Title: Rough Times Author: Haley
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Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: No, I don’t own anything of course! Summary: Alex and Isabel are getting used to life together, lets see what happens with them now..! Alex has a big surprise for Isabel or does Isabel have a surprise for Alex? Category: Mostly Alex and Isabel but some M/M.. L/M. Author's Notes: Um this is my very first fan fiction so just read on it gets better and thanks for reading!!!
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Rough Times
Alex/Isabel’s new apartment
"Alex hi I'm home!" Oh Hi Isabel are you ready?" Well not really because I know both of our parents are going to flip out!" Don't worry they wont flip out!" How do you know!" Well I don't know they probably will flip out I'm just trying to make you feel better." ALEX!"
Alex's House
"Mom... Dad...are you here?" Alex we’re in the kitchen come here?" (Isabel gets nervous to talk to his parents) "Hi mom. Dad you umm, you remember Isabel Evans right?" Yea sure we do its nice to see you again." You too." Well umm actually we wanted to talk to you about something. Actually we wanted to tell to you about something." What is it son" Well umm. Mom. Dad...Isabel is...." "She's pregnant isn't she?" (Both say at the same time) "NOOO!" Gosh you scared us just tell us come on..." Ok well me and Isabel have both decided that we love each other and well...we want..." To get married?" "Mom will you stop doing that and let me finish." Sorry go ahead" Ok well like I was saying we love each other and we have decided to move in together" (calmly) No." Mom that's not fair I'm 18.and I can technically do whatever I want...and I though it was very nice of Isabel and I to come here and confront you about it." Alex I said No." You think you can just stop me but you cant." Maybe I should go Alex." No, actually were leaving and if you don't agree with this then I guess I won’t ever be coming back." Alex No please." Good bye mom. (Dad) "Alex Whitman." (Alex doesn't listen keep walking him and Isabel are still holding hands walking out to the car and leaves his father furious and his mother sobbing)
Their Car
"Alex you. you just broke your family’s hearts" I just don't think I can do that to my family." Isabel there is something you should know...well I have a brother and when he was 17 he moved in with his girlfriend and he got her pregnant he's 20 now and they just don't want that to happen to me but I know that it wont they just don't trust me." Alex it’s understandable they don't want to lose 2 kids they don't want to lose you too." I'm not him." I know your not, but they don't know that." Its over and done with Isabel its time to face your parents."(::Thinks:: yea.. but they will never let me!)

Isabel's House
"Hi.. Mom" Oh Hi honey, Hi Alex. (Alex is nervous because he hasn't talk to her mom since the stripping tragedy)"Uh Hi." Mom I have something to tell you uh huh and I know that your not going to be happy about what I am going to say but you cant stop me!'' What is it Isabel?" Well I.. Actually Alex and I are.. Moving in together." Moving in.. meaning?" Were going to live together.'' What?" No you are not...there is NO way I am letting my daughter move in with a stripper!" A what?"(Alex blushes)" Mom that was a joke he doesn't really strip!" Mrs. Evans It was only a birthday surprise I was just kidding." Mom.. You cant...st.. stop me." I'm 18 now!"Isabel, you've always talked about how you though it was so stupid how people would leave there families and go and ruin there lives and now your doing it yourself!" It’s different that's before I fell in love." You’re not in love!" Yes, we are Mrs. Evans and I promise I would never do anything to hurt Isa.. Isabel I wouldn't ever!" I'm sure your brother wouldn't have either!" How.. how did you know about that?" Your mom called me the first time you came over at night and told me about it." I'm not like that." I'm sure you aren't but I can’t take that chance."(Max walks in) What's going on?" Isabel thinks she moving out with Alex!" Isabel." Max you can’t tell me what to do." (Mother) She's right max you’re not the King.'' Mom, you have no idea!" (Isabel turns to Alex in tears)" Let’s go!" Isabel you need to work things out with you fam-" No, Alex lets go." Ok."(Once again they leave another mother in tears!)

In car on the way to their apartment
"Alex I can’t stand this.. I ...I cant... I feel so bad for your mom my mom... I-" Isabel I would rather give up anything to live with you.. to be with you..." Even your family?" You are my family Isabel."(Smiles.. Still crying) I love you" Me too." I just can’t believe that I won’t ever be able to go in my house again...with my family." Isabel if you want to go back then you can...just know that we won’t be together." Why not?" Well because, It would just be too hard." Do you know it’s hard for me to live without my family." How do you think I feel?" The same.?" Yes, but I love you and I pick you over them who do you pick?" (Quietly) You." (smiles) It'll turn out ok" I know." (they kiss)

Their Apartment
"I want to go somewhere tonight Isabel.'' Where?'' It's a surprise!" Oh really?" Yes." I don't like surprises but I guess it can be an exception for you." Well thank you." Alex I don't know why but I just keep thinking about what my mom is going to say?" Don't." Alex, I can’t help feeling this way and its killing me(starts crying once again)." Isabel, after tonight you'll feel different about us." What are you talking about?" (smiles & hugs her)you'll see!" Alex I just wanted to thank you...for being here for me." No, I love being here for you and with you."

Isabel/Alex's Room
::Isabel thinks::" I wonder what's going to happen tonight and I wonder where he is going to take me." My mom is going to freak out!!.. Why am I worrying about it...I'm an adult now...and therefore I can do what I want and I will!

Later On the Way to the Surprise Place
'' Isabel, you’re going to love this place so much!" Alex, I would love anything where you are...(smiles)." Me too.. but this is going to be the best night of our lives as.. never mind." No, what were you going to say?" You'll see Isabel....no wonder you don't like surprises...because you cant wait for them." Exactly.''(they arrive at Isabel's favorite restaurant a very fancy restaurant that she has only been to once in her life they get seated and start talking)" Oh my god Alex!!.. You didn't even have to do this I cant belie-" Its nothing I just know that you've been having a hard time and I'm sorry that I made you move in with me so I wanted to make it up to you." Alex you didn't make me move in with you...it's the best thing that has happened to me since who knows when it's hard to live a life being an ali.. you know and I want to thank you for everything and Alex it's something I want to do your not making me." But you said you didn't want to break your family’s hearts and because of me you did." It's worth it.. they'll get over it.. they'll learn that we have moved on and they will too." Ok.. I want to tell you something and you cant interrupt me or say anything because it'll ruin it so just sit here and listen ok." Ok." Ok we've been through so much over the past 3 years and we have been together for 3 years.. we've been through good times bad times and even some awkward times Isabel and you think that me being with you is putting me in danger but its not Isabel I would rather die tomorrow then live a 100 years without knowing you." You don't mean that." I do and I know what you are.. and its not going to hurt me. I'm so glad that I was let in on your secret...Max and Liz.. Maria and Michael...they belong together all of them do.. they deserve to be happy and so do we...and I know that we just made a huge step in our lives I.. ok..(take a deep breath)and I don't know about you but I know that I am ready to take the next step(Isabel's eyes widen)I'm ready to marry you to make our lives complete Isabel.. so with that.. Isabel Evans will you marry me?" (tears flow in her eyes) Alex.. I.. y.. yes.. yes I will!!(he slips a beautiful ring on her finger)" (Alex lets out a sigh of relief and they kiss)(they finish their meals quickly and leave.. now they are in the car)"Alex I love you.. I can’t believe we're getting married." I.. I though you would say no.. it was the hard.. the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life." Why?.. How.. How could I have said no I love you.. lets go home I have to call my mother." Ok."

