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Title: Dreams, Memories and Lies.
Author: Attila the honey aka:Wendy Saunders.
E-Mail: wendy.saunders1⊕
Rating: UK PG (sorry I don’t know the US equivalent.)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters, this story is just some fan fiction I had floating around in my head; I thought someone might be interested.
Summary: Things are about to change for Liz much to the shock of Max & the others and Tess isn’t who she appears to be.
Category: Max and Liz.
Authors notes: This story follows on from sometime after The End of the World, Max has found out the truth about why Liz lied to him, If you’re not familiar with the story up to this point it probably won’t make a lot of sense.

Dreams, Memories and Lies. Part 1.
My name’s Liz Parker and lately things have gotten stranger; I feel like I’m changing, I don’t understand what is happening to me. I’ve been having these dreams, I’ve seen places I’ve never been, people I’ve never met but its all so familiar, the images are clouded but such intense emotions I find myself waking in an icy clammy sweat barely able to breathe. Its like I’m seeing through someone else’s eyes, its like… memories.

It was late; Liz and Maria were cleaning up at the Crashdown after the last shift.

Liz…Liz… Maria snapped Liz out of her daze.
Hey babe, no offence but you don’t look so hot, what’s up? Is it Max again? Maria asked.
No…no not at all, I just didn’t sleep to good last night. Liz mumbled.
Oh? Maria raised one eyebrow.
No, its not what you think, Liz giggled.
Really? Maria gave her the yes I believe you thousands wouldn’t look.
No, really, I just couldn’t sleep is all.
Hey, I believe you! She threw her hands up in mock surrender. So how are things between you and dream boy?
Yeah, well we’re just taking things slow after, well, you know, all that business with Kyle, Liz replied.
Oh, You mean, making him think that you guys slept together, that was pretty brutal Liz.
Yeah, I know but it was necessary at the time, I hurt him really bad, Liz mumbled.
Hey, look Liz, Maria sat down next to her friend putting her arm around her, Max understands why you did it and he loves you ever more for it, if that’s possible, she added under her breath, you two are gonna work it out, you guys are like, I don’t know attached to a piece of elastic, you can only get so far apart before it catapults you back together again. Maria smiled as she got to her feet and resumed wiping down the counter, hate to break it to you babe but you’re hopelessly addicted, he’s like a drug to you.
Oh and Michael’s not to you I suppose? Liz smiled.
Maria laughed; I guess there goes my Teflon theory, huh? We need to check into rehab stat!
What if I prefer the drug? Liz answered back.
Don’t worry the rehab I’m taking about involves an expensive face pack, junk food and Rosie.
Liz laughed and embraced her friend, Promise me things between us will never change.
Count on it babe! Maria hugged her back.
Just then Max walks in to find Maria and Liz firmly wrapped around each other.
Am I interrupting? He smiled with an amused expression.

Part 2.

Both girls turned to look, Liz’s face lit up at the sight of Max. Maria caught the look on Liz’s face only to find it mirrored on Max’s, smiling to herself she threw her eyes upward and went back to her cleaning.
Max walked towards Liz, How’s it going? He smiled.
Oh…. its going good, she returned an awkward smile, she still wasn’t sure how to act around Max after the events of the past few weeks they were kind of stuck in between being friends and trying not to throw themselves at each other. Every time she was near him she felt an irresistible pull towards him physically and emotionally. Liz looked up into his soulful eyes, she wanted so much to reach out and touch his face, to run her fingers through his hair. Okay get a grip Liz she silently scolded herself, Max, she continued, it’s kinda late, what are you doing here?
I just wanted to see you, he shrugged, wanna go for a drive?
Oh…. Max, I can’t, I’m actually quite tired, Liz replied seeing the disappointment on his face, great Liz she groaned to herself make him think you don’t want to see him, but I’m almost finished she added quickly, you could come upstairs and we could watch TV or talk or something?
He smiled, I’d like that.
Okay, just let me get these dishes, Liz began to clear the last table piling all the dirty plates into a tray and started towards the kitchen. All of a sudden her body temperature dropped and she shivered, her eyesight began to get fuzzy, she slumped onto one of the stools by the counter, the tray crashed onto the surface causing both Max and Maria to turn and look at her.
Liz, are you okay? Max asked, she’d suddenly gone deathly pale and he was worried.
I’m fine, she mumbled, just a little dizzy, Liz shook her head to try and clear the fuzzy feeling, as she stood up she barely got two paces from the counter as the whole world turned upside down and her legs gave way.
Oh my god, Liz! Max leapt forward to catch her.
A whole rush of images crashed in on Liz’s subconscious, all around her the sounds of battle, people dying, she was searching for something or someone that she couldn’t find.
When Liz opened her eyes she was laying on the floor, Max cradling her head in his lap stroking her hair tenderly, Liz what happened? She saw the concern in his eyes.
I’m not sure she replied.
Max, I think you’d better get her upstairs, I’ll finish up down here and check on her before I go home. Maria told him firmly.
Max nodded in agreement. Can you stand? He asked Liz.
I think so, she replied as he helped her to her feet. Whoa! Her head spun a bit until she regained her balance.
That does it, Max stated firmly as she swept her up into his arms as if she weighed nothing.
Max, she smiled I don’t need you to carry me. I’m fine.
Don’t argue with me Ms. Parker, you didn’t seem fine a few minutes ago.
But, Max she began to object, but one look at the tenderness and concern in his gentle eyes and soft voice and she just melted against his chest.

Part 3.

