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Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m⊕
Rating: PG - NC-17
Couple: Max and Liz
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine...
Summary: AU. Max comes to live with the Parker's at a very early age. As they grow, their feelings grow with them.
Author's Note: This is just a teaser and it's NC-17 sort of, but then it switches to when they were younger and you'll be taken through their story.

“Harder Max.” Liz moaned as her nails dug into his back.

“God, Liz.” Max moaned as he thrust faster and harder inside her.

“Max…” Liz moaned. Her body started to convulse spasmodically. Her back arched, her nails clawed, a low guttural moan was released and her inner muscles clenched around Max’s throbbing erection as her orgasm ripped through her body.

“ Liz.” Max whispered as he followed in orgasm. His body stiffened and he moaned. Max collapsed on top of Liz. They breathed heavily and once Max found the strength, he rolled off her and layed next to her smoothing her wet hair away from her face.

“I love you.” Max whispered flattening his hand on her stomach.

“I love you.” Liz said turning her head towards Max with a smile on her face.

Max returned the smile as he subconsciously rubbed her stomach softly with his hand.

“I can’t believe whoever’s in there was made by us.” Liz said looking down at Max’s hand and covering it with her own hand.

Max looked down at their joined hands and smiled again.

They had come a long way since their affair had begun.

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Author's Note 2: Just a quickie... no incest at all intended!

Previously on 'Our Affair': <--I've always wanted to say that!

“Harder Max.” Liz moaned as her nails dug into his back.

“God, Liz.” Max moaned as he thrust faster and harder inside her.

“Max…” Liz moaned. Her body started to convulse spasmodically. Her back arched, her nails clawed, a low guttural moan was released and her inner muscles clenched around Max’s throbbing erection as her orgasm ripped through her body.

“ Liz.” Max whispered as he followed in orgasm. His body stiffened and he moaned. Max collapsed on top of Liz. They breathed heavily and once Max found the strength, he rolled off her and layed next to her smoothing her wet hair away from her face.

“I love you.” Max whispered flattening his hand on her stomach.

“I love you.” Liz said turning her head towards Max with a smile on her face.

Max returned the smile as he subconsciously rubbed her stomach softly with his hand.

“I can’t believe whoever’s in there was made by us.” Liz said looking down at Max’s hand and covering it with her own hand.

Max looked down at their joined hands and smiled again.

They had come a long way since their affair had begun.


Part One:

“Lizzie. We have something to tell you.” Jeff Parker said to his only daughter who was sitting on the large couch in front of him and his wife. They had finished dinner and had told Liz that they needed to talk to her before she went off to play before bed.

“What daddy?” Lizzie Parker asked in her soft, innocent five-year-old voice. Her legs dangled over the side of the couch as her eyes were focused on the frills of the cushion in her lap.

“Liz honey, you remember Max?” Nancy Parker asked willing her daughter to remember.

“Um… he’s the boy that never talked wight?” Liz asked looking up from the cushion she was playing with to meet her mother’s loving gaze.

“Yeah honey. Um, he’s going to be staying with us for a while.” Jeff said placing his warm hand over one of her knees. Liz’s gaze switched to her father’s direction finding his big hand resting on her knee comfortingly.

“Oh. Why?” Liz asked curious, her head tilting to the side, her long brown hair moving about her shoulders.

“Well honey, his parents, they - uh - had to go away and they couldn’t take Max with them. So Max is going to stay with us.” Nancy tried to explain to her daughter. It was a difficult situation and for a five-year-old, it was hard to understand.

“Oh ok. So will he be staying forever?” Liz asked looking at her parents with excitement. She’d always wanted someone else to play with. She’d wanted a brother since she could remember because they didn’t hog the dolls like other girls. Jeff and Nancy shared a secret glance. Liz didn’t notice as her attention was back onto the frills of the cushion. “Cause that would be really cool. I’ve always wanted a brother.” Liz continued softly bouncing on the couch her legs moving in front of her and her hair bouncing around.

