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Title: Steps
Author: ~Amy~ AngelicDreamer57⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own anything so plz don't sue!!!
Category: M/L (is there any other couple worth writing?)
Rating: G/PG
Spoilers: None, it's totally AU.
Distribution: Ask me first! You'll most likely get it.
Summary: AU. Aliens. Liz's parents had a divorce when she was in 6th grade and went to move in with her dad around the same time in Washington State. And Liz and Tess are stepsisters.
Feedback: NEEDED!!! One word is fine with me!

Authors Note: Just frustrated so I'm posting it here... Spread the word... LOL

Part 1

Liz's POV (Point of view)
Great! I am sooo happy. Okay, I lived with my dad in Olympia/Lacey, Washington. Never heard of it? Well you probably did in 5th grade because (Olympia) is the capital of the state. Now, I'm on the plane headed to live with my mom in Roswell, New Mexico.
My mother lives there and so did I until the summer of 6th grade (before 7th), she got remarried in June to Edward Harding and its August 23rd. Ed is the father of Tess. She despised me throughout my grade school life so I don't expect anymore from her now. She is Miss Popularity, next to Isabel Evans. Sister of Max Evans aka my crush. Well he used to be.
I remember when I lived in Roswell my parents owned a restaurant called The Crashdown. Max would come in every day after school sometimes with his sister and her friends. So I would see him there and at school since we were in the same class from 3rd grade until I left. I did miss him though. He was really nice and sweet. But he was really shy (like me) so Maria (my best friend I think) would make fun of me. So I would say that she like Michael Guerin aka Max's best and seemed like only friend. I still don’t get why because he could be very popular if he wanted too. He has the looks, the personality, the skills, everything. The girls loved him and most of 'em had a crush on him at some point in the years and the guys liked him because the girls liked him and he was oh so good in sports etc... Oh well.
I wasn't the most popular either, but I did have a large group of friends. The best including Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman. I wonder if they still wanted to be their friend? Well I'll find out when I get there. When she (Maria) used to say that Max was always nice to me and stuff but he was like that to everyone! And that he would stare at me or something like that. She was just trying to keep my hopes up and then I'll get hurt! The plane has landed.

Tess' POV
I hate this!! My "father" remarried and to Nancy Parker no less!! He said that he needed to for some reason but I didn't listen to it. I still don't get why Liz Parker's mother. I mean I hate that girl and now she comes to live here!?!? Everything is messed up in my life.... Well except at least I have the guy everyone else wants a piece of!

Max's POV
I can't believe she is coming back!! Liz Parker is coming back to live with her mom. I got the news from Tess. She was over and talking to Isabel and told her while I overheard. Maybe I'll have a chance with her! Dream on, Max! Why would she want you? I had the biggest crush on her when she used to live here and saw a picture of her that was taken recently and I am in love all over again!
Another problem, Tess Harding. My sister's best friend! That girl thinks I like her and she says that I am her boyfriend. Where did that come from? I hate that girl! She shoves her chest in my face and thinks I like it! I hate when she does that or even talks! Her voice is one the most annoying sounds! She started this "trying-to-get-me-thing" in 7th grade. It's getting really old.
Now I usually keep to myself. I am the star quarterback and captain of the football team along with the basketball team but I am still one of the most shy people in the school. I stay out of the lame light. Aside from the games or practices I am just quiet, shy Max Evans. That's the way I am but I seem to get a lot more attention than I want. I don't want any!! Kinda strange, the star quarterback is shy. But I play well and I like to play them. Oh and I'm a straight A student. Yet another difference from the other jocks. Do I don't fit the normal jock.

Liz's POV
I am walking down the tunnel thing. I am in the airport and my mom is here. She is with two other people. A golden-blonde girl (not Tess) and a tall, lanky, brown haired boy. Oh my god! It's Maria and Alex! I haven't seen them since I left!!

Maria's POV
So my best friend is coming back from hibernation. She moved away to Washington State. Can we say cold? Now she's coming back to live with her mom. Okay I know, I know you heard this already so I won't go down memory lane with you. Jeeze pushy pushy. Well I am hoping that we will get reacquainted with each other. I'm gonna ask if I can spend the night or visa versa.

"Liz! I can't believe you're here!" Maria screamed
"I know! I wasn't sure if you would remember me and still wanted to be my friend!" Liz replied
"How could you think that? You are my best friend!" Maria
"Ditto" Alex said with a huge grin on his face
"Well it has been 4 years!"
"Group hug!!!"
Once they let go Liz turned around to hug her mother.
"Hey mom!"
"Well, hey yourself."
"This town has missed you."
"I would think it forgot about me!"

Max's POV
Liz is here. She's here. Don't ask me how I know but I do.


So plz tell me how it is!!! Truthfully!!!!!!

Part 2

"Where's your stuff?" Nancy asked
"Oh, they're at baggage claim. I brought all my stuff so nothing is being shipped here. But there are about 5 bags I think of my stuff." Liz replied
Back at Max's house

Isabel walks into Max's room and he is day dreaming again.

"MAX! Wake up!!!"
"Huh? Oh, hi Iz. Wusup?"
"Nothing much, so what were you doing?"
"Are you sure? I mean you were really out there."
"Yes I am sure."
"Well, you know Liz Parker is coming back today."
"Yea I know." Max said trying to hide his smile in which he failed to do.
"Well, what are you gonna do about it?"
"What do you mean 'What am I gonna do'? I'm not gonna do anything."
"C'mon Max. You're turning 17 in a couple days and you still haven't had a girlfriend! I mean every girl in school wants you! So by all means what's up with that?"
"Nothin. Just no one catches my eye."
"What about Tess?"
"What about Tess?"
"Well, she seems to like you and she IS my best friend."
"Yea I'm quite aware of that."
"Why don't you go out with her? Just once?"
"Because you know I don't like her. She is just annoying how she tries to get me and that’s the way it's gonna be."
"You know if you need anyone she'll be there. "
"And besides, she has a boyfriend. Remember?"
"Oh yea. Well she told me she is going to dump him tomorrow."
"That doesn't mean she's gonna go out with me you know. I'm not gonna go out with her...EVER."
"Fine, be that way but don't be crawling back to me when little Lizzy Parker rejects you."
"I won't."
In the car...

"...Oh! And we hafta have a spend the night! I missed a lot of your life so we need to get reacquainted! Like do you have a boyfriend?"
"That's a good idea! Can you sleep over at my house since it's my first day I don't think my mom will let me go. And no."
"What do you mean no boyfriend? I mean you're beautiful!!"
"Me? I am plain but I had a guy, not exactly boyfriend. His name is Sean Taylor and we broke it off before I left. You?"
"Nope. But I have my eye on someone."
"Ooo Ooo who is it?"
"If you must know it's..."
"Michael Guerin" Alex butts in
"I was supposed to tell her! It is my life!!! And besides YOU like Isabel Evans, Miss Ice Queen herself!"
Alex blushed
"Maria? You and Michael?!?! You guys used squabble (hehehe I just like that word!!) All the time when I was here! YEA!! I AM RIGHT!"
"Yea well.... I’m right too!"
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Well if you must know, Max Evans has found out you are coming back and is asking me about you. And he was all mopey after you left and hardly came to the Crashdown but he does now."
"Well, he probably got over me by now! I mean it's been 4 years!!!"
"I wouldn't think so. I heard that he almost fainted when he saw a picture of you at your mom's place."
"And why would he be over there?"
"Tess and him are lab partners; he was probably doing homework."
"He could also be going out with her. So he could be taken."
"I don't think so chica. Max Evans hasn't gone out with anyone...EVER. Come to think of it I don't think he's even kissed a girl before."
"What?!?! He's what? 16? He has to have kissed a girl at least once!"
"Hey, I don't know much but if he has it isn’t from any school around here!"
"And why would that be?"
"Because he is hot priority! No one has gotten him so everyone wants a piece of him... Captain of the football team and star quarterback, Captain of the basketball team. Tall, dark, and handsome. The mysterious guy! Every girl has made a move on him before and some of the cheerleaders do it everyday so watch it."
"She's right you know. He's like his sister except he's the shy, quiet one."
"Oh sorry Alex."
"It's okay. I'm used to listening. I mean I'm friends with Maria Deluca!"
"Watch it buddy!"
Evan's Household

"Iz I'm going to the Crashdown."
"Sure, okay, bye!"
At the Crashdown
Max goes to a booth and Lindsey, a waitress comes over.
"Hey, Max" she says in a seductive tone
"What can I getcha?" 'Oh yea I'm getting to him now! Watch out Tess dear!'
"Cherry coke, Saturn Rings, and a Sigourney Weaver."
"Okay coming right up!"


"We're here!"
"My mom is here first so I'll see if she brought my stuff in yet."
She looks inside and there's only 3 BIG bags left.
"Okay Alex can you get one?"
Liz picks up both of the large bags and walks in the door when she falls.

Max's POV
Oh my gawd. There she is! She's falling! I gotta help her.

Max gets out of his seat to catch Liz. And she looks up, she sees someone who looks like Max Evan's. 'Wow! He sure grew up!'
"Here." He reaches out to get the bags.
"So do you remember me?"
"I think so...You're Max Evans, right?"
"Yea and you're Liz Parker! Welcome back!"
"Thx, so are you gonna bring that up for me or am I gonna have to risk falling again?" He blushes
"Oh, sorry lead the way."
When they get to her house she meets her mom.
"Hey mom, which room is mine?"
"You have the same room as before. Your old room."
When they get inside...

"You can drop the stuff down."
Maria comes in
"Hey beautiful people!" Max thinks 'Liz is beautiful'
"Max you can leave now, I need to get to know my best friend again."
"Okay well Bye. I need to go and do my lab with Tess now so I'll see you later."
"Yea okay! Bye."


Feedback plz.

Part 3

Authors note: This is a very short part!

Liz has a dreamy look on her face.
"Okay, so you have fallen for Max Evans.... AGAIN! This is fate!"
Just then Tess walks in
"Hi Liz. Welcome back.. I guess. Okay we have to get one thing straight! Max Evans is mine!"
"But I thought he didn't have a girlfriend and don't you have a boyfriend anyways?"
"I used to. Broke up with him today. So stay away!"
"You don't own him Tess so I can do as I please."
"You'll regret it Liz so stay away okay?" She ends it with a sweet smile.

She leaves

"Don't worry about her Liz! She thinks she owns the school; just leave it alone and if you want to be with Max then it.”
"I know I will."
"And besides, Max hates Tess!"
They chuckle
"Any (laugh) ways did school start here yet?"
"Yea 3 weeks ago."
"Oh okay."
"So on Monday you're starting school, right?"
"I guess"
"Okay! So what are we going to do this weekend?"


Part 4
"So.... Max we're done. Do you wanna stay?"
Yea, sure what do you wanna do?"
'Good thing she doesn’t know the only reason I'm staying is Liz is here'
"How about a movie?"
"Sure, which movie?"
"Ummmm.... How about..."
“... .A Knights Tale?” Liz and Maria was standing by the door
"Oh, hi Liz." Max says
"Hey! Maria and me are going to watch A Knights Tale. Do you guys wanna watch it or do I have to go to my room and put everything together?"
"You can watch that. We couldn't think of a movie to watch anyways."
"Great! I'll be right back I forgot to grab the movie."

While she went to get the movie Max sat down on the love seat and Tess sat next to him making sure there wasn’t any room between them.
When she comes back she puts the DVD into the machine and walks in front of Max. He pulls her down on him lap.
'I can't believe I just did that! What is she going to think of me?'

Liz's heart rate increased rapidly but loved the feeling of his arms around her body. It made her feel safe and secure.

Just then Max let's go.

"I am so sorry" and stupid!
"Max, it's okay! Really!"
"Okay well you should go and sit next to Maria."

Liz leaves and goes over to the sofa where Maria is.
"Maria, what was that about? I mean he let me go, so he didn't like it or something."
"He's just shy. He's always been that way."
"Then why did he put me on his lap in the first place?"
“I don’t know, hon. Just watch the movie. We'll figure it out when he leaves."
When the movie is over...

It's 11:00
Liz gets up to stretch and yawn.
"Bye Max" Tess says right by Max's ear while she reaches over for a hug.
"Do any of you guys know what time it is?"
"It's 11 o'clock."
"Okay thx! I better get going! Bye Liz"
He reaches out for a hug
"Night Max"
"I hope we can be really good friends. Bye."
She kisses his cheek and he leaves.
Tess' POV
I can't believe he wouldn't want me but my stepsister Liz! I'll make him want me over Little Lizzy Parker!
She thinks with an evil smirk on her face


Part 5

Saturday Morning...

