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Author: Lizzie_Parker17 or Brittany
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Rating: pg-13…for now (wink wink nudge nudge)
Category: CC eventually, but the beginning is with different people though!
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell except for a few tapes the books and other memorabilia, but if I did Mr Parker would not be trying to screw up Max and Liz's relationship…haven't they been through enough?
Authors note: Hey everybody this is Brittany. This is my first long fic so be gentle. Feedback is encouraged J This was a challenge from Alieboba.

1) Post- It's too late and It's too bad
2) Liz did leave for Sweden (for a trip for something) and Kyle went with her and they don't come back
3) Alex is alive and kickin'
4) Max and Tess are together. They had sex but NO baby!
5) Everyone knows where Liz and Kyle are, how they are doing, etc. Except Max and Tess.
6) Liz and Kyle didn't come back because...(something alien related) they were needed.
7) About a year or two after they leave the gang goes to see a movie and surprise, surprise Liz plays the leading lady in a trailer.
8) A week or whatever later, Max and Michael are shooting hoops or something in the park when they hear someone at the court next to them. Low and behold it is Kyle, Liz, her boyfriend (Think a Paul Walker type), and Kyle's girlfriend Serena (Duh!). They are both aliens...
8)The rest is up to you....

Prologue – Albuquerque airport

The airport was crowded, but to Liz Parker and Kyle Valenti they were completely alone. Each one lost deep in their own thoughts. They were here to get away; they needed to get away, from Roswell, from aliens, but mostly from Max and Tess. They were haunting their dreams every night, the image of them together constantly playing in their minds…it was driving them both crazy.

Kyle looked over towards the gate and sighed…still not boarding. He smiled to himself, not that it would make much difference where he was, he would still be thinking about her, about them. It was kinda funny that they were escaping Roswell, their home, but not who they were escaping Roswell from. 'Fate had a sick sense of humor' he thought to himself. Then he couldn't contain it any longer and he started to laugh. He was sick he knew it. He should be crying right now, he should be sitting back wondering how great his life would have been if it wasn't for Max Evans. What was so great about him anyways I mean he is an alein for goodness sake, and yet somehow he had managed to take away the two most important women in his life. He continued to laugh, and he laughed harder

Liz came out of her trance when she heard Kyle
"What's so funny?" She asked with a puzzled expression.

Kyle looked at her and continued to laugh. Liz didn't understand, she didn't see the humor in it. She was to caught up in Max.

"Kyle…Kyle stop laughing"
He looked at her as if she was crazy and continued before turning away. Liz looked at Kyle and she was starting to get seriously freaked out…the look on his face was almost frightening. She couldn't take it anymore.
"For gods sake Kyle stop fucking laughing" Liz screamed as she reached out and slapped his face.

Kyle felt the sting on his face and stopped abruptly. He looked at Liz he could tell what she was thinking she thought he was crazy. He didn't blame her he was beginning to think that too. Her eyes were pleading with him to be ok. Her face softened a bit and he felt the tears begin to well up in his eyes 'No' he told himself as he tried his best to keep from crying he turned away from Liz to try and hide it.

Liz saw him turn away, she knew what he was fighting, she had fought it too. It was a losing battle. She moved from her seat beside him to kneel down if front of him.
"Kyle I need you to talk to me ok? Listen we are both in this thing together…alright? You and me." Her eyes locked with his until the damn broke inside of him. He had lost just like she had.

Kyle felt the first tear slide down his face. He pulled Liz up into a hug, and buried his head in her hair as the tears begin to come more freely. He hadn't cried yet, he was being strong for Liz up until this point. He couldn't even imagine what she was going through, she must have been having an even harder time than he was. He knew she was crazy about Max. He of all people knew how much she loved him...which made him hate max even more. He had stolen Liz's heart away from him then crushed it.

Liz was in shock she had never seen him cry before. In the week that had passed since they saw them that night she had cried dozens of times. She had cried so hard she shook, cried until she had no strength tears left to shed. But Kyle never did he just held her, stroking her hair, and letting her cry in his arms. She had begun to believe that it didn't effect him at all, that seeing Tess with Max didn't tear him up as much as it did her. Liz understood now it was all an act. Kyle had put up his "stonewall" as Michael called it. Thankfully Kyle was not as good at this technique as Michael was.

Kyle held onto Liz until his tears stopped and he calmed down, then pulled away and looked at her.
"I'm sorry Liz…I don't know what came over me."
He was silenced by Liz's hand covering his mouth.

"Shhhh Its ok Kyle. Remember were in this together." Liz said as she smiled and he felt a little better.

Liz was his best friend she had always been there for him, even after the breakup even if she didn't know it. And she could always make him feel better, but he still felt a little better than a peice of crap.
He sighed and buried his head in his hands running his fingers through his brown hair
"Its just…how could they do that to us Liz? How could they…I mean tess sure we all knew she was after him...but Max..." his voice trailed off
"I know he loved you Liz."
He saw Liz look down at her hands then back up to him

"I know he did Kyle, but I don't know why he did it. Maybe he was just trying to get back at me for what he thinks we did" Liz answered solemnly then it started again...everything that had happened that night.

Flash Back

"Kyle…do you really think it is necessary to go to the observatory?" Liz sighed "I mean I have a telescope!"

