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Title: As the rain falls
Disclaimer: I don't own nothing honest!
Rating: pg13, xover charmed
Couple: M/L
Summary: Liz comes to Roswell with her dad to fix a wounded heart...
Authors notes: This is an idea I've had for a while, and I have all summer to complete it. Also it is dedicated to my boyfriend Razeail. Feedback is a must if I am to continue!!! Oh and the songs in this fic our all MINE!


In the rain stood a daughter and a father. As the rain fell, so did their tears, their sorrow. Together in pain and loss of loved ones, lost in the battle between good and evil, between the death of them or millions of people. Even when the world was saved, theirs fell apart before their eyes. Hours passed, yet still they stood, they waited for them to return, waited for the rain to stop and it to be OK in the world again. Yet for Elizabeth and Leo Parker the rain continued to fall...

Part 1

*Two weeks earler...*

"DAD...oh my god I'm gonna be sick...DAD" Liz parker called out. Before her was her aunt Paige and Mother were fighting for their lives and she was powerless to stop it. Her mother took her powers to keep her save from "Uncle Cole" when Pheobe was killed 2 years previous. The source wanted the charmed ones dead, and he had almost succeded!
"DAD PLEASE!!!! Please... please!"

"Lizzie *cough cough* come here" Piper whispered to her daughter

"Mum don't...." Liz started, but was interupted.

"Let me talk. When I became a witch I was so scared, but I had my sisters with me. And then I met your father, and though it was never exactly normal it was OK. When you came along it was the happiest day of my life. You gave me so much hope for the future *cough*"

"Mum please..."

"Let me finish. You gave me so much hope that I though my heart would burst. And even now, now that I'm dying,"

"Please don't, please!" By this time Liz was sobbing her heart out, but Piper carried on,

"Now that I'm dying I want you to know, I never regret having or taking your powers. Your be safe for now, but get you and your dad out of here. I bought a resturant in Roswell for you to hide. Cole will find you, but it gives you time!"

"You knew! You knew and you didn't stop it why, mum why!!!" Liz shouted out!

"Because Pheobe saw what you would become, because she saw that when we were gone you would be the one that would save it all. Paige felt it everytime you walk in the room, she senced it. And I knew, that you would grow up to be the most beautiful girl in the world. My angel!" With that, even with questions un-answered, Piper and Paige fell into a sleep of eternity, seconds before Leo turned up to save them, where he found Liz placing a kiss on Pipers head.

Part 2

*Present Day*

"Dad were here!" Liz told her dad. For the last 2 weeks Leo had been blaming himself for what happened to his wife and sister-in-law. He'd withdrawn from Liz and the world. He not even noticed that Liz regained her powers after decoving a spell in the book of shadows,

"Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night, the oldest of Gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought. In this night and in this hour, I'll call upon the ancient power, bring your powers to we sisters one, we want the power, give us the power"
*End Flash*

Liz had now regained her powers of orbing, levitation, ESP and the power to heal.
'Why couldn't I have found the spell weeks ago! I didn't even know there was a book of shadows!' Liz looked over at her father was was stairing into space, 'Please snap out of it. I'm not sure how much longer I can cope!' For the last 2 weeks Liz had been looking after her father, preparing the funeral, and the move to Roswell, whilest gaining her powers and hiding for Cole. She really had very little time to grieve for the family she lost. Now Liz felt alone in the world, her mother gone, and seemingly her father too!
'I should keep my heart safe, I don't want to end up like my dad. I mean look at him!' And with that she got out of the car and entered the Crashdown, Roswell, New Mexico with a frozen heart...

Part 3

I'm watching you walk by,
And your smile makes me think of,
Stars shining high.
But you can't see me,
You don't know me,
So I'm telling you

I'm lovin' you
for the first time.
You make me fly,
with the birds above.
I can see you decerve better
So let me let you,
See me.

I'm sitting in the corner
the one you knew.
And your eyes,
they light up the room.
But you can't see me
You don't know me
So I'm singing to you

I'm lovin' you
for the first time.
You make me fly,
with the birds above.
I can see you decerve better
So let me let you,
See me.

