Too Late!
Prolog: Max never lived in Roswell. Parents moved there after his grandparents died, and inherited a house. Liz is a 19-year-old businesswoman living in her hometown. New guy comes in looking for work. She inherited her parents’ restaurant. Her brother Greg moved away, and she was left standing.

Part 1
Max couldn’t believe his parents were even considering moving to Roswell. It was in the middle of nowhere. There was no point in moving to Roswell. Roswell was the smallest place in the state, to him. He didn’t even know why he was going there. It was either that or drops out of college. College was very important to him. HE didn’t have the financial support to move out and stay in school. What other choice did he have? Isabel, his sister, had it easy. She was already married, and having kids. She was aloud to stay for her family.

They got to the welcome to Roswell sign. He was half a sleep. They had been driving all night, and tomorrow he needs to find a job. Then he needed to get school supplies, and fix up his room. They got to the house it was a disaster. It was much worse then the place in Chicago. Chicago was somewhere. This house was barley in the town.

Max helped his dad unpack the trucks and then went straight to bed. He had to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. They hadn’t got their beds, and other stuff together. The house looked worse then it did before he got to the house. Stuff was everywhere; he was lucky he found somewhere to sleep.

The next day he walking down the street looking for somewhere that was would hire him. He saw many signs on the street saying not hiring. Does anyone in Roswell need employees? Just then he saw it. He must be kidding. A little restaurant with an alien theme. HE must be kidding himself. Just then he walked in the restaurant.

The restaurant was very weird. No wonder they nee employees. HE walked to the front and a young beautiful girl was running around with plates of food. HE tried to talk to her but she just kept running around. HE smiled. He knew how to do it. He went and sat at a table. A few later she came up to him.

She was gorges. There was something about her that sparked a butterfly in his stomach. She had dark long hair, and was wearying a short little waitress dress. He just looked at for a minute she was obviously she was getting irritated.

“What can I get for you?”

“Oh, sorry. I was just looking for the owner.” She laughed at him.

“Well you found her. Hi, I’m Liz Parker.” She put her order booklet in her pocket, and put her hand out for his. He took it. She sat in front of her. “What can I do for you?”

“I’m looking for a job…”

“Let me guess only place with a help needed sign.”

“Pretty much.”

“Well I am desperate. Sure you’re hired…”


“Max you are a waiter. When can you start?”

“Now if you need me.” A scream from one of the customers caught is ear.

“That would be great. Go in the back and ask for Maria. She will set you up with what you need.” She got up and left him sitting there.

He went in the back and it was allot less hectic. HE tried asking a cook who Maria was, but he just yelled at him. HE moved out of the way to find a coach a girl was sitting down on it.

“Excuse me but are Maria?” He asked her she gave him a dirty look. Someone behind him tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and looked it was a small girl, with short blond hair. She had a big smile on her face.

“Hi, I’m Maria!” He shook her hand!

“Hi, I’m Max, Liz told me to come to you for what I need to work.”

“You’re the new guy. Well come back here.” They went to a room in the back. “Put this on, and take this.” She handed him an apron, and book. “The special’s are Tuna sandwich and space fries. Okay, and remember to smile. Good luck!”

“Thanks!” He put his apron on and took the booklet in the pocket. He took a deep breath, and left the room. He got to the front of the restaurant, and Liz came up to her.

“You have that side of the restaurant.” She pointed left of him. He started to work right there, and then.

Liz couldn’t believe the cute guy that needed the job. She didn’t care about who he was she was desperate to get employers. Ever since her dad died, she had been struggling. She had to pay bills, go to college, run the restaurant, and work there. Her father taught all the hard stuff before he died, but it was still hard. She had to jungle everything in her life. Kyle didn’t make it easy either. He was her boyfriend. They have been going out for over two years. Her father died a year ago in a car accident. Her little brother Greg was sent to her aunts in New York to live. She didn’t leave because someone needed to work at the restaurant.

She was overwhelmed, because no one wants to work for 19-year-old girl. She had a problem just keeping up with the life she established already. Her life was hell since her father had died. It broke her heart. The new guy was cute though.

The day was finally over she closed. She flipped the sign, and clasped in a booth. Max sat across from her. HE looked at the exhausted Liz in front of him. HE through a wash clothe at her. She threw it back at him. He got up, and helped her up.

“Now what boss lady.” Max said almost falling on his butt.

“I have to go do some homework, and eventually call my boyfriend.” A knife was stabbed in his stomach she had a boyfriend. Liz looked at him she hurt him. Did he like her? Was it possible some new guy comes in and doesn’t know her, but likes her?

“Well I should get home.”

“Need a ride.”