Maria and Liz are awake. Liz is lying on her bed and Maria is lying right next to it, both staring at the ceiling. Silence was heard until Maria's voice piped up.
"So.... Are we gonna do it?"
"Yea.... I mean I guess." Liz says with a smile plastered on her face since she woke up.
"Okay so let's go to the mall! We need to get the decorations, a new outfit, and the gifts!"
"Okay, we need to take a shower, change, eat, and then we can go."

1 Hour Later...

"Okay we're ready!" Maria yells "Let's go!"

They walk over to Liz's green Beatle and get in.

"I love your car! It is sooo much better than my old Jetta."
“Thanks I love it too, that’s why I got it.” Liz said. "Why are we doing this again?"
"Because, it's fun! C'mon, dontcha love planning parties?"
"Can't say that I do, and we have ONE DAY to pull this off!"
"That's what it's all about! It's an adrenaline rush!"
"You're kidding me right?"
"No, why would I kid you? Anyways we're here. You can't back off now!"

When they get in Liz asks
"So what do we do first?"
"How about the outfits?"
"No, never mind I asked. We'll do the decorations first. It's the one that will take less time."
"Why not the outfits?!?!" Maria whined
"Because, if we start on that it'll take up the whole day and we won't have the time for anything else we need to do today."
"Fine. We better take a little bit of time for the decorations and present."
"Where do we start?"
" about that place?" Maria said pointing to a party decoration store.

20 minutes later....
"I can't believe how long getting a few items can be!" Maria whined...AGAIN.
"Well, if someone can decide on the colors we wouldn't have taken that long." Liz said with a smile.
"Oh yea, that." Maria said with a tinge of guilt in her voice.
"Uh huh that!"
"Changing the subject.... What are you gonna get?"
"I'm not sure. I mean I don't know him that much. Let's just look around and I'll figure it out eventually. What are you gonna get?"
"I'm not sure either."

They walk half way in the mall when Liz stops and says...
"I got the perfect idea!!!"
"What is it?!?!"
Liz tells Maria about her gift...
"That's a good idea...lets go find it."

They walk two stores and find what they are looking for.

"Why don't you go across the aisle thing and get him a leather jacket? They're on sale anyways."
"Good idea! Oh and Liz I KNOW he's gonna love the gift you're gonna give him!"
"Thx. I'll go to the store when I'm done."

We follow Maria into the store...

Someone says "Hey." And she turns around.
"Huh? Oh hi, Pam."
"Hey what are you doing here?" Pam asked.
"I'm getting a gift for a friend."
"Oh, me too. But I don't think I want to get anything here. See ya later."
"Wait. Me and Liz, you remember her? Liz Parker? Well we're throwing Max Evans a birthday party tomorrow at 7 at the Crash, you can come if you want to."
"Okay, I'll be there."
"Tell everyone you know, spread the word and nothin illegal! Adults will be there like...his parents!"
"Got it. No beer."

Then Liz walks in....

"What's taking so long?"
"Oh Pam Troy. Just telling her about the party."
"Do ya mean the busty, blonde I just passed?"
"Don't worry about her. She's asked him out every other day and he still hasn't said yes."
"Okay? But didn't say anything." Liz said sounding a little wierded out.
"You might not have said anything but we all know you thought it."

Part 6

Still at the mall with Maria and Liz.....
"So what kind of outfit are we looking for?" Maria asked. "Are we talking sexy, flirty, or sophisticated, classic?"
"Ummmm...a little of both I guess."
"Okay, where should we start? How about Nordstrom?"
"Sure....Lead the way."
"I found the perfect outfit for you Liz."
"Let's see it."
Maria held up a tan mini skirt made of suede with a big black belt and a knitted turtleneck minus the sleeves.
"It says to and sophisticated."
"Do you think it will look good on me? I mean the skirt is really short but I love it! I'm just not sure if it will look good."
"It will look incredible!! Words won't be able to describe how you look!"
"Okay well, I'll go try it on and you go look for something."
"I already found it." Maria said holding up a white flowered dress, no sleeves, and a ruffled V-neck.
"Very nice. Did you try it on yet?"
"Yea it fits nicely."
"Okay I'll be one second."

30 seconds later.....
"Liz.....That took more than one second. It's more like 30."
"hahaha." Liz said, not amused. "So how do I look?" Then she spins around slowly.
"Like I said, words cannot describe how good you look. Am I right or am I right?"
"Good, let's go pay for these stuff cuz I'm starving!"


"I'm getting a sub and some coffee." Liz said. "How about you?"
"I'll have a sub but pass on the coffee. How about a Snapple?"
"Okay. I'll get them and you can wait in the car. Here are the keys." Liz passes the keys to Maria.


"Here's the food and your Snapple."
"Thx. Now, that's something I will never get about North westerners, they always drink coffee!"
"Not true! Not all of them! Anyways I like coffee. I got this funny e-mail about north westerners (I really did if anyone wants to read it tell me and I'll e-mail it to you - I'm a north westerner too. From the place Liz just left. ;))
"Yea, whatever. So where am I taking you?"
"How about the park for a walk?"
"Sure. I don't walk much but let's go."

At the Park............

"So bestest buddy of mind. Give me the 411 of your life in Washington state."
"What do you wanna know?"
"Who were you friends with? What school did you go to? What did you do for fun? Stuff."
"Okay, well I had a lot of friends, I was a cheerleader with no cheerleader friends. I hated them! Cheerleaders I mean. Some of my friends are/were; Kate, Jennielee, Bryson (Bry), Kevin, Nathan, Josh........ North Thurston High. Fun? Well we didn't have much. There was the movie theater, in middle school there was skate land, but I didn't like that place. So you usually was outside or chillin at someone's house."
"Okay, what did you do when it was raining?"
"It was always raining so I got used to it. I like the rain. It's real calming so if I wanted to be outside I was outside and if I wanted to go to someone's house I'd either walk or drive depends on how far away it is."
"You like the rain? Okay......" Maria stops talkin cuz Liz bumped into someone. She was walkin backwards to face Maria when she was talking.
"Oh, I'm so sorry." said the stranger.
"Max? Oh, it's okay. I'm fine."
Maria starts cracking up.
"So (chuckle) where (hehehe) is (hahaha) your friend?" She finishes with a full blown laugh.
"He's right there." Max said pointing to the bathroom where Michael magically walks out.

"Maxwell! C'mon let's go."

"Kay. Sorry, I'll see you later."
"Bye Max!" they say in unison. And start cracking up!


"Iz...what am I gonna do about my step sister?" Tess asked. "I really need some help here."
"Okay why don't you make her social life miserable? That usually works."
"I'm planning on that but it isn't enough. Besides I don't think that would even work too well. Max likes her! He never liked anyone....ever. He hasta think she doesn't like him or something!"
"So what's the plan?"
"Well, Pam told me Maria and Liz are having a birthday party for Max tomorrow. So I think I'm going to follow him the whole time and when the time is right I'm gonna take advantage of it."
"So you wanna stalk my brother?"
"Pretty much. But it's only for a couple hours before the party and during it."
"Okay?" Isabel starts laughing at what she's hearing. "But if he figures out what you are doing, he'll hate you even more than he does now."
"He won't find out."
"You better hope so."
"He won't!" Tess said actually screamed "My dad won't let me spend the night because it's Liz's 2nd day here so first thing tomorrow I'm coming over."
"Oh, dammit. I gotta go for "family dinner" bye."

When she walks out she bumps into Max.

"Oh, hi Max" she whispers in his ear.
"Hi Tess. So you're leaving? Bye."
"Bye see ya around."
"Not if I can help it." He mumbles under his breath.
"What was that? I didn't catch it."
"Oh just saying Bye."
"Okay bye!"

She walks off and gets into her car.

"Thank God!" Max says to himself.


"Hey Iz."
Oh, hi. Mom and Dad will be home in about an hour. They went out a little while ago."
"Okay, tell them I'll be in my room if they ask."
"I will."

He goes upstairs to his room.

(Liz's voice over)

I am back in Roswell. I was looking for something that I couldn't find in Olympia. Don't get me wrong. I love it there and will keep in touch with the people but there is something here for me. Someone special. Maybe it's even Max. That would explain why I feel a strong pull to be with him. I wish that could be true. That Max is my soulmate and we will be there together. Forever but I am different. I am alien. So what am I to do? Nasedo married my mother because of me. He told me so and now I need to find my "King", my best friend, and her guy (my brother). Help me out here! I don't know what is going on. Is Ed just playing a joke on me? I don't think so because I do have powers, something I didn't have before I moved. If you could give me a hint plz.


Part 7

Sunday Morning

Max wakes up and walks out for breakfast.
"Happy Birthday, Hon!" Diane, his mother, says.
"Yea, Happy Birthday, big brother."
"Thx. What's for breakfast?"
"Belgian Waffles. Hope you like it."
"Pass the Tabasco."
"I don't get how you two eat that stuff." 'especially why with EVERYTHING!’


" that was great!" Max said with his mouth full. When he was done eating, the door bell rang. "I'll get it." he said
When he opened the door, a delivery guy from a flower shop was there.
"Hi I have a delivery for a.........Max Evans."
"I'm Max."
"Okay, could you sign here? and Here are the flowers." He said holding out a bouquet of red and white roses.
"Thx bye." 'Who would send me roses?' He looked at the note:

Happy Birthday! Could you meet me at the Crashdown at 7 o'clock tonight? Hope to see you then. Good Bye.


'someone? Who could it be? Maybe Liz? She lives in the apartment connected to the Crash. Yea, right, like she would send you something like that. She wants to be friends. Then who could it be?'


"OMG. I cannot believe you made me do that!" Liz screamed.
"I didn't make you do anything! I just brought up an idea and you jumped on it!"

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Part 8

"Isabel!" Max yelled.
"What is it dear brother?" Came the reply and she popped out
"Do you know who sent me these to me?" He shoved the flowers in her hands
"No, but they are very nice. Can I keep 'em?"
"Maybe later. First I need to figure out how sent them."
"Fine. Hope you figure it out." She went back to her room

"Sh we're closing at 6 and putting the stuff up. You're calling Max's mom asking her to come." Liz was going over the plan for the day.
"Aye aye captain!" said a chuckling Maria
"Very funny, Maria. I just want this to be as close to perfect as it can be. Besides a lot of people from school are going to be there I don't want a bad reputation."
"I know, it will be. Besides when you and Max start going out you won't have a bad rep but maybe the girls will want to rip your lovely hair of your pretty little head because you took their man."
"Uh huh sure Maria. And besides he might now even come because I sent him an anonymous not with roses? He doesn't even know who sent them to him!"
"Well you should've put your name then shouldn't you."
"But I didn't and it wouldn't have made that big of a difference."
"Well then call him and tell him to come!"
"But what if he still doesn't come? Do I tell him it's his party?"
"Yea just tell him. And he will come. He likes you!"
"Yea, sure Maria. I'll just call him I'll be right back."
"So go!"
She gives Liz a little push.
"I don't know his number!"
"It's on the phone! Tess put it there and it's also number 1 on speed dial."
"Okay I got it!"



"Hello?" Isabel picks up the phone
"Hi. Is Max around?"
'Another girl calling max. Jeeze can't any of them take a hint?' "Yea hold on."
"Maaaaxxxx......Phone!! It's some girl.....again!"
"I got it! Hello?"
'God his voice is sexy' "Hi! This is Liz." she managed to choke out
'She has the most angelic voice!' "Oh, Hey! What are you calling? I mean I'm glad you called but there a reason if not that's cool too." 'You are such a dork! stop talking like that!'
"Actually I was going to ask if you could come to the Crash at like 7.
'Could she have been the one that sent the roses? No, why would she call and ask me to come if she already sent a note' "Uh....sure. I was going to go at 7 because someone sent me a note."
"Oh really? Well we're giving you a party at 7 so maybe someone wanted to meet you there." she said a little on the excited side.
"Was that all?"
"Okay, bye!"
"Bye!" He thought he could see her smile when she said that.

At 6........

"We're closing early today so please finish up."

In the back...
"Okay, so we are clearing everyone out and getting everything ready." Liz again being the responsible one
"We need cake."

Part 9 A

A massive crowd came in...
'That should take care of Liz finding Max' thought a rather jealous stepsister.


Liz- "This isn't good! How many people are in here?"
Maria-"A lot?"
Liz-"Good observation, Sherlock."
Maria- "Hey! geeze somebody's a little pushy today."
Liz- "Sorry, it's just this party and it wasn't supposed to be huge! I mean Max is a shy guy and doesn't get out much. I don’t want to scare him or anything!"
Maria- "Okay, I got it under control. All we need is to get Alex and make him DJ like he said he would. There he is! I'll go scream at right back."
Liz- "Okay, So I'll be here I think, unless someone drags me off."
Maria- "Wait a minute. He's here......with Isabel Evans? Ice Queen? She actually gave him the time of day?"
Liz- "If Isabel is here that would mean......"
Maria- "Yep, he's coming your way."


