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title:forever in your eyes
disclaimer:I don't own Roswell etc.
Author's notes:this take place after season1.Feed Back helps!*happy*

Micheal I need Liz shes my life I can't live without her.

I know, she should be getting back this week.

Thats one good thing

Tess walks in

Oh hi Max I didn't know you where here

hi Tess
Sure you didn't know I was here you kept asking Isabel .

Max maybe you and me can go to a movie tonight?

Sorry Tess I can't I'm busy

busy with what?

I don't need to tell you anything, bye Micheal

bye Max

Whats his problem?

Your his problem TESS! Why won't you let him be

Were meant to be

yeah Me and Isabel are suposely too.

Whatever I'm leaving

Tess leaves

Airport 9:30 pm

Lizzz I so happy to have you back

It's great to be back, I'm so tired Maria I just want to get home and sleep

I know what you mean I've been working all day in the crashdown


Everyone in Roswell is asleep.In this sky a ship appears and crashes in the desert. A figure appears I have to find Valeria..............


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I'm know longing going to contuine with this fic*sad*I have no time. /

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This is for you angeleyes thanks for your feedback! hey we have the same name/ *tongue*


Beep Beep
Liz hit the snooze button on her alarm clock

It's 7:00am one more week til schools starts

Liz get ups and get her stuff ready for her shower

Evans house

MAx get up

I'm up Mom

Max gosin the shower

1hr later

No time for breakfast

Are you sure??

Yeah I have to met Micheal, Bye mom
he gives her a kiss on her cheek.

Be home before 10:00

ok mom

Micheal place

So why did you want to talk about Micheal?

Last night I couldn't sleep I saw a ship in the sky

Are you sure it was a ship?

What !! It's a ship Maxwell

Okay where did it land

In the desert

Lets go.

Liz room

Liz was finish taking a shower she was now blow drying her hair.When the figure appeared in the mirror Liz sreamed.

shhhhhhh princess

Princess what are you talking about?

I have return to take you home Princess Valeria...


I wasn't going to contuine because I was so busy, but I now have time and if you want more just leave Feed Back!*happy*

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Princess Valeria okay now I know your crazy I am home.

No your not this isn't your planet

Are you looking for 4 royals to take home?

4 royals???


Oh you mean Zan, Rath, Vilondra and Ava

huh? yeah that what I mean

Well they should have someone here to help them. You haven't met Zan yet right because you know you too aren't supose to see each other.

Yes I have

You know his mother and your mother told you too that even if you love each other you can't be together.

I don't remember anything so please help me

You dont remember?

Crash scence

What do you think Max?

The ship doesn't look to bad

Not that what do you think was in the ship?

Maybe our enemies

I hope not

We better tell everyone to be careful



So you and Zan have met

he starts to laugh

whats so funny?

They thought you too weren't going to find each other, boy were they wrong.But the way I'm Allen

Well Allen you could leave now I'm not going home

But you must

I don't remember nothing

Here let me help you

he pulled out a small mental box

Touch it, It should bring back your memorys

Liz was scard but she touched it anyways

Liz saw herself when she was little, My dear Valeria where are you?

Boo mommy I scards you

yes you did sweety

Now she a the age she was now

Zan my mother doesn't want me to see you any more

My mother too, They can do whatever they want but I will always love you.

I will always love you too


Did it work princess

huh yeah it worked.

Liz fainted Allen caught Liz in time

What did you do to her!!!!!!!!!!

Allen looked up and saw Max ......

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Thanks jeremiah for the feed back!*big* I read your fic Reversal it's great.

Part 4

Allen saw how mad Zan was

I didn't do nothing to her, I woudn't dare hurt Valeria

Valeria, her name isn't Valeria, Now what did you do to Liz.

Max had his hand up ready to send him flying

I'm Allen I have come to take Val.. Liz home.

She is home

No she not, this isn't her home like it's not yours

How do you know that?


Liz started to wake up

I'm right here

I remember everything you and me

Just rest


Max kiss Liz on the forhead

Max turn to Allen. How do you know I'm not from here.

Well because I can see Zan in you, hows Rath and Vilondra?

Who?? you must mean Micheal and Isabel their okay.

And Ava?

Tess you can go look for her if you want and ask her.

No thats okay, are you guys together

Who me and Tess


No! I never be with Tess.

I told your mother but she said you had to be with Ava.

You know my mother is she still alive?

Yes but hiding.

I need to call Micheal, Isabel, and Tess


because they need to know.

Micheal apartment

So what your saying Maxwell is the ship in the desert is his.


Your name is Allen right


From what Maxwell said your here for Liz

Micheal turned and looked at Liz

but why she human

Yes we had to put her in a human host

Shouldn't you be here for us?

Your guys should have someone here who has a ship

Well theirs no one here

Isabel and Tess kept quit Liz was sitting with Max on the sofa.

Can you take us with you?

It's up to Valeria

who?? Micheal, isabel and Tess said at the same time

I mean Liz thats your name here right your highness

Allen said looking at Liz

Yes that my name here.

Tess was mad

So what your saying Allen is that Liz is one of us and she a royal

Tess looked like she was going to expode...

That not true Nasado would have said so

Whos Nasado?

While this was going on Liz was thinking, thinking about her memorys everything.Liz made up her mind.

Stop it!!

Liz yelled everyone one looked at her

Allen I'm ready to leave......


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