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Title: SNIPPETS in the spotlight

Author: flohmac
Rated: PG (for now)
Fiction: M/L AU

This is a sequel to my other fic Silence,if you haven't read that one it'll be confusing for you so I recommend reading it first. You can find Silence at the Repost board or at the author's board under flohmac!

The story will mainly be told out of Max’ and Liz’ point of view - again.
I have decided to call this sequel 'SNIPPETS in the spotlight' because this is exactly what it will be.... like taking pictures I'll present you with situations our couple finds itself in - I hope you don't mind. *big*
I'm planning on jumping back and forth between present and past but of course there'll be some kind of story line to it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I’m just someone who has too much time writing stories; no infringement intended.

Summary: So after losing Michelle, the operation, the wedding - what other adventures does life have for Liz and Max? Well I guess you'll have to read it! :D

*Click*: A snippet from the present is coming, belonging to the story line
*Click* : A snippet from the past will be told - I just like to confuse you guys! ;)

(()): Talking in sign language





What? Hey - you're back - welcome, welcome - I have missed you guys ...really...I mean have been through a lot with Liz and me...but unfortunately I'm a little busy in the moment. The last months have been a blast and in the moment I'm on my way to Universal....and I have to concentrate on the traffic. What? Yeah - of course I got my license back. Did you really think I would give up driving forever now that I can hear again? Hey I'm a guy and you know that guys and cars go together…like…well like bees and honey.

Anyway where was I? Right I'm on my way to Universal because Britney Spears asked me to design the clothes for her new video and today is the ask me why I'm doing this?

Well...we're friends - she likes my clothes and I'm happy to help....besides that it's a good way to get the clothes out.

Now you want to know what Liz is doing and where she is huh? Well...Maria and Michael - they just became parents seventeen days ago - it's a boy and he's a really sweet baby - his name is Dominic - he's a healthy baby - which is good - I know.

Anyway...ever since his birth Liz has spent day and night with Maria - honestly I think it's cute but - we're also getting into a lot of arguments about this whole---situation.

Oh - my exit - excuse me…




"Max you should have seen him, he is so cute, I mean - so cute…"

I'm telling my husband who is cooking while I'm standing next to him, taking one sip after the other of my red wine....yeah so I admit it I have started to drink again - well not drink only a little bit more than usual.

Is he even listening?

"Max are you listening to me?"

"Yeah Liz I'm listening it's just...I was there with you honey...I know that he's a cute baby....could you hand me the basil please?"

"But Max---have you seen those tiny feet?…I mean…"


He looks at me....I know what he wants to I stop and take another sip of my wine....okay better change the topic.

"So...when do you have to be at Universal?"

"In ten days...I assume that it'll take at least two days....when does your shooting start again?"

"Next week....I told you so already...."

I leave him standing know I told him that like at least ten times, so why is he asking me? God, after one year of marriage you would think that we would still be as in love as that's the wrong way to say it...I still love him I's just there is something between us...ever since Maria got pregnant and ever since we babysat for Becky several times...I know what it is...he wants to try for another baby but I'm not ready yet....I don't know if I'll ever be ready for it. I mean....I....after Michelle died I was having these doubts - understandable right? Then later I thought that Michelle wouldn't want us to be mourning over her by not trying for another child but now.....I don't...I can't...what if there is something wrong again? What if it is me you know? My doc told me that everything is okay alright but....he told me that before and look where it brought us? Our daughter would be two soon instead we're visiting her grave every second Sunday.

When I turn to walk into the living room I can see Max standing there, leaning his forehead against the wall cupboard above the stove, eyes closed - he also knows that something is wrong.

Taking a deep breath I step further into the living room, the fire is on in the fireplace, Cookie is lying in front of it, enjoying the warmth. I'm filling my glass up again...

"Do you also want something to drink Max?"

I ask....trying to sound as casual as possible.

"Yeah sounds great - thanks."



"Max.....sweetie ...hey...."

"Britney, how are you doing?"

We give each other a hug.

Ten minutes later she wears her first outfit.

"So how do you like it?"

"It's fantastic Max...I love it I think the changes we made really paid off huh?"

"Yeah they did...I also like it better like what are you going to do about your hair?"

"Well I was hoping you could join me and you and my stylist can come up with something…"

"Sounds good."

I follow her...ever since getting married to Liz those studios here have become my second home...or so it seems. I don't really like it that much but was inevitable I guess. You can't marry an actress and hope that nobody will find out about it. Luckily we had a great wedding and it really had taken the press one week to find out about the wedding. Can you believe that?



"Liz?! Max? Is it true that..." "What did really happen...?"

Question after question is thrown at us....god forbid that they have no idea what is going on in our life.

Before coming to this idiotic film premiere Liz and I had a talk and...being this the first appearance as a married couple and talking with Kyle we both decided to not say a word or comment anything besides the movie. Only smiling for the cameras and enjoying the evening - Kyle had wanted Liz to go to the premiere because she was "in desperate need of spotlight" as he so mildly had put it.

"Liz! Max! Over here!"

Flashlights everywhere!

"You know, you could really get blind by this…"

I mumble into her ear which makes her smile - at least I still manage to earn that special smile - that's only reserved for me.

"I know....but you'll get used to it."

She whispers, but I'm not missing the desire in her eyes when she stares at my lips and then into my eyes. I know I really shouldn't think about stuff like that but do you have any idea how much I want to be alone with her in the moment?

So we spend the last week in bed - most of the times - aside from the pool or bathtub or…well I think you get the picture right? The honeymoon is planned for later.

"Liz how does it feel to be married?"

Is another question thrown our way before we finally make it into the theater - time to relax - at least a little bit.

"Liz, Max I'm so glad you could come…"

Lisa Kudrow comes our way.

"We're glad you invited us Lisa, how are you doing?"

I kiss her cheek and smile at her, she's been one of my faithful customers and Liz and her have already worked together.

"I'm fine but first let me congratulate you is married life treating you?"

"Oh it definitely has it's peaks…"

Liz smiles at her, after giving her a hug.



So what else can I tell you guys? I mean....of course...hell it had been quite some time huh? Yeah sorry about that but I think I'm not lying when I'm saying that Liz and I really needed that time get used to married life.

Well...the company is doing pretty fine...Michael and I have divided the traveling...sometimes I go, sometimes he goes...of course now with Dominic it is I who'll be traveling more.

Liz has done another has Oscar written all over it if you ask me...but maybe I'm biased here.

On my way home I'm going to fetch Becky. Isabel and Alex have some kind of party to attend and as I told you I love my niece and I love babysitting's just, when she gets really lonely because we automatically think about Michelle.

Don't...I know what you are thinking! Becky is two now...the same age Michelle would have turned soon, she's a lovely girl although she already shows a lot of her mother's behavior...poor girl it won't be easy for her if she'll put on the ice princess act when she's older...good for that she has Alex as her Dad.



"You know Alex, she really looks a lot like Isabel...."

I tell my brother-in-law.

"Who are you telling that? I live with both of them remember?!"

Alex chuckles and watches Becky playing with her dolls.

"Have you two ever thought about another child?"

I ask him, Becky is making his way over to me.

"Uncle Max...Amy need a new dress."

Yeah so she has already figured out that her uncle - me - is very capable of designing dresses.

"Well we talked about it...but Isabel says she wants to wait until Becky goes to kindergarten, I mean I can understand it....she keeps us busy enough two years about you and Liz?"

I look at him but concentrate on Becky's doll.

"I...we....I mean Liz is going to be away for two months now for her new movie so....I guess we'll talk about it afterwards."



I think he knew back then already that something wasn't right. It isn't like I don't love Liz anymore or that I don't understand her...I do....I can understand her worries...I know that she thinks that it is her fault and although she still goes to this psychologist - there is nothing I can do to help her. I....I feel so helpless...she is my wife and I can't help her to...I don't know.

Well....uh it's already 6.40 p.m. …I think I better get going! See ya soon guys!

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Part 02




Where the hell is he? I turn around and see that it is way after noon - whoops - the door opens and I can see him walking in carrying a tray.

"Good morning."

He smiles at me - god he looks so good.

"Good morning - that smells delicious, what is it?"

"That my dear Mrs. the breakfast...I figured that you would wake up soon and that you would be hungry....after last night."

I smile at him and let the blanket I'm naked and? I mean - hello? This is my first morning as a married woman and if I may say husband also looks really yummy in his shorts and his wedding band.

"What are you thinking about?"

He asks me, leaning down and giving me a kiss.

"I was thinking about how gorgeous you look and how much I want you for breakfast."

I nibble at his bottom lip he glances at the tray, then at me, then at the tray again and finally he moves and mumbles something like "Screw breakfast who needs food anyway." God I love this man.



"Earth to Liz, what are you thinking about Chica?"

Maria asks me, holding Dominic and placing him in front of us on the blanket on the floor.

"Uh nothing I just...nothing Maria....hey little fella...are you awake again? Hi...hi..."

It's fascinating to watch newborns it really is. Dominic is lying there, staring at the light, I mean, they don't really see a lot only light and dark....maybe shape but that's it. Dominic is the perfect mixture of Maria and Michael, really...he's so cute.

"Yeah go and tell somebody else, what's really going on it Max?"

Maria sits down next to me and as soon as Dominic has the chance he takes his mommies little finger into his tiny hand and hold on to it.

"I...something isn't right's not that we aren't in love anymore, we are I just feel...I don't really want to bother you with my marriage problems."

"Hey what are best friends for huh? Is it the baby-issue again? Michael told me that they talked about it some days ago."

"They did?"

Now I wanna know.

"What did he say?"

"Well as much as I know they just talked about it in general...that he also knows that you're still afraid and that he understands it and...that he feels kinda helpless, nothing that you don't know."

"I know...I...just..."

"Liz, there's nothing wrong with being afraid but it shouldn't keep you from becoming a family, from having children with the man you love more than anything I mean...I know that the loss of Michelle is still hard on you both but do you really want to keep on going like that?"

"That's not it's not that I'm afraid, I'm terrified, what if something happens again and....I couldn't survive that."

We watch Dominic again he's gurgling and making baby sounds.

"Liz...but you also shouldn't forget that with your past now I'm sure that the doctors will be more careful with know...I mean...they still haven't got an explanation why it happened but I'm sure everything will be fine Liz. I know that nobody can make that decision for you but...I know that this is something you want...deep down inside...and maybe if you talk with Max..."

"I can't Maria you should have seen him yesterday...I talked about Dominic and...he looks so sad and defeated in some kind of way...I....we babysat for Becky again yesterday can see it in his eyes how much he wants to have a baby...god I feel so useless."

I grow quiet again...nobody knows...nobody and you guys better also keep quiet because I'm going to tell you a little secret....I'm not sure and I have an appointment tomorrow but I think I might be pregnant is not only because Dominic has been born that I am behaving like I's this strange feeling that...well yeah that I could be pregnant again and I have no idea if I should be terrified or ecstatic about it - it is driving me insane.



"Becky sweetie be careful with that okay?"

I watch my niece playing with her dolls sitting next to my sketching table. So today I decided to stay at home and work. Michael is also hear but he is again busy arguing with someone from Italy about the delivery of fabric. Rings a bell?'s always like that. As long as we don't get into the same situation like...when was it? Two years ago? When Michael had to fly to Europe and we had to redo all the dresses again....gosh that was really...really...stressful. Never again!

"Unca's torn." Becky suddenly stands next to me showing me again one of her dresses, sometimes I have the feeling she does this on She is just a little girl, clumsy but adorable...AND she still has to learn how to pronounce my name right but...I love it! I wouldn't have it any other way!

"Okay, let's see..."

I take the dress from her and then lift her up as well, carrying her to my desk, I sit down placing her on my lap, putting on my glasses.

"Well it's not too bad Becky."

"Can you fix it?"

She looks at me with her big brown eyes.

"Yeah I think I can."

"I wanna watch."

She states - and it really - again - frightens me how much she sounds like Isabel.


But before I can even reach for the needle she interrupts me.

"I'm thirsty Unca Mac."

Thank God I know my niece and I always have something to drink at my desk when she's with me, I hand her, her bottle with tea.

"There you go...."

Looking over her head I start fixing the dress and she watches every one of my moves.

"Hey what are you two doing?"

Michael suddenly stands next to us, chuckling and watching as well while I'm fixing the dress.

"Guess what it looks like..."

I smirk at him but concentrate on the dress again.

"You know Max maybe you should really start a second career as doll repairer or something like that."

"Very funny Michael, if I may remind you this is a dress I'm fixing here and not the doll...and I think I'm very capable of doing so...what do you think Beck? Am I good in repairing your dolls dresses? Uncle Michael is doubting me."

Becky turns to him still sucking at her bottle shaking her head at Michael.

"You don't do that Unca Mickey, Unca Mac is good."

Looking at Michael we both grownups are chuckling a little bit, I said that she is cute right?

Later after Alex has fetched his daughter Michael and I are talking about the new collection.

" is it going? Still sleepless nights?"

I ask Michael while we're both looking at the new skirt and top in front of us.

"Uh...don't even ask....I mean...I really love him but if he wasn't my son I would have thrown him out already."

Michael shakes his head and laughs, pinning another piece of fabric to the mannequin.

"How is Liz doing?"

"Good....I mean...fine, why are you asking?"

"Well I just...I don't know...I mean it seems like we talk about it every now and then but you never really say that there is any improvement."

"That is because there is none Michael...listen I really appreciate that you two are worried about us but this isn't helping. The thing is...."

I sit down on the next chair, taking off my glasses and look at him.

"...if everybody asks about how we're doing and everything, there is more pressure. It isn't only you who asks. Every time we go see my parents they ask, when her family is here or we go visiting them, they ask. Kyle asks and the media I don't want to put you all onto the same level is just so tiring."

I bury my face in my hands....this is so....argh...I don't know.

"I'm sorry Max I didn't....I think I didn't realize that the situation is so...."

"I know Michael and I appreciate's just...there isn't one thing I can do.. you know...I mean...every time we sleep together I feel like she is shutting me out more and more, concerned if maybe she got pregnant again and....and...I know that deep down inside she is so terrified."

No idea why I'm telling him, I guess it's just...I don't has to come out somehow. I love her so much and I need her in my life and it hurts so bad to see her suffer so much...nothing I'm feeling can come close to what she is going through...and it leaves me feeling helpless...and I hate that, I really hate that.

The thing is I don't even know when everything went so wrong, I mean we were happy - just being married finally and being able to just - well be together...



"'t even think about it.....nooooooo!"

Liz is shrieking but I'm not giving in, no way not after that now I have her thrown over my shoulder and she is drumming on my back while I'm walking towards the water.

" won't...nononononono...Max...I'm still fully dressed...."

She laughs and pinches me in the butt which makes me jump.

" asked for it...and...I don't care...are you ready Liz?"

"If I go down, you go with me...Mr. Evans."

It makes me smile how she still tries to have the last word, though she knows that she'll end up in the pool any second, fully dressed and...have I mentioned that it is raining? And cold? Well not too cold, but it could be warmer....

Without giving her a countdown I throw her into the pool, I can hear her shriek and then there is nothing for a few seconds. I watch her struggling to the surface of the water, while taking of my shoes, socks and jump in behind her.

"Oh you wait's cold out here."

She huffs at me trying to brush the hair out of her face.

"Oh I'm genuinely NOT shouldn't have called me boring my dear...."

I smirk at her and...may I mention that she looks really, and I mean really hot? So we have just come home from one of those boring parties again and she is wearing a white dress, which is held up only by thin straps and right now the dress clings to her body, showing of every single part of her perfect body. The straps end only a few millimeters above her now hard nipples - oh god how much I want to taste them, taste her, take her.

Before I can even say anything more she pulls me close and kisses me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, biting on my bottom lip, sucking at my tongue.

"God what you do to me..."

She pants before pushing up my shirt and off my body, throwing it somewhere, who cares anyway?

"I want you...."

I tell her while peeling away her wet dress and starting to nibble and suck at the nipple of her one breast, while massaging the other one. They feel so perfect, she feels so perfect, like she was made for me and only me.

"Max...oh god Max..."

Her moans are getting louder and her hands are getting restless while finding their way to my slacks where my erection is pressing painfully against the confining material.

I love that I can have her whenever I want her, that I can love her whenever I need her...I know that the feeling is mutual and I really hope that it'll stay that...I have no idea what I would do if something would change...



And it's true....nearly one year has gone by ever since and I have no idea what to do...and...the problem is that I'm so afraid of talking to her again about it because I don't want o upset her.



When I get home from Maria's Max is still in the studio, Cookie at his side. I open the door and walk in watching him...He looks so forbidden handsome.

Today he is wearing black, slacks and a black polo necked sweater, emphasizing his well build body. I could stay here and watch him sitting there at his desk, working...and I would be happy. No matter what is wrong with us, when he looks at me I can still see the love in his eyes and it amazes can he still love me after all I have put him through the last months.

Unconsciously my hand wanders to my tummy....maybe...maybe his biggest dream will come true...he'll be the best father our baby could ask for. I knew that with Michelle and I know that it will be the same now...if I'm pregnant and I also know that if there is one person who can help me through this pregnancy then it is him and only him.

Maria maybe my best friend but she doesn't understand, no one in our family and of our friends can understand what we went through already, they try to but they can't fathom it.

"Hey handsome...."

I finally say, Cookie, who had been asleep at his master's feet, wakes up and walkes over to me saying 'hallo'...while Max turns his head to me, smiles, takes of his glasses, gets up and walks over to me as well.

"Hey beautiful."

Still smiling at me he gives me a kiss.

"What are you doing?"

"Well...I'm actually working at your dress for the Oscar' does that sound?"

"Sounds....perfect...but you know that it's late January and maybe...."

"Shshsh...stop right there...I know that we will go and I know that you will win okay...c'mere."

He drags me with him, sits down again and pulls me onto his lap, my back to him so that I can look at the sketches on his desk. One arm is holding me on his lap securely and his thumb is caressing my tummy and all that without knowing that I might be see now why I love him so much? It is those small gestures that makes me love him more and more with every day.

"You like?"

He points to the sketches and rests his chin on my back so that he can still look over my shoulders at his work.

"It is beautiful do you always come up with those ideas?"

Wanna know what I'm looking at? Well it is sketch of a black is held by straps that cross in the goes down to the floor...I don't even know how to describe the dress to you because the thing I'm more fascinated by is the fact that it is me who is wearing the dress. So what is she talking about huh? Well you have to know that designers draw their sketches onto women bodies - of course - but most of the time they have no face at all...or they all have the same face...merely any detail...but....with this sketch he has drawn me, he has drawn me with ever single detail...and...I look beautiful...I know how that sounds is perfect.

"Thank you Max...this...this is perfect...I have no idea what to say..."

I turn to him with tears in my eyes.

"Say you love me that's enough."

He whispers, staring into my eyes and no matter how much he tries to hide the sorrow, I can see it....shall I...I mean tell him? He has a right to know right? Maybe I should....but then he would get his hopes up and what if I'm not?

"I love you, I love you so much...."

I take his face into my hands and kiss him, gently.

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Part 03



So I didn't tell him, I know I know...chicken...yeah well...I know how much he would get his hopes up and I don't want to disappoint him but I promise that this time he'll be the first to know.

I'm now sitting in the office of my doctor here in L.A. - waiting.....I hate it. I hate this smell, I hate everything about it.

The door opens and he walks in.

"Well Mrs. Evans...."

he sits down before he continues.

" seems as if you were right, you are in deed pregnant, congratulations."

My eyes are misting up...oh god...I have no idea if I shall cry because I'm so happy or because I'm so terrified....oh god.

"Is everything alright Liz?"

He gets up and sits down next to me, that's why I still go to him...he is more human than other doctors I had to deal with over the years.

"Yeah...I just....I guess I have no idea if I should be terrified or happy....I guess I'm both."

He listens and nods...

"I guess I can understand that after what happened with Michelle, but you are still young Liz and you are healthy and...I can promise you that we'll take extra care of you."

I nod, wiping away my tears, trying to get myself together again.

"So how far along am I?"

"I would say sixth week....according to your circle I would say that the baby will be born in October."

Taking a deep breath I nod, I have to get out of here. I have to tell Max as soon as possible. He's at the shop today...maybe I should wait until he gets home? Maybe I should try to come up with some good idea again to tell him that I'm pregnant...but creativity isn't what it once was...maybe everything will back again.

"So when do you want to see me again?"

"I think it would be good if you came by in four weeks is my private number just in case that you have the feeling that something is wrong."

He hands me a card with his makes me feel a little more secure.

"Thank you."



Oh god, this day is just so boring, I have been sitting here for two hours listening to this extremely boring architect about the changes in the shop and he just doesn't get it that no matter how much he tries that his plan would look as fabulous as he thinks it would - I just don't like it.

"Mr. Benson....I really don't think that this will look good....I want this shop to be brighter and not darker...I would really appreciate it if you could work on this again."

Do I speak Japanese or why is he refusing to understand me? God!

The door of the shop opens and I can see Liz walking in. She looks - odd - excuse that expression but she really looks odd. Has she been crying? Is something wrong?

I look at Michael and then get up.

"Excuse me please, Michael tell him what we want and if he doesn't get it call another architect."

I mumble and leave those two, I'm so sick of it. I'm a designer and own a company, I shouldn't be responsible for doing an architect's job.

Liz is talking to one of our customers.

"Hey what are you doing here?"

" I not allowed to come by? I'm your wife remember?"




I look up from the desk, so we have been married for six months and I still feel like the luckiest man on earth and my I just say damn....she looks hot.

"I've brought you something to relax a little bit."

She places Chinese food on my desk.

"That smells delicious....I thought you would be busy today with Kyle."

"Well I am we just decided to take a break and I just wanted to see my that a crime?"

I know that mischievous smirk, she is planning something but okay...I'm game. I put away my files and open the bags with the food.

"That smells delicious."

"I'm happy you approve."

She walks around the desk and sits down in my lap. Well hello!

"So how was your day until now?"

She ask while starting to eat.

"Pretty boring, you know how much I hate this work but someone has to do it and as it was mainly me who did it the last years I'm stuck with it. Michael took a day off today...something about Maria...she wants to tell him something or....whatever...I guess he'll tell me tomorrow."

Liz nods, but keeps sitting in my lap, I like that, I feel a little more like a teenager to be honest but who cares right?

We eat an talk about my day and her day and that she has to go back to Kyle's office again to talk to Steven Spielberg....about their new project. Yeah so this is our life - I enjoy it.

After throwing away the remains of the food and the empty boxes etc she sits down in my lap again and leans back against my body, her head resting on my shoulder.

She lets her hands glide of my thighs, you know when I think about it is really erotic how she's sitting there. He legs are spread so that my thighs are more or less between her legs and now...oh my god...she is wiggling her butt against my front....thank god no one can see us here.

"Uhm...Liz what are you doing?"

"What do you think that I am doing?"

She moans...taking my hands and placing them on her thighs you honestly think that I could resist her? No way....I glide my hands over her thighs, under her dress - up and down but never close enough to where she wants me. You think only she can play that teasing game? No way...I have also learned my lessons and besides that our sex life has yet to get boring and honestly I don't believe that we'll get to the point where I don't desire her anymore.


Liz is panting by now and that although I still have to really touch her, turning her head she nibbles at my earlobe which elicits a moan from me and makes me even more hard than I am already. She knows that, because she is moving her butt even more now - oh god - you that is actually the problem about teasing your partner, you get turned on as well and then you get the point where it is painful for both of you.

Finally I let my hands glide higher and...ohoh...she isn't wearing any panties.


"I know Max...I know..."

I let my fingers glide over her most sensitive parts, making her squirm even more and then I can feel one hand at my waist .

While she is trying to get my belt, zipper and button open I thrust two fingers into her, making her jump a little bit.

"God I need you now..."

I help her freeing me and then gliding down on me....yes that is what I need, now I feel complete.

"You know....from now could always come by....ahhh oh god...when ever you want...."

I mumble while thrusting into her slowly but she wouldn't have any of it and moves faster.

"I think...yes....faster Max...I'll…uhm…think about it....."

