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TITLE: Cruel Intentions
AUTHOR: Soypet
EMAIL: isoysauce03i⊕
RATING: R—because of sexuality and language.
CATEGORY: Max and Liz… of course! Alternate universe and no aliens.
SUMMARY: A Roswell adaptation of the movie Cruel Intentions.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Roswell or Cruel Intentions

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’ve always wanted a Roswell version of the movie… Plus, I was bored one day and I felt like writing something. And lo and behold… I wrote a Roswell version of the escalator scene from the movie… It turned out good and so I decided to finish the rest of the story. *big*


- Scene One -

“What is it Max that is bothering you right now?” absently asked Mrs. Klein. She was sitting in an expensive black leather swivel chair behind her equally expensive, dark mahogany desk.

In his eyes, he found being here at his therapist’s office was boring him. Depressed voice used, he replied, “My life is spinning out of control, Mrs. Klein. I don’t know what to do anymore. My dad’s married to a psycho while I’m living with two hellions, known as my step-sisters.” While what he was really thinking was, that I’m here instead of in bed with your daughter…

“Max, I’m sure it’s not that bad as it seems—” she started before he interrupted her.

“But it is, Mrs. Klein.” God! Your daughter was good… Pausing for effect, he stated in a dejected tone, “I don’t know if my life is even worth living for anymore.” I’d do her again if I could. And with that, he wiped his face with his large palm while releasing a loud and heavy sigh, which gave him an air of believable sadness, but in actuality was meant to cover his smile at thinking of his previous engagement with Mrs. Klein’s daughter, Courtney.

Standing up from her chair and moving around her desk, Mrs. Klein began heading for her bookcase along the wall. She pulled out a book titled, Down In The Dumps: How to Recover and stated, “Well, Max… here’s a book I’ve written that would do you a good job in reading. I wrote it myself, so you could read it while I’m gone and it’ll be just like if you were in my office here…”

“Wait! What do you mean, you’ll be gone?” Max quickly sat up from the lounge to look at Mrs. Klein.

“My daughter and I are headed to Rome. We’re taking a brief break for the summer.” She replied happily as she stood before Max to hand him her book.

Looking at the book momentarily, she’s probably going to charge this on me too, he thought. Eyebrows fused together, he asked, “For how long?”

“Oh. Well… three months.” Leaning slightly on her desk, she jotted down, Charge Max $50 on book + regular session charges.

“Three months? Wow.” Looking at the shapely woman standing in front of him, depressed act gone while an innocent act replaced it on Max’s handsome face. “It’s a shame. I’ll be sure to miss you Mrs. Klein.”

“Thank you Max.”

Directly looking at her legs, he asked, “Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful legs? Killer legs… long and lean and perfect.” Pausing slightly, he lifted his gaze to hers, “Would you mind if I took pictures of you?”

“Ummm… no. Max, that won’t be necessary.” She assured him while smiling her sweet smile. “There’s plenty of other girls your age who would love to date you…” she said, while thinking Max had suddenly developed a crush on her because of his comment on her legs. She had hoped to divert his crush with her statement.

“You’re really an attractive woman, Mrs. Klein.” He complimented her.

“I’m a married woman…” she responded quickly.

A crestfallen face appeared on Max, while inside, he was dying from laughter. A second later, his eyes became bright; his voice a bit higher and body language a little more enthusiastic. “Do you really think that’s true, Mrs. Klein? That other girls would like me?”

“Yes, dear.” She smiled at him again.

And that’s when her desk phone started to ring. Pressing the talk button, the sound of her secretary’s voice came through loud and clear, “Your daughter’s on line one, Mrs. Klein. She wants to speak to you. She says it’s an emergency.”

Secretly, Max smirked a satisfied grin.

“Okay, put her on hold for right now. I’ll be with her in a second.” With that, she started walking towards Max, a motion that showed him that it was time to go. When Max stood up, she lightly placed her hand on his arm as she showed him to the door. “Until our next session, take care, Max.”

“You too, Mrs. Klein,” with his grin still in placed, he walked out of her office. A knowing glint appeared in his eyes and he softly chuckled as he made his way down to the ground level of the building.

— - — - —

“You put me on hold?!!” Courtney screamed into the phone as hot fluid tears burned her pretty cheeks. “How could you…?!”

