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Author: Alysha

Disclaimer: I own noone and no place and… basically I own jack. I wouldn't sue. You'll get nothing. Unless you want my brother.

Summary: Isabel is pregnant, but whose child is it?

Author's note: If you wanna know how the child could possibly be Alex's read the bottom of this chapter. I'm not saying it is, but it is possible. Ok. By now you've guessed whose kid it is.

Ok. This fic is made up of book and each book has chapters. Each book is based on a character/couple. And their story. You'll see as I go.

Dedications: To Melly, thanks girl, I'll always type fic over studying, unless it's civics. Krystal, here ya go, another one of my fics. Don't tell Dudley, cause there is no romance like the other one. Carla, thanks for telling me I can write even though we all know it's not true.

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NOW for the fic.

Isabel Ramirez sat up in bed soaked in sweat. 'What's wrong with me' she thought rushing to the bathroom. All she knew was that for the first time in her life she was sick. 'Why' she thought, 'Am I having that thing Michael had?' Isabel sighed as she leaned back against the closet door. She half wished that Jesse was there to take care of her and called Max, but she knew if he were there he'd wonder why she called Max and not a doctor. Going into the kitchen she looked at the calendar to see how many days until Jesse got back from New York. One of her dad's clients had needed a lawyer in New York and since Jesse used to practice law there had asked him to go. Isabel had stayed behind. It seemed as f they had a new lead on how to find Max's son, besides she had classes. Looking at the calendar she realized she was a week and a half late. Suddenly everything clicked. Throwing up, no period, the mood swings. She was pregnant. 'No. I can't be' she thought. 'We use protection and birth control.'

Isabel jumped at the sound of the doorbell ringing. On shaky legs she walked to the door and opened it to find Liz standing there.

"Thank god." Isabel said 'I can talk to her'

"I've been calling." Liz said, "but your phone must be off the hook. I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping. Maria is working, and I'm pretty sure your brother doesn't want to go shopping."

"Liz, I need to tell you something. It's important, and you have to promise not to tell anyone. I have to be sure first."

"Ok, Isabel, you're scaring me. The last time I heard that I found out that the boys I liked who loved me was an alien."

Isabel smiled at the memory, how her and Michael thought that Max was the stupidest hybrid in the entire galaxy. Now she was glad he had. Quickly remembering why she needed to talk to Liz she sobered.

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Isabel, Isabel” Liz was snaoing her fingers in front of her face.

“What?” Isabel asked

“You kinda zoned o ut.” Liz answered looking at her worriedly.

“I’m pregnant.” Isabel blurted out before she started crying.

Liz sat there in shock for few minutes. “Isabel, you’re gonna have to tell Jesse, but are you sure you’re pregnant?”

“Yes and no.” Isabel said. Seeing a look of confusion on Liz’s face she explained. “I sorta have all of the symptoms, including throwing up, and we don’t ever get sick. That’s why I think I am. I don’t think I am because the last time I did it with someone without protection was Alex. And that was last Valentine’s Day.”

“ Let’s get you a test.” Liz said. “Will it work, I mean with you being an alien and all? I mean you know that’s how I found out about Max.”

“I don’t know.” Isabel said.

“Is, you need to tell Max. Even is you’re not, this is something y’all need to dicuss. Liz said.

“The test know when I’m not pregnant.” Seeing the look of puzzlement, she quickly added,” My mom made me take a test before. She thought I was pregnant. It was a few weeks after Max told you about us. I was acting weird around my mom so she made me take a test.”

“Oh, so if it’s positive, it’s safe to say you’re pregnant?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, I guess.”

Half an hour later the two girls were back at Isabel’s apartment. Isabel came out of the bathroom holding the stick. “Four minutes she said.” Four minutes passed. “It’s positive.” Isabel choked out before she burst into tears.

Liz just sat there holding a crying Isabel. Neither of them noticed that Jesse walked into the apartment, back a week early form New York. The first thing he heard walking in the door was Isabel crying “I can’t be pregnant” and Liz telling her she was and they would deal.

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Jesse froze in the doorway. He listened as Liz kept reassuring Isabel that everything would be ok. HE must have stayed there a good five minutes before he moved, and even then proably still wouldn't have moved had Max and Michael not run in to him. He stumbled in, knocking over a chair on the way. Michael and Max were yelling, "Isabel we may have found a way to get my son." Well, unitl Max ended up on top of him with mIchael on the very top. Liz and Isabel looked up. Jesse's head stucjk out the bottom of the pile, waax was next with Michael on top. Their hands, feet, legs and arms were in a big jumble. Noticing Isabel's tearstreaked face Max and Michael sut-up. Max was the first to speak. "Izzy, what's wrong?" he asked.

Jesse grunted from underneath and Max and Michael got up. Michael closed the door while Jesse picked Isabel up and carried her to the sofa. Isabel didn't stop crying. Jesse placed her on the sofa sitting next to her. Liz sat on the chair with Max next to Isabel. Michael grabbed a chair from the kitchen.

"Isabel looked at Liz. Liz shook her head no. "No, Is. That is something you have to tell them."

Isabel took a deepbreath and focused on the tv. "I'm pregnant." She whispered. Jesse watched as Isabel started crying and Max and Michael turned pale. He wondered why this affected them so much.

"Max, Michael, may I please speak to my wife, please? There is nothing to worry about." Jesse said wondering why Isabel wasn't happy. Sure, they hadn't talked about kids and yeah she was still in school, but they could afford it and all she'd miss was a semester at the most.

"Jesse, this concerns all of us Kyle and Liz included. My son also." Max said. Liz looked at him questioningly. "You were changed, we're just not sure how much." Liz accepted this answer but all the while thinking 'I'm in danger, just as much as them.'

"why does this include all of y'all?" Jesse asked.

Michael looked at Max, Max looked at Isabel, Isabel looked at Liz "Well, them threee" she said pointed at Max, Michael and Isabel, "are aliens. Kyle, and I were both healed from almost fatal injuries. We had more alienness put in us than you."

Jesse sat looking at Liz. 'She's really gone over the edge. She's too far gone to be help. She thinks my wife is an alien.'