Max comes in with Michael when.....

Tess butts in.
Tess- "Hey Max."
Max- "Hi." he said nonchalantly
Tess saw the way he was looking as if he were looking for someone through the crowd.
Max- "Did you send me something this morning?"
Tess- "Not that I know of. Why?"
Max "No reason just wondering."
Finally he spotted her. Her perfect body. Her doe eyes. The way she smiled. And he remembered she wanted to see him. "Ummmm...why are you here? And why is everyone else from school her too?"
Tess- "Didn't you hear? It's your birthday party, silly!"
Max felt like rolling his eyes when she said "silly"
Max- "What? My birthday party? Who did this?!"
This is perfect. Tess thought. She didn't have to lie about how Liz and Maria planned it AND he would be mad at them for doing it!
Tess- "Liz and Maria planned it." she said with a smirk
Max- "OH, okay, well I need to talk to her about something."


Liz saw Max looking at her but decided to ignore it. She didn't need this. It couldn't happen again. It just couldn't! But could she stay away from Max? That was the big question. She forgot about him for a while when.....

Liz- "Oomph! I'm so sorry! I should've been looking!"
Max- "It's okay. Don't worry about it." He said looking at his feet.
When Liz heard his voice there was no doubt in her mind who she bumped into and her breath got caught in her throat. 'Don't do that! You can't be with him! Remember that! It's for everyone's own good!'
Liz- "So what brings you to me?"
Max- 'I think I love you' (When its between one of those like ' ' its a thought but when they say it its " " kay?) He thought but couldn't say it. It would just scare Liz away from him instead of bringing her closer. "About the party..."
Liz- "You don't like it." with disappointment in her voice. "You can leave now if you want, I mean you apparently aren't having fun."
Max- "I like it! It's just I don't like being the center of attention, especially not with this many people. I never had."
Liz- "I'm sorry. But it seems as though you are the center of many girls admiration...." 'including mine'
Pam Troy reared her ugly head. "Hey Max. Happy Birthday."
Max- "oh, hi. Thanks." He noticed Pam didn't pay any attention to Liz so he thought he would introduce her. "Have you met Liz Parker? She just came back to Roswell. She left in 7th grade. Liz this is Pam Troy."
Liz- "Hi. I gotta go do some stuff. Bye Max. Nice to meet you Pam. I'll see you later."

Pam- "So Ma, how about we have our own celebration? We can leave now and have a little party of your own."
Max- "No thanks, I gotta go. I'll see you at school tomorrow."
Pam- "You sure? I can make it worth it for you."
Max- "Yea, I really have to go."

"Pam what do you think you're doing?" said a voice Pam recognized.
Pam- "Tess, Tess, Tess, You know he isn't yours⊕ Face it the whole school wants a piece of him. And that includes me." Pam walks off
Tess- 'where did Max go?' She starts walking when she bumps unto...
"Mrs. Evans? I am so sorry."
Diane- "Well, Hello dear." Diane saw Tess but never particularly liked that girl.
Tess- "Hi! How have you been lately?" She was trying to impress Max's mom.
Diane- "Just fine. I need to find my son! I don't know where he went to. Bye."
Tess- "Bye"


Maria- "Liz! Where have you been? I have been telling Michael he needs a major hair cut! NOW! I mean look at his hair! And he happens to think it will attract girls or something."
Liz- "I was talking to Max."
Maria- "Then why did you leave?"
Liz- "Pam Troy came so she Ieft so they could talk. She seemed to want to leave anyways."
Maria- "And that's the only reason? Go back there tiger. Tell off all the girls that want to take your man!"
Liz- "Maria he isn't mine and he can have any girl he wants. Why choose me? I mean I'm so plain. Girls with boobs twice my size and blonde hair, perfect girls."
Maria- "Don't start that. He like you because you are you and I happen to know he doesn't like bimbo's anyway. So you NEED to ask him out! Understand? Good. Now how does a movie sound? Great! Well he's coming towards you again. Bye"
Liz- "Wait!" But it was too late Maria left and Max was there. 'I can do this! Not all that happened in the other place will happen now. You loved each other. And it won't happen again. You were sent here for a reason. Now what was I supposed to do? Oh yea ask him out he's right there!' "Hey, Max! Do you have a magnet that attracts to me or something?" she laughs he smiles and blushes.
Max- "So......"
Liz- "Yea, umm...actually I have to ask you something."
Max- "Okay go ahead. I'm all ears."
Liz- "Could we go to the back room?"
Max- "Uh.. Sure."
Liz- "Okay, good. Very good!" Stop acting like a dork Liz! He won't be hesitant to say no.
Max 'why is she so nervous? Guess I'll find out.......
They go to the back room......

Part 9 B

They go to the back room...

"Ummmm... Max. W-would you go out to a movie with me?"

'She asked me out? She actually likes me?'

Max was standing there staring at Liz like she just grew a third head. 'He doesn't want to go out with me. Okay, I'll live. "Don't worry, Max. I get it. Maybe some other time."

'She thinks I don't want to go with her. I hafta do something. Say something you idiot! She's walking away!! Stop her!'
"Wait! I want to go with you!"
"Y-you do?"
"Yes! I've been waiting for you, Liz. I never liked anyone else."
"You liked me? When?"
"My whole life. Why wouldn't I? You're the most beautiful person I've ever laid eyes on. Inside and out."
"Are you serious? Is this some kind of cruel joke?"
"Why would I? That's what I think. Please don't think I am lying because it's all true!"
"Oh. My. Gawd. There are girls throwing themselves at you. Why not them? Why me?"
"It's you. Only you. Always have been always will be." 'You're scaring her! Quit it! You're scaring her away!'
Liz leans in and places a kiss on his lips. He in turn wraps his arms around her and she deepens the kiss. When all along someone comes along and tears her away from him.
"Tess? hi."
"Don't "hi." ME! What do you think you are doing with him? He's MINE!"
"Max isn't a possession and don't talk about him like he's not here."
"I should be going anyways. My parents are probably looking for me. I'll see you tomorrow."

He walks out.

"Do you think I'm gonna stand here while you steal him away from me again?"
"What do you mean again?"
"This is the third time! When you left I thought I had him. I mean my only obstacle was you and now you are back!"
"Third time?"
"You know what I am talking about! Don't play dumb!" Liz has a shocked expression on her face. "Yea I know. I know about me and how you stole him away from your only sister. He never loved you. He loved me and this time it's going to be me he chooses."
"Okay, but that's HIS choice. Let him choose."
"You think I'm going to take my chances? I don't think so. I will do everything in my power to make sure he chooses me. Don't forget it."


Part 10

The next morning......

Liz wakes up by a sound coming from her window.
"Hello? Who's there?"
"Liz? It's me! I need to talk to you before everyone wakes up."
She walks over to her window and he's there. She opens the window and he walks in but trips and falls over.
"Sorry about that. what did you want to say?"
"I saw stuff. When you kissed me. Like from your childhood and this whole other world. I saw how you saw me. You think I'm.....good-looking."
'That's the understatement of the year' "Well it's confusing. Do you really need to know?"
"I think I do."
"Ummmm....have you ever felt....different?"
"Different? Like how?"
"Like you don't belong here."
"Here as in Roswell?"
"Here as in Earth. Don't get me wrong I love this planet but have you felt like you didn't belong? Like you weren't meant to be here?"
"I did have some strange occurrences when I was younger but I forgot about that until you mentioned it."
"Well, we are reincarnated from some people on another planet."
"Please don't interrupt." He nodded his head in agreement. " were King Zan, Ava or Tess now was the queen but I was your chosen Queen, Lareyna, that didn't matter. You almost got married to Ava. Then there was Rena, Rath, Vilandra, and Colton. Vilandra was your sister. Rath was my brother and your best friend, Ava was my half sister, daddy's girl and your sister's best friend. Rena was my best friend. Colton was my friend and Vilandra's chosen mate. We lived on the planet called Antar part of the 5 planets. I don't know much. Nasedo is our protector, his base form is Ed Harding. That's pretty much all I know. But the reason we came here is because you got killed on your wedding day along with everyone but me. It comes to me ya know? Like I learn stuff every second something on this world reminds me of something that happened."
"Wow. That's quite a story."
"Yea it is. Think about it okay? I mean I know it's a lot to take in so can think about all of it before you choose anything."
"I already know what I want, it's you. I always knew there was something about you. Now that I know, I want to be with you even more!"
"There's also something I should tell you, you, well Zan wouldn't have died if he didn't fall in love with Lareyna." She said between sobs. "You loved me and it killed you!"
"'s okay. You didn't do anything. I loved you because of you and I bet he would've done it all over again even if he knew what was to happen. So are you willing to tell me?"
"Umm...I guess. Well, Kivar was your enemy and loved me. You did as well, since we were little." She kind of chuckled. "but we knew you were to wed my sister, that gave Kivar the power to have me. He killed you at the wedding. Your and Ava's. He tried to leave Ava alone but he killed everyone in the wedding. Well except me. I killed myself in my room that day." Liz said still choking back sobs. "So if you left me alone, you would be alive and well. A life with Ava. A planet all your own, but I ruined it for you. I'm sorry. I am so sorry." Her voice became a whisper by the time she 'apologized'
"Don't worry. Please don't feel bad. If I had lived, I would have lived a miserable life with a spoiled little brat. Please. " he begged. "I need you." 'scaring her away.'
"Are you sure? I mean I talked to Tess and she is willing to do anything to be with you. I mean ANYTHING. She isn't afraid to kill me to get to you Max."
"I won't let her. I will be with you all day and all night if I have too. I won't lose you. I can't." A tear slid down his cheek.
"Max, I won't leave you if you are certain you are willing to take the consequences of your choices."
"Anything for you."

"Liz? Are you ready for school?"
"Almost mom, hold on."
"I should leave now shouldn't I."
"Yea. I'll see you later but I can't get Tess mad because I'm sure she won't think twice about killing me."

And he left out the window.

"Ah... Now what am I going to where?"

Twenty minutes later she had a spaghetti string tank top on and a pair of jeans. Sweet and simple the way she liked things. She went down and grabbed a banana when she heard a car honk she said good bye to her mom and dad and left for the first day of school.

"Hey Maria! Wuzzup?"
"Sup? oh nothing."
"Same here. Max came over this morning..."
"Really? That's great! I'm so happy for you! Why did he come over?"
"He wanted to know something."
"So are you two....ya know."
"I think so..... I don't know..... It's just.......weird."
"Wow. Maxwell Evans actually having a girlfriend. This is like, fate. I mean him not wanting anyone until you come back? Dontcha think this is a sign? It's totally trying to tell you something."
"Sure Maria. Sure."
"Well we're here. And look who's pulling up. Oh its Max himself. Now that I have connections I can talk to him. I'll ask him what's up with you two."
"You wouldn't, You can't!"

But it was too late she was already over there and talking to Max.

"So Max. How are you?"
"....fine." He said dragging the word out.
"So I was wondering, are you and Liz.....together?"
"What? Why? You could've asked Liz."
"I did but she wasn't sure about where you two were so I am asking you." He looked over at a very embarrassed looking Liz.
"I think we are.....together I mean. Don't tell anyone yet Maria. I don't need people hating her. She's too perfect to be hated."
"That's nice of you. But you do know even if I didn't say anything if you act like how you talking right now that the whole school will know by the end of first?"
"I'll try to not do that but I can't promise anything. Okay? Just tell her that I will be there for her and the past was the past Now is the time that we need to focused on. Kay?"
"Sure can do loverboy."
"What? Never mind I even asked." He said and took another peek at his one and only.

So how was it? Good??? Bad?!?!? Okay? Thx everyone!!!


Part 11

Liz Parker walked into the office and told the secretary this was her first day.
"One second please." Came the reply. After a few moments and some keys on the key board being pressed. "What's your name, dear?"
"Elizabeth Parker. I transferred from Washington State."
"Okay please wait on the bench until the principal can see you."
As she sat down, thoughts of Max floated through her head. What was to come? She wasn't part of the royal 4. While Ava was. So why send both? There was something she didn't know about this and she was determined to find out.
"The principal will see you now, Elizabeth."
"It's Liz actually." She smiled as to not to be thought of as rude.
"What a pretty girl." The secretary said to herself.
She walks into the principals office and sees a woman in her early 30's, blonde hair, blue eyes, medium height and build behind the desk. "Hello, I'm Ms. Topolsky (is that spelled right?), the principal. You should be Elizabeth Parker. Or are you called Liz or Lizzie?"
"It's Liz."
"Okay Liz, according to your grades and work at your old school you are quite the student and citizen. Here's your class list. There is one student that has all the same classes with you. He'll show you around. You'll meet him in first period. Here follow me."

