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Roswell, 2002

Liz leaned over Max, while he slept peacefully in her bed as the moonlight cascaded over his face and his behr body. After 7 months after the departure of Tess, she had finally given herself to the only man she had ever loved. Her heart tore at the wrenching thought of what she had to do, moments of their heated desire flashing across her mind, etched there for eternity. Liz knew as she lay there contendly that things had changed between them. And they had. Their bond was everlasting, a connection so deep that even death could not part them.

She brushed away the soft bangs that had fallen on his forehead, and she placed a featherlight kiss upon his skin, the only sound to be heard in the room Max's steady breathing. Sadly Liz knew this was the last time she would ever see Max Evans, the last time she could stare at his beautiful face, the last time she could ever touch him. She stifled back a sob as she laida hand upon her stomach. Earlier while she watched her love sleep, a glow formulated from underneath the sheets. A very..unnatural glow. Shaking, Liz lifted the sheets to rest her eyes upon the source of the light. Laid upon her stomach, a deep red glow in the shape of a tiny hand pressed against her creamy skin. A baby. Her's and Max's baby. The product of their love for one another.

Liz knew that she was going to keep her baby. She imagined a little girl or boy with dark brown, glossy hair with deep amber eyes, maybe even inheriting their father's ears. Her face lit up with joy, but soon relenquished as in her vision a man came and placed one hand firmly on her child's shoulder. A man in a black, a man who wanted her baby, a man who was willing to kill an innocent life. That would never happen she silently promised herself. She scurried across her room, cramming into her camping bag clothes, money and essentials. She would not let her child live in fear, even if it meant sacrificing the one person she couldn't live without. Liz was going to do it, put her child first, no matter the consequenses on her happiness.

She walked over to her bed, dressed and ready to go, and leaned over Max's body. Breathing in his scent, she laid a hand upon his sculpted chest as a smile played across his beauitful features in his sleep. Slowly and softly she placed a tender kiss upon his lips, tracing his jaw with her hand. "I love you" She whispered, smiling sadly. She never got a chance to say goodbye, a reason for leaving, a reason for abondoning her lover, best friends and parents. No one could ever know. She was on her own. Taking a last glance back, she climbed through her balcony window, onto her new life, without a trace.


Chicago, 2003

"Aaaahhhhhhhh!" Liz screamed, sweat running down her face. Her hands clung to the shoddy brown sofa that she leaned on, as she exhaled deeply. Home birth books were scattered all around her shaking body, as she tried to lean forward and grab the nearest one.

It was exactly 8 months to this day that she had left Roswell, never to be seen again. She had left that early morning and jumped onto the first bus, leading her to the unknown city of Chicago, as she cried silently, her head leaning on the misted window. Arriving at her destination she had booked into the nearest and cheapest motel, and slumped down onto the dusty bed behind her. Crawling onto it, curled up into a ball Liz decided to change her name. To Beth Park. A completely new life here, in a new world. She fell asleep, her hand lain upon her stomach.

"Aaaghhhhhh!" Her rounded belly protruded out of her black t-shirt, as the one last push released her from her pain. Her muscles relaxed as she held in her hands, a healthy, crying baby girl. A clump of dark hair covered her tiny head, as Liz pressed her to her chest, sobbing quietly along with her newborn daughter. Her broken glowing water surrounded her, soaked through the murky green carpet of her small flat, while Liz covered her baby girl in a knitted white blanket. The baby's bawling ceased, as she settled into her mother's warm embrace. Tracing a finger across her baby's rosy red cheek, Liz decided upon a name for her. Admittedly a long one, but she wanted a reminder in her life of the life she left behind. Alexandra Maria Maxime Michaela Isabella Park. Smiling she sang quietly to Alex, as the sun shone brightly through her window. She had a daughter, a beautiful baby daughter, a replica of her father but she had to face this all alone. No one in the world knew of her troubles except her landlord and boss, but they didn't care about her. Just another knocked up, runaway teen escaping her parents to them. If only they knew the truth.


Max tossed and turned in bed, pain searing through his body, Sweat rolled down his body as he thrashed around underneath his covers. " please no" He mumbled, before he sat bolt right up in bed "Liz!!!!!!!" he screamed waking up his whole family. The pain, he couldn't get through it. It spread over him, his muscles contracting in his stomach. His bedroom door opened abruptly as Isabel rushed in to his side. "Max are you alright?" He turned to look at her, as the pain subsided and a calm contentment spread over him. "She's okay Iz, she's okay. She's alive and well". Isabel didn't even need an explanation of how he knew that Liz was okay. Since Liz's departure last year, all of them had been informed of their new connection. Max had become withdrawn and only offered some interest whenever Iz tried to dreamwalk her. But her attempts were fruitless; Liz had learned when Isabel was trying to contact her and blocked her off. She had no contact whatsoever with her past life. It was all gone, and she had to look forward to the future with Alex. Alone.


Roswell, 2002

The sunshine shone through Liz's bedroom window, on the early Saturday morning. As the sun rose with Max's body bathed in the light, he began to stir. Max's amber eyes fluttered open, firstly confused at where he was. But soon his eyes lit up, with the memory of the night he and Liz had shared. Turning over, the coveres wrinkled up Max twisted to face an empty bed.

Sitting up in confusion, he wrapped the blanket around his lower half of his body. "Liz? Liz?" Max whispered trying to cause no noise for her parents to stir. It wasn't really the best situation to be found in; naked in their only daughters bed. Grabbing the cover he got to his feet, dragging the blankets with him. Reaching over to Liz's bathroom door, he opened it with a click. "Liz?" Max peered round the door, filling the room up with the early morning light. In bewilderment at seeing an empty bathroom, he opened the door fully struggling at the sight before him. An empty bedroom and bathroom, with the bathroom in a mess and all Liz's normal essentials missing. No toothpaste or toothbrush, shampoo, soap, brushes, towels. *What the hell is going on* He clambered back into her bedroom, as he head turned in all directions at the sights to be seen. Admittedly when he first got up he wasn't that focused on his surroundings; just to find Liz but now... Liz's room, normally a shrine to cleanliness and neatness now looked like a bomb had hit it. Her wardrobe door wide open, clothes disgarded on the floor, most missing. Shelves of the chest of drawers open panties, socks and bras falling out again with most missing. Shoes, books, make-up, clocks. All were gone along with Liz's camping bag, usually situated at the bottom of her chest of drawers.
*Oh my god* Suddenly with great urgency Max rushed round the room grabbing his clothes and pulling them on. Taking one look back, he climbed out the window straight to his jeep and sped off back to his home.

Isabel sat manicuring her nails on the sofa, as Diane Evans cooked another Martha Stuart breakfast meal. Usually it was no surprise to find the Evans' house up this early, but it was quite unusual for anyone to leave the house before 8:00 so it was quite a surprise to them as ,Max come storming through the door slamming it behind him. Two very stunned heads turned to face him, as he walked past only saying "Iz I need to speak to you.. now!" Taking that it was something serious Isabel jumped up and followed her brother to his room. Once there she stood at the side of Max's bed as he paced the room. "Max? Max what's wrong?!" His head snapped up, as he said sharply "I need you to dreamwalk Liz". "Wh..." "Iz I don't need an argument on this just do it!" Sighing Isabel sat down on his bed, and grabbed the portrait of her brother's girlfriend from beside his bed. Focusing hard she laid back on the bed, breathing deeply and opened the connection between them.

[ Isabel stumbled round in darkness as she tried to place Liz. She could tell she was on a bus, a dark and dreery one at that but nothing else could be distinguished. "Liz? Liz are you here?" Yelling out into the darkness, she heard a muffled sound of Liz's voice. "Go away Isabel, leave me alone." Isabel turned her body to face the direction of her voice. "Liz please. What's happened?" A long pause was all you could hear. "Please...just leave. Goodbye Isabel">

That was all Isabel got before she was pushed out of the dream, and the connection was lost. Opening her eyes she found herself face to face with Max. "Well? Where is she? Is she okay? In any trouble? Has someone taken her?" Isabel blinked back the tears, as she tried the best way to tell her brother that Liz had left, seemingly for good. "Umm well... I think... think she's left. She was on a bus that's all I got. She was crying somewhere but I couldn't see her. I'm sorry Max but she.. Liz pushed me out of the dream. She cut the connection. I think... think she's gone for good." A sob escaped the hollow of Isabel's throat, while she watched her brother fall against the wall, and slide down, head in hands,unshed tears filling his eyes. His whole world crumbling before his eyes. "Did..did she say anything? Anything at all about... me or last night?" Taking a deep breath, Isabel walked round to her brother's slumped body. Grabbing his hands, and staring into his eyes she opened the connection between them re-laying Liz's dream before him. He gasped as the bond was broken, struggling for air and tears streaming down his face. Wracked with sobs, his lean body shaking against the wall Isabel enveloped him into a deep embrace. "She's... She's gone. Left me...for... for good" He whispered, struggling to get anything out of his out of control body. Isabel truly saddened by the lost, joined her brother in tears and the two sat there, crying togther, clasped hands and that was the way Diane found them later on, urging them to take a phone call from a frantic Nancy; finding her only child, her baby girl gone for good.


Chicago, 2007

A sizzling sound was heard in the spacious flat, as Liz cooked for herself and her 5 year old daughter pancakes (Alex's favourite especially withthe extra Czechoslovakian quirk of having syrup and tobasco sauce!) The sun streamed through the doors, as Liz dressed in black trousers and a red rollneck sweater called her daughter. "Alexandra Park move your cute litlle butt in here, or you'll be late for school!" Footsteps could be heard, as a gorgeous little girl came running through to their kitchen cluthing her favourite toy 'Ali' (a stuffed green alien toy her mum got her at a fair). Her dark, shiny hair was collected in bunches with little red ribbons, as two little hands clutched at the breakfast table. "Hey mommy!" A sweet, innocent face appeared with a cute grin as she pulled herself up to face her mother. "Morning sweetie. Are you all ready?" Taking her daughters nodding head as a yes, she served her up a pancake caked in her favourite toppings. "Mommy are you picking me up from school today?" Liz's eyes dulled as she shook her head, "Sorry Alex, but I've got to stay extra time at the highschool if you want those dance lessons. But don't worry Ashley will pick you up and you can play with Shelly until I pick you up, k?" Alex sighed but knowing that her mum had worked really hard for her, nodded in agreement and continued tucking into her pancakes. "Sure mommy, but will you be back for my bath?" A smile lit Liz's face, as she kissed her daughters head, and agreed to her daughters request. KNOCK KNOCK. Liz's head snapped up at the sudden knowledge that somebody was at her door. "Hmm I wonder who that is? It's kinda earlier for Ashley. I'll go see, you stay here sweetie and finish your breakfast."Liz walked out of the kicthen and through to their front door.

Since leaving Roswell and Alex's birth with her money saved she managed to hire a nanny to look after Alex (Ashley who turned into a very good friend) while she took up a course at the local college in teaching biology, and came home at 3:00pm to look after Alex until she fell asleep, and then once again required the use of Ashley unil midnight as she worked a shift at a restaurant in the city. Although it was a tiring existence, and deprived Liz of time with her growing daughter, she felt it was best to sustain a good living for herself and her daughter for the future. Now Liz had a crediable job as a biology teacher at the local highschool to her, and was able to work while Alex was at first kindergarten and then school. She had a healthy lifestyle with her daughter, and after a year of no contact with her home she felt that she could settle down without the fear of being found. Liz had changed her appearance somewhat, having her hair cut to shoulder length with copper and honey highlights. Her body had developed over the years, especially after the birth; her body becoming more volumptious but still having her slender build. Liz had heard nothing from her friends and family in Roswell ever since that day when Isabel had dreamwalked her, and since then Liz knew when Isabel was trying to reach her and blocked her off. She was alone, and she wanted to stay that way.

Her hand reached for the door, to allow her visiter to enter her home. Opening the door, the light blinded her at first until her eyes adjusted... on the sight of Max Evans. Liz's eyes widened in shock, and her mouth stayed open. "I..I... Max? Uh... what are you... you doing here?" Brushing her hair behind her ear, (something which Alex had aquired) Max smiled gently at her. "Hello Liz. Can I come in?" Not able to form any coherant thought or word, she pushed her door open to allow Max to enter. Pointing her arm towards the living room, Max followed her direction. Upon reaching the living room, he settled himself on the sofa, grabbing a cushion and getting comfortable. Liz just stood there in shock, as she watched Max calmy look at her expectantly. "Mommy?" Alex's voice broke Liz our of her revery, and stared towards the kitchen. "Alex stay th..." Unable to finish her sentence Alex came bounding in, and stopped abruptly at the figure of Max. "What's the matter Liz? Afraid to let me meet my daughter?" Liz snapped towards Max's direction as his stare bored down into her soul. He grinned evily, as he stepped up to her pushing Alex out of the way. "Now now. What did you go and do that for? Hmm pretty little girl" He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him, her eyes filled with tears. "Max? What are you doing? Let go of me!" Max looked at her in amusement, and replied "Who did you call me Liz, I'm afraid you're mistaken by my appearance. I'm Khivar and what I'm doing... finding the Royal Four."

Liz gasped as she struggled to get out of his grasp. "Alex get out of here! Go!" "Tsk tsk tsk! You're staying right here young lady." With one swift hand movement he flung her little body against the wall, knocking her out. "Alex!!!!! Let her go she has nothing to do with this!" Liz begged with the man in front of her. Khivar looked at her, and smuggly whispered into her ear. "I believe she does!" Freeing one hand from Liz's face, he swiped it in front of Max's body and from underneath formed the body of Khivar. He towered over her, and grabbed her head either side. "And now little lady, we'll see what you know." With that a heart wrenching scream was heard along with a bright white light as Khivar roamed Liz's mind laughing evily the whole way.


"Uhhhh" Alex gave a tear jerking sigh, as she pulled herself up from the wall she had earlier been slammed into. Placing a hand upon the back of her head, looking around for Liz she quickly let her power's release and with a glowing light healed the bump on her head, removing her headache in the process. When she was three she had discovered she had special powers that her mommy didn't, and she was scared how she would react. She had grazed her knee while playing, and as she grabbed a hold on of it a white light emenated from her hand. At first Alex was scared but when she removed her hand the graze and the pain had gone. Ever since that day, she had kept her secret, only using her powers when she was hurt. She knew that man who came to their house today was someone like her. A very nasty man, and a face she couldn't easily forget. Rubbing her eyes, she grabbed 'Ali' from her side as she went in search for Liz.

