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Forced Distance

Author: Nicola Clarke

Email: nicola_roswell⊕

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell

Rating: R- Nc-17

Category: Max and Liz

Summary: Sequel to ‘Boarding in heaven’s home’

Authors note: This may be a trilogy because of an idea I have that won’t fit in this section of this story, I’ll just have to wait and see what happens! *happy*



I stepped to the edge on the shadow of a doubt
With my conscience beating
Like the pulse of a drum that hammers on and on
'Til I reach the break of day
When the sun beats down on the halfway house
Has my conscience beating
The sound in my ear
The will to preserve as I reach the Break of day

When you lost all hope and excuses
And the Cheapskates and the losers
Nothing's left to cling on to
You gotta hold on
Hold on to yourself

A cry of hope (hey)
A plea for peace
And my conscience beating
It's not what I want for it's all that I need
To reach the break of day
So I run to the edge on the shadow of a doubt
With my conscience bleeding
Here lies the truth the lost treasures of my youth
As I hold on to the break of day

When you lost all hope and excuses
And the cheapskates and the losers
Nothing's left to cling on to
You gotta hold on
Hold on to yourself

When you lost all hope and excuses
And the cheapskates and the losers
Nothing's left to cling on to
You gotta hold on
Gotta hold on
Hold on
Hold on to yourself

He lifted her up from her school chair and she rapped her legs around his waist, like it was a reflex to his arms being around her.
He groaned as her tongue made love to his mouth. The class stood with their mouths wide open and the teacher was in shock.
Max stumbled backwards and as he reached the teachers desk the growing desire to take her right here over took him. He removed his right arm from her waist and quickly pushed everything off the teachers desk with one swift movement. Liz groaned as he lied her down on the cold wood. She pulled him down on top of her and he moved them back so they were right in front of the teacher.
Max began kissing down her neck and she removed her top quickly in response. She was wearing a pink satin bra and her two moulds fit perfectly in it, Max put his lips down in between her heaving breast’s and his tongue glided quickly over her smooth skin leaving a glistening trail.

“Ow” Liz looked down at her finger. A small amount of blood was seeping from a cut that had just been caused by a knife in the sink.
She was cleaning the dishes in her Nan’s kitchen, while her Nan dusted the lounge. Her Nan was listening to life FM a Christian radio station. Liz hated Christians right now.
A content smile was on her lips because of her favourite day dream. She used to have it while she was in class. Now she didn’t go to class, she didn’t even go to school.
It had been a week since she had been taken away from Max and him not being with her was taking effect on her body, she could feel herself weakening slowly. Soon she would end up a shrivelled little prune.

As soon as they had arrived at her Nan's house she had been immediately told off again.
This concluded with several slaps to her cheek ( which was still bruised and red ) and being told what a disgrace she was.
The thing that had surprised Liz the most about the argument was what her Nan had said while she got out of the car.
“And you thought you were so smart sneaking out on Christmas Eve. Yes I saw you don’t think about doing it again or this time I will do something about it!”.

Why hadn’t she done anything about it anyway?
It was a shock that her Nan had known about that night, Liz had not expected it.

“Li...” a gasp then a thud was heard from the lounge and Liz spun around “Nan?” she asked.
She grabbed the tea towel off the bench and held it over the cut on her hand. She walked out of the kitchen and into the lounge “Nan?” she repeated looking around.
Liz gasped and rushed over to her Nan who was sprawled out on the floor.
“Nan are you alright? what’s wrong?” Liz kneeled down beside her and held her head up.
Panic over took all senses but after a few seconds she got up and hurried over to the phone.
“An Ambulance” Liz said to the person “HURRY!” she exclaimed slamming the phone down.
“Nan you’ll be fine the ambulance is on it’s way” She said trying to help her Nan.

“Your Nan has had a heart attack”
“Will she be alright?”
“No, I’m sorry to tell you this but she is dying”

Liz gasped and stared down at her Nan, “Don’t disappoint me” where her last words.
She died 3 hours later and Liz went home to an empty house. What was she supposed to do now?

Everything was kind of a haze after that, Liz could remember not being able to cry for her Nan. Her body just wouldn’t let her.
Instead she cried for Max.
He wasn’t there with her, he was trapped back at the school and she could do nothing about it.

Today was the funeral.
Liz was wearing a black dress that covered her body like a blanket.
Some people from her Nan’s Bingo came to the funeral and few of her friends. Liz didn’t know any of the people but they wanted to come and Liz did nothing to stop them.
A few minutes into the sermon two people could be seen running up. They were ditching the graves on the grass and coming straight for the funeral.
Liz looked closely at them and realised it was Isabel and Maria. They stopped running and caught her gaze, “Liz” Maria said quietly.
They looked around at everyone then ran around them and the coffin so they could get to Liz. As soon as they reached her they burst into tears and pulled her into a 3-way hug.

Liz cried now.

She cried so hard she thought she thought she would break. Max wasn’t here. Max wasn’t here her mind repeated over and over.


“He knows about your Nan and they wouldn’t let him come to the funeral, they said it would be disrespectful since he didn’t know your Nan personally” Maria explained.
Liz had her head resting on Isabel’s lap and she was running her hands through her hair. After walking home from the grave yard together they had reached Liz’s Nan’s house and were now sitting on the couch together.
Lillian had dropped Maria and Isabel off at the grave yard and told them she would pick them up in 3 hours from the Nan’s house.
“Their just talking a load of crap!” Isabel said “They can go to hell”.
Maria gasped and Isabel silently took it back.
Liz closed her eyes “Is he ok?” she whispered.
Isabel swallowed “He was pretty much trying to run to you when he heard your Nan had died, he knew how much you needed him but no matter what he did they wouldn’t let him come to you”.
“We’re taking care of him Lizzie” Maria bit her lip “He is doing ok, we help him through the days”.
“Thankyou” Liz choked out.
“What do you think happens now?” Isabel asked.
“My Nan left me everything. There was a couple of things she wanted left for her friends but nothing much. They must have had sentimental value to them. I guess I’ll just end up living here by myself” Liz wiped her eyes and sat up.
“Do you want that?” Isabel asked.
“I want Max” Liz sobbed out.
Maria hugged her “We’ll get him here some how babe, we’re doing everything we can, I promise”.
Liz nodded and began sobbing uncontrollable. She was finally letting out everything she was holding in.
In fact she was terrified about living here on her own, she had never been alone physically before. In her mind she had always been alone, that was until Max came along at least.
None of this should be happening. She should be home laughing with her school friends as they got ready for a school ball or something. This was her mothers fault.

But if it had worked out that way she wouldn’t have Max. Or Maria or Isabel.

Now knowing that something clicked inside her. She was doing this for them and no matter what happened she now knew she would make it through this year.




“Hi welcome to Wal-Mart”.

My new job! actually one of my new jobs. I won’t dare touch that money Nan left me, it’s going to be used to get away from here with Max in a years time. I thrive off that hope.
I hate thinking that I might not see him before the year is over. I can’t help but think he’ll find someone else and that thought sickens me.
I mean where would he find someone? he is trapped in that boarding home.

Stupid teenage insecurities.


“How many times am I going to have to come and TAKE you to the dinner hall?” Maria asked walking into Max’s tiny room.
It some what resembled a cell. If you wanted to think of that way.
“I am not hungry Maria stop trying!” Max said turning off the 3rd eye blind that had just come on the radio.
“Yes you are! and look at you , oh wait a minute look! oh, no never mind” she bit her lip.
“What are you talking about?” Max asked.
“Oh nothing for a second there I thought I saw some fat on you body but I WAS MISTAKEN! you are going to be a pin soon, Liz doesn't want you coming back to her all scrawny. She want’s those big man muscles we all love!”
Max just frowned.
“Put on a shirt skinny boy, your coming to dinner” Maria waited outside the door and after a few minutes she scoffed “FINE I’LL DRAG YOU!” she said storming back into his room.

After dinner Maria and Isabel persuaded Max, Michael and Alex to come back to their room so they could play a board game.
“We need to keep Max socializing” Maria nudged Alex and Michael while Max wasn’t looking. They nodded in agreement straight away.
“I’m just gonna go to bed” Max said.
“Shut up scrawny” Maria grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs.
Isabel gasped as they walked into their room “Who are you?!” she demanded.
A brunette stopped making Liz’s bed with new sheets and blankets and turned around with a big smile on her face “Hi my names Alexandra, I’m you new room mate”.
Max paled and tried to keep from throwing up.
“Ah hi” Maria grimaced and looked at the new girls belongings everywhere Liz’s things should be.
“Is something wrong?” Alexander asked walking towards them.
“No, um no nothing’s wrong” Isabel stammered “Welcome” she held her hand out and Alexander shook it “I’m Isabel”.
“Yeah and you must be Maria?” Alexander asked holding her hand out to Maria.
“Yes” Maria said taking her hand.
They all turned to see the door close as Max left the room. “Um excuse me” Maria and Michael said walking after him.
“Did I do something?” Alexandra asked.
“No, it’s nothing....” Isabel swallowed and looked at Alex who had a distressed look on his face.
“So what happened to the girl who used to be here?” Alexandra asked taking a seat on Liz’s bed.

“Max?” Michael said as he and Maria walked into his room.
“Yeah?” He asked. He was sitting on the middle of his bed with his head in his knees.
“You ok?” Maria asked.
“No I’m not” he whispered.
Maria walked up to him and rapped her arms around his shoulders, he willingly excepted her hug and Michael stood awkwardly in the door way. He felt jealous that Max was getting so much attention from Maria but this was no time to be caught up in himself. Max needed them.
“Max you ok buddy?” Alex asked as he and Isabel walked in.
“I’m not a baby guys, I don’t need you all smothering me like I’m gonna break down a any second!” Max exclaimed.
As much as he needed them, he knew Liz didn’t have anyone so why should he have that pleasantry?
“But you will break down any second Max!” Isabel sat down on the other side of him.
“I will not” He scoffed.
Alex rolled his eyes “Max you need us admit it”.
Max just sighed.


Liz brushed her hair behind her ears for the hundredth time as she walked home from work. It was very windy and cold, so she was forced to keep her jacket and hair in place as she struggled home.
After ten minutes of walking she finally reached her home. She unlocked the door and stumbled inside careful not to let leaves and rain blow inside.
She dropped her bag and undid her coat like usual. She had routines that she had that helped her get through the days. A calendar hung on the wall that she used to cross off the days but she was about to cross the day off a week ago when she realised how pathetic it was. It was making the days go slower.
Liz pulled her hair out of the pony tail at the back of her head and turned on the light. She was too tired to get any food so she just pulled her jeans off and slipped onto the couch. After watching the television for a while she fell into unsatisfied sleep.

Max finally found the house he had been looking for and walked up to the door. His stomach did flip flops as he decided how to surprise her.
He climbed in the bathroom window then closed it securely after him, Liz should not keep that open, he would have to tell her that.
He wandered down the hall and towards the flickering light coming from the lounge, he knew Liz would be in there.
He stepped into the lounge and his heart fluttered at the sight of Liz asleep peacefully on the couch. He kneeled down in front of the couch and just breathed in the sight of her, she had the look of distress on her face and he knew why it was there. His fingers grazed her lips and her nose softly and a small smile lit his face as her features twitched at his touch. She shivered and Max looked around for a blanket, he pulled the crocheted rug that hung over the couch over her form and she scrunched her body closer together.
He didn’t want to wake her, even though he knew she would want to be woken. He’d just wait a little while.
He stood up again and walked back down the hall. He quickly went toilet then headed back into the lounge.
His eyes rested on the couch were Liz was no longer sleeping. A shudder spread through out his body and he looked around the lounge panic-filled.
The sound of milk bottles in the kitchen made him feel a bit better, Liz was in the kitchen. He headed toward it and Liz walked out.
She let out a scream in shock of seeing someone in her house and ran back into the kitchen.

Liz woke up on the couch and sat up. She didn’t remember pulling a blanket over herself? she dismissed it straight away then stood up and walked into the kitchen while rubbing her eyes, she should stop falling asleep on the couch she got a major crick in her neck. In the fridge she pulled out her water bottle which was situated in between the empty milk bottle and the ketchup. She sighed and closed the fridge before walking over to the kitchen table. She set the bottle down and headed over to the light switch but her heart stopped when she saw a figure coming toward her.
A scream escaped her lungs. It was all she could think to do! after that she stumbled back into the kitchen and tried to catch her breath.
“Liz!” The voice came. Her heart now picked up in speed and she felt her legs grow weak. She knew that voice.
“Max?” She gasped out.
She felt a hand touch her cheek and she let out a large breath. Tears formed in her eyes and she stumbled over to the light switch again, this better not be some cruel joke.
She flicked the light on and spun around slowly. A tear escaped her eye when she saw Max with his hands in his pockets a guilty grin on his face.
Her lip trembled “Hi” he smiled.
Liz had to grab the wall to keep from standing up “Oh my... what are you doing here?!” she choked out.
“I suppose your not the only one who can sneak out of her or his home to see her or his soul mate” he said.
Liz let out a laugh then she jumped into his arms “Oh my god Max I missed you so much, my life sucks!” she said urgently.
“Your life sucks?” He asked lifting her up into his arms “I haven’t eaten in a month” he swallowed.
“I can tell” she looked down at his body.
He pulled her mouth onto his. She was home with him again. It felt wonderful.
They broke the kiss and heaved for breath, Liz rested her forehead on his “I can’t believe you came”.




“How do I know this isn’t a cruel dream?” Liz asked sliding down his body. Her feet touching his on the tiled kitchen floor.
“What if it is? that can’t stop it from being any less great can it?” Max asked. Liz shook her head “No I guess not” she placed a firm kiss on his lips and lead him into the lounge.
Max sat down on the couch and Liz sat down on his lap, “How’d you find me?” Liz asked.
“Lillian” Max answered placing soft kisses on the back of her neck.
Liz turned her head and looked at him questioningly “What?” she asked.
“She’s the one who got me here”
“But doesn’t she hate me? why would she do that? I basically told the nun’s about her” Liz picked up Max’s left hand and placed warm kisses on his knuckles.
“She said that she was the adult here and that she wasn’t acting like it. She told me to apologize for her not being able to help very much when they sent you here, it was out of her hands. Um also she offered to help us to see each other when ever possible” He rested his chin on her shoulder and Liz sighed.
“Wow” she bit her lip “Will you thank her for me?”
“Yes” Max smiled.
She turned her body so she was straddling him “So what have I been missing out on?” she asked.
“Nothing really, I wanted to come and see you when your Nan died so much, I mean on top of every other second” he placed a kiss on her lips “But I couldn’t get away from them, it was impossible” he placed another kiss on her lips.
“Maria told me” she whispered.
“She has been really great” Max said “She helps me keep going, makes sure I get up in the morning”.
A big smile spread across Liz’s face. Her first smile in about 2 months. “She’s doing her job well then!”.
Max chuckled “yes she is”.
Liz slid off his lap and walked over to the television. She turned it off then turned the kitchen light off. Max got up off the couch and Liz grabbed his hands in the dark. He could see her form because the house was lit with the street light’s. “Come” she placed a kiss on his lips before leading him down to her room.
Once they got there she turned on the lamp next to her bed “Look! this is my bedroom” she smiled “Mine, me, my own, at the school I never felt like anything was my own. The only good thing about coming to stay with my Nan on the break, was the fact I’d have this room, all to my self”.
Max chuckled and rolled his eyes.
“I’m not crazy, no that’s not me!” she squeaked.
Max just rapped his arms around her waist and smiled “Your cute-crazy”.
“So are you” she rapped her arms around his neck and rested her forehead on his chin.
“I guess so” he laughed.
It felt good to laugh.
He hadn’t laughed in so long.


