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I have no idea where I'm going with this. All I know is that I just started typing, and this is what came out. I'm still typing, and have a lot more to post. But I just wanted to post this first, to see what kind of a reaction I would get. To keep going, or not...

I don't have much yet to tell about this story, except, that the rating is R,.. may go to NC-17.
Also,.. It an AU,.. M/L fic.
There are no aliens in this story.
I'll fill in more of the blanks as I go on.

-Prologue..... A Sacred Agreement

It started out as an agreement between two adults that just needed a way out……

A way out of their own chaos. And as Max Evans continued to move in and out of her body, he kept reminding himself of that. He had a purpose going into this agreement with her, and as time went on, his purpose,… his plan was starting to clout his feelings. He needed to be done with this, ….done with her, and move on.

He looked down into her face, …. Something that he knew he shouldn’t of done.
She had been staring at his face the whole time, as if trying to remember everything, and anything that she could. They both knew that after this night, they would probably never cross each others path again. It was,… after all what they had agreed upon.

He found himself staring into her eyes, trying his hardest not to get caught up in her again, like before, when he was younger, but the more he moved upon her body, the more his heart was demanding more of her. He couldn’t give his feelings place anymore when it came to her. It was a heavy price to pay,… one that he just couldn’t afford.

“Max!” She had said it so softly, he almost didn’t hear it.
He snapped his eyes away from her quickly,…. As he lunged into her more demandingly.
He felt her hand creep up to caress his face, and turned back to her. “No!” He uttered, as he removed her small hand from his face, then let his eyes turn downcast. “Please,….. don’t!”

She turned her face to the side, and focused on the door that led out into the hallway,… using it as a scapegoat, as Max continued to plunge into her body. It was as if he was using himself as a weapon as the two continued having sex. She wanted this to be over with now, as soon as possible. When would it be done????

Her mind began to go back exactly one month ago. When her world first started to crumble all around her. Never in a million years would she of thought that she would be here, in this bed with a love that she had said goodbye to not more then four years ago. …. Max Evans!

It's up to you guys.......

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Title: A Sacred Agreement
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell.
Rating: Possible NC-17
Background: Liz’s parents don’t exist in this story. Liz Grandfather sent Liz to Roswell to attend high school there,.. look at it as like one of the best schools around. She stayed with close friends of her grandfathers during her stay in Roswell.
Summary: This is an AU – M/L Fic. There are no aliens.

Okay,.. Okay,.. here's the next part. I'm still just going with the flow, not really thinking anything out beforehand. AND BTW,... Thank you for the positive feedback.

Part 1

….. They had dated all through high school. A couple that many thought would get married once graduation came around. Max had thought the same thing,…. That was until Liz Parker told him that wasn’t what she had in mind. Breaking his heart, and leaving,… Liz started her life in New York, fresh out of high school, and far away from Roswell, New Mexico.

Max had stayed behind, and grieved,… not that it was his choice to stay behind,.. but it was apparent that Liz didn’t want him in her life. He never understood it,… could never fathom what he could’ve possibly of done wrong to make Liz turn her back on him, like she did.

They were always together,… always happy,… at least that’s what he thought….

Liz Parker had always had a side that she never fully shared with anyone. A side that she had kept hidden from everyone she knew,… including the one person she had loved more then anyone,.. Max!

At times this hidden side of hers had complete control over everything in her life. A drive that thrived for impartiality in her conduct. It was in her senior year, when everything started. When a man unexpectedly approached her,.. and started telling her things about his company, and the way it operated. At first it excited her, the thrill of the game, but what she didn’t expect was the turn of events that this caused her. A life that she had to say goodbye to, and leave behind. A proposition that she had to keep from Max Evans at all costs.

One mouth earlier….

It wasn’t until the funeral of her Grandfather that started the chain of events, that ignited it’s down hill spiral in her life. Liz Parker had requested leave from her duties at the agency to take care of matters of the heart.
Robert Parker was a respected man,.. a man of honor in the eyes of his only granddaughter. It was a time of deep despair in Liz’s life, as she found herself the only one left sitting in utter despair in the church pew. Her tears were dry, but left marks on her pale skin. Her face showing visual signs of stress, and grief.
It wasn’t until she heard the laughter of Emily Parker that woke her from her grief induce trance. She turned cold eyes in the direction of the entryway, seeing the widow of her grandfather standing there hanging all over Thomas James,… a man evident of being her lover behind close doors. Evident that is,.. to everyone but Robert Parker.
Her hands curled into tight fists, as her lips started to tremble from Anger so intense it shook her very core. The hand that relaxed gently on her shoulder was the only thing that pulled her back from attempting to do something insane to the woman with the cold laugh.
She turned tortured eyes to the man with the gentle hand, and tightened her lips into a tight smile, hoping to hold back her tears. Steven Blake took a seat next to Liz on the pew, and drew her into his warm embrace, comforting her the best way he knew how. She trusted Steven Blake, her grandfathers attorney and life long friend, and knew he was probably the only person alive that understood her grief at the loss of her grandfather.
He softly kissed the top of her head, and continued to caress her forearm, drawing her closer to relaxation. He knew this wasn’t the time nor the place, but if he didn’t talk business with Liz Parker soon, all hell would break lose with Robert Parker’s estate and fortune. He knew the only person that could change matters, was Roberts granddaughter. The only other person besides his life long friend that had a driven soul,… a grace so divine, that they literally had people eating out of the palm of their hands at all times. A way about her that he was sure she had inherited from Her grandfather.

He smoothed out her long brown tresses that cascaded down her back, and leaned in closer to her ear, making sure Emily Parker was not aware of any business dealings.
“Liz!…. we need to talk!”
Liz pulled back and looked him in the eyes. “What about?” She was becoming nervous, at Stevens behavior. Not that he wanted to talk,… but she knew how intelligent Steven was, a brilliant mind and a caring heart that he possessed. And at a time like this, …. When she was living in such chaos, suffering from the loss of her grandfather…. he wanted to talk.
It was serious,… and she knew something was going on that was wrong. Steven Blake had always been like a guardian angle looking over Robert Parker’s shoulder. Watching intently with hawk eyes, when someone tried to cross him.


She looked around his office, taking in all the academic achievements he had earned in his lifetime, adorning his wall. She sipped once again on her coffee cup, before turning her gaze out through the window that overlooked all of down town New York.
She intently lost herself once again with memories of her grandfather, before Steven Blake made his entrance into his office, and snapping Liz Parker out of her haziness.

“Liz!” He turned to close the large oak door behind him, before making his way across his office to his black leather chair. Extending his hand. “Please,… take a seat!”
Liz crossed her arms. “Steven,…. Please!…. What’s this about? I’m worried!”

Steven sighed before pulling out a manila folder, and opening it. “Liz! I was going over your grandfathers will,…. And there had been some changes made without my knowing.”

Liz raised her eyebrows. “What are you talking about!” She walked up to his desk, and picked up the paper in the folder and started to read them for herself.
Steven sat back into his chair. “It seems that at the last minute, your grandfather had made some significant changes in his will.”
“What the hell!” “Look at the date these changes took place!”

Steven raised his hand. “I know! It was during the end of his battle with the cancer.”

Her nostrils started to flare from anger. “Yeah,… when he was induced with all those antibiotics to ease his pain. He wasn’t in his right frame of mind, Steven!”

He sat forward, fumbling with his pencil. “It appears that he made these changes without my consent with legal matters.”
Liz narrowed her eyes at her grandfathers longtime friend. “Or matters of best interest either.”
He slumped his shoulders. “It’s not secret how I feel about Emily Parker.”

She let her hand fall to her hip. “It’s how we all feel Steven!” She sat down into the large chair behind her, her shoulders heavy with the new found burden of her grandfathers will. “She won!” Liz uttered through gritted teeth,.. the feeling of defeat weighing in heavy. “She manipulated him to the very end!”

“Well,…. Maybe not!” Steven stated, as he walked over to the large window over looking the city.
Liz stood, watching him intently. “What are you talking about!” She picked up her grandfathers will. “It’s right here, in black and white. ‘She’ gets everything!”

“I never underestimate an enemy Liz!” He turned to look at the beautiful young woman in whom his friend adored. “I prepare for the worst in every area,…. For my clients benefit that is!”

Liz nodded her head. “Yeah!” Walking closer to the gray hared man in front of her, and stopping mid way, to cross her arms in front of her. “What did you do!” Her lips curling into a smile at the corners.

He turned away from her gaze and let his eyes once again wonder out into the view of the city. He sighed heavily, before shoving his hands deep into his pockets.

Liz started to grow even more worried. “Steven!” Calling his name in demand to answer her question.
He turned back to her, and released his breath. “Liz!…. I- I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“Just tell me!”

He walked back over towards his desk, and turned towards the wall that adorned a large painting of the city of New York, and pulled it towards him, away from the wall. Behind it, was a large safe, averaging in size of the painting. He opened the lock, and pulled out a brown leather document carrier. He untied the ribbon, and pulled out another folder, clearly marked Confidential. He released another bout of breath, as he opened that folder as well. Almost like he was walking into an unknown territory, that he thought he would never have to face.

Liz watched him carefully, with curious eyes.

He pointed towards her seat again. “Please Liz,…. Sit down.”
She complied, yet still watched him intently.

He proceeded. “I have a document here!…. It’s legal, and it will override this will!”
Liz’s eyes lit up, as she smiled widely. “Steven!…… How?”
“It’s a document that I had drawn up years ago, when your grandfather first married Emily.” He let his face fall downcast, his suspicions proving that he really did see the side of Emily that he wished didn’t exist. A side that Robert Parker had hoped didn’t exist. But Robert Parker took no chances when his family and fortune where in question. So he signed the document that his trusted friend had purposed to him, in case a situation did occur. “Your grandfather signed it years ago,… only,… well,… it’s not exactly going to be easy to use it against Emily.”

Her eyes grew wide. “Oh,.. This,… This is wonderful!”
He lifted his hand in eagerness. “Liz! You haven’t even heard the terms yet!”
Liz cut in. “I don’t care Steven!…. What ever needs to be done, I’ll do it!”
He watched her carefully. “Liz!”
She stood to her feet. “I’ll do it!” As if she didn’t care of the cost. No sacrifice would be more costly then to watch everything her grandfather had worked for, go down the drain to a no good floozy.

He finally stood to his feet as well, trying to calm her down, and tell her the conditions. He knew once she heard the conditions of reversing her grandfathers will, her smile would fade away.


“The terms of this agreement clearly states that an heir needs to be produce by his only grandchild before reading of the last will, to reverse his estate.”
This clearly caught her attention, making her smile fade away, just like Steven thought.

“What!” She sounded hurt.

He nodded his head. “Yeah!…. I’m sorry Liz!”
Her face turned downcast, as tears starting to come to the surface. “It’s all over,… I have no children Steven!”

“No, you don’t!…. But by any chance, do you think you may be pregnant?” It was a long shot, but he knew that by making this comment,… he may be able to get his point across. Maybe, by some small chance, there was someone special in Liz’s life. Maybe she would be willing to start her family earlier, then what she had planned. It would benefit this battle with Emily Parker.

Her face appeared melancholy. “I’m not pregnant Steven!” Her voice was down to an almost faint whisper. “But you knew that already.” Her statements reflecting just how lonely she really was.

He formed his lips into a tight smile. “Your job,… I – I know it takes up a lot of your time!”

She snickered at his comment. “It takes up my life Steven!” She looked away ashamed. “Grandfather knew this!”
He stayed silent. Knowing that she was deep in thought.
Finally she spoke. “What if I happened to get pregnant,.. like,… now!”

He started to grow anxious. This was the point he was trying to drive across to her. He tried his hardest to hide his smile. “Then everything changes Liz!…. Your child would inherit your grandfathers entire fortune. Except of course what he left to you.”

“So it wouldn’t matter if I had a child that was already born?”

“No!” He cut in. “If you would go out and conceive tonight,… The agreement is still valid.”

She looked around, conjuring up a plan in her mind. “I’m not with anyone!… I have no one in my life.”

He walked over towards her, and kneeled down level to her eyes. “You have four months Liz! That’s how long the process takes in gathering all the document to read at the hearing for your grandfathers fortune.…… I-I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t have any advice to give you. ….. I’m sorry!”
He felt terrible for her. Putting her in a position like this was morally wrong. But it was an option, and the only option they had, at giving the dead Robert Parker any justice. A man they had both treasured and loved deeply. “In the end Liz,… it’s your decision.” He pulled her into his arms to embrace her once again, … comforting her for the situations that threatened her sanity.

She sat there unmoving. Steadily gazing out onto the pond, as everyone walked past her,… not even noticing her there. The cold bench beneath her, reminding her of the life she was leading. Cheated, and hard,… unmoving at times. She sighed sadly,… wondering how her life had turned out so bitter. She looked around the park, and noticed all the couples walking hand and hand. Just being,…. ‘Happy’. The word sounding like poison in her mind, as she realized she hadn’t been happy in almost four years. She tilted her head to the side, focusing on the last time she was happy. She smiled to herself, as she brought her fingers up to graze her lips softly,…. Remembering a time long ago, when a boy used to kiss her with such passion. It was her first and only love. A time when she thought such passion must be in every relationship. She took that love of hers for granted,… being the naive girl that she was, she didn’t realize until it was too late, that a love like that,.. was the kind that only came along once in a lifetime.

She laughed bitterly, …. As if scorning herself once again, for her bad choice of judgement. She walked away, and never looked back. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life.

She stood to her feet, and pulled her black wool coat tighter around her body, then started to walk back to her apartment. Her mind still in shambles, her hands still trembling. Liz Parker had a lot of choices to make. But once she made her choice, she still had to figure out a way to achieve them. She still wasn’t sure if that was the hardest part or not.
She pulled out her cell phone, and dialed a number that she hadn’t dialed in a long time. After punching in a secret code that only her and her best friend knew, she closed her cell and shoved it into her purse forcefully. She hated that her life had come to this. Hated that a turn of events forced her to turn to someone for help. There was only one person who she could be straight with,… a best friend that she had never forgotten. Her only evidence of her life in Roswell, that still to this day remained in her life. Maria Deluca.

Once Maria received the secret code, she’d know that Liz needed to get in touch with her. And once she found herself alone, and away from prying eyes, she would return her call.


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-I'm not too happy with this part, but I feel that I have to give you at least some background on Max's life. I've reread,.. and reread this, hoping that some sort of spark would go off in my head, and I would be able to make it better, but to no avail,... I'm simply stuck with this.
Thanks again for all the feedback....

Part 2

He was running late, rushing around his one bedroom apartment, that he was able to get while attending UNM. Looking under his bed, Max couldn’t find his other shoe, and on top of that he was really starting to get annoyed with Pam’s consent calling. He had finally broken things off with her, tired of her consent nagging. And he felt bad when he realized that she had really fallen for him. As for him, ….she was just someone to hang out with and have a sex life with. He was a guy for crying out loud, who had needs to be meant, but no time for a steady girlfriend. Not that he was running around on her,.. He had no time to do such things,.. His life was about his schooling. He was in his last year of Medical school, something that he had worked his ass off for, and after the death of his father, his savings had been completely wiped out. He gave his mother everything he had, and somehow that just wasn’t enough. The sudden passing had been a hard blow, one that they had not recovered from yet. He was making ends meet barely, … trying to hold what he could pull together,… despite the consent calling from the bill collectors.
His family was falling apart, and falling deeper and deeper into dept. His only way to save his family’s good name was to finish his last semester, and start working. … Fast!!

He quickly put on his shoe that he had finally found, and ran out the door, completely forgetting to lock it behind him.

“Ahh,.. Mr. Evans,… I see that you finally choose to grace us with your appearance!” Mr. Johnson commented, as the rest of his medical students snickered at the teasing. Max let his face fall, feeling once again disappointed in himself. His life had been a consent struggle this past year, … a time he was wondering he would ever get through.

Taking his seat in the back of the examination room, Max quietly removed his journal, readying himself to take the proper notes necessary.

Hearing Mr. Johnson finally going back to explaining the eternal organs, Max breathed a sigh of relief, wondering what was going to be his breaking point. He was so close, ….. so close to exploding at all the things that had happened to him over the past five years. He had held in so many things, …. Things that tortured him on a daily basis.
He sighed deeply, writing his notes carefully. “Just another day,….. just finish this day, and make it to tomorrow.” It had been his own pep talk that he had told himself everyday. His own way of taking one day at a time.

He closed the door behind him, and slumped down onto his small sofa with a thump. He was so tired, so exhausted from classes all day, and then a full shift at the hospital. He couldn’t wait until he had the proper education to be bumped up to the residence of his choice.
He glanced over to the clock sitting above his entertainment center, and sighed, when reading the clock aloud. 3:50A.M Thank God he didn’t have any early classes tomorrow, there was no way he could make it. He jumped slightly at the sound of his answering machine beeping, indicating that he had new messages. He pulled himself up, and walked over and pressed the button, listening intently to his messages.

-You have four messages-
beep~ Tuesday,…8:45 PM – Hey Max,.. It’s Mom,… I was wondering how school was going. I really miss you,… Please call when you get a chance…………. Oh, and Max,….. Samuel Financial called again,… they said they still haven’t received their payment for last mouth, or this mouth. I’m really sorry!…. Call me!

Beep~ Tuesday….10:00 PM~ Max!…. Baby,.. Please Call me! It’s Pam again. Look,… I’m really sorry. I just want to work things out! I’ll do whatever it takes! Please,…. I miss you Max!

Beep~ Tuesday……11:00PM ~ Max,…. It’s Michael,.. Call me!

Beep~ Wednesday…. 1:40 AM ~ You’re not home yet? …. It’s Pam again,… Max,.. Please call me,… I – I love you!

Max reached over and deleted all of his messages, feeling even more irritated then before. He didn’t know how much of Pam’s begging he could take. He walked into his bathroom, and opened his medicine cabinet, in search of some aspirin. He popped two Advil’s into his mouth, and walked into his bedroom to change. Falling into his bed, he pulled the blankets up high. His life was a complete mess. He hadn’t been able to pay hardly any of his bills due to the financial debt that his father had left him and his family in at the time of his sudden passing. His mother’s message was roaming around once again in his mind about Samuel Financial calling, which in other terms was the company that was paying for his college education. He’d been walking on pins and needles for mouths, hoping and praying that they wouldn’t pull his tuition.

He finally pushed all of his burdens to the back of his mind in hopes of a chance for some peaceful sleep.


The sound of the phone ringing brought Max out of his dead sleep, as he reached over to pick up the phone.
“Hello?” He greeted as he tried to stifle his yawn.
“Maxwell Evans Please!”
“This is he! Who’s this?”
“This is Yolonda calling from Samuel Financial”
“Oh Right!” Max called out, as he sat up straighter in his bed. “I’ve been meaning to call you, …look, I’m getting my payments together now,.. and”
“I’m sorry Mr. Evans, but we had no choice but to pull your loan.”
“WHAT!” He yelled without even knowing it. Pulling the blankets away from his body, Max stood to his feet.
“Yes, that’s right! I’m sorry, but we had no other choice. You are behind four mouths worth of payments, and we just couldn’t wait any longer.”
“But,.. but,… my tuition!”
“I’m sorry!”
“Look,… please, just wait,… I’ll get the money together today.-
“Again Mr. Evans,… I’m sorry! …Good day!” And with that, the line went dead, with Max staring into the phone with his mouth hanging open in disbelief. He stood there for a moment, just staring at the phone, the dial tone ringing loudly.

That was it,… his future, and everything he had worked so hard for, was just yanked from him, within a matter of two minutes. He slammed the phone done hard, as he groaned loudly from his anger overtaking him. He jumped in surprise as the phone started ringing again. He picked it up in hopes that it was the loan company calling him back.
“Max!” Pam’s voice rung loud, as the excitement evident in her voice that she had finally called when he was home. “Max,.. I’m so glad I finally caught you!”
Max rolled his eyes in disbelief. He could feel his face turning red, as his anger grew. “Pam” He voiced with clenched teeth. “This isn’t really a good time!”
“Max,.. please,… if you would just calm down, .. maybe we could talk this out.”
He started to breath deeply,… in and out… in and out…. He was so close to losing it.
“I just… well,… I miss you Max!”
“Pam,…. Please….. God,… Please leave me alone!” And with that he hung up on her. He rubbed his hands over his face,…. Trying his hardest to calm down,… but felt like it was impossible.
He felt lost….. he had nothing left,.. but his long hours at the hospital, cleaning up after the patience. He jumped again, from the phone once again ringing,…. And he thought without a doubt that it was Pam calling once again.

