Enema 1-8

“AHH!” The boy screamed.
Liz flinched and turned around. She couldn’t watch this anymore, her father was a monster.
This was the first alien they had ever brought into the ‘white room’ and her father was torturing him beyond belief. She was forced into watching them prod and drug him.
He was her age, tall, dark haired and handsome. How could someone so beautiful be an alien?
At night she found herself venturing into this room to check on him. His name was Max Evans, that’s all she knew about him. That and his genetics.
During the night he sat in the corner and wept. Liz stood behind the wall with her hand resting on the glass, she wished she could help the stranger. He looked innocent and her heart told her that he wouldn’t hurt a fly.
His eyes were brown and his chest was muscular, he appeared as though he were perfect.
“TELL ME!” she heard her father’s voice exclaim extra loudly.
Hurriedly she left the room and headed down the plain white hall ways hoping to block out the next scream of terror her father would cause. The next corridor held a door with the word ‘Private’ typed across it. This door lead to her compartment.
She pulled the key from it’s home, around her neck, and pushed it into the door lock.
Putting the key back in it’s place she aimlessly wandered over to her bedroom and with an exasperated sigh she collapsed dejectedly onto her bed.
She had lived here since she was 7 years old .
Her mother had left her father because he was too involved in his work with the FBI. She had decided to leave Liz with her father because she wanted to start a new life, from the beginning.
Back then Liz’s father was not an alien hunter, he got transferred from his regular activities and was forced to take her with him.
He treated her poorly and because of her lack of friends Liz Avalon Pierce was deprived of the love she needed. Having no one to talk to had had permanently marked her as a reserved and quiet girl.
“I love you” were words she never heard. They may as well not be in her vocabulary.
Liz sauntered away from her bed and over to her bathroom. Turning tap in the sink on she ran her fingers effortlessly under the stream until it wormed up.
Taking off her plain light rimmed glasses Liz grabbed her soap and ran it under the water.
She smeared her moisturising soap over her cheeks while it foamed and brought her face up to the mirror so she could see her blurred form with her worthless eyes.
Forming in amongst her eye lids a small tear was created and it slithered to the surface of her face slowly. Liz let it fall, making no effort to stop it from running down her soap smothered cheek.



“He won’t cooperate but I think we are getting somewhere, he’ll tell us what we want to know soon enough, I know it” Liz’s father talked away about his work while Liz played with her food.
“Is something wrong? you haven’t eaten anything?” he asked.
Liz put her fork down “Why do you have to torture him like that? maybe if you asked nicely..”
“He is a monster Liz, him and his people want to wipe out our planet and I’ll be damned if I sit back and let that happen, he is cold blooded and just talking is not going to work” His voice was raised as he spoke.
“Dad you can’t say that because you don’t know! he looks like he is a nice person, if you even tried to talk to him like a civilized person maybe he would talk civil back!” Liz was getting frustrated.
“He LOOKS like a dumb ass teenager, but deep down I know he is evil and out to get us, I want you to mind your own business of how I do my work, I am the boss around here wether you like it or not!”
Liz got up from the table “A dumb ass teenager is that what I am too? and how can you ask me to stay out of your work when you have forced me to live here with you?! YOU are the evil, cold blooded monster NOT HIM!” She grabbed her plate and walked away in a huff.
“You’ll thank me for all I am doing one day!” Pierce yelled.
“That is highly unlikely!” Liz yelled as she left his room.

It was 2am and Liz was on her way to check on Max, she wondered what his personality was like? He seemed like a normal person like her and she knew what she would feel like if she was trapped in that room. The things her father said could not be true, t wasn’t possible.
Opening the door quietly she stepped into the room and gasped at the sight of him standing looking right at her through the glass. He wasn’t really looking at her though, he didn’t even know she was there, what would he think if he did ever see her?
He would think she was evil and cruel just like her father and that thought made her shiver uncontrollably, she was nothing like her father.
She walked over to the glass and stood staring at him like he was right in front of her. She raised her hand to the glass and out lined his features with her fingers. He closed his eyes and started to turn away from the wall and her throat lurched slightly.
“No, look at me again” she whispered, she wanted to see those eyes again.
He began walking away and Liz frowned, he didn’t deserve to be trapped in here, did he have family out there worried about him? did they know he was an alien?
Or was he alone out in the world, did he have no one to love him, like her?
She had so many questions about him, that could not be answered.
Picking up the brown clip board situated on the wall she began flicking through the pages of what they were going to do to him.
It made her want to be sick, it was a check list of things that could do to him if he didn’t cooperate. There were ticks along a lot of the things, drugs, surgery and heaps of others, looking at the bottom of the list the word that she saw made her heart stop. Termination.
Quickly putting the board back she knew what she had to do. Most of the things on that list were ticked, how long would it take them to get to that one?
Glancing back at Max, whom was now sitting in the corner of the room with his head resting on his knees, she sighed and hurried out of the room and down the hall.
Once in her room she pulled on some pants and a grey sweater. Quickly glancing in the mirror she straightened her glasses and ran her fingers through her hair than ran out her door.
Living in this place definitely had its advantages some times, she knew were all the video camera’s were and were all the keys and doors were.
After getting the key to the most important room in the building she sneaked down the hall. Her breathing slowed as she noticed the security guard up a head. She slid into a different corridor and the guard walked past with out noticing her.
Once he was gone Liz tip toed down the corridor she originally was headed down. Once she found the door she was looking for she noticed the camera above it, like usual. She would have to switch that off some how. Walking over to the camera room, she knocked and a security guard came to the door.
“Liz is there something you needed?” everyone who worked here knew she was the bosses daughter.
“Yeah actually I was wondering if you could go check out my room? I heard a noise and it kind of freaked me out” Liz tried to sound innocent.
“Ok I’ll get someone right on it..” He turned around.
“No!” Liz exclaimed, “I mean I’ll watch the camera’s for you while you go check, there’s no use disrupting the other security men”.
He frowned then a smile seeped across his lips “Ok I’ll be right back”.
He headed down the hall and Liz smiled “Ok”.
Once he was around the corner she followed after him. She watched him walk into her room and she hurried over to lock the door behind him.
“Aye!” he yelled as she shut the door.
She grinned and sprinted down the hall to the camera room. She walked in a switched off the camera’s and most of the security alarms that she would have to pass through. She grabbed the key chain that was the security guards she had just locked in her room and headed over the room Max was being kept in.
It was silent around there so she quickly checked around before she unlocked the door. Slowly she slipped it open and peaked in. Her eyes fell on Max who was staring at you full of alert.
She slipped into the room quickly “You can trust me, I’ve some to help you escape” she whispered.
He frowned “Who are you?”.
Liz bit her lip “A friend”.
He didn’t move any closer to her “How do I know I can trust you?” he asked.
“Follow your heart” she smiled, “But if you do trust me you have to hurry, other wise my plan won’t work”.
“Ok” he walked over to her. He felt like he could trust this girl, she seemed nice and she was very beautiful.
“Ok follow me and be very careful ok?” she snuck out the door and Max followed behind her. They crept down the hall and the same security guard from before came strolling down again.
Liz jumped back bumping into Max “Shh” she whispered.
He nodded and watched quietly as the guard walked past. Liz grabbed his hand and pulled him down the corridor quickly.
She placed her other hand on the finger-print security system and it scanned it. The door clicked open and Liz pulled Max through.
“I can’t help you once you get to the gate, I have turned off the security system so we won’t have trouble getting you off the property” Liz pushed past the two doors that lead outside and the cold air surrounded her.
She shivered and rapt her arms around herself.
“Max?” A males voice came from behind a wall and Liz gasped.
“Michael?” he said “It’s fine, she's on our side”
Two guys one old and one younger came out from behind a fence.
“What are you doing here?” Max asked.
“Coming to get you” The older one answered in a loud whisper.
“I can only give you a few minutes to get out the gate I have to turn the security back on” Liz said.
“Ok, let’s get out of here” Max said.
Liz shivered and watched as the two strangers began to sneak away.
“Thankyou for everything, um uh will I ever see you again?” Max asked Liz.
She shook her head “Probably not, you should go, good luck” she turned around and Max grabbed her shoulder.
“What’s your name?” He asked.
“Liz” she turned to look at the man who had captivated her thoughts since he had arrived. She would never see his beautiful face again.
He smiled a ran his finger down her cheek before running off into the dark.
Liz sighed and hurried back inside.
She ran down the hallways and to the camera room. She switched on the camera’s and watched as Max and the other two people crept away. Once they were gone she turned the security back on.
She set the alarm to go off in one minute then hurried down the hall to her room.
She unlocked the door and the guard came rushing out “What happened?!” he demanded.
“I don’t know, I just came down to check on you, you were taking ages” Liz answered.
The alarm suddenly sounded and the guard swore and ran down the corridor.
Liz smiled. Her plan worked.


