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Author: LittleBit
Category: Crossover-UC
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: Liz centered. Set after Changes. Except instead of going to her dad so that she’s sent to Vermont Liz decides to leave Roswell and go to the one person who might know what’s going on with her powers. She starts a new life and meets new friends.


After packing up her stuff, writing letters to her parents, Maria, Max even Kyle and withdrawing all her money out of the bank Liz headed to her last stop. She had called him and asked him to meet her at the park. It was close to the bus station where she had put her stuff in a locker until she left.

As she made her way into the park she saw him waiting on a bench. He looked up at her when she approached “Hey Liz. What’s up?”

“Hey Michael. Thanks for meeting me.”

Michael shrugged, “It’s no big deal. Didn’t feel like being at home right now anyway, Maxwell isn’t in the best mood.”

“Did he tell you about what happened?”

“Yeah, he did. If you ask me, your little blowup was a long time coming. Are you still hurting?” Michael asked.

Liz held up her hands and pulled back her sleeves. Michael was able to see the currents of green energy flowing over her hands as well as her puffy eyes. “It’s lessened up enough that I can stand it. The farther I am away from Max the less it hurts. That’s why I wanted to meet with you. I’m leaving Roswell and I wanted to know if you would give this to Max.” She handed him an envelope. “I left others for my parents, Kyle and mailed one to Maria but I didn’t think that my dad would give Max his.”

Michael took the envelope, surprised etched on his face. “You’re leaving?”

“I need to get out of Roswell. It holds too many memories. I feel suffocated here. I need to sort out my life.”

“What about school? Where are you going?” Michael asked. The last couple of days had taken a toll on her. She looked pale and she looked like she hadn’t slept a lot. He knew Liz had been through a lot and could understand why she needed to get out of town. She had kept everything bottled up inside until she exploded, Michael could definitely relate.

“I have plenty of credits to graduate. I’m going to contact school and tell them to put my diploma through so I’ll be a high school graduate. As to where I’m going, I’m going to go see someone who might know what going on with me.”



“You’ve known where she was all this time? Is that why you never pushed us finding her after you told us about Future Max?”

Liz nodded. “She’s been sending me letters and I know where she is. I didn’t tell anyone because she asked me not to. She doesn’t want Lonnie or Rath to find her. Since she’s the first one to tell me about being changed I’m hoping she’ll be able to help.”

“Are you sure you want to do that? I mean you do you really want to go stay with someone who looks just like Tess?”

“Ava is not Tess. They might look alike but I don’t see Tess in Ava. I can’t explain it but her personality makes her look different to me.”

“I think I get it. But what if something happens? Like Lonnie or Rath or more skins? How will you know if something happens to Maria or your parents?”

“When I get settled I’ll get another cell phone. I’ve got Maria’s number in New York, I’ll call my parents and give them my number, if it will make you feel better I’ll give it to you too so if anything happens you can call me.” Liz knew that Michael would respect her need for privacy. They had become closer friends ever since he had talked to her about his problems with Maria then later when they had spent time together on New Years.

“I won’t give it to anyone who you don’t want me to.”

“Thank you, Michael.” He walked her to the bus station and waited until she was on the bus to Alburqueue. When she got there she would be able to catch the bus to her final destination. Seattle, Washington.

Part 1:

Four months later:

When Liz arrived in Seattle she’d gone straight to address that was on Ava’s letters. She’d had a little problem with the sector cops but she eventually made it to Ava’s apartment building. Ava wasn’t there so Liz sat in front of her door for the few hours until Ava came home. She’d been surprised to see Liz there but quickly pulled Liz into her apartment. After Liz told her story, Ava had told Liz that in no uncertain terms that she was going to move in with her and would arrange to get her a job with her boss. Ava was a waitress at a restaurant a couple of blocks away. Liz now worked there and took a couple college courses.

Ava told her that when Max healed her that he had transferred some of his alien essence into her and that she was now a hybrid as well. The changes she had been going through were her body’s way of adjusting to the development of her powers. They had been developing since she was healed but only appeared recently because they were coming into their full strength. The flashes she had gotten over the years and the astral projection thing she had done to save Max in New York were instances of her powers coming to the surface. Hers were different though. She could do everything the others could heal, the shield, the powerblast, dreamwalking, mindwarping, plus astral project. The dream walking was just an extension of the projecting and she found it even easier. She'd dream walked both Michael and Maria as test runs with no problems except for scaring the crap out of them.

The mind warping was more difficult for her. She didn’t even want to learn how to use it because of what had happened to Alex but Ava told her that it didn’t hurt anyone if it was done in small doses. Ava said what had happened to Alex was because Tess had done it for too long plus erased his memories and added new ones. That the mindwarp wasn’t meant to be used on someone to the extent Tess had used it. Liz felt better about it knowing she wouldn’t hurt someone if she used it. The other powers were easier to do since they were more physical in nature rather than mental.

Thanks to Ava Liz now had control of her powers, she used them quite a bit. Or as Isabel would say ‘recreationally.’ As much control as she had there were times when the green current came back. Ava said it had something to do with all of the emotional buildup she needed to sort out. Their powers were link somewhat to their emotions.

Liz did what she had told Michael she would and had gotten a new cell phone. She spoke to her parents once a week, they weren’t happy that she had left home but tried to understand that she needed to be on her own. Not knowing how much she despised Tess, she had told them that Ava was Tess’s twin who she had befriended when she had visited Tess once. She also checked in with Michael every week but instead of calling although he did have her number, she just projected herself there. Her abilities had improved enough that she was able to talk and even touch things when she projected. Every week at the same time on the same day she met him in the bedroom of his apartment so Max wouldn’t see her and they visited. She’d tell him about her life except Liz never told him where she was. He’d tell her about Roswell and how everyone was. Max was heartbroken when she’d left and was trying to find out where she’d gone. With a small nudge from Michael Liz had broken down and called Max. She didn’t trust herself to see him through projecting so she called him but it hadn’t gone well. She ended up melting her phone and had to transfer her number to a new one. Michael never pushed her to talk to him again.

After a long day at work Liz had come home and taken a hot bath. Having alien powers came in handy in Seattle considering they didn’t have running hot water unless you were super rich. Most people had to heat up buckets of hot water to take a bath; Liz and Ava only had to wave their hands over the tub to heat it. A knocking from the bathroom door interrupted Liz’s relaxation. “Liz, get out of that tub and get ready. We’re going out.”

Liz rolled her eyes as she got up and wrapped a towel around her. She flung open the door, “And if I don’t want to go out?”

“Too bad. You’re going.” Ava said. She tried to get Liz to go out as much as possible so that she wouldn’t dwell on her thoughts of Roswell. Living with Ava had brought out a side of Liz that she was sure no one in Roswell had seen before. She was more outgoing and relaxed. Seattle was a big city and you could blend in. She felt freer and enjoyed her life. Her appearance had changed as well. Her hair was longer and had a few small braids mixed into it. She hadn’t grown any taller but her body had filled out some. She had gone up a cup size and her hips were curvier. Ava had even talked her into using her powers to pierce her eyebrow and navel and she had a tribal tattoo on her left arm and another one on her right toe. She definitely didn’t look like Little Lizzie Parker anymore.

Liz walked into her room and saw that Ava had already laid out her clothes. A pair of hiphugger jeans, a long sleeve v-neck black top that left her midriff bare, and a pair of black Doc Martins’ to finish off the outfit. Liz dressed quickly and Ava waved her hand over Liz’s hair drying her hair as Liz used her powers to do her makeup. “So where are we going? I can tell we’re not going clubbing by our outfits.”

“No. We ain’t goin clubbin. I wanted to go out but not dancing. I knew you’d want to relax tonight so instead we’re going to this bar I heard about.” The two girls’ Ids said that they were twenty-one even if they were technically only eighteen.

“A bar? We can’t drink Ava, so why are we going to a bar?” Liz asked as she pulled on her black leather jacket. Granted they did go to clubs but that was for the dancing not the drinking.

“They serve food too. Plus they have pool tables. I thought we could shoot some pool and sucker some money out of some idiot men.” Ava and Liz both loved to play pool and were good at it even without the aid of their alien powers.

“What’s the name of this place?”

“The Crash.”

Part 2

‘The Crash’ was busy but not packed and was lively which lifted Liz’s mood. After her visit last night with Michael she couldn’t help but be in a less than great mood. Michael had told her that Max still hadn’t given up searching for her and knew that Michael was in contact with Liz. He had pressured Michael to tell him where she was but thankfully Michael could deny that he knew where she was considering it was the truth. Michael said that between the investigation Max’s dad was conducting and Max’s own search for Liz things were crazy. Not to mention that Jessie was getting more curious everyday, Maria was still in New York and all of them were watching Kyle for signs of his powers emerging.

Liz had to admit that Ava had been right in getting her out of the apartment. She would have written in journal and dwelled on what Michael had told her. Instead the two of them talked about other things like work and the different people they saw there in the bar. The two girls had just finished a basket of extra spicy chicken wings and a pitcher of cherry coke when they heard a loud sexy voice coming from the direction of the pool tables. “Come on Logan. I’ve already wiped the table with everyone else. Are you ready to take me on?”

Liz looked over at the pool tables and found the owner of the voice. It was a guy in his early twenties with dark blonde hair and a smirk on his face. Liz had to admit that he was gorgeous even if he did act cocky. She usually didn’t like that in a guy but there was something about him that made her want to change her mind. She continued to watch as another guy with glasses who looked older but was still cute rise from his stool beside two girls and picked up a pool cue. The two girls cheered on the one who she assumed was Logan as the two guys played pool. She couldn’t help but stare at the first guy as he played. The T-shirt he wore moved over his body in a way that showed Liz that he had toned muscles underneath.

“See sumthin you like?” Ava asked as she followed Liz’s line of sight. The guy was very good looking and looked to be the exact opposite of Max. She knew that Liz still loved Max but he had hurt her badly and that left a strike against him in Ava’s book. This guy might be perfect to get Liz’s mind off of her heartbreak. On the other hand he could be one of those guys who runs through women like Kleenex. She would have to keep an eye on him, make sure he didn’t try anything on Liz that Liz didn’t want. Between Zan and growing up on the streets Ava had learned to take care of herself even without her powers. She had taught Liz some of what she knew.

Liz blushed. She couldn’t help it. Ava had caught her staring. “Just thinking that he talks a big game but I can probably take him. What do you think?”

Ava smiled at the twinkle she saw in Liz’s eyes. “Let’s go.”

The two girls left their table and headed for the pool table area just as the younger guy sank the eight ball. “And your hundred bucks is mine.” He announced as the other guy, Logan, handed him the cash. “Easy money.”

“Feel like loosing that easy money?” Liz challenged walking up and putting her hand on her hips.

Alec turned at the voice that was offering him a challenge. And he liked what he saw. Two girls were standing on the other side of the pool table. One blonde, one brunette, both short. The blonde was pretty even with the pink streaks through her shoulder length hair but it was the brunette who caught his attention. She had long thick wavy brown hair, chocolate colored eyes, and a nice little body. She was beautiful; he definitely wanted to get to know her better. He might even let her win at pool to do it. “Pretty sure of yourself. It’s quite a bit of money.”

“Double or nothing?” Liz asked. She tried to hide the effect the intense gaze from his eyes had on her.

Alec raised an eyebrow, “Two hundred? You sure about that?”

Liz nodded as she pulled out her money and placed it on the edge of the table, “Positive, I can always use an extra two hundred. Or are you too scaried you’ll loose?”

Alec smiled his most charming smile and said, “You’re on. I like a woman who’s willing to take a gamble.”

Ava made her way over to the other girls and Logan and sat on another stool. “You probably like any woman who’s breathin.”

Everyone broke into laughter except for Alec who just glared at Ava as he racked the balls. “I like her.” The black girl said. “Name’s Original Cindy, this is my boo Max, her boy Logan, and the other boy over there who thinks he’s a pool shark over there is Alec.”

“I’m Ava that’s my sister Liz.” Ava and Liz always told everyone that they were sisters since they had the same last name. When Ava had first came to Seattle she had taken the last name Parker after Liz. Liz was the first real friend Ava had ever had and she meant a lot to her. After Liz came to live with her, Liz had told her that she liked it so Ava had kept it.

“You two certainly don’t look like sisters.” Logan stated. “Except for your height.”

“I take after my father, Ava looks like her mother.” Liz said. It was true. Ava had told her that from what she could remember from Antar she did indeed look somewhat like her mother so it wasn’t a complete lie. She figured the group wouldn’t notice her choice of words. She glanced at Alec once before she took her first shot. CRACK. On the brake she managed to sink two solid colored balls. Alec looked at her impressed; she might actually offer him a challenge. Liz sunk one more ball before missing a shot signaling Alec’s turn.

“Not all siblings look alike.” Max stated as she watched the two continue to play. Logan nodded. Max’s brothers and sisters features were all different. Of course they weren’t siblings in the conventional way.

“I haven’t seen you two here before. I would have noticed.” Alec commented.

“Never been here before.”

“Are you two lovely ladies here alone or do I have to worry about a boyfriend coming after me when I win this game?” Alec asked as he bent over to take a difficult shot.

“No boyfriends, just us.” Liz said. Ava smiled at Liz as she watched her check out Alec’s ass. She cleared her throat and tried not to bust out laughing when Liz’s eyes flew up to meet hers and she turned a dark shade of red. Ava lifted her eyebrows in a silent question and Liz just shrugged. She switched her gaze back to Alec trailing up his body just as he stood up; something on his neck caught her eye. It was a tattoo of a barcode. “Interesting tattoo. Had it long?” Liz asked but was confused when she saw Alec as well as the other three visibly stiffen.

Part 3:

“For a while. It’s nothing big.” Alec said. Liz’s question had jolted him. Most people never noticed it, the one’s that did usually knew what it meant. Could she be one of White’s spies? She didn’t seem like it.

“I’ve got two but Ave has a lot more.” Liz said casually. She blew off Alec’s uneasiness about the tattoo figuring it just brought up bad memories, probably from a teenage rebellion stunt gone badly. She took her turn and sunk another shot. She only had one more ball left on the table as opposed to Alec’s four.

“Original Cindy is not down with the needles, too much pain. That eyebrow had to hurt. Not to mention your lip.” She said pointing to Ava’s lip ring.

“Didn’t hurt much. We’re fast healers.” Ava said as Liz sunk her last ball and lined up the eight ball. She lined up the shot and banked it off the side sending it straight into the desired pocket. “That’s game.”

Alec looked at the table in amazement. Liz had actually beaten him; he hadn’t even had to throw the game. She had beaten him fair and square. He picked up the money and handed it to her. “I can’t believe it. You beat the pants off of me, not that the prospect of that is unpleasant.”

Liz rolled her eyes at the obvious come on. “Are you able to handle the blow to your male ego?”

Alec put his hand to his chest, “You wound me but I think I’ll be okay.” He looked over at where a few people were dancing and got an idea. “Would you make me feel better about taking my money and dance with me?”

Liz bit her lip as she said, “I won it fairly but I’ll indulge you.” She handed her pool queue to Ava and followed Alec out on the dance floor. The song was neither slow nor fast but Alec pulled her body close to him as he began to dance. The way she enjoyed his body’s closeness to hers surprised Liz. She never thought she’d be so attracted to someone other than Max.

Alec looked down into Liz’s eyes and saw them darken slightly with desire. She wanted him like he wanted her or at least she was close. He usually just had his fun with girls and left them but there was something about her that made him want more. He only reacted to one other girl like this but that was when he’d been an innocent in the ways of women. ‘God, I’m starting to sound as sappy as Max,’ He thought before he shook his head to clear it. Instead he concentrated on how her small body fit with his. They finished their dance and Liz headed back to the others before he could propose they continue. Her flat refusal of him sparked something inside him. She had a fire about her that was different from all the other women he'd had encounters with.

“Hey guys what’re up to?” Liz asked.

“Well I was just about to buy you and your sister a drink for knocking the wind out of Alec’s sail.” Max said. “How about a pitcher of beer?”

“Better make that a pitcher of cherry coke. Ava and I have an allergy to alcohol.” ‘That’s putting it mildly.’ Liz thought. She still remembered the night Max had gotten drunk and been reckless with his powers. She didn’t want that to happen to her or Ava and bring unwanted attention to themselves. With all the rumors about mutants and the government hunting them they didn’t want to take the risk. She understood how Michael, Max, and Isabel had felt all of their lives.

“Then it’s a pitcher of cherry coke and a pitcher of beer. Be back in a minute.” Max said before heading for the bar. She was back quickly and the group sat around making small talk.


It was after midnight when they left the Crash. After saying goodnight to the group, Ava and Liz turned to head home but Alec stepped in their way. “You’re not heading home yet are you?”

Liz smiled at him. From what she gathered he irritated the other three but they put up with him. But as they had all talked she found herself liking Alec more and more. He was a combination of Alex, Michael and Kyle all rolled into one. There was one distinctive difference between him and her friends, she wasn’t attracted to her friends but she was to Alec. “We’re tired. It’s time to head off to bed. Aren’t you tired?”

“I can go all night.” Alec smiled thinking he could offer his bed to her if she insisted on going to bed but didn’t think she would like that. “When can we get together for a rematch?”

Resisting the urge to take him up on seeing him again Liz replied, “I don’t know. We might be around but we work a lot.” She said as she started walking again but Alec followed. “Well how about I call you for an appointment?” He joked. He had seen a cell phone in her pocket earlier so he knew she had a phone.

Ava decided to help Liz out. “Sorry but we need to get going. See ya later maybe.”

The two girls sped up and turned the corner leaving Alec in their wake. It took him a minute to follow and when he turned the corner to pursue them he saw they were gone. Completely baffled as to how they had gotten away so quickly he used his enhanced vision to scan the shadows but found nothing. Giving up on finding them but hoping to run into Liz again Alec made his way to his motorcycle and headed back to his apartment.

Liz waited until Alec was a block away before she dropped her mindwarp. She hated using it but hadn’t seen any other way to escape Alec. She blew out a breath she didn’t even know she’d been holding as she turned to walk with Ava back to their apartment.

“You are so bad. That guy wants you bad and you want him. Where’s the problem?” Ava asked.

“I don’t know. It’s just strange. I never thought I’d want anyone but Max.” It wasn’t like her and Max were still together, she had broken up with him before she left Roswell. She had just been in love with him for so long that she couldn’t imagine stopping. Of course Max claimed to have still loved her even when he was with Tess.

“I felt the same way about Zan but sometimes our hearts still lead us to others.”

Part 4:

Alec’s POV

Alec leaned back against the lockers and sighed in frustration. It’d been almost a week since Alec had met Liz at the Crash and he had been back every night since just in case she was there. That's how long it had been since his world had completely changed. One week and he had gone from one-night stands with girls he didn't know, to a man who was infatuated by a petite brunette he had spent a few hours with. He couldn’t believe how he was acting, he couldn’t get Liz out of his head. He’d even turned down a date with a cute redhead to go to the Crash with Max, Sketchy, and Original Cindy. There was just something about her the other night that had affected him inside. But he didn’t know anyway to find her. “I need help.” He muttered causing Sketchy to look at him funny.

“Alec you alright man?”

“Yeah, fine.”

“Alec! Got a delivery for you.” He heard Normal yell at him. He grabbed the package and headed out.


Alec parked his bike outside of the address on the package and made his way into the restaurant. He had been by this place many times since it was close to his apartment but had never gone in. It was between the lunch and dinner rush so the place only had a few people there. He didn’t see anyone around so he sat down at a table and waited for someone to come out to sign for the package. He’d waited about five minutes when he heard the door in the back open. He turned to tell the person about his delivery when he saw her. It was Liz. She was dressed in a simple black skirt that gave him a glimpse of her legs and white blouse with a nametag. It was obvious to him that she worked there.

She caught sight of him at the same time. “What are you doing here?”

“I bet the tips are just rolling in if you greet everyone who comes in here like that.” He said looking at her. He was good at reading people. It was her eyes that held his gaze; there was so much in them. He could see strength and was able to tell she had seen a lot in her life.

“Sorry. I just didn’t expect to see you here. What did you want to eat?” Liz smiled. Alec watched as she nervously tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’m not here for food.” He held up the package. “I work for Jam Pony Messenger Service and I’m here to drop this off. But seeing you is an added pleasure.”

He added her the package and she read the label as she took it. “This is for the manager. Is it okay if I sign for it?”

“Yeah.” He handed her the signature pad. “I haven’t seen you at the Crash to try and get more money out of me.”

“Ava and I have been busy.” It was true they had been busy with work. Of course that didn’t stop them from going to a couple of clubs. Ava had tried to get her to go back to the Crash but Liz had insisted on going to a club. She was trying to avoid seeing Alec. Ava hadn’t minded once they got there since she had met a guy. Before they could talk more another waitress came out of the kitchen. “Liz, Matt wants to talk to you.”

“I’ve got a package for him anyway.” Liz called back to her. She turned back to Alec and said, “I’ve got to get back there. See you later.” She turned and fled to the back.

Alec watched her go and realized he still didn’t know her phone number or her address. He looked down at the signature paid and saw that she had signed her full name, Liz Parker. Alec smirked as he left. He knew Logan could track her down now that he had her last name.


Once he was off work he headed straight to Logan’s building. After bypassing the locks on Logan’s penthouse door, Alec went in search of him. He found him in front of computer as per usual talking to Max. “Ever hear of knocking Alec?” Logan asked.

“Then you might not answer the door and I have a favor to ask.” Alec replied

“You’re actually asking for something? This week is just full of surprises. First you loose at pool now you’re here begging for something.” Max quipped.

“Funny Max. Loosing at pool last week is exactly why I’m here actually. I saw Liz today and got her last name but not her address or number. I wanted to see if Logan could track down her address for me, it’s not listed.”

“Stalker much, Alec?” Max joked.

Alec threw her an annoyed look, “At least I didn’t have to break into someone’s apartment to get a date. And I’m not stalking her, she was working and got busy before I could ask for them myself.” He turned to Logan and asked, “Do you think you could do it?”

Logan looked at Max and saw her just shrug. Figuring Alec would bother him until he did it he agreed. “I can get into her employment file with the Dept. of work force. What’s her last name?”


Logan tapped a few keys on his computer and five minutes later he found what they were looking for. “I found her and Ava in here. They work at the same place and share the same address. No phone number listed but here’s the address.” He handed Alec the piece of paper with the address on it. “I don’t think I’ve seen you do so much work just for a date.”

“You know Alec she might not want to go out with you. You could be going through all of this for nothing.” Max stated.

“Why wouldn’t she want to go out with me?” Alec smiled.

“Yeah, who could resist you with that winning personality.” Max said rolling her eyes.

“Thanks for the info. I’m outta here.” Alec said as he breezed out the door leaving Max and Logan confused by his strange behavior.

Part 5:


Liz closed the cupboard doors to go answer the door. She’d been trying to find something to eat but didn’t feel like cooking just for herself, she was about to settle for a Snapple and Cheetos. Ava had gone out with the guy, Jonathan, whom she had met at the club they’d gone to a couple days ago leaving Liz to fend for herself. After work she’d come home and taken a bath trying to get Alec out of her head. Ever since she had seen him at the restaurant he had occupied her mind. She swung open the door only to see the subject of her thoughts standing right in front of her. She was so shocked to see him that she couldn’t say anything.

“Not a big one for greetings are you?” Alec said as he leaned against the doorframe. From his position he was able to look her over. She had her hair loosely piled on top of her head and was dressed in a tank top with sweats that accented her curves. Her outfit and lack of socks allowed him to see the tattoos she’d talked about the other night. The one on her arm looked ordinary enough but the one on her toe was unusual. It was five stars in the form of a Vat the juncture of her toes to her foot. (Note: Kind of like a permanent toe ring of the V constellation).

“You like popping up where you’re least expected don’t you?” Liz fired back. “How did you find out where I live? Interrogate the people I work with?”

“I can’t tell you my secrets but I didn’t go through your work. Are you going to make me stay out here or are you going to invite me in?”

“Well if you went through all the trouble of tracking me down I doubt you’ll leave any time soon if I don’t so come on in.” Liz said opening the door wider to allow Alec to come in.

Alec looked around at the cozy looking living room. “Nice apartment.”

“Thanks. The sector cop that lets us stay here isn’t bad so the rent isn’t too high. It was Ava’s but she let me move in when I came to Seattle. We did what we could with it.” The two girls had used a little alien magic to improve the décor of the abandoned apartment. They were the only ones on this floor so it was nice and quiet. “So not to be rude but did you come by for a reason or just to critique my apartment?”

“I wanted to see if you’d want to go get something to eat with me?” He asked.

“I wasn’t expecting to go out tonight, I’m not dressed for it.” She said as she started to play with her eyebrow ring. She’d picked up the nervous habit from Ava who always played with her lip ring when she was nervous.

“I can wait.” Alec stated not letting her get rid of him so easy.

“Alec, you’re really a nice guy but I just got out of a serious relationship before I came to Seattle and I’m not really ready to date.” She started to ramble but Alec stopped her.

“Liz, I just want to get to know you better. We can just go out and have some fun together, no strings attached.” He said surprised by the words that were coming out of his mouth and even more surprised by the fact that he knew he meant it. She might want to be just friends but he would see what he could do about that.

Liz could see the sincerity on Alec’s face and could hear it in his voice. He meant it when he said he would settle on just being friends. He was a sweet guy and she had enjoyed the evening at the Crash. “Alright. Give me a few minutes to get dressed.”

“I’ll wait here.” Alec said motioning to the living room. Liz hurried to her room. She pulled the pins from her hair and brushed it out making sure not to catch the braids and put on some makeup. She pulled on a pair of knakis and a snug white sweater. She grabbed her phone and some money before she yelled out to Alec, “Where are we going? Am I going to need my sector pass?”

“If you don’t mind riding on a motorcycle I know a great pizza place but it’s on the other side of town.” He yelled back.

“That’s fine.” She put her sector pass and ID in her pocket before heading out to the living room.

Alec was standing in front of some of Liz and Ava’s pictures looking at all of them. She cleared her throat to let him know she was back. “Let me turn off the stereo, I have a tendency to cranked it up when I’m listening to this particular CD.”

“Who is it? I don’t recognize it.”

“You wouldn’t. It hasn’t been released yet.”

“Black market shopper huh?”

“No. The singer is my best friend Maria Deluca. She’s in New York cutting her first CD and she sent me an early copy.” Actually Maria had mailed it to her parents who had shipped it up to Liz. “That’s her.” She pointed at a picture. It was one of Liz’s favorites since it had everyone in it but Tess. “Those are all my friends, that’s Isabel, Michael, Alex, Kyle, and um Max.”

“The ex-boyfriend?” Alec asked. Liz nodded. “The group’s kind of all broken up. Isabel got married, Maria left, I left, Kyle and Michael are working a lot and Max is busy fighting with his parents.”

“What about Alex?” He asked regretting it as soon as he saw the sorrow in her eyes.

“He died.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.” He knew what it was like to loose someone.

“It’s okay. You didn’t know. Why don’t we get going?” She grabbed her jacket and they were almost to the door when her cell phone rang. “Hang on a minute.” She hit the talk button. “Hello? Well speak of the devil. I was just talking about you. What’s up Maria?” She talked to Maria for a few minutes before she said, “Can I call you back tomorrow? I was just about to head out. No, Ava’s actually out on a date. I’m heading out with a friend.” She said as she smiled at Alec. “Yes, it’s a guy. No it’s not a date. Listen I’m not going into it now he’s standing right here.”

Alec laughed before he reached out and grabbed the phone. “So this is the famous singer Maria with the beautiful voice.”

“Well aren’t you the charmer? And where are you taking my best friend?” Maria asked.

“For some of the best pizza known to man.”

“Well I won’t keep you. Have fun and make sure Liz has fun too or I’ll hunt you down.” Alec laughed again before saying good bye and hanging up. “She’s unique.”

“That’s one way of describing her. Let’s go.” Liz said as her and Alec left.


“You can’t possibly taste any pizza under all of that hot sauce.” Alec commented looking at Liz’s plate. They had gotten a large pepperoni pizza with pineapple and peppers on half since Alec didn’t like them. The night had been good so far. She had enjoyed the ride on the motorcycle but had to ignore how good she felt pressed up against Alec.

Liz shrugged, “It’s good. Back home a lot of people eat their food spicy. Try some.”

“No thanks, I like having my taste buds. Where’s back home?”

“New Mexico. Roswell to be exact.”

“The alien town?” He asked smiling. “Ever met an alien?”

Liz tensed for a minute, “No, it’s just a regular tourist trap. My parents actually own a small restaurant called the Crashdown Café. I worked there for them.”

“Moving from the desert to waterlogged Seattle must have taken some getting used to.”

“It took a little while but I’m used to it.” Liz said before taking a bite of pizza.

“So why did you leave Roswell?”

“Are you always this nosy?”


“And you’re not one bit shy are you?”

“No, I’m blunt.”

“You are that. And to answer your question, to get away from things and I wanted to get out of the small town. Ava had settled up here about a year ago so I came to Seattle. How about you? You haven’t told me anything about yourself. Have you always lived here? If not how did you end up in Seattle? What about your family?”

Alec tried to come with a good story that wouldn’t be a complete lie. “I grew up in Wyoming. My old job brought me out here and I stayed after they went out of business. And I don’t have any family.”

“That must be hard on you. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have my family. We’re not as close as we used to be but I know that they’re always there for me. They practically adopted Maria and Alex since we were friends since we were little.”

Alec could see the emotion in her eyes as she talked about her family. They continued to eat, talk, and joke into the night. Although she always had fun when she went out with Ava, she couldn’t remember the last time she had laughed so much.

Part 6:

The first night had been so much fun, that Liz hadn’t gotten home until almost two where a worried Ava confronted her. She had calmed down after she saw Alec was with her and Liz had explained. Over the next few weeks Liz saw Alec quite a bit but just as friends. She had even forgot once about her weekly meeting with Michael until he called her. Michael had been surprised when he had heard Alec’s voice in the background. He hadn’t pressed her for details and told her to have fun. She enjoyed spending time with Alec. Ava kept dating Jonathan, which left Liz time to spend with Alec. Her and Alec talked a lot but kept some things about themselves secret, like her history with Max, Liz’s alien status and Alec’s transgenic one. Liz was surprised to find out how much Alec knew about genetics. It gave her someone to talk to about her passion, science. Sometimes it was just the two of them, other times they went out with Ava, Max, Logan, and some of the others from Jam Pony. They went to the Crash, clubbing, or watched movies at Liz and Ava’s apartment.

All of the people at work would joke to Alec and say he was whipped but he shrugged it off. He was sure that at least Max knew that there was more to him then most people saw. He figured she would know what was going on with him although he would never admit it. She was the only one who knew about how he had cared for Rachel. Alec couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed just being around Liz. Somehow she managed to get underneath the cocky exterior that he showed to everyone. There had been a couple of times that he had to cancel his plans with her to help out Max with some of the other escapees or to go off to Joshua’s. He didn’t know what she would do if she found out.

They had become good friends and he had kept to the no strings attach rule. Ava kept telling her to go for it but she wasn’t sure. In Ava’s words she said, “You two are doing everything like a couple except for the fun stuff.” She had even wiggled her eyebrows to emphasize her point.

Liz was feeling bad about hiding a part of herself from Alec. He had almost caught her using her powers but she had covered it up.

Liz and Alec had plans to go out to the Crash and Alec was early picking her up. Ava let him in and told him that Liz would be out in a couple of minutes before leaving. Ten minutes later Liz had yet to appear. Opening the door to her bedroom he saw Liz sitting in a chair with her eyes closed. He walked over and shook her shoulder only to have her jump up raising her arm in defense.

“Liz! It’s me.” He said.

Liz blinked shaking out of her haze. She’d been dreamwalking Maria, trying to catch up with her. There was such a time difference between New York and Seattle that it was easier than the phone not to mention cheaper. She had gotten ready early while she waited for Alec and laid down to talk to her friend. “Sorry, I was waiting for you and I must have dozed off.” The ringing of her cell phone interrupted her explanation. She fumbled for the phone and answered it.


“Liz! Are you okay? You just disappeared.” Maria said frantically. When Liz had just left she had feared the worst and jolted awake.

Liz looked at Alec confused face, “Yeah, Maria. Alec just got here and woke me up from my nap, he startled me.”

“Okay, as long as you’re alright.”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Maria. Bye.” She hung up the phone. She reached over and picked up the picture of her, Maria, and Alex that she had been using to dreamwalk Maria and put it up. She started putting on her shoes so they could leave. She looked up at Alec, “Ready?”

Alec didn’t know what was going on but saw that Liz was edgy about something. He just dismissed as she pulled him out of the apartment.

Liz joked around with Alec trying to make him forget what had happened upstairs. As they walked into the club, Liz saw a tall blonde woman with short hair sitting by the bar. “Liz, I’ll be right back. Max and OC already grabbed our regular table.”

Liz nodded and headed over but kept an eye on Alec. He approached the girl and looked to be making small talk. Although her and Alec were only friends Liz felt a pang of jealousy especially when she saw him laughing and smiling. Maybe it was because she was blonde and she didn't have the best track record with blondes she didn't know. She was still watching him as she walked up on OC and Max. “Hey, Liz. Where’s your boy?” OC asked.

“He’s not my boy.” Liz snapped.

“Woah, down girl.” Max stated.

Liz quickly realized how nasty she was being and apologized. “Sorry, I was just thrown off.” She explained nodding towards Alec. “I’ve never seen him in action.”

Max and OC looked over at Alec, “That’s Asha. Don’t worry, they’re just friends.”

“He’s not mine so it doesn’t matter.” Liz lied.

“Yeah, that’s what Max used to always say about Logan.” OC stated. “It’s obvious Liz. You in to each other, it’s okay to admit it. It’s nice to see Alec go after a honey that we can stand and has a brain.”

“Did I hear my name?” Alec said coming up. Out of the corner of his eye he could have sworn he saw a look of jealousy on Liz’s face when he’d been talking to Asha. And if it was Alec was happy to know that she looked at him as more than a friend.

“Yeah, we were just saying how Normal has this real obsession with you.” Max said covering for Liz. The subject was dropped and they talked about other things.

Part 7:

The rest of the evening Alec had tested his theory about Liz being jealous of him talking to Asha in little ways. He made sure that whenever he went back to the bar he talked to Asha and even invited her over for a few minutes. But he could tell that being around Liz, OC, and Max made Asha uncomfortable so she left shortly after. It didn’t matter, Alec had already proven his thoughts right.

Despite how much Liz tried to cover everything up earlier a little bit of Liz and Ava’s secret came out when Alec was dropping Liz off. They had just walked in when Ava started screaming. Liz knew she still had nightmares about when Zan was killed and hurriedly ran into Ava’s bedroom Alec right behind her ready to take on whatever was inside. Ava was so scared that Liz could feel her energy juicing up in defense. Liz pulled her close and tried to calm her down.

“Shh, Ava. It’s over; it’s just a dream.” Liz whispered in her ear and wiped the tears off her face. She could feel Ava calm down some so she turned to Alec. “She’s fine. It’s just a bad dream. Can you wait for me out into the living room? I’m going to get her back to sleep.”

Alec looked at the two girls once before doing as Liz asked. He had almost jumped out of his skin when Ava had started screaming. The girl had been terrified of whatever she’d been dreaming about. Alec had learned a long time ago that when a dream was that scary it usually stemmed from a memory. He shut the door but stayed close so he could hear them.

“You want to tell me about it?” Liz asked.

“I saw them kill him again but this time they tried to kill me too.” Ava said sniffling. The nightmares were a rare occurrence now but they still came.

Liz pulled her close to try and make her feel safe. “They’re not going to get you. No one but me knows where you are. The last place they knew you were was Roswell and that was over a year ago. There’s no trail from there. No one but the gang knows that I’m with you and they don’t even know where I went. And if they ever come, I won’t let them near you. We’re safe. Okay?” Ava nodded. “Try to go back to sleep. I’ll be out in the living room if you need me.” Liz pulled the covers up for her and made her way out of the bedroom. She saw Alec pacing the living room as she came out.

“She’s trying to go back to sleep.”

“Good. She looked shaken up. Must have been some nightmare.”

“You have no idea.” Liz muttered.

“What happened? I overheard her saying something about someone coming after her.”

“You were spying?”

“No. Uh, yes.” He said guiltily.

Liz waved his excuses away. “It’s alright. Ava used to live with her boyfriend, his sister, and his bestfriend in New York. One day Zan, that was her boyfriend, didn’t agree with Lonnie and Rath, the sister and best friend, and they shoved him in front of an oncoming truck. It happened right in front of Ava and she had to watch him die. She was so scared that they would do the same thing to her that she kept her mouth shut. They moved on to something else and that’s when she cut out. She came up to Seattle to hide and start over. She feels like it was her fault that she couldn’t stop it.”

He understood what it was like to see the person you love die right in front of you. He’d had his own nightmares about it. “That’d be a hard thing to get over. She’s strong.”

“Yes, she is. The nightmares are fewer but I think she’ll still have them for a long time.”

“Did they come after you too?”

Liz shook her head, “Why did you ask that?”

“You said no one knew that you were in Seattle, I figured you were in hiding too.”

“I guess in a way I am but not from them. A lot of stuff happened last year and I kept it all bottled up. I didn’t want to be in Roswell anymore.” Liz looked up at him and could see from the expression on his face that he was waiting for her to go on.