At Their House Talking To Her Mother
:ring, ring, ring:"Hello?" Max...Hi it's Isabel!" Isabel.. I.. I cant believe it's you...you need to reconsider moving out Isabel becau-" Max you have no idea...I have to talk to mom!" You have news don't you." How.. how did you know?" What is it Isabel?'' I want mom to be the first to know." I won’t tell her when I am giving her the phone." No, Max please put her on?" Ok hold on.." Hello?" Mom hi.." Isabel you need to come home." No, mom I cant I have to tell you something." What is it Isabel?" Mom.. well Alex and I are ..well we are getting married."(Max is there beside his mother as she is talking to Isabel)NOOO!!!.. Isabel you are coming home immediately(starts yelling at her and crying)!" Mom.. your suppose to be happy and be happy for me(Alex is with her listening)." Isabel you have ruined your life.. I can’t believe you!! What.. what are you thinking." I'm thinking that I love a man that has never done anything to hurt me and I love a man that loves me back and I love a man that I am going to live with for the rest of my life who I am going to have my children with and there is nothing in the world that he wouldn't do to make you like him.. hes done nothing to you and all he wants is to be with me.. our kids are going to be your grandchildren so you better start to like him or you will never see your grandchildren ever(Alex hold her hand and smiles)."(says loud enough so that Alex would hear)"This is a man that you are just going to end up getting a divorce to don't you know that know one that gets married when they are 18 stays together."Well then I guess we will be the first huh?" Isabel Evans I swear to god if he gets you pregnant I will kill him." Hold on mom." Alex could you leave the room really fast please." Sure(kisses her.. the door slams )." What did you say mom?" I said that if he gets you pregnant I will kill him." If only you would have said that earlier(a sob comes out)." What are you talking about...?Are you saying what I think your saying?"Probably.. I love you mom.. I’m sorry."::hangs up and leaves the phone of the hook so she cant call back::"(whispers to herself)What am I going to do?(as she holds her hand over her stomach)."(Alex hears Isabel crying and comes in)" Isabel what's wrong?.. what happened?(Alex puts the phone back on the hook) what was the phone doing off the hook ...Isabel will you talk to me....please?" I.. I was talking...(sobbing)..to my mom.. you know...and well...she... said....said that if you...if you got me-" Isabel will you please talk normal just tell me what happened." Ok...ok.. my mom told me that if you get my pregnant she would kill you..(tears flow down her cheeks) and believe me she will." Isabel we don't have to worry about that it wont happen to us where more careful than that ok?" But Alex I'm-(riiing, riiing)"(Alex) Hello?" (It’s her father and her mother is crying in the background)What have you done?" Done what are you talking about?" And you said you would never hurt her...you wanted us to like you well now we hate you even more!" I don't know what you’re talking about." Let us talk to Isabel now!" I don't want to talk to you right now dad!" Isabel we just want you to come home...Isabel.. look what he has done to you has he even said sorry?" No, because I haven't told him yet!" Told me what?" We're coming down there!!" Mom no!" Bye Isabel.":hangs up:" Isabel what where they talking about?" Alex what I was trying to tell you before was that.. I'm.. we're having a baby(starts to sob)!" We're what?" Alex yes, we.. we are I'm sorry." Isabel I cant even believe this(hugs her)it'll be ok I promise." They are coming down to get me Alex!" I won’t let them have you!" How many months are you?" I.. I'm 3 months." Why didn't you tell me?" I was afraid you'd leave me!" Isabel.. I would never leave you I love you and this is the 3rd step." I know and it came to fast."::Knock:: Knock::"(opens the door and Her mom, dad and Max are their) mom I'm so sorry." Honey you’re coming home it'll be ok." (Max steps to Alex) what were you thinking... Alex you would never do this to her." I'm sorry man... I'm so sorry to hurt your family." Mom I'm not coming home because I am already home." Isabel I.. I don't even know what to say except that I am so sorry." Alex it’s my fault too." Mom, please just go I.. I can handle this my self...I.. I mean I don't need your approval anymore." Yes, that's true but who is going to watch the baby when you and Alex are at school?" I.. I don't know a babysitter." I say you give it up for adoption." You have no say in this." Isabel, yes she does.. she's your mother and you have to respect her." Alex what are you saying she wants to give up our child." I want to make it easier for you Isabel and having a child to take care of is not easy." (Isabel gets to upset and goes off on her mother) How would you know! You've never taken care of kids when they are babies you can't tell me what to do your not my mother!" Isabel calm down." No, Max! I mean you think you can tell me what to do but your wrong mother.. what am I saying you’re not even my real mother and I'm sure my real mother loves me and would be happy that I am having my first child!" She left you and Max in the desert how much does that show she loves you she dumped you in the middle of a desert Isabel... I was the one who found you and cared enough to help you.. but she just left you there she's lucky your still alive!" No, no she didn't you have no idea what she really is and just get out!(crying) leave me alone and get out." Fine ruin your life see if I care since I'm not your real mother(Diane and Philip leave, but Max stays)." Isabel, how.. how could you say that to her?" I didn't mean it!" She doesn't know that Isabel." Maybe I did mean it I don't know I.. I just screwed my life up I think I'm allowed to be a little bit upset!(Alex hugs her)" I.. I am so sorry Isabel." It's ok Alex we'll figure this out." Max maybe you should go." Isabel I can’t believe you." Oh you’re a one to talk Max.. who got Tess pregnant? because I am sure she didn't do it herself." That was different." Different how was that different Max?" I have to go." Yea that's what I though Max."
