1. Sea Shore
Roswell char. Not mine.

Part 1

“Another pretty good sized group”, Max thought, as he entered the Coast Guard Support building. The first class of the Boating Skills and Seamanship course wasn’t due to start for another 20 minutes and already the classroom had half of its 50 seats filled.

He performed a quick once-over of his uniform at the door, thanking nobody in particular that the early April evening was warm enough for the lighter tropical short sleeve shirt. He kept his body in pretty good shape, although nobody would ever think of him as a body builder.

Even though he wasn’t a true “Coastie”, Max always felt a good amount of pride when he wore his Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform. Most people didn’t even know the difference between the gold insignia of the regular Coast Guard and the silver of the Auxiliary.

The classroom was slowly filling up with the type of people Max had come to expect after teaching this course for two years.

Most of the students were older than him, in their mid to late thirties or early forties. There were also a few kids, not yet 16, who were here only to get the required state safety permit all minors needed in order to handle powerboats on their own.

Just as Max was about to start the class he noticed a young woman enter and sit down in the back. He figured she couldn’t be much more than 20 years old. “Cute”, not surprisingly, was the first word that popped into his head.

She surely wasn’t a Playboy centerfold; rather more of the quiet petite type. This appealed greatly to Max, as his eyes quickly scanned the length of her body. He never cared much for the type of woman that he classified as the ‘centerfold type’; they always seemed to wear too much makeup and had personalities more stuck up than a constepated elephant.

This woman was very attractive in her own way. She had long chocolate brown hair. Her hair seemed to add a slight glow to her brown doe eyes, and also helped to accent her perfectly sized nose and small yet full lips.

Max lowered his gaze to the white cotton short sleeve shirt she was wearing. The shirt didn’t try to show off her attractive figure, but neither did it try to hide a beautiful pair of perky breasts. She was also wearing a pair of not-too-tight shorts that allowed him to gaze at her long trim legs.

“She obviously takes good care of herself”, Max thought, as he got up in front of the now full classroom and began to speak.

“Liz.” The name echoed through Max’s head as he entered the Support building for the next class. It hadn’t been difficult to figure out her name after the attendance sheet from the previous weeks class had been turned in. That name, as well as the image of her face, had been stuck in his head all week long.

Throughout the course of the class Max noticed how intently Liz was concentrating on what he said. She seemed much more interested in the topics he covered than most of the other students, although every time he looked in her direction she would look down at her book or at the blackboard.

Or maybe it was all because he was so interested in her.

As the second class ended for the night, Max tried to think of a way to introduce himself to Liz on a more personal level without making it seem like he was coming on to her.

Unfortunately, as always happened in these classes, a few students had some questions about the night lecture. He lost sight of her as he started answering the other student questions.

Resigned to waiting another week, he packed up his briefcase while discussing safety requirements with the last of the other students.

Turning to walk to the door Max swung his backpack around and almost knocked Liz’s books out of her hands.

“Woah, sorry!”, he blurted out, still slightly startled that she had been standing so quietly behind him. “I didn’t realize you were there.”

“I’m sorry”, Liz said at the same time, her cheeks flushing slightly red as Max looked down into her eyes. “I didn’t mean to startle you like that. I’m Liz, by the way.” She extended her hand, which Max shook firmly.

“What can I do for you Liz?”

At this seemingly innocent question Liz’s cheeks turned even more crimson, and she averted her eyes to the floor.

“Um. Well, I was wondering if I could get some one on one training...”

Max’s heart leaped at this request, but made sure not to show any emotion. “What exactly do you mean by ‘one on one training’?”

“Well,” she replied, “Ever since I was little I really enjoyed the water. My father had a boat, and I used to always go fishing and exploring with him. Now that I’m living by myself in Boston I wanted to get back out on the water again, so I just got my own boat. I’m a little nervous about taking it out by myself, and were hoping to find somebody with boating experience to take me out and give me some training while on the water.”

“Sure,” Max replied almost instantly. “I’d be glad to give you some pointers. Do you have any time in particular that you’d like to go?”