Liz woke in the morning with the sun light streaming in on her face. She smiled and rolled over, he face smacking into Max’s shoulder. A gasp escaped her mouth, she had expected him to have gone, or him not have been here at all, it had been such a wonderful surprise she had expected it to be a dream.
Of corse she was happy he was still here, but wouldn’t he be in the biggest shit ever?
But his life already sucked at the school, what could they do to make it worse?
Max shifted then brought his arm around her shoulders. His other arm was around her waist and he moved his face so it was resting above her chest.
She placed a kiss on the top of his head and breathed in happily. A smile spread across his lips and Liz whacked his shoulder “How long have you been awake?!” she demanded.
“Half an hour” he mumbled not opening his eyes. Liz’s smile stretched and she lifted his chin so his face was directly in front of hers “How come your still here anyway?”
“Would you like me to leave?” he asked opening his eyes.
“No! I mean, no I would rather it if you stayed actually” she untangled herself from him and sat up. She pulled the blanket around her bare chest and yawned. Max sat up “No, I can leave, it’s fine with me..” he slipped out from behind the blankets and stood up.
Liz laughed “I like your ass Max, it’s so ......firm” she poked the left cheek and Max yelped “Stop! don’t play with Maximus”.
“WHAT?!” she demanded trying to keep her laughter in “Maximus? your ass has a name?”.
Max turned around “I’d rather not talk about it actually”.
Liz raised her hands “Ok, ok” she smiled and pulled him back down on the bed “Why do guys not have a problem with nudity, but chicks, they just always stress about if their ass is too big or their boobs are too small or they’re too..” Max cut her off “Do you ever feel that way?” he asked.
Liz opened her mouth to say something then just nodded ‘yes’.
Max pulled the blanket off her body, “your ass is just right and your boobs are perfect, Liz I love your body, don’t ever feel ashamed of it”.
Liz blushed “I'm chick I have the right to feel insecure”
Max just laughed.
“Now, just because I’m wondering...” Liz rolled over so she was lying on her stomach and her chin was resting on her folded arms, “Aren’t you going to get caught being here this long? won’t someone notice?”
Max placed gentle kisses down her spine “Lillian said she’d pick me up at 10:30am, I didn’t ask why I just thanked her”.
Liz moaned slightly as he massaged her spine “Oh! god where did you learn that?” she asked arching her head back.
Max smiled “I didn’t learn it anywhere”.
“You lie!” she exclaimed.
Max laughed “Do you have an cream?” he asked.
Liz breathed in “on my dresser” she whispered closing her eyes.
Max got up off the bed and walked over to her dresser. His eyes fell on her shirt on the floor, he picked it up and grinned “You work at Walmart?”.
‘Ding dong’ the door bell sounded. Liz sat up in surprise “I wonder who that is?” she got up off the bed and grabbed her bath rob. She pulled it on, “Um just stay here” she gave Max a quick peck on the lips then hurried to the door.
“Um hi can I help you?” Liz asked eyeing the old-jolly-looking lady in her door way.
“Are you Liz, Liz Parker?” the lady asked.
“Yeah” Liz answered folding her arms over herself.
“I’m Arena, I was a friend of your Nan’s” She held her hand out and Liz shook it. “I’m sorry for coming around this early, it’s just I have to go out of town today and I’ll be coming back too late to come by”.
“Was there something I could help you with?” Liz asked.
“No I was hoping I could help you out, I was talking to some of the girls at work and they were saying how poor Liz was living at her Nan’s house all by herself! I saw you walking home from work yesterday and I realised that you probably don’t know how to drive a car. I was thinking last night how much I wish there was something I could do to help out, so anyway I came up with something. Liz parker would you like me to teach you how to drive your Nan’s old car?”.
A large smile spread across Liz’s smile “I would love that”.
“I’m so glad!” the lady hugged her “Anyway I have to be on my way, here’s my phone number any time you wanna give it ago just give me a call” she handed her a small piece of card “well see ya later Liz, I just know we’ll be great friends in no time!” she headed off down the path and hopped into her bright red car.
Liz smiled at the piece of card in her hand then walked inside, she walked across the lounge to the sliding doors and opened them, letting the warm air come wisping in.
She breathed it in and closed her eyes briefly, everything felt so perfect at that moment, today was going to be a great day.

“We get it on most every night
When that old moon gets so big and bright
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody was dancin' in the moonlight
Liz spun around just in time to see Max close the cabinet that held the stereo. A huge smile spread across her lips and she walked over to him. He grabbed her hands and spun her around. She cried out in delight as they danced to the music.
Everybody here is out of sight
They don't bark, and they don't bite
They keep things loose, they keep things light
Everybody was dancin' in the moonlight
“It’s good to hear that everyone is taking care of you while your not in arms length of me” Max said.
Liz laughed “Oh they are, they are” she spun around and rubbed her bum against the front of him. He laughed and ran his hands down her hips.
Dancin' in the moonlight
Everybody's feelin' warm and right
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight
“What would you like for breakfast my love?” Liz asked as she danced around him. “No I cook you relax” Max spoke softly his words seemed to just linger in the air like a spilled perfume.
We like our fun and we never fight
You can't dance and stay uptight
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody was dancin' in the moonlight
Dancin' in the moonlight
Everybody's feelin' warm and right
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight
Everybody here is out of sight
They don't bark, and they don't bite
They keep things loose, they keep things light
Everybody was dancin' in the moonlight
Liz cracked up laughing as Max lifted her up in the air and spun her around, “Aghh Max put me down!” she cried.
Max laughed and put her down in front of him. She rapped her arms around his neck and danced with him as the song finished slowly.
“I love you” she whispered pecking his lips.
“I love you too my sweet” he smiled and rapped his arms around her waist.
Dancin' in the moonlight
Everybody's feelin' warm and right
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight
Dancin' in the moonlight
Everybody's feelin' warm and right
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight
Dancin' in the moonlight
Everybody's feelin' warm and right
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancin' in the moonlight”
Liz sat at the breakfast table grinning as Max danced around as he made pancakes. He went to break the egg into the dish but it missed a splattered all over the ground.
She cracked up laughing and jumped up “Let me help lovely” she picked and egg up and put it into the mixture “Maybe I should be making this not you” she smiled brightly.
“No way, you sit down” he put his hand on her shoulders and pushed her backwards. Her bum hit the table and she gasped and laughed “You missed the chair” she said.
Max nodded and pulled his hands away from her shoulders “I know, just... stay”
She raised her chin “Ok boss”.
“Good to hear” he turned around and she grabbed his ass, he yelped and Liz pulled him around her mouth devouring his. “Is Maximus alright?” she asked as he kissed down her neck.
“He’s fine” Max moaned. Liz slipped her bum properly onto the table and rapped her legs around his waist.
Max undid the tie on her bath rob and it slipped down to her hips “Are you embarrassed about your body right now?” Max asked lifting his gaze to look her straight in the eyes.
“Not when you look at me like that” Liz replied.
“Like what?” he asked.
“Like you want to eat me” Liz laughed.
“Hmm I would..” he nipped at her neck “Love to eat you”.
“Your welcome to all you want” she rapped her arms around his neck and pulled him on top of her so they were on top of the table.
Liz squeaked at the feel of a fork digging into her bum and Max reached under her to pull it away. He chucked it across the room and brought her mouth back onto his.
“Argh stupid condoms who need’s em” Liz said as they lay panting to enter each other.
Max groaned “I’ll be right back!” He ran out of the room and was back in exactly 2 .3 seconds. Liz leapt on him and he sat her on the bench, she opened her legs willingly and he shoved the condom on quickly, “ah Max quick” Liz moaned chucking back her head.
As soon as she asked Max entered her, she cried thankyou and Max smiled “My pleasure”.




Liz lifted her foot slightly and concentrated on the road as Arena cried instructions to her.
“Easy” Arena smiled, the car jerked forward “Easier!” She exclaimed, “Liz you better break up here, we’ve had enough for today don’t ya think?”.
“Definitely” Liz said turning her head,
“No! eyes on the road” Arena instructed.
Liz pulled over to the side of the road and the car jerked slightly “You drive now” she swapped seat’s with Arena and they began driving back through town “What time do you start work?” Arena asked as Liz put on her glasses.
“2:30” Liz answered.
“Let’s go to breakers the cafe and get some tucker huh? I'm starving! driving is tiring”.
“Yeah ok” Liz smiled “What’s the time?”.
“Quarter past twelve”.
They arrived at the small cafe situated in between the shops in town and parked across the street. Arena was wearing musky blue cargo pants and a white t-shirt that was tucked in. She was quiet good looking for a 58 year old, she was vibrant and was very alive and jumpy.
Liz was wearing a cord knee-length skirt, a white tank top and a black cardigan with black sandals.
In the Cafe light pop music was playing and several people mingled around enjoying their Sunday.
They walked up to the counter and Liz brought a orange juice and a piece of chocolate cake while Arena brought a pie, coffee, cake, sandwich and hot chips.
Liz frowned at all her food and carried her tray to a table outside where the cool breeze was milling around.
“You weren’t lying when you said you were starving” Liz commented.
“When your my age and your children are all living by them selves, you learn to live life to the fullest, you enjoy every aspect of life and suck the excitement into everything you do, some grams like to relax and knit, but I prefer to go horse back riding and rock climbing, I’ll take you some time?”
Liz smiled “I would love that, I've always wanted to white water raft”.
“White water rafting it is, one weekend if you can get off work I'll get a guide ready what do you..”
“Mom, your not badgering this young women into your life threatening adventures are you?” A males voice came from beside them and Liz looked up.
“It was her idea” Arena stood up and hugged the boy “Eric this is Liz, she is my newest friend, Liz this is my youngest son Eric, he’s here for a break from Germany where he goes to college”.
“Nice to meet you Liz” Eric shook her hand and Liz smiled “Yeah nice to meet you too”.
“You don’t mind if I join you both do you?” he asked.
Liz opened her mouth to say something but his mom spoke up “Yes, yes we do, don’t you have a little girl friend around somewhere go play with her”.
Eric grinned sheepishly “She’s going toilet mom I was just going to wait with you is that so wrong?”.
“Ok son but only till she comes out me and Liz were talking before you interrupted us” Arena rolled her eyes and Liz and she laughed.
Eric had blonde hair and blue eyes, he was very tall “So how did you two meet?” Eric asked taking a seat.
“Liz’s Nan was a friend of mine” Arena answered.
“Was?” Eric asked.
“Your so nosey son! is it the Germans who are doing that to you?” Arena shook her head and sighed “if you must know.... her Nan passed away a few months ago”.
“Oh I’m sorry” Eric said to Liz.
“It’s ok, I’m recovering” Liz said sipping her drink.
“Honey?” a voice turned their heads and a skinny model-like lady with long blonde hair stood there with a questioning look on her face.
“Ahh sweet heart there you are, mom’s just introducing me to her friend” Eric said taking her hands.
“Liz this is Greta my girl friend, Greta baby this Liz”
“Nice to meet you” Liz smiled at Greta and Greta smiled brightly back “You have beautiful hair”.
Liz blushed “Thankyou”.
“Ok we’re gonna continue shopping, enjoy your lunch, if your still here when we come back past here we’ll stop and see ya again” Eric stood up and took Greta’s hand “It was nice meeting you Liz” The both said.
Liz smiled “Yeah, nice to meet you too”.
The couple walked away and Arena smile “That girl is too skinny, she probably doesn’t eat anything!”.
Liz laughed “She looks like a super model”.
“A extra skinny super model”.


“Hey Max wanna show me around town?” Alexandra hooked her arm through Max’s arm and he shoved her away a little harsher then what he meant.
“No” Max answered.
Maria grinned and Isabel bit her lip to keep from laughing. Alex and Michael just shook their heads and chuckled.
“Oh” Alexandra stepped closer to him as they walked and he just ignored her.
No body like Alexandra very much, she was always all over Max and she was too quirky. She snored and she was messy, Maria and Is didn’t like sharing a room with her.
“So where we going? I would like to hit some clothes shops what to ya say girls?” Alexandra bubbled with delight and Maria snorted “Yeah we’ll meet you in there in a sec kay?”.
“Ok don’t be to long!” she ran into the closest clothes shop and Alex made gagging noises.
Max and Alex couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Why won’t she just GO AWAY?” Maria frowned “She is so annoying!”.
“At least she isn’t flirty and clingy with you” Michael said looking at Max.
“Yeah but you don’t have to sleep in the same room as her and have her stray hairs in the shower drain!” Isabel groaned.
Alex and Michael cracked up laughing “We have it lucky!”.
“You sure do” Maria said.
“Maria, Is come here I found these cool outfits wed look great in!” Alexandra’s voice cried from the shop.
Maria and Isabel groaned “Kill us now” they said.
“They’re coming!” Alex said.
Maria slapped his arm “Dam you” her and Isabel sauntered off and the guys sat down.
“So what do you guys want to do?” Michael ran his hand through his hair.
“Let’s just wait for Is and Maria here” Alex said.
“We suck” Michael groaned, “And you know who’s fault this is?” they both shot devil eyes at Max and he just frowned.
“Well I’m sorry”

After a while Maria, Isabel and Alexandra came over “Oh you waited for me that is so cute!” Alexandra squealed.
Max, Alex and Michael rolled their eyes and Maria rapped her arms around Max and Michaels waists “Let’s go boys” She grinned.
Isabel laughed and they began walking around.
“How’s it going shrimp?” Maria ruffled Max’s hair “are you ok? your quiet”.
“yeah just missing..”
“LIZ!!!” Isabel screamed and ran over to breakers where Liz was sitting with Arena.
Liz jumped up “Guys!” Isabel pounced on her and hugged her tightly “Oh Liz how are you?!” She demanded.
Liz laughed “I’m ok how are you?”.
“Missing you!” Maria said jumping into a 3-way hug.
Arena watched them intrigued with a huge grin on her face. She didn’t know who these people were but they seemed like a nice group of kids.
Liz ran into Max’s arms “Hey lovely” She cried. He hugged her tight “Hi Love” He smiled.
Liz pulled his mouth onto hers and she kissed him passionately, “I’ve missed you too much!”
“Hmm” Max moaned.
Arena guessed this was the boy Liz got kicked out of school over.
Liz hugged Alex and Michael quickly then went back to Max, she leaned against his chest and he rapped his arms around her waist tightly “Guys this is Arena she is a friend of mine, Arena this is Max” She kissed him then pointed to Alex “That’s Alex, Michael, Maria and Isabel... um who are you?” Liz asked looking at Alexandra.
“Who are you?” Alexandra asked rudely.
“Oh Liz this is Alexandra she is..” Maria didn’t know what to say, ‘the person who replaced your position as a student at school and won’t leave us alone’?
“Going to our school” She quickly said.
“No one likes her” Max whispered in Liz’s ear, she chuckled “I can see why”.
“Alexandra, this is Liz she is our best friend, she was the one sleeping..”
“In our room before me?” Alexandra asked. Alexandra did not like this Liz girl, I mean how she was all over Max and acted like she was all that.
Liz flinched, this girl had taken her place in their room?
“It’s nice to meet you all, do you all go to the school?” Arena asked.
“Yes” Isabel smiled “It’s nice to meet you to, are you taking care or our Lizzie?”.
Arena laughed, she liked this girl “Yes I am! trust me”.
“Good to hear” Michael grinned.
“So Liz what have you been up to? are you living up the free life?” Alex asked.
Liz snorted “I wish, I work most of the time.. oh that reminds me what’s the time?” she looked around.
“1:45” Arena answered.
“Damit” Liz scoffed “I have work at 2:30” she told the others.
“Where?” Isabel asked.
“Super market” Liz answered.
“We’ll come” Max’s muffled voice came from behind Liz’s neck as he flicked his tongue over her soft skin.
Liz shivered “If you want to?” she asked.
“Liz I’m gonna go ok? I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ll drop you off at work before I go” Arena said.
Liz smiled “Ok thanks for everything today Arena I don’ know what I’d do with out you, I’d probably go insane”.
Arena smiled brightly “My pleasure Lizzie, you take care”.
“Mom we may as well get a ride home with you..” Eric’s voice came from the left and every one turned to see him standing with his girl friend.
“Ok let’s go” Arena rolled her eyes at Liz and she laughed “Bye!” she said.
“Bye Liz” Eric smiled.
“See ya Liz” His girl friend waved.
“By Eric and Greta” Liz waved.
“Eric is Arena’s son and Greta’s his girl friend, they are here on holiday from Germany where they go to college, I meet them this morning” Liz explained to her friends.
“She was hot” Alex mumbled.
Maria hit his shoulders “How’d I know you’d say that?”.
Liz kissed Max’s lips “Love you” she whispered against his mouth.
“I love you” he smiled, “It’s good to see you have made friends, I’m glad you aren’t all alone”.
“Yeah” she whispered.
They headed off toward the super market with Liz and Max trailing behind.
Liz intertwined her fingers though Max’s and kissed his knuckles “How have you been Max? been eating?”.
Max nodded “yes” he kissed her lips “What about you?”.
“Oh I don’t know, I could be a lot better” Max rapped his arm around her waist and she rested her head on his shoulders, “anyway what’s with the new girl?” Liz asked.
“Her name is Alexandra and..”
“She’s all over Max” Maria said dropping back to join in the conversation, Liz frowned and bit her lip “She is?”.
“Of corse Max doesn’t give her the time a day, half the time he doesn’t even notice” Maria smiled. Liz continued to frown,
“Liz, I wouldn’t even waist a second of my brain space thinking about her!” Max said.
“Yeah it’s all used on you!” Maria grinned.
Liz shuddered “Are you sure?” she asked.
“Yes Liz, honey your the only one for me” he cupped her cheeks “Look into my eyes Liz, do you really think I would do anything with anyone but you! I am so in love with you that I don’t even notice anyone who is supposedly...”
“All over you” Maria said for him.
“... right” Max kissed her lips gently “I love you Liz, only you”.
Liz smiled slightly “Ok”.
Maria walked back up to the others and Liz and Max continued to talk.

Alexandra kept looking back at Max and Liz with envy, she wanted to be with Max.
Liz didn’t deserve him.