“Courtney, honey, calm down…” Mrs. Klein advised her distraught daughter, taking a deep breath, she said, “Take a deep breath and step outside of the circle.”

“Cut the psycho babble bullshit, Mom!” she wailed into the headset.

Giving up on control. “Alright, alright. Honey, just tell me what happened.”

“I…” and she broke down into tears, “He told me he loved me… and I believed him…”

“Him?” Extremely worried now, “Him who?”

“You wouldn’t know him. But he was just so sweet. And I was so stupid.” Tears still flowed freely from her glazed and wet eyes.

“What’d he do?” Inquiring Courtney for more information.

Resignedly, she said, “There are pictures of me on the internet.”

Incredulous at what her daughter was explaining, Mrs. Klein asked, “Pictures? What kind?”

“Nude pictures. What do you think, Mom?!”

“Jesus Christ, how can you be so stupid?” she yelled into her phone, clearly angered at her daughter’s foolish judgment.

“I dunno. He was so charming and sweet. He said I was beautiful. And all he could talk about how I had killer legs… long, lean, and perfect was what he said. He kept wanting to photograph them… and from there, I…” She paused as another sob racked her body, “things got out of hand.”

Courtney waited for her mother to say something, but all she heard was silence from the other end of the line. “Mom?” she paused, waiting… “Mother! Are you there?!!!” Her tears were flowing rapidly down her cheeks now. Her face was flushed from the heat of her tears. “Mother!!!”

— - — - —

She bolted out of her office and spotted Max standing below, on the ground level of the building. She banged on the window and cried out, “Max!! You’re gonna pay, you son of a bitch!!!”

At that moment, everyone’s eyes turned to Mrs. Klein. Puzzled by her behavior. But her eyes did not see anyone else’s questioning glance… her target was on Max, who had finally turned around to look up at her.

“You little piece of shit, you’re gonna pay!!!” she yelled out again.

His eyebrows furrowed together…


He shook his head and pointed his finger to his ear, motioning that he couldn’t hear or understand what she was trying to say. Smiling, he turned around to a young girl close to him, “I wonder what her problem is,” while making circular finger motions next to his head, indicating that he thought the lady still hammering away at the glass wall was crazy.

The girl giggled. She held out her hand, “My name’s Heidi.”

He took her hand and gently kissed the back of her palm. “Max.” Smiling a seductive grin, he proposed to her, “Care to have lunch with me?”

Heidi giggled again and allowed him to take her hand in his hand while they walked out of the building… away from the woman who still did not relent to stop pounding on the window…

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- Scene Two -

In his black Porsche, he speedily traveled through the traffic, weaving in and out. Seeing a parking place, he quickly geared into the spot. Jumping out of the car, Max swiftly made his way into the luxurious townhouse, ignoring the man in uniform who cried out, “Hey! Sir! You can’t park there! Sir?!”

— - — - —

The room was highly decorated; ornate vases on pedestals, delicate flower arrangements on carved mahogany tabletops, and masterpieces of art such as Monet and Botticelli adorning the richly papered walls. Two young ladies sat side by side on a divan facing an older woman and her daughter.

“I can’t tell you how happy we are that Maria will be attending Winnaman with you. Jim and I were so delighted when you said you could meet with us. I just hope Maria can rise to the high standards that you Hardings have set for her.” Amy said as she patted a well-decorated and polished hand on her daughter’s thigh.

Amy DeLuca, a woman who had been raised in aristocracy since her birth. She was a well-known socialite around the city of New York and many parts of the United States. Amy wasn’t always particularly liked for her gossipy ways, though. She was dressed as any woman of her class would be… to perfection. Not a single lock of her fair-hair out of place. Makeup was perfectly applied, giving her years off her actual age. She had a pale pink suit jacket over a crème silk chemise and matching pink skirt. Everything looked expensive, which it probably was.

“We’ll do our best with her, Mrs. DeLuca,” responded Isabel who was sitting in a lady-like manner, arms placed delicately in her lap. She exuded an air of high-class superiority in her posture. And her smile was a prime example of a perfect hostess’ smile, yet if you looked closely, there was no warmth in it… it was a cold and forced smile.