“How about next Saturday?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Great!” Liz jumped slightly, causing her breasts to jiggle under her shirt, then ripped out a piece of paper from her notebook. “Here’s my phone number in case you need to get in touch with me. If I didn’t hear from you then I’ll meet you at the yacht club down the street at 8:00 this Saturday.”

Max watched Liz walk out the door, admiring the figure hiding beneath her loose fitting shirt. The snug jeans she had worn to class did a real good job of showing off her firm ass. Already Max couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive.

Liz was waiting when Max arrived at the yacht club. He noticed that she was wearing the same white cotton shirt he had first seen her in. This time she complemented the shirt with a pair of cut-offs that enhanced the look of her already shapely legs.

“Good morning,” She smiled, obviously glad that Max had shown up. She picked up the duffel bag and cooler that were sitting on the ground next to her, and led Max down to the docks.

Once again he enjoyed watching her ass wiggle beneath the fabric of her shorts.

Max almost stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed the boat that Liz had led him to. It was a Bayliner, 25 or 26 feet long, and looked almost brand new. He made a quick mental calculation and figured that it must have cost at least $50,000.

“How the hell can someone as young as Liz afford a nice boat like this?”, Max wondered to himself as she climbed aboard and turned to face him.

“Close your mouth and climb aboard,” Liz smiled. “I can tell what you’re thinking. How can I afford a boat like this.”

“The thought had crossed my mind.”

Max noticed that Liz’s face flushed again as she started to explain.

“I didn’t like to talk about it unless I have to, but my family is very well off financially. My father started a small software company out in California when portable computers were just becoming popular. Thanks to the PC craze he now owns a company thats worth a small fortune.”

“Rough life.” Max commented, smiling lightly at Liz.

“Yeah, it is kind of nice being this well off. I hated it when I was a kid though. When other kids found out how rich my father was they all started acting different around me. I never made any real friends until I went away to college. Thats why I didn’t like talking about it unless I have to. Anyway, when I moved out here to Boston my father bought me this boat for my 21st birthday.”

“That’s one hell of a birthday present.” Max commented as they finished getting the boat ready and got underway.

They spent the next few hours cruising along the shoreline outside Boston harbor. Max took control of the boat at first, explaining everything he did to Liz, pointing out anything a good boater should be aware of.

After a short time he handed the controls over to Liz and stood back to watch as she piloted the boat around the harbor.

From the huge smile on Liz’s face Max could tell that she was definitely enjoying herself. Max was also having quite a good time watching Liz’s breasts bounce under her loose shirt with each wave the boat hit.

At 12:30 they anchored the boat in a protected area of the shoreline, out of the way of both the waves rolling in from the ocean and the cool breeze blowing down the shoreline.

Liz broke out the ice chest she had brought along and spread out a delicious fried chicken picnic lunch.

They both attacked the food with vigor, not realizing how hungry they had gotten while cruising around the harbor.

Max helped Liz to clean up after lunch, and stored the ice chest back down in the boats small cabin. As he climbed out of the cabin he noticed Liz had her back to him, and his heart almost skipped a beat as she reached down to pull the white cotton shirt up over her head.

Liz dropped the shirt onto the chair next to her as Max saw the pink strap of a bikini top across her back that he hadn’t noticed before. Liz then did a little dance as she wiggled out of the cut-off’s giving Max another view of her bouncing butt, and leaving a matching pair of pink bikini bottoms.

Max admired the view as Liz turned around and smiled at him. Her breasts were perky within the bikini top, and the bottoms showed off her perfectly curved ass and shapely legs without being too revealing.

“Boy you look beautiful in that!”, Max whistled, causing Liz’s cheeks to turn bright red. Max had to consciously restrain himself from pulling her to him and running his hands over her shapely body.

Liz didn’t say a word, but picked up a bottle of suntan oil and started rubbing it over her arms, legs, and tight stomach.

The show was almost too much for Max, who could feel his penis start to swell within his shorts. He turned away from Liz, hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge forming in his crotch, and started to get the boat ready for the return trip.

When Liz finished with the oil she sat down at the wheel and started heading the boat back towards the yacht club.

