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Title: Their First Time
Disclaimer: I wish I owned them but I don't. But I will.
Rating: R/NC-17
Category: Max/Liz
Summary: Max/Liz's first time. Everyone so worried about their first time so I'm going to set it up. Of course as is the trend this is post Departure. This started as a joke but took a mind of it's own.
Dedication: to my AOL Chat buddies you know who you are.

Part 1 Their First Time

The past few months had been rough ones for Max and Liz. Hell the last year and a half had been rough. But they had finally made it through. They discussed the issues concerning Fmax and later on
discovered that everything to do with Tess was a mind warp. Max never slept with Tess, so there was definitely no baby. But there was justice in this world and she paid for Alex's death with her own life. She blew up on her way home to Antar; the ship had hit a meteorite. As for Sean he was no hindrance or disturbance to the relationship of Max and Liz because he was sent to Russia on a juvie exchange program for three years. So that left Liz and Max to concentrate on each other. Max did his fair share of groveling to Liz. He bought her candy, wrote her poems, gave her various serenades (no mariachis this time) and
showered her with white roses. He continuously declared his undying love for her at every turn. Slowly but surely Liz let Max back into her life and they rebuilt their relationship, both of them forgiving each other
and promising to always be honest with one another. They started out as friends, but as always that didn't last very long. Pretty soon it was too difficult for them to keep their hands off of each other. It was
seven months from the time that Tess departed to go back to Antar only to be blown up. Liz and Max were ready to take the next step into their relationship. They had rebuilt their bond making it stronger than before. Now they wanted to cement it so it can never be broken again.
They rented a cabin deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep in the woods. They wanted no possibilities of being disturbed (the real reason is they were both screamers). The mood was set. In the master bedroom
there were scented candles every where with dancing lights. Rose petals were thrown all over the floor as well as the bed. The bed was covered in red satin sheets. On each side of the bed there was a nightstand with silver trays. These trays held condoms of every color and flavor imaginable. Just to be on the safe side to combat Max's super sperm Liz had started taking birth control pills a month before. They would use
the protection of a condom just to be safe. Max assured Liz that he would use a condom until she was ready to unleash his dragon.
They were currently lying on the king-sized bed. Their hands and mouths getting acquainted with each other's body. Liz was wearing a royal blue satin Victoria's secret nightie and Max was in his new black
silk boxers. She was lying on the bed with Max on top of her in between her legs. Their lips were sealed together in the deepest of deep kisses. Their hands were every where. His were on her breast, kneading them until the peaks were hard and standing at attention. They traveled down her body to slip in under her nightie to caress the dark curls in between her legs. Hearing her moan deep into his mouth only made him
grow harder. Liz feeling his hardness, let her hand travel down to his manhood to tentatively feel what soon would make them one.
"Max, I think it's time we got rid of the clothes!"
"Yeah, good idea."
They separated each taking off the final barrier of their being together. They slowly let their eyes travel over each other's body. Max's eye drank in Liz's body as if he were worshipping a goddess,
loving everything he was looking at and growing painfully harder as time went on. Liz was basically feeling and acting the same way. Then her eyes fell on Max's manhood.
"OMG!!! Is that big one eyed alien tentacle going to fit inside of me?"
"It will fit you, fulfill you, and complete you!!!"
"Alright, let's get a condom on it so we can do this."
Liz leaned over to one of the silver trays and grabbed a red condom. She pulled it out of the package and started to roll it on to Max's hard penis. As she was putting it on it started to wiggle and jump. Liz's eyes grew wide.
"What's wrong? Is it supposed do that? Is that normal?"
"It's acting that way for you Liz. Because it's you."
Max reached for Liz and took her in his arms kissing her and calming her fears or lingerng doubts. Soon they were as heated as they were before. Their minds and souls were made into one. All that was
missing is for their bodies to become one. Slowly Max entered Liz's hot, wet core. As he went in deeper and deeper her moans were becoming louder and louder urging him to finally completely their union. He finally reached her barrier. He grabbed her lips into a deep kiss and completed their union with a deep thrust. She screamed into his mouth and he stilled his movements. He ended the kiss to look into her eyes. She took a deep breath and then nodded her head for him to continue. He slowly set the rhythm for their body and she joined in thrusting her hips upward to meet his thrusts. They were both moaning and coming close to going over the edge. They could feel as well as see their bond becoming stronger.
Four hours later outside in the woods things were different. Flowers had bloomed in the middle of the night where no seeds were ever planted. The sky was lit with millions and millions of stars each
twinkling like diamonds. There were fifteen "V" formations in"V" formation lighting up the sky. The quiet of the woods was disturbed only by the sound of the deep and long moans of two people coming down from their ecstasy and their deep fulfillment of having cemented their bond. Yes, they had a four-hour point of culmination.

Part 2 The Morning After

Outside of the cabin where Max and Liz were staying the sun seemed to being shining brighter than any other day. The birds were chirping and flowers seemed to be in full bloom as far as the eyes could see. And if Liz and Max were outside they would gaze in wonderment at the horizon because of the biggest and most beautiful rainbow could be seen.
Inside of the cabin the occupants were asleep entangled together as if they were afraid to let go of one another. After their initial journey into love making and the four-hour culmination of said journey
they laid exhausted yet sated in each others arms basking in the glow and wonderment of each other. They could only look into each other's eyes not believing the beauty that they exposed each other to. What they
couldn't put into words they let their lips say in deep soul burning kisses. They both wore grins that they just couldn't wipe away no matter how hard they tried. Their hands remain on their bodies causing them to
re-ignite the flame of passion yet again. They made love yet again, but this time their peak came after an hour, but they weren't disappointed. They were exhausted and fell asleep in each other's arms.
Max was the first to wake up, slowly opening his eyes. His eyes traveled to the person laying next to him and his smile returned to his face, beating the shining sun in brightness. He stroked her hair and
gave her a gentle kiss to her temple. He saw a smile come to her sleeping face, but she did not wake up. He silently said a prayer thanking who ever he needed to for his angel. He removed one of his arms
from around her and turned slightly towards the nightstand on his side. He retrieved some white rose petals from a hidden compartment and brought them to his side. He took a petal and brushed against Liz's face
gently. She slowly started to wake from her slumber, her eyes fluttering open. He then grabbed a bunch of the petals and let them cascade on top of her, bring a smile to her face. Her eyes were shining at the man she loved.
"Mmmm, morning. What a wake up call."
She reached up and pressed a kiss to his lips. She gave him two sweet ones that licked his lips asking for entrance to the treasure that lay within. He granted it immediately deepening the third kiss. They
separated only because they needed the air to breathe.
"Wow!!! Like I said what a wake up."
He smiled and stroked her hair.
"How are you feeling? Are you sore anywhere? Did I hurt you?"
"Max, last night you did many things to me, but hurt me was not one of them. I feel completed and balanced."
"Oh, so my one eyed alien tentacle didn't probe into you to harshly.", he teased.
She blushed remembering the reference she made to his penis. But her next comment made him blush.
"No, and I'll enjoy it probing me some more."
She saw the light blush come to his face and ears and started to giggle.
"How about you? Are you in pain or sore? I know I dug my nails and teeth into you.."
He gave an exaggerated sigh.
"Yes, you used my as your love slave but I'll live, because you rocked my world. My alien tentacle loved going into your Venus fly-trap. It can be very demanding but my alien tentacle was up for the challenge"
He started to chuckle then hugged her closer to his body, her breast pressed to his strong chest.
"I love and want each and every mark you leave on my body, because like you I'm complete and balanced. Liz Parker I love you now and forever."
"I love you Max Evans now and forever."
She started to caress his chest with her hand when a light caught her. But it wasn't really a light but a glow. A glow she has wanted to see on him and make from the first time she saw it on herself.
"Max, look!"
He turned to look at what caught her fascination. As he saw her hand moved down his arm he was startled to see a glow appear where ever her hand touched him. It was the same glow he gave her that night in Michel's apartment and last night.
"It looks like our bond is complete, Liz. It's now really official. You're my soulmate. You're the one."
She smiled at Max with tears in her eyes and moved to kiss him.
"Thank you for coming into my life." She whispered against his lips.
He returned and deepened the kiss, but then he pulled away.
"Before this gets out of hand lets say you and I get some breakfast so that we're able to keep up our stamina and explore other areas where we may glow."
"Just like a man to think with his stomach."
"Mmmm, yup."
They both started to chuckle.
"Fine I'll make us some breakfast. You put the supplies away in the kitchen right?"
"Yeah. Listen I'm going to grab a quick shower while you're making breakfast. Oh, Liz I wanted to ask you why did you get so many cans of whipped crème and so many strawberries for this weekend?"
Liz's face turned slightly pink as she thought of her plans for those particular items.
"Just was craving them. Go grab your shower while I get breakfast ready."
Max gave her a confused look, but just got up and headed for the shower.
She quickly got out of the bed and headed for the kitchen. She was wearing a secretive smile on her face.
'Don't you worry Max Evans, by the time I'm through with you strawberries and whipped crème with be a favorite part of your breakfast meal. I'm going to give you a new meaning for all you can eat