Picking up the phone with a tight grip. “WHAT!” He greeted.
Michael looked into the phone with wondering eyes. “Max?” He asked, wondering if he had dialed the right number.
Max sighed. “Sorry Michael,….. I thought you were someone else.”
“Clearly! ….Look,… I’m wondering if you going to this years camping trip with the fella’s? I told them that you probably wouldn’t be able to go this year, due to work, and school, but I thought I’d call and ask anyway.”
Max slumped his shoulders. “My tuition was pulled.”
Michael instantly felt bad for his best friend. He knew that Max was having a really hard time lately. “Max,.. man, I’m sorry!”
“Yeah,.. well,…. It was bound to happen.”
“Is there anything I can do?”
“Yeah,… loan me 80 thousand dollars.”
“As soon as I win the lottery, I’ll let you know.”
Max laughed.
“Hey,… come camping with us then. Come on,…. It’ll be fun, and you need fun right about now!”
“I don’t know Michael.”
“Max,… there’s nothing you can do about your situation. Not until you get all of these legal matters straighten out. The bill collectors are still going to come knocking on your door when you get back. …. Trust me,… you wont be missing anything.”
Max smiled. “I could use some time away.”
“So come on then. It’ll be great. … Drink some beer,.. hang with the guys,… do some hunting.”
Max was quiet for a moment, as he thought about going. “What the hell,… I’m in!”
“All right,… that’s my man!… Okay well look,… are you doing anything for dinner?”
“Why don’t you come on over,… Maria’s fixing some steaks on the grill.”
“Sounds good!”
“Great,.. we’ll do our planning for the camping trip then.”


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Here's the next part. Enjoy!!!

Part 3

“Are you alone?”
“You know I am!”
She released a sigh, and sunk back down into her sofa. Running her long slender fingers through her dark tresses,.. Liz moved the phone over to her other ear.

“Talk to me!” Maria voiced softly into the receiver.
“It’s complicated!”
“Isn’t it always complicated!”
Liz looked around her empty apartment, then rolled her eyes. “Yeah,… but this is different.”
Maria sat up straighter. “This isn’t about the agency,… is it?”
Shaking her head. “No! It’s not!…. Have you heard about my grandfather’s death?”
Maria felt sad for her long time best friend. “Yeah Liz,… I did. I ran into Sally McFarland at the market,….. she told me everything. I wanted to send you a card,.. but you know how that goes.”
“I’m sorry Maria!”
“Hey,.. it’s no big deal. I’m getting use to not knowing where you live.”
“It’s just that you already know about everything else.”

Maria released a sigh. “So really,… how are you doing?” She asked sincerely. Maria hated the secrecy between her and Liz, but she also knew that it had to be that way for purposes that she just didn’t agree with. But the main thing was that Maria did love her best friend, and always would.

Liz felt the tears come to her eyes,… her emotions choking her, forming a large lump in her throat. “God Maria! ….. I’m never going to have a normal life,.. am I?”
Maria felt saddened. She knew Liz never got this way unless she was deeply depressed. She knew one day Liz’s conscience would cave, and bring her hidden anger at what her life had become to the surface.
Maria stayed silent,.. wondering if all Liz needed to do was vent her frustrations. She could only pray for the day that Liz would make a clean break from the agency that had her life bound up in shackles.

“-I mean,.. You should’ve heard Murphy when I asked for some time off,… he about had a heart attack. First doing a background check on all my latest business dealings,.. then after interrogating me for almost 24 hours,.. I finally stood up to him.”

Maria felt her eyes widen. “And?” She questioned,.. wondering what the out come had been.

Liz sniffled. “He finally gave in!”

“Good!” Maria commented. “I’m just really sorry that the time off had to come at a time of loss Liz.”

Liz rolled her eyes up,… hoping to snuff out the freshly brewing tears. “I know!” She sighed again,.. lightly dabbing her eyes with a clean tissue. “There’s more.”
Maria relaxed again in her chair, propping her feet up on top of the coffee table. “Wanna talk about it?”
Liz smiled. “Yeah,… I need to talk about it!” She controlled her sniffling nose, before continuing her conversation. “I have a big problem!”

“So!…. Take care of it!”
Liz laughed. “No!… It’s not that kind of problem.”
“Oh!…Well,… what kind of problem is it?”
“Emily Parker!” Liz voiced,… the name saying it all.
Maria formed her lips into a tight line. “I see,.. what’s up with Ms. Hussy?”
Liz grinned,.. knowing that Maria could always lighten her mood. “She pulled a fast one with my Grandfather before he died,.. this resulting in her inheriting his entire fortune.”

Maria sat forward quickly. “Shit!” She voiced it slowly, gesturing her disgust with the infamous Emily Parker.
“Yeah,… well it gets worse.”
Maria cut in. “How?”
“If I don’t step up, and do something about this,… She’ll win!”
“Well!” Maria started throwing her hands in the air,.. a gesture to get on with explaining. “How?”
“That’s the complicated part. ….. Only if I have a child,.. then the will would be transformed.”
“What????” She was confused.
“It’s really just a bunch of mumble jumble.”
“Then give me the important part Liz!”
“I need to have a baby! That’s what it all boils down to Maria!”
She still sat there,.. her eyes wide, and her mouth hanging open. “Dam… Liz!”

Shaking her head. “Where the hell can a girl like me get knocked up? Huh?”

Maria couldn’t explain it,.. but she had to laugh,.. and she did,.. hard. She couldn’t stop,…her laughter came out in fits of rapid giggles,.. so hardy, that she had to hold her stomach from the pain in her ribs from shaking so hard from the laughter. Liz couldn’t help it either,.. once she heard Maria,.. she was a goner as well. The ironic part of it all was that they were always the type of girls that stayed away from getting in trouble in that way. Always yacking on one another about having safe sex. In high school, Maria always left boxes of condoms in Liz’s drawer by her bed, once she found out her and Max had first started having sex. Then Liz returned the favor to Maria, once she found out Michael and her had become sexually active.

Maria forced herself to calm down, as she wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes. “Oh Liz!….. Lizzy,…. Lizzy,….Lizzy!….. What the hell are you going to do?”
Liz calmed down as well,… shaking her head to herself. “I have no idea. But one things for sure,.. I need to get pregnant soon.”
Maria sat up straight once again. “I know!…. My Mom was just talking about a clinic that opened up across town here,.. said something about sperm donors.”
Liz sat up. “I don’t know Maria!… It’s not like I can come back home anyway. Plus, well,… I’ve just never seen myself having to go that way”
“Lizzy,… Come on. Do you have any other options?”
She sighed. “No!”

“Well then,… at least just check it out. Then make the decision on weather or not it’s the path you want to take,… or is this about coming back home?”

“Maria!” The tone in her voice was saying it all.

“No,.. No Liz!…. It won’t be like that. He’s going out of town.” Maria didn’t even mention his name, and yet Liz knew who she was talking about.
“I’m not sure yet, … But I’ll be able to find out tonight. Michael and the rest of the guys go on a annual camping trip every year,…HIM included. I know that it’s coming up real soon,.. like in the next week or so.” Max’s code name had become ‘Him’ a long time ago.

Liz started to ponder this in her mind.

“Anyway-“ Maria continued. “You could stay here,… camp out at my place. We don’t have to go out anywhere. I know you wouldn’t want to run into anyone. …. The only times we would leave the apartment would be to go to the clinic and see about purchasing some sperm.”

“Maria…” She voiced in a disgusted tone.

“Well-…. That’s what we would be doing!”

Maria wanted for a moment,…knowing that Liz was thinking about it,… debating weather or not to come back home.

“Okay!” Liz finally gave in, with a pounding heart.

Maria started squealing….loudly. “Oh Liz!…. I’m so happy!…. Okay-“ She started to calm herself down again. “I’ll call you tomorrow around this time, and give you all the information. Okay!”

“Yeah” Liz sounded hesitant. “Okay!”


Maria opened her door and smiled as she seen Max standing there. “Come in,.. Come in!”

He smiled at his long time friend, but the stress that etched it’s permanent mark in his features, was not dismissed by the blond pixie. “Max!…. You look tired!” She was concerned about him, and had been ever since the passing of his father. He gave her a faint smile, as he scratched his brow. “I’m fine Maria!”

“Are you sure?” She asked, as she welcomed him into the house.
Max nodded his head.
“Okay,… well,… Michael’s in the shower,.. he should be out in a few minutes.”
“Okay,.. thanks Maria!”
She smiled at him,.. taking in his appearance and observing it. She always worried about him. Ever since Liz had left town almost four years ago,.. she felt like it was her duty to watch over him,.. something she did for Liz, knowing that her best friend still loved him deeply,… even if she would never admit it.
“So!” Max voiced. “How are things at the studio?”
“Good!… Good!” She was about to tell him the last mishap with the new recording band she had just signed, when the phone started ringing again. “Oh,.. excuse me Max!”

He nodded,… “Sure!”

Maria walked into her bedroom to answer the phone,.. she was waiting on an important phone call from the studio, and she wanted some privacy.

Max watched Maria retreat down the hallway, and found himself alone. He walked over towards the large bay window,.. and let himself soak up the view. He loved the view from the window and always found himself staring out it when ever he was here. He grinned to himself,.. knowing that deep down he had a motive.
It was the Fire place mantle that stood next to the large window,.. and the closer he always stood to the widow,.. the closer he was to a certain picture that adorned the mantle.
He felt no need to hide it,.. him being the only one in the room at the current moment. He felt his legs walking him closer towards her glowing face,.. her bright smile awakening him even now,… after all this time. He sighed heavy,.. his heart revealing how deeply she had crushed it, when she left him, after graduation. And he was,… four years later, and still she was the only one who held his heart. He shook his head in anger. Yes,.. he was still angry, after all this time, and it confused him how his heart betrayed him where she was concerned. He had no idea what had become of her life, and time after time, he wondered about her. Wondered if some other man’s arms were holding her, or some other man’s lips were kissing her.
He shook the thoughts away, and quickly reverted his eyes away from her picture. He hated this,.. hated what happened to him every time he looked at her picture. He scrunched up his forehead, .. A result of his prior pain resurfacing. “Dam!” He uttered, as he gripped onto the mantle, trying to hold himself up.

“Max!….” Maria watched him from the entryway. Witnessed the way he stared intently at Liz’s Picture. “Are you okay!”
He stood up straight, and placed a fake smile on his lips. “Yeah!…. I’m fine!”
But she knew better. She knew Max Evans,… knew what a hard time he was having in his life. And the memory of Liz Parker only haunted him,.. scorning him of a life that could’ve been.

“What’s going on?” A soaking wet Michael Guerin asked as he stood behind his wife in the entryway.
Maria turned around and gave him a brief kiss on the lips. “The steaks will be done in about fifteen minutes.”

“Great,.. I’m starving!” Michael voiced. He looked at his best friend. “You want anything to drink Max?”
“Yeah,.. Actually I am thirsty.”
“How’s a cold beer sound. You look like you need to unwind a bit?”
Max nodded. “That sounds great.”
Maria cut in. “Hey,.. you two go out back, and I’ll get your drinks.” She would play nice little wife tonight at all cost,… just to hear every last detail involved in this camping trip. She was going to make sure she would see her best friend finally in four years, no matter what.

“Thanks honey!” Michael kissed his wife before leading Max out back.
Maria went to her fridge and retrieved two cold beers. Closing it behind her, she looked out through the glass sliding doors, and noticed how Max was talking intently to Michael. She knew that Max shared a lot of personal information with Michael. And she would find out what that was tonight. She had a way to find out anything she wanted where her husband was concerned.

She shivered instantly, as she walked past the mantle and glanced at Liz’s picture. She’d never forget the way she seen Max staring at it so absorbedly.


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Thanks to everyone who left feedback. I was going to work on "Running deep" today, but when I seen more requests for this fic, I starting working on this instead.
I had orginally only wanted this fic to be AT LEAST ten parts long,... but the more I type, the more it just doesn't seem possible. I just didn't want to go into another fic where it's like chapters, and chapters long....
so,... we'll see!

After reading this part, you may understand better, when I tell you that I'm addictated to that new show "Alias"

Part 4

He tossed and turned, … then finally opened his eyes and glanced out his window, noticing the translucent glow of the moon, spilling into his window. He sighed to himself, a gesture of his crazy life, then ran his fingers through his short hair.
Comfort hadn’t come to Max Evans easily in some time now, and the frustration of it all was overwhelming at times. He felt his eyes glistened at the reminder of losing his dad earlier in the year, and realized that he hadn’t let himself grieve over it. Someone needed to pick up his family and go on, and he had step into that role without a second thought. He hadn’t realized the price that it would cost him, … and even though he examined the path it took him down, how destruction evaded his every day life, … he wouldn’t of changed a thing. He loved his family, and always would,.. and when it came to Max Evans,.. love was always enough. His family needed him, … so he gave himself, without question, no matter the sacrifice. And he’d do it again…..

He tossed yet again, as he plucked his mind over the image he so carelessly let himself burn into his mind. He knew he shouldn’t of allowed himself to stare at her picture for to long. He tried for so long to forget what she looked like. And sometimes he would, after not seeing someone for four years, you tend to move on,…. And other images start to clout your mind. But when sleep would elude Max Evans, it was her image still always lingering there. He shook his head to himself, disappointed in his ways. He hated that his heart was still attached to her. He hated that he had never moved on. He knew that the Liz Parker of today,.. where ever she was in the world,… was not the same Liz Parker he had fell in love with their freshman year. He hated the fact that it was so simple for her to just walk away from him, and everything they had, and yet after all this time, he still hadn’t let go of her, no matter how many times he told himself he had.

He remembered a time when he was so frustrated with himself for wanting Liz, he had convinced Michael to go out and drink a few beers with him, and even that led to disaster, as he had wanted to prove to himself that he was indeed over Liz. And by doing this, he had taken Pam Troy home with him. He snickered to himself, knowing that, that was a mistake that stayed with him for almost a year.
He had tried to make love to Pam that night,… kissing her passionately, caressing her face with his soft hands,… whispering loving gestures to her throughout their intimate act, and yet he didn’t feel even half a spark for her. But Pam had fell hard,.. knowing that even to this day, she was having a hard time recovering from his departure in their make believe relationship.
It was sex,.. pure and simple to Max,… he so wanted it to be love that he was making to Pam. He couldn’t figure it out,.. couldn’t understand what was standing in his way when he tried to give Pam his heart. He knew Pam was a good girl,.. very giving and caring. But there was something missing,….. He hated himself even more when he finally become honest with himself,… She just wasn’t Liz,.. he cursed himself over and over for comparing every woman that came into his life to her.
His anger flared at moments when Liz was on his mind, and then it could also so easily turn into loneliness for her. He remembered what it felt like to be held by Liz Parker. He remembered when they were younger,… when they first started having sex, how she would at times bit her lower lip in anticipation to her release. The small intimate gestures in their lovemaking was the things that stuck with Max. He felt his lips curl a little into a smile, as memories of her flooded his mind.
His face grew serious when he recounted the time in their senior year when they suffered through a pregnancy scare. His heart pounded by the notion, and wondered how he got them through that time. He remembered she was so scared. He couldn’t understand why she was more scared at telling her grandfather, then becoming a mother herself. He knew she always had issues with making her grandfather proud.

He turned to his other side, and sighed loudly,… hating that memories of Liz were clouting his mind time and time again.
He damned himself once again, for staring to long at the picture of Liz’s face that adorned the mantle in Michael and Maria’s house.


“You there?”
“Yeah,.. I’m here!”
“I’m coming!”
She heard the shriek through the line, and pulled the phone away from her ear. She smiled at her friends joyous out burst. “Awa Maria!”
“Sorry!” Maria replied, quickly calming her excitement down. “I’m just so happy to finally get to see you!”
Liz smiled even wider. “I know! It’s gonna be great to see you too, Maria!”
“So!….. When are you coming? I’ll pick you up at the airport!”
“No! That’s not a good idea!”
“What!…. Why?”
“Because,… Look,.. I’ll do this, but it’s got to be done right! … If Murphy knew I was coming back to Roswell, He’d start to worry!”
Maria was disappointed. “I don’t get it! Why would he even care!”
“He knows my ties to Roswell Maria. He knows that besides my Grandfather, there’s no one else close to my heart,.. except Roswell, and everything it stands for!”
“Murphy seems like he’s done his homework!”
“He always does!” Liz commented, knowing to well what Murphy is capable with.

“Liz?” Maria sighed her name, as if she was trying her hardest to be sincere with her best friend but also concerned.
“Yeah Maria?” Liz took in her tone.
Maria waited a beat before speaking, and yet her voice was giving away that she wasn’t real sure about her upcoming topic of choice. “What’s going to happen if this plan works,…. If you do get pregnant? I mean,….what’s this going to do to your work?”

Liz was silent,.. her heart pounding. She only knew one thing,……. Things would have to change. “My grandfather was the only family I had left Maria! ….. His legacy means a great deal to me. More then the agency.”

“Soooo….” Maria edged on,.. wanting to hear what was on her mind.

“So!” Liz continued…. “It’s going to be difficult for early retirement,… but I’m willing to take my chances, and see what happens!”

“What would that be?”

“I don’t know yet, what I’m going to do. I seem to have only one issue on my mind.”

“To get pregnant?” Maria questioned!
“Yeah!…. I’ll let tomorrow worry about tomorrow!”
Maria smiled,…. Hearing Liz recite an old saying from their younger years. “So,… how will I know where to meet you?”

“You wont! Trust me,.. I’ll show up!”
“But you don’t know where I live. ……. Or do you?” Maria wasn’t holding anything past Liz. She was a secret agent for crying out loud.
“I know where you live Maria. Just be expecting me sometime after next week. I’ll stay close for awhile, just to make sure Michael has left for camping, then,… I’ll come to you!”
“Okay,… sounds good! I’ll see you soon Liz!”
“Take care Maria.” Liz voiced before hanging up the phone. She wiped her brow with the palm of her hand,… trying her best to wipe away the stress surrounding her life. She was startled by the ever beeping sound of her pager. Picking it up from her coffee table, Liz frowned, seeing that if was the agency.

Pulling out her cell phone, Liz dialed the all to familiar number. After hearing the go ahead, she gave her identity number. “This is 55379,… Parker,.. Liz!”
“State your location 55379.”
“Downtown New York.”
“Go to the phone booth of 22nd, and wait for further instructions.”

Liz sighed, and hung up the phone. Grabbing for her coat, she made her way out the door, and towards the phone booth. She felt infuriated, she had clearly told Murphy she needed time off, and here she was, waiting to hear further instructions for her next assignment.


“State your well being.”
Liz rolled her eyes. “I’m on vacation!”
“55479,.. you are needed in the Las Vegas area?”
“No!” She was clearly annoyed.
“No one else is available. Murphy has sent the instructions to the specified e-mail! Please await further contact from there.”
“How long?”
“A few days!”
“Very well!” She hung up the phone, and stomped her feet back in the direction of her apartment. She would do this assignment, and be done with it. She had a feeling deep down, that this would be her last assignment. If all went the way she was hoping, she would have no choice but to get out, … and that scared her. Because no-one ever got out of the agency.

She finally sat back into the chair next to the window. Closing her eyes, she felt relieved that the task she had just accomplished for the agency, wasn’t to difficult for time consuming. She could feel her hands slightly trembling due to the fact that she was on her way back to Roswell. The place where she truly considered home. It had been eight days since she last talked to Maria, and she could only hope that the camping trip was still on. She had to see her best friend. She needed Maria for the sake of her own sanity. She knew she was playing with fire for wanting to go back to Roswell, and God only knew what memories would be sparked up in the process. She hadn’t so much as uttered ‘his’ name in so long, that she had seriously forgot what it sounded like rolling off of her tongue. But no matter what she forbid her lips to say, she still couldn’t find the same control when it came to her heart. It still only pounded for one man, and always would….

She smiled sadly, when she remember a time when she thought that Max Evans would be in her future,.. but that was when she was sixteen and living in the fantasy world. She had always daydreamed of that white wedding that they would have, and then the three children afterwards.

She laughed curtly to herself, chastising herself for ever believing life could be that simple.
Instead all she got was sucked into a life that she so desperately wished she hadn’t. If only she had consulted with her grandfather before ever signing her life away on the dotted line, and giving complete control to an agency that hadn’t ever given a dam about her or her life, then maybe she would’ve had that perfect fantasy life with Max Evans. She knew one thing for sure, she wouldn’t of had to go to a sperm bank to get pregnant, if she was still with Max Evans.
Tears started to pool in her eyes at the knowledge of her having a baby, … with a complete stranger. Granted, it wouldn’t be through sexual contact, but still,…. The knowledge of a baby growing inside of her, half her,.. and half someone else,… brought a whole new meaning of torture to her soul.
She sat up straighter, wiping all signs of distress from her face, and vowed that she would still go ahead with the procedure,….. at all costs.


She was careful, moving around and interacting in her surroundings, staying alert to all that was around her. She could feel her life, even know starting to change, … knowing that after this visit,.. nothing was ever going to be the same again. She hailed down a taxi, and moved into the back seat.
“Where too?”
“Roswell,.. please!”
The driver nodded his head, and moved back out into traffic,.. heading towards Roswell.
She pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail, hanging long down her back. Sitting back and looking out the window, she noticed her heart still hadn’t stopped pounding, nor her hands still hadn’t stopped trembling.