“But I’m sure she’s up to the challenge,” added Tess, the other young lady who was also brought up from high society.

Turning slightly to face Maria, Amy stated as if teaching a young child a lesson, “Maria, dear. Isabel and Tess are the top girls at Winnaman. They’re smart and popular. Honey, you listen to everything they say and you’ll be just fine, alright.” The last line was slowly and carefully annunciated, as if Maria couldn’t understand otherwise.

“That’s kind of you to say, Mrs. DeLuca,” responded Tess. She, along with her sister, was also sitting across from Amy hand in lap. Although Tess was two years younger than Isabel, she was still a prominent figure at Winnaman.

“No trouble. But how do you two do it?” She asked as she directed the next statement to Isabel, “You keep up straight A’s while handling the pressure of being the President of Winnaman. I mean, with all the peer pressure there are nowadays, where do you two find the strength?”

“Well, this is going to sound trite, but whenever we feel the temptations of peer pressure, we turn to each other and that’s where we find comfort and understanding. Being such close sisters as we are, we’re able to help each other throughout our lives.”

“How sweet.” Amy responded considerately.

Suddenly seeing her chance, Maria spoke up for the first time since she first walked into the room, eagerly asking, “What are the boys like?”

“Maria!” Amy scowled at Maria and turned an embarrassed face to Isabel and Tess. “You must forgive her, she’s never really been in company with the opposite sex, much less in a co-educational environment before.”

“Oh, that’s quite alright. It’s understandable for a young girl like her to be interested. But I assure you, most of the boys who walk the halls of Winnaman are fairly honorable gentleman. But of course, there are those few bad apples.”

“Like your brother, Max. It’s a wonder he’s not in jail for what he did to that poor nurse.” She scooted closer to the edge of her seat, as if hoping to find out more information about their stepbrother.

“I heard she was recovering reasonably well, actually,” Max supplied out of nowhere. Everyone turned eyes towards the entrance, where he was standing comfortably leaning against the doorway. He had with a smug grin in place. “Mrs. DeLuca, it’s a pleasure seeing you again, but who’s the beauty next to you?”

Clearing her throat, Amy answered with a slight edge in her voice, “Maria, my daughter. You do remember her, don’t you?”

“Oh yes… Maria.” He held an amused glint in his dark eyes, “Cute shirt.”

“Thank you. Daddy took me to Australia a couple of weeks ago.” She replied happily. Maria had opted to dress comfortably in a kiddish kola bear t-shirt that she had purchased on her two week vacation.

“And how are things down under?” Smiling, he ducked his head and fixed his gaze on her open skirt, “Blossoming… I hope.” In her excitement, Maria hadn’t bothered to notice her legs spread themselves out, leaving her white cotton panties for everyone’s view, more specifically, Max’s view. Having a delayed reaction, Amy slapped Maria’s thighs closed, causing Max to grin wider and Tess to breathe in a gasp of fake astonishment.

“Max, Maria will be attending Winnaman this autumn.” Isabel hastily informed. She was sitting there with a smile still placed on her attractive face.

“Outstanding.” He replied with a hint of sarcasm under the bubbly tone.

Curious, Maria inquired, “What year are you in?” Her head was tipped to the side as her eyebrows squeezed together.

“I’m in what people like to call a fifth year senior.” Max easily as he walked charmingly across the room to end up standing beside Isabel.

Curiosity gone, confusion entered as her eyebrows squeezed tighter. “Wait. I thought high school was only four years.”

“It is, Maria. Unless you’re a fuck up like me.” He smiled broadly at her and at Amy, also.

“Well… uhhh… I think it’s time for us to go. Thank you for having us, Isabel. Tess.” Amy hurriedly smiled at the two girls as she sat up.

“No problem, Mrs. DeLuca,” both Isabel and Tess courteously replied at the same time.

“Come on, Maria.” Dragging Maria along with her.

“Bye Mrs. DeLuca.” Max called out as they passed him by. “Bye Maria!”

Once Amy and Maria had exited, both girls sighed a breath of relief and relaxed their postures. “Thank God.” Was all Tess had to say.

Turning towards Isabel and Tess, Max got to the point. “And what was Mrs. Bear and Miss Baby Bear doing here? Might I ask?”

