come with him to the cafateria to get another drink.

“So Liz, come with me to the caf real fast will ya?” He said lending me a hand to get up from my patch of grass.

I looked up at him and took his hand. He made sure we were out of earshot when he started talking, “So what’s up, whey are you a million miles away, what’s on your mind?”

I looked down watching my feet as we walked, “I don’t know, I should be happy right I’m going to homecoming with Max the cutest boy in school. I was fine until Michelle came up to talk to me. She made it sound like Max might like me. That alone should put me on cloud nine. All it did though was scare me. Yeah I like him but he’s not supposed to like me back? That complicates things. I rambled today when I saw him during break Michael I never ramble. I may not always know what to say but I can usually find something.”

We walked into the cafeteria “You like him right?” Michael said as we walked up to the line in front of the coke machine.

“Yeah, but….”

“ But what? What’s there to be afraid of Liz. I don’t want to scare you more but he does like you. It’s so obvious. Max doesn’t like just anyone. I mean I don’t remember the last time I saw him around with a girl.”

“But what if something happens Michael what if he decides he doesn’t like me and he leaves. Huh? Or, what if…., I just can’t stand to lose someone else Michael that would hurt too much. He might like me but I can’t get too close to him.” I shook my head. I can’t!


That day after school Maria Isabel and I went to the next city over where all the big stores were. My Father was a little hesistant in letting me go and missing my Physical therapy appointment. But he said he knew how important it was for a girl to have a nice dress for such a big dance. So After much pouting from Isabel and Maria he let me go.

“Ok so I have it all calculated out. Since we will find your dress here I am sure of that. We have 4 hours and we can always come back tomorrow or Thursday to get the dress. But I have all the best stores written down. We can start at Merilee’s Boutique, which is on the first floor and work or way around. Maria told me that the dress is at Windsor. Which is perfect because if we start at Merilee’s and work or way around that will be the last shop. So you can look at the other dresses and try the dress Maria was talking about last and…” Isabel looked at me, then at Maria, with a look of excitement and embarrassment rolled into one. “What? What are you guys looking at me like that for?”

“Wow, Isabel you really planned this out. When did you have time to think about all this?” I asked as I tried my hardest to not to laugh.

“Homeroom why? What? I like to be organized OK.”

“She’s always been like this Liz, once when Alex and her were fighting she rearranged the front room at the Evans household. Mr. Evans came home walked in and ran right into the couch and fell over it. He laughs at it now but he was so mad at Isabel He grounded her for a week.”

“He took me off the next day, and said now that he had had time to think about it, it was funny. He just wanted fair warning next time”.

All three of us started laughing.

We made our way to the first store and I tried on dresses and formal skirts with those mix and match tops. None of them looked right. Then it was off to the next stop. Robinsons, no such luck there either. Everything there was either to big to small. We walked around the mall from store to store for three hours. Me trying on dresses like I was a Barbie doll and Maria and Isabel were playing dress up with me. By the time we got to Windsor I had tried on close to 80 different dresses. Who knew there were that many different styles and colors?

I wasn’t even in the door when I saw the dress on the rack. It had to be the one Maria was talking about. Simple and black. But wow. It was beautiful. Maria and Isabel had it up, against me, and my hair up off my shoulders before I even had a chance to say anything.

“Oh my goodness Liz this is it. This is the dress. You have to get it. But go try it on I want to see what it looks like on you. Oh my Max will lose his bearings when he sees you.” Isabel finished with a sigh and another “Oh my goodness” for good measure.

I walked off to the fitting rooms and before I even got there a tear fell off my eye and hit my cheek. I opened the door looked in the mirror and fell to pieces. My mom would of loved that dress. I wiped my eyes and got undressed and put the dress on. It was perfect. A simple cut down to my ankles, black lace flowing on a black slip. It fit in the right places and hung perfectly. It was weird because clothes never seemed to fit me right. Too big or too small. But this dress it was if it was made for me.

“Hey you are you done in there” Was Maria’s way of telling me I was taking too long and to get my butt out.

I opened the door and walked out. If I didn’t know any better I would of sworn I forgot the dress in the fitting room and came out naked the way they were gaping at me.

Silence and stairs it’s enough make a girl nervous.

I think I found the dress.

Part Seven

I am not sure how long I stood there before my dad actually said something. I felt like a piece of art the way he kept tilting his head and squinting. My dad was never much for words his expressions were his way of communicating. And I could tell when he nodded his head he agreed with the dress. I waited till the day of the dance to show him. I wanted to see what he really thought with the finished touches.

“So you like it?” I asked wanting to hear him say it, but not expecting to hear what he said.

“Oh Elizabeth, you are so beautiful. You… you look just like your mother. I hadn’t noticed it before but right now you standing there. You look just like she did on our first date. I took her to a play and she wore a dress just like that. You are the spitting image of her right now. She would be so excited to see you all dressed up. I am so sorry she isn’t.”

I would have been fine just hearing him say this. But it’s what happened next that got to me. He started crying. I couldn’t remember the last time he cried. I saw a few tears at the funeral for my mom and it seemed like he was all out of tears by Juniors. I walked over to him and hugged him and felt him shaking in my arms.

“Its ok Dad really it is. I know how much it hurts…”

“Oh Liz I am so sorry” he said pulling away “I shouldn’t be doing this now its just you look so beautiful and everyday I feel you changing you are becoming your mother in the things you do. The way you’re acting. And when I saw you I realized how much you look like her. And it made me miss her so much. I love you Angel and I just want you to know that I love you.”

“Oh daddy I love you too. Thank you, for telling me. It means the world to me to know that I remind you of Mom. I’m sorry if it hurts you. I don’t want it too….”

