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Title: Dreams of Antar

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Just my fairy tale version of what life on Antar SHOULD have been like. Answers some questions left unanswered in the show. I guess it's my last cheer for Roswell, since it's ending soon.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or it's characters (until UPN throws them out the window and they land in my backyard). Someone's got to care for them….

Author's Notes: Let me know through e-mails or reviews, if you guys think it's not that great. That way I can just fix it up with any suggestions you may have. Oh, it gets kind of confusing with the names. Just bear with me.

Chapter 1:

"How much longer until the feast?"

"Just about two hours."

"I don't think we should do this. It is very dangerous, and to get caught would mean slaughter."

"Do you want to spend the rest of your life here? In this pathetic existence? Serving and eating and sleeping. It is all we do! We have to experience the joys of life!"

"That is not our place! The joys of life belong to the royals. We have no right to partake in what is not ours."

"Do we breathe?"


"Do we eat?"


"Do we sleep?"


"Do we feel just as they do?"

"Of course... what are you getting at?"

"That we are all living and breathing creatures. We all feel and have a heart. Why should we be deprived of the joys that the gods have provided for us?" Finally, the beautiful blonde steeped out from behind the changing curtain, her light blue dress stained and dirty with cinders from the cooking stove. All of their dresses were stained with oils and dirt. It was their place. They were the servants to the King and Queen of Antar and this one servant was tired of her place.

"It is not our place to act as if we were above! Listen to me, Mayala. You do not want to go having these insane and revolutionary thoughts! We are female servants. To the King and Queen, no less! To say otherwise will be considered treason! Now, let's be rational. We can enjoy ourselves with other things. We are given access to the royal library; we eat much of the gourmet food. We have privileges many others only dream of." The brunette stepped out from behind the second curtain and asked her friend to button up her green and beige dress. Her dark brown eyes met with the pair of fiery blue ones in front of her and she knew that Mayala had made up her mind.

"Are you not tired of feeling inferior? Tired of walking with your eyes cast down? I know I am. It is not my place! The gods must have made a mistake in believing that I could be a simple servant! I am capable of so much more!"

"DO NOT mock the gods Mayala! It is blasphemy!"

"Oh, Elena, you are always so traditional! Open up! Experience the world a bit more!" She turned around and found their bag of belongings. The two girls sat across from each other, pulling out some of the cups and serving themselves some of the orange spice tea. As they sat in silence, sipping their tea, a tall but thin figure of a man walked into the small outer room.

"How are my two favorite and most beautiful women?" The ladies smiled and jumped up to meet their long lost friend.

"Alakiah! It is so nice to see you again! How was your trip?" The girls stared at their friend begging for details. He was also a servant boy, however, he traveled with the King and his soldiers. He got to go to far off places all over Antar as well as visit other planets in their system.

"Well, I brought you all gifts." They smiled at him, getting suddenly excited and pulling him to sit down so he could get started. He pulled out a large bag and the two women sat on the floor at his feet. He smiled mischievously, waiting, hoping to build their excitement, and perhaps torture them a bit.

"Well, get with it!" Mayala was always impatient, and in fear of another mud wrestle, he began to pull out small artifacts.

"Elena... a book from the planet Delloytell. It is in their language, however, I do believe that your ingenious mind will decipher it very quickly." She smiled, her dark eyes sparkling, her beautiful face lighting up in happiness.

"Mayala... another book."


"I am joking! Of course I would not get you a book! Do I not know you for too long? It is not in your custom to read in your spare time, nor in mine to allow you to do so." He smiled at her, loving how her face went from a frown to a smile in an instant.

"So what have you gotten me?"

"Some native scents and magic potions I thought you could have a good time with. There are the native flower scents of Delloytell and Misol. My favorite was Soleil, they say it smells like fresh morning. Then I brought you a spell book and some potions for you to experiment with. As long as you do not burn down the castle, I do not see them as a risk." She squealed in glee and flipped through some of the pages of the book. She quickly put it down and began to sample some of the fragrances in the bottles. She would smell them and pass them to Elena, asking her to sample them as well. As the women entertained themselves with the bottles and the books, Alakiah picked up the bag onto his lap and pulled out two more objects.

