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And So We Meet Again

Author: Liz (aka CanadianRoswellian)
Rating: R
Couple: All (but mostly of M/L)
Summery: This story is AU. Max, Isabel and Michael are aliens but they haven't told anyone their secret. Max is secretly in love with Liz. He has never told her, and they are graduating from high school...Blah, blah, blah its a lot better than it sounds.
Disclaimer: Its not mine. I want Alex though, since hes dead on the show. Alright?

Chapter One

Laughs and screams sounded throughout the halls of West Roswell High School. The hallways were packed full of emotional, yet excited, students. Hugging and kissing, crying and laughing. The last day of school. The most looked forward day of the year for students. Except maybe the seniors. The last day of school was a bittersweet occasion for the seniors. It was more than leaving an educational institution. It was leaving a second home. A place where they had discovered and experienced much of what they knew of the world. Whether they liked to admit it or not. Day by day, month by month, year by year they dragged themselves out of bed in the morning to attend. They'd made friends and enemies, fell in love and had their hearts stomped out. The memories would live on forever, friendships would stand the test of time, and in their hearts there's a small part yearning to be a student forever.

Max Evans smiled sardonically at the chaos around him. He watched instead of participating. Sure, he'd been raised with these people, and had spent all his due time in this school. But he felt no sadness in leaving. He was virtually a loner, by choice. All he had was his best friend Michael Guerin, a tough say-what-he-thinks kind of guy, and his sister Isabel, the social butterfly of WRHS. Isabel Evans was to his left, shoving her yearbook in some jock's arms. Michael hadn't even bother coming to school that day. No point, he had said. He'd barely graduated anyway. If it hadn't been for Max's tutoring Michael would have had to repeat the grade, due to lack of attendance.

Max wouldn't even have them if it hadn't been for the secret they'd had. The reason why he'd been so secluded, and closed off to other humans. That was just it. He wasn't human. Neither were Isabel or Michael. They'd crashed onto Earth in 1947, hidden away in a cave in the desert. When they had burst through their incubation pods it was 1989, and they appeared to be 6 years old.

Naked, and hungry Max and Isabel were discovered near Highway 285, by a young couple, Philip and Diane Evans. They were unable to have children, and instantly fell in love with the children. Though they had known no English, had no names, the Evans' had fought so hard to keep them. Philip, a lawyer, had used everything in his power to allow for adoption. And then one day it happened. They were brought into a loving home, and never let go. But their adoptive parents didn't even know their secret. No one did.

Michael hadn't been so lucky. He'd left Isabel and Max, uninterested, or maybe afraid. He'd been found near Pullman Ranch by a rancher. He'd automatically been placed in the system, given a name by one of the case workers and eventually adopted when he was 10 by a man named Hank. Hank lived in a trailer park at the edge of Roswell. An alcoholic, and pure white trash. He worked in the soap factory, and beat Michael on a regular basis. That is, until 2 years ago he'd asked Mr. Evans to help him get emancipated after one beating too many, and now Michael lived in a small apartment near downtown Roswell.

No, Max would not miss this. And then he heard it, laughter behind him. The distinct laughter that he knew. It was a vivid sound in his head. This laughter belonged to one Liz Parker. She was the one sole reason Max Evans was sad to be leaving. Liz and Max had been friends-no. Not friends, acquaintances for years. They'd been paired up as lab partners in 9th grade, and since then every year they'd tried to get matched up. They worked well together, is what the teachers had said. And it was true...They were great together. Liz was a science fanatic. She could list off the periodic table, no sweat, and loved all the little experiments that Ms. Hardy challenged them to. Not to mention she had a 4.0 grade average, and was totally beautiful. She had long, chocolate brown hair, and eyes to match. And Max was completely and totally, one hundred percent in love with her.

He'd been in love with her since the first time he'd laid eyes on her. Cheesy, yes, but true. They'd been in 3rd grade, and it had been his first day of school. He was stepping off the big yellow school bus with Isabel, and there she was. Playing with a little blond girl. His heart had tugged, and stomach twisted. And he knew that he needed to meet that girl. But Max was so shy. And he'd never told her. Never mentioned anything to her about his so-not-platonic feelings. And it was almost too late. They were going to graduate, and he was going to be ripped away from her. His dream girl.

He turned around, and saw just as he thought. Liz was standing behind him talking to her best friend, Maria DeLuca. Maria had long curly hair which was a sandy blond, hazel eyes and was friendly to anyone and everyone. But the one person she could not stand was his best friend. Maria and Michael had known each other forever, and Max knew that there was an attraction between then. Unfortunately, both were stubborn and unable to get over their hostility, so the two barely talked. And when they did talk, all they did was bicker and taunt each other. It started so long ago, and had only gotten worse after they'd been paired up on a school assignment back in sophomore year. Since then, there was no niceness between the two. They'd become sparring partners.

He must have been staring or something because Liz's eyes rose to him, "Hi Max."

He felt dorky, and he knew a big doofy grin came to his face. Idiot! He chided himself. "Hey Liz," he replied, then looked at her friend, "Maria."

Liz held out her yearbook. "Would you sign mine?" she asked, and he took it, agreeing. "I'll sign yours too." She gently removed his book from his arms, and flipped open the book. She leaned against the locker and started to sign it.

"So Max, where's your delinquent friend? Don't tell me he got busted and taken to juvie," Maria asked nonchalantly. "I mean, the guy could show up for the last day of school."

There was that spark in her eyes. The one that she tried so hard to hide. "He said he wasn't feeling well, or something. You know Michael."

"That I do," she agreed. Liz capped her silver glittery pen, and passed the book to Maria.

"You sign it too," she told her. Then she looked up at Max. "Are you done with mine?"

He hadn't written anything. Oh God. "N-no," he stammered. "Uh, just give me a second, and then I'll be." He fished a pen out of his jeans pocket, and desperately thought about what to write. Anything. Anything at all. You could tell, her Maxwell. It wasn't his voice in his head which said that. It was Michael's. They'd had this discussion. It was during one of those many frequent visits to the Crashdown, basically so Max could see Liz when it wasn't during school. Liz waitressed at the Crashdown, an alien themed restaurant that her parents owned. Max would visit almost everyday to catch a glimpse of her. She wore a tight hospital green dressed, which hugged her in all the right places, and cute little antennae. He was going to miss the Crashdown when he was gone.

Think, dammit! His brain commanded him to write something, anything. Anything but telling her. He was not going to confess his love for her in a yearbook. There's no way. He would die before doing that.

Liz, you've been an excellent lab partner. I'll miss seeing you at the Crashdown, and talking to you in science class. Congratulations on being the valedictorian, and good luck in the future. Have a nice summer!

There. He exhaled. That was safe...No indications. Nothing. Maria handed him his yearbook back, and he gave Liz hers. "Thanks, Max," she said, grinning.

Maria looked down at her watch, which was yellow and plastic. "Liz, babe, we gotta jet. Sorry Max." Maria smiled a knowing smile and winked at him. She knew. Max went 12 shades of red, and maybe even purple. How did she know? His stomach twisted.

Liz nodded, and then looked at Max apologetically. "We have to get to work," he nodded. "I'll see you around, Max."

He grinned. "Yeah. I'll see you later."

"Bye," Maria said, knowing that he'd probably be there later with jailbird-in-training, Guerin.

The girls turned to leave, walking down the hallway past fellow students. They chatted as they left. Then he saw Maria push Liz playfully, and Liz stopped walking. She turned around, and jogged back to him quickly. His eyes grew confused. "Liz?"

She smiled brightly, and stood on her tip-toes, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Have a nice summer, Max." She said in his ear, then pulled back. He saw her eyes were bright and brilliant, and her face was slightly tinted a faint red colour. She then turned, and ran back to Maria. Maria turned around as the walked, and gave him the thumbs-up signal. He shook his head slightly. That girl...

He had had Liz in his arms. She had smelled so good. He didn't know what it was, shampoo, soap, perfume? But it was so good. It was like strawberries chased with some other scent. Liz's scent. He'd smelled it before, but never so close to him as in a hug. What had possessed her to run back so suddenly and just hug him? It had been so random. Not that he was complaining, he definitely was not complaining. Thats all it could be called. It had felt so nice, so natural. A grin slowly reached all the way across his lips. "Have a nice summer, Liz," he mumbled to her, even though she'd already left, gone through the big double doors, out into the sunlight.

Chapter 2

He felt someone elbow him, and turned to Isabel, still with a big grin on his face. She smiled knowingly, shaking her long blond hair, her blue eyes bright with amusement. "Hey, stud. Looks like you're not so invisible to her after all."

"Shut up, Iz," he muttered, but he knew she was right. Maybe there was chance for him and Liz. But it had to be before August. In August he was leaving Roswell for University. Harvard University, that is. He'd gotten his acceptance letter months before. Isabel was headed to San Francisco, and Michael had opted for plain old University of New Mexico. Not that it was bad. U of NM was a great school, and Michael was actually accepted. Maybe he'd take higher learning a little more serious. And Max had heard that one Maria DeLuca happened to be attending the very same school.

"What'd she write?" Isabel asked nosily, and Max realized that he hadn't read it. He opened up the book, blocking it from his sisters view and found Liz's silver scrawled text. Neat little swirls and loops, it read:

I've seen you look at me, but you just looked away, maybe hoping I didn't realize? I've always wondered what you were thinking behind those mysterious eyes. I guess I'll never know. We've known each other forever, and never really became friends. I'm sorry for that, I would have liked it. Come talk to me sometime at the Crashdown, good luck in university!

Max's pulse quickened. Wow. So she had noticed him. Good going, Evans, he scolded himself. Let the girl know you're completely gone of her. But then again, maybe she'd just guessed? Because of what she wrote...That she'll never know. Maybe she would. Maybe if he went and talked to her, told her about how he felt...No. No...He couldn't. No way.

He saw another message on the nearly blank page. The pen was purple this time, a little messier, a little curvier. He recognized this as Maria's script.

Max, why don't you just go talk to her? She's leaving soon, and you need to tell her. I keep telling her, but she's in denial. Just tell her already! See you at the Crashdown, and have a rockin' summer!

So he was right. She did know. He bet the whole school knew. The whole universe. In denial? Did that mean that maybe, just maybe, Liz Parker liked him back? And that...She couldn't believe that HE, Max Evans, liked HER? The most wonderful girl in the world ? Wow. He'd never even considered that thought.

Max and Michael entered the Crashdown around dinner time. The place was packed, as usual. It was one of the regular hang-outs of the teens of Roswell, New Mexico. After all, in a town like Roswell, there's not much else to do. They had a mini-mall plaza sort of thing, a bowling alley, mini-golf a pizza place (which held karoake nights), and a video store, and then the UFO Museum and a dozen other alien establishments. Max worked at the UFO Museum, across the street from the Crashdown. He'd been hired there when he'd shown a lot of interest in alien mythology and such. The owner, Milton had believed that he had had an alien encounter. Of course, Milton was probably just having wishful thinking, little did he know, that he actually had. But not when he thought...Max was an alien, an alien working at the UFO Museum. How ironic. No one would know, it fit well in their "hide in plain site" scheme. Not that it was a scheme. They were just trying to stay alive, and have normal lives.

They had decided to put the "alien thing" on hold until after university. They wanted to be free, to live normal lives for a while. Well, as normal as you can get when you have alien powers. They would still see each other every chance they got, and Max knew that Michael would be looking. Michael longed to know who he was more than anyone. Probably since he had no family of his own. All he had was them. And Max knew how he felt, maybe he had parents, but he still felt the emptiness. In the 19 years that he had been alive, he had never once been discovered. No one had grown suspicious. He was thankful for that. It made it easier for him to feel normal, less like "that alien freak boy".

They sat in their regular booth, in Liz's section by the window. He sat on one side, Michael across from him, in silence. Max looked around the Crashdown, hoping to appear casual as his eyes darted around for Liz. Michael just stared lazily out the window. He saw Maria disappear into the back room, Liz in tow. He could only wonder what was going on in there.

"Liz, Max Evans is staring at you again," Maria announced.

Liz rolled her eyes. "Maria, that is so your imagination," she muttered for the millionth time. "Max and I are friends...I mean we-" She stopped at Maria's skeptical gaze. "Come on! We are."

"Oh, right, that hug was completely platonic, no ulterior motive."

"Maria! Of course not...We just, we might not see each other for a while, because I'm going away, and then to college. We might not see each other again! And he's really nice." Liz explained quickly. Sure he was tall, dark and gorgeous....But no, no that had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. Though she had loved the feel of those muscular arms around her, and the scent of his aftershave. She could almost even smell it now.

Maria nodded. "Right. Liz, look at me." Liz groaned, and Maria turned Liz's face to face her own. "I am your best friend. I've known you forever. And that guy, he has the biggest thing for you. I don't see how you can deny it!"

"Who has the biggest thing for her?" Alex Whitman's voice asked, announcing his arrival. He was tall, with a lanky body, and dark brown hair. He also had to be the funniest and kindest guy in the world.

"Max Evans," Maria announced. "He loooooves her," she mocked.

Alex's eyes twinkled. "Evans? Of course he does. Since when is that news?"

Liz slumped in a chair. "It is to me. Since when? And why?"

Maria took a lock of her best friend's hair, and started to braid the long dark pieces. "Forever. I can't believe you actually are coming to your senses. Babe, the way he looks at you...Wow. It's so intense." Alex nodded in agreement, sipping on his Alien Blast.

"You remember sophomore year? When you two were paired up again? Well, thats because he secretly asked Pam Troy to switch with him so that he could be with you." Alex mumbled, half drinking half talking. "Everyone's been wondering how long it would be until you two got together. Hell, I've got this bet going...So you really better not let me down," he wiggled his eyebrows mischievously.

Liz punched Alex in the arm playfully. "Max and I...are just friends. I mean, I obviously can't change anything now anyway. I'm leaving in a few days!"

Maria's eyes turned sad for a moment. "God..." she breathed. "I can't believe it."

Liz nodded. "I know. I mean, our lives...We've just started a brand new chapter. It's scary." She rested her chin on Alex's head.

"It's depressing," he agreed. Then he turned around to face the girls ,"but tonight we're going to have an amazing time at the big shindig!"

Maria's eyes brightened. "He's right, you know. No more moping, we're going to have as much fun as humanly possible. Maybe even more." She snatched Liz's hand and dragged her to the teal coloured double doors. "Look," she motioned, and Liz gazed out the diamond shaped window. "Go invite Max to the party. just never know what’s going happen."

"Maria..." Liz said raising her eyebrows.

"Please? Do it for me?" She pleaded. Alex got up from his chair, and wrapped a protective arm around his two favourite girls.

"And me?" He added.

"Fine," Liz agreed, defeated. She never really could say no to those two. She was just an old softy when it came to them.

"Good," Alex said, and pushed her through the doors.

Max watched as Liz stumbled out of the back room, back into the café. She hesitated, glancing back at the doors for a moment, almost unsurely, then resuming her walk over to their booth. His stomach tightened in a knot as she approached them.

"Hey Max, Michael," she said cheerfully, a smile across her face. She pulled out an order pad from the silvery alien face apron, and a silver pen with a green alien head atop it. "What can I get you guys?"

"Cherry coke," Michael said, making it sound more like a demand. Max felt embarrassed to be in his friends company at the moment. Michael had absolutely no manners, but at least he was a little better to Liz than to Maria.

"Uh, make that two," Max said, smiling at her apologetically.

"Sure," she nodded. "Uh, so I was wondering..." She paused, "I'm having this party here later. For all the seniors, and the Crashdown is closing early and everything. My parents have this wedding they had to go to, so it's going to be a lot of fun. So, if you want, maybe, you might want to come?"

Max thought it over. His first instinct was to immediately agree, gushing about how he absolutely would love to come, and maybe she would like some help in preparing for it? But then he decided to play it cool, and think. After all, parties weren't really his scene. He preferred to be a loner. But this was Liz. This was not a time to be stupid. "Uh, yeah...I might be able to make it." He looked at Michael, who was looking bored. "Michael?"

His friend shrugged nonchalantly. "Whatever," he offered. Max guessed that was probably his way of saying that if Max went, he went. After all, Michael was in no way a party guy either.

"Great!" Liz beamed. "Maria is going to be performing with Alex's band, and everyone is going to be there. It's my last night in Roswell, so they convinced me it would be a great way to go," she explained.

Michael gave her a cool glance. "Thats nice," he said flatly.

Liz took the hint. "I'll be right back with your drinks."

"You're not serious about going, are you Maxwell?" Michael asked once she was out of earshot.

"I don't know. After all, it is her last night, and we'll most likely never see these people ever again," Max said lamely. "It might be fun."

Michael snorted. "This obsession of yours is so junior high school, Maxwell. You don't even cover it up well anymore."

A stricken look crossed Max's face. He chided himself again. God...He was right. Everyone knew about it, and only now was anyone mentioning it. He'd always thought it was only Isabel who knew, because she'd dream-walked him a few years ago, while he was having a dream about Liz. She'd sworn she'd never tell a soul. But he knew that smile on her lips, secret and amused. He'd known with just a little push she might reveal it all, causing him to be the gossip of the day, and alerting Liz of his feelings for her.

"So are we going, or what?"

"We're going," Max decided. He didn't know what he was going to do, but he knew he had to see her one last time.

Chapter 3

Maria rubbed her lips together smudging the pinkish coloured lipstick on both halves of her lips to even out. Then she put a shiny gloss over top. "So he said he was coming?"

"Yes, Maria, he's coming," Liz assured him for the millionth time. "Max is coming and so is Michael. Max said he'd bring Isabel too, even though I doubt she'd miss it for anything in the world."

Maria nodded. "Oh yeah, I know what you mean. That girl dates more than my mother."

Liz giggled. "Oh come on, your mom doesn't date much anymore. Besides, she seems to really like the Sheriff."

"Yeah..." Maria took a long straight piece of Liz's hair and wrapped a medium sized barrel curling iron around it. "What if she and him, like, got married or something? Then I would be siblings with...Kyle Valenti." She wrinkled her nose distastefully.

"Wow," Liz agreed. "But Kyle's pretty cool, now that he found Buddah and stuff. But I mean, if this would have happened a few years ago I would have really pitied you."

"And you're the one who dated him!" Maria cried, letting the brown curl fall loosely from the iron. Then she selected another section of hair, repeating the motion. She was almost done with Liz's hair, and they still had an hour to go. "But yeah, it might actually be okay, I guess. And Jim isn't as bad as I thought he would be. He's actually my favourite out of all the guys." She let the curl fall, selecting another.

"When's Alex getting here?"

Maria checked her watch, "about 10 minutes, we still have some time, babe," she assured Liz, letting the last curl fall. "And you look absolutely gorgeous."

Liz stepped in front of her full length mirror, gazing hardly at herself. Maria had done a beautiful job with her hair. The soft brown curls cascaded softly onto her shoulders, complementing the outfit she had chosen, a knee-length dark denim skirt and a burgundy sleeveless top. She had to admit she looked good.

