Author: ChaosTheory

Title: The Devils Henchmen

Rating: Will be NC-17

Summary: Max is just chilling on a ledge in hell one day( I know, I know but I think you guys will like this.) When the Devil Herself, Isabel, his sister comes to him to get him to try bring and a very unsuspecting girl named Liz Parker to the dark side.

Chapter 1


Okay, I'm going to set the scene up for you guys, here I am, sitting on my favorite ledge in my sisters kingdom. Torturing the evildoers who have come for their eternal punishment and all that good stuff when she calls me into her office.

I , for one, am like 'oh fuck, what have I done now? I was born down here and was a baby when my dad, the original devil, handed the reighns over to Iz, she'd done more than a good job.

I sat in the hard chair in her office that was usually occupied by the new occupants to Hell and noticed it was pretty uncomfortable when she swept into the room. The spandex red dress and large halo, no pun intended, of blond hair on her head had gotten many men, and many women for that matter, to relinquish their souls.

She really was the top honcho in this land, and they'd said she wouldn't do it.

"Max," she said slowly, using her buisness tone with me, fuck!

"What did I do Is?"

She looks up at me, startled.

"Nothing Max, I thought it was time to try and give you an assignment."

I was litterally floored.

"Me, on an assignment?"

I was Satans only son and *I* had to go to Earth and do an assignment. This had to be against some rule written down somewhere.

"Teres no rule Max," she commented flatly and pulled out her reading glasses, "you are going to do this and you're going to it because I told you too."

We'lllllllllll, excuse the hell outta me!

I sat there silently fuming while she pulled out a file and began to read it to me.

Elizabeth Susan Parker.

Born 1980 on July the 20th. She's the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parker who passed away two years ago in a car crash and now she owns the family resturant whitch is located in New York City, New York.

She removed her glasses and lened across the hardwood desk toward me. I tried to pretend that I hadn't been listening when I had actually been listening very intently, "what does this have to do with me?"

We want her soul Max, she has the potential to do either very evil things on Earth or very god things and I think God has already sent that Micheal Guerin to recruit her for his side.

I grimaced, Micheal Guerin was such "the angel," he made me sick. I wanted the assignment just so I could have the chance to show him up but kept that to myself and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Again, what does this have to do with me?" She sighed and was across the desk before I could do anything. She had the front of my shirt and her grasp and was practically snarling at me.

"Everyone has tried to get her Max, I've sent all my top agents and nothing happened. I went down there myself as a boy as a girl as a fucking Squirrel and nothing has worked." She let my shirt go and crumpled back into her seat with a frown.

"I'm not used to not getting what I go after," then, even lower, "I'm not used to be being rejected." I went around the desk to her and looked down at the sorry heap that was my sister, the ruler of Hell.

"Fine Iz" I said softly to her now happy and upturned face. "I'll go to Earth and get her." With that I left the office, never seeing the look that came across her face after my departure.

Chapter 2


Whoever tells you angels don't curse, well they're fucking liars. I stood on the side of the CrashDown Cafe' smoking a cigarette thinking about this Liz. I'd been trying to get her over to our side for a month now and nothing was happening. I hear her calling me and go back inside.

"Hey Liz," Alex called across the room as he entered. He's sweet, unassuming, tall and lanky, everything I myself am not.

She turned back and smiled, "hey, I want you to meet the new waitress, Maria." I watched her glide across the floor and felt my mouth drop. The long blond hair, the wide green eyes, the lush sexy curves. She was practically the perfect human woman.

She turned those eyes on me and reached her hand over to shake mine, "hi!" "Hey," I said back and released her hand so I could continue grilling. "I'll leave you two to get accquainted, I have some paperwork to do."

With that Liz went up the stairs to the her study and I turned toward Maria who was watching her ascent up the stairs with a peculiar look on her face. A look you usually didn't see a girl giving another girl.

Then it hit me, oh my God.

I didn't say anything about my discovery, just picked up the trashbag and went out into the alley. When I turned to go back she was standing there. Not looking at all like the sweet girl I'd been introduced too.

"I see you had the same idea Alex." Her eyes were red and I smiled and went back to my real form. I turned around to put the top back on the can, "I guess so Maria."

When I turned back, he was a he again and quite pissed I might add. "I know it's off topic but the all black is really quite cliche' Maxwell."

He looked down at his black torn jeans with the chain hanging from it and his old black Tshirt, then looked back up at me with gleaming red eyes, "oh, and the all white bit has never done before."

I was wearing a pure white Tshirt with white slacks, us angels liked to look our best. I smiled, "classics never go out of style."

He snarled and moved in on me, "you might as well let this one go Mikey, Iz wants her and what Iz wants, Iz gets." I stepped up to him, "No Maxie, *you* might as well give it up cause God wants her and what God wants God gets."