“So how long are you going to be staying here?” Liz asked Eric who was sitting with his girl friend, now fiancée, on the swing chair in the back yard of Arena’s house.
“We will be in America for 3 months, but we will be leaving this city in a week or two to travel around the different states” Eric answered.
“Oh I am going to be hopefully doing that next year” Liz’s eyes seemed to fog and she got lost in the memories of Max.
“Is this going to be with Max?” Arena walked in as if on cue and sat down on the side of the pool.
“Yeah” Liz blushed.
“Who’s Max?” Greta asked sipping her lemon juice.
“He’s my boyfriend” Liz answered slipping off her jandals and joining Arena by the pool side.
“Oh is he the one you were standing with a few weeks ago?” Eric asked.
‘I should hope so, she isn’t allowed to go around dating different boys that quickly!” Arena exclaimed.
The other 3 laughed “Quit trying to own her mom! she is free to make her own decisions” Eric said.
Liz bit her lip “I don’t think there will be anymore men in the picture for the rest of my life time”.
‘Ohhs’ and ‘that’s so cute!’ came from Eric and Greta and Liz went bright red.
“So he’s the ‘one’?” Greta asked.
“I hope so” Liz smiled.
Arena rapped her arm around Liz’s shoulder “She got kicked out of school for him, he better be good”.
“OH really?” Eric asked “So you went to all lengths for your love?”.
“I guess you could say that” Liz was bright red, this conversation had to end right now!
“That is so incredibly cute , well good luck to you both and if there’s a wedding we expect an invitation!!” Greta laughed.
“I could say the same thing to you” Liz put her sun glasses on the top of her head and smiled.
“Oh that’s something we had to bring up with you” Greta said standing up and walking over to her, “I know we have only known you for just over a month but we don’t really know many people here in America and I want to have the wedding here before we go back to Germany, but anyway I was just wondering if you’d pretty please be a brides maid?!”.
Liz gasped “Your kidding?” she asked.
“No! we want you to be part of our wedding” Eric said from the swing chair.
“Please say yes!” Greta squealed.
“Yes!” Liz hugged her and Arena smiled with tears in her eyes, that was so beautiful.
“Oh my god I have someone to help me plan the wedding!” she jumped up and down with Liz and hugged her.
“I cant wait” Liz laughed.


“Hey Maxi pooh” Alexandra rapped her arms around Max’s waist from behind and Max grimaced “Alexandra what do you want and how many times do I have to tell you to stop touching me and calling me that?!” He pulled away from her and started to walk away.
“Why do you continue to fight me Maxi?” Alexandra asked.
“Were not allowed to be couples at this school and I love Liz Parker and..” Alexandra cut him off.
“God if I hear her name again I’ll...” Max grabbed her wrist,
“You’ll what?” he asked, his voice stern and his jaw tight.
“Gag” Alexandra pulled away from him “and don’t give me that ‘not at this school’ crap, I know you don’t listen to that rule, your a bad boy”.
Max looked disgusted “Why are you even trying?” he asked.
Alexandra rolled her eyes “I know you want me!” she walked away and Max sat back on the couch.
He missed Liz so much right now, he needed her like he needed food, she was essential to his survival, he knew he would die if he didn’t see her some time soon, the last time he had seen her was when they walked her to the super market for work.
He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on his palms, he hated thinking of Liz all alone in that big house by her self.
“Max?” Lillian asked tapping on his shoulder.
“Yeah?” he asked opening his red eyes,
“Come here I have something to ask you” she lead him out of the games room with a big grin on her face.




Liz danced as she dusted the living room, she was playing ‘dancing in the moon light’ the song her and Max had been dancing to that morning a while ago. This weekend was going to be a bit busier than it normally would be in her very boring and sad life.
First of all tonight she was having dinner with Eric and Greta, Arena was busy at a bingo game or something tonight so it would just be the three of them. They were going to a fancy restaurant in town and it would be very nice.
Then tomorrow was Max’s birthday, of corse she was still planning on trying to do something for him, but she had no idea what.
Then on Sunday Greta and Eric were going to get married, she couldn’t wait, they were going just out of town where they had found a little church near some gardens that had a beautiful waterfall.
About 70 people were going and Liz was very honoured to a brides maid. Her and Greta had became great friends, they went shopping heaps of times and had lunch together on a few occasions.
Liz’s driving lessons were going great, she was a fast learner and she could drive almost the same as a person who had been driving for years. She would try for her drivers licence as soon as possible.
Liz collapsed onto the couch and sighed, the only thing missing in her life was Max. He should be here experiencing everything with her. Sometimes she was just so worried about him she would almost go insane. She cried a lot for him, he was her everything and right now she was doing her best to keep busy so she didn’t have much time to be all depressed and sad.
It was her birthday on Monday and... her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door clicking open. Arena? she sat waiting patiently for the person to emerge, after what seemed like 10 minutes she stood up “Arena?” She asked her heart beating faster.
A huge smiled ripped across her face as she saw who it was, “What are you doing here?!” she demanded jumping into his arms.

“Since she was going to the next town over to pick up supplies again, she told the other nuns that I could go with her” Max explained.
Liz’s eyes widened “how long are you going to be here?” she asked tightening her grip on him,
“Till Monday at lunch time” He smiled brightly. Liz jumped up and down in delight “Oh my god!” she squealed. Max laughed and she jumped on him making him fall back wards onto the couch, “You couldn’t have come a better weekend you know?” she said getting up so she was sitting on his stomach.
“My and your birthday? yeah Lillian said she planned the next supply trip for this weekend on purpose” Max said.
“Well that and tonight I’m supposed to be having dinner with Eric and Greta and then I’m being their brides maid on Sunday!” Liz pushed his bangs to the side of his face but they just fell back down again.
“What?” Max asked frowning. He was hopping they could just spend the whole weekend just worshipping each other, but he didn’t mind that Liz had other things to do.
“Well Eric proposed to Greta and she asked me to be one of her brides maids because she hasn’t got many friends in America, Oh Max you’ll love them, they are so nice” she was so excited that now Max would meet them.
Max nodded “Wow” he said.
Liz noticed the hesitant in his eyes and frowned “What’s wrong?” she asked “Don’t you want to meet them?”.
“Well yeah of corse I want to meet the people that are responsible for making you so happy, but I just was hopping we’d spend the weekend alone together” he sat up so she was straddling him.
Liz caressed his cheek “We will spend every second together Max” she kissed his lips “We will have the whole of Saturday to our selves and the rest of today and Monday morning and every night” a smile spread across Max’s face and she sighed happily “And even if we aren’t alone we’ll still be together, that’s all that matters right?”.
“Yes” Max rapped his arms around her waist and kissed her sweetly “So don’t you think we better call them and let them know I’ll be joining in with all your plans now?”.
“Oh yeah” Liz leaned over him to reach for the phone which was on the table next to the couch. Max kissed her belly button that was revealed as she reached past him. Liz chuckled and kissed his lips softly.
“Hey Greta” Liz drew patterns on Max’s face as she talked on the phone.
“Um Max is going to be staying with me for the weekend” She smiled brightly “Yeah I know great isn’t it?”.
“Yeah so will he be able to come to the wedding?” Liz laughed “Yeah at least I won’t have to walk down the isle with some stranger now”. Liz kissed Max’s nose “Ok we’ll see you later”
Liz hanged up and chucked the phone on the floor “They can’t wait to meet you”.

“Your so beautiful” Max watched Liz as she did her hair up for their dinner arrangements. Liz blushed “You make me feel so special Max” she turned around and walked over to him “Before I meet you I thought I was ugly on the inside and out”.
“How could you think that? your the most beautiful person I know and will ever know” he ran his fingers down her cheek and she kissed his palm.
“Thankyou... for everything you’ve done for me” She looked him straight in the eyes “I don’t know what my life would be like right now”.
“You would be in school and it’s all my fault your not, I can’t believe I am the cause of that” sorrow filled his eyes and Liz ran her hand up and down his side comfortingly and she shook her head “Don’t say that, I don’t care about school, your more important to me than anything Max, I would be dead right now if you hadn’t come to me”.
“Dead?” Max looked at her shocked.
“Max I was slowly dying, I... I was so alone, I couldn’t see my life going any where, in my mind I was questioning...”.
“I can’t believe I’m hearing this! what if I had never come to that school? holy.. crap” Max turned around and put his palm up to his forehead.
Liz touched his shoulder and he spun around “I don’t want you to ever look back at that time Liz, Ok?” he asked sternly.
Liz’s brow straightened “I don’t, I have you now”.
“I’m so sorry you went through that” he pulled her to him and buried his head in her hair “I’m so sorry”.
Liz’s eyes filled with tears “I am fine now Max, I am more alive and happy then I have ever been, lets just forget all about that”.
“We will” he cupped her cheeks, then planted a soft kiss on her lips “We’re just normal people going out to enjoy dinner with friends”.
Liz smiled “Yes we are” she rapped his arms around his neck and passionately kissed him “I love you”.
“I love you too” he kissed her cheek then pulled away “I’ll be ready to go in a sec, um.. do I need um a tie?”.
Liz laughed “Not for dinner but for the weeding we can get you one”.
Relief crossed his face “That’s good I was panicking because I don’t have one here”.
Liz laughed again “Don’t worry”
She walked back to the mirror and checked herself, she was wearing a thin material red dress and leather shoes that had straps that went right up her legs.
The door bell rang and Liz ran to answer it “Hi Greta”.
“Um Eric's in the car are you ready?” she asked.
“Max?!” Liz called.
“Coming!” he ran out and took Liz’s hand “Hi I’m Max” he introduced himself.
“Nice to meet you Max, Me and Eric have heard a lot about you” she held her hand out and smiled “I’m Greta”.
“I’ve heard about you and Eric a alot too” he smiled.
“Come... guys car” Liz tugged Max and Greta away from the door and she locked it, “Let’s go shall we?”.
They hopped in he car and Max and Eric greeted each other and shook hands.
Once at the restaurant they all got to their table quickly and ordered their food. “So how come your away from school for this weekend?” Eric asked Max.
“I good friend helped us out” Max answered rubbing his arm up and down Liz’s thigh.
“Well we are glad that you’ll be able to accompany Liz to our wedding” Eric smiled.
“Yeah” Greta said “About that, would you walk Liz down the isle, instead of an old friend of ours?”.
“I’d love to, I can’t help but feel rude though, I’ve only known you for a about an hour” max frowned.
“But your important to Liz so your important to us” Greta smiled at Liz and she blushed.
“I can’t thankyou enough for looking after her for me” Max sipped his drink.
“Max I don’t need looking after..” Liz said.
“I know I just..” Liz shushed him “I know”.
Greta and Eric laughed “So how long have you two been married?”.
Max and Liz blushed.
Dinner went successfully and while they waited for desert a singer started singing and several people were dancing on the dance floor,
“Liz may I ask you for a dance?” max asked pushing his chair out.
“I’d love to” she took his hand and stood up.
“Excuse us” they both said as they walked away.
“Will you dance with me love?” Eric asked standing up.
“Copying a 17 year old?” Greta grinned.
“I was going to ask he just did first” Eric exclaimed.
“Sure you did honey, sure you did” She took his hand and followed him out to the dance floor.
“So what do you think of them?” Liz asked Max as he tightened his grip around her.
“They are nice” Max answered.
“Nice? is that all?” she asked looking into his eyes.
“They are friendly and I like them” he answered.
A satisfied smile lit Liz’s face “I’m glad”.
“So am I” he kissed her lips passionately.
“Look at them” Greta said to Eric as they danced.
Eric glanced at them then back at his fiancée.
“They are soul mates, I bet they’ll be married with in 2 years” Greta said.
“3” Eric said.
“No way, as soon as their legal they’ll get married” Greta ran her fingers through his blonde hair.
“Yeah your probably right”.



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Liz woke up and breathed in deeply before opening her eyes. Max was not entangled with her so where did he go? she wondered.
She sat up quickly then looked around “Max?” She said.
About a minute later his head popped through the door frame “Yes lovely?” he asked.
“Where have you been? and what are you doing?” she asked.
“Kitchen and making breakfast, don’t get out of bed it will be ready soon” he grinned.
Liz’s eyes twinkled “You didn’t have to make breakfast Max” she went to hop out of bed when Max ran over and pushed her back “Stay in bed!” he demanded.
Liz grinned “Max your cooking breakfast naked?”.
He blushed and looked down “Yes, now just... don’t move” he leapt out of the room leaving a smiling Liz behind.
After 5 minutes Liz huffed “Max I’m getting VERY hungry” she yelled.
“2 minutes!” He yelled back.
Liz sighed and fell back, her head making a soft noise as it hit the pillow.
“So what do you want to do today?” Max asked.
Liz swallowed and rolled onto her side “What do YOU want to do today? it’s your birthday” she smiled, “Oh now I just feel awful, it’s your birthday and your making breakfast, I should be making breakfast” she said.
Max walked into the room holding tray that had a flower on it along with a plate full of sausages, bacon and egg. “No Liz, I wanted to make breakfast you, because the expression of your face when you eat it and like it will be my birthday present. See I know I would have put that joy on your face and that is enough for me to be satisfied”. Liz sat up and he put the tray down on her lap.
He crawled across the bed so he was on all fours next to her “Now enjoy so I can watch you” he grinned.
Liz frowned “I’m not going to eat with you staring at me like that”.
“Pleasssssssssseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do it for me” he begged.
Liz chuckled “Fine” she forked up a spoon full of egg and put it in her mouth, “Hmm” she moaned “That is really nice”.
“Your not humouring me are you?” He asked.
“No way, this is delicious” she dug up more and ate wildly till it was all gone “How did you learn to cook like that?” she asked.
“I used to do it a lot before I came here” he answered lying down in between her legs on top of the blanket.
“You have a talent” She leaned forward and kissed his lips “Thankyou for the wonderful food”.
He removed the tray and put it on the floor “It was my pleasure” he mumbled as his lips devoured hers.
Liz moaned “Hmm I get two treat’s from you in one morning?” she asked as he shifted to lift the blanket off her form.
“No this is for me” He smiled as he trailed kisses down her chest.
“What ever you say lover boy” she chuckled.


Liz put her glasses on then grabbed Max’s hand “Where to first?” she asked as they walked through town.
“We need to get a tie” Max answered.
“Oh yeah” Liz kissed his cheek “We’ll do that first”.
It was another hot day and they decided for the morning they would go shopping then decide what to do after that. Tonight Liz was going to cook dinner for Max, he didn’t know that but she had to do something for him, she was also going to try and get him a gift. Liz ran her thumb over Max’s while their fingers were intertwined, He smiled at her then placed a peck on her lips.

“So what to do you wanna do with the rest of the day?” Liz asked as they walked back to her house.
“I don’t know, I kind of feel like swimming” he answered. “Swimming?” Liz chuckled “Where?”.
“A river” Max answered swinging her around so she was facing him.
“Ok... your the birthday boy” she smiled.
“Do you know where a river is?” He asked walking backwards up the path to her house, “Um we used to swim in the one just beyond the stables with the school, but they might be there now and we can’t let them know you aren’t with Lillian” Liz unlocked the front door and Max picked her up and carried her in, she laughed as he chucked her down on the couch, “We’ll find a swimming hole somewhere” he said as he lied down on top of her.
“I’m sure we will” She rapped her arms around his neck and snuggled her face into his chest, “Hmm I love you so much” She whispered.
“Hmm I love you so much too” he kissed her lips and snuggled closer to her, “How about tonight we rent a video?” he asked.
“Sure what did you have in mind?” Liz asked rolling them over so he was on his back and she was lying at his side, “Anything I don’t mind” he said.
“Ok we’ll just have to go and have a look at the video library later, after finding a swimming hole” she grinned as she swooped down for a quick kiss “Ok I’m just going to get some togs on and get a few things ready then we can go” she kissed his lips again then slipped off the couch.

