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Beautiful daughter

Author: Nicola Clarke

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of its characters

Summary: This is the sequel to Infatuation, If you’re interested in reading this fic I highly suggest you read that one first. It’s up to you of course you don’t have too.
Quick recap: Max is a billionaire, Liz is his new wife, she is nearing five months pregnancy and they are on their honeymoon in Paris right now. They have to go live in Thailand on the eleventh of January, which is in a few days. Maria is still in Paris with Michael but everyone else has gone back to New York.


Liz lay on her back on the bathroom floor. Her eyes were lazily watching Max’s naked form through the frosted shower door. She washed him soap his arms, legs, feet, chest and backside, god she wished she could get up and join him.
“Sweet, sweet, the memories you gave’a me,
You can’t beat, the memories you gave’a me.
Take one fresh and tender kiss, add one stolen night of bliss,
One girl, one boy, some grief some joy, memories are made of this.”

Her legs were bent and her feet were flat on the floor, she was wearing only a bra and her underwear. On the stereo out in their bedroom Dean Martin was playing; Liz needed to listen to him lately. It made her want to dance in the rain though.
She wasn’t feeling well right now and she couldn’t be bothered moving. Of course Max was nice about it and made sure she was comfortable in bed before he went and had his shower.
Liz wasn’t having any of it, if she couldn’t join him in the shower she was going to watch him. She crawled into the bathroom and sprawled out on the floor. That’s where she was now.
He didn’t know she was there yet. He would most probably be mad at her when he got out and saw her there.
Liz sighed and closed her eyes, imagining that she was in there soaping his taut muscles.
Right now she wished she wasn’t pregnant. What good was a honey moon if you couldn’t make love to your soul mate twenty-four seven?
She wanted to get up; she wanted to not feel sick.
Max suddenly popped his head out of the shower door and looked down at her, “Liz,” he sighed, “What are you doing on the bathroom floor?”
Her brown eye’s filled with tears, “I’m watching you in the shower because I can’t join you,” she whimpered.
Max’s eye’s filled with sympathy, “Oh honey.” He turned off the shower and opened the door quickly, “You funny woman,” he grabbed the towel he had put on the tiled floor and dried himself then rapped it around his waist. Closing the shower door and bending down to scoop her into his arms he carried her back into their bedroom and walked over to their big bed.
He pulled the blanket’s back and lay her down gently, “Beautiful you should stay in bed,” he shook his head, “no pregnant wife of mine is lying on the cold bathroom floor.”
She sniffled.
He wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her eyelids, “Are you feeling better?” he whispered.
Liz didn’t answer; she just curled into his side and rested her head on his lap. He brushed her long hair behind her ears, “What can I do to make it better?” he asked.
“Sing to me,” she answered in whisper.
Since Dean Martin was already on, he just sang along with him, the bit’s he knew anyway.
“How lucky can one guy be? I kissed her and she kissed me,
Like a fellow once said, ain’t that a kick in the head?
The room was completely black, I hugged her and she hugged back,
Like a sailor said, quote: ain’t that a whole in the boat?”

Max had heard this CD a lot in the last few days.

Liz chuckled, “You sweet man,”
He smiled and leant down to kiss her, “Get some sleep.”
“I’m not tired,” then she was out.
Max shook his head and pulled the blanket up her body, “Sure you aren’t,” he whispered. He moved her head so it was back on the pillow then stood up and went to turn the music off.
The music was starting to get annoying now but Liz had been craving it through her pregnancy and he would put up with it.
Today was the seventh and they had till the ninth before they had to leave. They had to go home and move her things and get them to Thailand before the eleventh. Max got dressed, checked on Liz again then went down stairs to order some food.
He ran into Michael and Maria in the lobby.
“Is Liz feeling better?” Maria asked.
“I think so, she’s resting right now,” Max shoved his hands in his pockets, “What have you two been up to?”
“Oh you know kicking back enjoying the French people,” Michael smirked. They were trying to stay out of Max and Liz’s way since it was their honeymoon. They didn’t even want to stay in France but Liz insisted they did.
“Well I hope your having a good time,” Max rubbed his forehead, “I’m going to get some food, see you around.”
“Yip, bye!” Maria took Michael’s hand and they walked away.

Max went and bought some pizza and chips and drink then went back up stairs to his wife. Wife he really loved the sound of that, he smiled.
Liz was awake when he walked into their suit; she was sitting up with her back against the backboard.
She saw the food and let out a groan, “Oh thank god I’m starving,”
Max smirked, “I thought you might, are you feeling better?” he walked over and put his hand on her forehead.
“I feel one hundred percent better,” she smiled brightly as if to prove it, “but I’m starving, I’m so glad you brought food,” she kissed him then jumped off the bed and headed over to the table to grab a shirt. She pulled one of Max’s shirts and walked back to the bed, “Come up here,” she instructed patting the mattress. He pulled off his shoes and sat in the middle of the bed with her. They both crossed their legs, “Hmm pizza,” Liz moaned.
Max chuckled, “Here,” he opened the box and picked up a piece of pizza and handed it to her.
She thanked him then dug in; she hadn’t eaten since yesterday lunch time.
“I ran into Michael and Maria downstairs,” Max ate a hot chip,
“Yeah?” Liz ate happily, “Are they having fun?”
“Mmm hmm.”
“At least some one is, I’m sorry I’ve been all-sick and bla,” she stopped eating.
“No! No Liz!” he shook his head and put his drink down down, “I don’t mind and even if I did it’s not your fault! Your pregnant, everything your going through is insignificant to what we are going to have,” he smiled.
Liz bit her lip, “Your not even a little bit disappointed?”
“I’m a guy, I’m a little…” he didn’t finish, “I am fine, all I care about is how you are,”
Liz put down her food and crawled over to him, he stopped chewing, “Liz…”
She kissed him and pushed him onto his back,
Max put his head back, “Liz…I am fine..”
Liz shook her head and looked down at him, “What you think I’m doing this for you, big man?” she pulled his shirt over his head, “I need some relief too you know.”
Max laughed, “I thought you were hungry?”
She reached for his belt, “I am,” she smiled, “Just not for food anymore.”

“When the moon hit’s your eye like a big pizza pie…” Liz sang to herself on the way to Le pre’ Catelan a restaurant a while away from their hotel, the hotel saint-merry. Max had his head back; he was resting his eyes.
Liz kissed him, “darling,” she said, “Tell me about the biggest crush you’ve ever had.”
“Why?” Liz touched his Adam’s apple as it went up and down.
“I want to know,” she smiled.
Max opened one eye, “Her name was Sarah, it was the seconds year of high school.”
Liz let out a big ‘AWE,’ “was she beautiful?”
Max laughed, “Do we have to talk about this?”
Liz nodded, “We’re just talking Max, Mr. Serious.
“Okay I’ll tell you,” he swallowed, “I thought she was beautiful at the time, yes.”
Liz looked down at her high heal shoes with a smile, “I really loved this guy named Ryan for so long,” she laughed, “When he asked me out I was so happy.”
Max raised his eye brows, “And?”
“And?” Liz looked back at him, “He just wanted in my pants,” she snorted in disgust.
Max pursed his lips; “Did he get into these pant’s of yours?”
Liz laughed at him, “You can’t possibly be jealous?” she put her head back and laughed harder, “Yes he got into my pant’s but only once.”
Max shook his head.
“Oh like you weren’t a little horn dog in high school,” she rubbed his arm, “Were there thousands, millions before me?”
“Let’s not talk about this anymore.”
Liz was the one shaking her head this time, “Man-whore.”
Max laughed.
“I wish I’d waited till I met you,” Liz looked down at her hands that were stroking his arm.
Max turned to look at her with adoring eyes; “Really?” he asked sweetly, “I wish I had too.”
They shared a kiss.
“Can I ask you a hypothetical question?” She rested her head on his shoulder.
“If I were standing in a room with Sarah Michelle Gellar before you had ever seen me and before you ever talked to me, would you have come and over to me or her?”
Max rolled his eyes at her, “Sarah Michelle Gellar isn’t my type.”
“She isn’t?”
“I don’t know, she just isn’t.”
“Oh no,”
“What if it was Jennifer Anniston?”
“She can’t possibly not be your type as well!” Liz lifted her head and touched his chin,
“She isn’t my type.”
“You don’t like Sarah Michelle or Jennifer! What the heck is wrong with you? If they aren’t your type, who is?”
Liz blushed, “I don’t count.”
“And why not?”
“Because…it’s me.


Liz and Maria sat together drinking tea as Max and Michael put their luggage into the car,
“I don’t want to leave yet,” Maria dipped her biscuit in her tea.
“I kind of want to get settled and comfortable now,” Liz said honestly, “But a few days wouldn’t do me wrong.”
Maria nodded, “I need to get back and open the coffee shop.”
Max walked up and smiled, “You ladies ready to go?”
“Well I’m not but Liz is,” Maria stood up and picked up her leather jacket and bag.
Max took Liz’s hand and helped her up, “You feeling okay?” he placed a kiss on the back of her neck.
“I am feeling fabulous,” Liz glowed, she really did feel great today.
“Your sure about this?” he put her jacket on her shoulders and she put her arms through.

Michael was driving so Maria hopped in the front seat and Liz and Max hopped in the back.
“I want to go dancing,” Liz suddenly said as she pulled on her seat belt.
“Yeah me too!” Maria said, “When we get home let’s go clubbing.”
“Okay,” Liz reached across the seat and took Max’s hand.
“Not too late though,” Max smiled.
Maria rolled her eyes and Michael laughed.
“What?” Max asked.
Liz shook her head, “Nothing, Max darling.”

Michael went home to his house when they got back to New York. Max, Liz and Maria headed to Maria’s apartment.
“Go have a nap,” Max instructed Liz.
She lifted up her bag and Max took it off her.
“I’m pregnant not disabled!” Liz exclaimed getting annoyed, “Carrying my own bag is not going to harm or kill me.”
“I know,” Max’s voice showed how much he didn’t care. He could have been saying, ‘hand me the bread?’
He closed the boot and walked up the path to the house.
“Then stop treating me like a baby!” she called after him.
She went inside after calming down a little bit. She went straight to the kitchen to make a drink.
About ten minutes later she heard Max called her name from the bedroom. Maria was in her room unpacking.
She ambled over to her room, “Yes?” she asked.
Max was packing her things into boxes. He turned his face to her and said, “Did you want to take any furniture with you?”
Liz shrugged, “I didn’t think I’d be able to.”
“If you want to you can,” he taped up one of the boxes, “Anything?”
Liz bit her lip, “I guess I’d like to take my book case and that dresser,” she pointed to the big oak draws she kept her clothes in.
“Okay,” he smiled and continued putting things into boxes.
Liz had collected the boxes before they went to France for the wedding.
“Can I please do something?” she folded her arms, “It’s only putting things in boxes. It’ll get done so much quicker if we both do it.”
“Clothes,” he wasn’t looking at her, “You can do your clothes if you really want to.”
“YAY!” Liz said without much enthusiasm. She sat down on the floor with her legs out and open and heaved open her first draw.
“Liz,” Max squatted down behind her.
“What?” she continued to fold and stuff clothes into boxes.
Max pulled her hair away from her neck and pressed his lips to her sweet smelling skin, “Are you mad at me?” his hands went to rub her arms.
Liz couldn’t be anything when he was touching her like that. “You’re annoying me,” she said closing her eyes and pushing his hands away.
“I’m just looking after you,” he ran his fingers through her hair.
“I don’t need looking after!” she said, “Do you really think that I would do something to endanger our baby?”
“Of course not.”
“Well you treating me this way makes it come across like that,” she grabbed a shirt and shoved it into the box, “I can understand you being protective but I am a big girl I can look after myself! Tone it down a little will you?”
Max breathed in- did he just smell her?
“I can’t help it,” he suddenly said.
“Try!” Liz went to stand up but Max put his hands on her shoulders and held her down.
“Okay I’ll try,” he said, “And I am not protective because I think you’ll do something harmful to her, I am just protective of you because you mean everything to me,” he kissed her neck again, “And now so does our baby.”
“You only need to be this protective of me when I’m eight months pregnant.”
“Okay,” he turned her around to face him, “Don’t be annoyed at me anymore.”
“Will you stop being so protective?”
“I’ll try,”
“I’ll try not to be annoyed at you,” she tried not to smile.
He pecked her on the lips then stood up, “Am I allowed to ask if you want anything?”
“Yes,” she rolled her eyes and chuckled.
“Do you need anything?” he smiled like a little boy.
“No thank you.”

“Guess what?” Liz jumped over the couch and flung herself down on a pillow next to Maria who was watching Jerry Springer.
“What?” Maria was sucking on a block of chocolate.
“We decided on a name for our little girl,” Liz beamed.
“Oh my god you did?” Maria turned all her attention to Liz, “What is it?”
“We’re naming her after you, we are going to give her your middle name!” Liz jumped up and down on her bottom, “Lorraine!”
“Oh my god after me!” Maria was now jumping up and down, “I’m so happy!”
“I know!” they squealed and hugged each other.
“What’s her middle name going to be?” Maria asked.
“Lorraine Samantha Evan’s,” Liz said, “You like it?”
“I love it” Maria smiled, “And you can call her Lorry for short.”
“We can so!” Liz laughed.
Max was in the kitchen making dinner of enchiladas. They were leaving tomorrow at three-thirty.
“I’m so glad you called her Lorraine, if I could I would have that as my first name, it’s much better than Maria…”
“I know you would, that’s why we chose that one over Maria,” Liz smiled, “Max’s idea.”
“Max you sweet heart!” Maria exclaimed.
They heard him chuckle.

In the morning it was very hot. Liz buried her head in her pillow and groaned, this was not usual weather for this time of year.
Max rolled onto his back with his eyes closed and kicked the blanket’s off their bodies. Liz lifted her head breathed in the collapsed into Max’s awaiting arms. She pressed her forehead to his chest and rapped her arms around his waist.
They stayed that for a few long minutes before Max said, “God it’s hot in here.”
“I noticed,” Liz whispered.
Max untangled himself from her and went over to open the window. The sheets on the bed were tangled around Liz’s body and legs; “I fell awful.”
“Do you?” he immediately walked over to her and pressed his hand to her forehead.
“No, it’s just a headache,” Liz put her hands up to her face and brushed all her hair away from her lips and eyes. Max pressed his lips to her cheekbone, “I’ll get you a panadol.”
Liz swallowed, “OK, but put clothes on first.”
Max chuckled, “Don’t worry, I will.”
He came back a little while later and Liz sat up and rapped the sheet around her bare chest. He sat down on the side of the bed and handed her a glass of water and a pill to make the head ache cease to exist or at least relieve it slightly.
She swallowed it all quickly and thanked him.
Max went and stood by the window, the air outside was warm and muggy but the sky was gray.
Liz watched him close his eyes and breathe in all the cold air he could find. His muscles seemed to relax and his shoulders seemed to loosen.
Liz wanted him.
“Is it good?” she asked.
Max took a little while to answer, “it’s better then the heat in here,” he smiled.
Liz bit her lip, ‘come over here!’ her body cried.
He was not coming over here.
She put her head back and stared at the ceiling,
“Do you want me to get a fan?” he turned around and she shook her head,
“No I do not want that,” she drifted down, down and lay down on the bed. She pulled the sheet away from her body and put her hand on her swelling stomach. Max came over, climbed on the bed and put his hand over hers, “Is she kicking?”
“No,” Liz smiled. Max leaned down and placed kisses on her skin.
She arched into his touch and closed her eyes.
Max smirked, then climbed on top of her, he pressed his lips to hers and she reached down to pull off his boxers.
“I love you,” She whispered.

Later on, after breakfast, then showers, then finishing packing, Max went outside to help the removal guys lift the little bit of furniture into their truck.
Liz sat down on the steps in front of the doorway and watched them while she sipped on some tea.
She watched Max’s muscles flew and bulge as he lifted her dresser onto the truck, when he turned his head to check on her she blushed down and looked down at the cup in her hands.
Maria walked up behind her and yelled out, “Max put your shirt on will you? The neighborhoods having a perve!”
Liz turned her head and started down the street, many women were pretending to get their mail, Liz laughed.
It was so muggy Liz did not want to wear anything let alone a shirt.
“Don’t you ladies have anything better to do than perve at a MARRIED MAN?” Maria watched them look at her in shock, “Yeah I’m talking to you! Go inside would ya?”
Liz turned bright red, “Maria! Stop it!”
“Why?” She sat down next to her and rested her elbows on her knees, “Don’t you care that woman drool over him?”
I drool over him,” Liz continued to watch her husband.
“Yeah I can see that,” But aren’t you worried even a little bit? Thousands of woman are throwing themselves at Max Evan’s feet every day!”
“But I know Max doesn’t want them,” Liz frowned at her friend.
“He’s still a man Liz.”
“You know what?” Liz said ignoring her friend, “You may be good at fixing relationship problems but your just as good at causing them.”
Maria bit her lip, “Your right.”
Liz nodded and turned to look at Max again, he was just thanking the removal guys before they drove away. He came walking up the path with no shirt on and his dark blue, perfect fitting, jeans. Liz fought drool and a moan.
He squatted down in front of her and said, “What do you want for lunch, love?”
He was staring at her like no one else in the world existed, Liz knew he could be trusted because she could see it in every way he interacted with her.
She knew him well by now and half the time he didn’t even notice the stares and the flirting.
Filled with pride and love she leaned forward and kissed him. “I’ll have anything you give me,” she smiled.
He shook his head, “Some help you are,” he squeezed her hands once then stood up, “Maria what do you think we should have?”
“Noodles?” Liz looked at her questioningly.
“Yes chicken flavored noodles,” Maria stood up, “And I’ll make them.”
She walked inside and Max shook his head with a frown on his face.
“Come sit with me,” Liz took his hands and tugged him down to where Maria had been sitting.
He rapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him, “No second thoughts on leaving?” he buried his head in her neck and kissed her skin.
“No way,” Liz smiled, “I can’t wait to leave.”
“Really?” he lifted his head and rested his forehead on hers.
“Yes really,” she kissed his lips, “In fact, how long till we leave?”
“An hour and a half,” he kissed her, “I love you.”
She smiled brightly, “I love you too…” she looked down the street where a couple of nosy people were still watching, “But maybe you should gain some weight so everyone in the world doesn’t love you too.”
He chuckled, “They don’t love me,” he wanted to pull her on top of him, “You want me to be fat?”
“If you want to be fat that’s fine with me.”
He laughed, “Sure,” he pushed her down on her back so half of her body was on the carpet in the door way.
He started to tickle her and she jumped, “No oh my god, stop!”
“No,” he lay down half on top of her and pulled her shirt up to reveal her belly so he could tickle her more.
She giggled and tried to get away but he had his body weight resting on her.
“Max! no, stop, please stop!” she cried out.
He stopped but didn’t pull away.
“You mean man,” she caught her breath and closed her eyes. She felt his lips brush against hers, “You provoked me,” he breathed.
“Oh yeah how?” she closed her eyes and rapped her arms around his neck.
“You were being too wonderful,” he sucked lightly on her bottom lip and she groaned. “Sorry,” she said, “I didn’t mean to provoke you.”
She flicked her tongue out to stroke his and his mouth opened to give her access straight away.
Someone cleared their throat and they stopped dead. Liz opened her eyes.
Max got up off her,
“Erica? Sam?” Liz blushed and brushed her shirt down, “Nikkei?!”
“Yeah hi,” Erica and Nikkei blushed.
Sam laughed, “Way to go Ma…” Erica elbowed his ribs and he groaned.
Liz stood up and wiped her mouth, “It’s so good to see you guys, come in! Come in!” she led them inside and Max followed behind them all.
“Oh hey guys!” Maria noticed them from the kitchen and came out to hug them all. “Nikkei what are you doing in New York?”
“She’s staying with us. She wanted to move here, get an apartment,” Erica explained.
“Oh your first apartment?” Liz asked.
“Yes…” Nikkei blushed with a smile on her face.
“Do you have a job?” Maria asked.
“Not yet,”
“Well come work at the coffee shop with Sam and me! Now that Liz is gone we need someone else… you any good at Math and paying bills?”
“I’m decent at it. I can work a calculator,” Nikkei grinned.
Laughs. “You’re hired!” Maria and Liz both exclaimed.
“Really?” Nikkei asked delighted.
“Sure, why not?” Maria was happy she could do this for the young girl.
“Maria don’t feel like you have to,” Sam said.
“No way!” Liz rested her hand on Max’s; “Maria wouldn’t do that.”
“Never!” Maria shrieked, “I would love for her to come work with us!”
‘Oh thank you so much!” Nikkei cried.
“It’s my pleasure. So are you guys staying for lunch? We’re having noodles.”
“Noodles?” Erica asked.
“Um no, we don’t really have time. We just came around to say goodbye to Liz and Max,” Sam grinned.
“Oh,” Maria said, “Well okay then, more for us.”
“Yay,” Liz muttered under her breath.
Erica came over and hugged her, “We’ll see you when you get back, no?”
“Of course,” Liz smiled, “I’ll look forward to it.”
Sam hugged her next; “You are leaving this time right?”
Everyone laughed. “Yes I am leaving! Definitely,” Liz blushed.
“Oh in that case,” Sam hugged her tighter, “We expect you to come see us when you come into town. Even if it’s only for a little while.”
“Of course,” Liz nodded.
“Good, good.”
Erica kissed Max’s cheek “You have to take care of her and make sure she gets all her cravings. It’s important during a pregnancy.”
“You have nothing to worry about. I am most definitely looking after her.”
“Good man,” she patted his back and he chuckled.
Nikkei hugged Liz and said her good byes while Sam shook Max’s hand. “If she screams at you for laughing at the wrong time, it’s just hormones. It can get quite scary but you have to remember, H-O-R-M-O-N-E-S,
“Oh you!” Erica his arm, “Stop it! Max don’t listen to him.”
Max and Liz laughed. After they left the three of them sat down for lunch
At two-thirty they had to go to the airport.
When they got there it pretty much was exactly the same as last time:
Liz and Maria hugged, and hugged, and hugged…
“I’ll ring you some time this week okay? You know how to look after the coffee shop…”
“Yes I do, go! You’ve put this off for long enough,” Maria rolled her eyes, “I can’t believe I’m going to miss you pregnancy,” she gritted her teeth, “Max take heaps of photo’s!”
“I will,” he smiled.
“Good, now when you go into labor you have to call me,”
“I will.”
“Good, oh I’m going to miss you!” she hugged her tight.
Liz had tears in her eyes when she pulled away, “I’ll see you later.”
“Bye!” Maria kissed Max’s cheek, “Be good to her like I know you will.”
“Of course.” Max took Liz’s hand and they said goodbye to Maria one more time before leaving.
As they walked away Liz looked back and smiled and Maria smiled back.
“You still okay?” Max asked.
“I’m still okay,” she said.
They got to the boarding gate and handed in their tickets, “Still okay…?”
“STILL OKAY!” she chuckled, “Don’t worry I’m fine,” she kissed his cheek and they walked down the terminal into their new life.

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The house Max had in Chiangmai, Thailand was huge.
It was a three-story house with a tennis court, golf course, indoor swimming pool, gym, entertainment room, three bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a library, a huge dining room with a table that could seat over fifty people, there was even a ball room!
There were four maids and a chief on duty eighteen hours a day and the land around the house was enough to build a small town.
Liz was in shock; she did not expect all this.
“What do you think?” Max grinned and closed the door on the car they had just arrived in.
“Oh my god,” was all she said, “I think I’m going to faint.”
The weather was cool since it was January but Max explained how it would be hot around March to June when the baby would be born.
“It’s… it’s huge!” she cried, “You stayed here by yourself?”
“Yeah, but I tried not to be home much.”
Liz nodded, “It would be lonely here by yourself.”
They walked up to the front door and it opened- a small lady with long brown hair that went down her back greeted them, “Mr. Evan’s your home! And you brought your young wife? Congratulations by the way.”
Max smiled, “Liz this is Apinya she is the head maid here.”
“Hey Liz,” she smiled.
“Hi Apinya.”
They went inside and the helpers went and got their bags and things. Liz took off her sunglasses and marveled at the beautiful house. The floor in the front room was black and white checkered squares; “Max this is amazing.”
“It is isn’t it?” he took her coat off her shoulders and handed it to Apinya then took off his own, she walked away and Max took his wives hands, “I’ll show you around, come on.”
He led her into the dinning room first; it had a fireplace and olden day paintings on the walls. The long table was wood and polished; the chairs matched but had red velvet cushioning.
Next they went into the big kitchen where the chief was singing to his little radio, “Reminds me of Samuel,” Liz chuckled.
“Yeah,” Max agreed with a smile on his face.
They left before he noticed them.
The indoor pool was downstairs and was a large inviting room with towels folded and placed on a small table and big windows with heavy blue curtains that reached the ground. The walls appeared to be golden and the water in the pool appeared to be blue and sparkling. Liz reached down and graced her fingers along it; it was just the right temperature, cool but slightly heated.
“Nice huh?” Max smirked.
“Yes,” Liz straightened up and smiled at him, “I could never imagine better.”
The gym was just next door and it had a treadmill, weights, and several other exercise machines.
The entertainment room was round and had glass doors along half of it, their was a view of the gardens and verandah that you could sun bathe or lay out and relax on. The glass doors had light blue see-through curtains that blocked out no light.
There was a bed size couch that was also round and had a blue rug over it; there were several pillows.
They went upstairs to the bedrooms.
Their room was divided into three rooms by French doors; A sleeping porch with queen bed, a study area with desk and twin sleeper chair, and a private bath with jetted tub/shower;
The walls were wood furnish and the carpet and curtains were different shades of red.
“Do you think you’ll be comfortable enough here?” Max smiled.
“I know I will,” Liz sat down on the bed, “Do you have to work tomorrow.”
“For some of the day, yes.”
“Will I stay here?” she asked.
“Yes,” he cupped her chin then kissed her, “there’s plenty to do, don’t you think?”
“I can keep myself entertained for a few hours. I will finish looking around tomorrow, I am very tired.”
“Okay,” he squatted down and pulled off her shoes, “Do you want me to go get you something to eat before you go to sleep?”
“No thank you,” she kissed his forehead as he stood up again.
“Do you want anything?”
“No,” she smiled, “Just sleep.”
He unbuttoned the top of her pants and she lifted her body so he could slide them down her thighs.
He put the pants down on a chair near by and then pulled her cardigan off her and put it down with them. Next her shirt was gone and she was left in her bra and underwear. He rubbed her arms, “I have a few phone calls to make, get some sleep,” he kissed her.
She smiled and crawled down the bed and hopped under the covers, he came down the side of the bed and rested his forehead on hers, “I love you.”
“I love you,” she closed her eyes, “You will be here when I wake up?”
“I’ll do my very best.”
“Don’t you always?”

Liz woke up the next morning at eight-thirty. Max was not next to her. She pulled off the covers and rolled onto her back, where was he?
As if reading her thoughts the man himself walked out of the bathroom door newly dressed after having a shower. He was shaved, and smelt wonderful.
“Hey! You!” she propped herself up on her elbows, “Where do you think your going?”
He was doing up his tie and smiled when he realized she was awake.
“You must have gotten up early,” she yawned.
Max walked over and sat down on the bed next to her, “I did get up early, I have to go to the office.”
“Oh,” she yawned again and he took her hands in his and kissed them, he ran his lips over her wedding ring and her engagement ring that she kept on the same finger. It looked quite impressive.
“I’m sorry,” he let go of her hands and reached down to tuck her hair behind her ears, “You’ll be okay here, you can go swimming, play golf, watch movies play tennis, do anything!” he breathed in, ‘no wait not tennis, you have to take it easy.”
Liz chuckled, “Yeah I know, I’ll be fine. I’ll go for a walk around and check everything out. Don’t worry about me.”
“Nothing you could say will stop me from worrying about you,” he ran his hand over her belly and left it there, “I’ll ring when I get a chance.”
“Breakfast should be ready, do you want it brought up to you or do you want to eat down...?” she sat up and pressed her lips to his,
“I’ll eat down there after I’m dressed,” she rapped her arms around his neck and pressed her nose to his, “You can’t even stay for breakfast?”
“No I can’t, I wish I could…” she kissed him again.
“I understand,” she wanted to make love to him before he left but she could see that was not an option today. She would just have to wait till he got home.
He stood up and tucked his hands in his pockets, “I’ll see you later,” he smiled.
“Yes you will,” he kissed her once then hesitantly made his way to the door and left.

Liz got up a few minutes later and had a shower. She stood under the water soaping her body and spending extra time running her hands over her belly. She closed her hands and opened her mouth to soak in all the water, it felt so nice. She spent a whole twenty minutes just standing there and enjoying it. She thought about what she was going to do today and she thought about Max and wondered how often he would have to leave so early?
Would he have to leave this early every morning?
Well if he did she would just have to get up earlier and so would he; she did not want to accidentally sleep late then miss him. Waking up in his arms was one of her favorite things.
She turned off the water and reached out of the shower to grab a towel, I Max had to work every day what was she supposed to do?
Today would be okay since it was the first day and she had new territory to search but what about every other day?
She couldn’t clean like normal housewives because they had maids who already did everything. Plus Max wouldn’t want her cleaning because he wanted her to take it easy.
After drying herself and brushing her teeth she got into a light pink v-neck dress and brushed her hair straight. The maids had already put all her things into draws! She couldn’t believe it!
All of her things were out of the suitcase she had brought them in.
She walked downstairs and was greeted by the maids; they all introduced themselves and then led her into the dinning room.
“Would you like to eat here or maybe you would like to eat outside? The sun is shinning today and you can see the garden from the porch…?” Narnia a blonde girl who was taller than Liz gave her options as to what she would like to do.
“I’d love to eat outside,” Liz answered.
The porch was a concrete circle with a wooden table set out with a big green umbrella over the top. The maids milled around her fixing the seat and setting up her cutlery and food.
She felt like she was at a hotel.
Narnia’s blonde hair was twisted back on top of her head and she even wore a little waitress uniform like the others.
“Will you join me?” Liz asked, she wanted some company.
“I don’t think…” she smiled, “That wouldn’t be appropriate, I will bring you what ever you want though, do you need anything now?”
“No thank you,” Liz said quietly.
She walked away and that left Liz by herself with only the view to entertain her.

Throughout the day she read in the library, walked around the grounds and admired the gardens, ran on a treadmill in the gym and helped the cook in the kitchen. He insisted she didn’t but she wouldn’t listen. They made dinner for her and Max and then dessert.
At seven-thirty Max was still not home so she ended up eating by herself. She was not happy about this. Max had not called and if he had that would have been a little bit better but he hadn’t and that was not good.
She ate her chocolate moose in her sundae cup as she walked to the entertainment room, once she got there she put down her sundae and searched through the DVDs that were available for her use.
She decided to watch Meet Joe Black and put it on. She finished her sundae and watched the movie. By eight she was lying down and slowly drifting off.

Max came in and smiled, “Hey,” he said.
Liz opened her eyes and then closed them again, “What time is it?”
“Around eight-thirty,” he bit his lip, “Your mad at me.”
“I just want to know why you didn’t call,” she yawned and tucked her hands under her head.
“I went to call you at six to say I was going to be late but someone dragged me into a meeting,” he sighed, “you have every right to be mad and I am sorry.”
“You are a lot lately,” she wanted to stay awake so she fought to keep her eyes open.
Max rubbed his forehead and sat down on the edge of the bed, “It won’t happen again.”
“How do you know?” she asked.
“Because I won’t let it,” he reached out to touch her and she shivered. “Are you cold?”
“A little,” she said hoping he wouldn’t touch her burning skin.
He pulled the blankets up to her neck, “What did you do today?”
“I just fooled around here,” she yawned again.
“You relaxed right?”
She started to wake up more and reached out to take his hand, “I’m not mad I was just disappointed when you couldn’t eat the nice dinner me and Ryan the cook made.”
“You made…?”
“I wanted to help and after much persuasion I was allowed,” she ran his wedding ring up and down his finger,
“Now I’m even more annoyed I wasn’t able to get here,” he smiled, “I love your cooking,” he leaned down and kissed her, “I love everything about you.”
Liz blushed. She was mad at him before he arrived! She hated it how he did that to her. He did things wrong and then he would touch her and make everything else evaporate.
He touched her stomach, “How was the little rascal today?”
Liz laughed, “She was fine,” she rolled onto her back,
He pulled off his shoes and then his tie, which was loose already.
Liz waited impatiently for him to lie down.
Finally he too off his jacket and lay down next to her, “What are you watching?” he grabbed some pillows and propped himself up so she could rest her head on his lap.
“Meet Joe black,” she grinned, “Brad Pitt is so hot.”
“I’ve met him, he’s a nice guy.”
“Really?” Liz looked up at him.
“Yes,” he smirked, “can I ask you a question?”
“If I were standing in a room with Brad Pitt before you had ever seen me and before you ever talked to me, would you have come and over to me or him?”
Liz cracked up laughing; “Brad Pitt’s not my type.”
“Why not?”
“Okay I lie, he is my type but I probably would have gone up to both of you,” she playfully bit his stomach, “Isn’t he married to Jennifer Anniston?”
They both laughed.
“Come here,” she tugged on his arm, she wanted him to lie on top of her.
“I’m too heavy,” he said quietly.
“No you’re not,” she protested.
He lay down on top of her but held himself up with his hands.
She kissed him, “Tell me about your day.”
“Which part? The part when I was…” he kissed her, “Thinking about you all the time or the bit when I was longing for you all the time?”
“Both,” she shifted so she could kiss his neck and breathe him in.
“Well,” his hands began to wonder, “I never had a lunch break so I didn’t have time to come and see you, I will have one tomorrow.”
His hand went up her top and Liz smiled in satisfaction, “Will you leave as early tomorrow morning?”
“I only had to leave this early because it was the first day back, I won’t have to again,” he fondled her nipple through her bra,
“What time will you have to leave?”
“Nine-thirty or ten,” he brought his hand out from under her shirt and went to pull it over her head.
Liz stopped him by putting her hand over hers, “No,” she whispered nearly inaudibly.
Max was shocked to say the least, “What’s wrong?” he asked with worried eyes, “Are you okay your not in pain are you?”
Liz shook her head, “No I just…” she bit her lip.
“Tell me,” he looked worried, “Did I do something wrong?”
“No, no you didn’t do something wrong,” she wouldn’t look him in the eyes.
He got up off her and stared at her worried, “You just don’t feel like…?”
“No,” she fought a smile, “I do I just…”
She was being silly she knew she was but she couldn’t help it,
“Can we just leave my top on?” she whispered.
Max raised his eye brows, “Of course… why?”
Liz blushed and looked down at her hands, she felt so silly.
“Liz?” he cupped her cheek, “You can tell me anything right?”
“Yes, I’m just embarrassed.”
“Embarrassed? It’s me! Why would you be embarrassed? Of what?” he was so kind.
“Mybody,” she said quietly at once, “Itsbiganduglyrightnow because of the baby.”
Max had trouble understanding her but he got the picture.
He took her hands and pulled her up so she was sitting up, “Oh no,” he smirked, “Your not…?” chuckles, “Your not worried about me not liking your body like this are you?” more chuckles, “Your not are you?” he started to laugh.
“What?” Liz frowned at him, “What is so funny!” she hopped up off the couch and huffed, “I don’t find it very funny, there is nothing funny about any of this!”
“Liz you’re being very silly.”
“Oh I’m sure,” she rolled her eyes, “Your not the one who has to out on about two stone and be as big as a house! Maybe if I were in your situation I may find it funny to see me like this but it’s not nice for me!”
Max shook his head, he was trying not to laugh, he wasn’t being very nice but he couldn’t help it.
“Liz, Liz, Liz.”
“What, what, what?” she folded her arms over herself, “I don’t want you to…” she whimpered, “Find me unattractive.”
“Never,” Max said quietly, “No way Liz! You know that I love your body, stop this,” was this to do with hormones?
Liz had been pretty good with her hormones, sure she cried quite frequently and sometimes yelled at him for nothing but it wasn’t very often. He didn’t have much experience with pregnant woman and he didn’t quite know what to say to make it better. If he told her the truth, which he will soon, she would just need to hear it again tomorrow when she was self conscious about herself yet again. He wished he had some magical powers to make her better, he hated seeing her doubt herself and sometimes even him.
“Liz honey,” he reached out and took her hands in his, “Come on, I adore you. If you put on seventy-nine pounds I would still love you, I see you as perfect. Don’t you understand that? No one compares to you. No one could satisfy me more than you can,” he smirked, “Come here, let me see your beautiful breasts and stomach.”
“No,” a tear dripped down her cheek.
“Yes,” he tugged her to him and yanked at her top, it came off easily.
She tried to cover herself.
He ran his warm hands over her belly and then her breasts, “God your so beautiful,” he brought his stubble-covered cheek up to her skin and ran it up and down. It caused her to shiver.
“Tell me again,” she said almost in whispered.
Max ran his lips up and down over her navel and above it, “You’re an angel sent from heaven aren’t you? You have me convinced you are, no ones as perfect as you,” he smiled, “Come her, lie down on top of me will you?” he lay down on his back and helped her up. She sat down on his stomach, “Am I heavy?”
Yes, “No of course not sweet heart,” he unbuttoned the top of her pant’s, “I’ll show you how much I love you, no?”
“Yes,” Liz wiped her eyes.
She lifted her bottom so he could pull the pant’s down, she helped him. She got up on her knees and pulled them down her thighs and then stood up and pulled them down all the way.
“Pant’s are annoying, how about you forever wear a skirt?” he smirked like a horny man would.
Liz shook her head, “Even when it’s cold?”
“Even when it’s cold,” he watched her pull off her underwear.
“I was wearing a dress today but I changed.”
He lifted his head and groaned, “Why…? Ow,”
“What’s wrong?” she frowned, “Is your neck sore, I’ll massage it, turn over.”
“It’s fine. What do you know about massages?”
“I know enough, turn over, turn over my love. Take off your shirt,” she smiled, “No let me.”
After the shirt was gone he rolled onto his back and she sat down on his bottom, “Tell me if I’m hurting you,” she ran her fingers up and down his neck and pressed them against the middle slightly. He groaned, “That hurts.”
“Your working too hard, your body doesn’t like it,” she chuckled, “Maybe you should retire and stay home making love to your wife all day.”
“Not a bad life, I would love to live it,” he closed his eyes and shuddered at the feel of her hands all over him.
“I know you would,” she leaned down and kissed his backbone, “Does that feel nice?”
A moan was her reply.
“Let me take your pant’s off,” she got off him slightly and he raised his body so she could reach under and undo the button. Once it was undone she pulled them down to his knees, “Lift up,” she instructed. He lifted his knees and she pulled them down the rest of the way, his checkered boxers were all that was left.
“Again,” she chuckled. Max did as he was told and lifted his body again so she could remove them too. Once they were gone she sat down on his back and rubbed herself against him. They both found it strangely arousing.
“Hmm,” Max moaned, “What are you doing to me?”
“You like that?” she reached behind her back and undid her bra, “It feels good?”
“It feels good,” he said quietly. She leaned down and rubbed her bare breasts against his back, “I love you,” she nibbled on his ear.
“Yes me too, do that again,” he opened his mouth and kept from moaning at what she was doing to his back, why was it so nice?
“This?” she rubbed her breasts and heat up and down and heard him groan low in his throat, “Turn over.”
“No,” he moaned.
“Please?” she ran his fingers through his hair.
He rolled over and she sat down on his chest, naked and beautiful before him. She was a raven beauty.
He looked at her adoringly “hmm marry me you wonderful woman.”
“We are already married,” she smirked.
“Really? Your mine?” he smiled, “Come here let me feel your breasts on my chest.”
She lay down and buried her head in his neck, “Feels good?” he asked.
“Yes,” she kissed his chin, “It feels good.”
“Don’t feel that your body won’t satisfy me ever again, Liz, love, honey,” he kissed her forehead, he wanted to make sure she wasn’t still questioning herself, “You,” he ran his hands up her back, “are everything I could dream of and more. Actually my pathetic imagination couldn’t conger up anything as extraordinary as you.”
She rested her forehead, “Thank you,” she blushed.
“No…” he smiled lifting her off him and pinning her to the bed, “Thank you.”

The next morning Liz was awoken by the sun shinning in on her face, her eyes twitched and she reached up to rub them.
Her body didn’t seem to want to wake up yet so a series of pains ached in her legs and arms for a few annoying minutes. Sighing and wanting to move she kicked her leg up and bent it so it sprung out of the warm blanket, she twisted her ankle around until it clicked then put her leg back under the blanket. She did the same for her other leg then let her body get used to moving again after a long night. Max’s arm was spread out over her stomach and when she felt the baby kick his arm twitched, she chuckled and reached down to touch his muscles.
The entertainment room was beautiful to wake up in; the sun shinned in through the glass doors and hit the chiffon-like material that was used as curtains, it made the room glisten with blue and white.
It wasn’t muggy and it wasn’t cold but it would be nice to feel a breeze on her face and body right now. Lifting Max’s arm and slipping of the bed she quietly made her way over to the glass doors and opened a set of them, when she turned around Max was lying on his side watching her. She blushed and crossed her arms over herself, the baby chose this moment to kick again.
She jumped in shock and moved her hands to touch the spots that were being affected; subconsciously she wandered back over to the big couch bed and sat down on the side.
Max rolled onto his belly and reached out with his hand to touch her stomach, it vibrated just as his fingers grazed her skin. He smiled in awe.
Liz put her hand over his and rubbed his knuckles with her fingers, “Hmm,” he sighed.
She lifted her legs up onto the bed and lay down on her back so he could continue to adore her stomach and what they had created. The whole experience of pregnancy and childbirth seemed so surreal.
She closed her eyes at the feel of his fingers caressing her skin, “That feels so nice Max.”
He smiled and rested his head on her chest as he caressed her skin. Liz felt herself start to drift off and not wanting to she sat up and Max moved his head away quickly, he had obviously been drifting off too.
He looked half-asleep as he licked his lips and put his head down on the cushions. Liz thought he was so adorable.
She touched his bare chest with her hand and he opened one eye tiredly; a yawn escaped his lips.
She smiled and crossed her bare legs, “Maybe you should sleep till nine, nine-thirty,” she blinked, “When you leave.”
“No, I’m up,” more yawns, “Just give me a few minutes.”
Liz chuckled, “Go back to sleep love,” she got up off the couch and walked over to the DVD’s, “I’ll just watch,” she flicked through them, “A bugs life in the other room.”
They both smirked.
“Come here funny girl,” he held his sagging arm out to her and then not being able to contain it’s weight dropped it back onto the cushions.
Liz leapt onto the couch and crawled over to him, “Want to go take a bubble bath?” she grinned sheepishly, “I’ll wash your whole body with soap and then I’ll wash your hair.”
“Sounds nice,” he wanted to get up but couldn’t find the strength yet, “I can’t move my body.”
“Okay I’ll move it for you,” she crawled off the couch and tugged at his arm. He didn’t move five millimeters.
“Come on honey!” she cried, “How are you supposed to go to work like this? Maybe you should call in sick,” she was grinning again.
“I’m not sick,” he sat up slightly, “And it’s only…” he looked at the time on the VCR and then back at her, “Seven-forty eight. I do not have to work till ten! Why am I awake?”
“Because your wife want’s to wash you,” she was very happy this morning, very bubbly. “Look I’ll go get the bath ready and you lie down and let yourself wake up.”
She pulled on her shirt and pants then left the room.
When she came back Max was asleep.


“So what’s it like?” Maria asked.
“Well…” Liz bit her lip, “I love being here with Max but I am quite bored when he’s not around! I mean he won’t let me do anything, he just wants me to relax but how am I supposed to do that? It is so boring.”
Maria laughed, “Well you have a indoor swimming pool, a beach not far away, a library, golf and a GYM! I think you’ll find something to do.”
“But the novelty of all that is wearing down now that it’s been over a week, I don’t want to say anything to him because he has enough pressure over work as it is. He’s so tired when he gets home from work, we haven’t been together intimately in nearly a week.”
“A week that’s got to be a record!” Maria laughed into the phone, “don’t worry Liz you’ll start to get used to it and it’ll be fine. Jeesh I wish I could hang around doing nothing all day. Stop complaining.”
“I’m not complaining,” Liz said, “I hope I get used to it. For my sake.”
“You will! Why don’t you try and make friends? Go see the neighbors and introduce yourself, tell Max to throw a business party, do something!”
“Okay, okay I’ll go see the neighbors even though it will probably take me twenty minutes to walk there.”
“Why are you going to see the neighbors?” Max walked into the kitchen where she was sitting talking into the phone. He kissed her forehead then said, “This house is too big it takes me five minutes to find you,” he smiled.
“Your home early!” she kissed his lips. She was overjoyed it was only five-thirty!
“Good huh?” he walked over to the stove and looked around, “Where’s the cook? What’s for dinner?”
“I said he could go home and have a break.”
“Liz!” Maria called trying to get her attention.
“Max home?”
“Yes,” Liz answered, “Max is home.”
“Say hey Max you horn dog!”
Liz rolled her eyes, “Max, honey, Maria says hi.”
“Hi Maria,” Max looked up, What’s for dinner then?”
“I’ll make something in a second Max. I didn’t think you’d be home this early.”
“I’m starving now,” he whined, “I’ll make something.”
“I’m sorry!” Liz said, Max didn’t say anything.
“Is Max not letting you do anything again?” Maria asked.
“No, I think he’s annoyed at me for letting the cook go home early,” Liz bit her lip.
“Tell him your wearing a skirt,” Maria laughed.
Liz doubled over.
Max was shuffling through the pantry trying to find something to cook.
“How’s the coffee shop?” Liz asked.
“It’s good, the same as usual, I’m handling it fine… don’t give it a second thought,” Maria said, “Nikkei is doing well too, she’s fitting in perfectly.”
“That’s good,” Liz said watching Max get things ready for whatever he was making, “So no proposal from Michael yet?”
Maria laughed, “Nope.”
Max also laughed.
“What a shame, give him a whack over the head. As my mother said we aren’t going to be young forever. Oh! Max proposed to me after my mom had stayed Michael will do the same for you.”
“Hmm,” Maria was grinning into the phone, “You don’t think he’s going to just drag me along for three years and then leave me to be a twenty-eight year old non married worker do you?!”
“No Maria I don’t think he’ll do that.”
“I guess I’m in no hurry right now…” Maria sighed.
“Really? Why do I not believe you?”
“Haha! Leave me alone Mrs. Married Evan’s.”
“Yes that’s right I’m married,” Liz got up off the stool she was sitting on and walked over to Max, “Maybe you should hurry up and catch up to me.”
“Shut up!” Maria cried.
“I’ve got to go to the bathroom, talk to Max for a little bit kay?”