“No I will be fine, thanks.” He gave her a hug. She was amazing. She owned her own restaurant, and went to school. “There is one thing I’d like to know.” He turned around and looked at her.


“How did a young girl like yourself run a restaurant, go to school, and have a boyfriend?”

“Well my dad left me the store when he died a year ago. I was going to college to get a better education so I can get out of this town. And Kyle was my boyfriend before all this had happened to me.” She didn’t even look at him.

“Well how do you do it?”

“Talent! Good night Max.” She turned and looked at him. He had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Amber! They were Amber eyes. HE smiled at her and left the room. She went up stairs, and went to her room. Liz laid down on her bed. She didn’t want to do her homework. She laid down, and passed out on the bed. The day was finally over.

The next day woke her up with a phone call. She didn’t want to answer it, but she had to. She picked it up, Kyle. He didn’t even give her a minute to speak, he already was.

“Liz, I heard you have some one at the restaurant.”

“Who told you?”

“Maria, only your best friend, which hasn’t heard from you in a week. You should call her she is getting worried about you.”

“Well I’m sorry I have a big life now. Why are you concerned that I have a new employee?”

“Well now that you have someone to cover for you, do I get to take you out for dinner.”

“Kyle, I can’t leave a new guy here alone. It wouldn’t be right, and you know it. I can’t keep doing this Kyle. I have a life. I have responsibilities, please stop bugging me.”

“Liz, I just need to talk to you, please.”

“Listen to me! As soon as I train this new guy, I will go to dinner with you.”

“I’ll be there tonight.”

“Kyle…” He hung up at on her. Dang him. He always did that to her. She looked at the clock; she was gong to be late for work. It was Sunday; she lived on top of her work and she was going to be late. She thought she had enough problems.

Liz Quickly got up and got dressed. The day had to begin. She ran down the stairs, and Maria and Max were waiting for her to open the doors. The Kitchen men already had a key to the back door, that way they could get in and prepare with out her. Late scrambled in and got stuff ready. Liz went through the register and opened, and filled it with certain cash she keeps in the volt. She got back and Max was talking to Maria.

“Hey you too! Do I have to be mean boss?” They through the rags that they were using to clean the tables. She through them back at Max. She meant to get both of them, but missed judged and hit Max instead. She started to laugh at herself. Max took them, and Liz ran into the back. He chased her to the back. Liz hid behind the coach.

HE crept into the break room, and looked around for her. Max knew where she was. He went behind her, and pulled her back. Liz looked up, and Max had a hold of her. She looked into his beautiful Amber eyes more clearly then she had before. Max was looking right back at her. Then she felt to wash clothes in her face. She moved them, and Max was still looking at her.

Max couldn’t move she was so beautiful. Her eyes full of love for something he was sure she didn’t even know. Her hair was all over his lap, and he could feel her breath on his face. He finally got conscious and got up. All of a sudden he realized he had his boss in his arms. They both got up, and went to the front of the restaurant. They started to work.

“So where are you from Max?” Liz asked when they started to work.

“Well actually I was born here, I think. I was adopted in New York, and my parents moved to Chicago when I was eleven. Then my grandparents died, and my parents inherited their house. They needed to get away and I need tuition money.”

“Oh, I see you live with them until you can pay for your own college money, and you move with them.” Maria said from her own corner of the room.

“Pretty much, how about you two?”

“We both lived here are whole life!” Liz said from behind the counter. “We met in Elementary, and have been best friends ever since.”

“Are you dating Maria? Because I have a great friend that would be perfect for you.” He tried to make it sound like he wasn’t asking her out.

“No! What’s his name?” Maria asked interested.

“Michael, last time I heard he moved down here a few years ago. I can’t seem to find him.” Both of them started to laugh, and confused Max looked up at them. “What’s so funny?”

“Allow me!” Liz said looking up, and turning but Maria stopped her.

“No, I’ve got this one. Hey hon.! Hon, get out here a minute I want you to meet someone.” Max was even more confused then ever. What were they doing? Max looked back to his work, and heard the door open behind him.

“Yeah, what’s up babe?” A voice came from behind him.

“Hey, I want you to meet our new waiter, Max!” Max turned, and sure enough there he was. Max was in shock. They had been best friends until the accident with Michael’s ex-girlfriend. He hopes he didn’t remember that.

“Max, all be. Look at you! When did you get here man?” Michael said smiling at him.

“Two days ago. Look at you, a cook.” Max noticed his clothes.

“Better then a Waiter… Way a minute how’s Rachael?”


“Rachael, you know the girl you took from me in High school.”

“Oh, come on Michael that was a long time ago. She moved to Washington anyway.”

“She dumped you!”