In Their Apartment(later that night)
(Alex is in the living room part and Isabel is in their room)"(She is crying) Why?.."(Alex comes in)" Isabel.. I.. you don't have any idea of how sorry I am!" Alex, its not your fault!" Isabel your parents hate me ok.. I mean they hate me and you think nothing of it!" You have no idea of much you have screwed my life up my life Alex!" (Is speechless)I'm... I'm sorry Isabel" And you have no idea of how much you make my life alive." It's just I have no idea of what it is like to be a parent.. it just sounds really scary to me." Don't be scared because we are doing this together you.. you don't have to do it alone." I was wrong." What ..what are you talking about?" I was wrong about what I said about my brother...I am him...I'm just like him and I didn't even realize it."No, Alex you made a mistake and so did he.. it's ok to make mistakes." This is the biggest mistake of my life."::Knock: knock::" Alex who is it now?" Just stay here and lay down I'll go get it." Ok."(Opens the door and it is his brother Nate, his girlfriend Jennifer, and their daughter Samantha, she’s 2)"Alex!!" Nate oh my god what are you doing here(they hug)?" Mom called me and told me what happened." Alex, what are you thinking? ..your turning into me well not all the way but you got pretty close.":Alex thinks: you have no idea." Oh come in come in." Thanks."(Alex gives Jennifer a hug)" How is Samantha?" Oh she's fine." Good." So where is she Alex?" Who? Your girlfriend." Oh she's in our room I could go get her if you want?" Sure if she's not to busy." Ok go ahead and sit down." Isabel?" Who was there? Oh it’s my brother he wants to meet you." No, Alex I can't he'll probably like hate me or something." His wife here she brought the baby we can learn from them.. hey come on I have to tell him anyways." Fine ok fine." Nate this is Isabel...Jennifer this is Isabel and Isabel this is Samantha." Hi it's nice to meet you." Ok, um Nate I have something to tell you and you can't flip out." What could be that bad?" Isabel is pregnant." She's what?" I know you’re mad." Alex, how many times have we talked about this!" Nate you did it too!" I was young and I didn't know what I was doing know one told me it was going to be this hard to take care of a kid.. but Alex I told you.. I told you to many times than I can even remember."(Isabel leaves the room crying.. Jennifer lays Samantha on the couch and goes after her)" Hey.. I know what it's like and I'd be lying to you if I said it wasn't hard because it is." I.. I didn't want this." I know you didn't but you did.. and let me tell you the greatest feeling in the world is when you’re in the hospital and your holding your baby for the first time do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" It's a girl.. but Alex doesn't know yet." I'm so sorry." Yea me too." You know it's not that bad but it's just hard but it's fun." (Tries to smile but can't)" You don't have to lie to me." I'm not lying to you." It is hard I'm not lying about that.. but it just means you get to get married...and Alex he's a good guy I have known him for a long time don't worry he'll be a great father." Thanks.. you know all this means a lot to me even though I just met you it seams like I've known you forever." Me too.

Alex and Nate Talking
"God Alex.. does mom know?" No, and I plan to keep it that way!" Alex.. Alex what were you thinking." Just leave me alone Nate." You’re dangerous to her." No Nate you have no idea that she's dangerous to me." Alex what are you talking about?" I'm not the one dangerous and she knows that." You got her to think that!" No, but its true she is." How could she be dangerous to you?" She just is ok." (Isabel comes out with Jennifer.. she picks up Samantha) Nate I think we should go." Ok.. I have to ask Isabel something first(whispers so know on can here) What are you?."Excuse me what did you say?" You heard me Alex said you were dangerous and I want to know why." In your heart you don't really want to know...it'll put your life in danger too if you know what my secret is...and we can't let that happen.. so let’s just leave it at that." Bye Isabel." Bye!"(they leave)
"What did you tell him Alex." That you were the dangerous one." What.. why?..." I'm tired of lying to people Isabel from know on everything will be the truth." I have to go." Where are you going?" I have to tell my mother something." What?" The truth." The truth do you mean you are going to tell her you are an alien?" Yes, Alex I am you said yourself." Isabel I didn't mean that." I have made up my mind and I am going!" Isabel I'm going with you so you don't do anything else stupid." It's not stupid Alex.. she needs to know what I am going through." Maybe you’re right."
Isabel's House
Ding Dong Ding-dong." Oh my god Isabel (her mom hugs her)" Mom there is something I need to tell you." Isn't this enough for one night!" Isabel what else is there to tell?" I am going to tell her the truth Max." Isabel No you can't do that." Yes, what is the truth Isabel? Ok mom, dad we know that you have always known that in someway we were different." (Max)And now it is time for you to know the truth." What is it Max.. Isabel. (Isabel tells there parents as Alex hold her hand tight) Ok well Max, Michael and I...were not from around here." Where are you from?" (Points up)." Isabel I don't understand what you are saying." (Alex) What Isabel was trying to say was.. now don't freak out now ok." Ok just tell us someone!" Ok well Max, Isabel and Michael are al.. aliens from the 1947 crash they stayed in these incubation pods for a really long time and then like hatched." This is ridicules Isabel what is the truth?" That is the truth mom..." And all those times that we weren't home we were usually running from the FBI they want us. Oh.. Oh my god Isabel Max why.. why didn't.. do you have any powers? Oh they have quit a few believe me!" Isabel I.. I'm sorry for not standing by you and realizing that you love Alex and he loves you too but Isabel your pregnant.. is this thing going to come out looking.. different?" I don't know my.. that’s why I am so scared!"...I just I can't believe my ears!" (Philip) You knew that my daughter was an alien and you still loved her?" Yes, I.. guess I did..." Why?" Because no matter what she is she's still the same person I knew before I found out.. won't you feel the same way?" Yes, of course (mother hugs max and Isabel) I wish you would have told us earlier this is just.. it seams impossible!" Mom.. dad you can't tell anyone about us!(they sat down for about 2 hours talking about everything alien that had ever happened to them)" Max I think you need to tell mom and dad what happened to Tess." Yes, I always did want to know Max I could tell you were lying son." Well it was this whole awkward thing.. and we well umm yea we-" Max just tell us please." Ok well there was a time when Tess and I were close and well I sorta.. well not sort of but I got her pregnant and the baby... our baby our son he couldn't survive on earth...Tess went back to our planet Antar... I couldn't leave everyone for another planet... I couldn't.. so I stayed...and lately I have been getting visions from my son he's in danger... Tess she wasn't a very good person.. she killed people .. Caviar he.. he was on Tess's side if I would have gone back he would have killed me. " But yea my son is in trouble and he needs help he wants me to save him but I ..I don't know how!" Max were so sorry we had no idea what you were going threw." No, it’s my fault." I don't feel to well I think I'm just going to lie down for a little bit (she lays her head down on Alex's lap)." (Now Alex, Max, and her parents are talking)" Well mom, I better go now and let you and dad talk to Alex alone." Oh no Max you can stay." No.. no.. no I should go... bye Alex have a good talk!" I should go up too Philip you can stay and talk for a while you should get acquainted a little bit more." So Alex.." Yea.." Well maybe my wife will forgive you for what you did to Isabel.. but I can't...I won't." I said I was sorry." Sorry doesn't make my Isabel not pregnant anymore does it." No sir... (Isabel wakes up & sits up)Where is everyone?" They umm... all left Iz."(Philip) Isabel how could you do this I just don’t understand at all why you would do this!" It's over with and yea I ruined my life on the way but I did and I have to live with it.. not you... Alex lets go." Ok..." Isabel if you leave now I will tell everyone what you did I'll make sure your whole school here's about it...everyone.. and believe me Alex your parents will here about this also!" Mr. Evans you think you can ruin our lives by doing this.. it won't ruin our lives in fact I am happy that your doing this I want it to be out that I love your daughter thanks for doing it...come on Izzy."