“Oh Elizabeth Parker, don’t ever be sorry. You looking like your mother is a wonderful gift. She was beautiful. Everything she was and ever did was just another thing that made her shine. And you looking like her is just one more gift. You skate like she did and you are as beautiful as she ever was. Honey, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love that you look like her. I need to be reminded of her and you do that so well pumpkin. Thank you.”

We stood there in the living room hugging and crying for a few minutes. My father let go of me and went to his bedroom to get something. When he came back he was clutching and old photo album. It was pictures of their first date. He took her to go see West Side Story. Their tickets were in there a playbill and pictures they had taken that night. There was also an old strip of picture booth pictures that he took out to give to me.

“See honey, you look just like she did. Beautiful, just like and Angel.”

“Thank you Dad. She was beautiful wasn’t she?”

“Yes she was, and so are you. Max sure is going to have his hands full.”

“What do you mean dad? We ‘re just friends. There is no way Max Evans could like me.”

“Sweetie you have got to be kidding me. He adores you. He looks at you the same way I looked at your mother for twenty years. If I didn’t know any better I would say he’s fallen for my Angel. After tonight he’d have to be blind not to see how beautiful you are. But I know he already does”

“Thanks dad but I….” I was interrupted by the doorbell, and the sudden loss of my stomach. I walked over and answered it.

When I opened the door all muscles I had seemed to disintegrate. My knees weakened and my legs felt like jello. I am not sure what kept me standing. Max was certainly a site. He looked like a god Zeus created. Tall, dark, Handsome, and oh so chiseled. Instead of a Formal Tux he opted for a formal double-breasted black Suit. With one of those ties that just say look at me. His shirt, was this amazing safari green, which made his eyes dance and sparkle, the amber was just overtaken by the littlest specs of green that made them look like priceless gems.

I was staring at him when I heard my father and other voices talking and realized everyone was standing behind him now waiting to come in to take pictures. I guess we were both a little dazed with each other.

“Wow Liz you look just…wow. You really look amazing. That dress is, is oh my goodness.” Max took his hand and brought it up to my hair “and your hair, nice. Liz you really are just amazing. You look fabulous.”

I just looked into his eyes longer I was taken aback by what he said and his eyes were so full of…of something. I am not sure what it was but his eyes were just shimmering.

I smiled shyly “Thank you Max, you really don’t have to say all that. But you, you look pretty wow yourself. That’s a very nice suit. And that shirt is just perfect for your eyes.”

He laughed a little, “That would be Isabel’s doing, half the time she’s dressing me. She says I would be a poor miss-dressed soul if I didn’t have her. I am afraid to say she’s right though. I would still be rolling my jeans if it weren’t for her”

We shared a laugh, and that’s when someone decided to snap a picture of us.

“Perfect. That’ll be one you’ll want to keep. You two looked so happy. I can’t wait to get all these developed tomorrow.” Isabel said as she walked over to where her parents were standing talking to my aunt and Uncle. Everyone’s parents decided to show up and that included Kyle’s dates’ parents as well. He had settled on Aarison Monroe. She was a nice girl not one of the cheerleaders I would of figured him to go after. Long curly brown hair, green eyes, very smart and the Debate team captain. He may be into Buddha but he still has his macho Jock side. We were all a little surprised when he said he was taking her.

After all the introduction of parents and the couples exchanging their boutonnieres and corsages it was group picture time. We took some on the staircase and some outside and a few in front of the limo. There were girl pictures, boy pictures, couple pictures and parent pictures. By the time we were done our cheeks were all pink and aching.


We ate dinner at a nice little restaurant called Little Italy. And after that, we headed to the dance. I had never been in a limo before so it was very nice.

When we got to the dance we headed right for the picture room. We figured that it would be best that way if we danced our butts off then we would still look decent in the pictures. It seemed that everyone had the same idea because the line went around the room and out the door.

“Would you girls like something to drink?” Kyle asked

We all nodded our heads.

“Good idea Kyle, you girls stay here and we’ll be right back” Max said as they walked off. Michael stayed behind until I elbowed him in the side.

“You know Liz, Max was a wreck this afternoon getting ready. He was very nervous. It was soooo cute. He likes you so much. I have never seen him this crazy about someone before!” Isabel said as Michael did an about face and walked off.

“And even I could tell that when he saw you he was holding onto any bit of control he had to not just kiss you.” Aarison added

“I have known Max since kindergarten and we may not be the best of friends but I can tell he has fallen.”

I stood there completely uneasy about the conversation. I hate when things happen and all of a sudden you’re the center of attention. I always try my best to change the subject.

“What about Kyle and you Aarison. Even a blind person can see the sparks flying between you two. So tell me, you guys going to go out again after this?” So there it was my sad attempt at changing the subject from me to someone else.

“Really? You guys think Kyle may like me. I do kind of like him. And we have so much in common. I mean I thought I was the only one in the school who was in to Buddhism!”

At that Isabel, Mine and Maria’s Mouths dropped “Really your into it too?” I asked with a look of what I am sure looked like stupidity and disbelief written across my face.

“ Freshman year my parents thought it would be nice for me to look up on different religions. My Mom was Raised Catholic and my Dad wasn’t raised with any certain religion. When I turned 13 they thought they would let me choose one so I looked at a bunch of them and Buddhism caught me. I have been Buddhist ever since!”

“Well you two really were meant for each other then.” Maria said with a certain excitement in the tone. One I have come to know real well.

After that it was just banter back and fourth. By the time the boys got back we had moved pretty far ahead. We drank our juice and talked a little more. When we made it up to the front of the line. Michelle Martin was up there taking her picture with Marcus Andrews, class clown, Joker extraordinaire. When they were done Michelle walked over.