"Oh come on Liz. I need an A on this assignment or I am gonna fail Astronomy. This project needs to kick ass"

"Fine. Ok. You win." Liz said in defeat

Kyle smiled triumphantly.

A few minutes later Kyles red mustang pulled up to the observatory and spotted Max and Isabel's jeep in the parking lot. They pulled in next to it.
"I hope it is not Max" Kyle said "We have not exactly been friendly since that stunt we pulled in your bedroom that night"

"I know" Liz said sadly "You two are not the only ones who haven't been exactly friends…Max won't even look at me anymore really. I mean he does but its...just not the same."

They got out of the car and walked into the observatory. The spotted the clerk asleep on the counter top. They both laughed completely unaware about what they were about to see.
"Should we wake him?" Liz asked motioning to the clerk.

"Nah let him sleep we will only be a few minutes" Kyle said holding back another round of laughing

"Do you sleep on the job like that Liz?" Kyle asked her playfully
Liz laughed

They entered the actual observatory to find the stars reflected on its ceiling.

Liz was immediately awe struck as she looked up at the stars. Stargazing had become one of her favorite hobbies since Max healed her. She constantly found herself gazing up at them trying to guess which one was Max's. The night had become even more beautiful to her.

Kyle looked over towards Liz smiling up at the stars. He was hit hard by a flood of memories they shared here.
"Hmm?" She answered
"Do you remember when I brought you here for our first date?" Kyle asked as he smiled at her.
"Of course I do Kyle…we had some happy times didn't we? Things weren't so confusing back then."
"Yeah we did." He agreed "But I like it the way it is now. Just being your friend is great Liz. How bout you?"
"Yeah" She answered softly "It is better now. I am just happy that we stayed friends." She smiled
"Yeah me too."

Thats when they heard something coming from the corner
"Did you hear that?" Kyle asked in a whisper

"Yeah. What was that?" Liz whispered back
Kyle didn't answer her.

They both started to move in the direction of the sound. Neither one expecting what they found.

When they got to the corner Liz stopped dead in her tracks. She gasped and her books tumbled from her hands onto the floor. The books made a loud crashing noice as they fell from her grasp which seemed to have frozen time. She couldn't move…she couldn't speak. Her eyes were glued to the scene in front of her

Tess arched up against Max who was lying on top of her. His lips on her skin. Their hands were on each other. They both moaned, and their bodies glistened from sweat. Then Max looked up at her.
Liz couldn't believe it she closed her eyes tightly willing the images away, but when she opened them they were still there. Max…her max with Tess! She felt the tears come and the strength come back to her legs. She let out a loud sob as she turned and ran out of the observatory.

Kyle was glued to the spot. He couldn't take his eyes off the sickening sight before him. It didn't make sense…Max loved Liz, not…Tess. He wanted nothing to do with Tess. Then he was overwhelmed by a feeling of rage.

Max turned around quickly when he heard Liz gasp and her books fall to the ground. She just kept staring at them before squeezing her eyes shut and running away. She had looked at him square in the eyes and his heart had shattered in that moment.

He got up to run after her but Kyle quickly shoved him down next to Tess roughly. Max had never seen this look on Kyles face before. It was pure hate.

"No Max you stay away from her…you and that tramp of yours need to stay the FUCK away from her!" Kyle paused trying to control his temper
"God Max…you are such a FUCKING asshole…don't you realize how much she loved you? …And You…" Kyle said looking directly at Tess with even more hatred than he had with Max
"I don't have ANYTHING to say to you, you dirty whore"
"You two belong together" Kyle spat out before chasing out after Liz
"Liz...Liz. Liz wait!" Kyle shouted to Liz as he ran after her.

Kyle ran out into the main room to find the clerk still sleeping and Liz rocking herself in the middle of the floor. He approached her slowly and then leaned down. She was still in shock.
"Liz?" Kyle asked. No reply.
"Lizzie, come on…lets get out of here."
Liz didn't say anything she just kept rocking, so he picked her up and carried her out of the observatory and put her into his car.

End Flashback

Liz and Kyle were brought back to reality when the flight attendant came on the intercom
"We are now boarding for United flight 1759 to New York"
"Now boarding rows one through six I repeat rows one through six only"

"Well I guess that's us Lizzie" Kyle said

"Yeah" Liz sighed as she stood up and pulled out her ticket before heading over to the flight attendant.

Part 1

Roswell, New Mexico- Later that day

Max Evans drove through the town of Roswell with one thought on his mind…Liz. He was tired of hiding from her. He had to talk to her about what happened with tess. Tell her that it meant nothing and that he still loved her. The pained expression of her face flashed in front of him again. 'I don't see why she is so upset' he thought to himself 'her and Kyle looked pretty comfy not long ago' he quickly shoved that thought away and silently cursed himself for thinking it. None of that mattered now…he needed to talk to Liz. He had to make it right, he had to try.

Max ran into the Crashdown and passed Maria who was yelling something unintelligible towards him
"Max…max wait…she not…" Maria sighed when he continued to run past her "she not up there"

Max ran up the steps to Liz's home and pounded on the door impatiently until it opened to reveal Mr. Parker.
"Where is she?" Max asked breathlessly "I need to talk to her!"

Mr. Parker looked at him "Shes not here Max. You hurt her…it was too much. She never stopped crying, so she and Kyle…they left."

