AUTHOR: Kari (aka Rapunzel)

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell (or much of anything good*sad*) All rights belong to UPN and Melinda Metz...etc.

Summary: This is a four part fic about what the pod squad felt and experienced as they emerged from the pods. (Some small details have been changed from what is said in the show)

~*Part 1: Max’s Story*~

I opened my eyes for the first time and saw nothing. Blackness. I was surrounded by the ebony darkness. I was crowded into a small space, but it was still comfortable. I knew that it had been my home for a very long time.

Although I was comfortable, I wanted to move, to stretch out. Somehow I knew there was more space out there. I slowly moved my arm until it was touching the jelly-like wall above me. I pushed and the wall bulged out, but didn’t break. I pushed harder and one of my fingers slipped out. I could tell that the air out there was colder than where I was, but I wanted to get out.

I wiggled some more of my fingers out of the hole, making it bigger. I still couldn’t see anything. Finally both of my hands could fit in the hole I had made. I slowly ripped open the pod that was holding me.

I gasped as the cold air hit me. Being covered in the jelly-like substance made me cold, too. I stuck my head out of the pod and sniffed the air. Everything smelled different. I could smell things in the air…other animals. I didn’t know if they were like me or not, yet I wasn’t scared.

I stuck my arms fully out of the pod and started to pull myself out. Then I realized that the ground was about six feet beneath me.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness, but only slightly. I looked around and saw that I was in some sort of room made of rock. A cave. There was another pod next to me, and two below me.

I could see figures emerging from the two pods below, but nothing happening in the one next to me. I positioned myself so that I could drop down to the ground without hurting myself. I dropped down and saw one of the other beings like me reach out her hand towards me. I took it and instantly felt very protective of her. I knew she was my sister.

We walked slowly, tracing our hands along the cave walls, looking for a way out. We eventually did find an exit, but we were both leery of walking out of the cave into the night. Finally my sister took the initiative, grabbed my hand, and pulled me out into the cool nighttime desert. We walked for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was probably only an hour.

As we were walking I kept having an odd feeling. Almost as if someone was following me. I looked over my shoulder many times and never say anyone. To make the time pass more quickly, my sister and I played guessing games. We didn’t know how to speak, yet somehow we communicated perfectly with each other.

After walking for an hour, we came upon a road. A highway. We stood by the side of the highway, trying to figure out why it was there and what purpose it served. That odd feeling came over me again, that someone was following us. I turned around and saw another being like me, standing on a rock. He was standing there defiantly as if he was saying, “Here I am, deal with it.” And although he was trying not to look scared, I kept getting these waves of emotion from him. He was terrified of me and my sister. He was unsure if we could be trusted.

As all three of us stood there observing each other, we heard a rumbling in the distance. We felt a vibration in the ground. We looked up and saw lights. Two small pinpoints of light surrounded by the black velvet of darkness that covers the deserts of New Mexico on summer nights. The lights were coming closer. And closer. And closer.

I could make out the shape of the object the lights were attached to. I could sense that there were two beings in the object, but they were not like the three of us standing there naked by the highway. I grabbed my sister’s hand and looked at the boy standing on the rock. I could sense that the beings in the object with the lights were going to take us away. I desperately wanted the boy to come with us. I didn’t want us to be separated. I had the strong feeling that we needed to be together. I held out my hand to the boy…and waited.

He looked at me, the fear shooting out of his eyes into my very soul. He turned and fled. He ran into the shadows, far into the desert. My sister squeezed my hand comfortingly as the boy fled and the object stopped.

Two beings, older than us, emerged. One of them ran up to us, yelling behind her, “Philip, get the extra blankets out of the back seat!” She gently grabbed us and guided us to the object. “Here, kids, get in the truck.”

Truck. The object was called a truck. I climbed inside, while the person named Philip put warm things around me and my sister…blankets. “They should be warm now, Diane,” said Philip. Philip and Diane climbed into the front of the truck and Philip started to drive it down the highway again. I looked out the back window, terrified. Not for me and my sister, but for the boy who was left behind.

~*Part 2: Michael’s Story*~

I lay awake in my pod for hours before I heard stirring in the others. I was scared. I didn’t know where I was, or who I was. I knew instinctively that I needed to leave the safety and warmth of the pod which had protected me for a long time. But I didn’t want to. I could tell that there were at least two others like me…but I didn’t know if they could be trusted.