Liz bit her lip softly. This was going to be the best night of her life...

Liz stole another glance at the doorway. The Crashdown was packed with pretty much the entire senior class in attendance. Loud music pulsed through the room along with shouts of conversations, laughter and just about everything else. Liz was surrounded by rivals, friends and people she didn't even know. It was pure unadulterated chaos. There were people dancing, drinking and talking. There were even some couples who were making out right there in the middle of the room, or in more secluded corners.

It was 10:30, and Max had not arrived yet. Liz knew that Isabel liked to make a late entrance, and it wasn't even that late yet, but she was uneasy. What if they just decided not to show? This was the last chance she would have to see him before she left for Florida. Dammit, why had she even agreed to go see her Aunt? Its not as though she hadn't seen her every single summer for the month of July since she was a baby. But thats just it, it was tradition, one which should not be broken. And this was the last summer of normalcy, of her life as a teenager. Next summer she would be more or less an adult, a college student studying to be a molecular biologist. Dammit, where was he?

And suddenly he was there, walking into the place with an uneasy look upon his face. To everyone but to her he seemed invisible compared to Isabel who breezed into the room as if she owned the party, chatting briefly with people, and smiling a hundred watt smile. Afterwards a very begrudge looking Michael strolled in, unnoticed by everyone.

Liz didn't know how she would go about talking to Max. She saw him settle into a cozy spot by the brightly painted wall-mural, looking as if he very much wanted to fade right into it. She picked up her drink, and slowly made her way over to him.

What was she to say? What was she to do? She had made up her mind to just go ahead and tell him how she felt tonight. And what happens will happen. After all, if he recoiled in disgust she'd never have to deal with him again anyway, right? Max wasn't like that anyway...She knew he'd let her down easy. That was one of the things she loved about Max. That gentle way about him. But how was she supposed to start a conversation? Just go up to him and say 'hey Max'? Or...Wait. She had seen something in a movie once. Something that might just do the trick. And that way, she might be able to get him alone with her as well...

Liz smiled a little more assuringly, coaching herself that she could do it. She approached him, and he still didn't see her coming. She could see his eyes swimming through the room, looking for something. What? She didn't know.

Slowly and easily Liz tripped, knocking into him, causing her drink to spill all over his chest and arm. He looked up, alarmed, but his face softened when he saw it was her. "Oh my god, I'm sorry Max!" Liz cried.

She couldn't believe she had just done that. Why wasn't she normal? Why didn't she just pull him aside and talk to him like any other person would do? But, oh no. She had to pull the old 'spilling on the shirt' excuse! Good job, Parker.

Liz set her drink down, and snatched some napkins from a counter top. She started to try to blot out the cola stain. Max found himself grinning at her crazily. He took her hand in his, extracting the napkins from her fingers. "It's okay, Liz," he assured. "I'll just go home and change."

Liz shook her head. No! He couldn't leave, not yet. She had to stop him, she wanted to tell him everything...If he went she wouldn't have the chance. "No, Max, you just got here...Just--Look, my house is upstairs. You can get cleaned up, and I'll find something for you to change into."

"Liz, it's okay. I'll just-"

"I insist," she persuaded. "This is the senior party. A once in a lifetime deal. Besides, it's all my fault for bumping into you."

Her eyes pleaded with him, it didn't take much persistence in her part to get him to agree. Of course, Max knew that with a wave of his hand the shirt would be perfectly dry and clean again. But Liz didn't, and there was absolutely no way he was going to get out of this. In his experience, he'd known that Liz usually got her way one way or another. "Alright," he submitted.

Liz grinned brightly, and took his arm, leading him through the party, towards the back room. She could feel Maria's eyes on her and Max as they past, and caught the knowing smile her girlfriend had on her lips from the corner of her eye. She nibbled at her lower lip, then looked up at Max. "You know what Max? Just go on upstairs, it's unlocked. I've got to talk to Maria for a moment, so I'll be right up, okay?" She offered apologetically.

Max nodded, "Sure." Then he disappeared through the big green double doors, but not before casting one last longing look over his shoulder at Liz.

Liz slumped down in one of the turquoise stools beside Maria, who was choking on her drink through her laughter. "You are so bad, girl!" She exploded, in a fit of giggles.

"It's not like that, Maria. I spilled on him, and it's just not fair to him to have to miss the party."

"Please," Maria coughed again, her taunting smile growing even bitter. "Babe, I know you. Like you're not hoping that something happens up there in that apartment...All alone, you and Max..."

Liz started to protest, but then closed her mouth, a look of submission flickering across her face. "Well, if something does happen, not that it will, it's going to be unintentional."

"Oh!" Maria cried. "You admit it! You're going to try to seduce Max Evans!"

Liz's eyes grew wide and she shook her head, the brown curls shaking. "No." She glanced at Maria again who looked skeptically amused. "No! Maria, I....I just want to talk to him. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing can happen. You know I'm leaving in two days."

Maria giggled again. "Your point being?"

"Maria!" Liz heard Alex yell from the make-shift stage. Maria looked over her shoulder at her best boy bud. "We're on!" He called, and she nodded at him.

Maria stood, taking Liz's hands and bringing her up with her. "Go get him, you vixen!" She said, pushing Liz towards the door. Then Maria let out a whoop, and joined Alex and the rest of the band.

Liz found herself biting her lip again nervously, and picked up the drink Maria had left on the counter. She brought it to her lips, and took a small gulp. The strong taste of alcohol flooded her mouth, and something else she couldn't quite put her finger on. Liz wasn't really a big drinker, but she thought that maybe it might ease her nerves. After all, it wasn't everyday you told a guy you have this intense crush on him. She smoothed out her skirt, and gave a heavy sigh. Then she downed the rest of the drink, tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear and headed through the double doors to join Max.

Chapter 4

"Where the hell is Maxwell going?" Michael yelled over the loud music to Isabel. He had seen his best friend leave, and then followed by that Liz Parker.

Isabel shrugged nonchalantly, basically ignoring Michael. She was too busy looking up at Alex Whitman, who was playing his bass expertly. She hadn't noticed how sexy Alex really was. She'd always thought he was cute...In a little boy kind of way. But seeing him up on stage, with that guitar, and the skilled way he played, it just awoke something in her. His band, The Whits was fronted by that blond girl from her English class, Mary-something. She had a reasonable voice. But Isabel’s attention was mostly focused on Alex.

As Alex played, he seemed to be smiling down at her. She returned his grin, giving her a dazzling patent Isabel-smile. The one that drove all the guys wild. Alex gave her a quick, playful wink then turned his attention back to the bass. She felt her stomach toss in a way she had never felt it turn before.

"Isabel, he went back there with Liz," Michael's voice obnoxiously burst in again.

Isabel tore her eyes off Alex, and turned to Michael. "God, Michael. Max is just trying to have a little fun, something that you seem to have never heard of!" She cried her voice laced with irritation. "He's leaving soon, and then he'll probably never see her again. I say let them go at it finally so we can stop watching him moon over her for the rest of his life."

"What if he tells her?" Michael snapped right back, running a hand absently through his spiky hair. Didn't Isabel care? Didn't she know what kind of danger Maxwell could be putting them in?

"Please," she sighed. "Max isn't an idiot." She pushed Michael towards the booths behind him. "Go have fun or something. Be normal."

"Whatever," he growled. Normal, what an oxymoron. She was right...He shouldn't be worried. It's just that he had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Maybe he was just over-reacting like Izzy had said. But how the hell was he supposed to have fun here? Surrounded by a group of drunk teens he didn't even care to associate with ever again.

Michael collapsed into one of booths, staring up at the band. Maria was singing a song he had never heard softly. Usually he only listened to bands like Metallica, the hard stuff. This music was soft and pretty, and it seemed to lull his bad mood a bit. Not that he would ever admit that to anyone. Now, he wasn't an expert on music, but he knew that she was talented. And the rest of her wasn't bad either.

He shook his head. No. No, this was Maria. Maria who he had known and hated ever since he could remember. Maria who he had spilled his guts to on that stupid assignment for history class. After that incident in sophomore year, he'd avoided her as much as possible. It was so embarrassing for him to have someone know all about his life. Well, not all about it-but enough to know that it was too much. And what's worse was that she gave a damn. He knew she cared, the look in her eyes that day...Well, he didn't want to think about it. But he couldn't help notice how those denim capris tightly hugged her curves perfectly, and how the airy white tank top revealed her small waist. No...He scolded himself again. Think mud.

Michael's eyes were glued to the table, but he could hear her. He could hear the perfect notes coming out of her perfect mouth...God. It would take more restraint than he had to stop thinking about her at that moment. So he let himself go. After all, Isabel had said to have fun. His eyes returned to Maria onstage.

Max closed the wood door behind him. He drunk in the Parker's apartment. This was where Liz lived. He was in awe. It was styled expertly in a cottage-like decor. It wasn't exactly tidy, nor was it messy. There were a few cluttered objects, but nothing seriously out of place. It looked warm, and inviting. Lived in. And he knew this place was just perfect for Liz. Exactly her style.

He wasn't sure what to do. Should he just go in, or just wait at the door until she came? Who knew how long until she would come up? He slipped off his shoes, making his decision. Max stepped into the living room ,exploring it. He ran his hands over the dark blue overstuffed couch. He noticed a large screen tv, and a glass coffee table.

Max followed the carpeted hallway down into the bedrooms. There were three bedrooms, one guest, one for the Parker's and the other was Liz's. Then there was a bathroom. The guest bedroom was painted a cheery blue with a yellow comforter. It was mostly plain, and he suspected that the Parker's didn't have many guests stay with them. Nancy and Jeff's bedroom was a contrast. The comforter on the massive king size bed was a deep forest green. The walk-in closet had sliding mirrored doors and a small window on the opposite side of the door. He closed the door once again, then turned to Liz's bedroom, adjacent from the Parker's.

As soon as he opened the door he could smell her perfume. It was...delicious. It was Liz. He walked into the medium-sized room and then stopped hesitantly, casting a gaze over his shoulder. Then he entered the room completely, enjoying the scent fully and scanning her belongings.

Pictures of Liz and her family and friends were scattered on her desktop. Some framed, and some just thrown down on there. A laptop sat in the middle of the desk. He trailed his hands down the brick wall, and peered into her closet briefly to see her clothes. There was a widow, leading out to a rather large balcony. Scattered on the balcony were numerous candles, some half burnt. There were a few cds beside a boombox and two lawn chairs. Max could only assume that Liz spent a lot of time out there, probably when she wanted to get away from everything. It was like the pod chamber for him. Whenever he felt lost, or sad or confused he would go to the chamber and sort out everything.

He diverted his attention back to her desk, looking closer at the pictures. He picked up one in a frame. The picture was of Liz, Alex and Maria. The girls were in their Crashdown uniforms, and they looked as though they were laughing. Liz looked so beautiful when she's happy, he thought silently. He replaced the photo where it had come from, and then picked up a pot of lip gloss, unscrewing the top. It was a swirly mixture of pinks, slightly shimmery. He brought the pot to his nose to smell it. It smelled like-

"Strawberry," Liz's voice broke his thoughts. Oh god, he panicked. His heart pounded almost unnaturally, and he could taste the bile rising in his throat. Max knew that his face was bright red. Liz was standing in the doorway, her head rested on the frame. "Would you like to try it on, Max?" Her tone serious.

His eyes widened as he slammed it down on the counter, still open. A wide grin broke out on her face as she laughed. Liz quickly covered her mouth with her hand. "I'm sorry," he said quickly. He still had that 'deer caught in headlights' look plastered upon his face, which only made Liz laugh harder.

She walked over to him, her laughter subsiding. Max watched her come over, a serious look replacing the teasing one, their eyes meeting, and for one startling moment he thought that maybe she was going to kiss him. He inhaled deeply. Instead, she picked up the lip gloss pot and rescrewed the cap on. "It's okay, I told you to make yourself comfortable."

Liz pointed to a door to his right which he hadn't noticed before. "The bathroom's right in there, so you can clean yourself up," she instructed.

He nodded. "Thanks."

"Give me your shirt, so I can throw it in the wash. I'll get something for you to wear."

He nodded again, and slipped the black t-shirt he wore over his head. Liz gasped when she saw him shirtless, grabbing onto the desk to steady herself. She felt herself barreled with emotions. And the most dominant of the emotions seemed to be good old lust. If Liz hadn't had a crush on him before, than she most definitely would now. She knew she was staring but she couldn't help it. Max was muscular, she'd known that by his biceps, but now that she got such a good look...She couldn't tare her eyes away.

Somehow Liz ripped her eyes away, taking the shirt from his outstretched hands. She let out a deep sigh, which she prayed that he hadn't heard. "I, uh-" She cleared her throat uncertainly. She was red and flustered. "A-Alex left a shirt here a while ago, it might fit you...But he's obviously not as, you know, as bui..." Her voice trailed off, as she looked up at him again. A deep flush covered her face. She couldn't bear looking at him. She turned away from him, "I-I'll go get it," she said quickly, leaving the bedroom.

Max had seen the way she was acting. He had seen the familiar look of lust in her eyes. Except it was familiar because thats the way he looked when he saw her...Never when she saw him. Only in Max's wildest dreams did Liz look at him that way. This was completely...unbelievable. Maybe Liz did have some interest in him after all.

Max walked towards the door, peering out to see Liz was no where in sight. Then he waved his hand over his arm, removing any stickiness or residue of the drink which had recently been spilled on him. Then he went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him, and locking it as he turned on the taps at the sink. He needed her to think that he was washing himself off.

Liz's bathroom was basically plain. The walls were a cream colour much like her parents bedroom, and the shower had a burgundy shower curtain which reminded him of her bedspread. He picked up a bottle of a brand he didn't recognize. Max opened the cap and drank in the smell. It defiantly smelled like Liz. It was strawberry scented, mixed with something else...He wasn't sure what. But it was Liz...He picked up some purple soap which was on a little green chain. Leave it to Liz to have cute shower accessories. He reached for the cabinet over the sink, but a knock on the door stopped him.

"Max," Liz called from outside. He opened the door and stepped out. He noticed that Liz was careful to divert her eyes this time. She held two shirts. One was a white and green plaid button-up and one was a smaller gray t-shirt. "The, uh, shirt is Alex's. I'm not sure if it would fit you," she bit her lip. He loved it when she did that. She looked so sexy. "The other is my dad's. He won't mind, don't worry."

Max nodded, taking the button-up from her, and putting it on. "Thanks."

"It's the least I could do," she replied, smiling, and let out a soft chuckle.

There was an awkward pause, and Max noticed Liz was knawing on her lip again. What was she so nervous about? He wondered, not daring to ask. He was nervous too. After all, he was in Liz's bedroom, with no one home. Not that...he would ever take advantage of such a situation. He wasn't like that. "So thanks for coming to the party," she finally said.

"Isabel dragged me and Michael here," he admitted. Liz laughed.

"Yeah, you don't really seem like a party animal." Max had to laugh too. "I just can't believe that we're done. You know?" She walked out of the room, and Max decided that meant that she wanted him to follow her. "High school is over," she continued. "That's how Maria and Alex got me to throw this party. They know I'm leaving soon, so they convinced me a big bash is the way to go."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," he agreed, as they walked into the kitchen.

Liz hoisted herself up on the counter beside the kitchen sink. "So I'm taking my friend's advice," she started. "Tonight is a night for celebration," she paused. "Do you want to celebrate with me Max?"

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Chapter 5

Max wasn't sure where this was headed. He just nodded in agreement, a little confused. "Sure..."

Liz grinned, and pulled out a bottle of champagne from behind her back and then opened the cupboard beside her head, "Will you get two glasses, Max?" She asked him.

He took two down, and then closed it again, setting the glasses down on the counter. Max decided that drinking a little wouldn't hurt, even though he'd never had alcohol before. She was right, after all. It was celebration time, and there's no other person in the world that he would rather be with at that moment. She giggled, and tried to open the bottle with the cork-screw. "This is left over from New Years," Liz explained. "I took it for tonight. I wanted to share it with someone who I cared about."

Max's heart skipped a beat. Wait...Did she just say what he thought she has said? He noticed that she was having trouble popping the cork off. He took it out of her hands, feeling the tingles shoot through him as their fingers touched. He effortlessly uncorked the bottle, and the champagne flowed out, spilling onto the floor, and all over them. Liz tried to catch some in her mouth and he laughed as she drank up some coming from the bottle.

She giggled again, and Max's eyebrows knit together. "How much have you had to drink tonight, Liz?" He asked carefully.

"Just a few sips downstairs," she assured him. Liz didn't want to tell him that after the incident in her bed room she had gone into her fridge and gotten some kind of drink she didn't recognize. And then she had drank Maria's drink and one before that. Okay, so maybe she was just a little drunk. She didn't have much experience with the stuff...So it was easy to accomplish. It only made it easier for her to confess how she really felt to Max. She wasn't drunk enough not to know what she was doing.

Max nodded, and poured the drink into the two glasses. He handed one to her, and set the bottle down beside Liz on the counter. "Okay," he smiled.

She nodded back at him. "Okay," she raised her glass formally, holding in a bout of giggles as Max mimicked her with his glass. "To the future," she announced.

"The future," he echoed, and they clinked their glasses together. They both downed the champagne in one long gulp.

Max felt...woozy. He stumbled a step forward, in between Liz's legs, placing one hand on her thigh to steady himself and resting his head on her shoulder. He laughed chuckled to himself.

"M-Max," she said laughing. "I gotta tell you..." she gasped. "I've been in love with you since the ninth grade," she admitted, leaning an arm on his shoulder, while his head still rested on hers.

This set Max off in a fit of laughter as a lovesick expression graced his face. "Really?" He said, running his hands down her back.

Liz nodded, importantly. "Yeah," she said. Max moved his mouth towards her flesh, kissing her neck. "I," she said distractedly as he kissed his way up her neck. "Was supposed to tell you tonight." She undid the first button of the plaid shirt she had leant him as kissed at the hollow of her throat. "An..." she giggled. "And when I saw you without your shirt, I had a few more drinks."

Max laughed drunkenly. What he was doing is what he'd always longed to do. This was a dream come true. She undid another button of his shirt, and another, kissing her way down his chest. He knew she was laughing with him, he could feel her lips vibrating against his bare chest. Max didn't know why he felt so light...and unsteady, he'd only had one drink. It didn't matter to him, as long as whatever Liz was doing she didn't stop. Liz's arms snaked up under his shirt, helping him out of it. It dropped to the floor, and Liz looked down at it, almost realizing exactly what she was doing through her drunkenness.

Max took his index finger under her chin and raised her face up to his, then his lips crashed down on hers. Never had Liz felt that sort of passion, drunk or sober. Max's hands ran through her long hair as she ran hers up and down his bare back. She moaned softly against his mouth, their tongues dueling with each other.

