A New Start

Author: LittleBit
Category: Crossover-UC
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: Liz centered. Set after Changes. Except instead of going to her dad so that she’s sent to Vermont Liz decides to leave Roswell and go to the one person who might know what’s going on with her powers. She starts a new life and meets new friends.


After packing up her stuff, writing letters to her parents, Maria, Max even Kyle and withdrawing all her money out of the bank Liz headed to her last stop. She had called him and asked him to meet her at the park. It was close to the bus station where she had put her stuff in a locker until she left.

As she made her way into the park she saw him waiting on a bench. He looked up at her when she approached “Hey Liz. What’s up?”

“Hey Michael. Thanks for meeting me.”

Michael shrugged, “It’s no big deal. Didn’t feel like being at home right now anyway, Maxwell isn’t in the best mood.”

“Did he tell you about what happened?”

“Yeah, he did. If you ask me, your little blowup was a long time coming. Are you still hurting?” Michael asked.

Liz held up her hands and pulled back her sleeves. Michael was able to see the currents of green energy flowing over her hands as well as her puffy eyes. “It’s lessened up enough that I can stand it. The farther I am away from Max the less it hurts. That’s why I wanted to meet with you. I’m leaving Roswell and I wanted to know if you would give this to Max.” She handed him an envelope. “I left others for my parents, Kyle and mailed one to Maria but I didn’t think that my dad would give Max his.”

Michael took the envelope, surprised etched on his face. “You’re leaving?”

“I need to get out of Roswell. It holds too many memories. I feel suffocated here. I need to sort out my life.”

“What about school? Where are you going?” Michael asked. The last couple of days had taken a toll on her. She looked pale and she looked like she hadn’t slept a lot. He knew Liz had been through a lot and could understand why she needed to get out of town. She had kept everything bottled up inside until she exploded, Michael could definitely relate.

“I have plenty of credits to graduate. I’m going to contact school and tell them to put my diploma through so I’ll be a high school graduate. As to where I’m going, I’m going to go see someone who might know what going on with me.”



“You’ve known where she was all this time? Is that why you never pushed us finding her after you told us about Future Max?”

Liz nodded. “She’s been sending me letters and I know where she is. I didn’t tell anyone because she asked me not to. She doesn’t want Lonnie or Rath to find her. Since she’s the first one to tell me about being changed I’m hoping she’ll be able to help.”

“Are you sure you want to do that? I mean you do you really want to go stay with someone who looks just like Tess?”

“Ava is not Tess. They might look alike but I don’t see Tess in Ava. I can’t explain it but her personality makes her look different to me.”

“I think I get it. But what if something happens? Like Lonnie or Rath or more skins? How will you know if something happens to Maria or your parents?”

“When I get settled I’ll get another cell phone. I’ve got Maria’s number in New York, I’ll call my parents and give them my number, if it will make you feel better I’ll give it to you too so if anything happens you can call me.” Liz knew that Michael would respect her need for privacy. They had become closer friends ever since he had talked to her about his problems with Maria then later when they had spent time together on New Years.

“I won’t give it to anyone who you don’t want me to.”

“Thank you, Michael.” He walked her to the bus station and waited until she was on the bus to Alburqueue. When she got there she would be able to catch the bus to her final destination. Seattle, Washington.

Part 1:

Four months later:

When Liz arrived in Seattle she’d gone straight to address that was on Ava’s letters. She’d had a little problem with the sector cops but she eventually made it to Ava’s apartment building. Ava wasn’t there so Liz sat in front of her door for the few hours until Ava came home. She’d been surprised to see Liz there but quickly pulled Liz into her apartment. After Liz told her story, Ava had told Liz that in no uncertain terms that she was going to move in with her and would arrange to get her a job with her boss. Ava was a waitress at a restaurant a couple of blocks away. Liz now worked there and took a couple college courses.

Ava told her that when Max healed her that he had transferred some of his alien essence into her and that she was now a hybrid as well. The changes she had been going through were her body’s way of adjusting to the full development of her powers. They had been developing since she was healed but only appeared recently because they were coming into their full strength. The flashes she had gotten over the years and the astral projection thing she had done to save Max in New York were instances of her powers coming to the surface. Hers were different though. She could do everything the others could heal, the shield, the powerblast, dreamwalking, mindwarping, plus astral project. The dream walking was just an extension of the projecting and she found it even easier. She'd dream walked both Michael and Maria as test runs with no problems except for scaring the crap out of them.

The mind warping was more difficult for her. She didn’t even want to learn how to use it because of what had happened to Alex but Ava told her that it didn’t hurt anyone if it was done in small doses. Ava said what had happened to Alex was because Tess had done it for too long. That the mindwarp wasn’t meant to be used on someone to the extent Tess had used it. Liz felt better about it knowing she wouldn’t hurt someone if she used it. The other powers were easier to do since they were more physical in nature rather than mental.

Thanks to Ava Liz now had control of her powers, she used them quite a bit. Or as Isabel would say ‘recreationally.’ As much control as she had there were times when the green current came back. Ava said it had something to do with all of the emotional buildup she needed to sort out. Their powers were link somewhat to their emotions.

Liz did what she had told Michael she would and had gotten a new cell phone. She spoke to her parents once a week, they weren’t happy that she had left home but tried to understand that she needed to be on her own. Not knowing how much she despised Tess, she had told them that Ava was Tess’s twin who she had befriended when she had visited Tess once. She also checked in with Michael every week but instead of calling although he did have her number, she just projected herself there. Her abilities had improved enough that she was able to talk and even touch things when she projected. Every week at the same time on the same day she met him in the bedroom of his apartment so Max wouldn’t see her and they visited. She’d tell him about her life except Liz never told him where she was. He’d tell her about Roswell and how everyone was. Max was heartbroken when she’d left and was trying to find out where she’d gone. With a small nudge from Michael Liz had broken down and called Max. She didn’t trust herself to see him through projecting so she called him but it hadn’t gone well. She ended up melting her phone and had to transfer her number to a new one. Michael never pushed her to talk to him again.

After a long day at work Liz had come home and taken a hot bath. Having alien powers came in handy in Seattle considering they didn’t have running hot water unless you were super rich. Most people had to heat up buckets of hot water to take a bath; Liz and Ava only had to wave their hands over the tub to heat it. A knocking from the bathroom door interrupted Liz’s relaxation. “Liz, get out of that tub and get ready. We’re going out.”

Liz rolled her eyes as she got up and wrapped a towel around her. She flung open the door, “And if I don’t want to go out?”

“Too bad. You’re going.” Ava said. She tried to get Liz to go out as much as possible so that she wouldn’t dwell on her thoughts of Roswell. Living with Ava had brought out a side of Liz that she was sure no one in Roswell had seen before. She was more outgoing and relaxed. Seattle was a big city and you could blend in. She felt freer and enjoyed her life. Her appearance had changed as well. Her hair was longer and had a few small braids mixed into it. She hadn’t grown any taller but her body had filled out some. She had gone up a cup size and her hips were curvier. Ava had even talked her into using her powers to pierce her eyebrow and navel and she had a tribal tattoo on her left arm and another one on her right toe. She definitely didn’t look like Little Lizzie Parker anymore.

Liz walked into her room and saw that Ava had already laid out her clothes. A pair of hiphugger jeans, a long sleeve v-neck black top that left her midriff bare, and a pair of black Doc Martins’ to finish off the outfit. Liz dressed quickly and Ava waved her hand over Liz’s hair drying her hair as Liz used her powers to do her makeup. “So where are we going? I can tell we’re not going clubbing by our outfits.”

“No. We ain’t goin clubbin. I wanted to go out but not dancing. I knew you’d want to relax tonight so instead we’re going to this bar I heard about.” The two girls’ Ids said that they were twenty-one even if they were technically only eighteen.

“A bar? We can’t drink Ava, so why are we going to a bar?” Liz asked as she pulled on her black leather jacket. Granted they did go to clubs but that was for the dancing not the drinking.

“They serve food too. Plus they have pool tables. I thought we could shoot some pool and sucker some money out of some idiot men.” Ava and Liz both loved to play pool and were good at it even without the aid of their alien powers.