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- Scene Three -

“Miss Baby Bear, as you put it, is my new little subject.” Pausing, she gracefully got up from the divan and walked across the room to the far end of the wall. Turning back to Max and Tess, she explained further as she poured herself a glass of wine from the decanter, “Tess and I are just going to help her out and teach her a few… things…” She finished her statement as she snickered lowly.

Ignoring her apparent amusement, he wearily requested, “Pour me one too.”

Max started to rotate his neck slowly around to get the kinks worked out. With the little act in his therapists’ office, having to play good boy with Heidi and just now with Mrs. DeLuca, he somehow tensed up. It’s a tough job being a liar and a manipulator; too bad he’s nothing but that.

Seeing her stepbrother’s discomfort, Tess quietly got up to lightly massage his neck and upper shoulders as she softly spoke, “Oh, Mother called from Paris.”

“Said that she and your father would be back this weekend.” Isabel supplied quickly as she handed the glass to Max.

“How lovely.” He replied sardonically. “And how is your whore of a mother enjoying France?”

“She loves it,” answered Tess.

“Although she suspects your incompetent father is fucking the hired help.”

“Wonderful,” he said enthusiastically, until his next thought was spoken with a sigh and a roll of his eyes, “She’s probably burning a hole through my inheritance right now.”

“Oooh… I can only hope.” Retorted Isabel with a sneer, breaking the moment to take a sip of her wine.

“Gosh, Max. You’re so tense,” spoken from Tess, as she kept working her hands to undo all the knots in Max’s neck and shoulder. “What’s wrong with you today?”

“What? Therapy not going so well?”

“It’s fine.” Suddenly jerking away from Tess’ hands, he takes a step away. “I’m just sick of sleeping with these insipid Manhattan Debutantes.” He took a slip of paper out from his pocket, no doubt—with Heidi’s number on it. Max raised the pitch of his voice to mockingly sound like a female, “‘Heidi. Call me!’

Sighing quietly, he walked up to Tess, bent his head down and placed a light kiss on her cheek as he breathed out, “Nothing shocks them anymore.”

Turning back to Isabel, he confessed, “I feel like I’ve lost my touch.”

“Oh, boo hoo,” she mockingly cried. “Don’t worry your little butt off, Max. I’ve got a mission for you.”

“Do tell,” he said as he tipped his head and raised in brows inquiringly.

“Remember Jessie? Son of Doug Ramirez?” Isabel asked dismissively.


Isabel rushed forward as Jessie opened his arms up for her. She snuggled herself closely to his chest. Breathing in his aftershave and the other scents that came with him.

“That college deadbeat prep that you dated how many months ago. Why are you bringing him up?”

“Max. Just listen.” Tess politely interrupted before Isabel said anything, hoping to defuse Isabel’s irritation at Max for a bit.

Grateful for Tess, Isabel started, “Well, you know Jessie and I dated.”

The night was dark as the clouds covered the stars above; the moon was the only light source. A convertible mustang stood parked in an opening between the woods of Buckley Point—The hot spot for teenage make out sessions.

“I gave up a lot on my part to satisfy him and keeping our relationship together.”

A young man sat in the driver’s seat, holding a flask in one hand and the other hung limply over the side door. Jessie’s dark curly locks shone in the light and his eyes were glazed at half-mast. From any viewpoint, you’d know that the he was drunk senseless. He took one last swig from his flask before dropping his head and slumping more into the seat.

Isabel popped her head up from the front of Jessie’s crotch as she swiped her hand across her mouth, calling his name, “Jessie?!” After receiving no response, she slapped him, but it was useless. Jessie was out cold.

“Swallow much?” Max lifted his eyebrows suggestively.

Peeved, Isabel lightly flicked her wine at Max, as he stood there with an amused grin on his face. “Oh. I get it. So he dumped you and now you’re mad?”

“Who ever said he dumped me?”

He raised a skeptical brow at her.

“Give it up, Isabel. We all know he did.” Whispering the next statement, Tess said with a delighted smile and a laughing gleam in her eye, “By the way, you told me so yourself.”

“Shut up, Tess!” More dubious looks came her way and Isabel relented, “Alright! Fine. He dumped me.”