Max attacked the flesh on her throat, his hands on the small of her back. "Max," she gasped, grabbing onto his hair urgently. He kissed at her throat ravenously, biting at the skin lightly, as she latched her legs around his torso. He picked her up against him, and they stumbled out of the kitchen, their lips and hands exploring exploring each other hungrily.

"The bedroom," she moaned to him against his lips, and he nodded. She nibbled at his ear while he fumbled with the doorknob, and finally dumped her down on the bed. Then he closed the door, and attacked her on the bed, his mouth on hers once again. Their tongues entwined, bodies tangled. He pulled down one strap of her tank top, kissing the skin where the strap had lay, then repeating the same with the other. "Max," she sighed again in ecstasy.

"Liz," he groaned back as she ran her hands down his back desperately. He pulled at her shirt, and she wriggled out of it. And she lay before him, the only thing separating them was her lacy black bra.

"Don't stop, Max," she gasped. He mumbled his agreement against her lips.

"Oh my God!" Came a squeal from the doorway, and Liz quickly tore her lips away from Max, casting a startled gaze towards her bedroom door. Maria. Her best friend stood in the doorway looking, flustered, a hint of red dotting her skin tone.

Liz looked up at Max who still lay on top of her, crushing her body down on the soft bed, covering her half naked state. He was breathing heavily, she could feel the slow rhythm of his breathing on top of her. She could also feel his heartbeat which was racing at an amazing rate. He look into her eyes, and they both burst out laughing.

Chapter 6

"Liz?" Maria gasped, unable to stop herself from gaping at the sight she was witnessing. Max Evans, shy all-American kind of guy lying shirtless atop Liz, who also didn't seem to be wearing all that much. And they were...Laughing? Maria hadn't really assumed that Liz would actually try to seduce Max. Liz was always the smart one, the responsible one. The one who never took risks like this. That was Maria's job as the wacky best friend. But how could she be the wacky best friend when this situation was pretty whacked out already?

"Maria!" Liz giggled, beaming at her friend. "Hey!"

"Hi..." Maria said carefully. "I just came up to tell you how fun it was down there, but obviously you were having some fun of your own," her voice a little disapproving.

Liz sighed as Max kissed at her collarbone. "Yeah..." she said dreamily, running her hand down his strong back, giggling again.

Maria's face twisted into a look of disgust. "Oh God," she said again, this time muttering. Maria had three options, A) stand there and watch like a pervert as those two got off, B) Close the door and go back downstairs so Max and Liz could do the inevitable in peace, or C) Rip that boy off her friend before she did something that no doubt she'd regret later. Rational Liz would never do something like that. Rational Liz would regret that her first time was wasted on a drunken night with a guy she'd probably never see again.

"Okay, thats enough buddy," she said grasping Max's arm and almost effortlessly dragging him off Liz. It looked like Liz wasn't the only one hitting the bottle because he stumbled a little as he stood. "Liz, get your shirt on," she ordered.

Maria watched as Liz looked around the room as if it were a foreign place to her. "Where is it?" She said a little too loudly.

"In the kitchen," Max laughed. Maria didn't even want to know what had happened in there.

Liz stood woozily, stumbling forward right into Max's awaiting arms. They both let out chortles of laughter, as Maria intervened. "Whoa, back up, mister," she extracted Liz from him arms, and slid her arm between Liz's waist.

"Maria," Liz whined like a determined six year old, a pout on her lips. Maria picked out a shirt from Liz's closet, a sky blue blouse. Liz stood there, her arms dangling at her sides as Maria picked up one arm, moving the sleeve over it, and repeating the motions for the other. Then she buttoned up each button carefully. Max and Liz were giggling over something, and she just did not like the way he was looking at her. It was intense, yes, like before but now...Now there was something more. Like hunger, and lust. It was almost scary.

Maria linked arms with both of them, pulling them out of the bedroom, and down the hall to the kitchen. She pointed to the discarded clothing on the kitchen floor. "You," she said sternly to Max. "Shirt, now." He nodded in understanding, the swooped down to the floor, picking up Mr. Parker's shirt and putting it on. He did the buttons unevenly and all wrong, but Maria could care less. Those two were like dogs, and did not need eye candy at the moment, that would provoke them. They needed rest...or coffee or something.

"Stay here," she said, pushing Liz into a wooden chair at the kitchen table. "I'll be back soon." Liz gave her an over exaggerated nod, then glanced up at Max. "Sit."

"Nooo," Maria breathed, a whoosh of air coming from her mouth. "Max is going home so he can take a nice, long, cold shower."

"I am?" He slurred, and rubbed his eyes as his vision blurred. He stumbled a little even though he wasn't walking.

"Say goodbye to Max, Liz," Maria commanded.

"Bye, bye," she said lightly. Then Max leaned down and kissed her deeply.

"When the kiss broke, thanks to Maria once again-a 5 minute goodbye was long enough for god's sake-Max's eyes were alive with a passion. "I love you!" He announced, yelling it out for the world to hear, throwing his arms above his head.

"Love you," Liz nodded, her words slurred, and dizzy.

Maria shook her head, and peeled Max away from Liz, leading him towards the door. She turned once again, to look back at Liz. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Stay here."

"Okay!" Liz cried with such enthusiasm she could have been on the cheerleading squad.

Maria pushed Max down the stairway slowly, trying not to let him fall flat on his face. She would give him a lecture all about this incident later, when he was sober. Liz too. It was no use talking to anyone when they were drunk, and likely not even to remember anything at all the next morning.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs she took his hand and yanked him back into the party. She was hit by the impact all the noise, and the amount of people in the place. The crowd hadn't thinned out one bit. She looked around frantically for Isabel. Unsuccessful, she spotted Michael brooding in a booth close by.

"Great..." She muttered under her breath. Just what she needed. Nevertheless, she knew Michael would make she Max got home safely. "Michael!" She screamed over the music. He didn't seem to take notice of her, nor Max. "Michael!" she screamed again, practically in his ear.

"What the f-" he started, then looked up to see her. "What do you want?"

Great, nice greeting Guerin. "What I want is to get your friend away from my friend before they learn all about human anatomy first hand. Will you please take him?"

"What are you talking about?" He snapped at her, a gloomy expression across his face.

She looked beside her to see that Max was no where to be seen. "Where did he go?" Then she spotted him. He was out on the dance floor, looking very out of place as he danced to a fast song. "Shit," she cried, and made her way through the crowd, latching her fingers on his arm, and grabbing him towards Michael. "Well, Mike, he's your problem now."

Max stumbled forward, tripping over something and barreling into Michael. Fortunately, Michael caught him before he fell right to the ground. "Hey, Michael," Max yelled.

"What did you do to him?" Michael accused Maria, ignoring his friend.

"Me?" She rolled her eyes. "What did I do to him? Please!...Look, what happened is that I walked in on Mr. hound dog here and my best friend making out. On her bed. As in, in her bedroom." As if any of this could possibly be HER fault?! The nerve of that guy! Maria poked her finger in his chest, to emphasize her point. "So don't go blaming this on me, Guerin! You're probably the one who got them drunk!"

"Why would I get them drunk? your the one who always sniffing those damn bottle things." Michael retorted, as he grabbed Max by the shoulders leading him to the booth.

Maria gave a little gasp, followed by a squeal of anger. "Thats cedar oil! For stress, not that you would know anything about that kind of thing, since you ditch every time the going gets rough!" She spat.

"Michael...I don't wanna sit down...I want to dance some more." Max said while trying to get away from Michael's grasp. The second he left Michael he practically fell to the ground.

"Jeez, you can't even do anything right." Maria said while her and Michael brought a groggy Max to his feet. Maria slid into the booth, bringing Max in beside her. As soon as Max sat down, he fell on top of Maria, pinning her to the edge of the booth.

"God!" Maria yelped out in surprise, wrinkling her nose. "Ew...Max, get off!"

Max yawned, and snuggled onto her a little closer. "Tired..." He muttered.

Michael collapsed on the other side of the table with a frustrated sigh. "Good idea, look what’s happened now," he chided.

"Whatever," Maria snarked. "He's your friend, will you just get him off! I have to go help Liz." She fidgeted under Max, who was currently twirling a lock of her hair around his finger, singing a song softly under his breath. "No!" She commanded to Max, slapping his hand away. Max laughed deliriously.

Michael chuckled quietly at the sight of his best friend passed out on top of Maria DeLuca.

Maria's eyes blazed with anger. "What's so funny, huh, Michael? Because this situation isn't amusing for me!"

"I'll tell you what's funny, princess," Michael made sure to pronounce 'princess' extra hard. "What's funny is that---"

"Why don't you two just make out already?" Max interrupted loudly. Maria's eyes grew wide at the suggestion. She looked up at Michael who seemed to in the same state of shock. They stared at each other for a long moment. As if she would...with Michael! No way. That was just too unimaginably gross to even contemplate for more than a second. Max would have to be pretty drunk to have forgotten who he was talking to.

Michael tore his eyes away and cleared his throat, angrily. "Just how much did you have to drink tonight, Maxwell?"

Max made a motion with his fingers showing how much he had drank. "I only had thiiis much," he slurred. "Just a...sip."

"Oh believe me, pal-ly,," Maria said, shoving Max in an upright position beside her. "You don't get that drunk from just a sip. You must have downed a few bottles, if not more!" She glanced up quickly at Michael, who was looking at her. Her breath caught in her throat, but she ignored the sensation, pretending nothing happened as she looked away.

Max picked up a ketchup bottle and laughed as he squirted it out on the table in a small heart. "Maxwell," Michael growled slowly. Max nodded, "I'll clean it up," he assured him, and started to wave his hand over the mess. "No!" Michael shouted, a little too loudly. Maria glanced at Max's hand which was grasped by Michael, and then up at Michael. What the hell? "Let's go."

"Good plan!" Maria chirped, pushing Max with all her might out of the booth. Michael stood, and wrapped Max's arm around his neck, and his own arm around Max's waist.

"Whatever," he snorted in response.

"Just get him home," she said, then spun on her heel, barreling through the crowd, and through the doors once again.

Michael sighed, watching her go through the double doors, and then plopped Max back into the booth, then sat across the table again. "What are you doing, Maxwell?" He hissed. "You know better than that."

Max nodded, then looked at Michael with a serious look in his eyes. "Michael..." he said calmly. "I wanted to ask you..." he paused. "New hair gel?" He exploded, laughing at his own wittiness. Michael rolled his eyes. It was a good thing Max had never been drunk before...He was kind of a jackass

Chapter 7

Liz looked down at the paper in the hand, and then back up at the large house that stood before her. 6025 Murray Lane. His place. She jammed the paper in her jeans pocket, took a deep breath, then approached the massive domain. She rang the doorbell and waited anxiously until someone answered the door.

Liz was about to leave, assuming no one was home, when the door was flung open by a surprised Max. "Hey Liz," he said with a small grin, his voice soft. Liz Parker was standing on his doorstep. His heart lurched forward, and tried to keep a sane-looking expression on his face for her sake. But his insides were doing bellyflops and somersaults with just the sight of her. But why was she here? Last night he remembered going up to her place above the Crashdown. He still could picture it perfectly in his mind, even if the events afterwards were completely funny. This morning he had awoken with a killer headache, tucked into bed neatly.

Max assumed Isabel had driven him home, but how could he not remember anything? Had he...Passed out? Or what? Panic lurched in his stomach, as he continued to look at her in silence. There was a pained expression upon her flawless face.

Liz was as quiet as he. "Max..." She breathed, finding herself lost in his eyes. Eventually, she found the strength to drag her gaze away. She had to focus on the task at hand, and not lose control. Not let something like that happen again. There was no time to start a relationship now, the circumstances were against them. And long distance relationships just never seemed to work out. "I-uh, this is for you," Liz held up the shopping bag she was carrying. He took it with a puzzled expression.

Max's brows knitted together and wondered what could possibly in that bag. He opened it to reveal the shirt he had been wearing the previous night. The one which she had washed for him. He had completely forgotten about having to get the shirt back. He secretly congratulated himself on letting her take care of it instead of fixing it with his powers. That way he had a reason to see Liz again before she left for Florida. "Thanks."

Liz's eyes flickered with a confused look, but she quickly hid it. Why was he acting as if nothing had happened between them? Last night they'd been caught half naked in her bedroom, about to know god-knows-what profession their love for each other, and today? Today she was awkwardly standing on his doorstep as he brushed off the incident as if things like that happen all the time...Unless? The thought occurred to her, but she brushed it aside. Max was just not that kind of guy. Sure, he was absolutely gorgeous, but he was also the sweetest and most gentle and caring boy she'd ever met. Thats why she loved him so much. He was just....perfect. Finally, after another awkward pause she nodded. "No problem...So, I'll just, see you around, I guess," she said, her voice tight. She turned to leave once again.

'See you around?' This was possibly the last conversation he would have with her, and it was being left like that? Max needed to know what was wrong ,and he had a sinking feeling that he was the on who caused that look of dismay.

He reached out and grabbed her arm gently. "Liz, what happened last night?"

She whirled around to face him, her eyes wide. "Y-you don't...remember?" She said in surprise.

Max shook his head, hating to make her look that way. Had he hurt her? Why was she so distant to him? It seemed as though she wanted to be anywhere but there. "Why don't you come in, no ones home," he offered.

Liz nodded. "Okay." She stepped into the house, and he lead her to the living room to sit on the floral patterned multicolored couch. She sat in the big light blue armchair, halfway across the room from him. Almost as if she wanted to be as far away as possible.


"H-how much of last night do you remember?" Max watched her run her fingers through that long gorgeous hair, and bit her supple lips. He longed to comfort her and make whatever had happened better. But first he needed to know what he had done to cause all this, if it had been him at all.

"I remember you spilled your drink on me, and we went up to your apartment." He supplied.

"Is that it?" Liz sighed.

Max nodded. "Yeah." His eyes grew more concerned when she rubbed her hands over her face in distress. "Look, I'm sorry if I did something...To hurt you, I would never hurt you, Liz."

She nodded. "I know, you wouldn't. And you didn't."

"Then what?" What was going on? Why was she so tense. His head swam with thoughts, some good some bad, but mostly it was just confusion. What the hell was going on?

Liz stood up walking towards him, then back to the armchair. "There's just no simple way to say this, Max." She ran her hands through her hair, and paced in front of him. "It's just, it would be so much easier if you'd remembered something. If I could validate it all."

"Validate what?" He stood in front of her, his eyes blazing. "Liz what is going on?"

Liz dropped her hands from her tresses, and looked directly up into his eyes. She placed one hand on his shoulder, and the other on his cheek. "I...We...." She looked down at the floor. She this had been a bad idea. A very bad idea. Tears welled in her eyes, she knew what she had to do. Get out of there-now.

"Liz?" The question lingered in the air as he took a step towards her. "Are you okay?" He rested a warm hand against her arm. He felt a small pulse shoot through him, but this was no time for that. Liz was upset about something that had happened last night, and Max was going to do everything in his power to make sure that she wasn't going to stay that way. "Please, just tell me what happened."

She jerked her arm away from Max, much more harshly than she had intended. "I-I can't!" She stammered, backing away from him. "I'm sorry, Max, I shouldn't have came." She turned around and darted out of his house, slamming the door behind.

Max was left standing in the middle of his living room, more confused than ever. "Liz!" He called after her, before hearing the door slam. He dashed to the front door, and flung it open, his eyes searching for her. But Liz had vanished. He walked down the driveway to the road, and glanced down the street. No one was around, not even a car.

Max trudged up the drive slowly, and when he clicked the front door closed he shoved his fingers in his hair, his back sliding down the door to sit on the ground. He gave a deep, distressed sigh. Later he would go to the Crashdown, and try to talk to her. Later she might be able to talk to him. Later, he assured himself, later.

Chapter 8

Liz collapsed in the beaten up lawn chair on her roof, wrapped a blanket around her protectively and finally let the tears flow freely. She should have just told him the truth, and spared herself all the angst and frustration. But when she got there, and saw the look in those deep chocolate eyes of his, and his concern….She just couldn’t. Because Liz knew, that if she had told him the truth, then there was no way she was escaping Max Evans. She knew that she would have kissed him, and started something up again. And this wasn’t the time for that. She was leaving tomorrow for Christ’s sakes!

Liz knew that she would always have the memories of last night permanently embedded in her brain, but how could she let it be anything more than a drunken fling? Sure, she’d liked…okay, been obsessed with Max for as long as she could remember, but it wasn’t responsible of her to bring it up again, was it? No, no it wasn’t. She would just have to deal on her own.

Liz snuggled the blanket tighter around her, lay her journal and a pen on the table beside her, and looked up at the sunny New Mexico summer sky.

"Okay, I need two Will Smith’s, Galaxy fries, two Cherry Cola’s and a slice of Men In Blackberry pie," Liz called to Jose, giving the order to him.

"Si," He said nodding his head, and giving her a wink. She rolled her eyes, and shook her head, the silver antennae shaking slightly.

"Oooh," Maria whispered in her ear from behind, and linked her arm through Liz’s. "Look who just came in," she turned her friend around, to see Max and Isabel walk into the Crashdown together and sit in Liz’s section.

"God," Liz muttered, burying her face in her hands. "Please, Maria, I will do anything. Do not make me go take their order."

"Lizzie, come on…you just have to deal with happened. Believe me, all feelings are more than mutual."

Liz sighed. Maria had filled her in this morning when she woke up with a killer hang over, about all the details that had been fuzzy in her head. And Liz had been both mortified, and ecstatic. But more the former than the latter. How embarrassing! Even more so for Max, after being dragged downstairs all drunk, and forcefully taken home by Michael.

Liz assumed Isabel would have filled in the details to him by now, and she couldn’t face him knowing that he knew what had gone on. It would just crush her. "Please, Maria, I will pay you."

"How much?" Maria said, her eyes sparkling with interest.

"$25," she offered.

Maria shook her head. "$45," she demanded.

"$32.50," Liz countered, her eyebrows raising.

Maria smiled, "deal."

Liz groaned and reached into her pocket, stuffing the bills and coins in her best friend’s hand. "Thank you…" She sighed, and took a seat on one of the stools.

"Hey guys, what can I get you?" Maria asked, approaching the table. She pulled out her pen and order pad.

"Um, just get me a Cherry coke," Isabel ordered.

"The same," said Max.

Maria nodded, noting that his eyes weren’t concentrating on her, they were fixed on Liz, who still sat at the counter. Liz glanced over shyly, and seeing that Max was looking at her, she whipped her head away quickly, standing up and disappearing into the back room. Max let out a defeated sigh.

"I’ll be right back," Isabel promised, sensing tension from her brother. She had spoke to Michael, and found out exactly had gone on the previous night between Liz and Max. She had told her brother she knew nothing of it though, since she wasn’t a first hand witness. Isabel knew that Maria, on the other hand, was, so she should probably give them some privacy. She eased herself out of the booth, and walked towards the bathroom.

