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Author: LittleBit
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. If I did, I would take Max, Michael, Kyle, or Zack.
Rating: R (Not really sure yet if it will be more)
Category: Liz centered; M/L, M/M, I/K, Z/A
Summary: Sequel to ‘A Secret Family’ viewthread?forum=repost-fan-fiction&id=17161&sr1=a+secret+family#post18797.

You should probably read that one first to really understand this one. It’s seven months after Liz returned from Seattle. Zack stayed in Roswell with Liz and Kyle. Liz and her brothers are moving on with their lives.

Since ‘A Secret Family’ was my version of how Departure should have ended it guess this is my version of Season 3. They look like they do in Season 3. (Michael’s and Liz’s hair is long and Max’s is spiky like when he went to LA.etc/) except Isabel who still has her long blonde hair.


Part 1: Crashdown Café-Closing time-January 2002

Liz sat at the register as she went over the night’s receipts. She hadn’t realized how busy they had been until now. January usually wasn’t a good month for them since everyone was trying to keep their New Year’s resolutions and that usually didn’t include greasy alien-themed food. She looked up to see how far her friends had gotten in the closing duties.

“Guys, are you almost done?” She asked.

Two blonde heads turned towards her to answer. “Yes. We’re almost done. If it wasn’t for alien genie powers we would be here all night.” Maria answered as she plopped into a booth. “People are pigs.”

“You got that right, Maria.” Ava said while she finished using her powers to clean the counter and the machines there. “If I’d known how bad it was going to be, I would have passed on working the extra shift. I’ve seen sewer rats that are cleaner than some of our customers.

The door to the back swung out revealing a very tired looking Michael. “Well, I’ll bet sewer rats eat less than the masses that come in here. The kitchen’s done.” He directed towards Liz as he plopped down next to Maria. He pulled off the bandanna that held his long hair and rested his head on the table.

“Good. I hate being here late on Thursday nights. It kills the mood of the weekend.” Liz said as her and Ava joined them at the booth. They had just sat down when they heard the bell above the door ring and someone yell, “Can I get some service around here or are all the waitresses too lazy to do anything?”

Liz waved her hand and a napkin holder on the counter went flying through the air. She aimed it at the visitor only to have him catch it before it hit him. “Hey baby sister that almost hit me!” Zack yelled as he grabbed one of the chairs and straddled it.

“That’s what you get for calling us lazy. We worked hard tonight.” Liz said glaring at Zack.

“You might have noticed earlier if you hadn’t been so busy inhaling your food.” Ava joked. It was a good thing that Liz’s parents owned a diner or Liz and her brothers might never get enough to eat. It had something to do with their transgenic status, they burned lots of calories. She loved teasing them about how much they ate especially Zack. Actually she liked to tease Zack about everything.

“Yeah, well I’ve learned that when Michael’s cooking the only way to get it down is to eat fast.” Zack teased.

“Hey, if I’m such a bad cook than why do you always try to get food off of me when we’re at work?” Michael asked Zack.

“It’s better than the crap Metachem has.” Zack retorted back.

“Why don’t you take your own? You mooch enough food here that I don’t think Jeff would miss a little more.” Ava said grinning.

“Hey, I’m just doing what they told me to do. Nancy and Jeff would be offended if I didn’t come over for food. Besides that way the food I have lasts longer.” Zack shrugged as the doors opened again revealing Max, Isabel, and Kyle.

“Are those two at it again?” Isabel asked. “They’re worst than Michael and Maria used to be.” Zack and Ava stopped teasing each other and tried to bring up another subject. They hated it when one of the others pointed out their flirting.

Liz looked on at her brothers and their extended family. It had been seven months since they had taken out Manticore and their lives were great. There had been some activity from the government but it was nothing like before. It appeared they were still just trying to cover up their mess. You would never know that Zack and Ava had only been hanging out with them for a little over six months. Times like this showed how comfortable Zack had gotten with them. He was still the hard-edged soldier, he’d always been but he eased upped when he was around his siblings and their friends. Eleven years at Manticore and another ten years of running from them had made him that way and Liz was trying her best to soften him up a little. She was so happy to have two of her siblings living in the same town. It had been surprisingly easy to talk Zack into settling here with them. He had said it was to keep an eye on Liz and Kyle since they were still dealing with all the alien business. Liz had a feeling though it had more to do with a short blonde-haired alien that was sitting between herself and Zack. Liz remembered the shock they’d gotten when Zack came into town.

Part 2:

Six months ago

“Where is he?” Liz said as she paced back and forth between the table outside of the Crashdown.

“Liz, don’t worry. He’ll be here.” Max said trying to calm down his girlfriend. “Zane said he left about noon so he should be here soon.”

“Yeah, Lizzie. You don’t want him to drive too fast and wreck do you?” Maria threw in. She knew how anxious Liz was to start trying to talk Zack into moving to Roswell.

“The way you’re acting, you’d think you hadn’t seen him in three years rather than three weeks” Michael said as he reached around Maria and tried to snatch a French fry off of Kyle’s plate.

“Guerin, get your own!” Kyle snapped and pulled the fries back faster than the average eye could see. Michael was too slow for Kyle’s transgenic reflexes.

“Hey, you’re not playing fair!” Michael argued.

“Will you guys hush!” Liz snapped. Once they were quiet, Liz strained her enhanced hearing and could just make out the sound of Zack’s motorcycle. “I hear him. He should be here in about five minutes.” Liz stated jumping up and down.

A few minutes later Zack pulled his black ninja motorcycle up and parked it in front of the Crashdown. Liz ran up and hugged him. It was then that they noticed he wasn’t alone. “Zack, who’s that?”

Before Zack could answer his passenger pulled off the helmet, smiled and said, “Cornball, I’s crushed you forgot about me.”

Their eyes widen in surprise and recognition. “AVA!” Liz yelled and grabbed her in a hug “I can’t believe it. We’ve been looking for you.” She looked different but the same. Her hair was still different colors only longer and the heavy makeup was gone but she still had the piercings and tattoos. She looked happier than the last time Liz had seen her.

Ava smiled at the only friend she’d ever had and said, “Well I had a feeling you needed me so I thought I’d come for a visit maybe stay awhile.”

Zack recovered from shock and asked, “Liz what’s going on? How do you know her?”

Liz turned back to her brother and explained, “Zack, this is Ava.” Zack rolled his eyes at the obvious statement. “She’s a friend of mine who help save Max’s life.”

“Well I won’t hold that against her.” Zack said. It wasn’t that he hated his sister’s boyfriend, he was grateful to Max for saving three of his sibling’s lives at one time or another. He just didn’t trust him to not break Liz’s heart again.

Max saw Liz about to go off on Zack and intercepted her, “Before we get into the whole story why don’t we go somewhere a little more private?” Max said. Liz looked around and noticed that they were still standing outside where anyone could hear them.

Kyle stepped in and solved the problem. “Why don’t we head to my house? Zack’s staying there anyway and Dad won’t mind.”

Liz nodded, “Come on Ava, you can ride in the jeep with us.”

“She can ride with me. Since she’s already on the bike.” Zack said hurriedly. In the short time since they had met, Zack found that he liked Ava. Aside from being beautiful, she was easy to talk to and didn’t try to sugar coat anything. She had seen the coldness and heartlessness of the world but still had an air of innocence around her that he liked.

Liz raised her eyebrow at Zack’s offer. Deciding to grill her brother later, Liz said slyly. “Okay. See you at Valenti’s.”

They all broke up into the cars. Liz went with Max in the jeep and thought about Zack’s reaction to Ava. She’d never seen him interested in a girl before and didn’t know what to think.

Once they were all inside Liz told Zack about the dupes and the last time Ava had been in Roswell. Ava told them about what she’d been doing since she had left and they told her about Tess. When they were all done it was decided that Ava would stay with Liz and they left shortly after.

Liz and Ava stayed up talking into the night. The friendship they’d started before got stronger. Liz knew that Ava wouldn’t be after Max so the whole destiny thing wasn’t going to be an issue. Liz decided to trust Ava with her secret about what she and her brothers were. Liz saw Ava perk up a little at the mention of Zack’s name. After a little while she decided to watch both of them to see if something happened.

Part 3: Same scene as Part 1-Liz remembering what’s happened over the last six months.

Ava had confirmed that Liz and Kyle had powers because of Max healing them. She said that they would be able to manipulate molecular structure as well as have individual talents like the others. Zack wasn’t too happy about it but figured they should learn how to use them if they had them. The next day they had all gone out to the quarry to see what they could do. With everyone tutoring them it hadn’t taken them long to get a basic handle on them. They worked on manipulating first, and were able to do everything the others could. After that they worked on their individual powers. Kyle’s power was similar to Michael’s. He shot blasts out of his hands. The difference was that instead of energy blasts, Kyle’s were fireballs. Liz’s power was unique to the group. Hers was Astral Projection like she had used when Max had been in New York. She had practiced to the point that she could be heard when she was projecting. Ava said that she still had more to work on. When their sister Max had visited they had worked with her. Her power was also unique. It was kind of a mixture of teleportation and telekinesis. She would think of an object and with a little use of power it would appear in her hand. She could only do small things like cups. She said it was a handy gift when she lost her bike keys. Logan said it wasn’t a good power for a former cat burglar to have.

The weeks following Zack and Ava’s arrival had been busy ones. Liz had to juggle work, training with new
powers, hanging out with Max and her friends, her normal training, and the arrival of all her siblings. When
her brothers and sisters arrived, her dad gave her a few days off and cut back on her other shifts so she could
spend as much time with them as possible. She had rented a house for everyone to stay in so they had plenty of room.

Liz had spent all the time she could getting to know her other three siblings who she hadn’t seen in Seattle. She told them about Roswell and Alex. They told them about the aliens and Jack, Jondy, and Josh had sworn to keep the secret. Her siblings and her friends got a long surprisingly well especially with Michael. All six of Liz’s brothers did their best to intimidate Max about dating their little sister but he had reassured them about how much he loved Liz and would never hurt her again. Logan called in a couple favors from some friends and got the Sheriff back his job. It was a wonderful but too short two weeks. They all made a deal to visit more often and to all get together at least twice a year from then on.

Ava and Zack both stayed to make their lives in Roswell. Michael had been very helpful in arranging for an apartment in his building for Zack. Liz had suggested that they share an apartment to help cut costs but both guys were too independent for that to work. Instead Michael had taken a second job and he and Zack went to work at the Metachem plant. Zack wasn’t used to having time on his hands so he had taken two jobs, also. His other one was at a garage as a mechanic while they were in school. Kyle worked at the garage also but after school. Between the two jobs Zack made plenty to live on and had made a comfortable home for himself. He had admitted only once in private to Liz that he liked living in Roswell more than he had anywhere else. Of course all the other times, being hunted by Manticore hadn’t allowed him to settle in any one place.

Ava had been living with the Parkers ever since the first night. She had intended on getting her own apartment too but Liz had stopped her. She knew that Ava had never had a real family and thought living with them would be good for her. Liz’s parents agreed to let Ava move in with them and she took over the spare room that had been filled with junk. Liz had told her parents that Ava was Tess’s twin sister. They had covered Tess’s disappearance by saying she had gone to live with a distant relative in New York. Shortly after arriving, she had been reunited with her sister Ava. Tess had said such great things about Roswell that Ava decided she wanted to live there since she was sick of the big city. It was the best excuse they could come up with and her parents and everyone had bought it. Ava was grateful and tried to help-out as much as possible. She got her GED and spent her days working at the Crashdown. In the evenings she hung out with everyone else. On the first night she’d been there, the others still didn’t trust her completely so she formed a connection with them to show that she wasn’t like Tess. After that the four aliens had become a family of their own, just like Liz, Kyle, and Zack. She had fit in better than Tess ever had.

Although Ava was close to Isabel and Maria, Liz was the only one that she had actually shared her feelings about Zack with. Her and Zack had lunch at the café everyday and hung out a lot with one another when the others coupled off. They’d become real close. It was common knowledge amongst their friends that Zack and Ava felt more than friendship towards each other but had not yet acted on it.

Liz was brought out of her memories when she heard.

“Liz! Earth to Liz! Antar to Liz!” Maria said as she waved her hand in her friend’s face.

“What?” Liz asked trying to clear her head.

“Are we boring you?” Kyle asked.

“No, I was just thinking.” Liz explained.

“Oh, I thought maybe you’d found somewhere more interesting and were projecting yourself there.” Kyle joked. He quieted down when Isabel elbowed him “Before your brother was so rude, Maria asked if we were all still going out tomorrow night?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah, Dad’s got it all covered and the four of us are off and we don’t work until late on Saturday. I figure we can go to Senor Chow’s before we head to UFOnics.” Tomorrow was the last day of finals for the ones still in high school and they were all going out to celebrate. They didn’t have school the next week because of the semester ending.

“Well I have an English paper to finish so I’m heading home.” Kyle stated. “You riding with me?” He asked his girlfriend of four months.

“Umm, I’m not sure. Max?” Isabel asked. She wasn’t sure if Max was staying there or not.

Liz answered for him. “He’s leaving right now too.”

Max looked down at Liz, “I am?”

“Yes, you are. I have to study tonight.” Liz said.

“Liz, you guys have a photographic memories. You don’t have to study.” Michael stated.

“True, but I still have to write a essay in history and if Max is here I won’t get anything done.” Liz said in a matter of fact way.

“I don’t even want to know what that statement meant.” Zack said menacingly. He had gotten better about Liz’s involvement with Max, hell he was even friendly towards him but the thought of Max mauling his sister made him want to kill him.

Everyone said their good-byes and got up to leave. Ava stayed behind in the café while Liz walked Max to the jeep and kissed him good-bye.

As she walked back she felt the hair on the back of her neck raise up. She suddenly had the feeling of being watched and her body tensed up ready to spring into action if attacked. Liz had completely forgotten about being able to use her powers. After all she’d only had them for six months, she’d been an X5 all her life. She stopped and scanned the street. With her enhanced vision she was able to see everything in detail but she saw no evidence that someone was watching her. She didn’t know if it was because of her X5 status or alien related. They hadn’t had anything happen since Tess had left and so far nothing big had happened with the government looking for them. She went back inside, scanned the street one more time while locking up and went up to her room to get ready for tomorrow.


“What did you find out tonight?”

“They’s together. At least it looks like it from the lip lock I saw outside.”

“Then who was the blonde guy? Why was she at his apartment last night? They looked pretty comfortable.”

“Don’t know but he was with them. Maybe she needs more than one man. They were all hanging out then the others left.”

“Is that all?”

“Well, she acted like she knew I was watching her so I got out of there.”

“We know enough for what we have planned. In a few days it won’t matter.”

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Author: LittleBit
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. If I did, I would take Max, Michael, Kyle, or Zack.
Rating: R (Not really sure yet if it will be more)
Category: Liz centered; M/L, M/M, I/K, Z/A
Summary: Sequel to ‘A Secret Family’. You should probably read that one first to really understand this one. It’s seven months after Liz returned from Seattle. Zack stayed in Roswell with Liz and Kyle. Liz and her brothers are moving on with their lives.

Since ‘A Secret Family’ was my version of how Departure should have ended it guess this is my version of Season 3. They look like they do in Season 3. (Michael’s and Liz’s hair is long and Max’s is spiky like when he went to LA.etc/) except Isabel who still has her long blonde hair.

Part 4:

“Aaahh, this is impossible!” Liz screamed as she threw some of her clothes across her room. She was trying to get ready for the gang’s night out and couldn’t figure out what to wear. She only had twenty minutes before Ava and her were supposed to meet the others downstairs.

