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SUMMARY: Nothing in seasons 1 or 2 happened. I'm not sure if any of it will. Sorry, this is my first fic. Let me know if you like it/hate it. Max, Isabel, and Michael are aliens. Liz, Maria and Alex are best friends and know about the pod squad. Max and Isabel parents know. Sheriff knows. M/M and I/A are together already. Everyone knows how much Max loves Liz but her. Alex, Maria and Kile are really protective of Liz. Liz's mom died when she was little. Everything will be explained to you later. Have any ? let me know.
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: For anyone who have read the first 4 parts- I made a few changes. Since I have to write it each time I post it.(Its the only way I know how to do it- I'm new, can you tell?) I keep finding ways to improve it. Like- I think it will be better if Max's and Is's Parents knew and the sheriff. It will be explained later.


Secrets. Everyone has secrets. No matter how big, little, good, or bad. Everyone has them. Everyone wants to know everyone else's secrets, but I wonder. If anyone ever thinks about their own, when trying to figure out everyone else's? How would they feel if it was their secret exposed? How would others feel? What would they do? I think everyone should remember their own secrets when figuring out someone else's out. And I, Liz Parker doesn't want anyone to find out mine. Yes, the smallest of small town girls. "Miss perfect Liz Parker" as people say, is terrified someone will find out mine..... And if they knew how horrible I really was? Could they honestly still love me?????? Want to touch me????? No. Not when I don't want to myself. How could anyone else?


Everyone is at the Crashdown. Its 5 minutes till close. Max, Is and Alex stay to help Liz, Maria and Michael close. Well, standing around watching Liz rush around washing off tables.

"Liz, honey, where is the fire? Would you slow down and relax? You have been at it since we got off of school."

"I will Maria, as soon as I'm done. I have to hurry. I still have to study for the biology test"

Maria rolled her eyes. "You mean the one you have been studying for 2 weeks now? Damn girl! We all know you have the book memorized!"

Liz stopped and bit her bottom lip. Everyone was looking at her with concern in their eyes. Liz looked at the table she just got done scrubbing, trying to avoid their eyes. She knew they thought she pushed herself to hard. But they didn't understand. And she didn't know how to explain it to them. She had to get straight A's in school. Better even, if that was even possible. Not that she could do any better. Straight A's since she has been in Roswell. This being their Junior year, she was already considered class Valedictorian by students and teachers. Not to mention the whole town. Plus a choice of a full scholarship to almost anywhere.

Max watched as Liz shook her head slowly and the sadness that never quite left her slowly creep back to her face. A wave of pity washed through him. If only he could take it all away.

Liz looked back to her friends. She never wanted to tell them. Her eyes at last rested on Max's. Seeing the sad look on his face. No, she never wanted them to hate her. She never wanted to lose any of them. Especially, not Max. The only reason she was still here.

Isabel watched Max and Liz stare at each other with sad faces. Would those two get together already? We need a little fun around here. Walking over to the radio, she gave it a little zap of her power, making the volume go up.

Alex taking her lead, walked over took Isabel by the hand and spinned her around.

"Girlfriend, you need to start having more fun." Maria threw a hand full of fries at Liz. Liz need to let loose some more. She would go through these spells where she would work herself almost to death. Before her and Alex would have to pull her away from work and school, just so she could have a little fun in her life. But that was alright. Because I know how to have fun. She would just drag Liz out this weekend. No matter what excuse she tried to come up with. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

"MARIA!" Liz tried to duck under a table to dodge the fries.

Everyone started to grab fries and go after her.

"NO! NO! NO! You guys, this is not funny!" Liz giggled trying to keep a straight face.

They watched as Liz started backing up with her hands out in front to try to fend off any in coming fries. "This is so not fair!"

"Your right!" Liz heard Michael say right before smashing his hand full of fries into Maria face.

"Hey, Your supposed to be on my side!" Maria yelled before smashing her's into him.

Alex went after Isabel and her in return. Liz watched as the four went after each other. Which just left Max. When did he get so close to me? Liz was left staring face to face with Max's beautiful brown eyes. God she could get lost in them.

"Max?" Max watched her face light up the moment of making eye contact with him. But watch it vanish a few seconds later.

God, she wished he could be hers. That they could be together liked she dreamed. But she knew that would never happen. Shaking her head slowly. That she could never be with him....

That sadness that never left her. He would do anything to make it go away. To have her eyes light up. Sure Liz smiled and laugh, but it hardly ever reached her eyes. He knew he could do it if he could get past that damn wall of hers. He used to think it was just him. Because he was an alien. But the more he watched her. And lets face it. That was allot. She didn't let anyone in. She would politely turned down anyone that asked. She never let anyone in. Not even Maria or Alex to a point. It killed him to know that. Liz was the sweetest, caring, most giving person he knew. She deserved to be happy. God, he loved this girl! If she would just let him in. If she would just let that wall down a little. He knew he could make her happy.

Max moved closer to her. Liz kept backing up till she could feel the wall against her back. Max staying inches from her the whole time. She could feel his breathe on her face. She didn't have any place else to go. Did she really want to?

Dropping his hand full of fries, putting his hand on her beautiful face to her hair. Leaving a path of ketchup. He loved the feel of her hair. Bracing his other hand on the wall he leaned his body into hers.

Looking into each other eyes. Liz could feel the ketchup on her face but didn't care. Her only thought of was Max's body against hers. She wanted him so much. Pushing her body against his...

Max's eyes never left her face. He could feel the emotions rolling off of her in waves.






Liz looking in his eyes. Seeing and feeling all the love and desire he had for her. Turning her face more towards his. She wanted him so bad it hurt.....

Max seeing this closed the last inches between their lips. Taking hers to his. Slightly running his tongue over her lips. Feeling her lips part and pushing more against him. Max deepened the kiss.

Flash- Max, Isabel and Michael walking in the desert. (scared)
Max getting off the bus and seeing Liz for the first time. (love)

Flash- Liz jumping rope with Maria and Alex.(happiness)
Liz being hit hard in the face. (fear/numbing)
Liz being shoved in a closet, screaming in the dark. (Fear/hopeless)

Everyone stop and stared at Max and Liz kissing. Each having the same thought. Its about time...

Liz seeing the flashes of Max and pulled away in fear. What did he see? It happened so fast. Did he see what I did? Does he know? How could she forget the flashes?

Max sees the fear and worry in her eyes. He could feel a tremble go through her body as her fear turned to terror.


Following her stare, Max sees her father in the doorway..



Everyone stopped and looked at Mr. Parker as he came through the door.

Maria knew that look, of anger. She has seen it many times over the years. I know he is raising Liz alone. And with her being a girl can make it harder on him, but Liz was a good kid. She hardly ever did anything wrong. Even when they where little.

Great! We got Liz into trouble again. Would I ever learn? Alex shook his head sadly.

Liz looked at her father angry eyes, back to Max's concern ones. To his arm that was still around her. Oh god, what did he see?

Max looking at her father. He forced himself to take a step back from Liz. Fighting every urge in his body to stay close to her. This is stupid. It was just her father. He would never hurt her, would he? Max looked back at Liz and groaned silently. Seeing the ketchup on her face and fear in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Mr. Parker. We will have this cleaned up right away." Trying to make things better right away. She was glad that Mr. Parker never stayed mad long. At least not when, her and Alex were around him. It was odd, It was like he could turn it off and on like a switch. Maria watched everyone one start cleaning up the fries.

Max stood there watching Mr. Parker face turn from complete haltered to calm. As soon as he realized the others where there.

"OH, that's alright Maria." He smiled. "I know what it's like to want to let loose every once and awhile. No harm done."

"We will have this place looking better than new, Mr. Parker. I'm sorry, this was all my fault." Isabel, Max and Michael looked over at Alex.

Why was Alex taking the blame? They all knew they were all to blame. Isabel thought. Besides, we were only trying to get Liz to have a little fun. If she didn't know how much Alex truly loved her, she would be jealous how quick he always came to Liz's defense.

"That's alright Alex. I think you kids better get home now. It's a school night. Me and Liz can take care of this"

Max watched Liz stiffened up at her father's words. Picking up the last 2 fries. "No, Mr. Parker. We made the mess, we really should clean it up." Max watched as Liz looked over and gave him a small smile. A smile that quickly faded when her father walked over to the door and opened it.

"You need to leave now." Mr. Parker said in a low voice. Everyone stopped.

Liz could see everyone debating on what to do. Trying to make the most out of the situation. Trying not to upset anyone more. Mainly her father and Max. Oh god Max! What if he saw........??? NO! I can't do this right now. Liz made herself get up and walked over to the counter, away from Max. Throwing the fries away. She got herself together. Turning around with a smile on her face. "Hey guys. Go ahead home. I got this. I'll see you tomorrow."

Liz watched them all look at each other, debating.

God, I'm glad I don't live at home anymore. Michael look quickly at Mr. Parker, before walking to the trash can and throwing the fries away.

Alex and Maria looked at each other. Silently talking to each other with their eyes. 'should we leave her' 'it will be better for her if we leave now' 'Alex?' 'What else can we do?' They both nodded their heads and went to throw away the fries. Then went over to say good bye.

Maria whispered something about calling her later. Alex asked her if she was sure. Putting on her biggest smile. "It's fine Alex, go home" Giving him a quick hug before pushing him towards the door.

Everyone headed out the door but Max.

Liz was upset. The others might not notice but he did. He didn't want to leave her like this. Was she upset with him? Something she saw in the flashes? What was it that he saw from her? It happened so fast, but the feelings didn't make sense. He didn't want to leave her. Especially the way her father was looking at her when he thought no one was watching. Something wasn't right, but he couldn't stay. Her father wasn't allowing it. Max didn't want to make things worst for her. "Are you sure you are alright?" Max watched as she shook her head. Not even looking at him.

Liz was afraid to look at him. She was afraid he would see the truth in her eyes. Over the last couple of years, she had to learn to avoid Max sometimes. He had a way of looking at her and knowing something wasn't right. Almost like he could sense her emotions. Thank god he never pushed her for anserwers.

He had to find out if she was really all right. If he could just touch her again, he would know. Max took a step towards her but stopped when he heard her father. "Your friends are waiting for you."

"Good night Liz" Liz didn't look up or say anything. As she heard his foot steps go out the door. She was afraid if she did, she would have begged him to take her with him. So she willed herself to be quiet and not look at him. She heard the door shut, locked and the lights go out. With her only escape...



"MAX! MAX! How long are we going to sit here?" Max felt Is hit him in the arm. "She fine Max. You heard Maria and Alex. Everything is fine. Can we go now? Or are we going to sit her another 10 minutes?"

Isabel tried not to get upset with Max. She knew she should have let Alex take her home. But seeing his face after he finally came out of the Crashdown, she couldn't. She knew that Max might need her. Maria and Alex tried to reassure them that Liz was fine, but she didn't think Max believed them. She knew Max needed to talk to Liz. Not being able to talk to the girl you have been mooning over since the 3rd grade. After their very first kiss. She knew wasn't going to go over well with Max. "Look, Max they turned off the lights right after you left. She probably getting ready for bed right now."

Some how Max doubt that. Starting the jeep, Max pulled out into the street. He was in no hurry to get home.

"Did you see anything weird about her dad?"

Isabell looked over at Max. Seeing how tightly he was holding the steering wheel. Liz dad always gave her the creeps. He was acting no stranger than he usually does. He was always nice to everyone. Over friendly it seemed. Something wasn't right about the guy, but she really couldn't blame him. He did lose his wife when Liz was born. Raising her all by himself. She thought he was too hard on Liz at times but she wasn't about to tell her brother that. Not about the girl of his dreams. Isabell knew he hated anything to upset or hurt Liz. Deciding to try to lighten the mood. "Besides the fact that he saw you kissing his only Daughter?"

Max starting to turn red. "You saw that?"

Isabell trying not to laugh. "Who didn't? Besides the ketchup was a dead give away to anyone who didn't." Max groaned again.

Max could feel his face turn bright red. "Don't be shy about it now. It's about time you two got together. For god sakes Max, everyone thought you too would get together after you healed her kitten."

Max smiled at the memory. Him, Is and Michael were walking down the ally behind the Crashdown. Liz and Maria were there both crying. Holding Liz's hurt orange and white kitten, Taffy. Alex was standing there, watching them with tears in his eyes. It broke his heart to see Liz so upset. Before anyone could stop him. He went over and healed the kitten. It was badly broken. Almost as if someone slammed it into a wall and stepped on it a couple of times. It took all his energy to heal him. But it was worth it to see Liz so happy. Max still remembered how she threw herself into his arms. Thanking him over and over again. They have all been good friends ever since and of course they all knew their secret. Liz even gave him the kitten that day. She said it was because she knew he would always take care of him. That he would never let anyone hurt him. Which made him feel good that Liz thought of him as safe. It didn't hurt that it gave Liz a reason to come to his house either. Even if it was to see Taffy.

Since then Is and Alex slowly got together and even Michael and Maria in their own fighting way. But him and Liz never did. They never crossed that line, until tonight. Everytime they started to, she put the breaks on them. The wall would come up. He knew she didn't like anyone else. It was almost like she was afraid. Max didn't know why.

Max remembered the flashes and feelings he got from Liz. Something wasn't right. He had to talk to Liz.

"MAX! MAX! Are you even listening to me?" Max pulled into the drive way and finally looked at Is.

"What?" max watched as she rolled her eyes.

Isabel knew he was in Liz mode as they would like to call it. Once he was there. That's all he thought about. Getting out of the jeep, she looked back at Max. Watching him pull the jeep back out into the street.

"Where are you going?" Like she really had to ask.

"Tell mom I'll be home later." Max started down the street not even waiting for her answer.

"Great! Let me deal with mom." Isabel hurried inside.


Liz quickly finished off the counters that she missed before. She could feel his eyes on her. He has yet to say anything to her. She still didn't know how mad he was. She has been good for so long. Been so careful about not getting into any trouble. But that could be a bad thing too. The anger could have been building all this time. She prayed that it didn't happen tonight.

Liz finished the counters. She made extra sure that they were all clean. At least as well as she could in the dark. She was glad her friends got up all the fries before they left. All she had to do was mop the floor.

She could feel him walking closer to her. What did he see? Did he see her kissing Max? Liz subconsciously rubbed her fingers over her lips.

"You liked that didn't you!" She heard him say in a low voice. He was right in front of her now. How did he get there? "You liked him touching you!"

Liz shook her head no, right before she felt the slap on her face. Falling to the floor before she could catch herself. She started crying.

"No, I'm sorry" She felt him kick her hard in the ribs twice, before he started pulling her up by the hair.

"YOU LIKED IT! YOU SLUT! YOU WANT. I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU GOOD!" She felt him slap her across the face before dragging her by the hair into the back room.

Liz tried to get away when he threw her on the couch. But he just punched her in the face. She could taste the blood from her nose and lips, as she fell back onto the couch.

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Her mind screamed NOT AGAIN!!! As she felt him rip off her panties.

Then she felt the blanket of darkness cover her. As she slipped into her box. The place where nothing could hurt her. The place where she felt nothing. Where nothing could ever hurt her. Where she didn't have to worry about being perfect. Where she didn't feel the pain, taste the blood, know what was happening to her right now. The only place she was ever allowed to feel safe.... Her box-- Her mind.


Maria has called Liz twice since she got home. Not getting an answer both times. Now she was trying for a 3rd time. The lights went off as soon as Max came out. She should be in her room by now. She was starting to get a little worried. Picking up the phone she quickly called Alex.

Alex picked up on the first ring. "Did you talk to her?"

"No, I didn't get an answer. You don't think..."

Alex didn't even let her finish the thought. "No. She alright. She not a little kid anymore."

Maria chewing on her bottom lip. "I know. But I still can't get that picture of her out of my head."

"She was 7 years old then." Alex closed his eyes, wishing Liz's bruise face from his mind.

"What about all the other marks we have seen over the years? You can't honestly believe that she fell or the lame excuses she gave us!" Maria didn't mean to yell at Alex. It wasn't his fault. She just didn't want to see Liz hurt.

Alex didn't have a reply for her. Because he didn't believe Liz either. But what could they do? If they confronted her, it would just upset her more. He knew Liz fought for control over every aspect of her life. She was upset about enough things. Many of the things he knew that shouldn't mattered. Him and Maria tried to make her life as easy as possible. Tried to let her have fun as much as possible. Her father was very strict. He didn't leave allot of room for error. There wasn't allot Liz was aloud to do or willing to risk.


"I'm here Maria."

"Maybe we should call Kile?" Kile was the one that told them about Liz. When she was at his house, after what they called the accident. The sheriff thought Maria and Amy might be able to help Liz. Being female and all. Especially since she wasn't talking. Maria and Amy took to Liz right away. Since Alex was Maria's best friend at the time. He was brought into the situation too. It took them a long time to get Liz back.

"What do we tell him? That we think she might be in trouble? Have the Sheriff go over there and cause Liz more trouble if nothing is going on?"

"What should we do?" Alex heard Maria whisper. He knew she was about to cry.

"I don't know. I just don't know." Alex could feel the tears running down his face too.


Max came up to Liz's window, just in time to see Liz's and her father's shadowed form walk into the room. He duck down to the corner, so he wouldn't be seen.

He couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. He wished that he could see her face. They didn't turn on the light when they came in. The only light came from the poorly lited hallway. Even with his advance alien eye sight, he could only make out their forms.

"I don't ever want to see you with that Evan's boy like that again" Max felt his heart sink when Liz nodded her head yes.

How could he do that to us? He waited all his life to kiss Liz. He wanted nothing more to be with her the rest of his life. No one could ever take her place. Can't her father see that? Didn't he know I would die for her?

Did Mr. Parker not like him? Max couldn't really recall Mr. Parker ever really talking to him. He couldn't remember doing anything in front of him or have him hear anything bad about him. At least not to have him not like him. Max got good grades, worked hard, and was polite to everyone. He was quiet but so was Liz. Him and Liz were allot a like.

"Now I want you to get yourself cleaned up and in bed now." When Liz didn't move right away, Mr. Parker pushed her to the bathroom. "GET CLEANED UP BEFORE SOMEONE SEES WHAT YOU DID!" Max watched as he pushed Liz into the bathroom, turned on the light, and slammed the door. All before Max could get a really good look at Liz. Saying something Max couldn't make out, Mr. Parker walked out of the room.

Max felt like someone punched him in the stomach. How could he talk to her like that? What could she have possibly done? Max knew his feelings where right. Something was seriously wrong here. He was not about to leave until he talked to Liz.

Max stood and quietly opened the window. He was about to crawl in when Mr. Parker came storming back into the room.

Slamming his open hand on the door a couple of times. "YOU BETTER THINK OF A GOOD REASON TO TELL KILE. I DON'T WANT THE SHERIFF AT MY DOOR ASKING ME A BUNCH OF QUESTIONS!!!!! YOU HEAR ME LIZ!!!!!! OR I SWEAR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS WILL PAY DEARLY!!!!!!" Slamming his hand once more on the door. Mr. Parker stormed out of the room. Shutting the door so hard behind him, Max thought it would come off the hinges.

Max felt his whole body tense up and his anger rise. How dare he talk to Liz like that? How could he treat her like that? Max remembered the flashes.

Willing his mind to slow them down and fully remember and understand them. He felt his anger rise even more, as the pieces started to come together. He was hurting her! Her father was hurting her! Why didn't he know? He should have been able to tell. Guilt hit him like a ton of bricks. He did know. He knew how sad she was at times. How scared she acted over the years. He knew, he just thought it was because of her mother. Max shook his head. No, that was an excuse. He loved Liz. He should have known. He saw all the bruises over the years. Heard her lame excuses. He never really questioned her. He never wanted to upset her.

How long? How long has he been hurting her? She looked about 7 in the flashes. He has been hurting her all this time! What did Kile and the Sheriff know about this? If they knew, he would kill them. How could they let this happen to her. How could he? He should have known.

Max felt the tears run down his cheeks. He didn't even realize he was crying, or that he was still standing at the window. Max quickly climbed inside Liz's bedroom. He had to talk to her.

He had to make sure she was alright. That he didn't hurt her tonight. How long has this really been going on? Max prayed to god that he was wrong. That this was some sort of mistake. But he knew deep in his heart it wasn't.

Max walked over to the bathroom door and listen. He could hear the water running. He would let Liz get cleaned up and then he would talk to her.

Walking back over to her bedroom door, using his powers he sealed it shut. There was no way he was letting him near her again tonight. If he had his way, he would never be again. Besides, if he saw her dad right now. Max knew he would kill him. And if he so much ever came near her again...... Or if he was hurting her all this time, he would pay dearly....

Max went over and sat on Liz's bed to wait. Trying to control the anger and guilt that where threating to over come him. Not even trying to wipe away the tears.


Slowly the blackness started to fade. Liz slowly started to become aware of her surroundings. She watched as he lead her to her bedroom.

It was weird watching herself from afar. But then it was always weird. It was easier to deal with everything, if she detached herself from her body. It was like she could project her mind and not feel anything that was happening to her body. If that was even possiable. It always made everything seem less real. She could almost pretend that it never happened. Almost.... She would become like a robot. Doing everything she had to do, to survive. But not having to feel any of it. It made life a little easier.

She watched herself nod her head. That's right, agree with him. Anything he said to do. No matter what it was. It was always better to agree.

Liz watched herself be pushed into the bathroom. Not even blinking when the bright lights came on and the door slammed.

She slowly undressed and turned on the hot water. Watching how the steam came off the hot water. She didn't even jump when she heard him bang and yell through the door a few minutes later.

Liz didn't pity the poor pathetic girl, in front of her. She knew she deserved everything she got. She did something wrong again. It didn't matter if she fully understood what she did wrong or not. She just knew she would have to try harder to be good next time.

Liz learned a long time ago that this was all her fault. If she was just better..... If she just wouldn't give him a reason too... If she hadn't killed her mother... None of this would have happened.

Liz would try harder next time. That's why she had to do good in school. She drove herself to get A's. Trying to do her best in everything she did. Fighting for some control in her life. Trying to make him happy. Maybe even a little proud? No, that was never going to happen. She failed him too much for that.

And there was always the scholoships. The hope of getting away. Far away from him and Roswell. Some place safe. If that was even possiable.... Liz knew she was his.... His to do with as he pleased. To live or die... More and more she wished he would just end it for both of them. He didn't love her. She never made him happy. But there was always the chance.... That small glimmer of hope. That some day he might love her. Maybe......