"Ladies. There is... one more thing." They looked up from the floor and saw two bundles in his hands. He stood up and the ladies followed. He handed one bundle of dark crimson to Elena and another of royal blue to Mayala. They opened them to reveal long, flowing gowns. Mayala gasped. Elena shuddered. The dresses were very expensive looking, the type fit for the royal court. The crimson dressed was low cut and velvety. It had a red sash tying underneath the breast and flowing in the back as a sheer train. The blue dress was a glowing silk, with glittering diamonds decorating the upper half across the chest. He watched their faces in pleasure, knowing that it was their dream to own such gowns.

"How... how did you get this?" Elena was unsure of whether to love it or loathe it. It was absolutely breathtaking. But was it legal?

"You stole it! You fool! You stole these dresses just for us! I knew you had a wild side!" Mayala laughed out loud in ecstasy and pressed the dress against her.

"NO! I did not steal these. My pay was increased and the other planets have lower currency. I was able to bring these back. The rest were free gifts for the King's men. I am one of them."

"They're absolutely beautiful." Elena stood staring at Mayala's beautiful gown.

"Just like you." He smiled and tucked the bag away. Mayala looked into the glass to see her reflection.

"That's it!"


"This is how we're getting to the feast!" Elena and Alakiah looked at each other, Mayala's comment catching them both off guard.

"No! No, Mayala we have already discussed this! You are forbidden to go to the feast! It is simply not possible. Do you understand?" Alakiah squinted his eyes in thought and looked back over at Mayala.

"Wait. Are you suggesting that we disguise ourselves and attend this feast as highly esteemed guests?" Elena caught the look in his eyes.

"NO! Alakiah please! You are not supposed to encourage her!"

"Oh, come on Elena!"

"She's right. I hate to say Ellie, but look at the window of opportunity open for us here. This is a story you can tell your grandchildren about. Attending a royal ball!? We can do this. We just have to work as a unit. You're smart and creative and beautiful. That can work to our advantage." Mayala jumped up excitedly and squeezed Alakiah. They both looked at Elena in expectation.

"I will not be used as some object."

"Of course not!"

"We would never!"

"I don't know...."

"What is there to know?" Mayala ran over to Elena and hugged her tightly.

"It is your chance to meet the man of your dreams."

"Fine." Elena sighed loudly and Alakiah began running around.

"Much to do and little time. I'll provide the masks and get you ladies some decent shoes. Go bathe and begin to dress. Then all we need is to find something to do with your hair." He picked up his bag and walked out. Mayala jumped up excitedly and grabbed her gown.

"I've got the tub first!" She ran into the back and out into their small cottage. Elena followed slowly behind her, her own gown in hand. She could not believe she had let them talk her into this. This sort of thing could get them all killed. She closed the door behind her, staring at their small, comfortable space. She and Mayala had been living together since their infancy, having been orphaned and picked up by the royal servant families. Their parents had been killed... their fathers had been friends and soldiers and their mothers had been together when they were all attacked by rebel forces still threatening to dethrone the king. Elena stared at her reflection and smiled. She was curious how she'd look all done up. She had never gotten dressed up before. The dress was enchanting and almost magical. She looked over at the clock. There was very little time left.

"Mayala hurry! You don't want the chariot to leave without you!"
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Chapter 2:

The preparations for the evening were almost ready. The voluptuous, auburn headed female stood overlooking the project.

"Get more china for the dining hall. We need more wax. I want to see my face on the floor! What time will the musicians be arriving?!" She heard footsteps down the main corridor.

"Vilandra." She turned to face the tall man in front of her. He stood; his light brown hair slicked back, his tuxedo neatly pressed.

"Good afternoon Rath. My, you look absolutely exquisite this evening." She smiled playfully and he puffed out his chest in pride.