Is everything she says before we're both not really capable of talking in coherent sentences anymore and give in to moans, groans and silent screams of passion, lust and love.



I take her with me into the small kitchen we have in the back where we can be alone.

"You know that this isn't what I wanted to say, I'm always happy when you find the time to come by."

I gently stroke her arm before giving her a kiss.

"You don't look so...great...excuse the is it going?"

She watches me while I lean against the counter, taking her with me, placing her between my legs and wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

"Urgh...don't even ask, it's like pulling teeth, he just can't accept that I dislike his plan for the renovation. I want it to be brighter and he wants to take away a fourth of the windows and paint it dark. 'But Mister Evans the news lights we will bring in will make up for the lack of real light'..."

I mimic that idiot, which makes her laugh and at the same time me happy, I love seeing her smile.

"It's true he just doesn't get that I want real light; I don't want to double the electricity bill, I want as much real light in here as possible...and work with mirrors and all that fun stuff but...he..."

Liz kisses me to shut me up. It's a gently kiss, full of love and also understanding.

"Thank you I needed that."

"I know."

"Do you want something to drink?"

" really..."

I look into her eyes and now I'm really sure that she had been crying.

"So...what is it? Have you been crying?"

"I can't hide anything from you huh?"

" not really."

Smiling at her I want to assure her again that it really doesn't matter for me what ever is bothering her...she can talk to me.

"Well I had an appointment today....a special appointment,"

"An appointment?"

Now she is making me nervous...I mean...I wouldn't be lying if I said that I haven't noticed that she isn't feeling so good the last days...and it reminds me of....well of the last time she was pregnant but I don't want to get my hopes up.

" seems like that we really have to rethink our decision to visit my parents for Thanksgiving..."



"Yeah...I mean I don't know if it is that clever to travel to Roswell with a newborn that might only be like two weeks old or something like that..."

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Part 04


Did I just - like - dream? Is my wife really telling me that she is in deed pregnant again?

"You're pregnant? We're having a baby?"

I watch her, her eyes are misting up, her bottom lip is quivering and then nods slowly. My heart is beating 100 miles a minute...I can feel that my eyes are misting up as well.

"Oh my god Liz....Oh my god....I love you....God I love you so much."

I cup her face and give her a gentle kiss before brushing away her tears. I'm not quite sure if they are tears of joy or fear...I would assume a combination of both.

Instinctively my hands drift to her tummy...I can't believe that we're given another chance.

"How far along are you?"

"Six weeks...approximately...."

She laughs through tears. I kiss her again and then take her into my arms.

"You know what? I'm going to send this idiot in my office home again and take the day off...I think we both have a lot to celebrate and a lot to talk hm?"

"Sounds good to me, but can we go by Kyle's office? I want to tell him right away."


I take her hands in mine, lifting them to my lips, kissing her knuckles...I'm going to be a you have any idea how nervous I am. I mean it isn't only Liz who is afraid, you can believe me that I am just as well. I will never ever forget when I found Liz in the bathroom and the picture that greeted me there. And I will never forget holding Michelle in my hands....god please let this baby be healthy, let this pregnancy be just as normal as any other. I take all the strange cravings, waterworks because of stupid unimportant matters and hormonal fluctuations.



Alex' POV

I watch Max while he is holding Becky, he loves his niece really...sometimes I feel really bad for him and Liz because they could have a daughter of their own already and sometimes I really see the longing in their eyes.

"Can you believe that she is already turning two soon? Man time goes by."

Max smiles at me while Becky is sitting on her uncle's lap, playing with his bracelet.

"You ask me that? It's like I can literally see me getting older."

I laugh, get up.

"Do you want something to drink Max?"

"Sounds good to me, thanks, I'm so glad that Isabel went with Liz to this event, I'm sure they're having a lot of fun without us guys don't cha think?"

"I don't know if I shall be happy about the fact that Isabel is at a party with a lot of good looking men."

I hold up the bottle of red wine, he nods.

"Oh c'mon it isn't that bad...we both know that Isabel loves you and that she is crazy about you."

When I turn around I can see Becky snuggling into Max and yawning, try to tell a stubborn toddler, like she is that she'll be tired soon.

"I think some one is getting tired, how about Uncle Max gets you to bed Becky-mouse hm?"

Max gets up and carries her towards her room. She isn't complaining so who am I to object? No way---actually it is quite relaxing that he is doing the whole thing. Ten minutes later max reappears, sits down and takes a sip of his wine.

"Is she sleeping?"

"Like a rock."

I nod.

"I know...that...that we never talked about it and if you don't want to I could understand but..."

I'm hesitating, I don't really know why I want to ask him questions about Michelle now, it's just with Liz around I would never dare to talk about it...but I'm pretty sure that it is as hard for Max as it is for Liz.

"What is it Alex?"

"It's about Michelle..."

I give him the time to say something, to stop me or to ...I don't know, shake his head but instead he just watches me and waits.

"What do you want to know?"

"'s just you're so great with Becky you treat her any special because of what happened to Michelle?"

"What do you mean?"

"I one really likes changing diapers for example but you do it when you are around, did you ever do that for....Michelle? I mean...I'm sometimes wondering what you were allowed to do...I....that sound stupid huh?"

"No I figured one of these days one of you would ask...I....I mean I held her in my hands and she was so tiny and tiny and yet a human being. I mean...they took her to the hospital and the beginning we were only allowed to touch her...her skin was so soft and still a little furry...god she looked like a tiny polar bear..."

He chuckles but I can see his eyes misting up and I already regret asking him, but maybe he needs exactly that...needs to talk about it. I know that Liz is still visiting a psychologist but I don't know about Max.

"And then when we were finally allowed to hold her I felt like the happiest man on earth. I don't know how much you know about premature babies but when you hold them, you're supposed to talk to them a lot and touch them and it is essential that they feel your skin, so it was either I or Liz who had her on our bare chest...I...sometimes I think I can still feel her, smell her....feel her heart beating against my skin..."

Max grows quiet.

"I guess you're right sometimes when I'm with Becky I think what it would be like if Michelle would be alive."

"Do you and Liz talk about it?"

"Sometimes...I...we talk about if she initiates it I don't really want to put her through more than necessary."

"And what about you Max? Do you honestly think that Liz is the only one suffering? I'm not saying that she isn't - because I know she is....I guess as a woman it is always hard but I know that it also hard for you...I...after Michelle died you two were put through hell...I know that...I just....have you ever thought of going to a psychologist yourself?"

Now he is watching me, taking another sip of wine.

"Actually - I guys just don't know about it...."




We're now sitting in the car driving to Kyle's office.

"Do you already know what you want him to say?"

"I don't know maybe just....I always like the idea of keeping it quiet and when the media finds out to admit it...I mean...why trying to deny it? They'll find out about it do you say?"

"Same...I think that it is quiet a good idea."

I hold her hand, stroking it with my thumb, looking at her when we're standing at a red light. Automatically my eyes wonder over her body to her tummy.

"Are you scared?"

I ask her honestly, I think that this question has to be asked....with our past.

"Like hell but I know that we will get through this together."


Nodding and smiling on my side....I know that everything will be fine, it has to be in what kind of world would be living in where we lose our second child? No was fate...and this child will be born - healthy - and will be loved like no one else.


Kyle's POV

"Kyle? Liz and Max are here."

Sandra tells me through the intercom. What are they doing here? Did I miss an appointment?

"Send them in."

As the door opens I get up.

"Hey you two...what brings you here?"

I walk around my desk, hug Liz and shake Max' hand, we sit down on my couches....I don't have to behave like the manager around them...we're friends....that's a lot better.

"Well...without a lot of talking...I'm pregnant Kyle and the baby is due in October."

There goes the latest movie offer....but hey....

" is just wow...congratulations you two....October huh?"

I'm so happy for them, I know that the last months had been especially tough for them...actually ever since Maria got pregnant. I guess it had reminded them even more of their loss and something had changed between them. Sure they were still Hollywood's dream couple BUT even the press had seen the changes.

"Well I just received an offer for a new Lasse Hallström movie for you Liz but I guess we can forget about that."


She nods and holds Max' hand, I love to watch them. It shows me what was missing in my marriage - oh well.

"So what is our statement?"

"Don't send it out until they start asking you."

Max tells me, why did I even ask, they always handle it like that and honestly it is the easiest and in my opinion most classiest way to handle it.

"Fine...I think that this is really the best way."

"Kyle your 12.30 appointment is here."

"Oh - shit I forgot about them, listen why don't we get together at my house tomorrow evening? Bring Michael and Maria if they want to..."

"Sounds good, see ya Kyle."

They get up and leave the room, hopefully everything will be fine this time. It's strange you know but ever since learning about what Liz went through I look at my son in a total different way...I mean I have always considered him as a gift but I realized that he's the most precious gift I could have been given.

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Oh and just in case that you forgot:

(()): talking in sign language


Part 05


I'm back at Cynthia's place....who is Cynthia you're asking now right? Well she is my new psychiatrist I didn't really feel comfortable with the other one so after only one visit there after Michelle's death I decided to go to someone else and here I am. I like her...she is in her mid thirties and....I really feel understood.

"So Liz how has your week been?"

She asks me sitting down, I'm still standing - she knows that I like standing, pacing, sitting downs seems to me like stopping time and honestly I feel a little safer when in motion...don't know why....maybe another thing I should discuss with her some time...well we'll see.

"I'm pregnant again Cynthia....the baby is due in October."

I turn to her, chewing on my bottom lip - stupid habit....but old habits die hard....she watches me, takes in my body language. You know I could never be a psychiatrist - all those strange people coming to you, searching for help because they can't help themselves anymore. I don't even wanna know the problems of her other patients.

I know that in the beginning I didn't want to go and see one myself but...I just got to the point where I couldn't go on anymore.


*Click *

"Liz please talk to me....please?"

Oh how I hate to look into his eyes and see all this pain knowing that I'm causing it...but I don't know what to do...I....we are fighting every day and then...then...I start to now and then we say we're sorry and....I don't know what to do. It has been one month since the funeral and...everybody is trying to talk me into visiting a psychiatrist regularly. Don't believe that I didn't already went to one but he sucked, big time. I didn't feel understood and in my eyes that is essential if he's supposed to help me.

(("Leave me alone Max, you can't help me, you're in the same position as I am."))

I tell him while tears are running down my face.

"But...I can't stand it seeing you like that Liz, I love you and....I...there must be something we can do to help each other, something....I..."

And the he stops....that's the newest thing he does....when we talk - IF we talk he stops in the middle of the sentence which shows that we can't help each other.

I - don't get me wrong, I believe that I would have gone insane already if it wasn't for Max but - the sad fact is that he is as devastated as I am and we can't help each other.

He's silently watching me.

"Why don't you go to this Cynthia....Tess says she's good."

(("You don't get it Max do you? I don't want to, I want to....I don't know....I want my life back, I want to be me again, I want to have my daughter back but no matter what I'll do or who I'm going to talk to for a lot of money won't be able to give me back what I need and want...."))

We look into each other's eyes. He's lowering his head, shaking it.

"Why do we always fight Liz? I....don't get it. I...."

I interrupt him - I don't wanna hear it.

(("Don't say it Max, I don't wanna hear it, I....I think I better go and stay with Michael and Maria for the night."))

Shaking his head he turns around, saying nothing - first but then he's back.

"If you think running away will solve all our're wrong Liz. You may be right about the fact that we can't help each other but running away isn't a solution....please think about it is the number."

He places the card with the address and number of this psychiatrist on the table and leaves again. I can hear him calling for cookie, then the door and a minute later the light in the studios is turned on.

Wiping away the new tears I walk up into the bed room, packing my bad - I know that I can stay with Maria and Michael, they offered it to us...isn't it strange that I'm willing to take my friends up on their offer to help but I push my fiancé, who I love truly, away when ever he's trying to help me? What kind of person am I?

Before leaving the house I walk back into the kitchen, taking the card...maybe...



"Congratulations Liz, did you tell Max?"

I nod.

"Yeah, yeah he knows...I had to tell him right away, after that we told Kyle..."

"So how do you feel?"

I turn back to look out of the me crazy but I like the fact that her office is here close to Santa Monica beach....I like looking out of her window...seeing the sea, the horizon, I guess this is a reason that I'm always standing has a calming effect on me.

"I'm so scared."

I admit, my voice is quivering and instinctively my hand wanders to my still flat tummy.

"...but I'm also so happy and....I...although I always said for the last weeks that I'm not ready for another child I think deep down inside I was...I think I wouldn't be pregnant again if I wasn' know what they say about some animals right? Some can only get pregnant if they want to and....I think it was the same here...."

"What does Max say?"

"You should have seen him Cynthia...I haven't seen him that happy for a long time...he's so caring and....he'll be a great Dad."

I can feel her eyes on my back.



I promised Liz not to tell anyone....we're going to tell Maria, Michael, Alex and Isabel tonight at the get together at Kyle's and our parents will get the news tomorrow but I feel like I should be walking through the streets and shout it out to everyone. I'm going to be a Dad again. It's a really is.

Liz is just getting out of the building when I arrive.

"Hey beautiful."

"Hi handsome. What are you doing here?"

"I thought we could take a walk along the beach, I'm finished for today and as much as I know you how about it?"

"Are you sure? I mean...don't you think it's little risky?"

"Oh c'mon Liz...don't give me that again....of all the times we have walked down the beach already we had to call for help only once...I really want to hm? Besides....there aren't so many people down there. Please?"

"How could I ever so NO to you?"

She wraps her arms around my neck and we're staring into each other's eyes. My heart starts to beat faster and every nerve of my skin is filled with anticipation...taking in every touch of her body against mine. How did I get so lucky?

"You can't."

I smirk at her before I give her a kiss - god I could never get tired of her taste.

Hand in hand we walk down to the beach, she takes of her sandals and I take of my shoes and socks, rolling up the legs of my trousers and like that we walk a long the beach.

"So...when do we have to be at Kyle's?"

"At six that still gives us three hours....what do you think they'll say?"

"I'm sure they'll all be happy for us and then they're going to make sure that you take it slow...."

I can see her screwing up her face.

"Don't remind me of that, they'll be treating me like I'd be made of glass."

I laugh and wrap one arm around her waist pulling her closer to me.

"And won't you love least a bit...."

She looks up at me, smiling.

"I love you and that's all that counts."

Smiling down at her we stop walking.

"And I love you much much...."

Kissing her again I could stay here and forget about the whole world around us....this is what's important, that is what I need to wife and our baby that's on its way.


Kyle's POV

Everybody is here...Michael and Maria brought Dominic with them and call me stupid but I have the feeling that Max and Liz are going to burst soon if they're not telling it in the next five minutes. They've been holding Dominic ever since he has arrived with his parents.

"What is it with them and Dominic?"

Alex suddenly stands next to me asking me. Isabel is sitting next to them with Becky on her lap.

"uh...I don't know Alex man...why?"

"I don't's just something is odd...don't you think? Look at how Max and Liz are feels they're happy...I mean...really happy...happy as in before they lost Michelle..."

"You don't have to tell me...I'm fearing they're going to sneak out with my son if I turn around."

Michael joins us laughing. All three of us chuckle...well at least I know what's going on here.

"I think we should sit down guys and start with dinner don't you think?"

Everybody moved and we sat down.

"So how did your date with this lawyer go...what was her name?"

Isabel asks during dinner and I can feel my cheeks turning red.

"Date what Date? Why does everybody know about Kyle having a date and I don't?"

Maria looks at us with big eyes, everybody giggles.

"Because you're pretty much busy the last weeks sweetheart."

Michael wraps an arm around his wife and gives her a kiss on her cheek.


Max asks.

" was okay I guess....and her name is Ana, Isabel."

"So are we going to meet her?"

Liz wants to know.

"Uh....why don't you give me a little more time to get to know her much better....who wants wine?"

Trying to change the topic I offer everyone of them something to drink...of course Liz doesn't drink any alcohol. Knowingly I smile at her and Max....and yeah they behave differently...more in love than ever before if this is even possible. I don't know if they just think we don't see them touching each other and looking at each other or if they don't care but Max and as I said I wish my marriage would have been like that.

"Okay now quit it lovebirds....I wanna know what's going on...this so adoringly sweet how you behave that I get jealous."

Maria suddenly turns to Max and Liz, I'm nearly choking on my sip here...geez I love those people, I'm so glad that I met them because I never had friends like that. You'd think that being rich and celebrities.....well at least Maria, Liz, Michael and Max they would be stuck up but not them, they're so down to earth that I really admire them for being like that and believe my business I have met a lot of people who were less popular but more stuck up.

"Yeah you're right Maria....I also wanna know what's going on."

Isabel looks at her brother and her sister-in-law.

"Something is going on here and I'm curious to find out what."


Max starts, stops, looks at his wife who nods, entwines their fingers and continues.

"...we're pregnant, they baby is due in October."

I can literally feel the waterworks breaking loose as Maria and Isabel jump up squealing and throwing themselves at the two - women.

"Oh my god - I'm so happy for you two....." "...Congratulations..." "...In October?..." "...when did you find out..." and on and on it goes, don't ask me who said what because I have no idea.

I look at Michael and Alex, shrugging my shoulders. They both smile as well and do I detect some mistiness in their eyes as well? Yeah I guess this is really good news that even make guys emotional.

After everybody has congratulated them and sat down again it's again Maria's turn to makes us all laugh.

"And here she is telling me about protection at all...Liz hon if I may say two suck with protection."

"Hey I resent that...I would already have been pregnant along time ago if it wouldn't work."

Liz smiles at her best friend before snuggling back into her husband's arm who is just smiling, stroking her arm tenderly.

"I'm not hearing this..."

Isabel suddenly shakes her head and makes a gagging face. You see why I enjoy those get-togethers? They are hilarious.

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Part 06


Liz has fallen asleep on our way back from Kyle's...I remember reading that pregnant women tend to be tired because of all the changes their bodies are going through. Of course I have no idea if it's way too early for it but hey.

She doesn't even wake up when I carry her up into the bedroom. Placing her down on our bed I start undressing her.

"Good night beautiful."

I murmur at her ear, kissing her forehead, but before I place the blanket over her I have to do something me stupid....go ahead..I give a damn.

"Good night to you too little one."

I kiss her tummy as'll be my new recovered ritual before going to bed from now on.

I tuck her in and leave the room, I'm not really tired yet and Cookie has to go out again and I remember seeing the light blinking of the answering machine.

"C'mon boy...."

I encourage Cookie to follow me which he does. The fresh air actually feels good. You know I would be lying if I told you that I wouldn't be worrying...I know that this shouldn't consume me the only thing I can do is make sure that Liz and the growing life in her are safe and believe that everything will be fine because if I don't who else will believe in my unborn child. Right?

Of course Cookie finds another stick somewhere.

"How many times do I have to tell you buddy that there are no sticks allowed in the house? You have your own toys in there."

I bend down and tickle him behind the ears. He of course sits down at once, lets the stick fall and enjoys the attention.

"Good boy....that's what I wanted....guess what Cookie we're going to have an edition to our family in some months...what do you say? Will you be a good watchdog then?"

I swear he looks at me as if he understands what I'm talking about....which reminds me of....



"Cookie? Cookie where are you? Cookie?"

Where is that damn dog? The thing is even if he would bark I wouldn't hear him....I can't find him downstairs so I walk up the stairs...the bedroom is empty...Liz is with Maria today...again...we had another fight two nights ago and I haven't spoken to her ever since or received a SMS or whatever....god this house is so cold....

"Cookie...C'mere boy..."

I clap my hands...hoping that he is here somewhere....I walk towards the guestrooms....and....Michelle's room....I still can't go in there...I mean...what do you expect right? It has been three weeks since her death.

What? The door is open.


Carefully like it could burn my skin when I touch it I push the door to Michelle's room open and there he is....lying on the rug. I feel like bawling....he looks at my with those dog, sad eyes.

"C'mere Cookie....Cookie please?"

I'm sure that my voice is quivering, he keeps looking at me....what is he thinking? Is he accusing me? Like "How could you let this happen Master?" Or is he also sad?

"Please Cookie don't make me come in, I can't please? Cookie? C'mere?"

What am I doing here? Appealing to a dogs common sense? Yeah great Max. Slowly he walks towards me, I slide down the frame of the door and start patting him while I can't hold the tears back, I knew that it would hurt to see her room again and I know that no matter what it'll never be easy, my life will never be the same again.



Walking back into the house I rewind the tape of the answering machine.

"Hallo Max, this is Doctor Grabtree, I just wanted to remind you that I would like to see you next month for a check up, I hope you're doing fine, by the way thank you for keeping me up to date. It's good to know that you haven't encountered any problems ever since the operation, yet I would like to see you and examine me or my secretary...good bye."

Doctor Grabtree...yeah I mean I have to go to Europe anyway next month so where is the difference right? Yet I don't really want to leave Liz here - what is actually pretty ridiculous because she's a grown woman and healthy. Okay she's pregnant but it isn't like her Doc told her that there might be complications...I guess I'll have to call the man later. Tomorrow will be a busy day so....oh I haven't told you? Well Britney is coming to the studio, she asked me to design her new stage outfit for her new tour so....guess how busy I am in the moment. I think I better head back to bed as well. See ya!



When I wake up Max isn't in bed anymore and then I remember - right he's pretty busy today...and....oh god I think I'm going to be we go again.

Getting back into the bedroom after I'm feeling much better I see a rose on my pillow - how?

"Good morning sleepyhead, how are you feeling?"

Max wraps his arms around my waist, stroking my tummy.

"Better - I thought you're busy..."

"Well I am but...that doesn't keep me from telling my wife 'I love you' after she got up...."

I turn around, placing my arms around his neck, staring into his beautiful eyes. He looks good enough to eat today. Gray slacks, white V-neck sweater - god I could ravish him right here and now.

"You're too good to be true."

I tell him before kissing him - don't worry - I showered AND brushed my teeth - did you expect anything else?

Slowly he pulls away from me and looks straight into my eyes.

"So it starts all over again huh?"

What is he talking about?


"You feeling sick in the moment, I wish I could take it away from you or at least make it better."

"I'll be better soon Max and...I....I some just makes the whole thing more real for me...but you know what?"


"This time I finally get to boss you around with my stupid cravings."

Rolling his eyes he looks down at me again, his fingers are caressing my back in slow circles, while I'm playing with his short hair.

"Who said you didn't do that the first time?"

"True but it's a lot easier now."

"I the way...I have called Doctor Grabtree, he wants to see I think I'll go there right after the fashion show in Paris...spend two more days in England and then head back home."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"What about the baby? Do you think that's a good idea?"

"Max - for years women have traveled being pregnant you just shouldn't be traveling in your last trimester."

"Oh - well....I would love it if you could join me."

I tell him that I'll consult my gynaecologist first and then talk to Kyle about the possibility that I might join Max to France and England. I don't want to make it a publicity trip, I'm just joining my husband on his trip to do his job.

Damn, I hope Max hasn't forgotten about the fact that we wanted to meet his parents tonight for dinner and that reminds me of the fact that I have to call my parents as well and let them know about the good news.

You know what? I actually feel a little bad that I have to tell them via phone but I'll see them soon again, they promised to visit us for Max' birthday in May....and we wanted to visit them as well...mhm....maybe we should move this date up...anyway....and I have to call Grandma Claudia.


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Part 07

Grandma Claudia's POV

The phone is ringing again, I feel like I should really get myself one of those cell phones - it has been ringing nonstop today...first Jeff and then later it was Nancy again - not that I don't like them calling I do - especially when they're calling to tell me something about Liz. So there have been some recent pictures of her and Max in some of the newspapers again and they call me to tell me to tune in on this or that TV station because they'll show one of Liz' movies or something like that.

She is my granddaughter and I see her more on TV than in real life. Well it has gotten better ever since she got together with Max - it seems like he has somehow dug out the family person in Liz again. And let me tell you I adore Max, he is perfect for her....he really is. They're soulmates...I'm sure about that.

Well, will you excuse me I have to get the phone.


"Grandma it's me Liz."

"Honeybear, I was just thinking about you - how are you doing?"