She watched herself turn off the water and lower herself into the steaming hot water. Only the hottest water would do. Watching how it turned her skin bright red. Watching how her blood turned the water pink.

Picking up the scrub brush and soap, Liz watched herself start scrubbing every inch of her skin. Knowing it was the only way she would even feel half way clean tomorrow. If that was even possiable anymore, but Liz would take what she could get. It was worth the two layers of skin, she knew she would end up scrubbing off.

She knew she would have to lie again to her freinds tomorrow. She hated lying to them, but she didn't have a choice. She didn't want them to know the horrible things that she did. No, it wasn't an option. Neither was missing school. She never missed. Not even when she was sick. She didn't want to draw any attention to herself. No, tomorrow she would have to explain again how she ran out of her special soap.

Everyone knew how sensitive Liz's skin was. If she didn't use the special soap, she would end up raw. Max, even went as far as bring some to school. So she could us it in biology, when they had to wash thier hands. Not to meantion gym class. Thank god it didn't get this bad too often to draw too much attention. She would just have to listen to Maria telling her about being more careful and buy some more.

The bruises came more often, but they were easier to deal with. At least after the first time. After we moved here. Back to the place he grew up. Back to his freinds. After the first worst time. He didn't cover up the marks he left. The sheriff saw them and since they were good freinds. He went off to counseling, with a promise that it would never happen again. I went to stay with him and Kile for 6 weeks. I didn't deal with things to well that first time. I stopped talking and eating. They didn't want to take me to the hospital because that would cause to much talk. They didn't want anyone to know, for mine and his sake. Small town with lots of talk, wouldn't help me any. Jim was seeing Maria mother, Amy at the time. He asked if her and Maria could talk to me. Try to help me. Maria took to me right away. Slowly with her, Alex and Kile, with their freindship and love. I made it back. But I never told anyone everything he did to me that night. We don't even talk about it.

Ever since then Kile and Jim sort of look after me. It just makes my life that much more difficult to hide. Not to meantion Amy, Maria and Alex. If he knew, that they knew. He would kill us all.

Ever since then he made an effort to leave my face out of it. Long sleeves and jeans helped alot. Besides, everyone knew how cold I got. Even on the hottest day of the year, I could be shivering. Just thinking about my life could do that to me.

When things got too out of hand. I found some great make up that covered up just about everything. $49 for a small jar, but it was worth it. I even made a point of falling, tripping and running into things in front of people. Especially, in front of Kile, Maria, Alex and Max. Everyone knew what a klutz I was.

Liz finially started to feel her body around her again. The water felt cold to her. How long has she been in here? She always lost track of time, when she was like that. Sometimes minutes could feel like seconds, but until she got to that stage. Seconds could feel like hours. God, she hated her life!

Liz went to stand up and felt a wave of dizziness come over her. Grabbing on to the wall for surport. She closed her eyes and counted to 10.

Her skin felt like it was on fire and it hurt to breath in. She slowly looked into the mirror across the room. Seeing the big deep purple and black mark on her right ribs. Liz slowly ran her fingers over it, trying to tell if her ribs were broke. Willing herself not to cry out when the pain shot through her body. At least she didn't think they were broke. It was going to hurt her to breathe for awhile.

Stepping out of the tub, Liz pulled on her bathrobe. Not even having the energy to dry off. Her skin screamed back in protest. She squeezed her eyes shut. Leaning onto the sink for surport, willing herself not to cry. Knowing it would just make it harder to breathe if she did.

Looking into the mirror again, Liz looked at her face. The black eyes will be easy to cover but the split lips were going to give her trouble. Especially after tonight. Kile and Max were going to be hard to...........MAX!!!!!

How could she have forgot about him? The kiss and the flashes. What did he see? What did he know? Did he hate me now? Feeling the fear race through her body. She fought off a sob. Feeling her chest tighten and hurt even more.

Did Max know? Did he see the things I have done? NOOO!! Her mind screamed. If Max knew she lost everything! He would never love her now. How could he? She loved him so much. He was everything to her. He was the only reason she hung on. The only reason to try. If she lost Max, she lost everything!

Tears were flowing full force now. She didn't even try to stop them. It didn't matter anymore. Nothing did. Not even the pain. That's all she felt. All there was. Liz knew without Max, that's all there ever would be. There would never be anymore bits of happiness here and there. The only true happiness she ever felt was with Max. If that was gone, it was all gone! It was her fault. All of this was her fault. She lost Max forever!

She hated her life! She hated herself even more! She wished she was dead!

In one quick motion, Liz took her hands and threw everything on the counter onto the foor.

Why didn't he just kill her a long time ago? It would have been easier than this. Better than the thought of losing Max.

Liz dropped to her knees. Not even noticing the glass dig into her raw legs. All her physical pain was over come by her emotional pain of losing Max.

The mirror over her sink shattered into a million peices.

Liz didn't even flinch.

It was gone... It was all gone. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing. Pain. That's all there was. Liz knew there was only one way to ever escape it.

Picking up a peice of broken glass......


Max was still sitting on Liz's bed. His eyes never left the door. He stopped crying awhile ago.

She has been in there a long time. It gave him time to think.
Gave him time to get control of his emotion. He had to be strong for Liz.

How long has she been in there? Maybe he should let her know he was here.


Max stood up and headed of the bathroom door. He had his hand on the door when he heard the second crashing sound.

Flash- Liz's bloody body on the bathroom floor.

Max was through the door with out anouther thought.


Liz looked up to see a frighten Max standing at the door. Right before the darkness took her.


Maria, Alex, Michael and Isabel were in the jetta heading for the Crashdown. Isabel called Alex when Max hadn't shown up an hour and half later. Telling him that Max went to talk to Liz. Fearing the worst, Alex called Maria. Michael was already at her house. They all thought they better get over there to see what was going on.

Alex and Maria didn't want to think about what Mr. Parker would do to either Max or Liz if he caught them together in Liz's room. Even if they were just talking.

"Michael, could you go any faster?" Michael knew something was seriously wrong when he got to Maria house. She was crying, having just hung up the phone when he climb through her window. He took her into his arms and asked her what was wrong.

Maria didn't want to tell him. She made a promise to her best friend. To never tell anyone about that night. Especially Max, Michael and Isabell. Maria knew Liz blamed herself for everything that happens to her. She knew she thought they would hate her or look at her differntly. Liz told her once shortly after they found out their secret, that she didn't want to add to thier problem. She was always more worried about everyone else then herself.

How many times did one of them ask her or Alex if everything was all right with Liz? How they always helped her cover. Sticking to the story Liz told them, even if her and Alex didn't believe it thier self.

Maria kissed Michael trying to distract him. He resisted at first then deeped thier kiss. Maria thought it work. Starting to congrad. herself when Michael suddenly pulled away.

Flash- Liz small badly bruised body on a bed. Her eyes where hollow, staring into space.

Michael looked at Maria with horror in his eyes? "Is he still hurting her?" Michael looked at Maria face as she started crying again. Of course he has. Michael never did like the guy.

"I think maybe he hurt her tonight." Maria looked away from Michael. He pulled back against his chest.

He couldn't blame Maria for not telling him or anyone. Or not even knowing for sure. He knew what it was like to get hit and not want anyone to know. Tears started sliding down Michael face. He should have known something was wrong. In a way he did. He always thought of Liz like a little sister. You never wanted anything like this to happen to her. He was in denial. They all where.

Then Alex called and told them about Max being over there. None of them wasted any time going over. If he touched either one of them......

"I'm going as fast as possiable without killing us. We won't do them any good if we are dead." He didn't mean to snap at her. He was just worried. "Sorry" Glancing over at Maria. Seeing that she was still crying.

Beep..... Beep... Micheal cell phone rang. Pulling into the alley behind the Crashdown.


"We have a situation at Liz's" Michael could hear the tears in Max's voice.

"We are already here." Micheal hung up the phone and started up the ladder before the others were out of the car.


Max's initial response to seeing liz kneeling on the bloody glass covered floor was relief. Relief that she was still alive, but that feeling didn't last long. Fear quickly followed.

What happened? What did he do to her?


The darkness took Liz before her mind full realized who was at her door. Liz felt the dark nothing wrap itself around her, slowly taking away the pain. The pain that was too much to bare. Replacing it with nothing. Liz felt it slowly take her away. Letting it pull her deeper and deeper away from her body....her pain....her life......... Liz was tired of fighting. She couldn't do it anymore by herself. She couldn't protect her freinds anymore. She wasn't strong enough. Liz welcomed the darkness and the nothing with open arms........


Max had Liz's frail body in his arms before she hit the floor. Hearing the glass crunch under his shoes, he carried her to her bed and gentle placed her on it. Trying not to move her too much. He quickly looked her over.

She was alive but unconcious. He could see the black eyes and split lips. Her perfect little nose looked like it had been bleeding not too long ago. There was still a little dried blood under it. She was only wearing a wet thin silk robe that hardly covered her. Every inch of her skin that was exposed was raw. It reminded him of first and second degree burns. He knew without even looking, that the rest of her covered skin was the same. There was peices of glass sticking out of her legs from the knee down. Taking the bigger peices out as he went. Max moved to her hands. Liz's right palm of her hand was bleeding where it still held a long sharp peice of glass. Taking the glass out and quicly placing it with the others on the night stand. He looked to see how deep it was. Seeing it wasn't life threating, he moved to her other arm. Her left wrist was bleeding badly from were she cut it. The white blankets were quickly becoming soaked with her blood.

If all that wasn't bad enough, Max still didn't know what made Liz pass out or if there was any internal damage.

Max took Liz's wrist into his hands and tried to form a connection. He had to stop the bleeding first or Liz would die.


He stood at the door watching him take care of her. The pathic King. He was always losing control of the situation because of her. Letting his love blind him. It was his down fall before and it will be again..............

He could kill him right now if he wanted. A smile came over his face quickly fading when he heard the voice in his head.

*You can't kill him now. I can feel his hatred for you all the way here. His emotional powers alone has the strength to do it.*

He hated that he was always there. Listening, taking control of him.

*I will always be here! You are mine! Just like Kara is Mine!!!!!*

Yes master.

*Leave now................ The game has become.*


Nothing...........Max wasn't getting a connection from Liz. He could feel his hand becoming slick and sticky from her blood. He could almost feel her life slipping away.

Max placed his other hand under her head. "Liz........... Liz baby...PLEASE!!!!!........ You have to wake up and help me.." Max heard the desperation in his voice. he didn't even notice that he was crying until he saw his tears hit Liz's face. "Baby please..... Please I need you..... " Shaking her head a little. "LIZ...........PLEASE........I LOVE YOU."

Max felt her move her head a little. Hope surged through him. If he could just get her to open up a little to him. "That's it baby. Come on. Just let me in a little. I'll do the rest."


Liz felt herself floating in the dark nothingness. Letting it wrap itself around her. Just letting it carry her away. She didn't care anymore. There was nothing to care about. Max was gone.......... Everything was gone......... The darkness was taking the pain away....... Her memories away........... Her life.........

Then she heard it. Heard a voice calling to her. Liz strained to hear. Someone was calling her name. Speaking softly to her. Almost begging her...... Who?????????? She felt fuzzy. She couldn't think straight. Then it came again. Max!!!!!!! It was Max!!!!!!! And he needed her. Max needed her! But for what?

Liz felt the darkness try to take a hold of her again. She had to get to Max. Liz started to struggle against the nothing. She started to fight the darkness that wanted to take her away. Max..............MAX!!!!!!!!


"Max" She barely whispered. It sounded like heaven to his ears.

"That's it Liz. Let me in. I'm here." Max watched her eyes flutter once.

He was in.

Flash- Liz's father kicking and dragging her into the back room.(Terror/pain)

Mr. Parker on top of a bloody Liz.(Numbness/nothing)

Liz(age 6) walking naked in the desert, being hit from behind.(loneliness/fear)

Max faught back the images and his own anger as best he could. Trying to heal Liz's wrist as fast as possiable.

Flash- Stars, flying through space.(hope/excitement)

Liz (age 6) crying in the bathtub scrubbing. Trying to get clean.(pain/fear/confusion)

Liz in her box.(numbness)

Liz fighting the darkness and nothing for Max.(hope)

Liz on the bathroom floor cutting her wrist.(Pain of losing Max)

Max gasped and stepped back. Breaking the connection. Max could feel the bile rise in his throat. He thought he was going to be sick. My god! What did he do to her? In his darkest thoughts he never thought he was................. How could he hurt her like that?

Max faught for control of himself. Willing himself not to be sick. Liz needed him. She needed him to be strong for her. All Max wanted to do is crawl up next to her. Hold Liz in his arms and cry. Cry for her. For the pain and torcher that she had to live through. Cry for the innocents that was stolen from her. Cry for him and the guilt he felt for not knowing and helping sooner. Cry for the shame and fear she felt every day of her life. Cry for what they didn't get to expeirence first together.

Max knew he had to be strong. He faught against his tears. Max faught against the urge to find that bastard and kill him now. No, he told himself Liz needed him. He couldn't leave her right now.

He had to finish healing her. Max tried to reconnect with her. Once again getting nothing. He knew he wouldn't get her back without help. It took too much of her energy last time. He looked at her wrist, seeing that it was only a scratch now. It wasn't even bleeding anymore. Feeling a little better that the immediate danger was over. He knew her ribs were bruised from the flashes but at least not broken. That she was passed out because of the emotion pain was too much for her to deal with right now.

Max pulled Liz carefully into his arms and slid to the floor. He knew he wasn't hurting her right now. He knew Liz was deep in her mind away from the pain. Max could feel the tears slidding down his face once more.

His Liz. His poor perfect Liz? Why? Half of what he saw didn't make sense. Max knew now she was the same as him. But how? Why didn't he know? He should have been able to tell? Why didn't she know? Max was possitive that she didn't.

Taking her hand in his. Seeing it still bleeding. She tried to kill herself. She tried to kill herself because of me. She thought I would hate her. Blame her. "Oh Liz." Bring her hand to his lips and kissing it. Not caring that her blood was getting all over him "Don't you know I will love you no matter what.........I would die without you." He had to finish healing her and get her the hell away from here. Max knew he would need Isabel and Micheal.

Reaching up, he grabbed the phone off the end table. Being careful not to shift Liz too much. He dialed without even thinking.


Liz could feel the warmth and love of Max all around her. Almost like he was running through her veins. Caressing her. The love she felt was overwellming.

Liz tried to latch onto the feeling. Trying to let it wrap itself around her. Letting herself get lost in it. Away from the cold pain and dark nothing. Liz wanted nothing more to stay there forever........

As quickly as it came, it was gone. Liz was alone once more to feel the cold pain.

*Max didn't want her. He didn't love her. How could he? She was fooling herself to believe he could honestly want her.*

All that sorrounded her now was the gray cold mist of pain. The pain that was getting worst by the minute. She couldn't even find the black nothing to excape too. All the was left was her box.

She felt herself being pulled back into her box. Her only defense. The only way to dull out the pain. She could feel the numbness take ahold of her once more. Liz let the door close and lock.

*I don't care if it ever opens again.* Liz used to be scared that one day she would get trapped in her box. It got harder and harder to leave each time she went to leave again.


"Max!" Michael whispered as loudly as he dared. Looking through the window he could make out Liz's room pretty good with the light coming from the hall and bathroom. Max was sitting on the floor, leaning against the other side of the bed. Liz was no where in sight.

Michael heard the others starting to come up behind him. He heard himself groan.

*I should have made them wait in the car until I found out what was going on.*

He looked back to see Alex pulling himself over the wall. Singling with his hand to wait.

Michael watched as Alex slowing nodded his head yes. * I'm glad it wasn't Maria* Knowing he would have to sit an argue with her for 5 minutes before actually getting to go in alone. He didn't want to put the others in danger.

Pulling himself through the window he quickly crossed the room and shut the door. Micheal wasn't prepared for the sight in front of him.

Liz's white sheets on the bed where soaked with blood. There was a pile of bloody broken glass on the night stand. From what he could see of the bathroom, looked like a tornado hit. With the shattered mirror and all the broken glass on the floor. But what really undid Michael was Max cradlying a lifeless Liz against his chest. Silent tears where running down his bloody face. He was stroking Liz's wet hair loving. Whispering his love for her, while slowly rocking her.
Liz layed there limp in his arms. Blood covering most of her thin white robe. Michael could see her skin was raw and bloody. Her face black, blue and swallon.

*My god is she dead?* Michael felt his stomach drop. *What the hell happened here?*

"Max?" Going over and kneeing by his freinds. Max looked up at him with pain in his eyes.


"Max.............Is she?" Michael couldn't even say the words.

"No, she just unconcious" Michael let out his breath. Not even realizing he had been holding it.

"Are you hurt?" Pointing to the blood on Max face.

"No, It's Liz." Michael watched as a sob excaped his body. Watching how Max faught himself for control. Wiping at the tears and blood on his face. *God, this has to be killing him. If this was Maria sitting her...........I don't honestly know what I would do. I swear when I get my hands on that son of a bitch!* Standing.

Micheal watched as Max easily stood. Holding Liz's frail body against him. Seeing the stain in his face. Knowing they were both fighting for control of their emotions.

"Where is he?"

Max shook his head. "I don't know. I sealed the door when I came in."


"Max, you mean with your powers?"

Max nodded. *What the hell is going on!*

"Max, The door was wide open when I got here."



"Alex, get the hell out of my way!" Maria tried to side step him. Alex easily countered the move. Taking her arms into his hands to hold her still.

"Maria, just wait a minute. Let Michael check it out first."

"Liz is in there........She might need me. She might........"

*Be hurt or worst?* Alex thought. *I'm not going to be able to hold her here long. What's taking so long?*


"Michael, the door is shut."

"No Max. I shut it when I came in."

Max pulled Liz even closer to him. "That's impossiable. I sealed it, Michael. I used my powers on it. There is no way it could be open short of a blow torch."

Micheal went over to the door. Looking at the frame without opening the door. *What the hell?* The door framed was black all the way around. "Max, the door looks like it has been burned." *How the hell did he open the door without Max hearing him? I know he gets wrapped up with Liz, but there is no way he should have been able to open it without him knowing. What the hell is going on!*

*He is the same as us.........He must know about us too.* Max started piecing some of the puzzle together. Backing up towards the window. *We have to get Liz away from here. We can't risk a confortation right now. Not until I know more. Not until I know Liz is safe.*

"Michael, we have to get Liz out of here now."

"Max, how did he open the door?"

"I think he one of us."

"What?" Turning around to look at Max. *What did he say, we would have known. We would have sensed him.* "Max, how can he...... At least without us knowing?"

"Look Michael, I don't know all the detail yet. We have to get some place safe now." *Michael please don't argue with me now.*

Michael looked at the desperation on Max's face to Liz's frail unconcious body in his arms. *Max's right, Liz comes first. We had to get her to a hosipital.* "Max, we can't carry her down the fire excape."

Max stopped and looked down at Liz.

"Max? Alex, let go of me!" Maria pulled her arm away from Alex and finished crawling through the window. Seeing Liz bruised and bloodly body in Max's arms. *Oh my god........ She's ....... She's* Maria couldn't even finish the thought.

Michael seeing Maria going to lose it, went quickly to her side. *She thinks she is dead* Pulling her into his arms. In her ear, "SHHHHHHH. It's alright Maria. She's alive. We are going to take care of her now."

*My god. My god, Liz. I'm so sorry.* "Max?" Tears streaming down her face.

"She alive Maria." Max putting Liz gently back on the bed. As Alex helped Isabel through the window. Picking up the blanklet at the end of the bed, Max carefully covers her. *Hang on baby.* Sucking in a breath. Trying not to start crying too.

"Max?" Looking up at Isabel. Seeing her face already soaked with tears. *My god, what did he do to her* "Can't you heal her?"


"Max?" Everyone was staring at him. *Michael and Alex both had their girls in thier arms. His was laying unconcious on the bed. Deep in her own world because of him. Because she thought he would hate her.* The tears once more fell down his face. Kneeing down once more beside Liz. Max moved some of her wet hair off her face. *How am I ever going to make it up to you?*

Barely above a whisper, "I can't"

"What do you mean you can't? That's what you do Max! This is the girl of your dreams here. I thought you would do anything for her!" Max could hear the pain and panic in Maria voice. Max didn't even look up. He could hear Michael talking softly to her. Trying to calm her down.

"I would die for her Maria" Max whispered. "I can't connect to her right now. She too far gone................ I can't get in." They all knew it was killing Max not to heal Liz.

Max felt arms around him. Looking up to see Isabel and Maria beside him. "I'm sorry Max. I know it's not your fault. I should have told you guys before."

"It's just as much as your fault as mine." Alex went over and squeezed Maria arm.

"No, I should have known." *This isn't the time to blame each other or feel sorry for ourselves. We have to get Liz out of her.* Max kissed Liz's forehead and stood up. "We have to get Liz out of here.

Michael went back to the door. "There is only one way out Max. If he is out there and is one of us......"

"What do you mean one of us?"

"Is. He opened the door after I used my powers to seal it."

"But..... How? Max, we would have been able to sense him. Wouldn't we?

"Not if he came from are home. Is. we don't know where we are from. We only know we came out of the pods. We always knew there was a chance of more of us out there. That they might come looking for us. That they could be dangerous. We don't know how advance he is. We can only assume that he is more advance then us. He could have blocked us."

"Exspecially if he knew who you are." Everyone looked at Alex. He shugged his shoulders. "You all said so yourself, you don't know everything you can do. Maybe you can block each other out, it's not like you ever had a reason to try before"

"Alex is right. That means we can be stronger then we think"

Everyone was quiet. The reality of the situation was starting to set in with everyone. They just wasn't dealing with a psycho father, but a psycho alein.

"Michael you and me will check out the rest of the house. The rest of you, stay here with Liz. Lock and seal the door behind us." *Keep her safe for me*

"Michael, you can't go out there." Maria throw herself into his arms. "He's crazy" Michael hugged Maria hard then pulled her back.

"Maria, I have too, for Liz" Maria wiped at the tears and nodded her head. She knew it was the only way.

Trying to give everyone a little comfort. "He's propably not even here. I don't think he wants a fight right now. He could have easy have done it when me and Liz were here alone." Maria looked from Max to Michael.

"Yah, If he was smart, he would have took Max on alone. He has to know we are here. We haven't been exactly quiet."

