The Dating Game
Author: WinterRain
Rating: NC17
Background: AU... The Gang ~ JK BASHING ~
Summary: Liz Parker goes on a show called The Dating Game, Playboy style.
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Roswell. I would not want to own it! Don’t want it!

Dedicated to Ellegon for her encouragement and for being a great friend! *big*

Chapter 1

Sharks nightclub was a happening place in Los Angeles, California. It was the best place to catch new artists trying to make it in the business and maybe catch a well known band just playing for the heck of it. Anyone who was anybody was there dancing their ass’ off.

Liz Parker walked in the club with her best friend Maria DeLuca, both were dressed to the hilt.

“Maria, I’m so glad Isabel was able to get us in here, this place it great!”

“No shit chica, look over there, its Kid Rock.”

“I think tonight is going to be a good night. If he’s here, there must be others, keep looking.”

“You’re crazy Maria. I just want to find someone to dance with, I could care less about the ‘stars’ of Hollywood.”

“Well that’s where we differ my friend. I want to meet a celebrity and have my way with them” Maria laughed but was totally serious.

“Is that what I think it is Maria? Look, over there.”

“Holy shit! It is. I had heard something from Isabel that they were starting this new show on the Playboy channel something about a Dating Game. Let’s go check it out.”

Together, they both walked over to listen to what was being said about the new game. “Well this must be some kind of new porno show they are scouting out actors for.”

“I’m game, are you?”

“Marrrria! I am not going to be in some porno game show. I am not fucking anyone in a room full of cameras! Have you lost your mind?”

“No I haven’t, but the sign says its not a porno as in a porno movies. Remember that game show where the girl asks the three guys questions and they answer and at the end the audience picks who she wants to date? Well that’s what it is.”

“Oh well I could handle that. But what’s the catch?”


“No way in hell I am going to do that, Michael” Max said in a stern voice.

“Sucker. Why don’t you have some fun for once Max” as Kyle added in.

“Yeah Maxwell, take a chance. Have fun, maybe we could all three get on it together” Michael was serious. He wanted to do was be on the new game show.

“Right, like Max knows how to have any fun, its such a prude.” Max instantly looked at Kyle as if he was going to kill him.

“I’m not a prude you dumbass, I don’t want to be on a TV show, talking about my sex life, especially with you two there.”

“Well if you can’t share it with friends then who can you share it with?” Kyle refuted.

“That’s true Max. All I’m saying lets go see what they have to offer. With the help of Alex, I bet we could probably discreetly pick our own girl. Remember since he is a camera man for Playboy and all.”

“Yeah, like he can do anything for us” Max getting agitated but somewhere in the back of his mind, he was intrigued.

“Wooohoooo, lookie over there my friends,” Kyle pointed to a short brunette and a taller blonde
“look at those two hot chicks. Maybe we should introduce ourselves” smiling slyly, Kyle was already licking his lips thinking of the possibilities.

“Oh hell yeah, look at them. The three of us can take them on, easy. Damn, look how that blonde licks her lips. She wants a dick in her mouth and I am just the one who is going to give it to her.”

Max bursted out laughing, “so I bet you are just the one who thinks he can accomplish that, huh?”

“Damn right. ‘Freddie’ is always up for some deep throat action.”

Kyle and Max looked at each other and as if cue both looked at each other ‘FREDDIE?’ then back to Michael whose eyes never left that girl who caught his eye.

Just then, the brunette met Max’ eyes and she held them for a while before Max turned his head. Liz looked back to Maria, “look at that drop dead gorgeous man over there.” She pointed toward the tall muscular man who was standing with two other guys. “Now if the men looked like that, I’d do it.”

“You’d be on the show if he was on it?”

“Totally” Liz said as she glanced back at Max as she casually licked her lips. ‘Yeah I’d do him’ she thought to herself.

“Maybe we can talk to Isabel about it since she is one of the owners here. Maybe she could talk to someone from Playboy.”

“I’m game Maria but the condition is that HE has to be one of the contestants.”

“You got it babe. Lets go find Iz and explain.” As both girls hurried up toward the sign up booth, Liz absent mindedly ran into Max.

“Oh excuse m...”

“Hey there. Where’s the fire?” he asked, his amber eyes dancing with amusement.

‘Oh god his body is hard.’ “Oh um, I am going to sign up to be a contestant on this new show.”

“Fascinating.” Max said as he peered down at her. She was wearing a gold slip dress that barley hid her cleavage. She was much shorter than him but she smelled so good and she was very tiny up close. He could just wrap his whole body around and never think twice about it. Her hair was up with two long pieces hung down along her temples and he wanted to play with those curls, twist them in his fingers. “ I was going to sign up myself, along with my other two buddies.”

“Is that so?”

He nodded “Yes, that’s so. Maybe we’ll get lucky and we can be on at the same time.”

“Perhaps.” Liz looked up at him with innocent eyes. ‘This man smelled good enough to eat’ she thought to herself.

“I’m Max. Max Evans. I noticed you earlier and my friend noticed your friend too. What’s your name?”

“Liz Parker. My friend’s name is Maria DeLuca. Is your friend going to be on the show too?”

“If he can help it he will be. All three of us want to be on together.”

“Liz!? I found her. Come on, lets talk to Isabel. Later stud.” Maria came over smiling at Max as she was dragging Liz off to where she saw Isabel go in the green room.

“Bye” both said as Liz was whisked off. He continued to follow her with his eyes until the door closed between them.

“Who in the fuck was that, man?” Kyle always had a way with words but he didn’t care. He always like to get Max all riled up and by looking at him, he could tell Max was interested in that girl.
“She’s going to be on the show too. We need to call Alex. I want to be on that show with her.”


Chapter 2

“Isabel, are you in here?”

“Right here Maria. Come on in.”

The girls hugged and we so happy to see each other. “Are you girls having fun?”

“Aw hell yeah, we saw Kid Rock when we came in. This place is da bomb!”

“Maria is in heaven Isabel. We actually have a question for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Ok this Dating Game. I want to be a contestant and there is a certain guy that I want to be on there too as I ask the questions. Do you think you can help me out?” Liz fidgeted as Maria chimed in.

“There’s this dude out there Liz just met and she is eager to fuck his brains out, ain’t that right Liz?”

“Well since you put it that way. Yeah I am." Liz turned and stuck her tongue out at Maria. "But Isabel the man is HOT!”

“I’ll see what I can do. Did you get his name Liz?”

“Yeah, his name is Max Evans. That’s all I know about him” she smiled but in her mind, she was thinking of ways of how she ride him like there wasn’t any tomorrow.

“I don’t know him. Uh? I usually know everyone. Maybe he is someone new in town.”

“Maybe. Look. Liz who is that hottie that this Max was with? Let me just say that that man is so big, he’d probably rip me wide open. And the other one, well he can light my fire annnnny time!”

“Damn Maria, is getting laid all you think about?”

“Of course it is. What else is there to life?”

“Maria. Isabel...If you’ll excuse me, I have to use the little girls room.”

“Sure chica, I’ll be here with Iz.”

The guys continued to walk around taking in the scenery. Max was looking for Liz since he didn’t get to say goodbye to her before her friend took her off without warning.

“Look at those tits on that would ya?” Michael couldn’t stop staring until the girl saw him staring and flipped him the bird.

“I’ve seen bigger tits on a bore hog!” Kyle retorted as he and Max broke out into fits of laughter.

Michael was totally humiliated by the simple gesture the woman he so eloquently admired but came back the only way he could “Whatever!” he mouthed to her.

