6. Fun
Roswell char. Not mine.

Part 1: Fun at the Grocery

“Let’s see... Peanut butter? Check.
Shaving cream? Check.
Vitamins? Check.
Just need some veggies.”

Having checked my list over, I headed for the produce section, only to run my buggy into another patron of the store.

“Oops, my bad.”

I smile and look deeply into the eyes of Liz, a girl I had only recently become acquainted with. Ever since I’d met her in the office a few weeks ago, I had been dreaming of her. That warm smile, those beautiful brown eyes and sexy body left me speechless in the produce section.

“Hi, Liz,” I croaked out.

“Hi, Max. What’re you doing here?”

“I was on my way home and needed a few things. I guess I was preoccupied and didn’t see your cart.”

“That’s okay.”

Her eyes narrowed and a playful grin tugged at the corner of her mouth.

“I like being banged by you, even if it was with your shopping cart.”

“Well, it was a pleasure, then. I like banging you. I mean into you, too. I guess I need to practice safe shopping.”

The sound of her laughter sent shock waves through my body.

“Well, good bye.”

Liz maneuvered her cart around mine, taking care to make sure that the handle of the cart rubbed along my ass. A hot current of fire shot into my veins as she slipped her hand backwards and gently caressed my growing cock.

Not wanting to draw attention, I pretended not to notice and pushed my cart in the opposite direction.

But she was not out of my mind in the least.

I wanted another peek at that short blue mini skirt she had on.

I circled around and approached Liz’s cart on another aisle. She was holding a jar of mayonnaise as I pulled along side of her.

I pointed to the jar as I leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“If you touch me like that again, I will make that for you.”

With that I allowed my hand to casually run up her skirt and rub the bare skin under her panties.

Playfully, slapping my arm, she moves away from me, swinging that tight ass of hers.

The shopping was forgotten for the most part as I started to search for her again.

On aisle seven she held a jar of chocolate syrup, while in her cart sat a bunch of half ripe bananas.

Looking into my eyes she reaches into the cart and sensually rubs one of the bananas.

“Lucky banana.”

As I am about to exit the aisle, I hear an audible cough and turn around to see her holding a can of cherries.

Never had grocery shopping been so much fun.

I spin the cart around in the deserted aisle and return to her.

Moving my cart to obscure any curious onlookers that might happen by, I drop my hand to her side and quickly brush her entire slit with one long stroke of my finger.

Her panties are drenched and the wet secretion feels good on my hands.

By now my dick is hard and fighting to be free of my jeans. I untuck my shirt to hide the noticeable bulge. I can’t believe how horny I am.

Aware that we are in a public place, she quietly backs away from me, leaving me to wonder at her departure.

I guess playtime is over, I think to myself as I go back to the produce section for the forgotten veggies.

Then to the meat counter.

The section contains several separated islands of meats and cheeses. I lean over slightly and begin looking through the items.

Oblivious to the rest of the world, I do not see Liz approach, but I certainly knew when she was there, as she slid hungry hands down my pants.

She had placed her cart next to mine at the edge of the island, our backs facing the far wall and the height of the counter providing cover.

For all intensive purposes it would appear that we were searching through the same groceries.

“I thought you left,” I gasped as her hands moved against my ass.

“Went to the ladies room.”

She drew back and discreetly placed something in my hand.

I slowly opened my fingers to reveal a pair of white laced panties, soaked through and smelling of sexual fluid.

I quickly clamped my hand shut and shoved the panties into my pocket. I reached over and ran my hand under her skirt to find her exposed sopping wet sex.

Quickly, I traced my way around her hips to her clit and begin massaging the erect hood as Liz began to moan softly.

With a knowing touch I stroke her soft flesh, exciting her more and more.

I could feel the heat rise from her pussy as I circled my fingers around her wanting pussy.

“Oh, Max.”

With her free hand she reached under my shirt and undid the button on my jeans and slowly slid the zipper down slightly.

She ran her hand inside my briefs, finding and lubricating the head of my hard cock. Securing my pulsing shaft with her index and middle finger, she takes her thumb and circles it around the oozing head. As more pre-cum appears it is massaged into the skin like a fine moisturizing lotion.

I continued to stroke the folds of her pussy, as her body became alive with pleasure and she gyrated against the hot edge of the refrigerated island. The warm metal presses against her mounds. I knew she was close to cumming, so I slid my fingers inside her canal and began to fuck her with my long fingers. I thrust them in and out of her sex in smooth strokes. With each pass of my fingers, I stroked the roof of her hot pussy and pressed down on the pillowy flesh at the back of her sex.

Suddenly, Liz grabbed my hand and urged me to go faster.

Her body is ready to cum and I desperately want that to happen.

Quickly, I began pounding into her sex with my fingers.

Faster and faster, I slid my fingers and probed her hot slit.

With her head tilted downward and her free hand grasping the edge of the counter, she prepared herself for the upcoming event.

As she drew closer to cumming, the hand on my hard cock began to slide up and down my shaft, milking my member and urging it to spray its juice into her hand.

It felt so good, the warmth of her hand, the slippery action of my pre-cum. It started off a chain reaction deep inside of me.

We were both lost to the world at this point, but fortunately for us the store was quiet.

Liz clenched her legs around my fingers and humped my hand as the fluid erupted from her body. The sticky fluid coated my fingers and ran into the palm of my hand.

Feeling her come drove me over the edge and I let go my load. My knees buckled, balls contracted and I came hard. The majority of my thick white juice sprayed into the underside of my shirt while the rest coated Liz’s hand.

We stood motionless for the next few seconds as wave after wave of fluid ejected from my body.

I, too, rested against the rail of the counter, as the tingling feeling of my orgasm subsided. I stood up and checked to see if we’d been discovered. To my amazement the diary and meat aisle was empty.