Soft chuckles of victory came from both Tess and Max, which in return, received a glare from Isabel that was cold enough and angry enough to kill. “Alright… go on.” Max said to push her to continue with her story.

Isabel pressed on. “Anyway, he dumped me, which never happens! No one dumps me. I’m not the dumpee. I’m the dumper!” Her face flushed red from her anger and paled when Isabel realized she had briefly lost a little bit of her self-control right there. Stopping to gain it back and taking a seat back on the divan, she continued, “But imagine my surprise when I found out he had dumped me for someone else… someone sweet, pure… and someone oh so sickeningly innocent.”

“Don’t tell me it was…” Max motioned his hands to the couch.

“No.” Shaking her head flippantly. “No… It was her sister… Serena.” Isabel said the name with such disdain that even made Tess flinch. “She’s practically the older version of Maria, anyway.”

Serena DeLuca posed happily in the picture, even though she was forced to wear a ridiculously large hat. It was her twentieth birthday and she was celebrating it with her boyfriend, Jessie Ramirez and her younger sister, Maria at a small local diner. Maria had secretly told one of the hostesses that it was her birthday.

She was now enjoying her free ice cream sundae when Jessie scooted himself closer as he ducked his head to get a bite of her free sundae. Serena hadn’t paid any attention to his movements, so instead of the scoop reaching Jessie’s mouth, it landed smack dab on his nose. “Oh! Shoot!” She replied hastily in a child-like manner.

Both Tess and Max let out another chuckle, receiving yet another glare from Isabel. “This isn’t funny.”

“You’re right, it’s not. It’s hilarious,” snickering once again and Max sobered quickly as he asked, “Again, so is this what it’s all about? You wanting to get back at Jessie?” He motioned his way around the room as they continued their conversation.

“Basically, yes.” She yielded. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And once I’m through with Maria, she’ll be the talk of the city—being the premier Blow Job Queen, of course.”

Inquisitive, he asked, “But I don’t get it. Why Maria? Why not just attack Jessie?”

“Because if I personally attack Jessie, it’ll be traced back to me. And I can’t allow that to happen, now, can I?” Looking a bit annoyed at his questioning.

“Most certainly not. But still… I ask, why Maria? Why not Serena then?”

“Serena would and could still be traced back to me. Plus, her and Maria are extremely close. So, if something happens to her precious Maria, then Serena’s little heart will be crushed, and in turn, will crush Jessie.”

“Okay, I see your point. Though… why should I care?” Max asked as he carelessly raised a dark brow at Isabel.

Tess bluntly answered, “Isabel wants you to seduce Maria.”

“And to bring her into our world of sex, drugs and anything ethically wrong.”

“Sounds intriguing.” He was smiling his half smile now, pondering the temptation of another conquest.

“Yes. And Maria is really quite attractive, don’t you think? Young supple breasts… tight firm ass and a virgin, no less…” She gracefully stood up from her seat once again, and stalked around Max, while she reached up to lightly touch his chest, leaning in closer as she said the next few lines, “Be her first, Max. Boldly go where no man has gone.” She planted a soft kiss to the corner of his lips, trying to seduce him into her game.

“It’s very enticing, but no,” he shook his head once. “I can’t.”

“What? Why not?” Clearly exasperated now, she lightly hit him on his arm as she sat back down.

“Isabel… come on! It’s way too easy. ‘But I thought high school was only four years.’ Please…” Rolling his eyes. “The girl knows nothing. She’s seen nothing. She’s naïve enough for me to have her under the table at The Rainbow Room sucking off of me before the appetizer even arrives.”

“Isabel, he does have a point.” Tess nodded her head at the statement, her blonde curls bounced up and down with her head movements. She had on an amused smile and her clear blue eyes shone with agreement.

Glaring at Tess coldly, she ignored her sister and directed herself to Max. “And what? Sleeping with your therapist’s daughter was challenging enough for you?”

Rolling his eyes nonchalantly, he retorted, “No. The only reason I fucked her was because her mother was charging too much. It was just mere revenge on my part.” Pausing to give his suggestion, “Why can’t you just have your eager little boyfriends do it? You know I have a reputation to uphold.”

He continued, “By the way, this is the kind of challenge I was looking for.” Taking a magazine out from under his coat, he placed it in front of Isabel. It was the latest issue of Seventeen and Shiri Appleby bore the cover.