“Nice Michael” Max said simply. I’m going to use the john. Meet you guys in the car?”

Huffing at the mercy of his friends, “Yeah, well there’s nothing here I want to see anyway. See ya in the car.”

Max turned and went the direction of the bathrooms. As he made his way through the crowd, the music bounced off the walls, you could actually feel the floor vibrating under your feet. Max stopped admiring the artwork that some the ‘famous’ had drawn, he went to walk into the hallway that led to the restrooms.

“Hey sexy” came a small voice. “I see we meet again.”

Max instantly looked to see who it was and was her. “Liz. I didn't get a chance to tell you that it was nice meeting you.”

Looking down she drew circles with her feet, before looking back up “well you found me.”

“Yes I did. All by yourself?”

“I am. You?”

“Yeah, my friend got a major brush off and he wanted to leave. They are waiting for me in the car as we speak.”

“Well, I guess we don’t have much time then” Liz scolded as she pushed Max into the men’s room. The walls was painted in hunter green the trim was done in a dark oak, with large mirrors above the sinks. There were no urinals as a typical men’s room would have but there were four stalls, each having their own locking door.

“What are you doing?” Max asked, he had no idea what he was in store for.

She continued to push him to the last stall, opening the door and pulling it closed behind her to lock it in place. The stall had its own sink, toilette and real towels. Liz knew Isabel was a perfectionist and it showed.

Liz put her arms around him as she bite at his neck. She made her way up to his mouth, licking his lips as she drove her tongue into his mouth. He didn’t deny her. A soft moan came from his mouth as he let her kiss him with such force.

"You like that, don't you?" she said.

"Yes," he admitted, somewhat reluctantly.

"Does it makes you... ‘Horny?’" she asked. Max could only nod, a bit embarrassed that she had noticed his erection.

She looked at him more closely. He was tall, muscular, with dark hair and eyes. Without warning, she pulled him to her and kissed him hard, grasping his ass and pressing her hips hard against him. Liz could feel the bulge of his cock against her stomach. He started to protest her failure to even ask first, but her tongue again forced its way between his lips and he decided he didn't really care.

"Liz pushed him up against the wall of the stall, she then leaned in, and with her mouth pressed up against his ear, her cheek against his, she breathed, "Do you want me Max?" Lifting his shirt up, she then began to unbutton his jeans. "Because I know that I want you. Right here, right now"

"Yes" Max managed to choke out. The thought that someone might hear them and know what they were doing, coupled with her invasion of his body made him even more aroused. He knew he wanted this woman.

"Good, because you need to be taken," she continued, stroking his wet lips with one hand and stroking his dick with the other.

Liz knelt down, pulling down his pants and boxers down just enough to let his enormous prick pop out. She was awed by its dimensions but immediately attempted to get the huge prick into her mouth. And she began to stroke him in and out of her mouth as if were a vagina, banging the head of his massive prick into the back of her throat, fucking her face without pause until she stopped and got up.

“I think I will save the rest for the show, Max.” She wiped her face with the towel, fixed her hair and left him standing there in complete and utter shock. He stood there lost while the coolness hit his dick as if it had suddenly been dipped in ice. Max shivered and managed to get himself together enough to make his way out to the car.

“Where the hell have you been dude?” Michael exclaimed, not caring to hear an answer.

“You wouldn’t believe it man if I told ya” Max said as he tried to sit in comfort as his bulge wasn’t totally limp yet. He put his hands up to his face, ‘I could still smell her’ as he got lost in his thoughts as his friend drove them home.

“What is that suppose to mean? What did ya get some girl off in while in the bathroom or something.”

“I guess you could say she almost got me ‘off’ in the bathroom, Kyle.” Both men looked at one another then turned their heads to the rear of the car and together “WHAT!”

“You heard me, just drive, Michael.”

“Max, you are one lucky son of bitch. This sounds like something Michael would do, not you.”

“It did and let me just say that it was fucking hot!”

“Dare to share?”

“Nope Michael, you don’t need to know.”


“Its about time you joined us Liz. Did you get lost or what?”

“Well Maria, I just had a little ‘play’ time with Max, is all” smirking at the thought made her legs go weak and made her even wetter.

“Must have been a doosy. You’re flushed.”

Licking her lips, “it was, Isabel, it was! I have to tell you that the mens room is very nice” Liz never said another word about it. The girls wanted to have a good time and Liz had already had her ‘fun’ but the night was still young and she was with her best friends.

“Is that so Miss Parker” Isabel quipped with a raised eyebrow.

“Liz, girrrl, spill! Don’t leave us hanging like this.”

“Nope Maria, not this time. Lets just say he’ll have a hard on for me for a long time.”

“Whatever, lets go have a good time ladies. Kid Rock is here and I want to make an impression.”

“Do what ever you want Maria, I think I am going to go home.”

“No you guys, you can’t leave me.”

“Sorry Isabel, I just want to get out of these clothes. Besides you need to get me on The Dating Game show with Max. You have too!" Liz was finally ready to play the game.

“You got it. I know one of the camera men and not only that, I know some mighty fine people in some high places, I wouldn’t worry about it, I think I can make it happen.” Isabel said.

“Like hell you can, you can always work your magic, I know you!”

“Give me a few days Liz and I’ll let ya know what I find out for you.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it, Is.”

“Don’t mention it. Here, let me call my car around and let Dom take you home.” Isabel picked up her cellphone and proceeded to dial for the car.

“By the way of limo? I’ll ride with you and just crash at your place.” Maria wasn't about to let Liz be the only lucky one.

“Nice Isabel! Ok Maria but no more panty raiding the neighbors like last time” Liz responded with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She licked her lips again and she could taste him in her mouth. He was sweet and tangy. Max was hard and rigid in all the right places. She couldn’t wait to see how he felt inside her. She didn’t realize how big he was until she pulled out his dick and was instantly in heaven.

Pulling Liz out of her thoughts, Maria surprised her by saying “you got a deal.”



Chapter 3

The weeks went by without fail. Liz had heard from Isabel a few days later as she promised and sure enough, she would be on the show with one Max Evans. Liz was giddy at the thought of making him squirm on tv but thought back to the night she had him at her mercy. If she thought hard enough, she could almost taste him still.

She continued her daily routine, which was being a police officer for the LAPD. She loved it, she loved being in control of everything and being a cop made her have control over any situation. It also gave her a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day when she put criminals behind bars. Sometimes she enjoyed her job too much when she gets to frisk a good looking man every now and again. Luckily for her, she has a women partner and they are able to joke about it. Like Maria was doing right now.

“Wasn’t he incredible, Liz? Did you get a chance to rub that major bulge in his pants as you felt for his gun?”

“10-4! You know it Maria!” Both girls giggled as Liz continued to drive around the town limits of LA.

“We’re getting off soon, do you mind if I stop by the supermarket to get some coffee, I’m out and I can’t be home and not have coffee.”

“Not a problem chica. I see some freaky looking men over there that definitely don't look like they belong in this area. Let me check it out while you’re in there.”

“Do you need some back up?”

“Naaa, go and get your coffee, I can handle those twits.”

“Ok. I’ll be back in a few.” Both Officers got out the car. Liz headed to the doors as she heard Maria asking the two men for some ID’s. She had never been into this store before so she wondered around a bit before she found the coffee. They had a new flavor and Liz was reading the label as she walked back up to the counter as she blind sided by two people.

“Oh excuse us Oh shit, it's YOU!” Max gushed, staring at Liz.

