Forbbidden Attraction
Author- Laura
Rating - Pg13
Catagory -M/L is there anything else?
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Part 53…..I think?!

Max closed his laptop and glanced at his watch. They needed to leave for court soon if they planned on arriving on time. It was heading into the fourth week of trial and it was finally Jim’s turn to call witnesses. The DA had pulled out every doctor and forensics expert he could find. In the end though they all said the same; that it was very possible that Liz had done it but with no gun found around the scene they couldn’t be sure. And Jim would humbly stroll around the court room and always ask one question, could it be possible that the statement Liz gave also be true. That the hair was still on their from when Liz was attacked. They would concede it possible and Jim would thank them for their time and sit down.

Max rubbed his face and looked at his watch again. What was she doing up their?

“Liz!” Max shouted. “We need to leave now, or were gonna be late.”

Max took the stairs two at a time and barged into their bedroom ready to attack when he nearly fell over with laughter at the sight before him. Liz was on the floor trying every possible angle to tie her shoes, but with no avail.

Liz “You think this is funny? You try being seven months pregnant, well see how you fair!”
Max let out a laugh and sat down by her feet pulling her foot onto his leg. “Sorry baby, you just look to funny trying to tie your shoes.”
Liz “That’s it I’m buying all new shoes, and they’ll be slip ons!”

Max finished and pulled her into his arms for a quick kiss. We better get going, today’s a big day.”
Liz “This should be interesting, Maria on the stand!”
Max “A very pregnant Maria.”
Liz “She’s due in about two weeks, and she can’t wait till then.”
Max “Well I can’t wait till the DA questions Maria, I think I’ll bring some popcorn.”

Liz smacked Max on the chest “Oh knock it off, Maria’s not that bad.”
Max gave Liz a look and they both started laughing.
“Love you.”
Liz “I love you too.”
“All rise”
Judge “Be seated. Counselor call your first witness.”
Jim stood. “I call Maria Guerin.”
Bailiff “Raise your right hand.”

Maria swore in and took a seat.
Jim “Now Mrs. Guerin please tell me the nature of your relationship with my client.”
Maria “Well Liz is my sister-in-law, and also my best friend.”
Jim “So it’s safe to say you and Liz are close.”
Maria “As close as can be.”
Jim “Mrs. Guerin in your view is Liz capable of murder?”

DA “Objection! Your honor the witness is speculating.”
Jim “With all do respect Mrs. Guerin and Mrs. Evans are extremely close and if anyone would know what Liz is capable is, it would be Mrs. Guerin.”

Judge “I will allow it, but be careful with where you take this counselor.”
Jim “Thank-you. Now please continue.”
Maria “Liz is the sweetest person, she teaches in her studio two days a week and does numourus charities. She is a gentle person who wouldn’t harm a fly.”
Jim “And you know this how?”
Maria “Ever since I’ve been in this city Liz has been part of my life. It was a hard time in my life and she showed me more compassion then anyone has a right to have. I was a stranger and she excepted me with no question. That’s how Liz is.

Jim smiled at Maria. “Thank-you. No more questions.”
The DA stood as Jim sat down. “Mrs. Guerin how well do you know Liz’s family.”
Maria gave him a peculilar look. “Well seeing as I’m part of it, I’d say pretty well.”
The courtroom gave a laugh.
Judge “Quiet, Quiet in this court.”

DA “Well isn’t it true that Mrs. Evans is daughter to a once natourous Mob boss, and now her brother has taken over that role.”
DA “And isn’t it true she’s also married to a very powerful Boss? So my theory is maybe all that rubbed off on her and that all her charity work is a cover. Maybe inside she’d just a cold blooded killer like her father, brother, and husband!”

Judge “Counselor—
Maria “How dare you! Liz and her family are just wealthy businessman. You don’t know anything about them or her. Because if you had half the knowledge of her you would understand the mockery this court is making. And one last thing, if their in this so called MOB then why aren’t they in jail?” she finished with a smirk.

The court was in an uproar. The judge was banging his gavel, while the court was in an uproar of laughter and both counselors yelling objections.

When the courtroom had finally settled down the judge ordered both counselors to the bench.

Judge “Mr. Smith you will follow my orders in this courtroom or you’ll be held on contempt. Now I will let you continue with this witness, but I don’t want any reference to anyone besides the defendant. Understood?”
The DA nodded mutely.