“Hey, Max! I was looking for that!” Tess looked a little annoyed that Max had it the whole time. She’d been searching around the house for it, but no luck. It was quite funny that her stepbrother would have it, though.

Rolling her eyes, Isabel stated, “Oh gee… what is this? I am so not interested in knowing if or if not Roswell will come back for another year, must less on how she feels about it.”

Impatiently, Max insisted, “Shut up and just turn to page 66.”

Reading the title aloud, “A Virgin’s Manifesto. Why I Plan On Waiting Until Marriage, by Elizabeth Parker. Age 17. Boston, Massachusetts.” Briefly scanning the article, she remarks incredulously, “God… is she for real?”

“I’ve read it over and over and I’m afraid she’s the real deal. She’s her daddy’s little girl. His fucking perfect little angel.” He replied, disgusted at the idea of waiting for marriage to have sex.

“But brother dearest, what are you going to do? Drive down to Boston and sweep her off her dainty little feet?” Isabel mockingly asked, sipping her wine.

“Actually, it so happens that our little angel will be transferring here this fall. Her father, Jeffery Parker, has just accepted the position as the new head master at Winnaman. He answered her with a smug and satisfied look radiating from his eyes and his tone. He perched himself near the end table and crossed his arms as he looked to Isabel’s reaction. She didn’t show any, so he persisted, “And guess where she’ll be staying until her parental units can find a place?”

“Claudia’s?” Tess asked.

“Exactly. My Aunt Claudia up in Polhman Ranch. She’ll be staying in Frasier Manor for the whole summer.”

“Wow. You certainly have good luck.” Tess said with a hint of admiration.

“Yes.” A pleased smile started to form on his lips and his dark amber eyes held a hint of satisfaction. Even his ears perked up even more than usual. And his raven head of hair fell lightly on his face, creating a wisp of bangs to cover his eyes. He seemed extremely contented. “She’ll be my greatest victory. Sleeping with the new headmaster’s daughter before school starts…”

“Yes, but this girl, Liz.” Isabel shook her head, as her perfectly waxed and trimmed eyebrows furrowed together, “I don’t know, Max. Maybe this is too much of a challenge for you.”

“What are you saying?” Puzzled, he raised an eyebrow at her so she could explain herself.

“Frankly, this girl is out of your league and you won’t stand a chance against her.” Isabel replied honestly.

His contentment didn’t waver, “Care to bet on that?”

“Let me decide on it…”

He grabbed for his journal on the end table as he made his way to the exit. He held it up for Tess and Isabel to see and turned back around, “While you do that, I’ll just take this and write in a new chapter to my piece of art.”

“Oh, God… your journal. Could you be anymore odd?”

“Could you be anymore desperate to read it?”

Whirling around, he took a few steps out of the room before Isabel called out to him. “Wait, Max… That little wager, count me in. But what would the terms be?”

“You know… I’ve had my eye on that little painting of yours for quite a while now. I’d love to add it to my art collection.” Ever since Max was a little boy, his mother had always influenced him into learning more about and appreciating art. He’d always be grateful for that. Art was his only connection he had left of his mother. And Botticelli was her favorite artist.

“You mean the Botticelli one?”

“The Birth Of Venus?” Tess questioned, astounded at Max’s request.

“Yes, that one. If I win, I get it.” He simply stated.

“Well…” Isabel sat there as she sipped more of her wine, considering his wager.

Dumbfounded at her sister for even thinking of giving up the painting, Tess reminded her, “Isabel! Grandma gave that to you.”

Carelessly waving a hand at Tess, he prodded. “Whatever, Isabel. You wouldn’t give a fuck who gave it to you.”

“True. But still, that painting is worth thousands, if not millions.”

“Yes, precisely why I want it.” He lied.

“What makes you think I’ll give it to you?”

Directly looking into Isabel’s eyes, he stated, “Because you never back down from a challenge.”

Seeing the truth in his words, she conceded, “Okay, but if I win?”

“You can decide.” Haughtily, Max crossed his arms over his broad chest and smiled at her. Meanwhile, Tess stared at the two of her siblings with bewilderment. She couldn’t believe her sister would just carelessly bet on her Grandma’s gift to her. If only Grandma had given it to Tess, she’d never have parted with it on her life.