He sneered and pushed me, "I hate you so much." I pushed him back, "I love you to." I could see his face transforming into something definitely not human. His real true form, his demon form when Liz burst through the back door and glanced first away from then toward us.

"I've been looking all over for you two," she said walking out toward us and letting the door slam behind her. "What happened, why are you both out here?"

Maria smiled and stepped toward her, "there was alot of trash and I helped him bring it out." Liz smiled and hugged Maria to her, I couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable she looked. "Lets go back in and I'll get you your uniform."

She glanced back at me, "come on Alex." I smiled and followed Liz and the new waitress in.

Chapter 3


There was something weird about that girl, something simmering just below the surface. Something sort of evil and almost.......I don't know, masculine.

I shook the thought from my head and wiped my now sweaty palms on my jeans, something about her was, just all wrong.

Alex put his arm around me when we came back inside the the Cafe and I leaned into him, he was a little less then a year younger than me but from the first time we'd met I liked him. He had a calming aura, a aura that said all he wanted was what was best for me and at that time in my life I needed exacty that.

I smiled at him, "stop trying to get out of work Alex and go back to flipping those burgers." He gave me a freindly pat on the behind and dodged my hand, "yes Miss Liz."

I watched him bounce back behind the counter and turned to see the new waitress, Maria staring at me. The look was intense, almost violateing but I couldn't look away.

She seemed to give off the impression of a barely veiled threat, her presence reeked of violence but when she'd come to me for a job I couldn't turn her away.

I unconciously straitened my long flowered print skirt and simple button up black shirt, "Would you like to come upstairs with me to get your unifrom?"

She smiled softly and I felt a shiver go up my spine,

"Yes, that would great."

She walked up the dark stairway behind me and I had to quell the urge to walk backwards, for some reason I didn't like that I couldn't see her.

We entered the quiet office and I went to an old chest in the corner of the room, "You can come and pick out the one that fits. There are lots of sizes." I got up to let her go through the things and turned to see her standing no more than 2 inches in front of me.

Her top button was undone and I could see the small the soft swell f her breasts. She was looking at me with this look............there are no words to describe it but I felt like that if I didn't get outta there now something was going to happen.

Something I wasn't quite so sure anymore that I didn't want to happen. I stepped back until my calfes hit the edge of the chest and glanced up at her as a knowing smile flitted across her face.

"I'll leave you to get your things together."

I didn't wait for her reply but walked from the room. What the hell had just happened in there? I had to keep myself from running down the stairs as I ran into Alex. He looked concerned for me, "what's up Liz?"

I squinted my eyes at him, did he know that something was up? The better question though would be if he did, how did he know?

"I just thought you guys were up there for awhile and I wanted to know if.....if you were O.k." I leaned my weight on one foot, "why wouldn't I be O.k?" He seemed to be stumbling around for an answer when he was interrupted by Marias entrance.

"How do I look?"

She did a little spin and I couldn't help but notice most of her cleavage was out and the outfit was incredibly short and tight. I looked away and saw Alex's face before he noticed me looking and looked away.

The look was like he knew somehing like that was going to happen, like he already knew this girl from somewhere. I narrowed my eyes, something was going on.

"You look fine Maria," I said as I squeezed by her to get to my office and dissappeared inside. I was going to find out about was happening right under my nose.


Micheal looked up at Max in the revealing uniform and shook his head, "you can't get this one with sex Max, you have to actually convince her so that she'll stay with you."

He folded his female arms over his chest and smirked, "seems to be working to me."

Chapter 4


I watched him run around on the surface in his little dresses and had to keep myself from going up there and getting him. If he didn't get her in his own form everything I'd planned for so long was going to fall apart.

I sent a worker up to the surface to fetch him and calmed myself down before he walked into the office and flounced down in my chair.

"What's up sis?"

I wanted to hit him but balled my hands up into tight fists instead. If I angered him he wouldn't do his job as well as he could and even though I hate to admit it, Max really was good at convincing people to do things.

"Nothing lil brother but I would really like it if you went to Liz in your own male form. You might turn her on as a girl but she'll never go any farther with you like that. Beleive me, I've tried."

He looked at me as if he were somehow superior and that urge to punch him through the wall took hold of me again.

"It seemed to be working for me Iz."


I watched her turn on me, eyes glitering maliciously.

"I'm asking you nicely Max, go to her in male form. Use your female counterpart to become her freind and if you disobey me I'll make you regret it."

I sneered at her even though I new she meant every word she was saying, that she was not just saying idle threats, and slowly stood from the chair.

"I'll think about it."

I said as I exited the room knowing full well that I was going to follow her directions to the T.


I cleaned the grill, glancing up everything now and then to see if Max was back. He'd been gone a few hours and Icouldn't help the curiosity that I felt.

Had he leftLiz to me, was he going to stay in hell? That would've been my happiest moment but it was dashed as I saw him enter the Cafe' and glance around.

