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Author: Nicola Clarke

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of its characters

Summary: Liz gets an infatuation, with Max Evan’s own of the richest men in the world after she runs into him at work.

Part One.

Liz Parker and Maria Deluca were the owners to a small coffee shop on the corner of a busy street in New York. Their business was successful enough - many people were regulars there because they were convinced there was no coffee nicer.
They were open at eight-thirty in the morning till seven every weekday but not open on the weekends, once they finished work they went home to their small-but comfy apartment 4 blocks away. Their business was handed down to Maria after her father died; it is called Deluca’s.
Maria signed half of the business to Liz and since then they had been working there together for four years.
The uniform is a short black skirt, black stiletto heals, a tight black T-shirt with Deluca’s written in small white writing across the chest. They wear a dark blue apron around their waist and had to have their hair up and out of their face. Liz didn’t like the uniform very much, she felt it was revealing, but when she and Maria had tried to make up uniforms, they could not agree and had to compromise. Maria loved the uniform.
Today was the 16th of January and was a normal business day for Maria and Liz.

“Liz!” Maria squeaked as she pushed through the flip doors to the kitchen area. It was used to make sandwiches and small meals and snacks. “Please take the counter for a minute I need to fix myself up”
Liz chuckled “OK but you owe me- where’s Tracy?” Tracy was an employee. Liz washed her hands and dried them on her apron.
“She’s at the counter too, hurry it’s really busy out there” Maria left the room and Liz hurried to the counter.
“Hi welcome to Deluca’s what can I get you?” she looked up and smiled at a regular customer, he was a short man who always wore a suit, his name was Troy. He smiled “Good morning Liz, I thought Maria was supposed to be at the counter this morning?” - Oh Troy has a crush on Maria, but he’s married and Maria thinks he’s heinous.
Liz smiled “Yeah I’m taking over for her”
Troy looked disappointed “OK I’ll just have a chocolate moccachino” Liz handed Rachel the order (another employee) and then served the next customer. “Hey welcome to Deluca’s what can I…” she looked up and stopped talking in mid sentence. It was Max Evan’s. He was the owner of a billion-dollar business on the next block over; he also owned many businesses all over America. She had seen pictures of him and always thought he was gorgeous and wonderful, but so did every other woman on the planet. She figured because of that he would be a real jackass and really up himself. She never thought she’d see him, let alone serve him coffee. She could see every woman in the coffee shop was drooling over him. He cleared his throat and she snapped out of her haze “Hmm, sorry what was I saying?” He was wearing a black suit, with a navy blue tie on he looked wonderful.
He laughed and she blushed. His laughter was music to her ears.
“I’ll just have a black coffee with no cream, just milk” he held the money out to her and she smiled “Yeah sure, that will just take a second” she gave the order to Rachel then reached out to take the money from his hand. Her fingers touched his and she felt a spark and looked up into his eyes. He was staring at her too. She blushed and pulled her hand away. He watched her as she put it in the till. “Keep the change….” He looked at her nametag “Liz” he breathed out and took the coffee from her “Thankyou”
When he walked away she almost wanted to cry out no come back! He did look back at her before he went out the front door and Liz blushed as she caught his eyes again. She was acting like she was thirteen and still shy around boys! She chuckled at herself.
Some lady next in line cleared her throat and waved her hand in front of Liz’s face “Excuse me? I know you must be buzzing over just serving him, just as I am about standing behind him, but I am in a hurry and I need a coffee”
Liz only heard half of what the girl said, she hurried out the back and banged into Maria as she was heading back to the counter.
“Oh my god Maria!” Liz exclaimed, “You won’t believe who I just served!”
Maria raised her eyes “Ricky Martin? I will never forgive myself if you did! Stupid toilet break!”
Liz laughed “No! It wasn’t Ricky Martin, but it was Max Evan’s” she squealed- there she goes being a thirteen year old again.
Maria grabbed her arm “The major hottie billionaire Max Evan’s?”
“YES!” Liz shook Maria “Oh my god it was amazing Maria! And he was so kind and told me to keep the change and his hand touched my hand….”
Maria interrupted “He better of told you to keep the change he’s fucking loaded big time”
Liz groaned “My god Maria”
Maria went back to work and Liz grew big red wings and flew around work for the rest of the day. After they had closed up and all their employee’s had left at the end of the night Liz and Maria pulled on their coat’s and headed outside. “Should I get a cab?” asked Maria as Liz locked the door.
“No” Liz turned around and put the key in her pocket “Let’s walk”
“You have been buzzing all day Liz, is this because of the Max Evan’s encounter this morning?” They clung to each other as they walked down the cold street. Liz nodded “Yeah it is Maria, I don’t even know what happened but I know there was this thing between us. I felt it, I don’t know if he felt it but he was looking at me and wow it was just incredible. I get butterflies thinking about it”
Maria laughed “Oh Lizzie has it bad for a man she can not have”
Liz frowned “I know and that’s what sucks about it. He is so completely out of my reach. I am just little coffee shop girl and he is this internationally sexy Brad Pitt man” she swallowed “It’s so unfair. I mean he can have any girl he wants…”
“Including you” Maria interjected.
“Yes including me, but that’s not the point. The point is he can have any girl he wants, so why the hell would he want me? He can have some super model actress girl” Liz huffed as they stopped and waited to cross the road.
“Well Liz, he’d have to be pretty stupid not to want you. You are pretty enough to be a model. I mean not a super model…”
“Thanks” Liz laughed as the ran across the road.
“But a model all the same!” Maria giggled “Who knows maybe he’ll be back tomorrow!”
Liz stopped walking “OK don’t even tease me like that”

“Samuel called in sick, your gonna have to work the counter with me this morning” Maria was just opening the front doors to the coffee shop. It usually took Ten to fifteen minutes for the shop to get busy.
Liz was refilling the all the coffee necessities, “Yeah that’s OK”
Maria pulled down the last of the chairs on the tables and put the pot plant outside the door “That’s because there’s a chance lover boy might come in again”
Liz laughed loudly “Oh Maria I doubt it. You wouldn’t believe the dreams I had about him last night”. Matt- the new employee- walked in and Liz hollered for him to come over behind the counter so she could show him how to work the new coffee system. A young lady, who looked in her early twenties, with red hair walked in and ordered a coffee and biscuit off Liz. Maria started sweeping the front step of its leafs “You’ll have to tell me about them later”. While Liz was making the lady her coffee and showing Matt how the machine works Max walked up to the door and smiled. Maria dropped her broom and he picked it up for her “There you go” he walked inside and up to the counter. “I will, it was amazing” Liz answered Maria without looking up. “Yip great sure it was” Maria hurried in side with the broom in her hands.
The red head gasped and Liz looked up “What?” she asked politely. Turning her head she saw him and her breath stopped “Oh” she almost moaned. Quickly glancing at Maria she could see her silently screaming and saying “OH MY GOD” Liz couldn’t help but chuckle.
“What was Amazing?” Max asked with a grin.
She quickly handed the lady her coffee and the lady drooled over Max till she was out the door. Liz smiled at him “Oh nothing…” she breathed “What can I get you?”
He bit his lip “I don’t know, what do you recommend?” he had a little child’s grin on his face and Liz felt her knees start to weaken. Maria walked up behind her and pretended to look busy. Matt laughed and shook his head “Liz I’m gonna go start making the sandwiches OK?”
She nodded “Yeah I’ll be in there in a minute just get everything ready” Max was watching her and she felt small.
“OK what’s good” she mumbled “Maria what do you think we should recommend this nice man?” Nice, sexy, incredibly drool worthy man,thought Liz.
Maria bit her lip “I don’t know, what about…’
Max placed his hands on the counter “What’s your favorite?” he asked Liz.
“Me?” she chuckled “I work here I see coffee twenty four seven, I hate coffee”
Max laughed and pointed to one of the things on the black board “OK then, I’ll just have that” Maria grabbed a cup “Good choice, I’ll make it Liz”
“Do you two just work here or…?” Max started to ask.
Liz typed what he was having into the till “No we own this place, have since 98” she looked up at him with a smile “Is there anything else you want?”
“No thanks” he pulled his wallet out and opened it. Liz could see a picture on the open flap, it was of him and a tall blonde girl.
Maria saw it too “That’s a nice picture, is it your girlfriend?” she cleared her throat “I mean if you don’t mind me asking?” Liz buried her face in her hands - how embarrassing she thought.
Max pulled out a ten-dollar bill “No it’s my sister Isabel” he breathed in “What time are you open till?”
Liz took his money and to her disappointment her fingers didn’t touch his. “Seven, no wait it’s Friday isn’t it?” she shook her head “We’re only open till six-thirty tonight”
Max put his wallet away “OK great” Maria handed him his coffee and he took it “Thankyou”
He looked at Liz “Thankyou Liz see ya later” he headed to the door and Maria squeaked “Max!”
He opened the door and turned to face them “Yes?”
“Come back soon” she smiled. Liz turned red and nudged Maria “Oh my god” she muttered.
Max laughed “OK I will” he headed outside and heard Liz say to Maria “You are so embarrassing!”
As he walked down the street he chucked the coffee he just brought in the bin.



He didn’t come back again that day, so Liz spent the whole weekend annoying the hell out of Maria.
Friday night:
“Yes, he looked like he digged you.
Saturday Night:
“No, you weren’t retarted when you talked to him”
Sunday Night:
“Yes, I think he’ll come in tomorrow”
Monday Morning:
“Yes I think he’ll come in today”
And he did, when Liz was out the back. Maria was at the counter with Rachel.
“Wow aren’t you Max Evan’s?” Rachel started flirting. Max politely answered “Yeah I am”
‘Remember to fire Rachel later’ Maria noted down in her head, “Ahh Max isn’t it lovely to see you here again, are you going to become a regular?”
Rachel backed off annoyed and Max moved closer to Maria “I guess so” he smiled, he had his wallet in his hand.
“What would you like?” she asked wishing she could scream “LIZ, LIZ HE’S HERE!”
“Liz to serve me” he grumbled under his breath. He thought Maria hadn’t heard him but she did and her face lit up for her best friend. Liz walked out through the kitchen doors with a tray in her hands with sandwiches and biscuits on it. Max and Maria both noticed her come out but she didn’t notice them.
She walked up to a table with a couple sitting at it “Here’s your ham, egg and lettuce sandwich’s and your biscuits. Enjoy” she walked over to another table and started clearing the plates onto her tray. Max walked up behind her “Hello” he said.
Liz got a fright and banged into him, orange juice spilled onto his suit and her top “Oh god I’m so sorry!” she put down her tray and went over to grab a napkin, she started wiping at the juice on his chest but it did nothing.
“Hmm that’s OK…” he could smell her, she smelt wonderful.
“Um, come out to the back there’s water and stuff, you can get cleaned up” she looked up at him and he nodded. Liz picked up tray “Just through there” she pointed and he headed in that direction. Maria raised her eyes and did thumbs up to Liz. She blushed and looked away from her, Max held the door open for her and she quietly thanked him.
She put the tray down on he silver bench and headed over to the tap. Samuel was listening to the radio and a dance song was on, he was dancing around the kitchen while stirring a biscuit mix. Liz chuckled as did Max. Samuel turned around realizing there was someone else in the kitchen. He went red. Liz bent down and opened the cupboard doors to find a cloth to clean Max’s shirt. Samuel and Max both looked down and checked out her ass, then realizing they both did it, they looked away and laughed. Liz stood up and turned on the tap, she quickly wet the cloth and began dabbing his very expensive jacket. Max didn’t know what to do so he just stood there enjoying Liz being so close. Samuel was watching them “What happened?” he asked- still stirring his cooking.
Liz answered “Oh I just got a fright and banged into him” she turned on the tap and wet the cloth again.
“Can you…?” she handed Max the cloth “I just need to go change my shirt” he nodded and she walked through a door leading to her and Maria’s office.
“Aren’t you that Max Evan’s guy?” Samuel jumped up onto the bench he had been leaning against. Max took off his jacket and inspected the spill “Yeah I am”
“Wow, what’s it like to have that much doe? I would kill for that” - still with the stirring.
Max glanced at him “It’s OK, money’s not everything”
Samuel laughed “Yes to you maybe. That’s just because you have it” he turned down his music a little bit and Max pulled his jacket back on. “Yeah I guess”
“What are you doing getting coffee from this little place anyway?”
Max breathed in and Liz walked back in, he glanced at her then back at Samuel, Samuel mouthed ‘oh’ and chuckled “Good luck”
Max saw a little of Liz’s tanned stomach before she put her apron back on. He smiled. “Oh there’s a little wet patch,” Liz said inspecting his jacket “That should dry soon, don’t you think?” she looked up at him and he nodded “Yeah it should”
Maria chose this moment to walk in “Liz major need of you out there, Troy just walked in- get him away! He’s so stalkerish!” she shuddered.
Liz smiled “OK, um stay out here as long as you want, I have to…” she looked at Max one last time then headed out the door. Maria jumped onto the counter and folded her legs.
“So Max” she smiled ‘You like Liz, no?”
Samuel laughed as he filled the trays with the biscuit mixture. Max folded his arms and looked at Maria.
“OK you don’t even have to answer, I know you do” Maria smacked his shoulder “So cute! So when you gonna ask her out?”
Max swallowed “I don’t know if’ she’d say yes, I mean…”
“What the hell are you fucking… Excuse the French…. Talking about!” she yelled “She would probably combust in happiness, you know who you are don’t you? She would be the envy of every girl in the whole world!”
“Maria” Samuel interjected “The guy doesn’t want to ask a girl out who just wants to go out with him because of his money and looks”
Maria groaned “Is that what your worried about?” she grabbed his arm and shook him “Liz is not that kind of girl, I can assure you of that. She’s not me. Sure she likes looks a little, but money? Na, no way, never. And she likes you, she thinks you’re awesome. If you asked her out she’d be on cloud nine. Ask her out you guys would be great together”
Max and Samuel laughed.
“So you going to?” Maria asked.
“I don’t know…” Maria grabbed his wallet off the bench.
“OK, since your one of those shy guys I have an idea. Let’s just say…. OOPS you dropped your wallet and oh! She’s gonna have to ring you and she’s gonna have meet you somewhere to give it back”.
Samuel hissed “Oh that’s a good idea”
Max rolled his eyes “OK I’ll do that. But I really have to go. I am late for a meeting” he stood up and checked his jacket.
“OK she’ll ring you some time tonight, is your cell number in here?” Maria stood up and dropped the wallet on the ground.
Max nodded “Yeah on my drivers license” he opened the door.
“Good as, see ya later” Maria kicked his wallet just under the bench so it stuck out a little. Max said bye to Samuel then waved to Liz as he left. Liz smiled in return and quickly went into the back room.
“What did you guys talk about?” She demanded straight away.
Maria just fluttered her eyelashes “Oh nothing Liz” Liz looked at Samuel then at Maria, than back at Samuel.
“What?” Liz pursed her lips “Oh Maria your no good”
“Oh she’s good Liz. Trust me on this one” Samuel opened the freezer and chuckled to himself.
Maria looked at her feet “Oh Liz!” she bent down and picket up the wallet off the floor “Look, Max forgot his wallet!”
Liz gaped at her “Oh my god you didn’t”


Liz rang Max on her break, at 2:30.
“Hello?” his voice was so dreamy.
“Ah hi Max, it’s Liz from the coffee shop. You left your wallet here”
“Oh I was wondering what I did with it, Thankyou for ringing”
Smiles- “That’s OK, so if you could just come pick it up some time…”
“Actually, I am really busy for the rest of the day, maybe you could drop it off for me?”
Blushes- “Well I am working too, I can’t really come drop it off, what time do you finish what your doing?”
“OK, well I’ll stay here at the coffee shop till then, you can come get it?”
Sighs- “OK sure, see you just after seven-thirty”
“OK bye” Liz hanged up and put the phone down with a small smile on her face. She skipped out to the counter and served for the rest of the day with a smile on her face.

“Maria you can’t go through his wallet” it was ten to seven, they had closed early because there were no customers.
“Oh Liz, I’m just counting how much money he has in here” Maria was sitting on the counter pulling out note after note. Samuel came past “See you later” he said with a twinkle in his eye “Tell me about what happens with Max, tomorrow Liz” he opened the door.
Liz laughs “Oh watch your bottom Samuel! You shouldn’t even know about this”
“Bye!” he left.
“You won’t believe this- I am holding seven hundred in my hand and there’s still more” Maria laughed “Wow”
“Ria!” Liz grabbed the money and put it back in the wallet “You can’t go through his things” her gaze stopped on the picture of him and his sister “Look at them, they are so cute”
Maria leaned over Liz’s shoulder and looked “Yeah, it’s so sweet”
At Seven-fifteen Maria pulled on her coat “OK my Taxi’s here I’m gonna go home Liz, have fun”
Liz ran out from the back room “What? You can’t leave!” she exclaimed.
“What do you mean I can’t leave?” Maria opened the front door “Yeah I can, you’ll be fine. I’ll be at home waiting for your arrival. You have to tell me everything”
“Nothings going to happen, he’s going to come, get his wallet and leave” Liz huffed.
“Then make things happen. See ya at home”

Liz sat behind the counter on a stool, counting the money and filling out the bank booklet. Max arrived at seven-fifty. He knocked on the door and she looked up from her work. She got up off her stool, took off her glasses and put the book away. Her Jacket was sitting on the counter already, so she pulled it on and headed over to the door. After turning the lights out she opened the door and greeted him. He smiled warmly and watched as she locked the door. “Hard day?” she asked.
He looked down at her, her hair was down and the big jacket she pulled around herself made her look very cute “Not to bad” he answered,
Liz stepped away from the door and onto the street. It was dark and cold and there were only a few people walking down the street. She reached into her pocket and pulled out his wallet “Here’s your…” she held it out to him and he took it.
They were silent as they stared at each other for a moment. Finally Max said “Can I buy you a coff… or should I say drink?” he smiled “It’s the least I can do after you waited to give me my wallet”
Liz laughed “I’d love to”
He went to call a cab but she stopped him by putting her hand on his arm “Let’s walk” she said.
He nodded “OK then”
They walked in silence for a little bit. The footpath had snow on the sides of it and in the gutter, the street was lit with lampposts “How long have you been friends with Maria?” Max asked.
“Oh for the longest time” she rubbed her hands together “Since we were like two. We grew up just out of town and went to school together. Our parent’s were friends”
“Were?” Max asked.
“Yeah Maria’s father died four years ago and left her the coffee shop, we decided we’d own it together. Her mom moved back to Roswell that’s where her relatives are from. My parent’s still live outside the city, I see them whenever I can” she breathed in “What about you?”
“I have a friend I have known since I was four. His name is Michael, we only occasionally talk to each other now”
“Does he live in this city?” Liz wanted to snuggle up to his big jacket, it was like a tent. He answered yes before they crossed the street. “He’s busy and I’m busy, we try to get together when we can. My Father and mother live together in California. That’s where my sister is. They come and visit me all the time and I go see them”
“Where were you born?” Liz asked.
“Here” he smiled “I lived in California for a few years too. But I came back here a while ago. What about you?”
“Here” she looked up at him. He looked down at her. “I’ve always lived here”
They found a small restaurant “Oh let’s go in here” Liz smiled.
Max chuckled “OK”
“You mustn’t be used to eating at a place like this” she pulled off her coat and took a seat in one of the booths. He sat across from her “Yeah you are right” he looked around then looked at the menu “very interesting”
Liz laughed happily.
A waitress came up and asked if they wanted to order yet.
“Yes please, I’m starved. What about you Liz?” he was being silly, Liz raised her eyebrows at him.
“I am so Max, what would you like?” she picked up her menu.
“I would like… let’s see. The toast sandwich with cheese and afterwards a piece of peppermint pie” he grinned pleased with himself. Liz was in awe.
“And you miss?”
Liz bit her lip “I’ll have the same, but without the peppermint pie” she put her menu down and smiled at the lady.
“And your drinks?”
“Coffee” Max said.
“Apple juice” Liz said.
“OK, I’ll be back with your drinks in a second” she walked away.
“She was happy” Max commented.
“Would you be happy if you were working here at this time of night?” Liz folded her arms “I’m grumpy at the end of work usually”
Their drinks came and after a while their food came. They ate.

They talked about Max’s business and Liz’s business. Max had gone to college and once he had finished there his father handed his business to him. At first Max had been reluctant to accept it but after a little persuasion he said yes. Back then the Evan’s company had not been as successful, but with Max’s help and long hard hours, they got it up and making Millions. They got huge in the stock market and that’s when they started to get known. They specialized in computers at first, but now they were a whole rang of things. People all over the world were buying their programs and investing in their business.
Max was happy that all his hard work had paid off, the Evan’s company was now one of the biggest corporations in America- with thousands of people working for them. Max started to buy companies when his business got big. He invested in many things. Whilst he was doing this, the media had been grabbing at him and that’s how everyone found out about him. One person had started to whole, sexier than Brad Pitt thing and now he was stuck with the title.

Liz explained about how she and Maria had also improved the Deluca’s by changing the shop around and changing what they sold and everything. Not nearly as impressive as what Max had done.

“Excuse me” a man in his twenties walked up to there table with a napkin and pen in his hand. He was tall, with blonde hair and an earring. “I’m sorry to bother you, but my sister thinks you are the sexiest man alive and her birthdays coming up. Can you write happy birthday and sign it so I can put it in her card?”
Max glared at Liz and she raised her eyebrows in delight.
“Sure” he took the pen and napkin “What’s her name?”
“Oh. Um, her name is, er, Tammy” he winked at Liz and she smiled. Max handed the pen and napkin back. “Smashing, thanks” he read it “Wonderful, hey thanks a lot”
“My pleasure” Max said.
“Have a nice dinner aye” the guy walked away and Liz laughed.
“I can’t help but think that was for himself”
Max laughed then cringed “That’s disturbing”
“How often does that kind of thing happen to you?” she sipped her drink.
“Only occasionally” he leaned back “How old are you Liz Parker?” she looked at him with questioning eyes then answered “Twenty Five” she watched his face- it’s expression didn’t change at all. “How about you?”
“You mean you don’t know?” he smiled.
“No I do not” she ate the last of her toast “I haven’t read up about you sorry”
“Twenty seven”
“I figured you’d be around that age”
“You did?”
Liz couldn’t believe she was sitting here with Max Evan’s. Was this a friendly dinner, or did he actually want her? Liz could not believe that he could want her. He should be with a super model right now. God knows he deserved one, Liz frowned- he was perfect, he was funny, charming, polite, sensitive, giving, gentle, good looking. Liz suddenly felt she did not belong here with him. She was hoping he’d turn out to be a complete ass hole so she could go on with her life, but he wasn’t and she didn’t want to go on with her life.
Max noticed her expression change “What’s wrong?” he asked.
Liz blinked. Damit, know she’d have to ask him “Max why are we here?”
He raised his eyebrows questioningly “We’re having dinner”
“No I mean why are you having dinner with me? I’m just some little coffee shop girl, you should be off with some actress or super model” she blushed and put her head in her hands.
Max didn’t know what to say, so it took it a little while to reply “Liz” he reached out and took her hands in his “I’m here having dinner with you because I want to. Super model? Actress? What are you talking about? Is that what you think, just because I’m … rich, I’m too good for you?”
Liz pulled her hands away “Well you are”
Max frowned “No I’m not, I’m just a person. I do not want you to think of me different because of my background and wealth. I like you Liz”
Liz shuddered “I can’t believe this” she whispered.
“What?” Max asked.
She rested her head in her hands “Your Max Evan’s
“And every woman in the whole world wants you. But your sitting here with me and telling me you like me” she stood up “We need to go”
“What?” Max asked “Why?”
“Because you need to walk me home, it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow” Liz pulled on her coat and stepped out of the booth.
Max was frowning at her. Liz walked over to him and said, “Come on, let’s go”
“I don’t want to” he said.
Liz laughed “You may not have to be at work at eight in the morning but I do”
“I’ll leave when you say you will have dinner with me again”
“But I’m Liz Parker and you’re your….” She grabbed the waitress that was walking past “You’ve never seen me before have you?”
The lady shook her head “Nope, never”
“But you’ve seen him before haven’t you?”
“Yes” she looked confused.
“And he’s incredibly sexy right? Tell me wouldn’t you just love to take him home?”
Max raised his eyebrows and the lady walked away embarrassed.
Liz huffed,“Hey buddy” she looked at the guy who had come up and asked for Max to sign the napkin for his ‘sister’ “You think Max is hot don’t you?”
“Yes” The man grinned.
Liz sat down next to Max “See. Everyone’s heard of you. But not of me. Your Max Evan’s.”
“Your point?” he was smiling.
Liz rubbed her eyes “Why do you like me?”
Max took her face in his hands and kissed her. At first she was in shock and just sat there, but then she let out a small moan and kissed him back. He broke away and she kept her eyes closed, “Now will you shut up?” he whispered.
“You just kissed me” she didn’t open her eyes.
“You noticed”
Max Evan’s just kissed me” she tottered unable to remain sitting up right.
“Liz please stop, I’m just a person” he tucked her hair behind her ears.
“A person who just kissed me” she chose this moment to open her eyes “Will you break my heart?”
“Don’t plan to”
“You sure?”
“Extra, extra positive?”
Laughs “I won’t break you heart on purpose”
“That’s good enough for me” she kissed him.
When she broke away she sighed then stood up and walked over to the counter “I just kissed Max Evan’s” she said to the lady behind the counter.
“Lucky bitch” The lady was wiping the counter.
“Did you see?” Liz laughed “Hmm he’s a good kisser”
“I don’t doubt it” the lady smiled.
Max came up behind her and placed the money for dinner on the counter “Thankyou” he said leading Liz out the door “Your scaring me” he whispered in her ear.
“I scare myself” Liz rapped her arms around herself “But I kissed Max Evan’s so I’ll get over it”
“Stop saying my name” he laughed.
“Max am I your girlfriend now?” she asked.
“Do you want to be?” he rubbed her arms.
“Max Evan’s girlfriend” she looked up at him “I think I can handle that”
He smiled.
“But maybe not….” Liz teased.
Max groaned “Do you want to walk home or get a cab?”
“Walk. Let’s walk through the park” They walked across the street and into the park. “It’s cold” she whispered.
“Yes” Max rapped his arm around her “We should have gotten a cab”
“Max” she said.
“Will you buy me a car?”
Laughs “OK”
“You did not just say yes” Liz gaped at him
“I said OK” he smiled.
“Dick head”
“Mean” he hugged her to him more.
“I don’t want a car. Just wanted to see what you’d say”
“Oh OK” Laughs.
“You wouldn’t have brought me a car” she whispered “I wouldn’t let you. That would be wrong. Tell me about your last girlfriend”
“Why not?”
“That’s third date conversation” he answered smiling.
“I’ll look forward to it”.

Once they reached her apartment they stood outside and Liz stared into his eyes “You really want to go out with me?”
“Yes Liz Parker. Why is that so hard to believe?”
“Because your Max Evan’s” she smiled.
“Oh don’t start with that again” he tucked her hair behind her ears.
“OK I won’t” they leant into each other and shared a heart soaring kiss. Max moaned and held her close to him, not wanting to say goodnight. Liz let herself fly up to heaven.
The front door to the apartment opened and Max pulled away. “Yeah thanks for walking me home, enjoy your wallet” Liz said
Max laughed “I will” he glanced at Maria “Good evening” he said.
“Yes” she looked at them strangely “You did not just enjoy your wallet did you?”
Liz huffed “And what if I did?”
“I’d tell you to say goodbye to Max because you won’t see him again after a line like that” Maria walked down the steps and put the trash cans on the ground then walked inside and closed the door.
“I’d ask you to come in but that’s third date material and you made the dating rules so you’ll have to go home and kick yourself””
Max rolled his eyes “I guess I’ll have to” he breathed in “Does this count as first date?”
Liz laughed and whacked his arm “Goodnight Max” she kissed him again and again the door opened. She pulled back “Nice tonsils you have there Max, you’ll have to show me them again some time” she walked up the steps and Maria laughed “What did you just say to him?”


“Oh what happened? It had to have been good, I saw you two smooching” Maria followed Liz into her bedroom. Liz had a big smile on her face “Yeah it was wonderful, but it is late and we have work in the morning Maria. I’ll tell you over breakfast” Liz pulled off her shoes and rubbed her aching feet.
“Oh come on Liz!” Maria exclaimed, “I can’t wait till morning”
Liz sighed, “You’re going to have to, I’m stuffed. I need sleep”
Maria groaned and walked to the door “OK but I want major details in the morning”
“In the morning” Liz pulled on her night wears and got under the covers “Night”
“I had a great evening with Andrew, he came over and we watched movies” - Andrew, Maria’s long time boyfriend.
Maria turned off the bedroom light and Liz groaned “OK tell me about it in the morning”
She closed the door and Liz closed her eyes. All she saw was Max’s face.

In the morning Liz and Maria stopped at a breakfast bar on the way to work and picked up some bagels and tea to go. When they got to the coffee shop they sat down at one of the tables and ate their food. Liz told Maria about her evening with Max and Maria told Liz about her evening with Andrew.
“He’s getting cuter by the second. Whenever he has to go he says ‘I love you, I’ll see you later’ it’s adorable” Maria sipped her drink. Andrew was tall and had blonde hair and blue eyes. He and Maria had met at a clothing shop, he had been trying to find something for his sister and Maria had helped him. He lived on the other side of town so they only saw each other a couple of times a week, sometimes more. He came from a big family of five kids.
“I’m so happy for you Liz. He’s really nice” Maria hugged her friend “It’s hard to believe though. I mean my best friend is going out with an international hottie”
“She is?” Samuel walked in and pulled off his coat “Good morning Ladies, Liz, honey, details, now”
“Sam, you are now looking at Max Evan’s new girlfriend” Maria grinned with all her teeth showing.
“Your shitting me” Samuel laughed “Holy shit!”
“They were all over each other on our front door step last night”
“Maria!” Liz laughed.
“Way to go Lizzie!” Samuel smacked her arm then pulled her in for a quick hug “I knew you’d do me proud”
Liz blushed.
“She asked him for a car!” Maria laughed standing up and pulling the rest of the chairs down.
“She didn’t”
“She did and that’s not even the crazy part. He said OK”
“What!” Samuel cried, “You’re joking”
“I was joking and he laughed and said Oh OK.” Liz said.
“WOW” Samuel walked over to the counter “Good morning Patty” -Patty, name of the coffee machine “Are you going to work nicely for Sammy today? Be a good girl?”
“How’s Erica?” Liz asked cleaning up her and Maria’s breakfast.
“She’s good, the pregnancy isn’t being very kind to her” Samuel’s girlfriend is pregnant with a girl.
“Give her my love will you?” Liz headed out back “Actually I might go see her today”
“No you can’t she’s at her mothers today” Samuel explained.
“Oh OK never mind” Liz put on her apron “I’m going to be in the office this morning, you guys can handle the front can’t you?”
“Yes we can”
“Good” Liz went out to her and Maria’s office and started working out the bills and stuff.

Max walked down the lobby of his building “Good morning Mr. Evan’s” nearly everyone greeted him and he was polite and said “Good morning” in return.
“Mr. Evan’s” Max’s friend and employee walked up to him “The cars out the front and everything you asked for is in it”
“Thankyou Ray” Max smiled.
“Oh just one other thing. The invitation you’ve been waiting for, the one to the get together on Saturday night at the Houston’s? Well it arrived last night. I placed it on your desk. Oh and don’t forget your appointment with Mrs. Raymond at four this afternoon”
Max nodded “I won’t, Thank you. I’ll be back by then” he walked out the front doors and stepped into his limousine. The man chased after him “Wait Max!” he knocked on the window and Max opened it “Yes Ray?” he asked with his eyebrow’s raised.
“Your sister called, she want’s you to ring her as soon as possible”
“Thank you” Max closed his window and the driver turned his head to him with a smile “Good morning Mr. Evan’s where to?”
“Do you know any good flower stores?” his eyes twinkled.
“I think I know a great place yes” the driver turned back to the wheel and Max picked up the phone in between the seats. His sister was on speed dial so he just pressed one number and put it on speakerphone.
He put the phone down and someone picked up a few seconds later “Hello Alex Whitman speaking”
Max smiled “Hey Alex, is your annoying wife in?”
Laughs “Hey Max yes she is. How are you?”
“I’m doing great right now actually. What have you been up to?” Max fixed his tie.
“Oh you know trying to…. Alex hand me the phone” Isabel grabbed the phone off Alex and Max laughed “Hello Maxwell”
“Hello Isabel”
“Why did it take you so long to ring me back? What have you been up to?” Isabel demanded
“I have been up to nothing. How is it you still manage to control me when your so far away?”
“Oh be quiet. I know you’re up to something I can feel it, which is why I rang. Me and Alex are coming to stay for in a few days”
Max rolled his eyes “That’s great I’ll look forward to your visit. In fact I have someone I want you to meet”
“Oh how exciting! What’s she like? Oh god don’t tell me she’s like your last girlfriend. But I guess I should just be happy you found someone you like, I mean that’s a big one as it is”
The driver pulled the car to a stop.
Max rubbed his forehead “Yeah. I have met someone Isabel. Look I have to go”
“Oh Max you sound tired, to many late night’s huh? OK I’ll be there on Wednesday or Thursday see ya then”
Max hanged up and his door opened. He hopped out of the car and found himself standing in front a small flower boutique. “Perfect” Max thanked the driver and quickly rushed inside. He bought one red rose then came back out and told the driver to go to Deluca’s where he’d stopped yesterday.

Max got out of the car and walked into the coffee shop. It wasn’t that busy in there but there were a few people sitting at tables and a few people at the counter. Two people he didn’t recognize were at the counter serving and Maria was putting down some food on a table. She smiled at him “Weren’t you just the most charming man ever last night” she grinned and walked over to him “miss her already?”
“Actually yes” he smiled and looked around “where is she?”
“Out the back in the office. Working her little heart out, paying the bills. I can’t do it myself so she’s all ways the one to do it…. She’s always been more intelligent then me” Before Maria could start a long conversation Max excused himself and went out back to find Liz. Samuel was out there talking to Rachel as they cooked.
“Max my man, hey!” Samuel laughed “I’m just kidding, Liz is in the office through there” he pointed to a door and Max smiled and walked towards it.
He could hear Rachel as she demanded what Max Evan’s was doing here. He smiled and knocked on the door. As he opened it he heard Liz’s tiny voice reply “Come in”
She didn’t look up from her work until he shut the door and when she did a big smile spread across her face “Didn’t get enough of me last night?” she asked.
Max smiled “Not nearly” He handed her the rose “For you”
“Thank you” she pulled off her reading glasses and stood up “May I ask why you’re here?”
He watched as she went over to the sink next to the toilet and fills a glass with water “I came to take you out to lunch actually”
Liz put the rose in the water and put the glass down on the desk “Really? You realize I am working don’t you?” she stood in front of him trying to keep from smiling and flying into his arms.
“Yeah but I figured you’d get a lunch break. And hoped you’d be able to expand it for one day” he reached out and took her hands in his “You can can’t you?”
Liz felt herself moving closer to him “I guess” she teased “If you beg me to?”
He laughed.
“I have to ask Maria if she can handle here without me…”
“I’m sure she’ll be able to” he moved very close to her and bent his head down so his face was very close to hers.
“Hmm” Liz breathed in “I think she’ll be able to as well…” Max pressed his lips to her neck and Liz threw her head back in delight.
He kissed a trail up her throat to her lips and ran his tongue along the entrance of her mouth; Liz opened her mouth and gave him the entrance he wanted. Max placed his hands on her hips and moved them up her body, up her rips then around her back. Liz felt her knee’s buckle and Max picked her up and sat her on the desk, still devouring her mouth. She opened her legs and he stepped between them pressing his hips into hers,
Liz couldn’t believe how quickly things could get so desperate when it came to kissing. The need was instant.
He kept kissing her and sucking on her tongue until they felt they would both burst in need of oxygen. He broke away for a second and Liz rapped her arms around his neck while she caught her breath. Max breathed in two deep breaths then picked up where he left off. Liz found that very inciting. She ran her fingers through his hair and moaned. He smiled against her lips then moved his devouring back to her neck. Whilst doing this he ran his hands under her shirt and up her back. She rapped her legs around his waist and pressed herself to him, trying to get as close as possible. Max rubbed his hands down her back then took them out of her shirt, his tongue flicked her ear and she heard him emit a small groan. He placed one of his hands on her thigh and it slowly moved up, taking the skirt with it, up, up, up… the door flung open and Maria stood there in shock. Max groaned and pulled Liz’s skirt down and pulled his lips away from her moist skin.

Liz wiped her mouth embarrassed about what her coworker had just seen. Max ran his hand through his hair and stepped away from Liz “We were just about to go have lunch” he quickly said.
“Right” Maria licked her lips “Well I’m happy for you, both, but this is a work place remember”
Liz got down off the desk and brushed her uniform down “I’m sorry Ria. Can I talk to you for a second?”
Maria had the biggest grin on her face “Yes Liz let’s go out in the kitchen”
Liz ran her hand over Max’s and mouthed ‘I’ll be right back’ then left the room with Maria.
“Holy shit Liz!” Maria squealed punching her “You haven’t even gone on a proper date with him yet! Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t walked in”
Liz was still dazed “Yes I know. I don’t even know how we got like that, it just happened. Look is it all right if I have the afternoon off? He want’s to take me to lunch”
Maria laughed “You know it is, just try and be back by six before the after work rush”
Liz nodded “I will” she swallowed “God Maria!”
Maria shook her friend “It’s OK, he’s just a man. He may be an international sex god man but he is still just a man, don’t panic”
“I’m not panicking I’m perfectly fine” Liz stumbled on her way back to the office. “Have a nice lunch Liz!” Liz smiled and called out “Yeah if I make there”
She opened the door and found Max leaning against the desk waiting patiently. She closed the door behind her and walked up to him “How embarrassing” she whispered.
Max tucked some hair behind her ears “I think she’ll get over it”
Liz smiled “Yeah she will” pulling off her apron she said, “Ready to go for lunch?”
He laughed “Lunch? I thought we’d already had it” he stood up and took her hand “Yeah I’m ready let’s go”
“Wait” Liz, said, “I can’t go wearing my uniform”
“Why not?” Max asked heading over to the door and opening it. Liz did not move “Because” she bit her lip “Wait I have a sweater!” she dived behind the desk and picked up a gray turtle neck top. She pulled it on quickly and took the tiger clip out of her hair. She grabbed her purse off the desk and pulled her lipstick out. She quickly reapplied and then walked over to the door, grabbed her jacket pulled it on and smiled “Now I’m ready”
He laughed and took her hand “Good. I think I’ve made my driver wait long enough”
Liz raised her eyebrows “What?” he lead them out through the kitchen and out into the shop. “You left your poor driver in the car?”
Max opened the front door and she walked through “He gets paid a lot, he can handle it”
Liz huffed “Charming”
The limousine pulled up in front of them and Max opened the door for Liz. She hopped in and he followed her. He closed the door and the driver turned his head “Where to boss?”


Liz got back to work just before four because Max had to go back to work. Maria raced up to her the second she got in “So what was lunch like?”
“Flash” Liz answered ‘Very, very flash” she pulled her coat and jersey off.
“Where did you eat?” Maria followed her out the back.
“Pierre Gagnaire” Liz answered opening the office door and walking over to the desk.
“Holy shit!” Maria laughed “Expensive”
“I felt like a small village girl stepping into the palace and taking hold of the Princes hand”
“That’s a good thing right?”
Liz was silent as she put on her apron “Well I can’t say I didn’t like it. It’s just I felt so insignificant. I felt like everyone was looking at me and judging me”
“That’s just your imagination”
“I know. Make it stop” Liz pulled her hair back into her tiger clip “I’m so paranoid”. Maria laughed “It’ll go away eventually”
“Let’s hope so” they walked out of the office and Liz started to explain what she and Max had talked about.
Liz and Maria both took the counter so they could talk and serve.
“His sister’s coming to stay for a few days, he want’s me to meet her” Liz typed some ladies purchase into the till.
Maria howled “Getting serious now Liz”
“I know and we only got together last night! It’s moving very quickly”
“Does that bother you?”
“Only a little” Liz smiled “That’ll be five-fifty thanks” she took the money off the customer and put it away.
“He’s a nice guy Liz, I bet if you say you think everything’s moving too fast he’ll understand”
Liz breathed in “I am not going to say that. I’ll see how things go”
“If you’re not OK with it tell him Liz, he’ll understand”
“I’m OK with it” Liz decided silently.

As Maria and Liz walked home clinging to each other for warmth, they decided together that they would never end their friendship for a man.
“What makes you think anything will split us up Maria? Maybe next week Max will realize he is dating a coffee shop girl when he could have someone better and he’ll end it instantly. What if Andrew decides he doesn’t like coming across town for you anymore?”
“I doubt it. Andrew loves me. And I can tell when I look at Max and how much he adores you that he is your soul mate” Maria smiled.
“He is, is he?” Liz also smiled.
“I mean, we have to stay friends even though Max will probably want to sweep you off your feet and marry you. One day he’ll say ‘Liz I have to go and work in Tibet’” laughs.
“Tibet?” Liz snorted.
“OK so maybe not Tibet but I’m using it for an example, shut up I’m trying to speak. He’ll say “Liz I have to go to Tibet to further my career and I want you to come with me. I want to Marry you and I need you with me because I can’t live without you”. He’ll say that and then you’ll come to me and say: ‘Ria what am I going to do Max want’s me to go with him and I want to, but I also want to be here with you, what do I do?’”
Liz rested her head on Maria’s shoulder “And what will you say?”
“Liz this is a decision you have to make yourself. You know that if you go I will always love you and” sniffles “I will be here when you come back. But I’m not going to hold you back if what you really want to do is go with him”
“I hope I never have to make that decision” Liz rubbed her hands together.
“Then you’ll say, ‘Maria I am going to stay here with you so we can become shriveled old hags together””
Liz doubled over with laughter “Oh will I?”
“Yes because you can’t live without me, you need me”
“OK whatever” Liz continued to laugh.
Maria looked down the street “Let’s go to the mall. We’ll get some new clothes for you to show of to Max”
Liz wiped off a raindrop that fell on off her face “OK then. But we have to get some food while we’re there, I’m starving”
It started to rain. The water looked beautiful hitting the pavement in the street light.
“What your lunch at Pierre Gagnaire wasn’t enough for you?” Maria let go of Liz and started running down the street to stop from getting wet. Liz ran after her “Not even a little bit, their plates were only half covered in food!”
“I believe you” Maria giggled.
Maria came to a sudden halt and Liz not expecting it banged into her. Maria was looking straight ahead and Liz asked “What?”
“Look” Maria giggled “Max did a Calvin Klein advertisement!”
Liz gasped as she turned her head. Up on a billboard next to the mall was Max in white Calvin Klein (Y) underwear. “Oh my good lord” her hand went up to her mouth “Look at those abbs….”
“And stomach…” Maria added
“And muscles…” Liz choked
“And peni…” Liz covered Maria’s mouth before she could say it.
Liz started to hyperventilate “Maria! THAT IS TOO MUCH MAN FOR ME!”
Maria started to hyperventilate herself “OK Liz I am going to have to agree with you on that one”
Liz started to drift downwards and Maria held her up “Liz don’t worry I’m sure they made him look a lot bigger and…. Oh who am I kidding no camera could do that”
Liz started whimpering “Who am I to even think I could be with someone like that? He is amazing, his body is perfect”
Maria ran her hand through her now wet hair “No Liz you have got a good body yourself. He want’s you and I must say that right now I am very jealous. But he came back to the coffee shop for you. He left his wallet there for you
“He did what? Maria I thought he forgot his…”
Maria laughed “Oh right like anyone just forgets their wallet when it has over seven hundred and ninety five dollars in it! Come on let’s go in, we’re getting saturated”
They quickly ran across the street and into the mall.
Liz let her hands play with her wet hair “I can’t believe he want’s me”
Maria hugged her “Yeah well Chinca sometimes God does wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonder…
“Wonderful things!” Maria finished.
Liz shuddered “What’s he going to expect from me?”
“I’m sorry Liz your gonna have to tell me what you mean” she grinned.
They started walking through the mall “You now…” Liz whispered the next bit “In bed”
“What Liz? You’re gonna have it say it a little louder” Maria knew very well what Liz had said.
“What’s he going to expect from me, in bed?” Liz still spoke quietly.
“What Liz? I still didn’t hear you!” Maria was laughing evilly inside.
“IN BED! For gods sake Maria! IN BED! WHAT’S HE GOING TO EXPECT FROM ME IN BED?” Liz exclaimed.
The lady walking past looked at her strangely and Liz blushed.
Maria was doubled over.
“You are so mean” Liz started storming away from her.
“Oh Liz I was just having a little fun, come back here!” Maria chased after her.

They went into a few clothing shops and bought some skirts and tops, then Maria suggested they go to the underwear store.
Liz laughed “Why?”
“Oh Liz don’t be silly you know we need to get you some sexy undies” Maria was holding three bags, one of them was Liz’s.
“I have sexy undies at home”
“Liz” Maria shook her head in disbelief.
“Yes Maria”
“Hipster underwear’s haven’t been classified as sexy since the 3rd grade!”
Liz blushed and put her hand over Maria’s mouth “Say it loud enough?”
“I could say it a lot louder” Maria pulled her hand away and dragged her into the store “And I will if you don’t hurry up, Oh get these!” she held up a white g-string with little red flowers along the elastic, there was also a matching bra.
“Oh their so cute” Liz smiled.
“Yes they are and you’re getting them”
After spending half an hour in there they came out with A white lace teddy for Maria and two red bras’ and matching underwear for Liz. They also got Liz a sexy night’s gown and another-string except it was black. They went to the food court and had Chinese then were on their way out when Liz stopped dead in her tracks “Wow”
Maria looked at the dress in the window as well. It was cream, low cut, and had a big split up to the thigh, it had very thin straps and was beautiful.
“Buy it” Maria squealed.
“What?” Liz demanded “No way, it probably costs a fortune. And besides where would I wear it?”
“Liz let me just get one thing clear. Your boyfriend is Max Evan’s, Max Evan’s you will definitely have somewhere to wear it. For example today, where did you eat?” Maria breathed in “And you can afford it. We aren’t poor the coffee shop does well enough for us to treat ourselves occasionally. I’m not moving from this spot till you tell me your buying it”
Liz stood there debating for a long time then finally said, “OK I’ll buy the dam dress”.

Liz didn’t see Max the next day but she got a phone call from him that night around Nine-thirty.
“Have a nice day?” Max asked as soon as she picked up. How did he know it would even be Liz?
She stared at the phone puzzled “Oh you know same as usual, what about you?”
She was sitting on the couch in the lounge with Maria. They had been watching Cruel Intentions. Maria pushed pause on the video and listened to the phone call while eating popcorn and chocolate.
“My day’s not over yet, I just got out of a board meeting and right now I’m on my way across town to meet another guy and discuss business” Max had needed to hear her voice.
Liz raised her eyebrows “Are you in your limousine?” She watched Maria’s expression.
“Yes I am”
“Am I going to see you tomorrow?” Liz got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. As she poured herself another drink she listened to Max’s reply.
“At this moment I don’t know, I am very busy. Isabel might be arriving tomorrow; I have to keep her and her husband entertained. If they don’t arrive tomorrow I have the night free”
Liz leaned against the bench and began debating what she could do with him “Tomorrow night, let’s see…am I free?”
“Liz! Remember Andrew’s coming to take me out to dinner tomorrow night, you’ll have the house to yourself” Maria called from the lounge.
Liz remembered. “You can come around here and watch video’s with me if you want” laughs.
Max chuckled “Sure, I’ll ring you tomorrow”
“OK, enjoy your meeting” Liz started to walk back into the lounge.
“That’s unlikely, but I’ll try. Bye Liz”
“Bye” The unspoken ‘I love you’ was left unsaid even though they both felt it. After a little while of silence they hanged up.

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Max came into the Coffee shop at quarter to six, in the evening when it was very busy. Liz was at the counter with Rachel so he patiently waited in line without her seeing him. When is was finally his turn to be served Liz smiled and said, “You don’t have to wait in line Mr. Evan’s you can just come behind the counter”
“Oh it’s only fair I wait like everyone else” he wasn’t standing close enough to her. He wanted to touch her.
Liz rolled her eyes “OK then, what would you like?”
“You” his eyes twinkled. Her eyes twinkled. “Isabel’s not coming till tomorrow, so I can come around tonight”
“Come at eight-thirty I’ll order Chinese, is that OK with you? It’s not what you’re used to but it happens to be one of my favorite foods”
Max laughed in delight “Should I bring anything?”
“Just yourself” Liz could tell all the people around them were watching and listening to their conversation. Max wanted to kiss her. Liz wanted to kiss him.
“Being an extra special customer can I steal a kiss before I leave?” Max leaned into the counter. Liz looked around, everyone was watching. She didn’t care.
“Why not?” she leaned into him and pressed her lips against his quickly “We’re giving my customers something to talk about” she whispered quickly. Max smiled and flicked his tongue across hers “They’ll see a lot more than they should if you don’t pull away from me now”
She laughed and pulled away “I’ll see you tonight”
He placed his hands on her arms and ran them up and down “OK, eight-thirty” he turned around and looked at the many people lining up. They all had their mouths open and were gaping at him and Liz. He chuckled and walked out of the store.
“You go out with Max Evan’s?!” The next customer demanded.

Maria and Liz closed the coffee shop at six thirty so they could go and do everything they needed to before they saw their men. First they went to the video parlor and rented 2 movies for Liz and Max- Joy ride and the cider house rules.
Then they went grocery shopping.
When they got home they both had showers and got dressed,
“Liz! Where’s your eye lash curler?” Maria was hurrying around in her dress that the back was not done up on. Liz was in her room doing her hair with the hair curler, “It’s in here Maria” she pulled it out of her draw and Maria snatched it out of her hand “Can you do the back of my dress up, Andrew’s gonna be here any second”
Liz put down the curling iron and buttoned up Maria’s dress “Turn around, let me look at you”.
Maria turned around and Liz held her shoulders “One more thing” Liz picked up a hairpin with a small flower on it, off her desk and put it in her hair, "Perfect."
"Oh your right, thankyou!"
Maria left and Liz was left to make the decision on whether to wear shoes or not. She wasn't going anywhere so there was no point but yet she was having company over and you usually wore shoes when you were having company over. The doorbell rang and she cursed. She decided to wear just socks. She pulled on some gray socks, sprayed some more perfume on her neck then ran to the door. With a big smile on her face she opened the door- it was the Chinese deliveryman. “Oh I’ll just get my wallet” when she had gotten her wallet off the dinning table and got back to the door Max was there and had already paid the man and walked in carrying the food. Liz blushed “I could have paid for it you know”
Max smiled and closed the door “And how would I ever get rid of all my money if you did that?”
“If you want to get rid of your money give it to Maria it would all be gone in an hour, she’s very good at spending mine” He laughed and Liz lead him into the kitchen.
“I think this is the first time I have seen you out of a suit” Liz blushed “And in normal clothes I mean” she mentally slapped herself. He looked wonderful. He was wearing a blue T-shirt with a white long sleeved shirt underneath and dark blue baggy jeans. He smiled “And you out of your uniform for me” he watched her reach up into the cupboard to get some plates “You look very nice” he complimented.
Liz put the plates down on the table “Thankyou, you don’t look bad yourself”
They sat down at the table and ate then went into the lounge to watch videos. “Our… house… probably isn’t as flash as what you’re used to”
Max plopped down on the couch and spread his arms over the back “It’s cozy I like it”
He’s so adorable, thought Liz. “Yeah, we’ve lived here for two and a half years” Liz was standing at the bookshelf where they also kept the video’s “What do you want to watch? We rented Joy ride and The cider house rules but we have a few others, hmm there’s Joan of arc, cooking video” laughs “Um Cruel intentions, that’s me and Maria’s movie we have seen it at least seventy times we watch it all the time”
Max was smiling at her; she was so shy she hated that about herself. “The sixth sence, Notting hill and The Blaire witch project”
“Surprise me” Max, said.
Liz grabbed any one and shoved it in the VCR then she turned off the lights apart from a lamp near the kitchen. “What video did you put on?” Max asked as she sat down next to him.
Liz blushed, she didn’t know she had just grabbed anyone “You’ll have to wait and see” she pecked his lips then snuggled into his chest. He put his arm around her and eased back into the couch, the movie started it was Notting hill. “Max Evan’s knows how to relax?” she whispered.
Max’s laugh was husky “Of corse, I don’t get to do it very often”
Liz realized the movie was about an actress falling in love with a normal store owner. She swore to herself, she could have put in any other movie but no she had to put in the one that was nearly the exact same situation that she was in.
The evening turned out to be very uneventful. They both ended up falling asleep only to be awoken the next morning with Maria running into the apartment and screaming:
“Guess what Liz! I’m engaged!”
Liz sprung up from her sleep instantly. Max had been asleep on his back with her snuggled up to his side and he lazily rubbed his eyes and realized where he was. Liz jumped up off the couch “What?” she asked.
“Andrew proposed!” She ran up to Liz and started jumping up and down.
Liz was stunned; she didn’t know what to say so she didn’t say anything. Instead tears filled her eyes and she jumped into Maria’s arms.
Max sat up and smiled, he kind of felt he was imposing on the moment but he was happy for Maria.
“Oh congratulations Chinca” Liz started to cry and Maria did too. Max stood up, what to do?
“Max? Your still here?” Maria wiped her eyes “Oh I didn’t interrupt…”
“No Maria we were just sleeping” Liz wiped her eyes then grabbed his hand.
“I really should be going” Max looked at Liz and she nodded “Congratulations Maria” he smiled.
Maria hugged him “Thankyou Max, we’ll see you later?”
He nodded “Yeah probably”
“I’ll walk you out?” Liz led him by his hand out to the kitchen. He picked up his jacket and his cell phone “I have to ring my driver quickly…” he explained.
Liz nodded and waited patiently while Max rang. After he was done they stood in the kitchen for a few moment’s “I’m sorry you missed the end of the movie” Liz smiled.
Max laughed “I didn’t. I saw it, just you didn’t” he rubbed her arm up and down “It was a very nice ending”
Liz couldn’t help but feel there was a hint of something in what he just said. She felt giddy inside.
After a little while they walked to the door and Max leaned down and kissed her passionately “Thankyou for a wonderful evening, I’ll see you later”
She smiled and kissed him again “It was my pleasure, will you ring me?”
“I have to go see my sister at the air port in…” he looked at his watch- seven-thirty “ two-hours, yeah I’ll ring you or come in to the coffee shop after lunch”
“OK” Liz nodded. He bent down and kissed her quickly again “Bye”
He walked down the steps and Liz stepped out of the doorway to watch him as he left. He waved to her before he got into his Limo and after he drove away she walked inside, closing the door after her.
Maria was leaning against the wall with a big grin on her face and her hand up. The ring glistened “OK tell me EVERYTHING!” Liz exclaimed.

Isabel walked out of the airport terminal and straight up to Max “What she’s not here with you?”
“What no hug hello?” Max asked taking off his glasses. Isabel rolled her eyes then hugged him tightly “It’s nice to see you Max, I missed you”
He smiled and kissed her cheek “You look good, your Californian life agrees with you. I like your hair short and brown like that, it makes you look more sophisticated and not like a model” he looked around “Where’s that husband of yours?”’
“Getting the bags and thankyou, I like my hair like this too” Isabel rapped her arm around Max’s waist “So tell me all about her”
Max smiled “Her name is Liz Parker”
Isabel thought for a second “Nope the name doesn’t ring any bells, she’s not famous?”
Max shook his head “She’s not famous, it’s one of the many wonderful things about her” Isabel laughed “You really like this girl don’t you? How long have you known her?”
Alex walked up carrying two suitcases and another bag. Isabel was holding her handbag. Max hugged Alex “It’s good to see you again Alexander”
“Argh I get enough of that name at work, please don’t make me go through it here too” Max took a suitcase from Alex’s hand then took Isabel’s purse “OK I won’t do it again. Let’s go to the car”
“Max, I am happy she is not famous, they always end up being wrong for you. But remembering that she is not famous you still have to worry about the fact that she could be after your money” Isabel kissed her husbands cheek and took his free hand.
Max was silent for a few minutes “She’s not after my money I asked her out”.
“That doesn’t mean anything” Isabel gave the evil eyes to every girl who was staring at Max “Just because you asked her out…”
“Isabel stop, she’s not that type of girl. There is no chance in the world she is after my money. She’s content with her life, she doesn’t need money to make her happy” He smiled as he thought of her sleeping face last night. He had watched her sleep for a while after the movie finished, and then he had gone to sleep himself.
Isabel slapped his shoulder “You’re a goner”
Max was silent. Was he? Was he a goner? He started to ask himself questions about how much he would do for her. He would do anything for her, if she asked him to take her around the world and back he’d say ‘when do you want to leave?’
He would do anything to keep her in his life right now and he’d only known her for a short period of time.
He was a goner .
Once they were in the car he spoke “She can be quite shy Isabel, please don’t say anything rude or offensive. I don’t want her to think we’re to good for her because we come from money and she doesn’t. She is just as good as us and we’re still beginning anything you say to her might set her thinking the wrong thing. I really want this to work out so please be nice when you meet her”
Isabel raised her eye brows “Rude? Offensive? Max I think your mistaken, when have I ever been either of those things? I am very kind to people so don’t insult me”
Max looked at Alex and Alex looked at Max. They shared a laugh.

All three of them went to the coffee shop at five-thirty once Isabel and Alex had freshened up. When they walked in Liz was sitting at a table next to the window on the right side of the shop. She had her legs crossed with a serious expression on her face. It was obvious she was working on something. Max could tell she was concentrating hard on it because she had her reading glasses on and was chewing the end of her pencil. His heart swelled.
“Where is she?” Isabel asked looking around “Well isn’t this little place pleasant?”
No one could tell if she was being serious or not. They suspected she didn’t even know if she was.
“Just give me a minute to talk to her first” he walked over to her and she looked up. A smile lit up on her face and he bent down and placed a gentle loving kiss on her lips, he couldn’t help it, he had to- she looked like an angel.
“Hey” He squatted down and Liz looked down on him.
“Hey yourself” she touched his face “Want something to drink while you’re here or are you just here to see me?”
Isabel was watching them. Alex was watching them. “He loves her” Alex said quietly “Look at him”
Isabel felt something inside her swell at the sight of her brother so happy, but she ignored it. She opened her mouth to reply to Alex’s comment but words would not come out. Instead in her head she said a small prier, she prayed Liz wouldn’t hurt her brother, he was so gone for her and she hoped she felt the same way for him.
“I’m here to see you and introduce you to my sister” he took her hand in his and rubbed it soothingly. Liz’s eye’s widened “You brought her here? But I’m in my work uniform! Argh how embarrassing”
Max chuckled “Don’t worry she won’t mind” would she? Max suddenly felt bad for bringing his sister here now, maybe Liz would have been more comfortable at a different time. But then he remembered that if he hadn’t come now he wouldn’t be seeing her face right now and her hand wouldn’t be in his. He didn’t regret it anymore.
Liz’s face shot up and she saw who his sister must be standing in the door way with her husband. Max had told her about Alex Whitman.
Isabel saw Liz look up at her and she suddenly felt something, nervous? She felt like she was worried Liz wouldn’t like her or something. She swallowed and rubbed her shaking hands together, this Liz Parker girl was special.
Max turned his head to look at his sister. Her face looked, worried? His heart leapt to his throat, please don’t disapprove of Liz he thought, he wanted her blessing of Liz.
Liz was special to him; she was like a precious china ornament you cared for with your life because there was no way of getting another one. He waved Isabel over but she just stood there, she only moved when Alex placed his hand on her arm.
Liz was nervous, but it was hard not to feel anything but wonderful when Max’s hands were on hers. Isabel walked over and looked down at Liz “You must be Liz” she held her hand out to her and Liz reluctantly pulled one of her hands out of Max’s grasp to shake his sisters.
Liz pulled off her reading glasses and smiled “Yeah, it’s nice to meet you Isabel. Max thinks quite highly of you, he talks about you a lot”
Isabel laughed. Max raised his eyebrows; Isabel just laughed at something Liz had said? Unbelievable.
“Well you know, all I’ve heard since I got here was Liz this, Liz that” Isabel liked this girl. Max was right, she was far to innocent looking to be after anything but love from him.
Max stood up and so did Liz. “This is Alex my husband” Isabel gestured to Alex. Liz shook his hand “It’s nice to meet you Alex”
“Same to you, I like your shop” he grinned, Liz laughed.
“Thankyou” she looked around, Maria was at the counter watching them. “Ah do any of you want any thing to drink or eat while you’re here?”
Alex and Isabel both asked for a coffee and Max said he didn’t need anything. “OK I’ll be right back” she picked up her things off the table “Feel free to sit down and get comfortable”
Once she was gone Isabel sat down. “So?” Max asked.
“She’s OK” Isabel simply said.