--------------------Part 2
Pierce slammed his fist into the wall “GOD DAM IT!” he yelled. He had just been told that in the search for Max, there had been no success.
“I don’t understand, how could he have gotten through security so easily?”
“There’s more to this than what we think I know it, I just haven’t figured out what. Agent Donald’s get Liz please” Pierce held his red fist “We know he’s in Roswell, we have to figure out a way to get more undercover”.
One of the agents suddenly sat up straight “I have an idea” he stated.
“Lets’ here it then” Pierce demanded.
“Liz, she is the same age as Max isn’t she? she could sign up at the same school he attends and work undercover, she could befriend him and find out all his secrets”.
Pierce raised his eye brows, they had run out of idea’s to that just might work “That would take a quite a while to get him to trust her, but it might work, I mean he has never met her before so he won’t know she’s dangerous”.
Liz and agent Donald’s walked in “What’s going on?” Liz asked.
“Take a seat Liz” Her father instructed. She sat down and folded he arms.
“Do you know any more about what happened last night?”
Liz frowned “I already told you everything I know”.
Pierce nodded “I have a proposal for you”.

Max glanced at the group “I don’t know who she was, she just turned up and helped me escape”.
Michael gnawed on his fist “She said she turned off the security, how could she have done that unless she was an agent?”.
“She was our age Michael she was definitely not an agent, plus she didn’t have the black uniform on”.
“Well how do you explain her knowing the way through the hallways and her hand being recognised on the finger print scan?” Isabel asked.
“I don’t know! what does it matter anyway? she’s obviously on our side, so we have nothing to worry about” Max stood up and leaned against the wall.
“They will still come after you after you, they aren’t just going to leave you alone because you escaped” Alex explained.
“We have to run” Michael said.
“No Michael, we can’t just leave everything behind, what about mom and dad?” Isabel asked.
Maria frowned “You should stay, I think you should be on the look out for a day or two and if anything suspicious..”
“That’s just waiting for waiting for them to find us” Isabel cut in.
“I say we attack them” Nasaedo barged into Michael’s apartment “After training for a week and being careful we can destroy the unit”
Max ran his hand through his hair “How?” he asked.

“But won’t he expect you to go after him? he’s not just going to go back to school and wait for you to capture him again” Liz rested her hands on the forehead.
“He’ll be suspicious for a while but you’re job is to distract him from all that, maybe we should get you some contact lenses a tight dress..” Pierce said.
Liz hissed “No way! this is unbelievable” she stood up and left the room.
Should she go undercover for them? that way she could see Max again. And she would be able to protect him from her fathers clutches again, if she didn’t do it they would probably just get some other girl to do it. If someone else did it they would get everything they needed for he father and that could not happen, she wouldn’t let it.
Max knew what she looked like and if she just turned up at school he would most probably approach her?
Liz stopped walking and turned around, she walked back into the room she was just in “I’ll do it” she said.

“I can’t believe we are just back at school, this doesn’t seem right” Isabel stood with Max at his locked.
“If we are in a public place and never alone they won’t be able to do anything, they’ll draw to much attention to themselves” Max explained.
“Yeah but I just know something..”
“Stop” he closed his locker “What else can we possibly do? leave Roswell and just run away from mom and dad and our whole life? if we run they will just keep following us and we will have to keep running, I don’t know about you but I don’t want a life like that”.
Isabel frowned “I don’t” she folded her arms over her chest “Just promise me we’ll be very careful?”
“I promise” he headed down the hall “I’ll see you after class”.

Liz wandered helplessly down the hallways of west Roswell high, her first ever class at high school was science and she was having trouble finding it.
There was no sign of Max yet, what would his reaction to seeing her be? was he even at school today?
She was wearing a red tank top, a black cardigan and a jean skirt today, she had told her dad she would only go undercover if she could wear her normal clothes and not wear a camera. He had given her two different tiny camera’s to place at his home and if she needed any more to contact him. At least she didn’t have to wear one.
She pushed her glasses up her nose after the slipped slightly and glanced around, the hallways were nearly empty.
Her father had gotten her into several of Max’s classes and found her an apartment to stay in at a place near town. She had a job application sent in for a job at some local restaurant and she had a fake last name since Max knew her fathers name was Pierce.
Liz Parker was her new name.
Finally Liz found the science room, she knocked on the door and was greeted by the teacher “You must be Liz the new girl, welcome to our class”.

---------Part 3

Max nearly swallowed his pencil when he saw Liz walk into the room. He coughed forcefully and felt Maria whack him on the back “you alright girl friend?” her voice came but Max barely heard her.
Liz’s eyes flew around the room and landed on Max who was sitting in the middle of the class at a science table, which was only occupied by him.
He lifted his gaze and she quickly looked at the floor “You can have a seat at the back with Max Evans” her teacher pointed to Max and Maria waved cheerfully from the seat behind him.
Liz walked down the science lab slowly not lifting her gaze to meet any one in the class, She quickly took a seat next to Max and stared at nothing but the desk.
“Hi I’m Maria” Maria held her hand out and Liz just stared at it and didn’t say anything, “Your very shy aren’t you?”.
Liz slowly turned her head to look at the girl in the face “You could say that” she whispered.
Maria frowned “Pardon?”.
“Nothing” Liz said opening her science book to any page available.
Max could feel the heat coming off her body. What was she doing here? she said he’d never see her again.
He wanted to grab her and yank her out of class so all his questions could be answered.
Max tried not to think about the fact that this girl was very beautiful and he was very attracted to her, he had to focus on the fact that she could have connections with the enemy.
The period went by so slowly it felt like it could have been the whole day.
Max watched Liz work from the corner of his eye. Her brown hair that was like a warm inviting blanket cascaded across the side of her face blocking his view of her face.
He could smell her scent and intoxicated him, this made it all most impossible to focus on anything else.
Max happened to have the same effect on Liz. She had to hide the fact that her breathing was entirely to fast for someone who had not just finished a 5km run.
She managed to control herself after no less than fifteen minutes and then she began working on her heart beat, that was a lot harder to control.
Liz scrambled out of class as soon as the bell rang and Max watched her go, knowing he would have to follow her.
He left the class quickly “Did you see her?” Michael asked, after also watching Liz through out the whole silence lesson which he had decided to take part in today.
“Yes” Max answered “ She went that way” Max pointed down the hall and he and Michael quickly headed off in that direction.
Liz reached her locker and opened it quickly, she shoved her face in it and breathed in ‘shit, shit, shit’ she thought.
A hand hitting the locker beside her head made her heart jump to her throat.
She turned her head and fell back into her locker in surprise.
Max and that guy who had been there that night was standing there. What was his name again? Mitchell? Marco?
“Who are you?” Michael demanded.
Liz’s back ached as the door to her locker digged into her back, she looked down at the ground “I..... I”
Max bit his lip “Come with us” he said.
Liz shuddered “I have to get to my next class” she murmured.
“Like hell you do” Michael said roughly.
“Michael..” Max warned.
“I’ll come with you ok.. just, don’t make a scene” she pushed her glasses up her nose and followed them down the hall.
They walked out to the car park and to a jeep. Liz frowned “Where are we going?” she asked.
Neither of them answered, Max hopped into the drivers seat and Michael in the back. Liz breathed in then slipped into the passenger seat.
Liz watched as Max drove out of the car park and down the street.
“Are.. are you an alien too?” Liz asked Michael while looking into the review mirror
He cleared his throat “That’s none of your business”
“Michael you don’t have to be so god dam harsh ok? just stop, she helped me to get away from the FBI, if she hadn‘t who knows what could have happened, we should be thanking her!” Max said.
Liz swallowed “I am here to help you ok, you can trust me”.
“Yeah you said that” Max glanced at her quickly then focused back on the road again.
“I am agent Pierces daughter ok?” She spat out.
The car screeched to a halt and Liz gasped.
“Get out!” Michael yelled.
“I hate him, I don’t agree with his work, I let you out of the compound because I don’t think any one should be treated that way human.. or not!” She stared right at Max while she pleaded her innocence “I live there because I am forced to, I am sorry about what he did to you but I am nothing like him”.
Liz’s eyes begged him to understand and Max swallowed “Your his daughter?”.