Alex\Izzy Apartment
(Alex lies on their bed next to Isabel it is 2:00 in the morning)" Goodnight Isabel." (they kiss) Night I love you." Me too Iz...!(about an hour passes and they are both sleeping until...)"(Screams)." (Alex wakes up with a startle) Iz what happened.." I.. Alex.. no Alex tell him nooo!!.. please tell him no!" Isabel what are you talking about tell who no? Alex...No!!(Isabel starts sobbing)" Iz.. you need to calm down and tell me what happened." He's coming to get me... Alex he's coming to get me!!" Who is?" Ci.. Caviar.. he found out what happened between us and he's coming to get me.. he.. he doesn't want us together Alex he doesn't want us...togeth-" Shhh.. Isabel it's ok... he's not here it was a dream.." No.. he told me!" Isabel calm down I really do think it was only a dream(kisses her forehead & hugs her)Isabel lets try to get off the subject ok?"(starts to calm down) Ok.. Ok.. yea you’re right." Ok.. umm.. so lets talk about...uh.." Alex?" Yea..?" There's something I need to tell you." What is it Iz?" Well.. our baby ..it's a girl...uh she's a girl.."(Alex has a huge grin on his face) I.. I'm going to have a baby girl?" Yea she's a girl.. yea I just though maybe it would make you happy I haven't seen you smile that big for like this whole week we've been living together...I don't ..I just don't want to lose you... I don't know you just haven't been acting the same lately ..ever since.. ever since we've been together and I though it would make me happier to be with you more but your not happy and that makes me not happy Alex." Please don't be unhappy on my account Isabel.. I'm sorry.. and I'm not going to lie to you so yes I am sort of unhappy right now...but Isabel none of it is because of you.." No it's not... it's because of our child isn't it." Yes." Do you love her?" Yes, Isabel of course I love her she's my child.." Then what is wrong why does she have anything to do with you being unhappy." Well because...what if she comes out green and she has three eyes and four fingers?(kind of laughs at what he said himself)." Alex I had no idea you though that.... if I would have known I would have told you that she's not and that she is not going to come out looking alien she might have some powers though." But how do you know for sure." Well I sort of connect with her sometimes..." And you see her." Yea.." God that is like such a relief to me Iz(smiles once again!)!" Me too.. so will you smile for me now that all that stuff is out of our way." Alex(smiles) of course because I smiling right now because I love you and I love our little girl." Isabel I'm sorry it's just this whole baby thing it scares me."(Just then Isabel remember something that broke her heart into a million pieces)" Alex?" What is it Iz?" I.. I just remembered something from along time ago." What is it Isabel." Alex... when I was little I had to go for check ups like all the time... and well the reason was because when I got older I wasn't going be able to have a child... my stomach couldn't handle it... Alex I totally forgot.. how could I have been so stupid!" You aren't stupid Iz...we are having this child one way or another ok." Alex tomorrow we have to go to the doctor and get a sonogram... since we already know its not green we can do it ..maybe he'll tell us something." Ok..(they kiss)Good night Izzy...I love you." I love you to Alex."
In the morning getting ready to leave
"Izzy are you ready?" Yea lets go!" Isabel I just wanted to tell you that what ever happens here today is going to be all right and I am here for you and I love you and our baby." Maybe we should call her something instead of baby?" What do you want her name to be Iz? Umm how about bout...Lexy." Lexy Mandy." Whitman." God I love you Isabel!" Me too now lets go!"

At the doctors office
"Isabel Evans." Coming.. come on Alex"(Doctor) Ok I am going to need you Isabel to lay down right there(Alex went with her and held her hand as she layed down)."(Doctor) Ok.. look at that stomach you haven't grown an inch Isabel!" Yea I know I guess I sort of got lucky huh?(Doctor) Ok there you go I am going to do some test I should be back soon." Alex.. look you can see her little head(Isabel was overwhelmed with joy when all of the sudden something took her joy away maybe forever?)"(Doctor) Ok.. well we did some test Isabel and we have seen an error."(Squeezes Alex hand hard) An.. an error what are you talking about.. no.. what do you mean." Well it seams that your stomach is to small to bare children.. I'm sorry but it doesn't look like you'll be having a child.. I’m so sorry I'll leave you alone." (Isabel is sobbing hysterically) Alex.. No...why me? no.. I want my baby no...." Shhh Iz it's ok." How can it be ok our baby is dying?" (Alex hugs Isabel and strokes her hair) Shh ... Izzy.. it's ok don't worry we will get through this ok." Alex.. why???" I don't know Iz.. Isabel let me ask you something."(Still crying) What?" Do you believe in fate and miracles? Yes, I do but-." No, no buts then we will have this child. we've come this far don't let something some stupid doctor says ruin it Iz."
In the car
"Alex.. maybe we should do something with Liz, and Maria. And you could spend some time with Mike, and Max." Uh(In Alex's heart he knew he didn't want to but he knew it would make Isabel happy so he took up the job) Uh sure Iz that would be great." Ok(Isabel smiled)." I'm extremely happy to see you smile again Iz." Alex.. I'm still very concerned about the baby I just don't think it'll.. make it." Isabel don't you dare say that... if there is one thing I have learned about being with you is that we're strong... and we'll make it I have a feeling." Thanks Alex..." Anything for you."
Crash down
"(They walk in and see Liz, Max, Michael, and Maria it has been about a month since they have seen each other except for Max)" Oh my god Isabel!(Micheal gave her the biggest hug he's ever given her.. the truth was it kind of hurt her and she though her baby could of felt that...then she remember that Liz, Maria, and Michael didn't know about the baby yet)" Iz.. what happened to your figure.. you must have gained 5 pounds Iz!" Oh gee thanks Michael(she gave Liz and Maria hugs also)." God I have missed you guys." Us to Alex... so you guys have to tell us everything.. I.. I have an idea... how about Max, Michael and Alex can spend the night at Michaels and us three can spend the night at my house." Yea that sounds great Liz... it'll be a good time for us to get everything out."(the day went by quickly and they decided it was time to go to the each other’s houses)." Ok Alex well I'll see you later ok?" Ok.. I love you Iz.. I'll miss you.. and my Lexy too(he said in a whisper)(then they kissed and everyone seamed to be staring at them.. Alex pulled away)." Ok so.. I'll see you tomorrow Isabel.. love you." Bye Alex love you too."