“Hey, sorry, we weren’t paying attention, he was tickling me and we were just a bit excited” Max’ girlfriend joked.

“Yeah we’re sorry, we weren’t paying attention, he was tickling me and we were just a bit excited” Max’ girlfriend joked.

“Don’t let it happen again” Liz said casually as her and Max’ eyes never left each other. “Have a safe night” and with that, she left.

“What a bitch” the girlfriend said as Max looked pale as the memories all came flooding back to the night at the club, and what she did to him. ‘Shit she knows I have a girlfriend’ he uttered to himself, not meaning for his girlfriend to hear.

“Yes I am your girlfriend! ” she said poking him the chest “And don’t you forget it.”

Shut up Tess and lets go.”

“You don't have to be so mean!” Tess whined at him.

Rolling his eyes, he walked slowly behind Liz. My God! The way those dark skin tight pants fit on her ass made him hard all over again. She looked hot in her uniform. He'd seen some pretty nice looking female Cops before, but nothing like her. She looked hot in her uniform. He always loved a women in uniform, especially this women. Something about her just drove him crazy. The sound of fighting outside broke him out of his little fantasy as Liz screamed “Maria!” and went running outside with her gun cocked.

Max followed Liz outside to see what was going on. Maria and Liz had their guns at aimed at the two men who Maria had gone to investigate earlier.

‘Take note: never piss these women off’ he thought as he saw Liz in so much power just like she was a few weeks ago while she held his throbbing dick in her mouth. He watched with amazed eyes of how she took over the situation and handcuffed one of the men as her partner, the girl at the club that Michael had the hots for, was cuffing the other one.

The officers put the men in back of the cruiser and they got back in their seats, putting on their seatbelts as Maria used the CB to alert booking that they had 2 prisoners in custody. As Liz slowly pulled away, she stared at Max with dark eyes. He shivered and knew that this women was going to be the death of him yet. Not only was she tiny like he liked his women but she can handle herself in any situation, hold on to a gun like it was a hard dick in her small hands, wrapping them around the shaft. Her voice was an octave lower, a seductive tone, as told the men to put their hands up, the same voice she used on him. Then there was that uniform that just made him hard again just thinking about how it fit her sexy body, it made him want to come right then.

“Get your ass back in here, this instant” Tess piped in. Max shuddered as he waved her on then he got in the car and waited. Thinking to himself, ‘she now knows he has a girlfriend, how can I fix this?’ The show was tomorrow night and Tess still didn’t know that he was going to be a contestant.

“You’re an asshole Max! How could you just leave me in there to pay for everything then make me load it all in the car by myself.”

“Drop it Tess. Look we need to talk.”

Batting her ice blue eyes at Max “what’s wrong hon?”

“Don’t, ok. Just don’t. I am tired of this and of you. I think we need to break this off.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. I am dropping you off at your house and don’t call me anymore, you got it?”

“Fine. I am so tired of you too.”

“The feelings mutual!”



Chapter 4

“Are you ready yet Liz?” Maria shouted from the living room.

“Yeah just give me a minute. What are you wearing?” Liz was going through her closet still trying to find the right thing to wear.

“I am wearing my red mini dress with spaghetti straps and red pumps. And look, no panties!” Maria pulled up her dress flashing Liz as she entered the bedroom.

“Maria! I can’t take you anywhere!” Liz turned back around to her daunting task of finding the perfect outfit. She pulled out something she knew Maria was going to love. "Turn around Maria, I want to surprise you." Liz slipped on a dress she bought a few months ago. It was a black stretch lace dress, with built in bra, slim straps and had a nude colored liner. The length was about mid thigh. "Ok, turn around"

“So what did you dec..... WOW! You are going to knock ‘em dead! You look totally hot Liz!” Maria couldn't get over just how damn sexy her friend looked.

“Oh I plan on it. Max Evans is going to wish I blew his head off that night at the club.”

Maria was laughing, “I don’t think you will have any problem blowing him again. That was always your favorite thing to do and from what I hear you can suck any man’s brains out.”

“Shut up. I like to do it and I love the taste of cum, I can’t help myself.” Liz winked at Maria and started putting on her shoes.

“Well, that’s what I heard. We need to go. Isabel said we needed to be at the studio an hour before the show is to start. We have two hours to get there. You know how the LA traffic is.”

Liz grabbed her purse of the bed and flipped off the light. “Right. Lets rock!”


Arriving at Playboy studios, Liz and Maria had an assistant take them to their room where they would be waiting until the show started.

“You have your questions ready?” one of the shows producers asked Liz.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to ask Max these questions.” Liz whispered to Maria.

“Don’t forget you have to ask them all the questions, but especially ask his friend # 3 for me ok?” Maria whispered back.

“Noted. Now you need to go get you a seat.” Liz nudged her friend back toward where the audience was sitting.
“No, I’m good. Isabel got me a seat directly in front of Max’ friend. Isabel knows the camera man and he got me a seat. Pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah it is.”

“Show time in 10 minutes” came over the intercom.

“I’ll see you later. Have fun and make them hot as hell. I am hoping to be able to help you out some” Maria laughed and headed to her seat.

“Marrrrria, what are you planning?”

“Oh, just a little bit of harmless fun. Remember I didn’t forget no panties for nothing.”

“Maria! You better not.”

“I am going to make those men so hot, Max is going to attack your itty bitty ass right there.”

“Nope won’t happen. He has a girlfriend.”

“Who gives a flying fuck about some girlfriend. Its never stopped you before.”

“That was a long time ago. I’m a new women” Liz said as she put her chin up in the air, snubbing Maria.

Maria waved her hand in the air “talk to the hand. If my plan is executed, I will talk to you tomorrow sometime. Bye!“


Note to everyone. Liz is not hiding anything. She was a typical teenage girl and did stupid things, hence Maria’s reaction.

Chapter 5

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Playboy is proud to announce its newest show to the network. Without further ado, here is your host, Jason Katims. He was a writer for the cancelled TV show Roswell, and we have the pleasure of having him on board with us. Please make a warm welcome for JK! The audience wasn’t too warm toward him and he thought he heard someone call him a ‘prick’ but he just shook it off. Last time he was called that was at a fan gathering and some of the fans had cornered him and began throwing tabasco bottles at him. It was shortly after that he was put in a mental institution because all he could mutter was ‘those fucking dreamers.’ No one really understood what that meant, they just shrugged it off as having nightmares. But hey, at least he had a job. And he could look at blonde bimbos all day long. Bringing him back to the present, he started the game.

“Hi and welcome everyone to The Dating Game, a Playboy exclusive. We have four contestants who will be playing our game. Remember audience, you will choose the date, so keep your selections quiet until the end where you will be able to punch in your vote.” His thoughts were interupted by an audience member calling him a pompus ass. Ignoring the mayhem in the audience, he continued, “Everyone please give a warm welcome to Liz. She is works in public service and for kicks, she likes to hang out with her friends and go dancing at Sharks..a shameless plug for Sharks, right there" *laughing* "Welcome to the show, Liz!"

“Thank you.”

“Are you ready to meet the men behind that wall, Liz?”

In a low, sultry voice, “yes I am.”

“Whoa, did you hear that sexy voice men? I don’t think any of you will be walking away in dry pants tonight.”

“First we have bachelor number one. Kyle is a sports agent here in the LA area. Kyle say hello to our lovely Liz.”

“Hey baby, I can’t wait to we cum face to face.”

Maria jumped up and yelled “yeah baby!” realizing she shouldn’t have said it, she sat back down quietly.