“Cornball, calm down. You could wear anything or nothing and Max would love it.” Ava grinned as she came into the room. “Wait a minute I take that back, Max would love it more if you were in nothing.”

“I don’t think Kyle or Zack would like that very much.” Liz said as she turned to look at Ava. “Although once Zack got a look at you I don’t think he’d be paying much attention to me.” Liz thought Ava looked perfect for going to the club. She was wearing a pair of pale pink leather pants and a black baby doll shirt. Her hair was down and the pants brought out the pink streaks in her hair. She wore her makeup like she had the first time Liz had met her but not quite so heavy. Liz had a feeling her brother would have a heart attack once he saw her.

“I doubt that. He’ll be too busy with the other girls at the club.” Ava muttered. She really liked Zack and wanted to be with him but he never acted like she was anymore than a friend.

“Oh please. He doesn’t give them the time of day, they’re not what he wants.” Liz said rolling her eyes.

“And what does he want?” Ava asked.

“A certain pink haired alien that I know of.” Liz had a knowing smirk on his face. One night when Kyle and her had stayed at Zack’s apartment Liz had grilled him on his feelings for Ava. He hadn’t came right out and told her but Liz could see that from the way he talked about her that he cared a lot about her. When Liz had hinted that he should go for it, he had dropped the conversation saying that it was too weird talking to her about it.

“Then why hasn’t he told me?” Ava said as she played with her lip ring.

“I told you. Zack’s just not comfortable with emotions. Lydecker drilled it into our heads that emotions were a weakness before we could even talk. Before he came to live in Roswell the only people he let him care about was his siblings.” Liz knew that Zack had the hardest time out of all of them.

“But that didn’t stop you or Kyle.” Ava and Liz had had this conversation before but it never stopped her from asking. Ava had talked to Liz and a little to Zack about their time in Manticore so she knew some of what they’d been through. She didn’t think anyone but them would ever understand what it’d been like.

Liz knew Ava was scared of getting hurt. She’d been better when she came back to Roswell but Zan’s death had still left its mark on her heart. Liz thought Ava and Zack were perfect for each other, they could help heal the other one.

“Kyle and I had the chance to grow up with families. Zack didn’t. From the moment we escaped, he was running from town to town. He never had a real home until he got his apartment.” When Zack had gotten his apartment Liz had snuck in while he was at work and decorated it with Isabel’s help. Between the two of them and a little alien magic, they had the apartment decorated perfectly to suite Zack. He acted like he didn’t like it but he didn’t have them change it back either. “He’s getting better though. Before he wouldn’t have been friends with everyone and he never would let himself get close to you. Just give him a little time.”

“I know and I will.” She took a deep breath and jumped up off Liz’s bed. “Okay, enough with the pity party. Tonight is about having fun and getting crazy so let’s find you something to wear.”

They tore through all of her clothes until Ava popped up with two items. “Here this is perfect.”

“I don’t know, I wanted something a little sexier.” Since she had returned from Seattle Liz had decided to wear whatever she wanted. She had mixed what she always wore with the more revealing clothes that she had kept hidden before. Tonight she wanted to look incredible for Max.

“Oh, I planned on fixing that.” Ava had picked a simple tank top and a pair of black jeans.

Liz glanced at the window before she began to pull on the clothes. Ava saw her and asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah, just checking to make sure no one was watching. I’ve been getting weird vibes all day”

“Maybe you should tell Max.”

“No, it’s nothing. When you have people hunting for you, you tend to look over your shoulder a lot. I guess old habits die hard.” She finished getting dressed and waited to see what Ava would do. With the wave of Ava’s hand, Liz was now standing in a backless glittery silver halter top and low slung black hiphuggers.

“Wow! These are awesome! Thank you so much!” Liz said and hugged her friend. She finished her makeup, brushed out her hair and put on her black leather anklet boots.

“How do I look?”

Ava looked her up and down. She walked her Liz’s jewelry box and grabbed out a silver ring. “One more thing.” Liz felt a warm surge of energy on her stomach and looked down to see that Ava had pierced her bellybutton.

“Thanks. I guess there’s more I need to learn about my powers or I would’ve have done that months ago.” Liz stated.

“You look hot. Tonight Max will be the one to jump you instead of the other way around.” Ava said teasingly.

“I told you not to remind me about that.” Liz said as she rolled her eyes. Three months ago Liz had experienced her first heat since telling her friends. Isabel, Maria, and Ava had taken over Liz sitting duties. They stayed with her at the apartment and the first day had gone great. The girls didn’t notice any change except Liz was kind of jumpy. That night though they all been sitting around talking when Liz excused herself suddenly to go to the bathroom. They didn’t even know that she had left the apartment until Michael yelled up at them. Max had come by to visit Michael while he closed and Liz had sensed him near. Michael said Liz had run by faster than he could see grabbed Max, and pulled him into the bathroom. According to Max, Liz locked the door with her powers than pushed him up against the wall and started to maul him. Max was in shock but had instinctively responded at first. He was lucky Michael and Isabel were able to get through the door at that moment and Isabel pulled Liz upstairs. Max told Michael that he’d meet him at his apartment and fled. Liz had been trying to live down the embarrassment ever since.

Liz shook her head at the memory and looked at her friend. “Get your stuff and let’s go.”

Part 5:

Ava’s help on Liz’s outfit had paid off. Max’s mouth had hit the ground when she’d come downstairs. He was speechless. Isabel and Maria complimented her but Zack and Kyle being their normal overbearing selves had gone ballistic.

“You cannot go to the club looking like that. The guys will be all over you.” Kyle declared.

“Well I’ll just have to stay snuggled up against Max so they’ll know I’m taken.” Liz snapped.

“Is that what I think it is?” Zack asked pointing to her navel.

“It’s my body and I can do what I want. Now that I know how Ava did it maybe I won’t stop with just that one. I bet Max would love it if I had a tongue stud.”

Zack glared at her. Knowing Ava had helped her with it Zack turned to argue with her. “Do you have to corrupt my sister?”

He didn’t get far with the argument when he saw her outfit, rendering him speechless. Liz saw his reaction, used it to her advantage, and got everyone to leave before her brothers could start in on her again and try to make her change.

So after dinner and several games of pool they were at the club. UFOnics was packed. Everyone from school had come to celebrate so they saw all kinds of people that they knew. They grabbed a table quickly and it wasn’t long before the girls wanted to dance. Isabel and Maria managed to drag Michael and Kyle out but Max and Zack stayed behind at the table. They watched Liz and Ava dance together as much as they could since other people kept drifting in the way.

“Max, pick your tongue off the floor before I shoot it off.” Zack growled. He could see the look in Max’s eyes. No guy should look at any of his sisters that way. The comments Liz made earlier hadn’t helped his mood.

Max pulled his gaze from Liz’s dancing form when Zack spoke. He knew Zack wouldn’t actually do anything but knowing he still carried a gun with him at all times like Liz did, was enough to make someone nervous. Thinking of the only thing that would throw him off Max said, “I wasn’t staring at her at least no more than you were staring at Ava.”

Zack’s eyes swung from where he had indeed been staring at Ava and glared at Max. “I wasn’t staring at Ava. I was watching them both to make sure no guys bugged them.”

Not buying his excuse for a minute Max just said, “Well if anyone can take care of a couple of overzealous guys it is definitely those two.” Ever since Liz had told them her secret she had repeatedly showed that she could indeed take care of herself. “But I think I will go out there and dance with my beautiful girlfriend. Why don’t you go dance with Ava?”

“No, she looks like she’s having too much fun. I would just be cutting in on it.”

Max shook his head in frustration. He was stubborn just like his sister. “When I go out there she’ll be dancing all alone or have to find another partner and you wouldn’t want that would you?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Zack, I know I’m the last person that you want to give you advice but just listen. I know you care for Ava and I just wanted to say that you should go for it. I think you’ll find that the feeling is mutual.” Max knew Ava would kill him later for telling him that but Zack had to know.

“And why do you think that?” Zack didn’t know what to say.

“Because its obvious when you two are together. We all see it.”

Zack was shocked by what Max had said. He didn’t know that the others were actually able to see what he felt for Ava. He knew Liz knew but he figured it was because she knew him so well. “So why are you telling me if it’s so obvious.”

“Because I want Ava to be happy.” Max and Michael looked at Ava as a little sister especially Michael. “And Liz wants you to be happy. So letting you know might make you go after her. Now I am going to go dance and you can either sit here or go out there and let her know you want her.”

Zack watched Max left to go dance with Liz. He kept his eyes on Ava and saw that she as left without a partner at least until some blonde guy came up and joined her. It only took a minute of watching the guy trying to rub up against Ava for Zack to feel the jealousy in his blood boil. He jumped up from the table and marched over to them. He tapped the guy on the shoulder and told him to leave. Ava was shocked but she kept dancing so it wouldn’t show. She couldn’t mistake the look of jealousy she saw in his eyes. He placed his hands on her hips and tried to dance with her. He was embarrassed but Max and Liz had moved out of his sight so he didn’t have to worry about anyone but Ava seeing him.

“What was that about?” She asked.

“I didn’t like the way he was dancing with you.” Zack replied.

“And why would you care how he was dancing with me?” Ava asked hoping she knew the answer.

“Because I care about you.” And with that he grabbed her face in both hands and kissed her.

Part 6: Same time-dance floor

Liz was having a great time. Ava and her were dancing and she was waiting for Max to join them. When the song ended she glanced over to the table to see what he was doing. He looked busy talking to Zack. She was surprised to see this because they still weren’t overly close although they were friends. She started dancing again when she heard a Linkin Park song start up.

Why does it feel like night today?
Something in here’s not right today
Why am I so uptight today?
Paranoia’s all I got left
I don’t what stressed me first
Or how the pressure was fed/but
I know just what it feels like
To have a voice in the back of my head
It’s like a face that I hold inside

The song made Liz think about the different times since last night that she’d felt like she was being watched. There had been a couple times at school and once when she’d been on her balcony before she’d started getting ready. Then at dinner she had felt it again.

A face that awakes when I close my eyes
A face watches every time I lie
A face that laughs every time I fall

She hadn’t been able to spot anyone but she could tell they were watching.

And watches everything
So I know that when it’s time to sink or swim
That the face inside is hearing me/right underneath my skin

At that moment Liz felt the shiver down her spine that signaled the person was close. She kept dancing but looked around to see if she could figure out who it was.

It’s like I’m paranoid lookin over my back
It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head
It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within
It’s like the face inside is right beneath my skin

She suddenly felt like the person was right behind her. She spun around but saw no one. She could have sworn they had just touched her. She had the feeling once more and still no one had been behind her.

“You alright?” Ava asked.

“Yeah, I thought I felt Max behind me.” Liz lied.

She felt it again but still no one was behind her. She turned to keep dancing when two hands grabbed her waist. She turned ready to lay out the person when she recognized him.

“MAX! You scared me!”

Max could see that Liz had been ready to attack him when she had turned “Liz, what’s the matter?”

“Umm, nothing. Let’s dance.” She didn’t want to worry Max until she knew she wasn’t being paranoid. She moved closer to him and started to move again. She still felt eyes on her but that was it. They danced a couple more songs before Liz couldn’t stand being there anymore. Remembering that she had wanted to get some time alone with Max she pulled him from the dance floor to the table where everyone else had already gone. Ava and Zack were sitting a little closer than normal but she couldn’t concentrate on it.

“Guys, Max and I are leaving.” She turned to Ava and Zack and said, “I’ll be at the apartment in a couple of hours.” Ava and Liz were staying the night at Zack’s so they wouldn’t wake up her parents when they came in late. Before Zack could argue Max and Liz were already gone.

“Okay, is it just me or did Lizzie act really jumpy?” Maria asked.

Rated R or higher Dreamer scene

Part 7:

Liz had finally relaxed when they were outside of Roswell. When Max had asked where to go she told him the old radio tower where they found the orb. When they got there they laid side by side on their backs on a blanket and looked at the starts. Max had a small camping lantern that they used so they weren’t completely in the dark.

Liz spotted the V constellation and asked, “Do you think about how different your life would be if you went back?”

Max rolled over and looked at Liz. “Sometimes. I know that I have a responsibility to the people but I’ve never wanted that life. All I’ve ever wanted was a life here on Earth with you.”

“But it’s your home. I would think you would want to go back and be with your family.” Liz was scared that he would want to leave her some day and go back to Antar.

“No, it’s not my home. Isabel, Michael, Ava, my parents and most importantly you are my family. Your brothers and Maria are more my family than some people on a distant planet that I was related to in a past life. It wouldn’t be my home unless my family is with me.”

“But you should at least see it someday.” As much as she wanted him to stay with her, she wouldn’t stand in his way if he wanted to go.

“I know I’ll have to go and help end the war someday if we can. I have a responsibility to them as King. And I wonder what Antar is like. I don’t know if the few memories I have are mine or if they are Tess’s manipulations.” Max knew he could ask Ava about her memories but he still wasn’t ready for someone to get back in his head except Liz.

“Max, I couldn’t ask you to give that all up to have just a normal life here.”

“Even without either one of us being hunted by government agencies, or evil aliens, I don’t think we’ll ever have a normal life together. I want us to have the life we want and be happy.”

Liz knew he was right. They were different than other people. He was an alien hybrid and she was a transgenic human with a little bit of alien thrown in. They would never have a completely normal life. They would probably get married someday but about a family? They didn’t even know if they would be able to have children together. Her sister Tinga had proven that the X5 females could get pregnant but her husband had been a normal human. Would things be different for her because Max wasn’t completely human? She pushed the thoughts from her head. They were still young and had plenty of time to think about that. She looked at him and saw the look of complete love in his eyes. It still floored her how much he loved her. He had tried so hard to make up for hurting her. Even for something a future version of him had done. She wondered if that future had been completely changed.

The feeling of Max pressing soft kisses along her jawbone interrupted her thoughts. “I don’t think I told you yet tonight how beautiful and incredibly sexy you look.”

The combination of his kisses and words were causing Liz’s body to heat up. “You look pretty good yourself.” Max had worn black jeans and a simple white button up shirt. He had his hair in the same spiky way that he had been wearing it lately and the overall look made him look even better if possible than usual.

Max continued his kisses until he reached her mouth. His kisses were gentle and loving. Liz became impatient and pressed her lips harder to his to show her need. He sucked on her lower lip then ran his tongue along it, asking permission to deepen it more. She parted her lips and allowed him entrance. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and was met by hers. Their connection flared to life as they made love to each other’s mouths. Max moved his body to rest between her legs. His hands moved up to cup her breasts and began to massage them. He heard a small moan erupt from deep in Liz’s throat and it spurred him on.

Liz’s body was starting to feel like it was on fire and wetness pooled between her legs. Not wanting to be idle during Max’s ministrations, she ran her hands under his shirt and explored his back. She brought her hands around to the front of him and undid the buttons of his shirt and began to explore his chest. She loved the feel of his strong muscles. The contact of his bare skin made her temperature soar higher. Her fingers left traces of a silvery glow wherever she touched. His position between her legs made it easy for her to feel how much he wanted her. She started to rock her hips against him trying to ease the ache between her legs. But instead it was fuel to the fire as she brushed her heat against his arousal.

When Liz started moving against him Max was so turned on that he had to taste her. He lifted her back up slightly so that he had access to the straps of her halter that held it together. When she didn’t object to him undoing the ties, Max pulled the top of the shirt off of her breasts. He broke the kiss and made a path down her neck to her left nipple. His tongue darted out for a quick taste. When it made contact Liz let out a slow hiss. Max took it as a good sign and continued to lath it with his tongue. When he pulled away he heard Liz make a small whimper but stopped when he began the same treatment on the other one.