“I was sent here to keep an eye on you, kind of undercover, just to watch you to make sure your not up to anything alienee” Liz brushed her hair behind her ears and pushed her glasses up her nose.
“Are you one of his agent’s even if your his daughter?” Max asked brushing some grass off his trousers.
“No, he acts like I’m one though, he asked me to do this because I’m your age and available straight away, if I’d said no they would have sent some other girl who would have told them everything about you, I couldn’t let them do that so I came” Liz glanced at Michael who was in deep thought while listening to the conversation.
He occasionally asked questions but Max seemed to have most of the questions he had covered.
Max was looking at the creek in front of them, they were sitting in the local park on the soft damp grass around the dirty water that was infested with ducks.
Liz was explaining her whole life story like it was some important documentary that you’d rush home to watch.
“It must have been lonely” Max said.
“It was, I’ve been there since I was seven, I’ve never really had any friends or anything, I’ve had to socialise with the agents but as you can imagine they aren’t exactly the friendliest of people” Liz brought her fingers up to just in front of her mouth and blew a bit of dirt and seed off her finger tips. She glanced back at Max who was by surprise watching her intently.
He looked back at the creek and began to speak “Did you get schooling there? did you do every day things like we do?”.
“Yeah, I did everything like you apart from the going to parties and getting drunk in the weekend, I haven’t done that before, I don’t think that would be my scene though anyway” She chuckled slightly and Max smiled.
Michael rolled his eyes. Liz was such a geek.
“I had a teacher come in and in spare time I have a computer and I am allowed outside the compound, but I have to assisted, I have television in my compartment and everything like normal” Liz couldn’t help but feel a little lost being out in the open away from her horrible home.
It may not be very inviting or nice but a home is a home.
“Where are you staying?” Michael asked.
Liz and max looked at him, it had been a while since he had spoken and he finally seemed involved in the conversation.
“I have an apartment near your house” she looked at Max “As long as I keep telling them I haven’t noticed any suspicious behaviour they should leave you alone. They got me a place close by so I could watch you more, I might have a job at a restaurant in town, called the crash.. or something”.
“The Crash down” Max said.
“Yeah, that’s it” Liz nodded.
“Maria works there” Michael explained.
“Oh the girl from science class?” Liz asked.
“Yeah, you’ll get the job most probably” Max said.
“I hope so, is that were most people hang out?”
“You could say that” Max smiled.
Liz blushed.
“How long are you going to be here?” he asked.
“Hopefully indefinitely, but I don’t know” Liz pushed herself to her feet, “Can we get back to school?” she asked.
“Yeah” Max stood up and they headed to the jeep with Michael trailing behind.
“I’m sorry for..” Michael started.
“Don’t apologise, I know it must have been hard to trust me at the beginning, I just hope you guys can trust me now” Liz hopped into the front seat of the jeep.
“We can” Max said “I just have one more question”.
“Sure what is it?” Liz asked.
“How can you not be at least worried about the fact we’re aliens? I mean your father would have said heaps about how evil we are and you’ve probably had proof that aliens have killed, thanks to Nasaedo our protector, but yet you seem to not be scared of us at all” Max turned the jeep on.
“After seeing you I knew that he had been lying”


---------Part 4

Liz waved goodbye to Max and Isabel after school and watched them drive off. A satisfied smile spread across her lips, Max was such a nice person! and his friends were wonderful. She had spent the whole day getting to know them, Maria with her bouncy and pure personality, Alex with his witty personality and great sense of humour, some how he had made her living in a compound her whole life funny. Kyle with his thug football star show off antics, Michael, well he could be rude but Liz could tell that he just needed to open up to someone after his whole life of hiding from everyone and being worried about letting his secret out, Isabel was a bit of an ice queen but proved that she was a wonderful personality underneath it all, maybe her ice queen ness was from years of having a secret too. Then there was Max. What could she say about him? to her he was perfect, he was secluded and quiet at times like her but when he let himself have a good time and laugh it was like watching an addictive TV show that you could help but be obsessed with. His smile lit up his whole face and his eyes showed his delight when he was happy.
When you talked to him he gave you full attention and didn’t show he was bored or leave half way through just because he felt like getting a drink.
She couldn’t help but be kind of glad Max had been brought to the compound and into her life. She knew she was selfish for thinking that, after all her father had put him through, but she couldn’t help it. Right now she would have still been trapped in there and not have all the friends she had made today.
This was the greatest opportunity of her life, being here with them and learning to become a normal teenager and she would do anything possible to stay with them and help them past her father and the FBI.
Today when she had been telling Max and Michael her life story she didn’t tell them some kind of important facts and she didn’t know why. She hadn’t told them she had been sent to get close to Max and make him fall for her so he would tell her his secrets. All she had said was that she was sent to watch and make sure they weren’t up to any alien business.
All day she had been wondering why she hadn’t told them but after a while she realised that maybe it was because she was too embarrassed to tell Max because of the feelings she had for him. Maybe later on she would finally tell them all.
Liz unlocked her apartment door and walked in. The phone rang instantly and she shuddered, she had not been looking forward to this phone call.
After picking the phone up she licked her lips to get rid of the lack of moisture on them “Hello” she said waiting for the cold reply she was expecting.
“Well how was it?” her fathers voice was as cold as she expected “Did you talk to him?”.
“No” Liz answered “I’ve seen have seen him many times though”
She heard an exasperated sigh and she couldn’t help but feel like a cold finger was running slowly down her spine “It will take time for me to get to know him ok? it won’t just happen on the first day” her breath shuddered showing her fear of her secrets being found out.
“Did he notice you?”
“I think so, we had eye contact a couple of times” she lied. Really she had talked and been with him all day, she had had eye contact with him but that was only because he had caught her staring at him. Thinking of him made this phone call easier.
“So you think everything is moving along accurately?”
“Accurately enough for the first day” she answered. The phone line clicked off “Yeah well now all the business is taken care of I just want to know how is this all for you? are you safe?............. nice to know you care dad” she slammed the phone down and collapsed onto her bed. She hadn’t needed him her whole life why would she need him now? just because she was in a whole new place and had no idea what was in store for her.
The thing that brought tears to her eyes was the fact that her father always said how evil they were and that they killed. But he had just sent her to one unarmed and innocent. Wasn’t a father supposed to yell and say “THERE IS NO WAY MY DAUGHTER IS GOING ANYWHERE A ALIEN!” her father response had some how not been that encouraging.
Tonight she was going to the movies. At lunch the ‘gang’ was telling her about everything teenagers do. it went like this:

“I can’t believe that monster’s your father!” Isabel said after being told Liz’s story from Max, “No offence”.
“None taken” Liz sipped her orange juice.
“Well now your away from there, we can show what it’s like to be a normal teenager” Maria smiled “Well kind of” she frowned at Isabel, Michael and Max.
“Thankyou I don’t know what I would have done if you guys hadn’t been so wonderful” Liz rested her chin on her crossed arms which were resting on the table “So what do people get up to around here? I want to get out and try everything!”.
“There’s the Mall, UFOnics that’s a dancing thing, movies, crash down, swimming, the park and an arcade” Alex said.
“Why don‘t we all go to the movies tonight, sort of to get Liz used to it” Kyle suggested
“Oh could we?” Liz asked a smile gracing her face
“Yeah I‘ll go”

Then everyone had agreed to go and Maria had suggested they have dinner at the Crash before. Isabel had asked Liz to go around to her house after school and Liz had happily accepted the offer. Isabel was coming to get her soon, it was just Liz had to take the phone call her father was going to make, if she missed it her father would not have been happy.
She didn’t even know why she called him that, he didn’t deserve the title that’s for sure.
While she got changed Liz decided she wouldn’t address him by that anymore.
When Liz was dressed in a ankle length jean skirt and a white long sleeved v neck top she grabbed her bag and put some girly necessities in it, then went outside to wait.
Once Isabel arrived they went straight to her house. It was only down the street but she was afraid she would get the number wrong or something.
Max was in the kitchen helping his mom put away groceries and they were talking casually.
“Mom, I want you to meet Liz....Parker, she’s me and Max’s friend, she’s new in town” Isabel introduced them.
“Well hi Liz” Diane held her hand out and Liz shook it.
“It’s nice to meet you, your house is beautiful” Liz wished she had grown up in a beautiful house like this, she could remember a bedroom that used to belong to her when she was seven, in the memory she was curled up on her bed crying because her parent’s were fighting.
“Why thank Liz, so what are your parent’s names?” Diane asked.
Max leaned against the counter watching and felt bad for Liz having to answer that question. He was surprised by her lie.
“Um well I moved here by myself because my mother and father passed away in a car crash up north” Liz answered “There names were uh... Nancy and Jeff”.
“Oh my dear I’m so sorry!” Diane’s eyes filled with concern and Liz frowned,
‘No don’t be there was nothing you could have done, I just try not to think about it” Liz touched her arm in concern of upsetting the women and the lady surprisingly pulled her into a hug “Your such a brave girl, I take it your in Roswell by yourself?”.
Liz nodded “Yes I have an apartment just down the road”.
“Well Liz your welcome here any time you want, if you wanna stay here at night because you don’t want to go back to that lonely apartment don’t even hesitate, you are welcome here when ever you want” Diane patted Liz’s arm.
“Thankyou” she smiled Isabel grabbed her arm “Come on lets go to my room”.
Liz smiled at Max and waved slightly before she was pulled out of the room.
Max was surprised by how good a liar Liz was, she would need to be if she would have to lie to her father.
“Does your mom know about you and Max and Michael?” Liz asked.
Isabel shook her head “No”
“Why not? she is very nice person I think she would take it well” Liz sat down on the edge of Isabel’s big bed.
“Well I have wanted to tell her before but it’s Max who needs convincing, he’s afraid she won’t love us any more, he’s like Michael, he doesn’t want people to fear him. They won’t let anyone in, it was me who get Alex pulled into this whole thing by accident and then Maria found out because he’s her best friend, Kyle was nearly killed one night in the park and Max healed him , those three are the greatest mistakes we have ever made”.
“They are very tense Max and Michael are, your secret is taking a toll on all of you, you need to be carefree for a while and you can be, you don’t have to worry about the FBI anymore” Liz kicked her jandals off and folded her legs.
Isabel smiled “Maybe we will but we will always have our secret and there’s nothing we can do about it”.
“I’ll help you, while you guys show me everything about being a teenager, you’ll be able to have some fun and just relax”.
“I really hope what you say happens”


----------PART 5

“I’ll be right back” Liz walked out of Isabel’s room and into the hallway, she walked down it looking for the bathroom.
Her eyes landed on Max who was just pulling his shirt off to hop into the shower. She still felt tingly when she saw the sight of his muscular body. In the white room Max had been forced into wearing nothing but scrubs but he had looked VERY fine in them.
She cleared her throat and Max’s head swung in her direction.
“Oh Liz?” he asked.
She blushed and looked anywhere but at him “I just.. um wanted to use the toilet” she answered.
“Oh sure sorry...” he walked out of the bathroom “there you go” he motioned for her to go in and Liz looked up into his eyes,
“Thanks” she scattered into the steam filled bathroom and closed the door. The shower was going and she hurried so he wouldn’t have to wait to long to hop in it.
Max waited outside the door and when she emerged he smiled.
“Thanks” she headed down the hall to Isabel’s room unaware that Max watched her go.

Hangin' round downtown by myself
And I had so much time
To sit and think about myself
And then there she was
Like double cherry pie
Yeah there she was
Like disco super fly
I smell sex and candy here
Who's that lounging in my chair
Who's that casting devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely is a dream
Max, Liz and Isabel walked into the crash down and looked around. Liz smiled at the sight of the local restaurant, it’s mural’s and decorations set the theme of aliens and it was incredibly cute. “I take it you like the restaurant?” Isabel asked.
“I love it” Liz chuckled “It’s entertaining”.
Max and Isabel laughed “If you say so”
Hangin' round downtown by myself
And I had too much caffeine
And I was thinkin' 'bout myself
And then there she was
In double platform suede
Yeah there she was
Like disco lemonade
I smell sex and candy here
Who's that lounging in my chair
Who's that casting devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely is a dream
Mama this surely is a dream
Yeah mama this must be my dream
They took a seat at a booth near the back and Maria soon joined them “Hey guys” she sat down beside Max and rested her elbows on the table “Alex is out the back and Michael and Kyle aren’t here yet, that is if they ever get here, Daphne will serve us soon hopefully”.
“So Liz how’s it going? has Isabel been filling you in about everything?” She asked.
“Yes” Liz answered “I love being able to be out in the open, this is a whole new world to me, I’d seen it all on TV but being here is so much more” her face was glowing with happiness and it relieved the others that she was happy. After the life she had had she deserved some freedom.

“Max can you drop me off first, I’m really tired and I just wanna get into bed” Isabel had noticed the glances between Max and Liz all through out the night and she felt like giving them some alone time.
“Oh.. um sure” He pulled up outside their house and Isabel hopped out “See ya Liz”.
“By Isabel see you in the morning” Liz waved as Isabel walked away and Max headed down the street.
They drove in silence to Liz’s apartment then when he arrived, he stopped the car and Liz turned to face him “Thankyou for the ride Max”.
“Liz can I ask you something?” He turned to look at her and she nodded. “How did you turn off the security and make sure the coast was clear that night?”
Liz swallowed “I didn’t know what to do to help you, I had watched you from behind the wall, there was a glass thing that you couldn’t see and all I knew was that I had to do something. During the time you were in there I told my father to be easier on you, to stop torturing you and just talk, compromise. He wouldn’t listen of corse. One night I was in there and I found a clip board it had a list of things on it, it was things that they could.. do to you to make you talk, at the bottom it said to kill you, they had done all most everything else and I was worried it would get to that”.
Lis told him her how she freed him and he listened with all his attention on her.
“You didn’t have to do that for me.. thankyou, I owe you so much” His voice was filled with gratitude.
“You don’t owe me anything, I wanted to do it” she told him “I did it because I knew that you weren’t evil, my father just couldn’t see past your blood cells. I was right about what I saw because you aren’t evil your this wonderful person who had great friends that have all excepted me with in a day. You have a family a nice house and are normal. I consider you more normal than me, I don’t care what your past was and where your actually from all I can trust is what I see and hear from you, I can’t help but be glad you came to the compound or I wouldn’t have had the chance to have had all this happen for me” she closed her eyes for a second “I’m sorry I know its selfish of me to be kind of glad my father found you”
“No.. it’s not, you deserve some happiness your life has been horrible” Max said.
she smiled “I could say the same thing to you”.
“I though mine was bad but you’ve had worse, you haven’t had family and love” he swallowed.
Liz smiled “Thankyou.. for everything Max”.
“No.. thankyou” he whispered.
They sat in silence for a second then Max brushed a piece of stray hair behind Liz’s ears.
She looked into his eyes and his hand grazed her cheek, she blushed and swallowed.
Max felt like he was looking into this soul, they had been heaved into each others lives with very odd circumstances and they didn’t care.
Liz felt Max moving closer to her and she pulled away “Um.. good night Max” She opened the door to the jeep and hopped out “see you tomorrow”.
“Yeah.. Is and I will pick you up” he said.
She nodded then closed the door. Max watched her walk towards the building and shuddered, he was falling for Liz, he had not stopped thinking about her since she saved his life but he had dismissed it with the knowledge that he would never see her again, what was he supposed to do about it? would Liz even think of him that way? he knew that she didn’t care about the fact he was an alien but he just didn’t know.

