Title:The Rebels
Disclaimer: Nothing Nada, Just own some make ups you'll know when you read!
Summary:Liz and Michael are twins and are new to town. They moved from New York and they are rebels. When they move to Roswell they are instantly popular for their additudes and all the guys think Liz is hot, and the girls think Michael is hot. Max, Maria, Isabel, Kyle, Tess, are however are the untainable cool kids, but when Liz and Michael comes to town that all changes. Max and them are ready to fight for their places back, until Max meets Liz will his decison change?

Part 1
"Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico," Michael said as they reached the crasdown.
"This is suppose to be the dump we're staying," Liz asked looking at the crashdown.
"It's not a dump Lizzie, it's your new home both of you, you would never had had to come if you hadn't got into trouble back home," Jeffrey Parker told his kids.
"Oh come on dad you know it's a fucking dump its lousy, and aliens god there are no fucking thing such as aliens," Liz said complaining.
"Come on lets go inside," Jeff said looking at his children. When they walked inside everyone looked at Michael & Liz. The guys were all drooling over Liz as she walked in wearing her tight black tank top, and black leather pants. The girls were looking at Michael wearing his black shirt and black jeans.
"Just shoot me now please," Michael said. Just then a blonde haired girl came up to them,
"Hi my name is Tess what can I get you," She asked looking at the unfamilar people.
"Fuck this," Liz said. As she walked past the girl going to the backroom.
"Rude Much," Tess said.
"Fuck off Bitch," Micahel said. He walked away too.
"God the new girl is a bitch and the new guy is a bastard," Tess said sitting down in the booth next to Kyle.
"Kind of like you and Kyle," Maria said. Tess looked at Maria.
"Hey I'm playing you and Iz are my bestfriends chill,"Maria said.
A few minutes later Micahel and Liz came out again.
"Holy shit! the new guy is hot," Maria said looking at him.
"Michael? No fucking way!" Liz said when she heard Maria talking about him.
"Bitch let her talk," Michael said checking the girl.
"Concited Bastard," Liz mumbled to herself. Michael had heard it though.
"What did you just call me," He asked.
"Um a concited bastard, anyone with eyes and ears can see or hear it Michael they don't have to know you that well to see it," Liz said looking at her brother. Everyone was staring at the two siblings trying their hardest not to laugh.
"Don't worry I'll get you back," Micahel said.
"Honey, remember what I did to Rath when he messed with me, don't fuck around with me Michael you know how it'll end up," Liz said.
"Anyway, hi I'm Liz, and this is my self centered bastard of a brother Michael," Liz said.
"Yeah I can see that," Maria said.
"Hey um Mess look I just came to say sorry I didn't mean to be a bitch even though I am one," Liz said.
"It's alright," Tess said. "Oh and it's Tess,"Tess continued.
"Whatever," Liz said.
"Oh how rude of us, I'm Maria, you know Tess, that's Kyle Tess's Boyfriend, Isabel Tess' sis, and Alex Isabel's Boyfriend," Maria said. Everyone said hi's.
Suddenly Liz's cell phone rang. Evryone turned to her.
"Hello," Liz said. ichael was giving her look asking her who it was.
"Oh hey Baby," Liz said. Michael knew who it was at that point.
"Hey honey hold on one second,"Liz said.
"Um it was nice meeting you guys I'll see you around," Liz said walking away talking on her phone Micahel following after her.

Part 2:
"So baby how have you been,"Liz asked her boyfriend while Michael was rolling his eyes. Liz threw a pillow at him. "HEY!"Michael said.
"Shut the fuck up," Liz said.
"Good, I hear Michael,"Josh said telling his girlfriend.
"Yea,He's a pain in the ass," Liz said smirking at Michael.
"Well that's a fact," He said. Liz was giggling.
"Yup, so true,"Liz said.
"So anyway hows, Zan and them?" Liz asked.
"Well him and Ava still has their on and off relationship thing going at Rath's good," He said.
"Good, so how are you?" Liz asked.
"Alright, I'm missing you like hell,"He said.
"Oh honey, I know how you feel, I miss you so much,"Liz said sadly.
"Yea, so how's Roswell?"Josh asked.
"Don't ask, it's full of so many hicks,"Liz said.
"Baby I feel so bad for you,"Josh said.
"I know, I wish I could come back home,"Liz said.
"Me too baby,"Josh said.
Suddenly Liz heard the door opening and since there was no furniture if she said one word her dad would hear.
"Oh shit, Honey my dad's here,I'll talk to you later tonight Luv you,"Liz said.
"Luv you to baby, Bye," Josh said,
"Bye,"Liz said quietly as she hung up her cell.
"Hey there you guys are," Jeff Parker said.
"Yea dad, we're right here," Michael said.
"So what were you doing," He asked his kids.
"Nothin you know just chillin,"Liz said.
"Ok so since we have no food how about we go out and eat,"Jeff asked.
"Sure but not that shitty Crashdown place,"Michael said.
"Yea,"Liz said going out the door.
"How about we go to the place called Senior Chows,"Jeff asked.
"Whatever,"Michael and Liz both shouted out.