*If he was smart, he never would have hurt Liz*

Looking once more at everyone, Max could see the fear and hate for Liz's father. *If that was even who he was* Some how Max doubted that. He doubted that alot. "Maria, Is, get some of Liz's things together." Through clench teeth, "She is not coming back." Max watched them nodd there heads before turning towards the door. "Are you ready?"

"Let's go get him." Max could felt the air shift as his and Michael powers charged together.



Max and Michael nodded to each other. Both took one last look at the others. Max throw up his bright green sheild as Michael prepared his white energy blast. Both knowing it was their greated strength for defense at the moment.

*I'm glad Mom, Dad and the Sheriff had us practice some of our powers over the years*

Max and Michael could feel each others powers and started feeding off of one another. They both connected naturally. They could feel each others feeling and thoughts. Feeding each other their strengths, fears and hate.

Max could feel and see Michael, as Michael would see things. In the back of his mind without losing what he saw and knew. It was like another part of his mind was waking up for the first time. Max has connected with people before, but it was never like this. It was intense and almost overwelming, but it some how felt right to Max. He could feel his and Michael powers strengthing which each step they took and the more they connected.

Max knew Michael was scared for all of them. Exspecially Liz. He could feel Michael's overwhelming love and protectiveness of him and the others. He could feels his undying love for Maria. Max could feel what it felt like for Michael to have her. Michael's sisterly love for Isabel and Liz. His brotherly love for him and Alex. Finially realizing how much they made up the family for him that he never had. His graditude of having everyone of them in his life. Michael's anger and pain of what happened to Liz. The realization and horror of the extent of damage that was actually done to her all these years. The guilt of not knowing and doing something to stop it or prevent it. The anger and hatred of the man that called himself her father all these years.

Max didn't even realize he was feeding Michael everything he felt and found out tonight. He knew it was only logical if he was seeing and feeling everything from Michael.

Michael could feel Max all around him. Feel his emotions. Even his thoughts. Michael, Is and Max have connected before. Michael has even connected with Maria but it has never been like this. Michael could actually feel his strength and energy increase the more and more they connected. It was almost like thier emotions where taking them to a whole new level. His powers and sense were highten. Michael could not only feel Max but see everything Max was seeing or saw. All without losing himself. His mind took in images and emotions of Liz. Peices of the past that only Max knew. Through Max's point of veiw, but also everything Max learned tonight, through Liz.

Michael always knew Max loved Liz, but never really fully understood until that moment. Max would die for Liz, if it would take away one ounce of her pain. His hate for her father. His fear of losing Liz. Max's guilt for not knowing what was going on. The self blame and hate of himself. The pain and guilt of Liz trying to kill herself because she thought she lost him.

*What? Liz thought Max would hate her?*

Guilt, sorrow and pain racked through Michael. With a force of hate that almost matched Max's.

"Maria, Isabel. Start getting some of Liz's stuff together." Alex looked at Liz's lifeless body lying on the bed. Seeing the blanket started to turn pink in places where the blood was slowly soaking through.

Going to the bathroom to get some bandages he knew Liz kept under the sink. *My god! What happened in here?* Alex stopped when he saw the shattered mirror and broken glass and blood on the floor.

Alex quickly retrieving the first aid surplizes Liz kept in a box. Trying not to step on the worst of the mess, he quickly went back to Liz. Sitting on the bed he carefully pulled the blanket back. *My god, where should I start?*

Taking her right hand, he carefully wrapped a bandage around the cut. Tapping it up and then moved to her legs. *She must have fell on the glass in the bathroom* Taking a few pieces of the glass that Max missed out of her legs, before wrapping them too.

Alex didn't even notice that Maria and Isabel crying, holding each other at the end of the bed.


Max and Michael searched the whole house. Room by room, finding nothing. They quickly covered the cafe down stairs before heading back up. Searching the rooms one more time before heading back to Liz's room. Slowly letting thier powers and guard down as they realized the house was deserted and nothing seemed to be different.

"He's gone" Max only nodded his head. Michael put his arm around him. "Max, she is going to be alright. We are going to make sure of that." Max could hear the determination in his voice. *If I could only believe that*

"Max look" Max looked up to see the door to Liz's room. *What the hell?!*


Isabel couldn't imagine growing up being hit. Sure Michael got hit a couple times growing up. It hurt Isabel alot to see the marks that he couldn't heal himself. She thanked her parents every chanced that she got for the wonderful life they gave her. She was over joyed when Michael finially got emancipated, last year. When he finially got away from Hank. Michael, in a way could take care of himself. He had powers but Liz................... Liz was always so small and defenceless. She was such a good person. She would do anything for anyone else. This should have never had happened to her. She doesn't deserve this.

*I'm sorry Liz. I am so sorry! I should have known. Please please get better* Maria tried to get control of herself. *Liz would want me to be strong. She would want me to keep it together. She wouldn't want me to blame myself. She is the most forgiving person in this world. She would hate to find out that I was so upset because of her.* giggling

Isabel and Alex looked at her.


"I was just thinking about Liz, Alex." Maria could see the questioning look on his face. "I was just thinking how upset she would be if she knew how upset we were because of her."

"She always did put us first."

"Yes, she does." Isabel moved next to Liz. Taking her hand she held it just above Liz. Running her hand over Liz, from head to toe. Turning the wet, bloody bathrobe into the softest material as possiable. Making it into a pink t-shirt that went down to her knees. She even dried her hair the rest of the way.

Maria and Alex looked at her in amazement. Isabel shrugged her shoulders. "Liz wouldn't want everyone to see her in only a bathrobe. They both nodded thier heads and smiled a little, thier agreement.


Chapter 11

"Max" Max couldn't believe what he was seeing. On Liz door the words.


Was burned into the door. *What the hell is going on? Kara? Zan? Rath? Vilandra? Who the hell are they?* The confusion started to clear as Max started to put it together. "Kavair must be Liz's father"

"He is not her father!" Max could see the hate in Michael's eyes. Nodding his agreement. *He doesn't deserve to be her father. He deserves a long painful death.* "Your Zan aren't you and I'm Rath" Max knew it was a more of a statement then a question. "Isabel.."

"Vilandra" Max finished for him. Somehow it sounded right to both of them. They knew it was true.

"Liz." Max could hear the raw emotion in his voice. He knew he just pieced together the part of her being his sister. Putting his arm around Michael.

"Lets get her the hell out of here."

"You don't have to tell me twice." Opening the door and going into the room. Maria immediately went into his open arms. "He's gone"

"Thank god your all right." Michael nodded his head and held her tight. Looking over at Liz. *No, my sister."

Maria felt a shiver run through Michael. Pulling back. "Michael what is it?"

Michael could see the concern in her eyes. "It's nothing, I'll explain it later."

Maria nodded her head, not sure if it was or not.

Max went over to Liz. Seeing the relief on Isabel and Alex's face of him not being there. Alex had just finished up the last of the bandages. Liz was now wearing a long pink t-shirt, her hair was dried and her cuts were bandages. Max knew Isabel changed the robe into the t-shirt and dried her hair. Tears started to fill Max's eyes as a new wave of guilt went through him. *I should have thought of that*

As sensing what Max was feeling, Isabel went to his side. "Don't Max, she wouldn't want you too." Max nodded his head knowing Is. was right.

"Looking up at her and Alex "Thank you." Everyone could hear the raw emotion in his voice. They all knew how much it meant to him.

Taking out his keys and throwing them to Michael. Michael catching them in the air. "Lets go" Max kissed her on the head before carefully picking her up.

"I want to take her to my house" Max looked at him seeing the determination in his face.

"I think we should take her to my house. It might be better to have more people around." Michael shook his head no.

"What do you mean? We need to get her to a hospital." Max and Michael turned to Alex.

"Oh my god! What does this mean? Michael, Max." Maria was over reading the door. *Could this get any crazier? I'm not going to be able to take much more of this*

Alex and Isabel went over and read it. "Max does this mean what I think it does?" Isabel looked at him and Michael in disbelief. "Vilandra?" Max and Michael both nodded their heads. "Kara" Looking at Liz. "But she not......... she isn't......... is she?"

"My sister" "My queen" Max and Michael stated at the same time. Alex and Maria was watching the exchange. Disbelief on their faces.

"But how?"

"We don't know all the answers yet." Isabel went over to Max and Liz.

"Why didn't she tell us?"

"Because she not an alien!" Maria screamed before Max or Michael could answerer. Michael went over to her and tried to take her into his arms. "No! No!" Backing away from him. Not even stopping when she saw the hurt in his eyes. "This is not happening! My best friend is not an alien." Looking at everyone with fear and pain in her eyes. "She is not!" Desperately trying to convince them it's not true. *No, I would have known. She is my best friend. I would have known* "I would have known!" Alex came up behind her and held her in his arms. "Alex!"

"SSHHHH Maria it's alright. I'm sure their is a logical reason why.." Talking to her softly. Knowing Maria couldn't take much more tonight.

"Alex are you listening to them! They are saying Liz is an alien and she lied to us. She didn't tell anyone! We are her best friends Alex. We would have known!" Crying

"She doesn't know" Maria stopped struggling and Alex let go of her. Both looking at Max in shook. Tears running down her face.

"You want to say that again."-Alex

Michael- "She doesn't know she is. She doesn't remember or he did something to her so she wouldn't."

Max pulled Liz closer to him. *What else did he do to her that we don't know of yet*


Alex putting it together and turning Maria around so she was facing him. Knowing it was taking her a minute to put it all together. "Maria, she doesn't know. She didn't lie to us." Knowing that was what was really upsetting her.

"But how?" Turning back to face the others. "How?"

"We don't know everything yet." Max whispered softly.

"No....... I mean.. how do you know she is? You just can't assume that she is just because some psycho alien wrote it on the door!" She was starting to get upset again.

Michael going over to Maria. Knowing now why she was so upset. Not because she could be an alien but the fact Liz could have lied to her. "Maria baby....Its going to be alright." Pulling her into his arms. she didn't fight this time.

"Because I saw her when I tried to heal her wrist." They all stopped and looked at Max.

"Max you got in?" Isabel went over to him. "But I thought...."

"I got in long enough to stop the bleeding......." Max stopped as the tears started sliding once more down his cheeks. *how am I suppose to tell them I couldn't finished healing her because I broke the connection and couldn't get back in. How am I suppose to tell them what I saw? How do I tell them that Liz tried to kill herself because she though I would hate her?*

Michael could see the pain and guilt that Max was going through. He knew what Max saw and felt. His own pain matched him. "This isn't the time and place Max." Max nodded. Getting control of his emotions. Michael was right.
They others nodded their agreement.

"My house." Max left no room for argument. *There was no way he was ever going to let Liz out of his sight again.*

It was 2 in the morning by the time everyone got back to Max's house. All the lights were still on.

"Max. Isabel. Thank god your all right." Their mom said opening the door "We were just about to call the sheriff! I've been worried sick! Where have you..........." Her words died on her lips when she saw Max carrying Liz.

Max wouldn't let anyone help him carry her not even Michael. Who wasn't very happy about it but let it go for the moment. Not that he really need anyone's help. Liz was so lit.

Michael kept asking if she was alright. Every few minutes the whole way over. Liz stayed unconscious and yet has made any sign of coming out of it. Max doubt if she would anytime soon. He knew she was in no hurry to get back to her life.

"My god, what happened?" Their father came up behind her.

"Is that the Parker girl?" Max nodded his head as they let them through the door. Max started taking Liz to his room. He could hear Isabel and his friends try to calm down his parents and start explaining what is going on.

Max carefully tucked Liz into his bed. Kissed her on the forehead and tucked some hair behind her ear.

*I love you Liz Parker don't you give up on me yet. I'm not going anywhere ever again. I will never let any hurt you again. I promise you that.*

"I promise Liz. Never again will he come near you. No one will ever hurt you again. Just don't give up." Max rubbed her cheek softly. "Never again."

"So do I" Max turned around to see Michael standing in the door way. Max didn't even realized he was crying until he felt the tears slip down his face. Michaels face matched his own.

Nodding his head. "Michael"

"Everyone is waiting for you."

Looking back at Liz. Max could feel Michael's hand on his shoulder. "For?"

"Max, They want to know what's going on."

"I don't know yet." Not taking his eyes off Liz.

"But you know more than anyone else."

"But you." Turning to meet Michael's eyes.

"They need to hear it from you. You know it first hand."

"No, Liz went through it alone." both sat their in silence. *If guilt was a sword they would both be dead. Then again, it feels like I have been stabbed.* Standing up.

"What are we going to tell them?" Both didn't want to tell everyone everything that was done to her. *No stolen* Michael standing there, not meeting his eyes.

"I guess the truth."

"But..........." Looking him in the eyes. Max could feel and see Michaels fresh tears.

"I know.... but they need to know.... so we can help her." Michael nodded his agreement.

"I just don't know how she survived all these years."

"She did what she had too, to survive." Max barely whispered. Michael nodded.

"Their waiting max." They stood there in silence again until they heard the voices getting louder. Max just stood there looking at Liz.

Michael knew he didn't want to leave Liz. Taking her wasn't an option. "Max, I'll stay with her." Max looked at Michael. He knew what he was thinking without even saying it. "Max, she my sister." With emotion Max never saw from Michael before. "I won't let anything happen to her." Max nodded his head. He knew it was true. Hugging Michael.

"It's just that....." Max whispered in Michael's ear.

"You and me both man. You and me both."

posted on 1-Feb-2002 7:33:15 PM

Michael sat at the edge of the bed, being careful not to disturb Liz. Not that he thought he would. Liz has yet to make any sign that she would wake up soon. Michael wanted Liz to wake up, but in a sense he wanted her to stay where she was. Michael knew at least there, she didn't have to feel any of the pain that she was sure to feel if she was awake. He knew that once she woke up, Max or even himself for that matter would heal her. Michael knew he wasn't very good at healing. It took allot out of him. Blowing things up came easier for him. Max was better at the healing, but at least he would try for his sister. It was the emotional damage that he was really worried about.

If Liz was to the point that she thought she was better off dead. Things were bad. Real bad. Liz was the strongest person he knew. She lived all these years like this, and survived without telling anyone. No one to help her. That said a lot about her. Michael grew up being hit and yelled at. He knew what that part was like at least. But still he was able to defend himself. He fought back to a point. He had powers and Max to heal him. It's true that he hide a lot from everyone else. He could handle it through. Besides, in the end he got away before Hank could do any real damage. Michael also learned through the years, how to avoid Hank when he drank to much. He would either sleep at Max's or out in the desert. Liz wasn't aloud to leave. As long as Michael has known her. She hasn't once spent a night away from home. Not even at Maria's. Liz was so small. Always looked so fragile. How could any one hurt her?

Liz lived by allot of rules. Which she never complained about. She had to be in on the weekends by 11 no exceptions. If she was late, she wasn't aloud out for a month. She wasn't aloud out during school nights. She had to come straight home from school to work at the crash down. If she had to go to the library, Liz had to wait for the weekend or go during school hours. Rules that would have made Michael leave years ago. Liz on the other hand, excepted it without question. For reasons Michael didn't understand why until tonight. It was almost like Mr. Parker didn't want her out of his sight.

*My sister. My sister. Liz Parker is my sister. I have a sister. My sister.* The words kept going through his head over and over again. *Liz is my sister.*

Michael took her hand carefully holding her small one in his. *She is my sister.* Despite the situation, Michael felt joy and pride at that moment. He had some one. He wasn't alone after all. Sure he had the others but it wasn't the same. Not like Max and Isabel. He always thought of them as his extended family. He loved them all. Alex, Liz and Maria included. He would do anything for them. But Michael always felt lonely in a small way. A small hole in him that was never filled, like something or someone was missing. For the first time in his life it was filled. It was Liz that he needed. His sister. Michael felt proud of having Liz as his sister. She was smart and strong. The kindest person that he knew. Liz always put everyone first. Cared more about their feelings then her own.

Michael has always felt drawn to Liz. Even when they were younger but he always thought it was because of Max. Because Max loved her so much. That he care for her and looked out for her because of him.

Michael remember the first time he saw Liz. It was in school. A class bully, Matt was picking on her. He was walking down the hall pulling on her pony tails. Michael was turning the corners when he saw him yank on them. Liz had tears in her eyes, pleading with Matt to stop. Michael saw how Liz's quiet pleas made Matt grin more. For some reason it made Michael furies. He didn't understand at the time. He didn't even know this girl. It wasn't until Max pointed her out at lunch the next day, that he realized that Liz was the new girl he had been talking about for 2 days. Just when Matt was about to tug again, Michael tackle him. He made Matt apologize to her. He even went to find Matt after school. Making him promise not to touch Liz or say anything mean to her again. With the threat of bodily harm if he did. Michael smiled at the memory.

Now Michael realize that it has always been more then friendship that he felt for Liz. It wasn't just because of Max that he felt drawn too her but something inside of him. Michael just never acknowledge before.

Guilt hit Michael to the bone. Guilt of not being their for Liz. Guilt of not knowing what she really was to him. Guilt for not protecting his little sister. Little sister? Yes that felt right. Liz was his little sister. Michael was suppose to protect her. If he only paid more attention to her and her life. He should have known. Somehow he should have been able to tell. Michael always knew their wasn't something right about her so called father. He never did like the man. Their was always something off that he couldn't quite put his finger on. Now he knew. He was a psycho alien that hurt his sister.

Michael didn't even realize that he was crying until he felt the tears slip down his cheeks. "I'm sorry Liz. I'm so sorry." Kneeling on the floor putting her hand to his face. "I'm sorry Liz. I'm going to make this up to you. I'm never going to let anyone hurt you again." Crying. "I'm going to take care of you. I swear to you, I will make him pay for this."

If he only put down his stone wall as Maria liked to joke about it. Michael Guerin, stonewall. One to never put down his defenses. If only he did long enough with Liz. Maybe, just maybe he would have known. Maybe he could have been able to tell. If only, but Michael knew 'if only or maybes' wouldn't come or help Liz now.

Michael felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning to see a crying Maria. Letting go off Liz's hand he pulled Maria into his lap.

Both holding each other crying. "I'm sorry Michael. I'm so sorry. I should have told you about Liz a long time ago." Michael pulling her closer.

"No, baby. It's not your fault. You didn't know. Liz didn't want anyone to know. She hide it well." Michael knew what it was like to have a secret and not tell anyone or want them to know. "You wouldn't have known." *I'm not going to let her blame herself for this*

Pulling away from Michael to look at him. "That's just it, Michael. I knew Liz was probably lying to us most of the time. But me and Alex just let it go. We didn't want to upset her anymore then she already was. We thought we were helping her and we weren't. We were making things worst for her!"

Pulling Liz close to her. "SHHH stop it Maria, it wasn't your fault. You didn't really know what he was doing to her. Liz didn't want you to know. You probably would have upset her more if you called her on it. It's not yours or Alex's fault. She hide it from all of us. She didn't want you to know. I should have known."

"Michael, I'm her best friend! I should have known."

"And she is my sister! I should have known."

"You couldn't have!"

"Then neither could you!"

"She is my sister!"

"My bestfreind!"

They both stopped and stared at each other. They couldn't believe they were arguing over who's fault it was. "I guess we both are just going to feel guilty. Doesn't look like either one of us are going to convince the other." Maria nodded her agreement and let Michael pull her back into his arms.

"You know it's not your fault Michael. Liz would hate herself if she knew you blamed yourself."

"Look who talking." Kissing her forehead. Feeling the comfort of having Maria in his arms. It took so long for him and Maria to get this close. Maria claimed it was because of his stonewall. That he was consciously on the defense. He knew Maria thought it was because he was scared of getting hurt. Michael realized through the years that a small part of that was probably right. But the majority of it was that he was scare he would hurt someone else. He never wanted to hurt his friends or especially Maria. Michael was scared of who he was or what he could become. Scared of his past from this world to his last one. The world he didn't remember and the world with Hunk. Michael was terrified of being like Hank. It was one of his worst fears.

Michael has connected with Maria and the others but there was allot that he kept hidden from them. That he didn't want them to know or see. Especially Maria. Mostly Max knew about Hank. The others knew that Hank has hit him sometimes and that they argued allot. But they never knew how bad it got sometimes. How it really made him feel inside. The mean things that he said and called Michael. The things that really hurt him. No Michael never told any of them that. Michael knew he was afraid that in a small way that the things Hank has said about him were true. That no one would love him if they knew. He didn't want to lose his family. He didn't want to lose Maria.

Most of the time when they connected he kept his wall, as Maria put it up. He saw everything about Maria but she saw little of him. Michael knew it hurt Maria sometimes because she never saw as much of Michael as he saw. He always thought it was better this way. Now after what happen to Liz. Michael wasn't so sure.

Holding Maria closer to him. Hearing her uneven breath even out. He knew she had fallen to sleep. Michael loved and cherished the feel of her in his arms.

*Maybe secrets weren't such a good thing anymore.*


When Max reached the living room everyone was talking. Trying to explain to his parents what happened. He could tell with everyone talking they weren't getting anywhere.

"Hey." When no one stopped. "Hey! This is not helping any!" Everyone turned in shock. Max never yelled.

"Max, are you alright? Liz?" His mother going over to him. Max shook his head yes. "But your face? The blood?"

Max saw a flash with a sinking feeling. Seeing Michael ask him the same question in Liz's room.

Shaking his head no. "It's not mine it's Liz's."

"Is she alright?" Max shook his head no. Tears coming into his eyes.

"I don't know mom. She hasn't woke up yet." Max knew he would be able to heal her physically. It was emotionally he was worried about. Max wasn't sure if she would let him in. His mom pulled him into her arms.

"Thank god your alright!"

His father walking over to him. "Max is it true that Liz is an alien too?"

Max shook his head yes. "And Mr. Parker."

"But how Max, I always thought you could sense each other? Isn't that what you told me and your father? Isn't that how you recognized Michael?"

"Yes mom, I don't know all the details yet."

Alex coming over to the them. "I think I might have a theory on that." Everyone waited for him to answered. Clearing his throat. Max notice Alex wasn't really comfortable with having the spot light. "Since he came from your world he could have easily blocked you. Especially since he knew who you were. As far as Liz goes, um Max" Looking at him. "When you connected with Liz you said that she doesn't know yet. That means she is not aware of her powers. She wouldn't have tapped into her Alien side yet. She wouldn't produce the signal that you sense."

Everyone was silent, looking around. "Maybe, I'm explaining this wrong."

"No Alex, I think you did a fine job. Liz thinks and acts human. There would be nothing to sense." -Mr. Evans. Alex shrugged and smiled.