“That’s great sweetie because Max is going to be staying with us for a while ok?” Nancy said smiling down at her daughter again. She was eager for this arrangement to work. Jeff and her were always talking about another child but Nancy had always had a hard time conceiving. They had even considered adoption but it seemed that it would cost them more money than they could afford. Then an opportunity arose with Max and they jumped at the chance of being able to have a son. Although he wouldn't rightfully be theirs, they would always treat him like their own son. Nancy’s thoughts were soon interrupted by her daughter’s excitement.

“Great! Where is he going to sleep? Can he stay in my room?” Liz asked getting overly excited.

“Well Lizzie, that’s something else that we have to talk about. Because we don’t have another room in here, we’re going to be moving house. Is that ok?” Jeff asked. He didn’t think it would be too much trouble for Liz to adjust to a new home. He knew that asking her opinion would make her feel that she was important to them.

Liz looked down into the depths of her father’s eyes and knew that they had to move and that he thought that it would be better for all of them.

“Ok. If you say so daddy. Do I get a bigger woom though?” Liz asked, hope shimmering in her eyes.

“Yeah, you do.” Jeff said not being able to deny his only daughter anything she wanted. He always turned into a fool every time she looked at him with that pouting lip and watery eyes.

“When does Max get here? Does he get a big room too?” Liz was just bubbling with questions. Nancy and Jeff warmed at the inclusion of Max and their new home.

“He comes tomorrow morning actually and for a few weeks while we get the house packed up, he’ll be staying in your room. We’ll set up another bed in there and he’ll get to stay with you.” Nancy explained to Liz smiling.

Liz smiled brightly up at her mother. “I’m gonna go and clean my woom. I can’t wait for Max to come stay!” Liz said jumping off the couch and heading for the stairs and attempting to run up them fast in her haste to get to her room.

As Liz disappeared up the stairs Nancy and Jeff looked at eachother. “We’re going to be ok aren’t we?” Nancy asked her husband.

“We’re going to be than ok Nance.” Jeff said placing his warm hand on her knee.

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Part Two:

Later that night after Liz had cleaned her room with her mum to make room for Max’s things, Liz lay in bed sleeping peacefully while Jeff and Nancy were downstairs filling their lounge room with boxes to put all their possessions in. They had started to wrap their little ornaments from the mantle peice, when a loud knocking on the front door was heard. Nancy glanced at the stairs to see if the knocking had woken their daughter.

“Wait here. I’ll check it out.” Jeff said before standing up and heading to the front door. He tentatively opened it and once he saw Sarah, the social worker standing on his doorstep holding a sleeping Max, he opened the door wider in invitation.

“I’m so sorry Jeff, but I thought that he would be able to handle another night at the foster home. The Maddison’s called about an hour ago telling me that he was screaming and throwing things. I rushed over and picked him up. On the drive over here, he fell asleep.” Sarah whispered in apology.

“Sarah, it’s ok. Here, let me take him and you go inside. Nancy will make you a cup of coffee. I’m sure you’re freezing out there.” Jeff said slowly pulling Max out of Sarah’s arms. He turned and headed down the hallway stopping in the lounge to tell Nancy that Max was arriving early and that Sarah was at the front door. He saw Nancy rush to the front to usher Sarah inside the warm house and into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

Jeff turned and headed for the staircase. He slowly walked up the stairs trying in vein not to jar Max in any way that would wake him up. He finally reached the top of the stairs and continued down the hallway passing photos of the family that hang on the walls.

He walked to Liz’s door and pushed it open softly so not to wake her. He quietly crept inside the room and walked over to the bed that held his daughter comfortably. She was lying on her right side facing him, her left hand in a fist holding her favourite toy 'Spotty'. He smiled down at her and then made his way holding Max to the other side of the bed. He held Max’s small frame to his chest with one arm as his other hand reached out and pulled the covers down.

He gently layed Max down next to Liz, sharing the pillow and proceeded to take his jacket and shoes and socks off of him. Jeff placed them on the bedside table out of the way so that Max could find them if he wanted them tomorrow morning. Jeff knelt down next to Max and pulled the sheets up to his chin tucking him in. His hand reached up and brushed aside his hair that had fallen across forehead almost covering his beautiful eyes.