"Ok well where did they go" Max asked growing angry "I need to see her"

"You just don't get it do you Max? She doesn't want to see you…goodbye" Mr. Parker then shut the door on his face

Max wasted no time before flying back down stairs to confront Maria. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the break room.
"Where is she Maria?"

Maria sighed "She is not here max"

"I am aware of that Maria…Mr. parker told me as much! Where is she?" Max practically screamed "I need to know… I need to make it ok."

Maria laughed at the last remark
"Look Max…You hurt her bad…I've never seen her like this before. She isn't the same. She dried herself to sleep every night since she saw you with Tess. I mean her and Kyle refuse to separate…he has been staying here. They couldn't take it, they couldn't deal with seeing you and tess together. So they both left. They should be in the air right now, and that's all I will tell you. Don't even bother with Isabel Michael and Alex we are all rocks. We all feel the same way…what you two did to Liz and Kyle was incredibly low. I am sorry max but that is all I will say" Maria finished before getting up and going to go greet a table.

"Maria, wait!" Max yelled

Maria didn't even turn around
"She's gone Max…get over it" she snapped


Liz stared out the window of the plane at the moving landscape below her. She had finally escaped! She knew that she would go back someday soon, but right now she couldn't. She and Kyle were going to have an awesome time in Sweden. They were not going to think about max and Tess…at all.

Kyle Looked over at Liz. She didn't look to good.
"what's wrong"

Liz shrugged her shoulders "A lot of things"

"Do you miss Max?" Kyle blurted out even though he already knew the answer

"Do you miss the bitch…sorry…Tess?

Kyle thought about it for a moment "Not as much as I thought I would. How bout you Lizzie?"

"More than ever. Kyle I mean I knew what I did to him when I pretended to sleep with you. Believe me! Know one knows better than me, but part of me hoped that he would know, that my plan to push him towards her wouldn't work. I am such an idiot Kyle, but I did it for a very important reason" Liz paused briefly, wondering whether or not to tell him.
"I will tell you why Kyle, I just can't right now…its to much. I am sorry though that I ruined your chance with Tess. Even though I Must say…you could do better."
"Lizzie don't worry about it, Tess and I weren't meant to be, just like max wasn't right for you."

The second the words came out of his mouth he regretted saying them. Liz' face dropped even further and her eyes welled with tears.
"That's just it Kyle…I think your wrong. I think he's my soulmate, and I gave him to Tess. I have no one to blame but myself"

Kyle didn't know what to say so he just pulled her into his arms.
"I am here for you Lizzie, whenever you need to talk. Just remember we' re both in this together." Kyle smiled as he repeated the same words she had told him an hour earlier. He kissed her forehead and they both began to drift of to sleep.

To be continued…

Part 2

"I can't believe it…" Isabel whispered
She looked around to the other faces at the table Maria Michael and Alex. They all looked the same way she was feeling…like shit.

"So that's it…they just left?!?!? Michael asked

"Michael…we all agreed on this, even you!" Maria answered back

"Yeah I know Michael sighed, "I just didn't think they would actually go through with it!"
Michael hesitated a moment before continuing
"It just feels weird not having them here. They are part of our group! Liz kept us all grounded, and Kyle…well…he was just Kyle! I just can't believe they are gone! Things will never be the same way again…"

"I know what you mean Michael" Alex agreed
"Lizzie is like a sister to me. She and Maria are my best friends in the entire world and not having her around is…going to be tough. But I can completely understand why they left"

"I still cannot believe that Max would do something like this. He LOVED Liz, not Tess. I mean Max would hardly give Tess the time of day! I mean I know Liz hurt him bad when she slept with Kyle but-" Isabel was cut off by the sound of Marias voice.

'Gosh Liz is going to kill me for this' Maria thought to herself.
Ummm…Guys. About that…there is something that I need to tell you.


Liz awoke with a start as the plane touched down. Sweden! She was finally here, and away from the mess that was her life in Roswell. Although she was thrilled to be in Sweden she still felt a familiar pang in her heart. She missed Max.

'Lizzie what is wrong with you? Stop thinking about Max. He cheated on you…with Tess, the one person you despise more than anything. Of course he did think you had slept with Kyle. But how could he do it? It was clear that you still loved him I mean how could he not know? Everyone else knew…" Liz realized what she was doing
"Wow Lizzie talking to yourself in mental dialogue is never a good sign" She said aloud

"Neither is talking to yourself out loud," Kyle said before letting out a nervous laugh.

She looked over at Kyle who was nervously cracking his fingers. Liz smiled at this site

"Liz I swear if I don't get off this plane soon I am gonna seriously freak out."

"Kyle we have been on this plane for hours…what difference will five minutes do?"

Kyle looked at her as if she was crazy
"Everything Liz…My sanity! I am gonna snap. I need air!"

By the time the plane had parked at the gate Kyle already had his seat belt unfastened and his carryon bags in his hands. The second the door opened Kyle bolted out of the plane.

Liz emerged from the plane a few minutes later. Her eyes searched for Kyle in the crowd she found him instantly…not that he was hard to find!

Liz looked at him. He was sitting Indian style in the middle of the floor taking deep breaths.