Maria slid into the seat which had been formally occupied by Isabel, ice princess extraordinary. "We, my friend have a lot to talk about," She said with a grin.

Max nodded. "Don’t I know it. No one will tell me anything. Liz came by this morning, and ran out looking like she was about to break down. How’s she….I mean, is she okay?"

Maria nodded. "She’ll be okay. She just didn’t know how to tell you what went on. It was pretty emotional, if I do say so myself. You don’t see something like that everyday."

"Please Maria," he pleaded, his voice needy. "Tell me what went on, and why everyone is trying to hide it from me."

She sighed. "Okay…Just, don’t say anything until I’m finished."

He nodded his agreement, stealing a glance towards the back room where he knew Liz was currently hiding.

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Chapter 9

Maria looked Max carefully in the eyes before continuing. "Okay…" She said. "The night of the party, Liz was completely stoked that you were coming up to her place," she explained, noticing the small smile playing on Max’s lips. "And so I was down here, and you guys went upstairs, and the crowd was completely going wild for my awesome rendition of ‘In The Air Tonight’, it was just amazing," she gushed.

"Maria?" Max interrupted. "Can you get to the point?"

"Fine. You weren’t supposed to say anything," she added sternly. He nodded, and so she continued. "After a while when you two didn’t come back, I went upstairs to see what was going on. I mean, Liz is my best friend, and she’s never been known to do anything wild and crazy. And earlier that night, when I accused her of trying to seduce you, I was so completely joking around, Liz would never in a million years do that! But after what happened—I’m really not so sure."

Maria glanced up to reveal Max’s confused eyes, pleading with her to continue her tale. "So, anyway, I go up to the apartment, and the doors unlocked because the Parker’s door is always unlocked, and so I go in, and there’s no one around, and then I hear this—noise, coming from her room. So I go in and I’m completely mortified to find you on top of her, and you guys are like, going at it, and I’m like ‘ew’, but I knew I had to stop you…" She trailed off for a moment.


"Shh," she warned him, raising her hand briefly. "There’s more. So, I realize that you’re both really really drunk.. I tore you off of Liz, got some clothes on the two of you while you guys continue to make lovey-dovey faces at each other. Then, I took you downstairs where you made an ass of yourself, and then made this wild suggestion about me, and Michael," she shuddered. "I guess he took you home, I didn’t stick around to find out, I had to get back to Liz…get her to bed, instead of her trying to get someone in bed. You know?"

"God…" Max was so confused. He didn’t know what to say….Liz and him had---well, they’d---wow. It was unbelievable. This was not only his dream come true, but also a nightmare. He’d finally been with the one girl he truly wanted, and he couldn’t remember a thing. And there was just nothing he could even do about it. Liz was leaving the next day, and wouldn’t be back until August, when he was scheduled to go to Boston. How is this so utterly impossible? He hated himself for doing what they had done. No doubt she regretted what had happened, and was so broken up that she couldn’t even stand to face him.

"Look…Max, if it helps any, Liz is really torn up about this and she didn’t think she could tell you anything. It was really hard on her, she pretty much remembered everything, and since you’d forgotten she just assumed that it was no big deal or anything to you. Like maybe you’d done that before." She reached across the table, and placed her hand comfortingly on top of his. "You’ve got to try again. Liz is…Well, I’ve known her forever, and I know she’s crazy about you. And, it’s obvious you’re crazy about her."

Max nodded, understanding. He knew he could trust Maria to tell him the truth. But was it really possibly that beautiful, perfect Liz could actually have those feelings back for him? "Thank you," he said, giving her hand a squeeze.

"I just want her happy, Max," Maria pushed a strand of loose hair behind her ear as she slid out of the booth, and onto her feet. "And if you’re what’s going to make her happy, then so be it."

Max followed suit, slipping out of the booth. Maria shook her head, raising a hand. "No, it’s just too soon, Max," she told him. "Come to the Crashdown tomorrow at 4:30, before she leaves for her Aunt’s. I’m driving her to the airport, so you can see her then, okay?"


Maria just smiled. "I’ll go get your drinks," she said breezily, rushing off to the back room to see Liz.

Michael arrived as soon as Maria had taken off, casting a questioning glance towards Max as he sat down. "What was that all about?"

"Liz," he answered simply.

He nodded knowingly. "Max---you’re not going to…You know…" He asked, his voice hushed. "Tell her anything?"

Max’s smile faded. He’d completely forgotten about that. Amazing…Out of all the people in the world, Liz was the one who made him forget who he really was, and just feel...normal. "I don’t know," he admitted thoughtfully. Would Liz be able to handle something like that? Would she love him even though he was…different?

"Maxwell, you can’t. I won’t let you," he hissed. "You’re putting us at stake by doing this. Me, and Isabel. How would you feel if you told Liz, and she deserted you? What if she couldn’t handle it?"

Max tried to swallow, almost unsuccessfully because of the enormous lump in his throat. "So I won’t tell her. I’ll hide it, and we’ll be a normal couple."

Michael shook his head. "But you’re not normal, Max. We’re not normal. And we will never be. And now you’re just going to go tell everyone!"

Max stood up roughly. "Michael, don’t you think I know that? I’m not telling everyone…I’m telling Liz, that is, if I choose to. She wouldn’t do that."

"Maxwell, you don’t even know her. You’ve been ogling over her for half your life, but truthfully you don’t know what she’s going to do. Are you really willing to risk it all for her?"

Max’s eyes rose to stare deadly into Michael’s, and then he spoke, his tone penetratingly serious. "Yes."

Chapter 10

Max watched the clock anxiously as Brody continued talking at him. He didn’t need this, but he couldn’t just stand up and yell at his boss that he had to go, his true love was leaving…Could he? Of course, Brody was a pretty cool guy…Young, rich, and a little quirky, but Max didn’t expect that he would allow Max to remain on staff after doing something like that.

Max fiddled with the yellow vest he tragically was forced to wear, as a staff member of the UFO Museum. It was ironic, Brody had spent the last few years of his life obsessed with meeting an alien, but little did he know he’d already met three, and one currently was on the payroll.

As Brody talked, he inserted the appropriate ‘yeahs’ and ‘uh-huhs’, still keeping his eyes focused on the ticking clock, distractedly.

"Is there somewhere you’d rather be, Max?" Brody’s voice broke through his thoughts.

"What?" He asked, shaking his head. "N-no, I just thought I would take my break at 4:30…" He explained.

Brody nodded, knowingly. "Well, you might as well leave now, then. The clock you’ve been looking at is 15 minutes fast."

Max’s eyes widened in horror. Fast? 15 minutes? 4:45? Oh my god…He felt as though he’d been punched in the gut as something clutched on his heart. Max ripped off the cheesy yellowish vest and discarded it on a table, dashing out of the museum as quickly as he could.

Max jogged across the street into the Crashdown breathlessly, bursting through the glass doors. He scanned the little café, finally recognizing Alex as one of Liz’s friends. He ran up to Alex, and whirled him around. "Alex…" He panted.

Alex shook his head. "They left 10 minutes ago, I’m sorry man."

Max nodded, "Thanks," he said hurriedly, turning his heel and darting out of the restaurant, intent for his jeep. When he spotted it parked across the road by the museum, he jumped into it, starting the ignition, barely taking time to buckle his seat belt before he squealed off.

Max parked the Jeep awkwardly in a small parking spot, choosing to ignoring the meters as he hopped out of the vehicle. This matter was much more urgent than the annoyance of a minor traffic infliction. He ran towards the entrance of the airport at full stride, ducking and dodging random people trying to avoid a collision.

He broke through the glass doors with such an impact that he almost knocked over a small child, Max paused a moment, whispering his apologies to the little girl, before returning to his previous pace. He had to see her before she left, he was desperate. He needed to tell her everything that hadn’t been said before, hadn’t been expressed. His eyes gazed wildly throughout the airport, looking for her long dark tresses, and Maria’s contrasting light hair. He saw neither, and stopped his stride as he reached an enormous clock on the wall. He looked up frantically, while catching his breath. Almost 5:00 o’clock. Two minutes, Max had two minutes to find her in the whole massive building.

Max broke into a sprint again, this time towards the passenger terminal, intent on finding her and spilling his gut emotions, needing to tell her he felt the same, he’d always felt the same. Max felt something stall, him, and he tumbled, over turning a large navy blue suitcase. He brought himself to his feet again, unfazed he continued his search.

He ran faster than he ever thought he could, his legs felt as if they would fall off any minute if he kept pumping them so harshly, but he had to carry on, he had to find her.

Max breezed past the metal detectors, and past the airport staff. "Sir!" One of them called, raising to her feet. She was a small woman, with auburn hair, and striking green eyes, wearing the airport’s designated uniform of navy blue, light blue and gold. "Sir, you can’t go back there!" She yelled again, as Max ignored her. "Sir, you need to come back! You need to have a ticket!" She called even louder, pushing down twice on the hard red button under her desk.

Max stopped at the glass at the terminal. He could see her, he could see Liz. She wore a simple blue tank top and denim capris, her hair swept up into a high ponytail. "Liz!" He yelled loudly against the glass. Max banged on the glass wildly, desperate for her to see him, to react at his closeness. He needed her to see him, she just had to…"Liz!" He cried again, anxiety laced in his tone.

Max’s eyes searched furiously for the entrance, spotting the sliding glass door, he stepped forward towards it, towards Liz. He reached out for the handle, but his arm was enveloped roughly by someone’s hand. The other was grasped strongly by another. His head shot up, looking at his attackers. Airport security men. They were big men, in their early 40’s most likely. They had at least 30 pounds on him. But still, Max struggled. He could explain later, he could cope with this, but now, now he needed Liz. He needed to get to Liz. "No!" He cried, rage in his voice as he fought them off.

"Son," One of the men said gruffly. "Please, just calm down, and come with us."

Max’s desperation was growing, and a crowd was encircling him and the security officers. His need gave him the extra strength he needed, as he shoved one of the men off of him, and to the ground. He dragged the other with him to the window pane, staring at Liz as she entered the doors into the plane. This was the last time he would see her. He could feel it in his stomach, and he knew it in the back of his mind. "Liz!" He cried again raggedly, the anguish resounding in his voice. Please, he pleaded. Please. He didn’t know who, or what he was pleading to. He most certainly did not believe in God. But he had to beg to someone, something to help him. He needed her more than life itself.

Max felt the one officer tighten his grip around Max, and the other stood, and latched onto Max’s other bicep, bringing him to his knees. Max’s face contorted in pain, and anguish as he watched Liz go.

There she was, right on the other side of the glass…So close, yet light years away. Unbeknownst to her, the chaos that was ensuing just meters away from her on the other side of the soundproof glass.

Tears built in the wells of his eyes as he struggled against security, despite the pain. Max watched her step out the door as he let out one last echoing cry of her name.

Liz looked up in shock, and glanced around her. Had someone just called her name? It was faint, barely louder than a small whisper, but she was sure she had heard it. She glanced out the window briefly, sweeping her eyes across the people to notice a big crowd. She look back at the stewardess she was approaching, then back outside again. And then she saw him.

Liz’s feet stopped when she saw him. He was on his knees, held by beefy-looking airport security men. His face was twisted in pain and dispair, as he fought to free himself. Liz’s eyes widened as a million thoughts blew through her mind. The number one thought being ‘why’? Why was he here? Why was he held down by those men? Why was he crying?

She stepped towards the glass, tentatively, and knocked on it lightly. Max looked up directly at her, their eyes meeting and locking. He smiled at her softly as he fought. Liz felt wetness on her cheek, and held a finger up to it to wipe it away. Thats when she realized she had been crying. Her stomach lurched forward, and she felt the need the keel over as if the wind had been struck out of her. "Max," she whispered softly, against the glass, her voice trembling slightly. Liz’s warm breath fogged up the pane slightly, and she wiped it away.

"Miss?" She heard a voice behind her as someone tapped her on her shoulder. "Miss, it’s time to board the plane."

Liz turned to face the smiling attendant, and nodded her head carefully, a speechless look upon her face. The woman took her arm, leading her through the doors. Liz turned her head back anxiously towards Max. He stood there, a desperate look upon his face, the tears sliding down her cheeks. She kept watching him as the doors closed.

Liz pounded against them. "No," she cried. "Please, I need to go back out there!"

"Miss, let me help you find your seat," the stewardess chirped. She removed the ticket from Liz’s hand, and glanced quickly for the seat number.

"I need to get back out there," she breathed, "please."

"Thats just silly," the woman told her. "Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Heck, I used to be scared of flying myself, before I got over that silly fear!" The woman proclaimed, leading Liz to a seat by the window.

Liz sat obediently, much to her dismay. She stared out the window as the flight attendant droned on about how planes were actually even safer than cars. Liz tuned her out, except for a brief ‘thank you’ when she returned with a glass of water for her.

"Honey, you just let me take care of you, and everything is going to be okay!" She proclaimed merrily. "Now, I’ll be right back, I’ve just got to check on something with the captain. There’s nothing to be worried about at all."

Liz nodded, then cast a forlorn glance out the window. Sure, nothing was wrong…Nothing at all.

Chapter 11

Liz set down her suitcase on her queen sized bed and sighed. It was nice to be back home. She unzipped the large bag, and stared down at the meticulously folded clothes, removing them one by one and laying them out on her burgundy comforter. Then she shoved them onto the floor, including the duffel and sighed as she flopped backwards onto the soft bed. She stared up at the bland beige ceiling, slowly losing herself to all her thoughts.

When Max had shown up at that airport that day she had been surprised. Not even surprised, astonished. Liz didn’t know what he had wanted to say to her, but she knew it was important. Important enough to get dragged away by security, and important enough to cry. Max had been crying. She had tried so desperately to get off that plane, she felt the need to hold him, and soothe away those tears. She wanted to kiss him deeply, and lose herself in those arms.

Instead, that flight attendant had lead her to her seat with that plastic smile across her face, mumbling about safety precautions or something. Sure, Liz never had liked flying, in fact, it actually really scared her, but that wasn’t the reason why she had needed out of that plane. Why hadn’t they listened to her? She was an adult for God’s sakes!

Her summer had been good, Liz was the first one to admit that. She loved the warm sandy beaches that Florida supplied, but she had never fully gotten her mind off Roswell, and….Well, Max. She knew deep down that she should have stayed in Roswell that summer, her last as a permanent resident of that little city. Because she was moving on in late August, and now---now it was late August. And she had to leave in three days! How was it even possible for her to leave here? She’d always itched to leave, and start her life in the big world. But now she felt scared and lost and alone. Now she just wanted someone to confide in, and help her feel better about it all.

Liz rolled over on her stomach, and then lifted herself off the bed to sit in an upright cross-legged position. She snatched her diary off the floor, and her hands searched in the night table for a pen. Unsuccessful, she frowned.

"Liz!" A voice squealed, and someone practically leapt on top of her. There was only one person who that could be—Maria.

"You scared me, Maria!" Liz cried, a huge grin breaking across her face, and enveloped her friend in a huge hug. "How are you?"

"I’m great now that you’re back," Maria replied, and brushed her hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ears. "Alex wanted to come, but he said he was busy. Doing what? I don’t know, but let me tell you, him and Isabel have been flirting non-stop all summer. They’re even planning on driving down to California together because she’s going to school there too!" She gushed.

"Maria," Liz laughed, "slow down, and catch your breath."

Maria nodded, her face sobering. "Sorry." The was a silence, and then Maria’s face lit up again. "Have you talked to Max?"

Liz shook her head. "I called him. Once. Back in Florida. But he picked up the phone, and when he—he said ‘hello’ I couldn’t take it. So I hung up."

"Liz!" Maria gasped. "That boy has been moping over you all summer. Believe me, I’ve seen him."

"Maria…" Liz said, her tone cautionary.

"I know, I’ll stop. But just to let you know, he’d packing…For school actually. He’s leaving soon too."

Liz nodded. "Thanks."

Liz crept up the to window-sill slowly, and cursed herself for being such an idiot. Max stood there in a fairly empty room, doing push-ups on the floor. With his shirt off. Liz felt her heart beat increase, and sweat laced her palms. I can do this…She coached herself, her jaw agape slightly. She could do this.

She watched him pump his arms up and down rhythmically, the muscles on his back, rippling as he moved. She lifted her hand to knock on the window sill, but stopped herself when Isabel came into the room.

"Hey, Max," Isabel said airily.

"Hey," he stood up, and sat down on the bed. "What’s up, Izzy?"

She sat beside him, lazily glancing at her fingernails. "So, Liz is home. I just spoke to Alex."

Liz watched as Max’s eyes seemed to light up at the sound of her name, and her breath caught in her chest. He was reacting that way just to the sound of her name…How could that even be possible?

Max grabbed the phone off his nightstand, and started to dial a number onto the keys. "Thanks, Iz," he offered nonchalantly, sending him a look like he wanted her to leave.

Isabel stood too, and took the phone from his hands lightly, hanging it up for him. "It’s not going to work, Max."

"What?" He asked, his brows knitting together.

"This Liz thing. It’s not going to work. First of all---you’ve been in love with her forever, and finally you get together and she goes away. And now, now you’re both going off to college and probably won’t see each other again for years." She paused, studying her brother slowly. "Long distance relationships don’t work."

Max nodded. "But I have to try."

"Michael is worried that you’re going to tell her. That you’re going to let her too close."

Max’s face turned reddish and his eyes flared with anger. "What about you? You and Alex have this thing. So what? Does he trust you bec---"

"Thats totally different Max! Alex and I are friends. Nothing more, and you have no right to go into my business anyway!" She yelled, and lowered her eyes. Her voice softened when she spoke again, her eyes welling up with tears. "All I’m saying is that if you tell Liz, our lives will be over. You know that, right?"

Max nodded. "I know, but maybe Liz is different, maybe she won’t care."

"Or maybe she’ll care more than you even think." Isabel contradicted, and then let herself out of the room quickly.

Liz watched in confusion as Max collapsed onto the bed angrily. Tell her what? And since when did Michael have anything to do with their relationship? And Isabel…Why was she warning her brother about this mysterious secret?

Liz turned quietly, and led herself out of their yard. This was not the time to go see Max. He was an enigma, and someday, she hoped, she would find out the answer to his secret.

Chapter 12

Liz stepped out of the Jetta, with a black and yellow backpack. She hoisted it on her shoulders, and then walked around to the trunk of the little red car. She pulled up the hood, and took out a prominent black suitcase. Then another. And another.

"I can't believe you're leaving, babe," Maria sighed, wrapping an arm around Liz.

Alex hopped out of the back seat of the car and joined the embrace. "We're going to miss you, Lizzie. Or, excuse me, Dr. Parker." He corrected himself, and gave her a large grin, twisting his face in a mock-distinguished expression.

Liz laughed darkly. "It's not fair, you guys," she said softly, tears stinging at her eyes. "I just get back, and now I've got to leave. I didn't even get to spend the summer with you!"