Liz didn’t think she could be more turned on until she felt Max’s mouth on her. At the first touch of his tongue, she felt herself grow wetter. While he continued his assault on her, she reached down and pushed his shirt off his body. She then reached in between the two of them and pulled her shirt the rest of the way off. He kissed his way down from her breasts to her navel and gently used his mouth to tug on her belly button ring. The stimulation that it caused made Liz moan again. Max moved his way back up her body and gave her a fiery kiss.

Liz’s hands left his shoulders and moved to the waistband of his pants. Knowing that he would try to stop her she decided she was going to have to use her transgenic speed to do what she wanted. She quickly undid his fly and snaked her hand in to grope him through his boxers.

“Oh God, Liz!” Max moaned loudly and arched into her hand. She started moving up and down, stroking him. “Liz, we have to stop.”

“I don’t want to stop, Max. I want you to feel all of you. I want you inside of me.” Liz whispered in his ear.

Max looked down at her. He was trying to decide if this was her talking or if it was another heat. Of course if it were another heat, Liz would’ve tried something sooner. And she wouldn’t have been talking. “Are you sure?”

Liz nodded and stroked him more. “Do you love me?”


“How much do you love me?”

“With all my heart.”

“Then make love to me.”

Max could see the certainty in her eyes. He knew it was what she wanted, and not just her hormones leading her. He leaned in to kiss her deeply. He started to trail kisses down her neck again as his hands moved down to her pants. Liz removed her hand from his pants and he sat back on his knees as he removed her pants and boots. Liz was left in nothing but her panties and Max felt his breath catch. “You are so beautiful.” He declared.

Liz blushed at Max’s statement. She had always felt her body was too small and skinny. Her sisters’ were all beautiful and very curvy compared to her. She’d always figured that the Manticore scientists had forgotten to add something when they made her. But the look in Max’s eyes always made her feel like she really was beautiful. Max continued to stare at her and Liz decided he was too far away. She moved up to kneel in front of him and started pushing his jeans lower on his hips while she kissed his chest. She made her way up to his mouth and they kissed hungrily.

Max’s hand skimmed down her belly and into her panties. When his fingers encountered her core, he found that she was very ready for him. He ran one finger around her outer lips before plunging it into her depths.

“Maaxx.” Liz moaned. His finger was thrusting in and out of her, driving her crazy. She reached for his boxers and pushed them down. When she did this he sprang free from the material and she wrapped her hand around his heated flesh. She started stoking him to the same rhythm, as his fingers were moving. His mouth latched onto her left nipple and he sucked hard. As he entered another finger into her, she felt herself starting to go over the edge. She stopped her movement on him and let the sensations he was creating overwhelm her. She threw her head back and moaned louder.

Max’s head was swimming. The feeling of Liz’s hand moving on him was too much and he was going to explode any minute. Before he could halt her hand, he felt her walls clench around his fingers and she stopped her assault on him. He watched her come apart and he wrapped his other arm around her to support her as she came down.

“Max, please. I need you.” She begged breathlessly.

Max leaned forward and gently deposited Liz back on the blanket. He removed her soaked panties and tossed them on top of her discarded pants. He stood up quickly and shed his boxer and pants. He retrieved the condom out of his wallet and prepared himself. He looked up and saw Liz watching him with hunger in her eyes. He settled in between her legs and positioned himself at her entrance pushing his tip in slightly.

“You’re sure?” Max asked.

“Yeess.” Liz hissed. Max moved forward slowly, allowing her to get used to the feel of him. He felt her warm tightness surrounding him and he filled her. When he came to her barrier, he stopped. He knew what he had to do but he didn’t wait to hurt her.

Liz was enjoying the feeling of him inside her but wanted more. When he stopped, she knew it was because he didn’t want to hurt her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pushed her hips, breaking the barrier. She felt a sharp pain but it quickly was replaced with the pleasure of having him fully sheathed in her. The intimate way they were joined further heightened the connection.

Max layed still waiting until Liz was ready. A minute later, he felt her starting to move under him. He looked into her eyes and saw all the love she felt in them. He caught her lips and kissed her deeply as he began his thrusts. Max had imagined making love to Liz before but this was ten times better than that. They moved together perfectly, enjoying the feeling of the others body. It wasn’t long before Max felt himself loosing control.

“Liz, I can’t wait.” The feeling of Liz surrounding him was too much for him.

“Let go Max.” Liz said just as her walls clamped down on him and they came together explosively.

As Max slid out of Liz, he waved his hand over them to clean them up. He rolled over to Liz’s side and propped himself up on his elbow so he could look at her. As he looked at her beautiful face, his eyes’ were drawn to the tiny scar above her eyebrow that Lydecker had given her. It reminded him of what Lydecker had put her through. If Zack hadn’t killed him, Max would have done it himself. As he continued to stare at her, he felt the urge to touch her and began to run his other hand up and down her body. He leaned in and kissed the tip of Liz’s nose. “I love you.”

She smiled at him and said, “I love you, too.” She was enjoying his soft caress. His hands were so gentle and warm. She was in heaven. She felt his hand move down to her stomach and tug again lightly on the ring there.

“Remind me to thank Ava for that later.” He said jokingly.

“So you like it?” Liz asked.

“Yeah. It’s weird. I never liked piercings much until I saw one on you.”

“I think it depends on the person. I can’t imagine Ava without hers.”

“Me either. Do you think I should get one?”

“Well I’d know for a fact that you’d look good with them. But where?” Liz asked surprised. Max had such a wholesome look that she didn’t think he would ever considered doing something like that. The spiky hair was the first time he had ever tried something different.

“Well I’d start small.” He raised an eyebrow. “How do you know how I’d look with them?”

Liz blushed. “Hum, one night shortly after Ava came to town, we were up talking and she brought up Zan. I told her that I couldn’t imagine him as she described. She connected to me and showed me.” Liz explained.

“She cut that part out when she connected with us. I think it was too painful.’

“Well I think it’s easier for her to talk to me about him.”

“What did he look like?” Max asked curiously. It didn’t bug him that Liz thought Zan looked good. After all they did look alike and he knew that Liz loved him, not Zan.

“Like you but different. His hair was longer but still spiky. He was covered in tattoos and piercings. Oh, and he had a goatee.”

“I think I could maybe manage an earring but I don’t know about the rest.”

“You don’t have to do anything. I love you just the way you are.” She reached up and kissed him fully. He pulled her body up against him and they both felt their bodies react to the closeness. The conversation was forgotten as the world melted away.


Liz opened the door to Zack’s apartment quietly although she knew she couldn’t hide the sound from her brother. It was four o’clock in the morning and she knew he was going to throw a fit for her not getting there earlier. They’d made love again. Liz was glad she had decided to keep her own condom in her purse and after she had watched Max sleep. She hadn’t realized how late it had gotten and they had driven back to Roswell quickly. She dropped her bag and stopped in her tracks when she saw the scene in the living room. Zack was sprawled out on his back on the couch with Ava laying across his chest wrapped in his arms. Zack had a small smile across his face that Liz had never seen before.

Deciding to leave them alone, she picked her bag up and headed for the spare room she had intended on sharing with Ava but would now have all to herself. Remembering how perfect the night had been she’d forgotten about the feelings had the club she had earlier.

Part 8: Next morning

Zack woke up to the feeling of added weight on his chest. Looking down he saw Ava’s still sleeping face and he remembered the night before. He could hear noise coming from the kitchen and the smell of food and knew that Liz was cooking. He saw that it was only nine o’clock and decided not to wake her up yet. She needed more sleep than he did. He extracted himself from under Ava and went in search of his sister.

Liz was still in her tank top and flannel pants that she kept there and was busy messing with a bunch of food on the stove. He was glad that he had gone to the store the other night or she would have been yelling that there was nothing to eat. She knew Zack was there and said, “It’s about time you got up sleepyhead. I see your night went well.” She tried to keep the smile off her face.

Ignoring her, Zack stole a piece of bacon from the pan and sat down at the bar to interrogate her. “And what time did you get in?”

Liz blushed when she thought about what had kept her out late but answered, “About four. We went out to stargaze and fell asleep.”

Zack tried not to show that he knew she was lying. And that he wasn’t happy about the idea of what they might have been up to so he just nodded. “Have you been up since then?”

“No, I slept for about five hours. I’ve been so busy the last few weeks with Christmas, New Year’s, and finals that I’ve only been sleeping every couple of days.” The last couple of weeks Liz had been glad that her transgenic status made it so she could go long stretches without sleep. She’d been so busy that she didn’t have an opportunity to sleep much.

“So you and Ava looked so cozy in there, that didn’t want to disturb you. So tell me what happened? And don’t even think about getting out of telling me.” Liz said as she set a plate in front of Zack and sat next to him.

He knew she wouldn’t give up so he started, “Some guy was groping her at the club and it drove me crazy. I got rid of him and danced with her. She asked me why I did it, and I told her I cared about her. Then I kissed her.”

Liz smiled at the sweetness of the situation. Zack always had to be the protector whether you wanted him to be or not. “So what happens now?’

“Well we came back here and talked. We are going to take things slow and easy. We’re going out tonight.” They had been up late talking about everything; it had been a new experience for Zack. Neither one had ever actually dated and was unsure of relationships. Zack had slept with a couple of girls but never dated them. Ava’s relationship with Zan was anything but normal. They had been raised to believe that they were already married so they didn’t have to date. Zack knew all about Zan and he knew she still cared about him but it didn’t bug him. He was with her and she cared about him. He understood that your past is always going to be apart of you.

“I’m so happy that you found someone. Even happier that its Ava.” Liz reached over and hugged her brother. “See I told you that the aliens weren’t all bad.” She joked.

“Yeah, Yeah. Rub it in.” He grunted. He looked back into the living room to make sure Ava was s still asleep before he asked. “Do you think you could help me with the plans for tonight?”

Liz just smiled and agreed.

Part 9: Later that night

Ava had woken up shortly after Liz and Zack figured out the plans for the date. After breakfast the girls left to get ready for their shifts at the Crashdown and Liz had gotten Ava’s version of the night before. Both girls were still smiling that afternoon when both of their boyfriends had shown up to visit. After Zack and Ava left, Liz had filled Max in while they ate pizza and watched movies. Max left at midnight and Liz decided to wait up so she could make sure it went okay. She didn’t know what she was so worried about. It wasn’t like this was the first time one of her friends was dating one of her brothers.


Four months ago, Isabel had came to the Crashdown and asked if she could talk to Liz after she got off work. Liz agreed and the two of them went out for pizza. After making small talk, Liz asked Isabel what was on her mind.

“Well, you know how Kyle and I have been spending a lot of time together?” Liz nodded. “We’ve gotten close and last night he kissed me.”

“And you don’t feel the same way towards him?” Liz asked. She knew that Kyle had feelings for Isabel. He had admitted it to her and wasn’t sure what to do about it.

“No, I do. I want to be with him.” Isabel admitted. She had gotten closer to Liz but it was strange talking to her about Kyle. It was like when she talked to her about Max.

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I just wanted to see how you felt about it.”

“What do I have to do with it?”

“He’s your brother and Alex was your best friend. I don’t want you to be mad at me or think I’m disrespecting Alex.”

Liz was shocked. Isabel was worried that if she was with Kyle that she wouldn’t approve of them. “Iz, Alex loved you and would want you to be happy. If that is with Kyle then I’m happy for you and I’m not mad.”

Isabel smiled and the two girls hugged. They enjoyed the rest of their dinner and chatted about what they’d been doing. As they were leaving Liz warned her, “Just don’t hurt him. You know what I’m capable of if you do.”

{Flashback end}

So now two of her friends were dating her brothers. She hoped her brothers would be as happy with them as she was with Max. She loved her friends but she was protective of her brothers’ hearts. Max had even commented that Liz was more protective of them than they were of her.

As she waited Liz went out to sit on her balcony and write in her journal waiting for Ava to get back. It was a nice night out and the sky was full of stars. The last week had been abnormally warm but not anything like the last heat wave. The only shivers she would feel weren’t going to be caused from the cold. She hadn’t had anymore odd feelings since they had left the club so she figured she was just being paranoid. She started writing about the night before with Max. She had only written a couple of lines when she faintly heard someone approaching on the street below. She figured it was Ava. She knew that she would come up the fire escape since it was so late and wouldn’t want to wake up Liz’s parents. Liz crept quietly over to the edge and looked down at the street below. When she saw the person making the noise, she stood up surprised.

“Michael, what are doing here?” Liz said loud enough for him to hear.

Michael looked up startled. “Umm, I wanted to talk to you.”

“Well come up.” Liz didn’t mind him being there. Michael coming by to talk wasn’t an unusual occurrence. They had spent many nights talking about his incident with Pierce and about the people she had been forced to kill when she was back at Manticore. They understood each other in a way that Max and Maria couldn’t.

Michael shook his head. “Can you come down here?”

Liz stood and looked at Michael for a minute. His request was strange and she didn’t know what he was up to. She could tell Michael could see her confusion.

“I want you to look at something I bought Maria. It’s too big to bring up there so I left on my bike. It’s just down here.”

Liz smiled when he mentioned Maria. Michael had been trying harder and harder to make Maria happy. “Hang on let me grab my shoes.” She still had on the tank top and jogging pants from earlier so she didn’t have to change. She reached into her room and put on her tennis shoes before heading down the ladder.

When she reached the bottom, she asked him, “So what do you want me to see?”

He reached out his hand and said, “Nothing.”

Liz didn’t have time to react before darkness overtook her.

Part 10:

Zack parked his motorcycle in the alley behind the Crashdown close to Liz’s ladder. He helped Ava off the bike and walked her the short distance to the ladder. His enhanced vision allowed him to see the soft glow of the candles and lights that his sister used on her balcony and he knew that she was up there. “I think she’s waiting up for us.”

Ava looked up and said, “I not surprised. She probably goin nuts that we just got back.”

“Well she didn’t get back to my apartment until four this morning so she has no room to talk. We beat her by three hours.” Zack teased. The evening had been wonderful and Zack had a good time. They had gone to dinner, bowling, and then they went to a spot Liz told him about in the desert. He leaned in and kissed her. Ava responded happily and they continued to kiss for a while.

Ava pulled back reluctantly and said, “I better get up there before she comes down looking for me.”

Zack just nodded and gave her a quick kiss. “Go on up but tell her I need to talk to her about our trip to the desert tomorrow.” Every weekend the X5 siblings and which ever of their friends wanted to would go out to the desert to train.

“Okay.” She climbed the ladder fast and Zack leaned on his bike to wait.

Ava came back a minute later but looked distressed. “Zack, get up here. Hurry.”

Her words sent Zack racing up the ladder as fast as he could. He jumped from the ladder with his gun drawn and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Liz is gone. She left the candles and lights lit and her journal is out.” Ava said. Zack knew that Liz never left her journal out in plan sight. All of the secrets about them and the aliens were in it and she wouldn’t risk someone getting a hold of. He was now in full soldier mode. Someone had one of his sisters and he was going to find her.

“Call the others just to make sure that she didn’t leave because of an emergency. If she didn’t tell them that we’re search downtown and the south part of town.” Zack knew that all the old factories were on the north side of town. To search such a large area they were going to need Max there to see if he could sense her. Ava crawled in the window and started calling the others.

Zack started looking around to see if he could figure out what happened. He could tell that there hadn’t been a struggle. This meant she simply left or they had surprised her. He heard Ava come back through the window and he turned to face her.

