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Title: The Guardian. (Sequel to Dreams, Memories and Lies.)
Author: Wendy Saunders aka Attila the honey
E-Mail: wendy.saunders⊕
Rating: UK 15 (sorry I don’t know the US equivalent.)
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters, this story is just some fan fiction I had floating around in my head; I thought someone might be interested.
Summary: I think I’ll just surprise you ….
Category: Max and Liz / some conventional couples
Authors notes: This story follows on from my first story Dreams, Memories and Lies. If you’re not familiar with the story it probably won’t make a lot of sense.

The Guardian.
Part 1.

Michael, What do you see? Liz whispered into the darkness, but was met with only silence
Michael? She whispered urgently.
Cool your jets Liz, I’m looking, Michael whispered back with binoculars pressed up to his eyes.
Michael, come on some of us have a ton of trig homework to do tonight, Liz replied irritatingly.
Michael crawled silently through the bushes to join Liz who was also lying to the ground in the darkness.
Okay, Michael whispered, Two security guards with dogs, I couldn’t get close enough to check the security system.
Well, we need to get closer, Liz replied, I want to check the alarm system.
Tell me again why we’re here Liz.
I told you already Michael, I have an idea and I just wanted to do some research before we talked it through with the others.
So let me get this straight you dragged me out here in the middle of the night to do……homework? Michael replied incredulously.
Awwwh come on Michael, don’t tell me you had something better to do I know you love all this sneaking around in the dark.
Yeah right, Michael huffed sarcastically I’m cold, tired and shit!
What? Liz smiled.
I just fell on my keys, Michael groaned.
Michael, has anyone ever told you, you bitch like a girl, Liz teased.
Look all I’m saying is I could be doing something else…Like Maria, he muttered under his breath.
Ow! Michael rubbed the back of his head where Liz had smacked him.
Hey have some respect that’s my best friend you’re talking about; Liz laughed as she crawled forwards through the undergrowth.
Why didn’t you ask Max, why me? Michael asked.
Cuz Max worries too much, I just wanted to get out here see what I needed to see and get back end of story.
Michael suddenly stopped behind Liz and glared at her.
When she finally realized Michael’s loss of forward motion, she looked back, dimly making out his features in the pale moonlight.
What? Liz asked innocently.
You didn’t tell him we were coming out here, did you? He accused.
A huge grin was her answer as she continued to slither forward.
Oh man, Michael groaned Max is so gonna kick my ass when I get you home.
Oh stop worrying Michael, Max is a big softie, I’ll just tell him I lured you out here with promises of candy and puppies. Liz smiled impishly.
Michael couldn’t help but smile to himself, he loved Liz to pieces but he could and frequently did get himself into enough trouble without Liz helping him to find more. In the last month since they had discovered Liz’s true identity she had changed a great deal, at times she was still the same old Liz, reserved, cautious and fiercely protective of all of them, then there was times like this… Michael sighed, where she threw caution to the four winds and laughed in the face of danger. It seemed like she was two completely different people, total split personality. Which was hardly surprising considering she had all the memories and personality of her former self, Ilyila. But they all loved that about her, at times she was a little sister that needed to be loved and protected, then she was their Mother bossing them about and when her and Isabel teamed up, god help them! Him and Max never stood a chance in hell.
As Liz stopped abruptly, Michael crawled up silently beside her. They had reached the edge of the thicket.
Okay, now what? Michael breathed.
Now, Liz replied maneuvering herself into a crouched position, now we go and check out the security system.

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Part 2.

Okay, let’s go, I wanna get out of here sometime tonight, Michael gave in.
Michael, watch out for the guards, Liz whispered as they crept up to a side entrance.
Hurry it up Liz, we don’t have much time. Michael snapped.
Oh come on Michael, where is your sense of adventure?
It’s sitting at home in front of the TV watching the game, Michael replied sarcastically.
Liz held her hand over the panel at the side of the doorway, using her powers to slide it open.
Okay, no ID required and it’s a six….no wait….nine digit code, nothing Max can’t handle.
Liz! Michael hissed.
Alright I’m done, let’s go, Liz slipped her pack onto her back after removing her torch.
As they turned to leave they heard barking.
Shit, Michael swore as he grabbed Liz’s hand, the dogs have picked up our scent, RUN!
The chase was on, Michael and Liz began running but the dogs were gaining on them too fast, behind them they could here shouts and see the flashlights from the guards dancing across the ground.
Michael, what are we gonna do? Liz panted.
Michael stopped for a moment to catch his breath, his eyes darting about frantically, waiting for an escape plan to present itself. His eyes landed on a drain cover.
Come on Liz, he grabbed her arm dragging her over to it, Liz in NOW!
Oh na-uh, I know you don’t think I’m crawling through there! Liz replied.
Liz now isn’t the time to get prim and proper, Michael grabbed her around the waist and dumped her unceremoniously down the hole and jumped in after her.
He hit the bottom of the tunnel with a loud grunt and a splash as Liz used her powers to slide the cover back into place.
What a wonderful new smell you discovered Michael. Liz wrinkled her nose in distain.
Hey this was your bright idea in the first place, Michael bit back, come on let’s go.