“You will join us for dinner, no?” Isabel pulled on her jacket as she prepared to leave. Liz looked at Max and he looked at her. His hands were entangled in hers.
Liz bit her lip “No I can’t tonight, I have to celebrate an engagement with Maria” she had introduced Maria to them a little while ago.
“Oh, OK then. We’ll see you another time then” Alex opened the door for Isabel “See you later Liz” he smiled.
“Yes I’ll see you later” Liz smiled.
“I’ll be out in a second” Max told them. Alex nodded and closed the shop door. By now it was dark outside, they had stayed six-thirty. Max and Liz were still sitting at the table next to each other- “You are not walking home are you?” Max asked.
Liz was looking him in the eye; confusion crossed her face “Yes, maybe. But if Maria want’s to get a taxi…”
Max shook his head “Liz you shouldn’t be walking home, this is New York City, who knows what could happen to you?”
Liz let go of his hands “I’m a grown women Max, I walk home with Maria all the time. Nothing’s going to happen to us”
Max laughed without humor “Liz just because it’s never happened before doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It’s not safe to walk the streets of New York during the day let alone at night”
Liz rolled her eyes “I can see I’m not going to win this am I?” Max shook his head “What do you want me to do?”
“If I send my car at seven will you use it?” He smiled “I don’t want to get the driver to carry you to it but if I have to…”
Liz laughed “OK I’ll use it”
He picked up her hand and kissed her palm “I have to go, I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“What’s tomorrow… Friday?” she stood up “Yes I’ll see you tomorrow if I must” she was being sarcastic.
Max stood up and laughed “If you must? Am I a burden? Oh well you’ll have to put with me because” he kissed her lips once “I’m not going anywhere” he kissed her again.
“I thought you had to go?” Liz asked.
“Only for now” he pulled on his big jacket “Use my car will you?”
“I will I promise” She kissed his lips once then watched him leave.

Liz and Maria went to a night club that night. They were out very late- later than they should have been with work tomorrow. Maria wouldn’t stop talking about the limo Max had sent to them at closing time.
At work the next day Maria and Liz were at the counter. “He just took my hand and said ‘Maria, I love you with all my heart and I would be honored if you would be my wife. Will you marry me?” Maria was in awe.
Liz was happy for her friend “That is so sweet, he said it right there in the restaurant?”
“Yes!” Maria laughed “Then he put this ring on my finger and I just burst into tears, the whole thing was so sweet”
“Well what’s going to happen? Is he going to move here and are you going to buy an apartment together or what?” Liz was worried; she’d have to get a new roommate?
Maria bit her lip “I don’t know Liz, I think he want’s me to move into his house”
Liz turned to her “But Maria that’s on the other side of town, how are you going to get to work?”
Maria didn’t say anything. She just continued to work. Liz felt tears sting her eyes, Maria was gong to leave her? She walked away from the counter and stormed into the back room. She heard Maria call out Liz but she ignored her, she needed to be alone.
She grabbed her jacket and pulled it on then hurried out of the coffee shop. Maria ran after her “Liz! Liz! Where are you going?”
Liz looked at the ground “I’m going for a walk OK? It’s my lunch break anyway, the shop isn’t busy you can handle it” she walked away leaving Maria to stand outside the shop with her arms rapped around herself.
Liz walked around the busy streets for a while then went to the park and sat down on a park bench next to an old lady who had a shawl over her shoulders. Liz rapped her arms around herself to keep warm and stared at her surroundings, everything was snow covered and cold. She didn’t want to think she just wanted to sit there.
“Aren’t you cold dear?” the old lady asked. She had white curly hair and a round wrinkled face. She had a big round figure that was covered in brown pants and a pink jersey.
Liz looked at her “A little, but I’m fine” tears stung her eyes.
“Hear cover yourself with this if you want, I’m warm enough” the lady put the shawl around her shoulders, Liz went to protest but the lady wouldn’t hear any of it. “You look upset, want to tell me about it?”
Liz shook her head “I’m fine, I just needed to get away for a little while” and my best friend is going to ditch me after twenty five years. A tear dripped down her eye and she wiped it away.
The lady smiled sympathetically “I come and sit here when ever I get a chance, it’s a beautiful place isn’t it?”
Liz looked around, there were children walking with their mom down the pathway and the frozen pond was glowing. It was like a painting, it was beautiful. “It’s wonderful” she choked out.
“My husband proposed to me here” the little old lady looked dazed “It was summer though, and I was young and beautiful like you”
Liz smiled “thankyou” she wiped her eyes again “Your still married?”
“He died last year” The lady wasn’t smiling anymore “Cancer, it’s a horrible thing. The sooner they find a cure for it the better”
Liz frowned “I’m sorry”
“Hmm so am I, he was a wonderful man”
Liz’s cell phone started to ring, she hadn’t even realized it was in her jacket pocket. She was debating on whether she should pick it up when the lady next to her said, “Is that your phone? Are you ignoring it?”
Liz shook her head then pulled out her phone “I’m not ignoring it” she pressed receive then said “Hello?”
“Liz?” it was Max “Where are you? Maria is beside herself”
Liz sighed “I’m in the park, I just needed to leave the coffee shop for a while” she started to run her fingers over the pattern on the shawl around her shoulders.
“Can I come get you?” he asked, “I came to the coffee shop to see you”
Liz thought for a second “OK, I’m on the park bench next to the pond”
“I’ll be there soon” pause “I’ll see you soon”
“Bye” Liz put her phone away and took the shawl off her shoulders “Thankyou” she said handing it back.
“My pleasure dear, is your boyfriend coming to get you?” she put the shawl back around her shoulders and rapped her arms around herself. Liz looked at her “I think so yes”
“Is he a nice boy?” the lady asked.
Liz smiled “Yeah he is. He’s wonderful. He’s very kind to me”
“That’s nice, every young girl deserves a nice boy” the lady touched her arm “I wish the best for the both of you”
Liz thanked her and when she turned her head a few minutes later she could see Max walking up to her. He walked right over to the park bench and looked down at her “Are you OK?” he asked with worried eyes.
Liz stood up “I’m fine” he took her hand and she looked down at the lady “Thankyou for keeping me company”
“Oh my dear don’t thank me! You were a pleasure, good bye”
“Bye” Liz lead Max away and he stopped her when they were standing next a tree a little bit away “Liz?” he asked
“Hmm?” she asked looking up at him.
“Why did you come out here? What’s wrong, you can tell me” he took held of her arms comfortingly. She found it hard to remember what was wrong with Max staring at her and holding her. How could anything be other than wonderful when he was touching her?
She suddenly remembered; should she talk to him about it? Would he understand? She decided her would.
He moved one of his hands up to cup her cheek “Want to go somewhere?” he asked.
She nodded “Where?”
“Car? Home? Paris? New Zealand? The moon? Where do you want to go? We can go anywhere” he smiled. She smiled.
“Paris?” she laughed “As tempting as that is, I’ll have to say: somewhere we can eat. I’m starving. And somewhere warm”
He looked her over “You must be freezing Liz look what you’re wearing. You are crazy coming outside in this weather” he rubbed her arms then rapped his arms around her “What do you feel like eating?” they started walking.
Liz thought for a moment “Somewhere public so I can show you off” laughs “No I’m kidding. Let’s go to a café”
“Café?” Max asked, “OK then”
Liz buried her face in his jacket it was so warm. When they go to the entrance to the park, Max’s car was there waiting. He opened the door for her and she climbed in- he quickly came in after her. They found a small café with couches and ordered some food. Liz had a pie and a piece of cake. They talked.
“I think I was overreacting” Liz explained “It’s just Maria said Andrew want’s her to move into his place but he lives on the other side of town and I asked how she would get to work, she didn't reply."
Max sipped his drink concentrating on what she was saying.
“You don’t think she’ll leave the business do you? I mean we built it up and after years of work it’s finally great and doing well”
“Liz even if she does I bet it is a very hard decision for her and she is tearing herself up about it. I don’t know if she will leave the business but if she does you should support her decision” he was trying to help but he didn’t know if he was doing it very well.
Liz looked at him with her big doe eyes “I want to but what if she does leave? What am I supposed to do without her, she’s just supposed to always be there”
Max smiled “She can’t always be there Liz. She has a fiancée to think about now too”
Liz bit her lip “I need her though” her eyes watered and Max pulled her head to rest on his shoulder.
“Liz you will still have her, she just won’t be around as much. She loves you she won’t just never talk to you again” he rubbed her arm up and down. A lot of the people in the shop were staring at them; Liz closed her eyes and ignored them. Max never seemed to notice the eyes and the stares. Liz wondered how he did it- how was it possible that he continued to be so modest and not up himself when he knew how much everyone thought of him? Every woman wanted him and every man envied him: he knew that didn’t he?
They stayed there for a while talking, then Max had to go back to work so they hopped back in his car. He was going to pick her up tonight at seven-thirty so she could come to dinner with him, his sister and Alex. Max had mentioned that he had a dinner event to go to tomorrow night and he wanted her to come. It was a big thing and the newspaper would probably be there so he didn’t know if she would have wanted to go.
“I’d love to” Liz had said with a smile on her face but feeling very nervous inside.
“It’s just, The public doesn’t exactly know about you and me and because of, you know who I am they might take a big interest in you and things will get a different…”
Liz knew what he had been trying to say and nodded.
“They might, ask you heaps of questions and not leave you alone for a while after” he looked worried like she was about to run away “You will become well… known”
Liz rubbed his hand to say she was OK with it. “I can go by myself if your worried, I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable”
“Max you can’t go by yourself. If the paper’s gonna be there what are they gonna say if you turn up by yourself?”
He smiled- god she was wonderful. “Are you sure?” he asked “People might start saying things and…”
Liz stopped him “I can handle it Max, it’s OK” She had no idea what she was getting into and she knew it.

When Liz walked into the coffee shop Maria ran up to her and hit her “Don’t you ever just leave that ever again!” she yelled, “I was so worried. God Liz” tears poured down Maria’s eyes “Do you hate me?”
Liz felt her heart pang “No Maria I don’t hate you” they shared a hug “You’ve just got me worrying about you leaving me”
“Liz I’ll never leave you, you’re my best friend! I need you” Maria hugged her tight “Please don’t be mad”
“Are you going to stop working here?” Liz asked tears in her own eyes.
Maria was silent “I don’t want to, I’m gonna convince him to move here. Please let’s just wait and see. My engagement is supposed to be a good thing right?”
Liz nodded “Yeah I guess”
“You guess? That’s not good enough for me” Maria folded her arms.
“It’s a great thing, I’m happy for you” Liz smiled.
“Good” Maria hugged her quickly again “Now get to the counter, Troy’s in line arghh!” Maria shuddered and scrunched up her face. Liz laughed and followed her behind the counter “You don’t have to put up with him anymore you know that don’t you? Your engaged now so tell him to stop it” Liz still had her apron on from when she went out, so she took it off and put a clean one on.
“OK I will but you have be here for me, be my strength” Maria flicked her short hair behind her ears.
“OK you can do it” Liz smiled.
Troy came up to the counter “Hi ladies, Maria” he smiled at her and Maria scrunched up her face “Here goes nothing” she said to herself “Troy stop it OK? I don’t like you and you are married! I will never go out with you! I want you to leave me alone. I am an engaged women!” she held her hand up “Yes that’s right I’m engaged so stop harassing me or not only will you not be allowed in this shop any more but I will get my fiancée to beat the crap out of you!”
Liz held her hand over her mouth to stifle her laughs.

PART five

Liz grabbed her coat and opened the door “Hi” she smiled at Max “I just need to… put my other shoe on. Be right back”
He laughed and watched as she bent down to do up the strap on her white high heal sandals. She was wearing a Roman kind of cream dress. The front tied together and the material loosened up at the top where her chest fit into perfectly, the rest of the dress was tight. Her hair was up with a couple of curly strands falling down her neck. When she stood up her dress was three-quarter, on one side it was bunched at the bottom. She had a tiny gold chain around her neck and a little diamond hung at the end of it. “You look great” she smiled placing a kiss on his lips, he was wearing a blue dress shirt and a black suit without a tie. The top two buttons were undone and she could see the top of his brown chest, she felt her whole body tingle.
“I look good?” he asked “What about you? You look like an angel. You are aren’t you? You’re an angel?” he bit his lip and looked her over. She blushed “I’m not an angel but thankyou anyway” she took his hand and called out “Bye Maria!”
“Have fun Chinca!” was her reply. Liz shut the door and Max lead her down to the limousine. Once she got in she greeted the driver and since he had gotten to know her well in the last few days, especially when he picked her and Maria up from work he said “Hello Liz, you look nice”
“Thankyou George” she smiled.
“That’s it no more talking to the driver you’re getting to know him too well” Max joked. Liz slapped his arm playfully “Don’t get jealous Max, George is just my friend, aren’t you George?”
“Am I going to get fired if I reply to that Mr. Evan’s?” George asked.
“Of course not George ” Max smiled
“Yes Liz we’re friends” George smiled into the review mirror and Liz laughed
“Good to hear” she said smiling at Max. He rolled his eyes and kissed her hand, which was still in his.
“We have to go back to my place to pick up Isabel and Alex is that OK? Isabel wasn’t ready when I had to come get you so…”
Liz’s thumb was rubbing his hand “Yeah I was barely ready when you came and got me” she smiled “Wait. I get to see your place?”
Max chuckled “Yes, you do get to see my place”
Liz bit her lip “Where is it?”
“It’s actually a floor on my business’s building” He answered.
“Oh exciting” her eyes widened “What floor is it?”
He was highly entertained by her enthusiasm. It was nice because she was shy, but not too shy. “The 5th one” he answered.
They arrived a few minutes later, George the driver got out and opened the door for them and Max hopped out then Liz. The entrance to the building was very impressive. It had a wide marble stairs and golden doors. The carpet on the ground floor was red. Liz walked through looking around, amazed by her surroundings “Wow” she whispered.
Max smiled at her.
They got to an elevator and stepped in quickly. The numbers went up the side with buttons next to them; there were eighty-nine floors. The number five did not have a button next to it just a key hole. Max put his key into it and the elevator took them up to the third floor, Liz was impressed. The elevator doors opened and they were presented with a small room that had a couch and a large set of doors, which led to Max’s apartment obviously.
They stepped out of the elevator and Max walked up to the two doors. Liz stayed where she was. He turned around “Are you coming or are you going to stay in the door?” he smiled.
Liz bit her lip “I’m coming” he walked over and pressed his lips to hers “What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Nothing” she whispered “Just taking it all in”
He chuckled as he rapped his arms around her waist “You’re a funny girl” he whispered “You have nothing to worry about Liz, nothing. Your not scared of me are you?”
Liz looked up into his eyes “I’m not scared of you. I’m scared of your life” he rested his forehead against hers “Does that make any sense?” she asked.
He nodded “Yes… I think”
Liz kissed him. Her lips slid over his and she licked his tongue “Let’s go inside” she spoke with her lips pressed against his. He moaned deep down in his throat “No hmm you’ve got me entertained and wanting to stay out here now”
Liz laughed and kissed him briefly again “Come on”
“Only if you do what you just did again” he smiled. Liz’s eyes flickered “What?” she pressed her lips to his again “Was it, this?” she flicked her tongue across his “Or, this?” she nibbled on his bottom lip.
“Hmm both are good” he squeezed her against him. Liz laughed and pulled away with him “Come on I want to see your place”
“OK” he kissed her again “Now we can go see my place” he took both her hands and lead her over to the doors. He opened them and they revealed a big expensive room. The ground was white and there was a light blue rug in the middle. The right half of the room was the lounge. There was a big Blue couch and two big chairs. An Entertainment system sat in big shelves on the wall and a black, gray, blue and white painting hung on the wall across from it. On the left side was a bar and little drinking kind of area? There were huge windows on the wall in front of them; they spread across the whole wall and outside you could see the streets of New York and all the lights. Liz walked over to the window and Max followed her. “Impressive isn’t it? That’s what I like so much abut this place, the view” Max rapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her neck, she marveled at the view.
“Oh Max your back” Isabel walked into the room from a door on the left side of the entertainment system. She was wearing a full-length earth colored dress with little diamond earrings “Hi Liz, it’s nice to see you again”
Max reluctantly let go of Liz and she quickly smiled at him before looking at Isabel “Yeah same to you, you look wonderful”
“I know” Isabel smiled “But thankyou”
Liz bit her lip “Max can you show me the rest of your wonderful house?”
He nodded “yeah, where do you want to see first?”
“Liz you look lovely yourself, good for you” Isabel walked away “Max we’ll leave soon?” she asked.
“Yes, soon” Max replied. Liz clenched her hands together, was she supposed to be insulted by Isabel’s comment? Max got her attention by touching her hip “Liz I’m sorry about Isabel, she just… it’s her personality. She doesn’t mean to be rude she just, can’t help it. She’s doesn’t realize she’s doing it”
Liz swallowed “I don’t know what your talking about, she’s nice” Liz lied.
Max shook his head “Liar”
How did he know? Liz wondered. “How many rooms do you have?” she asked changing the subject.
“Just two” Max answered “The other ones not even used”
“Is Isabel staying here?” Liz asked.
“No she’s staying at a hotel down the road, she likes privacy”
Liz nodded “Doesn’t everyone?”
He showed her the kitchen, the two spare rooms then they headed over to the other side of the house where his room and the bathroom was. His room was huge and beautiful. It was square and when you walked in the wall to the north had the big bed in the middle of it. The room had wonderful furniture; book shelves, couches, and tables. On each side of the bed were small bedside tables with lamps on them- he kept most his things on the left table. “I love this room” Liz said, “It’s beautiful”
“Thankyou” Max smiled.
He had two doors that lead out to a small verandah as well.
The bathroom had a big spa bath tub, blue tiles on the floor and a beautiful sink area. The shower was just separated by a small wall off see-through bricks. After she had seen everything they went back out into the main room and Alex sat on the couch with Isabel.
“Ready to go?” Isabel asked.
“Yes, let’s leave” Max said.

Dinner went well and near eleven Isabel decided she wanted to be heading back now, she needed her beauty sleep. They all got into Max’s Limousine and headed off.
“Max is this your only car?” Liz asked.
Max shook his head “No I have a couple in Hawaii at my beach house” he smiled.
Liz laughed “Your beach house?”
“You sound surprised” Isabel interjected “Doesn’t everyone who’s loaded have a beach house?”
“Well I don’t know, I don’t meet people who are loaded every day” Liz said.
“Oh OK” Isabel simply smiled.
“Yes I have a beach house, I don’t go out there as much as I’d like to though” Max quickly got to talking again, he didn’t like the way Isabel was talking to Liz.
“When was the last time you went?” Alex asked.
“A think it was a year ago” Max answered. He would love to take Liz there.
The car stopped at Liz’s house and Max got out and walked her to the door. “I’m sorry if Isa…” Liz stopped him,
“Don’t worry so much Max” Liz smiled.
“I just don’t want you… running away now that I like you so much” he said.
Liz looked up at him “You do?”
“Yes, a lot and I don’t want you going anywhere. I like you being mine”
Liz blushed “I like you being mine”
He kissed her “What are you doing tomorrow?”
“I am going to the fruit market with Maria then I don’t know what she has planned for me” Liz smiled.
“So your not free?” he asked.
“Your welcome to come along”
“I’ll think about it” he kissed her once more “Have a good sleep”
“I will, goodnight”
Max decided he didn’t care what Isabel or anyone thought of Liz, all he cared about was the fact she was his and he intended it to be that way for a long time. If everything went the way he hoped, she would be his indefinitely.

Liz spent an hour and a half soaking in the tub before Max picked up the next day for the big dinner event. She had a manicure and a pedicure and shaved her legs, washed her hair, moisturized her skin- basically she prepped her body.
He was picking her up at nine-thirty; she started getting ready at six-thirty. Maria helped her do her hair- they parted it to the side and did it up tight at the back; she was wearing the dress she had bought the other day at the mall.
She put on some see through diamond earrings that used to be her Grandma’s and also wore the matching necklace. Maria did her make up and Liz decided on what shoes to wear. She chose her silver stiletto heals.
After they were done Liz stood up “How do I look?” she spun around with a big smile on her face. Maria held her hand over her mouth “You look so good Liz, not only will you make Max drool, you’ll make every girl there jealous!”
“You mean I won’t already? What with being with Max Evan’s” Liz laughed.
“OK so you’ll make them extra, extra, extra, extra…” Liz knew where this was heading.
“Maria!” she exclaimed before she could get to carried away.
“Extra jealous”
Liz stared at herself in the mirror “Oh I’m so nervous!” she cried “What if everyone takes one look at me and goes ‘Trailer trash’”
Maria shook her head “No way” she hissed “If this is what trailer trash looks like I wouldn’t mind being it, most the girls all of the city would be”
Liz bit her lip “I really look good?” she asked.
“YES LIZ! Oh my god you look so great! I wish I were you just so I would look… like you” Maria grabbed her arms “Don’t bite your lips your lipstick will start to wear off”
Liz rubbed her lips together “Tonight is really important to Max, I just really don’t want to screw it up”
“You won’t. Everyone there will love you”
“Are you positive about that?” Liz asked.
“Yes Liz, very positive” Maria twitched in excitement for her friend “Now if you don’t come home tonight am I to believe you are at his bachelor pad making sweet, sweet love to him?”
Liz laughed “Let’s hope so”
“YAY!” Maria jumped up and down “And don’t think you can come home and not tell me every detail”
“Maybe not every detail but an adequate account of events” Liz smiled.
“I guess that’ll have to be good enough” Maria sighed.
The door bell rang.
Liz’s heart leapt to her throat “Why am I even doing this? Am I crazy?”
“Yes, very much but ignore that fact for now. I’ll go answer the door” Maria ran to the door “Max hello” she smiled.
Max greeted her “Good evening Maria. Is lovely Liz Parker ready?”
“I believe so Mr. Evan’s. Please excuse my Pajama pants”
Max laughed “I will”
“Liz honey you can come out now!” Maria yelled.
Liz nervously walked out of her room “Oh real nice Maria, maybe next time you can bang a drum to get me to come to the door”
“Well I wasn’t going to walk all the way into the room I just came from to get you- what a waste of energy” Maria rolled her eyes.
Liz blushed and looked at Max. He was staring at her. “Good evening Max” she walked over to him “Ready to go?”
It took him a while to reply “You look absolutely stunning, you can not leave the house like that. Everyone will be looking at you”.
“Oh what a honey!” Maria cried “Oh no wonder every woman loves you!”
“Ria!” Liz hissed “Why are you still here?”
“Oh how could I resist watching my baby grow into a woman”
Liz blushed again “Oh you are so embarrassing”
“Just leave with the man won’t you? He’s waiting” she walked away.
Liz turned to Max “I’m sorry, where were we?”
“I was saying that you can not go out like that” Max took her hand.
“Oh in that case maybe we should just stay here” she waved goodbye to Maria and Maria gave her thumbs up from her bedroom doorway.
“No seriously Liz, I am going to be the envy of every man there” he walked her down the stairs “You never seize to amaze me”
“And I will be the envy of every woman there won’t I? You are Max Evan’s, are you not?” he opened the door for her.
“I am but nothing I could ever be would even compar…” Liz kissed him “How is it you stay so modest when so many people love you?”
Max closed the car door “I am only modest when I’m with you”
“Sure you are” Liz laughed.


The car stopped and Liz held her breath; it was time. She was about to be known. Known as Max Evan’s girlfriend.
“Are you ready for your grand entrance?” Max whispered into her ear.
“Not really but it’s not going to change anything is it?” she looked him in the eye. The car door opened “You’ll be fine” he smiled and stepped out. He held his hand out and she took it before stepping out. The driver closed the door. Many people were staring at her.
The car drove away. Many people were staring at her.
Max looked at her “Just walk with me into the building then you’ll be home free” he whispered.
Liz said between teeth “Easy for you to say”
A few cameras flashed and she breathed in and put on a big smile. “Mr. Evan’s may we ask you a few questions?” a reported exclaimed.
“Maybe later” he answered gripping Liz’s hand. “Who is your guest?” the lady demanded.
“Should I tell them?” Max asked.
“It’s up to you” Liz whispered. There weren’t too many people, just reporters and valet men. A few guest’s also stood outside chatting to people.
“She’s my Elizabeth Parker” he answered before they entered the building. Liz breathed in; at least the cameras were gone.
“See it wasn’t very hard” Max kissed her hand “Your OK?” he asked.
“I’ll tell you when we’re in the car on the way home” she answered. He chuckled “Remember they are just people”
She swore to herself; what the hell was she doing here?
They walked into the room the function was being held. It was kind of like a modern ballroom. Half the room had been filled with tables and chairs, where everyone would be having dinner. The other half was a dance floor with a small stage. Everyone was standing around chatting and drinking. There were a lot of people. A lot of them were staring at her.
“Mr. Evan’s!” A lady walked up and Max smiled and kissed her hand “Good evening Mrs. Houston”
“It’s nice you could come, are you going to introduce me to your lady friend here?” she smiled, she had a wineglass in her hand. Liz felt small.
“Yes of corse” Max looked at Liz “This is Liz Parker, Liz, this is Amy Houston the owner of the house and the lady throwing this event. Well her and her husband are”
“It’s nice to meet you” Liz smiled shaking her hand.
“Parker?” The lady thought for a minute “Doesn’t ring any bells, oh well it’s nice to meet you too. You have a wonderful gentleman here”
She walked away. Liz felt small.
“She’s probably off to tell everyone who you are now” Max turned to her and kissed her hand “It’s OK, you are doing great. Don’t take anything these people say personally… Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea”
Liz frowned “Did I do something wrong?”
“No! no Liz you have been perfect, it’s everyone else I’m worried about” Max looked her deep in the eyes.
“I am not fragile Max I can handle it” Liz didn’t think she could handle it.
“We can leave” Max said “Soon though, we can just…”
“No!” Liz squeezed his hand “This is important. Just be here for me and everything will be OK”
He was silent for a while then he smiled “You are so wonderful, how ever did I find you”
“By fluke” Liz mumbled “By fluke, I promise you”

Through the night Max introduced her to so many people Liz couldn’t even count them, let alone remember their names. She asked Max how he could remember them all.
“I don’t know” he chuckled “I just do”
“So Ms. Parker please tell us, what do you do for a living?” some man asked her, Liz forgot his name.
Liz was quiet for a minute “I own and manage a coffee shop with my best friend, actually that’s where I met Max”
So she wasn’t a billionaire, they weren’t going to judge her for it. Were they?
All Liz could think about while the people asked her questions was Max’s hand rubbing her lower back up and down. It was so soothing, she felt she would fall asleep.
He leaned into her “I’ll be right back” he whispered.
“Where are you going?” Liz did not want him to go anywhere.
“To get us some drinks and to say hi to a friend” He answered “I’ll be two minutes”
Liz nodded, he looked at her one more time then walked away.
“A coffee shop?” A lady smiled, what was her name again, Nancy? Nadia? Natalie? “Has it gone international?” She asked.
“No it hasn’t, it’s just a small locally owned coffee shop” Liz wanted Max and his soothing hand back.
The lady frowned “Oh OK” she sipped her drink “What is it called?”
“Deluca’s” Liz answered “Actually, Maria my best friend, the woman I own Deluca’s with, inherited the business from her father when he died. She gave half the business to me”
“How interesting” another, younger woman smiled “Hi my names Constance, you must be Liz” she held her hand out and Liz shook it Yeah I’m Liz Parker, it’s nice to meet you”
Constance had long blonde hair and looked like a model. She had thin lips and beautiful cheekbones. Her body was slim and lanky with small breasts and big shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled when she spoke “You’re here with Max?” she asked.
“Yes she is” Max walked up and took Liz’s hand “Constance”
She nodded “Evening Max”
“Max I thought you were going to get us a drink,” Liz asked confused.
“Liz let’s go and sit down” Max instructed pulling her away from the small group of people. They sat down at their table, that they shared with a few others.
“Max?” She looked confused “Why did you pull me away? I was just getting comfortable. Constance seems…” Max cut her off.
He was hoping she wouldn’t meet Constance “You asked me about my last girlfriend? You just meet her”
Liz raised her eye brows “Constance?” Liz gaped at him “Oh I should have known…”
“She’s not a very nice person Liz, just don’t…”
“Max, that’s not very nice of you” The woman herself walked up and sat down on a chair next to Liz.
Max groaned “Constance why are you over here?” he asked. Liz had never seen him like this before.
“Well I believe this is my seat” Constance smiled “see?” she held up the card with her name on it.
“Here by yourself are you?” Max looked very annoyed. Liz wanted to hug him. “No don’t answer that I don’t care, come on Liz, let’s dance shall we?”
Liz stood up and Max took her hand “I’m sorry” he whispered in her ear. They walked away- Liz was very confused.
“It’s fine. I presume it was a bad break up?”
Max laughed then kissed her “Thankyou”
“Hmm?” Liz frowned “What did I do?”
“This night would be horrible if it wasn’t for you” he was leading her to the dance area when a man came up and grabbed him arm…
“Mr. Evan’s can I talk to you a minute, I’m sorry it’s business”
Max’s annoyed face returned “I’m sorry Liz” he said.
“That’s OK, I’ll just walk around or something. Someone will take me if while your gone” she smiled.
“You’re a god” he kissed her then walked off with the man.
“Liz!” A lady called her over “Come and sit with us for a while”
Liz nervously walked up to the table of all women and took a seat in amongst them.
“Ahh Liz, now my name is Molly and you won’t find anyone as Jolly as me. And for that I apologize, because most people here have a stick up their arse” she laughed and looked around the table at the woman who were frowning at her “Oh I’m just kidding, grow a sense of humor would you all”
Liz liked this woman already.
“But no one in this group has anything up their arse OK? We like to change the definition of rich snobs. We are just the same as everyone else; we don’t like to make everyone think we’re more superior then them just because we have money. That is not the way it was intended to be, I tell you”
Molly was average size and weight with big cheeks and a beautiful teeth filled smile. Her hair was red and long but was held up in a clip, she was wearing an autumn colored dress.
“That’s Nelly, whom you have met. Reta, Margaret, Agatha, Samantha Rose and Fray” she pointed to each lady as she said their name “Now we want to welcome you to our group, Max has taken a liking to you so we have to.”
“We may be a very small percentage to who is here but we still do our best. In fact next Sunday we have a public event, maybe you’d like to come?” Samantha Rose asked.
“I’d love to, what exactly will you be doing?” Liz asked.
“Oh, well the government want’s to spend millions on knocking down the old library and building a new one. We think they should spend their money on something else and leave the beautiful old library alone” Agatha explained.
“Does Max ever get involved in these kinds of things?” Liz asked.
“Oh boy does he! I swear that boy has the biggest heart” Molly smiled. “In the last six months, his money has built two children’s hospitals”
Liz felt her heart swell. He was amazingly perfect.
“He’s our little darling” Molly glowed
Liz raised her eye brows “Your little darling?”
Everyone around the table laughed.
“What she means is, Max is a good friend of ours. He is very kind to us and we are very kind to him” Margaret smiled “He’s the nicest boy”
Liz laughed “He is isn’t he?” Liz felt herself start to get comfortable.
“Liz, Nelly here’s been filling us in about you” Reta said.
“Don’t worry it’s all good” Molly clucked.
“So tell us, how did you two find your way into each others arms?” Fray smiled and sipped her wine.
“Wait before you tell us, let’s get you something to drink” Samantha Rose said “Sam darling get over here would you?”
The waiter walked over holding a tray of wines. “Liz needs a drink” Samantha Rose said “Be so kind would you darling?”
He put a cup down in front of her. “Thankyou” Liz smiled. “My pleasure” he walked away.
“Now tell us,” Nelly said.
“Well he just came in for coffee and I served him a couple of times. One Monday he came in and I accidentally spilled drink all over him and we went out to the back and got him cleaned up. My friend was out there with him when I had to go back to the counter and she got him to leave his wallet there so I would have to call him!” Liz rolled her eyes and chuckled.
“Ah friends are good like that” Reta smiled.
“Yes,” Liz smiled then told them the rest of the story, about the diner and then hitting it off.
Almost in time they all said “Oh, how sweet”
Liz chuckled “Thankyou”
“Excuse me ladies” Max walked up behind Liz and put both his hands on each side of her chair “I need to be taking Liz away from you all now”
“Oh Max, you have a wonderful girl here!” Molly waved her hands in excitement “We’re not finished talking yet, do you have to take her away from us?”
Liz was blushing.
“I don’t think there’s enough Liz to share around” Fray said.
“No I don’t think there is but since I saw her first I get to keep her so you’ll have to find your own” Max pulled Liz’s chair out “Can we have that dance now?” he smiled.
Liz laughed ‘Yes we can”
“See you later ladies” Max waved.
“It was so nice talking to all of you, we will see each other again?” Liz asked.
“We definitley will” Molly smiled “It was nice talking to you too, see you!”
“Bye!” The ladies all said.
Max pulled Liz away and out onto the dance floor, there were only a few other couples dancing. He put her arms around his neck and he rapped his arms around her waist. “What did you talk about with them?” he asked.
“Oh only you” Liz smiled “You’re their little darling?”
He laughed and kissed her cheek “They said that did they?”
“Oh they adore you, it’s very cute”
“Yeah we do a lot of charity work together, they bring life to this place” she rested her head on his chest.
“I believe you,” she said closing her eyes “They are wonderful people, made me feel so welcomed”
Max kissed the top of her head “I’m glad. Do you feel more comfortable now? Not so alienated?”
“Yes, they made me feel much better” Liz could smell him, god he smelt wonderful. One of his hands came up to stroke her hair.
She breathed in, very content and swayed with him to the nice song.
“Tell me what happened with Constance” she whispered.
“OK” he pulled her closer “We broke up about three months ago because she was cheating on me with Mr. Raymond”
Liz looked up “Oh that’s awful, how did you find out?”
“Unfortunately she did it in my bed…” Max gritted his teeth “We didn’t see each other for very long, we weren’t serious at all”
Liz swallowed “But still, in your bed” she crunched her brow “How rude of her”
Max smiled and kissed her “Now do you see why I do not want you talking to her?” he pressed his forehead to hers.
“Yes, definitely” Liz said.
“Don’t want your innocent mind being corrupted by her phony niceness” he chuckled.
Liz rolled her eyes “How do you even know that I’m innocent?” she asked, “I could be a little… evil woman”
Max laughed “I find that very unlikely”
“Oh you do?” she was playing with the hair at the back of his neck.
“Yes I do” he kissed her nose, cheek, lips “Or hope”
“You don’t have to worry about anything, I haven’t ever done anything like what she did, I’ve always been a little angel” she closed his eyes as he kissed her.
“I bet you have” They spun around and Liz broke into a laugh “Let’s get out of here” he said.
“Yes, let’s” Liz let him kiss her again then they walked quickly off the dance area. They walked over to their table and got Liz’s purse “Oh leaving so soon you two?” Constance was still at the table drinking, by herself.
Max and Liz ignored her.
‘Well bye Liz!” she smiled.
Liz opened her mouth to say goodbye but Max stopped her “Let’s just go” he whispered. She nodded and followed him to the door, her hand clutching his.
They walked out of the room and through another one until they finally got outside. A few reporters were still there, one lady walked up to them with a little recorder in her hand,
“Please, not tonight” Max said politely with a smile.
“Are you sure Mr. Evan’s? I bet Everyone will love to know about your guest tonight” The lady followed him to the front of the building where they waited for his car.
“I’m sure someone else will fill you in,” he said. His car drove up and the driver got out and opened the door for them both. Liz got in then Max.
As they drove away Liz slumped back “What’s the time?” she asked.
Max looked at his watch “Only eleven forty “ he answered “Where do you want to go?”
Liz leaned into his and pressed her lips to his “Your place?” she asked. Max brought his hand up to rest on her back “I thought you’d never suggest it” he smiled.
“I would have earlier…” he kissed her with so much passion she moaned “But I thought it would be to forward”
“Not to forward, no way” he looked into her eyes. He told the driver where to go and not too much later they arrived there. They got up and practically ran across the lobby to the elevator. They waited very impatiently, but by the third floor Liz had pressed Max into the wall and kissed him all the way to the fifth.
The doors opened and Max pulled away “Hold that thought” he practically yanked her out of the elevator and over to the front door. He quickly opened it and Liz kicked it shut after she walked in. Max turned on the lights and walked backwards, Liz walked in front of him. He stopped halfway across the room and Liz stepped into him, her lips finding his. “Oh god, I want you so much” She moaned closing her eyes. Max broke the kiss “Hmm same here”
Liz pulled off his jacket and tried to undo his tie, “Would you?” she asked frustrated. Max laughed and undid it quickly, he chucked it on the floor and Liz smiled “Thankyou”
“My pleasure I assure you” she undid the buttons on his dress shirt and then pushed it off his shoulders. It flew to the floor and Max said into her mouth “Do you know how much that shirt costed?” Liz knew he was joking.
“Do you really care?” she bent down and picked it up “I can fold it if you want, it’ll take me a few minutes, but since you care about it so much you’ll handle the wait won’t you?” she laughed.
Max grabbed the shirt and threw it away “I don’t care about the damn shirt” Liz laughed. Max unzipped the back of her dress and pushed it off her shoulders. Max brought it down her body then Liz stepped out of it “Don’t want to ruin your beautiful dress”
His arms went around her “Your aware of how perfect you are?” he asked.
Liz smiled and looked up into his eyes “Doesn’t even compare to you” they kissed slowly and love filled.
Undoing his pants and letting them fall off his hips, Liz let out a small laugh “You wear the underwear off your Calvin Klein adds?” she asked in disbelief.
Max laughed “Oh no you’ve seen them? I don’t know what I was thinking. No wait I didn’t actually get a chance to think, they just grabbed me and pulled my clothes off. It’s very embarrassing”
Liz rapped her arms around his neck “Me and Maria enjoyed seeing them outside the mall, very much”
Max shook his head “Oh no” he laughed. Liz nipped at his ear “Well it doesn’t matter, unlike many, many other woman I get to see the real thing” she pulled out the top of his underwear and got a quick peek “Very impressive”. She flicked them back and looked up at him with a joyful smile.
“Thankyou” Max stepped out of his pants and kicked off his shoes quickly. He picked her up and Liz laughed “Your going to carry me?” she asked.
“Yes if I may?” he smiled.
“You may” he headed in the direction of his bedroom “Wait! Shoes” she cried.
“Yours?” he asked, “They can wait two seconds can they not?” he opened his bedroom door and walked over to his bed in the dark. Placing her gently on the bed then turning on his bedside light he said “Now, shoes?” she nodded biting her lip to keep from laughing.
He climbed on the bed and undid the little buckles. “Having trouble?” she asked as he struggled with the second one. He got fed up and just pulled it off her foot “Happy now?” he smiled.
“Very, come here” he lay down on top of her and kissed her lips. She rapped his arms around his neck “This is heaven” she whispered.
“Yes” Max pushed down her bra strap and ran his ringers along her smooth skin. “Your skin is so soft” he whispered putting his lips to it “You taste so nice”
Liz smiled and closed her eyes briefly.
“What do you want me to do?’ he whispered huskily.
Liz chuckled “Do what ever you want to me Max” she pulled his lips back to hers “Just do it quickly”
He lifted her up slightly and undid her bra; Liz’s heart started to beat faster. He pulled the bra away from her body and looked at her “You in all your beautiful glory” he kissed her lips once then moved his lips to her chest. His mouth, his tongue, his teeth devoured her breasts as her hips and chest arched into him. Lying down on his side next to her he pulled off her underwear-
“Wait, wait” Liz said trying to get her legs together.
“No, open” Max chuckled his hand pushing her legs apart. With his fingers he traced her thigh upwards, she groaned deep in her throat, “You want me to leave you alone?” Max asked looking into her eyes.
Liz laughed “Do you think I want you to?” he smiled and reached up behind her hair, “No don’t…” Liz said wanting his hand not to leave her skin.
“Can I pull your hair out? It’s so beautiful out” he looked into her eyes. Liz nodded “Only of you finish what you started!”
He laughed “I will, trust me” she lifted her head and he pulled the clips and hair ties out of her hair. Putting them on his bedside table he said “Hmm you’re an angel sent from heaven aren’t you?” he brushed her hair out.
“If you want me to be” Liz kissed him.
His hand went back to her open legs and he traced upwards. “Hmm” he sighed and rapped his free arm around her neck “Liz your trembling, your not scared of me are you? I would never hurt you”
“Not scared, just wanting” she replied.
“Feel” He whispered so quietly Liz wasn’t sure she heard it. His fingers touched her and she stiffened. Max’s breath stopped. Liz’s breath stopped. “Does that feel nice?” his lips rested on her cheek. Her hands were clenched on her stomach under his forearm.
Her eyes were closed.
“Do you feel that Liz?”
Max stroked her up and down and then in small circles. “You feel unblievable…” he whispered.
She moaned her hands clenched tighter.
He rubbed her a little firmer “Want me to stop?” he groaned slightly.
“No!” she cried. Max chuckled.
He bent over her and sucked her nipples as he rubbed her and rubbed against her-
In circles, in circles-
He pulled his fingers away and his mouth away and his mouth away.
“No, no, no Max don’t stop” Liz murmured opening her eyes. Max lay down on top of her “My Liz” he kissed her.
“Yes, your Liz. But your Liz begs you to please continue” she moaned.
He nodded “All right then” he pulled his underwear off and Liz couldn’t help but feel weak. A lump gathered in her throat “If that fit’s in me I will be very, very surpri…” Max kissed her.
“It will” he smiled “but if you don’t want me to try, then I won’t…”
Liz laughed and slapped his arm “Oh yes I’m going to say no”
Max rested his forehead on hers “You are the funniest girl”
“Cool” Liz smiled sheepishly “the funniest girl is growing impatient”
Max laughed as he lay her out flat “OK if you cannot wait another second for me to be inside you, because I can’t…” he looked at her, she looked at him with an adoring smile. He climbed on top of her properly. She felt him rubbing himself against her thighs. As they kissed she reached down and took hold of him.
“Do you feel how hard I am” he smiled “For you…?”
“God yes” she said kissing his lips “It’s impossible” she muttered stroking him gently “You will kill me”
“Yes” Max rubbed his nose against hers “Let me. Open your legs”
She did.
“No, wider” Max kissed her and whispered “Open yourself for me Liz”
Liz did. She continued to stroke him.
She let go and rapped her arms around his neck, Max slowly pushed himself into her, little by little, little by little.


Liz grasped at his arms, at the blanket, at his back- she felt an intemperate hunger for him.
When he was inside her fully he kissed her. She softly moaned her hands around his neck.
Liz’s body was aching with need, her arms went around him to get him closer.
Max paused.
Liz looked up at him “Is something wrong?” she asked worried.
“No, no Liz” he kissed her “Its incredible. I have wanted this since I meet you” he kissed her “And the moment will never come again”
Liz looked at him in awe “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she buried her face in his neck “Oh Max I love you, you are so incredible!”
Max raised his eyebrows. Liz clamped her mouth together realizing what she had said “Sorry” she quickly added.
“Don’t be sorry, it’s nice to know you feel the same way” he kissed her so passionately and love filled Liz wanted to cry.
Ready? ” he asked into her mouth.
“As I’ll ever be” Liz watched him start to move-
He pulled slowly and slightly out and pushed himself back in. Liz gritted her teeth but even through gritted teeth a moan escaped.
Slowly he pulled himself out then in, out, in, out...
“Oh Max” Liz whispered.
“I’m done for aren’t I?” Max breathed into her mouth “… done for forever”
Less, less gently.
Speechlessly Liz clung to him, her mouth open in a mute scream.
“Do you want me to stop?”
“No” she whimpered “No don’t stop!”
Max stopped “Wait” he said shaking his head against her cheek “Hold on tight” he kissed her “Oh Liz”…
At that moment he thrust into her so hard she thought she would pass out. She felt the wave as he did and they both came together.
Liz panted as she buried her head in his hair.
Max lay on top of her for a while then pulled himself out and lay down at her side. Liz missed the warmth of his body. He kissed her cheek and lips “Did I kill you?” he smiled.
Liz laughed and curled into his side “Almost, almost Max Evan’s

They did not get much sleep that night, they pleasured each other in every way either one could imagine. They fell asleep some time very early and did not wake up till eleven-thirty.
Liz opened her eyes and looked at the tanned skin in front of her eyes, which part of the beautiful man was that? She wondered. Lifting her head she noticed it was his arm. She had her head resting on his chest and her body was pressed into his side. Sighing she rolled onto her back and smiled, last night was the most incredible night of her whole existence.
Sighing she rolled onto her back and smiled, last night was the most incredible night of her whole existence.
She closed her eyes for a minute and when she opened them Max was awake. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her head then breathed in. Liz rolled onto her stomach so she was facing him and smiled “Good morning Mr. Evan’s”
“It certainly is” He had his eyes closed. Liz stared at him “Have you done this with many girls? I mean make love to them all night long and confess your love for them?” she kissed his arm.
Still not opening his eyes he said “I have never really been win love with anyone before”
Liz wanted him to open her eyes.
After a while he finally did open his eyes “to tell you the truth, last night was the best night of my life” He brought his hand up to stroke her hair. She kissed his hand as it went past her face “I’m glad, it was mine too”.
They were silent for a few minutes, as they stared into each other’s eyes.
“Oh!” Liz suddenly said, “Can we go in the spa bath?” excitement showed in her eyes.
Max laughed “We could, if only I could move my body”
Liz chuckled as she climbed on top of him.
“I’m finished” he closed his eyes as she sat up. Liz kissed his chest several times “Your not finished” she whispered.
“I’m not?” he opened one eye.
“Done for maybe, but definitely not finished” she made love to him again and he kept his eyes closed the whole time.

“I think you killed me ” Max groaned and rolled onto his stomach “You are a little evil woman” he buried his head in his pillow.
“I feel raw” Liz was siting on the bed next to him with the white blanket rapped around her.
Liz heard a noise “What is that?” she asked.
“Hmm I don’t care” his voice was muffled by the pillow.
Liz listened to it carefully “oh! It’s my cell phone in my purse” she hopped off the bed and ran out of the room holding the blanket around her. Her purse was on the floor with her and Max’s clothes; she picked everything up and sprinted back to Max’s room. She dropped the clothes on his couch and pulled her cellphone out of her purse, she walked back to the bed as she pressed receive.
“Maria, is that you?” she climbed onto Max ‘s back and covered them with the blanket.
“Mom?” Liz said, she felt Max turn his head in interest.
“You want to know why I was in this mornings paper with Max Evan’s?” she asked. She had all of Max’s attention now. “Are we seeing each other?”
“OK I’ll stop repeating your questions, yes I guess you could say I am seeing Max” She placed a kiss on Max’s shoulder. “Oh sorry I must not have heard it, can I call you back tonight? I’m kind of busy”
“Well I’m doing… grocery shopping and I’m about to get to the counter. I’ll ring you later, OK bye” Liz put the phone down on his bedside table next to her hair clips. “What did she say?” Max buried his head in his pillow again.
“She is shocked and want’s to know everything she has been missing out on in her daughter’s life at the moment” Liz kissed his neck and rubbed her breasts into his back. Max groaned deep in his throat “No, stop, please my body can’t take it” he begged.
Liz laughed and got off him “Come on let’s have a spa bath” she tucked her hair behind her ears.
“You’ll have to carry me” he rolled onto his side and looked at her “Stop being so beautiful would you?” he closed his eyes.
“OK I’ll carry you” she got up off the bed and started tugging at his arm. He sat up and laughed “How long were you actually going to try and tug me off this bed?”
“As long as it took” she smiled brightly “Come on” she whined.
He slipped off the bed and shook her gently “You need to stop it” he smiled.
“Stop what?” she tugged his arm as she walked them across the room.
“Stop being so you ” he breathed in.
“OK I’ll do that later” Liz finally got him into the beautiful bathroom and he turned on the taps that will fill the tub. Liz looked around “Is there some kind of bubble mixture you add?”
He walked over to the wall near the door and opened the doors to a tall cabinet that stood there, inside were towels, cloths, soap, and bottle’s of things. He grabbed three bottles and handed them to her “Shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath” he grinned like a ten-year-old and Liz felt herself melt with love even more “Thankyou” she kissed him.
The phone started to ring and he groaned “I don’t know if I should be happy or annoyed about an interruption” he started walking out and Liz stared at his manly ass “Nice ass!” she giggled.
Max picked up his cordless phone that was in the bar “Hello?” he said.
“Maxwell, its Michael”
“Oh, hey Michael how are you?” he sat down on the coffee table.
“I’m good, look Isabel is here and we wanna know if you want to come round?”
Liz called out “Max it’s ready!”
“No I’m busy here” he said “Um, how about I come round this afternoon?”
“Sure, what time?” Michael asked.
“About three?” Max looked at the clock on the wall, it was just twelve.
“OK see ya then” He hanged up and ran back to the bathroom. When he walked in he found Liz already sitting in the water, her hair wet, bubbles up to her shoulders and looking breath takingly beautiful.
“Who was on the phone?” she lifted her bubble covered hand and blew all the bubbles into the air. Max put the phone down on the sink and hopped into the bath “Michael” he moved over to where she was sitting and lifted her onto his lap. She rested her head on his chest/ collarbone “Really?”
“Yeah, I am supposed to go and see him at three” he intertwined her soapy fingers through his and looked at their hands. Liz looked at them too “What’s the time now?” she whispered rubbing her cheek against his skin.
“Twelve” he ran his free hand down her thigh and slipped her legs apart gently, he brought his hand up to her opening and began rubbing it. Liz closed her eyes and her head drifted back “That’s plenty of time” she moaned.
Max covered her mouth “It is”

Liz went to get out the bath a long while later and Max grabbed her “Where do you think your going?” he asked.
“To get dressed?” she fluttered her eyelashes.
“I don’t think so” he pushed her under the water. Her head went under and he pulled her back up “Say you love me
“Not when you’re doing this to me!” he dunked her again,
“Say it!” he exclaimed.
“NEVER!” he dunked her.
“Saaaaaay it” he growled.
“Why are you doing this to me?” she cried. He dunked her again,
“How long am I going to have to do this?” he asked.
Liz laughed “OK! OK! I’ll say it just leave me alone!” she gasped for air. He let go of her and she jumped out of the bath “NEVER!” she ran out of the room butt naked, soaking wet and laughing her head off.
He jumped out after her “Get back here!”
She was running into the lounge area when he caught her. He chucked her down on the couch and jumped on top of her “Say it now”
“What? Will it give you some kind of satisfaction to make a woman say she loves you?” she squirmed and tried to get away.
“No it will give me personal satisfaction to hear you say it to me” he kissed her “Please say it”
Liz moaned and tried to get away “Please, please this is so mean you weigh so much more than me, it’s not a fear fight” she groaned.
“Please, Liz” he did puppy dog eyes.
Liz rolled her eyes “I hate loosing, god dam you. OK, I’ll say it. Hmm Max I love you” he kissed her “Thankyou!” he tickled her “Thankyou very much”
“What I don’t get it in return, I hate you” she looked away from him and he laughed.
“Oh Liz you know I love you” he sat up. Liz breathed in “So you know I know but you still made me say it” she went to get up off the couch but he sat her down in front of him.
“I love you Liz Parker” he cupped her cheeks then kissed her.
“We’re so corny” she whispered.
He nodded “Who cares” he kissed her neck as he rapped her legs around his was waist.
“Excuse me what ever happened to you being finished?” she rested her head on his shoulder as he entered her.
“I’m not finished” he whispered “Done for maybe, but not finished”

Liz walked into her apartment after Max dropped her off and dropped her bag on the ground. Maria heard it and came running “TELL ME EVERYTHING!” she screamed.
Liz walked over to the couch and collapsed onto it “He killed me, he has taken every bit of me and swallowed it. There’s nothing left of me but my body and that will dissolve soon” she groaned.
Maria sat down “Are you OK?” she asked.
“Yes” she closed her eyes “I am very OK”
“Did you have sex?” Maria asked.
“If that’s what you even call it” Liz rolled onto her side.
“Was he that good?” Maria laughed.
Liz swallowed “He owns me” she whispered.
Maria grabbed her “How many time did you do it?” she demanded.
“Uncountable” Liz said before she fell into a deep sleep.