"She's telling the truth." Isabel said quietly, not looking at him. "I'll prove it." Liz handed her her silver bracelet. The same one Max had changed so few years before. She made the sliver braided rope bracelet a solid bangle. Jesse just stared.

"Jesse, say something please." Isabel begged.

"Oh my god." Jesse said still staring.

"I think y'all need to tell him the whole story from the beginning." Liz said.

"Max nodded and began. "In 1947 a spaceship did in fact crash in Roswell. Ok ya know what? Now that I think about it, that's not the beginning. Michael, Isabel, Tess and I were royalty on another planet, well still are. The planet is called Antar, Well anyway, a war broke out and our mom on Antar mixed our alien DNA with human DNA. We were sent here, but the spaceship crashed. The '47 crash was not a weather balloon. We were in these pods until 1989. Isabel and I got adopted and Michael got put in foster care. We all have powers. Isabel can dreamwalk, Michael we're not too sure yet, but he's good at blowing things up, and I can heal. When we were sophomores I healed Liz from a gunshot. Tess then came with the person who was supposed to be our protector. Tess was meant to be my wife. But I didn't want her. I wanted Liz. Well after a big misunderstanding with Liz I turned to Tess. Turns out the whole thing was a mindwarp and she mindwarped me into having sex with her. It was part of her plan to get me home to Antar, where all of us except her would be killed. Well in the process she killed Alex. Liz and I robbed that store in Utah, our spaceship was hidden underneath. Now I'm trying to find my son." Max finished up his story and looked over at Jesse. "Jesse, you can't tell nobody. They found me once and tortured me. Do you want that to happen to Isabel?"

Jesse pulled Isabel towards him. "Nobody will get her as long as I'm around." Jesse smiled. He suddenly realized why this group was so close. They risked their lives for each other. They also couldn't let anyone in. "Do your parents know?"

Max shook his head. "Nope. My mom knows we're different. My dad, well, he's trying to find out." Turing his attention back to Isabel, he asked "Can you connect wit the baby?" Isabel shrugged. "Why don't you try?"

"Can we do a group connect like we did with Liz? I want Jesse to see." Isabel asked Max. Max nodded. They joined hands. Jesse saw everything; from Max saving Liz to the love making of Isabel and Alex last Valentine's day. Isabel looked ashamed and broke the connection. "That was before I met you."

Jesse pulled Isabel into his lap. "I understand. I love you. No matter what."

Isabel smiled. "Liz come with me to connect. You're the scientist." They headed towards Isabel and Jesse's bedroom. "I saw the flash of future Max." Isabel said. "I want details later" she said as she layed down.

Isabel and Liz both placed a hand on Isabel's stomach. Isabel took Liz's other hand. The images came immediately. It was flashes of Isabel and Alex's whole relationship. When They finished Isabel looked at Liz. They both knew.

This baby was Alex's.

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In the Living Room

“Max no offense, but that long hair doesn’t suit you.” Michael, as if everything was normal. “Wait, when did you have long hair?”

“I never did have long hair. Liz thought of him as future Max. I’ll ask her about it later. When did you and Maria have sex?” Max shot back.

Michael glanced at Jesse, clearly avoiding the subject. “Jesse, got any questions?”

Jesse shook his head.” Any I had were cleared with the flash thingy. I think I know this whole entire groups past.”

“Michael when did you and Maria have sex?” Max asked not wanting to drop the subject.

Knowing he would never be able to win to the king of Antar, he replied. “When I got emancipated.


In the Bedroom

Liz and Isabel stared at each other. Isabel was the first to speak. “Oh my god.” She gasped. “How?”

Liz was still trying to figure everything out in that scientific mind of hers. “It’s Alex’s. How?”

“I don’t know. Oh my god, what am I gonna tell Jesse?” Isabel moaned.

“I’ll get Max. He can help figure this out.” Liz said. “MAX!” she yelled.

Max came running. “What? What’s wrong? > Is something wrong? Did it not work?” Max asked. Isabel was the only stable thing in his life. Liz was stable but their relationship would always be complicated.

“It’s Alex’s.” Isabel whispered.

“Huh? How?” Max asked.

“I’m pretty sure we know how, Max.” Liz said. Isabel knew Liz was still trying to make amends with Alex’s death and this was hard on her. Hell, it was hard on all of them.

“Liz, that’s not what I meant. How did we not know for so long that Isabel was pregnant?” Max said, wondering if Liz was still making amends with Alex’s death.

“Blame it on your alien DNA, Max.” Liz said. “Call Langley and find out.

Max nodded. “What are you gonna tell Jesse?” he asked looking at Isabel.

“I gotta tell him the truth, but I need to know what Langley says.” Isabel told him.

An. I decided not to have the conversation between Langley and Max. I have to type it when Max explains and it would involve cursing on Langely’s part and I don’t want that.

15 Minutes Later

Max hung up the phone. “When did you and Alex do it?” He asked his face pale.

“Unprotected on Valentine’s Day, prot3ected on…” Isabel answered before Max cut her off.

“You’re due in two weeks.” he said quickly, not wanting to know about his sister’s love life.

Isabel fainted. “Wanna explain?” Liz asked.

“Not now. Wait until I can tell everyone at once. I’m gonna come clean with my parents. But Jesse needs to know.” Max said.

“We’ll tell the gang tomorrow, y’all could do a dinner here tonight.” Liz suggested.

“Yeah that’ll work. I’ll saty with Izzy.” Max said.

Liz walked into the living room. “Michael, Max is gonna be telling his parents tonite. About everything. Tomorrow, the rest of the gang will find out.. Jesse can I talk to you in the kitchen?”

“What’s wrong? Is Isabel ok?” Jesse asked.

“Jesse, I really hate having to be the one to tell you and frankly I don’t know how, but do you remember that flash? The one of Isabel and Alex?” Jesse nodded “It’s his kid.”

Jesse’s mouth fell open. “How?” he asked.

“Alien DNA. Max doesn’t want to repeat it twice. Jesse, Isabel just found out. Don’t hate her. She really does love you.” Liz said. This wasn’t his kid, this was not something someobe who had only beed married for two and a half weeks really wanted to hear.

“No. She didn’t know. Besides I love her.” Jesse said he looked into the living room. Max was following Isabel back into the room. “Can I go talk to her?” he asked.

“As long as you don’t hurt her.” Liz told him.