Max gently propped Liz up on her bed and handed her a glass of water, so are you going to tell me what’s going on?
Oh, Max it’s nothing I was just so busy I forgot to have dinner and I got a little dizzy. Liz avoided his stare.
Liz, She met his unwavering gaze, when I caught you I got a flash I saw what you saw.
Oh….she mumbled.
Liz? He coaxed I thought we agreed no more secrets.
Okay, she breathed in slowly, for a while I’ve been having these dreams.
Max signaled for her to continue.
They’re really confusing, it’s like I’m not just seeing things I feel them too.
Well what sort of things do you see? He asked.
I don’t know, places I’ve never been, people I’ve never met, but these images come with such intense emotions my chest aches and I hardly breathe, it’s very overwhelming.
Well how long has this been going on, Max frowned.
Oh, I don’t know, Liz rubbed her tired eyes, two maybe three weeks.
Three weeks! Max choked and you’ve only just mentioned it?
Well I didn’t know if there was anything to mention Max, the only other times I’ve seen or felt stuff like this was when we were connected and I was seeing things stored deep inside you, but as I was nowhere near you they could’ve just been dreams, only today was the first time it’s happened while I was awake.
Max was biting his lip and frowning slightly trying to absorb the information.
Max, he turned back to look at Liz, what I’ve been seeing, I saw through someone else’s eyes, I don’t know who, but I think they might be memories.
Memories? Are you sure? He looked startled.
Liz nodded, I can’t explain it, I just feel it.
Max wrapped his arms around her feeling her small frame slightly trembling against his body. He kissed her lightly on the forehead, that’s good enough for me, but you should have told me sooner he gently scolded.
Max, you’ve had so much on your mind and the way things have been between us lately, I …. I just didn’t want to bother you she looked away.
Hey, he said softly lifting her chin with gentle hands to meet his steady gaze, you are never a bother to me, I know things have been, well, you know between us, but I don’t ever, ever want you to feel you can’t come to me about anything, he emphasized the last few words until he was satisfied Liz was taking it in. Whatever is happening to you we’ll face it together.
Liz sighed with relief and rested her head on his shoulder.
Neither spoke, just enjoying the closeness of each other until Liz tilted her face up and Max gave her a deep lingering passionate kiss.
He broke away slightly flushed trying to get his body under control, um…it’s late I should go…you know and let you get some rest, he said as he got up from the bed.
Max…wait, he turned to look at her standing behind him.
Yes, he breathed softly.
My parents are away all weekend and I , I don’t want to be alone, she stumbled over the words.
Max regarded her with serious eyes, she looked so tiny and frightened, and he saw she was afraid, afraid to sleep, afraid to dream.
I could…um…stay until you fall asleep, he murmured shyly.
Thank you, she breathed, the relief clearly written in her eyes.

Part 4.

Max had phoned Isabel and told her what was going on while Liz was getting changed in the bathroom, so that she could cover for him in case their parents realized he wasn’t there. He now lay back on her bed watching Liz brushing her long, dark, silky hair in front of the mirror, he couldn’t help but smile to himself she even looked beautiful when she was going to sleep.
Liz turned and caught Max watching her, what? She smiled.
I love you, he surprised himself momentarily he hadn’t intended to say that, it kind of just slipped out.
Liz smiled, one of those smiles that made his heart stop, his stomach rumble and made him have to remind himself to breathe.
She moved across the room and sat next to him on the bed, raising her hand to his face in a gentle caress. It always amazed Max how see could convey such a wealth of emotions in that one simple intimate gesture. He felt her pain and regret; he knew it had killed her to hurt him like that, when she had tried to convince him that she had slept with Kyle. He saw in her eyes the uncertainty about them; she couldn’t quite bring herself to believe that he would forgive her for lying to him no matter what the reason. The truth was he had forgiven her, his heart never quite believed what his eyes had shown him that night, he knew Liz, he knew she loved him as much as he loved her, he knew that she couldn’t and wouldn’t do that to him. Kyle had eventually let it slip that it wasn’t true and Max had finally been able to get Liz to confess the truth.
His mind drifted back to her words,
A sacrifice had to be made Max and that sacrifice was me. She had barely whispered with tears streaming down her face, it was our love or everyone else’s lives, what would you have done?
He loved her even more for what she had done, he wanted to put things right between them, I do love you, he repeated.
It’s been a while since you’ve said that to me, she whispered.
Max caught her delicate hand and gently kissed her upturned palm, I know, he replied, but I meant it……everyday.
Liz smiled as she climbed under the covers and switched the light out.
In the darkness Max’s mind shifted back to what Liz had told him that day. Liz had obviously changed the future because his future self had disappeared but he couldn’t bring himself to believe what his future self had told her about their survival all hinging on Tess, the logic was sound, if they were only complete when the four were together it would stand to reason that they would be weak and susceptible to their enemy if one was missing, but Tess? She still confused Max, there was something about her that he still didn’t trust, he couldn’t remember anything about their previous life as husband and wife, and he didn’t have any residual of feeling for her. All he had ever wanted was Liz, from the first second he had seen her ten years ago he had felt himself drawn to her. He couldn’t and didn’t want to imagine any kind of life without her; she was quite simply the air he breathed. He glanced across at her still form, what had he done to deserve her? Her unconditional love and support, her strength, the fact that she would and had already proved she would sacrifice anything and anyone including herself to protect him. Her fiercesome loyalty even though they weren’t even the same species, her dedication to helping him achieve his destiny as leader of an alien world. Somehow he couldn’t imagine Tess willing to sacrifice as much, not as Liz would in a heartbeat.
When he wasn’t with Liz there was an aching emptiness, which at times seemed to burn with the intensity of a thousand stars. He knew he was supposed to be some kind of great fearless leader with a mission to free his people, but all he knew was that he couldn’t do it without Liz by his side, he needed her.
Max shivered; the temperature in the room had dropped.
Max, Liz murmured sleepily, if you’re cold come under the covers.

Part 5.