“Hey Maria” Alexandra spun around in a circle her brown hair flying out in all directions.
She fell back onto the bed next to Maria and her things got all messed up, Maria bit her lip to keep from smacking the bitch and letting her know what she really thought of her.
“I’m trying to work Alexan...” Alexandra puffed in a lot of air, “Why are you working on a Saturday, let’s go out and do something!” she picked up one of Maria’s books and chucked it onto the floor.
Maria gritted her teeth “Why don’t you go annoy someone ELSE?!” she asked loosing her temper.
“Maria babe don’t be so grumpy I’m just trying to enlighten our lives a little, everything here is sooooo boring” Alexandra stretched her legs out kicking the rest of Maria’s things off the bed. “I wish Max was here” Alexandra grinned evilly.
Maria groaned, their was only so much she could take and she couldn’t take no more!
“Why so you annoy the hell out of him?! just like you do EVERYONE ELSE?! Look Alexandra if you haven’t noticed NO ONE LIKES YOU and no one want’s you around them because you are so god dam annoying, I DO not want to go and do something with you and I do not want you to try and enlighten my life because the only thing you could do to my life is FAR FAR from enlighten it! I am trying to finish my homework and I am trying to get it done quickly, I want you to leave and I don’t want to see your FUCKING face for the rest of the day because I am afraid of what the hell I will do to you, If I were you I would get as far away as possible from me and not look back, you should FEAR OR YOUR LIFE because not only me will be after you, but Michael, Max, Alex, and Isabel if you do anything that annoys or discomfort’s any of me and my friends in any way, if you EVEN BREATH WRONG we will hunt you down and don’t think we won’t do it! I have put up with your crap for to long but it won’t happen any more, You are not my friend you are not someone I consider a nice or even decent person so please just GO AWAY!” Maria stood up and pointed to the door “AND ANOTHER THING: Max does not like you, you do not have a chance with him, He loves Liz, he fucking hates you for hanging around him 24/7 and you are a slut for throwing yourself at him! LEAVE HIM ALONE or me, Isabel and Liz will come and get you. Max is Liz’s man and nothing will stop us from getting that through your thick mind!” Alexandra whimpered and turned to see Michael standing at the door way with a shocked expression on his face.
“I have been in deep shit for beating up another chick from this school for only hitting on Max while Liz was standing there, HAVEN’T I MICHAEL?“ he nodded “don’t think I won’t do it again”.
Alexandra sobbed and ran out of the room and slammed the door behind Michael.
“Wow” he said.
Maria gritted her teeth and fell into his arms “I did good?”
“Yes” Michael laughed “Finally someone tells her the truth”
Maria whimpered and pulled away from him “I kind of feel bad..”
“Don’t, she had her chances to be nice and stay away from Max but she didn’t take them, she had it coming” Michael told her.
Maria grinned widely “I guess”.
They stood awkwardly staring at each other and all of a sudden Michael’s eyes flared with desire,
“Anyway you looked really sexy screaming at her like that” He grinned inching toward her.
Maria widened her eyes and Michael’s lips suddenly touched hers, she jerked back in shock “Oh my god Michael what are you doing?!” she exclaimed.
He suddenly realised what he had done, “I don’t know, I’m sorry” he turned around to head out of the room,
“Michael” Maria said, He turned around and stared at her, “I.. I ... I don’t know what to say”.
“Don’t say anything, just forget it ever happened”.




Max was in the shower and Liz was setting up the kitchen for his candle light dinner she was planning.
She had started making dinner a little while before he hopped in the shower but he had more of a surprise coming then he thought, she made the kitchen candle lit and soft music was filling the room. She had the table set for them both so they could sit side by side and she had cooked roast chicken and potatoes. She got into her best, white, dress and had done her hair up into a big mess on her head.
She hoped he like it.
Liz shuffled through some of her Nan’s CD’s and sighed, there was nothing good. What a surprise.
She popped a ‘all 4 one’ CD in, that was the only thing that looked reasonable.

I swear by the moon
and the stars in the sky
and I swear like the
shadow that's by your side
I see the questions in your eyes
I know what's waiting on your mind
you can be sure I know my part
'cause I stand beside you through the years
you'll only cry those happy tears
and though I make mistakes
I'll never break your heart

She felt arms rap around her waist and she smiled “Hey you” she whispered.
“What’s all this huh?” his husky voice breathed past her neck.
“Happy Birthday” she whispered arching her head back as he kissed her neck. He ran his hands over her smooth stomach and she caught his lips.
“Thankyou” Max smiled against her mouth, she opened her eyes to look at him “I wanted it to be special”.
“It is” he grabbed her hands and lead her to the table, “I need to put a shirt on..”
“No don’t” Liz smiled. He pulled her chair out and she sat down, he took a seat next to her and breathed in the scent of the food.
and I swear by the moon
and the stars in the sky I'll be there
I swear like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there for better or worse
till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
and I swear

They ate in loving silence, occasionally feeding each other or wiping each others mouths.
I'll give you every thing I can
I'll build your dreams with these two hands
we'll hang some memories on the wall
and when (and when) just the two of us are there
you won't have to ask if I still care
'cause as the time changes the page
my love won't ever age at all

Liz sipped her drink with a content smile slipping across her face as she watched Max. When did life get so good?
A year ago she was lonely and if someone had told her she would be deeply in love with her soul mate and be celebrating his birthday alone in her own house by eating a caressing each other at the dinner table, she would have told them to fuck off and stop being so cruel.
and I swear (I swear) by the moon
and the stars in the sky I'll be there (I'll be there)
I swear (and I swear) like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there (I’ll be there) for better or worse
till death do us part I'll love you
with every single beat of my heart and I swear

Liz raised her lips to Max's chin and gently licked the tiny bit of gravy that had made it’s way out of his mouth.
He pulled her lips to his and she moaned as he devoured her mouth.
and I swear (I swear) by the moon
and the stars in the sky I'll be there (I'll be there)
I swear (and I swear) like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there (I'll be there)
for better or worse (better or worse)
till death do us part I'll love you
with every single beat of my heart
I swear I swear I swear

Max and Liz cleared away the dishes in the sink quietly both with smiles on their faces. Max reached past Liz’s back to put a plate in the cupboard and Liz’s whole body stiffened. His arousal rubbed into her bum and she closed her eyes momentarily.
After finishing cleaning they headed into the lounge to watch their movie they had rented. Liz turned off the music coming from the CD player while Max put the video in the vcr.
As the previews started Liz lied down on her side on the couch and Max lied down beside her. Liz snuggled into his side and rested her head on his chest just below his neck, He gently stroked her hair and they both enjoyed their night together contently.

“Max are you ready to go?!” Liz yelled putting in some earrings.
“Nearly!” He replied.
“Hurry up we’ll be late” she grabbed her bag and Max came out of the room struggling with his new tie.
“Come here” she laughed, he walked over and helped him do up his tie.
Once they got to the chapel in the next town over Liz paced back and forth breathing in and out.
“You do know I’m the one that’s supposed to be nervous?” Greta asked.
Liz blushed and stopped pacing “Yeah sorry” she fidgeted with her white gown.
The bride was wearing lavender and the brides maids had to wear white thin strapped dresses.
“I’m just, worried I’ll do something wrong and stuff up your whole wedding” Liz stressed.
“Don’t worry” Trinity laughed “You only have to walk down the isle and step to the side one you reach the end.
“I can’t believe I’m acting like this, we are all supposed to be supporting the nervous bride” Liz laughed uneasily.
“Yeah well I’m nervous, I mean what if he doesn’t like the dress? what if he all of a sudden decides he doesn’t wan t spend every waking moment for the rest of his life with me? oh god he doesn't want me any more! I know it!” Greta was now pacing.
“Oh now look what you’ve done” Trinity, Greta’s sister rapped her arm around Greta’s waist “Honey He loves you dearly! and you look fantastic” Trinity’s English accent made Liz smile, it was quite entertaining.
“You do” Liz grabbed Greta’s hands “You look beautiful”.
“Thankyou guys” Greta bit her lip “Oh god can’t we just start this thing?!”.
Liz and Trinity laughed.
“Actually we can” Liz said looking at the clock “It’s time”.
Greta squeaked “um ok” They headed for the door and piled out into the room that lead to the isle.
Max and Trinity’s friend was standing their in some deep discussion until the ladies walked in.
Max told Liz she looked stunning and she blushed “Thankyou honey” she pecked his lips then they headed down the isle.
They couldn’t help but wish this was their wedding. Liz sort of felt it was and she was all giddy for no reason.
They parted their separate ways then watched as the bride came down the isle.
After the vowels Greta and Eric were announced husband and wife. They disappeared for a while then reappeared as everyone got to the room where the reception was being held.
Liz and Max sat down at a table and watched in awe as Greta and Eric danced to their first dance as a married couple.
When other couples started dancing Max and Liz joined in, Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder and smiled “This has been the best weekend of my whole life” Max whispered.
“Me too” Liz kissed his neck slightly then closed her eyes.
“Congratulations” Liz hugged Greta a while later,
“Thankyou Liz, thankyou for being here!” Greta smiled.
“It was my pleasure” Liz smiled “Hurry up and cut the cake now!”.
“Oh yeah, I better do that or uncle Ron will start getting edgy” Liz and Greta laughed.
After the cake was cut the bouquet was thrown and some lady got it and grinned widely at her partner.
Max and Liz fed each other cake at the back of the room as she sat on his knee.
“At out wedding, I don’t want to go through all this planning again, let’s just get married at a tiny little place, with like 10 people” Liz explained.
“What no big wedding?” Max asked.
“Do you want one?” Liz asked frowning in surprise.
“I don’t know, I mean maybe, wait.. I don’t know, it’s too far away to know” Max answered.
“How far away?” Liz asked.
Max bit his lip “I don’t know, I just meant it won’t happen in the next two years, so it won’t really matter till then..”
Liz nodded “ok” she continued eating cake and watching the bride and groom.
On the way home Liz fell asleep with her head resting on Max’s shoulder. He carried her inside and placed her down on her bed.
She shifted onto her side and Max pulled her shoes off. He undid the buttons on her dress and slid it off her. He pulled the covers over her and placed a kiss on her forehead “I love you” he whispered.




Max flicked through his Math’s work book.
He was to depressed to work.
After a few more minutes he sighed and chucked the book on the floor. He lied down and turned the lamp by the side of his bed off.
It had been three months since Liz’s birthday and they had spent that half of the day that they had together, making love. He had made her breakfast again, but much to her protest he had not done it naked.
Alexandra had moved to a different bedroom when he got back and she never talked to any of them, he never found out why.
He had caught Maria and Michael kissing at one point, he just grinned sheepishly while they blushed furiously. He had told them to be more careful about where they choose to make out.
Seeing them together reminded him too much of him and Liz when they first started getting caught making out from Maria or Isabel and occasionally Alex and Michael. That had made him depressed even more, even though he was happy for his friends finding happiness with each other. He wondered if he and Liz had never got together would Michael and Maria ever have?
He hadn’t seen Liz in 3 months and he was in denial.
Lillian said she couldn’t do anything to help him right now, there was no free opportunities.
Max put his arms behind his head and sighed, he needed her by his side while he was in bed.

Liz coughed, she had a cold.
Tissues surrounded her bed and cups of lemon drink sat on her dresser.

Basically she felt like crap.

These past few months had been hell. She kept praying Max would come and see her soon, she was afraid that if he didn’t she would hold everyone hostage and demand that if they don’t get Max Evans to her in the next two minutes she would start blowing stuff up.
Arena had been coming around to make sure she was alright, half the time she was asleep or passed out.
She wondered how Max was, was he happy and well?
Liz couldn’t go 2 seconds with out thinking about him. She decided to time herself.
She grabbed her lemon drink and turned on her lamp.
It was cold and dark outside and it was also raining, she lost her virginity to Max when it was raining. Liz groaned and rolled onto her back, she had gone hmm, maybe one second?
Her body was aching for him, but most of all her heart wanted him, she missed the way he smiled at her when he woke up in the morning, the way his fingers felt in her hair, the way he kissed her jawbone and down her neck. Oh she missed everything; it was taking a strain on her body not having him near. She probably got this cold because she wasn’t taking care of herself, she was too busy thinking about Max.

She didn’t care if she got sick because of that, she would get this sick for Max any day.


Maria grabbed Michael’s hand under the table and ran her fingers up and down his palm.
Max groaned “You know your not allowed to do that here, you’ll get caught”.
“Oh shut up, Mr. I miss Liz so much I’m taking it out on everyone else who is happy” Maria rolled her eyes “Max can I be honest with you?”
He nodded and bit his lip.
“We ALL miss Liz and we can see why you have the right to miss her that wee bit more, but you’ll see her eventually, you know you will. You are moping around and we have been nothing but nice to you and helped you out, you never do anything in return or even show us that all our effort is actually helping a little bit” she brushed her hair behind her ears “I know the separation from Liz is hard for you but you have to remember that people won’t want to be around you if you don’t show a little gratitude for what we do for you. You know, show a little appreciation now and then?”.
Max didn’t know what to say, was he acting that cold hearted?
“I’m not telling you off I’m just saying that we know your thankful for what we do, we just want you to start doing stuff to prove what we do is taking toll. You could do that by getting evolved, occasionally Leaving your room?”
Max frowned “Um I didn’t notice I was doing that but I guess I can make more of an effort for you guys” he crossed his arms. He didn’t want to get into a stupid fight with Maria, she would kick his ass.
“Sorry if you’ve felt that way for a while” He said.


After 5 weeks Max finally got to go to Liz’s house on a Sunday.
“Stop it Max” Liz argued “I’m making lunch, ok?” she walked into the kitchen and Max followed her. He placed gentle kisses down her neck “I can’t leave again” he said.
Liz turned around and rapped her arms around his neck “Stay then”.
They liked to convince themselves that they could just stay together and he wouldn’t have to leave again.
Max moaned as she pushed her mouth onto his “I love you so much” she whispered.
‘Ding dong’ the door bell rang and Liz groaned
“For gods sake, why now?” she mumbled. Max chuckled and she huffed off.
He started making lunch while Liz headed towards the door.
Liz pulled the door open and lifted her head. She felt her whole body begin to num over and she shook violently. She slammed the door in the persons face and walked backwards, “Who was it Liz?” Max asked as he walked over to her.
“don... nothing is wrong let’s just...” Liz stuttered and hurried into Max’s arms “Max... just please hold me.. ok don’t let me ok?” she buried her face in her chest and whimpered “No one was there ok... It was no one.. let’s go.. back to my room and just stay... away from... the front door” she clung to Max and he rapped his arms around her worriedly.
“Are you ok?” he asked.
She lifted her head from his chest and looked into his eyes. Max knew she was trying not to cry because her eyes were rimmed with red, “Honey who was at the door?”
“No.... no one” she pushed them through the lounge and into the bedroom. Who could have upset Liz so much? Max wondered.
The next thing he felt was the soft mattress against his back and Liz climbing on top of him. She smothered his neck with kisses and began heaving at the hem of his top.
“Liz..” He said trying to stop her but she grabbed his hands “Max please just.. Make love to me”.
“Liz ... not until you tell me who was at the door” he sat up and she straddled him.
“It was no one... no one was there” Liz shook her head.
‘Ding dong’ the doorbell rang again.
Liz gasped and slid around his body so she was hiding behind his back, she buried her face in his back and huddled her body in a little ball.
“Liz honey.. I’m going to go answer the door..” He stood up and looked at Liz “No!” She grabbed his back “Please don’t just stay here..” tears began pouring down her cheeks.
“Liz” he kneeled down in front of her and rapped his arms around her. She began sobbing uncontrollably on his shoulder and by now Max was very worried.
He had to know who was at the door, he stood up after Liz’s sobs quietened down and headed to the door, “MAX!” she yelled.
Max headed to the door and pulled it open.
“Who're you?” he asked the lady at the door.



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The small lady with blonde hair that had awful dark brown re-growth stood at the door fidgeting with her hands at her waist.
Her eyes were rimmed with red and she wore heavy eye liner.
“Nancy Parker” She spoke in a low voice “Who are you?”
Max swallowed, oh.

“Um what do you want?” he asked. He was very harsh, he had so much anger towards this woman he had to try and suppress some of it. She had inflicted more pain to Liz through out her life and Max wasn’t about to just say welcome and come inside.
“This is my moms house who are you?” the lady said.
Her gaze lifted to the figure appearing from the back of the room, the small girl came up behind Max “GO AWAY! you are not welcome here and you never will be again” Liz yelled.
The lady flinched and Max rapped his arms around Liz for support.
“Please.. just let me talk to you” Nancy begged.
“Fuck off” Liz said. Max was surprised but yet he expected it, he felt like saying it himself.
“Liz..” Nancy said shocked.
“You heard me, leave go away your not welcome here..” Liz grabbed Max and pulled him back inside.
She slammed the door and Max rapped his arms around her “Are you ok?” he asked rubbing his head in her hair.
She shook her head “No” she whispered.
The door bell rang again and Liz scoffed “I can’t... I can’t deal with her.. I can’t” she whimpered. Max couldn’t stand to see Liz this upset any more so he was going to put an end to it, “Go to your room and close the door ok? I’ll get rid of her”.
Liz looked up at him “Are you sure..?” she asked.
“Yes, go, don’t worry about me” he let go of her and watched as she walked backwards to her room. Once the bedroom door closed he opened the front door “What do you want?!” He demanded.
“I came to see my mother” The lady said.
“Well good luck, she’s at the central cemetery, its about 2 minute drive, ask for directions in town” his raised voice sent shivers through Nancy, she saw how mad he was through his eyes and she did not want to mess with him.
She swallowed “The... the cemetery?” she asked her eyes bubbling with tears.
“Yes she died a while ago and if you had been around to begin with you would have known that!” Max yelled now, he was getting sick of seeing this woman’s face, but slamming the door on her again would not do much to help the situation.
“My moms dead?” a tear dripped down her cheek.
“Yes” Max said frustrated, “Now would you please leave.. you’ve hurt Liz enough for a life time, I won’t let you hurt her any more”
“I will leave, but.. but can you just say to her, I’m sorry. Tell her I’m sorry please” The lady begged.
Max raised his eye brows “Goodbye” he closed the door and leaned his back against it straight after wards. He closed his eyes and breathed in.