“I won’t.” He said walking towards his wife.

Max and Michael walked into the kitchen. “Max, do all aliens have to be present? Cause I don’t really wanna be here.”

“No, but I have to tell them the whole story.”

Michael nodded. “I gotta go. Liz you are so lucky your dad is put of town. If he weren’t well, you know.”

“Goodbye Michael.” They both said as he walked out the door.

Max turned to Liz. Would you stay?”

Liz nodded. “We are lucky my dad is out of town.”

“What about your mom?”

“My mom is on our side.” Liz replied. “Come on. We should give them some time alone.” She said walking into the living room. Isabel and Jesse were sitting next to each other talking and crying. Liz grimanced. Everyone in this group had been through so much, espically Isabel. She needed and deserved happiness And Liz didn’t know if the baby would bring happiness or sadness.


Isabel took Jesse’s. “I’m due in two weeks” she mumbled. “What am I going to do? Ho am I going to explain not showing.”

Jesse looked at Isabel. “first off it’s not I it’s we. Isabel WE are in this together. You and me. And second off we are going to Oregon.” Jesse finished up deciding no one was gonna touch his wife or this kid.

“Why?” Isabel asked.

“We’re gonna adopt.” He explained.

“Wh wh what!?!?” Isabel exclaimed.

“We’re going to Oregon until after the baby is born. Tell people we adopted.

“After we tell your parents. When we get back we’ll look for a bigger apartment.”

“Thank you.” Isabel said.

“For what?” Jesse wondered.

“For accepting.” Isabel said.

“Isabel, you are my wife. I’ve seen all that you have gone through. None of this is your fault. What happened happened. We can’t do anything about that, but we can do something about how we handle it and what we do in the future.


In New Orleans

“Rena, did it work?” a blond girl asked the brunette standing over a bed.

“Yes, the protector will be fine.” The brunette replied looking at the sandy haired man on the bed.

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That night at Isabel and Jesse's

Liz, Max, Jesse, and Isabel are in the kitchen. Jesse and Isabel have just finished filling in Max and Liz in on what they have decided and finalizing the details on whats gonna be happening in Roswell. And what to do about the birth itself. The doorbell rings and Max and Jesse go to answer it.

"Thank you for all you've done for my sister. It's my fault she never told you before. She wanted to so bad, but I didn't want you to be put in danger." Max said as they opened the door.

"Max, I didn't know you would be here." Phillip said.

Isabel walked into the room looking at Max, she asked "Now or later?"

"Now." He answered. "Mom, dad, we wanna tell y'all the truth. But you might want to sit down for it."

Liz walked in and put her hand on Max's arm. "It's time they know. It's gonna be ok." She whispered. Max nodded.

Diane and Phillip sat in the middle of the sofa with Isabel and Max directly in front of them. The coffee table had been moved out of the waay. Liz and Jesse sat on chairs on either side of Max and Isabel.

Max looked at Isabel. Now that they were actually telling them she was terrified. Isabel took Max and Jesse's hand. Liz took Max's free one in hers. The connection formed among them immediately among the group, luckily no flashes or images started, just feelings and emotions.

"Mom, Dad, Isabel and I are aliens." Max said, watching his parents faces. His mom looked shocked but not surprised. His dad, well he couldn't read his reaction, but Max thought they should tell him the rest of the story. Max switched spots with Liz and Isabel sat down next to their dad on the sofa. Taking their parents hands in their own, Max and Isabel opened the connetion. The flashes started.

*Isabel and Max breaking out of their pods*
*When the Evans' found them*
*Max healing the bird*
*Meeting Micheal*
*Seeing Liz, Maria and Alex for the first time*
*Max, Michael, and Isabel finding out they are different*
*Max healing Liz*
*Max telling Liz*
*Isabel and Michael yelling at Max for telling*
*Liz and Maria helping them get Valenti off their back*
*Max and Liz talking*
*Isabel and Alex talking*
*The group hanging out at the Crashdown*
*Meeting Tess*
*Finding out Tess is Max's destiny*
*Liz walking away from Max*
*Lix trying to stay away from MAx*
*Future Max meeting Liz*
*Him telling her that Michael and Isabel died*
*Liz talking to Tess*
*Liz asking Kyle for help*
*Isabel and Alex stargazing*
*Isabel and Alex cementing their love*
*Isabel promising to email Alex*
*Finding out that Alex is dead*
*Liz searching for the killer*
*Max telling her it's no use*
*Isabel visitng Alex's grave*
*Max and Tess having sex*
*Tess telling Max she was pregnant*
*Tess telling Max that the baby won't survive on Earth*
*Max and Isabel making the tape*
*Michael telling them he was staying*
*Liz telling them that Tess killed Alex*
*Tess telling Max that if he kills her he kills his son*
*Max and Liz dating again*
*Isabel and Jesse meeting*
*Them dating*
*Liz telling Max she wanted to help*
*Max and Liz robbing the store*
*Isabel and Jesse in Jesse's hotel room*
*Them kissing after getting engaged*
*The wedding*
*Max and Michael trying to stop Kivar*
*Max and Liz ice skating* (ok I realize this didn't happen until after Christmas, but it was so cute, so pretend it happened sooner)*
*Isabel realizing she was pregnant*
*Finding out it's Alex's*

The flashes ended. Diane and Phillip just sat there. Suddenly Phillip grabbed Max into a big hug. Diane looked at Isabel. She had tears in her eyes.

"You're pregnant?" she asked. Isabel nodded. "How is it Alex's? You just found out?"

"Max, you explain." Isabel said.

"Since we are part alien, and the baby is growing in Isabel, it will only last a month, like alien pregnancies. But since Alex was human, it still had to grow for nine months, the normal human time." Max explained. " Isabel's body won't start adjusting until the last month before she is due. If Isabel had been human and Alex had been the alien, it would have been a normal human pregnancy."

"So, you're due right after Christmas?" Phillip asked.

"No, in two weeks." Isabel said. "which is where y'all come in."

"I'm taking Isabel to Oregon until after the baby is born. People are gonna wonder why she didn't show sooner." Jesse explained.

"Why Oregon?" Phillip asked.

"Right before my dad died him and my mom bought a cabin in the mountains" Jesse answered.

