12. "Babe, I wanna try something."
Roswell char not mine.

"Babe, I wanna try something."

Max always perked up when Liz said this. Every time she did it meant that he would get to see her neck arch, her nipples harden, and hear those moans. It also meant he would have a hard on until they tried it, and during the activity he'd loose track of how many times he came.

Max said yes before he knew what she had in mind. He didn't need to ask, he trusted her. Once he gave consent Liz smiled and walk back to the desk to finish balancing her check book. She held in her giggle when he groaned out loud for having to wait.

Without warning one night while he was washing the dishes she came at him from behind and shredded his shirt off of his body.

He put the dish down, but left his hands in the soapy water.

Liz ran her fingers down his chest.

He could feel her breasts on his back. He leaned against her as she squirmed her fingers into his pants. Max reached behind and ran his wet soapy hands down Liz's thigh. As she lightly trailed her fingers about his legs; Max slid his right hand between hers in search of Liz's pussy.

He found it already dripping and made the juice thicken as he used his thumb to play with her clit and slowly moved his fingers in and out of her pussy.

She shook in his hand and she pressed down against him. Suddenly she removed her hands from his crotch and swiftly had his pants and boxers on the floor.

Max tried to turn around to touch more of her, but Liz shoved him back around. He grunted at her, but it quickly turned to a moan as she pressed her entire naked body against his back.

Liz reluctantly took a step back away from Max and his now sticky hand. She ran her fingers hard down the length of his back. She watched almost every muscle in his body twitch. As her hands reached his round ass she slid two fingers of each hand under the cheeks and used her thumbs to part them slightly.

Max leaned forward on the sink and his breathing deepened.

She lowered her hands to the insides of his legs, just barely brushing against his stiff cock.

Max shuddered and used the counter to keep from falling.

Liz grinned behind him and sloppily bit just above his anus.

Max continued to shake.

Liz pulled him from the counter and directed him to their guest room.

There was nothing in it except a four-poster bed. No window, no clock, nothing.

Liz pushed him down with his back on the bed. He finally saw her. Her firm breasts bouncing slightly as she sat on his stomach, her long brown hair down her back, and her gorgeous legs.

He took a breast in each hand and began massaging them and ever so slightly pinched the nipples.

Liz moaned approvingly and grinded into his torso slightly.

Just as Max pulled himself upward to suck and bit on her tits Liz took both his wrists and pinned them to the bed.

He looked up at her intensely trying to get out of Liz's grip so he could continue to enjoy her so delicious body.

She grinned at him wickedly then pulled from behind him two red ropes and tied down his arms.

He bit his lip almost cutting it as she withdrew from him and turned so her drenched pussy faced him completely exposed. He pulled at the ropes and tried to reach out with his tongue but she was just out of his reach.

On the other end Liz was tying down his legs with another set of crimson ropes. She had trouble concentrating on the knots as Max's throbbing rod kept hitting the inside of her thigh.

Once she finished she got up and stood above Max on the bed. She had a wonderful view of ever inch of his front; from his black and red punk hair, to his dick steaming between his legs, tensing legs, and his curling toes.

"Do you want me?" She smirked looking down at him as she casually rubbed her right nipple.

"God yes."

Max twitched beneath her flailing his limbs toward her, but the restraints held him down.

Liz began to rub her clit with her free hand.

"How badly?"

Max watched her fingers intently, he could see her fluid beginning to drip down her leg. He couldn't speak, he fought against the ropes and roared like a rageing lion in heat. He finally stopped and laid there, panting.

"That bad?" Liz grinned down at him.

His cock was throbbing wildly. He felt like he was about to cum and they hadn't done much of anything yet.

Liz crawled back down on top of him but so he couldn't reach her. His burning dick was press directly under her boiling cunt. He tried to grind his pelvis into her but he could barely move.

Liz moaned quietly and leaned completely on top of him smashing her chest into his. She slowly began to lick, kiss, and bite all around his neck.

Max grunted, and again tried to touch then simply pulled at the ropes in frustration. She suddenly sat up dragging her warm wet pussy up his stomach.

Max moaned again. It grew louder as he watched her face, biting her lip as the friction pulled at her clit.

She looked down at him again, ever so mildly grinding her crotch into his torso.