“Max, Liz, you two look just wonderful together. Go up there get your picture taken I want to see and I am definitely going to have to get one when we get them back. I am so excited for you Liz, you go girl.”

“Uh, thank you Michelle. You look very nice too…”

“Yeah you do Michelle I wouldn’t have recognized you if we weren’t here.”

“Hey Evans, that’s my girl your talking about there. Hands and eyes off. She’s all mine. Besides you got a beautiful girl on your arm as well.” That was Marcus joking around with Max. Marcus not only is a joker but he is also on the Hockey team as well.

“No need to worry there Marcus. I do have quite an Angel on my arm tonight and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Now If you two will back off and let us get our pictures taken we’ll be sure to beat you out for best picture this year.”

With that said we walked up to the background that was a midnight blue painted tarp with what look like an iced over pond at the bottom, with a few big snow flakes hanging and fake snow on the ground. Which fit the theme “Winter Escapades” perfectly. The Photographer had us positioned so Max And I were facing each other holding each others hands. But it didn’t matter much because right before he took the picture Max picked me up in his arms and that was our picture. Me in his arms looking into his eyes with the biggest smile I could have only imagined, I would ever smile again.

When He set me down, there was a round of applause from the other students And Mrs. King and Mr. Spencer. Who were only two of the chaperones? Mr. Spencer walked over to us.

“Well, I see Miss Parker you are fitting in quite nicely here. I am glad to see you having a good night.” And he walked off and turned around for one last remark before walking off “And Mr. Evans, please be careful!”

“Max I can’t believe you did that. That was too perfect. That is going to be the best picture. I wish Michael was that creative.” Maria said as she walked over to me.

“Ok now if you still want to continue with your little miss-he-doesn’t-like-me act go ahead, but that just convinced me”

“Maria, Oh my goodness. I was not expecting that all. He totally surprised me….I, I don’t know what to think. I mean, Oh My God Max Evans Likes Me!!!!! Oh My God.” And If Max hadn’t turned around and flashed me that smile of his I would have needed a bathroom. And all I could do was to repeat to myself. I can do this!…. I think?

After everyone’s pictures were done we walked over to the group picture corner and got a group one of all of us. It was really cute. We all switched places and the boys ere sitting on chairs in front of us and when the picture was shot the boys lifted there pant legs to show off some leg so too speak.

When we made it too the dance floor it was a fast song and we all started dancing. When the song ended another song came on it was that “Come on and ride it” Song, and Alex burst out dancing. It was really funny. He was playing on Isabel. It was too cute. After a few more fast songs a slow song came on it was Peter Cetera’s “Glory of Love”.

“May I have this dance mi lady?” Max asked tilting his head and one hand behind him and another out stretched to me.

“But of course you can my dear sir Just let me check my dance card. Ahh yes. I do believe I have a few free dances open.” I said with a smile and curtly bow.

“You now Liz, you really do look just fantastic tonight.”

“Max you really don’t need to say that. You have been saying it all night long.”

“Well, I was taught to always tell the truth. And well you just look so amazing I can’t really think of anything else to say but to tell you how gorgeous you look. And I am sorry if I embarrassed you in there taking pictures. But I thought that would be really great and I knew surprise was the only way to get that great of a smile. And it paid off because I don’t think I have seen you smile that big before Liz.”

“Well to tell you the truth I haven’t had a reason to smile that big. But when I looked up and saw you it just made me so happy”

“We’ll just have to do something about that then. I want to see you smile like that more often.” He let go of my arm and put them around him and I laid my head in his chest and that’s how we danced the rest of the night.

It was nice to be held by Max all night long. I for once stopped worrying and just had fun. We danced a few more slow songs and many more fast songs.

Then about an hour before the Dance was Over the DJ called Mr. Spencer to the stage to announce this years. Winter King and Queen.

“Well now students this is what you all have been waiting for. This years winter King and queen. May I have the envelopes please? Now this years Queen is… Miss Isabel Evans” We all clapped and Isabel was grinning from ear to ear. She really was not expecting to win at all. She said it was pretty hard competition but I guess in the end Beauty, Brains and Kindness wins over more so then Beauty and no brains. She made her way up to the stage and was greeted by a beautiful Tiara and a long robe.

“Thank you guys so much. This is so exciting. I really am just so surprised. Thank you guys so much. I guess now I unveil the King?” She turned to Mr. Spencer who handed her the envelope with the Kings name inside. “Well it looks like my counterpart for this is” She let out a laugh “….well, I think we’ll need to get a Jester hat made for this years king…. Marcus Andrews.”

She clapped and Marcus made his way through the cheering students patting his back on his way to the stage.

“Well, I guess this means I am not going to be prom King?” Everyone started laughing. “Just kidding. Really though. I wanted to say cool. And to Alex I swear I won’t touch her man.”

Isabel and Marcus made there way off stage for a dance. After they had danced a bit, we all joined in. Alex and Michelle danced together in the absence of their dates.

It was only a few more songs after that the dance was over.

We didn’t head right home. The Valenti’s opened the Five Hole for a few of the students and we stopped by there. We had a few early morning snacks. Fries, buffalo wings, and cokes all around. T was fn. We talked about the pictures and the dance. And Isabel showed off her Tiara.

“Oh Isabel this is just beautiful. You have got to be on cloud 9 still?”

“I am. I can’t wait to get home to show my mom. She is going to be so thrilled. I am just still in shock that Laura or Stacey didn’t win….”

“Isabel, aside from looking nearly perfect they are for from being Queens. People at school know that. That is why they chose you. And not them!” Max was always saying something like that to his sister. Always making sure that she knew she was wonderful in his eyes.