He didn’t feel the time fly by, it just seemed to stand still, while he stood there. Liz came out after ten minutes and walked up to him “Max?” she whispered.
He turned his head that was still resting on the door “You ok?” he asked taking her in his arms. She nodded against his chest “I heard what you said, thankyou, I don’t know how I could have handled it without you”
Max kissed the top of her head “Liz you don’t need to thank me, I just can’t believe she’d have the nerve to show up after all these years”
“Me either, she said she was here for her mother, what did she hope to gain from seeing her? Nan was just as mad at her as I am” the door bell rang and Liz raised her eye brows “That wouldn’t be her again would it?”
“I don’t think so, she looked like she was leaving” he pulled the door open and Greta and Eric stood there smiling.

“Hey guys” Eric and his new wife walked in and Greta hugged Liz on the way. Eric kissed Liz’s cheek “Nice to see you again Liz... are you ok?” he asked
Greta hugged Max and turned to Liz “Is something wrong? is this a bad time?”
Liz opened her mouth to say something but then just shut it, she didn’t feel like talking.
“Oh.. it is kind of but your welcome to stay if you’d like” Max hoped they would leave, Liz was in no state for visitors, but he didn’t want to be rude.
Greta raised her eye brows “No, we understand!” she ran her hand down Liz’s cheek “Ring us later ok?”
“I’m sorry, it’s just..” Eric cut Liz off “No need to explain Liz, hope it’s nothing to serious, we’ll see you later” they walked out and headed down the path.


“What do you mean I should talk to her?!” Liz yelled “I can’t believe you’d suggest that Max! I thought you understood!” she got up from the table and Max grabbed her before she could get away.
“Liz!” he exclaimed “Stop this ok? I did not say that, I just wanted to know if you were even moderately interested in what she has to say for herself, I know your upset but she was obviously here to set things straight, don’t you want to hear her out? I don’t expect you to forgive her, I won’t even do that, but you could at least hear out don’t you think?”
Liz frowned “No I don’t want to hear her out! she has had all these years to come back and I’ve waited for her! I have waited long enough Max I can’t and I won’t face her again, to me she is dead, I don’t care if she lives or dies.
Do you understand that Max? I just don’t care about her anymore. If she had come two years earlier than maybe I would have listened to her but not know, no way I just can’t, it hurts to much!” tears poured from her eyes “I can’t face her, I won’t” she left the room and Max sat there wishing he’d never said anything.

He had just thought that maybe she would have wanted to hear why she was here, obviously not. He could understand that and he would not push it any further, it was her decision and he should be helping her not trying to tell her what to do. He stood up and began clearing the table, she probably just needed to be alone right now.
After filling the sink with water and adding the dish washing liquid he began cleaning the dishes from their macaroni cheese, lunch.
The water was warm and oily on his hands and bubbles stained his wrists as he scrubbed a bowel. What could he do to help Liz with this situation? he had to leave in an hour and he needed the peace of mind that she would be ok.
This was a very hard thing for her and he didn’t think she should be alone, did Greta and Eric know about her situation with her mother? should he ring them and get them to look after her?

He heard her come up behind him ten minutes later, she stood behind him and he continued to clean the dishes, he was going to wait for her to say something then he would apologise for not understanding. Her arms came around his waist and then her hands dunked into the soapy water, her fingers ran over his soapy warm ones and around his wrists “I’m sorry Max I didn’t mean to..”. “Shhh” he whispered. Liz rested her head on his back and closed her eyes, she didn’t care what he said, she did not deserve him. He ran his bubbly wet hands up her arms and encircled them in between his fingers. He could hear her breath catch in her throat and that brought a small smile to his face, no words were spoken, they just needed to touch each other.
“Hmm” Liz moaned as Max kissed her hands and put them back in the water with his still entangled within them. He breathed in sharply and closed his eyes, he needed to look after her, how could he do that if he was at the boarding home?
“I’ll be fine” she whispered on her tippee toes her lips brushing his ear, it was all most like she had heard his thoughts. “I’ll just go back to normal and if she comes around again, I’ll handle it”
“How?” he asked sliding his palm over hers. She breathed in and placed a kiss against his neck “If she says something sensible then I’ll listen but if I can’t I won’t, I’ll send her away again, if she won’t leave that’s what the police are for”.
He nodded “Ok, just promise you will be careful ok? I can’t bear the thought of anything happening to you, I don’t know what I’d do with myself”
“You don’t have to worry about that, nothings going to happen to me. I am a big girl Max and I can look after myself” she pulled her hands away from his and turned him around so she could look into his eyes “I love you” she pushed her lips to his “I need some platform shoes so I can reach your mouth with out tippee toes”
Max chuckled “No you don’t, then I won’t get to lift you up as often” he rapped his arms around her and lifted her off the ground, he walked out of the kitchen and put her down on the couch. She kissed him and pulled him down on top of her “We’ll be fine Max, we only have a little while to go till we can leave this place, maybe I should put the house on the market?”
Max looked her in the eyes “Are you sure you want to?” he asked. Liz nodded “Yeah, I have kept a few things of hers that I want to remember her but I don’t need this house, plus the money from it will be great to get a house with you somewhere far *kiss* far *kiss* far *kiss* away from here”
Max smiled “yes I can” he felt a little bad about not having anything to contribute, he hated using her money, he wanted her to buy things for herself with that money.
He told her that and she simply said “I am buying things for myself with the money Max, your what’s important to me”.


Max got a letter from his parents and it shocked him, he didn’t know if he’d hear from them again. It said:

Dear Max.

Me and your father are very sorry that we haven’t gotten in touch with you since we sent you there but I wanted to write and say that we still love you very much. We hope your enjoying it there, the last thing we want is for you to be unhappy. I would have come and got you straight away at Christmas if I could have.
Isn’t graduation coming up? I will be there if my life depends on it! I promise Max, I know I’m the last person you’d want to trust but you do mean a lot to me and I will come. Have you thought about what your going to do once your finished there? I have just brought and apartment in New York and it would be great if you moved here, they have a great University.
Me and your father are separated for good, I’m sorry to tell you that but your old enough to know about that kind of thing and if your not, you will understand some day about how love sometimes just runs out.
I am working for a News channel, I’m not on the screen yet but I hope to be. There’s not one day that goes by when I don’t think about you.
Start thinking about what your going to do after school and be sure that I will be there when you finish so you can tell me your plans. Give the Nuns my new address so they can get hold of me when they need to, apologise for me not getting in touch with them, tell them I’ll try and send some extra money for their troubles.
I have written my phone number at the bottom so you can ring me if you want to, I’ll hold my breath until I hear from you.
I have turned over a new leaf Max, now that your father and I have separated I am much more alive, he was holding me down Max, I’m sorry.
I promise I’ll be a better mother now, I will do my best.
I love you Max, don’t ever feel unloved by me, it may seem like I don’t but I do I promise you that. I will see out as soon as possible, I’m looking forward to it.
If you can’t ring me, write, I’ll understand why you can’t talk to me.

Look after yourself for me, my son.

love from,
your mother.


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----------- Part 11

Max went to Maria. Why Maria, he did not know, she just always seemed to be there. He walked into their room and found that she was not there, only Isabel. Hmmm he thought taking a seat next to her on the bed. “Can I talk to you for a second?” he asked.
She looked up from her book and nodded “Sure, what’s up?”
“I got a letter” he handed it to her “It’s from my mother”
Isabel raised her eye brows and began reading.

“Max you have to write her back” she folded the letter and handed it back with tears in her eyes “You have to, it would kill her if you didn’t, she loves you, you can see the sincerity in her words”
Max swallowed the lump in his throat “What am I supposed to say? I haven’t heard from her since she dropped me off here and now this?”
Isabel touched his arm “Say how you felt about the letter and how shocked you were to get it, say you love her and tell her you will look forward to seeing her at graduation” swallow
“Tell her about Liz and what’s going on in your life, tell her everything Max”
“The letter would be at least five pages long, on just Liz” He explained, Isabel smiled “Yes but she will love it, she need’s your comfort now more than ever, she’s all alone and your all she has left”
Max stared down at the folded piece of paper in his hands, his mother she did love him and did care for him, this letter had been a unexpected gift.
“Thankyou Isabel” he stood up and she smiled, “Go write the most beautiful letter in the world” she whispered.
He nodded and left the room, going straight to his.

The letter took three days to write.

Dear Mom,

I must admit I did not expect to hear from you or dad again, that’s the way you made it seem when you sent me here. I was mad at you for a long time and you can’t expect me to forgive you straight away with one letter, you hurt me a lot.

The beginning of his letter, he had re-write it three times before he decided he had to tell the truth. He explained how he had not made his mind up about graduation and what he was going to do, he only knew that he would be with Liz. He then explained how he met Liz and how it had been love at first sight, he told her about their first kiss and how they had seen each other without the school knowing.
He explained how Liz had caught Lillian with a man and how she had black mailed them by helping them stay a secret. He told her how the plan had worked for a while before he and Liz got caught at camp and she was sent away from the school to her mean Nana, that died not long after she arrived leaving her alone.

He told her everything, of corse not all the intimate details, but the basics. The letter was six and a half pages long, front and back of the paper. He put in a small photo of him and Liz that had been taken in town. Liz was wearing a big sunhat and a little flowery dress with black sandals, Max had his strong arms around her waist and was looking the other way when the photo was taken, it was a nice photo that Maria had taken.

After he wrote the letter to his mother he wrote a letter to Liz, he updated her on the situation and confessed his undying love for her again and again and again. He gave the letters to Lillian and she posted them that day. Max was nervous about his letter to his mother, what would she say, would she be mad, would she be happy?
Was this how she felt when she wrote him? probably worse.


Liz read Max’s letter over and over, she needed too, she was missing him too much. Eric and Greta went back home to their country and now she only had Arena. Arena was like another Nana, Liz could not have asked more from a person.
Liz never saw her mother again, apart from once in town, Liz just walked the other way before her mom got a chance to see her. She did not need her mother in her life, she did not want to have to deal with that pain on top of everything else.
She guessed that her mom just left to go back where she came from. Liz was happy with that.

Her letter back to Max was long, she did not write who the sender was on the back, in case the school would not give it to him. She was glad about him hearing from his mother, at least one of them could have a parent.
She cried while she read the letter his mom gave to him, Max must have been so sad when he got it she thought.

Liz had put the house on the market and a few people had looked at it, no one seemed interested yet. She was thinking about her options, should she and Max go and stay in New York and go to college there? so he could be close to his mother?
She would do that, she would go anywhere for him, if New York was where his mother was and he wanted to go, that’s where they would go. She old him that in her letter.

Six moths till graduation, SIX! that was not much, but then again it felt like a life time.


Max got Liz’s letter back and not his mothers. He waited for it, two weeks went by, then three. He thought it could have got lost in mail, or she had been too busy to answer it yet, or she was just a liar in her last letter, could people even turn over a new leaf?
He grew angry and uneasy every day, why would she not write back? he had poured his heart out to her, what kind of a person did not write back to a letter like that??

A few days later he was called out front and there stood his mother. She had flown there from New York to see him. When she saw him she burst into tears and hugged him so tight he could barely breath. She really loved him, Max could not have been happier.
She explained that his letter had been too touching to reply to, she had to come and see her son as soon as she had got some time off.
“Your not my baby any more” she whimpered “Your a man and what a man you are Max, you are very handsome, I’m not surprised Liz fell in love with you”
Max flinched at her name, his wounds were forever open when it came to her, his queen whom in which he had not seen in nearly four months.
“Let’s leave here” His mom whispered in his ear “we’ll go see her, I have to meet her, she is very beautiful in the photo, I wonder if it is possible for her to be as beautiful in person?”
“She is..“ Max whispered “.. More beautiful in person”
Diane smiled “I trust you Max, so I bet she is”.
After Diane had talked to the nuns and explained that she was taking her son away for a few days, she gave then two hundred dollars and apologised for Max’s behaviour last year. They had hissed and said he was very lucky not have gotten kicked out of their school. She agreed that is was very wrong then called them old bats to Max, behind their back.
They drove in her rented car to Liz’s house. Max explained that he last time he had seen her, was when she had seen her mother for the first time since she was young. Diane had tears in her eyes “I thought I was a bad mother, the poor girl, well hopefully one day she’ll have me as a mother in law” she wiped her eyes.
“Hopefully” Max said, leaving his mother to squeak in happiness.

When they got to Liz’s they found she was not home. “Work” Max said rubbing his brow “she must be at one of her jobs”
“One of her jobs?” His mother said
They went to Arena’s and she hugged Max instantly “Nice to see you Max, Liz will be ecstatic as always”
Max introduced his mother to Arena and they hugged “You have good son here Diane” she whispered.
“I know, thankyou for being a part of his life” Diane smiled. Arena and her were friends instantly.
Arena explained that Liz was at her Wal-Mart job till 3pm. That was four hours away. “She has her lunch break at 11:30 though, it’s only a twenty minute one”
It was ten past eleven now, so they went straight there, but not before Diane promised to have dinner with Arena one night before she went back to New York.

Liz was at one of the check outs when Diane got into her line. Max sat grinning from afar, he couldn’t wait much longer though. It was near impossible for him to just watch Liz from afar, he needed to touch her.
Finally it was Diane’s turn to buy her purchases, she had a big chocolate cake in a plastic container and a bottle of wine.
“Hi” Liz smiled swiping the product’s “That’s be $45.50 thanks” she put the items in a bag and Diane handed her the credit card. “Could just sign here please” Liz put the recept down in front of Diane and she signed clearly, Diane Evans. Liz thanked her and took it from her hand without noticing the name. She put it in the till and handed her the bag “Enjoy your day” she smiled.
Diane smiled brightly “Thankyou Liz” she walked over to Max and nodded her head “She is more beautiful in person isn’t she?”
Max smiled “She is the most beautiful creature in the whole world” he looked in the bag “Cake and wine?” he laughed.

Liz opened the till to get some change, this is when she noticed the name on the recept she had just gotten signed. Her heart stopped and she felt a lump form in her throat. Diane Evans? was this some kind of a joke? she lifted her head and scanned the building for the lady who had just been there. She picked up the recept and gapped at it. No, no it had to be a coincidence. She scanned the room again, she finally saw her.... standing in the door way staring at her with Max. She paled and dropped the money in her hand.
“Excuse me miss? are you alright?” her customer asked. Liz couldn’t pull her eyes away from Max's, she stuttered “This check outs closed, sorry” She picked up the money and handed it to the lady who was staring at her bitterly. “Could you at least do my groceries first? I’ve been waiting for five minutes” the lady hissed.

Liz swallowed. Dam. She took the money back shoved in the till, threw her the change and hopped down from the stall. She took off her apron as she headed over to the two people in the door way. Once it was off she began running and she pounced on Max “What are you doing here?” she demanded placing kisses all over his face.
“Came to see you of corse” he kissed her hard and rapped his arms around her waist “Liz... I want you to meet my mom” he whispered.
Liz playfully punched him “I can’t believe you” she turned to Diane “I’m Liz” she smiled.
“I know who you are Liz Parker, the love of my sons life” She laughed and hugged Liz to her. tears formed in Liz’s eyes and she bit her lip tp keep from crying “When did you come here?” she asked.
“Let’s get out of here first, then we can talk” Max kissed Liz’s forehead and she let a tear drip from her cheek.
“I have to go tell them I’m going for lunch, I’ll be back in a second” She turned and ran over to the service desk.

They walked over to Diane’s rental car and hopped in. Max and Liz sat in back, with their arms around each other.
“Where too?” Diane asked giddily.


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They went to Liz’s house, it was close and it had food and privacy. “Oh this place is so cute!” Diane stood in the middle of the lounge. Liz began picking up things off the floor, “I’m sorry about the mess, I didn’t expect too..” Max stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders to stop her from walking around.
“Shh” he placed a kiss on her neck “It’s not messy and even if it was it wouldn’t matter... right mom?”
Diane nodded “Yes Liz stop fussing.. I want to talk to you”
Liz breathed in “Ok, let’s go in the kitchen I’ll get us something to eat”

Once in the kitchen she began opening cupboards to look for something to cook, “I have a meat loaf that I made last night, I can heat that up?.. or there’s, bread for sandwiches or.. microwave pasta..”
“Liz!” Max exclaimed “Sit down! we have cake, please come and sit with me I need to hold your hand”

She blushed and sat down, but not before grabbing three plates and cups. Diane put a piece of cake on each plate and poured them all some red wine. Liz had her hand on her lap and was fidgeting nervously. Max looked at her “Liz? honey why are you nervous it’s ok, she’s not going to bit your head off” he grabbed her hands and rubbed them with his own. Diane watched the whole exchange with a small smile on her face “Liz, tell me about yourself” she said.
Liz looked up from her lap and breathed in “There really isn’t much to say”
“Well how old are you?” Diane asked digging up some cake with her fork. Liz could feel Max’s eyes on her and his thumb that was rubbing over her knuckles. “I’m seventeen” she swallowed.
Diane moaned “Oh.. this cake is to die for.. you two eat up!”.
Max let go of her hands and just held one of them with one of his own. He took a bite of the cake and listened while Liz answered his mothers questions.