Part 3 Breakfast Is Served

Max was getting his shower ready with a bounce in his step. He still couldn't believe that the woman, the person that he's been in love with, connected to and cherished since the third grade had finally become his partner in life. They weren't married but he would remedy that when the time came. Besides it was a mere formality. What they experienced last night made them man and wife in more ways than one. He turned on the radio needing to feel a rhythm to go with the one he felt in his body. He moved the dial until a song cam on the radio that caught his attention. It was Sisqo singing "Unleash The Dragon". As Max listened to the song a grin appeared on his features and he started to sing along with the song and he started dancing to the song. Actually, as far as singing, he was putting in his own words to fit his giddy mood.
"I unleashed my dragon with my baby..Uh." and he would thrust his hips up making his penis bounce up. He repeated the movement various times with the song alternating with sticking out his butt and shaking it to his imaginary audience. "I unleashed my dragon to cause a fire...Uh. And we both burned..Uh..Uh..Uh." A succession of small hip thrusts and a bouncing penis accompanied this.
As the song ended he jumped into the shower. But unknown to him Liz had come back to the room having forgotten something essential to her plans for breakfast and she heard Max singing so she took a peek and almost fell to the ground laughing after she saw his little display. She eased away from the bathroom door and ran to the kitchen to laugh out loud and leave Max to his shower.
After her laughter died down she thought of the events of the previous night and couldn't help the rosy glow that came to her cheeks. Liz had never felt so happy in all her life. She couldn't put into words
the sensations Max made her feel. It brought tears to eyes. 'Ok, Liz Parker that's enough you have a breakfast to plan.' She told herself.
The idea she came up for breakfast made her blush at what she was planning. But she had seen it on television and wanted to try it on Max. She was also hoping this was the first time of many that they could
act out any fantasies that they both had. All the ingredients were scattered on the counter: five cans of whip crème and four containers of strawberries. She went to the table and placed a lace tablecloth on it
and checked to make sure the table was long enough and sturdy. That done, she prepared herself for what she was about to do. She sprayed some whip crème in her hands to test the temperature. Seeing it was ok
she got herself ready.
Max came out of the bathroom whistling. He wore a towel around his waist while he used another to dry his hair. He looked around the room expecting to see Liz. When he didn't he called out her name.
"Liz, are you still fixing breakfast?"
"No, Max it's all ready. Come on out here and eat."
"Alright, let me just put on some clothes."
"No! Just come as you are. I don't want this breakfast to go bad."
He walked to the kitchen in his towel chuckling.
"Liz I doubt the breakfast..."
Whatever he was about to say fell out of his head as he looked at the sight that greeted him in the kitchen. He lost his voice, his thoughts, and everything else. He had to swallow, HARD, a few times
before he could speak.
"What's wrong, Max? Don't you want your breakfast? It was made especially for you."
Max swallowed again and nodded. But he still couldn't believe his eyes. There was the love of his life, the woman who owned him mind, heart, soul, and body sitting on top of the dining room table in a
bikini. But not just any bikini, for this bikini was entirely edible. Liz had taken the bottles of whip crème and sprayed them on herself making a whip crème bra and thong to cover her breast and womanly curls.
She then placed strawberries on each breast to cover her nipples. On her lower half she placed many strawberries in the shape of a heart with a chocolate arrow running through it and a strawberry in the middle. Max was having problems breathing.
Liz had a sexy smile on her face. She crooked her finger and motioned Max to come to her. He made his way towards her, falling even deeper in the abyss of love. When he was next to her he was afraid to
touch her. Liz started doubting this plan.
"Max, don't you like it?"
"Not like it? Liz, I love it and I love you."
Liz smiled again breathing easier.
"I love you too, Max."
She grabbed his hands and pulled him towards her.
"Well, Mr. Evans, I know with our little exercise regimen last night you worked up quite an appetite for breakfast this morning. So, as they say, breakfast is served and your morning banquet awaits you."
Liz let go of Max's hand and then she proceeded to lie down on the table.
"Bon appetite."
Max seemed to come out of his haze. He bent forward and pressed his lips to hers, devouring her mouth in an earth shattering kiss. They were both breathless. He moved his mouth down to her neck, leaving a trail of kisses until he finally got to the whip crème. He stuck his tongue out and started to circle her breast licking as he went along, taking in the whip crème. He kept up this process until he got to the
strawberry, but he didn't touch it. Liz's body was on fire from his tongue. Her fingers were running through his hair pressing his head closer to her chest. Little moans kept escaping her mouth from the pure
ecstasy he was giving her. Max moved on to the other breast and repeated the same treatment but also leaving the strawberry untouched. He moved up and gave her another kiss driving her insane with the pleasure of it. But, Liz needed fulfillment so she pushed him away slightly and looked into his eyes.
"Max, please eat my strawberries. They feel neglected"
Max smiled and nodded his head.
"As you wish."
He lowered his head and finally took the strawberry into his mouth as well as the nipple. He swallowed the strawberry and licked the juices and remaining crème from her nipple. Liz let out a little scream as if she was having an orgasm. Max turned to the other breast and did the same enjoying the mixed taste of strawberries, whip crème and Liz. At this point Liz was incoherent as Max started to trail kisses all over her body. He made his way down to where the whip crème was yet to be touched and more strawberries needed to be eaten. He continued to rain kisses all over her stomach until he got to the juncture in between her legs. He threw his towel to the floor at that point and raised himself onto the table. He spread her legs and bent them at the knees so her feet were flat against the table. He trailed sweet kisses against her thighs moving towards his goal. Liz could barely utter any words but one.
This was her mantra over and over. Max finally found his way to his little piece of heaven on earth and he dug right in. He first ate all of the strawberries one by one and licked away the chocolate arrow.
He then went for the whip crème. He licked it off of Liz slowly until it was all gone from her outer lips. He then opened her folds and started to lick any of the whip crème that was inside. Liz could feel the energy
building inside of her and she was ready to explode.
"Max, oh God! Please I need you."
Max raised his head and looked up into her flushed face. He looked into her passion filled eyes and he saw what she was asking for; what they were both asking for and needed. But he forgot to bring a
condom with him.
"Liz, let me just run to the room and get a condom."
He started to scramble off the table. When a shout stopped him.
"No, Max! I can't wait. And I'm prepared."
From a nearby chair she picked up a foiled object and threw it at him. He quickly opened the packet and slipped it on to his rock hard penis and climbed back up on the table. He positioned himself over her
leading his penis to her hot womanly core. He leaned down giving her a hard kiss and plunged inside. They were both caught up in the tsunami of passion. He kept thrusting in hard and deep and she met each and every one of those thrusts with one of her own. Their breath intermingled with words of love passing between them. The end was coming and they both knew it. They opened their eyes at the same time to look into each other's souls. They were hit at the same time with the orgasm and cried out to each other in their minds.
The only things that could be heard in the rooms were their pants as they tried to catch their breath. They exchanged sweet kisses until they were able to form coherent thoughts and speak. Liz was the
first to break the silence.
"You know Max, I think you should register your ONE EYED PURPLE PEOPLE EATER as a lethal weapon."
"My what?"
"Well, you didn't like one eyed alien tentacle, so I thought up
another name. Or would you prefer dragon?"
Max looked at her while she peered at him with a sparkle in her eyes.
"You're just soooooo funny."
Liz started to giggle and threw her arms around him raining kisses all over his face. He tried to be mad but couldn't be after she gave him those sweet kisses. Liz got up from the table and extended her hand towards his.
"Come on, my love slave. Lets take a shower then we can really have breakfast. Maybe while we're in there you can UNLEASH YOUR DRAGON."
Max growled as he threw a giggling Liz over his shoulder and ran to the bathroom.