Liz closed the door behind her and she quickly pulled her clothes off and hopped into bed. It was bad to like Max, she was supposed to be helping him not falling for him.
Knowing that didn’t change how she felt though, her heart wanted Max, she could feel it. She had known it since she first saw him. Would anything ever come of their relationship? did he want anything to happen between them? she fell asleep her mind questioning many things.


Liz wandered down the school halls fanning herself with her hand, today was very hot. She wore jandals and a light white dress to keep cool, someone tapped on her shoulder and she turned her head to see Kyle. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, “Hey Liz, hot isn’t it?”
“Boiling god I don’t know how you can handle this weather more than once? at the compound we had air conditioning”
Kyle laughed “We don’t have a choice but to handle it”
“Aghh I don’t know how much more of this I can take” Liz whined.
Kyle smiled “Vicky!” he waved “See ya Liz” he walked over to his girlfriend and Liz sighed as he kissed her passionately.
“Hi Liz” Max walked up behind her and she smiled.
“Hi Max” She continued to fan herself while they walked.
“I refuse to talk about the weather one more time today, I am sick of it, it is hot everybody get over it” Maria grumbled.
Max and Liz laughed.
“So what are you two up to now that school is finished for the weekend? something wonderful I hope” Maria grabbed Liz’s hand and waved it in front of her face.
“Maria! use your own hand!” Liz laughed snatching her hand back.
Liz rolled her eyes at Max he chuckled. Liz almost drooled, he was wearing a black button down top that had the first few buttons undone because it was so hot.
“You guys! idea!!!” Alex ran up and rapped his arms around Maria’s shoulders, she squeaked and pulled them away “Sweaty” she groaned.
“Let’s go to the pool, please” Alex said.
By now they were in the car park and could see Isabel waiting at the jeep and fanning herself with her school book.
“I’ll go” Maria said.
“What about you two... come on?” Alex begged.
Liz swallowed “I don’t have any togs”
“I have some old ones you can have!” Isabel cut in.
“Thankyou Is, Um sure, I’ll come then”. Max of corse agreed to come now.
“Ok we’ll see ya there in 30 minutes, later ” Maria and Alex headed off toward the Jetta
“Bye Isabel!” they both yelled.
Isabel waved her book at them then snarled at Max to hurry up so she could get into more comfortable clothes.
Liz hopped into the back seat of the jeep and rested her head on the seat, she closed her eyes and before she knew it they were at Max and Isabel’s house.
“Come on Liz the bikini will look great on you” Isabel grabbed Liz’s hand and pulled into the house.
“Hi Isabel, Liz” Diane was vacuuming the lounge, “Hi mom” Isabel called as she pulled Liz down the hall.
“Hey Max” Diane wiped her brow and Max took the vacuum form her I’ll finish the lounge for you mom” he offered.
“Don’t be silly Max, go away” she smiled.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
“Yes!” Diane snarled.
Max headed down the hall and stopped outside Isabel’s door. “Max go away” Isabel demanded.
“Why?” Max asked.
“Because we are going to be getting changed and we don’t want you to see us nude” Isabel went to close the door “Isabel” Liz whined “I won’t look good in this”
Isabel sighed “You will look awesome” she grinned “Don’t you think Max?”
Max swallowed and looked at the ground “Yes” he answered.
“You didn’t even see the bikini” Isabel exclaimed, she pulled his chin up and showed him the red boob cube bikini. Liz was going to be wearing that? maybe he shouldn’t go.
Liz grabbed the bikini, “I don’t know..” she mumbled.
“Bye Max” Isabel closed the door with her powers and turned to Liz, “Try it on, it will look great”.
“But Isabel I don’t have a tan and I need a bikini wax, you have to remember I have lived in a basically underground compound my whole life” Liz explained.
“I can fix that” Isabel said “I have powers you know, how else do you think I look so wonderful?”

Liz and Isabel stood in the kitchen running ice over them selves. They were in their bikinis and were just waiting for Max to be ready.
“Liz?” Isabel asked “What do you think of Max?”
Liz ran the ice down her jaw “What about Max?” she asked.
“What do you think of him?” Isabel asked.
“I don’t know.. he’s nice why?” Liz turned to look at Isabel and she grinned.
“I don’t know I was just wondering” Isabel knew that Max and Liz ere lusting over each other and she knew they both deserved to have some fun. But she didn’t know that if they got together it would be more than just fun, it would be love, she didn’t know how deep their feelings went. Isabel was determined to have them together within a week, it would be hard work.
“Ready to go?” Max walked in and froze at the sight of Liz running ice down her neck and over her shoulders.
Isabel watched him gawk and chuckled “We’re ready Max” she said.
He didn’t move “MAX!” she yelled.
He snapped out of it “Yeah, um let’s go”