A few moments later he slipped between the covers and cuddled up to Liz.
God Liz, you’re like a hot water bottle, he shivered.
Max, you say the most romantic things, she giggled sleepily turning over to face him, as she did she slipped her left leg between his, draped her arm across his chest and snuggled her face into his neck.
Max just lay there wrapping his arms around her, drawing her in close, she felt so good, her body fitted his perfectly, he could feel her warm, sweet breath against his neck and from her slow even breathing he could tell she’d fallen asleep.
He had said he’d stay until she fell asleep but he didn’t want to leave just yet, he was warm and comfortable. It felt so good to finally have his Liz back in his arms again, they had agreed that from now on they wrote their own destiny, they couldn’t stay away from each other and neither of them wanted to, one was not complete without the other and they finally realized that no matter what the new future held for them they would take their chances together.
I’ll go in a minute, Max yawned to himself.
Max opened his eyes and glanced sleepily at the clock, 3.00 am. He groaned inwardly he hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but then he realized what had woken him, Liz was tossing in a fitful sleep, moaning to herself.
Max held her tighter; smoothing her hair from her face he rocked her back to sleep.
Twenty minutes later he was ripped from his slumber at the sound of Liz screaming, when he looked up from the pale moonlight streaming through the window he could see Liz sitting up with her knees pulled up to her chest, hands either side of her head, crying uncontrollably, rocking back and fourth.
He grabbed her hands away from her face, forcing her to look at him.
Liz, Liz it’s me, it’s Max, it’s okay I’m here, he tried to calm her.
But her eyes stared at him blankly, almost as if she didn’t recognize him.
Liz, Liz, look at me, he tried desperately.
Her eyes began to focus, it’s me, and it’s Max.
Oh Max! She gasped throwing her arms around his neck and sobbing on his shoulder.
Jesus Christ Liz, what the hell did you see? He whispered as he felt her body shake against his, he had never seen or felt her so scared before.
He let her cry for a while and as her sobs slowly subsided he drew her away from himself to look at her.
Liz, he whispered gently, tell me what you saw?
I, I, saw y-you, Liz stammered through ragged breaths.
What? Max replied. I scared you this badly?
No, no it wasn’t you; they were trying to kill you.
Who are they? Max asked
I don’t know. Liz began to cry all over again.
Liz, Liz, listen to me, he held her face in his gentle hands, smoothing away her tears, Liz, will you look at me?
She tilted her face to meet his gaze, eyes puffy and full of tears, but Max saw behind all that, he saw pain beyond pain, there was something she wasn’t telling him, but he knew better than to press it now, they would talk in the morning after she had calmed down.
Liz, I’m okay, it was just a dream, and nothing is going to happen to me. Okay?
He laid her back down holding her tightly trying to take away her pain and replace it with his love, while she trembled against him.
What she had said, they’re trying to kill you and what was she hiding or if he knew Liz, which he did, what was it she was shielding him from? A chill ran up his spine, he prayed that it wasn’t some kind of premonition, there had to be some other explanation and he was going to find it, to see Liz hurting like this was more than he could bear.

Part 6.

Max woke late the next morning but it was Saturday no school thank god! He hadn’t slept well at all; he was so worried about Liz, who was lying next to him still sleeping.
Liz? He planted a soft kiss on her lips. She didn’t stir.
Liz? He shook her gently at first, then more firmly.
Liz? He began to feel the panic rising in his chest, Liz? He shook her but it was no good he couldn’t wake her.
He leapt out of bed and grabbed the phone with trembling hands trying to dial his number.
Hello? The answer came.
Isabel? Max replied.
Oh my god Max, you owe me big! I had to do some pretty fast talking this morning, I didn’t think you’d be gone all night, if I’d known I would have just told Mom and Dad you were staying at Michaels! Isabel sounded irritated.
Never mind that now, get Michael and get over here now.
What the hell’s going on Max? Is could sense the panic in her brothers voice.
It’s Liz, I can’t wake her up, he almost choked on the words.
We’ll be right there. Isabel hung up.
This wasn’t right, Max knew that whatever was happening to Liz was somehow connected to them, even though Liz was human, there would be no point in calling a doctor, they wouldn’t know how to help her anymore than he did.
He had asked Isabel to come straight over with Michael, he knew he maybe should’ve included Tess because she was one of them but he didn’t trust her and right now he needed people he loved and trusted around him and that didn’t include Tess.
Maria was in the crashdown, preparing to open up when Max came down the stairs.
Morning Casanova, she raised one eyebrow, I stopped by to see how Liz was doing last night and found you two cozied up in bed, explanation please?
When Max didn’t answer she continued, Fine suit yourself, I’d get more details from Liz anyways, where is she by the way? Tell her she’d better hurry up we’re opening in fifteen min…..she trailed off for the first time registering the concern on Max’s face, Max what is it? Where’s Liz?
Call Alex get him to cover your shift, then come upstairs, Liz is sick.

Part 7.

Isabel and Michaels crashed through the doors and stalked through the crashdown.
Hey Isabel, Alex called as she strode purposefully past.
Hey Alex, she mumbled as Maria joined them. Michael explain what’s going on to Maria, then I’ll see you both upstairs I’m going to check on Max and Liz.
Max was sitting next to Liz’s bed with his face in his hands, his eyes darted up as Isabel opened Liz’s bedroom door.
Max! Isabel gasped as she saw the state her brother was in.
Is, was all he could say as she hugged him.
How is she?
I don’t know Max mumbled. I’ve tried everything I just can’t wake her.
Oh my god! Maria almost screamed from the doorway, Liz, Liz. She dropped to her knees by her friend’s bedside, why haven’t you called a doctor she should be in a hospital, Maria almost accused Max.
Maybe Maria’s right Max, Isabel agreed, after all she is human and we sure a shell don’t know what to do.
No, said Max firmly, it’s better no one else gets involved, it almost killed him to say the words he wanted to do something, anything to make Liz better. They all just stared at him not knowing what to say. Whatever is happening to her it’s something to do with her mind, it’s not physical, it’s somehow connected to us, they can’t help her.
But, we have to do something, Maria pleaded desperately.
We will, I just need to think, Max sighed putting his head between his hands.
Max, Liz cried weakly, Max.
Every eye turned towards Liz as Max rushed to her side; he held her hand as she slowly opened her eyes.
I’m here Liz, it’s okay I’m here, Max whispered softly.
I, I can’t see you, please don’t leave me, Liz mumbled
I promise I’ll never leave you, he breathed.
Liz slipped back into unconsciousness.
Liz, Liz, Max tried desperately to reach her.
Michael was the first to speak up, putting his hand tenderly on Maria’s shoulder who acknowledged the gesture with gratitude. We should let Liz rest, it’s obviously her body’s way of dealing with it, we can go talk in the other room.
Isabel looked at Michael in surprise, underneath that tough exterior was a surprising tenderness, he cared about Liz as much as anyone in that room, even if he didn’t always show it and Max was in no frame of mind to make any kind of decisions.
Isabel nodded in agreement, holding out her hand for Max to follow.
No, I’m not leaving her, he said without his eyes ever leaving Liz’s still features.
And so it continued like that throughout the day, Liz slipped in and out of consciousness while the others paced the living room, Max never once leaving her side and so dusk began to fall.
Is! Max yelled frantically as the others rushed into Liz’s room, Max was holding Liz down as she thrashed about wildly speaking in some strange language.
Vilandra, Liz screamed.
Isabel stopped dead in her tracks; she had heard that, Liz had called her Vilandra, a fact that was not lost on Max, who turned to look at his sister in confusion.