“What’s the name of this place?”

“The Crash.”

Part 2 Set after Berringsford Agenda but the virus has been cured.

‘The Crash’ was busy but not packed and was lively which lifted Liz’s mood. After her visit last night with Michael she couldn’t help but be in a less than great mood. Michael had told her that Max still hadn’t given up searching for her and knew that Michael was in contact with Liz. He had pressured Michael to tell him where she was but thankfully Michael could deny that he knew where she was considering it was the truth. Michael said that between the investigation Max’s dad was conducting and Max’s own search for Liz things were crazy. Not to mention that Jessie was getting more curious everyday, Maria was still in New York and all of them were watching Kyle for signs of his powers emerging.

Liz had to admit that Ava had been right in getting her out of the apartment. She would have written in journal and dwelled on what Michael had told her. Instead the two of them talked about other things like work and the different people they saw there in the bar. The two girls had just finished a basket of extra spicy chicken wings and a pitcher of cherry coke when they heard a loud sexy voice coming from the direction of the pool tables. “Come on Logan. I’ve already wiped the table with everyone else. Are you ready to take me on?”

Liz looked over at the pool tables and found the owner of the voice. It was a guy in his early twenties with blond hair and a smirk on his face. Liz had to admit that he was gorgeous even if he did act cocky. She usually didn’t like cocky guys but there was something about him that made her want to change her mind. She continued to watch as another guy with glasses who looked older but was still cute rise from his stool beside two girls and picked up a pool cue. The two girls cheered on the one who she assumed was Logan as the two guys played pool. She couldn’t help but stare at the first guy as he played. The T-shirt he wore moved over his body in a way that showed Liz that he had toned muscles underneath.

“See sumthin you like?” Ava asked as she followed Liz’s line of sight. The guy was very good looking and looked to be the exact opposite of Max. She knew that Liz still loved Max but he had hurt her badly and that left a strike against him in Ava’s book. This guy might be perfect to get Liz’s mind off of her heartbreak. On the other hand he could be one of those guys who runs through women like Kleenex. She would have to keep an eye on him, make sure he didn’t try anything on Liz that Liz didn’t want. Between Zan and growing up on the streets Ava had learned to take care of herself even without her powers. She had taught Liz some of what she knew.

Liz blushed. She couldn’t help it. Ava had caught her staring. “Just thinking that he talks a big game but I can probably take him. If I can’t I’ll just use a little voodoo to take him down a peg or two. What do you think?”

Ava smiled at the twinkle she saw in Liz’s eyes. “Let’s go.”

The two girls left their table and headed for the pool table area just as the younger guy sank the eight ball. “And your hundred bucks is mine.” He announced as the other guy, Logan, handed him the money. “Easy money.”

“Feel like loosing that easy money?” Liz challenged walking up and putting her hand on her hips.

Alec turned at the voice that was offering him a challenge. And he liked what he saw. Two girls were standing on the other side of the pool table. One blonde, one brunette, both short. The blonde was pretty even with the pink streaks through her shoulder length hair but it was the brunette who caught his attention. She had long thick wavy brown hair, chocolate colored eyes, and a nice little body. She was beautiful; he definitely wanted to get to know her better. He might even let her win at pool to do it. “Pretty sure of yourself. It’s quite a bit of money.”

“Double or nothing?” Liz asked. She tried to hide the effect the intense gaze from his brown eyes had on her.

Alec raised an eyebrow, “Two hundred? You sure about that?”

Liz nodded as she pulled out her money and placed it on the edge of the table, “Positive. Or are you worried you’ll loose?”

Alec smiled his most charming smile and said, “You’re on. I like a woman who’s willing to take a gamble.”

Ava made her way over to the other girls and Logan and sat on another stool. “You probably like any woman who’s breathin.”

Everyone broke into laughter except for Alec who just glared at Ava as he racked the balls. “I like her.” The black girl said. “Name’s Original Cindy, this is my boo Max, her boy Logan, and the dude who thinks he’s a pool shark over there is Alec.”

“I’m Ava that’s my sister Liz.” Ava and Liz always told everyone that they were sisters since they had the same last name. When Ava had first came to Seattle she had taken the last name Parker after Liz. Liz was the first real friend Ava had ever had and she meant a lot to her. After Liz came to live with her, Liz had told her that she liked it so Ava had kept it.

“You two certainly don’t look like sisters.” Logan stated. “Except for your height.”

“I take after my father, Ava looks like her mother.” Liz said. It was true. Ava had told her that from what she could remember from Antar she did indeed look somewhat like her mother so it wasn’t a complete lie. She figured the group wouldn’t notice her choice of words. She glanced at Alec once before she took her first shot. CRACK. On the brake she managed to sink two solid colored balls. Alec looked at her impressed; she might actually offer him a challenge. Liz sunk one more ball before missing a shot signaling Alec’s turn.

“Not all siblings look alike.” Max stated as she watched the two continue to play. Logan nodded. Max’s brothers and sisters features were all different. Of course they weren’t siblings in the conventional way.

“I haven’t seen you two here before. I would have noticed.” Alec commented to Liz.

“Never been here before.” She answered.

“Are you two lovely ladies here alone or do I have to worry about a boyfriend coming after me when I win this game?” Alec asked as he bent over to take a difficult shot.

“No boyfriends, just us.” Liz said. Ava smiled at Liz as she watched her check out Alec’s ass. She cleared her throat and tried not to bust out laughing when Liz’s eyes flew up to meet hers and she turned a dark shade of red. Ava lifted her eyebrows in a silent question and Liz just shrugged. She switched her gaze back to Alec trailing up his body just as he stood up; something on his neck caught her eye. It was a tattoo of a barcode. “Interesting tattoo. Had it long?” Liz asked but was confused when she saw Alec as well as the other three visibly stiffen.

Part 3:

“For a while. It’s nothing big.” Alec said. Liz’s question had jolted him. Most people never noticed it, the one’s that did usually knew what it meant. Could she be one of White’s spies? She didn’t seem like it.

“I’ve got two but Ave has a lot more.” Liz said casually. She blew off Alec’s uneasiness about the tattoo figuring it just brought up bad memories, probably from a teenage rebellion stunt gone badly. She took her turn and sunk another shot. She only had one more ball left on the table as opposed to Alec’s four.

“Original Cindy is not down with the needles, too much pain. That eyebrow had to hurt. Not to mention your lip.” She said pointing to Ava’s lip ring.

“Didn’t hurt much. We’re fast healers.” Ava said as Liz sunk her last ball and lined up the eight ball. She lined up the shot and banked it off the side sending it straight into the desired pocket. “That’s game.”

Alec looked at the table in amazement. Liz had actually beaten him; he hadn’t even had to throw the game. She had beaten him fair and square. He picked up the money and handed it to her. “I can’t believe it. You beat the pants off of me, not that the prospect of that is unpleasant.”

Liz rolled her eyes at the obvious come on. “Are you able to handle the blow to your male ego?”

Alec put his hand to his chest, “You wound me but I think I’ll be okay.” He looked over at where a few people were dancing and got an idea. “Would you make me feel better about taking my money and dance with me?”

Liz bit her lip as she said, “I won it fairly but I’ll indulge you.” She handed her pool queue to Ava and followed Alec out on the dance floor. The song was neither slow nor fast but Alec pulled her body close to him as he began to dance. The way she enjoyed his body’s closeness to hers surprised Liz. She never thought she’d be so attracted to someone other than Max.

Alec looked down into Liz’s eyes and saw them darken slightly with desire. She wanted him like he wanted her or at least she was close. He usually just had his fun with girls and left them but there was something about her that made him want more. He only reacted to one other girl like this but that was when he’d been an innocent in the ways of women. ‘God, I’m starting to sound as sappy as Max,’ He thought before he shook his head to clear it. Instead he concentrated on how her small body fit with his. They finished their dance and Liz headed back to the others before he could propose they continue. Her flat refusal of him sparked something inside him. She had a fire about her that was different from all the other women he'd had encounters with.