-----------------Part 6

“Max I need help” Liz sat down next to him in the library “Pierce is getting inpatient he want’s news and I don’t know what to tell him”
Max closed his book and looked around “Let’s go somewhere else, it’s to public in here” he whispered.
She nodded and stood up, they walked out of the library and outside, they sat down behind the bleachers next to the football field.
“What should I tell him?” she asked “I’m out of idea’s”.
Max ran his hand through his hair “I don’t know, what does he want to know?”
“Well he only knows your an alien so something about you, he’s been pressuring me to talk to you” Liz brushed a stray strand of hair that came out of her plaited pinkie tails.
“Why don’t you tell him that during one off our classes we had a discussion and that you know one of my friends names, don’t say someone I actually know...”
“So not Michael or Alex or anything it has to be someone else, it can’t be made up because they will probably look them up” Liz concentrated on thinking for someone, she folded her legs and her thigh brushed Max’s leg. She shuddered and smiled “What about Michael? that guy in your history class? you talk to him”
A smile crept across Max’s face and Liz’s heart fluttered “What?” she asked.
“It’s just you’ve been here 2 and a half weeks and you know heaps about my life” he continued to smile.
Liz laughed “I have o know heaps about you though, my father..” Max cut her off “Yeah I know, but don’t you get bored I’m not a very interesting person”.
“Yes you are” Liz smiled “I wouldn’t enjoy it if it were anyone else” did I just say that out loud? she questioned, how embarrassing.
Max eyes turned red and Liz bit her lip “Are you doing anything after school? we have that biology thing we need to do”.
“Oh sure, why don’t you come around and we can study” he said.
“Yeah ok” She was happy to be able to go around to his house to see him and not Isabel, when she went around there she was always with Isabel, Max and her never had much time together, he longest alone time they had had was about half an hour, someone always interrupted them.
“So you know what to tell your dad?” he asked.
“I prefer he just be called Pierce I don’t really consider him a father” Liz explained.
Max nodded “Oh, sorry”.
“No its ok” she said.
Max couldn’t help but wonder about Liz, she was so secluded like she was afraid of something, that something was probably be her father and the FBI;
“Are you ok after the compound? what they did to you wasn’t exactly nice, if I were you I would be having nightmares and be afraid to be anywhere alone” Liz touched his arm and a jolt was sent through both their bodies.
Max was having nightmares, no body knew about it though.
“Can I try something?” he asked.
“Sure” Liz said “What is it?” she asked.
Max smiled, she said yes before asking what it was, she was such a trusting person, he loved that about her. “There’s this thing I can do, where you connect to someone and you see flashes of each others life, I have never done it with anyone before, but if I see your life and know what you have been through maybe it will be easier for you to be able to forget about it and make a new life here in Roswell with me.. I mean us” he wanted to let her know she could trust him, “I can make you just see mine or I just see your or not at all if you want to”.
“Sure, what do you have to do?” she asked.
He stood up and shifted seats so he was sitting in front of her, he moved toward her more and raised his hands to her face. He brushed her hair behind her ears and Liz’s breath caught in her throat at first she thought he was gong to kiss her and her heart beat was going rapidly fast.
“You have to look into my eyes and clear your mind of everything” he said.
Liz nodded and looked him straight in the eyes, after a few minutes the connection was formed and she were both bombarded with images.
Liz saw:
// Max and Isabel walking along the high way naked when they were young //
// Max huddled in Mrs Evans arms crying //
// Max healing a small bird in his back yard and Isabel telling him it was to public //
// Max sitting in Biology at the age of 13 //
// Max and Michael in shock after Isabel telling them Alex and Maria knew their secret //
// Max walking alone at night, he had woken up and not been able to get back to sleep, him finding Kyle bleeding to death from being robbed and him healing the wound //
// Max being followed by an agent and because he had been noticed the night he had healed Alex //
// Max getting out in the white room and being so scared and lonely//
// Max screaming as he got tortured by her father //
// Liz standing before him saying that he should follow his heart, he had followed her because his heart said he could trust her //
// Max lying in bed thinking about her wondering if hopefully he could see her again //
// Liz coming in biology and the mixture of happiness, shock and wonder he felt //
// Liz’s happiness when she first walked into Crash down //
// Liz running ice over her jaw in the kitchen with Isabel //
The connection stopped and tears fell from Liz’s eyes, she looked into Max’s eyes and put her hands on top of his, she gently tugged them away from her face then buried her face in her hands.
“What did you see?” he asked.
“Your childhood” she whispered wiping her tears away “You were so lonely as Lonely as I was” she looked up at him “What did you see?”
“You crying on your bed when you were 7 because your parent’s were fighting, you wondering around your compartment at the compound wondering what to do, I saw our life in there and then felt how happy you were to come here to Roswell, to get away fro it all” he had also seen her the night she rescued him when she was tracing his features through the glass, he felt how excited she was that she was going to see him again.
Liz wiped her eyes again “You got out of the pods when I was getting taken to the compound” she remembered, “Your life begun then and mine ended”.
Max lifted her shin so she was looking her into the eyes “Does it make you feel better to know that someone knows what you have been through?”
“You already knew that before you saw it” Liz said looking him in the eyes.
Max heard her cell phone begin to ring and the expression on her face shook him internally, he didn’t like that look. It was of terror and worry, she was afraid of her father as much as he was.
She pulled her phone out and stared at it, she looked up at Max and he swallowed. Max grabbed her spare hand for comfort as she received the call and put it to her ear.
“Hi” She said “Yeah I talked to him, in one of our classes”
Max rubbed his fingers over her hand and tried to soothe away the frightened ness but knew he couldn’t.
“He has a friend, I can’t remember the nae of him but he’s in the football team” Liz stared into Max’s eyes and she felt the comfort she needed.
After the phone call she put the phone down and began to cry. She lifted her head and surprisingly they fell into a hug. Max rapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his shoulder.
“Into the brave new world,
I hope I see you on the other side of this changing world,
baby when my ship pulls in, I try to believe in anyone,
look at the state I’m in,
But for now, I’m just sittin’ at the tail bone,
here in song, and wishing I was able,
stable now now now now now,”
“Thankyou” Liz whispered.

“We told Nasaedo there was no need to attack the compound” Max explained to Liz as he walked back into his room holding a drink and a sandwich for her.
Liz thanked him and put the plate and cup down on the floor “Because..”
“Because they aren’t trying to find us right now so we don’t have to hurry to feel safe again” he sat down on the floor beside her and leaned his back against his bed.
“It is very lucky I said yes to coming then isn’t it? other wise you guys would have killed me” Liz sipped her drink and Max frowned “No we wouldn’t off, we would have taken you away and given you a goo life”
“No you would have blown up the compound which means with me in it” Liz argued.
“Must you think on the bad side of things?” he asked,
“I..” she was about to come up with a smart come back but the door opened revealing Isabel “Hi” she said “having fun?”.
Max and Liz both shared a glance “Is there something you wanted Isabel?”
“Nope” Isabel ran her hand along the door “I’m just bored”.
“Why don’t you go to the crash down and see Maria or Alex?” Liz asked.
“I just might do that” she walked out of the room “see ya!” she smiled.
Liz sipped her drink again and flicked through her science book, “I know all this, I had a lot of spare time at the compound” she chuckled.
Max laughed “Well you can teach me it” he reached for the page at the same time and their hands collide. Liz looked at Max and their eyes connected.
Blushing she pulled her hand away from his and turned back to look at her book, “Where do you want to start?” her voice came out a lot weaker then she planned it too.
Max didn’t say anything his body was yelling at him and if he spoke a moan would come out.
Liz turned back to look at him and swallowed “Max?” she asked.
Max inched his face forward and before either of them knew it the warm sensation of their lips touching spread through out their whole bodies.
Liz moaned and tried to get closer to him, Max leaned forward and ran his hands through her silky hair.
Liz got up onto her knees and Max did too, Liz rapped her arms around him and squashed her body into his. Max moved forward to try and get closer to Liz this caused Liz to be forced onto her back on top of their school books and work. She opened her legs and Max lied down in-between them, Max groaned deep in his throat as her soft tongue glided across his. He broke the kiss heaving or breath and stared Liz in the eyes, she swallowed and lifted her chin so she could kiss him again, he brought his mouth down on hers and she licked his lips, he trailed his kisses down her jaw and under her chin. She arched her head back and closed her eyes in satisfaction.
This felt so wonderful and... right and all they could both think was finally!
Max ran his hands under the hem of her shirt to feel the inviting skin of her stomach against his finger tips, he felt Liz shudder against him., he bent one of her legs so his arousal was pressed into thigh.
Liz rapped her arms around his neck and groaned at the feel of his body touching hers She knew they had to stop and she was slowly building up the strength to pull away. She could feel his warm hands on her stomach and this caused her to break away from his mouth. She looked up into his eyes then pushed herself up. Max got up off her and ran his hand through his hair “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking” he said.
Liz swallowed and got up she sat down on the edge of bed and crossed her arms “You aren’t regretting what you did are you?” she asked.
Max turned to face her “Do you want me too?”
Liz frowned but couldn’t help but let a smile slip across her face “No”
Max’s eyes widened she liked it?
Liz blushed furiously and Max got up onto his knees so he was in front of her “I don’t regret it, I’ve been dying to do that for the longest time” he brushed her hair behind her ears and Liz smiled “Really?”
“Yeah” he blushed.
Liz rested her forehead on his “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time too”
He looked into her eyes then they both moved their lips forward, Liz excepted his tongue into her mouth and they both shared a heart searching kiss.

