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A Secret Untold

Category Max/Liz and others

Summery AU Max, Michael and Isabel are aliens. Liz, Maria, Kyle and Alex have a secret that is going to be known to their alien friends.

Disclaimer I don’t own the the pod squad or the parents.
I own Katie, Ricky, Jenny, Anne Marie, Marcus, Julie, Matthew and Serena

Part 1

In a small house near Roswell there were four siblings (Ricky aged ten, Katie aged nine, Jenny aged three and Anne Marie aged two) huddled together. The two younger sisters were asleep.
Katie asked her brother " What are we going to do Ricky? I mean we can’t stay here forever and I know Marcus won’t turn up. Even though he has looked after us for five years. "
Ricky answered, " I don’t know Katie."
Then suddenly Ricky’s face lit up. He had an idea.
"Katie" he asked his sister " Do you remember auntie Liz, auntie Maria, uncle Alex and uncle Kyle"?
"Yes, I do. Are you thinking what I am thinking?
"Yeah why not." Ricky said while smiling " I am sure they will help. I have her number lets give her a ring".
"Great. I can’t wait to see auntie Lizzy".
Ricky walked over to the phone and dialed the number.
In Roswell…
The pod squad was in Michael’s apartment spending some time together. Then all of a sudden Liz’s mobile phone started to ring. She picked it up and answered
"Hello, Liz speaking"
"Er, hi auntie Liz. It’s Ricky Hayes. I hope I am not calling at a bad time. It is just that we need your help".
"Ricky, Oh my God! Are you okay?"
As soon as she said Ricky. Maria jumped up and shouted "Oh god. I hope they are okay. I never trusted Marcus".
Alex and Kyle went over to Maria and told her to " Be quiet."
Max, Michael and Isabel just looked shocked and wondered what the hell was going.
Maria, Alex and Kyle crowded round Liz.
"Okay Ricky, here is what I want you to do, pack your and your sister’s things and Alex and I will be there in about an hour.
"Okay, I love you auntie Lizzy. Please hurry."
"I will I promise. I love you too Ricky" And then Liz put the phone in her pocket, and then grabbed her jacket.
At the mention of the words ‘I love you too.’ Max’s face was filled with jealousy.
"Liz, what happened are they all right?" Maria asked.
"I don’t know, but Ricky sounded upset. Maria, can I use your Jetta? It’s just that it will be safer for the others."
"Yeah sure." Maria got her keys out and gave them to Liz.
"Thanks". She turned to the others and spoke "Look guys, Alex and I have to go out for a while. Can you all meet us at the Crashdown and we will fill you in the best that we can? Maria, Can you get some blankets out of my bedroom? I have a feeling we will need them."
Maria nodded, "Yes."
"Liz, What’s going on? Max asked.
"Look Max, you have to trust me." Liz gave Max a quick kiss and left with Alex in tow.

Part 2

The gang piled into the jeep and Kyle’s car and went over to the Crashdown. When they got there, Maria got her keys out and opened the main doors to the café and spoke " Hey Kyle, I need you to make hot chocolate for our new guests, while I get the blankets."
"Okay I’m on it," replied Kyle.
Maria went to the back and Kyle went around to kitchen while Max, Michael and Isabel sat down in their usual booth.
"So Kyle, where are Liz’s parents?" Isabel asked.
"I think they decided to go on holiday. They won’t be back for five weeks."
"Oh okay." said Isabel.
A couple of minutes later Maria came back with an arm full of blankets.
Michael and Max started to question Maria while Isabel went to help Kyle.
"Maria, what is going on?" Michael asked
Why won’t you tell us?" Max questioned
"Look guys, we can’t tell you till Liz gets back." Kyle replied while coming out from the kitchen with a tray of cups full of steaming hot chocolate.
10 minutes later Liz came in with Jenny fast asleep in her arms and handed her to Maria, who wrapped her up in a blanket and laid her on one of the booth seats.
Liz then disappeared again and Alex came through with a sleeping Anne Marie and Maria did the same as she had with Jenny. Alex disappeared again as Liz came through with Katie and Ricky, who as soon as they saw Maria and Kyle, ran to them and shouted quietly "Aunty Maria, Uncle Kyle I missed you".
Alex came though with the children’s bags and sat down next to Isabel.
"We have missed you to sweetie now Uncle Kyle has made you both some hot chocolate so go and take a cup each and sit with your sisters."
"Okay Aunty Maria" Ricky said. And they both walked to where the drinks were.
"So Liz, who are the kids?" Max asked

Part 3

Okay before I tell you what’s going on, Alex and Maria can you take the kids and put them in the two guest bedrooms please?
"Sure chica," Maria replied.
They took the kids upstairs. When Maria and Alex came back down they were all sitting down. Liz began to tell their story. " Okay, Maria, Alex, Kyle and myself are adopted.
"What?" Max shouted
"You’ve got to be kidding!" Michael spoke
Isabel just looked shocked.
"Guys calm down and I’ll tell you what happened. As I said we were adopted. Alex is my brother and Maria is Kyle’s sister. We were placed in a children’s home in Florida. There was another one of us and that was Alex’s and my older sister, Julie. The children are Julie’s." As Liz said this she had tears slowly steaming down her face. Alex sat beside her and put his arm over her shoulders.
Maria decided to take over, as she knew this was too much for her best friend. She knew that when Liz started to tell the story she would need Alex. " Julie was murdered and Liz found her in her room and she just had enough life left to asked us to look after the children and not let Marcus have them. Marcus is the children’s father."
"And he murdered Julie, the mother of his children!" Liz suddenly shouted causing the whole group to look at Liz.
"Liz we don’t know that..." Kyle started to say.
"Of course we do she told me." Liz spoke quietly.
"What? Liz?" Maria asked sounding hurt that her best friend had kept something important from her.
"When? Why didn’t you tell us?" Kyle asked sounding shocked.
"I did tell someone," and she looked at Alex.
"Yes she told me when we got back to the hotel room from the hospital. We agreed that you guys should not know till you need to." Alex told everyone. He took a big breath and looked at Liz who nodded. "There is something else… Julie had a silver hand print on her chest. She told Liz that Marcus is an alien and should not have the children because he will take them back to his planet and use them to take over a neighboring planet, Antar."
"Which is your planet Max," Liz spoke quietly.
There was a shocked atmosphere around the room.
The door to the back of the apartment opened and caused everybody to look at the door. A sleepily Katie entered the room "Aunty Lizzie," she spoke, " I woke up."
Liz ran to Katie, "are you okay sweetie?"
"No. You know when I was little I had those vision things?"
"Yes Katie," Liz sounded worried." Did you have one?"
"Yes Aunty Liz, it was horrible!"
"Can you tell me?"
Katie shook her head, " No!"
"Okay, do you remember that I can connect with you, like we did when you were about five?"
"Yes okay," Katie answered.
"Liz are you sure you should be doing this?" Alex asked.
Liz turned away to face Alex and the others. "I am not sure of anything now."
"Liz what do you mean by connect with her?" Max asked confused.
"You all are human… aren’t you?" Isabel questioned.
All of a sudden the front door to the café opened and in walked a man Liz, Maria, Kyle and Alex knew.
"No they aren’t human." The man spoke.

Part 4

Maria, Kyle and Alex stood up and went over to Liz and put Katie behind them.
"Hello my dear old friends how are you?" The man’s voice sent chills down everyone’s spines.
"We were never your friends!" Liz spoke with a tone that Max had not heard before, and it scared him
"Who are you?" Isabel spoke. She had an idea who this man was and he gave her the creeps.
"Well well well! Look at what we have here. Can it be Zan, Rath and Vilandra? Let me introduce myself. I am Marcus. Beth knows me don’t you?" He said looking at Liz.
"Don’t you dare call me that," Liz spat out, "No one calls me that."
"Oh yes someone does… or should I say did?" Marcus questioned sarcastically. He knew how sensitive Liz was when someone mentioned her sister.
"You have no right talking about Julie that way." Liz spoke in an angry tone but she was careful not to let him get to her or she would probably use her powers and then she would expose her and her brother and her two best friends.
"Well I think I should go and come back soon, but I’ll leave you with a warning Beth. You and your friends and family better watch your backs, cause just when you least expect it I will be back and I will kill you and the people in this room and I will take the kids and then Kivar will be proud of me!" And then he turned to go out of the door laughing evilly.
"Oh shit, we are in big trouble." Alex said after a few minutes of silence.
"No kidding," Kyle chimed in.
"Guys quit trying to turn this into a joke, this is serious!" Maria almost shouted.
"Aunty Maria?" A scared little voice squeaked from behind Liz. "There’s something wrong with Aunty Lizzie, she’s shaking."
"Oh my god! Liz are you okay?" Maria spoke and put her arm around her.
Max wished that he could be the one to calm her down and comfort her but some thing made him know that she needed Maria. He was confused at Marcus’s words. Why did he call her Beth? And why did he make it known that she was not human? But now was not the time to bring it up.
"Its over. We’re finished." Liz whispered quietly with tears running down her cheeks.
"Liz we are not finished," Maria spoke trying to calm down her friend.
"Do you remember Matthew?" Kyle asked Liz carefully, waiting to see her reaction.