Liz's house
"Ok Isabel time to spill.. what is going on me and Liz have been dying to know!" I don't know if this is the best time to say this but.. I.. I'm pregnant...ok I feel better now."(Liz and Maria just stared at her wide-eyed)" So what are we going to do tonight?" Isabel your.. your what?" You heard me and so yea it’s true I am." Oh my god Isabel!" Congratulations Isabel!" I’m not exactly proud of it Maria." Isabel it’s ok my mom had me when she was 18 also and I turned out fine see." Yea I guess but still." Does Alex know? Yea he does." What does he think Iz?" I guess the truth is he’s pretty excited about it... he is still scared though." It’ll be ok Isabel I promise that is just so great.. let me guess.. is it a girl?" Yea.. yea it is a girl." Alex loves girls.. he’ll be the best father." Maria your dad left when your mom had you." Yea he did.. but Alex won’t ever leave you... he loves you.. my dad didn’t love my mom or me." I’m sorry Maria." Don’t worry about it." Hey I have an idea why don’t we surprise the guys and go over there!" Yea, but hey I have Michael I have to look good." Ok well get dressed.. we’ll be so beautiful they won’t even know what hit them." I’ll change your clothes(Waves her hand over Maria and puts on a purple tank top with a black mini skirt and does her makeup perfect, she puts Liz in a blue tank top and a knee length black skirt and makeup, last she does her self she puts on a pink tank top with a black short skirt(not as short as Maria’s though) and does her own makeup as beautiful as ever she has to look perfect for her fiance)" Gees Isabel thanks we look so good!" No problem."
Out front of Michaels of Apartment
"Ready?" Yea."(Isabel unlocked the door they saw them all sitting on the couch they were playing truth or dare)" Oh my god what are you guys doing here." We are here to see our boyfriends." And fiances (Isabel said as she kissed Alex)." Liz you look beautiful (they kissed).. oh hi Maria what’s up?" Aren’t you going to tell me I look beautiful?" Uh why?" Why do I even bother with you Michael?" Isabel you ..you look.. am.. amazing.. sorry I am stuttering but you really do look gorgeous."(Isabel blushes)"Stop it Alex." We were just playing a game or truth or dare how about it girls?" This is so corny can we say 1st grade?" It’s fun Iz come on all the cool kids are doing it!" Ok I guess so." (Liz) Ok I pick... Maria!" Ok.. umm truth." Hmm ok.. How far have you and Michael got?" Umm... kissing.... a lot(Maria lied but couldn’t help herself)" Ok my turn.. Uh Isabel." Truth." Ok.. well I would ask the same question Liz asked me but since we all obviously know the answer I’ll ask something else."(Isabel remembered that Michael didn’t now yet but he gave her the look that he knew and he just didn’t want to give her the lecture at this moment she thanks him in a smile sort of way)" Yea..." Ok so.. um how bout you tell us... are you truthfully happy your having baby or do you regret it?"(Isabel looked at Alex and she didn’t want to disappoint him)" We’ll I am both." Well you can only pick one Isabel!" Ok well then I would say yes I regret it(She saw the smile on Alex’s face shatter).. Alex don’t get me wrong I am happy we are together but it’s just I am 18 it’s too young.. if all of this would have happened in 4 or 5 years I would be the happiest person in the world knowing we were having a baby... but it is to soon(Alex frowns and holds Isabel’s hand holding back the tears knowing he screwed up her life and his)." Any advise for Maria and I?" Don’t move in with your boyfriend nothing good comes out of it!"(Maria and Liz laugh)" Yea Isabel is right(Alex said)." Dang it Alex because I was going to move in with Maria get her pregnant and ruin her life like you did Isabel’s."(Alex puts his head down in shame)." I uh I was just kidding (he said as Maria hit him)." Ok how about we play something better... ok how you play is we each write down 1 question and then we all have to answer them and we each get 1 pass to not answer the question ok?" Ok (they all agreed this would be a good idea)(they all wrote down questions and put them in a small bowl)."(Izzy) Ok I will read the questions since it was my idea to play this game." Ok...the first question is... what is your most embarrassing moment ever?"(Alex) Ok I’ll go first then, Isabel, then Max, Liz, Maria and Michael... ok well my most embarrassing moment was when I was 10.. It was all of Maria and Liz’s fault that it happened(All of the sudden Maria and Liz started giggling) Anyways we were in class doing silent reading and Liz asked me if I still liked this girl named Jessica Hill and I was about to answer but then the teacher looked up and asked what was going on then Maria said Oh we were just asking Alex if he still liked Jessica Hill? I was so embarrassed and to make it worse this other guy had just went up to her and asked her out she said yes! and that’s my story." Oh poor Alex(Isabel kissed him) how mean Liz and you too Maria you should be ashamed!" It was hilarious you should have seen his face it was bright red!" Oh! You guys are so mean to poor old Alex!." Ok.. Ok enough about me it’s your turn Iz." Ok well my most embarrassing moment was when I was at this party I was 16 and I.. I had a sip of beer and I got drunk from one sip of it.. just like Max and anyways well I guess I went up to this guy I didn’t even know and told him that I loved him and he was he hottest guy in the world and stuff like that.. when he kissed my I broke out of it and I sort of smacked him hard it knocked the wind out of him.. all of my friends were asking me what I was doing and that I just told him I loved him I was really embarrassed when my friends told me so I left the party early(everyone laughed)." Ok Max it’s your turn." Ok well I guess mine is the same as yours Isabel when I got drunk and told Liz about what I really though of her I was so embarrassed but she told me not to be and that it was ok I felt better but was still sorry!." Max I told you to forget about that whole thing(she kisses him)It’s ok!" Thanks Liz.. ok next person is you Liz." Ok well mine would probably be Max saw my fantasy about him... I had a fantasy that I was in the locker room getting dressed and Max came in I felt so stupid!" Yea well I think it was ok I liked that fantasy too." That is pretty embarrassing Liz(Isabel said)," I know I told you Max!" Ok my turn and I have decided to pass and not to tell you all my horrible story and no not even you Liz you don’t know it and you never will(Maria laughed she knew she was making Liz angry but then Liz laughed to and made her feel better)." Fine but I still have my pass left and you will want to know what I am passing up too so ha!" Alright it is now my turn and I have no embarrassing moments ok?" Oh yes you do Michael and you better tell them before I do (Isabel told Michael)." Ok.. ok well when I was 11 I was going up to this girl to ask her out and then I.. I sort of fell and I broke my nose lets just say she didn’t want to talk to me anymore."(Maria kissed him) I would love you with your broken nose or not!" Gee thanks Maria." Ok now we tell who asked that question.. whose question was that...?"It was mine(Alex spoke up to everyone)." Ok next question.. umm.... If anyone in this room right now was to die who would you want it to be?" (Alex)That’s not fair whose question is this?" No Alex we can’t ask till were done even if it’s not fair but ok lets all agree that there is no hard feelings towards each other ok it’s a game." Ok (everyone agreed)." Ok Alex you have to go first sorry babe!" Ok well if I had to pick it would be.. god this is too hard I love everyone in this room!.. but ok I know I have to pick so I would probably pick Michael just for hurting Maria so many times but hey we all agreed no hard feelings!" Yea(Michael said understanding completely why Alex picked him) don’t worry about it it’s a game!" Ok Izzy your turn!" Ok.. ok well if I had to pick someone I would probably pick.. gosh you were right Alex it’s so hard! Ok I won’t