Liz tried hard to stifle her laughter but she just couldn't
"Kyle…what in the world are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing Liz" He asked her in a know it all tone. "I am breathing. Cleansing my lungs"

"Is that Buddhism again?"

"For your information Liz Buddha helps me calm myself down, which I definitely need after being on that freaking plane for hours. So if you'll excuse me…"

"You wish is my command Buddha boy," Liz said with a laugh

Liz waited patiently for Kyle to finish his breathing while trying not to let her mind wander back to Roswell.

"So wow…Sweden! We are finally here!"

"Yeah" was all Liz could muster

"So lets go get our bags" Kyle suggested before placing his hand on her shoulders to guide her threw the crowd

With the touch of Kyles hand Liz was hit by a blinding pain and dropped to her knees. She gripped her head tightly.


* A very attractive man with blonde hair and striking blue eyes.
* A girl with long light brown hair and green eyes.
* She and Max kissing on their first date
* She and Max holding hands at school
* Max sleeping with Tess
* Max' eyes
* The blond man kissing her instead of max
* Max' eyes
* The blond man holding her hand.
* The blond man and the girl holding hands with her and Kyle
* She and Kyle walking through the desert together as children
* Stars

End Flash


"What?" Alex yelled, "Wait wait wait…so your telling me that Liz never slept with Kyle."
Maria sighed "Yes Alex that is what I am telling you"

"I just don't understand Maria…why in the world would she pretend to sleep with Kyle?" Alex asked with a puzzled expression on his face

Maria cracked her knuckles and took a sniff out of her citrus vial.

"Listen…Liz did what she had to do. This may sound strange but I am only telling you what Liz told me. Alright? Alright. She did what she did for us. Believe me Liz has never stopped loving Max for one second. Ok Max came to her from 14 years in the future...long gray hair and everything. He said that they had to change the future. He needed her to help his younger self fall out of love with her."

"Why?" Isabel asked clearly confused.

Maria sighed
"The closer that he and Liz got the more alienated Tess felt until she left Roswell altogether. Well it turns out that Tess was key to our survival. With one of you missing you are not as strong, not a complete unit."

"So wait…are you saying what I think your saying?" Alex asked

Maria ignored him
"Liz could not risk our lives so she had to try to get Max and Tess together. She did everything she could she told him she wasn't interested. She yelled at him and said that she could never have a normal life with him that she wanted children and for them to be safe. She told him she didn't want to die for him, but he just kept coming. Nothing she said was making him turn away from her. So she went to Kyle."
Maria paused to keep a tear from falling
"But wait this is the kicker on the night of the Gomez concert when Max saw them together was originally supposed to be the night that Max and Liz made love…I can't even imagine. But the plan worked and future max disappeared, and now Max is with Tess, and Liz well Liz is a huge mess. I think one of the things that really gets to her is that she did this. Once again Liz Parker sacrifices something she really loves for the sake of the others around her."
The room was deadly silent.

"This goes no where…tell Max or Tess, and I will beat you."

"Tell us what?" Max asked with Tess trailing behind him


Liz sat up. The pain in her head was gone, but there was still a slight throbbing.
Kyle was kneeling down beside her
"Lizzie…are you alright?" he asked concern evident in his voice

"…Yeah Kyle I am fine." She replied

"She's fine everyone…bad migraines! I have got everything under control." Kyle said in attempt to clear away the crowd that had gathered around her.

"Lizzie what happened?" He asked as he helped her to her feet.

"Honestly Kyle I don't know you touched me and then…I had a flash Kyle."

"Oh excuse me" Liz said when she bumped into a couple.

"Oh excuse me miss you dropped this," the man said handing Liz her scarf.
Liz looked up at the couple and gasped
"Its you!"

To be continued…

Part 3

Liz could hardly tear her eyes away from him…he looked exactly the same as he had in her vision. Very tall, muscular, and the most piercing blue eyes…the exact color as Tess'. It was though some force was drawing her to him…and it scared her.
"Who are you?" Liz asked still staring at him.

He smiled at her to reveal pearly white teeth.
"Come with us first and lets get you two settled in-"

Liz cut him off…
"No who are you?" Liz demanded 'we are not going any where with you until you tell us who you are!"

He pondered this for a moment and the replied
'Well I'm not from around here."

Liz knew where this was going but could not form the words to say it. Kyle helped her out

"So where you from?"

He raised his index finger and pointed up, and then further still.

"You're an alien?" Liz stated flatly.
"Well I prefer the term-"

"Stop it!" Liz screamed
"God are you like reading my mind or something?"
She asked as she put her hands on either side of her head as though to block him from her thoughts
"Are you using your like…your special alien powers on us now? Huh? What no come back? Well I must say I am disappointed."

The man didn't say anything just kept staring at her, which only managed to piss Liz off even more.

Kyle looked over at them. 'Man she is pissed' he thought to himself 'I would seriously hate to be in this guys shoes. She is pretty bitchy when she's mad' Kyle coughed to hide his laugh
"Lizzie calm down"

Liz was shocked at his comment and it showed on her face.
"Kyle…you of all people should agree with me. This is no time to be calm! They're aliens Kyle. And we don't know if they are the good kind or the bad kind yet!"

"Liz" Kyle smiled and put his arm around her shoulder
"Getting angry and yelling about these two and their…somewhat different heritage in the middle of an airport isn't going to do any of us any good."