“Things fell apart after Alex was died. We were all devastated and our group completely broke apart. I shut down and Max turned to someone else. Her name was Tess. She was the exact opposite of me, blonde hair, blue eyes, and curvy body. They slept together and she got pregnant. She left town shortly after. We just pushed it into the background and got back together. He wanted to find the baby, his son, and the search consumed him. I helped him look for the baby although it hurt and estranged me from my parents. I loved him and was willing to do anything to be with him but it became too much. I blew up at him; told him that all he ever did was hurt me. That’s when I realized I needed to get out of Roswell. I took off that night and came to find Ava. I moved in with her and she got me my job. I owe her a lot, living here saved me from completely losing myself I wanted to get my life sorted out and I couldn’t do that with him around so I left. My parents are the only ones who have any idea where I am.”

“It’s a good thing I never said anything to Maria.” Alec had talked to her a couple of times when she called Liz. “If you ever need my help, just let me know.”

“That’s sweet. Thank you.” Liz said before leading Alec outside then heading in to sleep.

Alec knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep so he headed over to Joshua’s. He saw the large transgenic fast asleep in one of the chairs so he retreated to the basement and opened up the piano. His fingers softly stroked the keys. He needed to think. Something about what Liz had told him just wasn’t settling right, like there was more to the story. He needed to get lost in the music. The first chords sounded soft, gentle, and rhythmic. Then the melody started and the music took the shape of his thoughts. Questions rang out in the music. He would play until he found the answers. He closed his eyes, bowed his head and let his fingers go where they would.

Part 8:

After the night of Ava’s nightmare Alec didn’t bring it up again. Liz noticed it and was grateful that he didn’t press her for details. Of course spending lots of time together only made it worst for both of them to keep their secrets. One night Max, Alex and Liz stepped outside of the Crash to get some air. They were just standing in the alley next to it talking when they saw three guys dressed in suits running after someone. They couldn’t see the person the men were chasing until he passed by them and headed into another alley next to them. It was then that Liz saw he was one of the mutants she had read about in the paper. The men chased after him and the three of them followed to watch the scene. The men cornered the mutant, pulled out tasers, and started to poke him with them. The mutant cried out in pain and tried to fight back but the men were overpowering him.

“We have to do something, they’re hurting him.” Liz said to Max and Alec who looked at her stunned.

“Stay here Liz.” Max said as her and Alec took off down the alley. They yelled for the guys to stop but the men didn’t. Alec pulled one of them back and tossed him aside. The two other guys broke off the attack of the creature and began to fight with Alec and Max. It was then that Liz moved deeper in the alley to see if she could help her friends. She wasn’t going to let them get hurt if she could help it. She didn’t notice that the third man had gotten up until he grab her from behind. She elbowed in the stomach hard and tried to pull away but instead was turned to face him. She vaguely heard Alec yell for the guy to leave her alone before she pushed him with both hands and a little alien power. He flew across the alley again before landing in a pile of trash. She noticed that he was unconscious just as Alec came up next to her. “You okay?”

“I’m fine. Was the creature able to get away?”

“Yeah, the distraction gave him enough time to get away.” He was about to ask her how she had fought off the man when Max came up fast and pointed down the alley. “There’s three more coming. We better get out of here.”

They took off down the previous alley they’d been standing in and headed for a side street as the guys started to pursue them although they had a good lead. Liz saw a dark shadowy alcove and thought of an idea. She grabbed both of them and pulled them into the alcove. Alec pushed her between him and the wall as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the three men she had seen. She mindwarped them into not seeing them and they ran past. She heard Max speak so she knew they were safe and dropped the warp. “That was close. Nice hiding place, Liz.” Max commented.

“This street isn’t very well lit and I figured they would think we’d keep running rather then hide in the shadows.” She explained. It was a good of an explanation as any since they didn’t seem to notice that she had used her powers.

Max and Alec looked at her suspiciously. It was true, the street was cloaked in shadows but they didn’t think that they were dark enough to completely hide them. They didn’t any explanations so Alec said, “We should get back. The others are going to wonder about us.”

As the three of them headed back Max asked, “So why did you want to help that mutant? Most people would be scared of it.”

Liz shrugged. “I figured if he was dangerous, he would have attacked someone as he ran. He only became violent when he was cornered just like any one would. Since he wasn’t dangerous, I figured that they were only trying to catch him because he was different and that’s not excuse. Just because someone is different from normal doesn’t mean they’re a threat.”

Both of the X5s looked at her with curiosity at her statement. She seemed to know what she was talking about from a first hand account. It was then that they both wondered if Liz was hiding something they weren’t aware of.


“It was just strange Logan. I mean the whole scene didn’t even faze her. It’s like she was used to it.” Max said as she paced in front of Alec and Logan in Logan’s living room. After the three had gone back into the Crash none of them said anything about what had happened outside. Liz and Ava both had to work the next morning so they headed out shortly after and Max, Logan, and Alec had headed back to Logan’s to figure out what might be going on with Liz.

“Maybe she’s had some run ins with the authorities, nowadays it’s not an uncommon occurrence,” Logan offered.

“I would buy that if I didn’t see her push a guy across the alley like he weighed no more than air. No something’s up with her.”

“Could she be someone from Manticore?” Logan asked. “Maybe not an X series but something else?”

“No barcode.” Alec said.

“Do I want to know how you checked?” Max asked.

“Well it’s hard not to notice after some of the things we do in my bed. Man that girl is flexible.” Alec joked. Max looked like she was about to hit him. He rolled his eyes, “She wears her hair up a lot when she’s at home. It’s not hard to notice.”

“What is with you? You usually don’t have this much of an attention span with women.” Max stated.

“Maybe seeing you and Logan in the state of bliss that you call love as inspired me.” Alec shrugged, “I don’t know really know how to explain it.”

“Could she be from White’s group? They don’t have barcodes.” Logan asked.

“If she was working with White she would have turned us in already. No, it’s something else.” Alec said trying to figure it out.

“Maybe the guy was just caught off guard. Let me see what I can find about her.” Logan said turning to his computer. He pulled up the right websites he needed and found her. “Elizabeth Parker, born 1984 in Roswell, New Mexico to Jeffrey and Nancy Parker. Wait that only makes her eighteen.”

“I knew that, by lying about her age it gave her a better job. Her ID is fake. It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen.” Alec stated.

“This is weird it says she’s an only child. If that’s true than who is Ava?”

“I don’t know. But they are close. I know Ava’s hiding from her past so maybe they changed her name to help.” Alec explained.

“Well there’s nothing else on here. But since she just turned eighteen, her record would be sealed for anything she did as a minor.”

Alec shrugged. “Well we all have a past. She’s no different. She’s just trying to get past it like we all are.” He headed for the door. “Thanks for all of the info, see you later.”

Max and Logan watched him go, “You know he’s right. Just because she had a strange past doesn’t mean we should treat her any different.” Logan stated.

Max shrugged, “You’re right. She helped us out tonight and she’s not against being different so that gives her a good mark in my book. I was just thinking that she fits into our little group just fine but I’ll keep an eye on her.”

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Part 9:

Things were normal over the next week and Alec and Liz continued to be friends. Liz was finding it harder and harder to fight her attraction to him. Hell she knew she was falling for him. She also knew it was natural for her to want to date someone but she was scared of getting hurt. It finally came to a head one night. It was Liz’s day off and she had to do a few things close to Alec’s neighborhood and decided to see if he wanted to do something. She knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. She didn’t have to wait long before Alec opened the door. When he did Liz’s eyes almost popped out of her head. There was Alec in nothing but a towel. It was obvious that he had just gotten out of the shower by his wet hair and the beads of water on his firm muscular chest. She couldn’t stop staring at him until she heard Alec say, “Hey Liz, what’s up?”

“I wanted to see if you wanted to do something to me huh with me tonight.” Liz managed to mumble out.

Alec could see the effect his state of undress was having on her not to mention her slip up and it made him feel good. He had acted the same way at different times when he’d been with her and she wore something that showed off her body. “Well I think I might get arrested if I go out like this so come on in. I’ll just go get dressed.”

“You’ve got a nasty bruise on your arm.” Liz said pointing it out.

“I was helping Normal clean out the storage room and some stuff fell on me.” Alec lied quickly. He’d actually gotten helping Max out on one of her ‘Eyes Only’ missions but couldn’t tell Liz that. “I’ll be back.”

Liz walked around the front room of the apartment and tried not to think about Alec getting dressed in the next room. The towel left almost nothing to the imagination. His chest was developed but not overly so, she’d seen that his whole body was the same way. ‘Down girl or you’re going to need a cold shower.’ She busied herself by snooping. She had only been in there once and she noticed that it lacked a certain personnel touch. No pictures, no knickknacks, nothing that showed anyone anything about him. That made her curious. Alec never talked about his past but for a few things. Of course Liz had left out stuff too. She was so busy that she didn’t notice him come back out now fully dressed until she felt his breath her in ear, “Enjoying yourself?”

She turned quickly and found her face only inches from his. This wasn’t the first time that they had been this close. There had been a couple of close calls but nothing had happened. She couldn’t help but notice how close his soft full lips were to her suddenly dry lips. She unconsciously licked hers trying to moisten them but it didn’t help.

Alec saw her small pink tongue flick out across her lips and suddenly he couldn’t help himself, he had to taste her. He lowered his lips to capture hers. He pressed a gentle kiss to them and was happy when she kissed him back. They broke away a minute later and he waited to see her reaction. She looked up at him, not quite sure what to say. The kiss had felt good, great even but she didn’t know what she should do about it.

“I’m sorry if I stepped over the line.” He said stepping back from her. He ran his hand through his hair, “Wait, I’m not sorry. I’ve wanted to do that since the first night I met you. I want you. I know you want me too but you’re not letting yourself.” He asked.

“Yeah, that’s worked so well for me in the past.” Liz snapped.

“I’m not Max.” Alec stated.

“I know you’re not.” Liz said back. If anything Alec was the exact opposite of Max. He wasn’t shy or quiet. Alec was easygoing, cocky, and didn’t act like everything in the world was on his shoulders.

“Then what is it? I mean yeah you know the way I was with girls before but if that was what was up now I would have given up on you a long time ago.”

“Fine you want to know how I feel? The night I first saw you talking to Asha I was so angry and jealous thinking you were hitting on her that I even snapped at Cindy. So yes, I think about being with you. Yes, I’m attracted to you. Hell, there are times when all I can think about is doing this.” She said as she walked over in front of him and pulled his face down to meet her in a hard kiss.

The kiss was full of hunger and need. All the sexual tension between the two of them that had built up over the time they had known each other fueled the kiss. Alec ran his tongue across her bottom lip asking permission which she gave. Their tongues dueled with one another as they backed up to Alec’s couch. When his knees hit it, he fell back on it and she moved to straddle his lap trying to get even closer. Her hands explored his chest through his shirt running her hands along the muscles she had seen earlier. His hands did the same on her back.

Liz’s need for air became too great and they pulled apart. Alec moved his lips to her jaw line and continued a path down her neck. Liz breathed in deeply and tried to calm her racing heart. The kiss was incredible and she had felt her body heating up at Alec’s additional kisses and touch. She leaned her head to the side to give him better access. It was then that the ringing of her cell phone interrupted them.

“If that’s Maria, I’ll go all the way to New York to kill her. She always seems to know when to interrupt.” Liz said as Alec laughed. She moved off his lap, answered her phone, and was greeted by a female voice. It wasn’t Maria but Ava wanting to know where she was. She told her that she was at Alec’s and that they’d see her at the apartment soon.

“We better go before they send out a search party.” Alec said wanting to do the exact opposite. But as much he wanted to take her in his room and to his bed he knew it would be too much for her right now.

Liz smiled, “Lead the way.”

Part 10:

“What do you think I should wear?” Liz asked.

“Club clothes what else?” Ava stated.

“I want something that will drive Alec out of his mind.” Liz said flipping through her closet. After the night of their first kiss Alec and Liz were together. They still spent a lot of time together like before but of course now they acted like a couple. Their friends all said it was sickening but they just ignored them. Liz thought things were good before and they got better once she stopped fighting her feelings for Alec. As she looked at the back of her closet she found a pair of black leather pants that Ava had dared her to buy but she hadn’t felt like wearing, until now. She pulled them out and started yanking them on. Next thing was a black tank top that had flames along the bottom and her black strappy sandals. “How do I look?”

“He’s going to flip.”

Liz smiled and went to the mirror. With a wave of her hand she put on her makeup, a little darker than usual and then waved over her hair making it curled all over. She almost reconsidered the curls since it would be warm in the club but instead pinned it up and let the curls fall loosely on top. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

The two headed out. They were meeting everyone at a new club and were looking forward to it. It took them twenty minutes to walk there and Liz was glad that her sandals were comfortable. As they neared the club Liz saw Alec, OC, Max, Logan, and even Sketchy waiting for them in line. Alec had yet to see her and she took the moment to look him over. If at all possible he looked better than normal. He had on a pair of black baggy cargo pants and a short sleeve white button down shirt. Just as her eyes trailed up to his face he saw her. If the smile on his face was any indication then he liked what he saw.

Alec thought his tongue would hit the ground if he opened his mouth. Liz looked incredibly sexy. He felt his baggy pants starting to get a little snug but his shirt was long enough to hide it. As she walked up the only thing he could say was, “D*mn.”

Liz laughed, “Glad you like it.”

“Like is an understatement. I think we should forget the club and go back to my apartment.” He propositioned before kissing her hard. They continued until Ava interrupted. “Knock it off you two, let’s get inside.”

They waited in line until they finally got in. Once inside Liz turned to Alec, “Want to go get sweaty with me?”

“I thought you wanted to stay here and dance?” He joked.

“I did mean dancing.” She slapped him on the arm before he took her hand and going out to the dance floor. Alec pulled her close to his body. Their bodies fit together well and they moved to the beat of the club music. Liz loved the feeling of Alec’s strong body up against hers. Seeing the way she moved her body Alec couldn’t help but think of another way she could move it. As they dance they kissed a few times and Alec nuzzled her neck, enjoying being so close. After about an hour, Liz was hot and thirsty. “I’m going to something to drink. You want one?”

Alec nodded and handed her money for both, “Get me a whiskey and coke.”

“I’ll see you at the table.” She said. Liz made her way through the crowd until she finally made it to the bar. One of the bartenders walked up, “One coke, one whiskey and coke.”


“Two cokes, one with whiskey.” She yelled. He nodded and came back a minute later with the drinks. Liz paid and made her way over to the table where Sketchy and Alec sat. She handed Alec his and took a big gulp of her own, downing half of it. Suddenly she felt giddy, “Let’s go dance some more.” She said as she grabbed his hand and yanked him out to the dance floor. Once there Liz began to dance like before but a lot closer. No one would be able to even slip a piece of paper between her and Alec. She laced her hands behind his neck and pulled him down before giving him a hot hungry kiss. Alec was surprised by the kiss but gave back as much as he took. Liz was making it very difficult to not want to strip her down and have her right there. It didn’t help when he felt her small hands under his shirt running along his chest. “Let’s get out of here.” He said trying to calm his body down.

“No, I’m going to dance some more.” Liz yelled before strutting over to where OC was at, hips swaying seductively the whole way. Alec kept his eye on her as he made his way back to Sketchy. They talked for a few minutes as Alec drank down the rest of his drink and was about to go get another when he heard an uproar of whooping and catcalls. He turned his attention to the noise and was shocked to see Liz on top of one of tables dancing seductively.

“I never would have thought Liz would do that.” Sketchy said smiling enjoying the show. Alec nodded not being able to take his eyes off of her. The way her hips moved, her breast bouncing slightly, the ever-increasing amount of skin of her stomach being reveled as she lifted her arms up along with her hair. But when he saw two guys climb up to join her Alec jumped into action. He made his way quickly through the crowd until he was underneath her. He grabbed her legs causing her to fall into his arms and he hurried back to the table. “You didn’t like my dancing?”

“No, I liked it but I think some others liked it a little too much.” He said glaring in the direction of the two guys. He plopped down into his chair with her in his lap. When Alec set down Liz felt dizzy and practically fell off of Alec’s lap.

“Whoa, what’s wrong?” Alec asked. He looked at Liz and saw that her eyes were all glazed over like she was drunk. But she didn’t drink.

“Don’t know. Dizzy and my tongue feels heavy.” Liz slurred.

“Dude, she looks drunk.” Sketchy said.

Liz smiled at Sketchy, “I’m not drunk, the room just won’t quit spinning.”

“Liz, what have you been drinking?” Alec asked.

“Just my coke.” She giggled as she picked it up for another drink but Alec stopped her. He sniffed it and could tell it was loaded with whiskey. He sipped it to confirm it. He knew she hadn’t mixed up the drinks because he knew his own had whiskey in it too. The bartender had put liquor in both of them.

“Alec, maybe someone put something in it.” Sketchy suggested.

“No, she’s got some kind of allergy to alcohol or at least that’s what she said.” Alec managed to get out before Liz turned and pulled him into a kiss as she straddled him. She began kissing his neck and Alec loved the feeling that her soft lips on his neck but knew that she wouldn’t be so bold if she was sober. It also explained her tabletop dancing.

“Liz,” Alec tried to say and pull her away without hurting her.

“Don’t you want me?” She smiled.

“That’s the understatement of the year, but you’re drunk. I want you to remember a night with me in the morning.” He said before saying to Sketchy. “See if you can find Ava. Tell her what happened and tell her I’m taking Liz home.”

Alec gathered Liz up and started stirring her towards the door. They were almost there when Ava popped up. “How much did she drink?”

“Half a glass. But it didn’t taste too strong.” Alec stated. “Go ahead and stay. I’ll take her home.”

“No, I’ll do it.” Ava said. She knew that Liz might not think about hiding her powers and didn’t want her to put a show on for Alec. She had seen how Rath got when he drank and Ava had told her about Max and Michael’s experiences. Luckily Liz didn’t appear to be as bad off as Michael. She had been so busy with Jonathan that she hadn’t seen Liz’s dancing display.

“There is no way you can get her home on your own. We’ll both go.” Alec compromised. Ava agreed and they got Liz out of there. They got to the girls’ apartment building quickly and Alec carried Liz upstairs. It was difficult because Liz was still teasing him with her mouth. ‘She’s killing me. If she keeps this up I won’t be able to stop from doing what I want to do.’

Alec deposited her on her bed before Ava shooed him out. Once he was gone and she knew the door was shut, Ava used her powers to knock her out. “You’ll thank me in the morning.” She muttered to Liz’s sleeping form. She undressed her as best she could knowing that the leather pants would be uncomfortable to sleep in before heading out to the living room. Alec was sitting on the couch waiting for her. “She’s asleep.”


“You know most guys would have just taken them back to his bed.”

“I might like to have her in my bed but I don’t want her to be drunk to be with me.” Alec stated. “Is it your guys allergy that makes you such lightweights?”

“Something like that. She’ll be out the whole night so you can head on home.”

“Tell her to call me tomorrow.” Alec said before leaving. He didn’t really want to but he knew Ava would take care of her. He needed to go take a cold shower anyway.


The next morning Liz woke up not really remembering what happened but she had an idea. She stumbled into the kitchen for coffee. As she made it Ava appeared. “Morning.”

“Morning” Liz mumbled. “I didn’t do anything stupid did I?”

“Only if you include getting on top of a table and dancing for everyone to see while using your powers to create a light show. And practically raping Alec."

"I didn't." Liz asked paling at the thought.

"Well not the powers part, just the rest. Thank Alec for it not ending up worse. He was smart enough to get you out of there. He told me to have you call him. He thinks it affected you so bad because we’re ‘allergic’ to alcohol.”

"I'll go call him and apologize.” Liz said. She went into her room, grabbed her cell phone, and called Alec. He claimed it was okay and Liz felt better. After that Liz would make sure and check her drinks whenever they went clubbing.

Part 11:

“No, it is my week to choose and we are not watching it!” Liz said loudly as she tried to reach for the movie. Alec held up the movie up out of reach above her head.

Alec laughed at her trying to reach his extended hand with no success. “But it’s my favorite.” He said in a mock pout.

“Don’t even try that with me. It won’t work.” Liz said wishing she were taller. She would just use her powers but that wasn’t an option around Alec. “I thought Michael was bad. What is it with guys and violence?”

Alec just shrugged. He didn’t know why he enjoyed action movies so much; it was a guy thing. Liz usually didn’t mind what movie he picked when it was his turn claiming she was used to it after all the years of watching them with Alex. Well any except for alien movies, she said she had been around too much alien stuff in Roswell.

Every Thursday her and Alec would stay at one of their apartments and watch a movie, switching back and forth on who chooses. They had come up with the idea because the rest of the week they were always so busy especially during the weekend. They spent one night alone then the next night Alec went out with Sketchy doing God knows what and Liz went out with Ava and sometimes the other girls. It was nice having one guaranteed night alone before a weekend of going out. They had started it when they were still just friends and continued it over the last month that they had been dating.
Liz finally decided to try a different tactic, compromise. “How about we watch the Patriot? The blood and guts will satisfy you while Heath Ledger can me?”

This time Alec wasn’t pretending when he frowned, “That makes me want to watch it, knowing you’ll be drooling over another guy.”

“Oh you big baby!” Liz said. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “Besides how much of the movie do you think we’re even going to see?”

Alec smiled at how she was trying to tempt him to get her way. Of course he wouldn’t admit it was working. Granted they hadn’t slept together yet, but he enjoyed any of physical intimacy he could share with her. If someone would have told him that he would feel that way three months ago he would have said they were crazy and pick up the first one nightstand that came around. He put his hand down that contained his movie and went to grab the ‘Patriot’.

Liz laughed at how easy it was to convince him to watch her movie and went to get the snack food. Supreme nachos with lots of Tabasco for Liz, a little for Alec. She had actually gotten him to try it one night on his food and he’d actually enjoyed it, in small doses. They watched the movie as they ate their food. Once they were done, Liz crawled up and sat on his lap laying her head in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist and Liz sighed in contentment before leaning up and kissing him. Just then her cell phone rang.

“Don’t answer it.” Alec mumbled against her lips. Their cell phones were always ringing, interrupting them. Sometimes it was Max or Logan or one of his contacts for one of his scams or it was someone from Roswell or Ava.

“What if it’s important?” Liz said as she reached to pick up her phone but didn’t completely leave Alec’s arms. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me.” Liz heard, instantly recognizing Michael voice. She noticed it didn’t sound like normal either.

“What is it, Michael? Liz asked pulling away from Alec completely and running a hand through her hair. Alec could tell she was anxious and worried over something.

“Kyle got his powers.”

“Is he okay?” Liz asked getting of the couch starting to pace. She could see the confused expression Alec was giving her. “Hang on Michael.” She put her hand over the bottom of the receiver and told Alec, “I really need to take this. A friend of ours, Kyle is having some problems. I’m going to go in my room.” Alec nodded and Liz headed back to her room thinking Alec would be well out of hearing range, which he would have been if he didn’t have genetically enhanced hearing. His curiosity got the better of him and he listened to her end of the conversation.

“Okay, I’m alone. Now is he okay?”

“He’s a little shaken up but he knew it was coming.”

“Same symptoms as me?”

“Yeah, except none of the electrical touch thing with Max. He thought he just had a cold because he went camping this weekend with his dad. It wasn’t until he torched Isabel’s couch that he realized it was because of the change.”

“Oh my God. He must have completely freaked.”

“I didn’t tell you the whole story. Jesse saw it. We were all watching a game when it happened.”

Liz covered her eyes with her hand. “So he knows?”

“No, we said Kyle was playing with matches.” Michael said sarcastically. “Yes, he knows. Isabel told him the whole story. I didn’t hear much, they were in the bedroom while Max and I calmed Kyle down.”

“How is he taking it? Is Isabel okay?”

“He freaked when it happened of course. He was sitting next to Kyle at the time but after Isabel put it out and fixed the couch he just stared. After Isabel talked to him he swore he wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“He loves Isabel, he’ll be okay. Is Kyle at home? Maybe I should call him and see if he feels like talking, he might feel more comfortable talking to me since I went through it and wasn’t born into it.”

“Don’t you mean hatched?” Michael said with laughter in his voice.

“Whatever.” Liz said laughing.

“Yeah, he’s at home. That’s actually why I called, figured you could help him.”

“Well unless anything else comes up besides burning sofas I’ll talk to you at the scheduled time. Bye, Michael.” Liz said. Michael said bye and hung up.

Liz sat on her bed for a minute thinking. She felt bad for not being there for Kyle when he needed her. They had become good friends in the time since they had dated and Kyle had found out about the aliens. He had been there for her many times and when he needed her she wasn’t around. She jumped when she saw Alec leaning in her doorway, “Damnit Alec. Make some noise. How long have you been standing there?”

“You were already off the phone when I came to the door.” Of course he didn’t mention that he had heard everything from his position out in the living room. “Wanted to see if everything is okay?”

Liz nodded. “I need to call Kyle. Like I said he’s going through some stuff, I want to see if he’s okay. I feel bad that I’m not there for him.”

Alec could see that Liz was feeling bad for not being there for her friend. She was still close to them regardless of the distance between them. “I’ll be waiting in the living room.”

Liz dialed Kyle’s number and waited for him to pick up. “Hello?”

“Hi Mr. Valenti. It’s Liz.”

“Hey Liz! How are you?”

“I’m great. Michael called and told me about Kyle, I wanted to know if I could talk to him?”

“Yeah, let me get him.” Liz waited until Kyle said hello.

“You know if you didn’t like Isabel’s couch you should have just told her. You didn’t have to torch it.” She said jokingly.

“Real funny Liz.” Kyle said. The two friends talked for a while not knowing that Alec could hear them wondering what was really going on. He had heard Liz talking about symptoms. Could she be sick and he not know about it? And was with the burning sofa comment. Alec couldn’t help but be curious. What was Liz hiding?

Part 12:

Alec started looking into Liz’s secret but his own ended up coming out instead. And not by Alec. Ava, Liz, and Alec were all hanging out at the girls’ apartment. Ava joined them often to hang out since she was alone. She had stopped dating Jonathan because he moved out of Seattle. He didn’t feel like Seattle was the best place to be. There were more sector police around making life difficult for everyone in the search for the mutants. Liz noticed that Max and Alec seemed to be on edge but didn’t think it was anything more than not liking authority.

As they were watching TV when their program was cut in by news’ report.

“This is footage taken by a security camera in Sector 12. A mutant tried to climb the fence and it took six sector police to bring him down. People might ask why it took so many. As you can see by the footage the creature has what can only be described as super human strength. He was believed to have escape from a covert government agency known as Manticore.”

Alec sat there for a minute watching the program. ‘This is bad, very bad.’ He thought.

“As you can see right there a barcode on the back of his neck. Unconfirmed reports suggest that this tattoo was used to keep track of the various soldiers the agency had.” The story droned on for another minute but Liz didn’t hear it. She was in too much of a state of shock. She looked over and caught Alec’s eyes.

Liz jumped up and grabbed ALec's shirt dragging him to the back. “Ava I’ll be back in a minute.”

Once her door was shut she turned to Alec who was sitting on her bed, she crossed her arms and said, “That barcode is the same as the one on your neck. I want the truth about it.”

Alec knew there was no point in trying to lie. “The news report was true.”

“So you’re different?”

“Manticore created all kinds of different types of soldiers and gave them barcodes. We were all created in a lab through genetic engineering. We all escaped about seven months ago when Max blew it up.”

“Max is like you?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, she is. She escaped about ten years ago but was recaptured. We’re what are called X5s. Logan and Original Cindy are the only ones who knows.” Alec looked into Liz’s eyes and said, “I have to be careful who knows. My life is in the hands of whoever knows.”

Liz’s eyes widened in shock at Alec’s last statement. It sounded so close to what Max had said to her when he told her about his alien status. She couldn’t be mad at him for keeping his secret from her. She had been doing the same thing with him.

Alec could see that she was trying to absorb what he had told her. He didn’t know what to do, he had never told anyone about what he was. The only one who had even come close was Rachel but she had died before he could tell her everything. “Listen, I know that you’re going to tell me that you don’t want to see me anymore. I can’t blame you. I came out of a lab, worked as assassin; I have men who want to kill me. They’ll probably succeed one day, I understand if you don’t want to get mixed up in it.” Alec turned towards the door and before Liz could say anything he was gone.

She walked out into the living room and saw Ava waiting for her on the couch. “He’s one of them, isn’t he?” She asked.

Liz nodded. Liz flopped down next to her. “He and Max both. They’ve been hiding from the government.”

“Sound familiar?” Ava said.

“Yeah, it did.”

“So what now? I saw him all but run out of here.”

“He’s worried that I’ll turn away.” Liz looked down at Ava. “I want to tell him. After knowing everything, I know he wouldn’t tell. He’d understand. Max too.”

“Liz, I trust you, you know that. If you want to tell him then I’ll stand behind you. You know I like Alec. I never told you but he kind of reminds me of Zan.”

“Thanks Ava,” Liz said as she hugged her friend. When she pulled back Ava got up and grabbed her jacket; “I’m off to work. Matt asked me to come in to fill in for a few hours so I’ll see you later. If Alec had any questions you can’t answer, I’ll be here.” Ava left leaving Liz to her own thoughts. Deciding she wanted to know more she got up and left the apartment.


Logan got up from his computer to make his way to answer his door. He was surprised to find Liz on the other side, “Liz, what can I do for you?”

“I went Max’s apartment and OC said she was here.”

Logan nodded and showed her into his apartment. He took her into the living room and she saw Max sitting on the couch. “Hey Liz. What’s going on?”

“I saw the broadcast and Alec told me. He left before I could find out the whole story. I was wondering if you could tell me. About Alec, Manticore, you, the X5s, everything.”

Part 13:

Max and Logan quickly tried to recover from Liz’s revelation. Max had seen the report but hadn’t thought about Liz figuring it out. She forgot that she had mentioned Alec’s barcode the first night they met. She couldn’t believe Alec had just admitted it then left. Of course she should have figured she had to pick up another one of his messes. “Sit down, this is going to take awhile.”

Liz sat down in one of Logan’s chairs as he asked, “What exactly did Alec tell you?”

Liz tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and said, “That he was created through genetic engineering to be soldiers called X5s and that you have barcodes.”

“Well he definitely left a lot out.” Max muttered. “I’ll guess I’ll start with a history lesson. Years ago, Manticore started making up all kind of DNA cocktails so they could create perfect soldiers. Some look normal like Alec and me while others look like that mutant we rescued or like our friend Joshua who has a lot of canine DNA in him. Any hoo they brainwashed us all into being slaves for them taking orders, stuff like that but not all of us wanted that life. Some of my brothers and sisters and me escaped but others like Alec grew up in there. I don’t know about his life there but for a few small things. I know they primarily sent him on solo missions, that they did a lot of mental testing on him because of some stuff his twin did and I know he lost someone he cared about. It's probably why he hightailed it out of there.” Max explained realizing how little she knew about Alec’s time there.

“He mentioned that you were recaptured.” Liz interrupted.

“Yeah, last spring me and some of my sibs tried to blow up Manticore. We got the genetics lab but I was shot and brought back in. A few months later, Manticore came up with this insane idea of matching X5s up as breeding partners to makeup for the DNA that we destroyed and that’s when I met Alec. He was supposed to be my breeding partner and we ordered to you know.” Max stated feeling a little weird telling Alec’s girlfriend that he had been ordered to sleep with another woman. “But I wouldn’t betray Logan. I don’t know why but Alec lied for me the next day telling them that we had so we wouldn’t be punished. I managed to escape a few nights later with his and Joshua’s help but not before they infected me with a virus personally made to kill Logan.”

“Because he’s ‘Eyes Only’?” Liz asked.

Max and Logan looked at Liz in complete shock. “Did Alec tell you that?” Logan asked.

“No, I figured it out on my own. Actually I recognized your eyes from a broadcast. Eyes are the first thing I notice about a person most of the time.” Liz explained.

Logan just looked dumbfounded but Max continued, “I went back and got the antidote and torched the place. When I did I set everybody free--let them out into the world. Government's been trying to catch us ever since. The guy that heads it up name is Ames White but he’s not normal either. He part of some strange breeding cult that are kind of like natural transgenics. That’s most of the story, Logan can tell you anything else you need to know while I go hunt Alec down.”

Liz nodded as Max quickly left. It was a lot to absorb. Logan looked down at Liz and saw that she didn’t seem too much in shock about the story. And she didn’t seem to be scared which was a good thing. “It might take her a little while, hungry?”

The two headed for his kitchen to wait for their transgenic significant others to return.


Alec sat by himself thinking about what had happened. I shouldn’t have ran out like that. I should have stayed and explained maybe she would understand. Just like Logan and Max. Oh, Right, yeah, 'cause I’m this charming, sweet guy and scored myself a really nice girlfriend but, unlike Max, I'm actually trying to do the right thing. Why would she want to stay involved with me? I was made in a lab, spent my formative years learning the fine art of assassination. There are guys out there right now looking to kill me. And if I am around she won’t be safe whether she knows the truth about me or not. Just like the last time I let go, somebody got caught in the crossfire and died.’
Memories of the car bomb that killed Rachel flashed through his mind just then and he felt even worse.


Part 14
Max made her way out to the roof of the Space Needle and saw Alec sitting there. Right where she thought he’d be. “Hey. Figured you’d be here.”

“I came here to be alone Max.” Alec said curtly.

“Let me guess? Because Liz knows that what we are.”

She saw Alec looked at her with question in his eyes. “She came by Logan’s after you left her place. Told us what happened. She wanted to know everything since you ran off before you could tell her.”

“I never should have gotten involved with her. I told you once that we shouldn’t get involve with them but I didn’t listen to my own advice. I’m just going to stay away from her.”

“Now that she knows the dangers, don’t you think that should be her choice?”

Alec pushed off the roof and stood up, “WHY! So she can killed like Rachel? I can’t do that again. If I leave her alone she’ll be safe.”

"It's just like you to run away when things get tough," she muttered. Frustrated when he didn't reply, she yelled. "Damn it, Alec! For once, can you just think about someone else besides yourself!"

“I am!”

“No you’re not!” She lowered her voice back to its normal tone. “Talk to her Alec. Let her decide. It’s her life. She’s not going into this blind.”

Alec looked at her, trying to decide what he should do. He wanted to be with Liz. The last few months had been great. But could he really bring her into all of this? He had fallen completely in love with a person who he hoped was falling for him. He wasn't exactly sure as to what relationship they exactly held they hadn't really talked about it. But one thing was for certain, he was happy, and he never wanted it to end.

“If she wants to be a part of this then I’ll help you do whatever possible to protect her. Now come on. I left her waiting for you at Logan’s.” Max said as she started her way up to the opening with Alec following her.


They walked into Logan’s apartment and heard Liz laughing. They made their way into the kitchen to see Liz and Logan eating. “What’s so funny?” Max asked.

“Logan tried a bite of my food. He didn’t like it.” Liz said trying not to laugh harder at the redness of Logan’s face.

“She got you too huh? It’s not bad if you cut the amount she uses in half.” Alec said knowing Liz was talking about her love of Tabasco Sauce. He looked at Liz, “Hey.”

“Hey yourself. I see Max was able to track you down.”


Max could see how uneasy Alec was. “Why don’t you two go in the other room to talk?”

Liz got up and followed Alec into the living room. Alec was starting to feel uneasy, and was about to start talking when Liz cut him off by putting a finger to his lips.

“None of what I found out today matters to me.”

Alec raised his eyebrows in surprise. “About finding out what I am?”

“Finding out what you are would take a long time. Time that I want to have.” Liz said interrupting.

“So it doesn’t change anything.”

Liz shook her head, “It doesn’t change anything except the fact that I know more about your past. Logan and Max filled me in. She told me about the genetic engineering, Manticore, and how Manticore was taken down. Max told me about the virus that they made to kill Logan and Ames White and how he’s hunting for all of you. But what I don’t know is about you. Your side of things and I want to know it.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Max told me that you were scared of me being hurt because you had lost someone. Would you tell me about it?”

Alec had never actually talked to anyone about that before but he saw the look in Liz's eyes and knew he could finally do it. “Her name was Rachel. Her father was looking too much into Manticore and they sent me to check and see what he had found out. My cover was of her music teacher. I fell in love with her while hacking into his computer. Then Manticore gave orders to kill him. I tried to warn her but she ran after her father to protect him. I went after her but the car exploded before I could pull her back.”

“That had to be horrible, to watch her die.”

Alec nodded. “It was. I started to freak out and they drug me out of there. I was taken back to Manticore and made to forget about her. I found out not too long ago that she had survived but was in a coma since that day. I went to her but her father blamed me and tried to kill me. Max stopped him. I said goodbye then I left. She died not long after. I’ve never really told anyone the whole story.”

“I’m sorry Alec.”

“It was my fault that she died. That’s why I left earlier. I realized when you found out that I already had put you in danger so I left.”

“I told you that knowing all of your past doesn’t change anything.”

“Why would you want to be put in danger?”

“Alec, I’ve been living a dangerous life since I was sixteen.” Liz held out her hand to stop him from asking about what she was talking about. “And my life will always be dangerous. I know you don’t understand and it’s a long story. I want to tell you about it but not here. Would you come back to my apartment?”

Alec looked at her while he listened to her strange request. He agreed and after saying good bye to Logan and Max they headed for her apartment.


Alec parked the bike and hopped off. He held out his hand to help Liz off and took the helmet from her. He watched her as she shook out her hair and laughed when it got stuck on her lip-gloss. He reached over to pull it back and leaned in to kiss the spot where her hair had just been. He could feel her nervousness in the kiss; it made him wonder what she had to tell him. “You okay?”

Liz nodded and wrapped her hands behind his neck pulling him down for another kiss. “Just worried you’re going to freak.”