“Hey guys what’re up to?” Liz asked.

“Well I was just about to buy you and your sister a drink for knocking the wind out of Alec’s sail.” Max said. “How about a pitcher of beer?”

“Better make that a pitcher of cherry coke. Ava and I have an allergy to alcohol.” ‘That’s putting it mildly.’ Liz thought. She still remembered the night Max had gotten drunk and been reckless with his powers or New Year’s when Michael had been in so much pain. She didn’t want that to happen to her or Ava and bring unwanted attention to themselves. With all the rumors about mutants and the government hunting them they didn’t want to take the risk. She understood how Michael, Max, and Isabel had felt all of their lives.

“Then it’s a pitcher of cherry coke and a pitcher of beer. Be back in a minute.” Max said before heading for the bar. She was back quickly and the group sat around making small talk.


It was after midnight when they left the Crash. After saying goodnight to the group, Ava and Liz turned to head home but Alec stepped in their way. “You’re not heading home yet are you?”

Liz smiled at him. From what she gathered he irritated the other three but they put up with him. But as they had all talked she found herself liking Alec more and more. He was a combination of Alex, Michael and Kyle all rolled into one. There was one distinctive difference between him and her friends, she wasn’t attracted to her friends but she was to Alec. “We’re tired. It’s time to head off to bed. Aren’t you tired?”

“I can go all night.” Alec smiled thinking he could offer his bed to her if she insisted on going to bed but didn’t think she would like that. “When can we get together for a rematch?”

Resisting the urge to take him up on seeing him again Liz replied, “I don’t know. We might be around but we work a lot.” She said as she started walking again but Alec followed. “Well how about I call you for an appointment?” He joked. He had seen a cell phone in her pocket earlier so he knew she had a phone.

Ava decided to help Liz out. “Sorry but we need to get going. See ya later maybe.”

The two girls sped up and turned the corner leaving Alec in their wake. It took him a minute to follow and when he turned the corner to pursue them he saw they were gone. Completely baffled as to how they had gotten away so quickly he used his enhanced vision to scan the shadows but found nothing. Giving up on finding them but hoping to run into Liz again Alec made his way to his motorcycle and headed back to his apartment.

Liz waited until Alec was a block away before she dropped her mindwarp. She hated using it but hadn’t seen any other way to escape Alec. She blew out a breath she didn’t even know she’d been holding as she turned to walk with Ava back to their apartment.

“You are so bad. That guy wants you and you want him. Where’s the problem?” Ava asked.

“I don’t know. It’s just strange. I never thought I’d want anyone but Max.” It wasn’t like her and Max were still together, she had broken up with him before she left Roswell. She had just been in love with him for so long that she couldn’t imagine stopping. Of course Max claimed to have still loved her even when he was with Tess.

“I felt the same way about Zan but sometimes our hearts still lead us to others.”

Part 4:

Alec leaned back against the lockers and sighed in frustration. It’d been almost a week since Alec had met Liz at the Crash and he had been back every night since just in case she was there. That's how long it had been since his world had completely changed. One week and he had gone from one-night stands with girls he didn't know, to a man who was infatuated by a petite brunette he had spent a few hours with. He couldn’t believe how he was acting, he couldn’t get Liz out of his head. He’d even turned down a date with a cute redhead to go to the Crash with Max, Sketchy, and Original Cindy. There was just something about her the other night that had affected him inside. But he didn’t know anyway to find her. “I need help.” He muttered causing Sketchy to look at him funny.

“Alec you alright man?”

“Yeah, fine.”

“Alec! Got a delivery for you.” He heard Normal yell at him. He grabbed the package and headed out.


Alec parked his bike outside of the address on the package and made his way into the restaurant. He had been by this place many times since it was close to his apartment but had never gone in. It was between the lunch and dinner rush so the place only had a few people there. He didn’t see anyone around so he sat down at a table and waited for someone to come out to sign for the package. He’d waited about five minutes when he heard the door in the back open. He turned to tell the person about his delivery when he saw her. It was Liz. She was dressed in a simple black skirt that gave him a glimpse of her legs and white blouse with a nametag. It was obvious to him that she worked there.

She caught sight of him at the same time. “What are you doing here?”

“I bet the tips are just rolling in if you greet everyone who comes in here like that.” He said looking at her. He was good at reading people. It was her eyes that held his gaze; there was so much in them. He could see strength and was able to tell she had seen a lot in her life.

“Sorry. I just didn’t expect to see you here. What did you want to eat?” Liz smiled. Alec watched as she nervously tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’m not here for food.” He held up the package. “I work for Jam Pony Messenger Service and I’m here to drop this off. But seeing you is an added pleasure.”

He added her the package and she read the label as she took it. “This is for the manager. Is it okay if I sign for it?”

“Yeah.” He handed her the signature pad. “I haven’t seen you at the Crash to try and get more money out of me.”

“Ava and I have been busy.” It was true they had been busy with work. Of course that didn’t stop them from going to a couple of clubs. Ava had tried to get her to go back to the Crash but Liz had insisted on going to a club. She was trying to avoid seeing Alec. Ava hadn’t minded once they got there since she had met a guy. Before they could talk more another waitress came out of the kitchen. “Liz, Matt wants to talk to you.”

“I’ve got a package for him anyway.” Liz called back to her. She turned back to Alec and said, “I’ve got to get back there. See you later.” She turned and fled to the back.

Alec watched her go and realized he still didn’t know her phone number or her address. He looked down at the signature paid and saw that she had signed her full name, Liz Parker. Alec smirked as he left. He knew Logan could track her down now that he had her last name.


Once he was off work he headed straight to Logan’s building. After bypassing the locks on Logan’s penthouse door, Alec went in search of him. He found him in front of computer as per usual talking to Max. “Ever hear of knocking Alec?” Logan asked.

“Then you might not answer the door and I have a favor to ask.” Alec replied

“You’re actually asking for something? This week is just full of surprises. First you loose at pool now you’re here begging for something.” Max quipped.

“Funny Max. Loosing at pool last week is exactly why I’m here actually. I saw Liz today and got her last name but not her address or number. I wanted to see if Logan could track down her address for me, it’s not listed.”

“Stalker much, Alec?” Max joked.

Alec threw her an annoyed look, “At least I didn’t have to break into someone’s apartment to get a date. And I’m not stalking her, she was working and got busy before I could ask for them myself.” He turned to Logan and asked, “Do you think you could do it?”

Logan looked at Max and saw her just shrug. Figuring Alec would bother him until he did it he agreed. “I can get into her employment file with the Dept. of work force. What’s her last name?”


Logan tapped a few keys on his computer and five minutes later he found what they were looking for. “I found her and Ava in here. They work at the same place and share the same address. No phone number listed but here’s the address.” He handed Alec the piece of paper with the address on it. “I don’t think I’ve seen you do so much work just for a date.”

“You know Alec she might not want to go out with you. You could be going through all of this for nothing.” Max stated.

“Why wouldn’t she want to go out with me?” Alec smiled.

“Yeah, who could resist you with that winning personality.” Max said rolling her eyes.

“Thanks for the info. I’m outta here.” Alec said as he breezed out the door leaving Max and Logan confused by his strange behavior.

Part 5:


Liz closed the cupboard doors to go answer the door. She’d been trying to find something to eat but didn’t feel like cooking just for herself, she was about to settle for a Snapple and Cheetos. Ava had gone out with the guy, Jonathan, whom she had met at the club they’d gone to a couple days ago leaving Liz to fend for herself. After work she’d come home and taken a bath trying to get Alec out of her head. Ever since she had seen him at the restaurant he had occupied her mind. She swung open the door only to see the subject of her thoughts standing right in front of her. She was so shocked to see him that she couldn’t say anything.

“Not a big one for greetings are you?” Alec said as he leaned against the doorframe. From his position he was able to look her over. She had her hair loosely piled on top of her head and was dressed in a tank top with sweats that accented her curves. Her outfit and lack of socks allowed him to see the tattoos she’d talked about the other night. The one on her arm looked ordinary enough but the one on her toe was unusual. It was five stars in the form of a Vat the juncture of her toes to her foot. (Note: Kind of like a permanent toe ring of the V constellation).