After staring out the window, and lost in thought, Liz jumped at the voice of the driver finally speaking after a long silence.
“So,… what brings you to Roswell?”
Liz smiled, willing herself to calm down. “Just catching up with an old friend!”
“Ahh!” The driver uttered, lifting an eyebrow. “So, you wont be staying long?”
Liz knew the taxi driver was only making chit-chat. “It’s hard to say,… Oh though, I’m hoping not to stay past my welcome.”
He laughed,.. “I’m sure that wont happen. Roswell is like home,…. It’s a small town, and every one treats you like family.”
Liz nodded. “Yes, I know,… only it’s not always so welcoming when you leave and never look back.”
“Roswell is forgiving.” The taxi driver added.
“I hope so!”


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I'm sorry I haven't been posting,... I forgot to tell everyone about a week and a half ago that I was going on vacation. SORRY about that!... Anyhoo,... today is my first day back to work, and I'll be trying to post another part of this real soon! sorry for the delay!
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I'm Back! Sorry this took me forever to post. Thanks for all the bumps and feedback!

Also- Liz recounts a memory, and I put that in Italics. So, hopefully it's not to confusing.... And, Hopefully I did it right!

Part 5

She left her luggage by the back gate then proceeded towards the back door with ease. Removing her utensils needed in picking the lock, Liz bent down into position after looking around at her surroundings, to make sure no one was watching. Her smile was wide and filled with satisfaction once she heard the all to familiar sound of the click of the lock coming undone and ready for entry. Pushing the door open slowly, Liz moved her eyes around the room energetically. Seeing only what she suspected, Liz then turned around to retrieve her luggage still waiting by the back gate, then returned back to Maria’s empty house.
Setting her stuff down in the guest bedroom, Liz proceeded back into the main living room and released a heavy sigh. ‘She’d done it.’ She was actually back in Roswell. A place she thought she would never see again.
She looked around at Maria’s belongings, smiling as she noticed her taste in furniture and paintings adorning the wall. Shaking her head in amusement, Liz noticed that her best friend hadn’t changed a bit. Maria still was the girl that stood out in a crowd, the kind of girl that didn’t follow the trend of popularity, but rather the trend of her own taste. And it was a taste all of it’s own, with the stark raven red walls surrounded by the crème trim, and the plaid furniture to bring out its brightness. She stood back to take in the room, and smiled at how it did all come together, something that only Maria could do, working with such bright colors.

It made her feel at ease being here in Maria’s home like this. Almost like remembering a once forgotten precious memory.

She noticed the pictures adorning the mantle of a huge stone fireplace, and proceeded towards the pictures with caution. Her face taking up a picture was the first to catch her eye, as if Maria had set her picture apart from the others. She wondered for a moment what Maria was thinking when she placed her picture in such a noticeable way. She skimmed her index finger across the wooded mantle until it came upon pictures from Michael and Maria’s wedding. Liz felt a lump form in her throat, as she gently traced the happy smile on Maria’s face. It was the one single event that Liz wanted so badly to attend, but couldn’t. She was still a new face at the agency, and Murphy had made it clear that she was never to return to her home town again. When she questioned him ‘why?’ He just brushed her off like a thorn in his side. It was later that she understood why. Murphy knew that if anything was to throw Liz Parker off course, and put doubt into her mind about her decision regarding the agency, it would be Roswell, New Mexico, and all it stood for. Murphy had done his homework on Liz Parker, and he was quite aware of the influences that had a pull on her decisions. He knew what one Maria Deluca, and one Max Evans had meant to Liz, and how important it was to him to make sure she was guarded from these influences.

Her eyes soaked up the images from Maria’s wedding, and as her vision began to travel to the right once more, nothing was to prepare her for the image she was about to take in. It was like a punch in the gut when she noticed his raven hair tugged into a fitted hat, and yet it made his hazel golden eyes that much more appealing. Her hand grasped for her heart, as she noticed his beautiful smile shinning, brightly. She was numb, unable to move, and for the life of her, she couldn’t remove her eyes from his image. She noticed his attire, and the other guys along with Michael in the picture with him, and figured that it was from one of those camping trips Maria told her about that they take yearly.

She felt her knees grow weak, knowing that she needed to sit down. She Instantly grabbed for his picture, never removing her eyes from his beautiful face, and proceeded towards the brightly plaid couch to take a seat. She was in awe,…. Seeing an image of a man that she had remembered a boy from years ago. Taking in the sight of him, she noticed that he had only gotten more beautiful with time, and somehow she couldn’t understand that. The image of the last time she had seen him was still burned into her mind, a place she tucked it for safe keeping.

~A time that she would never forget, as the tears rolled down his flushed checks, …. His sobbing evident that he was at his weakest, and yet he tried for the life of him to hold onto her, and never let her go. He thought that if he could only make love to her once more, …. To show her of the love that they had, that maybe she would change her mind about their relationship. He had no idea what had come over her during the previous mouths, and he knew that it wasn’t just him, when Maria told him she had noticed the change in her behavior as well.

So, he had planed out his conquest perfectly in his mind, …. Starting out with just a simple kiss with Liz, but knew that once he eased his tongue in, she would be lost to him for the taking. It was the things that Max Evans did to Liz Parker with his mouth, his hands, his body, that made her lose her mind. And even though he never wanted to manipulate the only girl he truly loved with his whole heart, he had to use this on her, in hopes that it secured their future, that she was willing to let go of. But the thing that propelled Max was that he wouldn’t even try this scheme of his if he was absolutely sure that Liz was positive about letting him go, …. It was her mouth that was saying the goodbye, not her heart, …. And that was the one thing Max knew genuinely,… was that her heart was screaming,…. Begging for her not to leave him. ~

She finally wiped the tears away from her cold cheeks, forcing herself to return the picture to it proper place, on top of the mantle. She had to pull herself together, …. She had only been in Maria’s house a total of fifteen minutes, and already the very details of Max Evans were falling all around her, destroying her resolve to pieces. She quickly walked into the bathroom, and splashed cold water on her face. Looking up into the mirror, Liz began to pat her face dry with the hand towel. “You can do this Liz!” She spoke to herself, encouraging herself the best she could.
Turning swiftly around, Liz stiffened at the sound of the door opening, and waited still,… knowing but still hoping that it was Maria returning home from work.

Setting down the bundle of mail on her kitchen table, Maria sighed tiredly. Work had been crazy, and she was exhausted. Pulling out the juice from the fridge, Maria reached up into the cabinet for a glass. “Here,.. let me get that for you!” Liz uttered with a sly smile.
Maria dropped the juice container, and screamed. …. “Liz!,….. Liz!,… Oh my God!” Maria threw herself at Liz, and wrapped her arms around her petite friend. The emotion so thick, it was numbing. Jumping up and down, Maria couldn’t control herself, as the tears came to her eyes. The joy of finally seeing Liz after all these years, started to take a toll on her, and she was feeling the result. The tears soon came to Liz’s eyes once again as well, as the two friends, Hugged,… and cried,…..

Finally getting a grip on their emotions, Liz and Maria took a seat on the couch. Still taking in each other’s presence,.. the two continued staring at one another, noticing that they had missed each other even more then they thought. Finally sitting together,.. once again,… in each other’s company, was a lot to take in. It was a moment desired for so long between the two best friends,.. a moment that the two would never take for granted again….

“Liz,…… Y – You look-“ Maria began.. pausing in the middle of her sentence to take in Liz’s appearance.

Liz narrowed her eyes. “Be honest!”

“Tired!” Maria finished, being straightforward with her friend.

Liz nodded her head softly. “I am!”

Her eyes softened towards her friend,… she was concerned for Liz, not only became she had just buried her only remaining family member less then a mouth ago, but also because of the predicament her life was spiraling into.

Liz smiled for Maria. “But I’ll make it through.” Her eyes turned downcast. “I always do!”
Maria nodded in agreement. Her best friend was strong,.. but still,… Liz was at her worst, and this was new territory she was walking into.

She picked herself up, and walked towards the kitchen table to retrieve her purse. Pulling out a folded piece of paper, Maria handed it to Liz. “What’s this?” Liz asked, as she opened the folded paper to take a look.

“It’s the number to the clinic. I wasn’t sure if you were serious about going through with it, but I know how important it is to you in not letting your grandfather’s memory tarnish over what that wench Emily Parker is scheming.”

“If not for that purpose alone,.. I wouldn’t even be considering this Maria!”

Maria nodded. “I know Liz! Which is why I respect what your doing!”
Liz smiled. “Thank you!”
Maria waved her hands in the air, in dismissal to Liz’s praise.
Liz stood. “No Maria,…. I mean it!” Holding up the piece of paper in her hand. “And not just for this!… But for everything!”
Maria looked to Liz,.. seeing for the first time in a long time what exactly their friendship had meant to Liz.

Liz continued. “You’re the only one Maria!…. The only one that I have held onto for so long. A life that I had to turn away from, due to my bad choices.” The tears were coming to the surface, and Liz didn’t dare wipe them away. “God Maria,… What have I done?” She slumped back down into the couch hard, and brought her hand up to cup her crying eyes.

Maria watched with wide eyes. It was apparent that Liz was freaking out, and this was something that she just didn’t do. She swallowed hard,… grabbing for her bearings, and preparing herself to give Liz some comforting words. Sitting down beside Liz,.. Maria spoke softly,.. “If it could be different Liz,…… How would you want it?”
Liz’s head shot up swiftly,… her face smudged from the tear tracks. “Anyway but this!”
Maria tried a different approach. “I-If you never met Murphy in your senior year of High School,… W-Where do you think your life would be at right now?”

Liz stared hard at her friends face. “You know where Maria!….. And the thing about it,…. Is that I have to live with ‘would could’ve been’ for the rest of my life.”

Maria touched her arm gently,… trying to comfort her friend the best she could. “I’m so sorry Liz!”
“Don’t be Maria! I made my bed,….. and now I have to lye in it!”
“Everyone makes bad choices Liz!”
Liz shook her head. “I know Maria! But this is a life changing choice Maria. It’s not exactly like I can snap my fingers and go back!”

“No,… but you can start over,… and see where it takes you!”

Liz nodded. “I know!….. but it’s scary,… you know!”
Maria leaned her head on Liz’s shoulder,… getting comfy with her best friend, like old times. “You have a plan,.. don’t you?”
Liz sniffled. Evidence of her prior crying. “Yes,… I do!”
“Care to share the details?”

“Not yet!…. But soon. I’m still working the details out in my mind, but one things for sure. I’m going to get pregnant one way or another,… and there is no way in hell, that I can continue in my field of work, and raise a child at the same time.”

“Murphy will be pissed!”

Liz knew this. “I know! … I also know that I’m in way over my head!”

Maria pulled back. “Liz,.. If you feel like your life is in danger-“
Liz cut in. “I have something up my sleeve Maria. … Something that I’ve been saving for a rainy day!”

Maria narrowed her eyes. “What’s that suppose to mean?”
“It means, that just because my grandfather is dead, doesn’t mean that I can be pushed around.”
Liz noticed the confused look on Maria’s face.
“It means, that my grandfather has some things on Murphy,.. that could cost him a great deal.”
“Grandpa Parker didn’t play when it came to his granddaughter!” Maria added.
Liz smiled,.. and nodded her head. “No,… he didn’t!”

“So!” Maria started,.. as she pointed towards the piece of paper, that had the phone number of the clinic. “Do you still want to go through with it?”

Liz sighed. “No! … I’m going to!”


Hanging up the phone, Liz turned towards an anxious Maria. “So!”
“I have an appointment tomorrow mourning.” Frowning, Liz turned her eyes downcast,…

Maria stood, and walked over to Liz. Throwing her arms around her best friend. “I know it’s not how you pictured starting a family,… but It’ll get better,… I promise.”

“How do you know?” She needed some solace in her life,…. Needed it desperately.

“Because from here on out,… I’ll be your guardian angel.”

Liz smiled,.. and hugged her friend.


“Liz,…. You ready?” Maria called out from the kitchen.

“In a sec!” Setting down the towel, Liz looked up and into the mirror at her reflection. “What are you doing Parker?” Liz voiced to herself,… her reflection had seemed like a stranger for so long.
Sighing loudly to herself, Liz smoothed out her outfit, before exiting the bathroom, and joining Maria at the front door.

“Ready Chica?”

“Yeah,… I’m ready,… let’s get this over with!” buttoning her coat, Liz followed Maria out the front door.


“I’ve looked over your application, and I’ve done some research on what you’ve asked for. Now,… since you have no problem for what figures have been drawn up, I see no reason to stall this any longer.” The older woman replied, who’s name tag read Betty.

Liz and Maria both sighed. “Good!… I’m glad to hear that!” Liz commented, wanting this to be over with as soon possible.

Looking over her calendar, Betty started reading off dates. “How’s September sound?”
Liz looked confused. “What?… For a due date?”
Betty giggled. “No,… for the procedure.”
Liz paled. “Oh no!… See,.. I need this done ASAP!”
“Yes Dear,… and that’s the earliest I can schedule you. You do understand, that we have policies,.. and a list full of other expecting people that we need to brief with first…. People that have been waiting a long time.”

Liz leaned forward. “I understand policy,.. trust me,… but I’m in a situation-“

“Yes Dear,.. but so are the others. Now,… I know your anxious, I see it everyday in the people who walk through them doors,.. and were here to make dreams come true, for wanting people who want a family,… but our list is backed up, and this is the soonest I can schedule you.”

“Look,… If money is an option!” Liz was prepared to pay here way to the top of the list.

Betty shook her head. “No dear,… it’s not! Every single person who walks in these doors, are willing to pay a lump sum of money,… but money is no option here,…. I truly am sorry! But you’ll have to wait along with the others.”

Liz stood to her feet. “Thank you for your time!” And walked out, followed by a confused Maria.


“Can you believe our luck!” Michael voiced to Max as they made their way into Michael’s house.
“Actually yeah,…. I’ve had a dark cloud hanging over my head now for years. I’m actually very used to it!”
Michael smirked. “Very funny Max! I just can’t believe that Old Larry didn’t hold our reservation for our usual camp site. I tell ya-“ Michael reached into the fridge for two cold beers for he and Max. “He’s defiently getting up there in age,… He didn’t even remember me calling him last week.”

Settling down in a stool, that led up to the island in the middle of the kitchen,.. Max removed the lid from the cold beer bottle that Michael had handed him. “It happens to the best of us.” Throwing his head back, Max took a guzzle of the cold beer.
“Yeah!” Looking around his empty house. “I wonder why my wife is?”
“My guess is the studio. Isn’t that like her second home?” Max questioned.

“Yeah!… Oh well,… I’ll just wait till she gets home. I’m sure it won’t surprise her none.”

“Hey,.. doesn’t the game come on today?” Max asked.
“Yes!” Michael voiced happily, as he walked into the living room to turn on the TV.
Max followed him, a took a seat on the couch.

Both men heard the sound of dangling keys coming from the door knob, and knew that Maria was home.

Opening the door, Maria walked fully into her house, followed by Liz,… and it wasn’t until she lifted her head to see a shocked Michael and Max staring ,…..

Liz stood frozen,…

“Oh Shit!” Maria screamed, panic overtaking her body,… and from then on, the only sound heard, was the sound of Max’s sharp intake of breath.


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Okay, first I'm going to repost what was wiped out, from the board being down,... then I'm going to post a new part. So, here's parts 6 & 7....

Part 6

His eyes connected with hers, and suddenly, it felt like the air was sucked out of the room. He blinked, still seeing the same image, then blinked again. It was her,… it was really Liz Parker standing in front of his view, with her long brown hair cascading down the front of her shoulders.

She pulled her arms around her body, in hopes of hiding the trembling, and yet hadn’t attempted to remove her eyes from his. Every emotion came flooding to the surface again, and as much as Liz wanted to fall to her knees and cry out to him, her sternness was preventing her from doing so.

Michael looked between the two, not understanding the eye exchanging. He was waiting for the lid to finally pop off of Max’s hidden anger, that he knew existed inside,….. something that had started building underneath his tough exterior, the day Liz Parker walked out on him.
He turned his attention to his wife, who was trying to somehow disappear into the dark corner of the room. He narrowed his eyes in on her, giving her the look,… the ‘You have a lot of explaining to do’ look of his.
She noticed the look, and reverted her eyes away from her confused husband,… feeling guilty that she hadn’t opened up to him about the ties that she still held onto with her best friend.

He stood carefully to his feet,… his head held high, and if Liz didn’t know him so well, she might’ve been fooled by his strong demure, but it was his eyes, they betrayed him every time. She grasped loudly, seeing the hurt, and anger reflected there. She noticed his lips forming into a tight line, and wondered exactly what he was holding back. She took a step back, as she noticed him approaching her, and it confused her when he reached over and picked up his coat on his way towards her.
He swept past her, making her hair fly away from her face, and before she knew it, Liz heard the slamming of the door behind her. It happened so fast, she had no time to think. He had left,… just upped and left. Of all the things Liz had envisioned that may have happened, if she were to ever see him again,… this certainly wasn’t one of them.

That’s when she broke…… Finally falling to her knees, in front of Michael Guerin no less,…
Bringing her hands to her face, in hurt, …. Over everything. -Her grandfather’s death, Emily Parker’s deceit,… the agency,….Her trying to find a way to conceive, and Leaving the only place she loved, all because she believed a lie. And through everything up to this point, she had manage to keep it together,… Until she came face to face with a love that was never forgotten.

-- He walked down the street in a daze,.. not really believing what had just happened. The image of her standing right in front of him just moments ago was stuck in his mind, … torturing him.
He stopped mid-stride, when his mind finally came back to reality,… reminding him of what had just really taken place. The reality of it all happening was putting a strain on his understandings, his mind finding it hard to comprehend.
His breath became heavy, his throat dry, … his knees growing weak. He was so mad,.. so angry it blinded him.
He began to walk again,… quickening his pace, he started walking in long fast strides,.. then finally just running ,……. His tears streaming down his face like a stream,.. Max just ran,…. And ran… Never looking back.

He ran non stop up two flight of stairs with out once stopping for air. Coming to his door, His blurry vision made way for his clumsiness when he couldn’t fit the key into the door knob. Dropping his keys again, Max gave up, and dropped to his knees, weeping like a small child who just lost a precious toy.

“Max,… you okay!” Ms. Yoko asked from down the hall. Hearing the noise in the hall way, Ms. Yoko never once thought that it would be coming from Max Evans. A young Man who more then once helped her carry her groceries up the flight of stairs, while she juggled her three small children, all on her own, with no father around.

Max kept his head bowed, his hands cupping his face, as he shook his head no.
Ms. Yoko, quietly told her children to be quiet as she walked down the hall to help Mr. Evans, with his keys. She didn’t know what to expect seeing Max in such a condition. She wasn’t sure if he was having a break down or what, but she needed to help him in any way she could.

She bent down to his level carefully, grabbing for the falling keys laying by his side, and stood to unlock his door for him. Pushing it wide upon, Ms. Yoko bent down to help Max stand, and usher him into his apartment. If the other residents that occupied this hall would peek out and see him in his current state of mind, it would turn into the latest gossip among the other residents of the complex.

Pushing the door close behind them, Ms. Yoko settled Max down onto his sofa, and walked quickly into his kitchen to retrieve him a glass of water, and a box of tissues. Handing him a Kleenex, Ms. Yoko noticed his red swollen eyes, and pale complexion.
“Max!…. I’m worried about you!” She spook softly, only because he was in a fragile state of mind at the moment.

Max sniffled. “So am I!” He was honest, and didn’t know if he would survive the blow of finally coming face to face with Liz Parker after four years of separation. He couldn’t understand how he could Love her with all of his heart, and yet hate her at the same time.

She handed him the glass of water, and sat down beside him with ease. “Want to talk about it?” Ms. Yoko asked.

Max stared into nothing, completely lost in his thoughts, yet still hearing Ms. Yoko’s words. “It wouldn’t help. But thanks!” Max choked, with high emotion.
Ms. Yoko patted his arm gently. “You’re a good man Max Evans,…. And whatever has happened to you, I pray it all works out!” She stood to her feet, and approached the front door, turning towards him yet again. “I’m right down the hall, if you need me.”


She nodded her head, and let herself out, closing the door gently behind her. Max squinted his eyes again, feeling the pain resurface stronger. He leaped onto his floor, and pulled himself into a tight ball,… bringing his knees to his chest. The silent eerie of his darken apartment reflected his mood, and again,… the tears fell….

“What have I done!” She cried out, as a perplexed and confused Michael looked on. Maria was at her side in one long stride, Helping her to the couch to sit down. “Michael,.. get the tissues!” Maria commanded, and he obeyed, Putting his many questions to the side for the moment. “Here!” He handed Maria the box, and stood by watching, and wondering.