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Part 4 The Apology/The Ribbons of Love

Liz and Max were lying on their bed resting after the morning's activities with breakfast and the shower. Their strength was completely spent but they were happy. Liz was asleep but Max was wide-awake staring at his angel. He still considered himself a lucky and fortunate person to be with her and thanked the heavens that she wanted to be with him after everything that had transpired with Fmax, Tess, and Alex's death. His behavior during that trying time was reprehensible and he kicked himself for the way he acted and treated Liz at the time. It was true that Tess was warping him, but he knew he still had to carry fault for
what he did. Even if it took him the rest of his life he was going to make it up to Liz proving his love to her at every turn so that she never doubted that he carried her and only her in his heart as his love, soulmate and queen. As he stroked her hair he smiled thinking of his plans for tonight. This weekend Liz wasn't the only one with surprises up her sleeve. Max turned over to the clock and looked at the time. The blue digits read 1:30pm. Perfect, he had enough time to let her rest and setup for the ceremony. He slid out of the bed so as not to disturb her and walked to the bathroom. He too another quick shower, minus the dragon dance, and then got dressed quickly. He grabbed a suitcase out of the closet then turned to Liz's sleeping form. He looked down at her with all his love and adoration shining bright in his eyes. He bent down
and gave her a sweet kiss.
"Tonight is the night Liz and I only hope you can accept me."
He gave her one last kiss and left the bedroom and then the cabin to go about his mission to cement his ties with Liz.A few hours later Liz woke up to find herself alone in the cabin. She called out to Max but received no response. She looked around the room to look for clues of Max's whereabouts when something caught her eye. Draped over a chair in the room was the most stunning crème colored dress that Liz had ever seen. She got up from the bed and walked over to it for a closer look. Next to the dress was a pair of matching sandals and jewelry box. Inside of the jewelry box was a silver chain and pendant in the form of the swirly alien symbol she had come to know very well. Liz was completely confused as to what all this meant and was about to call out to Max again when she saw the envelope. She grabbed it up and ripped it open.

"Dear Liz,
I know I don't have to tell you the hell we've been through the last year-to- year and half. You were right there living it with me, and on top of that you were in a hell of your own. Of my making no less, well
my future self. Well it's about time you knew happiness, joy, elation, and love. Liz Parker I love you and I want you to know what you mean to me. So, just get yourself prepared for an extremely special night. Take
your shower and get dressed then go outside and follow the path. Only this is no regular path, but the path to happiness and joy. You'll be able to tell which path to take because it will shine above all others.
I love you and I'm waiting for you.