Part 5

Liz’s face lit up at the mention of Matthew.
"Do you think Matthew would help us?" Maria asked the group.
Meanwhile all sorts of thoughts were swimming around in Max’s head. Who is Matthew? Why did Liz’s face light up at the mention of his name?
Michael thought: Who is Matthew? Do we have to have another person in our group?
Isabel thought: Who is Matthew? I wonder if he is going to cause trouble for Max and Liz. I hope not.
"Liz why don’t you give him a call?" Alex asked, "It wouldn’t hurt to ask."
"Okay I’ll be back in a minute." Liz then got the cordless phone and dialed a number while Katie sat on her lap.
"Hi Matthew, it’s Beth Parker." Liz spoke into the phone.
"Bethy! How are you?" A concerned voice spoke to Liz.
"I’m okay, but I need your help. I sort of have Julie’s children at the café." Liz spoke and then pulled the phone away from her ear waiting for the shouting to start.
Liz sent a grin to the others and replied, "Ricky phoned me and told me. So Alex and I went to pick the children up. Marcus came into the café a bout five minutes ago and threatened us. Can you come to Roswell and help us sort the children out? There is something else, but I’ll tell you when you get here.
"All right, I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon. Take care. Bye."
"I will and thanks." Liz spoke then she put down the phone and turned to the others. "He will be here tomorrow."
"Good." Alex spoke, relieved.
"Look guys it’s getting late. Why don’t you all spend the night here? There will be enough room." Liz asked the others. She did not really want to be alone tonight. She was really scared about what happened with Marcus but she had to be strong for the children.
"Yeah that’s a good idea." Max told Liz. He did not want to her to be on her own especially after what happened with Marcus.
Max, Alex, and Kyle went to call their parents and told them that Max was staying over at Michael’s and Isabel was staying over at Liz’s and Kyle told his parents that he was staying over at Michael’s. Maria did not have to call Amy DeLuca cause she was already staying at Liz’s.
Liz was just about to put Katie to bed when she heard all the children’s feet quietly padding down stairs. "What’s going on guys? You’re supposed to be in bed." Liz asked the children.
"We woke up. Can you, Aunty Maria, Uncle Kyle and Uncle Alex sing us to like you used to?" Ricky asked Liz.
The rest of the guys came in when they heard their names being called. "Okay before we decide to do that kids, I want to introduce you to some friends of ours. This is Max, his sister Isabel and Michael."
"Hi every one. C’mon Aunt Liz it will be fun!" Katie said, her eyes shining brightly.
"All right Ricky why don’t you get my spare guitar out of Liz’s room." Alex told Ricky who quickly ran into Liz’s room.
"Okay I suppose we should do this," Liz spoke uncertainly. She had stopped singing a while ago. The last time the group sang was at Julie’s funeral.
They all sat down in the living room with Katie surprising everyone by sitting on Max’s lap. Ricky chose to sit on Michael’s, Ann Marie sat on Isabel’s lap, and Jenny cuddled next to Isabel and Michael.

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Disclaimer I do not own this song

Part 6

Alex starts playing while Liz sings.
Look at this stuff isn’t it neat
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I am the girl,
The girl who has everything
Look at this trove treasures untold
How many wonders can one cavern hold
Looking around here you’d think
Sure she’s got everything

Max just looked at Liz and was amazed at her singing voice. He had no idea that she could sing so beautifully.

I’ve got gadgets and gizmos of plenty
I’ve got ooze its and what’s its galore
Want thingama bobs? I got twenty
But who cares no big deal
I want more

Michael looked at Maria and thought she looked and sounded beautiful. I can’t wait to get her alone.

Liz and Maria
I want to be where the people are
I wanna to see them
Wanna see them dancing
Walking around on those
What do you call them? oh feet

Flipping your fins you don’t get too far
Legs are required for jumping, dancing
Strolling along down a
What’s that word again? Street
Up where they walk
Up where they run
Up where they stay all day in the sun
Wondering free wish I could be
Part of that world

What would I give
To spend a day warm on the sand
Betcha on land they understand
That they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women
Sick of swimming
Ready to stand

Isabel just stared at Alex. I never knew he could sing. I knew he could play, but sing? Wow.

I’m ready to know
What the people know
Ask them my questions and get some answers
What’s a fire? And why does it…
What’s the word? Burn
When is it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love
Love to explore the shore up above
Out of the sea
Wish I could be, a part of that world

What would I give
To live where you are
What would I pay
To stay here beside you
What would I do to see you
Smiling at me
Up where we walk
Up where we run
If we could stay all day in the sun
Just you and me
And I could be
Part of your world

I don’t know when
I don’t know how
But I know something’s starting right now
Watch and you’ll see
Someday I will be
Part of your world

After the song they noticed the children were fast asleep on their partner’s laps. Liz and the gang put the tired children to bed and then Max and Liz went to Liz’s room, Isabel and Alex went into Liz’s parent’s room, Kyle slept on the couch in the lounge and Michael and Maria went into the other spare bedroom.

In Liz’s Room
"Wow Liz that was wonderful. I love you Liz." Max spoke, smiling at Liz as she went into her bathroom to get ready for bed.
"Thank you Max. I have missed singing. I love you too." She went over to kiss Max and then Liz and Max curled up in bed and were soon asleep.

Michael and Maria:
"Yes Spaceboy?"
"Who’s Matthew?
"Er—a very old friend of ours."
"Why did Liz’s face light up at the mention of his name?"
"Micheal, can we not talk about this? Good Night Spaceboy."
"Okay. Good Night my pixie."
Maria turned off the light and snuggled next to Michael.

Isabel and Alex:
"Alex do you love me?"
"Iz I do. You know that."
Alex kissed Isabel and they went to sleep with a smile on their faces.

Kyle thoughts:
I am lonely. I wonder when my soulmate will return to me. I feel that she is close to me.
And Kyle drifted off to sleep, dreaming of his mate.
A tall dark haired guy was driving down a road, coming close to Roswell. In the car he was talking to a girl. "So Serena what are you going to say to Kyle when you see him?"
"I don’t know. I only hope he will remember me. I have been waiting to meet him all my life, and the time has come."

Part 7

Liz and Alex’s dream:
Alex and Liz are alone in the dark woods with a white mist floating across the ground and they both hear a male voice that they do not recognize. "There will be a sister who will die."
A sister who will leave her children to be raised by her sister, brother and their friends.
Their soulmates will take on their role as a parent.
A female person wearing a white gown shows up and smiles at Liz.
"My darling daughter you and your soulmate King Zan now called Max Evans, have been chosen to raise the second oldest child. Raise her well and keep her way from harm."
She then turns to Alex and smiles. "My dearest son you and your soulmate Princess Vilandra, now called Isabel Evans, have been chosen to raise the third youngest child. Raise her well and keep her away from harm."
At the same time Maria and Kyle have the same type of dream but this is what happened.
A different female turned up and smiled at Maria and spoke "My darling daughter you and your soulmate Rath, now called Michael Geurin, have been chosen to raise the oldest child. Raise him well and keep him away from harm"
She then looked at Kyle and smiled and spoke "My dearest son you and your soulmate Luranne, now called Serena Harrison, have been chosen to raise the youngest child. Raise her well and keep her away from harm."
Meanwhile in Max, Michael and Isabel’s dream
They were in the same woods with the same white mist and they heard the same prophecy.
A women appeared and she looked at Max and Isabel. " My children I knew this day would come. Michael you were like my son and you were my son’s best friend and you still are. Michael you have a sister and she will be joining you shortly. Max, you were called Zan and my daughter you were called Vilandra, Michael you were called Rath and your sister Serena was called Luranne. There is something you all need to know but you can’t tell your partners till the time is right. Liz’s sister is not the mother of the children. In the other time you were all married to your partners and the children were yours. Max, Isabel and Serena had daughters and Michael you had a son. You must all protect your children and soulmates."
"So I belong with Liz" Max asked hopefully.
"Yes my son and Isabel belongs with Alex, Serena belongs with Kyle and Michael you belong with Maria. God bless my children and good bye." And she vanished.
The next morning Liz and Maria opened the Crashdown and they started their shifts along with Michael who was doing the cooking. Alex and Kyle, with the help of Isabel and Max, got the kids up and dressed and then brought them down to the Crashdown for breakfast.
Katie had grown quite attached to Max and sat on his lap. Max felt a strong fatherly need to help Liz look after this little girl.
"Max, what can I have to eat?" Katie asked
Max was just about to answer when the bell on the Crashdown rang and the door opened revealing Matthew and Serena.

Part 8a
Liz looked up and saw a familiar face. "Matthew?". She wispered.

"Bethy. Wow you have not changed" Matthew spoke and threw an arm over Liz's shoulder and hugged her tight.

Max looked at Matthew and noted there was something about him that he did not like.
Liz, Matthew and Serena walked over to the booth where Isabel, Max, Kyle, Alex and the children were sitting. Max pulled Liz onto his lap as Katie moved off Max’s lap and sat beside him. Max wanted Liz as far away from Matthew as possible.

Matthew spoke "Hello your majesties, My name is Matthew and this is Serena." He pointed at the red haired girl.

"Hi everyone" Serena spoke nervously. She was terrified that she would not fit in and be rejected by the others and the three most important people of her life. Her brother that she missed so much and her child that she has been chosen to look after with Kyle. Kyle her soulmate. "oh please let him remember me."

Michael came out of the kitchen as soon as he saw Matthew and Serena. He felt a brotherly pull to her and walked over to Serena "Hi, I am your brother"

"You remember me? " Serena asked shyly.

"Of course I do. It came to me last night."

Serena threw her arms around Michael’s waist and cried " Oh Michael I missed you so much. I love you." She sobbed.

Michael had his arms round his long-lost sister and spoke "I missed you too and I love you and we will never be spilt up again, I promise"

The others watched with happy smiles.

Kyle coughed and everyone looked at him wondering why he was spoiling the moment between the siblings.

Michael looked at Kyle and realised that he needed to speak to Serena.
"Serena, I'd like you to meet Kyle."

"Why don’t you take Serena into the back room and talk, Kyle" Liz interrupted.

"Okay Liz," Kyle spoke and led Serena into the back.

"Look everyone, Michael, Maria and myself better go and get back to work or we will get fired. Why don’t the rest of you take the kids and Matthew out and get to know each other" Liz suggested. She wanted Max and Matthew to get along. She felt that Max had a strong dislike for Matthew and she did not understand why he had bad feelings toward Matthew.

Max put his arms around Liz and pouted, "But I want to stay here and watch my beautiful girlfriend work."

"No, Max please spend sometime with Katie and Matthew. Please? For me?" Liz begged.

"Okay, Liz" Max replied disappointedly.

"Katie, go and get your jacket, and Anne Maria’s jacket." Liz ordered the kids.

"Okay Aunt Liz. What about Jenny and me"? Ricky asked worriedly. Ricky had to look after his sisters when Marcus took them away. So he was very protective toward his siblings.

"Don’t worry Ricky you and Jenny can stay and help Maria and myself. You both will be okay".

Ricky seemed happy with the idea and Katie went to get the jackets.