Liz woke up at eight-forty and found Maria in the kitchen eating Macaroni cheese. She yawned and took a seat next to her “What time is it?” she asked rubbing her eyes.
“Twenty to nine, you must have had quite a night” Maria got up and scooped some Macaroni onto a plate for Liz. She put it down in front of Liz with a glass of juice and then sat down “Now tell me about it”
“Words can’t even describe Maria” she sipped the drink “It was… incredible, amazing, mind blowing, even those words don’t fit”
“Wow” Maria scooped some food into her mouth “That good?”
“Yes! We did things to each other that I never thought I’d experience in my whole life” she stabbed her fork into her food “I have no idea how much we made love, but my god” Liz groaned.
Maria laughed “I’m getting jealous”
“Oh and not only in bed, the couch, the spa bath, the kitchen bench!” Liz laughed “We made love to wake the dead”
Maria’s eyes widened “The spa bath?”
“Yes” Liz grinned “Oh and I spat out I love you by accident and he just was the sweetest boy! He said it back and said he was glad I felt the same way, it was adorable”
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Maria giggled “You two are so cute, by the way he rang you about half an hour ago, he want’s you to ring him if you wake up”
“Oh OK” Liz drank the rest of her drink as she told Maria bout the dinner party and all the nice woman she had talked to. At ten past nine she walked into her room and rang Max on the phone by her bed. He was happy to hear from her.
“How was Michael?” she asked lying down and closing her eyes.
“He looked good, he needs a holiday though. His business is doing well” Max was relaxing back into his couch as well.
“Hmm that’s good,” Liz said.
“Are you still tired, do you need to sleep more?” he was grinning into the telephone.
“I just want to have a hot shower and go to bed”
“OK I’ll let you go then, I have to do a few things anyway”
“Are you sure? I’m sorry I’m being boring” Liz sat up and pulled her dress over her shoulders.
“Your not being boring Liz, it’s impossible. I love you see you later” he said.
“Thankyou Max” she smiled “I love you to bye”

Liz was reading the paper that had a new bit about her and Max. They asked questions like, Is she after his money? Why does he want her? Is she good in bed? She felt insulted but didn’t know what do to about it, she knew it would be like this but after his money? That was so low! She would never do that.
She groaned and chucked the paper “People can be so mean” she thought to herself. Business at the coffee shop had doubled all week, now that everyone knew here as Max Evan’s; he couldn’t come in and see her during the day because his stalkers would throw themselves at him. Liz smiled at the thought of so many people wanting him but him only being interested in her. He was in the shower right now, it was Saturday and Michael was coming around soon with his girlfriend, they were going to the game. When she had arrived he had already been in the shower so she decided she’d read the paper, she wished she hadn’t. As she walked towards the bathroom she wondered if he had seen that yet?
Opening the bathroom door she pecked inside, she could see the outline of his beautiful body through the shower wall. He popped his head out “Hey” he smiled.
Liz walked in and closed the door “Hello” she leaned against the wall “I read the paper” she bit her lip.
“You did?” he turned off the shower and stepped out from behind the wall. Liz’s eyes roamed over his naked wet body in delight “Apparently I’m after your money and you’re only with me because I’m good in bed”
Max laughed “Well you are good in bed but that’s not why I’m dating you” Liz raised her eye brows “I saw the article, it’s very insulting isn’t it?” he walked over to her and her breath caught in her throat, he was just so sexy.
He leaned down and kissed her lips “Just ignore it, your not letting it get to you are you?”
Liz was silent “Well, only a little but I can handle it”
Max starting kissing her neck “You can?” his arms went around her “It’s all a load of crap, you know how I feel about you. Who cares what they think”
Liz closed her eyes “Hmm what everyone thinks” her head leaned back against the wall as he devoured her neck.
He stopped what he was doing and stepped away from her “You really care don’t you?” he walked over to the cupboard and pulled a towel out and rapped it around his waist “What can I say to make it better?”
Liz walked over to the sink were he was heading “I’m just being silly Max, I know that, I don’t care that much. But you know I am paranoid, how could people say things like that without even knowing the person personally?”
He started putting shaving cream on his face “They need to print something people will read, all their thinking about is money Liz”
Liz sat down on the sink and opened her legs so he was standing between them “That’s sad for them”
“Yes, for them. They don’t realize that what their saying could actually insult the person they’re writing about. They don’t mean it so you shouldn’t find it insulting” he washing his hands “You know your blocking my mirror”
Liz smiled “So?” she picked up his razor “I’ll shave you”
Max smiled “Will you stop thinking about their stupid articles?” he kissed her. She wiped the cream off her face, “They’ll run out of things to say soon”
“Yeah I’ll remember that” She put her finger under his chin and started shaving his face “I’ll stop thinking about it, I guess I’m mostly worried about what my parent’s will be reading”
“Why don’t you say something to them about it, tell them its lies” his hands were on her knees.
“Oh they know its lies” Liz washed the razor “But still some of the things aren’t exactly what your parent’s want to be reading about their only daughter”
Max chuckled “I guess your right”
Liz wet her hands and wiped his cheeks “Yes” she grabbed his towel and pulled it off his waist, she wiped his face with it then put it down on the sink next to her.
She kissed him and let her hands wander down to take hold of him “I guess whenever I’m feeling bad about what their saying…” she closed her eyes. “I can just think of everything I have in my hands” she chuckled “That’s enough to keep a girl from being depressed for a long, long time” she rubbed him and heard him groan deep in his throat. She moved her lips down his neck, “Isn’t it?” she breathed.
“I guess so” his voice cracked. She got down off the sink and kneeled in front of him, she brought her mouth up him and ran her tongue over his end. He moaned and Liz smiled in satisfaction “tell me how much you love me” she whispered rubbing her lips over his shaft “Tell me”
“Hmm” he had trouble speaking “I love you so much because your perfect” he felt himself nearing the end “And…” he groaned and Liz new it was time. He emptied himself into her mouth and she moaned. He breathed in and Liz wiped her mouth “And?” she asked.
He pulled her up off the floor “and, you’re all that matters to me in this world right now”
She smiled “thankyou”

Michael arrived a while later and he introduced them to Sandra, the tall red head who was a model, figures thought Liz. This was the first time Liz had met Michael, he’d heard all about her from Isabel who had left last Wednesday. Max pulled Liz’s coat onto her shoulders and she put her arms through “Are you ready to go?” Max asked.
She rapped her scarf around her neck and nodded “Yeah”
He took her hand and they went out to Michael’s car, he had given his driver the day off and he didn’t want to use his car. They got very good seats at the game.
“Hmm I hungry” Michael grinned “Where’s the food around this place?”
“I saw the stalls I’ll go get some” Liz stood up and Max shook his head “No don’t go by yourself, I’ll go you sit down and relax”
“No Max, Sandra will come with me, won’t you Sandra?” she smiled.
“Yeah of corse, you boys enjoy the game” Sandra stood up and she left with Liz.
“Liz is nice” Michael said “But you got to be careful with girls like her”
Max stared at him “What the hell are you talking about Michael? Girls like her?” he hoped he wasn’t talking about what he thought he might be.
“Well you know, she doesn’t exactly have money of her own so why not hook up with a guy who’s loaded?” he shrugged.
Max rubbed his forehead and rubbed his brow “She isn’t like that Michael. She doesn’t even care about my money. How many goddamn times do I have to tell people that? Can’t everyone just be happy for me? Isabel started treating her like shit after a day or so, why is that? Do you guys think she’s not good enough for me?”
“Well how do you know she is?” Michael asked “Look don’t get angry at me, I’m just warning you so you aren’t surprised later on”
Max was getting very annoyed “I won’t be surprised later on because nothing is going to happen! I could be living on the streets and she wouldn’t care Michael. She is the most kind and loving person I’ve ever met, I want you guys to just stop butting in, I know what I’m doing”
“I hope so Maxwell” Michael swallowed “But that day when you walked into the coffee shop you can’t tell me she didn’t notice you because of how well known you are”
Max groaned “I’m leaving” he stood up.
“Max! No don’t leave I’ll stop OK?” Michael grabbed his arm “Don’t be stupid, we’re just talking’
Max sat back down “If you say another word we are leaving”
“OK I won’t say another word” Michael promised.
Liz and Sandra came back “Max do you want anything? We got plenty” Liz smiled and sat down beside him. He grabbed her hand “No I’m OK” he said.
Liz noticed the change in his mood “Honey?” she asked leaning into him “What’s wrong?”
He kissed her “Nothing Liz, I’m fine. Let’s just enjoy the game”

Max and Liz went to her house after the game; Maria and Andrew were in the kitchen laughing over something.
“Oh hey Liz, Max!” Mara smiled “How was the game?”
“It was OK” Max answered.
“Oh, I need to introduce you two to each other. Max, this is Andrew my fiancée. Andrew this is Liz’s Infatuation Max Evan’s” she chuckled.
Max shook Andrew’s hand “It’s nice to meet you”
“Yeah same here” Andrew pulled his hand away and Max put his back in Liz’s.
“We are just about to order pizza, you guys stay and have some! We can have a little part-ay” Maria pulled out two wine glasses “What do you say?”
Liz looked up at Max and he nodded “OK we’ll stay” she said pulling Max by the hand towards her room “Maria pour us some drinks we’ll be out in second”
She closed the door behind him and he walked into the room and looked around. “Nice room” Max smiled.
Liz blushed, “Thankyou”
She sat down on the corner of her bed “What’s wrong?” she asked, “You’ve been quiet all afternoon” she lifted her hands and reached for him. He took her hands and squatted down in front of her “Nothings wrong I’m just tired I guess” he didn’t like lying but what he supposed to say?
Liz was already feeling bad about what the papers were saying if she found out his friends and family were saying that too, she would surely leave him. He did not want that to happen.
“Are you sure?” Liz asked frowning.
He leaned up and kissed her “Stop worrying, I’m fine” he cupped her cheeks.
Liz bit her lip, she knew something was bothering him she guessed she’d just have to wait and if he felt like discussing it with her she’d be there. “OK” she whispered. Max kissed her passionately then stood up “Come on let’s go have fun with your friends”
He pulled her up off the bed and rapped his arms around her “Your not convinced are you?” he pushed them back onto the bed and rested his nose on hers “I AM FINE!” he exclaimed. Liz laughed.
He tickled her and she cried out “No! Max stop, please! No way! This is just mean!”
He stopped tickling her and kissed her instead “I’m hungry let’s go eat” he whispered. Liz nodded with a big smile on her face “OK, OK let’s eat”
He got up and pulled her to the door. He opened it and they walked out into the lounge. Maria was setting the table and Andrew was sitting at it drinking a beer. Max sat down at the table and Liz helped Maria “Max do you want a beer or a wine?” she asked opening the fridge.
“A beer thanks Liz” he smiled.
“OK, Maria what pizza’s did you order?” she asked.
“Seafood and chicken” Maria took a seat next to Andrew and Liz busied herself in the kitchen.
“Seafood?” she groaned “Yuck”

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“I’ll get it” Liz stood up and Max clenched his jaw. It was like the seventh time she had gotten up for Andrew or someone else it was driving him insane. Couldn’t she just sit still and let him get his own things?
Max didn’t care as much if it was Maria but she kept getting things for Andrew and he wanted to glue her to the chair or something. He wanted her to get things only for him. When she sat back down he took her arm “How about you sit and enjoy your food now instead of getting up a thousand times?”
Liz frowned, “OK, I was just helping…”
“Liz you’ve gotten up so many times, let them get their own things” He kissed her hand then let go. Liz sat quietly for a minute, was he mad at her? Was he annoyed?
She picked up her pizza and began eating. She noticed Andrew’s glass was empty but she did not move she didn’t want Max to get mad.
“Liz is there anymore of that wine?” he soon asked.
“Yeah there is I’ll just…” Liz felt Max’s hand on her thigh and she swallowed. “Yeah it’s on the bench over there” he said.
Andrew nodded and stood up. Liz breathed in “Max can I speak to you a minute… in private?”
He stared at her “Sure” they left the room and Liz looked at him,
“OK now you really have to tell me what’s wrong” she folded her arms “And don’t say nothing because I know there’s something”
Max ran his hand through his hair “It was just getting annoying that you keep getting up so many times for him, I mean them. They have legs Liz you don’t have to do everything for them”
Liz rolled her eyes “Max I’m just being nice” she said, “You know polite?” was he getting jealous of Andrew?
“Yes but do you have to be so polite? ” he put his hands on her shoulders “You’ve barely even touched your food because you’ve gotten up so much”
Liz looked up at him “It’s my decision Max, I will not stop being polite because your getting annoyed” she walked back into the dinning room and sat down. A sulky Max followed.
They ate the rest of their dinner and then watched a movie. Liz pulled Maria aside as she made microwave popcorn “Do you want the house to yourself tonight?” Liz asked “Me and Max can go to his place”
“Oh Chica don’t be silly, this is fine. Our place is big enough for the both of us. And plus it’s already nine-forty it doesn’t matter” Maria poured herself some fizzy “What was that about at the table anyway?”
Liz shrugged “I think Max was just getting jealous of me serving Andrew so much”
Maria mouthed ‘Oh’ then chuckled “That’s so cute”
“UM whatever” Liz left the room with a bowel of popcorn. She sat down next to Max and rested her head on his shoulder “Your not mad at me are you?” she asked quietly.
Max shook his head “I’m not” he simply said.
“Good, I don’t want you to be. Max I only want you, don’t get jealous over silly things” she turned to look at him.
“Jealous?” he asked.
“You know, of me serving Andrew and stuff, I served you too ya know” she smiled and pressed her forehead to his “You’re the only one who get’s to touch me and kiss me and make love to me ” she kissed him “I love you” she whispered.
Max kissed her again “I should hope I am the only one to do those things” he smiled “I love you too”
“You are, no one gets more attention from me than you do” Liz rubbed their noses together “I guess we’ll just have to apologize to each other better later”
He laughed “I guess so”
Maria walked into the room and took a seat “Liz pop corn please” Liz handed it to her.
“Um, Max and me decided we don’t want to watch the movie, we’re gonna have an early night” She jumped up off the couch and Max quickly followed her.
Maria laughed “It’s not even ten yet”
“Yeah well I’ve had a long day” Liz pulled Max out of the room leaving a giggling Maria behind. Andrew was just coming out of the bathroom “Has the movie started?” he asked.
“Don’t know” Liz shoved past him with Max close behind. They went into her room and she slammed the door.
“What’s up with them?” Andrew asked as he sat down next to Maria.
“Oh they’re just going to have monkey sex,” she said chewing on popcorn. Andrew raised his eyebrows “Oh” he wished he were them.
Liz climbed onto her bed and Max joined her. She quickly reached for his shirt and he helped her pull it over his head. Pretty soon later they were both naked and enjoying everything each other had to offer.
“Hmm Max” Liz moaned as he kissed her breasts. He was rubbing her nub and she threw her head back “God I can’t keep…” thickening pause “Quiet” she moaned “I don’t want them to hear us” he moved his lips back to hers.
“They won’t” he whispered “They are too busy watching the movie”
Liz moaned and he bit her bottom lip “Shh” he smiled. He pulled his hand away and moved down her body. He pushed her legs open and brought his mouth up to her wet center. Her whole body stiffened and her eyes closed tightly, her hands were clasped at the beds blanket’s “Oh god” she moaned. She as she was about to come and he pulled his mouth away and pushed his arousal into her. His lips found they’re way back to her breasts and Liz cried out. He moved in and out of her and she came quickly and so hard she screamed out. Maria came and knocked on the door “Liz I can imagine how much fun your having in there but we’re trying to watch a movie and all we can hear is you, either quit it or make less noise. Thanks chinca love ya!” she walked away.
Liz rolled onto her stomach “Oh my god what did you do to me?” she closed her eyes “get away from me before I ask you to do it again” she climbed under her blankets and shuddered. Max laughed “You are too cute” he crawled over to her and placed a kiss on her head. Liz was still shuddering “I have embarrassed myself in front of Andrew and Maria, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look at them again” she pulled the blanket over her head “Go away I have even embarrassed myself in front of you”
“Liz” he pulled the blanket’s off her “Don’t be embarrassed I’m glad I made you loose so much control” he chuckled.
“I’m not glad you did” she whispered “Is that what’s it’s like to come multiple times at once?” she pulled the blanket back over her.
Max lay down on his back “Was I that good?” he smiled. Liz finally lifted her head out of the pillow “Yes, are you happy now?”
“Yes actually I am” he lifted her head out from the pillow and kissed her lips “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” he whispered.
She shook her head “NO, but I’m still in shock” she looked into his eyes “Please do not do that to me again, well unless I beg you to at a further date” Max kissed her.
“I won’t do it again” he got up off the bed and turned the light off. Liz felt him hop under the covers and rap his arms around her, she buried her face in his bare chest, she could never get enough of his smell. “I love you” he kissed her lips “Don’t be embarrassed” he pulled her as tight against him as she could get. She breathed in “I think I saw stars” she whispered.

Liz woke in the morning with her head resting on Max’s lap. He was staring out the window and his head was resting against the bed frame. She rolled over and sighed.
“I like your place better than mine” he said. Liz breathed in “You do?” she asked “I like yours better”
“Why?” his voice came out a lot harsher than it was supposed to “Because it’s bigger and flasher?”
Liz frowned into the pillow, “What is that supposed to mean?” she asked as she sat up and rapped the blanket around her body. Max swallowed “Nothing” he looked at her and did a phony smile. Liz huffed “Your joking me” she got up off the bed and held the blanket around her body tightly “Your doubting me aren’t you?” she breathed in a couple of times “You think I’m after your money!” she walked over to the door “Oh my god, I can’t believe this”
Max jumped up off the bed “Liz! No please come back here”
She leaned against the door “That’s what you meant isn’t it?” the hurt showed clearly on her face. Max wanted to punch himself. “I can’t believe you of all people would think that! I thought you knew I don’t care about your fucking money! God!” her eyes began to sting “But obviously it means a lot to you doesn’t it? Well have it Max, right now I wish you didn’t have a penny”
“Liz stop this! It’s just all the things people have been saying and the newspapers it’s made me think…” he stopped right there, that was not coming out right.
“So it’s true! You do care!” she opened the door and stormed out. Max ran after her, but when he stepped out of the room Maria was standing in the kitchen and turned her head, she gasped and the cereal in her bowel flew out all over the floor “Max you realize your naked!” she cried.
Max sighed and closed the door, “Damit” he walked over and grabbed his pants. He pulled them on quickly and ran out of the room after Liz. She was in the bathroom and he could hear her crying, “Liz open the door!” he said.
“GO AWAY,” she cried.
“NO!” he yelled “Liz please, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, let me in”
“Go home,” she said.
“Liz you don’t mean that. Please other wise I’ll be forced to kick the god damn door down” he gritted his teeth “I will do it you know I will”
The door flew open “Well we wouldn’t want you doing that Max! You might have to pay for and you’ll think I’M AFTER YOU MONEY!” her eyes were red “I am serious I want you to go home right now. I thought you knew I didn’t care, I thought we were past what the papers were saying. But obviously your not are you Max?
Why didn’t you just say something earlier? I WOULD HAVE GOT OUT OF YOUR WAY BY NOW!”
Max groaned “Can we please not talk about this here?” he looked down the hallway were both a shocked Andrew and Maria were watching the whole scene.
“Talk? Who’s talking?!” she yelled “ We certainly aren’t because your leaving!”
“NO I’M NOT!” he grabbed her arm and shoved her in the bathroom, he slammed the door and Liz huffed,
“Oh real nice the bathroom, THEY CAN STILL HEAR US IN HERE” she folded her arms.
“You know I know you’re not after my money,” he said trying not to loose his temper.
“I thought I knew but obviously not” she muttered.
Max groaned “I don’t give two shit’s even if you were- even though I know you aren’t- Liz you wouldn’t let me finish! I was saying…”
“I don’t care what you were saying” Liz tried to get past him and through the door.
“Liz, I love you” he grabbed her arms “Please stop this. I was just being stupid, Michael and Isabel were just saying things and it made me loose my head”
“Oh so they think I am too?” her eyes filled tears and a sob escaped her lips “I guess that’s what was bothering you yesterday huh? You were finally coming around to what everyone else believes”
“No Liz, they don’t even know you” he cupped her cheeks. He felt like crap. “ I know you and you are the most caring and wonderful person I have ever met. You would never do something like that” he hugged her too him.
“Why did you say that then?” she pulled away and wiped at her eyes.
“I told you I had been thinking about what Michael had said to me yesterday and I was annoyed with him, I didn’t mean to take it out on you as soon as you woke up. But they have no right to say anything because they don’t know you like I do” he kissed her forehead “Please, please stop this. This is killing me to see you like this”
Liz looked up at him with tearful eyes “What did he say about me yesterday?”
Max swallowed “Nothing that matters to me Liz” he rubbed her arms “forget about them and everyone else for a second. Just think about me and what I think”
Liz stared blankly at him.
“Say to me “I know you love me and I know you don’t think I’m after your money” please,” he looked at her.
“No” she said, “Because I don’t know”
“You do know Liz!” he shook her “Forget everything this morning, I was just mad at my stupid sister and friend, what I said had nothing to do with you”
“It didn’t,” she said.
“Never” he leaned forward and kissed her. She did not kiss him back. He knew she was trying to punish him. “I know I shouldn’t have taken it out on you and I’m sorry but please tell me you know I don’t care”
“I know you don’t care” she muttered not even looking at him.
“Liz that is not good enough” he took her face in his hands and made her look him in the eyes “DO you see my face? This is the face of someone who is so gone for you it’s incredible. Please tell me you feel the same way”
She was silent for a minute.
“Remember everything we’ve done together Liz” he caressed her cheek.
“I know you love me and I know you do not think I am after your stupid money,” she said after a minute “Oh why can’t you just be a normal guy Max?”
“I am a normal guy” he smiled.
Liz was still upset but they could discuss that when they weren’t in the bathroom, he did not want to be standing in the bathroom with Maria and Andrew outside the door. “Kiss me” he said “Let me feel your lips forgive me”
She got up onto her tiptoe and kissed him.
“Again” he smiled.
Liz rolled her eyes then kissed him again.
“That’s better, now can we please have a good day together?” he asked. Liz nodded “I want to know what Michael said to you yesterday”
Max pulled the blanket back over her shoulders “I’ll tell you later” he opened the door and with his arm around her walked them back to her room. Maria and Andrew shuffled away and tried to look busy in the kitchen. Liz didn’t look at them she just followed Max back into their room.
“Tell me what he said” Liz walked over to her bed and climbed onto it.
Max didn’t want to.
“You said it doesn’t matter what other people think so why won’t you tell me?” she leaned her head against the headboard. Max sat down on the bed and swallowed “He just tired to warn me” he spoke quietly “He said he wanted me to be aware so I wouldn’t be surprised later on and I told him nothing was going to happen later on. I was going to leave if he said anything else”
Liz stared at the wall ahead of her “Everyone hates me” she whimpered.
“No Liz!” he crawled over to her and rapped his arms around her “No one hates you, they are only saying that because they don’t know you” he buried his face in her hair “They are worried about me when they have nothing to be worried about. You just have to show them that you don’t care about what they say”
Liz sniffled.
Max pulled her hair out of her face “Are you OK?” he whispered.
She shook her head.
He lifted her up and put her on his lap “What can I do to make you feel better?” he whispered running his hands through her hair and tucking it behind her ears. Liz closed her eyes and rested her head on his neck “I don’t think there is anything you can do”
“I bet there is” he smiled “Give me a second to think I’ll think of something”
Liz breathed in and went go get up off him.
Max wasn’t having any of it “And where do think your going?” he asked.
Liz blushed, “I brush my teeth and wash my face”
“I don’t think so” he lay her down “I just came up with what I can do”
Liz looked at him “And that would be?”
He lay down next to her and pulled the blanket away from her body “I am going to take you to Paris for three days” he rapped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck.
“Your what!” she sat up “Don’t be ridiculous Max”
He sighed and rolled onto his back “whose being ridiculous?” he asked “What’s the point in having all this money when I can’t even fly my girlfriend to Paris? We’ll leave tonight”
Liz gaped at him “Excuse me but we both have jobs! It’s Sunday, work tomorrow!” she said.
“You can get a couple days off, I know you can. Anyway when was the last time you had a holiday?” he pulled her down to lie next to him. She rested her head against his chest “Four years” she whispered playing the top of his pants.
“Well your in more need of one than I thought!” he ran his hand down her back “Maybe we should go for the whole week!”
Liz laughed “Your joking right we’re not actually going…”
“I’m completely serious” he looked around “Where’s my cell phone? I’ll get everything ready. All you need to do is pack”
Liz rolled onto her stomach and pressed her head into his arm “Stop it your teasing me”
“No I’m not!” he said “I would go get my cell phone but what kind of guy gets up when he has you naked and in his arms?”
Liz laughed “Your lying”
“Argh you won’t believe me until I ring” he slowly sat up and walked over to get his cell phone. Liz sat on the bed watching him.
He dialed a number and after a second he spoke “Hi Ray, can you get on the phone to… wait a minute” he looked at Liz “Do you want to take my plane or a public one?”
She just gaped at him.
“Taking my one would actually take more time because you have to make sure its OK” he spoke into the phone “Can you get hold of the airport, get me two ticket’s to Paris tonight if possible. Can you get reservations at that nice hotel I stayed at last time when I was in Paris?”
He talked into his phone for a few minutes then put it down “There it’s all set” he smiled.
Liz gave him the evil eye “I hate you,” she said.
He raised his eyebrows “Now we just have to get OK from Maria” he opened the door “Maria?” he walked out.
“Yeah?” came her reply.
He walked into the kitchen “Can Liz have a few days off work?” he asked.
Maria was sitting at the table with Andrew; they were eating breakfast “How many days?” she asked.
“Four?” he asked.
“Four!” Liz yelled from the room “What!”
“Sure, what for?” Maria sipped her drink.
“Oh I’m taking Liz to Paris, I upset her and this is my apology” he answered.
Maria whacked Andrew “Why don’t you ever do that for me?” she groaned.
“Because I’m not loaded like he is,” Andrew said.
Maria bit her lip “I guess I can handle work without her, I’ll just get Sam to work full time”
Max smiled “Thankyou” he headed back into the room and Maria called out “When are you leaving?”
“Probably tonight” Max answered “Thankyou again!”
He walked into Liz’s room and closed the door “Why are you still sitting there? You should be packing” he smiled.
Liz didn’t move.
He walked over to her closet and searched around “Do you have a suit case?” he asked.
Liz didn’t move.
He dug around and then found one near the back. He pulled it out and headed over to her draws, he put the suit case down on the floor “Now what should we pack for you?” he opened the top draw in her dresser, he grinned “Underwear”
He picked up and g-string “You’ll need this… and” Liz interrupted him
“Max!” she yelled, “Stop it”
He stopped.
“What about work for you?” she asked.
“I am the owner I get to do what ever the hell I want. No one can fire me” he walked over to her and placed a kiss on her lips.
“I’m really going to Paris?” she asked.
“You are” he smiled.


Max would not let Liz leave his side, he felt terrible about that morning.
“Max you know I don’t care about earlier anymore! I need to have a shower” Liz put her hands on her hips.
“Have one at my house” They were nearly finished packing her things.
“Why are you even packing my things now?” she asked “If we’re not leaving till tonight I can do it after lunch or something. Why don’t you go home and get ready and I’ll have a shower here and get ready myself?”
“Because that way I’d have to leave by myself and I don’t want to” he zipped up her bag “And besides your already ready”
“No I’m not I haven’t showered” Liz huffed.
“Have a shower at my place” he took her hand “Let’s go”
“No” she pulled her hand away “Pick me up after lunch”
He rolled his eyes “Your not mad with me?”
“OK fine I’ll pick you up later” he kissed her “I’ll see you later”
“Yes, and I’ll be ready” she smiled.
He smiled “You better be” she walked him to the door and kissed him one more time before he left.
Andrew had gone out to get something from the store and Maria was vacuuming the lounge. After Liz had closed the door and came back into the room Maria shut it off “OK are you going to tell me what the hell happened this morning? And OH MY GOD he looks nice naked!”
Liz gasped “What?”
“He went to run after you and yeah he was naked and yeah it was nice” she giggled.
The only thing Liz could do was laugh.
“You are so lucky! You get to see him naked any time you want AND he’s taking you to Paris!” Maria jumped up and down in glee.
Liz lay down on the couch “I know I’m lucky” she said.
“What was that fight about this morning? It was pretty big… what did he say to make you scream at him like that?” Maria sat down next to her on the couch.
“Oh it was all a big ploy to get him to run after me so you could see what I have in bed and you don’t”
Maria whacked her arm and Liz laughed.
“Oh well he just said some things he shouldn’t have. He didn’t mean them he was just under stress from his sister and friend. I didn’t know that at the time but he apologized and begged me to forgive him”
“Yeah and now he’s taking you to Paris, that should make you forgive him pretty quickly” Maria was clearly jealous.
“Oh I forgave him before he said he would take me to Paris” she frowned “But I am still upset about what his friend said about me”
“Which one is that, what was his name?”
“Yeah was it that one? The one you were talking about last night? The one dating the model?” Maria played with her skirt.
“Yes he’s the one” she hissed “He was trying to convince Max I was after his money”
“What a prick, I hate him already” she laughed “But what nerve of him, he’s dating a model and he goes and says something like that to Max about you” she rolled her eyes “Who the hell does he think he is?”
“He just doesn’t know me very well,” Liz said.
“Yeah but he still has no right” Maria stood up “Well I hope you have fun in Paris Liz, god knows you deserve a holiday”
“So do you” Liz said.
“I had one with Andrew last year in November, you haven’t had one in ages” Maria picked up the vacuum.
“Yeah I guess, hey have you Andrew decided on a date for the wedding yet?”
“No he said he wanted to wait a little while” Maria huffed “God knows why”
Liz got up off the couch “Well excuse me I have to go and have a shower”
“Oh and Liz” Maria laughed “You haven’t apologized for being so noisy last night”
Liz blushed “It was Max’s fault, he made me see stars. He did this thing with his tongue then his… ya know what it’s probably best I don’t tell you” Maria laughed “No you have to tell me, you sounded like you were about to burst, I could get Andrew to do it”
Liz smiled “Get your own tricks!” she left the room grinning with remembrance.

Liz sat waiting patiently for Max to finish getting their boarding passes and bags sorted. When he came over he squatted down in front of her and placed a kiss on her lips “Ready to go?” he smiled.
She smiled in return “If you are”
He stood up and took her hands. She stood up and rapped her arms around his neck “I love you” she whispered kissing him gently. Max hugged her quickly “I love you too”
People were watching them.
Max took her hand and her bag then they walked up to the entrance gate to their plane. The air hostess blinked at Max before they headed down to board their plane. Liz swallowed; she hated how people did that. It was so obvious he was taken! Liz would never flirt with someone who was obviously taken, let alone when his girl friend is right there!
They were flying on Air France first class straight to Paris Ory airport. They would get out at the west terminal on the arrival level then head out front where Max should have a car waiting for him.
When they were sitting comfortably in the first class seats and the plane was off the ground Liz asked, “You said on your phone call to Ray that you’ve been to Paris before, when did you go…?”
“I took my family there last year during Easter” Max was rubbing her hand that was in his.
“What was that like?” she looked at him.
“It was good” He smiled “We had the best time, I think my parent’s enjoyed it the most”
When they arrived in Paris they got into their ride and headed to their hotel.
The hotel they were staying at was called Hotel Meurice. “Wow” Liz said hopping out of the car “wow”
Max smiled “It’s beautiful isn’t it?”
“Yes” Their bags were taken from them instantly and taken to the counter for them. Liz never let go of Max’s hand once “Bonjour” the lady at the counter smiled.
“This hotel became known as the hotel des Rois, the hotel of kings , for it’s regal open” Max explained to Liz as they walked through the lobby taking it all in. The magnificent marble interior sparkled with chandeliers and furnished with antiques, sculptures and old master paintings. “Part of the hotels appeal is that, for it’s tradition and elegance but also the service is attentive and friendly” Max smiled “No one here is rude”
Liz breathed in- this place was incredible.
“I can’t wait to show you the view at breakfast” Max said “While you sit and eat this wonderful traditional breakfast you look out over the Jardin des Tuileries and the Eiffel tower”
Liz looked at him. He looked at her.
“It’s wonderful Max I love it” she smiled.
“I knew you would” he kissed her “Come on let’s go see our room”
Once they were in their room Max went and tipped the doorman he asked if everything was to their liking.
“Oui, merci” Max smiled “Au revior”
“A’bient^ot,” he closed the door and found Liz standing at the window staring at the view.
“When did you learn French?” she smiled folding her arms over her chest.
“I only learnt what I need to know” he rapped his arms around her from behind. “Up past the Jardin des Tuileries to the left is a park called Parc Monceau. I will take you there tomorrow; it is one of my favorite places in Paris. It has ornamental pools, grottoes, mock gothic ruins and ruined Greek temples and statues of Musset, Maupassant, and Chopin”
“How do you know all this?” Liz asked amazed.
“Well I love Paris” he simply said “I love learning new things about it every time I come here”
“How many times and how how many different girls have you brought here?” she turned around to face him.
“Eight” Max answered.
“Eight times you’ve been here, or eight girls?” she bit her lip.
“Both” Max grinned “No I’ve been here around eight times and I don’t think I’ve ever brought a girl here before. I just usually bring friends; I came once with the group of woman that you met at the dinner last week. They all came with their husbands, it was a big group of us”
Liz raised her eye brows “That would have been fun”
“It was pretty good” he kissed her.
“Hmm” Liz broke the kiss and pushed him away “You were supposed to bring me here for a big apology. I haven’t seen an groveling for my forgiveness yet”
Max bit his lip “Right” he folded his arms “I guess I should start coming up with big romantic schemes to get you to forgive me shouldn’t I?” he walked into the middle of the room and started pacing “What to do” he said.
Liz walked over to the bed and pulled her light dress off “Well while you think I’m going to take a nap” she teased him. She turned to face the wall and pulled her hair out of its clip; it fell down past her shoulders like a big dark brown blanket. She knew Max was watching her and that brought a smile to her face “I don’t hear pacing” she said.
Max gulped and continued his pacing.
She decided she’d tease him all the way, she pulled off her bra and underwear then hopped under the covers. Closing her eyes with a smile on her face, she waited for him to give in and come and hop in with her.
She fell asleep before he had a chance to.

She woke up in the morning and sighed annoyed that she had fallen asleep. She rolled onto her back and realized Max was not in bed with her.
Sitting up quickly she looked around the room, he was no where to be seen. She held the blanket to her chest and just sat there confused, what was she supposed to do now? She wanted to touch him.
After a few minutes the door opened and he walked in, dressed and ready for the day. He noticed she was awake and smiled “Good morning”
She gave him the evil eye “Don’t give me that, where have you been?”
He shrugged “Around” he walked over to her “Get dressed so we can have breakfast” he smiled.
Liz frowned; “No way” she said “I’m not leaving this room till you make love to me at least once” she grabbed his jacket and pulled him close to her “I’m not going forgive you if you keep trying to get away from me”
“Well that’s all you had to say” he smiled and pushed his mouth to hers.
“This is my holiday I get to decided what we do don’t I?” she pulled him on top of her and rapped her arms around his neck, “I don’t want you going further away from me than one step” she reached for the bottom of his shirt “Is that clear?”
“Very” Max smiled.
“Good” she pulled his shirt over his head “Now tell me where you’ve been. You did sleep in this bed with me last night didn’t you?”
“I did,” he nodded “yes”
“I’m sorry I fell asleep” she undid the top of his pant’s “I didn’t mean to”
“Actually while you slept I couldn’t do a whole lot of thinking knowing you were naked under there so I went out to the lounge downstairs” he kissed her neck.
“That was the idea, you were supposed to give in and come and lie down with me” she chuckled “But I accidentally fell asleep”
“I thought I was supposed to be thinking of something to make you forgive me?”
“Yeah well” she pushed his pants and underwear down at the same time. He pulled them off all the way and chucked them on the floor, “So you were just teasing me, in other words” he asked.
“Yeah” she sat up and pulled the blanket’s from her body “Sorry”
“I don’t care” he cupped her breast “I’m a very forgiving person”
“Unlike me who is still waiting for some convincing of love and devotion” she laughed.

After spending most of the morning making love in bed and in the shower they got dressed. Liz dove into her suitcase “Do you know if it’s cold outside?” she asked. Max came up behind her and kissed her bare back “Its not too cold but there is a slight breeze”
Liz turned to look at him “Now you have to tell me where you were, did you go for a walk or something?”
“Yes” he lied.
Liz rapped her arms around his neck and kissed him “I know your lying”
“You do?” he ran his hands up her back.
“Hmm” she moaned “I do”
“OK I didn’t go for a walk but its part of the surprise so you have to stop asking” he smiled against her lips.
“Oh my surprise huh?” she pulled her arms away from around his neck “I guess I will have to stop asking” she eventually got dressed and found herself wearing, a dull light pink skirt that went to her knees, with little embroiled dull yellow flowers on it. A Maroon, white, green, purple and light orange striped long sleeved v-neck shirt and a dark gray jacket that reached just bellow her knees.
Her hair was up in strands and was held together at the back with hairpins and gel.
“Why do you always looking so stunning?” Max kissed her and kissed her and kissed her “you take my breath away,”
“Thank you” she smiled “You always look nice too”
Hand in hand they left their room and walked through the beautiful grounds of the Hotel Meurice.
Since he had stayed there a few times in the past a lot of people knew Max and treated him like royalty. They sat them at a wooden table with a big fruit basket and a white tablecloth.
During breakfast they decided what they would do with their day.
First they were going to go to the Parc Monceau and then go and have lunch at Jules Verne the finest panoramic restaurant in Paris - it is situated on level two of the Eiffel tower.
“I haven’t eaten there but apparently it has the most amazing view of the arc de Tiomphe, sacre’-Coeur, Drand Palais and Notre-Dame”
Liz stared at him with a smile “Stop being so charming, I’m still mad at you”
He lifted her hand and kissed it “I am really sorry” he kissed up her wrist “You are letting me off easy but I promise to make it up to you”
Liz watched him “What do you have up your sleeve Max Evan’s?” she asked.
“You’ll see”
They went to the Parc Monceau and Liz loved it. Mansions, two in which house the Musee Cernuschi (Chinese art) and the Musee Nissim-de-Camondo (18th century decorative arts) surrounded it.
Liz leaned up against a pillar, there were several going around a small pond “It would be more beautiful in summer” she smiled.
“It’s wonderful in summer” he stood close to her “I like you being in this garden” he kissed her.
Liz smiled “I can see why it’s your favourite place in Paris”
He intertwined his fingers through hers “I’m sorry but I’m enjoying your apology trip” he kissed her neck.
“I don’t think that’s very good Max, you should be having a big guilt trip. Your smiling too much” she bit the corner of her mouth to keep from smiling.
“OK” he rapped his arms around her waist “I don’t know how I can make this trip be bad since it’s my two favourite things together, You and Paris”
Liz rolled her eyes “You corny bastard” she rubbed his back “Keep it up”
He laughed “Come on let’s go to lunch” he pecked her lips.


Max and Liz walked hand in hand down Rue de Revoli, a main street that had shops and also their hotel on it. They had been spending their second day shopping, Max kept buying Liz things and she didn’t like it very much.
He had just brought her Chanel perfume from the Chanel store and right now they were heading into La Samaritaine a nice department store for women.
“You can’t be enjoying this” Liz said, “Men don’t like shopping”
Max just smiled “I’m fine” he didn’t mind because he was with her.
The time was three-thirty and Liz was amazed by the fact he hadn’t said anything along the lines of being bored yet. He was really being a sweet heart Liz thought.
“Come on let’s get out of here,” she said. Max was holding her shopping bags.
“What? Are you finished?” he asked.
She looked at him with questioning eyes “What are you talking about I’m only here because you wanted to do this for me, it’s your call, I never agreed with this to begin with” he eyes twinkled.
“I haven’t bought you enough” he smiled.
Liz rolled her eyes “Stop it” she tried to fight a smile “I didn’t want you to buy me anything”
“I know you didn’t but I know you like it” he kissed her “And I think we should shop for a little longer”
Liz bit her lip “You’re a male and you want to shop more?” she breathed in “OK then what ever you say, but I’m done in here”
He laughed “OK then, on we go”
Liz didn’t feel right about this “Max I don’t like taking all this! It’s supposed to be an apology trip for not being after your money and when you go spending it all on me it makes no sense” they walked down the road.
“Just showing you I am past caring what you think” he held her close to his side “No Liz I am taking you shopping because I love you and I know you will enjoy it, even if you do feel bad because you have the best heart”
Liz looked down at her high heal shoes “Do you have to spend so much?” she muttered.
“I’ll spend whatever you want” he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her lips “Didn’t you want to get a gift for Maria?”
Liz stopped walking and he soon stopped “Is something wrong?” he asked.
Liz swallowed then jumped into his arms “I love you, I don’t deserve this” she rapped her arms around him and buried her face in his neck. Max kissed the top of her head “You do deserve this Liz, you deserve so much more than this. You don’t deserve what I put you through the other morning”
Liz pressed her body into him “I don’t care about the other morning anymore you didn’t even mean it. This isn’t an apology trip anymore it’s just us having a good holiday together”
“It’s both” he rubbed his hand up and down her back, “Either way I just want you to enjoy it”
Liz tiptoed up to kiss him showing him her love. She pressed her lips and face to his “Thankyou, for everything you’ve given to me since we meet, I’m not talking about material things and dinners and…”
“I know” he squeezed her “You don’t have to thank me”
She pulled out of his arms “Yes I do. What can I do to make this enjoyable for you?”
“You can be happy about what I’m buying you” they started walking again. Liz rested her head on his shoulder for a moment “OK I’ll try”
They went to a place called Faguais, that specialized in traditionally made products, blends of teas from China and Shri Lanka and many other things. They brought Maria some Jams and things from there. Next they went to La Maison du chocolat- A house of chocolate. They decided it was their favorite store. They bought so much chocolate that they had three bags more when they left, Liz walked out of the store giggling as she held one of the bags, Max wouldn’t let her hold anymore than that.
They both agreed that they had done enough shopping for the day and called for his car to pick them up from the end of de castiglione in front of Place Vendome.
Once they go to their hotel room, Liz opened the windows and Max put the shopping bags down on the bed. She pulled off her jacket while Max went to the bathroom and when he came out Liz was sitting in the middle of the bed playing with all the purchases.
He chuckled; she looked like a little kid at a toy store. “Hmm, Max smell this. Maria is going to love it” she held gourmet sauce in her hand. Max smelt it “Nice” he whispered. He climbed onto the bed and sat down behind her, he opened his legs so she was sitting between them and she leaned into his chest while she played.
Liz looked at everything he had brought: Chocolates, breads, wines, coffee, tea, sauces, a jacket for Liz, two tops and a long skirt, and some French shoes. And there was still more. There were so many things Liz didn’t know what to do with it all “How are we supposed to get all of this back to New York?” she asked.
Max kissed the back of her neck “Liz whenever you’re with me don’t worry about anything I will take care of it”
She turned her head and kissed his lips “I don’t have to worry about anything? ” she asked.
He rapped his arms around her waist “Nothing”
“Well, that I will remember” she nibbled his ear and pushed him down onto his back. She turned so she was lying on top of him “Thankyou for buying all these things” she looked away from him.
He cupped her cheeks and turned her to face him “It was my pleasure Elizabeth Parker”
Max moved his leg and some paper crackled “Agh the bread, the bread!” she laughed sitting up and moving lot’s og the things off the bed.

That night Max took Liz to the La Bal du Moulin Rouge, they had a wonderful time.
Later when it was very late Liz lay naked in Max’s arms after they had made and they were talking about what they had wanted to be when they were little “I mean did you want to follow in your father’s foot steps?” Liz placed small kisses on his upper arm.
“I didn’t plan to, I wanted to have a family in Orange County were I went to work and came home at night and said ‘Honey I’m home!’” Max smiled “I wanted to have heaps of children” chuckles.
Liz laughed “Oh that’s so cute” she whispered “Do you ever regret not doing that?”
“I still have time” Max closed his eyes “I am only twenty seven, what did you want to do?”
“I wanted to work back stage for the TV show Friends when I was finishing high school” Liz laughed “I wanted to know all the stars of the show and hand them their coffee and donuts when they wanted them”
Max laughed and buried his face in her hair “Do you ever regret not doing that?”
“Well it would have been nice” she giggled “But I’m happy with my coffee shop and working with Maria, we are comfortable we can have the occasional day of and stuff: it’s good”
“Either way you would be doing something with coffee involved” Max recognized.
Liz gasped “Oh I would have wouldn’t I? Argh I as just born to work with coffee, isn’t that wonderful?”
“Yes” Max chuckled.
Rolling onto her stomach she buried her head in his chest, breathing in she whispered “Max?”
“Mmm?” he ran his hand through her hair.
“Why did you come into the coffee shop that first day? I mean you can just have coffee at home or at work or wherever”
“I was aggravated at work so I went for a walk” he answered truthfully “And I was walking past this coffee shop and saw you through the window so I came and brought some coffee”
Liz laughed “What ever!” she hit his arm “You’re a big fat kiss ass Max Evan’s!”
“Yes I know” he grinned “No I just felt like coffee and your little shop looked nice so you know, but truthfully I came back the next day for you” he paced gentle kisses along her forehead. Liz breathed in then bit his chest “Your such a sweet heart”
Max made her face him so they could share a kiss “Thankyou” he breathed.

“Oh happy day!” Liz sung as she ran soap down her legs “Oh happy day!”
She was singing in the bath.
Max was in the next room on the phone to someone back in New York and he couldn’t help but end his phone call and come in.
“When Jesus was, Oh when Jesus was! Something, something, Oh happy day!”
Max opened the bathroom door and chuckled.
Liz looked over at him “Excuse me? What do you think your laughing at?” she swallowed “Fill us with the light, Oh fill us wiiiiiiiiiiith…” she continued to sing as she bathed herself.
Max closed the door and folded his arms “Nothing” he tried to keep from smiling.
“Oh I’m sure” She rolled her eyes “Have you finished what you were doing out there?”
“Yes” he watched her soap her beautiful body.
“Well what are you waiting for? An invitation?” she threw soap at him.
He caught it and put it down on the side of the bathtub. He chuckled as he took is clothes off then joined her in the tub.
A cell phone started to ring.
Max groaned and Liz said “I think you should carry that thing with you 24/7”
“Are you going to answer it?” she asked.
He shook his head.
“No Max you better it might me important” She kissed him.
Reluctantly he got out of the tub and went to answer the cell phone. When he came back he didn’t have his cell phone, but Liz’s.
“Mine?” she frowned “Who would ring…?”
He handed it to her “Hello?” she asked.
“Liz, It’s Andrew, Maria she’s been it by a car. You have to get back here ASAP” Andrew’s voice was urgent.
Liz shuddered “What?” he hanged up and she dropped the phone.
Max squatted down next to the tub “What’s up?” he asked.
“We have to leave” she got out of the tub and hurried over to the toilet to throw up. Max was at her side in a second, he pulled back her wet hair and rapped his arm around her waist “Honey, what’s wrong?” he whispered.
She lifted her head and wiped her mouth “It’s Maria” she simply said.
Max’s face showed his worry “I’ll ring and get the first plane ticket back” he said. Liz nodded, as if waiting for it Max rapped his arms around her and she burst into tears “Oh my god Max I can’t loose her” she whimpered.
Max kissed her head “She’ll be fine Liz, it’s Maria! Or corse she will”
Max went and rang the airport while Liz brushed her teeth, got dressed and starting packing everything. The next flight back was at eleven that night; right now it was five-thirty. After they had packed everything into bags and were ready to leave it was six-thirty. The hotel’s bellboys carried their bags down to the car and Max had checked them out they headed to the airport. Once they had brought the tickets and done everything the airport required them to do, it was quarter to eight.
Liz sat rubbing her hands together and trying not to think. Max was very worried about her “Liz” he said reaching over and taking her hands in his “Everything will be fine OK? Just try and relax” he rested her head on his shoulder. She sniffled “I can’t relax” she whispered “Not while I’m this far away and don’t know how badly hurt she is”
He understood “Well you should eat. Let’s go up to the restaurant’s on the top floor and get something to eat”
Liz breathed in “I am going to go to the ladies room, wait here” she stood up and numbly walked away.
Max leaned forward and rested his head in his hands, rubbing his eyes and trying to relax he muttered “god I hope she’s OK” not just for Maria’s sake but for Liz’s.
Once they had gotten on the plane Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder and he rapped his arm around her shoulders. They didn’t move until they were back in New York. Max had rang Andrew on Liz’s cell phone from the air port and he told them where he was and that he was just waiting for the doctors to tell him how she was.
They went straight to the hospital after getting everything in a car and sending it to Liz’s place. Liz practically ran through the hospital to the counter, Max followed her in quick pace “I’m looking for Maria Deluca” Liz said.
“Are you family?” the lady asked.
Liz groaned “Yes” she lied “Look just tell me where she is OK?”
The lady told her to go up to the next floor and to wait in the waiting room. Liz hurried up there and found Andrew sitting with his head n his hands. “Andrew” she said, he stood up and they hugged “What happened? Where is she?”
Andrew swallowed “Let’s sit down” he nodded his head to Max and he did it in return.
Liz sat down and gripped the chair.
“She was in a cab and it crashed at some light’s into another car, she was on her way to meet me” he was trying very hard to compose himself, but his voice wavered many times. “Apparently it was a pretty big crash, the driver of the taxi died instantly and so did the person in the other car”
“Oh god” Liz felt like she going to throw up again “Have you talked to the doctors yet?”
“Once, they couldn’t tell me anything much, but she’s in surgery right now. Her leg was crushed and she has broken two ribs. He face is pretty cut up and her side was cut open pretty deep. They’re in there right now pulling bit’s of the car’s wreckage out of her side” he broke down into tears and Liz rapped her arms around him. She too started to bawl and Max just sat there,
After a minute she broke away from Andrew and stood up. She began pacing back and forth “Has she been awake at all?”
“She drifted into consciousness once but hasn’t been awake since” Andrew whispered.
Max stood up and rapped his arms around Liz, she rested her head on his chest “I’m so sorry” she whispered.
“Liz? What the hell are you saying sorry for?” he kissed her head “Don’t be sorry, do you need me to get you anything?”
Liz shook her head “No I just need you to stay here with me. Will you do that?” she whispered.
“Of corse” he replied “Don’t you think you should get some sleep? You’ve been up for twenty-four hours at least”
Liz shook her head “No, I couldn’t sleep even if I tried”
The doctor came out they hurried up to him “How is she?” Liz demanded.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“I’m Liz, her best friend” Liz’s face showed how distressed she was.
“Oh OK, the good news is the operation went well and she’s sleeping, the bad news is we don’t know how well she is. There is a fifty-fifty chance she’s survive, we’ll be able to tell in the next few days”
Liz’s eyes filled with tears “Can I see her?”
“I don’t see why not” the doctor said. Liz followed him to the room, “Can I just have moment alone…?” she asked Andrew and Max.
They both nodded.
She walked into Maria’s room and closed the door. Maria was lying in the bed, she had a bandage around her head and she was hooked up to an IV. “Oh Maria, what have you done?” She whimpered taking a seat next to the bed “Oh I can’t loose you Ria” she buried her face in her hair “I can’t” tears dripped down her face.
She climbed onto the bed and lied down next to her friend; she couldn’t get close enough. Rapping her arms around Maria and pressing her face to Maria’s cheek she whispered “Do you remember when we were nine and Greg kissed you behind the girls changing rooms? Straight after you ran away screaming EW LIZ! HE SHOVED HIS TONGUE IN MY MOUTH!
We sat down on the jungle gym talking about how gross he was and for the next few weeks you were so embarrassed you didn’t say a word to him so I had to do all the teasing. But I am no good at coming up with names so he just ignored me” Liz wiped her eyes and sniffled. “You have to wake up. I need you, you’ve always been there and if you’re gone I’ll just die. Who will I wax my legs and scream at the top of my lungs with? Who will I argue with in the supermarket, because my yogurt does not have as much fat as yours no matter what you say?” she whimpered “Paris was beautiful Ria. Max showed me the most beautiful places, I love him so much, you’ve got some competition now for my favorite person now”
“You remember how we said we’d never stop being friends because of a guy? Well you need to get up so we can argue about me spending too much time with Max and you’re spending too much time with Andrew” Liz’s tears dampened Maria’s cheek “I love you so much Maria”
Andrew came in a few minutes later and Liz left the room to give him some privacy. Max was leaning against the wall and she walked right into his comforting arms, “You look tired” she whispered “You should go home and get some sleep”
He shook his head “No I’ll stay here with you”
“You don’t have to” she buried her head in his chest “You probably want to take a shower after the flight and everything”
“It can wait” he kissed her temple.
After two hours Liz finally convinced Max and Andrew to go home and have a shower, she stayed there next to Maria’s side.


It took Maria two and half days to wake up and when she did Liz ran to her from the other side of the room “Maria?” she asked.
Maria looked at her with half open eyes “Hi Liz” she tried to smile “How was Paris?”
Liz laughed in between tears “It was good Maria, cut short because of you but good” she kissed her cheek “How do you feel? Are you OK?”
“I could be a lot better, my back is burning” she moaned and closed her eyes “It’s stinging”
“That will be your ribs” Liz climbed onto the bed and lied down next to her “Remember when I broke a rib on the gym bars in high school? I complained about my back feeling on fire?”
“I remember” Maria buried her face in Liz’s hair “You stink, when was the last time you had a shower?”
Liz laughed “Same old Maria” she wiped her eyes “I haven’t had a shower in one and half days, not yesterday but the day before that. I don’t like leaving your side”
“Your gonna scare Max off” Maria coughed then winced.
Liz smiled “I will won’t I?”
“Will you promise me you’ll” shuddering breath “go home and have a shower when I fall asleep again?”
Liz didn’t want to “OK I will”
“Tell me how bad I’m hurt” Maria rubbed Liz’s hand in hers.
“Not bad” Liz said.
“Liar” Maria winced, “Everything hurts”
“You’ll be fine in no time” Liz whispered “You just broke your arm and leg”
“And my ribs” Maria breathed in, she was going to fall asleep in no time “I feel like a chunk of my sides missing”
“It was damaged a little, it’ll be fine” Liz convinced.
“Let’s hope” Maria’s breath shortened “Go have a shower”
Max walked in “Liz I got you some…” he stopped “Maria, your awake?”
“Not for long” she whispered “Max convince Liz to take a shower she smells” Liz groaned “Maria!”
Max placed the flowers down on the bedside table “I’ve tried, she loves you to much to leave. I got you some flowers” he smiled “How do you feel?”
“Liz will tell you, I’m going to sleep” and then she was out again.
Max kissed Liz’s cheek “You OK?” he whispered.
Liz sat up “I’m better now” she rapped her arms around herself “Will you take me home for a little while?”
“Yes of course” he took her hands “Let’s go”
She nodded. Before they left she glanced one more time at Maria and whispered “Be back soon”

When Liz came back Maria was propped up on some pillows, she had a clean bandage around her head and she looked better. Andrew was at her side- she and Max walked in, hand in hand, and smiled. Liz had had a shower and changed her clothes and freshened up “Maria! I thought if I left you would at least stay asleep until I got back”
“What?” she asked breathing in, “I wanted to look pretty for when you got back” she was obviously in a lot pain.
“Oh yes I believe you” Liz sat down on the side of the bed “Has the burning feeling stopped? I told them to double the morphine” she grabbed her friends hand.
“Yeah a little, my side is throbbing” she had her arm in a cast. Max had his hand resting on Liz’s leg “You look like your OK, maybe you’ll be home in a few days” he smiled.
“I doubt it” Maria closed her eyes “I feel like dying”
Liz breathed in; she didn’t like that she couldn’t do anything to help her friend “Stop talking like that!” she suddenly snapped. Rubbing her forehead and standing up she apologized, “I’m going to get a drink do you want me to get you guys anything?”
“No thanks” Andrew and Maria both said. Max stood up from his chair “I’ll come with you” they left the room and Liz broke down outside the door. Max knew it was coming so he was already half way hugging her before she started to sob, he held her tight against him “Come on let’s go for a walk” he whispered.
Liz wiped her eyes “Why is she talking like that? Doesn’t she know how much this is killing me?”
“It’s her way of dealing with all this Liz” he kissed her lips “You just have to keep your brave and indifferent face on for her”
Liz swallowed “I don’t think I can”
“Yes you can” he rubbed her cheek “I’ll help you”
“Je T’aimer” (I love you) she smiled “I learnt it in Paris”
“Je T’aimer to you too” she kissed him.
“She’s going to be OK isn’t she?” she looked at her feet “She’s going to get up and come back to work with me soon isn’t she?”
“Yes” he rubbed her back “Maybe not go back to work for a little while but eventually, yes”
Liz looked at his chest “Where did I find you?” she whispered.
“You didn’t fine me, I found you”

Liz sat in Maria’s room a few days later, Max was going to be on Rosie tonight, when he had told her she had laughed so hard. Maria wasn’t getting any better, her side got infected and she was in much more pain. Liz gripped her hand, should she put the TV on and watch Max?
Maria’s eyes fluttered and she drifted into consciousness “Ria?” Liz whispered “You OK?”
“No” She whispered “Lie down with me”
Liz climbed onto the bed and rapped her arms around her best friend “What’s wrong Hmm?” she pressed her forehead to hers. Maria tied to roll onto her side but she could not, she just winced “I hate this” she whispered “I feel like life is passing me by, aoutside my window everyone’s carrying on with Life and inside nurses are buzzing around saving life. But me I just lay here and do nothing but eat, sleep and sleep so more” tears dripped down her cheeks “I’m sorry I’m not being strong for you”.
Liz swallowed to keep her emotions in tact “No Maria you don’t have to be strong, I have to and I’m not doing a very good job”
The room was lit by a lamp on the other side of the room and the little bit of light shone onto Maria’s face and her tears looked like glitter “I love you Liz OK, if anything happens and I…”
“No Maria stop it. You’re going to be fine! You’re going to be out of here soon and back home with me and I’ll wait on you hand and foot” she tried to chuckle but it wouldn’t come out. “Anyway we need you back at the coffee shop, Samuel’s doing well but he’s got a pregnant girlfriend at home to look after as well”
Maria closed her eyes “I can’t” she cried.
Liz’s heart was aching “You can, I’ll help you” a tear dripped down her cheek “Do you remember when we went for a run through the park and that guy ran up and stood between us, we were so annoyed when started talking to us. Remember he was so heinous and you kept making puking noises to me? And when we ran past the fountain you tripped him and he flew into the water with a shriek!”
Maria laughed then coughed. And coughed “I remember”
“Anyway you have to been fine what could Andrew do without you? He’d never forgive you for leaving him” Liz rubbed her arm.
Maria didn’t say anything “How are you and Max doing? I haven’t see you two together for a few days”
Maria saw her and Max together earlier that day, Liz frowned maybe she was half asleep at the time “He’s good, we’re good. He’s on The Rosie O’Donnel show right now”
“He is? Put the TV on” Maria opened her eyes “This should be funny”
Liz reached over to the side table and picked up the remote, switching on the TV and changing it to the right channel she said, “You should have heard me laugh when he told me he was going to be on”
Maria grunted “the whole place will be packed with woman throwing themselves at him”
Liz found the channel and smiled “Oh he’s so gorgeous”
“Turn it up” Maria turned her head to look at the screen. Max was sitting there talking to Rosie about what he’s been up to lately.
“I think every girl here’s waiting to hear about this Liz Parker girl who’s been in the papers with you a lot lately” Rosie laughed.
Max was silent for a minute “What do you want to know?” he asked.
“I was invited to go with him” Liz whispered “But I wouldn’t like to be up there right now”
“No kidding” Maria muttered “Oh I wonder what he’s going to say about you”
“Is the relationship serious? Do you think it might last a while?” she looked around “Oh every girl’s holding her breath right now Max”
Max smiled and rubbed his brow “Yeah it is and I hope it will”
Maria nudged Liz “He’s talking bout you!” she squeaked.
Liz shhhed her.
“Well, well, well girls looks like we’ve lost out man!” Rosie said, “You haven’t known her for very long, from what I’ve read not even a month yet”
Max swallowed “Yeah, but it feels like a lot longer”
“How much longer?”
“My whole life” He answered quietly.
Liz blushed and felt her heart grow with love.
“Well, she must be ecstatic to have you, she’s the envy of millions of woman! In fact we wanted her to be on the show tonight with you but she’s not here, can you tell us why?”
“Yes Liz why?” Maria asked.
“I didn’t want to leave you my friend” Liz answered.
Max took a little while to answer “Well she’s with a friend tonight” he looked at the camera; Liz felt he was looking at her.
“She’s with me!” Maria exclaimed.
Rosie picked up something, looked like a tabloid “Well it looks like, from this page of pictures: that you took her to Paris a week ago!” she snorted “Lucky her!”
Max raised his eyes brows but didn’t say anything,
“These pictures, well they are, actually take a look yourself” A picture of Max and Liz kissing while Max stood holding shopping bags came up on the screen.
Liz gasped Maria gasped “Liz I see your tongue!”
“Oh my god, how embarrassing. Where did they get those pictures?” Liz sat up “Oh my god, Oh my god”
Max didn’t like her was pleased either “None if this really is anyone’s business but mine” he said.
“Yes” Rosie stopped the pictures “But every girl loves you and by the looks of it you spent some big doe on her, have you read what people have been saying about her?”
“That outfit is so cute” Maria said “On the picture there was of just you, at least you have that going for you”
Liz groaned. She has not happy with this.
“Yes and we don’t care about any of it” Max said “It’s just a lot of lies, no one knows her personally and it was rude to say things like that”
Liz turned off the TV and lied down “Argh that was horrible”
“I was still watching” Maria whimpered “He looked like he was about to blow a fuse!”
Liz shuddered “Yes and he’ll be upset when he gets here, which will be soon since they would have finished making the show a while a go”
Maria frowned, “Huh?”
“Well its not live Maria, they made it earlier, like in the late afternoon” Liz guessed.
“Whatever” Maria closed her eyes, “Remember when we were twelve and we were convinced our science teacher was an ex-con and was plotting to kill everyone in our class?” chuckles.
Liz laughed “He asked me to stay after class and you screamed right in the middle of class. You said that I couldn’t because I was coming to your house, he simply shrugged and said ‘you can help to then, it’ll only take a little while’”
Maria smiled “For the rest of class we plotted a way to get out of it and we ended up running for it as soon as the bell rang”
“He wasn’t happy the next day” Liz laughed.
The door to the room opened and Max walked in. Liz looked at him “hi” she said.
“Thank god you’re not watching the show” he simply said pulling off his coat.
“We watched some of it, but turned it off a little while into it” Maria said. Liz swallowed.
Max stopped what he was doing “You did?” he swallowed then put his coat down to rest on a chair “Damn”
Liz sat up “It looked like it was about to get a lot worse than it already was so…” she got up off the bed and walked over to him “Don’t worry” she said.
He frowned, “Your not mad?” he asked, “I thought you’d for sure leave me”
“What? No way” she placed a kiss on his lips “But then again I only saw ten minutes”
“We can still catch the end” Maria picked up the remote.
“No!” Max took it from her “You don’t need to see it”
“We wanna know what happened” Maria whined “Other you tell us or we watch it”
“I just lost my temper at her, it was insulting” he put the remote down on the side table “Don’t think I’ll get asked to be on that show again. Anyway how do you feel?” he asked.
“As good as I can considering” Maria answered.
Max rapped his arm around Liz’s waist “You’ll be fine in no time” he said.
Liz rested her head on his arm “How did they get those pictures?” she asked.
Max sat down “I didn’t even know they knew we were in Paris, someone must have told someone”
Liz frowned, “It’s embarrassing” she whispered.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
“It’s not your fault” Liz breathed in.
Maria closed her eyes “You guys should go and have dinner, I’m going to flout into my sleeping world any second. Liz you should stay in your own bed tonight, staying here isn’t very good”
Liz looked at her “Why? Don’t you like me here?”
“I don’t like you spending every second here, nothings changing and if something does they’ll ring you. Go and have dinner with your boyfriend for gods sake” she smiled “OK?”
Liz rolled her eyes “OK, but your sure you’ll be fine?”
“Yes” Maria snored “I’ll see you tomorrow some time”
Liz kissed her forehead “Yeah you will, sleep well’ she said.
“Hmm” Maria groaned. Liz turned to face Max and he took her hands “She’ll be fine you should stop worrying so much” he stood up and rapped his arms around her “She’s want’s you to carry on”
Liz nodded “I know”
They went and brought some take away’s then went back to his house and ate them while sitting on the couch. They made love once before falling asleep there on the couch.