When Liz came back she walked over to Max again and heard the last bit of their conversation.
“Bye Maria I’m glad you and Michael are doing great, yes I think he’ll ask you to marry him and I’m glad you brought a new top that you love, bye!” he handed the phone back to Liz and frowned at her, “Boy that girl can talk…”
Liz laughed then leaned up to peck his lips, “I love you,” she grinned. Max pinched her ass as she walked back over to her stool.
“Speaking of wedding’s, do you have me and Max’s wedding photo’s done yet?”
“Yeah they are on their way to you as we speak. Your parent’s and Max’s parent’s got some too. They are really beautiful! You’re going to love them.”
“Oh I hope so! I need something to frame and stick on the wall so it looks like the person who lives in this house actually has friends. I’ve got a couple of you up and one of my parent’s but that’s it. How sad is that?”
“Very, I stuck one of me at the wedding by the television here, it’s the best photo of me.”
“Yeah?” Liz smiled, “Cool.” Max walked up to her, ‘Taste this,” he ran his finger over the spoon in his hand and covered it in peanut stir-fry sauce then held it up to her mouth. She licked his finger, “Nice?” he asked.
“Hmm god yeah,” she emitted a small moan. Max leaned up to her, “You have a little… something…” he brought his lips near hers, “Maybe I should just…”
“What?” she smirked, “Right here?” she put her finger up to her lips.
“Yeah, let me get… rid of that for you,” he kissed the side of her mouth and licked the sauce away, “That’s better,” he breathed out.
“Liz!” Maria called out, “I’m still here!”
“Maria I have to go, I’ll call you later.”
“What… no Liz, but…!” Liz hanged up and rapped her arms around Max’s neck and brought his lips to hers.
They kissed passionately but were interrupted by Max’s stomach grumbling.
Liz chuckled against his lips, “Come on let’s eat first.”
“Okay,” he walked back over to the stove and served up the food onto plates.
“How come your home so early anyway? I thought you had a meeting tonight?” Liz got out some cups and knives and forks.
“It’s been postponed till tomorrow morning,” He picked up the plates and they went outside to the porch to eat. Liz put the knives and forks down then went back inside and came back a few minutes later with two candles and some matches.
She put leaned over her chair and put the candles on the table then lit them. Max could smell her wonderful scent and couldn’t resist placing a kiss on her shoulder.
She sat down next to him and Max put his hand on her belly quickly, “Anything new?” he asked.
He asked that every day when he got home. It was his way of making sure he wasn’t missing out on everything, Liz wished he didn’t have to work so much.
“I’m just getting bigger,” she sighed, “I’m fat, fat, fat, fat.”
“Your pregnant.”
“I’m gonna be the size of a house!”
“Your pregnant!”
“SO?” she cried, “Oh god Max I feel like a bloated fish or something.”
He touched her arm, “I love bloated fish then,” he smirked.
Liz frowned at him, “Max…”
“You don’t know what it’s like! It’s horrible.”
“But it’s for something wonderful? Isn’t being like this worth it?”
“I guess but it’s still horrible,” she picked up her knife and fork.
“When do you need a check up?” he asked worried, “I want to be there, I will not miss that.”
“Find out when you can have a day off and we’ll go,” she scooped some food into her mouth.
“Okay,” he smiled. After a few minutes he suddenly asked, “Oh what was that about the neighbors when I walked in?”
“Oh that… that was nothing,” she said.
“Okay it was just because Maria was telling me to make friends so I can have someone to spend my time with while you’re at work. By chance, we don’t need to throw any business parties do we? I could meet some of the woman who have to stay home during the day…”
“You should go meet the neighbors, they are nice people. I don’t know if we should have a party while your pregnant…”
“No Max, it might be good for your business anyway wouldn’t it? I mean when was the last time you threw one? Not while I’ve known you.”
“It would be good but I don’t know…”
“Oh please! I’ll get everything sorted out and make sure it’s okay with the maids that they work and the chief. Please?” She turned all her attention to him, “And I can meet everyone. Your not ashamed of me are you…?”
“Ashamed of you? You’re crazy. I’ll think about the party okay? I’m not promising anything…”
“Oh yay thank you!” Liz kissed his cheek.
“I didn’t say ye…” he just shook his head and continued eating.
Liz thought about all the stuff she would have to do with excitement. She would have to make invitations and arrange entertainment and decorations and food! She was so happy she would have something to do!

Michael and Maria were lying on his bed in his apartment and Maria kissed his chest, “Do you ever want to have kids?”
Michael swallowed, oh no, not that conversation. “I don’t know I guess.”
“Just not right now?” she asked.
“Yeah not right now.”
“Don’t worry I’m not asking you to have kids or anything I’m just talking.”
What a relief, “Oh I knew that.”
She sat up and rapped the blanket around her shoulders to cover her naked body, “I love you Michael.”
Michael didn’t know what to say. Not wanting to leave her sitting there he quickly said, “Thank you.”

“He said WHAT?” Liz cried into the phone.
“He said thank you!” Maria screamed, “I can’t believe it! Could he be more of a guy? I mean shit! thank you I don’t need to hear thank you! We’ve been going out for how long now? If he doesn’t even love me what the hells the point?”
“I’m sure he does Maria,” Liz walked into the poolroom, “Don’t be to upset. Why don’t you just ask him if he thinks the relationship is going anywhere? Say to him, if he doesn’t want to become anything more than your not going to waste your time.”
“But what if he’s doesn’t love me?”
“He will! You know he’s a total not talk about my feeling’s person, just talk to him. Okay call me when you have?”
“Okay bye, wish me luck.”
“Good luck!” Liz said before hanging up the phone. She put it down on the table near the pool and pulled the clip out of her hair.

As she walked up to the pool edge an idea came to mind. She dismissed it, she really shouldn’t I mean what if one of the maids came in?
She bit her lip; it was her house she was allowed to swim naked if she wanted to. She pulled down one of the straps on her bikini, “Oops,” she smirked.
She paused- it really wasn’t appropriate. Was it?
“So what?” she said out loud, she was slightly amused at herself.
She slipped the other strap off her shoulder then reached behind her back and unclipped the plastic clip holding the material on her. It fell to the ground and she looked down at herself, she sure had grown in the chest area lately. She slid the underwear off and stood at the edge of the pool completely naked, this caused her to blush. What happened to spontaneous skinny dipping Liz, why was she being so shy?
Had to have something to do with this pregnancy, she dismissed it and dived into the pool. The water felt so good, it enveloped her like a big cool blanket, she felt her whole body jut relax and take a big…sigh?
Today was the twentieth of February and it was just another day of her being home alone.

She had gone to see the neighbor and the first time a few days ago and the owners where not home, the second time a lady called Allen was home. They only had one neighbor, because they were the last house on the street.
It had been a great visit.

“Hello can I help you?” The maid had led her through the house to a verandah where a woman with red curly hair sat drinking juice and watching a little girl jump around in the pool.
“I’m Liz, Max’s wife, your neighbor? I just wanted to come around and introduce myself,”
“Oh!” she stood up, “I heard he’d got married! It’s nice to meet you, she held her hand out and Liz shook it, “I’m Allen.”
The lady was lanky and her bones and chin were pointy. She had sparkling green eyes but they were dimmed right now by the red around the rims. Liz guessed she may have been crying but didn’t feel she had the right to ask if she was okay yet.
Liz just smiled and said, ‘It’s nice to meet you.”
“Sit down and join me! Do you want a drink?”
“Sure, why not?” Liz brushed down her dull-pink v-neck sun dress and took a seat.
“Lee!” Allen cried out, “Come here please! Liz want do you want for drink?”
“What your having looks great,” Liz put her sunglasses on top of her head.
“No you can’t have what I’m having,” her eyes darted to Liz’s stomach, “no one’s meant to know it has vodka in it, so shhh.”
Vodka, red eyes? Liz hoped she wasn’t Liz suspected she may be, “Okay a normal orange juice will be fine.”
Lee walked up, he was a butler/ maid person, “Yes miss?”
“Will you please get Liz a orange juice?”
“Anything else?” he asked.
“Do you want something to eat…?” Allan asked, “No wait, Lee bring us a piece of chocolate cake each will you?”
“I don’t nee…” Liz didn’t get to finish what she was saying.
“Let’s eat naughty aye? Thanks lee.”
Once Lee was gone Allen said, “So your pregnant! I was never told Max Evan’s was going to be a father!” she shook her head, “How far along are you?”
“Just over five-months,” Liz couldn’t help but put her hands on her belly.
“Oh, do you know if it’s a boy or girl?”
“Yeah, it’s a girl, Lorraine Samantha Evan’s.”
“That’s so beautiful! Did you come up with that?” Allen asked. Lee came back and placed a piece of cake and a drink in front of Liz then left again.
“No actually it was Max’s idea too, he said Lorraine and I said Samantha so yeah…” Liz looked out at the pool, “Is she yours?” she motioned to the little girl who looked around seven.
“Yes she is, her name is Nina,” Allan smiled, “How old are you Liz?”
“I’ll be twenty six in two weeks.”
“So young,” she sipped her drink, “to be that young again…”
Liz smiled.

They talked for a couple of hours and Allan said that Liz was welcome to come around any time she liked in fact she would love it. They hit it off quite well but Liz still had that inclining feeling something was wrong, she never asked about it.
She left Allan’s house at four-thirty feeling very happy and very full of food. That night when Max got home she couldn’t stop talking about how happy she was that she now knew someone.

They had been talking about the party they were going to throw and decided not to do it until the eleventh of March so Liz could relax and get things done for it.

Now here she was relaxing and doing work, she had gone back to see Alan again yesterday but she wasn’t home.

Liz dived under the water again and swam along the bottom with her arms out. She couldn’t the last time she had swum in a swimming pool like this; she hadn’t felt like swimming the whole time she had been here until now. She would definitely have to start doing this more often. When she came up for air Max was standing at the edge of the pool with a big smile on his face.
“What are you doing here?” she ran her hands through her wet hair and puffed the water away from her face.
“What no, ‘welcome home honey, I’m so glad to see you?’” he was grinning now.
“I’m ecstatic your home, but it’s only twelve-thirty, do you have the rest of the day off?” she rapped her arms around herself and stayed under the water up to her chin.
“I do, yes,” still with the grinning. Why was he looking at her like that?
“Really? You’re not lying?”
“I am not lying,” he crossed his arms, still grinning.
Liz frowned, “Why are you looking at me like that?” she blushed, “Keep looking.”
“I intend to,” he was so adorable, “You don’t do this every day do you?”
“Do what?” she bit her lip.
“Because there is no way I cold last through a whole day at work while knowing you were here like this,”
“Like what?” she was blushing even more now.
“Swimming… naked in this pool,” he shook his head, “Please tell me you don’t this every day.”
“Is that what you want to hear?” she knew this was turning him on. “I don’t do this every day.”
“You don’t?” he bit his lip to keep from grinning anymore but he couldn’t help it, “Thank god.”
Liz went under the water and swam closer to the side of the pool where he was standing. When she came up be was squatting down in front of the water, “Why don’t you join me?” she asked.
Max pursed his lips, it was taking every bit of energy he had not to jump in there fully clothed. He cleared his throat.
“Come on!” she flicked some water on his face, “I know you wanna.”
She lifted her arms from the water and reached for his shoelaces, she undid them and he stood up and stepped out of them.
He took off his jacket and put it down on the seats near by and then put his tie with it.
Liz waited impatiently, “I’m waiting,” she said.
Max shook his head, turned around walked over and jumped in still in his pants, socks and blue button-down shirt.
He came up from under the water and grabbed her arms, “Fast enough for you?” he teased.
“Your still dressed you crazy man,” she chuckled, “Yes fast enough, thank you.”
She unbuttoned his pants and tried to pull them down but it was quite hard in the water, he helped her. They got them down to his ankles and he kicked them off, leaving them to float in the water along with his boxers,
“Half a day off?” their lips found each others, “It must be a miracle.”
“Must be,” he smiled as she rapped her legs around his waist. She started unbuttoning his shirt, “Did you go see Allan at all this morning?” he asked.
“No,” she undid the last button and pulled it off his shoulders, “I stayed in bed till eleven-thirty and then Maria rang and I stayed in there longer talking to her,” finally he was naked.
“Sounds nice,” they kissed again, “Are you feeling okay?”
“I’m feeling fantastic,” Liz rapped her arms around his neck and pressed her forehead to his, his hands wondered down to his arousal and he led himself inside of her quickly, “In fact,” she moaned, “Better than fantastic.”
He breathed into her mouth and moved forward a little so Liz’s back was against the pool edge.

Narnia wondered into the room and up to the table carrying a new bunch of towels, she didn’t notice Max and Liz until she was turning to leave, she gasped and blushed.
Max looked up and tried to keep from laughing, Liz blushed. Hopefully the water didn’t give away what they were doing?
Narnia quickly exited the room her face bight red. Max couldn’t help but laugh. Liz just shook her head; “Maybe we shouldn’t have maids?”
“Yeah they don’t seem to fit our life style do they?”
“Our lifstyyyyyyyyy,” he pulled out of her and thrust back in, “Our life style?” she panted.
He nipped her ear, “Yes,” he pulled himself out again and pushed himself back in again, they both moaned.
“Wait,” Liz’s voice came out quiet and weak.
Max pulled himself out; “yes?” he kissed her lips and slowly started pushing himself in again…
“What if, OH!” he thrust into her and she cried out.
“What if someone comes in?” she panted her whole body swimming in heat. They were making little waves in the pool.
“They won’t,” He pulled put and thrust into her again. They both felt the wave coming and they knew one more time would send them over the edge, he pulled out and they shared a hungry kiss as he pushed back in. Max moaned and Liz’s body shuddered.
“Thank you,” Liz panted burying her face in his neck.

posted on 4-Jul-2002 7:51:23 PM

Max sat his big desk in his office, his phone beeped, “Mr. Evan’s, Mrs. Evan’s here to see…”
His door opened and his beautiful wife grinned at him, “I told her she didn’t need to buzz me in…” she glanced at the woman sitting down across from his desk, “Opps, sorry,” she blushed. The woman had hair like Liz’s except a little shorter, she had blue eye’s and was wearing a dark gray woman’s suit with a white low cut blouse underneath.
Max smirked and the woman stood up, “It’s all right I’m leaving, I presume we’re finished here?”
Max stood up and held his hand out for the woman to shake, “Yes I guess we are, get back to me with his decision and we might discuss a contract.”
“I’ll be sure to do that, it was pleasure, thank you,” she picked up her brief case and walked to the door, Liz leaned against it and waited patiently for Max to be finished.
“We’ll see you again,” the lady smiled then nodded her head to Liz as in saying hello.
“Hi,” Liz smiled and then bit her lip.
“Yeah, thank you,” Max said before she left.
The secretary walked up to the door soon after, “I was trying to tell your wife to wait but she said…”
“She shouldn’t have to wait she’s my wife, she can come in whenever she wants, but thank you. You will remember that for next time?”
“Yes, I apologize,” his secretary hurried away and closed the door behind her. Liz had a very amused look on her face and Max smiled at her, “An delightful surprise.”
Liz walked up to his desk and said, “Should I be worried? All these beautiful woman around here and in you’re office? You aren’t having an affair are you…?”
Max snorted, “Hardly,” he sat down in his chair and folded his arms, “I get enough from my wife at home,” he grinned.
“You do?” she walked around behind his desk and said teasingly, “How can I be so sure…?”
“Because,” he took her arms and pulled her close to him so they could share a kiss, “I love you and I am far beyond even wanting to be satisfied by anyone else,” he kissed her, “I think if I was ever in the situation I wouldn’t be able to do anything because, all I desire, all I am hungry for constantly…” he kissed her neck, “Is you.”
Liz smiled, “good man,” she pulled away from his arms and sat down on his desk.
He gritted his teeth, “So what did you buy? You did go shopping didn’t you?” He straightened his tie and rested his arms on each arm of his black leather chair.
“Oh I left it out there by the door,” she got up and walked to go get her shopping bags. She came back with four bags and sat down in the same place, “Nothing much, a bra that will fit me,” she chuckled.
“What? But I was enjoying the too small bra’s,” he smiled teasingly.
Liz rolled her eyes, “I am now a c-cup I mean my god, it’s scary…” she peaked inside one more bag, “I brought a dress for our party, want to see it?”
“No, I want you to surprise me on the night,” he leaned back and rested his head on the back of the chair.
“Okay,” she said opening another bag, “Oh,” laughs, “I brought you some more Calvin Klein’s my best friend…” she smiled, “Such a wonderful place, all the pictures… all the…” she groaned and shook her head in delight.
Max shook his head, “Should I be worried?”
Liz laughed, “No honey I’m married to one of their models, you have nothing to be worried about,”
It was Max’s turn to roll his eye’s now.

Liz had left with Max that morning when he left for work. He had dropped her off at a shopping mall and she had shopped for many hours. After a long time she had decided she would come up to his office and take him out for lunch, that is if he was able to.

Max reached across his desk and picked up the opened packet of oreo’s that sat beside his computer, Liz laughed,
“Oreo’s? That’s what you eat here?” she put her bags down, “Maybe I should pack you lunch before you leave in the morning.”
Max laughed and peeled back some of the rapping and held them out to her, she took one out and then so did he.
“This isn’t all I eat, I just felt like eating them lately,” he smiled.
“You know what else I brought?” she asked.
“What?” Max swallowed his biscuit.
“A cot…” Liz bit her lip, “I couldn’t resist looking in the baby area! Do you have any idea how cute everything is? And I just had to buy something, I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help myself…”
“Is it being delivered?” he smiled, “I’m glad you brought it, what are we going to do when the baby comes? We really should be buying things a lot more.”
“We should…” Liz picked up another oreo.
“Yes we should,” He grinned, “Maybe we should both go find some little… tops and stuff,”
Liz laughed, “Okay then, that’s enough oreo’s for you,” she picked them up and put them in his draw, “So what was that lady doing in here?”
“I’m thinking of making a man named James Steven’s my partner,” he swallowed.
“What?” Liz frowned, “When did you decide this? When were you going to tell me?”
“Now,” he said, “I was going to ask you what you thought before doing it, don’t worry.”
Liz was still frowning, “That would mean giving half the company up?”
“Yeah, maybe.”
“Your willing to do that? Why? You’ve always been able to handle it fine…?” Liz was confused.
“I know but now that your pregnant and we’re married, I don’t want to be away very often, I don’t want to miss anything. You don’t want me to either do you? If I hand over half the company to someone I trust I will be home a whole lot more, heaps more in fact.”
Liz bit her lip, “This… James... guy are you sure you can trust him? You don’t know, he might take… everything you’ve worked for, this is a major thing Max.”
“I know that’s why I’m not sure yet, but I want to have more time and this is the only way I can think of to do that. He’s young and eager and will work hard, if anything like this Thailand trip comes up again he would be the one to go, not me.”
“Your young and hard working too! Max your not even thirty yet, you have so much life to come, most people don’t do this till their fiftieth. I don’t want to be the cause of this. Your so successful by yourself, everyone knows that.”
“Yes but your part of my life now too Liz. I don’t want to have my company before you and this way I won’t have to. You and our daughter are what matters not all this, I want to have a piece of mind and know that this place won’t crumble if I have to go watch my daughters soccer game!”
Liz nodded, “I know you do and I understand Max, but just don’t go making nay decisions like that straight away okay? I mean tell me first, I want to meet this guy before you sign off half of everything.”
“I wouldn’t make any decisions like that with out you Liz, you have nothing to worry about.”
“You sounded pretty smug on what you were talking about when I came in, I’m just worried. It’s not like I care about your money and everything, but about you, I don’t want you to throw away any opportunities and things because of me.”
“We’re in this together okay? I’m not going to do anything without talking to you and making sure everything is still secure and will be safe. I have the best lawyers and he won’t be able to ruin everything if he turns out to be dishonest,” He got up off his chair and stood in front of her, “Don’t worry about anything Liz, I’m not going to jeopardize anything important, I know what I’m doing.”

Max was the guy who had kept this place up and running since he was younger and he knew what was right, so Liz decided to just let him do what he thought was right. She just hoped he wasn’t screwing anything up because of her, she didn’t want to be the cause of anything bad. She trusted Max completely and she knew that when he said he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his career he was telling the truth.
She swallowed and nodded, “Okay,” she smiled, “If you know what your doing…I’m happy,” she threaded her fingers through his, “This James, he’s coming to the party?”
“He’s the guest of honor,” Max smiled, “Since your such a great judge of character you’ll be able to help me decide,” he leaned down and brushed his lips across hers, “Let’s go to lunch,” he said into her mouth.
“In a minute,” she kissed him back and tugged him closer, “I love you.”
He chuckled remembering Michael and Maria, “Thank you,” he said teasingly.
Liz laughed and whacked his arm; “Maria might let Michael get away with it but I sure as hell won’t Mr.” she pouted,
“I know,” he kissed her again, “I love you too,” he smiled.

“We leave America to come to Thailand and yet when we get here we continue to eat American food, why is that?” Max looked down at the burger on his plate.
Liz chuckled, “I feel like American food, it seems safe…” she ate a fry and nodded, “Fatty and greasy just how I like it.”
Max laughed.
“How long have you known James? Where did you meet him?” Liz asked. “That will help me decide whether I like him.”
Max sipped his cherry cola; “I met him when I first came here…”
“That’s not very long,” Liz said.
“Yeah,” Max agreed, “I met him at the office on the first day, he’s been really great so far.”
“How old is he?” Liz asked.
“Twenty-four,” Max picked at his burger and then realizing he was playing with his food he stopped.
“Is he Thai?” Liz picked up her burger,
“No he’s from Washington back home,” Max sipped his drink again, he didn’t feel like eating. “He graduated Boston University with degree’s in business and…”
“He certainly sounds impressive,” Liz swallowed her food, “Are you not hungry?”
“Not really,” he pushed his plate to the side, “His father died when he was nineteen and his mother lives back in Washington,”
“No father? Poor him…” Liz said sympathetically, “Does he have a girlfriend?”
Max thought for a second, “No he said he doesn’t want to get distracted from work, it’s his main priority right now.”
“If you didn’t want to eat here…” Liz wiped her mouth with the napkin, “Did you want to eat somewhere else?”
“No this place is fine, I’m just not very hungry,” Max reached across the table and took her hand for a second.
“Your not sick?” she asked starting to worry, “Maybe you should get the rest of the day off.”
Max chuckled, “No I’m fine just not hungry,” he smiled at his wife, “Stop worrying, it’s not good,” he ran his fingers over her wedding ring in adoration, “You know what he said to me?”
“What did he say to you love?” with her free hand she picked up her drink and sipped it.
“He said he wanted to be just like me,” Max found that very amusing and so did Liz, she nearly spat out her drink.
In between laughs Liz couldn’t help but say, “What a kiss ass!”
Max rolled his eyes, “Maybe he really does…?”
Liz stopped laughing; “Oh honey you don’t need an ego boost do you? You know you’re fabulous… or do you need me to prove that you’re fabulous again?” she squeezed his hand, “I’m sure he’s a great guy. He sounds a bit to enthused though, I’m sure you’re really his hero.”
“Hero?” Max sighed, “That’s pushing it.”
“Try tell him that,” Liz did a smile that was just for him and no one else in the whole world, “Come on let’s spend the rest of your lunch break looking at baby stuff.”

“Michael,” Maria finished locking up the coffee shop and turned around to face him, “We need to talk.”
“We do?” he sighed.
“I know how you don’t like talking but I’m sorry but I need to know what your intentions with me are.” They started walking down the road, “You don’t expect to just drag me along and get a free fuck out of me whenever you want do you? Do you want this to become anything?”
“This?” Michael asked.
“This! Yes! US! Are we going to move past this level?” she rapped her arms around herself, “Do you love me at all?”
“Maria do we have to talk about this…?” he sighed again.
“Yes we do! It’s either talk to me or fuck off because I am getting older and I eventually would like to get married and move on to have children. You know the whole package!” she swallowed, “I’m not saying I want it now but I need to know your intentions, if you don’t see anything like that with me than I don’t want to waste my time any more.”
“You are only twenty-five,” he sighed, “Why do you care right now?”
“Because I am going to be twenty six and I don’t want to turn thirty and still be dating! Some people are fine with it but I am not.”
Michael pulled at the shirt around his neck, suddenly it felt very tight; “I don’t like talking about my feelings…”
“I know you don’t,” Maria stopped walking, “But please tell me… do you love me?”
Michael swallowed and looked at his feet.
Moment of truth
For both of them, “Yes, I love you,” Michael said not looking at her.
He decided he liked what he had going with Maria and he didn’t want her going anywhere any time soon, that was his type of love…
Maria sighed in relief, “You do?”
“Yeah, I do,” he looked up, “Don’t leave, I like having you around.”
Maria shook her head and laughed, “I guess that’s something…”
“It’s a lot coming from me,” he reached down and took her hand.
Maria looked down at their hands in amazement then back up at his eyes, “It is isn’t it?” she smiled, “Come on lover boy let’s go back to my place.”
Michael let out a howl, “Yeah baby,” he laughed.
Maria laughed as he led her down this street in quick pace.

“Nina come here darling,” Allen held her hands out to her daughter and slowly and shyly she headed over to her mom, “Meet Liz Nina, she lives next door.”
Liz smiled and held her hands out to the small girl, “Hey Nina, you’re very beautiful like your mother aren’t you?”
Nina blushed, “Dad says I’m like a little rose with thorns and will grow up to hurt him with them, just like mom.”
Liz’s eye’s widened and Allen looked at her daughter disapprovingly, “Don’t listen to your daddy, he’s a mean, mean man. You’re a Daisy.”
“Okay mom,” Nina bit her lip, “Are you going to have a baby?” she put her small hand on Liz’s growing belly,
“Yeah I am,” Liz smiled, “And she’s going to be a little girl just like you, maybe you will be able to see her when she is born.”
“Is she going to have chocolate hair like yours?”
“I think she might, her fathers hairs dark like mine too,” she touched the little girls nose, “You haven’t got red hair like your mothers, you’ve got blonde hair, is it like your fathers?”
“Yes, my daddy has yellow hair,” Nina laughed and started rubbing Liz’s belly, “You’re big and fat.”
Liz blushed, “Yeah I am right now aren’t I?” Allen laughed, “And I’m only going to get bigger! Can you believe that?”
“You are!” Nina cried, “Oh no!”
Liz couldn’t help but laugh at the young girl, “Tell me how old are you Nina?”
“I am this much,” she held up one hand and wiggled five fingers.
“Five!” Liz cried, “You’re getting old! Soon you’ll be as old as me.”
“No!” Nina exclaimed.
“No?” Liz asked.
“I’m going to stay this age forever,” she poked her tongue out.
“Oh okay then,” Liz nodded with a smile on her face, “Good luck with that.”
“Can I go back to my lego now Mom?” she put her hands on her mom’s knee’s and jumped up and down.
“Yeah you can go, do you want Lee to get you anything else to eat?”
“Carrot!” she cried before rubbing back over to her blocks.
“Carrot?” Allen said quizzically, “What a funny little girl.”
Liz watched Nina play with her toys content and anxious to have her own daughter. She couldn’t wait to see Max with their daughter; he would be so wonderful. It occurred to Liz that she had never seen him with children before, she assumed he was wonderful, he probably was.
“Your daughters wonderful,” Liz smiled.
“Thank you,” Allen chuckled, “So… Would you and Max like to come for dinner one night? Are you free… on Wednesday?”
“I’ll have to ask Max, I’ll call you?”
“Sure, if that’s not a good day, we’ll make arrangement’s for another time.”

When Liz got home she tried to remember if she had ever seen Max with children… she couldn’t recall any times…
She knew he would be home soon so she lay down on the black and white floor in front of the front door. He couldn’t miss her there.
Max with kids… Max with kids… Max with kids… Max with kids…AHA
Liz remembered one time finally!
It had been at the ice skating rink on Christmas eve, he had talked to a little boy into going out onto the ice because he was too scared and his mother was having trouble convincing him that he would be fine.
Liz had watched in awe as he put the woolly hat on the kid and said,
“I’m just as scared as you but don’t tell anyone…”
“You are?” the boy asked with wide eyes.
“Yeah I am, and if I can do you can do it to huh?”
“I guess…”
“Don’t you want to have fun with your friends?”
“Well come on, we’ll do it together man,” he took the little boys hand and led him out onto the ice and they both stood there, “It’s not that bad is it?”
“Yeah see, is she your friend?” Max pointed to a little girl standing a little bit away from them watching,
“Yes she is,” the little boy waved at the girl and she smiled brightly.
“Go over to her, she’s waiting for ya man,” Max smiled.
“Okay,” The boy walked/ skated over to her and the mother thanked him vigorously.
“It was my pleasure,” Max had said before going over to Liz, taking her hands and leading them out onto the ice.

“Miss?” Jane one of the maids stood at her side, “Miss you should get up off the floor, it’s not very good for you to be down there…”
“I’m fine,” Liz smiled, “But thank you.”
The girl was going to walk away but hesitated; “If Mr. Evan’s comes home and sees you there he might be mad…”
“Yeah well that’s his problem,” Liz laughed, “Don’t worry Jane, thank you for your concern, I’ll move soon.”
“Okay…” Jane walked away and Liz chuckled.

Max sat up in bed wondering how he was going to get out of working on Liz’s birthday. There was no way he wanted to be anywhere but with her but he didn’t know how to get out of it…
Liz was asleep with her head on his lap and each puff of breath that came out of her mouth chilled his thigh. He couldn’t miss her birthday, she was very lenient with a lot of things but he knew she would not be happy if he was working on her birthday. He damned his stupid work, that was why he needed to employ James, but it was much more complicated then just signing a contract, there were lawyers and hours of discussing and agreements.
He just wanted to be home with Liz, was that just too much to ask?

When he had started college and everything was going great he had worked hard and went to hardly any parties because he wanted to get down and do his best so he would be successful. Sure he had gone to the occasional party and had the occasional girl but he decided he had to focus on work and work only if he wanted to make it big. That’s why he never let himself fall in love before, too much was at stake.
His father had recognized that and when he had graduated his father had given him his business. Max was very glad about it all. James reminded him of himself.
Now Max didn’t care about work all he wanted was to see his daughter grow up and be with his wife, how his priorities had changed…
Liz sighed and rolled onto her back, she was still asleep.
He knew he couldn’t be with her twenty-four seven, things just didn’t work that way in reality but he got home so late and left so early and he was missing too much. It had to stop.
Tomorrow they would have their party and then two days later was Liz’s birthday. He would talk to James and Liz would meet him and hopefully they would all hit it off so Max could have more time.

Max looked down at his beautiful wife and brought his hand up to tuck her hair behind her ears. He had let himself fall in love and now look what had happened. Though he wouldn’t change the way things were for a second

Liz had just met James and she knew instantly that he was not the type of person you trusted well enough to share your billion-dollar business with.
He was a tall man, a little taller than Max and had rusty blonde hair and a dark tanned face; His eyes were sparkling blue and he had one of those smiles that could so obviously be fake.
While Max talked to him and Jack talked to her, she felt uneasy, she knew that no matter what Max could not give half of his business to him. Maybe it was woman’s intuition, maybe it was some pregnancy psychic thing, she didn't know and frankly she did not care, all she knew is that she did not want her whole life to be put in his hands. No way
Max left to go get a drink and Liz was left alone with him, which was not good. She didn't feel safe, she didn't feel comfortable, in fact that was an understatement. She could make a list of things he made her feel safe and comfortable were not on that list. They wouldn't even be on the list maybe in a million years he'd make me feel that way.
Liz wanted him out of her house right now.
She questioned that he might just be making her feel that way because she objected to this whole thing to begin with but she decided she didn't mind that much. So it couldn't be that.
Liz excused herself and went in search for her night in shinning armor to help her but instead she was pulled into a group of flash business people who wanted to meet the woman who had stolen Max's heart. Liz wouldn't have minded talking to them normally, I mean this was her party, but right now she wanted to tell Max that she wanted John gone.
She couldn't get away from the flash, drinking, talking, and eager, people... they were everywhere. There was no escape. Letting out a big sigh she decided she would introduce herself and met every single person in there if it meant at some point she could be alone with her husband. Was that too much to ask? Obviously
Liz stood and met at least seventeen people, Tammy, Fay, Cookie, Ray, Brian, Tom, Greg... the list went on. And on And on
Was a pregnant woman supposed to be under this much stress? It made her tired, she felt the aching need to lie down and cuddle into a ball.
Her journey to find Max began again and she pushed through the mingling bodies to what seemed like no end. Before she knew it an hour and a half had passed and it was eleven pm exactly. She knew because she was standing in front of the big clock wishing maybe Max would happen to walk past it.
The house had been set up wonderfully for the party, there were flower arrangements everywhere and candles and a band...
Liz was wearing a burgundy dress with a crew cut front and her diamond necklace from Max. He said she looked stunning, but he always said that and Liz didn't know when he was telling the truth. Max was wearing a dark suit...
Aha! She saw him heading towards her and opened her mouth to say thank god when he was snatched away by some man that was short and had brown hair.
She would have been annoyed if Max hadn't been ecstatically happy to see this person, in fact he looked shocked, then surprised and then ecstatically happy. Liz watched as they hugged and wondered who this man was.
Max looked up and caught her eyes and put his arm around the man's shoulder, they made their way over to her and Liz let out a sigh of relief, FINALLY!
Right there and then she decided this party was not fun and she did not want to have another one.
At least not while she was pregnant.
And not while James was here, he was bad, he had caused this to be a bad night.
When Max reached her he kissed her, "Where'd you disappear to?" he smiled adoringly then turned to face the short guy.
He introduced her as his wonderful and beautiful wife and the guy’s face just jumped in shock, "Your married?" he cried.
Liz waited patiently to be introduced to this, man.
Kyle, his name was Kyle Valenti. Was she supposed to know him...?
Kyle, Kyle, Kyl... He was a friend of Max's from collage, she remembered. She grinned proud of herself, wasn't she just the best wife in the world for remembering so many goddamn names?
He had shared a dorm with Max and Michael and they had graduated together, once she remembered one small detail all of it came to her, she was very proud of herself.
She held her hand out and said how nice it was to meet him when he snatched her into a big fierce hug, "Hug me! We’re pretty much family!" he said.
Now this was a nice man. After her horrible run with James she glad to meet someone nice.
Max laughed and pulled her away from Kyle, "Don't kill her," he said sarcastically, "She's fragile,"
Am I? Wondered Liz, right now she felt fragile. Right now she'd be anything he wanted her to be.
"I'm not going to kill her," Kyle smiled warmly, "It's great to meet you Liz, Max I can't believe your married!"
“And I can’t believe you’re in Chiangmai,” Max said. Liz was confused now,
She knew that Max and Kyle hadn't seen each other in just over a year and a half...
"It's been too long, we have a lot of catching up to do my man," Kyle said.
Liz suggested they go take a seat somewhere and talk and when Max studied her face and said how tired she looked he agreed and said it was a good idea.
They took a seat in the lounge where a few people were sitting and drinking a little bit away from them.
Kyle explained what he was doing in Thailand. Something about finishing up in Australia and heading over here to check the connection with the new store because Thailand was at a business peak right now?
He had heard about this party from a few business partners of his and when he had found out it was Max Evan's house he been very shocked and hurried here quickly, eager to see his old friend again. What a night to come too, Liz had said.
She suggested he stay here instead of a hotel, "You can keep me company and since your such a good friend of Max's..."
"And yours! I'm your newest friend," Kyle smiled, "Na I don't think I should stay here though. I don’t want to impose and I just got here and we haven’t seen each other in ages…”
Liz told him they'd love it if he would.
Kyle asked if they were sure and Max and Liz said that of course they were.
That was the last thing Liz remembered because she fell asleep with her head on Max's shoulder.

In the morning she woke up and sighed, she was annoyed at herself for falling asleep during the party, it was rude of her. It was kind of like she had bailed from the party because she wasn't having fun and that was bad because it had been her idea in the first place.
Max's arms were rapped around her waist so she found it hard to roll onto her side but she finally did and the clock on the night stand read seven-forty three.
Liz decided she didn't feel very well today, it was kind of like she had a hang over except there had been no alcohol and there had been no getting drunk.
When her stomach started to churn she decided that was her cue to get up before she blew chunks all over her sleeping husband. She didn't know how he'd feel if he woke up to that but she knew she'd be fairly pissed… or at least disgusted.
A few minutes later Liz was lying on the bathroom floor thinking about how nice the ceiling was in the bathroom. It was kind of whitey- bluey....
"Liz," Max walked in rubbing his eyes and squatted down in front of her, "Why are you lying on the floor, you know I don't like it how you do that..." he tucked her hair behind her ears, "Are you feeling okay?"
"I feel better now," she sighed. She didn't deserve this, she didn't get drunk why should she feel like she had a hangover! No alcohol and yet here she was. Damn the world.
Max helped her up off the floor and while he was flushing the toilet Liz rushed over to the basin to brush her teeth. There was nothing worse than the smell or taste of your mouth after you have thrown up.
A very wise woman named Claudia had told her that after Liz's very first drunk/ hangover experience.
Liz was not drunk.
"Do you want a shower or a bath?" Max got her s towel and walked over to her,
"I wt ah sher bt I cat hld mylf uph fr mch lgr," who did she expect to understand that? it was not easy to talk with a mouth full of tooth paste.
Max laughed, "What was that?" he pulled her hair away for her neck and kissed her neck.
Liz shrugged him off and then spat out her tooth paste, "No I smell, don't come near me..." she washed out her mouth and splashed her face with cold water, "I don't want to repulse you completely."
Max just shook his head with a smile on his face,
"Don't shake your head at me, I feel like a big crap ball," she dried her face.
"Shower or bath?" Max repeated rubbing his head.
"As I said a few seconds ago," she sighed, "I want a shower but I can't hold myself up for much longer."
"Oh," Max said, "See I never got that," he was so incredible, Liz wanted to hug and kiss him forever and never stop.
"Okay that can be arranged," Max said, "I'll run you a bath and use that portable shower head thing attached to the wall..."
Liz nodded, "Okay you do that and I'm going to..." she slipped down onto the floor and rested her head on the cupboards, "Sit here and wait."
Max bent down and kissed her, "Okay babe," he smiled.

After the bath was hot and bubbly and set up for her, Max went and go her some clean clothes for the day and anything else she may need.
He put them on top of the bench for her and Liz took off her under wear and hopped into the water.
"Oh my god," she groaned, "That is so so good," she closed her eyes and let the warmth rap around he, "Oh thank you to the person who invented hot water. Oh and you Max, Thank god for you."
Max laughed and hopped in next to her, "Come here," he rapped his arms around her and she huddled at his side, "You feel better?" he kissed the top of her head and brought Liz's legs up to rest over his thighs.
"Hmm," she closed her eyes and rested her head against his chest, "I love you," she sighed happily.
"I love you," he put some bubbles on top of her head,
After a few silent minutes Liz sucked in a breath and said, "You know what would make this moment even more wonderful?"
"What?" Max asked.
"Chocolate," Liz grinned, "Lot's and lot's, a big clock or caramello chocolate."
Max laughed.

"What do you mean?" Max was slightly confused by what Liz was saying about James.
Liz sighed, "You can't give him half the business Max, I just got this feeling... he can not be trusted."
They were having breakfast at the dinning table, Max was at the head of the table and Liz sat on his left. Liz reached down and ran her fingers over the hand Max had on the side of his drink, "Please, don't give it to him, I know it will turn out bad I know it."
"How can you know it?" Max asked, "You spent two minutes with him."
"Do you trust me?" she ran her fingers over his wedding ring, "I know a 'feeling' isn't much to go on but it was so strong Max, he just... isn't the type you trust with everything."
Max sighed, "But..."
"No Max please," Liz bit her lip, "Please, forget about him... Make Kyle your partner,"
"What?" Max exclaimed, "Kyle? Liz what the hell are you talking about?"
"Please don't yell," Liz said.
"I'm not yelling,"
Liz shook her head, "I know you trust me."
"I do trust you but Liz can you hear yourself? Kyle has a job! He is the manager of a successful software company and he has his own life, James is a hard working guy and he is perfect for the job..."
"No he's not!" Liz said getting annoyed, "I know he is going to stab you in the back if he gets this! Come on I know you must have some doubts..."
Max swallowed, "Well it was his idea in the first place..."
"Wha...?" Liz gaped at him, "What did you just say? Oh my god," she held her hand over her mouth, "Max could you be more dense?" she cried, "He came up with the whole business partnership thing? AND YOU SAID YES?"
"I didn't say yes I said maybe!" Max said.
"STILL!" she cried, "You are crazy, you are crazy, you never told me that it was his idea!"
"Liz!" he yelled, "Stop insulting me will you?"
Liz sighed, "Sorry I didn't mean I'm just... oh Max you can't do this, you know you can't. Kyle is one of your best friends you can trust him. He is an awesome guy, I mean I could tell he was trustworthy last night."
"I don't think he'd say yes," Max sipped his coffee, "He..."
"I bet you he would," Liz said, "I know he would, it is such a great opportunity and he would take it. He would be crazy not to."
"Max, honey, love, my everything," She leaned across the table and took his face in her hands, "Follow your heart babe, okay? It will tell you not to trust James, he is nice on the outside but I am telling you he will change as soon as you've signed the piece of paper."
Max blinked.
"I love you and I am only looking out for you and me and our daughter, okay? I don't want our lives to be in that mans hands, he... scared me, I felt uncomfortable and I... I... maybe you shouldn't give up half the business... I mean I don't want you to d..." Max cut her off,
"Stop," he said, "Stop this right now I can't listen to anymore, I don't want to."
"Tell me," Liz kissed his lips, "Tell me your not going to give James half the business."
Max looked down at their hands clasped together on the table.
"Max," Liz said letting go of his hand and cupping his cheeks again, "Promise me."
Max swallowed then said, "Okay I promise you," he felt like such a baby being told what to do by his wife. He told her that.
Liz laughed, got up off her seat and went and sat on his knee, "I tell you to do this one thing and suddenly you feel like a baby?" she kissed his lips, "Don't feel like that, I'm just giving you a little push in the right direction..."
"More like a shove," Max smirked.
Liz chuckled, "Okay a shove..."
"Actually a push ove..."
"OKAY I GET THE PICTURE!" Liz cried, "I'm sorry but women know these things that's why the saying says: behind every great man there's a great woman..."
Max laughed, "Sure..."
Liz kissed him again and then played with his tie, "Just think about the Kyle thing okay?"
"Okay I'll think about it but I'm not promising anything..."
"Except not saying yes to James,"
"Yes I'll promise you that but that's it... you better be right," he sighed.
"I am right, you'll see," she kissed him then got up off his lap and took her seat again.
"Now," Liz said putting her chin up, "We are having dinner at Allen's house tonight, we have to be there at eight-thirty be home early will you?"
Max smirked, "I will be, don't worry."
"Good boy," she said sarcastically, "And my birthday is on Friday, my first one with out Maria by my side..."
"I have not forgotten," Max smiled,
"Good morning," Kyle walked in wearing nothing but boxer shorts and took a seat at the table on Max's right, "How's all?"
"Have you grown up at all since college?" Max asked.
"Do I seem like I have?"
Liz stifled a laugh.

posted on 4-Jul-2002 7:53:28 PM

A few hours after Max had gone to work Liz found herself sun bathing outside in her bikini and sunglasses. After putting an adequate amount of sunscreen on she picked up her cell phone and dialed Maria’s number.
“Hello?” Maria said sleepily.
“Hey Maria,” Liz shifted the chair back so she could sit up slightly.
“Oh hey babe how’s it going? What was the par-tay like?”
“Oh well you know how I told you about James? Total ass, there is no way we are giving anything to him. I can’t believe Max even thought about sharing the business with him.”
“You set him straight no doubt?” Maria laughed.
“Yes, Max promised me he wouldn’t give up half the business to him,” Liz sipped her drink, “And you know what Max told me this morning…”
“Hi,” Kyle came outside and took a seat on the sun bed chair next to hers, Liz pulled her rob over her a little bit,
“Don’t mind me,” he laughed, “I’m only here to relax and talk,” Liz blushed.
“Liz? Who is that…?” Maria asked.
“Oh, that’s Kyle he’s a friend of Michael and Max’s,” Liz said,
“Who’s that?” Kyle asked.
“Say hello,” Liz held the phone out to Kyle, “She’s Michael girlfriend, Maria.”
“Michael has a girlfriend?” Kyle asked,
“Yes he does,” Maria said, “So you know Max and Michael?”
“Yeah we all went to collage together,”
“What do you look like?” Maria asked, “Are you good looking?”
“I like to think so,” Kyle grinned.
“Are you better looking then Michael?”
“Oh definitely,” Kyle laughed.
“Michael I’m breaking up with you!” Maria cried, “So when you coming to New York?” She laughed.
Kyle rolled his eyes, “What did she say?” Liz asked.
Maria told Michael Kyle was on the phone, “It was nice meeting you Kyle, I’ll met you some day?”
Michael tried to get the phone off Maria but she held it tight,
“Yeah me too, see ya,” Kyle said, Michael got the phone and said, “Kyle?! What are you doing talking to Maria?”

