Title: Datura (I had no idea what to title it, so I titled it after the song that inspired it, which is "Datura" by Tori Amos.)
Author: Gretchen
E-Mail: haunted_dildo⊕yahoo.com
Couple: Mi/L
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine... bullshit blah blah blah
Other: Takes place after EOTW... it's one of my few attempts at roswell smut. So like tell me what you think or whatever.
I doubt I've ever been directly affected by anyone else in my life; I am a soldier, a hard man, unemotional. I am detached from everyone in a sense, I never care to involve myself in the affairs of others, it is my destiny, my duty, my life, or at least it was. For that changed on that fateful day in October of 2000, when I found Liz Parker dressed in shishedo red, lying limply in a corner of her balcony as she cried.

I still have no discerned a reason that qualifies my location that night, or exactly why I remember that she was dressed in dark red pajama pants after all these years, however it is of no consequence now. I watched her as she cried, oblivious to my presence; my mind imbued with the idea that she was the only woman alive who could possibly look sexy as she cried. I smiled at my musings, but quickly felt my heart chatter as her tears grew in intensity. Immediately, I knew that it was Max, for only he was capable of causing her so much pain, she was, for all intensive purposes a stone wall, which was only broken by him, and in the process he'd taken her soul and stamped on it over and over again. It was this soul that I loved the most about her, the soul that I would help her recover in the following years. I conjured up the many ways that I could kill Max Evans for hurting her so, but then I realized, that maybe I should be grateful for this opportunity, that I now had the opportunity to show her how much love I had for her, that I could comfort her while she cried. I tiptoed over to her side and sat down beside her, draping my arm across her back. "Liz." I whispered in taking the sent of her strawberry hair, my errection becoming painfully obvious as this aphrodisiac usurped my senses.

Her red rimmed eyes, still brimming with tears met mine as her melodic voice asked, "Mi... Michael? What are you doing here?"

I wiped the tear that was trickling down her cheek and pressed my finger to her lips gently. "Shh... it's ok. Liz, please I hate to see you cry, I don't want you to hurt like this, did Max hurt you? You can tell me."

"It's complicated." Liz whispered as she burst into another fit of tears.

"It's never easy Liz... never. You can show me what hurts you so. I want to make you feel better." I responded sincerely as I pulled her closer to my body.

Instinctively, she placed her heat on my shoulder and sighed. "Michael, I want to tell you. I want you to know. It was Max, he came back... back from the future and he... he said that because of the love that the two of us shared the world ended and he made me make present Max fall out of love with me, and he did."

I held my breath while she told her story, trying desperately not to blurt out some random obscenity over Max's behavior. I could not fathom that she sacrificed all that she held dear for the world, and could not help buy love her more. "That bastard. He made you do that?"

"I had to. Isabel died, and you, you died. I couldn't be responsible for that." She quietly asserted then looked down at the ground, suddenly interested in the cement floor. "I love you... I couldn't just let you die." She whispered in a voice that was almost inaudible.

I couldn't help but feel elated at the sudden revelation. I had been secretly been pining after her since the moment I saw her, but never dared to make a move because Max wanted her first. So I'd chosen Maria, Liz's best friend in an attempt to get close to Liz vicariously by experiencing life with her best friend. I smiled and lifted her face up to meet mine. "You... you what? Liz I... I love you too. I've always loved you." I replied then allowed my lips to descend upon hers as passion took over my sense of logic.

Our tongues wrestled with each other for a few moments before she reluctantly pulled away, meeting my stare with lust filled eyes. "I was supposed to lose my virginity tonight, but to the wrong alien." She confessed in a husky voice. "Michael. Make love to me."

I looked at her with longing and doubt in my eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Please Michael; I've wanted this for so long. You've read my diary, you know my soul... I want you to know all of me."

I consented and kissed her again, lifting her red tank top as she unbuttoned my shirt, her small hands exploring my chest. I unclasped her lacy bra and stared in awe at her perfect chest. "Beautiful" I groaned as my lips descended on her peaked nipples, sucking and pulling on each of them, tasting the spicy flesh in my mouth. I traveled downward until I reached the soft cotton barrier of her pajama pants. I latched my fingers onto the elastic waist, but was halted by Liz, who stared at me with heated eyes.

"My turn." She breathed into my ear, grabbing a hold of my zipper and pulled it down, freeing my errection from the confines of my jeans. She lovingly pealed off my pants and boxers, and then proceeded to caress my engorged manhood. "It's so big, so soft, but hard all at the same time."

I held my breath, desperately trying to keep myself under control as she continued exploring my cock, which she later named 'Superbus.' "Liz, please, if you continue it will be over before we begin." She smiled coyly and nodded while I slowly pulled down her pants. I ran my tongue across the length of her vagina, tasting all of her feminine juices. Then I focused on moving my tongue in an out of her, making sure that she was ready for me.

"Michael, please. I need you inside." She begged as my tongue continued its assault on her womanhood. I lifted my tongue from her body and met her impassioned gaze. "Michael."

"Liz..." I breathed out as she took my manhood and led it to her opening.

"Please." She whispered with her huge doe eyes.

I nodded and slowly entered her, marveling at how moist she was. I hit a soft barrier and looked at her with doubt. "I don't want to hurt you."

"It's ok Michael, please." She whispered, and placed her hands firmly on my backside, forcing me farther inside, past her wall. I watched as she winced in pain, but soon she moved with me, slowly undulating in desire as I changed my pace from slow to fast to slow and back again, while she matched my speed perfectly, raking her nails down my back, screaming in joy as I continued thrusting inside of her.

"Michael, oh god Michael, YES. YES." She screamed as her walls clamped down on me, milking my cock before it burst. Then all control was lost as our bodies sputtered out of control, and rode the waves of our orgasms in unison, further enhancing my belief that we were made for each other.

I watched her as she drifted off into sleep, a look of contentment on her face as I stroked her silky hair and whispered sweet nothings into her ear, before joining her in her dreams.

That was a night of many ends and beginnings. It was the night that we surrendered anything that had a semblance of normal and gave in to the unknown. That was the night that adolescence ended and adulthood began. It was a night of birth, for our lovely daughter Hillary was conceived that night, and death, for the supposed couplings of Max and Liz and Michael and Maria were all murdered when Max discovered our naked bodies on her balcony the next morning. It was the beginning of my life, for I finally found home, not on some otherworldly planet, but here, in the arms of my angel, my love, my wife, my Elizabeth Guerin.