“Liz you just found out that I’m a transgenic. Not to mention that one of your friends is one too and that there are people who are trying to hunt us down to kill us. You know what I live with everyday, what could you tell me to freak me out?”

“Just remember that you said that.” She said as she kissed him one last time before heading for her building. They had been so caught up with each other that they didn’t notice the sky blue chevelle until it’s occupants got out. Liz felt the start of the painful green current in her hands and pulled away from Alec so he wouldn’t see. She could also feel two sources of alien energy so she looked around and saw why. Alec felt her stop and pull away. He looked at her and saw her staring at two guys who were walking their way. He heard her muttered under her breath, “And the day gets better and better.”

The guy with the darker hair was the first to say anything. He looked at Alec once before he said, “Hello Liz.”

“What do you want Max?”

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Part 15

Hearing Liz's question made Alec realize why the two guys looked so familiar. They were from Roswell. He looked at Max as the guy said, "You should have known I would look for you. I wanted to talk to you, work things out but you wouldn't talk to me."

"I told you I needed to be by myself. I didn't want to talk to you because I didn't have anything to say. But you ignored what I wanted because it wasn't want you wanted." Liz yelled. She could feel the current getting stronger and more painful but she ignored it.

Michael interceded then, "The street is no where to talk about this. Why don't we move someplace less public?"

"I don't have anything to say. Go back to Roswell." Liz spat. She was beyond mad. She had told Max she needed time to figure things out for herself but like always when he wanted something he disregard others wishes.

Alec could see how upset she was and tried to grab her hand but noticed she had pulled the sleeves of her hooded sweatshirt over her hands so he grabbed her shoulder and whispered to her, "I can make him leave."

Liz looked at Max and knew he wouldn't leave regardless of what Alec did until he talked to her. "No, I'll just talk to him for a minute then he'll leave." She gave him a half smile before looking at the other two. "We can talk in my apartment, come on. And before either of you two say anything, Alec is coming with us."

The three guys followed Liz up to her apartment. She opened the front door and called out to see if Ava was home. She didn't think she was because she didn't feel her familiar energy but with her energy going haywire she could be wrong. Being able to detect alien energy seemed to only be a power that Liz and maybe now Kyle possessed. The others didn't seem to have it. "Max, my room is the first one down on the left. We can talk there." Max nodded and left.

She looked at Alec and kissed him quickly, "I won't be long. We still need to talk." Max and Michael's arrival was not going to stop her from telling Alec the truth.

Liz walked over to Michael,"Behave, don't interrogate him, don't be mean. I know you suck at small talk but play nice."

"Liz, I didn't know how close he was to finding you until he told me he was leaving. I couldn't call to warn you because he was always with me on the way here."

"It's okay. I know you couldn't help it. I know how stubborn he is, I just thought he'd give up and go back to searching for his son." She stated before heading back to her room.

Michael looked over to where Alec had sat down on the couch. He could see Alec was comfortable being in Liz's apartment, he probably spent a lot of time there. Michael had no clue what to say. He knew about Alec, Liz mentioned him almost every time he talked to her but it had been weird seeing the two of them together. After all Liz was his best friend's exgirlfriend and the girl he had watched Max moon over for years. He had never said anything about him to Max so it had been a complete surprise to Max. "Liz looks a lot better than the last time I saw her. Seattle seems to agree with her."

"Yeah, Ava's said that she's different since she got here."

"She told me that you guys met when she beat you out of some money playing pool."

Alec smiled at the memory, "Yeah, I had just won a hundred bucks from a friend of ours when Liz came up with Ava and bet me double or nothing. She kicked my butt."

Michael smirked at the thought of Liz hustling Alec. "Her and Maria are dangerous if you get them close to a table. I only win if I cheat."

"It took a lot of rematches but I finally won. I still lose most of the time. Our friend Sketchy had been begging her to teach him." Alec explained just as the front door opened revealing Ava.

Ava saw Michael and panicked for a minute thinking it was Rath but she quickly realized it was Michael, "Oh sh*t."

"Hello to you to Ava." Michael said sarcastically. "Nice way to make me feel welcome."

"Like you were so hospitable to me last time I was in Roswell."

"Well considering the company you were with. You're definitely hanging out with better people now."

"It's been awhile. If you're here I guess so is Max."

"He's in talking to Liz." Alec answered.

"Is she okay?"

"A little pissed." Alec began to say when they heard Liz's voice coming from the back of the apartment, which meant she was yelling. He was surprised, he didn't think he had ever heard Liz that pissed before. "Okay make that a lot pissed."

The three of them sat back to listen

Part 16:

Liz shut the door to her room and turned to talk to Max. It was strange seeing him in her room, sitting on her bed. It wouldn’t have been an odd occurrence back in Roswell but here in Seattle it was just strange. He was looking at a giant panda that Alec had won her at a street vendor as well as the various pictures Liz had around the room. They were of her friends, from Roswell and Seattle. There was one that Ava took of her and Alec that she gave to Liz after she framed it in a cute picture frame with lil blu bubble along the outside.

Max watched her standing by the door. Even in the jeans, short T-shirt that said Wild Child and sweatshirt jacket she was wearing she looked beautiful. He thought she looked even more beautiful then he had ever seen her. “You look good Liz. Different but good.” He said motioning to her eyebrow and navel.

“If those shock you, you should see both the tattoos I have. Ava and I gave me a makeover when I first came here.” Liz said. “I wanted a change.”

“You’re beautiful either way.” He noticed that she had her hands covered like she had before when she was hiding the green energy that coursed through them.

“Thank you Max. But you’re not here to talk about what changes I’ve made. I asked you about how you found me?”

“Your parents.”

“My parents wouldn’t tell you where I was.”

“They didn’t tell me.” Max looked away guiltily.

“You broke into my parents’ apartment!? I can’t believe you!” Liz yelled.

“I had to find you.”

“So because you wanted something it doesn’t matter that it was someone’s home you just go barging in?” Liz said still yelling. “Why did you come here? I asked you for some time and I thought you would give it to me.”

“I didn’t know you were going to be gone so long.”

“I’m happy here.”

“We were happy.” Max said.

“Max, in the two years we have been doing whatever we’ve been doing I can only think of a few weeks that we were happy. Before Tess came to town.” She spat out her name. “Then everything went to hell.”

“And now she’s gone.”

“It’s not that simple Max. We can’t just forget that she was there. It’s not like she’s just some ex-girlfriend who we just forget.” She yelled at him. She was sure that they could hear her in the living room.

“I know we can’t just forget about her. Why do you think I wanted to get my son away from her so badly? I can’t let her corrupt him.”

“Then you should be looking for a way to find him instead of wasting time coming here.”

“I came here to talk it out so we could get back together. I need you.”


Out in the living room the three occupants listened to the argument.

“Michael, we need to go break it up before it gets worse.” Ava said worriedly.

“They need to do this.” He said.

“She has control of them now but she still reacts the same way to him. She might loose that control.” Ava said cryptically as Alec look at her.

Alec couldn’t help but feel like he was missing something and that he was the only one who was. There was something going on and he wanted to know what it was.


“No, you don’t.”

Max nodded. “My dad is still investigating everything, he thinks you left because of whatever he thinks I’m into.”

“How would my coming back make him stop?”

“It would show him that you’re okay and that I’m not mixed up in something dangerous that scared you away. I thought maybe Ava could come with you. She could pretend to be Tess and we could say that the whole baby story that Isabel told them was a lie.”

“I can’t believe you!” Liz yelled. “You expect us to just give up the life we have here so we can save your ass?!”

“Your life is in Roswell. I thought you just came here to sort things out. We all need to stick together.”

“Max, you saved my life and I’m grateful for it. I know we will always be connected and I might be like you now Max but you are not my leader. I don’t have to listen to you neither does Ava. She’s happy here, we both enjoy our lives.”

“Are you and Alec dating?” Max asked suddenly.

Liz realized that he had seen the two of them arrive and the affection that the two had exchanged. “Not that it’s any of your business but yes we are.”

“And you didn’t tell me?”

“I don’t remember you telling me when you started to get involved with Tess! I might not even have known if I hadn’t seen you two kiss when you took ME to prom.”

“I didn’t know you were there.”

“And that makes it better. You couldn’t even admit it later. You didn’t even tell me that you were together until you told me she was pregnant!”

“I know I’ve messed up.” Max started to say but Liz interrupted.

“I want an answer to my question out in the desert. Why did you sleep with her?”

Max ran his hand over his face. “I don’t know.”

“I can’t be with you. I can’t forget.”

“Why? Why can’t we get past this.”

“You don’t know what happened when you tried to heal me in the desert do you?”

Max looked at her confused; “The healing was hurting you. I figured you blew up the stones to stop it.”

“It wasn’t just physical pain that hurt me. It was the memories I got from the connection. I saw it. I saw the whole night you spent with her.”

Part 17:

Max’s eyes widened in shock and horror. “You saw it?”

Liz nodded. “That’s why I exploded at you that night. It was too much.”

“I had no idea. I didn’t know, but we can still get past it.”

“I can’t forget what I saw.” Liz said as she started to pace. “It keeps running through my head over when I see you, think about you. I can’t stand it anymore!” She yelled. “Seeing you with her. Knowing that the mother of your son killed one of our best friends. She killed Alex!” Her anger that she had been holding back took over and the lamp by her bed exploded. A minute later her door swung open and Alec, Michael, and Ava came running through.

“What happened?” Alec asked looking at the lamp then Max and Liz. He didn’t know what was going on. He had heard Liz say that the girl Max had slept with had been the one to kill Alex but he had been told it was a car accident. What was going on?

“My anger got the better of me and I took it out on the lamp.” Liz explained knowing that Michael and Ava would know what she meant. She had known that the current was still running in her hands but she hadn’t realized that her powers were so out of whack. She looked at Max, “Go home, Max.” She said as she walked out into the living room with the others following her.

Max moved towards her, “Liz, I want to be with you.” He moved to touch her and like before the green current powered up and Liz began to feel the pain from it. As Max moved to grab Liz’s hand Alec watched in shock as what could only be described as a bunch of electrical streams coursed through her body over her skin. As it did she screamed in pain and tried to pull away. “Max, please.” When he didn’t let go Liz put her hand up and sent him flying backwards. Alec stood there in shock having seen what she had done.

“Don’t touch me Max.” Liz begged.

Max started to get up when Michael tried to stop him. Instead he pushed past him but Alec grabbed him. He was confused by what Liz had done but he knew he had to keep Max away from her. “You’re not going anywhere near her.”

“This is none of your business.”

“If it involves Liz it is.” Alec stated before Max pulled back to punch him but Alec blocked it and elbowed him in the face. He grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm behind his back before flipping him to the ground and placing his knee into his back to pin him there. “Just go home. Leave her alone.”

The brief fight was like someone dumped cold water on him. Max looked at the girl he had loved for so many years and he knew he had to give her up. He had hurt her so much emotionally and physically. She had a right to be happy. He looked at her and said, “Alright Liz. I’ll go. But if you ever need me, you know I’ll help you in any way I can.”

Alec released him but stood between him and Liz as Max got up, walked past Michael, and out the door. Liz looked at a concerned Michael, “Go after him. I’m okay. Call me when you get back to Roswell.”

“What about?” Michael said motioning to Alec.

“He’s okay. I’ll talk to him.” Michael nodded then followed Max. Ava looked at Liz. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Liz nodded as she smiled at her friend. “I’m fine.” She held up her hand to show that the current was decreasing in strength. “See. It’s going away.”

Ava nodded. “Can I check? Just to be sure?” Ava could only heal small things but she knew how to use a connection to search for ailments.

“Ava I’m fine. I’d take care of it if I wasn’t. I need to talk to Alec.” She looked at her boyfriend, “Can we go into my room and talk?” Alec nodded and the two headed back towards her room. When the door shut Alec finally spoke. “I don’t know what I just saw but are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I can’t even feel it anymore.” She said as she looked at her now normal hands.

“What the hell happened here? I know I saw you fling him across the room with only using your hand.”

“I used my powers to stop him. It was the only way I could get him away from me.”

“So you have telekinesis or something like it? Was that your secret?”

“No, my secret’s a little bigger than that. You’re not the only one who’s not a normal human. I’m a hybrid, of alien and human.”

Part 18:

Alec looked at her in disbelief. “You’re an alien?”

“I know this sounds crazy but let me tell you the whole story then maybe you’ll believe me.” Liz asked.

Alec nodded and they moved from the floor to sit on Liz’s bed. “I was born human, had an average life. When I was sixteen, I was working at my parents’ café when a shot was fired. It hit me in the stomach and I almost died but Max saved me. He healed me.”

“He healed you?”

“Yes, and when he did he changed me so that I was like him. We didn’t know that at the time, I only found out for sure when I came to Ava here in Seattle.”

“So Ava is one too?”

“So is Michael.”

“Who all knows about this?”

“In Seattle? Only you. Other than that Maria, Kyle’s dad, and Isabel’s husband. Everything about us is human except for our blood and our powers.”

“Powers? Like what you did?”

“That is one thing.” Liz stood up and walked over to her broken lamp. She used her powers and before Alec’s eyes he saw the lamp reform itself like it had never been broken. Liz then moved over to a candle she had and waved her hand turning it into a small box then turned it back. “They call it manipulating molecular structure. All five well six now can do it.”


“Max, Michael, Isabel, and Ava. Then me and our friend Kyle who Max also healed. The first four each have a unique power but Kyle and I are able to do all of them plus our own unique one. Mine is astral projection.”

“So why did they come to Earth? When?”

“They were in the 47 crash…” Liz started to explain but Alec interrupted when she heard him mutter, “I always knew that was a cover up.”

“They come from a planet called Antar. They are actually clones of the planet’s leaders, the Royal Four. They were killed during a war, recreated, and sent to Earth. There were actually two sets made, Max, Michael and Isabel were from one set. Tess is also one, she was in Max’s set. Ava was from the other. Rath and Lonnie, the ones Ava is hiding from, were from her set as was Zan. Each set looks identical to the other one.”

“Well I guess I’m not the only boyfriend you’ve had that was made in a lab.” Alec stated. “So what was that whole electrical shock thing?”

“Our powers can be influenced when we’re emotional. When I started getting my powers I was freaking out about it and keeping it from Max. That was when it first appeared and one night Max tried to heal it, but it only got worse to wear if he touched me it caused a lot of pain. Ava said it is because of all the stuff between Max and me. Kyle never got it.”

Alec just nodded in understanding. “No wonder you accept difference’s in people so easily.”

“To me, it doesn’t matter what someone is but who they are inside. I’ve seen normal humans who act more evil than any alien in a horror movie.” Liz started telling him about the last two and half years of her life. She told him about the days after the shooting, to Pierce capturing Max, and the destiny message. Her arrival after returning from Florida, Future Max, the battle with the skins, and the gandarium. She finished by telling him about her investigation into Alex’s death, Tess’s betrayal and departure, and some of the details of the search for Max’s son then finally her own departure from Roswell.

“And now you know. You’re not the only one who has been living a secret life.” Liz said smiling. She wasn’t sure how he was taking the news.

Alec sat there for a minute and understood how Liz had felt earlier when she had found out about him. He still felt the same way about her. Granted he was shocked to find out aliens existed but hey he'd seen weirder things. He didn’t know how to express that with words so he pulled her to him and kissed her. He poured everything he felt about her into the kiss. Her mouth moved against his with the same passion, she could feel the acceptance of her words, she knew he had finally understood her. They continued to kiss until they finally broke away and leaned their foreheads against each other.

“I was just thinking that my life as a prized X5 soldier on the run from a secret government agency needs a little bit of spice.” He said smiling.

“Yeah.” Liz said as she started to yawn. “Sorry, I’m just feeling tired.”

“It’s been a long emotional day. You need to get some sleep.” He said. She nodded and got up to grab a pair of shorts to change into. She went into the bathroom to change then came back and sat down next to Alec, leaning into him. Alec looked down at her and his eyes fell to the tattoo on her right foot. “Liz, does that tattoo mean anything?”

“Mean anything?”

“Yeah, I didn’t think anything about it before but now that I know about you ‘not of this earth’ connections I was just curious.”

“Oh I see what you mean. And yes it does. It’s a symbol of the planetary system that contains Antar. You can see it in the sky with the naked eye but it looks like five stars. It’s kind of a reminder that nothing is always like it appears.”

“So if Max finds a way home, they all go?” Alec asked.

“If they want to. Isabel is happy here so I don’t think she will. Michael I don’t know. He stayed here last year because of Maria but with them being whatever they are he may choose to go. He was the one who always wanted to go. Max will go of course so he can get his son.” She said quietly.

“What about Ava? Would she want to go?”

“No, she would stay here. She likes her life here.”

“Would Kyle go? Since he’s now technically an alien.”

Liz knew what he was really asking. He wanted to know if she would go. She moved to settle on his lap and ran her hand to the back of his neck playing with the air there. “No, Kyle and I wouldn’t want to go. Earth is our home. Just because we’ve been changed doesn’t mean we have any ties to Antar. You’ll just after get used to me being underfoot.”

Alec smiled, “Good. I don’t mind you being under me.” Alec said as Liz’s fingers lightly stroked the back of his neck over his barcode. He had always hated being touched there in the past. When Rachel had touched him there it was like she was reminding him of the lie she believed him to be. When other women had touched him there it had made him feel dirty. They didn’t understand all that his barcode represented. Most had not even noticed it as they pulled him close. But somehow Liz touching it felt right. Maybe because she knew exactly what he was and still wanted to touch him there. For whatever reason he found her gentle touch soothing and erotic at the same time. He pulled her close wanting nothing more than her simple touch. That’s when she yawned again. “Let’s get you to bed.” He said picking her up to lay her down. After placing her on the bed he started to move back but her hand on his arm stopped him. “Stay with me tonight, please.”

He shed his jeans, leaving him in only his T-shirt and boxers then crawled in next to her. He usually didn’t sleep much but after everything that had happened that day and had found out he was exhausted. He kissed her good night and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Part 19:

Alec parked his bike and made his way into Jam Pony after finishing his morning runs. It had been a week since he and Liz had revealed their secrets to each other. It had brought them closer to each other but hadn’t had much time to enjoy it, at least not alone. Max had been busy helping different transgenics to hide out after the news broadcast and Alec had been drug along with her to help. Liz had been busy working since they were shorthanded and had just finished up her finals in the two summer college courses she’d been taking. Whatever spare time they had they had spent it at the Crash hanging out with their friends trying to keep up the appearance of being normal. Liz was the main thing in his thoughts and when he saw her straddling one of the benches next to Max he thought he was hallucinating. He quickly realized he wasn’t and slid up behind her on the bench and wrapped his arms around her.

“You better be careful my boyfriend might see you and come beat the crap out of you.” Liz teased.

“He shouldn’t have left you here all by yourself.”

“He didn’t know I was coming.” She said smiling as she turned to face him.

“Oh well I think I can take him.” He said before leaning forward and giving her a quick kiss. “Not that I mind but what are you doing here at my place of work?”

“Oh like you don’t come by my job all the time.” Liz said smacking him lightly on the arm.

“That’s different, I go to mooch food. I don’t think there is anything here you’d want to munch on.”

“Don’t bet on it.” She said smiling coyly at him. “Anyway I’m here to meet my favorite Jam Pony messenger for an outing.”

“And where are we going?” He asked.

“Not you, me.” Max said. “I’m taking Liz to meet Joshua on my lunch break.”

“I told Max that I wanted to meet him but we’ve been so busy that this is the first chance I got. Matt hired a new waitress and Ava was busy training her so he gave me the afternoon off.” She said as she got up to leave with Max. She leaned over and said hovering just inches from his mouth. “By the way, Ava is going to the Crash with OC and Sketchy tonight until late. If you’re interested I thought maybe we can have a night alone, I’ll cook.” She said coyly.

Alec smiled giving her lips a peck before saying, “You’re on. I’ll come by after I run by my apartment.”

Liz walked off with Max, “See ya.”


“Liz, this is Joshua. Joshua this is Liz.” Max said making the introductions. Liz reached out and shook Joshua’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Joshua.”

Joshua shook her hand back and said, “You, too Liz. Liz is Alec’s babe.”

Max and Liz laughed. “I guess he’s been talking about me?” She said.

“He must have. I know he comes by here often even without me.”

Liz nodded and looked back at Joshua. “You have a nice house. Lots of books.”

“Like books. Joshua like to read.”

“I see that you like to paint, too.”

“Yeah, Joshua paint. Alec sell to museum for him.” He said as he pulled Liz over to see some of his paintings. Max just looked on and watched. She was glad that Liz had taken so well to Joshua and vice versa. She liked Liz. Anyone who could tame Alec so she didn’t have to constantly bail him out of trouble was cool in her book.

“Painting helps Joshua. Get stuff out of Joshua’s head.”

“I do that too.” Liz said.

“You paint.”

“No, I have a journal that I write in. But I do have a friend back where I used to live that likes to paint.” She said as she looked over his paintings and thought about Michael. “Back home we live near an Indian reservation that he loved to get paints from. He said that they painted different because they were made from nature. It might take a while but I could have him send me some for you if you’d like.”

“Joshua like that very much. Thank you.” He said smiling.

“You’re very welcome.” They got to know each other more before Max had to get back to work. She took Liz home so that she could get ready for her date with Alec.

Part 20:

Liz listened to the pouring rain outside as she finished the preparations for dinner. She set the table even though the dinner was casual. She had came home and taken a long bath soaking in her cherry almond bath oil. She replaced her strawberry oil when she first came to Seattle because Max had always talked about her smelling like strawberries. It was a small thing but it made her feel better. After the bath she brushed out her hair and put on a small amount of makeup before starting dinner. She had just finished when there was a knock at the door. She opened it to find a soaking wet Alec. She laughed at his drenched state. “You look like a drowned rat. You really should think about buying a car.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He muttered as he made his way inside. Liz had just shut the door when the electricity went off.

"Brown out, " he said. After living in Seattle for a while he got used to all the brown outs that happened. Brown outs usually lasted all night and with it raining so hard he didn't think the power would come back anytime soon.

"I’m glad I got all the food done before it hit.”

“Couldn’t you just wave your hand and cook it?”

“Doesn’t taste the same. I'm going to give us some light, " she said. She snapped her fingers. All the candles Liz and Ava had strewn throughout the living room flickered to life giving off a warm glow.

“Handy trick.” He said smiling. “I knew I kept you around for a reason.”

“Funny. Be nice or I won’t dry you off. You’ll be stuck in soggy clothes and I might give you a towel.”

“I’ll be nice.” He waited until she was standing in front of him about to dry him off with her powers before he added, “Of course if that happened I’d just have to strip out of all my clothes and just wear the towel. You seem to like that view before.”

Liz blushed at the thought of that day at his apartment. She quickly waved her hand over him, drying his clothes. “Come on before it gets cold.”

He watched her make her way into the kitchen. She looked so cute in her faded jeans, and black tanktop. She left her hair down and her feet were bare. She puttered around the kitchen as she moved the food to the table. He was so busy watching her that he hardly heard her when she started talking.

“I called Michael earlier. Max answered the phone and I actually talked to him for a minute just to say hi.”

“What about?” Alec asked putting up his hand to indicate what he was talking about.

“It started but it died down quickly since I didn’t get upset.” After the night Max had come to Seattle, Liz had felt like a load had been lifted off of her shoulders. “I’m glad. I want to be semi-friends with Max if I can, if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be alive. I just don’t want to be with him.”

They ate their dinner making small talk. She told him about her visit with Joshua and other things they had done that day. It was nice, peaceful. When she was done they started cleaning up the dishes.

They had just gotten out of the kitchen when Alec noticed she had a piece of fluff in her hair. He pulled it out and tossed it away but didn’t remove his hand. He caressed her soft hair with his hand and caught his breath as she leaned into his touch. Touching her was hypnotic and addictive at the same time. He couldn't get enough; he wanted to touch every part of her. Liz was reveling in the feel of his touch also and she too wanted more. She reached one hand up for the back of his neck and brought his head down for a kiss.

His arms moving around her, pulling her hard to him, pressing her body fully against him. His lips moved against hers, hard, demanding, his tongue moving over her lips, requesting entrance, and moving inside her mouth urgently, when she responded in kind. His kiss was making her lightheaded, and her arms moved around his neck pulling him down to her more; she ran her fingers through his hair.

She pressed her body more fully to his, and heard him groan as her hips moved against his, his hands moving around her back to pull her closer to him. Her hands moving from his hair, down his broad shoulders, one moving lower, and grabbing hold of his ass, pushing him against her, making her feel his desire for her against her hip, making her groan in response.

Alec pulled away from the kiss, and looked down into Liz's eyes, the want clearly visible in her features. His hands went to the side of her face, his thumb tracing her now swollen lips from his kiss. "Liz.." He said, his voice deep, and full of need. He closed his eyes, he wanted her more than anything, but when they did it would be her first time. "Maybe, maybe we should..wait for a little while." He couldn't believe his own words. When in the hell had he ever wanted to take it slow with a woman? *Maybe because you actually have feelings for this one.*

Liz looked up at him as she moved her hands to the front of his chest, her fingers kneading slightly into the flesh through his shirt, making him close his eyes and groan slightly. She smiled up at him, and when he opened his eyes back up, she looked at him, "Alec... I want you."

WARNING:NC-17 PART. Keep a glass of cold water or a cold shower handy, after all this is Alec

Part 21

"Alec...I want you."

That was it, those words were his undoing, his mouth went back to her, his mouth plundering hers, his teeth nipping at her lower lip, his tongue swirling against hers, his lips moving hard against her lips, she thought he was trying to devour her, and she welcomed it. Her hands moved to his shirt, trying to tug it up off his form. He went to pull it up and over his head, and flung the article of clothing across the room and then his hands were back on her, pulling her hips towards him. She sucked on the pressure point of his neck marking it gently.

Her hands moved up over his hard muscles soft, warm flesh greeted her fingertips. His hands didn't remain idle; they too moved exploring under her shirt. Liz pulled his face back to hers to kiss him, and wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck. His arms circled around her, and he groaned as she pulled her legs more tightly around him, pulling herself closer to his groin. She waved her hand around extinguishing the candles. He moved towards her bedroom, stopping at the door to push her against it, kissing her deeply. Her hands moving between them, her fingers fumbling with the button of his pants. He pushed his hips against hers, Liz groaned feeling his hard length pressed against her, making her pop the button from his pants, and quickly move the zipper down, her hands finding their way inside the fabric.

Alec's mouth moved from her mouth to her neck, licking, biting, sucking at the flesh that he found, making her head lean back against the door, gasps and moans coming from her. His hips jerked towards hers again as her hand found its way into his boxers and her fingers wrapped around his cock.

She moaned when she felt him, he was hard, warm, and pulsing in her hand. Liz kissed him hard again, smiling slightly into kiss, as she thought about what she was in store for, she actually hoped she could 'accommodate' him. He caught the look, and looked at her, "Like what you found?" He asked into her ear, his warm breath moving over her, making her shudder at his deep voice.

"Yes," She said, squeezing him for emphasis, he responding by pressing himself against her. She groaned, and said "Bed." Then wrapped her free hand around his neck, kissing him again. His hands moved to her hips, and moved away from the door, and he quickly found his way to the bed. He laid her down, him following, not breaking contact. His hands moved over her sides, and up to her breasts making her gasp. He pulled away, to take the fabric of her little top in his fingers, and he slid it up and over her head, finally revealing her to him.

"Beautiful" He said and moved his mouth to her left breast, his tongue swirling over the taunt nipple. Her head leaned back against the bed, her eyes closed tight, gasping as his mouth nipped and sucked on the flesh, his other hand on her other breast. His thumb moving in circles over the hardened flesh.

She moved her hips up into his, making them both moan, her hands moving over his shoulders, and moving down his back, to slide under his pants and grab hold of his ass, her fingernails gripping slightly. Her hands moved out, and she started to try and pull down his pants. "Off." She said, trying to tug them down. He broke his mouth away from her, kissed her deeply one more time, and moved away from her. He stood, and pulled off the remainder of his clothing in haste, and in seconds he was standing there in front of her naked. Liz looked up at him, her eyes running the length of his body. His hair messy, eyes full of lust and desire, lips red and swollen from their kissing, chest and abs taunt and hard, strong tone legs, and she licked her lips as her eyes settled on him.

He moved to lie on top of her again but she pushed on his chest so that he would lie on his back. She kissed him deeply then she pulled away, her hands grabbing his wrists, and holding them at his sides, she knew he could easily move away, but pushed hard on them as a statement, as she moved her mouth down his chest. She wanted to taste his skin. Her mouth moved down his chest, her tongue coming out to take a quick lick, a slight bite to his pecks. Her hands then moved with her, her nails slightly going over his chest, scratching him slightly, she could hear his slight intake of breath in response.

Suddenly he grabbed her, and he was instantly on top of her, hovering over her. His mouth to hers, his tongue tasting her again, and then he was at her neck, his teeth gazing the skin, biting her lightly, he could hear her sounds as his hands move over her, grab her breasts, squeeze them.

His hands stayed at her breasts as his mouth trailed down her breastbone, over her stomach, his tongue lightly dipping into her belly button playing with the small ring there. His hands then moved down to her pants, his fingers moving slightly under the fabric, he pulled away from her, sitting up slightly, his hands unzipping the fabric, she smiled up at him, and lifted her hips, and he pulled her pants off of her in a quick motion, leaving her in a black panties. His fingers moved to the waistband and with another fluid motion they were freed from her body and found their way into a corner of the room.

His eyes traveled over her, she was... perfect. He moved back over her, kissed her once, then moved to lick and suck each breast, making her moan, his hands moving down her body, and then moved to her thighs, his hands spreading her open. His heighten senses could already smell her, the room already was permeated with the smell of sex, the pheromones were making him light headed. But he wanted more, he needed more, he wanted to taste her, and that he would. His fingers spread her sex open to him; he could see her hands already start to grip the sheets out of the corner of his eye. His thumb moved over her hardened clit, and her body jerked. He moaned at the feeling of her, she was already so wet, wet for him.

Alec leaned down, his hot breath running over her, making her body shiver. He moved his thumb in slow circles around her clit, and she moaned. And then he leaned in, his tongue snaking out, and touching her, and she gasped. His mind reeled at the taste of her, he couldn't get enough, and he wanted more. He licked her again, and again, her hips jerked up at him, his hands went to her hips to keep her still, and her moans became louder.

Liz could not achieve a coherent thought if she tried, all she could feel was the pleasure that was coming from his mouth on her, her body screaming and tense, moving higher and higher. "Oh God," She kept saying, not sure how that was even able to come out of her mouth, let alone the moans and whimpers. Her hands went to his head, her fingers intertwining in his hair, keeping him there, not wanting him to leave.

He heard her, and it encouraged him, he removed one hand from her hips, and his fingers moved around her opening, teasing her, her hips bucked slightly at him. His mouth sucked lightly at her clit, his name springing from her lips. He moved his finger slowly inside of her, feeling her hot, wet, tightness, and he groaned, as did she.

She felt his finger enter her, and she snapped. Her body tensed, and wave after wave of white, hot, blinding, pleasure passed through her body. Alec felt her muscles contract around his finger, and mouth stayed on her, pushing her through it, keeping her going just a little longer, her body shuddering under his. His eyes looked up over her body as she climaxed in front of him. She looked absolutely gorgeous, especially as she called out his name over and over as she did. He could feel the contractions subside, and with a few more soft licks of his tongue, allowing him to keep her taste fully ingrained into his mind, he slowly moved back up over her body. His mouth firmly attaching to one of her breasts again, his hips grinding against her.

Liz slowly came back to her senses, and felt his mouth moving over her breast again, her hips moved against his, feeling his hard on pressed into her stomach, and she groaned. She couldn't wait, anymore, her hands moved to his head and pulled him up for a deep kiss, she moaned tasting herself on his lips, and her hands moved down over his back, her fingernails dragging down to his ass, and pulled him closer to her. Her legs wrapping around him tightly, his tongue moving into her mouth as a response. Her one hand moved between them, and grabbed him firmly. "Liz..." He moaned out into her mouth.

"Now," she said, "Alec, pleaseeee...." She pleaded with him, her hands moving back up and around him to his shoulders trying to pull him closer to her.

She didn't have to ask again, he was more than ready, willing and able. He grabbed the condom he had laid on the bed when he removed his pants, quickly put it on, and then moved back to his previous position between her legs. He moved his hips down slightly, the tip of him teasing her entrance; he looked down into her eyes for permission. He saw her nod and felt her hips try to move and take him into her waiting depths. His one arm moved under her and gripped her shoulder, the other moved up to the side of her face, and made her eyes look into his. "Liz..." He said, his voice full of emotion, "I... love you," and with that he pushed himself inside of her with one deep, long, hard push. Liz gasped her head falling back; her eyes shut tightly, his words, and him moving into her soul. He pushed past her barrier, all the way into her; it was if... as if they were a perfect fit.

He groaned at the feeling of her around him, hot, wet, tight, and... perfect. He stilled, wanting to savor the feeling, her legs locked around him, and pulled tight, making it feel as if he went deeper into her, if that was even possible. His eyes opened, to find her brown ones looking up at him, as small tear ran down her cheek, and he wiped it way softly, and leaned down and kissed her. It was soft and gentle, both realizing how right everything was, how perfect they were together. But that gentleness wasn't going to last. They had too much passion, desire, and lust in their souls for them to be gentle for long.

He waited until she started to move before he moved his hips slowly, as she whimpered below him. He kissed her again, and moved his mouth back to her neck, her hands moved to grip his shoulders. Alec moved slowly out of her, until just the tip was inside, and then back in fully, he repeated the action a few more times, making Liz moan. He responded with a few quick thrusts. She tightened her legs around him, and he ground his cock hard into her. "Alec..." She said into his ear, and moved her hips up into him, rocking against him, letting him know she was sick of his teasing. He nibbled on her ear lobe, and traced his tongue over her neck, and started moving his hips, in long, hard strokes. His hand on her face moving down her body. He moved into her faster, and harder, the head of his cock hitting her cervix with each push. The gasp of pleasure that Liz made from that told him she liked it, and he continued. He gripped her shoulder harder, moving harder into her, the feel of her around him pushing him further, wanting to go deeper into her.

Liz couldn't think, all she could do was feel. Feel Alec over her, around her, inside of her. Pushing her body to limits she had never known before. Her hips moved against his, trying to take him deeper, her hands moved over his body, her nails digging into his back at the feeling he was creating in her. She knew she couldn't hang on much more. Her nerve endings were on fire, and then they burst, and she screamed, "ALECCCCC."

He heard his name, felt her nails breaking the skin at his back, felt her inner muscles contract, trying to milk him for his own pleasure, and he groaned but held back, and road the waves with her, waiting, slowing down slightly, but still moving in and out of her. Halfway out then all the way in, over and over, and he watched her, his arms holding onto her.

Liz groaned in response and he continued to thrust back hard inside of her, moving as deep as possible into her. She loved every minute of it, every stroke. Her nails racked his back, her eyes closed, head moving back at forth, sensation overwhelming her again, not sure how much longer she could hold on before exploding again.

Alec couldn't think, part of him was worried that he was hurting her, but the animal lust that flowed through his veins wasn't listening, his body just kept moving into her, wanting to be one with her, be as deep into her as possible. The primal urge to claim her as his, running through his body. His mouth moving back to her neck, as he tasted her skin, making him growl slightly in to her ear, making her body shiver. His hands moving under her, pulling her closer to him, as his hips kept thrusting into her body, over and over again. The sounds, smells and tastes driving his instincts on even further, he could feel himself pulsing inside of her, he could feel the tension running through his body, he was so close. He tasted her skin, and her nails grabbed his lower back and ass. He heard her scream his name once more and felt her muscles once again tense around him, and he was gone. His body moved hard and deep into her, as his cock pressed fully into her depths, as deep as possible, he let himself go. His seed spilling deeply into the condom, and he bit down hard but not too hard into her neck, claiming her as his. He rode the waves of his orgasm, which was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. He felt like every nerve in his body was being stimulated with electricity, giving intense pleasure. It felt like it lasted for hours before coming down to reality. He moved to look down at her, his hand coming to the side of her face, looking into her eyes, this thumb lightly traveling over the skin. She smiled up at him. Thinking he was too heavy he moved her legs back down and then tried to roll them onto their sides, but she wrapped he legs around him, "Don't leave." She said, pulling him down to her, and kissing him lightly.

“I need to clean up.” He said hating the crudeness of the statement. He moved to get up but her hand on his arm stopped him. She smiled at him before waving her hand over him making all the evidence disappear. “All done.” She said.

He just shook his head as he laid back down next to her pulling her into his arms. "Are you okay?" He asked her.

She smiled, a large, very content smile, Ava said that sex for them was amazing but it had still shocked her. Not that she had any experience with sex as a normal human. "Are you kidding? That was amazing." He laughed slightly, Liz looked at him, and sighed, “Laugh all you want, maybe for you it's always that good. I don’t have anything to base it on."

He held her close, and rolled them onto his back, pulling her onto his chest. "Liz.... its never been that good.” He said, and pulled her down for a small kiss, and then pulled away to brush some of her hair behind her ear. “I mean it. NEVER.”

“I probably should have warned you. Ava said that sex for us is somewhat different.”

“I’ll say. Not that I’m complaining, but that’s not all it was. Don’t get me wrong I believe in going out with a bang or in this case a nuclear explosion, but it wasn't that that made it so incredible. It was being with you. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt you."

“No, you didn’t hurt me. You were wild aggressive and passionate, and I loved it. You didn’t treat me like I would break which I like.” She snuggled closer. “Sleep here with me tonight. I don't want you to go yet."