I close my eyes when I get too sad
I think thoughts that I know are bad
Close my eyes and I count to ten
I hope it's over when I open them
I want the things that I had before
Like a Star Wars poster on my bedroom door
I wish I could count to ten
Make everything be wonderful again
I hope my mom and I hope my dad
Will figure out why they get so mad
I hear them scream, I hear them fight
Say bad words that make me wanna cry
Close my eyes when I go to bed
And I dream adventures* that will make me smile
I feel better when I hear them say
Everything will be wonderful someday
Promises mean everything when you're little
And the world's so big
I just don't understand how,
You can smile with all those tears in your eyes
Tell me everything is wonderful now
na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh (repeated)
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now
I go to school and I run & play
I tell the kids that it's all ok
I like to laugh so my friends won't know
When the bell rings I just don't wanna go home
Go to my room and I close my eyes
I make believe that I have a new life
I don't believe you when you say
Everything will be wonderful someday
Promises mean everything when you're little
And the world is so big
I just don't understand how,
You can smile with all those tears in your eyes
When you tell me everything is wonderful now

na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh
na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh
na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh
na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh

I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now.
I don't wanna hear you say
That I will understand someday
No, no, no, no
I don't wanna hear you say

No, no, no, no
I don't wanna meet your friends
And I don't wanna start over again
I just wanna my life to be the same, just like it used to be
Some days I hate everything
Some days I hate everything
Ever wanna live with me?
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now

na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh
na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh
na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh
na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhh

Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now
I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now
I don't wanna hear you tell me everything is wonderful now
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now


-----------------Part 7

Liz stared at the plate she had just dropped in front of the customer “Oh.. I’m so sorry! I’ll get a new one right away, no charge” she franticly began picking up the food and pieces of glass then scurried into the back room.
As soon as the door closed a whimper escaped her mouth and a frustrated tear dripped down her cheek. “Are you alright?” Michael asked just getting into his apron.
Liz quickly wiped her eyes, she hadn’t known he was there! “I just dropped my third plate today” she said.
Michael raised his eye brows, “Oh... bummer” he walked through the door and Liz sighed “MICHAEL!” she exclaimed.
He pocked his head through the door “Yeah?” he grinned.
Liz looked like she was about to blow a fuse so he decided to stop playing with her, “Oh.. right” he waved his hand over the plate and the food and it all turned back into it’s normal self.
“Thankyou “ she huffed walking back thorough the door.
“Hard first day?” she gasped and lost her balance as she bumped into Max, he quickly grabbed her and the tray and she let out an exasperated sigh “Kill me now” she cried.
“I’m sorry about the inconvenience” she placed the plate in front of the customer and walked over to the next table “Hi my names Liz, Welcome to the crash down, are you ready to order?” she asked.
“We’ve been ready for half an hour” The lady answered.
“Oh” Liz frowned “I’m sorry we’ve been really busy, what would you like?”
“A galaxy sub and...” the lady took her order and she quickly scribbled down the food before hurrying over to the kitchen to place the order.
“Last table” Liz mouthed to Max who was leaning against the counter watching her with a silly grin on his face.
After serving another table and giving the food to a couple more Liz hurried out the back before she was pushed into doing over-time. Max was sitting on the employees break couch and she huffed air out of her mouth before collapsing down on the couch beside him “Hard day?” he asked.
“Understatement” Liz shifted so she could rest her head on his shoulder, Max placed a kiss on the top of her head and Liz closed her eyes, “I’m worried” she whispered
“About?” Max asked.
“Pierce, I haven’t heard from him in three days and I know he must be planning something, I know what’s going to happen, he’s going to ring and announce some big new arrangement because he’s grown impatient and want’s results quicker” Liz pulled off her glasses and wiped away a piece of lint off them.
Max swallowed “We can’t do anything until we hear from him” he rapped his arm around her and she lifted her feet off the ground and turned her body into his so she was snuggled at his side.
“I just hope it isn’t something to big. It better be something I can squirm my way out off” Liz lifted her head to look him in the eyes “I am going to go home and have a shower, want to do something later?”
“How about get a video, I don’t think any ones at home” he ran his thumb over her lips and she smiled “Ok, why don’t you pick the video while I get ready at home?”
“Let’s go” he grabbed her hands and they both got up off the couch. Max started leading them out of the room when Liz stopped him “Wait .. I want to .. do this..” she grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips down on hers. She flicked her tongue across his teeth and then dipped it into his deep mouth further.
Max kissed her back by running his tongue along hers and over her lips, Liz moaned and broke away “Let’s go” she smiled and lead them out into the Crash down.
No one really knew about their relationship yet, they had only been together for 2 days and one of those days had been a Saturday.
Liz and Max were just enjoying being able to kiss and hold each others hands.... basically just enjoying the couple hood before letting everyone know.
Max stopped the jeep and Liz gave him a quick kiss “See you in 40 minutes” she smiled.
Her smile froze when she noticed a black car in the drive way to her apartment. Max noticed the car and his whole body convulsed “I can’t just let you go in there”.
“GO! don’t come back, I’ll ring you when the coast is clear.. it’s not safe they’ll get you again” she jumped out and stared at him one more timed “What are you waiting for? GO!” she exclaimed.
Max pulled the jeep away then drove down the street quickly.
Liz stared at her apartment then hesitantly walked up to the front door, her heart was pounding so hard in her chest that she felt it in her toes. Slipping the key into the lock she quickly slid the door opened and swallowed.
“Why hello Liz” Pierce sat in a chair at the table she had in her little dining area. Liz shivered and folded her arms “I knew I’d hear from you soon” she said.
Closing the door she tried to hide the Goosebumps and tremors her body were producing “Why are you here?” she asked.
“I’m impatient Lizzie you know that” he folded his arms and smiled evilly “Since we are just siting on our asses at the compound we wanted to get into the action a little bit, we gave you two camera’s neither have been touched” he picked them up off the table and held them in front of his face “They will be used now though, along with one for your top” he put the camera’s down “By the way where have you been?” he asked “I have been sitting here for half the day”
“Work” Liz answered motioning to the uniform “I work at the crash down remember” she walked in and put her bag and keys down on the table, “I have to wear a camera?” she asked.
He grinned and lifted the badge on her chest “Cute” he said looking at the name tag “Yes you will be wearing a camera and you will have back up”.
Liz’s heart sank, that meant acting like she didn’t know Max. She wouldn’t even get to talk to him much.
“During the day you will wear this camera and one of my agent’s will always be near by” he pulled out a small broach the size of half her finger nail and pinned it to her top “You can take it off when your home but when ever you leave the house you have to wear it, when your coming home your back up will notice and leave to his own apartment, tell him when your leaving again, his apartment is down the road, we have a car for you parked out back, it’s a small blue ford laser, nothing flash, nothing a normal teenager wouldn’t have” he looked around “We expect results soon Liz, something to go on, I’m leaving you know what you have to do” He pointed to her fridge “the phone number of your back ups apartment is on the fridge and the keys to your car are on the bench, call us if you need anything” he headed to the front door and pulled it open “Good luck” he said before leaving.
Once he was gone Liz took the broach off and turned it off, she put it in the kitchen with the other two then collapsed on her coach, tears escaped her eyes and she let herself cry.


Max was pacing back and forth in his room, he was going insane!!!
He hadn’t heard from Liz yet, he expected her to ring sooner than this, was Pierce still at her apartment? was she safe?
Should he go round there? no he couldn’t go around there, Liz said she’d tell him when the coast was clear, if he just went barging into her apartment it would blow everything.
His gaze kept falling on the phone that just wouldn’t ring! he would combust if he didn’t get a phone call soon.
He sat down on the end of his bed and rested his head in his hands “Come on Liz, come on” he mumbled.
As if on cue the phone started ringing and he grabbed it quickly “Liz?” he asked.
He heard a sniffle “Yeah” .
“What's wrong what happened?” He demanded.
“Can you come around at about 1am? it should be safe then, bring everyone ok? low profile” her voice was filled with sadness “You trust me?” she asked.
“Yes I trust you, we’ll be there, are you alright?” he asked.
“Just be here ok?” she hanged up and Max sighed.
The phone call he had been waiting for had not been much help.