Part 8.

The color had drained from Isabel’s face, how the hell could Liz possibly know that her alien name on her home world was Vilandra? Max was right whatever Liz was going through was somehow connected to them.
That does it! Michael said grabbing his jacket as Maria turned to stop him.
Where are you going? She asked.
To get some help, Michael answered; Give me the keys to your car.
No, I’m going with you, I need to help Liz.
Michael took one look at Maria, at the look of helplessness on her face; okay let’s go he answered.
Max and Isabel were left alone with Liz, her spasms had subsided, her head still rolled from side to side while she continued to mutter in the strangely familiar and compelling language.
I wish I knew what was going on in her head, Max breathed.
Isabel looked at the hopeless look on her brother’s face, she knew what he was going to ask of her, but she was afraid, afraid of what she might learn about herself. If she as Vilandra had betrayed her brother, her husband, her race, as Whitaker had told her, something that she had not shared with Max or Michael.
Max looked at her with such pain in his eyes, please Is, I feel like I’m losing her, he whispered with unshed tears.
Isabel knew what she had to do, no matter how scared she was, she had to help Liz, she had to dreamwalk her. She changed places with Max so that she was now sitting on the edge of Liz’s bed; Isabel grasped Liz’s cold hand and closed her eyes. She felt herself being drawn into Liz’s subconscious, but all she found was a wall and Liz standing in front of it.
Liz, Isabel tried to communicate with her, Liz please, tell us what is happening to you, let us help you, please Liz don’t shut us out.
No! Liz screamed in her mind.
Isabel’s eyes flew open and she gasped sharply.
Is, Is, what happened? Max asked urgently.
She wouldn’t let me in, Isabel replied with tears in her eyes, she’s in so much pain Max, I’m so sorry I couldn’t reach her.
They just sat there in silence, watching, Max felt like he couldn’t breathe, why her? Why his Liz? At that precise moment he would have given anything to change places with her.
Michael and Maria came rushing in followed closely by a man both Max and Isabel recognized.
Riverdog, max confirmed, why’d you bring him here Michael? Max asked of his friend as Riverdog moved to Liz’s bedside to get a better look at what they were dealing with.
Look what if it is our language she’s speaking Max? I don’t understand what’s going on but if it is something to do with us, maybe he can help? I just figured someone’s got to. Michael replied.
Can you help her? Max asked with a renewed hope shining in his eyes.
No, I cannot, replied Riverdog.
Max felt as if some unseen force was crushing his chest and he couldn’t breathe, please, what is happening to her?
Riverdog was staring into Liz’s unseeing eyes, this one has lived before, she’s locked inside her mind, her memories are trying to resurface.
Her memories? Max was stunned, everyone else gasped in shock.
The memory block doesn’t come from her, it’s not natural, I can feel it, someone has tried to repress her memory.
Max could feel the anger welling up deep inside him, someone had done this to her, to his Liz and he could barely contain his rage.
Come there isn’t much time, Riverdog rushed.
Time for what, Isabel was almost afraid to hear the answer.
She is fighting a losing battle,Riverdog continued, if her memories aren’t allowed to resurface her mind will collapse, the body cannot survive without the mind, she will die, it is certain.

Part 9.

What do we do? Maria almost cried. We have to get her to the cave were you healed Michael, replied Riverdog.
What and use the healing stones? Michael asked.
No, there is something else there; quickly there isn’t much time. He answered.
Max didn’t hesitate, he quickly pulled a blanket from the bed and threw it over Liz’s still form before scooping her up into his arms and followed by Riverdog hurried from the room.
Isabel turned to Michael, Go and get Tess, then meet us at the cave.
What? No you can’t be serious? Maria objected.
Isabel turned on Maria, Do you wanna save Liz or not? We may need her, now GO! She pushed Michael and Maria out of the door into the cold night and then ran after Max.

Riverdog lit the torches in the cave entrance as Max followed cradling Liz protectively, while Isabel waited for the others to arrive.
Max followed him through a series of tunnels, they bypassed the cave were they had healed Michaels so many months before and entered a cavern much larger than the previous.
The walls were smooth and rounded, again decorated with the beautiful, spidery alien symbols, in the center stood a column, perhaps four feet in height, covered in the vaguely familiar symbols, Max could feel the atmosphere in this cavern, it hummed and pulsated with energy and it seemed most concentrated around the column.
Max laid Liz on the dusty ground covering her tenderly with the blanket. Riverdog turned to leave as Max rushed forward to stop him.
Wait, where are you going? He asked.
I cannot be a part of this, my task is complete, I told you I cannot heal her. He replied
You, you can’t just leave, I don’t know what to do, Max pleaded.
You will, answered Riverdog, there is one more thing I must tell you, when the truth is revealed there will be a test, you must put aside your love for her, do not listen to your heart or your mind trust your instincts.
Max turned back to look at Liz, she was gone; the blanket lay crumpled and discarded on the floor. His eyes frantically searched the cave, Riverdog was gone, his gaze found Liz walking as if in a trance, as if she were being drawn toward the stone column. Max rushed towards her but before he could reach her, her fingertips lightly touched three symbols in succession throwing up a bright blue force field around herself and the column, throwing Max to the ground knocking the breath from his lungs.
The others rushed into the cave, Michael and Isabel immediately going to Max’s side to help him up.
What the hell? Michael gasped seeing Liz surrounded by the burning blue light.
Liz, Liz! Max frantically called her name.
It’s no good Max, answered Isabel; I don’t think she can hear you.
The column split down the center and with a slow grinding sound slid aside to reveal a glowing blue orb.
The others were all holding their breath as Liz reached out her hands towards it.

