13. Playing Dr. Max
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Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Summary. Alternative universe. No alien.

It was a brisk autumn day in the Family Clinic. Max looked at his schedule for the day and sighed as he rubbed his eyes. He had over twenty patients to see today, after having been on call in the hospital the night before. "I thought third year was supposed to be fun..." Max mused. His third year of medical school had been a blur of doctors, patients, uncomfortable beds in on-call rooms, and late nights hitting the books so he would be prepared to answer even the most obscure questions at morning rounds.

Today was working in the Family Clinic, part of his clerkship
in the Department of Family Medicine. The first two weeks of this clerkship had been with a Family Practitioner in rural Nevada.

Today was Max's first day in the Family Clinic. His job, at least in principle, was simple enough. Perform physical examinations on all new non-emergency patients. It's been said that no physical exam is as thorough as one given by a medical student. Their thoroughness was not so much a matter of technical expertise, but rather sheer terror at the thought of missing something that was discovered later by one of the doctors who issued grades and perhaps more importantly, wrote letters of recommendation to residency programs. "At least it's only a half-day" Max thought to himself, grateful that he had the afternoon off.

Max's self pity was interrupted as he scanned the morning schedule again. Amidst all the names on the list, there was one he recognized. "Liz Parker....11:45 P.E. w/pelvic" the schedule read. A number of unprofessional thoughts raced through Max's fertile imagination. Max had met Liz through a computer bulletin board several years previously. They had met in person about a year later. Max found Liz extremely attractive, and had spent many passionate nights with her....in his dreams.

In his dreams, Max knew the gentle curve of Liz's breasts,
the feel of her nipples in his mouth, the warmth of her kisses, the sweet taste of her beautifully soft vulva. Only in dreams.

Those dreams, as exciting as they were, had a bitterweet
quality to them. As beautiful as Liz was, Max never really
let her know how he felt about her. He thought about it often
enough, but never acted on those thoughts. He had consigned
himself to the idea that lovely Liz was "unattainable".
He never believed that he would feel Liz's electric touch
outside of his dreams.

The morning's exams had been uneventful. It was the beginning of the cold and flu season and most of the new patients had a very ordinary assortment of upper respiratory infections. Max made his diagnoses and noted the appropriate treatment, which was prescribed after being reviewed and counter-signed by Max's supervising resident. It was all Max could do to keep his mind on the patients. There was only one patient on Max's mind this morning.

Finally, all of the patients on Max's schedule had been seen...all but one, and she was his last patient of the day. Max went to the washroom and did what he could to freshen up. He combed his hair and brushed his teeth. If there was any cologne available, he would have gladly splashed on a little. He tried as best he could to smooth the morning's wrinkles out of his white jacket, then went to the Nurse's Station to wait for his last patient of the day. He had hoped to catch a glimpse of Liz out of the window in the Nurse's Station, but before he could even look he was handed a chart by one of the Clinic's nurses. "Last one's ready for you 'doctor'" the nurse said with a smile. The way she emphasized the word "doctor" drew a laugh from everyone at the Nurse's Station including Max. Max's easy smile and helpful attitude had made him one of the more popular students with the Clinic staff.

"This won't take long" Max said as he walked toward the exam room, "I tee off at 1:00". The people at the Nurse's Station laughed again, knowing that Max couldn't tell one end of
a golf club from the other.

Max read Liz's chart as he walked toward the door of exam room
2. History and and vital signs all normal....a routine check up.

Max was surprised to feel a stirring of butterflies in his stomach as he opened the door.

Max's heart rate doubled when he saw Liz, as beautiful as ever, sitting on the exam table wearing only the thin paper gown that was standard for a physical exam. Her long smooth legs, her long brown hair, her perky breasts, her sweet-tasting vulva, and most of all, those big brown eyes that always made Max's heart melt, all these things that Max knew so well in his dreams, were here in the same room with him. The air-conditioned room began to feel unusually warm to Max and he took a deep breath in spite of himself.

"Hi Liz" Max said as professionally as he could. Professionalism was not the first thing on Max's mind, especially when he saw the the garter belt and silk camisole laying on the chair. Liz's skirt and blouse were neatly folded over the back of the chair. "No bra" Max thought suddenly...."that's what's missing. She didn't wear a bra."

"Hi Max....or is it DOCTOR Max now?" Liz said as she smiled that smile that always made Max melt.

"I get enough of that from the nurses!" Max said laughingly, "Don't you start on me".

"So, what brings you in today?" Max asked, as he caught the first scent of Liz's perfume.

"I feel great," Liz answered, "I just want to get a check up before winter hits."

Only the thinnest of paper gowns separated Max from the most gorgeous body his dreams has ever created. That, and the smell of Liz's perfume were already causing in increase in blood flow to Max's groin. He could feel his penis begin to swell as he listened to the sound of Liz's breathing through his stethoscope. That swelling became a full grown raging hard-on as Max listened to Liz's heart and caught a glimpse of her erect nipples...nipples that he longed to taste. Max was hoping Liz would not notice the bulge in his pants, but
from her mischievous grin, it was clear that she had.

Max's heart nearly jumped into his throat when Liz said "I've always wanted to play doctor with you". After an extra hard swallow Max's heart seemed to go back where it belonged.