“Max said she was here when he left at midnight so she disappeared in the last hour. Someone definitely took her because her gun is still in here.” Ava had brought the pack out with her and showed Zack. “Max knew that you would look over everything so he’s going to go start searching. Then we’re all meet at your apartment.” Ava was worried about Liz but she knew that Zack would be feeling ten times that.

“I’ll call Ky myself.” He wanted to tell his little brother himself. Zack pulled out his cell phone and hit the speed dial button. On the second ring a grouchy Kyle answered, “Someone better be dead!”

“You better hope not. Liz is gone; no one knows where she is. Ava already called Max and we’re going to be searching around town. Hit the south side and then meet us at my apartment.”

“Affirmative.” Kyle was now wide-awake and like Zack he slipped into soldier mode.

Zack moved over to the ladder and said, “Let’s go.”

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Part 11:

After they all did their searches, they were all gathered in the living room of Zack’s apartment. They had met there because it was bigger than Michael’s was. Max was going nuts and paced the length of the room. He hadn’t been able to sense her anywhere. He had even driven through town trying to see if he got any vibes there but nothing. She wasn’t in Roswell.

He looked around at the others. Maria was on Michael’s lap and he was attempting to comfort her. Isabel and Ava were watching Kyle and Zack to make sure that they were okay but stayed sitting on the couch.

“I can’t just sit here. We have to do something.” Kyle exclaimed. He would’ve called his dad but he was out of town with Amy Deluca.

“Kyle, we’ve searched everywhere in Roswell.” Isabel stated.

“I know that!” Kyle snapped. He saw that he had hurt Isabel’s feelings. “Izzy, I’m sorry.” Kyle walked up and hugged her.

“It’s okay, I was the same way when the FBI took Max.”

“Do you think they might have taken Liz?” Ava piped up.

“No, they disbanded the Special Unit and they wouldn’t take Liz.” Max answered.

“But she’s not a normal human.” Ava replied. “She said something the other night about looking over her shoulder for people watching her. She wouldn’t have said that if she didn’t think someone was watching. I know you guys destroyed Manticore but could it be them or someone like them that would know about you guys?” She directed the question to Zack.

“Could be. Before Manticore got a hold of Bren, some ex-army men caught her and were going to sell her to a mercenary group. They knew all about us. We’re worth a lot of money.” Zack answered. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Not to mention that the Army is still trying to cover up any evidence of us.”

“Well you guys are overlooking the obvious alien angle. Every time some one disappears in this town, it’s been alien related.” Kyle said angrily. He had accepted the whole alien thing more since he was part one and dating one but he didn’t like the idea of his sister being in danger because of them.

“But why would they take Liz and not us? No one but us knows she has powers.” Max threw back. He hated the thought that an alien had kidnaped Liz again.

“To get to you of course.” Zack snarled. Zack walked up and was eye to eye with Max. Their worry for Liz was overtaking both of them.

“STOP IT!” Maria screamed. She had gotten up from Michael’s lap and stepped in between the two of them. “Now someone took Liz and she doesn’t need either of your leader inflated egos getting in the way of us finding her. We can do this as two separate groups. We’re all going to have to work together.” She turned her gaze from the two guys and looked at Isabel. “Could you try to dreamwalk her?”

Isabel nodded, “I can try. I need a picture.”

“Max give me your wallet.” Maria demanded.

Max pulled out his wallet and Maria took out a picture of Liz. “Here.” She handed it to Isabel.

Isabel took it and left to go to the other room. She stopped when she realized that she was going alone. Alex had held her in his arms the last time she had done something like this but he wasn’t here now. She still missed him and hoped that he understood her relationship with Kyle. “Um, Kyle do you think you could come with me?”

Kyle looked up and could see how much she wanted him to go so he got up and went to join her. They turned and went to one of the bedrooms.

Once they were in the guestroom, Kyle turned to her and asked, “What do I do?”

“I just need you to hold me and let me know you’re there.”

They settled on the bed but before Isabel started Kyle spoke up, “I wanted to say I’m sorry again.”

“I know you are.” Isabel said as she stroked his cheek.

“I just feel so helpless. I hate thinking about something happening to her. She’s been through so much.”

“Liz is strong. She’s one of the strongest people I know.”

Kyle nodded, “Liz knows how to take care of herself with or without her powers. But she’s still my little sister, I just want her safe.”

“We’ll get her back.” Isabel kissed him reassuringly and settled back into his chest. “Now, let’s see if we can contact her.”

As the others waited, they started coming up with ideas as to who it could be but more calmly than before.

“If it was alien related, could there be more skins or another enemy that you don’t know about?” Maria asked.

“Courtney said that Copper Summit was the headquarters for the Skins. If there were some that didn’t get hit by the fireball then they would have died when she destroyed their husks.” Michael answered. “Are there anymore shapeshifters?”

Ava shook her head. “No, ours was killed.”

“What about Lonnie and Rath?” He asked her.

Ava shrugged. “It could be, they knew how Max cared for Liz. When they were here before, they broke into Max’s room and found a picture of her. That’s how Rath knew about her and kissed her.”

“HE WHAT!” Max yelled.

“Calm down Max. He surprised her in the hall and kissed her. It only lasted a second until she pushed him away. She thought it was Michael playing a joke on her.” Maria explained. Isabel came back then.

“I couldn’t get in.” She sounded depressed.

“Well take me with you like you did with Liz before.” Max said.

“It’s not like that. I couldn’t reach you then because you were blocking me. It’s not like that. It’s more like she’s unconscious or….”
Isabel trailed off but everyone knew what she meant.

“No, my baby sister is not dead.” Zack yelled. Ava came up to try to comfort him but he pulled away. She knew that he was upset and still not used to someone being there so she didn’t count it against him.

“Zack’s right. I would know if Liz was dead.” Max choked out. “Zack said there wasn’t a struggle so they would have had to knock her out so she could still be unconscious. We’ll just have to wait and you can try again later.” He turned to Michael and said, “Why don’t you, Maria, and Ava go back to Liz’s apartment and see if you can get any flashes of what happened and Ava can cover for her.”

After they left, Max started pacing again. Zack pulled out his cell phone and said, “Whoever grabbed Liz knew she sat out on her balcony and had probably been watching her. If it was mercenaries or something then they might have rented a place around here to hole up. I’m going to call Logan and see if he can find out anything.” He didn’t like having to call another one of his sisters boyfriends for help but he knew Logan would be the fastest one to get what he needed. The others nodded and sat in silence trying not to think about what could be happening to Liz.

Part 12:

The first thing Liz was aware of as she came back to consciousness was the feeling of someone shaking her roughly. The shaking stopped and was replaced by someone smacking her face hard. She pulled away and the hands fell away from her.

“Yo, she’s up.”

Liz opened her eyes and was assaulted by a bright light. Her eyes adjusted quickly and saw faces hovering above her.

“Michael? Isabel?” The moment the words came out she knew she was wrong. Her head was finally clear and she knew that it wasn’t her friends in front of her. “Rath and Lonnie.”

“And the girl wins a prize.” Rath said. He got right up in Liz’s face and said, “And I’ll make sure that she enjoys her prize. Your body felt so tight when you were dancing.” Liz could feel her stomach turn at the thought of him touching her. She still had on her clothes and shoes on from when he had taken her but the way he was looking at her made her feel naked.

“Rath, get off of her. The sight of your ugly mug is enough to knock her out again.” Lonnie spat out

Liz could hear Rath yelling something back but she wasn’t paying attention. She started looking around at her surroundings and saw nothing but whiteness. They had taken her to abandoned facility at Eagle Rock and put her in one of the white rooms like Max was in. “What am I doing here? Why did you take me?”

“I think I can answer that.” A voice said from behind Lonnie and Rath.

Liz caught sight of the owner of the voice and stared in disbelieve. “Nicholas.”

Nicholas had a smug smile across his face. He turned to Lonnie and Rath. “Go check to make sure the others are standing guard.”
Once they left he turned to look at Liz. “Who else were you expecting?”

“I should have known if Lonnie and Rath were here that you wouldn’t be far behind.”

“So Ava told you about them working with me. I’m not surprised.”

“Next time you send someone to do surveillance, don’t send Rath. He’s so sloppy that I knew he was there.” She said seriously.

Nicholas looked surprised at her admission. “Vanessa said you were smart for a human. I would think you’d be too smart for that boy.” He moved closer to Liz.

Liz knew he was trying to get under her skin. She made her face into a practiced blank expression that she’d learned along time ago to hide her feelings and said, “You said that you could answer my questions. So answer them.” She demanded.

“My my, getting testy aren’t we? Very well, I’ll tell you. I had Rath take you about four and a half hours ago so we can use you as bait.”

“For Max.” Liz whispered. She’d been out for over four hours. Rath must have used his powers to knock her out. If he’d used his fists she wouldn’t have been out so long.

“Not just the stupid boy king but the others as well for an added bonus. I know his weakness is you. He'll make the others rush to help him try to rescue you. When he does I’ll kill them and then I can complete my deal with Kivar.”

“Why would you have made a deal with Kivar?” Liz knew he thought she was insignificant. Since he thought that he might slip up and tell her something useful so she would act demure until she could try to escape.

“To get off this horrible planet of course.” Nicholas answered.

“But you’re his second. Wouldn’t he want you back to serve him?”

“After Max so stupidly turned down Kivar’s deal at the summit he wasn’t pleased with me. He still wanted him dead and told me to kill him to get back on his good side. Those two imbeciles messed it up. So Kivar cut the deal with Tess, and I was going to return after she delivered the others to him. But thanks to you, that didn’t work out. So now I’m back to killing them to get the ride home. Kivar is a big one for deals.”

“But why kill him? Max is stranded here with no way home. And Kivar already has the granolith and Max’s crown.”

“That he does but the people still look for the return of the royal four. If Max is dead, than the people will recognize Kivar as the rightful king since he has the throne now. The war will stop and Kivar will rule. And I intend to be there as second in power.” Liz could see the hunger for power in his eyes.

“But you wouldn’t be second in power. The queen or Lonnie would.”

Nicholas chuckled. “Hardly. Kivar doesn’t trust Lonnie because of her betrayal of her brother that led to his death in New York. He figures if she could betray him to get what she wants she could do the same to him. It is why Kivar won’t marry her instead keeping her as a mistress. As for Tess, she’ll do whatever we tell her just as long as she gets to play queen of the castle. So that leaves me as second in command, only behind Kivar in power.”

“So Tess is queen?” Liz asked through clenched teeth. She hated that Tess had betrayed them and killed Alex just to get her way.

“Not yet but as soon as Max is dead, they will be married. It will help the people accept Kivar better since he is marrying one of the royal four.”

“How can you still be alive? Are the other skins alive too? Was the fireball an illusion to fool Max? If your husk was destroyed why haven’t you died?” Liz’s mind was going a mile a minute trying to think of the best questions to ask. The scientists at Manticore had made sure that the X5’s had faster brain functions then normal human so that they could think faster in the field.

“You are an inquisitive one aren’t you? But I’ll humor you. The fireball was real and killed the others. I mindwarped everyone into thinking I was still there and escaped to New York. I had sent a small group of my most trusted people there and they had their own husks and a spare one for me. They weren’t ready until about three months ago but if Max would have taken the stupid deal than I wouldn’t have needed it. But since he didn’t I had to use it.”

“How long have you been watching?”

“Only a couple of days. We had a couple of things to deal with plus arrange for your wonderful accommodations.” Nicholas said sarcastically.

“So why here?”

“To play with his head of course. Did he ever tell you about what I did that day at the school?”

Liz could only nod. Max had told her about what Nicholas had done to him. He had gotten in Max’s head and into his memories, he had called it a mind rape. Liz didn’t mind sharing her memories with Max through their connections but she cringed at the thought of what Nicholas did.

“Well when I was in his head, the time he spent in this place was one of his worst memories along with ones of you in danger. So I put the two together. It’ll mess with his mind to come back in here. You see I don’t just what to kill him. I’ve done that before. I want him to suffer for the fifty years I’ve had to live on this planet because of him. I’ll bring him in here to show that you’re nice and safe and kill him”

“But your plan won’t work. This is the last place they would look for me.” Nicholas didn’t know that Isabel would try to dreamwalk her or that she could project herself.

“After I let him suffer a few days I’ll send word to him that I have some phony message from Kivar and will release you if he comes to hear him out. He’ll either agree to the terms or ignore them and try to rescue you. He’ll think only Lonnie and Rath are helping me and won’t expect the other men. Then I’ll have him.”

He moved to leave. When he reached the door, he opened it and Liz could see someone who she assumed was a skin holding a tray of food. Nicholas took it and set just inside the door. “Now I don’t want you to waste away and die before you serve your purpose so here you go. Oh and don’t think about going to sleep so that Isabel can contact you ”

Liz stared at the door for a minute after he’d left. Nicholas’s last comment had surprised her. It shouldn’t have though, Lonnie had the same powers as Isabel so they were well aware of what the others might do to try and reach her. It was a good thing she could go without sleep for a while. Liz sat down and felt her cheek. She was going to have a couple of bruises on her face but that was it. As she sat there, she thought about what to do. She could project herself but then her friends would come rushing in to rescue her without any knowledge of what was inside. Nicholas had mentioned more skins but how many? She needed to find out as much as she could about Nicholas’s operation before she contacted the others. She had two days before Nicholas was going to contact Max to either find a way to escape of at least find out something useful to relay to her friends or maybe even escape. She put up the blocks in her mind that Ava had taught her and hoped it was enough to keep Isabel out if she tried to contact her.

Liz walked over and looked at the tray. Whoever had prepared it didn’t seem to know the quantities of food that humans ate. There was enough food and water to feed even Liz’s huge appetite. She grabbed a bottle of water and started walking around the large room looking for weaknesses that could help her get out.


Several hours later Liz hadn’t found anything. The people who had built it made sure of that. But the main reason they designed it was to mess with the occupant’s heads. It didn’t have that effect on Liz though. She had been in similar cells and worse ones when she was at Manticore. She did hate that Max had been there.

She sat there lost in her thoughts. She thought about Max, her friends, and her family. Zack and Max were probably at each other’s throats. She wondered if Zack had called her other siblings to try and help find her. He wouldn’t have any idea where to start. They didn’t know if she was gone because of something alien or if someone had figured out what she was. She knew there were probably a few people out there who would like to find an X5 for their own purposes. Not to mention the army was still trying to cover up anything to do with Manticore. Liz was pulled out of her thoughts when the door opened.

She tried to hide the shock she felt. But she knew that the person would be able to see it.

“Didn’t think you would see me here, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. What are doing on Earth, Tess?” Liz asked.

Part 13:

Isabel had tried to dream walk Liz again but she was still unconscious. By that time Liz had been missing over four hours. They didn’t know Liz regained consciousness shortly after the last time Isabel had tried. They decided to wait a little while before she tried again so Isabel dragged Max home to cover with their parents. Michael and Maria came back to tell them that they had only gotten flashes of Liz writing in her journal and climbing down the ladder but nothing to give her location or who took her. Ava had stayed at the apartment until Liz’s parents woke up. She was going to mind warp them so they could cover Liz’s disappearance. They all hated doing it but they didn’t want them to know yet in case it was alien related. Maria and Michael had to work the opening shift and went though it broke her heart knowing Liz was still missing. They only had to cover the morning shift so they would be off at noon.

Zack and Kyle stayed at the apartment and waited for Logan to call them back. Logan had been happy to help and didn’t care that it was so early in the morning. Their sister Max now lived with Logan so she knew and wanted to come down to help. Zack told her she could as soon as Logan’s searches were done. Logan got back to Zack quickly but with no info. He called the others to see if they knew of anyone who would want an X5 but they didn’t. Krit and Syl were on their way too. The others were to far away but were going to be on alert.