Maria nodded, with a sigh. "This year just won’t be the same without you. And after Alex leaves, I don’t even know what I’m going to do."

"You’ll manage, you always do," Liz assured her friend. "Besides, I’m coming home on holidays, and so is Alex."

"Speaking of Alex," Alex interrupted. "A little help here," he groaned, as he tried to carry all of her suitcases.

"Oops!" Maria stammered, rushing over, and picking one up. Liz took the other, then slammed the Jetta’s trunk closed.

They dropped Liz’s luggage in baggage. Over the PA an announcement was made that Flight 46 was boarding, and all passengers should be on board as soon as possible.

"Damn…" Liz muttered sadly under her breath. There just wasn’t enough time to say what she wanted to say. To thank them for being there for her with everything, every step of the way. For being the best friends she ever would have, and how much she would miss them and long to see them again. About how they absolutely needed to keep in touch, anything else would be unacceptable. There was no time for that now…Liz had to go start her new life. Away from Roswell, and this time she had no security net or familiar faces to depend on. She had to fend for herself, and truthfully, she was scared to death. But she couldn’t convey that to them. Instead, a short goodbye was all she could manage, time was running out. "I love you guys, but I gotta go!" She grabbed Alex in a bear hug, then Maria.

"Best friends forever," Maria whispered in her ear. Liz nodded, pulling away as the tears slid down her face. Alex brushed them lightly off her cheek with his index finger, then kissed her lightly, tasting the salty wetness on her cheek.

Liz flashed them an excited smile, grabbing her backpack and pushed it a little higher on her shoulder, and then started walking towards the gate. She turned to face her friends one more time, giving them a wave.

"Don't forget to write!" Called Alex, returning her wave.

"And call!" Maria added. Liz nodded, then picked up her pace to the gateway.

Alex wrapped his arm around Maria, and she leaned her head on his comforting shoulder. "I can't believe she's gone, Alex."

He nodded. "Yeah...It’s so weird." They were silent a minute, as they stared over to where Liz had disappeared into. "You still owe me $20."

"Alex!" Maria cried, slapping him against the chest gently, laughing as the tears fell down her face, leaving little tear track lines. She wiped her face, smudging it. "Damn, she muttered. When you go off to Cal-tech I better remember to wear water-proof mascara."

Alex shook his head, glancing down at Maria. "What is it with you girls and make-up? You’re all beautiful the way you are."

"Aww," Maria sighed, resting her head on his shoulder, as he wrapped a protective arm around her. "And they say you’re not Mr. Dream boat, pssh…"

"Ouch!…" He grabbed his chest, a pained look upon his face. "At least I can play a mean game of dodge ball," he quipped, giving his trademark two thumbs up.

"Alex!" he heard a voice behind him. He turned, curiously.


"Hey," she said, giving him that goddess smile. But he could see the tear tracks that marred her cheeks, and the little blood-shot lines in her gorgeous eyes. She pushed her long blond hair out of her face.

"Are you okay?" He asked, his voice thick with concern. He took a step forward, and put his arm around her.

She nodded. "I just, Max...We just said goodbye. I just really realized that I won’t even see him until Thanksgiving."

"Yeah, Liz just left too…This is just, so…different," Maria said softly. "It’s not the same."

"I know," she agreed. "It’s just really weird, we’ve lived in Roswell forever, and now we’re out there alone…" She paused briefly, looking down at the floor. "Where's Liz headed? Max got into Harvard."

"Harvard?" Alex said, his grin getting wider, raising his eyebrows. "Guess Liz is in for an even bigger surprise."

Isabel laughed knowingly. "Are you still taking bets?"

"Always," Alex nodded. "So twenty?"

"Definitely." Isabel nodded her agreement. "So, do you two need a ride home or something? I have the jeep," she offered, looking pointedly at Alex.

"You know what?" Maria said, stepping back. No sense breaking up that potential love connection. "I have something I want to do, so," she looked over at Alex. "You just get a ride with Isabel, okay?"

Alex's grin spread. It seemed to be infectious, because Isabel grinned too. "No complaints."

"Come on," she said, looping her arm through his, as they headed towards the exit.

Maria stood with a self-satisfied grin across her face as she saw Isabel lean up to Alex’s ear, whispering a comment to him. He laughed, and casted a glance back at Maria. Maria smiled too, waving at him to go. He nodded, and mouthing a ‘thank you’ to her.
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Chapter 13

Maria slumped down into one of the hard plastic orange chairs. Her best friend was gone, and the other was soon to follow. And then she would be…All alone. Maria hadn’t really ever thought of it that way. She’d always just taken it as they were starting in on the path to a successful future. But now, now this was all just sinking in. And it was scary.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and rubbed her hand roughly against her face. When she opened her eyes her vision was filled with Michael Guerin. "No," she breathed. No this so wasn’t happening! "No, no, no, no, no…." she chanted softly, shaking her head. "Please. What did I do to deserve this?"

Michael approached her. "Oh, so what, now you’re stalking me?"

"Please!" She chided, raising herself to full height to glare at him in the eyes. "You wish. We just dropped off Liz."

"We?" He said, a smirk resting on his lips. "Now not only are you sniffing weird concoctions, you’re hallucinating too."

"Shut up," she muttered, slapping him against the arm. "Alex and Isabel just took off."

"What!" He cried. "Why?"

"I told them to, okay? Just blame it on me…How was I to know you were off looking for clothes or something in the lost and found."

"How could you do something so stupid?!" He growled, his face twisted angrily as he shoved a hand in his coat pocket. "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

"Well, thats your problem, not mine. Later." She smirked, walking towards the exit. Please don’t let him stop me, just let me go, almost there, come on, a few steps further…

"Maria!" Michael yelled behind her. Maria stopped and scrunched her eyes together in a pained expression. So close. She turned and faced him, hands on her hips, waiting.

"Give me a ride," he commanded.

"What? No! Not on your life, buddy."

He trudged up to her, "Come on, I have no way home," he said softly, very unlike the Michael she knew. He almost sounded sweet. Almost.

Maria sighed, rolling her eyes. "Well aren’t we Prince Charming." She paused a moment, then continued. "I’m going to regret this….but fine. Fine, just come on, before I change my mind," then she turned and left the airport, Michael in tow.

Michael followed Maria obediently out to a small little car that was parked in front of one of the meters. She unlocked the door and threw her purse inside, on the back seat, then leaned over to click the other side unlocked for him.

Michael opened the door, and let himself in beside Maria, slamming the door closed hardly. "Jeez!" She cried, "I’m giving you a ride, and all I ask is that you don’t break my car!"

"Looks broken already to me," he retorted.

Maria turned to him, her eyes blazing angrily. How dare he insult her car, when she was the one who was humanitarian enough to give the boy a lift?! "What’s that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly what I said. You need a new muffler, and your tail light is cracked."

"Thank you, Mr. fix-it."

"I thought I was Prince Charming."

"Whatever, you can be whoever you want to be," she sighed and started the car. "Look, just sit there and be quiet before I stop this car and dump you out."

Michael was quiet for a moment as she turned out onto highway 285, getting into the correct lane. She tapped her hands against the steering wheel awkwardly, stealing a glance at him. He was looking out the window in the opposite direction. She reverted her eyes back on the road, trying to concentrate.

"What’s that smell?" He finally asked, breaking the silence.

"What smell?"

He sniffed again, then wiped his nose before he sneezed. "It smells like….cough drops and flowers or something."

"It’s perfume," she muttered, looking over at him pointedly. "You know? Hygiene? Some people have it, and some people…don’t."

"Well it smells gross."

"I like it, it’s my car, so just sit there and shut up."

Maria needed a distraction. That boy was just more than annoying. She flicked on the radio. A pop song came pounding out loudly, and Maria started to sing along, remembering the words by heart.

Michael listened to Maria sing along loudly to the already booming music. It was the same voice which had hypnotized him the other night at the party. So pretty, and so sweet. He wished he could listen to that voice all day. Except, that meant that it came with the whole package, including the bratty princess. Michael didn’t need this, he didn’t need to get lost in listening to her sing along to some stupid song. It was a horrible song anyway.

He reached over and spun the knob, clicking off the radio. "Hey!" She cried. "I was listening to that!"

"Yeah I know," he replied. "But you were caterwauling so bad I was afraid that I might lose my hearing."

"God!" She cried, glaring over at him. "You are such an jerk!"

Michael smirked, amused. He watched her carefully as she turned into another lane, carefully, noticing how Stop it, he groaned inwardly. He was starting to sound all lovey-dovey like Maxwell. He didn’t even like this girl. Sure, he could appreciate the…assets she had. But it was nothing more than that. Nothing more than a physical attraction.

Chapter 14

Liz scanned the faces of her fellow passengers curiously, then looked down at her ticket for her assigned seat number. She sighed, remembering back to the last time she had boarded a plane in that same airport. Liz had never found out the reason why Max had wanted to talk to her so badly. All summer she’d been plagued with the memory replaying in her head like a broken record.

Liz had tried to get a hold of Max when she returned to Roswell, this past week. Maria had told her that Isabel and he had flown out to California to get her things settled into the dorms. So much for seeing him. Liz had bombarded Maria with questions, and one after the other her friend had shrugged them off, saying that she didn’t know, or that she needed to talk to Max to find out the answers. But how could she talk to Max when she was flying to Harvard of all places? The next time she would possibly see him was when she went home for Christmas. That is, if he decided to come home at all. Only time would tell.

She pushed her backpack a little higher on her shoulders, and swiped the faces of her fellow passengers again. Her heart stopped when she saw him. He was in the window seat on the left side, 4th set in. And...There was a woman sitting right beside him.

Liz approached tentatively, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. She gave the elderly woman a bright smile. "Hi, um, this is really inconvenient, I know, and I'm really sorry, but would you mind if we switched seats? Mine is up there," she pointed to the other side of the plane, a few rows up.

The woman smiled softly up at Liz, then glanced at the handsome boy occupying the seat beside hers. "Of course, dear," she replied with a wink and trace of mischief in her tone. Liz felt herself blush outwardly, and helped the woman out of her seat.

"Do you have a bag, or something that I could help you with?" Liz asked, gesturing above the seat to the overhead compartment. The woman shook her head.

"No, no, I've checked it all. Silly old woman like me, I'll bet it will end up in New York or Los Angeles. But I've got nothing small enough to stash in the overhead."

Liz smiled politely. "I'm Liz, by the way," she offered her hand out.

"Alice," said the woman, shaking it firmly. She winked at Liz again, and whispered "Have a nice flight, Liz," before crossing the aisle to take her new seat beside a middle-aged business man with brown, balding hair, and a dark navy suit.

Little did Liz know, but when she had said her name it had caught Max's attention. He looked over to see that seat beside him was vacant and the older woman was standing talking to a young girl. Not just any young girl---Liz. His mouth fell open and his heart lurched forward. What was she doing on this flight? How is anything so impossible and perfect possible? He hadn't seen her since that horrible day in the airport. He could barely imagine what she must think of him now. He didn't know where they stood. He was so uncertain...But the one question that he wanted to know the most was why was she on his plane?

Maybe he was dreaming. Thats it, this was all just a dream, his subconscious taunting him for being late that day. And soon he would jerk awake, forever regretting that day he let her leave him.

Liz smiled down at Max, and reached up to open the over head compartment. As she did, her purple tank top rid up her stomach, revealing the smooth expanse of flesh on her stomach. He had to fight the temptation to ravish her right there, to feel to silky perfect stretch of skin, or to mutter 'I love you's' in her ear. Instead he just gawked in silence. Praying that this dream would never end.

"You know, generally when someone you know so well sits beside you on a plane, you greet them with a 'hello,' or I don't know a hug. Some sort of greeting." Liz's words broke through his dumbfounded state. He saw her face twisted in frustration as she grunted and pushed hardly on the backpack she was trying to insert above them. "And then," she continued, "said person would generally offer to help the person--that they knew, to shove their bag into the overhead."

Max grinned. "Sorry," he mumbled, blushing in embarrassment. He would bet anything that Liz had no idea how completely sexy and adorable she was being at that very moment when she was acting all sassy. He rose up from the seat, and she stepped aside as he shoved the little yellow bag in with one heave.

"Thanks," she said softly. Liz was so close. He could feel the puff of warm breath as she talked.

"Sure," he replied, and slid back into his seat. Then it occurred to him. "Do you want the window seat?"

Her eyes widened as she shook her head. "Oh no, I'm actually," she looked down and started picking at the clear nail polish on her nails. "I'm kind of afraid of flying," she chuckled self-consciously. "Silly, huh?"

"No," he assured her. "You just have to get your mind off the fact. I can help."

A smile broke out across her perfect face, and her eyes lit up. "Thanks." There was a pause, and Max tore his eyes away from her to glance out the window casually. He was not going to let her know that just being in the same proximity of her was driving him insane. "So tell me, Max Evans, why are you on this plane?" She broke the silence. He loved the way she said his name. The way she pronounced it teasingly, her warm eyes shining. Just the way it rolled of her tongue. Those 3 syllables had never sounded so sweet. Except maybe when she was moaning it...Thoughts of that night crept back into his mind, but he brushed it away. This was no time to think about that.

"Harvard," he said certainly. "I'm going to Harvard." He felt the pride well up inside him, this was as close as he could get to showing off for her. He knew she was impressed by the way her eyebrows shot up, and an even bigger smile broke on her lips. "You?"

"Harvard," she replied meticulously. "I'm going to Harvard." Those were his words, verbatim. Max felt his stomach twist, as she continued. "I didn't know that you were going there! I always knew you were smart, but I didn't know you were that smar--what I mean is," she stopped, flustered. What was she doing? This was amazing! Max was going to her school...It was, just an awesome revelation. "I'm really glad that you're coming."

Max's eyes lowered to the floor, and he felt himself blush again. She was happy he was going. And he was more than happy. And then he remembered about how he had thought this encounter was a dream, and he knew it wasn't. This was phenomenally real…

Chapter 15

"That one’s mine," Liz said, pointing to a large black suitcase. "And those two."

"You don’t pack light," Max commented with a smile upon his face. He stepped forward and grunted as he raised the bags one by one. "Not heavy at all," he muttered, his face contorting slightly at the weight.

Liz laughed then, her big eyes shining. "You should have seen Alex carrying them in. He look like he was about to have a heart aneurysm. The rest of my stuff is being shipped sometime later this week."

Max nodded, "Me too." He set the last suitcase down, and looked up at Liz, his eyes soft. "It’s weird, you know. We’ve talked a little since school ended, and neither one of us knew that the other was going to be here."

"I know," she agreed, her voice wistful. "Maybe it’s destiny?"

Max raised his eyebrows, "Destiny?" He echoed, an unsure look across his face.

Liz laughed, "Yeah. Things like this don’t happen everyday."

Max nodded in agreement. "I guess not." He grunted as he set one of the large bags down, then looked around the airport distractedly. The whole plane ride had been a blast, they’d flirted and joked and laughed. Max had wished that it would never end, but then they landed and now were in the airport. And it really was up to him whether they’d even ever see each other again.

Liz bit her lip to keep from smiling, knowing that Max was cautious, she didn’t want to scare him away by smiling at his awkwardness. "Um," she started. "Thanks for the help with my bags. You know, I think the least I owe you is some coffee or something."

"Sounds good," Max agreed. "After all this back-breaking labor I could go for some coffee."

Liz smiled. "Great, and it’s on me." She turned around, searching the large building for a coffee shop. Spotting one, she pointed. "Over there."

"Airport coffee?"

"Hey," Liz said defensively. "Once you’ve had it, you can never go back. C’mon!" She cried, grabbing his hand and pulling it lightly.

Max felt her hand pull on his, but it really wasn’t even that. He looked down at her smooth, soft hand in his, it felt small and delicate. It was like a perfect fit in his. And it wasn’t even just that. It was the way that he felt tingles shoot through his entire body with even the slightest contact with her. He’d be a moron not to submit to this beautiful girl.

Max played a show by giving an exaggerated groan, and then lugging her suitcases, over to the café. What he did notice was that Liz hadn’t let go of his hand since she’d tugged on it. Not that he was complaining. They chose a table to sit at, it was a tall metallic blue with two tall matching metal chairs. A menu was placed strategically in the center on display.

"What can I getcha?" Said a waitress in a bored tone, coming up from the side of them as they took their seats. She was middle-aged wearing a ridiculous striped blue and white uniform. For a brief moment Liz missed the Crashdown and her horrible uniform. Once, when her and Maria were in the 7th grade they had decided that there was probably a café handbook out there that insisted upon ridiculous, embarrassing uniforms for all staff. Not that outlandish a concept, in fact. After all, how many places does one go to where the staff are actually wearing something good?

Liz thought for a moment. "French vanilla cappuccino, I guess," she decided with a nod.

"Coffee, please" Max ordered. "Black," he added.

Liz wrinkled her nose, her face twisting in distaste. "Black? How can you drink that?"

Max shrugged. "I like it," he admitted. Of course, what he didn’t tell her was that it really played off the tabasco sauce well creating a delicious treat for his taste buds. If he told her that, then most definitely she’d do more than just wrinkle her nose.

"Is that it?" Asked the waitress.

Max looked at Liz, and she nodded. "Yeah, thanks."

The waitress nodded, then studied the two. "Are you two newlyweds?" She asked, interest in her voice.

Liz watched Max’s face as his eyes widened in surprise. He started to speak, when Liz grabbed his hand off the counter and squeezed it. "Uh...Yeah," she said smiling. "We just eloped last night."

The waitress nodded, her eyes shining bright. "My, thats so romantic!" She exclaimed. "I thought you were. You both just look so happy, so right for each other, and in love."

"Well, we love each other very much," Max interjected, an amused smile across his lips.

The waitress sighed wistfully, then looked down at her order pad. "I’ll be right back," she promised, and then made her way back into the café.

As soon as she was gone Max and Liz burst into laughter. "I can’t believe we just did that!" Liz giggled. "And you! So serious!" She said, making a mock serious face. This only made Max laugh harder.

"Do you do that often?" He asked, his face sobering a bit.

"Nahh," Liz admitted. "It’s just something that I always wanted to try. Thanks for playing along."

He shook his head. "No problem." There was a pause until he spoke again. "Hey," he said softly, his eyes locking with hers. Liz felt her breath catch in her chest, as Max’s hand rose to her face, and slowly caressed it. She closed her eyes to his touch. And then it was gone, his warm hand had settled on the table she noticed as her eyes opened in confusion.

Max felt himself suddenly grow shy. He cleared his throat, and looked down at his shoes, then back up at her. "You had…A stray hair."

Liz blushed in embarrassment. As if he really was going to kiss you, Parker, Liz chided herself. Dream on. She tucked any remaining hair behind her ear, licking her lips unconsciously. Max was still so close to her…So close that she could feel the warm puff of his breath as he exhaled. Her heartbeat increased, and she leaned forward slowly, as if she had no control over herself.