"My brother has one in Lone Brook. It's right in the next town, well right outside actually. We could be there in half in an hour if something went wrong." Diane said, not wanting to be so far from Isabel when she needed her.

"That'll work." Max said. " And it would be better." He looked at Jesse who nodded in agreement.

"Jesse, I even have a case that I need some information on. Someone to talk to the witnesses. But how will you explain suddenly having a child?" Phillip put in.

"We're 'adopting'." Jesse said. " well that's what we'll tell people."

"Now that that is settled, can we eat?" Diane asked. "We can talk more then."

"Sure." Isabel said. "Just lemme get the salad out of the fridge."

Ok. Maybe you think the parents and Jesse took it a little too well, but it will be explained in the next part, if not the one after that. But it willed be explained.

Another thing. The whole pregnancy thing. Basically what I'm saying is that since, Isabel is alien, yet the baby's father was human, it had to grom for nine months, but Isabel's alien body can't handle that, so it would adjust to carry the baby. Hope that explains it.

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“Max, you will be moving back home now.” Diane said in a tone that left no room for discussion.

“Yes, ma’em.” Max said causing Isabel and Liz to giggle. The high king of Antar answering to his mother.

“So when do y’all plan on heading to the cabin?” Phillip asked.

“In the morning. Lunchtime at the latest.” Isabel answered.

“Hey, since Maria, and I are off why don’t we drive up there with Max and air it out. We can leave before y’all even get up.” Liz suggested.

Diane nodded. “There’s a groundskeeper that checks every few months and makes sure it is nice, but it could be dusted and aired out.”

“Whoever cooked, that was delisious.” Phillip said, wiping his hands with his napkin.

“I’ll tell the Flying Pepperroni guy next time I see him.” Max said grinning. “You really think any of us could cook this?”

“No.” Phillip said as he got his coat. “Kids I wish we could talk longer, but I have to inish a deposition by Monday and apparently I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.” He said shooting a look at his wife.

“Mrs. Evans, that’s mean. Liz said laughing.

“Why do you think she did it?” Phillip asked as Isabel opened the door.

Max turned to Liz. “I better get you to your house before your dad calls.” Turning to Isabel and Jesse, “We’ll talk more when y’all get to the cabin tomorrow.” They both nodded as Liz and Max walked out the door.


Later that night Isabel and Jesse are talking in bed.

“Jesse, I know you aren’t biologically this child’s father, and after you’ve been so great about everything I hate to ask this, but will you act as his father?” Isabel asked.

“Manda, I’d be honored to.” Jesse said, using Isabel’s middle name. He’d called her Belle one time, but she’d started crying and said that a good friend who was no longer here used to call her that and he immediately switched to Manda. Now he knew who had called her Belle. Alex had. “Isabel, can I ask you a question? Did you love him as much as you love me?”

“No, well it’s two different kinds of love. It’s hard to explain. His was a trusting love. I didn’t have to worry. With you, I don’t have to worry, but it’s not like it was with Alex. I’m sorry. I can’t explain. But I do love you. “ Isabel said.

They fell asleep in each others embrace

Liz hung up the phone. She had just called to tell Maria everything that had happened. Going out to her balcony, she began writing in her journal.

Maria, tells me not to feel guilty, but now with Isabel and Alex’s baby, I can’t help it. I feel like I killed Alex. Maria is actually using logic, which is kind of scary. She said that if I hadn’t changed the future, we’d all be dead. But it doesn’t help. I changed the future and Tess is still against us. Tonight, when we connected I know everyone saw future Max. I know Max will ask me about it tomorrow, and Isabel will practically die from curiosity before asking. But a good thing that happened tonight, when we opened our connection, we could feel each others feelings. I’m pretty sure Jesse could feel the amount of love Isabel has for him. The bad thing, the Evans’ realize how much Max and I love each other and how close we are. Every time Mrs. Evans looked at me I swear I turned red. Isabel could barely keep from laughing. Oh got to go. I stayed home tonight for some mother daughter time, and mom rented some movies.


Jesse was sitting looking out the window of his and Isabel’s apartment. Isabel was already sleeping, but he needed to talk to someone, so he did the only thing he could think of. He talked to his dad in heaven.

Hey dad. Isabel is pregnant. I guess you know that and everything else. Max called while Isabel was in the shower. You proably know that too, but I still wanna tell you. Max asked me why I was so supportive of the whole thing. Because even though I know she loves me, this baby is a part of her and her first love, and I know how much this baby means to her, because it is a part of Alex. She loved him. I felt that in the connection. But I also felt her love for me. It was so powerful, the amount of love. It’s almost unbelievable. But I love her the same amount back.

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Isabel woke up to find Jesse staring at her. “What?” She asked.

“You got a belly.” He said giggling.

Isabel looked down. She looked about four or five months pregnant. “Stop.” She said blushing. “You sound like a schoolgirl.”

“Come on. We gotta get ready and pack.” He said. “Max called and they left about an hour ago.”

“I’m going to take a shower.” Isabel told him struggling to get out of bed. Jesse laughed as he helped her. Isabel glared at him.

‘Let the mood swings begin’ he thought.


“Maria, I know it’s barely December, but I need your help for Valentine’s Day.” Max said. “ I owe it to Liz.”

“Max, it’s December fifth, you have a good while to plan it.” Maria said amused. Liz had already started asking her about it. ‘Two peas in a pod I guess, no not a good comparison, more like soulmates I guess.’

Max, Liz and Maria were already in Lone Brook. It was 8:15 on a Saturday morning. Liz was in the kitchen making a list of things the baby would need. Isabel had called her last night and asked her if she would help her mom with getting baby things. Max and Maria were upstairs in the loft dusting.

“I know, it’s just after everything that’s happened I want it to be special.” Max said.

“Anything you do for Liz will be special.” Maria reminded him.

“Hey, Maria” Max suddenly said five minutes later. “What do you know about future Max?”

“That you need to ask Liz.” Maria said wondering how he knew.

“Does it have anything to do wit why Liz feels so guilty about Alex’s death?” Max asked, knowing the answer full well/

“Just talk to her later” Maria said heading down the stairs

“I still don’t see why we had to dust up here. It won’t ever be used.” Max said grumpily, as he followed.