In the morning Max woke up and looked around. Where did Liz go? He wondered.
He sat up and rubbed his head, he hoped she hadn’t just left. She had cleaned up from their food last night and her clothes were no longer on the floor.
He pulled on his pant’s and tiredly headed in the direction of the kitchen whilst he rubbed his head. Liz was standing in the middle of the kitchen biting her hand.
He frowned at her “Liz? May I ask what you’re doing?”
She looked at him “I’m trying to find the refrigerator!” she looked utterly confused.
Max laughed “OH poor you” he walked over to what could have very well been a cupboard and opened it to reveal what she was looking for. She groaned “How annoying”
“Don’t worry when I first came here it took me a month to find it” he joked. Liz walked over and they shared a quick kiss “I was trying to make breakfast” she said “But I was having trouble finding everything”
“What do you want to make?” he asked.
“I am the best scrambled eggs maker” she grinned “I wanted to make them”
He chuckled and pulled out the milk “Milk” he handed it to her “Eggs” he pulled out the tray of eggs.
“Thankyou” she pecked his lips then walked over to the bench, “Bowel?” she asked.
Max got everything she would need out of the cupboards and put them down on the bench in front of her, she quietly made them breakfast while Max sat on a stool watching her and occasionally helping.
When she was finished she put the plate down in front of him and poured him some coffee “There, you have to tell if you like them” she got her food and drink and sat down next to him.
Max forked some egg into him mouth and swallowed “Very nice” he said.
Liz looked at him “Is that it? Aren’t they fabulously wonderful?”
“Yes” he laughed “They are fabulously wonderful”
Liz grunted “Oh now you’re just saying that!” she tapped her hand on the bench.
Max took her face in his hands and kissed her “Your cooking is wonderful!” he exclaimed. He picked up his fork and started eating again. Liz bit her lip “OK, OK I get the message” they ate quietly then Liz went to wash the dishes “No don’t do that” Max said.
“Oh and if I don’t who will?” Liz asked.
“If we leave them the cleaning lady will” Max smiled as he rinsed his dish and put it down on the bench.
“Oh no she shouldn’t have to…” Liz started.
“She gets paid heaps and she does barely nothing, I’m not a messy person” Max pulled her out of the kitchen “She has it sweet”
Liz laughed “Oh I’m sure”
They had a shower together which lasted a long time.
Liz walked out into the lounge with a towel rapped around her body, she gasped when she found a female standing in there “Who are you?” she asked politely.
The girl was around her height with curly blonde hair and big red lips “I’m Tess” she smiled.
Max walked out in a towel and he was not surprised to see her “Tess can you come back later maybe?”
Liz frowned.
“Um sure” she blushed and quickly left. “Thank you” Max called as she closed the door.
Liz frowned, “Who was that?” she asked.
“The cleaning lady” Max grinned.
“She’s very pretty isn’t she? Far too pretty to be a cleaning lady” Liz started picking up her clothes.
“I never noticed” he came up behind her and started kissing her shoulder and neck.
“You can’t have not noticed” She turned to look at him “Isn’t that why you hired her?”
“Liz, where is this going? I didn’t even hire her, Ray did” His hand came up under her towel “I’m usually not here when she is” his lips descended on hers and she moaned as his hand came in contact with her heat.
“OK I don’t care anymore”

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Maria started to get better and the doctors said she would leave in a week. “Told you would get better” Liz bragged ecstatically happy her friend was going to be OK.
The week was long but then she finally came home and Liz waited on her hand and foot like she had promised; they even got her a little bell. Andrew looked after her some days and Liz went to the coffee shop.
They didn’t see Max much for those two weeks because he was very busy; apparently this was a big time for his business, Liz understood but she felt constant wanting for him to be near.
He rang her every chance he got. When Maria was up and walking around Liz’s mom surprisingly came to stay and gave her daughter a big speech about what she had been reading in the papers.
“Oh Maria, you are one lucky girl” Nancy was sitting on the couch and was hugging her second daughter “I’m so glad your OK”
“Thank you Mrs. Parker, how’s Mr. Parker?”
“Oh Maria why are you calling me Mrs. Parker? It makes me sound old, call me Nancy for goodness sake. Oh Jeff’s fine, he couldn’t come with me he has to work but he expects me to get all the news on you two”
Liz was pacing; Max was going to be here soon- for the first time in the last two weeks, he didn’t know her mother was going to be here, a little while ago Liz didn’t even know her mom was going to be here.
“Mom” she said biting her nails “Max is going to be here soon”
“Oh he is, is he?” Nancy evil eyes her daughter “Stop biting your nails”
Liz stopped biting her nails “Please be nice to him”
“I’ll be nice if he is nice” Nancy smiled then stood up and hugged her daughter “How on earth did my daughter end up with Max Evan’s?”
Liz frowned “Ha, ha, ha. Um yeah I’ll tell you that all later, just please I don’t want to scare him off”
“I don’t think you could even if you tried” Maria interjected.
“Really?” Nancy asked.
Liz heard the front door open, Max didn’t knock anymore. She walked in that direction and sure enough he came through “Max” she smiled “Look there’s someone…” he kissed her,
“I’ve missed you so much”
Liz smiled “Yeah me too, look my…” he cut her off by kissing her again,
“I’m sorry I just” kiss “needed to” kiss.
A throat cleared behind them and Liz blushed in embarrassment “Max, um meet my Mom” she rubbed her brow and turned around. Max raised his eyebrows at her in shock then looked up at her mother who had her arms folded and was looking at him with big eyes. Maria was standing behind her chuckling.
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you” he quickly said putting his hand out.
Nancy hesitantly shook it “the pleasures all mine” her lips pursed.
He took his hand back and silently swore at himself for not letting Liz talk when he came in.
Liz looked at him “Well Max has to be going now…” she started pushing him towards the front door…
“But he just got here” Maria grinned at Liz and Liz silently swore at her.
“Yes!” Nancy smiled “Why doesn’t he stay for dinner?”
Liz rubbed her head “Whatever, Max do you want to stay for dinner?” she asked looking at the ground.
“I’d love to” He answered.
“Well Liz just got back from the store a little while ago. What do we have planned for dinner anyway Liz?” Maria asked.
Liz swallowed “I was going to make Chicken and potato” she answered looking up and her. Maria raised her eyes brows “Want some help?”
“No I’ll be fine” Liz glanced at Max before heading into the kitchen.
“Well why don’t we go into the lounge and talk?” Nancy said. Liz banged her head on the wall “Damit” she groaned.
Max came into the kitchen later that night and she felt him come up close behind her. Her breath shortened and her body tensed.
“Hmm” she felt his breath on her neck “Smells nice” he whispered.
“Yeah you do” she whispered a little smile perking her lips.
He placed a kiss on her shoulder “I’m so hungry” he whispered.
Liz closed her eyes “I will feed you” she breathed.
“When? Now?”
She blushed.
“Soon” she answered.
“Is it almost ready?” her mom walked into the kitchen and Max stepped away.
Liz wiped her mouth for no reason “Yeah just give me a few minutes” she turned her head and smiled at her mother.
“Oh good, come along Max we should leave her to cook” they left the room and Liz let out a big breath.
Maria came in to get the plates to set the table and Liz hit her across the arm “Your evil”
“I am aren’t I?” Maria limped around on her cast and occasionally used her crutches. Except the crutches hurt her sides and her arm was still in a cast so they were too hard to move around in.
“You are!” Liz hissed “But you shouldn’t be setting the table, you should be lying or at least sitting down, I’ll do it soon”
“No your making dinner and we can’t ask the other two to do it their guests” Maria carried some plates resting on her cast, out of the room.
When they were all sitting at the table Nancy asked, “How’s Andrew? Liz told me about the engagement, I can’t believe my second daughter’s going to be married!”
Maria, Liz and Max all chuckled.
“He’s fine” Maria answered.
“Well the poor boy must have nearly had a heart attack when he found you’d been in a car crash!” Nancy shook her head “Poor boy”
“Poor boy?” Liz asked “What about me? I nearly died!”
Maria put down her fork and rubbed her friend’s arm “I’m sorry for scaring you”
“That’s OK, you made up for it when you lived” Liz swallowed “Andrew was pretty upset though”
“I can imagine” Nancy sipped her drink “Liz next time you make this you should cook it for a little longer”
“And it’s a little salty” Maria added.
Max gulped his down “It’s wonderful Liz, thank you”
She smiled into her food and pressed her thigh against his under the table.
After dinner Liz went and got the ice cream from the freezer and the left over cake from the refrigerator. She served everyone some dessert and then sat down. “So Max what are your plans for my daughter?” Nancy asked.
Liz nearly spat out her ice cream “Mom” she said, “I don’t think that’s any of your business”
Nancy looked back and forth between Max and Liz “Well I’m just wondering if your relationship is serious that’s all, is that wrong? I am your mother”
Liz closed her eyes “You don’t have to answer her Max” she could hear Maria trying not to laugh.
“No it’s a perfectly normal question and she is your mother, she has every right to know” Max smiled “Nancy I love your daughter and I intent to be with her for a long time” he ate a spoonful of ice cream.
Nancy rubbed her hands together “Do you want to marry her? She’s not getting any younger, her boobs are going to drop soon you know…”
Liz groaned and stood up from the table “You are so embarrassing!” she picked up her plate and her mother’s empty one and stormed into the kitchen.
Maria doubled over with laughter “I am sorry but this is” LAUGHS “soooo” laughs “Funny!” she stood up and took her and Max’s plates into the kitchen behind Liz.
“Liz don’t worry Max doesn’t mind” Maria rubbed her friends back.
“I can’t believe she said that” Liz rinsed the plates “I can’t believe she would embarrass me that much…”
When Max was leaving Liz walked him to the door, her mother following close behind. “I’ll see you tomorrow” she looked her mother and not caring anymore pecked his lips.
Max smiled “OK, it was nice meeting you Mrs. Parker”
“Please, call me Nancy” she waved.
Max glanced at Liz quickly then hurried down to his car.
Liz and her mother went inside, Maria’s was just heading to bed “Night Liz! Nancy!”
“Night Maria” Liz said.
Liz and her mom sat down on the couch “I’m sorry I embarrassed you, I didn’t mean to, it’s just my job as a mother to make sure her daughter’s boyfriend has good intentions” she smiled.
Liz swallowed “Just, don’t do it again”
“He loves you” Nancy held her hands over her heart “Oh my babies growing up a man loves her!”
Liz smiled “I love him to mom”
“You do don’t you?” she reached out and took her daughter’s hands “Very much?”
“I love him very much mom, he is wonderful in every way and I don’t want him going anywhere because I’ll be heart broken” Liz swallowed.
“Oh my baby” she hugged her.
They heard footsteps and both turned their heads to see Max “I forgot my coat and…” he bit his lip.
Liz and her mom stood up “Oh, right” Liz said.
“I’m going to bed, goodnight” Nancy walked into Liz’s room and Max did a little wave before she closed the door. Liz walked up to him “I’m sorry about tonight, I didn’t know she’d be here…”
Max kissed her “I had a good night” he smiled.
Liz blushed.
“I’m sorry you can’t stay, my mom has my room and I have the couch and…” he laughed and put his finger up to her lips “Stop” he smiled.
Liz rolled her eyes and plunked back down onto the couch “Where did you leave your coat?” she asked.
He walked into the kitchen and came out holding it; Liz did not want him to leave. Max did not want to leave. He walked over and leaned down to kiss her Liz stopped him “No you’ll never leave” she whispered.
Max kneeled down in front of her and kissed her neck “I love you too” he whispered.
Liz blushed, realizing he must have heard her conversation with her mother. He looked up at her and kissed her lips “I don’t want to leave” he said.
Liz pursed her lips “I don’t want you to leave, but it’s just for one night”
He ended up sleeping on the couch with her.
In the morning Nancy came out when Liz, Max and Maria were sitting at the table drinking coffee and eating toast and cereal. “Oh, Max you’re here early” she said.
Max just smiled “Hmm” he said.
Liz had to go to the coffee shop today so she got a ride to work from Max. Nancy stayed home with Maria.
“I have to fly to Washington for a few days” Max said on the way to Deluca’s.
Liz frowned “But you’ve barely been around for the last two weeks” she said.
“I know,” he said “I’m sorry, after this trip I’ll have more time again” he took her hand in his and pressed her knuckles to his mouth.
Liz sighed “Yeah I understand, it’s just…”
“Annoying that I can’t be near as much?” he said, “I don’t like being away from you either”
The car pulled to a stop, “So I’ll see you…?”
“Friday” he pulled her into his arms “I’ll come straight here?” he asked.
“Yeah, this is where I’ll be” she sighed.
He kissed her warmly “I love you” he whispered.
Liz nodded “Yeah I love you too, I’ll see you on Friday” she hopped out of the car.
“I’ll miss you” he smiled.
She smiled “Yeah, me too. Bye” she closed the door and went to open the coffee shop.

Liz closed the coffee shop alone, got a taxi alone, and went grocery shopping alone. Then went home to find out that she would have to be alone there too. Maria and her mom weren’t there, so she made dinner alone, ate it alone, watched TV alone, had a shower and went to bed alone. She found the whole experience to be very depressing.
Liz’s mom went back home on Thursday and Andrew got to see her before she left. Maria was getting better; she felt she didn’t need her stupid casts anymore. Her side had its stitches taken out, but on Friday morning it started to bleed out again and she had to have new ones put on. The cut on her forehead was healing and Liz changed the bandages for her every now and again. At eleven-thirty on Friday morning they finally got away from the hospital with Maria all stitched up and whining in pain the entire taxi ride home. After putting Maria to bed, being the great best friend she is, and making her soup Liz hurried to the coffee shop to make sure everything was OK there. It was busy and her employee’s were having a bit of trouble so she rang to get some more staff in. She could only get one more person in and when she got there Liz grabbed a cookie and headed to the department store to pickup the things Maria needed. She got home at one-thirty and made Maria lunch of chicken sandwiches and a milk shake.
“Your too good to me Liz Parker” Maria couldn’t sit up properly so they propped her up on pillows “Thankyou”
Liz put the tray down on her lap, with a smile she asked “Do you need me to feed you?”
Maria laughed “No thank you, but you can join me for lunch?” she bit her lip “And move the TV in here?”
Liz nodded “OK I will. And I can only stay for a little while I have to get back to the coffee shop” she went to get some food and when she was making it she heard the front door open.
Jumping with glee she ran out of the room and screeched “yay your home!” she pounced on Max and covered his face with kisses. He chuckled and rapped his arms around her tight.
Liz rapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck “How was you trip?” she asked.
He kissed her “Boring and drawn out”
“Do I hear a certain Maxie pooh?!” Maria cried from the bedroom.
Liz and Max both laughed. ‘Yeah Ria!!He’s home!”
“I’m glad you had a bad time” Liz did not let go of him and he did not let go of her “I have been so busy I’ve barely had a chance to think about you”
“That’s not good” He held her tight against him “All I did was think about you”
Liz kissed him “I said I’ve barely had a chance, not that I haven’t”
“Am I going to have to wait forever to say hello?” Maria cried.
Max walked in the direction of Maria’s room, not even thinking about putting Liz down “Hi Maria” He walked in and took a seat on her bed.
“Liz you’re strangling the man! Max I can’t see you under all that Liz” Maria laughed “I’d get up but I can’t”
“You’re not getting better?” He asked.
“Her side started to bleed out this morning so we spent two and half hours in at the hospital waiting for them to sew her back up” Liz explained.
“Oh, hospital’s here aren’t very good, maybe I should build another one” he said.
“You mean on top of the two children’s ones?” Liz asked.
He chuckled “Yes on top of the two children’s ones”
Maria grunted “You’re just trying to be saint aren’t you. That makes me sick”
“Maria!” Liz laughed.
“Well he is, everyone would do things like that if they had that much money”
“That is true” he said “I’m just living up to that”
Liz let go of his neck then fell back onto the bed “God I have to get back to work” she groaned “It’s not fair”
Maria touched her head “I would go to work If I could Lizzie”
“I know” Liz ran her hand through her hair then sat back up “This isn’t your fault, you need to sleep. Max I’m sorry,” she said.
“Don’t worry” he smiled “I have some things I want to do anyway”
“You do?” she got up off the bed “Great”
Maria groaned “I hate being disabled!”
Max stood up and patted her head “You’ll get better soon”
“Thanks” she grumbled.
Liz walked out of the room “I have to get into my uniform” she said.
Max followed her and Maria sat eating her food alone and grumpy.
“Max?” Liz asked pulling off her shirt “Can you move the TV into Maria’s room for me?”
“OK” he turned and headed back to the lounge. After he had finished movie it Liz walked in and kissed him “Thank you, I have to go. I’ll see you after work?”
“Definitely” he kissed her again.
Liz hurried to the front door after hearing her cab beep. Max walked into Maria’s room “Maria I need to ask you a question” he said.


When Liz finished work, she closed the shop and checked to see if Max was outside. He wasn’t so she rang a cab. When she got home she climbed the steps tiredly and unlocked the front door. Inside the lights were out and the house was empty “Maria!” she called. Nothing. She turned on the lights and found a note on the table.

I’ve gone to stay at Andrew’s. He picked me up at five.
Have an awesome night and tell me everything tomorrow afternoon when I’m home.

Liz sighed and pulled off her shoes. On her way to her bedroom she grabbed the phone and started dialing Max’s number. “Max?” she asked when he picked up “Where are you?”
“I’m pulling up outside” laughs.
“Oh” Liz smiled and hanged up the phone. Sure enough he walked inside a few seconds later and gave her a big kiss “How was work?” he asked.
Liz frowned at him “Your awfully happy. It was boring and drawn out” she quoted him.
He smiled and kissed her again “Poor you”
“What do you want to do tonight?” She asked, “We can stay here and I’ll make dinner or we can go out…?”
“Stay here” he answered.
“OK” she kissed him and then walked back into her bedroom. “What do you want me to make for dinner?”
He fell back onto her bed and put his hand’s behind his back “Anything. I’ll eat anything you make”
Liz frowned “Your some help” She pulled some gray track pant’s on under her work skirt then pulled her skirt off “Something with rice?” she thought out loud. “Oh! It’s Friday! I have to go to the Laundromat” she put her hand over her mouth “I’m sorry, it can wait tomorrow if you want, it’s just I always get it done on Friday’s before the weekend”
“No we’ll go do it now” he sat up “I don’t mind”
“Really?” she pulled off her shirt and rummaged around for another one, she put on a pink v-neck T-shirt and pulled a blue beaded necklace around her neck. “Of course not” he smiled.
She quickly pulled her hair out and did it up in braids then walked over to her laundry bag and picked it up. She picked up a few things around her room and shoved then in the bag then grabbed a small container off her dresser,
“What’s that?” Max asked. It was a little silver box with a Chinese symbol on it.
Liz laughed “I keep my coins in it for the machines”
He smiled and stood up. Liz walked up to him and kissed him passionately “Your wonderful. Thank you” she smiled.
Max laughed and pressed his forehead against hers “You’re too much”
They went to the Laundromat and Liz shoved all her clothes and Maria’s into the machines. There were five other people there, a little old lady wearing a cardigan and a long skirt, a man who was wearing all back and smoking a cigarette as he watched his washing in the drier. Another man in his forties was drinking coffee and waiting patiently for his washing to finish, a young girl who looked about eighteen was flirting with the other guy who was leaning against the wall holding detergent.
It was normal, not busy. You could hear everyone’s conversations because it was so quiet.
Max sat down and pulled Liz onto his lap, “Maybe I should go and buy some food. By the time we’re finished here I make dinner it will be pretty late” Liz intertwined both her hands through his.
“I don’t mind,” he said.
“You’re the most helpful person” she said sarcastically “I don’t know why but I feel like a chocolate muffin”
Max laughed “You can have that for dessert but not for dinner. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that…”
“Stop! Yes she told me that” she held her hand over his mouth “Anyway I thought I could have you for dessert” they hadn’t been together intimately for nearly three weeks. They never had a chance for two weeks because he was so busy and Liz was to preoccupied with looking after Maria. And this week on the one night they would have her mother was staying over.
“You can if you want to” they shared a kiss and then Liz rested her head on his neck “Wait we still haven’t solved our dinner problem”
“I’ll go get something and you wait here?” he asked.
“OK, down the road’s a mall, the one with the big bill board of you on it outside and there’s a good food court in there. Get me anything I don’t mind” Liz stood up and he did too.
“I’ll be back soon” they kissed then he walked out of the store.
“Far out” The eighteen-year-old walked over to Liz and the guy she was talking to left “Were you just with Max Evan’s?”
Liz laughed “Yea I was”
“So is he like your boyfriend? Wow” the girl sat down on Liz’s machine and kicked her legs back and forth “How’d you meet him? Are you loaded too?”
“No, I’m not” Liz answered finding this young girl very amusing.
“Shit your lucky. I wish I could meet someone with that much doe. Does he buy you things?”
Liz frowned, “I don’t care about his money”
“Oh” The girl popped some gum in her mouth.
Max came back when Liz was putting the clothes into the drier. “How’d you do?” She asked shoving coins into the machine.
He pulled something out of the bag and held it out in front of her. She laughed “A chocolate muffin!” she kissed him “Thank you”
“Not before dinner though” They both said at the same time.
Laughing they both sat down and Liz looked at what he’d brought, “Chinese. My favorite” she smiled brightly “Well this is my lucky day isn’t it?”
“I guess so,” he said.
One of the machines near them stopped; it belonged to the guy who had been drinking coffee. Liz looked around- he was outside smoking. She stood up, walked over to his machine and put some coins in then walked back over to Max.
He stared at her and she turned her head and smiled “What?”
He said nothing.
Liz got up again a few minutes later and put some coins in her drier. She stood watching it “Its quite mesmerizing isn’t it?” she smiled “You could just watch it for hours” she tilted her head to the side.
Max walked up behind her and kissed her neck. “Don’t you think?” she asked.
Max rapped his arms around her waist and found her hands, he slipped something onto her finger.
“Marry me” he whispered into her ear.
Liz gasped. He raised her hand so she would have to look at it. The ring was gold and was encrusted with many, many little white diamonds.
“When I was away in Washington, missing you uncontrollably, I realized I never” he placed a kiss on her neck “ Ever want to miss you like that ever again. I want to see you every morning and watch your eyes light up when you smile every day. I could never imagine being or wanting any other person as much as I want you. I know we’ve only known each other for not even two months but I feel like I have known you for my whole life” he turned her around to face him and wiped the tears off her face “Liz” he knelt down “Be my wife”
It only took a few seconds- she burst into tears and held her hands over her mouth.
“Come on girlie we’re waiting for your answer!” An old man hissed after a few minutes.
Liz and Max both looked at him and let out a chuckle. They noticed that everyone in the place was watching them in collective gasp. Liz pulled him up off the ground looked him the eye’s “Your serious aren’t you?”
“More serious than I’ve ever been in my whole life” he wiped her eyes with his thumbs “I love you so much. More and more every time I see you, if that’s even possible”
Liz’s hands were shaking “I love you too Max” she swallowed and rapped her arms around his neck “Of course I’ll be your wife” she cried. He breathed out and stared at her in awe. Liz stared at him in awe. They were engaged! . Their lips found each other’s and everyone let out a cheer.
The little old lady clapped her hands “Congratulations” she smiled brightly then turned to the guy in the black who was standing next to her.
“You know when my husband asked me to marry him he…” she started telling her whole life story to the guy and he continued to smoke and pretend to listen.
Max held Liz to him as tight as possible “I love you” he whispered into her ear and she cried happily against his chest. They didn’t care about the Chinese once they got home; it was left untouched on the table as they made love all night long.

Liz lay with her eyes on the ceiling when she woke up. It had been a dream. The last two months had to have been. It was too good to be true. Max ran his hand along her stomach and pulled her closer to him. He buried his face between her breasts and she glanced down on him.
She swallowed. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She felt like she was in heaven. She was in heaven.
Lifting her hand that now had a beautiful engagement ring permanently implanted on it she muttered “What did I do to deserve this?”
She placed a kiss on the top of Max’s head and snuggled into him more, “I love you” she whispered. She pushed her leg off the side off the bed and tried to free the other one. Max’s sleeping form wouldn’t have any of it. Giggling she heaved him up with all effort and fell off the bed with the blanket entangled around her body.
Wobbly she stood up and stumbled out of the room to go toilet. On her way back to the bedroom she decided to get some drink and chuck last night’s Chinese out. Max wasn’t awake when she went back to bed; she looked at the clock, One-thirty PM. She didn’t care; she was tired and happy, Ecstatically happy.
Max rapped his arms around her and kissed her shoulder when she lay down.
A smile lit Liz’s face, Max had proposed to her in a Laundromat! That was certainly original. It was story she was able to tell their children one day -children?
Max had said he wanted many children, how many though? She did not want too many. Three was enough wasn’t it?
“Liz! I’m home!” The front door slammed.
Liz tried to roll away from Max but he wouldn’t let her “Max!” she slapped his strong arm “I need to get up” she moaned.
He did not move.
“Liz!” Maria called coming in their direction.
“Maria I’ll be out in a minute!” Liz called back. Liz kissed Max’s lips to wake him up. “Mmm” a small moan escaped his throat.
Liz heaved him onto his back and finally stood up. She walked over to her closet and pulled out her robe. She put it on and walked out of the room closing the door behind her. “Liz!” Maria cried. Andrew was making some food in the kitchen.
Liz held her hand up to show off the ring.
“Argh!!!” Maria jumped up and down “Its beautiful!”
“I know!” Liz cried.
“How’d he do it?” Maria hugged her friend.
Liz laughed “We were in the Laundromat!” she wiped her eyes.
“The Laundromat? jeesh! It’s weird but who cares! My baby’s getting married!” They jumped up and down in glee.
Andrew laughed from the kitchen.
“Where is he?” Maria asked.
“Sleeping” Liz beamed.
“Tire him out did you?” Maria walked them over to the table with her arm rapped around her shoulders.
“Must have” Liz laughed. Liz made them all iced coffees and they sat down and talked about stuff. A sleepy Max came out half an hour later wearing checkered boxers. He scratched the back of his head and said hi tiredly. He bent down and kissed Liz and said good morning. “Actually its ten past two” Maria said.
He raised his eyebrows “It is?”
“Yip” Maria tried not to look at his rippled chest.
“You want to have a shower?” Liz asked.
He thought for a minute “Yeah OK”
Liz stood up and lead him down the hallway, she got him a towel and showed him where every thing was. After he was in the shower she went back and sat down “Not a morning person?” Maria asked.
“No he’s usually fine, just not today” Liz laughed
“Your lethal” Maria rubbed Andrew’s back and pecked his cheek “I want to go shopping but I’m not allowed to move much” she whined.
“I got your washing done last night” Liz smiled, “It’s on the couch with mine, it need’s to be ironed though. I’ll do it later”
“Oh so you actually got something done at the Laundromat” Andrew raised his eyebrows.
“Yes, I got everything done” Liz played with the ring on her finger and felt her heart beat faster “I can’t believe we’re both engaged Ria!” she rested her head on Maria’s shoulder “It’s amazing isn’t it? Oh I can’t wait to find out what Samuel says on Monday when I tell him! He’s gonna go ballistic”
“He’s probably going to die!” Maria laughed “He’ll spasm. I am mad I’ll miss it!”
They all heard a cell phone at the same time and Liz stood up “Oh it must be Max’s! Should I answer it?”
“Of course you should. It’s not like he’ll be mad or anything and plus you’re his fiancé you have the right too” Andrew said. Liz ran to answer it and found it on her dresser “Hello?” she said.
“Who is this? This is Max’s cell phone isn’t it?”
“Yeah it is, I just answered it for him because he’s busy, Um, can I get him to ring you back?”
“Who is this?” it was a woman.
“Oh Liz” pause “It’s Isabel, can you tell my brother to come to the phone I don’t care how busy he is”
“Isabel hey! Well he’s in the shower…” he walked in with a towel rapped around his waist “Oh wait here he is”
“Your sister” Liz held the phone out to him and he smiled and took it,
“Is? What is it now?” he rapped his arm around Liz’s waist to stop her from going anywhere. “Wait, I want to come to. Why don’t all of us go?”
“Yes I want to bring Liz” Liz frowned at him and he covered the phone with his hand “Isabel want’s to know if she can borrow my house in Hawaii for Alex, Michael, his girlfriend and her. Do you wanna go?” he rubbed her back with the arm that was around her.
“They don’t like me” she shook her head “You go I’ll stay here”
“Oh yes I’m going to go and leave you here” he shook his head “you don’t actually believe I could do that, do you?”
Liz pursed her lips “I don’t know. Max you know Michael and Isabel don’t like me. Don’t ruin their trip by having me there”
“They do like you, they just have a hard time showing people how they feel! Liz stop this you are coming I’m making you”
“WHAT?” she said, “You’re joking”
“No I’m not, your coming. Please say OK so I don’t feel like the mean guy”
Liz huffed.
“Do you want to come? Please”
Liz thought for a second. She would do this for him; he obviously wanted her to make his sister and best friend like her. She bit her lip “I guess so, but when are they going? I can’t leave Maria for a little while, until she’s better”
Max thought for a second “She can come” he suddenly said.
Liz raised his eye brows “Um, OK if they don’t mind if she comes along?”
“We’re coming and we’re bringing Liz’s friend and her fiancee, we’ll be there a week after you then, OK, see ya. Yip” he hanged up chucked the phone on the bed. Surprisingly he picked her up and chucked her on the bed too “Max?” she asked, “What are you…?” he lay down on top of her and kissed her.
“Why didn’t you tell her about our…?” she pointed to her wedding ring.
“Because she’ll tell my parent’s and Michael and I want to tell them” he smiled “I love you, you know that don’t you? You know how much I love you?” he opened her legs and brought his hand up to rub her.
“You made that very clear last night,” Liz said.
“I don’t feel like you know” he teased her with his hand “I don’t think you have any idea”
“I…” thickening pause “do. God I do!” moan “I feel the same waaaaaaaaay” she arched up into him “Stop that” she groaned.
“You don’t really want me to” he pulled off his towel and put it down on the floor. Liz shook her head “Your right don’t…”
“Liz!” Maria called coming their way “Oh my god I just heard the funniest joke I have to tell you!”
“Leave me alone Maria!”
“NO! I’ll forget it I have to tell you now!”
Liz groaned “It better be very good” she got up from under Max and walked over to the door. Opening it and peaking out she came face to face with Maria “What is it?”
“OH am I interrupting something?” she fluttered her eyelashes.
“You about to be, hurry up and tell me what you wanted to tell me” she tapped her foot against the carpet. She could hear Max chuckling from inside the room.
“What do you call a nun with a washing machine on her head?” Maria couldn’t help but laugh as she said it.
“OK I give in what do you call a nun with a washing machine on her head?”
“Sister-matic” Maria doubled over.
Max laughed- Liz stifled a laugh then slammed the door. Max was lying on the bed laughing when Liz walked over to him “It was quite a good joke you know” Max said.
Liz rolled her eyes as she undid her robe “You can stay in here or you can go out and listen to more funny jokes if you want?” she pushed her robe to the floor “What will it be?”
Max swallowed “I’ll stay here”


They decided they would not leave for Hawaii until after Maria’s casts were off and her stitches were out. That wouldn’t be for another four weeks. Max said that was good because by then it would be hotter and it also gave Liz time to get employee’s rounded up to work full time. Isabel was leaving for Hawaii in two weeks so she would have the place to herself with Alex for a while. Michael was going one week before Max, Liz, Maria and Andrew. Liz had another big dinner-party-business thing to go to with Max at the beginning of April; she was waxing her legs while Maria did her hair “So are you guys going to tell everyone your engaged tonight?”
Liz thought for a second “I don’t know. I mean OWWWW” she screeched as she pulled the wax strip off “If we do it will be in the paper and my mom and dad might see it. Max wanted us both to go spend the day with them and tell them”
“Max into that stuff isn’t he? Soon he’ll be flying his parent’s here so they can meet your parent’s” Maria curled a strand of hair in the curling Iron “I would love to see your dad shake hands with Mr. Evan’s! That would be so funny”
“It would be like, ‘So Mr. Parker what do you do?’ ‘Oh I own a theme restaurant’ ‘Really? Has it gone international?’ ‘No it hasn’t but we sell the best crab sticks in town’ I don’t want them to meet” Liz said.
Maria laughed and so did Max who walked in “They’re going to have to meet at some point! What you think that if you sit them at different sides of the wedding chapel they won’t be able to get to each other?” Maria giggled.
“Well you know we might be lucky?” Liz kissed Max “I’ll be ready in a minute, I’m just…” she motioned to the wax strip on her leg “Last one” she sucked in her breath then yanked it off “OWW! SHIT!” her face screwed up like she’d sucked on a lemon.
Max winced “Argh! Why do you do that?” he asked.
“To look beautiful of course. No one ever said looking wonderful was easy” Maria answered for her.
Liz nodded in agreement.
“OK I’m finished” Maria looked at her hair.
“Thanks Ria” Liz jumped up off her bed “Oh god where are my shoes?” she stumbled around looking for them and when she looked up she found Max waving them in the air “Oh thanks” she grabbed them and shoved them on.
Liz ran to the door and Max pulled on her coat for her. Maria waved them goodbye and went to watch television.
“Tonight I have to talk to a group of men about work so I’ll have to leave you alone for a little while but Molly and Reta will be there so they will look after you for me” he rubbed her leg.
“It’s not going to be as big as the last one it’s more of a dinner with a few people” he kissed her but she pushed him away “You’ll smudge my lipstick” she smiled.
Max rolled his eyes “I’m sorry” he kissed her “But smudging of your lipstick is a small price to pay for my kisses is it not?” he kissed her again.
“I guess” she grinned.
“Good. Now after dinner all the men go away to have a cigar and a brandy but the ladies stay at the table and talk about things, being a guy I have no idea what. But it’s some old tradition thing so we don’t bore the woman to death with stock market information”
“I’m not a baby I can handle it without you” she kissed his hand “I really can make it without you”
He raised his eyebrows.
“I really can’t make it without…” they kissed “You” she finished.
The car pulled up to the house that was holding dinner and they both got out. Max clutched Liz’s hand in his as he rang the doorbell; the maid came to the door and greeted them.
She took their coats and led them to the living room where everyone was awaiting their arrival. “Mr. Evan’s, Ms. Parker! How good of you to come” a lady Liz recognized but couldn’t remember properly greeted them.
After everyone had said hello to them Max and Liz took a seat together on the couch. Liz looked down at her new French shoes as Max rubbed her lower back and talked to Reta and her husband. Liz wanted to crawl onto Max’s lap and have him rap his arms around her tight. She looked up and joined in the conversation until they were all directed to the dinning room.
Liz was thankful she would get to sit next to her fiancee at the dinner table, part of her had feared she’d have to sit next to someone she didn’t know. On her other side sat Bill gates. When he shook her hand she blushed and heard Max chuckle behind her. He was very polite he talked to her occasionally at the dinner table.
“Do you want to draw attention to ourselves?” Max whispered into her ear as she sipped her drink. Liz looked at him questionably.
He reached down and rubbed her engagement ring in his hand.
Liz raised her eyebrows “Oh” she thought for a second “I won’t be in the paper before my parent’s find out will it?”
He shook his head “No one here will tell anyone if we ask them not to” he kissed her palm “It’s up to you”
They ate and talked with everyone then Liz turned to Max and said “OK”
Max smiled then turned back to everyone one. “My husband is doing very well right now, he wished he could have come tonight but he couldn’t fit in any time. He apologizes of course”
“That’s OK”
“Speaking of husbands” Max suddenly said “I’m about to be one. Me and Liz are engaged”
Liz blushed Max smiled with pride.
“Wow!” Molly exclaimed “Congratulations two the both of you!”
Everyone chimed in with congratulations and best of lucks. Reta stood up and lifted her glass “To Max and Liz” she smiled.
Liz clinked glasses with her husband to be and Bill Gates happily.
Dinner went very late and when everyone was finally leaving Max and Liz decided to as well. By this time it was twelve-thirty. Liz and Max walked to the car “I am so tired I think I’m going to fall down” Liz mumbled.
Max chuckled. On the way back to his house Liz lay down on the seat and rested her head on his lap. She fell asleep before they reached his house and Max carried her inside and put her in his bed. He pulled off her dress and shoes and pulled her hair out then got undressed himself and hopped into bed with her. She slept all night and woke up at eleven-forty seven in the morning.
“Let’s go tell my parent’s today. I don’t want to wait till after we get back from Hawaii” Liz said as Max walked in with breakfast in bed. He nodded “OK then”
He placed the tray down on her lap and Liz smiled “Thank you” she placed a kiss on his forehead “You didn’t have to do this”
“I wanted too” he smiled and lay down at the end of the bed in his back. He put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. Liz watched him “Tired?” she asked.
“Yeah” he moved so he was snuggling into her legs. He rested his head on the end of her thighs and Liz stroked his hair “Why don’t you go to sleep? I’ve had plenty of sleep. We’ll go see my parent’s tomorrow so you feel better”
“No you wanted to go today” he arched his head into her soothing hand “We’ll go today”
“No we don’t need to I was just being picky. You sleep today” she leaned down and pressed a kiss to his temple “You’re constantly on the go I can’t believe how selfish I’ve been being! “
“Your not selfish” he said before he fell asleep.
When he woke up Liz was in the kitchen cooking them dinner with Maria. She came around because she had never seen his place before, Max didn’t mind of course. When he appeared in the doorway to the kitchen Liz ran up to him bare-foot and breathtakingly beautiful “Feel better? I’ll go run you a bath” she said.
She placed a kiss on his nose then left the room.
Max thanked heaven for her. She was the love of his life; there was no doubt about it.
“Look what she’s been making you!” Maria limped over to the stove “Pasta, cheese sauce and chicken. Apparently your favorite”
Max felt an overwhelming need for Liz to be in his arms.
Liz came back a little while later placed her hand on his bottom and led him out of the kitchen and to the bathroom “Is this everything you need? Dinner will be ready when you get out and we can get a movie if you want?” she put her hand on the towel she had got out for him “Tess came by and cleaned up today she is quite nice isn’t she? She’s very friendly. Did you get enough sleep?”
Max was in awe.
“Are you OK? Your not getting sick are you?” she placed her hand on his forehead and he laughed.
“No I’m fine” he took hold of her arms “Just very in love with you. You’ve been busy I can tell. Thank you”
“It was my pleasure” she smiled “I dry-cleaned some of your clothes today, they have been put away in there place” she looked around, Oh I forgot soap” she went over to the little cabinet and pulled out a soup. She placed it on the side of the tub “What are you waiting for? Get in dinner will be ready soon!”
She went to walk to the door but Max stopped her “You’re a god” he kissed her lips then rested his forehead on hers “I’m sorry I have sleep breath” the corner of his mouth twitched into a small smile.
“I’ll take your breath anyway you give it to me Max” she whispered. They shared a kiss once more then Liz went to the door “Do you want me to get a video?”
“Sure” he pulled off his boxer shorts and went to hop into the bubbly water.
Liz smiled at all his manly glory “OK I’ll go drop Maria off and get a video while your in here, that’s where I’ll be if I’m not here when you get out”
He nodded.
When Liz got back he was still in the tub with his eyes closed. Liz tiptoed over to him and placed a kiss on his damp forehead “Are you sure your OK?” she whispered.
He opened his eyes “I’m fine” he pulled her mouth to his “Join me?” he whispered into his mouth.
Liz bit her lip “I have to serve dinner” she looked down at her outfit of a purple v-neck top and jeans.
“I don’t need dinner yet, I need you” he tugged at her top. Liz figured what the hell and pulled off her jeans and top. When she hopped into the warm bubbling spa she felt her body relax and her she sighed “Oh god that feels good” she whispered.
She leaned into Max’s chest and closed her eyes. He started to give her a massage starting at her neck and ending at her bottom “Hmm” her small moans and groans filled his senses and he enjoyed the massage as much as she did. He felt good because she felt good.
She tilted her head backwards and kissed him “I love you” she whispered “Thank you, I don’t think I can say that enough to you”
He smiled “Don’t say it at all then”
Liz turned around so she was straddling him “I” kiss “made your favorite for dinner” she kissed down his neck. He sighed contentedly “Maria told me. I am the luckiest man alive” he rapped his arms around her waist and kissed her forehead. “And I am the luckiest woman”
Her hand wandered down to take hold of him, she rubbed him gently for a little bit then led him into her body. It felt good to have him fill her again. She moaned and pressed her forehead to his cheek in satisfaction, she lifted her hips and then pushed herself down on him quickly. Max moaned and kissed her lips happily. She continued to lift herself up and down on him until Max groaned out and buried his head in her neck. Liz felt him move his hand down so he could rub her. She came quickly and they both snuggled together in the warm water for a long while.
Max dressed Liz and then she went and heated then served their dinner while he shaved and dressed.
He came out smelling and looking clean when she was placing plates oh his wooden table near the bar. He kissed her neck and then took a seat at the table. She came out wit a big smile on her face “It’s not restaurant quality but it’s Liz Parker quality and I hope that is good enough for you” she spooned the food onto his plate.
Smiling he said “Anything Liz Parker is good enough for me”
She laughed and sat down at the head of the table-next to him. “What movie did you get?” he asked.
“A knight’s tale and eyes wide shut” she smiled “I am bad at picking movies so you’ll just have to excuse it”
He scooped some food into his mouth “I’m sure they’ll be fine”
“Oh I don’t know” she smiled with a half full mouth of food.
“We’ll have to wait and see,” he said.
They enjoyed them.
The next morning, Sunday, they had a shower and got ready to go to her parent’s house. “Can we take a Taxi?” Liz asked.
Max raised his eyebrows “How come?”
“I don’t know why I just want to” she folded her arms over her chest “Please?”
“We can, I’m just wondering why” he pulled on his coat.
“No reason” she brushed her hair behind her ears and walked over to the elevator. Max knew there was a reason but he wasn’t going to push it. So she didn’t want to use the limousine what was the big deal?
Liz’s parent’s house was a two bed roomed small house with a lawn and a driveway. It was very homey and smelled like blueberry pie. “Momma! Poppa! Guess whose here!” Liz opened the front door and walked in with Max.
Nancy came out from the kitchen and smiled “Liz? Max? What are you doing here?”
“We came to surprise you of course!” she walked over and hugged her mom. Max smiled and said hello.
“Your dad’s out back, he’ll be so happy to see you! Oh come on” Liz headed out and Nancy pushed Max’s back. Liz opened the sliding door the back yard and yelled “Pappa!” she headed over to him and he walked to her with open arms.
“Liz Parker you have taken too long to come home” he said. Liz pulled away from here “Yeah well I’ve been busy!”
Nancy and Max walked over.
“Dad, this is Max. Max this is my dad Jeff Parker” she took Max’s hand in hers.
Max held his free hand out to Jeff and he shook it. “It’s nice to finally meet you Max,” he said.
“Yes same here” Max smiled nervously.
“Well I’ve just been making lunch, how long are you two here for?” Nancy asked.
“We can stay till about five then we have to leave” Liz answered.
“Oh OK. Since you’re here I think I’ll up our lunch from sandwiches to something else. Can you busy yourselves for a little while?”
Liz nodded “Come on Max I want to show you my old room”
They walked off and Nancy turned to her husband “What are you thinking?” she asked.
“I’m just surprised she’s with him . You don’t think the papers are right do you?” he brushed his hands on his shirt.
“JEFF! How can you say that about our daughter? How rude of you” she stormed away from him.
“I was just saying Nancy! Don’t overreact!” he yelled.
Liz closed the door to her new room and beamed at Max “So?” she asked, “What do you think of my childhood home?”
“It smell’s nice” he couldn’t help but say that. “It’s really homey. I like it” he sat down on her single bed and Liz walked over o him and hopped onto his lap “And my dad?” she asked.
“I shared no more than five words with him Liz, how am I supposed to feel?” he took her hands in hers “From what I’ve meet he seems like a nice guy”
Liz laughed “I’m just nervous” she rubbed their hands together “What if they disown me or something!”
“I’m not that bad am I?” he frowned.
“No! God no. You know that” she kissed him “I’m just worried they will think we’re moving to fast or something”
“Yeah I know” Max placed a kiss on her neck “They are not going to disown you. You’re twenty-five years old. I think they’ll be happy for you”
Nancy called from the kitchen, “Liz can I have your help in the kitchen please?”
Liz got up off Max’s lap and kissed his forehead lovingly then walked to the door. She left it open and went down the hallway and into the kitchen.
Went to the bathroom then came out a few minutes later and took a seat at the table. Liz was in the kitchen helping her mother.
“Liz, have you…” Nancy swallowed “Been intimate with Max?”
Liz gaped at her “Mom?” she asked questioningly “Why are you asking me this?”
“I just want to make sure your being safe and responsible” Nancy walked over to the refrigerator and opened it.
Liz saw Max sitting at the table out of her periphery, he was laughing. Obviously he had heard her mother’s question. Liz swallowed and shook her head “Mom I’m old enough to know not to be stupid. You don’t have to worry about me. I AM twenty-five”
“I know I’m just making sure I’m not going to be a grandmother to a bastard” Nancy got out the mayonnaise.
“Mom how do you know even if I were to get pregnant it would be a bastard?” Liz sighed “look don’t think about stuff like that please, it’s my own business OK?”
“OK” Nancy said taking out plates and putting them on the table. Jeff came in washed his hands then took a seat next to Max.
Liz heard little bits of their conversation when she brought plates of food out.
“Your Business is very impressive…”
“You should come and see the restaurant some time…”
“Yeah Liz meet Bill Gates the other night she was very shocked…”
Liz rolled her eyes then took a seat at the table “So what are you guys talking about?” she asked politely.
“Nothing” Jeff said, “well nothing you would be interested in. Just business and things like that”
Liz shook her head “You’re so old fashioned dad”
Nancy took a seat at the table and they shared brief conversation while they ate.
Liz started to get impatient so she suddenly said “Mom, dad” she glanced at Max, he was eating some bread “Max asked me to marry him and I said yes”
Jeff stopped chewing his food and Nancy swallowed.
Max smiled.
Liz frowned “Your supposed to say congratulations!”
Max rubbed her hand.
“We’re just… shocked” Nancy’s eyes never left Max’s forehead. He felt uncomfortable; he shifted in his seat.
“But you’ve only known each other for a short while!” Jeff finally said “Are you sure about this?”
“Yes” Max, said “very sure”
Liz bit her lip “Look we just want your blessings. For you two to be happy for us! You are happy for us aren’t you?”
“Of course we are!” Nancy exclaimed flinging her hand up and accidentally knocking her tea over. Jeff looked at Max, then Liz, then Max again.
Nancy stood up and started cleaning up her spilled tea. “Oh stuff it” she dropped her napkin and went around the table to hug her daughter “I am very happy your getting married my Liz! Oh I’m so happy” Liz rapped her arms around her mother. Nancy sniffled “Oh I’ll well and truly be loosing you won’t I?”
“No momma you’ll never well and truly loose me” Liz smiled. Jeff hadn’t moved- he was staring at Max. He didn’t know what to say! If Max were a normal guy he would be saying things like, you will be able to support my daughter won’t you? Where do you plan to live?
But he knew he wouldn’t have to worry about anything like that with Max.
Actually it was kind of a relief. Max could look after Liz. Very well!
A smile spread across his face and he lifted his hand out for Max “Congratulations. I know you’ll treat her well”
Max raised his eyebrows and breathed out in relief. For a second there he thought Jeff might pull out a gun. He shook his hand and smiled “Thank you”
Liz jumped up from the table and went to hug her dad. Nancy hugged Max “I’m glad you proposed to Liz! She’s never going to find someone as nice as you” she kissed his cheek “You will take care of her for me?”
“I will” Max grinned “I promise”
Max and Liz left at four thirty and before they did Jeff hugged Max unexpectedly. Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder on the way home; it was a forty-five minute drive. “Do you think your parent’s will like me?” she asked.
Max rubbed her hand “They will love you”
“You’re sure?”
Liz turned her head and placed a kiss on his shirt “Thank you” He just placed a kiss on her head and brought her closer to him.
As soon as they opened the door to Liz’s place Maria called out “How’d the parental’s take it?”
Samuel and his girl friend were over. The three of them were drinking tea on the couch.
“OH Erica!” Liz jogged over to her and hugged her “Your looking… so pregnant! And of course that means beautiful!”
Erica laughed “Thank you… I think”
“Oh, Erica this is Max. Max this is Erica! Samuel’s girlfriend” Liz smiled.
Erica shook his hand “So this is the Max Evan’s everyone’s been bragging about ever since you came into the coffee shop?” she laughed “it’s nice to meet you Max, you’ve gotten yourself a good woman here”
Max smiled “You don’t have to convince me of that” he took a seat on the sofa chair near them all. Erica was a small beautiful woman. She looked a lot like Penelope Cruz but more pretty- she was also Spanish, Max could tell from her accent. She was wearing a deep red dress and her short black hair was brushed behind her ears.
“Max do you want me to get you a drink?” Liz asked.
“Yes please Liz, anything will do”
Samuel laughed “Max Evan’s asked Liz Parker to marry him that is classic! Why her? You could have had a model!”
He got a shove in the side from both Maria and Erica. “Hey I heard that Samuel!” Liz called from the kitchen.
Max chuckled “Liz is beautiful enough to be a model Sam” both Maria and Erica let out a loud ‘AWWWE!’
“I think Liz found the best man out of all of us” Erica laughed “Sammy need’s to stop being so open mouthed!”
Liz walked in “He’s mine! I found him first” she poked her tongue out at Erica and sat down on the arm of Max’s chair. She handed him a beer.
“How’d your mom and dad take the engagement news?” Maria asked.
“They took it very well. They were shocked but they are happy for us” Liz had a sip of Max’s beer “I hope Max’s parent’s take it well”
“Oh doesn’t every body go through being nervous before meeting the parents?” Erica was a delightful person, very friendly. Max moved Liz so she was sitting his lap side-wards “I wasn’t nervous about meeting Liz’s parent’s”
“Liar!” Maria laughed.
“Oh but you’re a guy” Erica said “You don’t count” laughs.
“You woman are just cruel” Samuel got up to go to the bathroom.
“We’re cruel? How long is he taking to propose to you!” Maria said after he left.
“Yeah don’t worry Erica we’re working on him. He’ll ask in no time” Liz groaned “he is just so dense sometimes”
Erica just smiled and rubbed her big belly.
“Is it a boy or a girl?” Max asked.
“It’s an annoying little girl” she chuckled “No she hasn’t been that bad to me. Only a little while to go until she’s here though”
“Oh are you nervous?” Liz asked, “It must be scary”
“I am scared as hell but the doctors said everything’s going perfectly. They said it should be an easy birth” she snorted “Is there such thing as an easy birth?”
“Yeah it’s just like squeezing a melon out your ass and saying ‘that didn’t hurt!’” Maria stood up and picked up the empty bowel of chips. Realizing she shouldn’t be scaring Erica but making her feel better she quickly said, “But I’m sure giving birth doesn’t hurt as much as that would”
“Are you two going to have mini Max and Liz’s?” Erica propped her back up on a pillow “You two would have the cutest brunette children”
Liz’s eyes were the size of saucer’s “I never thought about what our babies would look like”
“You are going to have them though?”
“Max want’s heaps!” Liz swallowed.
“Heaps?” Erica shook her head “Oh no”
Max shook his head as he laughed.
“How many is heaps?” Maria walked in with a new bowel filled with popcorn.
“Yes Max, how many is heaps?” Liz pressed a kiss to his cheek. He gulped his beer down “I don’t know… six?”
“SIX!” Erica, Maria and Liz cried.
“Or five?” he laughed.
“Three! I am prepared to have three, anymore than that and you’re going to have to make them yourself,” Liz said.
“Yeah you go” Erica grunted. Samuel came out and took a seat again “What are we talking about?” he asked.
“Max want’s six kids” Erica laughed.
Samuel even laughed “Good luck!” he said.
“I am willing to negotiate” Max held Liz’s hands in his.
“What about Andrew and Maria?” Liz asked “They would have the most beautiful children don’t you think? Little blondes with blue eyes” she reached out to grab some popcorn. Everyone agreed, Maria blushed “I don’t know if I am willing to put myself through that much pain thank you”
“You will have them” Erica smiled “it’s amazing knowing you have a little human growing inside of you. You feel wonderful because you know that they’ll be yours, no one can say that there theirs because you made them and grew them and gave birth to them. I am excited about having Nina more than anything else”
Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder and pressed her forehead to Max’s neck.
When Erica and Samuel left it was around quarter to nine. Liz hugged Erica with Maria “Come and see us again soon”
“I’ll try. It’s just hard to walk with all this extra weight” Erica’s accent was one of the ones you could never get bored of. “It was nice to meet you” Max said as Samuel pulled Erica’s coat onto her shoulders.
“Yeah same here! Congratulations about the engagement I know you guys will be perfect forever” she smiled “See you all later!”


Max and Liz were arguing about a prenuptial agreement as they packed her and Maria’s things into the Limousine. “I want to sign one, it’ll make everyone think better of me” Liz sorted through her suitcase to make sure she had everything.
“No! Out of the question. When we get married everything will be both of ours Liz” Max watched as she zipped up her bag. Liz groaned “But Max no one will leave me alone unless I do! And plus it’s your money and I don’t want anything to do with it” she went to pick up her bag but Max grabbed it “No” he said “What does it matter what everyone else thinks anyway? And how can you say it’s mine and you don’t want anything to do with it?” he looked at her annoyed “Please!” he groaned “Everything will be ours Liz, not mine. I want to share everything with you”
“What does it matter?” she asked.
“What does it matter?” he repeated “It means everything! Don’t you want to share everything with me?”
“Everything will be shared!” she followed him out of her room.
“OK what are we arguing about happy couple?” Maria rapped her arm around Liz’s shoulder “Can I help in any way?”
“I don’t think so” Liz said, “Max won’t let me sign a prenup”
Maria moaned “You guys are pathetic you really are. What a stupid argument” she pulled her shoes on “What the hell does it matter anyway? You guys don’t plan on getting divorced do you?”
“Of course not” they both said.
“Well then what does it matter? I have to agree with Max on this one Liz. Prenups just make people worry when there is no need. Don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks”
Liz swallowed “But everyone, I mean everyone ” she looked at Max then back at Maria “Thinks I’m after money”
“But you both know that your not and I know your not so what else matters?” Maria locked the front door and headed out to where Andrew was waiting. “Now kiss and make up!”
“Maria this isn’t a fight we don’t need to kiss and make up” Liz stood with her back to Max.
“Well are you not going to talk about this again? If you do I will kick your ass Liz Parker”
“OK, OK I won’t say anything about it” she turned to face Max “OK?” she leaned up and pecked his lips.
“Thank you” he smiled.
Once everything was in the car they headed to the airport. They took Max’s private plane to Hawaii.
Maria’s cast’s and stitches had been taken off yesterday and she was so happy about it. All morning she had danced around on her still-slightly-sore-leg.
When they arrived in Hawaii Alex was there to meet them. Max introduced him to Andrew then they headed to Max’s mansion. “Why didn’t Isabel and Michael come to the air port to meet us?” Max asked. Liz had her head back and her eyes closed- she was doing this for Max, it wasn’t going to be that bad- no it wasn’t, she would not let it be.
Alex was driving the car. It was a nice red convertible.
“You know them, they are too stubborn” Alex was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and gray baggy pants “They are at the house”
The car stopped outside the house and everyone got out apart from Liz who wanted to crawl into herself and die. Max remained at the door waiting for her “Liz? Do you want to stay in the car?”
Groaning and falling onto her back she said quietly “I’ll be out soon honey”
“Do you want me to stay here?” he asked.
“No go inside introduce Maria and Andrew to Michael” she glanced at him then closed her eyes again. Max leaned down and kissed her forehead then closed the door
Liz rolled onto her stomach and buried her head in the leather. Why was she here?
A picture of Max kissing her shoulder while she made scrambled eggs came to mind. She was doing this for Max. She just had to remember that when Isabel opened her mouth, sighing Liz got up off the car seat. She just had to be strong, she loved Max and she would do anything for him, not everything in their relationship could be perfect all the time- this proved that.
She opened the car door and stepped out. In front of her was one of the most beautiful house she had ever seen in her whole life, it was huge and white and flash. It was everything you’d expect a billionaire’s holiday home would be. She walked up to the front door and walked in – beautiful was an under statement. The floors were wooden and the front room was huge!
“Liz” Max walked up to her “Are you OK?”
She nodded “Yeah I’m fine, just a little woozy, must have been the flight” she took hold of his hands “Show me your house”
He smiled and then placed a kiss on her lips “OK”
Maria, Alex and Andrew were laughing over something on the other side of the room. Isabel wasn’t there and neither was Michael. “Where are they?” she asked Max. He swallowed “They have gone to the store, they left a note”
They walked up the wide stair case and turned left at the top, Max showed her the gym and one of the bathrooms “That’s were Isabel and Alex sleep” he just pointed to the door. Down the hall further there was Michael’s room and other guest-rooms. “This place is like a hotel” Liz noticed.
Max smiled “Yeah, but it’s nice don’t you think?”
“It’s beautiful” Liz breathed “I’ve never seen anything like it”
“I thought you’d like it” he opened a door “This is our room” it was the master bedroom. It had French doors on one side of the room, they lead to a verandah- you could see the whole beach and town from it. There was a huge bed in the middle and a bathroom off to one side. There was a walk in wardrobe and a large television behind some cupboards. Liz breathed in; too much- this was all too much.
“Do you want to rest?” he asked.
She nodded “Yeah a rest would be good”
He walked over to the bed and pulled some of the pillows off “I’ll just be down stairs making sure everyone is OK and then I’ll come and check on you” he pulled the blanket back and Liz walked over “Thank you” she said in a small voice.
He rapped his arms around her and buried his head in her hair “I love you Liz. If you want to leave, just tell me and we’ll leave in a second. Your all that matter’s to me OK?”
Liz felt better, she had needed to hear that “I know” she sniffled “I’m just so worried about Isabel and Michael” her eyes filled with tears “No matter what you say I know they don’t like me”
Max breathed in “Remember what we said? We don’t care what anyone else thinks. Nothing they could say to me will change my mind about you, we’re getting married and that’s all that matters” he pressed a kiss to her forehead.
Liz wiped the tears from her eyes “They changed your mind once” she pulled away from him and climbed onto the bed. Max watched her pull off her shoes and hop under the covers, and then he left the room.
Liz pulled the covers over her head and whimpered- why was she worried about what Michael and Isabel said?

After a while she realized she wasn’t afraid of what they said to her, but what they said to Max. He had snapped at her once and she was afraid all he needed was a little bit more of a push until he did it again. And this time she didn’t know if she could just brush it off.