She wiped the sticky goo from her hands on the tail of my shirt, then I carefully tucked the wet fabric into my pants.

I kiss her quickly on the lips and head for the check out counter. Liz follows closely behind, though we check out in separate lines. As luck would have it, we both end up exiting at the same time.

“Nice bumping into you, Max.”

I watched her walk to her car, and imagined the hot pussy under that skirt.

I returned her farewell and crossed into the parking lot.

As I fished for my keys, I am instantly greeted by her wet underwear. I laughed as I dug it out of my pocket.

“Well, Max,” I said to myself, “Maybe you should shop here more often.”

Part 2: Fun at the Restaurant

Friday evening.

The restaurant is alive.

It is breathing, buzzing with voice, glowing with the heat of a hundred hungry bodies.

The clatter of cutlery punctuates talk about anything; mouths and tongues in overdrive as friends, families and first-daters fawn, fight and flirt the evening away. The eyes and ears have as much to feast upon as the stomach.

Graceful gaps in conversation allow shifting glances, a moment to browse. Each diner is aware of the other, is watching in human fascination.

There are those who have made the effort, dressing up to make the occasion feel special. Others have walked in off the street before a movie or play begins. Dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts; stockings, shoes, cufflinks, jewels. It's a palette of moving colour, where the art can't sit still for long.

She enters, shaking the cold Autumn night from her hair, and loosens her long coat. The maitre d' takes her name, all smiles and dazzling sincerity, then leads her to a table where a man in a suit is waiting.

He gets up and pulls out her chair. They kiss briefly on the lips before she sits, sliding her bare legs beneath the long, heavy tablecloth. The maitre d' presents her with a menu and departs. The man resumes his place opposite her and smiles.

"Oh Max, have you been waiting long?" she asks, almost apologetically.

"Not really, honey." he replies. "Traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."

Their small talk continues:

"God, it's cold out there," she says, opening the menu and glancing at the tantalising list.

"Yes, it is," he agrees. She hasn't noticed yet, but he is staring at her with a certain look; a very specific look. His composure masks a swirling, heady desire, a lust for her that is both urgent and consuming.

"Let's see . . ." she remarks to herself, eyeing the pasta dishes and testing the memory of each taste against her mouth's current fancy. She can't decide, and looks up to ask him, "What are you having?"

"Liz, what I want isn't on the menu," he drawls, his mouth curling wickedly.

She feels something ignite inside her. It's the strange, delirious, butterfly excitement that makes her feel like a girl again. He is the only man she has ever known who could reach into her stomach and switch it on with a mere glance, and that is why she loves these little games. She is addicted to them. Any moment, in any place, one of them might feel like playing. Neither could tell when the fun might begin.

She leans forward, putting the menu down, and glances from side to side, aware of how public this is.

"I'm curious," she purrs. "Tell me what you have in mind."

He leans closer too, putting his face, his lips, just inches from hers.

"Honey, I want to make you scream."


"Why not?"

She smiles, then sits back again.

"Darling," she says, putting bite into the word, "don't get too confident, please; it's embarrassing. I might not be in a screaming mood."

At this he is amused. "I know you are, or you wouldn't have worn that dress."

She blushes slightly at his astute perception. In choosing her outfit earlier, she had purposefully gone with the short blue dress that always entices him, and had left her panties in the drawer at the last moment. She had hoped to initiate something herself after dinner, and feels a little cheated at his jumping the gun.

"I wore this dress because it was the first on the rack," she tells him, faking indifference. "I came here to eat, and I don't think you have anything that would satisfy my hunger right now, thank you very much."

He is still watching her, taking in the fullness of her breasts and the way her hair hangs lazily across her shoulders. "Wanna bet?" he asks quietly.

She's intrigued. "Bet?"

"I bet that I can make you scream."

Her smooth thighs press tight together beneath the table. She wants to giggle wildly at the suggestion, but maintains her cool.

"I set the terms," she says firmly. "You made the dare, so I make the rules."

"Anything you say, Liz."

She reflects a moment, deciding on the stakes.

"Alright," she says at length, "this is how it'll work. I'm going to sit right here, as innocent as can be, and you are going to do your very best to make me lose control."

At this, she moistens her lips with her tongue, more eagerly than she is aware. "If I remain composed, and no one in this room suspects a thing, you are mine for the rest of this weekend. And that means you have to do anything I say."

"Vice versa, if I win?"

"That goes without saying, dear."

He is quick to agree. "But let's be clear. You can't show any reaction at all: not one squeal, moan or gasp; no covering your mouth, no banging your fist wildly on the table." – she chuckles at this – "Nothing. Right?"


A waitress appears, brandishing a small pad, a well-worn pencil, and a polished, tip-winning smile.

"Are you ready to order?"

They order quickly, and the waitress is gone. For a few seconds they say nothing. The noise of the restaurant is nakedly clear as they stare at each other. Then she speaks:

"I think you dropped your napkin, Max."

They exchange a subtle but knowing grin. He slips from the chair and dives beneath the table with such stealth that no one pays him any notice.

Liz is suddenly quite aware of how exposed she is beneath her dress, and how well hidden is her lover behind a long shield of elegant cloth. Sitting there, apparently alone to all unknowing eyes, she feels the sweet, heart-pounding rush of anticipation.

First comes Max's breath on her left ankle. He blows against her skin, dipping softly for a quick kiss.

Gooseflesh makes her tingle all over. His hands, so big yet so soft, grasp her calf and begin to slowly massage. Her nipples harden in response, and her heart is racing. He continues his languid attention to her lower legs, switching from left to right.

Kisses and fingers cover her soft surfaces. Max is enjoying himself down there. Enjoying her.