Jeff remembered the first time he had met this young boy. His eyes held so much sadness and so little hope. He had barely said a word when he had come to visit that one time. He just couldn’t believe that the foster home Max was staying in kept telling Sarah that he was always screaming and throwing things around the place. When he looked into the eyes of this young boy he knew that it couldn’t be true. When Max had spent that first day with the Parker’s he’d been exceptionally quiet and had stuck by Lizzie’s side. He didn’t know what it was about his daughter but he knew that Liz was going to bring out the best in Max.

Jeff leaned down and kissed Max’s forehead. “Night Max.” Jeff whispered before he got up and walked around to do the same to Liz. He bent over and kissed her temple. “Night Lizzie.” He whispered. He ran his fingers through her soft hair and then moved towards the door. As he was about to exit the room he heard shuffling coming from the bed. He turned around to see his daughter roll over, let go of her bunny and place her hand on Max’s chest. Max turned his head to face Liz.

Jeff smiled softly and then left the room.


He made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen where he found Nancy and Sarah talking softly over the top of their mugs of coffee.

“They’re ok. I just put Max in bed with Liz. They curled up together.” Jeff said pulling out the chair and sitting down next to Nancy.

“I don’t know what it is. He’s always quiet when he comes here. Whenever we take him to a foster home, they always ring at all hours of the night complaining that they can’t handle him anymore.” Sarah said shaking her head.

“Are you sure it’s Max and not the families that he stays with?” Jeff asked leaning forward on the table.

“I don’t think its Max. But I know that they aren’t lying. I’ve heard him in the background on the phone before and when I’ve turned up he’s screaming and kicking things and throwing them. But as soon as he sees me, he quiets down and walks over to me grabbing my hand knowing he’s going to be leaving. Just like tonight.” Sarah finished shaking her head.

“Maybe we should take him to someone that he can talk to.” Nancy suggested looking at Jeff and then Sarah.

“We tried that when we first brought him in. He started to get very erratic and he started to bang his head against the wall. I had to go in there to calm him down. You could try but I don’t know if it’s going to work.” Sarah admitted while looking down at her coffee.

“We’ll give it a few days and we’ll see how he is here and if he settles in. Maybe we can call you or something in a few days and you can visit with Max and see how he is doing?” Nancy suggested again sitting up straighter glancing at her husband then back to Sarah.

"Ok, we'll try that." Sarah said nodding her slowly.

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Part Three:

Liz woke up early, her fist came up and rubbed her eyes. Her mouth opened in a yawn and she turned her head and opened her eyes, she was met with the sleeping face of one Max Evans. She sat up in bed and both fists flew to her eyes rubbing them furiously not believing what she was seeing in front of her.

She gasped when she realised that Max was really there. Her new ‘brother’ had arrived early! “Wow.” She breathed out. She watched as he slept, waiting for him to wake up. She waited a few second and when he didn’t wake up she got bored. She scooted up close to Max’s head and started playing with his hair. Her small little fingers brushing his hair down in front of his eyes. She giggles softly when Max’s nose twitched.

She then parted some of the hair making spikes going down his forehead. She held a tiny hand over her mouth as she giggled again. Suddenly his eyes fluttered and finally opened. One of his fists came up and rubbed at his eyes. Liz waited with baited breath. She was scared that he wasn’t going to want to live with them. What if he didn’t like her? She was getting worried.

Max let his eyes adjust to light in the room. He was staring up at the ceiling not recognising it. He tried to remember back to the night before. He remembered the Maddison’s trying to calm him down, then he heard Angela Maddison on the phone calling Sarah. Sarah picked him up and drove away with him. He didn’t remember anything after that. He turned his head and found a semi-familiar face staring down at him. His brow knotted in confusion. Why was she here? Where was here?

“Hi. ‘Member me?” Liz asked softly.

That voice. It was the voice that he had been dreaming about every night. It was her voice. He couldn’t believe it. He vaguely remembered the little girl. When his memory was fuzzy, he figured the family had put those pills in his food in the morning of that day he was trying to remember cause they had all done that to him.

He nodded his head in acknowledgment. And the girl in front of him smiled. Max smiled back. He thought her smile looked good on her.

“Come on. Let’s go wake up mum and dad! They love it whend I jump on their bed in the morning.” Liz said bouncing on her bed with excitement. Max just stared at her with wonder. Didn’t she think he was a freak? Every other family he had been with had thought he was a freak.