'knock' 'knock'

Ms. Topolsky opens the door to Mrs. Hiller's English class. "Mrs. Hiller, we have a new student. Her name is Liz Parker I think you should have a student that is supposed to show her around for the day here."
"Oh, yes. Bye Ms. Topolsky."
"Bye. Hope you have a good first day Liz."
"So Liz, tell us about yourself a little."
"Well, I am from Washington State. I just moved back here, I left a few years ago. And here I am."
"You can take a seat. There's one next to Max Evans."
"Okay, thanks." She tucked some hair behind her ears.
"Class Dismissed" "Liz, Max could you two stay a little longer?"
They both approached the desk and Mrs. Hiller told Max he was to show Liz around. 'This is amazing! I actually get to spend the day with my queen!'(Max) 'Is this good or bad?' (Liz)

Tess stayed back to see what Mrs. Hiller wanted from them.
'She isn't going to get him. He's mine' and left.

Liz was stuck to her spot when the Greek god's voice broke her out of her thoughts. "C'mon Liz, we gotta go." He grabbed her hand. Liz looked down at her hand. Correction, their hands self consciously. He let go, embarrassed. "Oh, uh...Sorry. I didn't mean to... I mean.... Ummmm..."
"No it's okay, I'm just worried about Tess and stuff." She said so no one else could hear. "I want to be with you. It's just weird ya know?" She took his hand in hers.
"Yea, but can I declare my love or is it too soon?"
"I don't have a problem with it but I think your fan club would."
"So is are you saying I can or not?"
"You can if you want a dead girlfriend or you could protect me instead."
"Seeing that I want you alive and by my side for all eternity I'll protect you but when can I declare my love?"
"When you know you can do both."
"I can do both now."
"Well then there's your answer."
"Great." He plants a tender kiss on her lips and when he lifts his head they both burst out laughing."


Feedback Please!!!!!

Part 12

By the end of second period rumors were already flying around about Max and Liz's relationship. Some of them said the only reason he was even thinking about her was she was already putting it out. But people who didn't think that correct because tons of girls tried to start something and he didn't think twice. Others were just saying he was being polite to the new girl. And still others were saying she was a witch and cast a spell on him. Strange but this is Roswell; home of the little green men. And speaking of little green men some people thought she was an alien and trying to get Max on the mothership. What can I say? You are not a real roswellian until someone tags you as an alien.

"Liz and Maria are having a talk...
"So Lizzy, you work fast! I mean I heard hot Monday sex rumors about you and Max. That you are pregnant and that's the only reason he's staying with you. That you two were secretly arranged to get married when you were younger and your parents are forcing you two together. Oh and my favorite, that you are a witch and you have Max under your spell. A classic!"
"He probably hates me by now. He's always wanted no attention and here I come, Now he is the hottest topic of the day! Kill me now."
"You don't mean that."
"Maybe I don't but I don't want him to HATE me."

While Michael and Max have a similar talk...
"Jeeze Maxwell, first you pay no attention to girls and today you are have said to had Monday sex with the new girl? And that she might be pregnant? What's up with that?"
"Yea I heard." Max muttered. "I hate being in the spotlight."
"I know, so are you two together?"
"Ummmm...yea.... Kinda."
"What do you mean, kinda?"
"It's confusing."
"Anyway, isn't she friends with the spunky hot blonde? Deluca, I think."
"Yea Liz is friends with Maria."
"Do you think you could hook me up with her? Maria I mean. Liz is nice and all but she's kinda plain for me."
"Yea, whatever. I could try. So you have a thing for her? All you two ever do is argue when you are together. And that's like once a month."
"Yea...well? I need a challenge and Maria seems like a prime candidate."
"Okay whatever you say."


"So can you hook me up with Michael?"
"Guerin? I could try. I mean I'll ask Max but isn't he the guy that quote on quote 'needs a haircut?' oh never mind I forgot you had a thing for him."
"Yea and besides a haircut isn't a biggie I could even do it. Anyways-longer hair on guys is hot now."
"Okay, whatever."

When Maggie Walsted walks in....

"So, Liz is the whole Max thing true? How is he in bed?"
"I wouldn't know." 'But if its half as good as he kisses I'm going to be dead soon, maybe not soon but sometime in my life, right?' "I just got here on Friday."
"But aren't you two together?"
"That's on a need to know basis and Maggie you don't need to know." Maria butted.
"Just answer me this. Have you kissed him?"
Liz blushed which in itself answered the question but she said "Yea"
"Really? How was it? I mean I have a site that rates WRH's guys and how they kiss. Ya know people rate em and stuff. Anyways there are two hotties that no one can touch. Actually one cuz Michael Guerin has kissed some people so he's out. Max is the only one, well the only hottie that I or any of the other girls haven’t kissed yet. So I hafta know. How Max is! I mean as I said before. No one has kissed him yet and EVERYONE wants to know."
Liz was at a loss of words.
"Well okay" Maggie started again "When you want to talk about it call me. My number is 623-0525. Anytime! Ask for Maggie. Bye!"
"That was interesting." Liz finally said.
"I told ya Max was a hot priority."


"So Max, how’s the new girl?" Kyle Valenti can in and asked.
Max's gaze shifted up from the ground to give Kyle a cold, hard stare. A sense of needing to protect Liz from him came over Max. "Don't talk about Liz that way. She is an angel and deserves respect."
"Oh pah-leese. Everyone knows you laid her! What kind of respect is that?"
"Don't believe everything you hear."
"So she's free? Cuz she's hot! And I wanted her but since everyone said she was pregnant and everything I didn't want to have all the hassle and besides you wouldn’t let her out of your sight all day."
"She isn't free. I am still with her."
"And you didn't sleep with her yet? I mean she was at a vulnerable state. You could've done the deed but didn’t? You a strange man Max. I'm gonna try anyways. Wish me luck." And with that Kyle took a mint spray out and sprayed a couple spritzes and left

"What are you gonna do Max?"
"I'm gonna trust her but follow him anyways cuz I won't let anyone hurt her."



Part 13

Kyle walked out of the guy’s room the same time Liz walked out of the ladies room. They bumped into each other.
"Oh sorry." Kyle said when he saw that he bumped into Liz, he straightened up and put his most charming smile on. "So walk you to your next class?"
"I don't know. I'm supposed to wait for Max...and Maria is here..."
Then Maria pops out of the door.
"Chica I hafta go anyways sorry to bail!" She hugged Liz and looked at her with sympathy. And left for her next class.
"Max can take care of himself; he's a big boy. C'mon L...."
When some new presence came. "The lady said no."
It was Max. He towered over Kyle (Max is taller in this fic like 6'5 and Kyle is the same height as in the show)
"Jeeze, chill. Talk to you later, Liz. See ya, Max."
When Kyle was gone....
"Thanks, Max. That guy was giving me the creeps."
"Let's go. I don't want you to be late on your first day." He put his hand on the small of her back. She felt an electric current go through her body where he had his hand 'I wonder if he feels it too.' As they walked they talked. “So who is my next teacher? Is she any good?”
“Her name is Mrs. Glock well its Jenna Glock but you know. Actually she’s the best teacher in this joint. She’s one of the few I can semi get close too. You’ll love her! Everyone does.”
“Okay, that’s good.” Liz said. Max could tell she was nervous. ‘Why am I so nervous? I’ve been like this before I enter every class. I need to get over this!’
They walked into the class and the rumors were still swirling around. 'Maybe walking in together wasn't the best idea.' She didn't want all the attention. Well she didn't mind but she knew Max did. Liz turned and gave him an apologetic smile. Max took his seat next to Tess and Liz went over to the teacher to ask who her partner was. “Ummmm...Mrs. Glock?” Liz said still obviously nervous.
“”Yes?” Said a cheerful lady, early 30’s curly read/auburn hair that went to her shoulders. Nice cheekbones and a radiant smile. “What can I do for you?” Mrs. Glock was trying to make Liz feel more at home and comfortable.
“Hi, I’m new and I don’t have a partner.”
“Okay what’s your name?”
“Liz Parker.”
“Oh yea, Elizabeth Parker. So you want to be called Liz?”
“Yes please.”
“Well, with you here, we have an even number of students. We’ll pair you up with Max Evans.”
Then her attention went to the class, “Max Evans, Kyle Valenti, and Tess Harding would you three please come up here?”
They all walked up to the front and Jenna Glock explained what was going to happen. Liz was going to be paired up with Max, since he was one of the best students in the class and Liz needed to catch up. Kyle was in the group of 3 so he and Tess (also a good student) were going to be paired up. Also because Kyle was doing poorly in that class but Mrs. Glock didn’t want to mention that. They all walked off to their appropriate seats and the class went on as usual.

The next class was World History. Then lunch. Max ate with Michael and Liz ate with Alex and Maria.

“So.... Liz are any of the rumors true? We have the interview of Max’s first lover.” Alex began. “Alex you sound like some person from 20/20 or 60 minutes!” Maria stated. “Why is it that news show thingy-ma-bobbers have numbers in the title?” Alex wondered. “Oh yes, the interview. So Liz is any of it true? Did YOU sleep with MAXWELL EVANS?”
“Ha ha you guys. Of course I didn’t sleep with him. We just have a date on Friday.”
“And the plot thickens. Hey! Wait! And you didn’t tell me?!?!”
“Sorry, guess I forgot.”
“Okay Alex, this is Liz’s love life and you aren’t to meddle.” Maria told Alex I am.” She said with a smirk. “Besides, you don’t have the time. With staring at Isabel Evans, and thinking about Isabel Evans, and dreaming about Isabel Evans, you hardly have time for schoolwork and your band. You hardly need another distraction.”
“I know you meant that the nicest possible way so I will not be mad at you.” *That line is dedicated to my best friend Kate. *
“I’m sure you do.” Maria said with a smile and ended up laughing. Alex stood there glaring at her *the glaring is dedicated to Bryson*
“Fine. So LIZ what do you want to do after school? Me and Alex’s usual plan is to stay after. Watch the football team practice. Well I watch the team; Alex watches Isabel and the rest of the bimbos and Isabel followers. (beat) Oh, I just remembered! Today is try-outs for the cheerleading squad! You should try out! I mean you were a cheerleader at your old school and your boyfriend is the captain of the football team and basketball team. You have too!” Maria said trying to convince Liz to try out.
“The only way I’m going is if you, Maria, go too. Oh and Alex I would love it if you would join us too.” Liz laughed at the mortified faces on her friends.


“Did you ask her yet?” Michael was anxious about what Maria would say.
“Oh, not yet. Do you want me to now?”


“And Liz, didja ask Max about Michael yet?”
“, sorry, want me to do it now?”
“Doesn’t matter but he’s headed over here so if ya could...”
“I will.”
“Ooo. Michael and Maria sitting in a tree...” Alex was singing the song,
“Shut-up Alex!!” And Maria goes and tries to tackle him. He doesn’t stop singing.
“If you don’t shut-up now I will have to tell Isabel about that dream.
“Tell me later.” Liz said so softly only Maria could hear.
When she was startled by a welcoming voice.
“Hey Liz. Could I talk to you?” Max eyes were glued to the ground ‘What if he want’s to call off the date? I should’ve seen it coming!’
“Sure, What do you wanna talk about?”
“Ummm... I need to tell you something, alone if you don’t mind.” His eyes were staring intensely at her, ‘Oh my gawd he does want to brake it off.’ She could feel tears sting her eyes but didn’t want Max to see them so looked away. “Sure where too?”
“Follow me.” While they walked Liz started talking; she wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. “So what is it?” He blushed and looked down.
“Well, Michael wanted me to ask you if Maria would go out with him.”
“You don’t have to be embarrassed. Maria wanted to know if he would go out with her too.” She started laughing which caused him to laugh.
“So should I tell him yes?”
“I would say so. How about we double?”
Max was disappointed because he wanted to be alone with Liz but he wanted her to be happy. “Okay.”
“Great! I’ll tell her later.”
“Why not now?”
“Because I wanted to take a drive in the jeep. But that’s okay if you don’t.”
“Your wish is my command.” He opened the passenger door of the jeep and Liz hopped in. (okay is that too corny? Cheesy?)
The drive was a quiet one. But a good quiet. When both of you are just content being there, together. And neither wants to ruin it by saying something. When you can almost read each others mind. When they stopped at the park.
“Let’s have walk.”
“So, what do you think about me being a cheerleader?”