As the morning drew closer the more tired we all got. Our faces got longer, our eyes got redder and the yawns came more often. The Limo driver had left after dropping us off. With the cars planted in the parking lot earlier in the day, we all took off for home with plans for a get together later that night at Max and Isabel’s.

Alex took Isabel Home Michael took Maria, Kyle and Aarison home. And of course Max took me straight to my door.

There wasn’t much conversation seeing as how we were both very tired.

“Max, thank you for asking me. I had so much fun. I can’t wait to get the pictures back!”

“I had fun too Liz. Thank you for going with me. I don’t think I would of that much fun if I had gone with someone else.” He said as he put a hand on my leg.

“How is your leg doing? I noticed you limping a little on the way to the car. I hope I didn’t hurt you any when I picked you up for the picture.”

“No, No Max if you did anything you made it better I didn’t have to stand on it, but it s hurting a little. I haven’t done this much standing and dancing in since the accident and I think I just had a little too much fun. I have a Physical Therapy Appointment today at one, so I’ll have him massage it a little.”

“That’s good. You wouldn’t want to try skating later tonight would you? We can ditch everyone after a while, and head to the rink.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was scared because, I wasn’t sure what he would think if I couldn’t do it. But I wanted to try I really did. I had been thinking about it for a while. Maybe if I try skating with him it would work.

“Sure, yeah why not. That should be great. You don’t think that they would miss us?”

“Oh no, they’ll probably all be so tired they’ll be out cold by the middle of the first Movie. We can sneak out then.”

“Oh Ok. Sounds good.”

We pulled up to my house and Max got of the car and walked over my side and opened the door. When I got out he promptly swept me up and carried me to the door.

“Max really now, I am going to have to start paying you. If you keep carrying me everywhere.”

“It’s my pleasure. Besides it’s all wet from the drizzle I wouldn’t of wanted you to slip!”

“ Oh well thank you.”

After that we stood there for what seemed like forever in an uncomfortable silence. I am sure this is where he was supposed to try and kiss me. But He didn’t. I was a little disappointed, but I am not sure what I would of done.

“Well, I am going to head home. Your coming over with Michael right?”

“Yeah, yeah I am. I guess I’ll see you later then.”

“Yeah, have a good day Liz. Get some rest.” And with that he gave me a hug. A nice hug the kind where you can smell all of the person, you can feel all of their body heat, and no matter how cold you are, you are instantly warm. But as soon as they let go you miss them.

You know how excited you get when you start a puzzle. And you put all the pieces out in front of you and you start looking for the first two pieces that fit together. And when you find them the adventure begins. And you know that there are many more pieces you need to fit together before your done. Now matter how long it takes and what you go through you know your still going to finish it because you want to see the picture. Well I finally found that other piece. My head fit perfectly in his chest!


Here ya go. Part five was saved on a nother computer. I almost died when I couldn't find it. Well I'll add the rest as I get them finished.

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Snow Falling Part 8

“Run!” That’s Tess

“What?” Me

“Run!” Tess

“Why?” Me

“It’s what you’ve been doing isn’t it” Tess

“What? I don’t like to run” Me

“I know but you do it everyday!” Tess

“I don’t run. I hate running. You know I think the only reason someone should run is if they are being chased?”

“Well look behind you!”

I look behind me andn I see max.

“Tess, that’s Max. I don’t want to run from him.”

“I know, I’m not telling you to run from him I am just telling you to run. You choose which way to go. Go to him and be happy. Or go that way….” She lifted her arm, which was in slow motion.

I looked to where she was pointing. “But it’s dark and wooded and scay over there. Why would I want to go that way, its all foggy and did I mention that is scary looking over there?”

“I don’t know Liz, you put it there not me.”

“Why would I put it there?” I looked back at her.

“I don’t know this is your head not mine!”

I turned back to look at the wooded area and all I could see was the fog rolling over.

“What? You’re not making any sense….” I turned back to Tess “Tess? Tess where are you?”

“Run” That was Tess’ voice.

So I took off running. But I wasn’t going anywhere.

“MAX….MAX” I yelled for him but he wasn’t answering.


“Honey wake up.” He said as he started disappearing.

“Max? What…where, where are you going?”

“Liz, honey wake up!”


“The phone it’s Tess”

That’s when I opened my eyes.

“Wha…oh the phone. Tell her to hold on a second”

That was weird. I pulled my self up stretched and answered the phone.


“Oh my god Liz Hi. So? How was it? How was the dance? Did he kiss you?”

So I told her all about the night. How he looked what songs we danced too. I gave her all the details. She was excited then got really bummed when I told her we didn’t kiss. She said that, that is ok. “Because he was probably just as scared and nervous As I was.” And that, “I should give it time. It was our first date and he may even just be being a Gentleman.”

“Thanksgiving is Thursday, did you still want me to come?”

We had made plans before I left, to try and get her out here for thanksgiving.

“Yeah…. Can you?”

“Uh huh. My mom and dad said it was OK. They noticed how sulky I have been since you guys moved. And she figured since I did well on my first progress reports that it would be OK.”

“Oh that’s great. I can’t wait for you to meet everyone Tess. You’re going to love them.”

“Well I gave all my flight information to your dad. I come in on Wednesday at 3. I got to go. My mom and dad said to say hi. I can’t wait to se you Lizzie”

“Oh I know I am so excited. I can’t wait to tell everyone. Give your mom a hug for me and tell her I miss her. Bye Tess I can’t wait.”

“I know me either. Have a good day Bye.”



It’s November 18 And Tess just called to say she would be here for Thanksgiving. I am excited don’t get me wrong. The only problem is I haven’t really talked about Tess to the gang. I haven’t really talked about home period. If I talk about home I get all down and out. So I try not to think about it too much. They don’t even now I used to skate. They have no clue. Except for Max and Isabel. I guess tonight I will do two things. Skate and tell everyone.