"How is Max doing?"

I know that I hardly let her get to talk it's just that I love talking to her.

"He's also fine, he's actually standing right next to me do you wanna talk to him?"

"Sure put him on."

I hear some strange sound and then Max...

"Hi are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine are you? Are you taking good care of Liz?"

"Always Grandma, you know how are you doing? How was your trip to Egypt?"

"Oh it was wonderful Max...I had so much fun and it is amazing to see all those old pyramids and everything, and Liz have to go there one day."

"Will do so...listen much as I'd like to talk to you I gotta go again....take care of yourself and I'll get Liz on again."

"That's fine....take care Max and I hope I'll see you soon again."

"Oh most certainly...bye Grandma."

He's so adorable, I'm so glad that Liz found him....her other boyfriends hadn't been right for her but he loves her with all his heart and although they have been through hell they're still together...



Placing the receiver down I can't believe what my son just told me - he and Nancy are flying out to Los Angeles right now because Liz had her baby....her baby? Oh my's way too early....she's only in her 28th week if I'm not mistaken....I have to get to Los Angeles as well....

"God please let this baby live."

I have no idea what it would do to Liz and Max and to the whole family....until now we all have been blessed - no tragedies or what so why now?


So here we are....all the praying and hoping for nothing - Michelle my grand-grandchild is dead. Liz is standing next to me with Nancy and Jeff, Max is with his family....something is wrong here...they should be together, they shouldn't be going through this alone. This scene is so go top the cemetery to bury old people, people like me who have seen the world and have enjoyed it and not a baby....such a tiny and innocent child that hasn't even had the chance to feel joy and happiness. This is so wrong.

My son puts his arm around me, I look up at him, he's crying as well....he has lost his grandchild and his one and only daughter was hurting so much - his Lizzie...


"Hi Grandma it's me heard you talking about Egypt, I hope you took a lots of pictures."

"Oh you know I did...and I'll show them to you when we see each other again. Do you know when that'll be?"

"Not yet, I mean...Max and I are thinking about moving the date up to visit Mum and Dad so....maybe sooner than you think."

"I would love to see you both again I know that we only met on Christmas but it's March again."

"Yeah I know Grandma."

I can hear it in her voice that she wants to tell me something, so I give her the time to say something.

"Grandma, I have to tell you something...."

Didn't I know it!

"Yeah what is it honeybear? Everything is okay right? Nothing to worry about?"

"No nothing to worry about actually it's pretty good, actually it's very good news...I'm pregnant again Grandma...the baby is due in October."

"OH honeybear...congratulations...Oh my your parents know?"

"No - not yet Max and I learned about the news this week and ever sine we have been busy with making plans and rescheduling stuff that was planned for later this year, I'll call them later."

"I'm so happy for you are you feeling?"

"Good, fine - Max makes sure that I don't worry too much and that we'll be fine, I mean the morning sickness started again but - it just makes it more real."



I leave Liz in the kitchen and walk back to the studio, Michael is running around like a chicken that got his head cut off.

"What is it Michael?"

"I'm busy Max...that's what it can you be so calm, the Oscar's are soon and Britney Spears wants us to design her new wardrobe for her tour and we have fashion show coming up in Europe next month - so what reason could there be for me to be busy?"

I shake my head at him."

"You know what I think? You need a break - after Europe you should pack up Maria and Dominic to go on a trip or something like that."

"Funny Max."

He looks at me, stops - maybe thinks if I have grown a second head and then starts running around again. So yes we're busy but - hey - at least I didn't have to worry about charming my way into the fashion minds of all the nominees this year - if you want to put it like that.

Now what is he talking about huh? Well you have to understand one thing - I hope you don't mind if I keep on working on some new dresses while I'm explaining? Good - anyway....The Oscar's aren't necessarily about who wins but about who wears what. Hence Los Angeles turns into a designer Mecca around January until the big event. Now of course everyone wants to have 'The dress' worn by the 'Best actress' or whatever - you get my drift? Good - so - that means....designers have to contact the actors and actresses to show them their collection and give them the option. It's a really tiring thing to do because'd do ANYTHING for them. And this year? Well I don't have to worry...last year Liz didn't attend the Oscar's and this year she's of course wearing one of my dresses - so do I have to worry? No!

Actually this year some actresses and actors contacted Michael and me asking if we could design something for them, sure we yeah we're busy but the ball is in our hands if you want to put it like that. They contact us, they ask us, they have to jump if we ask for it - it's as easy as that. Don't look at me like that, you should know by now that I'm actually someone quite pleasant to work with, so the dresses are all finished maybe some small changes here and there but that's it.

So yeah Liz is nominated this year again, in my opinion she has pretty good chances to win again. Will I join her? Sure I will....hey....she's my wife.

"Max what do you think about that?"

Britney comes out of the changing room, she made some slight changes to the dress.

"Well, if you can still move in it and feel comfortable why not, but I thought you wanted it longer - like this?"

I kneel down in front of her taking the needles out of the dress to get it back to the original length, looking at the dress through the mirror.

"I don't know - I like it both ways....can't you make another one just with a shorter skirt?"

" like the rest?"

"I love're a both are."

She smiled at Michael when he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. I have to laugh, sorry Michael is just soo....I don't know ever since Dominic has been born he behaves like he has finally grown up or something like that. It's really hilarious to watch him being so grown up!

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Part 08


"So have you finally reached your parents?"

Max asks me when he comes out of the bathroom, only a towel wrapped around his lean waist...sigh.

" I haven't...I guess they're out of town or something like that, I left a message on their answering machine that I'm going to call them tomorrow...could you help me for a second? Please?"

I turn my back towards him because I need his help with the zipper. Slowly he comes my way...I can see him through the mirror, there are still some water drops on his well built's amazing how much he can still turn me on although I already know his body as good as's just that I can't get enough of him.

He smiles at me, I smile back.

"Well Mrs Evans...I have to admit that you look very sexy tonight."

He whispers while pulling up the zipper but not without letting the tip of his little finger graze along my spine....sending goose bumps all over my already heated body.

"Why thank you Mr're not bad yourself in towel."

I turn around, wrapping my arms around his neck, making sure I don't touch him though with my body because if I do I'll have water spots all over my dress.

Still smiling at me he kisses me gently on the mouth before pulling away.

"We have to get ready beautiful I'd rather tell my parents fast and be there right on time and then come back home as fast as possible..."

"Oh and what could you possibly do here?"

"Have my way with you..."

He turns away smirking and disappears into his walk-in wardrobe.

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

I shout after him, but all I can hear is him chuckling in did I get so lucky?


Diane's POV

Phillip and I are a little early when we arrive at the restaurant. I'm still wondering what the occasion is...I mean...I hope that it is....oh guess we'll have to wait and see. It still amazes me how much has happened ever since Max had introduced Liz to us....I had always hoped for my children to find the perfect partner and as it seems now both of actually did. I can still remember Max asking me how I knew that Phillip was the man I wanted to spend my life with...



"So you just KNEW that Dad was the one?"

I look at my 17 year old son who's chewing on his steak....why is he asking me this?

"Yeah...why are you asking me that Max? Is something going on with you and Courtney that I should know about?"

He looks at me with big eyes...



"Well, I's just so confusing in the moment....I really like her mum, she's great, I mean the past year has been wonderful...I guess I'm just wondering ifitcouldbepossibletomeettheloveofyourlifeinhighschool."

He's of course mumbling the last part, I have to my son does love Courtney...or at least he thinks he does for all he knows about love at this young age.

I sit down next to him and watch him, his cheeks are red and he can't look into my eyes.

"Max there's nothing wrong with admitting that you love's actually very brave because a lot of people are afraid of doing just that. So do you love Courtney?"

He's silent, staring at his plate, then he lifts his head and takes a deep breath.

"I think I do...I'm not sure, I mean for all I know about being in love I would say yes, but that's just it, how do you know? Know what I mean? I mean...we'll be finishing High School soon and whenever I try to talk to Courtney about it she changes the topic and....the thing is I would go with her where ever she wants to go....I..."

"Max...that's really romantic but...let me tell you out of experience, if you're really in love you two ....this relationship will last even if she goes to a different College than you're too young to make decisions like that in a few seconds...."

"I know I'm just so afraid of losing her....I....I guess I'm also afraid of maybe finding out that she isn't the one...."

I'm really touched by the fact that he's already thinking about stuff like that...he's still so young.

"Let me tell you something Max...time will tell...if Courtney isn't the one, one day you'll find'll look into the eyes of a stranger and you'll just know that she's going to be your future wife....I believe in this should too....your heart will let you know...."



God he had looked at my like his old mother had gone crazy.

"There they are."

Phillip smiles at Liz and Max entering the restaurant, of course a lot of heads are turning, Liz is very popular with the Oscar's so close and her nomination it's no wonder.

"Hey Mum, Dad."

She smiles at us and gives us both a hug before we're led to our table in the rear, away from all the curious eyes. Max pulls out the chair for her before he sits down as well.

"You two look good."

Phillip comments and smiles - he is so proud of his son - I know it.

"Oh we're fine Dad....I mean Michael and I'm a little busy with getting all the dresses finished for the academy Awards and the show and Britney Spears wants us to design her new stage outfits but besides that it' okay."

"So when are you going to Europe again?"

"In three weeks."

"So what are you going to do while he's away Liz?"

I turn to my daughter-in-law.

"Actually I'm joining him, should be fun...."

We talk about their upcoming trip to Europe and what their plans are.

"Oh and did I tell you that Kyle is also managing Michael and me now as well? Well kinda...."

Max starts. From our expression I assume he can tell that we didn't know.

"No?...Well anyway....I got an invitation to make an appearance in the show 'The other half' and another station wants to come and visit us in the shop talking about Oscar fashion and all that."

"So what are you going to do?"

I ask him.

"I haven't made up my mind yet but it should be fun. We'll see...I still have some days to think about it so...we'll see."

"So what is the reason for this dinner? Not that I don't like to meet with you guys we hardly see you anymore but...I just have the feeling that there is something."

Max has his arm around Liz' shoulder they're smiling at each other, it's like they're having a silent conversation, it's amazing. See his heart really told him. I look at Phillip who also enjoys the sight.

"Well...we're going to have a baby."

Liz then smiles at us.

"Oh my god...are you sure...oh my god...that's wonderful....really? When?"

Honestly I'm so excited and I can feel my husband taking my hand...we had all suffered a great loss when Michelle died, though I never had the chance to hold my grandchild...god let this child be healthy and maybe let it heal the deep wounds that Michelle's death has left in her parents' hearts. To this day we hardly talk about it.

"In October...."

Max smiles.

"I'm so happy for you...these are wonderful news."

Phillip smiles at them and I feel like crying.

"I'm sorry...."

I brush away my tears...

"'s just....I'm so happy for you did you find out?"

"Some days ago but we wanted to tell you in person...Isabel and Alex already know it but they had to promise not to say a thing."

Liz smiles at us and takes another sip of her it makes sense...usually she wouldn't say no to a good wine but today she had insisted on drinking juice or water.

"Do your parents know it already?"

"No we tried calling Nancy and Jeff today but they have to wait until tomorrow."

Max explains and looks at Liz again. What an evening!



"So your parents took the news well huh?"

Liz smiles at me when I get back into the house after taking Cookie for a walk again.

"Yeah did you expect anything else?"

"Actually no...I would be pretty disappointed if they would have been shocked in a negative way."

I wrap my arms around her tiny waist and pull her closer, starting to kiss her neck up to her ear.

"How can you even think that the news that we're going to have a baby would be considered bad news by anybody?"

I whisper before kissing her next to her ear.

"I don't know...I guess...we're not the only ones who are at least a little afraid."

I pull away a little bit to be able to look into her eyes.

"It's only natural Liz that we're all a little worried yet we shouldn't let the past take away the luck we have to be given another chance. I want us both to be able to enjoy this pregnancy, I will be there for you all the way through the good and bad know's all a part of it...if we keep on worrying too much we won't be able to enjoy the miracle of a life growing in you..."

"I's just, I can't forget about it..."

Brushing the hair out of her face I smile at her.

"No one wants you to do that....c'mon I remember that I still have to keep my promise..."

Before she can even react I throw her over my shoulder and walk up the steps with her giggling.

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Part 09


It's in the middle of the night when I wake up and Max isn't next to me...where is he?


Nothing, strange - sitting up I realize that we actually only went to bed three hours ago - well went to bed and then...uh....well you know what I'm talking about don't ya? So where is my husband now?


Slipping out of the bed I put on my kimono and leave the bedroom, I can see some light at the end of the hall. Is he in Michelle's room?

Slowly I walk up there and yeah he is in there....he's sitting in the rocking chair, rocking slightly, his eyes are closed.


I must have startled him because he opens his eyes fast and...yeah he just looks startled.

"Did I wake you?"

"No....I woke up on my own and was wondering where you are...what are you doing here?"

Looking around he takes a deep breath, then pats his thighs.

"Come here."

I do as he says and sit down in his lap. As soon as I'm near him her warps his arms around my waist, pulling me closer, resting his head against my chest.

"I was thinking....well...actually it started with the fact that I couldn't sleep...and then I just....I guess I have a lot of stuff on my mind lately and...anyway....I was thinking we could repaint the room for the baby....what do you think?"

Now I'm looking around as well and yeah...I have thought about it as well....

"So what color do you think we should take?"

"How about a light yellow and....we could put some motives on the walls....I don't know which yet but.....maybe teddy bears or something like that...what do you think?"

"I think that would be perfect and that our child would enjoy that very much."

His one hand moves to my tummy again.

"It's a miracle isn't it?"

"Yeah it is...."

When he looks up I can see the tears glistering in his eyes and it confirms what I suspected all along, he is as afraid as I am but tries to stay strong for me and actually for the whole family. God how I love this man.

"C'mon Daddy....let's get you to bed, I think both of us will need the following months to sleep ahead...because in October will be awake - a lot."

I smile at him, it's really time that I give something back, show him how much I appreciate him, care for him, love him. Pulling him back the bedroom I push him onto the bed as soon as we're there. Slowly I let the kimono drop to the floor, hearing him growl I feel even more confident.

Our first love-making this evening had all been about me and him taking away my fears and now it is my turn.




So we have four more days left until the Academy Awards...wonderful and today Michael and I are going to give the interview in our here I my shop....a camera team setting up the lights and the other equipment. Why did I say yes to this thing again?

We have already talked through everything...the dresses we will show....Michael's and my opinion on fashion and all this stuff that the station thinks the audience might be interested in. Gosh.

God when is this woman going to be out of my face? How can the models put up with this? How can Liz put up with this...make up in her face...with always someone around her who has nothing better to do then to put some make up into your face, or to do your hair this or that way...geez....this is really annoying.

"Ready Max?"

Michael comes over to me.

"Yeah any minute."

I look up at this Misty person.

Ever since she started her 'work' on me she has been questioning me about Liz and my life....our life in general...she just doesn't get it that I don't want to talk about it. How dumb can one be?

"So I already had the pleasure of meeting Liz, she's really easy to work with you know? I mean...of course she's a little stuck-up at times but in general it's nice."

"You know that you're talking about my wife here Misty don't you?"

I watch her cheeks burning up a little bit.

"Yeah but...."

"Am I finished?"

Please just let me get away from her. She nods and I stand up and walk over to Michael and Kyle. Of course he's also here...he's our manager....well....I haven't really figured out yet if he's really our manager or whatever you want to call it.

The taping begins. I'm good, I answer every question like we rehearsed it....thank god I'm not doing this alone. Michael is also doing a pretty good job, actually he is a pro in these things, I'm still getting used to it. Yeah how could I ever believe that I could be married to a Hollywood actress and not be in the spotlight. Stupid Max...really stupid.

"So're wife is nominated for an Academy Award this could be her second do you feel about it?"

The microphone is again right in my face.

"Well I'm proud of her. I know that it was a very challenging role for her and she did a wonderful job. We didn't know each other when she won her first one so....we'll see how it'll work out this time."

"Do you believe she'll win?"

"Honestly I think she's facing tough competition...all of the nominees are excellent actresses and all of them deserve the award so....I don't know....but of course I hope that she wins."

Smooth Max....really smooth. Please let this be over soon. Last year all I had to worry about was Liz going to the show to present the Oscar to the best actor and then going to a party together - nothing big. We didn't really attend the show though Kyle was really pissed about this....



"You're kidding me right guys? Liz you can't NOT attend the Oscar' won one last year....are you crazy?"

I'm sitting on the couch, watching my wife and our friend and her manager pacing the floor in our living room. Cookie is sleeping at my feet.

"What's the big deal Kyle? I don't wanna go...I'm not in the mood for walking down the red carpet and getting all dressed up and giving interviews when I know the only thing they're interested in is my honeymoon and all this and I don't want to share it with them...not mind is set...I'll go there, present the Oscar and then I leave...."

She's looking at me and I smile at her reassuringly....we have talked about this and actually I said the same thing like can she not go but she convinced me that she wanted to stay with me and either I join her - which is not an option or she only presents.

What? You think I should go? No think I wanna commit suicide or what? Oh yeah I can see the headline 'Famous designer suffocated by too personal questions thrown at him at the Academy Awards' not an option...maybe next year if it comes up. So I keep on watching.

"Don't you wanna help me Max?"

"No way man...this is a thing between you two. Liz and I have already talked about it and I can understand her point and I don't want to be the suffering one who has to sleep on the couch if I say anything more...."

I hold up my hands. There is no way that I'm getting into this.

"But you promise that you two will make an appearance at one of the parties?"

He looks first at me, then at Liz and then back at me...I nod...what else can I do....hey I mean...the parties aren't bad. Don't look at me like that...I really have gotten used to them ever since I can hear again.



Yeah so the party had been great and Liz had looked stunning on stage. While she had been presenting I had been waiting backstage watching her. So this year we're going to do the whole thing, red carpet, show, party afterwards....and all in her condition. I'm not really liking the idea but she promised to be very careful and I mean after all I'll be there. Of course we're desperately trying to keep the pregnancy a least until after the show.




So here I am standing in Michelle's room, Max is still getting the paint out of the car....we had a long talk and decided that the best thing for both of us to deal with this would be to actually do the painting on our own. Of course I had to promise him that I won't overdo it - geez I don't even wanna know what it'll be like in some months....I mean....I know what it'll be like but I can also understand him being overprotective. I know this is stupid, tomorrow there're the AAs and here I man painting my babies room...but you wanna know what? It feels darn good.

"Baby do you have the canvas?"

I can hear Max shouting from downstairs.

"Yeah it's up here!"


I turn around...looking one last time at the room how it was supposed to be for it's time to think about what it'll be like for our unborn baby.

"So did you reach your parents finally? I can't believe that they just went to Bahamas without telling us."

Max asks me while carrying in the buckets with the paint. He looks so darn sex in his faded jeans and white but old T-shirt.

"Yeah I's unbelievable...and no I didn't reach them. It's always the answering machine I get."

I help him spreading the canvases over the carpet and the furniture, then each of us opens a bucket and we start painting.

"So what are you planning to do? Keep the news to yourself?"

"No, I left a message I was sick of it."

He turns around smirking.

"You left them a message like that?"

"Yeah? What's so wrong with that?"

"You're unbelievable...."

I can hear him chuckle before I turn around again and also start painting.


Six hours later and I can believe it but we're finished, Maria just came by bringing us some subs.

"Hey you guys I really like that color it's so refreshing I think him or her will like it."

She has her arm hanging loosely around my neck while taking in our work, while Max is happily chewing on his

"You think?"

I turn to her.

"Sure's really how is the little one doing?"

I'm putting my hand on my still flat tummy. I guess I still can't really fathom it that I'm pregnant again.

"Oh great....the baby is fine go and ask me."

"Morning sickness again?"

"Uh don't ask."

"Uhm ladies...I'm eating."

We both hear Max mumble in between bites and turn to him, raising his eyebrows and gives us a questioning look.

"What did I do now?"

"Uh men."

Maria and I say simultaneously and start to laugh. God sometimes I miss her company...ever since Dominic's birth I hardly see her.

"Where's your little man by the way?"

Max then asks - I know he loves the little doubt about it. I'm wondering if he hopes it's going to be a boy this time...I know that he had been so happy when we found out that Michelle was in fact a girl but...I guess I still believe that men want a son...don't they?

"Oh he's with his Daddy. And I think I better head home now...good luck for tomorrow chica you know how much I would like to be there but I swear I'll be sitting at home crossing my fingers"

She gives my a hug and leaves.

"well yeah I think we should probably also get ready for the party huh?"

I wrap my arms around Max' neck.

"Yeah I guess....Kyle'll kill us if we don't at least make an appearance there."


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Part 10


Here we are…the big day is finally here…thank god because honestly all those interviews I had to do the last weeks were slowly driving my nuts. Not that I don’t like it but honestly if you spent the morning being sick and with those pregnancy hormones finally kicking it making me tired it isn’t as much fun. Max had also been busy…I’m still so happy that he is really here with me. Kyle and him are talking about the last basketball game results. Nevertheless he doesn’t let go of my hand that means a lot to me.

We’re sitting in the limousine that is slowly moving up the Hollywood Boulevard towards the Kodak Theatre.

“Are you nervous?”

Max turns to me, he looks so damn sexy in his tux...he is such a beautiful man...but I guess you know that don’t you?

“Not really, what about you?”

“A little it’s going to be crazy.”

“Yeah I know.”

I nod, because he is right. The last days have been really crazy paparazzi chasing us wherever we went – grocery shopping – they didn’t care. I mean I’m not surprised about it and luckily Max was fine with it. Kyle is smiling at us, I’m so happy that I have him as my manager.... he’s not that, he’s really a friend.

We’re slowing down.

“Here goes nothing.”

Max mumbles when the car finally stops and the door is opened for us. Kyle gets out first, before I can move Max squeezes my hand and looks at m.



He interrupts me and played his ginger on my lips, leans towards me and gives me a kiss.

“I just want to tell you that I love you and that you look breathtaking tonight and not only because you’re wearing one of my dresses…”

We both chuckle before he continues...

“…you’re radiating happiness and love Liz and I just wanted to let you know that I love you and believe you. Tonight is your big night so…I know that you still love this public life so.... don’t worry about my tonight okay? This is all about you and I’m going to be with you all the way. I know that we’ve come a long way and though I might still not be used to all this craziness don’t hold back tonight okay?”

I could cry now – right away – stop it Liz there might be a better reason for this later…taking a deep breath and follow the contours of his lips with my thumb before kissing him again.

“Thank you – I love you too…more than you could ever know.”

He nods before getting out of the car, I know that Kyle must already be wondering what we’re doing here…Max is great isn’t h? He always manages to say or do things like that to reassure he and me never ceases to amaze me like he just did…you have no idea how much this means to me.

I feel like a princess tonight who has been given a very special and unique gift. I’m accompanied by the man of my dreams to one of the most important evenings in my life, wearing a dress he has designed only for me, thinking of me when he did it. Have I mentioned that he is perfect? No well in my eyes he is with all his mistakes and everything – the whole package – he’s perfect. And no matter what the outcome of this evening might be I couldn’t be any happier – in the moment – ask me again when our baby is born and I might say this is the happiest moment in my life…which won’t be a lie by the way.

Finally getting out of the car I take Max’ hand right away – here we go.

“Liz, Max over here!” “Here Liz!” “Turn here please!” “Liz…”

I hear my name being shouted at my from all different directions and flashlights are going nonstop. Thank god I have Kyle with me he’s going to direct me to the right microphones. Feeling that Max wants to pull away when we approach the first camera team I squeeze his hand, making sure he knows that I want him there with me – I need him – I want him to be right next to me.

Some of them have really stupid questions and you wanna know what I have noticed? The foreign teams they really have interesting questions – like what you think about this whole thing and what it felt like to portray this certain character etc. …good stuff so to say and all the American teams are interested in is “What are you wearing Liz?” Duh – do you even have to ask I mean c’mon my husband is right next to me, it has already been a big topic in the magazines…so why even bother!

It takes us one hour to finally get into the theater – finally I can be more relaxed again.

“How are you feeling?”