“Good answer Kyle. Now we are on to bachelor number 2. Michael owns a marital arts studio in downtown LA. Michael say hello to Liz.”

“I can’t wait to get you between the sheets and show you some real kung foo fighting.”

Jumping up again, Maria screamed “you can take me and show me some kicks and tricks!” there was laughter from the audience at that one.

JK looked to the audience, then back to the contestants. “Ok thank you Michael, I think you have your own little fan in the audience. Last but certainly not least, we have bachelor number 3. His name is Max and is a lawyer for Judge Advocate General or otherwise known as JAG, stationed not far from here in LA. Max say hello to Liz.”

“Hi Liz. If you pick me, I would take you out on the town and show you the time of your life.”

“Well that was a nice thing to say Max. Either you aren’t interested in fucking her or you’re really and officer and a gentlemen, either way, good answer.”

“Lets begin your questions Liz. Are you ready?”

“Yes. Bachelor number 1, “what would you do if your lover gave you a full body massage?”

“Getting a full body massage I lay back and enjoy it. It relaxes and excites me all at once. And the best part is that when she finishes I reciprocate, which almost always leads to further and much more intense action. There's nothing like the attention one gets from a full body massage to arouse and awaken.”

“Okay, bachelor number 2, what type of person turns you off emotionally and sexually?

Thinking back to when he was flipped off by some girl at the club he answered, “I really get turned off by chicks that think to highly of themselves. We all know that they know they have what a man wants, but they don’t have to try and make you feel ten inches tall and step on you ego for it.”

“You would. Now, Bachelor number 3, what do you think drives me wild in bed?” Me? did I just say me? Liz thought to herself.

Thinking about that night in the club, he knew what the answer to her question was. He sat forward towards the microphone, "I think you like being in control Liz."

“Is that so?" oh shit Liz thought. I did say me. Might as well keep it going then. "If I picked you, how would make me loose all control?”

Max sat back in his chair, collecting his thoughts for a second. “I would handcuff you to your bed completely naked. Then I would kiss you all over, slowly and gently, fondling your hard nipples as I lightly kissed your body on my way down to between your legs. And just before I put my mouth on you, giving you what I know you want, I'd stop. Nothing like a good teasing to build up the frustration is there Liz?”

Liz looked at the wall then to Maria who was giving Michael and Kyle their own little show. She had her feet on the railing in front of her and was playing with herself. ‘What the hell is she doing?’ Liz thought to herself, all the while trying to get her composition back to finish what she started with Max.

“Well Max, I think you might have your work cut out for you.” Images of Max doing just what he said were filling her head. She would take the payback anytime.

Bachelor number 1, do you scream your girls name in the heat of passion or do you scream your own?”

“I think I scream out God’s name. I really couldn’t tell ya cause when you are in the moment, anything can happen.”

Liz was shocked and it was written all over her face. All she could mutter out was “That poor God, he gets blamed for everything.” Making the audience bust out hysterics.

“You tell them Liz! Kyle you suck! ” Maria pointing her finger at him.

“Um could we have some order in the audience young lady?” Jason Katims said as he watched the crowd, taking a step back.

You suck too, JK! I see why UPN and FOX fired your fat ass!” an audience member hollered.

"Yes, well umm....getting back to our lovely Liz" Katims continued. We need to get busy in trying to get Liz a date.

Seeing how everything seemed to be getting out of order, Liz proceeded to ask her next question. “Bachelor number 1, tell us about your first sexual experience.”

“I was 15 and I lost my virginity in a barn in the middle of January. We did it in a missionary position and in a doggy style position. I have to say that doing it doggy style is right up my alley. I can still smell the rubber when I think back on it”

“OKAY! That was too much information for me. Bachelor number 3, have you ever had a one night stand and if so, tell me about it.” Liz took a deep breath, hoping he would bring up their encounter at the club. Her hands grew wet with anticipation of hearing his answer.

Max was about to grant her her wish. “Yes I have, once. I met a girl at a club and she took me into the mens room and had her way with me. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.”

Just the way he said it drove Liz crazy and Maria caught the look on Liz's face after he answered her.

“You bet it was!” Maria couldn’t help but cut in, again. Seeing how many shades of red Max turned, she realized that he did like Liz and without a doubt, Liz liked him. Sitting back, she opened her legs again for Michael and Kyle to get a good look at what she was doing. Once they would look at her, she would shut her legs teasingly. They’d sigh and she’d do it again.

A young man who was sitting beside her asked if she was ‘fanning herself’ and she couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah, I guess you could say it that.” Staring back at Liz, she wanted to hear more of her questions.

Unbelievable Liz thought, he did bring it up. She had just totally lost her concentration. “Umm. Good response bachelor number 3. Now number 2, have you ever had phone sex before and if you did would you do it again?”

“I ain’t into that shit, I want the real thing. If you come on over here, I’ll show what I mean.”

“No, I don’t think so. Moving on.....number 3, what do you do to turn on your lover on?”

Looking at Maria then to the men sitting next to them, he wanted his answer to be perfect. Deeply enhaling, he started “Well I like too start with some kissing alternating between soft and gentle and deep in the mouth. I love to touch and kiss her on the back of the neck and work my way around the front again stopping my kisses on the her forehead or li...... “

“Oh um, that sounds nice” Liz cut him off. If she let him continue, she was going to get up and drag him back to the men's room to finish what she started last time. He was driving her crazy on purpose!

“Back to bachelor number 1, “What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?"

“She gave me head and she swallowed. What more can a man ask for?”

Maria sat up in her seat and began swearing obscenities towards the man on the panel, then looking at the man next to you. “Do all you men think alike?”

The man waved his hands in the air “I’m just here to watch the show, thats all.”

“Well it’s a good thing because these men don’t even have a friggin' clue.” Maria faced back forward to continue her little game with the boys.

“I can certainly see why you don’t have a girlfriend in your life. You’d be a very selfish lover in my book.” Liz couldn't believe this guy. She hoped beyond all hope that the audience didn't pick him for her.

“Is that something you would like?”

“You have to wait and see now won’t you bachelor number 1?” Liz replied with a touch of hostility in her voice. Kyle just sat there trying to think what he said wrong. “Women!” Hmmmpf he replied.

“Ok contestants, we are nearing the end of the show. This will be the final question then we’ll break for a commercial and Liz will have to make her decision.”

Looking at Maria who knew it was already coming, this was her question. Ok, last question, bachelor number 2, “what is your favorite sexual position?”

Kyle reached over and slapped Michael on his shoulder, ‘why do you always get the good questions?”

“Don’t look at me man, I think Max is getting all the good ones.” Both men look over at Max who had a smug look on his face.

Michael looked at the guys sitting before him, not sure if this would be a trick question, but decided to just go with it, “I’d have to say the woman on top. I think it is great watching her enjoy herself while she controls the pace and intensity. I also get to play with and suck on her beautiful breasts.”

Maria jumped up with arms up in the air as if she just won the game herself, then shouted “Oh hell yes! We have a winner!” She looked around realizing what she had just done, “don’t mind me, I am just squirrel trying to get a nut is all.” The audience laughed at her parody as she sat down in her seat, turning a million shades of red.

“Ok that’s the buzzer. Liz you have a touch choice to make. Who will the lucky bachelor be? Will it be Kyle our bachelor number 1? Kyle stood up and waved his butt at the camera. Maria jumped up and squealed making the man next to her jump, “oh sorry dude!” the audience clapping before taking his seat again.