"Mommy? Are you okay? Where are you? Mommy? Please don't leave me." As the little girl wandered round her home, her hands squeezed tight on her stuffed toy. Tears rimmed her eyes and her bottom lip trembled when she heard no reply from her mother. "Mommy please, where are you?" Alex cried out to her mother, as she reached Liz's bedroom. Behind the closed door Alex could hear muffled sounds, her mothers voice sounding. Grabbing the door handle, she swung the door open finding Liz curled up in a ball on the cream carpet.

"Mommy! Are you okay? Mommy I thought you had gone." Alex smiled, and her eyes lit up as she made her way to her mother. Looking up from her curled position Liz looked a state. Her hands grabbed the side of her face, her eyes red, her hair a mess. Along her arms scratch marks could be seen, long harsh lines all down her arms from where her nails had dug into her skin. Rocking back and forth, her eyes scared and afraid she stared at Alex tears falling down her face. "Please... please No! No! Help me... oh god! Please, ahhhh, no stop. Help me! Nooooo! Please, please, please, please..." Liz cried out her words lace in agony, while Alex stared on confused and feeling very alone. "Mommy what's the matter?" With Alex's words Liz head shot up, as her hands clung to her hair. Trying to back further into the corner of the wall, her hands climbing the wall. Finding she couldn't move back any further, she cried out in despair and started yelling again. "Get away, leave me alone. Please!!! No... stop! Go..leave, please don't hurt me.... no! Stop, help.Ahhhhh stop, no please! Just go away, leave! Help me, help me!" Liz's frail body fell to the floor, her face down towards the carpet. Her hands whammed into the carpet, as she pounded away.

Staring at her mother, in disbelief and complete horror Alex backed out of the room terrified. Something was wrong with her mommy, and she was all alone. As tears fell fown her ashen cheek, her eyes rimmed red she stood next to a chest of drawers in the living room. Standing on tiptoes, her hand reached for her mommy's address book and phone her op of her head only just reaching the same level as the wooden piece of furniture. Looking through the book frantically, Alex found the page she was looking for. Lifting up the reciever she dialed in the number. The number that would hopefully save her mommy. Alex waited patiently on the phone, staring down the hallway towards Liz's room, trying to block out her mother's scream. while she looked, the phone suddenly clicked and you could hear the phone on the other end answered. Alex focused, as she took a deep breath "Hi... Is that..."

- "Hey Spaceboy I'm home!" Maria Guerin yelled through into her flat as she entered the front door. Last year, she and Michael had finally tied the knot. When Liz left she was devastated and depended on him a lot, and that was when he discovered just how much he loved Maria. The thought of losing her like Max did Liz was too much, and he became the boyfriend Maria had always wanted. Michael and Maria still lived in Roswell, Maria owning The Crashdown and Michael set up his own art gallery just outside La Cruces, unfortunately they lived in Amy's home never being able to afford a new home of their own, but Amy was quite willing to depart from her home when she and Jim Valenti married 2 years after Liz's departure.

Michael came stumbling through to the lounge, rubbing his eyes sleepily. Maria looked on disaprovingly, hands on her hips "You haven't only just got out of bed have you?" Michael sighed and glared at her "Well if someone hadn't been getting up every 5 minutes, restless, needing the toilet, needing something to eat I wouldn't have. You kept me up all night!" "Hey this is totally your fault then for getting me pregnant, I mean our baby has needs and they do not revolve about what you do or don't like!" Maria sormed huffily, as she sat down on their sofa. Her eyes filled with tears, as she sat there head in hands (her hormones were in over drive). "Oh sweetie I'm sorry. You know I don't mean it I'm just cranky that's all. I love you" Michael knelt in front of her and lifted her face up, and placed a gentle kiss upon her lips. "Okay your forgiven, but next time... your on the couch!" Michael smiled as he ruffled up his wife's hair, and went into the kitchen. RING RING (Sorry my lame excuse for a phone!). "Hey Maria get that will you?" Shaking her head, she reached for the phone beside her. "Hello?"

*Max lay sleeping on his sofa, spread out as his girlfriend Gabby wandered round in the kitchen. Max was a pre-med and generally needed a lot of sleep. His brown hair tumbled onto his forehead, as he breathed in and out his eyelids fluttering. His body started to twitch, and from his mouth emitted quiet murmurs. "No.. no..mmm. no! NO!!!" Max screamed as he abruptly sat up on the sofa, looking frantically all around. "Oh my god something's wrong. Someone's hurting her. Ahh why can't I help her, why won't she let me help her, I can't help her" Max sat defeated on his sofa, as Gabby came and sat next to him and gently laid her hand upon his shaking one. "Who? Who's hurting? Max what's wrong?" Gabby's blue eyes penetrated Max's amber ones, as black hair fell down either side of her face. Looking up, Max couldn't tell her the truth. What that he had some alien connection thing with his only true love who ran away about 6 years ago. [Yeah I'm sure that'll go down really well] He thought, as he racked his brain for an explanation. RING RING "I'll... I'll just get that" He said as he reached for the phone, ignoring his girlfriend's confused look.*

-"Hi.. Is that Maria?" Maria heard as she lifted up the telephone. Completely baffled at the little girl's voice on the end of the line, she stared at her husband. "What?" He mouthed, as in the ear piece you could hear a faint hello, and a mumbled cry. "Please, please I need help. My mommy's ill, she won't get up. Please!" Alex's pleading voice brought Maria back to the phone, as she tried to settle the anxious little girl. "Okay sweetie where are you?" "I live in Chicago wiv my mommy" Maria's heart broke as she heard the little girl's sniffled as she tried to maintain her crying. "Okay then, who's your mommy?" Maria asked. "Ummm her name is Beth Park" Maria stared at the phone, unable to remember ever meeting a woman named Beth Park. "No no wait that's my mommy's new name. Her old one is Liz Parker." Maria dropped the phone, as she placed a hand upon her mouth struggling with the words she felt. "Please,are you there? This mean man came and hurt my mommy and know she won't get up and keeps crying for help. I don't think she... knows me.. anymore" Alex burst into tears, at the thought of Liz lying curled up in a ball hurting. Maria in a state of shock, calmy talked to Alex. "Listen sweetheart what's your name and do you know you address?" listening carefully to Alex, she concentrated on the address Alex gave her. "My name is Alexandra Maria Maxim Michaela Isabella Park but my mommy calls me Alex. And my mommy taught me our address in case. It's umm Lane Avenue, Hampton Place # 12, Chicago." Scribbling down the address with the paper Michael gave her, she smiled "Okay Alex, I promise you we'll help okay? We'll be there as soon as we can. You just sit in your room and play with your toys." Maria once again could heard Alex crying softly as she replied "Thank you Maria. Bye" Crying, Maria put the phone down as she turned to Michael who held their other phone in his hands, obviously after listening in on the conversation. Wiping her tears away, Maria looked up at him and said "We need to ring Max and get out there! NOW!"

*"Max? It's me, we need to go to Chicago now! Get packed, Liz is hurt." Dropping the phone in shock, Max couldn't get over the news. Liz was hurt. She was alone, and hurt. If only he knew the truth. Turning to Gabby he said "I've gotta go."


Silence filled Maria's car as it sped down the freeway on the way to Chicago. Naturally everyone was stunned, especially Maria who hadn't heard from Liz since she left, and hearing her daughters voice she couldn't help but feel sad from the part of Alex's and Liz's life she had missed. She could imagine she and Liz buying up the mall with baby stuff, decorating a room for the baby and being there for the birth of her bestfriend's child. But they hadn't, and Liz had missed the greater part of Maria's life ; her wedding, her mom's wedding, Michael's art gallery, the news of her baby. All that Liz had missed out on, and Maria's heart broke at the thought of her little Liz having to struggle through everything on her own.However Maria still had to reveal the truth of Alex to Max; something she wasn't looking forward to.

"So Maria did um...Liz phone you? Is she... I mean what's wrong?" Max queried solemnly as he sat in the back with Isabel, while Michael and Maria were upfront. Grimincing Michael turned to look at his wife, and Maria fumbling for words said " Well... not quite. I did get a phone call... but it wasn't from Liz but... someone quite close to her. Aparently Liz couldn't or wouldn't get up. Someone came to her home... and um... hurt her quite bad." A deadly silence filled the car, Max clenching his fists into a tight ball in anger. "So... who was it that called you? Her boyfriends, hus...husband?" The tone in Max's voice was evident as he looked expectantly at Maria. "Well I don't know how to tell you this Max, and I wish I wasn't the one to tell you... but it was her daughter. Alex who phoned me. She must of looked up my number in Liz's old phone book. She sounded quite young Max, and she was... she was so scared Max, and I couldn't help her!" Maria cried, and burts into tears with the thought of Alex all alone and Liz in pain, while Max just sat dumbfounded as anger and hurt poured through him. The thought of what he and Liz had shared, had been repeated with another man. And that a child had been made. That should of been his life, he thought to himself.

"And the father?" He strained out. Maria quickly looked up and said "Actually she didn't say anything about him. It seemed like her wasn't around." she replied. Max's amber eyes filled with tears of sadness, thinking of Liz having to go through the hardship of a single parent family. He made the decision then and there, he was going to help them, and avenge her attacker. He was going to make Liz and her duaghter return to Roswell, and msybe one day he may be able to forgive and forget the pain he had suffered. For what Liz had stuggled with, his pain subsided and only compassion and love filled his heart.

"Max? We're here" Michael's voice brought Max out of his reverie. Looking round Isabel placed her hand upon his forearm and squeezed it gently. "Are you okay Max? I mean us three can go in if you want." Max turned to his sister, and smiled. "I'm fine Iz, I have to heal her and neither of you can do that. I'll be okay," Max looked up at the brick building in front of him and searched for Liz's home, "Lets go."


The four unknown people to Alex, stood outside the front door to Liz's house, waiting for someone to reply to their knock. Max's nerves were all awry, and Maria stood sniffing her ceder oils as the waited patiently for the door to open. Slowly the door opened a fraction, and a little face appeared in the gap. Big, doe amber eyes stared at Maria, while she kneeled down to the height of the little girl in front of her.

As she observed Alex, Maria couldn't help but notice the similarities between Max and Liz's daughter. The amber eyes so familiar, the slightly sticking out ears that looked so cute and the dark brown hair. She also seemed to be about 5 years old, making her concieved around the time Liz left Roswell and everyone knew of what happened between Liz and Max the night she left. Maria hoped this wasn't a secret that Liz didn't want known, and the reason from her disappearance from Roswell. Who knew how Max would react, and she personally didn't want to discover.

"Hi. I'm Maria and these are your mommy's friends. Can we come in?" Maria questioned softly. Unexpectantly Alex jumped into Maria's arms, and started sobbing without taking any glances at the others around her. "Sssh it's okay, it's okay. Everything's going to be fine. We're gonna help your mommy." Maria whipsered into Alex's ears, as she picked herself and the small body in her embrace, and led the way through to Liz's living room. Settling down on the sofa, Maria tried to block the muffled screams coming from Liz's room while the other stared awkwardly at this little girl. All thinking the same thing as Maria, expect the one person that mattered in this possibility. Max. He was far too preoccupied with the sounds of Liz's voice coming from behind him, struggling not to burst into there and take her into his arms.

"Now sweetie, can you tell us what's wrong with your mommy?" Marai said as she stroked Alex's glossy hair. A sniffle produced from Maria's shoulder, and a little frown appeared on the most gorgeous face. Rubbing her eyes, she pulled back from Maria and said "A man came to my house. Mommy went to answer the door as I ate my pancakes. She brought him into here, and they were talking. I wanted to see who it was, and the nasty man smiled at me. Then he threw me against the wall, and everything went black. When I woke up mommy was gone. I went looking for her, and she was in her room. Screaming, and hurting herself. She didn't...didn't know me!" Alex's eyes filled with tears, while Maria tried to settle her down. "Now Alex, one of your mommy's very good friends wants to help. He's a doctor, and he'll make her better. His name is Max." Maria signalled to Max, to come over and he did as was requested. He came to rest in front of the two, and watched as Alex turned to meet him.

Her amber eyes fell upon his, and she started frantically screaming in horror. She started to sob, as she tried to scramble away from Maria's tight embrace. " No! Your the one who hurt mommy, go away. Don't hurt us again." Her arms and legs flew everywhere in a fury, as sobs and screams filled the room. Max looking distressed, stepped back and confusing thoughts filled him. Seeing the little girl hating him... Maria held onto the little girl as she cried, and she rocked her back and forth. "Alex? Max couldn't of hurt your mommy, he was in Roswell when she was hurt. He cares very much for your mommy, and wouldn't dare make her feel bad. He wants to help, and he's the only one who can. Will you let him?"


Alex's amber eyes stared into identical ones opposite her, studingly him inquistively. Hestitatingly she reached out for his face, and trying not to pull back traced his cheek with her tiny hand, just as her mother had done 7 years ago. Coming to his eyes, her hands drifting across them Max couldn't contain his emotions. He wanted her to be his daughter, for her to love him, to accept him. Fluttering his eyes open as Alex continued her exploration of his face, he spoke gently to her."Alex please? Your mom is hurt, and I can make her better. I don't know who hurt your mommy, but I know I would never hurt you mommy. Not for anything in the world. Will you let me?" Alex tilted her head, a small smile crossing her face. "You're Max aren't you? My mommy told me about you. You know she is sorry that she hurt you. She doesn't tell me much, but I know she's hurting. And I want that to go away. Help her, please?" Alex asked.

It was amazing to Max how advanced Liz's child was, and how willing she was to allow Max to heal Liz, even after she had felt it was him who had hurt them. Liz had brought her up well, and she had her mother's compassion for others, and the ability to give second chances. Alex knew she could trust Max, something that was not apparent when the man came to her home. He was different, good and kind and wanting to help her mom, whom he seemed to care for a great deal. At the age of about 5, she looked after her mom and knew all the hidden meanings in her mother's words. Smiling Max took her hand, and she led Max, Maria, Micael and Isabel to Liz's door. When the came to a halt, the other three while standing in awe at the immediate connection between the two after trust had been given couldn't help but grimace at the sounds coming from behind the closed door. "Okay you guys. I'm probably gonna need your help, she sounds pretty aggitated. Alex," Max said turning to Liz's daughter, "I want you to stay here with Maria okay? I'm going to help mommy." Nodding, Alex grabbed onto Max's leg tightly and looking up to him whispered sincerely "Thank you" With a smile lit up on his face, Max turned to the door and slowly twisted the brass door handle.