Alec agreed and the two stayed in Liz's bed talking until they started to fall asleep. The last thing Alec heard before sleep overtook him was Liz say; "I love you, too."

Part 22:

Alec woke up the next morning feeling slightly disoriented. He knew he wasn't in his own bed and felt a weight on his chest. He looked down to see Liz still sleeping on him, her hair fanned out against him and he smiled as the night before came back to him. He had admitted that he loved her and she had said it back. It was a big step not just for them but for each of them individually.

Not want to disturb her he slid out from under her and waited to see if she’d wake up. She whimpered a little at the loss of his body but she curled up on her side and slept on. He slipped on his boxers and jeans but couldn’t find his shirt. Shirtless he made his way out to her kitchen to make coffee only to find Ava had beat him to it.

“Loose something?” Ava asked holding up his shirt with two fingers. Alex took it from her but didn’t put it on. He leaned up against the counter and watched her. The two had become friends over the past months and Alec was over so much that his presence was not unusual for Ava.

“I guess Liz is still sleeping?” Ava asked. Alec nodded. “You’ve got this stupid little grin on your face, so it’s safe to assume that you now have joined the small group of humans who know what sex with an alien is like?” Alec’s smile grew. “If you think that was good you should see what it feels like when both of you are aliens.”

“Maybe I should get shot and have Max heal me.” Alec joked.

“Not funny, Alec.” Ava said smacking his arm. “But you should probably have one of us get rid of the mark on your neck before someone sees it.”


“Because it’s glowing.” Ava said before waving her hand over causing it to disappear. That was when she turned serious. “You know I consider you my friend. When you started getting involved with each other, I told Liz to go for it. I think you’re good for her.” She put her finger to his chest to emphasize her point. “But if you hurt her, I will hunt you down. You will wish White had you, instead of me.”

“Noted.” Alec’s eyebrows went up in surprise but knew she’d meant it.

“Good, I’m glad we understand each other.” She poured him a cup of coffee and handed it to him.

“You’ve got the intimidating big sister thing down pat.”

“Liz is the first friend I ever had. Did she tell you how we met?”

“She told me that she met you when you went to Roswell to find Max. You were the first one to tell her that she had been changed and helped her save Max in New York. That you left a few days after and you stayed in touch.”

“After Max left with Lonnie and Rath, I was alone for the first time in my life. I wandered around Roswell sleeping wherever I could. One night I was sleeping in an alley and heard someone throwing trash in the dumpster next to my head. It was Liz. I had seen her with the others a couple days before but hadn’t talked to her. The fact that she didn’t know me didn’t stop her from offering her couch for me to sleep on.”

“She’s got a big heart.”

“Yeah, she does. Later I woke up from a nightmare and she comforted me. She sat up with me and let me talk about Zan. I asked her about how she found out about Max and that’s when I found out he’d healed her. Later Isabel and Michael showed up and tried to push me around to get me to tell them what I knew. Liz stood up for me, made them stop. I left the next day but we wrote to each other, talked on the phone occasionally. Then she came to Seattle and we got even closer. She was pretty messed up thanks to what Max did with that psycho Tess. It’s hard to believe we come from the same DNA.”

“Well our DNA isn’t exactly the same. Our batch was more alien.”

“From what Liz told me, you seem more human than Tess.”

“I don’t know, I’m just glad that Liz doesn’t hold it against me that I look like her. Can you imagine what it’s like to be friends with someone who looks like someone you hate?”

“No, I can’t. But I do know what it’s like to be completely different from someone you have identical DNA with.” He looked at the clock. “I better go wake her up.”

“Here. Just the way she likes it.” Ava said handing him another cup of coffee. “Just a warning, don’t drink that.”

“Sweet and spicy?”

“Yeah, see ya later.”

Alec made his way back to Liz’s bedroom. As he approached the bed he took a minute to gaze down at the beauty lying there. The sheet wrapped around her body allowed him to see the outlines of the curves that were underneath but the dark navy color didn’t allow him to see through it. Her face was relaxed but had the slight curve of a smile on her lips. He could see the small marks he had left on her body the night before and felt a strange sense of pride that they were still there, marking her as his. He leaned over and started leaving a trail of kisses on her shoulder. “Liz. You need to wake up.”

Liz’s eyes fluttered open and smiled when she saw Alec. The memories of their night came flooding back and she pulled him down to lay on top of her as she kissed him. After making sure to give her a thorough good morning kiss he pulled back, “As much as I hate to get up and run, I have to go home and change so I can get to work.”

“Oh, like you’re always on time. And I bet it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve gone into work wearing the same clothes as the day before.” Liz knew that Alec had slept with other women but it didn’t matter to her. She couldn’t hold what he had done before he had met her against him.

“No, it wouldn’t be. But everyone there would know what we’ve been up to.” He didn’t care about himself, just Liz. He didn’t know if she would want everyone to know about their new development.

“They probably already think it anyway.” She said kissing her way up to his ear. She could feel his reaction to her pressed against her leg and knew she was getting to him. Thinking of something that would seal him staying she broke away and grabbed his shirt that he had laid on the bed. She touched the sheet then his shirt turning it from black to blue before changing the shade of his jeans to a darker shade. “There now they won’t know.”

“Well it seems I have some extra time to kill.” He said grinning mischievously.

“Let’s see what we can do about it.” She said pulling him down to the bed.

Part 23:

“Yes Dad I know you haven’t seen me since I left.” Alec heard Liz say as he made his way into her room. He had let himself in like always and had hunted down Liz only to find her on the phone. Everyone joked that the X5s didn’t know how to knock since both he and Max always just let themselves into the girls’ or Logan’s apartment. Of course Ava said he should help them pay rent since he stayed there a couple of nights a week. Not that she minded.

Alec smiled as Liz made faces at the phone, showing that she was bored with talking to her dad. She had her hair piled up on top of her head and wore nothing but a half tanktop and shorts since it was so hot and humid in Seattle even at the end of the summer. He popped open the drink he had stolen from their fridge as he continued to listen as she talked, “I know Maria is coming and I would love to see her.” She’s quiet as she listens. “No, I don’t think either one of them would want to come to Roswell. Well Ava and Alec aren’t small town kind of people, I don’t think they would want to go with me.” Liz’s eyes rested on Alec as he choked on his drink. “Fine, I’ll think about it. Love you too.” Liz hung up the phone before flinging it across the room making Alec laugh.

“Think that was funny, do you?” Liz said as she crawled catlike up to him on her bed. Watching her stalking him, Alec felt himself become incredibly turned on. He grabbed a hold of her and pulled her flush against his body. He pressed his lips against hers and gave her a steamy kiss. He felt her relax against him and kiss him back. He broke away a minute later and looked at her. “So I’m guessing your parents were trying to talk you into going back to Roswell?”

“At least for a visit. The crash festival is coming up and Maria is going to be performing there. Dad tried to use it as leverage to get me to come home when guilt didn’t work. He mentioned you or Ava coming with me, he even offered to send me money to rent a car so we wouldn’t have to take the bus since I said I wouldn’t fly. I want to see everyone but I don’t know if I could take listening to my dad go on about missing out on Harvard. I mean he acts like I’m never going to go instead of deferring.”

“Why don’t you go but not stay with them? Stay with Maria or something.”

Liz shrugged, “I could. I don’t think Maria would mind it would give us time to talk. She’s been so busy that I’ve had to cut down our visits because of her schedule.” Like with Michael, Liz projected herself often to Maria. “And she said her mom has practically moved in with the Sheriff since they got back together. She’s never there.”

“Then you could go visit your parents but be able to get away from them if they get on your nerves.”

Liz ran her fingers over his arm and looked at him coyly. “But it’s such a long drive to drive all by myself and I know Ava wouldn’t go with me.”

“Is that your way of asking me to go?”

“Yes. I can get us past the border patrols. Just work a little alien magic. Think about it, you could stay with me at Maria’s. It could be a little vacation for you. Get out of this hot city.”

“Liz, in case you’ve forgotten Roswell is in the desert.”

“But it’s a dry heat. Come on, you can finally meet Maria and the others. You and Kyle can make fun of all the alien fanatics.”

Alec pressed his lips together making it appear like he was thinking hard about something. “I bet I could make a lot of money if I told them I’m sleeping with an alien.” He said joking as Liz slapped his arm.

“So you’re going?”

“Are you sure about going? You might run into Max.”

“True, but I can’t avoid him for the rest of my life, especially if I ever want to see my parents again. I’ll even try to run interference so that you have minimal exposure to my parents. Besides I’ve talked to him on the phone that one time, we were civil to each other. I want to check on Kyle too.”

“I’ll talk to Normal tomorrow. Tell him I’m going to take some time off.” Liz smiled before jumping up to find her phone. “I’ve got to call Maria.”

Liz had just found her phone when there was a knock on her door. Ava’s muffled voice filtered through, “Are you two dressed?”

“Come in, Ava.” Liz said.

Ava opened the door and made her way inside, she shoved Alec over so she could sit on the bed. Alec rolled over to make room for her. “You know most people just ask if we were decent.”

“Yeah, but I’m talking about you, you’re never decent.” She joked. “What are you two up to?”

“Well I just talked Alec into go with me to Roswell for a visit. Want to go?”

“No, thanks. One visit to Mayberry is enough for me.” Ava answered making a face that showed she’d rather not go back to Roswell.

“What have I gotten myself into.” Alec muttered.


The day before they were leaving for Roswell Alec headed over to Logan’s. He walked in to find Max and Logan making dinner.

“Hey guys. What’s for dinner?” Alec asked strolling over to the stove.

“Nothing for you. What are you doing here?” Max asked as she slapped his hand away.

“Logan was going to print us up some maps for the drive.”

“They’re on my desk.” Logan stated.

“You know Alec, I never took you for the parent meeting type.” Max said.

“Don’t remind me. At least we’re not staying with them.” Alec said rolling his eyes. He wasn’t looking forward to the parent part of the trip but he knew they were important to Liz. He didn’t know what he was going to do; he had never had parents. “Thanks for the maps. Call you when we get back.”

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Part 24:

“Liz, they’re waiting for us.” Alec said. They were parked outside of her parents’ café. It was closed but her friends were gathered to greet her. With his enhanced vision he was able to see the people in the café clearly.

Liz looked up at the flying saucer that was mounted above the entrance. “I know. It’s just weird being back. I feel like a different person since I left.”

“Well then why don’t I turn this car around and head for LA? Get a room close to the water, lay around on the beach, ravish each other all day.” He said with his trademark smirk.

Liz smiled at his attempt at making her feel better. She slid over to his lap and leaned in close. “As appealing an idea that is I don’t think my parents would appreciate us using the car they paid for to come see them in to run off together.”

“Worth a shot.” He said brushing his lips against hers.

“Hmm, it was. Let’s go.” She opened his door and crawled over top of him and out of the rented Explorer.

“I’ll just wait here until it’s time to go to Maria’s.” He said.

Liz couldn’t help but laugh. “Some soldier you are. All the deadly situations you’ve been in and you’re scared sh*tless of my parents.”

“I can’t help it. The only parent I’ve ever met tried to kill me.” He commented. “What did you tell them about me?”

“That you’re a sexy transgenic whose stamina never lets me out of bed except to go to work.” She joked.

“I’m serious.”

“I just told them that you were one of the people I’d gotten close to in Seattle and that we hung out a lot. Didn’t know what all to tell them.” Liz explained. She had never felt comfortable talking to her parents about her love life and after her parents’ hatred of her relationship with Max, she had avoided the topic of her and Alec with them. She did suspect that they knew something was there. “So don’t worry, my Dad’s not going to come after you with a shot gun. Come on.” She said dragging him out. Reluctantly they made their way inside.

“LIZZIE!” Maria screeched as soon as she was through the door. Maria ran forward and the two girls hugged. “I’m so happy to see you,” She said winking at Liz.

“And what about me?” Alec asked. Since the first night he and Liz had gone out Alec had talked to Maria often and had become friends with her, as well as they could over the phone.

She turned to look Alec over; “Well your picture doesn’t do you justice. Liz is right you are yummy.”

“MARIA!” Liz exclaimed.

“Oh Chica, he knows he is.” Maria said as Liz just shook her head in embarrassment. “Your mom just went upstairs to get something and your dad is in his office doing the receipts from tonight. We didn’t think you two would get here for another half an hour. They should be out in a few minutes.”

“Good that gives me time to see everyone else first.” Liz said just as Kyle and Michael walked up. “Speak of the devils.”

Kyle reached over and pulled Liz into a hug. “Liz if you don’t mind me saying so, you look hot. If all of the girls look like you in Seattle, maybe I should move up there.”

“Thanks, I think. Kyle this is Alec. Alec this is Kyle and you already know Michael.” Kyle shifted his gaze from Liz to Alec sizing him up. Alec held himself in a way that made it look like he could snap into action at any time. He knew that Alec knew about all of the aliens, himself included. Michael had told him what had happened when Max and he had gone to see Liz last time. Alec was probably protective of her, not knowing if any of their touches would effect her the same way as Max’s. That alone made him look good in Kyle’s eyes. He reached out to shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too. Hey man.” He said looking at Michael. Michael nodded a greeting back. Maria wrapped her arm around Liz’s waist and said, “Come on my mom is dying to see you. She even brought some extra pies for everyone.” Liz saw that Michael and Kyle were busy talking to Alec so she headed over to Ms. Deluca and the former Sheriff. They both greeted Liz and were talking when Liz felt someone come up behind her. “Hey Liz.”

Liz turned around and smiled, “Hi, Isabel. How are you?”

“Good. You look great.” Isabel answered.

“I am. I’m kind of surprised to see you.”

Isabel smiled. “I told you before, Maria and you are the closest things I have to girlfriends. Just because you not with my brother doesn’t mean I would never talk to you again. We’ve been through too much to just drop people from our group just because two of them break up.”

Liz was pleasantly surprised by Isabel’s words. “Thank you. You don’t know how much that means to me.” Just them Jesse walked up. “Hey, Jesse.”

Hey Liz. Glad to be back?”

“I’ll get back to you on that.” Liz said

“We’re having the gang over to our house tomorrow for lunch. You know to check in with everyone on things Czechoslovakian.” Isabel winked.

“I don’t know.” Liz said looking over in Alec’s direction thinking that Max would probably be there.

Almost reading Liz’s thoughts, Isabel said, “Max isn’t in town. With all of the skins dead he went to Copper Summit to see if they had a ship so he won’t be there. Please come, Alec is welcome too since he knows.”

“I’ll see if he feels up to it and call you tomorrow.” Liz said as she saw her parents coming in. “I don’t want to be rude but I need to go see my parents.”
Part 25:

Liz headed over to where her parents had come in through the back. Her dad was the first one to see her, “Lizzie!” He grabbed her in a big hug. Once he let her go her mom grabbed her into a hug of her own. Liz was a little shocked because her mom and her hadn’t been close for a long time.

“We’re so happy that you were able to visit.” Her mom said.

“I’m happy to see you guys too.”

“Elizabeth Parker what is that on your eye?” Her father asked in his most fatherly tone.

“Uh, an eyebrow ring?” Liz stated expecting her parents to go ballistic.

“Jeff leave her alone. This is the first time we’ve seen her in over six months and she doesn’t need you scolding her. She’s an adult now so we can’t say anything. But is there anything else we should know about?” Her mother asked.

‘I have two tattoos, my belly button is pierced, I have alien powers and my boyfriend is a transgenic.’ Liz thought as stood in shock wondering if her mother had been taken over by some body-possessing alien until she felt Alec’s hand on her arm as he walked up. Before she got a chance to answer them her dad asked, “So this must be Alec.”

“Alec Cora.” Alec said as he nervously stuck out his hand. He caught Liz’s smirk at the mention of his last name and winked at her.

“Jeff and Nancy Parker. It’s nice to meet you.” Her dad said back shaking Alec’s hand.

“Liz has mentioned you a few times when we’ve talked but it’s like pulling teeth to get anything out of her.” Her mom said.

“Mom…” Liz said wishing her mom would get off of it.

“You two have had a long drive, how about something to eat? I made all kinds of stuff so help yourselves. Then we can get to know each other.” Her dad said playing peacemaker. Liz pulled Alec over to the counter where the food was laid out and they started making plates. Her parents watched on as the two young people moved together.

“Do you think maybe there is more to them than she is letting on?” Her dad asked.

“Probably, you know she only clams up about someone when she likes them.”

“Maybe she’ll finally stay away from Max for good this time.” Her dad said.

“I thought at New Year’s you were giving him a second chance.”

“I did but then she left and I can’t shake the feeling that it had something to do with him. But she seems happy with her new life.” He said as he watched Liz laughing while she talked to Alec and her friends. It wasn’t long before the party started to break up and only Liz, Alec and her parents were left in the café. Liz cut a piece of pie each for her and Alec and they went to sit down in a booth with her parents. “Tell us a little about you Alec, like we said earlier Liz never tells us much.”

“Not much to tell. I don’t have any parents, never met them. I grew up in a large federally funded place with lots of other kids.” Alec answered carefully. He and Liz had already gone over Alec’s background story since she knew her parents would ask questions. It was a good thing they taught him at Manticore to not be intimidated by questions or he would have already broke. He really wished he could have talked Liz into letting him stay in the truck or go with Michael and Maria.

Nancy and Jeff were somewhat stunned by Alec’s answer and finding out he didn’t have an easy life so they turned to different questions. “So Alec what do you do in Seattle?” Her dad asked.

“I’m a messenger. Not the most glamorous of jobs but it pays the rent.” Alec answered.

“He’s Normal’s, that’s Alec’s boss, golden boy.” Liz said smiling. All of them in Seattle loved to tease Alec about the weird attention that their boss gave Alec. He glared at her as she stabbed a big bite of her pie and ate it, smiling the whole time. But her mom’s next question wiped the smile off. “You two aren’t living together are you?”

Alec did his best not to spit out his coffee as Liz dropped her fork on to her plate with a loud clang. “What?”

“Liz never wants to talk about you so we knew you two were dating. We couldn’t help but notice that you know each other’s little idiosyncrasies like people who live with someone else.” Her mom explained.

“We’re not living together.” Liz stated. Of course she didn’t say that they were sleeping together or that he stayed at her apartment or vice versa.

“We’re just very observant about stuff and remember what the other one likes.” Alec explained. The two stayed a little longer talking and visiting.

Part 26:

The next morning Liz made her way into Maria’s kitchen only to stop dead in her tracks at what she saw. She smiled as she said, “It’s nice to be able to interrupt you for once.”

Maria and Michael jumped away from each other. “Morning, Liz.” Michael grumbled.

“Morning, Michael. Looks like I’ve missed something.” Liz raised an eyebrow at Maria. Maria hadn’t mentioned anything to Liz about her and Michael being back together, Michael hadn’t either.

“I planned on telling you last night but I fell asleep before you two came in.”

“Well Mom and Dad wouldn’t let us leave. Poor Alec, they kept asking him all kinds of questions but they seem to like him.”

“He still asleep?” Michael asked.

“No, he’s on the phone. A ‘friend’ of his called him about something.” Liz answered. One of Alec’s contacts had called early about something not knowing he was out of town.

“You two seem awful cozy with each other.” Maria said. “Or do you always wear his clothes?”

Liz looked down at the shirt she was wearing, which was the one Alec had been wearing last night. She had gotten so used to Ava knowing everything about her and Alec that she hadn’t thought twice about putting on his boxers and T-shirt to come get some juice. Before she could answer, she heard Alec’s voice behind her. “She’s always stealing my clothes. Pretty soon I’ll have to walk around every where naked.”

Alec leaned in the doorway in only jeans. Liz knew that he wore nothing under them since she had on his boxers and they hadn’t brought their bags in yet from the car. That thought had her licking her lips as she watched him come over to her. A gesture that didn’t go unnoticed by Maria. “Liz we need to have some serious girl talk tonight.”

“It looks like I’ll have to save Alec. Trust me man you don’t want to be here for that.” Michael said. In Seattle he had thought Alec was a good guy. He had talked to Alec quite a bit the night before and liked him.

“What did you have in mind?” Alec asked.

“Some guys I work with and I were going to just hang out, play pool. Basically enjoy the last night before all of the alien fanatics swooped down on the town tomorrow. Kyle and maybe Jessie’ll be there.”

“Sounds like fun.” Alec said smiling.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” Liz asked.

“You act like I get into trouble often.”

“Like I don’t know about you taking Sketchy to the Blowfish Tavern (stripclub in GillGirl). Remember Max and OC are my friends too.” Liz said smiling. “Just remember Michael and Kyle can’t drink.”

“Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten the last time I saw an alien drunk.” Alec stated even as Liz tried to shush him. Michael and Maria laughed as Alec told them the story of what happened.

“She got off easier than I did on New Years.” Michael said. “My head still hurts.”

“What happened? Liz only said that you had a bad experience.” Alec asked.

“It made my body go on overload, everything was too loud, too bright, anything that touched me felt like someone hit me with a sledgehammer. Max and Maria had to stash me in Liz’s room; I had the electric skin thing like Liz. Not a great way to ring in the New Year.”

“Well I have to get to rehearsal, want me to drop you off Spaceboy?” Maria said. Michael nodded and they both told Liz and Alec that they’d see them at Isabel’s before leaving.

Liz sat up on the counter as Alec came up to kiss her. He stood in between her legs so he could be as close as possible. “You just make friends wherever you go don’t you?”

“What can I say? Everyone likes me.”

“Michael doesn’t usually like anyone. His job at Metachem has loosened him up some but be prepared for him to interrogate you. After all you know our secret.” She said as she wrapped her hands behind his neck. When her fingers came to the back of his neck where she knew his barcode was she saw him cringe. “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t want any problems with sector cops or anyone seeing my barcode so Max and I broke into a plastic surgeon’s office and borrowed his laser. It hurts like a b*tch but it should last a few days.”

“You should have asked me. We can use our powers to create tattoos so I don’t see why we can’t use them to remove them. It would probably last as long as the laser without pain.” She placed her hand over his tender spot and healed it. “Better?”

Alec had felt the warm energy on his neck and then the pain was gone. “Yeah, thanks. You know I’ll have to pay you back for that. It’s only fair.”

“You don’t play fair walking out here with no shirt on. You know I can’t resist your behr chest.”

Alec looked at her innocently. “It was hot besides you took my clothes.”

“Then you’ll just have to take them back.” Alec smiled at her before lifting her up and taking her back to their room.

Part 27:

The seven of them met up at Isabel’s and started the meeting/cookout. Liz was enjoying herself immensely. She had missed her friends a lot, although she wished Ava would have come. It surprised her how well they had taken to Alec especially Jesse. Liz just guessed it was because Alec was the only human male in the group.

“Alec, want a beer?” Jesse called from the kitchen.


“Nice to have someone who can enjoy a beer with me.” Jesse said handing Alec the beer and glancing at Michael and Kyle. “Lightweights.”

“Bite me.” Kyle said as he extended his hand to and a small shield surrounded Jesse’s beer . No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get it.

“Boys, behave.” Liz said. “Kyle, I see you’ve figured out your individual power.”

“It’s kind of like a net, surrounding something so it can’t move. It’s an extension of Max’s shield just like you projection is an extension of dreamwalking. Isabel’s been working on them with me. Some of them I still don’t have down.”

“I’ll help if you want. I’ve got them down and Ava said I’m getting stronger.” Liz said. “Alec had me use my powers to redecorate his apartment, said it was one of the perks of having an alien around.”

They all looked at Alec, “What? Like you guys have never done that?”

“How did you react when you found out?” Jesse asked Alec.

“Better than Maria.” Alec joked looking at the blonde sitting on Michael’s lap.

“Okay, I’ll admit that wasn’t one of my better moments. Isabel doing her best to scare me didn’t help either.” Maria stated.

“Alec just took it all in, I think he was more worried about me to think much on it.” Liz said. “How are you adjusting Jesse?”

“It was a shock. I had no clue, even with Philip investigating you and Max after Utah.”

“Is he still looking into everything?”

“Yeah, after you left he thought the worst until he talked to your parents. Now he just thinks that you know what Max was up to and got out of town. He might lighten up if you go talk to him. Tell him some story about why you left.”

“I’ll talk to him. My lying skills aren’t what they used to be but I’ll figure out something.” Liz said as she noticed something on the TV. It was muted but she could see it was some kind of hearing on CSPAN. Alec followed her gaze and recognized the person they were interviewing, it was White. “Hey can you turn that up.”

Isabel nodded and turned up the volume just as someone named McKinley according to his nameplate said. “Committee calls to the stand Special Agent Ames White. Now, Agent White, I'm sure you've been instructed by counsel and by your superiors to invoke your Fifth Amendment right. But I want to remind you, as an officer of this committee and as your fellow American that all this committee is interested in is truth.”

“The truth, sir, is quite simple. Did parties within our government secretly divert funds for genetic experiments? Yes.” White stated. There was an eruption of murmurs through the crowd and Liz snuck a look at Alec as White continued, “Did they allow those transgenics to escape? Yes. Did they then choose to withhold that information from the American people? Yes. Are those transgenics dangerous? Most assuredly, yes. And I cannot, in good conscience, continue to be part of this cover-up. These transgenics are a great threat to our national security and our American way of life. Make no mistake. This is a war...a war we cannot afford to lose.”

The broadcast cut out then and Isabel turned it back down. Liz could see that Alec was thinking about the broadcast so she thought she get the others off it. It was Alec’s decision to tell them plus she knew Michael would give her hell for being around a situation that could expose her. “So anything strange been going on around here that Michael didn’t tell me about?”

“No, it’s been quieter here than in the last few years. With the skins gone and the FBI off of our backs it’s like it was before the shooting. As long as Max doesn’t do anything to get the FBI’s attention we should be safe. What about with you?”

“Nothing. Ava hasn’t seen Lonnie or Rath since they left here to go to New York. Aside from telling Alec, we haven’t had to deal with anything alien.” Liz said.

“Then maybe our lives can get be normal.” Isabel said. Liz nodded looking over at Alec. No, their lives would never be normal. Later after they left Liz asked Alec, “Do you think we should call Max see how things are?”

Alec shook his head, “No, she knows where we are and if she needs us she’ll call. Let’s get back to Maria’s and get ready to go out.”

Part 28:

The girls had a great night; they had gone to the Crashdown for dinner and then visited with Liz’s parents before heading home after picking up ice cream. Now they were sitting in Maria’s kitchen with the tub of ice cream, gossiping.

“Okay, Chica. You’ve avoided the main subject of this night by making me tell you every little detail about my life in New York. Spill. Are you and Alec sleeping together?”

Liz couldn’t help but blush as she ate a spoonful of ice cream. She took her time swallowing it, trying to avoid Maria’s question. Of course her silence answered it for her. “Oh my God, you are. Ooohh, I want details.”

“MARIA!” Liz said exasperated.

“Oh, get off it. You owe me for not telling me sooner. So when was your first time?”

Liz rolled her eyes, “Fine. The first time we slept together was about a week after Michael and Max went to Seattle at my apartment.”

“So it was after he found out, that’s good. So since I’ve had sex with an alien I know he enjoyed it, how about you? Is he any good?”

Liz’s smile grew bigger. “Let’s just say that if it wasn’t then Ava wouldn’t have had to learn to knock every time she comes into my room.”

“Oh my. So tell me how do you feel about him?”


Alec was playing his sixth game of the night and Michael was the only one who had given him any type of competition. Although he suspected that Michael was using his powers to cheat. But he was letting it slide.

“So Alec, you and Liz seem pretty comfy.” Kyle said from his barstool next to the pool table.

“Yeah, we spend a lot of time together. We go clubbing, or hang out at a bar with some friends. Sometimes we just relax at her apartment or mine.” Alec said as he made another shot. The evening had been fun. Michael’s coworkers had joined them as well as Kyle and Jesse. It had been an all out guys’ night and they had ended up in a bar playing pool. Michael’s friends had already left but the other four kept on hanging out.

“Good, Liz needs to have fun. She’s had a hard couple of years.” Kyle stated.

“Maxwell might be my bestfriend but I’ll be the first to admit he’s part of the reason.” Michael added.

“Yeah, and we wouldn’t want her to be hurt again.” Kyle said nonchalantly.

Alec stood up straight. “Guys, you don’t have to do this. Ava already threatened me with otherworldly bodily harm if I hurt her.”

“As long as we understand each other.” Kyle stated.

“Yeah, we do.” Alec said just as Michael made the last shot. Jesse walked over then and handed Alec a beer. Michael and Kyle started another game while Alec and Jesse headed for a close table. “Don’t pay any attention to them. They did the same thing to me after I found out.”

“Liz warned me that they’d do it. Said they were protective of each other.” Alec couldn’t blame them for being protective. From what Liz had told him she had been hit with most of the bad stuff that had happened over the years.

“Protective is an understatement. They’re like a pack of wolves except they’re allowed to mate outside the pack. The seven of them have this bond that no one else is a part of even if you know the secret. I think when you go through as much as they have together the bond makes you tighter than family. Especially after Alex.” Jesse stated.

Most people would feel like an outsider after that statement but now Alec. “Well I understand it better than you think.”


“I’m in love with him.” Liz stated answering Maria’s question.

Maria took in what she had said, and asked, “Have you told him?”

“Once. The first night we slept together. And before you ask, he said it first.” Liz said knowing how her friend’s mind worked.

“Are you sure he wasn’t just saying it to get you into bed?”

“We were already in bed and Alec wouldn’t do that.” Liz said defensively.

“Famous last words.”

“Maria, I’m not going to pretend that Alec was innocent or a saint before we met. I know he isn’t, far from it. But he’s always been honest about that with me. Alec might have been one to go from female to female but he’s different with me. No more secrets and we’ve both been hurt by love. Max hurt me, and Alec lost the one he loved.” ‘Oops, too much information.’ Liz thought.

“What do you mean he lost her?” Maria asked curiously.

“She died. She was killed in a car fire, Alec was there and saw the whole thing.” Liz explained not wanting to tell too much. After all it was a sore spot in Alec’s life plus the whole Manticore part of the story. Well that’s almost the truth.

“Oh poor Alec.” Maria said sympathetically.

“So you see it’s hard for both of us. Falling in love scares the both of us; we’ve only admitted it to each other that one time. And that’s enough, I know how he feels, he doesn’t have go spouting it off to everyone.”

Maria saw the change in her friend’s attitude. She was protective of Alec and Maria could see that she cared about him a lot. It reminded Maria of the way Liz used to be, more in control of her life. She heard Liz asking her a question and it brought her out of her thoughts. “So tell me about you and Michael?”

“Well I wasn’t in New York long before I realized how much I missed him. I felt horrible about how I treated him before I left and didn’t know if he’d talk to me. I finally got up the nerve to call him. We talked for like an hour and became friends, real friends. Then right before he went to Seattle I sent him a plane ticket for New York. It was there that we got back together, that’s why he didn’t know Max had found you.” She said guiltily.

“It’s alright. I was able to get everything out to Max. It helped me close the last part of moving on.” Liz explained. She barely got the words out when the front door was thrown open and in came Michael, Kyle and Alec.

“Well at least I know they won’t be calling us for bail money.” Liz said smiling at the boys.

Alec looked at her with mock hurt. “You act like it’s a common occurrence. For your information I have never been in jail. I’m too good to get caught when I’m doing anything illegal.”

“You know Liz, he’s got you there. He’s never been in jail but you have been, several times in fact.” Kyle said smugly.

“You’re not helping Kyle.” Liz said through clenched teeth. She started gathering stuff together avoiding Kyle’s statement. “So what did you guys do?”

Alec grabbed her before she could leave. “No, no wait a minute, no changing the subject. How many times have you been in jail?” Alec asked raising his eyebrow and a smirk on his face.

Liz looked like a deer caught in headlights by the question. She knew Alec wouldn’t give up until she answered. “Twice.”

“Twice?” Alec said.

Liz nodded. “The first time was when I was sixteen with Alex for possession of alcohol. It was actually the Sheriff’s way of trying to intimated me into spilling the alien’s secret. The second time was last October. Max and I kind of held up a convenient store.”

Alec’s jaw dropped open in shock. He couldn’t believe what she was telling him. “You held up a convenient store? Why?”

“Well we weren’t really robbing it. We just needed to get into the basement. Underneath it was a storage room that housed the ship from the crash. I just held a gun on the clerk so Max could see if it was there for sure so he could go see his son. We got busted when we left. The charges were dropped a few days later.” Liz explained. “It wasn’t one of my greatest moments.”

“Hey half of our little group has been in jail at one time or another. I had to bail Space boy and Max out of jail when we all snuck off to Vegas.” Maria said as she finished eating her ice cream.

“Now I get to hear all of the juicy stuff.” Alec stated. “When did you guys go to Vegas?”

“Last spring, we had to help Michael blow fifty thousand dollars.” Kyle said nonchalantly.

Alec started ask but Liz interrupted him, “It’s a long story. Let’s just say Michael and Max got arrested because Michael was using his powers to cheat and they got into a fight, Maria accidentally tried out to be a stripper, I spent most of the night in the arcade because they wouldn’t let me in the casino, Isabel was a bridesmaid to someone she just met and everyone made up in the end.”

Maria just laughed at the two of them before saying, “I’m off to bed. I’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

“Then I guess I better leave. I just hope that the two lovebirds are asleep when I get home.” Kyle stated.

“Kyle you can sleep in the couch here if you want.” Maria offered. “Michael’s staying here too.”

“I owe you.” Kyle said. Everyone said good night to each other before going to bed.

Part 29:

The next day was the day of Maria’s concert. They spent most of the day relaxing in bed, Alec teasing her the whole time about what he had found out the night before. Later Liz and Alec headed to the Crash Festival a little early so they could look around. Neither had a costume but Liz had worn something different. She had worn a pair of tight black pants that laced up the sides leaving patches of bare skin between the laces and a matching black tank top along with black leather boots. Alec had to pick his jaw off the ground when he saw her. She had her hair down and dark makeup on, he thought she looked sexy as hell. He was going to have to thank Max and Ava when they got back to Seattle. More like drop to his knees and kissed the ground they walked on.

Alec looked around at all the people in costume. “You know these people are nuts, right?”

Liz laughed at him; “I tried to warn you. Besides, these people bring a lot of business to my parents.”

They continued to walk around until Liz heard a voice that had always grated her nerves, “Well if it isn’t Liz Parker.”

“Pam how are you?” Liz asked with fake sweetness.

“Surprised to see you here. We all thought you left for good, rumor was Max Evans knocked you up and you fled to have the baby.”

Liz felt her anger rise, “As you can see I’m definitely not pregnant.”

Alec could see Liz’s reaction to Pam and decided to step in. “Liz happened to have graduated early and is going to school up north.”

Pam turned her attention to Alec and Liz saw her eyes run over his body. “Why hello. I’m Pam who are you?”

“I’m Alec, Liz’s boyfriend.”

“Why don’t you leave that mousy little girl and we’ll go somewhere just the two of us? I don’t think this concert will be very good. After all it is Maria Deluca. White trash never sing well.” She said smiling.

“I don’t think so Pam. You see I don’t go for skanks that’s why I’m with Liz. And if you got off your back for more than a minute then you’d know that Maria is far from white trash and has a beautiful voice. Unlike yours which makes my skin crawl.” Alec said before grabbing Liz’s hand and said, “Come on, Maria’s waiting for us.”

As Liz let Alec pull her away she almost fell over laughing at the look on Pam’s face. It was a mixture of shock, rage, and embarrassment. “That was great.”

“It’s her own fault for acting so stupid. Besides I hate it when people talk bad about my friends, and when she said that stuff about you it was worse.”

“Thank you.” Liz said pulling him down for a kiss. When they broke apart, they saw they had an audience. Isabel, Jesse and Kyle had arrived. “Hey guys.”

“Hey Liz, Alec.” Kyle greeted them.

Isabel was hugging herself, “God, this thing always gives me the willies. I want to leave as soon as Maria’s done.”

Liz knew that Isabel was feeling uncomfortable about the fact that she was an alien, in the middle of a festival that celebrated the crash that could have killed her. “Well let’s go find our seats.” Liz said grabbing Alec’s hand as they headed to their front row seats. The concert was great and Maria was awesome. After the concert, it took awhile for them to get out of there. Then when they got back to Maria’s they were all riled up that it was three in the morning before they all got to sleep. When they woke the next afternoon Liz and Alec took a shower together before they all headed to the Crashdown for lunch. Michael had the day off so they relaxed. Everyone kept coming up and talking to Maria. Telling her how great the concert was and she even signed a couple of autographs. They relayed the concert to Liz’s parents and then headed out to the movies and shopped much to Michael and Alec’s dislike. They’d been at it about an hour when the guys started to complain; “You girls can’t possibly want to shop more.”

“We’re making up for lost time.” Maria reasoned. The guys grumbled as they lead them to another store so Liz pulled Alec aside for a minute. “If you’re good, I’ll make it up to you later.” She said seductively. Alec’s eyes lit up as they headed back to Maria and Michael who was still complaining.

“Hey man, it’s not that bad let the girls have there fun.” Alec stated and Liz busted out giggling knowing why Alec had a change of heart.

At nightfall, Michael headed back for his apartment while Liz, Maria, and Alec made a quick stop to pick up food. When they arrived at Michael’s apartment they saw his bike plus Max’s car. “Liz, I can go in by myself if you want. Tell Michael to meet at my house.” Maria stated.

“No it’s okay.” The three of them headed up to Michael’s door. Liz could feel four different sources of alien energy and figured Isabel and Kyle were there too. Maria didn’t knock anymore so she just flung open the door for her and Liz to enter with Alec behind them. They hadn’t expected to see what they did.