Jim made his way to his seat sending Liz a reasurring smile.

Judge “The jury will disregard the DA’s last questionings and it will be striken from the record. Now continue.”
DA “Your honor I have no more use for this witness.”
Judge “Mrs. Guerin you may step down.”
Maria “That’s good, because I think my water just broke!”

For the second time that day chaos flew around the courtroom. Michael jumped up and made a beeline strait top Maria. He put his hand on her back and helped her to the door while the bailiff cleared the way for them.
“We’ll meet you at the hospital!” Max shouted.
Michael turned and nodded his head giving a goofy smile as Maria yelped in pain.
After that court was dismissed for the day. Max and Liz drove right to the hospital right in time to hear Maria screaming every name in the book at Michael.

Max winced as they took a seat in the waiting room. “I hope to god you don’t do that.” He finished with a smile.
Liz laughed. “I’ll try but I make no gaurentees.”
Max kissed the side of her head and murmered his love into her ear.

Three hours later Mia James Guerin was born. Michael tried to protest over the middle name saying it was too boyish but Maria loved it and told him unless he wanted to have the next baby to stuff it.

“She’s so beautiful Maria, and she sure knows how to make and entrance.” Liz said as she gently held Mia.
Maria “We’ll she learned from the best. It’s so amazing Liz, it’s all worth it.”
Suddenly Mia started fussing. “I guess someone wants her mommy.” Liz said as she handed her over to Maria. “Yea I better get used to it huh.”

Liz started to yawn and Max broke his conversation with Michael and made his way to Liz. “Come on sweetheart you need to get your rest.”

They said their goodbyes and walked out of the hospital hand in hand.
Judge “Has the jury reached a verdict?”
Juror “Yes your honor. In the case Evans verses Philadelphia, we find the defendant Elizabeth Parker Guilty on all counts.”

Shouts and gasps were heard throughout the entire courtroom.

“Order, order in the court. What is your sentence?”
Juror “We sentence you to life in prison.”

Liz creamed out in protest, reaching for Max. Crying for him to make it all go away.
Max pulled away, holding the bundle in his hands carefully, he sent her a sympathetic look. “Sorry Liz, but don’t worry I’ll take care of our baby though…”

Liz awoke with a start. Sweat covered her body and she placed her hands over her stomach protectively.

“What’s wrong baby?” Said a groggy Max.
Liz “N-Nothing I just had a horrible nightmare.”
Max “You want to talk about it?”
Liz “No, I just want you to hold me.”

Max nodded, lying back down and bringing her to lie on his chest. He stroked her hair and murmerd comforting words into her ear until she fell asleep.
One week later…

Jim had finished calling his witnesses and closing remarks had begun. The DA went first boring the jury with a two hour speech on how much Liz’s background was a important factor, as well as the hair found on the body. Jim again decided to take a more direct point as he started his speech, and not dance around.

Jim “Ladies and gentleman you’ve heard a lot of testimony from both sides. And now you have the arduous task of sorting through everything and finding a truth. Now I have no plans to sit you here for hours on end and drown on about this case. But I do want to leave you with some important information. Fact, Elizabeth Evans is a charitable person who has done countless deeds and services for the community. Fact, the only evidence the prosicution has on Elizabeth Evans is a tiny hair follicle. No blood. I also want you to take in account Elizabeth’s size. Do you believe a petite woman such as Mrs. Evans could have possibly overtaken the victim, who was well over six feet? It would be almost impossible. Members of the jury I thank you for your time.”

Max held onto Liz as they stood right outside the courtroom. “You did it love, I’m so proud of the way you handled this.”
“Max you sound so sure of the out come.”
Max “Liz, Jim did an excellent job, and it be impossible for anyone to say guilty.”
Liz “I hope you’re right.”
Max gave Liz a light kiss. “I am.”

Jim “Guys they want us back in the courtroom.”
Liz paled. “They’ve reached a decision already?”
Jim “Yes. Don’t worry Liz I have a good feeling.”
Liz nodded and they made their way in.”
Judge “Have you reached a verdict?”
Juror “Yes we have your honor, in the caser Elizabeth Evans verses Philadelphia we find the defendend…

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