Max wraps his arms around my waist while we’re escorted to our seats – first row of course.

“I’m fine – how are you doing?”


He smiles at me and winks…I have to smile again.




I’m sure our families had a lot of fun at home watching us on television. Grandma Claudia had called again this afternoon to make sure that she didn’t miss anything – I had to promise her to call from the limousine. I’m sure there were a lot more pictures taken of me this last hour than of my whole life before. Oh well.

“Liz, Max – how are you doing?”

Kevin Spacey comes straight at us. He’s a really funny guy you know that? He I hilarious!

“Fine Kevin how are you?”

“Same here, same here – so I’m going to be the lucky on to give the Oscar to you tonight?”

He teases Liz.

“Very funny – do you know something that I don’t know about?”

“No…unfortunately not…so Max…how do you like it here? It’s the first time right?”

“Yeah…well you know what the first time is always like – awkward.”

He raises one eyebrow and chuckles.

“I like how you think Max…but you’ll get used to it believe me…just always make sure that this lady here takes good roles and you’ll be here – a lot. So what is going to be your next project? I have a great script at home and this one role would be perfect for you Liz.”

“Uh no – thanks Kevin but I’m going to take a break for awhile.”

Liz looks at me, I have no idea what she’s thinking and if she’s going to spill our secret.

“Why that? I hope nothing serious?”

“No – I just need a break – you know – Max and I have been very busy the last months and well after his fashion show next month we want to spent a little more time together.”

Good, she didn’t – well I know that we won’t be able to keep it a secret for long but…

“I detect something here – I think that there’s a special reason for this, I think you’re expecting aren’t you?”

Kevin then smiles at her – DAMN. Liz looks at me, then at Kevin – busted!

“It’s true isn’t it?”

“Well…yeah but…”

“I won’t say a word I’m just so happy for you two, you two definitely deserve it. Congratulations…”

He gives her a hug and then shakes my hand. Hopefully he will really not say a word and hopefully none of the people around us have heard it – oh gosh.



OH god I’m so nervous – I think I’m going to be sick. I don't know how Liz can do this, she knows that the next award will be the one for best actress – oh god. She already has presented the Award for best Sound effects and now we’re sitting here.

“I’m so nervous Max.”

“I know, it’ll be fine.”

I look at her reassuringly. All through the night we have been holding hands.

“Please welcome Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey.”

We both share another look before concentrating on Kevin. Oh god. I don't really hear what he is saying I can only hear the blood rushing through veins, they show snippets of the actresses in their roles – the last one is Liz. Then they show all the five actresses sitting in the theater, I can see how much Liz tries to look normal.

“The Oscar for best actress goes to – “

I see everything happening in slow motion I swear – say it already! Kevin – do it! He nods and smiles.

“The Oscar goes to Liz Parker!”

YES! I literally jump out of my seat while Liz gets up as well.

“Oh my god…”

Liz mumbles, turns to me, throws her arms around my neck and gives me a kiss.

“I love you, god I love you, didn’t I tell you that you would win? Congratulations beautiful. I’m so proud of you, so proud…”

I whisper while she still clings to me. My voice quivers, then she lets go and I can see the tears in her eyes – god I love this woman.

As soon as Kevin had finished his sentence Kyle had jumped up from his chair, now he is hugging Liz as well. Everybody is applauding – this is good – this is sooo damn good – I’m so proud of her. Before she walks on the stage she kisses me again – I don’t care if the whole world sees how much this woman means to me.

Kyle and I are still standing and applauding as well when Kevin and her hug, they exchange some words before Liz turns to the microphone, wiping away her tears. I sit down again, worshipping her with my eyes.

She takes a deep breath while she’s examining the statue in her hand.

”Wow, thank you – thank you so much – this, this really is surprise. I…I…”

I can hear it her voice she’s near tears again, it’s so hard or me to be sitting here and not taking her into my arms…I know that this touches her more than she’d admit openly.

“I…okay well, the last time I won I was so shocked that I didn’t really know who to thank and I forgot 99% of them so – bear with me this time okay?”

Everybody laughs about this, she is so great!

“I want to thank Brian, who’s a great director by the way, for giving me the role right away, you have no idea how much that meant to me, furthermore I want to thank the whole crew that worked on the film you did a great and wonderful job and to name all of you would take me the rest of the night but let me assure you I haven’t forgotten one of you….uhm Kyle you’re the best I’m so glad to not only have you as my manager but also as a friend it means a lot to me…”

The camera moves to Kyle who’s smiling and do I see some tears as well in his eyes – he smiles at me and I nod.

“Diane, Philip, Isabel, Alex and Becky, thanks for letting me be a part of your wonderful family and all the support through the last months. Maria and Michael –the best friends I could have. Grandma Claudia, Dad, Mum all my aunts, uncles and cousins – thanks for believing in me and supporting me to make my dream come true. Thank you also to the Academy for believing that I did a great job – and then I want to thank my husband…”

She stops and I can feel my eyes misting up, my heart beating like crazy and my throat closing up – her eyes are on me and the camera as well…gosh.

“…you’re the one who kept me sane through the last year, I love you so much you have no idea, you always support me, you always believe in me. When we lost our little girl you were the one who stopped me from losing my mind and you were the one who built me up again. You’re the one who…”

Now we’re both crying – oh god…I'm having a hard time here…if she keeps on going I might just start to bawl like a baby.

“….the one who made sure I didn’t close up totally and you’re the one who told me to take this role – to get my life back. Without you I wouldn’t be standing here, without you I wouldn’t be dreaming of a family – I love you.…”

Everybody was now applauding again and I just had to get up, applauding as well mouthing “I love yous" into her direction as well. I’m crying now – so what?! Liz again wipes away her tears.

“So I want to dedicate this Oscar to Michelle and Max – thank you.”

When she turns to leave the stage, Kevin wraps his arm around her shoulder – I have no idea what they’re talking about but I'm sure he’s telling her what a great job she did. Hell I know that I’m gonna do this definitely as soon as she is back.

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Part 11



I swear my heart is beating a mile a minute I still can’t believe that I really won again and…believe it or not it really meant a lot more than the first time. After they take some more pictures of me together with Kevin and my Award and giving some interviews I’m surprised when Kyle and Max wait for me at the exit.



Max takes me into his arms and hugs me again.

“I love you, that was the best speech I have ever heard and I’m sure Michelle is somewhere up there watching us and being darn proud of her mommy.”

I pull away a little bit so that I can look into his eyes, nodding then giving him a kiss.

“I don't want to disturb you two but how about we leave now and get to the party?”

Kyle then smiles at us. We both nod and together we walk to the limousine which will take us to the party.

“Let’s see this thingy here…”

Kyle chuckles and I hand him the award as soon as we all sit. Max has his arm around my shoulder and I'm totally happy being there – I feel content.

“Wow…it’s not as heavy as I thought it would be.”

Kyle smiles but keeps examining it.

“So where are you going to put it?”

“Probably next to the other one…”

“In the living room?”



Kyle’s POV

I can’t believe that she really won and the speech – my it was heart wrenching. I can really understand that Max started to cry and I also had a hard time. This evening was a success in every way – it’s kinda sad that she won’t be taking another role for a while but I can understand her and somehow it’s also a nice closure for this part of her life. She’s right you know when saying that this episode of her life is over now and she wants to be a mother now. After that she’ll always be able to come back, she’s talented and ever since Max and her have been married people respect her in a different way then before.

We had a talk about this when we got together for the second time or something like that…



“Okay so this might be interesting for you Liz. I found this article here on the internet and several other snippets like that in entertainment magazines…they state that ever since you’ve split up with Sean people are more interested in you again. It seems they didn’t really like party girl that Patrick always wanted to promote.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me…you know it’s really strange sometimes Kyle. People want to know everything about you and if you live your life as open as can be and everybody knows nearly everything about you they despise you a little more. But if you keep your life private they love you.”

“Yeah well that is what I’m here for, for giving the audience what they want but still keeping your life private. How’s the pregnancy going?”

I smile at her, we have signed our contract one week ago.


“That doesn’t sound too enthusiastic…morning sickness?”

“Oh yes…”




Liz is still sleeping when I get up the party yesterday had been loud and long, still it was a lot of fun but my head gosh I have a really, and I mean really bad headache. I didn’t drink too much sure a little bit to get me tipsy but I still remember everything, so I have no idea where this headache comes from.


I need some Tylenol or Aspirin or whatever – both – gosh.

Cookie comes walking up to me when I enter the kitchen.

“Hey there buddy…sorry I won’t be a great playmate today.”

I let him out into the garden, every step I take makes my head ache. Taking some pills, I lay down in the living room again – geez where does this pain come from?

Suddenly the doorbell rings – great exactly what I need – and not at this time of day. Dragging myself to the door I open it, looking at the Guerin family.

“What are you doing here?”

“I have to see her, is she awake already? Where is Liz?”

She storms right past me and up the stairs – way too fast for me to stop her and I don’t have the energy. I look at Michael who’s only shrugging and holding his son.

“Hey Michael.”

“Morning Max – you don’t look so great – “

“Honestly I feel like shit I have a fucking headache – come on in…hey Dominic…”

I smile at the baby which is staring over his daddy’s shoulder, feeling this everlasting giddiness about the fact that Liz and I are going to have a little one on our own in some months. Shit this head ache. I walk right back to the couch and lay down – this has to get better somehow.

“Well I don’t want to bother you then…Liz and you looked good tonight, Maria totally freaked when Liz won…”

“I can imagine that…”

“Yeah and then she got up and called like everybody she knew…totally crazy…”

We both chuckles, I mean it is nothing new that Maria freaks…that’s just Maria.

“Well I think I better leave you alone now…will you join me later in the studio?”

“Sure when I feel better, just give me some time so that the pills can do their job.”

“Okay…tell Maria to get Dominic okay?”


I’m hardly paying any attention because – god this headache.



Maria POV

“Wake up chica…”

I walk right into the bedroom, I know that they might all call me crazy for coming here this early, well early for me – 9:34 a.m. but hey my best friend just won an Oscar so I really need to talk to her…


“Give me a second ‘ria!”

I can hear her in the bathroom – oh oh I nearly forgot that she’s also pregnant.
Taking a seat on the bed I take in the room again. It’s so different ever since Liz moved in here. I mean before that it was always neat and always had the bachelor-touch – only one side of the bed was used and…yeah…it just was lacking life I guess. Now everywhere you look there are pictures of Max and Liz, her perfumes, shoes, clothes, her scripts, tapes…stuff like that.

“Sorry Maria but…”

“Ah don’t mention it, I mean have been through also so…forget it…”

The next thing I do is hugging my best friend.

“Oh my god Liz you won, you won.”

“Yeah Maria I know…I know…”

She smiles at me and pulls away again.

“Where is Max?”

“Uh Max looks like death warmed over, he’s downstairs in the living room – god you two looked so good yesterday and Liz that speech, it was great, I was bawling like a baby and…and…and I called my Mum she’s also so proud of you and…and your parents and Grandma Claudia…”

“Maria stop – stop you’re babbling…”

My best friend smiles at me and stops my babbling.

“You called my parents?”

“Yeah I just had to, they’re so excited about it and…oh yeah they told me to tell you that they’re going to call later today and…and…”

When she starts giggling I figure I should really take a breath again and stop the rambling…well yeah you know me.




I keep on listening to Maria’s babbling while I’m getting dressed, this is a really special day for me because officially I’m free now…well free, of course I know that I’ll have to give some more interviews – now that I won the award again but – nevertheless there’s nothing planned now.

“I wanna see it…”

Maria suddenly gets my attention again.

“Do you honestly think that this one looks different from the other one Maria?”

I laugh while we walk down the steps, I can see Max laying on the couch in the living room, an arm over his eyes – he must really feel awful though I really wonder why because he didn’t drink that much last night.

“I’ll get it for you, looks like Max needs the silence in the moment, I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

I tell Maria and walk into the living room.


I whisper and slowly walk up to him.

“Max? Baby?”

Is he asleep or hwy doesn’t he hear me? I carefully give him a slight tap.


He sits up startled.


“Hey I didn’t mean to startle you, I just wanted to check on you, didn’t you hear me?”

Max looks a little confused, I’m sure because he’s still very tired.

“Uh…no not really, I…must have fallen asleep…where’s Maria?”

“In the kitchen, how are you feeling?”

Carefully I brush away some hairs on his forehead, his hair is still tousled, he looks so cute but Maria is right, he doesn’t really looks so good. I’m getting worried here…

“Not so good, I took some pills and I hope that they’ll work soon…tell Maria that Michael is in the studio together with Dominic…awww shit…”

He grabs his head.

“Don't you wanna go to the doctor?”

“No I’ll be fine…don’t worry about it okay?”


I nod, kiss him and get up again. My award is standing next to the first one – it looks strange, somehow…turning back to Max I can see that he has closed his eyes again. Poor baby.

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Part 12



God this isn’t happening, this can’t be happening – the more I think about it the more I realize that I really didn’t hear Liz, just didn’t hear her. I know that she’s still in the room so I better pretend like everything is okay and honestly if I concentrate I can hear everything – the birds outside, Liz moving around here in the living room, Cookie barking at something in the garden. But I just know that I didn’t hear a thing seconds ago. What is happening to me? This can’t be happening to me, I have a check up in some weeks and everything was fine for the last months so why now? Why? Okay take a deep breath Max. In – and out, in and out, that’s it…I think…well…I’ll wait and if something else like that happens I’ll call Doctor Grabtree, but until then nothing to worry about right?

I get up and walk up into the bedroom. I need to get dressed if I want to join Michael in the studio. And honestly – yeah the pain is slowly vanishing, so – really nothing to worry about. Good.

“Ah finally Maxwell, I thought you may have forgotten about me…”

Michael smiles at me when I enter the studio one hour later

“Funny Michael, so is the shipment ready for Europe?”

“Yeah, I just checked the dresses again and it seems fine. Melanie just called and…she says hi and congratulations for Liz…”

“Thanks…did she also say something work related…”

Sometimes it’s amazing how we really manage to keep our business going because Michael really likes to drift off the real topic.

“Yeah of course, the models are all under contract now for the show and as soon as the clothes are there they’ll start fitting them for them before we arrive there.”

“Good…yet I don’t really have a good feeling about this, I mean…I would rather be there as well…”

“I know Maxwell but trust me everything will be fine.”

I nod and turn around, taking a look at my desk I can see that we actually have everything set for the show, that’s good because I…the last weeks have been pretty exhausting.

“Michael? I wanna ask you something?”

I turn back to my partner and best friend. He looks up from checking his sleeping son.

“What is it?”

“I…Have you every thought about maybe…hiring more people who could do more of our jobs?”

Okay so this came out totally wrong, he looks at me as if I had grown a second head,

“What do you mean? You don't like this anymore?”

“No, I mean…I just…god how do I explain myself the best. It’s just, you’re a father now and I’m going to be one soon again as well…so…I thought that…I would like to get the studio to the city, for us two this is great to work but I don’t want the other’s coming here nonstop anymore…I want to raise my child here Michael and I want to be there every step of the way, I just…thought that maybe we should think about hiring another designer, who still has to answer to us but he has the active part while we’re only observing…I mean…maybe it’s also only me…so if you want to keep up this crazy schedule that’s fine with me…I just wanted to talk to you about this because I really think about taking a step back. I’m not getting younger and the last weeks have been hell for me…do you understand me?”

Now he looks at me, blank face – oh god hopefully I didn’t make a mistake.

“I didn’t know that you have been thinking about this stuff but I mean, I guess I can relate to that. How about I think about this and after the show we’ll talk about and really talk about it.”

“Sounds good to me.”

He nods and then concentrates on his work again.

So you’re wondering when I came up with this stuff. Well honestly I have been thinking about it for a long time now…I don’t know…it’s nice to work, I really love my work but I can’t pretend that it is still like it was two years ago. Ever since the operation I have more responsibilities, people expect me to show up at certain events now, because now the truth is out. A lot of my colleagues told me that they understand now why I was this enigma in the fashion business and I guess they also expect me now to catch up. Sure I could just pretend that I don’t like it yet it is still my job right?
Well and of course Liz’ pregnancy also plays a role…it’s good that day by day I’m more convinced that this time everything will be fine, and it will, it has to. And I really want to be there for her and our baby. Is that so wrong?



“Max? Are you okay?”

Liz asks me, shit she wasn’t supposed to see him taking some pills again. So okay it has been five days since the first time and it has just gotten worse. I know what you’re say – talk to her, go to a doctor but – well – so the truth is I have been to a doctor already and he told me that I was fine and that those headaches might be caused by stress…he couldn’t find a thing. So what am I supposed to do? I tried reaching Doctor Grabtree but he is in India – for god’s sake in India. But isn’t it always like that? The one time you need help the person you need isn’t there.

“Yeah I’m fine Baby…just a…”

“…headache I know…Max I don’t like this, I want you to go to see a doctor…”

I look at her and I can see that she’s getting pissed so I could as well tell her the truth.

“Baby I have already been to a doctor and he says that I’m fine, just the stress and I also tried calling doctor Grabtree but I can't get a hold of him…”

“Oh…so…the doc says you’re fine?”

Taking her into my arms I hold her tight, I need to feel her now, I really do. She has no idea how much touching her helps me to calm down and to stay calm and forget about the rest around me. I also haven’t talked to her about my future plans yet…first the show and then rest. How does that sound

“Yeah I’m fine, no need to worry about…”

…besides the not being able to hear phases…so she really doesn’t need to know about this in her state. No…better not.



Michael POV

So I have been watching this for a week now, we’ll be leaving for Europe in ten days and Max looks like shit. He’s pale, tired and whenever he thinks that I’m not watching he’s taking pills.

“Max? What is wrong with you?”

Head in his hands he keeps staring at the documents in front of him.

“Max? HEY!”

Nothing…what is going on here?



He looks startled now.

“Max I have been calling you, what is wrong with you? Didn’t you hear me?”

Oh god his eyes, his eyes are saying more then words could ever say…he didn’t hear me. He’s sweating and shaking, holding his head suddenly as if he wanted it to stop it from exploding.


His voice is quivering, I jump up from my desk and run over to him. He is standing up, staggering.

“Max what is wrong with you? Max can you hear me, Max?”

I hold his arms, god he’s so cold…what’s going on here?

“Michael, it hurts, it hurts so bad…Michael…”

And then I can hold him no more when he falls to the floor.

”Max?! Maxwell…c’mon…MAXWELL!”

Grabbing my phone I call the ambulance, when I put the phone away I can see Liz running over to the studio.

“What? I heard you sc…OH MY GOD…Max! Max? Michael what happened? Max?”

She kneels down next to him, I can already see the tears running down her cheeks, brushing over his hair again and again.

“Michael what happened? He is so cold!”

I don't know what’s going on one moment he couldn’t hear me and the next he’s sweating and quivering and…and…he said that it hurt so bad and then he just collapsed, I called the ambulance…I’ll…”

“GO Michael, get to the door, I’ll stay with Max.”

I should have know better, I should have listened to my gut feeling and not trust on Max, he as always been like that, always trying to keep everything to him. SHIT! Shitshitshit! Thank god I can already hear the ambulance coming closer.




Where am I? And why is it so…so…quiet around me? Slowly opening my eyes I look up at a white ceiling – where am I? Something moves beside me, turning my head I can see Liz – oh my god she looks so tired and worried. What happened here? I can remember sitting at the desk and then…then…this…this pain…oh shit…I’m in a hospital.


I turn to Liz who is smiling at me. At least I can hear her, she seems very far away but I can hear her…what is going on here?

“You really frightened me baby, don’t ever do that again okay?”

She smiles at me through tears while she’s talking softly.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I got run over by a truck, what’s going on Liz?”

“I think I better let Doctor Grabtree explain that to him, as soon as I called and told his secretary what happened he came here. He says you’ll be fine…so how arr you? Any pain?”

“No…not really…for how long have I been here?”

“Only a day…why didn’t you tell me Max?”

There’s no need in lying anymore or pretending that I didn’t know what’s going on with me.

“I thought it would be fine again and I didn’t want to worry you…”

“Well this didn’t work…”

She chuckles and I know that she’s not only afraid but also pissed.

“I’m sorry baby…I really am…I never thought that this would get this serious.”

Nodding on her side only, she’s hiding her face from me, I feel like an ass.

“I thought I might lose you Max, I…I…”

“Hey, shshsh…I’m here and I’m not going anywhere okay?”

I brush my thumb over her cheek, catching her tears. How can I make it up to her now?

“I’ll be fine, promise…I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Hopefully I’ll be out of here soon again, I can't wait until I’ll be able to talk to doctor Grabtree – I guess I’m lucky huh? I’m still hearing, I was so afraid that I would lose my hearing ability again. Thank god it isn’t like that…

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Part 13



So here we are England, this is better, the stress is over – ever since my ‘collapse’ back in Los Angeles two weeks ago I have been on medication, prescription by Doctor Grabtree and it helped. He couldn’t do anything else for me because he needed some stuff out of his office here in England and he had been pretty sure that the drugs would help until my actual appointment. And what can I say? They did…I mean I always feel like walking on clouds – sounds stupid? Well I have no other way to explain it to you, sorry…it’s just this funny feeling.

The show is over and everything went marvelous. Michael is back in the States trying to get a meeting together with our bank, Kyle and the important people in our inner circle so that we can inform them about our plans. Liz and Maria already know about them and they both seem quite happy about it. Maria because she wants to record a new album and go on tour again ergo Michael could join her and take care of Dominic. I don’t think that this is what he actually had planned but oh well. We’re both married to independent women who have their own careers – so what did you expect right?

Liz is also very happy with that decision, I know that I frightened her a lot with my collapse and I guess we both really could need some time for us alone again. Time for our baby and us. Can you believe that? She’s already in her 12th week, it still seems like a dream to me but her body is changing, I can see it and I can feel it.

Of course her tummy isn’t as flat anymore as it used to be – something that makes me really, and I mean really euphoric. Sure if you don’t know that she is pregnant you would think she just gained a little bit of weight and I mean she can still wear her usual clothes and I assume that most of the people don’t look at her tummy – right?

What else has changed? Her breasts are bigger and I should know – oh come on, don’t look at my like that. Okay well her skin is softer and yeah, it’s stuff like that, it’s amazing.


Liz mumbles against my chest.


“What are you thinking about again? Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping as well?”

She lifts her head, opens her eyes, I can see them in the moonlight that is lightening up the room a little bit. I know that she’s quite happy being back to London.

“So what are you thinking about?”

“Oh…about this and that…nothing…well…to say nothing special wouldn’t be right, I'm thinking about you and our baby.”

“Good things?”

I can see her wrinkling her nose, which makes me smile. Pushing her head back onto my chest softly with my hand and leaving my hand there while stroking through her hair and chuckle before I answer.

“Very good things…”

“Okay then…happy thinking…”

She murmurs before I can hear her breathing even out, she’s sleeping again.

“I love you beautiful.”

I kiss her head before I also close my eyes again.




Here we are in doctor Grabtree’s office, it’s just like I imagine an English office would be like. Don't get me wrong, I love it, it’s just s typical office. How can I explain this…uhm…high ceilings, dark and old furniture but modern technology. Does this make any sense? Yes? Great.

“Okay Max, so let’s check on your ears…did anything happen again?”

Max and him get up, Max taking a seat on the special chair for these kind of examinations…reminds me of my dentist. Urgh bad idea. Anyway…

“No everything was fine now with the pills…it’s just that they make me feel a little funny and dizzy at times.”

“Aha…anything else?”

The doctor asks, while examining first the one ear then the other. The girl is taking notes of everything Max tells the doc and everything that the doc tells her. Latin phrases whatever they mean. Nevertheless the girl still has time to steal some glances at my husband. Hello he is mine! And will stay mine!

Perhaps it’s only the pregnancy hormones but I’m very possessive when it turns to Max. When she notices me, noticing her staring at Max she blushes and concentrates on the notepad in front of her again. Good Girl!

“Well Max I want to try something…did you take the pills today?”

“No you told me not to…”

“So how are you feeling?”

“Pretty good.”