I finally decided to see what it was like out there. I punched my hand through the jelly-like substance and tore at it until there was a hole large enough for my head. I stuck my head out and looked to my right. There was a female being like me, stepping out of her pod. I ducked as another male being dropped to the ground from above me. I guess they must not have seen me or something, because they grabbed each other’s hands and walked towards the cave exit.

I hurriedly tore at the pod wall, wanting to follow them. I didn’t want to be left all alone! I finally freed myself and hurried out into the chilly desert moonlight. I looked around, but I couldn’t see the two that had left before me. Yet, I could sense their presence. I walked towards where I instinctively knew they were. I wanted to call out to one of them, but I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t communicate with them at all.

A few times the male being turned around, as if he knew I was following them. I always managed to hide behind a sand dune or large rock. I kept myself at a distance of about 100 yards behind them. I didn’t want to be seen, but I didn’t want to lose sight of them

After walking for a while, they stopped. I couldn’t tell why, so I snuck up behind them, as close as I dared. They were standing by a strip of ground that was different. The word highway came to mind. They looked up and down the highway, as if they were inspecting it.

I stood up on a tall rock so that I too could see the highway better. I didn’t mean for them to see me…but they did. The male being turned and looked at me. Then the female being. I was terrified, but I stood tall and threw caution to the wind. Trust. I needed to trust them. So I tried. But I guess it was evident on my face that I didn’t really trust them that much.

All three of us looked at each other. I was ready to run if either of them proved to be threatening in any way. There was a slight rumbling noise far off in the distance. There were vibrations in the ground, dancing up through my feet, shaking my teeth. I looked in the direction of the sound and saw two needles of light, slicing through the night, heading for us. They came closer and closer. The fear was building within me.

The word truck popped into my mind. The truck was coming towards us. I could sense two beings in the truck…but they were different life forms. I felt the fear rising in my body, my stomach doing flip flops and loop the loops. The male being turned back to me and held out his hand. He wanted me to come with them.

I knew. I knew that the beings in the truck would take us all away. To where I didn’t know. But I didn’t want to take my chances. They could be dangerous. So I did something completely stupid. Something completely wrong. Something only I would do. I ran. I ran as fast as I could and then faster. I ran into the darkness, not wanting to be alone, yet not wanting to be with the others.

After I couldn’t run anymore I collapsed onto the cold desert ground and cried. I cried till the tears had washed away some of my fears. I sniffled and wiped at my nose. I brushed sand out of my hair and sat up. I looked around. I realized that I was by a highway again. It wasn’t the same one as before, though. I stood up and walked along the side of the highway, wishing the truck would come by again. I regretted running. What if I never saw the other two like me ever again? Were they my family?

I felt the vibrations in the ground and heard the rumbling in the distance again. I looked up excitedly. Could it be? The truck was coming back? I stood by the road and waited. But something was wrong. This wasn’t a truck. There was one person in this thing called a car. Someone different. The lights of the car washed over me, blinding me. I wanted to run again, but couldn’t see.

I heard someone running towards me and then someone picked me up. I could tell that this person was strong, yet gentle. I started to regain my sight and looked at the person holding me. He looked older than me, and like he had authority. He placed me in the car and got in next to me. He started to drive the car down the highway again.

“What’s your name, son?” he asked me. I could understand…but I couldn’t speak! And besides that, I had no name!

“I’m Sheriff Valenti. Do you know who you are or where you live?”

I shook my head.

“Can you speak?”

I shook my head again.

“But you do understand me?”

I nodded my head.

“Do you have parents?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Do you have a home?”

I shrugged again. He sighed and looked at me. “You don’t look familiar. Are you from around here?”

Somehow I knew that I wasn’t. I shook my head.

“Ok,” he said. “Well, don’t you worry. I’m going to take you to my house and get you some clothes…I have a son about your age. You should fit into some of his clothes. And then we’ll go down to the station and figure out what happened to you and who your parents are.”

I wanted to cry when he said that. Parents. I didn’t have parents, at least not in the real sense. If I did, they wouldn’t have left me in the desert. I was scared. I wanted to be with the others who were like me. I didn’t want to be with this man. I was lonely.