After my physical therapy appointment I went home and just lounged about till I decided to get ready for the movie night. I also thought about what to tell Maria, Alex and Kyle. I felt bad for not telling them but I just didn’t want the questions and the “oh my poor dears” and “oh I am so sorry”. I know they wouldn’t have been all sympathetic and sad but I just didn’t ever want to bring it up. I thought about it way too much and by the time Michael had come to pick me up my head was throbbing. Which was a welcome pain because it took away from the throbbing I felt in my leg.

“So you ready to go. I told Maria we would pick her up on our way.”

“Yeah just hold on a sec let me get my stuff” I said as I walked off into my room to get my bag that I had put my skates in earlier. And I got a pill out of my Bathroom for my leg, which would also take care of my head. When I walked out, Michael was on his way out the door. The phone rang but I just let the machine get it.

“So Tess called!” I said as I sat down in the front seat.”

“Really, that’s cool how is she?”

“Good, good. She’s coming down Wednesday for Thanksgiving.”

“Really? You don’t sound too happy about that. What’s up?”

I stared out the window at some of the snow that has lingered on the yards and tree limbs. “No I am happy. I miss her, I really do. She was the only person who didn’t treat me all weird after everything happened. But I still haven’t told Maria, Kyle and Alex and I am trying to think of a way to tell them tonight. I just don’t want them to think any less of me because I haven’t been completely truthful. I feel bad that I haven’t told them yet. And am sure they will be ok and not all weird but I am just so scared. When I told max I started bawling right there in his arms. I don’t want to cry like that in front of them Michael. I need to be strong and I am finding it so hard. Dad has been awfully down lately last night before you guys got there he started crying. Telling how much I remind him of mom.” I wiped a tear away that crept out. Then looked over at Michael. “I just don’t know what to do. I wish” I looked back out the window “I wish….”

“You wish what Liz? That it never happened that you never had to move here. I Love you Liz and I love having you so close. But we all wish it had never happened, I miss your mom and I miss Junior too. Besides you, he was the best friend I ever had. But it did happen and we can’t take it back. I wish I could see you skate again, and I wish there was more I could do to help you but I cant…”

I started to smile I love Michael but when he talks like this he sounds all corny its just not a handsome site. I turned towards him the seat and stopped him mid sentence “I wish you’d stop being all mushy cause your going to make me sick!”

We both started laughing.

When we pulled up to Maria’s, Michael started honking the horn. I hit him on the arm and made him walk up to the door to get her. It may not really be a date but the least he could do was walk up to the door instead of honking. When they got back I got out and hopped in the back. So Maria could sit in the front. As soon as she sat down she turned around and started talking.

“So I heard Kyle talking to Aarison on the phone today”

“You heard or you accidentally knocked the phone off the hook and it landed at your ear while they were talking and you forgot to hang it up?” That was Michael.

“No….Ok Ok so I have a bad habit. They are just so perfect for each other and I wanted to make sure he didn’t say anything stupid and screw this up. Anyway, they are going to go out next weekend. And are going to a Buddhist group thing on Wednesday.”

“Well good for them. I am glad Kyle asked her to go. They are coming tonight right?” I asked from the back seat shouting over the Metallica Michael had just turned up to drown us out.

“Yeah but hey are going to be a little late. She had to run some errands for her mom and dad but they will be over later.”

“Oh that’s good?”

The more the merrier.

We sat for the rest of the drive in Metallica silence. That’s what Michael calls it when there is nothing but Metallica in the air.

I tried to think of different ways to tell them but nothing really came to mind. So I just sat there and turned my eyes to the outside world. It was really beautiful right now. The sun was going down and all the colors in the sky were just amazing..

When we pulled up to Max and Isabel’s house and started getting out Max opened the door and came down the walkway to greet us. Maria claims he couldn’t wait any longer to see me.

“Hey guys, Liz.” He said with a smile, and walked over and gave me hug.

Heaven! That’s what it was, heaven. His arms they instantly warm you up. His body heat is so high that when he hugs you its like a full body heater. It was nice to say the least. It seemed like forever that we had been standing there.

“Hey Max, so what Movies are on the Agenda for tonight?” That was Michael. I’m not sure if he was just uncomfortable with the way we were hugging or if he was trying to make me mad.

“Oh well I tried calling your house Liz, but I got the voicemail. I must have just missed you guys”

“That must have been you that called when we were leaving. I am sorry I didn’t answer.” I said, as I looked right into his eyes, which were no further then a breath way from me. I didn’t realize how close we were standing till Michael walked right between us and up the path to the door.

“Oh its ok, I was just going to ask you If you guys could stop by the Video store for us Isabel lost track of time and didn’t end up getting the movies. But it’s cool. This way Liz and I can go.” He said as he grabbed my hand and we walked to the door. “I mean if that’s ok with you? If you don’t mind coming along?”

“Sure, I’ll go with you. It’ll be fun.”

We walked in and Isabel and Alex were in the Kitchen unloading a few bags of junk food and sodas.

“Oh hey you guys. Sorry we didn’t make it to the Video store. I hate being off schedule but I slept in, and I guess it works out ok though. At least now we can all decide on which Movies to get. So what will it be?”

We couldn’t all decide on the same movies so we narrowed it down to one action one comedy one drama. We helped unload some of the groceries then max and I left for the Video Store.

“So I really had a good time last night Liz. I got home and couldn’t stop thinking about you. Isabel and I stayed up till about 10 talking to our Parents about everything. And all I could tell them was how much fun I had and how I was glad you said yes to come with me. And how you were the most beautiful girl there, not wearing a tiara of course. I had to add that because Isabel cleared her throat when I said that ” He laughed.