Now a hand on each knee. Max guides her legs open, pushing the hem of her favourite dress higher.

Liz knows he can see everything now, and can feel lusty eyes greedily wandering. Those fingers move again, sliding along her inner thighs, stopping short of where she burns to be touched.

Liz rests an elbow on the table and casually strokes her cheek. Looking around, she's sure that someone must have noticed.

How can they be getting away with this in the middle of such a lively place? But no one is looking back.

People are still eating.

Max mouth sucking against her thigh.

People are still drinking.

Liz is so wet.

People are lost in conversation.

Liz is open to him.

His breath reaches her pussy.

Oh, Jes....

Liz bites her bottom lip; but not too overtly.

The waitress is back and puts their drinks down.

Beneath the table, an impish smile.

"Your food shouldn't be long," the waitress says.

Max's tongue darts from nowhere and brushes hard against Liz's pussy.

"Thank you," she manages to reply, almost yelping.

Her eyes flash wide for an instant.

The waitress' brow wrinkles only slightly before she leaves.

Liz crushes the sides of Max's mischievous head as punishment. His 'Ow!' is almost heard.

He's steamed up. Now he is more determined than ever.

From the outside he works his way in, sneaking into her private places. His hands keep her spread; his moist, warm tongue bathes her zealously.

Liz sighs through her parted lips, long but controlled.

Max's face is pressed against her, and his mouth is kissing her deeply.

She moves slightly in her chair. Her eyes still travel around the room. Look at them. All laughing politely, or chewing in silence, their bodies separated by tables and social graces. And here is she, daring them all, a secret lover in her lap.

Liz wishes she could tear the cloth from the table and give them something to look at; something that would cause them to choke and splutter on their own expensive dishes. But the taboo is what makes it so much fun. And besides, she reminds herself, there are high stakes to consider in this little game.

An old man sitting to her left catches her eye. Liz gives him a smile, uttering the faintest groan in her throat as soft flesh lashes her clit.

The old man smiles vaguely back, one eye on his silent wife. He hasn't noticed how flushed the young lady's cheeks are becoming. If he did, he would probably be flattered.

Liz concentrates hard. She wants to rock her hips, even just slightly. She wants to put her legs over her lover's shoulders, or slide off her chair and join him on the floor. She wants to let him enter her unrestrained, and lose herself in the moment.

But she resists.

In fact, she wants him to know how strong her will is.

Liz picks her glass and takes a sip, taking an ice shard into her mouth. Then, with a sleight-of-hand skill that would put any magician to shame, she collects the ice from between her lips and passes it under the table.

Max takes it, shocked by the challenge, and puts it between his own lips. Now his kisses are colder, and make her sex tingle.

The ice.

His breath.



His tongue so fast now, and his fingers slipping so easily inside.

Max fucks her.

Max tastes her.

Max excites her.

And through all she manages to remain sedate, despite the rhythm that is building inside.

She will not give in.

Harder and more furiously he works.

He is buried deep, sucking and pressing into flesh as though tasting the sweetest fruit.





The moment is close, and she braces herself for the test. A straining within, and the barrier has been breached.

Liz is coming, right in the grip of public display. She closes her eyes briefly, clenching her fists before her, and is overwhelmed with the glorious heat of liberty, lust, desire, relief, and images that fill her mind like the greatest memories of an unlived life.

Reality flickers for a few golden seconds, and then she is breathing more heavily, but managing to hide it so well.

The game is over, and she now enjoys the glow of victorious satisfaction.

Max attends to her with his own handkerchief, then reappears and takes his seat with the same unseen ease as before. He is as flushed as she, and he is now more desperate then ever to be alone with her. But she will not permit it yet.

Liz has had her fun for now, and is hungry in a different way.

The waitress deposits their food and vanishes again.

Max looks across at her.

Liz smiles and starts to eat.

Max knows it. The weekend is hers, and so is he.

Part 3: Fun at the Bedroom

"My turn", I said breathlessly but with a grin, propping myself up on my elbows looking down the length of my nude body at you.

You look up at me from between my thighs, a self-satisfied smile on your face. You reach up and caress my stomach, still flushed from orgasm.

I shiver at your touch, my skin hyper sensitive.

"No, you've had your fun Max. MY turn now."

You nibble at my thigh causing me to squeak and squirm a bit. I sit up a bit further and glare at you.

"Are you going to lay down like a good boy or am I going to have to make you?"

Your grin gets bigger and you remain between my legs and take a playful lick at the very sensitive area between my pussy and my thigh.

I moan and fall back down again.

Realizing that you don't seem to have any intention of moving and are happily preparing to tease me more, I gather my will and sit up. Pushing you gently but firmly with my hands I dislodge you from between my thighs.

You sit back a bit with a playful pout on your lips.

"MY tu..." I start to say, but you grab me and kiss me passionately before I can finish my sentence.

I respond, pressing my body up tight against you. I can feel your penis grow hard against me, moving up to lodge between our stomachs.

I feel your tongue probe my mouth, tasting of me and I suck it. Your hands run down my back and squeeze my ass, pulling our bodies even closer together.

I can feel myself starting to respond to you again, a tight tingle up high inside of me.

Knowing that I will never get to have my fun if this continues I push away from you breathlessly. I shove a bit too hard and you topple backwards onto the bed with a surprised look on your face.

I quickly straddle your legs, just below your hips.

Your hands reach up and you start caressing up my thigh again.

Growling, I glare at you.

You smile and cross your hands over your chest.

"Did you want something dear?" you ask with a smirk.

"Hmmm...MAAAX!" I say, leaning forward and kissing you.

My body remains inches above yours so that you just feel my nipples caress your chest.