“Maybe it will be bachelor number 2. Michael stood to give a swift kick at the camera, Maria was in heaven. “Look at those thighs, damn” she smiled and licked her lips. Michael took his seat but his eyes never left Maria’s.

“Last but not least, we have bachelor number 3.” Max, smiled and just waved at the camera.


Chapter 6

Maria was still in shock over the outcome of the game. “How could they pick Michael! I was so sure everyone would pick Max, since he was so gentlemanly and all.”

“Hell if I know, I wanted him to be picked too! We have a bit of ummm... unfinished business to attend to. Look here they all come” Liz pointed down the hall. Liz couldn't keep her eyes off Max. Well maybe being out on this date with Michael, she could learn everything there was to know about Max.

As the group decended upon them, Liz heard her name being called out. She knew they had to go, but she thought she'd leave Max with some food for thought so she quickly pulled Max off to the side. "Too bad you have a girlfriend Max," she leaned in and whispered. "Cause I would have much rather had you."

"Limo is waiting you two" came a call from one of the production assistants. "Let's get this date started."

Liz was drug off as she and Michael made their way outside to the front of the studio and climbed into the white stretch limo that was awaiting them.

"Liz wait!" Max was calling out to her before they got in the limo. "I don't have a girlfriend anymore!" But it was too late, the door to the limo was shut and they were on their way.

"Fuck!" Max yelled as he turned around and walked back inside to meet Kyle. How the hell did he lose this game anyway? He was the perfect gentleman, while Michael and Kyle behaved like sex starved lunatics up there. 'Well, this is the Playboy channel dating game' he thought to himself. And by the looks of Liz in that outfit, maybe the audience didn't think a gentleman would be up for that kind of challenge. What did they know anyway? She already picked him once. He was glad they picked Michael though instead of Kyle. Michael would respect her in the long run. Kyle would've tried to grope her the entire date.

"What's the matter lover boy?" Maria came waltzing up to him, knowing the reason he was pissed, but wanting to have a little fun. "Weren't expecting the outcome of the game to go quite this way were you?"

'Who the hell is this girl?' Max thought to himself. Then it dawned on him. "Hey, you're that chick that sat in the audience with no panties on!"

"Yep, that would be me!" Maria laughed. "And, I also happen to be best friend and partner of one Liz Parker."

"You're the one that was with her at Sharks that night, AND you're her partner?" Now he was remembering her with Liz, while she was shaking her head yes. She was the one Michael and Kyle were checking out. "Hey, Michael thought you were quite the eyecandy if I remember correctly"

"Good to know, good to know" Maria said as she tapped her index finger against her temple. " looks like we have a problem here Max. My hottie, and your hottie are off with each other, instead of with each of us, respectively. What should we do about that?"

"I have to meet up with my buddy Kyle right now, but is there a way that we could possibly meet up later? I want to know more about this Liz Parker. Maybe we could trade information. You wanna know about Michael don't you?" Max was hoping Maria would bite. If he couldn't be with Liz tonight, he'd at least find out everything there was to know about her.

"I guess we can arrange that." Maria was every bit as curious about Max' friend as he was about Liz. "Let's meet at 9:00 back at Sharks. I know the owner, so we can take advantage of one of the VIP rooms, without having to sit out in the noisy club"

"Great! I gotta go find Kyle, but I'll see you at 9!" Max couldn't wait.


“So driver are we going to be there soon?” Michael asked while playing with the button that opens and closes the glass behind the driver.

Liz was watching him, wondering if the limo driver was eventually gonna say something. It had to be driving him nuts, open, close, open, close.

“Yes sir, in about 15 minutes.”

Michael nodded and closed the glass once again.

They arrived at the Beau Rivage in Malibu. The restaurant was a French provincial romance dominates every corner of Beau Rivage, from the patio's gorgeous beach views to the roaring copper fireplace in the wood-beamed main dining room. Other swoon-worthy areas include the Gothic wine cellar and the courtyard, replete with gurgling fountain.

“Wow!” Liz was mesmerized, she had never seen anything more exquisite in her life.

Michael looked around, he couldn’t believe how nice it sat above the ocean, “you can say that again!”

They were both seated, looking over their menus. Their server came over shortly after ready to take their order. “Sir. Ma’am, our specials of the day are: fresh clams in garlic, wine and tomato; the succulent mussels marinières; and the tender escargot in a perfect garlic-parsley butter. The rack of New Zealand lamb is wonderfully rich and gamy, with an herb crust that echoes on the palate with every bite. The 20-ounce bistecca alla Fiorentina is robust with rosemary and roasted herbs.

“I think I’ll have the special. Umm, the mussels marinières and a glass of your house White Wine.”

“Excellent choice” the server jot down her order then looked to Michael.

“I’ll try the 20-ounce bistecca alla Fiorentina and a beer.”

“How would like that cooked, sir?”

“Rare. I like my meat red.”

“Very well sir. One last question. What kind of beer do you desire?”

“Well I never heard of anyone ‘desiring’ a beer before but just get me whatever is on tap.”

“Ah yes. Your dinner will be out shortly. Excuse me while I seek your beverages.”

The couple sat and drank several drinks, enjoying their conversation before their food came. The ambiance was incredible but they really couldn’t wait to go to Sharks, where they would be more comfortable. Liz was still humming from the answers Max gave her tonight and it still baffled her as to why the audience picked Michael. I guess everyone seemed to think this ‘bad boy’ needed to be whipped into shape by a police officer but the only one she wanted to whip at her own game was Max. Girlfriend or no girlfriend.

“Yeah I am as shocked as you are Michael, I can’t believe they picked you. Oh well, lets enjoy our dinner since Playboy is paying.”

“Max got totally screwed! I was hoping to meet up with your friend tonight, did you see what she was doing in the audience?”

The waiter came over with his tray and food piled high. “For you ma’am” he gently placed the plate in front of her. She leaned in to smell the luscious mussels that was steaming on her plate, ‘hmmmm here is my aphrodisiac, I wonder what Max’ is?’ “And for you messier, bistecca alla Fiorentina.”

Michael and Liz looked at each other and thanked the man for bringing them their food. Continuing their conversation, it was Liz who spoke first to respond to Michael.

“Unfortunately yes. But that’s Maria for ya. She is always trying to get a rise out of people.”

“Well, I, umm, she did make me squirm in my seat a few times.”

“So what do you guys do for a living?” He asked as he took a bite of his bread.

“We work for the LAPD.”

Choking on his food, trying to get it dislodged out of his throat he managed to get out, “you’re both pigs?”

"No we're Cops, not barnyard animals" she smirked. “Why? Do Cops bother you?”

“No but, but I would have never believed that either of you are Cops, especially that friend of yours. I didn’t think Cops acted the way she did. Here I was made to believe that you were suppose to behave in public, not rub yourself, with no underwear, no less!”

“We’re human Michael, we’re entitled to let our hair down every once in a while.” Liz brought her napkin up to her mouth. “Excuse me, I’ll be right back, I need to use the restroom.”

Michael brought his fork to his mouth to take another bite of his meal as he waved her on with his other hand, never missing a beat.

Liz made her way over to the nearest telephone and called Isabel at the club. She wanted to let her know that her and Michael would be heading there next, after their dinner.

"Hey Liz, Max and Maria are here" Isabel grinned into the phone.

"Oh my god, you're kidding!" Liz shouted into the phone. How the hell did Maria manage this one she wondered. "Whatever you do Isabel, keep them there.”