“Could you rub some oil on my back?” she asked, handing the oil bottle to Max. “I Didn’t think I got everywhere.”

“Sure, I’d be glad to.” Max replied almost too quickly.

He took the bottle and stood behind the seat Liz was sitting in. Thankful for a chance to caress Liz’s soft flesh, he poured a small pool of oil into his hand and started lightly rubbing it into the small of her back.

Max was no novice when it came to back rubs. He started with a light touch just at the top of Liz’s bikini bottoms and slowly worked the oil in small circles. His hands moved up her back, inch by inch, slowly exploring the outline of her spine, and enjoying the electric feeling of her soft skin.
By this time the bulge in Max’s shorts had become as full an erection as the confines would allow.

While exploring Liz’s back with his hands he ground his crotch into the back of her seat, wanting desperately to feel her hands stroke the seven inches of rock hard flesh that were trying to escape.

As Max’s hands slowly made their way up to Liz’s shoulder blades he desperately wanted to untie her bikini top, slip his hands under her arms, and slowly carress those beautiful soft breasts that were only a few inches away.

Once again he had to restrain himself, not wanting to upset Liz, or cause any sort of problem with the Coast Guard since he was still her instructor. Instead, he moved his hands up to the top of her shoulders and continued to slowly massage her soft skin.

At this point Liz glanced back briefly with a wide smile of contentment on her face that told Max she was thoroughly enjoying the attention he was giving her.

Max ended the massage shortly before they made it back to the yacht club, hoping that his erection would subside enough so that Liz wouldn’t notice it when they got to shore.

They finished the trip in complete silence, enjoying the warm sun and spring breeze as Liz slowly guided her boat back to the dock.

Liz broke the silence as they finished tying up the boat, “Would you like to take the boat out again next weekend?”

“Sure, I’d love to.”, was Max’s unhesitating reply.

The thought of spending another day close to this attractive down-to-earth woman appealed to him greatly.

“Great! And thanks for giving me some hands on training.”

Before Max knew what was happening, Liz put an arm around his neck and gave him a wonderfully soft hug, followed by an even more wonderful quick kiss on his lips as she moved away.

“I’ll see you next Saturday at 8:00,” she smiled, heading for her car.

Max just stood silently for a few seconds, admiring Liz’s attractive body move as she got to her car and climbed in.

“How the hell am I going to survive until next week?”, he muttered to himself as he headed off towards his car.

Next Saturday couldn’t come soon enough for Max, and once again Liz was waiting for him as he arrived at the yacht club.

Liz was once again wearing a loose fitting shirt and cut-offs, and this time Max was able to see the telltale creases that meant she was again wearing her bikini underneath.

Without wasting any time they prepared the boat and got underway, Max once again giving Liz any pointers he could think of.

Shortly after noon they again dropped anchor along a protected stretch of the coast and unpacked another delicious lunch that Liz had brought.

When lunch was over Liz again stripped off her shirt and cut-offs and gave Max another treat of watching her oil herself down.

“Why didn’t we stay here for a while and catch some sun?”, Liz suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Max replied, pulling off his shirt and rubbing some suntan oil on himself.

By the time Max had finished with the oil Liz had laid out a blanket in the back of the boat and was stretched out on her stomach. She reached back and untied the top of her bikini, pulling the straps away to allow the sun touch every inch of her back.

“Would you mind rubbing a little oil on my back?”, she asked, laying her head down on top of her crossed arms.

Wordlessly Max knelt down next to her and poured a little oil into the middle of Liz’s back.

Once again he could feel the blood rushing into his penis as he started caressing Liz’s skin. He slowly smoothed the oil over her entire back with the lightest touch of his fingertips, gently tracing the features of her spine and shoulder blades.

Once her entire back was covered with the oil he slightly increased the pressure of his finger tips, gently working the oil into her soft flesh. A few drops of oil had dribbled down Liz’s sides, so Max moved his hands down to rub them into her skin. Again he found his hands only inches away from Liz’s soft breasts and this time they were even free of her bikini top.