Not quite sure what to say, Max blurted out "Well, what a coincidence that I'm seeing you today".

Max could feel the blood rush to his face when Liz answered "You mean a coincidence that I'm here for an exam on your first day in the Clinic and that I'm your last patient of the day and that this exam includes a pelvic?"

For what may have been the first time in his life, Max didn't know what to say. Could Liz, the woman of his dreams, really be coming on to him?

"You seem pretty well informed." Max smiled at Liz. 'What
should I do now?' he thought. "Why don't you tell me what comes next?" Max finally said.

"I believe that you're supposed to examine my breasts." Liz said as she let the paper gown slip off her smooth shoulders. Max stared at what may have been the two most perfect, beautiful breasts he had ever seen. Creamy smooth breasts, warm pink areolas, and erect nipples just begging
to be sucked.

"Well??" Liz said, feigning impatience. "Are you just going to stand there staring?"

"Uhm, no" was all Max could manage to say as he stepped closer and cupped Liz's left breast in his right hand. The magic of was almost too much for Max to take. Her breast felt softer than Max ever imagined from his dreams. Max was not "examining" Liz's beautiful breast, he was fondling it, caressing it.

"You have a very nice touch," Liz said as she laid back on the exam table "but you're forgetting the other one."

Max smiled as his left hand found Liz's other breast. All pretense at conducting a medical exam was over.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to touch you like this." Max said, the pace of his breathing quickening.

"You sure had a funny way of letting me know!" Liz laughed. "Do you know how hard it was to get this appointment? And to be sure it was with you??"

Oblivious to the potential consequences, Max took off his white coat and pulled Liz closer to him. Their mouthes came closer and closer until they met in a wet, warm, passionate kiss. Tongues explored each other as Max pulled and gently pinched Liz's erect nipple. "You're so beautiful..." Max said; interrupting the kiss only long enough to utter those words, words that he'd longed to say and that she'd longed to hear. Max's hand began to slide down. Across Liz's stomach, down to her warm furry mound. Max felt a quiver go through Liz's body when his fingers brushed across her vulva. As he kissed her neck, Max ran his fingers through Liz's soft, curly pubic hair. Stroking it, lightly pulling it. He caressed the outside of her vulva until, finally, he parted her swollen lips to feel the wet clit and vagina that lay beneath.

Liz gasped as Max traced the outline of her inner lips and her
hard little clitoris. She opened her eyes just in time to see Max lick her wetness from his fingers. "You taste so sweet." he whispered to her. "I want to taste more of this." Max moved to the end of the exam table and slid Liz's legs apart to reveal her pretty vulva. Liz's lips opened like a flower blooming; it's sweet nectar waiting to be savored. Savor is exactly what Max did. He licked and kissed Liz's lips and clit, loving the smell and taste of her beautiful vulva.

"Oh, YES!" Liz gasped as Max slid two fingers into her vagina while he continued to lick and slurp her juices. He slid his fingers deep into Liz's warm vagina. By Liz's reaction, he knew he had found what he was looking for. With his finger tips, Max rubbed in small circles around Liz's G spot as his tongue caressed her hard clit.

Liz began rocking her hips rhythmically against Max's hungry mouth. Now Max could hear Liz's breathing, in synchrony with her thrusting hips. Excited by Liz's reaction, Max began licking faster, and pressing his fingers against that part of Liz's vagina where that magic spot lived. Max could hear Liz moaning now as she grasped the back of his head pulling his face harder against her vulva. With his other hand Max was caressing Liz's breast, gently pulling and twisting her erect nipple. Even before he heard the sweet high-pitched gasp, the rhythmic tightening of Liz's vagina around his fingers told Max that Liz was coming.

Max's face felt like a glazed donut as he looked as Liz's wet,
tangled pubic hair. The opening of her vagina was still quivering as the last waves of pleasure coursed through her.

"I've never had a pelvic exam like THAT before." Liz gasped, still out of breath from her orgasm.

"Oh, I'm not finished." Max said. He smiled as he let his pants drop to the floor, revealing a very hard penis.

'Just right' Liz thought as she looked at Max's slightly above average-sized cock. The head was already glistening wet from Max's pre-come.

As Max leaned over Liz, he began stroking her wet slit with the head of his cock, mixing his wetness with hers. The wet sound of his cock sliding up and down Liz's slit was making Max even harder, if that was possible. Now it was Max's
turn to gasp as he slid his throbbing cock deep into Liz's wet vagina. The silky smoothness of Liz's vagina gave Max a feeling that was better than anything he had ever felt before, in dreams or in reality!. 'If it felt THIS good BEFORE coming....' Max thought.

They kissed with more than simple lust as their hips thrust together. They weren't just having sex, they were making love. Max gently thrust his hard cock deep into Liz. She loved the feel of his cock inside her. As Max thrust harder and harder, Liz could feel him begin to tremble and his breaths quicken as his cock filled her. "Oh, Liz!" he whispered hoarsely as Liz felt the warm surge deep inside her.

They laid there together for several minutes, just holding each other. Max looked at Liz, and brushed her silky hair out of her big brown eyes. She looked up at him, smiled, and asked "Do you make house calls??"