“I’ve done it to him again,….. He couldn’t even be in the same room as me!” She was mumbling,…. her feelings getting the best of her.
“Liz,.. that’s not true!” Maria commented on every comment she made.
“I disgust him!”
“No,.. you don’t!”
“I do!” It killed her that Max hadn’t even given her any indication, as to what seeing her was doing to him. She had no idea, if it tore him up,.. made him happy, or just flat out, didn’t care anymore! Some kind of emotion would’ve been better then none. He was masking how he was feeling, his eyes the only gateway to his heart, and yet, he didn’t stay long enough for her to get a long enough reading on that.

“Come on Liz,… It’s going to be alright!”
Liz continued to cry. “I wasn’t even prepared to see him again. I didn’t even say anything to him.”
Maria turned to Michael at this. “Why are you home anyway?”
Michael crossed his arms in his chest. “This is my house too you know-“
Maria cut him off. “I didn’t mean it that way. I just thought that you two went camping for the week!”
Michael nodded. “Old Larry is losing it,….. didn’t book our usual site, and by the time we got there, nothing was available. So we turned around, and came back home. … To this ,.. of all things!” Michael waved his hands in the air at the situation. “Which by the way, you have a lot of explaining to do!” He was up front with her, and didn’t want to be in front of a distraught Liz.
Maria let her eyes fall downcast. “I’m sorry!” She uttered to him, low, and sincerely.

“It’s my fault!” Liz spoke up.
Maria turned to her. “No Liz!…. It’s my responsibility at what I choose to keep from my husband.” She turned back to Michael. “I really am sorry,…. And I wouldn’t of kept it from you, if I didn’t see any other way.”

“What are you talking about?” Michael narrowed his eyes at his wife, then to Liz.
Liz looked up at Michael, then to Maria, pleading with her, not to reveal to him her current life.
Maria turned back to her husband, pain in her eyes that she was put in this situation. “Baby,.. I’m sorry,… I really am,… but,…. There’s some issues that I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I – I just can’t go back on my word.”

Michael was growing furious. “What exactly was your word?”

Maria looked from a wide eyed Liz to her angry husband. Obviously confused. Liz stood, wiped her face and prepared herself for the obvious. “She gave me her word, to never speak of our involvement to anyone, including you.” Liz filled Michael in. Upset with herself that she had put Maria in this position.

Michael looked to Maria. “You’ve been in touch with Liz all these years, and never told Max.” He threw his arms in the air. “My God Maria,…. You’ve seen him,… You’ve seen what her walking out, did to him.” Liz flinched..

Maria’s voice started to hiss as she spoke. “I know Michael.” She was pleading with him. “But I had no choice. I didn’t want it this way, but there was nothing I could do. My hands were tied.”

“Oh come on, Maria!” Michael’s voice was growing louder,.. his anger building at his wife’s secrecy. He had always thought that they never hid anything from each other,… Their marriage had always been filled honesty, and trust. “He almost didn’t make it,… For crying out loud, he still isn’t over it!” He yelled the obvious state of mind that Max had been in over the last four years. Liz taking it all in….

“I know!” She cried,.. wiping her new tears.

“Please Michael,… It wasn’t her choice,.. I made her not tell anyone!” Liz uttered in her friends defense.

“And how did you manage to do that?” Michael asked matter of factly.

“I threatened her!” Liz voiced, emotion lacing her words.

Michael stilled,… caught off guard with Liz’s statement. “What!” His tone harsh.

Liz nodded. “It’s true! I told her that I would have to cut off all communication with her, if she told.” She started pacing. “Look Michael,… there’s things happening, … things that I can’t discuss-“ She stopped mid-sentence to look up at him, to show him she was serious. “I’m in deep here Michael,… deeper then you can imagine. And the only person that I could reach out to was Maria.”

Michael ran his hands over his face, his confusion giving him a headache. He sighed loudly. “I don’t understand.”

“I know!” Liz voiced, walking over to a drained and upset Maria. “But, please don’t blame her for anything. It seriously was my fault,… all she was doing was helping a friend, who got herself into some serious trouble.” She turned to look at Maria, her eyes showing her how she felt. “She had only done what I’ve been begging her to do.”

“But what was so bad about us knowing,…. What is all the secrecy about?” Michael wanted answers,.. and he was sure, that once Max had calmed down, he would want the same.
Michael narrowed his eyes on Liz, as he continued questioning her,…”And what’s this trouble your in Liz?”

Maria looked up, wondering what Liz was going to tell him, and this scared the hell out of Michael. He was wondering what the hell his wife was involved in, and questioning why Liz Parker had really left in the first place.

Liz let her face fall downcast….

“Liz!” His voice stern, and forceful. “Why did you really leave Roswell four years ago?” He wanted answers, and he wanted them now.

“Please Michael,… don’t do this!” Liz said,.. her voice strained.
His face was distorted, from his emotions taking feature. “What did you do!,…. And how is my wife involved.”

Liz remained silent, Maria watching with wide eyes.

“TELL ME!” Michael shouted, His anger rising out of protection for his wife.

Liz flinched, never seeing her old friend so angry,.. Maria watched, scared at the scene playing out before her eyes.
“Maria is only involved by being my friend. It’s me who is in deep Michael, not Maria. She had only been there to give me advice.”

Michael looked from Liz to Maria. “Is this true!” He asked his wife. She nodded her head, her throat unable to form words.
Michael turned his gaze back to Liz. “What have you become Liz?” Shaking his head in unbelief. Liz Parker had the world at her feet in their senior year of High School. He couldn’t understand how she could just throw it all away, and why?

Tears came to her eyes, she knew she was finally reaping what she sowed concerning her lack of judgement four years ago.

Maria stood. “Hey now,…. Calm down!” Maria came to Liz defense. She continued. “I know you don’t understand,.. but I do,… because I know everything that’s going on in her life.” She looked into her husbands eyes, pleading with him to trust her. “Please believe me when I tell you, that she never meant for any of this to happen. She’s been living in her own hell,… just as Max has!”

Michael turned his head to Liz. “You never wanted to leave him,…. Did you?”
She shook her head no.
He continued. “Because that’s what he thinks you know!…. He thinks you just stopped loving him.”
Liz choked on her sob,… her tears falling again. She breathed in deeply.

He took another good look at Liz, taking in her appearance for the first time, since his shock at just seeing her. “Liz!” He voiced, softly,… sincerely. She looked up, as his voice came gently to her ears. “What can I do?”

She shook her head. “Nothing! There’s nothing you can do!”


She was exhausted,… drained to the very core, and yet she couldn’t get him off her mind. She wanted so badly to run to him, plead for his forgiveness, and tell him everything. But there was no way she could do that, without complicating his life. And that was one thing, she just wouldn’t put on him. Michael had finally laid off with the questions, but she knew she hadn’t heard the last of him. He finally turned in for the night, while Maria stayed by her side, comforting her, like she always had.

“Here Chica!” Maria handed Liz a cup of hot tea.
“Thanks Maria!” Liz took a sip of the hot liquid, and set it down on the table. “I’m really sorry-“
Maria held up her hand. “I know Liz….Let’s not go there.”
Liz nodded. “Okay!” She turned to look out the large window, .. the stars outside brightly burning. “Tell me about him!” She whispered so low, that Maria almost didn’t hear him.
Her statement shocked her,.. Liz had never asked about Max, she never wanted to know about him,.. it was just to painful.
Maria sighed, setting her cup down as well. “You sure about this Liz?”
Liz turned to her, nodding her head in assurance. Her eyes begging for details.

Maria pulled the blanket down from off the top of the couch, and spread it out over her and Liz.
“Okay!” She uttered, then began. “When you left Liz,… it broke him.”
She seen Liz flinch, but continued. “He didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, …. The boy was dead, … walking around like a zombie. … He stayed like this for a good while, until his parents started to really freak out on him. They were worried that if they didn’t do something for him, get him some kind of help, that he was going to really hurt himself.” She turned to Liz with serious eyes. “I think that they were right!” Liz took in what Maria was saying, and nodded for her to continue.
“He had started to see a therapist, making regular visits, and when his parents started to see an improvement, they trusted his judgment, when he told them he was better,… that they didn’t need to worry anymore.”

“So,.. he was fine after that,…. Right?” Liz asked.

Maria shook her head. “No! He had only let them see what he wanted them to see. He wanted people off his back. He craved the isolation and darkness around him. And with people hovering all around him, wanting to fix him, it drove him even more insane.” Maria continued, after a pause. “Eventually, his hurt, …depression, and everything else, turned into anger, …….. rage!”

Liz looked at Maria, frightened by what she was hearing.

“He dated here and there, but was never happy.” Maria turned to Liz once again. “They weren’t you,…. And that’s what he was looking for.”

“He’s angry with me?” Liz asked, knowing that Maria knew the answer.

Maria couldn’t lie. She nodded her head. “Yeah! He is.”
Liz looked away, the truth stinging.
Maria continued. “It’s only because He loves you so much.”
Liz rolled her eyes. “You mean loved me,…. Max doesn’t feel that way anymore.”

Maria shook her head. “That’s a lie!”
Liz turned swiftly, Maria continued. “Max doesn’t know how not to love you,… and that’s what’s pissing him off so much.”

Liz was silent.

“Look Liz,… the truth is, that you love him, and he still loves you,… I’ve known this for four years, and could never say anything about it. … Yes, your choices really screwed things up, not for just you, but for him as well. But,… neither one of you seen this coming. It’s not right to do this to yourself. If Max knew the truth, he wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself.”

Liz looked to Maria. “He can’t know Maria!”

“Why not Liz!”

Liz looked away. “Because, ….. it’s safer this way!”
“I don’t buy that!”
Liz looked stunned. “What!”
Maria continued. “I think your afraid.”
“I’m not!”
Maria didn’t look convinced. “Well,…. I haven’t told you everything.”
“What else could there be.” Liz asked.
Maria gazed at her, allowing her eyes to reveal some truth. “Max started Medical school, he was convinced that if he threw himself into his work, and school, his life wouldn’t be in such turmoil.”

“Medical school? Max wants to be a doctor?” Liz was speechless,…. He was actually pursuing a dream he talked about with her, almost six years ago. She faintly smiled, remembering when he had shared his career goals with her when they were seventeen.

“Yeah well,…. After the death of his father-“
“What!” Liz yelled, shocked to hear of his fathers death.
Maria turned, startled from Liz’s outburst. “Sorry to break it to you this way, but yeah,… he died suddenly about a year ago.”

Her eyes were wide, … her eyes huge. “Oh my God,… Mr. Evans is dead!”
Maria nodded. “Yeah, it came to a shock to all of us. Especially Ms. Evans. It’s ironic, … not more then four years ago, she was taking her son to a therapist, and now, Max is returning the favor.”
Liz was still speechless,… she had been really close to Max’s family, through out their relationship “I can’t believe this!”

Maria continued. “So,.. Max tried his hardest to pick up the pieces, paying off a dept that his father left behind,.. and in the process, getting his scholarship pulled.”
Liz turned with wide eyes to Maria. “What!”

“Yeah! This just actually happened recently, right before the planned camping trip.”

“So,.. what’s he going to do?” Liz questioned.

Maria slumped her shoulders. “He’s working,… really working actually. Michael had told me he picked up extra sifts at the hospital,.. trying to pay off his fathers dept, then once that’s finished, he’s going to pursue the last of his needed classes.”

“That could take a long time.”

“Actually, he calculated it,… it’ll take him four and a half years.”

“Oh my God!”

“Yeah,.. I know!…. But he’s sticking in there.”

Liz was stunned. His life sounded as dark as hers.


Part 7

She walked down the corridor looking to each door, trying to find the number 318.

“315,…316,..317” She took a deep breath before reading the next number. “318!” She stood still, her hands trembling, as her throat started to form a large lump. She tried her hardest to swallow past it, before bringing her hand up to knock on the door.

She knocked again after a pause, answer, she looked around, then knocked again. She sighed loudly, as she stood still in the same spot. She thought for a moment on what she should do, and finally coming to a conclusion, she slid down the wall and sat on the floor next to his door. Constantly looking from one end of the hall way to the other, Liz sat patiently, occasionally lifting up her hand to look at her wrist watch to read the time. 9:45 AM She had made up her mind,…… she was not leaving until she spoke to Max.

She laid her head back against the wall, with a tired sigh. She lifted her hand to see the time again, and rolled her eyes as it read 11:50 AM. She had been waiting by his door now for two hours. It didn’t matter, she’d wait all day if need be.
She started to roam through her purse for a piece of gum, when her phone started to ring.

“Hello?” Liz answered.
“Liz!,…. It’s Steven,… how are things?”
Liz shook her head in resentment, knowing that he couldn’t see her. “Crazy!’
“Coming from you, …. I can believe that. …. Anyway, I got your message yesterday-“
Liz cut him off. “Right,… about that,… umm,… Well,”
“Liz,…. Just ask whatever it is that you need!”
Liz smiled, knowing that Steven really did know her very well.
“I may need you to do a wire transfer for me.”
Steven lifted his brow in thought. “Wire transfer. For who?”
Liz unwrapped the piece of gum she retrieved from her bag and shoved it into her mouth. “I’ll tell you when the time is right. I’m still not sure if I’m going to go through with it or not.”
Steven was now confused. “Liz? ….. What’s going on?” He was growing concerned.
“I’ll let you know later. But in the mean time, I need you to do something else for me.”
“I’m listening!” He answered.
She paused for a moment. Steven wasn’t sure if she was still on the line or not. “Liz?” He called out, making sure she was still there.
“I’m here!…… You still have that info on Murphy!”
Stevens eyes widen, as he sat up straighter in his chair. “Yes!”
She went silent again, but this time Steven didn’t question if she was still on the other line, he waited until she was ready to speak again.
“I think I’m going to be needing that after all!”
“I’ll handle this Liz!”
“I don’t want to involve you Steven!”
“I’m already involved!”
She let out another hard sigh. “Just don’t do anything until I give you the definite go ahead.”
He nodded his head. “I know!”
“Thanks Steven!”
“You be careful! I mean it. Watch your back!”
“Will do! I’ll call you later.”
She closed her cell phone, and let her head fall back again. She closed her eyes in silent thought wondering about the plan she was putting into play. She shook her head to herself, wondering what was coming over her. She knew she was crazy for going after Murphy. She always thought that her way out of the agency would be her death, but she wasn’t so sure anymore. Her grandfather was a powerful man, and over the years he had the information on Murphy to get his granddaughter out, and safe.
She lifted her arm to look at the time again. 2:00 PM Looking up and down the corridors again, she was starting to wonder if Max was ever going to come home. She would wait. No matter how long it took,….. she was going to wait for him.

After tossing and turning last night, pondering over and over again about the things Maria had told her about Max, Liz had no other choice but to see him,… her heart wasn’t as strong as she thought, But, she had to try, had to explain the best she could, without giving away too much information about her life,… she owed her love for him,… that much!

“Hi!…. I’m Patty!”
Liz looked up at the sound of a little girl. Smiling, Liz stuck out her hand. “Hello Patty,.. I’m Liz!”
The little girl with black hair giggled. “Are you waiting for Mr. Evans?”
Liz lifted an eyebrow. “Why,.. Yes, I am! Do you know what time he usually gets home?”

“I think late,… I’m never awake to hear him come home anymore,… but Momma says that he works hard, so I think he works all the time.”

“Is that right!.. Well if it’s okay with you, I think I’m just going to wait for him, I really need to talk to him.”

“Are you his friend?” The small girl in the blue dress asked.

Liz narrowed her eyes. “I hope so sweetie.”

“Good,… because he really needs a friend now!” Patty replied, in her soft delicate voice.

Liz arched an eyebrow. “Why do you say that?”

“Because we heard him yesterday, crying. He was real sad.”

Liz’s head fell downcast, knowing that she was the reason for his crying.

“Here!” Patty voiced, as she held out her small hand.

Liz looked up, smiling when she seen the girl handing Liz her lollipop. “Oh, I can’t take that sweetie,.. you go ahead and eat it!”

“I know you must be hungry,… You’ve been sitting out here all mourning. Would you like anything else,.. I can try my best to get it for you.”

Liz was touched by the little girls kindness. “Thank you,… but no thanks,.. I’m fine!”

“Okay,… I’ll see ya later Liz!” Patty voiced, as she started skipping down the hallway.

Liz smiled, and laid her head back against the wall once again….

He sighed to himself, exhausted from his long day at the hospital, but mainly from lack of sleep.
He still couldn’t get her out of his mind, and contemplated going over Michael’s house after work a few times during his long day, just to get another glimpse of her. He scolded himself on the notion, knowing that he would only be torturing himself.
But still,…. As much as he was furious with the way they had turned out, his heart still only cried out for one girl.
He wiped his brow, tiredly, as he walked up the last few steps to his floor, and turned to walk down the narrow hallway towards his apartment. He stopped abruptly, as his vision came into contact with her huddled on the floor, blocking his entryway into his apartment. His heart started it’s insane pounding, his throat dry, and his palms sweating. He hated this,… losing complete control over his body, when it came to her. He groaned, feeling frustrated, and lifted his chin, holding his head high. ‘He was not going to give into her.’

She hadn’t seen him yet, as her head was laying back, and her eyes closed, indicating that she had been waiting for him for some time. He wasn’t sure if he could do this,… actually speak to her. He wanted to avoided this all together, but his heart would not allow it. He was an already broken man,… and his mind only revealed to him, that she was about to be the death of him. He couldn’t allow it. He had to protect himself,… put up his walls, be on guard,…. Something he had never done around her.

It had been a long time,…. Too long!

He contemplated turning quietly and walking away,… she would never know, but the more he stared at her, sitting there,…. The more he had to talk to her.
He cleared his throat, moving his feet to walk again, when Liz stirred and looked over at him approaching. She stood quickly, nervously smoothing out her clothes. She looked up at him pleadingly, but he wouldn’t look up at her,… instead he kept his eyes downcast, as he fished his keys out of his front pocket.

He walked up to his door,.. standing mere inches from her, and still,… never looked at her. He kept his appearance calm,… but on the inside, a storm was waging… brewing,…

“Liz!” He greeted her sternly,… still never looking at her.
She stood still, unsure of herself, and everything that she wanted to say, was gone from her mind. “Um,…. Max!…. I just wanted to-“

She cut herself off, as he walked ahead, brushing her off, into his apartment, yet didn’t bother closing his door behind him. She took his cue, and walked into his apartment following him.
She stood still, looking around, and in the distance heard him clicking his machine, to check his messages. He walked into his kitchen, and she could hear him moving things. A distant sound of a cap unscrewing, and the pouring of a liquid over the sound of ice cubes crackling. Then the screwing back on of the lid, and put into a cabinet. Liz knew that he was having a drink of some kind of liquor,… probably to calm his nerves. And then she knew that his calmness,… was only on the outside.

Her train of thought was lost, as the sound of a female pleading her undying love for him, over the answering machine. Liz froze, her eyes going anyway to try to make her seem anything but a mess. Her heart was aching,…. Wanting to claim him, the way she once had.

He came back into the living room,… his eyes firmly holding her to her spot, as he shoved his hand into his pocket. He tried to act casual,… yet inside his was dying.
“So,.. are you back in Roswell for good,… or just passing through?” He asked,.. his voice spiked with sarcasm.

She flinched from his tone, yet remained composed. “I-I’m not sure!” Her voice was soft, yet broken.

He nodded, trying his hardest not to explode, at the site of her. He formed his lips into a tight line, taking in her appearance closely. His heart churned at how beautiful she still was. She hadn’t aged a bit, yet she looked more mature. Her hair was still long, layered at the bottom, and Max suddenly remembered how he would constantly run his fingers through her long tresses. He blinked suddenly, shaking his mind from the thoughts, and cleared his throat.

She watched him contently, noticing him spacing out, as he stared at her keenly.

Finally she spoke. “Max!” She uttered his name, her pain showing,…
He closed his eyes at her tone,… his heart stinging.
Her mouth remained open, uttered the sounds of a person at a loss of words,… when finally she just went with the norm. “I’m so sorry!” Her words were sincere,… and blinding with affection.

He looked away, he had too….. He snickered, shaking his head. “After four years, … that’s what I get!” He was hurt, and she knew it.
She shook her head, pleading with him. “I had no idea,… I – just”
“What Liz!… What?” He looked at her accusingly. His arms opening wide, gesturing to her that no matter what she said, it still hurt just the same.
She closed her eyes defeatedly. “I’m so sorry!” She looked up at him, looked him in the eyes. “I mean that!”

He seen her honesty,… her eyes showing him how hurt she was also, making his anger subside,.. a little! “I don’t get it Liz! I don’t understand. …… Why are you even back here?” A million questions he had, and didn’t know how to go about getting them answered as fast as he pleased.

She turned away from him. “My grandfather died!”
His eyes softened. “I’m sorry!” His voice strained. He knew what it felt like to lose a family member.
She turned back towards him,… her eyes curious. “And I’m sorry about your fathers sudden passing.”
He watched her,…. Biting his lip, he wondered how to approach her, the air around them was constantly changing with each new statement.

