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Chapter One


As soon as Isabel the glamorous movie star and her bratty little brother Max stepped onto Micheal Guerin’s cruise boat, The Red Star, he knew things were going to go a little differently this spin around the bay.

Alex came running up the back stairs and, as soon as he laid eyes on their first patrons, almost fell back down them. Micheal grabbed him before he broke his neck and dusted off the front of his shirt. “Watch out little buddy, wouldn’t want you killing yourself while we’re still at dock, we wouldn’t get as much insurance money for you.”

As he’d hoped Alex gave him a lopsided smile and galloped to the otherside of the boat just as the new hand, Kyle Valenti made his way up the stairs Alex had almost just fallen down.

“Why do you keep that guy around, it’s not like he does actual work.” Micheal held back the scathing comment that wanted to burst from him as he turned toward Kyle and saw there was no malice in his features, just a general wondering. He turned back toward the sea, “I keep him because…………I don’t know. He’s my little buddy.”

“Whatever you say man,” Kyle muttered before dragging the load of sheets toward the wash area. Micheal looked down at his watch, almost 6 on the dot. He put his hand over his eyes and scanned the horizon for the two missing guests. If they weren’t here in the next 5 minutes he would sail without them.

“Are we going yet?” The whinny voice was that much more irritating because of the male who it belonged to. The great Isabel’s brother. He was known for the wild parties he threw, the hotels he crashed, the fact that he’d never worked a day in his life and lived happily off of his daddies money. Micheal slowly turned toward him and took in the tight leather pants and black unbuttoned shirt. Yeah, it was official, he didn’t like this guy.

“We’ll sail, when I’m ready to sail.” He tried to keep his voice professionally crisp and turned back toward sea as Max stumped off in a fit and was cuddled by his beautiful blonde girlfriend. Guys like that made him positively ill, everything just fell into their laps. He’d had to work and sweat and bleed to be able to buy this boat and start up this company.

He smoothed the lapels on his coat and looked once again for the missing passengers. They had exactly a minute left. He called to Alex who came bounding around the side of the ship and ran full speed ahead into Miss Evans’. The look of utter horror on her face as he tried to help her back up was almost worth letting this sideshow keep going but he couldn’t do that to Alex, or Miss Evans’.

“There Alex, just go and call Kyle to the deck. We’re about to set sail.” He nodded and took one more glance at her before running below deck again. “You really ought to put that animal on leash,” she fumed as she got to her feet and straitened the pink sequined gown and matching feather boa wrapped around her arms.

“He just gets real excited Miss, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.” “You had better,” she snarled before strutting away from him. He sighed and let his eyes wonder one more time to the land before going to the wheel. He heard the gigantic engines start up beneath him and totally relaxed. He was now in his true element.

As he began to guide the boat from the dock he heard faint screams and turned back toward shore only to see two women running full tilt at him. Arms waving, screaming for him to wait. Here were the missing passengers.

He pulled back in and let down the walkway for the two women. The first on the deck was a girl around the age of 20 or 22. She wore her hair in a tight knot at the nape of her neck and thin-rimmed black glasses.

Her clothes were all black with a knee length skirt and sensible low-heeled black shoes. When he met up with her she smiled warmly at him, taking his hand into a soft shake. “Hello Mr. Guerin.” “Hello Miss Parker,” she smiled and proceeded onto the ship. She was pretty, she’d be a whole lot prettier though if she would relax a little. Be less, “the girl next door mixed with librarian.”

He turned toward the next passenger, “be more like her.” This girl was beautiful. Long blond hair, wide green eyes, pouty pink lips. Would it be unprofessional to moan? “What’s up,” she asked looking around the deck of the boat. “Ummmmmm……….Nothing much, please enjoy the ride.”

She smiled brightly at him, “I really hope soooo,” she looked down for his name tag, “Micheal.” She patted him on the shoulder playfully and ran off toward her friend. He smiled after her longingly. This ride really was going to be very different then any other spin around bay.

Chapter 2

Liz walked along the rail of the boat and tried to keep her eyes on the sea and away from him. He looked slightly familiar but she couldn't place where she'd seen him before.

Maria came bouncing toward her happily, "hasn't this been fun Chica?" "Yeah," she answered distractedly. He had gotten up from the chair he was in and walked to the railing opposite of her.

"Maria," Liz leaned in conspiritally, "does that guy behind me look familiar to you?" "What guy where," she practically screamed turing around in a complete circle.

"MARIA," but it was too late. He was looking directly at us, smiling broadly. "Oh that guy, you don't know who that guy is?" She went on, not waiting for Liz's response. He was peoples most beautiful man this year, the richest person in America under 20, and The Isabel Evans little brother." She looked at Liz disapprovingly, "how could you not know that?"

"It's not that......." "Where you two dicussing me," he asked cutting into what she was about to say. Liz tried not to drool, he was even more handsome up close if that was possible.