Max brought his hand up again to her cheek, but this time there was no simple excuse. He brought his other hand up to cup her face lightly, stroking her face gently with his thumb, tracing her jaw line. He leaned into her mouth to give her a simple, sweet kiss.

And then he heard the scream, and saw Liz collapse in front of him, a pool of blood forming around her, as she stared up, her eyes wide with terror. Oh God…His brain screamed, NO!

Chapter 16

"Liz!" he cried, jumping out of the chair to the floor beside her. Her expression was ghostly, pale and shocked. Her eyes flickered with confusion and pain. She let out panted gasps for air looking around frantically. "Liz," he whispered, hovering over her, trying to block the crowd from viewing her.

Max knew she was seriously injured. From the amount of blood around her body to the hole in her back. They was she was breathing was…Not right. It looked like a slick cut of a knife. It must have struck a major artery, maybe a lung. He scolded himself a million times over for not knowing the human anatomy as well as he could have. Who could of done this? To her? To his Liz—the sweetest girl on the face of the Earth! God dammit, Liz was dying!

"Oh my God," Liz said softly as her eyes rolled back into her head, the lids closing as she fell limp, her head collapsing onto the table. Max took her palm, looping his fingers with hers. He lifted her head up to try to divert attention away and brushed away a strand of her chocolate locks, which was matted to her face, leaning to place his trembling lips upon her damp forehead.

"Y-you’re okay, Liz," Max whispered down at her. His voice was thick with pain and agitation. He willed himself to believe it was true. To believe that the woman that he loved wasn’t lying unconscious before his eyes. "It’s nothing, really," he pleaded grief in his tone.

He caressed her smooth cheek with his thumb lightly, tracing the curve of her jaw, and squeezed her hand within his. "Please," he choked, closing his eyes tightly. "Please." A tear escaped his eye, breaking his fragile barrier. "Please, Liz!" He sobbed. "Wake up…"

Max lowered his face to her frail frame, burying it in her stomach, the sorrow overtaking him. He could feel the small intakes of breath she was taking, her chest rising slowly up and down. She was alive, at least. She had a pulse. He rose his head from her, and pulled her into his arms. And he felt her stir.

"Max..." Liz whispered thinly, her eyes fluttering open. "M-Max, I-I'm cold," she wheezed, letting out a small cough. Max gasped under his breath, to see the dead look that had overtaken her usually vibrant eyes, and the small defeated voice she had used. It was child-like, innocent.

"No," he whispered, shaking his head, trying to be strong for her. "No, Liz, you're going to be okay. Do you hear me? You'll be okay." His face was red, and twisted in pain. Not his own pain, he wasn't hurt compared to her. A tear fell down his cheek. "You'll be okay."

"I can't feel my legs," she sobbed softly. "I can..." her voice faded and he knew what he had to do. Max knew that this meant risking everything in his life. Everything in Isabel and Michael's lives. But how could he let Liz die? It was just an unacceptable situation.

"N-no, Liz, I'm going to help you," he breathed in her ear. He glanced around, to see if anyone was looking, and then he moved so he was basically covering her. "You've got to look at me." Liz's eyes started to flicker closed, and he brushed aside some hair from her face. "Look at me," he sobbed. "Please, just look at me!" His voice was urgent this time. He was not going to let her die.

Liz stared up at him, into his eyes, and he placed his hand over top of her bleeding wound. She winced slightly, letting out a hiss of pain, followed by a cough. As she coughed, blood spilled out of her mouth, and she knew it was her time. She cold. So dead already. She could see Max's eyes, those beautiful amber eyes staring down at her, so pained. So lost. And on the other hand she saw a light...A beautiful light beckoning for her, calling her name...If not in words then some way else.

Max felt himself go in. He knew her lungs were failing, she couldn't breath. He was losing her. And then he was in, he was one with her; he felt her pain and sadness. And love, for him...For her family and friends. And then the flashes started.

3 year old Liz dressing up in front of her mother's mirror; Liz at The Crashdown at 14, her first day, spilling milkshakes on the floor; her Grandma Claudia's lifeless body; a journal; Liz finger painting at 6; 12 year old Maria crying as Liz hugged her soothingly; the starry night sky; Liz dancing and singing at karoake night with Maria and Alex; summer camp at 10 years old; Max smiling shyly at her; a teddy bear named Freddie; Kissing Max; a science experiment gone wrong; meeting Alex in fifth grade; Liz and Max kissing again; her parents hugging her after she had run away when she was nine; graduation...

So many images flooded him, invading his head. He saw them all at once, yet they were distinct in his mind. He could feel the mixture of emotions and was swept away by the sense. It was if it was his own memories. His own minds.

"M-Max," she stammered, trying to sit up.

"Shh," he whispered. "Stay down, I'll explain everything later," he promised. He pulled a ketchup off their table, and dumped half the contents on her, breaking the bottle with his powers. "Just tell them you're okay when they come. That you dropped the ketchup bottle. Tell them you weren't hurt, please." His eyes were lost still, pleading.

She nodded, in confusion. She felt woozy. "Are you okay?"

He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. "Yeah, I’m okay."

She bit her lip. "I'm scared Max," she confessed, tears sliding down her cheeks. Max inched forward, wrapping his arms around her, holding her wordlessly as she cried. And it didn’t matter if she had questions. Or, even if more than just her found out. Max would lay down his life for hers. Because thats what love was. And he loved her more…Than life itself. And Max was willing to risk it all, just so she could take one more breath, or spend one more day alive. Because it was her. It was Liz Parker.

Who would do this to her?
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Chapter 17

A knife clattered loudly into a white porcelain sink. It was slick with dark red blood, a clue to where it had formally been. As the taps were turned, a hand clutched the side of the sink for balance, and a loud sigh was formed. The red swirled in the sink water, twistingly drained down, the water stained red.

"God dammit!" Cursed a voice, slamming a fist against the mirror violently. Then the hands squeezed the pinkie colored liquid, jokingly called soap, out of the dispenser, and twisted the hot tap on full blast. The water was scorching as they scrubbed furiously, ridding the owner of the blood. But it didn’t get rid of the dirt. Maybe on the exterior, the shell of a person, but inside was a different story. Oh no, that was a soil that would be on a soul for life.

She stared up at her reflection, tossing her auburn waves irritatedly out of her face. Her eyes were wide with shock, her face ashen. Sickly. This wasn’t her looking back. She was normally a happy girl, or at least, somewhat happy. But this…This was as if she were an entirely different person altogether. She’d never seen herself look so much in distress. Not even when…No, she couldn’t think about that. She wouldn’t think about that.

How could she do something like that?

The question lingered in her head, overwhelming all thoughts, rushing through her brain, through her body, it was unescapable. The act was entirely against her morals, against everything she’d ever been taught in life. But she was a soldier, and a soldier had to follow orders---complete a mission. And she had, successfully. Besides, even if she had the chance to deny it, how could she do that? She, of all people, had been selected by the higher powers to do this. Her. It was quite an honor, really. She’d come back a hero in the eyes of many, but a traitor in others. Perhaps she’d even be decorated?

Not that it would make up for anything, of course. Leaving that girl to die in the arms of her lover. Of course, she’d taken everything into perspective, planned every last move. It went off without a hitch. But nothing could prepare her for such a thing—Nothing. The sick feeling in her body as the knife entered the girls flesh, tearing at it, then pulling it out. Disgusting.

She had seen the two from her planned co-ordinates as she knew she would. They sat at a table in the little airport café talking to the waitress. The girl took the King’s hand, a panicked look replacing his formal facial expression. And she saw them laugh as the waitress left, no doubt to get their orders.

Her breath caught when she saw how tender he had been, holding and caressing her face, he was going to make that moment even more magical with a kiss. She knew this. Knew this was time.

Her instincts screamed ‘No!’, but her orders said "Yes." It was time to move. She cocked her head to Derrick to her left, who acknowledged her with a nod, closing his eyes to begin the mindwarp.

She walked passed busy people, unseen by them, for she was invisible. She walked behind the King’s girl, and as their lips met in a chaste kiss, she drove the knife in forcefully, terror in her heart as she did so. The blood instantly stained the girls clothes as she let out a half gasp, half scream.

She felt so guilty. There was such a loving charm to the two, a charisma about them. She knew it was love, and had almost no doubt in her mind that the King would save his girl. He would risk everything, risk his life, risk the others for her. A human girl. The King, Zan, Max Evans, would heal his lover and tell her everything. It was impossible to imagine the other circumstances. To imagine her dying. That he didn’t love her enough to do it, or that he was just too scared. He had to, right?

Otherwise I’ll be a murderer, she thought to herself. A cold-hearted murderer. Only, she wasn’t. It pained her just as much, if not more to watch the girl in pain. The most traumatic experience of her life, it was.

She turned off the taps, tossing the knife into the waste bin, as it morphed into a tissue. She then exited the restroom, wiping a tear from her face, a pulling a pair of shades from her purse, slipping them on to mask her pained hazel eyes.

Derrick didn’t need to see her getting all emotional, after all. Weakness was frowned upon by the others. A soldier was to be strong, and had to succeed in their mission, despite anything. And she had. Whether she liked it or not.

"Come on," she motioned to Derrick, as she walked past him, her face a mask, expecting him to follow. He was a tall man, no older than 21 to say the least. She was 18. Only 18. He was attractive enough, and funny. Not that it mattered. If all went as planned, she’d be spending plenty of time with him. But it did make it more pleasant for him to have a good personality.

They walked rapidly, heading towards the exit. "Did he?" She asked lowly, looking back at him.

He nodded. She bit her lip, to hide the smile. It seemed as though the King was willing to take risks for this girl. Of course, what he didn’t know was that it wasn’t really a risk to him---or them, for that matter. After all, thanks to Derrick, all four had been invisible to everyone. Thank God, no one needed exposing right now.

"Plan B, I guess?" She groaned.

"I swear I’m not that bad," he smiled as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "To the car, sweetie?"

She nodded. "You read my mind."

Chapter 18

Liz stepped into the cab shakily, sliding over to the far side as Max loaded her luggage in. "Max?" She asked weakly. Ever since it had happened she’d felt as if there was a fog around her brain. Slowly it was lifting, and she was forming thoughts, questioning herself, what had happened, him.

He poked his head into the yellow cab, his eyes dark. "Liz?" He asked softly.

"What happened?" She asked, rubbing her back were the smooth metal had formally been in her flesh. Or, at least she thought it had. Hadn’t it?

After the incident Max had swooped Liz out of the building as quick as possible, trying to not draw attention on them. He wrapped his jacket around her, trying to hide the red stains, and he carried the luggage without complaining. It wasn’t the time for something like that. His head swam with questions, ones which he couldn’t find the answers to.

His face was somber as he looked in on the shaken Liz, hugging herself tightly in the car. She looked so scared, like a lost little lamb. He wanted more than anything to protect her and make all the troubles go away. But in reality he was the trouble. He was the one she would be afraid of soon. Him.

"Are you coming?" She asked, her voice shaking slightly.

Max wanted to say yes. He wanted to get in there beside her, hold her tight, whispering soothing words to her. But was that even possible anymore? Was there even a chance she’d let him touch her after she learned the truth? Not likely. He didn’t even want to imagine what she might do…

He shook his head wordlessly, backing away from the cab, from her. "N-no," he said slowly, his voice low, trying to hide the pain.

Her eyebrows knit together as she looked at him uncertainly. Why was he acting so strangely? What was going on?…"Max---"

"Where are you supposed to go?" He interrupted.

"Uh…" She tried to remember the name of her dorm, she rifled through her purse, pulling out a slip of paper. "Cabot House."

Max nodded solemnly. "Take her to Cabot House," he directed the cabbie. The man nodded, and Max looked back at Liz. "I’ll talk to you later, I promise. Just please, don’t say anything."

Liz saw the intensity in his eyes, pleading with her as if his life depended on it. His face was stone cold, not letting any of his emotions free for her to read. He was a stone wall. She could feel the importance of this. Even though she was confused, even though she hardly knew him. But…She felt like it was something she had to do. She had to protect Max Evans.

Liz nodded in response. "I promise."

Max took another long look at her, drinking in every little inch, then slammed the door closed. He watched the cab descend, then made his way over to the pay phones. Max pulled his wallet out of his coat pocket, taking a slip of paper from it. He inserted a quarter, and punched the phone number in as he held the phone between his head and shoulder.

The phone rang almost a dozen times before it was picked up. "H-hello?" Came a male’s laughing voice.

"Alex?" Max asked, his voice flooded in confusion.

"Max!" Alex exclaimed. "Hey, man. What’s up?"

"Not too much," he lied. "Is Izzy there?" As much as he liked Alex, he didn’t have time for social chats just right then. Isabel needed to be informed if her life was at stake. She needed to be informed even if it wasn’t. He needed advice at the least.

"Oh, yeah, she’s right here," Alex told him, and the phone was handed to Isabel.

"Max?" Isabel asked, her voice cheery. "How are you?"

"Iz, I need to talk to you privately." He looked around, careful for any eavesdroppers. He only saw a few cars, and a young couple holding hands exiting through the doors. He lowered his voice. "She knows."

"What?" Isabel asked, confused. "Who knows what?"

"Liz---she knows about me. About us."

"What?" This time it wasn’t really a question. Just a hard, scared voice, begging that it wasn’t true, that her brother was lying to her. "How? You told her?"

"No…She, was hurt. I had to help."

"Do you know what you’re doing, Max? What you’re risk---"

Max interrupted, "Alex?"

"Just left," she assured him.

"Look, I haven’t told her anything yet. But she knows what happened, and wants to know what went on. I don’t know what to tell her."

Isabel was silent. "Tell her she’s crazy---tell her its not true. Tell her something, just please, Max, please, don’t tell her the truth," she begged. "Please."

"I trust her, Isabel. And I think I owe her an explanation. And not a lie. I owe her the truth."

"Oh, so you just expect her to accept that her brand new friend has alien powers?!" She exclaimed angrily. "You think that she won’t care, that she’ll still want you? Max, she’s going to think you’re a freak. That we’re all freaks. And she’s going to be scared, and run. And then maybe she’ll tell. Maria, Alex, the press, her parents. I don’t know---but it’s not safe. You can’t."

"She isn’t like that, she wouldn’t do that."

"You don’t know! Max…You could be ruining all our lives. Are you willing to accept that? Nothing will ever be the same."

"I know," he said softly. "But I have to."

"Don’t," she pleaded. "Please."

"I-I have to go, Iz. I’ll talk to you later." Max replaced the phone on the hook, and sighed roughly. Isabel had been so scared. The fear in her voice…She was so scared. His sister had such a life ahead of her, she was going to be successful. She didn’t deserve this, none of them deserved this. But somehow he trusted Liz. Something told him that everything was going to be okay. And as he had told Michael before, he was willing to risk it all for her. To risk them all.

Chapter 19

Isabel sighed aggrivatedly as she pressed the "End" button on the cordless phone. She threw it down on her bed. "God," she muttered under her breath. What had Max done now? And what was he prepared to do just for that girl…Liz Parker. Isabel had never had a problem with Liz. In fact, they’d been partners before in a class or two back in high school. She also knew that Max was pretty much infatuated with Liz. Back in high school she’d---well, maybe not encouraged the relationship, but she felt bad for her brother. He was always so sullen and lonely, it would have been nice for him to have someone besides her or Michael.

But now…Now she wasn’t so sure. In fact, she was dead against it. Michael was right, Max and Liz is something which was just against all the rules, rules they had made together. Rules weren’t meant to be broken, not when it was their lives at risk. They needed to be enforced. It was a stupid idea of her to come to California. She should have done something about this crush, she should have agreed with Michael. She should have stopped Max at that party like Michael had wanted. Why was she so stupid?!

She pulled a pillow onto her lap, and buried her face in it with another heavy sigh. This was all her fault. But what could she do? Max was across the country, and she was stuck here, paralyzed with fear. That’s right, the ice queen was terrified. Her stomach churned, knotted and tangled. When the three of them had reached senior year they had decided to put looking and talking about their alien status on hold. It was just something that could be dealt with, and adventured into once they were out of college. There was no sense to have the pressure when they all were scattered across the United States.

But then, what if Liz did keep her mouth shut, but she told Maria….or Alex? Could she deal with Alex knowing the truth? Could he even accept it? Perhaps he’d think Liz was a complete whack-job and ignore the whole thing. But still…Things were just starting up with him, something like this would risk it all. She didn’t want to lose Alex, and she certainly didn’t want to be exposed the whole world. Imagine…Being gawked at, and researched. Isabel let out a low sob, coming deep within herself. Her life was ruined, Max had ruined her life. How could he do this to her? And Michael…How?

Michael. She needed to speak to him, to tell him what Max was about to do. She wiped her eyes, smudging the once-perfect eye make-up, and dialed the memorized number. It rang, and rang…

Michael punched in the area code, and then the number into the pay phone. After hearing the frantic message on his machine—something about Max screwing up. That was actually a surprise to him. The great, ever-mighty Maxwell creating some kind of transgression? Normally it would have given him a feeling of satisfaction, maybe even a smirk. But there was such a seriousness in her tone, and fear. How could he ignore that? Something terrible must have happened, something that Max had caused. And the only thing that Michael could think about was the fact that Liz and Max had been on the same plane, headed for the same place. Could it be that that had something to do with it?

He was supposed to be in class by now. The halls of the university were deserted, so he figured it would be safe to place the call then. It’s not like he could talk in his room, not with that nosy roommate of his. The kid he’d been placed with actually was really into the whole "getting to know you" thing. Which, was exactly the opposite of what Michael wanted.

"Hi, this is Isabel," came her warm familiar voice. "And Sarah!" added another person, which sounded as though it was hyped up on about 10 cups of coffee. Michael cursed under his breath as he hung up the phone. Stupid answering machine. She was probably in class, where he was supposed to be. It was crazy that he was there even---University of New Mexico. There was no way he’d ever could have made it there without Maxwell. Well…him and his special powers. So, maybe he’d changed a few marks, what harm was there in that? It’s not like you could do anything in life if you didn’t have a high school diploma.

He ran his hand raggedly through his hair, and turned, intent for class.

"Watch it!" Cried a female voice as they collided.

He didn’t have time for this. He looked the petite blonde girl up and down, and let out a snort. "So you really are stalking me, DeLuca."

Maria’s face was a picture of pure surprise. "Well, hello to you too." She retorted angrily. "What are you doing here? I thought this was a good school…You know, one that didn’t take the mentally handicapped."

"Then what are you doing here?"

Maria’s eyes lit up with anger, her nostrils flaring. She threw up her arms in dispair. "Of all the people, and places…Why is it that you always end up being where I am?!" She cried angrily. "Thats all I ask!"

"Its not like I want to be near you. Hate to break it to ya, Deluca, but the world doesn't revolve around you. You know, if you stop being such a princess about things--"

"How am I a princess?" Maria cried, her eyes widening. She flipped her hair back, and took a step towards him, staring him directly in the eye. "I'm just sick of having to deal with you and your lack of hygiene. I mean honestly. do you think that foul stench turns us girls on or something?" She burst out, her hands flailing wildly.