Ava came later with food for them. She had made the Parkers believe that Liz had told them that she and Ava was going to Portland to see Zane for a few days since she didn’t have school the next week. They hoped it wouldn’t take that long to find her but it gave them some time before they had to worry about it. Ava had grabbed some of Liz and her clothes so it would look believable and fixed the schedule at the Crashdown.

After Michael was off work he and Max went out and searched the town again. He was desperate to find her. She’d been gone for about twelve hours by then. Maria picked up Isabel and they headed back. Kyle took her into the other room to try and dreamwalk Liz again. They’d been in there for fifteen minutes before she came running out with Kyle following.

“Did you get in?” Maria asked anxiously. Zack, Ava, and her waited for Isabel’s answer.

“No, I couldn’t get in but not like before! She’s blocking me.” Isabel said excitedly.

It took the others a minute to understand what she meant. Then it clicked. If Liz wasn’t sleeping then that meant she had just been unconscious earlier.

“When Max gets here, I’ll take him with me when I try next. She may still be blocking him but we have to try.” Isabel said.

“But why would she block you. She knows that when she didn’t project to us that you would try to connect with her.” Maria asked.

“It might be too dangerous. Whoever has her might be watching her. Or it could be because she doesn’t want us to know where she is yet. She’s probably waiting to see if she can learn about who’s holding her and what security they have.” Kyle explained.

“If I was her, I’d want to get out of wherever she is as soon as possible.” Maria threw in.

“But that wasn’t how we were trained. Liz is relying on her instincts and her training to save herself instead of waiting for the cavalry. She’ll try to escape before she’ll let us risk a rescue mission with no knowledge.” Zack explained. He knew that’s what she would do. She would try anything to keep them safe.

Max and Michael showed up shortly after and they had explained what had happened. They stayed in the living room and Isabel was going to try to dreamwalk Liz again and take Max with her. Maybe the two of them could get past Liz’s block.

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Part 14: Eagle Rock

“No, I didn’t. What are you doing on Earth, Tess?” Liz asked. She could feel her anger rising. It had been seven months since the last time she’d seen her and her anger towards her had not decreased.

“Kivar sent me.” Tess said, her eyes twinkling. She was enjoying seeing Liz in the white room. Although she’d enjoy it more if Liz acted more affected by it. She would have given her a little push with her mind but Nicholas had told her not to. She normally wouldn’t have listen to him but the order was backed up by Kivar when Nicholas had contacted him to let him know the plan was going well.

“You must have already gotten on his nerves, and he used that as the best excuse to get rid of you.” Liz said. She didn’t know exactly why Tess was in her cell but knowing her it was only to pester her. It still shocked her that her and Ava were from the same DNA. They were so different from each other that Liz didn’t even see Tess’s face when she looked at Ava.

“No, he just knew that Nicholas would probably mess up again. He knew I wouldn’t.”

“Yeah, because you really came through for him when you were supposed to get the others with you to Antar.” Liz said sarcastically. “Are you in here for a reason or just to bug me?”

“Just thought I’d come in and see how you were doing with the news that you’re bait for us to kill Max.”

“How do you know that Nicholas told me?”

“Because I’ve been watching you and asked what he told you.” Tess explained as she pointed to one of the walls. “I would have been listening in but the FBI took that equipment with them when they abandoned the place.”

Liz snapped. “It doesn’t matter anyway, Max can take Nicholas.”

Tess let out a small laugh. “Max is so pathetic. He would never stand a chance against Nicholas, Lonnie, Rath, and twelve of his men.”

Liz tried not to smile at Tess’s statement. She didn’t know that they had been practicing with Ava and their powers were a lot stronger than before or that they would have some extra help. She also wasn’t aware of that she had made the slip about the amount of men. It was the last bit of information Liz needed. “Well then you’ll be back on Antar in no time.”

Tess’s smile grew and she said, “Yep, I’ll be the beloved queen of the new and rightful king.”

“No, Tess. You’ll be the whore of a tyrant.” Liz could see that her words effected Tess deeply. She knew it was petty but she wanted to mess with Tess’s head.

Tess recovered as best she could and said, “Now, now Liz. That’s no way to talk to an old friend is it?”

Liz rolled her eyes and walked up so she was standing eye to eye with her. “We were never friends Tess. All you wanted was Max. You used anyone and everyone to try and get what you wanted. Did you ever even care about my br um Kyle?”

“He was a fun human to play around with. He served his purpose. If Max would have just cooperated everything would have been easier.”

“You know what I think you would betray Kivar even now if you thought Max would give you the time of day. You know he is the true king and you tried to get him but failed. He would never want you because he had me. I’m the one that he gives his love to. From his heart and his body.” Liz smiled smugly.

Tess’s eyes blazed with hatred. She reached out and grabbed Liz’s arm and like the last time the two had touched a connection formed. Only this time they both saw the same flashes coming from Liz.

Max and Liz kissing on the blanket
Max and Liz were pleasuring each other with their hands.
Max thrusting into Liz. Both of them had extreme looks of pleasure on their faces.
**End of Flashes**

Tess pulled back from Liz like she was on fire. “You little b*tch!” She screamed as she pulled her hand back and smacked Liz. “I should have killed you like I did that worthless human Alex!”

At Tess’s last statement, Liz’s control snapped. She pulled back her arm and punched Tess right in the nose, blood spurting out. The punched enraged Tess. She screamed in rage and brought up her hand to use her powers but Liz was faster. She delivered a hard sidekick to her stomach. The kick knocked Tess back into the wall. When she hit the wall she launched herself at Liz but was no match for her. Liz saw Tess coming and did spin kick to her stomach, then delivered an elbow blow to her face. She grabbed Tess’s arm by the wrist and twisted it hard. This caused Tess’s body to flip forward and she landed hard on her back. She hit the ground moaning. Before Liz could do more Rath came up behind her and grabbed shoulders.

Her adrenaline was running high and before Rath could stop her Liz elbowed him in the face then his chest causing him to lean forward slightly. She used him for leverage then ran up the wall and flipped over his head. The flip caused him to loose his grip on her and he was spun around. He finished the turn just as she landed. He backhanded her with his fist and Liz felt his large hand split her lip. He tried to grab her again but she grabbed both his wrists and twisted them down. The move brought his upper body down to Liz’s chest level. She delivered a perfect roundhouse kick to his head, stunning him. She moved quickly and brought a hammer kick down on his back knocking him to the floor. Just as he hit the floor Liz spun to go out the door but instead was thrown through the air across the room and hit the wall hard. Liz fell to the ground and looked up just in time to see Rath come up and backhand her again. Despite the pain she felt all over her body she jumped up and swept his feet out from under him just to be thrown back into the wall. This time she saw that Nicholas and Lonnie had came in and Nicholas had used his powers to throw her into the wall. She fell to the ground in a crumpled heap. Her body hurt everywhere.

“Bring her here!” Nicholas commanded. Lonnie was checking on the still moaning Tess.

Rath came up wearily. Liz could see that he had blood on his face. “How the hell did she do that? I neva seen someone move that fast.” He grabbed Liz by the hair and began to drag her over to Nicholas. When he reached him, Rath pulled her hair more to bring her head up. It was then that something caught Nicholas’s eye.

“What do we have here?” He moved around to Liz’s back and looked at the black barcode on her neck.

“What’s the deal? It just looks like a tattoo.” Rath said. “I’ve got a ton of them.”

“Yes, it does but this one is different. This is a barcode like humans use to keep track of things. Now why do you have one Liz? Is that how Max keeps track of you?” Nicholas asked.

“It’s just a tattoo. It has nothing to do with Max.” Liz spat out. She could see he was curious and he probably wouldn’t stop until he knew what it was. She hoped he would just think it was a normal tattoo and leave it alone.

Nicholas caught the look in her eye and knew that there was more than she was saying. “Well it looks like little Lizzy here has a secret of her own. Why don’t we find out what it is?”

Liz knew what he was about to do. She started to struggle but stopped the moment his hands touched her head. She felt the mental blocks she had put up being torn down. The next moment Liz felt a blinding pain and she screamed.

Part 15:

“Why don’t we find out what it is?”

Liz knew what he was about to do. She started to struggle but stopped the moment his hands touched her head. She felt the mental blocks she had put up being torn down. The next moment Liz felt a blinding pain and she screamed.

The pain went on for what seemed like hours before Nicholas released her. Her head was throbbing but it was small in comparison to what it had been.

“Well well well. That’s was interesting.” Nicholas said.

“Whadya see?” Lonnie asked. Tess was leaning up against her holding her nose and her stomach where Liz had kicked her. Liz could see that she looked drained so she probably couldn’t heal herself yet. She had bruises on her wrist and more on her face but some were covered by the blood from her nose.

“It seems Liz isn’t what she appears to be.”

“Yo you’re state the obvious. What is she?” Lonnie snapped.

“She’s combination of several things. She started off as some kind of advanced human super soldier created by Earth scientists.” Nicholas explained.

“So that’s how she knew how to do all that fighting stuff?” Rath asked.

“Yes, it is. But there’s more. When Max healed her, he changed her and now she has powers.”

“What kind of powers?” Lonnie asked.

“Not sure. There was a lot of crap in there to go through and I had to get out before I killed her. I saw that she can do some manipulating and maybe mindwarp. I saw a memory of two of her in a room so it must have been her practicing. We’ll have to be careful.” He looked around at them and pointed at Tess. “Get her out of here. She’s going to have to build up some energy and repair the damage. Kivar won’t be happy if he sees her like that when we send our next report.”

Lonnie got up to drag Tess from the room. Rath stayed where he was. “Rath, go with them.”

“But you need me here in case she tries something else.” Rath argued.

“Yeah, you were so effective in stopping her before.” Nicholas looked down at Liz. “She’s in no condition at the moment to do anything. I think she’ll behave for now.”

Rath moved over to go with the other two reluctantly. Once they were gone Nicholas looked down at Liz. She had gotten up from where she'd been laying on the floor and sat up.

“Those idiots aren’t the sharpest.” Nicholas said.

“It’s must make you feel all high and mighty that you’re intelligence out weighs theirs, though not by much.” Liz said impassively. She tried not to wince at the pain from her lip.

Nicholas smirked at her. “Still the warrior. I don’t think you should be nasty right now. You wouldn’t want to be punished would you?”

Liz was sick of him. Her head was throbbing and she wanted him out of there. “The only way you could is by using your powers, you have no physical strength. Maybe you’re just as much a little boy on the inside as much as you’re on the outside.” The words were out of her mouth before she realized it. Damn, she had been spending too much time with her brother; Kyle was such a smartass.

Nicholas walked up and smacked her hard. “Oh, I’ll show you how much of a man I am and you’ll love every minute of it.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz spit out.

“You intrigue me. So I’ve decided to keep you and take you back to Antar with me.” Nicholas had a devilish smile on his face. “Someone in my position always has several mistresses.” He leaned down and moved a piece of her hair out of her face.

Liz pulled away from his hand. She could feel the bile in her throat. “I would never become your mistress.”

“I think you’ll change your mind. I can brake just enough of that spirit that you’ll be at my beck and call. Max and your friends will be dead and you’ll be on a planet so far away that no one will be able to come after you. I can make the things Lydecker did to you look like child's play.”

“You saw it?” Liz said stunned.

“Oh yes. You can imagine all the stuff I saw.” His smile widened. “Actually you don’t have to imagine, you were there. I’m not above torturing you while you share my bed.”

“I would kill myself before I’d let you touch me.” Liz spat out. She would too. She knew that if she were around him when her next heat came that she wouldn’t be able to resist him. “I am no one’s whore!”

“But you are.” Nicholas’s eyes blazed. “I know that you’ve whored yourself to Max. What would Zack think about that?”

Liz’s head snapped up at her brother’s name. “I see I hit a nerve. I might just have to use him as an example of what I could do to you if you don’t behave. Now I need to go and arrange with Kivar for you to accompany me so I’ll leave you to that thought.” He got up and left.

She crawled over to the wall and leaned her back against it. She sat there and assessed the damages. Her body ached from hitting the wall twice but she didn’t think anything was broken. She could feel more bruises on her face and she had at least one black eye to add to her lip. She had had worse but was glad that she healed quickly. She looked down and saw that some of Tess’s blood and maybe some of Rath’s had gotten on her tank top. The worse thing was her head. Nicholas’s mindrape had left her with a hell of a headache.

She had to move fast or she not have time to contact the others. Nicholas hadn’t mentioned moving up his plans but she wouldn’t put it past him. He had perceived her projecting herself as a mindwarp rather that what it actually was. If he figured it out he might figure out a way to block her. She didn’t know if she had enough strength but she had to try and project herself to the others now that she knew what they were up against. She slid her way up the wall so she was standing up right and concentrated on her friends. She felt tingling all over her skin and she knew it was working.

Part 16: Same time

The group all sat around and waited for Isabel and Max to connect to try and dreamwalk Liz. Isabel held Max’s hand then touched Liz’s picture to try and connect. She could feel them both going into the dreamwalk when suddenly all they could both feel was pain. It was so overwhelming that it took all of Isabel’s strength as well as some from Max to break the connection. They both collapsed in heaps but Max was still half way conscious. Michael lifted him up onto the couch as Kyle took care of Isabel.

“Maxwell, what happened?” Michael said as he gently shook him.

“PPPain. All we could feel was pain.” Max stuttered out. He looked over at Isabel and saw that she was passed out. “Ava, help Isabel.”

Ava used her powers to connect with Isabel and help her regain consciousness. Isabel sat up and held her head as she asked, “What was that? I’ve never encountered anything like that before. There was so much pain.”

“You mean you guys got in?” Kyle asked.

“I’m not sure but I think we happened to tap into her mind right as her captors did something to her.” Max explained.

“I want to do it again.” Isabel stated.

“No, Isabel you can’t.” Kyle argued just as Max and Michael stated the same thing.

“I have to. I have to find out where she is so we can get her out of there. I just need to build up some energy before I try it again.” She insisted.

“Isabel, I know you want to help my sister but you’re of no use to us if you’re weak.” Zack said.

“I’m doing it.” Isabel said in a perfect ‘Ice Princess’ voice.

Max saw the determined look on her face. “Fine but wait a little while. You need to eat to help get your energy back.” Isabel nodded and after twenty minutes she felt back up to speed. “I want to do it now.”

“I’m going with you again.” Max stated firmly as he grabbed Isabel’s hand.

Before they got a chance they felt the energy in the room heightened and suddenly Liz appeared in front of them. They were all shocked but happy to see her. Their joy subsided some when they saw the condition she was in.

Max felt his heart break at the sight of her. Her face was bruised, her eye was black, and she had a split lip. He panicked when he saw blood on her. It took all his willpower not to try and take her in his arms.

“Can you hear me?” Liz asked.

They all nodded. Liz could see the concern on Max’s face. “Don’t worry. I look a lot worse than I am.” She could see they weren’t convinced. “Really, I’m okay, it’s not my blood. If you think I look bad, you should see Tess.”

She saw their eyes’ widen at the mention of Tess. Liz didn’t give them a chance to say anything. “Listen, I don’t know how long I have so let me get this out. Nicholas is setting a trap for you and he’s using me as bait. He has twelve skins working with him along with Rath, Lonnie, and Tess. He has me at Eagle Rock but none of the security that the FBI had is still here. They’re watching me to make sure I don’t sleep and he’s going to wait a couple of days before contacting you. If you come after me tonight, he won’t expect it.”