Swinging the door open, Max's eyes scanned the room for Liz's petite body. Looking into a corner, his eyes came to rest upon Liz's shaking, frail body blood pouring down her wrist where she had made herself bleed. Sadness filled his eyes as he listened to Liz mumbling to herself, rocking herself back and forwards. Taking a step into the room, followed by Michael and Isabel he quietly approached Liz. Turning to Isabel, Max whispered "Maybe it'd be better for you to reach her first. If she's been tricked like Alex, we're not going to make her any calmer with having her face to face with me." Isabel nodded as she walked over to Liz's side, who continued murmuring unaware of her presence. Reaching out, Isabel placed her hand gently on her Liz's shaking shoulder. "Liz?" She whispered.

Looking up startled, Liz's eyes opened in shock. Screaming, she backed into the wall trying to scramble up it and go back further from the intrusion. Seeing that she was cornered she fell to the floor sobbing and shouting, banging and kicking around in anguish. Isabel's eyes filled with tears as she watched the display, her heart breaking. Looking at Max, silently asking him with her eyes if he would let her make her lose consciousness so he could heal her easily. Sighing never taking his eyes off Liz, he nodded his head as he knelt down to the floor, tears openingly falling down his face Never once making an effort to hide his emotion, he joined hands with Isabel as she made the connection and knocked her out.

When Isabel came out of Liz's mind, she stared down at Liz's calm body laying peacfully on the floor. Sighing, she bent her knees and stood up, brushing off the dirt from the wooden floor. Max slipped down to Liz's side, and slid his hands underneath her fragile body and lifted her from the floor, her head cradled in his muscular chest. Walking to the side of her bed, he laid her gently upon the mattress brushing stray hair out of her face stained with tears. Trying to not sob, he sat next to her and focused on the task on hand. Placing his hand upon her forehead, he opened the connection between them for the first time in 7 years.

Flash after flash hit him, images of Liz's life he had missed. Ones in particular stuck in his mind, sadness flowing over him and hurt. But he wasn't alllowed to delve deeper into her privacy, to find out the answers he had so desperately tried to forget about. He had to do what he had come here to do, not to dwell and invade the privacy of Liz's mind. Fixing ever single cell of her brain that Khivar had ruined with his mind rape and the scars Liz had left on her wrists, he broke the connection content that Liz was healthy and well again. Leaning back, his energy drained and his breathing staggered, he backed off from Liz as they stood around her waiting for her revival. A few minutes passed before, Liz's eyes began to flutter open. Yawning wide, stretching out her bruised body she pulled herself up light streaming through the curtains. As her eyes cleared from the blur of light, she could make out three figures in front of her. Objects began to come into focus, as her eyes rested on the three pairs of eyes, ones in particular she had tried so hard to forget. Her big brown eyes, widen in surprise and unwritten horror as she curled into a ball, tucking herself around her thick whiet duvet. Scanning the room she searched for Alex, shaking as she realized she was no where to be seen.

Shakingly, she pulled herself up further, and began screaming her daughters name trying to ignore the piercing stares of Max, Michael and Isabel. Frantically her hoarse voice cried out for her daughter. "Alex? Alex! Sweetie are you okay? Alex!" Turning her head to the door, she watched as the running footsteps turn into her bounding daughter as she jumped onto the bed, and crawled into Liz's embrace crying happily. "Momma your okay!" Sniffing she stared Liz staright in the eye, tears falling down her rose cheeks. Smiling at Alex, the two turned to the three, plus an added Maria who watched the interaction between mother and daughter intriguiged. Liz, made the first move towards the bond between the four, as she said bravely and determindly, "So... um hi"


Liz's sore body shifted uncomfortably under the heavy gazes of her old friends. Trying to ignore a glare from someone in particular Liz attempted to stand up, with Alex in her arms. As her feet stepped onto the ground and she tried to stand up, her body swayed unable to cope with the strain. Dropping Alex to the ground, Liz's body started to plummet to the ground in exhaustian. As she fell, a pair of quick arms developed her into his chest, and prevented her fall. Max's arms. Breathing deeply, Liz raised her eyes to Max's and stared deeply into his eyes for the first time in 7 years.

Realizing she was still in the hold of Max, and that she was still staring at him she started to pull away her shaking body away from Max's warm one. The feelings were too much, her emotions in overload, and the memories were flooding back. Placing a hand on his chest as she stood up firmly once again, she timidly muttered "Thank you". Looking down at the ground. shuffling her feet she grabbed hold of Alex's hand. "Umm would you like some coffee, soda?" Liz asked her friends, and she scuffed her shoe on the floor. Lifting her head, she glanced at them all. Taking into account their nodding heads, she began to walk out the door pointing the way into the living room.

As Maria, Max, Michael and Isabel along with Alex sat in the living in dead silence, Liz worked away in the kitchen, preparing her for what was about to come next. In that time she had stared into Max's eyes she could see the hurt and anger towards her. She remembered the time they were filled with love and compassion, but she knew that would never be. Trying to hold back the tears, she brought the drinks into the living room where her friends were situated. Shaking slightly under the pressure, the tray shook as she laid it down onto the oak table. Sighing to herself she curled up in a ball in her comfy armchair, and immediately Alex left Maria's lap and headed towards her mother and jumped into her. Surprised at her daughters actions, and the fact that she seemed so friendly and at ease with her best friends, she looked curiosly down at her the sweet little girl leaning into her. Feeling her mom's gaze, Alex lifted her head and grinned as she placed a feather light kiss on Liz's pale cheek. "I'm so glad you're alright mommy. Max helped you, he's a doctor. And.. and I phoned Maria when you were hurt and she came to make it stop hurting. You remember them right?" With a non stop sentance, Alex gasped for breath as Liz nodded in affirmance. "Yeah I remember." She quietly voiced.

Liz's gaze fell upn Maria who was shaking so much, she looked like she was having a fit. Tears rolled down her face, as a sob escaped her throat. Standing up, she began slowly walking towards Liz. Liz seeing what her best friend was doing, got up, and left Alex in her seat. Her eyes filled with tears, as they stood face to face and she sobbed as she threw herself into Maria. Hugging her tightly like she was going to go if she loosened the embrace, she cried all the tears she had forbid herself to shed and let out the pain and lonliness her life had been. If it hadn't been for Alex, she would be a wreck by now, but she had been strong for her daughter. But now... now it was all coming back to her. The feelings she had pushed aside, the regret of her decisions washing over her. Pulling back to stare into Maria's face, she placed a hand on Maria's cheek, tears dripping down her face she whispered to her trying to hold back the sob, "I'm so sorry."

Smiling, Maria wiped away the tears that had fallen down and stained Liz's cheeks. "It's... it's okay. And you're okay! Oh god Lizzie I've missed you so much." Grabbing her hand she turned her and Liz to face Michael, Isabel and... Max. Leaning in into Liz, she whispered into her ear "I love you so much Lizzie, and Alex. I think though it's time you tell us what's going on." Nodding sadly, she squeezed Maria's hand tightly and breathed in deeply to tell her past to the ones she loved.


Liz stared at Max, Michael and Isabel all nestled comfortably on her sofa, waiting expectantly for the explanation they wanted. Tears filled her beautiful eyes but she refused to let them fall. Let them see how she had been suffering. "I... um, never expected to see this day. I..." Looking up Liz's took the deep breath she so desperately needed, mentally encouraging her to go own. "I... I am so... so sorry I left, it was stupid and reckless and you'll never know how much I regretted leaving. I... I have no excuse for leaving the way I did, I... mean I didn't even let you know whether I was alive!" Liz words were laced in anguish and anger towards herself, her head filling with the night she left, hating the way she had left everything."God I was so stupid, and I... know I can never take it back. Max...," Liz turned to look at Max, similar tears lining his sorrowful eyes. " I am so, so sorry. I wish... I wish I could go back, and change how I handled things. Um... I sorry just give me a minute" Liz's hands literally shook, as the emotions overcame her, and the challenge to keep back the sob she so desperately wanted to release hardened. Tears dripped down her face as she continued to speak to Max, in a voice no louder than a whisper. "I... I want you to know, and I realize that this can never make up for what I did, but I never ever regretted the night we spent together... it was... the best night of my life." She added with a whisper.

Her hands sleeked back her hair, and she bit her bottom lip, a classic sign of nervousness that had never left her. Looking at her friends, she took a deep breath holding her hands together so not to betray her absolute horror of what she had to reveal. "Um... I can tell you why I left, and... and I will. But there's something I need to talk to Max about first. Um... Is that okay?" Liz looked at the floor, unable to meet the gaze of Max she felt upon herself. Her heart was beating so loud, she swore that the others could hear it. Concentrating, she tried to calm herself picturing a calm serene beach in her mind, waves lapping at her feet as she played with Alex, just like her therapist had told her to do whenever things got on top of her. She decided to go to her therapist, when Alex was three. Liz was near breaking point, unable to sleep or eat, even to care for Alex. So she took it upon herself, to relive her life and her fears to a stranger who would make no judgment (of course leaving out the Czechoslovakian kwirk in things). And she had helped. now Liz was able to deal with most things thrown at her, she just needed a little help along the way.

"Umm... sure. Do you want to go into another room."Max spoke to Liz, tearing her from the place where there were no worries. Looking up, she nodded wiping away the tears, and cleared her throat. "We can go... go into my room if you like." Looking down, she watched as her feet led her to her bedroom door and her hand reaching for the door. It was all an outer body experience to her, unable to grasp the truth. Sitting down on the bed, she looked up at Max who was shifting uncomfortably probably wondering whether or not to sit down. "Max.... there is something you need to know. I know from what I'm about to say, you'll be angry and hurt and you have every reason to be. But please don't judge Alex, she didn't know I never let her. I understand how you'll feel towards me, but I want you to promise never to block Alex from your life." Max stared down at Liz, confusing masking his face. Scratching at his head, and shoving his hands in his pocket he quietly asked, knowinf the answer already "Liz what's this got to do with Alex?" Raising her eyes to meet Max's amber eyes flicked with tears, she brought her hand across her mouth as a sob developed her, tears pouring down her face dripping onto her top she choked out the words she had dreaded revealing for the past 7 years "She's yours."


Liz's sobs were the only sound to be heard in the silent room, while Max stood towering above Liz's quivering form as she studied her hands intendly unable to meet the gaze Max was bearing down her. Her word's kept repeating in Liz's head, and she couldn't believe it had finally come to the time to reveal the truth.

"I know" Max replied to Liz's shocking revealation, or what Liz thought was a shocking revealation. His two small words brought Liz flying to her feet, staring straight in the eye with no thought about how close she was to Max. "What do you mean, you know?How?! No one knows, you're the first one I ever told!" Liz yelled accusingly, pointing a finger hard into Max's toned chest. Max stared into Liz's determined eyes, his amber ones filled with sadness "I saw it. When I healed you... our connection obviously hasn't completely dwindled, I saw flashes of when Khivar to you as me. When Alex came running in..... he said after you told her to stay in the kitchen 'what's the matter? Don't you want me to know about my daughter?' It was kinda obvious from that!" He replied "God I knew I regognized her eyes from somewhere... they're exactly like mine!" Running his hands through his hair, he paced the room in frustration. "I can't believe you didn't tell me. I mean she's my daughter and she doesn't even know I'm her father. You let me miss out on 6 years of her life. Is that why you left? Because you found out that you were pregnant?" Looking at Liz's tear stained face and sobs racking her body his heart softened, and he came in front of her kneeling down, bringing her with him onto the floor. Holding out his hands, he took her quivering ones in his caressing the back softly trying to calm her down.

"I... Alex she... I saw a vision in my mind. I thought if I left she would be safe. That no one... she wouldn't have to live through the fear you've had to. You don't know how hard it was to sacrifice my happiness for my daughter. But when I found her glowing handprints imprinted on my stomach as we lay there, I knew what I had to do. And you know what? I don't regret my decision. My daughter is happy and safe, and that's all I wanted. I mean..., "Liz sprung to her feet, unable to remain calm on the floor ,"look at her Max. She's so full of life, and I wish that you had been there as she has been growing up." Sitting down at her dressing table, she stared at Max through the mirror, their eyes never leaving each others. "I did tell her about you. I know she wonders about you, and I think she can feel that it's hard for me. One day when she asked about you, I said 'Your daddy loves you so much. And he wishes, and so do I that he could be with us right now, but he... can't. But don't you ever think that you did something wrong. He wants to be with you, to see you grow up into a beautiful little girl, to pick you up from school and play games with you. But he can't... not right now but he loves you so much and he... he always will'" Liz broke down into fresh tears as she relived the conversation she had had with Alex, when she ahd come home crying asking why she didn't have a daddy. She was so upset, and inside Liz was torn up.

Seeing Liz in such a state, Max couldn't bear it. He could feel how much Liz went through when he connected with her, and although he was angry and upset and wasn't too sure how long it would take for him to recover from it, he realized Liz had been through enough already. Walking over to her, he placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it friendly and held out his hand for her to take. Smiling, Liz stood up and took Max's larger hand in her smaller one, fitting perfectly together as always and together they walked their way to the door. KNOCK KNOCK (once again I apologize for my appalling imitation of a knock at the door) Freezing in the door way, Liz turned towards the door. Her body began to shake in fear and she clutched onto Max for dear life. Her eyes widened as Max extracted himself from her and opened the front door to reveal a young woman standing.

The young women looked bewildered at the sight of Max, as any woman would do, and she tried to look behind him to have a glance on Liz. "Can I... come in? I'm Ashley. I look... look after Alex" Ashley stuck her hand out for Max to shake, and stunned Max after a minute of gathering himself together returned the gesture. "Sorry, kinda spaced out there. Umm... I'm Max, and old friend of Liz's. Please come in" Opening the door wide enough for Ashley to enter, she made her way past Max. Ashley was a very attractive women long straight black hair, enchanting brown almond shape eyes, a toned body and a killer smile. A mother at an early age,she took Liz under her wing, but as Liz found out she was very very nosey and soon got the truth out of Liz about Alex's father.

Max walked in front, as Ashley grabbed Liz's wrist on the way into the living room. Pulling Liz to her, she smiled and said in a hushed voice. "Oh my goodness, that's Max? He's so hot! What's he doing here?" Smiling at her friends curiousity she nodded her head, as a small figure crept quietly behind them. "That's Alex's dad right?" Ashley inquired of Liz. Turning to Ashley, scared and quietly she said "Ashley quiet! What if Alex hears?" Unaware of the small form behind her, she turned startled at the sensation of a pulling at the hem of her top. Wide eyes, she turned to face the anxious girl who stood before her, arms wrapped tightly around her Ali . Big amber eyes looked into Liz's as she said "Is Max my daddy?"


