19. The Princess & the Rogue
Roswell characters not mine.

Part 1

Liz had always been considered a pretty girl, but had grown into an exceptionally beautiful woman. Her chocolate brown hair fell almost to the backs of her knees, her eyes were the most soulful amber, and her sensuous lips seemed set in a permanent yet delicate smile. She was the youngest daughter of a minor king, and the one to set the hearts and minds of the kingdom on fire.

She had just passed her 19th birthday, and her father was yet to find her a suitable match. Her body was growing restless, and her mind had begun to wonder and explore.

Something deep within her stirred, yearned, needed.

Leaving the palace grounds, as she did every afternoon for a pleasant stroll along the many pathways that lead down to the river and woods. She slipped free of watching eyes and made her way to her secret place. Parting the bushes, she stepped through into a small clearing on the edge of a well-hidden pond.

A waterfall was the only sound to disturb the stillness of the woods, running fresh and clean from a natural spring higher up the mountain. Shedding her clothing, she dove carelessly into the chill water, swimming to the bottom of the waterfall, letting the water tease and delight her fair flesh.

Tipping back her head, the water spilling over her face, then splashing onto her firm young breasts, her hard nipples protruding pink and proud.

She sensed something.

Someone was watching. But where?

Liz slipped beneath the water and swam back towards her clothing. She didn't make it, before the watcher revealed himself, stepping into the clearing and leaning comfortably against a tree to watch her.

He was a young man, a worrier by the looks of him, and obviously not a gentleman. She gave him a stern glare.

"If you were any part the gentleman sir you would turn your back and allow me the privacy of dressing."

He lifted one eyebrow at her then gave her a wicked smile.

"The problem we have there milady, is that I am not a gentleman. If anything I am quite the opposite."

Moving closer to the waters edge he proceeded to strip unabashed, tossing his clothing on top of hers in a heap.

He stood there for a moment, letting her get a good view of him. All of him.

He was proud of his strong masculine body, and he was very much enjoying the look on her face. With a wicked laugh he dove into the pool, coming up beside her.

Liz had never been this close to a man, and had certainly never been given such a good look at a man's naked body. Even so, she had a feeling this man was more than impressive.

Impressive or not, he still had no manners, and now he was invading her privacy as well.

He reached for her slender waist, but she anticipated his move and swam out of his reach, heading for the waterfall. Propping herself back up on the rock, if this rogue wanted a better look, she would give him one.

Without hesitation he swam after her, pulling himself up on the rock beside her.

Liz gave him an annoyed look.

"I was rather enjoying my privacy. By what right do you come here and disrupt my leisure?"

He chuckled softly to himself.

"I have something you will enjoy more, and this gives me every right." He grabbed her hand and placed it on his swelling cock, holding it there.

Indignant, she tried to pull it away, but he held it fast.

"What are you afraid of milady? It won't bite you. Look at it, see how much it likes you."

She was a little curious, she had to admit, but still, she was a princess and still pure. If this man was to take her virtue she'd be worthless.

"Sir, I can not."

His grin was wicked as he wrapped her fingers around his shaft. The harder she tried to pull her hand away, the harder he held it there. With his other hand he reached and touched her breast, sliding his fingers around, caressing her nipple.

Liz breath caught with shock at both his touch and his boldness.

He lifted her chin, looking deep into her eyes.

"Aye little princess, you will know me well before you leave here this day, and when you do leave, it will be with me."

She gave him a confused look.

"Sir you have me at a disadvantage. Who are you?"

He threw his head back and laughed. Wrapping his strong arms around her middle, he lifted her onto his lap, kissing her hard.

She fought, but it was hopeless. His size and strength held her a helpless captive. She could feel his hard member beneath her; one wrong move and it would be inside her.

"I milady, am Maxwell Philippe Evans. I made several offers for your hand but you seemed to have spurned them all. So I decided to come and take you anyway, wife or not."

The look in his eyes warned her he was serious.

Liz had brought him a measure of shame by refusing to even meet with him when he made his intentions know. He may well have been the son of a very rich lord, but he was, by reputation, a rogue and a scoundrel.

"You have my apology Maxwell, but truly, you are not the kind of man I wanted for a husband, and I didn't see the point in meeting with you and getting your hopes up when I had no intention of ever becoming your wife."

He gave her a condescending look. Obviously she had heard the rumors; many of which he had started himself to aid him in his business. He never thought they would get as far as the palace.

In her position he may well have acted the same, but he was not in her position and she had embarrassed him to his peers. Added to that, she was stunning, sexy, high spirited, and very desirable.