"That or Mr. Parker did something to her." Max's mom notice Max tense at Alex's words. Putting her arm back around him.

"Honey, Liz's dad did this to her?" She just wanted to make sure.

"He is not her father." Max said through clutch teeth.

"But-" Turning to his mom.

"No mom. How could he do that to his own daughter?"

"I don't know Max, I don't know. Has he been hitting her all this time or is this the first?"

Max walked over and sat on the couch. With his head down. He could feel the tears burning behind his eyes.

"I think it's been going on for years."-Isabel

"She just tried to hide it"-Alex

"It's worst then that" Max whispered.

Maria who was sitting next to him. "What do you mean worst? What can be worst then hitting her?"

Alex going over to her when she jumped off the couch. Max didn't even look up. "Don't Maria."

Looking at Alex. "What Alex?, What's worst?" Pulling her closer to him.

"Max" His father going over to him. "Did he touch her?"

Max looked up at him with tears in his eyes. "He didn't just touch her dad." Tears rolling down his cheeks. His father pulled him up into his arms.

"Oh son. Oh son. I am so sorry" Max held on to him tightly crying.

He could hear the others.

"Oh my god!"-his mother

"I need Michael."-Maria

"How could he?"-Isabel

"I didn't, I didn't know."- Alex

He knew they were all crying too.

"Why dad? Why? Why did he have to hurt Liz?"

"I don't know son."

"So didn't deserve this."

"No one does."

"I should have known. I should have known Dad! I let her down. I should have known." Max was crying hard into his dad chest.

"No son you couldn't have known." Trying to comfort his son. He has never seen Max like this. He always knew he like Liz. But he never realize until this moment how much. "It's not your fault."

"She's my princess Dad, I should have known." Max tried to get a hold of his emotion. He had to be strong for Liz. Liz need him to be strong. Fighting about a sob.

"What do you mean princess?"

Isabel and Alex explained what was written on the door.

"So let me get this straight. "Isabel is Vilondra and Max, Zan. Your brother and sister."

"Which we already knew mom."

"Is bare with me. Rath, Kara are Michael and Liz. They are brother and sister." Everyone nodded there head. "Khavair is Mr. Parker."

"So we think. We just don't know. We won't know until Liz wakes up and even then........" Max let the last part hang. *How much does she really know? She doesn't even know who she really is. And after everything that he has done to her. Would she really want to remember?*

Everyone nodded their head in agreement. How much could she really know?

"I think we should call the sheriff."

"There is a few things I need to ask him." *I need a few things answered*

"Alex and Maria should call their parents."

"UMM Mrs. Evens, we kind of snuck out. They don't know we are gone."

"I figured that Alex. Call them first thing in the morning."

"Yes, Mr. Evans."

"Tell Jim to bring the pictures, I think it's time they knew."


Max didn't get a straight answerer from his dad. He just kept telling him to wait until Jim got there. Max knew his patients were running thin. He wanted answerers and he wanted them now.

Max went into the bathroom to clean Liz's blood off his face. He turned on the water, watching how it turned pink as the water ran down the drain. *How many times did Liz do this?* Max didn't even look in the mirror. He didn't want to see the guilt that he knew was there.

He took of his shirt, tossing it in the hamper. *Too bad I can't do that for Liz. Just take her old life, toss it away. Wash it and give her a new one.*

It was going on 3 in the morning. Everyone one was tired. Max knew arguing with his father now wouldn't help him. He wanted to see Liz anyway. Max was worried about leaving her alone too long. Even if she was only a few yards away in his bed room with Michael and Maria. He didn't know when Khaviar would come for her. Just the thought of him coming near her again, terrified and angered him.

Max knew he would die before he let him have her. *She wouldn't be alone and defenseless this time Khaviar. You want a war. You will have one.*

Max walked into his room to find Liz still laying on the bed in the same position he left her in. Michael was sitting on the floor next to the bed, holding a sleeping Maria in his arms. "You can say that again." softly

"Michael, I didn't say anything." softly

Giving Max a half smile. "You didn't have too. It's almost like I could hear you screaming it in my head." softly.

Max looked at him questionably.

"What do you think it means?" softly

"I think we are getting stronger." Michael nodded his agreement. "I think we opened some kind of mental door at Liz house." *I never felt a connection so strong before. It was like the intense emotion we felt for Liz some how bonded us together. Opening us up to our true powers. *

Michael listened to Max's thoughts. Both thinking- *Almost like it was instinctive.* They both thought at the same time. Both nodded their heads and smiled their agreement.

*This is kind of cool*

"I agree." Max went over to Liz, letting her fingers run over her hair. *She so beautiful, even like this.*

Looking up at Max. "She hasn't so much as moved."

Max nodded. *I don't think she is going to come out of it willingly.*

*I agree* Max and Michael looked at each other. Michael with a grin on his face. *This is weird*

*We are stronger then we know.*

*We should have been finding out everything we could be doing years ago.*

*We didn't know that there was........*

*Max! We never really tried. We just always tried to blend in.*

Max nodded his head slowly. *We should have been more prepared. We always knew that there could be danger out there.*

*Now is not the time to start blaming yourself Maxwell. We have other issues to work on.*

Max smiling. Whispering "Who ever thought you would be the one with the reasoning"

"Hey, as you said we are stronger then we know. Besides, someone has to keep it together when you go all postal with Liz." Michael said quietly.

Max looked back at Liz. She looked so still and lifeless laying there. Softly "Michael, I don't think she going to wake up on her own."

"I know." He saw everything Max saw and knew, when they connected. Liz was hurting badly. She wasn't going to try to come back soon. Not to a world where she felt all alone and hurt.

"I thinking maybe if Isabel walks her, with me connected. I could heal her." Looking back at Michael. "Then find her in there and bring her back."

Flash- Liz feeling helpless and alone. Sitting on the bathroom floor before she cut her wrist.

Blinking "At this point, I don't think she is strong enough to get back if she even wanted to."

"Do you think Isabel could get in? It's not exactly like she is sleeping." Michael pictured Liz in her mental box.

"I don't know." Looking back at Liz. "But I have to try."

"You and me both" He wasn't about to let Max go in alone. "When?"

"In the morning. After we talk to the sheriff and Is. get a little sleep. She going to need her strength. I think the sooner we get her back the better."

Quietly "Ummm guys. The sheriff and Kile are here." Max and Michael turned to see Alex at the door. "I think both of you need to go and talk to him. I'll stay with Liz." Alex watch both of them. Neither one moved. "I'm her best friend. I'm not going to let anything happen to her." Holding out his hands.

Grinning *Sounds familiar?*

Michael smiled back *Very*

Alex looked at both of them "Why do I get the feeling that I'm missing something here?"

Max and Michael laughed softly. Max going over to Alex. Hitting him on the back. "It's nothing Alex. It's nothing." Looking back at Michael. "You can put Maria in the guest room. You can both sleep there tonight."

Michael gave Max a look. *If you think..........*

Before Michael could think or say anything more. Max held up his hand. Going over to the closet and pulled out Michaels sleeping bag. Laying it on the floor and got a pillow. Going into his closet and got a clean shirt, putting it on.

Michael got up easy and put Maria in on it. Kissing her head.

"Thanks mom." Maria rolled over without even waking up.

"Thanks" Michael smiled at Max.

Max nodded. "I figured you didn't want to leave her either." Turning back to Alex who planted himself next to Liz on the bed. "Come ........."

"Come and get you if there is any change. I know. I know the drill. Isabel already gave it to me." Max and Michael smiled.

"Thanks Alex."


"I still don't know why we have to be here Dad." Max could hear Kile complaining as he came down the hall.

"Kile can you just sit down. This is serious son."

Jim turned as he saw the two boys come into the room. "How is she?"

"You knew he was hitting her and did nothing." Michael grabbed Max before he could get to the sheriff. *Where the hell did that come from?* Michael could feel the anger and hate coming off of him. *He was fine when we left the room.*

"Calm down son." His dad came over to him. Trying to calm him down. "I talked to the sheriff. He didn't know it was still going on. As far as he knew it only happened that one time."

"What do you mean still hitting her? Are you talking about Liz. Is Liz all right." His father just woke him up a half hour ago, saying he had to come with him. He was muttering under his breathe the entire time. 'Something about killing that son of a bitch. He should have known.' Things that weren't making sense at the time. Like why did he have to come? And at the Evans house at that. He never cared much for them. Their parents were alright, but Max. He didn't like the guy at all. Not to mention his friend Michael. He didn't know why Liz even bother with them. But Liz was like that. She didn't have a mean bone in her body. If her father touched her, he would kill him his self.

Ignoring Kile. "Why didn't you do anything when he hurt her the first time?" Trying to fight off Michael and his father. "You could have taken her away then. You could have kept her safe." tears were running down his face and he stopped fighting them. Michael loosen his grip. "Do you even realize what he put her through? What she lived through? Do you know she tried to kill herself tonight?"

"Oh my god no Max." -His mother *Will this nightmare ever end!*

"Max?"-Isabel *Please god, let me have heard wrong!*

"She thought he wouldn't love her if he knew. She thought we would all hate her. She couldn't live with that thought." Michael had tears in his eyes. Walking over to the sheriff. "So what we want to know is. Who side are you on? You say your here to protect us, all these years, and look what you let happen to Liz. You could have saved her all those years ago."

Isabel and her mother were holding on to each other crying. Kile was standing there in shock. Everyone was waiting for the sheriff answerer.

"I............ I didn't know he was still hurting her. When I saw her that day. All the bruises. I hit him. I thought. How could he do that to his little girl? I didn't know that he was raping her. That he was still hitting her."

"What are you talking about Dad?" *They can not be talking about Liz. Raping? No not Liz. Anybody but Liz.*

Ignoring Kile with tears in his eyes. "He told me he just let things get out of control. He was really sorry. Crying. He told me how him losing Liz's mother sent him over the edge. That he felt lost." Clearing his throat, looking out the window. "I took Liz home with me. He went to a hospital for 2 months. He got help. I thought he was better. I kept an eye on Liz and him all these years. I never knew. I didn't know............... I kept asking Liz if everything was alright. I should have known she would lie for him........... He was my best friend growing up. Then he met Sally, got married and moved away. When he came back and said that she was dead.............. It was like losing her changed him. He was never the same....... "

"But you let him have Liz."

Turning to face Max. "Yes."

"After he hurt her."

"I thought he was better. I watch him and her closely. He still goes too therapy twice a week."

"I was still hurting her!"

"Max, he said he didn't know." His dad put his hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Max." They both looked at each other with tears in there eyes. "If I knew........."

"Yah I know the feeling." Wiping his tears and looking away. *Who am I to throw stones. I.... I'm the one that should have known.*

"Is Liz alright? I want to see her." Kile started to head for the hall. Michael quickly blocked his path. "Get out of my way!" *I swear to god if...........*

"Kile!" His father going over to him.

"Kile dear. Liz is fine. She sleeping. I think it would be better if we left her alone for now." Isabel smiled at her mother. Silently thanking her. *The last thing we need right now is them going after each other.* Isabel knew the guys never did care much for Kile. They all tolerated him because he was the sheriff son and one of Liz's friends. If it wasn't for those two factor. The three probably would have fought it out long ago.

"There some things that don't make sense to me." Walking up to the sheriff.

Kile snorted *Like that's new*

"Kile." Jim warned. "What is it Max?"

"Mr. Parker is one of us. How did you grow up with him?"

"What do you mean one of us?"

Max quickly told him the story. Kile sat on the couch with his mouth open. *What the hell is going on? They are sitting there talking about aliens and powers. Like it was no big deal. My father is going along with it. Like no one has lost their mind! and what do they mean Liz is an alien too. Oh no this is too much. I need to sit down. No, I am sitting down.* "Dad?"

"So that was all that was on the door?"


"Yes, that was it."

"Dad!" Everyone turned to look at Kile. They were so busy filling the sheriff in on what happened they all forgot about Kile. "What the hell is going on?"

Running his hand over his face. Going over to him. "Oh son. I will explain everything to you later. Just give me a minute here to straighten everything out."

"Dad? They are talking about aliens! They are saying Liz and her father are aliens! Now, I hate Mr. Parker as much as they do and he did some really awful things to Liz. I'm going to make him pay for everything that he has done." Clutching his fist. "But that doesn't make him not humane."


"They are saying....."

"Kile!" Gentle pushing Kile back to the couch. "They are not crazy. They are what they say they are."


"Kile, I have to get a few more things straight out with them and then we will go home and talk."


"No, Kile. I need you to sit here for just a few more minutes until I get this all straighten out. Then I promise I will answer all of your questions." They looked at each other. "Alright?"

Kile nodded his head. He knew he was just wasting his time arguing with him. Once his father was on police mode there was no changing his mind. It was a dream. *I'm dreaming. This is all just a nightmare.* "I'm dreaming. This is just a nightmare. I'm going to wake up in my bed. This never happened."

Jim shook his head sadly. "I wish it was son. I wish it was." patting his head before walking back to the others. He knew he probably should have told Kile years ago, but he always thought the less Kile knew. The better it would be. He would have left Kile at home tonight but with Parker missing. He didn't want to take the chance of him showing up at the house without him there. It's not like Parker had allot of friends since he came back.

"Will he.." Max looking from the sheriff to a shock Kile back to the sheriff.

"He will be fine once I explain everything to him." Everyone nodded their heads but Michael. Someone how he wasn't so sure.


"It's true. He was raised here. I know his parents. He human."

"That's not possible."

"Max, we were kids when your ship crashed. He was already here."

*This doesn't make sense. How could he already be here? Was he here before us? Before the crash? Is that even possible?* Max started pacing. *How?* Max stopped when the idea started to form in his head.

"Wait." Going back over to the sheriff. "You said you knew him all your life?"

"Maxwell, your not going to suggest......."

"No. " Knowing what Michael was thinking. "You said he was different when he came back."

Everyone looked at Max when they realized what he was saying.

"So it wasn't the same person that came back."

"When did he leave?"

Jim sitting down putting his head into his hands. *Why didn't I think of it before? I should have...... The pieces started to fit together in his head.*

"He left when Sally became pregnant with Liz for a better job in New York. He came back alone two weeks before your parents found you. To visit. Then moved back 6 weeks later with Liz. Saying Sally had died."

"How was he when he came to visit?" Max sitting next to him. *I have to be right.*

"At first he was fine. We hung out and talked. All he talked about was Sally and Liz."

"What happened?"

"Two days after your parents would have found you. He took off without saying good bye. Then back 6 weeks later, he came back with Liz. " Sighing. "I really didn't give it much thought at the time because we were dealing with you two." Looking up at Isabel and Max. "You parents got a hold of me when you started showing signs of your powers."

Max remember the first time his parents found them. How him and Isabel couldn't talk to them. How they didn't know how to do anything, but quickly learned everything. His dad got the needed papers to adopted them. At the time they didn't know not to use there gifts. They trusted there parents completely. They both felt like they could trust them. Max and Isabel knew as long as they were together it would be alright.

The first time they saw him use his powers he had healed a hurt bird. It's wing was broken. Isabel dreamed waked her mother and talked to her that night. A couple days later, the sheriff came by. Their parents had them show them what they can do. Soon after their parents sat them down and told them not to let anyone else know about their powers. That some people wouldn't understand. But at the same time they encourage them to develop their powers in private.

They didn't see Michael again until school started 8 weeks later. They brought him home to their parents. Told them about how they saw him that night, but Michael was afraid and hide. He was never one for trusting. His parents tried to get custody of him but it was too late. Michael was already adopted. There was nothing they could do legally. The sheriff kept an eye on them. When they discovered last year how he was being abuse, his father helped Michael get emancipated. They wanted to just adopt Michael, but he didn't want that. Max knew his mother always felt guilty about not finding him too that night. Michael wanted his independence. He said he wanted to take care of himself. Max thought it was because he was scare. Michael was afraid to get close. He never fully opened up to anyone. Not even him or Isabel. Max wonder a lot of times if it had to do with Hank and how he was raise. But that wasn't just it. Max always got the feeling that Michael was searching for something or someone. Not just the truth about themselves or where they came from. Something more. Something that he was missing. Michael wanted to be able to get up and go find it when ever he needed, without a lot of strings attached. Now Max knew what that was.......... Liz.

"You asked the sheriff to look out for us." Isabel looked at her parents.

"Yes, we asked him to keep a look out for any signs of a threat to you." Max watched as his mother kissed Isabel hand.

"I had some friend that were well connected to the FBI. They did a little research for me and sent me these." Max watch him take out several photo of dead people. Each with a silver hand print on there chest. He passed them around.

"My god." Isabel put her hand over her mouth.

"You knew about this?" Max looked at both his parents. He could see the truth on there faces. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"We thought it would be better if you didn't. We wanted to keep you safe."

"From what Dad? By keep us in the dark about this? By not telling us so we could be prepared!"

"Max, we always had you practice your powers... We never hid the fact that there could be danger out there. Alien or humane."

"Could be. That's the key word dad. Could be. Why tell us there might be when you new all this time that there was."

"Max, I don't think mom and dad meant........."

"To lie to us!"


"That's what you did! By not telling us, you put us all in danger." Max stood up.

"Max, we just wanted to keep you safe." He could feel his mothers arms go around him. "All of you."

"Mom." Max could feel his anger subsiding. *It wasn't there fault really. They were just trying to protect us*

*They could have told us so we would prepare more." Max looked at Michael.

*They were trying to keep us safe.*

*Where did that leave Liz?* Michael stood up too. Each of them were face to face. Max looked away first.

"Your right?"

"What's right? What's going on with you two?" Isabel got up and went over to the two. "Are you talking" Seeing Michael and Max's eyes. "Well" folding her arms across her chest.

"We can read each other thoughts." Michael looked at her to Max.

"What? How?" Looking at both of them.

"My god! You can read peoples minds!" Kile god up. He was sitting there listening to him talk this whole time. Every crazy word that they spoke. *He always knew that there was something off with the Evans and Michael. Now he knew! The are Aliens! The reality of the situation was sinking in slowly but surely. His dad has been protecting them all these years and now there is a psycho Alien out there killing people. Liz and her dad is an Alien and he was hurting her. And now..... And now they say they can read minds! This is not good. Can they read my mind? Do they know what I think? About the naked girl.....*

"Just each other since we connected at Liz's. It was like we unlocked a door to our powers." Max looked at Kile and the others.

"Well, as long as you can't read mine."

"What Kile? What were you thinking about that you didn't want us to know?" Michael took a step towards him.

"That's enough Michael." Isabel grabbed his arm.

"I think we need to call it a night."

"Yes, your father is right. We are all tired. We can talk about the rest of this in the morning."

Everyone one nodded there agreement. They all needed sleep.

"One more thing." Everyone looked at the sheriff. "Two eye witness that saw the murders said that the man that did this" *How can he say this.* "changed faces." He could see the confusion on everyone faces. "He shape shifted his face into another man. The man that he just killed."

"You mean he can be anyone at any time?" Max looked at him in disbelief.

"yes, the FBI calls him Nesado."

"So Mr. Parker is Nesado?" Max looked at Isabel.

"I think so. I think he killed Parker when he came to visit."

"What about Liz and her mother. The real Liz and Sally."

"What? Now your saying Liz isn't Liz?



Everyone was silent, letting everything sink in. "How did Liz's mother die? No one has ever told us." Max looked at Michael to Isabel, who nodded their head in agreement.

"Which Liz are you talking about? You just said it wasn't her. You can't have it both ways."

"Kile!" He looked at his Dad.

"We never talked to Liz about it because we didn't want to upset her. " Looking at the adults. His parents turned to Jim. "Do you know?"

"No........ After he came back he just said that she died. No one ever pushed him for answerers." Sighing. *I should have pushed for more answerers.* "I'll look into it in the morning." Turning to leave.

"Sheriff, this isn't your fault." Max knew he was blaming himself. He knew the feeling all to well. He watched the sheriff slowly shake his head and turn to leave. "Sheriff" Max watched him stop but not turn around. "If you do see him. Stay away from him. He's dangerous. We don't know everything he can do."

Looking over his shoulder. "You too."


"Liz. I love you so much. I knew all my life that we were meant to be together." Taking her into his arms. "I have waited so long for this." Lowing his lips to hers. She parted then slightly to let him have access, just as their two lips met. He lightly ran his tongue over hers. Pulling back and smiled. He could see the love and joy in her eyes. "I love you Elizabeth Parker."

"I love you too, Max."


"Max........... Max."

Max woke from the dream to feel Isabel shaking him. "Max?"

Sitting up and stretching. Looking around the room. He could feel the soreness in his body from sleeping in the chair all night, automatically healing it's self. The events of last night came rushing back as he sees Liz still form lying on his bed. He was still holding the hand that he fell asleep holding. It felt so cooled and empty in his hands. Disappointment masked his face. *It was only a dream.*

"Did you sleep like that the whole time?" *Like I even have to ask.* Isabel heart went out too the two teens.

Max barely nodded his head. "what time is it?"

"It's going on 10. I thought you would want up." Her, Michael, Alex and Maria have been up for a while now. Michael tried to explain everything that happened last night between Max, Liz and him. He tried to explain the power of the connection. How Liz had something to do with it, but they didn't know what exactly. He tried to explain everything that Liz went through. How she felt and how she retreated into her mind. Michael kept breaking down as he told them. In all the years that she has known Michael, she has never seen him so hurt and upset before about anyone or anything. It scared Isabel. It wasn't his nature to break down in front of anyone.

Isabel couldn't imagine growing up the way Liz did. Looking at her lying on the bed. She found that she had new found respect for the girl that captured her brothers heart the moment that he saw her. She was so strong to have lived her whole life like that. Not having any help. Hiding it from everyone because she didn't want to hurt them. Because she was afraid. Isabel didn't think she would have been able to live like that. *I would have retreated to my own mind years ago.*

"Everyone else?"

"Up" Isabel watched Max watching Liz. Seeing the love and the pain in his face. "Max? Has she moved?" Max shook his head no. "What............. How...... What are we going to do?" Isabel carefully sat on the edge of the bed. *God, she looked so small and fragile.*

Looking up at Isabel for the first time that she came into the room. Isabel could see the pain in his eyes. The red and puffiness from the tears that he cried last night. That his body didn't even try to fix anymore. "I was wanting to talk to you about that." Meeting each other eyes. Isabel knew what he wanted her to do. *He wants me to walk her."

"Max....... I don't think......"

"Please Is. It's the only way I can heal her."

"But Max...." She watched as the tears filled his eyes. She could feel her heart braking with his.