“You like popping up where you’re least expected don’t you?” Liz fired back. “How did you find out where I live? Interrogate the people I work with?”

“I can’t tell you my secrets but I didn’t go through your work. Are you going to make me stay out here or are you going to invite me in?”

“Well if you went through all the trouble of tracking me down I doubt you’ll leave any time soon if I don’t so come on in.” Liz said opening the door wider to allow Alec to come in.

Alec looked around at the cozy looking living room. “Nice apartment.”

“Thanks. The sector cop that lets us stay here isn’t bad so the rent isn’t too high. It was Ava’s but she let me move in when I came to Seattle. We did what we could with it.” The two girls had used a little alien magic to improve the décor of the abandoned apartment. They were the only ones on this floor so it was nice and quiet. “So not to be rude but did you come by for a reason or just to critique my apartment?”

“I wanted to see if you’d want to go get something to eat with me?” He asked.

“I wasn’t expecting to go out tonight, I’m not dressed for it.” She said as she started to play with her eyebrow ring. She’d picked up the nervous habit from Ava who always played with her lip ring when she was nervous.

“I can wait.” Alec stated not letting her get rid of him so easy.

“Alec, you’re really a nice guy but I just got out of a serious relationship before I came to Seattle and I’m not really ready to date.” She started to ramble but Alec stopped her.

“Liz, I just want to get to know you better. We can just go out and have some fun together, no strings attached.” He said surprised by the words that were coming out of his mouth and even more surprised by the fact that he knew he meant it. She might want to be just friends but he would see what he could do about that.

Liz could see the sincerity on Alec’s face and could hear it in his voice. He meant it when he said he would settle on just being friends. He was a sweet guy and she had enjoyed the evening at the Crash. “Alright. Give me a few minutes to get dressed.”

“I’ll wait here.” Alec said motioning to the living room. Liz hurried to her room. She pulled the pins from her hair and brushed it out making sure not to catch the braids and put on some makeup. She pulled on a pair of knakis and a snug white sweater. She grabbed her phone and some money before she yelled out to Alec, “Where are we going? Am I going to need my sector pass?”

“If you don’t mind riding on a motorcycle I know a great pizza place but it’s on the other side of town.” He yelled back.

“That’s fine.” She put her sector pass and ID in her pocket before heading out to the living room.

Alec was standing in front of some of Liz and Ava’s pictures looking at all of them. She cleared her throat to let him know she was back. “Let me turn off the stereo, I have a tendency to cranked it up when I’m listening to this particular CD.”

“Who is it? I don’t recognize it.”

“You wouldn’t. It hasn’t been released yet.”

“Black market shopper huh?”

“No. The singer is my best friend Maria Deluca. She’s in New York cutting her first CD and she sent me an early copy.” Actually Maria had mailed it to her parents who had shipped it up to Liz. “That’s her.” She pointed at a picture. It was one of Liz’s favorites since it had everyone in it but Tess. “Those are all my friends, that’s Isabel, Michael, Alex, Kyle, and um Max.”

“The ex-boyfriend?” Alec asked. Liz nodded. “The group’s kind of all broken up. Isabel got married, Maria left, I left, Kyle and Michael are working a lot and Max is busy fighting with his parents.”

“What about Alex?” He asked regretting it as soon as he saw the sorrow in her eyes.

“He died.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.” He knew what it was like to loose someone.

“It’s okay. You didn’t know. Why don’t we get going?” She grabbed her jacket and they were almost to the door when her cell phone rang. “Hang on a minute.” She hit the talk button. “Hello? Well speak of the devil. I was just talking about you. What’s up Maria?” She talked to Maria for a few minutes before she said, “Can I call you back tomorrow? I was just about to head out. No, Ava’s actually out on a date. I’m heading out with a friend.” She said as she smiled at Alec. “Yes, it’s a guy. No it’s not a date. Listen I’m not going into it now he’s standing right here.”

Alec laughed before he reached out and grabbed the phone. “So this is the famous singer Maria with the beautiful voice.”

“Well aren’t you the charmer? And where are you taking my best friend?” Maria asked.

“For some of the best pizza known to man.”

“Well I won’t keep you. Have fun and make sure Liz has fun too or I’ll hunt you down.” Alec laughed again before saying good bye and hanging up. “She’s unique.”

“That’s one way of describing her. Let’s go.” Liz said as her and Alec left.


“You can’t possibly taste any pizza under all of that hot sauce.” Alec commented looking at Liz’s plate. They had gotten a large pepperoni pizza with pineapple and peppers on half since Alec didn’t like them. The night had been good so far. She had enjoyed the ride on the motorcycle but had to ignore how good she felt pressed up against Alec.

Liz shrugged, “It’s good. Back home a lot of people eat their food spicy. Try some.”

“No thanks, I like having my taste buds. Where’s back home?”

“New Mexico. Roswell to be exact.”

“The alien town?” He asked smiling. “Ever met an alien?”

Liz tensed for a minute, “No, it’s just a regular tourist trap. My parents actually own a small restaurant called the Crashdown Café. I worked there for them.”

“Moving from the desert to waterlogged Seattle must have taken some getting used to.”

“It took a little while but I’m used to it.” Liz said before taking a bite of pizza.

“So why did you leave Roswell?”

“Are you always this nosy?”


“And you’re not one bit shy are you?”

“No, I’m blunt.”

“You are that. And to answer your question, to get away from things and I wanted to get out of the small town. Ava had settled up here about a year ago so I came to Seattle. How about you? You haven’t told me anything about yourself. Have you always lived here? If not how did you end up in Seattle? What about your family?”

Alec tried to come with a good story that wouldn’t be a complete lie. “I grew up in Wyoming. My old job brought me out here and I stayed after they went out of business. And I don’t have any family.”

“That must be hard on you. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have my family. We’re not as close as we used to be but I know that they’re always there for me. They practically adopted Maria and Alex since we were friends since we were little.”

Alec could see the emotion in her eyes as she talked about her family. They continued to eat, talk, and joke into the night. Although she always had fun when she went out with Ava, she couldn’t remember the last time she had laughed so much.

Part 6:

The first night had been so much fun, that Liz hadn’t gotten home until almost two where a worried Ava confronted her. She had calmed down after she saw Alec was with her and Liz had explained. Over the next few weeks Liz saw Alec quite a bit but just as friends. She had even forgot once about her weekly meeting with Michael until he called her. Michael had been surprised when he had heard Alec’s voice in the background. He hadn’t pressed her for details and told her to have fun. She enjoyed spending time with Alec. Ava kept dating Jonathan, which left Liz time to spend with Alec. Her and Alec talked a lot but kept some things about themselves secret, like her history with Max, Liz’s alien status and Alec’s transgenic one. Liz was surprised to find out how much Alec knew about genetics. It gave her someone to talk to about her passion, science. Sometimes it was just the two of them, other times they went out with Ava, Max, Logan, and some of the others from Jam Pony. They went to the Crash, clubbing, or watched movies at Liz and Ava’s apartment.

All of the people at work would joke to Alec and say he was whipped but he shrugged it off. He was sure that at least Max knew that there was more to him then most people saw. He figured she would know what was going on with him although he would never admit it. She was the only one who knew about how he had cared for Rachel. Alec couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed just being around Liz. Somehow she managed to get underneath the cocky exterior that he showed to everyone. He was even starting to feel bad about not telling Liz the truth about who he was. There had been a couple of times that he had to cancel his plans with her to help out Max with some of the other escapees or to go off to Joshua’s. He didn’t know what she would do if she found out.

They had become good friends and he had kept to the no strings attach rule. Ava kept telling her to go for it but she wasn’t sure. In Ava’s words she said, “You two are doing everything like a couple except for the fun stuff.” She had even wiggled her eyebrows to emphasize her point.

Liz was feeling bad about hiding a part of herself from Alec. He had almost caught her using her powers but she had covered it up.