As Alec came up behind the door, he saw Max who looked to be holding a blanket, Michael and a short blonde who looked similar to Ava. Then suddenly the blonde was flying towards the back of the apartment and hit the wall. He looked over and saw Liz with her hand raised sparking with alien energy, “Get up Bitch!”

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Part 30:

“I’ll kill you! You’re a murderer, I’ll kill you!” Liz screamed at Tess. Tess was dazed and had barely gotten up before Liz tossed her back again and headed straight for her intending to make her pay. Max handed his son over to Michael and went to intercept Liz but Alec was faster. He scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder before heading out through a patio door.

Liz was kicking and yelling, “Let me down, Alec!”

Alec did as she asked. When she was on her feet, Liz looked at him. “Are you crazy? I could have hurt you.”

“I couldn’t let you go after her.”

“Why not?”

“Because you would have killed her. Look,” Alec said pointing at her hands, which were still sparking. “And once you calmed down you might have regretted it. I’ll see what we can do after you’ve calmed down.”

Liz was about to argue back when Max walked out. He looked at Alec and said, “Thanks for stopping her. I appreciate it.”

“I didn’t do it for you, I did it for Liz.” Alec said glaring at him.

“So you trust her now?” Liz asked.

“No, Liz. Far from it. But Tess and my son are linked, if she dies so does he.”

“That’s convenient.” Alec said sarcastically.

“I have no choice.” Max snapped at him before turning back to Liz. “I have to believe her.”

“This is insane. She betrayed all of us, she killed Alex.” Liz stated.

“I know. Believe me I know.” Max said.

“What is she doing here?” Alec asked grabbing Liz’s hand trying to calm her down.
“Kivar betrayed her. He waited until Zan was older and was going to lock her up in a cell and raise him as his own.” Max explained.

“I’m starting to like him.” Liz said offhandedly thinking about Tess being locked up.

“So she grabbed him and escaped through one of his portals. She was going to hide at Copper Summit, figured it was the safest place to open the portal here on Earth since the skins were all dead and it was deserted then hitch to Roswell. She arrived right as I was about to leave.” Just then they heard Zan cry.

“Max, is he okay? I mean besides having that monster for a mother. I thought your son couldn’t live in our atmosphere.” Liz asked, Max was surprised by the question and it showed on his face. “He’s innocent, he can’t help who his mother is.”

“Yeah, he’s fine. It was a mindwarp to get back to Antar.” Max answered looking in the direction of his son’s cry.

“You better get back in there.” Liz said. Max nodded and left. Alec pulled Liz into his arms and hugged her close. “We better go check on Maria. If she gets to Tess I’m the least of her worries.” Liz stated. Alec leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. The two headed back in, Alec made sure to keep as much distance from Tess as possible. They were barely in the room when Kyle came through the door, “Hey guys, what’s going….” He trailed off as he saw Tess.

“Come on Zan. I don’t want you to see this.” Max said before taking the baby from Tess and heading out of the room.

“Kyle, I’m so glad you’re here.” Tess said as she moved to him.

“Don’t touch me.” Kyle yelled as he used one of his shield nets to encompass Tess. He didn’t use much power and the shield was weak but he wanted to make sure she didn’t get near him.

“What the hell? Do all of the humans have powers now?” Tess asked.

“What disappointed that we’re not as defenseless as Alex was?” Liz spit out. Tess only glared at Liz.

“Why haven’t you killed her yet?” Kyle asked looking at Michael and Liz.

“Max wouldn’t let me.” Michael said shrugging.

“Alec stopped me.” Liz answered.

Kyle looked at Tess. “What are you doing on Earth?”

“I’m here to protect my son.” Tess stated. “I thought you might help.”

“Because it worked out so well the last time. We took you into our house; you were a part of our family. And you used us, used me mindwarped me into carrying Alex’s body.”

“I never meant to hurt.” Tess tried to say but Kyle cut her off. “You’re too late!!!”

“You never even heard my side of the story.”

“Oh, you have a side, uh the murderer has a side. Don’t play the victim here, Tess.” Kyle moved over to where Alec, Liz and Maria stood. Max came in with the baby when he heard the yelling end and the group stood around in uncomfortable silence. Liz looked over at the small baby in Max’s arms. He was cute and he seemed to love being with his father. A feeling that Liz could see was mutual by the look on Max’s face. She was happy for him, she knew how much his son meant to him.

“Well now that we’ve had this nice happy reunion, why don’t we go back to my house?” Maria asked Kyle, Alec, and Liz.

“I think that’d be a good idea.” Alec said wanting to get Liz out of there. “Come on Kyle, we’ve got food and tons of Tabasco sauce. There’s even a game on.”

After Kyle nodded, Maria asked Michael if he wanted to join them but he refused. He wanted to keep an eye on Tess. As they left Tess saw the way Max still looked at Liz with love although she was with another man. She might have broken the two apart but he still loved Liz. She had killed for him, to get his way home but that little whore made him not want to leave Earth even abandoning his son. No matter what she did, Liz would always stand in her way. She might be Zan’s mother but she would be no more to Max as long Liz was around. Well she’d just have to take her out of the equation.


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Part 31

“Liz, I know you’re upset. We all would like to fry the bleach blonde into oblivion but we can’t. You are driving me nuts with the pacing.” Liz was still so mad about seeing Tess that she couldn’t eat anything so she had paced around the others as they ate.

“I can’t help it. I knew Max would find his son but I never thought Tess come back with him. Just knowing that she’s back just eats at me.”

“What do you think will happen?” Alec asked.

“Max will probably have Tess talk to his dad and tell him the same story Isabel did. His dad might drop the investigation. As for the rest, I don’t know.” Liz stated.

“Well I better go home and let Dad in on the news. Call me if you need anything.” Kyle said directing his last statement at Liz.

“Thanks Kyle.” He left and Maria decided she was going to call Michael to see what was going on over at his apartment while Liz and Alec went back their room.

“I can’t wait to get back to Seattle.” Liz said as moved to sit in the middle of the bed with Alec next to her. “You know my grandma Claudia used to say home is where they catch you when you fall. And I always thought that felt like Roswell. Now I don’t. Sure I know my friends are here for me but Roswell doesn’t feel like a comfort anymore.”

“I wouldn’t know what that’s like. My apartment is the closest thing to a home I’ve ever had.” Alec stated.

“I know this must be strange for you.”

“You didn’t know that your arch enemy was going to come back to town when we got here.”

“Alec, I want to make sure you understand that earlier when I attacked Tess was because of what she did to Alex and Kyle not because of Max. Sure their time together was what ended our relationship but that’s not why I went after her. Max chose to be with her, he was a willingly participant in their, whatever they had.”

Alec knew exactly what she meant. He reached out and pushed some of her hair out of her face. "I know." He leaned forward and kissed her gently. Without breaking their kiss she sat up to straddle his lap.

"I need you right now, " she breathed against his wanting lips.

He reached up and cupped her face with his hands and deepened the kiss to the point he was devouring her. She moaned as his hands slid down her body to the waist of her jeans and pulled her tank top out and over her head letting it fall to the floor exposing her breast. He cupped her breasts in his hands and gently massaged them. She arched her back as he leaned forward to kiss and suckle her breast. He pushed against her letting her feel his erection through their jeans. She gasped and pushed down against him making him bite down on her breast.

She pulled away from him standing in front of him and pushed her jeans and underwear down to the floor. At the same time he lifted his hips and pulled his jeans and boxers off depositing them on top of hers. He scooted forward to sit on the edge of the bed as she walked back to him. He encircled his arms around her waist bringing her into a hug letting his face rest against her stomach. She wrapped her arms around his head gently enjoying the contact she so desperately needed.

She felt him move and look down to see him staring up at her. There was so much understanding in his eyes. He stood slowly letting his nose gently run across the skin of her stomach, chest, and neck to her face. He kissed her gently on the lips and hugged her to him as he fell back on the bed letting her be on top.

He kissed her fully and deeply letting her know he loved her. He ran his hands up and down her back feeling goosebumps rise as he did. She closed her eyes and sighed at his ministrations. She pushed down on his lap making him groan in pleasure. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her intently. She had to have him and took care of what they needed to so she could. She raised up a little never taking her eyes off his as she slowly sank down on him. They both moaned from the pleasure of their final joining.

Alec rested his forehead against hers as she started to move at a steady pace. He listened to her moans, whimpers and gasps as he pumped in and out of her. She listened to his heavy breathing and grunts as she rode him faster and faster. He leapt forward latching himself to her throat sucking at the sensitive skin.

"Oh my God!" she moaned loudly as she quickened her pace.

Alec firmly grabbed her hips pulling her down harder on him. " Liz, " he whimpered as she squeezed her muscles tightly around him. "Come for me, " he breathed into her ear. His words made her snap as she yelled in pleasure. Her orgasm rippled through her body as Alec moved inside her a couple more times and joined her in his own orgasm.

They held each other as they caught their breath and calmed down. Alec moved them so she was spooned against him wrapping his arms around her. She snuggled against him enjoying his body heat as he fell into a deep slumber. Liz on the other hand didn’t. She just couldn’t let her mind settle.

Part 32:

Liz laid in Alec’s arms for an hour before she determined that she wasn’t going to be able to sleep. She crawled out of his arms careful not to wake him, which was hard to do, but she managed. She slipped on her discarded tank top and Alec’s boxers before heading out of the room. The rest of the house was dark and she figured Maria was asleep so she headed for the back porch.

She sat there and thought about how quiet Roswell was compared to Seattle. She had never really thought about it until now. In Seattle you always heard cars, noise from nearby stores and restaurants, generally people about. But in Roswell after eleven all was quiet. But she didn’t need the quiet to hear the person approach her, she felt her. “What do you want Tess?”

“Just thought I’d come by and see what you were up to.” Tess said trying to look innocent. She hadn’t expected Liz to be aware of her before she made her move. Oh well now she could have a little fun before she killed her.

“Well leave. I have nothing I want to say to you.” Liz said getting up from the porch and walking away towards the yard trying to get as far from Tess as possible. She had known it was Tess by simple deduction. Michael and Max were at the apartment and wouldn’t leave. Isabel and Kyle were at home and had no reason to come to Maria’s.

“Fine, I thought I’d be nice.” Tess said.

“Well I think when one of us is a murdering traitor it kinds of puts a damper on friendship.” Liz stated.

Tess just smiled and decided to go ahead with her plan. “You know something I discovered? That when I was pregnant with Zan I also had access to his powers or what would eventually become his powers. And being the heir to the throne he’s very powerful.”

“And?” Liz asked not liking the tone of Tess’s voice.

“I still have those powers.” Tess stated before raising her hands and a blue electrical stream came out and hit Liz knocking her across the yard. Liz could feel that she had minor burns on her skin and stood up quickly about to blast Tess in defense but Tess’s words stopped her. “Now you wouldn’t want to hurt Zan would you?” She said evilly “You see I know you as well as I know Max, you would never do anything to endanger my son, Max’s son.”

Liz hated that Tess was right, that she couldn’t endanger an innocent baby even to defend herself. “Why are you doing this Tess?”

“You’re in my way.” She stated.

“But I’m not with Max anymore.”

Tess laughed a cold chilling laugh. “You think that matters to him? He doesn’t care that you’re with your little boy toy, he still wants you and as long as he does I’ll just be the other woman.”

Liz stated. “He’s not going to feel any differently when he finds out you killed me.”

“He’s not going to know. I’ll cover it up like I did Alex’s. No one will look into it like you did. You always in the way butting in.” Tess explained.

“They’ll be suspicious when you show up in town and suddenly I’m dead.”

“I’ll make sure they forget. Then Max will change the way he feels without your influence around.”

“Tess the way Max feels about you is because of your actions. Not mine.” Liz stated.

“I never stood a chance with you around. Every time we were together, every time we kissed, he was thinking of you. He had these flashes that I saw and they were always of you. What is it they see in you? I just don’t get it.”

She saw Tess advancing on her about to throw another stream when Liz brought up her hand and threw Tess back. It was hard enough to knock her down but not to hurt her. The bolt she was in the process of throwing was still let loose but it had lost strength before it hit Liz. Both girls flew backwards but Liz hit one of the trees. She knocked her head hard enough to daze her. Liz barely had enough time to bring up a small shield before Tess came after her again. “You think that pathetic little shield is going to save you, look at it you can barely see it. You’re just some little human with a few powers.”

“You know Tess you might want to catch up. I’m as much a hybrid now as you are.” Liz kept her shield up as she got to her feet; she had kept her shield small on purpose so that Tess would think her weak as well as conserve power but still strong enough to fend Tess off. She had to do something or Tess would never stop. She could see that Tess was very unhappy that her plan wasn’t working and could feel her started to gather all of her energy. She could see the blue stream gathering between Tess’s hands and knew she had to work fast. But before Tess was able to do anything a shot rang out hitting Tess in the shoulder. Liz whipped her head around and saw Alec on the porch with his gun.

Alec had woke up the moment Liz left the bed but stayed figuring she needed some time alone. Then he got an uneasy feeling and reached into his bag for his gun. He had crept out just in time to see Tess about to attack Liz with some kind of strange alien power. He didn’t hesitate to fire off a shot aimed at her shoulder to stop her knowing that she was linked to the baby still. The shot threw Tess back some but it didn’t stop her. She raised a hand to fire at Alec.

Liz saw Tess about to fire at Alec and started to react on pure instinct. She dropped the shield and was about to send a blast at her when she heard Alec fire again. The bullet hit her in the center of her chest into her heart at the same time as a blast came from the side sending her across the yard. This time she didn’t get up. Liz and Alec looked over to see Michael with his hand raised still faintly glowing.

“Michael!” Liz exclaimed. “How did you know?”

“I woke up and realized Tess was gone but Max and the baby was still there. I figured she was coming after you so I headed over. I couldn’t let her hurt you, I failed protecting Alex and I said I’d never let that happen again.” Michael stated.

Liz nodded before looking over at Alec; “You okay?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that? She didn’t hit me.” Alec said. After he hit her with the first shot and she had kept coming, he had known she wasn’t going to stop so he had aimed to kill.

“I’ll heal myself in a minute.” Liz stated as she headed over to Tess’s body. She reached down to check on her and found no pulse. “She’s dead.”

“I knew she wouldn’t stop.” Michael explained. When he had saw Tess trying to kill Alec and Liz it was like Pierce all over again and he had just let his anger control his powers. Again, the person he aimed at was dead although he wasn’t sure if it was Alec’s bullet or his own blast that had done it. Then the full impact of what they’d done hit him. “Zan.”

Part 34

The next morning when Alec woke up he found himself alone in bed. He got dressed quickly and went in search of Liz. But the only people he found was Maria and Michael. “Do you know where Liz is?’

Maria nodded, “She went to see an old friend. She’s at the cemetery.”

“Do you think she’d want me to go after her?” Alec asked. Again Maria nodded, “She’s probably going to need you.” Maria gave him directions and fifteen minutes later he approached the cemetery. He walked in a little before spotting her sitting in front of a low tombstone. He wasn’t sure if he should disturb her or not until she spoke, “I know you’re there Alec. It’s okay.”

“I wanted to give you some time.” Alec said as he sat down next to her. It was strange being in a cemetery, the only one he’d ever been in was the one Rachel’s grave was in. He looked down and saw the inscription, Alexander Charles Whitman 'May Your Song Always Be Sung' then the dates of his birth and death.

“I’ve been here for an hour already just thinking, remembering, talking to him in my head. I miss him so much.” Liz said. Alec wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. He wasn’t sure what to do but hoped he was helping. He could hear her softly sobbing and felt her tears soaking his shirt but he didn’t care. Liz was always so full of life but now she looked lost. He had lost someone he loved before but that was different. He could only imagine what it was like to have someone so close to you be torn away. Sure he had friends Max, Sketchy, OC and Logan but he wasn’t close to them like Liz had been to Alex. The only thing he could relate it to was if Liz was gone. She was the only one who he had ever opened up to. They sat there until Liz’s sobs subsided and she said goodbye to her friend then left to get ready to go back to Seattle.


Alec and Kyle were finishing loading up the Explorer for the trip back to Seattle while everyone else sat on the porch saying goodbye. Michael and Max had filled Isabel and Jesse in on everything about the night before.

Liz watched Max holding Zan. She pulled a small flying saucer rattle she had seen at Amy’s store out of her purse and handed it to Zan. His little eyes widened and he latched on to it, making Liz laugh. “You know you need to tell your parents the truth Max. Zan’s powers are going to be strong and they could come out at any time. Not to mention Kivar will probably want him back.”

“I know, I plan on doing it. I talked to Isabel and we’re going over tonight for a family dinner and let them meet Zan then tell them.” Max explained. Then he lifted his eyes from his son to look at Liz. “Liz, I’m sorry for everything. I never wanted you to go through all of this.”

“I know. I know.” Liz said. “But we can’t change the past, we’ve seen what that can do. All we can do is live in the present. Me with Alec and you with your son.”

“Liz, no matter what we are to each other remember I’m always here if you need anything.” Max stated.

“I know,” Liz stood up then and went to say good bye to the others. Max saw Alec come up behind her and watched how the two interacted. It hadn’t escaped his notice last night when he had seen Liz in Alec’s boxers and he knew by the little ways they touched that they had been intimate and felt a tug at his heart. He realized that Liz was in love with Alec because she would only share herself like that if she was in love. He wished he would have believed that back when he thought she slept with Kyle. Liz was right she had made a new start and he needed to with his son. Alec drifted away while she hugged Maria and that’s when Max approached him, still carrying Zan. “Don’t make the same mistakes as I did. She deserves so much, treat her right.”

Alec only nodded not knowing what to say. He had no cocky comment for once. Ten minutes later after a ton of good byes they were heading out of Roswell back to Seattle.

Part 35

When they got back from Roswell they found that the transgenic hunt in Seattle had increased a notch because of the footage from the hearing. Max and Logan had found that most of them were staying in an area of Seattle called Terminal City. Humans couldn’t be there for long periods of time because of the chemicals left over from a bad spill a few years before but the transgenics were immune. Alec helped several X5s there get jobs with him and Max at Jam Pony. Normal was against transgenics but he didn’t know he had half a dozen on staff either.

A week after they got back Alec was talking to another transgenic named Biggs that he knew back at Manticore. He and Biggs had just gotten back from helping Max rescue another transgenic, and they were talking. “No, first thing we ever did together was the Volkovitch job, over in Kezmekistan or wherever.”

“Oh, yeah, that's right. Ooh, the off-hours were definitely the highlight of that mission.” Alec commented thinking how much his life had changed.

“I can remember a time or two when you got into trouble.” Biggs said.

“Hey, they shouldn’t have sent us on missions to places with great nightlife.” Alec said defending himself just as his phone rang. He hit the talk button, “Talk to me.”

“Still running the transgenic underground?” He heard Liz ask.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m just a lowly messenger.” He hadn’t much chance to see Liz because she had the opposite shift he did so while he worked she was at home and vice versa.

“Well, Ava and I were just heading for the Crash. How about you grab everyone and meet us there?”

“Sounds like a plan to me. We were just going to have a little celebration.”

“Does this celebration have anything to do with what I just saw on the news?”

“Yeah, the Calvary rides again.”

“Well you can tell me about it when I see you. Bye.” Liz said before hanging up.


Alec and Biggs reached the Crash first and ordered their drinks and waited for Liz. Max, Original Cindy and Sketchy as well as a few more Jam Pony workers arrived and they were all just chilling. Alec was barely paying attention when he heard Biggs whistle, “Man, you should see these two girls that just walked in. Talk about hot.”

Alec looked in the direction that Biggs was staring and saw Liz and Ava had arrived. Getting an idea he said, “I bet you fifty bucks I can get the brunette to kiss me and get them to come over here.”

Biggs looked at his friend and smiled, “You’re on.”

Alec got out of his seat and headed for his girlfriend and Ava. “Hey beautiful.”

“Hey yourself cutie.” Ava joked.

“You know you’re going to have to let this obsession with me go some day Ava. Liz is the only hybrid I’m after.” Alec teased back.

“Stop it you two.” Liz jumped in smiling. “You two are so busy teasing each other that I didn’t even get a hello kiss.”

“Well let me fix that right now.” Alec said as he pulled her up to him and kissed her. It started gently but the time they had spent away from each other was too much and the kiss heated up. Alec traced her bottom lip with his tongue asking permission, which Liz gave easily. They pulled apart a minute later. “Come on, I already got us a table.” Alec said as he lead the girls over to the table where Biggs was looking surprised.

Alec pulled Liz on his lap then stuck out his hand for his fifty bucks. Biggs handed it to him and Liz looked back at her boyfriend, “What was that for?”

“Nothing.” Alec said innocently. Liz didn’t believe him and asked Biggs, “How did my boyfriend sucker you out of fifty bucks?”

Biggs’ eyebrows raised in question at the boyfriend reference. “He bet me that he could kiss you and that you two would come over. I didn’t know it was a loaded bet.” Biggs said smiling.

“I never said I didn’t know them. Biggs this is Ava and Liz. Girls, this is Biggs, a fellow Manticore prisoner.” The introduction surprised Biggs, showing visibly on his face.

“It’s okay Biggs. Liz and I don’t care about where you come from. We’ve got all kinds of friends that are transgenics. Max and Alec, Liz knows Joshua.” Ava said. Liz could help smiling as she watched Ava casually check out the newest transgenic obviously liking what she saw.

“By the way, he told me to thank you for the paints. He’s already used them and sold one painting. The money he’s bringing in helps get supplies and stuff for all the people over at Terminal City.”

“It was my pleasure. So what did we miss while we were gone?” Liz asked.

“You know that scar on Max’s hand?”

“The one she got when she went to the breed cult? Yeah.”

“Well Joshua has a pendant with the same symbol on it. Sandeman gave it to him.”

“So Sandeman was part of the cult?” Ava asked.

“Appeared to be. But that’s all they know so far.” Alec stated.

Liz decided to change the subject and asked, “So did you two ever work together?”

“Funny you should mention that. We were just talking earlier about time in Amsterdam when we got separated on a mission. Our unit met up at the rendezvous point except for Alec, he comes strolling up ten minutes later with a woman under each arm.” Biggs said laughing.

“Biggs, I think you and I should talk.” Liz said.

“How about a game of pool?” Biggs asked, Liz nodded. Biggs grabbed his beer. “Come on, you can break.”

Liz lined up the shot and broke. Biggs was surprised to see two balls go straight into their pockets. “Nice shot.” He praised. Liz shot in two more balls before missing, “Why do I feel like I’ve been suckered into this game?”

“Well even transgenics can lose at pool.” Liz smirked, “Alec loses to me all of the time. So what kind of juicy stories do you have for me?”

Part 36

Alec just smiled as his girlfriend led the other X5 away. Biggs was thinking he could get Alec back for the fifty bucks by talking to Liz, he wondered what Biggs might tell her. Ava’s words made him finally tear his eyes away from Liz. “Scared at what he’ll tell her?”


“Liar.” Ava said smiling.

“Well not exactly scared, Liz knows a lot about me but I can’t remember everything. I guess it’s her turn since I got all kind of juicy stories when we were in Roswell.”

“Like what?”

“Like her being arrested before.” Alec said raising his eyebrow.

“Yeah, twice.” Ava stated.

Alec looked at her in surprise, “You knew?”

“Sure, Liz talked to me about it before. No biggy.” Ava said watching the pool game. “So what did you think of Roswell?”

Alec blew out a deep breath, “Interesting, remind me the next time Liz wants to go on vacation how eventful this one was.”

“Liz told me about Tess.” Ava explained. She reached over and squeezed Alec’s hand, “Thank you. I know Liz could take care of herself but I’m glad you were able to protect her.”

“You’re welcome.” Alec said knowing that if Ava lost Liz it would crush her and vice versa. They were each other family.

“Now we got all the cornball stuff done tell me what you thought of everyone.”

“Where do you want me to start?”


“Maria’s what I expected, Michael too. Kyle’s pretty cool. We hung out with the three of them the most and I could see me hanging with them. Isabel was okay, “

“Lonnie’s dupe? She seemed pretty cold when I met her.’

“Liz said she’s mellowed some. I kind of bonded with Jessie since I was the only one he could drink with.”

“So now the big one, Max. Did he give any better opinion of himself this time around?”

Alec took a long gulp of his drink, “Not really. He wasn’t around much at first then I was so busy trying to keep Liz from killing Tess then Tess from killing Liz and me. But right before we left he surprised the hell out of me.”

“What?” Ava asked looking interested.

“He came up and told me that he had made mistakes and for me not to do the same thing. He told me to treat her right.”

“That’s rich, the mighty king gave his permission.” Ava scoffed.

“I’m the last one to stick up for Max but it wasn’t like that. Don’t know how to explain it.” Alec commented just as Liz and Biggs finished. Liz walked up smiling and grabbed Ava, “Come on, play me. These guys don’t know what they’re doing.”

Ava smiled as she let Liz pull her away. Biggs flopped down on the stool next to Alec; “You should take your girlfriend around. You’d make a killing having her hustle pool.”

Ava and Liz started their game but as the game continued Liz noticed that Ava wasn’t paying much attention so she decided to have some fun with her. Concentrating Liz mindwarped her friend into seeing Biggs jumping up on the table and starting to strip. When Biggs was down to just his pants Ava figured it out, “Why did ya do that?”

Liz couldn’t help laughing, “Just wanted to see if my suspicions were right. See how much you paid attention to the little show.”

“You’ve been hanging out with Alec too much or you wouldn’t have pulled a stunt like that.” Ava saying as she took her shot.

“So you do like him.” Liz said watching Ava turn a deep shade of red.

“No I don’t.” Ava denied. “So what did you find out about Alec?”

“Not much. Mostly variations of stuff I already knew. But no changing the subject. And the subject is that you have the hots for our new friend.
“I never said that.”

“You didn’t have to, you didn’t deny it when I first said it. Plus you haven’t taken you’re eyes off him since you met him.” Liz stated.

“I just met him, barely talked to him even.” Ava said.

“Well we’ll just have to change that.” Liz said as she sunk the eight ball instead of taking the shot that she should have. “Oops, will you look at that, I lost.”

Liz hurried over to where Biggs and Alec were sitting and said, “Ava beat me so I guess you’re next to play Biggs.”

Biggs nodded and headed over to the pool table and a flustered Ava. Alec could see what was happening and asked, “What do you think you’re up to?”

“Nothing.” Liz said innocently as she enjoyed spending time with Alec and watched to see what would unfold with her friend.

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Part 37

Biggs became another member of the group after that night. Liz could see that Ava was interested in him and was happy for her. Biggs seemed to be the same way but remained aloof. Liz thought they were perfectly innocent until she came home early to see the two of them making out on the couch. Liz quickly mind warp them both so she wouldn’t interrupt and she snuck into her room then confronted Ava later. She tried to play it off but in the end admitted that they were an item. After that they spent lots of time with the guys when they weren’t busy with transgenics. Alec felt that Liz’s non-human status put her in enough danger that he didn’t want her having to deal with transgenic stuff. Of course he didn’t always get what he wanted.

Alec stopped by Liz’s apartment to see her mainly to talk to her about telling Max and Logan her secret in case they ever needed their help. But the conversation quickly forgotten when Alec walked into Liz’s room to find her half dressed. Alec and Liz were wrapped up in each other when his cell phone rang, “Don’t answer that.”

“I have to. What if there’s a problem at headquarters?” Alec pulled out his phone. After a few minutes, he hung up; “I’ve got to head over to Logan’s. White caught someone and Max and I’ll have to break him out.”

“I’ll go with you. We can talk to them after.”

Once they reached Logan’s apartment, he showed Liz and Alec what he had to report. White had reared his ugly head again and had managed to get his hands on a transgenic according to the information he had. Logan had satellite photos that showed someone being dragged into a warehouse in Sector 12 but the face was undistinguishable. Max was worried that the kid had been dragged. It could mean that he was already dead and White just wanted them for postmortem slicing and dicing.

When they arrived at the warehouse Max signaled an all quiet to him while they scouted the interior of the building for White or any of his Familiars. It was an old building with dirty glass windows and loose boxes strewn about. At one end there was a wall size delivery door. There was a cage in the center of the empty space. In the semi darkness Alec looked over at Max and said, “Max, it’s Biggs.”

“Let’s get him out of there.” She said. It smelled like a trap and both Alec and Max knew it. There hadn't been any men outside and the window locks had been easy to overcome. But they had to take the chance. She kicked at the lock on the steel cage while Alec stood guard at her back. Suddenly, the room was flooded with bright light and the large door lifted to reveal over dozen-armed men in dark suits. Both Max and Alec stood in a crouch, ready to fight. They didn't get the chance. Tranq guns were trained on them and fired. Both went down within seconds.


“Logan something’s wrong. They’ve been gone for over two hours.”

“I know that’s why I’m going after them. I might be able to get them out or at least loose to where they can escape.” Logan said as he grabbed his keys.

“I’m going with you.” Liz said getting up. Logan didn’t even get a chance to argue before she said, “You either take me or I’ll follow you.”

“Fine let’s go.”

“We need to make one stop on the way.” Liz said. She followed him out the apartment door as she made a phone call. “Hey it’s me. I need your help.”


Logan parked the car across the street from the warehouse that he had sent Max and Alec to. He pulled out his gun and checked the clip. He was about to get out of the car when Liz stopped him. “You’re staying here. I’m going in.”

“Liz stay here and drive when we come out.”

“No, Logan you don’t understand.” Liz said firmly. “And I don’t have time to explain but you have to trust me. I can get them out easier than you can. Stay here or I’ll make it so you can’t get out of this car.”

She turned to where Ava was sitting in the passenger seat. “I see six men outside. Give me five minutes to get in then do it. I’ll take care of me just stay hidden.”

Liz turned back to a confused Logan. “A minute after you see Ava close her eyes pull the car of to the double doors on the north end. Be ready to drive when we come out.” She squeezed his arm, “Just trust me.” Logan nodded and Liz slipped out of the car and headed for the warehouse.

Part 38

When Max woke she was in a cage. She could feel the indents that the bars had left on her body. Moving seemed difficult, slow. She ran her tongue over her lips. Very thirsty. She sat up quickly. The scene of what had happened came rushing back to her. White. Biggs. Alec. Damn! Her head hurt. She looked around and could see the cage with Biggs about 3 meters away; Alec was in there with him slumped against the far wall.

"Hey! Are you okay?" She whispered to Biggs.

"I’m in a cage and my hope for rescue is in with me but yeah." Biggs answered. Max could see he had some bumps and bruises but nothing that looked serious.

“Can you wake him up?” She said motioning to Alec.

“Yes.” He said as he moved next to Alec and started to shake him. Alec snapped awake a minute later shoving Biggs away not realizing where he was. He stood up groaning. He had one hell of a headache; he’d have to see if Liz could fix it when they got out of there. LIZ! He looked at his watch; they had been locked up in there for three hours. He knew she would be worrying about them. “Max, we’ve been in here for three hours.”

Max knew what Alec was hinting at and decided to ask Biggs for information. "Do you know where White is?"

"They left after they put you in there.”

“Are White’s men government or familiars?” Alec asked.

“Familiars. He said that Max is going to be shipped out later, he didn’t mention what would happen to you or I but I have a feeling it won’t be pretty.”

"Not if I have anything to say about it." She replied grimly.

"Too bad you don't have anything to say about it." They heard a voice say from beside them. It was White. "Nice to see you again 452.” He sauntered up to the cage with his hands behinds his back.

"Why don't you let me out of this cage and we'll see what I have to say?" She raised her eyebrows and smiled.

"Oh I don't think so. You are going to be shipped back east in just a few hours and then I'll never have to be bothered with you again. I'm rather pleased."

"You get your jollies torturing others?" She gestured to the other cage.

"Don't worry about him. He was only the bait for you. In fact I have no further use for either him or 494." He walked over to their cage and as he turned she saw that he had a gun in one hand. He raised the gun and aimed it towards the cage. Alec tried to swallow the lump in his throat when he saw White aiming the gun at them. In this cage he did stand much of a chance.

“So which one should I shoot first? The bait or your partner in crime?”

When Max didn’t answer White continued, “I think I’ll go with 494 first.” He aimed the gun directly at Alec and they could see his finger starting to tighten on the trigger but before a shot rung out White was thrown backwards. He flew through the air about thirty feet and hit the wall.

Alec and Max watched in disbelief wondering what was going on. It was then that Liz appeared in front of Alec’s cage. She had mindwarped her way inside until she found Alec, Max and Biggs in their cages with a man she recognized from the broadcast as Ames White. While White had been busy with his captives Liz had mindwarped him and the X5s as well and been able to sneak in undetected only making her presence known when she saw him about to shoot Alec. Something she wouldn’t let him do.

“What are you doing here?” Alec asked surprised.

She put her hand on the lock and the door swung open. “Saving your butt.” He then Biggs hurried out of the cage as she repeated the same thing on Max’s. Max just looked as Liz placed her hand over the lock then she heard it click. She didn’t know how Liz had done it but explanations would have to come later. Liz had just pulled the door open when she heard Alec yell, “Watch out.”

She turned just in time to see White coming at her but Alec jumped in between them. He landed a punch to White’s stomach which White shook off but stopped his pursuit of Liz. Max joined in and the two of them fought White hard with speed Liz could barely see. But she was able to see White pull up his gun. Alec kicked it out of his hand sending it flying several feet away. White dove for it but Liz used her powers to move it out of his way and brought it over to her. She pulled open the door of the cage Max had just vacated and yelled. “Guys in here.”

They understood and with one hard kick Max sent White sailing into the cage. Liz slammed the door and used her powers to melt the lock, he wasn’t getting out anytime soon. Now he’d see what it was like being in a cage. He jumped up and started pulling on the door trying to get it open.

“Let’s get out of here.” Alec stated.

Liz handed Alec White’s gun and started to lead them to the door that would lead them to where Logan was waiting for them. They were about ten feet away from the door when shots rang out. The four of them jumped behind a stack of boxes, which was the only cover available in the open warehouse.

As Alec started to return fire, Max yelled. “How many are there Alec?”

“A dozen. All with handguns but still guns. Only two or three are firing now.” He answered.

“Logan’s on the other side of that door, we just have to get outside.” Liz said.

“As soon as we show ourselves they’ll all open fire and cut us down.” Biggs stated.

Liz knew she couldn’t mindwarp all of them so came up with a different idea and began to pool all the energy she had. Normally she wouldn’t use her powers with so many witnesses but desperate times called for desperate measures. “When I give the signal go for the door.”

Before they could ask her what she was planning Liz jumped up with her hand raised. They watched in awe as a green transparent wall suddenly appeared. They could see the bullets hit the shield and stop in midair. Alec knew Liz had used a shield when Tess attacked her but it was nothing like this. That one had been small and hardly visible. The shield extended to a width of twenty feet or so and looked thick. It gave them plenty of cover to get to the door.

“GO!” She yelled looking down at where they were crouching.

The X5s jumped up and headed for the door. Liz kept up the shield and once they were through she started backing her way out the door. After all the mindwarping she had to do to get into the building and all the other power she had used, she could feel her energy getting low but she knew that if she dropped the shield they would be hit with gunfire. She had just cleared the door when Alec slammed it shut. He ran by her grabbing her hand and drug her to Logan’s waiting car.

The two were the last to dive into the car and ducked down as Logan sped off. They could hear the bullets ricochet off the car as they drove away.


“Get me out of here!” White yelled at his men shaking the bars of the cage.

“We can’t sir. The lock has been melted. We’re going to have to take it completely apart first.”

White hit the door hard with his hand, frustrated. His plan had worked perfectly until this unknown girl had shown up. She had abilities he had never seen, not even among his own people. And he didn’t remember seeing anything in the old Manticore files about a transgenic like her. He would have to do some more research. “How did she get in here? Where were you?”

“We were guarding the perimeter like you ordered but she somehow eluded us.” The agent explained. White nodded. The girl had somehow snuck up on him as well perhaps with the use of her abilities.

“Sir, what happened? What was she?”

“I don’t know but I intend to find out.” White stated.

Part: 39

They all walked into Logan's apartment with the exception of Liz who Alec was carrying despite her protests. Her energy was spent and he had seen how pale she had gotten in the car and he insisted on carrying her inside.

“Put me down. I can walk.” He placed her gently on the couch as Ava came over to check on her.

Ava looked at Alec's concerned face. "She'll be okay. She's just drained. She used a lot of power. She’s still rather new at this."

"She happens to be sitting right here you know." Liz said sarcastically. She hated when people treated her like she could break at any minute. “And if you two don’t want to lose anything you’ll leave me alone.”

"Guys, if she say she's okay then leave her alone." Max interceded. She looked down at Liz, "Feeling like talking about what you did in there?"

"And what Ava did that allowed us to be in plain sight of some of White's men without even being seen?" Logan added.

"Ava used what we call a mindwarp to hide you two and the car. Basically she made the men see or in that case not see what she wanted them to." Liz explained. "I did the same thing to get inside."

"And you two are able to do that how?" Max asked.

"Because they're aliens." Alec stated.

Biggs laughed. "No really." Max said.

"It's true. We're aliens." Ava stated.

“Watch,” Liz said as she waved her hand over Alec’s face, healing the scratches and bruises.

“Okay, I have now officially seen everything.” Logan stated.

“Here’s the story, no scratch that here’s the short version.” Ava started. “The crash in ’47? Wasn’t a balloon, it was a cover up. I know I was on the ship when it plowed into Earth. I’m part of the Royal four who ruled our planet until this psycho Kivar had us all killed. The scientists took some of all four of us mixed us with some human and made four sets of twins that way they had two sets just in case one kicked the bucket. There were four protectors sent with us but two died. The two left each took a set and took off. I was in a set sent to New York and the other set was in Roswell. That’s how Liz came into the picture.”