Liz lay back down as Kyle talked to Michael and when he was finished he handed the phone back o Liz, “Sorry I kind of…”
“No it’s fine,” Liz smiled, “Yeah Maria it’s me again.”
“Kyle’s cool, so he’s staying with you?”
“Yeah he’s keeping me company,” Liz said, “I’ll call you later okay?”
“Yeah what ever, I have other things to do. See ya,”
Liz hanged up and put her phone down, “So Kyle tell me about Max in college.”

When Max came home at six thirty Kyle was in the kitchen teaching Liz how to make bread for pizza bases.
“Yeah just stretch it out and if it’s like rubber it’s nearly done…” Kyle instructed.
Max put his keys and wallet down on the table and watched them. They hadn’t noticed him yet.
Kyle was standing beside Liz as she needed the dough with her hands, he instructed her and motioned with his hands, occasionally helping her out.
Max should have been happy they were getting on but being a guy he was instantly jealous. He didn’t want Kyle to start liking Liz. Liz was his!
He knew he was being silly and he knew that Liz would never do anything behind his back but his stomach still churned and his jaw still tightened.
Liz looked up and noticed him, the familiar smile spread across her face and she skipped over to him and threw her arms around him. Careful to keep the dough on her fingers away from his suit she said, “Kyle’s showing me how to make bread,” she kissed his lips, “How was your day?”
He rapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back, “It was dull and slightly uneventful,” he smiled, “How was yours?”
“Kyle told me all about what you got up to in college,” she nudged him with her elbow then stepped away from him, “Didn’t you Kyle?” she laughed.
“Oh no,” Max smiled.
“Oh yes,” Kyle grated the cheese, “I may have said too much,”
“I’ll kill you,” Max ran his hand through his hair,
Liz chuckled, “Don’t worry, I only heard the embarrassing stories, you don’t need to kill him…” she walked over to the oven and opened it, “We have made two other pizza’s you have to try some…”
“I thought we were eating at Allan’s tonight?” Max took off his jacket and put it on the back of a chair,
“We are but that’s not till eight thirty, this is just a snack…” Liz tried to pull out a pizza but yelped and jumped back with the burn she had just gotten, “shit,” she groaned.
Max looked over at her, “What’s wrong?”
“I burnt myself,” she sucked on the red skin on her palm.
“Are you okay?” Kyle asked.
“I’ll be fine,” Liz winced.
“Liz babe put it under water,” Max walked over and asked to see it, she held her hand out, “ice?” she asked.
Max got her some ice and she sat down on the stool Max had put his jacket on and held it to her burn. "Better?" Max asked. He got the pizzas out of the oven and put them down on the metal area of the bench, "Looks good," he said.
"They should look good they took us forever to make," Kyle finished the last pizza and put it in the oven where the other two had just been,
"Kyle talked to Maria today," Liz laughed, "She asked if he was better looking then Michael." Max rolled his eyes, "Of course she would," he smirked.
He cut two pieces off the pizza and put them on a plate, "Kyle do you want some?" he licked his finger, "It's yum," he chuckled.
"I'll get my own," Kyle opened the refrigerator and got out two bears, "Yes Maria is a weird girl, how'd Michael met her?"
Liz gasped, "I never told you? Maria's my best friend," she chuckled, "me and her shared an apartment together until I came here, we have been best friends since birth!"
"Oh," Kyle chuckled, "I should have guessed that."
Max sat down on a stool and put the pizza in front of Liz, she thanked him. "I remember this one time," Kyle got his pizza and went and took a seat near them. "When we were in college and Michael was dating that girl... tall, blonde long hair, what was her name again?" he stopped to think of it. "I can't remember, anyway they were getting serious and he asked to have the apartment to himself for one night and I had to drag you to a party."
"Drag?" Liz asked.
"Max wasn't a party animal..."
"Unlike you," Max said.
"Yeah," Kyle laughed, "I love my parties. Anyway, I dragged you to this party and got you totally wasted."
"Oh no not that time," Max said, "You have got to be kidding me..."
"No way!" Kyle laughed. "You hooked up with some chick and you were about to take her out back when you saw Michael's girl with some guy. We were totally pissed and of course it wasn't Michael's girl but hey we didn't know that..."
"Oh no!" Liz cried.
"Me and Max bet the shit out of the guy with her and then went home to make sure Michael was okay. When we opened the front door we found Michael and his girlfriend butt naked and going at it on the couch. We both let out this big OOPS and then cracked up laughing.
Michael did not find it funny at all so he got up, butt naked and walked up to us and screamed, 'get the fuck out!' He pushed us out the door and slammed it closed on out faces."
Liz doubled over, "What happened then?"
"We slept in the hall," Max chuckled, "Right outside the door."
"You’re kidding," Liz said,
"No way," Kyle laughed, "It was so funny, Michael was so pissed at us in the morning and we just mumbled sorry and collapsed on our beds."
"We had the worst hangovers..."
Liz laughed.
"Those were good times," Kyle ate his pizza, "What about you Liz? You must have had some bad or good experiences no?"
Liz shook her head, "No I'm not telling any of mine to you, Max knows most of them but no one else can know..."
"Oh come on," Kyle said.
"Okay, okay..." Liz turned bright red then said, "I scored a chick once..."
"What?" Kyle exclaimed.
Max gaped at her, "Yes... What!" he yelled.
Liz blushed some more, "If it's any constellation we were drunk and experimenting and no it was not nice… especially in the morning. Girls just... not for me," she chuckled.
"Oh my god," Kyle said, "Oh my god you screwed a chick! That is... wow,"
"Shh it's supposed to be a secret," Liz looked away from them both, "After that night we never talked to each other again, we were so embarrassed... I was just... I couldn't believe it!"
"What was it like?" Kyle gaped at her.
"Kyle!" Max elbowed him, "That is my wife you’re talking too!"
Kyle laughed, "So, your wife fucked a chick! You can't tell me you’re not the slightest bit interested to know..."
"Even if I was you can't know!" Max said,
Liz laughed at them, "Why do guys find it such a turn on when two chicks...?"
"Because it's... cool!" Kyle laughed.
"Enough!" Liz cried, "Let's change the subject,"
"No. Tell us what it was like,"
"No Kyle," Max and Liz both said.

Liz and Max sat at the table at Allan’s house waiting patiently for dinner to be served.
Allan’s daughter came up to the table and sat down, “Hello,” she said smiled sweetly.
“Hi,” Max smirked.
“What’s your name?” She clapped her hands together.
“Nina this is Max…” Liz chuckled, “Remember I told you about him…”
“The one with the dark hair like yours?” she bit her lip and made popping noises,
“Yeah,” Liz laughed.
Nina looked at Max and said, “You’re having a baby girl just like me.” Her voice was loud and high pitched.
“Yeah I am,” Max chuckled.
"Having fun?" Allan took a seat at the table and put her napkin on her lap.
Liz smiled at her, "Of course,"
"Steven will be out in a few minutes but you know how he is, probably won't even come down..."
"I heard that," Her husband walked in and snarled at her, "Are you trying to make me sound bad?"
"Of course not," Allan muttered.
Liz bit her bit lip and glanced at Max, he raised his eyebrows.
"I have met Max but I don't believe I've met you... Liz was it?" Steven stared at her.
Liz cleared her throat, "Yeah I'm Liz, it's nice to meet you."
"The pleasures mine I assure you," he smiled.
Liz looked down at her plate and shuddered. He should not be flirting with her right in front of his wife and in front of Max. He shouldn't even be doing it at all.
"I can't believe you..." Allan spat out. Almost on cue, Liz thought.
Max had his hand on her knee and was stroking her skin comfortingly.
"You just flirted with Liz in front of not only me but her husband! What is wrong with you? You are so embarrassing!"
"I didn't flirt with her!" He yelled back.
"Yes you did!" she yelled, "Oh the pleasures all mine," she mocked him.
Liz and Max sat there in shock, should they leave or what? They didn't know what to do. Nina stood up on her chair, "Stop yelling! Mommy! Daddy!"
"Go to your room," Steven said.
"Don't tell her to go to her room, she didn't do anything wrong," Allan cried.
Max swallowed, "Um maybe we should get going..." he interjected.
"Yes maybe you should... god I'm so sorry Liz, Max I didn't mean for this to happen... I told him to behave but he never listens to me."
Liz opened her mouth to say something but Steven's mad voice stopped her.
"You cow! You make me sound like a horrible person! Max Liz you don't have to leave let's just sit down and enjoy the meal..."
"No go, you don't want to stay here with him..."
Liz and Max glanced at each other... what now?
"Excuse me?" Steven exclaimed, "With him?!"
"Yes you heard me, I'll take you to the door you guys," She got up from her chair and so did Max and Liz.
"But the night's not over," Steven said.
"Ah yes it is," Liz said.
They got to the door and Allan apologized again, "I am so sorry, I am really embarrassed!"
"Don't worry," Liz hugged her, "You're going to be okay?"
"Yeah I'll be fine, see ya later."
"Bye," Max said.
Max and Liz walked down the driveway and Max rapped his arm around her shoulder, "That was..." he started.
"Do you think she'll be okay? I mean they were yelling at each other pretty ba..."
He kissed her forehead, "I'm sure it was just an argument Liz, just because it happened once doesn't mean it happens all the time."
Liz sighed, she didn't think this was just a one time thing, "You've met him before what was he like then?"
"He was fine, normal..." Max brought her closer to him,
Liz swallowed, "Are you sure, I mean..."
"Liz," he sucked in a breath, "Don't worry."
Liz bit her lip, "I'm just worried about her..."
"I know," he kissed her forehead, "But it's none of our business..."
"I guess," Liz sighed.
They reached home and walked inside. Kyle was in the entertainment room watching DVD's in hid boxer shorts.
When they found him he said, "That was quick."
"Yeah change of plans, You okay in here?" Max asked.
"I'm fine, you have the sweetest collection going on here, I could be up all night watching all these."
Liz smiled, "Yeah I know I spent a whole day... anyway I'm just going to go for a swim then go to bed,"
"Night!" Kyle said.
Max walked with her to their bedroom, "Are you going to come...?" she asked.
"I have some work I need to do, I have to get it done anyway so..." he kissed her, "I'll just be at the desk in the next room."
"Okay then," Liz frowned.
Liz got changed and went for a swim by herself. She wasn't in there long, she just swam a couple of laps then went and had a shower to get the chlorine off her body.
By the time she had gone for a swim and had a shower it was around eleven and Max was still in the next room working hard.
Liz didn't want to go to bed without him.
She walked through the French doors that split their room into three and found him sitting at the desk where he said he would be, working hard.
She tip toed up to him, naked and beautiful and spun his chair around. She straddled his lap and pressed her lips to his.
Max moaned and put his hand on her shoulders, he pushed her away just a tiny bit, “Hmm as much as I would love to,” he kissed her, “Make love to you I really need to get this done babe.”
“You know what I love…” she took his hand and brought it up to cup her breast, “Dot it.”
He groaned, “Liz…”
“Work,” she nibbled on his bottom lip, “Can wait, my love.”
He ran his fingers over her nipple and heard her husky voice say, “What do you love.”
Max being totally forgotten, he bit her neck and said, “Your soft lips on me…”
She smiled teasingly and started unbuttoning the bottom of his shirt, she slipped her hands inside and ran her hands along his muscular body, and Max watched her with dazed and lust-filled eyes.
She got up off his body and got down on the floor, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled him out, Max closed his eyes and his head drifted back. She ran her hands up and down him, “I love you,” she said.
Max sucked in a breath, he could not reply.
Liz brought her lips up him and Max jumped. She brought her tongue out of her mouth and ran it up and down –
Max groaned, “Oh Liz…” his breath quickened.
Liz sucked on him and rubbed her breasts on him and when he finally released she watched his head go back in satisfaction. She loved bringing satisfaction to him.
He let out a rugged breath, his hand sought out hers and when he found it he pulled her up to her feet.
She sat down on him again and rapped her legs around his waist. Her arms rapped her arms around his neck, “Would you rather be doing work right now?” she asked placing kisses all over his face.
Max shook his head, “Screw work,” he put his arm under her bottom and carried her back to the bedroom.

Liz lay on her back as the doctor rubbed the clear cream over her belly. Her eyes were half closed.
Once he was done with the cream he reached for the scanning machine and brought it up to her skin, ‘It might be a little cold…”
Liz jumped, “A little?” she sucked in a breath.
He had the screen on and the little black, white and gray smudges of baby came to the screen. Liz gasped, “Is that her?” her hand was clenched in Max’s. He sat silently by her side with his lips pressed to her forehead.
“That is her, yes…” he pointed to the pulsing area, “Right there.”
Max let out a small sigh.
“So she’s fine? I mean there’s nothing wrong… abnormal?” Liz watched the screen with wide eyes.
“So far so good,” the doctor smiled, “Oh you see there?”
Liz and Max nodded,
“That’s her head.”
“Really?” Max asked.
“Really, really,” The doctor loved watching first time parent’s as they sat together staring wide-eyed at the screen in front of them. It made his job worth while. It reminded him of when his first child was born and he was in the same situation.
“It’s amazing,” Liz sighed, “I can’t believe that’s… inside of me.”
“Hmm,” Max agreed.
“Find it hard to believe you created that?” The doctor asked. Liz and Max nodded, “Just think only a little while till she’s out. Are you nervous?”
“Yes,” Liz smiled.


“No more to the side…” Liz pointed, “No, the left, a little more…”
Max sighed, “Liz we have been doing this for hours,” he put the draws where they were and put his hands on his hips, “The draws were fine in the last three places we put them, can’t we just leave them here?”
Liz bit her lip, “No I don’t think I could sleep with them there, put them back to the right…”
Max sighed and did as he was told.
Liz was nesting. If Max weren’t getting exhausted from moving everything around he would have thought it was cute but right now he was slowly loosing his patience.
“Okay lave it there, that’ll do,” Liz tapped her fingers on her chin, “Wait no a little more…”
“Liz!” Max sighed.
“Okay, okay sorry!” Liz threw up her hands, “I hate being like this, but it’s not my fault” she walked over and grabbed the water bottle she had gotten Max a little earlier. She handed it to him; “Do you need to rest now?”
He smiled, “I was just going to ask you the same thing,” he whipped his hand across his forehead and wiped the sweat away. He gulped down all the water an put the empty bottle down.
“I’m not tired,” Liz said sitting down on the end of the bed,
Max bit his lip, “Liz I have to tell you something that I know your going to be annoyed about…” he opened the draws and pulled out a gray T-shirt.
“Okay I’m ready fire away,” Liz said.
“I have to work on your birthday,” he said. He pulled the shirt on over his bare chest and then ran his hand through his hair.
Liz let out a breath, she hadn’t thought about that. It never occurred to her that she might have to be alone…
“I’m sorry, I will go in the morning and try and be back quickly…” he walked up to her,
She looked down at her legs, “I guess I should have known…”
“I have tried and tried to get out of it…” he knelt down in front of her.
“You don’t need to explain yourself I know,” she stood up, “I always do,” she picked up the bottle, “I’ll go get you some more water.”
She opened the bedroom door…
“I don’t want any more water,” he clenched his jaw.
“Well I’ll have it then,” she walked out of the room and down the hall.
“Come back here,” Max got up off the floor and went after her. Liz did not reply. “Liz!” Max caught up with her and grabbed her arm, “You have every right to be mad…”
“Yeah I do!” she snarled and shoved his arm away.
Max stepped away from her and Liz hurried away.
As quickly as she was gone she was back again. “Look I know it’s not your fault that you have to work and I don’t want to take it out on you so just… back off until my hormones, my stupid god damn hormones…” she gritted her teeth. “GOD!” she stomped her feet in annoyance and whacked the nearest thing to her. “I hate this!” she cried.
Max didn’t know what to do so he shoved his hands in the pockets on his jeans and stared at the ground. His chin crinkled as he thought of something to say to make it better.
Liz sat down on the floor, “I want to have this baby already, Lorry get out of there will you!” she tapped her stomach.
Max couldn’t stop the smile from spreading over his face, “Babe,” he sat down on the floor in front of her and stretched his legs out around her, “There’s only a month and a few weeks to go.” He rubbed her thighs, “You know I want that baby out of you too,” he smirked, “I bet she’ll be as beautiful as you.”
Liz looked down at his hands as they rubbed her skin, “You do?”
“Of course,” he pecked her lips, “You know,” he said, “With every bit of bad news there comes some good news too…”
“Oh yeah?” Max started kissing her neck.
“I decided,” he breathed on her soft skin, “to ask Kyle to be my partner…”
Liz’s eye’s widened and she gaped at him, “Really?” she cried.
“I don’t know if he’ll say yes but it’s worth a try…” Max had spent a lot of time thinking about it and Liz was right, Kyle was someone he could trust and he was a good friend, what more could they ask for?
Also the due date of the baby was getting closer by the second and if he missed something important he could never forgive himself.
“Oh!” Liz rapped her arms around his neck, “He’ll say yes! He will! I know it!” she kissed his lips, “That’s so great Max, this all like one big sign! Kyle being here… I know it, you’ll see everything will work out fine.”
Max smiled, “Your so sure of yourself,”
“I am!” she got up off the floor, “Come on let’s go tell him now!”
“What?” Max frowned, “No. Now is not a good time, I’ll talk to him on Sunday or something.”
“Why then?” Liz helped him up, “Why not now?”
“Because I don’t want to do it here, I want it to be alone with him and….”
“You don’t want me there?” Liz frowned, “well… I guess I can understand that.”
Max sighed, “Come on let’s go.”
“Where are we going?” Liz asked.
“I don’t know, let’s go for a drive.”

“Happy,” Max kissed Liz’s lips, “Birthday, too you,” he smiled, “Happy birthday,” he pulled off her underwear, “Too you.”
“Happy birthday,” he brought two fingers up to rub her, “dear Liz,” she moaned, “Happy birthday, to you.”
Max had half of his body on top of hers and he was naked, really, naked. Liz was now too.
She had woken up to Max placing kisses all over her face. What a great way to wake up on your birthday!
She had her eyes closed as he ran his fingers around and around making her flesh melt and pulsate. “Hmm,” she arched into his hand and brought her hands up behind her head to hold onto the headboard. Max was very careful with her since she was so pregnant and so big. He worked himself around her stomach, “Babe, open your eyes,” he kissed her parted lips.
Her dazed eyes slowly opened and she stared into his dark pools, “You know that today is your day so you get what ever you want.”
“What ever, I… want?” her eye’s seemed to darken, “Anything?”
“Anything…” Max dipped his finger inside her and twirled it around, she could feel his arousal pressed into her side. She smiled and closed her eyes again, “Keep going.”
Max brought his mouth down to press his lips to her breast and he began his sweet torture to her skin and nipples. “Don’t stop,” Liz’s breath became more rapid and just the thought of her and Max like this made her feel things… that were unbelievable…
Max sat up and peeled the blankets away from their bodies. He pushed them down to the end of the bed and then turned back to her; he slipped her legs apart with one hand that was slowly making it’s way back up her inner thigh…
“Stop teasing me,” Liz breathed out, “please… keep going!”
Max smirked and lay down at her side, he pressed his arousal into her hip bone and his face into her right breast, “You,” he breathed running his tongue over her hard and pointy nipple, “are so beautiful to me,” he sang in a breathy whisper that made Liz shudder. He repeated what he had just sung again and brought his hand up to rub her heat again, Liz’s eye’s were fused closed and her mouth parted as raspy breaths escaped it. Max’s left arm was down rubbing her and his other arm went around and under her shoulders… Liz’s arms were still gripping the headboard and moving up and down with her body. Max moved his body up and down against her side and rubbed and rubbed… his lips pleasured her nipples and sent delight and warmth through ever inch of her.
“Oh!” Liz cried as she felt the familiar heat that she dreamed about when she wasn’t feeling it. She pictured it building up and wanting release inside of her… she thought about what this scene would look like from a third persons point of view right now. That’s all it took… there was something about watching her and Max together that just… excited her, thrilled her through all her senses. If there was a mirror on the ceiling right now she would be watching them… that made her breath come in louder and harder puffs.
She could picture the heat as if it were an approaching wave coming up to the shore… except it was red and vibrant… inviting.
Her leg spasm and her lower stomaching twitching made her know this was it. She opened her mouth wide in silent scream as her lower half twitched and felt the wonderful pleasure of a climax that no one could bring as nicely as Max Evan’s could.
The wave crashed as it reached the shore and her fingers clawed at the board above her head. Her body arched up a little and she let her breathing catch up with the rest of her body. Her heart pounded in her chest and the throbbing in her lower stomach begged for more.
Max brought his fingers away and ran then up her stomach, leaving a glistening trail behind, he found her so enticing and when he watched her come it was almost as good for him as it was for her. But nothing could compare to the feeling of coming inside of her hot and inviting center.
Liz let go of the headboard and brought them down to touch Max’s face. He lifted his head to look her in the eyes and they shared a passionate kiss that was filled with everything they felt for each other, love… the stuff of heaven all combined into one.
“What are your dreams?” Max spoke into her mouth, “What do you dream about?”
Liz opened her eyes and her heart threatening to explode said, “My life is the dream….”
Max felt so much love for this petite girl in his arms that he didn’t know what to do with himself, “What to do,” he whispered, “I am done for… eternally…”
“I should hope so,” Liz took his hand in hers and pushed them back down to her heat, “Again?” she blinked.
Max raised his eyebrows, “What?” she asked; “Unlike you I don’t need a rest period.”
Max blushed and sat up, “I want to make love to you,” he was dying to have his release and he wanted it to be inside of his wife. Liz got up and smiled, “Sure thing lovely,” she pressed her nose to his, “I love you.”
She straddled him and pressed her breasts to his chest… she loved that feeling. So did Max. His hands came around her waist and down to her bottom, he lifted her up and slowly and lovingly pushed himself deep within her.
Liz ran her hands up Max’s chest and then over his shoulders, they stared into each other’s eyes and shared a tasty kiss… Liz rested her forearms on Max’s shoulders and loosely clasped her hands together behind his neck.
Max’s hands remained on Liz’s behind but not for long, he brought them up her back urging her chest and stomach closer to his, her hard nipples pointed into his chest slowly driving all his senses insane.
Unable to take the delay any longer Max’s hand went down again and gripped her thighs, he lifted her up on him and then pushed her back down again.
The feeling was unbelievable for Max, the feel of her all around him and pulsing with warmth… he didn’t think there was any other feeling that could compare to that.
Though they made love quite frequently Max believed that making love to Liz was just a bonus level to being with her. It was an extra to loving her.
Liz lifted her body up and he pressed his face into her neck, his eye lashes against her skin made her shudder. They both let out a breath then Liz slipped her body down on him again, since Max was already ready before this so he was already feeling the wave.
These moments when they were alone together and sharing every last inch of each other with one another were the special times. When they were here by themselves they could forget about everyone and everything… only they existed.
Max’s lips trailing along Liz’s collar bone and then up her throat, Liz let out a rasping breath, “Max…”
“I know…” he felt it too, he felt the wonderful love and overwhelming exploding of their hearts. Liz’s hips rose for the fourth and then fifth time and thrust down on top of him. They climaxed together with their foreheads pressed against each other’s, their breathing was rapid for a few minutes afterwards then slowly started to slow down…
“Shower…” Liz breathed into Max’s open mouth, “now…”
Max nodded and without lifting her off of him got up off the bed and down onto the floor. Liz clung to him whilst torturing Max’s neck with her tongue, Max moaned, “Liz babe stop or I won’t make it to the…”
They didn’t make it to the bathroom they made love again against the dresser.
“We are just unbelievable,” Liz got off him and her feet hit the floor, “Should we really be this sex crazed…still?” she chuckled.
Max laughed and followed her into the bathroom, “We can if we want to be,” he bit her neck, “anyway you’re my wife I have certain inalienable rights that I am… making sure that I’m using,” did that make sense? Max didn’t care he was too fogged with love for her, too stained with her all over his body…
Liz turned on the shower with one word in her head, ‘water sports,’ she grinned at herself and stepped under the heating up water. Max followed and he shivered as the cold water hit his body. Liz stood on both of his feet and leaned up to whisper in his ear; “I love you glistening wet…” she nibbled on his ear. Max grabbed the soap off the silver tray in the wall and ran it over Liz’s belly… he loved her pregnant belly, it made him feel whole knowing what was inside of it. He dropped the soap onto the bottom of the shower and continued rubbing her belly; Liz’s hands came up to intertwine with his and she pulled them up to her mouth. She kissed his knuckles then her eyes gleaming with delight let go and went down to hold his straining manhood hanging between his legs. No one knew Max’s penis as well as Liz did, that made her chuckle.
She tweaked the head and Max jumped slightly, her fingers danced along his skin… she heard Max moan. Max wanted her to feel what he was feeling, his hands swept up her thighs and one of his hands opened her flaps to revel the pink inner…
He dipped one finger in twirled it around, up and down… Liz followed his movements on him, they both moaned. Liz increased her rhythm and Max pulled his finger out and cupped her and rubbed her…
Liz got faster and faster, “Oh god Liz…” he moaned.
Steam started to gather as the water got hotter and the glass shower door clouded… Liz gasped for breath only getting steam in her mouth instead of air.
He rubbed her swollen flesh and she shuddered as release started gathering… she rocked into his hand. Max’s face mirrored her own… contorted with pleasure and desire. They nibbled at each other’s mouths, their tongues teasing their swollen lips…
The heat gathered more and more reached the peak where it was too much to take… Liz let go and rode the wave of pleasure… Max came soon after…
Liz wondered if climax felt the same for both male and female…men got to actually release but woman they just spasmed. Content but definitely not finished they leaned against the wall until they caught their breath. “Oh Max…” Liz pressed her head into his chest and licked her lips. Max ran his hand up her thigh and rested it on her hip; the water stung his eyes so he couldn’t get the eye contact he wanted… he took her lips instead.
Liz invited his tongue willingly and ran her hands up his chest and then around his shoulders, god it just felt so good to be with him… she couldn’t imagine living without it.
Max wanted to taste her… her wanted to have his mouth drink her up… he broke the kiss and they both heaved for breath. Max kissed down her neck and slowly got down onto his knee’s as his kisses made their way down her body, he spent extra time kissing her hip bone, there was something about her hips that just… drove him insane.
His torturous hands rubbed her thighs and Liz knowing what he was about to do moaned and pressed her back into the white shower wall. “Max… I won’t be able to keep standing,” she breathed, “oh god,” her voice was cut out with the sound of the water pounding on the shower floor and their bodies. She closed her eyes and her head moved up and down on the wall as Max kissed up her thigh, he was taking too long, she wanted to feel his lips on her NOW…
Finally she felt the soft and caressing lips reach their destination and she couldn’t help but jump in delight… Max’s mouth watered he had been dying to taste her… his favorite taste in the whole world. His lips sucked on her nub and his tongue teased her center… once she’d come once it only took a couple of seconds for the wave to climax again…
She cried out and her legs buckled beneath her, Max caught her and rapped his arms around her waist, she breathed into his hair, “How can I live through this…?” she whispered.
They would have stayed in the shower longer but neither of them could stand much longer, they wanted to lie down and have each part of their skin touching… Max turned off the water and pushed open the shower door.
Liz stepped out and not bothering to dry her self went and sat down on the basin. Max followed her, desire burning in his eyes.
Liz opened her legs and brought her own hand up to touch herself, Max’s breath caught in his throat… she knew he loved to watch her pleasure herself. She rubbed her self and Max stood in between her legs watching… his body was begging for release again. Liz’s other hand came up to touch her breast and Max couldn’t take it any longer, her reached out and took her hand away from herself… and pushed his erection inside of her. He moaned and quickly pulled himself out of her and thrust in again… he knew he should be gentler but he had no control left, he wanted to orgasm in her right now. He thrust into her again and once again and then shot out into her, Liz’s tunnel tingled with the feeling of his seamen spreading within her.
She smiled and kissed his lips; he was leaving himself in her…
“I wish we could stay like this forever…” His voice was husky in her ear. She smirked and rapped her arms around his neck, “Then how would I have our baby? The first thing she’d see would be your….” She laughed, “She’d be as scared as hell.”
Max laughed and kissed her again, “Come on, let’s go back to our room…”
He lifted her up over his shoulder and Liz laughed, “Ahh Max I can walk, I can walk…!”
He put her down on the bed and lay down beside her, “What do you want me to do?”
“I want you to sing to me,” she kissed his shoulder…
“Okay, what about this song, it’s stuck in my head,” he laughed, “I can hardly wait to hold you, feel my arms around you… don’t ever go…”
Liz laughed, “Don’t ever go,” she repeated.
Max smiled and buried his head in her chest, “I love you,” he whispered.

Liz sat dressed on the dinning table in front of Max, for her birthday she had ordered him to feed her. he put the fork up to her lips and she ate the scrambled eggs gladly.
Max had to leave soon, he was so mad at that. Liz was so mad at that.
“Wait, wait, wait,” Liz took the fork from him and put it down on the table, “If your not back by one-thirty we’re getting a divorce.”
Max’s eyes widened, “I better not be late then,”
“Yes you better not, you’ll have to tell that to who ever is keeping you at the office, say that I’ll kill them with my own two hands if they try to step in my way of trying to get to you…”
“Okay then,” he smiled and they shared a kiss. Max proceeded with feeling her and Kyle came into the room, this time dressed in a suit, “oh,” he grinned, “Good morning.”
Liz swallowed the food in her mouth, “Good morning… don’t mind us.”
Kyle laughed, Liz was sitting on the table with a plate of food on her lap and her feet down on each side of the chair Max was sitting on. He had a fork in his hand and Liz was eating everything he feed her, he thought it was incredibly sweet.
Liz wiped her mouth with a napkin and sipped her drink, ‘Sleep well?”
“Yes I did,” he smiled, “Thank you for asking. Happy Birthday by the way.”
“Thank you,” Liz said. Max stood up, “I have to be going, I will be as quickly as possible…”
“You better be,” Liz kissed his lips, “I’ll se you later.”
“See ya man,” Kyle took a seat at the table and one of the maids brought him some scrambled eggs.
“Bye,” Max smiled then quickly left the room. The quicker he got to work, the quicker he could get home.
Kyle was amazed at how much Max and Liz loved each other. He was very happy one of his best friends had found such happiness.

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Liz sat looking at the clock. It was one-thirty two and there was no sign of Max anywhere. She wanted to be mad but instead she started crying.
She buried her head in her hands and her little shoulders shook as weeps came out of her. She didn't like being here alone all day, she missed her best friend and going to work. The only good thing about being here was Max and when he wasn't around she felt so tiny and unwanted.
She tried to talk to the maids but they were so professional and just wanted to get on with their jobs. They probably had great lives outside of this place where they went out with their friends and had boyfriends and danced and drank all night long. She had tried to make friends with the neighbor but she had ended up being some crazy alcoholic with a mean husband. She was still working on her but she knew that there would never be a great friendship between them both.
Liz loved her husband too much. That was the problem. She was used to being surrounded by people she knew and being close to family and because she loved her husband so much she had moved here and was bored to death. And she would do it again, she would go anywhere for him but why did she have to be all alone?
Liz sniffled and wiped her eyes; she was being silly she knew that. She didn't have it that bad, she was living in a gorgeous house and had everything she could possibly want. She was treated like a princess twenty-four seven!
She ate wonderful foods and was pregnant with a little girl that she knew would probably be a little angel. The only thing she didn't have was her best friend.
She didn't want to worry Max and have him have more burdens then he already had. He was torn up with trying to get away from work and being with her more, he hated being away from her. None of this was his fault but he blamed it on himself constantly. He had too many worries.
Liz grabbed a tissue off the coffee table in front of her and dabbed her eyes; she didn't want Max to know she had been crying. Right now she was sitting in the lounge next to the dinning room where she had a great view of a big clock in front of her. Also this place was right near the front door and when Max came home she would be able to hear him come in.
Liz blew her nose and wiped it clean then put the tissue down on the table in front of her, he would be here soon, he wouldn't disappoint her that much.
She was too far into her pregnancy to go anywhere now. She wasn't allowed to fly now, she was stuck here in Thailand.
Liz chuckled at herself, even if she could go anywhere she wouldn't be going anywhere. She didn't know how she felt about giving birth to her child in this foreign country. She didn't really have much say on it now but the fact her baby would be born in Thailand didn't bother her too much.
On the bright side her daughter could live here if she wanted to when she was older.
Liz looked at the clock again, one-thirty nine.
Most likely Max would fly in and say his sorry and she would forgive him straight away but still pretend like she cared because it was her and that is what she did. She only cared a little, there was no point in getting upset about it because there was nothing either of them could do about it.
Liz thought about getting a companion. Maybe she could buy a cat? They seemed like they were good companions. They always were in movies; they came and lay on their owner’s laps...
She heard the front door opened and she quickly swallowed back her tears and made herself look decent again. She looked down at her clothes, she was wearing a pair of baggy jeans with a stretchy waistband to go around her belly and a pink turtle neck woolen jersey.
Not clothes someone would classify as sexy but it fitted her boring lifestyle.
She had gray woolly socks on her feet and half of her hair was clipped back with a small leather clip and pin. If only she could look sexy for her husband once again.
Her back had constant pains and she was always rubbing it to make it feel better, it didn't work.
"Honey, I can explain... traffic. I left the office a while ago it took forever to get here.... Are you okay?" Max frowned when he saw her face.
Liz put on a smile; "I'm fine. Your ten minutes late mister, you better have something great to make up for it."
Max took off his jacket, "Anything you want. Anything... if it costs a million dollars I don't give a shit you can have it," he walked over to her and knelt down in front of her, he examined her face closely, "Are you sure your okay?"
"I'm fine," Liz blinked.
Max looked at her questioningly then stood up. He knew Liz very well and he knew she was upset. She was acting like she was okay but he knew better and he had disappointed her. He wanted to punch himself.
"What are we going to do with the rest of the day?" Liz asked, "It's raining so we have only a limited..."
Max leaned down and kissed her, "Let me get changed and then we can go out."
"Out where?" Liz asked.
"Anywhere, somewhere nice. Let's go out and have some food. Have you eaten?" he hadn't given Liz a birthday present, he felt like the worst husband right now. Liz must have been having the shittiest birthday ever.
"No I haven't eaten," she had had a chocolate muffin but she felt like she could eat a horse. She felt like going dancing.
"Good," Max said. "Well no not good you should have eaten but..." he shook his head, "Let me go get changed. I'll be right back."
He left the room and Liz was left alone again. He was here now everything would be okay- she would be okay.
She stood up and picked up his jacket, maybe she should put on some nice clothes?
Her feet ached when she walked on them but she couldn't sit down or be lying down forever, she needed to move around and keep herself going.

She carried Max's jacket up to their room and when she walked in Max was pulling off his pants and going to put on new ones. Liz chuckled at his gray Calvin Kl...
"What are you laughing at?" Max smirked and chucked his pants on the bed.
"You," she said her lips curving into a grin, "What clothes are you going to wear?"
Max shrugged, "Why?" he unbuttoned his shirt...
"Oh I want to pick you something," she put his jacket down on the sofa and walked over to where he was. She brushed past him and opened the closet.
She got him a burgundy button down shirt and a black jacket. She got him some black pants to go with the jacket, "There put that on, I love you in that..." she smiled teasingly.
Max did as he was told.
"Maybe I should get changed..." Liz searched through her things, "I'm so big now I don’t have much nice clothes that fit…”
"You look fine you don't need to change," Max said.
Liz chuckled, "Yeah right like I'd listen to you, you think I look good in anything," she dove into her clothes, "Let's see... something nice?"
She found a nice red skirt that went down to her ankles and had a big split on each side. She decided that would probably still fit her. She also found a black turtle neck jersey much like the one she was wearing. She put that on and found some comfortable but nice shoes to wear. She left her hair how it was, "There much better," she looked at herself in the mirror, "Apart from the whole belly part..."
Max came up behind her and kissed her shoulder, "You always look good, let's go shall we?"
Liz smiled, "Okay then."

Max drove them to a little Thai restaurant and they sat down at a table near the back next to a big curtain with a girl dancing in a nice dress painted on it. Max had a little bag in his hand and he put it down on the table and didn’t speak of its meaning. The waitress took their orders then walked away… “If you could have anything in the world what would it be?” Max asked.
Liz rested her head on her hands and pursed her lip; my best friend here, “I have everything I could possible want.”
Max sighed, “You always say that and that’s why you make it almost impossible for me to get you anything for your birthday…”
“You think it’s hard for you? What about me! If you wanted something you would buy it,” Liz smiled, “Anyway you don’t need to get me anything, you’ve already given me so much.”
Max shrugged and reached over to take her hands, “How can we make this easier for each other?”
“I say we don’t get each other any present’s unless we know there’s something one of use know the other one wants…” Liz looked puzzled, “No wait, we could just buy it ourselves…”
“True,” Max let go of her hands, “This is just a little of what I got you…”
Liz laughed, “You mean there’s more?”
“Well yeah,” Max kissed her hand, “Of course there is.”
“Damn you Max Evan’s.”
“Damn you Mrs. Evan’s,” Max put the silver bag in front of her and tilted his head to the side, “Happy Birthday Liz.”
Liz blushed, “Thank you, Max.”

The waitress came over with their drinks and they thanked her.
Liz sipped her drink and Max watched her…
“What?” she asked, “Oh you expect me to open it now?”
“That would be nice, yes,” he chuckled.
Liz rolled her eye’s, “Okay I’ll open it but it better not make me cry because this is a public place and you know I’m a pregnant woman whose emotions are level high…”
“It won’t make you cry,” he dipped his head and waited impatiently for her to open it, he wanted to know if she liked it. Hurry up he wanted to say.
Liz opened the bag and peaked inside; “it’s rapped?” she reached in and pulled out a present rapped in dark blue rapping paper. It was heavy and obviously books but she didn’t know what books…
She pulled off the rapping paper and in her hands were two books, “I’m kind of copying you,” Max sighed, “It’s not the same as what you gave me but I thought you might like to own them…”
Liz put one of the books down and focused on the top one. It was a copy of her favorite book, Withering Heights. It was a beautiful version though… it had a white cover and the pages were black with white writing. It had the author’s signature on the inside of the cover, which was obviously a very rare thing… Liz felt tears well in her eyes, “Damn you I told you I didn’t want to cry!” she bit her lip.
Max chuckled, “It’s only a book…”
“That would have cost a fortune!” she cried, “How did you get this? It’s signed. This must be so old!” she flicked through the pages, “How did you get this?”
“It took a little bit of work but I found it,” he smiled pleased that she obviously liked it. Liz whimpered, “Oh wow it’s just so…” her eyes filled with tears, “So beautiful” her voice cracked.
Max wanted to hug her. Stupid table separating them
Liz looked at the next book, it had Elizabeth Evan’s printed in gold on it’s leather cover and inside on each page it had, Elizabeth’s thoughts:’ written in calligraphy at the top. It wasn’t hand made but it was very nice. At the back it had a frosty pocket for her to put things in, like notes or photo’s or anything she wanted to keep…
“That’s nothing much, I just thought since you don’t have your best friend to talk to you can write down what you don’t get to say in there… you know a journal… That was Isabel’s idea. I can’t take the credit,” Max said.
A tear dripped down her cheek, “You’re my best friend too Max, I love this and I will use it, but don’t think I don’t tell you things…” she looked up at him with big tear filled eyes. “I tell you everything too, don’t think I don’t because you’re not Maria.”
Max swallowed and reached over to wipe her eyes with his thumb, “I don’t think you don’t tell me everything,” he smiled, “I just know that you need a female to share things and bond over things with that you can’t do with me…”
Liz’s heart popped and all her inners melted, he was just so… wonderful. She too cursed the table for being in the way of getting to him. “I share everything with you…” she leaned forward and tapped her lips, “Come here…” she whispered. Max leaned forward and she kissed him, gently and lovingly… she brushed her lips over his and left them there for a while not wanting to end it. “Thank you,” she whispered against his lips, “I love it all so much! I love you so much. Thank you,” she sucked in a breath then kissed him again.

Before they left the restaurant they went and shared a dance on the little dance floor. Liz rapped her arms around her husband’s neck, “When we go back to New York when your finished here…” she swallowed, “Can we not have a huge house with maids? I want something that isn’t too big and you can call from somewhere in the house and you’ll be able to hear it everywhere… well maybe not everywhere but… you know?” she chuckled at her herself. “I realize you need a nice house in case you have to have people from work over but…”
Max nodded, “If you want a small house we can get a small house,” he smiled, “I kind of want one too.”
“You do?” Liz looked puzzled,
“Yes I do, of course,” he grinned.
Liz pressed her head to his chest, “Thank you.”
Max kissed the top of her head, “Don’t thank me.” He breathed in the smell of her hair and closed his eyes; it was his favorite smell. “Your other surprise is at home,” he said.
Liz looked up at him, “It is?” she shook her head, “Let’s go then!” she chuckled.
Max kissed her neck, “What’s the hurry?”
Liz smiled, “There’s no hurry. Why did you get me something else… what I have is more than enough.”
“You’ll want this,” he said, “come on let’s go…” He decided he wanted to get home after all.
“Okay then,” Max took Liz’s hands and they walked back over to their table. Max paid for the food and they put on their jackets and went home.

A few minutes after they had pulled out of the car park and were on their way home, Max's cell phone rang. Liz picked it up and answered it, "Yeah just a second," she handed it to Max, "They miss you already."
Max rolled his eyes and took the phone from her. He had one hand on the staring wheel and the other on his phone, Liz watched him.
"No, don't do that. You can wait one day, no? One day! I am not coming in you are supposed to be taking care of everything, take care of it. It's nothing major you know what to do..."
The person on the phone said something-
"Oh for gods sake," Max muttered, "What would you do if I was completely out of reach and no one could get hold of me? Well whatever it is do it because as far as I'm concerned, I'll fire anyone who tries to disturb me again. Yes including you." Max hanged up the phone and handed it back to Liz, she was gaping at him. Max put his other hand back on the gear stick and said, "Oh can you turn my phone off for me please, love?"
Liz turned the phone off and put it back down where she had found it. She was so majorly turned on! She had never heard Max talk to anyone like that before and to hear him.... Oh my god- was all she could think.
Max looked at her quickly, "What?" he smirked
Liz bit her lip, "Nothing..." she continued to stare at him.
Max watched her out of the corner of his eye, "No tell me... what?"
Liz blushed and said, "Do you always talk to your employee's like that?"
Max glanced at her, "No, only when it's my wives birthday and I want to share it with her without them ringing every hour," he smiled.
Liz shuddered, "Wow," Liz looked down at herself, she was fighting the urge to jump on him.
"What?" Max laughed, "Your starting to worry me now..."
She looked up at him, "oh... um..." she swallowed, "Stop the car I can't take it any longer!"
Max frowned, "Why? What?" he was confused.
She leaned over and pressed her lips to his neck, "I am so majorly turned on right now, I think I'm going to burst!"
Max laughed, "Oh."
"Oh?" she cried, “Oh! Is that all you have to say? Hurry up and get home! This is all your fault for talking so... and in the car and ohhh," she shuddered, "Damn you hurry up."
Max was laughing, "Stop! Stop it you'll make me crash the car and I'd never forgive myself."
"But Max I'm craving you!" she whined, "You always fulfill my cravings, fill this one!"
"Your other cravings are usually chocolate or ice cream or.... Mexican food!" the car pulled onto their street.
"Well this one's you, so hurry up!" Liz bobbed up in down.
Max sighed, "Liz we can't when we get home beca..." Liz shoved her tongue in his ear, "Hmm," he moaned, "What I really need is for you not to do_oo that."
They finally reached their house and Liz pulled her mouth away, "Drive faster."
Their gate slowly opened and when it was fully open Max drove forward. As they pulled up outside the house Liz unbuckled her seat belt and grabbed her hand bag...
When the engine was off she jumped out of the car and ran around to his side, "Come on," she cried.
Max chuckled, "No Liz calm down, we have..." she kissed him,
"No excuses, come on," she grabbed his arm and kicked the car door closed. They hurried up the steps because one, it was pouring down with rain and two Liz was dragging Max by the arm...
Liz flung open the front door and yanked Max inside. Max some how managed to grab Liz's jacket and get it off her shoulders before she mauled him. Max tried to hold her back, "Liz babe..."
He got his jacket off and hung it up on the hook but Liz's tiny hands were already unbuttoning the top button off his shirt...
"I god Max I need you so much," she brought her lips up to his and pressed her body to his. She rubbed herself up and down on his and moaned out his name. Max needed to stop this, he had to tell her that they could because they had guests but she persisted. How could he say no to her...? He had to!
He got feeling in his arms working again and they took hold of his arms, "Liz no we can't M..."
"What Max why...?"
"I'm here!" Maria burst into the room and Liz turned and gaped at her.
"Ma.Ria?!" she cried. She looked at Maria then back and Max and then back and forth between them several times. "Oh my god!" she cried after a long silent moment. She threw her hands up in the air and shook them around and then looked at Max then Maria once again and ran over to her best friend. "Maria!" she exclaimed, "Your here? Your here!" they shared a huge hug and jumped up and down together.
"Chinca this house is like ten times better then how you described it!" Maria screamed, "I can't believe your living here! You stupid cow!"
Liz laughed, "What are you doing here... Max?" she turned to face him... "Did you...?"
"Yeah it was his idea!" Maria cried, "Well since we couldn't fly you to New York, you know you being all pregnant and all, he sent me here!"
"Oh!" Liz's eye's filled with tears, "I can't believe this."
"Look how fat you are!" Maria cried. All this noise was giving Max a headache.
Liz frowned, "I'm not that bad am I?" she looked down at herself, "Oh my god I am aren't I...?"
"You have an excuse, jeez."
"Ladies, can we go ins..." Max started.
"Jeez Max button up your shirt, you don't wear it like that often do you?" Maria chuckled and rapped her arm around Liz's shoulders, "come on babe, let's go in."
Max rolled his eyes and started buttoning up his shirt. What had happened to Liz absolutely needing him? That had gone away quickly and now he was left with a boner and no one to suppress his need. Damn it, he thought.