The urge to slip his hands under and cup her breasts was overwhelming, and the strain of his erection in his shorts was on the verge of being painful. He did manage to control himself, however, and slowly slid his hands back up to her shoulders and then ever so slowly with firm pressure down her spine to the edge of her bikini bottoms.

“Mmmmmmmmm...”, This last maneuver ellicited a low purr of pleasure out of Liz. “That feels so good.” Her eyes were closed, and the smile on her lips showed pure joy.

“Would you like me to keep going?” Max asked, already sure what the answer would be.

“Yes, don’t stop.”, Liz replied in a soft voice.

Max decided to proceed downward and give her long soft legs a rub down. He gently spread her legs apart a few inches and poured a small amount of oil into his hands. As he started slowly rubbing Liz’s left foot and ankle he glanced up and noticed a small damp spot in the crotch of Liz’s bikini bottoms.

“So, “ he grinned and said to himself, “She’s getting as turned on as I am. We’ll just have to do something about that!”

He continued to gently caress and massage her left leg, slowly moving up past her knee and towards her upper thigh. The dampness in Liz’s crotch was definitely spreading, but Max wanted to prolong the anticipation. He didn’t move his hands too close to her bikini, but instead moved back down and started performing the same procedure on her right leg. He really took his time massaging this leg, and coaxed a few more moans of pleasure out of Liz before finally finishing this part of the massage.

For the next step Max took one of Liz’s arms and started lightly stroking and caressing each finger before ever so slowly moving his attention up to her forearm, elbow, and finally upper arm. He then repeated the process on her other arm, constantly hearing soft moans and sighs of pleasure escaping from Liz’s lips. He also noticed that Liz was slowly clenching and releasing her thigh muscles, obviously getting extremely turned on by Max’s massage.

He wasn’t in much better shape. His penis was so stiff with anticipation that it was beginning to ache quite a bit. At one point while working on Liz’s last arm he had to reach into his shorts and shift his erection to make it more comfortable, also stroking it a few times in an attempt to help relieve its aching.

For the final part of the massage Max again focused on Liz’s back, this time gently rubbing any remaining tension out of Liz’s shoulders. He took his time slowly caressing her shoulders, and also massaged the base of her neck slightly.

After a few minutes working on her shoulders Max bent down and planted a light kiss on Liz’s left shoulder, then whispered, “All done,” into her ear.

Liz slowly opened her eyes and looked up into Max’s face with an expression he couldn’t quite fathom.

She then propped herself up on one shoulder, “Make love to me, please.”, she said in a quite voice, bordering half on nervousness and half on desire.

Max didn’t have to be asked twice. He reached up and gently caressed Liz’s cheek for a moment before leaning over and slowly planting a number of short, soft kisses on Liz’s lips which she responded to passionately.

Liz then rolled off of her elbow and onto her back, drawing Max down on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him firmly against her soft breasts, and he could feel her hard erect nipples pressing against his flesh.

Kissing her again, Max gently opened his mouth and ran his tongue over Liz’s lips. Her mouth opened readily and soon their tongues were caressing each others, exploring one another vigorously.

Liz slid her hands down Max’s back while the sensuous kiss continued, enjoying the feel of his firm body pressing down against hers.

She lowered her hands and slid them inside his shorts, slowly squeezing and caressing his buttocks. She could feel the immense bulge in his shorts pressing against her already dripping pussy, and couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

Max broke their kiss and started slowly sliding down Liz’s body, alternately licking, nibbling, and sucking her sweet flesh while running his hands along the sides of her stomach.

Every touch of his lips against Liz’s skin brought moans and purrs of absolute pleasure from her lips. Max purposely avoided her breasts as he continued to explore her body, especially the hardened little pink nipples that he could finally see for the first time.

Instead he slowly made his way to the soft valley between her heaving breasts, constantly licking and kissing her into a wild frenzy.

Max’s continued attention to the area between her breasts was driving Liz crazy and making her nipples ache for the relief of his touch.

“Suck on my tits, please!” she started begging, “I need to feel your mouth on my nipples!”

The torment of this teasing was making her pussy wetter by the second. She wrapped her legs around Max’s, grinding herself wildly against the buldge in his shorts.