"What, isn’t working for you?" Michael smirked. He had to admit he enjoyed this. The way she looked when she was angry, so consumed with rage, and passion in her voice. Actually, he had to admit, the madder she got, the cuter she was in his eyes. She was like a little girl, taking a tantrum, but you couldn’t help smiling because they were so adorable. Especially the way she was sputtering right now, grasping for an insult to throw back, trying to regain her composure.

Her cheeks were red, as she spat out "Not if you were the last man on Earth!"

Michael gave her a lazy grin, shrugging nonchalantly. "Whatever you say…"

"You---you are just so infuriating!" She exploded, "can you even contemplate how annoying you are? How much I hate you! why can't you just be normal, and act like a regular person?! You can’t even ac---"

Michael grabbed her waist, pulling her to him. He shoved his mouth roughly on hers. Her mouth was open already, in protest, he instantly deepened the kiss. He’d been longing to do this for months, hell—years. Those lips of hers…They were as soft and supple as he’d always imagined, and her skin was smooth to his touch. She succumbed to his touch, and let out a soft moan of his name, as he fumbled with the handle of a door nearby. He thought it would never open, that maybe it was locked, but after a moment it flung open, allowing them access.

He pushed her into the room, slamming the door closed behind them. He brought himself up against her body, his heart beating irregularly. "Maria," he groaned as she ran her hands through his disheveled hair.

A male voice cleared his throat loudly, "So nice of you two to join us," he called up to them, a trace of humor in his harsh tone.

Michael and Maria ripped apart as fast as possible. Spread out in front of them was an almost full class of students, and a middle-aged man in a lab coat standing at the front of the room.

Maria turned to see one of her friends from high school in the class. She caught her eye, and the girl let out a cat-call. "Oh yeah baby!" She cried. Maria flushed red, a slapped away Michael’s hand which still lay on her thigh.

"Guerin and Deluca, who didn’t see that one coming?" Said a hushed voice, just barely audible.

Chapter 20

He didn’t know what to do. What was there to do? After the phone call to Isabel all he was left with was a mixture of feelings of fear, and anger. He tried to be strong on the phone, he needed to keep it together because he was going to tell Liz the truth. He had to. But in reality he was as scared as Isabel. Inside, he was falling apart.

Everything was true. He knew it, she knew it. Michael would know it soon, if not already. But Liz…He’d known her all of his life. Back when she was merely a child, with those thick brunette braids, and cute little dresses. And for just as long he had loved her from afar. In junior high he had imagined them dating, holding hands, kissing. Just like any other normal couple. And they could be a normal couple, couldn’t they? If he told the truth.

Truth was a focal point to any relationship. His father had drilled that into his head, many times. But this truth was….Earth-shattering. Could she handle it? Would she even believe it? He could show her that it was nothing to be afraid of, that he was okay and not trying to take over the world, or any of that alien non-sense. He was merely just a confused and lost man from another planet, searching for an identity, trying to fit into a society where he didn’t exactly belong, and never would.

He knew she would be okay with it. She had to be okay with it. If she wasn’t, if she ran screaming, proving Isabel and Michael right, he didn’t know what he would do. It would hurt more than anything he had ever experienced. Knowing that the woman that he loved didn’t love him back. And not even just that, that she was fearful of him…It would tear him up inside, bit by bit, piece by piece. She was like his oxygen, his life. She consumed every morsel of his mind, body and soul.

Liz was a scientist, interested in all sorts of different compounds and components. She wanted to be a molecular biologist. Maybe she would treat him as her subject, study him, and then figure out that he was all right. That he wasn’t going to pull out a ray gun, or turn green and three feet tall. He was Max Evans. At least, thats all he knew. Thats all that anyone knew, really. Sure, he was different because of his powers, but was there really much else differentiating them?

He’d been thinking about this all his life. Perhaps he was exactly like a human, except that he had those powers. And the fact that he never got sick, too. But besides that, there was really nothing. All the organs and appearance were the same. Maybe it was a gene, or a separate part of the brain which had developed superiorly, or just differently from the others. Maybe he was part human, and part something else….But he did know he wasn’t from the same planet as the others. Oh no, his visions had told him that.

When he hatched from his pod, and taken into the care of the Evans, he would have dreams every night. Those dreams were so vivid so real—nightmares is what his parents had thought. They assumed that they were from a traumatic past, or the adjustment of the placement into a new environment. But they weren’t. They were visions of another place, another world…Far off from Roswell, New Mexico. Where the clouds were red, and the stars shone so bright and big. The water was like jello, the green kind. It was truly a beautiful sight. Isabel had them too, and Michael. And they were all the same, always the same. There were noises, and smells and tastes that they recognized from somewhere. And the atmosphere was so different, so unlike the norm of Earth.

But he had to be confident, to believe in Liz, to trust Liz. He had trusted his life in hers, and she had agreed to lie, and cover for him for the time-being. But he needed to tell her the truth, and the best way possible.

Max let himself back through the doors entering the busy airport in order to collect his belongings. He’d been so concerned for Liz’s well-being and safety that he had totally forgotten them. Hopefully they were still there, waiting for him to claim them before someone else did. And then he realized that there was something else he hadn’t done.

When it had all happened, when Liz was stabbed, he didn’t even try to find the perpetrator. All that had mattered was that the woman that he loved was on the brink of dying right in front of him. All risks were taken, all cares thrown aside for her. But he hadn’t even tried to figure out the person who had done such a heinous act. And why would someone do such a thing?

He was so foolish. So juvenile. He’d been so busy focused on Liz when it happened that he hadn’t even looked at the stabber, let alone alerted anyone. In fact….Max stopped dead in his tracks.

It seemed as though no one had even noticed what had happened. No one had even glanced up at Liz’s scream, and her miraculous healing. That was….odd to say the least. It seemed as they were completely uncaring and oblivious. Unless…something weird, something unexplainable was going on. But what, and who could be behind this? It obviously wasn’t Isabel, she was scared to death, and Michael…Well, he was in New Mexico right now. Could it be that there was, well, someone else? Someone like him that had done this?

A nervous streak overwhelmed him, as he sucked in a deep breath. Someone else. If that was possible, then he could find answers. After all those years alone. Searching, hiding and trying so hard. He could find out who he was, where he came from. And maybe just why he was here. And why Roswell, why America? He could find out the answers to anything! He had so many questions, more than he could even recall just there. But what if this person was evil?

That hadn’t occurred to him until just then. After all, whoever or whatever had done this had hurt Liz. No, not even just hurt, they had tried to kill her. If this—thing---was hostile then did he really need, or want to get to know it? After what it had done to him, to Liz. Maybe it would do more harm than good to figure out about himself. Maybe it would tell him that he was evil too, or meant to do harm. But that wasn’t his nature. Or, the way he was raised. He’d always seen himself as a nice guy, quiet, but nice. He tried to be the best person that he could be, no matter what. It was important to him. And to find out that he was a thing of evil? Well, then maybe it was just best not to tell Liz. And not to find the attacker.

Then he would have to lie. He would lie, and give her up. It would kill him inside, but he had to do it. There was no other option.
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Chapter 21

Liz pushed her luggage out of the elevator as the door opened, and stepped onto the floor. The second floor to be exact. It looked like a nice place. The walls were painted a bland beige tone, and the floor was tiled gray. It seemed kind of cold, almost. But in attempts to make it more home-y a pop machine was set up, as well as a water fountain, a few over-stuffed couches, some plants and these really ugly orange curtains covering the windows.

Liz peered around the place, staring quite blatantly at almost everything, taking it all in. She was here. Harvard. This is where she was going to be living for the next year. She might as well get used it. But it was nothing like home. There was no smell of french fries and burgers wafting through the place, no security net of parents, or friends. It was all new, the only other person she knew who was here was Max. And he wasn’t even with her now.

On the airplane, Liz had been so happy to see him. It was like it was fate or something. And then that miraculous kiss at the airport. But…What had really happened? Well, she knew what happened, but why was she supposed to keep it a secret? And why wasn’t she lying dead in a morgue, or in critical condition in the hospital? Two words—Max Evans. She didn’t know why this happened, or even really what had happened exactly, but she knew she owed her life to him. He had done something. There was a knife lodged in her, and suddenly…There wasn’t? That was absolutely impossible.

He’d asked her to keep it a secret. But what? What was the secret she was supposed to keep? He wouldn’t even explain anything to her. She had been dazed, and shocked. He whisked her away into a cab, and sent her here, to begin her new life. Without so much as an explanation of the events that had taken place. Shouldn’t there have been a police report? Someone needed to catch the person who had done that to her.

Maybe it was her imagination---stress? Maybe she’d just absolutely lost her mind? It might just be some made up fantasy because her brain was over-worked, over-excited or over-stimulated. It might have been her dream, her sub-conscience playing games with her. She could have fainted, and thats why Max had been helping her into the cab. But then why didn’t he stay with her? And why did he seem so upset? Surely something had happened. Max wasn’t the type to just ditch out on anyone. It was an enigma…

It wasn’t time to worry about that, though. She had things to do. Later when she was settled she would go find Max, and figure out exactly what was going on. There had to be some sort of logical explanation to all of this.

Her life here was just beginning, and the first step would probably be to figure out which one of these rooms was hers. She swept her eyes over the place again, until she spotted a possible place to find her answers.

A table was set up as a desk in the hallway, manned by a bored looking young man. He was tall, with light honey blonde hair, which was curly, and blue eyes. Across his lips was a smooth, mischievous smile as he read a magazine in his hands.

Liz grabbed her things, nearly tripping at the weight, and approached the table. The boy didn’t even look up to acknowledge her presence. She cleared her throat, and he still paid no attention. "Hi," said Liz setting her bags down letting out a sigh. "Uh—this is my floor, I think."

"Name," said the boy in an un-caring monotone voice. He didn’t even look up from the magazine.

"Liz Parker," she supplied, cocking her head to try to catch his eye. "I got this form sayi—"

"Listen, Parker," he interrupted, his tone harsh. "I look at this list and find your name, then I tell you…" His voice trailed off as he looked up at Liz. He stared at her blankly for a moment, then regained his composure, continuing his explanation in a softer voice. "T-then I tell you the room number, and your roommate. I’m Sean. Sean Williams, I’m your Resident Advisor."

Liz smiled brightly. His change in attitude was appreciated. "Thanks, I really appreciate it. So, uh, could you just direct me towards my room?"

"Sure," he nodded, tossing the magazine down on the counter, and shuffling through a stack of junk discarded on the desk. He pulled out a slightly crumpled paper, and scanned it quickly. "Parker, Elizabeth: Room 217. Down the hall, that-a-way," he pointed, "on the left side."

"Thanks," she said as she collected her belongings, and started to descend down in the direction of her new room.

Sean came around the desk, stepping in front of her. "Listen, if you need any help with anything…Adjusting, homework, personal, anything. I mean, just come to me."

"Thats really nice of you." She knew how guys like this worked. A cute freshman, older boy, RA…He probably just wanted in her pants.

"That’s kinda my job."

"Ohhh," she nodded. Still not fooled. "So how come you didn’t say that in the first place?"

Sean reddened, looking down momentarily. "One too many freshmen have passed through those doors today. Act got old. But you, Parker, must say, a breath of fresh air."

"I’m a lot more than that," she said with a smile, her eyes sparkling. She picked up her things, and stepped around him on her way to her room once again.

"Wait!" He called again.

She turned, looking at him curiously. "What?"

"Let me help you with your things."

Chapter 22

Liz stepped into the medium sized room and inhaled deeply. The room smell of fresh paint, beige, and the carpet was a gray-ish tone. There must have been some kind of monotone theme, because everything in this dorm was in those colors, right down to the couches in the lounge.

It seems the movers had already been there because her bed was set up by the window, and her roommate’s was on the opposite side. Liz was glad she had the window. Back in Roswell, she’d sit on her balcony at night and gaze up at the stars, getting completely lost in thought. It was sort of like a type of meditation for her, she was so absorbed and at peace. Now that she was at school, she wouldn’t have that, and this is probably as close as she would get for a while.

Boxes were scattered, piled and packed over one another, crowding the semi-small room. In Roswell, being meticulous as she was, Liz had taken the time to write her name on every single box, so that she would know that it was hers. Also, the items contained in the cardboard were listed under her name.

Liz scrounged through the room, looking for her box with sheets in it. She pulled a heavy, large box off of another big one, which read "Liz Parker - sheets/pillows". Tearing the top off, she took out the brand new comforter, pillows and sheets which she had bought in Florida during summer vacation. They were a brightly colored floral print, a mixture of turquoises, purples, pinks and blues.

Liz pulled them towards her bed, and started making it right away. If she wanted to sleep at all that night, then she needed to be prepared. After all, how can one sleep when there’s no bed properly set up?

After the bed was made, Liz opened one of her massive suitcases. Folded, and packed in were lots of clothes. Jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, everything. Of course, a lot of it she had left at home, intent on picking up around Christmas. Not everything had to be moved in now. She opened her closet, or at least, the one she had picked as hers, and started hanging the clothes on the wire hangers provided.

"Knock, knock," came a voice, and Liz turned around. A girl stood in the doorway, a huge grin pasted across her face, and green eyes alive with life. She wore her curly reddish hair half-up, and was decked out in very stylish outfit. "Hi, I’m Laura McLean, your roommate."

"Liz, Liz Parker," Liz said, stepping over boxes to greet the girl, and shake her hand. "It’s good to meet you."

Laura nodded. "Yeah, you too. Need any help?"

Liz shook her head. "No, thats okay, I like unpacking. I see you’ve started already."

Laura went in, and sat down on her bare bed. "Yeah, I got here before you, so I just started to unpack. Then I went to see my boyfriend for a while." She stood, and picked up one of her boxes, tearing it open, and pulling out a small blue lamp. "So, Liz Parker, where is it that you hail from?"

Liz laughed "Roswell, New Mexico," she told her, rolling her eyes. "Alien capitol of the Earth."

Laura joined in on the laughter, "oooh," she teased. "So know any?"

"Not that I know of," Liz laughed at the thought. "It’s all just a scam, I guess. My parents own this restaurant named the Crashdown." She leaned over, and pulled out a stereo. "Where are you from?"

"New York, New York," Laura chirped in an excited voice. "I love it there, I really miss it."

"I know what you mean. I thought that I was glad to get away, but it’s just so different here. And I haven’t even been here that long."

"I know what you mean…I really miss my little sister already. We’re so close." Laura admitted, and pulled out her wallet. She showed Liz a picture of herself and a girl who Liz presumed was Laura’s sister. After all, they looked so similar. The same strikingly green eyes, and auburn hair was the features which showed their sister-hood the most. Laura’s arms were wrapped around her sister’s neck, both of them laughing. It was a very warm and happy photograph.

"What’s her name?" Asked Liz, her voice soft. The girls reminded her of herself and Maria. Maria, she needed to call her. Figure out what was going on with each other, and all that.

"Jess," Laura sighed, pushing it back into her wallet, and throwing it on her bare bed. "She’s 16, and just this amazing dancer. Maybe she’ll come visit sometime."

Liz nodded. "That’d be cool."

Laura’s eyebrows rose, her eyes glistening. "So, Liz Parker, do you have a boyfriend?"

Liz blushed, looking down for a moment, then glancing up to meet the girl’s eyes. There were only two answers she could submit to her. Yes or no. But which was it? Was she Max’s girlfriend? Or, was it just a couple passionate encounters? Maybe it hadn’t meant anything at all. And then…how he’d disappeared like that. He was just so confusing and…intense. But thats partly what made him so attractive to her. Well, that and the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous. She bit her lip. "No, no I don’t."

Laura nodded. "I saw you getting all cozy with the RA." She nudged Liz gently. "Sparks fly? He’s kind of hot."

Liz smiled, shaking her head. Great, a boy crazy roommate. Not that it was a bad thing, it’d surely prove to be entertaining. "Nah, I kind of have someone---in mind, I guess you could say."

Her roommates eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning as she pulled Liz down to sit on the bed next to her. "Tell me every single detail," she ordered intently.

"It’s just…Just kind of complicated."

Chapter 23

Complicated. That was an understatement, and she knew it. The roommate meeting had gone well, and it seemed they were going to get along fine. The plan was working out well. Liz was out just now, she said she was going to go get some coffee, and invited her to go along, but she’d declined regretfully. She really did like Liz, she was a sweet girl. It was hard to imagine what she had had to do to her just a few hours beforehand.

She walked into the small washroom that the girls shared, and splashed some water on her face. It was shockingly cool, which is just what she needed. Derrick was living in the same dorm, a few rooms down, they’d altered the housing list a little, and assumed fake identities. Of course, she’d only ever known him by Derrick, so they’d kept her. But in her case, her given name was unusual, something that would be remembered. After all, how many people were actually named Serena?

Serena…Thats who she was, messenger and humble soldier from Anatar. And now, well, she was on this huge mission. Plan A had gone well, but there was more to know, and she would use Liz to learn it. She’d tried earlier, asking Liz questions about Max and aliens. From what she could tell by scanning the other girls face, and body language, she didn’t know Max’s secret. But then again, Max hardly knew the secret about himself anyway.

And she was the one who was to tell him. Imagine, one day out of the blue a stranger would come up to you and tell you that you were really the king of some planet you’d never heard of. Hell, he’d found out about his alien status, and now this? It was enough to drive someone mad. But it was necessary. He had to know about everything that had happened. And about what was going to happen in due time. Otherwise, who knew what could happen?

She knew that Liz loved him, and that he loved her. He’d healed her after all. Someone wouldn’t just make the ultimate sacrifice of their own life for another for no one special. Unless, well, he was a dramatic hero. But under these circumstances, he couldn’t afford to be a hero to just anybody. Liz was special to him, in a way no one else was. Serena knew this, she’d read the prophecies. And now…here she was, after her whole life. She was the one who was going to bring about the destiny that the fates had written about so long ago. Before King Zan, before the war. Before all that, so long ago that no one lived to remember it.

In some ways it reflected the Christian religions bible. That’s what the scriptures were considered like on Anatar. They told the story of a young king who would reign, then die. And the king would be brought to life again, a changed man. And the king would be of Earth, and he would fall in love with a woman of a different species. And he would return to Anatar and reign as King once again, and bring salvation to his people with the birth of his son.

But he couldn’t it was almost impossible now. First of all, to thrust such a responsibility on a boy raised in such an atmosphere would be a horrible thing to do. He wouldn’t be prepared, and was in no way knowledgeable of Anatar’s customs and laws. He wouldn’t understand, or if he did---he wouldn’t be able to fulfill such a role. And second, it wasn’t even necessary anymore. Because Khivar had been killed. Assassinated by Larek’s men. The war was over, and King Zan was able to assume the right to the throne if he chose to. Otherwise, he might be allowed to turn the throne over to a righteous member of the court.