*~*Few weeks Later*~*
Michael and Liz are the most popular people in the school now and Alex, Isabel,Kyle,Tess, and Maria are really pissed.
"I gotta get to school, talk to you later baby,"Liz said talking to Josh.
"Bye babe,"Josh said as Liz hung up.
Liz went into the kitchen. Michael and Jeff was already there.
"Morning,"Liz said.
"Michael we should get to school,"Liz said.
"Yeah bye dad,"Michale said.
"Wait, I'm just glad you guys are really fitting in here,"Jeff said to his two kids.
"Whatever dad, We'll be late,"Liz said, leaving with Michael.

West Roswell High
Everyone was saying hi to Liz and Michael, waving, wanting to talk to them.
"God these people are seriously Pathetic,"Liz said walking up to her locker.
"I know what you mean,"Michael said opening his locker.
From the other side Alex,Tess, Kyle, and Maria were watching Michael and Liz.
"God they just think they can come, dress slutty,and hot, and just steal our place," Maria said.
Just then Max and Isabel came up to them.
"Hey guys," Max said.
"Hey! Max you're back how was you're trip,"Maria asked hugging him.
"Boring as hell, promise to keep me as far away fro being drunk again," Max said.
"Promised,"They all said
"So what's the scoop, why wasn't anyone greeting me when I came in,"Max asked.
"We've benn replaced,"Alex said.
"WHAT!"Max said
"Yea this guy and girl took our place,"Tess said.
"Who," Max asked ready to kick ass.
"Well there new kids,"Isabel said.
"There names are Liz and Michael Parker," Kyle said.
"Where are they from?" Max asked.
"New York, they got transfered," Maria said.
"How?"Max asked.
"Well, they come Liz wearing slutty ass clothes,Like today for instance Black tight Pants, Blue Tube top, and Black over coat," Maria said.
"Yea and Micahel, coming wearing all this guy crap and looking all nice making all the girls drool,"Kyle said.
"Yea and plus they have this rebel additude,"Alex said.
"Where are they," Max asked.
"Over there," Tess said pointing them out.
They started walking over to them when Max reached them. Max grabbed Liz's arm to face him.
"What the fuck," Liz said
When Max saw Liz's face he couldn't breath.

Part 3
Max sees Liz.
"What the fuck is your problem?" Liz asked.
She sees Max. Max steps back into reality.
"You you're my problem," He said back to her.
"I don't even know you!" Liz shot back.
"You stole my place, you think you can come and take my place I don't think so," Max said trying not to look at her.
"Oh so that's it huh, well guess wut boy it just shows get over it because I own you now, no one here is on your side they're all with me and Michael and if you want to fuck with me fuck with me but I'll asure you when it's my turn you wish you never came up to my face today," Liz said having no sign of fear in her eyes. She walked away from Max and them.
"Prom queen, don't you think," Maria said sarcasticlly.
"I think she's hot," Kyle said.
Tess looked at him evily.
"I'm just saying," He said.
Liz's room
"So how's roswell?" Josh asked.
"It's alright, some guy threathened me today," Liz said.
"What, who is he I'm gonna kick his ass," Josh said.
"Hey I got it under control don't worry,"Liz said.
"Are you sure?" he asked
"Positive," Liz said.
Liz heard her dad call her.
"Hey I gotta go bye," Liz said.
"Bye," Josh said Liz hung up