Max went over to Liz and drew her in for a long kiss.

Liz suddenly got a feeling of jealousy, which came from Max. She realised that it was from yesterday, when Liz was on the phone to Ricky and he heard the words "I love you too."

Liz broke the kiss and looked at Max.. " You thought that Ricky was my secret love?" Liz asked amused

Max blushed and nodded

"Max listen to me. You are the only one that I have ever been in love with, and I will always be. Please believe that."

"I do Liz. And it is the same for me. I just got a bit silly." Max spoke. Max then doved in to kiss Liz again.

A loud cough broke the two lovers apart. It was coming from Michael.

"Are you two love birds done?" Michael asked, amused. Everyone was trying hard not to laugh.

Liz and Max blushed, nodded and reluctantly broke apart.

Katie came back with the jackets. Liz helped Katie put her jacket on.

Isabel helped with Anne Marie. She was feeling motherly all of a sudden..

Liz kissed Max then Katie and wispered quietly in her ear "be good for Max okay?".

"I will aunt Liz. I love you." Katie wispered back and kissed her on the cheek.

And then they left. Liz ran to the door and called out behind them "be back at closing time."

Max nodded and then they left.


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Part 8b

Meanwhile lets see what is happening with Kyle and Serena.

As soon as Kyle showed Serena into the living-room. Serena sat down next to Kyle. Inside they were both nervous

"So" they both said together and then looked at each other and laughed. But then it became very serious.

"I didn’t think it would be this hard to talk to you" Serena said to Kyle

"I know. I have so much I wanted to say but now I can only think of one thing to do" Kyle agreed. He moved, and kneeled down infront of her. He took both of her hands in his and looked straight into her eyes

"What is this Kyle?" Serena asked curiously. She too was staring into his eyes. She felt her insides filling with butterflies. She was so nervous.

"This" Kyle swooped down and captured Serena’s lips in a soft but meaningful kiss.
They suddenly felt all their nervousness fade away, all their feeling of loneliness disappeared. All that was left was love and passion.

They just cuddled on the couch for a while. No words were spoken they did not need to be.

All of a sudden, the door came open and in toddled Jenny, she looked around and smiled when she saw Kyle and ran over to him and Serena. Kyle opened his arms and Jenny climbed on to his lap.

"Jenny, this is Serena" Kyle introduced Serena.

"wello Rena." Jenny spoke.

"Hello Jenny" Serena answered her new daughter.

"Wuddle" Jenny said as she lifted her arms

Serena automatically knew what she meant and picked up Jenny and held her tight and smelled her hair. Oh how she dreamed of this moment, holding her daughter to her.

Kyle watched with a smile on his face. His two favorite women hugging each other. I will never get tired of watching this he thought. "C’mon lets go and see what the others are doing"

Serena followed Kyle into the front of the Crashdown and sat in the booth with Jenny still clinging to her.

Ricky was helping Michael in the kitchen.

Liz smiled as she saw Kyle, Serena and Jenny walked back in to the Crashdown and sat down. Kyle had his arm around Serena.

"Hey chica, watcha looking at?" Maria asked her friend as she came over to Liz.

"Oh Rustina, I was just watching Lurannae and Kauan together with Beka. They look very happy. I am glad Kauan chose her"

"Liz what did you call me? And who is Kauan and Beka? Maria asked with a puzzled face.

"Oh my God. I am remembering bits of our past life". Liz realized.

"Wow. So I was called Rustina. That’s a cool name." Maria commented.

"You know something Maria? I think I am starting to remember the other’s names."

"Wow that’s great. I think. Wait a minute. We are due a break. So lets get some paper and a pen and work out who we were called and then we can show everyone what we were called in our other life. Maria suggested excitably.

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Part 9
At the park Max was pushing Katie on the swings. "Higher, higher. Max please" Katie cried.

"You don’t want it to be too high Katie you might fall." Max told her.

Alex and Isabel were also taking turns pushing Anne on the baby swings. She was giggling, having the time of her life.

Matthew was watching Max and Katie on the swings and decided to go and have a chat with Max.

"Hiya Max", Matthew greeted with a fake smile.

"Matthew," Max greeted back aware of Matthew’s fake smile.

"So, you and Liz. Are you together? How long ? " Matthew asked. Interested in the involvement of the Queen and the King.

"Yes we are and we have been involved for 1 year now" Max did not need to think about it.

"Wow, that’s not long. I mean I thought you both would have been together a lot sooner." Matthew commented trying to sound surprised. He was eager to learn all he could about .Max. So he could put his plan in motion.

"Yeah well we have been friends for 9 years. I know I loved her from the first moment I saw her I was only 9 at the time. When I met her I did not tell her of my alien status, because I was afraid that she would turn her back on me." Max explained to Matthew. He was starting to feel very uncomfortable around him. He never opened up to anyone other than Isabel or Liz before. Why is he suddenly telling him what his greatest fear was and still is ? That he would lose Liz and he can’t bear to think about that.

Max soon realized that he had to get Katie back to Liz. So he left with Matthew, Katie, Alex, Isabel and Anne.

When they arrived it was closing time and the Crashdown was cleaned and Liz, Maria, and Michael, Kyle, Serena, Jenny and Ricky all sitting at the booth looking serious and Liz was writing something down.

As soon as Liz spotted Max, she ran straight into his arms and he held her looking concerned and worried "Liz what’s up? Max asked.

"Max just hold me please." Liz whispered.
Max held Liz and looked at Michael who was holding Maria.

"What’s happened" Max asked Michael

"Liz is starting to remember bits and pieces of our past life on Antar."

Unknown to the rest of the group Matthew’s face looked more concerned than the others.

"What? But how Liz?" Alex asked his sister.

"What do you remember?" Isabel asked worriedly. She knew about Vilandra from Congressman Whittaker when she took Liz away at Isabel’s birthday party. Whittaker told Isabel that as Vilandra, she betrayed her brother.

Liz walked over to Isabel "Izzy you did not betray Zan."

"What? Really?" Isabel spoke, shocked and relieved with tears streaming down her face. Alex had his arm around Isabel’s shoulders. Anne was on Alex’s hip asleep.

"All I know is that you did not betray Zan."

"Liz what else did you find out?" Alex asked

"I think before we talk about this it might be a good idea to get the kids to sleep."
Max picked up sleeping Katie and he and Liz took Katie upstairs along with Alex, Isabel sleepy Anne, Kyle, Serena with Jenny asleep in Kyle’s arms, Maria and Michael holding Ricky who also asleep.

Matthew stayed in the café’s booth and thought I better let Siver know what is happening. That for some reason Reanna is remembering things. Matthew then got out his phone and dialed a number unaware that Max and Michael were listening.

Part 10


After Max and Michael put the kids to bed Isabel and Alex were ringing their parents to say that they and Max were going to be spending the night at different houses again. Liz, Maria and Serena were watching the kids sleep. Maria had arranged with Amy DeLuca that she was going to be spending the week with Liz as her parents were away.
Max was speaking to Michael in another room
"I don’t know why but I really don’t trust Matthew. I have been getting bad vibes from him and he was very interested in Liz and my relationship.
"Well Maxwell are you sure that you aren’t jealous of Liz and Matthew" Michael asked smirking.
"No, of course not. I know there is nothing going on between them, Liz loves me. Besides my mother told us so."
"There is one thing I don’t understand. Why do we have to keep that secret about the kids belonging to us? I mean aren’t secrets what got us into messes over the years?" Michael asked.
"Yes I see what you mean, I hate not telling Liz that Katie is really our little girl in our past life." Max agreed frustrated.
"If you don’t trust Matthew there must be something up with him. Why don’t we go down stairs and have a chat with him, what do you think?" Michael asked.
"Why not I think that’s a great idea." Max answered.
And then they both went downstairs just in time to hear Matthew’s conversation.
"Marcus, its Matthew."
"I have got some news that is very important brother."
"What is that my dear brother?"
Unknown to Marcus and the two eaves-droppers, Liz came down and looked at Max and Michael worriedly and Max went over to Liz and put his fingers over to her lips to ‘be quiet’ and then they turned their attention to Matthew with Liz listening.
"Reanna is starting to remember her life on Antar."
"What? How the hell she could remember? I thought you said all her memories were wiped when they came out of their pods."
"Well the only reason I can think of is if Zan healed Reanna it would start the memories reappearing. But it would take a year for the memories to come out." Matthew spoke into the phone.
"Right. Here is what I want you to do, you have got to try and spilt Zan and Reanna up"
"How am I supposed to do that? They are so involved with each other."
"I don’t know, just use your brain"
"Okay I think I know what to do."
"I’ll call you when I have more news."
"Good bye for now." Matthew put his phone in his pocket.

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Part 11

Liz Pov

What? He is working with Marcus? No there must be some mistake. He is supposed to be on our side. Why? My god I hoped that he would help us. How long has he been working with Marcus? I have to find some answers.

Liz came out of the back room followed by Max and Michael.
"So how are the kids Bethy?" Matthew asked all politely and flirty.
"Oh they are fine, but tired. And could you please just call me Liz like everyone else please?" Liz replied trying to act normal but inside she was terrified of Matthew.
Max as if sensing her fear walked over to her and put his arms around her waist. Liz put her hands on Max’s hands.
"You know, it’s getting quite late. Why don’t you head to where you’re staying and we will talk tomorrow?"
"Oh okay then. Why don’t you give me a big hug like you used to Liz?"
Liz moved out of Max’s hold reluctantly. And gave Matthew a quick hug and then he left and Liz ran back into Max’s open arms sobbing.
"How could he Max? He was like a brother to me. I now feel like I can’t trust any body anymore."
"Liz, I am sorry you had to find out about him like that. But now you know what kind of alien he is. I thought he was one of our protectors." Max soothed Liz rubbing her back.
"He was." A female voce came through as a woman came through the front doors of the Crashdown.
Max tried to put Liz behind him but Liz saw the women’s face and gasped.
"Julie" She whispered. At first she was not quite sure it was her old friend who was like a mother to her before Nancy and Jeff Parker adopted her. She then ran into Julie’s open arms. Julie held Liz tightly and let Liz sob into her arms. " I…I thought y you d… ied. I s… y…ou in t…he h….ospital." Liz whispered still crying softly.
"Liz, I was injured. Marcus did try to kill me but I made it look like I was dead so you and the others could fulfill your destiny." Julie answered then she asked " Beth, where are the others?"
"I am here." Michael spoke up.
Liz and Max both jumped and turned around and faced Michael smirking" My god Michael. I completely forgot that you were there. Why did you not say anything?" Max asked.
"I thought it was better to keep my distance. And let you two have some time together." Michael spoke truthfully.
"Thanks Michael". Liz thanked Michael.
"My god Rath. Its so good to see you again" Julie recognized him and went over to hug him.
"Er, hi. I am sorry but I don’t know who you are. Have we met before?" Michael asked looking puzzled.
"Why yes Rath of course. Oh you are named Michael now. I believe." Julie answered
"Yes I am called Michael. Now who are you?" Michael asked getting into the protector mode.
"It’s okay Michael. I am not here to hurt any of you. I will explain once the others get here." Julie reassured Michael.
"Hey all what is with the noise?" Maria asked with the others following behind her.
Maria gasped and stopped, causing the others to bump into her. She took one look at Liz’s smiley face and red eyes.