“Alright then.” Taking a moment to think of a good trade. “How about if I win, I get that hot little car of yours?”

Quickly Max replied, not wanting to give up his seventy thousand dollar Porsche. “How bout you pick something else?”

Isabel now had an excited gleam in her eye. Not giving up her request, she answered, “No. I want that car. So, is it a deal?”

“No. That car means everything to me.” Still not wanting to give it up.

She pressed on. “It means more than a couple of million?”

Thinking about his late mother and how much he knew she loved Botticelli’s works, he relented, “Alright. It’s a wager.”

After shaking hands, Max spun around and left the room, clutching his journal to him. “Happy hunting, Max.” Isabel whispered as he back was turned towards her, walking towards his room.

— - — - —

Author’s Note: Let’s just pretend that Botticelli’s The Birth Of Venus is really not at a museum somewhere in Europe, but instead, hanging in Isabel’s room, for the purpose of my story. I really didn’t want Max to wager on having sex with Isabel, because that’s just… Ewww! So, I came up with this. Hehehe… [Grin]


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Act II

- Scene One -

[Frank Sinatra's New York, New York plays]

The majestic skyscrapers stood tall against the brilliant blue of the late morning sky. The sun shone brightly, reflecting off the polished windows of the large buildings. I want to be a part of it… New York, New York… The sunbeams filtered itself throughout the alleys; dust particles could be seen clearly in the rays. Standing from above, it was a scene of serenity and peace; however contradicting it may be to the chaos and hysteria of noise below.

Right through the very heart of it… New York, New York… From the over crowded avenues… traffic slowly drifted through the streets. Impatient drivers honked their horns as they weaved in and out of other vehicles, causing others to shout, 'wait your turn' or 'slow down' or even to just simply curse at each other… 'fucking asshole'.

The majority of vehicles were yellow taxicabs, driven by some of the worst drivers in the United States. I'm gonna make a brand new start of it… in old New York… Many were lined up on the curb of the streets, hoping for a new passenger with a new destination and a quantity of cash. If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere… Some were braving it out on the streets, fearless of other automobiles, and experienced enough to not lose their patience when they got stuck on a road because of yet another accident. Or maybe some were just taking a break. Whatever they were doing, it was a normal occurrence in their everyday lives. It's up to you… New York, New York…

On the large sidewalks, huge crowds from up above looked like a mass of busy, colorful, and face paced colony ants… seeming to be rushed and eager to get somewhere. Many were in suits or business attire and carried a cell-phone, talking away as they headed to their targets. There were groups of all ages, all social ranks, and all ethnicity. New York was extremely varied when it came to the masses of people drawn to the largely dense but wonderful city. New York, New York…

There were the tourists who carried their cameras, trying to get a 'good shot' to take back home; while others just simply stopped to look up at the buildings in total awe because of the enormity of it all. I'm gonna make a brand new start of it… in old New York… Many carried bags, no doubt full of souvenirs and things. If I can make it there, I'm gonna make it anywhere…

Then there were the people who actually stopped for a moment to take a break from the continuous movement of the city. And in a small café, sat two friends who chatted away happily. It's up to you… They took no notice of the world around them as they conversed and laughed together. …New York, New York…

A female-young, petite and extremely attractive-leaned over the table, listening intently on the words coming out of her companion's mouth. Her eyes were full of laughter and disbelief. Her wide smile radiated her whole face, making it glow as she shook her head lightly, causing her dark tresses to sift softly against her face.

Sitting up straight Liz stated in a matter of fact tone, "I don't believe it." She shook her head and hands wildly to emphasis her point once more. "I just don't."

"Believe it, because it's true." Alex Whitman replied in an equally matter of fact tone as Liz's was. He sat back in his seat, taking a sip from his drink as he waited for his friend's response.

Still shaking her head lightly, she stated, "No one can be that cruel."

"Well… Max Evans can." He flippantly retorted.

Giving up her argument, she slouched back into the chair and paused before inquiring sympathetically, "That poor nurse, is she doing okay?"

He opened his mouth to answer, but the ringing of his cell-phone stopped his words. Taking a glance at Liz, he gave her a sorry look and answered the phone with a 'hello'. As he continued to chatter away on the phone, Liz's mind began to roam.