You shiver and kiss back, running your fingers lightly over my full breasts.

I push your hands away and begin kissing down from your mouth, over your jaw and to your neck.

I pause at your throat and feel your pulse with my tongue. I take a light nibble and you gasp.

I can feel your cock twitch against my crotch, inches away but I don't plan on giving you're the satisfaction.

I kiss further down your body, my breasts trailing ahead of me.

I pause at your nipples, feeling your hard cock brushing against my breasts. With my tongue I flick your right nipple, my hand pinching the other.

You moan and use your hand to help your cock rub between my breasts.

I suck at you and nibble a bit, enjoying the feel of you squirming under me.

Your hand begins to stroke your hard cock, your fingers grazing my nipples with each up stroke.

I gasp and stop, looking into your half-closed eyes.

"Oh no you don't Max! I'm playing with you here!"

I move your hand and frown at you.

You grin and twitch your throbbing penis at me.

"Well, I can't help myself Liz. It wants attention," you say.

With an exaggerated sigh I scoot down your body until my face is even with your dick. I contemplate it for a second, and then look up at you.

You smile and raise your eyebrows twitching your cock a few more times for emphasis.

I take my finger and lightly brush down it, teasingly.

You gasp and your smile fades.

I grin wickedly, lean down and take a quick lick from your balls up to the tip.

You groan when I then lightly blow on the wet trail that I left. Your body shivers and a spot of precum appears at the tip.

I lick it off with a quick stroke of my tongue enjoying the salty taste of you.

My left-hand trails it's way over your thigh and cups your testicles, my thumb gently caressing the sensitive area between your dick and your balls. My right hand encircles the base of your penis, gently, and I move it so your cock is pointing at me.

I lick my lips and smile wickedly at you, letting you know what I have planned.

You gasp and squirm a bit, wanting me to put my mouth around you, to feel yourself inside me.

I lean forward and ever so lightly brush the head of your cock with my lips.

You groan and try to thrust in, but I've got you firmly with my hands and keep you back.

My tongue flicks out and circles around the head of your cock, two, three times. I love to torture you. I pause for a second causing you to briefly wonder if I'm not going to continue, then you feel my mouth completely close on your throbbing dick and plunge to the base.

You cry out and thrust once, trying to bury yourself deeper within my mouth.

Using suction I slowly pull myself up your penis, my teeth grazing along you. I go to the top and sucking and licking I concentrate my efforts there.

My hand at the base of your penis begins to move, my saliva making you slick.

My mouth moves down and up your cock, only half way, several times to the rhythm of my hand. I can taste precum again and move back up to the top trying to suck it all out.

I remove my mouth from you and just use my hand for a few seconds.

My fingers graze up to the top and back, lightly.

You moan, but I can tell you want my mouth back.

Teasingly I take away my hands and sit back a bit.

You gasp in astonishment and whimper.

"What was that dear?" I ask playfully.

You growl at me and I raise my eyebrows, grinning.

"You want more?"

You start to sit up, but I don't want you to take control, yet.

I again move back and cup your balls and penis with my hands. My mouth plunges down your shaft to the base, several times in quick succession.

While doing this, one of my hands reaches up and pinches your nipple.

You buck and thrust harder into my mouth. Each time your cock draws out I apply suction making it somewhat difficult for you to withdraw.

I can feel your body shaking under me and your tempo increases.

I put my hand back on your cock and with my hand and mouth help you keep the rhythm that you have set.

You groan and writhe under me, your hand tangling in my long hair.

Insistently you push my head down on you harder, faster.

I am happy to help, wanting to feel you orgasm into my mouth.

With several hard thrusts you explode into my mouth. My hands still but my mouth continues to apply rhythmic suction until I can feel the waves of your orgasm stop.

Hot cum spilling from my mouth back onto you I slowly remove myself off you and wipe my lips, licking the remaining stickiness from them.

You lay motionless as I get up off of you, a satisfied smile on your lips.

Getting off the bed I pause and look at you.

I'm feeling very satisfied with myself but there is something yet to be done.

Making a tsk tsk noise I tell you, "Well now you're a mess dear. I think we need a shower."

I grin with anticipation as I head into the bathroom.

My weekend is just about to begin.

Part 4: Shower Fun Marathon

Well Max and Liz had a great fun during the weekend alright and by the marathon of fun that they had on their numerous showers, by the end of the week they might as well paint their bathroom into bronze!


You follow me into the shower and as I turn the water on, you come up close behind me, pressing against me as you put your arms round me.

"I've been waiting all day for this," you say as I turn to face you, kissing you passionately as the water cascades over us. I can feel your cock hardening against the softness of my belly and I press myself harder against you in response.

Still holding me you pick up the soap and start to rub it up and down my back, getting my skin all slippery, your hands sliding easily over my skin as you move them downwards, over the curve of my buttocks, kneading the soft flesh. Gently you separate them.

Your fingers gliding along the crack and when the tip of your finger reaches the right spot I gasp and wiggle a little feeling your cock jump against me.

You run your finger round the ring then gently push the tip in the center. Being well lubricated with the soap and with just a little pressure, your finger pops in.

Involuntarily I squeeze to eject it then push against it, relaxing the tight muscle and letting your finger in further. Deliberately and rhythmically I squeeze your finger pushing back against your hand and wiggling.

I push my hand between us seeking out your cock, you moan as I wrap my fingers round it and it twitches in response.

The soap on my hand making it so easy to stroke you, my fingers moving faster and faster till you're on the point of cumming.

Then I back away, you grab me trying to push your finger back in me but I make you turn round to face the wall and slide my wet hand between your buttocks, seeking out your hole, teasingly stroking over it as you push back and my finger slides in, instantly gripped tight by the muscle. I see your cock harden more as I wiggle my finger.