Liz decided to take over, “When I was 16 I got shot and almost died but my ex-boyfriend Max healed me, brought me back. After that I was let in on his secret well it was actually Michael and Isabel’s secret too. Me along with my friend Maria and Alex helped the aliens find out where they came from and hide from the Sheriff who was suspicious. They didn’t know anything about who they were until Tess, Ava’s dupe, came town along with one of the protectors who had lost the other three. Not long after they found out who they really were, Max was the king, Tess was queen, Isabel was a princes and Michael was second in command. But they didn’t know about the set in New York.”

“But if Ava was in New York how did you two become close?” Max asked.

“We’re getting to that.” Ava answered.

“After we found out who the aliens really were things got weird. Max kept wanting to see me but he was supposed to be with Tess. Eventually I was able to push him to Tess.” Liz didn’t feel like going into the whole Future Max thing and figured it didn’t make much difference if they knew. “Not long after that Ava and part of her group came to Roswell.”

“Over the years we’d been living in the sewers, stealing what we needed basically just trying to survive. At least until a bunch of the rulers of the other planets in our system wanted to meet with the king to try and end the war. Zan, Max’s dupe thought it was a trap so he decided we weren’t going. Lonnie and Rath, the other two, decided they didn’t like that so they killed him.” Ava’s voice wavered a little. Liz squeezed her hand and a minute later she continued. “So the three of us set off to Roswell to find Max to talk him into going. That was when I met Liz. After Lonnie and Rath tricked Max into going to New York and Tess decided to go with them I saw my way out. So when they left, I stayed. Liz found me sleeping in the alley. She offered to let me crash on her couch even though she didn’t know me and my dupe was her enemy.”

“I couldn’t just let her sleep in the alley and there was something about Ava that made me realize she was okay. Later we were talking and I told her about Max healing me. Then Michael and Isabel figured out that Lonnie and Rath had tricked Max and came looking for Ava. She told us about the others killing Zan and that they would probably kill Max. That was the first time I heard that I had been changed because Max healed me. When he did that some alien was transferred into me making me a hybrid like the others. Also my friend Kyle who was later healed.” Liz explained. “Because of that I was able to warn Max in New York. Anyways Ava left a few days later but we wrote to each other. I was the only one who knew where she was.”

“That was when I came to Seattle. It was on the opposite coast as New York so I figured it was pretty safe.” Ava threw in.

“After Ava left we had a few weird alien things happen but we dealt with them. The group’s were somewhat strained but we got along. At least until Alex was killed.” This time it was Liz’s voice that wavered and Alec pulled her onto his lap. “Everyone thought it was a car accident but me. I started investigating and found out that Tess was the one to kill Alex. He was a great hacker and she mindwarped him into decoding an alien book that would tell them the way home. She made a deal with their enemies and wanted to go back.”

“When we mindwarp someone we make them see what we want them to, implant memories, or even control them. In small doses it’s not damaging. But Tess did way too much for too long and it killed Alex.” Ava stated.

“While I was investigating our group got ripped apart everyone but me turning to someone and Tess ended up pregnant. At the time I didn’t know it was Tess who had killed him just an alien. By that time Michael and Maria were helping me and that was when we found the translation of the book. Michael gave it to Max and the four were set to go home. At the last minute Kyle broke out of another mindwarp of Tess’s and remembered he saw her kill Alex. We were able to stop them from leaving but Tess left. According to her the baby she carried couldn’t survive on Earth so Max let her leave.” Liz said taking a deep breath. There was a lot to go over. She looked at Alec and saw him smile at her. She was glad it didn’t bother him for her to talk about everything. He knew how she felt about him and wasn’t threatened.

“After Tess left, we all tried to move on with our lives. Max started looking for a way to get his son with me helping him. In January my powers came into their full strength and started showing up, I torched a few things and some other stuff. Eventually things got really bad, I was scared so I came to Seattle for Ava’s help. She let me move in with her, set me up with my job, and helped me learn to control my powers. I lived in Seattle for about four months when I met you guys at Crash.” Liz finished.

“If that’s the short version, I don’t want to hear the long one.” Biggs commented.

“How long have you known Alec?” Logan asked.

“Since the night Liz found out about us. She was going to tell me when Max and Michael showed up, I saw this electrical thinging that happened whenever Max touched Liz and saw Liz send his ass flying like she did White. She told me later.” Alec answered. “It’s a good thing too since what happened when we went to Roswell.”

“What happened?” Biggs asked.

“Tess came back with Max’s son and tried to kill me.” Liz stated. “But Alec shot her at the same time Michael blasted her. So Max now has his son, and Alec and I came back to Seattle. So that’s it, that’s our story.”

“Damn.” Max muttered. “And I thought small towns were supposed to be quiet.”

“Now I see what you meant when you said you didn’t have time to explain in the car.” Logan stated.

“I told you I could get them out.” Liz smiled.

“You should see all the stuff they can do with their powers, it’s cool as hell.” Alec stated. Liz and Ava did small things to display what Alec meant.

"I'm starting to feel strange about being the only normal human here." Logan joked.

"No one's perfect." Alec quipped.


By the time they wrapped things up at Logan's it was late and Ava, Liz, and Alec headed back to the girls' apartment. Biggs went with them since he didn’t feel like trekking all the way back to Terminal City.

"I'm going to bed. Good night you two." Ava said as she started for her room before Liz stopped her. "Thank you."

"Hey what are friends for? You know I always be there for you." Ava said smiling. She winked at Biggs before retreating to her room.

Liz grabbed Biggs a blanket before heading back to her room. Alec watched her go before turning to Biggs. “You all set here?”

“Yeah.” Biggs said, “You always found the unique ones, Alec. Beautiful, interesting, and definitely unique.”

“I’m not the only one. I’ve noticed that you and Ava getting close over the last week.”

Biggs just smirked, “You better get in there. She’s waiting for you.”

Alec made his way back to Liz’s room. She saw him and stood in the middle of her room staring at Alec. His eyes met hers and asked, "What?"

"I just thinking about how close it came today. White almost killed you."

"But thanks to you he didn't."

"But if I'd been even one minute later, he would have. I know how you felt back in Roswell when Tess came after me."

"And if you came a minute sooner then he would have came up behind you and captured you. I'm just trying to absorb what happened. I've seen your powers before but not like that."

Liz walked up and put a finger to his lips hushing him. "I need you. I need to feel your arms around me."

Alec understood how she was feeling. She needed to feel him to assure herself that he was safe. He brought one hand and laced his fingers in hers. His other hand cupped the side of her face while their hands stayed down remaining entwined. He leaned down to capture her lips with hers. The kiss was full of emotion, love, fear, and relief at being safe. Liz ran her tongue across his lips and he opened his mouth to grant her access. Their tongues very slowly explored the recesses of each others mouths, small whimpers and groans coming from them as the kiss deepened. Liz hurriedly began to back up farther into her bedroom, trying as best she could not to knock anything over so she wouldn't have to part their lips. They had somehow managed to divest each other of their jackets on the way but neither could remember when. Liz waved her hand shutting the door with her powers. Her hands moved to the buttons of his shirt. She undid them and moved her hands across his well toned stomach, up across his chest and down his strong arms bringing the shirt down and off in the process. She took a moment to take in the view she loved to see. He really was beautiful she thought to herself. Manticore definitely knew what they’d been doing. Once again their mouths met still managing to keep the relatively slow pace they had constructed. He slid his hands under her shirt letting his fingers roam over the silky skin of her stomach before reaching for the hem and pulling the shirt off. Reaching behind her he unclasped her bra and it joined the rest of their clothes on the floor.

"Touch me, Alec.” She whispered to him. He leaned forward and gently licked the taught nipple before lightly nipping it. As he did this his other hand moved to massage her other breast and she arched into him in pleasure. He repeated this on the other breast and she fisted her hands through his hair and moaned his name. She reached for his pants and undid the zipper, slipping her hand inside to feel his hardness. He groaned and bit down a little harder on her breast, bucking his hips at her in response. She slid his pants down and he stepped out of them. They closed the distance again, their lips meeting a little more roughly than before. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies, trying to touch every available part of their skin. Liz stepped back and slowly slid out of her jeans, making them both only clad in underwear and boxers. She then proceeded to back him into the bed again and as he hit the edge of it he let himself fall backwards, bringing her down on top of him. She kissed his temple, then his cheek, moving down to his neck where she sucked on the skin, eliciting another groan from him.

As she made her way lower she traced the fine contours of his muscles on his chest and abdomen with her tongue. Grabbing the waistband of his boxers, she slid them down and he lifted his hips in assistance to get them off. She sat back and looked at him fully naked in front of her. She placed her hands on his feet, sliding them up his muscled calves and thighs, all the way up to his chest placing her mouth on his once more. His hands slid down her shoulders and back, gripping at her ass before sliding his fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulling them off. This time it was his turn to let his hands roam over her body, starting at her shoulders, down to her breast where he let his hands graze over her nipples before working his way down her stomach to her ass and thighs. His hands then made their way to her front and he slipped a finger in her, reveling in the warm, wet feeling and the reaction she was having. He slipped in another finger and massaged her clitoris with the pad of his thumb. She was groaning louder now, driving him crazy with the sounds as she came. She then reached down to grip him once more and his head fell back in ecstasy.

She grabbed a condom from her side table and slowly rolled it on him. Unable to wait anymore he removed his fingers from her and lifted her above him. She slowly lowered herself onto him and when she was all the way down she gripped his shoulders pulling him up so that they were both in a sitting position. Their eyes now locked onto one another as she tediously began to ride him. Finding her hand, he locked fingers with her once more. In response she pulled him closer so that their bodies were pressed firmly together, nothing separating them. His mouth traveled to her neck and he bit down softly causing her to moan his name. As he felt her climax again build and her inner muscles tightening he looked back into her eyes and they remained locked as she finally came, screaming his name. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen and could no longer contain his own response following her only a few moments later and felt the familiar over powering stimulation that came with being intimate with an alien. Breathing heavily until they came back down to their senses. They reluctantly disconnected themselves from each other, both missing the warmth of the other person and laid down after cleaning up, exhausted from their exertions. They quickly fell asleep, sated and wrapped in each other’s arms.

Part 40

It was still dark out when Liz woke. She looked over to see Alec watching her. She kissed him gently before asking, "What are you doing?"

"Watching you. Thinking."

"What were you thinking about?" Liz asked.

"That maybe you should leave Seattle."

Liz sat up quickly shocked at what he had said. "What? Why?'

"Because after today White's going to be after you. He's going to want to know about you."

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going to run away just because of danger." She said determined. "He doesn't know anything about who I am, he won't be able to track me down."

"Maybe, maybe not. But it’s more likely he will if you’re around Max and I. I was just thinking that maybe you'd be safer if you went back to Roswell for a little while."

"And Seattle is so safe for you? Why should I leave and you stay? If you want me to go so bad then go with me."

"You know I can’t."

"Then don’t ask me to."

Alec knew there was no arguing with her right now. Maybe he could have Max or Ava talk her into it tomorrow. "Let's go back to sleep. We can talk more about it after we wake up."

Liz nodded and she scooted back down the bed. She curled up against Alec enjoying the feeling of his warmth and was quickly back to sleep.


Alec tried to talk Liz and Ava into leaving but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead Alec settled for them to learn how to defend themselves without their powers. So the X5s helped them with some moves and weapons while the girls helped Alec and Max out in Terminal City. Their alien blood gave them more resistance to the chemicals than normal humans so they were immune. Alec gave up his apartment and moved into one there. The girls helped as much as they could. Liz helped Max keep a record of all the transgenics coming in so they would have an accurate count as well as what skills they had. They also made rounds around the area for stuff left or fixing small things with their powers. That led to an argument between Liz and Alec when Alec wanted her to use her powers for something she didn’t agree with.

“Alec, I’m not doing it.” Liz said defiantly. They were the ‘garage’ area of Terminal City where they kept all of the vehicles. Alec and Biggs had just gotten back and that’s when him and Liz started arguing.

“Come on.” Alec pleaded.

“No, I’m not using my powers on that truck. If you can’t sell it the way it is then you shouldn’t have stole it.”

“I can still sell it but it’s easier if it’s not traceable. The money I make can go to buying supplies.” All he asked was that she change the plates and the paperwork.

“But you still stole it.” Liz knew his intentions were good ones but he still stole.

“From drug dealers.” Alec argued stressing his words. In Alec’s eyes stealing from criminals wasn’t stealing.

“The next thing you know you’ll want me to mindwarp a gas truck driver and bring it back here.” Liz stated.

Alec pursed his lips together in an expression that Liz knew meant he didn’t think it was a bad idea. Liz rolled her eyes just as Max rode up. She had been with Biggs and Alec when they went to get the SUV but he had noticed she hadn’t followed on them. “What took you so long?”

“Waited around and made a withdrawal.” She explained while holding up a large metal briefcase with a large bullet hole in it. “Before we left Mole gave me a rundown of supplies and stuff. With all the new transgenics we’re running low on everything and we would have to go back to the streets. We’ve got at least twenty pregnant females ready to pop and even more later. Not to mention all of the young X6s that can’t work. Food, gas, and medical supplies have taken all of the money we had. We need a lot more if we’re going to survive.” Max’s words made it soak in how much they needed the money for supplies. She watched as Max opened the suitcase. Inside there were about six packs of 20-dollar bills.

“D*mn, only about three thousand. What kind of self respecting drug dealer makes such small change.” Alec said as they counted. Liz made a decision thinking of one of the pregnant X5s she had talked to earlier. She reached over and waved her hand over the money.

“Holy Sh*t!” Biggs exclaimed as they watched the twenties turn into hundreds.

“I don’t think it’d be a good idea to do that often but I hope it helps.” Liz said then walked over to the Suburban that Alec stole and placed her hand on it turning it from silver to black. “What else needs changed?”

It took a minute for the three X5s to snap out of shock before Alec finally walked up and showed her the number on the frame that needed to be changed. “What changed your mind?”

“The thought of those soon to be moms out on the streets cold and hungry.” Liz stated. “That should keep you guys in supplies for a little while. Now I need to get back to upstairs to finish my game before Mole deals me out.”

The four of them headed to a commons area where several different groups of transgenics were hanging around. Biggs and Max headed in one direction while Alec and Liz went another. He watched as she played poker with two female X5s, Naomi and Lulu as well as Mole, a lizard looking mutant, and Ava. By the look on Mole’s face, one of the girls was beating him. It still amazed Alec how Liz just accepted everything, looking at the mutants the same as anyone. After Lulu won five hands in a row the group broke up and Alec took Liz and Ava home.

Part 41

Days later, Alec and Max were just finishing up their last run when Alec saw a familiar picture on the TV Screen. Another X5 worked with them at Jam Pony named Cody.

“If you see this individual, please alert the authorities immediately. This alleged transgenic is considered to be a dangerous fugitive and should not be approached under any circumstances. It is unclear if the suspect is armed.” The news reporter stated.

The customer shut the door just then and Alec told Max what he had seen. “It's Cody.” He informed her as he dialed on his cell phone. “Come on.”

A minute later, Cody picked up. “Cody, its Alec.”

“Hey. You won't believe what just happened to me.”

“Where are you?”

“About six blocks from work.”

“You need to get back to Terminal City right now, pal.” Alec stated.

“Why? What's wrong?” He asked. Just then over the phone, Alec heard someone yell, “Hey! He's one of 'em!”

Alec heard the phone hit something. “Cody!”

“He's in trouble.” He said looking at Max.

“Let’s go.”


They searched everywhere around Jam Pony until finally coming across a large group of people. “Hey, what the hell's going on?” Max asked a near by guy.

“Bunch of the neighborhood guys got a hold of one of them mutants that's been on the news.”

“What do you mean, "Got a hold of"?” Alec asked.

“Gave 'em hell. What do you think?” He asked as he pointed behind him. Max and Alec looked in the direction he was pointing and saw Cody hanging upside down, dead. They could see all of the cuts and bruises on him from being beaten. A large wooden X burned nearby. “That oughta teach them freaks a lesson, huh?”


Around the same time, Liz had just gotten out of the shower when she saw the news. “The suspected transgenic met a violent end when it was confronted by members of a local neighborhood watch group.” The news reporter announced just as they showed the picture of Cody’s body. Liz gasped in horror. How could anyone be so cruel? She needed to see Alec so she dressed quickly and headed for Terminal City.


Alec sat by himself in a corner of the main headquarter building thinking about what had happened to Cody. Like Biggs, Alec had worked with Cody before and he was a pretty cool guy. Alec even considered him his friend. Just then Joshua walked up, “Sorry about Cody.”

“Yeah. I'd like to have a little talk with the people who did that.” Alec stated.

“Me, too.”

Thinking it over, Alec said, “The guys were still there hanging around, talking crap about transgenics.”

“Think they’re still there?” Joshua asked.

“Wanna go find out?” Alec asked just as he saw Liz walk up. He could tell from the expression on her face that she had heard the whole conversation. “Joshua, I need to talk to Alec for a minute.”

Joshua left and Liz asked, “Please tell me you’re not going to go do what I think you’ll going to do.”

Alec shrugged, “Fine, I won’t tell you.”

“Alec you can’t do this.” Liz pleaded.

“Why not? They killed Cody!” Alec yelled.

Liz tried not to cringe at the volume of Alec’s voice. Her and Alec never fought so hearing him yelling was new. “I know that. But you can’t do it.”

“I don’t remember you being the voice of reason when it was Tess. You would have killed her if I hadn’t stepped in. You wanted her to pay for killing Alex just like I want them to pay for killing Cody.” Alec yelled knowing that his words hurt her.

Liz winced at his statement. “That was uncalled for.”

“But that doesn’t make it any less true.”

“Fine,” Liz yelled frustrated, “You want to go out and risked getting killed fine. You want to prove them right? Go ahead.”

“What are you talking about?”

“If you go after them, they’ll just use it to prove their point. That transgenics are dangerous. Because no matter how right you feel it is, no matter if it’s an eye for an eye? All they will see is a human killed by a transgenic.” She stated before turning on her heel and leaving. She was so pissed at Alec that she practically ran back to her apartment. She wished she had the power to just wave her hand and teleport there.

Part 42

Alec, Biggs, and Joshua headed down the street heading for the group Alec saw earlier. Joshua was wearing a helmet to hide his face. They saw the group standing in the same spot but now they were collecting money. “Y'all wanna make a donation?”

“Yeah, but my friend here thinks you're running a scam.” Alec stated.

“I guess you ain't seen the news. We strung the trannie up that bridge, over there.”

“I've got a problem with that.” Alec said angrily.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Biggs said.

“He was a friend of ours.” Joshua stated as he took the helmet off. The guy’s eyes widen when they caught sight of his face.
The three trangenics moved fast and quickly beat the crap out of them. Alec had the ringleader by the neck about to snap it when Liz’s words came back to him, ‘All they will see is a human killed by a transgenic.’

Alec looked down at the guy who had fear in his eyes. “You and your friends need to get out of town tonight. I see you around here again, I'm gonna kill you.”

“Come on guys. Let’s go.” Alec said. Biggs and Joshua followed Alec back to Terminal City while the guys they had just beaten up limped away.


Liz woke up when she heard a creaking by her window and bolt upright. She raised her hand to blast the intruder when she heard a familiar voice, “Hey hey don’t kill me.”

“Alec! What do you think you were doing sneaking in here?” Liz asked angrily.

“Your door was locked.” Alec stated.

“I know. I melted the lock. I didn’t want anyone to come in.” She said looking pointedly at him so he knew who she meant.

“Okay I deserved that.”

“No, you deserve to be tossed out the window but you’d probably just land on your feet with no harm done so I guess that’s not an option.” Liz stated as she got out of bed and stood facing him. Alec couldn’t help put look her over as she stood in front of him in a pair of boxers and a tank top.

“Do you know why I came to TC to find you?” Liz asked. Alec shook his head. “When I saw the news and what happened all I could think about was what if it was you? I was so scared and I had to go and make sure you were okay.”

Alec couldn’t think of anything to say except for “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I did. I was just so upset about Cody, and seeing what they did to him.”

“I understand how you feel.”

“No, you don’t. You don’t know what it like.” He said flopping down on the end of her bed.

“How can you say that to me? Don’t you think people would be just as scared if not more of me if they found out what Ava and I can do? That we can go into peoples’ heads and see their memories or make them see what we want them to? Or that I can go into their dreams? I live in as much fear as you do everyday but I’m still here with you trying to do whatever I can to help you.”

“Again, sorry.” Alec said apologizing.

“Sorry doesn’t always cut it Alec. I was trying to be there for you and you threw a very painful memory back in my face.”

“You’re right, I had no right to do that. I don’t know what I can do to make this right. Violence is just the easy way to deal. And I do it well. When I was nineteen, I took a guy out with a gunshot at 1000 feet in high wind. Not a lot of people could make that shot. It’s what I was made to do.”

“But it’s not all you are.” Liz said. “What happened tonight?”

Alec was surprised by her changing the subject but answered her, “We found the guys who did it and let them know that we didn’t like what they did.”

“So you did it?”

“No, I mean we roughed them up but when it came to the actual act your words came back to me and I couldn’t do it.”
Liz let out a sigh of relief. She knew that if Alec had killed the men responsible for Cody’s death that people would be hunting after him. Before she realized what she was doing she walked over to where he was sitting on the end of the bed and pulled him close. He laid his head on her stomach and wrapped his arms around her. She held him like that for several minutes just comforting him. He pulled back and said, “I’m sorry Liz. I really am.”

“Just don’t push me away. We’re in this together.” Liz said. Alec only nodded. Liz reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head before pulling him to stand and taking off his pants. She settled herself in her bed and motioned for Alec to join her. He laid down and pulled her close, thankful that she had forgiven him.

Part 43

A few days later Liz and Ava were at Jam Pony with Biggs waiting for Alec to see if he wanted to go out to lunch. Biggs said he should back from his last run at any minute. They were talking and joking around with OC and another X5 named CeCe.

“Liz, can you come here for a minute?” Cece asked. Liz nodded and followed Cece to the back of the lockers.

“What’s up?”

“Can you tell me if I need a touch up?” Cece asked turning around and displaying the part of her neck where her barcode would be. She was one of the transgenics who had broken into various offices and ‘borrowed’ the laser there to temporarily remove her barcode. Liz looked and saw the lines were reappearing faintly. She looked around and saw no one was watching them before placing her hand on Cece’s neck and used her powers to touch her up. “Nope, looks fine.”

“Thanks,” Cece said none the wiser of what Liz had done. They sat back down with the others when they heard commotion coming from the front. Liz looked up in time to see a transgenic from Terminal City named Mole come through the door with Alec holding a shot gun to him and rushing past. They were followed by a pregnant girl older than her and a young boy then Joshua. Joshua shut the front door before rushing past and looked at Liz and OC. Liz went to follow but OC grabbed her arm. “He’s fine.”

The group went by and headed for the back. Once they were through Liz heard Normal; “They got my boy.” And went rushing into his office only to reappear with a gun.

Alec couldn’t believe what was happening. One minute he was on his way to meet Liz, the next thing Mole and Joshua had rushed up to him needing his help. Then Mole decided to fake him being a hostage, this couldn’t be good. He had seen Liz’s face when they went through, she wasn’t scared, just confused. He opened the back door and Mole was about to follow him out when they saw that police cars were parked outside taking aim. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, go back!”

“Freeze!” Alec heard the cops yell before he turned around and headed back in. “I said freeze!” They heard one more warning before Alec heard then felt a gun go off. It had hit him in his left arm. He shrugged it off and headed back inside only to stop in their tracks by a gun welding Normal. “Hold it right there, freak show!”

As Normal pointed the gun at Mole and Joshua, he looked at Alec. “You're bleeding.”

Alec saw a look a concern pass over Liz’s face as he wiped his hand over his bleeding shoulder, “Yeah, bullets will do that to you.”

“Okay, you're safe now.” Normal stated when he heard police sirens, pointing the gun at Mole. Alec looked at him. He knew that Normal was going to shoot Mole to save him and he couldn’t let that happen. Faster than the eye could see Alec ran up to Normal, twisted his arm and ripped the gun from his hand. Mole raised his shotgun just as Alec aimed his own gun at Normal he said, “No, I’m safe now.”

He turned his head to look at the other people in the building, “No one leaves!”

One of the messengers decided to make a run for it and headed for the front door but Cece reached out and clothes lined him. “No body move.”

“Cece, call base. Tell them we got problems.” Alec ordered. “Josh you take the front, Mole you got the back?” The big transgenic nodded. “Biggs head upstairs and keep an eye on the street for me?” Biggs left Ava and Liz and headed upstairs.

Liz decided Alec had the situation under control so she moved towards Alec. That’s when she heard Normal say, “My golden boy's a mutant.”

“We prefer "genetically empowered." He said he pulled Liz close.

“What happened?” She asked.

“Mole and Josh were out trying to help the other two and the van got hit. They came here looking for me and I ran into them outside. The cops were following them so Mole acted like I was a hostage.”

“I see that plan worked out well.” Liz said motioning to his arm.

“There were cops waiting out back and I got hit because I was in the way. We’re trapped.” Alec stated. Biggs came down the stairs then. “What’s it look like out there?” Alec asked.

“Cops everywhere.”

“How many?”

“All of them I think. Plus news teams. Cece just took over look out.” Biggs said as he stood next to Ava.

“Let Biggs take over for a minute and we’ll go some place and I’ll take care of your arm.” Alec handed the gun over to Biggs and went into Normal’s office. Liz looked over his wound and said, “I’m not going to heal it completely, that could bring up too much suspicion but I’ll try to get rid of the pain. It’s deep so I’m going to have to make a connection to do it.”

“Like go inside my head?”

“Yeah. If you don’t want me to I can just bandage it up.” Liz said quickly.

Alec wasn’t sure what to do, after all Liz was going to be going into his head, into his memories. He could only guess what she might see. “It’s okay, I trust you but I don’t want you to freak at what you see.”

“I think I know what to expect.” Liz said. “I need you to look at my eyes.” Alec did as she asked as she placed her hand on the wound and concentrated. She had only done this with Max before and he had been the one to do it. She felt a connection spring to life and was hit with flashes.

Alec inside what she guessed was Manticore training.
Alec watching a car exploding, screaming because he knew Rachel was inside.
The first time Liz and he made love and telling her that he loved her.

She pushed the flashes away so she could concentrate and mended the torn tissues so that the wound was only an inch deep. “Now we just have to find a bandage.”

“In Normal’s desk there is a first aid kit.” Liz found it and bandaged it up.

Alec’s curiosity got the better of him and he asked, “What did you see?”

“I saw you training at Manticore, I saw us that first night we were together, and um….Rachel’s car explosion.” Liz said remembering the anguish she felt from the flash.

“I wish you didn’t have to see that.”

“I didn’t just see it, I felt how you did. I’m sorry Alec.” Liz said as she finished the bandage. He grabbed her hand and kissed it.

“Let’s head back out.” Liz nodded and was about to go with him when they heard a crash from the main area. Alec and Liz ran out to see that Max had crashed through a window. “How come no one invited me to the party?” She joked. When no one laughed she said, “A little tense, are we?”

“I wonder why?” One of the messengers said.

“But if you'll just sit tight and be patient, me and mine will get out of here before you know it.” Max said looking around at
the two groups.

Normal just stood up and said, “Well, I got a hot flash for you, girlfriend. Me and mine are gonna get out of here right now. Let's go people! Bip bip bip!”

The messengers start standing up but Alec ordered, “Hang on. Sit down.”

“Don’t make me shoot you to keep you quiet.” Mole stated.

“Go on, take your best-shot, frog boy!” Normal challenged. Mole started to move forward but Original Cindy jumped in between the two of them “No body shooting at anybody,” She said then looked at Normal. “Now sit your raggedy ass down.”

“I always knew you were a wrong number. You never had me fooled for a second there, miss.” Normal said pointing at Max.

“Yeah, whatever. Transgenic Central, right here under your nose.” Original Cindy stated.

“Oh, I see. Not only are you one of Sappho's daughters, you're one of them, too.” Normal looked at Liz and Ava, “You, too.”

“No, we’re not. We’re friends of Max, Alec, and the rest of them. We walk out of here now and they’re through.” Ava answered.

“Well I don’t have a problem with that.” Normal said.

“Do you think they asked to be for this? No, because some scientists decided to play god everyone else looks on them differently. Well they’re not as different as you think and they are not monsters.” Liz yelled poking her finger into Normal’s chest. She was sick of Normal. He had always been rude to her and then she had heard all of his transgenic hate messages. People like him just made her blood boil.

Alec knew Liz was getting angry and knew she would lay into Normal even more if he didn’t stop her. He grabbed her quickly and pulled her away whispering, “Calm down Sparky.”


“Yeah, every time I’ve seen you get pissed your hands start sparking. And that’s the last thing we need right now.”

Part 44

Liz and Alec walked over to where Biggs and Ava were sitting along with Max. “Liz, can you and Ava get us out of here? Do that mindwarping thing?” Max asked.

“I don’t think we could that many people.” Liz answered.

“Even if we could, we can’t warp the cameras.” Ava threw in. Biggs and Alec sighed heavily, just as the phone rang. Max went over to answer it. Liz could only hear bits and pieces but she gathered that Max was negotiating with the cops. After hanging up the phone she came over, “I’ve arranged for a van to get us out of here. Told them we would release half the hostages when it got here, then the other half when we get to our location. It should be here soon.”

“And what will keep them from gunning you down when we head for the van?” Ava asked.

“They don’t know who are ordinaries and who are transgenics.” Biggs stated. The group sat back to wait. Liz could feel the tension in the room; it could be cut with a knife. The ordinary messengers were trying to casually look at the transgenics and Liz couldn’t help but wonder what they were thinking. She knew several of them had worked with Max for a while. Did they now see her as the enemy simply because she was a transgenic? Were they scared of her or more scared of the situation they were in? All kinds of thoughts flew through Liz’s head not able to settle on one thought.

Alec glanced out the window and saw all the cops with guns trained to shoot at the windows and doors. He turned his attention to where Liz was sitting next to him. He didn’t like her being there in danger. He knew it wasn’t the first time nor the last time she would but he still didn’t like it. “I want you and Ava to go out in the first group. I’ll met up with you later after we get to TC.”

Liz shook her head, “No, I’m staying here.”

Max walked up right then interrupting, “She’s right, she should stay with us. I’m sure White is watching this whole thing and he knows she’s connected to us. Plus he saw her use her powers. He’ll probably take the advantage of all the chaos to snatch her.”

A half-hour later, the van arrived and Max told half of the messengers to go. “Okay, 452, the keys are in the vehicle. Your ball.” They heard someone on a bullhorn yell.

Max opened the back door and separated the group in half letting one group go. Once they were gone, she picked opened up her flip phone. Logan was outside and was relaying everything to them over Max’s cell phone. He told them where everyone was located, etc. Once she hung up, she turned to the others. “Joshua, Mole you’re going to have to use one of the hostages as shields.”

Original Cindy walked up to Max then, “They’ve seen you boo. Now let’s walk over their boots.” She said as she wrapped Max’s arm around her. Ava and Liz moved to do the same thing with Biggs and Alec.

Once they were ready they headed out. Slowly the group walked outside, led by Mole and Normal. As they walk around the front of the bus, headed for its door, shots rang out. Everything erupted in chaos. Liz fleetingly saw Logan jumping out of the crowd, “Max!”

“Go!” Max yelled. Logan started coming towards them as he fired several times at the windows across the street. Logan, Mole, and Alec exchange gunfire as they hurried back inside. Alec wrapped his arm around Liz’s waist and practically dragged her inside, shielding her from gunfire. Once back inside they saw that everyone was okay and they were safe.

“Why did they do this? We did everything they wanted.” Joshua asked.

“It wasn't the cops. It was White.” Logan announced. No one was very surprised by the revelations

“They screwed this whole thing up on purpose to escalate the situation.” Max stated.

“Yeah, well, it worked.” Alec stated.

“What difference does it make who fired? They all want to see us dead!” Mole stated.

“Everybody needs to calm down.” Logan stated. Mole huffed away to keep watch while the other tried to figure out what
to do next.


It was a brief glimpse but White had seen the other object of his search during their attempt to leave. The brown-haired girl that had rescued the three X5s. He made his way over to one of the news trucks. “Did you get the whole thing on tape?”

“Yeah, we got it.” The cameraman looked at him strangely.

“I want to see it, then I’m going to need some printouts.” As he reviewed the tape he found the pictures he needed, ones of 452, 494, and the girl then he headed to his people to show them their targets. He wanted the girl and 452 alive and but it didn’t matter with 494 .

Part 45

As Liz listened to Mole, Max and Logan argue on how to get out her cell phone rang. She grabbed it quickly out of her pocket and clicked it on. “Hello?”

“Can you ever date someone normal? Then maybe you would not keep getting taken hostage.” Michael yelled over the phone.

“Michael? How the hell do you know what’s going on?”

“It was on the news.” Michael stated.

“You watch the news?” Liz asked surprised.

“Funny. But yes I was just watching the news and saw all about the transgenics holding people hostage one of them is your boyfriend.”

“They’re not really holding them hostage.” Liz explained.

Michael blew out a deep breath. “I asked why can’t you date someone normal? Now answer the question.”

“What can I say ordinaries are boring.”

“Ordinaries?” Michael asked.

Liz couldn’t help but laugh at Michael’s confusion. “That’s what we call regular people.”

“How long have you known?”

“Since the night you came to Seattle.”

“And you never told us?”

“Not my secret to tell. You understand.”

“Yeah, I do. How are you and Ava going to get out of there?”

“I’m not leaving Alec and my friends here so don’t even suggest it.”

“We’re coming up there.”

“And do what? By the time you get here hopefully it will be all over. Besides I don’t need you guys in the middle of all this. We’ll figure out something.”

“They’re supposed to be soldiers, don’t they have weapons or anything to blow their way out?”

Michael’s joke gave Liz a sudden idea, “Michael, I’ve got to go. Tell everyone I’m fine and I’ll call you later.” She said quickly before disconnected. Then rushed over to Alec and the others. “Guys, if we got to the sewers we could get to Terminal City right?”

“Yeah, but the closest manhole is kind of covered with cops at the moment.” Alec stated.

“Does this place have a basement?” Liz asked.

“Yeah,” Max answered recognizing that Liz was coming up with something.

“Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?” Ava asked.

“It might be the only way out.” She answered her friend before turning back to Max. “Show it to me.”

Max left Mole and CeCe in charge before her; Alec, Logan and Biggs went downstairs with Liz and Ava. “Ava, look for water pipes or a drainage grate.”

“Liz, I lived in the sewers long enough to know what to look for.” Ava stated. The two girls as well as the others started looking around finally finding what they were looking for. A small drainage grate about six inches wide in the middle of a small room off of the main one. “Here’s our exit. Alec can you get that grate up?”

Alec and Biggs both grabbed a side and yanked it up, “How deep does it go? Does it go all the way through?” Liz asked
knowing he could see better than her.

“Looks like it, about three feet of foundation all around but right by the hole it’s only about a foot and a half. Babe I know you’re small but there is no way we’re going to fit through there.”

“Not yet but we will. Ava do you think we can do it?” Liz asked as she examined it.

“The two of us? Probably, it’s worth a shot. But between that and repairing it, we’re going to be drained.”

“Alec, can you guys carry us if we need you too?” Liz asked.

“Sure.” Alec knew Liz was going to use her powers and it was something big. “Biggs go gather all the hostages and lock them in the cage outside of the office. Then gather everyone and bring them down when I give the signal.” Biggs nodded and headed upstairs.

“Everyone get behind something. We’re getting out of here.” Everyone moved behind some shelter. Liz grabbed Ava’s hand and they formed a connection. Liz aimed her hand at her target and pooled hers plus Ava’s energy. Alec could see Liz’s hand glowing a bright white, it was unlike anything he’d seen her do before. But he knew that it was probably like the blast that Michael had shot Tess with. As Liz blasted the floor she felt large amounts of energy leave her, the force of the blast shot the cement down into the sewers. When the dust clear she felt herself starting to fall but Alec grabbed her as Max grabbed Ava. “Biggs, everyone down here now.”

Biggs and the others came down a second later with Mole and Joshua coming up the rear, “What the hell?” Mole asked.

“Just go. Get into the sewers and move towards headquarters. Hurry we don’t know how long we have until they storm the area.” Max ordered. The transgenics started jumping down the hole one by one until only Max, Logan, Alec, Ava, Liz, and Joshua were left.

“Logan and Joshua go. After you clear the hole yell up and we are going to lower them down.”

“No, we can do it ourselves.” Ava stated. Logan and Joshua went down then Liz and Ava with Alec and Max last. Once everyone else was far away not to see the girls connected again but this time Ava used the power and repaired the hole. The last burst drained the girls completely and both girls passed out. They were effortlessly lifted and they headed for Terminal City.


Once White had gotten the clearance he needed he ordered his team of his people to attack. They started on the roof and made their way into the building. They hadn’t heard anything from them in the hour since the shoot out on the street but White knew they were just trying to figure out a plan. They crept down to the first floor only to find the hostages locked in a cage. He ordered a search of the entire building but it ended in nothing. His anger overwhelmed him and he put his fist through the wall when he realized they were gone.