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Part 12

"Maria, why did you stop? What is going on?" Isabel asked.

Maria did not hear what Isabel said because she ran sobbing into Julie’s open arms.

Liz already moved back into Max’s arms. He was holding her as his life depended on it.

"Ria, its good to see you again." Julie greeted Maria.

"What? How? When"? Maria asked confused.

"I’ll tell you in a bit okay?" Julie looked up and saw three people almost crying and the other two looking confused." Hello, Alex and Kyle. Its good to see you again. I hope you have been looking after Beth and Ria for me."

Alex and Kyle went over Julie and gave her a hug." Its good to see you again" Alex held her for a little bit longer.

They all sat down in the booth and brought spare chairs up.

Max pulled Liz onto his lap

"Well first I think I should introduced myself. Tell you who I really am. My name is Larna. I am not Liz and Alex’s sister, sorry that I lied to you but I had to other wise the prophecy would not come true."

Liz and Alex both interrupted and said together . "There will be a sister who will die."
A sister who will leave her children to be raised by her sister, brother and their friends.
Their soulmates will take on their role as a parent.

"Very good Beth and Alex. But not quite right. I know you heard it in your dreams, but bits were left out for your own safety. I’ll tell you in a little while. I am one of your protectors. Michael and Serena, I knew both of you on Antar, I was your nanny. I helped your mother take care of you both. Sometimes I was asked to watch some of you as well.

"On Antar there was a king Zane and Queen Vena. They had two children Zan and Vilandra, that’s Max and Isabel. Unfortunately King Zane died and prince Zan had to take the throne. He was only sixteen at the time.

Kenuan and his wife Naria had Reanna and Ravan, that’s Beth and Alex. Your parents were close friends of the King and Queen. As was Rath and Luranne’s, or Michael & Serena's parents.

Our people believed in soul mates. I'll say your names so it won’t confuse you all.
Maria, Liz, Isabel and Serena were the best of friends. Maria was the one who used remedies, Liz was the scientific and the dreamer one, Isabel was the beautiful one, and Serena was the dreamer.

Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex were also the best of friends. Max was the dreamer, Michael was the solider, Kyle and Alex were the practical jokers of the group.
One day Liz and Alex were sent to the palace by their parents because Liz was getting harassed by Kivar, a leader of Tucla. That’s a planet near Antar, where you all were born and lived until your death. He had a very big interest in Liz. He was sending notes and presents to her. But Liz did not care for him. She once confided in me that she had fallen in love with the Max, but she was not sure if he felt the same way.

It was then Alex and Isabel met and fell in love. Isabel had a crush on Alex from the very first moment. But she was worried how her brother would react. He was very protective of his twin sister. When Alex and Liz came to stay with us. Alex became aware of how beautiful Isabel was and asked Max if he would be able to court her. Max was happy and accepted his request. Isabel was so happy."

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Part 13

When Alex heard that he put his arm around Isabel and she leaned into his embrace and felt comfortable.

Max was holding on to Liz. Michael had his arms around Maria. Serena was sitting on Kyle’s lap. All of them were listening to every detail of the story.

"Back to Liz, Max and Kivar" Maria asked. Wanting to know about her best friend.

"Okay, now. One day in the palace grounds Max found Liz siting on a beach crying. He went over to her and asked her what was wrong. She told him that Kivar had found out that she was on Antar and sent a letter to inform her that he was coming to Antar to see her and try to make her marry him. Max was horrified to hear this and dropped down to one knee and asked her to become his Queen. At first Liz was confused and asked him if the only reason why he asked her to marry him was because it would stop Kivar from ever putting a claim on Liz and not for love. Max then confessed to Liz that he had always loved her from the very first moment, but he was afraid that she did not feel the same. It was exactly the same as Liz felt that Max did not love her. Any way Liz confessed her feelings and then they shared their first kiss.

Max had already asked Liz’s father for permission to try and see if she could become his Queen. Her father agreed to it right away.

That night at dinner Max made the announcement that Liz has agreed to become his wife and Queen. Everyone one was shocked and happy at this piece of news. Max then said that this was going to be a short engagement. Max’s mother was not happy at this and asked Max in her chambers why this had to be so sudden. Max confessed the truth about Kivar coming to Antar. Max’s mother agreed that although it was not proper to have the wedding ceremony to be very soon, it must happen. So it was decided the wedding would take place in a month.

"I am sorry to interrupt I think we should leave it there for now it's getting quite late." Max interrupted.

"I think you are right Max. I better go to my place. Is there anyone who needs a bed ?" Julie asked.

"Well, could Kyle and I stay with you?" Serena asked Julie.

"Yes that’s fine". Julie agreed.

"Okay well, why don’t you come for breakfast at the Crashdown at about 9?" Liz suggested.

They all agreed and Julie, Kyle and Serena left and Liz locked the Crashdown and then they all went to their rooms as they had done the previous night.

Max sat on Liz’s bed. "So Liz, how are you coping with the fact that Matthew betrayed us?"

Liz came out all ready for bed and sat down on her chair, looking at Max with a sad face that broke his heart. "Max, it hurts. I mean apart from Alex, Maria and Kyle. He was kind to us in the children’s home. We were bullied a lot. We did not really have friends apart from Matthew and each other. I did start to have a crush on him. But now I feel guilty and ashamed that I trusted him with my life, and the other’s lives."

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Part 14

"Oh Liz, come here." Max spoke soothingly to Liz. He held her to his chest for a little while. Liz then broke out of Max’s embrace and started to kiss him on the lips. Liz’s tongue rolled against Max’s lips and he opened his mouth and Liz put her tongue in his opened mouth and they kissed for what seemed a long time. Liz pushed Max on her bed a straddled him, still kissing. The need to breathe reluctantly broke them apart. Max had his forehead to Liz’s. Liz then kissed along Max’s neck and her hands traveled underneath his shirt. Max was moaning at the sensation Liz was causing on his neck and with her hot hands running over his abdomen. Liz then stopped causing a groan of disappointment from Max at the loss of her hands. Liz sat up still straddling Max and tugged at his tee-shirt and with his help, she got it off. Then she took her shirt off and Max was staring at her body, " My god you are so beautiful, but Liz we can’t."

"Max, I want to. Please make love to me. Do you want me?" Liz pleaded. Looking deeply into Max’s eyes.

Max looked back at Liz, shocked at her question. "Liz, of course I do. As much as I would love to make love to you, it's too soon and we are not ready. But when the time is right, I will make love to you. But not now. Not here, while our friends are asleep down the hall, and the children are here." Max explained, wanting so much to take Liz and make her his. But knowing that Liz is still upset with what Matthew has done.

"I know, it's just that I want you so much". Liz leaned over to Max and kissed him. She then got off Max and curled up on his bear chest. Max kissed Liz on the forehead and wispered, " I loved you too. And I do want so much more as well."

"I love you too Max". Liz confessed. Then turned off the light. Soon, both of them were fast asleep.
Alex and Isabel’s room:

"I can’t believe that we were married. Alex what is going to happen when Liz’s parents come back and find that there are children staying here?

"Izzy bear, I have no idea. We better ask Max and Liz what to do. I know I would like to tell my parents. And I know you would like to. Maria has been wanting to tell her mother for awhile. The sheriff knows about us. That’s why he was after Max. He though that Max did something to hurt Liz. He was going to expose us. I know Liz does want to tell her parents but she just doesn’t want them to be endangered."

"And Michael is Michael. He doesn’t want anyone else to know." Isabel interrupted.

"Yeah, anyway I suppose we should get some sleep."

"Okay, Alex can you hold me all night?" Isabel asked.

"Of course I will," Alex wispered. He kissed Isabel on the head and turned off the light and held her to his chest.
At eight, Liz woke up and slipped out of the bed trying not to wake up Max. He moaned a bit from the loss of Liz’s body, but stayed asleep and rolled over. She pulled the cover over Max and just sat on the side of the bed looking at him for a moment. She thought about how much she loved him and her mind came back to last night when she nearly seduced Max. She and Max had never gone that far before and she loved it, and she decided to do that more often.

Liz then decided that she would have a shower, get dressed, then write in her journal for a little while before she woke Max up.

15 minutes later Liz sat down on a chair on her balcony and started to write about what she had learned last night. She still could not believe that she and Max were meant to be together. After about 20 minutes of writing in her journal, Liz was startled when Max climbed out the window and made her jump.

"Max, you know I hate it when you make me jump," she scolded him.

"I'm sorry Liz, so are you ever going to let me read your journal? Please? I promise to be a good boy?" Max begged, down on one knee, sticking out his bottom lip.

"Okay Max, you can... one day." Liz agreed.

"Oh Liz. Thank you, thank you!!" Max kept on kissing Liz. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Max." Liz whispered against his lips and kissed him back

They were interrupted by a child giggling. Max broke the kiss and he and Liz saw a fully dressed Katie smiling.

"Get over here little lady." Max called to Katie. She carefully came onto the balcony and sat on Max’s lap. "So how is my favorite little lady today?" Max asked Katie.