Alex had invited her for a lunch date earlier this morning, hoping to get as much time together before he had to leave for college later this week. She and Alex had been the best of friends since they were young. Both his parents had once attended Harvard University and throughout the years, had kept in touch with many of their colleagues. One of them being Jeff Parker, Liz's father. Him and Charles, Alex's father, had been dorm mates.

It wasn't until Liz turned six did she finally meet Alex.

He'd accompanied his parents to Boston, as they visited relatives and old friends. Liz had been standing in between her parents, burying her head in Jeff's long legs when Alex's parents went to greet them, Alex in tow. Shyly, she had turned her head towards Alex, meeting his gaze. He had on a friendly toothy smile, "Hey-lo. My name's Alex. What's yours?"

Shaking hands, she smiled hesitantly and answered quietly, "Liz."

"Nice name." Standing tall compared to her short frame, Alex bent his knees just a little so he could get a good look at her.

"Thanks." She looked at him once over, seeing no threat from him, Liz sweetly gave him her own toothy grin plus compliment, "I like your name too."

From that moment, it was a start of a new friendship… one that would last a lifetime. She could trust him with everything. As he would trust her with everything.

As they grew older, Alex took it upon himself to play the role of her older, obsessively protective brother; since she was an only child and had no one to fill the shoes. It had been funny when first acted as her personal defender whenever they went out to the beach together. Back then, he'd been tall and lanky… all skin and bones… definitely nothing to be scared of.

But as he grew into his frame, it started to irritate Liz when he'd still play the bodyguard character. Anytime a boy would come near her, he'd growl… literally, he'd growl at the boy. It was especially worse now that she was a teenager and very likely to be preyed on by the 'sex-craved hormone driven' boys, as Alex calls them.

Now, he'd even gone as far as warning her off from guys, specifically, Max Evans. From what Alex had told her about this Max, he's a master of seduction, manipulation and the biggest rogue of them all. 'Don't trust him, Liz.' And 'don't let him get to you too when you meet him.' And lastly, 'He's just baaaaad!' That last one just about cracked her up; that was Alex for ya.

But then he went on about the things that Max had done… well, they weren't pretty… and certainly nothing that would be appropriate to talk about with her parents.

"Hey, sorry about that, Liz." Alex had finally hung up the phone, breaking Liz from her reverie. "It was my mom, she was just listing off the things that the movers had already gotten… wanted to know if there was anything they forgot."

"Oh, okay." She nodded her understanding. It was sad to think that just as she finally moved up to New York where he lives, he's moving away to college… all the way to Stanford… on the other coast of the US… miles and miles away. Thank God for technological advances such as phones and email.

"Yeah…" his voice drifted off, unquestionably thinking the same thing.

For a moment, they both fell silent until Liz spoke up once again. "Well… Uhh… I should get back to Mrs. Evans. She said that Max would be stopping by today and wanted me to meet him."

"Max? Huh?" lifting his eyebrows, curiously.

"Yes. Unlike you, she thinks the world of him." She told him as she motioned her arms around, showing him how much Claudia thought the 'world' of Max.

"I bet." Alex rolled his eyes at her words. "He probably plays the sweet act around her, but once her back is turned…" He let the sentence hang, knowing Liz had got the point.

"We should go." Not really wanting to.

"Yep." His feelings matched Liz's exactly.

No one made a move to get up. After a moment of more silence and staring each other down, they busted out laughing… all in good spirit.

After receiving their receipt and paying it, they made their way out of the café and into the busy walkway. Staying close to each other so they wouldn't lose the other in the dense throng of people, they hailed a taxi. With Alex living nearby, he went for his house… leaving Liz with a hug, a kiss and a goodbye. And also a warning statement, "Stay away from Max!"

Chuckling, Liz directed the driver to Polhman Ranch. Anxious to meet this infamous Max… she fidgeted with her fingers on the drive up while her mind pondered Max Evans. Somehow, even with Alex's unflattering description of Max, she felt as if there was something more to him than what everyone else thought. It was weird though, she hadn't even met the guy… but still, she felt that way.

She just hoped he wasn't as bad as he was described to be.

— - — - —