Yours for now and always,
Liz's hands trembled from the emotions that were stirring in her from the letter. She quickly swiped away the tears and rushed into the bathroom to shower. She quickly showered and got ready counting her blessings that she had an alien boyfriend, because she knew she should be sore from their bouts of love making but Max made it a point to make sure she was ok each and every time afterwards, taking away any soreness. Finally ready she headed out of the cabin. When she stepped out side the sight that greeted her took her breath away. When Max said the path would shine he wasn't kidding. Leading from the cabin into the woods was a trail of rose petals and bordering this path was a row of torches shining brightly. She followed along the path of torches that lead her deep into the woods. Her anticipation at what was at the other end of these torches grew. Liz finally reached her destination and was nearly overwhelmed by the sight before her. The path of torches and rose petals lead to a lake with a waterfall near by. Next to the waterfall was an outcrop of land that seemed to be reaching to the waterfall as if seeking its mist. And standing on the outcrop wearing a grin and a tuxedo was the man who owned her heart. He stretched his hand out as he beckoned her to his side. She walked over to him, letting him hold her in his embrace when she reached him.
"Max, what is all this?"
"This is all for you, a mere token of my love. Do you like it?"
Liz looked into his eyes and she meant to say she loved it but instead her heart spoke.
"I love you."
Those words whispered from her lips with so much feeling nearly brought him to his knees. He gave her a light kiss and stroked her cheek, then stepped away from her, but he held on to her hands.
"Liz, the day that we were hiding in that van and I told you I loved you for the first time, that you were my destiny, and that you brought me to life the day I saved you, I meant every word of it because it's true. You give me life and balance. I can't breathe or want to breathe if you're not by my side or in my life. I want to be with you forever. But before we can think about forever I have to acknowledge certain things.
Yes, you and I are now together, and you say you forgive me and trust me once again, but I owe you something that I want to start to repay as of today. I brought you a lot of pain with the way I acted when you needed me the most at the time of Alex's death. And if I could go back I would want to erase each and every minute of it as well as save Alex, because I know I owe you that and more. You saved my life, Michel's, and Isabel's on countless occasions. To say thank you seems so insignificant, but I do. I thank you for them and myself. That I ever doubted my faith in you makes me cringe and humbles me to no end. To say we're the higher beings is ridiculous. You are my equal and above. If it takes me all my life I will make this up to you and love you with all my heart. Yes, as Maria so eloquently puts it, this alien king will be
groveling till the cows come home on his hands and knees. I will prove my love and worthiness to you so that you never doubt my love for you, or your trust and faith in me. Because my heart, soul and mind always lead me back to you."
At this point Liz could not keep the stream of tears from falling from her eyes at Max's vow and pledge of love. She had a tight grip on his hands and could not tear her eyes away from his deep amber pools. He pulled one of his hands away from hers and wiped away her tears and leaned in and placed a kiss on each eye.
"That's my point Liz. No more tears. No more pain. I got in contact with Larek to find out about special ceremony that we would do on my planet when couples wanted to pledge their love and be united for life, because I do want to be united for life with you Liz. He told me about the ribbon ceremony the couples perform on their own. If you like we could do it tonight Liz, but only if you wish."
Liz looked into Max's eyes realizing what this meant. This was like a wedding ceremony and it would mean she would be tied to him forever.
"Yes, Max."
He pulled her body to his and gave her a deep kiss putting all his love and gratitude in that kiss. After coming up for air he turned her to a table that held three candles and three ribbons. Two of the candles were lit with the third waiting for its light.
"Liz pick up the candle and place it in front of you."
Liz followed Max's instructions and placed the candle in front of her.
"Right now these flames represent us as individuals. Two lone souls waiting to be one. With your permission we'll light that third candle to signify our souls, mind and hearts becoming one."
They both turned at the same time towards the third candle and lit it, and then they placed the other two on either side of it.
"These three ribbons represent our ties to each other. Red represents our deep and true love. White represents the purity of our love. Gold is for the newness of our love and may it shine in our hearts always for the world to see. As for the pendant you are wearing, you only have the one piece and I have the other. This is to signify that we carry parts of each other with one another always, and when put together we are
Max let his right hand intertwine with Liz's left hand then he laid their hands on top of the ribbons. Liz let out a little gasp. The ribbons started moving. They wrapped themselves over Max and Liz's joint
hands. Max lifted their hands while he took his other arm and wrapped it around Liz and pulled her body towards his. He looked deep into her eyes.
"Now we'll make a connection and bond that will never be broken."
He leaned his face in and kissed Liz deeply. Liz felt a tingle start from her feet and slowly moved up her legs until it reached her head. Then the flashes started: them as kids, their first kiss, Max drunk in
her room, Max showing her the heart he made, him telling her his life was in her hands, their first date, them in the Crashdown kitchen knocking over the strawberries, them riding in the jeep and so many
more. The feeling connected with each experience was felt by both, which brought tears to both of them. But these tears were of joy and happiness. When they ended the kiss and opened their eyes to look at one
another they were surprised to see a white iridescent glow surrounding their bodies. They looked at each other and smiled.
"I think we should go back to the cabin and celebrate. What do you think?"
"I think yes. But Max there's something I need to say to make this complete. I love you unconditionally and I do trust you. You are my equal. I do forgive you for what transpired last spring. There were a lot of factors that lead to what happened. But......"
As she said this she leaned into him. One of her arms encircled his neck while her other hand traveled down his body until she reached his erection and cupped him with her hand. She pressed a kiss to his lips.
"I need you to realize and understand something. My love for you is unconditional and you own and live in my heart."
As she said this she was giving him little kisses to which he responded to and was getting lost in to the point that he didn't expect what Liz did next. Liz's hand closed over Max's penis into a death grip, causing him to jump back slightly and look at her in shock and pain. She saw that she had his full attention and punctuated each word with a tight squeeze to his penis.
"You and what I am holding belong to me way before this weekend. No other woman, human or alien, can know what it looks, feels, tastes, or smells like. IT'S ALL MINE NOW AND FOREVER!!!!! I am your equal and you will treat me as such and never take me for granted or I might not be so forgiving. And if I even THINK that you've seen another Venus flytrap. You will be one sorry ass alien king. Not all of the healing powers in the world, this one or yours, will be able to save you. You know Lorena
Bobbit and what she did to her husband and parts of his anatomy? Well, that will be a paper cut compared to what I would do to you. I will take you out. Do we understand each other?"
Liz gave another hard squeeze for emphasis. Max looked into her eyes and saw the determination in them and that she meant every word. He quickly nodded.
"Good, I'm glad we understand one another."
She released her grip and massaged it slightly. Max too a deep breath and swallowed hard glad to be able to breathe again. Liz took Max's face into her hands and kissed him. Then pulled away and looked into his eyes.
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah. Jeez I'll know not to piss you off ever again."
"Yeah, keep that in mind. Now we were discussing going back to the cabin
and celebrating......"
"Umm, after that discussion we might have a problem."
Liz smiled at Max and cupped him again.
"Leave it to me and I'll heal you and Mr. Wiggles of any pain. I brought it on and I'll take it away."
Liz gave Max a sexy and sultry smile. Max felt another pain in his anatomy but it had nothing to do from Liz's squeeze.
"As you wish."
He gave Liz a quick kiss then gathered her up into his arms and carried her back to the cabin hoping to never piss her off again.

Part 5 Completion Of The Ribbon Ceremony

Max carried Liz into the cabin, their lips sealed in a deep kiss. He put her down and broke the kiss as he framed her face with his hands and caressed her cheeks. She placed her arms around his waist
trying to be as close to him as possible. They were looking deep into each other's eyes with a slight smile on their faces. Max leaned in and gave her a light, sweet kiss.
"How do you feel?"
"Max, there are no words for how special and happy I feel. Thank
you for tonight."
She leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips, taking a minute to nibble on his bottom lip before she pulled away.
"Hmmm, that was tasty. Are you hungry?"
Max looked at Liz with his eyes full of desire and hunger.
She smiled at his look and meaning.
"Max, I mean food not me. I'm dessert."
"In that case lets skip dinner and go straight for dessert!!!"
Liz let out a soft laugh at his suggestion.
"Uh-uh, Mr. Evans, because tonight you're going to need every last bit of energy. Tonight I'm going for my oral exam all over your body."
She gave Max a seductive look and turned to go into the kitchen. Max watched as her hips swayed as she walked and disappeared into the kitchen. He then dropped to his knees.
"God, I know I said I didn't believe in you. But I lied. Thank you for this and please give me the strength and stamina to survive tonight."
A half hour, and two roast beef sandwiches, later Max and Liz made their way into their bedroom, with their lips locked and hands feeling each others bodies. As Liz's hands explored Max's body a thought
appeared in her head.
"Max, where are the ribbons?"
Max was otherwise preoccupied with Liz's neck before her words penetrated his haze.
"Ribbons? What ribbons?"
Liz grabbed Max's hair and pulled his head up so he could look into her face.
"Max, remember ribbon ceremony? Our hands were bound with ribbons? Ring a bell?"
"Oh, I didn't explain that?"
Liz shook her head no with an expectant look.
"Oh, well, they're now inside of us."
"Excuse me."
"The ribbons were absorbed into our skin."
Liz looked down at her hand and didn't see the ribbon or any marks.
"I don't see anything."
"You're not supposed to unless we're linked. Watch."
Max took Liz's hand into his, intertwining their fingers. Slowly a light started to glow over their hands and Liz felt a tingle over her hand and arm. Right before her eyes the ribbons magically appeared
wrapped around their hands. She turned to look at Max with her eyes opened wide.
"Wow! When you're people are bound together their bound for life aren't they?"
"Yeah as long as the people belong together. You're not sorry are you?"
Liz looked at Max and she noticed the fear in his eyes. She smiled softly at him and caressed his cheek with her other hand.
"No Max I don't regret this. A little surprised, but no regrets. But my only concern is that we can't hold hands in public again."
"Oh, no the ribbons will only come out if we're standing like this and hold our hands this way. There's another way they'll come out but that's a surprise."
"What kind of surprise?"
"You'll see."
Before Liz could ask anymore questions Max swooped and took her lips into a deep kiss. Pretty soon their clothes disappeared and they were on the bed worshipping each other's bodies with touches and kisses.
"Max, now please. I need you inside of me now."
Max placed his body over Liz's and grabbed her head running his fingers though her hair, and raining kisses on her mouth.
"Liz, open your eyes. I need you to see."
With difficulty Liz opened her eyes to look at Max. Max took Liz's hand in his and looked into her eyes. He thrust deep inside of her making them both grown with its power. After the thrust Max didn't move, but he just kept looking at Liz, and Liz returned his gaze, their lips were inches from each other. She sensed something was different. Something was happening. Then she realized the tingling sensation and
glow that she felt in her hand and arm before with the ribbons, she was now feeling it all over her body. Starting from her hands it enveloped her all over. That's when she noticed the difference with the ribbons.
Not only were the ribbons wrapped around their hands and arms, but also the ribbons were wrapped around their whole body and they were glowing every where. Liz swallowed to clear her throat and looked at Max with an awed expression as well as questions in her eyes. Max just looked back at her with his eyes full of love and adoration.
"Now we are completely bound and you hold my love and life forever in your heart and hands."
He leaned in and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss with tears streaming down her face. She broke the kiss to look at him. She grinned up at him.
"Well you know you've always held my love and life in your heart and hands. But, I'm glad that now it's official. Now I love you and that you're such a romantic, but can you finish what you started? I want you to bring me to the best damn orgasm ever."
"Yes, Ma'am! As you wish. But please make sure that you're Venus flytrap doesn't turn carnivore and bite off my one eyed alien tentacle."
Before she could say anything else he sealed her lips with his into a strong and passion filled kiss. Max and Liz proceeded to do the dance of lovers making the glow ever brighter and the ribbons ever