He was in his real human form, I was confused, what the hell was going on?

He strutted toward me and asked in a polite voice,

"wheres the manager?"

"I'm here."

Liz said, coming from out of nowhere and grabbing his hand in a firm shake.

"Are you having any problems?"

He smiled in a very gentlemanly way.

"I'm lookinmg for a girl named Maria. Long blond hair, green eyes very pretty."

I couldn't help but noticed the disappointed look that crossed her face.

"She isn't here right now but you can wait for her in her room if you want."

"No that's fine," he said quickly, "I'd rather wait down here."


**Drool** Why, all of the sudden, was Roswell New Mexico filled with some of the sexiest people I've ever seen?

This guy was sooo.....yummy. Yummy, what the hell was I saying? I never talk like that about anyone but this guy that just came in for Maria, he

Tall, with beautiful amber eyes and an aura that just screams, Dangerous! I was attracted to it even though I didn't want to be. That seemed to be a constant occurance in my life as of lately.

He was wearing all black and if he snapped his fingers I would've been on my back, that's os bad, I know but.......I don't know. He had a thing. A thing that I think everyone in the resturant was noticing.

The girl n the crner was openly staring at him with her mouth hanging open. Even Mrs. Ortega, who was a woman married for 50 years, was glancing at him and fixing her hair.

I felt like these women were trying to hone in on something that was mine, I know, totally crazy, but I sat in the booth with him anyways and asked the question that burning in my mind.

"Who's Maria to you, a girlfreind?"

He smiled at me in a way I can't explain and answered.

"No, she's my little sister and I moved here with her. She never told you about me?"

Chapter 5


She was attracted to me.

I could sense it, fuck, I could smell it. She perked up when I mentioned that Maria was my sister and quickly tried to cover it. I saw though, I see everything.

She began babbling on about somthing but I wasn't listening. Her long choclate locks flowed down the soft curve of her neck and ended in a natural curl.

She was small, petite, but not in a bad way. her body was well proportioned and that was better than size in my book. I looked up and saw her cheeks flame as she turned away, I'd been caught!

The feeling was absolutely delicious.

"I guess Maria's still upstairs but when I see her I'll be sure to tell her that we've met."

I smiled suggestively,"you trying to get rid of me?"

Her cheeks flamed again and I leaned back in the booth.

"Of course not, I just thought that you might have other things to do then sit here and listen to a lonely woman babble on and on............"

She let the sentence trail off and looked away from me.

"Sorry about that, I would never usually say somthing like that but I seem to have a problem with slips of the tongue with you."

I leaned in, that mischevious sexy smile still flirting with the edges of my lips, "well I like the slips of your tongue Ms. Parker, it is Ms. right?"

She blushed for the third time in the the span of 5 minutes, "yes, it is Ms."

I took my bottom lip between my teeth and tugged it gently before releaseing it, "I'll keep that in mind."

She laughed softly.

"Is there a bathroom in this place?"

She smiled at me and pointed to the back,"just through the double doors, if you get lost Alex is right there."

I smiled as I got up and made my way to the back. Ignoring the door that was marked Men's I made my way up the stairs to her apartment above.

I looked right toward Her study then took a left to her bedroom. It was..........tidy. I could tell downstairs when I was talking to her that she was the anal retentive type but.......this was a bit much.

Every single thing was in a specific place, the bed was made. I knew if I opened the drawers of her dresser everything would be folded and in order, it made me sorta sick.

This girl needed me in a major way.

There was absolutely no ill in the world that couldn't be cured by a slow wet fuck and I intend to do exactly that.
I rubbed my hands together as a drawer flew open and it's contents spilled out.

Being a evil angel was possibly the best thing in the world.

I ran and tore the blankets from her bed right before I made my way to her drawer and pulled open the first one.

White cotton.

The only color that I could he could see was white. Her panties and old was this woman, 6?" Where was the silks and the animal prints, and the best thing in my opinion that God had ever created, thongs?

They were no where to be found.

"Well," I said out loud, my determination apparent in my stance, "I will have to remedy this problem as soon as possible."

"Maria, you stil up here? Your brother came but I can't find him anywhere."

I turned wide eyes to the door and waved a hand over the room as I changed forms.

"Maria? What are you doing in here?"

I smiled softly making sure to let a little red tint my features, "You were busy and I needed............some feminine things....."

Liz softened and cut her off, "Oh, that's cool. There in the bathroom under the shelf I'll leave you to it and did you hear your brothers here?"

I smiled.

"Yeah I heard you, thanks for everything Liz. You've been good to me."

I was surprised to realize that I meant the words.

She smiled before exiting, "anytime Maria, I consider you my freind."

I watched her retreat from the room, went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I shifted back to my real form, "Liz was about to get an awakening, physically, spiriually, and I am going to make sure, sexually."