“Because lingering dust is bad for a baby.” Maria toold him sounding as if she were talking to a child. “And it will to be used. Just not in the way you think.” Maria said grinning. (A/N give me a minute to take my mind out of the gutter.)

Walking into the living room, they found Liz laughing. “What?” Max asked.

“Maria sounds as if she is explaining something to a five year old.”

“Nope, a guy.” Maria said, giggling at Liz’s analogy. ”Hey, I’m gonna go outside for a minute, why don’t you two start in the kitchen.”

Maria went outside and Liz and Max went into the kitchen.

“Liz can we talk?” Max asked.

“Sure. What’s up?” she asked grimancing at the brown water coming out of the faucet. After a minute it turned clear.

“Future Max.” Max said. “ I saw him in the flashes.”

“What do you want to know?” Liz asked, closing her eyes. She knew he needed to know, but it was still painful to talk about. She felt guilty for Max’s son and Alex’s death, and now she felt she owed something to Isabel and Alex’s child.

“Liz, I can tell by looking at you that this is hard for you, But I’d like to know and help you get through this.” Max told her gently.

While Liz cleaned the cabinet and Max cleaned the fridge, Liz told him the story.

“So, that’s why you have been feeling so guilty?” Max asked, holding a sobbing Liz in his arms. Liz nodded. “Liz, you did what was right at that time. Isabel would agree.” He added knowing that that was probably one of her biggest fears.

Feeling comforted by Max’s words Liz nodded, “Come on. We need to start in the living room.”

Maria walked in holding a cell phone. “They’ll be here at about one o’clock. Michael is coming and we are all gonna have dinner here.”

“Ok.” Liz mumbled wiping her tears. Max kissed her cheeks.

The three of them then began cleaning the living room.


Around two o’clock Isabel and Jesse pulled up in separate cars. As a wedding present Isabel’s parents had gotten her a car.

Isabel jumped from the car and ran for the bathroom the door slamming behind her.

“Liz, Maria, someone, please got talk to her.” Jesse asked desperately. “I think her hormones are going crazy because she won’t talk to me.”

“We’re on it.” Liz said heading towards the bathroom.

“what’s wrong with Liz?” Jesse asked.

“Nothing.” Max answered puzzled. “Oh her eyes.”

Jesse nodded. “Looks like she’s been crying.”

“She has. Remember the flashes and future Max?” Jesse nodded “ Well she told me about it and that’s why she feels guilty about Alex’s death.” Now Jesse looked confused. “Well my future self asked her to fall out of love with me as teenagers, so I came back to the past errr present, whatever and well not to go into toop much detail, my future self asked Liz to get me, now, to fall out of love with her. Liz changed the future and because of that she feels responsible for Alex’s death, since my future self to her we were all alive when we were nineteen.”

“Oh” was all Jesse could say as once again he was struck by how mature this group was and closeness and love for each other. They haven’t had a real day as teenagers since Max healed Liz. His respect for Liz grew another notch. They had felt how deep her feelings for Max ran and vice-versa and to get Max to fall out of love with her must have almost killed her.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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“She yelled at me because one light on the srtand was out.” Max said.

Jesse started laughing. “Oh, laugh now mister,but wait until you get home and are getting ready for Christmas.” Maria said.

Jesse turned pale. “Oh god,.” He said. “It’s gonna be a mess.”

“what’s gonna be a mess?” Michael asked walking in the door.

“Nothing.” Isabel answered quickly, really not wanting Michael’s imput on this subject.

“Oh, Liz, your dad is getting in late tonight, early tomorrow. Your mom asked me to tell you.” Micahel said, casting a knowing glance at Liz.

“Does that mean I have to go back tonight?” Liz asked.

“No, she just wanted you to be prepared for questioning.” Michael said smiling.

“Wait, your mom is on your side?” Jesse asked, his face mirrioring the puzzled looks on Maria and Isabel’s faces.

“Liz giggled. “Yeah. She says we’re teenagers and other than going to jail, were basically good kids.” Liz answered. She then changed her voice to imitate her moims. “ AS long as your not on drugs, drinking, or having sex, I’m ok with it.”

“Oh, yeah Liz, your mom wants you and Maria to decorate the crashdown tomorrow.” Michael added.

“So, we have a few hours before the parents get here. Wjhat should we cook?” Maria asked.

“Cook?” Isabel asked.

“ Isabel still hasn’t grasped the fact that cooking doesn’t always mean well done.” Jesse cleared up for the rest.

The gang laughed and settled down for a few hours of being normal. It was rare when they could.

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The Next Day at the Crashdown After the Lunch Crowd

Maria is sitting at a back booth while Liz is in the back getting the last box. Maria looks up as the bell over the door rings. Max walked in. “Max, you shouldn’t be here. Mr. Parker is back.” Maria told him. “Liz will cal..” She was cut off by Mr. Parker who walked out the back room.

“Lizzie will be out in a minute.” He said. Max nodded. “We will talk later but there is something I want to tell you now. If you break my daughters heart watch out.”

“Mr. Parker,” Max started. “ Liz broke my heart before, and it was the worst thing. I wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy.”

Liz walked out and joined in the conversation. “Neither would I.” She said before giving her dad a kiss on the cheek. “Well, maybe Tess.”

“We all would on Tess.” Maria giggled.

Mr. Parker smiled. He hadn’t liked Tess either and had been happy when he heard she had left Roswell for good. Mr. Parker went back into the apartment abpve the Crashdown. HE had just taken a huge step in mending his relationship with his daughter. He hadn’t seen her so happy as when he had told her she could see Max.

Maria looked at Liz and Max. “Ok. What happened?” she asked, clearly puzzled by Mr. Parker’s change of mind. (a/n- notice how often happened is used in this paticular book!)

“Max’s mom and my parents had a talk after the flashes. Mrs. Evans told my parents thay there was nothing to worry about and now my dad is pretty much ok with it.” Liz said happily.

Maria smiled. She hadn’t seen Liz this happy since before future Max. Everything was out in the open and she was with Max. The only person missing was Alex but that was something noone can shange.

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Michael picked up Maria from the Crash around seven thirty. When he heard Max and Liz were free to be together, he decided that they might like some time alone, without having to sneak around.

