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Title: I Can't Hide My Pain No More
Dedication: Hm. Where to begin? (taps head thoughtfully) Erin, Doris, um, and I am sure there are people I am forgetting, but I can't think right now.
Rating: pg-13 maybe R
Couples: M/L, M/M, I/J, K/A
Future Fic/Sequel
Sequel to What Happened Happened
An: Ok, picks up three years after M/L cement their relationship. Liz left when Max went to get his son. All will be explained. This is my fave book in this series and the one I get extrememly evil in. If you haven't read whh, mainly the only thing that happened is that Isbael found out she was pregnant with Alex' s son after her and Jesse were married. It ended with MAx and LIz cementing their relationship. And Jesse and Isabel still togehter.

Liz sat in the living room of her New Orleans town house, watching the stairs while reading her latest letter from Ava. Ava had moved to Roswell a few months after she had left.

Dear Liz,
How's my Alyssa? She miss Tante Ava? And how's Matthew? Growing up so fast I bet. Ok. I guess you want the Roswell gang info. Alex is growing up so fast. Last week I caught Isabel crying about it. Ms. Ice Prness crying because her baby boy is growing up. Her and Jesse are doing wonderful and have started talking about having more kids. Isabel wants to wait until she graduates net year. She's decided to become a social worker. Can you believe it? Maria and Michael have also started talking about having kids. Oh my gosh Liz I forgot to tell you. Michael became a deputy at the sheriff's office along with Kyle. Maria is sooooooo proud. She's decided she wants to become a music teacher. Klye also is deputy as I mentioned earlier. I have no clue what I want to do. Haley adores him and he adores her, but I know he's glad when she goes to visit her dad IT gives us a chance to be toether alone. But as of mid-August, Kyle will be Haley's stepdad. Kyle adnd I are getting married. Maybe, just maybe I hope you'll be able to come. Haley is all excited. She's running around the house singing I got two daddies now. Sometimes she wants to know why she don't have two mommies. What do I tell her? Your dad's only true love can't be here? Sorry, it's just I know that Max is miserable, and I'm thinking you are too. And now for Max. He's accepted Ahley and loves her so much. He loves spending time with her. He wants to be a vet. I gues he knows then that he can use his powers without people knowing. Collin is growing like a weed. But Max still misses you. It tore him apart that you left. I mean I know why you left, and I understand, but he keeps hoping you'll come back. Well I got to go bring Haley to Max. Write later bye.

Love, Ava.

P.S. Send pictures.

Liz put the letter down. So much had happened she had left Roswell about three years ago. Her life had probably changed the most along with Max's and sadly they had changed without each other. Liz had always thought their lives would change together, but they hadn't. Max had left to get his son and she had found out she was pregnant. She couldn't bring that on Max. He was getting his nine month old son, he didn't need another kid weighing him down. She hadn't expected that Ava had Haley. Franly, she had freaked and within an hour of taking the test had been on the plane to New Orleans. Her grandmother had been co-owner of a traditional Cajun food café and had passed it to Liz. Liz was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of a baby crying. Going up the stairs and into the nursery, she saw something that made her stop in her tracks. Two-year-old Alyssa was standing by Matthew's crib going "Shh, Matty, shh shh. Momma need shh time." She was saying while rubbing his back with her hand squeezed in through the crib. Matthew was barely five months old, while Alyssa was two years and three months. HE looked nothing like his dad. He was pure Liz. Alyssa was the oerfect blend of Max and Liz, with a little of Max's sister. She had Isabel nose, Liz's eye's, and Max's ears Liz's hand moved down to her stomach. Just before the mail had arrived she had taken the test. How was she gonna tell Nathan? Matthew had been after a drunken night and this one was too. Hearing Alyssa's voice she snapped out of her thoughts.

"It's ok Lissy. We gotta get ready to go meet Tante Rena." Liz said walking over to the crib. She picked Matthew up and holding him close she took Alyssa's hand and led her down the steps.

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"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Max groaned as he heard two too cheerful voices coming in the front door. But the amount he feet he heard was more than two little kids. He sighed. Isabel. GE really didn't feel like dealing with anyone right now.

"Hey munchkins." He said picking Haley up. He still couldn't believe Ava had found her pod. Luckily she had come out of her pod as a two year old. She was now four, and the oldest our of all the kids. Max put her down and turned to Collin. "Hey big boy. Were you good for Auntie Izzy?" he asked. Collin nodded. Had it really been three years ago that Max where Tess was and gone to get Collin. In some ways it seemed too short an amount of time and others too long. It seemed like yesterday Max was just bringing Collin home and now he was almost four. But he knew it had really been three years. It seemed longer though since Liz had left. Everyday was like a fight to go on. The only thing that kept him going was the connection he had with Liz whenever she had realy strong emotions. He shook his head clearing all thoughts of liz from his head. Isabel usually knew when he started thinking about Liz and he didn't want to talk about it right now. He had gotten a barrage of feelings about and hour ago. He had three of those since she left and those were the only things that kept him going.

Isabel turned to him. "Are you bringing them on the pre-school pinic?" she asked. Max nodded dumbly. "As much as I'd like to stay and tell you to stop brooding over Liz, I don't have time I'm meeting Jesse's at his mom's for lunch. Which by the way the kids need to be fed"

Max nodded. "I promised them hot dogs."

"Better feed them." Isabel said, heading out the door. Turning around she added. "Don't forget, dinner at my house tomorrow."

"Collin, Haley, come get washed up for lunch." Max yelled as him mom walked in the house a little girl trailing behind her. Max turned to the little girl. "hi Claudia." He said to her.

The little girl smiled shyly at him. "Hiya Max." she said before putting her thumb back in her mouth.

"Haley's upstairs. Go wash your hands. I'm making my speciality for lunch." Max told her.

"Hot dogs?" Mrs. Evans asked laughing,

Collin walked in at that moment and made a beeline for Mrs. Evans. "Gandma!" He yelled running to her. She picked him up laughing. She knew most mothers wouldn't be as happy as she was having a teen-age son with two children, but the sad fact was, she couldn't exactly blame either on him. Tess had been messing with his mind and Haley had been in a pod from her son's birth planet. And she couldn't complain. Max was such a good father.

Haley walked in at that moment and ran straight for Diane. Collin got out of her arms and went over to Claudia. "Hey Auntie Dia." He said. Haley noticed Claudia and went over to her.

"Let's go play barbies." Haley said leading her into the living room. Mrs. Evans followed.

Max looked over at his son as he made dinner. "What's wrong?" he asked kneeling in front of him.

"Where's m mommy?" Collin asked, his large chocolate doe eyes wide. "How comes she's not here with us?"

"I don't know, sweetheart." Max told him. No one knows where she is at." Collin had never asked about his mom before and didn't know what to tell him.

He was saved from answering further. "Daddy, the hot dogs are smoking."

Max groaned. After putting the fire ouit he went to the phione. "Yeah I need two large pizzas for delivery,"