Liz and Alec had plans to go out to the Crash and Alec was early picking her up. Ava let him in and told him that Liz would be out in a couple of minutes before leaving. Ten minutes later Liz had yet to appear. Opening the door to her bedroom he saw Liz sitting in a chair with her eyes closed. He walked over and shook her shoulder only to have her jump up raising her arm in defense.

“Liz! It’s me.” He said.

Liz blinked shaking out of her haze. She’d been dreamwalking Maria, trying to catch up with her. There was such a time difference between New York and Seattle that it was easier than the phone not to mention cheaper. She had gotten ready early while she waited for Alec and laid down to talk to her friend. “Sorry, I was waiting for you and I must have dozed off.” The ringing of her cell phone interrupted her explanation. She fumbled for the phone and answered it.


“Liz! Are you okay? You just disappeared.” Maria said frantically. When Liz had just left she had feared the worst and jolted awake.

Liz looked at Alec confused face, “Yeah, Maria. Alec just got here and woke me up from my nap, he startled me.”

“Okay, as long as you’re alright.”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Maria. Bye.” She hung up the phone. She reached over and picked up the picture of her, Maria, and Alex that she had been using to dreamwalk Maria and put it up. She started putting on her shoes so they could leave. She looked up at Alec, “Ready?”

Alec didn’t know what was going on but saw that Liz was edgy about something. He just dismissed as she pulled him out of the apartment.

Liz joked around with Alec trying to make him forget what had happened upstairs. As they walked into the club, Liz saw a tall blonde woman with short hair sitting by the bar. “Liz, I’ll be right back. Max and OC already grabbed our regular table.”

Liz nodded and headed over but kept an eye on Alec. He approached the girl and looked to be making small talk. Although her and Alec were only friends Liz felt a pang of jealousy especially when she saw him laughing and smiling. She was still watching him as she walked up on OC and Max. “Hey, Liz. Where’s your boy?” OC asked.

“He’s not my boy.” Liz snapped.

“Woah, down girl.” Max stated.

Liz quickly realized how nasty she was being and apologized. “Sorry, I was just thrown off.” She explained nodding towards Alec. “I’ve never seen him in action.”

Max and OC looked over at Alec, “That’s Asha. Don’t worry, they’re just friends.”

“He’s not mine so it doesn’t matter.” Liz lied.

“Yeah, that’s what Max used to always say about Logan.” OC stated. “It’s obvious Liz. You in to each other, it’s okay to admit it. It’s nice to see Alec go after a honey that we can stand and has a brain.”

“Did I hear my name?” Alec said coming up. Out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he saw a look of jealousy on Liz’s face when he’d been talking to Asha. And if it was Alec was happy to know that she looked at him as more than a friend.

“Yeah, we were just saying how Normal has this real obsession with you.” Max said covering for Liz. The subject was dropped and they talked about other things.

Part 7:

The rest of the evening Alec had tested his theory about Liz being jealous of him talking to Asha in little ways. He made sure that whenever he went back to the bar he talked to Asha and even invited her over for a few minutes. But he could tell that being around Liz, OC, and Max made Asha uncomfortable so she left shortly after. It didn’t matter, Alec had already proven his thoughts right.

Despite how much Liz tried to cover everything up a little bit of Liz and Ava’s secret came out when Alec was dropping Liz off. He had walked her to the door to make sure she got in safe when Ava started screaming. Liz knew she still had nightmares about when Zan was killed and hurriedly ran into Ava’s bedroom Alec right behind her ready to take on whatever was inside. Ava was so scared that Liz could feel her energy juicing up in defense. Liz pulled her close and tried to calm her down.

“Shh, Ava. It’s over; it’s just a dream.” Liz whispered in her ear and wiped the tears off her face. She could feel Ava calm down some so she turned to Alec. “She’s fine. It’s just a bad dream. Can you wait for me out into the living room? I’m going to get her back to sleep.”

Alec looked at the two girls once before doing as Liz asked. He had almost jumped out of his skin when Ava had started screaming. The girl had been terrified of whatever she’d been dreaming about. Alec had learned a long time ago that when a dream was that scary it usually stemmed from a memory. He shut the door but stayed close so he could hear them.

“You want to tell me about it?” Liz asked.

“I saw them kill him again but this time they tried to kill me too.” Ava said sniffling. The nightmares were a rare occurrence now but they still came.

Liz pulled her close to try and make her feel safe. “They’re not going to get you. No one but me knows where you are. The last place they knew you were was Roswell and that was over a year ago. There’s no trail from there. No one but the gang knows that I’m with you and they don’t even know where I went. And if they ever come, I won’t let them near you. We’re safe. Okay?” Ava nodded. “Try to go back to sleep. I’ll be out in the living room if you need me.” Liz pulled the covers up for her and made her way out of the bedroom. She saw Alec pacing the living room as she came out.

“She’s trying to go back to sleep.”

“Good. She looked shaken up. Must have been some nightmare.”

“You have no idea.” Liz muttered.

“What happened? I overheard her saying something about someone coming after her.”

“You were spying?”

“No. Uh, yes.” He said guiltily.

Liz waved his excuses away. “It’s alright. Ava used to live with her boyfriend, his sister, and his bestfriend in New York. One day Zan, that was her boyfriend, didn’t agree with Lonnie and Rath, the sister and best friend, and they shoved him in front of an oncoming truck. It happened right in front of Ava and she had to watch him die. She was so scared that they would do the same thing to her that she kept her mouth shut. They moved on to something else and that’s when she cut out. She came up to Seattle to hide and start over. She feels like it was her fault that she couldn’t stop it.”

He understood what it was like to see the person you love die right in front of you. He’d had his own nightmares about it. “That’d be a hard thing to get over. She’s strong.”

“Yes, she is. The nightmares are fewer but I think she’ll still have them for a long time.”

“Did they come after you too?”

Liz shook her head, “Why did you ask that?”

“You said no one knew that you were in Seattle, I figured you were in hiding too.”

“I guess in a way I am but not from them. A lot of stuff happened last year and I kept it all bottled up. I didn’t want to be in Roswell anymore.” Liz looked up at him and could see from the expression on his face that he was waiting for her to go on.

“Things fell apart after Alex was died. We were all devastated and our group completely broke apart. I shut down and Max turned to someone else. Her name was Tess. She was the exact opposite of me, blonde hair, blue eyes, and curvy body. They slept together and she got pregnant. She left town shortly after. We just pushed it into the background and got back together. He wanted to find the baby, his son, and the search consumed him. I helped him look for the baby although it hurt and estranged me from my parents. I loved him and was willing to do anything to be with him but it became too much. I blew up at him; told him that all he ever did was hurt me. That’s when I realized I needed to get out of Roswell. I took off that night and came to find Ava. I moved in with her and she got me my job. I owe her a lot, living here saved me from completely losing myself I wanted to get my life sorted out and I couldn’t do that with him around so I left. My parents are the only ones who have any idea where I am.”

“It’s a good thing I never said anything to Maria.” Alec had talked to her a couple of times when she called Liz. “If you ever need my help, just let me know.”

“That’s sweet. Thank you.” Liz said before leading Alec outside then heading in to sleep.

Alec knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep so he headed over to Joshua’s. He saw the large transgenic fast asleep in one of the chairs so he retreated to the basement and opened up the piano. His fingers softly stroked the keys. He needed to think. Something about what Liz had told him just wasn’t settling right, like there was more to the story. He needed to get lost in the music. The first chords sounded soft, gentle, and rhythmic. Then the melody started and the music took the shape of his thoughts. Questions rang out in the music. He would play until he found the answers. He closed his eyes, bowed his head and let his fingers go where they would.

Part 8:

After the night of Ava’s nightmare Alec didn’t bring it up again. Liz noticed it and was grateful that he didn’t press her for details. Of course spending lots of time together only made it worst for both of them to keep their secrets. One night Max, Alex and Liz stepped outside of the Crash to get some air. They were just standing in the alley next to it talking when they saw three guys dressed in suits running after someone. They couldn’t see the person the men were chasing until he passed by them and headed into another alley next to them. It was then that Liz saw he was one of the mutants she had read about in the paper. The men chased after him and the three of them followed to watch the scene. The men cornered the mutant, pulled out tasers, and started to poke him with them. The mutant cried out in pain and tried to fight back but the men were overpowering him.