"I'm getting wet here fucking your ass, just feel how wet."

I take that finger out and replace it with one from my other hand, which being very wet slides in twice as far, making you gasp.

I reach down between your legs to massage your balls and grasp the hard base of your cock, you thrust forward pressing your cock hard against my hand.

I put both arms round you and firmly stroke your cock. You reach behind you and I part my legs as your fingers sink into my wet pussy, my knees shaking as you find my clit and start to rub it. You raise one hand to your mouth, sucking your fingers greedily as you taste me. I'm still stroking your cock, bringing you to the brink of orgasm several times before finally letting you, the cum rolling out of you in long shuddering gasps, plopping down to lie unmingled in the water at our feet.

You fall back against the shower wall and slide down, your cock still hard and desperate to thrust.

I bend over in front of you, my dripping pussy inches from your face, you grab hold of my hips pulling me on to your mouth as you lick and suck my pussy, greedily drinking my juices.

Eventually I move forward and lean against the opposite wall , ass pushed out towards you, teasing, beckoning.

You get to your feet and lunge at me. Your cock sliding deep in my pussy as you find my clit and start to rub it.

I can feel my pussy starting to tighten but I pull away from you, you wonder what I'm doing and start to protest but I just lean over a bit further and guide the head of your cock against my anus, pushing back hard till it pops in, wiggling my hips till its deep inside me. It only takes a few hard deep thrusts for me to come and I shout out loud as my pussy squeezes tight and I shake all over, my orgasm triggering yours and you pump hot cum deep inside me as we fall to our knees.

Cum trickling down my thighs as your cock slides out of me. We kneel together kissing, getting our breath back as the water continues to flow over us.

Reluctantly we turn off the shower and step out, laughing as we drip water on to the floor.

You reach out and grab a large warm fluffy towel and start to gently dry every inch of me. Its softness soaking up the water droplets from my smooth skin.

There's a sudden chill in the air and I shiver involuntarily, goosebumps appearing on my arms.

You wrap the towel round my shoulders and start to rub briskly, making my skin tingle. Rubbing my arms and back, letting the towel slide down round my waist.

You gently run your towel covered hands over my buttocks and hips before moving down my legs.

You are knelt in front of me and I feel your warm breath on my damp pussy.

You nuzzle your face against it and this makes me giggle, spurring you on to lick and kiss my clit before standing up, your hard again cock brushing against me.

"Mmmmm we must do something about that " I say as I reach for a towel and start to dry you, slowly and teasingly patting and rubbing you dry all over, avoiding your cock till the very last.

Once we are both dry we move into the bedroom. I turn to face you and you take my face in your hands, looking deep in my eyes, I close my eyes, part my lips and lean forward to kiss you, soft, slow and gentle to begin with, gradually increasing in intensity as I place my arms round you, pulling you to me, stroking your back as my tongue starts to probe your mouth, pressing my soft abdomen against your throbbing cock.

You take hold of my hand and lead me to the bed. We lie down kissing and caressing all the time. "roll on to your tummy" you tell me, so I turn over.

You straddle my thighs and lean forward to massage my back and shoulders , I can feel your cock lying between my buttocks as your hands slide over my skin.


That feels so good, I gently moan as I start to relax even more.

Moving back you gently part my legs with your knees. You push against my hips and tell me to get on my knees.

I feel your fingertips on the small of my back, then you move your hand downwards, one finger sliding between my buttocks, as it passes over my anus, I shudder and twitch my bottom. You carry on downwards over my vulva and towards my clit, stroking it till it hardens, then you move backwards dipping your fingers in my now wet pussy, making me squirm with delight.

Your fingers slick with my juices you massage the tender area between my openings, moving your finger in circular movements, constantly moving back towards my buttocks.

As your finger moves over my anus it is so lubricated that it gently slips in and I let out a little squeal.

You apologise and I reply " no carry on it just took me by surprise."

You slowly push your finger deeper inside me, gently stretching and exploring me. Pulling your finger out you start to kiss my buttocks and I push back against you.

You start to lick over my perineum, round my pussy to my clit. Causing me to moan with pleasure, you lick and nibble at my engorged clit, making me tremble. Probing my pussy with your tongue, lapping up my juices.

You move forwards and I feel your hard cock against my vulva.

You tease me by holding it and rubbing it up and down my slit, back and forth from my clit to my anus every so often pausing at my pussy for some more natural lubricant.

You can sense my building arousal as every time you are near my pussy I push back, eager to have your throbbing cock inside me.

You tease me a while longer then suddenly you push your thick cock to its hilt, deep inside me.

I gasp out with the sheer pleasure of it.

You slowly pull out then thrust deep again, making me cry out again and you start to pump in a slow steady rhythm. You are thrusting so hard that your balls are slapping against me.

My breathing is coming in gasps now as my pussy starts to tighten.

We can both feel and hear my juices pouring out as I near orgasm.

You quicken the pace as I push back in time to your ever deeper thrusts.

I shout out loudly as I cum my pussy squeezing your cock tight.

You thrust deeper into me, holding still as I feel your cock throb hard, spewing out your hot cum into my pulsating pussy. You relax and fall down against my back, my pussy giving one last shudder as your cock slides free.

I collapse down on the bed and you roll off me. We kiss and embrace as we get our breath back. I turn on my side and you snuggle up behind me, kissing the back of my neck as your hand slides round to hold my breast.

Happy and contented we drift off to sleep.


The water was flowing over my hair, I leaned forward just a bit to let the water beat down on my neck and shoulders to release the tension there. I was in heaven with what felt like ecstasy. The hot water felt so good on my weary body.

I was suddenly startled by the sound of your voice. Pulled out of my reverie, I heard you ask, "Are you all set in there, or do you need any help with your back?"