Part 6 Liz Unleashes The Dragon

Max and Liz were engrossed in each other and their kissing having just consummated their ribbon ceremony. They sense one another every where around themselves and inside of each other. They just didn't want to let go or stop kissing. They felt they could use each other for oxygen. Liz finally pulled away for air. She exhaled a deep breath and looked up into Max's eyes.
"Is it always going to be this strong, Max? Are we always going to feel these emotions, These feelings?"
Max smiled at her and stroked her face gently. He leaned down and placed a light kiss on her lips.
"I certainly hope so, Liz."
"Well, in that case I never have to worry about gaining weight, because we're quick to act on those feelings and exercise long and hard in bed."
Max chuckled moving a little on top of her. Liz groaned feeling Max's member still inside of her. They always took a while before they broke apart physically. He liked being inside of her and she enjoyed the feeling of him inside of her and on top of her.
"As much as I'm enjoying this I must disengage and excuse myself for a moment."
He kissed her and pulled out. She gave a small whimper at the immediate loss she felt. He smiled placing kisses all over her face.
"Don't worry I'll be right back."
He got up from the bed and head to the bathroom. Liz snuggled deeper into the bed enjoying the warm spot Max left. She took his pillow and breathed in his scent, missing him as if he had gone home instead of the bathroom. 'Liz pull yourself together. He's just in the bathroom. What are you gonna do when you get back home?' She told herself mentally. The thought left her with an empty feeling knowing she wouldn't be able to be with Max in a bed with him holding her at night. She gave herself a shake to release herself from her gloomy thoughts. When something caught her attention and brought a smile to her face. She could hear Max singing in the bathroom and she couldn't help but remember his little song and dance routine from yesterday. The more she thought about it the more she giggled. Then an idea began to formulate in her mind and she anxiously awaited Max to join her in bed.
Max walked back into the room and looked at Liz and noted the gleam in her eye and he knew he was in trouble.
"Now what?"
She turned her innocent doe eyes towards him.
"Now what, what Max?
"You have that look in your eyes that tell me if I'm smart I'll head for the hills."
She pulled back the blankets and gestured for him to come back to bed.
"Max, stop being silly and come back to bed. I need you to warm me up."
Max climbed n to the bed cautiously waiting for the ax to drop. As soon as Liz saw he was comfortable she started to caress his chest. She pressed a few light kisses to his lips and caressed his face.
"I love you Max."
"I love you too."
She continued to kiss him, but she started to kiss him in other areas and traveling down his body. She left a trail of kisses all over his neck and then she eased down to his shoulders, then his chest, then his stomach. But she didn't stop there and she continued to ease her way down. Max was enjoying he sensation her kisses were giving him but he noticed the she was slowly easing her way down to his member. She was easing her way down to uncharted territory.
"Umm, Liz, you..."
Liz lifted her head and pressed a finger against Max's lips and smiled.
"Shhhh, Max. It's ok I want to do this. Just relax and enjoy."
He kissed her finger and she smiled seductively at him. She turned her head and went back to kissing a trail down his body. Soon her head disappeared under the sheets. Max felt her heads on his shaft. He groaned and leaned back in the bed with his eyes closed. He felt like he was caught in a torrential rain of ecstasy. Liz was moving her hands up and down on his member in an easy and gentle rhythm. Max never wanted her to stop. But the next thing he knew he was knocked out of pleasurable haze.
"Unleash the dragon, uh. I unleashed the dragon for my baby, uh." Max lifted up the blanket quickly and looked at Liz. She was singing into his penis using it as a microphone, pulling it from side to side with a big smile on her face.
"Unleashing the Dragon for my baby, uh, uh, uh.."
"Liz, stop.."
"I have to unleash the Dragon for my baby, uh.."
"Liz, that's enough!!!"
By this time Max face was the deepest shade of red imaginable, utterly embarrassed for being caught doing his dragon dance in the bathroom earlier. Liz couldn't hold it any more and completely cracked
up. Max pulled his member out of her hand and stumbled out of bed. He threw the blanket over a still laughing Liz. He put on his robe and stalked to the door upset. Liz came out from under the covers and saw he was about to leave. She tried to stop laughing and called to him.
"Max, where are you going? Get back here!"
"No, obviously I'm a joke to you."
He ignored her and opened the door and walked out, slamming the door behind him. Liz finally stopped laughing and quickly got up from the bed. She threw on her robe as she ran to the door after Max. She walked into the living room and found him on the sofa staring into a fire he started. She walked up to him standing behind him. She laid her hand on his shoulder and he pulled away. She walked around to stand in front of him.
"Max, it was just a joke. Haha, heehee."
"MMM, yeah very funny."
"Max you can't honestly be mad at me. Max, please look at me."
She grabbed his face and pulled it down so that they were looking into each other's eyes."
"Max, I was just teasing."
"Yeah, well my Dragon was hurt in the process. First you put it in your death grip then you mock it."
A giggle escaped her lips.
"Awww, poor dragon has a boo-boo? Well maybe I can make it better."
"No thank you. This one eyed alien tentacle has been traumatized enough for one weekend."
"Oh, come on. Let me make boo-boo dragon feel better."
She leaned into his face and gave him a deep kiss. At first he didn't respond, but Liz was persistent until she got one. She broke the kiss and eased Max back into he sofa. She undid the belt to his robe and spread open the flaps. She eased her hands down along his chest caressing it. She leaned in and sucked on his manly nipples causing Max to groan. But her hands continued their downward descent until they struck gold and grasped his manhood. She massaged it gently from hilt to tip. She gave Max one last kiss then dropped her head to his lap. She gave his shaft a tentative lick at first. He tasted heavenly to her. She then took more of him into her mouth. She created a suction with her outh and started sucking on him like she had a $0.10 strawberry blow pop. Her head was bobbing up and down. Little by little she kept taking more and more into his mouth. Max was in a world all of his own. Nothing existed for him except for the here and now. His heart was beating so fast that he thought he was going to die. The only word he can half way utter was "Li" because he didn't have enough strength to say 'z' in Liz's name. He felt that he was close to coming. He didn't want Liz to be disgusted so he started to pull Liz away.
"Liz, I'm at that point. I'm about to shoot up a load of sperm."
"Well, I guess it's time for milk and cookies with out the cookies."
She proceeded to latch onto Max's penis again sucking even harder. At that point Max's fleeting thought was that she looked like she was sucking all the juice out of an orange. That was his last
thought as she finally pushed him over the edge. He felt the sperm course up his shaft and spill into her mouth. Liz felt he hot liquid hit her mouth and she liked the sensation. She kept her mouth over his penis until he finished shooting his little pods. Max had his eyes closed and was desperately trying to catch his breath. Liz stood up and left the room. Max opened his eyes looking for Liz. He looked for her around the
"Liz? Liz, where are you?"
She appeared out of the bedroom door with a smile on her face.
"Right here."
"Are you ok?"
"Oh yeah. But I think I should be asking you that question? Is boo-boo dragon ok now."
"Yeah and we both thank you for your ministrations."
He brought his mouth down to hers for a deep and passionate kiss. He looked at her slightly confused.
"Now I know my sperm is not minty fresh."
"No, but scope is."
"Ahh, you were disgusted with the taste."
"Not at all, but I don't think you want to be lapping up your own sperm from my mouth."
"True. Now what do you say I give your Venus flytrap a nice tongue bath to make sure she doesn't wilt? I just want to make sure she doesn't feel neglected"
"With or without whip crème?"