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Part 46

Liz felt herself slowly coming awake but felt like she had hardly slept. She could feel the softness underneath her and knew that she was at least in a bed so it wasn’t sleeping on the hard floor making her feel like this. Then she remembered what had happened. She snapped her eyes open, “Ava, Alec!:

“Shh, I’m right here.” Alec said brushing her hair away, soothing her.

“Where’s Ava?”

“She’s in the next room, Biggs is with her. She woke up a couple hours ago.”

“I bet they both hate that. Did we make it? Are we back?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, we made it. We’re in my room. You were sleeping like the dead thought you’d be more comfortable in here.” Liz tried to look around but didn’t have the strength to lift her head not to mention a horrible headache. She recognized the room Alec kept in TC. With as much time as he spent there it was just easier.

“Thank you.” Liz groaned, “How long have I been out?”

“Since we escaped, you missed the wonderful trek through the sewers. It’s been about eight hours ago.”

“I don’t feel like I slept eight hours.” Liz groaned. “I feel like someone hit me with a truck.” Liz waved her hand over her head in the attempt to heal but it didn’t work. She didn’t have the strength. “Great. I think I’m powerless for a little while.” She said looking over and seeing Alec’s concerned eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“You scared me. I’ve never seen you pass out from using your powers before. What did you and Ava do?”

“We connected, bonded our energy together. I’m sorry, I should have warned you. It took all of my and Ava’s energy to blast through the floor and then cover our tracks. Michael gave me the idea to blast the floor out. Oh I better call him.” Liz said trying to get up again but Alec pushed her back.

“He already called, about two hours after we got back. He was upset that you didn’t call. After I told him what happened he said you’d be pretty wiped.”

“I knew if we didn’t do anything soon they might get you. And I couldn’t let them get their hands on you.”

“No one’s hands on me but yours.” Alec smirked at her.

“Give me some time to rest up and I’ll take you up on that.”

“Max brought up some food.” Alec said as he pulled over the makeshift tray. Liz had to smile at Alec playing a nurse, he was just so cute. She sat up as Alec gave her the food. She was starving and it looked good but she knew it would taste bland. That was when Alec held out a bottle of Tabasco. “I kept this for you here.”


“No big deal, I snagged a couple bottles last time I was at your work.” He said smiling as she drenched her food and started to eat just as there was a knock on the door. Alec got up to answer it, and found Max and Logan. “Come on in guys, she’s awake.”

They made there way inside and Max looked at Liz, “You okay?”

“Yeah, just never blasted through concrete before.” Liz answered as Alec climbed on the bed next to Liz and ran his hand on her leg. He hadn’t been lying earlier when he said she scared him. The whole trek back to Terminal City he kept stopping to make sure she was breathing.

“Well you and Ava saved our asses.” Max stated.

“Can one of you guys go let Ava know I’m awake? She’s probably driving Biggs crazy worrying about me.”

“I’ll go.” Logan offered before disappearing out of the room.

“What have I missed while I was out?” Liz asked but before Max could say anything Ava and Biggs came in with Logan.

“It’s about time cornball. Biggs kept making me stay put or I would have been in here sooner.” Ava said as she reached over to hug her friend. “But I see that Alec has been taking good care of you.”

“Yep, my own little nurse.” Liz said smiling. “You look a lot better than me.”

“I’ve been doing this a lot longer plus you were the one to do the blast, the cleanup was minor in comparison.”

“Max was just telling me what’s been going on while I wasn’t in the land of the living.”

“Things have calmed down. The fact that the whole thing at Jam Pony didn’t end in bloodshed gave us brownie points with the public. They can’t figure out how we got out but figured we got out by the roof somehow. None of our friends mentioned our names.” Max explained. “The government is finally owning up to us. They have been saying that they want to possibly make a deal to help us. Let us live in peace but we’ll see”

“That’s all well and good if they do it but what about White. His cult seems to want all transgenics dead in a big way.” Alec stated.

“White’s son Ray said that he was given the snake’s poison to prove he was strong. The snake’s venom would have killed an ordinary human but it didn’t kill Max. So whatever the cult feels it has to be strong for won’t effect the transgenics. That would be why they want to kill all of you.” Logan said.

Something clicked in Liz’s head. She turned and looked at Alec, “You told me before that trangenics are immune to lots of stuff that why you can be in Terminal City for unlimited amounts of time right?”

“Yeah, Manticore wanted to make it so we could go anywhere.”

“Diseases and stuff too right?”

“Yeah. What are you getting at? I can almost hear your brain going full blast.” Alec commented.

“Have any of you ever read THE STAND?” Liz asked everyone. Everyone shook their heads. “It’s a fiction book about a disease that accidentally gets released. It’s real deadly and wipes out all but like 4 percent of the population. The ones left had free rein over every thing, the cities were empty.”

“Sounds morbid.” Ava stated.

“It was but what Logan said made me think of it. What if this breeding cult has been exclusively breeding to make only the ones in their following immune to something similar?”

“Why would they?” Ava asked.

“If they were to release something that would kill ordinaries they would have free range of the cities. All the resources along with buildings everything. They would start the population over but only with their bloodlines. Only now they find out that transgenics would be around too, which puts a crip in their plans.” Liz explained.

“When Sandeman left the cult he must have known their plans. Then with the help of Manticore, he created the transgenics and made them immune. Probably to fight against the cult, a private army.” Logan stated.

“So they announce to the public that we exist, make them fear us so that they will hunt us down and exterminate us.” Max said.

“Pretty good plan.” Alec said. “So what do we do about it?”

Part 47

“We could use their own plans against them.” Max suggested.

“Bring them out into the public.” Liz stated. “What about an EO broadcast?”

“We would need bigger media. I’ve got a few contacts that could do it but we need more proof.”

“Then we’ll get it.” Max stated.

“What you thinking?” Alec asked.

“We go to their HQ and get the proof we need. Half a dozen transgenics…” Max started to say.

“Along with at least one hybrid.” Liz interrupted.

“Make that two.” Ava threw in.

“We all hit it and get our information. Then we go public. Are you still tight with the arms dealer in Koreatown?” Max asked Alec.


“Tell him we're gonna need the nastiest stuff he's got. TK-67's, grenade launchers, whatever just in case it gets messy. Money's no object.”

“Sorta is when you don't got any.” Logan stated.

Alec looked at Logan for a minute than remembered he wasn’t there when Liz had changed the money. He looked over at her as she nodded, “Then we'll get some.”

“We need a few more Xs. Alec, Biggs you know the Xs and their strengths better than me, who would you pick?” Max asked.

Alec thought things over. “We’re going to need at least three more. Off the top of my head I’d go with CeCe, Wes and Lulu. Have three teams going in.”

Biggs nodded along with Alec’s decision. “I’ll talk to them, see if they’re up for it.” Biggs said.

“My time in TC is almost up. I’ll head back to my apartment.” Logan said knowing his time before he’d get sick from the toxins was almost up. “I’ll start trying to locate their headquarters.”

“There are a couple transgenic hackers that can help.” Max stated.

“I’ll link my stuff up to the computer in the headquarter building that way we’ll be in contact.”

“What should Ava and I do?” Liz asked.

“Rest, we’re going to need you two up to speed just in case. I don’t think it’s safe for you two to head back to your apartment just in case.” Max said. “Just lay around here, take a shower, we’ll get you some more food and you can sleep more. I’ll call OC and see if she’ll look out for your place. Maybe grab you some clothes to send with Logan.”

Liz and Ava weren’t happy about not doing anything to help but knew that Max was right. They needed to rest; besides Liz didn’t think she could do much even if she wanted to. Her body was still aching. Logan, Max and Biggs left to their tasks while Ava went back into Biggs room.

Liz looked around and noticed that Alec was no where to be seen. “Alec?”

“Right here babe.” Alec said coming in from the bathroom. “Just running a bath for you.”

“Alec that’s sweet but I don’t want to soak in a cold tub. And since I’m powerless I’m not going to be able to heat it.”

“Way ahead of you. I started heating the water for you before you woke up. Now let’s get you out of those clothes.” Alec said moving to help her out of her shirt.

“You know this is usually a lot more fun.” Liz said. She reached back and tried to undo her bra but couldn’t so Alec helped her before helping her out of the rest of her clothes. He picked her up and carried her into the bathroom where he helped her into the tub. “You know I could have walked.”

“I know but this way I feel like I’m helping you get better.” Alec stated. He dipped his hand in the water, cupping it before pouring it on her back. The warm water soothed her aching muscles. She was already feeling twice as good as when she woke and figured that she would be back to normal in a few hours.

“I just thought I was keeping you. I know you’re supposed to be helping Biggs.”

“Is this you’re way of getting rid of me?” Alec asked.

Liz leaned over and kissed him, “No, I just know we need to get stuff done for our mission.”

“You’ve been hanging out with ex-soldiers too much.” Alec said when he heard her say mission. “And everyone is doing what they’re supposed to. Biggs is getting the extra help, Logan is tracking everything down and Max is helping the others. So my job is to nurse you back to health. I’m going to get you some of my clothes to wear until we can find something else.”

Liz finished her bath and changed into Alec’s clothes. She headed back into Alec’s room and decided she better talk to Michael knowing he wouldn’t be happy until she called him. She tried his apartment but got no answer. She tried Maria’s cell phone but only got voice mail. She laid back down on Alec’s bed and decided she’d try again after getting some more sleep.

Part 48

Two days later Liz woke up in Alec’s bed alone so she took a quick shower and headed off to find him. She checked Biggs room and found it empty of both Ava and Biggs. Liz was happy for her friend, she had someone who could understand her life and already knew their secret. Liz decided to head towards the main headquarters building. Her powers had come back the day before and she was completely better. Logan brought clothes for the two of them. They felt it was still better for them to stay in Terminal City until they went after the breeding cult so the girls moved in. As she walked through an open courtyard she saw a nomaly named Dix headed towards her. “LIZ!”

“Hey Dix what’s up?” Liz asked stopping.

“We’ve got a situation at the South Gate, visitors.” Dix stated.

“Well I’m just going to find Alec, you can tell him when I do.” Liz said.

“These visitors said they’d talk to Alec but they want you.”

“Me? Are you sure?” Liz said freaking for a minute that it might be White’s men.

“Yeah, they said Liz Parker, they described you to a T and said you would be with Alec. Two guys and a blonde girl, the girl is giving the guards hell.” Dix explained.

Dix’s description made Liz realize who it was. “Radio the gate, tell them we’re on our way and to let the group in on Alec’s clearance.” Liz said. Dix radioed the gate as the two hurried towards the South Gate. Lucky for Liz it was close and not on the other side of the Terminal City. She arrived at the gate to see a black truck pull up and park. A few of X6s surrounded the truck with guns trained on the truck as the doors open. “Guys, guns down. They’re okay, friends.”

The X6s recognized Liz and pulled back. The occupants of the truck stepped out, “I thought I told you guys not to come?”

“When has Michael ever listened?” Maria asked before launching herself at Liz in a hug. “I’m so happy to see you’re all right.”

“I’m fine Maria,” Liz said trying to comfort her friend.

Kyle looked around and let out a low whistle, “Yeah, what could happen to her in Fort Knox?”

“How did you find me?”

“We went to your apartment first but you weren’t there. Heard on the radio that this was where the transgenics were holed up so we figured this was the best place to look for you.” Michael stated looking around as well.

“Welcome to Terminal City.” Liz said, she could see that the three were intimidated by their surroundings. She turned to Dix, “I’m heading to HQ and find Alec. Don’t need to radio, I’ll tell them about the visitors.”

Dix nodded before heading back up to the lookout. Liz motioned for her friends to follow her as she headed to the main building. “Terminal City is a twenty-block no-man's land here. It was closed ten years ago after a massive toxic spill. We’re not affected by it though. It’s a little city with apartments, hotels and other buildings. We even have power and water thanks to generators and a little bit of pirating into other lines.”

“I can’t believe this place.” Maria said as they walked by an X5 and a nomaly that looked like a panther. “How can you be so calm Liz?”

Liz followed her line of sight and said, “I guess I’ve been around transgenics enough that I don’t think about it. I spend a lot of time here.”

“It’s like a war zone.” Kyle said.

“No, in here it’s safe. It’s out there that’s not. You’re right, we are at war.” Liz stated. “Sorry about the guards at the gate, we have to be very careful who comes in especially if you don’t have a barcode. Ava, Logan, and me are the only ordinaries usually around.” Liz nodded a greeting to another group as they passed by, mostly Xs. Most transgenics knew Liz because she was involved with Alec and he was one of their leaders.

“So what’s the full story? I’m sure the one on the TV isn’t true.” Michael asked.

“They’re the products of a government cover up, created to be soldiers. The facility was blown up month’s back and they escaped and are trying to survive. It didn’t get bad until the story went public. The public is afraid and against what they don’t understand.”

“I finally figured out why you and I never worked Liz. You don’t go for normal humans like me or was.” Kyle stated. Liz and Maria just rolled their eyes at him.

“Your parents were totally freaking out when everything started up. I think they had an idea what we were up to when I went by yesterday before we left.” Michael stated.

“If they did, they didn’t say anything to me.” Liz said.

“You talked to them?” Maria asked surprised that Liz had talked to them.

“Yeah, I knew they would be worried so I called them yesterday. It was a long conversation, first yelling that I didn’t tell them, pleading for me to come home but I told them I wasn’t abandoning Alec. Then the strangest thing happened; my dad told me he was proud o f me. He said the way I was acting reminded him of Grandma Claudia. Sticking up for what I believe in.” Liz said opening the door to the headquarter building leading them inside.

“What do they think of Alec now?” Kyle asked.

“About the same as far as I could tell. They told him that he’s still welcome to come to the house anytime and to keep me safe.” Liz noticed that the main room was full of transgenics but saw Max, Alec, Biggs, and Ava huddled around the main computer. They made their way across the room and she whistled at Alec to get his attention, “Hey look what I found.”

Part 49

Alec was surprised to see Kyle, Maria, and Michael but not completely shocked. After all he knew how protective they were of her. If he didn’t know first hand about the long drive from Roswell he would have expected them sooner. He was just surprised that he didn’t know about them before they entered the building. Liz must have intercepted the guards. “Hey guys.”

“Alec, give me a hug.” Maria said wrapping her arms around him. She leaned in and whispered, “Thank you for keeping her safe.”

“I wouldn’t let anything happen to her.” He said as he pulled back only to be surprised by being slapped in the back of the head. “Ow, what was that for?”

“That was for not telling me you were a transgenic and lying why you had a gun.” Maria stated. Alec rubbed the back of his head and looked to Michael and Kyle. “Are you two going to hit me too?”

Both guys shook their heads, “Nope I think we’ll just leave you to Maria’s wrath.” Michael stated.

“Maria if you gotten beating Alec out of your system I’ll introduce you.” Liz said.

“Well you know Liz, beating Alec up can get addicting.” Max stated. “I’m an expert at it.”

“You two will just have to control yourselves because I prefer him without bruises.” Liz commented. “I know you guys have heard lots about them but this is Michael, Maria and Kyle. Kyle you’ve never met Ava but I’m sure you recognize her, and Michael and Maria already know her. This is Max and Biggs.” Liz saw what they were looking at on the computer and added, “And that’s Logan on the computer.”

Everyone greeted each other. “So what are you guys doing in Seattle?” Biggs asked.

“Came to help Liz.” Michael said. “Make sure she wasn’t getting in over her head.”

“Thanks a lot Michael.” Liz said from Alec’s lap.

“You might rescind that offer in a little while. There’s a lot you don’t know about.” Alec stated.

Michael leaned against a nearby pillar along with Kyle while Maria plopped down in the only vacant seat, “Well start explaining.”

Liz and Alec went about explaining everything that had happened White seeing Liz use her powers, and the siege at Jam Pony with the others throwing in things that needed to be added. Then their theories about the breeding cult and the upcoming mission. Michael was the first one to speak, “How can we help?”

“First thing is we need to get Maria out of Terminal City. She can’t stay here as long as the rest of us.” Liz said in a low voice. She looked at the computer. “Logan, I have a HUGE favor to ask.”

Logan already knew what she wanted. “I’ve got plenty of room here so it’s fine.”

“Thank you, I don’t want to ask OC and she can’t stay at our apartment.” Liz said.

“I’m following up on a lead so I’ll come by in a few hours. She should be safe still.” Logan stated. He said good bye then signed off.

Liz could see Michael’s uneasiness at the thought of Maria not staying with them. “Michael, we don’t have a choice if we don’t want Maria to get sick. She’s normal and the toxins will get to her. I wouldn’t have suggested her to go stay with Logan if I didn’t trust him and know she’ll be safe. Logan’s got a penthouse with plenty of room.”

Michael trusted Liz’s judgement after all Liz loved Maria as much as he did but was still unsure. “I think I’ll go with her just to check things out.”

“You can borrow my bike to follow them then just come back the same way. If you need help just call one of us.” Alec offered.

“He won’t need to call because I’m going too.” Liz stated noticing Michael seemed to feel better about the arrangement.

Alec did not like the idea of Liz going, “Liz…..”

“Don’t argue Alec. I’m not going to let Michael roam around Seattle by himself.” Liz said putting her hands on her hips. “Things have calmed down, I’ll be fine.”

Alec could see there was no use in arguing with her at the moment so instead he switched to talking to Michael. “If you and Kyle don’t mind sharing I’ll get you a room close to us.” Michael and Kyle looked at each other skeptically but nodded.

“Just not too close.” Kyle stated thinking that he didn’t want to hear Liz and Alec going at it.

“Alec, we might see about getting Kyle a gun. He’s a good shot.” Liz added.

“State junior rifle champion.” Kyle boasted.

“Let’s go over to the weapons hold and see what we can do.” Alec said leading the group out of the room.

Part 50

They gave the three Roswellians a complete tour of Terminal City and killed time until Logan showed up. Liz and Alec could tell that he had some news so they all gathered to look over what he had found.

“From what I can tell when they left the school Max and I found they set up here.” Logan said pointing to some photographs and blueprints.

“So we hit it floor by floor. One should have the information we need. We’ll have three teams, two transgenics and one hybrid, Liz, Kyle or Michael, to each team. The hybrids will take care of the locks and any security systems on the way. Ava will stay with Logan and Maria at the cars to keep them hidden so we can get out of there in a hurry.” Max said strategizing.

“We should go at night, use the cover of darkness to hide our approach. ” Alec threw in. Liz watched as the X5s continued to make their plans to infiltrate the breeding cult and gain the information they needed that night. Alec seemed to be in his element. He was confident and knew what he was doing. It was like watching a fish in water or maybe a shark. A lot of people might be scared of that but not Liz, Alec was being himself. If Liz couldn’t accept who he was, she had no reason to be with him. He was a strong man who was there when he was needed and wasn’t scared to do what was needed. And Liz was embarrassed to say it was turning her on.

They wrapped up their plans and the group broke up Alec looked at Liz and couldn’t be sure but thought he saw desire in Liz’s eyes. He was sure of it when she walked up and sat down on his lap straddling him. “I must sound weird but seeing you in soldier mode is kind of sexy.”

“You’re right, you’re weird.” Alec said, “But I still love you.”

“And I love you.” Liz said before crashing her mouth onto his.

Alec ran his hands through her hair to cup the back of her head pulling her as close as possible as he devoured her. He felt like he couldn’t get close enough to her. There was only one way to get any closer but he couldn’t do that with so many people around and his room was too far away. He pulled his mouth away from her and lifted her off his lap. She looked at him confused but went with him as he pulled her away. He opened a door to a nearby room, actually it was no bigger than a large closet and shut the door behind them.

Before Liz knew what was happening Alec spun her around and crashed his lips to hers again. She felt him pushing his hard body against hers until she felt her back hit the wall. His erection pressed against her stomach and she was glad he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Her body was heated up from the first kiss they had shared and was glad he had pulled them into a more private place. She felt his lips descend to her neck and she wrapped her legs around him. He lifted her up so his hardness was pressed directly over her heat. His hands felt like they were everywhere on her body but she needed to feel more. She tugged his shirt over his head and tossed it to the ground. She ran her hands over his chest and his back loving the feel of his heated skin only loving what his mouth was doing to her more.

Alec moved his mouth lower down her neck wanting to taste her breasts but her dark green tank top was in the way. To remedy that he grabbed the hem of it and tugged it up, not off but above her breasts so he had access. He didn’t need transgenic hearing to pick up her moans of pleasure when his tongue bathed her nipple teasingly.

Liz threw her head back in ecstasy, she couldn’t stand it anymore or she would explode. She reached in between them and unfastened his pants. “Alec, I want you inside of me.”

Alec followed suit by undoing her cargo knaki pants and releasing her legs enough to slide them and her panties off at the same time once he removed her boots. Liz snatched his wallet out of his pocket and retrieved one of the condoms housed there. She moved his boxers and pants down exposing his painful erection to her eyes. She wrapped her small hand around him and stroked him a few times eliciting a moan from where Alec’s face was buried in her neck. She ripped the package apart and unrolled it onto him then pushed his pants and boxers down farther so that they pooled around his ankles.

Their lips found each other once more and they kissed hungrily. he was pushing her against the wall. Her arms wrapped around his neck, fingers trailing over his barcode, her mouth attacking his, tongue swirling into his mouth. He leaned against her, pinning her against the wall with his hips, making her groan at the feel of him hard against her stomach. "Alec..." She groaned into his mouth, her hands running over his back.

His hands moved behind her, grabbing her ass, and pulled her up. Her legs wrapping around him, and he shoved himself hard into her already wet, hot depths, making him groan into her kiss. His mouth broke from the kiss, and moved to her neck.

Liz closed her eyes, letting her head rock back and forth against the wall, as he moved inside of her. His hips forcefully pushing her into the wall, over and over again. Her hands gripped his shoulders hard, trying to hang on, as he moved in and out of her body, harder and faster with each thrust of his hips. There was no use trying to move her hips against him, she was effectively pinned, and loved every second of it.

Her one hand moved up into his hair, and pulled his face back up to hers, the look in his eyes making her shudder. His mouth came down on hers possessively, his tongue moving into hers, tasting her.

Alec moved harder into her at the sound, his fingers digging into her hips, trying to bring her further onto him, as he continued to move into her. He had no rational thought in his head, he only knew he wanted to be inside of her, as deep as possible. Her nails at his shoulders, the sounds from her mouth, her tongue against his, were driving him crazy.

And then he heard her, “More Alec. Harder.”

Alec complied with her wishes and increased his pace feeling himself starting to go over the edge. It was then that he felt Liz’s inner walls clamp down on him like a vice and knew she was right with him. The overpowering orgasm that he always felt when he made love to Liz washed over him and his moans joined Liz’s. Alec continued to hold her as they caught their breaths and their bodies calmed down.

“Are you okay?” He asked Liz.

“Never better.” She said smiling.

“I think all of HQ heard us.” Alec joked as he leaned his forehead against hers.

Liz couldn’t help but blush thinking of all the transgenics with their enhanced hearing being able to hear them. Before she could say anything she heard someone calling her name.

Part 51

“Liz?” Liz recognized Logan’s voice calling her.

“Just a minute.” Liz yelled back trying not to sound like she had just had sex, not ten feet from a room full of people. She looked down at Alec, “I think I’d better go.”

“Yeah.” Alec pulled out of her and she used her powers to clean him up. He pulled her legs apart and held her as she slid down the wall. They quickly pulled their clothes on and she used her powers to fix their muffled appearance then left their hiding place running right into Logan.

Logan knew what the two had been up to; after all in TC privacy was only something you got in your rooms with the door locked. He thought about saying something but decided against it. “I’m heading out with Maria. Michael said you were riding with him?”

“Right.” Liz said. Alec grabbed something off a nearby table before he walked Liz over where Logan had parked his car by Alec’s bike. Biggs and Ava walked up with them and Biggs couldn’t resist. “I guess morale isn’t the only thing up?”

“Funny just wait some day when you least expect it.” Alec said. Liz leaned in and kissed him full on the lips. When they pulled away Alec didn’t let go she just smiled at him. “I’ll be back in a little while, is there anything you need?”

“Just you.” Alec stated. He pulled the gun out of his pocket that he had grabbed before they left the main building, “I want you take this with you just in case.”

Liz knew he wanted her to be safe so she took the gun and put it in her waistband. Alec felt somewhat better and said, “Hurry back.”

“I will, just a quick drive to Logan’s, get Maria settled then back to TC.” Liz kissed Alec quickly before hopping behind Michael on Alec’s bike. Liz wore the only helmet while Michael went without. They drove through the busy streets of Seattle and quickly arrived at Foggle Towers. After Michael checked things out and they got Maria settled Liz and Michael got back on the bike and headed back. They were almost back when they approached the last sector post before reaching TC, it was very busy. Liz was showing the cop her sector pass when she felt suddenly uneasy. She glanced around quickly and spotted some men in suits watching her, they looked like White’s men. Just then the cop cleared them and they were free to go. “Michael, hurry. I have a bad feeling. I think I’ve been spotted.”

Michael nodded and gunned the engine before speeding off. Liz noticed that the suits jumped into their car and started to follow them. Liz gave Michael directions to try and loose them but it didn’t seem to work. They were only a few miles from TC and the men were gaining. “Liz, we’ve got to do something. They’re going to catch us before we even make it.”

“What should I do?”

“Blast the tires.” Michael yelled back.

Liz looked around and saw that although the streets weren’t packed, there were too many people around for her to use her powers. So she thought of something else. She pulled the small gun from her waistband turned and set up the shot just like Alec taught her. She squeezed off a couple of rounds hitting the tires with one. The tire blew and the car started to spin out of control.

Michael was in shock by what had just happened, “Where did you get that?”

“Alec of course. Take the next left.” Liz instructed.

Michael turned the corner fast only to see their way blocked by three cars. Liz could see White standing in front. Michael was driving so fast that when he tried to slow down and turn the bike around to head the other way when he lost control. The bike turned to the side and skidded down the street towards the roadblock. Liz and Michael were thrown halfway and rolled to the side. The helmet came off just as Liz finished rolling, she looked over and saw Michael too had stopped but unlike her he didn’t look conscious. The helmet had protected Liz from a head injury. As quickly as she could, her body sore with bumps and bruises from hitting the pavement; she crawled over to Michael to make sure he was breathing. He was, just out cold. She looked up and saw White’s men approaching her. She had lost the gun and decided to use her powers. She reached out with her hand and tossed them back. They flew back thirty feet or so a few landing on top of one of the cars, shattering the windshield. She was so busy dealing with the agents in front of her she didn’t see White come up behind her until she felt the blow from behind.

White stood above the now unconscious girl, he still had yet to know her name, and pulled back her hair, no barcode. Like he had suspected she wasn’t a transgenic, but he would find out as soon as he got her and her friend to the conclaves facility. That was why over the last few weeks he had insisted that the agents on his team were only ones with the conclave, once he caught her he didn’t want the government to get in his way. He looked at the damage she had done. Several of his men were still lying on the hood of the beat up car. He turned to his men; “I want them in the two working cars. We need to keep them separate.”

He watched as the two were being loaded and saw the outline of something in her back pocket. “Hold on.” He reached in and pulled out a small wallet. “Go on.” He knew it would contain some personal stuff and opened it. That was when he found out her name, Elizabeth Parker. It was on her driver’s license, along with a few other items with her name on it along with a few pictures one with 494. White had known she had a relationship with one of the X5s either 494 or 452, since she had helped rescued them both but had just figured she was friends with 452. Now he found out that it was 494 and it looked to be more than friendship. White felt a smile creep across his face, he would have to use this to his advantage.

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Part 52

For the second time in less then a week Liz came out of unconsciousness with a serious headache but this time she didn’t bolt upright remembering what had caused her unconsciousness. Instead she stayed in the same position with her eyes closed, giving the illusion she was still out. She was lying on her back and could feel heaviness on her ankles and wrists that she thought were chains. She tried to tell if anyone was around her, that was when she heard a deep cold voice, “Elizabeth, there’s no used pretending, I know you’re awake.”

Liz let her eyes flutter open and they adjusted to the bright light of the room. The room looked to be made of stone and nothing looked out of the ordinary until she saw the symbol on a banner, it was the same symbol that was the scar on Max’s hand. The one that stood for the breeding cult. She shifted her gaze and saw the face of Ames White. “Where’s Michael?”

“Your friend? He’s safe, still unconscious but safe, for now.” White answered coldly.

“Why should I believe you?” Liz asked. She could feel that Michael was close by but not how close or he was.

“Whether you believe me or not doesn’t matter because I don’t think you have much of a choice.” White stated. “You have no way out. Aside from your restraints, there are several cameras watching this room so your little tricks that got you into that warehouse undetected won’t work here. And if you do somehow manage to get out, you’ll be leaving your friend behind and I doubt you’ll do that.”

“So if I don’t try to escape you’ll leave Michael alone?”


“Okay, what do you want? Why did you take me?” Liz asked.

“Answers for one. What did 452 do with my son?” White asked hovering over her.

The look in his eyes made Liz shrink back slightly, “I don’t know.”

“Is he alive?’

“As far as I know, Max wouldn’t kill an innocent child.” Liz stated.

“I’ll find out soon enough.” White said menacingly.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Well you see in a few days I’m going use you as bait for another trap to capture 452 and the rest of her band of freaks.” White explained.

“What are you going to do to me until then?”

“Find out what exactly you are.” Liz saw his face change to an appearance of emotionless as he said, “At first I thought that you were some type of prototype for a new kind of transgenic or something else but your blood as well as your friend’s say different.”

“You took my blood?” Liz asked.

White grabbed her elbow showing her the bruised area where her blood had been withdrawn. He almost smiled when he saw her wince in pain. “It says your not human or transgenic, Elizabeth.”

Ignoring his question again Liz said, ““I have a question of my own, how do you know my name?”

“Your driver’s license. I found it in your back pocket along with a picture of you and 494.”

“His name is Alec.” Liz stated.

“You can call him whatever you want.” White stated. “I knew you were linked to the transgenics somehow but I didn’t expect you to be intimately involved with one. It’ll help my plan better.”

“Whatever I am to whoever is none of your business.” Liz snapped.

“Maybe sometime to mull things over will make you more forth coming. Just know this, no one knows where you are so don’t think you’ll be rescued.” White said before leaving.

Liz listened to the locks on the door click. She knew it wasn’t anything she couldn’t get by with her powers but being watched and knowing that she would risk Michael’s safety if she tried to escape. So she would have to wait for the others she knew that they would come after her, there was no doubt in her heart that Alec would come. But White hadn’t said that she had to stay chained up and he already knew she could manipulate locks so she wasn’t giving anymore information away. She concentrated and heard the locks on her chains click open. She sat up as she pulled her hands loose. She rubbed the soreness from her wrists and considered healing all of her scratches and bruises. She had a good size cut on her face from the pavement but decided not to. At least not yet. She might need the energy later, she would just deal. She pulled her feet loose as well and stood up to explore her cell.

She looked around trying to take in more of her surroundings than she’d been able to before. The room was pretty barren, the walls looked to be made of blocks of concrete, which meant she was probably in the basement. That could be useful to the others. She needed to project to them but first she wanted to check on Michael. White had said he was unconscious so she’d have to dreamwalk him. She laid back down and closed her eyes. She had never tried to dreamwalk someone without having a picture of them but she had to try. She was worried about him. She concentrated on Michael and did her best to dreamwalk him.


“Sir, I think you should take a look at this.” One of the security camera surveillance technicians said to White.

“What is it?” White asked.

“She got loose of her restraints.” The technician answered.

White walked over to study the monitor in front of him. The cameras in Elizabeth’s room fed it. She was standing in the middle of her room, looking around. “How did she do it?”

“I don’t know sir. She was just lying there and then the cuffs popped off. But why would she do that and not attempt to escape?”

“Because she’s not stupid. She knows I meant my threat that I would kill her companion if she did. But all I said was that she had to stay in her cell, I didn’t say she could get up.” White smiled. “She’s testing her limits. That’s my girl.”

He continued to watch the monitor as he asked, “What’s the status on the other one?”

“Still out.”

Elizabeth finished her search and laid back down on the cot she had been on before. He watched as she appeared to go to sleep. He had half expected her to break when he had been in with her earlier but had kept her ground. It would be interesting to find out what he wanted to know. “Give her a little time to sleep then we’re start figuring out what she is.”

Part 53

Alec paced the length of the main room in the headquarters building waiting for news. Too much time had passed with Liz and Michael not returning, so he had called Logan. Logan had told him that they had left sometime before so they knew something had happened. They sent out some X5 scouts to see if they could find out something. Max wouldn’t let Alec go out since her and him would be easily recognized. So now he was with Kyle, Ava, and Max who were waiting for news as well.

The door flew open revealing Maria with Logan trailing behind. “Ria, what the hell are you doing back here?” Alec exclaimed. He had started calling her Ria ever since Roswell.

“My best friend and my boyfriend are missing and you’re asking me what I’m doing here? I thought Liz said X5s brains worked faster than most people?” Maria asked.

Alec knew he was seeing what Liz had always called ‘Hurricane Deluca’ and not to mess with her. “Okay stupid question.”

Alec looked at Logan with raised eyebrows. Logan put up both hands in surrender; “I already heard it from her. She made me bring her back.”

“Liz always told me not to mess with her when she’s like this.” Alec whispered to him.

“Hello? I’m still here. Now have you guys heard anything?” Maria asked just as a few of the X5s they had set out came in wheeling Alec’s torn up bike.

“Report.” Alec ordered trying to keep his voice even and not showing the effect the wrecked bike had on him. His mind flickered to what could have happened to Liz. Was she hurt?

“We found this a few miles east of TC. According to some witnesses nearby there was an accident involving this bike when some FBI chased down and apprehended some fugitives.” The X5 explained as something on the bike caught his eye. He pulled a picture out from under one of the cracks in the bike. It was a picture of him and Liz.

“It’s not the FBI, it’s White.” Alec said showing them the picture. “He has Liz and Michael.”

Maria took the picture from Alec, “So what do we do?”

“We go in after them now.” Alec stated pulling out some weapons they had been preparing for the siege.

“No, we don’t.” Max stated. “We do the plan the same as we planned.”

Max’s words made Alec snap and he couldn’t contain his anger anymore. He grabbed the edge of the table and flung it across the room. Everything on top of it went flying making a horrendous noise. Max could see that how upset he was and knew he would trash the place if she didn’t stop him. She grabbed him and pinned him to the wall. “I know you’re upset, but we can’t just go in there with guns drawn and shoot up the place. If we do both Liz and Michael could get hurt, so right now we have to wait and think it through.”

Somewhere in Alec’s mind, he knew she was right. And the last thing he wanted to do was endanger Liz more. He breathed in deep trying to control himself. “Fine.” Alec said through clenched teeth.

Max could see that he had calmed down so she released him. “White probably took them to the cults’ headquarters. He doesn’t know that we know where it is and that gives us an advantage.”

“Not the only one.” Maria interrupted overcoming the shock she had felt when she saw Alec’s unleashed anger. She pulled another picture out of her purse this one of Michael. “Kyle, dreamwalk Michael and Liz, find out if they know where they are. Anything that could be useful.”

Everyone looked at Maria with surprise, not expecting her to be the one with the plan after her earlier tirade. She put her hands on her hips, “I might not have alien powers but I have the oldest membership to the ‘I know an alien club’ in this room besides Ava and I’ve been there when something like this has happened before.”

“It’s not my strongest power but I see what I can do.” Kyle said taking the pictures. “I’m going to need a quiet place to do this. And one not so public.”

“Come on.” Alec said quickly leading them to his room. He saw the few things of Liz’s there and it made his hatred of White increase. Kyle sat in a big recliner there and stretched out to get comfortable. He didn’t know why but he tried Michael’s first.

Kyle opened eyes and found himself in Michael’s hazy subconscious. He looked around, everything was cloudy and blurry, he knew from his lessons with Isabel that this wasn’t typical. Michael wasn’t sleeping, he was knocked out. “Michael! Where are you?”

“Kyle?!” He heard Michael ask.

“Yeah, it’s me. Where are you?” Kyle asked. Suddenly Michael was standing right in front of him and he wasn’t alone. “LIZ!”

The dreamwalking illusion of Liz smiled but before she could say anything Michael spoke, “I guess my head is the one every one comes to party in.”

Liz slapped him on the shoulder before addressing Kyle. “I don’t know how much time we have but you’ll save me the energy from projecting. Tell the others that I’m pretty sure we’re at the headquarters of the Familiars in the basement. They’ve got cameras on us, they had chains on me too but I got out of them. White threatened Michael’s safety if I try to escape.”

“I don’t know where I am, the last thing I remember seeing was us crashing Alec’s motorcycle.” Michael added.

“White’s just been asking questions about us. I haven’t given him any real answers but he took a sample of both our blood and knows we’re different.” Liz explained. She looked at Michael, “I don’t know if you can but you need to wake up. But when you do, don’t go all freak out and start blasting people. You’re going to have to control yourself for a little while. I know it’s against your nature but if the two of us escape then we loose the opportunity to get the information.”

Michael didn’t look pleased but he nodded. Liz knew more about this situation than he did and would have to trust her.

“I better get out of here. I’ll tell the others what’s going on. We should be there soon.” Kyle stated.

Kyle saw Liz and Michael nod. The last thing he heard before he faded away was Liz say, “Tell Alec I love him.”


Kyle woke up and found Maria sitting next to him, watching over him. “Did it work?”

Kyle nodded, “I talked to Michael, he appeared to be okay. Liz was dreamwalking him at the same time so I got a chance to check on her too.”

Alec perked up when he heard Kyle say Liz’s name. “What did she say? Is she okay?”