“Really? I had a great time too Max. I am glad you asked me. I really don’t remember ever having that much fun.”

“I cant wait to go skating with you tonight Liz. Even if you can’t do it, just spending the time with you alone will be fun enough for me.” He said as he took a hand off the wheel and rubbed my leg. The pill must have kicked in just then cause the throbbing went away everywhere except my heart.

All I could think was Oh my goodness.

When we got the store we looked around and decided on The Fast and The Furious, as the action. Good for the guys and Vin Diesel for us girls. Who could resist that? Austin Powers for the comedy, and well I know its Corny but The Cutting Edge for the Drama. Its one of my favorite movies and I figured it might be a weird way to some how break the ice on Tess and my Skating and everything that happened. I could say something like “yeah isn’t it funny, its like Max and I kind of except he’s not a figure skater too. Like me.” Ok so its no the best way but it’s the only thing I could think of.

We got the movies and headed back. When we got there Aarison and Kyle were there so it was great timing. We said our hellos got some popcorn popped and got comfortable in the living room. Isabel and Alex in the love seat. Kyle and Aarison on the couch at one end. With Michael and Maria on the other throwing popcorn at each other making a mess. And that left the single chair for Max and I, which worked out pretty well. Max offered it to me but I told him to take it and I sat on the floor between his legs. I rested my head on his knee and he stroked my hair the whole time. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep.

We watched The Fast and the Furious first. We all decide on that right away. During the movie you could see all of us leaning and each way every time the cars turned or were going faster. We all liked it. When it was over we took a potty break and sixth inning stretch. Which consisted of the guys talking about the cars and us girls talking about what we thought was better, Vin Diesel’s chest or his arms. I said his chin was kind of cute but they pretty much laughed that one out. We ended up deciding on his arms. Bringing it all down to how safe they would make you feel wrapped up in them.

The conversations were over when Maria pulled out The Cutting Edge.

“Alright next movie.”

I could feel my heart racing. I knew it was time. I laughed at myself a little too because it was kind of funny. I mean why was I so scared to tell them. It’s not like its life altering, at least not anymore. And when Aarison said what she said next it’s like I was supposed to say something.

“I just love this movie. It’s so romantic. A hockey player and an Ice Skater falling in love.”

“It” I was whispering “It’s funny you should say that.” I bit my lip and looked down at my feet. I got really nervous all of a sudden and almost felt kind of sick. But when I looked up at Max and Saw him walking towards me almost like he knew what I was going to do and I felt Michaels arm on my back I knew I was going to be fine. When Max came over he took my hand and I could feel everyone’s eyes burning into us.

“Um I have something, I wanted to say. Something I wanted to tell you guys!” Everyone sat down again. “I don’t know were to start. I feel really bad about not telling you guys sooner.” I said as I stopped and looked at Kyle Maria and Alex for a few minutes. “Isabel and Max know but only because Max caught me at a really bad moment and, and it turned out they already knew anyway. But um, wow this is weird. I really don’t know what to say first”

Maria got up and walked over and sat next me on the couch. “Its okay chica just start at the beginning.”

Max continued to hold my hand and rub the small of my back.

“Well, I used to skate back home in Vermont. Pretty competitively actually, my coach had me practicing for the Sectionals which is what determines who goes to the worlds, so I was kind of on my way to the Olympics.” I sighed heavily and continued. “Uh but back in March, something happened. There was an accident. And I stopped. I mean I couldn’t skate anymore. My Mom and Brother were dropping me off at practice and….” I looked around the room and saw Isabel crying already and then caught Maria looking at her which then got the wheels in Maria’s head turning which then made her start crying and then grab me in a hug. Which then in turn made me start crying. All Maria said was she knew there was nothing she could do and that sorry wasn’t good enough and if I ever needed to talk then she was there. Alex was next he just hugged me and said he was here if I ever needed him. Kyle was a little different. He hugged me but then told me how strong I was and he admired me for being able to handle it. Because he didn’t think he’d be able to do it. And said to never hesitate on calling anytime. And Aarison was really great too. I was a little worried about her. But She just said that she could relate in a way. It turns out her cousin who her parents had custody of passed away when they were little. And she was a like a sister to her.

When they were done taking there turns I told them the rest of what happened about my leg and how I have had a hard time skating. I told them about Tess and how she was coming for Thanksgiving they said they couldn’t wait to meet her. And any friend of mine was a friend of theirs too.

It felt really good to get all out in the open. I was more relaxed after words too. It seemed most everyone else was too. Either from crying I guess or just a lack of sleep the night before because half way through the movie everyone was asleep except for Max and I.


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Snow Falling Part 9

Max looked down at me and I could see in his eyes he wanted to go so when He asked I wasn’t too surprised.

“You want to go now?”

I smiled at him and nodded my head. “yeah lets write a note so they don’t get confused if they wake up okay?”

“Sounds good to me, let me go get my bag. There’s some paper in the kitchen if you want to write it, they might be able to read your writing a little better! I’ll be right back alright?”

“Ok I’ll be waiting!”

We were at the rink till a good 3 am. We never actually skated. We got out and walked a little on the ice. It was fun. He told me about Hockey and how when he was little he didn’t want to play all he wanted to do was drive the Zamboni you know the that huge contraption that cleans the ice. That was his dream, to be a Zamboni driver. He was serious too said if I didn’t believe him then I should ask Isabel. We talked, the whole night really. We yawned every ten minutes but that didn’t stop us.

“So, now that you are older what do you want to be?”

And with a straight face he answered “A zamboni driver.” He laughed a little. “Seriously I don’t know. I know that I want to play, I know I can’t count on it but I do. So it never occurred to me to really think about it. I Never had to, to tell you the truth. Everyone’s always said I don’t need to. Coach and everyone else seem to think that, that I’ll be playing in the NHL. I have to say its sounds good to me. What about you Liz what do you want to do?”