A little while later Max made his way into the other room.
“Where did you disappear to Maxie pooch?” Maria, Liz and Kyle were sitting on the couch in the lounge area where Liz had been sitting earlier that day
“Bathroom,” Max sat down on a sofa chair across from them. Liz glanced at him then realizing she’d left him high and dry gasped and put her head in her hands, how mean of her!
“Liz babe guess where we’re spending the weekend!” Maria threw her hands around in glee, “A beauty spa!”
Liz’s eyes widened and she took her hands away from her face, “What?”
“Well it’s more of Max’s birthday gift, isn’t it wonderful. This gift includes me coming along!” Maria laughed, “We come back on Monday and I already have your bags packed… did it while you were at lunch, isn’t this a wonderful plan?”
“You’ve said that twice now,” Kyle chuckled. Kyle had gone and picked Maria up from the airport while Max and Liz were at lunch, they were getting on very well.
“Oh my god,” Liz said rubbing her lower back, “I didn’t expect this, Max I don’t…” she looked up at him.
“Oh shut up Liz, it’s a gift you’re supposed to say smile and thank you!” Maria grinned,
“Maria give me a minute to take everything in will you…?” Liz took a deep breath, “I am a severely pregnant woman and this is all a bit much,” she was now rubbing her forehead.
Max was getting concerned, “Are you feeling okay?”
Liz nodded, “Yeah I’m fine I’m just a little tired I guess,” she smiled to reassure him, “Where is this beauty spa…?”
“Just at the end of town,” Maria said,
“Oh,” Liz looked down at her hands, “When do we leave?”
“Tonight, after dinner. Max wanted to cook,” Maria explained.
Max rolled his eyes, trust Maria to do all the talking. Liz felt like she was about to fall asleep, it was amazing how quickly your emotions changed when you were pregnant. “Liz I can’t believe you live here! Oh I want to go for a swim, want to go for one now?”
Liz blinked, “I’m going to fall asleep,” she said.
“Oh,” Maria frowned. “Do you need to go have a rest? I’ll go for a swim by myself.”
“I’m really sorry Maria, I want to I really do, I just… I’m so tired,” she sighed, “You just got here and…”
“Say no more babe, I totally understand. And don’t worry we have the whole weekend to spend together without interruptions. Go get some sleep… Kyle wanna go for a swim with me?”
He shrugged, “Sure why not, I’ve got nothing else to do.”
He got up, “I’ll just go get changed.” They left the room and Liz felt her eyes start to droop, she stood up quickly. Max got up as well….
Liz walked to the door and then stopped, “Max?” she asked. He came up behind her, ‘Are you sure your okay?” he touched her back, “Your worrying me…”
She nodded, “I’m fine,” she did not move.
Max frowned, “Can you walk up there by yourself?”
Her body started drifting downwards, “Yes,” she said.
“Right then,” Max put his hands under her arms, “Up we go then,” he helped to stand up properly.
She leaned into him, ‘Thank you sweet heart, for everything…” he picked her up and carried her out of the room, “That’s what husbands are for right?” he kissed her forehead.
By the time they were at their room she was asleep with her head tilted to the side. Max put her down on their bed and pulled off her shoes, “Sleep tight,” he brushed his lips across her forehead then tucked her under the blankets. He gazed at her one more time then left the room.

When Liz woke up two and a half hours later she lay in bed and stared at the empty pillow next to hers. She wasn’t thinking about anything in particular but thanked god for having such a wonderful life. She didn’t even know if she believed him but she thanked him for everything he had given to her and everything she was lucky enough to have. She thanked him for the miracle of pregnancy and the miracle of lovemaking and the miracle of chocolate and then she thanked him for enchiladas because she loved enchiladas. She thanked him for putting Max Evan’s on this planet and she thanked him for her best friend.
She thanked him for giving people talent and then thanked him for movies… then she thanked him for the movie Titanic because she liked that movie. She wished she hadn’t thought of that, now she had the biggest craving to watch it. She started trying to remember the lyrics of the titanic song…
“Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on.
Far across the distance and spaces between us, you have come to show you go on.
Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on…
Once more you open the door and till…”
That’s all she could remember right now. She sat up and looked around the room; it was quiet and dark because the curtains had been drawn. She needed to get up; everyone would be waiting to eat down stairs.
She got up and brushed her hair and then put it up in a tiger clip, she contemplated having a shower decided not to. She put on some socks and walked downstairs rubbing her back as she went. She noticed that none of the maids were around, Max must have sent them home.
She went straight to the kitchen- her nostrils and stomach leading the way. She didn’t think she could still be hungry after lunch but after sleeping the baby was craving some more food. Max was in the kitchen putting food onto plates, “Great timing,” she said. Max looked up from what he was doing and smiled, “Very good timing,” he said.
She rapped her arms around herself, she was still wearing her jersey and skirt, “Where’s Maria and Kyle?”
Max licked some sauce off his finger, “Setting up the dinning room…”
Liz walked over to where he was, “You sent the maids home?” she asked. He nodded, “yeah.”
She went to pick up a plate but Max stopped her, “No it’s your birthday, let me escort you to your seat.”
There was no point in arguing with him; she just wasn’t in the mood. He lead her into the dinning room that was lit with candles and music.
Max pulled out a seat at the head of the table and Liz sat down, “I feel like I need to get dressed up,” said Liz.
“You don’t need to,” he walked away and while he was gone Maria and Kyle came in and took seats near her. “This weather is crap Liz, is it always like this?”
“Is it still pouring down?” Liz asked.
“On and off,” Maria shivered.
“It’s usually good weather,” Liz said, she couldn’t believe she was twenty-six now… she was getting old. Now she knew how Max had felt on his birthday. She hadn’t understood when he complained about nearly being thirty. Speaking of Max, he walked in with two plates in his hands; he put one down in front of Liz and the other in front of Maria. “Looks fabulous Max darling,” Maria commented. Liz nodded her head in agreement.
“I would have thought Michael would come and stay too,” Liz sipped her water, “Is he working?”
“Yeah he is but he said he was going to try and fly here tomorrow. He really want’s to see Kyle,” Maria explained, “I don’t know if it’s very good that these three men will be here all by themselves. That’s just asking for disaster isn’t it?”
“Why? We are grown ups, we can be trusted,” Kyle grinned with all his teeth.
“Sure,” Max agreed taking a seat next to his wife, “It will be mostly work.”
“Better be,” Liz’s eyes twinkled, “Anyway, have you heard from Isabel… how’s her pregnancy going?”
Kyle nearly spat out his food, “Isabel’s pregnant?” he exclaimed, “Holy shit!” he cried.
“Kyle please, no swearing… babies can hear everything going outside of the womb,” Max frowned.
Liz laughed, “Where’d you hear that?” she asked.
“I read it in a book, everything influences them even from in there… it effects what they will be like when they are a baby and might even affect their whole lives… so Kyle watch your language.”
“Sweet as man,” Kyle sipped his drink, “So Isabel… pregnant? This is Isabel Evan’s we’re talking about? There is no way she’d….”
“You know Isabel?” Liz asked.
“Of course I know Isabel,” Kyle said.
“He dated Isabel,” Max said.
“Woah,” Maria interjected, “That’s just weird.”
“Why?” Kyle asked, “We had a good time together. Two years we were together…” he sighed.
“Wow,” Liz said, “Why didn’t you tell me? That’s kind of strange… anyway yeah Isabel’s pregnant and she should be around five or six months onto it…?”
“Yeah,” Max said, “Five and a half to be exact.”
“Whose kid is it?” Kyle asked.
“You have been away too long,” Max chuckled, “It’s Alex’s.”
“They ended up getting married?” Kyle raised his eyebrows, “Wow now that is weird.”
“You know what’s really weird?” Liz said, “Since we’re on the topic of course.”
“Of course,” Maria smiled.
Liz laughed, “I am going to give birth in less than a month!” she stopped eating, “How scary, every thing’s going so fast…”
Max rubbed her knee.
Maria bit her lip, “That is weird, you are so big and pregnant! I don’t know what I expected when I came here, I think I just expected you to not be pregnant.”
Liz frowned, “Oh… okay then,” she chuckled.

Kyle leaned under the table and pulled out a little purple bag with Happy birthday written in silver writing on it. He slid it towards Liz and smiled, "Happy Birthday Liz babe."
Liz blushed, "Oh thank you Kyle. You really didn't have to..."
Kyle sipped his beer, "What? Of course I did, I'm staying out your haven of love for free."
All of them laughed. "Well I guess so," Liz peaked in the bag and then pulled out an envelope and a box with silver rapping paper and gold stars printed on it. She opened the envelope first.
There was card inside that said on the cover:
Happy Birthday, please don't tell anyone I sent you this, I don't want to be made fun of for associating with you.
Liz snorted, “Oh yee thanks Kyle,”
“My pleasure,” he laughed.
“What does it say?” Maria asked. Liz read it out to them and they laughed. “That’s almost as funny as the engagement card I got Liz,” Maria giggled “It said: I hear you're getting married and I would just like to say that there are better ways to lose your virginity.”
Liz shook her head, “Oh what nice cards I get.” She opened the cared and on the inside there was a one hundred and fifty-dollar voucher for a clothing store,
“For you to get something for yourself," Kyle ginned. Liz thanked him.
At the bottom of the card Kyle had written,

You've brought light into my best friend’s life and I just want to say thank you. I have never seen him so happy and I know that you two will last forever.
You’re a cool chick and you'll be the best mom. I can't wait to see your beautiful daughter...
Love Kyle.

Liz sniffled and glared at Kyle, "Kyle that means so much, thank you."
He nodded. She put the card down and opened the present; inside was a small silver clock that had the times of every place all over the world. It was very flash it had little buttons and everything, Liz laughed, “Oh thank you for the gifts Kyle.”
“Sweet as,” Kyle smiled.
“I’m getting you sexy lingerie but we have to pick out together sometime while I’m here. I couldn’t exactly get you a voucher from New York could I?” Maria grinned.
Max’s eyes flared, sexy lingerie!
“I saw that look on your face Max Evan’s!” Maria laughed, “See this gift is for the both of you… I’m just an angel aren’t I?”
Liz blushed.

Later that night, near quarter to seven, Liz and Maria got ready to go.
“Tell me about where we are gong,” Liz said.
“It’s like a spa, you know?” Maria pulled on her coat; “I looked into it. I saw pictures of it on the Internet and it’s beautiful. We can soak in honey and have our bodies prepped and moisturized, we can have anything done. Our hair cut, dyed…”
“Wow,” Liz looked down at herself; “I could really use that. I feel like a big beauty… boost.”
“Same here,” Maria put on her high heal shoes, “Okay ready to go?”
Liz glanced over at Max, “Give me a second!” she laughed and walked over to him, “I won’t see you for three days?” she gave him a puppy dog look. Max smiled and tucked her long hair behind her ears, “Unfortunately yes.”
Kyle made choking noises, “I think I’m going to be sick… too much corny…”
“Shut up Kyle,” Max and Liz both said.
“Okay, Okay, I’ll go stand over…there,” he wandered away.
“I was going to sent you there for a week but decided there was no way I could handle you being away for that long,” he kissed her, “I want you to have a good time with your best friend.”
“And I will,” she rested her forehead against his, “Thank you for this gift.” She smiled, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” he pulled the woolly hat she was wearing down further. She pushed it up a little…
“First night apart since you got married is it?” Maria walked up and rapped her arm through Liz’s, “Well of course it is…” she sighed, “I feel for you, I really do but we have to get going. I’m dying with anticipation!”
Liz laughed, “Okay Maria, okay go get in the cab.”
“Are you going to be joining me quickly?” She grinned.
“YES!” Liz cried, “Give me two seconds,”
“I’ll be counting,” Maria walked away and Liz rolled her eyes,
“I’ll see you later,” she leaned up and kissed Max again, “be good.”
Max squatted down and kissed her belly, “Bye little one, be good to your mother…” he rubbed her stomach then stood up straight again, “Have fun.”
They shared another kiss then Liz went and hopped in the car, as they were driving away Liz put her head out the window and called out, “Don’t do anything I won’t approve of!”

Max sat at his desk at his office. He was staring at the contract in front of him, had re-read it at least three times but he was still a little worried. This was a very big thing and he did not want to screw up.
When he had told James he didn’t want to give him half the business James had been very pissed off. James probably couldn’t be trusted so it was a good thing he wasn’t around any more, Liz was just quicker to spot it than him. With the way James had acted when Max had told him he wasn’t the man for the job he was glad he had gotten rid of him before it was too late.

Max didn’t like doing that to people but he put his wife before anyone else.

He thought about the reason he was doing all this to begin with and he realized he was not only doing this for Liz but himself. He did not want to be a father like his dad had been when he was younger. Sure his father was a great man and he loved him with all his heart but he was never around. He had missed so much of Isabel and Max’s childhood.
Max was determined to not be a father like that. He wanted to have time to go play baseball with his child in the back yard. This was a promise he had made to himself when he was growing up. This had nothing to do with Liz it had to do with himself and what standards he had set for himself.

This was something that had to be done.

Kyle was the man for the job. Max was convinced of it now; there was no other man he could trust with such a big responsibility. Max was a little worried Kyle would say no and he’d be stuck in the same situation, with heaps of work to do and hardly any free time. If Kyle said no Max had no idea what he would do then. He would be screwed, he’d be his father.
A little voice in his head said that he wasn’t his father just by having this contract written up and ready to be signed.
He was making his father sound like a bad man but he wasn’t, he had done his best and Max was thankful for that. He just didn’t want to be stuck like his father had been.
“You got to stop and smell the roses, you got count your many blessings every day.
Your gonna find the road to heaven is a rough and rocky road, if you don’t stop and smell the roses along the way.

Hey mister where you going in such a hurry? Well don’t you think it’s time you realize, there’s a whole lot more to life then work and worries. The sweetest things in life are free and their right in front of your eyes…”
Max sung to himself.
He used to love that song; he used to play it all the time.
“Before you went to work this morning in the city, did you spend some time with your family?
Did you kiss your wife and tell her that she’s pretty, did you take your children in your arms and hold them tenderly?”
He had heard it so many times he knew the lyrics off by heart.
“Did you ever take a walk through the forest? Stop and dream awhile among the trees,
You can look out through the leaves right through to heaven, and you can almost hear the voice of god in each and every dream.”
Max sat back in his chair and clicked his pen, what he was doing was a good thing and Kyle would say yes. He would be crazy to say no.
His intercom beeped and he clicked the button, “Is he here?”
“Yes he is.”
“Send him in,” Max folded his arms and sat back in his chair again. Kyle opened his office door and walked in, “Hey Max what did you want me for?” he walked over, “Are you trying to be all high and mighty in your big chair and your big desk?” he grinned, “Isn’t going to work with me dude.”
Max chuckled and stood up, “I need to talk to you about something important.”
Kyle could tell he was serious by the look on his face, “Shoot.”
“I have a proposal for you.”

posted on 4-Jul-2002 7:55:51 PM

“Oh this is so good,” Liz closed her eyes and sighed.
“So, so good,” Maria moaned.
They were both getting massages from two professionals. Liz had a short woman working at her shoulders and Maria had a tall muscular man working of her. They were in heaven, their bodies were so comfortable and happy. They could not remember a time when their bodies felt so good.
After this they were going to go soak in a milk and honey bath with a cucumber face mask and a seaweed drink. “Oh down a bit, yeah my lower back…ahhh hmm,” Liz clenched her toes in satisfaction. After she finished her back she massaged her thighs and calves and then her feet.
Afterwards Liz and Maria lay there without moving, “I am so relaxed it seems impossible to move,” Maria had her eyes closed, “We owe huge thank you’s to your wonderful husband.”
“You can thank him, I am going to do much more than that,” Liz licked her lips, “He deserves a big long…”
“Blow job?” Maria laughed.
“Maybe depends on what I feel like at the time,” Liz slowly sat up, “Okay time for milk and honey,” she smiled. “I might fall asleep in there.”
“So might I,” Maria got up off the table and rapped the white towel around her body. “This is heaven. Those Thai’s sure know what they’re doing.”
“How about a pedicure and manicure later this afternoon?” Liz had trouble keeping the towel around her body with her big fat belly. She held it there as they walked out of the room
“I want to get a bikini wax or that electrolysis thing at some point,” Maria yawned, “Maybe that can be for tomorrow.”
“Yeah, I want to get that done too,” Liz scratched her head, “Okay see you soon,” they separated to go into two different rooms where their baths were ready. Max had given them specific orders to give Maria and her the best treatment, with special privileges. He wanted to spoil his wife and right now Liz was glad he was.
“Hey miss,” a lady in a white uniform walked up and touched her arm, “Do you need help getting in?”
Liz laughed, “I wish I didn’t but I I’m afraid I do.” It was hard to keep moving around right now, this baby was causing her grief.
The lady helped her into the bath and Liz felt like disabled. Then the lady spread a cucumber face mask over Liz’s face and put too pieces of cucumber on her eyes.
“Thank you,” Liz smiled.
“Sweet as,” the girl chuckled, “Do you want me to get you anything?”
“No thanks this is more than enough,” Liz let her body slide down and relax.
The lady left the room and Liz shuffled through the magazines and books they had placed to the side. She picked up a book entitles, Love is a story- A new theory on relationships.
Intrigued she opened it and started reading.

“You want me to have half of your business?” Kyle was shocked; he was shocked beyond belief.
Max sat down on the corner of his desk, “yeah,” he smiled, “It’s a bit unbelievable huh?”
A bit?
Kyle didn’t know what to say! This was a huge thing.
“I know that you’ll probably need time to think about it and consider your options but I want you to know this is something both Liz and I want because we trust you and…”
Kyle stopped him, “This is what both of you want? You are sure about this?” He sucked in a breath, “I mean Max this is your work! All of it, this is a huge thing. How long have you been thinking about this? It’s not just some over night decision is it? I don’t want you doing this if it’s not for certain what you want.”
Max smiled, that’s what a true and trusted friend did. Kyle could have said yes straight away, he could have been ecstatic about the opportunity of getting so much money. But no he was making sure his friend was sure about what he was doing and making sure he was sure of what he was doing. He was putting Max before himself.

That is what Max needed for this company. He knew that now more then ever.

“Kyle this is not an over night decision. I have been thinking about this since a while after me and Liz got engaged. I knew that I would need more time for her and more time for our kids if we had any. It was just this huge fluke that you came along at such a great time and Liz and me just see you as this huge sign…” he grinned, “We know we can trust you and we know that you’ll be here for us as a friend and a partner. You will benefit from this hugely and we want to do that for you. I realize it’s your life and you might not want to get in this deep but…”
“I can’t believe this…” Kyle was still in shock. This was one of the best opportunities he had ever had and he didn’t know what to do with himself. It was like someone was handing him a little silver platter with billions of dollars neatly stacked on it. Money wasn’t a huge thing. He wasn’t money hungry but he liked to have it and he liked to buy flash things but it was a necessity. Max was important to him right now not the money; he wanted to help him buddy out with his problem. This would be a big sacrifice on his behalf… he would be giving up a lot of free time and relationships… “I need time to think it over,” Kyle swallowed, “Don’t get me wrong I am pretty sure it’ll be a yes, I what to help you out but there’s just a few things I need to do and get out and think about.”

“I totally understand,” Max nodded, “I figured you would. I’m not going to push you into this without considering what you might be giving up. But remember how much you’ll be gaining Kyle.”
“I know what I’ll be gaining,” Kyle chuckled, “I mean of course I do!”
Max laughed, “It’s a lot to think about isn’t it? I’m happy to do this it’s just all up to you. I have a contract written up and ready to be signed with lawyers and everything all you need to do is say the word and half of every things yours…”
“Jeez Max how did you get into this?” Kyle ran his hand through his hair, “I can’t believe this, it’s all so overwhelming…”
Max stood up and walked over to his little bar, “I imagine it would be. Don’t feel pressured to say yes or to hurry about your decision…”

“No I don’t feel that way,” Kyle slumped back in his chair, “Your really serious? About all of this?” he rubbed his forehead, “This is a huge thing Max.”
“I know.” Max put a glass of vodka down in front of Kyle, “And I am ready to do it.”
Kyle swallowed, “This is all for Liz? She’s great and I can see what your trying to do but is this for yourself as well… not just her?”
Max thought he might ask him about that, “Liz is a part of me,” he answered honestly, “We may as well be one. This was a decision I made by myself and only told her about it a little while ago. I’m doing this for myself because I want to see my child grow up I don’t want to miss anything important. If I can help it than I will. I don’t like to admit it but I am doing this more for myself than I am for her…”
Kyle nodded, “You’re not a selfish person Max you shouldn’t feel bad about doing this for yourself.”
“I don’t,” Max chuckled, “I just don’t like to admit it to myself.”

Kyle smiled, “God you love her so much.” Max nodded. “You think I’ll ever find what you have?”
Max shrugged, “It’s possible,” he grinned, “But I don’t know if any girl will have you…” he laughed.
Kyle rolled his eyes, “Oh yes but you’ll see if I take this job every woman may want me too and I might be on Calvin Klien ads too.”
Max shook his head, “What is it with people and those Calvin Klien ads?” he exclaimed, “It was one photo shoot!”
“Yes right…” Kyle laughed.
“You know,” Max’s face turned back to serious, “You were the only one who didn’t warn me about Liz trying to get my money when you first met her.”
Kyle raised his eyebrows, “Really?” he folded his arms over his chest, “Well Liz is wonderful why would anyone think that about her? I could never see her doing something like that…”
Max smiled, “Thank you. I’m glad you saw it too.”
Kyle nodded, “She’s the one Max. She’s perfect for you, you’ll be together forever, don’t ever let her go.”
“Don’t plan to,” Max stood up, “I hate to do this but I have a meeting to get to in…” he looked at his watch, “Fifteen minutes so I…”
“I have to go to,” Kyle stood up, “I’ll think about it okay? I mean you can be pretty certain…”
“I’m glad,” Max walked over to the door and pulled his jacket off the hook on the wall. Kyle followed him to the door, “I can’t believe this, it’s all surreal.”
“No it’s real,” Max smiled, “This is all really happening.”

“Your still reading that,” Maria sat down on the side of Liz’s big bed, “What’s so great about it?”
Liz glanced at her, “It’s just… the couples in it are screwed up. There are so many things that can go wrong in a relationship. I can’t believe it. Did you know fifty percent of marriages in the America end in divorce? It’s unbelievable.”
“Yes I knew that,” Maria folded her legs, “But there’s nothing we can do about it…”
Liz sighed, “You don’t think that Max and I will…”
“Get a divorce?” Maria asked.
“Yeah, I mean I know we won’t but the thing that bothers me is the fact that these people thought they were soul mates too. How do we know in this day and age?”
Maria scratched her head, “I, I don’t know but I do know that true love does still exist and even though the chances are slimmer than ever right now, it still happens.”
Liz smiled, “You think me and Max…?”
“I know you and Max are soul mates,” Maria rapped her arm around Liz’s shoulders, “Look Liz maybe you shouldn’t read the stupid book anymore.”
“It’s not a stupid book it’s actually really good…” Liz started reading again, “Maybe I should ring Max.”
“I’m sure he’s coping fine without you,” Maria laughed.
“But what about me? I’m not doing okay…” Liz frowned.
“Just read your book,” Maria got up, “Night chinca.”
Liz smiled, “Night.” Once Maria left Liz put away the book and climbed under the blankets on her queen size bed. She turned off the bedside light and then put her head down on the pillow and closed her eyes. What now?
She didn’t have Max to snuggle into; she didn’t have anyone to kiss goodnight.

As she lay awake staring at the ceiling she thought about some of the stuff that was brought up in the book she had found.

There was some stuff in there that showed how happy relationships could be for the first months and how you can be so convinced that your partners the one and then they spot something else they want and anything can happen. You have to get someone who matches your ‘story’ and if they don’t then your relationship is destined for…well failure.
She was just left wondering now, was what she and Max had the true and real thing?
What right did she have to say that she and Max were soul mates when so many others thought and said the same thing and their relationships didn’t last?
She and Max had known each other for very long. They were engaged after two months of dating.
She hated thinking like this, she hated it a lot but was she right to wonder?
With all her fiber and all her heart she felt that Max was the one and she wanted no one else to be but how could a person be certain? Liz should stop reading into this so much; she should just take things as the come and pray for the best. Deep down she new nothing would change how she felt for Max. She could not imagine being with anyone else.

“You decided to come,” Max walked through to the front room of the house and greeted Michael as he carried his bag inside. It was two-thirty am.
“Yeah I did,” Michael grinned, “What are you doing up?”
Max yawned, “Couldn’t sleep. Why didn’t you call? I would have come and picked you up from the airport.” Max was wondering how Michael had gotten inside but dismissed it, it was too late to be thinking about stuff that probably had a logical explanation.
“I figured why call and disturb you and the Mrs.? I am capable of catching a cab,” He closed the front door.
“Liz isn’t here,” Max ran his hand through his hair. “She’s at this beauty spa with Maria. I sent her there for her birthday; it’s been hard on her staying her without Maria all the time. I thought she might like some alone time with her.”
“How decent of you,” Michael’s stomach grumbled, “Where’s the kitchen I’m starving?” Max led him to the kitchen and leaned against the bench.
Michael laughed, “So now that Liz is away you are left here and let me guess…” he opened the refrigerator, “You can’t sleep without her in your arms?”
Max smiled sheepishly.
“That’s sweet man it really is,” he pulled a plate with chicken on it out of the refrigerator and a beer, “Want a beer?”
Max thought about it, he really shouldn’t but he decided what the hell? He wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight anyway. “Sure. Anyway Maria said that you were coming earlier.”
“Yeah I got held up. Is Kyle sleeping?” Michael walked over to the pantry while eating a chicken leg.
“Of course he is,” Max yawned again, “I should be too.” Maybe he should just call Liz? No. She was a pregnant woman and she needed her sleep. It would be wrong of him to wake her up. He just had to keep convincing himself that.
He felt like a big baby needing his wife in the same bed as him when he slept, it was like needing your favorite teddy bear in you arms. Liz was not a teddy bear, she was alive and breathing and warm… he wanted to ring her. No, no he could not.

“He’s not going to be sleeping for long. Where is his room?” Michael filled a glass with water. Max rolled his eyes, “Your not going to…?”
“Why not? It’s a tradition,” Michael grinned, “Come on take me to his room or I’ll find it myself.”
Max laughed and led him to Kyle’s room. “If I had been asleep would you have done this to me too?”
“Na I thought Liz would be in there,” Michael opened Kyle’s bedroom door, “If I had known she wasn’t I would have.”
Max rolled his eyes.
Michael walked over to Kyle’s bed and poured the water in the glass of water over his face. Kyle woke up with a start, “God dam it!” he cried.
Max chuckled.
“Michael!” Kyle groaned, “No one else would be as horrible as to do such a thing…” he didn’t know whether to be happy to see Michael again or fucked off. “Oh you know you love it,” Michael grinned, “Get up.”
Kyle groaned, “Fuck off.”
“Hurry up!” Michael and Max left the room. Max went to he and Liz’s room to put some clothes on. He shouldn’t walk around in only boxer shorts. When he walked in he was hit with Liz’s smell and he almost drooled, it was so nice. It smelt like she was in there.
He really wished he hadn’t sent her away for a few days.
After he had put on some clothes he went back downstairs to the kitchen where Michael was getting out beers and junk food.

Liz sat up in bed with a huff. It was obvious she would not be getting any sleep tonight. Would she be like this for the rest of her life?
She sighed and rested her head on the headboard on her big bed. Big empty bed.
Was Max going through this too?
She wanted Max. She was getting Max- home sick.
Liz chuckled to herself, she was just being silly, and she should just lie down and fall asleep.
It’s not like she wasn’t tired. She was but she could not sleep. Maybe she could drive home and come back in the morning? No she could not.
Right now she wasn’t even thinking about all her insecurities from earlier she just wanted Max. When she saw him again she would not let him go anyway, work be damned.
Liz’s eyes felt heavy so she lay down again, the clock read quarter to four on a Sunday morning. She closed her eyes and breathe din, if she took slow even breaths and concentrated on nothing and stopped thinking maybe just maybe she could slowly drift off. Liz breathed in and breathed out and breathed in and breathed out… she could feel herself drifting off…

Liz towards Max’s office one afternoon, she was going to surprise him. He didn’t know she was coming. The secretary didn’t bother saying anything to her again, she knew better. Liz opened the door and gasped at the sight of Max kissing and unbuttoning some woman she didn’t knows clothes. “Max?” her eyes rimmed with tears.
His head shot in her direction, “Liz?” He exclaimed, “It’s not what it looks like!”
“Oh sure,” Liz whimpered.

Liz sprung up in bed and rubbed her eyes, oh my god she was so paranoid!
She looked at the clock, ten-to-four. She had been asleep for five minutes. FIVE MINUTES!
She wanted to scream in exasperation.
The disgusting dream replayed its self over and over and she wanted to scrub her brain clean, Max was not cheating on her. This was the books fault. She decided not to continue reading the book anymore.


“God it’s hot out here,” Michael gulped down a whole can of beer and chucked the can back in the chilly bin. Kyle and him were outside on Max and Liz’s gold course- Max was at work. “I’m gonna get this one,” Kyle swayed his ass side to side then whacked the golf ball in front of him. It landed no where near the hole he was aiming for. “Damn it,” he gritted his teeth.
Michael laughed, “You suck at golf.”
“That’s nice, I didn’t notice,” Kyle grabbed a beer out of the chilly bin, “Anyway it’s not like your much better.”
“I am,” Michael picked up his club, “Max told me he want’s you to be his partner. I am personally insulted.”
“Why? Max would have asked you but you’ve got a growing business of your own.”
Michael had been a little surprised when Max had told him he asked Kyle to be his partner. He was slightly jealous but he did know Max’s reasons and Michael realized he wouldn’t take the job even if it had got offered to him. He stopped caring pretty quickly. “I know I’m joking. Are you going to take the job?” Michael sucked in a breath then whacked the ball he had put down on the ground earlier. It flew through the air and landed straight in the hole he wanted it to. “WAHOO DID YOU SEE THAT?” he screamed, “HOLE IN ONE BABY!” He jumped up and down.
Kyle laughed, “Not a modest winner are we?”
“NEVER!” Michael grinned, “That was incredible. If I can do it again you owe me a hundred bucks.”
“A hundred?” Kyle raised his eyebrows.
“Well your going to be a millionaire so you can start spending big right?” Michael lined his ball up again.
Kyle sighed, I don’t know…”
Michael shot up from what he was doing, “What do you mean you don’t know? You are going o take this job right?”
Kyle shrugged, “I want to but there’s a few things holding me back…”
Michael turned his attention back to the ball, “Like what?”
“Well…” Kyle folded his arms over his chest; “You know how Max is with Liz...?”
“Yeah completely pussy-whipped-”
Kyle rolled his eyes, “Well what if I met a girl I want that with and I can’t spend much time with her because of my work. I mean that’s Max’s problem, he doesn’t want to work so much…”
“Have you gotten even dumber over the years Kyle? Are you seriously telling me you are this dumb?” Michael rolled his eyes, “By you and Max both working together you’ll both have less work to do. You’ll be working with him, so you’ll share responsibilities… it won’t just be you doing everything. Max won’t have to work as much, just think about how much work he does now and split it in half, you get one half he gets the other. You will both have less work. You get what I’m saying?”
Kyle shook his head, “Yeah I guess your right…”
“I am right,” Michael whipped his hand across his forehead, “I’m always right.”
Kyle rolled his eyes, “Oh I’m sure…” He watched Michael practice swimnging the… “Are you going to hit it already?”
“Time,” Michael said, ‘Time my good friend, you can’t be rushed in a game like this,” he sucked in a breath then whacked the ball into the air. It landed in the hole again.
“Holy shit!” Michael exclaimed, “I’m incredible, I am a fucking…” Someone cleared his or her throat.
Michael turned around and was greeted by Maria and Liz who stood behind Kyle with their arms crossed over their chests, “Watch your language,” Liz said. Michael groaned.
“When did you become the golf pro?” Maria asked. Michael shrugged, “It’s a natural talent.”
“Is Max at work?” Liz asked. Kyle and Michael nodded. “How was the beauty spa?” Kyle asked.
Maria’s face lit up, “it was so good oh my god Liz tell them! It was incredible.”
“It was incredible,” Liz turned around and headed back up the grass to the house. Michael and Kyle frowned, “What’s wrong with her?” Michael scoffed.
Maria elbowed him, “Hormones, ass hole.”

“Liz come in the water babe.”
Maria swam up to Liz, whom sat on the side of the pool with her feet dangling lazily off the edge. She was wearing a jean dress that she had scrunched up her thighs so it wouldn’t get wet. “I don’t really feel like swimming,” Liz sighed then quietly added, “I don’t really feel like doing anything these days.”
“Oh Liz,” Maria put her wet hands on Liz’s thighs, “Your nearly nine months pregnant, it’s completely normal to feel tired and heavy all the time. You know that.”
Liz bit her lip to stop a sob but tears still filled her eyes; she was so emotional today.

Kyle sprinted past and did a huge bomb in the pool, when he came up from under the water he called, “Beat that Guerin!” They were so competitive all the time. Michael ran past seconds later and did a bomb as well. Liz felt plashes of water all over her face, arms and dress. She sighed.
Michael came up from under the water, “Mine was… bigger,” he let out a big breath. “That was not bigger,” Kyle argued, splashing him.
“Such children,” Maria rolled her eyes. “MARIA! Whose splash was bigger?” Michael called.
“You can’t ask her, your dating her!” Kyle huffed.
“They were both the same,” Maria said, “Now shut up would you?”
Liz couldn’t help but chuckle at their immaturity, even in her present state of depression it was funny. How old were they again?
“Will you be okay here?” Maria asked. Liz nodded, “Yeah I’ll be fine.” Maria nodded then swam over to the guys.
Liz glanced at her watch- it was six thirty. She hoped Max would be home soon, she needed to set her eyes, hands, on him. After three sleep-deprived nights she only wanted to snuggle up on his lap and fall asleep.
She had told the cook to have dinner ready by seven-thirty. It was hard to know when Max would be home, she just hoped he would not be any later then that.
Maria shrieked from the other side of the pool; Liz turned to look what was going on. Michael was lifting her up onto his shoulders and even through all the screaming, ‘No Michael!’ ‘This isn’t funny!’ ‘Put me down,’ you could tell they were both enjoying themselves. Liz was so happy for them… when was Michael going to propose to her anyway?
She rolled her eyes; not every couple got married after a few months of dating. Some took years to make such a big commitment. She just had to remember every couple was not she and Max. The book she had been reading at the health spa certainly proved that. It really was a good book… what was the name of it again? Maybe she could buy it and finish reading it later on…
She heard footsteps approaching and she knew who it was. Instead of a happy smile spreading across her face, tears stung her eyes and her lips trembled. What was wrong with her?
Familiar hands landed on her shoulders and then slowly slid down her arms. When the loving hands reached hers they intertwined their fingers and squeezed them together, Liz stopped breathing. They pulled her hands up, up, up and then they slowly pulled her to her feet. Liz wobbled before getting her balance. She felt lips brush against the skin of her neck and a tear dripped down her check, she didn’t deserve to be this lucky. The hands pulled away from hers and Max stepped closer to the pool, he sat down and folded his legs then reached for her, Liz willingly came. He grasped her hips and gently pulled her down so she was sitting on his lap, he rubbed his hands up and down her back then moved forward to caress her belly. Liz closed her eyes and more tears continued to fall. Finally Max rapped his arms around her stomach tightly and pressed her back against his chest… he buried his head in her hair and she heard him suck in a breath. A whimper escaped her lips and she put her hands up to wipe away her tears, she felt embarrassed by her silly behavior but she couldn’t stop crying. Max was obviously shocked she was crying so he let go of his grip around her belly and turned her head to face him, Liz closed her eyes to hide her red eyes. She bit her lip to keep a sob from escaping and Max obviously knowing she was on the verge of breaking down, kissed her forehead and turned Liz’s body to face the left. He rapped his arms around her whole body and Liz buried her face in his neck, she started to let it all out. Max buried his head in her hair and even though he didn’t completely understood was going on, whispered it’s okay, everything is fine.
Maria noticed them and held her hands over her chest, they were so beautiful. Michael howled and she smacked him, “Ass!” she whispered, “leave them alone…”
Michael rolled his eyes. Kyle suggested they leave and Maria agreed.
They left the room quietly and efficiently. Max and Liz didn’t even notice they were gone, they were oblivious to anything.

Liz’s tears began to stop flowing and her sobs subsided, to carry on crying you need to know the reason your upset and since she didn’t understand why she was upset she felt no need to continue. She lifted her head and buried it in the skin of Max’s neck; he ran his hand through her hair. “You okay?” he whispered lovingly. Liz sucked in a breath and then nodded, she didn’t want to talk or move just yet.

After dinner Maria, Michael and Kyle decided to go to a club in town. Maria had said it was because she wanted to check out what clubs were like in places other then America but Liz knew she was leaving because she wanted give her and Max some time alone. Before they left Liz pulled her best friend aside and thanked her; Maria nodded and quickly hugged her. When they were gone Liz carried her tired self up to her and Max’s room and got into some flannel pajama pants with little sheep jumping over fences on them. She also put on a grey jersey and some socks.
When she went back downstairs Max had made her a hot chocolate with a marsh mellow floating in it, he had also set up the entertainment room so they could watch a movie. Liz couldn’t remember the last time they had been able to just sit down and enjoy each other’s presence, “Sit down and get comfortable, I’ll be right back,” Max kissed her forehead then hurried out of the room. Liz went and looked at what DVD he had put in; it was A knight’s tale. She was satisfied with that so she went and sat down on the couch, there was a big puffy duvet waiting for her and she pulled it over her legs.
When Max came back, he was no longer in his work suit but in a dark grey jersey, much like the color of hers, and comfortable back pants. He handed a bowl of microwave popcorn to her and grabbed the DVD remote. It felt like an eternity before he finally sat down next to her.
“I’m going to go see Allen tomorrow,” Liz got comfortable with her head against his chest. He rapped his arm around her shoulder and brought her closer, “Liz I don’t know if I want you going back there…”
Liz looked up at him, “I need to check on her, I don’t want her to think I don’t want to be friends just because she had and argument with her husband when we were there.”
Max persisted, “But…” Liz cut him off,
“Don’t worry I’ll be fine, he’s not even there during the day,” she pecked his lips, “Start the movie will you?”
Max started the movie; “I still don’t want you going.”
Liz didn’t want to get into an argument with him, “Max I don’t even know if I’ll go, my feet are too swollen for me to walk much anymore,” she chuckled, “It’s so awful.”
Max was glad she was in a better mood then earlier, “Let me give you a foot rub,” he offered. Liz smiled, “Really? What do you know about foot rubs?”
“Enough,” Max smiled back, he was so glad to see her smiling again he couldn’t help but kiss her. Liz brought her legs up from under the blanket and rested them on Max’s thighs; she rested her back against the arm of the couch. Max started rubbing her ankles then worked on her heels and so on. They watched the movie.

Max rubbed her feet for half and hour and then she crawled back into his arms and got comfortable, “I love you,” she pecked his lips, “I feel so much better now.”
Max nodded, “You don’t know how glad I am… pop corn?” he handed the bowl to her. Liz laughed, “Why I’d love some pop corn Mr. Evan’s.”
It was so good to just be able to relax and be together like this for a change. Usually their lives were so rushed and even when they were alone together, it felt like they were in a hurry because Max had to go to work or something like that. Liz looked forward to more times like these. “Oh,” Liz suddenly said, “I presume you talked to Kyle about…?”
“I did, yes,” Max ate a piece of popcorn.
“Well?” Liz asked, “How’d he take it, did he say yes?”
Max shrugged, “I told him to think about, he said he was pretty sure he would say yes but he had stuff he needed to consider before he made any final decisions.”
“Like what?” Liz wondered.
“I don’t know,” Max stretched his legs out further,
“Well, I told you he’d say yes,” she nudged his side, “Didn’t I? I told you…”
“He hasn’t said yes yet, Liz,” Max reminded her of the obvious, “All we can do is hope he will…”
Liz rolled her eyes, “Your crazy, of course he will!” she chuckled, “You’re a silly man, you really are. You’ll see he’ll say yes and you won’t have to work as much and who knows maybe you’ll even be there when I give birth to our child… it’s a long shot but…”
“I WILL be there Liz,” he frowned, “Of course I will, that is like missing a…”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep Max, you don’t know for certain that you will be there, please don’t make a prom…” Max cut her off, “I can’t believe we’re having this conversation! I will be there Liz please don’t say that I won’t, god…”
Liz knew that he was trying to convince himself not her, she felt bad for him. She had figured out that there was a good chance he wouldn’t be there a long time ago, obviously he was still convinced some miracle would happen and he’d magically have free-time.
“I will loose everything we have if I have to Liz, don’t think I won’t be…” He buried his head in her hair, “Please, I promise I will be there.”
‘I wish I could believe that one,’ Liz thought, “Okay, okay,” she tried to calm him down, “Don’t worry…”
Max sucked in a breath; “I’m a wreck when I’m with you, stop it will you! You will kill me and then what would you do huh?”
“Don’t talk about death,” Liz’s heart beat quickened, “Just don’t.” She couldn’t bare the thought of Max dying…
Max rapped his arms around her tighter; “Okay I’m sorry.”
“You should be,” Liz sucked in a breath and ran her hand through her hair, “What’s the time?” she yawned. She sat up and rapped her arms around herself. The movie was still on but they had lost interest in it a little while ago. Not that it was a bad movie, no; it was just the fact they couldn’t be alone in a room together with out focusing completely on each other. Whether it be in a sexual way or a conversational way.
“Quarter to eleven,” Max answered. He kicked off the blanket and pushed the sleeves of his jersey up to his elbows, “Come here,” he instructed.
Liz shuddered, “no,” she said quietly.
Max stared at her puzzled, “What do you mean, no?” he grabbed her arms from behind, “Come here woman!” he pulled at her jersey. Liz didn’t even have to move he was strong enough to pull her to him. He lay her down on her back and then lay down beside her. They shared a loving, adoring, beautiful, magical, kiss. “I haven’t slept in three days, you know?” Max said after he broke he kiss. He was so tired he was afraid he’d pass out, “I can’t sleep without you that’s what you do to me now. You’ve taken over every aspect of my life.”
“That’s the way it should be,” she smiled. “But I haven’t slept either.”
Max raised his eyebrows, “You haven’t? Oh no that’s horrible. You’re going to get plenty of sleep tonight! I’ll make sure of it.”
“I’m sure you will,” Liz rolled her eyes.
Max sat up, “In fact, we better get you to bed right now,” he crawled off the bed, “To sleep only,” he clearly added. Liz raised her eyebrows, “Na it’s okay I’ll stay here, you can go. I want to see more Heath…”
Max picked up the remote and turned off the movie. Liz huffed.
He grabbed her arms and heaved her off the bed and to her feet, “come on, or do I have to carry you?”
“You won’t get the chance,” Liz ran around him and out of the room. She wasn’t running very fast because it was to hard on her big body. Max went after her, “Liz come back here,” he instructed her.
“No thanks,” She sucked in a breath and ran through the front room to the lounge next to the dinning room. Max caught her and wrestled her carefully to the couch. “That’s not fair your stronger than me,” she struggled to get away.
“Thank god,” Max pinned her down with his knee’s and hands, “If I wasn’t I’d be in real trouble…”
Liz stopped struggling, “Damn you.”
Could they be having more fun? They both loved being alone together and being able to be silly and just play around all they wanted. It reminded them of their first night together after they had made love. They had been so carefree.
“Will you go to bed now?” Max sucked in a breath and fought to keep his body up in the air and not on hers, he had to be careful with everything he did with her, he didn’t want to danger the baby or hurt her.
“I don’t…”
Max shook his head, “Your just merciless,”
“I am indeed,” Liz tried to heave him off her once again but she was no match for his strong and rippled body.
“Your not going to get away…” Max fought the need to kiss her and rap his arms around her.
The front door slammed, “You guys are just so, argh!” they heard Maria’s agitated voice. Liz sucked in a breath and looked up at Max, he rolled his eyes. She leaned up and pecked his lips, “Get off me love will you?” she blushed. Max got up off her and slumped back into the sofa with a sigh. Liz sat up and leaned her back against the arm of the couch.
“Maybe we should go live in… Italy where no one knows us and no one can inerrupt us,” Max brought his legs up to rest on the couch; Liz curled into his side and put her head on his shoulder, “No I have an Aunt living there, think of somewhere else,” she smiled.
“You do?” Max ran his hand over her belly, “What about London?”
“Sounds good to me,” Liz put her hand over his.
Maria came stomping through the room and only noticed them when she was half way across the room. “Oh,” she jumped and put her hands over her chest, “You gave me a fright.”
Liz moved her head away from Max’s shoulder, “How come your back so early, I didn’t think you’d be back till….?”
“I’m never going anywhere with both of them again,” Maria put her hans on her hips, “Oh you two are so cute! Sitting there with the same jersey and the same color hair… you look like you should be in a movie or something.” Liz blushed.
“Oh, hey guys,” Kyle popped his head in through the door, “see ya in the morning,” you only slightly saw the departing figure of him and some girl.
Max frowned, “Who was that…?”
“Oh her?” Maria asked, “Some girl he picked up at the bar.”
Liz chuckled, “How appropriate.”
“Yeah well…” Maria sat down, “You guys want to go eat some ice cream with me or…?”
“Where’s Michael?” Max asked.
“Oh who cares,” Maria huffed, “So are you joining me?”
Liz opened her mouth to say something but Max spoke before her, “No thanks Maria we were just about to go to bed, we’ll see you in the morning.”
Maria shrugged, “Sweet as. Sleep tight.” Max got up off the couch and a grumpy Liz followed, “What if I wanted ice cream?” she sulkily followed him to the door. “You’re going to sleep,” Max wasn’t going hear any more about it.
Maria laughed when she saw him scoop down and pick her up then carry her to their room.