"I don't think it will work. It's not like she's sleeping." Isabel regretted the words as soon as she spoke them. She could see the tears slip over his eye lids and down his cheek. She knew how much Max was hurting. How much he blamed himself for Liz being like this.

Max nodded his head, looking back at Liz. "I have to try." Barely above a whisper. "will you at least try." Max could hear the desperation in his voice. Not caring. "Please Isabel. I don't think she can get back by her self."

Isabel nodded her head yes. Max stood up and pulled her into his arms. "Thank you Issy. Thank you." Holding her tight. "She would do it for you."

Isabel knew he was right. Liz always put everyone first. Never caring what it meant for her, but Michael said it was like he was there and felt everything Liz did. Isabel wasn't sure she could handle that. She didn't want to feel the pain and loneliness. That was one of Isabel's greatest fears. Being alone.

Max could feel Isabel shiver. He knew that she was scare. "It's alright Isabel. I'll be right here with you. You won't be alone. As soon as I'm in, you can get out."

"I'll be there too." They both turn to see Michael, Alex and Maria in the door way. Coming over to them.

"Us too" Alex said, pulling Isabel close and kissing her on the cheek. "I'll stay right next to you. I won't leave your side."

All standing in a close cluttered circle.

"When do you want to do it Maxwell."

Looking at each of them. "I think the sooner we get her out the better."

"What if we bring her out of it hurts her more?" They turned to Alex. "I just been thinking, Liz put her self there because she couldn't deal with reality. Forcing her could her hurt." Alex looked at Max and Michael. "You said so your self that she was losing it last night. That she couldn't fight back anymore. Her emotion state has to be pretty bad for Liz to give up." Everyone nodded there head in agreement and looked back at Liz.

"She gave up because she thought I wouldn't love her anymore. She thought we would hate her. Find her disgusting if we knew." Max said softly. New tears where slipping down his cheeks. Max looked up to find everyone staring at him. "If I can show her that it's not true, we can get her back. I can heal her." *At least the physical wounds.*

"Maxwell is right." Everyone nodded there heads. "Besides, I don't think Liz is strong enough to make it back on her own, even if she wanted too. *Don't worry little sister. I'm coming.*


"Are you ready?" Everyone was sitting around Liz. Max, Michael and Maria on one side. With Isabel across from Max. and Alex next to her.

*As I will ever be.* Isabel nodded her head. Placing her hand on Liz's forehead. Max placed his hand on top of hers and a connection opened immediately.

Isabel felt the rush of emotions rolling off of Max. Fear. Love. Regret. The emotions where intense. With them came little bits and pieces of flashes but somehow Isabel knew the whole scene without seeing it. Events from last night and the past went through her mind. A moment later Michael joined the feelings and flashes. It was almost overwhelming. Seeing and knowing things from Max and Michael at the same time. She has never connected like this before. When she connected in the past. She would see things but it was just little pieces of information with emotion. Never so much. Never so clear before. Not like she was the one actually experiencing it. She was always on the outside looking in. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore the images shifted to the back of her mind. Almost like a door opening. Letting a new space and power in. With that power came some control. With Max and Michaels help, she turned the volume down on the information. Isabel looked at Max and Michael and smiled. *This is cool*

*Told you* Michael smiled back.

*Ready?* Nodding her head again. The three closed their eyes and concentrated. Isabel began to clear her mind as she did so many times before. She began to search reaching out to find Liz.

She felt weightless like she was almost floating. Max and Michael at her side. First through the dream pane. Isabel knew Liz wasn't there. Going farther out then she has ever before. Past the dreams to an unknown place.


*Subconscious. I think*-Isabel

*That's where she is.*-Max said pointing.

The subconscious plain was much like the dream plain. There was orbs floating around. But the colors where totally different. On the dream plain everything had such beautiful colors where as the subconscious was different shades of gray. Isabel liked the dream plain better. *This is so yuk.*

Max and Michael smiled. Isabel never did like gray.

*How do we know?*-Michael

*Just concentrate on Liz.*-Max

As soon as the they thought of Liz a orb came to them. Isabel looked at Michael and Max.

They could feel and see the fear in her eyes. *You don't have to Is. I'll understand.* All three standing, holding hands.

Isabel could feel the pain and fear coming off Max. With the underlining of understanding of her and her fears. She knew Max would understand and not blame her if she choose not to do it. She could feel the love and strength from both of them. Isabel feed off their energy. Giving her the strength and courage to continue on.

Taking her hand she reached out and touched the orb. It immediately pulled them in. It was such a sudden violent jerk of force, they let go off each other hands.


Isabel thought she was going to fall forever before she finally hit ground. Carefully she looked around. There was a gray fog all around. It was hard to see too much in front of her. It reminded her of a scary movie. It looked like there was different hallways with doors all around her. Max and Michael where no where in sight. Then it hit her. The over whelming feeling of pain, of being alone and abuse. It came crushing down on her. It hit her with such a force it took her breathe away. It took everything she had to stay conscious.


"How long have they been in there?" Alex and Maria sat next to Michael and Isabel. Watching them and Max. All three had there eyes close and steadily breathing. It reminded Maria of meditating. *Like Michael would ever do that.* She was starting to get worry. Who was she kidding she hasn't stopped worrying since last night.

"25 seconds ago from the last time you asked." Sighing. Alex knew Maria was worried. He knew she wouldn't be able to sit still to long. Let's face it. This wasn't going to be a walk in the park for any of them. They were going to go into Liz's mind to try to find her. They have never tried that before. Sure Is would come to his dreams at night, but that was different. She has never tried to dream walk someone who wasn't sleeping. Yah, Liz looked like she was sleeping but she wasn't. From what Alex had read and knew about abuse victims. Liz was in a self induce coma. She couldn't deal with reality so she made her own. According to Michael that included a small dark box. Where she couldn't be touched. Alex didn't like the sound of that too much. It scared him to think that Liz needed a dark box in her mind to escape too. No, that terrified him. What the hell did he do to her? What exactly would they find in her mind? What worried him more is what would happen to Liz by making her come out of it or by letting her stay in it? Would she ever make it out? Would she become so use to her own world that she would forget about the real one? There was so many questions. So much that they didn't know.


Alex remember the first time he saw her. She was lying on Kiles bed. Bruised and fragile. So much like now. She just stared into space. She spent 13 days like that. Just staring. She would eat very little that they gave her and she had to be feed at that. Him, Maria and Kile sat with her. Talking to her and each other. It seemed to make her feel better them being there. At least they liked to tell themselves. They told her about themselves and all the things they were going to do with her once she felt better. On the 13 day of visiting Liz finally sat up on her own. She following them around the house. She still wouldn't go out side but at least she began to leave Kiles room. Eat for herself. It was still very little but at least she was doing it. She never talked but she started to smile sometimes. They watched as she started to do stuff for her self again. As she slowly came out of her shell. By the end of the month her bruises were almost faded. She went out side with them. But she still wouldn't talk. She smiled more and began to play with them as the days went by. Amy and the Sheriff both kept their distances from them. They would watch Liz carefully. Telling him, Maria and Kile what to do for her. Telling them not to ask a lot of questions about what happened. That she would tell them when she was ready, but she never did.

Alex thought at the time it was because they didn't want to scare her more. That Liz dealt better with the kids. That was why they stayed back. If they needed to do something for her, Maria's mom did it. Alex never saw the sheriff touch her. He found out years later from Kile that when he first took Liz away from her father she screamed. She screamed so loud and long, she broke a window.

Alex still remember the first time she talked. They were all in the living room going to play Trouble. Maria loved that game. She liked pushing down the bubble to see the dice pop. She giggled ever time she heard it pop. Her and Kile were fighting over who's turn it was to go first. In the middle of them yelling at each other, Liz said so softly "It's Alex's" Everyone stopped and looked at her.

"What did you say?" Maria crawling next to her. "What did you say babe?"

Kneeling down by her too. "Did you say my name?"

Liz looked at them with her big brown eyes. Nodding her head slowly.

"So you do know how to talk."

"Kile" Maria reaching over and hitting him in the arm. "Of course she knows how to talk."

"Can you say it again?" *That's a stupid question. Of course she can bone head. If she said it once, she can saw it again. What are you trying to scare her?* Alex could have hit himself.

Quietly. "Alex."

"Alright girlfriend!" Maria through herself into her arms. "Say my name! Say my name!"

Smiling "Maria" Maria screaming again.

"Hey, what about my name!"


"Alex. Alex are you listing to me?" Looking over at her.

"yes Maria."

"Then what did......."

Before she could finish her sentence Isabel and the others gasped. Alex could see the pain on her face. Reaching out to touch her. A connection formed immediately. He was pulled into Liz mind. He felt like he was suddenly falling to land on the ground next to Isabel.

Alex could feel the pain to his bones. For a second it took his breathe away. "Isabel" Reaching for her. "Are you alright" Pulling them to their feet. "Where are the others?"

"I....... Don't know.... Alex." *What......... How did he get here?..*

"I don't ..know. I saw you...... your face .......and just touch you."

"You can...... hear me.."

"It's the connection." Max, Michael and Maria came up to them.

Everyone hugging each other.

"God it hurts...... so bad." Max took Isabel into his arms.

Putting her face into his hands. Having her look at him. "It's the connection. We are feeling Liz's pain." Looking around at everyone. "And are own. Her pain must be amplifying it. You have to turn it down. Turn the connection down." Isabel went to shook her head no. "Try Isabel. I'll help you." letting his energy flow into her. Helping her control her emotions and turn the volume down.

As Isabel turned down the connection the pain lessen till it was bearable along with Alex's. Letting go of her.

"That's better"- Looking at Isabel. Taking her into his arms. "You did it."

Looking around at each other.


When they connected to the orb. They let go of each other and fell through. Max felt the pain before he even hit the ground. He quickly gained control of himself. Forcing the pain and the pain of the others that he felt through the connection down.

Max was glad him and Michael talked about the connection last night before they fell asleep.


*Michael, I like being connected to you like this.*

*Yah, I know what you mean. It feels right.*

*Do you think it will be like this from now on? Always reading each other.*

*Don't know*

*Can you control it?*

*I don't know. I haven't gave it much thought.*

*Max, try breaking it* Each concentrated on the connection. As hard as they tried, the connection wouldn't break. The most they could do was turn it up and down like a volume button. Much like Michael learned to do as he was growing up. With his power blast. Max knew what to do by the connection with Michael. For as much energy he feed it, the more powerful it seemed to get. The same with the connection. The closes they could get to breaking it, was a small buzz in the back of their minds. They were still aware of each other, but couldn't tell or know what the other thought or felt. Just the awareness that they were still there, alive.

"I don't think it's meant to be broke. This is how it was meant to be."


When Max turned down the connection, not all the way. Just enough so he could function. He found Maria and Michael right away. Maria touch Michael when she thought something was wrong. Their connection was so strong now, it immediately pulled Maria in. Maria was feeding off of Michaels part of the connection. Max could tell Alex was in too. Alex was feeding off or Isabel's. They were both in pain since Isabel connection was still turned up. Max doubt he could get through to her right now until he found her. All she was focusing on was the pain. He couldn't get through with the connection alone. She would have to see him to help her.

They found her quickly.

Now they were just faced with the doors in the fog. *Now what Maxwell*

*I think you should take the others and get out.*

*I'm not leaving.*

Isabel could feel their emotions flaring. Both set and determined.

*Look, We are not leaving Max. We are all in this together. Liz needs all of us right now. She doesn't need this.* Both looked away with guilty eyes.

*Your right Is. I'm sorry Michael.*

*I know man. Where is she?*

*I'm guessing behind one of those doors.* Alex pointed.

*Which one? There so many.*-Maria.

They looked at the rows of doors all around them.

*I guess we open them until we find her.* Max stepped up to the first door.

posted on 2-Feb-2002 8:33:52 PM
Warning- rape. It's not too graphic. I left a lot of details out of it. Just wanted to warn you.


*Please let Liz be in there.* He slowly opened it and took a step

He could feel the others come up behind him. Gasping at what they saw.

It was the park. Eight year olds-Alex, Maria, Kile and Liz where playing jump rope. The guys where turning the rope. Maria was jumping and Liz was sitting under a tree off to the side.

"Cinderella dressed in yellow." Maria singing and jumping. "Kile quit turning so fast." Maria turning around in circles still jumping. "Red." jump "Yellow" jump "Blue" jump "green." Jump "Kile, not so fast your going to mess me up!"

"Hey Deluca you missed some words."

"Shut up Kile! Your messing me up!"

"Hey guys, knock it off. Can't we all get along?"

Max watch the younger version of Liz. Sitting on the ground smiling. Watching her friends. Started looking around and frowned. She got up quickly, going over to Alex. Pulling on his shirt. You could see the fear in her eyes. "Liz. What is it." They watched as Alex stopped turning the rope. Taking the young girl into his arms. "Hey guys, I think it's time we get her back."

Door closes.

"What was that?"-Michael

"It was the first time Liz went out with us after we met her." Everyone turned to Alex "It's the first time we got her to leave Kile's house. We took her to the park."

Maria jumped in. "Yah she was fine sitting there one minute and just got scared the next. She was fine again once we got her back. But she wouldn't leave the house again for a couple of days."

"So that was her memories of that time."- Max

Alex nodded his head yes.

"What scared her?"-Michael

"I don't know. She still wasn't talking yet. Besides, I don't think she would have told us even if she did."- Alex

Everyone nodded their head in agreement. Liz wasn't going to tell anyone that she was afraid.

Michael moved to the next door. Glancing back at everyone to see them following him. He opened the door.

"I told you didn't I?!" He punched her in the stomach. Liz doubled over. Before she could clasped to the ground, he had her by the arm dragging her into the closet. Literally throwing her in. Shutting and locking the door behind him. "You can come out when your sorry for what you did!" Walking away.

The scene quickly changed to all black. They could hear Liz crying. Trying to catch her breathe. "I'm........ I'm..... sorry. I won't be late again." Banging. "Please........" sobs in between... "Please.." Banging "Please let me out........ I'll be good......... I'll be good..."

Door closes

"He a monster!"-Isabel *I can not believe that son of a bitch! What the hell does he think he is?* Walking to another door and opening it.

"Liz! Hey Liz! Wait up."

"Oh hi Max" Liz stopped to wait for Max to catch up to her.

"Hi." They just stood there staring at each other for a minute. "Umm. I just wanted to give you this." Max held out a statue of an orange kitten.

"Oh Max, it's beautiful. You didn't have too." Max just shrugged his shoulders.

"Happy Birthday Liz."


Door shuts.

"Man, even in the 4th grade you had it bad." Isabel elbowed Alex. "What? It's the truth."

Maria moved to the door across the hall. Tries to open it but it won't move. "That's strange it's locked." Michael goes over and runs his hand over the nobb, unlocking the door. It easily swings open.

Liz's bedroom. With the light from the bathroom on. They could see Liz sleeping in bed. The door opens and he comes in undress. He just stands there for a few minutes watching her sleep before he pulls the covers back and gets in bed with her.

Liz wakes up startled. She starts to struggle to get away. He easily pins her down under him. She's not much of a fight for him.

She crying.


Pulling up her nightgown. "Please don't. Daddy. Please!" Struggling to get away.

Mutters "Kara my sweet, Kara. I told you we would always be together."

Suddenly another transparent Liz appear in the room at the end of the bed. Watching herself.

He lifts himself up slightly before he starts moving on her.

Transparent Liz turns to the door. Staring at them with blank eyes.

"I'll kill you!" "Get off her!" Max and Michael started to charge the door at the same time.

Transparent Liz holds up her hand.

Just when they were going to pass the doorway, the door slammed shut. Max and Michael hit the door. Both pounding on it to open it. It wouldn't move.

Michael holds up his hand to blast the door. "No stop." Alex throws himself in front of the door. "Michael stop. You can't go blasting the door down. This is Liz's mind."

Michael, realizing what Alex is saying puts his hand down.

Max could feel Michael and his anger boiling. "Alex, all these door are like gateways to Liz's memories?"

"Yes, I think so. Different doors would show different things. They're her memories."

"So that scene is playing over and over again." Pointing to the door.

Max watched as Michael clenched his fist. *I'll kill that bastard.*

"Michael" Michael looked at him. *I know Max........ I know.*

Alex going over and standing between Michael and Max. "It's her memories. You can't change them. He's not even real in them. Think of it as a sick movie. We can watch but we can't change it."

*I wish I could just erase them* Alex went over to Isabel.

"No more then you can change a dream Isabel. You can watch and take a small part in it but you can't change it really. Only the person dreaming it can." Looking at everyone seeing the pain in there eyes. "As much as we hate this. It already happened. We can't change the past. Lets just find her and get her out."

"Max can't you sense her or something?" Max turned the volume up a little on the connection. Feeling the pain and the despair intensify. Turning it back down.

Shaking his head no. "I can't pinpoint where she actually is. There too much pain."

"So we have to keep opening doors?"-Maria

"Are we even sure she is behind a door?"-Isabel

"What else is there?" They all looked around once more. Just seeing the rows and rows of doors.

Max walked up to the next door. "We have no choice." opening it.

Stars all across the sky. Stars in a V shape show up the brightest. In the desert above a rock formation. Everything else is flat around it. It almost seems strangely out of place.

View changes to the rock formation a silver hand print can be seen.

Door closes.

Max immediately walks to the next door opening it.

Liz sitting on the balcony writing in her journal.

Door closes.

Michael follows suit. Going to the next door finding it locked. Max watched him turn to him. *Well?* Max nods his head yes.

He has her by the shoulders shaking her. "I told you didn't I!" Smacking her across the face. "Didn't I!" Shaking her once more with one hand. Catching her face under the chin with his hand. Pulling her close. "I told you that if you ever told anyone I would kill them. That if you ever went away." A sob racked through her body.

"But I didn't............. I... didn't ."

Laughing "Really? How do you explain the last two months?"

"But I didn't....... I didn't tell them anything."

"It's still your fault. It's all your fault and because of you they are dead." Pushing her by the face away from him.

"No....... Please." Walking away from her. Not even looking back.

"It's already done." Liz sinking down to the floor.

Crying... "NO!!!!!!!!! No........" Holding herself. "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Echoing around the room. "It's your fault. Your fault that there dead. Your fault."

Door closes.

"My god." Maria crying. Holding onto Michael. Isabel was softly crying into Alex's chest. The guys had tears in their eyes.

"It was the day he came and got her." Max knew what day he meant without even asking. It was the day he came and got her from Kiles.

"Are you sure?"-Michael.

"Yah, it's the same cloths she wore that day. She never wore the outfit again. She said it made her sad. That her mother gave them too her." Alex sighed. "We never understood it, because she wore it all the time at Kiles. It was her favorite outfit."

*Now you do. It's the out fit she wore when she found out he killed her mother.* Max walked over to the next door and opened it. It stuck at first but opened.

Him kicking her in the stomach over and over again.

Door closes

Going to the next door opening it.

Him on top of her. Him standing up, pulling and zipping up his pants. Looking down at her with a smile.

"If don't start being careful your going to get your friends killed. If I can't teach you to listen. I'll be forced to find another way.

Liz pulling herself into a ball. "I'll be better. I promise. I'll be better." nodding her head.

Walking away. "You wouldn't want them to end up like your mother would you?"

Door closes.

Max sinks down to the ground. *Doesn't she have any good memories? Was her life just one big hell?*

Giggling. "Not always, she had you."

"My god."-Maria

"What the hell?"-Michael

"It's mini Liz"-Alex

Max looked up to see an 8 year old version of Liz kneeling beside him. She was wearing the same outfit that her mother gave her. A light blue baby doll dress that went to her knees. "What Liz?"

Giggling again. "Sort of."

Max went to touch her but his hand went through. "What? Where did you come from?"

"She likes you." Looking at Max. Giggling again. "She likes all of you." Looking at a the others. Max could see the shock on all of there faces. "But she really likes you." Looking back at him again. "Why are you sad? She doesn't want you to be sad." Max could see the innocence in her eyes.

Looking at the others *Where did she come from?*

Michael *She just appeared.*

Michael kneeling beside her. "Do you know where she is?"

Mini Liz shakes her head no. "She doesn't want us to find her."

Maria coming up to her. "Why?"

Mini Liz looks at Max. "You know why."

Max looked at her then at the others, finally stopping at Michael.
*She doesn't think that we love her.*

*That we hate her.* -Michael

"But that's not true!"-Isabel.

"But she doesn't know or believes that." Looking at mini Liz. "Can you tell her that?"

Max watch her shake her head no. "She too far gone."

"gone where!"

"Michael, yelling at her is not going to change anything."

Mini Liz giggles. "You really haven't changed, you look different but you still the same."

"What?" Mini Liz gets up and starts running down the hall. "What the hell?"-Michael

They all got up and followed her. After making a couple turns she stopped at a door. "Here look. He didn't want me too but I did anyway. That was before he............ "

"He what?"

Max catching the meaning. "Michael don't." Michael nodded his head. Even though Max knew he didn't want too. Michael tried the door to find it locked.

"He doesn't want her to know." Michael looked at Mini Liz.


Mini Liz points to the doors. "He locked the ones he didn't want her to know. She's the key to all the questions." Nodding her head knowingly. Everyone looked at each others. "Then she locked all the rest to survive." Mini Liz looked at the others doors with sad eyes. Looking back at Michael, smiling "Open it"

Michael unlocked to door and pushed it open.

It was a place none of them saw before. The sky was a brilliant purple. With green looking clouds. The ground was a royal blue and the water in the distance was red.

They could hear a girl giggling but didn't see anyone. "Rath! Rath stop it!" more giggling. "Alright, Alright, I give you win." Sighing. "I love you so much dear brother. Promise, you will never leave me."

"I don't think Zan would appreciate that too much on your wedding night." Rath laughing.

"Rath! You know what I mean. I don't want us to ever be apart." Her voice dropping, losing the carefree nature it had just moments ago. "Your all I have left."

"Kara, I swear to you that I will always be here for you. I will always protect you."

"I guess Zan making you his second, you have no choice. "

"Kara, I would die before I let anything happen to you. I don't have to be the king's second to do that."

"Rath, don't say that. You can't always tell the future."

"Kara is there something you saw? Something you know that you're not telling us? You have to tell me." They could hear the panic and anger in his voice. "Kara, answerer me! You promised Zan and me."

Quietly, "No dear brother. I haven't seen anything that I haven't seen before."