Max and Liz were going to the movies and the Flying Pepperoni. Michael didn’t know where to bring Maria. This was Roswell after all. Not exactly a hotbed for activity. Excluding alien related activities of course.

“Go to your apartment.” Maria said. He turned to look at her but headed to his apartment anyway.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


“Liz, Max and Jesse are the only ones who know about what I am going to tell you. It’s really Liz’s story to tell, but it’s to hard for her to tell.” Maria said in a rush in her usual rambling way. Max had asked her to tell Michael and Maria had said yes in a heartbeat. Liz still had trouble telling the story and the fact that she had to tell a moody Isabel was not gonna be good for either. “You still think Liz slept with Kyle don’t you.?”

“Yeah.” Michael said wondering where this was going.

“Well she didn’t. She only made Max think that she had.”

“Why? Huh? I’m lost.” Michael said.

“Nothing new about that.” Maria quipped. Michael started to protest, but Maria cut him off. “Sorry. Not the point. Ok” and Maria began the story. (I assume everyone knows the story. If not the episode is called the end of the world, season 2. look over at crashdown.)

When she finished she looked at Michael. She saw more emotions flit through his face in the next minute than she had ever in the two years she had known him. “Michael?” she asked tenativly.

“Yeah?” he responed still not completely focusing all of his attention on her.

Maria noticed and sdecided to play around with it. “Would you buy me a car?”


“Can we go to Vegas?”


“I’ll go get the wedding dress for you to wear.” Maria said a smile lighting her face.

“Ok.” Michael said, two secondsa later, “WHAT?! No.” he said realizing Maria had been questioning him. “What all did I agree to?” he asked scared to know the answer.

“You’re getting me a car, we’re going to Vegas and you are wearing a wedding dress.”

Michael turned paled and his eyes got as big as saucers (hehe oh a joke!). Maria giggled pulling him close She kissed his to assure that he didn’t have to.

~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In New Orleans

“How much longer until the queen is brought here?” the blond asked her friend.

“Mid-March, Avery.” Her brunette friend answered.

“Rena, are you nervous?” Avery asked her friend as they stood looking at the sandy haired boy on the bed.

“Av, of course I am. Heck I terrified. In about five months the ball will be in our court and we can’t control it directly.” Serena answered.

“How are we gonna control it? How are we gonna make sure the prophecy is fulfilled?” Avery asked.

“We well go into the subconscious when nessary.”

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Parker Apartment the Next Morning

Liz is dressed and sitting on her balcony. Max had to work that day at the UFO Museum, so she had decided today was the perfect day to tell Isabel about future Max. She picked up the cordless phone from on side of the table and dialed the number.

“Hello?” Jesse’s voice came from the other end.

“Hey, Jesse. This is Liz.”

“Oh, hey Liz. What’s up?”

“Well I thought you might like to get some shopping done, and I need to talk to Isabel alone.”

“Liz, as much as I appericate that, are you sure? Isabel is awfully moody.

“I’m sure. Unless you think it would put stress on Isabel.” Liz said.

“You won’t. Besides I think it will help you both with closure.” Jesse smiled. HE knew Liz was terrified at telling Isabel for fear of Isabel hating her and she was more worried about Isabel.

“Ok. I should be there in less than an hour. I have to talk to my dad for a little while.” Liz told him, climbing back through her window at the same time.

“Ok. Bye Liz.”

Liz hung up and went down into the Crashdown. She went over to her parents who were eating at a booth. Liz’s mom smiled at how happy her daughter was. Her dad smied because he had made both of his favorite women happy. He was proud he had raised a daughter he could trust, He was thankful that the Evan’s had talked to them and told them there was nothing to worry about. Both parties had agreed on the same thing. Their children were miserable without each other. He had talked to the Evans last night and they had told him Max hadn’t stopped smiling. He noticed Liz hadn’t either.

“Liz” her mother said standing up. “I have to go Christmas shopping. Do you want to come?”

“No. I’m gonna go visit Isabel in Lone Brook.” Liz said.

“Why are Isabel and Jesse in Lone Brook anyway?” Her mom asked.

Liz swallowed. Everyone had talked about it and everyone knew the story. “A friend of Jesse’s is having a baby and can’t support it and Isabel and Jesse agreed to adopted it because Isabel has a blood disease.”

Is Isabel’s blood problem bad?” he dad wondered.

“NO, not if she takes care of it.”

Liz’s mom kissed her quickly on the cheek as she slid out of the booth. Liz slid into the booth across from her dad.

“Thanks, dad.” She said after her mom walked away. “It means a lot that you can trust me.”

“Lizzie, it’s not that I don’t trust you, or Max, because I trust both of y’all. Other than jail y’all have given me no reason not to, it just made me realize you are not so young no more. It made me realize how big you are getting and I needed to feel in control.

“NO dad, you don’t have to explain. I know what I did was wrong.”

“Liz do you know why I went to Santa Fe?” her dad asked suddenly.

“Crashdown stuff I thought.” Liz nswered.

“Your grandmother’s lawyer called. Yur grandmoather had a box there. So I went. Mostly it was letters for us to give you for you to open on certain occasions. There was one for your mom and I. You know how much she believe in your relationship with Max. Well in the letter, it told us that you and Max would be together no matter what. She said it was like your destiny. So I wanna trust your granmother and believe that you and Max are soulmates, but please be smart about it.” Liz’s dad told her.

Liz nodded. “Can I please have the letters grandma left me?”

Her dad pulled them out of his pocket. “This one is for graduation, but this one you can have now. The rest are upstairs I’ll get them when you get home, but plase wait until the occansion on them to open them.”

Liz nodded, “dad I really hate to do this but if I don’t leave now I’m gonna be late for meeting Isabel.” She took the envelopes, kissed her dad and went to her mom’s car. Her mom had taken her dad’s car.(an- no loose end)

She smiled when she saw Max getting out of his car at the museum. He hadn’t seen her yet, but she knew it was proabaly because she was in emotion overload so the connection was muddled. She walked up behind Max and concentrated on one emotion, her love for him. Max smiled when he felt his connection with Liz open. It meant she was near. Max turned around expecting to see Liz walking out of the Crashdown. He jumped when he realized she was right behind him. He walked her to her moms car.