Michael and Isabel came back and Max introduced Maria to Michael and Andrew to both of them.
“Michael this is Maria and her fiancee Andrew. Isabel you meet Maria in the coffee shop didn’t you?” he was sick of this. He just wanted to go up stairs and comfort his wife-to-be. Isabel nodded “Yeah we meet, I didn’t know you were engaged Maria. How nice” she shook Andrew’s hand and he smiled?
Maria looked at Michael, he was a handsome guy- that was for sure, but she had a few things to yell at him about. She couldn’t get past what he had said to Max and caused between the happy couple.
“Nice to meet you” Michael held his hand out and she stared at it. Michael thought this girl was hot, it was shame she was taken.
Maria scoffed “I’d say the same but I’d be lying” she walked away and Andrew followed.
“What’s up her ass?” Michael asked.
“Michael, just stop OK?” Max rubbed his forehead.
“She was the one that had to be all rude, I was being polite!” Michael groaned.
Max folded his arms “I don’t care, you guys will be nice or I will send you home. This is my house and I can kick you out at any time. Don’t think I won’t. You’re just going t have to handle the fact that these people, especially Liz, are in my life and they aren’t going anywhere”
“Ah where is the little money hungry delight?”
Max shook his head “I’m warning you” he swallowed “Michael where’s your model?” he asked.
“Oh her?” he waved his hand “That ended a while ago, I’m a free man”
Max walked away and Isabel scoffed “Jeez! And this holiday was going well till they all got here”
Max walked into he and Liz’s bedroom and over to the bed. Liz had her eyes closed and she may have been asleep, her cheeks were red from tears. Taking off his shoes and hoping into bed with her he whispered “Nothing will change the way I feel about you Liz. Nothing”
He rapped his arms around her buried his head in her hair.
He heard her sharp intake of breath “How do I know that?” she whispered.
Before Max could answer she fell asleep. Later when Liz woke up, Max was still in bed with his arms rapped around her. He was asleep and looked peaceful so she left him alone and got out of bed. After getting into her swim suit and getting herself ready she went out to the beach with a towel and sunscreen in her hands.
Michael, Isabel, Alex, Maria or Andrew were no where to be seen, Liz was kind of glad about that, she wanted to be alone for a little while. It was very hot outside and she didn’t want to get sun burnt so she put sunscreen and her glasses on- Finally she lay down and closed her eyes comfortably. After half an hour some guy came and sat down next to her and started flirting, she got annoyed “Look I’m taken” she held up her ring “There’s heaps more beautiful woman down the beach go and talk to them”
“I’m just being friendly” he smiled.
“Liz!” Maria ran down the beach with Andrew “What are you doing out here? Who is this?”
“I don’t know” she frowned.
The guy stood up “It was nice to meet you” he smiled.
Liz huffed; “yeah um sure” she lifted her sunglasses on top of her head.
“I want an ice cream does anyone know where a stall or s shop is around here?” Andrew crossed his arms. The guy who was just leaving offered to show him where one was and Andrew accepted.
The two guys walked off and Maria lay down next to Liz “Your not cheating on Max are you?” she laughed.
“NO Maria! Of course not” Liz lay back down and put her glasses back on properly “He just came and sat down when I wasn’t looking”
“Sure” Maria slapped her stomach “Where did you and Max go off to before anyway? The bedroom?”
“I needed to rest Maria. It was nothing like that. Max just came and kept me company” Liz rolled onto her stomach and played with her hair “Have you meet the best friend yet?”
“Yeah, prick your right. I can’t get over how nice Alex is! I mean I only got to say hi to him at the coffee shop ages ago so I was glad to actually talk to him today. He is such a little honey- he’s funny and friendly, I don’t know what he sees in Isabel”
“I know!” Liz laughed “That’s exactly what I thought when I met them”
After lying on the beach and talking about Michael, Isabel and Max they headed back to the house. Liz told Maria about how sad she had been earlier and asked if she was just overreacting.
“No of course not Liz. You have every right to be upset” Maria rapped her arm around Liz’s neck and hugged her to her quickly “Just don’t bottle it up, talk to Max if you need to”
“I’ll try” Once they got upstairs Liz opened her and Max’s bedroom door to show Maria “Look how flash our room is” she whispered.
Maria’s mouth dropped open “I know it’s all too much for me. Me and Andrew’s room is so nice!” Maria whispered back “Talk to him if you need to!” she walked down the hall to her room and Liz went into hers. When she closed the bedroom door Max woke up and rubbed his head “Where have you been?” he asked.
Liz tiptoed over to the bathroom “The beach” she answered.
Max sat up and looked at her “You have? By you self?” he got up and Liz smiled “Maria joined me after a while”
He followed her into the bathroom and watched as she turned on the shower “Is it nice out there?”
“It started to get late so we came in, but it’s still hot” she dropped the towel from her body and Max checked her out “You were out on the beach wearing that?”
Liz laughed and looked down at her blue triangle bikini “Yes I was, is that wrong?” she untied the top and started taking it off “Are you going to join me for a shower?”
Max groaned “Every guy would have been staring at you” his eyes roamed over her (rapidly becoming) naked body.
“Well this one guy came up to me but if that makes you feel any better I told him to go away” she checked the water then hopped into the shower. Max shook his head “No it doesn’t” he said.
Liz went to close the shower door but Max held it open “Was he… attractive?” Max stepped under the water with his clothes on.
Liz laughed “No he wasn’t compared to you” she hit him playfully “Max what are you doing? You’re in your clothes!”
“So you’re not going to…” he ignored the fact he was in clothes “be leaving me for…” Liz put her hand up against his lips “You have nothing to worry about in that department”
Liz closed the shower door and pulled at his saturated shirt “Your crazy you know that?” She put his shirt on the shower floor and started unbuttoning his pant’s “I’d have to be crazy to leave you for another guy”
He stepped out of his pants and underwear “Well that’s good to know”

They all had dinner together and their was barely no conversation. The only time anyone talked was when someone asked someone else to hand him or her an item out of their reach on the table.
Maria tried to start conversation several times but failed; in the end they all stumbled away from the table and went their own ways.
Later in bed Liz thought about what Maria had said about talking to Max. How could she explain to him how she felt when she couldn’t even put it into words in her head. How could she explain everything she felt was for him and had nothing to do with caring about what other people said about her? She had no idea what to do.
Max stirred next to him and he placed a kiss on her neck “Are you asleep?” he asked.
Liz shook her head. God she had no idea how to talk to him about her problems! She wanted to get everything off her chest but how? Would he even understand?
“Hmm” he rolled onto his back and sighed “This heat, I am not used to it” she felt him get up off the bed and walk over to the French doors, he opened them and let the slight breeze drift in. It felt good against her face so she pulled back the blanket’s and let her body enjoy it too “Oh that’s nice” she whispered.
“Much better” he walked back over to the bed and Liz swallowed away her problems for now. They had plenty of time to talk tomorrow, right now it was late and she didn’t want to be stressing out about what she had to say to him. He was about to lie down and rap his arms around her when she sprung up “I have an idea” she smiled.
Max sat up and looked at her “for what?” he asked.
The only light in the room was the glow that came in through the door and window from the lights outside “Let’s go skinning dipping in the beach” she laughed.
Max breathed in “What? Are you serious? It’s past three in the morning”
“I am very serious” she climbed off the bed and jumped onto the floor “Come on it’ll be fun!”
Max got up off the bed “OK but everyone who goes skinny dipping always get caught. I’ll come if we don’t get…” Liz pressed her lips to his “The water will be perfect and we can cool down, no ones going to see us. As you just said, it’s three in the morning” she pulled off the only thing she was wearing- a T-shirt. “No ones up at this time, everyone’s either sleeping or passed out”
She grabbed his hands and pulled him to the bed room door. “Wait we’re not even going to take clothes out there? We’re just going to walk through a house filled with people butt naked?” Max swallowed.
“No we’re going to run through a house filled with sleeping people” Liz opened the door “I’ll race you, on your marks, go!” she sprinted down the dark hall way and Max called after her “But we’re awake so why wouldn’t other people be?”
Liz was giggling and he quickly caught up to her as she ran down the steps. He pinched her bottom “Your too noisy!” he whispered “Shh”
Liz just laughed and ran away from him. Once they were out the front door they could see each other better because of the censor lights. Liz turned her head as she ran out to the beach “Come on! Anyone can see us here” she laughed.
Max rolled his eyes, then watched as she ran across the sand and into the cold waves. Squealing when they hit her body she bounced up and down in glee “Wow that feels nice,” she cried.
Max ran in after her and fell onto his back “Your crazy, your completely crazy” he said. Liz pounced on him “Crazy for you” she smiled “Don’t worry no one will catch us skinny dipping”
“Everyone always says that and then they get caught” Max rapped his arms around her waist and walked backwards into the waves. Liz groaned “Jeesh Max that’s only in movie’s and stuff, anyway what does it matter if we got caught? Aren’t you the one who is always saying who cares what anyone else thinks?” she rapped her legs around his waist and pushed him onto his back.
Max kissed her “I am saying that in a totally different way”
“In a way that doesn’t include our naked bodies being put in magazines all over the country?” Liz asked.
“Yes!” Max laughed.
They kissed and a wave tumbled over their heads pushing them under the water, when they came up they both laughed with their faces pressed to each other’s. “I’ll give you a race down the water” Liz hopped off him and pointed down the beach “you see the big house with the blue shelter over their yard? I’ll race you to that area”
Max shook his head “are you going to say get set this time?”
“No! Go!” she swam-jumped through the water, the waves nearly tumbling her over. Max went after her, laughing at the sight of her white bottom bobbing up and down in the waves as she went.
She got there first and swam backwards into the waves “I win, I’m the best. I rule, no ones as good as me” she flicked water into his face.
“I’m sure that’s true, but it will take more than you beating me in a swimming race to convince me that you’re the best and no ones as good as you” he dunked her then brought her back up “What other tricks do you have up your sleeves? Other then being a little cheat”
“What sleeves?” Liz asked “I’m naked unless you didn’t notice?”
“I noticed,” he said.
Liz sat on him “Well good my other trick is in process”
“What would that be?” he asked.
“Seduction of you of course!” she kissed him and squeezed him to her.
After fooling around in the water for nearly over an hour they had a running race up the beach and back to the house. “What is it with you and races tonight?” he caught her at the front door.
“I feel like it” she smiled and opened the front door. They stumbled in and headed through the room, “I want ice cream!” Liz suddenly whined “Let’s go get some”
“What? No. Ice cream is not good at this time in the morning”
“I’ll let you lick it off my body” she pressed her naked body against his.
He groaned, “Fine but get it quickly”
They walked into the kitchen and Liz opened the freezer, she got some blue berry ice cream and closed it “Is there chocolate sauce?” she asked.
“I don’t know” he said, “I didn’t do the shopping”
Liz looked around but couldn’t find any. They both heard the footsteps outside the room at the same time and they leapt behind the table. The light turned on and Liz held her hands over her boobs. The table hid her lower region but Max was taller so it didn’t cover him properly! Michael stood in the doorway in boxes rubbing his eyes and holding a baseball bat. He looked very surprised. “Oh god” he mumbled.
Liz moved one arm away from her chest and picked up the fruit bowel, she emptied the fruit’s onto the counter then held the bowel up in front of Max’s lower region “Guess this proves your theory of getting caught to be true” she smiled.
“Guess so” Max blushed.

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At breakfast in the morning Liz couldn’t look Michael in the eye. As if feeling uncomfortable about the way he felt about her wasn’t enough! Now she had to face the fact he had seen her pretty much naked. Max didn’t seem to care very much; he was chatting away normally.
Liz was very happy Michael hadn't told the other residence in the house about what he had seen.
“So Liz, how long are staying here?” Isabel sat down at the breakfast table all dressed and looking beautiful- as always.
Liz swallowed “Four or five days” she answered.
“Oh well great” Isabel sipped her drink “I’m sure it’ll be lot’s of fun for you and Maria”
Maria eyed Isabel then looked at Liz who was looking down at the table. She was just going to sit there and take that? What the hell was wrong with her?
Maria finished her breakfast then she and Liz went shopping in town. “I can’t believe you Liz. They treat you like shit and you just take it. Why the hell do you just sit there”
“Maria you wouldn’t understand even if I told you” Liz said.
“Yeah I probably won’t! If you don’t say anything I am going to and no one will be able to stop me”
After shopping Liz went back to the house and Maria went to the beach. Max was sitting out front on a beach chair with Alex. They both had no shirt’s on and as she walked up the driveway she couldn’t help but giggle at how muscular Max was compared to Alex. They were talking about something and as she walked up the steps to the front door they laughed. “Liz” Max said “Did you have fun in town?” he asked.
She nodded “It was OK” she walked inside and wandered up to their room. Once she was there she collapsed onto the bed and closed her eyes, only a few more days to go until she could leave. She couldn’t wait.
Max came in briefly “What are you up to now?” he smiled and leaned over her on the bed “huh?”
Liz smiled “Just figuring out a way to escape from reality for a little while”
He kissed her “Why don’t you go and hang out in one of the guest rooms? No one will ever find you since theres so many”
Liz laughed “I might just do that” she said, “Which one do you recommend?”
“The ones down to the left, I don’t think anyone’s been in them for years” he smiled “Or there’s the attic?” laughs.
“How do I get there?” she asked.
“The steps at the end of the hallway” he smiled “they lead up to a door and inside their leads to the attic”
“OK if you need me I’ll probably be there” she sat up and he walked to the door “Don’t get lost” he said.
Liz smiled “I won’t”
Liz pulled off her shoes and walked down the hallway wearing her little white sun dress, she opened all the guest room doors and peaked in, they all seemed nice. In one of them there was a big book shelf filled with old books, she went in there and looked through the books. She found her favorite book on the shelf and pulled it down, withering heights.
She took it with her out of the room and headed down the hall to the attic. She heard a noise that sounded like someone talking and followed it “Is someone here?” she opened a door and straight away wished she hadn’t.
There was Andrew in bed with another person. She froze “Oh my god” she said. He and the other person sat up- it was another man.
Not only was it another man it was the man who had came and flirted with her on the beach. “Oh my god” she repeated. She turned around and headed out of the room and down the hall. Andrew jumped out of the bed with a blanket around his waist and chased after her “Liz! Stop wait!”
She kept walking.
“Liz” he grabbed her arm “Stop it, please don’t tell Maria”
“What?” she asked looking at him in disbelief “your fucking crazy! Not tell her? You were fucking another guy!” Liz started to hyperventilate- this would KILL Maria.
“Look it was a mistake OK? I need to get married because of my parent’s; I’ve put my …homosexual… side away for so long and now you know about it, please don’t tell anyone! It’ll kill Maria and my relatives!” he grabbed both her arms to stop her from going anywhere.
She yanked his hands off her “Go home and don’t ever talk to Maria or me ever again or I…”
“No” he grabbed her again “If you tell anyone I swear to god Liz I will…”
“You will what?” she yelled “What Andrew? Kill me? Beat the shit out of me?” she tried to get away from him but he wouldn’t let go.
“STOP” his voice got ruff “You will not tell anyone or I will destroy you. I will tell Max I heard you talking to Maria and that you were after his money. Don’t think I won’t”
“He wouldn’t believe you” Liz hissed. Oh god but what if he did?
“Oh won’t he? You don’t even know” Andrew shoved her against the wall “You know he will, everyone tells him that you are. If I say I heard you what he’s just going to ignore it?”
Liz swallowed “Please Andrew don’t…” her eye brow crinkled “Why are you doing this?”
“Because I have to get married! My family would die if they new I was gay!” he huffed.
Liz slid down the wall “I can’t just not tell her! Do you even love her?”
“Of course I love her” he breathed “I’m just not attracted to her”
“Oh god” Liz closed her eyes “You know you are pretty stupid. I would give up Max for Maria, I would put away my happiness for her so screw you”
“You would not” he spat “And just in case you decide you are just think about how many lives you’ll be ruining” he slapped her “Don’t do this to her, it’s not like I don’t love her!”
Liz whimpered “Why do I have to put up with this, it’s not fair!”
“Just forget what you saw” he squatted in front of her “You never saw anything, right?”
Liz looked at him “I never saw anything” she whispered.
He stood up “I will ruin your life Liz, don’t think I won’t. Everyone will hate you if you say anything, Maria, Max, his sister and friend, everyone” he walked away and Liz whimpered, got up and ran to the attic. Once she was there she huddled in one of the corners and wept- what the hell was she supposed to do now?
If she told Maria she would be devastated and probably never talk to Liz ever again. Andrew would tell Max what he heard and if Liz tried to say it was a lie how would that look? Andrew was right he would doubt her and they would have to end their relationship. If she didn’t tell anyone she would have to live with his secret and she didn’t think she could.
Would it be better for Maria to know? Liz swallowed; she already had enough to worry about!

At five that evening when Maria came back from the beach, Max and was discussing dinner plans with his sister and best friend. She walked up to them “Where’s Liz?” she asked.
“Don’t know” both Michael and Isabel answered.
Max looked at her “She is in the attic, she wanted to be alone” he looked at his watch “Oh it’s been three hours since she went up there, she’s probably in our room now”
“Where’s the attic just in case she isn’t?” Maria asked.
Andrew was reading a magazine on the couch.
Max told her how to get to the attic and she smiled and said thank you.
“Maria!’ Max called before she walked away “Chicken or steak for dinner?”
“Ew neither!” she cried.
Groans were heard from Isabel and Michael.
Maria walked over and kissed Andrew “What have you been up to all day?” she asked.
“Nothing, just hanging around, enjoying the sun. You?” he smiled.
“I’ve been on the beach” she giggled “I love this place. I love you” she kissed him “I’ll be back soon”
She walked up the stairs and found that Liz wasn’t in Max’s room. She went up to the attic and she found her there.
Liz groaned and threw the book in her hands across the room. She had been trying to read to forget about everything but she could not.
“Liz?” Maria walked over to her “What are you doing up here? What’s wrong?”
Liz didn’t look her in the eye “Nothing’s wrong I just wanted to be alone to think”
“Liar!” she sat down in front of her “Come on it’s me you always tell me everything”
Liz looked at her and her heart sunk “I’m really fine, I have nothing to tell” she felt like she was going to throw up. Maria shook her head “You’re still stressing about Isabel and Michael aren’t you? I am going to kick their posh asses!”
“Just a little I’ll be fine” Liz looked at her watch “Jeez I’ve been up here for so long! Let’s go get dressed for dinner shall we?”
Maria stood up “OK but if your lying and some thing is wrong, keeping it inside won’t make it any better”
They walked down stairs and got dressed for dinner. Max came in just after Liz was finished in the shower and was moisturizing her skin “How was the attic?” he smiled slyly.
“Dusty” she answered.
Max got changed and then they went down to the dinning room “What’s for dinner?” she asked taking hold of his hand. He kissed her cheek “Anything you want, we have heaps” he smiled “Do you think we should tell them tonight?”
Liz thought about it, this day couldn’t get any worse, they may as well “Sure, why not” she said. Max smiled and pulled a chair out for her. She sat down and her eyes caught Andrew’s for a moment before she turned to Max and smiled “What have you been up to all afternoon?” she asked.
“Just hanging around and being lazy” he chuckled, “it’s to hot to do anything else”
Isabel and Michael sat down and they all ate. Liz ate a potato salad and some chicken and had some orange juice, Max occasionally rubbed her thigh and it made her feel slightly better. Nothing could stop all the bad thought’s going around in her head though, she watched Maria kiss Andrews cheek and smile, she loved him so much. Sighing Liz looked down at her food; maybe if she concentrated on eating she could forget everything for a little while.
It was quiet and awkward the whole time but when they were eating dessert Max said, “Me and Liz have been engaged for over a month now” it was brief and right to the point, Liz liked how he said it.
She got up the nerve to look at Isabel and Michael’s faces and she did not like what she saw “What?” they demanded.
Max breathed in, glanced at Liz then said “Me and Liz are going to be married”
Isabel let out a ragged breath and Michael gritted his teeth “You are not Max I won’t let you”
Liz’s heart stopped.
“What?” Max snarled “What do you mean you won’t let me? That’s pathetic”
“It’s not pathetic, you are blind!”
“God would you shut up” Maria cut in “Can’t you be happy for them? You guys are pricks!”
“No one asked you to talk” Isabel said. She turned to Max “Michael’s right you can’t marry her”
“Like I care what you two say! I will marry her if I want” Max frowned at his sister and friend “Where is this coming from?”
“You know where it’s coming from! We are worried about you” Isabel said.
“You can do so much better” Michael waved his hand “What do you see in her?”
Liz stood up from the table and went to walk away “Liz no, stay” Max said.
“NO!’ she yelled “Leave me alone” she stormed out of the room and he went to go after her,
“Max don’t” Maria said,
“Yes maybe she’ll leave for good” Michael muttered.
Maria walked over to him and smacked him across the head “Fuck you! You guys are the rudest most cold hearted people I have ever met in my whole life!”
Andrew and Alex sat quietly not saying anything.
“Do you even give a shit that Liz is a human being and she has feelings? If I were here I would have fucked off a long time ago but because she loves Max so much she hasn’t yet, she has put up with your crap!” she smacked Isabel over the head too “And you Max god! You tell her to not listen to anyone but how the fuck can she not when they are sitting here saying all this shit?”
“You guys don’t deserve to know Liz! As for the whole money thing she couldn’t care less if Max was poor” Maria banged her fist on the table “I am so mad I don’t even know what to say to fucking asses”
“Don’t say anything, obviously your as bad as her” Michael said.
Maria screeched.
“Ahh Jesus Christ shut up” Isabel stood up “Why are we even putting up with this?”
“I was just thinking the same thing.” Michael said.
Max stood up “You guys can think what ever the hell you want I will marry Liz and I will show you she is nothing like what you guys say”
Maria groaned “I don’t know if she’ll have you now Max!” she looked at him “She’s probably had enough”
“Maria don’t,” Max said.
Maria walked to the door “You got your wish you won’t have to see us again, obviously your far far to good for us. Good luck with happiness in the future I’m sure you’ll get what’s coming to you. Alex what the fuck do you see in her?” she walked out of the room and found Liz in her room packing with tears dripping down her cheeks.
“Liz” Maria walked up to her “I am so sorry”
“I have never been so insulted in my life Maria” she burst into tears “How can they be so cold hearted?”
Maria rapped her arms around her “Liz they just think their better then us, they have no idea” she wiped the tears off Liz’s face “Do you want me to call us a cab?”
“No Maria you’re not coming, can you please stay here and enjoy the beach for a few days? I need to go home and just be by myself” Liz zipped up her bag “I’ve just finished ringing the cab service, they’ll be here soon”
“No way Liz I can’t let you go home and be by yourself when you’re like this”
“I might go stay with my mom and dad just please stay here” she begged “Please”
“OK but you have to call me on my cell the second you need me OK? Oh god I can’t believe I’m saying this” she hugged her “Don’t worry I’ll teach these ass holes a lesson”
Liz sniffled “I’ll see you in a few days” she walked out of the room and Maria followed her out, thank god no one was in the front room. They shared a hug as the cab pulled up then Liz hopped into the cab and drove off with tears dripping down her cheeks.
Maria walked back inside and into the dinning room “Come on Andrew” she tugged his arm, “Let’s go”
“Where are we going?” he asked.
‘We’re going into town to have dessert” he stood up.
Max had his head in his hands and Michael and Isabel sat eating their dessert quietly.
“Alex you can come with us if you want?” Maria looked at him.
Isabel looked at him “yeah I will come” he said.
She looked shocked, she opened her mouth to say something but he stopped her “Isabel I am always there with you but what you two just did was the most cold hearted thing you have ever done. I am not going to sit in the same room as you two because I disagree with your intentions and I think you need to grow up, quickly” he walked to the door. “When you can recognize what you’ve just done then you can come and get me but until then I don’t want to talk to you”
Isabel recoiled in horror “Alex, honey, but…”
“No there is no excuse for what you just did Isabel” he said.
“Where’s Liz?” Max stood up and walked to the door. Maria put her hands on his chest “If you want to ever talk to her ever again you’ll have to leave her alone for now”
He swallowed “She’s in our room?”
“Yeah, just don’t go up there. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone” Maria gave Liz a big head start but how long was it going to take for Max to go crazy and run up there, only to see she wasn’t there?
Maria, Alex and Andrew left and Max walked over to the table and stared at an upset Isabel and unreadable Michael “You have quite possible just ruined the best thing I have ever had in my whole life and I will never forgive either of you. I want you to pack your things and leave my house right now”
“Max don’t be silly…” Michael started.
“I said GO!” Max pointed to the door “Don’t ring me when you get home, don’t ever come around to my house again. You are not welcome”
Isabel looked like she was going to cry “No Max don’t do this we were just trying to look after you”
“You can’t kick us out,” Michael said.
“I can and I am. Liz is the best thing that has ever happened to me and you’ve just screwed up our whole relationship, frankly I hope I never see you either of you ever again” Max’s body and face showed how angry he was.
“No please Max I didn’t mean it!” Isabel whimpered “Please don’t do this, I need you. I am sorry what can I do to make it better?”
Michael looked at her in shock “What are you doing?”
“I’m being honest!” she stood up “Max the only reason I’ve been doing this is because I was worried I was going to loose you, the moment I saw Liz I knew she was perfect for you and I thought you’d forget about me” tears poured down her cheeks. “I didn’t mean anything I said about her”
Max raised his eyebrows “Why would you do that Isabel? You’re my sister for god’s sake how could I forget you?”
“I don’t know but I thought you might!” she walked over to him and rapped her arms around him ‘Please, please forgive me. I’ll help you get Liz back just don’t kick me out”
Max stepped away from her “I may be able to forgive you eventually but I can’t right now. If you stay here I don’t want to see you; I do not want to bump into in the kitchen or in the hallways so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get the hell out of my way”
Her lower lip trembled as she left the room, god she had screwed everything up royally.
Max turned to Michael and Michael put his hands together and stared at him back.
“Do you expect me to stand up for myself too?” he asked.
“No, I expect you to leave” Max said.
“I’m not leaving” Michael sat up “I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I was just trying to look after you. I don’t want you to get hurt”
“I appreciate that but Michael if you took a second to get to know Liz you’d realize she is nothing like that. She is the kindest most considerate person I have ever met. Why couldn’t have just gotten to know her before you started to insult her?”
“Max that’s not the person I am you know that”
He was right Max realized, Michael had always been the type to jump to conclusions quickly and do stupid things, but that didn’t make it OK.
“I’m sorry,” Michael said. Max thought he hadn’t heard right ‘Wh… what?” he asked.
“I should have gotten to know her properly but I didn’t and I apologize”
“Oh my god, Michael Guerin just apologized” Max swallowed.
“I know” Michael snarled “But you have to realize everything I’ve said and done is because I’m looking after you”
“And you have to realize you should have just talked to Liz and me and gotten everything sorted out” Max walked to the door. “You can stay but the same thing I said to Isabel applies to you” He left the room and went to sit outside on his beach chair.
Maria, Alex and Andrew came back and hour and a half later when Max was still sitting out there fighting himself to go up and talk to Liz.
Maria walked up to him “Hello” she plainly said.
“God have I given her enough time now I am dying here” he sat up.
Maria let out an ‘ohhhhh’ then laughed “Max she’s not here, she left straight away to go home”
“What?!” Max exclaimed.
“She couldn’t stay here! She was so embarrassed Max, don’t go after her she doesn’t want anyone with her” Alex walked inside and Andrew continues to stand next to Maria.
“I have to go after her” he stood up but Maria grabbed his arm “Don’t Max”
“You can’t stop me” he walked inside and came out with his passport, wallet and keys. Maria tried to stop him but he hopped into his car and drove off.
“Well you can’t say I didn’t try?” Maria looked and Andrew who shrugged and rapped his arm around her shoulders.


When Max got to Liz’s house the next day he found her listening to ‘the look of love’ and vacuuming the lounge. He frowned and watched her sing with it,
“The look of love is in your eyes.
A look your smile can't disguise,
The look of love it's saying so much more than words could ever say.
And what my heart has heard, well, it takes my breath away”
He leaned against the wall and listened to her with his eyes closed. She didn’t have the best singing voice but to him it was beautiful.
“I can hardly wait to hold you,
Feel my arms around you.
How long I have waited,
Waited just to love you.
Now that I have found you”
She looked up and saw him; he looked like a person who hadn’t slept all night. She hadn’t slept all night either.
Swallowing she looked away and continued to vacuum while she sang…
“The look of love it's on your face,
A look that time can't erase.
Be mine tonight,
Let this be just the start of so many nights like this.
Let's take a lover's vow and then seal it with a kiss”
Max put his keys and wallet on the table then walked up to her. She ignored him but when he turned her face to look at him she had tears in her eyes.
”I can hardly wait to hold you,
Feel my arms around you, How long I have waited, Waited just to love you,
Now that I have found you, don’t ever go, don't ever go, I love you so.
We were so in love, and high above.
We had a star to wish upon.
Wish And dreams come true, but not for me
The trains and boats and planes took you away, away from me.”

“Why are you here?’ Liz asked looking away from him.
“For you” he whispered.
You are from another part of the world, You had to go back a while and then You said you soon would return again.
I'm waiting here like I promised to.
I'm waiting here but where are you? Trains and boats and planes took you away,
But every time I see them I pray and if my prayers can cross the sea,
The trains and the boats and planes Will bring you back, back home to me.

The CD stopped and Liz walked over to the stereo and turned it off “You should have stayed in Hawaii” she said.
Max rubbed his forehead “No I shouldn’t have” he looked at her “I don’t want you scaring me like that ever again Liz, god I need you and running away and not leaving a note or anything is wrong”
Liz looked at him "Is that an order?"
“No it’s a god damn request”
Liz stared at him without blinking "what is that supposed to mean?" she asked.
"It means that I need you to do that for me, is it to much to ask?" he breathed in "Anyway that does not matter- that's not what I need to talk about with you"
He looked up into her eyes and he could tell she was not impressed by what he was saying.
“Max I don’t want to put up with this anymore! It’s too much I am going insane here. Is this all worth it?” she asked.
“What? How can you say that? You know it’s worth it other wise I am wasting my time!” he swallowed “Why am I doing all the work? You keep running off when someone insults you and I am left there trying to stand up for you! Don’t you want to fight for me at all?”
“It’s not that I don’t want to Max. God I want to so much but I’m worried about what you’ll think” she looked at the floor.
“What? Your worried about what I’ll think? Why?”
“Because I… I” god she had no idea what to say!
“You are obviously mad at me and I can not tell what I did. Are you doubting me? Do you think I believe what everyone thinks? Is that why you were upset the other day? Have I said something?”
They had a lot to talk about, Max figured that was a good place to start.
“You don’t get it Max it’s because of that stupid morning you snapped at me” she shook her head “And I don’t think I could explain it to you even if I tried”
"I don't want you questioning me like you have, ever again. You know how I feel about you and I've done everything I can think of to apologize about what I said that morning, it's mean to keep bringing it up"
"I do not keep bringing it up" she said “After yesterday I was so worried you’d be the one leaving me”
“What? Me? I am the one who stayed and fought with them! You ran off!”
“I didn’t know what you were going to say to them! I was afraid you’d start to listen to them again” she shook her hands “I couldn’t stay around and be embarrassed by everyone from you too!”
“Again? Oh god your talking about that once again aren’t you? I thought you forgave me for that! You seemed to forgive me when we were in Paris and you were telling me you didn’t care anymore!”
“Max” She breathed in "I do forgive you! But after what they said to you yesterday how can I not worry that it might cause you to do it again? You snapped at me once why not do it again?"
Max gritted his teeth "It was once! I didn't even say much!" he lowered his voice "Am I going to be punished for one mistake the rest of our lives?"
"It might have been small and nothing to you Max but you know I am still trying to cope with everyone else hating me!" she looked away from him.
"Everyone does not hate you!" he grabbed her face and forced her to look at him "Everyone does not hate you" he repeated.
"Oh your right" she snarled "YOU do not hate me, MARIA and ANDREW do not hate me. My parent's and a COUPLE of other people do not hate me, but everyone else does" she pushed his hands away "The people that are important to youhate me"
"Your letting them!" he said "Your letting them think that way about you and you won't stand up for yourself! I am the one telling everyone off for saying something. If you really cared enough about me you'd stick up for yourself, make an effort!"
"Don't you dare say I don't care enough about you to stick up for myself"
“Well what am I supposed to think for gods sake! You ran away and left me there to stick up for you when I didn’t even know if you’d ever want to see me again!” he grabbed her arms “What is going on with you? I give everything I can to you, I open up to you I don’t keep secret’s from you but you are so hot and cold.”
Liz whimpered “I don’t mean to be. I am just so confused!”
"Oh Liz" he looked at her sadly. "If only you wouldn't care what everyone said about you and just told them all to mind their own business. You should have stayed in the dinning room and fought even though they hurt your feelings"
"MAX I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT ME BECAUSE IT HURTS MY FEELINGS! I CARE BECAUSE YOU SEE IT ALL!" she looked at him, how was she supposed to explain this to him? A tear dripped down her cheek "Don't you see Max! I worry because they are talking about me to you . TO YOU! You see what the media says, you are here buying me things, when it comes to a situation when Michael says something to you, what are you going to think of?"
Max was still confused.
Liz groaned "Max you see and hear what everyone says so what happens when someone you care about says something about me that really annoys you?"
"What are you talking about?”
“Max I don’t want you to snap at me like you did ever again. I am so worried it will end us”
“So you think we won’t last?” he asked pained.
Sighing Liz wiped her eyes "You snapped at me once why not again? What if your sister says something and you snap at me again and then you leave me?"
"But I wouldn't leave you"
"How am I supposed to know that?" she asked.
The way she had been acting, everything thing she had done since that morning was because she was worried he would leave her! How was she supposed to know he wouldn't leave her? He had snapped at her before….
"Are your eyes open Max? Do you see what I'm saying? Do you see why I worry? Why I was upset when we arrived in Hawaii and still are?" tears dripped down her cheeks "I don't know any better, you snapped at me once and I'm so afraid someone will say something again and you'll do it again"
Max suddenly felt like crap “But Liz I apologized to you and we were fine afterwards, if I id it again, which I won’t, but what makes think we wouldn’t be fine again?”
“I might not be able to forgive you” her eyes watered “I don’t know if you think I am after your money after you did that. Part of me is still convinced you have doubts about me, that is why I act like this Max”
"Oh Liz. You were just worried I'd leave you because of what someone said?"
Liz was bawling her eyes out "That's the only reason I care what people say about me, that's why I don't stand up for myself, it's because of what you see. What will it look like if I stand up for myself?"
"Oh Liz" Max didn't know what to say, it all made sense now.
She was only ever thinking about him! She didn't care about what people said about her because it was rude or because she was offended, but because he saw it and what it might do to how he thought of her. And since he had listened to it once before and accused her of it being true, she feared he would do it again.
"This is all because of what I said that morning? You've been so worried…?"
Liz's little shoulders shook as she cried, "How am I supposed to know you won't do it again Max?"
Max rapped his arms around her "Liz, Liz, Liz" he kissed her forehead "That morning was the biggest mistake of my life. I never ever would have said anything if I'd even thought about what I was about to say before it came out. You have nothing to worry about; I do not care about what anyone says even if you think I do because I was rude once.
That had nothing to do with you, it was just me being mad and Isabel and Michael, please don't worry about what people say to me”
Liz swallowed “Max how can I be sure? How can I be sure you won’t change your mind about me?”
“You can be sure because I asked you to marry me” he tucked her hair behind her ears “When I snapped at you it was before we weren’t engaged. When ever you worry just remember- I am not going to change my mind because I know you and I know you aren’t like that and that’s why I asked you to marry me”
Liz was silent.
“I trust you Liz” he whispered.
Liz wiped her eyes “And no matter what anyone says you won’t start to believe them?”
“Of course not Liz!” he sat down on the couch and pulled her down to sit on him “I love you and they don’t even know you! I know you think I listened once and that’s why I snapped at you but it wasn’t because I had listened to them it was because I was mad at them for insulting you” he kissed her “Please don’t doubt me like that”
“I can only promise you that I will try not to” she buried her head in his chest.
“Do you trust me?”
“Of course I do” she whispered.
“Then you will trust me not to break a promise I make to you?” he asked.
Liz looked up at him “Yes?” her lips twitched as she tried to fight a smile.
“Then I promise you that no matter what anyone says I will forever love you and I will never, ever leave you”
“How did I get like this?” she whispered “How did we get so complicated? I wish I wasn’t so paranoid!” she groaned in annoyance “All I want it for us to love each other and trust each other and get married” she looked up at him “so we can live happily ever after”
“We will I just need you to never think about that pathetic morning ever again. Erase it from your mind and if you do ever start to doubt me you won’t have any proof as to why you should be. This is all my fault for loosing my temper at my sister and best friend”
“None of this is your fault Max. I should know you trust me except it was so obvious for a second there you doubted me”
“I can admit for one second I considered it, but when you looked at me I could never feel anything but love. I could never doubt you”
Liz’s eyes filled with tears “So if Andrew said to you he had heard me and Maria talking and that I was after your money you wouldn’t believe him?”
“Liz what are you talking about?”
Liz told him what she was talking about and he opened his mouth in shock “Your joking?”
“No” she said, “I don’t know what to do, I can’t tell her she will be devastated”
“Oh you’ve had so much on your shoulders” he said “Why didn’t you come straight to me yesterday? I couldn’t listen to him for a second”
Liz rolled her eyes “I told you why Max, I was to afraid we were on crumbling ground! I didn’t know if you trusted me”
Max swallowed “But now you do?”
“In a little while I will Max” she closed her eyes briefly “I won’t have any secret’s from you again. I will not bottle anything in”
“I will never think bad of you Liz” he whispered “I see everything you do as perfect”
“What should I do about Maria?” she asked.
“You have to tell her” Max sat up properly and rapped his arms around her “You can’t just pretend you don’t know anything, she deserves the truth” he shook his head “I can’t believe he would do that! He threatened you I should kick his as…” Liz stopped him “Don’t kill him” she whispered.
“I’ll try not to but you still have to tell Maria”
“I know but she will be crushed. And straight after the car crash!” Liz shook her head “I can’t do it, I can’t”
“You can I will help you” he squeezed her “Do you want to go back to Hawaii or stay here?”
“I don’t want to go back to Hawaii but I don’t want to stay here either” she swallowed “I shouldn’t be here while she’s there with him”
“No we shouldn’t. We should go there”
she got up off the couch and started packing up the vacuum cleaner “let’s go get McDonald’s I feel like a chicken burger? I’ll think about while I eat.”
Max looked at her “OK”
“I feel bad for having all this when she’s about have everything ruined for her” Liz said,
“Yeah so do I but there’s nothing we can do except be here for her. It will be better for her to know”
Liz sighed as she thought about it “We will go see her”
She put away the vacuum cleaner and then came back “What happened with Michael and Isabel after I left?” she asked.
Max got up off the couch “Maria came back in and she asked Alex and Andrew to go into town with her. Isabel was so shocked when Alex told her off for being so rude and said he didn’t want to talk to her again until she realized what she had done. I told them to get out of my house I didn’t want to see them anymore and Isabel begged me to forgive her and started to cry”
“What?” Liz asked shocked “Oh my god”
“She said the only reason she had been so rude to you was because she was worried I would forget about her. She said the second she saw you she knew you were perfect for me” he rapped his arms around her waist “She said she would do whatever she could to make sure we were OK”
Liz gawked at him “Your joking?”
“Never” he kissed her “Are we OK?” he asked.
Liz nodded then rapped her arms around his neck and kissed him “We’re OK” she close dher eyes “I am so sorry for running away instead of sticking up for us, I will never do that again”
“You’re sure?” he asked.
“Yes” she kissed him “Can’t you feel my lips begging for forgivness?”
“I can” he breathed in.
“What about Michael?” she suddenly asked “what did he do?”
“He apologized to me” Max started leading them towards the bathroom and Liz just gawked at him in shock “I missed all of that?”
“They haven’t gotten my forgiveness yet. They’ll get that when you like them”
“That will take a while,” she said truthfully.
“I know, but eventually?” he asked.
It meant so much to him that she get along with his loved ones “Eventually”
They got to the bathroom and he said “Wishing you never left?” he opened the bathroom door and walked over to the shower.
“Yes” Liz answered “And plus” she kissed him after he turned on the shower “now we aren’t in Hawaii anymore so there’s no more skinny dipping”
“No, never again” he started pulling off her clothes.
“What? You know you enjoyed it” she laughed and covered her breasts with her hands “You would do it again” she breathed on his neck and he shuttered “OK so maybe I would…”

Maria sat in the lounge back in Hawaii watching television. Andrew was off somewhere and Alex was out with Isabel so she was left by herself. Isabel had told Alex about what she had said to Max and he had forgiven her they kissed and made up.
“Maria” Michael walked up behind her –oh except for Michael.
She turned her head to look at him but he came up and sat down “What are you watching?”
“Do you have to sit next to me? I don’t really want to be near you right now” She huffed
“Just what are you watching?”
“The view” she looked at him ‘Why? Have you run out of people to insult so you’re going to relax now?”
“No” he breathed “I don’t always insult people I was just looking out for my buddy. If you were in my situation…”
“I wouldn’t treat Liz like that,” she said before he could finish.
Michael huffed; “Would you let me talk?” he turned down the T.V “If Liz was a billionaire…”
“Well she is now since she’s marrying…”
“Oh for gods sake shut up!” Michael shook her “Listen”
“OK, OK talk already jeesh” she rolled her eyes and Michael clenched his teeth “But frankly I don’t know why I’m giving you the time of day…”
“Just hear me out. If Liz was a billionaire and had been hurt many times before by guys who were after her money, wouldn’t you want to try and protect her from getting hurt again?” he ran his hand through his spiky hair.
“Of course I would but I would be reasonable and go talk to the new guy and make sure he was a good guy and wasn’t after her money. I wouldn’t just try and insult her and get her to leave, especially if she really loved him”
“I know what I did was wrong but that is the way I deal with things” he looked up into her blue sparkly eyes “I can’t help it, I’m a guy”
Maria thought for a second “I guess I can see why you did it but what are you going to do to make it better? Are you convinced she isn’t after his money now? Because she isn’t”
“Well I have no partner to fight with him now, I am nothing he won’t care what I say”
“He never did…” she snorted “Care what you said about her, did he leave her?”
“Nope. But how can I be sure she isn’t just going to be leaving as soon as their married and she can get money?” he folded his arms.
“I have two words for you” Maria said “Prenuptial agreement”
“You think they should get one?” he asked.
“No I don’t, but Liz told Max she wouldn’t marry him unless she could sign one” it was only a partial lie!
“She did?” Michael raised his eyebrows.
“Yeah but Max said he wouldn’t have any of it, he trusted her and that would just put a damper on the relationship”
“Well I guess I have severely misjudged her” Michael felt bad about it too.
“What are you going to do to make it better? You better not let the happy couple break up over this” she couldn’t belive she was talking like this to him, she never thought that would happen.
“I won’t OK? I will apologize to Liz and say I was wrong” he groaned “God I hate being wrong”
“So do I” Maria turned the T.V back up “You better apologize reeeeeal good”
“I’ll try” he got comfortable on the couch “Oh and by the way I’m sorry for being rude to you and stuff”
Maria turned her head to face him “Really?” she tried to stop from smiling.
“I’m on a roll” he grinned “but yeah”
They stared at each other “Nice” she laughed.
“Thank you” he smiled.
“Oh you say thank you too?” she bit her lip “That’s a surprise, a delightful surprise I must say” Oh my god did she just flirt? Maria mentally hit herself- shame on her! She was engaged and she was supposed to hate this guy.
“You know your pretty hot when your pissed” he grinned.
“Don’t go there, I’m engaged” she poked her tongue at him then tried to concentrate on the TV program.

Liz lay in bed with Max after they had gone and brought McDonald’s. He had moved the television into her room so they could watch a movie in bed and eat their chicken burgers. Liz sat next to him giggling.
“What?” he asked smiling
“Nothing, nothing” Liz rapped the blanket around her and waited for Max to stop fixing the TV and come and sit down next to her. She had already finished her food so she just drank her soft drink through a straw. He put the movie on then came and sat down next to her,
“Why don’t we go and stay with your parent’s for a couple of night’s so you can introduce me to them?”
Max frowned at her “Really?”
“I want to get it over and done with, the sooner they know the sooner we can get married!” Liz smiled giddily.
“OK, when do you want to go?” he asked.
“When is a good time for you Max?” she touched his bare arm “You should ring them:
“Ill do that tomorrow” he smiled.
“Where do you want to get married?” Liz asked.
He looked at her “I don’t know, I think it should be somewhere really romantic to make up for my non-romantic proposal”
“I loved your proposal!” Liz snuggled into him “It’s better then somewhere romantic, I wouldn’t trade it for anything”
“I wasn’t going to do it there except I couldn’t wait any longer to do it, it was taking to long for us to get home” he smiled “I should have taken you to dinner or something”
“No, no, no. It was perfect” she kissed his neck “I was very surprised”
“Hmm” Max leaned back and Liz moved closer to him so she was leaning against his chest.
“Are you happy with three kids?” she suddenly said.
Max laughed “We were talking about childhood dreams I never said anything about having that all now”
Liz chuckled “So you don’t want to have kids?” she asked “but you said six!”
“Yeah I do want to have kids yet, like in a year or so we can have time alone together before we have to go through all the nappy-ness and getting up early in the morning”
Liz moved so that she was straddling him “I want that too” she kissed him.
“But that doesn’t mean we can’t practice making babies” he bit her neck “For now”
“Yip we need to get al the practice we can don’t we?” she giggled as her hand went under the waist band of his pants “Lot’s of practice…”
“Lot’s and lot’s and lot’s” Max smiled.


Maria woke up to find Andrew not in bed with her. She turned on the lamp next to her and looked at the time, it was nearly five am. She sighed and sat up, where the hell would he be at this time in the morning?
She got up and pulled on her rob “Andrew?” she said walking into the on suit. He wasn’t there. She opened the bedroom door and headed out into the hallway, She couldn’t see him anywhere. It was dark but not that dark; she could see where she was going “Andrew? Honey?” she walked around.
Near the end of the hallway she heard him speaking to someone and smiled, she walked down to where he was and peaked into the room he was in. Her eyes grew wide when she saw him chatting to the guy Liz had talked to on the beach- as he pulled his clothes on!
“Will I see you again before you leave?” the guy asked.
Andrew smiled “Maybe I don’t know” he leaned against the wall “Ring my cell phone I’ll say its work or something to Maria”
The guy buttoned his pant’s then walked over to him. They shared a kiss and Maria gasped.
The guy walked up to the door and opened it to see Maria staring at him with wide eyes. Andrew swore and rubbed his forehead.
“Yeah you better be fucking swearing at yourself what the hell is going on here?” she yelled.
“Maria don’t yell you’ll wake everyone up” Andrew walked up to her.
“I don’t give a flying fuck if I wake up the whole city!” Tears filled her eyes “You’re fucking a guy aren’t you? Your gay?!”
He reached out to her and she whacked him with her tiny fists “Get the fuck away from me I am not marrying you!”
“Maria no stop this please” he begged.
“NO!” she screamed “I never want to see you again I can’t believe this!”
The hallway light turned on and a sleepy Michael stepped out of his room “What’s going on down there? It better be good or I swear…”
He walked down the hall and eyed Andrew the guy and a crying Maria “Who the hell are you?” he asked the guy.
The guy just stared at him.
Maria screamed “He’s the guy Andrew’s fucking!” she yelled.
Michael raised his eye brows “Wow that’s fucked up Andrew, your supposed to be getting married”
“Ya think?!” Maria turned to Andrew “See he gets it and he’s…” she didn’t finish she just groaned and headed off down the hallway muttering “I can not believe this, I can not fucking believe this”
Michael pushed Andrew “Get out” he said, “Fuck off your not allowed to stay here anymore”
“What?” Andrew hissed “I don’t think so”
“I think I should go…” his ‘partner’ walked off and Michael said “Yeah I should fucking think so…!’
“You can’t kick me out” Andrew said, “This isn’t your house”
“Oh yeah?” Michael smacked his fist into Andrew’s noise, snapping it and sending blood everywhere, Andrew screamed in pain… “I’m in charge while Max is away and I say get the fuck out right now or I’ll bet the shit out of you”
Andrew held his nose and groaned in pain “I need to talk to Mari…”
Michael sent another punch his way and this time Andrew fell to the floor “AHHH” he cried “OK, OK I’m leaving”
“And if you ever” Michael kicked him, hard, “Come near Maria or upset her again you’ll have me to deal with”
Andrew got up slowly and limped down the hallway in pain.
Michael made sure he left and watched him walk down the driveway. When he turned around he could see Maria sitting on a log out on the sand, he walked up to her and sat down. Her eyes were red and a whimper escaped her lips “Is he gone?” she asked.
He rapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him “yeah he's gone. Look I’m sorry about what happened Maria, I really am”
She started to cry, “I didn’t even see it coming” she whispered burying her face in his chest “He such a fucking prick”
Michael rubbed her back “yeah he is” he couldn’t help but place a kiss on the top of her head “let it out”
Maria did, she screamed and cursed then cried again. Michael hugged her the whole time and was very comforting.
“I’m not getting married anymore” she pulled the ring off her finger and handed it to Michael “Throw it away will you?”
“Why don’t you?” he asked.
“I am mad and I don’t want it but it’s still worth money and money buys me things, money is good to me I can not disrespect it”
Michael rolled his eyes then threw the ring out onto the beach.
“Thank you” Maria grabbed his arm and looked up at him “Thank you for being here with me”
“It’s fine, he was a really ass” they stared at each other and Maria surprisingly leaned up and kissed him. Michael kissed her back then pulled away “No Maria, I can’t your just doing that because your upset and on the rebound”
Maria swallowed “I know but I don’t care, I need to have rebound fuck”
Michael raised his eye brows “No Maria you’ll regret it and I…” she kissed him again “Please?” she asked.
“No I can’t it would be wrong” he swallowed “Your just doing this get back at him I can’t take advantage of you when your like this”
Maria groaned “God you’re a guy it’s just like a one night fucking stand” she reached for his boxers and he jumped up “Woah, look stop Maria you will regret it trust me I know you will”
“I don’t care if I do I have to right now” she started to cry.
Michael sat back down “I don’t want to do that to you OK, I’m sorry but I know you think it’s OK right now but…”
She rapped her arms around his neck and kissed him so hard and full out he felt himself getting hard with desire. They fell back onto the sand and Michael rapped his armsa round her waist “I can’t believe I’m doing this…” Maria cut him off “Just don’t think” she mumbled.
His hands ran through her hair and she reached under the strap of his boxers to touch him…

Max got a hold of his parent’s and they said they would like him to come and stay as soon as possible.
Liz danced around the apartment naked as Max made breakfast “How am I supposed to concentrate when your doing that?” he asked.
Liz hummed louder “You can handle it can’t you big man?” she grinned.
“I’m having trouble” he answered hoarsely.
“Don’t cut yourself with the knife” she kissed him then walked away.
“I won’t be surprised if I do,” he said honestly. Liz smiled “I’ll put some clothes on then”
“No!” Max exclaimed, “don’t”
The phone started to ring and Liz laughed as she went to answer it “Hello?”
“Liz? I didn’t expect you to be there. I was just going to leave a happy message on that answering machine of yours,” it was Erica, “I couldn’t hold in the news any longer!”
“Oh what is it?” Liz sat down on the couch “tellllllllll me!”
“Samuel proposed!” Erica squeaked- you could hear Samuel laughing in the back round.
“It’s about time!” Liz smiled “Oh I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!”
“Thank you Liz! What are you doing home anyway? I thought you were meant to be in Hawaii?
“Yeah change of plans, me and Max came home” Liz looked towards the kitchen to see Max walk out with the breakfast.
“Oh then I’ll leave you alone” her voice changed to a teasing “Have fun Lizzie! See ya later”
“OK bye Erica, congratulations” she hanged up “Sam proposed to Erica!”
Max smiled “I gathered that”
“That’s so great don’t you think?” she smiled “Everyone’s getting…” she stopped “Never mind”
“It is great about Erica and Sam they will be happy, I’m sure Maria will find someone too” he rubbed her thigh. Liz stood up “I’m going to put some clothes on I’ll be back in a second” she walked out of the room and then came back wearing her pink T-shirt and underwear “What did you make us for breakfast”
Max was at the table, waiting for her patiently “Pancakes” he smiled.
After they had eaten, made love, had a shower, made love and packed they went to the airport.
“Oh!” Liz suddenly said as she sat in her first class seat on the plane. A few people looked at her annoyed by her loudness.
“Is something wrong?” Max was reading the newspaper and turned to look at her.
Liz blushed “I just remembered something I vowed to myself when I was little, well me and Maria did” she was blushing and Max chuckled “What would that be?” he asked putting down the paper and focusing on her, he always did that it always made Liz feel so special.
“I said that I would not die before I joined the mile high club” she stood up “Come on!” she whispered.
“What? No way, skinny-dipping I may have said yes to but not this, no way” he started reading his paper again “Anyway you have ages till you die why right now?”
“Because I want to right now” In a cowgirl accent she said “I’m not takin’ no for an answer cowboy” she ripped the paper out of his hands and kissed him “Come on lover boy”
“No” he fought a smile.
“Yes” she bit his ear “I’ll make a scene” she whispered.
Max groaned in frustration and???
He got up and trying not to draw attention them selves slipped into the tiny toilet stall.
Liz giggled “I can’t believe I’m doing this” she reached for the button on his pant’s and Max rolled his eyes, “Neither can I”
She jumped up so she was resting her bottom on the sink and pulled down her underwear, there was barely any room for them to move in there. Rapping her arms around his neck and kissing him she said, “you have to be quiet” she whispered.
Taking hold of his arousal she rubbed it gently before pushing him into her. She swallowed to keep from moaning and buried her head in his neck. He put his hands on her hips and moved himself out then in, she bit her lip and threw her head back in satisfaction “Oh my god” she moaned quietly.
Max placed a kiss on her neck before moving out of her again then pushing back in.
Max felt the heat and pressure start to build up inside himself and he stifled a moan, pulling himself out and thrusting into her one more time he emptied himself in her. After catching her breath Liz looked up and smiled at him “See wasn’t so bad” she kissed him as he pulled himself out of her.
They both composed themselves and made sure they were looking normal again before opening the door and hurrying back to their seats. Liz buried her head on Max’s shoulder and placed a kiss on his neck. The rest of the flight they sat quietly with small smiles on their faces.

When they got back to the beach house they found Maria sitting in a bikini on Max’s beach chair with Michael on the steps below her with no shirt on, they weren’t talking. Maria’s hair wasn’t brushed and she had red around her eyes.
Max hopped out of the car and so did Liz and they both exchanged confused glances “Maria?” Liz asked.
“Liz!” Maria jumped up off the chair and ran up to her “Oh I’m so glad your back” she cried.
“What’s going on Maria?” Liz asked hugging her back “Why have you been crying?”
“Andrew’s been cheating on me with a man” she answered taking her hands and pulling her over to sit down “I caught him this morning!”
Liz gaped at Max then looked back at Maria “Oh my god Maria that’s why I came back to Hawaii to tell you that I caught him too” she said.
Maria’s face fell even more than it was before “WHAT?” she demanded “You knew and you didn’t tell me?”
“I caught him before I went up in the attic the other day Maria please don’t be mad, please I didn’t know how to tell you I was still in shock I came back to tell you”
“Where is he anyway?” Max asked.
“I bet the shit out of him then kicked him out” Michael grinned.
Liz smiled “You did?” she looked at him then back at Maria who got up and walked inside.
“Maria?” she got up and went after her “Your mad at me?”
“Of course I’m mad! I asked you if anything was wrong when I came into the attic- why the hell didn’t you tell me then Liz?” Maria started pacing.
“Because he threatened me and I didn’t know what to do I am so sorry I wanted to tell you but I was afraid” Liz walked up to her and grabbed her arms “I was still deciding what to do then I ended up leaving… If I hadn’t of left I would have told you that night”
“Are you sure?” Maria asked looking very annoyed.
“I am very sure Maria! I was so pissed off at him! I yelled at him and I said I would tell you no matter what but I was afraid you’d hate me and think I was lying”
Maria clenched his jaw “Still Liz I am highly disappointed” she yelled.
“I know it’s no excuse I am scum but please forgive me” Liz hugged her to her “Please? I feel horrible”
Maria pulled away “Why didn’t you tell me?” she whined.
“If you were in my situation would you have just come out and told me straight away? I was so fucked off and sad for you at the same time. I didn’t know what to do”
“You should have told me Liz” Maria crossed her arms “But I know it would have been hard’
“Yes it was! But he’s gone now and we don’t have to worry…”
“He cheated on me Liz I can’t just stop worrying!”
Remembering that the guys were outside and could hear them, Maria grabbed Liz’s arms and they walked upstairs and to an empty room so they could talk in privacy.
“Liz I did something stupid” Maria suddenly said slamming the door.
“What did you do?” Liz asked.
“You’re not going to believe it, I don’t regret it but I can’t believe I did it!” Maria clenched her arms “I had sex with Michael”
“WHAT?” Liz yelled
“I was sad and I needed to get back at Andrew and we just did it” Maria bit her lip.
“I can’t believe this” Liz sat down on the bed “He took advantage of you when you were depressed!”
“No Liz, no he didn’t” Maria kneeled in front of her “He told me to stop it and that he wouldn’t because I would regret it but I pounced on him and kind of forced him into it”
Maria told her everything that happened.
“You didn’t” Liz rubbed her eyes “So let me get this straight, he was bein kind and everything and you went and jumped him? Maria how could you do that?”
“I don’t know I just felt this overwhelming need to just fuck someone, or him I don’t know. I don’t know why I did it but I did and now I don’t know what to say to him”
Liz shook her head “You have to go talk to him” she stood up and started pushing Maria towards the door “Come on”
“No, No Liz don’t make me! What am I supposed to say?”
“Just apologize and then say you don’t regret it” Liz opened the bedroom door “And say thank you for extra, extra being there for me?”
“Oh I can’t”
Liz got her down the stairs and dragged her outside to where the two guys were sitting “Michael Maria needs to talk to you”
She grabbed Max’s arm “Come on honey let’s go make some afternoon tea” he stood up and they walked over to the door,
“But Liz I…” Maria started.
Liz looked at her “Just talk to him Maria” she closed the door.
“What’s going on?” Max asked.
“Let’s go into the kitchen I’ll tell you while I get some food…”

Liz walked out of the kitchen to go to the bathroom while Max finished making them food. Isabel and Alex walked down the stairs and when Isabel saw her she swallowed “Liz” she said quietly.
Liz looked up at her “Uh hi, Isabel-Alex” she put on a fake smile.
“Hey Liz” Alex smiled.
Isabel walked up to her and rapped her arms around her “I’m sorry for the way I treated you Liz, will you ever forgive me?”
Once Liz wasn’t as shocked by Isabel’s actions she hugged her back “I accept your apology Isabel but you’re gonna have to give me a little while to forgive you”
Isabel pulled back slightly “I understand” she looked at the ground “What I did was wrong and I am truly sorry, just remember that?”
Liz breathed in “I will” she whispered.
“What are you doing back?” Alex asked.
“I came back to see Maria abut something” she answered “Me and Max are going to stay one night then go and stay with your parents” she looked at Isabel.
Isabel raised her eyebrows, “Our parent’s?” she asked “wow”
“Yeah” Liz said.
“They’ll love you” Isabel smiled “They will don’t be nervous” she patted her arm “I’m relieved I didn’t cause any trouble between you and Max, I really am”
“Thank you”

Maria came in and talked to Liz about her conversation with Michael “He apologized and I said he had nothing to apologize for”
“And?” Liz asked.
“And I said can we be friends with out it being weird and he said yeah we can. And I said I can’t get involved with anyone yet because it’s too soon after… you know everything and he said he agreed then said he’d be here if I changed my mind later on”
“Well” Liz breathed “That is weird”
That night they all planned to go to a bar in town. On their way to the car Michael pulled Liz aside and said he was sorry and that he knew she wouldn’t forgive him but that he had finally been convinced she had nothing but good intentions for Max and he was happy for them. Liz frowned and said that she was glad Max had his friend’s best wishes and that she was glad she had gotten an apology from him.
“Let’s get sloshed Liz” Maria said as they entered the bar.
Liz laughed “I don’t know if I should tonight Maria…”
“We haven’t gone to a club in ages and right now this is as close as we’ll get to one so we have to” Maria rapped her arm around her “Plus we have to mourn on my shitty life”
“Maria you don’t have a shitty life” Liz said.
“Oh yeah? Right um think what ever you like” she walked up to the bar and ordered a martini.
Liz pulled Max aside “Do you mind?” she glanced at Maria “I’m gonna have to look after her tonight…”
“Of course I don’t mind” he kissed her “Go be the great best friend you are I’ll be fine” he smiled.
“Thank you Max, I love you” she pecked his lips then went over to the bar and sat down with Maria. “Make that two and keep’em coming” Maria said to the bar tender.
“Can I see some I.D?” he asked.
Liz and Maria laughed “What why?”
“I’m twenty five and she’s twenty six do we really look that young?” Liz asked.
“Just doing my job” he smiled.
They both got out their ID’s and waited for him to go get their drinks.
“Don’t drink to much Maria” Liz rested her head on her friends shoulder “We can’t have you throwing up all night”
“Why the hell not?” Maria grumbled “I hate this Liz why is everything going wrong for me?”
“Everything good will come to you soon, who knows maybe you’ll start dating Michael” she giggled “How weird would that be? My best friend dating Max’s best friend”
Maria chuckled; “It would be weird Chinca” they drank there first shot and ordered more.
“You know what Andrew said to me when I caught him?” Liz said eating some bar nuts.
“What did the retard say?” Maria asked not really caring.
“He said he loved you but he wasn’t attracted to you, he thought that would be enough to keep the marriage going”
“He’s a fucking ass” Maria gulped down some more drink.
“Do you think you’ll see him again?” Liz asked.
“I don’t care” Maria groaned “I just want to go bury myself in a garden or something”
“Why don’t you go stay with your mom for a while? I mean she would love to see you and you can fill her in with what’s happened and stuff” Liz swallowed.
“I can’t take any more time of work Liz” Maria said.
“Yes you can, it’s fine I can work full time for a week or so, I will be fine” Liz convinced “I can handle the shop without you”
“Like I can with out you?” Maria asked.
“Yeah but better” Liz chuckled, “Go stay with her Maria it’ll do you some good and your mom too”
“I might I don’t know” Maria said.
“Erica rang me this morning” Liz said “I don’t want to tell you because it might depress you further but I have to, Sam proposed”
“Really?” Maria asked “Good for them I bet they will last” she started to whimper “Every ones getting Married and until this morning so was I”
Liz rapped her arm around her “You’ll get married, you’ll find someone else”
“I don’t know” Maria whimpered “Do you think maybe I turned Andrew gay?”
“Maria no of course not!” Liz said, “He was always a fag” she swallowed “No offense to gay people because they are cool, just not Andrew”
“Yeaha” Maria whistled, after a few more drinks she turned her head and yelled, “Michael was I good?” she asked.
Liz blushed when a whole lot of people looked at them.
Michael walked up “What did you say?” he asked.
“I said was I good?” she had red eyes “I mean was a really good? Did you enjoy yourself? Could I turn a person gay?”
“Maria” Liz hissed.
“You were good Maria” he patted her back “you wouldn’t turn anyone gay” he looked at Liz “Maybe she shouldn’t have much more?”
“I’m only tipsy” Maria said, “I am only beginning.”
By the end of the night Maria had sung a song on the stage with the microphone and chatted up several guys. Liz had to stop her from getting into trouble.
At two am they stumbled out to the car and collapsed onto the back seat. “How much did they have to drink?” Isabel asked.
“Not enough!” Maria suddenly cried out “I still have a shitty life”
Liz uttered “No you don’t Maria” before they both fell asleep.