“And about the hearing?”


“Good, good, then let’s try this…Mrs. Evans if you want to you can wait here in my office I wouldn’t want you to have to deal with all my patients out there, it’ll take us ten minutes.”

“Okay, thanks…”

So people have already been following us ever since we arrived here two days ago. I mean we have a bodyguard with us – Mortimer – that’s a name huh? But Max knows him and he’s actually a very funny guy. In the moment he’s waiting at the car.




Home sweet home, yes we are back to the States again. You know I really like London but if you have to go and see your doc every other day it isn’t as funny as it used to be. Anyway…I’m fine again…I had to do many tests and the outcome of it is that my body just wanted to tell me to slow down. And I mean I can understand that, now that the whole stress is gone I feel a lot better again.

It also gives me a lot of time to concentrate on Liz and her pregnancy. She’s now at the beginning of her 15th week – can you believe that? Shall I tell you something? Come a little bit closer – good – good…I try to think about when it happened. You know ‘IT’. It must have happened around January 15th. Call my crazy but I think about stuff like that…I mean how can I not.




Finally a long day is over, well at least only one more day and the shooting is finished for this movie and at least I’m back home again. You know sometimes it can be really tiring to be away for so long. You have no idea what I’m talking about it right? Well let me tell you, it’s now mid January and I have seen my husband the last time the day after New Years. Yes – I know only two weeks Liz so get a grip but what you don’t know is that I have already been away from Los Angeles since the end of November last year. So in between Christmas, our first wedding anniversary and New Years I spent with him and that isn’t enough. I miss him and only talking to him on the phone isn’t helping at all.

Well but now I’m home yeah baby…the last scenes…which will actually be the first scenes of the movie will be shot in Santa Barbara tomorrow and I prefer driving there tomorrow instead of missing Max one more day.

Opening the door I can hear Cookie bark, then he is running at me.

“Hey you…how are you doing? Oh god I missed you buddy…”

I leave my suitcases at the door and bend down to pad Cookie. HOME.

“Well I hope he isn’t the only one who you have been missing.”

I can hear my husbands voice, looking up I see Max standing in the doorway of the kitchen, dressed only in shorts and T-shirt. Yes I’m definitely home.

“Hey handsome…”

I smile at him. Walking over to him, wrapping my arms around his lean and muscular waist, looking up into his beautiful eyes.

“What are you doing here? I thought you’d be home tomorrow…”

He breathed before he kisses me. OH my god how could I live without that for so long?

“You want me to leave again?”

“No way beautiful, now you’re here and I’m not intending on letting you go again anytime soon…I mean I had something planned out for tomorrow BUT we’ll have to deal…”

We kiss again before he moves to get my suitcases into the house.

“You know you could have called me, I could have fetched you at the airport. How was your flight.”

“Long, you know what it is like to fly across the country…I’m just glad to be home.”

He nods and carries the stuff up into our bedroom. I’m always surprised that the house is so neat when I was away. Don't get me wrong, Max is a really neat person but isn’t it usually like that that men behave like pigs when their wives are away. Well what did I expect right? My husband is special.

“So what did you plan for tomorrow?”

Smiling at me he walks around me, helping me out of my jacket, he starts whispering at me ear.

“Well I had planned to wine and dine you…but…all we have in the fridge is frozen pizza and cheese, so this won’t work tonight…”

I can feel he hard body pressing against mine, his heat radiating, warming my skin, his hands slowly wondering to me front, up to me breasts – I feel so tight, so hot, I need to get out of these clothes as soon as possible. I swallow…

“…and anything else?”

Like they have a mind of their own my hands brush along his manly thighs, I can feel how turned on he is. Hell I am too…and he knows it.

Nibbling at my earlobe, licking my there and letting his hot breath dancing over my heated skin, he slowly opens button after button of my blouse.

“Well after that I had planned to take you to bed or where ever you like to have my way with you and make love to you until you scream…”

“Oh god…”

I groan before, turning around in his arms, getting rid of my blouse and attacking his lips. I know I’m making a hungry sound when his tongue touches mine, making love to my mouth just like the rest of his body is going to be doing soon. Only for being able to tear of his T-shirt I leave the touch of his lips, fusing them back together as soon as my hands can roam over his naked chest. Sliding my hands down to his hips I pull myself to him, rocking my body against his rigid flesh, which is still hidden behind his short. Well I’m going to change that – NOW.

“Oh Jesus Liz…if keep that going it’ll be over soon…”

Max moaned, feeling my hand opening his shorts and pushing them down. As soon as he had stepped out of them he opened my bra, discarding it, zipping my skirt open, pushing it down together with my pantyhose and panties, leaving me as stark naked as him.


He growls after taking a good look at my naked form, leaving me feeling extremely erotic and aroused. Lifting me up, Max carries me to our bed, placing me on it.

“Do you want me?”

His hand wanders over my body, down to the junction of my legs.


I breathe, closing my eyes because his touch is more than I can take in the moment.

“Do you need me?”

Starting to stroke me there, slowly, teasingly, his eyes darkening with desire.

“Oh yes…”

Throwing my head from side to side, I can't understand how he can muster the strength to not ravish me, attack me, whatever…

“Do you love me…”

“Yes, yes Max I do…please…”

“Please what?”

He moves, thank god he moves between my thighs, I need him, I want to feel him, inside me, around me, consuming me…god how I have missed him.
At the first joining of our bodies we both sigh with contentment.

“I love you too. “

He tells me before he starts moving in and out of my body.




Yeah it must have been that night. Well back to what I wanted to say.

Slowly you can also see the changes her body is going through. Well I can see them and feel them. Her breasts are…well…fuller and softer. Her skin is also softer and yeah of course her tummy isn’t flat anymore. Of course it isn’t a big bulge yet, if you wouldn’t know it – well you get my drift.

Wanna know what’s also surprising? The press hasn’t found out yet. Maybe it was a good thing that we have been in Europe for some weeks – though I have to admit that the paparazzi over there are as unscrupulous as in the States. I don’t think that this will be a secret much longer, because Liz’ last movie is finally ready to be released to the cinema and so she’ll have to do some interviews and the premiere is in two weeks and until then the baby will have grown more and…don’t get me wrong. I don’t want her to hide it, mind you, I’m so happy about it, ecstatic to be honest – it’s just the public interest that will come with it again.

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Part 14



Oh my god that feels soooooooooooo good – yes…

“Are you ready for me?”

I can hear Max next to me, opening my eyes I take in his naked glory – oh yes baby I am…as ready as I’ll ever be.


I’m not in talking mood.

“Then scoot a little beautiful…”

He chuckles and slides into the tub behind me. I’m settling in between his thighs, feeling his body pressing against mine, the warm water enclosing us, the candles burning and creating the relaxing mood. It had been a busy day for both of us. Max had a meeting with Michael and all the others introducing the two new designers who are going to take over some of Max’ and Michael’s jobs beginning next week. I had to give interviews today. Tomorrow I have to make an appearance at the Jay Leno show again – oh well – you know me I like that. And then later tomorrow evening is the premiere of the movie – oh jolly and I guess the day after tomorrow everybody will know about the pregnancy. Oh well – in the moment this is just too perfect to worry about anything else.

“Are you okay?”

Max whispers while nuzzling my earlobe, his hands are on my tummy, stroking.

“Yeah – just thinking…so how did it go?”

“Good I guess I mean Tony and Mark are talented designers but I guess we’ll have to wait and see – wanna know what I did after the meeting?”


“I bought another book about pregnancies – I couldn’t find our old one and I like this a lot better.”

“Aha – so did you start reading it?”


He kisses the back of my neck. I’m in heaven.

“So what did it say?”

“Well it said that distinctive features of the fourth month of a pregnancy are tiredness, less feeling sick, changes of the breasts…”

While telling me that his hands find their way to my breasts, circling the nipples with both of his forefingers, moving back to my tummy.

“What else?”

I moan, god what this man can do to my body with some touches here and some caressing there.

“Strange cravings, more appetite, headaches from time to time, your nose may be blocked more often and you could get a nosebleed, dizziness, swelling of your arms and legs…”

“Don't make it sound so good Max, I might just want to stay in that condition…”

I slap him on his arm which makes him chuckle.

“But there’s one thing more…”


“You’ll be able to feel the baby moving and besides that you didn’t have all those problems with Michelle so why should you now, right?”


I nod – I feel the baby moving soon. The thought of that makes me totally giddy. It makes the whole thing more real. Honestly sometimes I already think that I can feel it moving but I’m not so sure – could also be my imagination.

“Anything else?”

“Well yeah but I wouldn’t wanna tell you all the other stuff…you can read it…”

He kisses me on the top of my head, then slowly he begins massaging my arms. I love this man.

“I have thought about something…”

“What is that?”

“About the birth…”

He’s silent, I mean I know that I still have some months to go but I want him to be okay with it – and I thought a lot about it.

“I want to have a water birth…and I want it to be a natural birth and I want you to be there with me – okay?”

I turn my head to look into his eyes, he smiles at me, kisses my lips and nods.

“You know I’ll be there with you and if you want to have a water birth that’s fine with me. What made you think of that?”

“There was a report about it some days ago and I think that this would be perfect. I mean…I’m only going to do it if everything is fine but it really is a nice way to give birth I think – I mean the midwife is only there to check on you. I would like it if the birth could be something only between you and me and our baby…and if our baby is healthy then I would like to go home right away…okay?”


“I’m pretty sure that the warm water will help me relax and when you’re there…well…I…”

“Beautiful you don’t have to justify your decision I’ll support it…so have you decided yet if you want to know what we’re going to have?”

I have thought about this again and again, I know that my doc could tell me already what we’re going to have but until now I haven’t made up my mind yet.

“Will you join me for the examination tomorrow?”

“If you want me to…”

“Okay, then I think…I mean I want you to be there with me if I let the doc tell me what we’re going to have.”

Is he chuckling? Why the hell is my husband chuckling?


“Nothing, it’s just you’re so sweet and I love you so much, that’s all…I’m happy that you want me to be there all the way. Remember when Maria got pregnant and suddenly she wouldn’t allow Michael to touch her when she started showing? Because she was so embarrassed?”


Now I have to chuckle as well it was hilarious…well not for Michael but for Max and me it was…



Michael POV

So Liz and Max have invited us over for spending a lazy weekend in Santa Barbara, I love it I mean I really needed it but it’s bordering ridiculousness now because…go imagine this okay?

Liz, wearing a really nice bikini letting her husband put some sunscreen on her body – no matter what and I mean why not right? They are married right? Max only wearing swimming trunks…why not right? It’s hot…gosh and here I am, also wearing swimming trunks…because I’m sweating like hell and there is my wife, wearing…can you guess it? I mean we’re talking about Maria DeLuca-Guerin here – pop star and no skirt can be short enough and no top can be revealing enough and what is she wearing? Capri trousers and are you listening…a big t-shirt, one of my t-shirts to be exact. And now you wanna now why right? Because she is pregnant, fifth month to be exact. I don’t get it so many women are always proud to show their pregnant tummy, I mean I don't expect Maria to walk around in her short and revealing clothes but…I mean she was so happy when she found out about the pregnancy and now…I always have the feeling that she feels ashamed about it.

“Maria – why don't get out of those clothes, you’re going to have a heatstroke…”

Max asks her but she only looks at him and then turns back to her magazine.

“It won’t help Max, she isn’t listening to me either…”

“What’s the matter with you ‘ria?”

Liz sits up and watches her friend, I would assume that they’d talk about stuff like that. After all they’re bet friends and especially women talk right?

“I don’t feeling like getting out of my clothes.”

Maria shrugs as if it wouldn’t be a big deal.

“Maria? It’s hot, this can’t be healthy…”

Max also sits up worried. No I’m not going to say a word, if I say anything more I’ll be the scapegoat again so…no…I'm quite.

“Is it because you’re pregnant?”

Way to go Max, remind her…gosh…hopefully she won’t start to cry again. I can’t see my Maria cry. As much as I want to spank her the last days, I still love her so much. Oh boy here we go…I can already see her bottom lip quiver.

“Way to go Maxwell…”

I jump up, running to my wife’s side.

“It’s okay Maria…shshsh…”

“I’m sorry for being so…so…so…emotional…”

By now also Liz and Max are next to us, Liz in kneeling in front of us.

“’ria that’s normal, remember what I was like? Nothing to be sorry about sugar okay? But Max is right, you’re going to have a heatstroke…”

“…but I’m so fat…”

“Maria – honey you’re not fat…really…you’re pregnant. Aren’t you proud of that?”

Max asks her…I have already asked her that many times but never received an answer.

“…well…I think…yeah…”

She hiccups.

“So why don't you show it? Pregnant women are beautiful Maria, there is no reason to hide your tummy…and I’m sue Michael would also appreciate it a lot. Speaking from a man’s point…isn’t that right Michael?”




In the end we were able to convince her that she was still beautiful and the weekend was saved.

“Yeah I remember that…gosh, I have no idea here she came up with that idea?”

“I don't know, I’d say…and no offence because I have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant…but I’d say the hormones do a really good job and getting you girls out of balance.”

“I think so too…”

Why would I feel offended by it? I mean I’m also more emotional than normal but I still try to control it and if not Max actually does a pretty good job…hopefully it’ll stay that way.




Here we are again, in doctor Thea Moff’s office. Yeah I mean so we have been here many times, especially after Michelle’s early birth. Thea has actually become a good friend or ours, which makes the whole thing easier.

“Max, Liz – hey why don’t come right along with me.”

She smiles at us when we enter the office, again a lot of her patients gasp ‘Oh my god’s’ etc. will I think you get the picture right?

“So, how are you doing Liz?”

“Fine, everything normal – morning sickness is getting better and yeah, I’ve gained two pounds…”

“Good that’s good, so how about we get started on that examination, Max you wanna join us?”

“Uh…no thanks, I’ll join you for the ultrasound again.”

She nods and both women leave me in the office. One wall is plastered with pictures of babies – so many babies. I’m wondering I she would have put a picture of Michelle there as well. Looking around I take in the rest of the office, I have been here so often that I know this office by heart.

“Mister Evans? You can join your wife and Doctor Moff now…”

Chloe informs me, she’s a doctor’s receptionist.


I follow her and Liz is already lying on the stretcher and Thea is already spreading this jelly stuff on my wife’s tummy.

“So today you finally wanna know huh Liz?”

“Yeah I wanted to have Max here with me.”

She holds out her hand and I take it, while sitting down next to her. And you know what? This time…I'm going to be able to hear our babies heart beat, this time I’ll be able to experience everything.

“Okay, let’s see…oh here is the head, arms, legs and…let’s move it over here…what do you think it’ll be?”

She turns to us and the truth is, I don’t care…I want a healthy baby, boy – girl it doesn’t matter it’ll be loved so much…

“As long as the baby is healthy we don’t care…”

Liz tells her and the truth is, when we say that it really means something. You always hear about parents telling the doc exactly this but we have already lost a baby so it means a lot more…well at least in my eyes it does.

Thea only nods and moves the sensor again.

“Ah…here we go…you’re going to have a…”

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Part 15


“…a baby girl…congratulations!”

A girl? Again a girl? Now I Feel really like we have been given another chance in life. I look at my wife, who is smiling at me and without saying another word, I lean down to her and kiss her – only then do I whisper one ‘I love you’ in her ear. A girl.

“I guess you two want copies again huh?”

“Yeah please, that would be great.”

I smile at Thea and she prints out two pictures.

“Could I have another one? I want to send one to my parents.”

Liz asks softly.

I have to smile because she doesn’t know one thing that I know of. Now of course you wanna know what I’m talking about right? Well okay I’m telling you but you have to promise not to tell Liz okay?

When we found out that she’s pregnant again – I don’t know if you remember that but we had plans to spend Thanksgiving at her parents’ house this year. Of course those plans have changed. Okay – you’re following me right? Anyway, so we wanted to visit her parents but with my ears and the show and her movie and everything it didn’t look like that this would work out any time soon. And honestly I don’t feel so comfortable traveling with a pregnant woman who is in her 7th or 8th month. So I have planned a trip to Roswell next week and we’ll be gone for two weeks. I had to allow two interviews being done there because otherwise Kyle wouldn’t have said yes but I think it’d be okay for Liz. I mean after all we’re going to stay at her parents’ house again, Grandma Claudia will be coming and she’ll be able to do what ever she likes to do? Good idea? Well I certainly hope so but honestly I think that I know my wife fairly well.

“Max? Are you coming?”

Liz looks at me, when did she get up and change into her clothes again?

“I’m coming, sorry that I spaced out.”

“No problem.”

She smiles, kisses me again, takes my hand and off we go. A girl. When we’re finally on our way back home she doesn’t say a thing for a long time.

”So a girl huh?”


I take her head, squeezing it.

“Are you happy?”

“Why wouldn’t I be happy beautiful?”

“I thought maybe you would have preferred a son. Men always want to have sons don’t they?”

“We can try for a son the next time, how does that sound?”

“I like that.”

She nods, staring out of the window again.

“So…have you already thought about names?”

I ask her, I can see it in her eyes that she has thought about that and besides that I just caught her leaving through some books at the bookstore last week.

“How do you know?”

She turns her head my way, smiling, kissing the knuckles on her hand I look at her at the next red light.

“I know you and I love you and I wouldn’t expect anything else…and besides I did too.”



Her eyes are sparkling.

“You must be cutes man ever…”

She chuckled, leaned over and kissed me.

“Liz, Liz…Baby I’m driving…”

After she settled down again I started again…

“So I though I really unusual name would be nice, you know a name that has a special meaning but is also unique…what do you think?”

“Sounds good, but it makes the finding of a name a lot harder.”

“I don’t mind, maybe we should also look into name books of foreign languages…they sometimes have really nice names you know.”

“Yeah…well we still have some time to think about it…”

Liz is stroking her tummy when I turn into our street. A girl, wow…




I wish Max and I would have had more time to celebrate the knowledge that we’re going to have girl but tonight is the premiere of my new movie and before that I have a taping in Burbank, so what we’re doing now is getting ready. Max just brought my dress for the premiere over. Well you know what it is like, I can never wear the same stuff in public, sometimes it’s tiring but with a designer as husband it’s easier, because he knows what I want and what suits me.

“Kyle, the limousine just arrived and Max and I will be on our way in ten minutes, don’t worry I’ll be there on time. Did you get the tickets to Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, Diane and Philip?”

“Yes of course I did…I’ll be waiting here at the studios okay?”

“Okay, so see ya!”

Max enters the bedroom, wearing his dark gray suit already.

“You know you look really sexy Mr. Evans, I don't know if I wanna leave the house.”

He smiles at me, wraps his arms around my waits from behind and kisses me on my neck.

“I promise to be available to you all the night…”

“I like that…”

Then without me saying a word, he helps me getting dressed and the hair like I want it, yes did I say that I appreciate the job of my husband? I do!

“Good, now get going or we’ll be late.”




Sitting here in Liz’ dressing room I can watch her on television. They just fetched her and in exactly one minute she’ll be out on stage. Kyle looks at me, something is off…

“I asked him not to question her about the pregnancy or Michelle, I want the public to found out this way again. The rumors are already going around but…”

“What rumor?”

“Apparently the Star had report about you two the possibility or Liz being pregnant…”

“Really? Well…”

I interrupt him again, chewing on my gum…it’s a stupid habit I know.

“Well I’m not comfortable with her getting the news out on this show again Max.”

Nodding I turn back to the screen Liz just sat down, smiling. She looks really hot, wearing a blue satin dress, hair down, only a little bit of makeup. She’ll change later into a night blue suit with some Chinese signs on it. It consists of trousers and matching blazer with nothing but her bra underneath it. Yeah, yeah I know – revealing – well that’s not entirely true you see the blazer has more than two buttons and you only see a little bit of her breasts! Please I designed that thing, do you honestly think that would allow any other man to get a good glimpse of my wife’s breasts…uh no…sorry guys not happening. They are mine and will be mine forever.

I turn my attention back to the screen.

“Liz it’s so nice having you here again – congratulations on the Oscar.”

“Thank you – it was a surprise…”

“Really – no come on – I mean I was pretty sure you’ll win. So how are you? How is Max? I heard he had a relapse? Where is he by the way? I thought I saw him earlier?”

She smiles at Jay before she answers.

“Well he’s actually in the back in my dressing room watching the show. We’re fine and thank god he’s also fine again. It’s true that he had a relapse, for some time he was partly deaf again and it wasn’t funny…”

God why does she have to talk about that again…no I have switched to peanuts, Kyle is sitting there like he has a stick up his ass…I have no idea what the matter is. For some days now he’s…well he’s an ass and whenever you ask him you get told that it’s none of your business.

So where are they?

“Well it’s good to hear that he’s fine again. It seems like married life is treating you pretty well, I can remember that the last time you were here you just had gotten engaged.”

Now she nods, plays with her wedding ring – you see I notice stuff like that, although men are always claimed not to pay attention – I do.

“Yeah, it’s wonderful. I always thought that I would have to change when getting married that both have to give up their personality in some way…and surprisingly the things I gave up where things I even didn’t like about myself…Max really brings out the best in me and he loves me just the way I am and I couldn’t be any happier. He’s the perfect husband.”

Awwwwwwwws can be heard from the audience.

“But isn’t it hard to combine your schedules? I mean he’s busy traveling around and you’re as well…how do you manage?”

“Well to say it’s easy would be a lie, sure we’re both busy and traveling a lot but…somehow we found a way, besides things are going to change because Max and Michael will be stepping back from doing all the work on their own, they’re expanding the company while giving up a lot of tasks…I don’t know how it’ll work out but it surely will give him a lot more free time.”

“And what about you?”

“Well I haven’t taken another offer because I also want to spend more time with him…the first year of our marriage consisted of long lonely nights, a lot of phone calls and a lot of traveling and now I just wanna stay at home…”

“That’s nice but hopefully you’ll do another movie again…”

“Sure maybe in one year again, we’ll see…”

They start talking about her new movie, you know the drill don't you. Kyle is again only staring at the screen.

“Kyle what is the matter with you and don’t say it’s nothing I know that something is wrong…”

I know that it’s a pretty bad time to talk about his private life but he’s a friend and it kinda hurts that he doesn’t trust us. That he has the feeling that he can’t talk to us – well this at least the impression I get.



Kyle POV

Why can’t he just leave it? Because he worries Kyle…I’m so dump…I don’t know what my problem is, well actually I do…Liz and Max…they’re happy and I don’t want to burden them with my stupid problems.


“Max…I…I don't want to…to…”

I let my head hang

“My ex is moving to India with her new boyfriend and she wants to take Ryan with her…”


Max sits up and stares at me the peanuts are forgotten.

“Can she do that? I thought you both have custody of Ryan.”

“Yeah we do and that’s why she contacted her layer trying to get full custody, I don’t know why she does this, I mean we didn’t argue about it and we always said that we would talk about it first before doing stupid as this. I suspect that it’s her new boyfriend he forced her to do it but I can’t lose him Max…he’s my son…”

“And you won’t you’ll fight for him…have you contacted a lawyer already cuz if not I would ask my father for any recommendations…”

“You would do that?”

“Sure…I’m sure everything will be fine in the end…”

I hope so, I certainly hope so, because I really can’t lose my son…oh the interview is nearly over.




I can’t believe what I just heard…we really have to find a way to help Kyle. Dad will be at the premiere later so I’ll ask him then right away. Hopefully he’ll know someone capable of helping Kyle. I wouldn’t want for him to lose his son, even if losing him only meant not being able to seeing him for a long time. I know what it means to miss a child and I don’t want one of my friends to have to go through something like this.

Back to the show…as soon as Liz is off the stage she’ll come here and change into her suit, redo her make-up and her hair…we only have an hour to get to Hollywood, which isn’t a lot of time.

“Well Liz, you know that you’ll always be welcomed here…I know you have to leave now for the premiere of your new movie. Good luck with that…”

...are the last words of Jay before gets up, shakes his hand, hugs him and leaves the stage. I get up right away and walk to the door.