In the morning when Liz woke up she was alone in bed. She quickly put on a robe and walked down stairs whist she rubbed her lower back to rid it of it’s constant aching.
When she got to the dinning room she expected to find everyone in there but instead she only found a skinny blonde girl eating toast and reading the news paper. Liz frowned, “Um… hi?”
The girls head shot up and she dropped her toast, “hi,” she said quietly, “I’m sorry I was just leaving I didn’t…”
“Not it’s fine,” Liz walked over to the table, “Who are you? Where you with Kyle…?”
The girl nodded, “Yeah I was just finishing this before I left, he had to go to work and said I should…”
Liz chuckled, “How rude of him. Anyway I’m Liz.”
“I’m Vicky.”
“Well Vicky stay as long as you want. I’d love some company, you didn’t happen to see Max leave with him? Tall, dark….”
Vicky nodded; “you mean Max Evan’s?” she sucked in a breath, “Jeez I had no idea he lived here.”
Liz chuckled, “He’s my husband.” She took and seat, “And unfortunately he left without waking me up and he’ll hear about it later.”
Vicky chuckled, “How cute. How long have you been married?”
“Beginning of the year,” Liz rested her head in her hands and rubbed her eyes, “So he left with Kyle?”
“Yeah he did,” Vicky said.
“Damn him,” Liz sighed. “So… do you live near by or in town?”
Vicky finished her toast and drink, “Yeah in town. Look I should get going, thanks letting me…”
“It’s not a problem,” Liz smiled.
“See ya later,” Vicky picked up her plates and headed to the kitchen.

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“How is your relationship with Max going?” Maria was being the nosy and not ashamed of it person she is. “I never see you having a fight and me and Michael have them all the time. Take last night for instance:
He was totally flirting with some girl at the bar then he said it was just a competition between he and Kyle to see who could get a chicks phone number firs; he thought I wouldn’t mind.”
Liz chuckled, “Men are so dense.”
“Are they ever!” Maria rolled her eyes. “So,” she said continuing with her question, “You, Max. What’s it like behind the scenes, is it as perfect as it seems to be?”
Liz looked at her hands; “It’s not perfect. We have arguments as much as the next couple; Ad they are all over the stupidest things too. Our biggest problem is him being away so much, you know most people have atleast Sunday off but no not Max he’s gone by nine every morning without interruptions. I know it’s not his fault and I try my best to be okay with it but I could just strangle to him…”
“Or tie him to the bed in the morning,” Maria quickly added.
Liz chuckled and said under her breath, “Kinky…”
Maria chuckled.
“Yeah or that. Maria do I have the right to be upset with him? I mean it’s not his fault.” Liz said.
Maria lay down on the back next to her, “You should be way madder at him. Liz he’s missed how much of your pregnancy? If you ask me it’s not good enough.”
“He’s trying though,” Liz sighed and picked up the pillow next to her, it smelt like Max. “He wants to be here but he’s got commitments. Maybe I’m the rude one demanding so much from him; before me work was his number one priority and now he has all these extra hassles.”
“Remember though he asked you out, he asked you to marry him. He asked you to come here. He brought you into his life, you didn’t come by yourself.”
Liz nodded, “I know but I can’t help but feel I’m demanding too much. He’s only human.”
“You’re only human too. It’s only human to be upset that he’s not here.”
Liz didn’t know what to say back, tears filled her eyes. “Maybe you two should go to a marriage councilor.” Maria patted her leg. Liz wiped her eyes and sucked in a breath, ‘No we won’t need one of those for at least another two years,” she started to chuckle half way through saying that. Maria found Liz’s changing emotions to be extremely funny.
“What should I do?” Liz asked, “Should I just keep on the way I have been? Just not saying anything.”
“Why don’t you tell him everything you’ve just told me? I mean everything. He’ll probably be home soon, it’s seven o-clock right now. Tell him you don’t blame him but he’s going to have to do something soon.”
“He is doing something. He’s making Kyle his partner.” Liz swallowed, she was being silly wasn’t she? Everything she felt told her that she should just get over it but she couldn’t.
They heard footsteps coming up to the door and sure enough it opened and Max walked in. He didn’t even notice them, that proved Liz’s theory right about men being very dense.
He pulled off his jacket and then started unbuttoning his shirt. “Hey Max,” Maria said in a seductive voice.
Max slowly turned around and finally noticed his wife and Maria sitting on his bed. “Oh,” he smiled, “Hey.”
Liz bit her lip.
“I think I should leave,” Maria crawled off the bed and before she left the room shot Liz a ‘tell him’ look. Once the door was closed Liz folded her legs and put the pillow she was holding down on her lap; she didn’t say anything.
Max raised his eyebrows, “What no big welcome home?” he was smiling. He wouldn’t be for long.
Liz rolled her eyes, “What no, good morning I hope you have a good day, I’m sorry I have to work?” Liz hissed at herself for sounding so cold, she didn’t mean to. Max just glared at her.
“What Max are you surprised? Did you think I wouldn’t be mad at you for fucking off and not even waking me up.”
“Liz don’t swear,” Max finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it off his shoulders. He was left wearing the white singlet he had underneath. Liz growled, “Don’t swear?” she cried, “Is that all you have to say?” Liz fought the urge to get up and whack him over the head with a rolled up magazine. “You work ten hours a day, seven days a week and I see you maybe four hours a day if I’m lucky and you don’t even have the decency to wake me up in the morning and say: Bye Liz, have a good day will you?
This isn’t the first time you’ve done this and I don’t give a shit if you think I need sleep. I have the whole god damn day to sleep so don’t even try to say something like that.”
Max was shocked by her words, to say the least. He didn’t know what to say.
“This isn’t working Max. Either fix this now or I am going to go back to New York with Maria and when you’re done here then I’ll be waiting for you when you get back. It’s not like I want that but I can’t stay here by myself day after day trying to make conversation with the stupid, ‘too professional’ maids.”
“What am I supposed to do Liz?” Max finally said something! “I am doing everything I can. I am giving up half my damn work for you. What else can I possibly do?”
“I don’t know!” Liz whimpered. She didn’t even know where she was going with this. Max came over to her side quickly, “Oh Liz babe what are you yelling for? We have had this discussion so many times! We both know there is nothing we can do about it. It’s up to Kyle, please don’t yell at me for something I am trying to fix. Sure it’s taking a while but good things take time don’t they?”
Liz looked away from him, “I’m mad at you.”
“That’s obvious,” Max said. “I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up. I don’t like waking you up when you’re tired. I’m sorry I have to work, I’m sorry this whole partnership deal is taking a long time, I’m sorry I can’t make the days shorter, I’m sorry I can’t move the sun!”
Liz sighed.
“It’ll only be a little while longer. If you’d let me share the good news when I came in, you would know that Kyle signed the partnership forms today. And I came in here to get changed so we can go out and celebrate…”
Liz’s eye’s widened.
Max smiled, “Yes he did and we all want to go out so you need to stop being mad and have a good time.”
Liz chucked the cushion at him. Max shoved it behind him, “What?” he asked?
“I feel so stupid!” she got up off the bed and walked over to the bathroom, “Go humiliate me with my stupid problems that I can’t help because one second I know what I’m talking about and the second I don’t!” she slammed the door, “Go to dinner without me!”
Max sighed, “Liz.” He walked over to the bathroom door, “Liz open the door.”
“NO!” she cried. A sob escaped her lips, “I don’t want to come, I’m to fat I don’t have any nice clothes and I will just ruin every ones time, just go without me.”
Max hit the door with his fist, “Damn it Liz you’re being stupid I am loosing my patience. Open the door!”
“NO!” She exclaimed, “Go away I don’t want to talk to you right now.”
Max gritted his teeth and trying to calm down said, “Open the door right now.”
“I said, NO!” Liz felt a twisting in her stomach and coiled over in pain. She let out a cry.
Max pushed on the door; “I will break the door down if I have to.”
Liz didn’t answer; she was in too much pain.
“Liz?” Max banged on the door, “Come out here.”
Liz still didn’t answer and her breaths became raspy. She began to worry.
Max didn’t know what to do, he was so mad. When Liz let out a cry his madness changed into fear. “Liz are you okay? Open the door. Please.”
“Max,” she gasped, “The baby,”
Max’s heart beat quickened, “What?”
“Something’s happening…” she moaned. Max fiddled with the doorknob, “Liz I can’t get in.”
Liz didn’t know what to do, she didn’t think she could make it over to unlock the door. “Liz?” Max breathed, “Unlock the door.”
“I can’t,” she said, “oh my god,” she sucked in a breath and then let out another groan.
“Yes you can, come and open the door.”
Liz tried to get up but coiled over in pain again, “Ahh,” she cried.
Max pushed on the door. Liz tried to get up again after a few minutes and slowly made her way to the door to open it. She put all her anger aside for now and just focused on her daughter and how much pain she was causing her.
When she got the door open Max was at her side in a second, “Babe what hurts?” he lead her over to the bed and lay her down.
“My belly,” she sucked in a breath, “I think its going away now.”
Max frowned, “Let’s go to the hospital…”
Liz tried to sit up, “No I’m fine, it’s going away.”
By the look on his face she knew he would get her to the doctor even if it was carrying her kicking and screaming.

“So what happened?” Maria demanded as soon as Liz and Max walked inside. Liz sighed, “I’m going to bed Max will tell you.” She pulled off her coat and threw it at the wall; she had just had enough today. She walked away in a big grump and headed up stairs to Max and her room. When she got there she pulled off her clothes and threw herself down the bed.

“So?” Maria asked, “Is the baby okay?”
“The babies fine,” Max took off his coat and stared at the space Liz had just been standing. This night was not turning out to be anything like he had wanted it to. “It was just her first contraction,” Max yawned, “That doesn’t mean the babies going to come straight away, it just means it’s getting closer to the date.”
“Ohhhhh,” Maria smiled, “Maybe I should go speak to her.”
Max shook his head, “No don’t worry this is something I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to help.”
“Big fight?” Maria was being nosy again.
Max glanced at her, “Goodnight Maria.” He walked up the steps that Liz had just gone up.
When he walked in to their room he turned on the light and said, “Liz don’t go to bed mad and upset.”
“I’m not upset,” Liz pulled the blanket over her head, “Please turn the light off, I’m trying to sleep.”
Max sighed, “I’m not coming to bed until you talk to me,” it was almost a plead for her to open up to him. He hated it when she was like this it was horrible.
“Go sleep on the couch then,” she threw his pillow at him, “If you don’t like the way I am,” she whimpered.
Max knew this was going no where so he turned off the light and walked out of the room. Pillow in hand. He slept on the couch in the entertainment room. This was the first time he’d had to sleep on the couch while he’d known Liz, he hoped it would be the only time he would have to.

In the morning Liz woke up to Max kissing her forehead, “Wake up love,” he whispered. Liz rubbed her eyes and rolled over to look at the clock. It was ten past eight. Max was sitting on the side of the bed next to her, “Don’t make me sleep on the couch ever again, we can’t become one of those couples. I will personally make sure it never happens.”
Liz tried not to smile.
Max picked something up off the dresser and put it down on the top of her stomach. “I got you something,” he said quietly, “I know how much you crave it.”
Liz put her hands down and grabbed it; it was heavy and big. She lifted it up and looked at it, seven hundred and fifty grams of milky chocolate. Her heart swelled and she let out a chuckle, “When did you get this?”
“This morning,” Max looked down at his hands. He was running his fingers over his wedding ring; he was mad at Liz but he didn’t want her to be mad at him any more. He didn’t like the way she had acted last night and he wouldn’t be happy with her until she apologized. As if reading his thoughts Liz swallowed then said, “I’m sorry about last night.”
Max licked his lips then got up off the bed and walked over to the wardrobe to pull out today’s shirt. Liz propped herself up on a pillow, “I know it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have been so rude. None of this is your fault.”
Max swallowed and nodded.
“I was in a bad way yesterday… and no I’m not using that as an excuse for my behavior I just wanted to have it said. I shouldn’t have yelled at you,” Liz blushed, she hated being wrong. She hated having to apologize for something she did and now realized was wrong and unfair. She cleared her throat, “Come here.”
Max pulled on his shirt then walked over to her. She leaned over and rapped her arms around his neck, “I’m sorry, I really am. Please forgive me,” she put on puppy dog eyes and stuck out her lip. Max sucked in a breath,
“I know I can’t expect you to be wonderful when you’re pregnant because I know you have the whole hormone thing. But Liz you can’t blame me for having to work all the time, you know how hard I try to get off work as often as possible.”
Liz nodded, “I know.”
“Do you think I want to be away all day? Do you think I like it?” Max sighed, “I thought you knew I work because I have to not because I particularly want to.”
“I do know that. I just I get frustrated and I don’t know what I’m talking about after a long day, I didn’t mean what I said.” Liz pressed her forehead to his, “But can you understand what it’s like here for me? Do you have any idea how lonely I can get? It’s okay right now because there’s Kyle and Maria and Michael but Kyle’s going to start going to work with you and Maria and Michael leave today..."
Max sucked in a breath.
“I hate telling you this because I know you already worry about me being here…” she rubbed her nose against his, “I’m sorry. I’m just impatient and I want everything to be better right away.”
“It takes time,” Max spoke softly, “but everything will get better. You know it will.”
“Are you going to be showing Kyle your ways at work now? How long will that take?”
“A week or two,” Ma sighed, “I know that’s a long time but there’s a lot to learn…”
Liz nodded, “I understand. So are we okay now…? Do you forgive me?”
He smiled, “Of course we are, it’s us.” He kissed her, “I have to get ready to go…”
“To work?” she pulled her arms away from his neck, “I know.”
He leaned down and kissed her lips again, “Breakfast should be here any minute, I asked the chief to bring it up at twenty past. You can have it in bed today, so when I get out of the shower you’ll still be in here.”
Liz stared at him, “But what if I wanted to have a shower with you? Because I need a shower too and I don’t want to waste water…”
“No,” Max mouthed, “Your going to be giving birth soon, no sex for you.” Someone knocked on the door and Max smiled, “There’s your breakfast,” he walked over to the door and opened it, a maid stood there with a tray in her hands, “Here’s your…”
“Thank you,” Max took the tray and smiled at her before closing the door. He took it over to Liz and went to put the tray down but where was he supposed to put it? Her belly was in the way. He moved it up and down her body trying to decided where to put it. “Oh give it here,” Liz chuckled grabbing it. “I’ll put it on the bed and eat from it like that,” she rolled her eyes.
Max smiled, “Be back soon.”

“Wait a minute… what do you mean no sex?” Liz gasped. Max didn’t answer her, he just walked into the bathroom. Liz heard the shower turn on and she imagined him standing in there undressing. She licked her lips, he had left the bathroom door open.
She contemplated going and joining him but decided against it when the smell of bacon, eggs and toast wafted past her nose. She quickly lifted the cover off the food and dug in, she needed to feed her hungry daughter.

When Max finished in the shower he walked back into the bedroom with a towel rapped around his waist, his slightly wet chest glistened and his black hair stood up in little spikes. Liz felt her body start to huff with delight, it never missed an opportunity to do so. She never ceased to be aroused by her extremely attractive and sexy husband, right now was the evidence of that. They hadn’t been together since the morning of her birthday- to most people that wasn’t very long but to Liz it was far too long.

She watched him intently as he got the things he needed for the day, socks, underwear, tank top, shirt, jacket, and pants. Everything he did was just so… so enticing she was growing wetter by the second. Finally she gave in, “Okay I can’t take it anymore I can’t take this anymore! Come here and leave the towel behind.”
It occurred to her that they needed to have make up sex so when Max laughed and replied that no they really shouldn’t, she thoughtfully and blatantly pointed that fact out.
This for some reason made him laugh harder, Liz stared at him puzzled what was so funny?
Max did not give her a reason for his not making love to her but he pulled off his towel and proceeded with getting change. Liz let out a howl as soon as the towel left his body, he had the most beautiful body it was perfect in every way, it really was. As you can probably imagine.
Liz felt taking pictures and shoving them all over the walls so she could see him in all his manly glory all day long. If she sold them to a magazine every woman in the world would be eternally grateful. Max noticed her not in the least shamed roaming eyes and started to chuckle again, “You have seen it a thousand times why are you still so… so interested in it?
This caused a huge smile to spread on Liz’s face, “Are you trying to tell me your bored with my body?”
Max rolled his eyes, “That could never happen…”
“Exactly,” Liz wanted to touch him so much.
Max pulled on some underwear, “Your making me uncomfortable,” he smirked. Liz bit her lip and in a seductive voice said, “Well come here and I’ll make you forget all about being uncomfortable.”
Max buttoned up his shirt, “Liz stop, we can’t.”
“Why?” Liz asked, now she was severely concerned, he was saying no to her!
“Because,” Max reached for his pants
“Stop right there!” Liz cried, “Get your ass over here and tell me why you are saying no to me,”
Max walked over kissed her lips and in a quiet voice said, “You are going to be have a baby any day and I do not have control when I am with you and I may hurt you. And,”
“There’s an and?” Liz’s eyebrows crinkled, “What is this?”
Max chuckled, “And anyway I don’t think we should be when your this far into your pregnancy, it just isn’t right.”
“It just isn’t right?” Liz spat out; “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
Max tucked her hair behind her ears, “I know why don’t you eat some of that chocolate I got you? There’s an idea.”
Liz crossed her arms over herself, “I can’t believe this, my husband won’t make love to me, this is completely unfair… I… this should be illegal.” She grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer, “But what if I need you?”
“You don’t need me, you can handle it for a little while I think,” Max kissed her forehead, “Let me finish getting dressed.”
“Oh yes I’m going to let you get dressed,” Liz rolled her eyes, “What I am going to do is get them off you…”
“No you’re not,” Max said getting playful. “Your pregnant your not supposed to be like this…”
“Since when have you become the pro on pregnancy?” she bit his ear, “I am telling you I need this, I am dying for it. If I don’t have it I fear I will dry up and never be able to have it again!”
Max laughed, “That’s unlikely for another few years.”
“You never know,” Liz unbuttoned the top of his shirt. Max buttoned it back up, “Stop this Liz! This is hard enough for me as it is.”
“Do you know how long doctors recommend not having sex for after a pregnancy?” Liz said, “Eight weeks! EIGHT! You won’t be getting laid for another couple of months, you better get the chance while you can.”
Max was silent for a few minutes; he was fighting a battle that he didn’t want to. “No,” he said sternly, “We can rekindle our sex life after every things not so hectic. I will not change my mind about this.”
“Rekindle our sex life? In between what, work and baby? I don’t think so! We won’t have one.” Liz licked her lips.
“I guess that’s a price we’ll have to pay,” he walked away and grabbed his pants. Liz huffed, “Your torturing me for being such a bitch last night aren’t you? If you’re still mad at me I totally understand but taking it out on me this way? Wrong, Wrong Max Evan’s, so wrong.
“I am still a little mad at you for last night but not enough to not make love to you. So don’t think that,” Max thought about what he’d just said it was horrible. “Wait no that came out wrong.”
“I should hope so,” Liz got out of bed and walked up to him in her tank top and underwear, “I know what you mean so don’t worry you don’t have to try and explain it to me. Max please, I’ll beg you if I have to?”
Max kissed her, “Let’s go have breakfast shall we?” he looked her over, “Wait no… put some clothes on.”
“Argh!” Liz groaned, “This is so unfair.”
Max pulled her robe over her shoulders and did the little tie, “Okay, now let’s go eat.” He took her hands and led her out of their bedroom.
As they walked down stairs they ran into Michael who had a bottle of syrup in one hand and in the other a big plate of pancakes. “Michael tell Max to have sex with me,” Liz begged him with her eyes.
Michael looked at Max puzzled, “Your saying no to her?” he asked. “Man I always knew you were seriously whacked.”


"Max," Liz walked into his office and sure enough he was sitting at his desk working hard. He looked up and smiled, "What are you doing here?"
Liz pulled off her woolly coat and put her bags down on the floor, "Maria and I went sexy underwear shopping and I just got back from the airport." She walked over to his desk, "I didn't want to go home to an empty home after I'd just..." she kissed him quickly, "said goodbye to them and all."
Max nodded, "Mmm Hmm do that again," he motioned with his hand for her to kiss him again. She didn't, "You want me to kiss you but I'm not allowed to want you to make love to me?" she shook her head. "No way, sorry."
Max rolled his eyes; "Kissing isn't jeopardizing your health and the health of an innocent child."
"Neither is sex," Liz was not going to let this go. "What is the point in having a husband that looks like you do and not being able to make love to them?" She undid his tie; "You don't find me attractive like this do you?"
"What? No," Max leaned back into his chair to get away from her roaming hands but she moved forward so she was standing in-between his legs. "Because you’re a man and a man never says no to sex. And if it's not that your not attracted to me then you must be getting it somewhere else," Liz pulled his tie away from his neck.
"Your crazy," Max grabbed her hands, "please stop..."
Liz pulled her hands away, "No way," she kissed his neck. Max shivered, "Oh sweetheart please stop."
Liz chuckled, "You sound very desperate there Mr. Evan's, is your protective marshmallow shell breaking away?" she unbuttoned all the buttons on his shirt and cursed at the stupid tank top he was wearing underneath. Liz brought her lips down on his and she teased his tongue with hers... Max broke away, "I'm serious Liz I don't want to hur..." she continued kissing him and rocked back and forth against his lap. As she devoured his mouth she brought one of her hands down to unbutton his pants, once they were undone she put her hand under the elastic of his underwear. Max jumped, "Stop right there," he sucked in a breath. "You are being so mean, you know I am only doing this for you and yet you still..."
Liz's lips were red and slightly puffy from there kisses, "Shut up." She put her lips back to his and brought her hand around his arousal, she began stroking him up and down gently.
"You know we're in my office," Max panted slightly as Liz kissed his neck. "Anyone could walk in."
Liz sighed, "Max you have way to much control for your own good... shh and enjoy will you?" She smiled teasingly and brought her mouth back to his. Max did as he was told.
Liz knew Max was fighting with himself. He was trying to say no and do what he thought was right but he was still a man and he could not say no. Liz may have been mean for taking advantage of that but he was mean for making his stupid rule to begin with.
Max eased back into his chair and closed his eyes tight, how did she do this to him? Liz brought her hand out of Max's pants and Max shuddered, she wasn't going to stop there was she?
He opened his eyes to see Liz's twinkling eyes right in front of him. "Tell me you love me," she was smiling.
Max sucked in a breath, "What if I do?"
"You'll see," she bit her lip.
Max blinked, "I love you my beautiful wife." He cupped her cheeks and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, "I love knowing your mine."
Liz smiled satisfied, "Your just saying that because you want me to continue..."
"Yeah right," Max said.
Liz's lip trembled, "I love you too."

Max sucked in a breath when she dropped to her knees and opened up his pants to reveal his throbbing manhood. She quickly brought her lips down to touch him and gently brought her tongue out to caress him. Max moaned and threw his head back; the feeling of her lips on him was just so incredible, he doubted he would ever in his whole life get sick of it.
Liz paused from her sweet torture on his arousal and looked up at him and smiled, Max sucked in a breath she was always so stunning. Today she had her hair in braids and she was wearing a summer dress with a baby blue cardigan, her constant glowing took his breath away. When Max felt the wave it was as good as it always was. He didn’t think that any girl he had ever been with in his whole life had been able to please him as much as Liz could.
“Max I got those papers you wanted…” his office door opened Liz’s eyes widened and she tried not to laugh. Not wanting to be caught in this state she quietly and quickly slipped under his desk and brought her legs up against her belly. Max tried to catch his breath, “Um thank you Sandra…” he ran his hand through his hair. His secretary should not just barge in like that.
She looked at him queerly, “Why is your shirt unbuttoned?”
“It’s very hot in here, just trying to get more comfortable when I work,” Max pushed his chair under his desk more, he felt Liz put her mouth over him again. He jumped.
“I’ll turn the air conditioning up,” Sandra frowned. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” Max reached under his desk and pushed Liz’s head away slightly. Sandra put the papers down on his desk then walked back to the door, “Is there anything I can get you? Is there anything you need?”
“No thank you,” Max swallowed. “Oh actually… would you mind knocking before you come in?”
Sandra was still frowning, “um okay… Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah. I’m fine,” Max wiped the sweat away from his brow. Sandra glanced at him once more then left the room, closing the door behind her.
As soon as she was gone Max pulled his chair away from the desk and helped Liz to her feet. She laughed, “Oh how fun was that?”
Max stared at her like she was mad, “Your crazy.”
“Oh but you know you love it.” She hopped up so she was sitting on the edge of his desk and before Max knew it she had pulled her white panties down to her knee's and she was lying on her back with her legs open slightly with her moist center on view for all to see. Max nibbled his lip, how could he turn away now? Who was that strong?
He knew he wasn't so he hesitantly gave in and leaned over her to brush all the stuff on his desk away from her back so she wouldn't be uncomfortable. Liz lifted her self up so he could move the pad and pen that was digging into the top of her bottom. Once everything was gone she lay back down on her back and Max pulled her underwear fully off her legs. Liz would have liked to be able to sit up and be able to kiss him and touch him while he made love to her but it would be very difficult with her belly in the way...
The feelings she had been dreaming about suddenly over took her as he brought his hand up to rub her extremely wet opening and clit... a harsh breath parted her lips.
At first he just rubbed gently around in circles with one finger and then he added his index finger and he pressed a tiny bit harder for more effect. Liz had been waiting for this since she had left on Friday evening and finally she was getting what she needed. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a silent scream... Max watched her with burning eyes. When he pulled his fingers away, taking the feelings with them, Liz almost whimpered. Max quickly leaned over her and pressed a gentle but drawn out kiss to her lips, he was so gentle...
She wasn’t expecting it so when Max slowly slid himself in her she let out a little gasp through her parted lips. Max pecked her lips once, twice then stood up straight so he could have better control over the situation. He needed to remember he was doing this to please her completely and even though he had wanted this himself he needed to make sure she got what she needed.
He slowly slid his arousal right out of her so just the very tip of him was still touching her and then he thrust into her. No matter where or how they made love it was always beautiful...
Liz gritted her teeth to keep from crying out. As much as she was enjoying doing this in a public place she didn't want Max to get into trouble for doing such a thing at this time of the day, at work no less. She felt the wave coming close quickly and she summered up everything inside of her so it would be a big crash when it reached its destination. When he pushed into her one last time it took all of her over the edge and she felt her body shudder in satisfaction, she was still reeling from the wonderful feelings when Max pulled out of her went to bent down to get her underwear. Liz sucked in a breath, "Thank god for relief," she whispered quietly to herself. Max must have heard her tiny comment because he chuckled and kissed her knee. Liz didn't feel finished, she definitely wanted more but obviously she was not going to get anymore out of him because of his stupid being afraid of hurting her theory. Never mind she'd just have to finish later, by herself if she had to.
Max made sure her underwear were back in place and then did up the buttons on his shirt, how did she manage to get that out of him? It hadn't even taken much until he was putty in her hands.
Liz didn't get up for a little while and when she did her hair was messed up a little and her cheeks flushed, Max thought she looked adorable. But he always thought she looked adorable...
He ran his fingers through her hair, "Damn you," he whispered. "I didn't want to do that."
Liz smiled and rapped her arms around his neck, "I know you didn't but aren't you glad you gave in?"
She placed a kiss on his lips, "Don't worry I'm fine and so is the baby."
Max helped her get down off his desk and she sucked in a breath, "Are you allowed to leave for lunch?"
"Let's go then my man," she took off her cardigan. "It is hot in here isn’t it?" she grinned teasingly at him. Max loved his wife so much.
"Guess what I did this morning?" Max led her over to wear she had put her bags and her coat. "What?" Liz shoved her jacket and cardigan into one of her shopping bags and picked them up with much difficulty. It was quite hard for her to bend down with her big bulge always in the way.
"I hired a painter to paint a room for the nursery... we keep putting that off. We should really buy the rest of the things we need for..."
Liz silenced him, "Where are we going to put the nursery anyway?"
Max took her bags from her; "You know how our room is split up into three reasonably sized rooms? Well I was thinking maybe the third one after the one I use for the office could be it... we don't really use it for much."
Liz thought about it. The three rooms were all the same size and were separated by beautiful French doors... the end room really would be perfect for the nursery because they could hear the baby if she was crying. "That's the perfect place," she smiled.
Max opened the door for her, "I know. Anyway he's going to be coming around four to show you some colors so he can begin as soon as possible. We should get some new furniture because the things in there aren't exactly baby... material."
"You've thought about this a lot," Liz liked that.
"Of course, haven't you?" Max stopped at a door and knocked on it. Liz didn't know where they were.
He opened the door and poked his head in slightly, "Kyle we're going to lunch, do you want to come?"
"Na I'm sweet Max, have fun," Kyle was busy looking through some of the procedures and paperwork at his new desk. "Bye Kyle," Liz smiled.
"Bye Liz," Kyle chuckled.
Max and Liz walked downstairs and Max continued to talk about the nursery. He said they should go look at baby things before lunch because they had waited too long to get the nursery set up and it all needed to be set up within a few days. Who knew how long they would have till Liz went into labor?
So they went to a baby store and brought heaps of things together; a nappy changing table, some clothes, nappies, a few toys and furniture etc. They had it all sent to their house and it would arrive later that day just before or after the painter got to their house. They ate lunch at a sandwich bar and then Max sent her home in a taxi and said he'd try and be home early. "What about the nursery color? Is there a color you want?"
Max shook his head, "Not really... something light blue?"
"It's a girl," Liz hopped in the cab.
"Yeah, your right. You decide," Max told the driver where to go and then put a quick kiss on Liz's forehead through the window, "See you later."
"Okay... I think about blue… Bye!" she waved and then sat back in the seat and waited patiently until she got home.

Lately their relationship had been a little rocky because of the lives that intervened and disrupted what should be a happy existence and not one full of hassles. Max felt as if Liz doubted his devotion to her and he needed to make it absolutely clear that he would never be unfaithful or dishonest to her. Liz was his whole world and even though sometimes it may not seem like it because he worked so hard and always left for work on time and never let himself slip when he was near her, it was true. He recognized that Liz had given up her whole life to follow him here and he was taking advantage of it and should show her a lot more gratitude. But first he needed to get this whole work thing sorted out so he could give her everything she needed from him.

Every day he would come home to know that she would be there but she woke up each morning to know that he would be leaving in less than an hour. He had everything much easier then she did, even if to him he hated how his situation was because he was the one who had to force him to leave every morning.
He needed to do something to make it all up to her and show what it meant to him to have her there for him. He knew that whatever he asked she would do and he needed to let her know that she could do the same for him. He wanted so much to give her everything because she deserved it.
Max found it hard to stop tears from stinging his eyes. He needed to fix this; he needed to make her life perfect.
How could he do that though?

He was only one man and he could not control everything, as much as he wanted too.

Liz sat on the floor pulling all the things she and Max had brought earlier out of their packets and taking the tags off. The painter was in the other room painting the soon to be nursery and he said if he was required to he could have it finished by tonight. Liz asked if he minded working so hard for so long. He replied that it wasn’t a very big room and he had done a lot bigger in less time so he could do it if the price was right. Liz agreed that she would like it done by tonight because then she could start putting all the furniture in place. He had even moved the furniture that was in there out of the room and put it in the study for her. She was so grateful, of course she would pay him generously
Once he had moved all the furniture he had left in his truck to go get the paint, but now he was back and working hard…
She had decided on a very light blue with a tiny tint of purple in it, it didn’t really matter what color it was because the cot and most of the furniture her and Max had picked was wooden or white.
When she went in to see how the painter was going about forty minutes later, he was half way through the room. He hadn’t had to do much because the walls in there were a sort of creamy white and he didn’t need to do an undercoat. The room was perfect.
It had a windowsill at the head of the room that had a tall tree outside it and the lush green leaves didn’t block out the afternoon sun very much. Liz knew exactly where she wanted the cot and the dresser and the painting they had got…
Max came home at six-thirty when Liz was still sitting on the floor going through all the baby things. She was folding the little girly clothes…
“How’s the other room looking?” he asked pulling off his jacket and tie. Liz looked up and smiled, “It looks wonderful… go have a look.”
Max went through and had a look, the painter greeted him with a smile and Max thanked him for doing this so quickly. “It’s a nice color,” Max said when he came back through into the bedroom.
“It is indeed,” Liz struggled to her feet. “Let’d go have dinner, I’m sarving.”
Kyle was sitting at the table when they got down there. Liz took a seat, “Kyle, are you going to see Vicky again?”
Kyle shook his head, “I doubt it. It was just a one night thing.”
“Oh,” Liz frowned. “She was pretty nice. When are you going to start a serious relationship?”
Kyle shrugged, “When I find someone I want to have a serious relationship with.”

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Max came home from work on a rainy afternoon soon to find that Liz was not home. This surprised him greatly and he didn’t know what do with himself. He found a note from her saying she had gone to Allen’s and that she would be back as soon as possible.
He sat down on the sofa in the lounge and stared at the painting on the wall, this felt weird. Liz was always home when he got home and to have her not here brought back bad memories of when she had been back in New York and he had been here all by himself 24/7 every day.
He knew it was his own fault for setting up his own little world of perfection and though he did not say, ‘honey I’m home,’ when he walked in the front door part of his tiny fantasy still lived on.
Kyle was still at the office; he was such a great man for the partnership job. He was working over-time so he could learn everything quickly.
After sitting there for half an hour he was bored. What the hell did Liz do all day long when she was here?
He tried to think of something to do and then he remembered the nursery and decided to go see if Liz had gotten around to putting things in place. He had forbidden her from trying to move any furniture and when he walked into the nursery and saw nearly everything in place he gritted his teeth. If she moved the furniture herself she would be sorry.
He had to admit the nursery looked wonderful. The cot was sticking out of the back wall and had a blankets and teddies inside it; there was a set of wooden draws next to it and then a tall thin bookshelf going up the wall on the other side. A changing table was just down from the wardrobe and a rocking chair was next to the window. He went and sat down on it; it only took him a couple of seconds to conjure up little daydreams of watching Liz flutter around in here tending to their daughter. It was a wonderful thought.
The bookcase only had a few books on it, and a few little ornaments. It hadn’t been filled properly yet, he suspected they would fill that up with time.
After sitting in the nursery for twenty minutes he went back down stairs and tied to figure out what to do next. He didn’t like sitting down and doing nothing, he always felt he had to be doing something, anything.
When it reached seven-thirty and the chief came and told him dinner was ready he contemplated going around to Allen’s house and dragging his wife home. He told the chief to keep the food warm in the oven or something; they would eat when Liz or at least Kyle got home.

At seven thirty a breathless and saturated Liz hurried in the front door, “Max,” she cried. Max got up from the couch and walked out to meet her. “What’s wrong?” he asked. He wiped her wet hair off her face and tucked it behind her ears. He was so glad she was home, he didn’t think he could take much more of sitting in there doing nothing. At one point he had started reading a house and garden magazine and now he had all these home tips stuck in his head.
“It’s Allen,” Liz walked right up to him and gripped his arms, “She’s… she’s…”
“She’s what?” Max asked. He unbuttoned her coat, “Liz it’s pouring down with rain, you walked home didn’t you? Are you completely mad. How many times do I have to tell you not to do that? You could get a cold… do you know how bad that would be considering we don’t know how long till you give birth…And a cold is not the only thing that could happen.”
Liz sighed, “Oh Max be quiet.” She rubbed her hands together; “Allen’s hurt.”
“She’s hurt?” Max frowned. “How badly?”
“The left side of her face is all bruised and swollen…her lips split open,” Liz sucked in a breath. “We have to do something she can’t stay there…”
“Liz okay you are making no sense. How did she get hurt?” Max pulled her wet coat off her shoulders.
Liz blinked. “Her husband, he… he…”
This got Max’s attention, “What now? While you were there?”
“No, not now. He hit her yesterday and IN FRONT of Nina! Can you believe it? In front of a small child… it’s so horrible. We have to do something she can’t just stay there.”
Max bit his lip and then said, “Well what did she say. Does she want help?”
“Does it really matter if she want’s it or not? She needs it! Come on, we can call the police or something can’t we?” Liz’s lips were blue and right now that was Max’s first concern. He needed to make her a bath.
“Liz the police won’t do anything. They don’t help anyone else with this kind of thing so chances are they won’t help Allen. If she wants help then she can stay here but if she doesn’t then we have to leave it alone because it’s none of our business. Come on, you need to warm up…”
Liz frowned, “She told me to leave it alone but I can’t. What if he does it again, what if he does something to Nina?”
“Did you ask her if it had happened before? It may have just been an accident…” Max prodded her with his hands trying to get her to head upstairs.
Liz moved slowly to the stairs; “Max it was not an accident, you just take one look of her and you know that. I didn’t ask her if it had happened before… oh god you don’t think it has do you?”
“I don’t know.” Max sighed, “Liz walk faster will you?”
Liz stopped walking altogether. “I don’t need a bath I need to help Allen and Nina!”
“She obviously doesn’t want your help!” Max sighed. “She has other friends, no?”
He finally got her to the top of the stairs. Liz looked down at her feet, “I don’t know her other friends but if she does they aren’t very good ones for leaving her alone…”
“Did she tell you to leave it alone?”
Liz sucked in a breath, “Kind of… BUT that doesn’t matter. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.”
“Liz if she doesn’t want you to interfere you have to drop it. It’s none of our business.” Max rubbed her arms, “Do you want a bath in the spa bath or the normal bath…?”
“Normal,” Liz huffed. She wanted to help Allen but she knew Max was right. What could she do?
Allen had told her to drop it and stay out of it because it was nothing but Liz could not just drop it. She didn’t want her new friend (?) getting beaten up. She walked into the master bathroom and turned on the light; Max was just putting the plug in the old-fashioned bathtub that was up against the back wall. It was one of those baths with four little legs and wasn’t connected to anything…
After Max had filled the bath and added bubbles he noticed she was standing against the wall with a disturbed expression on her face. He walked up to her, “Liz babe I know you want to do something but if you’ve already offered to help and she’s said no you have to do as she says. If she wanted help she would ask for it…”
“I know but what I can’t understand is why she doesn’t want help. Isn’t she afraid he’ll do it again?”
Max wiped away the wet hair that was sticking to her neck; “She’s old enough to look after herself and maybe she doesn’t think it will happen again. You weren’t there when it happened Liz maybe it was…”
“It was what?” Liz frowned. “Are you saying there’s an excuse for what he did?”
“Of course not.” Max unbuttoned the blue long sleeved dress she was wearing. “Look we’ll talk about this after you bath. Do you need anything?”
Liz looked around; “Candles would be nice.” She chuckled, “No this is fine.”
“Try not to think about Allen and just relax for a while will you? Stress isn’t good for…”
“The baby, yes I know.” Liz stepped out of her dress and shivered.
“Dinner was ready a little while ago, how hungry are you?” Max picked up her dress off the floor. Liz walked over to the bath in her underwear; “I’m craving pizza.”
“Pizza huh?” Max grabbed a towel and put it down on the tall woven basket next to the bath. “Why do you always crave junk food?”
Liz pulled off her underwear and then her bra and put her leg over the side of the bath. She goose bumps all over her body and the hot water felt so good over her leg, she quickly put her other foot in and slid her bottom into the water. “I don’t always crave junk food.” She eased back into the bubbles and sighed, it felt so good. “Remember once I craved Brussels sprouts?”
Max shuddered, unfortunately he remembered. “Euh yes how you ate them… I will never know.” He hated Brussels sprouts.
He left the room and came back a little while later with four candles and a lighter. He put them around the bath and lit them and then turned off the light, “Better?” he smiled.
Liz opened her eyes and smiled, “Thank you love.” As he was leaving the room she said, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” Max replied. He left the bathroom door open a little bit so he could hear her if she needed him.

Liz could not stop thinking about Allen. Maybe she should ring and check on her a little later?
When Liz had first walked into the library at Allen’s house and saw her she didn’t know what to do. It had taken a while for her to get Allen to tell her what had happened but she had after a while…
“It was the stupidest thing. He found some men’s underwear next to our bed and accused me of cheating. He didn’t even give me time to explain before he hit me. I had went out and brought him new underwear that day and was folding it to put it away earlier and must have missed one… It was my fault. I should have checked to make sure I’d gotten it all…”
Liz found this completely unfair. It was not her fault; she should not have had to check to make sure she had put it all away! What kind of a man hits his wife before confronting her with questioning?

Max walked into the bathroom with some clothes for Liz to wear. “Max?” Liz asked.
“Hmm?” Max put the clothes down. “Do you need me to get something?”
Liz smiled, “No. Can you wash my back?”
Max swallowed, “Okay.” He walked over to the bath and kneeled down beside it, Liz handed him the sponge. She brought her knees up to her stomach and moved so she could rest her head on them. She told Max about what had caused Allen’s husband to hit her and about everything Allen had said while he sponged her back and arms. “Why doesn’t she want to leave him?” Liz wondered.
“She obviously loves him too much,” Max pressed a little kiss to her shoulder. Liz shuddered, “But he obviously doesn’t feel the same way because if he did he wouldn’t do that to her.”
“Ah but you forget why he did it to begin with. Because he suspected she was cheating on him… that shows that he cares.” Max squeezed the sponge out on her neck and the water dripped down her tanned skin.
“Maybe he has a mental problem,” Liz said.
Max chuckled, “I think he probably just has an anger problem. Maybe that’s why Allen’s not leaving… she thinks she can help him.”
“Maybe,” Liz closed her eyes. “That feels so nice.”
“I’m glad,” Max went and got the shampoo and then came back and Liz dunked under so her hair would be wet. He rubbed the shampoo into her scalp and then through all her chocolate colored hair. Once he was down he put his hand in the water and washed them then dried then, “I guess I better go order a pizza,” he said.
Liz lay back in the water, “Thank you Max, what would I do without you?”
Max leaned down and kissed her forehead then left the room. A few minutes later the light turned on and Kyle walked in and over to the toilet. “Hi Kyle,” Liz yawned.
Kyle jumped, “Oh god sorry I didn’t know you were in here Liz…” he quickly exited the room and Liz chuckled.

She got out of the bath a little while later and went to her bedroom to rub oil on her stomach and moisturizer on the rest of her body. She filed her nails and put on some clear nail polish and then cleaned her face with a facial scrub. Once she was satisfied that she had done everything she needed to she went back to the bathroom and put on the gray baggy pants and white v-neck shirt Max had gotten for her. Her pants hung off her hips under the big bulge of a stomach she had and her white shirt was stretched over her stomach; this shirt used to be loose on her. He had gotten her some white ankle socks and a baby blue cardigan as well. She did her hair in braids and then went down stairs.