"Well Liz what do you want me to do, tie them to their chairs?" Isabel knew that Maria wasn't going to let Max go anywhere once she knew Liz was on her way, but she had to give her a hard time.

“Yes! Tie them up! No really though, send them drinks telling them its on the house and I’ll pay.

“I don’t care Isabel, do whatever you have to do, keep Maria and Max there.”

“No, I don’t know how! Listen, send them drinks telling them its on the house and I’ll pay you for them later. I don’t want Max to leave. If you have to get him drunk, so be it, I am not letting him get away tonight. Yes we’re having a nice time. Yup, he thinks he’s all rough and tough, he’ll be a good match for Maria, she likes ‘em wild. Ok, I hope to see you in an hour. Thanks Isabel, I owe ya” Liz hung up the phone and went back to her table.

Thankfully Michael was done and she didn’t need to sit there and watch him eat all that food.


Hanging up the phone, Isabel didn’t want to get involved with Liz or Maria’s little sex escapades but her friends were important to her. Liz always did have a way with the men, as far back as high school. Men were always falling at her feet and she never disappointed them. All the girls called her and Maria the school sluts but they were tough, it never seemed to phase them in the least bit. The boys all loved them but the girls, all wanted to be just like them and couldn’t so they would try to make their lives miserable.

Isabel reflects how she was the new girl at school and had heard that there were a couple of girls who were considered school tramps and all the girls told her to stay away from them. She was never the kind of girl who took orders from anyone, so when she finally met Liz and Maria, she was shocked to see how nicely they treated her. They were not judgmental like the other girls in the school acted and they instantly hit it off. They were untouchable. They got good grades and obeyed the teachers, so none of the Faculty never understood what the students were saying about their prized students.

From that moment on, the three girls were joined at the hip, not taking shit from anyone.

Breaking her out of her reverie she heard Maria.

“What did Liz say?” Maria was excited that Liz had finally called.

“She wants you and Max to stay here, they should be here in about an hour. Jacko, will you be kind enough to bring Maria and Max whatever drink they want, its on the house.”

“Yes madam” he replied while waiting for Maria and Max to give him their drink order.

Max ordered a rum and coke then twisted in his seat. He started getting sweaty palms just thinking that Liz would be here soon and that dress she was wearing left little to no imagination. ‘What was he going to do with himself’ he thought quietly.

“Hey Jacko, give me a Screaming Orgasm, then Michael can make that drink come true.”

Laughing to himself, “You got it Maria.”


Liz returned to her seat as the wait started to take their plates away, “do you care to have dessert?”

“No thank you, I’m famished. What about you Michael?”

“Stuffed too” patting his belly. “I don’t’ think I could even eat another bite.”

“Well you can go anytime you’re ready. The bill is paid in full. Thank you for coming to Beau Rivage here in Malibu, I trust your dinner was to your satisfaction?”

“Oh yes sir, it was delicious.”

“Yeah, it just great” Michael said as he picked his teeth with a toothpick.

“Must you do that at the dinner table, especially here?”

“What’s wrong with cleaning my teeth?”

Liz got up but before she stormed out, “and you call me a ‘pig’? She said as she was pulling him up by his ear.”

“What the fuck are you doing! Let go of my god damn ear!”

“Nu uh, I have plans for us Michael and that includes Max and Maria. Let’s go.”

“Where are we going now?” Massaging his ear while looking at Liz as if she lost her mind.

“Sharks Michael, you already know that. I am going to find Max and you are going to find Maria and then we’ll be going our separate ways, buddy” poking him in the chest as she spoke.

“Hey horn doggie...”

"Liz cut him off. "Horn doggie??"

"Yeah, horn doggie. I heard what you told Max before we got in the limo. " Michael chuckled.

“Well, lets just say Max and I have a bit of unsettled business to take care of.” Liz said quietly to herself.

Funny thing. Not once during their time at the restaurant, did Michael clue Liz in that Max and his girlfriend broke up.


Chapter 7

“No Max you’re doing it all wrong, maaan! You lick, pour, shoot, THEN suck! Haven’t you ever done Tequila shooters?”

“Apparently not.” Max couldn't help but laugh at her.

“Well this is the last one. Ready. Set. NOW!” They both did it at the same time “finally, you got it! Yay Maxie!”

Max and Maria was sitting face to face, Max put his hand on her shoulder and leaned in, “how many was that?”

“Three. It took you three times to get it right. For Liz’ sake I sure hope you don’t need three times to get it right with her. Well on second thought, she likes a man with stamina.”

“Thanks for the tip, Maria. So what is the deal with Liz? Why is she such a tease?”

Maria drug her eyes away from where Jacko was serving another round of drinks to the new friends, “Liz a tease? I don’t think so buddy. I mean sure, she likes a good fuck, but never a tease. Why do you think she’s a tease?”

“She didn’t tell you about the night I saw her here?”

No, she usually doesn’t kiss and tell but then again, we never keep secrets from each other either. You still haven’t answered my question.”

She practically raped my ass in the bathroom.”

Maria sat back in her chair taking it in, ‘way to go Liz!’ “What did she do?”

“She pulled my ass in the bathroom and gave me a run for my money. I guess you could say she just about blew my mind.”

“Oh so she left you hanging, huh?”

“Hanging’s not quite the right word” he snickered, thinking back to how she just left him standing there all hot and bothered. “If there was anything in this world to describe Liz, what would it be?”

“Can I pick anything?”

“Anything. As song, a movie, anything, Maria.”

“Hmmmm. If I could pick one song to describe her it would have to be ‘You shook me all night long’, she has an extreme appetite for sex, I sure hope you have the perseverance, Max that can take her on.”

“I think I can handle my own. If I didn’t know better, I'd think you were saying she’s a nymphomaniac” he said, his buzz now very apparent.

“She is a nympho! Is that a problem?”

Smiling, he didn’t need an excuse, he always loved women who could always hold their own and who could take him on. Max was getting more and more turned on by the second. “No Maria, I was just thinking that she was the one going to be in trouble. I’ll let you in on a little secret.” She leaned in, not expecting his response, “ I have some nympho in me too.” he winked at her, with a huge grin still plastered on his face.

Whatever!" She said slapping him on the arm. " Good God! You guys are going to have wild monkey sex, aren’t ya?”

Max was having a great time with Maria. She was hilarious, and having a good buzz made it all the more interesting. He couldn't believe some of the stuff the was pouring out of his own mouth.

“Well I don’t know about monkey’s but I plan to make her beg for more. We’ll fuck like some wild green aliens, then I’ll take her again” he stated matter of factly.

“Whatever you say dude. Don’t come crying to me when she fucks your brains out, leaving it to mush. When you’re in the middle of having Liz Parker, you’ll be screaming out your own name, my dear.”

Turning more serious for a second, Max told Maria about the Tess situation.

"She told me you had a girlfriend, and I told her who cares." Maria said. "Thing is..she DID care Max for whatever weird reason. Very unlike her actually. So that leads me to my question. If you have a girlfriend, what the hell are you doing here with me?"

"After you guys pulled away from the store, I finally just snapped with Tess. She really wasn't my type, know how it goes Maria." a lay is a lay he thought. "Anyway, she had started to get a bit on the clingy side, and after I saw Liz again, in uniform no less, I knew what I wanted. And it wasn't Tess. So I broke it off right there." Max was hoping that Maria would tell Liz the next time she saw her.

"Good to know Max. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I talk to Liz" Maria winked at him, knowing that he would have the opportunity to tell Liz himself, tonight even though he didn't know it.