“We have to do something, they’re hurting him.” Liz said to Max and Alec who looked at her stunned.

“Stay here Liz.” Max said as her and Alec took off down the alley. They yelled for the guys to stop but the men didn’t. Alec pulled one of them back and tossed him aside. The two other guys broke off the attack of the creature and began to fight with Alec and Max. It was then that Liz moved deeper in the alley to see if she could help her friends. She wasn’t going to let them get hurt if she could help it. She was paying so much attention to the fight that she didn’t notice that the third man had gotten up until he grab her from behind. She elbowed in the stomach hard and tried to pull away but instead was turned to face him. She vaguely heard Alec yell for the guy to leave her alone before she pushed him with both hands and a little alien power. He flew across the alley again before landing in a pile of trash. She noticed that he was unconscious just as Alec came up next to her. “You okay?”

“I’m fine. Was the creature able to get away?”

“Yeah, the distraction gave him enough time to get away.” He was about to ask her how she had fought off the man when Max came up fast and pointed down the alley. “There’s three more coming. We better get out of here.”

They took off down the previous alley they’d been standing in and headed for a side street as the guys started to pursue them although they had a good lead. Liz saw a dark shadowy alcove and thought of an idea. She grabbed both of them and pulled them into the alcove. Alec pushed her behind him as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the three men she had seen. She mindwarped them into not seeing them and they ran past. She heard Max speak so she knew they were safe and dropped the warp. “That was close. Nice hiding place, Liz.” Max commented.

“This street isn’t very well lit and I figured they would think we’d keep running rather then hide in the shadows.” She explained. It was a good of an explanation as any since they didn’t seem to notice that she had used her powers.

Max and Alec looked at her suspiciously. It was true, the street was cloaked in shadows but they didn’t think that they were dark enough to completely hide them. They didn’t any explanations so Alec said, “We should get back. The others are going to wonder about us.”

As the three of them headed back Max asked, “So why did you want to help that mutant? Most people would be scared of it.”

Liz shrugged. “I figured if he was dangerous, he would have attacked someone as he ran. He only became violent when he was cornered just like any one would. Since he wasn’t dangerous, I figured that they were only trying to catch him because he was different and that’s not excuse. Just because someone is different from normal doesn’t mean they’re a threat.”

Both of the X5s looked at her with curiosity at her statement. She seemed to know what she was talking about from a first hand account. It was then that they both wondered if Liz was hiding something they weren’t aware of.


“It was just strange Logan. I mean the whole scene didn’t even faze her. It’s like she was used to it.” Max said as she paced in front of Alec and Logan in Logan’s living room. After the three had gone back into the Crash none of them said anything about what had happened outside. Liz and Ava both had to work the next morning so they headed out shortly after and Max, Logan, and Alec had headed back to Logan’s to figure out what might be going on with Liz.

“Maybe she’s had some run ins with the authorities, nowadays it’s not an uncommon occurrence,” Logan offered.

“I would buy that if I didn’t see her push a guy across the alley like he weighed no more than air. No something’s up with her.”

“Could she be someone from Manticore?” Logan asked. “Maybe not an X series but something else?”

“No barcode.” Alec said.

“Do I want to know how you checked?” Max asked.

“Well it’s hard not to notice when she’s always in your bed. Man that girl is flexible.” Alec joked. Max looked like she was about to hit him. He rolled his eyes, “She wears her hair up a lot when she’s at home. It’s not hard to notice.”

“What is with you? You usually don’t have this much of an attention span with women.” Max stated.

“Maybe seeing you and Logan in the state of bliss that you call love as inspired me.” Alec shrugged, “I don’t know really know how to explain it.”

“Could she be from White’s group? They don’t have barcodes.” Logan asked.

“If she was working with White she would have turned us in already. No, it’s something else.” Alec said trying to figure it out.

“Maybe the guy was just caught off guard. Let me see what I can find about her.” Logan said turning to his computer. He pulled up the right websites he needed and found her. “Elizabeth Parker, born 1984 in Roswell, New Mexico to Jeffrey and Nancy Parker. Wait that only makes her eighteen.”

“I knew that, by lying about her age it gave her a better job. Her ID is fake. It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen.” Alec stated.

“This is weird it says she’s an only child. If that’s true than who is Ava?”

“I don’t know. But they are close. I know Ava’s hiding from her past so maybe they changed her name to help.” Alec explained.

“Well there’s nothing else on here. But since she just turned eighteen, her record would be sealed for anything she did as a minor.”

Alec shrugged. “Well we all have a past. She’s no different. She’s just trying to get past it like we all are.” He headed for the door. “Thanks for all of the info, see you later.”

Max and Logan watched him go, “You know he’s right. Just because she had a strange past doesn’t mean we should treat her any different.” Logan stated.

Max shrugged, “You’re right. She helped us out tonight and she’s not against being different so that gives her a good mark in my book. I was just thinking that she fits into our little group just fine but I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Part 9:

Things were normal over the next week and Alec and Liz continued to be friends. Liz was finding it harder and harder to fight her attraction to him. Hell she knew she was falling for him. She also knew it was natural for her to want to date someone but she was scared of getting hurt. It finally came to a head one night. It was Liz’s day off and she had to do a few things close to Alec’s neighborhood and decided to see if he wanted to do something. She knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. She didn’t have to wait long before Alec opened the door. When he did Liz’s eyes almost popped out of her head. There was Alec in nothing but a towel. It was obvious that he had just gotten out of the shower by his wet hair and the beads of water on his firm muscular chest. She couldn’t stop staring at him until she heard Alec say, “Hey Liz, what’s up?”

“I wanted to see if you wanted to do something to me huh with me tonight.” Liz managed to mumble out.

Alec could see the effect his state of undress was having on her not to mention her slip up and it made him feel good. He had acted the same way at different times when he’d been with her and she wore something that showed off her body. “Well I think I might get arrested if I go out like this so come on in. I’ll just go get dressed.”

“You’ve got a nasty bruise on your arm.” Liz said pointing it out.

“I was helping Normal clean out the storage room and some stuff fell on me.” Alec lied quickly. He’d actually gotten helping Max out on one of her ‘Eyes Only’ missions but couldn’t tell Liz that. “I’ll be back.”

Liz walked around the front room of the apartment and tried not to think about Alec getting dressed in the next room. The towel left almost nothing to the imagination. His chest was developed but not overly so, she’d seen that his whole body was the same way. ‘Down girl or you’re going to need a cold shower.’ She busied herself by snooping. She had only been in there once and she noticed that it lacked a certain personnel touch. No pictures, no knickknacks, nothing that showed anyone anything about him. That made her curious. Alec never talked about his past but for a few things. Of course Liz had left out stuff too. She was so busy that she didn’t notice him come back out now fully dressed until she felt his breath her in ear, “Enjoying yourself?”

She turned quickly and found her face only inches from his. This wasn’t the first time that they had been this close. There had been a couple of close calls but nothing had happened. She couldn’t help but notice how close his soft full lips were to her suddenly dry lips. She unconsciously licked hers trying to moisten them but it didn’t help.

Alec saw her small pink tongue flick out across her lips and suddenly he couldn’t help himself, he had to taste her. He lowered his lips to capture hers. He pressed a gentle kiss to them and was happy when she kissed him back. They broke away a minute later and he waited to see her reaction. She looked up at him, not quite sure what to say. The kiss had felt good, great even but she didn’t know what she should do about it.

“I’m sorry if I stepped over the line.” He said stepping back from her. He ran his hand through his hair, “Wait, I’m not sorry. I’ve wanted to do that since the first night I met you. I want you. I know you want me too but you’re not letting yourself.” He asked.

“Yeah, that’s worked so well for me in the past.” Liz snapped.

“I’m not Max.” Alec stated.

“I know you’re not.” Liz said back. If anything Alec was the exact opposite of Max. He wasn’t shy or quiet. Alec was easygoing, cocky, and didn’t act like everything in the world was on his shoulders.