Kyle and Max ate the food the chief had prepared and Liz ate the pizza that the delivery man brought.
“I’m going to go out tonight I think,” Kyle chewed his food. “Do either of you two want to come?”
Liz sipped her milk (that Max was insisting she drink) “Max why don’t you go and have a good time with Kyle? I’ll be fine here. I’m probably just going to go to bed.” She knew it would be silly to ring Allen and as much as she wanted to she decided she better just stay out of it like she had been told to do.
“I have some work I need to do,” Max explained. “And even though it will only take about half an hour to finish, I think I’m going to pass.”
“What ever,” Kyle said.
After dinner Kyle went to get ready to go and Liz took the plates and box to the kitchen, “Max why don’t you go? Who knows when you’ll get the chance again…”
“I don’t feel like going out,” Max poured her another cup of milk then put it away in the refrigerator.
“No Liz.” Max walked out of the room. Liz rinsed and washed the dishes then put them away. She quickly gulped down the new glass of milk then turned off the lights and left the room. Kyle was just coming down stairs; “Don’t we look smart?” Liz chuckled. He grinned, “Well you have to look smart when you expect to get something out of going out.”
“I’m sure,” Liz nodded. “Just remember when you met someone you want to marry you wish you had saved yourself for them. I should know I’m speaking from experience.”
“To late to start worrying now,” Kyle shrugged.
Liz shook her head, “Oh well I’ve done my part. Good luck I guess.” She smiled then headed up the stairs to her room. Kyle left and Liz found Max in the little office leading through from their room. She could sense Max just wanted to be left alone so she went through to the nursery and sat down on the rocking chair with s few baby clothes. She folded them and then got up and put them away in the draws. There wasn’t much more things to go away so she finished what she never got finished earlier that day and then went back and sat down on the rocking chair. Max came in about fifteen minutes later and said, “That reminds me, who moved this furniture in here? It wasn’t you was it?”
Liz shook her head; “No I got the maids to… I only moved this chair.” He was mad at her for walking home, she could tell. She dismissed it; it was his fault for being so protective. He was just going to have to get over it.
He reached down and took her hand and tugged her to her feet, “Come on,” he instructed. He turned of the light and led her through to their bedroom. Max went and brushed his teeth while Liz got out of her pants and cardigan, “Do you think it will be raining this hard tomorrow?”
Max sighed, “I don’t know. I’m not thinking about tomorrow.”
When he was finished in the bathroom he came out and got into some boxers. Max turned off the bedroom light and turned on his bedside light. He hopped into bed while Liz went and brushed her teeth quickly, when she came back and hopped into bed next to him she asked: “Are you in a bad mood?”
“No,” Max turned off the bedside lamp and lay down on his back.
“You can’t lie to me Max.” She smiled and lay down at his side. “Tell me what’s wrong love.”
Max rapped his arms around her, “Nothings wrong babe I’m just agitated.”
Liz breathed in, “You have bad news for me don’t you?” Max nodded. “Tell me it,” she said.
“I have to go back to New York for a day…”
Liz sucked in a breath, “And I have to stay here because I’m not allowed to fly when I’m this pregnant… wonderful.”
“It gets worse,” Max sighed. “Kyle’s coming so you’ll be here by yourself.”
“Well it won’t be for long will it…?” Liz rolled onto her back. Max ran his hand over her belly; “We’ll fly there, spend a few hours sorting everything out and then fly back.”
“Okay,” Liz wasn’t happy about this. Now she could be all upset about it and be mad at him but what good would it do? He would still leave and she would still be alone for a while.
Max kissed her neck, “I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault,” Liz wanted to punch something.
Max wanted to have her be stitched up to his side so that where he went she would have to go no matter what. “What can I do to make it better?”
“How about… not go?”
“I have to go. I can promise you it will be the first and last trip I take without your permission,” he propped himself up on his elbows. “After this trip Kyle will have his partnership and I will have more free time. We have that to look forward to! All the stupid work to get him in properly will be finished.”
“Finished?” Liz asked.
“Half the work I do now and that’s what it will be like after this very short trip.”
Liz looked up at him; she could only barely see him in the dark. “You’re a liar.” Max chuckled, “You’d think so wouldn’t you? But I’m not lying this is it.”
“Hmm,” Liz bit her lip, “I don’t believe you.”
“You’ll see when I get back. Now I just need you to promise me something before I leave…”
Liz interrupted him, “When do you leave?”
“Tomorrow afternoon.” Max quickly carried on with what he was saying. “I need you to promise me that you will not go into labor while I’m gone.”
“Oh yes well I can promise you that,” Liz laughed.
“Try,” Max was very serious.
Liz touched his bare arm, “I can feel it Max. I’m not going to have this baby for a while, it doesn’t want to go anywhere just yet.” She didn’t know if she felt like that at all but she knew he needed to here it.
“Thank you,” Max leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “Thank you for saying that but I need you to be sure of that fact.”
“I am sure,” Liz laughed. Max smiled, he loved hearing her laugh.
“Your absolutely, positively sure?” Max rolled onto his side and pressed his chest into her side. Liz turned her head so her nose was practically touching his, “yes,” she whispered.
Max pecked her lips; “I love you.”
“I know,” Liz breathed.
“Now let me ask you this again so I can lift just a tiny bit of pressure off my shoulders. What can I do to make this better for you?” He closed his eyes briefly.
“You can make love to me?” Liz chuckled.
Max growled. “No. Anything but that!”
“Then have a horrible trip because that’s all I want,” she turned her back to him. Max’s hand went down to her underwear and flicked the elastic, “Fine! Fine! But only because I desperately need to and I can’t stop myself.”
Liz laughed, “Your such a hypocrite.”
“Aren’t I just?” he removed her underwear and brought them up from under the covers. He chucked them away and then did the same for his. Liz kept her shirt on.
Max rubbed his lips up and down her neck and slowly eased his way on top of her, “How to do this… how to do this…?”
“Yeah the belly does cause some… difficulties doesn’t it?” she kissed his lips and ran her hands up and down his arms. Max tried to hold himself up and push her legs apart but he lost his balance and accidentally fell off the bed. Liz chuckled and leaned down to help him up. “How many times is that going to happen in our life?” Max asked an adorable smile plastered over his face. Liz ran her hands up and down his head, “Let’s hope not many more…”
Max bit his lip; he was trying to figure out how he could make love to her. “Do you think they have a book available on how to make love to a pregnant woman?” he asked. Liz was lying on her back and she got up, “Let’s hope so.”
She put her hands on his chest and slowly pushed him down on to his back, “But for now, let me do this… since you seem to be having difficulty.”
Max raised his eyes brows; “I wasn’t having…”
“Shhh,” Liz lifted her leg over his stomach and slowly and gently lowered herself over his arousal. Max closed his eyes in satisfaction, he heard her say quietly: “I read on the Internet that you can make love as much as you want during pregnancy, right up to the day you give birth… there is no danger whatsoever.”
“Yeah, hmm whatever,” Max rose his hips up and little bit then rested on the bed again. He was going to come quickly in this position but he wasn’t the only person who enjoyed it like this. Max sat up suddenly and put one hand on each of Liz’s arms, he was inside of her. “Can we take this off please?” he moved his hands from her arms to her back and ran them under her shirt. They shared a passionate kiss and when they broke off Liz said, “do whatever you want…”
Max pulled her shirt over her head and put it down on the bed near them, now that their eyes were used to the dark they could see each other quite well. He brought his hand up to cup her breast and he ran his fingers over her nipple while he kissed her neck… Liz put her head back and rocked back and forth against his hips. Max’s hands slid around her back and he undid her bra and slipped it off her shoulders, she was left bare and beautiful in front of him. Max put his mouth on her breast and teased it with his teeth and tongue until Liz was going insane with need. She had her head back and her breath was rugged, “Oh Max!” she moaned.
He kissed up her neck and behind her left ear and then his lips found hers and their tongues and lips dueled. Slowly Max lay back down on his back and Liz leaned over him with both of her thighs pressed against his hips. She slowly and gently lifted her self up and rubbed her sides around him before moving back down… they were nearly there already.
They were both breathing very hard and their heartbeats were all most in sync. Max had a hand on each of Liz’s knees and they slowly made their way up and down her inner thighs. Liz rubbed herself around and up and down and not unexpectedly Max went over the edge and Liz followed soon after him. They both groaned out and let their bodies feel the wonderful warmth… a new layer of sweat glistened on their foreheads and above their lips.
Liz leaned down and kissed her husband and then surprisingly lifted herself off of him and turned around so her back was to him. She sat down at the bottom of his stomach and massaged his newly hardening penis. Once it was ready again, which was fairly quickly, she lifted her bottom of him and lowered her heat on top of him again. She began the rubbing of her lower body again, this time from a different angle, and brought her hand down to rub his scrotum. Liz felt it very enticing to see him from a different angle. Max came very quickly and then she lifted her hand to rub her nub quickly, she soon came.
After her breathing was under control she got up off him and collapsed on her back beside him. “Excuse me,” Max said turning his head to look at her. “Where did you learn that and why haven’t you done it before?”
Liz chuckled and kissed him, “That was my gift to you for such a great birthday present but you wouldn’t let me give it to you till now.”
Max opened his mouth to say something but Liz put her mouth over his.

A few hours later Liz lay awake staring at the ceiling while Max slept soundly beside her. She couldn’t sleep, she didn’t know why. At this moment she couldn’t help but think about Allen and what she wouldn’t let Liz do for her. It annoyed Liz greatly that she couldn’t do anything for Allen.
Max stirred next to her and she turned her head to watch his sleeping features. He was so beautiful, she hoped their daughter had his eyes and teeth and… she placed a kiss on his forehead and sat up. She couldn’t lie down any more it was becoming uncomfortable. She got up off the bed and searched around for her shirt and underwear, it was quite cold so she put on her gray pants as well. She went into the dark nursery and sat down on the rocking chair, so many thoughts plagued her mind.
Liz didn’t know how long she had been sitting there when she noticed the censor light down stairs at the front door go on. She noticed it because the light shined in through the window next to her. She got up and looked down through the glass… Allen was hoping out of a car parked just a little away from the front door.
Liz wasted no time going down there, she ran out of the room and through the bedroom then down the hall and steps. She tried not to think about how frightening it was in this huge dark house at nighttime. When she got to the front door she unlocked it and opened it, “Allen? What’s going on?”
Allen got a freight by Liz’s sudden appearance and jumped in shock, “Liz!” she cried. “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”
“I’m sorry,” Liz crossed her arms over herself.
Allen had an envelope in her hands; “I was just going to slip this under the door. Oh well I guess I’ll tell you now. I’m leaving… I’m going to the air port and me and Nina are going to fly out of here to stay with my parent’s.”
Liz sighed in relief, “Oh thank god. You should oh I’m so glad. He didn’t hurt you again tonight did he?”
Allen held up her arm with a red mark on it, “He just gripped my arm to hard. Don’t worry I’ll be safe where I’m going. I just wanted to say thank you.”
“For what?” Liz asked.
“For being a friend. I also wanted to warn you.” Allen sighed, “You and Max remind me so much of me and my husband when we were starting out… I just want to warn you to get out straight away and don’t wait it Max lays one wrong finger on you. That’s how it starts…”
Liz frowned.
“Just listen to me okay? I was just like you; my husband and me used to be so in love just like you and Max. Just please don’t fall for it like I did.”
“Um… okay?” Liz said.
“Have a good life,” they shared a quick hug. “Thank you again for everything.”
“I’ll miss you,” Liz said. Allen nodded, “Be careful okay? Look after yourself.”
“I will,” Liz said.
Allen turned around and hurried over to the car with Nina sitting in the front seat. Liz waved to them until they were gone from sight and then she went back inside, locked the door and went back up to bed and a sleeping Max.

“No morning surprises?” Liz asked Kyle. “And I enjoyed the last girl so much…”
Kyle chuckled, “I’m sure you did. Are you ready to go Max?”
Max walked in with a brief case; “Yeah I’m ready. Liz babe come here…”
Liz walked over to him and he hugged her goodbye, “Remember your promise, if you break that promise I won’t be able to forgive myself.”
“I’ll be fine,” Liz smiled. She had not told him about Allen and her visit early this morning. Not because she didn’t want to but because she hadn’t had time to yet
Max looked her straight in the eye to look for any hesitation, “You’re sure?”
“Positive!” Liz kissed him. “Have a good trip and come back quickly okay?”
Max nodded, “I don’t want to do this. I can’t believe I am, this is incredibly stupid! You are like four days away from your due ate and I’m leaving the country.”
“Don’t worry!” Liz cried, “Leave already. The sooner you leave the sooner you get back.”
“Okay. Don’t go into labor or I will kill you when I get back!” Max kissed her quickly then hurried down the front steps to the car. He hopped in and Kyle started the car. Once they were gone Liz went inside and three hours later her water broke.


Max didn't know how much more of this he could take. There was only so much waiting a person could do. He had been sitting here for what was just about to be three hours and he was so close to tearing his hair right out of his scalp. Three hours ago he had just gotten off his plane and two hours before that he had gotten a phone call saying his wife had gone into labor. What luck! She had been in labor for five hours and his daughter might already be born and he was missing everything! His flight back to Thailand would be six and a half hours long so as much as he wished Liz didn't give birth till after then, he also hopped it was already over so she wasn't in pain. The thing that annoyed him the most about all of this was Liz had thought he would miss the birth of their child and it looked as though she would be right. He wouldn't let himself believe that he would miss it just yet. He could have gotten out of the trip but he thought if he went on the trip now he could have gotten there and back before she gave birth and not have to do it when the baby was already born. The problem was the sooner he got Kyle to New York and introduced to all his employee's the sooner Kyle could take his place and he and Liz could have free time with their daughter. Unfortunately his plan had backfired and now his wife was in labor and he was stuck in New York!

When his flight finally called for him to board the plane he got there so quickly he must have been the first person to get to his seat. Only six and half-hours to go his mind told him, how on earth would he last that long? he was going to kill himself any second.
Four hours into the flight and three-am Thai time Max some how fell asleep for the rest of the flight. When he finally reached Chiangmai it was ten past five in the morning and thanks to his little two-hour sleep he had just enough strength to keep himself awake during the taxi ride to the hospital. The hospital was quite quiet but there were still nurses and the occasional patient milling around. When he got off the elevator on the floor he needed he was very surprised as to how quiet it was, he walked up to the little reception desk. No one was there so he dinged the little bell several times, where the hell was the receptionist when you needed them?
Two nurses came walking down the hall in their coats and obviously on their way home. "It was so scary, I've never actually been there for a birth let alone a cesarean. We nearly lost both the lady and her baby."
Max had never had such a horrible feeling curse through him, his whole body shuddered and his throat went dry. It took him a few seconds to be able to function again. He caught up with the two nurses and asked about the woman the girl had been talking about. Once he was pretty much certain it was Liz they were talking about he got the number of the room she was in and hurried down the hall. It took him a long time to find the room and when he did find it he stormed in there and almost gave the nurse that was fixing the blankets on the bed a heart attack. He couldn't care less about her all he could think about was his small wife asleep under the covers with her head slightly tilted to the side. He sucked in a breath, "Oh god," he whispered.
"Excuse me?" The nurse had her hand over her heart. Her English wasn't that good.
"She's my wife," Max explained. "Is she okay? Where’s... the baby?"
The lady took a couple of seconds to understand and then let out a 'oh!' Max sat down at Liz's side and kissed her forehead. He could feel his heart pounding through out his whole body. "She just sleeping, she had very hard night. Your daughter has been taken away to get checked out."
Max was stroking Liz's hair and his eyes never left her, "Can you bring her back? I want to see her."
"I see what I can do," the girl left the room and Max leaned down and pressed his forehead to Liz's. He gently put his lips down on hers and left them there for a little while. When he pulled away Liz's eyes were open and she cried out quietly, "Max, oh my god..." she lifted her arms to rap them around him. Max looked down at her eyes, they were filling with tears, she said, “I was so scared, I'm so sorry you weren't here... I had to have a cesare..."
"I know..." Max closed his eyes for a second, "I don't know why though..."
"The... our baby, it was just that her head was up and not tucked in so it was harder... she's fine. They only took her away a little while ago." Liz ran her hands up and down his arms and looked him over, "God you look so tired! Have you been on the plane all night?"
Max nodded, "I'm sorry I never should have left."
"You had to," Liz sighed. "Listen Max I don't want you to start blaming your..." there was a knock at the door and the nurse came in with a little trolley in front of her. Inside was a tiny Lorraine Evan's. Liz smiled at Max then nodded for him to pick her up. The nurse smiled and after Liz thanked her she left the room.

Max stood up and looked down at the little girl in front of him, his heart was swelling with love. She had dark hair on her head and she was curled on her side, she had both of her arms tucked under her stomach and her tiny fingers were clenched into her palms. Liz struggled to sit up she couldn't stop smiling!
Max cocked his head to the side and let out a little and let out a satisfied sigh. "You can pick her up you know," Liz chuckled. Max glanced at her then back at the baby, "She's so tiny."
He reached down and gently scooped his daughter into his arms she was so fragile. It felt like she would break! "Rest her head on your chest, yeah... like that, oh watch her foot," Liz smiled. Max took a seat next to the bed and held the tiny baby to him, he had been waiting for this moment for most of his life. He would remember it until the day he died. Liz reached out and brushed some of the short fluffy hair back, "You know," she whispered. "She doesn't really look like a Lorraine."
Max looked at Liz, "You think?"
Liz bit her lip, "I don't know... she just, hmm." Max peered down at his daughters face, her eyes were closed and her tiny lips were parted slightly, "You know what? I think your right..."
"You do?" Liz pursed her lips. "Your just being nice aren't you? I want you to look straight at your daughter and tell me a name you think would be good."
They had a lot to talk about, especially about the whole Max not being here when their daughter was brought into the world. Liz didn't mind very much but Max did and he was going to have a hard time forgiving himself.
Max lifted his daughter up and looked at her small head, surprisingly she opened her eyes and looked at him and let out a gurgle noise. Max smiled, "Did you see that?"
"Hmm," Liz smiled too. She wanted to hold her baby now! "I like the name Natalie."
"I don't know," Max scrunched up his nose. "I don't think that would suit her either." He handed the baby to Liz and noticed how naturally she held her.
“But I think your right about Lorraine not suiting her,” Max said.
“We’ll keep it as he middle name though,”
“I’m sure Maria wouldn’t mind,” Max realized he hadn’t even taken his coat off yet so he quickly did that. Liz looked him over; it was blatantly obvious how tired he was. He needed to shave and his hair was ruffled… it wasn’t very often Max wasn’t perfectly presentable he was such a clean person. “We have time to think about her name,” Max kissed Liz’s forehead, his chin was prickly against her skin. He also kissed their daughter’s forehead.
“We can’t very well call her daughter and girl though,” Liz licked her bottom lip.
“No but we don’t intend to, do we my love?” he smiled and glared down at them both. “A daughter…” he said quietly, he could not hide his excitement. Liz chuckled, “It’s amazing isn’t it?”

The feelings that were soaring through them were indescribable. Just the thought of a little bit of Max and a little bit of Liz mixed together to make one tiny little baby… it was a miracle.

“Do you know when you can come home?” Max asked. “How long do you have to stay in the hospital?”
“They suggest I stay for three or four days. It’s a longer time because…” she trailed off. “Does Maria know yet? Did you call her?”
“Yeah,” Max answered. “Kyle said he would be visiting her while he was there so he would tell her.”
Liz closed her eyes for a second, “I’m going to fall asleep Max, can you take her…?”
Max leaned down and took the baby. While Liz fell asleep he sat on the little hospital chair holding his daughter to him and stroking her little head.

Liz winced as she walked up the stairs with her daughter in her arms. “Are you sore? Maybe I should carry you,” Max was carrying up her things. Liz shook her head; “No I’m fine.”
Max looked at her with, I-know-your-lying-let-me-help-you eyes. She sighed, “Okay, okay.”
He put down her bags and picked her up while she was still holding the baby. He carried both of them into the nursery. Liz put the baby down to rest in the cot and stood there staring at her the baby began crying. “What about Novalee?” Liz asked.
“Novalee?” Max asked.
“Yeah, I heard it in a movie. What do you think? Novalee Lorraine Evan’s.” Liz picked up the baby again and held her to her chest. Max thought about it for a second.
“I like it,” he finally said.
“So that? Do you think that should be it?” Liz kissed the warm head of her crying daughter.
“Yeah,” Max nodded. “Novalee is nice.”
“You’re sure?” Liz walked over to him. He nodded, “Yes I want a daughter named Novalee.”
A huge smile spread across Liz’s face, “Oh I’m so glad because I love that name!” She pecked his lips.
Max took the baby off her, “Go and sleep now.”
“But I…”
Liz huffed and kissed her daughter before leaving the room. Max sat with the baby until it finally started to drift off then he put her down in her cot and closed the curtains. Liz was asleep when he walked into their bedroom; she wasn’t even under the covers. He covered her with some blankets and then kissed her forehead and went downstairs to make sure that dinner was cooking. Liz kept telling him how she didn’t think she could get comfortable with a baby in this big house and that she needed to be in a smaller environment. In other words she wanted to be back in New York in their permanent house together. That was a pretty reasonable request though it was easier said then done. He himself would also like to be home and now that Kyle was here maybe they could leave sooner…
Max thought it would be easier for Liz here. She didn’t have to cook if she didn’t feel up to it, the washing was taken for them, and the cleaning was all done. That way she could focus completely on their daughter and sleep when their daughter slept.
Obviously Liz did no want that; she wanted to do everything herself like most mothers. She couldn’t very well do everything herself in this huge house. As he neared the stairs he heard the front door open and Maria’s shrill and loud voice yell, “We’re here!”
So much like her mother.
Max reached the top of the stairs and looked down at Maria as she pulled off her sunglasses and Michael put their bags down on the ground. “Ah Max!” Maria smiled.
Max walked down the stairs in his dark blue sweater and black pants and socks. “We have a sleeping baby and a sleeping Liz in this house, do you mind keeping your voice down?”
“Awe,” Maria grinned. “How cute. Michael did you hear that, he needs us to be quiet because…”
“I heard Maria, I am standing right here.”
“Don’t be a smart ass sweet heart I’m just in such a hyper mood! They have a baby!” Maria jumped up and down twice. “Aren’t you always hyper?” Max asked.
Michael laughed, “I was just about to say that.” He walked over to Max and hugged him, “Congratulations man.”
Max smiled, “Thank you.”
Maria hugged Max too; “I can’t wait to see her! Ohh does she look like you or Liz?”
Max’s eye brow crinkled, “Well Maria she’s a mix of both of us…”
“Oh well yeah…”
“Where’s Kyle? I thought he was flying back with you,” Max picked up one of their bags.
“He’ll be here soon, he was talking with some chick at the airport,” Michael took the bag off Max. “I’ll take them.”
Max didn’t protest he was very tired as it was. He followed them upstairs quietly and walked into their room, “Dinner won’t be ready for a couple more hours so if you guys wanted to go out and…”
“Na we’re sweet,” Michael walked in the door and his bag hit the door accidentally sending it flying after him. “No Michael the door!” Max cried.
It slammed making a huge bang and as if on cue Novalee’s high pitched cry sounded through the wall. It was easy to hear because her nursery was right next door to Maria and Michael’s room. “Oh shit, sorry…” Michael said.
Maria rolled her eyes, “Jeez Michael.”
Max was already exiting the room, “Maybe we should move you to another room!” he said on his way out. He hurried next door to her and Liz’s room and got their just in time to see a tired Liz getting out of bed to go see to her daughter. “No stay, I’ll get her…” Max instructed as he hurried past.
She got up and followed him anyway. Max picked up Novalee and held her against his chest with her head on his shoulder, “Shh…” he rubbed her back up and down.
Liz stood in the doorway rubbing her eyes, “Max what the hell was that bang…?” she yawned.
Max spun around to look at her; “It was the door slamming next door… Michael accidentally…”
Liz’s eyes widened, “Is Maria here?” she demanded.
Max smiled, “Yes.” He swallowed, “But Liz go sleep for now, I know you’re exhausted.”
“No way, Maria’s here! I have my whole life to sleep, I don’t need to sleep now!” she was almost jumping up and down herself. “Are you okay with her… wait she might need feeding.”
“Why would she need feeding? Didn’t you feed her before we left the hospital?” Novalee was still bawling her eyes out.
“She didn’t really take much…” Liz walked up. “Here let me,” she took Novalee from him.
“Liz,” Max said getting annoyed. “I want you to go to bed right now. You need the sleep and you may as well get it while you can. Please stop screwing around and go lie down.”
Liz could tell he was in protective mood and he was getting all agro because he was trying to prove he could handle everything without her so she very reluctantly said calm down and went back to bed. Max sighed and stood there trying to calm down his daughter for a while. It took a long time for him to get her calmed down, when she was finally falling asleep he had been about to give up. He lay her down and kissed her forehead, “Sweet dreams,” he whispered.
He left the room and when he walked into he and Liz’s bedroom he found her sitting up in bed under the covers waiting for him. He walked over and sat down on the side of the bed, “Babe I’m sorry but…”
“I know,” Liz said quietly. She had her hands down on top of the blanket and she was fiddling with her nails.
Max put his finger under her chin and forced her to look up at him, “You know I’m just taking care of you.” Her eyes were rimmed with red, like she had been holding back tears. He looked at her concerned, “I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“You haven’t upset me,” her voice cracked. “Allen has.”
Max frowned, “What do you mean?”
“She left,” Liz sobbed. “And she said some mean things and has gotten me all worried for no reason.” She leaned into him and he rapped his arms around her in a hug. He kissed the top of her head, “What did she say?”
“I don’t think you’ll be happy…”

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“You didn’t think I’d be happy?” Max stood up and clenched his jaw. Like he didn’t have enough problems without his wife being told to leave him! Like missing the birth of his child, working to much and trying to convince her he would never have an affair wasn’t god damn enough. He told her that.
He wanted to throw something. Max couldn’t believe himself he wanted to smash something. He should not have to put up with this crap, what kind of a woman says those kinds of things to a nine-month pregnant lady? He was so mad!
“Max,” Liz said quietly.
“What?” He snapped.
Liz yawned, “Don’t snap at me! I didn’t do anything wrong.”
She was right but Max had to take it out on someone. He didn’t want to take it out on her, he didn’t want to loose his temper but it was too late and if he didn’t leave now he would snap at her again. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly then left the room.
“Max!” Liz cried, “Where are you going?” She got out of bed and went after him, “Max!”
Max stopped walking, “Liz I just need a few minutes to calm down, please leave me alone.”
Liz just frowned at him.
“Go to bed, please.
Liz was about to loose her temper herself, “Max come here.” She reached out and took his hand, “Please come and talk about this… please.”
Max hesitated then reluctantly followed her back into the bedroom. “No yelling, our daughter is sleeping,” Liz reminded him. Max swallowed.
“I didn’t want to tell you about her visit because I know you have way too much stress as it is. Yes she said things she shouldn’t have said and yes we are both mad at her but if your worried I’ll forever be worried you’ll do something just prove to me you won’t.”
“I would never, ever, do anything like that,” Max sighed. “She had no right to come to my house and say things about me and my family.”
“I know,” Liz breathed. “But what is being mad going to fix?”
Max had no answer to that but it did not help his temper. Liz rapped her arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him, “Max, can you feel me? Feel how much I love you,” she parted his lips with her own and smiled in satisfaction when she heard him moan. “Are you mad any more?” she moved to kiss his neck and his collar.
“A little…” he had his eyes closed. Liz pressed her body against his, “Remember, all that matters is us. Isn’t that what we’ve always said?”
Liz didn’t have time to be upset and worried about what Allen said, her husband was angry and she needed to help him feel better, then he would help her. She drew patters on the back of his neck with her fingers, “I think we both need a rest.”
“I think so too,” Max sighed.
Liz kissed him again, when she pulled away she said, “We will talk about this later okay? We have guests for heavens sake!”
“Hmm,” Max kissed her. “In a minute.”
Liz smiled, “No now…”
Max swallowed, “Okay. You go to bed and I’ll go tend to our guests.”
“No. Max you know I can’t sleep without you, what’s the point in trying…?”
“You were sleeping before,” Max said.
“I was not,” Liz blushed. “I was just… resting my eyes.”
Max stared at her in disbelief, “Liar.”
“I’m not a liar,” Liz laughed. The telephone started to ring and Liz let her arms drop from around Max’s neck. He went and answered the phone on the bedside table.
“Hello,” He sucked in a breath. “Mrs. Parker? What a delightful surprise.”
“Mom?” Liz asked. She walked over and took the phone off Max; “Mom is that you?”
Max smiled and walked to the door leaving her alone to talk to her mom. He apologized to Michael and Maria for leaving them alone for so long. They didn’t mind they were sitting outside soaking in the last rays the sun had to give before it went down. “How’s the little one?” Maria was eating an apple from the fruit display next to the front door.
“Sleeping again,” Max sat down on the ground near them. “Liz is talking to her mom on the phone.”
Michael rubbed his nose; “In two to three days this place will consist of not only Kyle and us, but the Evan’s parentals, the Parker parentals and most likely the pregnant Whitman’s. Who will be dying to to know what having a baby is like.” He raised his eyebrows; “Maybe we should leave tomorrow.”

Max sighed. “I’d love to have everyone here but it would have been nice to actually have a day home or even a few hours. To get Liz settled in again… She only got home from the hospital an hour ago.” He scratched the back of his head, “She will be under stress with everyone so soon after…”
“Dude,” Michael said. “If you want us to leave just ask.”
“No I don’t want you to leave, I’m just worried about my wife.”

Kyle came outside with a big grin on his face and a little white piece of paper in his hand with a phone number on it. Michael laughed, “Good for you, that chick was hot.”
Max and Maria rolled their eyes. “Yes Kyle, when will you grow up?”
“Max are you going to have enough rooms to accommodate everyone?” Maria finished her apple and put it down on the ground beside her.
“Let’s see,” Max said. “Isabel, mom, Nancy… Yeah we have just enough.”
Liz came outside. She had changed her clothes and was now wearing a pink dress that showed her little pregnant lump that had not fully gone down yet. “Liz!” Maria got up and hugged her best friend. “Congratulations!” she cried.
Liz chuckled, “Thank you.”
“When do we get to see this little bundle of joy?” Kyle asked. “You know, so we have proof it all wasn’t a big sham.”
Liz frowned at him; “She’s sleeping. You’ll have to wait.” She nudged Kyle in the stomach, “How was your flight?”
“Long and boring,” Maria answered for him. Michael nodded to acknowledge Liz and she nodded back. They didn’t have a huge hate towards each other but they weren’t what you’d call good friends. The rude times when they had first met were not forgotten. Kyle hugged Liz from behind and said, “Well congratulations anyway.”
Liz smiled and thanked him. She went and sat down close to Max and said, ‘Mom’s going to be here tomorrow.”
Max nodded, “I thought so.”
“So what’s for dinner tonight?” Maria sat back down.
“Some cheesy pasta meal,” Max answered. He was sitting back with his palms on the ground and his arms holding him up. Liz was sitting the same way; she moved her hand so it was resting on top of his. “Hmm I’m starving! How long till it’s cooked?” she asked.
“Just over an hour,” He glanced at her. “Do you want me to get you something in the mean time?”
She kissed him, “No thank you. I can wait.”
“When’s Isabel going to get here?” Michael interrupted.
“Tonight or tomorrow,” Liz answered. “She said she’d come when she was feeling better… she’s having a hard pregnancy.”
“Oh,” Maria sighed. “Poor her.”
“Hmm,” Liz sat up and starting playing with her hair, she held it up in a pony tale. “Mine could have been a lot worse. I consider myself lucky.” Her tummy grumbled.
“That’s it,” Max got up. “I’m going to get you some food.”
Liz bit her lip.
“Hey want to play a game, one on one?” Michael asked Kyle. Kyle didn’t answer for a while and then said sure why not?
They went to get a basketball and then went down to the courts that you could see from where Liz and Maria were sitting.

“I don’t think he’ll ever propose to me,” Maria sighed. “Maybe I should end it.”
Liz gasped, “What?”
“I don’t think he even wants a long term commitment.”
“I can’t help you make the decision to stay with him or not you have to do that alone.” Liz rapped her arm around Maria bringing her closer. “Stop thinking about marriage and babies and just focus on what you have right now. Do you want to be with Michael?”
Maria nodded. “Yes, but…”
“No. No buts Maria! Stop worrying about you not getting married and enjoy yourself. Marriage will find a way of happening on it’s own if it’s meant to be. Michael loves you and you love him- your having a good time together, no?”
“Of course we are,” Maria sighed.
“There you go! Don’t think about all those other things.” Liz smiled, “Are you going to stay with him and enjoy yourself?”
“It’s so easy for you to say those things because you have a daughter and a husband,” Maria rolled her eyes. “I don’t think I want to loose Michael and I should stop worrying but how can I not worry? Everyone around me is married and has a baby on the way or here! Even Erica and…”
“You are a very impatient person so of course it will be hard for you but you can do it…” Liz patter her back. “Trust me what ever happens is supposed to happen.”
Maria bit her lip, “I want to get married.”
“That’s NOT the attitude!” Liz cried. “You love being free and being able to do what ever you want! Just imagine how quickly your sex life will just drop you get married. Mine has…” Liz raised her eye brows. “And Max will start loosing his hair and…”
Maria laughed, “Nice Liz.”
Max came back with a small plate with a sandwich with ham, lettuce and cheese on it. He knew she didn’t like tomato so he didn’t put it in it. Liz thanked him and said quietly, “Max when you loose your hair I’ll still love you.”
He frowned, “What?”
Maria laughed.
Liz started eating her sandwich happily and Max rolled his eyes and went to join in with the basket ball game.

Isabel and Alex came at 11:30 that night when Kyle, Maria and Michael were out. Max and Liz had been sitting on the couch in front of the fire with Novalee and discussing what Allen had said and Max not being here when Novalee was born.

“You know I don’t mind Max, only you have a problem with it. We’ll have other children right? You’ll be there for them.” The thought of having another child made her grimace right now. It was too soon after Novalee for her to feel comfortable with having another one. That would wear off eventually.
“I don’t think you should have any more children. I don’t want to risk it,” Max sipped his tea. He had already said that to her while she was in the hospital, he couldn’t get what that nurse had been saying out of his head. Imagine if he had lost Liz and his daughter, how could he go on? The thought caused him to shiver.
“Max,” Liz touched his arm. “We’ll talk about this when the time comes, not now.”
“I missed our first child’s birth, their will never be an excuse for that.” He hated himself for taking such a gamble and leaving when there was a good chance she would give birth. He had lost and now he had to live with the consequences.
“Stop tearing yourself up about this, please. You are a busy man! So what, you weren’t there when she came out. You were there nearly straight afterwards.”
“I should have been there,” Max sighed. He would have that on his shoulders and he knew that nothing anyone said or did would fix it. He would have to live with it. Liz sighed and quietly said, “Lot’s of fathers miss their child’s birth and don’t care very much. You tried your hardest to be there, you are above people just by doing that. I don’t want you to be upset about this will you try and stop blaming yourself.”
Max knew it was what she wanted to hear but it wouldn’t be very good of him to just say it, he had to mean it. Where would their marriage go if they had all these things stacked behind them? He did not want to loose Liz. He thought about it for a second, than honestly said, “I will try.”
Liz smiled, “I love you.” She kissed him, “You’re my whole world. You know that don’t you?”
Max bit his lip, “Well only slightly…”
Liz nudged him, “Shut up.” Novalee made a noise and Liz ran her hand over her head, “Are you tired yet little one?”
Novalee just would not go to sleep.
“Have you thought about what Allen said?” Max asked quietly. “Are you worried?”
Liz didn’t speak for a little while. Finally she said, “I’m not worried but I did think about what she said about how she and her husband used to be like us.” She didn’t look at him, “It’s not like I think you will but it’s slightly disturbing that they could end out like that.”
“They aren’t anything like us because I would never do that,” Max muttered under his breath. “She had no right to say I would.”
“Your right,” Liz said. “I think we should just forget she ever came by.”
“I will only forget if you do, you’re the one who has to worry about it,” Max rubbed his hand up and down Novalee’s back.
Liz put her hand over his, “I trust you. I know you would never hurt me.”
Max intertwined his fingers through hers, “Good.”

The doorbell rang and Max knew instantly it was Isabel. Who else would come here at this time of night? He went and greeted them and hugged his sister, “Wow!” he said in disbelief. “I never thought I’d see you six months pregnant.”
Isabel smiled, “yeah, me either.”
“You look wonderful as usual,” Max took her coat and hung it up. He and Alex hugged and spoke about how good it was to see each other.
“Where’s Liz?” Isabel asked. Max picked up a suitcase; “She’s just in the lounge, through there.”
Whilst Alex and him went and put the bags away Isabel went and saw Liz. When she walked in Liz was propped up on a cushion on the couch with Novalee on her chest, her tiny hands playing with her mothers long brown hair.
“Hi,” Isabel smiled.
Liz looked up. “Oh hey!” she smiled back.
Isabel walked over and they carefully hugged each other around the baby. “So this is her!” She took a seat on the couch next to Liz, “She’s beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Liz rubbed her hand up and down her daughter’s back. “Your got to see her before the others, they went out before we got her up. Anyway how are you? Look how pregnant you are! Wow!”
Isabel looked down at her stomach. “Hmm yes and I feel very pregnant too.”
“Aw,” Liz said sympathetically, “At least its worth it.”
“It looks like it is,” Isabel touch Novalee’s head.
Liz bit her lip; “Do you want to hold her?”
Isabel looked at Liz, “really?” she asked.
“Yeah why not? I have every day to hold her.” She sat up and carefully handed Novalee to Isabel. “Put your arm under her bum… yeah like that.”
Isabel had the biggest smile on her face. “Wow,” she breathed, “How has Max been dealing with this?”
Liz chuckled. “With holding her?” He’s good at that but he hasn’t gone near a nappy yet.”
Isabel laughed, “good luck with that.” She sucked in a breath; “Oh this is so incredible.”
Liz nodded. “Just wait till you have yours. A little blonde boy running around the house.” She leaned over to the coffee table and picked up a big hardback book. “Max got me this book. It’s got everything you need to know about being a mother. You should read it tomorrow, it’s really good and it helps a lot.”
Isabel looked at the book from where she was, “I will, thank you.”
Liz flicked through it quickly then put it back on the table and picked up her mug with cooling tea in it. Isabel asked, “Do you have a mid wife here to help you?”
“No I didn’t. I saw one once while I was in New York but since I moved here we didn’t really think about getting one. I ask my mom all my questions.” Liz laughed. “If Max ever let’s me have another child we’ll have one.”
“Why wouldn’t Max let you have another child?” Isabel smelled her tea. “What is that? It smells wonderful.”
“He’s worried something will go wrong like this time… This?” Liz motioned to her tea. “This is herbal tea… Max is making me drink it. All of a sudden he’s sprung all this healthy stuff on me.” Liz scrunched her nose up, “Is smells nicer then it tastes.”
Isabel laughed.
“AND he’s given up coffee!” Liz cried. “Not that I like it or anything but her did. It’s weird.”
Isabel interrupted her laughing to say: “Wait till mom finds out.”
When Liz looked up she saw Max and Alex walk in with amused expressions on their faces. Alex walked over and kissed Liz’s cheek. “Hi Liz! You look good.”
Liz smiled, “Thank you Alex. So do you,” she said.
“What’s this little one doing up? Shouldn’t she be in bed by now?” Alex took a seat on the sofa chair to their right.
“We’ve tried. Trust me. We’ve spent the last two hours trying to get her to go to sleep.” Max looked down at his daughter and his sister. “Did mom tell you when she coming?”
Isabel nodded. “She and dad can’t come tomorrow so they are going to catch the first flight on Thursday.”
“Oh okay. Do either of you want some herbal tea?” He picked up his cup and sipped some of his.
“Uh… no thanks Max,” Isabel looked at Liz with wide eyes.
Liz laughed.
“Herbal tea?” Alex asked amused by Max.

An hour later and ten past one Novalee was finally asleep in her cot and very tired Max and Liz collapsed onto their bed. They tiredly crawled under the covers and Max turned off the lamp that was on his side of the bed. “I’m finally in my bed again!” Liz closed her eyes and curled into Max’s side. “It feels so right.”
Max slid under the covers more and rapped his arms around her.
“Do you promise to love me forever?” Liz rested her face on the pillow right next to the side of his face. He was on his back. She kissed his cheek.
He smiled and leaned over to kiss her behind her ear. “Of course,” he whispered.
“Good.” Then they both fell asleep.


“I’d offer you coffee but Max threw it all out.” Liz bobbed up and down with her daughter in her arms. She was sore and itchy.
Maria rubbed her head. It was seven-thirty and unfortunately Liz was not the only one Novalee woke up with her crying at six-forty this morning. “I can’t live without coffee,” Maria was half-asleep.
Max walked into the kitchen and up to the pantry. “You can live with out coffee. Have some herbal tea,” he smiled.
Maria grumbled, “Does it have any caffeine in it?”
“I told you not to throw out the coffee Max. But you didn’t listen and now Maria and probably everyone else in this house is going to kill you and I’ll have to be a widow.”
Max chuckled, “No they won’t.”
Liz kissed the top of her daughter’s head. She had sat on her rocking chair breast feeding Novalee this morning. Max had been in the shower; Liz had not had a shower yet. She had changed her nappy and gotten her dressed and now she felt like a true mother. It felt wonderful. There must be something about having someone completely dependent on you and needing you.

Liz was in a lot of pain, she could not laugh without her lower stomach hurting and threatening to burst open. The cut that Novalee had been pulled out off was sore and relentless.
Max walked past her and put a big range of fruit down on the bench. All that he could carry “Honey?” Liz asked.
He looked up, “Hmm?”
“What are you doing?”
He started opening the cupboards in search for something. “You’ll see,” he said.
Liz turned to Maria with big eyes. “Are you afraid to?” she asked.
Maria nodded vigorously, “Yes!” she cried.
“Don’t worry,” Max found what he was looking for. The blender; He put it down on the bench and when he came past Liz again he stopped and pressed a kiss to the back of her neck. Liz smiled.
“I think you should move me and Michael to another room. I can not get up this early again especially after being out till after three am.” Maria’s head was on the countertop.
“I thought we should move you,” Max said. He plugged in the blender and then started cutting up the fruit. “But now there isn’t another room for you. Our parent’s need rooms too.”
Liz picked up a piece of apple and bit into it. “You could sleep in the entertainment room. It’s really comfy in there,” she suggested.
Maria’s eyes were closed she did not answer. “Ow Ow OW!” Liz groaned, Novalee had kicked her stomach. She hated being in pain. Max poured some orange juice into the blender and then put half of the fruit in there. Maria jumped when he turned it on and Novalee started crying. Max turned it off quickly. Liz tried to calm their daughter down, “Oh darling,” she chuckled. Max came up behind her and leaned down to kiss his daughter’s head. “Maybe I should leave the room while you do that,” Liz glanced at him. “Just for a second?” he asked.
“Hmm.” Liz left the room and Maria followed slowly. They went into the lounge and sat down on the couch, Maria rested her head against Liz’s shoulder and fell asleep. Liz chuckled and tried reaching for the remote to turn on the stereo. She managed to get it and turned on a relaxing quiet CD.

Liz was right when Michael, Kyle, and Alex emerged from their beds they walked into the kitchen and demanded coffee. Max was there to greet them with a green smoothie.
“What the hell is this?” Michael demanded.
“I’m not drinking this,” Kyle moaned.
Alex scrunched his nose. Isabel laughed and looked at Liz whom was sitting at the bench drinking it. Max held Novalee. “It’s not that bad,” Liz said. “In fact I like it.”
“You would,” Kyle grumbled. “You’re his wife, you have to say that.”
“No I don’t,” Liz finished hers. “I’m being honest.”
Maria had drunken half of hers. “It’s okay,” she said.
Michael and Kyle slowly realized they hadn’t seen the baby yet and walked over to Max to look at her. “Ah yes,” Michael said.
“Yes indeed,” Kyle scratched the back of his head. Maria had held Novalee and played with her a little while ago.
Liz frowned, “What is that supposed to mean?” She stood up and glared at them.
“Nothing, nothing at all.” Michael chuckled.
Max stepped away from them, “No tell us, what do you mean?”
Liz took her cup over to the sink and rinsed it then went to stand next to Max.
“Oh you know,” Kyle said.
“No we don’t, tell us.” Liz crossed her arms.
“Well she’s just…” Michael rubbed his nose between his fingers. “Ugly.
“WHAT?” Max and Liz both said together.
Michael and Kyle laughed, “We’re joking. Jeez you’re just a little too sensitive.” Maria whacked Michael over the head; “You’re a jerk Michael! Apologize!”
He frowned at her, “What?”
“You heard me, apologize!” she said.
Max and Liz stared at them with hard eyes. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry for calling your baby ugly,” he said.
“Yeah me too,” Kyle walked over to the refrigerator.