Why can't you see
I'll set you free
from the heart you left frozen.
Why don't you know I love you so,
So let me melt your heart

I'm lovin' you
for the first time.
You make me fly,
with the birds above.
I can see you decerve better
So let me let you,
See me.
I'll let you see me.

Inside the crashdown, The Whits were playing there new song, See me, written by one Alex Whittman and Maria Deluca. The crashdown was a packed house, so when Liz and Leo entered they were able to slip into the back quitely. Of course not before being spotted by a certain number of people at the crashdown,

"who's the new guys going into the back room?" Isabel Evans asked. Being the gossip Queen she most gossip, she needed to know all the news of Roswell quite quickly, before her enemy Pam Troy could find out!

"Thats must be Elizabeth and Leo parker, the new owners of the Crashdown. His wife bought this place about a month ago, but she died in a car accident with her sister." Tess Harding tolld her friend. She looked over sadly at her boyfriend Kyle Valenti "Its really sad how, one minute its all fine, but the next your gone!"

"Who's gone?" Max Evans asked, Isabels twin brother asked, as he pulled up a chair.

"The new owners chick is dead." Michael asked, whilest stuffing his face. This resulted in a smack around the head from both Tess and Isabel. "What was that for!"

"You don't disrespect the dead like that!" Isabel told him.

"Ladies and Gentleman you've been great tonight!" Maria's voice shouted into the Microphone. "I have have just got word that the Crashdown will be shutting tommorrow for 2 weeks..." Boos were heard throughout the crashdown. "Wait, you'll love this! The crashdown is being extented, and a permanant stage is been place here!!!!" Cheers were heard throughout the diner. Alex got so exited that he tripped over his equipment onto his face,

"I'm Ok, honest! Lets finish tonight up then Maria!" Alex shouted whilest turning red.

"Ok then, Goodnight!"

Part 4

I saw the sky fading
I saw the sun disapear
I saw my heart lost for ever
when you went away

As the sky falls down on me
As my tears are washed away
As I feel my heart breaking
As the rain falls

I saw the cold was coming
I saw the flowers lose their bloom
I saw my heart was breaking
When you went away

As the sky falls down on me
As my tears are washed away
As I feel my heart breaking
As the rain falls

Like a bird you flew away
No longer is my heart the same
My bodies feeling black and blue
When no longer I'm breathing you

As the sky falls down on me
As my tears are washed away
As I feel my heart breaking
As the rain falls
As the rain falls on me.

Liz was singing the song her mother used to sing to her. Piper told her that she had written when the elders had taken Leo away from her before they married. In her room Liz was listening to the sounds of the builders extending the crashdown. It had been 2 weeks since they got to Roswell. Her father had seem much happier, being able to throw all his attention into something, and was considering going back to work with the elders.

'I'm glad he's better, but its only been a month! How is he getting over mum so quickly!!!' Liz thought to herself, as she continued singing, and playing her guitar. In fact she was so engrossed in her thoughts, she didn't hear someone knocking on the door and entering...

"Hey your really good!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Who are you?!?!?!?!" Liz screamed at the un-know blond pixie.

"Sorry! I'm Maria Deluca. I've just got a job at the crashdown when it opens, but your dad said that you haven't made any friends yet, so to come say hello to you."

"Oh, right, sorry! I didn't hear you enter thats all!" I'm Liz but then you probably knew that!"

"Uh yeah... our friend Tess told us all about you. She um also told us about your mum and sister. I'm really sorry. It gets easier you know!"

"How would you know. Youv'e probably never lost someone you've loved!" Liz spat back. Maria got really angry with Liz.

"I was trying to help. I mean how un greatful can you get?" Maria stormed toward the door, "and if you must know my dad died when I was 10!" and then she slamed the door behind her.

"What have I done?" Liz said to no-one in perticular.