“I always thought that if I ever seen you again, it would be different.” He spoke, honestly from his heart.
She listened. “I know!”
He looked up at her. “I’m hurt Liz!… Still,… it hurts just as bad as it did, the day you left.”

Tears came to her eyes. “I know!”

He shook his head. “How can you possibly know Liz!”
Her voice grew strained, and hoarse. “Because,… I feel the same way Max!”

He rolled his eyes. “No!,… You don’t Liz! It was your feelings that changed, not mine!”

She shook her head frantically. “No!… that’s not true!”

He could feel his heart breaking even more. He knew he was right. She would be the death of him. “I can’t do this! Please!!!!” His voice started cracking,…. “Please Liz!…. Just go!”

Her face stared at him pleadingly. “Max!… Please don’t!”
He approached her sternly,.. tears welling in his eyes. “I can’t do this Liz! It almost killed him the first time.” He opened the front door for her. “Please go!”

“Max… Please!”

His face fell downcast. “Liz!…. go…. I’m begging you!”

“I just want to explain.” She didn’t want to leave him. Her arms were yearning to hold him close.

He looked up at her, his face suffering. “The more I look at you,…. The more my heart breaks!” His voice cracked,….. as his sobs came into play, breaking Liz’s heart in the process.

“Okay!…. Okay!” She’d do anything to make this easier on him. “I’ll go!”
She walked past him, and turned in the door’s entryway. “I wish I could go back. … You need to know that I’d do it different.”

“We all would, Liz!” He commented, and closed the door, as Liz hung her head low, and walked out.

She tried to calm her weeping with the cupping of her hand. Finally getting her emotions under control, Liz pulled out her cell phone and dialed.
“Steven,…. It’s Liz! ….. I need you to do that wire transfer after all!”


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Here's the new part.

Part 8

After knocking several times, and yet getting no answer, Michael pulled out his spare key, From when he shared the apartment with Max, and let himself in.
Noticing the curtains pulled shut, blocking out any sunlight, didn’t surprise Michael at all. He knew his friend was slipping back into the darkness once again, and shutting out, any kind of life possible. He heard the consent beeping of Max’s answering machine, indicating that he had new messages. And it was Michael’s guess that he hadn’t listened to any of his messages in days, Which was probably good, considering the messages being from bill collectors, wanting their money.

Opening the bed room door, Michael could see the outline of Max’s body, huddled underneath the blankets. Walking over to the window, Michael pulled open the curtains, allowing sunlight to beam in strongly. “Time to Live again Max.”
He growled. “Go away!”
Michael smirked. “No, can do my man. I’ve given you a couple of days to mope, and now it’s time to come out of your isolation, and face the world again.”

Michael could hear Max sniffle. “I don’t want to Michael,…. Please,… just go away!”

Michael shook his head, sitting on the edge of Max’s bed. “Come on Max,… this isn’t healthy. You haven’t been to work in days, and everyone is really worried about you.”

Max stayed silent…

Michael rubbed his brow in concentration, knowing that seeing Liz once again was bringing all this on for Max. He knew that if he didn’t do something soon, he was going to lose his friend once again,…. And he couldn’t allow that. As much as he hated to admit it, he knew that if Liz was the one to break his heart, and cause him so much despair, then she was also the one who could repair him, and make him whole again. The thing was, he didn’t know a dam thing about what was going on in her life. He was being shut out, by not only Liz, but his own wife.

“Max,…” He pause a beat, then continued. “I’m worried about Liz!”

Max sat up abruptly. The first movement he’d made since Michael showed up. “What?”

Michael rolled his eyes. Knowing that only Liz had an effect on him, during such times as these. He found it so ironic, that she was the cause of his pain, and yet at the same time, the cause of his salvation as well.

Michael stood, walking cautiously towards the window to look out. He knew he had Max’s attention know. He thought carefully, on what he was going to say to him.

“Michael!….. What’s going on with her?” Max asked sternly, wanting Michael to say, what he started.

He shook his head. “I have no idea, but I know it’s deep!”

Max pushed the heavy blankets off of him, and crawled out of bed. Michael frowned, upon seeing just how out of it Max was. His hair was greasy, and the start facial hair growing on his face. Michael wondered if he had eaten, in those few days since he seen Liz, and knew deep down, that Max probably crawled into his bed, and never got out for anything, not even a shower.

Max stood in front of him. “Tell me what you do know!”

“That Maria has been in contact with Liz all these years.”

Max’s eyes widen. “Oh my God!”

Michael nodded. “Yeah!…. I know! I’m pissed about that too!”

Max turned from him, shocked about his good friend Maria knowing about Liz’s whereabouts.

Michael continued. “It seems that Liz into something big, …… I have no idea what,… they won’t tell me,… but I know it’s something.”

“They?” Max asked.

“Liz, and my wife.”
Max nodded. “And you have no idea what she has been up to since she left?”

Michael shook his head. “No!,… And the more I think about it,… the more it scares me.” He sighed. “I mean, …. My own wife can’t even discuss it with me.”

Max looked to Michael, shocked at what he was hearing, yet confused, non the less.

Michael turned to Max. “Which leads me to believe that it’s something illegal.”

Max’s face fell downcast,… his eyes tormented. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his sweat pants, a gesture of his uneasiness, …. And jump slightly at the ringing of his phone. He stood still, listening, and allowing his machine to play for the call. He had a strong feeling that it was just another bill collector calling again.

Michael and Max waited, and listened until the message played.

-Yes,… this message is for Max Evans. Max, this is Ms. Calloway, calling from United financial. I’m handling your family’s financial dealings,…. And I’m happy to say that he have received the check from your bank,.. … paying off your debt. in full.” She giggled low into the phone. “And it came just in time,… I tell you!…. I was able to pull your bankruptcy filing, before it was entered,… so you still have a clean record.”

Max looked at Michael, perplexed, and ran for the phone.

“Hello,… Hello,.. Ms. Calloway,… are you still there?” Max spook into the phone.
“Ahh,… Yes,… Mr. Evans!”
“Yes,.. that’s me!… What’s this about receiving payment?” He was utterly confused. Michael stood near, listening,.. and wondering.
“Yes, that’s right!… We received a check in full from your bank, in the amount of eighty thousand dollars. This covers all your bills, along with your legal payments.”
Max was stuttering. “I – I don’t understand?”
“Well,… I don’t know what to tell you Mr. Evans, other then, your debt. is paid for, in full. If you have any questions, maybe you should contact a representative at your bank.”
“Will do Ms. Calloway,… and thank you!” He hung up the phone, his mouth hanging wide, He was speechless.

“What’s going on?” Michael asked,.. confused.
Max shook his head. “I have no idea,… but apparently, my debt is paid off.”
Michael narrowed his eyebrows. “How?” The most obvious question to ask.
Max slumped his shoulders. “I have no idea.” His face still twisted with confusion. “Come on!”
“Where we going?” Michael asked.
“To my bank. I need some answers.” Max voiced, as he walked into his bathroom, to wash up some.
In the distance, Max could hear his phone ringing again,… but decided to let the machine pick up again,.. he needed to get to the bank, and find out what was going on.
He listened faintly to the machine, as he splashed some cold water on his face.

“Hello, this is Ms. Whitney, calling from NMU,… We’ve just received your back payments from your financial company, along with payments securing you till graduation. We look forward to having you as a student on our medical board once again. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. 555-4172. Thank you!”

Max walked out of his bathroom, perplexed even further. Not only was his family debt. paid for, but it was sounding like, his own personal debt was covered as well.

“This is weird.” Michael commented.
Max lifted his head. “Your telling me,… come on,.. let’s go!”
The phone rang again, and Max looked to Michael. “Come on,….. Let the machine pick it up.” For the first time, the phone had been ringing off the hook, for payment received,… and not payment due. Could he be so lucky? Max was hoping ‘yes!’


“I’m showing a Steven Blake.” The woman stated, as she typed on the key board.
Max and Michael sat in the two chairs accompanying her desk, as she helped them the best she could.

Max looked away, in deep thought, as he uttered the name on his lips again. “Steven Blake!” He turned to the bank representative, confused. “I don’t know any Steven Blake!”

The red headed woman, bit her lip, as she continued to type on her key board persistently. “Wait a minute,.. wait a minute!” She called out, looking at her screen closer.
Max and Michael waited with baited breath,… wanting this mystery to be solved.

The woman spoke again. “Okay!” She sighed, sitting back into her leather chair comfortably. “The wire transfer, was conducted by a ‘Steven Blake’,… but the funds were drawled from different funds.” She moved closer to her screen, to read the name. ….“Parker!”

Max’s heart pounded at the mention of her name.

“Parker!?!” Michael asked, with wide eyes,… eyeing his friend at his side, and then the woman in front of him.

She nodded her head. “Yes,… it says it right here. 1.5 million dollars was transferred-“

Max and Michael’s sharp intake of breath over the mention of the amount didn’t go unheard by the lady,.. and yet she continued to read the screen in front of her.

-“From Elizabeth Parker’s account into one Maxwell Evans Account, on Thursday the 5th, by one Steven Blake.” She smiled, happily for the gentlemen in front of her. “And you have a balance of Thirty-two, point five thousand dollars left, after the total balance of all your bills being paid out,.. that is.”

Max and Michael sat in shock, speechless.
“Holy shit!” Michael uttered. “Ho-ly shit!” He voiced again, slower….

“Where the hell did Liz get that kind of money!” Michael asked, after a pause.
Max continued to stare into nothing,… still in shock, and unable to form coherent words at the moment,….. he just shook his head in confusion.


Michael started the ignition, and pulled out onto the road. Looking ahead, he proceeded with his comments. “I can’t believe this Max!….. I’m telling you,… she into something illegal!”

Max shook his head in disagreement. “Not necessarily Michael!”

Michael turned to look at him, with an eyebrow arched. “Explain 1.5 million dollars, Please!”

“Her grandfather just passed away,….. Robert Parker,.. remember him?”

Michael nodded. “Yeah, I remember that she had only one living relative,.. and it was her grandfather, but I didn’t know that he died.”

“Well,.. he did,… and from my understanding he was a very wealthy man. She probably inherited a lot of money.”

Michael still wasn’t convinced. He shook his head again… “Still Maxwell,…. You don’t just go around handing money like that out.”

Max agreed with Michael on that. “Yeah,… I know! That’s the part that’s confusing me… I mean, why did she do it. “ He thought for a moment, then spoke again. “Maria, must’ve told her about my financial debt.”

Michael kept his eyes on the road in front of him. “Probably. … I just still can’t believe this!”

“Neither can I. I feel like the weight of the world has been removed from my shoulders.” Max commented.

Michael appeared happy. “Well,.. that’s good to hear.” Michael could only imagine what a relief it must be for Max to finally be debt free, but,.. he knew the stress was still there concerning Liz.

“But still,…. I mean,… I can’t just take her money!” Max looked out the side window, still deep in thought.

“What!….. of course you can!…. Look man,… she put you through hell, and left you there!”

Max turned to Michael,.. “Yeah,…. But why?”
Michael appeared confused. Max continued. “I mean,…. For someone who shouldn’t care about me, she sure isn’t showing it properly.”

“What are you getting at Max!…. Liz Parker put you through the gutter,… don’t do this to yourself man,… you done been down that road. Except the money,.. count your blessings, and move on. I’m telling you,… put the girl out of your mind. Just merely seeing her again, put in back in your depression,.. like that!” He snapped his fingers, displaying how quickly just seeing Liz had an effect on him.

“I know!… But I need to know Michael!”

“I don’t like this Max!”

“I know,… and I understand how your just looking out for me,…. But,….. I need to know.” He closed his eyes, and sighed,… “Maybe it’ll bring me some closure after all.”

Michael shook his head in disagreement. “Or maybe put you completely over the edge once in for all.” Michael was worried,.. it wasn’t that he didn’t like Liz,…. He liked her very much, and there was a time when he and Liz were pretty good friends,… back when he and Maria would double date with Max and her,…. But,.. four years has passed, and he seen what it did to his best friend. No matter how he feels towards Liz Parker, he can’t allow her to destroy what’s left of Max,.. no matter how curious he is about her life.

He noticed Max trembling, and he knew that he had made up his mind, he was going to talk to her again. “Just be careful!” Michael blurted out.

Max eyed his best friend. “I will. I just want to ask her about the money,… that’s all.”

“Yeah,.. and then she’s going to answer you, and that answer may be the death of you Maxwell….. Just,… Just be prepared,… and watch yourself!”

Max nodded. “I will,.. and in the meantime, don’t mention any of this to the Maria or Liz. I want to address this in my own way.”

“Okay!” He didn’t like this,…. But Max had made up his mind, and he could only stand by, and wait,… and hope for the best.


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From Part 8...

He noticed Max trembling, and he knew that he had made up his mind, he was going to talk to her again. “Just be careful!” Michael blurted out.

Max eyed his best friend. “I will. I just want to ask her about the money,… that’s all.”

“Yeah,.. and then she’s going to answer you, and that answer may be the death of you Maxwell….. Just,… Just be prepared,… and watch yourself!”

Max nodded. “I will,.. and in the meantime, don’t mention any of this to the Maria or Liz. I want to address this in my own way.”

“Okay!” He didn’t like this,…. But Max had made up his mind, and he could only stand by, and wait,… and hope for the best.


Part 9

The water sprayed down on him from above, coming downward onto this back like prickling needles. He leaned his face back, allowing the water to wash over him, as his thoughts once again turned to the mysterious Liz Parker.
His feeling were in complete shambles, raging a battle between his head, and his heart. He couldn’t make up his mind,… didn’t know how to feel for her yet. He fully intended to reimburse her with the amount left in his bank account, and in time, pay her back every cent that she wired to him, even though it would take him half his life to do so.
He sighed loudly, allowing the shampoo to drip down his forehead and into his eyes, stinging them. He didn’t bother to remove it, just shut them tightly, and endured the pain it was causing.
At least it gave him indication that he was still capable of feeling, even though he didn’t want to. Max Evans was perfectly content, hidden safely within his shell, he had created more then three years ago.
He knew he had to face her, had to know what she was thinking for giving him such a large sum of money, without even telling him, or talking to him about it. It was creating havoc within him, at not knowing what she was thinking. He had to find out. He had to face her…..

Michael closed the door behind him, trying his best not to be seen by his wife, or their current house guest. He walked past the living room, and was trying his best for a clean break to his bedroom, when Maria intercepted him in the hall way.

“Where have you been?” She asked with her hands on her hips.
He looked at her, deciding on his way home from dropping Max off, that he couldn’t tell her. “Just out with the fella’s!” He was trying his hardest to act casual. This latest game he and his wife were playing “keeping secrets” was all new to him.

She looked at him with curious eyes, as Liz walked down the hallway, standing behind Maria. “Huh,… cause,… that’s funny Michael,… since all of your male friends except Max called here for you, while you were out.”

He looked away,…. Trying his best to come up with an excuse, but decided that he didn’t need one. If she was going to keep things from him, then he had every right to do the same to her. “And?” His sly remark caught Maria off guard. He usually was very sensitive with her, when he knew she was worried about him.

She watched him intently. “Michael!” She was soft spoken, yet stern. “What’s going on?”

Liz excused herself, walking past Maria and Michael, knowing that they were probably about to have another argument. She felt terrible, Michael and Maria hardly ever really fought, until she showed up.

“I can’t tell you!” Was his words, and he hated that it had come to this.

She couldn’t remove her eyes from his face. His behavior was scaring her. He never kept things from her. “You can’t tell me!” She mocked him in shock. “Since when did you start keeping things from me?”

He pressed his lips tightly together, and hated the words he was about to speak. “Since you started keeping them from me!” And with that, he moved past her, and into their bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Tears came to her eyes, as she watched in unbelief at what was happening to her marriage. She couldn’t help the negative thoughts coming to her mind concerning where he’s been for the last four hours.


Liz sat at the table, knowing that everything she involved herself in, always fell apart. She didn’t want the same thing to happen to her best friend and her husband. Their marriage was strong and happy, and if she left now, maybe they could get back on track.

Maria walked into the kitchen, and poured herself a cup of coffee. Sitting down in front of Liz, it was evident that she was crying.
“Maria!….. I’m sorry!”
She sniffled. “It’s not your fault Liz!”
Liz shook her head in disagreement. “Yes,.. it is!”
Maria looked up. “Liz,…. You’re my best friend, and you always will be.”
Her head fell downcast. “I know!”
Maria continued. “Trust me when I say that your life is much worse then mine!”
“Yeah,… but still,.. that’s not the point! Your life was perfect,… your marriage was perfect, until I showed up in this town again!”

Maria extended her hand to cup Liz’s. “Everything’s going to work out. It’s just a rough patch right know,…. We’ll get though it.”

Liz looked away. “I hope so!”

Taking another sip of her coffee, Maria set her mug down in front of her. “So,…. What’s next!”
“Yeah,…. Were do we go from here?”
“Well,… I’m going back to New York, and your going back to your life!” Liz added.
Maria shook her head. “You mean your giving up?”
Liz sighed in frustration. “What else can I do Maria? I’ve tried all of my options!”
“Well,…. There’s got to be something! I mean,….. or else, everything that’s happen so far would be in vain.”
Liz felt hopeless, and knew that all of her tactics had failed. She had failed herself, her grandfather, and every one she loved around her. Her face saddened. “I don’t know what else to do!” She had given up. She had made up her mind to go back to New York, and continue living her life, like she had for the past four years. Alone…

Maria shook her head in disappointment, and as she started to open her mouth to disagree, when the sudden knock at the front door, ruined the moment. “Excuse me!” Maria mumbled as she stood from the chair, to answer the door.

“Max!?!” Maria voiced, confused to see him. He was the last person she would expect to see at her front door.
His head was kept down, yet he lifted his eyes to met hers. “Maria!” He greeted. “By any chance would Liz still be around?” He had no idea if she had left yet or not!

She stood still,.. flabbergasted! “Uh,… yeah!” She opened the door wide for him. “Come in!”


She closed the door shut, yet still kept her eyes on him. “Is everything okay Max?” She wasn’t sure how to take his sudden visit,.. and the fact that he wanted to see Liz threw her for a loop.

“I- I’m not sure yet!” He was honest. He wasn’t even sure if he was okay. His emotions were in tangles, …. One minute he wanted to talk to Liz and try and understand what was going on with her,… and the next, he hated her guts, wanted nothing to do with her.

“O-Okay!… Stay here,…. I’ll get here!”
He nodded his head, in thanks,…. And as Maria walked away, his heart started it’s downfall. He was about to see her again, and was suddenly nervous. His knees grew weak almost instantly, and Max quickly retreated for the sofa to sit down. He swallowed hard, taking down the large dry lump forming in his throat, and pondered on the notion, that Liz still had a major affect on his senses.

“Chica!” Maria voiced hastily, as she quickly walked into the kitchen,…in a hurried low voice. Liz looked up with curious eyes, at her sudden behavior.
“Max is here!”

Liz stood hastily to her feet, her demure off, suddenly. “What!…. Why?” Her heart starting pounding wildly.

“He’s here for you!”

“ME!” She stated in unbelief, as she pointed to herself in shock.

Maria impulsively nodded her head up and down.

“Oh my God!… Oh my God!” She grew into a ball of nervousness. Pacing the kitchen floor.

Maria grabbed her by the shoulders. “Get yourself together!… You need to talk to him Liz! This may be your only opportunity.”

“My Opportunity?….. for what?” She wasn’t thinking clearly.

Maria sighed in frustration. “To straighten things out!…. Look,….. just get yourself calmed down, and go out there and talk to him.”

“But what does he want?” She had no idea if he was here to yell at her, or simply talk.

“Hell if I know!…. It doesn’t matter,… the important thing is that he’s here!”

Liz nodded her head. “Your right!”

“I know!….. now go out there!” Maria voiced, pointing to the entryway that led into the living room. Liz took a deep breath, to steady herself, and casually walked towards the living room.

He stood quickly, once he seen her enter. She was simply breath taking, and wondered if he would be able to make it out alive. “Liz!” He greeted her, as she walked closer to him.

“Max!” Her soft tone, revealed to him that she didn’t know how to make out his visit.

He looked down nervously, then looked back up at her. “Listen!…. I need to know something!” He got straight to the point, before he found himself off track.
She nodded her head for him to continue.

His hands started to fiddle with one another, and Max turned from her, and started pacing. He breathed in and out deeply before beginning. “Well,…. I wanna know –“ He stopped abruptly in front of her and stared at her seriously. “Why you wired one point five million dollars into my bank account?”

“What the shit!” Max and Liz turned towards the kitchen door, when they heard Maria’s faint voice ringing through,…. Knowing she was ease dropping. She finally revealed herself at the door, knowing she was caught. “Sorry!” She voiced with a guilty face, and turned and walked down the hallway towards her bedroom, that her angry husband was occupying.