“How long are you here for?” Liz asked sipping her wine. “Three days, I can stay at a hotel so you two can have that time to yourselves here, if you’d like, I wouldn’t mind”.
Liz protested straight away “No way! we have two bedroom here and there is no way your staying at a hotel by yourself”
‘You stay here every night by yourself’ thought Max, he nearly said it out loud but it might have come across the wrong way.
“Are you sure?” His mother was staring at Max. He swallowed his foot and shook his head “Yes we’re sure, stay here, you didn’t come down here to stay at a hotel, you came to see m... us” he got up and went over to the fridge to get some of that meat loaf Liz had mentioned.


“Is there anything else you need?” Liz asked as she stood in the doorway to the spare room. Otherwise known as her Nana’s old room.
“No thankyou Liz I have everything I need” she walked up and put her hands on Liz’s shoulders “Thankyou for everything you’ve done.. and not just today I mean for what you’ve done for my son, he wouldn’t have accepted me again as easily if it wasn’t for you, you have certainly changed him, for the best”
Liz smiled “He’s changed me too”
“Yes, you glowed much brighter when you saw him today, I know you two will last, have a good sleep” she pulled her hands away and Liz backed away “Goodnight”
“Goodnight” Diane closed her door and Liz turned and walked down the hall to her room.

Max was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, only wearing boxes. The other times he had stayed he usually did everything naked, the way Liz liked, but since his mom was there he was covering himself. Liz closed the bedroom door slightly as she took her clothes off and put a white tank top on. She walked into the bathroom and Max saw her and stopped brushing his teeth. She opened the shower door and reached in for her tooth brush. When she turned to face him she blushed “What?” she asked.
He smiled and spat out his tooth paste “You are aware that you tank top is very see through?” he put water on his face and ran it through his hair.
Liz looked down at herself “oh” she came up behind him “Sorry about that”

She pressed herself against his bare back as she put water and tooth paste on her tooth brush.
Max’s breath caught in his throat and he watched her silently. She was going to kill him!
When she had finished brushing her teeth she washed her face and headed over to the door “You coming?” she asked turning her head back.
He swallowed “Yes. Yes I am”
She couldn’t help but run to her room and jump on the bed, she was giddy! Max ran in behind her and closed the door quickly. The lamp beside her bed was on and it only lit the room enough to see where you were going. He crawled up the bed to her and then kneeled with his legs on either side of her waist and with his hands beside her head.
She laughed and pulled his face down to hers for a warm passionate kiss. “I don’t know if I can make love to you with my mother just down the hall”
Liz’s eyes brows stitched together “Your making me regret saying she shouldn’t stay a hotel now!”
Max chuckled.

“What if we’re extra quiet?” she lifted her bare leg and rubbed it against his bare thigh. Max kissed her “If we’re.. extra, extra, extra quiet”
Liz rubbed her face in his neck “I think I can manage that”
Max looked at her with a disbelieving expression “Can you?
She whacked his arm “What do you mean... can you?”she tried to calm her breathing, but it was kind of hard when Max was grinding himself against her.
“Well you aren’t exactly known to be the quiet one are you?” Max was kissing her neck and didn’t notice her turn bright red until he lifted his head. Liz pushed him off her “aghh! how embarrassing!” she brought her thighs up chest and rapped her arms around them.
Max apologised.
Liz frowned and lied back down.

“She won’t hear us, I’m just being paranoid” Max pulled off her tank top and fondled her chest.
Liz moaned and Max laughed and placed a kiss against her lips “Quieter”
She moaned deep down in her throat, “Better” he smiled.


Liz woke up with her face buried in Max’s shoulder. She breathed in and moved away, opening her eyes she looked over at the clock.
Max stirred and pulled her under him “Good morning” He whispered kissing a smiling Liz’s lips.
He jumped off the bed and headed over to the door. “Some ones in a good mood, is there any particular reason why?” she sat up and rapped the white sheet around her naked body.
“Who wouldn’t be this happy when they wake up with you naked and in the same bed?”

He is so adorable, thought Liz.

He was about to open the door but Liz stopped him “Max”
He turned to her “Yes?”
“You might give your mother a heart attack if she wakes up and finds you cooking breakfast naked” Liz got up off the bed and headed over to the window to let some fresh air into the room.
“Oh!” he walked over to the side of the bed and picked up his boxers “It’s lucky you remembered lovely” he walked up behind her and nuzzled her neck “Thankyou”
She grabbed his hands and rapped them around her waist “I love you” she whispered.
He kissed her neck “I love you too”

They stood like that for five minutes:

“I have to take a shower” Liz whispered. Max ran his hands over her stomach and down her sides. His hands stopped on her ass, she had some tiny stretch marks on her bum and at the top of her thighs, they had always been there. Max found them cute. Liz found them disgusting.
“I’ll join you” He said. Liz turned around to face him and rapped her arms around his neck “I don’t know if I can be quite again, I nearly combusted last night”
Max laughed and buried his head in her hair “Who said anything about noise’s I just was going to save hot water”
Liz kissed his lips “What ever honey” she walked over to her closet door and pulled the robe down off it. She pulled it over her body and did up the tie, “You go start it and I’ll be in in a few minutes” she walked out of the room smiling and headed into the kitchen.

“Oh, hi Diane, what are you doing up? I thought you’d sleep in, you know since you don’t have work to worry about” Liz picked up the kettle and filled it up with water from the tap.
“Oh I always wake up early” Diane was eating a corn flakes. Liz sensed something was wrong, she turned the kettle on and sat down at the table “Are you ok?” she asked.
Diane raised her face, she had tears in her eyes “I’m fine” she croaked out. Liz felt her heart swell, “Oh Diane” she stood up and walked over to her. “Please talk to me, I might be able to make you feel better” she kneeled in front of her and pulled her into a hug.
Diane began sobbing onto Liz’s shoulder and Liz rapped her arms tight around her “It’s ok, you know what ever it is, I’m sure everything will be fine” Liz tried to be reassuring, but she was always uncomfortable when people were crying near her.
When Diane composed herself she sat up straight and wiped her eyes “I’m so sorry Liz” she felt her voice breaking again “I shouldn’t be putting my problems onto you, you have enough to worry about”
“No. No don’t say that, please I’m here to help” Liz tucked her hair behind her ears.
Diane started to weep again “I miss Phil, I loved him I really did, but we just had to many problems. I don’t want to grow old by myself”

Liz felt tears sting her eyes “Diane” she touched her arm “Do you want him back?”
Diane shook her head “No, I mean I don’t know...we wouldn’t last, I just am afraid of being alone” she wiped her eyes “You know, we used to be as happy as you and Max”
Liz frowned “I’m sorry that your marriage ended, but I don’t think Max and I..”
Diane slapped her head “Oh I can’t believe I said that! No Liz I’m sorry I didn’t mean it that way!”
Liz bit her lip “Diane what means to say you won’t find anyone else? it’s not like your very old, your only, what 39?”
Diane laughed “Oh that’s sweet honey” she patted Liz’s head “I’m forty seven”
Liz gasped “You do not look forty seven! Diane I swear you will find someone, You will!”
“Liz are you comi...?” Max stuck his head into the room and when he saw his mom sitting there with tear streaks on her cheeks he stopped “Mom?” he walked in, with just a towel rapped around his waist. “What’s wrong?” he demanded.

Diane smiled “You two are so caring, I am so happy you found each other..” Max frowned, “You weren’t crying over that were you..?” he looked very confused.
Liz laughed and pulled him into her arms “Max don’t worry, it’s nothing, go have a shower ok?”
“No.. I will not have a shower while my mother is in here like this. What’s wrong?” he pushed the shoulder of Liz’s robe back up so she wasn’t as exposed. Diane stood up “I was just having a private conversation with Liz, Max. Nothing you should worry your pretty little head about, now run along and have a shower” she rinsed her dish in the sink.
Max was frowning again “So your ok? nothings wrong anymore?” he pulled Liz up off the floor.

“Yes Max I’m fine now, thanks to Liz” Diane grabbed a cup and filled it with water from the kettle. “Ok then” Max walked over to the door “Can you um.. get me a ... towel?” he blinked when his mom wasn’t looking. Liz rolled her eyes “But Max honey you have a towel rapped around you waist”
He grinned and checked to make sure his mom wasn’t looking “Not... anymore I don’t” he whispered dropping the towel to the ground and sprinting down the hall. Liz gasped at the sight of his ass quickly disappearing through the door. She then laughed and picked up the towel and hid it behind her back “Diane I’ll be back soon”.
Diane turned around, not having heard Max’s last comments, thank god, “Yeah sure Liz, do you want me to make you a coffee?”
Liz shook her head as she backed away “No it’s ok, thanks Diane” she ran down the hall and into the bathroom. Closing the door and locking it she opened the shower door where Max was. The water was pouring down over his body and his eyes were closed. Liz slapped his arm and he turned to her with a big, teeth-showing, grin.
“You are evil!” she hissed pulling off her robe.


“And I’d give up forever to touch you, cos I know that you feel me somehow.
Your the closest to heaven than I’ll ever be and I don’t want to go home right now.
All I can taste is this moment, all I can breath is your life.
And sooner or later it’s over, I just don’t want to miss you tonight
And I don’t want the world to see me, cos I don’t think that they’d understand,
when everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am”

Liz lay on top of Max, she was awake after they had just finished making love.
It was two-twenty-three in the morning and she was very relaxed “Max?” she asked.
“Hmm?” he mumbled.
“Are you awake enough to talk?” she lifted her head from under his chin. He opened his eyes “If you are, I am” he threaded his fingers through her curtain of hair “What about?”
She breathed in and tucked her head back under his chin “Do you want to go to New York after graduation?”.
Max closed his eyes “No I don’t”
Liz was shocked by his answer, she told him that.
“I want to see America” he whispered “Can we travel first? I don’t want to go straight to work. If we go to New York I’ll have to give you up during the days, so we can work or go to school. I’m not ready to do that, not when I’ll just be getting you back”
Liz sighed and closed her eyes. So much love, how had they grown to love each other so much? she couldn’t contain herself.

“And you can’t fight the tears that are coming, at the moment the truth’s in your eyes,
when everything feels like the movies, yeah you bleed just to know your alive,
And I don’t want the world to see me, cos I don’t think that they’d understand,
when everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am”

“I want to go everywhere with you Liz”.
She kissed his collar bone over and over “We’ll do what ever you want to do Max”
“You want that? we don’t have to” he kissed the top of her dark head.
“I do want to see everything with you Max. I’m just surprised, I thought you’d want to go straight to New York with your mom”
“I thought about it, but decided against it”.

“And I don’t want the world to see me, cos I don’t think that they’d understand,
when everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am,
And I don’t want the world to see me, cos I don’t think that they’d understand,
when everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am,
I just want you to know who I am,
I just want you to know who I am,
I just want you to know who I am”

Liz propped herself up on her elbows and kissed his lips “eight months, love” she whispered “Eight months till we are free”


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Dearest, Max

I have come to a decision.
After having no luck with selling the house, I am giving it to Maria and Isabel.
Maria will probably stay in this town since her mom lives just at the edge of the city and she needs somewhere to stay doesn’t she? I don’t know if Isabel will stay but she may want to and if she does, then she can live with Maria.
You think that’s a good idea?
Maybe Michael will move in with them.. you never know! are Maria and him serious?
Say hi to Isabel for me will you? tell her she is missed greatly, tell her I love her.
Lillian. How is she? still bitter as a nun, seductive as a woman? Tell her hello also?
I miss you Max, I miss you a lot. I was thinking... maybe we should go to New Orleans first? I’ve always wanted to go there. We have, have to go to California and see the golden sun.


“What can I get for it?” Liz asked standing in front of her car.
“Well I’ll give you a thousand for it, if you buy a car from here” The car sales and trade man folded his arms and stood next to her.
Liz nodded “Ok I’ll go look around, if I see anything I’ll tell you if we have a deal”
He headed back into the little office and Liz headed over to Arena “He said he’ll give me a thousand off a car here if I give him my Nan’s car, is that a good deal?”
She looked up from the red sports car she was looking at “Yeah that’s pretty good, your Nan’s car is pretty old” she looked around “See anything you like? what kind of car do you want?”
Liz breathed in “this is exciting! this will be my first very own car! I mean I had Nan’s but this is different, I will have picked this one out myself!”
Arena laughed “Come on my ten year old friend let’s find you a car” she rapped her arm around Liz’s shoulders and they looked around the lot “oh! oh! what about this?” Liz opened the door to a silver car with black leather seats, it was a five seater and was very cosy.
“If your going to be travelling wouldn’t it be best to get a house bus or something?” Arena sat down on the passenger seat and smiled at the flash insides. Liz was opening things and looking around “No, me and Max decided we’d like to sleep in hotels everywhere, it make it seem ... I don’t different” she hopped out “I don’t think I could handle leather seats”
Arena laughed “I thought that would be a bit much for you and Max”
Liz ran to a white car and peeped inside “This ones nice..” she looked at the tag “And a reasonable price”
Arena slipped into the drivers seat “Tinted windows?”
Liz scrunched her nose “never mind.. oh wow what about that one?” she walked over a silver car with dark blue seats, it had a roof that could come off.
“This is the one” Liz hopped in and let herself shrink into the seat “This is it, I want this one.. this car was made for me.. and look the roofs high enough for tall Max”.
Arena smiled “Ok lets go tell the man we’re taking it for a test drive”

After going for a drive and getting it checked out at a mechanic, Liz brought the car.
She drove around for an hour getting used to driving it and then dropped Arena off home and going to work.


“Liz are you ready?” Diane walked in from her spare room and into Liz’s, where she was trying to do up the buttons on her knee length white dress. It had thin straps and clung to her curves perfectly, it had small pink and blue flowers printed along the bottom “Can you button me up?” she wore white high heels and silver ribbon threaded over the top of her head several times.
Diane looked at Liz “You look so beautiful! Oh it’s times like this I wish I had a daughter”

Liz drove them, in her silver car, to the boarding school. Today was graduation day and Max’s mother had flown down from New York like she had promised. She had been staying with Liz for the last few days, they hadn’t seen Max yet. “Do you think he’ll be wearing one of those robs and hats?” Diane was smiling brightly.
Liz laughed “I don’t know, I hope so”. She was nervous about going back to the school again, seeing all those teachers and students. She hopped there would be no pointing and staring. Part of her knew there would be.
She would not let that ruin her best friend’s day. Max, Michael, Alex, Isabel and Maria had been waiting for this day for a long time, she would not be responsible for wrecking it.

Max had written back to her about giving the house to Maria and Isabel and it had said that Isabel was not going to be staying here but she was very thankful for Liz thinking of her. Maria had been ecstatic and screamed for five minutes, apparently. She was definitely going to have the house and she couldn’t wait to see Liz so she could thank her in person.
Alex had written a note and put it in the letter saying, “You better be living up the free life out there Liz Parker, Cause every day I’m jealous of you, while I’m in class. See you at graduation, I’m looking forward to it.
Liz thought that was very sweet of him.
Michael is still deciding if he want’s to move in with Maria or not.

As they neared the school Liz’s butterflies intensified. Diane reached over and put her hand on Liz’s shoulder “It’ll be ok” she smiled.

Liz tried to smile, but she could not. She was too nervous!

She could see that they had decorated the entrance to the school. It had blue and white ribbons and balloons flying off the gates and they went right around the fences and bushes. At the front, where the steps were, she could see people standing.
Hanging off the old stone building, was a huge bandanna saying “2000 graduation Saint Josephine's college. God bless”

Liz swallowed, this was not her graduation day. She was not graduating. Everything was decorated so beautify, like it had been all the years before when she had been there. For the seniors. She used to watch the graduating student’s from her rooms window. She used to dream about her graduation day, both her parent’s there and smiling. She was not graduating. Her parent’s would never be there together smiling.

Tears stung her eyes but she swallowed them back. This is their day. Be happy for them, she told herself.
Driving past the front she looked out the window. There was Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Alex, waiting happily for her, with big smiles on their faces. They did not see her.
Diane squeaked and Liz turned her head to look over at her, she was crying!
Liz reached over and touched her shoulder “It’ll be ok” she whispered.
Diane laughed and wiped her eyes “Yes Liz, it will be ok” she dabbed her eyes with a tissue from her purse quickly then pulled off her seat belt, then opened the door.
Liz shut off the car and sat there for a moment, she didn’t realise how long it was, because Diane had to tap on the window.