"Why, yes of course. As good as always." They laughed in unison and he kissed her cheek in greeting. Some doors slammed and some cracking of plates hitting the floor echoed through the hallway. Vilandra closed her honey eyes in frustration.

"Fantastic. That's the third piece in an hour." She held her face in her hand for an instant and felt Rath's comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Go. There are only few hours left before the ball. I'll take care of the remaining arrangements, you go and prepare yourself." He smiled halfway, a crooked smile that looked like something between a sarcastic grin and a frown. She laughed to herself at the thought and thanked him profusely for allowing her to depart. She walked out and was met with her brother in the corridor.


"Zan." He reached out and kissed her hand. She laughed at the absurdity of the action, alone in the corridor.

"Practicing, I see." He laughed knowing her sarcasm was well meant.

"Just trying to remember how to act royal." She smiled and looked him over.

"Well, just remember to call me Vilandra, not Lonnie. And fix your tie." He straightened himself out and tugged on his tuxedo jacket. He looked back up at her for help.

"Oh! And so you know, Ava contacted us. She will in fact be coming tonight."

"Great. I'm excited about this one Lonnie. Tonight's the night. I can feel it."

"Yea, well lover boy, there's an eclipse tonight. Weird things always happen during eclipses. You may get more than what you bargain for." She walked away and onto her chamber. Zan shrugged and went into the dance room. Rath stood, people running back and forth from him, as he shot out orders. Zan smiled, an interesting look on his face. Rath was always in such control of things, at least when he wasn't screwing them up.

"Rath." Zan stood next to his second - in - command and smiled. "How's it going?"

"Well, I took it off of Lonnie's hands so she could dress, but I'm about to murder someone." They laughed and heard another plate crash. Rath let out a loud sigh.

"I beg the gods for patience because I swear I'm going to explode."

"It's tonight's eclipse. It has everyone acting weird already."

"Is Ava coming?"

"Yes. And I feel this may be the night I declare my love for her. Or ask her to marry me. Whichever may come first." Rath smiled at his dear friend. He was truly happy. But Rath had a feeling about Ava. One he couldn't ignore.

"Just some advice Zan. Be careful when giving your heart openly to a woman. She may not return your sentiment and she would likely break it before she could fully embrace it. You've only been courting for about two months. Just be careful. She may not be all your heart desires."

"You do not think she is all my heart desires?"

"I do not think she compliments you. I know how you feel about soul mates and bonding. But if what you say is true, if your belief in everlasting love is what you say, then maybe your other half would have to make you a better person. She is beautiful, I do not deny that, however, she isn't the woman I see you spending the rest of your life with."

"You're right. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. If she is one I'd be willing to see every morning and kiss every night. And I'm not sure yet if I've made that decision. I know I feel something strong, but since I've never been in love before, I don't know if it's the way I should feel at seeing my soul mate. But, we will see how it goes tonight."

"Who knows? Maybe tonight is the night you meet a woman who will sweep you off your feet. And doing that to you is practically impossible, that big head of yours always gets in the way." They laughed at Rath's comment and Zan patted his back.

"Well then. Let the party begin."



They stood against the protection of the back curtains. Elena and Alakiah were nervous still, even after they'd made it in without a problem. Mayala however, was involved in everything as soon as she stepped in. Her dark blue dress flowed like the sky on mid summer nights. She had received several invitations to dance and had accepted every one of them. Her hair was up in loose, golden spirals. Her blue eyes shining as brightly as her satin dress, lined with blue eye makeup. Her lips were shining with natural flower gloss and she looked like she had been royal her entire life. She carried herself with the same pride and confidence as even the princess of Antar. It was absolutely incredible.