“Max? Please don’t say anything to Liz, she has enough to worry about in the moment…”


“Tell her tomorrow…”

Nodding I open the door and see my wife running down the corridor.

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Part 16


Well okay so we are ten minutes late, but hey ten minutes that’s not bad. I can see Maria and Michael still giving interviews so…it can't be that bad.

“How do I look?”

Liz asks me again checking her reflection in a mirror.



She nods, takes my hand and waits until they open up the door of the car for us. Kyle had just left the car, I mustn’t forget to ask my father about a good attorney. As soon as we get out of the car the cameras are on us…it’s good that Liz always leaves it up to me if I want to stay at her side working the red carpet or if I want to go in. There are also a lot of fans calling her name and as I know my wife she won’t leave until she has satisfied all of them. Well I can live with that.

“Liz! Max please turn here!” the photographers are shouting and as usually we stop and smile, my arm around her waist, then turning to the other side we give those photographers the same show.

“You think Mom and Dad are already here?”

Gosh I love the fact that she calls my parents Mom and Dad as well, not that I don't do that as well with her parents it just reminds me of how much has changed. She had asked me the question smiling at me, giving the cameras what they want.

“I’m sure they’re already here, I’ll have to talk to Dad later about something…”

“Is something wrong?”

“No everything is fine…”

All through our little chat we smile, you know the funny thing is we could be standing here insulting each other but as long as we smile no one would really know what’s going on. It’s like with dogs as long as you keep your voice as if you’d be saying ‘That’s a good boy’ you say ‘You’re such a stupid dog aren’t you’ – yet the dog would be wagging his tail. You don’t believe me? Go and try it for yourself.



Diane POV

We just received news that Max and Liz had arrived and now we’re all waiting for them to finally come in side, but we all know that this might take longer again. I’m still not really used to being invited to movie premieres and stuff like that. To me Liz is just the wife of my son, my daughter-in-love who I love dearly. I don’t look at her as if she is famous actress, sure we’re all proud of her winning the Oscar but there is just more about her besides glamour. She loves my son and that is more important to me than anything else, she makes him happy and they’re going to have a baby – which means so much to us all.

“Liz looks fabulous, don't you think honey?”

Phillip hands me a glass of champagne while we watch them on the red carpet.

“Yeah they both look good…”

“Did Max design this?”

Isabel asks me also taking a sip of her drink.

“Yes he did…”

Michael smiles at us, joining us together with Maria.

“Hey you two how is your little one doing?”

“Fine, he’s with my Mom, she’s visiting and was actually happy to spend some time with her grandson alone.”

Maria smiles. Again we all turn to Liz and Max.

“Have you guys heard about the surprise Max has for Liz?”

Maria suddenly whispers.

“Yeah it’s so sweet isn’t it I mean – when I talked to Liz the last time she told me how much she had looked forward to going to Roswell in October and that she feared she wouldn’t be able to get there anytime soon – aren’t you taking care of Cookie again Mum?”

“Yes we are…”

I nod, it’s really sweet I know why Liz loves my son, how could she not.

“So when are they leaving?”

“Tomorrow – Liz has no idea…she really needs it, they both do…”

Finally the two enter the foyer, being stopped by some people again. Max smiles at us, waves and shouts something that sounds like ‘We will meet you inside’.




The premiere is over and now we’re all standing here sipping our drinks while Liz has to give more interviews, I feel so bad for her and I especially feel bad for leaving her alone now, but Kyle is with her and I have to talk to my Dad.

“Dad do you have a minute?”

“Sure son, what’s going on?”

“Kyle’s ex-wife is planning on moving to India and taking his son Ryan with her although they share custody, do you know a good attorney? I don’t want him to lose his son, he loves him very much…”

“Well that doesn’t sound good but I'll look into it, do you want me to talk to Kyle?”

“That would be great but could you wait until Liz and I have left to Roswell, she doesn't know yet and I don’t want her to find out tonight, the evening is busy enough for her.”

“How is she doing anyway?”

“Fine…yeah…oh and…where is Mom? I have to tell you guys something…”

I just remembered that they have no idea that we’re expecting a girl again. After five minutes Isabel, Alex, Maria, Michael, Mom and Dad are there.

“What is it Max?”

“I just wanted to let you guys know that, Liz has had a check up today again and we’re expecting a girl again…”

“Oh Max honey, that’s wonderful – is everything alright?”

“Yeah everything is alright, she has s strong heart and everything else is fine as well…”

My sister and Maria hug me as well while Michael and Alex only nod and Dad smiles and lifts his glass.

“Have you two decided on a name yet?”

“Maria, they just got the news today, give them a break.”

Michael shakes his head while looking at his wife. Well she has a point and I’m sure that Liz and she have talked about that already.

“No not yet but I’m planning on doing that in Roswell…she still has no idea…”

I turn back searching for my wife in the crowd, there is no way that I’m going to leave her alone any more longer.

“Listen guys I have to get back to Liz, see you later…”

I smile at my family and friends and fight my way through the crowd to a table where Liz is sitting with Kyle and some reporters again. Poor baby I whish I could help her a little bit. Smiling at me she takes my hand as soon as I sit next to her again. You would think that there are already enough pictures of us but as soon as I sit a new storm of flashlights starts – urgh.

“Listen Kyle I talked to my father he’ll contact you…”

Of course I’m talking as softly as possible to Kyle but he nods with a grateful look in his eyes.

“Thanks man…”

“No problem, I’m sure he’ll be able to help you. How much longer do you need Liz?”

Looking at my watch I realize that she has been doing this for two hours now and though she’s still smiling I can see how tired she is – I think a massage is needed tonight.

“Actually that’s it after this interview.”

“Great – I wanna take her home, she needs the rest.”

“That’s fine with me and if I won’t talk to you again, have a nice trip.”

“We will and I’m sure that she’ll contact you…”

Waiting for her to end the interview I drag her to our family and our friends as soon as it is over so that everybody understands that this is over for tonight.

“Thank you I thought they would never let me go.”

Liz presses her head against my shoulder, I move behind her as soon as we stand, pulling close, my hands around her waits.

“Hey we just heard about the news congratulations…”

Maria winks at her, which makes Liz smile again, but then she yawns.

“Oh, oh I think that was the sign for me to take my wife home…”

I chuckle, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

“No I’m fine.”

“Yeah we can see that…take her home Max.”

Michael laughs, we say our goodbyes and leave.




Something is going on and I have no idea what it is, Max has been so – secretive but – not in a bad way if you know what I mean – he smiles and kisses me and his eyes are shining – maybe it just has something to do with the fact that we’re going to have a girl again or maybe he’s just happy. Not that I mind – hell if he’s happy I’m happy.

“Why don't you head up and get out of this suit and I’ll be there right with you but don’t think about putting on a shirt or something like that – I want you naked…”

Grrrrr – I liked it when he’s all bossy-sexy on me.

So I head up into our bedroom and slip out of my shoes, trousers, blazer – hm bra? Off it goes – panties? OH what the hell – he knows me. Right when I get rid of my panties he enters the room.

“Mhm…I like this view…lie down on the bed, you think you can still lie on your stomach?”

“Sure but…”

“Ahaha, no questions just do as I say okay?”

Without another word I lie down, on my belly, with my face pressed into the pillow – his pillow if I may mention that – I love having his smell in my nose.

“What are you doing?”

I ask him when he hasn’t joined me after some minutes.

“Just relax beautiful I’ll be with you soon.”

Then I can feel the bed shifting and him sitting down on the mattress, what is that smell? It smells like – hm – like vanilla and – strawberry? He touches me and his hands are warm and slick with oil – is he going to massage me? Oh I love this man – can you picture a Liz puddle in the bed? Well that’s what I am now – you have no idea how much I need that – but he knows, somehow he always knows what I need.

His hands are caressing my back, the circles widening on my back, down to my spine to my lowe4r back – argh yes that’s it, that feels so – uuuuuhhhh – goooooooooood. Now he’s paying attention to my butt, you have to know that I never really appreciated my behind but Max does, for some strange reason he loves touching me there and who am I to complain right? Sometimes I think he has no idea what he can do to me right now he makes me feel like I’m the sexiest woman on earth and as a matter of fact I’m horny and wet as hell. What? Don't look at me like that – I told you that he’s perfect and…I’m still convinced the pregnancy is also playing a part in it.

The bed is shifting again, what is he doing, suddenly I can feel his heated breath at the base of my neck, moving up to my ear after kissing me there lightly.

“Turn over beautiful…”


His gentle hands now start at my neck moving down to my shoulder, to my breasts brushing my hard nipples, down to my hips and up again gently kneading my sensitive breasts.

“Ohhh Max…”

I moan, closing my eyes taking in the sexy mood enclosing us. Again shifting what? Oh…opening my eyes I can see my Max suckling, tugging, licking first at my one breast then turning to the other one – he takes my breath away – and I want him. His hands move over my body to my tummy that is holding our baby. Kissing the skin there and puts more oil into his hands, massaging my tummy carefully. Looking up at me I can see the love shining in his eyes for our baby and me.

“I love you…”

Max murmurs before kissing me and then my tummy again, keeping up the massaging motion.

“How are you feeling?”

“I need you…”

Smiling at me he moves up my body.

“And I want you too but this wasn’t about me, this was only about you…are you relaxed now?”


It’s strange because suddenly I feel so tired and my eyes are heavy, I didn’t even realize that I was…so…so tired…

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Part 17


Okay I have no idea what’s going on here – Max had woken me this morning telling me to pack because we’re going on a trip – well you can guess how surprised I was, now we’re sitting in this private jet and Max is refusing to tell me where we’re going. He’s sitting across from me talking to someone in France – he’s speaking French so don’t expect me to understand him okay?

I’m trying to concentrate on the newspaper, there’s a picture of us in the entertainment part – we look good, but you know that don’t you? The thing is – if you look closely you can really see that I’m pregnant – or maybe it’s just imagination – I don't know.

As soon as I put the receiver down he smiles at me.

“How much longer?”

He rolls his eyes and smiles at me, leaning forward he rests his elbows on his knees and chuckles.

“You sound like an impatient child beautiful, why don’t you just trust me huh?”

The thing is I trust him, I really do I'm just not so – I don't know – I know that he would never harm me and after all it’s just a trip but – I don’t know…

“Can't you at least give me a tiny – tiny hint?”

“No – “

“Well we’re flying east so – “

“Liz why don’t you just relax hm?”

The stewardess joins us and tells Max that we’ll be landing in 20 minutes – aha.
As soon as she has disappeared he moves, sitting down in the seat next to me.

“Do you trust me beautiful?”

“You know I do…”

“Okay then…”

He grabs something out of his pocket – a scarf – what?

“I’ll have to put that over your eyes until we’re there…”



I look into his eyes and realize that I stand no chance, well I’m sure if I would be uncomfortable I would but he knows that I’m not a big fan of surprises, well that’s also not true, I like surprises but I can't remember ever being surprised like that – you know – packing my suitcase without knowing where I’m going and all that.

I turn my back to him and he puts the scarf over my eyes.

“I love you, trust me, you’ll like it…”

He murmurs against my ear and takes my hand and doesn’t let go until we have arrived at our destination, where ever that is.

“Okay, now be careful I’ll lead you down the steps okay and – don't be too shocked it’s hot outside…”

Max tells me, I can feel the warm air entering the plane as soon as I hear the door opening, suddenly Max takes both of my hands.

“Are you walking down the steps backwards Max? I don’t want you to fall down or slip.”

“I won't Liz, I’m careful – step – step…”

Taking one step after the other I can hear a car nearing us – hm…where the hell are we?

“Last one, okay now come here, turn around and…”

What? What is he waiting for, doors open and close, I can hear steps and then Max pulls away the scarf. I have to shield my eyes because the sun is burning bright but…

“Oh my god…Mum, Dad, Grandma…oh my god…we’re in Roswell…”

I run towards my family and hug them.

“Welcome home Lizzy…”

My Dad hugs me before I can move to my Mum.

“Hey Mum…”

“Hi sweetheart, you look good…”

“Thank you…Grandma…”

“Oh honey bear, look at you, you look so good - the pregnancy suits you…”

She smiles while hugging me as well. Turning back to Max and running up to him, kissing him madly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…you’re so sweet, you’re the best, I love you…”

“And I love you too, I’m glad you like the surprise.”

“Of course I do…”

Max also greets my family and then we move on to the car. On the way to the Crashdown Max fills me in on this vacation.

“We’re going to be here for two weeks? Wow – how could you?”

“I talked to Kyle, explaining to him the situation and he said as long as you’ll be giving two more interviews here it’ll be fine – “

“So where are we staying?”

“At home of course Lizzy – until you want a room in the hotel?”

“No that’s fine – oh my god – I still can’t believe this, how did you pull that off? What about Cookie?”

“I asked Mum to get him after we have left – they’ll be taking care of him…

Squeezing his hand I still can’t believe how lucky I am. Arriving at the Crashdown it’s closed…but it still looks the same. Okay, okay so I haven’t been away that long it’s just – this is where I grew up and this is my past and only when I come back I realize how much I miss it from time to time.

“Why don’t you two settle down in your room Lizzy and join us later.”

“Oh I wanted to get the rental car later…”

Max says while helping my father unload the luggage of course some people stop, recognizing us. It’s no secret that I’m from Roswell and actually the people from Roswell pretty much leave me alone when ever I’m here, it’s more the tourists who can be annoying – anyway.

“Why don’t head up to the apartment with Grandma and Nancy – I’ll be up soon.”

Max kisses my cheek and then I disappear into the building.



Jeff POV

I watch the interaction between my daughter and Max, happy that they still seem very much in love. He’s helping me unloading the car.

“So how is Lizzy doing – I mean with the pregnancy?”

Liz would never tell me if something would be wrong so I really hope that Max is more open. We talk a lot on the phone and it surprised me how much closer we got after Michelle had died.

“Good – and how are you feeling? No hearing problems?”

“None what so ever, though I have to admit that I also need these two week snow – thanks again for letting us stay here, I appreciate that – I know that it’ll be crazy as soon as the word is out but…I don't know…”

“No need to apologize Max, do you honestly think that we would let you two stay at a hotel, though I know you can afford it but we want to have you near us as well…we hardly see Lizzy anymore so this gives us a chance to have our daughter back for at least two weeks. So any specific plans?”

We’re now walking up the steps to the apartment.

“Not really – I wanted to wait and see what Liz comes up with, there are still some places she wanted to take me to…”

“Sound good…”

Entering the apartment Lizzy, Nancy and Claudia are sitting in the living room chatting away, then Nancy jumps up, holding a picture in her hand.

“Look Jeff that’s pour grandchild – they’re having a girl!”

“Let me see…”

I take the picture out if her hand and look at it – it makes my heart swell to know that my daughter has been given another chance. By now Max is sitting on the arm of the couch next to Liz, an arm wrapped around her shoulders smiling proudly.

“That’s so wonderful Lizzy, Max…can we keep that?”


Max nods.




She’s beaming, I’m so glad that I could make her so happy. Watching her here, sitting at the table, eating dinner with her Mom, Dad and grandmother.

“He really did that? Oh my god I would have never guessed that Russell is such a…a…a…”

Nancy is looking for the right word, well my opinion is he is a chauvinistic asshole but that’s only mine.

“Asshole – say it Mom, I couldn’t believe it either.”

Liz is yawning – I know that she still has to catch up on some sleep.

“I’m sorry – it’s just…”

“You don’t have to explain honey bear, why don’t you go to bed and we’ll talk tomorrow…”

“I’d love that grandma…”

Turning towards me, I stand up…

“I’ll be joining you soon okay?”

“Okay…good night everyone…”

Hugging her parents she disappears into the corridor leading to her room, sitting down again I take another sip of my coffee.

“So Max, Liz told is that you and Michael have now hired designers? What’s about that?”

Grandma Claudia looks at me, I love talking to her.

“Yeah, I had been toying with this idea for so long and when Liz told me about the pregnancy it was time to talk to Michael. I think now with him being a father as well he understood why I wanted to slow down. I want to be there for Liz and the baby and I don’t want all that stress again.”

“I think it’s a great idea…”

She takes my hand, squeezing it, after that she leaves.

“You’ll be here tomorrow as well Max won't you?”

“Sure I will grandma, get home save. Good night.”

“Good night Max.”


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Part 18


This is so great! We have been here now for two days and I already feel a lot more relaxed. Max and I are now sitting in the Crashdown Café of my parents – a journalist of the Roswell Tribune opposite of us. Dad told me yesterday that ever since word got out that Max and I are here a lot more people came to eat here – well I’m used to that. The funny thing is – Max helped Dad today, because the café was so busy…I’ve thought about this, maybe we could do a charity thing – you know like – for one day Max and I will help Dad – and all the takings and tip goes to the orphanage here in Roswell or something like that and that’s why I’m actually quite happy to have this journalist here – they can spread the word. Max said he would be fine with it as long as I promise to not overstrain myself.

Today is again a pretty hot day here in Roswell – the heat is so different from the one at the coast – it takes a little getting used to especially in my condition and maybe it’s also because I’m getting older but – well I think it’s more because of the baby.

After another ten minutes we’re alone, well if you can call that alone when everybody in the café is sneaking a glance at you.

“Are you two hungry?”

Dad asks and Max and I order hamburgers, fries and something to drink.

“So – how are you feeling?”

Max, who has his one arm on the back of the bench we’re sitting on is playing with a strand of my hair.

“Fine – how are you?”

“Fine…I just fell like I’m stared at…”

“Well maybe it’s because you are…”

I turn my head so I’m able to look into his beautiful amber eyes. May I just mention that he looks damn hot although he’s only wearing a green t-shirt, jeans and sneakers? Max is a guy is usually a slacks and shirt guy – I think it has something to do with his job and sense for dressing but – hey I’m not at all complaining when he’s dressed like that. He looks so yummy – oh whom am I kidding? He always looks yummy – darn those hormones!

“Maybe…what do you think if we eat and then head up to our room, lay low for the evening?”



Why do I have the feeling that another surprise is coming my way?

“Well you don’t know what might expect you…”


“Max? Another surprise?”

“No it’s not really a surprise that…”

Leaning towards my ear, I can feel his hot and so tantalizing breath against my already heated skin.

“…I can’t get enough of you and…your parents are out for the evening so…I thought we should use this to our advantage…”

“You make me feel like a teenager who’s planning her first making out session.”

Chuckling I turn my face into his chest, taking in his smell, he pulls me closer and kisses me on the back of my head.

“That’s the idea of it baby, so what do you think?”

“Sounds wonderful…”




Watching Liz sitting on her balcony I wonder what it must have been like when she was like 17. Did her admirers head up the emergency latter that used to lead up to her balcony? Did she sneak out the same way to get away in the night when her parents weren’t supposed to know that she’s out? I’m sure if I had lived here and had known Liz I would have definitely walked up and down that latter many times – maybe even only to get a glimpse of her while she was sleeping or something like that. She’s now sitting there, candles lit, writing in her diary – something she recently started again.

Well I think if I want to really have some fun before Jeff and Nancy come home again I better start my plan – I wouldn’t want them to walk in on us or only hear us – there’s just something that holds me back to make love to Liz, even if she’s my wife, when her father is near. Uh – nah – not a good idea. Call me crazy, I don’t mind.

After getting the stuff out of the kitchen that I need, I also light some candles although it’s hot enough in here without them and start a CD.

“Liz baby – when you’re finished will you join me in here?”

I look at her through her open window, she looks up and nods.

“I’ll be with you any second…”


Okay, the bed is set, the rest as well…let the games begin. Kneeling down on the bed I wait for my wife to join me, what she does one minute later.


I encourage her to join me and so she does, kneeling down as well.

“It’s beautiful Max…”

She whispers after taking a good look around her room, then focusing her eyes back on me.




I have no idea how he does it but he always makes me feel so erotic, so aware of the chemistry between us. Around him I don’t need to be shy, modest or coy – I can be who I am and that means a lot to me. And no matter how often we make love he never ceases to thrill and arouse me – sexually and physically.

He’s kneeling in front of me, his thighs spread a little, his hands bracing them. The shirt damp from sweat clinging to his body…I can’t stop myself from reaching out and spreading my hands on his chest. Feeling his heartbeat, noticing the heat of him. Carefully I trail a finger over his rigid nipple, making him hiss.

“Hopefully Mom and Dad will be out longer…”

I whisper – it sounds so stupid but – isn’t that also part of it? The anxiety that we might get caught? Although we’re married…I wouldn’t want my parents…oh forget about it…

“I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun until they do…”

Max murmurs, his eyes dark. Jesus! I let my hands skim their way down to his perfect abdomen, he’s quivering a little bit.

“It’s pretty warm in here with the heat outside and the additional candles don’t you think? Pretty sweaty…”

“Makes the skin-to-skin contact a lot more exciting don’t you think?”

He still hasn’t moved besides the muscles in his abdomen, how can he master so much patience? So much self-control? It always amazes me how much control he has over his body…or maybe not? Something changes, his eyes…his hands suddenly find their way into my hair, pulling me closer, kissing me. We’re both moaning, I can’t get enough of that sound. He tastes so enticing, every time we kiss it feels like the first kiss. Deepening the kiss, ravishing me with his soft lips he steals my breath away. Tugging at his shirt we only separate so that I can take it off from him. This magnificent chest shouldn’t be hidden underneath a shirt, not when I can touch it.

I’m literally worshiping this man, believe me all those actors and models I have acted with or taken photos with stand no chance against my Max – he’s the most beautiful man I have ever seen. How many times heave you heard that from already huh? The thing is – I can’t say it enough.

Tasting his skin and inhaling his intoxicating scent arouses me even more – if that is possible. Grazing my teeth across his nipples I hear him growl. I change my position, which he uses to his advantage, pushing me down while kissing me again. Max stretched out beside me, I can feel his closeness and don’t mind at all.




I have to slow things down or this will be over sooner than I want it to. As slowly as possible I start taking off her Top – revealing her breasts, that seem even fuller than the last time and her tummy with our growing baby. I know that I’m making her restless with this but I’ll go off like I firecracker if I don't go slowly. Unclasping her bra I get rid of that garment as well – concentrating on teasing her sensitive breasts, tonguing her nipples.

“Oh god Max…”

“You like that?”

“That feels so good…”

She moans…before our eyes lock once more.

“It’s really kinds hot in here don’t you think?”

Liz doesn’t have to say a thing, I know what she thinks but I‘m not finished here, not in a long shot.

“I feel like I’m burning up…”

“I can feel that, let’s see what we can do to cool you down a little bit…”

I whisper huskily before reaching down to the cooler that I placed next to the bed. Placing a frozen strawberry into my mouth I return to her delicious body. My hand is cold as well now and so I close it over her swollen breast.


Liz sucked in a startled breath but before she can push my hand away I lower my mouth to her other breast, the frozen strawberry in my mouth, circling her nipple with it before I move up to her waiting lips, letting her bite of a part of the berry, swallowing my bite and lapping at her neck with my cold tongue.

I can feel her hand drifting down to my jeans and over my erection.

“Behave yourself beautiful…”

Taking her hands, pushing her arms over her head I lace our fingers together.

“Don't I’m not finished with you yet…”


“Liz…humor me…if you’d touch me again like this it would be over any second…”

I murmur before kissing her again.

“Leave them up there…”

I indicate that I want her to keep her arms stretched out above her head, before I reach back onto the cooler and slide another berry into my mouth, eating it right away, yet starting to caress her breasts again with my could tongue and frosty lips. Moving down her body I stop at the waistband of her shorts.

“You want more?”


It sounds like a whining baby but before I can think more about it I unzip her shorts and push them down together with her damp panties…her womanly scent making me dizzy, I could never get enough of her. Touching her at her most private and intimate part a sob escapes her lips.

“You’re pretty hot down here…let’s see what we can do about that…”

Before I even finished my statement I push my cold finger into her, feeling her hot body enclosing it, taking it in. Gliding my cold thumb over her aroused flesh I’m trying to give her as much pleasure as possible.

Screaming off a profanity while her first orgasm hits her I keep on teasing her, knowing exactly what I’m doing. Reaching out again I get another berry – well it’s actually a cherry this time and while she’s starting to come down from her high I let it glide along the insides of her thighs, first right then left and then up to her little nub.

“Maaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxx…you’re not playing fair…”

I can hear her whimpering. Plopping the cherry into my mouth I move up her body again.

“Wanna help me getting undressed?”

No doubt about it my wife wants me when she sits up and literally tears the buttons on my jeans open and pushed them down together with my shorts. Sitting back on my knees again I hook my fingers behind her knees, dragging her closer so that my legs are on either sides of her hips, I place her thighs over mine. Geez I can’t last any longer and it takes all my willpower not to plunge right into her. So instead I move slowly, very slowly feeling control slipping from me millimeter by sweet millimeter that I’m entering her.

Our lovemaking starts slow and gentle but soon turns raw and untamed and I hope that no one is in front of the house or even in the house. How she still makes me lose control so fast is beyond myself.

“God I love you Liz…”

“I love you too Max…please make me come!”

Without further encouragement I speed up my movement, going deeper that ever before letting us reach this wonderful peak of completeness together.


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Part 19


Nancy POV

It’s after nine in the morning when I hear something moving, a door opens, then closes and then I can see Max walking down the corridor.

“Good morning Max…how are you?”

Looking up at me I know that he can’t be so fine, yesterday he had asked us if we could leave them alone for some time – he wanted to distract Liz a little bit - today is Michelle’s birthday, in one week Max is turning 30 – celebrating his birthday here in Roswell with us – his friends will be flying in for a change and then five days after that it’ll be 3 years that Michelle died – they’ll be back on that day – understandably. I know that they’ll go to the cemetery.

“Fine – how are you Nancy?”

“Fine – there’s some coffee in the kitchen or I could ask Jeff to send something up for breakfast.”

“Thanks – coffee is enough, I want to wait for Liz so how was your evening?”

“Oh we had a lot of fun thanks again for the theatre tickets – it has been quite some time that Jeff and I did something like that.”

“No problem – I’m glad you liked it.”

“So how was your evening? Could you distract Liz a little bit?”

Looking down at his feet he nods.

“Yeah, yeah I think it worked…”

You don’t have to be genius to guess what he had done to distract her, sure it still is awkward to know that Liz is having sex but after all she’s married and they’re expecting their second child, it’s only natural.

“I’m glad…well if you’ll excuse me I have to get the laundry done…but if you need someone to talk you know where to find me…”

“Thanks Nancy…that means a lot…”

I leave him in the apartment, very much convinced that he needs some time alone. If he wanted to talk he’d tell me, I’m pretty sure of that. I’m glad that our families have grown so close…



“I’m so glad that we finally have the time to talk a little bit it always seems like we have other stuff to worry about when we meet…”

Diane sits down in the chair opposite me. Our husbands have gone golfing. Max and Liz are busy today and Jeff and I are here for one week to visit them.

“Yeah I’m also happy that we can finally get to know each other…isn’t it funny? I mean Max and Liz have been engaged for months now and we parents hardly talk.”

“Yeah I know…that’s why I invited you over Nancy…I finally want to get to know the mother of this wonderful woman my son is going to marry…”

I have to smile. Diane is so full alive, it kinds amazes me that Max always seems so sincere and calm but then of course maybe his accident has changed him.

“Well I have to say that Max is also a very nice young man.”

“So tell me about yourself Nancy, I’m curious Liz mentioned that you and Jeff own a Café in Roswell? Sound interesting – I definitely have to make a trip down there…how is New Mexico?”

“Well Roswell, is Roswell – it’s just like any other town in America – nothing too exciting, actually the most exciting thing that happened since the supposed crash of a UFO was when Liz won the Oscar, the whole town was out and celebrating.”

“I can imagine that…what did you think when she went to Hollywood all on her own?”

“I wasn’t too thrilled we always thought that she’d go to Harvard and study biology, she’s a very intelligent girl but she had always wanted to act so when she finally made that decision to go to Hollywood all Jeff and I could do was to support her as much as possible…how was it for you? With Max being a designer? I can imagine that there were a lot prejudiced people…”

“Oh yes a lot of them wanted to believe that he was strange, gay call it what you want but Max always stood up to them. I’m very proud of him, he never let go of his dream and I always admired that. Phillip wanted him to become a lawyer as well but I know that Max would have never been happy with practicing law…it took awhile for Phillip to accept the fact, I actually had feared that we would lose our son, because after High School he went to Europe, hardly coming back to California…”

“So when did Phillip accept the fact that his son wanted to design clothes?”

Taking another sip of my coffee I watch her, she’s really what you consider an elegant woman.

“Well Max invited us to Paris for one of his fashion shows, it was actually his first real fashion show. The press claimed him and Michael to be the next Armanis etc. he saw that Max was happy with what he was doing and so he accepted it.”

“Nancy?” …




“Hm? What?”

“Where have you been with your thoughts?”

Jeff suddenly stands next to me…

“Oh sorry honey I had just been thinking about…ah forget it…what do you want?”

“Are they awake yet?”

“Max is…”

I know that he is worried about his little girl, I guess those two weeks in May will always be hard for entire family.

“How is he?”

“Well he seemed fine, I don't know I think, we better leave them alone, they’ll come to us if they need us…”

Jeff nods and disappears into the kitchen of the Crashdown again. There are a lot of people her – not surprising.




Lying awake I can hear the door of my room open, close, Max moving around. I don’t even have to open up my eyes to know that it’s Max who’s moving around, I know what he sounds like and besides that my parents wouldn’t come in here. He’s trying to be very, very quiet.

“I’m awake…”

I mumble, turning around to face him…he was just getting out of his shorts…yummy…hell what is it with me, you should think that I have enough after last night.

“Morning beautiful…I was just going to take a shower…”

He bends down and kisses me – he smells like coffee.

“You already had breakfast?”

“Nope, only a cup of coffee, I wanted to wait for you two…how is the little one?”

“I think fine…”

He places his hand on my slightly protruding tummy, lacing our fingers together, stroking with his thumb.

“That’s good I guess…”

Bending down he kisses me again, then my tummy and disappears into the bathroom. Staring at the ceiling I remember what day it is. Max had helped me to forget about it yesterday. Can you believe this? Our little girl would turn three today. I can't stop the tears rolling down my face and no matter how many years later it’ll always be like that. I’ll always wonder on that day what I could have made different or what she would like today? Would she have her father’s soulful eyes and my hair? Her father’s cute ears?

Only when the door opens and mist enters the room I realize that I have been staring at the ceiling for like ten minutes crying.

“Oh Liz…”

Max mumbles and let’s his stuff fall to floor right where he stands, climbs into bed with me, only a towel wrapped around his waist, taking me into his arms.

“It’s never going to be easy huh?”

I mumble against his chest.

“I guess not…”

Kissing me on my head and holding me tight he calms me down. I’m so selfish, here I am with the most amazing man I have ever met in my whole life and he comforts me although he also has lost his daughter – our daughter.

Sitting up again I wipe away the last tears and turn to him.

“How about we do something today? I want to get out of town and show you something – how does that sound?”

“Sounds perfect but are you really up to it baby?”

“Max – if I stay here I start to dwell over it over and over again…and I don’t want to. Michelle wouldn’t want that…so…why don’t you get dressed and tell my Dad to pack a picnic basket with some goodies for us while I take a shower and get dressed as well?”

Getting up I leave no room for anymore questions, Max has done so much for me and now it’s his turn to get a treat or two. While standing in the shower I start making plans for the day…hopefully we’ll be alone where I want to take him.

One hour later I’m driving the car away from Roswell – away from the people.

“Honey where are we going?”

Max asks me when I turn our rental off the highway and onto a gravel road.

“Relax baby, you always ask me to trust you now please trust me as well okay? I have spent my youth here…”

Smiling at me, wetting his lips and nods and stares out the window again…it still looks like yesterday when I came here after school when I wanted to be alone or when I wanted to make out. Okay so admit it – back when I was in High School this was a place for making out sessions besides Buckley Point. Ten more minutes latter I park the car underneath a tree.

“Here we are, what do you think?”

In front of us there’s a small lake, surrounded by trees and bushes, it’s still beautiful and there’s no one here.

“Wow, this is beautiful…”

Max takes off his sunglasses and gets out. After getting out of the car as well I walk up to him as well, slipping my hand into his.

“Isn’t it?”

“What is this place?”

“Well I used to come here when I needed some time alone – on the weekends and during the holidays there are a lot of people here swimming and relaxing and in the evening…well…let’s just say that a lot of girl lose something here they won’t ever get back again…”

Of course he’s smirking when he turn to me, crossing his arms over his chest, chin held high…

“I see…interesting…well good to know that you haven’t lost here something…”

I can’t believe that he still remembers that.

“Yeah, would it change something?”

“Sure it would, I would start looking around for IT because you’re mine now…”

“You’re such a goofball sometimes…”

I slap him and then walk back to the car getting some blankets while Max gets the basket, I know that he wouldn’t let me carry it. Dad also gave us a cool box for beverages. Looking around again I’m fairly sure that we’re alone and even if we aren’t who cares. I take off my shirt and shorts, wearing my bikini underneath it. Max soon follows only wearing his swimming shorts.

“Want me to put some sunscreen on your back?”

He asks and I let him, then it’s my turn and when his back is finished I mumble

“Turn around…”

Into his ear and so he does. Now I’m straddling his hips spreading the sunscreen on his chest.

“Uh what do I see here Mister Evans – more hair on your chest…”

“And? I haven’t heard you complaining yet…”

“I’m not – I actually like it…”

I smile at him, leaning down, nipping at his bottom lip. Slowly I touch my tongue to his lips.

“You taste so good…”

Instead of answering or saying something he opens his mouth as well and our tongues touch, moving against each other, playing their own game of hide-and-seek. Then I hear him groaning, his hands on my hips, his thumbs again caressing the sides of my tummy.


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Part 20



“Liz what are you doing?”

“If you have to ask then I guess I’m not really doing a good job huh?”


I slow down the movement of her hips this isn’t the right place sure it seems that we’re alone but you can never be sure that’s definitely something I had to learn the hard way.

“Liz as much as I would love to ravish you here and now and have my way with you – I don’t think that this is a good idea…”

Whispering into her ear I still hold her body close. She’s sitting up looking down at me.

“You don’t want me?”

Suddenly she’s off my lap – what?


Turning her face away from me I can already hear the waterworks working – oh darn.

“Liz baby – baby look at me…”

Trying to make her look at me she refuses to turn her head back towards me. Okay so this isn’t working. Stupid Max, really stupid. I did such a good job dealing with her moods ever since I knew about the pregnancy and now…gosh…so…I move around so that I’m sitting in front of her, seeing her wiping away some tears again.

“Liz baby – it’s not that I don't want you, you know I do, I love you, it’s just…I’m rather save than sorry.”

When she looks up at me I can see her teary eyes, she’s biting her bottom lip again.

“Baby, please? Please believe me…why don’t we…oh I don’t know…I…I…”

“So it’s not me?”

“No – where did you come up with that idea?”

Pulling her onto my lap I press a kiss onto her nose, well I guess from time to time she’s really emotional – and especially today.



Kyle POV

Fucking great how could they let this happen, in front of me I have one of those darn tabloids with pictures of Max and Liz – intimate pictures – many intimate pictures – headline – “Oscar winner pregnant again” blablabla…okay now it is out – the phones are ringing and I have an appointment with Max’ father to help me with Ryan’s custody case. How could they let this happen? I mean it’s obvious that they were oblivious to the fact that had been watched. The story goes on about how they lost Michelle and how it seems that they’re trying to keep this pregnancy a secret if she loses the ‘kid’ again – man are those people even human? How can you be so heartless? Maybe they only want to take a break from everything – at least they seem relaxed. Liz is sitting on Max’ lap and both of them are laughing, the next pic shows them kissing, the next – the big one – shows Max caressing her little bulge.

“Kyle I have Liz on line three…”

My secretary notifies me.

“Okay thanks…Liz…”

“Kyle I…I have no idea how they found us I…”

“Liz calm down okay – it isn’t as bad as it seems, after all they didn’t catch you smooching a stranger but your husband…we can’t take it back but in the future be more careful – I’ll handle it…I’ll release the announcement and that’s all I’m gonna say about it okay?”

“Okay, thank…I…god I can’t believe it once Max and I feel totally at ease and then shit like this happens…”

“Talking about Max is he there? I wanna wish him a Happy Birthday…”

“Yeah he is…it’s so sad that you can’t be here today.”

“I know but keeping my son here…”

Before I can even finish the sentence she interrupts me.

“…I know…say ‘hi’ to Phillip okay? I don’t know if he’ll today…”

“I’m sure he will…”

I hear some shuffling and then Max.


“Hey old man – Happy Birthday, so finally you hit the 30 huh – how does it feel?”

“Very funny Kyle may I remind you that you’re next.”

“Ouch…anyway…happy birthday…hopefully when you’re back we have two things to celebrate…”

“Yeah thanks man…I hope so too, so how bad is it about the pictures? I mean…I could kill that guy…”

“I know but I’ll deal with it trust me, I have to leave now, meeting your Dad…”

“Oh okay, tell him I said Hi – see ya…”


Oh how I wish I could be in Roswell with them, celebrating his birthday instead of fearing to lose my son. Sometimes life can really suck.



Some weeks later


Liz is now in her 31st week – can you believe that – I don’t have to tell you how hard especially the 28th had been but we have made it through it and our baby girl is growing and growing. Every time I see Liz with her growing tummy I can a warm feeling around my heart – I guess it’s the proud – knowing that we created life. In the moment we’re in the living room, I’m massaging her legs and feet because she has the usual swellings.

“So names…”

She mutters while reading in a book.






“No way…Max…you really wanna call our girl Phoebe?”

“Well I think it’s a very nice name but if you don’t like why don’t you come up with a good name?”

“How about hmmm…Tamara we could call her Tammy…”


Now I’m shaking my head – my baby girl won’t be called Tammy.


“Are you kidding me…well…I mean…the name isn’t THAT bad but no…how about Giulia? Giulia-Cara or something like that.”

Putting the book down she looks at me – is she really considering my suggestion.

“Giulia-Cara Evans? Hm…I like that where did you come up with that name?”

“Well I once knew a German model whose name is Giulia and Cara for the fact that we’ll always love and care for her – I want something like that in her name.”

Moving my hands over her balls to her arch to her calf I repeat the movement of my hand over and over again, then changing to her other foot.

“Ohhhh you’re so good to me…”

“I try…”

Looking up at her tummy I can see the light movement of our baby girl and move my hand to the place Giulia is moving.

“So how do you like your name little one? Is Giulia-Cara okay for you?”

We both wait and some second later she moves again, smiling at my wife I lean over kissing her.

“Seems like our daughter is happy with our selection.”


Placing her hand on mine I squeeze it…it’s so wonderful too feel our baby moving with in Liz’ body. The first time she felt her was actually the week we came back from Roswell…



What a day to go to the cemetery again. We have been back to Los Angeles for one day…I know that Liz had a great time and it actually took away her thoughts from today – hand in hand we’re walking up Michelle’s grave. Liz is carrying the flowers and the teddy bear, every year we’re leaving a teddy bear at her grave.

“Hey Michelle it’s me – mommy and daddy – “

Liz mumbled while kneeling down in front of it, now she’s softly talking, I have no idea what about but I don’t want to disturb her. Of Course I also still talk to our daughter but I usually do that in my head. When Liz slowly gets up again she wraps her arms around my waist, pressing her cheek to my chest.

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her that her grandparents said hi and that her little sister is growing and that everything seems fine and that I’m sure that she’s watching over us…”

I nod, suddenly Liz jerks.

“Liz what?”

Her hands are in her stomach – what is going on?

“I think I felt her moving Max?”

“You did?”

Without even asking for permission I put my hand underneath her shirt onto her tummy and sure enough there it is – a tiny movement but if you concentrate you can feel it. Smiling at my wife I cup her face and kiss her.

“God I love you…”

“I love you too…”



And ever since that day our baby has been moving a lot actually sometimes keeping Liz awake at night. I feel so bad for her but I gave her permission to wake me whenever she can’t sleep because of the baby or whenever her back hurts. Nine more weeks and it’s over – I guess I still can’t really comprehend what it’ll be like when Giulia-Cara is born but I’m sure we’ll manage. I know that Lit feel like she’s going to burst soon – Thea told her that the baby won’t be growing that much more just gaining weight. Oh and we also started with those courses – you know the once preparing for the actually birth – I think it was a good decision to get to know the midwife. I want to know the woman who’s going to be there when our baby girl is born. Her name is Susan and she’s a really nice woman. Next week she wants to show us a video of a birth – I’m pretty sure that nothing can shock me anymore, seeing Michelle had been enough to harden myself for a normal birth.

“Where is the oil?”

I ask Liz, he eyes are closed and she enjoys every bit of my attention.


Handling me the bottle I push up her shirt.

“Lift up…”

I tell her when I remove the waistband of the pants she’s wearing. This is also something we have started, ever day it’s my job to rub either body lotion or body oil on her tummy to prevent her skin from getting those stretch marks and besides that I consider it bonding time.


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Part 21

Maria POV

So here we are – Liz’ baby shower, Max and her went to see the doc today and Max had given his okay for the baby shower – everybody is here – Isabel, Tess, Ana, Diane, Nancy, Grandma Claudia and of course myself – I could have invited more people but honestly – we’re enough and Max warned me that Liz is in a really foul mood. I know what she’s talking about when complaining that she can’t see her feet and that she’s ready to pop.

The door opens and Liz comes in.

“…but Max I don’t…”

As she finally turns to us we all cheer…


Liz’ eyes are big and her expression changes from winning into a surprised and happy one.

“Oh my god…oh wow…Max you knew about this didn’t you?”

Max walks up to, wrapping his arms around her midsection, nuzzling her ear.

“Of course I did - do you really believe that I would Maria to prepare a baby shower without my knowledge in our home? Have fun girls…”

He moves back to the door again and waves at all of us.

“Where are you going?”

She turns towards him, walking up to her again he kisses her before whispering something into her ear, waves again and closes the door behind him. Turning back to us she finally also sees her mother.

“Oh Mom, what are you doing here?”

“You don’t think that I would miss the baby shower for you or do you? Max flew us in, we’ll stay for some days and then fly back to Roswell.”

“And Grandma…”

“Hello honey bear how are you feeling?”

“Like I’m going to explode any second I’m so ready to have this baby…”

Nevertheless she strokes her bulge lovingly.

“Well you have to wait four more weeks chica and believe me you’ll survive…”

Liz hugs me before greeting the rest of the girls, then she waddles into the living room sitting down.

“So where are the guys?”

“Oh Michael said that they’re meeting at the golf club or something like that.”

“Where is Dominic?”

“With Michael of course…so how was the appointment everything alright?”

Liz smiles and nods.

“Yeah she is lying the right way and has gained some weight again, her heartbeat is strong…so I think everything will be fine.”

“Have you settled on a name yet?”

Ana asks – she’s a really nice girl and I mean really nice, and she makes Kyle happy and that makes us happy.

“Oh haven’t we told you? Her name will be Giulia-Cara…”

“That’s a nice name but how do you spell that?”

Tess smiles at Liz.

“G – I – U – L –I – A – Max came up with it and I like it I mean it’s unique. So where are the presents?”




So the guys are all here – only Max is missing, Dominic is sleeping but Ryan is watching over him – he is so cute and I’m so glad that we actually have two things to celebrate – first that Kyle has Ryan now and then of course that my best friend will be father soon.

“Ahhh there he comes…”

Alex stands up and waves Max over, I think it was a good idea to go to a café instead of going golfing.”

“Hey guys…first of all Kyle…congratulations…I just talked to my dad…”

“Thanks man…”

Kyle smiles at Max and they both sit down.

“So how is Liz doing?”

“Oh well…everything is fine so…I just try not to worry too much, she’s doing the worrying already for both of us…sometimes I think she’ll go crazy the remaining weeks.”

“I hear you man, it was the same with Isabel…she was constantly worrying – but let’s not talk about stuff like that huh? I mean how many times do we actually have the time to meet – just the guys I mean?”

“And you’re so right Alex…”




Call me paranoid but I’m worrying about Liz, I’m hoping that she’s not overstraining herself, hopefully…argh…you see what this pregnancy does to me? I have been sitting her for three hours now listening to the guys rambling about everything that comes to their mind. Not that I don’t like it, hell I do it’s just – I’m getting impatient, I can't believe that one month from now I might already be a daddy.

Another hour later I’m on my way home, opening the door I can see the women walking around the house tidying up.

“Hey Max, where have you left our husbands?”

Maria smiles at me.

“Well I send them home to take care of your kids if that’ s alright…where’s Liz?”

Isabel points up the stairs.

“She was tired…”

Nodding I walk into the kitchen where Mum and Nancy are sitting, drinking coffee.

“Oh Max honey – hi, how was your afternoon?”

“Interesting, the guys thought it would be funny to tell what it will be like when Giulia is born, sleepless nights and all that…anyway…I don't think that I’ll mind that much…Liz and I have been waiting too long for a baby that I would mind something at all.”

Mum puts her hand onto mine.

“I’m sure everything will be fine Max…well I better head home now…”

“Oh did you know that Dad and Kyle won? Kyle had full custody of Ryan now…”

“He did? That’s so great…well bye Nancy and Claudia I’m sure we’ll see you here soon again…”

“I bet we will…”

Nancy smiled at my Mom while hugging her.

“When do you guys want to leave?”

I turn back to Claudia and Nancy while I hear Isabel and Maria still in the living room, I’ll have to take a look at the presents later.

“I think if we leave in 30 minutes it should be fine, I was hoping we could say good-bye to Liz before we leave but…”

“Why don’t I head up and check if she’s up okay?”

Walking up the stairs and to the bedroom Cookie is laying in front of the door.

“Hey buddy, are you making sure that Liz won’t be disturbed?”

I pad him before slowly opening the door. Liz is laying on the side a pillow underneath her stomach. Carefully I walk up to the bed and sit down, brushing away the hair that fell into her face. She’s so beautiful. Slowly lay down, facing her – some minutes later she opens her eyes and smiles at me.

“What are you doing here?”

“Why watching you of course…”

Kissing her softly I look into her eyes.

“How are you? I hope the party was okay…”

“It was perfect …thank you Max.”

“Listen your Mom and Grandma will be leaving soon, do you want to say good-bye? I could send them up…”

“No, that’s fine I’ll come with you goes to the airport, I want to I have the rest of the evening and night to sleep if Giulia lets me…”

“Did she kick a lot again?”

Placing my hand on her stomach I feel our baby moving again…who needs drugs anyway, feeling Giulia moving makes as euphoric as any other drug couldn’t do it.
After driving Nancy and Claudia to the airport and then coming home again Liz and I spend a nice lazy evening in front of the television.

“Did you do your exercises already?”

“Nope, thought you could help me again…”

So, as we’re already sitting like we’re supposed to Liz between my thighs, my arms around her and our baby we start with her breathing exercises that Susan has shown us.

“I’m really wondering if I’ll be able to concentrate on all the stuff…”

Liz shakes her head when I help her getting up after the exercise.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there, Susan will be there – do you want me to shave your legs tonight?”

What? So? She asked me to do that some weeks ago because she can’t do it anymore and I can understand if she doesn’t feel comfortable and I don't mind doing it – the thing is – now the last weeks I have the feeling that we have grown closer than ever before – although I thought that this isn’t possible but it is. Liz shares a lot what’s going on with her, her emotions, the changes in her body, her fears and thoughts - everything. Of course I also share my thoughts and fears but it is something totally different. Know what I mean?




He is so sweet I know that I can be really bitchy in the moment and I feel bad about but this…yet he isn’t complaining though I see him fighting for patience very often – Max stays calm. Right now I’m sitting on a chair in the bathroom, one of foot placed on his thigh and his shaving my leg.

“Thank you…”

“You’re welcome, so tell me what did the girl get you?”