Part 10.

As her skin made contact, a blinding light flashed through the cave, temporarily blinding them all, when the light subsided Liz was still trapped within the force field glowing from head to toe, her eyes distant.
The minutes dragged by each one seeming like an eternity, Max could feel his heart thumping in his ears, the adrenalin coursing through his veins, he was so afraid for her.
Then as quickly as it had started the light was gone, the cave dimmed, Liz’s knees buckled and she slumped to the ground.
Max was instantly at her side, cradling her head in his lap with Isabel at his side.
Liz’s eyes opened, the first thing she focused on was Max,
Hey, she looked at him a little confused.
Hey, he smiled as all the relief gushed out of him in one breath.
Welcome back, Isabel spoke softly.
They helped her to her feet as she steadied herself, looking across at the still, silent column, which was now sealed again. Liz ran her hands across the smooth, cold stone.
What happened Liz? Max asked.
My memory has now been restored, Liz stated simply.
How much do you remember? Everyone turned; it was Tess standing at the back who had spoken.
Max looked back to Liz, studying her face, her jaw set with a firm resolve, her face calm but in her eyes hurt beyond imagining. Liz moved away from the stone, into the direct eye line of Tess, facing each other with perhaps ten paces between them.
Everything, Liz said slowly, but then you already knew that, didn’t you? She paused for a second….Kashara.
The others looked on in confusion.
Okay, Max said, will one of you please tell me what is going on?
Liz and Tess stood in silence staring at each other; the others couldn’t even begin to comprehend what was passing between them.
Do you want to tell them? Or shall I? Liz first broke the silence.
Tess was thinking fast now, she had not anticipated this situation.
Tess? Max looked at her.
She’s not human, Tess answered slowly.
What? Max gasped
Liz isn’t human, Tess repeated.
What, she’s one of you? Maria couldn’t believe it, the color drained from face.
No, continued Tess, she is our enemy.
Liz shook her head sadly, is that the best you can come up with?
Max was looking wildly between Liz and Tess, why wasn’t Liz defending herself? For the first time in his life he looked at Liz and he felt doubt and it shook him to his very soul.
Tess sensing Max’s confusion carried on, Max she’s not one of us, she is dangerous.
Is it true? Max looked at Liz desperately.
No, Liz answered without meeting Max’s intense gaze, firmly transfixed on Tess, It is not true; every word that has ever come from her lips was a lie.
What do you mean? Asked Max.
I mean, she’s not the fourth, Liz replied calmly.
Well if she’s not the fourth, Michael started, then who? It suddenly dawned on him as did the others who all turned to gape at Liz in shock.
I AM, she replied firmly.

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Hi Guys,
Sorry I kept you waiting for a new part, It's just that I've started a new one on the other board called Darkness is only an absence of light, but since you all asked so nicely here's two parts just for you...enjoy!

Let me know what you think!

Part 11.

Tess realized she was losing control of the situation, Max it’s not true you saw me, you saw me in the pod!
She’s right Liz, I did see her, Max questioned Liz.
You saw exactly what she wanted you to see, for the first time Liz tore her gaze from Tess to look at Max. Didn’t you ever wonder why? I mean if you had seen her why didn’t you wait for her? Or if you got separated like you and Isabel did with Michael in the dessert why did none of you remember her?
They all looked on in silence, taking in Liz’s words.
I’ll tell you why, Liz carried on, because when you left the fourth pod was already empty, Liz returned her icy stare to Tess, wasn’t it?
Max, Max it’s not true, she’s lying, she’s trying to use your love for her to turn you against me, don’t you see? I am your destiny, if you turn from me now then they’ve won, she’s won, Tess was getting desperate now, Michael? Isabel?
Max was locked in his own internal conflict, this was the test Riverdog had spoken of, did he believe Liz or Tess? He had never fully accepted or trusted Tess, he had already rejected her and his supposed destiny for Liz, but Liz he had always believed was human. He had loved her from afar for the last ten years, which brought up an interesting point, why had he been so obsessed with her from the first moment he saw her? Could it be that he recognized her as one of his own kind?
Now he understood what Riverdog had meant when he said don’t listen to your heart or your mind trust your instincts. His heart belonged to Liz, his mind programmed to believe his destiny with Tess. He looked deep inside himself and every fibre of his being, of his instinct believed Liz.
Max! Tess looked at him imploringly.
No Tess, was all he said.
Liz silently acknowledged Max’s decision he had to make the choice on his own before she revealed anymore.
I see some things never change, Liz turned her attention back to Tess weighing her words carefully to have full impact on Tess, to make her reveal her true nature, After all these years you’re still trying to steal my husband.
Isabel looked over at Max trying to read his expression, so they were married well that explained a great deal.
Tess’ façade instantly dropped, her eyes became hard and cold, her whole expression full of hatred.
Husband, she spat, he should have been my husband, I was chosen for him, I was destined to be his bride, and it was I who should have ruled at his side.
Liz continued to look into Tess’ merciless stare, her heart ached with sorrow and in her eyes hurt and pain, I loved you once Kashara, I thought you loved me but I see now that your only love has ever been power and ambition. Now I understand that because you couldn’t have him you sold us out to our enemies, Liz paused, you betrayed us............ her voice became hard......... you betrayed me.
Betrayed you! Tess laughed, it was far too easy Ilyila, you’ve always been far too trusting, I hated you , I hated you so much it burned.
There’s just one thing I want to know, Liz said from between clenched teeth.
What? Tess hissed.
Why go to all the trouble of hiding me amongst the humans? Of making me believe I was human? Why didn’t you just kill me when you had the chance?
Believe me Ilyila I wanted to, but you were my insurance policy, you were taken from the pod while still in the fetal stage and implanted into a human host, Tess turned to Max with an icy stare, he was never supposed to find you, she hissed at Max.
Max understood, so if you couldn’t control me, you were going to use her against me?
Your love for her was so great Zan that you would’ve sacrificed an entire empire for her, Tess scoffed, she made you weak, had I been your queen we would’ve been so strong none would’ve dared oppose us, you would’ve worn the crown and I........ I would have been the power.
I don’t think so, Max growled from deep in his throat.
Enough! Liz snapped, this is between you and me Kashara.
Tess looked back to Liz whose expression was hard and unyielding.
Didn’t quite work out the way you expected did it? Liz taunted her.
I’ll have to admit I wasn’t expecting you to break the mind block, Tess’s voice dripped with venom.
I told you a long time ago never to underestimate me, I see you weren’t listening, Liz continued to goad Tess hoping to make her angry, into making a mistake. So how’d you end up here Kashara? Let me guess after helping him to usurp my husbands throne Khivar exiled you here, didn’t he?
The fury in Tess was building she could barely contain her rage.
Well, Liz smiled sweetly, that’s quite some thank you isn’t it?
Tess snapped, throwing a bright pink energy bolt directly at Liz.
But Liz had already anticipated this and her force field snapped automatically into place.
You’re so predictable Kashara, Liz shook her head gently her eyes became hard........ wanna try again?