Katie giggled and answered, "I am okay, but hungry. Everybody is up and dressed, and Serena, Aunty Tess and Uncle Kyle are here. Uncle Michael is making pancakes. Aunty Maria says we have to wait till you and Aunty Lizzy come down so Uncle Alex told me to come and either wake you up or tell you to hurry up. Uncle Alex is hungry again."

"Uncle Alex is always hungry," Liz repeated. And they all laughed. " C'mon Katie, lets leave Max to get washed and ready and he will meet us downstairs."

"But I want da……. I mean Max to give me a piggyback ride." Katie stuttered out. She knew the truth that Max was her daddy and Liz was her mummy but she wasn’t sure when to mention it.

"Okay Katie and Liz, give me 5 minutes. And then we will all go down together." Max suggested. Max then disappeared into Liz’s bathroom.

"So Katie, what do you think of Max?" Liz asked Katie. Liz really wanted to know how she felt when it came to Max

"I like him a lot. Will he be my daddy?" Katie asked.

"Katie, Marcus is your daddy and Julie is your mummy." Liz told Katie.

Katie looked confused at Liz, "Not in our other life. You were my mummy and Max was my daddy you two was married."

"Katie, that’s not true."

"Yes it is Liz.." Max’s voice made her jump.

"What Max? I don’t understand." Liz turned and looked at Max.

Max then told her about what his mother said in the dream.

Part 15

Max carefully steered a dazed and shocked Liz down the stairs with Katie following behind. Everyone stopped talking when they saw the look on Liz’s face.

"I take it she knows, Maxwell." Michael guessed.

"Knows what?" Maria asked confused.

"I told her. I am sorry everyone," Katie apologized, "I thought she knew." Katie said quietly, looking upset.

That snapped Liz out of her dazed expression and she picked Katie up, setting her on her lap. "Katie it’s okay. I am a bit annoyed that it was kept from us." Liz spoke with a bit of anger in her voice.

"Liz, I’m sorry, but we were told not to tell any of you." Max apologized.

"WHAT IS GOING ON??" Maria shouted, annoyed with being ignored. She wanted to know why Katie was apologizing and why Liz looked shocked when she came down the stairs with Max.

"I think Julie better give us the whole story." Max told everyone.

"What about?" Julie looked confused.

"About the fact that in a dream Max, Michael and I had, we were told that Katie, Ricky, Anne and Jenny were our children with our partners on Antar." Isabel spoke softy.

There were a lot of gasps coming from Maria, Alex, and Kyle. Serena did not look so shocked.

Liz saw that and asked, "Serena why don’t you look as shocked as the others?" "I had the same dream, and it felt right." Serena answered softly. "I was just going to wait to see if anybody brought it up."

"Lets sit down to breakfast and then we will finish our discussion," Max suggested.

"Great, I’m hungry!" Alex and Kyle agreed at the same time.

"We know!" Liz and Maria answered giggling.

"Hey, I’m a growing boy who needs food!" Kyle said while flexing his biceps.

"And I’m just hungry," Alex clarified, digging into his pancakes. Everyone was laughing at Kyle’s and Alex’s statements.

They all ate in silence with lots of thoughts going around in their heads. After breakfast, the plates and glasses were washed and put away using some alien hocus pocus. They sat down in the living room and Julie started to talk. "I’ll continue from where we left off yesterday. You will know everything. It will all be revealed… Max and Liz’s wedding soon came. It was a very happy occasion. Lots of people came to see their King and his chosen Queen married. The day after the wedding, the coronation took place and Liz was crowned Queen of Antar. Kivar was very unhappy when he heard about this and he was determined to kill Max and take Liz as his wife, while keeping Vilandra as his mistress. He then waited till he could sort out his plan. Three years went by and Antar was a happy place. Alex and Isabel were married one year after Max and Liz had been and during their reception, Michael made a shocking proposal to Maria. He had already asked Alex and Isabel if he could make an announcement. Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Serena and Maria’s father knew what Michael was going to ask Maria. Michael asked if he could have everyone’s attention. And then bent on one knee in front of Maria. Michael asked her to be his wife. Maria was shocked and happy and nodded right away and Michael slipped a ring onto her finger. He picked her up and swung her around, kissing her. Everyone was clapping and cheering. They were all glad that Michael and Maria were finally engaged. Liz was smiling at one of her best friends when suddenly she felt dizzy. She excused herself from a group of people. She went outside to get some air. Max noticed that she had left and followed her. He felt that she was not well and he was a bit concerned."

"I remember that!" Liz interrupted suddenly and that caused her friends to stare at her. "I went into the rose garden and sat down on the bench. Max came and sat down beside me. I let him connect with me to see what was wrong. He found out that I was pregnant with a baby girl." Liz looked at Max with tears in her eyes. Then she carried on, "We decided to keep it to ourselves for a few days, till the excitement had worn off."

"Liz, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I don’t understand how you can remember that. You had your memories wiped when you were in your pods. You were only meant to have feelings that you knew each other. Your memories are meant to come back when you have bonded with your partner."

"By bonded, you mean …. you know…" Maria asked, blushing slightly.

"Yes Ria. Shall I call it mating? Would that be easier?" Julie asked amused.

Maria nodded embarrassed about what she had asked and buried her head in Michael’s shoulder. Michael tightened his grip around her waist. "I think I better take the kids upstairs so they can play. And we can carry on." Liz suggested. Max went to help.

When Liz and Max came back down, Julie asked, "Liz, do you remember everything about your past?"

"No I only remember bits. But the story that you are telling sounds very familiar." Liz explained.

"How can Liz remember things?" Max asked Julie.

"Has Liz been close to dying at all?" Julie asked everyone.

"Yes she has, and I healed her. It was awhile ago. She got shot in the Crashdown. And I connected with her." Max explained.

"Well that’s it. That must have triggered her memories when Max healed Liz and formed a connection."

"Okay now we know about that can we please get on with the story?" Michael asked impatiently.

"Okay. When Max announced Liz’s pregnancy, everyone was happy that there would be an heir to the throne. Kyle and Serena got engaged and they had a double wedding with Michael and Maria a few months after Alex and Isabel’s’ wedding. Liz gave birth to a baby girl. They named her Beka."

"What is going on?" A shouting female voice sounded from the back door. Liz and everyone turned to where the voice was coming from and simultaneously, all their faces became pale and frightened.

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Part 16


Mr. and Mrs. Parker’s car pulled up and they stepped into the Crashdown. They were surprised to see their old friends Diane and Philip Evans at a booth.

"Diane, Philip it’s so good to see you." Jeff greeted them.

"Yeah, it’s good to see you as well." Philip greeted them back.

They all sat down at the booth and ordered drinks and food. The men chatted about sports while the women chatted about their kids.

"So, have you seen Liz at all?" Nancy asked Diane.

"No. I suppose Max and Isabel are with her, though they don’t speak much about where they go or who they see." Diane told Nancy.

"Liz has changed an awful lot these past two years. She used to tell us everything and now, when ever we mention Max or the others, Liz goes all quite." Nancy confided in her friend.

"Well, Max has never really confided in me or Philip. Only in Izzy."

"They are all hiding something." Philip said jumping into the conversation.

"What do you mean?" Nancy asked.

"Well, think about it. They are coming in at odd hours of the morning, lying to us about where they have been. I mean how stupid do they think we are?" Jeff questioned.

"Well, we could confront them and make sure we get the truth." Philip suggested.

"We can’t ask Max, he asked me to trust him." Diane said softy. Remembering that Max asked her not to say anything.

Diane remembers the talk she had with Max

(This was taken from Season 1 : Toy house)

DIANE: Max...nothing you are could ever turn me away from you. I mean...I love you. And you're my son. Do you understand that?

MAX: Yeah.

DIANE: Then why...why can't you just tell me your secret?

(Max unfolds his jacket and gives his mom the item that was in it)

MAX: This is for you. Sorry...for the wrapping.

DIANE: Oh...your house.

MAX: I remember my first few nights in our house so well. I hated it so much. For Isabel it was different. She saw you and dad, and from the very first moment, she knew she was home. But I would lie in my bed all night and cry.

DIANE: Because you wanted to go home.

MAX: Yeah. And you gave me this. And you said that it was a magic house...that if I held onto it, it would take me home. But the thing is, it would never bring me home, because I don't know where home is. I don't remember. That's the truth. And if you can't accept that, then I understand. I could leave.

DIANE: Leave? Max, please...

MAX: Mom, please don't ask me about this anymore. It's nothing bad. It's nothing dangerous. I beg you to trust me. I're my mother. Please, mom.

Diane was brought back to the present when her husband asked if she was okay.

"Diane, are you all right?"

"Yes, I was just remembering the talk I had with Max last year."

"C’mon lets go into the back room to see if Liz and the others are there." Jeff suggested and they all walked in quietly and heard a woman’s voice speaking as they crept in.

"Okay. When Max announced Liz’s pregnancy. Everyone was happy that there would be an heir to the throne."
Kyle and Serena got engaged and they had a joint marriage with Michael and Maria a few months after
Alex and Isabel’s wedding."
"Liz gave birth to a baby girl. They named her Beka."

Diane gave a gasp and Nancy shouted, "What is going on?"

"Mom dad, what are you doing back so early?" Liz asked her parents.

"Mom, dad what did you hear?" Max asked his parents with a pale, scared face.

"Max, we heard enough of what’s going on but we would like to hear the rest of your secret from start to finish. No more lies, no more secrets." Philip told his son.

"We love you and nothing will change that. Please tell us the truth." Diane reassured her son. Begging him.

"Okay you all better sit down this is going to take awhile." Max told the Evan’s and the Parker’s.
They all sat down. Max started telling them their story. He started with, "Isabel, Michael, Liz, Maria, Kyle, Serena , Alex and myself are alien hybrids. Our ship crashed in 1947. ‘

Katie’s crying could be heard from upstairs. And Ricky shouted downstairs "Aunt Liz, Uncle Max. Something is wrong with Katie."

"Who is that? And who is Katie?" Jeff asked looking at the kids. Nancy was in shock. Diane had the same shocked face as Nancy.

Philip just mumbled something about needing a drink.