Liz swallowed. ‘Here we go Lizzie, you can do this. Be happy, for them’.

She opened the car door and stepped out. Clicking the cars alarm on, she walked over to Diane and took her hand. “We’ll be ok” Liz whispered “We will be ok”

As they headed up the front, Maria was the first to notice them, she squealed “LIZZIE!” and of corse all heads shot in her direction. She swallowed, dam you Maria.
Liz and Diane walked up the steps and Liz heard a whisper to her left “Oh I can’t believe she’d show up here”, “Yeah I know, who thought she’d have the nerve”
Liz closed her eyes and ignored them.
Maria pounced on her at the top of the stairs and screamed “Liz you BITCH! how could you give me your Nan’s house?!” Liz laughed and felt tears sting her eyes. Jeez emotional much?

Max was hugging him Mom, she could hear her crying. Michael hugged Liz next “Just ignore Maria, she’s still in shock” he whispered in her ear. Liz thanked him and kissed his cheek “I’m glad you two are together”
He nodded and let Isabel push him away “Liz you look like a sophisticated young women! much older than any of us, I love the outfit”
Liz laughed “Why thankyou Isabel, I like to believe I have matured past you puny college students”.
Isabel frowned and Liz slapped her shoulder “Kidding dick head jeez!”
Isabel hugged her again “It’s good to see you again Liz, we’ve all missed you a lot” Liz’s eyes stung yet again, they were probably bright red. Thank god she was wearing glasses.
Alex kissed her smack on the lips, then hugged her “Hey Parker good to see you again mate”
Max stepped in then “You got to kiss her before I did” he said. Alex gasped “Oh jeez sorry man!”

Liz rolled her eyes and rapped her arms around Max’s neck. He pulled off her glasses and looked at her red eyes, “Are you ok?” he asked his brow stitching together. Liz smiled “I’m fine” she kissed him hard and he rapped his arms around her waist “You look beautiful” he whispered into her mouth.
“Thankyou, you look very nice yourself” she whispered back, he had his robe open and underneath he was wearing a suit and tie “I miss you”
“I missed you” he kissed her neck.
“Enough, enough” Diane put her hand on each of there shoulders “Max have you seen Liz’s new car?”
He raised his eye brows “It’s here?”
She smiled “It is so” she grabbed his hand and put her glasses back on. Leading them over to the car and they all gaped “wow” Maria squeaked “It’s so nice!” she ran her hand over it’s bonnet and the alarm sounded. “Oh sorry!” Liz pulled her keys out of her pocket and switched the alarm off and unlocked the car doors. Isabel opened the driver's door and took a seat “This is so nice, I am jealous”

Max rapped his arms around Liz’s waist and brought his lips up to her ear “How much did this cost Liz?”
She turned her head so she was looking into his face “It was affordable, don’t worry Max... do you like it?” He swallowed “It’s very nice, it looks very expensive”
“I got a thousand off it, from trading Nana’s car in. Please Max just look at it for it’s pure beauty, I saw it and I knew it was the car. If we are going to be travelling I would like to do it in style and comfort”
Max bit his lip and nodded “If this is what you want, than I want it too”
Liz frowned “You don’t like it do you?”
He shook his head “That’s not it, I think it’s a great car”
“If it’s the money, I don’t care Max, it’s just money.. I, we have plenty of it” she pulled his arms away and walked over to the car “Maria want to have a look?” Liz smiled.
“Yes I do” Maria pulled Isabel out and took a seat quickly “I love this car.. it’s a bummer you're not staying here, I would have been able to drive this beauty”
Liz laughed “Yeah right Maria, like I would let you”
“I am a good driver! I am! aren’t I Michael?” Maria fluttered her eye lashes. He coughed “Yeah.. your wonderful” he mouthed ‘no’ to Liz. She doubled over “Get out of my car” she said.
They headed back over to where the huge tent with a stage was set up. There were chairs for the guests and parents and flowers were at the entrance. “Wow this had got to be one of the flashest graduations they’ve had in all the years I’d been here, don’t you think so Is?”
Isabel nodded “Yeah it’s nice isn’t it?”
“Guys you have to take your seats, they’re starting soon” A class mate walked past and took a seat in a free area.

“Ok then” Maria lead turned around “Mom!” she ran towards a skinny brunette with short hair. Isabel smiled “My mom wants to talk to me before the awards, I’ll introduce you all after the awards ok?” she walked away.
“I better.. go see my parent’s too” Alex and Michael left and Max, Liz and Diane stood at the entrance “Where do you have to sit?” Diane asked.
“I have to go up the front with all the other..”
“Students” Liz ended for him “You better go over there, we’ll find a seat somewhere” Liz was looking around.
“Over there!” Diane pointed to two seats at the left side of the tent at the back “Ot’s not great, but it will do” she headed over there and Liz looked up at Max.
“Why won’t you take this off?” He asked lifting her glasses.
“I don’t want anyone to see my red eyes” she whispered tippee toeing up to kiss him. He nodded “Why are your eyes red? have you been crying?”
She smiled and ran her hand down his neck “No, this is just a very special day.. I’m so proud!”
Max smiled “Proud of me?” he had puppy dog eyes as he kissed her.
“Yes proud of you” she said in a baby voice.
He smiled and flicked his tongue against hers “Hmm”
Liz pressed her body into his and groaned “Go Max.. now, I’ll be watching with big proud eyes”
He swooped down and kissed her again “Ok, I’ll see you later” he kissed her again then went up to the front.
Liz smiled when he looked back her.


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Spicy trini1 Um? she only missed the last year and half of high school, she has enough education to maybe get in a college.. not a great one, but one. That really has nothing do to do with the next part of the story or the conclusion but it's good to know? yeah, all will be revealed in the next part. I'm glad you enjoyed this, thanks for your feedback!
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hey! I hope you enjoy this part!


After the presentation Liz and Diane skipped up to congratulate the kids ( with tear stained eyes )
“Elizabeth Parker, well slap my arse with a wooden plank, you look so different!” Liz turned around, knowing straight away who it was. “Amy Deluca!” she cried. Amy hugged her tight “Oh Liz it is so good to see you again, is everything I’ve heard true?! is that why you didn’t graduate today?!”
Liz frowned and nodded her head.
“Oh don’t be like that, it’s me.. I think it’s wonderful you have found love! who is the little bugger I wanna meet him” Amy rapped her arms around Liz from behind and Liz lead her over to Max.
“Max this is Maria’s mom” She introduced them.
“Oh” Max smiled “Hi, I’m Max it’s nice to meet you”
“Oh so polite!” Amy let go of Liz and hugged him, much to Max’s surprise. Liz mouthed “Be careful” then walked over to Michael and his parents.

“Now Max, you break my Lizzie’s heart and I’ll break your neck”
Max swallowed and nodded at Amy “I don’t intent to” he ran his hand through his hair.
“Well that’s great Max, I hate inflicting pain on loved ones.. oh this is to die for.. try some of this!” she held a cracker with different toppings on it out to Max. He shook his head “No thankyou”
“Oh ok then”
Maria grabbed Max’s arm “Momma what are you doing to Max? you better not be embarrassing me” Amy laughed “Oh Maria I wouldn’t do that”
“Yeah sure, that’s rrriiiiiiiggggghhhhttttt” Maria grinned at Max then pulled him away “I’m sorry for anything she might have said or done... what did she do?”
“Just promised to break my limbs if I broke Liz’s heart” Max still looked scared.
Maria laughed “Oh yip, that’s my momma all right” she turned her head and looked around “Oh wow Max people are dancing can we go and dance please?! Michael will never get out there” she begged until he finally agreed.

They walked over to the dance floor and Maria grabbed Max’s hand, she put her other hand on his shoulder while Max rapped his arm around her waist. “Where are you and Liz going to go now?”
Max was silent for a minute “We’re going to travel, then move to New York, where I’ll go to school”
Maria looked up at him “Your lucky you know that don’t you?”
“I know I am the most lucky man in the world”
“You two found your other half!” her eyes melted “your soul mate
Max touched her cheek “You’ll find yours Maria. Who wouldn’t want you?”
Tears formed in her eyes “You have that, reach for the stars and see into my soul kind of stuff with Liz, Max. Do you know how lucky you are?”
Max wiped the single tear that dripped down her cheek away “Yes I do Maria” he nodded “And you will find your soul mate too”
She smiled and rested her forehead on his shoulder for a second “Thankyou”
He ran his hand through her bouncy hair “Me and Liz will miss you”
Maria smiled “I hope I get to travel one day”
“You will” Max swung her around in a circle “Is Michael going to move into Liz’s nana’s house with you?”
Maria swallowed “I don’t know, he hasn’t decided. I think he’s going back with his parent’s then he’ll decide” she blinked “I just can’t help but think he’ll go and forget about me then he’ll become some great lawyer in a great firm or something. It would be good for him ya’know but I don’t want to..”
“Let him go?” Max asked.

“Yes” she swallowed “I don’t want to hold him back, he has the ability to be something great and if he stays here with me, he won’t have much of a chance”
“Why don’t you go with him?”
She was silent, then replied “I can’t leave my momma. She needs me. She’s always putting me first and she’s always there when I need her. It would be wrong of me to just leave. Plus I’d miss her too much”
Max sighed “What if your mom wants you to go?”
Maria closed her eyes “I don’t know”

“Can I cut in?” Liz asked, feeling rude about doing so.
Maria smiled “Why of corse, I was just keeping him warm for you” she stepped away and Liz stepped forward.
“See ya” Maria kissed Liz’s forehead then headed over to her mom at the buffet table.
“Want to dance Mom?” Amy put down her cup and smiled “Of corse I do Maria!”

Max spun Liz around and she smiled “You were born with natural talent you know” He raised his eye brows “I was? with what?”
“Dancing. You could make any girl fall in love with you if you danced with them, it’s how you got me”
“Oh so that’s how I did it?”
Liz chuckled “Well... that and other things”
“Oh yeah” He rested his forehead on hers “What were these, so called other things?”
“Oh I don’t know..” she rolled her eyes.
“Well” Max smiled “I fell in love with you the first time I saw you so I didn’t really have time to fall in love with you because of one thing you did”
Liz blushed and rubbed the top of her head into his neck “Yeah, I guess dancing was just one of the things that made me fall in love with you more. Oh! along with you cooking me breakfast naked... I love that”
He laughed furiously “You really do, don’t you?”
“Mmm hmm”

He spends his nights in California, what’s in the stars is on the big screen.
And then he lies awake and he wonders, why can’t that be me?
Coz in his life he’s filled with all these good intentions,
he’s left a lot of things he’d rather not mention right now.
Just before he says goodnight, he looks up with a little smile and he says:
If I could be like that, I would give anything, just to live one day... in those shoes.
If I could be like that, what would I do? what would I do?

Liz rapped her arms tightly around Max’s neck and he pulled her up against him. Kissing him gently then quickly checking no one was looking at them she kissed him hard, pouring all her love into his soul. “I love you” she mouthed then continued to kiss him.

She spends her days up in the north lot, watching as the people pass,
and all she wants is a little piece of this dream, is that too much to ask?
With a safe home and warm bed on a quiet little street,
All she want’s is that little something to hold onto, that’s all she needs.
If I could be like that, I would give anything, just to live one day... in those shoes.
If I could be like that, what would I do? what would I do?

Max kissed her back as they slowly danced in circles “I love you to Liz Parker” they continued to kiss whilst Max’s mother watched them from a table where she sat with Isabel.

Yeah fall into this dream, just run away..
If I could be like that, I would give anything, just to live one day... in those shoes.
If I could be like that, what would I do? what would I do?
If I could be like that, I would give anything, just to live one day... in those shoes.
If I could be like that, what would I do? what would I do?
If I could be like that, I would give anything, just to live one day... in those shoes.
If I could be like that, what would I do? what would I do?

“Aghh they are so in love it makes me sick” Diane dipped her bread in some oil on her plate and Isabel laughed “Yes I’m jealous too”
Diane laughed along with her “I make myself sick”

Max was to one to break the kiss “I think the Nun’s will have a heart attack if they see us” he rubbed his nose into his neck. Liz breathed in “Let them” her voice showed how much she needed him. He licked her throat and a small moan escaped her throat “God Liz” he whispered.
Her breathing got faster “You know” breath “that we will soon be” breath “you know permissible to actually do anything in that sense and not be underage” breath “so the thrill of being caught will be gone”
Max raised his eye brows and pressed her harder into him “The thrill? we actually have that? I never needed one to want Liz” he kissed up her collar bone and behind her ear. She groaned and the a couple that was dancing near them looked at them. Max laughed into Liz’s throat and she went bright red, “Not thrill” Breath “it’s the wrong word to describe it”
Max’s laugh sounded husky and that let Liz know how much she was getting to him, “What your trying to say is that, we should have sex right now, somewhere that there is a possible chance we will get caught. Because ... you like that?” Now he was just trying to get to her.
He ran his hand under the back of her dress and she had to keep from screaming out. Pressing her forehead into his chest she whispered “No I was just saying that ..yeah I was saying that... GOD I don’t care!” She pulled her hands away from his neck “You can take me right here on the dance floor.. I just want you inside me right now!” the last bit was in a loud whisper.
Max groaned and grabbed her hands. No one noticed their quick escape.

“Maria” Michael tapped her shoulder and she turned her head. “I want you to meet my parents” Her mouth dropped open .
She got up from her chair and shook hands with them both. “It’s nice to meet you Maria” His father smiled. He wore black rimmed glasses and a business suit, his wife was wearing a classy red long sleeved dress and also had glasses on, you could tell they were to royal for her back ground and that made her feel insignificant.
His mother hugged her “I’ve heard a lot about you” She had her blonde hair up in a clip at the back of her head and she had a pearl necklace around her neck.
Amy coughed and Maria laughed nervously “Oh, um this is my mother, Amy Deluca” she introduced them as Michael stood grinning his head off while he stood next to his father, whom in which he looked a lot like.
Michael’s parent’s took a seat at the table and introduced themselves to Diane.

Isabel’s parent’s couldn’t get here, so her twenty seven year old sister was coming with their twenty four year old brother. Her sister was a super model and her brother was a social worker.
The three of them went for a walk to see the house and grounds.

Alex and his parent’s soon joined them all at the table and there were no seats left unoccupied at their table.
“Where are Max and Liz? they have no where to sit” Michael looked around the busy tent.
“The last time I saw them, they were dancing” Diane sipped her drink “They’ll show up eventually”
“So.. Amy what do you do?” Michael’s mom started conversation. Amy smiled and Maria rubbed her forehead, please don’t embarrass me she prayed.
“I own my own store at the end of town” Amy answered “It’s a gift shop... you see there’s an animal reserve and I joined business's with them.. we have a cafe and a gift shop... there’s a waterfall and it’s really beautiful”
Michael’s mom glanced at her husband “It sounds wonderful maybe I’ll get a chance to see it”
“We should make a day trip of it.. all of us should go tomorrow. How long are you in town for?” Diane joined in the conversation.
“We leave in the morning” Alex’s dad answered.
“Oh what a shame!” Amy exclaimed “I would have liked to have everyone come”
“We’re here till Sunday so we’ll be able too” Michael’s dad rubbed his wives arm.
“Wanna dance?” Michael asked Maria. She smiled “There is a god”
“Of corse there is, how else would there be people as beautiful as you?” He took her hand and she smacked his arm “Your being too sweet, what’s wrong with you?”
“I’m in a good mood... don’t knock it”


Liz couldn’t help but giggle. She felt... naughty
“Shh” Max half moaned “I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to be caught like this”
Liz held her hand over her mouth “Sorry” her voice was in a whisper.
It didn’t take her long to burst into a giggle fit.

Max rolled his eyes and smiled, “I think this was a bad idea” He started to pull away from her but she grabbed his neck “No!” she whispered “I’m sorry, don’t you dare go anywhere”
Max rolled his eyes again “I won’t go anywhere if you promise not to be loud”.
“Max you know me, am I ever loud?” she too rolled her eyes and bit her lip to keep from laughing. Max pulled down her underwear to her knee’s and Liz unbuttoned the top of his pants.
“Now come here” she pulled his mouth onto hers and he entered her.
“Don't be too loud, anyone could hear us”

Afterwards Max shook his head “That’s like asking you to shed your eye brows for a day isn’t it?”


As the evening was coming to an end and it was dark outside people started to leave.
“Maria is everything of yours packed?” Amy asked, Maria nodded “We can come and get it all tomorrow, I’m too tired”
“I‘ll move it Maria“ Michael kissed her cheek “Where are guys sleeping tonight?” he asked his parent’s. They replied that, they had everything at a hotel in town. Alex’s parent’s were also staying at a hotel, that was down the road.
“Well Liz said Michael, me, Isabel and Alex could stay with her tonight, sort of a last night thing” Maria put her cardigan in her hand bag.

