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Note: Never really wrote fan fic before, and well I was really bored. If you like it please tell me I love feed back. Tkhere are alien things in here, and no it is not a Romeo and Juliet thing. It's just a story.*angel*
Part 1
Liz was just putting some of her books into her locker. She just got out of her Math class, and was really upset. Brandon, a guy in her class, asked her out again. Brandon was a good friend of hers, but they never really got to know each other before. She didn’t like him much, for good reason. He just dumped her best friend Maria. Player was all he was. Liz was only interested in one guy. The one guy she couldn’t be with.
Liz turned, and there he was. Max Evens. The nicest guy she had ever met, but the one guy she couldn’t even talk to. He was in the other group. In Roswell there was two different groups, you had the south, and North. South was the group that had was for the Preppy people, which Max just happened to be involved with. North was more independent and tried to succeed. Max was different though. He was one that was different from the others like him, but because he grew up with them he hung out with them.
Liz knew he liked her though. Whenever they would pass each other in the hall, or when they had to sit next to each other in class they would always exchange a smile. Or they would ‘accidentally’ bump into each other. Because they weren’t from the same neighborhood they weren’t aloud to talk, unless it was in class. Even then they weren’t aloud to talk, because his sister Isabel was in the same class that they had together.
Liz watched him pass her in the hall. He was with his friends. He was nothing like them. The others were all snobby, and full of themselves. Max was built great, he had the whole package, and he had dark black hair. He watched her as he passed too. She turned and grabbed her chemistry book. It was her next class and she figured she better gets going. It was also the class she had Max in. The teacher signed them up for being partners. Teachers never followed the group thing like the kids.
She walked to class, and sat down next to him. She brushed up against him as she sat down. She put her stuff down and ignored him, or tried to. It worked until Max dropped his pencil, and went to pick it up. He brushed against her side; she knew he did it on purpose. He’s been playing these games with her for a while. The class was almost over, and they were just looking over their notes from class, making sure they didn’t miss anything. Or at least that was what she thought he was doing.
“Excuse me, did you get the whole gold notes?” He turned, and asked her.
“Yeah hold on.” She took a piece of paper from her binder. She was handing it to him, when she felt a piece of paper, other then the first one she had, in her hand. She looked at him weirdly. She didn’t understand. She pulled it, and hid it under her desk. She took a peek at it, and it had her name on it.
“Thank you!” He handed her the piece of paper back. She smiled, and slid both of them in her binder.
Just then the bell rang. She got up, and slid past him. She felt his hand brush against hers. She smiled at him, and left. She went back to her locker, and put her book back. Maria met up with her, and they went to her next class. They sat down. She decided to read the note while she could. She looked around, and no one was there. She pulled out the folded piece of paper. She opened it. She smiled at the piece of paper. It read:
Dear Liz,
Hi! I’m not really good at this stuff, but I needed to tell you. I’m really tired of these games we have been playing. You like me and I like you. We know that, and we know that we have a situation on that level. We are from very different worlds, and it would be really difficult if we got together. I only hope that you do like me, or I would feel really dumb. I want to get together, I have no idea how, but I really want to get to know you better. Please find some way to contact me. Please!
You’re always in my head,
Max Evans
Will right more if you want, but I need to know what you think first.*bounce*
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The rest is on the Creative writin board if you want to read it.*angel*