Liz getting bored with the staring jumped off the bed and reached over grabbing Max’s sleeve dragging him out of the room and down the hall. She stopped at a corner and turned around placing her finger over her lips as a sign to be quiet.

She tiptoed down the hallway until they reached a door. She lifted her hand a quietly turned the knob letting the door swing open.

“We have to be vewy vewy quiet.” Liz whispered. Max nodded. They tiptoed in the room and there on the double bed were Nancy and Jeff Parker sleeping peacefully. Liz let a little giggle escape her lips as she let go of Max’s sleeve and ran over to the bed pulling on the sheets to help her climb up onto the bed. Max just stood frozen in the middle of the room. He didn’t feel like it was right to be over there where the girl was standing on the bed.

She started jumping up and down on the bed screaming. “Mummy! Daddy! Shine and Wise! It’s mornin!” She yelled excitedly. A pair of hands reached up and grabbed hold of Liz throwing her up in the air as she squealed with delight. Her small form landed on the bed with a small thud and then she bounced up again. The same arms that had thrown her up in the air were now running up and down her sides, fingers running over her ticklish spots. The arms were attached to a man that was laughing right along with the little girl with the voice.

Another sound of laughter joined in. This voice was a motherly voice. Max had heard it a few times when he was other people’s homes. It was never directed to him though. Suddenly the girls giggling stopped and she turned her head towards Max.

“Come on Max! It’s lots a fun! Come jump!” Liz said holding her arms out in invitation.

“Morning Max.” The man said from the bed with a warm smile.

“Hi Max. Do you want to hop up here with us? It’s very comfy.” The lady said smiling brightly at him. Max took a tentative step towards the bed.

“Huwwy Max. Mummy’s going to go and make bweakfast soon.” Liz said smiling as she sat down on the end of the bed.

Max took another slow step towards the bed. He could do it. He just had to take a few more steps and he could sit up there with the little girl and her voice and the man and lady with the nice smiles.

Did they really want him? Were they going to keep him? Were they going to give him back to Sarah to take to another family? He couldn’t do it anymore. He stopped himself before he took another step. He looked at their smiling faces and turned and ran out of the room.

Jeff, Nancy and Liz heard footsteps through the house, they finally heard Liz’s door slam closed. Liz looked at her parent’s worried faces. “Did I do somefing wong?” Liz asked her bottom lip trembling.

“No honey. Max isn’t ready yet. Don’t worry. He’ll be ok. Just give him a little time. He’ll come around.” Nancy tried to calm down her daughter.

“Will he go away again?” Liz asked her eyes watering.

“Hopefully not honey.” Jeff said holding Liz to his chest as he ran his hand soothingly up and down her back.

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Hi guys... I'll be getting back to your feedback in a minute or two...

here's the next part...

Part Four:

“Max. You wanna play wiv me?” Liz asked as she held up a toy in explanation.

Max looked over at Liz. He learned her name was Liz this morning and he liked the name. It suited her. He slowly got up form his seat on the floor and walked over to her. He sat down but didn’t make an attempt to pick up a toy and play with it.

“Here. You can play with Spotty.” Liz said handing a white bunny over to Max.

Max smiled shyly as he ran his hand experimentally over the fake fur. His smile brightened when he felt how soft it was. His head jerked up to meet Liz’s eyes.

“You wike him? He’s my favouwite toy. I never let anyone pway wiv him. But you can cause you’re part of the family.” Liz said trying to articulate her words precisely.

“Thanks.” Max whispered. He hoped she had heard and he hoped she hadn’t heard. Most people didn’t know if he could talk or not. That's why the other kids would call him a freak. When the families found out what he was like at night, they would make him take these pills that would calm him down. Or try to anyway. He wanted it to be different in this new house. He had someone who was his age and could be his friend. He liked this family a lot and he hadn't seen the pills yet.

“Your welcome.” Liz whispered back after leaning in close to his ear.

Max’s head shot up from the bunny when he heard her whisper in his ear. Now that she had heard him talk did that mean that she expected him to talk all the time?

Liz saw the worry in his eyes and she hurried to calm him down. “Don’t worry I wont tell anyone that you spoke. Pinky Swear.” Liz whispered again.