“Oh Max you haven’t see it yet? It’s sooo cute…..mostly clothes and toys but you have to see the stuff it’s so tiny and soooooo cute…like Grandma, she gave us a combination for infants – I can’t believe that Giulia will fit in there…”

“Oh I’m sure she will …done, want me to massage your feet legs a little bit…”

“I’ll love you forever if you do…”

“Mhmm…and here I thought you’d love me already forever…”

Smirking up at me he starts kneading my toes, the rest of my feet up to my calves.
I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have made it through this pregnancy without him.

“So Kyle wants to throw a party or what?”

“No he said he wants to invite us to a restaurant or something like that, I don't know are you up to it?”

“When does he want to meet?”

“Next week I think…I’m not sure I’ll have to ask him again…okay that’s it beautiful my hands are getting numb…”

“Thank you…”

Leaning down as far as possible I give him a kiss and waddle back into the bedroom. Yeah I’m waddling…I know but it’ll be over soon so, don't worry about me.


Part 22


I don’t think that this is a good idea yet we don’t want to miss Kyle’s invitation to celebrate the fact that he’ll keep Ryan. Liz has been complaining about Braxton Hicks contractions the whole day and I’m not really happy with her decision to go out tonight. I know that this is just like it is supposed to be and after all we still have two weeks to go but.…

“Max are you ready?”


“Max, no complaining please okay? I’ll be fine…”

Ever tried to argue with a very pregnant woman? Not a good idea, it’s actually never good idea to argue with Liz.

“Okay, okay but if it gets worse or if you can’t stand it anymore you tell me…”

“I will…”


Thank god she has no idea that I already put her bag into the trunk already – just in case I’m rather save than sorry.

When we arrive the others are already there and as soon as we leave the car a flashlight nearly blinds us, great.

“Hey you two…”

Kyle smiles at us and gets up, hugging Liz.

“Look at you, you look fantastic…”

“I look like I’m ready to burst hey Kyle, Ana…”

Then we greet everybody else – I mean it’s my parents, Isabel, Alex, Becky, Michael, Maria, Dominic and Ryan.

“Uncle Max…”

Becky climbs onto my lap as soon as I sit after helping Liz sitting down and getting comfortable.

“Hey Becky sweetheart, how are you doing?”

“Good, hi aunty Lizzy – how is da baby?”

Becky is really interested in this baby stuff, every time we have watched her ever since Liz started showing she has been asking about Giulia – of course we never answered the question how she got in there – that’s not my job – not for a long time…hopefully…

“Oh the baby is doing fine Becky…”

“Is she still kicking a lot?”

Mom turns to Liz.

“No actually it slowed down…”

“…yeah but the Braxton Hicks’ got worse during the day…”

So I can’t keep my mouth shut, I’m worrying here.

“Oh Liz why didn’t you say a thing we could have postponed this until after Giulia has been born…”

“No that’s fine…”

What is she…


…I jump back when I feel a kick …so let me tell you…Liz might not be able to see her feet in the moment put she still knows very well how to coordinate them…darn that kick hurt.

We start ordering our meals and I can see Liz relax, so maybe she’s right, maybe she really knows what’s best for her and what she can do and what not but after some time she’s squirming again and I would be lying if I said that it isn’t worrying me.

“Everything alright?”

“Yeah I guess I just…excuse me, today she’s really laying on my bladder…”

As soon as Liz has disappeared I turn to Maria.

“Would you…?”

“You want me to make sure everything is alright?”

But she already gets up from her chair.

“I’d feel a little better thank you Maria…”

She nods and follows Liz. Michael, Alex, Kyle and Dad are only smirking at me.


“Nothing it’s just that…we all know what you’re going through in the moment…don’t worry Max, this is still the easy part…”

Alex chuckles, but before I can answer I see Maria coming our way – she’s walking, she’s walking fast – what?

“Max I think you…”

Before she can even finish the sentence I’m out of my chair running towards the bathrooms where Liz is waiting – breathing – breathing hard.


“Max I think you were right, she wants out…”

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay I can do this…mhm…okay…

As I turn around Mom and Isabel are right behind me.

“Liz, are you okay?”

They both ask very concerned while I start rubbing my wife’s back, seems like the pain has subsided for now.

“Yeah, yeah this is after all natural isn’t it?”

Honestly I can’t be standing here for small talk our baby girl might be born soon and…I’d feel a lot better if we were at the center now – with Susan with us or at least a doc who tells me that everything will be fine…I can't change it the picture from Michelle’s birth come back and…no don’t go there Max.

“Okay, here’s what we gonna do, I have the bag in the car and I’ll call Susan and we’ll drive to the birthing center. Mom could you guys perhaps take care of Cookie?”

“Sure, why don’t we all wait there for news from you guys…”


I nod, then I concentrate again on my wife.

“Are you ready?”


Carefully I lead her out to the car, as soon as she sits I call Susan and tell her that we’re on our way.

“What did she say?”

“She said the typical stuff, this could take awhile and that she’ll meet us in the center and that she keep cool…”

“I am cool…”

Turning to her I can’t believe that she’s really that cool…gosh women.
Arriving at the birth center half an hour later the next contraction hits Liz when I stop the car in front of the door.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes Max I am…park the car, I’ll be waiting here.”


Parking the car I walk to the trunk to get our bag – should I take the baby’s stuff with me already? OH whatever I can still get it later, who knows how long this will take.

Liz is standing there, waiting – looking as beautiful as ever, stroking her palm over the bulge caused by our baby. Taking her hand we walk into the center hand in hand.

“May I help you?”

The nurse at the front desk asks.

“Yeah hi my wife is having contractions, there’s a birthing suit reserved for Mrs. Max Evans, our midwife is Susan Miller.”

“Okay, I need you to fill out some forms for me please…Mrs. Evans how are you feeling? How far along are the contractions?”

“20 Minutes, I have had Braxton Hicks’ contractions for days now but tonight it got worse.”

“I see…well if you want to I’ll call your midwife, take a seat of you want to, do what ever you feel comfortable with okay?”

The girl keeps looking at Liz, did she recognize us? Well wouldn’t surprise me that much. Filling out the forms and handing them back to the nurse, she shows us to the suit.

“I’ll send Susan to you as soon as she is here…the doc will be here any minute to check on you…”

“Thank you…”

Turning back to Liz I watch her walking around – so this is it huh? The room is light rose and the light isn’t very bright. In one corner there’s a stereo and tv, a big bed, one of those big balls you can sit on – and of course the stuff for the baby when it’s born. To my right is the birthing pool – gosh – am I sure about this? Yes, yes I am. To my left is the bathroom a table, some chairs.

“Are you okay Max?”

Liz asks me, I know that she has been watching me taking in my surroundings.

“Yes, yes I am, why wouldn’t I be? We’re going to have our baby Liz – how are you?”


Hearing her confession I take her in my arms, pressing tiny kisses onto her head while letting my hands glide over her back.

“It’ll be fine beautiful, I’m here for you, every step of the way okay? We’ll get through this together, I know that this sound ridiculous but…”

“No Max it helps, really it does…”



Michael’s POV

I can’t believe that I’m doing this I mean it’s way after midnight and we had all promised to wait at Max’ and Liz’ house for news from them. Max had called two hours ago telling us that Liz was fine and that the doc had told them that it could be hours yet I am on my way to the birth center with my hysteric wife who wants to make sure of her own that Giulia-Cara hasn’t been born faster than supposed to.

“…what if she needs me.”

“Maria, Max is there…”

“But what if she doesn’t want to see him anymore.”

“Then what? Do you want to step into the pool with her? I don't think so you considered Dominic’s birth disgusting…”

“I just wanna make sure…”


I grunt and step down on the accelerator – thank god the center isn’t far from here.
The car hasn’t even stopped when Maria jumps out of it.


Too late…when I finally get to the front desk I can see and hear her arguing with the nurse there.

“…I’m sorry we can’t…”

I hear the nurse, turning around I thankfully see Max and Liz walking down the corridor towards us. Max has changed into jeans, t-shirt and sneakers while Liz is wearing one of his t-shirt and leggings.


“What? I can’t believe that this b…”

I turn her around so that she can see the two as well.

“Oh my god chica…”

She runs towards Liz who is smiling, she still looks pretty okay, Max smiles at me.

“What are you guys doing here? I thought…”

“You know Maria she knows it better, I told her that you would have called of there are any news so how are you holding up?”

“Pretty good actually, the doc just checked on her again she’s dilated 4 centimeters so that’s pretty good Susan said – she wanted Liz to walk around a bit if she was up to it – so here we’re, how are the others?”

“All waiting at home for news from you…”

“Okay then tell them that we’ll call as soon as there are any…oh…uhhhhhh…”

Liz said and then started to breath through the contraction, grabbing Max’ hand.

“I really think it would be better if you two left, I'll call you as soon as Giulia-Cara is here…”

Max smiled at us while brushing some hair out of Liz’ face.

“Okay Chica…you’re strong, you’re one of the strongest person I have ever met so you’ll get through this okay? If I made it you’ll make it…”

Maria took Liz’ hand, they smiled at each other, then she gave Max a hug and then it was my turn to hug Liz as short and as carefully as possible, nod at Max and leave.

“So are you feeling better now?”

I ask my wife on the way back to the Evans’ house and our son.

“Yeah, you know Michael – I think Liz and Max they’re going to be fabulous parents…”

Taking her hand and brushing a kiss over her knuckles I squeeze it.

“Ever had a doubt about that? They deserve this little girl so much…”

“Yeah they do…”


Part 23



You know what? I want this to be over, for two hours now I’ve tried to relax and I’m really sick of it. Contractions are every three minutes now and they’re getting worse. Max has been great. In the moment we’re on this big bed with this thingy around my belly to monitor Giulia-Cara’s heartbeat. Max is right behind me, rubbing my back, helping me to get through each contraction. I know that he’d take away the pain if he could, unfortunately he can’t.

“Arghuhhhhhh…I feel like I’m tearing in two…”

“I know baby, I know but it’ll be over soon…mhmm…”

He kisses my cheek and keeps rubbing. The door opens and Susan walks in.

“Liz, do you wanna take a bath? It’ll ease the pain and help you to relax and maybe that’s just what you need.”

I need to be dilated 10 centimeters that’s what I need – right now it’s only six – oh god – how am I gonna get through this?

“You want to do that Liz? Baby?”

Max asks me again.

“Yeah I think it’d be a good idea.”

I nod, slowly trying to get up with the help of my husband, while Susan disappears into the bathroom.

“You wanna get undressed here or in the bathroom?”



“Thank you…”

“No need to thank me beautiful, in fact I should thank you for going through all of this to give us this baby-girl…”

I would start to bawl right now but another contraction hits me. Ten minutes later he helps me down into the tub and I can already feel how good this is for my body – true the next time I’ll sit down in a tub it’ll be the one outside and it’ll be together with Max and much more painful yet I’m looking forward to it. I’m glad that Max is here with me, trying to distract me, talking about normal stuff.

“So when are you and Michael supposed to be in New York?”

“Shortly after new year, you wanna join us? I’m sure Maria and Dominic will come with us…”

“Sure, I haven’t been to New York a long time…”

Closing my eyes I start listening to the CD we brought, I can also hear my dear husband yawning – no wonder it’s 24 after 3a.m. – poor baby.

“Did you think it would be a birth like that? I mean in the middle of the night?”

Hearing him chuckle he takes my hand which is now resting on his thigh.

“Well I had hoped that our daughter wouldn’t do that to us, I’ll really have to talk to her one day for putting us through a sleepless night with lots of them to follow I guess…”

“Yeah I think that’s what everybody fears I mean…I’m tired but there’s no chance that I’ll be able to really rest…you think the others are awake?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s one sitting right next to the phone, who has to stay awake while the other’s are sleeping and every hour somebody else has to do it…”





5.26 a.m.

“Oh god Max – it hurts so bad…”

Liz is wailing again and again I wish I could take away the pain, why didn’t she give her okay for some pain relievers or something while she still could, now it’s too late.

“I know Liz come on pant and blow – C’mon…you can do it…”

“Well I think I better start filling the tub now Liz your baby girl wants out…”

Susan smiles at Liz.

“Don't I know it…”

Liz says through clenched teeth, holding both of my hands.

“Max you better get ready also – this could go really fast now…”

She tells me and I’m once again happy that I had decided on putting on my swimming trunks right away when I changed into the jeans and shirt. Getting rid of the clothes I help Liz getting out of the rest of her clothes – this is it – oh god –

“Tell me when the next contraction is over Liz, I’ll examine you again and then I think it’s time for you to get into the water…”

“Sounds wonderful.”

Liz nods. Susan confirms that Liz is fully dilated. Helping her into the tub first I step into it as well, sitting down and settling Liz in front of me, wrapping my arms around her.

“I’m here beautiful, I love you and we’ll get through this together okay?”


It’s really strange to feel her full belly, knowing that in some minutes we’ll be able to hold our daughter in our arms. Mother nature is really strange sometimes.

“When the next contraction hits – push as hard as you can Liz okay?”

Susan instructs her and I can already feel Liz’ fingernails digging into my thighs.

“Oh god…Maaaaaaaaaaaaax…”

“You’re doing good Liz, so good, you’re so strong…”

I whisper in her ear while she is pushing with all her might. After another push Susan tells her to stop.

“Okay no cord, go ahead push…”

Is this Susan’s way of tell us that the head is already out? Oh my god, oh my god…glancing down between Liz thighs it’s like a miracle because there – there is our daughter emerging from my wife’s body…and then after another push she’s out also a lot of blood but who cares.

“And here she is…”

Susan smiles handing Giulia-Cara to Liz, placing her on her chest…

“Oh hi, hi sweety, hi…oh Max look at her, look…”

I’m speechless, I’m really and utterly speechless, because there on my wife’s chest is a crying baby. Lifting my one hand I carefully touch her and I can’t hold back the tears.

“Oh baby she’s perfect, she’s beautiful…”

I whisper, my voice quivering.

“Isn’t she…I love you…”

“And I love you…”

I smile at Liz kissing her, while Giulia-Cara keeps on crying.

“Hey little one, you have no idea how long we have been waiting for you…”

I stroke Giulia-Cara over her wet, bloody head, but it doesn't matter, it really doesn’t matter.

“Max you wanna cut the cord?”


I gleam at her with shining eyes, cutting the cord I wrap my one arm around my wife and our daughter again while I touch Giulia with the other hand again. It’s like I have to touch her, just to make sure that she’s really here and she seems healthy.

“Guys you wanna get out of the pool now?”

Susan asks, I know that she won’t congratulate us until the birth is finally over – meaning Liz has to deliver the afterbirth but yeah, it’s getting cold. So Liz hands Giulia-Cara to Susan who takes her and then I help Liz getting out of the tub and laying down on the bed again, wrapped in a big towel.

“I’ll just take a quick shower okay?”


I guess finally Liz has some time to really relax again. This must be the fastest shower ever, jumping in I wash away the water from the tub, dry myself, get into my clothes again. And when I enter the suit again Susan is still jotting down notes.

“You wanna wash her Max?”


“Yeah really…”

“Is she okay?”

“This is one of the healthiest babies I have ever seen…”

And then she hands her to me and I’m holding my daughter for the first time.

“Hey there Giulia, hey it’s daddy…”

Like she understands me she opens her eyes and they’re beautiful.


“So what do you think? Can we go home later?”

Liz asks Susan after she also has delivered the afterbirth.

“I think you three should be fine to go home as soon as you feel up to it…”

“That’s the best thing I have heard of…what do you think sweety?”

I hold Giulia-Cara up and…she opens her eyes…oh god she really is just as beautiful as her mother. Handing her to Liz I kiss her again before turning away.

“I think there are some people expecting our call…”

“Yeah tell them that we’re fine okay?”


I take the cell phone outside, I still have to get the thingy to carry Giulia-Cara in later.
First thing I do outside is taking a deep, deep breath, it’s now 6.32 a.m. so that makes it 7.32 a.m. in Roswell and I’m pretty sure that my parents or Maria had called Nancy and Jeff yesterday. After the first ring I hear Nancy’s voice.


“Hi Nancy…”

“It’s Max…”

I can hear her, I guess that Grandma Claudia is also here.


“I guess Maria called huh?”

“Yes, she told us what happened yesterday so…”

“Giulia-Cara was born at 5.42 this morning, she’s 19 inches long and weighs 7.5 pounds and is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen in my whole life.”

“Oh Max, congratulations how is Liz?”

“She’s fine now, it was a really…uhm interesting night…”

“I guess so…when is it okay for us to visit?”

“Well I'll be sending you a picture of Giulia-Cara later when I get home and a hand on my laptop but if you could give us some days to get used to the situation it would be great.”

“Of course, how about next week the weekend until then you have to promise to send a picture of the little one every day.”

“Deal, I better get back now Nancy, we’re going home as soon as they release Liz and Giulia.”

“Oh Max, I’m so happy for you two…”

“Thank you, tell Claudia and Jeff I said ‘Hi’…”

So I decided against calling the other’s – why? Oh c’mon you know Maria, she’d come here no matter if we told her to stay at home and wait until we’re there. Susan said that we could go home at around seven so I rather spend my time alone with Liz and Giulia because I know what a chaos it’ll be when we actually get home.




While I'm getting dressed Max dresses Giulia in her own clothes which are way too big of course but she looks cute nevertheless, the pain and exhaustion is forgotten – really, I just wanna go home now – with my daughter and husband.



I nod after slipping into my shoes – ha there they are – my feet – YES!

He carries the bag and Giulia to the car, I know that I shouldn’t be lifting anything for a while. Of course I sit in the backseat together with Giulia.

“What is she doing?”

Max asks as soon as we’re out on the highway back home.

“Actually she’s staring at the light – you know I think she’ll have your eyes…”

“You think so?”

“Sure, I mean she has your lips, your nose – why not your eyes…”

“I’m just glad that she doesn’t have my ears…”

We both chuckle and I enjoy the drive back to the house, can you believe it? We’re parents now, bringing our baby home for the first time. Of course all the cars are standing there when we get home and I’m pretty sure that there are also some paparazzi again, trying to get the first picture of Giulia.

Carefully Max takes Giulia – they look so sweet together. Handing her back to me we walk up to the door.



Slowly Max opens the door, the house is quiet, until of course Cookie begins to bark and runs towards us.

“Cookie – shshhh…buddy, be good…”

But of course Cookie smells the new ‘human’ we have with us and of course the barking woke everybody.

“Max? Liz?”

Michael comes our way out of the kitchen with a cup in his hand.

“Oh my god…oh my…why didn’t you call?”

He gets faster when he sees the baby in my arms.

“We wanted to surprise you guys…”

“…yeah and keep Maria from invading the center again…”

Max chuckles placing the bag at the door and closing it. Michael is smiling and looking at our daughter.

“Oh my she’s tiny, Dominic was bigger, but look at those small hands, the small nose…when was she born?”

Max gives him all the details while I hear a lot of voices, then a shriek and then a babbling Maria right next to me, on the other side Diane and Isabel and in front of me Alex and Phillip.

“Guys…a little room maybe?”

Max helps me and we move this whole thing into the living room where everybody congratulates us and where Max has to tell the story of the last hours. Of course Giulia-Cara then starts crying – can you see me panicking?

“I’m sure she’s hungry Liz, why don’t you two head up into the bedroom and I’ll join you later…”

I so love my husband – but you know that don’t you?


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Part 24



I watch Liz walking up the steps, I think she might need some time alone with Giulia-Cara now – a little mother- daughter bonding time because I surly had mine.

“Oh Max she is so wonderful…”

Mum hugs me, I can still see the fresh tears in her eyes. Of course she had to hold Giulia-Cara – you know I wouldn’t want to be my daughter today because everybody was like ‘I want to hold her – may I hold her?’. And we have only arrived one hour ago.

“I’m so proud of you son…”

Dad wraps his arms around my shoulder- oh yeah here we go the manly man thing. I don’t know what is it about father’s and being proud of their sons when they finally have their first child? Oh well maybe I’ll find out one day – who knows.

“Thanks Dad…”

Yawning again I walk into the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee.

“Why don’t we leave you three alone now? I’m sure you’re tired now huh?”

“You can say that – I’m too old for being up the whole night through…”

I take sip and enjoy the hot coffee. Before everybody leaves Becky walks up to me.

“Uncle Max?”

“What Becky?”

Lifting her up I look into her eyes, can you believe it? I now have a daughter of my own - unbelievable.

“Can I play with Giulia soon?”

“Oh honey she’s still too tiny and too young to play with you but how about when you come by the next time you can help watching her – how does that sound?”



Giving her a kiss I hand her over to her waiting Daddy. Alex smiles at me again.

“See ya Max…and call if you have any baby questions…”

“Oh I will, see ya…”

Isabel hugs me again before following her husband, then Mom and Dad leave also telling me that if we need any help they’ll e happy to help. Michael, Maria and Dominic are next.

“Tell Liz that she calls me when she feels up to it okay?”

Maria reminds me for the tenth time.

“I’m sure she’d call you anyway Maria – thanks for coming by last night.”

“Oh don’t even mention it, see ya – Daddy…”

Kyle is the last to leave.

“So you want to wait with the official statement?”

“Yeah – I want to talk to Liz first, I mean if we tell the publicity today or tomorrow won’t make a difference or does it?”

“No – not really, so you want me to contact that photographer?”

“Would be better, I think we better get this thing over as soon as possible I don't want the paparazzi to follow us everywhere we go.”

So this is what we had come up with, a photographer will take some picture of Liz, Giulia-Cara and me as soon as possible so that we’ll be left alone – more or less. The pictures will be sold to selected magazines and the money goes to charity. I think it’s the best way to handle this.

After everybody has finally left I carry the bag up the stairs. It’s pretty quiet now, softly I open the door to the bedroom, where Liz has just finished nursing Giulia-Cara.

“Max could you perhaps make sure she burps? I need to get out of these clothes…”

“Sure…just let me get a towel…”

Hey my sister has had a baby, my best friend has a baby – I’m not a beginner with this.

Carefully I place Giulia-Cara against my chest while Liz disappears into the bathroom.

“So how did you like your first meal sweety? Was it good? I’m sure it was – hm?”

She’s squirming a little bit, very softly I drum more or less against her tiny back, walking out of the bedroom to her room.

“I guess you haven’t really seen you’re room yet huh?”

I know that babies can’t see – duh – I just – well it just feels right to do so, don’t you think? So now I’m in her room.

“You see, here is your bed and right next to it there’s the baby phone that way you can wake mommy and daddy in the middle of the night or whenever you need something – I guess just the figuring out what you need will be a little tough – what do you say sweety?”

I hold her in front of me to take a look at her, she has her eyes closed and it looks like she’s smacking her lips. Chuckling I place her back against my chest, supporting her head with one hand and her little bum with the other.

“What are you two doing?”

Liz suddenly appears at the door.

“Oh just checking out her room, until now she hasn’t complained yet…”

“Did she burp?”

“No – not yet – I think this will take a little practice…”




They look so cute together, I leave them alone, telling Max that I’ll be in the bedroom and he soon follows, placing Giulia-Cara between us we watch our baby sleeping.

“So now we’re parents huh?”

I smile at him, while touching Giulia’s hand carefully.

“Yeah…I still can’t believe that she’s finally here, how are you doing?”

“A little dizzy, I guess the last night is taking its toll on me.”

“Why don't you sleep, I’m here, I’ll watch over her…”

“Are you sure Max? I mean you’re tired as well…”

“And? I’m sure if I fall asleep that our daughter well wake me again if something bothers her or if she wants something.”

Leaning over our baby I give him a kiss and close my eyes, I feel secure, I can trust him – with everything. I know that Max would never let anything happen to our daughter or me and that itself seems to me like a miracle - still. Considering all the obstacles we had to overcome to get where we’re now – I’m pretty sure we can master any storm coming our way – but that’s in the future and right now the future looks bright – because I have the two most important people in my life right here with me, sure someone is missing but in our hearts Michelle will always be here and maybe just maybe one day Giulia-Cara will have another sister or brother. Uhm – well - ask me again in some years right now I have had enough of pregnancy and contractions, so we’ll see…if you’ll excuse me…I'm so tired now. See ya around!