Liz stood stunned, facing her daughters who inquisitive eyes were staring deeply into her shocked expression. The fact that her daughter had found out who her father was, but the way she found out was overwhelming. Not only did she have to deal with Khivar attacking her, but seeing Max, Maria, Michael and Isabel again after 7 years but now this? Unable to tear her eyes from her daughter, she pushed the lose strands of Alex's silky hair that had come undone from her bunches behind her little ears. "I.. I'm so sorry sweetie. I didn't want you to find out like that. But... I can't lie to you Alex, Max is your daddy. He's come back, didn't I always tell you he would?" Liz smiled at her daughter, trying to encourage her to face the situation which she had been landed in. Looking up at her mother, Alex took Liz's hand in hers and asked in a timid voice "Does he... does he want me?" Liz gasped in shock at her daughter's question. She couldn't believe it. "Ohh sweetheart of course he does. Before he just... couldn't be here. But remember I told you that he wanted to be here, and he loves you... so much. Do you want to go talk to Ma... you daddy?" Liz corrected herself, as she lifted Alex into her arms and stroked her cheek softy. Slowly Alex nodded her head, and grabbed Liz's top in a scrunched ball in her hand in apprehension as Liz lead them into the living room where everyone was waiting for them.

Light streamed into the pale room, and all five pairs of eyes rested on Liz and Alex entering the room. Smiling cautiously at everyone, Liz placed Alex onto the floor. Alex looked up her, her once cheerful face now etched with caution. Kissing Alex softly on the head, she placed her hand at the small of Alex's back and pushed her gently in the direction of Max. Clutching tightly to Ali, Alex crept her way up to Max studing him inquisitively. Coming face to face with Max she halted and stared at him for what seemed hours to him. Glancing up at Liz, he asked her, without voicing the question which he already knew the answer to, if Alex knew about who he was. Smiling at him, he turned his gaze back to the little girl in front of him. Reaching out to touch his face, she lined the contours of his tanned face. Halting at his eyes which were rimmed with tears, she whipsered in a shy voice, "Your my daddy?" Without even acknowledging the stunned gasps coming from the room, he chocked out, "Yes I am"

Max reached out at Alex, and pulled her up into his lap. Kissing her forehead, he sighed a contented sigh as he stroked her hair that reminded him so much of Liz. Turning her round so her little frame was facing him, he said to her "Alex, I am so sorry that I wasn't there for you. It was just... I couldn't come to you and I wish I could have... but I love you.... so much and if you would let me, I'd love to spend some time with you." Staring at Max, not really comprehending what he had said Alex sat there stunned into silence. Not sure how she was meant to react to this, not even understanding how she felt about all of this, she turned round to Liz and noticed that she was watching intently glasping her hands together almost in a prayer, wishing with all her heart that Alex would accept Max into her life.

Looking deep into her mother's penetrating stare, Alex could read the emotions playing in her mothers head. She could feel the swirls of reactions that were inside Liz's head. She had always been able to, since she could remember a connection between the two so deep. Alex didn't understand but she always took her feelings into account. She loved her mommy so much and she knew what the right thing to do. Twisting herself back round to face Max, he waited with baited breath. Believing that Alex couldn't accept him he prepared himself for the worst. He just hoped that some day maybe she would be able to accpet him.

"I... I love you daddy!" Alex threw herself into Max's arms and tears dripped down her face and she smiled happily at the realization she had finaly got her daddy back. She knew they had to work through it together, and that she didn't know Max at all but she was content. She had got her daddy that she had always wanted, and Liz was so deliriously happy. Jumping otu of Max's lap Alex ran into Liz and grabbed onto her legs bouncing up and down. "Mommy daddy's back! Can we do something tomorrow, can we momma?Please??" Laughing at her daughter, Liz bent down and picked her up and spun her around screaming, "Of course you honey!" Slowing down, she happily placed Alex back into the ground and the excited little girl ran back to Max and jumped straight into a hug. Standing watching her daughter, and Max re-united after 6 years Liz placed a hand over her mouth smiling beneath. Walking over to the two, she wrapped her arms around both laughing for the first time in years. They were gonna get through it together. But they had a lot of struggles in front of them, but Liz was willing to risk it all... for her family.


Liz stood on the breezy balcony of her apartment, as she watched Alex and Max play togther in the park across the street. The great expanse of green, was littered with children and their parents as they spent time together in the spring sunshine. Laughter filled the air, as Max picked Alex and spun her about in the air, her hair flying out in a mass of chocolate brown. Placing her back on the grass, the two raced to the swings and Liz's heart skipped a beat as she watched Max purposely let Alex win. Watching the two intently as Max swung the little girl higher and higher into the sky, spurred on by her excited screams and loving calls of "Daddy!" Liz could have watched those two all day, her hehart filled with joy at her daughters happiness at her father's presence.

"Hey chica! Why don't you come in and we can have a girly chat like old times huh?" Maria's head popped round the entrance to the balcony, her face lighted with a smile. Turning round to meet her deep green eyes she said "I don't know Maria, I should probably watch out for Alex." Maria sighed in exasperation, and grabbed hold of Liz's hand and pulled her inside. "Liz, believe me Alex will never be as safe than she will be with Max. He'll take care of her, let him have this time with her. They'll be fine. Come on!" She heaved Liz's stubborn self through into the living room, and plonked herself on the sofa and patted the seat next to her motioning for Liz to come and sit with her.

Sighing Liz lead herself over to Maria and sat down. Smiling nervously at Michael and Isabel in front of her, who really hadn't said anything since she had awakened sat staring at her, both struggling to face a smile. "So Liz... why don't you tell us what you do now?" Isabel said gently breaking the awkward silence. Liz turned to Iz, and smiled gratefully at her. "Well um... after I moved here I pretty much just stayed in most of the time, working in a restaurant across town while I was still able to work. Then when Alex was born, I looked after her during the mornings and evenings until Alex went to sleep, and my friend Ashely who was here earlier used to look after her during the day, and later in the evenings when I was at college and then at work. It was hard but I did it for Alex, we needed the money. When I finished at college I managed to get a job in the local high school as a biology teacher, and that was about the time Alex was able to go to kindergarten and then to elementary school. And that's what I've been doing ever since." Liz looked at the three uncomfortably, and tucked a piece of hair behind her ears out of habit. "So Liz, met any cute guys?" Maria squeeled eager to find out about her best friends life she had missed out on.

"Well what with Alex I never had much time to socialize. Ashley is pretty much the only person I do any stuff with so no... and besides. Alex was the only person in my life, and she got all my attention." Pleased at Liz's answer, Isabel warmed up slightly and Michael never wishing to displease his very pregnant hormonal wife made an effort. "Hey Liz, I was just wondering whether you ever thought about you know... returning to Roswell or letting us now where you were?" Michael asked, feeling rather pleased with his contribution in the conversation he turned to look smugly at Marai, only to be meeted with a death glare. "I did once actually. Alex must have been about a year old, and I was getting so overwhelmed I thought about packing it all in and coming back. But then Alex took her first steps, and I just... felt that I was fine... I mean I know that's kinda selfish but what with Alex growing up and just couldn't." Liz didn't look up, tears threatening to fall. But she refused to let them fall. Instead she started asking the questions.

"So Iz. Do you and Jesse have any children?" Liz stared at Isabel, pleased at the effect her question had on Isabel. "Yes we do. Umm Lexi is 5 and uh... Beth is just 3. Guess we kinda had the same idea with Alex' name for our little girls huh?" Liz smiled warmly at her, and said "So what do you and Jesse do now? Is he still a lawyer?" Flicking her hair behind her back, she settled down into the chair and replied "Yeah Jesse's still a lawyer, in fact he's a partner in a firm and I'm a journalist." Curling up into a ball Liz, became more comfortable in her situation now turning her questions to Maria and Michael. "Michael? What do you do now? I know you and her live in Amy's old house, but I was just wondering." Michael's head snapped up at the mention of his name, and greeted Liz with warmth. "Well I'm an interior designer. Art was the only thing I was really any good at, and I really enjoy it." "That's really good. So are there any more kids apart from this one coming along now? How far due are you Maria?" Liz asked, taking Maria's hand in hers. "Nope just this one, but you never know there could be more along the way" Maria replied lifting her eyebrows in a knowing way to Liz. Liz's laughter filled the house, something that was rarely heard since she left, as the front door banged close.

"Mommy, mommy! Me and daddy went to the park and we had a race and I won! And we went on the swings, and the slide, and we played football, and fed the ducks!" A small figure appeared to the four after a loud clamber of footsteps, and out of breath, Alex stopped aprubtly as Max laughed behind her and scooped her up into his arms with Alex's squeeling echoing off the walls. "So you had fun did you sweetie? That's good but you know what time it is now?" Liz looked at her daughters face, as her eyes lit up and she screamed "Bath time!!! Mommy can daddy give me my bath and read me a story?" Liz smiled warmly at her daughter, pleased at how well Alex was coping with the situation. "Is that okay Max? You don't need to wash her hair or anything." Liz said looking up at Max. Grinning, he replied "Sure, I'd love to. Now Alex can you show me the way?!" Alex giggled in his arms and squirmed around pointing to the direction of the bathroom. "Lets go!" She screamed as she waved goodbye to Liz pver Max's shoulder and disappeared into the bathroom. "They look like the getting on well." Maria said breaking Liz out of her staring contest with the bathroom door. Turning round she whispered, "Yeah it looks that way."

*Later that night*
Pushing open Alex's bedroom door, Liz stood in the door way as Max tucked Alex into bed and kissed her on the forehead after reading her "The Little Mermaid" Liz could help but let a contented sigh out, as she watched her daughter blissfully fall into sleep and Max perched over her sleeping body. Made aware of her presence, Max turned to face Liz as she walked into the room. Smiling at him warmly, she leant over and kissed Alex gently on her cheek. Bringing herself up again, and turning around she found herself staring straight into the eyes of Max, and in a very close proximity with him. Her breathing deepened in the darkened room as Max's lips inched their way closer to hers, his heated desire for her flashing the way through his eyes. Looking up Liz found herself leaning into Max, their lips mere centimeters away from each other.


Their lips inched closer and closer together in the dark room, with only their heavy breaths sounding in the silent room. The others had all gone to find a motel for the night, but Max had insisted on sleeping on the couch, not willing to leave Liz and Alex alone in case Khivar came back, and more to the truth for his personal needs. The two were all alone with sleeping daughter just inches from them, as their soft lips finally met in a tender kiss.Liz and Max instaneously moaned in response, an absence they had felt for so long filling up with each other's desire. The heat increased between the two, as Max's tongue sought out hers and the kiss deepened. Max's hand traced down Liz's back, a tingling sensation speading down her spine, as Liz's mouth suddenly clamped shut. Opening her eyes she pulled back, gasping in horror at the boundary they had stepped over. Shaking her head, Max's eyes flung open at the loss as Liz and she ran out of the room before a word was said.

Standing in an empty room, Max looked around in the darkness, his eyes settling on Alex. Still soundly sleeping despite her parents being somewhat distracted, he shook his head in confusion and walked out the room determined on finding an answer. Strolling into the living room, he could hear Liz bustling away in the kitchen obviously trying to deny what had happened between the two. Touching his lips in memory of the tenderness of Liz's own Max walked towards the kitchen. Leaning on the door frame, he looked into the kitchen and crossed his arms. Liz was running around the kitchen making a cup of coffee for the two of them, scrubbing disgustedly at the stains her salty tears had left. Coming at a halt, she grabbed onto the sideboard, her back to Max breathing deeply. Slamming her hand onto the smooth surface, she whispered only loud enough for him to hear, "I'm sorry".

Turning round, Max could see her sore eyes and her defeated posture. Softening, he followed as Liz lead them into the calmness of the living room. Sinking down into a sofa, Liz sighed half heartedly and watched as Max took the seat next to her and stared deep down into her. "Did I... Did I do something wrong?" Max asked tentively, as he played with his hands. Looking up, regrettfully Liz whispered her reply. "Max... you didn't do anything wrong. I shouldn't of allowed that to happen, I mean... we can't. You have a girlfriend and Alex... well she only found out today. What if something happened? And you left? how would Alex feel? We both know that... that it should never of happened." Remoresfully, Max took Liz's shaking hand marvelling at how well their hands fitted togther. "Liz..." He reached up and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and traced her lips with his thumb. "If this isn't want you want... well you're just gonna have to stop me... because we both know we both want this..."

Max was suddenly cut off, as Liz plunged herself towards him her lips attacking his in a frenzied hunger. A hunger that had built up over the last 7 years, and that was beginning for a release. Slipping her hands underneath Max's shirt, her tiny hands roamed his well sculpted chest remembering it well from the one night of passion. Leaning back, and smiling seductively at him her fingers worked their way at his buttons on his shirt, kissing each bit of revealed skin to her. Once the shirt was completely unbuttoned it was chucked aside, and Max lifted her beautiful body up to him. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she could feel his desire for her. Nipping at his ear, she moaned as Max kissed her down her neck as he moved them into the kitchen. With one arm wrapped around Liz, his free arm swiped the oak table of all it's paper his lips never leaving Liz's. Lying her down onto the hard table, his ragged breaths washing over Liz as he gazed down adoringly at her. Her cheeks flushed, her messed up and her eyes filled with desire, Max continued his onslaught of Liz's body. Reaching for the hem of her top, he played with the edge as he lifted it higher and higher. Not being able to take his torturous teasing anymore, Liz ripped off her top revealing herself to Max. Pulling him down she kissed him, letting her feelings of love wash over him as he returned the favour. Max began to kiss down her neck, reaching the base and following the dip between her breasts. Moaning, Liz began pulling Max down on top of her before a quiet voice from her daughter's bedroom called out, "Mommy?!"

Part 16a

At the sound of Liz's and Max's daughters voice, the two sprung apart quickly. With flustered cheeks, Liz pushed Max up from on top of her and searhced for her disgarded top. Grabbing it off the floor where it had been left in their heated desire for each other, Liz slung the top back on and ran out of the room, leaving a stunned and behr chested Max. He couldn't believe it, about the fact that he and Liz were just about to make love... on the kitchen table. All that had happened today to him was unbelievable. Seeing Liz for the first time in seven years, finding out he had a daughter, facing the threat of Khivar and their last escapade... It was too much for him as he slumped into the chair, and lay his head on the table had previously been used for 'other means'.

Returning to the room after Alex's request for a glass of water, Liz leant on the door frame leading into the kitchen studying Max as he sat. Blushing at the thought of what they were about to do, she breathed deeply to control her erractic breathing. Coughing she tried to make her presence known to Max. "I know you're there Liz." Max said to her, lifting his head up to meet her gaze. Smiling up at her, using his foot he pushed out the wooden chair opposite him and montioned for Liz to sit down. Nervously she placed herself down, and fiddled with her hands. Reaching out, Max cupped her hands in his and spoke gently to her, "I can't believe this is happening". Looking up, Liz's heart broke at the delirious grin that had spread across his gorgeous face. Slowly she removed her hands from his, and smiled sadly at him. "Max this... we can't happen. It just can't. I mean you have a girlfriend, Gabby was it? And it seems kinda serious, you're living with her right? I know it seems the perfect solution to our problems, but we both know it's not the way to go about it."