With just the sound of your voice, I trembled. It brought back the memories of our recent fun during our shower, and I found myself holding my breath.

"Well, now that you mention it, I am having a little trouble reaching my back. Do you have any suggestions?"

"I have an idea, if you're interested?"

"Well, what do you have in mind?"

With that, he climbed into the shower behind me, grabbed the cloth, and started rubbing my back.

"Umm, that feels great!" I uttered.

I could feel him against my back, I could smell him over my shoulder, and I could feel his touch on my body. With every movement, my skin tingled.

Even in the hot steam of the shower, he gave me a chill of excitement.

I'm not sure when he lost the cloth, but his arms were snaked around me, one tugging at my nipples and one playing with my smooth crotch. I could feel his breath on my neck and I could hear him moan.

All I could do was lean into the assault his hands were making on my body. My head rolled back against his shoulder, I uttered a moan of my own, and reached for my neglected nipple and started rolling it around in my fingers.

My other hand moved to cover his hand as his fingers were playing with my lower lips.

My breathing was getting short.

My God, his fingers felt good!

I could feel his erection on my back, and all I could think of was how good it would feel to have that inside of me. I was very hot and wet at this point, and not only from the shower.

I reached over to lean on the seat of the shower stall, bending over as an invitation. The water was beating on the small of my back as I was waiting for the initial thrust of his cock.

What I felt instead was his tongue searching for my entrance. His hot and wet tongue was licking my pussy as his fingers opened me up.

"Oooh!" I exclaimed with an arch of my back.

I figured he was on his knees, but when I looked down between my legs, he was sitting under me, ready to lick me again.

I leaned into him, loving every touch. His tongue was licking me like an ice cream cone.

"Oh, that feels so good."

He then exposed my clit and started flicking it with his tongue.

I wanted more.

He was being such a tease.

He wanted me to beg.

At this point, I would do anything!

"Oh please Max, please eat me. Yes! Like that! Damn, that feels good. I love your tongue! Please, fuck me with your tongue, I want to feel your tongue all over me. Oh God Max, you do that good!"

He was licking me hard, he was fucking my hole with his tongue.

The next proved to be my undoing. While he was tongue-fucking my hole, his thumb was rubbing my clit. He was eating me like it was his first meal in a week, sucking on me, ravaging me, trying to get more and more, like he couldn't get enough.

He was rubbing my nub in big circular motions and squeezing it every once in a while between his fingers.

"Oh Max! That feels so fucking good! I'm going to cum! Your tongue feels so good, eat me baby, yes...yes... Eat me, just like that, please don't stop, Ahh, yes baby, ahh, you're making me cum baby, you're making me cum!"

"Let it go honey', let it go. I want to taste your juices, I want you to cum on my face. Let it go, give it all to me."

With a final groan and my hips rocking with his tongue, I reached my peak and my juices flowed!

Oh, that was incredible.

Max stood up after my rocketing explosion.

All I could do was lean against him for support. The hot water, the steam, my heavy breathing, and my breath-taking orgasm left me feeling dizzy and unsteady on my feet.

He reached over to shut off the water, and opened the door to the stall. The towel was out of reach on the vanity. Not wanting to leave me alone, he guided me out on to the rug, grabbed the towel, and wrapped it around my back. Then he just held me for a while.

It felt so good just being held that way, almost like he was cradling a child. Even after I regained my composure, I didn't want to leave his embrace.

He shifted his weight a little on his feet, and then I realized he was still hard. I stepped back from him just a bit and looked him in the eye. I could see his burning desire.

I lightly rushed my lips over his, giving him a soft butterfly kiss while my hand lifted to cup his face.

My thumb moved to his lips, tracing them where my lips just were. I couldn't stop staring at him as I tried to absorb every detail and feature.

With my hand still on his face, I started to trace his spine with the fingernail of my other hand. I started at the top, and slowly glided my nail over his skin. He leaned back and rested against the vanity.

A chill overcame him and he took a deep breath. I noticed his rock hard dick twitch, and that encouraged me. I sprang into action.

My lips came down on him, kissing him hard as one hand held his head in place. My other hand was on the cheek of his ass, pulling his body closer to mine.

I pressed my body into his and was grinding my nipples into his chest, my hips into his groin. I loved the feeling of his body firmly pressed against mine, I just couldn't get close enough.

Urgently, I moved from his lips and began to lick the excess water off his shoulder. I licked and drank the water from his neck, from the end of his ear, as my tongue explored his flesh. His arms were wrapped around me, crossing on my back, so both his hands were on the cheeks of my ass. He was holding me close, not willing to let me go.

I could feel his hand inch downward, slowly reaching for my opening.

His moan urged me on.

I started to squat so he couldn't reach. It was his turn to cum this time. I moved down to nibble on his sensitive nipple, rubbing the other one with my thumb.

He gasped for air, urging me to go down even further.

I glided my tongue down the underside of his rib cage, following the trail of bones to his waist. I could feel his hands on my ears, one on each side, trying to guide me to his manhood. The more he tried to make his cock the center of attention, the more I resisted. I wanted to make him beg, just as he made me beg.

I lingered a moment longer on his waist. I then started to move to his groin. My tongue was tracing imaginary circles on the innermost side of his thigh.

My tongue moved down to his balls as I licked the skin all around them, but never touching them. Every time I came close to touching his protrusion, I felt his body stiffen in anticipation, so I avoided it.

"You are torturing me, you know that, don't you?" he asked. I feel like I'm going to explode, and you haven't even touched me yet."

"NO, no my love! This isn't even torture. This is the prelude to extreme pleasure." Was my reply.