He smiled when she didn't answer but looked up at him gape mouthed as if he were some kind of diety that'd graced her with the gift of his voice. Maria looked at them and smiled, "I'll let you two talk," with that she hightailed it to the otherside of the boat to watch from a safe distance.

"Are you O.K Miss?" Max was used to getting this reaction from women and smugly smiled as she grasped for words. "I saw you and you looked familiar but I couldn't place you so I asked mt freind if she knew."

"Your freind told you all about how I was named the most beautiful man, richest person under 20, and I recently got a part in the next StarWars movie?" "She forgot to tell me about the last one," Liz breathed out slowly.

"She wouldn't have known, I just got the call about two hours ago as I was leaving my hotel room at the Ritz and getting into my 2003 Jaguar," he took a breath, did I forget to mention it's a 1st edition?"

"Yeah but I know now," Liz said as she turned away from him slowly. Who did this guy think he was? There was a stretch f quiet before he reached into his front jacket pocket and looked around before uncapping it and taking a swig.

"You want some," he asked shoving the continer at her. Liz recoiled from the strong alchol smell emanateing from the bottle. "What is that," she asked.

"It's Vodka," he said, a smile covering his face, "I snuck it aboard." She smiled at him sarcastically, "I'm very proud of you but they have the rule of no drinking aboard incase something happens and we have to swim."

He pshhaa'd me and took a nothing gulp, "look at the sky lady, nothing is going to happen where we have to swim." Just as the words left his mouth the boat hti somthing and they thrown down.

The captain came running from the steering room and glanced at sll the passengers and his crew. Liz hadn't been as afraid until she saw the look on his face. "Please people," he struggled to keep his cool as he threw out life vests.

"We hit an under water coral reef on our starboard side." "What are you saying," Maria scereamed. He looked at us, "I'm saying that the ship is taking on water very quickly and that we're all going down."

Chapter Three

Liz took a deep breath to quiet her suddenly quesy stomach, they were all about to sink. She quickly grabbed the lifevests being thrown out to them and put it on as the boat moaned and groaned on it's decent to the bottom of one the Hawaii's beautiful Oceans.

The capyain was screaming at the two workers to hurry with the lifeboat when it fell from the hold and cracked down the middle. It seemed as if the entire deck breathed out at the same moment.

"You do have another lifeboat right?" He looked at her with the same look he had on his face when he came to tell them they were sinking. "That's the only one Miss."

It was very still for a moment before Maria flew at him, "No lifeboats, what kind of captain are you? What kind of boat ride is this without percautions, how are we going to survive this?"

He held her at bay as she slumped into him and began to cry, "what's going to happen to us?"

He stroked her head and Liz found herself jelous. She wished she was the one being held, being comforted........being taken care of.

She gasped as another icy cold wave hit the ship and drenched them all. Theres an inflatable in the bottom of the boat but it'll be dangerous. Some of us might be thrown from the raft.

"Who cares," Isabelle screamed from the railing of the boat. "at least a few of us need to survive this now get it out!"

Alex loked from her to Micheal and saw the slight nod of his head before running down below deck. The ship jerked dangerously as they impatiented waited for the device to be set up.

The whole bottom half of the vessle was now submerged and the top half was going down fast. As if this wasn't bad enough, the sky was beginning to darken menaceingly and the waves it seemed were growing by the minute.

As soon as it was ready the four girls boarded followed close behind by the guys. They quickly pushed the raft as far away from the boat as possible and watched, through the sudden sheets of rain pouring on him, the ship sink into the waves.

"Bye, Bye ship," Max screamed at the top of his lungs and stood in the raft to wave bye to it. "Sit down asshole!," Micheal screamed and tried to grab him.

"Don't touch me," he yelled and began to try squirming out of his grasp. "Stop fighting Max and sit," Isabelle screamed trying to keep the worry from her voice. He was obviously drunk and in this sudden storm he was teetering close to the edge of the raft.

"NOOOOO," he screamed and backed away from them right into the water. "MAAAAAAXXXXXXX!!!!!" Isabel screamed and looked over the edge at him floating farther and farther from the raft.

"Somone get him, I can't swim," she screamed desperately looking at all the guys left in the raft. When no one spoke up Liz stood and pulled off her coat which was closely followed by her skirt and sensible highheels.

"I'll go get him," with that she lept from the raft and disappeared into the waves.

Chapter Four

Liz surfaced the roaring waves and looked around for him once more, he was nowhere to be found. She pushed her hair from her face and dunk back under the swelling waves and finally she spotted him.

He was unconciously floated under the surface as she quickly swam towards him and grabbed him under the arms as she kicked her way to the surface.

The driving rain impaired her senses, she couldn;t see the raft anymore. Liz was beginning to panic. She couldn't survive out here alone let alone with a blacked out drunk hanging on to her.

She began to violently shake him, "get up Max, get up!" She screamed over and over, pleading with him to help her because she couldn't do this on her own. He started making a groggy sound deep in the back of his throat.