Liz looked around knowing he was right and sighed, "God I should have know. I came to Sweden to get away from aliens and you…you followed me out here! What now? What do you want from us? Who sent you?"

The man smiled.
"She said you would be like this…but I didn't believe her." He paused and looked her over again "This is Serena" he said pointing to the girl beside him "And I am Evan…Evan Stevens. Its nice to finally meet you Liz…Kyle" he said as he stuck his hand out to Kyle

"Yeah I am sure the pleasure is all ours." Kyle replied coldly before shaking his hand

"Who said I would be like this? He didn't respond
"Who said I would be like this?" She asked again this time he laughed a little.

Liz was getting pissed again. She didn't like playing these little games. Who was he talking about? Did max send him? Did Kivar? Why was she feeling this strange pull towards him? She needed answers and no one was giving her any.

Serena smiled at Liz and she felt better there was something about this girl that…felt familiar somehow. Liz calmed down a little.
"It is nice to meet you Liz. We have heard a lot about you." Serena turned from her and glanced at Kyle. "We know you have a lot of questions, and they will all be answered. Lets just get your belongings and get you settled."

"Alright" Liz replied, and her and Kyle followed behind Evan and Serena to the baggage claim.

"Do you think we can trust them?" Kyle asked

"I don't know Kyle…I feel like I know Serena somehow. I get a vibe from her that is really familiar…almost like we have met before. Liz shrugged
"I am not sure about Evan though." She stated plainly

Kyle almost laughed at this
"You got that too?" He asked as he looked at her.

"Yeah, he seemed very interested in you Liz. When he looked at you…I don't know."

Liz cringed at this 'then it wasn't just me' she thought. 'Kyle noticed it too.' Liz wasn't sure what to make of Evan she was drawn to him, but it didn't seem right. She was supposed to be with Max…well at least she thought she was. She wasn't too sure anymore. He hadn't even tried to see her in the week before she left. He didn't even try to explain himself and his actions, and she didn't know how to take this. Was he just scared, or did he feel that he didn't need to explain himself. Maybe they were in love. Maybe he had finally gotten over them. Maybe…he doesn't love her anymore. 'Ok Liz stop thinking about Max, and stop talking in inner dialogue. If Kyle knew you were doing it again he would think you were crazy'

They quickly grabbed their bags from the baggage claim and headed out towards Evan and Serenas car.

Once they were on the road heading for Liz and Kyles new home Evan spoke

"What?" Liz asked puzzled

"You two have a lot of questions to ask so go. Ask away." He stated

"Alright I got one" Kyle replied
"Who sent you? Why are you here? And most importantly what do you want with Liz and myself?"

Evan smiled
"Actually Kyle that was three questions." Evan laughed but then saw the look Liz and Kyle were giving him from the back seat he cleared his throat.
"Well as you know Serena and I are aliens. We both come from Antar. Don't worry Max did not send us. We were actually sent here by Max and Isabels mother Queen Alana. Of course she is no longer ruling the planet now that Kivar has control. We will not hurt you. We were sent here because we know what happened with Max and Tess. What happened was not supposed to happen. We aren't sure why it did. As you probably already know Liz. Max was intended for you. Even when they were married Tess was nothing to Max."

"Ok. Well why are you here why do you want me and Kyle?" Liz asked

"Because you are needed…I am sorry but I cannot tell you too much on this subject at the moment."

"And why is that" Kyle asked frustrated

"Because we are not permitted to," Serena answered
"Things would grow too complicated, but believe me you will know shortly as to why you are needed."

They pulled into the driveway of their new house
"Wow" Liz said amazed

"Yeah" Kyle agreed, "It is so much bigger than what it looked like in all the pictures."

"Lets go in side" Liz smiled They linked arms and went in to check out their new place. They both went into all the rooms and claimed their own.

"This ones mine" they both said as they entered the master bedroom. They stared at each other trying to decide who should get the room before Kyle said

"Rock paper scissors"

"Best two out of three" Liz added

They both prepared for the game
Liz knew she had this one in the bag. Kyle always chose rock on the first try. No matter how many times she beat him he always chose rock

"Rock paper scissors" they said simultaneously

"Ha Ha" Liz smiled triumphantly "Paper beats rock"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Lets get on with the game"

'Now if I remember correctly' Liz thought 'his next move will be scissors'

"Rock paper scissors"

"Rock beats scissors! Whoohooo!!! Alright! I get the room! I get the room! Na na na na na." Liz taunted as she jumped around her new room.

Evan watched from the door at Liz and Kyle. He smiled slightly at the scene in front of him. God she was beautiful. 'What in the world was max doing with Tess when he could have had her' he thought to himself. 'Oh well his loss is my incredible gain' Not that he didn't like Tess. Tess was great, she would have been his intended, and he had been quite upset about her thing with max…that is…until he met Liz. 'Wow she is so great' he took one last look at her before walking away. He couldn't have her catching him staring at her now could he?
Evan walked out into the living room and sat down next to Serena on the couch.

"Do you think she will except you?" Serena asked with wide eyes

"She has to" Evan replied, "She doesn't really have much of a choice. The future of our planets depends on it. She will be queen that much is certain, and she must produce an heir with someone of royal blood. Her intended was Za…but when he slept with Tess he changed everything. I still don't know what caused this Serena, and that is very disturbing."