Part 4
West Roswell High:
Maria, Tess, Isabel, Max, Kyle and Ales were all sitting at their table alone making death glares at Michael and Liz.
"God I knew I hated them since the beggining Liz was such a bitch to me," Tess said.
"Well they are from New York," Alex said.
"Still it makes no right they could of joined us but no they had to be us don't you think Max," Maria said.
Max wasn't paying attention he had his eyes on Liz.
"Max!," Maria said. Max was looking at everyone.
"Sorry I guess I kinda spaced out," Max said.
"Yeah, no duh," Maria said.
"Lets just try to enjoy all we have left of our life ok and forget Bitchette of the year and Bastard of the year," Isabel said. They all talked about going to the movies, except Max who was thinking about Liz.
Liz couldnt help but stare at Max.
'Damn he is so hot' Liz thought
'What are you thinking Parker you have a Boyfriend that you love and that loves you, and I can't let anyone in' Liz thought again. Suddenly she heard her name being called.
"Liz," Michael said.
"What," She asked
"You okay you spaced out," He said
"Yeah sorry I guess I was just thinking about going home you know see Josh and Zan and Ava and Rath," Liz said.
"Yeah I have been thinking that too," Michael said.
"Yeah and I'm dieing to see Josh," Liz said.
"Well lets ask Dad," Michael said.
"Do you think that's a good idea?" Liz asked.
"Well what have we got to loose," Michael said.

"No," Jeff Parker said.
"Oh come on dad please," Liz asked.
"No you are not going back there," He told his kids.
"Dad you can't stop us, we grew up there, the people we love is there, our riends are there, please dad," Liz said begging her father. Jeff looked into her daughter's eyes.
"Okay fine but you have to be good and stay out of trouble,"Jeff said. The kids were sooo happy.
"Yeah now how about a hug," Jeff said.
The three of them hugged.

"Hello," Josh asked.
"Guess what!," Liz said.
"Hi Hunny," Josh said
"Guess what," Liz said.
"Alright I give up," Josh said.
"Me and Michael are coming to New York for a week," Liz said.
"Baby that's great, when are you comming?" He asked.
"I don't know maybe next week or something,"Liz said.
"I can't wait," Josh said.
"Yeah neither can I," Liz said. She looked at her clock it was almost time for her shift.
"Baby I gotta bounce, tell Rath, Zan and Ava k, I love you," Liz said.
"Love You 2, bye," Josh said.
"Bye," Liz said then she hung up the phone.
When Liz went downstairs for her Shift time she saw Max and everyone else.
"Oh great," Liz said.
She started walking over to them.
"Hi my name is Liz I'll be your waitress what can I get you," Liz asked.
"A new waitress," Tess said.
"Fine, Carolyn!," Liz said.
"Tess its fine, I'll have a Alien Blast," Max said looking at Liz. Everyone was looking at him.
"Ok Alien blast drinks?" Liz asked.
"Cherry Cokes all around and fries," Alex said.
"Yeah and we'll have the same thing as Max," Isabel said.
"Fine it'll be right up," Liz said.

Part 5
Liz was getting Max's order.
"So Michael what's the first thing you're gonna do when you get back?" Liz asked.
"Go clubbing!"Michael said.
"Fuck ya!"Liz said.
"Here's you're order" Michael said giving her Max's order.
Liz walked over to their table.
"Here's you're order enjoy," Liz said as sweetly as she can say.
"How can we knowing that you're in here too," Tess said.
"You want the popular place back so badly, then go ahead and take it it's yours, it's not like I wanted it, It just shows that im better, an they want me, and plus it's not like im gonna be here anymore,' Liz told them.
"What are you talking about?" Max asked.
"The popular throne it's yours, aite me and Micahel are leaving were going to back New York, and we are staying there," Liz said.
"And you're dad is okay with this,"Maria asked.
"Well going to New York ya, but staying there he doesn't know about and what he doesnt know can't hurt him," Liz said walking away.
Liz was in her room packing her bags.
Her cell phone rang.
"Hello,"Liz asked.
"Hey babe," Josh said.
"Hey oh my god it's so good to hear you're vice can't wait till tommorow," Liz said.
"Yea me neither," Josh said.
"Well listen honey I'm packing so I can't talk, im sorry I love you but I have to go, bye," Liz said hanging up.
Liz was standing in JFK airport waiting for Michael to get their bags.
'Welcome back' Liz thought.
Michael came with their bags.
"Ready to go?" He asked.
"Yea, lets bounce," Liz said.
Michael and Liz got into a cab.
Liz and Michael walked through the sewers.
"Hey look who's back," Micahel said as they entered .
"Oh my god you guys are back,"Ava said.
Everyone was getting hugs. When Josh saw Liz he ran right over to her and they shared a really long passionate kiss. They pulled away gasping for air.
"Welcome back," Josh said as he huged Liz.
"It's good to be back," Liz said.
"Oh great now we have to put up with this all the time,"Rath said pointing at the two.
Everyone laughed.
Liz was dancing with Josh
They kissed.
"Umm how does it feel to be home?"He asked.
"Like heaven,"Liz said.
"Heaven's gonna be tonight,"Josh said.
"Oh really what's tonight?"Liz Asked.
"You'll just have to wait and see won't you"Josh said.
"Can't wait," Liz said getting another kiss.
"Zan why can't we be like that," Ava said hitting Zan.
"Cuz baby, we aint, we got something else, something noone can take away from us," Zan said.
"Ya I guess wes do,"Ava said.
"You dis place is the fucking bom,"Micahel said, coming to Zan and Ava.
"Yea, thas for sure," Liz said coming up holding hands with Josh.
"So wut do yous want to do?"Josh asked with his arms hanging from Liz's shoulders.
"Bounce,"They all said at the same time.