Liz turned back to Max, happy for the slight distraction. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, before taking a seat on the sofa. She knew she had a lot of explaining to do. “Oh,….. yeah,…… about that!”

Max took a seat beside her,… taking in her mannerisms. “What’s going on Liz!” He looked away, then back at her. “I know I didn’t give you a chance to explain,….. “ He sighed, then continued. “But,…. If your still willing,….. I would really like to know!”

He was being gentle, she could tell, but she also notice that he was holding back something,…. She just didn’t’ know what yet!” You weren’t suppose to know about that! My identity was suppose to by kept undisclosed.”

He snickered. “Yeah, I know,…. Let’s just say the lady who helped me at the bank, was growing as intrigued as I was. She was so determined to solve my little mystery for me., overriding every security code out there.” His soft smile brought goose bumps to her flesh.

She turned away,… not knowing how to answer for what she’d done for him. She knew he was waiting for an explanation. “Look!…… I just wanted to help you out! I didn’t mean to interfere!”

He looked at her. “Liz!….. How in the world did you get that kind of money? I mean,… I may be, being nosy,… but one point five million?” His eyes were wide.

She smiled. “Work!” As if her one word answer was enough for him.
She stood, walked over towards the window to peer out, as she crossed her arms over her chest. A sign of being closed off.

He looked at her intently. “Work?,…. Sorry, … but I still don’t get it! What kind of work do you do?”

She looked at him, horrified. “Max,… I know what your getting at,…. Look,… I was trying to help you out,…. That’s all!”

He nodded his head, and stood tall,… “Right!… and I intend to pay every last cent back!”

Her eyebrows furrowed. “What!….. Max,… I gave that to you,…. I don’t expect anything in return!”

He shook his head,… “No!….. That’s not good enough!”

She slumped her shoulders. “I’m sorry!…… But, I don’t know what to tell you!”
“Tell me the truth Liz!”
She turned to him,… his tone of voice revealing what he was holding back.
She threw her hands up in the air. “I don’t understand what your talking about?” She was trying her best to play it off. It hurt her heart and soul when she was forced to lie to him. It was almost unbearable,…. Almost….

“Tell me what your occupation is?” Max asked bluntly. “There’s no harm in that is it Liz?” He asked with a raise eyebrow.

“I just do odd jobs for people.. no big deal!”

“Odd jobs!” He knew something was off with what she was saying,… she was basically beating around the bush with his questions. He stood firm, and crossed his arms over his chest.

She rolled her eyes. “Look Max,… what does it matter what I do?”
“It matters to me Liz,…. Why can’t you be straight with me!”
“Because!” She screamed. She was about to lose it.
He knew she was growing angry with his questioning, but, he now knew what Michael was talking about earlier at his apartment, and it was scarring him how right on, his accusations were concerning Liz.

“Liz!…. Are you into something illegal?” He had to ask,….. his worry was clouting his anger.
She looked at him like he was crazy. “What?… no!”

He took a step closer to her, his eyes piercing her, and she felt like she was about to faint. “You put one point five million dollars into my bank account, and your telling me, that you earned this large sum of money by working,… by doing odd jobs for people?”

When he put it that way, she seen the absurdity in it! She took a deep breath, and fell to the couch, bringing her hands to her face in despair.

He walked over towards her, and sat beside her, knowing that he made his point well. “Talk to me Liz!” He whispered to her sincerely.

She looked up to his eyes, so full of emotion, and knew that she was stuck. She looked away, into nothing, and began to confess. “I- I don’t know where to begin.” She cleared her throat. “My Grandfather left me a large amount of money,.. not in his will,… but rather from a trust fund he had set up for me a long time ago!” She couldn’t tell him about the agency, … not when she was so unsure about it still. But she would tell him as much as she saw fit. “God,… it’s so complicated!” She stood to her feet yet again,…. Sharing her hurt at losing her grandfather. ”Emily Parker ran a scam on my family.” She turned to Max,…. Angry at the situation. “And won!”

“What do you mean?” Max asked, seeing that whatever happen, was truly affecting her.

“I mean, that everything that my grandfather has worked so hard for, was taken, by that no good tramp!”

Max stared at her, listening.

“She convinced him to sign over all that he was worth, during his chemotherapy.” She turned hastily towards him, wiping her tears free from her tears. “I mean, he was drugged out of his mind,…… he didn’t know what he was doing!”

Max stood. “I- I’m so sorry Liz!” He looked down. “I understand how you must be struggling,… which is why I’m going to fully pay back every penny.”

She shook her head,…. Her eyes squinting from frustration. “Struggling?…… God Max,… I’m not struggling for money!”

“I – I don’t understand!” But he wanted to.

“It’s about his honor!…. All that he has worked for.” She yelled, then turned away from him, staring coldly out the window. “He put enough money away in my trust fund, for me to live off of for the rest of my life!”

He felt like kicking himself in his own ass. “I’m sorry Liz!… I knew how much you loved him!”

She shook her head, brushing off his sympathy.
He knew what she was doing, but wondered why this happening in her life,.. brought her back to Roswell. He wondered if she was just getting away from the drama in her life, and just decided to come back home. He moved slowly towards her, feeling her pain, and didn’t know how to make it better. He noticed her back shaking, indicating that she was crying, as her head stayed turned away from him.

“God Liz!….. I – I wish I could make it better!” He was still angry, but he loved Liz,… always did!
She turned to him, not hiding the fact that she was crying.
“I wish there was something that I could do!” He noticed her staring at him, like she was debating something in her mind,….. battling weather or not to ask him something. He stood quiet, watching her expressions.

He noticed her finally look away from him, as she turned her eyes downward,.. then back out the window,….. as if she thought against asking something of him.
He stepped forward,… “What is it Liz?”
She turned back to him, realizing that he noticed she was about to ask something. She shook her head. “Oh,…nothing!” Then turned her face back out towards the window.

“Liz!….If there’s something that I can do,… please ask!” He truly wanted to make it better.

Liz stared at him,…. Could she ask him?
“Well,….. maybe there is something!”

“Tell me!” He demanded.


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I wanted to thank everyone for the feedback, and the bumping of this thread. Also,.... I know that everyone is curious and has questions concerning "The Agency" and why's, and When's. So,... just trust me,... all will be revealed within the next few parts. As a matter of fact,.... I've already written the part, of when all is revealed. It's just a matter of filling in the blanks from this part, to that. so, enjoy!

Part 10

He noticed her start to fidget, her nervousness waging war. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and moved to the sofa. “There’s a way,….. a way to reverse the will, and stop Emily Parker from receiving anything!”

“Really!” He asked. “How!” His eyebrows curving up in curiosity.

She breathed out heavily. Not sure if she was really going to ask him, but went with it anyway. “My Heir!” There,…. she said it,… but wasn’t clear on the meaning.

He was confused. “I don’t understand!”

“The only way the will can be reversed is if I produce an offspring.” She was shaking.

He looked at her, as it was finally registering. “Y-You mean-“ He was still pondering in his mind what she was telling him. “But- But you don’t have-“ He paused a moment, then continued. “Oh!” He reverted his eyes downcast. His heart gaping open, like it was just slashed with a knife.

She turned away from him, knowing that he finally got what she was saying. “I tried to get pregnant,… But it just isn’t working for me!”

He looked up. His heart hurt. “You can’t get pregnant?…. I take it you and your boyfriend already tried,.. huh!” Never in his life had images clouded his mind of Liz and another man, until now, and it utterly disgusted him. His anger rearing it’s ugly head fully,… he felt like he was just punched in the gut.

She looked at him, wondering what he was talking about.

The emotions that were clouting his mind were unbearable, and even more confusing then ever before. He couldn’t comprehend what hurt him worse. The fact that she walked out on him four years ago,…. Or the fact that she was trying to get pregnant, and possibly start a family with that special someone in her life. He hated the fact that there was a time in Liz Parker’s life, that he was so very apart of,… he knew everything about her at one time, … how her mind worked, what her thoughts consisted of, and more personally, he knew every detail of her body, like it was his own. And the fact that, that privilege belonged to another, just about severed his heart in two.
He coughed, … gagging on his own panting breath.

“Max!” She watched,…. Wondering what was wrong. She shook her head. “It’s nothing like that!”
He turned,.. and looked at her closely,.. hoping that in some way she could reverse the pain that was overcoming him. “Then tell me how it is!”
She wasn’t sure about his tone,… it was unreadable.
She nodded, yet still kept eye contact. Rolling her eyes, she sighed deeply, displaying just how complicated her like truly was. “The truth is, I’m alone!” She put it out there, not caring how it made her sound. “There is no one in my life,…… which puts a damper on just what I’m trying to do here!”

“To get pregnant?” He answered for her, waiting for her to nod her head, to show that he was correct.
“I’ve already paid a visit to the sperm bank-“
He cut her off, not liking where she was going with this. “The what!”
His tone confused her, not to mention his actions.
She threw her hands up in the air. “THE SPERM BANK!” In truth, for some reason, it almost sounded like a dirty word, coming out of her mouth,… and she knew he felt the same,… but she was beyond caring right now,…. Her life was in no way turning out the way she had hoped.

“Liz!… why?” He questioned.

“What other optioned do I have Max?”

“Is this-“ His eyes grew big,.. his hands gesturing the worth of her actions. “All really worth it Liz? I mean, to go and have some other mans sperm put in you to create a child, just so you can prevent Emily Parker from inheriting your grandfathers money, even worth all this?” He had to ask,…. Because in truth,.. he just didn’t see it!

She looked at him with cold eyes,.. allowing him to see just how stupid his statement was. He took a step closer towards her. “What I mean Liz,… is,… do you really think your grandfather would want you to do this,….. all of this,….. for him?” He kept his eyes trained on her,… sincerity peeking through. “I’m not saying that he deserved what happened to him,.. but Liz,…. I know that he loved you very much. Do you really think that he would’ve wanted you to have his grandchild in such a way? All I know is one thing,… Your grandfather wouldn’t want you to create anything so important,… unless if it was out of love!”

She looked away,… tears brewing in her eyes. He was right, and she hated it! She spoke softly. “I know Max,… your right!” She turned back towards him. “But I still have to do this. I-I can’t explain it….. it’s killing me.” She lifted her eyes up to his,… almost pleading. “Which is way I have to ask you Max!”

He stood watching her,… bracing himself for what she was about to ask.

She walked closer to him,…. Lifting her hand softly to his face. “I’ve been so wrong about a lot of things,… I’ve done so many things that I’m not proud of,… But-“ Her sobs were choking her words. “You were always the one part of my life that I was thankful for. …. I never stopped Max-“

“Stopped what?” He asked, his eyes falling under the spell of what she did to him.

“Loving you!”

He flinched,… her words having a huge affect on him. Those words pierced him deeply,… cutting him,… and what he had become. “Liz!” He whispered so faintly,…. Almost unheard.

“Please Max!” Her head started to tilt slowly side to side,… showing how this whole ordeal was making her crazy. “My Pride has kept me back for so long!”

“What are you asking of me?” His features were frantic,…. He trembled.

“Please don’t make me go to anyone else. … I could never give my body to another,… never,…. Only you,…. Always only you!”

He stepped back from her, like he was burned. He shook his head, his eyes wide with wetness. “Then what Liz?”

Her words were lost. “What,- What do you mean?”

“You want me to help you make a baby,….. just like that,…. For this reason?” He was hurt. Shocked that after all these years, she showed back up in his life, and this is what she asks of him.

Her face fell. Her eyes horrified. “It wasn’t easy for me. I never wanted it this way!”

“Why did you leave me four years ago?” Finally,…. It was asked. A question that had plagued him everyday of his life.

She looked up,… shocked at hearing the question, that she knew one day she would have to answer to. “I-I-…

“Tell me!” He voiced sternly. “I want to know!”

“And I want to tell you!” She looked away….. “I just can’t!”

He felt like he was about to scream, pull his hair out or something. She denied him the right of knowing why she tortured him so. “Let me get this straight! You have the nerve to ask something of me, so personal, and precious,… yet, you can’t be straight with me?” His voice loud, and angry. “Tell me Liz!” He continued. “How exactly do you have this planned out in your head,…. I get you knocked up,… and you leave again,…. Leave me!”

Dumbfounded. She hadn’t quite thought that far ahead. She had never hated herself so much in her life, as she did at that moment.

He walked closer to her,… trying his best to calm his loud voice, only because he wasn’t in his own home, but someone else’s. He shook his head in pity towards her. He snickered. “God,… look at you!…. “ He shook his head in disgust. “The sad thing about it Liz,… is that, I know without a doubt, What could’ve been!” He looked away,… not trying to hide the hoarseness in his voice. “In a different time, … place,….. our lives would’ve been so different, if only you hadn’t of left me,…. I’m almost positive of the family we would’ve already had.”

She broke,… fell to the floor in heaping sobs. It caught him off guard,…. No matter how angry he was, how furious she made him,… the bottom line was,… he loved her,…. Too much!!! He kneeled to the floor, facing her,… grabbing a hold of her, and pulling her to him, no matter how much he hated her right now, his heart was aching to comfort her.
He pulled her to his chest,…. Sobbing along with her. “It hurts so bad Liz!” His lips smothered in her hair.
She nodded in his embrace. “I Know!”
“I-I just want to know why? …. Did I do something?”

She pulled back,…. Looked at him with shocked eyes. “Oh dear God,….. –“ Her hand flew to her mouth, in shock! She grabbed a hold of him by the collar,.. almost shaking him. “It was not you Max!…. I swear it!….. It was not you!”

He gasped,… even more confused now! “Why can’t you just explain it to me!”

“One day,… I would like to!”

He hated when she spoke in these circles,… confusing him even more.

She continued. “And I know that that’s not fair to you,…. I know that,… but when the time comes, and you know everything,….. I can only pray that it makes sense, and that you can finally understand why it is,… that I have done this to us!”

He watched her with confused eyes. “I don’t want you to go to anyone else!” He couldn’t believe he had just said that! He was breathing deeply.

She watched him with a unbelievable stare. “Are you saying-“

He cut her off, holding up his hand to silence her. “I don’t know yet,…. I need time!”

She nodded her head,… grateful that he was at least thinking about it. She knew she didn’t deserve anything from him. But no matter how she felt about herself, she couldn’t deny who she wanted to father her child.


He hadn’t left his apartment in two days. Two days since he talked to Liz, and he told her that he would think about her sacred plea to father a child with her. There was nothing she was offering him,… no kind of commitment, or binding agreement, but to simply give his body to hers for a time.
He scratched the back of his unkept hair, and made his way out into his living room, to loaf a while on his sofa. There was no doubt that he owed Liz a lot, due to the fact that she had saved his ass from a lot of financial troubles, yet what she was asking of him, went beyond the natural burdens of society. She was asking for the joining of their bodies, in what would result in creating a child,… him and her,…. Together. It blew him away,….. sent him over the edge. It troubled him,….. because, …. Yes,…. When it all came down to it,…. He would bend over backwards for her. But when it would come to an innocent child,…. That was his, and hers in one,…. Well,…. He owed that child all that he had, no matter what the cost. He had no idea what Liz had in store for this child. How would she raise it, and if this child did come to be, then it did matter what she did for a living, and he just couldn’t not find out, and turn his cheek the other way, and go on living. Not when he knew he had a child out there, in the world.
He wondered if he did go through with this, if she would allow him to see their child. Hell,… he didn’t even know what to think,….. or how to feel.

He had to know more,…. Or else there was no way for him to make a decision, and have a clear conscience about it. But he couldn’t go to Liz. He already knew that, that was a dead end.
He suddenly got an idea, and picked up his phone.
Dialing Michael’s number, he had only hoped that Maria was the one to pick up the phone.

He released an anticipated breath, when she did.

“Maria,… hi,.. how are you!”
“I’ve had better days. Listen,….. Michael isn’t here, but-“
He cut her off. “I was actually calling for you!”
She waited a beat. “You where!” Her tone curious.
“Yeah,… Listen,…. Are you busy?”
“Ah,… no,…. I’m not! Why?”
“Do you think you could come over here,… I really need to talk to you!”
She hesitated at first, but then decided against it. “I’m on my way!”

She sat down in the chair, facing him, cradling the cup of tea he had just made for her, when the sound of him clearing his throat, sparked her attention. She looked up, knowing that the questioning was about to begin.
“I just don’t know what to do!” He stated. She arched her eyebrows, feeling bad for the guy. She nodded her head in an understanding way, but felt that if she said anything to him, she may be betraying her best friend.
He looked up. “What do you think Maria?”
She felt unguarded, not prepared at all. Like when it came to Liz Parker, she felt like she was suppose to be rehearsing her lines or something, on what to say.
She stuttered at first, not knowing what to say.

“Maria,…. Please!… This is my life to.” He looked down, hurt that she couldn’t be real with him. He wondered if he ever truly knew her at all. “I-I just really need you to be real with me.” He looked up at her sincerely. “I promise,…. Everything you say will stay between the two of us!”

She knew he meant it. “You want me to be real!”
He nodded.
She stared at him more intently. “Because, If I’m going to be real with you,…. You need to be prepared.”
He sat up straight, taking in her seriousness, and nodded again.

“Okay!….. I love Liz Max!… She’s my dearest friend, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.” She paused a bit. “And I know that there was a time where you felt the same.” She watched his face crease in agony, remembering the times when he and Liz were so young, and in love.
“But-…. Her life is a mess. And she needs some help!”
He stood, agitated. “But how can I help, when I don’t know anything!”
She was stern with him. “By doing just that!”
He turned to her, confused. “Huh?”
“Look Max!….. You not asking questions, … is helping!”
“Easy for you to say,… you already know everything that’s going on in her life.”
“Yeah,.. I know enough!” She nodded her head. “Which is also why, I’m able to stand here, and say to you, not to ask anything,…… for now!”

“But,… what’s she’s asking of me Maria!”
She held up her hand. “I know,…. And that’s your decision Max! And it’s a hard decision to make.” She looked at him sincerely. “It’s something that you need to give a lot of thought to.”

He was in agony. “But she can’t guarantee me anything.”

“No,… she can’t!…. And there’s also a possibility that after she leaves Roswell again,… you may never see her again!” Maria added,… only being truthful. She was not going to lie to him, not when it came to a huge decision like this.

He shook his head, in confusion. “It’s like, I want to do this for her.” He turned to her, with desperate eyes. “But, I know that I’m going to have to almost turn myself off in the process.”

She felt sad for him.

“She really helped me out,… but that’s not why I’m doing this.”

“I know!” Maria added. “Love makes us do crazy things Max!”

His face turned downcast. “I’ve only ever loved her,….. and it will always be that way. ……. But I need to let go of her.”

She patted him on the back. “Max!” She wanted to tell him something positive, but she couldn’t promise him nothing,… not when it came to Liz.

He looked up to her with caution in his eyes. “I’m going to do it Maria. I have no idea how I’m going to be able to live with myself, knowing that I will have a child out there, somewhere, but this has to end!….. It’s killing me!”

She didn’t know how he could do it. Making the ultimate sacrifice, but he was doing it, all in the name of love. And then, he was going to say goodbye to it, for the second time in his life.


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I'm back!!!!.... Sorry it took me forever,... but I've been so busy with work, and reading other fics....

Anyway, I told you before, that this story isn't going to be carried out, and long, .. so, it is coming to an end soon. Just a few more parts left. However, I hope you are happy with this part, I think it will answer a lot of your questions. Let me know, and thanks for the feedback. And for the bumping.....

Part 11

He silently poured himself another glass of brandy,…. A drink that helped calm his nerves. He didn’t know if he could actually go through with this. He was still in conflict with his inner self, silently cursing his heart for allowing this to happen again. Yet this time was different. He was allowing her to walk out of his life, and giving her something so precious of himself. A piece of himself, to take along with her. That was the part that was most difficult. A life he would always wonder about. How would he cope once this was over? He knew he wouldn’t be able to,… that this would be his breaking point, and yet, he was still determined to go through with it.
The soft knocking at the door, brought him out of his reverie, as he set the heavy glass down onto the table, and proceeded towards the door.

“Come in!” He opened the door widely for her to enter, and yet didn’t exchange eye contact at all. He needed to stay focused,…. needed to be on alert.

She took off her coat, and laid it on the back of his chair. “Thank you for-“
He silenced her with his fingers splaying across her lips, and grabbed a hold of her hand, and proceeded to led her to his bedroom. She stayed silent, wondering how exactly he was going to approach the matter of the heart.
He turned on a soft light by the bed, enough light to cast a soft faint glow within the darkened room, and turned from her and started to unbutton his shirt.
She stood confused, watching him intently, and decided to say silent, and follow his lead, by undressing herself. She watched as his shirt fell from his stern shoulders, and fell to the floor. His back still to her, she noticed the muscles he had in high school were still present, yet leaner, defining a more tone body. She swallowed hard, letting her blouse pool at her feet, before fiddling with the buttons on her jeans.
She pushed her jeans down her lean hips, down farther past her thighs, before standing back up straight, and noticing him standing naked before her, yet turned away. She inhaled quickly, staring him up and down, and wondered how she had gone so long without something she had always had at her fingertips in her younger years. Had she forgotten the beauty of him, the body that he had, and what it did to her? She quickly tried to calm her breathing, as she looked away, scared of the things his body was sparking in her.