Part 12.

Tess was glowing with hatred for this young dark haired woman standing confidently before her.
Well Kashara? Has the time come? Will you challenge me?
I killed you before, I can do it again, snarled Tess.
Face to face this time, Liz shot back.
It dawned on Max that they were about to fight probably to the death, he started forward to stop them, to protect Liz but Isabel stopped him.
What are you doing Is? Let me go, Max said in a strangled whisper.
Max no, you can’t interfere I think this needs to happen, she replied.
But it was too late; the energy had already begun to build between Liz and Tess. Each stood about ten paces apart facing her opponent, hands stretched fourth, eyes focused, swirls of brightly ribboned energy raced across their bodies from every angle gaining in speed and strength before finally culminating in the palms of their hands, an energy bolt shot fourth from each, Liz’s a bright incandesant blue, Tess’s a dusky pink, as the energy bolts collided the cavern shook throwing everyone to the ground but Liz and Tess. They remained standing, eyes locked in hatred, energy flowing through their bodies in a constant stream until it met halfway between them in a massive ball of glowing light.
The energy distortions coming from them was causing the cavern to groan and shake knocking pieces of rock loose but still they showed no sign of moving.
Tess and Liz faced each other bent on nothing short of total annilation.
The ceiling was beginning to give way as Michael placed himself protectively over Maria, whilst Isabel erected her own force field to protect herself from falling rocks.
Michael, get Maria and Isabel out of here! Max yelled.
Isabel was helping Maria to the corridor both holding onto each other trying to keep their balance as the ground heaved beneath their feet.
Michael stopped and looked back at Max, what about you?
I’m not leaving without her! GO NOW!
Max turned back to Liz, he could see both of them beginning to weaken, they were evenly matched, he looked up as he heard a loud grinding sound, he could see that a large chunk of the ceiling was about to come away directly above Liz. It was now or never! He ran knocking Liz to the ground throwing his own shield over them as the ceiling came crashing in.
Max, what the hell are you doing, you could have been KILLED! Liz screamed angrily, she knew that if the energy bolt between her and Tess had backfired in the wrong direction Max would have been killed instantly.
God she looks beautiful when she’s angry, he thought as he pulled her to her feet.
Liz, yell at me later, we’ve got to get out of here! He shouted over the sound of groaning rocks as he dragged her towards the exit, clambering over rocks they made there way towards the others, as they reached the cave entrance Michael grabbed them pulling them away from another cave in, they were all thrown to the ground in a tangled heap in the chill night air as they watched the entrance collapse.
The sliding rocks subsided and one or two last pebbles clicked harmlessly onto the floor and they all began to get to their feet.
What happened to Tess? Asked Maria still in shock.
I don’t know, replied Max, I didn’t see her after the ceiling came away.
Do you think she’s dead? Asked Isabel intently
No, she’s not dead; Liz interceded still with her back to the others facing the now sealed entrance. I can still feel her presence, she made it out, but she won’t go far, she and I have unfinished business.
Max put his hand on Liz’s shoulder turning her around to face him; he brushed some dust away from her cheek, touching her face tenderly.
Are you okay? His eyes were full of concern.
Liz looked at him, her eyes were haunted, and full of a thousand unspoken emotions at what she’d been through and glassed over with unshed tears.
I will be. She answered simply, shivering.
Max realized that she was standing out in the cold night, barefoot and wearing only a thin nightgown, without even thinking twice he removed his jacket placing it around her shoulders and pulling her in tight.
Come on, let’s get you home, Max comforted her.

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Here's the next part, hope you like it...

Part 13.