“Then what is it? I mean yeah you know the way I was with girls before but if that was what was up now I would have given up on you a long time ago.”

“Fine you want to know how I feel? The night I first saw you talking to Asha I was so angry and jealous thinking you were hitting on her that I even snapped at Cindy. So yes, I think about being with you. Yes, I’m attracted to you. Hell, there are times when all I can think about is doing this.” She said as she walked over in front of him and pulled his face down to meet her in a hard kiss.

The kiss was full of hunger and need. All the sexual tension between the two of them that had built up over the time they had known each other fueled the kiss. Alec ran his tongue across her bottom lip asking permission which she gave. Their tongues dueled with one another as they backed up to Alec’s couch. When his knees hit it, he fell back on it and she moved to straddle his lap trying to get even closer. Her hands explored his chest through his shirt running her hands along the muscles she had seen earlier. His hands did the same on her back.

Liz’s need for air became too great and they pulled apart. Alec moved his lips to her jaw line and continued a path down her neck. Liz breathed in deeply and tried to calm her racing heart. The kiss was incredible and she had felt her body heating up at Alec’s additional kisses and touch. She leaned her head to the side to give him better access. It was then that the ringing of her cell phone interrupted them.

“If that’s Maria, I’ll go all the way to New York to kill her. She always seems to know when to interrupt.” Liz said as Alec laughed. She moved off his lap, answered her phone, and was greeted by a female voice. It wasn’t Maria but Ava wanting to know where she was. She told her that she was at Alec’s and that they’d see her at the apartment soon.

“We better go before they send out a search party.” Alec said wanting to do the exact opposite. But as much he wanted to take her in his room and to his bed he knew it would be too much for her right now.

Liz smiled, “Lead the way.”

Part 10:

“What do you think I should wear?” Liz asked.

“Club clothes what else?” Ava stated.

“I want something that will drive Alec out of his mind.” Liz said flipping through her closet. After the night of their first kiss Alec and Liz were together. They still spent a lot of time together like before but of course now they acted like a couple. Their friends all said it was sickening but they just ignored them. Liz thought things were good before and they got better once she stopped fighting her feelings for Alec. As she looked at the back of her closet she found a pair of black leather pants that Ava had dared her to buy but she hadn’t felt like wearing, until now. She pulled them out and started yanking them on. Next thing was a black tank top that had flames along the bottom and her black strappy sandals. “How do I look?”

“He’s going to flip.”

Liz smiled and went to the mirror. With a wave of her hand she put on her makeup, a little darker than usual and then waved over her hair making it curled all over. She almost reconsidered the curls since it would be warm in the club but instead pinned it up and let the curls fall loosely on top. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

The two headed out. They were meeting everyone at a new club and were looking forward to it. It took them twenty minutes to walk there and Liz was glad that her sandals were comfortable. As they neared the club Liz saw Alec, OC, Max, Logan, and even Sketchy waiting for them in line. Alec had yet to see her and she took the moment to look him over. If at all possible he looked better than normal. He had on a pair of black baggy cargo pants and a short sleeve white button down shirt. Just as her eyes trailed up to his face he saw her. If the smile on his face was any indication then he liked what he saw.

Alec thought his tongue would hit the ground if he opened his mouth. Liz looked incredibly sexy. He felt his baggy pants starting to get a little snug but his shirt was long enough to hide it. As she walked up the only thing he could say was, “D*mn.”

Liz laughed, “Glad you like it.”

“Like is an understatement. I think we should forget the club and go back to my apartment.” He propositioned before kissing her hard. They continued until Ava interrupted. “Knock it off you two, let’s get inside.”

They waited in line until they finally got in. Once inside Liz turned to Alec, “Want to go get sweaty with me?”

“I thought you wanted to stay here and dance?” He joked.

“I did mean dancing.” She slapped him on the arm before he took her hand and going out to the dance floor. Alec pulled her close to his body. Their bodies fit together well and they moved to the beat of the club music. Liz loved the feeling of Alec’s strong body up against hers. Seeing the way she moved her body Alec couldn’t help but think of another way she could move it. As they dance they kissed a few times and Alec nuzzled her neck, enjoying being so close. After about an hour, Liz was hot and thirsty. “I’m going to something to drink. You want one?”

Alec nodded and handed her money for both, “Get me a whiskey and coke.”

“I’ll see you at the table.” She said. Liz made her way through the crowd until she finally made it to the bar. One of the bartenders walked up, “One coke, one whiskey and coke.”


“Two cokes, one with whiskey.” She yelled. He nodded and came back a minute later with the drinks. Liz paid and made her way over to the table where Sketchy and Alec sat. She handed Alec his and took a big gulp of her own, downing half of it. Suddenly she felt giddy, “Let’s go dance some more.” She said as she grabbed his hand and yanked him out to the dance floor. Once there Liz began to dance like before but a lot closer. No one would be able to even slip a piece of paper between her and Alec. She laced her hands behind his neck and pulled him down before giving him a hot hungry kiss. Alec was surprised by the kiss but gave back as much as he took. Liz was making it very difficult to not want to strip her down and have her right there. It didn’t help when he felt her small hands under his shirt running along his chest. “Let’s get out of here.” He said trying to calm his body down.

“No, I’m going to dance some more.” Liz yelled before strutting over to where OC was at, hips swaying seductively the whole way. Alec kept his eye on her as he made his way back to Sketchy. They talked for a few minutes as Alec drank down the rest of his drink and was about to go get another when he heard an uproar of whooping and catcalls. He turned his attention to the noise and was shocked to see Liz on top of one of tables dancing seductively.

“I never would have thought Liz would do that.” Sketchy said smiling enjoying the show. Alec nodded not being able to take his eyes off of her. The way her hips moved, her breast bouncing slightly, the ever-increasing amount of skin of her stomach being reveled as she lifted her arms up along with her hair. But when he saw two guys climb up to join her Alec jumped into action. He made his way quickly through the crowd until he was underneath her. He grabbed her legs causing her to fall into his arms and he hurried back to the table. “You didn’t like my dancing?”

“No, I liked it but I think some others liked it a little too much.” He said glaring in the direction of the two guys. He plopped down into his chair with her in his lap. When Alec set down Liz felt dizzy and practically fell off of Alec’s lap.

“Whoa, what’s wrong?” Alec asked. He looked at Liz and saw that her eyes were all glazed over like she was drunk. But she didn’t drink.

“Don’t know. Dizzy and my tongue feels heavy.” Liz slurred.

“Dude, she looks drunk.” Sketchy said.

Liz smiled at Sketchy, “I’m not drunk, the room just won’t quit spinning.”

“Liz, what have you been drinking?” Alec asked.

“Just my coke.” She giggled as she picked it up for another drink but Alec stopped her. He sniffed it and could tell it was loaded with whiskey. He sipped it to confirm it. He knew she hadn’t mixed up the drinks because he knew his own had whiskey in it too. The bartender had put liquor in both of them.

“Alec, maybe someone put something in it.” Sketchy suggested.

“No, she’s got some kind of allergy to alcohol or at least that’s what she said.” Alec managed to get out before Liz turned and pulled him into a kiss as she straddled him. She began kissing his neck and Alec loved the feeling that her soft lips on his neck but knew that she wouldn’t be so bold if she was sober. It also explained her tabletop dancing.

“Liz,” Alec tried to say and pull her away without hurting her.

“Don’t you want me?” She smiled.

“That’s the understatement of the year, but you’re drunk. I want you to remember a night with me in the morning.” He said before saying to Sketchy. “See if you can find Ava. Tell her what happened and tell her I’m taking Liz home.”

Alec gathered Liz up and started stirring her towards the door. They were almost there when Ava popped up. “How much did she drink?”

“Half a glass. But it didn’t taste too strong.” Alec stated. “Go ahead and stay. I’ll take her home.”

“No, I’ll do it.” Ava said. She knew that Liz might not think about hiding her powers and didn’t want her to put a show on for Alec. She had seen how Rath got when he drank and Ava had told her about Max and Michael’s experiences. Luckily Liz didn’t appear to be as bad off as Michael. She had been so busy with Jonathan that she hadn’t seen Liz’s dancing display.