Part 5

Liz just sat there for seemed an eternity, well half an hour! 'How can I be such a div!' Liz scoleded her self. 'She was being so nice I have to go find her to make it up to her. But where to look? I know my dad will have her address if she's working here!' Liz ran off downstairs to see her father

"Dad can I have Maria's address please?" She asked pledingly

"Why? She came runing out of here really angry by the looks of it Lizzie!" Leo replyed. He was kinda curious as it took a hell of a lot for Liz to piss some one of!

"I kinda made a um terrible comment about something that I didn't mean dad. I feel so bad about it I have to go say sorry!" Leo showed her the address on the aplication form. "K by dad!" Liz began to orb out

"When did you get," Leo started but Liz had already gone, "powers back? Teenages!"

Part 6

"She was soooo mean, I mean, what did I do to her!" Maria told Michael. For the last hour she had been crying on her boyfriends shoulder. They had been together ever since Maria, Alex and Kyle discovered that their 4 friends weren't exactly from around here. It had been hard at times, but Maria wasn't about to complain about it. Well not untill she had finished complaining about Liz Parker.

"Who's been mean Maria?" Max asked as he entered Maria's room. Maria and Max had become best 'girlfriends' afew summers ago, when Michael went away to Florida leaving Maria behind. Ever since Max had been the only boy Mrs DeLuca allowed in the house without knocking. Not even Micheal had that priviledge, and Mrs DeLuca adored Michael!

"The new girl Liz." Maria hicuped. "I was trying to be nice to her and she threw it back in my face!"

"Maybe she was just having a bad day? And Maria you can be abit scary somtimes!" Max said in a joking voice, but Maria got really pissed.

"Mad you wanna see mad? Well be Mad at this!" and Maira threw a lamp at him. To save himself Max put up is forcefield.

"OHMIGOD!" Max heard from behind him. He turned around and saw the most beautiful girl in the world, with the most horrified look on her face.

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Part 7

"I'm sorry! I feel so embarrased for shouting that out." Liz told a very stuned room! "Um Maria can I talk to you." Maria followed Liz out of the room into the Kitchen.

"Look Liz what ever you saw..." Maria started buyt Liz stopped her,

"Sorry I uh thought that guys back looked so hot, and I said what I did and well when I realised I had said it out loud I felt so well you know!"

"o you didn't see um... Michael through the lamp and Max well DO something?" Maria asked curious.

"What? No. I just saw the lamp fall on the floor? That guys arm must hurt!"

"What yea yea....."

"But thats not why I'm here! I'm so sorry Maria about eariler! I feel so bad for what I did, if I had known, well you know. Its just my dad already seems to be getting over her death, and they were soulmates. I just think theres no hope for me!"

"Its Ok. I know what its like. But it really does get better!"

"Thanks Maria I've gotta get going, but um whats that guys name?"

"Oh its Max"

Part 8a

Over the next few weeks Liz started settling in to a routeen of sorts. She wasn't too happy about her dad still but she felt it upon her self to understand that her father has to move on. She herself knew that she needed more time. In the meanwhile her and Maria started getting on like a house on fire. She introduced her to Max and Maria could see how head over heels the 2 of them were. She knew she could never push Liz into something but she could work on Max.

Over at the crashed down Leo was waiting for a whitelighter whom he had to train. A local to the area, Leo reconed that the guy had to be old in human years if he came from Roswell and to do a good deed. However he got the shock of his life when Alex orbed in.

"Hello sir. I'm your whitelighter in training."

"Your dead? Since when?"

"A week. I got ran over by a car trying to save and old lady. It was a hit and run, and the lady doesn't remember much about it or who I am. The elders thought it a good idea to move my boady and carry on down here as if nothings happened!" Alex explained

"Oh so you know about Liz as well then."

"What that she is half witch. Yeah they told me about it. Whilest in training I have to look after her. Specialy since she is the key."

"Of course. The key is vital to your friends and infact the earth. I jsut wish,"

"Hi dad." Liz called over. "I'm sorry I'm I'm late, hi Alex, I'll work over time I promise."

"Darling come here. I have some news. Alex is to be your whitelighter..."