Liz was sitting on the couch in her living room, Maria who was still looking a little wild around the eyes handed her a cup of tea, which Liz took gratefully with trembling hands.
As Liz took a sip she looked up and noticed everyone staring at her.
I guess you guys have a lot of questions, Liz said uneasily.
Well, Michael started.
No, said Max firmly, She’s been through enough, we can talk this through tomorrow.
But Max, Isabel began.
I said no Is, Max repeated.
Liz placed her hand over Max’s in a reassuring gesture,
It’s okay Max; I guess I should start with Tess, huh?
Liz took their silence as confirmation to continue.
Liz placed her cup on the table and lightly massaged her temples. The strain of the past twenty-four hours was being to show.
As you may already have guess my name was Ilyila and Tess’s was Kashara, we were both born into privileged families, we grew up together, we were so close, like sisters. We loved each other…once, Liz’s eyes clouded momentarily with pain as Max squeezed her hand to comfort her.
Kashara was intended for Max from an early age, her family was better politically connected than mine, so she was the logical choice of bride for him. That was until we met and fell in love.
And so Max dumped the power hungry little witch for you, Maria concluded.
Liz smiled at her friend’s response.
Well, they say hell hath no fury, Isabel murmured.
Yeah, yeah, when you’re done with all the girly stuff can we get to the part were she betrayed us? Michael spoke up.
Back to your charming self I see, Maria rolled her eyes.
When Kashara realized there was no way she could have Max, Liz continued, she turned to Khivar our most hated enemy and formed an alliance, she betrayed us.
Liz just happened to be looking directly at Isabel when she mentioned Khivars name, she saw Isabel’s jaw tighten and her eyes fill with dread at what Liz might reveal.
Isabel, are you okay? Liz asked.
I’m fine, Isabel snapped.
Did someone tell you that Vilandra betrayed us? Liz saw directly into the heart of the problem. But found only silence in Isabel.
Oh…now I understand, Liz breathed you thought?
Whitaker told me that I was Vilandra and that I was Khivars lover, she lowered her eyes in shame, that I betrayed you all.
Liz took Isabel’s hand in her own as Max and Michael looked on in silence.
Isabel, Liz spoke softly, look at me.
Tears stood in Isabel’s eyes as she met Liz’s steady sympathetic gaze.
You didn’t betray us, Kashara was Khivars lover, and it was her that betrayed us. She was my friend, I trusted her, if anyone is to blame it is me and don’t let anyone else tell you different, you were loyal; you fought bravely at your brothers side until the end.
Max saw the relief all over Isabel’s face as she drank in Liz’s words. Then he looked over to Liz, she was so tired, she’d been through so much and it was beginning to show.
That’s enough, Max stated, Liz needs some rest, he told everyone as he took her hand and lead her to her bedroom door.
Get some sleep, I’ll sleep out here on the couch in case you need me, he kissed her lovingly on the lips.
She traced her fingertips along his lips, looking into those beautiful liquid eyes, the man she loved, had always loved as she sighed.
What’s wrong? Max asked.
It’s just a lot to deal with, Liz replied, you’ve always known that you were different, that you didn’t belong. But I was born as a human, raised as a human and up until a few hours ago believed I was human. Now I find my whole life has been one big lie, I have all these memories of another life, as another person, I feel like I’m two people trapped in one body, she paused, her eyes downcast, I just….I don’t know who I am anymore, she whispered.
Hey, Max tilted her face to his, you’re still the same girl I fell in love with……twice he added smiling impishly.
Liz couldn’t help but smile back; he always knew how to make her feel better.
Goodnight Max.
Nite Liz, he whispered as she went into her room.

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Part 14.

Michael left to take Maria home and Isabel turned to leave when Max stopped her.
You okay Is? He asked his sister.
She nodded not wanting to meet his gaze.
Why didn’t you tell us? Max asked.
I didn’t want to believe that it was true, that I was capable of hurting you like that, she whispered.
Hey, he said wrapping his arms around her, it wouldn’t have mattered to me what happened in the past, you’re my sister and I’ll always love you no matter what.
Thank you, Isabel replied pulling away and wiping her tears.
Max handed her the keys to the jeep,
Get home safe, he smiled as she left and then settled down on the couch.

Liz stepped out of the shower, wrapping a soft white fluffy robe around her damp body. She clicked off the bathroom light and stepped into her room rubbing her wet hair with a towel.
Stopping in front of the mirror she picked up her comb and began to run it through her hair, suddenly she realized she was no longer looking at her own reflection. It looked like her but not. She dropped her comb.
You’re Ilyila, aren’t you, Liz whispered.
The reflection smiled,
I am you, the voice echoed in her mind.
Liz raised her hand to touch the palm of the reflections hand, as their palms met the glass shimmered and rippled like the surface of a pond, their fingers entwined and Ilyila stepped through the glass to stand before Liz.
You know who I am? Ilyila asked.
Liz knew what she had to do, she had to accept her former self or she would never be complete.
Yes, Liz replied holding her arms out; you are a part of me.
As they embraced Liz could feel Ilyila slowly seeping into her body. When she opened her eyes again she was once more alone and her own reflection gazed back from the mirror.
Liz smiled, she felt whole, they were one. She had in that one brief moment accepted who she was, what she was, she had accepted her destiny. There would be no more doubts, no more regrets, she felt strong and sure of herself.
She switched out the light and stood in front of her window gazing at the stars.
When the door opened slowly she smiled she didn’t need to turn around.
Come in Max, she said.
I just wanted to check you were sleeping okay, he went to stand next to her, what are you doing?
Looking for home, she smiled.
He had never seen her look so beautiful, bathed in pale moonlight, wrapped in a soft white robe, her hair still damp, her eyes sparkled with a new purpose and with that came understanding and more important acceptance.
He wrapped his strong arms around her drawing her in close, she smelled wonderful, of jasmine and wildflowers.
I love you so much Liz, I was so afraid I was going to lose you.
Max you will never lose me, did you ever wonder why you were drawn to me the first time we met? Even though we were only six years old your soul recognized mine. We are joined in a way that can never be broken, not even by death.
I know, he breathed, I guess I’ve always known, you are my destiny Liz; if we were ever parted I would find you.
You told me that once before, Liz replied.
I did? Max sighed, I wish I could remember.
I don’t think you’re supposed to, not yet anyway, when you are ready your memories will resurface just as mine have.
You could show me, Max looked at her.
What? Liz asked.
We could connect and you could let me see your memories.
Max, No, Liz stopped him.
Why? He asked a little hurt.
Because some of them are particularly painful especially for you, I would spare you that pain.
Liz, you can’t carry it all alone, let me share it with you.
She could see the love, sincerity and complete trust in his eyes.
She sighed relenting, she took his hand placing his palm to her breast directly over her heart and taking a deep breath closed her eyes.

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Well, seeing as you asked so nicely here you go...


Part 15.