"But you are not her intended. Max is. Don't you see that you will NEVER be able to replace him Evan! You are not meant to be king. He is!"

Liz cut her victory dance short when she remembered something
"Oh shit!"

"Liz what's wrong"

"I forgot to call Maria in the excitement of room picking. She is probably worried sick."

"Well then call her" Kyle said stating the obvious

'What does it look like I am doing smart guy?" Liz asked sarcastically pulling out her cell phone

"Will that work from here? Kyle asked

"Yeah its international!"

Liz quickly dialed Maria cell phone number

"Uhh…nothing" Maria answered as max and Tess walked over to the booth and sat down

"So what were you guys talking about?" max asked

"Nothing" the entire group chimed

"Well it obviously is something…what's this all about?"

"Its none of your business Max. It doesn't concern you…anymore." Alex stated hinting at the fact that it was about Liz.

There was a deadly silence for a moment which was broken by the ringing of Maria' cell phone.
Maria dug through her purse to get it

"Liz. How was the trip?"

Max jumped from his seat when he heard her name spoken
"Maria! Is that Liz let me talk to her!" Max yelled

Maria held the phone out of his reach and climbed out of the booth. She ran into the womens restroom and looked the door.
"Michael, you guys keep him out there." She yelled through the door.

"Sorry Liz. Max was being a psycho."
"Oh nothing important. Who cares anyway."
"So how is Sweden so far?"
"Oh, and the house?"
"You beat him again didn't you"
"He always chooses rock first," Maria laughed
"And what is that?"
"Wait! What is up with all the drama Liz what's wrong? Did something bad happen to you over there?"

Liz waited anxiously for Maria to answer the phone. It took a while so Liz assumed that it was probably stuck in the bottom of her purse or something.

"Hey Maria"
"Yeah Its me. It was long, and tiring" Liz said standing up

She could hear quite a commotion in the backround And she thought she heard Max's voice. She heard a door slam before Marias voice came back over the line

"That's ok. What was he doing Maria"
"Sweden is great Maria. Me and Kyle just got settled"
"Oh it is so great. It is really big. We both wanted the same room so we played rock paper scissors"
"Yeah I did" Liz smiled at Kyle who looked at the floor
"I know…He is so predictable" with this Kyles head shot up and he glared at her
"Maria" Liz said in a somber tone "There is something I need to tell you"
"Something happened at the airport today"
"No no no Maria Me and Kyle are fine. It's just that well I had a vision when Kyle touched me. Don't even ask cause I don't know why. But in this flash I saw these two people Maria, and then minutes later we bumped into them in the airport. Their names are Evan and Serena, and they are aliens. Maria just don't say anything right now…let me finish. So anyways they say that they have been sent here by max and Isabel's mother Queen Alana because of what happened between Max and- anyways they said we are needed and they refuse to tell us anymore on the subject I just wanted to let you guys know. Maria you can't tell Max or Tess. This is important. They cannot know where we are. Do you understand? Alright well I gotta go for now Do you want to talk to Kyle? Alright maybe some other time. Ok well Maria I will call you soon. Bye.

"What happened?"
"Ok yeah I won't tell them"
"I understand"
'No I better not Max is probably trying to tear down the door to talk to you"
"Ok bye" Maria said as she hung up the phone
She walked out into the restaurant again and was immediately bombarded by questions in every direction
"Hey hey hey" she shouted

"How is she?" Max asked in a desperate voice

"Honestly Max she doesn't want you to know, and as her best friend, I am not going to tell you ANYTHING about her and either Tess." Maria shot an evil glance over to Tess

Tess shrugged and sneered at Maria slightly.

Maria glared right back at Tess…geez she was such a bitch! What did Max ever see in her? I mean how completely desperate and obvious could you be. Maria felt like slapping the girl. She had taken advantage Max and Liz's relationship at the time and had gotten him to sleep with her. She took a deep breath and forced herself to keep calm.

'Her and Kyle' Maria's words rung out loud in his head, and he was once again transported back to Liz's window. She and Kyle lay on her bed undressed…laughing together. Why did he feel guilty about what happened with Tess? Liz slept with Kyle. He felt a stab of pain shoot through him…even thinking about it hurt. He shouldn't feel bad about anything. Liz obviously didn't feel the same way about him as he did for her. Tess on the other hand loved him, and he decided he would make the most of that…

To be continued...

Part 4

1 year later

"Come on Michael." Maria yelled as she pulled on his arm.

"Maria I don't want to see your stupid chick flick!" Michael whined and tried to pull away from Marias grasp

Maria glared at him "Michael I refuse to see another one of your shoot em' up movies, and you
owe me anyways or do I have to remind you of last nights dinner experience."

"Maria...plea-" Michael was cut off as Maria put her hand over his mouth

"Tacos…Michael, are not acceptable for ones 18 month anniversary. I was thinking more Chez
Pierre, but no. I get Taco Bell. Instead of jewelry I get a subscription to sports Illustrated! What
am I ever going to do with that Michael? WHAT-WERE-YOU-THINKING?" She enunciated each
word with a smack to his head.

Maria shook her head. Michael was so clueless sometimes. Sports Illustrated! He probably got it so he would have something to read at her house. Maria saw red.

"Ow Maria. Hey I'm sorry ok! Lets see the movie already!"