Max and Liz forever!!!!
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Part 7 Watering the Venus Flytrap

Max led Liz back into the bedroom. He took her to the bed and laid her on it gently as if she were made of fragile porcelain. He got up on the bed and reached for the sash on her robe. He untied the belt
of the robe and opened the flaps exposing her naked beauty to his eyes. He spread the folds of the robe around her but didn't take it off. He found that looking at her lying on top of the red material was more
erotic. He took both of his hands and starting from her shoulders brought them down the length of her body, massaging areas here in there and stroking her breast. Liz felt herself melting at the erotic caress.
She wanted so much more from Max. When Max got to her legs he bent them at the knee and spread them apart. He kneeled in between her legs looking down at the hidden beauty beneath the dark curls at the juncture of her thighs. Max took his hands and started stroking the area just above Liz's dark curls in a circular motion, causing Liz to whimper with need.
"Max, please...."
"What, Liz? Please, what?"
"Please, please me."
Max looked at her with a sly smile and passion shining from his amber eyes. But also a challenge was issues from those same eyes.
Liz knew what he wanted her to say and he was daring her to do it with an unspoken message but a meaningful look. She raised herself from the bed, bringing her face mere inches from his and looked deep
into his eyes.
"Take your tongue and do your best. I want to scream because the tongue bath you gave my Venus flytrap was thorough and awe inspiring."
With those words she gave him hard kiss and then threw herself back on the bed waiting for the show to begin. Max smiled at her.
"All you had to do was ask."
He took his hands and opened her folds and then he slowly brought his face down to her moist opening. His tongue came out of his mouth and he licked her from one side of her opening to the other. He then found her nub and started to tease it. His mouth attached itself to her opening and he started to suck on her as if she were a sweet orange. Liz was lost in the abyss of pleasure. Her hands alternated between gripping the
pillow and grabbing Max's head pressing him close to her opening. Max's tongue was now darting in and out of her passion tunnel, stroking Liz's fires to even greater heights. He knew she was close to the edge. But he also knew had to do what he had to do. He needed payback.
"Hello, is anybody down there?"
Liz opened up her eyes in shock as if a pail of cold water was thrown on her overheated body.
Liz raised her head to see Max talking into her passion patch. He was shouting into her love tunnel.
"Max, what the hell are you doing?"
"Well, I always heard that if you scream into a woman's vagina you can hear an echo. I wanted to see if it was true."
Max looked at Liz with an innocent expression and she was looking at him as if he did have a third eye and three heads. Max couldn't take it any more and he started cracking up with laughter. Liz never wanted to knock him out as badly as she did at that moment.
"GGGRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Max Evans that's not funny!"
She pushed him away from her and got up from the bed and head towards the bathroom. She slammed the door shut behind throwing curses in his general direction. This made Max laugh even harder. When he was finally able to get himself under control he went to the bathroom and tapped on the door.
She didn't answer and no noise could be heard from within.
"Liz, come on it was a joke. Just like you did your little impromptu concert using my microphone."
His only response was hearing Liz start the shower. He gave an exasperated sigh and unlocked the door with his powers. He opened the door slowly not knowing what was waiting for him on the other side. He stuck his head in and saw her robe on the floor and her glistening body behind the shower door. The sight of her body looking wet made him get real hard real fast. He quickly shed his robe and walked towards the shower. He slid the door open to find Liz under the spray. She turned to him and shot him a dirty look then turned around and ignored him. Max slipped into the shower with her.
"I don't recall telling you to come in and join me!"
"Liz, please, I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you."
As he said this he started to stroke her shoulders. She pulled away, shrugging off his hands.
"You know you want me to."
He bent down and placed a kiss on her shoulder. Liz was feeling the flames rise again within her body, but she still didn't want to give in to him. She moved away from him again.
Max grinned because he heard the catch in her voice and the change in her breathing. He turned her body around and pulled her into his arms sealing their lips in a bone-shattering kiss. At first Liz struggled, but then she started kissing him back, wrapping her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss even more. Max broke the kiss gasp for air yet giving her a passionate and lustful look.
"Now, where was I? Oh, yeah."
He knelt down in front of her. He put one of her legs over his shoulder and grasped her hips in his hands. Liz leaned back against the shower wall for support while Max thrust his tongue into her opening. For every thrust of Max's tongue into her body Liz moaned, plowing her fingers though his hair. Liz could feel the build up of her orgasm coming close. She started thrusting her hips to meet with the thrusts from Max's tongue. In the next minute Liz saw an explosion of stars and she screamed as she reached her climax. Max just kept his face in between her legs sucking up the love juices as they flowed. Finally Liz started to come out of her haze. Max put down her leg and stood up. Liz could barely stand so Max pulled her into his arms and held her. He put both of their bodies under the steady stream of the shower, letting the water flow over both of them and refreshed their bodies. He gently stroked her hair while Liz had her head on his chest with her arms wrapped around his waist. She turned her head and placed a kiss on his chest then turned her face up towards him.
"I love you."
"I love you too."
He smiled at her then leaned in for a kiss.