Leaning back in his big comfy chair, Max looked out through the big picture window that was above the whole club. In an instant, he saw Michael and Liz arrive, laughing and walking arm in arm.

“What in the hell?” Max got up to take a better look, “what the fuck does Michael think he’s doing?”

“Naa, don’t worry, Liz isn’t into him. She likes you, remember?”


“Don’t you ‘maybe’ me bud! Liz is the biggest flirt, don’t forget it. Another fact about Liz Parker. She is a very loyal person. Don’t screw her over Max, she’s a good person. A bit promiscuous but loyal.”

Just then, the door flung open to the VIP room and Liz and Michael waltzed in. “Hey Max, how’s it hangin’?”

“Just fine!” He stabbed before making his way over to Liz. “Did he treat you ok?”

“He kept his hands off me, if that’s what you’re asking but he doesn’t know the first thing about manners. So all in all, he was pleasant company.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself, being a Cop and all.”

"Hey I’m a Cop too don’t forget it, bub! I might have to frisk you if you keep this up.” Maria said as she made her way over towards Michael.

Kyle chose to enter the room at this opportune time to show off his new fling. “Hey y’all, this is Shelia. Shelia, this is the group I was telling you about.”

“Kyle what is that skanky bitch doing in here?” Maria questioned him in a devious manner that made everyone look in their direction.

“Chill the hell out girl. What’s your problem? At least I don’t go around flaunting my twat in front of complete strangers.” Kyle shot back.

“Kyle, get a grip!” Michael piped in, pulling Maria down to his side.

Pulling away from Michael, Maria stepped right up in front of Kyle, “No?!. Me?! Flaunting my twat? Well at least I have one!”

"Come on Shelia," Kyle grabbed his dates arm. "This place is cramping my style", he said, glaring over at Maria’s direction.

“Go ahead Kyle, take your Shelia in the back room and have her show you her stuff. I dare ya Shelia.” Maria was drunk and just itching for trouble.

“She doesn’t have to prove anything to me!” Kyle shouted. The room grew silence as they watched the two fight. No one wanted to watch what was happening but it was like watching a car wreck, you can’t help not watch.

“You dare me?” Shelia asked her.

“Yeah, double dog dare you.”

“Fine! Come on baby, let me show my stuff, so I can shut this bitch up” Shelia squalled as she pulled him into the bathroom.

“You guys are going to love this! Sit back and watch, I can guarentee Kyle won’t be going anywhere with her.” Everyone stared at her as if she were crazy.

“What’s going on Mar...” Isabel’s sentence was cut short as the room was filled with some blood cutterling scream “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Isabel promptly shut the door. She didn't even want to know what was going on in there.

Michael and Max jumped up instantly. Liz was at Max’ side immediately, trying to find her purse where she carried her gun.

“Its ok Liz, no need for that”, Maria grinned at her. ‘this was better than she thought.’

They stared at the bathroom door as they heard Kyle screaming “get out,’re a..a..” Shelia came out of the room running. Maria was laughing so hard she had to hold herself up so she wouldn’t fall over. Shelia went flying past her, “bye Shelia!” slamming the door behind her.

Everyone was lost. They all looked at each other, they were all shrugging.

“What’s all that about?” Michael asked, showing concern for his friend. As Maria was getting ready to answer, Kyle came out of the room white as a ghost. Max and Michael were at his side in an instant.

“Hey what’s wrong man” both men asked.

“’s a man!” Kyle uttered, bearly getting it out. The room roared as they watched Kyle about faint from what he had just saw.

“She, I mean, he kissed me! I kissed him! Oh god, I think I am going to be sick!”

Maria came over fanning him with her handbag. “I told you Kyle. I just arrested him/her last week. That’s how I knew.” Maria was doubled over in laughter.

“Couldn’t you have told me this, like a lot sooner?” Kyle was pissed.

“You didn’t ask. Besides, I didn’t know you were dating men!” Maria choked out.

“Shut up! Just shut the fuck up.” Kyle got up and left. They all watched the door close and they all burst out laughing again.

“Poor, poor Kyle, he can never get a break.” Max said as he pulled Liz snuggly next to him.

“Come on, lets go” Maria pulled Michael by the ear as she lead him out of the private.

“What is with you Cops that you have to pull on someones ear all the friggin’ time!”

“Shut up and come on!” They left, leaving Max and Liz alone.

Liz got up and pushed the button on the wall that closed the automatic blinds in the glass room they were in, then locked the door. She walked over to the phone and called Isabel, telling her not to let anyone disturb her and Max. Isabel must have agreed, the next thing Max knew, Liz was sitting on his lap.

“I think we have some unfinished business that needs to be resolved.”


Chapter 8

"Sooo....Max, did you have a good time with Maria?" Liz had her hand around Max' neck, running her fingers through his hair at the nape of his neck. Her lips were inches from his. He could feel her warm breath on him and it was driving him crazy. And then he did it. He had to. He leaned in and he kissed her. Only she pulled away.

"What?" Max was slurring slightly from the alcohol. "I thought you wanted me as much as I wanted you?"

"I never said I didn't want you Max. I think you know that I do. I just remember bumping into you and a certain little blonde thing at the grocery store a few nights ago. And, I distinctly heard her say girlfriend." Liz was going to drag this out. Right before Maria left, she whispered in Liz' ear, "no girlfriend now". That's all Liz needed to hear. But it wouldn't hurt to make Max suffer a little.

"I don't think" Liz said as she jumped up off of his lap, "that this is going to work Max. I mean if you were mine, I wouldn't want to share you." and headed towards the door.

"Liz wait!" Max scrambled to his feet and ran over to the door blocking it with his body. "I don't have a girlfriend anymore!"

Liz raised her eyebrows at him. "You don't? Are you sure your not lying to me so that I can finish what I started a week ago and then you can leave me high and dry?" She reached out and grabbed hold of the waistband of his pants and started pulling him towards her.

"I swear Liz!"

As Liz began to pull out his shirt tail out of his jeans, slowly she continued, "You say you don’t have a girlfriend anymore? What a shame, Mr. Evans. It sort of takes the ‘fun’ out of this whole liaison, doesn’t it?" Liz began running her hands up the inside of his shirt, around to his back and back around to his stomach again slowly inching her way down to the bulge in his pants.

Taking deep breaths, Max couldn’t find his words. She was rubbing him everywhere, he had never felt such a desire to take a women until he met Liz Parker. Not only was she sexy as hell, she knew what she wanted and that was a major turn on for him. The night she sucked him for all he was worth, made him wanting, no, needing more. Maria told him that Liz had an incredible sexual appetite and she would not stand to be denied. Finally meeting a women who craved as much as he did, made him thirsty.

"No girlfriend" he panted. And I think we could still have fun without something like that hanging over our heads."

"You're probably right. This could be very exciting, Mr. Evans."

Liz then pushed Max up further against the door. She was about to show Max Evans just what Control meant.

"I think you need to relax some Mr. Evans and don't try to fight me. "You wouldn't want me hauling you in for resisting arrest now would you?"

He tried to reach around to pull her closer to him. To pull their bodies together. He needed to touch her.

"Hold it right there" she ordered. "You need to keep both hands against the wall where I can see them."

Max obeyed but wanted to touch her everywhere like she was doing to him. Liz slowly pushed his jeans and boxers down around his ankles, as he stepped out of them. She looked up at him with dark eyes, lifting up the bottom of his white button down shirt, sneaking a peak of his massive manhood, slowly circling her index finger around the head, then moving back up his stomach.