Max stared at her for several seconds as he contemplated his next move. “Ok.” He held out his pinky waiting for Liz’s to connect with him. She smiled brightly as she lifted her pinky and clasped it on to his. They smiled at eachother before they pulled their fingers apart.

Nancy had watched the whole exchange between her daughter and Max. She was smiling. They were going to get on fine. She knew it in her heart. She didn’t dare interrupt the seriousness of the slight conversation they were having. She waited till they were playing again before she came in wiping her hands on a dish towel.

“Well kids. Guess what we’re doing today?” Nancy asked as she stepped into the room waiting for them to notice her there.

“What mummy?” Liz asked jumping up from the floor and running over to her mum and grabbing onto her skirt.

“Max, do you like the beach? I know Lizzie does. How about you?” Nancy asked knowing she wouldn't be getting an answer but there wasn’t much she could do about it. If he didn’t want to go then he could stay here if he wanted. She hoped that he would come, then Liz and he could play in the sand and she could take photos of her new ‘son’.

Max didn’t know what the beach was. But he was ready to find out. He would go if Liz was going.

“We’ll have so much fun Max. The water is so cool and the sand gets into all sorts of places but we can build castles and other stuff.” Liz said excitedly turning to Max who still sat on the ground a few feet away.

Liz took his silence as confirmation that he was going to go as well. “Good, your coming. We’ll have so much fun. When are we going mummy?” Liz asked stepping away from her mother’s legs about to get ready to run up the stairs to get her swimming costume on.

“In about 10 minutes. So you better hurry up those stairs and get ready so we can leave soon.” Nancy said smiling down at her daughter.

“Come on Max. Let’s go upstairs and get ready.” Liz said excitedly as she ran over and grabbed Max’s hand before pulling him and rushing to the foot of the stairs. Just as they were about to head upstairs, Nancy stopped them with the sound of her voice.

“Max, we got you something to wear at the beach, we hope it fits you.” Nancy said pulling out a plastic bag from the couch seat behind her. She walked over to the two and handed him the small bag.

Max reached out and took the bag tentatively. He looked over at Liz who smiled at him. He smiled back and then looked up at Nancy and smiled. Nancy was shocked, to say the least. This boy had the most amazing smile. He was so adorable and his dimples in his cheek made him that much cuter. She could tell that he was still a bit apprehensive of her and Jeff, but she knew that in time he would see that they loved him very much and that they hoped he would stay and live with them.

“Thanks mum.” Liz said before she started to pull Max up the stairs to her room. Nancy followed slowly behind. She knew that they would need help getting changed.


Nancy sat on a beach towel with a hat and sunglasses on holding her camera. They were just the most adorable site. Liz’s hair was in pig tails brushed away from her face and wearing her one piece electric blue Speedo’s costume while Max sat beside her wearing his own black pair of Speedo’s. They were digging up the sand and throwing it into the water.

Nancy could have sworn that Max had never been to a beach before. She was glad that it was his first time in a way. They were making memories for him. She liked that idea. She snapped another shot of Max holding out a handful of sand to Liz as he smiled at her and she reached out to take the sand out of his hand.

She decided she was going to stick that on their new mantle piece when they moved house. She smiled at her daughter playing with Max. They were so adorable. He may not have been their son by birth, by they were going to definitely treat him like their own. A noise from behind distracted her. Nancy turned her head around and spotted a family sitting behind them. The mother and father putting all the towels out and basket of food with plates and cups and drinks. The two teenagers were arguing over who was going to use the body board first.

“I’m going first. I’m the oldest.” The boy said snatching the board off his little sister.

“No! That’s not fair. You got to have it first last time! I want it first! Plus, I’m prettier than you.” The girl said snatching the board off her brother.

“MUM!” They both shouted at the same time. They then proceeded to get into an argument over who was repeating what the other was saying.

“Stop copying me!” The girl said.

“You stop copying me!” The boy said.

“Kids!” The father said sitting on his towel reading the newspaper. Both teenagers shut their mouths and sat down without a fuss.

Nancy smiled and laughed softly. She hoped that Max and Liz weren’t going to turn out like that. ‘God forbid, Jeff would see Liz’s lip tremble and he’d cave in!’ Nancy thought to herself as she turned her head back to watch Max and Liz playing when she found them in front of her naked with smiles on their faces.