They both turned around when they heard an eruption of laughter
Michael glared at them
"Shut up" he snapped.
The laughter grew louder.

Isabel whipped the tears away that were forming in her eyes and placed a hand on Alex's shoulder to keep from falling.
"I told you she wouldn't go for the subscription Michael" Isabel laughed.
Alex calmed himself down enough to agree, "Yeah Michael I mean come on, the last sport Maria participated in was…Well I can't even remember." Alex ducked as Maria threw a shot his way.
"You missed," He laughed

Max stood back and watched with a smile. He felt Tess come up from behind him and wrap her arms around him. He didn't pull away. Of course he never loved her. Tess was nothing compared to Li…he stopped himself and mentally smacked himself for thinking about her. Liz was gone…he hadn't heard a thing from her or Kyle in a little over a year, and Maria and the others hadn't told him a thing. He began to wonder if they were ever going to come back. He pushed those thoughts away and pulled Tess closer to him and started walking into the theatre. He had to live in the future not the past.

"Hurry up you two. Were gonna miss the movie!" Maria shouted to Alex and Isabel

"We'll only miss the previews!" Alex shouted back

"The previews are the best part silly!" Maria yelled before pulling them both into their seats.

When everyone had taken their seats the theatre became dark and everyone quieted down.
"Shhhhh. It's starting." Maria whispered at the other 5.

"Maria your shhhhing is louder than our talking!" Michael whispered to her

"Michael don't push it" Maria answered

Alex smiled and took a drink of his cherry cola. He looked up at the screen and it dropped from his hands. He gasped.

"What?" She answered

"Is that Lizzie? Is that really her?" Alex asked in amazement

"Oh my gosh!" Isabel said "Lizzie is in the movies now!! How lucky is she!?!?!?"

"Pretty freaking lucky if you ask me" Maria answered back "but I always knew Lizzie would be something special."

"She's looking pretty hot too" Michael commented

Maria answered him with a smack "Hey. That is Liz you're talking about. MY boyfriend should not be calling MY best friend hot. He should be calling me hot. You may say that Liz looked very good with her hair red but the hot/gorgeous/breathtaking comments will be saved for me"

"Will you all shut up? I am trying to watch Liz!" Alex yelled in frustration.

"There is no way she did that leap. Actually I bet she did none of this dancing." Tess said venomously.

"Actually Tess dear." Maria replied with fake sweetness. "I know for a fact that Liz performed all her own moves in this movie. When she left Roswell she took up ballet and dance full time again. Its how she got started in acting."
"Your just a stupid jealous gerbil bitch" Maria said to herself. God she so wanted to tell her off right then and there. But she restrained herself…barely

"Yeah Tess. That sounded a lot like jealously if you ask me." Isabel commented, "Center Stage When does that come out?"

Tess Ignored Isabel and snuggled closer to Max

"Disgusting" Isabel, muttered to herself. Tess really had no shame. Max belonged with Liz and she knew it. Don't worry Tess Isabel thought to herself. When Lizzie comes back she'll give you quite a challenge regarding Max's feelings. She was brought out of her thoughts when Alex answered her previous question.

"I don't know it didn't say now please be quiet. We are going to get kicked out!" Alex whispered to them.

"We really have to go see that" Isabel added quietly "Holy crap"

Isabel closed her eyes why had they been so stupid. Talking so openly about Liz in front of Max…He wasn't over her no matter how many times he said he was. She was the love of his life. Tess was just…well she was just there. The right place at the right time. When Liz and Kyle came back…he would be in trouble. He would take one look at her and fall in love with her all over again, and drop the stupid bimbo. Isabel smiled at the thought then turned towards the three on the other side of her and whispered for them to stop talking about Liz and Kyle. As if on cue all four of them turned and looked at Max. He was just staring transfixed at the screen.

Max couldn't take his eyes off of her. He hadn't seen her since she and Kyle walked in on him and Tess in the observatory. And his heart warmed at the sight of her. He hadn't missed Tess's rude comments, and she had a right to be jealous. Liz was gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking. Her normally brown hair was now a brilliant shade of red and a little wavy. He wanted very badly to run his fingers through it, to feel if it was as soft as he remembered it being. He wished that this wasn't just a preview so that he could watch her for hours. he would never get sick of watching her. She brought out something in him that no one else did…he missed it. He wanted the moment to last forever. Suddenly all the love for her that he had shoved into the back of his mind came flooding back to the surface for a brief moment. Then he remembered that she was no longer his. They had both given themselves to another. She wasn't even in Roswell anymore; she hadn't been for a year. Even if she was what would she want with him anyways she was staring in movies now. She was too good for him. He quickly pushed all thoughts of Liz back to their spot in the back, and looked down at Tess and smiled. He just prayed no one would bring it up, but he knew that it was very unlikely.

They all watched the movie in silence.


Liz sat on her bed and looked down at the ticket she held in her hand. One-way trip to Roswell, New Mexico. She sighed. She had grown to love it in Sweden I mean sure it was no United States but it had been her home for the last year. More than anything she was afraid of returning. She had no idea of what she would encounter when she got there. She didn't know how she was going to react when she saw them together…an actual couple. Just thinking about it made her physically sick. She had accepted her destiny, but she still couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if she were in his arms that night. She closed her eyes. Everything was so confusing. Future Max told her she couldn't be with max. Queen Alana told her that they didn't know why she wasn't with max, that he was originally supposed to be her destiny. She had changed all that when she pretended to sleep with Kyle. They still don't know what went so wrong in the future that caused future max to travel back to me. All the signs pointed to the Marriage of she and Zan as the beginning of an age of peace. She sighed again. There were so many questions that hadn't been answered. She looked up at a knock on her door.