Perhaps Larek, Zan’s best friend. Or, maybe Vilandra would like to assume the role, or Rath. Though they probably wouldn’t be any more suited for it then Zan was.

Serena didn’t really know how to tell Max, or Liz the truth. But she knew that she had to keep watch on them both, very carefully. After all, this relationship was supposed to work, even if the other part of the prophecy was not to happen. And she was going to do everything in her power to make it be so.

Chapter 24

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…Faster and faster. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap…Silence.

"Some of us need to study, sweetie," Laura smiled, removing her hand from Liz’s. Liz gave her a sheepish grin and set down the pen on the table.

"Sorry, I’ve just got something on my mind."

Laura plopped down on Liz’s bed, and sat cross-legged in front of her. "Anything I can do?" Laura’s face was full of concerned.

Liz sighed, shaking her head. "No…it’s really not something that I should—"

"Come on!" Laura cried, slipping the textbook off Liz’s lap, shutting it and throwing it to the floor with a thump. "I am really good at this. High school? I was like, everyone’s guidance counselor."

Liz grinned at the petite red-headed girl. She’d gotten to really like Laura over the last few weeks that they’d lived together. She was fun, and easy-going. And her boyfriend wasn’t a complete jerk or anything either. Thank god she hadn’t been stuck with the roommate from hell or something. Laura was actually a little…Maria-ish. "It’s just that…" Liz started, watching as Laura placed an elastic band in her mouth, and pulled her long wavy hair into a high ponytail. "There’s this guy. This guy that I like. And well, he went to my high school, and then I found out that he was going here. And I thought he liked me too, but I haven’t seen him since the first day when we got here."

"Mmm," Laura said, taking the elastic from her mouth, sweeping her locks into a high pony tail. "The illusive boy I’ve heard not-so-much about that you’ve been brooding over. I mean, if you want to see him so much, why don’t you about calling him? Or just show up where he lives."

"Thats the problem," Liz moaned, burying her face in her hands dramatically. "I don’t know where. I don’t even know if he is staying in a dorm, or anything. Everything was just really distorted and stuff when we got here, and there wasn’t even a proper goodbye." Liz decided to leave out all the weird stuff. It’s not like she wanted her roommate to think she was some kind of liar or something. There’s no way she’d believe the real story.

"Well you could look in the student directory."

Liz’s eyes widened, a hopefulness crossing over her face. "The wha---Student directory? Where’s that?"

"Oh, it’s on the website." Laura shrugged. "I can’t believe you didn’t know about it…It’s completely alphabetical. Basically, you type in his last name, and it’ll give you the list of people by that name, their year, picture, and dorm. Then you just head over there and charm the RA, or freshmen into giving you his room number. Not that hard to figure out."

Liz’s face broke into a wide grin, and she leaned over, grabbing her friend in a tight hug. "Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

"Well, there is a reason why I’m taking internet technology," she laughed. "You can use my laptop." She motioned towards her desk, where a small black laptop sat closed. "And if you want me to help in anyway then I…" A small rang came from her pocket. She pulled out a blue cellular phone. "Hello? Okay, yeah, I’ll be there in a sec." She replaced the phone back in her pocket and shot Liz an apologetic look. "I am soo sorry, but I’ve got to get going. Derrick just got out of class and wants to meet for coffee."

"No, it’s fine." Liz said, waving her hand nonchalantly. "I’ll just find Max’s dorm and then go over there."

"You could wait, I could go with you."

Liz grinned. "It’s not as though I’m going to see a perfect stranger. I’m a big girl, and Max and I have lots of…stuff…to talk about."

Laura nodded. "That sounds---fun." Raising her eyebrows, she winked suggestively at Liz as she descended the room, her laughter cut off by the closing door.

Liz shook her head, a smile still adorning her face as she pulled out the laptop. It’s not as though she didn’t know how to use computers, or that she didn’t like them even---They just weren’t her favorite thing in the world. Not like Alex, who knew everything about them, and like Laura was into IT and programming. Liz liked to stick to what she excelled in, science. And while you used computer in science, you didn’t have to be a complete computer nerd.

She went to Harvard’s website, searching through all the junk and things that were unimportant to her. Ah, student directory. She typed the name "Evans" in the search engine, and held her breath as the computer came up with the results.

Three names appeared. She bit her lip, and then there it was—Evans, Maxwell. Max. He was there, and not only that, he was living in Adams, which happened to only be a few blocks away according to the school map she had tacked up on the wall in her room. Liz breathed a silent thank you to no one in particular, closing the laptop, and jumping up from the bed.

She was going to find Max, and she was going to get some answers. Finally.

Chapter 25

Liz sighed heavily, and smoothed her hair behind her ears. Why was she so nervous? It was just Max. Ha. Just Max, what an understatement. Sure, he was the shy boy she’d grown up with, her lab partner in high school, the loner. But he was also the guy she’d loved for longer than she could remember. The guy who she’d finally really connected with. The guy who deserted her as soon as they’d gotten here.

She didn’t know what to make of it really. But what Liz did know was that she wanted---no, needed answers. Right now. It had been way too long to wait. He said he would tell her, she remembered that. She also remembered that expression on his face as the taxi had left. It was panicked and sickly pale. It was if whatever happened to her affected him in a greater way. A secret. Which was understandable…He had, after all….healed her? Was that what he did? She wasn’t even sure. But she was here, now. She was going to be able to look him in the eyes and see if whatever happened was the way she thought it was. This was it.

She took one last deep breath before knocking on the door. She waited another minute before knocking again. This time the door opened, revealing a rumpled and tired looking dark haired man. She also noted that this was not Max.

"Hi…?" She said curiously as he raised his eyebrows at her. "I’m uh, looking for Max Evans. Is this his room?"

The rumpled boy grinned widely, exposing a pair of perfect teeth. "Well, god, and here I thought Max was gay. Thats about as much attention he gave to the girls I introduced him to. Now it all makes sense."

Liz blushed furiously. And let out a nervous laugh. "Oh, we’re just friends…So, is he here?" She peered into the room over the boy’s shoulder.

He nodded. "He’ll be right back, picking up some coffee. But I can give you the tour." He stepped aside, and ushered her into the room. It was a medium sized room, two beds, two dressers and a bathroom, nothing fancy. The blinds were pulled down. "These are the beds," he said pointing to the sloppy un-made one. "That one’s mine, the other is his. Since you won’t be spending much time there, lets divert your attention back to mine. Make yourself comfortable. Naked is fine."

Liz laughed again at the boys flirting. He seemed harmless, but funny. "I’m sorry, did I wake you up?"

He nodded, rubbing a hand roughly over his face. "Killer paper I had to write. Max had me half awake anyway though. I’m Trevor."

"Liz," she said, shaking his extended hand. "So should I just wait here?"

"It’s cool with me. You can tell me all about Mr. Maxwell, and how come I don’t know anything about him except his sister’s a babe and he’s from alien-central."

Liz let herself sit on Max’s straight-made bed, across from Trevor. "Oh, well, Max and I went to high school together. We weren’t close friends, just lab partners. But we started…something before school let out, and I just needed to talk to him about it."

"Ah," Trevor nodded. "So you guys had sex, then he bailed? You bailed? Details….?"

Liz felt herself blush even harder. "Oh, no no. Nothing like that. We just had this really interesting conversation and he said he’d find something out for me."

"Alright," he winked. "If thats what you want to call it."

"Is that all you think about?"

"It’s my nature," he shrugged nonchalantly.

The door opened then, and Max walked in with two coffee cups in his hands, hard to do while opening the door. "Oh, I got that, bro" Trevor said, taking the coffee from him.

"Thanks," Max said softly. He noticed that they weren’t the only ones in the room, his eyes met their visitor, and locked into place. Liz. She stood timidly, not removing her eyes from his. "Liz," he breathed.

"Max," she replied. They were quiet for a moment when she seemed to snap out of the trance and regain composure. "We have a lot to talk about."

"Thats my cue," came Trevor’s voice. He could tell by the looks of things that he was unwanted at that moment, and that there was no doubt in his mind that his mild-mannered roommate was about to get laid. Those intense vibes and gazes coming from the both of them. That was major sexual tension. Good thing too, if Max was anymore immune to the opposite sex, or even to the same sex, Trevor would have thought it unnatural. He left, closing the door quietly behind him.

"So," Liz said unsurely, easing herself back down on the bed.

"So," he repeated blankly. He didn’t know what to tell her. He couldn’t just be like ‘hey Liz, I love you, I missed you, oh and by and by, I’m an alien from some unknown planet.’ Could he? No. No, he couldn’t. He’d delayed talking to her this long, by not giving her his address. Somehow she’d gotten hold of it, and now here she was, standing right in front of him like the angel that she was. And he knew he couldn’t lie to her, how could he lie to her?

"I know you said later, Max," she began. "And it’s later—It’s way past later. Later was weeks ago." There was tension in her voice as she addressed him. His face was stony and expressionless. He’d always found that no expression was sometimes better than showing a person what you really feel. "So, please." She begged. "Tell me what happened to me."

Chapter 26

She’d asked it. The question that struck a cord in his heart, made all his hair stand on edge, and cut off his oxygen all at the same time. She wanted to know what happened to her. And he didn’t know what to say. He’d jumped back and forth over the last month, looking at it at all angles, and he was still undecided. Now, he wasn’t going avoid her forever. He could never do that. But he was supposed to have some sort of plan before he saw her again.

He’d been so sure that day after she’d gone. He was going to accept that he could never tell her, and not put her in any danger. If someone had stabbed her for being with him, well then what else would happen to her? But when he walked into his dorm room, and saw those innocent doe eyes pleading with him, he was conflicted. Everything was laid out in front of him. Two possible routes—to tell, or not to tell? If he told, Isabel and Michael would surely hate him even more than they already did.

Max’s face was a picture of confusion. "I, uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about Liz." She studied his face, looking into those eyes. And they lacked something, that spark. He was a good liar, really. Almost too good. It seemed as though perhaps he’d had some practice in his life.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head. "Max, I was there. I know what happened," she paused, moving her hand to her abdomen. "I felt what happened."

He ran a hand through his hair, and sat. "You fainted, I put you in a cab. Nothing else happened. I had a lot of things to do, so I couldn’t come with you."

She shook her head again. "No, no. Max, I know you. You were the one who always held doors for people even when they didn’t say thank you. You went out of your way to do all sorts of things for people, not asking anything in return. I mean, you’re the guy who came to the Crashdown everyday after school to see me working." Max blushed slightly at that comment. He chided himself. This was not the time to be embarrassed. But he avoided her eyes. If he looked into those eyes he knew he would be lost forever, her power over him would prevail. Liz grinned lightly. "I may have been denying it to myself, but deep down I knew you were there for me, I knew it. I just couldn’t believe it."

Max looked down at his shoes, in attempt to avoid looking at her. If she kept talking that way he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it. How could he not spill his soul to her? He was surprised to feel her warm palm cup his cheek, pulling his eyes up to hers. And he was gone.

"Do you have any idea what its like to feel pain like that? To die? This is not some game. And I know what happened, I know." She stepped closer to him, and wet her lips. "And I also know you wouldn’t do something like that, Max. Thats not you. You told me you would tell me later, and that must mean something too. And you’re not the type to run either. Why haven’t you come to see me? It’s been a month."

Max shook his head gently, trying to redirect his gaze, but she moved his face to lock with hers again. "I-I was busy," he said lamely.

"You’re not a very good liar." She scolded. "Max, what happened that day?…Please, I-I need to know. " She bit her lip, nervously. Please Max, tell me, her eyes called. Please.

"I, uh…" he started. "I healed you."

Liz nodded, caressing his face with her thumb. She nodded, her eyebrows knitting, her eyes intent. "How did you heal me, Max?"

"…I’m not from around here." He told her, so softly she had to strain to hear.

"Not from---Max? Wha—Where are you from?" Her eyes were growing cloudy, and her heart started beating faster. What was he talking about?

"I’m not from this planet," he admitted, bracing himself. When he said this her face was a product of shock. She quickly dropped her hand from his face as if she’d been burned. Liz took a step back, almost tripping over the bed. She regained her balance.

She didn’t speak for a while. Her face was like stone, inexpressive. She look down at her hands, and when she finally, finally looked up it was a look of anger painted across her features. "Wow….um….How stupid do you think I am?" She finally asked.


"You could have at least came up with a better story than that. I don’t know what, but yeah. That was pretty bad. I mean, after everything that has gone on with us…" She swallowed, choking back a sob. "You couldn’t even be bothered to tell me the truth." She turned to leave, but Max grabbed her arm.

"Liz," he said tenderly, his velvety voice trying to soothe away her disbelief. "Please. Hear me out, hear the truth."

She raised her eyebrows. "The truth."

He nodded, and she let herself lean against the wall, waiting. Max walked picked up a framed picture off of Trevor’s dresser, holding up for Liz to look at. Trevor was smiling widely, hugging the blonde girl in his arms tightly. She looked to be laughing. Liz gave him a questioning gaze, as he held it in his palm. Then he waved his hand over it, and when he removed his hand it was no longer a picture of Trevor and that nameless girl but one of Liz and Max.

Liz’s eyes widened. "That’s impossible," she gasped, peering at it cautiously. Then up at him. "Oh my god," she breathed, backing away. "Oh my god. It’s true."

"Liz…" he stepped forward.

"I-I have to go," she stammered. "I have things to do, and um…I’ve got to go." She turned, quickly making her descent, leaving a very hurt and upset Max alone.

Max closed his eyes tightly, and banged his fist hard against the wall. He swore loudly, then threw himself down on the bed. What was he going to do now?
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Chapter 27

Liz stumbled into the elevator, and balanced herself against the wall inside the little cube. She poked at the ‘close’ button violently, needing to get away then and there. As the doors closed, probably as slowly as they possibly could, she shut her eyes, letting her body sink to the floor.

Running her hands through her hair, she took a shallow breath. Now, she needed to evaluate this situation. There had to be some reasonable explanation, something that could prove what she had seen in front of her eyes was wrong. But what? How? Her brain was barely functioning, it was overworked with the bombardment of unanswered questions and technical theories. It couldn’t be…could it? And if it was…Then what? Max Evans—an alien?

It was like a movie in her mind, except it was in repeat. Over and over again she saw his hand wave over the picture, and the way it morphed, like magic. Which was completely impossible for any regular human being to do. Also, its not like someone healed a stab wound everyday either. A wound which mysteriously no one seemed to notice except for her and Max. A wound which had disappeared without a trace.

She blew out a ragged stream of air, and looked up, blinking the tears from her eyes. He had looked so…vulnerable and insecure. There he was, spilling this extraordinary secret to her and she went and made him feel like a freak. Something he no doubt had avoided all his life.

And in that instant it all became clear to her. The way he hung to the shadows silently, while all along he could have been one of the most popular guys in the school. Any girl would date him. He was good at sports, academics, an all-around great guy. But oddly Michael seemed to be his only friend, besides his sister. Once or twice Liz could recall the three sitting in the cafeteria talking in hushed voices, panicked expressions upon their faces. And she had seen them disappear into the Eraser room on a few occasions. It had never really occurred to her to think more of it. it wasn’t common, but nothing to be alarmed about. She had had her own troubles.

But now Liz realized how difficult Max’s life must have been. She’d always been sympathetic towards him, even though she’d known the Evans’ were loving parents. She, like everyone else knew the story of how the Evans’ had found their adopted children. Liz had just assumed that Max and Isabel must have come from a terrible place, and that they had been nurtured and loved. But Max had been brought up his whole life in a town, that well, portrayed aliens negatively. He had been taught by their society to cower and hide who he truly was. And to keep it for 18 years—it must have been haunting him.

Amazingly though, Max had opened up to her. Her. Liz Parker, everyday Roswellian. And she had basically confirmed all his fears. It couldn’t have been worse if she’d yelled at him that he was a scary freak and she never wanted to see him again. Because, well, it was far from the truth. But this did…change everything.

Liz ignored the stop of the elevator’s movements, deciding to remain on the floor. She felt silly for crying on the elevator, but it didn’t matter. Not after what she had done. Max had put his life at risk, for her. The doors opened, and someone stepped in. Liz stared down at the shoes. They were feminine, black leather and familiar. She studied the jean-clad legs, then brought her eyes up to the face. The shoes were familiar because Laura had borrowed them—and Laura was on the elevator.

"Liz!" Laura smiled, her eyes sparkling happily. But then she studied her friend with a worried expression. "What’s wrong sweetie?" She brought herself down beside Liz, sitting in cross-legged fashion. Her brows were drawn together in a wrinkle of concern. "You’re crying!" She cried. She grabbed onto Liz’s hands, and pulled her up to normal height with her.

Liz shook her head, unable to come up with the words to explain just what she was feeling and why. She knew she could trust Laura, but Max didn’t even know Laura. He didn’t need another person knowing about him. She know had one of the biggest secrets in the world on her shoulder’s and she couldn’t share it with anyone. Not Maria, not Alex…Anyone. Because if she did, she would only be hurting Max. And she could never do that. Not again. Not like this. He trusted her.

Liz let herself fall into Laura’s arms, sobbing the one word which would sum up why she was so miserable. "Max."

Serena stroked Liz’s hair soothingly in their dorm room. Serena was sitting with Liz’s head in her lap, and she lay on her bed. Serena genuinely felt sorry for the girl. Her and Derrick had been listening in a car outside on the street. They had bugged both Max’s dorm room, and Liz’s. Of course, considering Serena had already established herself as ‘Laura’ it wasn’t necessary to moniter their room half as much. But now that Liz knew the truth, and was keeping it from ‘Laura’, it seems that she had decided to at least stay in limbo with the idea of Max.

Liz hadn’t even asked for an explanation to why Serena was getting into an elevator at Adams while she obviously didn’t have any reason to be. All Liz has said was that she was glad that she had been there, because she didn’t know how she would have gotten home.

Serena hadn’t been able to get Liz to say much. All that she had managed to explain was that she had said something she hadn’t meant to say to Max, and that she wasn’t sure how he felt about her anymore. Serena wanted to tell the girl that she was being trivial in worrying about such silly things, and that if Max had risked his life for her—obviously he would forgive the almost-certain fear or at least awkwardness which would come with this newly revealed information. Its not as if this had floored him completely.

Its too bad she couldn’t tell Liz everything about her and Derrick. Perhaps then they could be real friends. She had taken a liking to the human girl. She was kind, fun and sweet-natured. And she had this kind of aura which just made you want to get to know her. Serena felt amazingly guilty lying to her all the time. But how was Liz going to react? First of all, she hears this. Then is she going to be excited that Derrick and Serena are from Max’s planet, protectors of the planet’s King—being Max? That might just scare her. It would scare any normal 18 year old girl, whether they knew their boyfriend was from that planet or not. And what was going to scare her most of all was the fact that she was the destined one to produce an heir.


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