Liz put Novalee down to sleep at eleven-thirty after she’d fed her. The great thing was she went straight to sleep without and worries. Liz decided that maybe recording the times in which she slept best and how long she slept for would help her decide what times to put her down. She was a new mother it was worth a try right?
She went and got the journal Max had brought her for her birthday and wrote about her idea and made a small chart. The only other things she had really written in her journal were her pregnancy so it may as well become her baby records book.
Max came into the room and closed the door. “Too many people and still more to come!” He gritted his teeth. Liz looked up at him. “It’s just for a few days,” she reminded him.
Max walked over to her and sat down on the bed next to her. “Your parent’s just arrived.”
“Hmm cool.” She turned to look at him, “Is something wrong?” she asked.
“No.” He fell down onto his back. “I just wish everyone could have given us a couple of days to get used to everything…”
Liz finished what she was writing and put the pen and book down on the floor. “Their family Max, of course they wanted to come right away.” She lay down next to him and kissed his jaw. ‘Just remember they will leave and we have the rest of our lives…” He moved his arm out and she lifted her head so he could slid it under her. She rested her head on the top of his arm. “Aren’t you tired?” He asked. “You got home yesterday and lay down for two minutes before you were interrupted.” He rested his forehead on the top of her head.
“I’m okay,” she smiled as if to prove it. “Sure I’m tired but we’re new parents of course we’re tired.” She kissed his chest through his shirt. “They will all be gone in a week tops.” She sat up; “Okay I have to go greet my parents!” She leaned down and kissed his lips. “I love you,” she said. Max watched her leave the room and then closed his eyes to rest for a little while.

Max wondered what he’d done to deserve Liz. Nothing in his life had prepared him for her. Very frequently women threw themselves upon him and Max would somehow say no. He was a man it was very hard but he would not be able to live without Liz and if he was unfaithful he would not deserve forgiveness. He has a clear picture of how devastated she would be if she found out. He shuddered every time he thought about it. Some times it was so hard to say no and that worried him because it was his bodies response not his minds. He was a married man but a man before that so he needed to try to stop himself. If it was important
It was going to be especially harder for the next two months because Liz would not want to have intercourse.

He got up off the bed before he fell asleep. When he went down stairs Liz was introducing Isabel and Alex to her parents. They had briefly met at the wedding but not officially. They were just in time for lunch and Maria was setting the table. Max had sent the maid’s home.
“We finally get here and you’ve put her down to sleep?” Jeff asked.
“Well dad, she sleeps all the time she is only a few days old,” Liz rolled her eyes. Max smiled at her.
“We can only stay till Friday Liz, we have to get back to the restaurant,” Nancy explained. Maria came over and said for she and Michael, “We have to leave on Friday too. I can’t leave the coffee shop and Michael can’t have any more time away from work.”

“So itchy, so, so, itchy!” Liz moaned to Max. “Oh god I need to scratch!” she buried her head in his shoulder.
“Don’t scratch babe,” Max brushed Novalee’s hair to the side. “Just try not to think about it.”
“That’s easy for you to say!” she snapped, “If you felt like this you’d want to kill yourself.”
“What’s itchy?” Isabel wondered. Liz blushed.
Michael, Alex, Philip Evan’s and Jeff Parker had all gone out and all the ladies were home, apart from Max. Kyle had gone to work. The ladies, and Max, were sitting outside on the wooden patio furniture. Liz had tried to get Max to leave with the men but he had insisted he stay here and help look after the baby.
Liz explained what was itchy. “When you have a cesarean they have to shave… down there and when it starts growing back it is...."
”Oh!” Isabel chuckled. “Oh! Oh… poor you.”
“How’s the cut?” Diane asked. “I never have a cesarean so I don’t know what…”
“It’s horrible and painful,” Liz bit her lip. “I have to be careful how I move or it will split open. I can’t laugh! It hurts too much.”
“Oh!” All four women said in unison.
“Can I hold Novalee?” Isabel asked. Max nodded and leaned across the table to give Novalee to her. Once Isabel had her Max went inside to get Liz something for the pain.
“Liz when are you going to be moving back home? It feels like you’ve been here forever,” Nancy frowned.
“It feels like it’s been a long time but it’s only May and I only got here in January,” Liz rested her head in hands. “I don’t know when we’re coming home. It might be sooner now that Kyle’s here to help…”
“It must have been fate he turned up,” Diane said. “Philip didn’t know what to think when he found out what Max had done. I convinced him it was the right thing… It was just too much work for Max all by himself.”
“I agree,” Liz nodded.
Maria got up from the table, “I’m hungry, does anyone else want something from kitchen?”
“Hmm water,” Isabel said. Nancy looked down at her empty glass,
“I’ll get you some too Nancy,” Maria picked up their cups. “Do you want something Diane?”
“No thank you Maria.”
“No father should have a whole company to worry about as well,” Nancy said. Diane and Liz nodded vigorously,
“Yes, yes and now that he has more time he won’t miss any firsts for the baby,” Isabel agreed.
Max came back and sat down next to Liz, he handed her a pill for the pain and a glass of water. “Hmm thank you,” Liz smiled. “You should have gone with the…”
“Enough,” Max said. “I didn’t want to go, stop worrying. Maybe you should go have a rest while you can?”
“Max if she needed a rest she would go and…” Max shot a ‘shut up, this has nothing to do with you,’ glance at Isabel and Isabel bit her lip.
Liz pecked her husband’s lips; “I’m fine. But thank you for worrying.

That night when Max hopped into bed at three AM Liz woke up and rolled over.
“Oh I didn’t want to wake you, go back to sleep,” Max pulled the covers up over them and kissed her forehead.
“Did she go to sleep okay?” Liz asked sleepily. She snuggled into him and closed her eyes again.
“Yes,” he answered quietly.
Liz knew Max wasn’t comfortable with everyone here under one roof and he was agitated because of it. She quietly whispered, “Two days Max.” In two days they would all be gone and everything would be back to normal again.
“Two days Liz,” he buried his head in her hair.

Michael, Maria, Nancy, and Jeff all left on Friday and then on Sunday Diane, Philip, Isabel and Alex left. Max apologized to Liz for being so moody while they were all there. He just didn’t get on well with so many people at once. Liz raised her eye brows, “Your were moody? I never noticed.” She blinked at him then left the room to go have a shower.
“Does Novalee need to wake up and have a bath?” He called after her.
“Yes! Do you want to do it?” She poked her head through the door.
He nodded, “I do, yes.”
“Go ahead,” she smiled.

Liz watched her husband wash their daughter. He held her so gently and beautifully. His touch showed his love for her in many different ways. Is that what he’s like with me? Liz wondered. Does he show just how much I mean to him by being gentle and caring and…
“Babe, did you see that?” Max called. “She just splashed me on purpose…”
Liz smiled, “I saw Max.”
“Incredible,” Max muttered, “As if someone wrote a script of life and said those two shall make one…” He squeezed the sponge above Novalee’s back and watched the water drip down. “These are the best times,” he whispered to himself… “Liz do you think…?” He turned his head to see Liz’s departing form. He shrugged and kissed his daughters belly, “Your just the most beautiful creature in the world aren’t you?” He grinned, “You look just like your mother.”
The baby gurgled.
“You agree?” Max raised his eyebrows. “I’m glad. But you know I’m going to have a hard time keeping those young boys away from you,” He wet her hair, “They’ll be all around you like bee’s to honey.”
A flash shinned behind him and Max turned to see Liz with a camera in her hands, she snapped another picture of him.
“You’re so adorable,” She said with a chuckle.
He just grinned and turned to look at their daughter again. After taking another photo Liz put the camera down and walked up behind him and rapped her arms around his waist. She smiled at their daughter; “ She’s going to be very clean.”
“Yes,” Max smiled back.
“Is your life how you wanted it to be? You know when you were younger and you wanted to have a family…”
“Oh much better,” he replied. “My pathetic imagination could not conjure up anything close to as wonderful as this.”
Liz blushed, “Really?”
“Really,” he sat their daughter up, “Can you get a towel?”
“Hmm,” Liz let go of him and grabbed the blue fluffy towel off the towel rack. When he pulled their naked daughter out of her little baby bath he rapped her in the towel and held her to his chest. “I really don’t deserve this,” he said, “I really did nothing to earn this.”
Liz raised her eyebrows, “You really do deserve this, you really did earn this,” She pecked his lips. “Perhaps what you should be saying is, what can I do to show my appreciation for such a great gift,” She chuckled.
“I love you,” he said. He then looked down at their daughter, “I love you too little duck some on let’s get you dressed.” He headed out of the bathroom.
“Little duck?” Liz asked following him.

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On June 16th a very joyful Max Evan’s came home to a very a sleep Liz and Novalee. He needed Liz awake because he had great news and he wanted to take her out. Kyle said he would look after the one for as long as they liked, it was the least he could do considering he was living with them and not paying for anything. Kyle had insisted he move into his own place when he went into the partnership with Max but they had said that their was no need, they had so many rooms and so much money that they wanted him to stay.

Very gently Max picked Novalee up off the little baby blanket on the couch and carried her upstairs to her crib. Once asleep and safe Max went back downstairs and spoke to Kyle. “She’s asleep and if she wakes up, which she might because she quite frequently does at this time she’ll just lie on your chest and fall asleep again. If she doesn’t fall asleep very quickly read her a book and give her a toy or something.” Max suddenly thoughts this wasn’t such a good idea. Was it too soon to go out and leave their daughter with someone other then Liz or him? What if something happened?
Kyle noticed the expression change and quickly reassured him that everything would be fine. “It’ll be fine Max. Your just being a protective new parent…”
“I just don’t know…”
“Max it’s going to be sweet as. What you’ll be gone maybe four hours tops?” Kyle shrugged.
“We won’t be gone that long,” Max said.
“Well then exactly,” Kyle smiled. “Nothings going to happen.” Kyle was going to do some work in Max’s study next to the nursery so that he could hear Novalee if she woke up.
Max sighed then went to wake up Liz. He really was being silly; it would do Liz and him good to get out for a few hours.
Kyle went to the kitchen and made some coffee and got some food. If Novalee was going to keep him up all night he’d be ready for her.

“Liz babe wake up,” Max rubbed her arm up and down. “Darling, love, sweetheart!” he grinned, “Wake up!”
Liz sighed and curled into him. “Liz,” he gently shook her, “Wake up babe.”
She yawned and without opening her eyes asked what the time was. “It’s eight,” Max kissed her forehead.
She rubbed her eyes and then suddenly sprung up, “Where’s Novalee?”
Max soon calmed her, “She’s in bed, don’t worry.” He tucked her hair behind her ears, “Do you feel okay?” he asked.
Liz lay back down and looked up at him, “I’ll tell you in a minute.”
“Well,” he held her arm, “Are you feeling up to going out?
“Going out?” Liz raised her eyebrows, “What about…?”
“Kyle said he’d gladly baby-sit for us,” He caressed her palm. They hadn’t gone out or been able to relax together since before Novalee was born over a month ago. Though that wasn’t that long it would still be nice to be able to enjoy each others presence comfortably for a few hours. “I don’t know Max…Do you think she’ll be okay?”

Being new parents this would be the first time Novalee would be left alone without either one of them there. It was a big thing to them and they needed to make sure they were okay with it. After talking about it they decided they should take this chance because who knew when they’d be able to do it again. It would only be for a couple of hours anyway.
After they had both gotten changed and Liz had checked n Novalee Max let Kyle in through he and Liz’s room and into his study.
“Nice room you’ve got here,” Kyle grinned.
“Thanks,” Max said.
Liz came out of the dark nursery and closed the glass door. “I feed her before she fell asleep so if she wakes up it will only be because she’s poohed.” She bit her lip, “Are you sure you’ll be okay?”
Kyle nodded, “I’m certain.”
“You’ll call us the second you think something’s wrong?” Liz folded her arms over herself.
“You know the number?” Max asked.
“Yes!” Kyle laughed. “Stop worrying the both of you. Go and have fun! I’ll be fine and in case everything isn’t I know the emergency phone number.”
Max and Liz frowned.
“Nothing’s going to happen!” Kyle laughed. “Your so funny, you cute parent’s you. Go out, have fun.”
Max and Liz glanced at each other then hesitantly left the room, “See ya later Kyle, we won’t be back very late.”
“Okay! Take as much time as you like.”

Once they were in their car and off the property Liz asked Max where they were going. “I feel like eating a huge cream covered mud cake.” She licked her lips, “Are you hungry?”
Max wasn’t that hungry, “Me and Kyle ate a little at the office,” he explained. “Do you want to go to a café or a restaurant or a bar or a…?”
“Café,” Liz answered before he finished. “Let’s go to a café,” she reached over and turned on the radio. “Why did you get home so late anyway?” Not that she was complaining he’d only left for work at two-thirty.
“We had a meeting,” Max glanced at Liz. She had her head resting on the chair with her face turned to him. “Are you feeling okay?” he asked.
“Mmm hmm,” she nodded. She hadn’t completely healed yet but her wound was a lot better; She could move around more comfortably. Now loosing the weight she’d put on mostly concerned her, she felt fat.
Certainly not good enough next to Max Evan’s as Mrs. Evan’s she had an image she had to attain.

In town they searched for an open café and found one called Alfresco’s. It was upstairs and had little white tables with candles set out around the big room. The walls had paintings that hung everywhere that locals had done and were selling. At the back of the room there was a counter and displayed cold foods. Above it was a black board with everything you could order written on it, the waitress at the counter greeted them with a big smile?
Liz’s gaze fell on the chocolate mud cake sitting in amongst the other foods. “Oh wow,” she mumbled. Max chuckled, “Babe maybe you should get something to do with fruit.” There he went with his healthiness again.
“No way,” Liz said. “I know I should loose the weight I have unfortunately not burned off but I need chocolate,” She smiled. “Besides anything with fruit involved is not a dessert.”
“I totally agree,” the lady at the counter nodded.
Liz chuckled, “See,” she grinned at Max then turned back to the waitress. “I will have a big piece of that cake right there please and can I have cream?
“Yes,” The girl wrote the order down.
“Thank you,” Liz looked around. “I’ll go get a table Max, get something you’ll actually enjoy okay?” She walked away and Max rolled his eyes.

He came and sat down a few minutes later and Liz pointed out that she had not had wine in over ten months. Max raised his eyebrows, “That’s good, it’s only putting bad things you don’t need into your body.”
It was Liz’s turn to roll her eyes, “Max do you have to drag me into this? Can’t just you be healthy? I love junk food too much.”
Max shook his head, “No, as the husband and father I am in charge and I decide what we eat.” He reached over and took her hand. “It’s the way it works.”
“Your out of line,” She said. “This was part of your big picture? Commanding me and telling me what to do?” She chuckled. “So really your childhood dream was to have power.”
Max shrugged, “Guess so,” he rubbed his fingers up and down her fingers and rubbed her palms. Max was very persuasive when it came to Liz, he couldn’t say no so he knew that if she really wanted something he would probably get it. They just needed to come to an agreement, so that they were both having what they wanted. He told her that.
“Maybe you could start eating carob instead of chocolate,” Max grinned. “It tastes exactly the same.”
“We are not having the discussion,” Liz laughed. “No way! I’ll try everything else but you can’t take away my chocolate. I’m sorry Max,” She kissed his hand. “I’ll try giving up other things but not chocolate okay? Let me have chocolate!”
“What is it with woman and chocolate?” he frowned.
Liz opened her mouth and gaped at him, “Ohhh Max we need it. It’s just a compulsory part of being a woman, no one knows why, we just do.”
“Really?” Max grinned.
“Yes really!” Liz chuckled. “Don’t make me eat carob.”
“Okay,” Example Number One of Max not being able to say no to Liz.
The waitress brought two drinks over, one orange juice for Liz and one spirulina for Max. “Wow Max you are just… getting old aren’t you? No more parties or drinking for you.”
“No I’m a father now.” You could tell he was very proud of that.
The waitress brought Liz’s cake over and Max had a fruit dessert thing. Liz shook her head and laughed.

“I found out some good news today…” Max sipped his drink.
“You did?” Liz asked.
“I did,” Max put his drink down. “I think you’ll be happy,” he smiled.
Liz studied his face, “If you think I will I probably will be.”
“Tell me,” Liz played with the cream on her piece of cake.
“Well,” Max yawned, “We can go back to New York in two months.”
A big smile spread across Liz’s face, “For good?”
“Yes, for good.” He chuckled. “Your glad right? You do want to go home?”
“Of course I want to go home,” Liz had the biggest smile on her face that made Max’s heart miss a beat. He loved causing her to smile. “I mean, I didn’t think we’d be able to leave for a while longer. This is so great! We will get to settle and just be near friends and family again!” She felt giddy. The continuous feeling at the back of her mind that they would be moving and weren’t at a permanent place always plagued both of them so it was great to finally know that they could settle soon. Liz felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off both of them and their relationship. “Oh Max I’m so glad!” her face clearly showed it too.
“I thought you would be,” he bit his lip. “We just need to figure out a place to stay when we get there.”
“Well there’s Maria’s apartment…” Liz suggested. “What about your place? Is Kyle going to go in there, it would make sense to have him in there wouldn’t it?”
Max nodded, “Yeah he probably will go in there.” He ate a grape; “Maria’s place doesn’t have very much room…”
“Yeah,” Liz frowned. “Well there’s also my parent’s…”
They both looked at each other. “That’s a last resort,” they decided.
“Well, that’s only a small detail, I can’t believe we’re going home!” Liz chuckled.

When they got home a couple of hours later they went straight upstairs to check on Novalee. Kyle was sitting on the rocking chair with her in his arms, she was whimpering like she had just finished crying.
“Was everything okay?” Liz asked.
“Yeah she just woke up about half an hour ago, she’s got quite a set of pipes doesn’t she?”
Max laughed and nodded, “yes, yes she does.”
Liz took Novalee from Kyle and wiped her eyes, “What’s wrong my darling? Why have you been crying huh?” She kissed her head and left the room with her.
“How was your evening?” Kyle grinned.
“Very nice thank you,” Max turned off the nursery light and they both left the room. After the café Liz and him had gone for a walk and talked about everything. They still hadn’t decided where they would stay when they got back to New York but they would find some kind of arrangement. He turned off the study light and they walked into the bedroom where Liz was lying on her back with Novalee on her chest. “Night Liz,” Kyle waved.
“Night Kyle,” Liz smiled.
“Bye,” Max closed the door after him and started unbuttoning his shirt. He got out of all of his clothing and then put on some cotton boxers and went to brush his teeth. “Babe,” he called from the bathroom.
“Yeah?” She was still lying on her back with Novalee on her chest.
“What about if I go back to New York before we leave and look for a house?” He didn’t think she’d go for that, he didn’t want that really.
“No Max, I want us both to choose our first house,” Liz yawned. “Maybe we should just stay with my parent’s? I mean it won’t be for very long right?”
“Yeah,” Max said. “I guess…”
“There’s always a hotel but it’s not very…”
“Familiar?” Max answered.
“Yeah.” Liz had her face pressed to her daughter’s warm head. “I don’t mind staying at my parent’s. I’ll right them tomorrow okay?”
Max spat out his toothpaste and washed his mouth out. “Okay,” he wiped his mouth and went over to the toilet. “Ring them and see what they say.” After he’d gone toilet he turned off the bathroom night and walked back into the bedroom. He took one looked at Liz and the baby and quickly went and got the camera from the study. They had to take as many photos of their daughter and cute moments as they could. Liz already had one full photo album in the nursery.
Liz chuckled when she saw him take a photo, “You’re as bad as me,” she said.
“I am so.”

‘So you want us to stay with you?” Liz asked. Max was sitting on the coffee table in front of her he was holding Novalee.
“Okay, I’ll talk to you later. See ya, yeah I love you to.” Liz hanged up the phone and put it down on the coffee table next to Max, “They insist we stay there and they won’t have it any other way. It would be a treat,” she smiled. “What do you think?”
Novalee was holding Max’s hand, “I think,” he said. “We have found a place to say.”
Liz studied his face; “You want to stay there right?”
“Hmm,” He nodded. “I want to go for a swim right now though. Can you take her…?”
She took Novalee from his arms and frowned at Max, “Are you okay?” she asked.
“Yeah, just tired,” he stood up and noticing she was worried beant down and pecked her lips, “I’m fine. Stop worrying.”
He went and got into something to swim in then went to the swimming pool. Liz followed him in after a few minutes. She took a seat on one of the chairs and sat Novalee up so she was leaning against her stomach in between her legs. “Darling look at your fathers muscle’s aren’t they big?” Liz chuckled at herself. Max was doing laps up and down the pool and he glided across the water so smoothly. It was like he wasn’t even straining to do it.
Novalee giggled and pointed to her father in the swimming pool with her little hand.
“Yeah darling that’s daddy,” Liz smiled.
Novalee made popping noises with her lips and bounced up and down in excitement. Liz laughed and held her up so she wouldn’t fall over. When Max stopped swimming and popped his head up over the edge of the pool, Novalee pointed and made giggling noises. She bounced up and down didn’t take her eyes off her father.
Max chuckled.
“You think maybe she wants a swim?” Liz asked.
Max nodded, “I’ll just do a couple more laps,” he smiled. While he was swimming Liz pulled off Novalee’s clothes so she was butt naked. When Max was finished she walked over to the side of the pool and leaned down to hand Novalee to him. He clutched her to his wet chest and moved back out into the water. Liz went and sat back down and watched them.
He went under the water up to her Novalee’s shoulders and she was lapping it up, she was so happy. “You like that huh little ducky?” he laughed.
Novalee touched his face with her wet little hands and giggled. Max kissed her lips and bobbed them up and down Liz was in awe!
She quickly went to get the camera.


There for me, every time I've been away
Will you be there for me, thinking of me everyday
Are you my destiny, words I never dared to say
Will you be there for me? Just think of you and me, we could never tow the line
It's such a mystery just to hear you say you're mine
And while you're close to me, so close to me
Just hold me
When you're feeling cold and all the city streets are grey
Walking all alone and watching how the children play
Voices in the wind and faces from the past go dancing by
They're asking why
Will you be there for me, every time I go away
Will you be there for me, thinking of me everyday
Are you my destiny, words I never dared to say
Will you be there for me?
And while you're close to me, so close to me
Just hold me
Can you really want me more than for a little while?
What are the stories hiding there behind your smile?
Wishes in a dream and figures in a world that I could share
And everywhere
Will you be there for me?
Will there ever come a day when all the world can see
Things were meant to be that way
Will you be there for me?
Can you hear the people say
That you're just
There for me
There for me
There for me

Liz looked up from the clothing she was folding and noticed Max in the doorway watching her. She couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face. Was it because he was so handsome? Or was it because he still gave her butterflies when he had that look on his face?
That look on his face meant one thing and he had been hiding it and been patient for so long but now he could not wait any longer. His eyes were glazed and he could focus on nothing else but the one thing he wanted. She had seen that look on his face many times before. Quickly getting up she grabbed the suitcase with clothing she was packing and shoved it on the floor. Max had already removed his tie by the time she got to him.
He picked her up and they made their way back to the bed as they devoured each other’s mouths and necks. He lay her down on her back and gently, not to crush her, climbed on top of her with his arms supporting him. Liz arched into him and her hands begged him to do what they both desperately wanted. All logic disappeared and the only noise they heard was their rough panting subsequent to their aching need. She was first to reach for his belt and before either of them could blink it was on the floor and the first button on his pants was undone. Max reached for her jeans and got the first three buttons undone before a baby crying stopped them. Max felt something had to stop him.
They both snapped back into reality, oh yeah they were parents now.
Sighing Max got up off of Liz and fixed his appearance, Liz did the same. He allowed himself one glance at her before he went to retrieve their crying daughter. Though her lips were puffy from his kisses and her hair was messed up, he could see the big smirk on her face.

When he was gone from the room Liz allowed herself to get up and calm her breathing. They should not loose control like that again. She turned off the CD player and continued packing their things; they were leaving in three days.

“What’s for dinner tonight?” Kyle asked as he walked into the kitchen. Max was cooking and Liz was playing with Novalee. The chef barely ever worked anymore.
Max and Liz both looked up at him. Max answered, “Stir fry.”
“Oh. Well is there enough for an extra person?” He grinned.
Liz laughed, “Oh Kyle you hilarious.” She looked at Max, “Was he this back in College? Were you this bad before me?”
“Yes and no,” Kyle answered for Max. “Max will never be as bad as me,” he looked down at the food Max was cooking. “So is there enough?” he repeated.
“Plenty,” Max answered.

Liz eyed the little blonde woman wearing a white dress and blue cardigan. Her hair was curly and her face was done up with make up, Liz could tell she had spent a long time getting ready for this date. Liz knew what that was like.
The girl was nervous and when she caught Liz staring at her she blushed and looked down at her food.
Liz turned to look at Max and he raised his eyebrows at her, she raised her eyebrows back.
“Kyle you’re a fantastic cook,” the stranger said.
Max frowned, he was a good cook?
Kyle looked at him with pleading eyes and Max hesitantly dismissed it. He patted Liz’s thigh under the table as if to get her sympathy but Liz being the teasing person she is she said; “He is isn’t he? The food is gorgeous Kyle, thank you.”
Max cleared his throat and took his hand away.

After dinner the maids came and removed the plates. Everyone thanked them but other than that did not acknowledge this presence. They had made it very clear they wanted nothing else so Max and Liz acted like they were not there most of the time.
They had dessert and then Max and Liz left the room so Kyle could be alone with his date. They went upstairs and Liz checked on Novalee, whom she’d put to sleep just before dinner. She was sleeping peacefully.
In the bedroom Max was waiting for her and she walked straight up to him and rapped her arms around his neck. He kissed her and Liz broke it, “I don’t think parent’s are allowed to slip each other the tongue,” she said.
Max shrugged, “They are just not in public.”
“Oh right,” Liz nodded and stepped closer to him. In a husky low voice she said into his ear, “Up for picking up where we left off earlier?”
Max shuddered and kissed her neck, “Are you sure your okay to?”
“I’m positive,” she let her head drift back. “Almost completely better.” Her stomach didn’t even hurt any more. She started unbuttoning his shirt and heard him say almost inaudibly, “I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Well you have nothing to worry about,” she finished unbuttoning him and slid his shirt off his shoulders. “You’ve seen my stomach, it’s nearly completely healed. Just a small scar.”
Max didn’t want or need to hear anymore, he pulled her shirt over her head and lead them towards the bed.

A few lust-filled minutes later Liz was on her back butt naked, with her legs open. Max above her, his breathing rapid, slowly pushed his way inside her. It could have felt a little unfamiliar after the short period of time away from doing this but it did not. It felt like coming home after a three-month holiday and just enjoying the feeling of relaxing in familiarity. Liz’s hands found comfortable places on her husband’s body: One in his hair, clutching the back of his neck and the other in his hand to their side. Their foreheads were touching as they moved together with perpetual joy and love.
Almost in sync they felt their relief come and go. Liz groaned deep in her throat, it was such a great feeling of fullness.
Letting go…letting go… they stopped moving and when their hearts calmed down they enjoyed the feeling of their naked and slightly wet bodies touching in every place.
Minutes of silence,
Max moved off of her and lay down on his back with his hands behind his head. Liz pressed her body into his side. This was was they liked to call quiet talking time.
“Love?” Liz touched his stubby chin.
“Are you a breasts man or an ass man?” She kissed the top of his chest and inhaled his dreamy, manly, wonderful, smell.
Max moved onto his side and straightened Liz out so she was on her back looking up at him. He leaned down and kissed her lips, “I’m a both person,” he said.
Both?” Liz asked, “How greedy of you.”
“Hmm,” Max kissed his way between her breasts and down her stomach, “You know, to tell you the truth I’m neither.”
“The what are you?” Liz wondered.
He kissed her hip bone and traced his finger over her scar, “I’m a…” He kissed her newly grown black curls, “Are you listening?”
“I’m a…”
“Hmm,” Liz closed her eyes.
“I’m a…” he brought up to her nub, “YOU person.”

“Liz!” Nancy hugged her daughter and her granddaughter as soon as they got on the property. “Where’s Max?” she asked.
Liz handed Novalee to her mom and went to hug Jeff. “He’s just gone to get Kyle settled in his new place. He wanted to do it now so he could show him how everything works.” After they had hugged Jeff rapped his arm around his daughters waist. “He’ll be here in an hour or so,” Liz explained.

Inside the house smelled welcoming. It smelt sweetly like potato’s and onion. It usually smelt like blueberries but she must have been cooking. Liz felt like she was stepping back into her childhood; she always did when she walked into this house.
Her mother went and sat down on the couch with Novalee while Jeff brought in her suitcases. There wasn’t that many of them, most of their belongings had been sent to storage. Liz felt exhausted after such a long flight with a baby. Max had managed to close his eyes for a while but Liz had not had such a luxury. She collapsed onto the couch and closed her eyes, “What’s for dinner momma?” she asked, “It smells delicious in here.”
“Pumpkin soup and chicken with stuffing,” Nancy was wearing her plastic apron with the words ‘my home’ printed along the top and a little wooden house underneath. She was such a housewife, Liz wondered if she had it in her to be so made for the job like her mother.
“What was it like leaving that big flash house Liz?” Jeff finished bringing the bags in and came and took a seat on the couch chair to her left.
Liz opened her eyes, “Not that bad. Sure I’m going to miss having everything being done for me and having all those luxuries but I don’t need it. It was like one long holiday.” She remembered going for a quick swim by herself, sort of a last goodbye to it all. Good things like that weren’t meant to be had permanently, other wise you just take them for granted. “This is our real home here in New York,” She touched her dads knee, “We miss our family too much.”
“Oh,” Nancy smiled. “Everyone misses you too. Maria comes around here when she feels lonely, when Michael’s gone away or something,” she shook her head. “I don’t know what to think of Michael to be honest with you. What with how he treated you when you first met… Though Isabel’s lovely, I don’t know the things you told me she said would come out of her mouth.”
Liz smiled at her mother, she had obviously been thinking about this ever since she had come to stay when Novalee was born. “Isabel is nice, she was just doing what she thought was protecting her brother. Michael’s okay too but he’s just not… we don’t match. I don’t think we’ll ever be good friends.”
“Listen to you two,” Jeff shook his head, “I better get out of here before this get’s out of hand. I’ll be back in time for dinner, it’s nice to have you home Lizzie.” He kissed her forehead and patted Novalee’s back before leaving. Liz knew where he’d be going- the restaurant.
“Michael seems to be somewhat…” Nancy couldn’t find the right word.
“Apathetic?” Liz asked.
“Yeah,” Nancy nodded.
“He can be,” Liz got up from the couch. “Can you put her down to sleep somewhere? I really want to take a bath a relax.”
Nancy smiled in understanding, “Oh to be a mother again…” she chuckled. “I can put her down, yes, go relax, I know what it’s like…”
“Yes you do,” Liz smiled. As she was leaving the room Nancy asked if Kyle would be here for dinner. “I don’t know, it’s likely Max invited him but I don’t know if he’ll say yes. You better make enough food for him too.”
“Already one step ahead of you Lizzie.”
Liz grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom. Yes, would she ever be as good a mother as hers was?

When she got out of the bath a while later, she didn’t know how long, she got changed and went out into the kitchen to help her mom.
“Mom,” Liz said as she peeled potato. “Do you love dad as much as you did when you married him?”
Nancy dried her hands on the tea towel hanging off the over handle, “Why do you ask?”
“Well,” Liz bit her lip. “It’s just everywhere you go you hear stories about people trying to get life back in their marriage and how it just… well gets boring and not worth it after a certain amount of time.”
“Are you worried?” Nancy asked.
Liz sucked in a breath then quietly answered, “yes.”
“To tell you the truth, marriage does get like that but it’s getting comfortable around each other and being able to show affection in other ways then physical. Now a days as soon as the lust is gone they think the marriage is gone and they give up too easy. My and your father are soul mates just like many couples are that break up. The difference is we don’t give up when it’s seems there is no point in continuing. You just have to wait and the little things you love make it worth while, you just have to notice them. For me the little things about marriage like having your clothing in the same pile as your husbands because you share draws makes me feel good. And having comfortable silence when we are around each other.”
Liz wiped the tears in her eyes, “I have a great marriage with Max so far mom I just I’m all worried it won’t stay like this and we won’t last. I want it to last so much.”
“Oh baby,” Nancy hugged her daughter and Liz cried on her shoulder. “If you want it to last it will because you are willing to try.”
Liz sniffled, “It’s so hard with everything we hear about marriage. I was reading this book…”
“This is some books fault?” Nancy snorted.
Liz smiled, “Well no not completely. It was a good book I just didn’t get past the depressing beginning bits because Maria made me stop reading it. Over fifty percent of marriages end,” Liz stopped smiling.
“I know,” Nancy sighed. “But there is still another forty or so percent that lasts baby.”
Liz let go off her mom and wiped her eyes, “What makes me and Max different though… why should we last and not so many others…?”
“Your not different,” Nancy took the chicken out of the oven. “But you can try to be and you can succeed.”

Max came home about an hour later, without Kyle. He greeted Nancy with a quick hug and shook Jeff’s hand politely.
“Does Kyle like the apartment?” Liz came out of the kitchen holding a glass of water.
“Yes,” Max smiled. “He was very happy with the apartment.”

They sat down to dinner and Nancy asked why Kyle didn’t come around for dinner. “He didn’t want to have the long drive back tonight,” Max sipped his drink, “And he wanted to get unpacked.”
After they were finished Liz and Nancy did the dishes while Max and Jeff watched basketball on the TV. Novalee woke up at seven-thirty and Liz went and got her and gave her a bath and got her dressed. Max held her while he drank a beer and talked with Jeff. Liz was surprised he was drinking after his self-proclaimed health fad.
“Where are you looking at buying a house?” Jeff asked.
Max thought for a second, “Somewhere in between here and the city. So we are away from all the noise but also close enough to get there everyday.”
“A lot of people want that when they have a family,” Jeff kept looking at Novalee and finally Max asked if he would like to hold her. Jeff hesitantly said yes and let the little girl huddle on his chest.
“You know she’s not a very loud baby,” Nancy said walking past.
“Good,” Jeff mumbled. “We might get some sleep.”
“When Liz was born she cried her eyes out when ever someone other then me or Jeff held her,” Nancy picked up the laundry. Liz leaned against the doorway in the kitchen with a smile on her face.
“Do you know what kind of a child you were Max?” Nancy chuckled.
Max grinned, “I imagine I was a very good child.”
“That must be where Novalee gets it from,” Jeff said, “Certainly not Liz.”
“Jeff!” Nancy said, “Hold the baby properly would you? She’s not a doll!” She walked over to Liz and Liz took the laundry basket from her.
“Why would I hold a doll?” Jeff asked.
Max and Liz glanced at each other before Liz left the room.

Jeff sipped his coffee, “That’s a nice suit Max,” he quietly said.
“Dad. All of Max’s suits are nice,” Liz said. Max was holding Novalee.
Max thanked Jeff.
Liz walked into the kitchen, “Mom I want to take Novalee for a walk, do you have anything I can push her in?”
“You don’t have a pram?” Nancy asked. “At the back of your closet there’s your child hood doll pram.”
“I am not pushing my daughter in a doll pram,” Liz poured herself some water from the refrigerator and grabbed a banana off the bench. “What are you making?” She looked over her moms shoulders, “Pancakes! Why are you doing that?”
“What’s wrong?” Nancy asked.
“Don’t go to too much trouble, we don’t need them,” Liz sipped her water, “You’re not feeding an army.”
“Well I thought you could take them cold for lunch,” Nancy explained, “Are you going into the city today?”
“Yes,” Liz answered.
“Well you can take these to eat,” Nancy got out some Tupperware.
Liz rolled her eyes, “Okay just don’t do extra then you usually do. I don’t want you having to get stressed out.”
“I’m not going to get stressed out. I’m just taking care of you while you’re here! You may as well be treated well and be helped while you can. It’s very hard being a first time mother- I should know.”
Everyone says that, thought Liz, but I’ve had no time to find out because everyone’s doing everything for me.
Nancy got out a little jar, “Do you want golden syrup in here?”
Liz groaned and left the room, “Stop fussing!” she called.
Nancy called back: “Just thank me would you?”
“Are you two going house shopping today?” Jeff asked Max.
“No I have to go into work for a while today,” he answered.
Liz sat down on the touch and picked up the paper, “Love can you come and look at houses with me please?” She leaned over the arm on the couch and picked up the pen on the side table. Max came and sat down with Novalee in his arms, “We need to leave soon,” he reminded her.
“Hmm,” Liz opened the paper and they both sorted through the ones available and circled the ones they wanted to see. Of course money wasn’t an option. “I’ll ring the real-estate and ask for appointments,” Liz volunteered.
Max nodded, “Okay.” He studied her face and Novalee reached up and out her hand over his mouth. Liz wasn’t in that good a mood today, she had been up at 2:30 with Novalee and was very tired. “Maybe you should stay here and try to get some sleep today.”
“No I can’t there’s too much to be done today. I’ll be okay,” She closed her eyes for a little while.

Jeff left for work in the restaurant company car and left the other car for Max and Lizto drive to the city with.
“We haven’t get a car seat,” Liz frowned. “We need to get one.”
“Yes we do,” Max agreed. Nancy handed him a stripy bag with food in it. He frowned but thanked her anyway.
“Why don’t you come with us mom? I could use the help and the company,” Liz pulled on her coat.
“Oh..” Nancy thought for a second, ‘I don’t know.”
“Please come,” Liz put her hat on then took Novalee from Max.
“Okay then but I really shouldn’t be,” Nancy went and grabbed her handbag.

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“Hmm,” Liz closed her eyes, “What are you doing?” she asked in a hoarse voice.
“I’m helping you with the dishes,” Max kissed the back of her neck. He was standing behind her in front of the sink with his hands in the sudsy water. He was stroking and massaging her fingers and palms.
“You’re not doing a very good job,” Liz mumbled.
“Oh… what a shame,” his hard and muscled body was pressed into her back.
“You’re not a very good helper at all I’m afraid,” She said, but she did not take her hands away, and as Max felt her body ease, he realized how tired she really was. He rubbed intently between her fingers, getting fixated and inflamed by her tiny little curved body against his. The knowledge that it was all his aroused him even more. “I think the dishes are going to be very clean,” he said. In the warm, soapy water, Max stroked Liz’s fingers one by one, from the first knuckle down to the finger tip, and with his thumbs circled the palms of her slippery hands, while Liz stood, barely breathing through her parted lips, her eyes glazed over.
The fire raged in Max’s stomach.
“Liz,” he said quietly, “You’re so beautiful. And,” he added, “Very enti--”
“Liz I want to help with the dishes…” Nancy walked in. Max pulled his hands out of the water and stepped away from Liz.
Liz smiled, “Okay mom you can dry them if you really want to.” Max dried his hands on the tea towel and pecked Liz’s cheek before leaving the room.

“Night mom, dad,” Liz called.
“Night!” her parent’s descended into the bedroom and closed the door after them. Max and Liz sat comfortably on the couch, Liz had her head resting on Max’s chest and he had his body stretched out comfortably with his legs practically taking up half of the little area in front of the fire place. His arms were draped over the back of the couchand his hand was on her shoulder. They both had their eyes closed and were very tired. “We should go to bed,” Max said.
“Hmm,” Liz agreed.
Neither of them moved.
“I can’t move my body,” Liz sucked in a breath. “I’m so tired.”
“Yes and you will get a good night’s sleep tonight,” Max moved his hand to stroke her hair.
They didn’t speak; it was only ten past ten.
“Novalee will wake up as soon as I fall asleep,” Liz said quietly.
“I’ll take care of her,” Max’s body begged for sleep but he had responsibilities and a daughter look after.
Liz sucked in a breath and opened her mouth to say something but hesitated. Max didn’t even need to open his eyes to know she wanted something from him, “Do you have a question for me, babe?”
She sucked in a breath, “Max do you ever… think about divorce?”
Max opened one eye, “What?”
“No not like that… it’s just do you ever worry we’ll end up just like most relationships do?” she sighed.
“No I don’t,” he answered honestly, “We’ll last forever, there is no doubt in my mind.”
Liz smiled, “Really?”
Max closed his eye again, “Of course. When I look at you I know you’re the one I’m supposed to be with. I love you with all my heart and nothing will change that, not even time.”
Liz kissed his cheek, “Thank you.”
“Your welcome,” Max couldn’t help but grin.
Liz slowly sat up and got up off the couch, “Come on,” she reached over and took his hand in hers, “We might be able to get some sleep before she wakes up again.”
They walked down to their bedroom, took off their clothing and climbed into bed. They were asleep very quickly; Novalee woke them up an hour and a half later just after eleven forty.
“Go back to sleep,” Max kissed Liz and rolled out of the bed. He felt like he’d had no sleep at all.

“This is nice,” Liz looked around the large master bedroom.
“It is,” Max agreed. Novalee was asleep in his arms.
They were in a two story house with four bedrooms and a back yard and a garage, this was the second house they had looked at today. They had two more to look at that afternoon.
The master bedroom was upstairs and was cream colored with light blue curtains. There was a big closet but no little private bathroom and spa bath. They could deal with that.
The other rooms were much like this one except the walls were painted different colors. One was green; one was blue and the other one white. They were all quite big rooms. Only one of them was downstairs.
The steps were wooden and went up at the end of the hallway downstairs.
The kitchen was square with a bench going right around it and a breakfast bar. The dinning room came off the kitchen and had a big window at the head of the table, looking over the back yard. The lounge had French doors leading out to the stony driveway and front of the house. There was a brick fireplace with a mantel place in the lounge too.
“I can see us living here,” Liz whispered.
“Me too,” Max whispered back. “This is the one,” he added.
Liz nodded, “I don’t need to see any more,” she smiled, “But why would we need four bedrooms We’ll only use two.”
“One for the study and one for a guest room,” Max explained.
“Who’s going to stay with us?” Liz wondered.
“I don’t know somebody might,” Max shrugged. He didn’t like people staying with them so he didn’t know what he was talking about.
“Oh, Isabel,” Liz said. “Isabel when ever she comes to New York might want to stay with us.” She looked at the little piece of paper with the house on it.
Soon the real estate agent caught up with them, “So what do you think?” she asked.
“Have their been any other offers on the house?” Liz asked.
“Yes there has been but they haven’t confirmed they want it yet, they think it’s a little past their budget. They’ll be letting me know in two days if they’ll take it or not. The owners have moved out as you can see and they want the highest offer they can get,” she explained. “They brought it not so long ago and brought everything up to date. Don’t you think they’ve done a wonderful job?”
“Yes,” Max answered.
“Do you… want the house?” She asked.
“We want it, yes,” Max answered.
The lady smiled, “Well basically you’ll have to want to see if the other couple want it first and if they do offer more money.”
Max and Liz glanced at each other, as if making sure they were certain this was the one. “Will you call us when you find out if they want it or not?” Liz asked.
“I most certainly will. To tell you the truth I doubt they will take it… that’s why we are still showing it to people. You have a very good chance,” She wroke down their names for this house and then asked, “Do you still want to see the other houses first.”
“Yes please,” Liz answered. They better make sure there was nothing else available.
The house was perfect for them though, they doubted they could find one better. It was nice enough for business get togethers but small enough to be comfortable in.

“Maria I’m going to put Novalee down on your bed okay?”
“Why not on your old bed?” She asked.
“Your rooms further away from the noise,” Liz explained. She went and breast fed Novalee and then put her down to sleep. When she came out Maria had set up the table for dinner. Max was in the bathroom.
“I have news,” Maria said coming up to Liz.
“You do?” Liz smiled, “What?” she asked
“Michael asked me to move in with him,” Maria answered.
Really?” Liz asked, “Oh my gosh that is so great. You’re going to do it aren’t you?”
“I’m thinking about it,” Maria raised her eye brows.
Liz frowned, “Why? Don’t tell me your worrying again,” Liz sat down at the table.
“I am worrying just not about the same thing,” Maria sat down across from her. “Most couple that get together and then move in together usually break up,” she explained.
Liz chuckled, “You know we both have the same problem! We read woman’s magazines and listen to information that not necessarily applies to us. I have been so worried about everyone else’s divorces it’s been making me feel uneasy about my own marriage when I have nothing to worry about.” As Liz said it she started to feel a lot better about her situation, it was like she was convincing herself as well, “Maria I don’t know if anything will happen if you move in with him but what’s going to happen if you don’t?”
“He will think I don’t want him anymore?” Maria suspected.
“Yeah,” Liz nodded, “Stop thinking about statistics (And I will too) and just see what happens.”
Maria sucked in a breath and looked down at the table. “Okay,” she said. They both smelt the burning at the same time but Maria jumped up first, “The food!” she cried. She ran into the kitchen, “Oh shit!” she exclaimed.
When Max came back he sat down next to Liz and she looked at him with big eyes, “Darling?” she asked, “Do you think you could talk to Michael?”
Max bit his lip, “About…” he had a vague idea what.
“About Maria! Can you make sure he has good intentions for her… like a proposal?” Liz chuckled. “Not making him or anything, just ask if he has any plans to ever go down that road. You know how I told you Maria was worried their relationship wasn’t going anywhere?”
Max nodded, “Liz…”
“I know, I shouldn’t but in but I just want to know that when I’m telling her everything will work out that it will,” she put her hand on his thigh. “Please? Just a little friendly question?” she gave him big puppy dog pleading eyes. “I’ll love you forever,” she smiled.
“What? You better anyway. I’ll mention it to him but that’s all,” he reached over and grabbed a beer off the table.
“I thought you’d given up alcohol?” She leaned into him and gave him a kiss on the lips.
“Oh you know…” Max grinned pulling her in for another kiss, “Everything but alcohol.”
Liz rolled her eyes, “Oh right.”