Part 14

“So, what do you think about me being a cheerleader?”
“Do you want to be?”
“Maria is making me try-out after school; her and Alex are trying out too.”
“Really? Why? Alex?”
“Two reasons. One: I was one at my old school. And. Two: You’re the captain of the football team and basketball team so she insists you need a cheerleader girlfriend, instead of Liz Parker Science Nerd.”
“She called you a science nerd?”
“Well, no, but she was thinking it.”
“I don’t have a science nerd as a girlfriend. I have the most gorgeous, intelligent, kind, perfect girlfriend ever. And I don’t need a cheerleader to replace her.”
“Thanks Max, but I kinda want to. I don’t know.” She shrugs. “I won’t if you don’t want me too.”
“I want you to be and do what ever you want to.”
“Thank you!” Then she jumps up and gives him peppered kisses all over his face. He had to hold her up to his face because he’s 6’5 (so I like ‘em tall?) and she’s 5’3 (at least she’s taller than I am). Then let her slide down.
“You’re welcome.” He gives a cute, sexy grin. “Why wouldn’t I?”
“I don’t know, it’s just uh... never mind.” He could see her eyes cloud up and tears beginning to make their presence known.
“Please tell me. I can tell it’s important to you and I need to know.”
“I don’t want to put all this on you. I can’t make you worry about me.”
“Now you are worrying me Liz. I need to know. Please?!” He was begging her now. Puppy eyes and all.
“I don’t want to weigh you down.” She started but stopped when tears were threatening to fall.
“Go ahead Liz, weigh me down.”
“If you are sure. I’ll tell you but we should sit down.”
They walk over to the bench and Liz buries her head in the crook of his neck and tells her story. She’s shaking by this time because she is so nervous and tears have fallen which is why she put her head in the crook of his neck.
“My old boyfriend, he controlled me. Even tried to make me sleep with him.” She felt his muscles get tense so she added. “Don’t worry, I didn’t but because of that be beat me. Constantly. Even when I tried to break it off, he never let me go. Always trying to get me. So that’s another reason I moved here.” She was sobbing by the time she finished her story. He put her on his lap and stroked her hair. Holding her so tight as if, if he didn’t she would run away or disappear.
“Shhh, it’s okay now. I would never hurt you. You have been put through so much; I need to make your life perfect. You mean so much to me and I’ll protect me from the world or any other world. We’ll go through life together and I’ll give up my life to make sure you are okay.”
“Max?” She said muffled because her face was in his chest now.
“How do you do that?”
“Do what?” He felt like chuckling but held it because he knew it wasn’t the time.
“Know what to say and do to make me feel better. To calm me down. I just got here and you are working your magic already.”
“Because. You might have just gotten here but I have been dreaming of you. I’ve lived your life along as mine. I know you.”
“I had dreams of you too, but I never thought you would of me.”
“Well think again. Can I ask you something?”


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Part 15

We left off when Max was going to ask something.....

“What kinds of dreams?”
“What you were doing. I was with you in the big things that happened in your life. What about you?”
“Same, but I was with you and living your life instead.”
“Wow. This is amazing. I can’t believe you would be so....... to me.”
“So what?”
“I don’t know? Amazed. I would never think someone like you would want someone like me.”
“And why ever not? You are perfect.”
“Thanks Max, but you shouldn’t lie.”
“When did I lie? You ARE perfect.”
“You’ve known me for what? Less than a day? How do you know? I could have a huge flaw. Maybe I snore really loud. Or I am a blanket hog or a bed hog. Or maybe my second toe is longer than my big toe! Omg! I just said something that implied we’re gonna live together! That can’t be good! I didn’t mean that. I mean, not necessarily or maybe not even. I’m sorry.” Liz blabbed
“Liz. Liz. Calm down. Those aren’t big problems. I’ll get over it. And what is with the toe thing?”
“Sorry I just saw Shallow Hal. That is such a funny movie!”
“Yea it is, umm, you are perfect to me no matter what you say because you’re cute when you rant.”
Liz blushed. “You - You - think I’M cute?” Liz said still surprised that someone like Max would think of her that way “I just thought you had a connection towards me, I didn’t think you really like me.”
“Who wouldn’t think you are pretty? You are, I promise you.”
“But what if you find someone prettier than me? Or better overall? What if someday you’ll meet someone better than me. Or if you suddenly fall out of love with me and fall in love with Tess? It could happen you know. Don’t act surprised.” Max’s eyes were bugged out. He couldn’t believe what this magnificent creature just said. How could he not love her? Ever?
“That’s not gonna happen. This,” he said holding her tighter (she’s sitting on his lap, remember?) “we fell in love. It was love at first sight. We are soulmates. You are my other half! Please stop with the ‘what ifs’” He begged
“I hope Max. I’ve always dreamer of us being together but I never thought I was good enough for you.”
“I think it’s the other way around.” he said with a smile. “Class is about to start. We have about 15 minutes so lets go!” He then stood up with her still in his arms and started to walk to the jeep.
“Max! Put me down!” She said playfully laughing and struggling to get out of his arms. They were getting some stares from the people in the park that were on lunch break. And Liz thought she hears someone say, “Newlyweds!” with an exasperated sigh.
He placed her into the passenger seat and kissed her temple. He had an amused/proud look grin on as he drove but it turned into a shy, wounded look when he heard Liz’s tone of voice. “How could you do that?” She blushed and Max could see her face was almost a red. “I mean. People where staring. Don’t you care Mister Shy and Mysterious?”
“I don’t care because I don’t know those people and they don’t know me. If it were at school, I would be embarrassed but you were TOO cute.”
“Max, I think someone thought we were newlyweds. Is that funny to you?” Liz said with a self-conscious look on her face and sound in her voice.
“Liz? Are you okay with that? That we act as if we were together for a while? That people really do think we belong together?”
“I don’t know. I’m just scared. Don’t worry.” She gave him a sad smile.
“Lizzie! Come here! Where have you been?” it was Maria. She jumped and stopped right in front of the passenger door of the jeep.
“Hi Maria.” Liz said. Then turned her head towards Max. “Bye. See ya soon.” And gave him a peak on the lips. “And thank you. For everything.”
So Max made his way across the dozens of girls drooling over him to his best friend. “Hey Man.”
“Hey, where were you? You made it seem like I was a real loner.”
“Sorry, I went for a drive.”
“Here, take my food. You look hungry.”
“Thanks. I didn’t eat yet....” And it suddenly dawned on him that Liz didn’t either. He was worried but knew she could get her food. When suddenly something, well someone, no make that something interrupted his thoughts. “Hi Max! I’ve been looking for you!” Tess said. Grabbing a handful of fries. “Where have you been?”
“Not like it’s any of your business but I went would for a drive. Besides you have a boyfriend.”
“Oh, don’t be intimidated by Kyle.” She said, ginning for the fun of it. What I really want is you.” She said seductively and purred.


“Maria, can I eat that?”
“Oh yea chica, go ahead.” Liz took the tray and stuffed her face with it.
“Thanks!” She said when she was done. “So Wuzzup?”
“Nothing, what about you, girlfriend? What did you guys do? Alone. On a drive.”
“We weren’t alone, but we just talked. Nothing to get worked up about.”

Class bell rings

“Where’s French?”
“That away, Chica.” Maria said turning Liz in the right direction. “Have fun!”
“I’m sure I will...”


Part 16

After school Liz and Maria meet up while Max and Michael go to football practice.
“Off to the gym? Cuz I’m not doing this by myself.”
“I know chica. I’m going to.”
“And I’m not going to be one unless you make it too.”
“What?!? That was not a part of the deal! But fine.”
“Okay let’s do it.” Maria chuckles. “Grow up, Maria.”
They walk in, side by side.
“Isn’t that the new girl? Max Evan’s girl? We gotta have her!”
“But what about the blonde?”
“We could do without but they seem close. Let’s see what we’ll do.” Some cheerleaders were having a talk about each girl that walked in. When Tess butted in. “I don’t think they should be in the squad. She doesn’t seem the cheerleader type.”
“The only reason you don’t want them in the squad is because she stole Max away from you when you never really had him. Face it Tess, he has someone and you are jealous. Especially since she’s your step-sister and besides. It’s the squad that decides, not you.”
Then, when all the girls came in the leader, Isabel Evans, spoke to the group. “Attention ladies, okay, as you all know, we are looking for some fresh faces in the squad. And you are them. So, wel’ll call you in b group and of course you’ll do a routine. Have fun!”
The girls all walk out and form groups. When it’s Liz and Maria’s group’s turn. They did a pretty good job. Liz did a lot of gymnastics stuff. With Maria’s voice she was yelling stuff but it all came out pretty good.
“Very nice, we’ll post the results on the gym door tomorrow morning.”
“I can’t believe she would show up! That bitch! Did she actually ‘think’ I would let her in that group!” Tess spat out.
“What’s your problem?” said another cheerleader, Kelsey Turner, “Can’t handle the challenge? Look Tessy, we all know Liz was the best of them all, so she’s gonna make the squad along with her little friend. Just face it. She has what all girls hearts desire at West Roswell High. She is the envy of the school. Too bad, I also feel sorry for her. She is gonna get major shit from people. Including me.”
“She can’t have him forever. I’ll get him. Just as I said. He can’t resist my charms too long.”
“Tell, good luck, but now that he’s taken the harder everyone will try.”


“So Evans, who's the newbie?”
“Yea. She’s quite the lady.”
“And FINE too.” They all laugh. Max tries to ignore them and Michael doesn’t care. (Does he ever? Don’t answer that)
“Okay guys start running!” The coach yells

Right then, Maria and Liz walk over to the bleachers and sit.

“Your guys aren’t THAT bad. (She’s talking about the guys at the school) But Max is the best.”
“Uh huh, sure. I’m more of a # 58 kinda girl. The bad boys. No offence.”
“None taken. I’m fine with that. So Michael, huh? I didn’t think know he was a football player.”
“Yea, he’s a starter.” Maria sighs. “But he’s a bigger loner than Max. That’s an accomplishment.”
Liz giggles. “Okay Maria.”
“What? Chica, you know it’s true.”
“Never mind that.” Liz then turns her head at the field. “What a fine ass.”
“Down girl.”
“Just making sure you don’t jump his bones so soon.”
“Ha. Ha. Ha.”


Max and Michael are running and talking
“So, what did she say?” Michael can’t wait until he goes out with the fireball aka Maria Deluca.
“Li said you could double with us on Friday.”
“Yea, umm, that’s cool.”
“You don’t have to. It’s just an idea.” Max said sensing some hesitation with his answer.
“No, I think we’ll go. It’ll be easier that way. So, where are we going?”
“Just burgers and a movie.”
“Good. Casual.”
“Uh, yea.” Max is looking at Michael funny.
“What?” Michael lifts his hands to empathize the question.
“Nothing, never mind.”
“Okay then.”


“So, am I set?” Maria asked.
“Set for what?”
“Am I going on a date with Michael.”
“Ohhh, that. Well, yea. It was pretty funny cuz Max was asking me if you would go out with Michael before I asked him...”
“He wants to go on a date with me? Omg! This is like weird!” She gets up and does a happy dance. “I mean he’s....Michael Guerin.”
“Well congrats.”
“Thanks, so where are we going?”
“Well maybe you could double with us.”
“Oh, sure, chica. That would be great! I’ll probably need a life saver. I’ll like, I dunno. I just need someone to be there.”
“Well good. Cuz you’re coming.”

Part 17

Friday after school (the day of the date)

“We are cheerleaders!”
“Yes, I know, Maria. Remember? We heard together yesterday?”
“So? Still, we are part of the elite. We are socially acceptable.”
“And? Why do you care so much?”
“Because ever since you left I have been the girl in that band. Ya know Alex’s band? The Whits? Yea, well, I’m the lead vocal. And they’re just another dorky band.”
“Don’t think that way! You don’t have to be popular okay? I wasn’t. And I don’t really care. So you shouldn’t either.”
“Yea, I know. But it feels good to be a cheerleader. Even if it’s just a for a little while.”
“Okay, I’ll let you love. But, what am I going to wear?”
“What about these?” She held up a cardigan sweater set and a black skirt. “No thanks.”
“Ummm... this?” She held up a cute top (White tee with a panda cartoon) and a denim mini skirt with a glitter.
“What about me?” Maria asked. “How do I look?” Then she twirled around. Maria was wearing a red/pinkish dress with a ruffled neckline and edges.
“Extraordinary. If looks could kill Michael will be a dead man.”
“Thank you, thank you.” She takes a bow. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”
“Are you sure? I mean, I dunno.”
“Don’t worry chica, you’ll do fine. I’m positive about it. So quit whining already.”
“Okay, Okay. I’m cool. I’m calm.”
All of a sudden, Nancy (Liz’s mom) walks in. “Girls, Max and Michael are here.”
“We’re coming!” Then she turned to Maria. “Okay. Hair?”
“Check.” Maria answered lamely
“Outfit?” Liz was still self conscious about this whole thing.
“Check.” Maria was getting really impatient.
“CHECK!” Maria screamed.
“Okay. Okay. Let’s go.”