Alex because he’s my fiance and I won’t pick Max or Michael they are like my brothers so um.. probably Liz!.. I’m sorry it’s just that I’m sorry (Liz laughed)." It’s ok Iz... I understand I know you wouldn’t really and I am going to kill whoever put this question in!" Ok.. ok Max go ahead." Ok I would probably pick Maria.. sorry Maria." It’s ok Max!.. go ahead Liz." Ok I would pick.. umm...Michael but I don’t even know him so yea." Ok Maria?" Ok I would pick... umm.. uh.. Isabel! (Isabel laughed) How did I know you were going to pick me!" Ok Michael?" I would definitely pick Alex." Michael how sad definitely!" I was just kidding Maria but yea I would have to pick good ole’ Alex."(Isabel spoke up) Ok now I really want to know whose question this is?" It was mine(Michael said) I don’t know I guess I just was really wanted that questions answered." Ok.. ok umm next question is.. If you were about to die what and the person you love was right there beside you what would you say to them?" Oh how cute we have a nice sweet question..... Michael." Ok go ahead Alex your first."(Alex turned to Isabel and told her..)" If I was dying I would tell you I loved you more than life it’s self... and to take care of our daughter Lexy and to tell her that I love her everyday.. I would tell you that you were the best thing that has ever happened to me then I would kiss you one last time."(Alex could see the tears well up in Isabel’s eyes)." Alex that was.. it was so sweet.. I love you and if you ever die I promise to do everything that you said(Isabel noticed that everyone around her was applauding)."Ok Isabel it’s your turn... (Isabel heard Maria say)." Ok I would tell you I loved you and that to also take good care of Lexy.. and I would kiss you and tell you I was sorry for anything I had ever done to you that was wrong and I would say I wish that I wasn’t leaving you but I love you and I will always love you and to move on without me and with our children... and I would kiss you until I drifted away!"(Alex couldn’t describe how much he felt so he did it by kissing her)." I love you Isabel!" Me too Alex!" You guys are so in love it’s so cute(Maria said)." Ok Now its Max’s turn." I would tell Liz that I loved her because there is no other words for describing what I feel for you." And I would tell you Max that I have always loved you and cared for you and to take care of the others but that’s kind of what you do now and that it was ok that you couldn’t save me because this time and that I would still love you and would be waiting for you on the other side." Oh that was so sweet Liz ok now it’s Maria turn." Ok well umm... I love you my space boy." My turn ok umm.. I would say I wish I wasn’t leaving you and I loved you." Oh my gosh Michael that was the sweetest thing that you have ever said to me." Yea well don’t get to used to it Maria.. (Maria laughed)." Ok let me guess (Liz said).. I think that this question was Max’s." Yep it was.. I though it would makeup for Michaels question (everyone laughed)." Ok.. umm so I guess all the guys are done with now all that’s left is us girls now!" Ok.. next question... what are you most afraid of? Ok Alex your first once again," Ok well I guess my worst fear right now is that our baby won’t make it." What Oh my god Alex what happened?" Well Isabel and I went to the doctor to get a sonogram... and well the doctor said that Isabel.. that she might not be able to ever have children so we aren’t sure if Lexy will live(Alex saw Isabel begin to cry)... don’t worry Iz it’ll be ok." I know it will you... always say that though." And I’m always right so don’t worry." Ok.. I’ll try so I guess it’s my turn and I guess my biggest fear is the same as Alex’s right now." Ok umm.. Max it’s your turn." Ok well I guess my biggest fear is losing my family." You’ll never lose us Max." Thanks Isabel." Ok Liz?" Um well my greatest fear is someone will find out what we are all hiding." Yea that’s true Liz." Ok Maria well my greatest fear is that I will turn into my mom you know have a kid early I think it‘s my moms greatest fear too.. no offense Isabel." Non taken." Ok Michael." Ok well I guess greatest fear is that we will have to go home." Oh that’s so sweet Michael." What I would miss Nintendo 64 and T. V... I really don’t think that they have that on our planet (Maria hits him) Oh yea I would miss you to don’t get me wrong(Michael said sarcastically)." Ok next question what is the thing you like most about yourself and the one thing you don’t like about yourself.. oh wait and the question what are you most afraid of it was mine(Isabel said)." Ok Alex go ahead." Ok well I guess I’ll start with what I don’t like about myself and that it probably is that I am too skinny and not buff enough." Oh Alex that’s the least of our worries you look great." Thanks Iz and I guess the thing I like about myself is that I can play the guitar." Ok go ahead Isabel." Ok well I guess the thing I don’t like about myself is that I am an alien and the thing I do like is that at least I am a pretty alien." You are so conceited Isabel." Oh please Michael and what are you? You know you are the most conceited person in the world!" Shut up Isabel!" Ok.. ok go on Max." Ok well I guess the thing I don’t like is that I am part alien and the thing I do like is that I can do things like heal people." Ok Liz..?" Ok well I guess the thing that I don’t like would have to be that I am too much like my mother.. and the thing I do like is that I believe in fate and I know some people just can’t do it no matter how hard they try so yea." Ok that’s good now it’s Maria’s turn." Ok well I guess that the thing I don’t like is that I’m a little too much like my mom and the thing I do like is I sing good!" Ok Michael?" Uh I pass." Oh whose questions was that?" It was mine (Maria said)." Ok next question." Ok the next question is do you believe in love at first site?" Ok Alex?" Um well yea I guess I would have to say that I do." Iz go ahead." Ok well yea I do believe in it." Ok we all know that Max and Liz do so Maria?"(Everyone laughs)Ok Uh I don’t." Michael" I don’t either." Ok well that’s cool and that was the last question and so it must be Liz’s." Of course." Well that was pretty fun(Maria admitted)." Hey Maria and I have to go to work so get out of my house everyone." Ok alright(everyone said). Ok well Alex we better go Max will you come with me to go talk to mom I have got to talk to her." Sure is." Liz do you want to come with me?" You don’t mind if Liz comes do you Iz?" No, of course not she’s welcome to come." Thanks Isabel." Wait Iz you have to go to the hospital remember the doctor said top come back the next day well that’s today so we better go." Oh yea I’m sorry Max..." Hey why don’t Liz and I come with you to the hospital I wouldn’t mind seeing my soon to be niece." Ok! that would be cool Max so how about it Liz would you like to come with us?" Um sure to tell everyone the truth I haven’t ever seen a sonogram actually in the hospital it’ll be fun." Ok now you guys get out we have to go sorry Iz but Maria and I can’t make it this time maybe some other time." Yea sorry Isabel how about you bring us the pictures from it though ok?" Sure thing Maria and thanks for letting use your apartment for our game." Bye guys see yea we’ll see you later Bye."