“Well I think we’ll get going, ” Alex’s mom hugged her son “We can pick you up at eleven in the morning, we just need to know where your staying”
“Liz can you show my parent’s where your house is?” He turned his head and noticed very quickly that Liz hadn’t heard a word he had said. She was too busy feeding Max a cherry.
“Liz!” Maria touched her shoulder and Liz looked up “hmm?”
“Alex asked you a question”
“Can you show my parent’s where your house is, so they can find it in the morning?” Alex repeated his question.
“Yeah of corse” she stood up and brushed her dress down “Max your taking your things home tonight aren’t you?” he nodded and also stood up “I’ll go get it all and bring it too the front while your showing them the house” he swallowed.
Alex, Michael and Max quickly got Alex’s things into his parent’s rental car and Maria’s into her mom’s. Isabel’s brother, Michael dad and Alex’s dad got Michael’s into his.
Liz invited Isabel’s brother and sister to stay with them at the house, saying that they would just have to squeeze into the lounge or something. Troy, Isabel’s brother, replied they’d come back with them but they wouldn’t stay the night.
“We have hotel rooms” Natalie smiled.
Liz hugged Amy goodbye and promised she’d see her again before her and Max left on Monday morning.
Amy invited Diane to stay with her tonight, so the kids could have the house to them selves. Diane thanked her and accepted her offer.
Amy and Diane left, Michael’s parent’s left and Liz quickly kissed Max then Maria and Isabel left in her car, leading the way for Alex’s parent’s and Isabel’s brother and sister.

After Liz had dropped them off at her house she drove back to pick up Max, Alex and Michael. Once they had gotten his trunk into the car, after much effort, Max drove it to the house while Liz got the rest of his stuff ready with Michael and Alex.
She noticed an old friend and quickly wandered over to Lillian who was drinking some tea on the steps.
“Liz” she smiled “How are you? it’s nice to see you again. You look great” Liz sat down next to her “I’m fine and thankyou” she crossed her arms to stop some of the coldness annoying her. “How’s your... friend?”
Lillian sipped her drink then looked Liz in the eyes “He’s out of town on business. Listen Liz I’ve decided to leave the school and move away with him”
Liz raised her eye brows “Have you told the Nuns?”
“No.. I’m not going to either. I’m just going to say I’ve decided to move back to where my mother used to live before she died. They know there’s a good church there and a university I can teach at”
Liz touched her arm “Good luck”
“Thankyou Liz” She put her cup down and they hugged each other “You don’t know how great it is to have someone supporting us. Know about us. I hope you and Max have a great life together” She smiled and rubbed her hands together “I wish I could have done more for you. I am so sorry about the way things turned out”
Liz nodded rubbed her own hands together “There was no other way they could have turned out” Max drove past in the car “I want you to have a good life with him. I’m sorry about all the things that I’ve said before and everything”
Lillian shook her head “You have nothing to be sorry about Elizabeth” she smiled at someone calling her that “You don’t deserve any of what has happened to you”
A tear dripped from Liz’s eye “You think so?” her voice was croaky and her eyes went red.
Lillian wiped her eyes “You have had such a grown up teen age-hood. You deserve fun now. Please do that, it’s your time to have fun”
Liz sniffled “Thankyou”
Lillian rapped her arms around her and Liz rested her head on her shoulder. They sat there.

Max walked over after the car was packed up and Alex and Michael were in it. He stood there staring at them rapped up in each others embrace for a minute. His Liz pulled away and sniffled “I’ll miss you” she turned her head and noticed Max watching them. Lillian nodded and they both stood up “Remember what I said about having fun Liz”
Liz wiped her eyes and nodded “have a good life with him” Lillian kissed Max’s cheek.
“You look after her” She whispered “You both have a heart’s of gold”
Max smiled “You do too” She patted his shoulder then watched as they walked side by side back to the car.

Liz sniffled again and Max put his jacket on her as they stood at the back of the car. She looked up at him, her eyes red and puffy and tears dripping down her cheeks. He rapped his arms around her. She rested her head on his chest and cried as he engulfed her with his strong arms.
“It’ll be alright Liz” He buried his face in her hair “She knows everything you wanted her too”
She nodded against his chest and looked up at the building in front of them. Max looked at the building too. “You think this will be the last time we see it?”
He nodded “Yeah I do” he kissed the top of her head “We had some good memories there huh?” She laughed a little “Yeah we did Max”

As they were driving down the drive way, Liz looked back and smiled at Lillian who stood alone with her arms rapped around herself. She looked so small once they got to the end of the gate.


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<<<>>> just so I can find it when I finally post a new part...

oh and the reason it's taking me so long is because my computer broke and I lost everything, including my story, and the ending to this. When I get it re-writen I'll post it.
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ok so it's 12:23am and I am typing this story as quickly as possible, so you guys will probably have a new part today some time, I'll do my best! thankyou for all the wonderful feedback, feedback makes me work faster!


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Ok, I hope you like this. It is very corny and very happy endingy, but the whole story has been a big love story hasn't it? anyway I think we should just say this was one big fairy tale. I want your honest opinions about his when you've finished reading!

PART 15 <<<<<<< conclusion >>>>>>>>>>

"Alone in a car with three teenage boys, what would your father say?" Michael chuckled and Liz rolled her eyes.
Once they reached her house, Maria and Isabel were already raiding Liz's cupboards and eating everything junk foodish in sight. Liz went down to her room to change and everyone else stayed in the kitchen and lounge. Max came in a few minutes later to find her sitting at the end of her bed in baggy pants and a white sweater, she was staring at nothing. "Liz what's wrong?" he knelt down in front of her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She breathed in "I was just thinking about Lillian. But I'm fine" she smiled and intertwined her fingers through his "What's everyone doing out there?"
Max let go of her hands and stood up "Isabel's brother and sister just got back from the store with a few bottels of wine and a six pack, when I left the room everyone was thanking them" he smiled.
Liz laughed "Oh no"
He pulled her up off the bed and rapped his arms around her waist "What did Lillian say to you?"
Liz bit her lip and looked him in the eye "We basiclly just talked about how much we will miss eachother and that we wished it could have turned out in a better way" she rested her forehead on his neck "Did you know she's leaving the school to go away with him?"
He raised his eye brows "She is?" Liz nodded against his chest.
He placed a kiss on the top of her head "Wow, she is serious about him"
"Yeah, I don't think she would have done any of this at all if she wasn't, I mean going against everything she has always believed in" she sighed "It was really sad, she said that I haven't deserved any of what I've been put through and that I should go off and have fun now"
Max rubbed her back "Are you up to having everyone here tonight? you can go to bed if you want"
Liz looked up at him "What kind of a host would I be if I went to bed Max?" she chuckled without humour. He rolled his eyes "Liz we can get on without you"
"Can you?" she bit his bottom lip "Do you want me to go to bed?"
"We really cant get on with out you" he moaned. She ran her tongue along his mouth and ran her hands through his hair. "Anyway I'm fine I want to be with everyone while we celebrrate your graduation" he rubbed his lips against her neck.
"Yeah you seem fine" he said before his mouth found hers and they shared a heated kiss "Very fine"
"Hmm" she moaned then quickly pulled away as the bedroom door opened. Isabel's brother stood there "Oh sorry" he quickly mumbled.
Liz ran her hand through her hair, with her other hand resting on her waist she said "No it's ok we were just about to join you guys"
He looked embarrassed "Oh ok that's what I came down here to ask... never mind" he quickly exited the room and Max let out a chuckle "I think we scared hiiiiim"
Liz whaked his arm "Come on lover boy" they walked out of the room and found everyone in the lounge with food and alcohol. The couch was taken and so was the two couch chairs. Max took a seat on the floor next to Michael and Liz sat down in between his legs.

At two in the morning Isabel's sister finally said "We really should be leaving, we have to drive home tomorrow"
Liz handed Max his glass back and stood up wobbily "I'll walk you to the door"
After they had left, Liz went back into the kitchen to find Maria asleep on the couch and Isabel not in the room.
"Which one of you two are having the couch?" Liz asked looking at Michael and Alex who were getting up off their seats.
"Alex can" Michael offered. Max got up and started collecting all the empty food packets and bottels off the floor.
"Do you want me to get the spare mattress out of the attic?" Liz asked walking down the hallway to get blanket's. Michael and Alex followed her "No I'll just sleep on a blanket on the floor"
She handed them some blankets and pillows out of the cuboards and checked on Isabel in the spare room. She was getting changed.
"You ok?" Liz asked pulling off the coverings on the bed and putting on new ones. Isabel helped her "Yeah I'm fine just a little tipsy"
"So am I" Liz giggled "I don't like this, I won't drink much ever again"
Isabel smiled "I like it"

Michael carried Maria into the room and placed her down on the bed. Once he left Liz pulled off Maria's shoes and skirt then pulled the covers up. When both Maria and Isabel were comfortable and in bed Liz turned out the light and left the room. Michael and Alex were just getting under their covers.
"Where's Max?" Liz asked. Michael answered that he was in the kitchen the last time he saw him. Liz headed in there but he wasn't there, she found him outside putting the trash in the metal bins. "Thankyou" she stated with a small smile on her lips. He put the lid on the can and headed over to her "It was nothing, really"
She followed him inside and he made her drink two glasses of water "It does not reduce a hangover!" she said.
Max put his finger to her lips "Shhh, people are trying to sleep in there"
"Your a liar!" she growled and pretended to bite off his finger. He laughed and placed a gentle kiss on her neck "when your fine in the morning you'll thank me"
"No, no I won't" she turned off the kitchen light and walked through the lounge to the hallway "Night guys"
The grumbled something in reply and she smiled.
"What if I never really was going to have a hang over? then there is no way of knowing if your stupid water worked" she reached for her tooth brush and Max chuckled.
"Ah but either way you won't have a hang over so why are you complaining and not thanking me?" he finished brushing his teeth and went toilet quickly. Liz rolled her eyes "I'll thankyou when I have proof it works".
"Your so stubborn" he said as they walked into their bedroom. Liz laughed and spun around him "Oh but that's the way you love it"
He bent down and bit her bottom. She yelped and pushed him on the bed "If I wasn't drunk I'd be very dissapointed in you Mr. Evans, taking advantage of me while I'm defenceless"
He laughed as he start tugging off her clothes "Yeah sure you would"


With one light on in one room, I know you're up when I get home
With one small step upon the stair, I know your look when I get there
If you were a king up there on your throne, would you be wise enough to let
me go
For this queen you think you own
Wants to be a Hunter again, wants to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again, so let me go.
The unread book and painful look, the TV's on, the sound is down
One long pause, then you begin, oh look what the cat's bought in
If you were a king up there on your throne, would you be wise enough to let
me go
For this queen you think you own
Wants to be a hunter again, wants to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again, so let me go, let me leave
For the crown you've placed upon my head feels too heavy now
And I don't know what to say to you but I'll smile anyhow
And all the time I'm thinking, thinking
I want to be a hunter again, want to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again, so let me go.

Liz leaned across Max's waking up form to turn off her alarm clock. Max groaned "Since when do you have an alarm clock?" Liz rubbed her eyes "It's always been there I just haven't used it"
It was 8am
Liz sat up and held the sheet over her chest "come on happy, get up" Max did not move just mumbed "Why?" Liz jumped on top of him and started tickling his sides "I said GET UP!"
He pushed her off him and pounced ontop of her, holding her arms at her sides "I was getting up, no need to start a war" she giggled and tried to get him off her but he wouldn't budge "Oh Max get off!" she cried. He leaned down and placed a warm kiss oh her lips "I'll get up when you say, no wait. I ahve a better idea, repeat after me" he cleared his throat "Max I know you just needed time to wake up, but I started tickling you anyway. You are my King and I am very sorry. Please give me a punishment"
Liz was laughing so hard her stomach hurt "You'd have to pry those words out of my dead corpse, because there is no way I'm saying them at any time while I'm alive!" she screeched as she heaved him off her with all her physical strength. He mearly rolled to the side "You can't win a physical fight with me Liz, thank god because then I'd really be in trouble"
She jumped off the bed quickly. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back down "Come here, my love" she stared up into his eyes "what is it honey?" her voice had a sarcastic tone. He drew a line up her bare stomach "Why did you set the alarm so early any way? Alex isn't leaving till 11:00am"
She grabbed his hand and intertwinned her fingers through his "Because I know how long it takes you to get up" half way through saying that she started laughing. Max rolled his eyes and leaned over her so he could place a kiss on her lips. Liz smiled and kissed him back.
"Ya know we have at least forty five minutes till the others get up. What do you want to do? No, wait. Forget I said that. God, all right, but can I at least go brush my teeth first? look, I have smelly breath and my hairs everywhere. You like that don't you? Oh, Max, your insatiable. We can't do this all the time....." "Oh, Max, we can't...." "Oh, Max...." "Oh..."

When Max and Liz came out of their room an hour later, everyone was still in bed. Max had a big grin on his face and Liz smacked him "Stop it your making me feel like tramp" he chuckled and Liz groaned.
Once everyone was up, they all had breakfast in the back yard on the wooden table from the shed. Max and Liz had gotten it all ready when the others had still been sleeping. Liz set it up the table while Max made the food. They wanted their last breakfast together to be nice.
After breakfast they took turns at having showers, Isabel went first.
"Michael come and push me on the swing" Maria sat down on it and Michael looked at her from the table, where he sat with Liz, Max and Alex.
"Can't you push yourself Maria?" he sipped his drink and Maria huffed.
"No Michael I can not, please come here" he reluctantly went to push her and Liz chuckled.
"Didn't you guys want me to give you my address and phone number before I go back?" Alex asked. Liz nodded "Yeah I'll go get my address book" she stood up and hurried into the house.
"Looking forward to travelling?" Alex asked Max. He nodded "Yeah, it took long enough for graduation to come. I'm just glad that it's all finally over"
"You guys will come and visit me won't you? Isabel lives in the same city as me, so we can all go out or something" Alex had his eye on the last of the scrambled egg and so did Max, "Want to half it?"
Max shook his head "No you have it, I've had enough"
Liz came back and handed Alex the book and a pen "Can you fill it out?".
Isabel came out and sat down, all refreshed and smelling nice. Liz walked over to Michael and Maria and took a couple of pictures of them. When she got back to the table she asked Isabel to fill out the little book too. "Maria showers free!" she yelled. Maria jumped up and ran inside. Liz took several photos of everyone.

After Alex had left, Isabel left soon after and then Michael's parents came over and took Michael and Maria away to show them around town. Max did the dishes as Liz lay down, very tired, on the couch. "Argh, I don't think I'll ever be able to move again"
Max laughed from the kitchen "Why don't you go and have a nap?"
She groaned "I would, if only I could move my body"
Max eventually came and carried her to their bed and tucked her in. She fell asleep instantly and he went back out to finish cleaning up.


They had spent the rest of the day, after Liz had woken up, packing everything they needed for when they were going to leave. Maria and Michael went to her mom's house and packed Maria's things.
The next day Diane left and then a little while later Michael left too. Liz and Max stuck around with Maria for a while.
"I'm going to be such a loner here!" Maria whinned "I can't believe this"
Liz rapped her arms around Maria "Why don't you go to Michael's college? get a dorm room there?"
Maria started to cry "I want to but I can't leave my mom and what about this house? what am I supposed to do with it?"
Liz wiped her eyes "Don't worry about the house, who cares about this old thing. And your mom, she won't want you sticking around here for her will she?"
Max was loading their things into the car.
"I don't know" Maria whimpered.
LIz kissed her cheek "Look how about this: when me and Max get to New york you can come and stay with us and check out the college Max and Michael are going to be attending" Liz sat them both down on the couch "If you like it you can attend there and have dorm room. That way you'll be with Michael, Max and me. You won't be here by yourself. And if you don't like it there you can come back here and stay with your mom"
Maria hugged Liz "Ok... and that will give me time here with my mom?"
Liz nodded "Yeah! see everything will work out"

When Max and Liz left Maria sat down on the couch and rang her mom.

A year and a half later:

Maria walked out to her mail box eating her ham, cheese and lettuce sandwhich that she had made for lunch. She had been keeping in touch with everyone and she knew her pnoe bill would be huge- it was due to arrive today. She stood outside going through the mail and there of corse was the phone bill, a few pampletes and a small pink envelope with only 'maria Deluca' written on it. It had no postage stamp or anything, intrigued, she opened it. Inside there was a photo and a small piece of paper.
She quickly read the paper:

We would love for you to come and stay with us in the next two days. We are throwing a house warming party and you have to come. Pack heaps we want you to stay for as long as you want!
We'll wait for you to ring us at the phone number I left you when we rang, we miss you and Michael's waiting to see you again!
We love you and hope you'll be with us soon.
love from,
The Evans, Max, Liz and our little miracleTania.

She looked at the photo, it was of Max, Liz and a new born baby.


did you like it?

corny much? I may think its corny but you guys are the peoples who opinions count *happy*

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