Max ignored her pleas, and instead brought his hands up to join in the attack. He took a firm breast in each hand while continuing to kiss and nibble on the flesh between them. Slowly he massaged her fleshy mounds, being careful not to get too close to her aching nipples. This added assault caused Liz to start moaning even louder and her gyrating against his erection also increased noticeably.

After a few more minutes of this delicious torture Max decided to give Liz the relief she was needing. He slid his tongue up the side of her right breast, wrapped his lips around her nipple, and sucked gently.

The sensation was overwhelming for Liz as electric bolts seemed to course from her breast down into the depths of her wet vagina.

“Oh GOD!” she screamed, the waves of her orgasm spreading like fire through every inch of her body.

She clenched her legs around Max’s and pulled him so firmly against her breast the he could hardly breathe.

Max focused his attention on her rock hard nipples while she continued rocking back and forth in pure ecstasy.

After a few minutes Liz regained her senses and pulled Max’s face from her breasts and proceeded to give him a long sweet kiss that fully conveyed the pleasure he had given her.

“That was the most wonderful orgasm I’ve ever had,” she said in between kisses. “I want to make you come like you just made me come.”

Liz pushed him down on his back while continuing to kiss him. Her hands slowly roamed over his chest, enjoying the firmness of his body. She lightly traced her fingers up from his navel and circled his nipples, trying to excite him the same way he had aroused her moments earlier. She couldn’t wait to get her hands around Max’s cock and give him an orgasm like she just had, but she restrained herself and slowly kissed her way down his chest. Liz spent a few moments sucking and nibbling on Max’s nipples, eliciting a few deep moans of pleasure from him.

She slowly kissed her way down Max’s chest, stopping just above his shorts to flash a sultry smile up at him. Max’s penis became fully erect as Liz pulled his shorts down off his legs. She reached up and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and gently stroked it’s length, causing it to twitch slightly.

“I’ve never seen a man who wasn’t circumcised.” she said, looking up and grinning into Max’s face.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything.” Max replied, smiling with pleasure as she continued to slowly stroke his seven inch shaft.

“You’ve got a beautiful cock,” she purred, still stroking it. “I can’t wait to feel it inside me, but first I want to make you come in my mouth.”

Liz grinned a sultry smile then turned her attention to his raging hard on. She slowly slid one hand up the base of his shaft, lovingly caressing and fondling his balls in her other hand. When her hand reached the tip of his cock she squeezed slightly and pulled down, releasing the purple head of his penis from the remaining confines of his foreskin.

“That feels sooo good!” Max moaned when Liz started slowly licking the underside of his shaft.

She slowly planted kisses all along its length as she continued to massage his balls. When her lips reached the tip of his cock she snaked her tongue out and slowly encircled his glans, causing Max to moan quite loudly.

“OHHHHHHH…….OHHH….OHHHHH!” Max moaned.

His entire penis was throbbing with pleasure and anticipation. Liz continued slowly running her tongue over the head of his cock, occasionally stopping to plant a kiss on the very tip.

Liz’s soft hands and skilled tongue were slowly driving Max crazy. He could feel his balls tightening with pressure in preparation to unleash their load of come.

“Suck on my dick! Take it in your mouth!”, it was now
Max’s turn to beg and plead.

But Liz ignored him and continued slowly stroking his shaft and tickling it with her tongue. She could tell that he was getting close to the edge and slowed down her attack, momentarily halting her tongue lashing after licking a small drop of pre-come off of the purple tip.

“I bet you can’t wait to shove your dick inside me,” Liz moaned.

The feel of Max’s pulsating rod in her hand and the first little taste of his come was getting her really hot again. She removed one of her hands from his shaft and slid it down inside her drenched bikini bottoms, letting out a long purr as she slid a finger between her soaked and swollen labia.

Confidant now that Max was no longer on the verge of coming Liz resumed her attack, slowly licking the tip while stroking his shaft more firmly than before, mimicking the movement with her other finger in her aching hole.