"Oh PLEASE! Suck on me! I can't wait! I can't take this anymore. I want to feel your......OHH!!!"

That was when, in only a heartbeat, I swallowed him whole, with no warning. I just dove in on his dick and sucked real hard.

"Ohhh! Yes! Ahh!"

He was fucking my mouth, rocking his hips back and forth.

I hungrily accepted all of him, sucking on him, taking him deep into my mouth. He was so hard and rigid. My pussy was getting wet again and was throbbing, looking for attention.

I reached up and cradled his balls in the palm of my hand. His hips were meeting my mouth thrust for thrust

"Oh damn, I love that tongue!"

I could feel his balls tighten up and his thrust become more desperate. That was my signal. He was going to cum. I sucked him hard one last time, grazed my teeth over his mushroom top head, and released his cock with a pop.

I was not ready to make him cum yet. I wanted to make this last even longer.

I started to lick him. I held him by the base of his shaft and started licking his cock like a lollipop. My efforts were rewarded with some ooze dripping out the tip. I licked it all off, trying to spread his hole with my tongue so I could get the last drop. After I'd licked him clean, I again started on the main vein, flicking it back and forth with my tongue.

I was stroking him and licking him at the same time. My strokes were slow, yet deliberate. I began to pick up the pace. I was sucking him hard and stroking him fast.

A low long groan rumbled out of his throat. He was totally enjoying this.

I issued a groan of my own as I sucked and stroked his meat. I wet getting so wet again, and I was throbbing hard. I was ready to cum right along with him.

"Oh please, make me cum! Suck on me hard and make me cum! Umm, I'm so close!"

I started sucking him harder and faster, his hips rocking back and forth. I slurped him, sucked him, and then stuck my finger up his ass up to my 2nd knuckle .

"Oh Fuck! I'm cumming! Ohh! ***GASP*** Ahh!"

I felt his first squirt pump out of his vein and reach the back of my throat. I took his cock out of my mouth, still stroking, but aiming his shot at my tits, letting his load drip off my nipples.

Hmmm...Now it's his turn to regain his composure.


We are standing in the shower, you look across the streaming water into my eyes for a while before you smile and wink at me. Your mind filled with thoughts of how much you want me, you reach across and hold my hand pulling me to you.

We interlock fingers, you pull me close to you and I lean in, our lips touch and we kiss each other passionately.

You let go of one hand and we start touching and gently stroking each other. You brush my hair back and caress my neck. I have my hand on your chest, running my fingers through your hair, softly pinching your nipples.

You find one of my breasts and fondle it affectionately. I start breathing hard and moan when you pinch my hardened nipple.

I slide my hand slowly down your stomach and take your penis in my hand and squeeze it firmly.

My fingers wrapped around your thick cock massaging it, stroking it up an down, feeling it throb in my hand as it harden.

You moan this time and stick your tongue further into my mouth. We let go of each other's hands and begin caressing more passionately.

You reach down and cup my pussy in your hand and start humping your hand. I spread my legs slightly as you slide your finger up my wet and oily cunt. I thrust down on your finger as you ease two more fingers up my cunt, spreading my pussy wide as you finger-fuck my hot pussy.

My other hand reaches straight down and encircles your balls.

You start to breath hard and end our kiss to throw your head back in ecstasy as I hold your balls and stroke your rock-hard cock. You look back into my eyes and spread my cunt open with one hand and touch my clit with a finger of the other hand.

You then push two fingers inside me and watch me close my eyes and open my mouth. You pull your fingers out for a moment and then penetrate my sweet wetness again.

I turn my head to one side and open my mouth a little wider. You slip another finger between my ass cheeks and touch my tight little anus. I point my toes in the throes of pleasure and moan a little whimper.

We caress and stimulate each other until the water starts getting cool and then we get out and towel each other dry.

I stay in the shower for a while and finally come out to find you lying naked in bed typing on your notebook computer.

I crawl into bed and curl up between your legs.

Your cock catches my attention as it lies there on your balls.

I move my face closer and get a good look at it. I look even closer at the hole in the tip and notice that is actually a small slit going up and down.

I blow a soft, warm breath on your balls and your cock moves. Your cock gets a little longer and your balls hang a little lower. I blow a cool breath on them as your cock shrinks up a little as the skin around your balls contract to hug your balls closer to your body.

I repeat this several times because it is so fascinating to me, but eventually I pick up your cock and hold it between two fingers while placing my thumb on each side of the little slit and spread open very gently. It opens right up and I see that it is pink and moist on the inside.

I lick the stretched open slit with the tip of my tongue and taste your inside. My mouth waters with anticipation from the cock I am holding in my face so I go down on it and put it in my mouth.

You close the lid of your notebook a little and peer over it to see what I am up to.

You raise your eyebrows at the sight of your cock in my mouth. I like the feel of its warmth and softness in my mouth and suck on it hungrily. It starts getting hard in my mouth so I just keep sucking, and licking it up and down with my tongue.

Your body shudders with rising desire. I feel it getting all the way erect and touch the back of my throat, I gasp and then slowly swallow the head of it and continue. I slide my wet lips off the head, kiss the tip and lick the little hole again. Then I kiss my way to your balls and lick them all over.

I grab your cock and start stroking it up and down and take your balls in my mouth individually, and suck on each of them for a while. Then I lick the back of your balls, underneath them and your ass cheeks all the while continuing to jerk you off.

You look back down at me and this time our eyes meet. You put your hands on my face, stick your stiff cock in my mouth and thrust powerfully in and out.

You get up on your knees and roll me over, pick me up off the bed and turn me upside down. You hold me against you with my tummy on your chest and our faces between each other's legs.

I immediately take your erection back into my mouth and you resume fucking my face. I watch your balls swinging between your thighs and feel them slap my nose and eyes.