Staring at Liz in disbelief, Max stumbled on his next words. "Liz... I love you. And I'm pretty sure you feel the same. We could be a proper family, start a new life. Things with Gabby... well they're not as important as you and Alex are to me. Please Liz..." Shaking her head sadly at Max's words she pushed herself up from the table and stood over Max. "Max... we're just not gonna happen. I'm so sorry, but this is the last time I'm going to say it. Please just leave it." Tears filled Max's eyes as he stared up at Liz, refusing to believe her words. Standing up to tower over Liz, he whispered "I know what you're doing. Exactly the same thing you did seven god damned years ago! Liz when are you going to let me in? What about Alex? I need you Liz, but you're just being stubborn. We both now this wouldn't of happened if you believed what you just said." Max's anger cam out in his words, as he paced the room unable to stay still in his fury. Unable to look at Max, instead settling on her shaking hands Liz whispered to him "Goodnight Max. There are blankets and pillows on the sofa." And with that she disappeared out of sight, until a click was heard to the door of Liz's bedroom. Defeated and distraught, Max walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, staring at Liz's room as he passed.

Part 16b

Pausing in his steps, Max stared at the wooden door that faced him. Bringing his hand up to the handle, his hand shook in nervousness. Snapping his hand down to his side, he ran his hands through his hair in desperation. Uncertainty filled his head, as he argued with himself. Should he, or should he not? He could hear Liz's muffled sobs, and the thought that he had caused them sent guilt shooting down him. Unable to stand listening to the woman he loved crying, his shaking hand opened the door into Liz's bedroom.

Peering in, his heart broke at the sight of Liz curled up into a ball, crying. Smiling at her cute little white strap top, and bottoms covered in clouds he stepped forward cautiously, whispering "Liz?" Her cried ceased at his voice, and Liz lifted her head in the direction of Max's voice, her red eyes coming into line with his. Sniffing, she sat up and whispered back, "Max? Can you... you just stay here with me tonight. I don't... really want to sleep alone." Unable to meet his gaze due to her embarrassment at her request, Max smiled as he walked over to her and grabbed her hands. Kissing the back, he said "Of course". Liz slipped her way under the covers, and sighed in contentment as Max kicked off his shoes, and climbed in next to her. Turning the light off, before closing her eyes she grabbed for Max's body. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she pulled herself up to him and snuggled inot the nook of his neck and fell into a blissful sleep on hearing the words "Goodnight, Liz"

The next morning, Liz moaned happily in her sleep, her white duvet wrapped around her small frame and another next to her. Blinking, Liz smiled at the morning sun and upon remembering the events of last night, wrapped herself around the body next to her. However as her arms encircled them, she noticed something was wrong. This person was... for lack of a better word small. Turning abruptly, Liz sat up and saw sleeping next to her, her little daughter whisps of hair falling into her angelic face. Detangling herself from the covers, she pushed herself out of bed, she walked out of the room grabbing her dressing gown as she passed. Liz turned in all directions, searched every room but to avail. She couldn't find Max.

Liz slowly returned to her bedroom sadly, filled with remorse thinking that Alex would miss out of a father in her life...again... because of the way she had treated him. Trying to hold back the tears for Alex's sake, she climbed back into bed with her daughter. Leaning down and placing a feather light kiss on Alex's nose, she whispered, "Sweetie, it's time to get up" Smiling at her daughters cute antics as she awoke from her sleep, Liz couldn't help but pull Alex into her arms, and smooth back her hair as the little girl closed her eyes once more, and rested her head upon her mother's shoulder, her thumb placed in her mouth. Cradling her in her arms, she held onto her tight, before noticing a small piece of paper lying where Alex and Max both had previously slept. Hands shaking, Liz picked up the crumpled piece of paper, and slowly unfolded it. It was from Max, she regognised his handwriting immediately.

Dear Liz
Don't worry about my absence, I will be back soon. I felt it best if I stay with Michael, Maria and Isabel at the hotel than stay here at the moment. I'll be back this afternoon, maybe we could talk about how to deal with visits to see Alex. See you later.

Liz muffled back her sob, as she struggled it not to sound from the back of her throat. She knew and felt that she had lost the only chance with Max, and knew it was her fault. She noticed how he had signed his name, she sighed at the difference from when he used to sign them before, knowing things in the future were going to be tough, and very different from her past. Love letters so precious to her lay in a box full of Liz's past, all signed Yours forever. Love Max

Part 17

Waking up, Alex slowly rubbed her eyes with her little hands, and sat up in Liz's lap. Looking at her with her doe eyes Liz asked her daughter trying to hold back her tears "What are you doing here sweetie? You haven't slept in my bed since you were four." Curiously looking at her, Alex replied in her cute little voice , "I was looking for daddy, and I couldn't find him. Where is he mommy? Has he... gone again? Did I do something wrong?" Alex's eyes began to fill with upset tears and her bottom lip began to quiver at the thought of losing her daddy all over again hit her, as she waited patiently for Liz's response.

"Oh no Alex, baby you didn't do anything wrong! And don't ever think that. Daddy just felt it would be best if he stayed with Aunty Maria, Aunty Isabel and Uncle Michael. Okay? He's gonna come back later today, and you know what? Maybe we could talk to him about you visiting him, and spending more time with him. Would you like that?" Liz said as she lifted Alex into her arms, and rocked her back and forth. Kissing her on her forehead, Liz smiled at her little girl as she repeated the gesture. "Come on Alex, why don't we get some breakfast?" Liz queried her daughter, as she placed her into her lap and stroked her soft hair. Spinning round excitedly to face her mom, Alex squeeled happily and said "Can we have pancakes? Pretty please, mommy? Please?" Looking up at Liz with her adorable face, she couldn't resist her daughters request. She certainly was Max's daughter, Liz always did find it hard to say no to him when he trapped her in his deep eyes. "Okay then" She sighed defeatedly, and in triumph, Alex grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the warm confines of the bed. Laughing at her daughters antics, Liz adjusted her pjamas (sp?) and grabbed her dressing gown, as Alex pulled her out of the room into the kicthen.

Later that day.......

Liz sat curled up on her comfy sofa, with her legs safely tucked beneath her while she read her book in peace. Alex was playing in her room with her toys, no doubt having a tea party, Liz chuckled to herself. Looking up she checked the clock again, noting the time. Three in the afternoon. After she had told Alex that Max was coming back today, she had been so hyper that Liz told her to play in her room and not the living room. Still not unpreturbed, Alex went to play happily in her room till her daddy turned up. That was two hours ago. Liz's doubt loomed over her, and she dreaded that maybe he wouldn't show. But still she had faith in Max even after all these years, and she knew in her heart that he would return...for Alex and maybe even her. Who knew?

Settling back into her book, she was disturbed by knocking at the front door. Looking up, Liz's stomach became a tangle of nerves as it always had when she was younger and she used to see Max. Smiling warily,she lifted herself of the sofa in time to see Alex reaching up for the door handle, and opening the door. "Daddy!" Alex screamed, as Max walked through the door. Jumping into his arms, he held onto her tight breathing her in, missing her from the twelve hours since he last saw her. Still carrying Alex in his muscular arms, he walked into the living room to see Liz standing there awkwardly. Liz couldn't take her eyes off him. He was wearing a tight black polo sweatshirt, and dark grey slacks he looked... hot. There was no other word to describe him, and watching him with Alex her heart swelled. Clearing her throat, she motioned with her hand for him to sit down unable words yet.

Sitting down, Max tried not to stare at Liz so blatantly but he was finding it very hard. She had her hair all scooped up into a bun, and wearing a tight black shirt with beige linen trousers. She looked so attractive, he was finding it hard to breathe and was glad for the interuption from the clamber of feet as Maria, Michael, Isabel and to Liz's surprise Jesse along with their two daughters arrived. Jumping up, Liz smiled at Jesse and pulled him into a hug. "Hi Jesse, it's good to see you again." Grinning at Liz, he placed his three year old daughter Beth onto the floor and grabbed onto her hands. "Likewise Liz, likewise. You don't know happy it made us all when we found out where you were. It's good to have you back." Smiling, Liz struggled to hold back the tears at the gesture that her friend had made. Kneeling down, she sat in front of Beth and picked her up remembering the times when Alex was that small.

"So... you must be Beth?" Liz said looking at the little girl who looked so much like Isabel. Giggling Beth nodded her head, and Liz twirled her round like she used to do with Alex. "I can remember when Alex was just as small as you Beth. Would you like to go play with Alex's toys sweetheart?" Looking up at her mom, Beth smiled at Isabel and whispered "Yes pweese." Smiling, she carried her over to where Lexi was standing currently giggling away with her own little Alex. "Hey you guys, why don't you go play in Alex's room huh?" All three girls looked up at Liz with their brown eyes, and laughed and ran into Alex's room led by Alex.

"Well now we can some peace and quiet. I'm sorry Iz but those girls of yours... when they get started... woah!"Maria said when the door to Alex's room was shut. Laughing, she placed her hand on her protrouding stomach. Liz smiled at her, and said "I can't believe it. I mean your children are all grown up. It's so scary that I've missed out on so much. I hope you can all visit us sometimes."Liz said to them all, deseprately pleading that they would to let her escape from her loneliness. Looking at everyone in the room in turn, Max finally rested his gaze on Liz and rather uncomfortably started to talk to Liz trying to put last night's siuations behind him. "Well actually, I know you know that I want to be part of Alex's life now. In fact we all want you both back into our lives. And now we all live around Roswell and you live in Chicago. So would you consider... moving back to Roswell to start you life there... with us and... me?"

Part 18

Max watched Liz, as his words settled over her face, showing varing emotions shadowing over her. Surprise, confusion, anxiousness and love? A small smile played on her features, before it was quickly wiped away as Liz stood up aprubtly. Walking round in a circle in confusion, five heads followed her pattern around the living room, as she struggled with the decision laid on her shoulders. Should she leave her life here? To give up the whole reason she left anyway? But to live with her family and friends... Max.

"I don't know Max, I just don't know," Liz said running her hands over her face, standing still, "I mean my life is here now, Alex's home is here, she's never known any other. I want you in Alex's life I really do, but moving back to Roswell? That'd be re-tracing my plans that I made 7 years ago when I left. All my efforts would be fruitless." Letting her sigh escape, she tried to avoid Max's gaze as he thought of a way to persuade her stubborn self to leave her home and restart in Roswell.

"Liz. Think of this rationally. If there's anywhere to be safe, it's with us. You know Alex is going to get powers eventually, and we can protect you.. both. Khivar knows who she is, who you are he's already hurt you once. You can't escape the truth, you would be well protected. Think about you Liz.Your family are in Roswell, we all are in Roswell. Alex is young, she'd make friends easily. I mean look at her and Lexi. You belong in Roswell Liz." Max finished, never taking his eyes off Liz. Slumping her shoulders in defeat, she mumbled to them, "I need to talk with Alex.", while mulling her possibilities over in her head.

Opening the door slightly, a smile graced Liz's face at the sight of the three little girls playing together with all Alex's toys thrown across the floor. Tip-toeing across the room, Liz surprised Alex by coming up behing her after signalling Lexi and Beth to be quiet. Grabbing her round the waist, she lifted her up and twirled her round in the air, as Alex screamed in delight while Lexi and Beth giggled at their new amusement. Placing Alex back onto the ground, Liz snuggly fitted her head in the crook of Alex's shoulder, and kissed her all over her face, and finishing off by blowing a loud kiss on her smooth cheek. Lauging hysterically, the three girls all crowed round Liz, as she flung back her head in fits of giggles.

"Sweetie, Alex?" Liz tried to get her little girl to listen over all the laughing going on. Turning to look at her mom, her inquisitive eyes looked into Liz's as she half said, half laughed "Yes?" Taking a deep breath, she scooped Alex onto her lap, and rocked them back and forwards. "Well, what would say if we were to be going to live near Lexi and Beth... and daddy?" A massive smile broke on out Alex's face, and she whispered in excitement. "Mommy, are we going to where you used to live when you was a little girl? In Roshell, oops Roswell?" Alex giggled along with Lexi at her mistake, as Liz nodded her head. "Yup, so what'd you think sweetheart. We'll go if you want to."

"Ummm, well would I get to see daddy, Lexi and Beth lots and lots. Coz' you know mommy, we're bestest friends now!" Liz's eyes filled with tears at Alex's endearment towards her cousin, and smiled in agreement. Alex's eyes lit up, and she jumped up and down in Liz's lap (causing her somewhat pain), and she screamed at the top of her little voice "Yes!" Grabbing her daughter round the waist, she scooped up Beth in her arms along with Alex, and Lexi held onto Liz's legs as the spun round in a circle screaming "We're moving to Roswell!"

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Summary: Read on to find out! Heehehe *happy*
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Part 19

The four females walked down the corridoor, their laughter echoing off the walls. Coming to a halt, they basked in the streaming sun as they stood in the entrance way to the living room. Continuing on in, Liz carried Beth showing no signs of a giveaway, while Lexi and Alex followed close behind grinning broadly at the five anxious adults. Smiling, Liz placed herself next to Isabel and let Beth crawl into her mother's waiting arms. Smiling, as Beth settled into her mother's embrace she watched her own daughter doing the exact same thing in Max's lap.

Liz couldn't even begin to comprehend the joy she saw pass Max's face every time he saw his daughter, it was almost unearthly to see the amount of happiness that lit up on his face. Sighing contently, she finally came to the conclusion that she was indeed, very very happy that they had found her. Coughing slightly, to get Alex's attention, her little girl's head spun round and her long brown hair flipped across her face. Giggling, she tucked it behind her ears just like her mother. Looking round at everybody, and seeing the regognition in their faces said "What can I say? Like mother like daughter. But anyway Alex, sweetheart, don't you have something to say to Ma... I mean daddy?" Liz couldn't even begin to understand the immense meaning of the fact that Alex finally had her father. That Max was a dad, and she could no longer deny the fact; it was right in front of her.