“Pretty much!” Michael turned, and Maria was giving him an evil scowl. She was obviously mad at the topic of conversation. “Stay away from this one. I like her.” He bent down and gave her a kiss. For a girl who isn’t dating that was pretty weird. Max just figured that she said it to see what he said. “Well I’ll get back to work. Talk to you later man.”

“Yeah see you later.” Michael left the room.

The rest if the day was normal. They worked and opened the doors when it got to hot. They all thought it was too hot. Not just the out sider that happened to walk in town for school. An hour until closing he felt a weird sensation to go in the brake room. He walked in and found Liz and some guy in the same room. She seemed to be a little irritated with him. It must be the boyfriend he had heard so much about. Not really!

“Kyle, I told you I have to work!”

“Liz take the rest of the day off, please.”

“I can’t. God knows I love you, but this is important to me.”

“Liz, please.” He wrapped his arms around her, and she put hers around him. “I was going to wait, but now might be the only time I will see you.”

“Kyle what are you talking about?” Kyle let go of her, and knelt down on one knee. Max felt a knife in his heart. He wasn’t. Max got really jealous, and couldn’t take the idea of them together. Even though he was new to the town there wasn’t something about her that he really liked. Kyle took out a box from his coat pocket, an opened it. A ring! He was going to do it.

“Liz, will you marry me?” Liz was in shock they had been dating for almost three years, and she had never thought of the idea of marrying him. He put the ring on her finger, and she almost collapsed.

“Kyle I never really thought of it before. I don’t know.” He looked heart broken. None of them noticed the waiter that was watching them. Kyle got up and walked away from her.

“Well the ball is in your court.” He left her there. Liz looked like she was going to fall. Max walked up to her. She was sitting on the coach now. Max sat next to her.

“Liz are you okay?” She looked up and saw Max sitting next to her.

“I don’t know. That guy that just left is my boyfriend. He asked me to marry him.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. What am I supposed to do? I don’t know if I love him or not. I never thought about it before. He’s a nice guy, and I do love him, but not that way. Max what should I do.”

“Tell him the truth. Tell him how you feel. That’s what I would want you to do if I were in your position. I wouldn’t want the girl I asked to marry me to just not tell me she didn’t want to marry me.”

“You are so sweet max. There is no one else though. I don’t want to be a lonely old woman running this restaurant forever. I want to get married, and sell this place. Then move away to another city. That isn’t going to happen though. Kyle is the sheriff of Roswell, and I don’t think he wants to go anywhere.”

“Then don’t marry him. There are other guys out there Liz. There are nice guys out there that would do anything to have a girl like you.”

“Like you!”

“Yeah just like me.” It registered what he just said. “Wait I mean…”

“You mean that you like me Max. You are the shyest guy I have ever met. When did you get to that conclusion?”

“When I looked into those eyes of yours this morning. I felt something that you felt too. I know you did.” She hated him at that moment. He was right. She did feel something, but she wasn’t going to say that to him.

“No, why what did it feel like?”


“You know that the restaurant closes in a half-hour. You can stay little after, and help me clean up.” She looked at him with big eyes. Then got up and walked out of the back, and started to work.

Max was in shock. He usually flirted with the girls. Not the other way around. It wasn’t everyday he had a girl flirt with him. Even worse it was his boss. His boss of two days was hitting on him. Even worse she was practically engaged to someone else. Was he crazy?

The rest of work went easy. Maria left early to meet up with Michael. They must be a good item for him to do that with a girl. Michael had never really been that involved with a girl before. He would know they were best friends for almost six years. The end of all of it Liz went in the back. Max wasn’t sure what to do. How often was it that a girl asks you to stay after work?

Max finally got the courage to go over and talk to her. She must think he is a total doofus. He got in the break room, and she was sitting on the coach. He sat next to her. Both of them were really silent, and neither of them knew what to say.

“Liz I’m sorry about what I said I was out of line.” Max was practically telling her it was a lie.

“Max it’s okay. I laid to you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I did feel something when I looked into your eyes.” Max got anxious. He couldn’t believe she laid to him. That wasn't like the girl he met. "I was afraid that you would do something... Like what I want you to do."

"What do you want me to do?" Max got really close to her, and she touched his arm.

"I think you know!" She stared into her eyes. HE grabbed her face, and touched her lips with his. He softly touched them with a kiss, but then they both went a little deeper. He licked her bottom lip a little to tell her he was going to go in farther. SHe opened her mouth and welcomed him. He looked up at her. SHe was enjoying it. He pulled away.

"We can't Liz. You are almost engaged, and I don't think it would be right." Max got up and left he there, before she could protest. Max didn't know what to do. Liz couldn't believe what she did either.
I know a little wierd beginning. Better things do come though. Something you wouldn't think will happen.*bounce**bounce**bounce**angel*