Signing. "Kara, you are going to marry Zan tonight. Everything is going to be alright. Me and Zan gave you are word. Karvair will never have you."

Door closes.

"My god, that was our world?" Alex put his arm around Isabel.

Max and Michael looked at each other with tears in their eyes. *I guess I didn't keep my promise.*

*Neither did I*

"Neither one of you knows what happened. That might not have even been real." Isabel glanced at both of them. They looked away.

"It felt real."

"Michael." Maria put her arms around him. "You don't know that it was your fault. We don't know the past. It was a different life."

Looking hard at Maria pulling away from her. "Different life? What about this one! He had her already in this one." Tears running down his face. "I broke my promise in this life too. I promised her that I would never leave her. He already has killed her!"

Closing the distance between them. "Michael, it wasn't your fault you didn't know about Liz." Pulling her into his arms. "She not dead! We are going to get her out of here. Your going to keep her safe."

"Isn't she?" They turned to look at Max. "You've seen what he did to her. You felt what she did. How many locked doors are there that she locked. She died a little every time he touched her."

"393 counting the 2 new ones from last night." Pointing down the hall. Everyone turned to her. "What?" With innocence in her eyes. "It gets lonely here. I need something to do."

*My god!*-Max

"Max" Isabel took at step towards him, just to have him take a step back.

"Michael is right. We failed her." Tears slipping down his cheeks. "How do we make up for that." Looking around him. "For all of this."

"Well I am sure in hell not going to just sit around here and cry about it. Liz needs us. She needs us to be strong. To quit feeling sorry for ourselves and get her out of her. To keep her safe from that psycho." Walking over to the next door. "Now get it together and lets go find her."

"Maria wait."


Alex going over to Mini Liz kneeling beside her. "I bet you know this place really good." Mini Liz nods her head. "I bet you can tell me where the two new doors are." Mini Liz nods her head again.

*Alex, your a genius.*

Alex shrugs "Sometimes."

Max kneeling down to her. "Can you show me."

Mini Liz points to two doors across from them. "First this on and then that one." Points from right to left.

Max stands ups and wipes the tears from his eyes. Looking back at the others. "Are you ready?" Turns back to the left one.

"Wait Max, how do you know which door?" -Maria

"Because she went into her box after he hurt her." Michael came up beside him with the others behind him. "

"Lets get her back Maxwell"


The door wouldn't open. Max tried to undo the lock two times and it still wouldn't open *I know she in there I just have to get to her. Maybe if I use a little more power.*

"Just do it Maxwell. What ever it takes it get her out."

Max increase his powers. Increasing it a little each it he tried the lock.

"She not as strong as she use to be." Everyone turned to Mini Liz but Max who kept focusing on the door.

"What do you mean she not as strong?" Before Mini Liz could answered Isabel question they heard the door click open.

On the fifth time, Max finally got the door open. Using 4 times the power that they used the other times.

The door swung open to blackness. Max heard his friends sigh in relief. No one wanted to see anything else that he might have done to her tonight.

"You unlocked all the doors." Mini Liz gasped.

"What?" Michael looked at her.

"Look" Mini Liz pointed at the other doors in the hallway. They were all slightly open. Not enough to really see in to each one but still open.

"What does that mean?" Maria

Max looked at the doors and the others. "I don't know, lets just get Liz."

"Sound like a plan to me." Michael taking a step forward.

It took a minute for Max's eyes to adjust to the darkness. He could barely make something out on the floor. *We need a light.*

A moment later Michael and Isabel were holding a handful of light. Looking at Michael "That is so cool."-Mini Liz

Max could see the amazement and joy on her face. *That's how Liz should have been. Not half smiles and fear.*

Looking at Michael *Thanks*

*No problem*

Max looked around the room. The only thing in it was a black box in the middle of the room.

Slowly he walked into the room going over to the box. Vaguely aware that the others were behind him.

"I thought we couldn't go into the rooms."-Maria

"This isn't a memory. This is what is happening to her right now."-Alex

"Oh, Oh my god!" The reality of the situation hitting home for her. *This is were she goes when she can't deal with things.* Looking around the room. *She just left one hell for another.* She never did like dark places.

"Yes, but now we are getting her out."-Alex

The box went to his waist. Kneeling down next to it. He couldn't see anything at first, but as Michael moved closer to the left side of him and the box. Max started to barely make out the shadowed outline of Liz moving back and forth..

Michael kneed down next to the side of box. Trying to see in. "Nothing, I can't see anything."

Max put his hands on the box. He could feel the a lit charge of warm electricity go through him. Soft light blue sparks dancing under his palms. It was one solid form. Their was no opening or holes. It was soft but hard at the same time.

Michael did the same with his one hand. Getting the same results. *It feels like.....*

"Liz" Michael nodded his head in a agreement. Both running their hands around the box. Looking for some kind of opening. Only finding the smooth surface of the box. "Liz! Liz, Baby. Can you hear me? Liz."

When Michael got across from him on the other side of the box. Max could make out Liz more clearly. "Michael hold your light against the box."

Max could finally make out the fact that she was sitting Indian style. With her hands over her ears, slowly rocking back and forth. Max still couldn't make out her face. Just her shadowed form.

"Can you see her?"-Michael

"Barely, just her form really. She has her hands over her ears and is rocking."

"That doesn't sound to good."-Alex kneeling beside Max.

"I know what you mean." Max got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Standing up to inspect the top of the box once more. "Any ideas on how we can get her out?" Looking around at everyone.

Michael hit the box with his open hand. A shock wave of blue sparks rippled over the box but it stayed intact.

"What ever we do it has to be quick" Max watched Alex look at Isabel and Maria. Understanding his meaning. It was taking a lot out of Isabel being here and he didn't think Maria could take much more either.

*Maybe we should send them out?* Looking at Michael

Michael looked at Maria and Isabel. The were huddle together. Holding each other for comfort. *It doesn't look like they can stand too much more. It might not be such a bad idea.*

*Now we just have to convince them to do it.*-Alex.

"Hello!" Isabel waving her hand. He could see her getting aggravated. Pointing to her and Maria. "connection here!" Isabel throwing up her hands. Making the ball of light explode in the air. Lighting up the whole room as it hovered a few feet above them.

Max and Michael smiled at each other. "Sorry we forgot."

Mini Liz giggles. "That's cool."

Looking back at Michael *We are going to have to do something about that. We can't live with them knowing are every thought.* Making his ball of light join Isabel's. The two joining making the room brighter. *That's better.*

"Yes, god forbid Michael that we might know you can actually be human!" Maria crossed her arms against her chest.

"Can we please not talk about this now. I think we have bigger things to worry about." Isabel Sighing. "Can we please get her out of there." *We need to think of some way.*

"What about a low blast?"

"I wouldn't do that Michael. You both said you felt Liz in the box. Breaking it could mean breaking her. I'm not sure." *But I don't want to take the chance.....*

*Not with Liz* Michael finished for him.

"Alex. Any ideas?"-Max

Mini Liz kneeling down, putting her hands and head on the box. "She doesn't want you here. You should leave." Mini Liz whispers not looking up.


Liz let the numbness over come her. Let it wrap itself around her like a security blanket. Letting it seep into her mind. Numbing her thoughts so she wouldn't have to think of feel. Praying that it never let her go. Unlike so many times before she let herself get lost in it. She willed herself to stay as long as possible this time. Never to wake up again.

The pain of Max's warmth and love getting ripped away from her still too fresh in her mind.

Liz wanted nothing more then to die. For the never ending pain and loneliness to end. The cold darkness that was going to take her before, was now gone. Liz tried to reach out with her mind to find it, when the numbness started to retreat but it was gone. No where to be found.

Liz didn't know how long the numbness had her. It seemed like forever. But that was one of the problems when she was like this. She always lost track of time. Not that Liz care anymore. She just wanted it back. To feel the nothing. To lose the pain, but something was pulling her at the edges of her subconscious. Calling her. Wanting her. Adding to her pain and guilt that she already felt. Making it crush down on her even more.

Liz wanted to run and hide but couldn't. She prayed that it went away. She didn't want to go back. Couldn't go back. She wasn't strong enough anymore. Everything that she cared about was gone. She didn't want to be the blame anymore. She didn't want to know how it was her fault. She didn't want to hurt. She didn't want to see their faces. She couldn't do it alone anymore. She couldn't protect them. She hurt so bad. So bad inside that she knew it was never going to go away. Especially now that she lost everything.

Even if they did forgive her, by some miracle. How could she look them in the face after they knew what she had done? They had to go away. Please god. Please. I can't do this anymore. Please. Please.

They're here. Liz could hear them coming closer. She covered her ears to block them out. Trying not listen to their words. Their guilt and pain. They can't know. They have to go away. Leave her here. Everyone was better off without her. She couldn't hurt them anymore. Couldn't hurt Max............. Michael..... Alex... Poor Maria and Isabel. She had to make them leave. Make them understand. They could never understand. How could they. She had to convince them...... Some how. Oh please. Please just go. I can't do this anymore.. She couldn't protect them. There was only one way now. She had to make them leave....... Keep them from hurting more. Keep them safe. Make them understand it would all be better without her.

Liz felt herself start to shift. Her mind letting her go of the box.


Alex looking at mini Liz, shaking his head no. "I don't really know that much about the mind. I don't think anyone really does. She's alien at that. I don't know what we can do that isn't going to hurt her more. Forcing her to come out might not be such a great idea. We have seen just a small part of what she has been through. She has always dealt with things by locking it up. Making her face reality now when she never could before, in the state that she is in. She has to be willing to come out. We need to help her to come out on her own." Putting his hands in his pockets "I don't know."

"How do we do that?"-Maria

Max looked at the smaller version of Liz kneeling, with her head and the palm of her hands resting on the box. Kneeling down next to her. Something that she said before was pulling at the corners of his conscious. "How do you know she doesn't want us here."

Not looking up. "I just know." whispering

"Why doesn't she want us here."

"She's afraid." softly

"Of us?"


"Of her father"

"He doesn't matter at the moment."

"What is she afraid of?"

"You getting hurt."

"By her father?"

"Not just him."

Max was vaguely aware of the others kneeling next to him.

"She thinks that she will hurt us?" *That doesn't makes sense.*

"She already knows."

"Why does she think she will hurt us?"

"Because she already has."

"No she hasn't"

"Hasn't she?"

"No, Liz would never hurt us."

"Your hurting right now."

"But.. Liz didn't do that."

"Didn't she?"

"No. This isn't her fault."

"Isn't it?"

"No. She had no control over what happened"

"Didn't she?"


"You don't know." Max could barely hear her.

"But I do. I saw what..."

Cutting him off. Raising her voice. crying "She didn't want you to see. She didn't want you to know." Mini Liz shaking her head no. Still not looking up or moving away from the box.

"It wasn't her fault."

"She knew the rules." whispering again, crying.

"What rules?"

"She knew what was going to happen."

"What happen?"

"It's all her fault." She cried.

"It's not."

"You need to leave."


"You have too." whispering. Max could hear the pain in her voice. "Please."

"We are not just going to leave her here! I'm not going to leave her." *I am not going to break my promise ever again. I swear to you Liz. I swear I'll never leave you.*

*Even if we have to stay here forever.* Max and Michael looked at each other.

Maria put her hand on Michael "You can't stay here Michael." Looking at both of them. "Max?" *We can't stay! Do something* "We can't force her." *I don't want to hurt her more.!*

Isabel sitting by Max's side. Alex next to her.

"What do we do now Max?"-Isabel. Knowing they weren't going to leave without her.

"We are so close. So close." Michael closed his eyes, willing the tears not to come. *I have to be strong. I have to be strong for Liz.*

"You have to leave." Mini Liz letting go of the box and started rocking back and forth. "Please go. Please."

*Something was changing but what?* The others looked from Max to Mini Liz.

Max reached out to touch her again. Almost expecting his hand to go through her again. Instead touching her soft skin of her arms. Turning her towards him, stopping her from rocking more. "Liz?"

"My god"-Maria

Max watched as she looked at them with her big brown soulful eyes. A tears slipped down her cheek. Max just stared at her for a minute.
Watching as another tear slipped down her small cheek. Knowing each one matching his own.

Max watched as she gentle lifted up her hand wiping the tear away. Max could feel the warm current of her touch go through him. "Liz?"
Hearing his voice quiver. *It's her. It's really her!*

Everyone watched as the younger version of Liz turned into the older one. Her hair became wet. Her skin raw and bloody. Her eyes where black and blue with her lips split. She was only wearing the wet white bathrobe. Her hands and arms were bloody. She looked exactly like she did when Max tried to heal her wrist last night on her bed.

"You shouldn't be here." whispering *I'm hurting them so much.*

"Liz." *My god it's really her.*

"Max......" More tears slipping down her face. "You need to go." He watch as she was going to stand. "Please"

"Liz." Grabbing her hand. Pulling her closer to him. Max could feel the physical and emotional pain go through him. He loosen his grip a little, but didn't let go. "Come back with me."

Liz looked away from Max just to become face to face with Michael. She could see the fear, pain and last of all, love in his eyes. *I put that there. That pain.* Looking at Isabel, Alex and Maria in turn, seeing the same thing. *I did this to all of them.*

Looking once more to Max. "Please Liz. We need you. I need you." Pulling her still closer to him.

"I need you." Liz looked at Michael.

"Don't forget about me girlfriend." Maria

"Do, I even have to say it?"-Alex.

"And me."-Isabel.

Max could feel her shaking, trying once more to pull away. "Liz."

Liz could see the hurt and pain in his eyes. Stops pulling away. *Don't they realize that I did this to them. That I was the one to hurt them? That they are better off. Safer without me?*

*Max heal her.* -Isabel urged *We might not get a second chance.* Liz looked terrified to her.

With out a second thought fearing if he didn't do it now he wouldn't be able too later. He began healing her. Feeling the pain and despair with the imagines once more racing through his head.

Flash- The first time, Him braking through her barer. Taking away her

Liz crying begging him to stop.

Max fought for control. Willing himself to concentrate on healing Liz.

Michael felt and saw Max struggle to heal Liz. He joined his powers with Max helping him heal as much as possible but mostly tried to keep the flashes and feelings from over coming Max. Isabel joined in to help.

Flash- Him turning her around, holding her by the hair and entering her
from behind.

Liz pleading for him to stop.

Max felt Michael's and Isabel's powers and control with the encouragement of Alex and Maria. Taking over the images and emotions. Turning the volume down on them so he could concentrate on healing Liz.

Liz saw the flashes of Max go through her mind.
Flash- Isabel teaching max how to dance.

Max riding his bike through the park.

Max laying on his bed petting Taffy.

Flashes from Michael and Isabel.

Working at the crash down together.

Maria helping him with her homework.

Isabel and Alex dancing.

Alex and Isabel walking in the park.

Then flashes of Maria and Alex mixed in.

Alex, Maria and Liz having a girls night. Watching a movie eating

Maria doing Liz's hair.

Everyone having a picnic at the park.

*No, Don't please don't* pulling out of Max's arms. Crying harder "Please........ Please.. don't touch me." *They will see what I did.*

Backing away from them. Max had healed her ribs, her legs and most of her face and skin. He just had to finish her rest of her face, skin, hand and wrist. "Please"

Liz watch her friends stand and stare at her in shock. With the hurt looks on their face.

"Liz, babe it's us. Your friends. We are not going to hurt you." Maria took a step towards her.

*Hurt her? She was the one hurting them.* Looking at the door and then back to her box. *I should have never came out. I should have stayed there. Why did I come out?*

"Liz" Max took a small step towards her. Trying not to scare her. *She terrified of us.* She looked ready to bolt any minute. "Liz" Talking softly to her.

Looking at him. "Max...." It came out so small and shaky. *He knows. If He knows and he will hate you. Hate me. I hurt him. He's going to kill him. Kill them. Kill me. My fault.. This is my fault. Why didn't I die.* Shaking her head no. *Why couldn't I have just died. Why? Can't you do things right? Anything right? He should hate you. He deserves to hate you. You are disgusting. Why? You hurt him. Hurt them. Your fault. My fault.* "Max." Barely above a whisper.

Everything was getting jumbled up in her head. She couldn't make sense of it. She hurt so much. Her father's voice and her own keep over lapping each other. *My fault. They are going to hate you. Look what you did. Your fault. My fault. Your hurting them. You hurt everyone. Everything you touch you destroy. They need to leave. You will never be good enough. Your fault!*

"Liz." Taking another step towards her.

"No!" Liz took another step back. *If he touches you he will know. He will see. You will hurt them more. It's your fault.* Holding up her hands. "Please......." Looking at the door then back to her box.

*We are losing her Maxwell*

*She scared.*-Max and Alex at the same time.

*Of us? We would never hurt her.*-Michael

*No, of what we know. She afraid we hate her.*-Max


*She doesn't know that Michael. She's too hurt to see. She only knows what she was taught.*-Alex.

"Liz baby... It's all right. It's going to be all right." Max whispered.

Max watched as she shook her head no.

"Liz we know. We all know what happened." softly

"No." The sound of pain in her voice felt like someone stabbed him.

"It's all right Liz. It's all right. We love you."- Max

Liz shaking her head no. *No one can love me.*

"We all love you." Michael taking a small step towards her. "We don't care what happened it wasn't your fault. We couldn't hate you Liz. No one could ever hate you." Tears were running down his cheeks. He had to wipe his face so he could see.

"No, my fault." Came out as a whisper. Taking another small step back. Tears running down her face. *Everything is her fault.*

*Guys. were not going to convince her that it wasn't her fault.*

*Alex! It wasn't.*-Maria

*Maria, I know that. We all know that. Liz doesn't. It's going to take awhile to make her see other wise. The best thing we can do right now is convince her that we still love her. Just get her the hell out of here.*

Liz watched them stare at her. Watched how the tears ran down their faces. The pain in there eyes. How Michael, Alex and Max sort of looked at each other and nodded. Without taking there eyes off of her. *They hate her.*

She looked at the door once more. Fear of what was really out there. Not knowing. Back to the safety of her box. The box that stood behind her friends. Friends that she hurt and somehow brought into this hell.

"Liz baby, We love you. No matter what happened, we love you."- Max

"Liz, I'm not leaving you."-Michael

"We are never going to leave you again."-Max

"I love you Lizzy."-Maria

"We all do."-Alex.

"It's going to be all right."- Isabel

"Liz, I love you so much. I will do anything to make this better. Come with me." Taking a step towards her. "We love you Liz. Don't give up on us yet. Don't give up on me. I need you."

Michael coming up beside Max. "We all need you."

"We are not going to leave you here Liz. I would die if I lose you again."
Liz felt her energy slipping. What little was left of her will power. All that was left of her fight. She felt herself clasping in a ball to the floor. Watched how Max and Michael slowly came towards her. The love and concern in there eyes. Feeling Max carefully touch her before pulling her into his arms. "Please............ No more....... it .. hurts........ to ..much.." She could barely get the words off her lips.


Isabel brought them out of it a few second later. they all looked around to each other to Liz. She was still lying in the same position as when they left.

"Max?" Isabel voice quiver.

"Oh god please!"-Maria. Michael put his arm around her. Trying to control his own emotions.

Max gentle reached out and touched Liz's cheek.

Liz laid motionless for a few seconds then slowly rolled over closer to Max and Michael. Max let out a breathe he didn't even realize he was holding.

"She's sleeping. She's just sleeping." He felt the tears roll down his cheeks. "She's sleeping."


"She sleeping?" Maria looked around at each of their faces. She could see the relief and for the first time, tears of joys in their eyes. "So this is good?" Still not sure of what to think. She just assumed that when they got Liz out of her box. Hell, would have been a better term for it. Liz would be awake, but here she still lying on Max's bed. The only change being that she actually moved. *That had to be good right?* She still had her doubts.

"Very good, Maria." Maria looked at Alex. He could see the doubt in her eyes. "Before she was comatose."

"I knew what she was Alex." Feeling all the tension of last night and today's events hit her. "What I want to know is why is she not up?"

"Whoa," Maria felt Michael's arms go around her. "It's alright Maria."

Trying to shaking his arms off her. "Alright! Alright Michael?! My best friend that I knew for like... Forever. Turns out to be an alien. That has been abused all the days of her life on this planet! That some psycho alien out there!" Pointing to the window. "Is going to come for her because he think she belongs to him!" Standing up. "My best friend went through hell and back again. You saw what he did to her!"

Michael stood up and took her into his arms. Pulling her close to him. He could feel the sobs starting to rack through her body. "Shhhhhh Baby, I know. I know."

Alex got up and went over to them. Knowing Maria needed a little hope right now. "Ria, She just resting. Her body getting a chance to heal now."

Looking up from Michael's chest. Looking at Max. "Can't you finish healing her now, Max?" Everyone turned to him waiting.

"I think we should wait awhile. Let her sleep." Isabel looked at a peaceful sleeping Liz. She had cuddled herself around Max's leg. Isabel didn't want to wake her yet.

"What about dream walking her? We wouldn't have to wake her." Max could hear the hope in Maria's voice.

Max shook his head no. He knew everyone was exhausted. That it took a lot out of Isabel, but the main reason was Liz. She looked so peaceful at the moment. Max didn't want to disturbed that. *She was going to have to face things soon enough. Let her have this moment.* "I think we should let her sleep. She is still weak. We are all tired."

Knowing Max was right. "Max is right. We could all use a break. Especially Liz."-Michael

Alex stretched. "I need to get home." Going over and pulling up Isabel. "Are you going to be alright?"

Isabel smiled. "Yah, I'm just going to take a little nap."

Kissing her hand. "Lets get you tucked in and I'll leave." Grinning wickedly.

Isabel giggled. "Alex!" Hitting his arm.

"Guys." Max could feel everyone eyes on him. Looking up to met each one in turn. "I don't think it would be a good idea for anyone to be alone for the moment. He still out there. Until we know something defendant. I think we should stick together."

"I need to get home. My mom is going to flip already."-Maria

"Max, how are we going to be together all the time?"-Isabel *It doesn't seem possible.*

"I don't know yet." Looking back at Liz.

"What about School?"-Maria

"You have to work?"-Isabel

"I'm going to have to go home sometime."-Alex

"I said I didn't know." Sighing. "I think at least we should stay in pairs. Preferably one with powers at all times."

Michael nodded his head in agreement. He didn't like the idea of Maria being alone at the moment or Alex for that matter. *At least we can defend ourselves to a point. There is no telling what that psycho can do.* Looking down at Maria. "Call your mom. We can have her come over here." Taking a deep breathe. "I think its time she knows."