“That’s actually pretty funny, you sound like me two years ago. I would have answered, that I would be Pro by the time I was 25, just because of what my coach and everyone at the Academy kept telling me now I’m not even in that same book of thought. I know I won't be skating though. I don’t even know what else I’m good at besides…” Skating I almost said skating, which is funny because I’m not even good at that anymore. “I don’t know”

I looked at my wrist and was completely surprised. When I looked up at Max he was yawning again.

“What time is it?” He asked after excusing his yawn.

“Almost 3” His eyes widened.

“Wow, maybe we should be getting back? Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, we probably should.”

When we got back everyone was still asleep in the same positions as they were when we left.


Hugs! Don’t you just love hugs? I mean they are the one form of affection that can be done to anyone. You can walk up to almost anyone you know and give them a hug and have them not think twice about it. You can’t do that with a Kiss. Hugs you can give to anyone. Also, a single hug can tell your heart exactly how you feel about someone, before your brain does it. With Max I think that’s how it happened. When he hugs me, it’s like the whole world fades away, and there’s Max and I just holding each other. He sweeps me off my feet and the really amazing thing is, I could swear I am floating. But my feet are still planted firmly on the ground.

“Tess comes in tomorrow right?” or at least I think that’s what Michael was trying to ask with a mouth full of food.

“Yeah tomorrow at 3. I am so excited. Dad’s going to pick me up and we are going to have lunch together then go get her at the airport!”

“You know Liz, you never really told us about her you just said she was coming. So who is this Tess?” Alex asked in between sips of his coke.

“Oh your right I didn’t did I. I’m sorry. I guess I just got too lost the other day. Well Tess is Tess. She is definitely a different person Take everything I am and throw it out the window.” I said with a giggle “ And there you have Tess. We are so opposite its not even funny. It’s a wonder how we’re even friends. She’s a lefty and I am a righty. And sometimes when she talks she has this weird accent. See her mom and dad are from Australia and she just picked it up, so sometimes she’ll be talking and you’ll hear it its kind of funny. But my mom always said we were friends because we made one another’s not so shiny parts shine. What she can do, I can’t do, what I do she can’t. But when we are together you can never tell the difference. We always helped each other and until middle school when we finally got different teachers we wouldn’t let anyone help us it screwed us up. When we were in 8th grade we had a crush on the same boy, Xander he was cute but he told us he wanted us both to be his girlfriends because together we were the perfect girl. We slapped him at the same time. Opposite cheeks of course!”

“Oh that’s too funny, I could never see you slapping anyone!” Maria said with a bit of amusement in her voice.

“They called me on the phone when they got home, and told me to fly out there and kick his butt. Junior, wouldn’t do it because he was bigger then the guy. It was quite funny.” Michael added.

“When we got in High school we were kind of pulled different ways, I was missing a lot of school because my practices were getting longer and longer. So I was only going to school maybe twice a week sometimes less and that was only for a few hours. But we always talked. Then after the accident she was there, right there. At the funerals my dad was behind me with his hands on my shoulders, and Tess was on one side holding my hand and Michael was on the other.” I paused wiped my eyes and sighed. I hated talking about it still. I couldn’t do it with out tearing up. As soon as I felt Max’s hand cover mine I continued “But I am oil and she’s Vinegar. We go together but we are so different. She is the type you have get to know or you’ll clash completely.”

“Well, she sounds interesting. I can’t wait to meet her!” That was Isabel.

“How long is she staying for?” Kyle asked as he stuffed a chip in his mouth.

“She leaves Sunday, morning.”

“You are bringing her by the Five Hole right?” Maria sounded excited.

“Oh yeah, When we get back from the airport tomorrow night we are going to Michael’s for dinner. Then Michael was going to bring us by. I wanted you guys to meet her right away.”

“Sounds good we can have dessert!” That would be Isabel, with a big smile on her face. “Max and I will meet you guys there. Alex you work tomorrow night right?” Alex just nodded.

The bell rang and we went to our classes, and Max walked me to as far as he could.

“You ok?” Max asked rubbing the small of my back.

“Yeah, I just hate talking about the accident, I hate crying in front of people. I feel like I have no control.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that. We don’t care. If I had a penny for the amount of times Isabel and Maria have cried in front of Alex, Kyle and I. I would have enough money to have ice in my back yard year round! So don’t worry about it, besides when you cry it gives me a reason to hug you.”

And he pulled me into one of the most amazing hugs in the world. His arms felt like a blanket and I felt so at home there, but it scared me so much and I pulled away. I couldn’t let myself get too attached to him. When I looked up and into his eyes I could see the hurt right away.

“I, I’m so sorry,” I turned and I ran. Just like Tess said I was doing.


I was in my room that night when Michael come barging in the front door. I could feel it shut throughout the house as he slammed it closed.

“What was that all about Elizabeth, Max is scared to death that he did something, to hurt you. You are so lucky I was standing there, waiting to talk to him.”
“Is he ok Michael?”

“Yeah he’s fine, now. He was really worried though, Liz. You can’t do this. You have to talk to him. Tell him what your thinking. You’re only going to hurt him more if you don’t. You know he likes you. There’s no question about that now.”

“I know Michael, and I really like him. I just I’m so scared, and when he hugged me it was good at first. But then I was too comfortable. It just feels like, like it’s too soon. Like I shouldn’t be able to enjoy myself. And I know if Mom and Junior were here they’d want me to have fun. I know I just want to be able to share it with them”

“Its ok to have fun, its ok to move on Liz. You have too if you want to ever start feeling like anything again. And as far as sharing it with them you are. They’re always with you, with everything you do. But you can’t stay cooped up in here and watch the snow falling outside Liz?”