All eyes bored onto Alex, and her sweet, angelic voice brought Liz out of her lingering thoughts. Max's attention was solely on the little girl on his lap, as she faced him studing him for emotions. "Well um... daddy, mummy and me, well we are gonna live in um... what's it again mummy?" Alex turned to Liz, looking distraught at the fact she couldn't remember the name of Roswell. Smiling at Alex, Liz mouthed the word to her encouraging her to continue, and Alex nodded her head before returning to Max's gaze. "Okay, we're going to come to Roswell!" Alex screamed. But she needn't of said the name, Max knew it was a yes. Scooping her up in his arms, he held onto her so tight, and kissed her on her forehead. Pulling back he had tears in his eyes, and he stood up taking his daughter's small form with him. Breathing her in, he went to stand in front of Liz.

Looking up, Liz was almost scared of finding the emotions she knew were there. From just being this close to him, she could feel his happiness and elation coming off him in waves. Her brown doe eyes, filled with tears with a glance at Max's face. He was so happy, smiling like she hadn't seen him do since she left. His face was lit up, with tears falling freely from his amber eyes. He held out his hand for Liz, his eyes begging her to put aside her stubborness and detachment, and for her to come and celebrate the news with her family. Unable to resist Liz placed her tiny hand in Max's, and allowed herself to be pulled up. Standing up next to him, she smiled at him and not being able to contain it any longer, he pulled her into his arms. Holding his daughter who clutched onto him, her arms slung round his neck he encased Liz with his free arm, tucking her into his side. Kissing her soft hair, that reminded him so much of their life before let his tears drip down. Crying herself Liz slowly lifted her head, revealing her tear stain face. The salty tears dripped down her ashen cheek, leaving a glistening trail until Max's thumb rubbed away the tracks. Grinning with his eyes sparkling, he whispered to her only one thing "Thank you."

.Part 20

"So mommy are we going were you and daddy lived?" Alex broke the strained silence in the car between Liz and Max as they drove down the highway on the way to Roswell. Everything had been organized for Liz to move. She'd left her school with much heart felt goodbyes with her students, put her apartment back on lease and all of her stuff had been packed up into various boxes that now lain scattered across her living room floor. Liz turned to look at her daughter, who sat entranced at the flashing scenery passing by as they got nearer and nearer to her home town. "That's right sweetie... I used to live here." Liz replied, her stomach filling with dread at the forthcoming meeting with her parents. She had decided she wanted to surprise them, and felt that the best way to reveal the news that they had a granddaughter was better face to face than over the phone. Max resisted the urge to turn and face Liz, feeling her overwhelming guilt and saddness that was flooding over him in their confined space. Glancing to his side, he could see Liz's form stiffen as they passed the ever so familiar 'Welcome to Roswell' board. Over riding every doubt he had in his mind about he and Liz, he placed his hand over hers and held it tight trying to reassure her.

Turning when she felt Max's soft hand upon her own, Liz smiled up at him trying desperately not to beg him to reconsider and tell him she didn't mean anything she said. But she held her tongue, and squeezed his hand back as the car came to a halt outside a very familiar building. "Are you ready Liz? If you want you can rest first and then come back?" Liz smiled at Max, touched by his concern but she knew she had to confront her past staright away or it would get harder every minute. "I have to do it now Max, get it out of the way..." Smiling, she released her hand from Max's and unbuckled her seatbelt before opening and slamming the door to Max's midnight blue BMW 3series. Straightening out her ankle length black skirt, she removed her grey jacket to leave her in a cooler lilac cownecked top in the desert heat she had become so unfamiliar to. Coming to Alex's side of the car she opened the door, and carried her daughter out into the sidewalk. Looking up at her mother, she whispered into Liz's ear "Mom do you think grandma and grandad will like me? I wore my pretty pink dress." Alex's comment brought Liz to tears, and she stroked back her beauitful daughters long tresses, thinking how cute and adorable she was. "Alex, they'll love you. Come on, you're getting too big for me... maybe daddy'll carry you?" Liz said placing her daughters into Max's awaiting arms. Smiling at Liz, he grabbed her hand and lead her and his daughter to the glass doors of the Crashdown.

Liz sighed worriedly, her stomach a bundle of nerves as every childhood memory flashed through her mind... her dad pushing her on the swing in the park... she and her mum cooking a cake for Grandma Claudia's birthday... going to the Father, Daughter dance... snuggling up in her parents bed whenever she used to have a nightmare... the memories went on and on, poubding through Liz's head. Looking through the window, she noticed a male form standing at the counter, slowly wiping down the surface. Smiling sadly, she tried to calm her nerves and steady her shaking hands. Leaning up she kissed Alex on the cheek, and looked Max in the eyes... he could read her emotions right through her eyes and Max could tell there wasn't a shadow of a doubt that this wasn't the right thing to do. Smiling encouragedly he whispered "Ready?"

Part 21

Liz's shaking hand reached for the door, as she stood standing and staring through the glass doors that led to so many memories from her past. Her eyes sought out her daughters, who hung closely to Max's neck. Alex, noticing her mother's worried expression, smiled encouragedly. Liz's heart grew with pride at her little girl, at the way her eyes' lit up with excitement just like her dad's, the way she could make her feel better with just a smile and most of all, Alex's continuing courage and understanding in what has been a very difficult situation for a young girl. "Lets go, shall we?" Liz asked in a quivering voice. Nodding in agreement with Liz, Max pushed open the door for Liz and watched her every movement as she cautiously made her way into the familiar diner.

Liz looked round, taking in her surroundings. Not a single thing had changed since she left all those years ago. Smiling, she glanced at the customers in the booths tucking into their every familiar alien-themed food. One in particular caught her attention. Sitting in the booth that Max used to always sit, sat a young woman who looked about the same age as herself with a black sheeth of glossy hair. Watching intently she heard Max behind her mutter a small curse, as the woman flicked back her hair to reveal a very attractive face, with the most deep blue eyes Liz had seen. Liz, Max and Alex stood transfixed in their spot, stumped upon hearing Liz's father talking to the cook.

Liz spun her head in the direction of the kitchen, towards her father's voice and stared at his moving form as he gathered in his hands plates of food from the cook. Her heart caught in her throat, as she observed her father for the first time in seven years. He looked exactly the same, expect there was a sadness that seemed to grace him, and his once handsome features had faded in the years. Tears pooled in her eyes, watching her dad serve the food to the young woman she had noticed before. Moving closer to her father, she stood with Max and Alex behind her, and cleared her throat to make herself known to the engrossed Jeffrey Parker.

Turning round, Jeff expected to see a customer but who graced his sight was something he hadn't been expecting for a very long time. Liz's eyes widened, and her salty tears dripped down her face leaving a glistening trail as Jeff stood amazed at the sight of his long lost daughter. Words struggled him, tears glistened in his eyes and he, without a word drew Liz into a heartrending embrace. Liz began to sob into her father's arms, relishing in the feel of the hugs she had missed for so long. Tears stained each other's outfits, as the re-united father and daughter let go of all the pain and hurt they had felt for so long.

As the utter most shock began to dissipate, Jeff pulled back to take a good look of his daughter. Chocolate eyes met blue eyes, and Liz tentively whispered to her father. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry daddy. But I'm back now, I'm staying for good. I can't leave you again. I can't tell you how good it is to be back home, and I feel completed once again and I haven't felt that in a really long time, and I know it's gonna be tough, but I love you so much, and mom and... and.. oh I'm so sorry." Liz threw herself back into her father's arms, and he held her tight never wanting to let go. He had got his little girl back, and he was never going to let her go again.

"Liz? Liz, sweetie it's okay. I was mad when you first left, I mean you never told us why or even said goodbye... but I'm so happy you're okay, that you're well. I love you, more than you will ever know, and I want to put it all behind us and start again. You're home now, back where you belong." Liz sniffled into her father's shoulder, and emerged from their hold. She sought out his hand, and held onto it tight, smiling. Liz couldn't help but feel her life was almost back on track, that she felt complete once again. She had her daughter, her parents, her best friends and in a way, Max. Realizing that Max and Alex were still waiting patiently behind her, she brought her attention to breaking the news of Alex.

"Daddy? I... uh... want to tell you why I left. But you have to promise me, that you won't be mad. I did it because it was best for everyone, and you should just... just remember that okay?" Liz said to her father. Watching, she saw him nod tentively to the question that no doubt, had been plaguing him all those years ago.Taking a deep breath, Liz twisted round and stood next to Max who held onto her little girl. "Well daddy, my daughter... Alexandra, better known as Alex, was the reason why I left. Sweetie, this is your granddad."

Part 22

Liz's words echoed through Jeff's mind. He had a granddaughter, Liz had a daughter. It was all too much, as the new information swarmed his thoughts and a state of complete and utter disbelief shook him. Staring inquistively at this little, look-a-like of his own little girl he struggled with a smile for his granddaughter, Alex, who stared lovingly up at him.

"Hi! I'm Alex. You're my grandpa aren't you?" Alex said quitely, grabbing hold of Liz's hand. Upon hearing this little angel speak, Jeff filled with emotions. They struggled up, making him unable of any movement or words. Happiness at seeing his first grandchild before him, joy at how she was so much like Liz, and slowly burning away inside of him, anger and disappointment towards Liz from the fact that he had missed out on 7 years of his granddaughter's life. As he continued his gaze on Alex, she turned her big amber eyes on her mother's brown ones when no reply from the man in front of her stood came, and the vacant stare in his eyes scaring the little girl.

"Daddy? Daddy please say something. I'm so sorry, but Alex... she really wants to meet you, her granddad." Turning towards Liz, his little girl who he had missed unbearably for the past years, who he had searched for unerringly, and at the young woman she had become his words began, jutted and sparse but their meaning bringing tears to Liz's eyes. "I just... can't believe it. I have a granddaughter." He began to laugh, filled with love as he scooped down and grabbed Alex into his arms, and spun her around and around just like he used to do with Liz at her age.

Along with Alex's giggles, Jeff's tears fell clouding up his deep blue eyes. Breathing her in, he filled with contentment and joy holding on tight to the little bundle in his arms. Smiling, he dropped her down to the ground, and bent over placing a feather light kiss in her little button nose, and whispered "Welcome home" Alex's face lit up in a toothy grin, and she laughed smothering her laughs with her little hand, her eyes radiating with happiness.

Standing up straight, he kissed Liz on the cheek his eyes changing to seriousness. "Liz listen up, and you too Max because seeing this little girl there is no way there is anybody else who could be father. I am so upset and disappointed that I have been kept in the dark about this little secret, although a wonderful one at that. I have missed my only grandchild growing up, missed my chances of being there for her. I understand that you were young and scared, but was it right depriving me and your mother a chance of a life with the two of you? And also, you were 19? 19 when you got pregnant? Max I trusted you with my little girl, and I cannot believe you didn't even have the decency to tell me I was to be a granddad. I gave you a second chance, because I saw how much my Lizzie loved you and I didn't want for Liz to be missing in my life,... but now, now I'm not so sure that was the best thing to have done."

Listening to her father berate Max, Liz tried to speak to her father, realize she was glad that she got pregnant and wouldn't change it for anything in the world, and to clear it up for him that Max had only just been entered into Alex's life aswell. Looking on at Max's face, she tried not to laugh at the look on his face, bewilderment written all over. She felt like she was back at being 18 again when her father spoke to Max he stood silent, and bemused. "Dad? Dad!" Liz shouted to get his attention. Placing a hand on his forearm, she gave Max a meek smile, before returning her attentions onto a quite aggrivated man.

"Dad, its not only you and mom I hid Alex from. Max only just found me and Alex a couple of weeks ago. If I hadn't of been atta... injured", Liz said correcting herself for if he knew the truth he'd been even more irrate, " Max never would have found me. Alex phoned Maria using my old address book and the rest is history. Please don't be mad. I came here to fix the situation, and look forward to a future back here, where I.. I mean we belong." Jeff's featured softened at his daughter's calming words, and a faint whisper of an apologetic smile set upon him. "Oh I'm sorry Liz, I guess I was just a little overwhelmed! I'm just so happy you're home."

Grabbing Liz, into a fierce hug he fought back the tears that were threatening to spill their way forward. He had got his little girl back! Smiling ecstatically, he pulled back and said "Now, where's my little granddaughter." Laughing together, Jeff, Max and Liz looked around the cafe for the familiar brunette headed little girl. Smiling Liz placed her first, sitting down in a booth with the black haired beauty she had noticed before. "Aha there she is. No doubt torturing that poor women." Laughing Liz made her way over to the booth, unaware of Max's worried and frantic glances over at the woman she had pointed at.

Making her way up to the lady, Liz halted and smiled as the woman looked up at the stranger standing before her. "Ah this must be your little one then. You can see the likeness in the two of you." Smiling, she watched as Alex who had been entertaining her slid out of the booth and staright into her mother's arms. "I'm sorry, she does tend to talk to people, when I'm talking with someone. I hope she wasn't bothering you at all." Liz spoke with sincerity, but the women shook her head smiling delightfully "No not at all, Alex is quite a little entertainer. I understand that you must be Jeff's daughter from what little Alex has been saying."

Sparkling blue eyes looked up at Liz, and she smiled continuing "I come in here often, me and my partner love this restautant. I've gotten to known Jeff ove the years. So I think knowing that you're Liz, you should probably know my name." Liz nodded her head encouragedly, liking this woman who had befriended her father. "I'm Gabby. Gabby Dawson."

Part 23

Liz's face faltered, her emotions running on over drive. Here sitting in front of her was the woman she had used as an excuse not to be with Max. This woman slept with her Max, shared the life she'd missed out on with him. Feeling slightly sick, Liz struggled to regain composure towards to the beautiful woman, sitting smiling up at her. How was she meant to react? Liz knew Max had introduced the two, to save her from a possible embarrassing situation, but she couldn't help but think he didn't trust her on her own with his 'girlfriend'. How she despised that word, she used to be that. What was she now? The mother of his daughter; the woman who ran away from him all those years ago. A speck in his past, according to Gabby world. Someone to mention over dinner, not really to bother with. As the thoughts ran through her mind, her hatred building up for the woman who a couple of minutes ago she could have considered being a friend, Liz endeavour to replace her friendly smile on her face without anyone having the knowledge of the feelings.

"Um... hi. Nice to meet you. I... uh have heard a lot about you. I'm Liz." Sticking out her hand in a formal, stiff manner Gabby looked up at her strangely, recognition painted over her features. Words blocked themselves, as you heard her trying to come out with some kind of reply. "Your... Your Liz? The Liz?" Gabby couldn't help the words come out, and she looked behind Liz frosty composure, to Max for confirmation. He nodded solemnly seeing her face directed towards him. Liz upon seeing Gabby staring past her to Max, decided to avert the woman's attention to herself, while jealousy seeped up through her, burning her heart, and itching her mind. "Yes, I am. I take it you've heard of me then." Liz couldn't help but make her words come out coldly and laboriously, and shuffled determinedly when Gabby's blue eyes pierced her own, giving her a familiarity towards them based upon those forgotten year with Tess. Standing up squarely in front of Liz's petite frame, everyone could see them competitively sizing each other up. Smiling leering at her, Gabby 'accidentally' pushed past Liz and drape herself over Max and planted a kiss on his lips.