“I’ve got to break this. Nicholas used his powers on me and knows I have powers but I don’t think he knows about this one. Be careful. His only way home is to kill you and he wants to go home. Please try to work together. I love all of you.” Then she disappeared.

Liz opened her eyes and found herself on alone at Eagle Rock. She wiped away the blood with her powers but she wasn’t able to do anything with her face. No wonder the others had freaked when they saw her.


They all stood in stunned silence staring at the empty space where Liz’s image had just been.

Michael was the first one to speak, “When she said he used his powers, she meant he mindraped her?” Max could only nod.

“What is that?” Kyle asked.

“One of Nicholas’s powers is that he can get in your head and go through your memories. He’s done it to Max.” Isabel explained.
“It’s really painful. That’s what Max and I felt earlier.”

“God, did you see her? What else did they do to her?” Maria asked in a small voice.

“I don’t know. She said she’s okay. But she had bruises on her face, a split lip, and her eye looked black. You guys saw the blood on her too but she said it wasn’t hers. She said Tess was worse off then her so it must have been her blood.” Max said.

“Knowing my sister, she probably was giving Tess a little pay back for what she did to Alex.” Kyle stated. He smiled inwardly at the thought of what his sister could have done to Tess.

“How and why would Tess be here?” Maria asked. “Shouldn’t she be on Antar?”

“I don’t know. Liz said that by killing us Nicholas was going to get a ride home so I’m assuming Kivar sent her.” Max shrugged.

“The facility Liz mentioned, are you guys familiar with it?” Zack asked. He had hated seeing Liz in the condition she was in. She was his baby sister and he was supposed to protect her but he hadn’t. He was going to make it up to her by getting her out of there.

“Michael and Isabel know it better than me. I don’t remember much outside of the one room I was in.” Max answered. He couldn’t even bring himself to say ‘white room’.

“Um, when we were cleaning out Tess’s stuff I found the plans for Eagle Rock Nasedo had. She must have had them so we could scan them if we ever needed them.” Michael said.

Max turned to look at him. “Why is this the first time I’ve heard about this?”

“Well, I didn’t think you would want to remember it so I hid them up in my apartment in case we needed them. I’ll go get them.” Michael turned and headed to his apartment to retrieve them before Max could yell at him.

Zack looked at Max. “Okay before we can think of a plan I need to know everything you can tell me about Nicholas and the skins. Weaknesses, powers, everything.”

“Ava, do you have any memories of Nicholas back on Antar?” Max asked.

“I don’t have any memories of our past lives.” Ava said confused.

“What do you mean? Tess always said that she had memories of our past lives so I just assumed you did, too.”

“I’m sorry Max. I don’t have any but I can tell you some stuff. I know a little about him and the skins now.”

Max nodded and they got to work.

Part 17:

After what Liz assumed was a couple of hours, she felt the ache in her body decrease. She was thankful that X5’s healed fast. Her face was still messed up but she could have Max heal her later. She stood up and started walking around stretching and testing her bodies’ strength. She felt good except she was bored. She moved to the center of the room and started doing some exercises and mild tumbling. She worked out for a while and had actually worked up a sweat when the door to the room opened and Nicholas walked in.

“It’s good to know your flexible.” He said with a leer across his face.

Liz glared at him and asked, “What do want Nicholas?”

“Do you have to ask?” Liz rolled her eyes at him and moved farther away. “Actually someone is here to see you.”

Liz was confused. Who could possibly be here to see her? They couldn’t have captured one of her friends or her brothers could they?
She stood there and waited to see who it was.

The door opened to reveal a man that looked to be in his twenties. As he walked in Liz took notice of his appearance. He was about 6’3” with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was very handsome but there was something about him that Liz didn’t like.

“So this is the human I’ve heard so much about.” He looked her up and down; his eyes lingered over certain places before meeting her eyes. “I can see why Zan chose her over Tess.”

Recognition hit Liz. “Kivar.”

“Yes, Liz.”

“Why are you here?” Liz asked. “How are you here? Is this you or did you take over a body.”

“Oh, it’s me. Nicholas contacted me to update me on his mission and told me the new information about you. We just developed a device that opens a portal to here from Antar. So I opened one and came to see you for myself. I’ve heard a lot about you from Tess.”

“I can only imagine what she told you.” Liz said sarcastically. “Let me guess. I’m a worthless human who kept Max away from her.”

Kivar laughed again. “Close. Although her description doesn’t do your beauty justice, even with the bruises. Tess is not your biggest fan and I saw that you are definitely not hers. You did quite a number on her.”

“She deserves far worse. She killed my best friend.” Liz growled in anger. Kivar’s compliment rubbed her the wrong way. She calmed herself as something he had said popped in her mind. “Why do you call Tess by that name? Why not call her by her past life name, Ava?”

“Because Tess was her name in her past life.”

“But I thought the royal four from New York all went by their past life names?”

“They do. Tess was supposed to be with them but her pod was leaking and couldn’t make the trip. Their protector had to repair her pod for her to survive. Ava was supposed to be in Roswell.”

“That explains a lot about her personality. She’s as manipulative as Lonnie and Rath.”

“Yes, they’ll do whatever they can to get what they want. She’s not a strong enough person to get it any other way. She couldn’t even seduce Zan away from you even with her manipulations.”

“His name is Max.” Liz said defiantly.

“Max. Zan. Whoever.” Kivar shrugged his shoulders. “You and her are complete opposites. I see so much strength in you, power. A soldier ready to fight when needed, loyal to the ones close to you, selfless.”

Kivar’s words were causing Liz’s skin to crawl. He made it sound like she was in her head. The way he stared at her unnerved her. What was it about Antarians and their eyes? Their eyes told so much. As she stared at his eyes, it hit her what was affecting her so much. He had a hard quality in them that she had only seen in one other person. Lydecker.

He moved closer to her. He reached up to touch her arm and Liz pulled away from him. Kivar didn’t try again but stood in front of her and laughed, “Nicholas said you were feisty. He was also right when he said that it would have to be broken before you could become the proper mistress. A task that would no doubt be fun for the one doing the braking.”

“Well, Nicholas can have his delusional fantasies all he wants but that’s all they ever will be. Fantasies.” Liz stated.

“Yes, they will only be fantasies.”

Liz looked up at him surprised, “You mean you’re not going to try and take me to Antar?”

“No, you are going to Antar but not as Nicholas’s mistress. You will be mine.”

“Kivar!” Nicholas said as he began to protest.

“She will be mine and that is final. I’m going to stay here on Earth until you kill Zan.” Kivar yelled. He looked at Liz; “I’m offering more than for you to be a normal mistress. This can go one of two ways. You can be disobedient and will stay locked up in your room or you can be willing. If you are willing, I can offer you a position as my personal agent. I would send you as a liaison when I need you. You’d be traveling around doing my bidding in anyway that I ask. As a diplomat, an enforcer, sometimes even an assassin.”

“No, I won’t do it. That might be why I was created but that’s not who I am.” Liz shook her head. “I would only kill or harm someone if I have to.”

“But you should embrace who you are. I can give that to you. All I demand is that you give the services of your body.”

“Never.” Liz yelled at him. “I’ll tell you the same thing I told Nicholas. I would sooner die than let you touch me. Max is the only man I will ever give my body to.”

“The hard way it is.” Kivar took a step forward and went to smack her but Liz was faster. She sidestepped him and moved to the other side of the room. Kivar didn’t move from his spot. “Nicholas mentioned your abilities. Very well, I’ll leave you alone for now. I know you’ll change your mind once you see Zan’s lifeless body.” Without another word, he and Nicholas left.

Liz blew out the breath she didn’t know she’d been holding. She hoped the others came soon but knew that it wouldn’t be for some time. Zack and Max would want to wait until late at night for the best coverage. She needed to warn them about Kivar.

‘I’m glad Nicholas didn’t figure out that I could do this.’ Liz thought as she concentrated on projecting herself to her family again.

Part 18:

Zack, Max, Kyle, and Michael went over the blueprints of Eagle Rock. There had been a couple of arguments but they had been ironed out. Max, Logan, Krit and Syl had arrived and were briefed on the situation.

Once all the details had been worked out, Zack and Max gathered everyone to lay out the plan. “A couple hours after nightfall, we’ll head out to the facility. When we arrive we’ll break up into groups. We’re pairing an X5 and an alien. Max and I will go together, Michael will go with Krit, Maxie with Isabel, Ava will go with Kyle and Syl. Maria and Logan will stay with the cars. We’ll stay in contact over our headsets.” He hated sending Ava in but she wouldn’t listen when he tried to talk her out of it. Since she insisted, he had made sure she would have Kyle and Syl there to watch her.

“Why are we grouped that way?” Syl asked. She was used to working alongside Krit.

“We’re going to be dealing with aliens. Now the three hybrids can be taken out like any normal human but the others are going to be harder. Bullets won’t kill a skin but it’ll slow them down a little. The only way to kill the skins are by blasting them, fire, or if you crush the seal on their lower back. Michael and Kyle’s blasts can kill them. I don’t know about Maxi but Isabel, Ava, and I can use our powers too. If we brake up into the groups Zack mentioned than it’ll combine the ‘talents’ if you will of the aliens and X5’s.” Max explained.

“So you guys are going to go in, get Lizzie and then get out, right?” Maria asked.

Zack, Kyle, Max, and Michael all looked at each other. Michael decided to be the one to explain it to her. “We don’t want them to come after us again. We’re going to get Liz and take Nicholas and the others out at the same time. It’s either him or us.”

Maria sat silently. She knew that it needed to be done but she was scared. She didn’t want any of them to get hurt. “I’m going with you.”

“No, you’re not Maria.” Michael stated.

“Listen Spaceboy.” Maria started as she placed her hands on her hips. “You’re not going in there without me. That pile of flakes has my best friend. Not to mention the blond bimbo who killed my other best friend that I’m dying to get my hands on. I know how to kill a skin and I can use any of Liz’s smaller guns.”

Michael walked over and put his hand on her arm to calm her down. “Maria, I know you can do both of those. I don’t want you going in there. They took Liz because of her involvement with Max; they could do the same thing with you. You are staying in the car rather by choice or if I have to make you.”

Maria was about to start ranting again but Max interceded, “Maria, we need you and Logan to stay with the car so in case they try to take out our escape route. If they do, you can stop them.”

“Okay. I’ll stay with Logan.” There were sometimes when it sucked to be a normal human. Logan came over and put his arm on her shoulders. “Just think of us as their last line of defense.” Maria smiled her appreciation of his attempt to make her feel better.

Seeing Maria wasn’t going to argue anymore, Zack continued. “The four groups will go enter at the designated entrance points. Liz is being held in one of the rooms in this corridor.” He pointed to the corridor. “Max and I will head there and get her out. We don’t know exactly where Tess, Lonnie, and Rath will be but each one of your targets is an area that we think the a group of skins will be keeping watch.”

“Do you guys have any idea which room she’s in?” Krit asked.

“I won’t be able to sense which room exactly but I should be able to narrow down the number of rooms.” Max explained.

“Don’t worry about being quiet once you’re in. The noise will flush the targets out. Take out as many as you can at one time. Make sure and give updates on your status. There’s no security cameras so we’re going in blind this time.” Zack explained. Before Zack could go on, Liz appeared again.

“Jesus, Liz. Warn a person when you do that.” Her sister Max said. Krit, Logan, Syl, and Max gasped slightly when they saw Liz’s face.

Liz smiled, “Sorry. I needed to tell you about a new factor. I don’t have much time.”

Max could see something had upset Liz further, he moved closer to her and asked, “What’s happened Liz?”

“Kivar. Nicholas told him about me and wanted to see me for himself.”

“Kivar’s here?” Michael asked.

“Yes, he is. I’ve seen him. He said he had some kind of device that can open a portal between Antar and here.”

“We’ll come get you out of there now.” Zack stated.

“No, I’m fine. He’s not going to hurt me. I just wanted to warn you.”

“Why do you think he won’t hurt you?” Isabel asked.

Liz hated to tell them the next part. “Because he wants to take me back to Antar, as his mistress. I have to go. I’ll see you soon.” She faded away.

Anyone looking at Max could see the hatred on his face. He clenched his fists over and over. Zack, Kyle, Krit, and even Michael were acting in a similar way. Although Zack kept his face blank, Ava could feel the anger coming off of him. She put her hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry. We’re going to get her before he can do anything.”

Zack relaxed some at Ava’s touch. Her affect on his moods surprised him. His whole life he had never cared about anyone but his siblings. He looked up and saw that Isabel was calming Kyle the same way. He spoke loud enough so everyone could hear. “I’m moving departure up. We’ll leave at nightfall.”

The others nodded and they set about getting ready.

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Part 19:

After Liz finished projecting and was back in the white room. She waited with baited breath to see if she’d been found out. When nothing happened she relaxed. She thought about the look on Max’s face when she told him about Kivar’s intentions. His face had been filled with cold hatred. She prayed that he didn’t let it effect him to the point that he would do something stupid.

She knew that Max and Zack would be the ones to come get her. Neither one would leave the facility without seeing her with their own eyes. She hated to think that Max would have to come into one of the white rooms. She didn’t know how many there were but they would have to hit every one to find her.

She sat there with only her thoughts of her family and friends to occupy herself for the hours she had to wait. The only memories she’d allow herself to think about involving Manticore were the ones that involved the private time she’d been allowed with her siblings. Ben’s, Eva’s, Bren’s, and Tinga’s faces floated in front of her eyes. When her sister Max had been in Roswell she had talked about them. She had connected with Liz and Liz got to see what her deceased siblings looked like grown up. She thought about her and Kyle growing up without their brothers and sisters. Both of them wanting to forget what they were, they weren’t ashamed of it just scared how others would react to them. She thought about when she met Maria and later Alex and how Kyle had warned her not to get too close to them. She remembered how happy she was when Zack revealed himself to her and Kyle one day out in the desert while they were training. It was a year after that that she had started lying to both of them when she got shot. She had hated doing it but she couldn’t betray Max’s trust. Her memories switched to her times with Max.

Her heart beat faster when she thought about their first kiss, their night out in the desert when they found the orb, and their other trip to the same spot in the desert just a few nights before. She remembered the heartache they had been through when she had walked away from him in the desert and when her heart had further broke when Future Max had visited her. She thought about all the pain Tess had caused all of them. She had only hated three people in her life. Lydecker, Pierce, and Tess. Tess was the only one still alive.

A familiar tingle in her head brought her out of her thoughts. Max was near! She jumped up and started pacing the room. She looked at the door and got an idea. She walked up to the door and placed her hand on it. She used her back to shield what she was doing from the window where they were watching. She used a small amount of power and marked the other side of the door. She just hoped that the others would see it.

Ten minutes later the door opened but instead of seeing Zack and Max it was Kivar and Nicholas.

Part 20: Outside Eagle Rock

Everyone piled out of the cars and gathered their weapons. Maria hugged her friends and kissed Michael good-bye. After Michael released her she went to stand next to Logan. The others left and were out of their sight within minutes.

When they were a hundred feet away from the building they split up. Michael and Krit headed for the staff quarters from one side while Isabel and Max were going to approach from the other side. Kyle, Syl, and Ava were going to the old computer room. They had figured that these were the areas would be where the skins would be. Zack and Max headed in the direction of the white rooms corridor.


Kyle’s group reached their target first. They could see that a large number of the skins were just sitting around waiting. “We’ve got about six skins here.” Kyle reported into his headset.

“Take them out. We’re all in.” Zack said.

Kyle looked over at the others. “Ava, how many do you think you could take out?”

“One or two.”

“Same here with my blast. If we hurry, we could take out most of them before they even realize that we’re here.”
Kyle said.