------------------------Part 8

“I’m going to be wearing a camera so it would be best if none of you talk to me at all” Liz had red rimmed eyes and she sat by herself on the corner of her bed.
“I can’t believe this” Maria grumbled “We have to do something we can’t just go on like this”
Max just sat with his elbows resting on his thighs, he was looking at the ground and he wasn’t saying anything. “There’s nothing you can do” Liz said “There might be a few occasions I can tell my back up that I'm going home and then come around, but only at night”.
“We’re sorry there’s nothing we can do” Isabel sat down next to her and rapped her arm around Liz’s shoulders.
“I know” Liz said quietly.
“We better get going before our parent’s figure out we’re gone” Alex said.
Liz nodded “It’s not safe that your here, you should go” she stood up and sharply breathed in.
Michael and Maria stood up, Maria hugged Liz quickly “We’ll figure something out” she whispered. “Thankyou” A tear dripped down Liz’s cheek and she quickly wiped it away.
Isabel hugged Liz and Alex and Michael said goodbye and sorry before walking out the door.
“Max?” Isabel asked,
“I’ll be out in a sec” he said lifting his head.
“Ok” she walked out and closed the door behind her. Liz just continued to sit she knew what she had to do but she didn’t want to do it.
It was lucky Max got up other wise they both would have just sat there for hours.
“There’s nothing we can do?” he asked kneeing down in front of her.
She shook her head “no” tears spilled down her cheeks and Max wiped them away, “I have to say this even though I don’t want to..” Max cut her off.
“Don’t say it” he closed his eyes briefly “I know”.
Liz whimpered “I’m so sorry”.
“It’s not your fault” he opened his tear glazed eyes. He stood up and Liz stared up at him, “This can’t just be... it” she said.
Liz stood up and rapped her arms around his neck, she pulled his mouth onto hers and they kissed each other longingly “Goodbye Max” she whispered.
Max kissed her lips again, he didn’t say anything he couldn’t, it hurt to much.
He walked to the door and opened it, he looked back at her one more time then disappeared into the night.


Liz felt awful walking through school, no one was going to come up to her and say hi.

Well no one who she cared about would.
Wearing a camera and having someone follow you made you feel like you’d never ever be alone. The happiest she had ever been in her whole life was a few days ago and she could never have that back, she wanted to throw up. Maybe if she killed herself she would at least not have to see Max’s face and have to look the other way.
Was this hurting him as much as it was hurting her? her heart answered ‘yes’.
This was going to be a long day.

Max could feel her walk past him as he stood at her locker. This felt wrong, he had to do something, they could do something they HAD TO.
He wanted to grab her and pick her up so she rapped her legs around his waist, then he’d devour her in front of everyone.
He was so complete when he had her, he was happy. He didn’t care if he failed his next class, or if the spare tire on the jeep was fixed, all the problems in life seemed so small when he had her. He hadn’t even gotten used being able to say that she was HIS girl. No one even knew that had been involved, wait, Isabel probably would have figured it out.
They should never have gone to her house that afternoon, they should have goon straight to the video store then to his house. At least then they would have had the afternoon together, they would have had that tiny bit more time.
He was going to burst he had to something, he shared basically every class with her, he would have to see her being beautiful every second of the day, that was good on top of being bad, dam her father!
During the day he tried to come up with ideas, but he couldn’t come up with anything with out talking to her. He was going to have to see her even though they weren’t a couple anymore, that was only for convenience, he didn’t care if he never saw her. When he did see her he wanted to be able to hold and kiss her.
His gaze drifted to Liz who sat quietly at the front of the room. her petite frame looked tiny against the back of the chair. Her brown hair was in a big bundle-mess at the back of her head and strands fell over her neck. It was a weird hair-do it wasn’t up and it wasn’t down, normally it would be stupid but it was on Liz and she made it beautiful.
He watched her as she took off her glasses and rub her eyes, she was concentrating too hard on class and it was tiring her eyes.
After class he was walking down the hall and walked right into her, she gasped and bent down to pick up her books that had scattered over the floor. “I’m so sorry” she said.
“No it was my fault, I was distracted” he said.
Liz looked up at him and blushed “Um.. your Max right?” she asked.
He nodded “Yeah”
“Oh.. well I was wondering if you could tutor me after school for um English, I’m having trouble with it” Max handed her the books she had dropped and they both stood up properly.
“What part are you having trouble with?” he asked.
“um.. all of it” she whacked herself in the head, did she say that? her father would be laughing so hard right now “Ow” she mouthed.
Max couldn’t help but smile “Well sure, your house..?” he asked.
They couldn’t go to his house because his mom would be there and she would start talking to Liz like normal and it would blow her cover.
“No would it be ok at the crash down? I have a shift at 4:45 and if we study there we can eat as well” she pushed her glasses up her nose and blinked at Max.
“Ok, do you need a ride? I have a jeep” he said.
“That would be great” she said.
“Well I’ll see you after the last class here?” he asked.
“yeah.. ok” she smiled then turned and walked down the hall.
Liz was so cute under pressure, he couldn’t help but think as he walked to the gym for physical Ed his next class.


Liz walked into the crash down bathroom and pulled the camera off her sweater “I’m going toilet so you’ll have to end your peep show for a few minutes” she spoke into the camera , quickly she turned it of and hurried back into the crash down, “Max” she said “Come here”
He looked her questioningly then walked into the bathroom. She closed the door behind him and breathed in “I had to turn it off to go to the bathroom, Pierce rang my cell phone and told me to make this study date, I’m so sorry I couldn’t get out of it”
Max nodded “I understand, look we can’t do this anymore, he’s going to expect you to do more and more soon and...”
“Your suggesting we have to do something to their plan or to them?” Liz asked folding her arms.
“Well either” Max looked at the ground.
“I’m willing to kill my father Max” he looked up at her suddenly “If that’s what you were wondering?”
“Um.. actually I was wondering that and I’m so sorry, it’s just..” Liz cut him off
“I understand and I am willing to but killing just him won’t help much it would have to be the compound and all the agents”
“Are you sure you’d do that.. for us?” he asked.
Liz nodded “Look I can’t be on the toilet much longer or they’ll start being suspicious” she opened the bathroom door and Max walked out “We’ll find another time to talk?” he asked.
“Yeah, I can’t not go to the bathroom for the rest of my life” she smiled.
Max nodded and she closed the door.
Liz turned the camera back on and washed her hands before walking out into the crash down. max was working like he had been before she went to bathroom and the viewers had no idea that anything had happened.


Liz was lying in bed trying to come yup with ideas about what they could do with the situation they were stuck in.
She had to figure out how to stop everything from proceeding the way it was. Killing her father? most people would think that be horrible but he was a horrible person and he didn’t deserve to live. How could they kill him and destroy all records of Max and aliens? no doubt if they got rid of the compound the FBI wouldn’t try rebuild it, it wasn’t doing well enough from the beginning so they wouldn’t waste the millions on it again. The results they got from it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy them.
If they set the compound on fire and blew it up the agents, her father and all records would be destroyed then they would be home free.

But what would happen to her?

She didn’t know. She’d still have the apartment and everything but she didn’t earn enough money at the crash down.
Maybe she’d get some kind of benefit or something.

But what would happen once the compound was gone? would she stand in front of the wreck fake-crying like a little girl till the FBI turned up and found her? did they know she was out being a spy? if they got there and didn’t see her would they think she died in the fire?
If they did would that make her an illegal alien? No they had to make a way so the FBI knew she was still alive when they got there, that would make her situation better. There were so many things they had to come up with. It was going to take a long time to plan something.