Liz's heart pounded when she saw Gabby engaging with Max, trying to control herself from ripping that skanky woman off her Max, and throwing out the window. Unable to do anything but stand there watching, her heart breaking Alex decided she didn't like this woman quite so much, as she hugged her daddy. Willing to interrupt her dad, she tugged on his trouser leg giving him an excuse to avoid Gabby's interest.
"Daddy? Can we go home now?" Alex distinctly sweet and earnest voice abruptly pulled Gabby away from Max, her black hair whipping her face as she turned towards the little girl, looking up at her with those amber eyes she fell in love with with Max. Circling back around to Max very gradually, confusion and shock spread across her until she met Max's eyes. "Uh, Max is there something you want to tell me" Max coughed slightly, removing his eyes from Gabby's eyes to Liz's warm inviting ones. He could see how much all of this was hurting her, and to be honest with himself, he wanted to push aside Gabby, and make it all better for the woman he loved. But IF Liz wanted it this was, he do it. Just to show her it wasn't what she wanted, no matter how much she protested.

Studying his hands, he brought his head back up and whispered adoringly "Well, this is my daughter Alex, Liz's daughter and mine." Gabby's eyes opened with hurt and surprise unable to comprehend the fact that Max already had a child. A child she had been planning on for her life, a child she could be a mother to along with Max as her husband. Salty tears formed along her eye, her cheeks becoming brazen with pink. She shook her head from side to side, not willing to accept that this was happening to her. A sob escaped her, and she brought up her hand and slapped it across Max's face. Shock and silence seeped into the surrounding on-lookers, as the tension in the room came to a high. "I can't believe it! You have a daughter? And you never told me? How could you, you... you selfish bastard. Did it ever come across you to tell me? Huh? Why didn't you tell me?" Gabby yelled, directing all her anger at Max. He tried to speak, but they became lost once more as she placed a hand over his mouth. "Save it! I don't want to hear it. Just leave me alone for a while." Her voice settled down, into sadness and Liz began to feel her first real pang of pity for the woman. Shaking her head, face down she pushed Liz aside, grabbed her bag and stormed out of the cafe. Liz, Max, Jeff and Alex all stood there unable to speak, not knowing how to react to such a intense reaction. Alex tugged at Max's leg, and he lifted her into his arms and hugged her tightly, thanking god for blessing him with such a little wonder.

"Well I think that went well don't you?" Said a laughing voice, directed towards them. Turning towards the cafe staff-room door, all four looked stunned as the familiar face appeared to them all, as the brown haired and blue-eyed man looked jokingly on.

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Part 24

"Oh my god!" Liz shouted, turning heads in the cafe behind her. Tears poured down her face, her face contorted in perplexity and confusion "Is it really you? No, it can't be! Who are you? You can't be him... You can't. He'd dead. Alex is dead. You're... You're not.. not Alex. He's dead... so... just" Liz's world spun in front of her, as her dazed and confused world came tumbling around her, and darkness enveloped her and she fell down onto the floor.

"Man I hoped that wouldn't happen! Hi Max, how are you? Long time no see." Alex spoke in a cheerful, laughing inwardky at Max's beyong confused look. "Look, why don't you follow me, bring the lil' lady and Alex, and I'll tell you exactly what's going one" Max looked stunned, unable to speak except for the mutterings, the unformed grunts coming from him. Shaking his head in disbelief, he knelt down beside Liz and scooped her up into his arms. Turning to his left, he looked down to his daughter and held out his hand. Willingly, and without question Alex took his hand, tears in eyes and followed him through the back door, leaving the wandering eyes of the occupants of the booths.

Placing Liz down on the couch in the back, Max pushed back her hair from her face. Lightly kissing her on the lips, he whispered to her "Liz? Liz wake up? Come on Liz. Liz!" Pulling back, Liz's eyes began to flutter open, squinting in the light from her temporary blackness. Looking up, she searched Max's face and sat up ubruptly in remeberence.

"Max! Alex... Alex was here? Wasn't he? I remember him being here. Max, I'm going crazy. Alex's been dead for 8 years." She held tight on Max, clinging on his shirt, pondering what she had seen. She fought back the tears, the pain coming back from Alex' death all those years ago.

"Lizzie? Liz I'm right here. It's me, please don't freak out okay. I think Maxie boy over here, might have a heart attack if it happens again. As it is, I'm seriously worried about his blood-pressure." Alex started laughing, as Liz stared at him in disbelief. Slowly pushing herself off the couch, she started walking towards him little by little. Silent salty tears dripped down her face, as Max and little Alex stared at the spectacle in front of them. "Is it... is it really you?" Liz murmed, as she came to a stand still in front of Alex, a much grown man. She lifted her hand, and ran it across the traces of his face, as she struggled with the sobs coming form within. She fingered the slight stubble on his chin, that made him seem so much mroe manly and she felt his smile underneath her fingertips. Staring into his eyes, she saw that familiar blue sparkle that she remembered so clearly about her best friend. Liz took back her hand quickly, in shock and stared a him. He had gained weight, had become more muscular... the time span had done him well. He become a man, a man that Liz had missed for far too long.

Tears trickled down, as she took a breath in and began sobbing and threw herself into his arms, gripping him tightly and breathing him in. She sobbed into his shoulder, as he rubbed her back letting her tears fall for the 8 years of anguish. "Oh Alex... I've missed you so much. I love you so much!" She whispered, which Alex caught out between her sobs. He sighed, feeling excatly the same, but dreading the story that had to come.

Part 26

Max couldn't help but feel uneasy at Alex's request, and the dreading feeling inside him grew with each minute. He had called Maria, Michael and Kyle, who he had to have very long conversations with. It seems all those years of sneeking around and hiding, had made his friends very suspicious and paranoid.... even of him. It had taken some persuading, but eventually after a lot of convincing all three had finally come around, and promised to be at Liz's house within the half hour. Looking round the corner of Liz's bedroom, he smiled to himself as he watched Liz and Alex talk of old times, and Liz reliving her new life to Alex. He noticed their clasped hands, and he couldn't help but that all familiar pang of jealousy he felt whenever any man had got Liz's attention. Shaking it off, he clambered downstairs, leaving the two to re-kindle their destroyed friendship, to find little Alex.

Walking through the door into the cafe, Max beamed when he saw Alex and Jeff talking animatedly in one of the familiar red booths. He strolled over, and stopped and waited for the two to finish talking before interupting them. He frowned slightly when he saw Alex's plate of Space Fries and Moonburger, but dismissed his 'parent moment'. Jeff looked up as he listened to his granddaughter talk about her friends at school, and a very amusing story involving a lot glue and a frog... Only children can get themselves into those types of situations.

"Hey Max, I was just telling little Lexi here that her grandma will be so pleased to meet her. Nancy is on a trip with her friends at the moment, but she's back on Thursday." Jeff said. Max nodded his head, and slid into the booth opposite Jeff. Grabbing one of Alex's fries, despite the protest from her, he ate it quickly after soaking it in Tobasco (which he had noticed Alex doing earlier... another Czech quirk she'd inherited). "Jeff, I hope you don't mind but Michael, Maria and Kyle are coming over soon to see Al... Liz?" Jeff smiled at his grandaughter's father, who he hoped soon might be his son-in-law, and nodded. "Of course that's fine. This is still Lizzie's home, and I'd love to see them all again."

"Thanks Jeff, I appreciate it, and I'm sure Liz does too."Max replied sincerely. Looking up, he noticed the ever familiar red Jetta pull up in front of the Crashdown. (Maria and Michael had kept it for.... sentimental values). Turning to look at the dark haired beauty next to him, he started to talk to Alex. "Sweetie? Aunty Maria and Uncle Michael are here to talk to mummy and me okay? Alex's little face lit up at the mention of her aunt and uncle, who she had recently met. She nodded her head hard in anticipation, and was jumping up and down when the Guerin's walked into the cafe.

"Lexi!" Alex screamed, as Max slid out of the booth to let his daughter reunite with her relatives. Michael stepped forward towards Max. "Okay, Maxwell. What's this all about? I'm missing WWF Smackdown for this so it better be good." Michael said, which recieved a promt slap on this back of his head by Maria. Stepping forward next to her husband, she smiled sweetly and said "Okay Maxie boy, we're here. What's this little 'secret slash suprise' you've got for us?" Grabbing Maria's arm lightly, he whipsered to her "We can't talk here. Come upstairs to Liz's old room. You'll see what I mean."

Nodding, Michael and Maria follwed Max up the stairs after exchanging pleasantries with Jeff, leaving Alex downstairs. Max had laughed something that Maria said to Jeff and after recieving a glare from the pregnant woman he quickly quitened, so very typically Maria. It wasn't good to piss her off when she was pregnant. Believe him, he'd pushed it too far last time, and lets just say he didn't want the repeat of what happened.

Stopping at the top step, outisde Liz's room Max turned to the two. "Okay, I'm just gonna say we have a somewhat.... unexpected visiter okay? So prepare yourselves. Michael you might wanna hold onto Maria, just in case she reacts like Liz did." Maria's eyes widened at this, and after huffing she placed her hands on her hips in a very domineering way. "Oh no you did not just tell Michael to protect me did you? I'm sure you remember what happened last time you did that don't you?" The look on Max's face was clear enough to tell Maria he did, and was sorry of his previous statement. "I'm guessing that blonde-trashed ho of a gerbil is back isn't she? Oh she's gonna regret that one. What's she doing back huh? Begging forgiveness? I'll show her my forgiveness for sure, but I'll warn you it envolves a metal sharp tool being shoved somewhere? Okay, okay?" Maria screamed at the two men, and before Max could stop her she'd stomped into the room, pushing her sleeves up and cleanched her fists into a ball. "Alright, where is that blonde airhead who's fu... Alex?!" Maria screamed after stepping into the room. "What the fuck?!" she finished off with before falling to the floor into darkness, just like Max had predicted.

Part 27

Maria's world became fuzzy as she felt herself being lifted up by someone. She could hear Michael fussing around her, and she couldn't wait to open her eyes so she could tell him to, "Shut up!"... Wait that wasn't her... It was Max, and it definitely didn't come from the person holding her. "Well I never expected this, but you know as the woman-magnet I am I can't help the woman falling at my feet."

Wait a minute... she regognized that voice, and it was a voice she hadn't heard for so many years. Trying to clear her mind, she slowly struggled to lift her heavy eyelights. Upon the first sight of the light, everyone looks eerily like angels in front of a bright light. Soon, as she blinked the light subsided, and she could make out the face peering down at her. Her eye's widened, and began to fill with painful tears, left from so many yars ago.

"Alex!" Maria cried, as she held tight onto him, crying into his shoulder. Her sobs wracked her body, as she stood quivering in his arms. Alex's rubbed her back, as she breathed in the so familiar scent of him. She couldn't believe he was back... after all these years. Her head began to pound with her crying, and she tried to hold back the sobs cascading from within her. Maria eye's began to sting, as her tears subsided, and she pulled back slightly from Alex's embrace. Looking up at him, he whispered "Hey 'Ria. I missed you." Smiling, she watched him, every curve of his face the same, every trace the same from where he smile... the sparkle in his eyes. Nothing had changed, as she ran her finger across his face and closed her eyes in happiness.

"How... how are you here? I... I saw your coffin. You were dead... and now, now your here. How is that even... possible?" Maria got out, after controlling the urge to begin to collapse again. Before Alex could answer, Michael came into the picture and answered for him, "He's here to tell us blondie. Are you okay? It was lucky that Alex caught you." Turning to face her husband, she smiled at him through her clouded eyes and nodded in affirmation.

Grabbing Alex's hand into her own, she looked down at their clasped hands and grinned to herself, and led them over towards the bed where Liz sat, watching them intently, a smile covering her beautiful features. "Well.. this was some surprise wasn't it, hey chica! I take it from Alex's previous sexist comment, in the only way he can, that you fainted too?!" Liz smiled and nodded to Maria, as the three of them sat on the bed, Alex in the middle, with Liz and Maria holding tight onto him, the three musketeers re-united again... a thing they thought would never happen.

A noise from the other side distracted them, as they watched Michael pull Liz's chair from her desk, over to opposite the bed. Swinging his legs round it, he faced the three and began talking "So Alex... don't take this the wrong way, I mean I'm thrilled that you're back, but do you mind telling exactly what the hell is going on? I mean you were dead! Max tried to heal you, we saw you buried!! And now, you're here, so you can understand being a little sceptical of you? What happened to you?"

Looking at Michael square in the eye, he stood up facing him. Taking a deep breath, and clasping his hands together in front of him, he quietly said "Jesse... is Nikolas."

Part 28

"What!!" everyone screamed upon Alex's revelation. The room turned into utter chaos, everyone shouting to be heard above each other. Max looked like he was about to explode with anger, and Alex well.... he had his hands over his ears, screaming, "Shut up!!" Hearing Alex's constant yells, everyone began to settle down, apart from Max who came opposite Alex and demanded to know what was going on.

"How the hell can Jesse be Nikolas? He's Iz's husband, father to my neices... there's no way he could be that lowlife punk!" Alex shook his head sadly at Max, obviously distraught that he hadn't protected his sister from that monster. Liz took Max's hand in hers, and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Taking Max by surprise, he smiled down at her lovingly, pleased for her calming presence.

"Okay Alex, lets talk about this rationally... how is that possible? And why on the topic, are you alive?" Michael spoke up. All heads turned to face Michael, as he twsited his hands in his laps, brow furrowed in thought. Just like Max, he couldn't believe he had allowed that kid to be a part of their lives, and let him become so close to Isabel.

Pausing to lean on Liz's chest of drawers, Alex sighed deeply and crossed his arms, waiting for the silence to come so he could begin his explanation. Seeing that everyone had quitened, he ran his hand through his hair, and began to speak. "It all began when you and Maria left after I'd phoned Izzy. There was a knock at the door, and there was this kid with a pizza. I didn't regognize him at first, but he looked up at me and I saw it was Nikolas. He pushed my inside, and shut the door behind us. I don't know how, but using some kind of power he knocked me out. I woke... maybe about an hour later, and saw Nikolas and Tess standing over me... I was tied and bound to a chair."