Elena also looked absolutely stunning. Her velvety scarlet dress hung from her, shaping her body smoothly and falling loosely to her feet. Her lips were a shade of red, not dark but a noticeable gloss that made her look like she was glowing. Her naturally golden skin was flawless and her big, deep brown eyes were lined with black liner. Her hair was pinned back as well, the dark strands falling loosely on some areas of her face making her look like a painting. Alakiah was proud of the masterpieces he helped create. He knew they were beautiful, they always had been. But like this, they looked absolutely amazing. They didn't even look like the servant girls he knew. He had on his tuxedo as well, his hair slicked back in proper noble style, and he fixed his golden mask. He had provided them with small masks to cover their upper face. It was a ball after all. With the different colors and varieties, no one should know they were not who they claimed. After all, they had the masks and gowns. Who could suspect?

"This was a bad idea."

"Elena, you have to breathe. It's ok. We are going to have a good time. Now, I'm going to go walk around. Perhaps dance. Will you be ok on your own?" She smiled shyly and placed her mask on as he had.

"Yes. I will be fine. I'm going to get a drink." He smiled and walked away. She looked behind him nervously and as she saw him walk into the crowd of dancing faces, she made her way to the punch bowl. She took a sip of the fruit juice and closed her eyes for an instant. When she opened them again, there was a handsome gentleman standing before her.

"May I request the pleasure of this dance?"
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Chapter 3:

"May I have the pleasure of this dance?" His dark hair was slicked back and his eyes were the most amazing shade of brown she'd ever seen. His mask hid the remainder of his face, however, she could see he was very handsome.

"I'm sorry Sir. I do not dance." He seemed slightly taken aback, as if he had never been rejected before. She wouldn't doubt it. He seemed irressistable.

"I would be glad to show you, milady." He half-smiled, a shy smile that tugged at her heart.

"I am very sorry Sir. I only just came for a friend. I am not one who loves these kinds of events." She smiled shyly and for the first time looked straight into his eyes. He held her gaze for an instant and felt himself go weak. She was absolutely beautiful. She had the most incredible eyes he'd ever seen. Ava had sky blue eyes, eyes that he could marvel at. But this woman... she held a depth in her eyes. It was as if he could see her soul. He could get lost staring at the pain and the magic in her eyes. Even with the mask on, he could tell she was a beauty. Suddenly, his mind was mush. All he knew was this woman before him and the tingle in his chest that he'd known her and waited for her, for lifetimes.

"Your name please." He tried not to sound desperate to know this woman, as he reached out and grabbed her hand. It was small and delicate, and it was amazing how perfectly it fit into his own.

"My name?" Her eyes widened for an instant, then she drew her hand away. "Noemi."

"Why have I never seen your angelic face before?" A quick blush came up from her chest to her face and he could tell he was winning her over.

"As I stated before Sir, I do not regularly attend such events. I am simply here to be of company to my friend."

"Can I keep you company as well?" She looked down and blushed again, a number of emotions suddenly in her eyes. His charm seemed to be diving into her skin.

"Why would you want to? I'm sure there are many ladies who would love to dance with you."

"There's no one I'd rather be with." He raised her chin so that she'd face him, gently touching her cheek. Their eyes locked and he had an overwhelming urge to kiss her. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Zan... Ava is here." Zan was slapped back to reality and looked back to slap Rath for interrupting this perfect moment.

"Zan....?" Her face fell at the sound of his name. No, it was impossible. Out of all people?

"I'm sorry. If you'd please excuse me, Miss Noemi, I fear I must leave your side for a moment. But know this, I'm coming back for you." He kissed her hand softly, his lips lingering on her soft, slender fingers. She began to breathe deeply, the shock beginning to get her dizzy. He looked up from his position at her hand and removed his mask. That's when she felt like she'd stopped breathing all together. His face belonged to a god, his blood was that of Kings. She was but a servant girl.

"Meet me at the garden doors in an hour." He whispered to her as he walked past her in the opposite direction. His warm breath passed her neck and she got goosebumps. This could not be happening.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

Mayala excused herself from her dance and went to meet Elena at the punch bowl. She had a drink and took a deep breath. She was having a marvelous time. She looked over at Elena who seemed frozen in position.