Maria came out of the kitchen with a burnt meal. “I’m sorry,” she frowned, “I had this great meal planned…”
“Hi,” Michael walked in and pulled off his coat. “Ohhhhhh what happened?”
“I burnt dinner,” Maria was obviously upset by this.
“I’ll order a pizza, don’t worry about it,” Michael pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.
Maria grumbled sorry and went back into the kitchen; she came back with a bowel of potato chips.
“Maria,” Liz smiled, “Pizza is good! Don’t worry! We’ll have a nice meal some other time.”
She just shrugged and sat down on her chair. “Chips?” she sniffled.
Liz got up from her chair and went and hugged her friend, “Tomorrow, what about tomorrow you make us dinner again?”
“Are you kidding?” Maria asked, “Do you know how long it took me to get this ready? I am not doing it again for a long time.”
“Oh,” Liz kissed her cheek; “Well that’s fine too.”
Maria ate a potato chip and so did Liz, “This is good,” Liz said. “Nice and fatty… I haven’t eaten fatty in a while… Max won’t let me.”
He cleared his throat, “I’m in the room and I still don’t want you to.”
“Oh well,” Liz shrugged and picked up another chip. “You’re having beer I’ll have fat.”
“Where’s the little one?” Michael put away his cell phone and came and sat down.
“Sleeping,” Max sipped his beer.

The pizza arrived and they all ate it happily, constantly reminding Maria that this was fine.
“Liz,” Maria dabbed her pizza with a napkin, “Do you know who Max lost his virginity to?”
“Yes,” Liz nodded, “Tania Gray, sixteen year old.”
Maria laughed, “Oh that is so cute. I suppose Max knows who you lost yours to?”
“Troy Reynolds!” Max and Maria both said in unison. “Age seventeen,” Max added.
Liz laughed, “Oh that is just wonderful.”
“First kiss…?” Michael asked.
“Sam… I can’t remember his last name, age twelve,” Max bit into his pizza.
Liz leaned into him, “and yours was Pamela age twelve too,” they stared into each other’s eyes for a moment.

“Hey when do you hear from the real estate agent about that house?” Michael asked.
“Tomorrow,” Max answered.
“What if they the other couple take it? Are you gonna offer more?”
“No,” Liz said. “It’s not fair on them, they obviously want it as much as us if they spend more then they have on it and for us to go do that to them isn’t very nice. We’re only going to take it if they don’t want it.”
“Let’s hope they don’t take it,” Maria opened a beer.
“It’s a stunning house… it’s perfect,” Liz rested her head in her hands. “I really hope we can have it… AND since the owners have moved out the people who buy it can move in after a week.”
“It was made for you guys wasn’t it?” Michael said.
“It seems that way doesn’t it?”

They ended up leaving at eleven that night, Max put Novalee into her brand new car seat and she continued to sleep but not as peacefully. “We’ll see you later,” Liz hoped in the passenger seat and put on her seat belt, “Maria I’ll ring you and let you know what the real-estate agent says okay?”
“Yeah cool,” Maria folded her arms over herself.
Max closed the passengers door where liz sat and went around and hopped into the drivers seat. “Bye,” He waved.
“Bye Max, Bye Liz! bye Novalee,” Michael chuckled.
Liz waved goodbye and once they were gone Michael and Maria went back inside. Maria put all the dishes away and then went into the bedroom where Michael was waiting, “Michael,” she said quietly.
“Hmm?” he ran his hand through his hair.
“I want to move in with you,” a small smile crept across her face. “It’ll be good…”
He smiled back at her, “I’m glad.”

Novalee woke up ten minutes into the drive home and Liz pulled the headrest off of her chair and put it down on the ground so she could reach her daughter. “Hey darling,” she smiled, “Did you have a good sleep huh?”
Novalee made a gurgle noise.
“She’s so pretty,” Liz reached over and brushed her daughters hair to the side.
“Hmm,” Max agreed.
Liz turned around and put the radio on so music filled the car, “I am colorblind, coffee black and egg white…”
Novalee let out a loud laugh noise and Liz raised her eyes brows at Max and then turned back to face her tiny daughter who’s face adorably showed her amusement. “Looks like she loves water and music,” Max commented.
“Looks like it,” Liz chuckled.
Liz turned back to face the front and put her hand on top of Max’s on the gear stick. He glanced at her quickly, “Is something wrong?” he asked.
Liz shook her head, “no,” she whispered, “everything is wonderful.”

The next day when Max was at work and Liz and her mother were at home with Novalee and doing motherly things the real estate called.
“The house is yours if you want it, the other couple turned us down,” the lady said.
“Oh that’s wonderful!” Liz cried. “We want it, consider it sold.”
The real estate lady chuckled, “Wonderful.”

When Liz was finished talking about details and finalizing everything she hung up and ran to see her mom who sat with Novalee outside. “We got it!” she cried. “The house, it ours.
“Oh that’s wonderful Liz! I’m so happy for you,” Nancy smiled.
“We have to go and fill in paper work and everything but other wise it’s sold and it’s ours,” Liz was so happy. “I have to go ring Max!” She practically skipped back inside to the phone.


Liz watched the removal men bring all their things into their new home and realized they did not have any furniture. “Max,” she went and found him in the kitchen with Novalee, “We don’t have any furniture.”
The furniture from Max’s apartment was still there but Kyle was using that and Liz only had a few chests of draws and some stuff at Maria’s house but Maria was using that. The furniture from the house in Thailand was part of the house, and since that house was owned by the Thailand government and was used for visiting businessmen like Max, it had to stay there.
“I know,” Max turned around to face her. “We’ll have to get some won’t we?”
“We don’t even have a bed unless we get my one from Maria’s house,” Liz folded her arms over herself.
“What’s the point in having tons of money if we can’t spend it all on new furniture to go with our beautiful new home?” he smiled.
“I’m surprised we still have tons of money after everything we spend on flights…” she lead them back into the lounge where the men were leaving all their boxes. “We have nursery furniture and that’s it.”
“Hmm,” Max mumbled. He was surprisingly relaxed about the situation.
“Let’s ask mom to look after Novalee and go…”
“Go shop,” Max nodded. “Okay.”

Nancy gladly took Novalee and Max and Liz went to a shopping center not very far away. They held hands as they walked into the furniture store and looked around. “That house is going to need a lot of furniture to fill it,” Max quietly said.
“It is, yes,” Liz looked up at him, “Maybe we shouldn’t buy all brand new furniture.”
“Why not?” Max shrugged, “We aren’t going to get poor and if we do we can pawn all our expensive furniture,” he grinned. Liz rolled her eyes, “I just… It’s weird to be able to just buy to our hearts content.”
“We are buying things we need so it’s okay,” he rubbed her knuckles with his fingers. “Do you think we should get a proper computer or a lap top…?”
Liz sucked in a breath, “let’s focus on the most important things first, like a dinning room table…”

They decided to sleep at Liz’s parent’s house that night because they didn’t have anything to sleep on at the house. The next day Max dragged Liz and Novalee into the city for no reason.
“Why couldn’t I go home and unpack?” Liz whined.
“Because I want you here,” Max grinned.
Liz frowned, “I have to spend the whole day in the city because… you want me here? Are you kidding?” she crossed her arms over herself, “What’s going on?”
Max sighed, “It’s a surprise.”
Liz’s eyes widened, “Oh what is it?”
“You’ll have to wait and see,” Max bit his lip, “Tomorrow night.”
“Tomorrow night?” Liz gasped. “Argh!”

She went to the coffee shop; she hadn’t been there in ages. It was around one in the afternoon so it wasn’t very busy. There was two girls sitting at one of the tables near the door and one of the employees wiping the other tables. No one was at the counter.
Liz wandered out back and found Nikkei doing the dishes.
“Oh no!” she cried holding Novalee on her hipbone. “They have you doing dishes! You’re joking! Poor you.”
“Liz!” Nikkei came over and hugged her. “When did you get back?”
“Nearly three weeks ago didn’t Sam or Maria tell you?” Liz tucked her hair behind her ears. “Unbelievable are these people good for nothing or what?”
Nikkei nodded.
“I can’t believe they have you doing dishes that’s just wrong. I’ll have to talk to Maria about that,” Liz shook her head.
Nikkei chuckled, “Is his Novalee? She’s very pretty.”
“Why thank you,” Liz grinned. “You’ll have to ignore the little bit of hard boogie under her nose… I’ve wiped it like a thousand times today…”
“Oh you can hardly notice it!” she smiled.
“Liar,” Liz said. “Is Maria in the office?”
“Yes she is,” Nikkei nodded.
“Thank you. You look really good by the way… your just getting more stunning with age aren’t you?” Liz touched her head then walked into the office, “Hey Maria.”

“Do I have to have my eyes closed?” Liz sucked in a breath, “I feel like I’m going to trip over something.”
“You’re fine! Just a couple more steps,” Max opened the door to their home and Liz walked in.
“Can I open my eyes now?”
Max looked around; “You can open your eyes now.”
Liz opened her eyes, “Oh my… god,” the house was completely finished. There was beautiful furniture and paintings and pictures….
“I got a designer to come in with a group of people and get it done. I told her what you liked from the furniture store and she just kind of took it from there. I hadn’t seen it until now… it’s incredible huh?” Max walked into the lounge with Novalee in his arms. “Wow,” he muttered.
“Incredible sounds like an understatement!” Liz cried. “Oh my god Max…”
The whole house had been done up and styled by a professional designer. The house looked even more stunning with furniture… most of the windows had Roman blinds put in and the wooden kitchen and bathroom floors had been re-polished.
“This was all done in two days?” Liz gasped. “This is just… I can’t believe this!”
Max chuckled, “I had no idea she’d do such a great job.”
On the mantle it even had photos, two of their wedding, one of their friends and a couple of Novalee. In their bedroom was a big bed and their separate chest of draws. She’d chosen a light red to color the room… the curtains were red and their bedspread was a pinkish red. On one of the bedside tables was a glass vase with white flowers in it. There was a painting above their bed that was light blue and pink…
The designer had chosen the blue bedroom for the nursery and the white room was chosen for the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom had lavender curtains and a bed with a beautiful silver headboard. Max’s office was down stairs.
“I can’t believe we live[/I here… this is our home!” Liz was having a hard time adjusting. “Sure your apartment was beautiful and the house in Thailand was beautiful but…”
“This is ours,” he rapped one of his arms around her and held Novalee with the other. “I know what you mean,” he said. It was an awesome feeling of such completion, of course it was nothing like what it was like when Novalee was born but still… this was their first real home together. And it was stunning.
Liz leaned up and kissed Max on the lips, “Thank you Max, you have no idea what it means to have this with you…”
“I do know,” he smiled, “And don’t thank me.”
Liz let out a little giggle and collapsed onto the couch in the lounge, “This is so incredible.”
“What do you think little ducky?” Max kissed his daughters cheek; “You like your new home?”
She blew a bubble out of her mouth.

“And look!” Liz said, “Look out our mantel, it’s so cute don’t you think?”
Maria laughed, “Liz I’ve seen it hundreds of times now, I have to go home it’s late.”
“Oh! Oh! We have a guest room you can sleep there if you want,” Liz beamed with pride.
“I want to go home Liz!” Maria yawned, “Your house is incredible and lovely and though I’ve seen everything room a hundred times tonight it still shocks me, can I go home now?”
Liz sighed, “Okay, okay just come at look at our wonderful kitchen again.”
Maria sighed and tiredly followed Liz into the kitchen. When they were done in there Maria grabbed her coat and pulled it on, "I will see you tomorrow, bye!” She hurried out the door before Liz could drag her around the house again.
When Liz walked back into the lounge Max was sitting on the couch with his head back and his eyes closed. She went and sat next to him, “Your awake?” she asked.
“I’m awake, are you ready to go to bed yet?” he had been waiting for her to go to bed for half an hour.
“Yes, I’m ready to go to bed now,” she stood up and grabbed his hands, “Come on lovely.”
Max got up slowly and they went upstairs to their room. When Max was brushing his teeth Liz quickly went into Novalee’s room to check on her. She was sleeping with her little hands clasped against her blanket, Liz leaned down and kissed her lips, “I love you my little darling,” she whispered. Before leaving the room she brushed her hair to the side and put a little teddy next to her.
Max was sitting in bed with the lamp on the night stand on when she came in she walked straight into their tiny on suit and she heard Max say:
“Liz!” he sounded exasperated, “What are you going to go cook a three course meal now? Come to bed would you!”
“I’m just brushing my teeth sweetheart, give me two minutes,” she smiled to herself.
“I gave you forty minutes and now I am fed up,” Max muttered.
Liz turned off the light and came over to the bed, “I’m sorry, I’m just wide awake. What do you want from me?” she pulled off her grey baggy pants and her jersey and put them down neatly on the floor then hopped into bed. “I love this house Max, I love it so much…” he kissed her.
“I’m glad,” he said.
Liz broke the kiss and grinned at him, “Oh so that’s why you wanted me to come to bed so anxiously huh?”
Max didn’t say anything.
“Why didn’t you just say so…?” she lay down on her back and tugged on him to come and lie on top of her.
“I tried to you were preoccupied,” he pulled her tank top over her head and lay gently on top of her, supporting himself with his arms. Liz kissed his lips slowly and gently, “how badly do you need me?” she asked quietly.
Max moaned deep in his throat, “We haven’t made love since Thailand, how badly do you think I need to be in you?”
Liz looked up into his eyes and he looked straight back. “We had our daughter sleeping in the same room as us and we were in my parent’s house,” she said. Max moved and Liz felt his arousal on her thigh, she giggled, “Your already naked?” she asked, “Wow you must really…”
“Hmm,” he pressed his face into her neck and kissed a trail down her chest.
Liz shifted beneath him and reached up to peel the blankets away from their bodies. When she couldn’t reach anymore Max grabbed them and shoved them down to their ankles. Liz nibbled on his ear, “You know what I really love…?” she reached down and took hold of him,
“What do you really love?” Max’s eyes flared.
Liz opened her mouth to answer but froze.
“What’s wrong?” Max asked concerned.
“Shh,” Liz whispered. They both listened and quickly heard Novalee whimpering.
Max groaned and rolled off Liz onto his back, “I am going to die,” he said. Liz sat up and grabbed her tank top off the floor; “Max I’m sorry… I promise…” she trailed off.
He looked up at her and with a forced smile said, “Go take care of our daughter babe.”
She bit her lip, “Wait okay?” she said. She got up off the bed and walked over to the door, once she was gone Max turned off the bedside lamp and rolled onto his stomach, he fell asleep eventually.

Liz came back a long time later after attending to their daughters needs. She climbed into bed and rested her head on Max’s muscled back, he moved his arm so it was at his side and she rapped her arms around it. “My poor horny husband,” she mumbled before drifting off.

Max woke up at around four-forty in the morning because he heard Liz close the bedroom door. He rubbed his eyes and rolled onto his back, “Liz,” he groaned.
She came back over to the bed, “You slept right through her crying,” she said. “You are a good sleeper…”
“I’m a good sleeper? Then why did I wake now?” he turned his head to look at her and noticed her rave hair all over her shoulders and her flushed cheeks. He swallowed and asked: “Why are you always so stunning… even at this time of the morning?” He lifted his hand out of the blanket and motioned for her to come to him. She crawled over and lay down next to him, “Thank you…” she said.
He pressed his face to her forehead and sucked in a breath, “I love my life,” he whispered.
Liz closed her eyes, “You have no idea how glad that makes me feel to hear you say that.”
Max grinned and rubbed his nose, “Ah I think I do,” he said adorably. He tickled her sides and nibbled on her neck playfully. Liz squeaked and moved away from him, “No tickling me is against the law,” she jumped on him and pushed his hands behind his head. He wasn’t even trying to defend himself.
Liz sat on his chest, “Stop looking at me like that! Stop it!” she let go of his hands and put hers over his eyes, “I hate you! stop it, stop enjoying this.”
“I can’t, it’s just to good,” he put his hands on her hips and emitted a small moan. Liz rolled her eyes, “Jeez there is no way to punish a guy they just get turned on by everything woman do! You can hand cuff them they’ll get turned on, you can hit them and they’ll find it cute…”
“Wait a minute hand cuff?” Max laughed.
“Yes,” Liz leaned down and kissed his lips, “handcuff.”
Max sucked in a breath and Liz stared down into his eyes, “You have morning breath,” she whispered.
“I do?” he grinned, “Well so do you.”
“I’m glad, all the more to torture you with,” she said.
Max flipped them over and reached for her underwear, “I’m sorry but you were just asking for it…”
“It took you long enough,” she smiled.
Max sat up so he could take the little amount of clothing she was wearing off of her. “Our daughter isn’t going to wake up anytime soon is she?” he asked.
“Nope,” Liz blushed, she always felt embarrassed when Max was eyeing her body like he was, “But I might fall asleep soon so you better hurry…”
“That won’t be hard,” Max pulled the blankets away and pushed her legs open.
“You must be determined,” she laughed. He pushed his way into her and leaned over to kiss her lips, “I am,” he breathed.
Liz opened her mouth to say something but instead she moaned and motioned for him to move like that again. It didn’t take very long for Max to release but Liz did not at all and Max hated that. He hated it when he was first to let alone the only one…
He spent the next few minutes making sure Liz was thoroughly relieved… more then once.

Afterwards Liz rolled onto her stomach all flustered and tired, “That should satisfy your needs for at least another week right?” she teased.
Max pulled the blanket back over their sweaty bodies, “Yes, right,” his brow crinkled. He rapped his arms around her tiny bare body and kissed her shoulder, “Liz?” he asked.
“Hmm?” she sucked in a breath.
“Are you still,” he said, “wanting…?” he added quietly.
Liz let out a laugh, “You’re so funny,” she said turning to look at him, “What are you talking about? Wanting, honestly
“Well, you just don’t seem to need anything anymore, like I am the only one who…” Liz cut him off.
“Max I’m just a lot more tired now, I am up twenty hours a day looking after our daughter… it doesn’t make me want less it just makes me to tired to do anything about it,” she chuckled at herself.
Max swallowed and looked down at the sheets.
“Darling,” she kissed his lips, “I’m sorry if you’re not…”
“No, this has nothing to do with me I was just…”
“Worried about me?” she grinned, “We’re parent’s, expect there to be less making love… that just means we can look forward to it more and appreciate it more when it happens,” she said.
Max swallowed, “I already appreciate it enough,” he explained.
Liz bit her lip, “Oh,” she muttered.
“Okay don’t worry, I was just thinking about you and just worried you weren’t interested anymore. Now that I know you aren’t…” he nibbled on her neck.
“I am definitely not,” she slipped her thigh up between his legs.
“I love you,” Max whispered.
Liz smiled, “I love you more,” she said.
“You have proof of this?” he asked.

Liz lay on the couch with Novalee on her chest. She was completely and utterly and unbearably tired, if she did not get sleep soon she would pass out and no one would be there to look after her daughter. She could ring her mom and ask her to look after Novalee for a few hours but she didn’t want her mom to think she couldn’t handle her responsibilities.
Liz’s eyes were heavy and her body felt like a dead weight… what to do? She needed to change Novalee’s nappy and dinner needed cooking.
Where would the strength come from?
She could order out but what about tomorrow night and the night after that and the night after that? Would she want to order out then too? Max didn’t like brought food he wanted vegetables and healthy food… food that took a while to prepare. He would be home in an hour or so, maybe he could cook something then and she could sleep?
No. Max worked all day too and he needed a break too. She needed to make the energy some how, she had to become immune.
A frustrated tear dripped down her cheek, she thought she could handle this but maybe she couldn’t?
If she told Max he would hire a maid in a second but Liz didn’t want to rely on someone else.
Liz opened her eyes and look down at her little daughter playing with her hair, she could do this it was just one bad day and she hadn’t gotten much sleep last night…
That brought a smile to her face because part of her reason for not sleeping was because…
The telephone started to ring and Liz tiredly sat up and reached for the portable one on the coffee table. She grabbed it and leaned back, still holding Novalee, “Hello?” she yawned.
“Liz?” Max answered. It brought relief to hear him talk.
“Hmm hi,” she rubbed her hand up and down her daughters back.
“Are you okay? You sound tired,” his voice was so soothing.
“I am very tired,” Liz smiled, “You kept me up all night remember? I feel like I’m going to pass out, when are you going to be home?”
“Actually I rang to say I would be late and that you don’t have to cook for me because I’ll be late, I’m sorry… If I’d known…”
Liz closed her eyes, “No it’s okay…” she sighed.
“I’ll be home around eight-thirty or nine,”
It was only ten past five now. “Okay I guess I’ll see you then,”
“Liz try and ring your mom and ask if she can help with Novalee for a little while so you can sleep, she probably won’t mind, she is continuously offering to help out,” Max was clearly worried by his voice.
“I don’t want to bother her Max…”
“Just call her please,” he paused, “I have to go, I love you.”
“See ya,” Liz hanged up and contemplated calling her mother… after a few minutes she decided she wouldn’t. Novalee would fall eventually and she could get some sleep then, she would just have to hold out until that time…

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Liz had the occasional bad day but over all she was finally getting the hang of doing all the jobs that needed to be done while looking after Novalee. She just learned to work around her daughter and when she was sleeping Liz found time to rest. At first she was getting really tired around four to six but now she was eating all the right foods thanks to Max and she was resting enough and making I through the day. Although it may be to soon to tell if she would be okay with she had decided she wanted to get pregnant again. She wanted to have most of their children before she turned thirty and she had only a few years to do that.
One night when Novalee was asleep and she and Max were just finishing watching television she stood up and quietly said, “Max, babe.”
He stood up and turned off the TV; “Yes?” he looked at her.
She rapped her arms around his waist and put her forehead on his chest, “Do you think maybe… we could,” she sucked in a breath, “have another child?”
Max closed his eyes, “Liz I…”
“I know you want more children and so do I and I think I’m ready to get pregnant again, if your going to say no just because your afraid the birth won’t be perfect…”
“Stop,” he stepped away from her, “Liz I don’t want to take the risk it was so close last time, I nearly lost both you and Novalee, maybe we should leave things the way they are,” he ran his hand through his hair.
“For gods sake,” Liz muttered under her breath, “Max it’s not going to happen again and I personally want to take the risk! You are not going to stop us from having more children just because there was a little hiccup the last time. Please don’t do this.”
Max sighed.
“You are honestly telling me you are going to deprive us of any more children?” Liz put her hands over her heart, “that isn’t fair.”
“It’s not fair that I don’t want anything to happen to you? Oh how indecent of me,” Max said.
“I don’t even know how long it would take us to get pregnant again, we haven’t used any protection since the gave birth to Novalee and I haven’t gotten pregnant yet,” tears filled her eyes. “I can’t be having this argument with you, you wanted a family and I do to and now you’ve just gone and change your mind…”
“I still want more children I am just worried!” Max said.
Liz walked up to him with tears spilling down her cheeks and let out a little sob, “I want another child Max, don’t you want another chance to be there when I give birth?”
Max wiped her eyes, “Of course I do,” he whispered.
“Then let’s take the tiny little risk…” she said.
He rapped his arms around her, “what if something happens?” he asked.
“Nothing will…” she pressed her face into his chest and rapped his arms around his waist, “just to make you feel better we’ll get one of the best mid wives in New York.”
Max was silent while he thought about it and finally after nearly ten minutes said, “okay.”

Max bounced the ball in his hands to Michael, “what’s up with you and Maria?” he asked.
“What do you mean?” Michael chucked the ball in the hoop.
“Are you ever going to get engaged?” Max asked.
“You’re being very nosy,” Michael said.
Max shrugged, “sorry I just wondered how serious you are with her, because she’s really serious about you.”
“I guess I’ll ask her to marry me one day…” Michael bounced the ball back to Max, “what’s the hurry?”
“How long do you think Maria’s going to wait for you?” Max asked, “now is a good time to get married, your getting older and does Maria know you plan for her to be the last girlfriend for you?”
“I asked her to move in with me, isn’t that enough?” Michael asked.
“Not necessarily,” Max shot the ball at the hoop; “I just think you should stop lazing around and tell her that she’s the one. You don’t have to get married straight away but at least she’ll know you aren’t just fooling around.”
Michael didn’t reply.
“Me and Liz are going to renew our vowels in a year and a half,” Max smiled.
“Why?” Michael asked, “don’t people who have had a ruff patch and want fresh start renew their vowels?”
“Most of the time yeah,” Max said.
“So why?”
“We just like telling each other how much we love one another,” Max grinned.

“You’re doing this, why?” Liz asked. Max was massaging her feet while she held Novalee. “You don’t want anything do you? Or oh… you have something bad to tell me don’t you?”
“No,” Max said. He was sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch where she was sitting; she had her foot on his thigh. “Can’t I do something nice without…”
She interrupted him with a sharp no.
“Then I’ll stop,” Max dropped her foot he wasn’t in the mood for this. He stood up; “I need to get something anyway.”
He left the room and came back with a little yellow ducky toy for his daughter. ‘Come here darling,” he took Novalee off Liz and sat back down on the coffee table. “Look I got you a little rubber ducky,” he said.
Liz snorted with laughter.
“Bucky-y,” Novalee held her hands out to the toy.
Max and Liz both gasped.
“Buck-y?” she repeated looking questioningly at her father.
“Yeah darling it’s a ducky,” Max gave her the little toy and looked at Liz shocked. She had her hands over her mouth and was gaping at them both.
Novalee laughed and played with the toy in her hands.
“Oh my god,” Liz finally said something.
Novalee looked at her and with her tiny hands held the toy out to her, Liz took it. Novalee put her hands in her mouth and nodded her head, “Bucky,” she said again.
Max and Liz chuckled.
“Oh that just had to be her first word didn’t it?” Liz uttered.
Max grinned.

“A wife of one of the guys at work is having a little get together for a group of wives at her house and invited you,” Max said. Liz sat on the edge of their bed in a towel brushing her hair, “Really?” she asked, “I have even met her before?”
“No,” Max said smiling, “but she wants to meet Mr. Evan’s wife.”
“O h so that’s the only reason why?” Liz frowned.
Max kneeled down in front of her, “No of course not.”
Liz put her hairbrush on her lap, “When is it?” she asked.
“This afternoon, you can take Novalee there will be other kids for her to play with,” he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.
“Okay I’ll go but it might be a little weird,” she commented.
“Don’t let it be,” he smiled. The timer in the bathroom beeped and they both turned their heads in that direction, “moment of truth,” Max said.
Liz got up and walked into the bathroom nervously, “Max are you even going to come look at it?”
“No I trust you to tell me what it says,” he got up off the floor and sat down on the end of the bed where she had just been. She came out of the bathroom and with a sad face said, “negative.”
Max motioned for her to come to him and she walked over sadly. He rapped his arms around her and pulled her down on to his lap, “don’t worry you’ll get pregnant,” he whispered.
Liz started to cry, “that’s the third test we’ve taken Max, what if I can’t?”
Max kissed the top of her head, “you can it takes a while that’s all. Do you want to go to the doctor and get checked out so we know everything is in working order?”
She nodded.
“Don’t worry to much,” he rubbed her back comfortingly, “everything will be fine.”

When he dropped Liz off at the gathering for woman she walked up the path with Novalee on her side. “Bucky,” Novalee pointed to the little sculpture in the fishpond up front. Liz rolled her eyes, was she ever going to say anything else? Damn Max, she thought. “Yeah it’s a little ducky Novalee, hey why don’t you say… mom-my. Can you cay Mom-my?”
Novalee smiled and put her finger in her mouth, “Bucky,” she said.
Liz sighed, “never mind then.”
“You must be Liz,” a jolly big woman came out the front door of the house and walked up to her, “I’m Tracy James, my husband works with yours… I’m so glad you could come!”
Liz smiled, “I’m happy to,” she said.
“And this must be your daughter…?” Tracy said.
“Novalee. Yes this is her,” Liz gave Novalee her house keys to play with.
“She’s adorable!” Tracy smiled, “oh the ladies all want to meet you, come inside, come inside. We’re going to have some cake and tea,” she rapped her arm around Liz’s shoulder and led her inside.
Inside there were six woman sitting around a coffee table with biscuits and assorted foods on it. “Everyone this is Liz, Max’s wife. And this is their adorable daughter Novalee… isn’t she just the sweetest thing?”
The woman all fluffed around her and introduced themselves
“I’m Sue,” a short woman with shirt brown hair shook Liz’s hand, “my daughters just over here if you’d like to put Novalee down to play with her.”
“Oh… thank you,” Liz smiled. She followed her over to a little play pen where there were toys everywhere and put Novalee down on her bottom, “play nice darling,” she kissed her head and handed her a little block off the ground. Novalee crawled over to the other girl and they stared each other, Novalee handed her the block.
“Block,” the little girl said blowing bubbles out her mouth.
Novalee let out a little laugh noise.
Liz smiled and walked back over to the other woman, “Liz how do you like your tea?” Tracy asked.
“Not to much sugar, two teaspoons on milk,” Liz took a seat on the couch next to a woman named Hannah.
“I was just telling the girls,” one of he woman said to Liz, “about how much of a useless cook my husband is.”
“Don’t you mean a useless anything?” Hannah asked.
“Well yes but anyway, I asked him to make a salad, a salad for heaven’s sake and he put lettuce in a bowel with a couple of grapes in the bottom and put it on the table! I said to him, ‘what do you call this then?’ and he replied, ‘it’s a salad, I know you’re on a diet and didn’t think you’d want anything else in it.’”
All the woman rolled their eyes, “man are good for nothing,” someone commented.
“The only reason we need them is because a vibrator can’t mow the lawns,” someone else said.
Liz sat quietly, why did they have husbands if the weren’t happy with them? Max was a wonderful husband… obviously she couldn’t ask for better.
“You mean your husband mows the lawns?” Sarah a thirty-year-old with black hair asked. “My husband won’t even do that, he hires someone to do it.”
Liz frowned; did these women have nothing better to do then complain about their husbands?
When Max picked her up two hours later she put Novalee in her car seat and then hopped in the front.
“What was it like?” Max asked.
Liz put on her sunglasses and looked at him, “I just spent two hours listening to how horrible and worthless men are,” she said.
Max raised his eyebrows.
“When I got there I thought oh maybe this just happens to be what they are talking about for now but no they kept going for the whole time and then I found out they do this every two weeks!” she pulled on her seat belt, “it was horrendous. Why are they married if they don’t even like their husbands?”
Max frowned, “I don’t know…”
“Yes no bodies perfect but my goodness, some of the stories I heard! Why would they waste their time complaining and not doing anything about it?” Liz looked back a Novalee whom was falling asleep with melted ice cream on her cheeks.
“Well maybe every man isn’t as wonderful as me,” Max grinned.
Liz laughed, “oh yes,” she said sarcastically.
Max turned his head to glance at Novalee while they were waiting at a traffic light, “what has she been eating?” he asked.
Liz smiled, “She had about two teaspoons of yogurt ice cream and got it all over herself,” she said.
Max chuckled, “she needs to have a bath.”
“Hmm,” Liz closed her eyes. “The woman invited me back in two weeks but I don’t want to go, I don’t need to complain about my husband like them…” she pinched his arm, “did you know you are one of the only men in New York who can cook?”
“Really?” he asked, “well that’s my mom’s fault…”
Liz laughed, “thank goodness for you mother.”

“Nothing appears to be wrong,” the doctor sat on the edge of his desk in front of the two worried parent’s. Max held Novalee on his lap and let out a relieved breath.
“You will be able to get pregnant you just got to try more frequently,” the doctor smiled, “not such a bad thing to do but I imagine it is hard when you have such a young daughter… I suggest you take record of when you’re ovulating and try then…”
Liz bit her lip, “but nothings wrong internally? I am capable of…” she needed to be absolutely sure.
“Yes you are perfectly capable of conceiving, yes,” he nodded, “and since we checked Max too, and he is fine too I imagine it wouldn’t be very long until you are celebrating.”
Liz felt like a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders, “thank you for doing this…”
“That’s perfectly fine Mrs. Evan’s and I wish you both the best of luck,” he stood up and brushed his coat down.
When they left Liz said in a teasing voice, “you didn’t tell him to say that we needed to try more frequently did you?” she chuckled.
Max rolled his eyes, “yeah I did when you were in the other room,” he shook his head.
While Max was putting Novalee in her car seat Liz said, “I am so relieved, I just feel so much better knowing it is possible.”
“Hmm,” Max shut the car door, “you see I knew all along we weren’t incapable…”
“Oh and how did you know this?” she asked.
“Because I know you body better then you do,” he grinned, “and it would not disappoint me.”


Liz fluffed around the kitchen making dinner with a small smile on her face. Novalee was sitting in her high chair playing with her little toy ducky and Max was not home yet.
Tonight Liz was especially happy because she had good news for her husband and she was waiting anxiously for him to come home so she could share it with him. She was pregnant again!
One thing she was a little worried about was what his reaction would be, considering he had been a little apprehensive about having another child in the beginning. Liz had managed to get him to come around but she knew he was still worried about her and she didn't want him to worry about her at all. This was as much his decision as hers and she did not want him to feel pressured into this.
Liz rinsed her hands in the sink and used her wrist to rub her nose, when would he be home? She couldn't take the suspense much longer.
Dinner was almost ready and she had already set the table in the dinning room, all she needed was Max home!
Liz felt that things couldn't be better right now and another child on the way was such a joyful thing that would just add to the greatness of their lives right now.
Maria had come over earlier with great news of her own. Michael had finally proposed and she had said yes. Today was a great day indeed!
This afternoon when Liz had taken the two pregnancy tests she had purchased from the super market she had been so nervous it took her ten minutes to get up the courage to go in the bathroom and look at the results. Both of the tests read positive and when she saw them she had jumped around happily with Novalee in her arms.

Max walked into the kitchen scratching his head with one hand and reading the mail with the other. When he looked up he smiled and put the mail down on the breakfast bar, "good evening my ladies," he said. He kissed his daughter on her head and ruffled her hair then walked over to Liz and pecked her lips. "What's for dinner?" he asked.
She rolled her eyes, "is that all you have to say to me? What about, how was your day first?"
He cleared his throat and turned to pick up Novalee, "how was your day my beautiful wife?" he grinned.
"It was filled with happiness and excitement," she smiled brightly, "Maria came over this morning and told me that Michael had finally proposed to her."
Max laughed, "really?"
Liz nodded, "yes... it's about time don't you think?"
"Yes, definitely. How did he do it?" he spun around with Novalee in his arms and she laughed and flew her hands around everywhere.
"During breakfast," Liz turned off the oven, "well at least he did it right? I had my doubts that he ever would..."
Novalee whacked Max lightly on his face and he brought her into his chest and grabbed her little hand, "hitting is not allowed Novalee, it is bad."
Novalee did it again.
"No," Max shook his head; "you mustn’t do that."
She started to cry and Max sat down on one of the stools, "ah none of that," he said, "your scrunching up your pretty face and for what?"
Liz pulled the food out of the oven and headed into the dining room, "she did that to me a couple of times today, she thinks it's funny..."
Max stood up and followed his wife with his daughter in his arms, "it's not funny Novalee. It's aggressive and aggression is bad."
Liz tried not to laugh. What would it look like if Max was telling their daughter off and she was laughing?
Novalee stopped crying and held her arms out to Liz. "No darling, I'm getting dinner, you'll have to say sorry to your father for hitting him."
She scooped the food on to her and Max's plates and then went back into the kitchen. Novalee started to cry again.
"Max she's tired, go put her to bed would you?"
Max went and put Novalee to bed and when he came back Liz was sitting at the table waiting for him. He took a seat at the table and Liz, unable to keep it in any longer said, "Michael and Maria were not the only news I got today."
Max picked up his fork, "yeah?"
She nodded vigorously and then said in a voice that clearly showed her happiness, "I took another pregnancy test today."
Max swallowed his food and put his fork down, "and?"
"And..." she smiled brightly, "we're having another baby."
He opened his mouth, "really?"
"Yes really!" she cried, "why would I lie about this? You are happy aren't you? You do want this?"
He nodded, "of course!"
He leaned over and kissed her, "I am happy, I'm ecstatic!"
"Good," she grinned, "because I've been trying to contain my happiness all afternoon!"
“Why didn’t you call? I would have come home.”
She shook her head; “no I wanted to tell you now.” She hadn’t touched her food yet; “it’s a shame the guest room was so nicely decorated now it has to get transformed into a nursery.”
“We can still keep the color scheme,” he said.
“What if it’s a boy?”
Max chuckled, “oh right.”
Liz bit her lip, “Max this time I want the birth to be at home and I want a mid wife.”
“Liz… at the hospital it’s safer because there’s doctors on ca…”
She shook her head, “no. I want it here, please…”
“Your doing this to make it harder for me aren’t you?”
“Of course not! I think it will be safer here and I will be comfortable. Don’t you want me to be comfortable?” She reached out and took his hand in hers, “please this means a lot to me.”
Max studied her face and noticed how this really did mean a lot to her. He sighed, “I’m such a push over. I should be shot.”
“If you weren’t we’d never solve anything,” Liz got up and came over and sat down on his lap, she hugged him, “your not a push over.” She kissed him, “I know why this would upset you but it’s natural and you know how you are about natural things. Wouldn’t you rather be here then at a public hospital with all those people and trainee’s wanting to look and see how it’s done? I know I would.”

Max didn’t say anything.
“I love you, we’re having another child! We should be celebrating!” She pressed her forehead to his; “do you want a girl or boy? Maybe I can conjure up some kind…”
“Are you kidding?” he laughed, “your crazy.”
“Yes,” she got up off him and went back to her seat, “I am known to be a little crazy sometimes.”

Max sprung up from his bed sweating and panting. Liz turned on the bedside lamp, “what’s wrong?” she rubbed her eyes.
He rubbed his forehead, “just a bad dream, it’s nothing. Go back to sleep.”
“Are you okay?” she rapped her arm around his, “tell me about it.”
“No, I’m fine, really,” he ran hand through his hair and lay back down. Liz lay down with him and he clutched her at his side tightly and tried to calm his breathing. “Max, you’re worrying me. Tell me about it I bet it will make you feel better.”
“I doubt that,” he sucked in a breath, “it’s just this baby and…”
“Oh,” Liz closed her eyes, “I’m not going anywhere Max, I’m always going to be here and we’ll get a really professional mid wife that knows what to do in the situation… remember the doctor said everything was fine done there…”
Max sighed and leaned over her to turn off the light, “they said that last time to.”
It hurt Liz to see him like this, she wanted to help him so much but she didn’t know what she could say that would help. She buried her head in his chest, “you know you haven’t asked me why I’m not scared about giving birth again.”
Max put his head down and rested his forehead against the top of her head, “why aren’t you afraid?” he whispered.
“Because I know deep down in me that nothing will happen. You know that with Novalee I was stressed because you weren’t there and we weren’t in New York and I just felt… so lonely and far away from everyone I love. This time I know that there is no way you won’t be there and I’m not far from my parent’s and Maria and I will be more comfortable. If something does happen it’s supposed to happen. If it doesn’t I’m not done here yet. Its fate Max, what ever happens is supposed to happen, just like you coming to Deluca’s that day and meeting me.” She smiled and leaned up to kiss him, “we take risks every day and this is no different at all. If we don’t take them who knows what we’d miss out on. You know if you hadn’t felt like coffee last year you wouldn’t be in this situation, would you rather that?”
“You know the answer to that,” Max whispered.
“Of course I know the answer to that,” she yawned, “I could walk out onto the street tomorrow and get hit by a bus…”
Max cleared his throat, “way to go at making me feel better.”
She rolled her eyes, “but the chances are I won’t because I take all the precautions before crossing the road. Just like taking all the precautions before having a baby,” she chuckled to herself, “am I making any sense?”
“A little,” Max yawned.
“Am I making you feel better?”
“A little,” Max said.
Liz moved her hand so it was resting on his stomach, “good. Our life is just perfect right now, it’s beyond perfect it’s wonderful right now. We have a beautiful daughter and another child on the way, a stunning house, great health, loving family around us, enough money to live comfortably for the rest of our lives and our child’s…both of our best friends are about to be married!” She moved so she was on her stomach facing him, “we have everything we want. The only thing missing from your childhood dream is… was it nine, kids? Well we are so lucky to have that available for us too.”
Max didn’t say anything.
“Go see Novalee,” Liz sat up and pulled on his hand, “go right now.”
“What?” Max opened his eyes.
“Go right now,” she smiled, “go and see what you can have another one of. Go on.”
Max sat up, “okay,” he chuckled.
“While you’re there think about how silly your being and how lucky you are. Look at your daughter and tell me you don’t want another child…”
Max got up off the bed and pulled on a jersey, “your mean mom.”

Two years later.

“Novalee get over here!” Liz yelled.
Novalee turned her head, “soon!”
“No now!” Liz looked down at her dress and checked her make up in the car’s review mirror. Novalee ran up and tugged on her mother’s dress with her muddy hands, “mom Whitman’s a pig!”
“Leave Christopher alone, he is not a pig,” Liz turned to face her daughter and gasped at the sight of her. “Oh Novalee you got mud all over your new dress! You’re such a scruff!”
“I didn’t mean to!” Novalee cried, “it was stupid Whitman.”
“He’s not stupid Novalee if you call him that again I’ll punish you… and call him by his real name, don’t copy your fathers bad habits,” Liz leaned into the car and grabbed a baby wipe out of the babies bag. She wiped at Novalee’s dress as best as she could and then tried to get the little bit of mud off her own dress.
“Oh Novalee,” Maria walked up, “what have you been doing?”
Liz sighed, “she’s been played with Christopher. Where’s Max?”
“He’s waiting for you, everyone is. Come on…”
Liz closed the car door and fixed her dress, “do I look okay?”
“You look beautiful.”
They walked into the tent and Max walked up holding he and Liz’s two-month-old daughter Gracie and Katie their 16-month-old daughter. “Maria can you…” he handed Gracie to Maria and she smiled, “I’ll be happy to look after her for you Max.” He put Katie down on the ground, “Katie darling go with Maria to your seat okay?”
Max looked at Maria, “Thank you,” he said. He took Liz’s hand, “let’s do this shall we?”
She nodded and he led her up to the minister who would help them renew their vowels. Both of their parent’s were there and their friends were there, they wanted them all to share their happy day. Today was the day they had been married just over two years ago.
“Okay,” Max smiled at the minister; “you can start now.”
He faced Liz with his hands in hers and his eyes on hers. Max and Liz had decided they would like to say a little something to each other of their own.
“We’re here to freshen, if you’d like, Maxwell and Elizabeth’s marriage…” the minister talked for a little while and then it was Max’s turn to speak to Liz he pressed a kiss to her forehead.
“Liz, I know you were a little embarrassed about having this renewal today because we have had nothing unfortunate happen to us that gave us the need to renew our vowels but as I said to Michael nearly two years ago. I just like letting everyone know how much I love you.” He grinned, “And I do, more and more each day even if it seems impossible. If I didn’t have you in my life I have no idea where I would be today but I do know that I would not be nearly as happy as I am now. Not only have you given me eternal happiness and fulfillment but you have given me three beautiful daughters I have no regrets and there is nothing I secretly wish I had… I have everything I could dream of and more. Every day I thank god for all that I have and I just want you to know again that never ever will a day go by when I don’t appreciate you, or not show respect to you, or love you. You are the one forever, you are my other half.”
He pulled his hand away from hers and wiped the tear from her eye, “are you okay?” he whispered.
She nodded, “I’m fine,” she smiled, “thank you.”
They could hear Novalee giggling and an instant reaction was to check on her, they were so used to doing it they just did it naturally now with out even noticing. She was playing with Christopher, Isabel and Alex’s son.
Maria gave them the thumbs up to go on and Liz rolled her eyes and turned back to Max.
Liz sucked in a breath and entangled her fingers back through Max’s, “You my solace Max, I don’t know what else to say. You are my night in shining armor, you are my hero, and you are everything to me. You stand beside me holding my hand when I am distressed, you stand behind me as my stability when I need back up, and you stand in front of me when I need protection. You’ve given me so much and I hope I am giving you back all that you deserve. When you were born you were meant for me and knowing that I was lucky enough to find you like so many people aren’t, it just… it overwhelms me.
Not only do I love you but also I worship you and I’d die for you in a second. You’ve always been there for me,” she had to stop for a second to compose herself… “And I will be here for you until my last breath and beyond death and through heaven. No one could ever fulfill me like you do, no one could even come close to being as much to me as you are, so don’t ever doubt me because never, ever will I leave your side.”

Liz sat on the floor with Gracie while Katie and Novalee watched cartoons on the television.
She was staring at the picture of her and Maria on the wall and she had tears in her eyes. Back when it was just Maria and her she would dream about this… having a family and having a husband that loved her unbearably.
She and Maria would go out constantly looking for the man of their dreams but little did Liz know that her perfect man would find her. And in doing so he even brought Maria’s for her too.
“Mom!” Novalee tapped her shoulder, “mom when’s dad going to be home?”
“Soon baby he’s just gone to get you an ice cream remember?”
“Oh yeah,” Novalee giggled.
In the picture on the wall Maria had her arm around Liz’s shoulder and they were both all flustered and sweaty after dancing all night in a club. They had asked a stranger to take the photo for them and when it had been developed they had been so happy with it they made heaps of copies.
They had come so far since then and looking back Liz couldn’t help but get emotional over everything in her life up to this moment.
“Momma you okay?” Novalee jumped off the couch and leaped on her mother. This caused Katie to jump on her too.
“I’m fine darling,” Liz laughed happily. In all her life this was the only time when she had been completely and utterly happy and she wouldn’t give that up for a second.
She had gotten everything she could want and more out of life and what made it all even better was to know that not only she was living her dream, but Max was too.
The door flung open and in walked Max with a plastic in his hand. He took one look at his family and in a teasing voice called,
“Honey I’m home!”