Maria looked back at Michael in shock. "What did you say?"

Michael looked away and back at her. "It's time."

"But... But.. You said..." *He can't seriously be thinking. Michael never wanted to tell her. Tell anyone.*

"Maria, I know what I said. Things are different now." *It's your life on the line now too.* Michael didn't say that. Instead "It will help keep you and her safe."

"Michael are you sure telling her will keep her safe? Wouldn't that put Mrs. Duluca in danger too?" -Isabel

"No, I think Michael is right. The more she knows right now. The better of she will be."-Max

"Michael, you know how my mom is. She might not take the news to well..."

"Or she could take it better than you think." Everyone turned to see Amy Duluca at the door.

"Mommy..." Retreating back to her childhood name for her mother. Maria rushed into her mothers arms.

Holding Maria close to her. Looking at the others and finally resting her eyes on Michael, smiling. "The name Space boy is suddenly given a whole new meaning."

Michael swallowed. Running his hand through his hair. "Uhhhmmm yah. Are you.... ummm is it..."

"It's alright Michael." Everyone could see the relief on Michael face. "I always thought there was something strange about you."

Everyone laughs. Michael nodded his head. *Can't say that isn't true.*

Looking up at her mother. *I can't believe she is taking this so good.* "Mom. How did you find out?"

"Me and Jim told her." Diana Evens came up behind them. "Your father and Jim thought it would be best that the other parents knew what was happening." Looking at Liz. "Considering the circumstances." Coming into the room, going up to Max. Placing her hand on his shoulder. "How is she doing? I came in early, I assume you were dream walking her?" Looking from him to Isabel.

Max nodded his head. "She's sleeping now. We will know more when she wakes up."

Max watched as she nodded her head. Blinking her eyes a couple of times. Trying to keep the tears from falling. Max knew she always liked Liz. *He hurt everyone. Not just Liz. He didn't realize what he did when he hurt her.* Clearing his throat. "You talked to Velenti? Did he learn anything?" Max glanced at the clock on his night stand. *2:47. God, we were under for hours.*

"He in the living room right now. He wants to talk to all of you."

Max glanced down at Liz. She looked so peaceful despite the bruising and what was left of her raw skin, that he didn't get a chance to heal. *I wish I finished healing her.* But he knew now wasn't the time.

He couldn't leave her alone. Looking up at Michael. "You go find out everything and come back and tell me." Taking over the leadership rule.

They stared at each other for a moment. Locking eyes. Silently agree. Neither one of them were ever going to leave her alone again. Michael nodded his head. Letting Max stay with her this time. Glancing at Maria and her mom. *I need to deal with this situation first.*

"Max, honey. I think you all need to be there. Liz will be alright alone for awhile."

Max looked at his mother. *There is no way.* "I'm staying." Leaving no room for argument.


"No mom."

"Max, I think you should hear what is going on."

"I'm..." Watching Michael come up next to them. Clearing his throat. "We." Looking straight at Michael "Are never going to leave her alone again."

"Max.... " Looking at him to Michael. "You can't possible be with her all the time. It just can't be done."

"We will make it possible." Max simple stated.

"Mom" Isabel going over to her. "I think what Michael and Max are trying to say is that they will work it out so that Liz will never be alone. So nothing can happen to her again."

Sighing. "I know that honey. That all of you feel responsible for Liz and what has happened but it wasn't any of your fault. What was done to Liz was...... unspeakable." Looking at Max. "You can't be with her constantly. You can't save her from everything."

Max could feel the tears sting the back of his eyes.

"Max." looking from Max to Michael. "Michael" Back to Max. "You won't be able too." She knew that Liz was going to have to over come a lot of pain. Pain she knew her son or Michael couldn't just erase. She was scared that it was going to hurt them both more not being able to stop that. Not wanting them to get there hopes up to high and crushed when they couldn't. "She going to need time to finish healing."

Max knew she meant more than just physically. He was worried about her mental state as well. Their last confrontation didn't go to well. Max could still see her kneeling on the floor begging them to stop.


"I'm not leaving her mom." Looking back at Liz. "We are not leaving her alone." Max looked back at his mother. "I know it's not going to be easy." Looking at everyone else in the room. "But I think we are all going to be her for her."

"Max, I know you are all going to be her for Liz. Your Father and I will be here for Liz. I just don't want any of you. Including Liz, to get hurt more."

"Then understand what I am saying." Trying to make his mother understand. "I'm not leaving her alone ever again."

"Max, she might want you too." Said gentle. How many times did she watch Liz keep Max at arms length?

Max- Flash of Liz backing away from him.

Looking back at Liz. Gentle stroking her hair. *God, she was so beautiful. How could anyone not love her. I don't care what anyone said, I'm not leaving you. I promise I will never let anyone hurt you again.*

"Mom" Isabel gentle pulled her mom out of the room. "We understand what you are saying." *Your afraid of Max getting hurt.* "But you have to understand that.."

Stopping "That he loves her." Looking back to see Max now kneeling beside Liz. Gently kissing her hand. "I know Isabel. I would be a fool not too. It's just I'm afraid that he is going to get..... hurt more."


"No wait." Holding up her hand. "We don't know the extent of mental damage that she has dealt with over the years."

*Oh we have a pretty good Idea.*

"We both know what a control freak Max can be and well ..... Michael. I have never seen Michael so emotional before. I'm afraid that Liz can't be fixed with a swipe of a hand." Looking back once more into the room. "That they are going to blame themselves more when they can't." Looking at Isabel. "You can't can you?" Not so sure anymore of what they can and can't do.

Smiling "No mom"

Pulling Isabel into a tight hug. "Oh honey, I love all you guys. I just don't want you guys to hurt anymore then you already are."

"I love you too Mom." Returning the hug.


"Max" He slowly looked up at Michael. Seeing that Isabel and his mother were gone. "Can you read me anymore?"


"No. You" Looking at him questionably.

Michael shook his head no.

"Any of you?" Looking at Maria and Alex. He knew they weren't alien but they were connected when they went into Liz. Max watched as each shook their head no.

"I think it stopped when we brought Liz out."


"This all started with connecting with Liz right?" Alex looked at Michael and Max. Both nodding. "So it most likely has to do with Liz and her abilities."

"But she doesn't know that she was alien at the time."-Max

"Or if she even knows now."-Michael

Alex ran the idea through his head. Thinking out load. "Yes, but she was at a critical stage at the time. It might have kicked on automatically without her knowing. Sort of like a self defense. A way her alien side kicked in to protect it self."

"And now that she is not in that stage anymore. It's what...... Turned off?" Michael looked at Max and Alex questionably.

Max thinking about it. "It's possible" *Alex hasn't been wrong, or proven wrong yet.*

"Of course it's only an educated guess. We don't know for sure."- Alex

"What do we know right now?" -Michael sighing.

"That we are going to kill him as soon as we see him." Max looked back at Liz.


"Hey, no killing any one right now until I find out all that is going on." -Amy

Trying to change the subject. "So is not having the connection good or bad?" Maria confused once more.

"We think it's good right now." Looking at Max and Michael for their agreement. Both nodding their heads. "It means that Liz is stable now. She doesn't feel so.." Trying to find the right words.

"Lost"-Max whispered. Looking once more to his sleeping princess.


Liz was walking in a field of rich golden grass. The wind blowing in her hair.
She was so happy. So loved. She could almost feel the happiness of love swirling around her.

Suddenly two sets of arms where surrounding her. Lifting her up and swinging her around. Placing her once more on the ground and turning her around.

"Michael...?" Surprise to see him.

"Or Rath...... but I guess Michael would make more sense to you right now."

"Rath? Michael?" Taking a step away. *Rath... Michael.. Rath.. Michael. Alien... Michael... Alien... Brother... Alein.. Michael... Brother.. *Confusion started to cloud her mind. Taking away the once peaceful field. Changing it to darkness and making it black.

Michael took a step towards her. "Hey easy now." Taking her by the arms but still keeping her at arms length. "Easy.. Focus on me."

She made eye contacted once more with him.

"That's it. Easy. Breathe." Liz sucked in the breathe, not even realizing that she was holding it.

"Michael?" Her words came out a little above a whisper.

"Kara.. Sorry Liz." Nodding her head. *Kara.. Kara. so familiar. So.... me." nodding her head. "I'm Kara." More of a statement then question.

Pulling her a little closer. "Do you remember?"

*Kara. Rath.... Michael.... Liz.. Brother and sister.* "Your my brother."

Michael nods.

"No. Yes...... I'm not sure... How?"

"You will remember."

"Can't you tell me?"

"No.. Yes. But I can't now."


"Your not ready?"




"It will take time."

The darkness began to fade once more. Putting the field back in place but this time with rows and rows of doors. All slightly open. Liz Looked around.

"Where are we?"

"You tell me."

"Am I sleeping?"

"Yes.. No.. Sort of "

"Your not making sense."

"Your not?"

"So this is like a dream?"


"So this isn't real."

"It is to you."

Liz nodded her head and stepped away. "Some kind of Alien thing?"

She watched how Michael thought about it and grinned. Shrugging his shoulders. "Could be. You tell me?"

Thinking... Images of her and Michael start slamming into her. Putting her hands on her head.

Her and Michael playing tag. (Past)

Michael comforting her when her Father died. (Past)

Michael helping her clean the Crash down. (Now)

Michael staying with her until she fell asleep. (Past)

She head once more started to swirl. Feeling Michaels arms come around her once more. "SH....... Steady.. Not all at once. You can't handle it yet."

Liz closed her eyes. Willing everything away. She slowly felt the images fade away. Still not opening her eyes. "Michael.... "


"How are you here?"

"How am I?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?

"I assume we are in my mind?"


"No" Opening her eyes to look at him.

"Are you really here? Am I? In my mind." Looking around to the different doors. "My mind or a dream." Looking once more at Michael. "Am I making all this up." Pointing around. "Am I making you up?"

"Are you?"


"Think Liz. I'm here because of you."

"Because of me."



"They opened the doors. You opened mine more so I could come out."


"So I came."


"You needed me. So I am here."

"I need you." Liz nodded her head slowly.

"The doors are open now." Liz watch as he looked past her to the doors.

Liz swallowed the lump that was slowly forming in her throat. Feeling dread past through her once more. Not entirely sure yet what she was really afraid of.

"All the doors?" She Knew that wasn't good.

"You can remember everything now."

"Do I want too?" Barely above a whisper.

"Do you?"

Shaking her head no. "I don't think so."

Staring at her.

"Tell me what to do."

"I can't."

"Michael..... Please."


"Michael, can't I just shut them again?"

"Can you?"

"Can I?" Liz looked at him, knowing she wasn't going to get an answerer from him. "I can't." Resolution shot through her.

"Your not strong enough."

Looking back at the doors. "But I don't think I'm strong enough to remember either." Barely above a whisper. "I'm scared."

Liz felt his arms come around her once more. "I know."

"Will you come with me?"

"I can only go so far."


"It's time for you to remember."

"Can you help me."

"Only with what you want help with."

"All of it." He smiled down at her saddly.

"It's time to deal with everything."

"I don't know....... if..."

"It's time to know."


"To remember."


"Through the doors."

"Which ones?"

"You tell me."

"Will I remember this when I wake up?"

"You will start to remember what you learn, what you really already know."

"What if I don't want to know."

"Do you have a choice?"

Liz shook her head slowly no. "They didn't give me one." She started backing away from him towards the doors. Not looking back.

"Not too fast.... A step at a time.. It's time...." Michael voice faded as she walked towards the doors.


Kile laid in his bed. Trying to let what his father told him sink in. Last night events lasted until almost dawn. He had heard his father leave shortly after he made sure that he asked him for the hundred time if he was alright and that it would be all right. How could that be? Liz Parker was an alien! Max, Isabel and Michael were aliens! All right. So that wasn't so hard to believe. There was some thing always a little off with Evans and Michael. Did he even have to go there? But Liz! Sweet little Liz Parker, her being one. Now there is where he drawled the line. Liz couldn't be. He need to see her. Needed to look at her with his own eyes.

Getting out of bed he pulled on last night jeans. Smelling his shirt to see if it smelled. *Not too bad.* Glancing out the window. Seeing the sun was up. *Huh, I must have fell asleep sometime.* He thought he would never sleep. Grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.

Opening it to find his father standing there. He could tell he didn't sleep at all. "Kile. Good your up son."


"How are you doing?" Kile watched as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Fine. I'm going to see Liz."

"Good, I was just on my way there. Wanted to stop and get you first." Quietly.

"Why?" He didn't like the sound of his voice.

"Kile. Please. I know this is hard on you but I think it would be better from now on if you stick close to me."

"Why? So some alien can't get me? Because the aliens have invaded? It's a little late for that Dad."


Backing down. "Alright but your going to start telling me everything from now on." He watched as his father looked away. "Dad!" Looking back at him. "I'm your son. You owe me that."


"No dad. I understand the whole, not telling me thing to keep me safe but I know now. You have no other choice." Crossing his arms. Not backing down from this.

Sighing. "Alright son. Your right." Putting his arm around him he headed for the door. "I'll tell you what I found out on the way over."


"Mom are you sure your alright with this?"

"Honey. I don't like the whole idea about you not telling me. You should trust me. You always knew I believed there was some one out there."

Michael watched Maria giggle and hugged her mother. "And it's alright that I'm seeing Michael?"

Amy held her daughter out at arms length. "Define seeing? Do you me sleeping together? Because your too young for that. That's a big step for anyone. Not just the two being from different worlds. But..."

"Mom! Mom! No we are not sleeping together!" Michael could see Maria face turn bright red! While his own face wasn't doing a good job of hiding his embarrassment. *That's all he needed was everyone to know about his sex life!* They were all sitting in the living room together. That was including everyone's parents. Which to Michaels relief they were all taking it quite well. Alex parents included. Which like Alex were taking the logical and scientific approach to it all. Which was fine with him as long as they didn't want to dissected them.

Amy took in a sigh of relief "Good.... Good" Patting her daughter leg.

Clearing his throat everyone turned to Jim. "I've found out a few things..... " Looking around at everyone. Seeing everyone there but Max and Liz. *He could understand Max not wanting to leave Liz. When Michael came in and said. No stated would have been a better word, that Max was staying with Liz. That he would fill him in later. The stance and authority that he took. Made Michael seem older and wiser above his years. He could see Michael being a kings second in command. He didn't leave any room for argument. And when it came to Liz from now on he didn't think there would be.

"I looked into the death's of Liz's.... "Stopping to clear his throat. "I mean the real Liz ... and her mother." Looking around.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Liz's scream pierced the air. Echoing and Starting again at the top of her lungs. Blocking out every other noise. As everyone rushed up to Max's room. With Michael in the lead.

Michael could literarily her Liz's scream in his head and around him. Making his blood run cold.


Liz walked up and pushed the door open. Watching how the darkness lightened around her. As the room became a cave.

She started to remember. Understanding.

At first she didn't see him. Standing quietly in the cornier. Watching the small younger version of her self laying quietly on the floor. Until he started to move closer to her.

Liz could feel every emotion and thought of that moment. How she was trying to lay still and quiet as possible. Not trying to make any sound. Trying not to cry because of the pain. Not so much from the physical pain from the earlier beating from that day but the pain she felt deep inside. The loneliness and emptiness that was there. The knowledge that she couldn't reach out for her family and her one true love. The knowledge that she would be her love's and her brother and friends down fall again. The reason for there pain. The thought was almost unbearable to her. She would kill herself right now if she knew for sure that it would save them any of it. For surely if she wasn't there......... *If they never knew or remembered her.......... If only he hadn't had found her.*


She could feel him all around you. His words sliding over her naked body. Almost caressing her. *He's sick* Feeling the sickness creep through her body again. Feeling his hands on both sides of her head. Lifting her up easily a few feet off the ground until their eyes were level. "Kara" She could feel her body tremble. "Why do you make me do this to you?"

She didn't bother to answer.

"Even in this life your thoughts are for him!" She could feel the anger once more coming off him. "You are mine!" Shaking her. "Mine!" Throwing her to the ground. "I'm going to make you forget about him! About all of them. You are mine." The hate of his words could almost burn her.

Even though Liz was watching this all happen from afar. She could feel everything. Remember everything as if it was happening to her right then and now for the first time.

She could feel his body cover hers. Feel him enter her mind and body at once. Feeling him strip away her memories. Her past. Her knowledge. Taking away everything that she was. Making her his. "You are mine! Always be mine!" She tried to fight but feeling her mind and body start to shut down. Not able to handle the assault on it.

For the first and last time.

Liz started to scream.
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Kile went right to Max's bedroom. Not even stopping in the living room. He knew that Liz would be there. Not even bothering to knock. Walking in to find Evans sitting on the edge of the bed. Liz was curled up in a ball. Max holding her hand. Talking softly to her. Low enough that he couldn't make out the words.

Clearing his throat. He watched as Max looked up at him. Seeing the anger flash in his eyes. Kile holds up his hand. "Save it Evans. I'm not leaving." Kile watched as Max stood.

Softening. "Look, I just wanted to see her." Holding out his hands. "I just want to know if she is all right.

Max could see Kile's eyes start to water.

"I didn't know." Max watched as he looked away and back at him. Barely above a whisper. "I didn't know what he was doing to her. I swear." Kile wiped at the tears that started to roll down his cheek. *⊕#%$*

Max watched him. Nodded and sit back down next to Liz. Taking her hand back into his. "I know." *How can I blame him when I'm the one that should have known. He has to be hurting too.* Max knew that Kile had a crush on Liz.

Kile came around and stood on the other side of the bed. "How is she doing?"

"Better. I think." *I just wish she would wake up.*

Kile nodded his head. "The last time I saw her like this..........."

"I know." Looking up briefly to meet Kiles eyes. *I know too much*

"I didn't know that he had.........."

Max nodded his head. *How could you?*

"I swear if I ever get my hands on him..."

Max looked up at Kile in surprise. He knew that Kile now knew that Mr. Parker was an alien. That the sheriff must have told him everything. What surprise him was the fact that Kile still had the balls to want to take him out. *Was this guy serious?* Max looked at Kile hard. Studying him. He could tell Kile was serious. *Maybe the guy wasn't so bad after all.*

Kile looked at the way Max held on to Liz's hand gently. He remembered all the times Max came to Liz's defenses making sure no one bothered her. Remembering how he was always watching her. Looking out for her. Making sure she was alright. *The guy really loved her.* Looking at Liz sleeping form. *Then again who wouldn't?* "Uhm..... Max.......... I wanted to thank you for getting Liz out of there.... I know she would still.......... uhm... be there if it wasn't for you."

Max shook his head no. "I should have gotten her out sooner."

Max felt Liz move. Looking back at her. Her face scrunched up in pain. She started to cry and whimper. Max watched as she started to twisted around. Trying to get away from an unseen force.

"Liz! Liz baby!" Taking her by the shoulders. Trying to wake her up gentle as possiable. "Liz!"

"Liz!" Kile tried to wipe her hair off her face.

Liz sat up with a force. Startling both of them. Almost knocking Kile and Max off the bed.

Max heard Liz's scream in his head before it even reached her lips. The pain and fear going straight to his soul. Almost shattering it.


Her eyes where wide open. She kept screaming and crying over and over again.

It took Max a second before he gained his senses. Trying to take Liz into his arms. Just to have her scream louder. Causing the window and mirror to shatter. She started to fight him. Punching and kicking at him. Trying to get away from him. He could hardly feel her blows.

A moment later Michael was by his side. The others looked on in horror. Not knowing how to help. Feeling so helpless.

Michael, trying to get a hold of Liz. Trying to help calm her down. "Liz! Liz!" Michael took her head into his hands. Forcing her to look at him. "Liz look at me!" Trying to shout above her screams.

"Liz! Liz baby it's alright." Max manage to pull her into his lap. On the floor. Pinning her arms down. Holding her tight. In her ear "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....... Baby. It's alright. We're here. I'm not going to let anything hurt you again."

"Liz. It's alright......... He's not here.......... Look at me." Michael put his face closer to hers. Her eye's were wide open but he could tell she really wasn't seeing him.

Suddenly, Max and Michael were pulled into the connection. Seeing and feeling what Liz saw. Him on top of her. Entering her for the first time. Braking her barer. They could feel her already bruised legs become slick with blood. Feel her tired and bruise body try to fight him as he enter her mind. Raping her of her memories of her past life. Her past Love. Of her brother, friends and King. Leaving only the fear and knowledge that she would lead them all to their deaths again. The thoughts of this all being her fault. Guilt. Shame. They could feel her reaching out. Trying too Burying the smallest details that she could in the deepest darkest places in her mind. Burying their secrets, their powers from him. Hoping that he wouldn't find them. Hoping that he wouldn't know. Burying them so deep that she wouldn't even know... Leaving behind nothing but pain, loneliness, and the facts that he only wanted her to know. Making her his. Making her into Liz Parker.

Both watching.. Feeling it all... Watching it start to repeat over again, just when they thought it would end.

Finally seeing Liz stand off to the side. Just watching it all play over and over again. Not being able to take her eyes off it. Just standing there screaming. Max and Michael quickly went to her side. Taking her into their arms.

"Liz! Liz look at me!" Michael took her face into his hands.

"Liz baby. Look at us." Putting his hand onto of Michaels. "We are here."

"Your not alone."-Michael

"We love you" -Max

"Hey easy now......... Liz focus on me" Michael put his face right in front of hers. Blocking her from the scene playing before them. "Just look at me."



"Or Rath...... but I guess Michael would make more sense to you right now."

"Rath? Michael?" Taking a step away. *Rath... Michael.. Rath.. Michael. Alien... Michael... Alien... Brother... Alien.. Michael... Brother.. *Confusion started to cloud her mind. Taking away the once peaceful field. Changing it to darkness and making it black.

Michael took a step towards her. "Hey easy now." Taking her by the arms but still keeping her at arms length. "Easy.. Focus on me."

She made eye contacted once more with him.

"That's it. Easy. Breathe." Liz sucked in the breathe, not even realizing that she was holding it.

"Michael?" Her words came out a little above a whisper.

"Kara.. Sorry Liz." Nodding her head. *Kara.. Kara. so familiar. So.... me." nodding her head. "I'm Kara." More of a statement then question.

Pulling her a little closer. "Do you remember?"

*Kara. Rath.... Michael.... Liz.. Brother and sister.* "Your my brother."

Michael nods.

"No. Yes...... I'm not sure... How?"

"You will remember."