"Come in"

Evan opened the door and walked into her room.
"Whats wrong Lizzie?" He asked as he sat down beside her on the bed he looked down at the ticket in her hand "scared about going back to Roswell?"

"Yes. I am very scared"

"There is nothing to be afraid of Lizzie" He said as he pulled her into his arms "I will be right there with you every step of the way"

Liz wrapped her arms around him and breathed him in. It didn't affect her at all. She remembered how much she loved they way Max smelled. A scent that was so entirely his own. A mixture of cologne, his leather jacket, and just…max. Evan didn't smell like anything special. And it really bothered her the way he always called her Lizzie, and he knew she didn't like it. That title was reserved for only her closest of friends. Kyle could call her Lizzie, Maria, and Alex could call her Lizzie…Evan could not. She didn't love him, and she probably ever would. He had become like Kyle to her…a friend that you could talk to. He would never be able to replace Max. No one would be able to replace Max. He had ruined every other man for her. None of them could compare. Damn you Max.

"I'm scared…but I will be alright. I have a week till our flight. I will be fine. Plus I am really looking forward to seeing Maria, Alex, Isabel, And Michael." Liz confessed

"That's good Lizzie. Well dinners ready." He flashed her his grin. "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah a little" She answered with a smile "Evan please stop calling me that." Liz asked politely.

"Oh yeah sorry Liz. Right this way my lady" he said in his best English accent

"Ok Alfred" Liz laughed as she took his arm.

When they entered the kitchen Liz smiled Kyle and Serena were passionately kissing. Seemingly oblivious to the outside world.


Serena pulled away and looked down. She lifted her eyes back up to Liz and smiled brightly.

"We're getting married Lizzie! We're getting married!" Serena shouted as she ran into Liz's arms.

"Oh my gosh Serena I am so happy for you! When did this happen? I want details! When is it? Where are you having it? How can I help?" Liz fired

Serena laughed at her enthusiasm
"He just proposed Liz. Lizzie. I want you to be my maid of honor! Will you?"

Liz squealed in happiness
"Of course I will Serena I would love to be your maid of honor. Oh my gosh oh my gosh. I have never been a maid of honor before. Oh I am so excited. I have to tell Maria" Liz finished in a breath

Liz pulled away from Serena and walked quickly over to Kyle, and pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Hey you" She said with a punch to the shoulder
"Congratulations Kyle! You picked a good one. You two are going to be so happy together I just know it!" Liz finished as she pulled him into another hug.

"Thank you Liz. Are you crying?"

"No" Liz said as she whipped the tears from her eyes "Its just that I am so happy for you Kyle. Your one of my best friends. I can't wait for the wedding."

"Thanks so much Lizzie. Your one of my best friends too! I even considered asking you to be my best man, but we thought you would prefer a dress rather than a tuxedo."

"I wouldn't be too sure…bridesmaids dresses are usually vile ugly things." She laughed.

"Congratulations you two" Evan added as he walked over and smacked Kyle on the back. "I wish you both all the happiness in the world!"


"Max…Max" Michael whispered

Max rolled over onto his side

Michael sighed and tried harder

"Max…Max. It's me. Let me in man. It's freezing out here."

Max opened his eyes and pulled himself out of bed. 'Michael. Damn I almost got away.' Max thought to himself.

"I thought you were done with this whole night time visiting thing Michael. I mean you you're your own place"

He shrugged
"What can Maxwell. Old habits die hard. So How ya doing?" Michael asked in his best buddy buddy voice.

"You better have something more important than that to say to me since you woke me up at" Max looked at his clock "3:30 in the morning. Michael just cut the crap. I know what you're here for and I am fine, so just go tell the other three that I am over Liz and seeing her didn't affect me at all. I am with Tess now." Max added trying to convince himself at the same time

Michael climbed through Max's window and sat down on the bed beside him
"See Max…I don't think you are. I saw you when you saw her today. You are not over Liz, and you may never be. No matter how many times you say it it won't make it true. You know I am right."

"Michael even if you were right. Liz is gone. I don't know where she is and no one will tell me. She obviously doesn't want to talk to me."

"Max you slept with Tess!" Michael yelled

"She slept with Kyle!" Max yelled back

Michael was silent.

"And why are you all of a sudden sticking up for Liz so much?" Max asked

"You know Maxwell. I am not really sure on that one…but for some reason I have been feeling a bond with her lately. I don't really understand it, but I do know that I want to protect her." Michael pondered that for a moment
"Oh well"

"Michael…its late, and I am tired."

"Alright I get the hint" Michael replied as he took out the sleeping bag and rolled it out onto the floor

"What are you doing Michael?" Max asked

"What can I say Old habits die hard.." Michael smiled before crawling into the sleeping bag.

Max sighed he climbed into his bed and closed his eyes. The second he did Liz's face flashed before him. This was going to be a long night, he thought.