Liz woke up at eleven am and ran to the bathroom to throw up. Max was at her side quickly, he got her some water and a warm flannel.
“Thank you” Liz whispered.
“Are you OK?” he sat down on the bathroom floor next to her and rapped his arm around her waste. She rested her head on his chest and nodded “Yeah I’ll be OK, I just have a head ache”
He kissed the top of her head “Do you want to go back to bed?”
“No I think I’ll just take a shower, can you get my things out for me?” she asked.
“Yeah of course” he kissed the top of her head then stood up again. He went and got her a nice white dress and clean underwear from her bag then brought them into the bathroom, Liz was still sitting on the floor.
After putting the clothes on top of the cabinet he helped her up and turned on the shower, she swallowed “I’m fine, I really am”
“Yes right I believe you” he smiled.
He left to go get breakfast and when he came back a little while later Liz was showered, dressed and standing in front of the mirror brushing her teeth. “I made breakfast” he leaned against the door and watched her.
She smiled “Thank you”
“Do you feel better?” he asked walking up to her. She spat out the toothpaste in her mouth “A little”
He kissed her forehead “You have more color in your cheeks now” he smiled.
She kissed his lips “Yeah?” she asked.
“Yeah” he ran his hand down her arm then stepped away “Do you want to eat upstairs or hop into bed and…?”
“I’ll come down stairs, go ahead I’ll be there in a second” she pecked his lips and then turned back to the mirror so she could do her hair.
He walked down stairs and found Maria sitting at the table her hair in every direction and looking as pale as Liz had been. “Hey Maria are you OK?” he touched her shoulder.
She swallowed “I think I’m going to…” she jumped up from the table and ran to the sink. Max grimaced as she threw up. He went over and patted her back “Why don’t you go take a shower? Liz feels better now that she’s had one”
Maria wiped her mouth with her hand “I think I might” she whispered.
She left the kitchen and Isabel walked in past her and frowned “Wow she doesn’t look to good” She commented after she was gone.
“Yeah” Max agreed, she had looked worse than Liz had.
Isabel walked over to the coffee machine and poured herself a cup “So when are you leaving for mom and dad’s?”
Max put a plate of food down on the table then another one for himself “Three” he answered.
Liz walked in and smiled “Morning Isabel” she said.
“Good morning Liz, you look nice” she sipped her coffee.
“Thank you” Liz kissed Max then sat down at the table “Oh yummy” she said looking down at her breakfast. Michael walked into the kitchen and over to the coffee machine “Morning” he mumbled. He poured himself some coffee then sat down at the table, he was wearing a suit-
“How come you’re all dressed up?” Isabel asked.
“I’m going back to New York today got some stuff I have to do” he sipped his drink and picked up the news paper off the counter.
“So everyone’s leaving?” Isabel asked “Me and Alex were going to leave tonight”
“Yeah guess so,” Michael said. Liz glanced at Max who sat down across from her “Michael you won’t mind if Maria catches the plane back with you do you? I don’t think she’ll want to stay here by herself”
“Yeah I don’t mind” he answered.
Alex came in and opened the refrigerator “What do we have to eat in this joint hommies?”
Liz chuckled and Isabel smiled and rolled her eyes.
After breakfast Liz walked to the store and brought a magazine and a few other things then walked back home, when she got there Max was just walking up the verandah to his beach chair, he was all wet and was drying himself with a towel. She felt like drooling, you’d think that she’d get used to seeing his beautiful body but she hadn’t yet and she didn’t think she ever would. He sat down on his chair and noticed her walking up the driveway, she smiled at him then said “Hey sexy.”
He smiled and then said “Hey beautiful” he dried his hair with the towel in his hand. When she walked up the steps he chucked the towel down on the ground and grabbed her sides “What did you buy?” he asked.
She put down the bag and touched his wet spiky hair “Just a magazine, an ice cream to eat on the way home, some gum and tampons” she smiled “Nothing too interesting”
He pulled her onto his lap and rapped his arms around her “Max your all wet” she said trying to get up.
“SO?” he kissed her neck.
“Was the water nice?” she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. “Hmm mmm” he mumbled “It was, yes”
“Are you all packed and ready?” she asked, “Are you going to take a shower before we leave?”
“Yes” he answered “I will shower soon”
“We only have a little while till we have to leave…” he kissed her lips to quiet her.
“You do not watch the view,” Maria said as she and Michael walked out of the house. He was holding her suit cases-
Max broke the kiss and sighed. Liz kissed his cheek and whispered “I love you”
He hugged her against him tighter and said “I love you too”
A taxi pulled up the driveway and Michael helped the driver put his and Maria’s things in the trunk. “You’re leaving now?” Liz asked.
“Yeah” Maria said walking up to her, Liz sat up and hugged her best friend “Are you going to go stay with your mom?”
“Yeah I think I probably will but I won’t leave till your back” she patted Max’s head “I’ll see you in a couple of days” she smiled.
“Bye Maxwell, Liz!” Michael called from the cab.
“Bye” Max and Liz both said. The cab pulled away and Liz stood up “I’m going to go get my things ready, go have a shower” she smiled.
He pulled her lips to his again and they shared a hot kiss “OK” he smiled.

Isabel and Alex decided to take the same flight back to California as Max and Liz so they all got packed and cleaned up the house before heading to the airport. When they got to California Isabel and Alex left to go home and Max and Liz got and a cab to his parent’s house.
Liz was very nervous “Oh god” she whispered “Can we go home please?” she begged.
Max rapped his arm around her in the cab “Of course…” he kissed her “not” he smiled and she groaned. “Don’t worry!” he said.
“Don’t worry? DON’T WORRY?” she repeated “how can you say that?”
He chuckled “Look we’re nearly there don’t worry” he took her hands in his and squeezed them. A few minutes later they stopped at a big gate that beeped them in- the driver drove down the big driveway surrounded by big lawns and flower patches.
The taxi stopped in front of the house and Max opened the door and stepped out, he held his hand out for Liz, like always, and she stepped out. He continued to hold her hand once she was out.
“Oh wow” Liz whispered looking at the big house. Max’s parent’s walked out and he pulled her over to meet them “Max” Diane smiled and hugged her son “It’s nice to see you”
Max hugged his dad too.
“Mom, dad this is Liz” he put his hand on her back and forced her to move forward.
“Hi it’s nice to meet you,” she said shyly.
“Liz” Philip held his hand out “We’ve heard a lot about you, it’s good to finally meet you” he smiled “We’re glad Max has meet someone he really likes”
Liz smiled.
Diane shook her hand too “That’s a nice dress, it looks expensive” she smiled “Did Max buy it for you?”
Liz clenched her jaw and glanced at Max, he sighed in annoyance and rubbed his forehead. She looked back at Diane “Max didn’t buy it for me but thank you” she smiled politely.
They went inside and Diane showed them where they could sleep- in deferent rooms! Max laughed “Um mom me and Liz will share a room”
“Oh” She blinked “OK then well do you two want to sleep in a bigger room?”
“No this will do mom” he kissed her cheek “We’ll be down for some dinner soon?”
It was around ten-thirty but they still hadn’t eaten “Yes OK” she smiled then walked away.
Liz walked into the room and Max followed her.
“I’m sorry,” he said rubbing her arms up and down. “What for? Nothing’s wrong every things wonderful” she smiled.
“Right” he leaned down and kissed her.
“No seriously Max I’ve decided I don’t care, I have nothing to worry about, your still going to…”
“Feel the same way for you no matter what?” he finished her sentence for her “Yes that’s absolutely right” he smiled.
Liz chuckled, “Separate rooms?”
Max laughed “Yeah I don’t know what she was up to… don’t worry”
“I’m not worried,” she said.
After freshening up and re-doing her hair they went down stairs and had some food with Max’s parent’s “Liz and I are engaged” Max spat out over chocolate cake.
Liz swallowed, she felt like they’d done this a thousand times already!
“What?” Diane asked “When?”
“Actually nearly a month and a half ago” Max rubbed Liz’s thigh.
“You’re engaged?” Philip smiled brightly “Finally Maxwell! I am very happy for you two! I know I’ve only just met you Liz but from what I’ve seen you seem perfect for my son! Congratulations.”
Liz was relieved and smiled “Thank you. You have no idea how much of a relief it is to have you be happy for us”
Diane pursed her lips “Yes well” she sipped her tea unpleasantly “I knew the day would come at some time”
Liz stopped smiling.
“Your happy for us?” Max asked.
“Yes I’m happy for you I’m your mother” she looked only at Liz “I guess, welcome to the family?”
Liz guessed Diane wasn’t happy about her son getting married to her but it could have been her imagination?
Later as Liz climbed into bed she asked Max if he noticed that his mother was a little off the idea.
“I didn’t notice I was just shocked by how happy my father was for us” he turned off the light and climbed into bed next to her. Liz lay with her eyes on the ceiling “Maybe she just needs time?”
“You’ll win her over, you have all tomorrow to do it” he rapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek.
Liz breathed in “I hope so” she turned so she was on her side “It’s not like we didn’t have enough trouble with Michael and Isabel” she intertwined her fingers through his and closed her eyes.

In the morning when Liz got up and went down stairs when Max was dressing. Isabel was over and Liz could hear her talking to her mom in the kitchen.
“Married! MARRIED! I can’t believe this” Diane said “He can’t marry her, he should marry one of the girls he was brought up with, someone who’s friends with the family.”
“Mom I know what you mean… I was hesitant at first too but have you seen how happy they are? She makes him happier than I’ve ever seen him. And she’s so nice… Michael and I put her through enough trouble all ready”
Liz held her hands over her heart and smiled in awe. Max walked up behind her and looked at her questioningly.
“But they’ve only known each other for a short time! I don’t know Isabel I just don’t think it’s very appropriate,” Diane said.
“You know it’s not nice to eves drop” Max whispered ginning.
Liz shhhed him.
“Mom trust me. They will last I know it! You just have to give her a chance, she’s been accused for so much and she’s still around isn’t she? That’s got to show something”
Max took hold of Liz’s hand and smiled. She breathed in with happiness.
“I guess I can at least give her a chance” Diane replied.
Liz and Max walked into the kitchen hand in hand. Liz smiled “Good morning Isabel, Mrs. Evan’s”
“Morning Liz” Isabel smiled.
“Yes good morning, Liz, Max” Diane eyed them both. Liz let go of Max’s hand and took a seat next to Isabel at the table. After breakfast they hung around tying to figure out what they should do for the rest of the day. “So where are you two going to live? In your apartment?” Philip asked. Max and his dad were walking around the gardens whilst Liz was inside with Diane and Isabel.
“We haven’t really discussed that yet,” Max said.
“Oh” Philip sighed “Well your going to have to Max, when are you going to have then wedding?”
“We was to have it further into the summer” Max explained.
“Where are you going to have it?”
“I have one place in mind but Liz doesn’t know” Max picked a flower and brushed his fingers across it “We aren’t going to have many people there just you guys, her parent’s and a few friends” he dropped the flower.
“What? But your Max Evan’s!! You have to have a big wedding” Philip chuckled at himself “No really you do Max, many people will expect to be there. Any way do you think your mother and Isabel would let you get away with having a small wedding? You have the money so why not?”
Max sighed, “We don’t want one and we aren’t going to have one”
“Don’t be like we’re just having a conversation. I am happier for you than anyone I bet! I’ve wanted you to get married for the longest time and now you finally are, joy” he smiled.
Max rolled his eyes “You haven’t even told me what you think of Liz, do you only care about me getting married?”
Philip laughed “I know I’m sorry I don’t mean to, yes I think Liz is a nice young lady, I’m sure you’ll be very happy together. Your mother was distressed last night about you two getting married but I told her to be happy for you both, she thinks you should be marrying someone like Cassandra or Renee”
“Who…?” Max frowned, “Oh those are girls from high school? Daughters of your friends and associates?”
“Yes she thinks it would be good for you to marry someone like them”
“You mean someone with money already?” Max sighed- that was so typical of his mother.
“Not necessarily” Philip touched his shoulder “At first she was a little worried about the money I can admit we both were but she seems nice enough and there’s always the prenuptial agreement”
“We’re not having one” Max said.
“What? Why not?” Philip asked.
“She wanted to have one but I don’t care we are not signing one, it’s like saying that it is certain we’ll leave each other and we need to think ahead. I don’t plan on ever leaving Liz”
“She feels the same way?”
“Yes she does she was just worried of what people may think if we didn’t get one” Max kicked a stone on the pathway “We talked about it and she finally agreed we didn’t need to get one.”
“If your sure” Philip said “It’s up to you, I just want you to be happy”
“Thank you”
Philip looked ahead of them at the swimming pool. “Any way you deserve it after all the work you’ve done in the early years of your life, you’ve barely had any time to do what you want to do, if marrying Liz is what will make you happy then I am happy”
Max smiled.
“You will have children?” Philip asked.
Max grinned “That is what we hope for, yes” he felt tingly when he thought of Liz being pregnant and having a child made by them both growing inside of her. He looked forward to that part of their relationship a lot.
“I’m going to be a grandfather” Philip smiled in delight “You’ll have to move here so I can be with the little thing” he chuckled “Isabel and Alex don’t seem to preoccupied with having children, I don’t know if they will”
“They might” Max said, “I just can’t imagine Isabel being pregnant” he laughed
Philip laughed to “I would feel verrrry sorry for Alex”
“I already feel sorry for Alex” they both laughed.
After they had calmed down Philip said “You should buy her a house, well both of you. It wouldn’t be very good to plan parent hood in your apartment”
“I know, I will” Max rubbe dhis hands together “Maybe just outside of New York?”
“Sounds good to me” Philip smiled.
When they got inside Liz and Isabel were sitting in the lounge area watching ads on the TV and talking about what they wanted and had. They were sitting on the ground with pillows and a bag of potato hips and dip.
“Oh I wanted to try that, do you know if it’s any good?” Liz asked.
“It’ not any good I’ve tried it” Isabel said.
Max sat down on the couch and chuckled at them, Philip sat down too. “Where’s Diane?” he asked.
“She went somewhere, I think to the store or something” Isabel mumbled not really caring…
Liz leaned back so she was sitting in between Max’s legs on the floor- he rubbed her neck.
They had lunch when Diane came back, and then Isabel took Liz to her house to show her around. After dinner that night Liz and Max sat in the lounge just relaxing, it was about quarter to eleven.
A song came on the TV and Max stood up “Dance with me” he grinned like a little kid.
“What?” Liz asked.
“Just come on” he grabbed her hands and pulled her up. He rapped his arms around her and and she rapped her arms around his neck…
Everybody's looking for a something
One thing that makes it all complete
You'll find it in the strangest places
Places you never knew it could be

He sang along with the song and Liz smiled “I never knew you could sing well” she kissed him “You have a beautiful voice”
“So do you” he smiled.
“Now that’s a lie” she chuckled.
Some find it in their lover's eyes
Who can deny the joy it brings
When you've found that special thing
You're flying without wings

Diane came into the room and stopped. She watched Liz lean up and place a kiss on his lips “I love you” she whispered.
Diane held her hands over her heart. Her baby boy was leaving her!

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When Max and Liz left the next day Diane hugged Liz. Liz was shocked but hugged her back and said it had been good meeting her. Philip, Isabel and Alex also hugged her- she felt so loved.
She bragged about it the whole flight home, Max just smiled his own heart overflowing with happiness that his family had excepted the person most important to him.
“Should I come in or…?” Max asked as his limousine pulled up to Liz’s house.
“No I need to talk to Maria before she goes to stay with her mom in Roswell, are you going to come by later?”” she leaned up and kissed his lips
“I’ll see what I can do” he smiled
“See you later” she smiled back “ Call me if your coming over”
“Yeah bye” he kissed her again and she hopped out of the car.

When Liz walked inside she found Michael and Maria gazing into each other’s eyes “Michael?” she frowned, “What are doing here?”
He swallowed then looked at her “ugh nothing, just keeping Maria company, see ya” he walked do the door and left before Liz could question him further. Liz raised her eyebrows at her best friend “Your supposed to be upset because Andrew screwed you over Maria! Your not supposed to be making puppy dog eyes at my fiancee’s best friend!”
Maria blushed, “You’d rather I be upset?”
“No of course not! But don’t you think it’s a bit soon to be getting involved with someone?” Liz pushed her friend into the room more.
“I know but I couldn’t help it, he is just really…” Maria bit her lip.
“You didn’t screw him again did you?” Liz shook Maria.
Maria blushed again “Kinda…”
“Oh my god Maria!” Liz gaped at her friend “You mad!”
“I know I am but it just happened! One minute we’re arguing about something and the next minute we’re tearing eachothers clothes off” she sighed “I know it’s bad, I’m not even over Andrew!”
Liz pulled off her coat “I hope you know what you’re doing, it hasn’t even been three whole days yet! Most people wait atleast a month if not three or four! You didn’t even wait three or four days”
“I can’t explain it Liz, he’s just what I need right now” Maria breathed in “And he’s much better in bed then Andrew EVER was”
Liz couldn’t help but laugh “SO that makes Max AND Michael good in bed? Does that mean Isabel would be two? What is it with them?”
Maria laughed too “I know it’s weird!” she laughed harder “Two words![ super sperm
Liz doubled over. When she composed herself she said “I’m still worried about what your up too” She carried her bags to her room and plunked them down on the bed.
“Don’t worry about me, what happened with Max’s parental’s?” Maria followed her.
“His mom hated me and his dad couldn’t have been happier” Liz answered.
“Maybe Isabel’s just like her mom?” Maria sat down on Liz’s bed.
“Yeah maybe. But Isabel was totally nice when we were there, she told her mom how nice I was and everything. She even took me to her house and showed me around” Liz smiled “She’s definitely changed her ways”
“Well your happy about it right? I mean you must be so relieved” Maria watched Liz pull all her clothes out of her suitcase.
“I am relieved, it’s so nice to have them all accept me now. I know Max is happy about it to” Liz looked down at her clothes “Laundromat?” she asked.
“Yeah I need to take my stuff too. Why didn’t Max come in anyway?” Maria asked.
“I needed to talk to you about the whole Michael thing” Liz said “How about you take everything to the Laundromat and I make some food?” she asked.
It was just nine PM now. “Sure OK, that’ll give you time to shower as well” Maria got up and started collecting all of Liz’s clothes into a bundle “Is Max coming by later?”
“I don’t know” Liz said, “I hope so”

Maria left and Liz had a shower then made dinner. Max rang and said he couldn’t make it tonight, he had some stuff he had to do in his office down stairs and he would be busy till really late/ early.
Liz sighed and said she’d see him tomorrow. Maria came back and they talked while eating dinner and ice cream.
“It’s like…” Liz swallowed “I don’t know, it’s…”
“Amazing” Maria breathed “Outer worldly! I mean what if Michael has totally screwed me over, what if no other man can satisfy me ever again?”
Liz giggled “Well I’m marrying Max so I know I won’t have to worry about that”
“Yeah and by the size of his ding dong I can tell you two will never have that whole get bored of sex a few months/ years after marriage” Maria laughed “Or at least you won’t”
“Never” Liz smiled “Never ever
“It’s weird ya know? I hated Michael so god damn much for what he did to you and now here I am getting all gooey in the knee’s for him. You don’t mind do you? I mean he was a real prick”
Liz shrugged “Do what ever you want Maria I’m not your mom AND I don’t care anymore me and Max had a huge talk about everything and we are completely honest with each other”
“That’s great, I’m happy for you” Maria licked her fork “So do I have to start looking for a new room mate?”
Liz frowned, “Oh” she said, “I don’t know, I feel bad…”
“We have to give each other up at some point, I mean I was going to leave here to move in with Andrew, not necessarily across town but I was going to none the less” Maria said “Maybe Max will buy you a huge house somewhere”
“I don’t need a huge house” Liz said, “I don’t care unless I have him…”
“AND a bedroom” Maria giggled.
“Yeah” Liz laughed “That too”
“Just don’t leave me without a business partner OK? I need you” Maria smiled.
“It’s funny how our situations have changed isn’t it?” Liz asked “And I won’t leave the coffee shop Maria, of course not. Well at least not till I start having babies”
“Hmm” Maria smiled “Mini Max and Liz’s how cute!”
Liz smiled happily. When are you leaving for New Mexico?” she asked.
Maria ran her hand through her hair “Tomorrow at lunch time” she said “I rang my mom yesterday, she was so happy to hear from me”
“I bet she was” Liz said “You said hello for me of course”
“Of course” Maria chuckled, “OK I’m going to bed, see ya in the morning”
“So that means you’ll be up? I’ve got to get up early for work remember?”
“Yeah right me get up that early when I don’t have too” she laughed “No I’ll come into the coffee shop some time before I leave” she walked to her room “Night”
“Night” Liz said before getting up, cleaning the dishes and going to her empty bed. She wished Max was there, she didn’t get to sleep till around two in the morning, she kept tossing and turning- not feeling comfortable without Max there.
In the morning she got up and went to the breakfast bar then work. It felt good to be back at the coffee shop, she had missed it?

Liz spent the whole morning trying to get ‘Patty’ to work; she was acting up again. At quarter to eleven Maria ran in and hugged her “I’ll see you in a week” she smiled “I’m gonna be late for my flight I over slept!’ she hurried back to the door “See ya! Have a good week!”
“Have fun!” was all Liz got to say before Maria was gone out the door.
On her lunch break at one-thirty she sat at a table out the front and ate sandwich while she paid the bills. “Liz!” Samuel came over to her “I just got a phone call Erica’s gone into labor I have to get to the hospital can you shorten your lunch break?”
Liz shot up “Of course I can! Good luck! I’ll some and see you at the hospital after work?”
“Yip sure, thank you, you’re a angel” he kissed her cheek and then went and grabbed his coat before shooting out the door. Liz went behind the counter and worked non-stop till quarter to five- when Max hurried in talking into his cell phone and holding a brief case in his hand.

She didn’t notice him until he was behind the counter. He kissed her cheek turned off his phone and said he couldn’t stay.
“Busy?” She asked him as she made her customers coffee.
“Yes, I’m sorry. I won’t be able to get away till around ten thirty or eleven” He ran his hand down his long black jacket. Liz handed the coffee to the man at the counter and he paid her, when he left she turned to face Max “Do you mind if I go to your place? Maria left at lunch time and I’ll be lonely…”
He placed his finger on her lips “Liz you don’t have to ask, just go there when ever you want. I’ll call you when I get the chance” he kissed her “I’ll see you later”
“Yeah” she said “bye”
He glanced at her and opened to his mouth to say something but his cell phone went off, he sighed and went to answer it.
“You better go” Liz tried to keep from smiling.
He smirked adorably “Yeah I guess so, bye” he pecked her lips quickly then hurried out of the coffee shop. Liz smiled then continued to serve for the rest of the night, not even getting a break until quarter till seven when she closed up and headed to the hospital.

When she got to Erica’s hotel room Erica was sitting on the bed clutching her newborn baby to her chest and Samuel was watching her with adoring eyes.
Liz cleared her throat and they both looked up “Liz” Erica smiled.
“Hey” Liz walked in and took off her coat “Oh she’s so beautiful!”
“We know” Samuel grinned proudly.
Liz smiled at him then sat down on the other side of Erica “Was it bad?” she asked.
“Let’s just say Max will never get six out of you” Erica giggled.
“He wasn’t going to anyway” Liz laughed “how precious, you must be ecstatic”
“I am, yes” her eyes twinkled “do you want to hold her?”
Liz nodded “yes!” she smiled brightly. Erica chuckled and gently handed the sleeping baby to Liz. Liz clutched her to her chest and kissed her forehead, she had no words to describe how it felt to hold the tiny bundle of warmth close to her.
“Nice isn’t it?” Samuel asked.
Liz nodded in awe. “I want one!”
Erica and Samuel laughed “In time!”
She sat there thinking about how much she wanted her own baby to share with Max, Erica and Sam were right of course, in time she would have her own. After staying with them for two hours she went straight to Max’s and collapsed onto his couch. He wasn’t home, she didn’t expect him to be… she rolled onto her side and turned on the TV. After a while she fell asleep.

Max came home at eleven thirty and saw her asleep on the couch- after turning off the TV he picked her up and carried her to his room.
She stirred and said, “What time is it?”
“Just after twelve” he answered “Shh go back to sleep” he brushed his lips against her cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear.
“Hmm” She rolled onto her side “Erica had her baby…” then she was out.
Max pulled off her skirt and shirt then pulled the blankets over her petite body. After getting out of his clothes Max hopped into bed next to Liz and rapped his arms around her “I’m sorry” he whispered as he kissed the back of her neck and ears “I’m so, so sorry”
In the morning Max woke up, got dressed, had a shower and left before Liz was even awake. When she woke she wondered if he’d even came home last night, since he wasn’t there and there was no note she guessed he hadn’t.
He didn’t come into the coffee shop at all that say and she began to worry- where the hell was he?
At closing time Liz decided to call his cell-phone. He never picked up .
She went home and had a shower. While she stood under the water she debated going around to his place… was he staying away from her for a reason? Had she done something wrong?
She felt so lonely right now, no one she loved was around her and the nagging in the back of mind was telling her something was wrong. She didn’t go around to Max’s but she tried calling him several times. She never got through. Maybe he had switched his phone off because he was so busy? She fell asleep on her bed clutching the phone to her chest.
Another day went by and she still did not hear from him. The next day after work she went around to his house and caught him on his way out. He was just stepping off the elevator when she was walking across the lobby; he saw her and smiled slightly. She was glad she had changed out of her work uniform, “Max?” she walked up to him frowning “What’s going on?”
“I know I’m sorry, I have been really busy” he was dressed in a suit but he had no tie on and the top buttons on his shirt were undone.
“Too busy to even call me?” she folded her arms over her chest, he hadn’t even kissed her when he saw her.
He was acting strangely “You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve wanted to, will you forgive me?”
She swallowed then looked down at her feet “Don’t I always?” she rubbed her arms. “Where are you going now?” he usually touched her when he talked to her- whether he was rubbing her arm or caressing her cheek or even just putting his hand on the small of her back,
He wasn’t touching her at all right now.
“I have to go to dinner with some employee’s” he bit his lip “are you staying here tonight?”
“I don’t see any point” she looked up “I may as well just leave”
“Liz, I…” he stopped saying what he was going to say and instead he said, “Look stay here, I like knowing your here, I will try not to be home late?”
Liz sighed “What ever, I’ll see you later”
Max yet again looked like he was going to say something, but he never did. He left without touching her.

Liz sat in one of Max’s children’s hospitals on Saturday morning. Four girls and three boys, one of them had cancer.
“The hippopotamus said…” Liz smiled.
“DON’T EAT MY FOOD!” All kids cried.
“And the giraffe said…”
Liz needed Maria to hurry up and come back, she needed to talk to her, anyone desperately. Max had been ‘busy’ all week and they had only exchanged a few sentences on the phone if not in person. He was pulling away from her- it was very obvious. All week she had been wondering what she had done wrong, but he never had time to talk so she hadn’t been able to ask him. She had no one to talk to and that’s why she needed Maria back. Her body was feeling the loss of Max, she throbbed for him to be near her, they hadn’t been together intimately since before they left for Hawaii the second time. She had left a message on his answering machine telling him she’d be here today, she hoped he would come by but it didn’t look like he was going to.
Lilly, a four year old with curly blonde hair climbed onto her lap “Liz, liza, Lizzie” she sang “you’re a beautiful angel”
Liz patted the girls head “Your very beautiful too Lilly! Everyone is” she giggled “You are…” she pointed to Nathan a you boy with a broken leg “And you are…” she pointed to Sarah “And you are…”

Max walked into the big room lined with children’s beds and big windows that sunlight streamed in through. Most of the kids in this ward were sitting in a group on two beds near the end of the room. The biggest window was next to them and their hair glowed from the sun, Liz was sitting on a bed with them, she almost looked the same age as them. You could hear them laughing and talking Liz read picture books and sang to them…
God he missed her so much this week. He wanted to run over there and stroke her hair and touch her soft skin. Guilt stopped him. At night when he got home and Liz was lying in his bed, looking tiny and breath takingly beautiful, he would want to wake her up and see her glistening eyes. Instead he would climb in next to her, kiss her neck, arms or shoulders and whisper how sorry he was and pray she would forget him before he had to tell her what was going on.
“And I love you too!” He heard Liz laugh with the kids, and watched as she fell back and all the kids tickled her. She was so beautiful, she was his whole life and he was so annoyed that he was about to be separated from him. He hadn’t needed to be that busy this week, he chose to be so he wouldn’t have to lie to her when she asked where he was. It would kill her when he told her he had to go away, just as it was slowly killing him.
He opened the door he just came out of and walked though it. He glanced back at Liz once more, then left.

Liz saw him enter the room through her periphery and her breath caught in her throat. He came! For a few seconds she was so happy, but when he didn’t come over that feeling was quickly replaced with sadness. His jaw was clenched and he held his jacket in his hands, he looked so good. So, so good.
When he opened the door and walked out she nearly cried out. Instead she got up off the bed and said, “I’ll be back soon OK? Just wait here” she handed the book to a ten year old, Natalie, “You read to them OK? Just till I get back”
She nodded smiling happily and started read out loud. Liz ran to the door and out into the halls, Max was no where to be seen. She ran to the front desk Did you see Max Evan’s just walk by?” she asked frantically.
“Yeah, he just went out the front door” she smiled. Liz ran out the front door and out onto the street, she was not going to let him leave- not without talking to her. Her eye’s roamed the paths and roads but she didn’t see him anywhere.
Finally she noticed him and ran down the street to catch up to him, when she grabbed his arm and he turned around she realized it was him.
Apologizing quickly Liz searched frantically through the people again, he was no where to be seen. She walked back to the hospital dejectedly and leaned up against the concrete wall. Tears poured down her cheeks and she did not try to wipe them away, what the hell was wrong with Max?


That night Max came home, to Liz sleeping in his bed- naked. He breathed in and tried to pretend he didn’t notice. He got out of his suit and then hopped into bed next to her, he did not rap his arms around her. He placed a kiss on her jaw- that was the only time he could bring himself to touch her, when she was sleeping. He reached over to turn off the lamp,
“What’s going on?” Liz’s quiet voice stopped him.
He froze- she was awake? She was never awake when he got home. He sat up, what was he supposed to say?
“I saw you at the hospital” she whispered “Why did you leave before talking to me?” she didn’t open her eyes or move.
Max breathed in “I…”
“You what?” she chose this moment to open her eye’s and roll over to face him “Why have you been avoiding me?” she looked pained.
“I’m sorry,” he said trying not to catch her eyes.
“I don’t want to hear that your sorry Max, I just want you to tell me what the hell is going on. Did I do something wrong?”
“No” he went to get up but she reached out and grabbed his arm. He looked down at her and she swallowed “Max, please tell me” she said.
“You didn’t do anything wrong, I’ve just been busy” he said. He knew she wasn’t going to buy that but it was worth a try… she looked so perfect lying there. He wanted to make love to her so much.
“Don’t lie Max!” she tucked her hair behind her ears.
“I don’t want to tell you” he looked down at his hands, which were shaking slightly.
“Well that’s wonderful” she rapped the blanket around her body and got up “you can ring me when you want to start talking” she muttered.
“No Liz don’t leave,” he said.
“Why shouldn’t I?” she asked picking up her clothes. Max jumped off the bed and walked over to her, he took her arms in his “This week has been hell for me”
“Oh really? I didn’t notice” she was obviously pissed off. Max clenched his jaw he couldn’t keep it from her any longer, he didn’t want another week like this one.
“I was told that I have to go to Thailand to get my business up and running there, they need it and only I am able to get it working successfully”
Liz stared blankly at him “Well of course you do!” she said. She pulled on her bra and underwear then left the room, “Liz” he said following her.
“I give up, is this a test?” she turned around.
He stared at her questioningly.
She groaned “When and for how long?”
“Liz, lets sit down” he touched her arms but then pulled them away like touching her burned him. She whimpered and tears filled her eyes “How long were you going to keep this a secret from me?”
Till I left “I was going to tell you eventually I just didn’t want to yet”
“When do you have to go?” a tear dripped down her cheek and he wiped it away.
“Three months” he breathed in “I want you to come… but I know you can’t…” he said.
Liz shook her head “Your right I can’t…” she whispered “For how long?”
He swallowed and rubbed his hands together “A year or two, maybe more”
Liz’s lip trembled and she looked up at him, he sighed, “God Liz” he rapped his arms around her and she cried on his bare chest “I’m so sorry” his voice was pained.
“Why have you been avoiding me?” she asked.
“Because I feel so guilty!” he lifted her chin so she was looking at him “I didn’t know this was going to happen, I know you can’t leave your business but I can’t live without you”
Liz wiped her eyes “You should have told me straight away” she stepped away from him “I have been so worried I did something wrong”
“I know I shouldn’t have but I didn’t want to tell you and being around you it just it… shows me what I’ll miss…” he reached for her but she stepped away.
“No, just don’t” she pulled on the rest of her clothes “I guess this means the wedding’s off?” she searched for her shoes.
“What? NO” he followed her “stop Liz, jeez” he grabbed her “Where are you going?”
“I’m leaving” she hissed “Stop touching me” she pushed his hands away “Don’t talk to me” she pulled on her coat and opened the door “We are so obviously not meant to be Max, we should just try and forget each other”.
She walked out to the elevator and he followed her, there was no way he was letting her leave.
“Liz stop this for gods sake” he grabbed her “Stop being so stubborn”
“Why? You’re leaving Max and I can’t come with you, while your there you’ll find someone else and I’ll drown myself in work to forget you.”
“Find someone else? You’re crazy! I wouldn’t want anyone else why do you think I asked you to marry me?” the elevator doors opened but Max yanked her back inside “Your not leaving, why do you always want to leave when there’s a little hiccup or something doesn’t go your way?”
Liz growled “This is not a little hiccup” she said.
“Don’t you even want to be with me while I’m still here?” he asked.
“You’re the one who was avoiding me!”
He rubbed his forehead “I know I’m sorry, that was because you didn’t know but now you do and I want to spend as much time with you as possible”
“It will hurt to much” she whimpered “You mean to much to me and I can’t be around you knowing you’ll just leave”
Max’s heart was breaking “Please don’t run away now” he cupped her cheeks “Please, I need you too” he kissed her. God he had missed her lips this week. She moaned and rapped her arms around his neck “God don’t stop” she whispered.
“I won’t” he kicked the front door shut and picked her up. He carried her to the bedroom, his lips never leaving hers.
“Please don’t pull away from me when I touch you,” he placed her on the bed and lay down on top of her.
“OK…” she said before she pulled her shirt over her head “If you never ignore me ever again” they both reached for her pants at the same time.
“I couldn’t ignore you” he panted.
They got Liz’s pants off and chucked them on the floor “Like this week you mean?” Liz pulled off his boxers.
“I was thinking about you twenty-four seven if it’s any constellation” he pushed her legs apart and thrust himself into her, she threw her head back with her mouth wide open in a silent scream. He pressed his lips to hers and she whispered “You can’t leave me”
“I won’t” he slowly pushed himself out of her then thrust himself back in “Oh yeah?” Liz moaned.
“Hmm” he put his hands on her hips and pulled himself out again “Never” he panted before pushing himself back into her. Her body tensed and she arched into him “Don’t stop…” she begged. He pulled out then thrust into her again; Liz rapped one of her legs around him and cried out. He thrust into her one more time before she felt the wave- it lingered there for a few seconds and then she felt her whole body quake and heat spread with in her. Her body shuddered and she fell back onto the bed as she panted. He lay on top of her for a few seconds until he could get hold of himself.
He went to get off… “No” Liz pulled him back down on top of her “Don’t get up” her skin glistened with sweat, so did his. Their lips found each other and he sucked her tongue until they lost their breath and he pulled his mouth away. She lifted her face and buried it in his hot neck “God” she moaned.
“I know” he ran his hand up her arm, she still had her bra on. They took it off and he sucked her left breast, his tongue flicked it and teased it pleasurably. Liz’s head was arched back and she pressed her body into his “I missed this, this week” he said “I missed seeing you beg me not to stop” his hand traveled up her thigh.
“Don’t stop” she moaned.
“And crying out as you came” he smirked “Tell me not to stop” his finger traced the outside of her heat.
“Please don’t stop” She whispered hoarsely. Max’s finger got covered in wetness and he bent his head down to lick her, her body jerked when he came in contact with her and he smiled in satisfaction. He ran his tongue around the edges and then dipped it in the center, Liz cried out “Oh Max, oh!” she breathed. He sucked her and Liz’s hands gripped the blanket and she moaned out as the wave came again. She said moaned his name as her body trembled with aftershocks “HMM” she breathed “Oh” she made small noises and Max chuckled as he lay back down on top of her. She rubbed his arms and kissed him.
After a few minutes he heard her whisper “What are we going to do?”
He rolled off her and rapped his arms around her “I don’t know” he said honestly. A tear from her eye dripped onto his chest and he kissed the top of her head “Don’t cry” he whispered.
She reached down for the blanket and pulled it up to cover them both “You can’t just leave, there has to be something we can do.”
He ran his hand through her hair “If I have to go will you…”
“Wait for you?” she whispered.
He shook his head.
Liz breathed in “I couldn’t be with anyone else even if I tried” she ran her finger across the creases of his muscles and abbs. He intertwined his fingers through his “I’m so sorry for doing this to you”

Maria came home and Liz went home to talk to her. Max wanted to come but she said she would see him later.
“Lizzie, my mom gave me this to give to you!” Maria pulled out a gift with alien rapping paper and Liz laughed.
“What ever could it be?” she smirked as she pulled the rapping paper off. Inside was a matching bra and panties with little aliens with big boobs all over them- Liz and Maria doubled over.
“There new in her store!” Maria fell back onto the couch “She loves them, she wears them herself- gave me three different pairs”
“Three?!” Liz exclaimed “My god! Your gonna scare whatever guy your screwing off!”
Maria screwed up the rapping paper “probably- anyway she says congratulations on the wedding and she expects an invitation in the next five weeks and if she doesn’t get one she’s going to fly up here and beat the shit out of you”
Liz’s face dropped “About that” she said quietly.
Maria’s face showed her confusion “oh my god Liz what’s going on? You and Max are still together right?”
Liz said, “Oh Maria this has been the worst week!” before bursting into tears. Maria listened as Liz told her everything that had happened; when she was finished Maria sucked in a breath and said, “Go with him Liz”
Liz gaped at her friend “No Maria, I can’t… I won’t”
“Liz I think you should go, as much as I’ll miss you unbearably, Max needs you too and you need him”
“No but I need you just as much, I can’t and plus what about the coffee shop?” Liz’s hands were shaking and tears stained her cheeks.
“The coffee shop isn’t that hard to run…”
“STOP IT!” Liz yelled, “Just stop it OK? I can’t go and you need to stop” Liz left the room with her gift and chucked it on the bed.
“Liz” Maria walked in after her; Liz broke down and crumbled to the floor at the end of her bed “It’s not fair Maria”
Maria got down on the floor next to her and rapped her arms around her “Liz, Liz, Liz” she whispered “I wish I could make it better, but it’s your decision, I will be here either way.” She kissed her cheek and hugged her tight “And if you do go it’s not like you won’t be able to fly back here sometimes, Max has enough money to pay for it”
Liz continued to cry, “I shouldn’t have to make this kind of decision”
Max came by at three after he had spent the morning at the gym, Liz sat on her bed with her legs crossed and a grumpy expression her face. He walked in climbed on the bed and kissed her “How are you?” he asked.
“I feel like shit but thanks for asking” she looked down at the blanket.
Max’s face dropped “Liz…”
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Maria’s voice echoed through to Liz’s room from the lounge- Liz and Max hurried in there to see Andrew standing in the doorway.
“Leave! Now!” Maria yelled.
“Wait Maria, let’s talk please?” he held his hands up as she came close to him.
Liz and Max stood there not knowing what to do…
“No, there is no talking- I don’t want to talk or see you ever again!” Maria started to whack him “Fuck off!”
“Maria!” he grabbed her hands hard “Stop it, you can’t just cut me off without talking to me ever again?”
“I can and I am!” she tried to get away from him “let go of me you ass!”
“No!” Maria whimpered “Go away, you cheated on me Andrew! There is no excuse, you thought you could just fuck other guys and be married to me? No fucking way, get out before I call the police and make a huge scene!”
“I brought your stuff over OK? I don’t expect you to take me back but I wanted to apologize!” he let got of her and she stumbled away from him.
“I don’t want your stupid apology, you’ve given me my stuff now you can leave” Maria rapped her arms around herself.
Angrily he stomped out and down the path. Liz ran over to Maria “Are you OK?” she asked.
“I’m fine just pissed off” Maria groaned “God he just makes my blood boil”
“He’s gone now don’t worry” Liz looked at her “Why have you got your coat on? Are you going somewhere?”
“I am going to see Erica and Sam” she sighed “I’m gonna just go still- I’ll see you two later”
Liz nodded “OK, are you going to be back for dinner?”
“Yeah I should be, are you going to make something?” Maria walked over to the door and Liz followed her, Max sat down on the couch.
“Yes” Liz answered “See ya later”
“Liz” Maria glanced at Max who wasn’t looking, then back at Liz “Go with him, you’ll be so depressed here. You two will slowly die from separation”
Liz breathed in “I… What about you?”
“I’ll manage, we have friends I can spend time with and it’s not like you will be gone forever” she kissed her cheek “I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just suggesting- it’s your decision”
When she was gone Liz closed the door and walked back to the lounge, Max turned his head to look at her and she bit her lip. She walked right up to him, hopped onto his lap so she was straddling him “I’m coming with you” she whispered.


“What?” Max looked at her questioningly “Are you sure? I mean what about the coffee shop?”
“Do you want me to come or not?” she tried to keep from smiling…
“Of course I do, I’m ecstatic that you are” he kissed her hard “Is Maria OK with it? Are you sure?” He really should have had a problem with Liz coming, he should have tried to convince her to stay but he couldn’t live without her and it would feel wrong to try and make her stay.
She nodded and pushed her lips back on his “Yes I’m coming” she had the gut feeling that she was doing the wrong thing but she would feel that way no matter what decision she made. He moaned and cupped her cheeks “I was so convinced you couldn’t come!” he kissed her again “I can’t believe this” he hugged her to him, tears stinging his eyes…
She breathed in “Believe it” she whispered. When they made love a tear escaped Max’s eye and Liz kissed it away, she felt the relief lifts from her shoulders about being separated from him.
When she made dinner he sat on the table and watched her every move, Liz blushed “What? Stop staring at me like that, what are you thinking?” she glanced at him “What?”
He didn’t say anything, just continued to watch her. She shook her head as she cut up the onion “Your annoying”
Maria walked in, took off her coat and sat down on the bench “What did I miss out on here? Nothing much I hope” she grinned “What’s for dinner?”
Liz breathed in “I’m going to go with Max, Maria” she didn’t look at her.
Maria opened her mouth, shook her head and said, “I thought you might”
Liz glanced at her “You are being unusually kind about this…”
“I just want you to have what you want most Liz. You’ll have fun in Thailand, you will” Maria’s heart crunched “I’m going to go have a quick shower” She left the room and when she was in the bathroom she started to cry.
Liz frowned and wanted to go after her but when she heard the shower come on so she didn’t.
“Maria are you sure you don’t have a problem with me leaving?” Liz asked when Maria came out and sat down at the table.
“Liz I’m the one who convinced you to go, what are you talking about?” Maria rolled her eyes “I’m fine with it, I mean I’ll miss you but you’ll fly back and see me some times”
Liz just swallowed and then changed the subject.
Liz couldn’t get to sleep that night, she lay staring at the wall with her eyes wide open. She wanted to go and she wanted to stay. She needed to be with Max but she also needed to be here with Maria. Right now she needed to be asleep her body screamed.
Max was asleep next to her, his bare chest was pressed up against her back and his arms around her waist, and it felt so good. Tears stung Liz’s eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time today and she got so frustrated by it she got out of the bed pulled on some clothes and went outside.

She sat down on the steps to her house and stared out at the street. There were a few cars driving past occasionally but nothing much. Liz watched as a couple walked hand and hand down the street and then stopped outside one of the houses and talked to each other with big smiles on their faces. The guy was so nervous, he didn’t know what to do with his hands- must have been a first date. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips and Liz sighed it reminded her of her and Max’s first date. Liz got up and walked down the street with her arms around herself, she knew this wasn’t safe and that not only Max but Maria as well would kill her if they found out she was doing this. A taxi approached and she waved for it to stop, when she got into the cab she had no idea where she was going. The driver was a guy who smiled and said “What’s a little lady like you doing out at this time of the night?”
Liz smiled back “I couldn’t sleep”
“Oh well it really isn’t safe for you to be out alone” he said, “Where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know” she said quietly “Take me to Deluca’s”
Liz spent the night going to all the memory filled places in New York and then went back home. While she was out she thought about everything and questioned leaving. She didn’t like thinking about it; it put too much pressure on her. She went to the children’s hospital, she didn’t even know why, she suspected it was because she could see people with real problems.
The people there knew her but were shocked to see her at this time in the morning. She said she couldn’t sleep and then went and sat with a little girl, who had burns all over her face in body, she would die soon.
She held the little girl’s hand and she turned to her “Mommy?” she asked.
“No I’m not your mommy, my name is Liz”
“Liz” The girl said quietly “Are you an angel”
Liz felt tears sting her eyes again “I’ll be an angel if you want me to”
The girl breathed in “What’s your favorite food?”
Liz smiled “my favorite food? I’d have to say Cake”
The little girl smiled “I like cake too”
Liz left and went home a little while later, she didn’t even realize it was seven AM till she got there and Max sat on the couch with Maria looking very worried.
“Liz Parker where the fuck have you been?” Maria jumped up and ran over to her.
“No where, I’m sorry I just needed to go for a walk”
“A walk?” Max walked up “It’s New York City! Females can not go for a walk in New York City what the hell were you thinking?”
Liz just turned away from them both and walked to bed “I need to get a few minutes sleep before work, I’m for scaring you guys” she climbed onto her bed and buried her head in her pillow and fell asleep in seconds.

It felt good to have Maria back at work; it had been what seemed like forever since she had been there.
“I can never have a vacation, I’ve had like three and a half months off!” Maria snorted as she served the customers “so wrong”
Liz just chuckled then went out back.
That night Max came and picked them both up “Do you want to come to this art exhibition tonight?” he rapped his arm around Liz and she rested her head on his armpit. She closed her eyes “Sure” she smiled “It would be nice to do something like that”
“It’s actually at a place Michael owns, he asked if Maria wanted to come too” Max kissed the top of her head and Maria raised her eye brows “Mickey G invited me?” she asked surprised.
“Mickey G?” Liz and Max both said at the same time as they grinned.
Maria laughed “I never said that I said Michael. G as in Michael Guerin?”
“Sure” Liz giggled.
They got to Liz and Maria’s house and Maria hopped out and went to open up. “Are you going to come in or are you going to come back after we’ve finished prepping ourselves?” Liz went to get up but he grabbed her and rapped his arms around her,
“What?” she tried to keep from smiling “Why are you looking at me like that? What?
His nose touched hers and then his lips “I love you” he whispered.
Liz blinked “OK, I love you too” she breathed “Is something wrong?”
“No” he smiled “Everything is perfect”
Liz frowned, “Your scaring me”
He chuckled then swooped down to get another quick kiss “I’ll come and get you both in an hour and a half, I have some things to do”
He left and Liz hurried inside.
When he came back an empty box of pizza was on Liz’s bed and she was hurrying around in her silk under gown ‘We’re ready, we are!” she ran past him and over to her wardrobe. She pulled on a purple dress with lighter purple lace on the v-neck low cut front, her hair was down and curly and she wore matching purple high heal sandals. She looked breathtaking of course.
Maria came through dressed in a red ankle length dress with a bog spit, it had a crew cut neck and her blonde hair was flung outwards at the bottom “How do I look?” she fluttered her eye lashes.
Max smiled “If I wasn’t in love with Liz and very faithful I would think you were totally hot” he smiled “Liz are you ready?” he turned to look at her.
She flicked her hair “Yes, yes I am” she took his hand “Let’s go”
When they arrived at the museum Maria hopped out and stared at the building “Nice” she grinned.
Max got out and then Liz “It is nice isn’t it?” he smiled and took Liz’s hand in his. They walked up to the entrance where a man greeted them and handed them a small brochure with all the paintings in it. “Thank you” Maria smiled and held onto it, inside there were a lot of people all looking beautiful and flash.
Michael noticed them from across the room and walked over “Ahh you made it” he smiled then glanced at Maria “you look…” he raised his eye brows as he checked her out “sexy as hell, want me to show you around?”
Maria rolled her eyes “Sure why not” she took his arm and they walked away leaving Max and Liz alone.
Liz swallowed and Max chuckled, “Them? Who would have thought?”
Liz nodded in agreement.
He went to get her a drink and she wandered up and started looking at a painting. “Nice isn’t it?” a small petite woman shorter then Liz walked up and gazed at the artwork. Liz nodded “yeah it’s beautiful”
Max walked over and handed Liz a drink, she thanked him with a quick peck and he rapped his arms around her waist.
“Oh my god, your Max Evan’s aren’t you?” the little woman smiled with glee. She had long brown hair that was a lot lighter than Liz’s, her green eyes sparkled and matched her light green dress. Max and Liz smiled “yeah I am” he looked at her.
“Wow wait till I tell the girls at work tomorrow” she giggled “Incredible”
Liz chuckled and Max grinned.
“So you two are obviously together, what a great couple you make” she sipped her drink.
“Thank you” Max said rubbing his hand up and down Liz’s stomach “Are you a friend of Michael’s or are you…?”
“Michael? Oh I’m his secretary” she laughed “Not very impressive I know but still, he’s gonna be as well known as… YOU I guess! I have so much faith in him and his work. I mean look at this place it’s beautiful”
“It is” Liz agreed sipping her drink.
“So are you two like going to get married and stuff? Or are you just starting out?” she giggled “I mean of course if you don’t mind me asking”
Liz smiled “We don’t mind” she breathed “We’re engaged”
“Oh wow! Congratulations!” she looked like she was about to jump up and down “Oh I have to go, good luck on your wedding and everything!” She practically skipped away and Max chuckled.
He placed a kiss on the bottom of her neck and breathed her scent in, Liz sighed “Calm down Max” she turned to face him with a smile on her face “We’re in a public place”
Max kissed her “I don’t care, I’m Max Evan’s I can do what ever I want” he spread her lips with his tongue.
“Can you not do that here it’s my party and if people walk into see that they might leave” Michael walked past with Maria trailing behind him. Max rolled his eyes and watched them walk away “Come on…” he took her glass and placed it down on a small table then grabbed both her hands and starting leading her away.
“Max where are we going?” she asked.
“Further down the back so we don’t scare the new comers away” he grinned.
Liz shook her head “Can’t stay away from me for one night”
“Nope, I’m afraid it’s impossible” he walked quicker almost in a jog and Liz stumbled on her heals. She gasped and got half way to the floor before he caught her with both his hands “Be more careful jeez Liz you’d think someone was making you run in those things”
“Ha ha very funny” she bent down and rubbed her ankle “ow that hurt meany” she bit her lip.
Max frowned “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…” he squatted down and went to rub her ankle but Liz stopped him ‘No I’m fine don’t worry” she pulled him back to his feet. He took her hands again and they kept walking further to the back of the museum, this time slower.
They got to the very back and stood in front of a blue, white and gray painting of a big flower. There was music playing everywhere but it was a little louder where they were because of the speaker up in the corner next to them. He rapped his arms around her waist and said “Let’s dance” his lips grazed her neck.
“What? No this is not a good place. No one else is dancing” she shook her head.
“What? You make me join the mile high club but I can’t make you dance in a public place?”
Liz blushed.
[I”…That this feeling is all in my imagination,
cos I never new your love would change so fast, I thought we built our love so strong to last,
Driving me crazy am I loosing you? Can you tell me cos I need to know…
tell me, where did you go?
We made a promise to be open and now you’ve broken…”
Max buried his head in Liz’s neck and Liz closed her eyes in delight. At this moment everything seemed to be perfect. There was no life out side of here, there was no New York, there was no work tomorrow, there was no people in the room, there was only this moment where they could hold each other and have butterflies in their stomach at how much they loved each other.
Max’s hand rubbed up and down her back soothingly and her fingers graced the back of his neck where she held him. “I can’t believe your coming with me,” he whispered.
Liz’s stomach twisted and she nodded “I know” she swallowed.
He lifted his head and brushed his lips against hers gently. Liz slipped her lips over his and her tongue graced his lips then his tongue, he held her tighter against him and a small moan escaped his throat.
“There you guys are!” Maria’s cheerful voice could be coming closer to them by the second “I have been looking everywhere for you, come back here for some nookie huh, huh?, Huh?” she slapped her best friends back “Well too bad not here you’ll have till you get home”
Liz stepped away from Max and wiped her mouth “What have you been up to?” she asked. Max did not let go of her.
“Michael’s just been showing me around, I got bored though” she rapped her arm through Liz’z “Come on Liz let’s get sloshed with free wine”
“What? No way Maria your completely mad, this is a formal event” Liz rolled her eyes “No way”
“Formal event? I’m not the one who came down the back, where everyone can still see you I have to add, to snog her boyfriend” Liz blushed and Max chuckled.
“It was his fault” Liz was red in the face.
“Sure, sure. Yes I bet he had to do a lot of persuading. Anyway, Max you can handle being by yourself for a while? Go mingle or something, me and Liz are going to look around” She pulled Liz shrugged at Max and he smiled.
“What’s up?” she asked Maria.
“No I was just really bored, I am no big art fan but you know,” she rolled her eyes “If Michael asked you fell and I had to go help you to the ladies room.”
“Maria, what?” Liz breathed in “Unbelievable,”
Liz and Maria walked around and talked to a couple of people then went and ate a few things on the food table.
Max stood with Michael and another group of people on the other side of the room.
“Oh Mr. Evan’s I heard about your engagement, it is true isn’t it?” a lady asked. Max nodded “yeah it’s true and please call me Max,” he sipped his wine “Liz is over there actually.”
A few people looked over “She’s delightful, well done,” an old man smiled.
“Thank you,” I think
After a while of talking Max went over to Liz who was talking to a couple, they looked like they were boring the hell out of her. Maria had excused herself to go to the bathroom for the third time. “Liz,” he smiled “I think we should get going don‘t you think?” he smiled at the couple “Hi,” he pulled her away.
“Bye! It was nice meeting you” she smiled at the two people. They smiled and nodded their good byes. “Thank you,” she chuckled “I thought I was dying a slow painful death.”
Max laughed “I thought you might be, do you want to go or stay a little longer?” he put his hands on her hips.
“Um,” Liz nodded “Yeah let’s go”
Maria found her way back over to them “What’s up girlfriends?” she chewed on a cracker “ready to blow this pop sickle stand?”
“Yes Maria, we’re leaving. Do you want to come with us?” Liz laughed at her friend.
“God yes!” she cried.
“We’ll leave in just a sec I need to go tell Michael we’re going…” Max walked over to his friend and Maria thanked Liz.
“I am dying I am so glad I get to go home now”
Michael walked over “Maria I’ll take you home, I’ll be leaving in about an hour. Max, Liz you guys can leave”
Maria’s eyes widened and she begged Liz with her eyes o save her from another hour of hell.
“No I think Maria needs to get home…” Liz started.
“No way, you guys go. See ya later” Michael placed his hand on Maria’s back and started to lead her away. Maria pretended to hang herself with an imaginary rope and Max and Liz laughed. “Poor Maria,” Liz said.
Max agreed “She’ll never come anywhere again” they walked to the door and the person at the door handed them their coats. Max in his flash business suit and long jacket and Liz in her fancy dress and cardigan. They looked quite stunning actually.
“Let’s walk for a little while” Liz suggested “Just a block or so?”
Max nodded “OK” he took her hand and they headed down the street. “Where did you go this morning?” he asked.
Liz breathed in “I just went outside then ended up going to the children’s hospital and sitting with a dying eight year old” she breathed in at the memory.
“Liz, you can’t just go walked around the street’s in New York, you could get killed and we would have absolutely no idea where you are. Please don’t do it again” he looked serious.
“Am I going to get a lecture?” she asked.
Max sighed “Liz…” they crossed the street then he continued “No your not just please I’m asking you don’t do it again. I nearly had a heart attack.”
“I’m sorry, I just need to… think” she let go of his hand and rapped her arms around herself “I didn’t walk around, don’t worry” she smiled up at him “I caught a cab”
Max rolled his eyes with a smile on his face “Still, how can we trust people with our lives that we don’t even know.”
Liz laughed and whacked his arm “You don’t disagree with public transport do you?”
“No.” Max grinned, “I just don’t like it,” he rapped his arm around her to keep her warm “Are you cold? Do you want me to ring for the car?”
Liz shrugged “I’m OK, if you want to call you can.”
“Soon,” he said quietly “What did you need to think about anyway? Was it about coming with me…?” he glanced at her.
She breathed in, “No, well kind of. Yes, maybe” she looked at her feet, “It’s just I’m leaving everything I have had for years and it’s going to be weird, not to mention Maria. I mean I don’t know how I’ll last with out her and I know deep down she doesn’t want me to go.”
Max nodded, “Liz I don’t want you to feel pressured to come. You can change your mind. I’ll be here for you no matter what, even if I am in a different country. I’m not going to be with anyone else if you end up not coming” he stopped walking and stepped in front of her “Don’t come if you don’t want to,” he whispered.
Liz swallowed “its not that I don’t want to,” she said quietly “I want to be with you”
Max hugged her to him, “I know, I wish I could make this different.”
Liz nodded into his chest; “Something had to happen to screw this up didn’t it? We had it too good.”
“I guess so. But remember we still had all that trouble with Michael and Isabel….” He rubbed her back.
“That was nothing, we could have it so much worse” she kissed his suit, “Let’s go home.”
He nodded “OK”


Time flew by and Liz felt herself getting sucked into work and not having time to think. The three months passed so quickly it may as well have been three days. She said to Maria “It’s OK I still have a month and a half to go” where the hell did that go? She was leaving in two days!
Her stomach clenched everything she thought about it. She was still questioning going but it was too late now, she was packed and ready to go. Her doubts were temporarily put aside when she looked at Max- he was just so perfect; he made everything seem OK.
Maria continued to smile and had helped Liz pack, Liz was jealous of how well she could hide her sadness. Max fluttered around her acting like a god; Liz was convinced he was one.
Right now Liz stood on Max’s balcony with a blanket around her shoulders. It was the morning and the air was brisk, light and slightly chilly, people mingled down on the street and hurried on with their lives, it was like looking at a moving painting. Liz’s long hair flew in front of her face and she did not brush it away, the cold air felt so nice on her skin. It had to be only seven-thirty but yet everyone was up and hurrying to work, that’s what Liz loved about New York, no one ever slept- everything was still going when she needed it to be.
Liz loved the view, there were no big buildings in this particular spot so she could see everything clearly, and the harbor was just to the left…
She felt Max’s strong arms come around her from behind and she closed her eyes, “Good morning” he whispered “Why are you up so early?” his warm lips pressed themselves to her temple. Liz put her head back so it was resting on his neck and said, “It’s so beautiful out here.”
Max nodded “It is, yes” he brushed her hair behind her ears “If this is what you classify as beautiful, many people wouldn’t agree with you.”
Liz breathed in and turned to face him “yeah you’re right” her eyes glistened. Max still had that look on his face- the one when you just get out of bed. His hair was ruffled and his eyes were slightly droopy, he had stubble all over his chin and at the bottom of his cheeks.
She smiled and put her hand up to rub his cheek “Prickly” she crunched her nose “Maybe you should grow a beard” she graced her fingers over his nose and he kissed the bottoms of them gently.
“I’ll grow a beard if you want me to” his lips tweaked into a smile. Liz pursed her lips “I wonder what you’d look like…” she got up on her tiptoe and rubbed her cheek against his “Like a pirate?” she whispered. Max let go of her and picked up her hands, he brought them to his mouth and kissed her knuckles “A pirate?” he whispered smirking slightly “That wouldn’t be very good for work would it?”
“Work smurk” she scrunched her nose “Who cares about work, all there is right here and right now” her hair wiped past her lips. Max leaned down and kissed her simply but lovingly “Well your right I suppose…”
Liz turned back around to look at the view “Just imagine all the stories and lives that walk down their every day,” she whispered, “It’s amazing what people get up to, so many have been through so much… I wish I could listen to their stories.”
“What about him?” he pointed to a man living on the corner of an alley, he and many plastic bags surrounding him, “What do you think his story is?”
“I don’t know,” she answered, “I wish I could help him though.” She brought her hands up to rest on her heart.
“Maybe he likes living on the street…?” Max suggested, “Or maybe not,” he added quietly.
Liz shivered then Max kissed her head, “Let’s go inside,” He said.
They walked in through the French doors and into his room, the blankets on his bed were ruffled and everywhere and their clothes were on his couch. It wasn’t very tidy in there but it made it more cozy, Liz took Max’s hands and pulled him over to the bed, “Just imagine how many people in the world are making love right now,” she bit her lip to keep from smiling, “Thousands?”
Max chuckled, “Lucky them.”
Liz hopped up onto the bed and he followed her, “Aren’t they?” she smiled and kissed him, “Maybe we should…?”
“Maybe,” he lay down on top of her.
The room wasn’t that light but the gray sky outside glowed and came in so they could see everything very clearly.
Forty-nine and a half hours till they left.