He could feel the heat for her though his hand, creeping up his arm and spreading across his body, then everything went dark.
He saw an alien world, quite similar to earth but in the dim sky he saw twin moons shining in the distance, next to him holding his hand, his wife Ilyila smiling at him, he saw images of them kissing, of their wedding. He saw his mother, his sister and Michael. Then it switched back to him and Liz making love beneath the stars.
He felt so much love, happiness and contentment emanating from those images.
Then it was gone, there was panic, and he was running down a long hall behind Michael, Isabel and what looked like two soldiers, he had hold of Liz’s hand.
The sounds of battle surrounded them.
They’ve broken through the main compound, Michael yelled.
Behind him he saw Tess and other soldiers, before he knew what had happened Liz had been shot in the back by Tess. Michael returned fire as they dragged Liz through the doors and began to barricade them.
Ilyila, Max cried holding his wife’s bleeding body. He could hear banging as the enemy tried to break down the door.
Zan, Ilyila cried weakly, you must go; please there isn’t much time.
No, I won’t leave you, you have to hold on, Ilyila please you have to hold on.
It’s too late Zan, you can’t save me, you have to get out of here.
Michael dropped to his knees beside Zan, as Isabel stood watching with tears in her eyes.
Please, Ilyila turned to Michael, you have to get him to the pod ship it’s our only chance.
Michael nodded grabbing Max’s arm, she’s right, we have to go.
NO! Max screamed pushing Michael away from him.
I’m not leaving you Ilyila.
You have to, she coughed, listen to me we are joined in a way that can never be broken, wherever I go when I die I’ll be waiting for you.
Max kissed his dying wife, tears streaming down his face as he gritted his teeth,
Not even death can keep me from you, I’ll find you, I swear.
I love you….always, she whispered as her hand fell limp.
NO! Max wailed like a dying animal.
The enemy had begun to break through the barricade.
Get him out of here! Michael yelled as the two guards grabbed Max’s arms dragging him backwards.
No! no, we can’t leave her here Max cried as Michael picked up his dead queen in his arms and followed them.
*End flash*
Max gasped and fell to his knees on Liz’s bedroom floor, he couldn’t breath the pain was so intense; his face was wet with tears as he fought for breath.
Max, Max, I’m so sorry, Liz cried, you weren’t ready, I should never have shown you, I’m so sorry.
He buried his face in her neck and sobbed for a while as she smoothed his hair and tried to soothe him.
As he calmed down and his breathing became more regular Liz lifted his tearstained face, I’m so sorry Max she kissed him softly.
He kissed her back needing her, needing her close, his kisses became more passionate, more urgent.
He had found her, his wife, his love, just as he had sworn he would and he would never be parted from her again.
They stood up still kissing not wanting to break the physical connection. needing to take comfort in each other, walking backwards towards the bed, she pulled his shirt up over his head, discarding it on the floor, fumbling with the buttons on his jeans.
He opened her robe and pushed it back over her shoulders, feeling her soft warm naked skin.
Her breasts felt so good against his bare chest, he groaned feeling Liz’s delicate hands gliding across his skin. Liz gasped for breath, there was such hunger in his kisses. They pulled off the last of his clothes and fell naked onto the bed.
There was such a longing, a need for contact that before they realized what they were doing they were making love.
It was a love that spanned the ages, old love, lost and found, two souls reunited to become one. They had never felt so complete.
Even though the bodies they wore now were young and unused to such intimacies, it was all so familiar. All they saw, all they felt was each other, all they had fought for, suffered for, meant nothing as long as they were in each others arms. They had found each other and that was all that mattered.
As they lay there tangled up in the sheets, Max lay there for a long while just looking at his Liz. She looked older and more sure of herself. He tenderly stroked wispy tendrils of hair from her face and smiled.
He felt different, he felt strong, gone were all the worries about being a great leader, worries about remaking past mistakes, all gone, he felt that with her by his side and Michael and Isabel he could face anything, he had finally accepted his destiny and it would be a great one, with this final thought he closed his eyes and surrendered to a peaceful slumber.

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Part 16.

Max was standing on the edge of a rock formation looking out across the dessert, the sky was a dusky pink and twins moons shone brightly in the distant sky.
This was his homeworld.
He felt a small delicate hand slip into his, he smiled, he didn’t need to look, he could feel her presence, it was Liz.
Is this your dream or mine? He smiled.
It’s mine, Liz laughed, there is something I want to share with you all.
Max turned and realized that Michael and Isabel had also joined them with somewhat confused looks on their faces.
What is this place? Isabel breathed as she looked out across the horizon.
This is our homeworld, Liz smiled, I wanted to share it with you.
Michael stood with Isabel soaking in every detail of the place he had waited his life to see.
So you really are one of us? He asked of Liz.
Yes Michael, I am, will you accept me as the fourth?
Michael looked first at Liz, there he saw love, her love for Max which was undeniable, but also her love for him, for Isabel, for their people and their home, he saw trust and loyalty. His eyes switched to Max, he looked different although he’d stayed the same, Michael now saw a leader, no more doubts, no more regrets.
Yes, Michael replied truthfully, I accept you.
Isabel? Liz asked.
Isabel had seen exactly the same things as Michael, but there was something else, the moment Liz’s true identity was revealed, she had felt complete, like the last piece of the puzzle had fallen into place.
Yes, she smiled at Liz.
Done! Liz said with a note of finality, the circle is complete, we are one again.
Each of them felt her words and knew them to be true.
From now on there will be no more running, no more hiding, Liz turned to look out across the horizon,
It’s time to reclaim what is rightfully ours.
Michael felt the adrenalin course through his veins, finally they were going to do something, he was a soldier he preferred a straight fight to all this sneaking around.
Isabel heard Liz’s words and shuddered, she was afraid but she knew Liz was right, they couldn’t keep hiding forever, always being so guarded, always watching their backs, it they were ever going to be safe they had to fight back.
Max looked at all the faces he loved, he had accepted his destiny, he had rejected it before because ultimately it meant he couldn’t have Liz, or so he thought. But now with her at his side, her words set his blood on fire, they would fight to reclaim their birthright and he would return home with her.
Max looked up at the sky which had turned dark and foreboding, lightening streaked across the inky blackness and the air was charged with electricity mirroring their mood.
There’s a storm coming, Max said still looking at the fierce sky.
Yes, said Liz, one hell of a storm is coming,
She looked to Max….. And you are going to lead it.

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