"Look, Max and I will be right back. Why don’t you get all a drink?" Liz suggested.

Liz and Max disappeared quickly upstairs and ran into Katie and Ricky’s room. Ricky was rocking a sobbing, shaky Katie.

As soon as Katie saw Max and Liz, she scrambled on the bed towards Liz and Max her arms opened wide to Liz. Max moved to the head of the bed and Liz picked up Katie and climbed on the bed near Max and put Katie in the middle of her and Max.

"Ricky, can you go down stairs and ask Maria if she can get you some water for Katie?" Liz asked him quietly.

"But, what about Katie?" Ricky asked concerned for his sister

"It’s okay, we will look after Katie." Liz reassured Ricky.

"Okay." Ricky left to go down stairs.

"Katie, honey can you tell us what happened?" Max asked her rubbing her back slowly.

"It was bad, I saw Kivar. He was killing you Lizzie, in front Max. I was screaming for someone to help but as I looked around, Uncle Michael, Kyle, Alex, Aunt Maria, Izzy and Serena, Ricky and my two sisters were….." At that point Katie broke down unable to finish her nightmare/vision.

Liz was in shock and held Katie tightly to her as she cried. Max shared a horrified look to Liz. They both knew that this wasn’t just a nightmare, this was real.

"Katie, I promise that what ever you saw we will change it so those bad things don’t happen." Max reassured Katie and she nodded.

"Liz, stay here for a minute I want to ask Izzy to do something." Max ordered.

Liz just nodded and Katie put her head on Liz’s lap while Liz stroked her head and started singing her favorite lullaby.


Next time on A Secret Untold:

The adults reaction to Ricky when he comes down stairs.
What does Max ask Isabel to do?
And what will the parents think of their other worldly teens when they hear the full story?

Part 17

When Ricky came down the stairs, all the adults stared at him, making him feel uncomfortable.

"Aunty Maria," Ricky spoke softly. "Aunty Liz wanted me to ask you if you could get Katie some water please?"

"Sure thing honey. I'll be right back." Maria answered and headed off to the kitchen.

"Hey kiddo, come over here till Maria comes back with the water." Michael called out to Ricky.

"Okay Uncle Michael," Ricky replied and ran over to Michael and sat on his lap.

Ricky asked Michael, "Who are these people and why do they keep on staring at me?"

"Ricky, these are Max’s and my adopted parents and these are Liz’s parents." Isabel introduced the parents. She then turned to her parents and the Parkers. "Mum, Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Parker this is Ricky, the oldest of the children. And is Maria and Michael’s child in our past life."

"Oh," Ricky realised.

"How’s Katie?" Isabelle asked softy to Ricky in a concerned voice. Partly worried for her niece and trying to distract the parents from asking Ricky lots of questions.

Ricky looked down at his hands," she had one of her vision things. It was scary to see her like that." He said sadly while trying to fight off his tears.

"Hey little man," Michael said holding him tightly to his chest, "We will sort it out and make sure nothing happens to anyone, especially you and your sisters."

"Spaceboy is right." Maria interrupted them." Now, here is Katie’s water. And I promise you that everything will work out okay. Now give me a hug and go back upstairs, okay?"

"Okay Aunt Ria, and thanks." Ricky smiled and gave Maria a very big hug and said to her and Michael, "I love you both."

"We love you to kiddo, now go," Michael told Ricky.

"Okay I am going. Bye everyone, it was nice to meet you." Ricky said to the parents and scurried off upstairs. His head peered down ward and asked, "Shall I look in on Anne and Juile?"

"That would be great Ricky, and you can come back down to tell us if we need to check on them." Isabel answered.

"Okay." Ricky’s head disappeared .

"Whatever Katie saw must of been pretty bad for Ricky almost to cry like that." Serena spoke quietly.

All the parents moved their gaze from the spot where Ricky was just a moment ago, to Serena.

"Would one of you please tell us what the hell those four children are doing in my house. And where is my daughter?" Jeff shouted, clearly annoyed.

"She is upstairs trying to get our past life daughter to calm down after she saw everyone one of us murdered in cold blood. Including her older brother and her two younger sisters." A angry voice startled everyone in the room. They all turned round to see a pissed off Max.

The adults jaws were dropped open. No one had ever seen Max this angry before, apart from the pod squad.

"Oh no, Alex." Isabel cried softly. Alex hugged her to his chest.

"It's okay Bella." Alex soothed his girlfriend using his pet name for her." We will fix this, won’t we Max?" Alex said looking at Max while he spoke.

"Yes we will." Max said reassuring his sister. "But before we talk about that, I want to make sure that Katie for once will have a dream that all nine year olds have. So Iz, could you please help to make that happen for her please?" Max asked his sister.

"Sure. It's the least I can do. Alex can you hold me while I do this?" Isabel asked her boyfriend shyly.

"Yeah, of course Bella." Alex replied.

Michael and Maria got of the seat and sat on the floor.

Isabel laid stretched out on the seat with Alex holding her. "Max, I need a picture of Katie.

"No you don’t. Just form an image of Katie in your mind and reach out to her. " Julie instructed Isabel.

"All your powers are getting stronger." Julie informed everyone.

"Okay, can we have some quiet please? I can’t do this if everyone is talking. Oh, one more question before I do this. What do nine year old girls dream of. Cause I have no idea what to do for her." Isabel admitted sheepishly.

"Try to do something with unicorns. That’s her favourite mythical creature." Max suggested causing everyone to look at him.

"Okay here it goes, see you in a little while." Isabel said then closed her eyes.

"Max, how do you know what Katie’s favourite mythical creature is?" His father wispered.

"Well, back on Antar, the planet we used to live on, Liz and I decorated Katie’s bedroom with unicorns." Max wispered back.

"Max how did you know that?" Maria wispered.

"I don’t know, I just did." Max answered.

Isabel opened her eyes and looked around.

"Well?" Max asked hopefully.

"She is now dreaming about riding unicorns with you and Liz." Isabel answered smiling at everyone.

Max went over to his sister and gave her a big hug and wispered in her ear "Thanks sis."

"No problem. I didn't want my niece to dream about bad things happening to her family again. Wow that was something I didn't think would happen for quite awhile. I have a niece." Isabel said, a bit amused.

"So, can you tell us more about yourselves?" Nancy asked the podsquad.

"I think we better wait for Liz before we tell you any more. I'll go and get her." Max suggested.

"No need Max, I'm here." Liz spoke as she came down the stairs.

"Lizzie chica, how are you and Katie?" Maria asked her.

"Well, I'm still trying to get over what Katie saw. It's just a shock. Katie is finally asleep. I checked on the girls and got Ricky to sleep next to Katie." Liz confessed.

"I knew we should have never left the children with Marcus." Liz told everyone.

"That’s the children’s father in this life who is working with Kivar, who is the leader of a planet neighbouring the planet that we used to live on." Max informed the parents.

"Liz, we did not have any choice in this matter. We were really young at the time. Now we can find a way of looking after the children." Alex told his sister.

"Julie can’t you take the children back? I mean you are their mother." Maria asked Julie.

‘No sweetie, I can’t. They don’t belong to me now. They are your children. I carried them till you were able to take care of them. Katie is now your daughter Max and Liz. Ricky is now Michael and Maria’s son. Anne is Alex and Isabel’s daughter and Jenny is Kyle and Serena's daughter. All the children know that I am not their real mother and Marcus is not their real father. I have done what I promised Max and Isabel’s mother." Julie explained. " And that was to make sure the children are with their rightful parents. I think I will explain the story to your parents.

"Liz and Max were the king and Queen of Antar, our planet. They all died on Katie’s 4th birthday, murdered by Kivar and Siver, who is on Earth now. Siver wants to take Liz and Isabel back with him to Antar. So Liz will become his Queen and have Isabel as his mistress. The Queen's technicians had been working on a back up plan that was a closely guarded secret. They were able to clone dead people and send them to Earth as children. So they would be safe and be able to come back when they were older, to save their planet."

"Mum, Dad when you found us on the road, Michael, Isabel and myself were in these incubation pods. That kept us alive for 50 years. The night you found us in the desert, we had just broke free of our pods."

"But Michael, we did not see you when we picked Max and Isabel." Diane said.

"I hid when I saw the car coming. I was scared." Michael admitted.

"Oh Michael. I am so sorry. You have been best friends with Max and Isabel for so many years and are like a son to us. If we would have seen you, we would of taken you in as well." Philip told Michael

"That’s okay." Michael said back.

"We didn’t meet Michael till school and we realised that he was one of us. Michael was the same as us. There was someone else I saw when I got off the bus that day. It was a long haired brunette girl. I fell in love with her that day at the age of eight. But I was scared to let her know what I really was." Max told the parents while holding Liz’s hand and smiling at her.

"We managed to keep everyone from knowing about what we were for a few years, till Liz got shot in the Crashdown and my dear brother healed Liz, exposing that we are aliens." Isabel pitched in.

"I promised Max I would not say anything to anyone but Maria knew that I wasn’t telling her the truth so I had to tell her about Max and the others." Liz joined in.

"I was the next one to find out. Liz and I ended up in jail because the Sheriff was chasing around trying to find out about what Max did to Liz in the Crashdown. Liz finally confessed and told me what happened." Alex joined in as well.

"Kyle and the sheriff were the last ones to find out about us. We have had some trouble along the way. We had the FBI kidnapping and torturing Max ." Michael joined in.

"What? Why? When?" Philip and Diane cried out.

"Mum, Dad they did it to me because they wanted to find out why I was here. It was horrible what they did to me. It was last year." Max told his parents.

Part 18

"Oh my god Max!" Diane cried and ran over to him and hugged him.

"I want to find who ever did this and make them pay." Philip shouted angrily.

"Dad you won’t have a problem with that." Max reassured his father.

"Why, Max?" Diane asked unsure what why Max would say that.

"I killed him" Michael told everyone.
There was a gasp in the room.

"You….. k….illed s….omeone." Nancy stuttered out sounding frightened.

"Yes he did. Mrs P. He did it to save Kyle’s dad, Max and your daughter. " Maria defended Michael.

"Oh right." Nancy understood still confused that there are aliens among them.