Part 6
So when they came home Liz got her surprise.
*Josh's Room*
Clothes were shattered all over the place. Liz lies next to Josh both naked.
"WOW!" Liz said.
"Yeah Wow!" Josh said looking at Liz.
"Liz we've known each other forever, since the first day we came out of the pods, we've been together, we've became friends, been separated, and fell in love, and I wouldn't trade those times for anything," Josh said.
"Me neither," Liz told him.
"We have been through good times and bad, and there are others like us out there, and I am so lucky to have you, Michael, Ava, Zan, and Rath. You have helped me through alot of things no matter where you are or what you are doing, you are my queen in this planet and the other, and I want to make that official( He is pulling out a diamond ring now) I love you Liz Parker, will you marry me?" Josh asked.
"Yes," Liz said. through tears.
They kissed and fell asleep in each others arms.
The next morning they woke up and woke everyone up with them.
"This better be good, to have me woken up," Michael said.
"It is," Liz said.
"Okay well what is it?" Ava asked.
"Me and Josh are getting married!" Liz said showing them her ring.
"OH MY GOD!" Ava said.
"I know!" Liz said.
They all hugged.
"I'm so proud of you Liz, after everything you still managed to be happy," Michael said.
"So are we ever going to found the other royals?" Michael asked.
"I don't know," Liz said.
"Michael I don't feel right, I feel that you should have the throne, that you should be king and I shouldn't be queen," Liz said looking at Michael.
"Liz, I don't care, you deserve it, you found the one you love, you got it fair and square, you found you're love, I'm just fine being a prince, you should be queen Liz, and Josh is perfect for king, and I think it would be scary if I were king," Michael said.
Liz laughed and said," Yeah that would be scary."
Later the night they went and celebrated.
Michael held up his beer bottle and said," To Liz and Josh, may they live a long and happy life."
"To Liz and Josh," Everyone said clinging their bottles together.
"I'm wiped out, shouldn't we get going," Ava said.
"Yeah okay," Liz said.
So they all went home and fell fast asleep.
The next few days Ava and Liz have been planning the wedding.
"Baby are you sure you can't come, you'll miss all the fun," Liz said.
"No really you guys Go to the concert have fun," he said.
"All right feel better okay," Liz said kissing him.
"I'll try," He answered.
So they all went to the JaRule concert without Josh.
"I feel bad leaving Josh alone," Liz said.
"Liz it's the middle of the concert just try to enjoy it," Ava said.
"I can't, I'm outta here," Liz said.
When Liz got back she got a huge surprise.
"Josh, I'm home, I brought soup," Liz said.
She opened Josh's bedroom door and she saw Josh fucking some girl. She saw their sweaty bodies together, and Josh go in and out of her.
"OH MY GOD!" Liz said.
"LIZ!" Josh said pushing the girl away.
He put on his pants and walked to Liz.
The girl had left.
"Liz," Josh said.
"DON'T TALK TO ME!" Liz screamed
"Liz please," Josh said.
"DON'T EVER TOUCH ME EVER AGAIN!" Liz said through tears.
"Liz please just understand," Josh said.
"YOU BASTARD!" Liz yelled.
"I HATE YOU!" Liz said. She took the ring off her finger and through it at him.
"WE'RE THROUGH," Liz said.
Soon everyone came back home.
"We came ....," Michael said until he saw Liz in tears and josh without a shirt.
"What happened?" Michael asked.
"What happened, oh nothing really except I find my fiancé fucking some whore," Liz said.
"WHAT!" Michael screamed.
"Michael please," Josh said.
Michael went up to Josh and punched him.
"DON'T EVER COME NEAR MY SISTER AGAIN OR MY FRIENDS OR I'LL KILL YOU!" Michael said wrapping his arms around Liz.
"Why did you do this?" Zan asked.
"Why did you do this if you really love her?" Zan asked again still not getting an answer.
"TELL ME!" Zan screamed.
"He doesn't love me," Liz said.
Everyone faced Liz.
"What?" Rath said.
"He just wanted the throne so he could become king," Liz said.
"Is that true?" Rath asked Josh.
Josh looked away.
"LEAVE!" Rath screamed.
"What?" Josh said.
Josh left, and everyone went and hugged Liz.