"Can't you tell me?"

"No.. Yes. But I can't now."


"Your not ready?"



Thinking... Images of her and Michael start slamming into her. Putting her hands on her head.

Her and Michael playing tag. (Past)

Michael comforting her when her Father died. (Past)

Michael helping her clean the Crash down. (Now)

Michael staying with her until she fell asleep. (Past)

She head once more started to swirl. Feeling Michaels arms come around her once more. "SH....... Steady.. Not all at once. You can't handle it yet."

Liz closed her eyes. Willing everything away. She slowly felt the images fade away. Still not opening her eyes. "Michael.... "


"How are you here?"

"How am I?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?

End of Flash

Liz stopped screaming and looked at them. "That's it baby. It's alright. We are here. It's going to be alright."

Liz looked to Michael and Max.


"Yes! It's me." Relief that she knew who he was.

*Michael......." New tears started to steam down her face.

"We love you." Michael pulled her into his embrace. Letting her go for Max to pull her into his.

"It's going to be alright now."-Max

Max, Michael, and Liz coming out of it. Max almost losing their hold on her. Tighten his grip again when she started to struggle.

What was only seconds seemed like it lasted an eternally to them. What he did to her....... Raping her mind and body. It was 10 times worst then anything they saw last night. What he did to her that first time.............

Liz wasn't screaming any more. Just crying softly. Max rocked her back and forth. Holding her close to his body. Michael rubbing her arm with one hand and her head and hair with the other. Both trying not to cry. Talking to her softly. Telling her that they loved her and it was going to be alright.

Everyone else slowly backed out of the room. Giving them private. Isabel, Maria and Alex stayed behind with Kile standing uneasy in the door way. They watched as Isabel fixed the mirror and window. Not knowing what else to do to help.

"What else can you do?" Kile asked quietly. Watching Isabel intensely.

"They can do lots of things." Alex going over to Kile. "Maybe you should go. We will fill you in later." Not wanting to make things worst. *The last thing we need is you too ask a bunch of questions.*

"I'm not going."


"Alex, let him stay." Isabel going over to them. Look at Max and Michael trying to comfort Liz. *Good she looks so small and fragile.* Turning back to Kile, Maria and Alex. "We don't need this right now." Referring to an argument.

"I'm staying." *There is no way I'm leaving her.*

"Kile you should go." *Doesn't this guy get the hint?*

Isabel silence both of them with a look. Smiling to herself. *They don't call me Ice Princess for nothing.*

"What happened?"-Maria

"I think she had a nightmare."-Kile

"Or remembered something?"-Alex

"She used to have nightmares all the time when she first came to stay with us. But they were never this bad."-Kile

"She been through a lot more since then."-Isabel

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

Max held Liz close to him. He could feel her whole body shaking. He gentle rocked her. Hold her close. Trying to reassure her that she was alright. She had stopped screaming but she was still crying. Silent sobs were racking through her body.

Michael sat close by. Rubbing her arm and smoothing back her hair. Trying to comfort her as best that he could.

Both felt so helpless. How could they ever fix what he did to her? Give back what he took away.

Maria, Alex and Isabel came over to them. Max and Michael both feeling her jerked away. Trying to get closer to Max and Michael if that was even possible.

*She scared* Max

*Terrified* Michael.

The connection still strong with both of them.

"SHHHH Liz. It's alright. It's just Alex, Maria, and Isabel. It's alright" Max spoke softly too her. As if she was a frighten animal. Ready to bolt any moment. *If it wasn't for the firm grip he had on her, she probable would run.*
Max looked at Michael.

*Can we blame her?*-Michael

Nodding his head. "Easy guys. She scared." Looking at Alex, Maria and Isabel. "I don't think she knows where she is right now." Michael spoke quietly.

"What happened?"-Alex softly?

"She remembered." Max stated softly. Isabel saw the pain and hate in his eyes. *God it couldn't have been good. Could it be any worst then what they already saw and knew?*

"How bad?" Alex asked softly. Not sure he really wanted to know anymore.

"Bad." Michael stood up and started to pace. "What he did to her that first time...."



Liz was lost in the memory. Watching herself be taken and lost over and over again. She was alone. So alone.......It was too much of her. She thought she would go crazy. She felt her self start to slip on the edge of insanity. She was so close to going over...........

She felt something snap and brake inside her.

Then Michael was there. Michael. Rath. Michael. Her brother. Michael. He was there. She remembered him.......Pulling her safely into his arms. Away from the edge. From what she saw. What she knew to be true.

And........ Someone else....... Someone that she knew. Someone that she cared about............ Max....... Max?....... But how? Why? She didn't understand. Everything was jumbled up. Turning in her head.

She had an overwhelming fear that something wasn't right. Something wanted to hurt her. Something wanted her. Wanted to own her.......... And did.... But she could quite put her fingers on it....... She was so close to grasping it and it would slip away again. Leaving her with fear and dread. Terror.

But Michael...... and Max??????? But they were there now. Liz wasn't alone anymore. She could feel their love. Her brothers and ......... Max? Things were still confusing. But Michael....... She remembered Michael. Michael would help her.......... Her Brother...... Liz grasped and held on to that one piece of knowledge. That one shed of hope........

She felt them both holding her close. The closes she felt to being safe in so long. They would help her........ They loved her........ Help keep him away............. Him? She wasn't sure....... So confused.

Suddenly she felt Michael shift away. She was back in a room. He was walking away. Panic seized her once more.......


*Michael!!!!!* Liz opened her mouth to scream his name, to have nothing come out. But everyone could hear it in there heads. *Michael.......* It came out as a desperate plead.

Michael was back at her side in an instance. Pulling her out of Max's arms into his.

"Liz." Kissing her head. Hugging her close...

*Please........ Don't leave me.... brother......... You promised not to leave me.* A fresh sob racked her body. Her mouth moved with each word but no sound came out.

"Brother...." Michael held her at arms length. Looking at her face. "You remember?"

*My brother........* Liz mouthed the words again. Shaking her head yes.

Just so no one will get confused, When Liz talks and everyone can hear her it's in (**). Because she can't talk out loud. She subconsciously tells them telepathically. Her alien side slowly kicking in. Compensating for her. Can't would be the right word. If you remember last chapter. "Something broke." She couldn't 'deal' so something had to give. That being her voice. So to make things a little less confusing. When Liz is thinking. It's in ( ' '). I hope that makes it easier.

Any questions. Let me know.


The adults all sat around in the living room in silence. None of them not knowing quite what to say.

Finally signing. Mrs. Whitman looking at the others. "Shouldn't we be doing something to help."

Diana Evans looking at her. "Max and Michael will take care of her." Looking uneasy herself.

"But we are the adults here. Shouldn't WE be doing it? At least something?"

"And what do you want us to do?" - Mr. Whitman. looking at his wife. Starting to get aggravated. "It's not we can take that poor girl to a hospital. That's what she needs." Looking at the others. "Is a good shrink."

"Max and Michael will take care of her." Trying to calm the Whitman's.

"And how are they going to do that?"- Mrs. Whitman.

Jim standing up. "Look, everyone one needs to calm down." Looking around and stopping back on the Whitman. "The kids will take care of Liz. They have special..... Gifts. That will help Liz deal with all of this." Signing, running his hands through his hair. "We have other issues to work out right now."

Everyone was silent. Looking around at each other.

Diana getting up. "I think I'll get everyone some coffee and tea before we start."

Jim nodded his head in agreement. "I need to make a few calls anyways."

Amy getting up. "I'll help you."

Diana smiled. They started to walk to the kitchen when the sheriff grabbed Amy's hand. "Amy."

She turns to smile. "Jim?"

Looking around at the others. "Lets go into the hallway."

Nodding her head in agreement. They walk hand in hand into the hall. Turns to look at each other. "Hi"


"Umm, I just wanted to apologize for not being the one to tell you, in person all this." Looking back into the living room. Diana Evan went over and talked to Amy. Jim just conformed everything on the phone for her. He had to find a few things out that he could first. And then there was Kile to tend too. "I don't want you to think that I didn't trust you........ "


"It's just that I wanted to keep you and Maria.."



"And after last night."

Amy giggled and leaned into Jim. "And after last night." Putting her arms around his neck.

"Well... Yes. I didn't want anything..... That is I didn't want you to change your mind." *God..... She is taking this surprisingly well.*

Kissing him on the lips. "Jim, I couldn't love you more." *God, he loved this woman.*


"Liz.... You remember Michael being you brother?" Isabel came closer. Sitting on the floor next to Max. Taking his hand into hers. He has yet to say anything.

Liz still sitting in Michaels lap. Moved instinctively more closer to him when Isabel came closer. Michael automatically held her tighter. "Easy" Whispered into her ear. "No one is going to hurt you here."

Liz looked at Michael and back to the girl that sat next to........ *Max. Max. He was there. He was trying to help her. He was with Michael... Max.* Max felt good. The word *Complete* Came to her mind. It was like Max completed her? It didn't make sense to her right now. Things were still all jumbled up.

*That girl. She knew her. But where?* Trying to think. Focusing on her. Images started to flow really fast through her mind. Too fast for her to comprehend.

Liz started to shake her head. She cried out in everyone's mind. Trying to stop the images that were threatening to over come her.


Max watched as Liz woke up fully. How she was holding fast to Michael, when he went to leave her side. Knowing him. Max felt an overwhelming joy that she remembered him. Still connected. He could feel Michaels sheer happiness. He knew that he was worried about how she would take him. The fact that he was her brother. His fear of her blaming him for not being there for her. For not protecting her. *Who am I kidding?* He knew he was scared of the same things.

Max couldn't help being a little jealous though. He wish it was his arms that Liz felt protected in. *Get over yourself Max. The only important thing is that she felt safe. And if it's with Michael....... So be it. Liz is the only thing that's important right now.*

Max watched Liz flinch away again when Isabel sat closer to him. How Michael tighten his arms around her and whispered comforting words in her ears.

Max watch as Liz seemed to relax for a minute. Staring at Isabel. He could almost see her trying to figure something out in her head. *It's almost like she can't remember everything.*

Liz started to shake her head. He could hear her silent scream in his head.

Max was instantly by her side. Taking her head into both hands. His face inches from hers. Her eyes where closed tight.


*Maxwell do something!* Michael screamed in his head.

As soon as she opened her eyes, he was in.

Images flashed through his mind at a dangerous speed. Blinding them. Not being able to comprehend any of it.

Not even thinking about it. Max started mentally slowing down the images for her. At a rate that they both could see clearly and understand each one. It was like a big movie screen all around him. With different movies playing on each one. Looking at the scenes before him.

Him and Isabel getting off the bus the first time.

Maria and Liz eating ice cream.

Michael and Liz working at the Crash down.

All of them watching a movie together. At Maria's house.

All of them eating lunch together.

Her and Max in biology together.

Alex and Liz playing on the swings.

Maria, Isabel and Maria talking under a tree.

Max felt Liz put her hand into his. Looking at her.

"Thank you....... Max." Smiling shying at him. Looking back at all the scenes before them. "I almost lost all them. Almost forgot......."

Pulling her closer to him. Bring her hand to his lips. "You will never lose any of us Liz."

Smiling at him. Looking back at the scenes.

Kile, Maria and Alex playing jump rope. Liz sitting under a tree.

"Everything is so jumbled up." Looking back at Max. "It's there, but it's like I can't understand it all."

"We will make sense of it all together." Smiling. "We just have to take it slow."

Liz nods her head. "That's what Michael said." Looking back to the scenes. "I almost lost myself." Barely above a whisper.

"Liz....." She could hear the pain and guilt in his voice.

Shaking her head. "No Max don't. It wasn't your fault."


Shaking her head no again. "NO." More firmly this time. Max couldn't believe after everything that she has been through that she still could be strong.

Looking back at the scene of them jumping rope. Max followed her eyes.

"Liz... What scared you?" Watching Liz holding onto Alex.

"I could feel him watching me......" Barely above a whisper. Max had to concentrate to hear her. "Telling me that I was still his........"

Anger shot through him. Turning Liz around to face him. Through clenched teeth. "You are not his Liz!" She wouldn't look at him. Pulling her face up to look at him. "Your not." More determined.

"Max...." Pleading with her eyes.

"Your not."

Pulling away from him. Taking a few steps back. "You don't understand........" Quietly. Looking down.

"How don't I?" Going over to her.

"I............. He........ We....." She could feel the tears stinging her eyes. *How can I tell him......*

"There is nothing to tell."

"You don't know..." Holding out her hands.

"Liz..." A tear slipping down his cheek. "I know what he....did to you.."

Liz nodded her head. Looking down in defeat..... She knew that him and Michael saw... That they where there... That they now knew too....... She just wanted to hold on to the hope that they didn't....... She could feel herself start slipping again.

Looking at him. Feeling her mind once more grow dark. Looking at the changing scenes again. Before she lost the rest of her strength. "You know Max... That I have the answerers to every questions that you ever wanted to know about yourself."

Max just stared at her. Not knowing what to say. He could feel the air change. Feel her pulling away again. Seeing the scenes change behind her.

Rath and Kara running through a field.

Zan and Kara dancing.

Isabel and Kara sitting on a bed laughing.

Kara crying at a grave.

Scene changes again.

Max kissing her the first time.

Her father hitting her.

Liz being locked in a closet.

Liz sank to her knees. Max was immediately by her side. "Liz." He could hear the emotion in his voice. "Liz."

With her eyes shut. "I remember a lot Max..........."


"More than I want too." Her voice shaking. Tears running down her cheeks. "I took your memories away."

"What?" Max didn't understand.

"I took them all away......."


"I remember........ that." Looking up at him with tears in her eyes. He could feel his own running down his cheeks. "He found me...... He wanted all of us......... I thought if I could just......"

"Liz.. Don't do this."

"If I could just erase all of your memories...... that you would all be safe....."

"Liz stop."

"If he didn't know everything........... That you didn't......"

"Liz." Pleading with her. He hated to see her in pain.

"If you didn't remember me........" Max pulled her into his arms. Crushing her against his chest. "If... you didn't know...... if he didn't know.... that you would be safe this time.............. That it wouldn't be my fault ..... again....... You could be normal.................. To have a real life...... To live..... So .. I locked them all away..... Tried to hide them all........."

"Liz........ Don't you know that I couldn't live without you?" Pulling her away from him. Looking at each other. "Don't you know that I would be empty without you? I would die without you... Liz..........." Looking at her. Trying to make her understand and believe his words. "I would die.........."

Liz shaking her head........... *So I just killed you again...........* She didn't fully remember what had happened before. Just that she was the down fall to them all. Pulling out of his arms and standing up.

The scenes changed to the hallways of doors again. "Liz you didn't kill me... I'm here.... I'm alright.."

"Are you?"


"It's all here....." Look around. "Everything I took from you........" Max stood. Pulling her back into his arms. Not resisting. Liz put her head on his chest. Looking down. "Everything he ....took from me......... It's all here...... somewhere...."

Max put his fingers under her chin. Pulling her face up to met his. "All the answerers..........." She whispered. Liz watch Max moisten his lips. Tears running down his cheeks. She could see all the love he had for her in his eyes.
"I.. just don't.. know...... where......."

"Then we will find it together"

"I don't know if I can........"

"I'll help."

"I'm scared."

"So am I."


Max and Liz came out of the connection together. Everyone was silent staring at them. Waiting to see what was going to happen next. Each expecting the worst.

Michael lost the his connection with Max, when Max reconnected with Liz.
He couldn't read either one to know if it was alright or not.

Staring at each other with tears running down both their faces. "Ok?" Max looked at her deeply. Her eyes were still back and blue. Her face still raw in place. She still looked beautiful to him. He was looking for a true answerer. Almost expecting her to finch away from him too.

Liz stared at Max. Seeing the love and concern in his eyes. Slowly nodded her head yes.

Everyone sighed in relief. No one even realizing that they were all holding their own breathes.

Pulling Liz back into his chest. Kissing the top of her head. "Are you sure? For a minute there...."

Looking up at his face....... *I'm fine Michael. You always did worry too much.* Mouthing the words. Trying to ease the tension in the room.

Michael looked down to Liz back to Max. He could hear her voice in his head but the sound never left her lips. Looking at Max. Silently asking the question. *What the hell going on with her voice? Damn it! Where is that connection when I need it?* Michael didn't want to alarm Liz.

Understanding Michael meaning. "Liz?" Max gentle touched her cheek.


"Why can't she talk?" Maria came over and sat next to Liz and Michael. Michael giving her a hard look. *Way to go Maria.*

*Maria* Liz pulled her into a hug. Try to reassure her friend that she was alright. Maria held on tight to her. Liz could feel the tension and relief flow off her.

Alex coming over and sitting on the floor next too Isabel. "Hey....." Not wanting to startle Liz.

Pulling away from Maria and went into Alex arms. Alex crushed her against his chest. *Alex!* Pulling away a little.

"Sorry Liz......" Liz wiped the tear that were running down his cheek.

*No....... I'm sorry Alex....* Liz could feel the guilt to her very core. 'I did this... I hurt them so much.' Looking at the others. Even Kile who was standing off to the side of them. Looked hurt. Liz got the impression that he was trying not too get in the way but wasn't leaving any time soon. Looking at each one. She could see the pain and worry in all their faces. 'What have I've done?' Looking down at her hands.

Max could read Liz's emotions clearly. She went from uneasy, to happy to overwhelming guilt and sadness. Taking her face one more into his hands making her look at him. Trying to make her smile. "This is getting to be a habit of ours." Liz offered a tiny smile. "Baby, we are all alright... You didn't do any of this to us."

Realizing what was going on. "No little sister." Michael taking her once more into his lap. Kissing the top of her head. "It's not your fault."

Maria taking her hand. "Would you for once worry about your self instead of us?"

"You know Parker." Kile coming over and sitting by Maria. "Believe it or not. We did live the first couple years of our lives without you." Liz looked at him giving him a small smile. Kile smiled widen when he got the effect that he wanted.

"Liz..... It really wasn't." Liz looked at Alex and looked down. 'You don't understand.'

"Liz what he did to you......."-Isabel.

'Was my fault'

"It wasn't your fault." Isabel reached over and taking her other hand.

"Liz...... Liz." Liz slowly looked up and looked at Max. He could still feel the guilt coming off her in waves. "It's not your fault." Leaving no room for arguments. Trying once more to convince her. "Alright?" Liz slowly nodded her head yes and looked back down.

Looking back up at Michael he could see the worry in his eyes. *Liz wasn't fooling anyone.* Max knew she didn't believe them.

Realizing that he wasn't going to convince her any time soon. It was going to take time. *But that's alright. She here. Safe now and I have all the time she will need.*

"Max can you finish healing her now?" Isabel hated to see Liz's pretty face all bruise.

"And her voice?"-Maria.

Liz looked up at Isabel and Maria back to Max.

Michael could feel a shiver go through her an involuntary one racked through her body.

Max could feel the fear coming off her.

'No, he can't........ He might see...... What more? He already knows... But I don't want him to see anything else.' Liz started to stand. *no that's alright... I'm fine. Really fine.* holding up her hands. Looking at the others trying to convince them as best as possible. She started backing away from Max. Silently pleading with her eyes.

Everyone standing up too. Confused once more by Liz's actions.

"Liz." Liz could see the hurt in his eyes. Almost faltering. Allowing Max to heal her. But fear quickly winning out.

"Hey, it's alright." Michael going over and putting his arms around her. "We can just do it later."

Not quit understanding what was going on. The others nodded. "She didn't talk at first last time and it came back. Maybe she just needs a little more time..." Kile trying to make everyone feel a little better. *Then again I couldn't hear what she said in my head. Then again we didn't know she was an alien either.*

Trying to draw the tension away from Liz. "We should really go find out what the sheriff found out anyways." Isabel took Alex's hand.

Michael looked down at Liz. "Do you feel up to it."

"Maybe she should rest more."-Maria. *She looked a little pale again.*

*Found out?* Liz looked at everyone questionably.

"My dad did some checking into your..............." Faltering on the word. Not quit knowing what to call him. *He sure in the hell isn't her father!*

"Maybe you should rest awhile." Michael rethinking Liz hearing any unpleasant details. He still didn't know how much she could take. And there was no telling what the sheriff found out.

*No..... I want to go.* 'Would everyone quit worrying about me. Besides, anything to change the subject about healing me.' Looking around at everyone. Then back down again. Realizing for the first time she had on only a pink nightgown. That wasn't hers. 'how?' She didn't remember putting it on or how it got on her. 'For a matter of fact....... How did she even get here?' Thinking.

Max could feel the confusion and anxiety slowly start replace the uneasiness and fear. He watched her look down at herself. Seeing the confusion in her eyes. Watching her close her eyes and started to sway. Quickly moving to her side. "Hey." Taking her by the shoulders. Watching her open her eyes once more. "I think you had enough of that today." Forcing a smile. Softly. "Slowly remember? What are you trying to figure out." Feeling a little better that she let him touch her again.

Liz smiling subconsciously. *The night gown?* 'God, please tell me he didn't change me.'

Seeing Liz's embarrassment. Isabel stepped forward. "I did it Liz. I changed your bathrobe into the gown."

*Oh....* Still not quit understanding. 'How? Where was I?'

Seeing she was still confused "Uhm....... I found you in the bathroom last night." Max trying to explain as little as possibly. Not wanting to tell her anything she wasn't ready for.

Looking up at Max. *my bathroom?*

"Yes.... I wanted to uhm....... Talk to you."

*Talk to me.*

Max nodded his head yes.

"We are going to met you down stairs." Alex taking Isabel hand to lead her out.

"Yeah" Isabel grabbed Kiles hand pushing him towards the door.

"Liz, we brought you some clothes. Their on Max's dresser." Pointing to it as she started to walk out too.

Liz smiled her thanks. Looking at them. *I guess I'll just change and be down.*

The others nodded their heads as they walked out the door. All but Max and Michael. Isabel stopped in the hall looking back. *You have got to be kidding me!* Shaking her head. She let go of Alex hand. Walked quickly back to them.

Looking at both Max and Michael. She could almost her them thinking about the best way for Liz to change without leaving her. Shaking her head again she quickly ran her hand over Liz.

Changing the nightgown into Jeans and a t-shirt. She even included bra, panties and socks. Smiling her satisfaction. She took a surprise Liz's hand and started to lead her away.

Alex standing at the door, started laughing. "Are two do realize that she will have to go to the bathroom sometime?"

Max and Michael looked at each other and frowned. Making Alex laugh harder.