"I think we better stop this for the evening. We can start afresh in the morning. There is a bit more to tell you and we need to sort out what we are going to do with the children. We also need to find out how to stop Marcus from killing us. And taking the children," said Max.

"About the children, Max. I have an idea. But Maria it's time to tell your mother the truth." Liz suggested.

"Liz you have to be kidding!" Maria told Liz shocked.

"If you want to keep Ricky, we have to tell her. Oh and Alex we need tell your parents as well." Liz told everyone.

"Liz, what is your idea?" Max asked looking at his only love.

"Well, my idea is: Mr. Evans if you could make up some adoption papers for the children and have you and Mr Evans adopt Isabel’s child Anne, and get Maria’s mother to adopt Ricky, My parents to adopt Katie and the Sheriff to adopt Jenny." Liz suggested.

"Um, I think I can do that." Philip Evans managed to take all that in. He was surprised that Liz and Max could take charge.

"But Liz…" Maria spoke softly. Her eyes shined with unshed tears.

"Ria, I know that you want to be with Michael and Ricky. My god I want nothing more to be with Max and Katie as a family should but we can’t yet. We have so much to do and we can’t afford looking after them by ourselves. It will only be for a few years and then we can all be with the people that we love." Liz said hugging her best friend.

"Kyle you need to fill in your dad, about what’s going on. Max told Kyle.

"Okay then I'll let him know when we break up our little get together."

"Maria, you and Michael go with Julie first thing tomorrow and tell you mother the truth then bring her……… " Liz then looked to Max and asked "Max where are we going to meet up?"

"Mum, dad can we gather at our house tomorrow?" Max asked his parents.

"Yeah, that will be fine. We can have a barbecue." Diane suggested.

"Liz and Maria can bring the children over." Max looked over to Liz and Maria who both nodded.

The sound of shuffling on the stairs caused everyone to look up.

"Aunty Lizzie what’s going on." Katie rubbed her eyes, with one hand and held Anne’s hand with the other. Ricky was holding Jenny’s hand.

"What are you doing up?" Liz went over to pick up Anne and placed her on Isabel’s lap. Kyle went over and picked Jenny up.

"We just woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep and we missed you." Katie went over and scrambled onto Max’s lap.

Ricky ran over to Maria and Michael and opened his arms. Michael pulled him to Maria and himself.

The adults just stared at their children with their children.

"My baby’s got a child." Nancy started to cry and buried her head in Jeff’s body .

Jeff held is wife’s body tightly to him.

Kyle was blowing raspberries on Jenny’s tummy which caused her to bust out with laughter.

Serena just watched Kyle and Jenny with happy tears in her eyes.

Isabel and Alex were playing with Anne’s toes and making her laugh.

Ricky was explaining to Michael that he loved to watch football but missed the last games.

Katie and Max were bonding talking softly to each other. While Liz was brushing Katie’s hair.
Okay I think we better get the kids to sleep and then we better get some rest ourselves. Liz brought the group back to the present.

"Aunt Lizzie, who’s going to take care of us?" Ricky walked over to Liz and asked her.

"Kids come here for a minute." Liz called them and they all scrambled over to Liz and Liz crouched down to their level.

Maria moved so she was near Liz. Alex and Kyle did the same.

"You know how much we love you, and how sorry we are that we weren’t there to look after you. We were kids at the time ourselves. And I wished things could have been different. We would have never let Marcus take you away from us when Julie left. We are going to have to spilt you up tomorrow." Liz said softly while stroking Katie’s head.

"What? No!!" Ricky shouted clinging to his sisters.

"Lizzie, you promised that we would all stay together." Katie cried.

Maria cried softly into Kyle’s shoulder.

Alex put his hand on Liz’s shoulder to allow comfort.

"Ricky, Katie you know that in our life on Antar you were cousins." Liz spoke again." And here you still are cousins but we all can’t live together, not yet. But you will be with these people. They all know who we are." Liz motioned around the room with her hand. "Katie you will be staying with me and my parents. Anne you will be staying with Kyle, Serena and his dad. Jenny you will be staying with Isabel, Max and their parents."

Maria went over to Ricky. "Ricky I want you stay with my mother and myself."

"Aunt Lizzie why can’t we all be with our parents?" Katie asked confused.

"Katie, Ricky you know that things are different here. We can’t afford a place of our own and I am pretty sure our parents don’t want us all living together. It will also cost us some unwanted attention." Liz tried to explain.

"Okay but promise us that we can see each other every day?" Ricky agreed and asked

"Of course you can." Nancy Parker interrupted causing them to look around. They forgot that the parents were around.

"Lizzie can we have a song?" Katie asked her eyes lighting up.

"What? Now?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, please?" Ricky asked.

"Alex, can you get your guitar?"

"Liz, you can sing?" Nancy asked her daughter.

"Why have you never let us hear your voice before?" Jeff asked.

"I stopped singing awhile ago." Liz confessed. "As soon as I have sung, you kids are going off to bed and we will call it a night."

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Part 19

Here I stand alone
With this weight upon my heart
And it will not go away
In my head I keep on looking back
Right back to the start
Wondering what it was that made you change

Well I tried
But I had to draw the line
And still this question keeps on spinning in my mind

What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
If I'd stayed
If you'd tried
If we could only turn back time
But I guess we'll never know

Many roads to take
Some to joy
Some to heartache
Anyone can lose their way
And if I said that we could turn it back
Right back to the start
Would you take the chance and make the change

Do you think how it would have been sometimes
Do you pray that I'd never left your side

What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
If I'd stayed
If you'd tried
If we could only turn back time
But I guess we'll never know

If only we could turn the hands of time
If I could take it back would you still be mine

'Cos I tried
But I had to draw the line
And still this question keep on spinning in my mind

What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
What if I had never walked away
'Cos I still love you more than I could say
If I'd stayed
If you'd tried
If we could only turn back time
But I guess we'll never know
We'll never know

"Wow, Liz that was lovely." Nancy spoke with tears in her eyes.

"Yeah that was beautiful," Diane commented.

"Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse us we will put the children down in the spare bedroom." Liz spoke.

"I have an idea, why don’t we let the Evans' take Anne now." Jeff suggested.

"Dad, I think that it would be a mistake to separate them now. They are so close and it will be easier to take them away gradually. Make it easier on them". Liz begged her father.

"Easier on them... what about us?. We have just found out that our children are not what we thought they were."

"But we are not children Dad, were adults and we are just trying to stay alive and make the best of what we have here. So, if you can’t except me for who I am then I can leave. Actually that makes more sense because us being here is putting you and mom in more danger." Liz spoke calmly trying not to let her emotions show.

"Liz, no! I don’t care about the danger! Ever since we found you in the adoption center in Florida, we have always considered our daughter. You being different will never ever make us not except you. We love you and want you and Katie to be here." Nancy spoke to her daughter with tears in her eyes.

"Thanks mom." Liz said softly and hugged her Mother.

Liz, Maria, Isabel and Serena got up and picked up the sleeping children and carried them upstairs.
Five minutes later the girls came downstairs.

"Well, we better head off now, it's getting late." Philip told everyone and he and Diane got up. Then Philip asked his children "Max, Isabel--are you coming?"

"Dad, I have the jeep, so I want to say goodbye to Liz. and talk to her bout something and I'll be home in a little while." Max told his father.

"And Alex said he will take me home. As our house is on the way." Isabel told her father.

Alex just nodded his head in agreement.

"Okay, we will see you when you come back. Don’t be too late." Diane told her children. She then turned to Nancy" Thank you so much for letting us have a meeting here. I thank god that we finally know what our kids are up to."

Nancy and Jeff agreed, said good night and then Mr. and Mrs. Evans left. Maria said goodbye to Michael then went upstairs to stay with the kids while Max talked to Liz. Kyle went home with Serena and Alex took Isabel home.

Nancy and Jeff went upstairs while Max and Liz went to Liz’s room.

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Part 19

Here I stand alone
With this weight upon my heart
And it will not go away
In my head I keep on looking back
Right back to the start
Wondering what it was that made you change

Well I tried
But I had to draw the line
And still this question keeps on spinning in my mind

What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
If I'd stayed
If you'd tried
If we could only turn back time
But I guess we'll never know

Many roads to take
Some to joy
Some to heartache
Anyone can lose their way
And if I said that we could turn it back
Right back to the start
Would you take the chance and make the change

Do you think how it would have been sometimes
Do you pray that I'd never left your side

What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
If I'd stayed
If you'd tried
If we could only turn back time
But I guess we'll never know

If only we could turn the hands of time
If I could take it back would you still be mine

'Cos I tried
But I had to draw the line
And still this question keep on spinning in my mind

What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
What if I had never walked away
'Cos I still love you more than I could say
If I'd stayed
If you'd tried
If we could only turn back time
But I guess we'll never know
We'll never know

"Wow, Liz that was lovely." Nancy spoke with tears in her eyes.

"Yeah that was beautiful," Diane commented.

"Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse us we will put the children down in the spare bedroom." Liz spoke.

"I have an idea, why don’t we let the Evans' take Anne now." Jeff suggested.

"Dad, I think that it would be a mistake to separate them now. They are so close and it will be easier to take them away gradually. Make it easier on them". Liz begged her father.

"Easier on them... what about us?. We have just found out that our children are not what we thought they were."

"But we are not children Dad, were adults and we are just trying to stay alive and make the best of what we have here. So, if you can’t except me for who I am then I can leave. Actually that makes more sense because us being here is putting you and mom in more danger." Liz spoke calmly trying not to let her emotions show.

"Liz, no! I don’t care about the danger! Ever since we found you in the adoption center in Florida, we have always considered our daughter. You being different will never ever make us not except you. We love you and want you and Katie to be here." Nancy spoke to her daughter with tears in her eyes.

"Thanks mom." Liz said softly and hugged her Mother.

Liz, Maria, Isabel and Serena got up and picked up the sleeping children and carried them upstairs.
Five minutes later the girls came downstairs.

"Well, we better head off now, it's getting late." Philip told everyone and he and Diane got up. Then Philip asked his children "Max, Isabel--are you coming?"

"Dad, I have the jeep, so I want to say goodbye to Liz. and talk to her bout something and I'll be home in a little while." Max told his father.