“Oh kids.” Nancy said chuckling while she shook her head from side to side. “What happened to your swimming costumes?” Nancy asked smiling.

“We took them off.” Liz stated simply. She turned her head to look at Max who didn’t say anything. Liz turned her head back to face her mother with a curious look on her face.

“Mummy? Why does Max have a ding-a-ling and I don’t?” Liz asked her hands on her hips.

“A ding-a-ling?” Nancy asked trying to fight off her laughter. She had purposefully avoided the question as to why Max had a ‘ding-a-ling’ until Jeff was around but she couldn’t help asking about the name the two had given it.

“Yeah. Dat’s what Max calls it. He said that the people at his last house said it was called a ding-a-ling. Is that not the wight name?” Liz asked her arms crossed over her naked chest.

“No that’s not the name but honey, you don’t want a ‘ding-a-ling’ like Max. What you have makes you special and what Max has makes him special. You’re just different down there.” Nancy tried to explain.

“But we wanna be the same. Wight Max?” Liz asked looking over at Max. He just simply nodded.

“See?” Liz said emphasising her point with a nod.

“I understand honey. But when you’re older, you won't want to be the same as Max.” Nancy said smiling. She hated Jeff right now for not being there to help her get through the explanation.

“Fine.” Liz said sitting down on the end of her mother’s towel. Max looked down at Liz and then over to their swimming costumes which lay forgotten on their sand castle. He ran over to them and picked them up carrying them back to Nancy. He stood there and dropped them down on the towel in front of them.

“Thanks Max.” Nancy said with a bright smile as she rung out the costumes and put them in a plastic bag before she pulled out their clothes to help them get dressed.

Max watched as Nancy looked through the bag she carried with her for their clothes. He leaned over to Liz and whispered in her ear. “Can you tell her she’s welcome?”

Liz smiled. “Mum, Max says you are welcome.” She said proudly.

Nancy was startled by her daughter’s voice. She knew he could talk but he had obviously told her daughter so softly to tell her that because she hadn’t even heard whispers come out of him. She looked from her daughter to Max who had turned beet red with embarrassment. She just smiled down at him.


“So, you won’t believe the day I had.” Nancy said taking her earings out and placing them on the dresser in front of her.

“What happened?” Jeff asked as he leant out of their bathroom as he brushed his teeth.

“I took the kids to the beach today. You know, I don’t think Max has ever seen the beach before. He was very excited about it I think. I took a lot of photos and I can’t wait to get them developed.” Nancy said excitedly as she walked over to the bathroom door and crossed her arms over her chest much like Liz had at the beach. She then leaned her body against the frame of the door.

“Really? Wow. I didn’t think he had been that underprivileged. We should do more things with him. How about Liz? Is she doing alright?” Jeff asked wiping his hands before starting to head out of the bathroom while turning off the light switch as he passed by Nancy and towards the bed.

“Yeah I think we should but that’s not what I was going to tell you about.” Nancy said following Jeff to the bed moving around to the other side where she pulled off the top pillow and then pulled back the covers.

“Oh?” Jeff said as he hopped in the bed fixing up his pillows and turning on the bedside lamp.

“Yeah. Liz and Max decided that they would compare lower anatomies at the beach.” Nancy said while getting comfy in the bed.

“Oh no.” Jeff said on the verge of laughing.

“Oh yes. Liz wants to know why she doesn’t have a ‘ding-a-ling’ like Max.” Nancy said nodding her head.

Jeff couldn’t hold it in anymore. His laughter came rumbling out. “What did you tell them?” Jeff said between laughs.

“I didn’t tell them anything really. I just told Liz that when she grows up, she’ll rather have what she has instead of what Max has.” Nancy said following her husband in laughter.

“Glad I wasn’t there.” Jeff said wiping tears from his eyes.

“Oh, I told them to ask you about what Max’s ‘ding-a-ling’ does when he's older and why Liz should be happy with what she’s got.” Nancy said snuggling down in under the covers. “Night hun.”

Jeff just sat there in the bed, his mouth agape, shock written all over his face.