Mr. Parker watched all of this through a window in the Crashdown. The way they smiled and how their eyes lit up when they saw each other. They were like his mom said. Soulmates. He couldn’t stand in the way of that.

“So I guess you’re gonna tell Isabel today?” Max asked, even though he already knew.

Liz nodded. “Give Jesse a chance to go shopping. Though this is one time when I wish I had alien powers. Jesse said she is moody.”

“You do have alien powers.” Max said smiling. “You have powers over her king.”

“Somehow I don’t that that’ll scare Isabel too much.” Liz looked at her watch. “You’re gonna make me late. I told Jesse I’d be there in fifteen minutes”

Max laughed. “I sure they’ll understand. Well Jesse will. The formidable Christmas-tree-nazi-princess might not.”

“Max, be nice she’s your sister. Besides she’s pregnant with your niece of nephew.” Liz’s cell phone started ringing. “Hello.” She said as Max pulled her close. “hey, Isabel… no I haven’t left yet… Have I seen your physco alien king brother?” liz asked into the phone, biting her lip to keep from laughing. “no I haven’t seen your brother today, Isabel.” Liz said laughing at Max’s expression over what Isabel had called him. “What do you mean I am a terrible liar?” Liz asked as Max put his chin on her shoulder. “You know I’m with Max now? How?” Liz giggled as Max whispered in her ear that she was. “Yes, I’m with him right now Isabel.”

Max asked as he took the phone “Hey, Issy” Max said. “Yes I know my girlfriend is a terrible liar.” Max said rolling his eyes. “No, I’m not rolling my eyes.” Liz bit her lip to keep from laughing. “Ok, Isabel.. love you too… yes, big sister.. alright, bye.” He turned off the phone and handed it to Liz. “Boy, is she moody.” He said Liz laughed. “She wants you to help her when she connects to the baby today”

“Cool” p said. “Now I really have to go.” She said as she turned around in Max’s arms.

‘Max just grimanced. “Gggrrr. Ok But we will have plenty of kissing time later?” he asked.

Liz nodded. “Oh yeah. Wanna give me a preview now?”

Max nodded. “But just a little” With that Max leaned in ans gave her a chaste kiss on the lips, leaving a hint at what was to come later.

Liz got in the car a permanent smile on her face.

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Cahpter 10

Liz thought to herself as she drove to Lone Brook. He knew she probably looked stupid, driving and smiling, but she didn’t care. She was happy.

When she arrived at the cabin, she saw Isabel and Jesse on the porch swing. Isabel was wrapped up in a blanket and leaning against Jesse, a text book open in her lap. Liz got out the car and walked up the steps. Isabel leaned forward so Jesse could get up. Kissing Isabel on the lips he walked towards his car. Liz sat on the swing.

“What?” Isabel asked noticing Liz’s smile.

“Nothing” Liz said.

“Then why are you smiling?” Isabel asked. She had been up since five o’clock in the morning because of morning sickness, and was quite grumpy. “never mind.” She said remembering who Liz had just seen. “I’m not sure I want to know.”

“Isabel, we were in the Crashdown parking lot. Nothing happened.” Liz said.

“Liz, Alex and I said the same thing, but obivoulsy we weren’t telling the truth. As you can see something happened.” Isabel shot back grumpily.

“Moddy?” Liz asked trying to change the subject. If it hadn’t been for Isabel calling and them being in the parking lot, something might have happened. Now she’ll never know. “It’s not like we’ve done anything yet” she said. “We should have.” She thought not realizing she also said it out loud.

“What?” Isabel asked. ‘They should have? Huh?’ she thought. How can you were supposed to. You either did or you didn’t. “Wait.” Isabel said breaking into Liz’s train of thought.

“That’s actually why I wanted to talk to you. You remember how I knew Alex’s death wasn’t suicide? And was most likely alien related?” Isabel nodded, remembering how they had all told Liz she was nuts. “It’s because it was my fault. I sorta changed the future, but not enough cause Tess still hates us.”

“Liz. You are starting to ramble like Maria.” Isabel broke in. What did Liz mean she changed the future. “Liz, what do you mean you changed the future?”

“A future version of Max came and told me I needed to change the future and the reason was because Tess was mad I was with Max. HE said we got married at nineteen and that Alex was there. Tha’s how I knew.”

“oh, Liz.” Isabel said trying to get up to go hug her friend, but she had trouble.

Liz put her hands up, to stop her.” No that’s not all. He said earth was invaded and you and Michael died. Now I keep thinking if we had just used that knowledge, in the fiuture and not right then, Alex would still be alive.”

Isabel shook her head no. “Liz, is ypu hadn’t changed the uture,we’d all be dead. Besides you did what you thought was right at the time. Now come on, help me up, I gotta use the bathroom.”

Liz helped Isabel up and smiled as Isabel half-walked , half-waddled to the bathroom.

“It’s not funny.” Isabel yelled over her shoulder. “I feel like a duck. When I finish I wanna connect with the baby.”

Liz sat on the sofa but jumped up when she heard a sequel come from Isabel who was just coming out of the bathroom. “What’s wrong?” she asked running ovewr to her.

“The baby kicked.” Isabel said putting her hand on her swollen stomach.

Liz giggled when she saw the look of happiness on Isabel’s face. If you had told Liz three years ago that Isabel would be a mom, she would have laughed at you, but now she knew the true Isabel, she realzied it was all Isabel really wanted. “So I guess now would be a good time to connect?” Liz asked.

Isabel pulled Liz into the bedroom. Liz giggled again at how eager Isabel was. Isabel layed on the bed, taking lps’ hand in one and placing their other hands on the baby. After a few seconds the flashes began, but instead of like last time, they saw the baby.

“It’s a boy.” Isabel stated, after Liz nodded saying everything was ok. “And I know exactly what I want to name it. Alexander.”

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Last 2 Chapters

Wow. Never thought I’d get here. Ok.

Dedications- Krazykittie, rollergal20, and Doris, for always asking when I am updating. It motivates.

Also I love the l/I friendship and, mainly because I am a dreamer and they should be friends.

Also, it starts off I/l, then can’t tell you, but ends m/l. The last part is something that will need to be remembered in the next book connected with this story, I Can’t Hide mY Pain No More. Look for it Next week.