"He spoke to me." She was gazing off in the distance, her eyes in a complete dream.


"The King."

"What?!" She almost choked on her juice as she looked again at Elena.

"He spoke to me and told me to meet him at the gardens in an hour."

"That's absolutely incredible." Mayala went to say something else when she saw the man walking towards her. It was Rath, the King's second - in - command.

"Dance with me." His dark eyes glared at her own blue ones seducingly. He was treating her like a lower being because she was a woman. He'd see. He had no right to talk down to her.

"I am drinking Sire. And my feet are exhausted from my dancing. I am sure there are other's who would fall to your feet." The mock in her voice roused his interest and he felt a sort of sudden animal attraction to this small woman. She was nothing like Vilandra, his first love. She was much smaller proportionally. She was spicier. She had a fire in her eyes and a desire in her voice. She was naive in ways that Lonnie could never be, but she drove him crazy.

"Why would you turn down such an exquisite offer? The chance to dance with royalty. It is quite an honor to even be considered." He smiled, a smirk testing all of her senses.

"No. You do not seem to understand. It is an honor to dance with me. I am the one who has spun through every circle in this room." Her temper was flaring and Elena was about to shut her mouth.

"And who are you? Obviously someone of such importance is someone I would know." He wanted to rip off the mask that covered them and teach her what her place was. Even if he had to kiss her. Because that was his initial thought.

"It is not your business. Perhaps if you ask nicely." She raised her gaze to meet his, her presence was simply demanding attention and his eyes drifted to her lips. She had the fullest lips he'd ever seen, the gloss making them shine with invitation. His mind was spinning with thoughts of how to put the lips that wouldn't shut up to better use. He looked back up to her eyes and saw a determination to shoot him down. Well, he was always up for a challenge.

"Should I ask now? Or would you prefer I wait until we're done?"

"Done? With what?" He smiled, a smile full of mischief and charm that drove her insane. He was the most arrogant, pompous, sexy creature she'd ever laid her eyes on.

"Are you trying to seduce me? Because I am not some toy to be easily manipulated." She suddenly had a look of panic in her eyes that she quickly tugged at and put away. She would not allow him to test her. To make her lose control.

"Is it working? Becuase as it seems, you want it almost as badly as I do. And I assure you, by the end of the evening, we'll be in my bedchamber." He awaited the explosion he knew he'd get.

"Excuse me! Not to disappoint you, your majesty, however, I do not intend to be alone with you anywhere! You don't even know my name!"

"Well then... please. Enlighten me." She stared at him blankly. In all her rage, she hadn't even considered her words.

"Soleil." She spit out the first words that she could think of. Smart. As she thought about it, she liked the ring it had. She smiled pleased with herself and caught him eyeing her over. She rolled her eyes and began to stomp off when he reached for her arm. They had walked behind the dividing curtains and finding himself alone with her, he ripped off his mask and crashed his lips against hers.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

Alakiah stood with a small group of women, their laughter encircled him as he shared stories of long journeys and adventures. He looked over and caught the glance of perfectly painted eyes. Her beautiful face seemed like a statue among the masked faces. He knew he shouldn't even consider it. He knew that he worked in too close a proximity with her. But she looked stunning and he was no longer Alakiah but Lord Malakiel. It would be only one opportunity. If he died, he'd die a happy man.

"Your highness?" She looked behind her at the tall gentleman. He bowed slightly and looked up at her, his blue eyes penetrating through his golden mask.

"Sir." She was unsure as to who he was. He was handsome, yes, but he did not look like royal blood. His body was not built for it.

"I would love the pleasure of this dance." He smiled, an adorable childish smile that made her want to giggle.

"And you are?"

"Lord Malakiel, from the planet Aerian." She smiled, a perfectly posed and royal smile that expressed approval. What was he getting himself into?

THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS SET THE MOOD... so I hope you enjoy! If you like let me know... I've got a couple more chapters to put up soon!