Liz sat with Maria in the coffee shop. They weren’t talking; they were just staring at each other. It was closing time and Liz was leaving tomorrow, and Liz was leaving tomorrow…
And Liz was leaving tomorrow.
Finally Maria said, “What will you look like in a couple of years, do you think?”
Liz looked down at the table briefly, “What will you look like in a few years?” she asked.
“I’ll have wrinkles, twenty seven is close to thirty…” Maria took Liz’s hand, “Please don’t go and never get in touch with me again. I need to you to ring me all the time, several times a week if possible.”
Liz nodded, “You’d expect me to do anything other?” she tried to smile but the beating of her heart was taking up too much of her senses, it was so loud she was sure Maria could hear it, “I Will ring you every day.”
“You will not,” Maria scooted her chair closer to Liz’s and rested her head on her friends shoulder, “Just try and do it often, send me post cards.”
Liz stifled a cry, “I will,” she clutched Maria’s hand, “You know this will be the first time we’ve been apart for longer then a month,”
Maria nodded, “I know.”
They sat.
And sat.
“Let’s go spend our last night partying,” Liz said, “Just you and me.”
Maria stood up and Liz followed. “Let’s go to that club were you can dance on the tables,” Maria smiled, “I feel like going crazy,”
“You always feel like going crazy,” Liz rubbed her teeth together, “You are permanently crazy.”
Earlier Liz had hugged Samuel and he had had tears in his eyes as he said he would miss her. Erica came in and gave her a box of chocolates and a card, she cried as she said “Don’t read it till you’re on the plane.”
Liz’s shoulders shook and she fought her tears, why did this feel so wrong?
She hugged all the employee’s and even stood by Patty, the coffee machine and ran her fingers absentmindedly over every part of her hard plastic and metal. She would miss that annoying thing. Liz looked at the coffee shop for a long time before Maria turned off the light, when would she see her little haven again?
They turned off the light and closed the door, the little bell jingled and Liz breathed in “I’m going to miss this place so much,” she said.
Maria rapt her arm around Liz’s shoulder as they stared at the shop from the path, “It’ll miss you. It will be so weird with out you around. Almost morally wrong.”
They went home and got changed then went out. It was a Friday night so everyone was out and they had to wait in line for an hour to get into their favorite club. When they walked in the lights flew around them and the dancing, sweaty bodies continued to shake and twirl around them. They walked through the crowd in heir heals and their tight dresses and stopped at the bar, they ordered a drink then went out to dance. Liz closed her eyes and let her body take over, her hips shook, her hair flew everywhere, her hands were in the air and her lips pursed in satisfaction. Maria was in much the same state. The loud music filtered through their senses and for Liz it blocked out the beating of her loud heart.
A guy came up and started to dance between them but they pushed him away and continued to shake their bodies together like no one else was in the room. After a while they got to hot and tired they had to go and sit down for a little bit, “We can’t dance for as long anymore,” Maria smiled, “We’re getting old.”
“We are,” Liz agreed. They chuckled at themselves.
They didn’t talk about her leaving anymore that night; they wanted to enjoy the night like nothing was happening tomorrow. They sat at the bar and drank beer after beer, “Tell me about you and Michael,” Liz grinned.
“He like’s me,” Maria fluttered her eye lashes, “What can I say?”
Liz laughed, “Who would’ve thought?” Maria whacked her arm. “You’ve been out with him a lot you know, are you officially involved?”
Maria shrugged, ‘I don’t know, we basically just screw,”
“Um, Nice?” Liz giggled, “You mean you don’t go anywhere? You just stay in his bedroom?”
“Bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, porch…” Maria grinned.
Liz doubled over, “Well good for you.”
They went out and danced again, Liz’s pink dress and Maria’s green one shimmered in the light and when their favorite song Rapture came on they looked each other, let out a squeal and danced hard out to it. They both sang and hit each other’s bottoms happily. At three am they sauntered out of the club slightly tipsy and sweaty and continued to shake their hips, even once they left. They didn’t go home, oh no, they went to another club and then another. Before they new it, it was seven in the morning.
They stumbled down their street and sung words from different songs they had heard that night. When they got to their front door it opened and Max stood there, “Have fun?” he smiled.
Maria and Liz grinned at him, “We…” they started…
“Yes?” Max looked them over; “You look tired and wasted.”
Liz and Maria stumbled in, arm in arm, and kicked off their shoes. Max closed the front door and followed them in, he was dressed in a dark gray sweater and black pants, Liz said he looked dreamy then collapsed on the couch.
When she woke up Max was just walking past her- he was folding something. “What time is it?” she groaned.
Max turned and smiled at her, “It’s quarter to twelve.”
Liz groaned and rolled onto her stomach. He came over and sat down, “Do you want anything?” he asked.
She lifted her head and said, “You,” she smiled.
“Well you have me. I’m right here” he rubbed her arm, “Do you want anything else?”
She heaved herself up onto all fours and crawled onto him, “No I want you to make love to me,” she leaned into him and pressed her lips to his. He ran his hand through her hair, “What ever you so Ms. Parker.”

They weren’t leaving till six thirty and after Maria had woken up around one they had some food then went out, Max said he would be by at five. Maria held her hands over Liz’s eyes after they got into the taxi, “Where are you taking me?” Liz asked for the sixteenth time. “Just shut up, you’ll see!”
Maria was taking Liz to her favorite place in New York. She was going to invite Liz’s parents but decided not to.
Liz had rung her parent’s month ago and told them she was leaving with Max. They came to town for the day and spent their time with their daughter.
The car stopped at their destination and Maria held Liz’s eyes as she hopped out of the car, “Let go of my eyes already would you?” she whined.
Maria let go of her eyes and Liz let out awe. They were at the Palace Theater on Broadway. Liz’s favorite show was playing at they had tickets to the Two PM show. Liz hugged her friend “oh Maria, thank you so much!” she cried, ‘Your to wonderful!”
They went up to the building, handed in their tickets then went and took their seats. Liz rested her head on her friend’s shoulder, “Thank you for this, I don’t think I can thank you enough.”
Liz’s heart soared; this was one of the nicest things Maria had done for her in their whole lives. Maia did things for her all the time but this was one of the best, “This must have cost a fortune?” Liz looked at her friend.
“Shh the show’s starting,” Maria smiled.
Liz thought about her situation as she watched the show. Was she being selfish? I mean she was running off and leaving her best friend to fend for herself and look after their business. Liz could still help from over seas but Maria insisted she enjoyed herself while she was over there. It was too late to doubt this but yet she still was. Max had booked everything and she had packed and they were all set, why was she still thinking?
It must be because she felt she was doing the wrong thing. Would everything be the same when she came back?
After the show Liz and Maria walked out of the show and went home, “That was so wonderful!” Liz bragged about it even still as they walked in the front door. “I’m glad you liked it.” Maria smiled.
Michael came over and said he hoped Liz had a good time in Thailand.
“Thank you,” Liz smiled, “I hope I do to. Will you look after Maria for me while I’m gone?”
He laughed, “Sure.”
Max arrived and Liz breathed in, “It’s time isn’t it?” she fell onto the couch and he sat down next to her, “Yeah it is.” He put his hand on her knee. She looked up at him; she couldn’t live without him, why was she even questioning this?
She leaned up and kissed him, “We’ll be happy in Thailand, I am just being paranoid,” she reassured herself out loud. Max rubbed her back, “We will be.”
Liz ate a whole bag of potato chips before they left- Max, Michael and Maria ate a real meal of potatoes and meat and vegetables.
“Liz, are you sure you don’t want to eat with us?” Max asked.
“No, no I’m fine with my sour cream and chives chips thank you, they are all I need,” She glued her eye’s to the TV and tried not to think about the upcoming event. Max came over and handed her a drink then ate his dinner next to her, “Don’t be worried Liz,” he said, “I hate seeing you like this, maybe you shouldn’t come.”
Liz looked at him as she shoved another chip in her mouth, “Max don’t say that. I want to be with you.”
“Yeah I know you want to be with me but you don’t want to go to Thailand,” he looked at her with loving eyes, “It’s up to you, you know how I feel.”
Liz looked him in the eye, “I’m coming with you, I’ve made my decision and I’m sticking with it,” she lied down and rested her head on his lap. He stroked her head and placed a kiss on her lips.
Six-thirty came and Liz, Maria and Max hopped into the limousine and headed to the airport. When it was time for Max and Liz to board the plane, Maria couldn’t hold her tears in anymore. Liz and her clung to each other and did not let go.
“I can’t believe your leaving! Three months ago it seemed like ages until you had to go,” Maria wiped her eyes, “I’m going to miss you so much.”
Liz’s eye’s filled with tears, “It’s only for a little while, we will see each other again soon,” was she trying to convince herself too?
Liz’s heart was beating really loud again and she felt like she was going to fall down. “I love you Maria,” she kissed her cheek, “I’ll ring you as soon as we get there.”
Maria nodded and they squeezed each other again quickly. Max took Liz’s hand, “See ya later Maria.” He kissed her cheek, “We will come back and see you at some point, I promice.”
“I’ll hold you to that,” she rapped her arms around herself and looked sadly at them. Liz kissed her cheek as well then she turned and headed through to duty free, she looked back at Maria who had her hand on her cheeks as she cried.
Liz thought about Maria as she walked through to the boarding gate.
Maria lying in her bed groaning as Liz changed her bandages,
“Be more careful jeez Liz!” she whimpered, “There can’t be anything worse than this.”
“Of course there can,” Liz said, “You could have died.”
“I’d never leave you here by yourself, what would you do with the coffee shop?”

Liz’s heart stopped, that was what she was doing! She was leaving Maria here to look after the coffee shop. The reached the boarding gates and Max handed their tickets to the air hostess. Max went to walk down the terminal but Liz didn’t move, he turned to her and she spat out,
“I can’t do this!”

posted on 20-Feb-2002 1:12:43 AM

“What?” Max asked.
Liz swallowed, “I thought I could and I know I am going to die a slowly without you here but I can’t leave.”
Max rubbed her arms, “I understand,” his expression did not hide how upset he was by her decision. Liz looked up at him with huge-big sad eyes, “I am so sorry Max but my whole life is here and I can’t leave. If I didn’t have Maria and the coffee shop I would follow you anywhere but I have responsibilities and I can’t just…” he put his finger to her lips.
Tears filled his eyes, “It’s OK, you don’t have to explain. It was rude of me to think that you could come anyway,” he gripped her arms, “You should stay.”
Liz looked up at him in pain and unable to take his gaze looked away. She noticed that the two air hostess’s were standing there watching them and she sighed and looked back at Max, “Can we go over…?”
He nodded and led her away from them. Liz rapped her arms around his neck and buried her head in his chest, “God I can’t do this, I can’t let you go…”
Max buried his head in her hair and breathed in, “What have we gotten ourselves into?” he whispered, “How could we let this happen?”
A tear dripped down Liz’s cheek, “I don’t know,” she looked up and him, “Please don’t leave, please.” It was unfair of her to say that and she regretted it straight away, She shook her head, “No, wait. Just don’t forget about me” tears chose this moment to pour down her cheeks.
They looked at each other, all their memories playing in their eyes.
Max and Liz were skinny-dipping in Hawaii,
She was sitting on his bare shoulders, waiting for him to throw her over into the water. He wasn’t moving. “Max,” she said, “What are you waiting for?” He wasn’t moving, “Max!”
“You’re not going anywhere,” he said. “What kind of a man would throw off a girl sitting naked around his neck?”
“A ticklish man!” she shouted.

Liz bit her lip, and Max bit his, they just couldn’t let each other go. They knew that if he went things would be different when he got back, things would be weird.
They didn’t know what to say.
“ This is the last boarding call for the seven-thirty call for the flight to Thailand.”
Liz’s heart stopped, “Oh my god, your really going to leave me aren’t you?”
“I’m not leaving, you. I love you and I am just going away for a while,” It was always up to him to be the strong and sensible one, Liz felt bad.
“You have to go now,” she whimpered, “Call me when you get there?”
“Of course!” Max rapped his arms around her tight and they clung to each other as if they were dying, “I can’t do this,” he whispered, “I can’t, I’m sorry.”
Liz pulled his mouth to hers and they kissed each other desperately. Their tongues brushed each other’s and they both groaned.
“Go” Liz broke away when she was about to burst from lackage of air, “Go now or you won’t go because I won’t let you.”
Max shook his head, “It’s too late I can’t go.”
Liz’s turn to be strong. She grabbed both his hands and lead him over to the just about to close boarding area, “Go Max, please.”
A tear dripped down Max’s cheek, “No.”
Liz cupped his cheeks, “I love you,” she kissed him, “I love you so much but you have to go, you have to”
The stupid god damn air hostess’s were watching them again, “God can you guys just give us a minute?” Liz hissed at them. The scoffed and moved to the side a little.
Liz turned back to Max; “You will come back and see me when you get a break and I we will talk on the phone all the time.”
“But I won’t be able to touch you and see you,” he caressed her cheek, “make love to you…” they kissed again.
“Soon, Max just be patient. Bury yourself in work if you have to, god knows I will be,” she wiped his eyes and then her own, “Let’s just pretend your going to Washington for two days,” she put on a fake smile, “I’ll see you soon Max! Have a good trip, be safe!”
Max frowned, “Your so wonderful,” he kissed her, “I will come and see you the first ten seconds I get free,” He turned, “OK, I can do this...”
“Yes just walk the few steps, you can do it,” Liz was glad she didn’t have to do it, she was already taking up most of her strength in not running after him. He glanced back at her as he started to walk away, “I’ll miss you.”
She nodded and bit her lips to keep from crying out. He pressed his lips to his hand and then disappeared around the corner.
Liz’s legs gave out and she gripped the wall and slid down it slowly. “Are you OK?” a lady asked who was hurrying to get to the terminal on time.
“No,” Liz whimpered, “But there’s nothing you can do,” she closed her eyes and let the tears pour down her cheeks.
The lady smiled sympathetically then hurried down the terminal in the direction Max had just gone. Liz didn’t get up for fifteen minutes. She just sat there and cried and cried.
Eventually she got up and walked back through the duty free and back to where she had left Maria. Liz was surprised to find Maria still there sitting on one of the chairs staring at the plane as it turned and went down the runway. Liz numbly walked up to her and Maria gasped, “Liz? Wha…?”
Liz’s lip trembled, “I couldn’t go,” she said.
Maria stood up “Oh my god Liz…” she rapped her arms around her and Liz wept her whole body just giving up, “What am I going to do?” she whispered.
They watched the plane fly into the air and disappear then Liz and Maria sauntered to a taxi and went home.

Liz went straight to her room and lay down. She would not get up again.
Maria lay down with her and rapped her arms around her. Now that Liz had stayed what was she going to do?
Maria thought it was stupid that Liz had stayed, she also felt touched but what was the point in Liz staying? She would be so depressed and just… not Liz anymore.
One day passed and then another and another and another and another but Liz did not get up and she did not talk to anyone. Maria continued to talk to her though, she tried to bring a smile to her face.
Max rang and Liz talked to him for an hour, she lied and said she had been to work and that she hadn’t been lying in bed all week. It felt good to hear his voice. When he hanged up she cried. The next day she got up and went out to the lounge, for the next two days she stayed on the couch, at least she was making progress?
After two weeks Maria put her foot down. She said she was not having this any longer and dragged Liz to work and then the gym after they had closed up. Liz ran and ran and ran on the treadmill. Maria came up to her when it was ten thirty, “Aren’t you tired by now?”
Liz sipped her water and continued to run, “Another half an hour” she simply said.
She stayed on there for another forty-five minutes.
Maria was very worried about Liz; she did her best at keeping Liz on her feet.

Meanwhile Max wasn’t doing that great either but at least he could not stay at home, he had to go to work. He ran every night at five PM so he could try and get his mind off his life and everything around him. How could he go on like this?
He could not sleep at night so after a few weeks he stopped trying, he just worked all night. He was very tired but he got a lot more work done and getting a lot more work done meant maybe he could get home earlier?
No it did not mean that.
He was here and she was there. But they still loved each other more then life it’s self.

Liz started to talk more after a month past, she went and stood in front of Max’s business for an hour a couple of times a week but other then that, she continued to work and talk and pretend that she did feel whole when really she didn’t.
She acted like before she met Max.
One afternoon Maria was talking with Samuel out the back about Liz and how she was not copping well with Max gone and how they needed to do something when Liz came in and said in an irritated and displeased voice:
“Can you please stop talking about Max,” then headed into the office sat down and did not leave for an hour.

Liz and Maria were packing up the café that night to go home, Liz was not talking.
“Liz,” Maria said, “Please, I’m sorry.”
Liz shrugged, “You have nothing to be sorry about.”
They walked home clinging to each other, “Liz want to go down to the mall? We can eat there and do some shopping?”
Liz shrugged, “What ever, if you want to.”
They walked down and Maria suddenly stopped dead, “No wait let’s not go,” she remembered the banner of Max that was outside.
“But Maria we’re almost there, what’s the point in going back now?” Liz sighed.
“I just don’t want to go anymore,” Maria bit her lip.
“What ever,” Liz muttered as they turned around and headed back in the direction of home. A limousine pulled up beside them a few minutes later, “Would you lovely ladies like a ride home?” Michael popped his head out with a grin on his face.
Maria smiled- Liz blinked.
They hopped in and took a seat in his limousine.
Liz looked around, it was nice as Max’s. Max’s smelt like him and his after-shave, this one did not.
“Max,” Liz leaned over him, “Have you ever had sex in this thing?” she grinned.
“Liz…” Max chuckled, “What’s gotten into you?”
“Answer the question,” she starting kissing his neck.
“No I have not,” he smiled.

Liz had to find a way to get her mind of Max; every day was just a constant struggle to stay alive.
Maria looked at Liz; the pain was evident on her face.

The next day Liz was sitting out back in the office typing something out of the computer when her inbox said, ‘You’ve got mail’
She opened it and a sad smile spread across her face.

Darling Liz,
You won’t believe where I am at this exact moment. I am in a very important meeting and I am supposed to be listening and typing down everything the main guy is telling us. I thought screw this I’m going to email the person I think about 24/7.
I’ll have to ask someone else to tell me what the guy is blabbering on about later.
How are you? I miss you so much.

Liz bit her lip and wrote back to him,

Mr. Max Evan’s,
I am paying bills at Deluca’s, sound’s like we are having just as much fun as each other, sighs.
Why don’t you go on ICQ I will talk to you there, Unless you’re too busy?
I miss you too, unbearably

It took only a few seconds for Max to reply:

Me, Too busy for you? Never.

She went on ICQ and sure enough he was on there, she couldn’t help but grin with giddiness.
Liz: You won’t get caught talking to your fiancee and be in trouble will you?
Max: It’s a small price to pay.
Liz: Thank you.
Max: What have I been missing out on? How’s Maria?
Liz: You haven’t been missing out on anything except the blossoming of Michael and Maria’s relationship.
Max: What about you? What have I been missing out on from you?
Liz: You know what you’re missing out on.
Max: Don’t tease me.
Liz: Oh Max there has to be something we can do! I can’t go on like this every day. I can’t take it.
Max: I know, I have been searching my brain for ideas but I can’t come up with anything…
Liz: What have we gotten ourselves into?
Max: I might be able to get back for a couple of days in a month or so?
Liz: Too hard to say goodbye to you, Max.
Max: Your right I wouldn’t be able to leave you again.
Max: Do you have a picture on your computer?
Liz: What? Of me? Why?
Max: I want to see you, send one to me.
Liz: I think I can find one. It’s not recent.
Max: I don’t care.

She sent the photo of herself when she was seventeen. Her hair was short and she was wearing Jean shorts with a white tank top.

Max: You’re so beautiful.
Liz: I was 17.
Max: hehe I wish I knew you back then.
Liz: I might have distracted you and you might not be where you are today,
Max: But I’d be with you and not in Thailand,
Liz: That’s true.
Max: Look at your hair, it’s shorter in this picture.
Liz: You like it?
Max: I like it no matter what length it is.
Max: The guy sitting next to me just saw you on the screen and looked at me with a grin.
Liz: How embarrassing.
Max: I don’t care,
Liz: You wouldn’t,
Max: Have you been to my place at all?
Liz: No. I didn’t know I was able to.
Max: In a week it was be used by one of my employee’s but until then it’s empty. Go there if you want.
Liz: I might.
Liz: Maria’s calling me, I’ll be right back- I love you.

When Liz came back from talking to Maria, about four minutes after she left, the screen said:

Max: I have to go, meetings ending. I will ring you tonight? I miss you and I love you, talk to you soon…
He was off-line.

Liz sighed and then remembered something she saw on the TV once. She turned on the scanner and put her hand with her engagement ring on it. It scanned and she sent it to Max on email.

Later that night around ten thirty when she checked her emails there was a new one from Max.
She opened it and Max’s hand popped up onto the screen. He had a yellow post it stuck to his palm that said in black vivid: I love you.


Three months, one week and four days since Max left.
It felt like so much more.

Michael was coming over regularly and Maria was constantly going out with him. Liz was left alone.
Liz went around to Max’s place and had a spa bath, alone. She lay in his bed, alone. It didn’t smell like him anymore because the blankets and pillowcases had been changed. To many memories.

As Liz walked home she wondered how long it would take for her and Max to grow apart. Would they grow apart?
Was their love strong enough to last such a long period of time? Liz could not imagine anything but how it was right now. She could not imagine not thinking about him twenty-four hours a day.
She looked forward, actually more like lived for his phone calls and post cards but the thing was she had to keep saying goodbye to him. Would it be better not to talk to him and not have to say goodbye several times?
She decided no.
She would rather hear his voice, hear him breathe and hear him laugh. She would trade everything she owned in a second to hear him laugh.
They HAD to do something.

When she got home Maria and Michael were making out heavily on the couch, Liz wished she was in Thailand.
She went into her room and lay down. Max was her soul mate, how could she forget about him?

The next day Liz served at the counter at the coffee shop with Samuel,
“She’s lifting her head by herself now,” Samuel was bragging about his pride and joy- his daughter.
Right now Liz would have six children if it meant Max would be back. “She is beautiful,” Liz smiled, “Like her mother.”
“Certainly not like her daddy,” Maria cut in with a giggle.
Liz chuckled, “Definitely not.”
“ANYWAY!” Samuel explained, “She’s doing wonderful.”
“And we’re very jealous,” Maria smiled at him the walked out back.
“When is this wedding!” Liz asked, her expression drifted back to its normal depressing state.
Samuel patter her back, “He’ll be back Liz, you’ll see,” he smiled sympathetically, “We want to have the wedding in a month, just before Christmas. So buy a dress,” he took some money from a lady wanting a cappachino.
It was five-thirty and the shop was just starting to get busy. More and more people in business suits and work uniforms pilled in. A man in Liz’s periphery made her turn her head, he was a brunette, he was tall and in a suit. She could not see his face from where she was so she moved and tried to look at him.
It was Max!
She dropped the coffee in her hand and gasped.
“Liz what’s wrong?” Samuel asked. Liz went around the counter and headed over to him, she touched his arm and he turned his head. It was no longer Max.
“Max?” she looked around but he was not there. She could have sworn he was there.
Liz’s lip trembled and she walked back to the counter, “I’m just going to get something to clean this up,” she whispered.
Tears stung her eyes; it was just her imagination.
“Liz? Liz!” Samuel waved his hand in front of her face, “Liz, hon, you OK?”
“I’m fine,” she lied.
Out the back she gripped the bench so hard her knuckles went white. She held her breath to keep from crying. GOD this was so unfair!
She groaned angrily and let go of the bench. She told herself to get a grip then grabbed a cloth and went back out into the store.
Samuel looked at her worriedly, “Liz you sure you OK?”
“Yeah I just felt woozy for a second, I’m fine now.”
They went back to work and that night when Liz talked to Max on the phone she told him she had started to see him everywhere. He said he had been seeing her everywhere since he had left.

Liz sat in front of the TV with a bag of microwave popcorn in her hand. Maria came in from her date with Michael and sat down next to her, “Amazing, he is just… wow,” she ate some of the popcorn.
Liz nodded, “I’m glad your enjoying him,” she said aggravated.
Maria frowned, “What’s wrong?”
Liz swallowed, “I’m annoyed! I stayed in New York for you and you go out and spent your time everywhere but with me!”
Maria raised her eyebrows; “You’re joking me right?”
Liz huffed, “Why would I be joking?”
Maria groaned, “I can’t believe you’d say that Liz! You have no right!”
I don’t? ” Liz pursed her lips, “What ever!”
Maria got up off the couch; “You have some fucking nerve Liz. I told you to go to Thailand! I said ‘go you’ll be happy there, you’ll be lonely here, go and I will be fine.”
“And I didn’t think you would be! I wasn’t just going to run off and leave you here.”
“I think it was so stupid that you stayed here! It has to be one of the dumbest things you’ve ever done. What kind of a wife are you going to be if you won’t even go to another country with him for two years or so? Don’t take this out on me, I told you to go and I am not going to stay around here because you made a mistake!
I was here when he first left and I was there for weeks afterwards but now its months later! MONTHS LIZ! I don’t want to be mean but come on!”
Liz’s lip trembled, “Stop it! Your just being mean!” she exclaimed.
“NO! I will not stop you need to hear this,” Maria shook her hands in annoyance, “I am pissed off that you didn’t go and I think it was a big mistake. I can’t believe you would do that to Max, you are going to be his wife and you didn’t even stick by him when he needed you.”
“I can’t believe you are making something I did for you into something that’s mean!” Liz cried, “you’re just being cold.”
Maria shook her head; “I didn’t want you to do this for me Liz. I was flattered for a long time and I still am a little but I am more disappointed then anything. You would have crushed Max. I haven’t talked to him lately but I know him pretty well and you are his world, he would do anything for you and this is how you show him how you would do anything for him too huh?” Maria sat back down, “Go to Thailand while you two are still in love! You haven’t known him for a whole year and it won’t last long distance, it won’t Liz.”
Liz held her hands over her mouth, “Please, stop, please.”
Maria rapped her arms around her, “I don’t hate you Liz and I am sorry I had to yell at you but you can’t expect me to hang around here when I told you from day one that you should go with him.”
Liz wept onto her chest, “I know I should have gone, but I thought I was doing the right thing. You have no idea what it’s like to love someone so much and then have to choose!”
“You want to know the truth? I would have left you here by yourself if Andrew had asked me to go somewhere. I was already saying yes to moving across town. We are getting older Liz and we aren’t gonna have much choices soon. We are always going to be best friends, no matter what. But we can’t always be stuck here together forever; we are going to have to leave each other some time. It’s not like we won’t see each other occasionally if not all the time. You know I love you but it’s time to start doing things for ourselves, that’s why I think you should have gone with Max.”
Liz stared at her unblinkingly, “You want it to be that way?”
“I want to get married and I want to not worry about you. Max is meant for you and it will bring me so much joy for you to be with him.”
“I wish we’d had this talk before he left!”
“You can still go,” Maria kissed her forehead, “And I would have had this talk with you but I thought you were leaving!”
“I want to go to Thailand,” Liz’s lip started to tremble again, “I want to be with him.”
“Go then, it will make everyone happy.”
“You think I can?” Liz asked.
“Hell yes!” Maria smiled, “Please go!”
As Liz lay in bed that night she decided that she was definitely going to Thailand.

The next day as she stood in the coffee shop she had a new hope to cling on to so she was happier. Knowledge that she would see him soon made her feel ten times better.
She was going to call him that night and tell him she was coming. He would be so happy. She would be so happy.
In the afternoon near quarter to five when there were only a couple of people sitting at tables and the occasional person coming into buy coffee, Max walked in.
Liz was at the till counting the money. Max stood in the doorway staring at her with his hand on his heart; his heart was beating so fast.
Liz looked up and saw him.
She dropped the money in her hands and her breath caught in her throat, “Oh my god,” she said.
Max smiled with tears in his eyes as he walked up to her. Her lip started to tremble ( it had a habit of doing that lately) and tears filled her eyes.
“Hi,” he choked out as he reached the counter.
Liz’s face scrunched up as she tried to hold in her tears, a tear dripped down her cheek none the less.
“You do recognize me, no?” he bit his lip to keep from chuckling.
“Is it really you or am I about to pounce onto a stranger?” her voice cracked.
“It’s really me. Now get over here!” His voice cracked too.
Liz didn’t go around the counter she climbed over it and leapt on him. There lips hit each other’s straight away and they both moaned, “What are you doing here?” she whispered in between kisses, “Are you here for good?”
He shook his head, “I came back for,” kiss, “to get a few things. I leave in four days.” His eye’s darkened.
“Four days?” she breathed into his mouth, “I guess that’s better than nothing.”
Maria walked in from the back and gasped, “Max!” she exclaimed, “Oh my god what are you doing here?”
He pulled his lips away from Liz’s for one second, “I came back for business for a few days,” he didn’t take his eyes off Liz’s face. He wiped her tears away with his thumb and Liz kissed his hand. She kissed his cheeks, his forehead, his chin, his neck, his everything.
Max pulled her lips back to his and they kissed each other passionately.
Maria smiled, “Can you guys go out back and do that? You’re scaring the customers.”
Liz pressed her forehead to his and tried to catch her breath. “I can’t I have to go…” Max said.
“What?” Liz asked, “Why?”
“I had to find an excuse to come here and unfortunately that came with consequences- I have to go do a few things for work and then I’ll come back,” he kissed her lips.
Liz sighed, “But you’ll be back?”
“Before seven,” he rubbed his nose against hers, “I promise.”
Liz kissed him desperately, “OK,” he sat her down on the counter and let go of her. She stared up at him with big eyes.
“I’ll be back soon,” he leaned down and kissed her one more time before hurrying to the door. He looked back at her before he left and pressed his lips to his hand.
Liz let out a groan and wiped her eyes.
Maria rubbed her shoulder, “Talk about Ironic, he comes to town the night after you decide your going to go see him.”
Liz breathed in, “I know! I can’t believe he is here, I am the luckiest girl in the world,” she wouldn’t have said that a couple of days ago.

When he came back it was six-forty and Liz and Maria were closing up early. He walked in with a big smile on his face and Liz hopped into his arms, “What are you so happy about?” she asked.
“I’m here with you,” he whispered capturing her lips.
They closed up and hoped into a taxi. “Are you staying with us?” Liz asked.
“I have a hotel room,” he kissed the top of her head; he couldn’t stop kissing her.
“Can I stay there with you?” she asked.
“I wouldn’t let you be anywhere else,” he kissed her engagement ring and intertwined his fingers through hers.
“I have good news,” She whispered, “But I’ll tell you later.”
He raised his eyebrows; “I can’t wait.”
“It’ll be worth it,” she tried to move closer to him but it was physically impossible, their skin would have to be inside each others for them to be closer. She just wanted him to swallow her so she was implanted in him.
Once they got to Liz and Maria’s place Liz had a shower and Maria got ready to go out with Michael.
“Still going strong?” Max asked as he sat at the table with his head resting on his hands.
“You could say that,” Maria laughed.
“How serious are you two?” Max asked.
“Well let’s just say that we are not as serious as you and Liz. We have been dating longer than it took you to propose to Liz.”
“But that’s because I knew Liz was the one the second I saw her. I would have proposed to her the same day we met if I wasn’t afraid I’d scare her off,” Max grinned.
“Oh,” Maria held her hands over her heat, “Oh shut it. I don’t need to be hearing that!”
Max smiled, “Well I’m sorry.”
“You better be,” she spun around, “How do I look?”
“You look good,” Max answered. Liz came out in a towel and asked if they were going anywhere or if they were just going back to his hotel room.
“Bring clothes, I want to take you somewhere.”
She got into a three-quarter length black skirt and a red turtle neck sweater. She had black boots on her feet and she wore her long dark gray jacket. Her hair was up and little curls fell around her neck, she spun out of her room with a big smile and asked how she looked.
“Words can not describe,” Max uttered to himself.
“What was that?” Liz walked up to him and put her hands on his shoulders.
“I said, Stunning,” he stood up and took her hands in his. He was still in his suit from the day.
“Maria we’re leaving!” Liz kissed him, “You might not see me for four days!”
She and Max both laughed.
“Bye have fun!” Maria called.
“Are we going to the hotel first? Do you want to get changed or…?” Liz asked when they got into a taxi.
“I want to go straight to the place I’m taking you,” he kissed her forehead. He was so happy he was touching her again.
“OK,” Liz wanted him to make love to her. “What happened to your limo?” she grinned.
“Well I don’t need it here anymore,” he grinned back but only for a second- remembering he would have to leave, “Now I have to use public transport like everyone else.”
“And we all know how you hate that,” she chuckled.
“Oh it’s good to hear you laugh again,” his voice was husky and filled with desire.
The taxi stopped and Liz stepped out; she didn’t know what to say- it was so beautiful.
“You like it?” he asked rapping his arms around her waist.
“Did you do this or was it already here?” she looked up at him.
“No it was already here,” he looked around, “I found this place when I was in college. They are only here for one week every month.”
“Come here with any ladies before me that I should know about?” Liz teased.
“No one who meant as much as you,” he kissed her, “Come on.”
They were at the harbor. It had light’s everywhere and a band planning with instruments and a singer. Couples danced on a big round area that had been set up and the band played on a small stage in the middle. A few tables surrounded one of the corners to the left and little candles glistened on them.
Max lead her out to an area and they rapped their arms around each other, “How did you know it would be on tonight?” Liz asked.
“I am Max Evan’s I know everything,” He grinned down at her and she smiled,
“You are,” she whispered, “You are indeed.”
They kissed and Liz decided she would tell him now.
“Before I tell you what my good news is, I want you to know I am not changing my mind and nothing will stop me…” she swallowed, “Again.”
“Should I be scared?” he smiled with all this teeth. Liz loved his teeth- she kissed him.
“No you shouldn’t be scared,” she whispered into his mouth, “You can start being happy right now.”
“What and I wasn’t before?” he asked.
“Just let me talk,” she rubbed his head with her hand, “I know I did it before but it was all quick and you know I’m paranoid. You were telling me to do one thing and Maria was telling me to do another thing and I didn’t even know what I thought. But I have been here and I have felt and seen what I want and I’ve just… you know how I said I would follow you anywhere if I didn’t have Maria and the coffee shop?”
“Yes,” he was pretty sure what she was about to say.
“And how I said that this is my life and that I can’t just pick up and leave everything?”
“Yes,” Max kissed her closed eye.
“Well I have done so much thinking and I realized that the day I met you they stopped being my life. And when you left for Thailand, the fact that I didn’t come was a good thing, even though it doesn’t seem like it.”
“Your confusing me,” he chuckled, “How is it a good thing?”
“Well what I also realized is that I hadn’t completely given you everything then,” she swallowed.
“This is good news?” he frowned.
“Well no but I am now. If I was questioning myself so much about coming with you how could I have really been that serious? I’m not saying I wasn’t in love with you or anything, I’m just saying I was still jaw droppingly smitten. What kind of a girl doesn’t follow her fiancee wherever he goes? I mean what kind of a person does that?
OK I’ll get to the point, I am ready now and I am coming to Thailand with you and I want to get married straight away because I have to start putting you first, because you are my number one priority now.”
Max spun them around as they danced and he breathed in.
He didn’t say anything.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “Maria talked to me and everything she said was right. It was wrong of me to leave you like that, when I said yes to marrying you I should have given everything of me to you and I have realized that I hadn’t, I still had Maria and the coffee shop before you. It’s crazy… anyway that’s why it was good I didn’t go with you because I wasn’t fully there. I am now.”
Max swallowed, “You are?” He had been there before he had asked her to marry him. He told her that.
“I have been really unfair to you,” she blinked, “And now I’m asking if you still want me?”
Max laughed, ‘What are you talking about? Wanting you? You crazy woman of course I still want you,” he kissed her.
“Oh what a relief.”
“I have one problem,” he said quietly, “Giving things up should go both ways and me going to Thailand was really just as bad as you staying.”
Liz swallowed, “you had to go though.”
“You had to stay though,” he smiled, “I feel like I’m getting everything a bit easy, I’m not giving anything up for you.”
“You were going to stop talking to your sister and best friend for me,” she kissed him, “You were doing what I should have been doing when you were leaving. There should have been no question. The second you told me I should have said I’m coming with you, straight away. When Isabel and Michael denied me you said straight away, ‘well I don’t care, she’s mine and I won’t let her go for anything’ I wasn’t ready to do that when you left and I feel like I have cheated you.”
“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed and upset that you wouldn’t come but I had already set myself up for you not coming,”
“That’s because you have the best heart,” she whispered, “and you didn’t expect anything from me. I’m sorry I have done all this to you,”
“Don’t be sorry,” he said.
“Will you except my apology and except my giving myself to you as another one of your belongings, a thing you own? Like you did me a while a go?”
“Well as long as your mine now?” he smirked, “Owning you doesn’t sound half bad, Hmm I could do what ever I wanted to you. Just imagine the possibilities…” he rubbed his chin and looked up at the sky.
Liz laughed, “Just be gentle with me,”
“Am I anything other than that…” she kissed him, “So your coming with me?” he beamed, “No more being apart?”
“Well… you own me, I have to go where ever you command me,” she said, “my apology gift to you is me.”
“Looks like your coming!” He lifted his arm and spun her around, “This trip is turning even better than it originally was.”
“I say all this with my heart in you hands and just hope it will include the occasional trip to see my best friend,” she looked at her feet.
“Of course,” he kissed her temple.
“This all seems to convenient, you should be more disappointed in me,” she said, “you should be angered that I denied you at the air port.”
“I don’t have the strength to be annoyed at you,” he said, “And I never saw it that way before.”
“Your heart is to good,” she said, “I am not worthy of you.”
“You mean like I’m the king and you’re the small peasant girl that won my heart?” he grinned.
“Something like that,” she giggled.



He smiled then quietly said, “You aren’t going to spring any other hidden feelings on me are you?” he pulled her closer to him.
Liz shook her head, “No I have nothing left. What you see is what you get my man.”
“Good, I don’t think I can handle anymore surprises. I just want to be with you,” he rubbed his lips on her forehead and she closed her eyes.
“I don’t think I could handle anymore either,” she whispered.
“Are you cold?” he asked.
“If it will make you hold me closer then yes,” she smiled against his chest.
He rapped his arms around her back and rubbed his hands up and down, “Let’s get out of here,” he whispered.
She nodded, “Let’s.”
They walked out to the road and Max called for a taxi. They caught it straight to the hotel, the Rhiga Royal, and caught the elevator up to his room. His room was very nice and very flash, like everything of his was. She took off her jacket and hanged it up on the hook by the door.
“I’m just going to go toilet,” she leaned up and kissed him, “Wait, where is it?”
He pointed and she smiled, “Thanks, I’ll be right back.”
Max took off his jacket and shoes and walked over to the small table by the door to check through his messages. When Liz came out she had her hair down, she walked up to him, “What are you looking at?” she asked.
He was reading a message, “Nothing, just a couple of notes,” he touched her hair with his free hand, “I love your hair down,” he kissed her.
“I know you do.”
After they had made love and fooled around for a long time Liz lay with her head on his chest, “When you left did you feel as if I was abandoning you when you needed me?”
Max had his eye’s closed and his hand was lazily running up and down her back, “Why are you asking me this?” he whispered.
“No reason, it’s just something Maria said…” Liz kissed just below his arm pit,
“Did you two have a big talk or something?” he opened one eye and looked at her.
“She yelled at me because I told her off for leaving me at home all the time, she said that letting you go toThailand by yourself was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made and that it was very rude of me,” Liz sighed, “She is right.”
Max didn’t say anything.
Liz yawned and Max sat up, “Here get under the covers it’s getting colder now,” he pulled the blanket up and Liz slowly got under it. He tucked her hair behind her ears and kissed her cheek, “It doesn’t matter anymore, your coming back with me.”
She nodded and yawned again, “mmm hmm,” she moaned.
Max got under the covers next to her and rapped his arms around her, she snuggled into his naked body, “Feels good to have you in my arms again,” he whispered.
Liz kissed him, “Much better,” she touched his cheek with her hand, “I hate sleeping without you.”

The next morning Liz woke up when Max got out of bed to go to the bathroom, when he came back he lay down next to her on his back and put his hands behind his head.
He breathed in then said sweetly, “Babe, you awake?”
She smiled into the pillow; “I am, yes.”
Max leaned over and brushed the hair out of her face and pressed a kiss to her temple, “Good morning,”
“Good morning,” she rolled over with her eyes closed and pulled the blanket up to her neck.
He kissed her eyelid, “Open your eyes,” he said, “I want to see you.”
Liz sighed, “You can see me,” she did not open her eyes.
“I’ll force them open,” he grinned.
“You will?” she opened her eyes, “How would you do that?”
He kissed her passionately, “I love you,” he whispered, “Do you want me to order room service?”
“Room service huh?” Liz rapped her arms around his neck and pulled him on top of her, the only thing that separated their naked bodies was the blanket that covered the bed.
He kissed her, “Well… we can have whatever we want,” they kissed again.
“Whatever we want?” she asked her eye’s glowing in delight, “Where’s the menu?”
He laughed, “I’ll go get it,” he got up and climbed off the bed. “The privileges of dating a billionaire,” she giggled.
He came back and jumped onto the bed, “Here we go,” he rested his head on her stomach and started looking through it, “Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast…”
They spent a few minutes deciding and ordering food Liz pulled Max next to her and said, “What do you want to do today?”
“You mean we have to do something? We could just stay here and…” his eye’s twinkled.
“And fool around?” she grinned.
“Yeah something like that,” he kissed her.
Liz bit her lip then said quietly and seductively, “I bet I can make you come before you can make me come,” she looked down at their intertwined hands.
Max raised his eyebrows; “Really?” he kissed her knuckles, and said, “I hear a lot of talking but not a lot of-”
She laughed, “Your such a funny man,” she pulled her hands away from his and the wandered down to take hold of him, “And now it’s a competition…”
Max bit his lip and closed his eyes as she rubbed him, “You aren’t going to win this,” he pulled her hands away and climbed under the blankets. Liz gasped when his hand touched her heat and started to rub up and down.
He pressed his body to her side and she could feel his arousal pressing into her hip… “Stop,” she pulled herself away from him and crawled under the blanket. Max’s breath stopped, “No way…” She brought her lips up to his arousal and he threw his head back, “That’s not fair!”
Her mouth went over him and her tongue traveled over his length. As much as he was enjoying it he did not want to loose so he pulled away, “No,” he said.
Liz came up from under the blanket with big eyes; “I thought I’d have you there…” she giggled.
“Never,” he went under the blanket himself and when she felt his lips come up to her pulsing heat and his tongue start to lick her she groaned, “Oh my god…” she threw her head back.
Stop, she thought, stop now. She felt her walls start to tighten and she pulled back the blanket, “No, no stop right now!” she panted.
Max tried to keep from smiling, “You fight a hard battle Miss Parker,” he watched her eye’s darken, “What? What are you thinking?” he asked.
Liz pulled the blanket away from her body fully and glanced at him, “I’ll win this yet,” she purred.
His eye’s widened as her hand traveled down her stomach and down to her black curls. She brought her fingers to her heat and started to rub.
Max’s breath caught in his throat.
Liz arched her body and her other hand went to her breast. She started to fondle it and Max gnawed on his hand.
When she let out a moan and she put back her head and closed her eyes Max said, “OK! OK! Stop I’m going to pop,”
Liz pulled her hands away and rolled onto her side, “That’s the idea,” she grinned.
Max hissed at her then said, “Yes you win I don’t care,” he climbed on top of her and held himself up with his elbows, “Your evil.”
Liz rapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, “Yes what ever.”
He pushed himself into her and they both moaned, Max brought his lips to her breasts and started to suck…
There was a knock on the door and a person called, “room service!”
Max and her got such a fright they fell off the bed- still attached to each other.
Liz broke into a laughing fit and Max groaned, “I think you broke my dick,”
Liz continued to laugh.
He pulled out of her and got up, “Ow…”he bit his lip.
Liz looked up at him, “Are you really hurt or you just being a baby?”
He just turned and walked away.
“You can leave the food at the door!” Liz called to the room service guy. Max pulled on his boxer shorts and flung the door open, “Hi,” he said to the guy, the guy pushed the trolley into the room and Max said thank you.
Liz was sitting on the floor next to the bed with the blanket around her shoulders. Max gave the guy a tip and he left the room with red cheeks apologizing for interrupting them.
Liz giggled, “He’s going to go tell his buddies down stairs that Max is having hot sex and having nice food,”
Max just chuckled.
She got up and pranced over to him, “Hmm smells good,” she said huskily.
Max turned his head to look at her, “Certainly does,” he smiled.
They ate breakfast quietly eyeing and wanting to jump each other. When they had finished eating they both jumped up and practically ran to the bed.

Max had to go back to work for a few hours so Liz went to the coffee shop to work.
Maria asked how her evening was and Liz just smiled and said it was perfect. “So when’s the wedding?” Maria asked, “Soon I hope. Maybe you could have one of those impulsive weddings in the next couple of days! Before you go to Thailand!”
Liz bit her lip, ‘”I don’t think so.”
“Why not?” Maria huffed, “Or have you decided you want a big wedding?”
“No… Yes… No… OH I don’t know! I just don’t want to get married in the next few days,” Liz bit her lip, “So what are you doing tonight?”
“Me and Michael are going to a club, why don’t you and Max come. Are you feeling up to it?” Maria asked.
“Yeah I am fine,” Liz smiled, “I’ll ask if he want’s to go when he comes in.”
“So did you guys talk about everything last night?” Maria touched her arm.
Liz just smiled and walked out back.

Max and her went with Maria and Michael that night; they all sat at a booth in the corner of the big club.
“Liz want to go dance?” Maria asked. Liz nodded, “yes!”
They left and Michael and Max started talking.
“So what’s up with you and Maria?” Max smirked.
Michael shrugged, “She’s cool, I’m having fun with her.”
“Are you serious?” Max asked.
“I don’t know, I’m still young I am just kicking back and enjoying the ride,” Michael smiled.
A waitress came up and asked what they would like to drink.
Max ordered a bottle of wine,
“I’ll have a…” Michael bit his lip, “A beer thanks…” he looked at her name tag, “Renee,” he smiled.
“Sweet as,” she smiled at them then walked away.
“Michael you have a girlfriend you can’t go flirting like that,” Max frowned.
“Says who?” he said.
“Says the rules!” Max chuckled, “You aren’t cheating on her are you?”
Michael shrugged, “no I’m not a complete ass.”
“Could have fooled me,” Max smiled.
“Hey stop being harsh Mr. I live in a different country to my fiancee so I’m making the most of it,”
“What?” Max frowned, ‘What are you talking about?”
“It was all over this morning’s tabloids, some girl said she ran into you in over there and had a lot of fun if you know what I mean,” he blinked, “And I know you do.”
Max sighed, “Oh you’re joking me!” he said frustrated, “Don’t people have better things to do? Can’t they find money in other places other than ruining other people’s lives?” he banged his fist down on the table and groaned.
“Don’t worry Liz won’t believe any of it,” Michael smiled at the waitress as she walked back up to the table with their drinks.
She put them on the table and said, “There you go gentleman enjoy your drinks,” she walked away and Max put his head back to rest on the not very nice cushioning on the booth.
“Still,” Max spoke, “As understanding as Liz is, it wouldn’t be very nice reading all those things about me all the time,”
“But it’s not true so who cares?” Michael opened his beer.
“What’s no true so who cares?” Maria asked as she and Liz walked over flushed and tired from dancing.
“Oh some chick lied about shacking up with Max in Thailand,” Michael gulped down some beer.
“What?” Liz sat down next to Max.
“It’s not true, some girl lied to the Tabloids,” Max poured her a drink and she stopped him,
“No thanks I’m just going to have water,” she said.
“Do you want me to go get you some?” he asked.
“No I will, thank you,” she pecked his lips then go up and made her way through the dancing bodies.
“So what exactly did this girl say?” Maria asked, Michael had his arm slumped over the back of the chair and she was leaning against him.
“I didn’t know about it,” Max said.
“She just said that she and Max were having a lot of ‘fun’ in Thailand together,” Michael sipped his beer.
“Slut,” Maria hissed.
Max and Michael laughed. “Is this seat taken?” a tall blonde skinny girl wearing a skimpy red dress stood in front of them eyeing Max.
Max gritted his teeth and said, “Yeah my Fiancee’s sitting there,”
Liz walked up holding her little bottle of water and looked at the girl, “Hi” she said smiling. The girl glanced at her, shrugged and said, “Hey,” then walked away.
Liz looked at her friends and Max, “Who was that?” she sat down.
“Some girl after Max, don’t worry he handled it,” Maria giggled, “Very good Max by the way, she was a total hottie and it was like you didn’t even notice.”
“I didn’t,” Max uttered under his breath to himself before taking a sip of his drink.
Liz smiled at him, “I don’t care anyway, I know Max loves me ” she rubbed his thigh, “Isn’t that right?”
“Damn straight,” he wanted to kiss his fiancée.
Maria chuckled, “I was trying to convince Liz today, that you two should get married before you go back to Thailand but she didn’t seem to want to,”
Liz nodded, “I don’t want to just rush into the next couple of days,” she sipped her water.
Max took hold of her hand under the table and she rested her head on his shoulder, “Yeah I agree, it would be rushed and I want it to be the best day of our lives.”
“But you said you wanted it to be a small wedding,” Maria said.
“A small but nice wedding,” Max and Liz both said.
Michael smirked.
“Let’s go dance,” Maria tugged on Michael’s arm. He put his beer down on the table, “OK. Max if that waitress comes back get me another will you?”
“Sure,” Max said. Michael and Maria left and Max grabbed Liz and kissed her passionately, “God I love you,” he said into her mouth.
Liz pulled away, “What was that for?” she smiled.
“I don’t have to have a reason do I?” He pressed his forehead to hers and kissed her again.
Liz cupped his cheeks, “No I guess not.”
She pressed her body against his and they kissed each other with such love and passion that they both moaned loudly. Liz pulled away, “OK that needs to stop before it gets out of hand,” she smiled and then kissed him again.
He put his hands on her shoulders and sat her down properly and swallowed, “Your right, sit.”
She picked up her water and sipped it, “I’m going to go to the bathroom, you’ll be all right here by yourself for a few minutes, no?”
He nodded, “Yeah I’ll be fine,” he smiled.
Liz got up and started to walk away, she glanced back at him before she disappeared in amongst the people.
When she came back Max was sitting in the same place except five beautiful woman sat around him. He looked like a lost child. Liz bit her lip to keep from smiling. She walked up to the table and stared at Max, “I leave you alone for five minutes and look what happens.”
Max frowned at her, “help,” he mouthed.
The girls were all stunning of course and she didn’t know what to do, “Where am I supposed to sit?” she laughed.
“Can you believe it?” one girl grabbed her arm, “it’s Max Evan’s! Aren’t we lucky?”
Liz nodded, “Yeah must be my lucky night,” she smiled.
Max tried not to laugh.
Maria and Michael came up, “Hey?” Maria frowned, “What’s going on?”
The girls all looked at her.
“We lost our seats,” Liz smiled, “Maybe we should go to another table?”
“No!” Max shook his head, ‘”Can you ladies please let my fiancee and friends have their seats back?”
“Fiancee?” One of the girls breathed.
“That would be me,” Liz did a small wave with a small smile on her face.
“Oh…” The all girls said.
Maria and Michael laughed.
The girls all stood up, “Sorry,” they all muttered as they walked away. Max grabbed Liz and pulled her down next to him, he rapped his arms around her and she smiled, “Are you enjoying yourself?” she asked.
He kissed her, “Yes,” he whispered.
Liz bit her lip then said, “I’m glad because this is the last time I’m taking you out in public ever again.”

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“Oh look it’s that story about you and that girl,” Liz picked up a tabloid and started reading it.
Max read over her shoulder, “We what?” he laughed, “How do people come up with these things?”
Liz continued to read.
“Liz, don’t look at that it’s stupid,” He took it from her and put it back on the newspaper stand. Liz put her sunglasses back on and glanced at him, “Who cares, it’s all lies right? It’s actually quite amusing.”
Max sipped his coffee, “Yes it’s all lies but everyone else doesn’t know that,” they continued walking down the street- Liz with her hot dog and Max with his coffee.
“You know a hot dog isn’t a very nutritional breakfast,” he smiled as he watched her bite into it.
“Oh and coffee is?” she wiped her mouth and grinned at him.
“It’s better then a hot dog,” He finished his coffee and chucked in a rubbish bin.
“Oh well,” she bit into it again. Max chuckled.

It was a musky-gray skied morning and it looked like it would rain some time today. It was around eight-fifty five on the twenty-seventh of November.
Liz felt like going for a walk so Max was taking her for one. He had to leave tomorrow.

“I was thinking…” Liz said quietly, “Erica and Samuel’s wedding is going to be in amongst the next month before Christmas so maybe I should stay here until they’ve had the wedding then come to Thailand just in time for Christmas.”
Max glanced at her, “I am pretty sure I won’t have to work on Christmas so I should come here,” Liz finished her hot dog and chuckled the napkin the bin and then intertwined her fingers through his.
“I don’t mind coming with you tomorrow if that’s what you want,” she walked close to him.
“No you should stay for their wedding they’d be disappointed if you don’t. I’ll be really busy for the next few weeks in Thailand and you probably wouldn’t see much of me till Christmas anyway. It will be better if you stay here and then I come back in a couple of weeks or so.”
Liz nodded, “OK then,” she leaned up and kissed his cheek, “I don’t want you to leave tomorrow,” she sighed.
“I know. This whole Thailand thing has been a big pain in the ass that’s for sure. Don’t worry it will better for you here, and then you can come back with me in the New Year.”
Liz bit her lip, “It makes sense but…” she did not want to spend anymore time without him.
“I know,” he said sadly, “But after that everything will be OK,” he kissed her, “come on let’s go get some real breakfast.”
“OK then,” she smiled.

They walked hand in hand down the street and Liz was the only one who noticed all the stares at Max from almost every woman who they came across. She just smiled and held his hand tighter, as if to say ‘he’s mine’ to all of them.
“Where are we eating?” Liz asked.
“I feel like pancakes,” he smiled down at her.
“Pancake house?” She felt a drop of water hit her nose, “Oh here comes the rain.”
He nodded, “Yeah let’s hurry it’s just up here.”
“What? No!” they walked into a big courtyard area with a fountain in the middle. Liz stopped walking and Max frowned at her,
“What are you doing?” he asked.
The rain started to pour down and Max tugged on her arm to get to shelter.
“No, no stay here,” she stood still, “Let’s dance,” she grinned and grabbed his other hand and put it on her waist, then put her hand on his shoulder.
“It’s raining in case you didn’t notice!” he looked at her as if she was crazy, “Liz this is silly come on we’re getting saturated.”
“Don’t you ever do anything spontaneous or do you have a broom up your ass?” she laughed, “Come on, it’s refreshing,” she kissed him then he flung her around in a circle.
“Crazy, you are completely crazy,” he danced with her.
“Sing for me, you have the most beautiful voice,” her hair was all stringy and wet and her jacket, white blouse and gray skirt were getting wet very quickly.
“You have a white blouse on, do you want everyone to see you?” he smiled sheepishly.
Liz looked down, “oh I do to, how funny!” she looked back up at him, “Who cares, sing to me!” she exclaimed.
People were hurrying past them and watching them queerly. “OK, OK what do you want me to sing?”
“Um I don’t know something old, How about…Oh! I know Dean Martin, sing something by him!” she laughed and then leaned up to kiss him.
“Liz I don’t know…” he rested his face against hers, his nose touching her eyelid.

The he started to sing,

“Hold me close and hold me fast,
The magic spell you cast,
This is la vie en rose,
When you kiss me heaven sighs,
And though I close my eyes,
I see la vie en rose.”

Liz closed her eyes and pressed her wet body against his, his hair was sticking up and spiky and his jacket had water all over it.

Something, something, something, I see la vie en rose,
la, la, la, de, de, de”

Liz opened her eyes and looked up at him, “Thank you.”

They kissed and then ran down the street to the pancake house. They walked in and Max looked at Liz’s shirt and shook his head, “Don’t take your jacket off,” he said hoarsely.
Liz laughed, “What ever you say Captain,” he buttoned her jacket up and they sat down.

“No Max no! Stop it, please, oh, stop… come on!” Liz cried out as Max picked her up and carried her through the hotel room and into the bathroom, “No!” he dropped her into the cold shower with all her clothes on.
“Oh that’s great just look what you’ve done,” she flung her hands in the air, “Wonderful!”
He laughed and went over to the basin to brush his teeth. Liz turned off the water and shivered, “At least get me a towel,” she whimpered.
Max grabbed one and chucked it at her, ‘there you go.”
She rapped it around herself and stumbled out of the shower, “You are so not getting laid before you leave,” she huffed and walked out of the room.

They were going to go out for dinner in half an hour but now Liz had nothing to wear.

“You want to bet!” Max called after her.
Liz laughed, “YES!” she yelled. She started pulling off her wet clothes and once they were all gone she rapped the towel around herself and hung the clothes over the door. She sat down on the couch in a huff and picked up a magazine. Max came out and walked up to her, “Don’t worry I have a dress for you,” he tucked her hair behind her ears, “I’m not that mean!”
“I don’t want your stupid dress,” she flicked through the magazine.
Max laughed, “Shouldn’t have called me stupid,” he lifted her face to look at him, “Come on it will look really good on you, that’s why I brought it.”
Liz bit her lip, “You didn’t have to put me in a cold shower you know, a simple insult in return would have done.”
“Yeah but that’s silly,” he took the magazine away from her, “Come I’ll show it to you.”
Max walked over to the bed where he had lay out a beautiful red dress. Liz looked at it, “It’s kind of slutty…” she joked.
Max looked at her in surprise.
“I’m only kidding it’s beautiful, thank you.”