~*Part 3: Isabel’s Story*~

I opened my eyes, terrified. I could feel that someone was in pain…but I couldn’t see anyone. I needed to get out of my pod…to see if I could help this person in pain. I threw myself at the jelly-like wall that would let me out. I half stumbled, half fell out of the pod onto the cold hard ground. A male being fell from above and landed next to me. He looked at me and took my hand.

There was something like a jolt of electricity coursing between us and I knew that we were brother and sister. I could sense the presence of another male being behind us, but he was scared of us. And the other…she seemed to be in pain. Not physical, but emotional pain. It was like she could tell we were about to leave her, but she for some reason couldn’t join us, but she wanted to.

My brother started to lead me towards the cave exit. The other male being followed behind us at a distance. I could communicate with my brother, but for some reason I couldn’t communicate to him that there was another female back in the cave, still in her pod.

We walked. We played games with each other and walked. And then we walked some more. It seemed that we walked all night. After a while we stumbled upon a strip of ground that was harder than the ground around it. My brother communicated to me that it was called a highway. I didn’t know how he knew that, but I didn’t question him. We stood there, just surveying the highway, wondering why it was there.

My brother turned to look behind him, then I did. The other male being was standing there, looking at us. The fear was so evident in his eyes…I felt so sorry for him. I didn’t know why he was so terrified, but he was. As we stood there studying each other, I felt an odd sensation running up my legs, coming from the ground. And there was a rumbling sound in the distance.

We all looked up at the same time, spotting two beams of light in the distance. Truck. A truck was coming. I knew that…but what was a truck?! My brother turned back to the other male being and held out his hand. The boy looked at it in fear and then turned and fled. He ran far into the desert. I wanted to go after him, but I knew that my brother would stop me. We looked back towards the truck.

It stopped near us and two beings came running out. They looked like us, but older. Yet I knew that they were a totally different species.

The female ran up to us, yelling to the male behind her, “Philip, get the extra blankets out of the back seat!” She herded us to the truck. “Here, kids, get in the truck.” We were put in the back of the truck and warm blankets were wrapped snugly around us.

“They should be warm now, Diane,” said Philip, quickly moving to the front of the truck and starting it up again. He started to slowly drive down the highway again.

My brother looked out the window, and then so did I. Who was that other boy who was so terrified of us? Why hadn’t he trusted us enough to come with us? And most importantly, who was the other girl who was in pain? Why was I the only one able to sense her? Why hadn’t she emerged from her pod with the rest of us? I made up my mind never to tell anyone that there was another girl there. It would be too dangerous to go back and try to find her. The same with the other boy.

I started to cry. How were the other two going to survive in the desert? How were me and my brother going to be taken care of? Would we be taken care of by Philip and Diane? So many questions…so many fears.

~*Part 4: Tess’s Story*~

I could feel fear and worry far before I could move or open my eyes. I could sense one night that the other three were leaving their pods, they were going to leave me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t signal to them for help. Only one of them even knew I was there. Even she didn’t help me. No one has ever helped me.

I lay there in my pod, just listening to the others emerging from their pods. Seeing the world for the first time. I wanted that so badly, I wanted to be with them. But they all left the cave and I was alone in the silence. I lay there, for how long I don’t know. It could have been just seconds, or it could have been months. Time made no difference to me anymore, now that the others were gone.

And then one day he came. My father. More commonly known as Nacedo. I still couldn’t move, but he opened the pod for me. He looked down at me laying there, a sneer on his face.

“Where are the others?!” he communicated to me. Not through language, but through the mind. “Tell me, where are the others?!”

“I don’t know. They left.”

“What?! When?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t remember. But they left…they didn’t even try to take me with them.”

“All right. We’ll have to find them. Come with me.” He leaned in and picked me up, not at all gently. He set me on the ground, throwing a towel and some clothes at me.

I toweled off and dressed myself as best I could with my never before used hands. When I was finally done he took my hand and led me out of the cave into the desert. “We’re going to have to look for them…forever if needed. We cannot rest until the four of you are together again. Take this and keep it with you,” he said, handing me a strange metal book.

“What is this?” I asked as we walked.

“Your destiny,” he said. “And no matter what happens to you or me in this lifetime, you must always remember your destiny.”

“But what is my destiny?”

“You will remember, child. Someday, you will remember.” We walked side by side into the sunset, heading for our exciting yet depressing future of searching for the other three and running from the FBI. I didn’t yet know what my destiny was, but I swore to myself that I would try my hardest to fulfill it.