Max glanced back at the clock, 1.00am, he was getting more agitated by the minute as he paced Liz’s bedroom floor silently as not to wake her parents. Alex had seen Liz and Michael take off earlier in the evening and he had only found out in a chance meeting with Alex at the video store. He was totally gonna kick Michaels ass if there was so much as a scratch on Liz. Well no actually he wouldn’t Max knew that lately Liz hadn’t shown much more restraint than Michael but he was angry right now, they’d better have a damn good excuse for this little midnight tryst without discussing it with himself and the others. He was pulled from his thoughts at the sound of Liz’s bedroom window sliding open; a soggy backpack was thrown through the opening shortly followed by a very dirty wet Liz, who landed in a sodden heap on the floor.
The light clicked on as a startled Liz whipped her face around to see a very pissed off Max staring at her.



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Okay, so the last part was quite short so here's the next part, enjoy......

Part 3.

Ummn, hi honey I’m home, Liz smiled lamely.
He walked over to her, silently picking her up off the floor, he looked as if he were about to say something when he stopped closed his mouth and sniffed.
Jesus Liz, where the hell have you been? And what the hell is that smell? He whispered.
You don’t have to whisper, Liz replied my parents are heaving dinner and staying overnight with friends in Alberque.
Then why’d you come through the window? Max asked slightly puzzled.
You’re kidding right? Hello! You really think I’m gonna trample all this mud and water through my Mom’s living room?
Liz, where have you been? Max’s face softened.
Baby, Liz smiled can I at least go shower first, I smell like the inside of a garbage can.
No, I want some answers first, Max answered back.
Oh, do you now? She raised one eyebrow and smiled devilishly, he looked so cute when he was angry, she advanced on him slowly as he began to back up against the wall.
Liz, I mean it, I’m not playing, you’re not gonna get around me this time.
She flung her arms around pulling him in as close as possible and planting a big wet kiss on his grumpy face.
Okay, okay you win, Max spluttered, go shower, please for the love of god go shower.
She giggled and danced happily into the bathroom.
Max shook his head in resignation, smiling to himself, how could he stay angry with her?
Liz emerged from her bathroom twenty minutes later wearing nothing but a towel. Max regarded her with serious eyes as he felt his body start to respond to the sight of her, leaning slightly to the side, one hand draped above her head resting gently on the doorframe, her damp hair tousled around her face framing her delicate features, her dark eyes smoldering as she peered intently at him from beneath long dark lashes.
His eyes traveled downwards, she could feel his eyes on every inch of her skin, burning hot trails down her body.
Okay, breathe Max, he told himself silently, remember you’re angry.
Which was a lie, he wasn’t really angry with her, he just hated it when she made him worry, which was also stupid because with the powers she possessed she was more than capable of taking care of herself, in fact she was more adept with her powers than any of the others considering she had only discovered them a month ago, plus he knew Michael would never let anything happen to her, but he couldn’t help but feel protective of her, he had finally adjusted to the role of leader and didn’t like being kept in the dark.
So? He asked Liz.
So? She smiled playfully, I’m clean now.
She fully intended to tell him everything, but she wanted to have some fun first.
Liz, I’m not playing, I want to know what’s going on.
Are you really cross with me Max? She pouted.
No, don’t do that, he groaned.
What? she asked innocently.
That, the pouty lips thing , the puppy dog eyes, you’re not getting out of this, you and Michael were irresponsible, you didn’t tell us were you were going or what you were planning, what if one of you had gotten hurt Liz? You put yourselves in danger.
Danger, ha! I laugh in the face of danger, Liz giggled as she drew closer, then regarded him with serious eyes……..then I hide until it goes away.
Max stifled a laugh, God she made him crazy, here he was trying to tell her off and she was making him laugh, he shook his head in disbelief, how did she do that?
Liz, he tried his stern voice one last time, this is serious, we’re supposed to be a team.
We are, Liz replied earnestly, you’re right I should have told you first, but I knew you’d say no, so I didn’t tell you.
That’s probably the first truthful thing you’ve said since you got back, Max smiled.
I’m sorry, she replied sincerely.
Okay, Max relented but you’re a bad girl.
Oh, a bad girl am I? Liz raised an eyebrow as she pulled her towel off and threw it into a corner, shall I show you just how bad I can be?
Liz, Max choked at her boldness, although he’d seen her naked a dozen times in the last month since they had become lovers seeing her naked body still made him lose all coherent thought.
Liz, he stammered, I want details.
Details? Liz repeated Oooookay, this is my……….she began pointing to various parts of her body.
No, he blushed, I mean details about where you were tonight.
Later, she mumbled pushing him back onto the bed and falling on top of him, she captured his mouth savoring his taste.
Oh God Liz, he groaned coming up for air, you are the devil Liz, do you know that?
But you do love me? don’t you? She breathed kissing his neck lightly.
Yes, I do love you, he sighed as she swooped in for another kiss and he surrendered to this little wildcat that was the mistress of his heart, body and soul.



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