"Do you have a ‘license’ to carry that concealed weapon of yours Mr. Evans?" Liz stated with a devilish grin.

Max couldn’t help but smile. This was going to be a fun game and he was all for it. If she could start it, he would certainly finish it. He wanted to kiss her, he wanted to put his lips on hers as he went to stroke her long chestnut brown hair to pull her to him.

"I told you keep your hands where I can see them. Now you're in big trouble," she replied as she took her handcuffs from her purse and dangled them in front of him.

‘Two can play this game’ as he thought looking at the cuffs. "You promise?"

"Now behave yourself and this will all be over soon."

"Baby, we haven’t even began," he said barely a whisper.

In one fell swoop, Max captured Liz unexpectedly, turning to push her up against the wall as she had done to him earlier. "I may not be a Cop, but I can surely frisk you any place, any time."

"What are you doing?" screaming in jubilancy, Liz said as Max smiled at her and leaning into her.

"This," as he started kissing her neck and shoulders, as his large hands wondered up and down her thighs. "I loved you in this dress, definitely easy access, Liz."

Slowly her whole body was enveloped by his force, this sexual presence that seemed to fill her very existence. She trembled as it rushed through her, making every pore of her skin seem like a sponge, absorbing everything. She oozed with sexuality in a way she had never felt before, lost in the feeling he was leaving her.

"Mmmmm baby you got one hell of an ass," he said. "Im gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before..."

The air of the room could not save them from the thickness of every breath they breathed, as Max was in awe of her instant vulnerability.

Liz moaned as he continued his seducing efforts. He moved his arms around her waist as he snaked his massive arms up to unzip the back of her dress. "I want to see all of you" as he kissed her with more enthusiasm." He felt her nails press into the skin of his back as her hands were underneath his shirt, bringing her hands to unbutton it.

He let her dress fall to the ground to see her standing in only black thongs. Max’ eyes faltered as he began his journey with his tongue toward her breasts. Liz threw her head back as she yanked he shirt off and threw it over his shoulder. The sweat on his back glistened as the cool air hit it and brought a chill to him, causing him to shiver.

Max begin to tease each of her nipples with his tongue as his other hand moved up and down the inside of Liz’ thigh. They grazed lips ever so often as he guided her hand to his hardened member.

"Why don’t you finish what you started Liz? This is your game, not mine."

"You know what I want." Liz said as Max lifted her head to look in his deep dark honey-colored eyes.

"If you want me to be inside you, just say the word."

He removed his stare from her eyes as he moved his tongue down her flat stomach, past her belly button so slowly, as he calmly fell to his knees. He moved his tongue up her inner thigh and toward her center, stopping as he guided his hands to the tops of her underwear, pulling them ever so slowly down her legs.

"Ok Max, now would be the time."

"Tell me what you want" he breathlessly answered. "You’re a women with means, I want to see how you remain in control when you tell me what you want."

Standing there naked before her with his erection growing before her very eyes, she knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Never in her life had she been so ready for a man to make love to her, and that was an apt description of what was happening, they were about to make love as he picked her up with his strong hands, she wrapped her legs around his waist as he leaned her into the wall. Taking a deep breath, "I want you Max. Come with me."

"Oh I have every intention of coming with you. I just want to know if you can handle it?"

"Handle it? I think I can take anything you’re willing to dish out."

"Is that so, Officer?"

"Yes Counselor, you see, you’ve seduced me. Remember your response to my question?? Now it's time to shut up and give it to me!"

"Yes ma’am!" He moved his hand into her hair, wrapped it around his hand and pulled her head back kissing her neck as he slid easily inside her as she quickly wrapped her legs tighter around his hips, effectively locking him in place, but it was of course completely unnecessary, as he was exactly where he wanted to be and wild horses couldn't have pulled him away.

Liz and Max both moaned loudly, as he thrust in her again, more quickly. The adrenaline rush in which she felt made him push harder and faster, only wanting to be inside of her more with each thrust. Max’ swiftness and agility of his thrusting, along with her tongue teasing his sweat-drenched chest and neck, along with the movement of Liz going up, down, up, down; their orgasm was building wanting to be let loose.

"Oh my God Max, don’t stop! You’re so big, God it feels good."

"You are so fucking tight! Ahh, you are going to make me loose my mind."

Feeling Liz getting ready to climax, Max slowed down. She moaned, "don’t you dare fucking stop!" Just before the orgasm reaches her, they start to moan simultaneously. The intensity rose again as his pace quickened with each stroke. Pressing harder and harder, his breaths get shorter and another orgasm builds within her.

"Harder Max, harder!"

Hearing his lover begging for his member was more than Max could take, and while Liz was holding on for dear life. "My god," she gasped as he invader her time and time again, slamming and out of her with piston like efficiency, "I...its never felt so goooood, ohhhh Max, fuck me, oh yesssss, fuck me harder!!!"

Both bodies drenching with sweat as Max thrusts even harder and harder, faster and faster. She felt his juices making her wetter, she was nearing her peak again as his orgasm reaches its limit.
He thrust once more as they both shivered with greatly anticipated pleasure, more and more, their orgasms got higher and hotter as they came together in a steaming crescendo of lust. They held their position for a while, their panting subsiding with each second.

"Wow, Max. I’ve ne..."

"Me either." Max released Liz’ legs as she stepped down from Max’ waist, very wobbly legged.

She pulled him down and kissed him with everything she had and he reciprocated. Opening their eyes, Max looked at her then wiggled his eyebrow, "You ready for another round, yet Miss Nympho?"

"I see you've been talking to Maria" she said laughing. "If that’s a challenge, you bet your sweet ass! You’re on!" Eyeing the spacious room, the music is still blaring outside the door, "how about over there on the granite counter top?"

"Oh, I see you really are into ‘hard’ things, aren’t ya?"


He took her hand and they started to walk to the counter, he instantly and unexpectedly picked her up over his shoulder as he continued walking them over then laid her down on the cold surface, without the exchange of the smallest words. She giggled with delight, exchange a glimpse of satisfaction, he looked her suggestively, as he crawled up her body to lie on top of her. Liz put her arms around him and luxuriated in his maleness, his smell and the texture of his body on top of her. She felt him become hard again as she parted her legs to let him enter. He slid in smoothly, and they lay motionless for a moment. "I love how you feel Liz Parker, how did I get so lucky?."

Enjoying the sensation of her walls surrounding him, she looked into his eyes, "I think I got pretty lucky myself . We fit perfectly together." Still gazing into each other’s eyes as if they were searching their souls, Max eventually started to thrust himself rhythmically into her, moving his hips against hers, and she rose up to meet him on each deep thrust. She put her arms around his back, caressing his strong muscles and his ass, pulling him even more deeply inside of her. His mouth found hers, gently forcing his tongue be entered into her mouth, matching in time with his strokes.

"I.." *grunt* ".. can’t" *moan* "....last much longer, Liz."

"It’s" *breathing* "ok" *sighing*," neither can I."

He groaned, and she could feel him starting to spasm inside of her. The sensation brought her to her own orgasm, and they came together, shuddering. He stayed inside of her as they lay together in the afterglow, enjoying the sensations of each others' body, their arms around each other, smiling.

When he was finally able to speak, he lifted his head and kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered, "I'm not letting you go Liz Parker."

With eyes shiny with tears, she gently nibbled on his ear and whispered back as she felt his rapidly stiffening member hardening inside of her, "I'm not going anywhere."

Sorry folks, that’s it!! I hope you enjoyed this pure fluff of a fic!!

~ The End ~