Part 7
Liz was packing all her stuff, Her, Michael, Ava, Zan, and Rath, were going back to Roswell, and if anyone asks about how Rath, Michael, Ava, and I all look alike we were just gonna say we were all forthupletes (Don't ask don't know what the meaning for four twins are).
"I can't believe Josh, we actually trusted him, and he betrayed us," Ava said.
"I knew there was always something wrong about him, you can tell that Liz deserved way better," Michael said.
"I don't know why ever saw it coming," Zan said.
"I guess what we were meant for is the other royals," Rath said.
"Yeah, lets stop talking about this, that part of our life is officially gone, so what re you going to tell you're dad?" Ava asked.
"The truth, he already knows about Me and Liz, so there's nothing to hide," Michael said.
"Yeah, I guess you're right," Zan said.
Liz came out of her room all packed, and ready to go.
"Everyone ready?" Liz asked
"Yup, lets bounce," Rath said.
So they were all on their way out they took one look back at the empty sewers, and left.
They arrived at the airport.
"So, what are we going to do when we get there, I mean we can't all live in that little apartment," Zan said.
"Yeah we can, Me and Ava one room, we'll get another bed and move some stuff around, and plus we have an extra room, so One of yous can heave your own room," Liz said.
"Ok, Koo," Rath said.
"Now boarding flight number 78, to Roswell, New Mexico," They all heard.
"Well that's us, you all ready," Ava said.
"Yeah," Everyone said.
So they walked to the attendant gave them their tickets, and boarded into the plane.
Ava sat next to Liz, who sat next to Michael, who sat next to Rath, who sat next to Zan.
The plane was lifting off.
"So is your dad picking us up," Ava asked Liz during the middle of the plane ride.
"No we didn't tell him, we are going to go to the Crashdown," Liz said reading a magazine.
"You know I was thinkin, that we could go fine the rest of us, you know the others like us," Ava said.
"Yeah maybe one day, but now I'm just planning on having a normal life," Liz said.
"Yeah I know what you mean," Ava said.
"Ava, You're my best friend, and my dupe, and I just want you to know that I love you, and that I'm so happy I have you, and I wouldn't have gotten through any of this without you," Liz said looking at Ava.
"Aww honey, I love you too, you mean so much to me, and you really are my sister, not matter what, and we will be together till the end," Ava said. They both hugged.
"Hey what are we having here a family gathering and what the brothers and best friend/boyfriend aren't invited," Rath said.
Liz laughed," It be kind of tough to have a group hug in an airplane," Liz said.
They all laughed. They finally got off the plane.
"So this is Roswell," Zan said.
"Yup," Liz said.
"Looks like shit," Rath said.
They all laughed.
"Lets bounce," Liz said.
They all got on a bus and they headed to the Crashdown. When they got there they stood in front of it holding all their bags.
"You ready to go back?" Michael asked Liz.
"Ready as ever," Liz said.
They all walked in and Jeff looked at the door, and saw his 2 kids standing there. He walked up to them and hugged them both. Liz was in tears.
"We're so sorry dad," Liz said holding on to her dad tight.
"It's okay baby, you're back and that's what matters," He said.
Jeff turned and saw Zan, Rath, and Ava, but he didn't see Josh but he didn't bother to ask.
"Dad is it okay if they stay with us I'll explain everything," Liz said.
"Well you know what they say the more the merrier," He said. They all smiled.
The roswell gang was staring at them.
"They're back," Isabel said.
"Ya and it looks like they brought their other twins, " Maria said.
"Ya what's up with that?" Kyle asked.
"How the hell we suppose to know?" Tess asked slapping him on the head.
"Sorry," Kyle said.
So they all watched as they went in the back room.
They all settled in and Michael had won his own room. Liz and Michael had explained everything to Jeff and Jeff understood their reasons, and the only thing he wanted to do the most was kick Josh's ass for hurting his baby girl.