In he car on the way to the hospital
"So Isabel are you nervous about having a baby?" Uh actually I guess I would have to say that I am because I don’t know it’s like I don’t know what my life will be like to have a baby to always take care of and I mean Alex and I are never going to get time alone anymore." (Liz) Hey Uncle Max and I will take good care of her for you guys I love little kids!" Isabel (Max said) we really need to talk about this?" Max we already have... yes I am young I know god do you have to keep pounding it in my face?" Isabel... and Alex you too... I mean I though that we were all more careful than this?" (Alex) Max god we made a mistake ok it’s not like we wanted this to happen it’s probably the least thing we ever would have expected to happen!" Well I think you guys know what you did and knew that you could have got pregnant from it I mean come on." Oh Max your a one to talk out of all the people I know I though that you would be the one to understand how this happened the most and to respect me but your not your just running scared why Max it happened to you I though that you would be supportive of me?" That was different." Yea Max you keep on saying that but tell me how it was different because I can’t quite put my finger on it." It just was because we didn’t plan it Isabel!"(Alex speaks up again) And what do you think we did.... it just happen and people make mistakes all the time Max you did, I did, my brother did, Maria’s mother did, I mean come on Max." Liz will you tell them how stupid they were to do this?" Max what are you saying I hate to say this Max but I mean I totally agree with them... you did it too Max and I know you didn’t plan it but neither did they.. and Max at least they did it out of love you did it because you were upset and had no friends or love at the time." That’s not true Liz." Oh so you do love her then gee thanks max that helps!" No I don’t but at the time I did." Don’t you mean you though you did?" God what is this gang up on Max day I’m not the one who put all of our lived in danger now am I?" (Alex) In danger! What is that Max?" We put know one in danger do you see anyone dying or hurt or dead right now yea me either?" They will be in danger though as soon as the baby comes out!" (Isabel) No Max ok gosh don’t you think that we have already though about that?" No." Well we did and it’s a normal little girl ok?" Yea well you got lucky!" Max you know what.... I think your jealous ok because Alex and Isabel are going to have a child and get to keep it and take care of it but you ..no you lost yours out of stupidity."(Max almost began to cry) Why are you guys being so hard on me can’t you just leave me alone at least your not losing your child." Oh really well we think we might, but you don’t care huh Max all you care about is your baby with Tess huh?" Alex you have no idea what you got Isabel into do you." Of course I do." I really don’t think you do... now she lost all of her scholarships, honors, reputation, she lost everything because of you." Max god just stop it and leave him alone gees!" It was my fault too ok." (Liz joins)Ok how about we all just stop fighting and enjoy it enjoy that this is the first time that your going to meet your niece ok Max?" Your right Liz I’m sorry Iz, and you too Alex I guess I just sort of lost control of my feelings." It’s ok Max really." Lets just all calm down and enjoy this for the first time ok?" Ok (they all agreed)!"
The Hospital
"Isabel Evans."(Liz, Max ,Alex ,and Isabel all got up)(Isabel laid on the hospital bed thing)"Hi Isabel Alex it’s nice to see you again the doctor will be with you in a moment." Thanks."(Max)So how are you feeling Isabel?" I guess I’m ok." Oh my gosh I still can’t believe your having a baby.. I am really happy for you Isabel." Thanks Liz that really means a lot to me." It seams really weird to me I mean my little sister having a baby." Yea I think it’s weird to me too Max." Alex I... I am still scared about if she’s going to live." Don’t be Iz, it’ll be ok you’ll see." Ok." (doctor) Hello Isabel how are you doing today?" I uh I am doing good." That’s good." Ok it seams from your last visit that what the nurse told you was false."(Alex) What?!" Yes, well she wasn’t lying but it turns out that you are ok and you are healthy and ready to have a baby." Oh my gosh! That is such good news!"(Alex hugs her)See I told you it would be ok!"(Max)I’m really happy for you Iz." Me to Isabel." Lets go to Alex’s house and tell his parents they don’t know about the baby yet." Yea Iz well I don’t think they will be happy either." I know Alex but we have to tell them we can’t keep it a secret." Ok I know your right." Well Max we’ll meet at the Crashdown in an hour ok?" No, wait I have an idea." Ok... what is it?" Ok well how about Alex and I go in his car to the Crashdown you know get a little man to man talk going on after all he’s marrying my little sister I have to get used to him." (Alex is really nervous about riding alone with Max and he think max will be mad at him)Uh ok I guess I could." Ok well Liz and I will ride together in the jeep and you and Alex can go into his car." Ok." Oh Isabel can I talk to you for a second please?" Sure Alex what’s up?" Iz I don’t want to go with Max." Why not?" Because he hates me." He does not Alex why would you even say that." Uh Isabel your his little sister and he cares about you and he wants to protect you and Isabel I got you pregnant I don’t think he’s exactly happy with me Iz." Alex he doesn’t hate you no matter what you did to me." Ok well maybe he doesn’t hate me but he sure doesn’t like me." Alex just go with him for me." Iz..."For me Alex." Ok... ok fine but only because I can’t ever say no to you." Good now I will see you later."(They kiss) Ok now I’ll see you at the Crashdown later Bye."
Alex and Max in the Car
"So Alex..." Yea?" You feel really uncomfortable with me don’t you?" Uh.. oh.. I mean uh no I don’t." Alex?" Ok.. alright yea I kind of do." Why?" Well when I pulled Isabel over to talk to her I asked her If I could go with her because I didn’t want to go with you... I mean you love Isabel and you care about her and you want to protect her right?" Of course I do she’s my little sister I would do anything." See and what happened to her I mean her getting pregnant was something that you couldn’t prevent or stop.... but I could of prevent it from happening and I didn’t I knew what could happen and all that stuff but I didn’t care." Alex..?" No wait let me finish... and I knew you hated me and were mad at me for what happened and I’m sorry.. I mean if I had a little sister I would probably kill whoever got her pregnant and you I mean you didn’t even say anything bad to me and I mean I just wanted to thank you." It took a lot to say all hat huh?" Oh you have no idea." Well it did take a while to settle down I mean when I first found out I was trying really hard not to scream at you or beat you up but then I realized that Isabel loves you she really does and well she’d be mad if I yelled at her boyfriend...fiance I mean." Thanks." I understand I mean what happened with Tess and all I know how hard it can get." Max?" Yea." Uh.. I totally understand if you won’t want to but Uh I...will you be my best man at the wedding." How could I not want to Alex of course I will." Ok good." Ok so I mean what are you going to do about school?" I don’t know." I’m sure my mom will come around and help." No she hates me too!" Why do you always think that everyone hates you Alex how could anyone hate you your always so happy and trying to make other people happy and your always trying to help people solve their problems when you have your own to solve.... but now you have your own problem and you need help let us help you please?" Ok... but I still don’t know we need money and neither of us have jobs?" Well I’m sure we could lend you money." I can’t ask you all to do that." Alex come on were going to help you no matter what you want." Thanks Max." Ok were here." The girl’s must already be in there because the jeeps right there."