“Well, It is kind of beautiful right now…” I smiled. And it was. The snow was floating down and sticking to everything. The leafless branches on the tress were now white and the rooftops just glittered. And had it been up to me. I would have stayed here in this moment for a long time. “He’s ok though right?”

“Yes, but you need to say something to him!”

“I will, I just need to think of what it is I am going to say.” I turned and finally looked at him. “Thank you Michael, again.” I got up pushed my blanket to the side and gave him a hug. “I’ll do it tomorrow before we leave.” I walked him to the front door. I wasn’t trying to get rid of him but I wanted to get to the rink. It was my night and amazingly enough I was looking forward to it. “Tell your mom and dad I said hi and I’ll see them tomorrow night. And give them hugs for me.!”

“Will do. Have a good night Lizzie.”

“Will do too, love you Michael, Be safe out there”

“Yeah you too, see ya”

When I closed the door I fell against it. And stayed that way for a while. It was only 8:30 but felt much later. It had been a long day.


When I got to the rink it was a round 10. Everyone had been gone for at least an hour but it felt like it had been abandoned long before. Everything was so still. There wasn’t even the smell of popcorn from the snack bar like there always was. It was eerie but I liked it. It gave me an even greater sense that I was alone.

As usual I sat there for a while contemplating weather or not to skate. I knew I could and I was looking forward to coming here tonight so I could skate because I wanted too. But when I looked out on the ice it looked so serene. No marks, all clean, still and pure. Why would you want to change that? But the longer I sat there the more I started thinking and the more I started the thinking the less I wanted too think and wanted a distraction. So I decided to skate. I rummaged through my bag put my skates on, got out my music. Well a CD with one song burned over and over again. Made my way to the office where the main system was and popped it in.

When I came out, I stopped at the door to the ice and looked at it one last time. Then I just went for it. And I skated in circles listening to my music. Letting the ukulele be my guide.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow
Blue birds fly
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Dreams really do come true
Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops is where you'll find me
Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dare to, oh why, oh why can't I?
Well I see trees of green and Red roses too,
I'll watch then bloom for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
Well I see skies of blue and I see clouds of white
And the brightness of day
I like the dark and I think to myself
What a wonderful world
The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people passing by
I see friends shaking hands
Saying, "How do you do?"
They're really saying, I...I love you
I hear babies cry and I watch them grow,
They'll learn much more than
We'll know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
Someday I'll wish upon a star,
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like ;emon drops
High above the chimney tops is where you'll find me
Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
And the dreams that you dare to, oh why, oh why can't I?

Now don’t get me wrong I like The wizard of Oz version too, but the way Israel sang it. It lets you to this other place just like it’s supposed to. And when I am skating that’s where I need to be. And If I hear Judy Garland singing, all I think of is her Oz, not mine.

I hadn’t realized it but at some point Max had come in and sat down. I was a little embarrassed because I have a tendency to sing along sometimes too. When I looked up and saw him, he got up and walked to the door of the ice, and I skated over to greet him.

“Great choice of Music, but I prefer Counting crows” he said as I glided over to him.

“What are you doing here Max?”

“Oh I’m hurt” He put his hands over his heart.

“I figured you wouldn’t want to see me. Not, not after lunch?” I held on to the rail and he handed me my guards to put on. Then we headed over to the bleachers.

“What are you talking about? I thought you just had to go to he bathroom real bad or something.” He smiled at me and laughed a little. “You know Liz it’s ok. I don’t mind. It’s got to be hard to let go. I couldn’t ever image having to do that. I don’t know what I would do if I lost Isabel and one of my parents. Liz, you are the strongest person I know. I have seen what losing someone unexpectedly like that can do to people. And you are handling it so well.”

“Max, you don’t even know how much I want to just let go. I want to be able to be close to you so bad and not have this thought it in my head that it’s so wrong. That I’m doing something I shouldn’t be. And this afternoon when you were hugging me Max I forgot all about everything for a moment and it scared me.”

“Liz, you’re not going to forget about them completely. From what Michael has said you look just like your mother, and every time you look in the mirror you’ll see her. And Junior well, if you were as close as you say, and if he was half as stubborn as you seem to be, at times, He won’t let you forget him. I also don’t think that your Father would let you. It’s not going to happen. But if you need to wait and you need to be sure I’ll wait too. I’m not giving up on you Liz Parker. I’m always going to be right here.” He pushed some hair out of my face an curled it behind my ear.

Wow was this guy for real? I just sat there staring at him unsure of what to say or what to do. So I did what only seemed natural. I gave him a hug. And He hugged me back and it was nice. I was still scared but it felt right. Like it did the first time. And all I could think about was Skating.

“Max do you have your skates?”

Laughing, “Actually no! Mr. Anderson has them he’s cleaning both pairs and sharpening the blades for me. Why?”

“I just really wanted to skate more. But it’s ok we can talk more if you want?”

“You know what I want. I want to watch you skate some more. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

I bit my lower lip and looked down at my hands. I’m not too good at taking compliments especially ones like that.

“Thank you, Max, but I can’t just skate. Maybe you can wear one of the ren…”

“Please?” He got down on a knee, puffed out his lower lip and gave me puppy dog eyes

“OK but just for a song then that’s it!”

He smiled a Victory smile “I know the perfect song too. How about Somewhere Over The Rainbow?”

“Oh so we’re a smartass now.” I got up and walked over to the ice.

“Better then being a dumbass” And I threw my guards at him. And we laughed.

I’m Liz parker and tonight I skated. Not only for myself but for an audience. It may have only been an audience of one. But it’s a start.


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