Part 8 Maracas and Bongos

Liz was taking a shower and Max was sitting in the living-room waiting for her lost in his thoughts. He though of all the things they did during this weekend, knowing the memories they made would be carried in his heart forever. But the strongest memory was that of Liz and him coming together during the ribbon ceremony. They were now bonded for life. Come what may they would get through it together. This brought a beautiful smile to his face. Liz stepped into the room and just watched him for a moment. She couldn't believe they were together and had given themselves to each other. This man was truly her soulmate. He owned her heart body and soul as she owned him. She slowly walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.
"I'll give you a nickel for each one?"
"Each one of those thoughts."
Max smiled and pulled her body down on top of his on the sofa, enveloping her towel clad body in his arms.
"Sorry, but they're not for sale. These thoughts contain parts which could be x rated and for my enjoyment only."
He leaned in and gave her a series of slow sweet kisses.
"Hmm, you don't say. Do they include any female that I know?"
She kissed him some more rubbing her body against his. Max let his hands travel up and down her body in an erotic massage.
"Well, since I can't buy your thoughts why don't I let you see one of mine."
She took his face in her hands and gave him a deep kiss, her tongue filling up every nook and cranny of his mouth. Max moaned at the sensual lovemaking she was doing with her mouth. She slowly broke the kiss and pulled her body away from his with a sexy smile on her face.
"Mr. Evans do you mind doing the honors and lighting the fireplace please."
Max extended his hand towards the fireplace and within seconds there was a bright fire. Liz grabbed a blanket and placed it in front of the fire. She the grabbed a few pillows and threw them to the ground. She turned to Max still wearing her sexy smile.
"Would you care to join me in front of this nice toasty fire?"
Max wanted to be playful.
"Hmmm, I don't know. What would I get out of joining you there on the floor?"
Liz arched her brow at him and gave him another smile. She slowly undid the towel wrapped around and opened it so he can see her naked body. She started to shake her shoulders from side to side making her breasts bounce. Max felt himself grow hard with her display.
"You get to play with my maracas if you wish senor." Liz said with a fake spanish accent.
She leaned towards him to tease him, but when he reached for her she pulled back closing the towel around her body and laughing. Max growled and leaped from the couch. Liz let out a playful scream and turned to run but he caught her around the waist and pulled her down to the floor with him. Her body landed on top of his.
"Now, what was this about playing with maracas, senorita?"
"I have no clue of what you speak of, senor."
Liz gave him an innocent look that was destroyed by the giggles coming from her body.
"Oh, well, let me see if I can jog your memory."
With a swipe of his hand over her body the towel disappeared leaving he completely naked.
"No fair you used your powers and left me naked. But you still have your boxers on."
"Well that's quick to remedy."
With a quick swipe over his own body his boxers disappeared. Liz ground her lower body against his.
"Oh, senor, what is that that I feel."
"Why, senorita, those are my bongos that want to play music with your maracas."
Liz's laughter was cut short by the deep kiss Max gave her. They both moaned loving the feel of naked skin against naked skin. Max flipped their positions so he was on top of Liz. He lowered his head and took on of Liz's nipples into his mouth. He rained kisses on it, then licked and sucked, driving her completely to the edge with the sensations he was evoking. He did that for a few minutes then switched to the other breast giving it the same attention. Liz ran her fingers through his hair pressing his face closer to her chest. Max let go of her breast and brought his lips to hers to drink of her sweet nectar from her lips. He positioned himself between her legs ready to take her and make her his once again but stopped.
"I need a condom."
"No, you don't."
"Oh you brought one? Where is it?"
"No, but I'm on the pill."
Max looked deep into Liz's eyes trying to read her expression.
"Liz are you sure?"
"Yes, Max I want to feel you inside of me and I want to feel you fill me up. Please, Max."
Max needed no further prodding. He positioned himself and entered her with one smooth thrust. They both screamed with pleasure. Liz took Max by surprise and flipped them over so that she was on top. She too Max's hands and glided them over her body while looking deep into his eyes. She brought his hands to her lips and kissed them, then she passed them over her shoulders, her breasts, and then down to her stomach. She then placed them on her hips so that he could help her with their rhythm. She started to ride his engorged member. She threw her head back enjoying the sensations and feel of impaling herself on Max. Max met her thrust for thrust guiding her hips. His hands moved up her body and he pulled her down to attack her lips. The kiss was deep and delicious, both moaned with pleasure. He enveloped her in a strong embrace and pulled her under him, continuously thrusting into her. Liz wrapped her arms around Max and dug her nails into his back. They finally reached their peak together. With one powerful mind shattering thrust Max emptied his semen into Liz. They were both completely out of breath but utterly fulfilled. Max pulled the hair off of Liz's face and smiled down at her. He then leaned in and kissed her, knowing there was no need for words.

Part 9 Waterfall Glory

The next morning Max woke Liz up with by raining kisses all over her face.
"Mmmmm, that was sooo good."
She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. She gave him a quizzical look.
"What are you doing out of this bed and worst of all dressed?"
"I thought that we can get out of this cabin. I don't want you to get cabin fever."
"My may rise but it has nothing to do with a fever." Liz said with a devilish smirk.
Max smiled down at her, leaned in and gave her a deep kiss.
"Mmmm, ok rise and shine my sexy siren sleepy-head."
"No, don't wanna. You come back to bed."
She started pulling him back to the bed. As much as Max wanted to crawl back into the bed with her, he resisted.
"Nope, you and I have a date some where else. Get up and get dressed."
"Where are we going?"
"It's a surprise. Get dressed and be ready to go in ten minutes. You can bring your bathingsuit or not."
He gave her a sneaky look and left the bedroom.
"What are you up to Max Evans?" Liz asked out loud.
Liz got up, showered and dressed in less than ten minutes. She decided to carry her bathing suit in her bag. She went into the living room to find Max folding a blanket and placing it on top of a picnic basket.
"So, the plot thickens and the clues come forth. We're going on a picnic huh?"
Max turned to her and flashed one of his killer smiles to Liz.
"Those are the only clues you're getting. Ready to go?"
"Yes, mystery man. I'm at your mercy do as you wish with me."
"I'll take you up on that offer later."
He grabbed her and they left the cabin to go on their mysterious outing. They started walking on a small path. There were so many flowers on the path, in full vibrant colors. As they walked along Liz would bend down and pull one. Pretty soon she had a full bouquet. As they walked a little further she heard water. She looked at the path they were taking again and noticed where they were going.
"Max, you're taking me back to where we had our ribbon ceremony."
Max smiled and nodded. She pulled Max towards her and gave him a kiss for being so sweet. Max broke the kiss and they continued walking.
They soon reached a spot close to where the ceremony took place but closer still to the waterfall and stream. They laid out the blanket and picnic. Liz placed the flowers out in the middle of the blanket like a centerpiece.
"You want to go for a swim?" Max asked Liz.
"Yeah, but you go ahead because I have to put on my bathing suit."
"Oh. I can help you with that."
"No, I need to put it on. You can help me take it off later." Liz said with a smirk.
With that Max turned around and went into the water. Liz quickly changed and joined him in the water. They splashed each other, swam around and just held each other through out the afternoon. They took a break and ate the picnic lunch that Max brought for them. The soaked up some sun before returning to the water to play some more. After a while Max lead Liz close to the waterfall.
"God, Max, it's so beautiful."
"Not as beautiful as you."
Max turned Liz around in his arms so that she was facing him. He took her face in his hands and started to kiss her deeply. Their bodies were pressed together and the temperature in their bodies were rising regardless of the cool water.
"Max, please, now."
Max needed no further explanation or prodding. He took off his swim trunk and flung them to the shore. He tugged at the ties on Liz's bikini top setting her breast free. He leaned his head down and started sucking on her nipples, bring them to attention. Liz was lost in the sensation digging her nails into Max's back. Her hips started thrusting towards Max's arousal. She couldn't hold the moans escaping her lips. Max lowered his hands to her bikini bottoms and pulled at the strings, pulling it off her lower body he took both parts and threw them to the shore. Max pulled Liz's legs up so that they would wrap around his waist.
"I want and need you so bad."
"So make me yours again, Max."
They fused their lips together and Max wrapped both arms around Liz letting his hands travel through her hair. In the next instant he positioned himself and entered her with on smooth thrust. They both cried out in pleasure as they were joined. Liz pulled back slightly and looked into Max's eyes as he peered into hers. A smile played on both their lips as thrust was met with thrust. The clung to each other enjoying the waves of pleasure as the came crashing over their bodies. Soon they were both ready for their release and they fused their mouths together again drinking in each other's cries. Afterwards Max carried Liz to the shore and laid down with her on the blanket.
"We have just about made love every where?"
"Is my lady complaining?"
"No, I'm just wondering where the next spot will be."
"I'm sure we'll think of something."
Max leaned in and kissed Liz.