"And Alex said he will take me home. As our house is on the way." Isabel told her father.

Alex just nodded his head in agreement.

"Okay, we will see you when you come back. Don’t be too late." Diane told her children. She then turned to Nancy" Thank you so much for letting us have a meeting here. I thank god that we finally know what our kids are up to."

Nancy and Jeff agreed, said good night and then Mr. and Mrs. Evans left. Maria said goodbye to Michael then went upstairs to stay with the kids while Max talked to Liz. Kyle went home with Serena and Alex took Isabel home.

Nancy and Jeff went upstairs while Max and Liz went to Liz’s room.

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Part 20

Nancy walked into her room behind her husband." I can’t believe you said that to Liz while her friends were in the room." Nancy scolded her husband

"I just can’t believe that my daughter and her friends are aliens." Jeff spoke looking at his wife.

"If you really loved your daughter then you would not care that she is different." Nancy said quietly.

"But she lied to us. I can’t believe we have been so blind to what Liz has been up to." Jeff said sadly.

"As far as I can tell, she was worried and didn't want put us in any danger. She never doubted our love for her until tonight." Nancy stressed to her husband.

"I do love her, it's just that...I am having difficulty excepting that she is an alien. That is not a little secret. This is a huge secret I just need time to deal with it." Jeff explained his thoughts.

"Well, when you have thought about it, you better make peace with Liz otherwise your relationship with your daughter may be unfixable." Nancy warned her husband and got into bed.

Jeff sighed and got into bed as well.


The next morning Katie and Ricky, all washed and dressed, bounced into Liz’s room and saw Liz and Maria sleeping peacefully. Katie wispered something into Ricky’s ear and her face lit up.

Ricky mouthed "one, two," then shouted "Three!!"

And they both jumped on Liz’s bed.

"Aunt Lizzie, come on get up." Katie shouted sitting on top of Liz.

"Okay, I am up!" Liz groaned and sat up lookiny at Katie. Her little faced showed a small smile. Liz grabbed her and started tickling her.

"Lizzie, stop please!" Katie pleaded while laughing.

Maria on the other hand proved more difficult to wake up.

"Aunty Ria wakey wakey." Ricky called while sitting on her stomach.

"Give, me one more minute mom." Maria groaned and tried to roll over. But with Rocky on her stomach that proved difficult.

Ricky looked over to Liz, silently asking her to help.

Liz pulled Katie and Ricky over to her then said to Maria, "Michael came over to borrow your car. He took the kyes keys, " Liz shouted.

"What?" Maria shot out of bed and turned to Liz "Liz, you let him? He can’t drive. I am gonna kill him!!"

Liz, Katie and Ricky looked at each other and both burst out in laughter.

Maria looked at both of them and realized that she had been played. "Lizzie, that was horrible." Then she grabbed Ricky and started to tickle him and then Liz and Katie joined in and soon there was a lot of laughter in the room.

Nancy chose that moment to walk in the room and looked at her daughter and her best friend playing with their children with tears in her eyes. "My god, when did she grow up? I have lost her." Nancy said out loud.

Liz noticed her mother in the door way and got up. "Mom, you haven’t lost me. I will always be your little girl. I just have more responsibility than most 18 year olds."

"I know Lizzie." Nancy hugged her daughter. "It's just that you are a Queen and a mother."

"I know. C'mon why don’t you help me get Anne and Jenny up and dressed? We have to be at Max’s at 12." Liz asked her mother and together mother and daughter went into the children’s bedroom and got them ready.


Meanwhile at a private location just out side of Roswell in the dessert.

"So, what’s our plan?"

"Well I have an idea. I know that they are going to King Zan’s for lunch so lets grab one of the children and then we can set a trap."

"Okay, so who shall we take?"

"Why don’t we take the second oldest child. Remember she was given the gift to see future events."

"Ah, yes what a wonderful idea no one would be expecting us to make a move."

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Part 21
The Parker’s, Maria and the children arrived at the Evans' and found that Maria’s mother and Alex’s parents were waiting along with the Sheriff, Kyle, Serena, Alex, Michael and Julie.

"Liz, Maria, Nancy, Jeff its great that you could come." Diane greeted them and hugged Liz and Maria.

"Thanks Mrs. Evans," Maria and Liz spoke at the same time.

"Wow, it's been ages since Liz and Maria spoke at the same time." Amy De Luca laughed.

"Oh, yes I remember." Nancy laughed. Thinking back to the days when Liz and Maria were little.

"And Alex and Kyle were so over protective of Liz and Maria. Actually Alex was over protective toward Liz. And
Kyle was the same with Maria it seemed like they were brother and sisters in another life." Alex’s mother pointed out also remembering.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

"Aunt Lizzie, who is everyone?" Ricky piped up from behind Liz and Maria where all the children were hiding.
Everyone turned to looked at him.

"Ricky, we will introduce you all later. Now, why don’t you take your sister’s with Isabel and Serena and wash up okay?" Liz answered and looked at Isabel as she nodded. And Isabel went over and picked up Jenny. While Serena picked up Anne.

"Liz whose children are they"? Amy DeLuca asked.

"Why don’t we all sit down to eat and then the questions can be answered." Max appeared from inside the house.

"Max is right. Why don’t you come with me so we can get the kids?" Liz asked Max.

"Okay, we’ll be back in a minute." Max agreed and he and Liz went into the house.

"Thanks, Max." Liz spoke and kissed him on his cheek

"Is that all I get?" Max joked acting hurt.

"No of course not." Liz spoke and pulled Max’s head down to her and gave him a big kiss filled with passion that shocked Max.

"Well, how was that?" Liz asked when she broke the kiss.

"That was …..great." Max finally got out.

"Good now c’mon lets find the kids." Liz said as she walked away from Max.

Max took a big breath and collected his thoughts. Man, that was amazing. I have never felt that much passion before, he thought.

They all sat down for lunch and enjoyed chatting.

"That was a lovely lunch." Nancy commented. Everyone agreed.

"Why, thank you. Max and Isabel helped prepare the food and Philip did the barbecue." Diane answered and
included her children who helped.

"Why don’t we go inside for coffee and tea?" Philip asked everyone.

When they were all settled with drinks, and the children were siting on the floor, Max spoke.

"Everyone, we have something to tell you," he said, catching everyone’s attention.

"Now, before we tell you, please hold your questions. My parents, the sheriff and Max’s parent know what we are about to tell you." Liz explained. Allow me to introduce everyone. This is Michael’s sister Serena." Liz pointed to her. "This is Julie, an old friend of Maria, Alex, Kyle and mine. Katie would you come over here?" Liz asked.

"Sure Lizzie," Katie answered and moved over to Liz and Max.

"This is Katie. She is mine and Max’s daughter."

Ricky moved over to Maria and Michael.

"This is our son, Ricky." Maria spoke.

"What the hell….. MARIA!!!!" Amy DeLuca shouted.

"MOM, would you please be quiet and wait till we have finished explaining cos there is an awful lot we need to explain." Maria told her mother.

Isabel went over to pick up Anne and sat with Alex.

"This is our daughter, Anne."

"And this is yours and Serena’s daughter?" Alex’s dad asked Kyle.

"Yes, this is Jenny." Kyle answered.

"Kids this is Maria’s mother Amy. And these are Alex’s parents." Liz introduced the parents to the kids.

"Hello" Katie and Ricky greeted them. And turned to Liz "Lizzie can we go and play while you tell the parents about who we are? "Ricky asked Liz.

"Of course you can. Mom and Mrs. Evans know the story, can you go with the children please?" Liz asked.

"Of course we can. I think we have got some of Isabel’s and Max’s toys that we can let them play with." Diane answered.

As soon as they left. Amy spoke up" Now, would you please tell me how my baby girl and her friends have children?"

"I am not your baby girl. I am eighteen." Maria argued with her mother.

"Ria, please we need to explain." Liz asked her best friend.

Max then decided to start the story. "Okay, now you are probably wondering how these children could possible be ours. Well, what I am about to tell you is a real true story. A long time ago, there was a King and Queen………………
In a black van outside the Evans' Two men sat in it looking at the house.

Matthew asked "Okay, how are we going to get the girl?"

Marcus thought for a minute " I can’t go in someone might recognise me."

"I have got an idea" Matthew suddenly said." I could go in because they don’t know I am working for the other side.

"Good idea try to get the girl. Without anyone knowing " Marcus agreed and unlocked the door.

Matthew opened the car door and spoke "I know what to do." He then closed it and went up to the path. And rang the door bell.
"I’ll get it," Diane announced and Katie followed her.

She opened the door.

Matthew stood and smiled.
"Hello, how can I help you?" She greeted warmly.

"Hi, I was wondering if I could see Liz Parker please?" Matthew spoke in his most charming voice.

"Of course. Who shall I say is calling?" Diane asked warmly.

‘Tell her it's a friend," Matthew answered still smiling.

"Okay Katie, wait here please." Diane told her.

"Sure, nanna" Katie answered.

Diane smiled and went to get Liz.

"Why, hello you must be Max and Liz’s daughter." Matthew greeted kneeling down to Katie’s height.

"I am not supposed to talk to strangers" Katie replied, looking nervous. She did not like this man. I have got what
those things that aunty ria calls. Oh yes bad vibes about him. Katie thought to herself.

"Oh but I am not a stranger I am a old friend of Liz’s" Matthew reassured Katie. " I have got a puppy in the van. Would you like to see it?" Matthew asked smiling.

"I don’t think so cos, mommy and daddy will be mad at me" Katie answered.

"I am sure they won’t mind." Matthew tried to get Katie to change her mind.

"No, I better not." Katie stuck to her decision.

"Okay, I tried to play nicely but, if you won’t co-operate. So I have to use force." Matthew said then put his hand over Katie’s mouth and signalled to the car.

Katie was trembling with fright.

Marcus got out of the car and went over to Katie, grabbing her by the waist.
Matthew’s hand was still over Katie's mouth. She bit him and screamed for her Mommy.

They ran to the van and put Katie in the back with Matthew. Marcus ran back to the front and jumped inside. Liz came out just in time to see the van speed away.