She gasped happily and started to shake him harder, "wake up, you have to swim." He opened his eyes and glanced at her unsure of where he was. Then it all came back. The boat going down, him falling from the raft, "did you fall from the raft?" he asked quietly.

She slapped him hard across the face, "you have to snap outta this Max, the raft is gone. They were pushed away by the current and the rain or something but the fact is that we are lost alone in the middle of the ocean in a storm all by ourselves and I can't promise that I will be able to keep up with you. You have to help me Max........please."

He was trying to keep himself under control with all the new information she'd just given him. They were lost and the boat was gone. A crushing despair was starting to overtake as she said that last word to him, "please."

He took a deep breath and began to swim in unison with her over the choppy seas when they saw the broken life boat bopping upside down over the waves. "Grab on," Max screamed loudly and dragged her behind him to the little boat.

They worked together to turn it right side and scrambled inside when it began to quickly go under. They jumped from the and flipped it back on it's top. "We'll lay across the bottom of the boat on seaperate ends of the boat to try and even out the weight."

She nodded her head and slowly cloimbed onto the for edge of the boat. He made sure was secure before he climbed up on the other side and laid very still. They held onto the boat for dear life and looked at eachother throught the pouring rain.


It was hot.

The boat barely moved on the windless oceans and Liz almost wished for the choppy seas and rain of the night before. Her naked thighs and her shirtless back burned from the unfiltered sun that'd been beaming on them for the past who knew how long. She tried not to move her aching head as she glanced at Max.

He'd taken off the leather pants at some point early this morning and he'd lost the black silk shirt he'd been wearing in the storm last night. All he had on was black breifs and she knew the sun must have been getting to her because when she looked over his barely covered form she felt only mild excitment.

He began to move around jerkily almost throwing her off the boat, "stop moving around she screamed loudly," the cool water would be a releif but if she got into it she feared she would drink it or maybe even drown. "I see land Liz."

I jerked my head upward at his words, "what did you say?" He turned to me, a huge smile painted in his face, "land, I see land, I see land, I see land."

She carefully got to her knees and shaded her eyes to look at the wide curving sand on the beach os the island that was maybe 300 paces away from them. She turned toward him, beaming. "Well what are we waiting for, lets start paddling," he said as they turned the boat around toward the land carefully and used their arms as paddles to get there.

Chapter Five

Isabel tried hard not to snap at this Alex guy, he was just trying to ease everyones discomfort from floating in this damn raft long had they been in this raft?

She took a deep breath and tried not to think about it. They were (4) four people crammed a boat for two and the worst of all, Liz and Max were lost. Isabel refused to beleive that they were dead and the others stopped trying to convince her.

It was the same with Maria. They'd bonded after Liz jumped in after Max and after they realized the two weren't coming back. Tess, Micheal, and Kyle tried to tell them the two were dead, that they'd drowned in the ocean but Maria wasn't hearing it.

She said that if Liz was dead, she would've felt it and I realized that if Max was dead I would have to. The others trying to convince us after awhile and she was gratful. The last thing she needed was Tess, who supposedly loved Max, telling her that he had died and "to get over it."

She felt her eyes drifting closed and tried to stay awake. She needed to stay on the lookout for land or The CoastGuard or somthing. She saw a small fish swimming beside the boat and began to focus on it beofre she heard the blast of a loud horn and her head flew up.

The CoastGuard.

They were saved! Everyone quickly but skillfully stood up in the boat and began waving and screaming at the huge red boat not more then 300 pasces away from them and saw a lookout wave back.

Maria hugged me as they turned the ship our was and started to slowly approach us, we were about to get rescued but the hard part was about to begin, the search for Max and Liz.


We arn up on shore through the waves and she collasped on the sand. Liz didn't think she'd ever been more happy to see sand I her entire life. She glanced over at Max and saw him doing a little jig. She rolled over on her back and laughed as she looked up at the sky.

They hadn't died, they'd survived what would probably be the nost harrowing thing they'll ever go through in their lives, and came out alive. She savored the thought before getting to her feet and running over to Max.

"We have to go look for people so we can the hell outta here!" He turned toward me and smiled as he grabbed my hand and we set along the curving ribbon of sand.


He was apnting as they finally made it back to the point they started out at early in the middle of the day. He wasn't sure what time it was now but Max was sure it was past midnight. "This island is deserted."

She gave no expression that she'd heard what I said and sat down on the beach. He looked down at her and sighed loudly, "I know this seems hoeless but we can do this Liz." "We can do this Max," she asked, angrilly getting to her feet, "tellme exactly how we're going to get through this."

I stumbled around for words before clamping my mouth shut, "I don't know Liz but I know that if we stick together we can survive this." She looked at him disgustedly, "how can I 'stick with you' Max?" "I can hardly stand the sight of you right now."

She spat the venemous words out at him and plopped back down on the beach. The words stung because they were the truth. She would've still been on that raft if she hadn't jumped after him. She wouldn've been safe and he probably would've been dead.

Max looked at the starfiled sky for a moment before turning on his heel and heading into the forest. He had to think right now.

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