I hold on tight to your ass cheeks and feel you start explore all the cunt between my thighs.

As soon as you have me upside down, I wrap my legs around your head and you just stare at all my wet cunt.

My legs are slightly spread, exposing my pubic hair, vagina, clit and my ass to you. You look at my luscious ass and put your hands on it and squeeze.

As you squeeze my cheeks, you are spreading my crack apart and stretching my little asshole open and closed.

You move your hands up a little close and start spreading my cunt as well. You put your face right over my cunt and smell the exciting scent of my hot flowing juices.

The urge to taste my wetness overwhelms you and you drag your tongue through my slit, licking quite a lot of juice out me and taking it into your mouth.

You love the taste a while before you swallow me, and go back for more. You slide your tongue through my slit and encircle my erect little clit. You slide your tongue back through my slit and touch the opening of my pussy with the tip of your tongue. You stay there for a moment flicking your tongue around between my drenched lips and then you plunge your tongue deep into me.

I squirm and grind my pussy into your face, which makes you thrust your cock in and out of my mouth even harder.

You shove your tongue in me so hard you feel as you are going to push your whole face inside my fucking pussy.

I arch my back and let your cock pop out of my mouth.

You feel my cunt clamp down on your tongue like it is trying to squeeze it out, so you push it in so hard you feel my lips spreading farther up onto the side of your face.

Then I holler and squeal with pleasure as my pussy pulsates and overflows with hot slippery juices that run down my tummy. I cum and cum and squeal and moan and wiggle. I holler and dig my nails into your ass and just keep cumming.

You suck my clit into your mouth and shake your head back and forth to perpetuate my orgasm.

I squeeze your head with my legs and you still manage to lick my clit and smear pussy juice all over your face and the inside of my thighs.

You put two fingers on each side of my ass hole and stretch it open which makes me cum even harder.

You slowly stop licking my clit and begin licking the juices off me. You suck it out of my pubic hair, and lick it out of my cunt. You lay me down on the bed and lick it off my tummy too.

Then I pulled you up to my lips and kissed you, licking my cum from your face.

This turns me on so much you get between my legs and push your rock hard cock up my pussy. It feels so good and fills me up so completely I cum again.

I fuck you so hard and wildly I nearly buck you off, but you manage to stay on top of me and thrust your cock as deep inside me as it can possible get.

My motion slow as my orgasm diminishes and we look into each other's eyes again.

Still erect and inside me you continue to lie on top of me for a while and savour the moment. We breathe in unison and feel each other's heart beating.

You kiss my lips and my neck and whisper something in my ear that makes me horny all over again.

I put my hands on your chest and push you over onto your back, looking you straight in the yes and say, "Want some more pussy?"

I open my mouth real wide and put your slippery wet cock all the way in it without touching it until it is all the way inside my mouth. Then I close my mouth around it, tasting my juices with my entire mouth.

I suck you completely clean, licking the pubic hair around your cock and your balls too. I lick my way up and down you hard shaft, pulling deeper into your mouth, moaning, begging you to fuck my mouth as your thrust intensify you shoot your hot load down my throat and I continue to suck until all of your precious cums fills my mouth, I swallow, licking greedily.

Both exhausted we then fall happily asleep in each other arms with smiles and tenderness in our hearts.


I am standing in the shower letting the water slowly rinse the shampoo out of my hair. Still with my eyes closed, I hear the door slide open and feel the cool air play over my wet skin.

You say "turn around," I do, and you direct the water away from my body.

Standing close behind, not quite touching, you reach around me for the shower gel and sponge.

I wait.

You lift my arm to the side and slowly lather every inch. You repeat this with the other arm, then move on to my back and bottom (which moves back towards you involuntarily).

"Patience," you say.

You concentrate on the backs of my legs and I move them apart a little. Still kneeling, you shift your attention to the front of my legs, and start moving upwards.

I groan in anticipation.

You quickly move the sponge over my breasts and stomach and it drops, forgotten.

You let your hands work the lather instead.

I can feel you now, and move back along your length wanting to feel every inch.

"Not yet," you whisper, and your tongue lingers there for just a moment.

With one hand you tease my nipples while the other moves lower down, your fingers sliding inside easily.

Oh, god.

So wet and slippery.

You slide your fingers up and down and I match the rhythm, feeling your hand as I move forward, and you, so hard, as I move backwards.

Suddenly, shockingly, your hands leave my body and you direct the full force of the shower spray onto my breasts and stomach.

I turn around and kiss you, aching for you, wanting more.

Instead, I drop to my knees and run my tongue along your length.

I hear you moan.

I take the tip in my mouth, and suck, while one hand moves up and down, the other roaming at will.

I alternate, using my hands, tongue and mouth, until I feel the muscles in your legs tighten with tension.

I stop.

"No," you say, your voice hoarse, and I smile.

You wrench me to my feet, lift one of my legs and enter me in one long stroke.

God, that feels good.

We don't move for a few seconds, prolonging the agony - but not for long.

We move together, fast and hard.

I clutch at your ass, urging you deeper with every stroke - we are both so close, it takes only moments.

It begins in my toes and travels along every nerve ending in my body.

I cry out at the same time as you, and we come together, out of control. It seems to last forever.

Breathing heavily, we stay there for a while, holding each other so close, letting the water wash over us, until you say "come on, I'll dry you off," and we step out of the shower.

You dry my hair a little, then my arms, stomach and breasts.

You kneel down to reach my feet and I place my right foot a little higher to make it easier for you.

I feel your breath on the inside of my leg and shiver.

I wonder if you've noticed my reaction and look down.

You smile up at me and say "I will lick you dry."

But the things you then do with your tongue are not ever going to get that response...