Max blinked. “OK you can put that on and I’ll go get dressed,” he walked back to the bathroom and Liz dropped her towel and pulled on the red dress. It was a very low v-neck and it went down to in between her breasts, she didn’t wear a bra and her perky breasts rested there perfectly. The dress clung to her beautifully and went down just below her knees. There were red strapped heals to go with it and she slipped them on, “Max is this your way of telling me I have bad taste and you want me to dress like this?”
She walked to a mirror and stood in front of it. She checked herself out; she had to admit she looked hot. When she spun around she saw Max staring at her from the doorway, “What do you think?” she asked.
He took a minute to get his breath back, “Oh my god you are not wearing that out of here,” he walked up to her.
“What? You’re the one who bought it!” she laughed, “I think I look hot.”
“That’s the point!” he rubbed his hands up and down her sides, “You can wear that only in my presence and no one else’s.”
Liz’s brow crinkled, “But I want to wear it now!” she said in a little kids voice.
Max had to steep away, his breathing changed, “No you can’t I can barely control myself right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to in public.”
Liz smirked; “really?” she stepped very close to him and placed a gentle kiss on his neck.
He put his hands on her arms and ran them up and down, “Please, stop,” he breathed.
Liz stopped. She turned around and looked at herself in the mirror, “I have to my hair again, thanks,” she walked over to her purse and rummaged through it to find something to fix her hair with.
They left a little while later and went o dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant.
Max pulled out Liz’s seat and she sat down and leaned up to place a soft kiss on his lips. After they had kissed Max took a seat across from her.

Tonight they were having dinner to celebrate.

Celebrate because everything seemed to be working and everything was great, for once in their lives. There was no need to worry and they didn’t have that annoying feeling that something bad was going to happen, they just had their love and their future.
The restaurant was a beautiful place, the wooden antique-looking chairs were at every table and the blue tablecloths matched the cushioning on them. There were little trees along the windows separating each table so some people could have privacy. The other tables spread out through the restaurant nicely, there were paintings on the walls and the waitress’s were wearing nice uniforms that were tidy and very presentable.
“I love this place,” Max reached out and took Liz’s hand from across the table, he rubbed her palm gently.
“You love beautiful things don’t you?” she smiled,
“Of course, that’s one the reason’s I love you,” he kissed her finger, her wrist her palm, “You can not wear that dress out again, I am trying very hard to contain myself,”
Liz blushed, “Stop it,” she said not looking him in the eye.
Max and Liz had a table near the window, one that had tree’s surrounding it. There was a group of men on the next table over, laughing and smoking as they talked about business, woman, and money.
The waitress came up and asked what they would like to drink.
Max asked for a bottle of wine and Liz asked if she could maybe just have orange juice
“Sure why not?” the girl smiled, Max changed his order to just a cup of wine.
“I’ll be right back with them.”
Max frowned at Liz, “How come your not drinking?’ he asked suspiciously eyeing her, ‘You usually like to drink…?”
Liz smiled, “Yes I know, I’ve just been cutting back on it lately, I haven’t felt the desire for any… it’s weird,” she chuckled, “Don’t worry it’s not what your thinking.”
He blinked, “OK, Just checking.”

Liz rubbed Max’s hand in return to his rubbing hers; tomorrow he was leaving again. This time it would be different because she knew he wouldn’t be gone for long and he would be back and they would have Christmas and maybe new year then go back to Thailand, but she couldn’t help but feel saddened a little bit. She would still have to sleep a few more nights without him there with his arms around her. He still wouldn’t be there to wake up to and to make love to in the shower and in every place they felt the desire too. Never ceasing to be aroused by each other or not feeling like it.
But he would be coming back and they would be getting married and that would not be in the next two years.
“Let’s get married after New Year,” Max suddenly said, like he was having the same thought’s as her, “We will have to go back to Thailand on the fourth of January but we could get married on the second of January?”
Liz smiled brightly, “Sounds perfect,”

The drinks came and she placed them done in front of them, “Are you ready to order?” she asked.
“Um, no we’re not can we just a have a little while longer?” Max did not let go of Liz’s hand.
“Sure, I’ll be back soon,” she walked away and Max turned back to Liz.
“It won’t be hot here in January?” Liz said, “Where should we have it? Who should we invite?” she was very happy they finally had a date.
Max beamed, “How about we just invite, my parent’s, yours, Michael, Isabel, Alex, and Maria?” he ran his fingers over her wedding ring.
“Can Samuel and Erica come to? I’d like them to be there…”
“Yes, we’ll invite anyone you want,” Max said, “Anyone else?”
“No, I don’t think so?” she swallowed, “Will your parent’s mind that it won’t be anything big? I mean you are famous and everyone expects famous people to have big beautiful weddings.”
“They don’t matter, it’s what we want,” he let go of her hand and picked up the menu, “What should we eat?” he asked politely.

After they had ordered their food they got back into talking about the wedding.

“Where should we have it?” Liz asked for the second time.
“I have a great place I want to have it but we’ll talk about that closer to the date,” he smiled.
They ate their dinner and talked about many things.
Near the end of the evening when they were just finishing dessert, Liz bent down to get something from her purse. Max held his breath, he could see right down her shirt.
Liz sat back up, “What?” she smirked.
“God that dress o you,” he almost let out a moan, “God help me.”
Liz pursed her lips, “You have good taste don’t you?” she looked down at herself, “Your just going to have to wait a little longer till you can take it off me,” her voice was seductive and daring.
Max breathed in and closed his eyes for a second, “Stop it, I have no self control right now,”
“I know,” Liz smiled, getting up from her seat, “And I like having you weak at my knees.”
They got home very quickly and ran through the lobby and up to their room. Once they got there, they didn’t even waste time getting to the bed, they had it off against the door. Liz still was wearing the dress.

Max left and Liz went home to Maria and sat down on the couch for a few depressing minutes then went to work.

“How was your four blissful days?” Maria asked as she handed Liz a tray at the breakfast bar.
“Oh god they were so good, so good,” Liz put some food on her tray and slid it along the railing. “You’d think after how long Max and I have known each other that we would have you know started to get less interested in you know, sex, but it’s not like that at all. I mean don’t people become less preoccupied with sex after a few months? It’s been nearly a year and me and Max are still running to shelter so we can make love.”
Maria laughed, “Good for you, I’m glad your getting everything you need and more,” they walked up to the counter, “Sex is excellent isn’t it?”
Liz blushed and the lady at the counter laughed.

At the coffee shop Liz and Maria both took the counter so they could continue to talk.
“I mean last night…phew,” Liz continued to explain about the last few days, “He brought me this new dress and…”
After the Liz told her about it Maria said, “Well me and Michael are even cutting back a little, I mean we used to do it like sixteen hundred times a night and now we’re down to about six-hundred times a night.”
They both laughed.
“What’s up with you and Michael your still together and everything right?” Liz asked.
“We had an argument but he’ll come crawling back like always,” Maria smiled.
Liz picked up a chocolate from the counter and plopped it into her mouth, “What was the argument about?”
“Oh you know just something stupid… where to eat,” Maria also grabbed a chocolate and pulled the plastic off.
Liz laughed.
“We’ve had argument’s before, he knows I won’t call him so he has to call me and he’s too stubborn so it’ll take a few days.”
“Oh OK,” Liz smiled, “Me and Max set a date for the wedding.”
“You did? Finally! When is it?” Maria demanded.
“January second,” Liz looked down at her engagement ring, “He said he has a place in mind but he won’t tell me where.”
“Maybe he want’s it to be a surprise?” Maria giggled.

Samuel came in and told them the wedding was going to be in a week and a half on Saturday afternoon, at a local church down town.


Liz watched as Erica and Samuel danced their first dance together as a married couple. They looked so full of happiness and love.
The expression on their faces showed how ecstatic they were to be spending the rest of their lives together, it made Liz’s heart melt.
Erica looked stunning in her lavender dress; her hair was curled and pinned up with little bobby pins with flowers on the ends. She wore her Grandmothers gold locket around her neck and the shoes her mother wore on her wedding day, her dress had no straps and went straight across her chest in a straight line. The bottom flowed out, puffing slightly but not too much and graced the ground just a little bit. She had taken her vale off after the ceremony, so now you could see her stunning face and glowing cheekbones.
Samuel was wearing a Black tux and a black shirt that covered his neck and buttoned right up, he had a black tie on and his hair was styled so it spiked up at the front- like Max’s.
Liz sat at the round table in the middle of the room sipping her drink and watching everyone enjoying the happy day. Erica’s three sisters had been the brides’ maids and they wore dark purple dresses that had thin straps but also went straight across their chest. Her sister’s were beautiful as well; it was a very beautiful family. The two older sisters (Maria and Sarina) had long black hair, one of them was wearing it up and the other had it down with a flower pinned to the front. The third sister (Nikkei) was nineteen and she had chubby cheeks and long eyelashes, her hair was short and wavy and had added tints of red to it.
Across for Liz sat Erica’s mother with her camera clutched to her chest. She was wearing an old fashioned hat with a little bit of netting on it and a red shirt and matching skirt, her mascara had run a little from her sobbing through out the afternoon but it didn’t matter, she still looked nice. Her husband stood up and held his hand out to her, she looked up at him then brought the camera to her face so she could take a picture, he chuckled as the camera flashed then he reached for it and put it down on the table. They walked out to the dance floor and rapped their arms around each other. Maria was talking to Erica’s younger sister, Nikkei, as they nibbled on cake and drank wine. The reception was being held in a small hall that had been decorated with purple and white balloons and white roses. It was blatantly obvious that purple was Erica’s favorite color.

Soon the couple and their relatives would be having their photos taken on the other side of the room where a little area had been set up. The photographer sat on his stool over there as he smoked a cigarette and looked around the room- much like she was doing.
He glanced at her and Liz blushed and turned her head to look at something else. Her gaze fell on Erica and Samuel’s daughter in the arms of her Uncle, who had square glasses and white hair, he looked at his niece with such admiration and…
“Liz,” Maria tapped her shoulder, “Want me to get you something else to eat?” she was looking at Liz’s untouched piece of wedding cake.
“No thank you,” Liz smiled, “I’m not very hungry.”
“Yeah what with eating nothing else today you should be famished,” Maria rolled her eyes, “Come on you have to eat let me get you something… maybe a bit on pasta salad?”
Liz hesitantly said yes then turned her gaze back to Erica’s daughter and her Uncle. They were no longer there.
“Hey Liz why don’t we go dance?” Nikkei smiled.
Liz laughed at her enthusiasm, “Sure, why not?” they stood up and walked over to the dancing floor.
“I’m be the man,” Nikkei laughed putting her hand on Liz’s waist.
“OK,” Liz beamed putting her hand on Nekkei’s shoulder.
Liz was wearing the red dress Max had brought her; she left her hair down and had red lipstick on her lips. Maria was wearing a white summer dress with yellow flowers along the neckline and the bottom, her hair was crimped and she had her little bit of a fringe pinned back to each side with two little clips.
“Well look at you two,” Samuel and Erica danced up and chuckled at them. Their faces were glowing.
“What?” Liz teased, “We’re the best looking girls here aren’t we Nikkei?”
“We sure are!” Nikkei pursed her lips and fluttered her eyelashes.
“You mean your stealing my job?” Erica frowned, “I’m supposed to be the most beautiful girl here.”
“You are,” Samuel pecked her lips, “You look stunning,”
Erica blushed.
“Liz that make dress makes you look fat,” Samuel grinned.
“Oh yes it’s the dress,” Liz hissed.
“Let’s swap partners, Liz you dance with Samuel, I’ll dance with my sister.”
Liz let go of Nikkei, “You’re a beautiful dancer,” she winked at her then walked over to Samuel and resumed her position, “You look like you’re the luckiest man in the world.”
“I am” he said smiling, “the luckiest man in the world.”
Liz kissed his cheek, “You little darling,” she smiled, “Congratulations.”
“Thank you,” He smiled, “I imagine Max will be sharing this look on his face when he marries you?”
Liz blushed, “I won’t be able to see his through my own,”
He spun her around and then flung her back, “You two will last forever, it’s so obvious.”
Liz giggled, “I think so too.”

Erica and Samuel went to have their photo’s taken with their relatives and family and Liz went and sat down with Maria and ate her pasta salad.
“Maria! Liz! Come have a photo with us,” Sam waved them over and Liz and Maria hesitantly walked up and stood with him in a photo. They had another one with Erica and him then went back to their table.
Samuel and Erica left for their honey moon soon later and after waving them off and saying bye to all the family and friends they had met they left themselves.
“That was such a beautiful wedding,” Liz said as they walked through the front door and pulled off their shoes and jacket’s.
“I know,” Maria smiled, “I want to have a wedding like that one, the flowers and the music, it was all stunning,” she headed toward her bedroom, “That was fun, maybe we should do it again some time,” she winked at Liz then shut her bedroom door.

Liz walked down the street; it was Christmas Eve, Eve. She was just finishing her last Christmas shopping and she had also done her laundry.
Right now it was six-thirty and she was just about to turn down her street.
A limousine pulled up beside her and drove along in the slow speed she was walking in. A smile spread across her face and she tried to pretend she didn’t notice. The window opened and Max rested his folded arms on it, he stared at her. He had just flown in from Thailand, he had tried to get home earlier but couldn’t.
Liz continued to walk watching him out of her periphery. “Liz,” he breathed, “Why are you ignoring me? Are you trying to drive me completely insane?”
She jumped in happiness then ran over to the limousine. Max opened the door and she leapt into his arms and devoured his mouth with hers, “Did you just get in?” kiss, “I missed you so much.”
“Yes and I missed you too,” he rapped his arms around her waist and lay down on his back pulling her on top of him. “What the hell were you doing…” kiss. “Walking down the street alone at this time of the night?” kisses, “How many times do I have to tell you not to do that…?”
“Thousands of times,” she looked down on him, “You took so long to get back! How come?”
“Stupid work, I wish I could just quit,” they shared another kiss.
“Oh and then how would we be able to look after our baby?” she asked.
“Like we don’t have enough money already or isn’t a billion dollars enough for you?” Max kissed her then suddenly pulled a minute, “Wait a minute, what?”
Liz bit her lip, then sat up so she was sitting on top of him and pulled her shirt up to revel her swelling baby, “Baby…” she whispered.
Max gasped and sprung up so quickly he nearly smacked right into her, “oh my god,” he exclaimed.
Liz breathed out but a smile couldn’t help but cascade over her face, “Isn’t it great?”
Max breathed out, his eyes darted from her belly to her face, “How long have you known and not told me?” his eye’s melted and he reached down to touch her pregnant belly.
Liz bit her lip; “You’re going to be mad…”
He raised his eye’s to look at her, “I am?”
“Just over four months…” she looked down at her hands, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I was trying to find the perfect opportunity but I just… I couldn’t do it and them I decided I was going to tell you, sort of as a Christmas present… are you mad?”
Max ran his hand through his hair; “Right now I don’t know what I am…”
“Don’t be mad,” she put her hand on top of the one that was caressing her slightly fat stomach, “I wanted to tell you but I, I, I … I don’t have an excuse, just please don’t hate me.”
“I don’t hate you,” he said firmly, “Nothing you could do would make me hate you, I’m a little disappointed,” he leaned down and starting kissing her stomach, “Oh my god, last month when I was here, you were then?”
“Well yeah that was in amongst the last four months,” she chuckled.
“And you didn’t tell me then?” he couldn’t stop kissing and touching her belly, “How could I not have known? I should have noticed… Oh my god I did say something when you weren’t drinking wine and you said it was nothing!” he gaped at her, “Your merciless, why did you lie?”
Liz couldn’t look him in the eye, “I’m sorry! I just I didn’t think it was a good place, I wanted to be touching you and…” he put his finger to her lips, “Stop I can’t listen to this any more…” he breathed in.
“Your mad…” the car stopped outside her house and Liz went get off him.
“I’m not mad I’m just very very confused,” he grabbed her and stopped her from getting up, “How come you weren’t showing at all then? Shouldn’t you have been in some way…?”
“I have been developing all little slow but it’s fine, it’s different for every woman,” she blinked.
“The babies OK? Nothing’s wrong with it?” he swallowed.
“It?” Liz laughed, “Yes IT’s fine, it’s perfect,” she kissed him, “You will forgive me?”
“Soon I will I just need to…” he breathed in and ran his hand through his hair, “A baby…” he was in awe.
Liz laughed, “Our baby,” she took his hands in hers and placed feather kisses on them, “Number one.”
Max chuckled and tears filled his eyes.
Liz felt tears come to her eyes at the state of him. It was like he was crumbling into goo in front of her.
“How?” he rapped his arms around her tight, “I thought you were on the…?”
Liz bit his ear, “I kind of forgot to take it,” she closed her eyes briefly, “I didn’t even realize till like a week later, I was to busy fretting over you leaving.”
“You let me leave knowing you were pregnant?” he shook his head, “You should have told me.”
“No I didn’t know, I found out a few days later.”
Max rested his head on her chest; “This is too much…”
“I know,” she kissed his fingers, he had wonderful fingers. She could tell how much this meant to him, she had known a while ago how happy he would be about this, “Let’s go inside, Maria’s waiting, she’s packed everything already.”
He looked confused and then he realized, “Oh right your parent’s house, when are we leaving?”
“Straight away,” she opened the door and went to step out, “Now?” she whispered.
“A baby…” he breathed running his hand through his hair, “I can’t believe it.”
Liz smiled and helped him out of the car. She said to the driver that they would be back soon and after he had dropped them off out of town he could leave and have a great holiday.
They walked up to the house with Max shaking his head and looking at his feet in wonder. Maria flung the door open, “Jeez Max you took long enough getting here!” she hit his arm, “We’re ready to go, are you?”
He just breathed in.
“What’s wrong?” she asked glancing at Liz then back at him.
“I told him,” Liz said rubbing his arm, “He’s still in shock.”
“You told him?” Maria looked confused, realization hit her, “YOU TOLD HIM!!” she screeched happily.
Liz laughed and kissed Max’s cheek “Are you OK? You’re supposed to be happy!”
Max swallowed, “I’m ecstatic, just give me a minute to recuperate.”
“OK while you do that we’re going to move the things to the car,” Maria started picking up her bags and Liz bent down to pick up hers. Max grabbed her arms, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he pulled her hands away, “I don’t think so, go get in the car.”
Liz frowned at him, “Oh no your going to be even more protective now aren’t you?”
Max nodded as he picked up her bags and Liz closed the front door to the house. They walked down to the car and Liz hopped in as Maria and Max put the things in the boot. Max hopped in and closed the door, he turned and stared at Liz, “You were walking down the street’s of New York at night while you were pregnant, oh my god… I’m going to have a heart attack.”
He started to drift downwards and Liz placed his head on her lap, “I just went around the corner, our street isn’t that bad,” she sighed.
Maria hopped in the front, wanting to give them some privacy and started chatting away to the driver.
“Wait why do you have the limo again? I thought you didn’t have it anymore since you don’t live here right now…?” Liz asked.
“I got it back since I’ll be here a little while, I’m mad at you stop talking to me,” he closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead, “I can’t believe this, I am going to die of a heart attack before I’m thirty.”
“You better not,” Liz whispered nearly inaudibly.
“Tell me everything about when you found out,” Max said, “do you know when it was… conceived?”
“Hell no,” Liz chuckled, “that’s like impossible to find out.”
“I guess your right,” he said hoarsely.
Liz rubbed his arms, his chest, his neck as she told him about hen she found out she was pregnant.

Liz was lying in bed at home then suddenly sprung up, “What?” she said to herself. She jumped off the and walked up to her dresser and then picked up the little pills that she took regularly and sure enough the ones she was supposed to have taken were still there.
“Oh god!” she groaned, “Maria call a cab we have to go to the doctors!”
“What why?” Maria demanded.
“I forgot to take my contraceptive pills,” Liz spat out, “What if I’m pregnant?”
“Oh my god,” Maria breathed, “wait! No you probably aren’t I mean how do you know?”
“I don’t know but I have to check!” Liz yelled getting frustrated at herself, Maria, this room, everything, “I remembered when I was Max’s and I hurried home hopping I was just being silly and that I had taken them but I haven’t!”
“OK let’s go and get you checked out,” Maria breathed in, “Be calm.”

Liz sat with her hands in her lap as they waited in the waiting room. She was so nervous, was she a Max ready to have a child together? Would he be happy or would be worried?
Liz knew Max pretty well and it was obvious he would be very happy about it. The doctor called her and Maria in and instructed them to sit down, “Liz?” he looked at both of them.
“She’s Liz,” Maria pointed to her friend.
“Oh, OK,” he smiled, “So you think you might be pregnant?”
Liz bit her lip, “I don’t know, I forgot to take my birth control pills and I want to check,” she swallowed, “I didn’t want to use a pregnancy test because you never know how accurate they are and I want to be absolutely certain.”
He nodded, “Yes well that’s understandable. Now you do now that if it’s only a couple of days later you can use a different kind of pill that will stop it from proceeding…?”
“I just want to see if I’m pregnant, and if I am I am not getting rid of it, you don’t need to talk about anything like that with me,” Liz didn’t want to sound harsh she was just so nervous.
“OK then, I’ll just take a blood test and a few other things and that will determine your status,”
After the tests Liz sat back down on the same chair and rapped her arms around herself.
“Now you won’t know for a few days, but we’ll ring you straight away when we know,” he smiled.
“Thank you,” she said quietly.
The next few days were hell, when’s he got the phone call she was lying in bed wishing Max was there. It was six-thirty and Maria wasn’t home yet.
“Hello is this Liz Parker?”
“Yes, this is her,” her heart sped up.
“This is Dr. Sherman, we got your test result’s back,”
“And?” Liz held her back.
“You are indeed pregnant, congratulations. I assume this is good news?”
“Yes it is, thank you,” she hanged up and dropped the phone on the floor, “HOLY SHIT!” she screamed.
She sat down on her bed and rocked back and forth. What a great time to get pregnant she thought, Max had just left not long ago.

Max didn’t say anything; he just lay there with his head on her lap. Liz leaned down and kissed his lips, “What are you thinking?”
“I wish I was there,” he said quietly.
“Don’t hate me,” she said quietly.
“I don’t hate you,” he said, “Stop saying that.”
He turned his head and pulled up her shirt to kiss her belly, “Do you know if it’s a boy or girl?” he ran his fingers along her skin and rested his forehead on her.
“No, I wanted to find that out with you,” she closed her eyes, his hands were so soothing and it made her want to fall asleep.
“Thank you,” he breathed, “For that much.”
They didn’t talk again for the rest of the drive. Max continued to rub her stomach and Liz eventually did fall asleep with her head on the back of the seat.
When the car stopped Max sat up and pulled Liz’s baggy shirt back down to cover her belly. He smiled when he realized she was asleep, “Liz,” he said, “Liz honey wake up,” he kissed her gently, “We’re here.”
Liz breathed in and then slowly opened her eyes, ‘What time is it?” she asked with a yawn.
“Twenty-past-seven,” he kissed her again softly.
“Hmm,” she moaned rubbing her eyes, “Can you help me up?”
Max chuckled, “yes,” he opened the door and stepped out and then held his arms out for Liz. She climbed out and closed the door, “Mom!” she smiled. Max turned to face his soon to be mother in law- who was walking towards them.
Nancy hugged and greeted Liz and Max then Maria jumped out of the car and ran up, “Nancy!” she called.
The driver got out and started unloading their bags; Max went and helped him.
Jeff came outside and helped him carry the things inside.
“Have a good holiday,” Max smiled at his driver as he hopped back into his car.
“I will Max, thank you!” he drove off and Max walked up to the house following Liz, Maria and her mom.
Max carried the bag he was holding down to Liz’s old room and Maria and Liz sat down on the couch in front of the fire and pulled their shoes off.
“How are you feeling?” Nancy put her hand on Liz’s stomach, “You’ve told Max by now? It’s getting obvious.”
“Yes, I’ve told him,” Liz answered. Max and Jeff walked back in “Do you need any help in the kitchen?” Max asked Nancy.
“No I’ll do it Max,” Liz stood up and everyone said, “NO Liz!’
Liz huffed and sat back down.
Max went and helped in the kitchen and Liz turned to Maria, “Is Michael coming? You did invite him, no?”
“Yeah,” Maria sighed, “He said he’d be spending Christmas with his family but he might try and make it down on boxing day for a little while.”
“I’M HERE!” Amy Deluca flung open the front door with her big entrance.


The night was very long and tiring but was filled with everyone having fun and laughter. Liz and Max had her old room to sleep in and Maria and her mother had the sofa bed in the lounge.
Nancy and Jeff went to bed awhile ago and now it was getting late and Max and Liz finally decided to hit the hay. They walked down the hall after saying goodnight and walked into their room. Max turned on the light switch and light filled the room, “It’s lucky you have a double bed,” he said quietly rubbing his forehead.
“I got it during my last year of high school, my parent’s didn’t want to get it though, they seemed to think having a double bed meant I wanted to have sex, god for bit I wanted it for comfort.”
Max chuckled as he pulled his shirt off.
Liz pulled her clothes off and walked into her little on suit.
She stood in front of the mirror brushing her teeth in her black lace bra (which was too small for her right now) and panties. She wore this underwear because she knew Max would arrive today and she always wore nice underwear when Max was involved.
He kissed her shoulder, “Look at you,” he said, “Look at you belly… your breasts are so much bigger,” he chuckled.
She spat her toothpaste out, “You like that don’t you?” she rinsed her mouth out and ran her hands through her hair.
He picked up the toothbrush she just used, “Maybe…” he smiled seductively.
Liz kissed his shoulder then walked back into her room. She climbed into bed and hopped under the covers, “Are you still mad at me?” she asked quietly.
Max turned off the bathroom light and walked into the room, “I’m disappointed Liz, I mean why the hell didn’t you tell me earlier?”
Liz shuddered, “I don’t know!”
He turned on the lamp beside her bed then went and turned off the main light.
“I’m sorry, I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I keep screwing up. I’ve never been good at the whole relationship thing.”
Max hopped into bed next to her and lay down on his back.
Liz bit her lip then climbed on top of him, “Feel our baby,” she whispered taking his hands and placing them on her stomach, “Feel how much it’s grown because of you.”
He ran his fingers up and down and she closed her eyes and put her head down on his chest, “Can’t you feel how sorry I am?” she whimpered. “I was aching to tell you but I knew how hard it would have been to hard for you to leave. You needed to leave for a month, so I could get everything ready and finish my life here. I am ready to follow you anywhere now.”
Max didn’t say anything.
“I knew all you’d be doing is worrying about me and that isn’t safe, something might have happened to you. The important thing is you know now and we can get married and make a family,” she kissed him and rubbed her body up and down his. He let out a small moan.
“Please don’t be disappointed it’s so much worse than you being mad at me. God I love you so much I only didn’t tell you because I thought it would be better for you. I only think about you.”
“If you had thought properly for two seconds you would have realized it was best that I need to know” he said.
“I know,” Liz kissed him again and rubbed herself up and down, “I am sorry, I can’t think properly when I’m with you or not with you.”
They made love.

Afterwards Liz lay on top of him with her head in his neck.
“Liz, you should have told me…”
“I know,” Tears dripped onto his chest.
“But,” he kissed the top of her head, “I guess if I thought something I did might make you worry about me I would put off telling you. This is a little extreme to put off and I am still confused as to why you did it but there’s I can do but forgive you.”
Liz kissed his neck. “I make so many mistakes,” she whispered, “Aren’t you tired of me yet?”
“You don’t make mistakes you just need to learn to tell me everything Liz, how am I supposed to trust you if you won’t tell me everything.”
“I’m the worst fiancee ever.”
“No Liz, stop it,” he kissed the top of her head, “No your not.”
“Oh yeah? What’s one thing I’ve done right?”
“That’s easy,” Max smiled, “You’re completely faithful… or so I know of…?”
“Yes Max,” she kissed him, ‘I would never go near anyone else. I guess that is one thing but still.”
“Still nothing.”

Liz woke up and hopped in the shower before waking Max. When she was in there Max hopped in and kissed her, “Good morning.”
He spoke into her ear so she could hear him over the water.
She nodded and kissed him back. He ran his hands over her stomach and then bent down to kiss it.
Max washed Liz’s hair body, legs, everywhere and then she returned the favor straight afterwards.

They ended up being in the shower for a very long time.

Liz put on a black dress that buttoned up at the back and then a red cardigan. A lot of her clothes were getting too small for her, she told Max that.
“I can’t wear any of my nice clothes!” Liz fell back onto her bed and huffed, “I’m so unattractive.”
“No you’re not,” Max walked up and stood between her legs, “Won’t your legs be cold in that? Maybe you should wear something else.”
“I’m fine,”
“It’s snowing Liz! Snowing and you are wearing a dress!” he rubbed her thighs, “Let me get you something else.”
“OK! Just something nice,” she sat up and cupped his cheeks, “Thank you.” Max was wearing a gray sweater and black pant’s, “You look warm,” she whispered a smile creeping across her face.
“I am warm, you should be too,” he kissed her.
“Fine me some warm clothes, love,” they started to drift, back, back, back onto the bed but Max let go and Liz composed herself, “I know why don’t I wear one of your jersey’s? They’ll fit me,” She giggled.
Max shook his head and smirked. He went and got her a baggy red turtleneck jersey and some stretchy hipster jeans.
“I don’t know if those pant’s will fit,” she said teasingly as she shoved a leg through the leg hole.
“You aren’t even big Liz,” he smiled at her then walked into the bathroom, “Stop overreacting.”
“I’m not overreacting, are you still going to find me sexy when I’m as big as a house?” she stood up and heaved the pants up her thighs.
“Of course,” Max stood in the bathroom door way as he put toothpaste on his tooth brush, “You could be completely grotesque and I would still find you sexy,”
“Sure,” Liz pulled on the thin leather that crossed a few times on the hips of her pants, she tied the ends together and breathed out, and said “Hey look they fit!”
“Of course they fit,” Max disappeared into the bathroom again and Liz pulled off her dress and put on tank top and then a white three-quarter shirt over the top. Her stomach popped out a little bit. She put on the red jersey and looked down at herself, “There is that better?” She walked to the bathroom door as Max spat out the toothpaste out of his mouth.
He rinsed his mouth out then turned to look at her, “Socks?” he simply said.
“Right,” Liz walked back into the room and Max put shaving cream on his face.
She came back with black socks on her feet and her hair brushed. She had half of it tied up at the back of her head and the other half hanging down.
“Perfect,” Max finished shaving then washed the shaving cream off his face, “Come here,” he motioned with his hands.

Max put some after-shave on and Liz waddled up to him, “What?” she asked smiling.
He cupped her cheeks and kissed her, “You look beautiful Liz and you always will, stop worrying OK? Your pregnant, start thinking about how wonderful that is and how happy we are about it.”
Liz bit her lip; “You’ll still get turned on by me while I look like this right?”
Max laughed, “As much as ever,” they kissed, “Now let’s go eat, I’m starving.”
Liz rapped her arms around his neck, “I love you,” she kissed his nose and then his lips, “I love you so much.”
Max smiled, “I love you too,” he put his hands on her hips, “Guess how many days till we have to go back?”
“How many?” she kissed him, “Tell me…”
Max pulled her closer to him, “Fifteen.”
“Fifteen!” exclaimed, “Is that like the tenth of January?”
“Yes,” they kissed again, “That leaves eight days for a honeymoon.”
“Honeymoon? Really?” she rested her forehead on his, “Where?”
“It’s a surprise,” he simply said.
“Don’t you think the fact that I don’t even know where we’re getting married is enough of a surprise?”
“No,” he kissed her nose, “You’ll like it, trust me.”
“I do trust you,”
“Good,” Max let go of her and she pulled her arms away from around his neck, “Let’s go eat now.”
He took her hands and led her out of the bathroom and then out of the room and down the hallway. “Good morning,” Nancy whispered as she came out of the kitchen with a coffee in her hands. She was wearing a blue nightgown and her hair was down.

“Morning,” Max and Liz said at the same time.
Maria and Amy were still snoring away on the couch bed.
“The kettle’s just been boiled,” Nancy said, “I’m going to sit outside, are you two going anywhere?”
“Yes,” Max said before Liz could even open her mouth, “We’ll be back by eleven though.”
“OK see you then,” Nancy smiled then walked away.
“Where are we going?” Liz asked.
“Shh,” Max pointed to Maria and Amy’s sleeping forms.
Liz rolled her eyes and followed him into the kitchen.
After eating breakfast they put on their jackets and Max made Liz wear a hat and gloves, then they went and hopped into her parent’s car.
“Where are we going? It’s Christmas Eve everyone will be out…” Liz put on her seat belt.
Max was driving, “We are going ice skating.”
“We are?” Liz asked, “Do you even know where to go?”
“Yes,” Max pulled out of the driveway and they headed down the road.
Liz put on the radio, “Can I take this stupid hat off? I’m hot,” she fanned herself.
Max smirked, “No,”
Liz put the window down and stuck her head out, “Hmm…” she breathed.
“Liz, stop that.”
Liz put her head back in, “Why can’t I take my hat off? You’re acting like you’re my father.”
“I’m not acting like your father, I want you to keep the hat on because it makes you look cute,” he glanced at her with a grin on his face.
Liz rolled her eyes, “You funny man.”

No mountain’s too high for you to climb All you have to do is have some climbing faith, oh yeah No river’s too wide for you to make it across All you have to do is believe it when you pray

“Oh my god!” Liz turned the radio up, “This is my favorite song of all time, I love R. Kelly!”
Max chuckled.

“And then you will see the morning will come and every day will be bright as the sun all of your fears cast them on me I just want you to see,

Liz sung along with it quietly, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

“I’ll be your cloud up in the sky,
I’ll be your shoulder when you cry,
I hear your voices when you call me,
I am your angel.
And when all hope is gone, I’m here No matter how far you are,
I’m near It makes no difference who you are I am your angel I’m your angel”

Max was in awe with his fiancé, he watched her out of his periphery.
“What are you thinking?” Liz asked,
“Nothing,” he answered.
“Tell me,”
“Just how much I love you,” he pulled the car to a stop, “Come on let’s go…”

When they came home they walked inside hand in hand, smiles on their faces and glowing with happiness. Nancy held her hand over her heart, she was so happy for her daughter.
“Get some last minute Christmas present’s did we?” she was sitting on the couch knitting.
“No,” Liz looked at the fire, “boy it’s warm in here, where’s Maria, Amy and Dad?” she took off her hat, gloves and jacket.
“Maria’s using your shower and Amy’s using the main one, Jeff’s gone to the restaurant” she answered.

“Oh,” Liz answered, “What do you have planned for today?”
“I am going to go into the restaurant at one but me and Jeff will be back by four,”
Liz and Max walked over to the couch and sat down, “Looks like we’ve got the day to show around Amy.”
“I’m capable of doing that,” Maria walked into the lounge with a smile on her lips, “You guys can go off and do what ever you want.”
“No way, Amy never come to stay, we want to come,” Liz looked at her, “Maybe we should go shopping.”
“What about Max? He won’t want to come shopping!” Maria shook her head, “Liz, you’ll bore him to death.”
“I don’t mind,” Max said.
“Sure, sure,” Maria said,
“Don’t you want us to come?” Liz asked.
“No I do I just only if you really want to,” Maria came and stood by the fire, “Are your OK with it Max?”
“Yes,” he smiled rubbing Liz’s arm up and down.
“Wait!” Liz said, “What if it unmans you?” she turned to look at him, “I mean shopping?”
“I’m fine Liz,” he laughed.

“Oh god my feet,” Max said quietly, “I am never doing this again,”
“I warned you Max,” Maria laughed.
“Yeah should have listened!” Amy rapped her arm around him, Me and Maria are shopping monsters.”
“I believe you,” Max said.
“Oh look how cute that is!” Amy exclaimed, “Liz your pregnant buy it for the baby!”
“I thought we were leaving?” Liz asked, “And besides there’s still six months to go there’s plenty of time for baby shopping, let’s go home and eat.”
“No way!” Amy cried, “It’s only quarter to four! We still have another hour minimum.”
“An hour?” both Max and Liz asked.
“Yes!” Amy and Maria laughed, “Come on, let’s go buy more stuff.”

They got home at five thirty and dinner was ready by then, “Have fun?” Jeff asked from the dinning table where he was reading the paper.
“No!” Max and Liz both huffed.
“Yes!” Amy and Maria exclaimed.
Jeff laughed.
Liz went down to the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, “oh I’m so sorry,” she said.
“So am I,” Max collapsed next to her.
“Never again,”
“Never ever again.”


Liz woke up in the morning to see Max’s shinny eyes. She blinked, “What are you staring at?” her voice cracked.

“Marry Christmas,” he smiled.

“Oh,” Liz sat up, “Oh it’s Christmas!” she looked around for the time, it was eight-twenty.
“Yes, it is Christmas,” Max pulled her back onto down, “Nice isn’t it?”
Liz kissed him, “Yes, it’s our first Christmas,” she smiled, “And that means your birthday is closer!”

“O no not another year closer to thirty,” he rolled onto his back and hroaned.
“So?” Liz tugged on him to lie on top of her, “Who cares how old you are,”
“You obviously don’t,” he lay down on top of her but propped himself up with his arms.
“Why would I?” she rapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, “Make love to me,” she whispered.

After they had made love Max went over to his bag and pulled out a small box rapped in gift paper.

“You got me a present?” Liz’s eyes filled with tears, “Max I don’t need anything.”
“Shh just open it,” he folded his legs and watched her happily.

Liz pulled the rapping off and looked down at the small box in her hand, “Oh my god,” she whispered when she opened it and a diamond necklace graced her eyes.

“Oh wow,” she pulled it out and ran her fingers over it,
It was many little clear diamonds attached to each other with silver.

“Let me see it on you,” he reached for it then put it around her neck. He did it up then sat back and looked at her.

Liz’s chin was trembling and tears dripped down her cheeks, “Thank you,” she groaned.
Max chuckled, “What’s wrong beautiful?” he crawled up tot her and wiped her eyes, “Why are you crying?”
“It’s so beautiful,” she whimpered.
Max laughed, “It is, yes. But why are you crying?” he tucked her hair behind her ears and kissed her forehead, ‘It looks wonderful on you, I knew it would.”
“When did you buy it?” she sniffled.
Max picked her up and sat her down on top of him, “I brought it in Thailand.”

“You did?” she ran her fingers along the diamonds,

Max found such a turn on that she was wearing nothing but the necklace,

“I love it,” she said.
“I’m glad,” he smiled and lay down on his back. She sat on his stomach.
“I got you something too,” she said quietly, “It’s not expensive like yours.”
“What is it?” he touched her thighs with his hands.
“You want me to get it now?” she leaned down and kissed him.
“Well…” he kissed her back, “Not right this second,” he rapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck.
“I didn’t think so,” she smiled and lifted herself up so he could push his arousal into her.

“Liz! Max! Get out here we want to open the presents!”

Max groaned, “What are we? Ten?
Liz laughed, “We’ll be out in a minute or two mom!”
“OK be quick.”

They heard footsteps away and Liz continued, “be very quick,” she groaned as he entered her.
Max rolled them over, “I can be quick.”

Afterwards a panting Liz hopped off the bed and scrambled over to get some clothes.

Max slowly sat up and ran his hand through his hair, “Give me a minute,” he choked out.
Liz put on her bra, “You a minute? What about me?” she pulled on some panties then a jersey, ‘Come on get dressed Max.”
Max got up, “OK, OK,” he got dressed quickly and they headed out into the lounge.
Everyone was sitting on the couch drinking coffee and waiting,

“Finally!” Maria exclaimed.
“Sorry,” Liz mumbled taking a seat on the ground. Max sat down next to her.
“OH can I have a present now?” Maria was on the edge of the couch looking like she was about to jump out of her skin.
“Oh wow Liz,” Amy looked at her necklace, “That is so beautiful, when did you get that?”
Liz blushed, “I got it this morning, my Christmas present from Max,”
Almost on cue everyone let out an “Ohhhhhh!”

Max chuckled.

“You started opening gifts without us?!” Maria huffed.
Leaning forward and touching the diamonds she said, “Jeez that would have cost a lot, you are just spoiling her, no present is going to compare to that now.”
“Your right, nothing will compare to this,” Liz laughed.
“Thanks Max,” Everyone said at once.
He shrugged, “Sorry.”
Max had one more gift for Liz; he went and got it while everyone sat opening his or her gifts. “More?” Amy asked, “He really is spoiling you isn’t he?”

Max came back and sat down, he handed Liz a small bag and she looked down at it, “I’m afraid to open it!” she admitted, “What have you done?”

“Nothing much,” he smirked, “This is kind of a silly present, open it. You and Maria can share this one.”

“We can?!” Maria said giddily.
Liz laughed and reached in. She pulled out two neck tags and glanced at them, “What is this?” she asked with a big smile.
Maria got off the couch and knelt down next to Liz, “Oh my god,” she laughed.

“What is it?” Nancy asked.
“Two back stage passes to an episode screening of friends!” Maria doubled over, “I never knew about your whole friends thing!”
Liz gaped at him, “Oh my god, You remembered that?!” she exclaimed.
“Of course I remembered that,” he smiled, “Now you can give them their coffee.”
Liz kissed him, “I can’t believe you did this!” she jumped on him, “You wonderful man.”
Maria put the tags around her neck, “I can’t believe we’re going to meet them!”

“O h I remember now,” Jeff rubbed his forehead, “Liz always used to want to work back stage, that’s right.”
“You’re a bit slow today Jeff,” Amy hit his arm playfully, “Even I got it straight away.”
Everyone laughed.

Liz rested her forehead on Max’s “Thank you,” she whispered.
“It was my pleasure,” he kissed her lips, “I’m glad you like them.”
Most of the present’s were opened and then Liz handed one to Max, “Here’s your one from me,” she smiled brightly, “It’s not as good as your gifts but , I hope you’ll like it.”
Max raised his eyebrows, “I know I’ll love it,” he kissed her then pulled the brown rapping paper off. Liz held her breath and glanced at Maria, Maria had helped her with this gift.
Maria did the thumbs up.

“Imagine buying for a billionaire, how could you do that? I mean they must have everything they want,” Amy cocked her head, “Poor you Liz.”
Liz laughed, “Very hard, you have no idea…”
Max looked down at the huge book in his hands. It was made from recycled cardboard that had been dyed blue and wound together with twisted wire and twine. On the front in the middle there was a painted picture of a lemon tree and it had M.E in Black Calligraphy written over it.
“Look inside,” Liz rested her chin on his shoulder.
“What is it?” Nancy asked.

On the front page was a kind of see through cream paper that had Max’s birth certificate printed on it. On the next page in black calligraphy it said, M.E age one- there were several photo’s of him as a baby underneath it. The next page was age two and the next page was three years old and the next was four and so on. Max looked through every single page, when it got to twenty-seven Liz had stuck a picture of him and her in the corner at the bottom, as well as all the other pictures of him of course. All the paper was recycled and was soft to touch and they were all slightly tanned or cream colored. On the next page there was age twenty eight and it was left blank with placed to put photo’s in, it went up to age thirty five.

“When I was at your parent’s place looking through the photo’s with Isabel I noticed there wasn’t a photo album for just you and I got Isabel to copy the photo’s for me and she sent them to me so I could make this. Do you like it?”

Max sucked in a deep breath and said, “You made this?” he asked socked, “Oh my god, it’s so beautiful.”
“So you like it?” she smiled.
“Like it? That is a huge under statement, God I love it, I can’t believe you did this for me. It would have taken you so long,” his face showed how much he felt towards what she had done.
Liz blushed at how he was looking at her; “It was nothing really.”
“Liar,” Maria smiled, “Do you know how long she sat making that thing? I thought she’d never finish it.”
“Maria, shh!” Liz hissed, “he doesn’t need to know that.”
Max breathed in; “I can’t believe this.”
Liz kissed his cheek, “Believe it honey. I am so glad you like it.”

They all cleaned up the rapping paper and went and got dressed properly.
Once they were back in privacy again, They rapped their arms around each other and rested their foreheads together.
Liz had her arms around his neck and she tiptoed up to kiss him passionately. “I love you so much,” she whispered before taking his mouth and tongue.
“I love you too my beautiful fiancée.”

“Liz, “ Maria opened the door and Liz pulled her lips away from Max’s with annoyance, “Yes Maria?” she tried to sound nice but it came out ruder.

“Sorry for interrupting you but can I use your shower by any chance?”
“Yeah sure,” Liz pulled her arms away from Max and stepped away, “Let me get you a towel.”
She left the room and Max sat down on the bed and ran his hand through his hair.

“What’s up lover boy?” Maria asked.
Max just smiled.
Liz came back and helped Maria get things ready in the bathroom then closed the door and walked over to Max. “I’m sorry we don’t have privacy here,” she said.
Max shook his head, “Don’t be silly Liz,” he rapped his arms around her waist, “I don’t care, I can control myself till we get home.”
“Can you?”
“Of….” Maria’s singing in the shower cut him off.

“I’m singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling! I’m happy again!”

They both laughed.
“Come on let’s go help with lunch,” Max stood up and kissed her forehead.

The next day Michael did come, around eleven. It was a big surprise because no one expected him to come.
“Don’t looked so shocked Maxwell,” Michael took off his coat, “I can be civilized.”
“Let’s hope so,” Max said quietly.
Liz smiled at him, “We’re glad you could come,” she would never be good friends with him, but she could try. She would never get completely there though.
They had a big lunch and during it, Nancy turned to him and said, “So Michael, what are your intentions for our Maria?”
Max and Liz’s moths opened in shock.
Michael raised his eyebrows.
Max and Liz glanced at each other and then doubled over with laughter along with Amy and Jeff.
Maria went bright red, “Oh my god Nancy shut up!”
“Are you planning on marrying her? her boons are going to…”
“STOP!” Maria cried.
Liz and Maria looked at each other and Liz said, “Not so calm about it when it happens to you are you?”


“Oh Max…” Liz cried as she came, “Oh!”
When Liz felt the wave it wasn’t only good for her, it was good for Max too because he loved bringing such a great feeling to her. Liz’s body shuddered and she closed her eyes in delight, what was the time? What was the date? Who cared, everything cleared her head when she was with Max like this, nothing mattered but the feelings that enveloped her and made her feel whole.
The mattress moved as he lay down next to her on his back, she breathed in deeply and a satisfied smile touched her mouth, here they were a year after they met each other and they were still doing this continually whenever they had the chance. Max never ceased to be aroused by her and she never ceased to be aroused by him. It was just the way it was.
It’s not like they were going to complain about it any time soon.

As her body began to cool down and the breeze in the room started to take effect, everything important was starting to come back to her. Tonight was New Years and they had been out with friends till late.
They had counted down with everyone else and they had shared a kiss when New Years hit, now they were back at her place and they had just finished making love.
That was not a bad way to start the New Year. This year was the start of a new life that they planned to have together. Tomorrow they would be married and around the end of June and the beginning of July they would have their first child.
Max nuzzled her hair, and ran his hands down to rub her stomach; he did that a lot now.
He liked to be touching the home that held his baby, his baby girl. They had found out what gender it was yesterday and they were having a baby girl! Max was so happy, Liz loved seeing him so happy.
And on top of the happiness, he was so, so protective of her, as much as it annoyed her it also made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. Wait a minute, everything to do with Max made her feel warm and fuzzy inside.
His protective behavior made her feel even more loved inside.

Liz realized that there was absolutely no stage in her life when she was this happy. Sure she had been happy before but never this happy. These were the best days.

They left Liz’s parent’s house on the twenty-seventh of December and went to stay with Isabel and Alex. Isabel announced that she was pregnant and everyone stared at her in shock. No one expected her to have children, they figured she would want to continue to work and be beautiful for the rest of her life. Turns out they were wrong.
Max had turned twenty-eight on the twenty-ninth of December and he spent the day with Liz and his family with lots of laughter and wine. Orange juices, for Liz.
Of course.
On his birthday Max walked around the garden with her hand in his and he said that he wished they weren’t engaged just so he could ask again. He said there were so many moment’s he would have asked if he hadn’t already. He bent down and did it again anyway and Liz couldn’t fight the laughter. He pulled her down on the snow and she lay on her back staring up at the stars while he whispered in her ear, “It’s not very nice to laugh when a person is asking you to marry them. Some people would find that very offensive, it’s lucky I don’t.”
“Isn’t it just?” she had whispered back. There with her back on the snow and her hair spread out everywhere she had felt the baby kick. Max put his head on her belly and said that it must be a boy because no girl could pack a kick or a punch like that. Liz told him off and said that girls were just as strong as guys were. She proved her theory to be right when they had been told it was a baby girl.

Maria met Michael’s parents and she bragged to Liz about how that must mean that he is serious about her. But only quietly of course, she didn’t want to jinx it. Liz was very happy for her friend, she hopped Michael was the one for her.

Liz wanted to know where they were going to have the wedding and Max had said no, she said at least give me a hint and he said that they weren’t getting married in the United States.
“What about inviting everyone? I haven’t done anything, how will people know about our wedding and everything?”
“It’s all taken care of.”
Liz decided she didn’t like this surprise, she didn’t like not knowing what was going to happen.
They came home from California on the thirtieth of December and Maria was very happy to see them. Michael and Maria came with Max and Liz for new years and they all had a great time at the party on the wharf. They went their separate ways at two-thirty in the morning and Liz and Max ended up back in her room.

Liz lifted her eye’s to look into Max’s eyes, “When you said that everything for the wedding was taken care of, you meant…?”
“I meant,” he kissed her, “That you should stop worrying about it and enjoy the surprise.”
“I don’t like surprises any more.”
“Too bad,” he smiled.
Liz climbed under the blankets and lay down on her side; “Will you miss our child’s first soccer game?”
“What makes you think she’ll play soccer?” he stroked her hair.
“What with a kick like that? You’re joking right?”
He laughed, “I am not going to miss her first soccer game, no.”
“Will you miss anything else?” She asked placing her hands under her face to keep them warm, “Will you ever use the excuse, ‘I’m sorry I had to work.’”
Max breathed in, “Not if I can help it. Maybe after we get back from Thailand I can stop working and have an early-early retirement.”
“Is that even possible?” Liz blinked, “No you can’t do that.”
Max kissed her, “Don’t worry I won’t disappoint you.”
“Let’s hope so,” she whacked his arm playfully, “I won’t disappoint you either.”

“Where is Max?” Liz asked.
“He’s gone.” Maria was curling her hair with the curling iron.
“Gone as in gone to where we’re getting married?” Liz put some flowers in her hair.
“Yip,” Maria smiled at her friend, “You’re finally going to get married!”
“I know!” Liz squeaked in happiness.
“Your going to love where he has chosen,” Maria put flowers in her hair, “We have to leave soon.”
“Why do I have to go on the plane in my dress and everything? Are we going straight to the wedding ‘place’ as soon as we get to the ‘country’?”
Maria laughed at her, “Yes we are going straight there.”
“Will Max be on the plane with us?”
“Will he be at the wedding ‘place’ when we get there?”
“Well yes. He is one of the main guests,” Maria rolled her eyes, “Silly question.”
“Well how am I supposed to know? This whole thing is one big surprise after the other.”
“I guess it has hasn’t it? Lucky you, ” Maria looked over Liz’s hair. She had it parted to one side and then curled, at the front where the hair hung across her eye brow they jelled it so that part was straight and the rest of it was curly. She took the flowers out and left her hair how it was.
She wasn’t going to wear a traditional wedding dress; she just had a knee-length Roman style cream dress that suited her hair perfectly. The dress showed how slim she was, even with the belly sticking out, by the tight stomach on it and the loose chest area. She looked stunning; she wore matching white sandals and her make up was done so you couldn’t tell she was wearing some but you kind of could if you looked really closely.
“God you look good,” Maria smiled, “Jealous, I am so jealous.”
Liz blushed, “Do I look good enough to be getting married?”
“So do,” they spun around together, “OK let’s get going, we don’t want to keep lover boy waiting! We have a flight to catch!”
Maria had packed a bag for Liz and it was in the already in the boot of the limousine. They drove straight to the airport and hopped into Max’s private plane. “Is Michael going to be there?” Liz asked as she took a seat and buckled herself up.
“He is indeedy.”
Liz chuckled, “I’m nervous, oh god Maria I’m so nervous.”
“That’s expected Liz, it’s your wedding,” Maria rubbed her arms, “It’s OK.”
“It’s OK, it is so,” Liz breathed in, “this would all be better if I knew where we were going.”
“You will know in a few hours.”

The flight was long and too drawn out. Far to drawn out.

“I know it’s normal to be nervous but I have no reason to be nervous and I feel silly,” Liz ate an airplane nut, “Max is wonderful and I bet he isn’t nervous, why should I be? I have no reason to be. None at all, I am just being silly.”
Maria chuckled at her friend, “Stop stressing OK? Everything will be fine.”
“Everything will be fine,” Liz repeated, “Everything will be OK.”
“Yes it will.”

When the plane reached its destination they got of it and were greeted by another limousine.
“I can’t believe I’m in a different country and I don’t even know what it is,” Liz intertwined her fingers on her lap, “At least I’ll be seeing Max soon.”
“Yes,” Maria touched her arm, “And your going to love what he’s done for you.”
“Hmm,” Liz bit her lip and looked down at herself. She wasn’t allowed to look out the windows because Maria had said it would give the place away. At the airport they had been picked up practically off the runway so Liz had no idea where they were or where they were going.

The car stopped and so did Liz’s heart, “Oh my god,” she muttered.
“You ready?” Maria smiled.
“No,” Liz swallowed, “Yes.”
The door opened and Jeff Parker stood there with the biggest and proudest smile on his face, “Hey Liz, Max is waiting for you, ready?”
Liz turned to look at Maria but all she saw was her departing figure out of the other door. Sighing she turned back to look at her father, “Where are we?” she asked quietly.
“Come out here and see, it’s all done up for you,” Jeff couldn’t have looked prouder of his daughter, “Don’t be frightened.”
“I can’t help it,” she whispered.
Jeff swallowed then sat down next to her, “You look beautiful,” he touched her cheek.
“Thank you,” Liz felt sick, was it because of the baby or was it because she was nervous?
“Do you remember when you were six and you and Maria came barging into the restaurant at closing time on a Saturday night?” Jeff laughed, “You were dressed in your mothers wedding dress and Maria was in a big pink dress! She held the back of your dress and you both pranced up to me and you said, “Daddy come and give me away to my soul mate.”
Liz’s eye’s filled with tears; “I don’t remember that.”
“I was trying to hold in laughter when I said, ‘Oh and who is that?’ you said that you hadn’t found the real one yet but Elmo would be his replacement for the time being.”
Liz laughed.
Jeff wiped the single tear from her eye, “Ready to go marry your new Elmo?”
“My much better Elmo,” Liz said quietly.
“Yeah,” he kissed her cheek, “And he’s waiting for you out there, he loves you so much. He said he was a little nervous too you know?”
“He did?” Liz smiled, that made her feel a little better.
“Yeah! He was nervous that you wouldn’t come and he would be stuck in this foreign country to far to comfort you.”
Liz sniffled, “I would never not come,” she said, “He knows that.”
“And you know that you have nothing to be worried about when you get out of this car,” Jeff smiled at his baby girl, “I have been waiting for this day for so long.”
Liz smiled.
“Come on you! Max is probably being held in place by Michael, he probably want’s to run down here and check that everything is OK!”
“Probably,” Liz laughed.
“Come on we don’t know how long they’ll be able to hold him back.”
Liz nodded and took her fathers hand. He stepped out first and she quickly followed.

Her breath caught in her throat and she emitted a small moan, “oh!” she cried. Jeff closed the limousine door and looped his arm through hers, “Max said you both love this place,” he smiled.
“Ah yeah, you could say that,” speaking of Max, she could see him standing at the end of the long isle in front of her.
It was obvious where they were, Parc Monceau in Paris. Max’s favorite place! Tears stung her eyes.
It was set up so beautifully. There was a white isle leading across the grass and at the end of it the place where she had stood with Max when she had come here for the first time was set up as the alter. It was under a ruined Greek arch just in front of the lake.

I don’t know how I can make this trip be bad since it’s my two favourite things together, You and Paris”

She smiled at the memory of him saying that. As she walked down the isle she took in everything around her. Erica and Sam were standing in front of their chairs with their daughter in their arms. Her mom was next to them and then Max’s parents. Behind them stood Isabel with her head resting on her husbands’ shoulder; they both had big smiles on their faces. She couldn’t see Maria so she turned her head towards the lake and saw her standing on a small stage with a microphone in her hand, she was singing quietly, so THAT’S where the music was coming from, Liz chuckled at herself for not noticing.
Michael stood next to Max and the priest.
It was sunset where they were and little lights had been put in the trees around the area, they glowed beautifully.
Jeff let go of her side and kissed her cheek, “love you,” he whispered before stepping to the side and taking a seat.
Liz looked up and Max and smiled at him with tears in her eyes, “I can’t believe you…” he put his finger to her lips.
“Shh,” he took his finger away and intertwined his hands through hers, “God you look stunning,” he swallowed the lump in his throat.
“You look… too,” she blushed.
“Are you ready?” the priest interrupted their moment.
Liz chuckled and fought the urge to jump up and kiss Max’s sexy lips.
“Yeah,” Max didn’t take his eyes off her, “ready?”
Liz nodded with a big smile on her face, “I so am.” He chuckled.
They turned so they were facing the priest and he smiled, “How charming you both look,” he said quietly.
Glancing at Max, she saw that he was waiting patiently, confident and whole and perfect.
“Are you ready to commit yourselves to each other? Do you understand that those whom God had joined together, no man can out asunder?”
“We do,” they said together.
“Well OK then,” The priest was a jolly little old man, he showed pride in every way he moved and spoke, “Do you Maxwell James Evan’s take Elizabeth Anne Parker to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I do,” he smiled down at Liz.
The priest repeated the same thing to Liz.
“I do,” she returned Max’s smile.
“Liz, repeat after me.”

“I, Elizabeth Parker, take this man to be my husband—”
“I, Elizabeth Parker, take this wonderful man to be my husband.”
“To live together in the covenant of marriage— ”
“To live together in the covenant of marriage.”
“I will love him, comfort him, honour him and keep him—”
“I will love him, comfort him, honour him and keep him.”
“And obey him.”
Liz smiled, rolling her eyes. “And obey him.”
“And, forsaking all others, be faithful to him until death does us part—”

“I, Maxwell Evan’s, take this woman to be my wife, to live together in the covenant of marriage, I will love-” his voice cracked, “-love her, comfort her, honour and keep her, And, forsaking all others, be faithful to her until death does us part.”

After they had put the rings on and asked if anyone objected to their marriage (which no one did, of course) the priest said,
“I know pronounce you husband and wife, you can now kiss the bride.”
Max didn’t waste one second he leaned down and pressed his lips to Liz’s.
She had tears trailing down her cheeks.
Max felt like he was kissing her for the first time! He didn’t know what to do with his hands. They broke their kiss and looked at each other, “I love you,” Liz whispered.
“Hmm,” Max smiled, “I love you too.”
They linked hands and kissed again, not caring that they had family members that wanted to hug and congratulate them.
Isabel tugged Liz away from Max and rapped her arms around her, “Oh that was so beautiful!” she cried, “Congratulations!”
Liz smiled, “Thank you.”
Everyone was hugging them and all they both wanted to do was be in each other’s arms again.

Finally, everyone had stopped touching them and they flung back to each other, like magnet’s.
Liz looked up into Max’s eyes and rapped her arms around his neck, “I can’t believe you did all this.”
“It’s nothing,” he smiled, “Isabel did most of it.”

Here they were after just making a big proclamation to the world that she was his and he was hers and it felt as if everything horrible or frustrating that had ever happened to them had never happened.
They were saying that they had met, fell in love and now they had gotten married. As if it were that simple, like nothing else had happened in-between.
Liz knew that she had grown so much this last year, she had not only met, fallen in love and flushed herself into Max’s expensive life but she had gotten pregnant, engaged and now married. All in one short year!
This last year had definitely been the best year in her life.

She leaned up and kissed Max.
When she had been a child, her beloved grandma Claudia, seeing her depressed and unable to find her way, said to her, “ask yourself three questions, Liz Parker, and you will know who you are.
Ask: What you want most, what you love and what you will die for.
Taking a breath and pressing her body against Max’s Liz said to herself.
I Liz Parker, want, love and will die for Max Evan’s.

“What does it feel like to be inside of me?” Liz whispered as Max pushed himself into her.
Max smiled, “What does it feel like to have me inside of you?
“I asked you first.”
“It feels,” he pulled himself out of her, “…Are you listening?”
“Hmm,” she moaned.
“If feels,” he whispered hoarsely, “Like nothing else in this world.”

The End

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angelic the sequel is on the repost board its called Beautiful Daughter.