Max was getting the 3rd degree from Nancy and Ed (Nasedo) was trying to figure out if he was Zan. Ed had a good idea he was but needed to be tested. If Max has the love to Liz that Zan had to Lareyna.
“Nancy, could I have a talk with Liz’s date?”
“Sure, hon.” She was so happy that Ed was showing interest in Liz’s life. Nancy was worried that Ed wouldn’t care about Liz.
“Do you mind if I take him into the back?” Ed asked.
Nancy was absolutely beaming. She had a full blown smile and was practically jumping up and down. “Sure, hon.”
Ed walks to the back room while Max looks at Michael with a ‘what-the-heck’ expression and follows Ed. “Umm, what is this about Mr. Harding? Not that I mind, just curious.” He fumbled. ‘Great job Max. Real good impression.’ A blush crept up his neck until his face was has turned a pinkish color.
“Just trying to get to know you better.” Ed said simply. “So, you’ve been here your whole life? In Roswell, I mean.”
“As far as I can remember.” Max caught Ed’s (pretend) confused face so he added the fact that he was adopted, but left out the part about walking around naked in the desert.
“Oh, you must be thankful that someone wanted to adopt you, most couples look for babies.”
“Yea, I owe them everything. But there was a feeling from them, a connection. I think they felt it too.”
“Lucky you....” When he was cut off by the presence of two beautiful girls. Max’s breath caught in his throat. ‘She’s wearing casual clothes, I can’t believe someone can look that good.’ Ed sneaked a peak at Max and his doubt was erased, only Zan would look at Lareyna like that when she cam in in only casual clothes, even back then...

Max caught her eyes right away and they seemed to go into their own world.....


Zan is in the garden when he hears the bush rustling. “Who’s there?” No answer. “As the future king of Antar I command you to show yourself!”
Then slowly someone pops out from behind the bush. The only thought that went through his mind was ‘My goddess.’ and the only thing that went through her mind was ‘What a god.‘
“My lady you startled me.” When she first heard his voice, all she thought was how it had a calming feeling, as if she knew he wouldn’t hurt her, like a god. “I’m sorry your highness, I didn’t know you were out here. I couldn’t sleep so I just wanted to take a walk. I’m terribly sorry.” She blushed and curtsied in a show of respect. When she noticed a petite curly blonde next to Prince Zan, ’Where did she come from? And why would someone like Zan do walking around with Ava? Oh yea, they are arranged go be married. Don’t make a move Rey.’ “And Ava, I’m sorry to interrupt you two.”
“Please call me Zan.” ‘Why do I have a pull to be with her? Why did I have this feeling earlier?’ The reason he was out walking was because he couldn’t sleep. His mind was on the petite brunette he only saw little of that day. ‘I guess Ava heard me walk out and followed me.’ He didn’t notice Ava’s presence until Rey pointed it out. (Rey is short for Lareyna) “I didn’t catch your name earlier, What is it?” ‘That voice. How I will never forget or get sick of that voice.
“Lareyna.” It was perfect, just like the one it belonged to. Nice and sweet but not too sweet, a mixture of everything he loved and some of what he didn’t know he loved yet. “Rey’s eyes were glued to her feel and she started to blush. Zan wished he could see the deep chocolate eyes he had already fallen for, just one more time.
“I better get out of your way now.” Rey said between the heated glances Zan was giving her and her half sisters cold glare, she felt uncomfortable and like she was interrupting something. But maybe just once more she could see the prince’s eyes. No one eye’s could ever compared to the prince’s amazing gold specked eyes and she loved them. His eyes of course, she could never fall in love with a prince, especially the one her evil half sister was to marry. Rey felt two fingers life her chin up and her eyes fell on those amazing golden ones. They held the staring contest until Ava dragged Zan away “Come Zan. We better get going dear.” Leaving a speechless Lareyna in their midst.
When Ava dragged him far enough so Rey couldn’t hear him, he exploded or more lectured because he’s the gentleman he is, he couldn’t yell at a lady. “Ava, why did you just do that to the poor girl? She could be lost!”
“Don’t worry so much Zan!” Ava was jealous at the fact that Lareyna was attracting all the right guys but none of them seemed to want her. She was certain that the prince would want someone like her, not Rey. She wasn't a royal from any of the 5 planters. The only reason she came was because she has always wanted to go to Antar to see the flowers and plants, also she was especially interested in the bonding some Antarians did. Ava on the other hand was the daughter of the Queen of Bovin. So Rey’s dad was King. She doesn’t have two royal blood, her mom was a commoner or was one and she was executed for being with a King for he ws already married to Ava’s mother. But of course their father felt sorry for her, even though Rey did the dirty wok, everyone knows who she is so she had her own room as any of the king’s children.
“Ava! How could you regard her as that? She is a living being and deserves to be treated like one! I shall go find her. Go back to your room and get some sleep.” Zan was known to have a heart of gold and usually wore it on his sleeve.
(Yea I know, one of those sayings but oh well.)


Zan walked back to where the young lady last been and she was still there. Sitting on the grass playing white flower with pink edges, a cross between a rose and a lily, humming to herself. She was a sight to behold.
“Lareyna?” He said softly not wanting to disturb the scene in front of him but having to apoligize for his exit and as to not to startle her. But to his surprise all she said was “Your Highness.” Stood up and curtsied. Nothin to hint she was started , more as she thought Zan would pass by and not notice her presence as Ava did not more than a couple minutes ago.
Zan softly chuckled, “I thought I told you to call me Zan.” She blushed. “Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for my retreat earlier.”
“It’s okay, your - Zan. That’s really weird.”
“What is?” Zan asked confused.
“Calling you Zan,” Rey replied.
“Please do, I hate it when people call me ‘your highness’ I’m not anymore special than the next person.” Zan said, not wanting this to end, never wanting to leave her side ever again.
“Okay, ummm..... Zan.. it’s no problem, I really didn’t mean to disturb you or my sister.” She said the last part so quietly, hoping he wouldn’t notice. ‘Ava’s her sister?’ He thought to himself
“Ava is your sister?” He asked, a bit surprised. “You two don’t look anything alike.”
“We’re half sisters. Both her parents are the King and Queen of Bovin and Xyar. (Ava’s mother got the inheritance of Bovin’s throne because she was the eldest and their father has Xyar’s throne). She looks like her parents while I only look like my mother.” she smile and so did he.
“Com’on let’s get you back in your room. It’s freezing out here.”
“Actually, I don’t mind it out here. I think I’m going to stay . If that’s alright with you.” She looked back at her hands which were still playing with the flower.
“Well, a lady can shouldn’t stay out here alone.” He teased.
“A lady can do as much as any man!: She said when she noticed a grin spread across his handsome face and a twinkle in his eyes which he was staring at her with. “What?”
Zan snapped out of his trance when he fumbled with his words. “Oh, um, uh, it, um, n - nothing.”
Rey giggled. “This is a different side of the future king.” Zan was known not be too much affected by woman, but she was different. She made him nervous, he didn’t want her to think he was a dork or anything like that. He really didn’t care what others think, usually.
Zan forced a smile. “I’ll stay with you anyway.”
Rey couldn’t help but slush and give a shy smile. “But what about Ava? Wouldn’t she be mad? That you aren’t with her tonight.”
“We aren’t in the same room. She won’t know and nothing is going to happen.”
Rey kicked herself (well not physically) for thinking the prince wanted something to do with her. He’s probably just being nice. He’s the prince after all. “You really don’t have to. I’m fine.”
“No, I insist.” He said pleadingly.
“You can leave anytime you want.” She reassured him.
“Okay, thank you.” He said sincerely.

They spent all night talking. Getting to know each other better and both falling more and more in love, sometime during the night Zan wrapped his arms around her and both laying down, fell asleep. When he first woke up, he forgot where he was and then felt a small, fragile body curled by his body. Holding onto him. He looked down at the goddess with the glowing skin. Ava always wore too much makeup but this wonderful angel wasn’t and she still had a sparkle to her eyes and skin. Suddenly, she stirred beside him, waking him from his thoughts and saw her eyes wide looking straight at him....

~End of Flashback~

Both couples were in the theater after much complaining from Michael they practically dragged him to see Monsters Inc. “I still think this is a baby movie! Michael Guerin shouldn’t be here!”
“Oh hush up! It’s a cute movie!” Maria bickered back. She was getting really annoyed of Michael’s attitude “And if it’s such a baby movie, leave, we’ll meet you somewhere. It’s almost over!”
Their “argument” got many “shh’s” and scowls from parents.
“Fine. I’ll stay,” Michael wouldn't admit to anyone but he actually liked the movie, as Maria said, it was pretty cute.

When the movie was over:

Liz and Maria lifted their top half up from their seats and stretched then stood next to their respective others.
“Mmmm.... liked the movie?” Max asked Liz his arm around her waist and planting a kiss on her forehead.
“Hmmm... I liked it, you?” She had her eyes closed and was taking in the feeling of his lips on her, she would never get used to that feeling and relishing the warmth of his presence around her.
“If you liked it, I liked it.” He said smiling.


Maria was still mad at Michael for his outburst
“Michael! I cannot believe you!” You ruined the show for many little kids today! It could’ve been their first movie! And all you could do was say it’s a baby movie and you didn’t like it?!”
Michael was grinning like an idiot, he loved it when Maria was mad, she was so hot! But he couldn’t let her win. “It’s about time they heard the truth instead of lies parents tell ‘em to keep ‘em happy.”
She couldn’t believe the nerve of him!

The Drop-Off

In front of the Crashdown-

“Liz, I don't want to leave you.” Max said, being his protective self among with other things.
“Oh come on Max.” She rolled her eyes. “I’ll be with Maria anyways. Don’t worry so much. Bye.”
He leaned in and kissed her softly which quickly turned passionate.
“Ahem!” Maria was getting sick of the PDA but before they noticed Michael captured Maria into a passionate duel.
When they pulled apart Max and Liz were kissing each other, but Maria and Michael didn’t notice all they saw were each other when Michael broke the moment. “So, I’ll just drag Maxwell home, I’ll see you later.”
“Umm...Yea.” ‘What was that about? Didn’t he feel anything toward her? Im gonna need to talk to Liz...’


Part 18

That night (Friday After the date)

Liz is in the bathroom brushing her teeth and Maria is telling her the dilemma. With the occasional “Uh huh”, “Mkay” or “Mhm” from Liz.
“Why is it that you get the nice, sweet and hot guy and I get Michael?” Maria pronounced “Michael” rather lamely and scrunched up her nose.
Liz walks out and leans on the bathroom door frame.
“Because, you can’t stand to be with the nice, sweet guy. You always need a challenge and Michael is just the guy to give it to you.” Liz says matter-of-factly.
“Yea, I guess...” Maria said in defeat, “But can’t my ‘challenging guy’ be less of a jerk? I mean he just says, out of the blue, ‘It’s a baby movie!’ and that he doesn’t want to watch it? And little children were there! Jeeze!” Maria spat out.
“Then he wouldn’t be challenging, now would he?” Liz asked, “And besides, it gives you the right to whip that boy into shape!” Liz finished giggling.
“Ya know, that isn’t a bad idea.” Maria said, putting it into thought, which only made Liz laugh harder. “What it isn’t!” Maria said, trying to convince Liz.
“Yea, sure, you work on that.” Liz said sarcastically between giggles.
Then fell on her bed, laughing.
“It is!” Maria yelled, swinging her hair back, taking a pillow and hitting the now squirming and still laughing Liz. Then fell back onto the bed.
They both sighed and then Maria walks into the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she walks back into the room, she is greeted with the sight of a sleeping Liz, tucked in her bed.
Looking at the clock, Maria finally notices how late it was so she settled in her sleeping bag, turned off the light and fell fast asleep.

The next morning (well noon)

Max and Michael are going to the Crashdown. Maria and Liz are still asleep.
When they walk in, Max notices Liz isn’t there while Michael notices Maria isn’t there. They had a talk last night about Maria and Michael chose to be a little more considerate of Maria since, well, he wanted to be with her. So he was looking forward to seeing Maria here, but she isn’t.
When another waitress came to take their order.
“Hi! I’m Stacy and I’ll be serving you today! Are you ready to order?” She said, a little too enthusiastically. She was kind of excited because she was serving Max Evans. Hottie of West Roswell High and his friend, who didn’t look half bad. She didn’t go to their school but everyone has heard of him.
“Uh, I’ll have a galaxy sub, Saturn rings, and a cherry coke.” Max said in his husky voice which turned Stacy on even more.
“Yea the same.” Michael said in his grumpy voice.
“Okay, I’ll be right back with your drinks.” Stacy said, leaning her body towards Max.
When she was out of hearing range Max told Michael he was going to check on Liz.
“You better, Jeeze, that girl was totally flirting with you!” He laughs.
“Very funny.” Max said sarcastically. “I’ll be right back.”
“He leaves the Crashdown and walks down the alley to Liz’s balcony. He climbed up the ladder and step over. Over the last week he climbed that ladder at least everyday, usually more than once. One day they slept holding each other in the lawn chair and his parents were so worried when he didn’t come home so they called his cell phone, he told them he was over at Michael’s place and since it was late, he was staying.
He saw her petite form in her bad and his heart melted at the sight of his angel. He didn’t want to wake her so he left.