“She’s okay, she told me to tell Alec that she loved him. And she had some information for us. She said she thinks she in the basement of the building we’re going to hit. They’ve got her and Michael chained up and cameras on them so they can’t escape.”

Alec couldn’t help but picture Liz bound in chains and felt his anger rise again, “That son of a bitch.”

“She told me she got out of them but White threatened Michael’s life if she tried to escape. So they’re waiting for us.” Kyle finished explaining.

Alec took in what Kyle said and figured out a plan. Usually Max was the one to give orders but this mission was his to command. “We’ll park half mile away. Kyle, you’re going to be with me. We’re going to have to use your powers to get Michael and Liz out while the others get the information we need. Delta Team, that’s Wes and Lulu, are going to be located on the ground and second floor. Max and Biggs will cover on the third and top floor, Ava’s going with them. We’ll stay in radio contact the whole time. Whoever gets the information first radios the others and the two teams will meet back at the cars where Logan and Maria will be waiting along with Cece to provide cover if we need it. We don’t want our escape vehicles compromised. We move out at sunset.”

Everyone nodded and started getting ready for the night to come.

Part 54

Liz ignored the technicians that swarmed around her. They were giving her a headache, asking all kinds of questions. What abilities do you have? Were you born with them? She just ignored them feigning silence instead of answering. The ‘deal’ if you could call it that, which she had made with White had been that she wouldn’t try to escape and he wouldn’t hurt Michael. She had never said she would answer any questions. She wanted to check on Michael again but she couldn’t do that with these idiots in here. They freaked her out some too. They all had hard eyes like White, eyes that reminded somewhat of Tess.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the three people in her cell with her. She knew she was taking a risk but she wanted them out, she didn’t think she could take another minute of them. She mind warped them into seeing White come into the room and order them out. She knew it would only buy her some time but she would take one minute of peace over an hour of the technicians. Like she figured the three hurried out of the room and shut the door behind them. Liz laid back and blew out a deep breath. She wished the team from Terminal City would hurry up and come. She missed Alec, she missed her friends. She knew Maria had to be driving everyone nuts by now worrying about her and Michael. Remembering she wanted to check on Michael she concentrated on him and projected to him. She wanted to be able to check on him plus the room he was in to make sure they weren’t doing anything to him.

She opened her eyes to see a room exactly like the one she had spent the last couple hours in. She might have thought projecting hadn’t worked if she didn’t see Michael lying in the middle of the room. He looked right at her eyes wide. Liz put a finger to her mouth to tell him not to speak. Because she was projecting solely to him, the cameras wouldn’t pick her up but it would record him talking back to her. If they saw him talking to thin air they would know something was up.

“You okay?” She asked. He nodded. “The others should be here soon so hang in there.”

Again Michael nodded slightly. Liz said good bye to him and she ended the projection. The whole thing had only taken a minute; she got up from where she was leaning and started to pace her room. She was still doing it when White came in, an evil smirk on his face. “Nice little trick Elizabeth.”

Liz froze at his words, he couldn’t know about her projecting, could he? “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Well the men assigned to you just informed me that I ordered them out of your room. So I have to ask can your friend do that as well or do you differ?”

Liz didn’t answer just stared at him. She wasn’t going to tell him anything. He saw this and continued, “You’re a quiet one aren’t you?”

“Only when I have nothing to say.”

“So still haven’t decided to tell me what you are?” White stated.

“Why don’t you tell me? You’re the one whose supposed to be the superior one with all the selective breeding behind you.” Liz snapped.

“I see you have the same mouth on you as 452 and 494.” White smirked, “Very well I do have a theory. After the incident at the warehouse I did some research. I found a FBI/New Mexico state police report that spoke of a shooting in the woods just outside of Roswell. The strange thing was when the bullets were found they weren’t marked in anyway to show that they had impacted into anything. Like they had been stopped in mid air, just like your little barrier did at the warehouse.”

Liz was surprised by his words. She knew he was talking about when Max, Mr. Valenti, and Isabel had rescued Laurie Dupree from when she had been buried in Frasier Woods. She knew that Max had used his shield to protect them while they dug Laurie up.

“After you were brought here, I checked into your background. And found that you were from Roswell. At first I thought you were out in those woods but none of the names mentioned were yours.” White stated. “I assume they were just more of you.”

“That’s a good story but you still haven’t told me your theory.”

“Well since Roswell is the site of the supposed alien crash, which by the way I know is not a hoax, I concluded that you are connected somehow to the survivors of that crash, an alien of some kind.” White finished.

Well Liz had to admit he was on the right track. “That’s a pretty wild theory.”

“The thing is, I think I’m right. And by your reaction I’m positive.” White said. “Care to elaborate and tell me the truth?”

Again Liz was silent, she could see that White was upset. His face-hardened and he moved towards her causing her to back up. “Eventually you will give me the answers I want. After all you wouldn’t want to have another accident.”

At White’s last statement Liz felt him stick his fingers directly on the cut on her face and pressed hard. The pain shot right to her temples and Liz fell to her knees. When it finally subsided she looked up and saw White looking down at her again smirking. She wanted to wipe it off his face so she raised her hand and flung him across the room. When he landed he had a complete look of shock but it was no where near the surprise he had when she brought her hand up to her face and healed the wound. “You don’t know everything so I suggest you don’t underestimate me or my friend.”

White was surprised by the new ability to heal herself and decided he would do just as she said he wouldn’t underestimate her. He didn’t doubt that if he didn’t threaten the life of the other one she could easily slip away. He picked himself up brushing off his suit and leaving.

Liz let out a deep breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. She couldn’t wait to get out of there.

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Part 55

Maria sat watching Alec methodically cleaning a handgun. She could see it was comforting him in some way, it was probably better than just sitting around waiting. The others were getting ready leave shortly while Alec and Maria sat together. Her and Logan’s time in Terminal City was almost up but they would be gone again before they ran out completely. As she shifted around in her seat Alec looked up at her. “Getting antsy?”

“A little.”

“Considering all the alien stuff you’ve seen you should be used to this.” Alec stated.

Maria shrugged, “This is different. We’ve dealt with FBI, Skins, weird blue alien things, alien possessions and mind warping hoes but this whole thing is different. You seem awfully calm though.”

Alec shrugged, “This is what I was made to do. What I was trained since I was old enough to walk.”

“But this isn’t some normal mission, we’re rescuing Liz and Michael.”

“Maria, I’m not taking this lightly. Far from it.” Alec said before moving to sit next to her. “I’ve loved two women in my life. I lost one because I couldn’t save her; I’m not going to let that happen again. Liz and Michael are going to be fine. We’re going to get them out and they’ll be with us tonight

Max and Logan walked up just then. “Time to move out.”

Alec nodded as he stood up. He grabbed up his weapons and strapped on their harnesses. Maria had to admit that right now Alec looked scary. And it wasn’t just the weapons he was carrying. He had a demeanor that showed he meant business. This guy White had taken something that was precious to him and Alec was going to make him pay. She had to remember not to piss him off. They walked out to the cars and headed out.


After making sure the cars were well-hidden everyone piled out and began to load up with the exception of Logan and Maria. Kyle and Ava were even armed not wanting to take the chance. Maria looked over and saw Logan working hard on his laptop and Maria couldn’t help but think of Alex. “What are you doing?”

“I honed in on a signal that I think is their computer feed. I hacked into it and was able to get into their security system. So now I’ve disarmed their alarms and looped their video cameras so they’ll continually feed the same image and won’t know we’ve gotten Michael and Liz out.” Logan explained.

“Wow.” Was all Maria was able to get out because she was stunned. She watched until she heard Alec.

“Okay people listen up. Break up into your teams and move out. Once you’ve reached your target sweep the entire area, check everything. Use your com to tell the other teams if you find anything. Everyone ready?”

“Yes, sir.” The other Xs except Max and Biggs stated slipping into old habits.

“Move out.” Alec ordered. Wes and Lulu were gone in a heartbeat disappearing into the trees with Max, Ava and Biggs right after them. “Let’s go Kyle. Just stick behind me.”

“Fine by me, I don’t feel like tripping over anything.” Kyle said following Alec. Kyle was in good shape and was able to follow Alec with ease so they made good time. It wasn’t long before they came to the large building that housed the headquarters. It was easy to tell that it had been added to. On one end it was four stories whereas at the far end it was only two.

“There’s the door to the basement. It’s the only way in without out going through the upper floor.” Alec said pointing to the door he was talking about. It was on the taller end of the building.

“Where will it drop us?” Kyle whispered as they clung to the shadows on their way to the door.

“To a hallway that runs the length of the basement. You said Liz told you that’s where they were. There are multiple rooms so we’re going to have to use that alien radar you and Liz have to find them.”

The two reached the door. Normally Alec would pick the lock but Kyle saved them time and just used his powers. He unlocked the door and quieted the hinges before making their way inside. They were lucky that it was illuminated and even luckier that it was clear. At least for that moment. They had made it about half way down the hall when some men appeared. Alec and Kyle ducked into a doorway and Kyle quickly mind warped them into not seeing the intruders. Once they were gone, Kyle whispered, “Either Michael or Liz are in the room across from us.”

Alec nodded and they moved over to the door, which Kyle unlocked again. They opened it carefully fully alert in case there were familiars inside. There were none only Michael.

“About time.” Michael grunted as he got up. He felt like crap, he hadn’t been able to able to heal any of his injuries and he had one hell of a headache. “I was about to just say stuff it and blow this popstand. These familiars are creepy.”

“Do you have any idea where Liz or White is?” Alec asked.

“No, White came in once not long after Kyle dreamwalked us. Liz projected to me not long ago but I don’t know where she is.” Michael answered.

“Let’s go.” Alec said.

“Hang on, let me heal Michael.” Kyle said.

Alec nodded and moved to the entrance of the door to keep watch. He looked down in the direction they still had to cover. His transgenic enhanced sight allowed him to catch slight movement at the end of the hall but he couldn’t make out what it was. “I’m going to go check out something.”

“Alec I’ll be done in just a minute.” Kyle stated.

“Then that gives me plenty of time to check it out.” Alec answered.

Part 56
As the others are making their way inside.

Liz didn’t get much peace away from the cult. White reappeared in her cell less than an hour after there last meeting. The strange thing was when he came in the door he left it wide open. White watched her stare at the door, “You and I are taking a walk.”

“Where?” Liz asked not liking what happening.

“You’ll see. And just so you know, there will still be cameras watching you.” White said as he picked up her chains. “I know you can get back out of these but they’ll slow you down if you decide to try and bolt.”

He made sure the chains were secure then grabbed her arm and pulled her out of her cell and down the hall. When they reached what Liz figured was their destination she was confused. It was a large room with computers.

“Everyone out.” White ordered. The men headed out quickly leaving Liz and White alone. White moved over to a large computer console with a large monitor. “I’ve tried to reason with you, something I’ve never done before. But you still refuse to tell me anything about what you are. So I’ve decided to take more drastic measures.”

White clicked a few keys and brought up Liz’s mug shot from Utah. “You know it never ceases to amaze me how deep the conclave is into everything. Even FBI records that are supposed to be buried.”

“So you plan on trying to blackmail into telling you with a case that I was acquitted? Go ahead, I don’t care.” Liz stated.

“Now who’s underestimating who?” White asked. “These are just the stepping stone I used to find out all about you. I was able to find out about your parents as well as your friends.”

White clicked another key and brought up her parents drivers’ license pictures then moved over so he was face to face with Liz. “From what I’ve seen of you, you protect the people close to you. We’re a lot alike in that way.”

“I am nothing like you.” Liz snapped.

“Yes, you are. And because of that, I know that you would do anything to keep your family and friends from harm.” White stated.

Liz saw the coldness in his eyes and knew he meant what he was implying. “So you would go after my family just to find out about me?”

“Elizabeth you should know by know I will do what ever it takes to get what I want.” White stated.

“How do you know you’ll be able to?” Liz asked. “You think I’m an alien so why wouldn’t my parents be as well?”

“That they may be. That would be something we would find out after we cut them open.” White said casually.

“What’s to say that you won’t do that to us anyway?” Liz asked.

“I need something to keep you in line while I see what you are capable of.” White stated. “You see you and your friend are young and healthy so you are worth more to me in testing than on some autopsy table but your parents are not.”

Liz looked at her parents’ pictures on the screen. If it took her telling White then that’s what it took to keep her parents safe. She knew Alec should be here soon but what if by chance they failed in getting her out? She couldn’t risk their lives to keep her secret.

“So how about it Elizabeth? Feel like telling me now exactly what you are?” White asked.

“I think the mysterious aura surrounding her is so much better, don’t you?” They heard someone ask from the hall. Liz smiled as she recognized it. She turned to see Alec appear in the doorway.


Max, Biggs, and Ava made their way to the third and fourth floors and started going through the offices but finding nothing. They moved out into the hallway and Max spotted a metal door at the end of the hallway. She could tell by the heavy locks on it that it was something important. She motioned to the others to follow her until they reached it. “Ava, do your thing.”

Ava waved her hand over the door lock and the red light went to green signaling they could enter. They opened the door and crept inside. It was empty and dark except for two large computers that emitted a glow. “Biggs, you that one and I’ll take this one.” Max stated.

Ava stood watch as the two X5s started working. Time was a big factor so the two moved as quickly as they could. It took a few minutes and some incorrect files but Max finally found what they were looking for. “Holy sh*t.”

“What?” Ava asked. “Did you find it?”

“You could say that.” Max said. Ava saw something in Max’s eyes that she hadn’t seen much before, fear.

“Hey, I found files on their other facilities. Everything is here, their history, their members, everything.” Biggs announced.

“Burn copies of all the files to a disk, we’ll need them.” Max stated still looking at the computer screen.

“Max, what is it?”

“Liz was right. They plan on wiping everyone out. They’ve come up with some type of toxin that they plan to release into the water supply. They have a dozen key points mapped out where they plan to release it.”

“Why the water supply?” Ava asked.

“Because it will hit everyone. Water is in everything, we add it to cooking, bathing, even soft drinks are water based. Everyone would ingest it somehow. Once it’s ingested, it affects the nervous system until it shuts down completely, killing the victim. It works quickly, a matter of days and there’s no cure for it.” Max explained.

Biggs finished his work and moved over to the other two. “How far have they gotten?”

“They’re just about to start production.” Max informed them. She grabbed some disks and put them in the drives. She started burning copies of all the files. She was able to see that this was the only database with the information. When
she was done she turned to Ava, “I know you can’t blast but can you use your powers to torch the computers?”

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea.” Biggs stated. “If all of the evidence is gone when this place is search they could turn it around on the transgenics and say we planted it.”

Max knew he was right. They grabbed everything and radioed the others that they had what they came for before heading back out.

Part 57

“So what do you want with Liz?” Alec asked making his way inside. He saw Liz give a relieved smile and he winked at her. He noticed that she had been chained up again and his blood heated up. White was going to have to pay for that.

“Her abilities intrigued me,” White said as he moved between 494 and Elizabeth. He knew that 494 was here to take Elizabeth away and he wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

“Well what you’ve seen is going to have to be enough because I’m leaving and I’m taking her with me,” Alec stated as he and White circled each other waiting for the other to move. White made the first move and tried to punch Alec. Alec blocked the punch and kicked White in the stomach. White bent forward but managed to punch Alec in the stomach. He kicked Alec in the face and went to kick him again but Alec grabbed his foot and tossed him aside. Alec got up and ran into White sending them both crashing to the floor. They got up and Alec gave White a roundhouse kick to the head in which he barely ducked. White punched Alec in the stomach again. Alec felt the pain of the hit but ignored it and thought of Liz, the pain went away immediately. Alec tried to sweep White's feet from under him but he jumped and tried to give Alec a kick in the back but Alec grabbed his foot and twisted it sending White spinning to the ground.

As Liz watched Alec and White fighting she used her powers to undo her arm chains again. She then did her ankle cuffs. She would use her powers on White but she didn’t want to risk hurting Alec. The two were moving so fast that she couldn’t get an accurate shot. She looked over and saw the computer was still on. She hurried over to it and pulled up the file that White had on her. She deleted it from the hard drive just as she heard Alec yell for her to get out. She placed her hand over it and used her powers to fry it before heading for the door. But she didn’t leave, not without Alec.

Alec stood over White’s figure and began punching him in the face as the anger of what White had done to Liz came to the surface. White tried to block the punches but he couldn't. He saw a sheet of metal nearby and grabbed it, slamming it into Alec's side. Alec fell over to the floor. But they both got up at the same time. Alec ran to him and tried to kick him in the stomach but White caught it and smirked. "What's the matter 494? Pissed that I took your sweet little girlfriend?"

Alec jumped up in the air and kicked White in the face. Alec flipped back down to the ground in time to see White on the floor. Alec ran to him, picked him up off the floor, and hit him in the face as hard as he could, making blood spurt out White's nose.

White wiped the blood off his face before he kneed Alec in the stomach. Alec saw the next kick that White was about to give him and blocked it. He stood up and he punched White in the stomach and gave him a sidekick in the face. White fell flying back a few feet but got up in time to see Alec charging at him. White prepared himself and kicked Alec in the chest, sending him to the floor. White went over and grabbed him and punched him twice. "I don’t see why you’re risking yourself for a woman. Of course she’s a freak like you and that probably gets you going. You sure know how to pick 'em."

Alec got pissed again. Very pissed. He grabbed White and flipped him over to the floor. Alec got up to see White standing up too. He went at White with all he had. Alec went and gave White a hard right to the face and only winced at the kick that White had given him to the face. He grabbed White gave him a hard left uppercut. White tried to block Alec's uppercut but he couldn't with Alec's transgenic speed. He kneed Alec in the stomach as he tipped to the side. White went to give him an elbow to the back but Alec beat him to it and elbowed him, and twisted his arm behind his back. Alec pushed White down but he couldn't get him to the floor completely. White slammed his fist into Alec's side and Alec went down to the ground. White stood up and kicked him in the other side. Alec blocked his next kick and rolled over to the side and flipped himself up off the ground.

White saw Alec get up and had to put on a brave face as he saw the look of pure and utter rage on Alec's face, directed at him. Alec ran over with his transgenic speed and kicked White in the knee causing him to cry out in pain.

"That's for taking Liz!" Alec started to say and then punched him in the face with all his strength.

"And this, this is for all the pain you caused to all of us!" Alec finished as he thought of all the pain that White caused his friends and most importantly Liz and gave White a spin kick to the face that sent him flying back, crashing him into a nearby column in the middle of the room.

Alec saw White crash through the support pillar causing the roof above to fall and collapse on top of him. He was sure that even that would kill him. He turned and saw Liz standing over by the door and smiled at her. He saw her smile back just before he heard a large creak. He looked up just in time to see a part of the roof fall on top of him.

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Part 58

“ALEC!” Liz screamed. She tried to go to him but the room was filled with dust from the cave in and she couldn’t see a foot in front of her. All she could see was a large pile of debris where he had been standing.

Alec knew he was lucky that the cave in hadn’t knocked him out. He was lying face first on the ground under the remains of the ceiling that had fallen on him. He pushed some of the pieces away from his head and tried to get up. But he found that he was pined by some more debris. He could hear more creaking from above knew that the whole place was going to go. He pushed against the beams that trapped his legs but there was too much that even his enhanced strength could move it enough to release his legs.

Liz was finally able to vaguely make out Alec’s form. She took a step forward but stopped when some more of the ceiling came down. Alec saw her and knew that the place was coming down sooner than he thought. He had to make sure Liz was safe. “Liz! Get out of here!”

Liz finally caught sight of Alec and could see he wasn’t intending on coming with her. She looked up and saw that some of the exposed wires had caught the building on fire. She wasn’t going to leave him here to die.

Alec saw the look in her eyes. “Liz, no. Get out of here.”

Liz used the doorframe to launch herself forward running as best she could towards him. She couldn’t move as fast as she wanted to because she couldn’t see very well and things were still falling. A large chunk fell from above landing just in front of her; she stopped before making her way around it. She made her way to Alec. She cringed seeing his battered and bruised face. “Can you move?”

“Liz, get out of here before it’s too late.” Alec said just as more debris fell. Liz put up her hand and a shield big enough to protect them so they weren’t hit.

“I’m not leaving, now can you lift some of the weight?” Liz asked. Alec just nodded, “Then lift.”

Alec used all of his strength to lift at the same time that Liz used her other hand to use her powers to add some. Once it was high enough for Alec to squeeze out Liz increased her power so she could hold it all up. “Slide out.”

He got up and winced at all pain that the bruises and cuts he received. But ignored them as he grabbed the hand Liz was using on the debris and pulled her away. Liz dropped the debris and helped Alec. They made it out of the room and to the door. They saw the Kyle and Michael still at the other end of the hallway battling a few familiars. When they saw Liz and Alec they both blasted the familiar in front of him. The four of them got outside where Max, Biggs and Ava were waiting. Then they all moved farther away and regrouped.

“What the hell did you two do?” Kyle asked as they watched half of the building burn down. Members of the cult were running around trying to put out the fire. The group was too far away to be seen by them so they were left alone. Plus White was the only one who had seen them and he wasn’t able to tell.

Liz ignored Kyle’s question for a minute and instead asked Max, “Did you get it?”

“Yeah, we got it. Biggs found a file that gave the locations of the rest of their facilities as well.” Max answered.

“Good.” Liz said thinking that if they hadn’t gotten the information they needed it was probably destroyed.

“What about White?” Max asked.

“He’s dead.” Liz stated. “Alec and he fought and part of the building kind of fell on him.”

“You’re lucky you both made it out.” Kyle said.

“We wouldn’t have if Liz hadn’t used her shield and came in after me.” Alec stated.

“Well Alec was the one that beat White’s ass. You should have seen him.” Liz said proudly.

“Hey I just thought of something.” Alec stated.

“What?” Liz asked.

“Last time I was in soldier mode we ended up in the closest. Do I get the same treatment now?” Alec asked wiggling his eyebrows.

“Typical Alec, he’s bleeding and bruised and all he can think about is getting laid.” Max stated.

“Hey, I like to play doctor and I love Liz’s bedside manner.” Alec stated.

“Guys, shouldn’t we be getting out of here?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, we better.” Biggs stated.

“Maria’s probably having a cow.” Michael stated.

“Let me heal Alec.” Liz said she waved her hand over him and his skin was back to his normal smoothness. The group started moving towards the cars. Maria spotted them and went running into Michael’s arms. She planted kisses all over his face. Michael would have pushed her away if he hadn’t been so happy to see her. Once Maria finally broke away from Michael she grabbed Liz in a crushing hug. When the girls broke apart the group got into the cars and hurried away.

Part 59

Logan, Max, Michael, Kyle, and Maria along with CeCe all headed for Logan’s penthouse to start going through all the information they had while the other X5s, Alec, and Liz went back to Terminal City. After taking care of a few things Alec and Liz retreated to his room. Once inside the two wrapped their arms around each other not wanting to let the other go. Liz looked up at Alec and crushed her mouth to his. Alec was surprised by how forceful she was being.

“Liz,” Alec sighed into his mouth. “Are you sure you’re up for this?”

“I want you so much,” Liz whispered back in answer.

“You have me,” he answered sincerely. “Name the place.”

The hunger in her eyes was answer enough, but she spoke anyway. “Here would be good.”

She began working at his waistband, trying to untuck his shirt at the same time as she unfastened his pants, cursing the fact she only had two hands. Getting an idea she used her powers and the pants undid themselves and slid down Alec’s legs along with his boxers. She wrapped her hands around his now fully exposed erection. He hissed as her hand began to move up and down. “God, you’re good at that.”

“That’s not the only thing I’m good at.”

“I agree with you about that.” Alec said as his head fell backwards in ecstasy.

“Mmmm,” Liz purred. “I did have good training from a very hot sexy transgenic. But you know, practice makes perfect…”

She drew him close, kissing him again, this time with even more passion. While their tongues dueled, he fell onto the bed and pulled her onto his lap, moaning softly as she rubbed against his erection. Her hands ran across his bare chest, tweaking his nipples as she bent for another kiss. She planted tiny wet kisses on his ear, down his jaw and neck, finishing by lapping at his collarbone as he pulled her tanktop off.

His mouth moved to her right breast, took one nipple into his mouth, feeling it harden as he licked and nipped at it. His fingers teased the other as well, while his free hand rested on the small of her back.

“Feels. So. Good,” she moaned slowly, humping her throbbing sex against him. And for a few minutes, he sucked and she rocked and their passion kept rising. He’d managed to unbutton her jeans, and had slid his hand into the back waistband, fingers brushing the top curve of her ass. Her position kept him from pulling them down any farther. “Pants.”

Liz hopped up and went to work on her pants. As she slid her jeans to her feet she said, “Lay down.”

“This time,” Liz announced, admiring the view, “I want to drive.”

Alec couldn’t help but joke, “Vroom,”

She smiled as she crawled over him, the length of her body covering part of his. Alec found himself being fiercely kissed again and she moved her legs so that one rested on each side of his hips. His hard shaft was directly beneath her clit that way, and she couldn’t help but rub up and down on it, causing all the blood in her body to boil. She bit her bottom lip.

She stopped her movement, spending some time laving his nipples and kissing and nipping at his chest. She traced his pectoral muscles, once more awed at the powerful man before her. The hands that roamed her back and ass were large and strong, and she liked knowing his muscles had protected her tonight. He moaned in pleasure, and she felt she had to taste that mouth of his one more time. As she finished the kiss, she reached for his cock, slid the condom she had retrieved from his nightstand onto him and positioning him properly, slid down on top of him.

They both sighed, almost but not quite a moan. She felt filled, and it was more than the space between her legs that had been empty without him. There was something so fundamentally right about the way they fit together. She shuddered a little, his length going deeper inside with her on top, and then she began to – the best word Alec could think of later, when remembering that moment, was ‘writhe.’ She was moving, but not rising and falling, as would be expected. It seemed as if she wanted to allow every part of her insides to have the pleasure of being caressed by Alec’s hard cock, and so she was moving them over it and around it. She bent forward, her hands on either side of his head, and kissed him quickly, her upper body as motionless as her hips were active. “You feel so good inside me.”

“I do. I feel wonderful,” he replied, not sure if she’d been speaking for him, or even asking him - he suspected she’d meant her statement from her own perspective. And then he moved his own hips, to sort of mimic her motion.

She threw her head back. “Ooooh, God,” she cried. “I like that.” And so he bucked gently beneath her, slowly rocking her along with the motion of his hips.

Liz just relaxed her body, letting it go with Alec’s lead. Her head lolled as the pleasure robbed her of strength removed any thought of anything but the spot where they were together, every movement a new sensual delight. He bucked his hips again, and she rolled and hissed in response. They were barely separating and rejoining, and while this was as hot as all hell, he thought they might both need slightly more movement to reach a satisfactory climax. As if in response to his thought, her walls tightened around him as she clenched them in excitement, and it drove him to voice his need.

Grabbing her hips to stop her undulating, she seemed to be in a trance, but when he slid her hips up and then pistoned up into her, she came awake, moaning his name. “Oh, yes, Alec, so good…”

While the sexy ride might not have been enough to finish him, he was more than well started, and he didn’t want to come before Liz. She’d taken over the work, sliding up and down his hard shaft enthusiastically, and he wasn’t sure he could hold on much longer. He stuck a finger out at the base of his cock, and on her next down thrust she landed on it, clit first. The sound she yelped out was more animal than human.

Liz had been almost hypnotized by the feeling of rocking on Alec’s cock, just letting him fill her so full she could hardly breathe. When he lifted her and thrust up into her, she’d have been mad at him for interrupting, but a new, equally good or maybe even better sensation took her far away from anything resembling anger.

She always thought that being on top meant you were in control, but she’d been far from anything resembling in control ever since she’d slid onto him and lost all coherent thought. Her clitoris felt magnetic, like every sensation from anywhere on her body was being pulled to it and amplified through it, and when he stuck his finger out and she landed on top of it, she just about lost it then and there. “Com…, coming, I’m…” She came down again on the handy digit, and the rest of her sentence, if it had ever gotten far enough to be considered one, was lost in deep pants which rose to high vowel sounds as she was overcome by the waves of pleasure her body was drowning in.

Alec felt his balls draw up, and then he could think no more. Both hands now had bruising hold of her hips and he was sure he was going to pass out from the overwhelming orgasm. When it finally stopped, he let go of her hips and she fell like a rag doll onto his chest. “Wow,” she panted.

He cleared his throat to make sure he could still produce sound. “Yeah,” he squeaked, pausing a minute or two more until he felt his voice was more under control, “That qualified as a wow.”

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Part 60

The two laid in Alec’s bed enjoying the warmth of the other’s body. Alec sighed deeply causing Liz to sit up on her elbow, “What?”

“Just thinking about how when I saw you in chains, I wanted to tear White to shreds for messing with my woman.” Alec said.

“Your woman?” Liz asked eyebrow raising.

Alec looked up at her, “Yeah, my woman.”

Liz rolled over so her body was lying fully on top of him. She felt his cock starting to stir and decided to play with him. She started moving her hips against him as she licked along his chest and abs. She heard him hiss slightly at what she was doing. He tried to raise his hands to touch her but she captured his hands in mid-reach. “Not yet.”

She continued to kiss and lick over his body, to make sure she had healed every bruise and scrap from his fight with White. Their first love making session had been about need and she hadn’t had time to explore than. She kissed down his chest to his hips down to thighs. She moved to work her way back up his body taking a moment to lick his now straining erection from bottom to top before licking around his navel. When she was half way up his chest she looked up into his eyes and saw they were black with desire. She wanted him out of control and she was succeeding. It was then he flipped her over so he was hovering above her body. She leaned up and he could feel her breathe on his ear. “Do you want me?” Liz asked huskily. Alec could only nod. “Will you loose all the control you’re using? I know you want to. You want to make sure I know I’m yours.”

She knew him too well. She knew that more than anything, he wanted to plunge into her with all of his frantic energy. He wants to pin her to the bed and fuck until she could not ever remember having sex before. Not like the other times they've made love. This was about marking territory, domination, and possession. At this singular moment, he wanted to own her, wanted to assure himself she is alive and safe and his. The relief of knowing she is beneath him, around him, would feel so...good. Seizing her breast, he addled her, too, by the press of his fingers, by the lust in his eyes, by the rigidity of his cock against her palm. She squeezed his hard-on and leached a whimper from his throat. His eyes closed, and she exulted in his loss of control. Her power over him caused a jolt of pleasure to shimmer between her legs. She craved to hold him inside her.

Releasing her hold on his cock as Alec ran his lips down to her chest. He exhaled into the valley of her breasts. With a moan, he sunk his teeth into the plump heat of her skin. She jerked beneath his bite. A flush of warmth expanded across her chest, burning her heart, plummeting downward through her body.

His thumbs massage her nipples, forcing them rise, harden. He pinched them next, loving the moan that sensation elicited. He sucked one nipple into his mouth, fire beneath his lips, flesh pressed between his flexing tongue and the sensitive curve at the roof of his mouth. His tongue circled, trying to satisfy an instinctive craving. She ached as he suckled on her nipple.

Digging her nails into his back, Liz tried to spread her thighs, but his knees still trapped her legs. Abandoning her breast, Alec pounced on Liz's mouth, plunging his tongue between her teeth. He swirled to the back of her throat, filling her, panting. His fingers dove into her hair, fastening her head to the blankets. His tongue invaded her mouth and was so terribly hungry for her. Finishing his kiss, he allowed her one breath of air, then lapped her, gnawed at her lips, nipped at her chin, her cheeks.

He is mesmerized by her beauty. Her soft skin vibrated his bones. Her vulnerability threatened to buckle his knees. Holding his breath, he traced a desperate line with his index finger from her neck to between her legs. Goosebumps found a home on her flesh beneath his passing hand. He cradled her pubic bone before moving his fingers to dig into the cleft between her legs. Her wetness dampened his palm. He can smell her need for him. Her perfume overwhelmed his sinuses, his lungs, his heart. This was the woman he loved. She was the woman he would protect at all costs. “Who do you belong to?" This was unlike him, and yet so very male of him.

"No one. I'm my own woman." Liz said barely able to form the words. This was unlike any other time they had made love, maybe the events of the night were fueling it.

"Wrong answer." He moved his legs so she could spread hers and climbed between her thighs.

"Alec, what do you want me to say?"

“Tell me you love me.”

"I do. I love you so much, Alec. With all my heart.” Liz's words melded him. Her love filled the gaps in his heart. He leaned down and they kissed with all the intensity of their argument. Her fingers were knotted in his hair and her legs were locked around his waist as she arched her back and ground against him. Hungry mouths locked together...greedy hands molded to heated flesh...desperate sighs filled the air.

Liz's smooth thighs hugged his hips and her hands came to rest on his ass, pulling him closer and closer. "Now," she gasped into Alec's mouth. There was no time for preliminaries... her hands were on his eager flesh, leading him to the place he most wanted to be.

He quickly grabbed another condom and sheathed it on himself. Liz shivered when he pressed that first inch into her body. She urged him on with tiny gasps and impatient hands as he flexed his hips, plunging into her the, clinging warmth of her in one long stroke.

"I'm yours," she sighed when he was completely buried inside of her.

Alec dropped his head onto her shoulder and fought back a sob because of how good this felt. Being inside of her was nothing short of pure bliss and he knew she felt the same way by the gasp that escaped her. Helplessly responding to her wordless plea he plunged in and out of her body. Each stroke of his body into Liz's forced a tiny grunt from her. Her eyes were heavy-lidded and unfocused as she looked up at him. Alec braced his elbows on either side of her and cupped her face between his hands. Her lips were kiss swollen and his tongue darted out to taste their fullness.

She lost the battle to keep her eyes open and her head rolled on the pillow as Alec moved in her. Her flushed cheek nestled into the cradle of the open palm of his hand. Her lips were parted as he ran his thumb over their damp curves. Her tongue rasped over his thumb and she pulled it into her mouth. He didn't think it possible, but the sight of Liz’s mouth languidly sucking his thumb in counterpoint to the increasingly frantic thrusting of their hips caused him to harden and swell even further in the hot, wet confines of her body.

He tried to slow down... He really did want to draw it out, to make it last. He knew Liz was close. Her skin was rosy from the upper swells of her breasts to the curves of her cheeks and small tendrils of hair curled damply around her face. Her breathing was ragged and all of her attention had focused on the wonderful tension that was tightening all of her muscles. His thumb
slipped from her suddenly slack mouth and she stopped moving with him. Instead, she wrapped her legs around his waist and ran her hand through the sweat pooled at the base of his spine to curl over his hip as she simply hung on while he mindlessly fucked her hard.

"I love you." Alec's whisper was rough and choked with emotion. Her nails dug into his hip and he could feel her inner muscles ripple as her orgasm washed over her. Her cry of release was muffled against his hand. The feeling of those tiny contractions fluttering over his flesh, milking him, pushing him to the brink, but it was the sight of Liz’s small, white teeth clamping down on the pad of flesh below his thumb as she bit back a scream, that drove him over the edge.

Alec buried his face in her neck and pounded into her using a primal rhythm, staking his claim, his woman, and his mate. "Mine!"

His fingers and toes tingled, while his vision blurred. Faster. Harder. Deeper. The tension built and built. His back arched, his free hand tightened on her waist, the fingers of his other hand knotted in her hair as he clutched her close when his body pulsed, emptying into her with every beat of his heart.

"Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou," she repeated over and over as she came for the second time. Both were completely overwhelmed by their orgasms. They stayed in that exact position, locked together, not moving. Not able to move.

Awhile later, Alec’s cellphone rang interrupted their moments of quiet time. Alec carefully untangled himself from Liz and picked it up. “This better be good.”

“Hello to you too, Alec.”

“Sorry Max.”

“Logan’s about to go meet with his contact with all the evidence. Thought you’d might want to be here when he gets back.” Max informed him.

“We’ll be there as soon as we can.” Alec said before hanging up. He rolled over snuggling back up against Liz. “We better get dressed. It’s about to come out.”

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That night after Logan met with his contact from a nationally known news station there was a broadcast publicly announced the existence of the Familiars. Afterwards copies of the files taken from the Familiar’s headquarters were sent to every government criminal enforcement agency and it was known that it was the transgenics were who had risked everything to get it. Soon the army and other military were sent to apprehend the familiars on charges of conspiracy to commit genocide. The adults were taken into custody but the children were sent away in the attempt to reform them. The public eye was turned away from the threat of the transgenics to the narrowly missed worldwide population that almost happened under their noses. Their fear and hate were directed to another group now.

In the weeks after the government started a type of-peace talk with the transgenics. The first meeting was one full of tension from both parties involved. But it led the way for more. Slowly but eventually the Transgenics would be able to live their lives without fear.

With the threat of White no longer hanging over their heads, Liz and Ava were able to go back to their apartment. They worked things out with their boss Matt who gladly let them come back to work without hassle. So after Kyle, Michael and Maria spent a few more days in Seattle Liz and Ava went back to work. Liz and Alec spent one night apart before they decided that wouldn’t work for either of them. So every night or more they took turns spending the night at each other’s apartments. It wasn’t long before the two decided they wanted to live together and started looking for an apartment.

Max alternated between staying in Terminal City and Logan’s apartment. She was still the designated leader of the transgenics and was the one who led the talks with the government. She asked for Liz’s help, wanting her opinion and advice so Liz agreed. She wanted to keep helping the transgenics anyway she could.

Original Cindy and Ava both ended up without a roommate so OC moved into Ava’s apartment. OC figured that she had lived with a transgenic so living with an alien couldn’t be much different. Everything worked out well and OC didn’t mind Biggs come over.

They settled into an odd life but a safer one than they had had before. But while the fight was over, there were still more things to come.

The end

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