Part 8
"Shit! Michael where is my cell phone!" Liz screamed. She was looking everywhere for her cell phone, she was in her room with Ava.
"I don't know" Michael said entering the room.
"Why do you need it anyway?" Ava asked.
"Cuz Mah dad said I make a mad big phone bill with the regular phone cuz to many peoples are callin to welcome us back, so my dad says to use the cell now," Liz explains to them. Zan and Rath comes in the room, Rath has the cell in his hand.
"Where'd yous find that?" Liz asked.
"On the livin room floor," Zan said sitting on the bed next to Ava.
"Oh," Liz said taking it from Rath.
"Me and Michael gotta bounce, we gots school, you know the whole drill, you gots my numbah, and the food is where the food is aight," Liz said. Her and Michael walked out of the apartment.
"She's been trippin ever since Josh," Zan said.
"She'll get betta," Ava said.
"We know, but how soon," Rath said.
"Looks like we aren’t the center of attention no more,” Liz said
“Fuckin finally,” Michael said.
When Michael and Liz got to school luckliy no one crowded them there was a crowd around Max and them.
Micahel and Liz went to their lockers.

"I thought you weren't coming back," Max said. Michael and Liz turned there heads to face Max, Maria, Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Kyle.
"Change of plans," Liz said putting a book in her locker.
"Well, lets get one thing straight, since you left a lot has happened, this is our place now, you aren't the shit anymore, so don't think you can have it again, you hear me," Max said. Liz shut her locker and faced Max.
"I hea ya, now hea me, I wouldn't want to rule this shit of a place even if you payed me too, I know that we are betta than yous, I mean really, we came here, and we ruled in a fuckin split second, you ruled, in a matter of days, when we were gone, can you say pathetic,” Liz said, walking away with Michael.
Max, got pissed but he couldn’t help but not get pissed, because he was with Liz for a while.
“I can’t believe her!” Isabel said.
“I’m sick of all this fighting, can’t we all just be friends?” Kyle said.
“No!” Isabel and Maria said at the same time.
“Why not?” Kyle said.
“Kyle no,” Isabel said.
“If you guys are going to be that way then I don’t want to be apart of it, I’m going to hang with them,” Kyle said. Tess was giving Kyle a sad look.
“Sorry Tess,” He said, and he walked away. He ran and caught up with Michael and Liz.
“HEY WAIT UP!” Kyle said.
“What yous want boy?” Michael asked.
“Look I think that what they are doing is wrong, and I think you guys a re cool, and I was wondering if we could hang,” Kyle said.
“Aight,” Liz said. So they talked, and then went their separate ways when the bell rang. At lunch Liz was all alone, Kyle had to practice, and Michael got into trouble. Liz was sitting at the bleacher thinking about Josh.
“What’s wrong?” Max asked, coming up to Liz seeing her sad expression.
“What’s it to yous?” Liz asked.
“Just wondering, so why did you come back?” Max asked sitting next to Liz.
“My fiancé..” Liz was cut of by Max.
“You’re getting MARRIED!” Max said.
“Would ya let me finish,” Liz said.
“Sorry,” Max said.
“Anyway, my ex- fiancé which I should have said, he cheated on me with a girl, he lied to me, and he just wanted me for something I had,” Liz said.
“Oh I’m sorry, so I guess he’s one of those guys,” Max said.
“Yea one of those guyz,” Liz said.
“Listen Liz, I’m sorry for being an ass, it’s just we worked hard to be where we are today, and you need to understand, that we just have to be this way,” Max said.
“It’s aight, I had other jerks,” Liz said.
“I’d never be like on like you’re ex fiancé , I mean I would have been pretty stupid, because I already have and amazing gorgeous girlfriend,” Max said.
“You think I’m gorgeous?” Liz said.
“Of course,” Max said leaning in.