Max quickly reached the peak again and this time Liz wanted to taste and feel his sperm flood her mouth. She finally took the head of his penis into her mouth and started pumping him into her, simultaneously slipping a second finger into her vagina and increasing their speed.

She briefly looked up and saw pure pleasure written across Max’s face. His eyes were shut tightly and he was moaning uncontrollably.

He could feel his balls tighten in preparation for releasing their load, and it only took a few moments after feeling his cock in Liz’s soft mouth before he arched his back with a loud grunt and flooded her mouth with his hot, sticky come.

Liz felt the surge start in the base of Max’s cock and almost immediately afterwards felt the head swell in her mouth, releasing a salty sweet flood down her throat. She managed to handle most of his load, gently milking a few last drops as Max’s orgasm subsided. As Max slowly came back down to earth Liz licked all the remaining come from his still semi-erect penis.

“God that was incredible!”, Max finally managed to croak.

He propped himself up on his shoulders and watched Liz as she wiped up some of his sperm that had dribbled down her chin and licked her fingers clean.

“It looks like you enjoyed that almost as much as I did”, Liz replied, grinning from ear to ear.

She climbed up from between his legs and kissed him firmly, again pressing her breasts and erect nipples into his chest. Max had never tasted his own come before but as Liz’s tongue invaded his mouth he found himself becoming aroused again, not only from her skillful kiss but the salty taste as well. He returned the kiss for a moment, cupping her tits in his hands and rolling her nipples between his fingers.

Max gently pushed Liz back onto the deck of the boat then slid his hands down to her drenched bikini bottoms. Slowly, very teasingly, he started pulling them down her soft legs. He could smell the scent of her pussy very clearly but wanted to prolong Liz’s exquisite agony.

Liz was playing with her breasts and tugging on her nipples while moaning in anticipation of what was to come, pun definitely intended!

A perfectly trimmed patch of brown hair, matted down with love juices, appeared as Max continued to inch down her bikini bottoms.

Slowly her swollen pink pussy lips appeared, glistening with juices and begging for attention. As all of her charms came into view he quickly ripped off the last of her clothing, allowing her to spread her legs invitingly wide.

Max watched as Liz slipped a hand down to her vagina and slowly traced her finger up and down just inside her lips.

“God I need to feel your hard cock in here!” she moaned, rubbing her finger against her swollen clit.

“Oh no, not quite yet.” Max replied with an evil grin.

He bent down and began softly kissing Liz’s inner thighs, just inches below her dripping box.

Liz let out a low guttural cry as she slid her finger deep inside herself one last time and then returned to squeezing her heaving breasts.

Liz’s moans increased in volume as Max slowly kissed his way towards her swollen labia.


He could already taste the sweet juices that had flowed down her legs so he took his time licking up all the drops he could find.

The feel of his kisses so close to her pussy was driving Liz absolutely crazy.

“Oh God!” she screamed between moans, writhing on the deck of the boat, “Suck on my hot cunt!”

Max ignored her cries and instead kissed his way up past her vagina until almost reaching her belly button. Then he leisurely traced his tongue back down and through her matted pussy hair.

Every second of this sweet torture was filled with constant moans and pleading from Liz to let her come. He slowly returned to her other thigh, still making sure to avoid her quivering lips.

Liz’s excitement finally got to Max. He slid his tongue down to the base of her pussy and in one drawn out motion licked his way up to her clit and slid a finger deep into her hole. The muscles of her vagina clenched down on his finger as Max darted his tongue over her clit and slowly worked his finger in and out of her dripping hole.

The feeling of Max’s tongue on her clit was too much for Liz to handle. She quickly felt another orgasm building up deep within her, but tried to hold it off as long as possible in order to enjoy Max’s attention.

Finally Liz could hold off no longer, arching her back and screaming out in ecstasy as she felt a rush of her juices pour from her pussy.

Max hungrily licked up as much of her sweet nectar as he could get, coaxing her throbbing lips for more with his tongue. When he finished cleaning up most of her juices he planted a few wet kisses along her labia followed by a final tender caress with his tongue on her still pulsing clit.