"I wonder how badly you'd want me if I just left you here like this for a while, all alone?"

Max roared again which slowly turned into a, "Please!"

Liz slowly and half heatedly removed herself from him.

He arched his back, trying to keep the contact as long as possible.

She walked to the door then turned back to him. "I will be coming back from time to time, but I must say it is hard to leave a lovely naked man who’s squirming and burning just for me."

With that she smiled at him one more time, trail a hand down her body and shut the door behind her.


Max yelled after her and pulled at the ropes; they held fast. He used his weight thrashing against the ropes and the bed posts.

The bed moved 5 inches. He'd never been this far, needing Liz this bad, being this hard. He thought he'd go insane if he didn't feel her again right away.

Outside the door Liz was listening to his frustration, biting her lip and twisting her nipples. She could hardly wait to go back in, but she wanted to see if her little plan would work.

Max tried to think of something else, but of course it didn't work. All he could think of was every time Liz and he'd had sex.

Every single solitary time.

In their bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, the mall.

Max had to giggle at that one; they were nearly caught by a security guard. He wished there was a clock in the guest room, then at least he'd know how long he'd been there alone.

Then the toys Liz had listed through his head, he shuddered and tried desperately not to cum.

Liz looked at the kitchen clock.

5 minutes.

She'd planed to leave him there for ten. She pressed her ear to the door, she could hear his breathing. Liz moaned and opened the door.

The light for the other room cascaded over Max's stomach. His cock flamed between his legs. He almost came at the mere sight of Liz's naked body.

He knew she had something behind her back. She was grinning a lot. Max took a slight pleasure in seeing her use the door frame to balance her steps. She was as hot as he was.

He could easily see her glistening, and he noticed her exposed hand had the same shimmer.

Liz held out her fingers for him and he licked her juice off them. She brought it closer and Max sucked every drop off. Liz tilted her head back slightly.

While Max was diverted Liz brought out her toy, a vibrator that was meant for backs. She pressed it mercilessly against he side.


Max screamed and tried to double over on the vibrator.

Liz retreated it and smiled down at him as she unconsciously clenched her pussy on itself in anticipation.

"You liked that?"

She knew full well he did.

"Oh, fuck. Fuck me Liz, please." The words were difficult because of his heavy breathing. "I need to."

He was too weak now even to pull at the ropes.


Liz straddled his stomach again.

Max put his head back. Her scalding pussy on his abs, cooled from being exposed.

"Oh Liz."

"Look at me."

"I'll cum if I look at you. I need you. I need to --"

His words halted when he felt Liz's pussy clench on the flesh of his stomach.

"You'll cum just by looking at me?"

"Yes. YES!"

Liz put the vibrator against his other side, just for a moment.

He jerked again.

He still hadn't opened his eyes.

"Would you still be hard?" Liz bit her lip as her breath heaved her breasts up and down rapidly.

"Fucking Christ yes."

Max couldn't take any more, and neither could Liz.

Without a word she lifted her body.

"No." Max still wouldn't look at her. "Don't leave. My dick will explode!"

Liz as slowly and quietly as possible lowered her fiery pussy on his burning cock. She immediately clenched down on his rod.

"YES!" Max clenched his fists and willed his cum to wait.

Liz leaned back, careful to keep him inside her and undid the ropes on his legs. She did the same to the ones around his wrists.

She kissed him deeply then whispered, "Fuck me."

Max roared and flipped Liz so she was under him. He planted his hands on her sides and began to pump her.

He pounded his bulged cock into her pussy. His speed was almost inhuman.


Liz screamed under him and grabbed at his ass forcing him deeper in. Her body shook over and over, she couldn't tell where one orgasm ended and the other began.

Every time Max rammed into her tits bounced and she cried out.

Max couldn't stop if he wanted to. He felt his balls tighten with every stroke and each time they slapped against Liz.


He came pouring into her, but couldn't stop slamming her pussy with his rod.

In a moment he was hard again and still going. His speed slowed slightly, but the force remained.

"My God!" was about the only understandable thing she could manage. And an endless.....

"Max! OH Max! Fuck! FUCK! FUCK ME!"

After they had both lost track of time, space, the world, let alone the number of times they'd cum Liz flipped Max to his back again and slowed down the tempo to the rocking grind of her hips.

Neither of them went to work the next day.