“Michael, they’re asleep. When we’re done I’m going to wake her. You coming?” Max asked.
“Yea, sure.” Michael responded. “The girl asked where you went when she dropped off the drinks.” He added, trying to hold in his laughter. He always thought it was funny whenever some girl tried to get Max.
Stacy was listening to their every word and had to make a plan for ‘him’ to stay and maybe go out with her. Not what’s-her-name. So she walked over to their table, gave them their food, her elbows on the table, making sure her chest stuck out and whispered something in his ear that she was sure would make him want her but to her surprise all he did was say that he had a girlfriend. Which make Michael burst out laughing like he wanted to the whole time. She was dumbstruck, no guy ever turned her down before and he’s not going to be the first. “C’mon .” She batted her eyelashes and gave a pout. “I promise to make it enjoyable. Your girlfriend won’t know a thing.” ‘And I bet I’m better than her any day.’ she thought.
“No thanks.” Max said, he didn’t want to be rude. He should be used to all the attention and girls but he wasn’t. He never wanted anyone except Liz.
“Ummm... Okay. Tell me when you’re done and I’ll give you the bill.” she said disappointment written all over her words.
They were in about 10 minutes, paid, and left to see the girls. Max went first followed closely by Michael. Liz was still in her bed but Michael didn’t see Maria anywhere when she walked out of the bathroom and saw two strangers on the balcony. She picked up a baseball bat and started walking over to the window and noticed it was Michael and Max. She opened the window so they could get in. Max stepped in, but since Michael never did that before he fell and Liz turned and mumbled something no one caught. When Michael’s attention was back at the girl that was awake, Max was still in a trance, the dreamy look he had whenever he looked at Liz on his face, Maria asked them what they were doing there. Michael said that he would tell her while Romeo stood there staring at his Juliet, he escorted her out to the balcony to explain about why they were there and other stuff.
Max then proceeded to walk over to Liz’s bed. He leaned over and planted a kiss on her forehead then gently on her lips. Her eyes slowly fluttered open.
“Morning beautiful.” Max said, a smile on his lips.
“Ahh! The light!” She closed her eyes again.”
“Sorry for waking you, but it’s 12:30.” Max said with a chuckle.
“Really? I never slept that late before.” She lifted her arms in a way that meant that she wanted Max to pick her up. He did and got in the bed with her in his arms. She turned her body to face Max and opened her eyes, her hands subconsciously drawing circles on his chest. Then she opened her eyes. “It’s too light.” she pouted.
“Here let me close the window and put the curtains down.” He said, pulling out of her arms, “Will you come back?” she asked in a small voice. “Of course, it’ll only take a second, I promise.” He told her. “Okay.” She said and let go of him hesitantly.
Liz watched Max walk over to the window before she said “Didja know you are the sweetest guy in the whole universe? What did I do to deserve you?” She was talking so softly, as if she was talking to herself, but tears were forming in her eyes.
“No, I didn’t know that and I‘m the one that doesn’t deserve the goddess you are.” He walked over to Liz and got back to his original position when he noticed the tears threatening to fall. “Liz, honey, what’s wrong? What did I do?” He sounded desperate. “Please don’t cry.” He didn’t want to cause her any harm.
“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry you stuck with me. I had so many problems and now that you’re here, that I’ve found you again, I’m dumping it all on you. You should be able to live life but I’m stopping you from living with my emotional baggage, they know they put too much human DNA in me.” Tears were falling from her eyes and her hands were still drawing lazy circles on his chest but she stopped and dropped her hands as if she was burning him.
“Liz?” She wouldn’t look him in the eye, afraid he would feel bad, that she would see the hurt in his eyes. “Liz, look at me,:” He said in that gentle way she loved to hear. Don’t be sorry, I’m not. I love you so much and I’m here for you. Through everything! Past, present and future. You could never stop me from living, you’re the one, the only thing that make me want to live. You are my life, my everything! Never doubt that for a second and if I have to spend the rest of my life to prove to you how much I love you, I will! Please Liz, don’t doubt me! I can’t life without you!” Max admitted.
“Max....” Liz said, stunned at what just happened, what he just said. She never expected that, she couldn’t believe it. “Max.... are you serious? Do you really mean that?” She said swallowing the lump forming in her throat.
“I’ve never been as serious or mean anything as much as I do now.”
He just held her, not minding the water/tears on his shirt. Unbeknownst to both of them Nancy and Ed heard Max’s words. Nancy was so touched and happy that her daughter could find someone that loved her that much. Ed on the other hand knew how much love they had between them and was still shocked to hear the determination and conviction in his voice. The only thing he had to do now is tell Tess Max isn't and wasn’t made for her. That there was a mix up, they thought Liz died in the crash but it turned out that her protector put her in a human womb to be born. She didn’t want anyone to know who she was until the time was right. He tried earlier but she wouldn’t listen to him. He was sure there was another ‘protector’ that majorly brainwashed Tess into believing the ‘destiny’ was real, when in real-life Zan never wanted anything more than friendship from her. ‘Now what am I supposed to do?’ He thought.

Another was watching the scene unfold before him.. “Yes sir.... I know...... I’m working on it.... Yes, Ava is believing all that he is telling her.... I’ll try to feed Lareyna the bate.... No I don’t think they have taken the final step yet.... I know we have to get her before that happens sir... I will succeed and you will have the throne without Zan taking it away... <>

Max and Liz just lied in bed holding each other relishing on each other’s presence.

AN: The reason Liz freaked out was because she was almost raped by her ex in the morning, he broke into her room while she was sleeping and when she knew what he was doing she used her powers and he left, but he took her shirt and pants off before she woke up...... So anyone want to finish this or is it the end?

Part 19 A

“Dear brother, where have you been all night?” Vilandra asked. “Hopefully not gallivanting around town with a mistress.” she playfully teased.
‘Damn! Caught by the twin.’ “Why would you be so curious about your brother’s dull life?” Zan responded.
“Oh c’mon Zan! Tell me! I won’t tell anyone if you don't want me too! Please!” Vilandra begged.
“I met a girl.” He said dreamily with a goofy smile on his lips.
“Oh, Ava’s the one? She’s your soulmate? That’s wonder-” She stopped when she saw Zan’s face turn back into his normal. “Who is it?” She whispered. Everyone knew about the bonding of Antarians but only a few select have bonded in the last 50 yours. Now, they thought it was easier to have arranged marriages. And Zan knew he couldn’t refuse a marriage with the king and queen Xyar’s daughter. She ws shocked to say the least. “Who Zan?”
“Lareyna.” he said matter-of-factly.
‘I’ve heard that name before.’ She thought, then it clicked, Ava’s half sister. She’s nice, pretty, and definitely held herself gracefully enough for a queen, she just wasn’t sure what anyone else would say. “How?”
Zan told her how when he first saw her everything else vanished, then about the night in the garden. “Vonnie, I’ve never felt more alive, more content, then when I’m with her.”
Vilandra was so happy for Zan but wasn’t sure where their relationship would end. But she promised to make her brother happy. Even if it meant she had to break her best friends heart. Zan didn’t love Ava, and Ava just wanted the title. She didn’t love Zan either. Vilandra had the love of her life, so should Zan. ‘I just hope Ava doesn’t do anything she will regret. I do know Ava and I care for her but I love Zan (as a brother).’ “I’m happy for you Zan. I hope you two will stay together.
“But I’m not sure Lareyna feels the same way. I mean I think I’m in love with her but don’t expect anything back. I only knew her for a couple hours.” Zan said disappointedly.
“If you feel that, I would think she would too. True love goes both ways.” She said with a smile.
“Okay, well, maybe. I’ll see you later.” He exits

~Switch to Rey’s room~

“I think I’m in love.” Rey said, then heard a shriek-like scream.
“OMG! I’m so happy for you!” It was Rena, Rey’s best friend. and also a maid. More so Ava’s but sometimes she would be with Rey. “So who’s the lucky guy?!?”
“TheprinceofAntar.” She said so quickly that Rena didn’t catch.
“Say what? I couldn’t quite catch that.”
Rey walks out of the bathroom, blushing, and walks to her bed with a shy, dreamy smile on.
“Prince Zan.” She said in a small, shy voice and she was still blushing.
“What?!” Rena (Rea) yelled. “That’s Ava’s chosen mate and you know what she could do to you! I can’t see you hurt! She can do torturous things to you!”
“I know, that’s why I can’t be with him.” Rey began. “And I’ll never be happy.” She softly so only she was about to hear but Rea heard. Rey knew by the look Rea gave her that she heard and started crying. Rea held her while she cried.


Zan heard muffled sobbing in the guest room that he just passed. He went back and peeked in the room, what he saw broke his heart. T There his soulmate was crying and he wasn’t comforting her, but another girl was. He knocked on the door and someone told him to “hold on.” Then the blonde opened the door, her eyes widened and she curtsied. “Hello.” Zan said. “Could I see Rey?”
“She isn’t really ready for company right now.” Rea replied.
“Please.” He begged. “It’s important.”
“Ummm.. I guess.” She opened the door a little more and Rey was in the middle of the guest bed. She looked so small and fragile in the middle of the huge bad.
Rey felt him and it scared her. Rena covered the door from who was there but she knew it was Zan. ‘He probably came to tell me it wouldn’t work out. I mean he’s been chosen to be with Ava. What would he want with me?’ She thought when she woke up from her train of thinking by the rich velvety sound of his voice. “Lareyna?”
She opened her eyes, the way he said her name. it make her shiver. “Can we talk?” Zan asked.
‘Here it comes’ Rey thought. The royal family is having a ball and her father told her she had to come and set her up with a duke. Duke Keetaron. “Rey?” Zan asked again since she did answer before. “Yea?” She finally responded. “Sure we can talk. Do you wanna sit down? Or is it going to be really short? ummm...” Rey rambled. She was really nervous and had a small voice. Scared for what was to come.
Zan held a small smile. He thought it was cute.
“Where can I sit?”
“Oh.” She said. “You can sit on the bed.” Then blushed “If you want.” She added shyly.
“Zan walked over and sat next to her. She faced him and held her hands in his. “Rey, please look at me.” Her eyes were focused on her blanket, but looked up when he asked her to. “Rey, what’s wrong? Why were you crying?” She didn’t know what to tell him. If she told him the truth he could freak out and leaver her. She could scare him away. ‘But what does it matter now?’ She thought ‘He’s gonna leave me anyways. Leave me for Ava.’
“I’m scared Zan.” She admitted. Zan was confused.
“Scared about what?” He asked.
“I don’t want you to leave me. My whole life, everyone I cared about me left me. I’ve never trusted anyone or opened my heart to anyone. But you. And I can’t be with you.” She confessed.
Zan held her close. Telling her that he will do anything in his powet (and he had a lot of power) to make sure they would be together.
“How? You’re Ava's chosen mate.” She pointed out.
“Do you believe in soulmates?” Zan asked, seemingly out of nowhere.
“Well, yea. I’ve always loved the idea of soulmates. It’s one of the reasons I came here.” She told him.
“And won’t soulmates always be together in the end?” She nodded.
“I think you’re my soulmate, Rey.” He admitted. “We will be together.” He said with determination
She melted at his words.
“I just needed you to know that. Don’t give up on us... on me.” He said. “I wish I could stay but my parents are waiting for me. Good bye, Rey.” Then he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. Full of unadulterated love. Ending it before it grew intense.
Before he left she told him that she had a ‘date’ for the ball tomorrow and he had to go with Ava so he didn’t need to worry about her.

~3-4 Months from last time we heard from the crew on earth~

“Chica! Wuzzup girly?” Maria asked. “Its new year’s eve and all. Whatcha gonna do ALL night?” stressing the last too words.
“Okay, what’s the plan?” Liz asked.
“What do I do every year? Go find Enigma!” Maria told her excitedly.
“Explain.” Was all Liz could say. She didn’t know what Enigma was, or if she did, she forgot. It’s been a while since she was in Roswell for New Years.
“Enigma is this big, wild party but you have to figure out clues to get there, I’ve never figured it would yet but this year is different. I can feel it, And you;’re gonna go with me.” She had a huge smile on. “Right?” Maria asked just in case, it’s not like she would take no for an answer anyways, she was just asking.
“I dunno. I’m not really the party type.” Liz explained
“C’mon chica, you have to come. I mean you’re my girl and Alex is coming.” Maria said trying to convince Liz to go with her. When she saw it wasn’t working, She said, “You can bring Max.” ‘That’s totally worked.’ She thought.
When Liz heard Max’s name her face lit up and she decided to go with Maria and Alex. Of course Max would be there too. “Okay, I guess so, but don’t expect me to be a big partyer.
“You got yourself a deal.” Maria said a huge grin on her face.
“See ya tonight. My shifts over. When will you come over?” Liz asked/
“I’ll get you at nine kay? I have half an hour ‘til I go, have fun! And make sure you’re ready at NINE!” She shouted so Liz could hear in the back.