Liz sat up as she caught her breath, leaning forward to lick her juices from Max’s cheeks and chin. After another incredibly passionate kiss she reached down to stroke his firm cock and whispered, “I need to feel you inside me.”

Max leaned back against the side of the boat and stroked his twitching erection, motioning Liz over to him. She climbed into his lap, straddling him with her legs, and joined him in caressing his cock.

After a few moments he lifted her by her soft ass as she guided the head of his penis to the lips of her waiting vagina. He lowered her down onto him slowly, causing them both to moan at the incredible feelings they were sharing.

Liz’s pussy was fairly tight but so well lubricated that Max didn’t have any trouble fitting entirely inside her. The feeling of the muscles in her vagina slowly massaging his cock was undescribably incredible.


“Yes..Ohh yes! LIZ!”

Liz was also enjoying herself thoroughly at the
feeling of Max’s shaft filling her up. Although they were hardly moving she could feel him twitch inside her as she squeezed against him.

Once again being able to press her breasts into his flesh aroused her even more. She looked into Max’s eyes and could instantly tell that they were both feeling the incredible sense of pleasure that neither had felt before.

They wrapped their arms around each other, Max still caressing her soft buttocks, and embraced in another passionate kiss. The feeling of their tongues exploring each others mouths while their bodies pressed against each other and Max’s penis slowly twitching in Liz’s warm, wet vagina was the most erotic experience either had ever encountered, and they both wanted it to last forever.

Eventually Max broke the kiss and licked his way down to Liz’s left breast, cupping it with his hand and gently rolling her nipple between his teeth.

“Uunggggghhhhhh!” was all she could moan, unable to form any concrete words to describe the incredible bolts of pleasure coursing through every inch of her body.

Max slowly alternated his attention between Liz’s nipples while continuing to caress her soft ass. Each time he gently bit down on one of her nipples he could feel her clench the muscles in her pussy around his throbbing cock.

Max kissed his way back up to Liz’s mouth and again darted his tongue inside her. As they moaned into each others mouths he slid his hands down to the base of her buttocks and started slowly pulling her up off of his aching erection.

Liz took the hint and slowly began riding his penis,
rising up until he was almost free of her and then ever so slowly lowering herself down onto him again. All the time their tongues continued to duel with each other.

After a few minutes Max could feel his balls tighten in anticipation of coming. Liz seemed to sense this and began to increase her speed, burning with the desire of feeling him flood her with his sperm. She could feel her own orgasm building with every stroke of Max’s cock inside her, and with every downward thrust she rubbed her aching clit against him.

Finally Max grabbed Liz’s waist and pulled her down tightly onto him. He broke their kiss and moaned loudly as his balls released their load of come and it coursed through his throbbing penis and deep into her body.

As Liz felt his warm fluid flood into her she squeezed her vagina with all her remaining strength and pumped Max’s penis a few last vigorous times, bringing her over the edge with an equally loud moan as a mixture of her juices and his come dripped out of her.

As they both regained their senses after their powerful orgasms Max could feel his erection starting to subside. He wanted to remain in Liz as long as he could, so he pulled her as close as he could. Running his hands over her sweaty back and buttocks he gently kissed her cheeks, nose, and mouth.

Liz was thoroughly exhausted, and had never felt as fulfilled as she did at this moment. She caressed Max’s face as he continued with his soft kisses, then leaned down and laid her head on his shoulder, snuggling against his neck and holding him like she never wanted to go.

“Thank you,” was all she could think to whisper into his ear, enjoying the feel of his now flaccid penis still being held in her sore vagina.

Max didn’t reply, but instead planted another tender kiss on Liz’s shoulder. He continued slowly caressing her body, slightly amazed at the intense pleasure he had given as well as received from her. As one of his hands slowly made it’s way up to her partially visible breast he heard Liz’s breath lapse into a long slow pattern, telling him that she had just fallen asleep.

Max continued exploring her body for a few more minutes, again enjoying the softness of her flesh as well as the feeling of her vagina still holding onto his limp penis. He then wrapped his arms snugly around her waist and closed his eyes.

Sighing softly he closed his eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep listening to the sound of the water lapping against the side of the boat.


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