Max was in his room his parents have gone and Max wasn’t very happy considering his wife has just killed one of his friend who happens to be his sister boyfriend. Max was furious he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to live a happy ever after with Liz but that wasn’t going to happen. All he ever wanted was Liz he didn’t wanted to be the King of an alien planet. He didn’t want to have a wife who just happen to betray him and leave to alien planet with his unborn child no he didn’t want any of these problem all he wanted was Liz.

For a second there was a knock at the door Max turn to see his sister Isabel who seems to be in a nice mood.

Isabel. Mom and Dad haven’t been home so we are ok they haven’t seen the tape yet

Max. Good

Isabel looked at his brother who happens to be in his bed trying to figure things out.

Isabel. Max I am going to college I am leaving Roswell

Max looked at her and responded

Max. Good

Isabel was taken back at what Max had just said she thought she heard him wrong but she could tell by his Max face he was trying to tell her leave this entire alien shit behind to leave Roswell

Isabel. Max did I hear you right you want me to leave Roswell that what you just said

Max. Yeh that’s what I said Isabel leave Roswell this town has nothing but problems. I am also going to leave Roswell; I need to get out of this stupid town

Isabel. You want to leave Roswell you wants to get rid of your problems

Max. It’s what I need Isabel

Isabel. Where are you going to go Max

Max. I got into the college I was talking to you about

Isabel was taken back again and a thousand question came to her mind but before she
could ask Max responed

Max. Since me and Liz broke up I being spending some of my time on studies. I got into College I wanted you to show off to Mum and Dad before I did.

Isabel a little angry at her brother looked at him and knew he was telling the truth
Max always seem to surprise her for some reason. She knew he hasn’t shown his
grades to his parents. He was telling the truth

Isabel. You are serious what about Liz

Max. I scwed up her life and I don’t think she could forgive for what I have done.

Liz. Liz is Liz she was made to be with you. you are soul mates. She angry now but in time you two will end up together I am sure of it

Max. No we won’t I screwed up her life and broke her heart we were never meant to be together. She knew that when she learn who I was I should of listen to her let her have a normal life.

Max gets up from his bed which he has been laying in for ages and move towards Isabel

Max. I got a lesson with her tomorrow

Isabel. So what are you going to tell her?

The next day in class

The next day Liz was sitting in her desk for the last lesson of this year she hasn’t seen Max all day perhaps he might not show up she thought but Max just came in and didn’t even look at Liz. He sat down next to and kept his focus on the teacher lecture about what the future holds Max mind wonder what will he do next year what would become of him in the future. Liz constantly looked at Max she didn’t know what to do a part of her wanted to run and never see him ever again and the other to kiss him and until she died. After the lesson ended Liz decide to move as quickly as she could but notice Max was gone already. She decided enough Max can’t treat her like this she went straight into Max locker where Max was getting rid of all the stuff he left their. Liz came up to him and said

Liz. We need to talk Max

Max. What about

Liz started to become very angry at Max ignorance

Liz. About Tess

Max. When

Liz. After I finish work 7:30

Max. OK

Liz walked off and Max looked on thinking he has to see Liz one last time before he goes. Max owed Liz at least one last explanation before they went their separate ways.

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