"They were talking about Isabel and Max mainly, I couldn't really make out what they were saying. I just heard that Tess was trying to make Max forget Liz and go to her, but that it wasn't working, that she'd had to try something drastic. I could tell that Nikolas wasn't really interested in what she was saying, but was mumbling about how could his ' precious Vilandra love that skinny runt!', which I took great offense to by the way. About 10 minutes, Tess realized I was awake. She whispered something to Nikolas, and she walked out leaving me alone with him. He paced round me, talking about how I had stolen Vilandra from him, that she belonged to him... to me or Khivar but him. He got really worked up, and the last thing I remember about that night, was that he knelt in front of him and placed a hand on my head and everything went black."

Alex paused for breath, as he recalled the horrors of that night. All four adults in the room, were 100% concentrated on him, waiting with baited breath for him to continue his story.

"I woke up in a different place. It was just a plain room, with only a computer. I later learned that this was Tess' part in my kidnap and staged death. She and Nikolas had struck a deal that if Nikolas got me to de-code that alien book of theirs, then Tess would mindwarp everyone to think I was dead, so Nikolas could have Isabel. I wasn't allowed to leave the computer for about 2 months, until it was completed and de-coded. By then I was emotionally and physically drained and didn't have any strength to fight them. They'd provided water and bread... but living on that for 2 months just completely drains you. After Tess had gotten hold of the book, all I can presume is that she went home and I was a mindwarp from then on to my death.

"Nikolas must have done some of his alien-voodoo tricks on me and erased my memory of my life. All I remembered was my name and age. I wandered round for a while, not going in any particular direction when I was found by a doctor, who treated me for amnesia. I couldn't remember anything, not even what had caused my memory loss. The doctors were completely baffled, and I had to settle for the fact that I would have to re-start my life again as a different person. Believe me, this did not have me full of hope, but I had an urge to survive, like there was someone or something I had to go on for.

"So I lived as a man named Ben Nathan for about 6 years in a small town called Banthrop. By then my memory had been coming back in stages, little by little. I presume that Nikolas wasn't exactly a expert in the memory section of things. But as I neared the town Roswell, my memories surged back... not all at once but enough to know that I had lived there as Alex Whitman. I looked around for a while, until I saw her.... Isabel. Then all the missing gaps of my life came flashing back to me, and I finally knew of my life before Nikolas. I remembered everything, even my kidnap. I hung around the area for a while, reading up on my 'death' in papers... learning about the person I was. I looked in on Isabel occassionally, when I saw the man that has taken my life away, a man who had stolen my right to be Alex."

"I saw Jesse, who I had learnt to be Isabel's husband, change himself to his true form into Nikolas. I couldn't believe it... not only had I lost the love of my life, so had Isabel. I learnt, though bugging many phonecalls and late night visits, that Nikolas had killed Jesse when he saw that he and Isabel were getting close. He even managed to mindwarp Isabel into thinking I was a ghost and played about with her dreams... to make absolutelt sure that she'd never doubt my death. He took on Jesse's form and has been living as him for about 7 years. He's fathered children with her, played the role of the husband, son-in-law and all the time it's been a lie. He is Nikolas, a man who will do anything to keep control and be in his obsession's life... Isabel. And it's time for him to pay."

Part 29

Everyone stood tensely in the room, no one knowing for sure what to do. All heads unknowingly were directed towards Max, their cool, calm and collected leader at times of trouble. Except he looked just as worried as the rest of them. His brow was furrowed with thought, as the minutes ticked away in silence. The ticks echoed through the room, laying heavily on everyone, knowing that as each second ticked by Nikolas was getting away with what he had done to their 'family', but not knowing how to help the situation.

Maria looked around the room, at all her friends reunited once again. She couldn't believe such a tradegdy could have struck, at the same time they should of been celebrating the return of Alex. Maria couldn't even begin to comprehend how Alex must feeling in all of this. He comes back from the dead, and is catapulted back into another 'Czechoslovakian' crisis knowing that their enemy has taken the love of his life away from him. Yet somehow he seemed quite calm, sitting there with Liz, deep in thought. Staring at everyone with doubtful looks on their faces, Maria couldn't just sit around any more, she had to do something.

"Right!" Maria yelled, bringing everyone out of their thoughts abruptly, "We need to do something, and sitting here doing absolutely nothing is not gonna help Izzy. We need to plan, move into action, you know like the old days. I know we haven't done this for a while, but we need to get started. I think first of all, we should tell Iz, or at least get her the hell away from Nikolas. What do you think?"

Everyone nodded in agreement, although Alex was pale and looked like he might throw up... the thought of actually coming face to face with Isabel again was nerve-wracking. Liz stood up from the bed, it lifting slightly from the weight removed. Standing up, she moved next to Max and took his hand. Looking down at the petite brunette beside him, he smiled slightly although not fully reaching his concerned eyes, and with the support of Liz began organizing everyone, just like the old days... his king mode kicking back in again.

Everyone was in agreement that they needed to get Isabel away from Nikolas as quickly impossible. A job left up to Liz, claiming she needed a 'girls night in' catching up on the years she had missed. With that organized, the plan began to formulate. First of all they need to get a perspective from Iz on this. They couldn't just go in there and blast him. There were children to think about, and it wouldn't be an easy decision for Isabel, but one that no one else could make for her. The plan was in everyone's mind, should the decision be made to take out Nikolas. Isabel would collect the kids to visit Maria for the day, and Max, Michael and Valenti would sneak in the house, leaving Nikolas surrounded. Alex, Isabel and Kyle would be on guard outside, for any unexpected actions, and Liz and Maria would take care of the children, ready at their phones if assistance was needed.

As the minutes ticked by for Isabel to arrive, everyone was quietly sitting, contemplating the way their life had dramtically changed in the last few days. Still holding hands, Max whispered to Liz "Do you mind if we could talk somewhere quickly?" Looking up and into those amber eyes, Liz's heartbeat quickened as she nodded silently in agreement. Tugging on Liz's hand, he led her out of her room, three pairs of eyes following them, smiling despite of themselves. The two of the tiptoed down the stairs, not wanting to cause any unwanted attention. As they walked into the back room, Liz checked through the door window that Lexi was alright, as she munched away quite happily in her food, being completely spoiled if the empty chocolate sundae glasses were anything to go bye. With the assurance that their daughter was okay, Liz led Max through the back door, out into the darkened street.

For a while they stood there, neither sure of what to say, the tension building up around them. Seeing that Max was having trouble with starting up, Liz began to speak. "Max, I just want you to know how sorry I am about what happened with Gabby... and everything really. I hope you can fix things with her, and that I haven't gone and ruined all that for you." Max smiled, as Liz tucked a loose strand of her behind her eyes, looking at Max sincerely. Max smiled coyly, as he leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear "Well, it was more of a favour really." Pulling back at Liz's sharp intake of breath, his eyes twinkled as he continued, "There's only one woman I've ever wanted, and believe me it's definitely not Gabby. She could never fill that part of my heart, that's belonged to someone for so long... you, Liz. You complete me, and no matter what you say I know you still love me, and your stubborness is the only thing stopping us from being as happy as we were before."

Liz didn't know what to say... she had been able to handle Max's advances in Chicago... but here she wasn't quite sure that she could. She could feel him, their connection burrowing up from where she had hidden it for so long. There was only a matter of time before she gave in. Glancing down, hiding from Max's intense gaze she calmed her breathing, rationalizing with herself. But as soon as she gazed back up again, she felt like she was back that night a long time ago, when Alex had been concieved. Her passion for him, rising up and an uncontrollable need for Max overcoming any hesitations. She closed her eyes in anticipation, as Max leaned in closer to her. Slowly he lowered his head, her lips parted slightly, inviting him... and tenderly he brushed his lips over hers. Their connection immediately rose up between them at their first contact, and Liz sighed contendedly... smiling happily, Max moved in once again fully intended to deepen the kiss further... until a shining light was shone his way blinding him slightly.

"Oh it's you two! I thought someone was trying to break in or something. Liz, I thought this was a girl's night only?", grinning clearly pleased at what she had interupted. Gathering her thoughts, Liz stared at Isabel a smile tracing her features... "Of course... uh Max just needed to talk to you for a minute. Why don't we all go inside huh? It's freezing out here." So the three of them, trudged inside, two of them feeling very frustrated, but scared about the truth they had to reveal.

Part 30

Max and Liz stood frozen in front of Isabel. She had arrived much quicker than they had anticipated. They didn't know if Alex was ready, and it dawned on them they were the ones who were gonna have to break the news to her before she laid eyes on Alex. Isabel stood smiling at them, oblivious to their discomfort as she pulled Liz into a welcoming hug.

"So are we going upstairs or what? I mean I know Max is gonna have a hard time leaving, but sorry no boys allowed... right Liz?" Isabel turned to Liz, who held tightly onto Max's hand like a vice, her heartbeat pounding in her chest. Wide eyed, she turned to Max questioning him silently what to do. Looking down, Max sighed knowing what he had to do, and turned to face his sister.

"Hey Iz... there's something Liz didn't tell you about tonight. I think maybe you should sit down." Max took Isabel's hand in his, and he led her indoors and together side by side they sat down on the sofa. Max couldn't shake Isabel's look of distress; her eyes widened in anticipation at Max's anxious tone. She hadn't been very good with news since Alex's death. Liz silently slid down next to Isabel, and slung her arm over her should encouragingly, and squeezed her tense shoulder. Looking up, Isabel's stomach began to fill with dread, the familiar feelings of butterflies invading her. Searching Liz, and seeing she wasn't going to get much out of her, she turned to her brother.

Grabbing his hand tight, she whispered to him in the silenced room, "What's happened Max?!" Taking a deep breath, Max looked sorrowfully at Isabel as he began to speak. " Iz... what I have to say is going to be hard for you, but you deserve to know the truth. We all only found out to today. After we arrived back home, someone we weren't expecting... visited us. It was someone we hadn't seen for a very long time. Iz... it was Alex." Max halted when Isabel inhaled quickly, her head full of confusion. Shaking her head, she tugged her hand free of Max's and jumped off the sofa. The heels of her boots, clicked across the floor as she paced in bewilderment. She fiddled with her hair, trying to focus on something that had a semblance of normality. Her hazel eyes filled with tears, from unanswered questions and uncertainty.

"Are you sure? I mean it can't be! Alex has been dead for seven goddamn years, and now he's just decided to come back? I mean, it can't be him. Think about it Max. How do you know that this 'Alex' is the real thing? It's probably Khivar playing mind tricks with us again... trying to get to us. It cannot be Alex; we all saw his coffin being placed in the ground, I mean, fuck! You can't play with people's emotions like this Max... I won't and don't believe Alex is back... he's, he's dead... and I had to accept that a long time ago."

Isabel collapsed to the floor in upset and anger. Her salty tears streamed down her face, as she rocked back and forth lost in her own world. Everything around her was changing, and she couldn't believe it. Glancing up, she felt Liz pull her into her embrace and hold on to her tight, stroking her hair back from her face. Sniffing, she rubbed her eyes clean of the tears that had begun to sting her face, and watched and listened to Liz. "Isabel, sweetie... I know it's hard to believe. But it's true. He came back to us... he's here." Staring into Liz's sincere eyes, all rationality left her and she pushed herself out of Liz's arms, and pulled herself up from the floor.

"I don't know what kind of trick has been played on you... but it's not true. I won't believe it!" Grabbing her bag from off the table besides the table, she ran her fingers through her hair and made her way to the door. "I can't believe that you'd believe this could happen" Isabel said turning round, grasping the door handle. "I'll speak to you later... I need to sort a few things out, and I think you do too!" She finished as she pushed open the door into the dark, until she heard her name being called out.

"Izzy?" Pausing and with an intake of breath, Isabel stopped, listening to a voice she would have recognised anywhere. Up standing on the stairs, staring down at her was the man she had lost seven years ago.

Part 32

Isabel's hand shook hard, as her breath caught in her throat. Her brown eyes clamped shut trying to rationalise with herself... should she turn around, or walk out the door ignoring the desperate plea of her heart to twist around and see if what she thought she heard, was true? That was Alex's voice; she knew it, deep to the bottom of her soul, without a shadow of a doubt. And despite the seven years of separation, that voice still sent a loving, chilling shiver down her spine. The voice of the first man she had loved, and the man that was ripped from her all those years ago.

The room stood completely silent, as Isabel stood still showing no signs of making any movement whatsoever... Liz and Max held hands, praying silently that she would believe and turn to face the truth, instead of hiding from it. And Alex stood in the exact same position at the top of the stairs, where he had heard every heart felt admission from Isabel only a few moments ago. As he had watched her reached for the door handle, his voice surged from within him, not stopping to make a coherent thought about what he was doing. All he knew was that he couldn't let her walk through that door, back into the arms of Nikolas again.

Alex knew it wouldn't be long until Khivar worked out where they were, and confronted Nikolas. He knew the lengths they would go, to claim they 'owned and loved' Princess Vilandra. That was why Khivar had gone to Liz. He needed to know where they were, what Nikolas was doing to 'his princess' without attracting any attention from the Royal Four. Unfortunately he hadn't considered little Lexi into that equation... dismissing Liz's child as useful, for not being of pure blood. And to Khivar's surprise, Lexi had been stronger than he thought, and reunited the group in a way Alex was sure, Khivar did not want them to be.

So he had called out, a surprise even to himself and he watched as Isabel halted in her actions and stood still, unmoving like a picture.All three pairs of eyes stared at Isabel's unmoving form. Staring, willing her to turn around. Their breaths held anxiously, waiting for anything... any type of acknowledgement. And, as the all waited with baited breath, Isabel's tall figure began to move, her hand still gripped with vice like pressure of the door handle. Her knuckles flashed white, before she lifted her hand off and captured it in her other, twisting them round each other. Isabel, of course, had heard their intake of breath at the sign of her stirring from her from her thoughtfulness, and she continued to twist the upper half of her body around to face the other way... towards the voice that had been plaguing her mind for the last ten minutes.

And as she came to a halt, her pupils became bigger as the adjusted to the difference in lighting, and they focused in on the figure standing at the top of the stairs. Isabel's eyes widened, despite already guessing that what she had heard was true, as they watched with complete awe at each step Alex took down the stairs. The deep brown colour of her eyes, began to mist up with unshed tears clouding her sight. Isabel swiped at them angrily; to clear up her vision and watch the man she had missed for so many years, descend down the wooden stairs to come to rest at the foot of them.

"Alex?" she whimpered, in complete wonder at the man he had become. Was it him? Which should she trust? Her heart or her brain? Every possible thought ran through her, while he flashed his trademark grin at her, that had made her grow a soft spot for him all those years go. And as he stood there, waiting anxiously for her response, she broke down in to sobs that wracked through her body and threw herself into the comforting, warm arms she had wanted for seven long years.