Max could take her here and now, she would not have the strength to prevent him from doing as he wished, but somehow that was no longer what he wanted. He wanted more. He wanted her to want him.

Setting her back on the rock beside him he dove back into the water, surfacing a few feet away, turning and taking a better look at her.

She was ever bit as beautiful as the first time he had seen her on his one and only visit inside the palace walls. She had been sixteen, and not quite as developed as she was now, but he had made a vow then and there that someday she would be his, and his alone.

Swimming back to the rock, he took her foot and pulled her back into the water, capturing her in his embrace. He held her there, pinned between his hard body and the stone.

Looking deep into her eyes he saw something he had not expected. She didn't fear him. Not in the least. It made him want her all the more.

He lowered his lips to her slender neck, tasting her perfect flesh, kissing and licking with a tenderness she had not expected from such a man. He moved to her throat, moving with deliberate slowness, lifting her a little higher out of the water and kissing his way over her shoulder.

The feel of his body pressing hard against hers, his hands holding her firm, his hot breath and lips moving over her naked flesh brought her body to life.

Liz tried not to move, to not give him even the slightest advantage, but when his mouth moved to her breast, teasing and tantalizing her nipple, forcing it to stand erect, her body betrayed her.

A soft sigh escaped her lips and she preyed that he had not heard, but he had. Sucking her nipple hard into his mouth, holding it prisoner between his lips and flickering his tongue over it, she sighed a little louder. He moved his hand lower, cupping the smooth rounded cheek of her ass and lifting her higher to him, his other hand seeking and finding her other, unattended breast.

When he moved back to her throat, kissing and nibbling, she tilted her head back slightly, and he knew she was his.

Taking her under one arm he swam for sure, lifting her and carrying her to shore, setting her tenderly down on the cool grass. Lying down beside her he touched her wet flesh with feather light strokes, covering her body in goose bumps.

Liz shuddered slightly as he leaned over her, sucking and exciting her breasts, his fingers working slowly down the length of her body.

He stroked her thighs, moving ever closer to the tender pale flesh of her inner legs, never coming quite close enough to her soft fur to actually touch it.

Liz's body was taking on a life and mind of it's own. Part of her screamed for him to stop, to let her go, but the stronger side of her screamed for his touch, is kiss, his lust.

She heard another moan escape her lips and it sounded like it was coming from someone else far away. Her head was swimming, her breathing fast, what was he doing to her?

His hand brushed against her crotch sending a wave of heat surging through her body.

Her hips began to lift, to move, she had no control over her body and it scared her just a little.

As he brushed against the soft fur that hid her greatest treasure, her legs opened for him slightly, as if inviting him there.

He smiled a knowing smile.

She almost hated him for that, and almost loved him in the same moment.

His fingers found her, opening her soft folds, exploring every crevice, every crease. He would know every inch of her splendid body. She was wet, so very wet. Coating his fingers with the satiny cream that flowed from her, he moved to discover her tiny pleasure point.

At his touch her body jerked just a little, a sudden shudder rushing through her, her body squirmed and moved.

He marveled at the way her body responded to his tender attentions. Kissing her hard, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth, he moved his fingers harder over her sensitive clit.

Stroking and caressing, forcing her pleasure to rise, slipping a finger inside her, watching her hips lift to meet him, to take more of him. If he had not found the barrier of her virtue still intact he might have thought her wonton. She was amazing.

Steadily he increased his strokes, shaping and molding her delicate clit beneath her fingers, feeling her passion growing higher and higher until at last she was where he wanted her. On the brink of no return.

He stopped stroking and she groaned softly, needing completion.

Turning her face to look into her eyes he asked her, "My Lady, do you want me to finish?"

She moaned softly. "Yes."

"Do you want me to show you how I could make you feel every night of your life?"

"Oh yes, please." She was almost begging.

"Will you be my wife? Say you will and I will give you what you have never had."

Another soft stroke over her throbbing clit and she was his. Her back arched; her head went side to side.

"Say it my Lady, swear to me here and now you will consent to being my wife."

She could take no more. Yelling at him.

"Yes. Yes damn you. I swear I will, I will be your wife."

He kissed her hard, his fingers returning to stroke her throbbing pearl until at last it was upon her. The rush of her orgasm rushed over her, consumed her, and completed her. She lay beside him panting as he tenderly stroked her sweating flesh, calming her.

Kissing her softly he whispered.

"Good girl. I knew you would not disappoint me."

Yelling to the trees, "Michael, you heard her swear it?"

The answer came.

"Yes my Lord. I heard it."

Liz gasped. He had tricked her. Tortured her into submission.

Before she could react to his treachery Max pulled her to him, holding and kissing her before she could struggle against him.