Liz went to her room and called Max to ask about going to Enigma.
“Hello?” Max sounded out of breath and was breathing heavy.
“Hey you, why do you sound so out of breath?” She asked concerned.
“Hey beautiful, nothing much, I was just excircising (sp?). Then the phone rang and I ran to get it.”
“You always so anxious to get the phone?” She teased.
“Only when I know it’s you.” He responded smugly. “So what brings me the honor of hearing your voice?”
“Oh well you know it's new years eve.” She started.
“Yes, I'm quite aware of that.”
“Well, Maria invited me to go looking for Enigma and wondered if you would go with me... us.”
“Sure, I’ll go anywhere with you. But I have to ask you a favor too.”
“Okay what is it?”
“Well tomorrow my parents is making me go to this ball thing and I kinda need a date. Since you’re a girl and sorta pretty will you go with me? I mean Debbie already said no...”
“Oh really.” She said in mock anger. “I’m just ‘sort of’ pretty and second best? I don't know...” Her voice getting louder every word she spoke.
“Liz I’m sorry, it’s just a joke! You’re beautiful! And I would love it if you would go with me!”
“What about Debbie?” Liz asked, still sounding mad.
“There is no Debbie. I was just kidding.” Max was sounding desperate.
“Max, Max. I know . I was just trying to make you sweat.. And I think I did a very good job. What do you think?” She said giggling.
“A very good job. You practically killed me.”
“Oh poor baby. I’m sorry.” She cooed. “Now be a big boy, Maria is coming over at nine so be here at eight okay?”
“Fine I’ll be there. Love you. Bye!”
“I love you too. Bye.”


Part 19B

The door opened, “Hey stud.” came the Voice behind the newly opened door.
“And how’s my angel doing?” he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss, she decided to deepen it.
“Mmmm...” Max whimper at the loss of Liz’s lips on his.
“Come in .” She pulled the door wider and he walked in. “So we have an hour to kill huh?” Max asked, a devilish grin forming.
“I guess so.....”


Back at the Crashdown....
Maria was getting ready to leave when a guys voice from behind stopped her.
“What are you doing tonight?” asked the guy.
“Searching for Enigma, wanna come? Or is it too stupid and childish for ‘Stonewall Guerin’?”
“I’m in. I found it last year, let’s see if I can make it twice in a row.” Michael said, obviously trying to impress Maria. You would think being with her for 3 and a half months he wouldn’t of gotten a little over that, but noooo.
“You found Enigma?!” came the shriek of a reply. ‘Hey at least it worked’ Michael thought.
He held his hands over his ears to block some of the noise his ‘girlfriend’ was making before replying “Yea. Nice party too. Although Max wasn’t the best person to bring to it.”
Maria was jumping up and down at this point and told Michael to be ready at 9 here cuz she was picking Liz up.


In front of the Crash another couple was getting to know each other....

She walked in and sat down next to a lanky dark haired boy.
“Hey Alex.” she said and gave him her infamous smile that made every boy at West Roswell High turn into her slave.
‘Oh my gawd! It’s Isabel Evans! Wait, I should be used to this, I mean my best friend is going out with his brother and Maria is going out with the other guy that she always hangs out with.’ “Hey. Wuzzup?” ‘Yea, that’s good. Stay cool.’
‘Hmmm... a little dorkier than most of the other guys I’ve been with but for some reason I feel a pull to him. Who knows, it might even be something.’ “Nothing much. What are you doing tonight?”
“Going with Maria and Liz to find Enigma.” He said with a chuckle. “And you?”
“I’m not sure yet. I have a couple parties that I know of but I don’t know. I kinda wanna stay away from ‘the popular crowd’ this year.”
“You could always go with us if you wanted to.” He said sheepishly.
“Oh that would be great!” She said before she caught herself. ‘I cannot act like that! I’m the freaking ice queen!’ “Yea okay. When are you guys going?
“When Maria gets back here ready and dressed for the party.” He answered matter-of-factly.
“Well okay. I guess I’ll go change. I’ll be back.” With that she left.


19 C

Liz woke up the next morning and snuggled back into her pillow but instead ended up rubbing against a hard body. She poked at it still closing her eyes, ‘Hmm... nice, hard body. Finely toned.’ She though. ‘ Wait, Why is a guy in my bed?’ she opened her eyes and Max was in her bed with nothing but boxers on. ‘Owie’ she silently said rubbing her head. ‘Hangover.’ She started pounding on her head when she realized she had nothing on but her underwear and bra. She tried everything to wake Max up except push him off the bed that she could think of. Right when she ws about to give up an idea popped in her head. She climbed up on top of him and placed her lips on his. She started kissing him and plunged her tongue in his which caused a throaty moan. Liz opened her eyes and pulled away. Frazzled by the kiss but still able to talk, she said “What happened last night?” She asked innocently.
“You mean you don’t remember?” He asked back, a little hurt.
Liz’s eyes started to widen in horror until she saw the mischeivious glint in his eyes and decided to play along.
“What do you mean?” Liz said, still keeping her innocent front.
Max held his impish grin. “Oh just this.” and with that kissed her with all the passion and love he had inside.
Once he pulled back she looked a little dazed and he laughed.
“You like?” He asked
She muttered “Jerk.” and playfully slapped his chest. “I hat you Max Evans! HATE!” She yelled. She turned away from his and crossed her arms across her chest with a “humph.”
“Awwww... c’mon Liz. You’re so corny but I l love you. I love you with all my heard and sould. And you love me too!” He playfully said.
“Hey, don’t put words in my mouth! I said I hate you! And I’m not lying!” She said smugly, “I’m going to take a shower now. I suggest you go home - with clothes on would be nice.” She left - her blanket covering her. When she reached the bathroom she stuck her head out and screamed, “GET OUT! I need to open the Crash soon and I don’t need you here. I also don’t need a relationship like Michael and Maria’s. Soooo you’re going home and you’re gonna be my wonderful, although sometimes corny but always loving and hopeless romantic Max! Okay?” She asked/said cheerfully.
“Yes m’am. I’ll be back and back to normal. Promise dear!” He said laughing while exiting through the window. (He dressed while she talked)

“Sir I think we’re in trouble... the king has spent the night again but he was naked.... No I don’t think anything happened... Well if it did wouldn’t we know?... No I’m not but you know the starts will change once the king and queen bond... Well thank you. I’ll check later.


“Max! Why didn’t you come home last night?” Isabel yelled while Max entered the door. “You made mom and dad worry, I had to save your sorry ass.... AGAIN! And while you probably got freaky at your girlfriend’s house, without her parents home! What the hell were you thinking?!?!?” He thought back to last night....
“Good morning to you to Iz. Glad you care so much about me. I’m fine what about you?” he chuckled. “I was thinking that I loved her. But don’t worry. Nothing happened.” He said but then thought ‘Well nothing that concerns you.’


Part 20

“Hey mom! I’m gonna drop Liz off first.” Max yelled.
“Sure honey.” Came the reply.
He helped her in his parents care and then hopped in the drivers seat. He flashed the sweet, sexy smile only reserved for her. The one that made her heart melt and then asked her if she had a good time. “Of course! That was really cool! The place was so beautiful!” She said in awe.
He chuckled, “Yea it is. Gets kinda old going there every year though.”
“So what? You would go all by your lonesome for all those years?” Liz teased.
“Well... yea.” He felt a blush creep its way up his neck to the tips of his cute little ears. ‘Good thing it’s dark.’ He thought
They pulled into the Crash and said their good byes.


When she walked through the door, Ed was there to greet her. “Hello Liz, mind if we talked?”
Ed never was into bonding with Liz but he knew she should know about herself since the threat of Tess was getting bigger. Also, he wanted her to have some time to adjust. Tell went to Valerie’s house today so he thought he might as well talk to her.
“Yea, sure.” She said with a smile.
“Ummm... well, about your ‘unearthly’ status. You need to know.” He said very seriously and needed Liz to be as well. Her smile diminished, “Ummm... okay, lets sit down.”
They both crossed the room and sat in separate seats facing each other.
“Liz,” Ed began, "you were Lareyna. Your mother was a peasant and had an affair with the King of Xyar, She was executed but your father didn’t have the heat to kill you too. Ava was your half sister, her mother was an aristocrat and was quite the snob. But your mother, she was quite a beauty and graceful as they come. Dark hair, dark eyes, not many had that there. They were mostly light skinned and blue eyed. Like Tess. Real fair. Zan was predetermined to be with Ava for bother the power and wealth. But when he saw you Rey, he fell fast and hard.” He paused, trying to figure out what to say. ’I knew I should have written this out!’ he thought. “I know you already know some of this but please listen....” another pause. “Khivar killed you- er- Lareyna, Zan, the whole wedding was ruined and only the parents survived. It was Zan and Ava’s wedding. Someone spilled. Someone told Khivar you have to be careful. And they’re going to come for you, they didn’t know how powerful you really are. Your mother had good blood and until after your death, they didn’t know. She was the one. Or you were. You still are and when you turn 18 there will be trouble, you have a year to train and find Rena, Rath, Coltin, and Vilandra. Khivar might attack before you turn 18 BUT you are not valuable to him until your powers develop and you must be with Zan for that time. After that, he will want your first child, do be careful. And you may, should, tell Zan.”
“Ed?” Liz asked, sounding unsure. “I think I might know who the others are. I’m not sure if I can do this.”
“Rey, you will be able to. You’re stronger here. You will win.”
“It’s Liz, but thanks.” She then excused herself to her room.

The next day....

Liz is working behind the counter at the Crash when Max walks in and zeros in on her. They both have small smiles playing on their lips. As he walks to her, both having a ‘staring contest’ with each other, time slowed down just to let two people enjoy the time they had together. All was good with the world.
“Hey beautiful.” Max said as he entered his seat and gave her a ‘hello kiss.’
“Hey yourself. I gotta talk to you later okay?”
“Sure, what about?”
“Just something.” She said somewhat nervously, then changing the topic, “So what will it be today?” She suddenly went to her waitress face.
Max noticed but decided not to say anything until later. “Just a cherry coke and space fries. I already ate cause my mom forced me to eat before I could leave.” He gave her a lopsided grin.
“Coming right up.” As she said this her body turned about and she filled up his cup and slip it to him. He caught it and when to get his fries. The place wasn’t too crowded so she was free. Max was fixated on how her body moved as she walks and when she turned bout he blushed, embarrassed that he got caught. When she gave him his fries she teased him by whispering in his ear, “Enjoying the view?” causing his whole face to become as red as a tomato.


When her shift was over, Max was still sitting at his seat (this boy does not have a life! LoL. It‘s only a morning shift.) Liz went over to the booth to talk to him. “Hey!” She greeted him.
“Hey, what did you want to talk to me about?” Max asked.
Well you know Ed?” He bit her bottom lip nervously.
“Yea, what about him?” He so desperately wanted to be the one nipping at her lip. Easing away all her worries but he could tell what she wanted to say was important and that it was a family restaurant. What would the kids (and parents) think?
“And he’s our protector?” He nodded. “Well we had another talk last night. Max, we have one year to find the others, learn to work together and be strong enough to beat Khivar. He’s planning an attack....”


Liz’s POV

So I guess it’s over now. At least the easy part is. But this time around the outcome favors our side. I told Max. Even thought I haven’t figured out who everyone is, I have a pretty good idea. Maybe it’s time fore me to get over all my worries. Maybe I’ll be able to get through all this. I’ll have Max. He’ll always be there for me. He’s a sweet heart. I don’t know what I would do without him. I love him. I know it won’t be that easy but that’s what it is now. You shouldn’t dwell on what you don’t know or things that is over for too long. I’m still scared my past will catch up with me and hurt the ones I love. That he’ll come back for me. But then I wouldn’t be able to share the special moments with Max or really be with him. That’s what it comes down to for me. And being with Max is what I’ve always wanted. Since that first day of school when I saw him with his sister. Now that I’ve had it, I won’t let it go. We’ll fight our demons (and evil aliens) together and become stronger because of it. One thing I know is that we will conquer this time. I’m ending this chapter of my life and taking the next step in life. A whole new world, as a new person. As my last entry in this journal, I’ll end it with a quote that I should remember and look back on forever...

“Look not back in bitterness, or forward in fear. But stand in the wonder of the moment.”
~J. Forney

And I’m trying to do exactly that.