He turned to her for the first time,… noticing her still in her undergarments, he tried with every fiber of his being to keep his emotions in check, yet he knew he was failing, and falling for her all over again, yet in a different way. She was no longer a young teenager,… but a very mature woman, who had a body to prove it. Her body was still lean and trim, just as he remembered, yet fuller in the proper places.
He reverted his eyes, keeping them focused on the bed, he was about to make love to her in. He sternly corrected himself in his mind, by thinking of it in a different way. ‘by not making love, but making an agreement,…. A scared agreement’

“Are you going to take those off?” He spoke for the first time, as she looked up to him swiftly, yet his eyes remained away. She swallowed again,… hard, and nodded her head, knowing that he didn’t see her. He remained still, his eyes focused on the linen sheets, as he felt her stir beside him, removing the rest of her barriers. His heart was beating forcibly, yet he appeared calm on the outside, Just as he hoped he did. This night was going to be the death of him.

She stood to the side of him, completely bare, and yet he didn’t turn to look at her once. The thought of him not caring, or being completely turned off by her, hit her full force, as she felt the tears surge to the surface. She followed his lead, by climbing into the bed beside him, and laid there, tucked under the blankets, wondering what was going to happen next. She felt the sudden touch of his hands on her thighs, under the blankets, and let her eyes drift close. The heat of his touch burning her skin, sparking up old memories of the things his hands use to do to her. Only it was short lived, when he moved her closer to him, in an advantage to position her just right for his sudden invasion. He wasn’t taking his time with her, not being the usual gentle, and caressing guy she remembered him as, when he huddled on top of her, after spreading her legs wide for himself to settle between.
She watched him intently, staring at his eyes, and wanting him to stare back at hers. Only he didn’t,…. And when she gasped audibly as his lower sex made contact with her heat, she sighed in continent, when it slide in, almost automatically. She noticed his eyes close in sweet bliss at the feeling of coming together, and joining as one, once again, after all this time.

He was raging inside, unbelievable feelings surrounding him, and he knew he was making a mistake. There was no way he could go through with his. He was inside her, making love to her, and yet he was trying to convince himself it was just sex. The anger boiled, …. Flaring, as his thrusts became more frantic, and hard. She gasped at his movements,…. Not understanding the battle waging within him.
She held on tightly to his forearms, as her body was slammed up higher onto the bed, then brought back down, by his powerful thrusts. The tears finally spilled from her eyes, as she continued to stare at his face, twisted in pain, … his eyes squinting tightly shut, as if they were afraid to be opened,… to see.

Her heart was breaking, just as his was. “Max!” She uttered, almost afraid, as she brought her hand to his face. He broke, his eyes finally opening. “No!” He took her small hand into his, and held it above her head, as he then pressed down more firmly onto her slick body, and thrust deeper into her,… his eyes finally finding hers, … pleading….. “Please ,… don’t!”

She turned her face to the side, deeply hurt, and focused on the door that led out into the hallway,… using it as a scapegoat, as Max continued to move within her body.

“Please ….” He softly whispered into her ear, as her face looked away, to the side. She turned to him, noticing the look in his eyes, She knew this was torturing him. She felt him pick up her lower body, taking her hips more firmly into his hands, as he positioned himself to go deeper within her. She gasped at the feeling, … knowing he had touched something deep, and hidden. Her eyes grew wide, her heart pounding wildly, and as she watched him,.. watching her, …..this send her gripping tightly to the sides, the sheets tangled in her grasp, her knuckles turning white, her sweet release escalating, and then she felt it!….. His released. She watched his face wincing in satisfaction, yet he tried to hide it, before giving up, and bringing her knees up higher , to deepen his thrust, and sending his seed deep into her depths. The knowledge of him giving her something so intimate and personal, sent her gasping dangerously hard, her orgasm explosive, … sending her body into shivers,… her skin tingling, her body breathing him in.

It took moments for the two to come down off of their high, as they both laid there side by side, in silence,… reeling over what had just happened. Liz was truly touched in every way, her heart soaring over their love making, as Max laid there,.. heart broken, knowing that this was all he was getting.
He sat up, and grabbed for his jeans, standing to pull them up over his hips. Liz laid still, watching him dressing himself, with a satisfied smile on her lips. She stretched her arms above her head in satisfaction, as her lips released a sated groan. He turned from her, wishing it could always be this way, but knew it couldn’t, and he needed to end this moment with her quickly, before it killed him.

He bent over to pick up her clothes, and set them down beside her on the bed. “Let me know if it didn’t work!” He replied, and made his way out of the bedroom, leaving a wide eyed Liz staring at his departure. She was shocked, and hurt, after what had just happened between them, he was in so many words, asking her to leave,….. just like that!

She quickly got dressed, and stormed out of the bedroom. Walking up to him from behind, she noticed him nursing a glass of brandy. “So that’s it?” She voiced,… emotional.
He turned to her, confused.
Her hands on her hips, tears falling from her eyes. “Your kicking me out,…. Just like that?”
“Yeah!…. I did what I said I would do Liz,…. My God,…. What else do you want from me?” She looked at him, …. Knowing this was hard for him.
He set his glass down, staring hard at her. “I’ve given you everything I got!….. Everything I am capable of giving,….. everything you have asked me for,…. And yet, you still don’t get it!”
“I get that what we just shared didn’t mean anything to you!” She snapped, …angry that she had said it, but it was how she felt.
“WHAT!” His voice growing. “Is that what you think? You don’t think what we did in there wasn’t hard for me. It’s killing me to say goodbye to you Liz!”
She threw her hands in the air,… a gesture of her frustration. “Then why are you doing it?” She had no idea what she was saying,…. She wanted him to show her that he wanted her as much as she wanted him, yet it was impossible for her.
He took a step closer,… his eyes peeling her apart. “You wont tell me nothing about your life, … you can’t guarantee me nothing,…… you never have!” He took another step towards her, his breathing heavy. “Can you stand there, and tell me that we can make this work? That you’ll stay,….. here!” He motioned his hand in the air, asking if his apartment could serve as there new home, ….with him. Everything stood still for him, as his question hung in the air,….

He noticed her head fall, just as his eyes closed in agony, at her answer.
He picked up her coat, that was laying on the back of the chair, and handed it to her. “Good bye Liz!”
She looked up to him, endless tears falling. She looked into his eyes for a long moment, aching to touch him, but knew she would be denied. She took her coat from his hand, and cradled it tightly. “I’m sorry!” She whispered, before making her way out the door, and never looking back, as she suddenly started to run.

He turned from the closing of his door, and angrily threw the glass filled with brandy across the room, slamming into the wall, and shattering into a million pieces. His world had ended, …. Again.

She hastily pushed open the door, exiting from his apartment complex, and continued to run, not caring about the heavy falling rain.
Her steps splashing up water puddles, as she continued to run down the street, …. The rain soaking her, until she stopped,…. Her world catching up to her,…. Her running becoming a pattern,… she needed to stop,… just once.

She tilted her head back, letting the down pour of rain splash her features, soaking her from head to toe. Standing still,… under the glow of the street light above,.. Liz realized she was doing it again. Pulling away and making excuses. As the drops cascades down her checks and splashed onto the puddles gathering by her feet, Liz wasn’t sure if it was drops from the rain falling from above, or drops of tears, falling from her eyes.
Her mouth trembled, as she brought her hands to cup her face, ashamed that she was running from him again, … like she did four years ago.
Her pride was getting the best of her, …. And in the process, sending everyone around her in turmoil, including herself.
She started jumping up and down, making the water splash all around her, and as Liz opened her mouth wide, and closed her eyes tightly,…. The shouting began…..
A release of echo’s hidden deep inside of her. Pain, regret, anger, loneliness, shame, grief,.. and remorse.
Her heart was pounding as thoughts surged threw her mind,… actions, coming before thinking, Liz stormed back up the street, and into Max’s apartment building. Running up the stairs, Liz was soaking wet, …. But lost, within her own self.
She stormed down the hall way, and pounded on his door,….before opening it for herself.
Seeing him standing there, confused, with wide red eyes, Liz just blurted out,…. Everything.

“I never wanted this!……. Never thought that it would turn out like this! I thought I was being introduced to a good company, something that I could make a career out of. I never thought that it would cost me so much. I was deceived,……. The last thing I ever wanted to do was leave you,… leave here!…. God Max,…… I wanted to get married too ,…. Like we talked about doing all through High School.” Liz started Pacing the floor…

Max stared on,…. Shocked!..Staying silent, letting her get this out, and hanging on to every word that dripped from her lips.

“At first I was told that joining had to be top secret, just until all the paper work was signed and filed… but that it wasn’t always going to be that way. I was young, living life and all the possibilities it came with,….. but I never really took a good look at what I was doing, ….. until it was to late.” She stared into nothing, her words dripping with emotion, as the tears fell from her chin.

“I’ve done things Max,… Things that are used against my conscience. ….. Things that I couldn’t bare to tell anyone.” She turned to him,…. Her eyes pleading,… “But I’ll tell you,…. And you’ll hate me even more!”

Max shook his head,… Pleading with her with his eyes. His throat was stuck, dry, from the lump hanging there.

“It was my senior year when he came to me!”

“He?” Max asked softly, hating to cut in, but wanting to know.

Liz turned to him, looking him in the eyes. “Murphy,… my Operator.”

“Operator?” Max asked with an arched eyebrow.

“It’s complicated!….He’s the one who recruited me,….. or seduced would be a better term. The place is called Sector 9,… and at the time, it went by who ever recruited who, was apart of that team of special operatives.”

“At first I was given simple tasks,… things that were just routine.” She hissed in aggravation. “At least it appeared that way. Murphy started me off with delivering simple packages to what he would call ‘clients’ of his. Later, once I was long gone from the scene, the same place where I delivered the packages would blow up. Just like that,… gone!…. People dead,…. And I did it!”

“You didn’t Liz!” Max cut in. His throat tight.

“Murphy hung that over my head, saying that I was the one spotted taking the package in, My image was the one on camera,… He had me in the palm of his hand, …. Using my conscience against me,…. Saying that he would protect me. …. And day by day, he wore me down,.. filling my head with lies.
Eventually he convince me to leave Roswell and never return, telling me that it would only cause problems.” She turned to him,… piercing his eyes with her own. “I obey,… breaking your heart, as well as mine!”

He wanted to run to her, sweep her into his arms, but his feet keep him planted firmly to the floor.

Max had a million things running through his mind, wanted to ask so many things, but was scared as soon as he started questioning her, she may clam up again, and not reveal anything. So, he stayed silent, taking in and trying to make sense of everything she was saying.

“He promised me a career of many opportunities. Told me that it was a branch of the CIA.” She turned from her pacing, and faced him. “But it wasn’t. “ Looking away. “I just didn’t know that until it was too late. I thought I would be working with a company, doing simple tasks, making great money,…. Something that would come in handy with the dreams we had.” She sighed. “I was attempting to run, or to reach out to someone,… That was until my partner “Dilloff” told me about his predicament.”

He stood,.. crossing his arms in front of him. “What happened to him!”

Liz paused before answering. “He was set to be married in two mouths at the time. Told his fiancée about Sector 9, and the next night, he came home to her murdered in the bath tube.” Liz sniffled, remembering again the trauma her partner endured, and when she vowed that she wasn’t going to bring the same fate to the ones she loved.

Max closed his eyes, in utter sadness.

“It was obvious that they meant business. When Sector 9 said top secret,…. They meant it!” She turned to look out into the darkened sky, her back to Max. “So I moved to New York,… continued to work for Sector 9,…. And hating life. My Grandfather moved his firm to the big city, knowing that something was going on with me. He was so worried about me. “She cupped her mouth, suppressing her sobs, at the remembrance of her late Grandfather.

Max wanted to comfort her so bad,…. Walking up behind her, he reached out to her, but she moved away, before his fingers made contact.

“My Grandfather made quite a name for himself in New York. He had already been known for his work tactics, but him moving to New York, gave people a closer look. He showed them what he was made of. “Liz spook, a smirk on her face as she remembered him. “Business’s feared him, and Murphy almost pissed his pants when he found out that the powerful Robert Parker was my grandfather.,…. Yet he kept working me,…. Giving me assignment that usually sent me out of the country.” Liz turned to pace again. “Which was stupid on his part,… because my grandfather knew better,…. Knew that I was into something that I couldn’t get out of. And when he would pester me,… question me on a daily basis, about what exactly I was involved in,…. Well-… Let’s just say that he wasn’t very happy when I wouldn’t tell him.”

Max moved out of her way,…. As she continued to pace,…

“So,….. he hired a private detective,….. a good private detective!” She added. “And after a few mouths,… my grandfather had the goods on everything I was into. He knew everything,,……. It was unbelievable. I still don’t know how that detective found out about sector 9. It had to have been a mole in the agency or something,…. Because sector 9 isn’t a place that people know about.” Liz continued. “Anyway,…. My grandfather kept it from me that he knew about my involvement, and instead, focused his energies in storing away information against the agency, in order to get me out free and clear. …. And he worked on this for two years.”

Max watched her intently. Not believing what he was hearing. He was in shock, but relieved in some twisted way, that her hands had been tied as well. Everything that he was left to believe when she left was a lie, and that freed him somehow inside. Brought closure in some way.

“But he died before he could use it!” She added, her head hung low. “He never got to see the day, he had been wanting to see.”

“What’s that?” Max asked.

She turned to him. “Me!,… free from the agency.”

“But his work couldn’t of been in vain Liz. …. Could it?” He asked,…. His voice strained. He hoped, but wasn’t going to draw up any conclusions. His mind was still in shambles over everything she had just revealed to him.

Liz looked away. “I got someone working on it. Seeing what we can do with what my Grandfather has.”

Max took a step forward. “Liz!” He called out to her,… his heart expanding within him.
She turned to him,….. her eyes saddened,… remorseful over all the pain she had caused him.
“Tell me what you want?” He pleaded with her, as he went to cup her face, in his hands.
She looked sad, hurt that with her pouring out her heart to him, she had just put him in danger. “I want you!”
His eyes closed in happiness.
“But it’s dangerous Max,… I can’t allow you-“
She was cut off my the intrusion of his mouth covering hers. She opened to him gladly, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing him to pull her closer. She moaned at the feel of his tongue gliding along hers. Her heart pounding as she suddenly realized this was the first time they had kissed since she seen him again, after all this time.

He pulled back, laying his forehead against hers gently. “There’s no way, I’m allowing you to walk away from me again!”
She looked up to him, in worry. “I don’t know what I’d do if anything every happened to you!”
He nodded. “I understand that Liz!…. But this whole time, you thought you were protecting me,… when in fact you were killing me!”
Her eyes watered up sadly. Her voice hoarse. “I’m so sorry!”
He pulled her closer still. Nuzzling into her neck,… a safe haven for him. “I forgive you!”

And the tears fell….


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I guess you could say they really make up in this part.
Let me know what you think,... I'm a little nervous about posting this part. I just don't know if it's too much.

Part 12

He sat down his third cup of coffee, still listening to Liz, explain the different assignments she was sent on. She was revealing her whole life to him, telling him stories and pieces of her life, while the two lovers were apart.
Their were moments were he shuttered, and cringed, … tears even spilling from his eyes, as she told about her many adventures. He was starting to see the young girl he loved so much,… yet she was replace by a strong independent woman, and he wondered just were he fit into her life. In a world, were normal didn’t exist,… were pain was endured daily,…. What did fate have left for the two.

He noticed her shiver, as a sudden chill ran through her body, Max reached for the blanket that hung over the back of the couch, and spread it over her.
“Thanks!” She voiced in a tired moan.
“Your tired?” He asked, as he caressed her cheek, and warmed at the her gestured, when she nuzzled her face deeper into his palm. He watched as she relaxed at his touch, closing her eyes in relaxation.
“I am!…. But I don’t want to go yet!” She replied, stifling a yawn.
“Were would you go?”
She opened her eyes at his question, and seen his confusion. She waited a moment before answering. “Maria’s.” She voiced softly, hoping that he wouldn’t let her.
He looked at her closer. “Is that were you want to stay tonight?” He asked, while staring intently into her eyes.
She was hypnotized by his intense gaze. His face only inches from hers. She slowly shook her head negative, while staring back at him.
He brought her hand up to his mouth to kiss it lovingly. “Then stay!’ He voiced huskily, before dipping into her, and capturing her lips. He smoothed his tongue along her bottom lip, before she opened to him further, granting him access to her mouth. He would never get enough of her taste,.. it had been to long, he would never get tired of being like this with her.
He slowly pulled back, but only enough to breath. “Stay forever!” his voice was hoarse, as he pleaded with her, before feeling her arms pull him back onto her mouth for another deep kiss.
She moaned out loud, as she felt him sucking on her tongue, before opening his mouth wider, for deeper contact. Her hands gripped onto his shirt tightly, a gesture of her want for him, …. And sighed in pleasure, as she felt him grabbed a hold of her, … and stand to his feet with her encased in his arms,… her legs dangling down his side. He carried her to the bedroom, still joined at the lips, and gently laid her down on the bed.
She pulled him closer, as he rolled on top of her,… Her emotions quickening in her heart,…. This was where she had wanted to be, for so long. She gasped aloud, as her heart started to pound,… she was so happy,….. so thankful for him, and everything he was.
He noticed tears spilling down the side of her face, and before he went to wipe them away, she stopped him with her hand. “Don’t wipe them away!”
He was confused. “Liz!” He didn’t want her to hurt,.. he didn’t understand what he did.
“I want you to see what you do to me!” Her throat was dry, a lump forming there.
He sat back, …. Dazed at her words. “Did I- .. Did I do something wrong?”
She shook her head, and sat up with him, facing him. She grabbed a hold of his hand, and brought it to her chest, to feel the pounding of her heart. “You make me feel alive!”
His face twisted,…. Growing from concerned to feeling touched by her words. He tilted his head, taking in her heart felt words, to treasure them,…. And always remember them.
She continued. “These tears are happy tears,…. I haven’t cried happy tears in so long.” He watched her face closely, loving how with each gesture, he noticed something new about her. She was still so sincere, and could still make his heart skip a beat. His stomach was in knots, something he thought only happened to him when he was seventeen,… but yet, she was still able to spark such deep feelings in him, move him with the tone of her voice, and the words that flowed from her lips.

She leaned into him closer, bringing her hands up to the top of his shirt. She began to unbutton his shirt, one by one, planting soft kisses along the way. He breathed slowly, taking in all that she was doing to his body,…. And didn’t feel at all embarrassed when little goose bumps appeared under her kisses. He was showing her, … what she was doing to him.
She smoothed back his shirt, causing it to fall from his shoulder blades, then moved back in for another searing kiss. She ran her hands down his chest, feeling the ripples underneath, and smiled against his mouth, when she felt him tugging up the hem of her shirt.
She lifted her arms in the air, allowing him to pull her blouse over her head, before discarding it on the floor beside the bed. His eyes never left hers, as he gently laid her back onto the bed.
She wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed the tip of his nose. “Make love to me!” She whispered, and felt the beating of his heart against her breast.
He nodded to her, before lowering his head to the base of her throat. He began to kiss her affectionately, nipping and sucking along the way back up to her lips. “I love you Liz!” She smiled at him, tears brewing in her eyes. “I love you!” She whispered back, before he moved his fingers to the buttons on her jeans.

She looked up at him, once more,… watching him intently, as he positioned himself at her center. She was so in love with him,… so at peace with what was happening,.. that she never wanted this moment to end. He smiled down at her, as he glided into her smoothly,.. watching her face, as he did so.
Her mouth puckered up, in a gesture of satisfaction, causing him to up the pace of his strokes.
She wrapped her arms around his neck, watching the beads of sweat gathering on his forehead.
“This feels so good!” She moaned as her eyes closed in contentment.
He moved into her deeper, hitting the same spot from earlier, and noticed her eyes tighten,… her lips twitch. He knew this was her spot,…. An area that sent her completely over the edge. He touched upon it a couple more times, before feeling her walls clamp down all around him. The sight of her losing control, sent his seed shooting into her in searing need. He held her to him tightly, both of them gasping for air, yet the intense need to keep connected.
He pulled her knee up to the side of his hip, allowing himself even further into her. He watched her head fall back, obviously liking what he was doing.
He leaned down to kiss her neck, occasionally snaking his tongue out to lick her there, when he felt her hands tighten on his hips, pleading for more contact.