Isabel and Liz returned to the living room. “Izzy, are you gonna tell the Whitmans?” Liz asked.

“I tried, but after Alex died they moved away and no one knows where they went.” Isabel said frustrated. She wanted her son to know his father, and even though they had been close the last year, there were things missing, from before she knew him that she’s never be able to tell her son. Things even Maria and Liz wouldn’t be able to tell him.

“You know Alex wasn’t an only child?” Liz asked. “Well, he was but he wasn’t.” She amended. “The Whitmans ad two other kids, a boy and a girl.”

“He never told me. What happened?” Isabel asked.

“The girl was still born about a year after Alex was born, and the boy died from sudden infant death syndrome a few weeks after Mrs. Whitman found out she was pregnant with Alex. After Lindsey, the girl, died the only thing keeping them here was Alex. He didn’t want to leave the desert.”

“Even at one he knew the difference?” Isabel asked amazed.

“No, he had really bad allergies, and the desert has less dust.” Liz told her.

“Tell me more.” Isabel asked.

“Well, he was the first person to call me Liz. He couldn’t say Elizabeth so he called me Liz. After that it stuck.”

Isabel smiled. These were the things she wanted to know. “Anything else?” she asked.

“No, but you can tell me some about Max.” Liz said devilishly. “Any embarrassing moments?”

“Only a ton.” Isabel said. “Most of them because of you.”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Oh, you know, always staring at you. One time he was staring at you in PE and got hit in the head with a basketball.” Isabel said laughing. “Another time in the cafeteria, he spilled water all over the front of his pants. He doesn’t even know he did cau he was so busy staring at you. I cleaned it up before he realized. He was still staring at you.”

Liz smiled. “The day he healed me Maria had told me he was staring at me, but I didn’t believe her.”

“Oh trust me, he proabalby was. I wasn’t even there and I know he was.” Isabel said.

Liz giggled. “Thanks Is.”

“For what?”

“For being understanding about my relationship with Max. “ Liz said.

“Liz, you two have a weird relationship, full of obstacles , but you have overcome every single one, why should I try?” Isabel said. “Besides, I like you a hell of a lot better than I like Tess. I think I’ve known how much you’ve loved Max since the White Room incident. Tess just wanted him alive so she could rule Antar, you wanted him alive because you loved him.” Isabel said.

“Still, thank Is. Liz said going to give Liz a hug.

“Now, look, you’ve made me cry.” Isabel said wiping her eyes.


“Isabel, Liz, Jesse, somebody?” Max called walking in the cabin/

“In the dining room.” Liz called back.

Max groaned when he heard Isabel. “Jesse, sweetie, you can’t use blue bows on Christmas present.”

“Why not?” Jesse asked.

Liz giggled. “Cause the Christmas Tree Nazi said so.”

Max stepped into the dining room just as Isabel shot an evil glare at Liz. “Thank god alien looks can’t kill.” He said walking up behind Liz.

“We’d all be dead by now.” Jesse said smiling innocently when Isabel shot him a look.

“We wouldn’t all be dead, just a select few.” Isabel said.

“Like who?” Jesse asked.

“Max, Liz, and Tess.” Isabel said.

“Uh, Isabel, I really hate being put in the same category as her.” Liz said.

“Not, like that. Her because she is an evil, skank gerbil and you and Max because if I have to watch the whole we shouldn’t be together because it is dangerous one more time I will throw-up.” Turning to Jesse she said. “These two are more in love than Romeo and Juliet. It’s like they can’t survive without each other.”

Jesse nodded smiling. “I noticed.”


Last Part.

Isabel sat in the armchair in the living room, Jesse was cooking dinner in the kitchen and she had just finished wrapping her last presents. Gag gifts for her brother “s”. She had gotton them each a pair of Tabasco pj’s. She wondered amusedly how llong it would be before Maria and Liz pulled them off. She knew it would be longer for Liz than Maria. Maria and Micheal were closer, in that aspect of their relationship. They needed the kisses, while Max and Liz just needed each other. Feeling a slight discomfort in her stomach she decided to go lay down. “Jesse, I’m going lay down for a little while.” She shaid pushing herself into a standing position. She waddled down the hall into the bedroom.

Jesse checked on Isabel about an hour later. Her parents were gonna be here in about fifteen minutes and he wanted to get Isabel up. The sight that greeted him wasn’t what he expected. Isabel was in the middle of the bed gripping the sheets hard. “Isabel, whats’ wrong?” he asked panicked from the doorway.

“The baby’s coming.” Isabel said. “Now.” She added.

“Hello, where is everyone?” Diane’s voice yelled from the living room.

“Mrs. Evans, we’re in the bedroom. Call Max, the baby is coming.” Jesse yelled. Other people were here they could help.

Diane rushed to the back and immediately assessed the situation. “Phillip, call Max., Jesse get wet washcloths.”

Twenty minutes later Max and Liz arrived. They had been at a Christmas party when the call had come. Five hours later, Alexander Phillip Ramirez let out a screaming wail after he took his first breaths in his uncles arms.

Max handed the baby to Isabel who immediately began crying. Isabel checked the baby over and hugged him close crying happy tears.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

A Week Later The Day After Christmas

Isabel sat in a rocker in the corner of the living room. They had gotten in the evening before, their little family celebrating it’s first Christmas together alone. They had decided to do a day after Christmas type of thing. Liz had come over early that mrning and the two girls had fried chicken and made baked macaroni. Now everyone was just sitting around talking and playing hot potato with Alex. Liz and Max had chipped in and gotten them a night at a hotel for Valentine’s day, with them babysitting. She looked over at the group. Alex was being held by his godmother, Liz, who was talking to Jesse’s mom. Apparently, Jesse’s mother had known her grandmother. Mrs. Evans and Jesse were talking about a new case, and Michael and Mr. Evans were just talking. Maria, was lecturing Max not to break Liz’s heart. Isabel looked up when she heard someone approach her. It was Liz, bringing Alex back to her. Isabel looked down at the baby in her arms. This little boy had changed all of their lives. Max loved spending time with his nephew, and Isabel supposed it was so he would no what he was missing with his son.

~!~!~!~!~!~! A few months later

Finally the last couple in their group took the final step in their relationship. Max and Liz finally cemented their love.