“There is no way you can get her home on your own. We’ll both go.” Alec compromised. Ava agreed and they got Liz out of there. They got to the girls’ apartment building quickly and Alec carried Liz upstairs. It was difficult because Liz was still teasing him with her mouth. ‘She’s killing me. If she keeps this up I won’t be able to stop from doing what I want to do.’

Alec deposited her on her bed before Ava shooed him out. Once he was gone and she knew the door was shut, Ava used her powers to knock her out. “You’ll thank me in the morning.” She muttered to Liz’s sleeping form. She undressed her as best she could knowing that the leather pants would be uncomfortable to sleep in before heading out to the living room. Alec was sitting on the couch waiting for her. “She’s asleep.”


“You know most guys would have just taken them back to his bed.”

“I might like to have her in my bed but I don’t want her to be drunk to be with me.” Alec stated. “Is it your guys allergy that makes you such lightweights?”

“Something like that. She’ll be out the whole night so you can head on home.”

“Tell her to call me tomorrow.” Alec said before leaving. He didn’t really want to but he knew Ava would take care of her. He needed to go take a cold shower anyway.


The next morning Liz woke up not really remembering what happened but she had an idea. She stumbled into the kitchen for coffee. As she made it Ava appeared. “Morning.”

“Morning” Liz mumbled. “I can’t believe my night.”

“Well thank Alec for it not ending up worse. He was smart enough to get you out of there. He told me to have you call him. He thinks it affected you so bad because we’re ‘allergic’ to alcohol.”

“I didn’t do anything stupid did I?”

“No powers but you did get on top of a table and danced for everyone to see and you were all over him. But I think he understood.”

“I’ll go call him and apologize.” Liz said. She went into her room, grabbed her cell phone, and called Alec. He understood and Liz felt better. After that Liz would make sure and check her drinks whenever they went clubbing.

Part 11:

“No, it is my week to choose and we are not watching it!” Liz said loudly as she tried to reach for the movie. Alec held up the movie up out of reach above her head.

Alec laughed at her trying to reach his extended hand with no success. “But it’s my favorite.” He said in a mock pout.

“Don’t even try that with me. It won’t work.” Liz said wishing she were taller. She would just use her powers but that wasn’t an option around Alec. “I thought Michael was bad. What is it with guys and violence?”

Alec just shrugged. He didn’t know why he enjoyed action movies so much; it was a guy thing. Liz usually didn’t mind what movie he picked when it was his turn claiming she was used to it after all the years of watching them with Alex. Well any except for alien movies, she said she had been around too much alien stuff in Roswell.

Every Thursday her and Alec would stay at one of their apartments and watch a movie, switching back and forth on who chooses. They had come up with the idea because the rest of the week they were always so busy especially during the weekend. They spent one night alone then the next night Alec went out with Sketchy doing God knows what and Liz went out with Ava and sometimes the other girls. It was nice having one guaranteed night alone before a weekend of going out. They had started it when they were still just friends and continued it over the last month that they had been dating.
Liz finally decided to try a different tactic, compromise. “How about we watch the Patriot? The blood and guts will satisfy you while Heath Ledger can me?”

This time Alec wasn’t pretending when he frowned, “That makes me want to watch it, knowing you’ll be drooling over another guy.”

“Oh you big baby!” Liz said. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “Besides how much of the movie do you think we’re even going to see?”

Alec smiled at how she was trying to tempt him to get her way. Of course he wouldn’t admit it was working. Granted they hadn’t slept together yet, but he enjoyed any of physical intimacy he could share with her. If someone would have told him that he would feel that way three months ago he would have said they were crazy and pick up the first one nightstand that came around. He put his hand down that contained his movie and went to grab the ‘Patriot’. Liz laughed at how easy it was to convince him to watch her movie and went to get the snack food. Supreme nachos with lots of Tabasco for Liz, a little for Alec. She had actually gotten him to try it one night on his food and he’d actually enjoyed it, in small doses. They watched the movie as they ate their food. Once they were done, Liz crawled up and sat on his lap laying her head in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist and Liz sighed in contentment before leaning up and kissing him. Just then her cell phone rang.

“Don’t answer it.” Alec mumbled against her lips. Their cell phones were always ringing, interrupting them. Sometimes it was Max or Logan or one of his contacts for one of his scams or it was someone from Roswell or Ava.

“What if it’s important?” Liz said as she reached to pick up her phone but didn’t completely leave Alec’s arms. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me.” Liz heard, instantly recognizing Michael voice. She noticed it didn’t sound like normal either.

“What is it, Michael? Liz asked pulling away from Alec completely and running a hand through her hair. Alec could tell she was anxious and worried over something.

“Kyle got his powers.”

“Is he okay?” Liz asked getting of the couch starting to pace. She could see the confused expression Alec was giving her.
“Hang on Michael.” She put her hand over the bottom of the receiver and told Alec, “I really need to take this. A friend of ours, Kyle is having some problems. I’m going to go in my room.” Alec nodded and Liz headed back to her room thinking Alec would be well out of hearing range, which he would have been if he didn’t have genetically enhanced hearing. His curiosity got the better of him and he listened to her end of the conversation.

“Okay, I’m alone. Now is he okay?”

“He’s a little shaken up but he knew it was coming.”

“Same symptoms as me?”

“Yeah, except none of the electrical touch thing with Max. He thought he just had a cold because he went camping this weekend with his dad. It wasn’t until he torched Isabel’s couch that he realized it was because of the change.”

“Oh my God. He must have completely freaked.”

“I didn’t tell you the whole story. Jesse saw it. We were all watching a game when it happened.”

Liz covered her eyes with her hand. “So he knows?”

“No, we said Kyle was playing with matches.” Michael said sarcastically. “Yes, he knows. Isabel told him the whole story. I didn’t hear much, they were in the bedroom while Max and I calmed Kyle down.”

“How is he taking it? Is Isabel okay?”

“He freaked when it happened of course. He was sitting next to Kyle at the time but after Isabel put it out and fixed the couch he just stared. After Isabel talked to him he swore he wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“He loves Isabel, he’ll be okay. Is Kyle at home? Maybe I should call him and see if he feels like talking, he might feel more comfortable talking to me since I went through it and wasn’t born into it.”

“Don’t you mean hatched?” Michael said with laughter in his voice.

“Whatever.” Liz said laughing.

“Yeah, he’s at home. That’s actually why I called, figured you could help him.”

“Well unless anything else comes up besides burning sofas I’ll talk to you at the scheduled time. Bye, Michael.” Liz said. Michael said bye and hung up.

Liz sat on her bed for a minute thinking. She felt bad for not being there for Kyle when he needed her. They had become good friends in the time since they had dated and Kyle had found out about the aliens. He had been there for her many times and when he needed her she wasn’t around. She jumped when she saw Alec leaning in her doorway, “Damnit Alec. Make some noise. How long have you been standing there?”

“You were already off the phone when I came to the door.” Of course he didn’t mention that he had heard everything from his position out in the living room. “Wanted to see if everything is okay?”

Liz nodded. “I need to call Kyle. Like I said he’s going through some stuff, I want to see if he’s okay. I feel bad that I’m not there for him.”

Alec could see that Liz was feeling bad for not being there for her friend. She was still close to them regardless of the distance between them. “I’ll be waiting in the living room.”

Liz dialed Kyle’s number and waited for him to pick up. “Hello?”

“Hi Mr. Valenti. It’s Liz.”

“Hey Liz! How are you?”

“I’m great. Michael called and told me about Kyle, I wanted to know if I could talk to him?”

“Yeah, let me get him.” Liz waited until Kyle said hello.

“You know if you didn’t like Isabel’s couch you should have just told her. You didn’t have to torch it.” She said jokingly.

“Real funny Liz.” Kyle said. The two friends talked for a while not knowing that Alec could hear them wondering what was really going on. He had heard Liz talking about symptoms. Could she be sick and he not know about it? And was with the burning sofa comment. Alec couldn’t help but be curious. What was Liz hiding?

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