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Max and Liz forever!!!!
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Part 10 The Future

Max and Liz enjoyed the rest of the day at the waterfall, making love a few more times and soaking in the sun. They just enjoyed each other's company and holding each other. With looks but without words they reaffirmed their love to each other, for each other. They were carefree and fancy free. By late afternoon they made their way back to the cabin. At the cabin door Max stopped Liz. He grabbed everything out of her hand and told her to wait at the door for him. He went inside and dropped the stuff on the kitchen table then went back outside to Liz. She looked at him quizzically until he swung her up in his arms and carried her over the threshold. She started laughing.

"Max, what are you doing?"

"Hey, I need the practice for when we get married earthy style." Max said with a huge grin.

He looked so cute and delicious to Liz that she had to kiss him. She gave him a deep searching kiss.

"MMM, you're such a sweetheart. What can I ever do to repay you for being my honey."

"I'm sure we can think of something."

They continued kissing as Max let Liz slide down his body and let her stand on her own. They slowly broke the kiss.

"Max, you know I like the sound of that."


"Our wedding. I mean I know we're already bonded and tied together thanks to the ribbons, and we don't need a piece of paper to tell us we're going to be together but I want the world to know we belong to each other."

"Me too, Liz. Besides I want to see you in a white long dress and carrying a bouquet of white roses in your hand. I want to see you walking down the isle, with your father giving you away, and meeting me at the front for all of our family and friends to see that we made it and are going to be together for ever."

"Oh, Max." Liz said, tears glistening in her eyes.

They leaned in and were caught in another passionate kiss. But this kiss was different. It still held all the love and passion and romance they had for each other, but it held something else. It was the kiss of the future to come. They each saw flashes, some were joined others held secrets for each one.

~~Flashes Together~~

They saw themselves graduating and Liz was the valedictorian. They saw the wedding just as they had just described it. They saw themselves going away to school to attend Harvard together. They saw themselves graduating and establishing themselves in their prospective fields; Liz as a molecular biologist and Max as a Pediatrician. They saw their first home and felt the joy of when they got it. Through it all they saw their joy shared by their friends and family.

~~Max's Flashes~~

He saw himself proposing to Liz in a garden surrounded by many flowers. He then saw something that brought tears to his eyes. He saw his three little girls that were tiny replicas of their mother. He also felt the love they had for them both. Their names were Ashton Maria Evans, Debi Nancy Evans, Sandy Diane Evans. They were triplets.

~~Liz's Flashes~~

She saw herself at a doctor's office awaiting new. At first she didn't understand where she was until she saw the posters on the walls of babies. This was when she first found out when she was pregnant. She then saw a sight that she would never forget and treasure in her heart always, her three little boys that looked exactly like their father ears and all. Their names were Alexander Phillip Evans, Michael Jeffrey Evans, James Maxwell Evans. They were Triplets.

~~End of flashes~~

They were both overjoyed by what they saw and their emotions were running high as they broke the kiss. They looked at each other with tears in their eyes.

"Did you see it?" They asked each other at the same time.

They both laughed then looked at each other again and nodded simultaneously.

"Max, that was beautiful. What do you think it means? Do you think it was our future?"

"I think and hope it was Liz."

He grabbed her into his arms and held her in a tight hug while they both cried. After a while he took Liz and carried her into the bedroom. They stripped down to nothing. They didn't want any barriers between them. Then they went to the bed and got in pulling their covers around each other and holding on to one another. They exchanged kisses but that was all. Now wasn't a time to love each other and become one physically. Now was the time to love each other and become one spiritually. They soon fell asleep wrapped up in each other's arms. If anyone were to have entered that room they would have seen two lovers intertwined. Only a few people would know that it was an alien king loving his human queen and sealing their fate for life.

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Part 11 Conclusion (Ten years later)

It was Christmas Eve and Liz was coming out of the girls’ room having tucked them in for the night. She quickly checked on the boys, and then she went downstairs to the kitchen setting up Santa’s cookie plate. She smiled thinking of all the good fortune that had come her way with Max. They had completed high school and their bond had grown stronger. There were obstacles but they saw them through. They dealt with Kivar and the skins and killed them along with Nicholas. They freed Max’s planet and placed Larek as acting king, knowing their lives were on earth and not Antar. But Max kept in constant contact with Larek and helped out any way he could. Michael and Maria were married with two kids, twins, a little boy by the name of William Maxwell Guerin and a little girl Amelia Elizabeth Guerin. Isabel married a lawyer from her father’s firm, Jesse Ramirez, and they were expecting their first child in a matter of weeks. Life was good for all of them and they had found peace for their souls. As for Max and Liz their flashes came to pass. They had two sets of triplets and had established their careers. Max was one of the world’s leading pediatricians and Liz was a molecular biologist. They were living in Boston with their six kids, who kept them bus with their antics and love. Liz smiled as she though about her family and friends feeling complete. A pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around her waist and a kiss was placed on her head.

“Hi, sweetheart. You were so quiet I came to see if everything is ok.”

“Hey, handsome.”

Liz turned and wrapped her hands around Max’s neck. She placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“Everything is fine. I checked on the kids and they’re all tucked in. How are the presents?”

“They’re all set for little hands to rip into them.”

“Goodness and they’ll do just that. So, Santa, what am I getting for Christmas”

“Have you been a good little girl?” Max asked her with a smile on his lips.

“Well, Santa, I’ve been a good little girl with a naughty streak. Does that count?”

“Hmm, that depends who were you naughty with?”

“Only my husband who I love and adore.” Liz whispered against Max’s lips.

She pressed her lips to his and conveyed her love to him.

“Mmm, that was excellent. Well little girl as is happens I do have a special gift for you. Actually I have several, but the one I’m giving you in advanced is this. You know that little cabin in the woods that has so many memories for us?”

“Yes, many lovely memories. What about it?”

“We now own it and will be leaving in two days to relive those memories and make some more just the two of us for two weeks.”

“Max, really?”


“But who’s going to look after the kids?”

“Our parents will be here tomorrow to take care of our little terrors.”


Liz started jumping up and down. She jumped into Max’s arms and started peppering his face with kisses.

“This (kiss) is (kiss) the (kiss) best (kiss) gift (kiss) I (kiss) ever (kiss) got (kiss) from (kiss) you (kiss) aside (kiss) from (kiss) the (kiss) kids.”

The last kiss was right one his lips full of passion.

“Wow remind me to surprise like this more often.”

“Well, I think I’m going to have to show you my appreciation.”

She grabbed his hands and led him into the livingroom in front of the fireplace. They quickly helped each other strip their clothes off. They exchanged kisses and caresses. Liz looked into Max’s eyes as she lowered her body and enveloped his shaft within her core. Both sighed felling complete.

“I love you Max.”

“I love you Liz. Thanks for happily ever after.”

With that he sealed Liz’s lips with his and rode the wave of love, loosing themselves in each other.


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