“I’ve got a better idea.” Syl said. She pulled something out of her weapons pack. “These should be able to take out more than we could in one shot. They’re Russian made high-pressured grenades. Once you trigger them just slide them across a surface and when they hit an object they explode. When they do they send a flash of explosive straight up. They’re low fragmentation so they won’t reach us.”

Kyle looked at the two-hockey puck shaped objects. He smiled at Syl and said, “You know you’re my favorite right?”

Syl rolled her eyes; “They were a birthday present from Liz. Here we go.” She clicked on her headset, “Fire in the hole.” She pushed both triggers and slide both of them across the floor into the room. The skins heard the noise and looked down just in time to see the black discs flying across the floor right into the wall next to them.


“Go!” Kyle yelled.

He, Ava, and Syl ran into the room and into a cloud of skin flakes. There were two skins left. Kyle took out one with a fire blast while Syl came up behind the other one and delivered a hard kick to the area Max had told them about. It exploded into more flakes.

“Cool but messy.” Syl commented as she dusted herself off.


Same time-

After Syl’s warning over the headset, Krit faintly heard the explosions. Him and Michael were about ten feet from the old staff quarters. They didn’t get any closer because two skins came running out at that moment. They had heard the explosions too and were going to check it out. Michael raised his hand and blasted one of them. Krit moved fast. He fought and destroyed the other.

They moved into the center commons area of the quarters just as Isabel and Max came in. “There are ten skins down. We still haven’t seen the others.” The words were barely out of Michael’s mouth when Lonnie came in with a glowing hand raised about to blast Isabel. Two skins were right behind her.

“Isabel! Look out!” Krit yelled. Michael raised his hand and sent a blast straight at her. Krit fired at the same time. They both hit her in the chest. She didn’t get up. Max and Isabel took out the other two skins quickly.

Max went up to check on Lonnie. “She’s dead.”

Isabel went up and hugged Michael. “Thank you.” She said to both him and Krit.

Michael stood there for a minute absorbing it all. He knew that Lonnie was not Isabel, but it was still strange. He had blasted her but he didn’t know whether it was the blast or the shot that had killed her. It didn’t affect him like it had with Pierce. He knew that what he had done had saved Isabel’s life. It was something he had to do. They were at war.

“Zack and Max almost have her. They’re in the hallway leading to the rooms. They took out the last two skins on their way there.” Krit announced. He had just heard them over the headset.

“That just leaves Rath, Tess, Kivar, and Nicholas. Let’s go help them.” Michael ordered.


Zack and Max made their way down quickly down the corridor. They had run into two skins on the way but they were easily dealt with. “She’s at the other end.” Max stated. They broke up to find her faster.

As they reached the other end, they began checking rooms. Max tried to open up his first door but it was locked alien style. He used his powers to open it and instead of finding a white room he found an office. He was about to shut the door when a purplish glow caught his eye. He walked over to find the source of it. It was a small metal pyramid with symbols on it that Max recognized from the destiny book. One side had the outline of handprint and Max guessed that you had to use it to activate it. The tip of it was made of purple crystal which was emitting the light. He figured this was the portal device Liz had mentioned before. He grabbed and headed back out into the hallway to find Zack.

“Zack, put this in your pack.” Max asked as he added the device to him.

“What is it?”

“I think it’s the device Liz was talking about. They can’t leave without it. Nothing in there?”

“No, let’s try farther down.”

They went farther down the hall. Max stopped when Zack halted him from going further. Zack pointed to a mark on one of the doors and said, “That’s Liz.”

Max looked closer at the small mark and saw the familiar image of a barcode. He read it quickly. 332960075435, that was Liz’s full barcode number. He nodded at Zack and they positioned themselves to enter. Max was about to use his powers to open the door when it opened on its own.

“Zan, come in. We’ve been expecting you.” Kivar said.

Part 21

“Zan, come in. We’ve been expecting you.” Kivar said. He and Nicholas been going in to see Liz when they heard the explosions. They knew that the timetable on their plan had been moved up. They quickly made their way to Liz’s cell and waited for her rescuers.

Max and Zack could see Kivar and Nicholas standing on the other side of the room. Kivar had Liz pulled up against him with his arm wrapped around her neck with his other hand pointed in their direction. Nicholas stood next to them with his hand up also. They couldn’t see any additional injuries to Liz. Her face was still banged up and her expression made it appear that she was scared. But her eyes told them something else. She wasn’t scared, she was happy to see them and had confidence in them to get her out.

“Zack, toss the gun over there.” Nicholas demanded. He saw the surprised look in Zack’s eyes and said, “Your sisters memories revealed who you are and I know what you are capable of. So don’t try anything or I’ll have Rath blast you.”

Max and Zack looked behind them at the door and saw Rath standing there, arm poised to shoot. Max nodded to Zack to drop his weapon. He hated doing it but he saw the look in the aliens’ eyes and knew that they would harm Liz if he didn’t. He tossed it out of reach and stood there glaring at them.

“You want me Kivar not Liz. Let her go.” Max pleaded.

“You’re only half right. After I let Nicholas kill you, Liz will be going with me back to Antar. I’m going to do my best to take her mind off of yours and her brothers deaths.” Kivar said with an evil leer on his face. He could see the flash of anger on Max’s face at his words. Deciding to torture him a little, Kivar moved his extended hand up to Liz’s neck and it started to glow. “She’s a strong one. I’m sure she likes a little pain with her pleasure.”

Kivar pressed his glowing hand against Liz’s neck. Liz grimaced in pain and made a slight whimper as his touch burned her badly. She didn’t want to give Kivar the pleasure of hearing her scream. She tried to pull away but his grip was too tight.

“Stop!” Zack yelled.

“She’ll love everything I do to her. If she fights me, I have all kinds of ways to punish her. Feeling her fighting against me like she is now is making me anxious to get her into my bed.” He pulled his hand away from Liz’s neck as he finished. They could see black burned mark with traces of silver on her. To stop her fighting him, Kivar tightened his grip on her neck trying to cut off her oxygen.

“You’re going to suffocate her.” Max said desperately. Kivar continued his tight grip on her until a minute later when he felt her go limp from lack of oxygen.

“Come on Duke. Let’s kill them and get it over with.” Rath said impatiently. He had heard the explosions earlier and knew they had others with them that were probably on their way.

“Nicholas, if you will but don’t kill Zack. I might have use for him on Antar.” Kivar ordered. Nicholas started moving toward Zack and Max. He was standing right in front of Kivar and Liz. Zack moved back slightly and caught sight of movement out of the corner of his eye. Out of his peripheral vision, he saw his gun sliding ever so slowly across the floor. He looked at his sister and saw that her hand wasn’t lying loosely at her side but was pointed in the direction of his gun. He tensed ready for whatever she had planned. He looked over at Max and saw that he too saw Liz’s hand and was waiting for her to make her move. When she did, it was over in under a minute.

Faster than the eye could register, Liz elbowed Kivar in his face at the same time she used her powers to send Zack’s gun flying into his hands. Zack turned quickly, aimed and fired two quick shots. The bullets hit their mark and Rath fell to the floor dead. As Zack did that, Liz slipped out of Kivar’s grip and kicked him against the wall. She turned quickly grabbed Nicholas’s hand that was aimed to shoot her. She twisted it down hard, causing him to double over. She brought her elbow down hard on his back, breaking the seal located there. He desecrated underneath her.

“Liz!” Zack yelled.

Liz turned back around ready to deflect an attack by Kivar but this time Max was faster. Max stepped in front of her and raised his shield just as Kivar sent a blast. The blast was so powerful that the shield shot it right back at him and hit him square in the chest. He was thrown back against the wall and slid to the floor. They knew he was dead.

Max dropped the shield and pulled Liz into his arms. He hugged her tightly then pulled back enough to crush a desperate kiss to her lips. The kiss broke when Zack pulled her away and crushed her in a hug of his own.

Liz smiled as best she could without hurting her lip and said, “I’m glad to see you guys too.”

“Liz, how did you stay conscious when he was choking you?” Max asked as he pulled her close to him again.

“Max, you forgot. Our lung capacity is greater than a normal human. We can hold our breath up to four minutes. I took the chance that Kivar didn’t know that so I waited until he thought I’d run out of air and pretend to faint. He loosened his hold thinking I was no longer a threat and I made my move.”

“Never underestimate my baby sister.” Zack said smugly. He reached into his pack and handed Liz her gun. “Thought you might want this.”

“Man after my own heart.” Liz smiled as she took it from him. She put it in her waistband in the small of her back so her hands would be free. “Where are the others?”

Zack smiled at her and said, “Around. We need to let them know you’re okay and get out of here.”

“Let me heal her first. You can let the others know while I do it.” Max said. Zack hit the button on his headset and updated the others.

Liz pulled away when Max reached for her, “No, I’m fine. Save your energy in case we need it.”

The three of them headed out of the room. They went back the way Zack and Max had come.

“Wait. We’ve got to go back.” Liz exclaimed.

“Why?” Zack asked.

“That portal device Kivar mentioned. We have to find it.” Liz explained.

“Don’t worry about it. We’ve already got it.” Liz nodded and they started making their way out of the building.

Part 22:

They had just left the corridor when they ran into Michael and Krit.
“What’s our status?” Zack asked.

“All the skins are gone as well as Lonnie.” Krit reported. “The others are scouting around for Tess, Rath, Nicholas, and Kivar.”

“We took out all of them but Tess.” Max stated. Zack relayed the message to the others.

“Knowing Tess she probably headed for the room she knew Kivar had the portal device in. When she can’t find it, she’ll probably hide out until she can figure out if we took it.” Liz stated.

“Let’s spread out and see if we can find her.” Zack ordered. They started checking all the rooms and hallways they came upon with no evidence of Tess. As they did, Logan came over Zack’s headset, “Zack, we’ve got a problem.”

“What’s wrong?” Zack asked.

“Maria’s gone. I was taking Kyle’s status report and when I turned around she was gone.” Logan stated.

“Stay there in case she comes back.” Zack ordered. He turned to the others and explained, “Guys, Maria’s gone. Logan said she was there one minute then gone the next.”

“She couldn’t have gotten far. I can still feel her close.” Michael stated. The worry was evident in his voice.

“Would she come in here? We already told them that Liz was safe.” Krit asked.

“If she knew I was safe there would only be one other reason. If something was wrong with Michael.” Liz explained.

“But he’s fine.” Zack said.

“Tess.” Liz and Michael said at the same time. Michael took off running. Ever since he had opened up to Maria and they had slept together; he had been able to sense her. It wasn’t near as strong as Max and Liz’s connection but it was there. He had headed in the direction it was the strongest with Liz hot on his heels. Liz could have outrun him easily but she didn’t know where she was going. The others followed but were farther back.

Michael led them to the door that Max and Zack had used earlier to gain entrance. The door opened into a large meadow-like area that was surrounded by trees. On the other side of the trees is where they had parked the cars. In the center of that meadow about fifteen feet from them, stood Maria with Tess right behind her. Tess had a hold of Maria’s hair and a glowing hand to her chest.

“Now that I have your attention, we can have a little chat.”

Part 23:

In the center of that meadow about fifteen feet away from them, stood Maria with Tess right behind her. Tess had a hold of Maria’s hair and a glowing hand to her chest.

“Now that I have your attention, we can have a little chat.”

Liz’s enhanced vision made it easy to see the fear and tear tracks on her friend’s face. Liz was scared out of her mind for her friend; she could only imagine what Maria was feeling. They all knew Tess was crazy and had already killed before. The murderer of one of her best friends was threatening the life of another one. She saw Michael raise his hand to blast Tess. Liz quickly grabbed his arm to stop him, “ Don’t. You might hit Maria.”

“I can’t let her hurt Maria.” Michael said pleadingly.

“We won’t let her.” Liz said calmly although she was anything but calm. Michael nodded his head agreeing although Liz could still see that he was going crazy. He motioned to Zack, Max, and Krit to stay where they were.

Liz turned her attention to Tess and yelled, “Let her go, Tess.”

Tess grinned evilly, “And then where would I be? You would kill me like you did everyone else.”

“No, we won’t. If you let Maria go, you can leave and none of us will follow you.” Liz said.

“But then I’d be stuck on this hellhole and you would have the only way home. Give me the portal device and I’ll let Michael’s little tart go.” Tess said as she yanked on Maria’s hair.

Michael’s face flashed in anger; “If you hurt her, so help me you will regret it Tess!”

Tess just laughed at him. She yanked harder on Maria’s hair causing her to yelp. “Now. Now. Michael. You better control yourself.”

Liz jumped in, “Stop.” She looked at Tess and said, “Fine. We’ll give it to you.”

She walked over to Zack, “Give it to me.”

“Liz, we can take her out in one shot.”

“No, I’m not willing to risk it. She’s too far away.”

“Zack, it’s not that important. Give it to her.” Max stated.

Zack reached into his pack, pulled out the pyramid shaped object, and handed it to her.

This was the first time Liz had seen it. She could feel the coolness of the unearthly metal. It wasn’t large; the edges were only probably three inches in length each. The purple crystal was still glowing and it mesmerized Liz for a minute. She turned to Tess, and used her powers to move it closer to her. “Here. Now let her go.”

Tess shook her head. “No. I’m not stupid. I want you to physically bring it to me. Only you, Liz.”

Liz started walking forward but Max’s hand stopped her, “Liz, I can’t let you do this.”

“He’s right. It’s too dangerous.” Zack said.

“Isn’t this touching? You know if you could’ve shown me a little bit of the love I feel for you instead of that little slut things might have worked differently Max.” Tess mocked.

Not liking Tess calling his sister a slut, Krit said, “You can’t hold it against Max. He likes his women sane.”

Liz saw Tess’s look of anger increase, “Krit, quit egging her on.”

“How could you be with her after she betrayed you with Kyle?” Tess asked Max.

“She never did anything with Kyle, I know for a fact nothing happened.” Max stated.

“Why because she told you? You don’t think she lied just to get you back?”

“I know it because he’s her brother, Tess.”

“What? Nicholas didn’t say anything.” Tess looked shocked.

“You’re not the only one with a hidden side. Kyle is my brother.” Liz said.

“So he’s some kind of experiment just like you? I’m glad I never slept with him. God, Max it’s bad enough when I thought Liz was just some ordinary human but to find out she’s just some freak makes it worse.”

“Liz is not a freak Tess. She’s a better person than you ever hope to be.” Max said.

“Blah Blah. I’m sick of hearing all the great things about Liz. Enough chitchat. Bring it here.”

Liz used her powers to bring the device back over from where she’d moved it and addressed the others. “I’m not letting her kill another one of my friends.” Liz said as she glared at Tess. Zack and Max saw the look in her eyes and knew that she was determined. Maria was her best friend and she was going to do whatever possible to save her.

Liz pulled away from Max’s hand and continued toward Tess and Maria. She got within five feet of her when Tess told her to stop. She pointed to a spot next to them and said, “Sit it there.”

Liz placed the device on the ground but before she could get up Tess said, “Place your hand on the handprint and activate it.”


Tess rolled her eyes, “Just transfer some power into it.” Liz did as Tess said. The crystal glowed brighter until it shot a triangle-shaped ray of light straight up. “Now move back.”

Liz took a couple steps back. “You’ve got what you want. Now let her go.”

“Just a minute. I have a little going away present for you. Watching one of your friends die.” As she said it she placed her glowing hand on Maria’s chest. It glowed brightly as Maria let out a loud scream.

“No!” Liz heard Michael yell.

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Part 24:

“Watching one of your friends die.” As she said it she placed her glowing hand on Maria’s chest. It glowed brightly as Maria let out a loud scream.