He moved to the side of her, giving her the air, she was so desperately trying to breath in, when she leaned over, and laid her head on his chest. He began to move his fingers through her hair, combing them through the chocolate tresses.
He heard her sigh, before a yawn escaped her mouth. “Night Liz!” He uttered softly.
She tightened her hold around his waist. “Night Max! I love you!”
“I love you to!” …….And he did.

He didn’t know for sure, but he was almost positive that a new life was just beginning to grow within her. A life that they had both help create. He smiled at the meaning, and felt his toes curl, at the notion of becoming a new father. He looked up into her peaceful face, seeing as how she was still sleeping peacefully, … he felt content, because that was something that he wanted to give her. …..Peace! …. His life was just beginning,.. just like the tiny life within her, and he couldn’t wait. He was already growing anxious for his child to arrive. He knew Liz and him were a great team, …. When they were together, and he knew they would be wonderful parents to their baby. He was delighted how everything had turned around. Now,.. he wouldn’t be wondering about his child out there in the world somewhere,… a notion that tore at his heart,.. making him question his own morals.

He felt her finally stir, as his steady smoothing along her lower stomach, woke her from her slumber. “Good morning!” He voiced with a wide smile covering his lips.
She laid there, watching him, loving the precious way he looked at her. “Morning!”
He snuggled closer to her, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his embrace, before bringing his lips down onto her, for a good morning kiss.
He closed his eyes, relishing in the feel of his tongue caressing hers, and feeling himself grow hard at the sound of her moans.
She slumped her leg over his thigh, and when he deepened the kiss, she pressed herself closer to his heat, wanting to feel him pressed even closer to her wetness. She could feel him panting into her mouth, as she moved her hips up and down, massaging him, yet torturing him, in the process.
“Liz!” He was breathing hard.
“Hmm?” She continued her movements on his body, bringing him havoc in the worst way.
“Please!” He was still panting, tasting her in the process.
She pulled back, to look at him. “Tell me what you want Max?” She asked coolly, knowing what she was doing to him,… she could feel it against her heat.
He watched her intently, and in the most serene way, he slowly glided into her without any need to assist. She was that wet, and as his pulsing need was protruding near her wetness, he slithered his way into her, when she ask her question.

Her eyes grew wide, and knew he had just answered her question. She closed her eyes in sweet bliss, and allowed him to move above her. She stretched herself out underneath him, laying her hands a top her head, as he moved so delicately in and out of her body. She laid so still, and keep her eyes closed, as she thought about what he was doing to her. It felt like the most intimate body massage. The kind that literally took all the kinks and aches out of your body. She sighed in sweet content, hearing his lingering moans,…it was music to her ears. She was doing nothing, but letting him have his way with her, and still he was gaining pleasure from that. She loved the way he treasured her, …. Loved the way he made her feel.

“I love you!” She heard him say, so softly. “Your so beautiful!” He continued, as she opened her eyes to see that he was staring hard at her peaceful face. The feeling of him moving inside of her, the way he was doing so,…was the most relaxing feeling in the world. It was hard for her to concentrate on anything else, but on the feelings he was conjuring up within her. Her eyes were half open, she felt dazed at his movements, and his words were sending her over the edge.
She lazily lifted her hand up to caress his face. “I-I can’t even begin …. To tell you….. the things you do to me!” He smiled at her, her panting sending chills down his back. He leaned down closer to her, taking the weight off of his elbows, and whispered into her ear. “How about this?” He uttered before thrusting deeper into her. A grunt erupted from deep in her throat, causing her to throw her head back, splashing her hair everywhere. “Or this?” He continued, as he brought himself all the way out of her, leaving just the tip lingering at the edge of her wetness, before thrashing back inside of her. Sounds cried out from her lips, as he felt her gripping onto him hard, her fingers cringing into his sides, steadying him into her deeper.
“Please!!” She panted,.. her voice tight.
“Tell me what you want?” His voice was husky, as he began to play the game she had started in the first place.
Her eyes rolled back in her head, before her eye lids closed, … she couldn’t take it,…. It was beyond feeling, and she was leaning over the edge all ready.
“Please Max!”
He,… himself was hanging on with everything he had, before he took a hold of her hips, and held her firmly to the bed. He leaned up, and kissed her forehead, smearing the moister gathering there from there lovemaking.
“Do you love me?” He knew he was torturing her.
She swallowed hard, trying to get past the lump. She nodded her head viciously, while trying to buck her hips up into him deeper, but failed, as he held her firmly to the bed, preventing her from moving. She was thrashing her head side to side, in deep frustration, …. She felt like she was dying from not feeling him move within her.
“Say it,… sweetheart!” He voiced,…. Licking his lips from dire need to just plunge back into her.
She felt like she couldn’t breath,….. “Max,… please,….. I love.. you….. more,…. Then,… anyth-“
That’s all he needed to hear, before cutting her off, and plunging into her,… sending her over the edge,… spiking her orgasm to life. Her body began to tremble, as her toes curled up, her eyes half open, gulping up the view of him experiencing his own orgasm. Pure pleasure,….. beyond words,…. They lay there in silence, trying to capture their breath. They stared at each other, as they now laid side by side,….. totally open to one another.


The phone ringing in the distance, interrupted Liz, as she was telling Max what she was cooking them for breakfast.
“What’s that?” He asked, as he heard the ringing,… knowing it wasn’t his phone.
She turned towards her purse, which still laid on his couch. “It’s my phone.”
She walked toward her purse to retrieve her phone. Max watched from the kitchen.

“Hello” She greeted into the phone.
“Murphy?” She voiced, causing Max to turn swiftly toward her. He walked into the living room, and sat beside her, taking her hand into his,… holding onto every word she was saying.
He noticed her listening, and could faintly hear a deep husky sound coming from the phone.

“Right!…. Right!… I understand.”

Max was trying to piece together her words, trying his best to make sense from the conversation.

“I take it Steven Blake has contacted you then?” Liz replied.

“Yes!…. I thought you would come to me personally on this matter Elizabeth!” Murphy replied.
She cringed every time he called her that.
Murphy continued. “You will need to return promptly,… there’s much to sort out!”
“I understand. I’ll be there by tomorrow!”

Max stilled at the mention of her returning back to the place she said she despised. He didn’t understand. His heart started to pound,… what was she doing. Everything that had happened, … was it just a lie.


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From part 12....

The phone ringing in the distance, interrupted Liz, as she was telling Max what she was cooking them for breakfast.
“What’s that?” He asked, as he heard the ringing,… knowing it wasn’t his phone.
She turned towards her purse, which still laid on his couch. “It’s my phone.”
She walked toward her purse to retrieve her phone. Max watched from the kitchen.

“Hello” She greeted into the phone.
“Murphy?” She voiced, causing Max to turn swiftly toward her. He walked into the living room, and sat beside her, taking her hand into his,… holding onto every word she was saying.
He noticed her listening, and could faintly hear a deep husky sound coming from the phone.

“Right!…. Right!… I understand.”

Max was trying to piece together her words, trying his best to make sense from the conversation.

“I take it Steven Blake has contacted you then?” Liz replied.

“Yes!…. I thought you would come to me personally on this matter Elizabeth!” Murphy replied.
She cringed every time he called her that.
Murphy continued. “You will need to return promptly,… there’s much to sort out!”
“I understand. I’ll be there by tomorrow!”

Max stilled at the mention of her returning back to the place she said she despised. He didn’t understand. His heart started to pound,… what was she doing. Everything that had happened, … was it just a lie?

-Without further ado...

Part 13

He looked at her in contempt, watching her with hurt eyes.

She closed her cell phone, and shoved it back into her purse, then released a frustrated sigh. She didn’t notice the look on his fallen face until she had rubbed her face with the palms of her hands,... trying her best to clear her mind, and ready herself for the battle that laid ahead.


He stood on shaky legs, and proceeded towards the bedroom,… Liz followed him.
He could feel his hands tremble as he tried dressing himself, trying his best not to look at her.
She watched him, and instantly became worried at his change in mannerisms.
“Max!……. Are you okay?”
He didn’t look at her, just shook his head in response.
She walked closer towards him, standing directly at his side, staring intently at his profile.
She lifted her hand, and placed it on his fore arm. “Hey?” Her voice was gentle, laced with concern. “Talk to me!”

He straighten his back, and stood tall. Turning his head slightly in her direction,…..His voice was low, and he had just run out of time, trying to mill out all doubt from his mind.
“Your leaving?”

She nodded her head. “I have to!”

He turned away from her, and pulled his arm away from her. “I’m coming with you!” He stated harshly. “I can’t allow you to walk away from me again.”

She walked closer to him still,….. her eyes wide. “I’m not walking away from you Max!”

His eyes revealed his emotion, and Liz gasped. He was trying so desperately to hold onto his heart, before it broke into a million pieces, yet again. That’s when she motioned him towards the bed to sit down. “Max,….. I think you may have misread the situation out there.”

He cocked his chin up. “Then please,…. Enlighten me!”

She kneeled down to the floor, as he sat on the bed in front of her. She looked up to him, sincerely. Taking his hands into hers, she kissed them lightly. “Yes, I do need to go back, but not for the reasons you think! ………. I need to end this Max,…… End the life I created for myself in New York, and everything that went along with it!”

“Liz! ….. It’s to dangerous. I’m coming with you!”

She shook her head. “No Max!” She stood to her feet, looking down on him. “It wont work that way. Don’t you see?”
She turned away from him, pacing the floor. “If anyone finds out about the things you know,…….. The things I’ve told you, …. It will only created more problems.” She turned to him. “I need to do this on my own.” Her eyes seeped with dread over leaving him for a short time.

His face looked downcast. She moved over towards him, sitting beside him on the edge of the bed. “Tell me what your afraid of.”

He shook his head at the enormity of her question. “A lot of things!”

“But what’s the main thing? The part that is at the fore front of your mind. The part that’s making you doubt?”

He turned to look at her, with tears in his eyes. “That your not coming back!” He valued the way she asked him simple questions about his feelings and the way he was thinking, instead of trying to read him at face value.

She kept looking intently Into his eyes, never breaking eye contact. “That’s not going to happen!”

He sighed, almost like he didn’t know if he believed her or not.
She got on her knees, in front of him, and grabbed a hold of both of his hands. “Look at me!”
He turned to look at her, wondering what she was about to say. Her seriousness struck a chord in him, making him hold onto everything she told him. She began. “I love you Max Evans!…. And I want everything that this relationship between us, can bring. Please,….. Please believe me when I tell you,… that I’m only going back to reclaim my life,….. So that I can come back here, and live it freely,…… with you…” She looked down at her belly. “And our baby!”

Tears started gathering in his eyes,….

“I am coming back! ……. I Promise!!”

“How long?….How long with you be gone?”

She released his hands. “I have no idea.” She started rubbing on her brow, a gesture of her frustration over the matter. “I have to break all ties with The Agency, then square away my Grandfathers will,… Then,…. I’ll be on the first plane back here.”

He still didn’t look happy with the situation. “I still don’t like it Liz!….. This is so dangerous!”

“I can handle it Max. I’ve been doing dangerous things now for a long time.” She was trying to calm his fears, and in the process,…. Calm her own.

He walked over towards her. “But never when you were carrying our child.” He placed his hand on her flat stomach. They had no proof that they had even conceived a child,… but in some way,… they knew without a doubt, that deep within her womb, laid a baby, growing……

Her face fell at his words. She overlapped his hand with her own. “I’ll guard our baby with my life. I promise, that I’ll bring the both of us back to you,…. Safely!”
And that was all that she could offer him, until she severed the ties with the Agency.
He Hated this!…. Hated that she was going back into dangerous territory,…. And yet, it was the only way, to put them on the path of a normal life together. He knew she had to do this.
He pulled her tightly into his arms, and held her,….. securely!

They laid in bed,…holding each other without condition,… living in the moment. After making love yet again,…. Max pulled her close to him,…. Breathing in the scent of her hair. “Will you call me every chance you get?”

She lifted her head up off of his chest. “Max,….. I can’t have any contact at all with you.”
His eyes grew big. “Liz!”
“I’m sorry Max!…. It’s to dangerous!”
“I don’t like this. I mean, it’s bad enough that your going in the first place, but now, I can’t even have contact with you.”

She looked down,…. “I hate this to Max!”

“How do you do it?”

She looked up. “Do what?” Her eyebrows lifted.

“Stay so strong. I mean, I’m completely dying inside.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him close for a soft kiss.
“Instead of looking at the present,…… In my mind,…. I’m focusing on a picture.”

He snuggled closer to her,… Laying his face in the cleft of her neck. “Tell me about this picture.”

She smiled, Staring into nothing, as she concentrated on the picture in her mind. She wanted to explain every detail of it to him. “The colors are so vivid,… so beautiful.”
She could hear him breathing, listening to every word she spoke.
“I’m wearing a long red dress, with a Jean jacket and sandals. Your wearing a blue gown, and cap.”
He pulled himself up onto his elbows and looked down at her. His brow lifting. “Blue gown and cap?”
She pulled him back down onto her. “Let me finish please!”
She could feel him smiling against her neck.
“It’s your graduation,…. From medical school, and I’m there with you. You look so handsome, and proud. But not as proud as I am.” Her lips curled up into a smile, as she closed her eyes, focusing on the picture in her minds eye. “My belly is so huge, ….. and …. And…. We are so happy. About to begin life,….. become parents,…. Become husband and wife.”

He lifted himself again, looking down on her sincerely. “I want that Liz!” His eyes showing his seriousness.
“And it will happen!” She commented,… showing him that she wanted the same thing. “It’s all going to happen for us!”
He smiled slightly,…. Believing her words, and trusting what she was saying. His heart was pounding,…. And for the first time,… he knew he never needed to guard it around her again. No more walls, no more boundaries,…. Once they overcame Liz’s past,… they could begin on their future. A secure future.

“I don’t know how I’m going to cope without you.”

She caressed his cheek with her hand. “It will only be for a short time,….. just concentrate on school, while I’m gone.”

He looked at her with a powerful gaze,…. Burning every detail of her into his mind. “I love you Liz! I always have,…… always will!”

“It’s good to know, that we feel the same way!” She smiled for him, before pulling him down for another passionate kiss.


It had been four months, and no word from Liz. He felt beyond the point of coping, and he was little by little losing it. He had completely thrown himself into school, giving himself totally to it, … finding this the only way from completely going over the edge missing Liz.

He cried most nights,…. Clinging tightly to the pillow of his, that still bared the scent of her. He often found himself over at Michael’s and Maria’s,….. the only other place that still reminded him of her. Late nights, he often found himself on their couch, not wanting to go home to his lonely bed, but instead stay up late and treasure the talks with Maria, as she told him about the many adventures her and Liz endured when they were teenagers.

Maria watched him cry many times, only to try his best and cover it up.
“She’s coming back Max!”
He looked up at her, with confused eyes. “I know!…. She said she would,… so she will!”

Three more months had passed, and Max was at his breaking point. He was at the end of his rope, and most of his faith was gone. He hadn’t heard from Liz in over seven months. He had started doubting that she was coming back almost two weeks ago. The once knowing truth was starting to take it’s toll on him, and he was starting to find himself once again in the black abyss of depression.

“You ready man?” Michael asked as he stood in the door way of Max’s apartment. “Maria’s downstairs in the car waiting,…. And I was wondering if you remember how my wife tends to get when she is left waiting.”

Max forced a smile, and grabbed for his coat. “I’m ready,…. I just had to make sure my Mom had directions.”
Max stopped in front of him, waiting for Michael to lead the way out of the apartment.

Michael was silent for a moment, gathering his thoughts. He wanted to say this to him, but turned into a complete fool, when he had something sincere to say.
He shook his head. “I’m,…. I’m proud of you!…. You’ve accomplished everything you set out to,… and now, …. Today,…. You become a Dr.Evans.”

Max looked away,… touched by his friends words. Only thing missing was,….. well,…. He just didn’t want his mind to go there.

Michael noted the expression on his face. “I know that you’re losing hope Max,…. And you know that I always give my opinion on things.

“Oh Boy,… here we go!” Max voiced, thinking he was about to get a speech on just letting Liz go,… Just like Michael told him in the beginning.

“No!…. No!,…. Let me finish.”
Max nodded,… listening.

“It’s been a long time since Liz left,…. I just want to tell you, ….. don’t give up hope!”
Max looked up at him, with a shocked expression.
Michael continued. “Granted,… it’s been a long time that she’s been away,… but,…… There’s a lot of things that she needs to take care of,…. And these things can tend to be a long process. But all in all,……. I do believe that she is coming back to you.”

Max remained silent,…. Grateful that he had received some encouragement on the very hard situation he was enduring. He needed to hear what Michael said,… and even though he was hearing it everyday from Maria,…… it felt different coming from Michael,….. It meant a lot to Max.

Max hugged Michael tightly,…. Patting him on the back. “Thanks!…… I really needed to hear that!”
The loud noise of a car horn broke the two best friends apart.

“The wife is calling,……. Let’s go to a graduation.”


Kissing his Mother and Sister goodbye,… Max proceeded to walk towards Michael and Maria’s car, with his medical decree in hand. He thought of his mothers words to him just earlier and how proud she looked at him, when he walked across the stage to receive his medical certificate. He knew that she was crying, not only because she was proud of him, but because his father couldn’t be here to see Max accomplish his dream. It saddened Max that his Mother was still in such pain.

He removed his blue cap from his head, and tucked it under his arm,….. walking along, watching all the others being received and praised for their accomplishments by their wives, or girlfriends. It saddened him, and yet he couldn’t remove his eyes from a couple embracing over a once struggling medical student,… who accomplished his goals. He noticed how happy the couple looked, and how they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

He finally reverted his eyes off of the couple, and turned his head straight ahead, proceeding towards the parking lot, when he stopped dead in his tracks. It was a glimpse none the less, but still a glimpse. He couldn’t be sure, but it had to be her. He leaned his head side to side, trying to see pass all the crowding people walking in front of him, and little by little, be was growing more and more sure of the woman just across the street, standing in front of a fore runner.
The red material of her dress swaying in the wind, made his heart race. The once long tresses that cascaded down her shoulders, were gone, and replace with a short cut, with wispy strands splashing against the softness of her face,…. Hanging just above her shoulders. The denim material hugging her shoulders, yet swaying out from her belly , shown just how pregnant she had become.
His throat was stuck,… his eyes unable to blink, causing the tears to fall from his lashes.
He notice her moving towards him slowly, as she kept her hands firm against her stomach. A gesture that he could tell she had grown accustom to. Their was no doubt,…… It was her,….. Liz had come back!

He started to sob quietly,…. And couldn’t move at all. Seeing her again at last,…. It was so much for him. His emotions were completely taking over.
He could tell that she was crying as well, the closer she got to him.
Finally,…. Their locking eyes were telling each other a thousand things,….. the love so evident in both,…. The loneliness, the heartbreak, the sadness, was slowly fading away. The sight of the other was the breaking of all of those things.

She finally stopped in front of him, and stood for a moment,…… quiet, ….. just drinking in the sight of him, as he did the same of her.

“Congratulations!” She softly spoke.
His hoarse voice let off a sob that he was trying to keep in, and in the process he grabbed for her swiftly and pulled her to him. She held him tightly as well, and just sobbed into his blue gown.
They cried, and held each other,…. In the middle of the Medical campus,… as thousands of students and people passed by the two,…. Unaware of the dramatic event unfolding in their lives.
“God,… I’ve missed you!” She choked out.
“You have no idea Liz!…. You have no idea!” He uttered back.
She sniffled back her tears, and pulled back from him. “We did it!” She voiced softly, as she rubbed on her full protruding belly.
“Wow!” he echoed as he dropped to his knees in front of her.
“Max!” She giggled as she looked around her, in reference to his actions.
He simply just didn’t care what he looked like. All the people in the world could stare, and he didn’t care. He placed both of his hands on each side of her belly, and brought his face in close, lying it lightly on top. “I love you baby!” He whispered,… springing even more tears to Liz’s eyes.

He stood to his feet again, and placed both of his hands on each side of her face. He stared intently into her eyes, sending all of his love through the connection. “How are you? Are you okay!” With so many worries and questions racing through his mind, he settled on asking the basics, first.
She closed her eyes in sweet bliss. “I am now!”
He smiled sweetly, before leaning in for a much anticipated kiss. Licking the rim of her lips first, Max then moved in for further entry. She opened for him, sighing in content at the closeness. Finally,…… She was home!

He kept her close to him,….. yet asked questions. “Is it done Liz?….. Are you finally free?”

She smiled for him,… showing her happiness. “Everything is taken care of Max. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long!”

“Shhh! ….. Just as long as this part of our lives is over.”

“It is! It’s over Max!”

He kissed the top of her head lightly, before pulling her close to his side. “Let’s go home!”

“Home!” She voiced, in a questionable way, as she stared out into the park. “Never before had a simple word, mean so much to me!”
He looked at her with love.

Another tear fell from the corner of her eye.

She continued. “Home,….. is what you are to me!”

“I love you Liz!”

“I love you Max!…..

-The end-