Inside the Crashdown
"Hey you guys."(Alex sat down next to Isabel)" So how did it go?" Good really good. " Well I’m glad to here that."(Maria walks up and asks for orders)"Ok are you guys ready?’" Yea I’ll have a hamburger and fries." Me too(said Liz)." Alex?" Uh I’ll have a Will Smith." Ok... Isabel?" Huh? Oh I’m not hungry(Alex and Max exchanged a look but decided to let it go)." Ok... I’ll be back in a minute."(Liz) Isabel you haven’t eaten all day how can you not be hungry?" I’m just not I don’t know(Isabel snapped)."(Alex) Iz it’s ok she was just wondering." I know." Ok here’s your food." Thanks Maria." Oh I have an idea how about we all go to the movies and then well come back here and eat dinner." Ok that sounds good."(They got done eating and then went to the movies and went back to the Crashdown)
Crashdown Again
"Hey where have you guys been." We went to the movies." With out me." Sorry Maria!" It’s ok I was kidding so are you here to eat." Yea." Ok what would you like Max...uh Will Smith. "Ok Liz..?" Uh I’ll have an Alien Blast." Ok Alex?" Uh I’m still pretty full from the movies so I’ll just have some fries." Ok." Isabel?" Huh?" What do you want to eat?" Oh nothing I’m not hungry." Ok." I’ll be back once again." Thanks Maria we love you!" Isabel what’s wrong?" Nothings wrong Alex." Well you haven’t eaten for about 3 days Isabel and I though it was just because you were worried about the baby but Isabel she’s going to be ok so there’s nothing to worry about so what’s wrong?" Nothing gosh I just haven’t been hungry." (Max) Isabel your eating for two now and just because your not hungry doesn’t mean the baby isn’t." I know.. I know but I don’t know I just haven’t been hungry lately I can’t help it." But the baby could get hungry Iz." I know Alex." Isabel we need to talk what’s wrong I know that your hungry don’t lie why aren’t you eating." (Isabel has tears in her eyes) Alright, ok alright.... I mean being pregnant gets you fat... and I don’t need to gain anymore wait by eating.. I know you don’t want to be married to someone who’s fat and I probably already weight more than you when I‘m not pregnant!" Isabel look at me." No."(lifts up her chin) Isabel I would never think you were fat don’t ever call yourself that again.... I don’t care how much you weight or what you look like as long as it’s still you.. your who I love not your looks... ok and now eat ok the baby is probably hungry." Ok fine if I have to...Alex?" Yea." I love you so much!" Me too Iz." (Liz is about to cry because of what she just heard)"You guys are so cute." Oh thanks Liz you are too!" Shut up Alex I mean it!" Thanks Liz.. oh Liz I was wondering would you like to be my maid of honor?" Of course!" Oh good this will be the best wedding ever!" Have you guys set a date yet?" Yea um we were thinking about a month after the baby is born." Oh that sounds so great Isabel!" Yea I know I can hardly wait.!"(All of the sudden jock from school Ray comes in)" Evans you haven’t been in school for a week where ya been?" Out with my boyfriend." Boyfriend who?" No actually he’s my fiance." Your what?...what happened between me and you.?" There was never a me and you ray!" Well why don’t you dump your fiance and come with me for a little bit." I can’t because I am having a baby." Oh my god!" What do you have a problem?" Yea who’s the dad?" Uh he is sitting next to me." Whitman?" He has a name you know his name is Alex and he is my fiance." Whitman got you pregnant what is this some kind of joke what were you doing with him" Uh he was my boyfriend and then we found out we were having a baby then we decided to get married! god just go away Ray!" No.. I can’t believe this!"(Alex) God she said to go away Ray leave us all alone." Oh really and what are you going to do about it?"(Alex stands up and punches him)That’s what I’m going to do!" Oh my gosh Alex." I’m sorry Isabel but he was getting you upset!"(Ray gets up and try to punch Alex but he ducks)(Max gets in between them and Ray leave and he swears he will tell everyone at school about Isabel’s secret)" Alex maybe we’d better go home." Ok." Hey Max were going to head out of here I’ll see you in a week probably." Ok Iz bye."
Alex/Izzy house
"Alex your knuckles are purple let me get some ice." Isabel I said I was fine." Alex I love you and thanks for everything I mean everything!" I love you too Isabel." And Alex I cannot wait to have this baby with you and we’re going to be happy and were going to have the perfect life!" I know it Iz... I do!" I’m 5 months only 4 more to go and were a complete family!" I cant wait."(They kiss)
4 Months later
"Alex I am due any day now!" I can’t believe it it’s gone by so fast!" I know!" So how are you feeling?" Ok.. I just wish my parents were here and you know could support me but they aren’t they don’t even like me!" Isabel of course they like you they just don’t like what happened." Alex you always make me feel better I lov-..." Iz what’s wrong?" Alex my water broke!" Oh god!" Ok.. ok lets get in the car."
"Hi Lexy." Oh Iz she is so beautiful." Thanks Max." Wow look she looks exactly like you Isabel." I know." Hey what about me?" Oh Alex she looks like you too don’t worry." Good." Maria, Liz, and Michael are so sorry that they can’t be here today!" Oh it’s fine!." Yea." Isabel what’s wrong you seam really upset you’re suppose to be happy?" I know it’s just..." What?" You guys would think I was stupid..." Isabel I would not and you know it and Max won’t either!" Ok well I mean my mom and dad were suppose to be here... I mean they don’t even want to be in Lexys life." Is you know you can’t help that it’s ok!" I know I’m sorry I’ll be happy after all today is suppose to be the best day of my life!" Yea.. and it is right." Yea it is I love you Alex.. Lexy you too!" I love you to Is and Lexy!"
3 Years Later
"Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!" Uh!." She’s up Is and it’s your day to go get her!." Ok... ok fine!." Ok you whiner I’ll go with you!" Alex it’s 1:00 in the morning.. I’ll go." No I want to go with you." Are you sure?" Yea." (They get up and go to Lexy)" What’s wrong baby?" Mommy Wexys scawed!" What?" I think she said she was scared?" Yea dada." Ok you can sleep with Mommy and Daddy tonight." Ok tanks!" Sure sweetie."(They go back to their room and put Lexy in-between them)" Can you believe we did it Is I mean we raised her and we showed our parents that we did it." I know Alex but uh... I have something to tell you." Anything Is what is it?" Alex I’m pregnant again." What?" Yea I know your mad but..." Is I could never be mad at you for that." So your..." I’m happy Is we can do it." Good." How many months." 5." Ok... I love you Is." Thanks Alex for always being here for me!." I love you what can I say we’ll have a family a good one so don’t you worry." I never do." (Gives her a look)." Well not while your here I love you and our family." Me too Is.. me too.
~*~ThAnKs FoR ReAdInG~*~
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