“No!” Liz heard Michael yell. As fast as she could she reached for the gun at her back. She pulled it out, aimed for Tess’s head and fired. The shot knocked her back and she released Maria, who fell limply to the ground. Liz knew that her shot had been a clean one so instead of checking Tess, she ran to Maria’s side as Michael and Max came up next to her.

Liz could see the silver handprint burn mark on her chest. She was vaguely aware of her two brothers moving over to Tess’s still form. Maria’s eyes were half closed and she was very pale. She checked her pulse and found it weakening.

“Heal her Max, please.” Michael begged as he pulled her close to him.

Max placed his hand over Tess’s handprint looked at Maria and tried to open a connection. He looked up a second later. “I can’t get in.”

“Why not? Her eyes are open.” Liz asked.

“Tess did something so that I can’t heal her.” Max looked up and saw the tears in Michael’s eyes. He suddenly got an idea. “Michael give me your hand. I want you to open a connection then bring me in.”

Michael was so desperate to heal Maria that he didn’t even ask what Max was going to try. He opened the connection to Maria and then reached out to pull Max in. Max could feel himself being pulled into the connection then the next thing he knew he could feel Maria. He worked quickly to heal the damage that Tess had done.

Liz watched as Max’s hand started glowing and knew that the healing was working. She just hoped they were in time. She looked over at Zack and Krit who had now been joined by Isabel, Ava, Kyle, and her sister Max. Liz could see the purple glow of the portal still operating but she ignored it. They all looked on as Max and Michael tried to save Maria’s life.

A minute later Max’s hand stopped glowing as he and Michael came out of their connection to Maria. Maria’s color was back and she opened her eyes completely, “Michael?”

Tears of joy ran out of Michael’s eyes as he pulled her as close as he could, “I’m here. I’m right here.”

“How do you feel, Maria?” Liz asked.

“Fine. My head hurts from where she was yanking on my hair but…” Maria trailed off as she remembered what happened. She looked down at her chest where Max had just healed her. “Oh my GOD! She tried to kill me didn’t she?”

Liz moved closer to her friend and took her hand. She squeezed it reassuringly and said, “Yeah, she tried. What do you remember?”

“You opened the portal and I heard Tess say something about a going away present then I felt like my chest was on fire. Then it stopped and you, Michael, and Max were all hovering over me. I must have pasted out because next thing I knew I felt like I was waking up and Michael was there.” Her eyes widened when she caught sight of Tess’s body laying a few feet away from her. “She’s dead, isn’t she? That’s why the pain stopped.”

“Yeah, she’s dead. Liz took her out and Max healed you.” Michael stated as he as well as Maria glanced down at the gun in Liz’s hand. He met her eyes and said, “Thank you. I know what it took for you to do it.”

Maria reached over and hugged Liz. “Thank you, Lizzie.”

Liz grimaced a little in pain when Maria brushed against Liz’s own burn on her neck. She was happy that Maria was okay. Michael pulled her back into his arms and Max and Liz got up to leave them to each other. They walked over and joined the others including Logan. Everyone hugged her and let her know how happy they were that she was safe. Her siblings hung on tightly and Liz knew that they had been worried.

“Max, what about that?” Isabel asked as she pointed to the portal.

“We’ll just shut it off and keep the device. Liz just used her powers to open it so we could probably close it the same way.” Max stated.

He moved over to shut it down and said, “Wait, I’ve got an idea.” He spoke quickly to Kyle and Krit. The three of them went back into the facility and came back minutes later with Kivar’s body. Max tossed it through the portal then shut it down.

“Now his people will know he’s dead.” Max looked over to where Liz was staring down at Tess’s body.

Part 25

Liz stared down at Tess’s lifeless body. She knew that if she had shot her to save Maria but it still left an affect on Liz. Except for skins, she hadn’t taken a life in ten years. She had tried to hide that part of herself as much as she could. When she was at Manticore she had been following orders. She had to hunt down the prisoners and take them out or be severely punished possibly killed if she showed that she couldn’t do it. This time was different. She had killed to save someone she loved. It just happened to be that she had killed the person who had taken another friend away from her. A person she openly hated. The thought that she had killed Tess out of vengeance rather than to save Maria was what scared her the most. Max’s arm around her shook her from her thoughts.

“Liz?” Max asked worriedly.

She turned to look at him. “I’m okay. Umm, we should go ahead and get rid of the bodies.” Not wanting to talk about it she turned and headed towards the building but Zack stopped her.

“We’ll get them Liz. Why don’t you go with the others back to Michael’s apartment and wait for us?” He knew how Liz was feeling and didn't want her to have to worry about cleaning up the bodies.

Liz shook her head. “No, let’s get this done.”

“Well, we’re go in and get them.” Zack said as he, Krit, Kyle, and Logan went in. They appeared a couple minutes later with Rath’s and Lonnie’s bodies. She waved her hand and a large hole appeared she used her powers to move Tess’s body into it, Rath and Lonnie’s were next. Kyle came up next to her and sent two blasts into the pit. The fire burned brightly and they all stood around it as the bodies became nothing but bone. Learning from past experience and not wanting any one to find the bones, Max waved his hand over them and they became dust.

“She can’t hurt us anymore.” Max said. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He looked down and saw the burn mark Kivar had left. “Can I heal you now?’

“Do you have enough energy after healing Maria?”

“Yeah, since I was connected to Michael I used some of his energy. So can I?”

Liz nodded and Max placed his hand over the mark and connected. When he pulled it away there was nothing but his silver handprint left. He waved his hand over her face and the bruises were gone as well as her headache. Liz smiled her thanks and could feel that her lip was healed. She leaned forward and gave Max the deep kiss she had wanted to do before.

When they pulled away, Max addressed everyone. “We should get out of here.”

They all nodded and moved to the vehicles. It was an unspoken agreement to meet back at Zack’s.

Liz rode with Max, Maria, Michael, and Syl in the jeep. Maria was doing fine but Michael acted like she was made of glass. She told them that she had left the cars when she had seen Max yelling for her that Michael was hurt. She had gone to see for herself when Tess grabbed her. She then figured out that Tess had mindwarped her to lure her out for her to trap her. They had then started asking Liz questions but she told them that she wanted to wait until she could tell them all.

Trying to lighten things up Maria asked, “Since Max healed me, what kind of cool power do you think I’ll get?”

They all groaned at the thought of Maria having powers.

Part 26:

After they all gathered in Zack’s apartment, Liz began to tell them what had happened.

“I was waiting out on my balcony for Ava to get home. I heard someone walk up and saw Michael who I now know was Rath. He asked if he could show me something on his bike that he had bought Maria. When I reached the bottom of the ladder, he must have used his powers and knocked me out. I woke up to him shaking and slapping me. He and Lonnie were both in the white room with me. I started asking questions and that’s when Nicholas came in. He told me about using me as bait for his trap to capture you guys. He left after that and I was alone for a couple hours until Tess came in.”

“What were you talking about when you said we should see Tess when you projected to us earlier?” Michael interrupted.

“Well, Tess came in and started taunting me. Talking about how she was going to be queen to the new king and I told she would be the whore of a tyrant.” Liz said.

“Oh my God. I’m sure she didn’t like that much.” Isabel commented.

“No, she didn’t. I made another comment about her hating me because I was the one Max loved. She reached out to grab me and we connected. She saw some memories of Max and I together.” Max saw Liz blush and he knew what memories she was talking about. “She was totally pissed off and told me she should have killed me like she did Alex. That comment made me snap and I punched her.”

“You punched her?” Maria asked. “Was that all?”

“No, there was more. Um, ….” Liz didn’t know the best way to explain.

“Liz, why don’t you try and project what happened?” Ava offered. Ava gave her instructions on how she thought Liz could do it. Liz concentrated and everyone was able to see everything on the wall in Zack’s living room.

Max watched along with the others as Liz showed them her memories of her imprisonment. His anger rose when he saw the incidents that caused the bruises he healed earlier. But it was nothing in comparison to when he saw Nicholas mindrape her or her later introduction to Kivar. Liz broke the projection after the memory of their escape of the white room.

“Liz, you totally kicked Tess and Rath’s asses.” Maria exclaimed.

“Yeah, I did but it was stupid thing to do. If I hadn’t than they probably wouldn’t have found out about me.” Liz commented.

“But it ended up not mattering in the end.” Max interjected. The others relayed their parts of the story and shortly after Zack stood up to talk. “It’s late and I know we all need to relax some. None of us have slept since Liz was taken and I know some of you need more sleep than others.” He looked pointedly at Ava who was sitting next to him. They all agreed and broke up to rest. Kyle and Isabel left with Maria to go to Michael’s apartment but Michael stayed behind and pulled Liz away from the others.

He looked at her with concern on his face, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, except for some sore muscles.” Liz said playing dumb. She knew what he was asking.

“Liz, that’s not what I’m asking and you know it. Now tell me the truth. Are you okay?”

Liz shrugged her shoulders; “I don’t know Michael. I’m scared that I did it because I let my hatred for her get the better of me. You saw how I snapped when she was taunting me in the white room. How do I know I didn’t shoot to kill just because of her past crimes? I could have just wounded her and she probably would have stopped hurting Maria.”

“No, she wouldn’t have. Tess was an evil heartless inhuman person. If you hadn’t killed her she would have used her last bit of strength to kill Maria just to hurt us. You trusted your instincts and did what you had to do. If you killed her just to get her back for what she did to Alex than you would have snapped her neck in the white room when you let your anger take over. But you didn’t. You killed her to protect someone. Just like I did with Pierce.”

Liz hugged Michael, “Thank you Michael.”

“Now I better get out of here so you can rest.” Michael smiled and left.

It was decided that Liz was going to sleep in the spare room with Max. Logan and their sister Max wanted to sleep out in the living room with Krit and Syl. While the others settled in for the night Liz went to take a shower.

For ten minutes, Liz just let the hot water hit her full stream. It gently massaged her sore muscles. She hadn’t thought to ask Max to heal them earlier. All that she cared about was that she was with all her friends and family. She had known that if she hadn’t been able to escape than they would come for her. That was why she really hadn’t been that scared. The only time she had been scared was when Tess had Maria. Liz caught herself before her thoughts could dwell on Tess. Liz knew what Michael had said was true and accepted what she had done. Tess had been their enemy and they were at war. She knew that she would do it again if she had to. She had saved her best friend from dying and that was all that mattered. She was glad that she had the ability to save her.

She got out of the shower and dressed quickly. She didn’t even bother using her powers to dry her hair. She headed towards her room when Zack grabbed her.

“Hey baby sister. I just wanted to check on you before we went to bed and remind you that I am in the next room so nothing better happen in there.” Zack said protectively. He didn’t like that they were sleeping in there alone but he knew that Liz needed to be with Max.

“I don’t think you should be saying anything considering you will be sleeping in the next room with your girlfriend. But don’t worry. Right now sex with my boyfriend is the last thing on my mind.”

Zack grimaced at her statement, not wanting to know if she was implying that they had had sex before or not. “I heard what Michael said to you earlier and I wanted to back him up. He was right.”

“I know and I’m okay. I know I didn’t do it out of hatred and it wasn’t just an act of mindless killing.”

Zack hugged her close. “I’m glad you’re okay. I was so worried.”

Liz hugged him back. “Well, I knew you guys would come charging to my rescue. Now get in there and sleep. I’m sure Ava is waiting for you.”

Zack said goodnight and headed to his bedroom. Liz watched him close the door before heading to her own room. When she reached the spare room she saw Max was lying on the bed with his eyes closed waiting for her. She could tell he wasn’t asleep. She walked over and gazed down at him until he noticed she was there. He snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her on top of him.

Max brushed her wet hair off of her face and looked into her eyes. “I don’t know what I would have done if I’d lost you.”

“Max, I’m here. I’m safe.”

“I know.” He pulled her close and kissed her. He pulled away and said; “When Ava called me and told me you were gone it was like someone ripped out my heart. I drove all over Roswell but I couldn’t feel you and I knew you were out of range. I didn’t know where you were or who had you. Then you projected to us and I was so glad to see you.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t contact you earlier. I knew if I did you guys would come running in without knowing how many men Nicholas had and I didn’t want you to be in any more danger than you had to be.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about. I’m sorry that they took you to get to me. I’m sorry that they hurt you. I make your life dangerous.”

“It was nothing I couldn’t take. My life has always been dangerous.” Liz started but Max interrupted her.

“But it doesn’t have to be now. Your life is still dangerous because you’re with me.”

“Don’t start Max. I’m not going to let you pull that crap that you did when we were first together. It’s not like before. All the alien stuff is a part of me too.”

“I know it is and I’m not going to give you up. It’s just when I heard everything Nicholas and Kivar said to you I couldn’t help but feel responsible. I want you to be safe.”

“The night we made love you said our lives will never be normal. You were right, they wouldn’t be. Because of who we are. Our lives will never be completely safe. Someone could find out about any of us, X5 or alien. Hell I’m both so I’m sure someone would love to get a hold of me. But I’m not going to live my life in fear again.”

Max looked at the woman he loved more than anything. She was so brave. “Whatever happens, we’ll be together. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Now get some sleep.” She laid her head on his chest and let his breathing soothe her to sleep.


The next day the purplish glow from the portal device shut down and they assumed Kivar’s men had done something to it back on Antar. They weren’t in contact with Antar so they had no way of knowing what was going on in the war now that Kivar was dead.

Max, Logan, Krit, and Syl all left two days after Liz was back. She felt bad that she had pulled them away from their lives but they all quieted her. They were family and she needed them and that was all that mattered. They contacted the others to let them know what had happened and that Liz was okay. She returned home with her parents were none the wiser.

The next several months were calm except for a couple of domestic incidents. One being Maria developing her powers at a most inopportune time not long after she was changed. She had decided to throw her mom a little birthday party and all of her friends as well as their parents were invited. After Amy blew out the candles, the Sheriff and her announced that they were engaged. Maria was so happy for her mom that she started crying. Her emotions were so out of whack that when she hugged her mom she changed the color of her blouse. This display was in front of all the parents and they were forced to tell them the truth about everything. Liz talked Zack into letting them tell about the X5s too. There was so much to cover that they talked it over for several days. The Parkers already knew about the X5’s but the Evans and Amy didn’t. After the initial shock wore off, they let them all know that they were still their children regardless of what their DNA said.

Much to Michael’s dismay Maria’s individual power was the ability to read people’s emotions. When she had first figured out she had the ability, she thought she would go crazy from the constant wave of emotions that she would feel but she was fine now that she could control them. She could block all but the very strong ones if she needed to.

The other squabbles involved siblings walking in on private moments. Zack and Kyle decided to surprise Liz one night after she got off work and take her out to dinner. Her parents were out of town and they let themselves into the apartment. They heard a thump coming from Liz’s room and thought something was wrong. They ran into her room with guns drawn only to find her and Max almost naked and in a very compromising position. Zack dragged Max off of his baby sister and would have done damage to him if Kyle hadn’t held him back. Kyle was on Zack’s side but defended Max because he had caught him and Isabel in a similar situation the week before. Max had been upset but didn’t say anything other than warn Kyle not to hurt her. Liz had screamed and yelled at both of her brothers until they left. She didn’t talk to Zack for two days after. Only after he apologized did she forgive him but not before lecturing him that she was old enough to make her own decisions. He promised not to act that way again but reminded her that he was her brother and didn’t like the thought of her having sex even when she was married. The three siblings went out for the dinner they had missed and made up.

Things settled down and they went on with their lives. They stayed on alert for any dangers but enjoyed still tried to act like others their age. Everything was normal until they graduated.

The End